Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 241-250

Chapter 241

Feeling the abundant spiritual energy in constant improvement, Long Haochen jumped once again, descending at high speed.

The cavern was pitch-black, and sinister enough to make anyone feel cowardly, but with the illumination of his own body, Long Haochen looked extremely calm. This time the rest of the descent didn’t last for so long, and a mere minute later, a dusky gloss caught his attention: he was finally seeing the bottom of the pit.

There, the wide pit suddenly shrank, and as long Haochen landed firmly on the ground, he could faintly see a gray luster ahead.

Despite this grey radiance being mild, it was very eye-catching in this pitch-black cavern.

Shield in left hand and sword in right hand, putting the entire Holy Spirit Set in use, Long Haochen very carefully launched a Holy Sword technique once again making use of the Ripples of Light, aiming in the direction of the grey gloss.

“Wu… Wu…” An uninterrupted low-pitched sound could be heard, sounding just like the rehearsal of the Desolate Hissing Cavern’s hissing sounds.

About three hundred meters forward, the grey became more distinct, changing into a curve and suddenly looking richer and more powerful. It was to the extent that the sudden ash grey color that could finally be seen seemed to look gaudy for Long Haochen’s eyes. However, at the next
moment, he couldn’t help but be shocked, taking a step back almost unconsciously, and raising his shield, taking a standard defensive Guardian Knight posture.

This scene was truly shocking; no matter how many guesses Long Haochen could possibly have had about this Desolate Hissing Cavern, they were all far off from reality.

Standing a hundred meters in front of him was an extremely wide space, forming an enormous conical cave. The cave’s stone wall were just as mirrors, reflecting the grey radiance which gave a sentiment of death stillness, an illusory feeling. The ceiling was at a height of over 150 meters, and standing there, Long Haochen appeared like nothing more but a tiny insect.

And this wasn’t the most shocking thing. What even Long Haochen found unconceivable was that, three thousand meters under ground, stood a tower.

That’s right, it was a tower, a seven floored tower, which had a height of over a hundred meters. Simple and unadorned, it gave off a grey luster, filling the ash grey tower’s surroundings with terrifying fluctuations of spiritual energy.

This tower was located at the middle of that conical cave, occupying the overwhelming majority of its space. Grey fog was continuously released from that tower, and those formidable fluctuations of spiritual energy were even enough to cause Long Haochen, the Scion of Light, to shiver from the depths of his heart.

A formidable and terrible existence, this was the first impression this tower gave him.

Around that tower were countless ash-grey-colored lusters, revolving around, just like fireflies that pointed to the tower’s direction, densely packed and attaching themselves at the numerous ash-grey lights outside of the tower.
At this very moment, the violent hissing sounds suddenly rang, and this ash-grey particles seemed to agitate, scattering in all directions.

The terrifying sound waves were at least three times more powerful than the last time Long Haochen heard them, and instantly caused the Holy Mantle surrounding him to collapse, giving him no choice but to immediately erect another one, putting all his strength in increasing the frequency of the Ripples of Light.

Even so, the Holy Mantle Long Haochen released still crumbled at an astonishing speed.

By chance, Holy Mantle was a spell of the third step, so Long Haochen released one Holy Mantle after another, barely managing to maintain his shield against these terrible hissing sounds.

An alarmed look instantly appeared on his face, because he discovered to his astonishment that the lumps of ash-gray radiances were unexpectedly filled with intense soul waves, and these terrible hissing sounds were actually howling coming from their ‘soul’.

What kind of existence can they possibly be? What is this tower?

Long Haochen was filled with questions, but at the same time, he didn’t dare ponder over it, only focusing his mental capacity on resisting these unprecedentedly powerful sound waves. Long Haochen could say with certainty that if not for his previous understanding of the Ripples of Light, he wouldn’t have lasted for more than a minute here, before being ripped apart by the terrible sound waves. In normal circumstances, resisting these terrible hissing sounds would be something only a powerhouse of the seventh step could possibly accomplish.

This time’s series of hissing sound felt particularly long to Long Haochen, and as it finally stopped, and Long Haochen discovered to his astonishment that over half of his spiritual energy had been already depleted.
As a Demon Hunt Squad Captain, Long Haochen’s first conclusion was that this mission wasn’t something their two Demon Hunt Squads could possibly complete.

Exploring the Desolate Hissing Cavern naturally included this mysterious tower. But with his cultivation level, could he possibly manage this exploration?

Setting up a tower in the depths of this underground, what kind of existence could possibly accomplish that feat? Even if it wasn’t an entity such as the Demon God Emperor, at least it would be a powerhouse of the ninth step.

It was simply unthinkable to let his teammates come there. Among the twelve others, no one other than Cai’er could possibly resist the terrible sound waves coming along with the hissing sounds.

Should I retreat at this point? Long Haochen was truly unwilling: after putting so much efforts before arriving there, would he simply withdraw like that? No, anyhow, I might as well take a look at that tower

Taking a deep breath, Long Haochen transferred his energy into the Saint Spiritual Stove to recover spiritual energy as he focused on sensing the blood link between Haoyue and himself.

