Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 261-270

Chapter 261

“What should we do?” Long Haochen calmly asked Yue Ye. After this shock, he didn’t become nervous in at all because he felt that his connection with Haoyue was in no way affected, making him able to leave at any time. Instead, he wanted to see what reaction this princess Yue Ye would show in this kind of situation. From this fact, the sincerity of the collaboration between them would be seen.

Yue Ye rapidly replied, “The Demon God Emperor always comes to see my father when it is related to some important matters. He attaches great importance to his own security, and thus, will command everyone to greet him everytime he comes in the inner part of the castle, using a secret technique enabling Black Dragons to scout through every living aura in a given area. If someone hid himself, it would very possibly be an assassin. Before his Majesty the Demon God Emperor departs, everyone will be restricted to a certain area.”

Long Haochen indifferently asked, “That’s to say, I have to appear in front of the Demon God Emperor?”

Yue Ye forced a bitter smile, “I’m afraid that is unavoidable. I didn’t expect that His Majesty would come at such a time. Now, it won’t be possible for you to go out since the Moon Castle’s surroundings have already been sealed up. And here, we only have maids, and no males. Since you’ll have to come out with me, it will definitely arouse suspicions. What should we do… What should we do…”

Even given her intelligence, she clearly appeared to be in a frenetic state. And it was not surprising: if she let the Demon God Emperor know that she
had some relationship with a human Demon Hunt Squad, even her own father the Moon Demon God wouldn’t be able to defend her. The Demon God Emperor loathed the Demon Hunt Squads of the Temple Alliance the most.

Suddenly, as she raised her head to take a look at Long Haochen, Yue Ye’s eyes suddenly shone, “I have a solution! However, I will have to cause Captain Long to… feel kind of wronged.”

Long Haochen appeared puzzled and asked, “What is it that came to your mind?”

Yue Ye rushed to his side, saying a few sentences in a low voice, but Long Haochen’s expression immediately became unsightly, resolutely refusing, “No, this is definitely out of the question!”

Yue Ye’s eyes immediately appeared to be red, and on the verge of begging, she declared, “If we don’t do this, in case this gets discovered, I’m screwed. Although I am a few years older than you, I’m still under twenty. Would you really have the heart to see me being buried by your side? I haven’t even ever gotten a boyfriend yet. For god’s sake, please do it, okay?! It will just give you a bit of grievance. You will be free of it after the Demon God Emperor leaves.”

“You…” Looking at her face, Long Haochen thought deep inside that this princess Yue Ye seemed to really show some sincerity. Although she really came up with a rotten idea, it was still something greatly feasible. Furthermore if he teleported back at such time, he would need at least one or two days of rush to hurry back, and at this time, maybe there would be some kind of disadvantageous change.

“Hurry up! We can’t tarry, my life is in your hands right now. Don’t tell me you still don’t trust me?” Yue Ye was really anxious, her eyes thoroughly red, tears were on the verge of dripping from them.

Long Haochen’s eyebrows were completely wrinkled, but he still looked at her with force.
The gate of the Moon Castle Palace opened, the Moon Demon God Agares led a group of noblemen from the Moon Clan, while everyone in the Moon Castle Palace, including the maids, was gathered, whereas the servants rapidly concentrated in the plaza in the center.

The Moon Demon God Agares was about two meters tall, clad in a purple gown, his hair tied using a headband and draping over his shoulder to his back. His facial appearance made him appear just like a man coming out of a picture. In his pair of purple eyes, a dark golden radiance was embedded, and on his forehead, the faint trace of a bent moon was visible.

In terms of appearance, Agares was the most beautiful man existing, even superior to the Demon God Emperor Fengxiu in this aspect. Though, their mannerisms could be compared. Standing right there, he very naturally became the ‘center’ of the whole plaza: everyone else’s radiance was concealed by him.

Among demons, the Demon God Emperor was the so called emperor, and under him, only two lords could claim the title of king. One was the Moon Demon God Agares, and the other was the Demon Prophet, who greatly exceeded anyone else in the entire demon race in regards to prediction, the Star Demon God Washake.

Agares was accompanied by a calm-looking girl standing at his side. With her slender figure that could be called perfect, she didn’t wear any makeup, giving off a feeling of fresh, pure and almost transcendent beauty.

The most astonishing was that she had a pair of black eyes similar to humans. Without a doubt, she was the most beautiful girl out there, and the only one that could be said to match the Moon Demon God Agares.

At Agares’ back stood a dozen people. The nearest were four middle- aged men, all of them were handsome men like one exists among ten thousand, who were the four so called Great Moon Emperors ⼤天王, the most trusted aides of the Moon Demon God Agares, serving him as his left
and right arms.
Behind them were a dozen middle-aged men of the Moon Clan, who gave off a dense and powerful aura from their bodies. Behind them was a group of girls that had stunning appearances.

One of these girls was the princess Yue Ye. She led a group of maids, among whom the nearest to her was lowering her head. Her long black hair was spilling to the front and covered all over her shoulders, causing her facial appearance to be indiscernible from afar.

Yue Ye’s expression was currently quite grotesque, resisting to look at her side with great difficulty, and softly using her hands to toy with her own clothing. Visibly, she hardly managed to keep herself calm.

That’s right, she couldn’t calm down. At that moment, her feeling of self- confidence was being shattered incommensurably.

To a girl, more specifically a stunning woman like her, the greatest pride did absolutely not lie in her strength or her spiritual energy, especially in a group so attached to appearances as the Demon Clan. Physical appearance would forever remain their first criteria. It was especially the case for the concubine at the Moon Demon God’s side, who turned out to be a human female. By relying on her physical appearance, she had conquered all her Moon clansmen; that person was Yue Ye’s mother. Although her daughter
couldn’t succeed the throne of the Moon Demon God 阿加雷斯, so long as she remained as a princess, no one would strip her from her honorable position.

However, a few minutes earlier, Yue Ye’s self confidence regarding her physical appearance had just crumbled.

As the Moon Clan’s princess, the chamberlains at Yue Ye’s side were all female. If a male would have stood by her side, it would undoubtedly look odd. Thus, with a divine flash, the solution she thought about was to have Long Haochen crossdress using makeup, costume… and have him act as her maid.

Long Haochen was still a youth, and his body was far from having fully grown yet. Further adding the absolute perfection of his physique, it wasn’t
too complicated to dress him up like a girl.

This was also why Long Haochen was previously unwilling to agree.
Although they came to a compromise, he still felt really unwilling.

The changes Yue Ye made on Long Haochen were simple: she changed his clothes to a maid attire, hid his Adam’s apple with careful attention, before using makeup on his eyebrows and face, giving him a gentle and feminine look. Completing this whole process only took her a few minutes and no more.

However, at the time she finished, the first person to be shocked was the creator, Yue Ye herself.

Too beautiful, just too beautiful! In Yue Ye’s heart, the most beautiful girl aside from herself could only be her own mother. Because of her young age, the graceful temperament she inherited from her mother, and her appeal to other people, she was nothing more but a bargaining chip. However, after finishing to put makeup on Long Haochen’s face, this self-confidence she had crumbled entirely when he slowly raised his head.

She couldn’t even use the word beautiful to describe Long Haochen’s appearance. A tender white skin, a well featured nose, limpid and pure eyes. Each line of this face was exquisite and delicate, carrying no flaw at all. When this was all put together it produced an absolutely sublime result.

That was perfection! His current appearance could only be described as perfect. Although he only wore maid attire, even the most gorgeous gems in this inner place would lose its gloss next to him.

Yue Ye believed that if Long Haochen removed his magical eyes, exposing his original pair of golden-colored eyes, it would definitely give him an imposing look, carrying the beauty of the sun descending to Earth.

Long Haochen didn’t really feel the changes on his body, only feeling unwell at wearing female attire. It was fortunate that it only took a little while, and all he did since then was to blindly follow Yue’s lead.
Yue Ye fiddled with her own clothes, feeling extremely disturbed. She already started to regret her idea, and had repeatedly warned Long Haochen not to raise his head no matter what. If such a beauty, which already surpassed her own mother’s, was caught by another nobleman from the Moon Clan, it would cause great complications. Even her own father wouldn’t let him off.

Thinking of this point, Yue Ye couldn’t help but have a grotesque expression. Had she known earlier, she would rather have had him pass for a male with an identity as Moon Clan viscount. To speak frankly, it was a wonder if he wasn’t actually a girl disguising herself as a male…

“Respects to His Majesty!” In the midst of a high-pitched call, the whole Moon Palace plaza completely quieted down.

Although Long Haochen lowered his head, he still sensed the distinct oppressive force that filled the air. How could he not become nervous? Two formidable demon gods were present! For either of them, a mere finger would be enough to easily crush him with his current level of cultivation.

However, he didn’t comply absolutely to Yue Ye’s repeated warnings, and secretly observed these people from the Moon Clan standing in front of him. Although he merely shot a glance, it was enough for him to remember a lot with his astonishing memory. Those were the enemies he would face in the future. His current priority was at least to remember their identities, so that he could stay calm when confronting them in the future.

Long Haochen was especially careful to keep the appearance of the Moon Demon God Agares in his mind.

Footsteps sounded, and from listening to them, he already determined the identity of the one who was approaching.

“Agares welcomes Your Altess.” The Moon Demon God Agares bowed before him, before everyone at his back bowed as well.

This was the most noble place belonging to the Moon Clan, but just like anyone else in the demon territory, they had to pay respect to the Demon
God Emperor.

Chapter 262

The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu could be said to be clad in simple attire. Behind him, only four middle-aged people clad in black gowns were following him; he didn’t have any excessive guard. Of course, these were only the people that entered the palace. The amount of guards standing outside was only known to the emperor himself.

Today, the Demon God Emperor didn’t show his tyrannical strength as back at the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Only clad in a simple black gown, he didn’t even emanate his mighty aura, giving him the look of an ordinary handsome middle-aged man.

Lifting his hand, he stooped on the kneeling Moon Demon God Agares, “Worthy little brother, is there any need to be so formal between the two of us?”

Agares revealed a smile, “Relationships aside, etiquette cannot be ignored. Your Majesty, please.” Deep inside, his current thought was more like ‘If I did not put on a formal display, would you really not care about it?’ Of course, this was no more but unspoken criticism. Even with his position as the second Demon God, he wasn’t so different to any other Demon Gods in front of the Demon God Emperor. The supreme position of the Demon God Emperor wasn’t something he could lightly contest with, so he naturally didn’t show any dismissive behaviour in front of him.

The Demon God Emperor nodded, before starting to follow Agares into his palace. Right at that time, the Demon God Emperor suddenly came to a stop, looking in another direction.
This seemed like an unimportant look, but even with the Demon God Emperor’s position and cultivation, his look was filled with unconcealed disbelief.

This reaction simply astonished the Moon Demon God Agares, who immediately followed the emperor’s gaze in the same direction, and this was exactly the direction where his dearly beloved daughter Yue Ye stood.

“Your Majesty you…” Agares felt quite nervous, but was really unwilling for His Majesty to harbour any desire towards his own beloved daughter. For a long time now, although the Demon God Emperor was a very powerful existence, he was still very considerate to his subordinates, and wouldn’t do something that harmed their feelings. But on the other hand, if the Demon God Emperor had thoughts towards his daughter, how could Agares stop him?

The Demon God Emperor shook his head, “It’s nothing, let’s go.” As he was done, he mumbled to himself a few words, but with his incredible hearing, Agares faintly heard that the Demon God Emperor seemed to have said, “They look so alike.”

Agares was startled, scarcely realizing that at that time, someone else was already extremely nervous.

When the Demon God Emperor’s eyes glanced over in her direction, Yue Ye felt as if her own blood was freezing. Grasping her skirt firmly, her body was as stiff as a board, and she didn’t dare to move in the slightest, inwardly yelling madly: It’s over, everything is over…

As the involved party, she naturally felt that the Demon God Emperor’s glance wasn’t directed at her, but at Long Haochen who stood at her side.

Just at that time, when the Demon God Emperor went in, Long Haochen couldn’t help but raise his head, and with this single motion, attracted the Demon God Emperor’s attention, who glanced right at Long Haochen’s face for a very short moment.
Long Haochen felt exactly the same as Yue Ye: his brain suddenly went blank. The instant the Demon God Emperor’s look crossed with his own, he immediately felt a terrifying energy locking up on his body, isolating it completely from the outside world. That was to say, right at that moment, even if he wanted to transport himself back through the contract with Haoyue, he was unable to do so.

Long Haochen felt regret; he shouldn’t have raised his head to see the Demon God Emperor. He also believed that given the Demon God Emperor’s cultivation, he would definitely find out about the attribute of the internal spiritual energy in his body. Can it be… That I am going to die here?

However, the following turn of events was completely out of his grasp. The Demon God Emperor suddenly left with the Moon Demon God Agares, entering in the inner palace. And he didn’t made any more attention, the same went for his subordinates.

Why did he let me off? Hasn’t he discovered my light attribute? With his cultivation level? That’s impossible.

Long Haochen was filled with doubts, but at the same time was rejoicing. He narrowly resisted the urge to teleport back, and finally controlled himself. If he left like this before so many people, how could Yue Ye explain herself before her clansmen?

The Demon God Emperor finally disappeared from everyone’s line of sight, followed by the Moon Demon God, and at that time, everyone of the Moon Clan stood up. During this time, a cold little hand was stretched at the side of Long Haochen’s waist, pinching his skin and forcefully turning him around.

Long Haochen felt in pain as his body was forcefully moved, but extraordinarily didn’t show any resistance. He truly felt ashamed! If not for the fact the Demon God Emperor was absent-minded for some reason, Yue Ye and himself would have been done for.

“I’m sorry” Long Haochen lowered his voice and said this.
Yue Ye ignored him, still putting on an unsightly expression. Her lapel was already drenched in sweat, to the extent that she simply felt as though she was about to collapse after seeing her father leave, almost falling to the ground. She understood the Demon God Emperor’s tricks a lot better than Long Haochen, and was thus put at the peak of despair. But after this despair lessened, her body was filled with two completely different feelings: emptiness and an upsurge of relief.

Her tormented face was visibly abnormally pale. By chance, no one paid attention to her as everyone’s attention was still on the Demon God Emperor.

Moon Palace – main hall.

The Moon Demon God invited the Demon God Emperor to sit down.

“Your Majesty, how is it that you bothered yourself to come personally? If you called, I would have been by your side in an instant.” Agares said with a smile.

Fengxiu waved his hand, and his four subordinates as well as the Moon God Agares’ aides retreated, leaving only these two left in the main hall. From this simple detail, it could be seen how terrifying Fengxiu’s position was. Even the Moon Demon God’s clansmen didn’t dare to go against his orders.

“Now that there are no more outsiders, we brothers shouldn’t have to put on such a front. I came to look for you, first because of some important matters, and also to see you. We good brothers haven’t seen each other for quite a while, since we are usually busy with all sorts of affairs. Follow me back in a moment; how about drinking to our fill tonight? I still want to have a few cups of the good human wine your daughter Yue Ye brought back for us.”

Agares smiled, “It will be my pleasure. I haven’t been drinking at brother’s place for quite a while. You wouldn’t guess, this girl Yue Ye didn’t leave much of this wine to me, sending the lion’s share of it to your place. You don’t know how jealous I am as a father.”
Fengxiu smiled back to him, “What is there to be jealous of? If you wanted to drink, you could just come and look for me. Only third brother and you can call me boss like this, you know? Don’t tell me there could be anything in the way of the relationship between us three brothers?”

Agares sighed silently, “Third brother, this fellow, he seems to be deeply focused on some divination. I went twice to look for him, but he had kept his door locked on both occasions.”

Hearing Agares’ words, Fengxiu’s face seemed to look a bit hesitant, “This period of seclusion of third brother is indeed quite long. As our great prophet that he is, he surely ran into some inconvenience. This cannot be a good thing, I really hope he won’t be back with too many bad news.”

Agares answered with a little disapproval, “What bad news could he bring? About humans? Although they raised their strength a bit over these years, they have never dared to come out of their shell. If not for the fact that boss was making use of them, with a single action from our side, could humans really have the power to resist?”

Fengxiu nodded but still said, “Second brother, you can’t be too narrow- minded. After all, humans have already been reproducing and living in the continent for thousands of years. If we really went all out to handle them, the final result would possibly be disastrous for both sides. Although our odds of victory are higher, this frenetic situation would unavoidably arouse other parties’ attention. At that time, how would our both injured sides be able to respond? Although we have never regarded humans as important threats, we cannot act blindly without thinking. The time hasn’t come yet.”

After a short time of silence, Agares asked Fengxiu, “Boss, I have wanted to ask you for a long time, but what is this time you are waiting for? Why are we waiting to launch an all out attack against the humans? We can’t let them develop like this! We cannot look down on the human potential you know!”
Fengxiu gave him a leisured look, “The timing will depend on ourselves. I’d rather want our kin to acknowledge human’s existence, and to view them as a part of our own race. That would be the good timing to act against the Temple Alliance. What I want isn’t to destroy it, but to assimilate it.

Else, we will be left without way to grow. The human potential is something we need.”

Agares was startled, “Boss, are you saying that we should completely acknowledge and accept humans?”

Fengxiu nodded, “Humans are superior to us in many different aspects, and they have very deep roots on the continent. Last few years, each of my decrees was aiming for an assimilation of humanity. First, we’d aim for assimilating the humans in our own territory in this regard, before expanding slowly. And one day, we will make all humans become a part of our own strength. This will definitely make our demon race stronger. My aims are not limited to this world, but I’d wish to accomplish my deceased grandfather’s ambition to start a war for the conquest of other planes.”

“Second brother, how about letting your title of Demon God be passed on to Yue Ye? Letting her inherit you.” Feng Xiu suddenly remarked.

Agares’ face greatly lost color, “Boss, how can we… Our kin will definitely not accept this.”

Fengxiu indifferently replied, “As long as you have my backing, who would dare cause trouble over this? Since we are planning to thoroughly assimilate with humans, we must be the ones to take the initiative. You shouldn’t mind the fact this kid Yue Ye’s progress speed is rather slow: as long as she manages to gain the ability to succeed you, her future growth is bound to even surpass yours. This is the superiority of the human potential. ”

Thinking about this glance the Demon God Emperor gave Yue Ye, Agares couldn’t help but feel cautious. Could it be that His Majesty is planning to dominate our Moon Clan? This can’t be! With his strength,
there’s no need for him to do this. Most of all, the Devil Dragon Clan has this policy of keeping their lineage pure…

A change appeared on Fengxiu’s expression as he continued, “I’m just speaking without deep intentions. I let you think about it, and I will be respecting your opinion. If you don’t want to, just let it be. Plus, you’re still young, and we shouldn’t rush this matter.”

Chapter 263

“Mh.” Agares naturally didn’t answer immediately, only making an ambiguous sound.

As promised, Fengxiu changed the subject, “This time, there’s another reason why I had to look for you. Do you know what the Fiends discovered in the Desolate Hissing Cavern?”

Agares looked up, “I heard a bit about this affair, but the cavern is in the Fiend Territory, which is why I couldn’t investigate it thoroughly.”

Fengxiu disdainfully declared, “Sami Keane is really an idiot. He lost manpower numbering over a hundred, but still wanted to keep all the information to himself, trying to stay low-key on the matter. Does he really think he will be able to conceal everything from me this way? ”

Agares muttered, asking irresolutely, “Boss, do you think I should get involved in this?”

Fengxiu shook his head and replied, “There’s no need. After hearing about it, I used my mental energy to examine the area around the Desolate Hissing Cavern and didn’t discover anything, so there should be nothing valuable. Sami Keane is just looking for his own disgrace. As for his subordinates, they weren’t necessarily lost in the cavern. Maybe they ran into a human Demon Hunt Squad.”

Hearing those three words, Agares’ complexion immediately became unsightly. All the Demon Gods loathed Demon Hunt Squads, these unpredictable human powerhouses were a great enemy that could attack at
any time. Agares alone had already been targeted by Demon Hunt Squads over ten times, and had once even been heavily injured.

Fengxiu wrinkled his brows, “This matter isn’t up to much, but recently, I felt that guy’s presence.”

Agares was shaken by these words, “That guy? The one you mentioned last time..?”

Fengxiu nodded, “The heavenly calamity… When the fifty second ranked Allocer previously reported it to me, I personally went to the Exorcist Mountain Pass to verify his presence, but could not find him. However, I felt his presence for real this time. Although it was in a weak state, that aura’s purity couldn’t be faked. The heavenly calamity very possibly really arrived in this world. It’s just that we can’t tell where he is right now..”

Agares took a deep breath, “Boss, you cannot let the heavenly calamity regain his strength no matter what, otherwise, this will be a disaster for us! In those years, our ancestors united with each other to seal him with difficulty, but it seemed that he still overcame the seal, forcing us to open a space rift to flee in this world. After such an all-out battle, shouldn’t the heavenly calamity be already dead? How can he…”

Fengxiu shook his head, “You don’t know the complete truth on this matter. In those years, the situation was truly complicated, but we weren’t the ones that had opened a space rift. Back then, our elders’ cultivation level was far from being high enough. Only the heavenly calamity could have created the space rift. As for the detailed course of events, it’s better that you don’t learn about it.”

Agares gazed up, “Boss, speak up. If there’s anything you want me to do, I will comply without hesitation.”

Fengxiu replied, “Dispatch all the powerhouses of your clan: we will launch an operation that will seemingly aim at the annihilating the human Demon Hunt Squads, but in truth, we’ll be looking for the heavenly calamity. He’s still in a weak state, but nevertheless, it won’t be
easy to handle him. In case you discover something, don’t act blindly without thinking: I’ll have to be the one to intervene personally, if we want a chance to destroy him completely. You’ll have to keep these matters secret; aside from us three brothers, you can’t tell anyone, not even Sami Keane. This will avoid the rise of a panic among our underlings.”


Fengxiu stood up, “But later is soon enough. Let’s have a drink first.
You’ll have to relax before you act.”

Agares smiled bitterly, “Let’s forget about it for the time being. Hearing about the heavenly calamity, I feel uneasy and nervous. I should arrange this matter to be handled first. Boss, tell me all you know about his possible whereabouts.”

Fengxiu nodded, “At the time I felt his aura, he was close to the Desolate Hissing Cavern, but right afterwards he completely disappeared once again. It’s as if he had never appeared there. We only have this much information right now. Command our intelligence to look through it; I leave these matters to you. Within three month’s time, I want a report from you.”

“I will do my best.”

Fengxiu gave him a cold glance, “You cannot only do your best, but you have to succeed no matter what. This is a question of life and death. Although we have yet to meet the real heavenly calamity, he will possibly be able to put us in the same desperate situation as back in the past. That is how terrible this enemy is.”

The waiting time truly felt exhausting for Long Haochen. Lowering his head, he felt extremely uncomfortable.

When the Demon God Emperor finally left, he luckily didn’t feel his terrible glance on him again. The powerhouses of the Moon Clan standing
in the front were called by Agares from the main hall, and he finally followed Yue Ye back to her palace quietly.

The two of them entered her palace, and Yue Ye had the maids retire, feeling just like Long Haochen, close to the verge of collapsing. The mental pressure on her was just too great.

“You know, right now, I really want to kill you.” Yue Ye resentfully declared.

Long Haochen smiled bitterly, “I’m in the wrong, I shouldn’t have raised my head. I didn’t expect the Demon God Emperor’s mental energy to be so sharp.”

“You didn’t expect?” Yue Ye suddenly raised her voice, “Do you know that these few words narrowly costed me my life. Okay, hurry up and leave now, head to the address I indicated to you previously. I’ll prepare everything for you to leave as soon as possible.”