The link between them was just as close as before, without a doubt. That’s right, even in that other world Haoyue came from, I could still join him through our blood link. But now, it’s a mere physical distance that is separating us.

At the time Long Haochen raised his head once again, he discovered that the soul energy was completely disseminated in the entire empty space, slowly heading to the direction of the tower.

From the look of it, they were planning to join up at this tower’s level, just like before. Then, the hissing sounds would appear one again, and this cycle would continue endlessly.
Taking his chance, Long Haochen took a few steps forward, completely unable to be certain of whether these ash grey souls would try to act against him, which is why he had to be careful.

But as he feared it, that was the case.

At the time Long Haochen took a first step to this conical cave’s direction, a dozen of neighbouring lights of soul energy discovered his presence, and frantically threw themselves at him with no hesitation.

At a close distance, Long Haochen could clearly see that those ash-grey colored light of soul energy all had malevolent appearances. Although it was nothing more but condensed soul energy, it still appeared very fierce- looking.

The first of them fiercely charged at the Holy Mantle that Long Haochen had already prepared as an answer to the attack. The lights of soul energy were an entity formed of energy, specters filled with deathly aura, and thus light attribute had to some extent a restricting effect against them, which is why he confronted them without worries.

However, in the instant the specters hit the Holy Mantle, Long Haochen was greatly shocked.


The Holy Mantle was instantly broken, and Long Haochen felt as if his brain had been struck by a hammer, as a terrifying energy permeated with death and coldness unexpectedly directly hit his soul, just as if trying to forcibly take possession of his body. This evil and ice-cold soul energy was exceptionally formidable, to the extent that the moment it pounded against Long Haochen, his mind became blank for a short time. Even the Light Elemental Fairy Yating in Long Haochen’s body was firmly suppressed. When confronting these formidable Specters, she could only tremble in response.

His mind completely blank, Long Haochen didn’t have the ability to communicate with Haoyue: these specters’ power was truly too terrifying.
He had only been confronted to a very little portion of the hundreds of specters, but even such an unremarkable number of very small ones had caused Long Haochen to even lose all opportunity to escape.

In this very critical situation, a purple glow shone in Long Haochen’s eye as nine purple colored lights appeared on his forehead.

In a flash, purple ripples came out from Long Haochen’s body, and all the specters, regardless of whether it was the ones already sticked on Long Haochen or the ones on their ways to join them, let out a mournful cry under the pressure of the purple light, immediately fleeing at high speed.

The purple glow shot in front of Long Haochen, and Haoyue’s enormous figure appeared floating in the air, guarding Long Haochen’s back. A dense purple color spread in front of him and all around without stopping, and Little Light, Little Flame as well as Little Green’s six eyes turned into a purple color.

ly, the incomparably strong Specters which even caused Long Haochen to be unable to block, were unexpectedly in a state of total fear when confronting Haoyue. Under this melody of hissing sounds, they escaped in succession, and even the more distant group of specters didn’t dare approach.

This wasn’t the first time Long Haochen got to see this purple glow surrounding Haoyue, but now was clearly the first time it was so dazzling.

It was soul strength, or more precisely the strength coming out from Haoyue’s soul. Seeing that these specters didn’t dare advance, Long Haochen couldn’t help but loosen his breath. Just then, he really felt as if the control his own body was being forcibly taken away.

Haoyue and Long Haochen’s minds were connected, and having gotten his instructions, Long Haochen’s body disappeared in a flash, jumping on Haoyue’s back. With him by his side, Long Haochen immediately felt at great ease.
“Haoyue, let’s head back.” Long Haochen gave that enormous ash-grey tower an unwilling look as he said so.

Haoyue turned his three heads at Long Haochen’s direction, and the latter discovered surprisingly that the purple color in their eyes was actually glinting with excitement.

Shaking his three heads simultaneously, Haoyue transmitted his thoughts, telling Long Haochen that this place would temporarily be safe, and although danger would still exist inside of the tower, it won’t directly fall upon them and would be something they would be able to temporarily deal with. Then, he suggested Long Haochen to enter in the tower to take a look at its first floor.

Chapter 242

Although Long Haochen was still hesitating, Haoyue’s suggestion immediately rose the flames of desire in his heart. At least for the moment, Haoyue was able to suppress the specters residing around the outside of the tower. Just taking a glance at the situation of this tower shouldn’t be too dangerous right?

“Alright, let’s take a look then.”

“Hou, hou, hou.” Three bellows were simultaneously produced from Haoyue’s three heads, and charging at a great speed, he carried Long Haochen toward the direction of the tower.

As the radiance released from Haoyue’s soul approached them, the great amount of specters in his path scattered, and not a single one dared come into contact. Haoyue held his head high, swiping his glance all around without restraint. The distance of a several hundred meters was covered in a split second with Haoyue’s charge. The entrance of the tower could not be seen at all from the place where Long Haochen was previously standing, but as they ran to its base, a three meters high gate appeared in front of the man and the beast.

Seeing that gate, the first impression Long Haochen had was that it was a construction built by humans.