“Mh, then I’m leaving.” Long Haochen changed clothes from his maid attire, rapidly recovering his original appearance. After apologizing to Yue Ye once again, he made haste to leave.

Watching his leaving figure, Yue Ye finally loosened her breath, but her expression was still the same, as she was in a state of deep pondering. “His Majesty should have discovered him. But, why didn’t he intervene? Don’t tell me he wanted to give Father some face? But that was completely unnecessary!”

Maybe it was because of the danger the presence of Long Haochen’s group posed for Yue Ye’s safety, but it only took two days before Yue Ye’s message arrived. The caravan had been summoned, and would set off to the Alliance two days later. She had Long Haochen make his preparations.

After having experienced many unpredictable dangers, the goddess of luck was finally on the side of Long Haochen’s group. The Demon God Emperor had given the order to search the whole demon territory to the Moon Demon God Agares, and not someone like the Demon God of Death
Saminaga. Under such circumstances, who would dare inspect the caravan belonging to Agares’ dearly beloved daughter?

Moreover, the Yue Ye merchant caravan had just experienced a tragedy a short time ago in the Nareiks Province, causing the Demon God Emperor’s wrath. After having punished the Nareiks Province for this long ago, he even had them make amends for the damage sustained by the Yue Ye Merchant Group.

Due to all those lucky circumstances, Long Haochen managed to return to the Temple Alliance without a hitch despite the demons inspecting the whole territory in search for the heavenly calamity.

Yue Ye didn’t accompany the caravan. She only arranged for a time and place with Long Haochen, where they could conveniently meet, for Cai’er to suppress the restriction on her. After following the Yue Ye Merchant Group to the southeast fort, the two Demon Hunt Squads didn’t dawdle along, but directly passed the fort under Long Haochen’s lead. Having arrived in the nearby Starseeker City, they settled into the rented inn rooms and were finally able to relax for the time being.

Since they safely entered the human territory, they decided that they might as well stay at Starseeker City for the time being, enjoying three days of lethargic sleep.

They were not only physically tired, but also felt emotionally and mentally exhausted. Ever since they left the Temple Alliance to begin this mission, their mind had always been under great stress. Enduring experiences of life and death one time after another, even though they couldn’t ascertain that they had managed to complete the mission, had been a big burden on them.

Only after returning to the Temple Alliance, could they for the first time enjoy a feeling of being at home. This was the first joint operation for both of the two Demon Hunt Squads, and they were far from being used to such a life of danger. Thus, this current period of relaxation was something they really needed.
After enjoying three days of rest, everyone recovered from their mental stress, and they set out once again, heading directly to Holy City. The two teams needed rest and reorganization. Though they didn’t completely accomplish the mission, their gains were plentiful. Be it regarding their own cultivation, the increase of their strength or the gain of experience, they had benefitted like never before.

On the return trip, they made use of a rental cart. It moved very slowly, and it took them no less than fifteen days to return to Holy City. These fifteen days were the ideal time to recap the experiences and harvests they gained from the mission.

After adding up all of his comrades’ contribution points, Long Haochen discovered with shock that the total amount of contribution points they had gained from the mission reached up to 20,000. This was a number they had never expected. Admittedly, the fact that they reaped this amount, relying solely on massacring demons, was actually more accidental than anything else.

But still, it was mainly because of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s lead that they gathered such an amount. Actually, seeing the number of powerhouses of the sixth and the seventh step that died at their hands, a low final amount of contribution points would be the really odd outcome.

The 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads’ contribution points were far from this amount, but by counting in the contribution points they had gathered from the period of testing, their current amount of contribution points reached 10,000. Long Haochen didn’t conceal the benefits of raising their grade to the general grade. After having gone through this experience, the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad’s strength progressed as a whole in the midst of deadly experiences. They already decided that the first thing they would do upon returning was to raise the grade of their own squad.

After discussing it, the seven members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad decided to stop their system of equal dividing. Going through this much experience, the trust existing between them had progressed to a great level.
An equal splitting led to fairness, but restricted the team’s growth at the same time. Thus, everyone decided to gather their contribution points at one tile, allocating them at the times and fields of need. This was clearly the most fitting decision for the team’s development.

At the time the two Demon Hunt Squads arrived at Holy City fifteen days later, they had truly spent a long time away, and everyone was already on the verge of tears.

As Long Haochen suggested, the two Demon Hunt Squads didn’t return to their respective villas, but first headed for the Demon Hunt Mission Tower to give their report on the mission.

Chapter 264

“What? 200,000 contribution points?! Isn’t there a mistake?” When the group of thirteen heard the staff member, even the good tempered Long Haochen immediately cried out in surprise. Their expressions were incomparably unsightly, whereas Long Haochen coldly stood there, looking at the staff member facing him, and declared in an extremely serious tone, “I hope the Mission Tower can give us an explanation. Don’t tell me that you didn’t expect that such an irresponsible handling of missions would cost us our lives.”

Luc Xi’s expression was even more unsightly. Slapping the top of the sales counter, he declared loudly, “Oh heavens. Bastards! Bunch of bastards! What a nonsensical mission. Is this how you are handling the distribution of our missions? What if we died at the hands of the demons?! If you don’t have a good justification, I will never let you off.”

The staff member facing them was the same as the one who assigned Long Haochen’s group the mission to explore the Desolate Hissing Cavern, but seeing thirteen young Demon Hunters in such a frenetic state, he immediately had a flustered reaction.

“Everyone please calm down. This mission’s rating was a mistake from us, and though it is our fault, there isn’t anything we can do about this anymore. The Mission Tower is ready to compensate you for this, and will hand over a reward of 20,000 contribution points even if you have failed.”

Unfortunately, this staff member had still looked down on these youths’ bearing.
Chen Ying’er replied with a cold smile, “Do you think 20,000 contribution points would be enough to make us leave? You bunch of schemers. Captain, we shouldn’t hand in our mission report now. Let’s head to the Government Office. I’ll look for my grandmother. Lin Xin, you too should look for your grandfather there. ”

Long Haochen silently led the group to the exit, and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad followed by habit. Under Luc Xi’s lead, they followed behind and left the Mission Tower.

That staff member’s face was quite pale, “What should we do? Things will get out of hand…” Although he wasn’t directly responsible for the wrong labeling of the mission, he was the one who assigned the mission, and furthermore, after discovering the problems with it, he evaded responsibility and didn’t report properly about his mistake. At that time, he believed that it was merely a newly-formed Demon Hunt Squad, which wouldn’t respond excessively upon discovering a mistake in the mission’s labeling. How could he know that this new Demon Hunt Squad could be called a bunch of little princes and princesses, who immediately reacted to this affront.

Not daring to slack off any longer, the staff member hurriedly reported to his higher-ups.

After exiting the Demon Hunt Squad Mission Tower, the cold wind sobered them up. Long Haochen looked at Cai’er who was lying in his arms and a surge of rage welled up in him. If not for the mistake with the mission’s labeling, how would Cai’er be in such a state? This was definitely something he wouldn’t let slip by.

That he had a kind heart didn’t mean that he was meek. On the contrary, Long Haochen’s character was not as upright and outspoken as his looks were good. As a captain, if he baulked at such matters, how could he command his team in the future?

Luc Xi went to Long Haochen’s side, “Captain Long, what should we do now? Are you really planning to head to the Government Office? We are just two new Demon Hunt Squads, whereas the Mission Tower is the
most important component of the Alliance. I’m afraid the Alliance won’t be inclined to hear us out.”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, “The Alliance won’t treat us that coldly.

You may head back, Captain Luc. Leave this matter to us and we will notify you when we get news, how about it?”

Luc Xi’s expression changed, “Captain Long, what do you say? Do you really think we plan on cowering in front of the authorities after having risked our lives in the demon territory? Since we are seeking justice, we should do it as a team.”

After he said this, the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad immediately became excited. They were afraid of seeing Luc Xi cower right after the battle, which would just be a loss of face for them! Without those partners from the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, they wouldn’t have made it back alive.

“Let’s go then.” Long Haochen waved his hand, leading the group of thirteen to the Alliance’s Government Office.

In fact in this Holy City, the Government Office was the core element of the whole Alliance’s administration. Coming here to claim justice was the same as giving a good slap to the Mission Tower. It required courage not everyone would have.

Although Long Haochen was furious, he was still sober-headed, and gave it a good thought before directly going to the Government Office. Aside from the Alliance’s Government Office, who else could be a match for the Demon Hunt Mission Tower? The majestic position of the tower wasn’t something that could be easily shaken by this little group.

The Alliance’s Government Office wasn’t far from the Demon Hunt Mission Tower, and they quickly arrived at its entrance.

In spite of her young age, Chen Ying’er had the worst temperament at such times, “Captain, how should we go about it?”
Long Haochen replied in a deep voice, “We will be waiting in the entrance of the Government Office, until the Alliance make amends.”

“What? Just that!?” Chen Ying’er looked unsatisfied. Wasn’t this behaviour too passive?

However, Long Haochen next motion shocked everyone else. This captain of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad immediately sat cross- legged in front of the entrance of the Alliance’s Government Office. Cai’er sat at his lap, safely held in his embrace. The location he chose was only three meters away from the gate of the office, and although he didn’t block the entrance, this positioning could only be described as aggressive.

At the entrance of the Alliance’s Government Office stood two guards, who looked stupefied at this scene. Seeing this group of youngsters sit down, they didn’t believe their eyes.

So there actually exist people who would dare to protest at the gate of the Alliance’s Government Office? Have they taken the wrong medicine?

Under the shocked gaze of the guards, the group of thirteen gathered in a row, almost blocking the entrance of the gate.

“What are you doing?” The two guards asked after coming closer.

Long Haochen raised his hand and showed them their Demon Hunt Squad insignia.

“The 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad comes with sincerity, asking for an account from the Alliance.”

Luc Xi also took out the insignia of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, and the two guards that were originally prepared to act immediately stopped in their tracks. Of course, they understood the importance Demon Hunt Squads possessed. Almost all the higher-ups of the Alliance had belonged to Demon Hunt Squads after all! For a moment, they really didn’t dare act against these youths.
The two of them looked at each other face to face, and a guard rushed out to confront them, knitting his brows and speaking to them, “If you have something to say, then say it. What’s with the protest?”

Although he was only a guard, this one was over forty years-old, and when he spoke, he had a strong attitude.

Unfortunately, his threat was almost nonexistent, and Long Haochen’s group of thirteen didn’t pay any attention to him, not moving an inch from there.

The Alliance’s Government Office being in the very middle of Holy City, Long Haochen and the others attracted all the surrounding gazes by performing such a stunt, but because of the Alliance’s prestige, no one dared to come too close.

A short time later, a black silhouette rapidly rushed out from the Government Office, and the one who came was no one else but the Auxiliary Master of the Assassin Temple, Ying Suifeng.

He happened to be there at the right timing, having just run into the guards, who hurriedly told him about the happenings at the entrance.

Ying Suifeng wondered just who could that be so daring! To have enough guts to block that door, even if the Demon Hunt Squads had a prestigious position, it didn’t mean that they could damage the Alliance’s face! Imagining this gave rise to concern, what kind of image would they have if every Demon Hunt Squad did a boycott at the Temple Alliance’s Government Office’s entrance after the slightest grievance? What sort of scandal would that be? Thus, he was in an absolute rage when he came out.

But he was immediately astonished upon seeing that those who were sitting at the doorway were precisely Long Haochen and Cai’er.

“Long Haochen, what are you doing here? Just what the hell? Stand up immediately!” Ying Suifeng unhappily shouted at him.
Long Haochen resolutely shook his head and replied, “If the Alliance doesn’t make amends, I won’t move an inch.”

“Bullshit, what do you want us to make amends for? Stand up and tell me clearly about it.” Ying Suifeng looked furious, especially at seeing that this youngster came to cause trouble. They were a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad! It was clear that they were intentionally harming the Temple Alliance’s face. Ying Suifeng didn’t know about those kids’ story, so he immediately felt furious.

Nonetheless, he still didn’t immediately pull Long Haochen up forcefully, since Cai’er was after all right nearby.

Long Haochen said in a serious tone, “Hall Master Ying, we wish for you to fully understand our situation before lashing out at us. You have been Cai’er’s guardian for a long time now, but do you know that if not for the extremely good luck we had, even she wouldn’t have made it back alive to be sitting here?”

Hearing him say that, Ying Suifeng’s anger immediately puttered out, tensely wrinkling his brows, “What happened?”

Luc Xi’s group also saw Ying Suifeng, and seeing how this Hall Master changed his speech upon hearing Long Haochen’s words, all of them couldn’t help but loosen their breaths.

Long Haochen composed himself with great difficulty, and told him calmly about everything that happened before.

This time, Ying Suifeng’s expression changed greatly, “Bastards, these bastards of the Mission Tower. After having done such a thing. Rest at ease, this matter will definitely be accounted for. I pledge you this on my name as the Assassin Temple’s Auxiliary Hall Master. Children, you should get up first. This is after all the entrance of the Government Office. Follow me in.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Ying Suifeng’s back was drenched with sweat! The others didn’t know anything, but how could it be the same for
him? Although Long Haochen’s Demon Hunt Squad was leaps away from being called powerful, what combination did they form? The grandeur of the Scion of Light and the Saint Daughter of Samsara was sufficient to make this matter a huge scandal to their two Temples. Moreover, the others of their team weren’t easy to deal with either.

Long Haochen silently nodded, holding Cai’er to help her stand up, “Then I will be begging for your help, Hall Master Ying.” Their protest at the entrance was only for the Government Office to pay attention to them, and not because they wanted to look for trouble here. Since Ying Suifeng already knew about them, he would naturally show consideration for them.

Chapter 265

Seeing Cai’er’s sightless grey eyes, Ying Suifeng was enraged, ready to unleash his flaming wrath. He ordered the nearby guard, “Lead these children to the conference room. It’s an order. Bring some food and drinks for them. Haochen, wait a bit, everything will be settled today.”

Having said this, Ying Suifeng went into the Government Office.

The two guards looked at each other in dismay, filled with extreme confusion.

Long Haochen’s group headed to the Conference Room to rest, but the whole Temple Alliance Government Office was greatly alarmed.

The first person Ying Suifeng looked for was Han Qian, who was in charge of daily government affairs. As soon as he told him about this, Han Qian immediately crushed his own desk with a slap.

Demon Hunt Squads were not directly controlled by the Temple Alliance. They were organized in what could be called a very developed system. The Demon Hunt Squads were responsible for themselves, and the Alliance wasn’t supposed to rashly intervene in their daily affairs. The Mission Tower was the one directly responsible for the Demon Hunt Squad’s affairs. And the Mission Tower was led by Titled Demon Hunt Squads that would take turns in supervising it. But they were only leading it in name, after all, they also had their own missions.

Thus, the real responsibility for the Demon Hunt Squads still lied in the hands of the Temple Alliance’s officers.
After having such a furious reaction, Han Qian immediately gathered the four other Temples in the Government Office, and the six Hall Masters for a rendezvous.

“What? How could this happen?” Grandma Sanshui also slapped the desk and stood up, appearing on the verge of breaking into tears.

The expression on the face of the Mage Temple’s Auxiliary Hall Master, Lin Chen, was also quite ugly, and his eyes had an ominous glint.

The six Hall Masters were furious, this was simply too huge a mistake. And most of all, the Demon Hunt Squad that was involved was intimately related to them.

During their time of private discussion, it became clear that Long Haochen’s Demon Hunt Squad was simply the most important newbie squad in the whole history of Demon Hunt Squads.

The Auxiliary Hall Master of the Warrior Temple, Ren Wokuang, had a frightening look, “What the hell is this? If this affair was to spread out, how could the Demon Hunt Squads keep going on? It’s especially the case for those high ranked Demon Hunt Squads that old geezers like us cannot afford to offend. If this matter isn’t resolved correctly, it will cause great trouble.”

The Auxiliary Master of the Priest Temple, Ruoshui, nodded, “But even so, we have to make the culprits accountable on behalf of these children. And this is a matter we have to handle with care.”

Han Qian calmly declared, “Though Haochen is my little disciple, I should originally avoid the grievance on this matter. But Long Haochen is the future hope of our Knight Temple. If everyone agrees, we should just go to the Mission Tower together.”

Grandma Sanshui unhappily retorted, “Avoid the issue? What farts! Chen Ying’er is my grand-daughter, and I’m not about to avoid the issue. I’ll claim justice no matter what. The Mission Tower should better be prepared for a big reorganization, and the responsible person will have to
be punished severely no matter what. This isn’t only a failure at doing their duty, but murder of…”

After a short discussion, those six Auxiliary Hall Masters immediately agreed on how to react to the matter. As a result, the furious group headed to the Mission Tower.

Long Haochen’s group still didn’t know about what happened. At the time they had arrived at the Alliance’s Government Office, it was noon, but they waited for a whole afternoon in the little conference room. At night, the six Auxiliary Hall Masters appeared in front of them.

Seeing those six Auxiliary Hall Masters, Long Haochen’s group immediately stood up.

Han Qian waved his hand and was the one to speak, “Okay, you can sit down. For what happened this time, the Alliance has to apologize to you. We would like to offer this apology in the name of the whole Alliance.” After this was said, the six Auxiliary Hall Masters bowed down in the direction of the thirteen youths at the same time.

Long Haochen’s group was immediately astonished, hastily offering their salute in return. The wrath in them was already greatly dissipated at this time.

Didn’t the six Auxiliary Hall Masters’ action already say a lot about the attitude of the Alliance on this matter? Since their most venerable elders took such a stance, what else could they say on the matter?

Han Qian rose again, declaring in a deep voice, “The matter has already been investigated thoroughly. The blame is on the Mission Tower’s staff members’ negligence, that hadn’t checked the mission before release. Additionally, they didn’t even report to their superiors after finding out about a mistake in the mission’s labeling, allowing you to take a mission far exceeding your ability, and causing you to be in significant danger. The Alliance presents you a sincere apology, and will guarantee you that in the future, the same kind of situation won’t happen ever again. The related culprits have already been taken into custody, and will at least be
incarcerated for ten years. The person directly responsible has been condemned to execution by hanging.”

The severity of this punishment far exceeded the expectations of Long Haochen’s group. This punishment was even too extreme to be only related to the antecedents of the members of this ‘royal group’. Long Haochen’s group didn’t have a complete understanding of how Demon Hunt Squads worked. They were only a general grade Demon Hunt Squad with not much influence, but put into simple words, king grade Demon Hunt Squads’ Demon Hunters were simply above any Auxiliary Hall Master belonging to the Temple Alliance in status. If Demon Hunters from an Emperor grade Demon Hunt Squads dissolved their team, they would at least have the rank of an Auxiliary Hall Master. The captain would even possibly immediately become the Hall Master.

If this matter spread out, and the higher ranked Demon Hunt Squads learned of it, they would inevitably have no hesitation to stand on the side of Long Haochen’s group. At that time, the Alliance would be in even more disarray. Demon Hunters were after all heroes risking their lives for the sake of the Alliance.

This was also the reason why the five other Auxiliary Hall Masters immediately came to an agreement with Han Qian’s decision concerning the punishment. The reason for this was simply that they couldn’t disappoint their valiant heroes!

Long Haochen took out the Recording Gem, handing it to Han Qian with a smile, “Grandmaster, these are our results from the mission, please check them. We don’t know whether we completed this mission, but we did our utmost for that. Many thanks to the Alliance for upholding justice”

Han Qian took the gem, and said with a sigh, “Children, you had it hard this time. It’s fortunate that you came back alive, otherwise, those bastards from the Mission Tower would have been condemned to death by hundreds. I hope this matter won’t leave a shadow in your hearts. You can feel relieved, you will have the reward you deserve entirely. After
checking the record, we will give you an accurate answer as soon as possible. You must be very tired after this mission, go back now and rest.”

“Yes, grandmaster.”

The two Demon Hunt Squads left satisfied. Before leaving the conference room, Han Qian warned them that he hoped this matter wouldn’t be spread. Long Haochen immediately agreed on behalf of the two Demon Hunt Squads.

The Alliance handled this matter with swift indictment because, they didn’t want its daily functions to be affected, leading to a crisis of trust between the Demon Hunt Squads’ and itself.

Having left the Government Office, the thirteen simultaneously came to a stop.

Luc Xi said with a sigh, “I really didn’t expect us to succeed so easily.”

Long Haochen replied, “What is right is right and what is wrong is wrong. This wasn’t a success from our side, but a proper decision from the Alliance. Let’s go and have a good rest. For this mission, our reward of contribution points will at least be no lower than 20,000 contribution points. After we receive them, I will give you your share.”

Luc Xi gave Long Haochen a deep glance, but didn’t object this time, only nodding silently. After having interacted closely with Long Haochen during this mission, he already had a good understanding of his character. He knew that Long Haochen was an extremely sincere person.

Having finally returned to the villa after a long time, everyone retreated to their respective rooms. It could be said that in the History of the Demon Hunt Squads, never before had a first mission been completed with such great difficulty. In fact, in the process of the entire mission, they even faced enemies at the seventh step! And no one amongst them was even at the sixth step yet. The fact that they made it back alive could already only be called a miracle.
Standing on the villa’s balcony, Long Haochen made Cai’er rest against his own chest. Feeling the fresh air brought by the nearby vegetation, he finally felt a lot more calm.

They had finally come back, but Cai’er would still need six months to recover. Tightening his grip on her hand and softly grabbing it, he wrote on her palm the little message, ‘It’s so great that we made it back alive’.

On the morning of the next day, the Alliance’s Government Office dispatched a message, and Han Qian welcomed Long Haochen in his office.

“Haochen, sit down.” Han Qian looked at his own grand-disciple that gave him a respectful salute after entering the office, and exposed a tired- looking smile.

Because of yesterday’s matters, he hadn’t gotten any sleep at all last night.

“Grandmaster, is teacher okay?” Long Haochen sat on the chair in front of Han Qian’s new desk and asked.

Han Qian replied, “He’s very well. His cultivation speed is very fast, I already sent him to the Knight Temple.”

Stopping for a bit, Han Qian seriously declared, “Haochen, from the record you brought back for me to see, I have a few questions. Tell me about the details regarding that tower. They are of utter importance to the Alliance.”

Long Haochen felt shaken. He had previously guessed why Han Qian looked for him, but having to tell a lie to his own grandmaster felt really bad.

“… When I came back to my senses, that tower had already disappeared. The hissing sounds couldn’t be heard again afterwards. Grandmaster, what is it?”
Han Qian wrinkled his brows, pacing back and forth in front of his work desk, “Now is not a good time to determine it, but from the specters that appeared in your records, this is very possibly related to the necromancers that appeared ten thousand years ago. If what you saw were vestiges of the necromancers, we can definitely not let demons get them.”

Long Haochen stood up, asking earnestly, “Grandmaster, do you need me to do something?”

Han Qian shook his head, “Let’s end it here about this matter. After you head back, tell your group not to divulge anything about this mission, so as to avoid needless trouble.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen had some hesitation, but still asked, “Then grandmaster, can we be considered to have completed the mission?”

Han Qian gave him a glance and suddenly revealed a smile, “It seems that you are looking at least a little like a captain now. Be at ease. When people from the Mission Tower will look for you tomorrow, you will have to keep your mouth sealed. This reward should make up enough for your trouble.”

“Many thanks, grandmaster!” Hearing this, Long Haochen immediately felt a lot better.

Like Han Qian guaranteed, this time’s rewards wouldn’t be only 20,000 contribution points but a lot more. He estimated it to be at least 50,000 points.

People from the Mission Tower really came the day after, but what they told them was completely different from what Long Haochen had expected. This was because they brought Long Haochen the news that the mission had been completed. Therefore, they received the reward of the mission after it had been upgraded to kings grade After getting this news, everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad was elated.