The gate was ash-gray in color and wasn’t decorated in any carving or design, so it couldn’t be related to the higher elven tribes, and furthermore, on the upper part of the gate were words written on a wide stone.
These words were written in a language that was very similar to the current human tongue, only, the structure of the letters was more complex. Nevertheless, Long Haochen managed to vaguely recognize them. The words written on it were ‘Eternal Rest’.

Although this gate was simple and not very tall, while standing in front of it, its imposing presence directly assaulted their senses.

Haoyue’s six eyes let out a dazzling brilliance. Advancing to the side, he didn’t head to the gate’s location but instead, ran to its side. Little Green opened his mouth wide, letting out a powerful tornado that pushed the gate open before charging at it to open it completely.

“Pop.” The gate opened quite easily: against all expectation, this mere gust of wind was enough to open it noiselessly.

However, in the instant it opened, a rich dark-grey-colored aura spread in the air, covering the entire room with an extremely pure energy; it was an energy that no living creature would be willing to come into contact, one that carried the essence of death.

As if they saw a most terrifying existence, the surrounding specters frantically scattered in all direction, and the hissing sounds that were not supposed to break out at this timing suddenly erupted.

Long Haochen made haste to release a Holy Mantle, enveloping Haoyue and himself inside, and putting his whole strength into resisting the sound waves carried by the terrible hissing sounds.

The dark-grey aura spread to the outside of the tower, rapidly dispersing in the air. Out of the dozens of surrounding specters that were nearest to the tower, the slowest ones were engulfed by it, immediately turning into nothingness as they left grey ashes on the ground. Clearly, that pure aura of death was something these specters absolutely could not resist. The aura of this tower in itself had an enticing power they were unable to resist.

As Long Haochen’s brain was working at a high speed in analyzing the situation of the surroundings, Haoyue already resumed moving, and in a
flash, he entered the tower.

An eerie scene happened: in the instant Haoyue stepped into the tower, the hissing sounds outside unexpectedly came to an end and stopped hindering Long Haochen. However, what followed was an indescribable scene, causing Long Haochen to feel a deathly stillness down to his pores.

A large hall appeared before his eyes, but it didn’t carry the dark image he expected. The hall that appeared in his view was entirely ash-gray- colored and was far wider than what the tower seemed to look like from the outside.

In all directions, large pillars were supporting a thirty meters high dome, and many ash-gray-colored lights had appeared before their views, twisting in the air, and Long Haochen was unable to clearly see in front of him because of this colorful background. On the sides, eighty-four pillars stood erect in a straight line, whereas in front of them was an indistinct something.

The purple soul energy surrounding Haoyue’s body vanished rapidly and he slowly stepped forward. It was clear that he was extremely cautious..

Long Haochen firmly held his Holy Spirit Sword, which was a bit drenched in sweat. After entering in this world filled with a deathly atmosphere, he felt great changes in his body. First, the recovery of the spiritual energy in his body had unexpectedly increased severalfold compared to the time they were outside of the tower. That was to say, the elemental energy in this tower was a lot richer than outside. And strangely, the Light Elemental Fairy Yating didn’t dare to come out of Long Haochen’s body, as if this place contained an extremely dangerous existence…

“Welcome to the ‘Eternal Rest’.”

Just as Long Haochen was examining the tower, an aged voice suddenly rang in the empty space of the tower.
Long Haochen instantly shivered in surprise, and Haoyue suddenly stopped advancing.

The voice was transmitting from all direction, “The fact that you managed to reach my Tower of Eternity is proof that you are an outstanding necromancer with a strength at the sixth step or above. Kid, you are very lucky to have made it into my world of deathly arts.

The Tower of Eternity is the crystallization of the knowledge I gathered throughout my thousand years of life. As long as you can keep going forward, passing one test after another, and finally reach the top, you will inherit my legacy, and the deathly arts will once again arise in this world, granting death to the hypocrites of the Radiant Church.

Step forward, brave man, my child. You are the first necromancer to have ever stepped into the Tower of Eternity, and also my only successor. You will have to face trials and dangers, but your life won’t be threatened. Of course, this is on the premise that you manage to pass my first trial, otherwise, I will consider that you don’t have the qualifications to carry on my legacy. As long as you pass this trial, this route will be wide open to you, and I will guard you by your side forever, until the time you finally manage to reach my side that is.

Everything you have just heard was the last recording I left before my death. When you leave, the ‘Eternal Rest’ as well as all the legacy I left behind will be closed to everyone, and only with my keepsake will you be able to enter again. I will be in the tower, waiting for your arrival, for when you will be ready to learn the Saint Deathly Magic Arts and become the disciple of this Slumbering Calamity, Elux.”

Outside of the Desolate Hissing Cavern.

Having watched Haoyue’s disappearance helplessly, the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads couldn’t help but be in a state of panic.

Li Xin declared, astounded, “How is it that Haochen didn’t come back, but it was instead Haoyue that disappeared?”, voicing out the concern everyone had.
Ever since they entered in the demon territory, Long Haochen was the entire team’s pillar and currently, the group wasn’t in good shape. After Haoyue disappeared, these youths from the Temple Alliance’s elite younger generation were panic-stricken.