“We are rich…” Lin Xin’s ghost-like voice resounded in the whole villa.

Chapter 266

When Luc Xi led everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad to the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s villa, the six people’s eyes almost turned red.

It was for a simple reason: Long Haochen had Han Yu invite them here, only saying that the mission was over and it was time to divide the contribution points.

The mission was completed!

Hearing these words, Li Xin, Luc Xi, Dian Yan, Yi Jun, Bai Xiaomo and Han Daosi all had dumbstruck looks.

Luc Xi swallowed a gulp of saliva, as if he was afraid of seeing his own saliva dripping on Han Yu, “Is it 20,000 or 200,000?”

Han Yu’s reply was all the more shocking, “200…”

Therefore by the time Luc Xi’s group of six arrived at 21st Demon Hunt Squad’s villa, their eyes were just as red as at the time they went off to hunt demons.

At the time they entered in the villa, the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad were all present except Cai’er and Long Haochen. They looked even more avaricious than Luc Xi’s group. It was especially the case for Lin Xin, who was lying on the sofa, fiddling with a something resembling a plan, and toying with his own hair, occasionally letting a drip of sparkling liquid drip out from his mouth.
“Hello everyone, where is Captain Long?” Luc Xi once again swallowed his own saliva. He really wanted to give himself a slap. The profits were too enticing for him.

30% amount of 200,000 contribution points represented 60,000 contribution points! What did it mean? It mean that everyone would be able to get the medicine that can be taken only once to gain a thousand spiritual energy. This also meant that they would be able to undertake harder missions. This was an amount they would perhaps even be unable to earn over a period of one or two whole years. This also implied that they could take a firm step in the competition between their generation’s ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, making them only second to the 21st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, and freeing them from the worries of having others catch up to them.

No one could stay calm.

“Boss went to recover the contribution points. He should be back soon. Please sit for now. My hands are still trembling, so I’ll be unable to serve you water though.” said Sima Xian with a dry look.

Honestly speaking, the members from the 21st Demon Hunt Squad felt somewhat unwilling to share the 60,000 contribution points. But Long Haochen told them resolutely that unfaithful people couldn’t succeed. Although they shouldered majority of the burden of this mission, if not for the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad’s assistance, they couldn’t possibly have made it back safe and sound.

Long Haochen relied on the whole team’s ability, leading it perfectly, so no one would retort to what he had decided.

“Captain Luc, you came.” Hearing this voice sounding from behind, Luc Xi quickly turned behind, seeing Long Haochen carry Cai’er on her waist, his limpid golden eyes were shining in a flame of excitement.

“Captain Long.” Calling out these two words, Luc Xi suddenly felt as if his own throat was unable to speak any further.
Long Haochen chuckled, “It’s alright, don’t say more. I’m giving you your share of contribution points first; this will save me from regrets. Come on!” As he said so, he pulled the left sleeves on his clothing.

Under the attentive watch of the other ten members of their two Demon Hunt Squads, Luc Xi walked with trembling legs towards Long Haochen. Unable to control his tears from flowing, he declared, “Haochen, I won’t say much, but if you have any need for us in the future, our 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads’ six lives are all yours.”

Pulling his left arm, Long Haochen completed the exchange of contribution points between the two of them, “We are comrades, fellow soldiers. However, after such an unreasonable mission, I really don’t dare keep going for the moment.”

The contribution points were successfully transmitted, and the amount of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squads’ contribution points were immediately increased by 60,000.

Luc Xi wiped away his tears with the sleeves of his garment, “Haochen, how about both the teams having a look at the transaction center together. On the first and the second floor, we can be called rich people without a doubt right?”

Long Haochen smiled to him, ”Okay. We also have some things we need to buy. And we could also sell our useless stuff at the same time.“

Right at this time, a strange voice could be heard, “Please wait a bit, I have something to say.”

This sudden talk was initiated by Lin Xin, who had always been keeping his head lowered.

Slowly getting up, he used the sleeves of his garment to wipe off the saliva around his mouth before hanging down his dark green hair with his two hands, letting it come down on his back.
His steps sounded heavy, and his face appeared to be serious like never before, though carrying a bit of grief.

Everyone looked at him simultaneously; as he did this without any omen, no one knew what he was up to, only, looking at his face, it was definitely something important.

Lin Xin walked until he was in front of Li Xin, before finally stopping, but Long Haochen was the one he looked at.

“Lin Xin, what happened to you?” Long Haochen asked in a puzzled tone.

Lin Xin gave him a serious reply, “Before we head to the Transaction Center, I have something to say. It is very important, so I want you two captains to be my eyewitnesses.”

Long Haochen seemed to be moved, thinking of something without being certain of it. Only slightly nodding, he said, “I am listening.”

Lin Xin pursed up his lips, abruptly turning at Li Xin’s direction. His movement was fast, and his sharp eyes as well as his graceful dark green long hair looked fixedly at her, suddenly giving Li Xin a scare, even causing her to take a step back, unhappily reacting, “What kind of bad thing are you up to?”

Seeing Li Xin step back seemed to give Lin Xin courage. Violently stepping forward, he grabbed Li Xin’s hand, declaring with conviction and courage, “I have thought about it for long, and on the last few days of the mission, my emotions were constrained deeply. After coming back, I finally came to a decision. You have to take responsability for me, you have to!”

Li Xin had been truly shocked by his sudden serious and determined face. With so many people looking nearby, she wanted to free her hand from his grip, but Lin Xin’s grip was really tight.
“What are you doing? Release me! What the hell do you want me to take responsibility for?” Li Xin reacted filled with both shyness and distress

Lin Xin immediately opened his eyes wide, grieved and indignant, “What? You’re not admitting what you did afterwards?! But that was my first time! How can you act in such a way? Captains and comrades, I let you call the shots!!”

Having said this, he took a step forward, forcefully embracing Li Xin’s slender waist.

Li Xin was quite tall and imposing, and Lin Xin was only about the same height as her. If it was someone else, when prepared in advance, she would naturally not possibly have let him draw closer.

But on these days, a change seemed to have appeared in Li Xin’s heart, plus the fact that Lin Xin’s act was just too sudden. The word ‘shameless’ could already not be used to describe this guy anymore, seeing how he took profit of Li Xin’s confusion to suddenly hold her in his arms like this.

Everyone in the two Demon Hunt Squads was immediately shocked. Just what happened, what first time? Everyone felt extremely confused.

Only Long Haochen seemed to understand the situation, feeling torn between laughter and tears. Lin Xin seemed to have thought it up clearly, but this was just too excessive…

Li Xin’s sluggish state was in the end temporary, and her reaction was very fast. As a Retribution Knight, how could Lin Xin compare with her in terms of strength. Struggling to get her arms free, she pushed Lin Xin away, shouting with a face red of anger, “You… Nonsense! What about your first time, you are such an unfaithful skirt-chaser, how could that be a first? We should rather clearly call it MY first time.”

Li Xin’s attempt to defend herself immediately caused Long Haochen to cover his eyes with his own hands, Sis, putting it this way is…
Naturally, everyone was even more shocked and agreed by chance to draw back, leaving only these two in the center of the room.

Lin Xin was prepared long ago for Li Xin’s sudden counterattack, and immediately followed up like a snake, filled with energy, “Who said I am unfaithful? Do you have proof? I am a serious guy, who had a very strict education, way off from having ended up as a pimp. Then, since this is also your first, let me be the one take responsability. This should be okay right?”

“Okay? Who’d be okay with your sly ideas?” Embarrassed and furious, Li Xin kicked Lin Xin.

She didn’t use any technique or spiritual energy, only lifted her leg with an ordinary motion. If Lin Xin wanted to avoid it, that would have been possible, but Lin Xin suddenly turned back, using his own butt to parry this kick, before letting out a world-shaking miserable scream, directly falling on the sofa on the side.

“Ow, it really hurts.”

Li Xin just thought of giving this guy a good beating, but sensing the atmosphere in the villa, raised her head to look at everyone. Seeing their bewildered and shocked looks, she immediately blushed with the same red as her Rose Unicorn, “It’s not like you are imagining. I, we didn’t…”

At this time, Lin Xin crawled up from the sofa, devoid of the previous impulse that filled him, which was replaced by sincerity, “Hitting me is intimacy, and cursing is affection, which explains this sudden kick. Don’t worry, I can bear it.”

“Since you can bear it, let me just kill you!” Filled with embarrassment, Li Xin turned over her grip, and took out the heavy sword on her back, directly pointing it at Lin Xin.

Everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad seemed to have the same reaction, but were stopped with a gesture of Long Haochen.
Long Haochen understood his own big sister too well. She wouldn’t possibly really aim at injuring somebody in such circumstances. She wanted to see what Lin Xin was about to do. Instead of moving up Li Xin, his previous declaration clearly caused her to feel awkward! Long Haochen also understood Lin Xin pretty well; although this guy was usually arrogant and narcissistic, he was still pure deep inside, completely the opposite to what he looked like. Acting this way definitely took great courage from him.

Chapter 267

Lin Xin shut his both eyes, “Come then. If you reached this decision, then you should just kill me.”

“You…” Under the multitude of stares, Li Xin got extremely panicky and didn’t understand what she was feeling right at that moment, only finding this guy really hateful. How would she still be able to behave with integrity after this?

But could she really pull off that blow? She clearly couldn’t. Even without this ambiguity between the two of them, this wasn’t something she could possibly do.

Dang This sound came from her act of throwing down her sword, before turning around and planning to run to the exit.

Long Haochen hastened to stop her, “Sis…”

Li Xin sounded furious, “What? Even you want to bully me together with him?”

Long Haochen earnestly shook his head, “Of course not. You are my big sister, and although we aren’t blood-related, I will always regard you as a dear sister. I didn’t really understand what Lin Xin was speaking about either, but if after bullying you like this, he doesn’t give you an account, I will never let him off as your little brother that I am.”

Long Haochen’s spoken words were powerful and resonant, even carrying a bit of fury, or at least, it looked so on the surface. Hearing him
say that, Li Xin’s expression immediately eased up by a lot. Finally, someone else was on her side, standing up for her. And by chance, Long Haochen’s sincere look was not as unconvincing as ‘another person’’s expression.

Suddenly turning back, Li Xin’s eyes looked like it turned red, “Okay, I’m not leaving yet. Lin Xin, just tell me clearly what you mean.”

Lin Xin took a few steps forward, standing there and having a cramped sensation, “Li Xin, I’m sorry. I know that my previous show should have embarrassed you. But on the recent days, you have always been ignoring me. I really didn’t know how I could get you to listen to the words coming from the bottom of my heart, so now that we are in front of everyone else, I had to let out what I had in my heart.”

His current face wasn’t as unconvincing as before, and his current words seemed to be really sincere. As he said this, his face was clearly a bit flushed too, and he had a restless look, visibly stirred up emotionally.

Li Xin suddenly discovered that she didn’t dare look at him in the eyes, overdoing the motion of turning her head to his direction.

Lin Xin’s eyes were swept at all the others, “Let me make it clear first, you mustn’t misunderstand my relationship with Li Xin, everyone. It is not like you are probably imagining. Do you remember what happened on the Desolate Hissing Cavern’s side? This time, Li Xin reprimanded me for being unable to attack. You all know the rest, but what you don’t know is that Li Xin felt bad about what she did, and on the mountain where we had a rest after the battle, she wanted to compensate me. Then, she offered me her first kiss. I can swear by the heavens that this was also my first.

Lin Xin spoke very sincerely, to the extent that even if everyone wanted to laugh, they wouldn’t be able to bring themselves to do it. This time, she couldn’t refute anything, because this was just the truth, that didn’t add up the slightest superfluous detail.

“You should remember deeply your first time everyone, right? I am the same. Afterwards, a change seem to have happened inside of me. I
vaguely came to realize that I liked her, but just didn’t know what degree this ‘feeling of liking someone’ reached. I have been struggling with myself everyday because of this, but as the coward I am really, I didn’t have the guts to look for you to discuss it. I was afraid of being rejected, and didn’t dare be certain that these feelings I had were really love.. ”

As he said so, Lin Xin drew another two steps closer, closing the gap separating Li Xin from him to two meters. Lin Xin’s breathing was visibly becoming hurried, and his face looked extremely blushed.

This movement caused Li Xin to be mingled with embarrassment and distress, but similarly, as the instigator of the act, how could the pressure on him be any lower?

“We finally came back safely, so everyone should relax. After handing back the mission, our two Demon Hunt Squads will eventually split way. We have just shared a huge amount of contribution points, but although I felt excited from it, my chest still seemed to be filled with a heavy feeling. This suddenly caused me to realize that I couldn’t keep on feeling pain, longing, every time I looked at you. When I imagined being unable to see your face, I was just be filled with an indescriptible feeling of disappointment and frustration. Suddenly, I realized that I really…”

Stepping forward once again, he arrived in front of Li Xin. After lifting up his both hands, he grabbed her shoulder, looking at her in the eyes, and declared, “I really fell in love with you.”

Hearing him say this, Li Xin’s whole body shook completely. All left on her face was shyness, erasing any more traces of anger.

“I don’t want to keep enduring silently, because being secretly in love is just too painful. Since by expressing my feelings, I could at least have half a chance of success, I chose to do it now. It’s because some time later, our two Demon Hunt Squads will part way and run their own missions. By then, it will be a lot harder for me to look for you. Or perhaps, we won’t even come back from our next mission. I don’t want to possibly die while carrying such regrets.”
“I am really sorry for having inconvenienced you like this, but I am sincere. I really hope that you will give me a chance.” Saying these words, Lin Xin loosened his hold on Li Xin’s shoulders and held instead her hands, kneeling down before her.

Dense light elemental essence gathered in this instant, and a dazzling rose shining like a red gem was formed on his back.

Li Xin was completely flustered. At this time, her brain was completely blank. She was already twenty this year, an age at which an ordinary girl would already have gotten married, but she hadn’t have any experience with boys at all.

A few years ago, she came to like the same boy as her close friend, but this boy didn’t choose her in the end. At this very moment, Lin Xin was quite more powerful in comparison to that person, Li Xin seemed to have been traumatized from that time. Since these days, Lin Xin had been in a tangle, but how could it not be the same for her?

The part that moved her the most in Lin Xin’s speech was when he said that he didn’t want to face a possible death with such regrets left in him.

The others didn’t speak at all, stealthily leaving the villa under Long Haochen’s hints. Leaving completely the space to the two of them, they decided to let them have a private talk.

Lin Xin kneeled down, and although little flames were rising at his back, condensing into the shape of a fiery red rose, his hands were icy and incessantly sweating.

“I’m older than you.” After a long time of restraint, Li Xin suddenly said this.

Lin Xin replied in haste and eager, “No problem. A man will regard a woman less than three years older than him as a young lady, though if she’s more than five years older, he would regard her as a mother figure. You may be a little older than me, but it’s still not as much as five years right?”
Li Xin cursed at him with a smile, “Who’s your mother figure here!?
Fuck off!” As she said this, she pulled back Lin Xin’s hands.

Lin Xin was overjoyed, “You… So, you accept?”

Li Xin snorted, “I haven’t accepted!” As she said this, she shot a glance at the blazing red rose around him, “You don’t have the slightest good faith.” After saying this, she violently pushed Lin Xin back, turning around to the exit.

The flaming roses disappeared in the air, filled with a red light. Lin Xin was alarmed at first, but immediately clenched his fists, waving it with energy. Flinging back his hair, his next words were: “Success!”

Li Xin left from the villa’s entrance, obviously assailed by everyone’s look. Unhappy, she shouted in response, “What are you looking at?! Are you going to trouble me like this annoying guy? I’m going back to rest, go to the Transaction Center by yourselves please.” Having said this, she ran away at great speed.

Long Haochen gave Luc Xi an hesitating glance, murmuring, “Was this a success or not?”

Luc Xi chuckled in response, “It clearly went well! Trust me Captain Long, you clearly cannot be as experienced as me on this kind of matters.” Having said this much, as soon as he looked at Cai’er in Long Haochen’s arms, he naturally stopped speaking further.

It was at this time that Lin Xin left the villa. Seeing his happy, vigorous, and spirited face, everyone came to understand that these two had become pretty close to each other.

Sima Xian grabbed Lin Xin with envy, “Has-drug-bro, your treat!”

Han Yu pressed Lin Xin from the other side, “Should be a great meal!”

Lin Xin declared with a smile, “How about having a treat of big bro’s drugs instead?”
“Go to hell!”

Long Haochen gave Lin Xin a deep look, but didn’t say anything.
However, his look was already telling Lin Xin a lot.

“Go, let’s go to the Transaction Center. I have to buy gifts for Xin’er.”
Lin Xin advanced, shooting up forward like a meteor.

Chen Ying’er grimaced wryly, “Truly shameless! Did she even accept?
And you’re already calling her Xin’er, Xin’er like that.”

Lin Xin turned back, proudly replying, “How could she not accept? I have been extremely sincere. In the future, Xin’er will be a part of my life, even more important than my own life.”

Long Haochen passed through Lin Xin’s side, “Let’s go now, to the Business Center.”

The members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t say anything on this. To them, having Li Xin getting together with Lin Xin would be a good thing. After all, this would reinforce greatly the relationships between their two Demon Hunt Squads. Everyone clearly saw how Long Haochen’s group surpassed their 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad in strength, and from this mission, the relationship between both sides could be said to have reached a good level. In addition to the great benefits they had already gotten, if they were to cooperate again during future missions, the growth of their 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad would obviously accelerate.

The Demon Hunt Transaction Center wasn’t so bustling with noise. Although it had many things for sale, there weren’t a lot of merchants present. After all, there were only a little more than two hundred Demon Hunt Squads in the whole Temple Alliance, with a lot of them completing missions outside of the city, so only a few remained there. The ones that set up their stall there could only be other Demon Hunters, or people from the Transaction Center

Chapter 268

At this time, a group of thirty years-old-looking men and women stood at the entrance of the Demon Hunt Transaction Center, discussing together.

“Fifth brother, we are only missing ten thousand contribution points to advance from the general grade to the commander grade. With boss training in seclusion, we are for now unable to run missions to gain these. How about selling some equipment to try to gather these 10,000 points?” A slim middle-aged person clad in a wind-elemental magic robe asked.

The one he called fifth brother was a sturdy man, with a robust build. With his height over two meters, his broad shoulders and the martial attire he was clad in, his entire body’s muscles stretched taut, but surprisingly, only his eyes were very little.

His eyes were occasionally flashing bright.

“How could it be so easy? We are speaking about 10,000 contribution points! Boss told us that he would go train in seclusion, so what if he suddenly had a need for some equipment or medicine? Everyone is impatient to advance to the commander grade, but how much would we have to sell if we want to make such an amount? It will definitely weaken our strength. Even if we successfully advance to the commander rank, how would we complete missions with our strength weakened like this? Third brother, don’t come up with such rotten ideas.”

They were a total of three people, with a girl among their group. This girl was clad in a robe of summoner, smiling at what she heard, “It doesn’t mean we can absolutely not accomplish this. If we manage to advance to
the commander grade earlier, our strength will rise greatly. Out of the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads of five years ago, only six of us are left. The others have all already advanced to the commander grade, so we are the only ones left.”

The robust warrior they called third brother asked in a low voice, “Sixth sister, do you have a way?”

That girl’s appearance was average but she had a sharp look. In a low voice, she replied, “I have a way. Do you remember about what happened half a year after we became a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad? If not for that experience, how would we still not have advanced to the commander grade? We are not even lacking compared to the others.”

Her fifth brother unhappily replied, “Say no more about that bastard that swindled us, robbing us of all our hardly accumulated points. This was my fault for having been so impulsive. This experience even affected my mental, leaving a shadow behind me. Because of this, I’m still even now stuck in the bottleneck of the sixth step, unable to break through at all.”

“At that time, he swindled our Demon Hunt Squad, giving us a good lesson, and trampling on our integrity. When we complained to the Alliance, we hadn’t even gotten a single response. Since the Alliance doesn’t care, just let them be! Don’t tell me we cannot do the same!?”, said their sixth sister.

Their fifth brother’s eyes were lit, “Are you thinking of…”

The girl nodded and continued, “The new batch of Demon Hunt Squads should have already started completing mission. Maybe we will still have a chance. As long as we scrape enough contribution points, and if you try a little harder to break through to the sixth step, we will immediately be able to climb to the commander grade when boss gets back.”

The third brother wrinkled his brows, “This won’t do! We cannot show such a behavior: wouldn’t it be no different from what those guys did?”
The girl smiled in response, “Third brother, this is incorrect. It’s not necessarily a bad thing that we’ll be doing. After having experienced this tragedy, we were a lot more cautious when carrying out mission. You shouldn’t forget that the other Demon Hunt Squads that were split up because of casualties weren’t any lacking compared to us, but we were the ones who lived through. Thus, this experience was also a good thing for us.”

The fifth brother laughed and replied, “That’s right, sixth sister is not wrong. It’s a good deed we are doing by helping those newly formed Demon Hunt Squads to grow on the mental aspect. There’s just one thing sixth sister: where could we find newly formed Demon Hunt Squads?”

The girl stuck out her lips to another direction, telling in a low voice,
“Look, aren’t they coming this way?”

The fifth brother looked at the direction she pointed, and really saw a dozen people walking at the direction of the Transaction Center. Their age was already a proof of their identity; leading them were a boy and a girl that looked like they weren’t even twenty in age, and yet, that youth was holding the girl in his arms.

“Fifth brother, the time to make up for your previous mistake has come. Do to these newcomers the same as what they did to us at that time.”

A glint appeared in the fifth brother’s eyes, “Okay, I’m going. Just wait for my good news outta here.”

As he said this, the fifth brother walked forward with spirited and vigorous steps, in the direction of that dozen young boys and girls.

Their target was no one else but the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad.

Long Haochen was about to reach the Transaction Center with his group, when suddenly, a sturdy man appeared in their path.
“Younger brother, hello. You are newly formed Demon Hunt Squads right?” The fifth brother stopped Long Haochen, saying this with a smile.

Long Haochen unconsciously nodded. They had already advanced to the general grade, but it was still accurate to say that they were a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad.

The fifth brother declared with a smile, “Yes, as I thought. It’s like this, the Mission Tower’s side asked us to look for you, to assign you an internal mission exclusive to your Demon Hunt Squads.”

“Hello mister. We are coming back right from a mission, how could they already send us another mission?” Long Haochen asked with some doubts.

The fifth brother chuckled, “Don’t worry. It looks that you have run into quite big troubles during your last mission. Rest at ease, this mission isn’t any dangerous; it is an internal mission, which can be treated as a test for newly formed Demon Hunt Squads like yours.”

The two Demon Hunt Squads stopped over. They could only felt suspicious at hearing this five brother’s words. However, the Demon Hunt Transaction Center wasn’t a place anyone could go in. It was located in the same area as the Demon Hunt Squads’ villas, and its entrance was guarded by powerhouses. It wouldn’t be easy for people that don’t belong to Demon Hunt Squads to go in there.

As this fifth brother said this, he revealed the contribution point tile in his left arm, and said, “This is my contribution point tile. I am the warrior from the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad. They call me fifth brother, so you can call me by this name too.”

Seeing this contribution tile, the hesitations of Long Haochen’s group were greatly dissipated. Since the other party was a Demon Hunter, it was a fellow soldier, which naturally decreased their alert by far.

“Mister, has the Mission Tower assigned us with another mission?”
Long Haochen asked.
Fifth brother replied, “The mission is very simple. I am the object of your mission. In view of your exceptional performance in your last mission, the Mission Tower decided to give you an internal mission. This mission can be called a reward mission. If you can complete it, you will obtain a great reward of contribution points: it consists on staking your own contribution points as gamble and choose someone amongst you to challenge me. If you win, you will immediately earn ten times these contribution points.”