Lin Xin tightened his eyebrows, “Haochen said that he would be able to teleport back at Haoyue’s side in times of danger, but now, if Haoyue was the one teleported, there can be only one explanation. That is he encountered some danger, and it was danger that didn’t even allow him to have the time to teleport back.

This won’t do, we have to immediately go rescue Captain.” As he said so, he planned on heading in the direction of the cavern. It wasn’t only him, but Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian had the same reaction.

But at this time, a figure appeared, blocking the entrance of the cave.

“Don’t lose your head. None of you shall go.” Cai’er’s cold voice sounded out, causing everyone else to look blank.

If this action was from someone else, they would probably get beaten from the members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad immediately, but if this person was Cai’er, the situation was completely different. Who was Cai’er? She was simply the closest person to Long Haochen! If Long Haochen met with danger, how could she not feel anxious?

Cai’er coldly glanced at the panicked group, calmly declaring, “From now onwards, I will temporarily take over Haochen’s role of captain. Before he returns, everything shall be done accordingly to my orders. Any objection?”

Luc Xi reacted sternly, “Cai’er, now is not the time to argue about who will command, but about Haochen’s safety. Don’t tell me we shouldn’t head out to save him?” During their journey, he had been in total admiration for Long Haochen, and he also knew clearly that if there was one person in the team that could lead everyone back safe and sound, that person was Long Haochen.
Cai’er coldly swept her glance over him, “Seeing that I’m not panicking, what are you panicking for? Haochen and Haoyue share a blood contract, and this contract makes the two of them the same as one. Even if Haochen lost the ability to come back, in the case he felt that Long Haochen was in a dangerous situation, Haoyue would have been able to teleport him back from his end. But Haoyue didn’t do that, and instead chose to teleport to him. Do you know what that means? It means that Haoyue believed that the danger Haochen was put in was something in his scope of control, that he was enough to help him handle it.

More importantly, the fact that the hissing sounds suddenly became irregular only a few hours after Haochen entered, implies that he already arrived in the core region of the Desolate Hissing Cavern. If he took such a long time to manage this, how long do you think we’d need to join his side? If something happened to any of us on the way, won’t the situation become even worse when he comes back? What we should do now is to calm ourselves, not to head out in disorder. Therefore, let’s keep resting here, until he gets back. Since he’s our captain, we should trust him and believe that he will be able to come back safe and sound no matter what.”

It could be said that this explanation from Cai’er immediately calmed down the whole team.

Until now, Long Haochen had been the whole team’s dominant figure, the brain as well as the core of the team. At the moment that he wasn’t there, Cai’er spoke up as the one who understood him the most. Though, she appeared even more imposing and intimidating than Long Haochen. Her cold voice gave her words an image of absolute confidence.

As top-rate talents, Long Haochen and Cai’er both had an inherent commanding stature. It was only that Cai’er had willingly chosen to serve as a prop for Long Haochen that she went unnoticed.

Luc Xi immediately looked at Sima Xian, revealing heartfelt admiration. At this time, his only thought was that it would have been great if the priest who belonged to this team with two pillars was him.

Chapter 243


Hearing this word, Long Haochen felt incomparably shaken from the depths of his heart. This vocation hadn’t appeared in the whole continent over the past ten thousand years!

Hearing this word immediately called to his mind a palpitating story his father told him about before.

13,000 years ago, during the antique glorious era, happened the 7,000 most rapid period of development of humanity’s history. It was precisely those 7,000 years that established their position as rulers of Shengmo Dalu. At this time, humans had three countries, all of which were incomparably powerful, and even surpassed the current Temple Alliance, possessing countless powerhouses.

However, why is it that 7,000 years ago, the seventy-two demon gods descended and caused humans to be unable to resist them, narrowly exterminating them completely, and causing the beginning of the so called dark era?

Long Xingyu told Long Haochen that it was because a calamity had befallen during the glorious era, and that the main culprits for this calamity were precisely the necromancers.

This calamity led to a huge loss of strength on the side of the three great empires, even causing innombrable powerhouses’ bloodline to be lost, leading to an insufficiency in power on the human side. It was after their
decline and the creation of the Temple Alliance, that the situation was gradually stabilized.

That calamity happened several tens of thousands years ago, and pictured necromancers as a vocation that had dealings with death. They were not darkness element mage, but mages with powerful abilities enabling them to form a connection with departed spirits. And at that time, outside of the three great empires, the human world had a fourth power named as the Brilliant Church, as mentioned priorly.

The three empires ruled over humans, whereas the Brilliant Church ruled over powerhouses. That was to say, the overwhelming majority of human powerhouses obeyed the Brilliant Church, and even the appellation of glorious era referred to it. As one could well imagine, this was how powerful the Brilliant Church was.

A war broke out between the necromancers and the Brilliant Church, which was something very few people nowadays knew about. But even ten thousand years later, this war remained in humanity’s records as a very bitter one. It could be said that the strength the necromancers displayed at that time was not the slightest bit inferior to the current seventy-two demon gods’. It was only that the current humanity was far from the strength it had at its peak.

When humanity finally obtained victory, exterminating completely the necromancer side, it went to the extent that ten thousand years later, no one had ever heard of necromancers appearing in the continent anymore.

However, humanity also paid a disastrous cost. The Supreme Pontiff of the Brilliant Church of that time had finally died, and the same went for many powerful lineage that went extinct. Over 90% of the powerhouses of the Brilliant Church had been killed during this holy war.

In the last battle, the Supreme Pontiff of the Brilliant Church fought the head of the necromancers of that time, and that battle narrowly caused a breakdown of the human world.
No one knew about the final result, except from the fact that after that battle, both His Majesty Supreme Pontiff and the head of the necromancers had never been seen ever again. The remaining necromancers, who became a group of chiefless dragons, finally lost this Holy War. However, the catastrophe they had brought upon had caused a decline of the human population by a half, and the death of countless powerhouses, causing numbers of the glorious era’s inheritances to disappear. Right after this arrived the later period of the glorious era, and the arrival of the dark era as we know it.

It could be said that if not for the disaster the necromancers brought upon the mainland, at the time of the seventy-two demon gods’ descent, they wouldn’t necessarily have established themselves in Shengmo Dalu in such a way. If the Brilliant Church’s strength was still as before, how would they have let demons grow so strong?

Unfortunately, any ‘if’ couldn’t change things that had already happened, and humans’ glory fell because of the necromancers as well as the seventy- two demon gods. However, human civilisation was still strong enough to put up a fight; at least until now, it wouldn’t be so easy for the seventy-two demon gods to wipe out the Temple Alliance.

After their fall, humanity gradually stood up, and now with the appearance of the Scion of Light Long Haochen and the Saint Daughter of Samsara Cai’er, humanity’s time finally had come.

Long Haochen gradually came back to his senses, but his golden eyes were still filled with alarm.

This tower… It is actually the heritage left by the necromancers! How shocking could this information be? In fact, at the time the Brilliant Church gained the victory of the holy war, the remaining powerhouses purged the mainland of all trace of the necromancers’ heritage, for hundreds and hundreds of years.

All inheritance from the necromancers, resources and records, had been thoroughly destroyed. And at the present time, only few people knew about the past existence of these necromancers.
Saint Undead Magic and Slumbering Calamity, Elux. This was a terrifying and domineering name. Long Haochen could almost be sure that this master of this ‘Eternal Rest’ had played a decisive role in those days. Even if he wasn’t that head of the necromancers with whom the master of the Brilliant Church self-destructed, he was still at least one of the generals. Who had guessed that some heritage of the formidable necromancers still existed in those days. If this message could be brought back to the Temple Alliance, this would possibly bring out a big wave! Keep calm, I have to keep calm… Long Haochen warned himself uninterruptedly to calm down from his state of excitement.

His memory was exceptional, in particular, such a state of nervousness aroused his spirit, and was enough to double his mental capacity. He had kept firmly in mind the previous message, and carefully pondered over it. From this little message that had been left here, he already learned a lot.

First, this tower should have been left from the glorious age ten thousand of years ago, and could be said to be be crystallization of the knowledge of the necromancers of that time.

After the necromancers lost the holy war, this Eternal Rest Tower had been buried underground, and had never been discovered up till now, until a tectonic change happened from the earthquake, giving birth to such a large crevice, which caused Long Haochen to find this place.

Even after ten thousand years, not only this tower didn’t have any signs of destruction, but the specters outside had visibly been kept here in purpose by this tower’s master, through some unknown methods.

As the Scion of Light, Long Haochen naturally wasn’t qualified to succeed this necromancer’s inheritance, but at the time this voice rose, the gate behind him had already been shut. Considering the knowledge and the strength of this tower’s master, breaking the door would obviously not be so easy.

Then, if he wanted to leave this place alive, the first thing Long Haochen had to do was to complete the first floor’s trial, obtaining the trust of this Slumbering Calamity Elux.
Furthermore, it was easy to find out through the message the Slumbering Calamity Elux left, that this powerful necromancer believed that only another necromancer of the sixth step could have made it there, and that was to say that the trial of the first floor of this tower thus had to be designed for a necromancer of the sixth step to be able to pass it.

Having passed through this mountain pass, Long Haochen couldn’t help but reveal a bitter smile. Without a doubt, the trial of this first floor wouldn’t possibly be easy. To him, it was unknown whether he would be able to come back alive from it. Now, he could only strive to do his best, to aim for the possibility of escaping from there.

Just in the middle of his pondering about how he should face this unknown danger, the voice of the Slumbering Calamity Elux rang once again, and this time, caused Long Haochen to fall in total despair.

“Then, let me examine your elemental affinity, to see what kind of necromancer you are.”

A test of elemental attribute? I’m done for. Long Haochen’s brain immediately became blank. Based on his thoughts, necromancer arts should be an extension of the darkness element’s path. If not, no matter which attribute it was, this could definitely not be holy light attribute! If his own attribute was revealed, given how powerful this Slumbering Calamity was, how could he possibly be in capacity to face him!?