Hearing him, Long Haochen’s comrades were eager to give it a try; this was a ten times reward! And furthermore, they had a good confidence towards Long Haochen’s power.

But Long Haochen’s response wasn’t hurried, only politely asking, “Mister, we should be able to choose whether to accept this mission or not, shouldn’t we? Seeing that you are a member of the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad, how could juniors like us be a match for you? This mission simply doesn’t give us any chance at all.”

Seeing Long Haochen’s firm look, fifth brother felt greatly ashamed. But thinking about being able to raise to the commander grade of Demon Hunt Squad, he immediately threw off this guilty feeling, resolutely replying, “Rest at ease on that, the Mission Tower wouldn’t give you a mission you are totally unable to accomplish. Although I am a member of the eighth general grade Demon Hunt Squad, I am the weakest member of the team, only at the fifth step of cultivation. Since I haven’t broken through the sixth step of cultivation yet, you will have a chance, and furthermore, I will not use my weapon during this duel. Of course, you can choose not to accept this mission. Though, you have a single chance, so you won’t be able to take it again later.”

“Boss, go against him. He’s only at the fifth step, so we should still have a chance at it.” Lin Xin whispered in a low voice at Long Haochen’s ears.

Luc Xi remained calm and collected, as he stated, “Mister, can you give us a proof that you are at the fifth step of cultivation? And will you bring your stake?”
Fifth brother smiled to them, “Of course I will bring it. However, according to the rules of the mission, the contribution points you take out cannot be inferior to 1,000. If I win, this will be considered as my reward for the execution of the mission. But I can’t intervene for a too low stake either. During the duel, we can have the contribution points we gambled acknowledged to the side of the Alliance’s Great Stadium. Only then shall we start the match. You are really cautious, youngsters, are you afraid of me deceiving you or what?

Luc Xi revealed a smile, “Many thanks to you, mister. But we gained these contribution points with difficulty, so we are of course careful about it. Let us discuss it for a moment, before we decide on whether we accept this mission or not, is that be okay?”

Fifth brother nodded, “Of course it’s okay. I’ll be waiting for you there; you can look for me after thinking about it between yourselves.” As he said this, he turned around and walked to the other direction.

After fifth brother left, Lin Xin immediately told Long Haochen in excitement, “Boss, such a chance! It’s a ten time contribution point rewards! If we manage to beat him, we will have over a million contribution points in the end.”

Long Haochen unhappily replied, “Are you dreaming? How could meat pie rain from the sky? I felt that this mister ‘fifth brother’ was really suspicious: if this was a mission from the Mission Tower, it should have been given to us through a staff member. But he directly looked for us. And your thinking is not reasonable. He belongs to a general grade Demon Hunt Squad, so if they had a million contribution points, wouldn’t they have relied on it to get promoted to the commander grade, instead of giving us this mission?”

“Haochen, you are really clever. This guy has come to swindle us of our contribution points.” Luc Xi said with a grotesque smile on his face.

“Mh?” Long Haochen looked hesitatingly at Luc Xi.
Luc Xi declared in a low voice, “This is a method for veteran Demon Hunt Squads to bully newly formed ones, which the Alliance won’t care about. They pretend that it can strengthen newly formed Demon Hunt Squads’ vigilance. This trick isn’t really a clever one, but after a challenging mission, a tenfold reward is just too enticing to some of the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads that have just gotten to realize how precious contribution points could be. Thus, quite a few newly formed Demon Hunt Squads are taken in. One of my seniors is a Demon Hunt Squad member that also went through this.”

Lin Xin was dumbstruck, “Then it’s a swindler? Is he not afraid of us denouncing him?”

Luc Xi raised up his shoulders, “What use would there be to denounce him? The fifth step of cultivation isn’t something that one can fake, you know!?”

Chapter 269

Long Haochen was kind-hearted, but not inflexible. Since the other party wanted to bully their side, how could they leave it at that?

“I don’t have an absolute confidence because many variables have to be taken into account. Although the opponent is at the fifth step, he should be at the peak of the fifth step right now, and his combat experience won’t be inferior to ours.” Long Haochen stated calmly.

Wang Yuanyuan asked, “Captain, how much confidence do you have to win?”

When Long Haochen smiled, his sunlit smiling face caused Wang Yuanyuan to become blank, “I’d say 90%”

“90%?” Luc Xi stared at Long Haochen with wide eyes, “Haochen if I may ask, at which rank of the fifth step are you now?” The trust he originally had in Long Haochen actually stemmed from his powerful mount Haoyue as well as the Light Elemental Fairy.

Long Haochen looked at this fifth brother from afar, “Should be about the same as him.”

“The peak of the fifth step?” Luc Xi took a deep breath. Let alone him, everyone from the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad gave Long Haochen startled looks. At the time they took on the mission of Exploring the Desolate Hissing Cavern, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was still only a little more than 3,000, so there was quite a gap before reaching the
ninth rank of the fifth step. But after such a short time, he had already reached the peak of the fifth step? What sort of magic was that?

Sima Xian fiddled with his fingers, lowering his head towards Long Haochen’s ears, “Then what are you waiting for, boss? Since someone came to give us a gift, you should accept it. They cannot possibly have 1,000,000 contribution points, but since they managed to reach the level of a general grade Demon Hunt Squad, I estimate that they should have no less than 100,000 contribution points in store. We will just have to take out 10,000 contribution points, this way even if we lose it will be no big deal.”

“Losing what? Do you think our boss could lose? Since he came to swindle us, we will teach him a lesson.” Lin Xin said with a very fierce smile.

He was currently very excited, and his narcissistic side seemed to have gone rampant.

Long Haochen winked an eye, “Isn’t ten times a bit too much… How about it, Lin Xin, I’ll hand all my contribution points to you, and only keep 10,000 for now.”

As the one responsible for the whole team’s finances, the handling of contribution points was naturally under Lin Xin’s control as well. This guy was not only a money grubber, but a real miser, having a very good ability at haggling over prices. No one else was more suited than him to be called the team’s god of wealth.

Chen Ying’er revealed a little smile, “Captain, so you are following bad examples now…”

It was for the sake of the bet that Long Haochen wanted to keep only 10,000 contribution points.

Lin Xin winked at him, and after receiving thousands of contribution points, he had an excited and crafty look.
With large strides, Long Haochen headed towards the Transaction Center, immediately confronting this fifth brother.

He didn’t wear any special attire, and showed a puerile smile that would have a strong persuasiveness, which gave great self-confidence to the worried third brother and sixth sister who came up with such a bad idea. How high could the cultivation level of such young Demon Hunters probably be? Even if they were especially remarkable, they would at most have just broken through to the fifth step. And after having spent five years as a Demon Hunter, this fifth brother had already gone through the baptism of fire and water on countless occasions.

“Mister fifth brother, I am willing to accept this mission. Please tell me, how much contribution points do you think I should stake on it?” Long Haochen asked respectfully.

The fifth brother smiled, “Bet as many as you wish. It will depend on how many contribution points you have gathered.”

Long Haochen looked hesitant, “With the mission our team has just completed plus the contribution points we gained during the period of test, we should have about 10,000 contribution points. Can I stake all of them?” As he said this, he lowered his head with some embarrassment.

It was fortunate that the others didn’t follow Long Haochen over, otherwise, they would have had to greatly re-evaluate their opinion on Long Haochen. In contrast to his kindhearted character, he was clearly being dishonest now.

The fifth brother’s eyes lit up, but he looked a bit hesitant, glancing at his sixth sister standing next to him.

She nodded to him, with a little gesture.

The fifth brother immediately made up his resolve, declaring indignantly, “Okay, then let’s gamble for 10,000 contribution points. If you win, we will pay you ten times this amount. Please wait for me at the side of the Great Stadium. We will do this at the Warrior Stadium.”
Long Haochen shook his head, “I am uncomfortable with doing this at the Warrior Stadium. I’m more used to the Knight Stadium.”

The fifth brother started to laugh in spite of himself, “What? Are you afraid of me swindling you or what? Okay, we can do this at the Knight Stadium too.”

“Many thanks, senior.” Long Haochen saluted him once again, but at the time he turned around, his lips were involuntarily forming a smile.

Seeing his leaving figure, the third brother couldn’t help but say, “Fifth brother, I’m afraid this kid isn’t so simple. 10,000 contribution points is a huge amount for a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad. At this time, only losing 5,000 contribution points almost caused our whole team to fall apart. Since he dared to take out 10,000 contribution points, he surely has confidence in himself. Shouldn’t we first investigate which team he belongs to?”

His fifth brother proudly replied, “Third brother, you are really gutless. Don’t tell me his age could be faked? Sixth sister, come on.” Saying this, he extended his hand towards his sixth sister.

The girl raised her hand, from which appeared an exquisite sculpture releasing rich fluctuations of magical power. Without hesitation she handed it to him.

The fifth brother was more straightforward than the third, “With this thing, do you think I can still lose? Let’s go, third brother. We shall borrow some contribution points. Let’s gather those 100,000 contribution points and then go to the Knight Stadium.”

Long Haochen told his comrades about the arrangement, “Let’s go then.
We should head there first and wait for them to arrive.”

Lin Xin chuckled in joy, “Boss, you go first. I am heading with Captain Luc to the Transaction Center to take a look.”
Thinking that he wanted to buy a gift for Li Xin, Long Haochen agreed, leading the others to the Knight Stadium.

Lin Xin and Luc Xi looked at each other, and the two of them rapidly headed towards the Transaction Center. In few short moments, a rumor was spread on the first and the second floor of the center that someone from a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad challenged the fifth brother from the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad.

The origin of those news was quite obscure, but the Demon Hunters present on the first and the second floor quickly heard the news. And reportedly, they were intentionally spread by some people.

When Long Haochen arrived at the Knight Stadium, after explaining the situation to Cai’er on the way, the staff members looked at his arrival with bewildered glances. Still, the staff members naturally wouldn’t say anything since this was a matter between Demon Hunt Squads, which they couldn’t get involved with.

Han Yu said in a low voice, “Master, be very careful! The combat experience of those people is very high as they completed many missions as Demon Hunters. They surely aren’t weak in battle.”

Long Haochen nodded, “I know.”

Sima Xian leisurely remarked, “Hehe, old friend, don’t be nervous. Waiting for the contribution points to be handed to us is all we have to do is. After the profit we made this time, we will not have to take more missions for the time being, and can calmly wait for our vice-captain to recover.”

Sima Xian and Han Yu were the same on this regard, they were both delighted and sincerely willing to follow Long Haochen, regarding him as their boss. More than anything else, this was because of the the beneficial increase of their internal spiritual energy, which naturally accelerated their personal cultivation. This was something for which Sima Xian was extremely grateful to Long Haochen. In fact, to take him as his third retainer knight, Long Haochen took a great risk.
Sitting in the resting area, Long Haochen calmly waited. However, for a while, the fifth brother didn’t come, but many people unrelated to the duel filled the stands. They were mostly youths, and at most middle-aged people. After entering the stadium, they looked for a seat, as if waiting for a show to begin. Among them, Long Haochen saw a few familiar faces, like the members of Yang Wenzhao’s second soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, or Duan Yi’s third soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, all of whom were present.

Those two captains directly went to sit beside Long Haochen.

“Brother Long, I see that you made quite some noise this time.” Yang Wenzhao glanced at the nearby Chen Ying’er, revealing a helpless expression as he spoke in a low voice.

Long Haochen naturally knew what he was referring to, straightening his shoulders he said, “Such a mistake from the Mission Tower doesn’t only involve our team.”

Yang Wenzhao took a long breath before nodding, “The Alliance still handled this matter promptly. Otherwise, it would certainly have caused dissatisfaction among all the Demon Hunt Squads. Tell me, why did you go after this 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad? This is clearly a trap from experienced people aiming to swindle newcomers like us out of our contribution points. We have previously run into the same kind of seniors, but I refused their proposition. Do you feel confident?”