“Haoyue, destroy the gate.” Long Haochen immediately passed down an order to Haoyue in his thoughts; although this plan was really uncertain, he was really afraid of being condemned to death without being given any opportunity to resist.

However, as Long Haochen transmitted this order, Haoyue’s body suddenly shook violently as he tossed the unprepared Long Haochen in the air, before rapidly taking a few steps backwards, maintaining a distance between Long Haochen and himself.

Haoyue is abandoning me? That’s impossible!
Long Haochen was shocked to an horrified state, and at that time, an ash grey radiance suddenly descended, enveloping his body and preparing to do verifications.

The ash grey radiance was filled with a terrifying aura that was impossible to resist, and Long Haochen could only feel his entire body go cold, as an undescriptible aura of death instantly made him feel as though his blood was frozen.

As all his liquid spiritual energy light attribute was suppressed and pushed back to the inside of his Saint Spiritual Stove, he felt unable to move even a little finger.

For the first time in his life, Long Haochen gave up all hope. At least even at the time he was confronting the three demon gods, he still had the courage to take a stand and fight, but now, he was unable to do anything.

Will I really have to die in such a place? To become a part of these specters’ group?

Affected by the ash-grey radiance’s illumination, Long Haochen slowly fell back, at a trembling state. But the extreme surprise was that the attack he expected didn’t arrive at all, and that white glow, as well as the omen Long Haochen had, just disappeared.

“Is that for real? Are you really the one who got my message? If that’s for real, I am just too blessed. It looks that the old heaven hasn’t abandoned me completely.

Dear disciple, I think that I can already call you that. I won’t allow you to die before you become my successor. In fact, you are the most ideal disciple I could dream for, a holy necromancer sharing the same holy light attribute as me. Hahaha, what a perfect successor! Heavens, it’s truly the heavenly holy light, hahahah.”

Chapter 244

“What?” Long Haochen cried out in complete surprise, his head completely turning blank in that instant.

Sacred necromancer? Can it be that this Slumbering Calamity Elux’s so called saint undead magic isn’t mere necromancy, but that this word saint actually refers to the holy element, standing as the appellation for holy light?

So it turns out, necromancer could actually also be of light attribute. But how can that be? Shouldn’t necromancer be making use of corpses and death, walking through an evil path of darkness?

It could be said that Elux’s last sentence shook Long Haochen extremely hard. It forced him to re-evaluate many things.

An ash-gray radiance appeared again, but this time, it just had the shape of a little ball, quietly appearing in front of Long Haochen, and floating in the air.

It was a necklace, with white gems on it, the size of soybeans. On it, faint fluorescent light spread, and its soft holy aura gave off a very deep warmth. The deathly aura originally contained in the air, seemed to turn into holy light immediately as it appeared. A rich and thick holy essence immediately passed through Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove, replenishing his previous consumption of spiritual energy.

On the necklace was a little pendant, roughly the size of a little thumb, and white in color. It had the appearance of a little skull, and on the position
of the two eyes hovered golden flames filled with thick light essence and spreading around.

“My dear disciple, this is my message. It’s fortunate that you aren’t one of these filthy darkness attribute necromancers, otherwise, I could only have given up on you. This necklace followed me over 896 years, until the last instant I entered the deep slumber. Oh, you have to keep in mind, that you cannot let it be seen by those people from the Radiant Church, because it is made from the skull of first Supreme Pontiff of the Radiant Church’s. Hehe, I feel extremely excited imagining the face those bastards would show if they knew that I dug out their first Supreme Pontiff’s buried corpse to make it. This pendant’s name is ‘Eternal Melody’, and it is my heritage, as well as the key to this Manor of Eternal Rest.

If in the future, you are to find undoubtedly trustworthy companions, you can lead them to be trained there. Of course, this is on the premise that they aren’t users of the filthy darkness attribute I loathe the most. If you bring wicked existence to this place, this Manor of Eternal Rest will be sure to give them their eternal rest. From now onwards, you are my successor, and the new master of the Manor of Eternal Rest.

Long Haochen basically didn’t have the ability to refuse. From the direction of this speaking voice, a extremely warm light essence approached and was instantly poured in his body as that Pendant of Eternal Melody appeared on his neck, and the transparent skull went in front of his chest.

Immediately, Long Haochen felt as if his entire body became warm, just as if soaked in warm water, and his entire body took on a lustrous golden color, just as if it reached the ultimate level of holy light. The dense light essence filled every corner of his body with that wet sensation.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, the Saint Spiritual Stove and also the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove Yating let out moans of happiness from the insides of his chest. His quantity of liquid internal spiritual energy visibly rose at lightning speed, only slowing down after raising of at least five hundred units. And that skull shaped pendant filled with sacred aura was tightly absorbed in Long Haochen’s chest.
“Step forward, child. From now onwards, everything shall depend on yourself. Even without passing any test, you may also leave that place. I am looking forward to the day you will be able to stand in front of me.”

After this last sentence, the voice of the Slumbering Calamity Elux thoroughly dissipated, and the surrounding were as before filled with an ash grey deathly aura. But after wearing the Eternal Melody, Long Haochen was just like the sun in that place; from his body permanently released a golden radiance, and what was even more fantastic was that this holy light seemed to harmonize perfectly with the deathly aura in that place, not conflicting in the slightest.

The gate behind Long Haochen’s back opened quietly, implying that he didn’t have the need to pass any test, and would be able to leave that place at any time. But at this moment, he stood there without moving, because of the great amount of information that just entered his head, becoming part of his memories. And this information came precisely from the Eternal Melody.

These informations included the control of the Manor of Eternal Rest, the seal contained in this Pendant of Eternal Rest, and even the knowledge and the cultivation method gathered by the Slumbering Calamity Elux. This part of the message was truly massive and important, and no matter how unwilling Long Haochen was to become a Holy Necromancer, these informations still became complete part of his memory, which he would never be able to forget in his life.

Haoyue crawled behind Long Haochen’s back, calmly looking at him, as his six eyes were filled with gentleness, occasionally giving off a deep glance to the hall, seemingly letting out a nostalgic look, though he seemed rather to be at a loss when recalling these memories.

Standing there, Long Haochen took half an hour before coming back to his senses. After this massive amount of information was stored in Long Haochen’s head, the current Long Haochen’s complexion was clearly not looking good.
Even though the Slumbering Calamity Elux was a necromancer of holy attribute, he was still a necromancer, one of the main cause of the disaster that happened ten thousand years ago. How could Long Haochen be willing to become the successor of such a person, much less to learn any necromancy magic.

Suddenly turning back, Long Haochen looked at Haoyue with burning eyes, “Haoyue, you knew in advance what this place was, am I right?”

Long Haochen was somewhat angry: if Haoyue told him about this place in advance, he wouldn’t have entered there no matter what. Despite the enormous progress and increase in strength this Manor of Eternal Rest brought him, he was truly unwilling to accept this. After having put this Eternal Melody on, he was completely unable to take it off.

“Wuu wuu…” Haoyue gave off an innocent look, blinking his eyes and transmitting an answer to Long Haochen.

Sensing the information coming from him, Long Haochen’s complexion changed, from the previous state of anger to a surprised state.

“Prediction Technique? You innate ability?” Giving Haoyue a stupefied look, Long Haochen looked completely dumbstruck.

Haoyue told him that he had an ability called Prediction Technique, which enabled him to predict some future events to some extent. When he entered this cave, a prophecy would have come to him, but he only have an indistinct feeling, just sensing that this place was only symbol of a perfect opportunity for Long Haochen, devoid of any danger, which is why he told him to enter.

Revealing a bitter smile, Long Haochen advanced to the front of Haoyue. Hugging Little Light’s huge head, he declared, “Sorry, it’s my bad. I shouldn’t have doubted you. It’s only that everything that just happened to me was way too shocking. I’ve been made the successor of this necromancer in such an unexplainable way, this is just too…”
Little Light, Little Flame and Little Green snuggled up to him, gently stroking his body.

“Haoyue, tell me what I should do? How about we leave this place and treat it as though nothing happened? Anyway, after we leave, this Tower of Eternity will enter in a parallel dimension.”

Haoyue slowly shook his heads in response.

Long Haochen asked with some hesitation, “Are you saying that this is an opportunity, that I shouldn’t necessarily become a necromancer but can still gain some good experience in that place?”

Haoyue nodded in repetition.

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, sinking in contemplation. It could be said that he was in a state of extreme struggle: the shock this Tower of Eternity brought him was huge, and it was in particular the case for these necromancy spells that were now sealed in his head. No matter how unwilling he was, he couldn’t get rid of these memories. The Eternal Melody on his neck also had in the end some important benefits.

Long Haochen had never been an avaricious character. On the opposite, he would always pay back the kind deeds of others tenfold. Even if he was even more unwilling, he couldn’t deny that he had indeed gotten important benefits from this Slumbering Calamity called Elux. The fact that he was completely unable to discard these benefits was the hardest for him to bear.

A short moment later, Long Haochen slowly raised his head, and said with a sigh, “You may be right. But I can’t bring myself to decide, whether I should choose to get some more benefit from this place or ask for my comrades’ opinions on this. Anyhow, we should now try out this place’s trial. It will at least guarantee everyone’s safety, were they to follow me here.”

A hazy golden light shone in Long Haochen’s heart, before falling on Haoyue’s body, immediately making this best partner of his shine in a golden gloss, as Haoyue’s scales appeared to turn golden.
This was the utility of the Eternal Melody. According to the memories that were transmitted to Long Haochen, only spreading this pendant’s aura to someone could define him as one that is not an enemy of the Tower of Eternal Rest.

Making a turn, Long Haochen recovered the Holy Spirit Shield in his hand, summoning Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light from his body.

The next appearance of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light caused Long Haochen to be astonished in the next instant, because he discovered with a shock that an unexpected change had happened on this most powerful offensive weapon he had.

Its main body was just as before, but the radiance spread from its upper part had changed. Gripping Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light immediately made Long Haochen feel wet, filled with a cozy feeling. On the blade of the sword, a drizzling gloss, or more accurately speaking, a golden fog, seemed to appear. It was faintly discernible, but carried a mixture of a holy and watery aura.