Long Haochen smiled at him, “I am not absolutely confident, but we newcomers aren’t so easy to bully. Even if we don’t win, it’s no problem since this is a rate of one to ten. It was a low amount of contribution points that I betted.”

Yang Wenzhao confidently replied, “Then it’s good. Just treat it as a sparring match. Still, it’s really good to have you as fellow soldiers. I am supporting you, at the betting stands. I have already placed a bet of a hundred contribution points on you.”

“Betting stands? What do you mean by betting stands?” Long Haochen hesitantly asked.

Yang Wenzhao had a surprised reaction, “Isn’t this stand opened by you guys? It’s Lin Xin! And he was with the captain of the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, Luc Xi. That’s right, how is it that Lin Xin was together with Luc Xi? The betting stands they opened were really large, but if you lose, I’m afraid it will cost you a considerable amount of contribution points.”

Long Haochen didn’t know whether to laugh or to cry when hearing that, “What a money grubber! And I had been wondering why he ran off to the Transaction Center… Was he the one who notified you? ”

Yang Wenzhao chuckled, “Not only did he notify us, but he also told us to spread the news that those veterans were bullying newcomers. And that after this, even if we don’t file a complaint to the Alliance, the other teams of our generation should receive the information to prevent anyone else from being duped again. Rest at ease, Lin Xin is very crafty and opened the stakes at one against thirty. That’s to say, if you lose, it’s just a thirtieth part. Thus, you shouldn’t have too much to compensate.”

Chapter 270

Long Haochen had a calm and collected reaction, “How many people participated in this betting?”

Yang Wenzhao replied, “A lot. Very few were optimistic on your ability to win against veterans like the 8th general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s members. This fifth brother should have gone out to borrow some contribution points. I estimate that he will be back soon. Just how many contribution points did you bet? How is it that he needed to go borrow some?”

Long Haochen revealed a smile, “10,000 contribution points.”

“What?” It was not only Yang Wenzhao; even Duan Yi on the other side couldn’t help but cry out in alarm.

“You’re crazy! Don’t you know how much energy we would have to put in to gain 10,000 contribution points. You have not only to think about yourself but also about your comrades’ opinions.”

Yang Wenzhao’s words were closer to a rebuke than a piece of advice.

“Is the pressure on our captain something you are involved in? This was something we were willing to do, and we aren’t afraid of the loss.” Chen Ying’er’s dismissive and aggressive voice sounded.

Looking at her, Yang Wenzhao had a serious tone, “Chen Ying’er, this is business between Brother Long and myself.”
Chen Ying’er did a sudden grimace, “Business? Seeing your expression, I’m sure you’re just pressuring him because of the hundred contribution points you betted. And you still have the nerve to come at us.”

Seeing that Yang Wenzhao’s expression was quite ugly, Long Haochen gave Chen Ying’er a glance, “Rest at ease, Brother Yang. Since I dared to bet this much, I have absolute confidence in myself.”

On the other side, Duan Yi suddenly stood up, turned his head and looked quite thoughtful.

Yang Wenzhao felt hesitant, “Brother Duan, where are you going? I estimate that this fifth brother should come soon. We should put up a strong front to support and applaud Haochen right now.”

Duan Yi gave him a glance, “I’m going to increase my bet on Haochen.” Having said this, he rapidly headed to the exit.

After a short time of surprise, Yang Wenzhao immediately reacted, sending a glance in Long Haochen’s direction before standing up as well, and heading to the exit. He even walked a lot faster than Duan Yi.

Being a smart person, how could he not come to the same realization as Duan Yi? Who was Long Haochen? He was the one that surpassed the two of them during the Demon Hunt Selection Competition, as well as the team competition that followed, leading the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad to their final victory. Would he do something like this if he wasn’t confident? Daring to bet 10,000 contribution points, what did it imply?

And the odds were one against thirty! If Long Haochen won…

The Knight Stadium was becoming more and more crowded and by now, at least fifty people had rushed in. And all the people that came in were exclusively Demon Hunters.

On the eighth Demon Hunt Squad’s side, third brother, fifth brother and sixth sister arrived together. They were not surprised to learn that people
were betting on this duel. Since they were going to profit from it, they could just as well share a bit of this profit with others.

Lin Xin and Luc Xi came right behind them, standing side by side next to Long Haochen. Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi were following behind, wearing ugly expressions.

“Did you start a betting stand?” Long Haochen’s ardent gaze was directed at Lin Xin.

Lin Xin chuckled, “Don’t worry boss, I know what I am doing. Anyway, the whole amount of everyone’s bet was restricted to at most 10,000 contribution points.”

Long Haochen’s expression finally relaxed. If they had collected too much money in the betting pool, their Demon Hunt Squad could very possibly lose a family’s fortune. And afterwards, they couldn’t possibly stay low key. It would never be a good for a weak party to make too many enemies at once.

“Haochen, you should control this little Lin Xin better. It’s so unfair; when we came to raise our bet, he actually didn’t accept!” Yang Wenzhao’s unhappy voice was heard.

Because Lin Xin and Luc Xi were seated at the nearest seats to Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi could only go sit a little further away.

Lin Xin put on a wronged face, “It’s not that I don’t want to accept, but that you came late. You only arrived after our betting stand was closed. I couldn’t do anything about it. Right, brother Luc?”

Luc Xi, who seemed to have suddenly gotten familiar with Lin Xin over this little period of time, nodded in response, “That’s just the way it is. We cannot do anything about it. We would need to look for the Transaction Center’s staff members to make sure if this betting stand was fair, and we don’t have the time for this. Please come earlier next time, sirs.”
Long Haochen and Lin Xin looked at each other face to face, giving off perturbed looks.

Lin Xin wore a despising expression, telling him in a low voice, “Those two have certainly betted a hundred contribution point on us, but each of them has also betted 10,000 contribution points on this fifth brother. And now, they want to go back on the deal? They should better have thought it through earlier.”

Long Haochen just remained silent. Other people’s contribution points really weren’t worth worrying about.

Thinking of it, he patted Cai’er’s little hand, before she nodded in response. Then, he stood up, advancing towards the stadium’s entrance. Without any need for him to do anything, the staff member of the Knight Stadium had already invited a Temple Knight of the seventh step to make sure this match would be fair. Of course, this wasn’t done for free. Five hundred contribution points had to be paid to this Temple Knight coming from a Demon Hunt Squad, and this amount would be paid out of the winner’s pockets.

The fifth brother also entered the stadium, wearing an indifferent face, giving a look to Long Haochen who had already changed into his Holy Spirit Armour. He clearly still felt a bit ashamed. Letting a smile appear on his face, he said, “Little brother, you can still think this through. Even now it isn’t too late if you want to lessen the amount of contribution points you staked.”

Long Haochen shook his head, “There’s no need. Since I came here, I will fight with my full strength.”

Looking at Long Haochen, the expression on the face of this Temple Knight of the seventh step suddenly became shocked, but it rapidly returned to normal. Nodding to the two of them, he declared, “All good. Please hand over the contribution of your bet to me.”

The two of them transferred their contribution points.
The Temple Knight declared, “This is just a friendly match, so in case a party concedes or loses the ability to fight, the opponent is not allowed to keep attacking, let alone killing the other party. If I decide that one of you cannot bear the opponent’s attack, I will stop the match. Seeing so many Demon Hunters watching this match, I believe that what they want to see is a fair match.”

Long Haochen’s hand lit up, and his Holy Spirit Sword appeared. He raised it above his left shoulder, before he performed a standard knight salute to this Temple Knight.

The fifth brother also remembered to salute the Temple Knight, and at his signal, the two parties started to put some distance between them.

“Start!” The Temple Knight shouted loudly.

Long Haochen didn’t take out another weapon, only grasping the Holy Spirit Sword in his hand. Performing a knight salute, he immediately launched a charge in the fifth brother’s direction.

The fifth brother was also clad in heavy armor, which was visibly a lot thicker than Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Armor. Although it was only a magical equipment, its defensive power was visibly a lot stronger.

In his hands was a pair of battle-axes. The opponent turned out to be a dual-axe-wielding warrior.

The fifth brother’s axes were enormous, looking almost like half-wheels. With its upper part covered in an eerie light, it was imbued with magic fluctuations. In the axe’s head, a round green gem was inlaid.

Facing Long Haochen’s charge, the fifth brother laughed out loud, equally advancing with big strides to welcome him. His build was extremely sturdy, and with the addition of his heavy armor, he looked just like an impenetrable wall. Compared to him, Long Haochen visibly looked too weak.
Seeing that the two of them were about to collide, the fifth brother swung the axe in his left hand above his head, launching a chop at Long Haochen. He didn’t attack with the axe in his right hand yet, keeping it near his body.

Facing such a force, contained in this axe imbued with powerful spiritual energy, Long Haochen immediately came to a stop. Parrying with his Holy Spirit Sword, he used a standard defensive posture.

With a loud clang sound, golden light glinted, and Long Haochen didn’t move from his position. The fifth brother’s axe was repelled, and at that time, Long Haochen launched a lightning-like stab with the Holy Spirit Sword in his right hand, transforming one movement into multiple sword blows. This was Lightning Thrust.

Long Haochen was just battling with a single sword, causing the fifth brother to feel hesitant to tell whether he was a Guardian Knight or a Retribution Knight. Divine Obstruction was a Guardian Knight ability, whereas Lightning Thrust was used by Retribution Knights.

Divine Obstruction? Those words immediately resounded in the fifth brother’s mind. Consequently becoming more cautious, he rapidly waved the axe in his right hand, brandishing it forward and blocked the launched Lightning Thrust.

However, Long Haochen’s Lightning Thrust was truly too fast. His opponent was unable to block it completely, and at least five to six hits landed on that thick armor, causing repeated metallic sounds. And five or six dents were left on the armor.

Although Long Haochen’s blow didn’t make use of any other ability, it carried Bright Vengeance, naturally raising its power significantly.

The fifth brother rapidly drew two steps back, waving his pair of axes before himself. Intense fluctuations of spiritual energy accompanied this movement, enabling it to block Long Haochen’s series of attacks.

By now, his evaluation of Long Haochen had greatly risen, and all his contemptuous behaviour had vanished.
This was a Guardian Knight able to use both Divine Obstruction and Lightning Thrust. And based on his offensive power, he could tell that Long Haochen was truly a knight at the fifth step. But how old could he be? Still, it looked as if in this battle, he would really have to go all out.

Two consecutive sword blows were launched, charged with golden Light Thorns, blocking the fifth brothers axes. Long Haochen drew closer once again, launching Assault!

The fifth brother shouted furiously, moved sideways to gain momentum, and swiftly stroke in Long Haochen’s direction with both of his two axes. Having tested the opponent previously he didn’t hold back in the slightest with this attack. An ardent green spiritual energy rushed forth from his body, and the pair of axes broke out with bright light, seemingly becoming especially penetrating. The powerful fluctuation of spiritual energy seemed to be accompanied with a tornado, violently surging up in Long Haochen’s direction.

Among warriors, axe-wielders were categorized in the same category as Berserk Warriors. Completely focusing on attack, they were the same as Retribution Knights. It’s just that they didn’t have a mount. Also, while knights’ attribute was light, it wasn’t necessarily the case for warriors, whose element of predilection was variable.

In the middle of Assault, Long Haochen suddenly jumped a meter high into the air. This motion was so sudden that even the fifth brother’s dual axes couldn’t completely lock him up. Moving at great speed, Long Haochen was already behind the fifth brother, and not only avoided his strikes, but also gave himself an opportunity for counterattack.

Haochen attacked with Lightning Thrust. Using Lightning Thrust again, he was however stopped this time.

A strong green-colored spiritual energy resisted him. With several splashing ripples of spiritual energy, his Lightning Thrust was unable to reach the fifth brother’s waist. Suddenly, he seemed to turn into a green tornado, striking in Long Haochen’s direction. It was Tornado Strike!
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