This golden fog filled the surrounding air in a scope of a third of a meter, and when Long Haochen poured his spiritual energy into it, this golden fog would instantly condense, taking the shape of a third of a meter long golden radiance standing in front of the sword.

Chapter 245

It evolved? Long Haochen still remembered what the Knight Temple’s Hall Master and Chief of the Alliance Yang Haohan told him, that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s greatest characteristic was its capability to evolve. Could it be that after only a few months time, as the Saint Spiritual Stove had been nurtured, it actually had been completing its first evolution?

Looking at the fluctuations of light essence released by Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, Long Haochen could be certain that this sword was now at least at the level of a Glorious Tier weapon, or possibly even higher.

Rather than the Holy Spirit Sword in his right hand which only let out a faint white gloss, Long Haochen almost automatically chose to use Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. This action signified that he chose to abandon the utility of the Holy Spirit Set. Henceforth Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light become his main weapon, as he decided to stop using the Holy Spirit Set as a whole.

He obviously made this choice because Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light had more utility than a whole Holy Spirit Set.

Vast amount of knowledge was passed on to Long Haochen through the Pendant of Eternal Melody, but to get practical experience in this Tower of Eternity, he had a single choice: to keep going forward.

Not riding on Haoyue, Long Haochen advanced with a pair of swords at hand. Each step of his was slow and steady, as he focused his senses on the possible danger arriving from any direction.
First step, second step, third step…

Just four steps after passing the location where he got this Eternal Melody, Long Haochen suddenly came to a stop and, waving the swords in his hands, he looked forward.

Two white glows shot from his back without any warning, and immediately, two massive figures appeared before his eyes out of nowhere.

These lights were two gigantic skeletons, surrounded by a white halo and filled at the same time with an aura of death and holy aura.

The two human-shaped skeletons were approximately 2.5 meters tall, had pure white bones, and three layered golden rings around them, which were against all expectations Faith Halos, Imposing Halos and Courage Halos that Long Haochen was very familiar with. As they wielded a bone shield with their left hand and a bone sword with their right hand, their eyes were filled with a golden flame, just like the Pendant Eternal Melody, but without its purity.

Bang, bang, bang…. Exploding sounds could be heard as the skeletons stepped forward, and they directly jumped at Long Haochen, instantly breaking out with an important oppressing strength. What they used was actually pretty similar to charging techniques used by humans.

Long Haochen used the Nine Long Footsteps Stances, swerving to the left side with a sideways step. It was so that he wouldn’t get hit by the two skeletons’ attacks from different directions.

Holding the Holy Spirit Sword in his left hand horizontally, he launched Divine Obstruction.


A strong exploding sound reverberated as Long Haochen was pushed back three steps, even after using Divine Obstruction, barely standing firm.

How powerful!
Although Long Haochen didn’t know what level his own internal spiritual energy had reached, he still sensed that after obtaining the Pendant of Eternal Melody, it passed the threshold of 3,500. That this skeleton managed to push him back in such a situation meant that its internal spiritual energy was at least above 7,000 or 8,000. And this was the first test of the Tower of Eternity!

The second skeleton didn’t attack Long Haochen, but aimed its attack at Haoyue, looking straight at him.

With a white glow, the skeleton forcibly closed the distance, and as it was still at a meter away from Haoyue, it suddenly turned toward Long Haochen’s direction, precisely because of the Saint Spiritual Stove’s effects. And from beginning to end, Haoyue seemed as though he hadn’t seen it, his three heads focused on chanting an incantation. This was the level of trust between Long Haochen and Haoyue.

Dong. Another collision rang, this time from an attack launched by Long Haochen. As the Holy Spirit Sword parried a blow, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light drew power from Bright Vengeance’s amplification, aiming at the human skeleton that attacked him. The skeleton waved the shield in its left hand, parrying the latter’s blow along with an intense exploding sound.

After evolution, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was completely different. This last blow came with a scrape of bright light, leaving an inch long trace on it.

Charging, Long Haochen suddenly stepped to the side, getting out of the way of the skeleton’s attack pulled by the Saint Spiritual Stove, and as he turned sideways, a Light Thorn was aimed horizontally.

Immediately, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light shone with a golden blaze, and a sharp sword intent simultaneously erupted. Only, this was clearly not enough to frighten these two skeletons, that held their shields horizontally, releasing a Holy Filter Shield-like ability to welcome the Light Thorn fired by Long Haochen.
At this time, Haoyue’s spell was finally completed, launching a large wind edge, a light thorn and fireball aiming at a skeleton’s knees, exactly the one who was the target of Long Haochen’s Attraction spell.

These two skeletons possessing holy attribute were even more troublesome than Long Haochen imagined. The targeted one had even the awareness of having been locked down by Haoyue’s magic, without a single glance. Suddenly crouching down, it used its shield to parry the attack.

With three loud collisions, Long Haochen saw to his shock that the skeleton’s body let out a bright golden color. That was to say, it relied on Divine Obstruction to parry Long Haochen’s attack. And the other skeleton went at Long Haochen at fast speed.

A spotlessly white bone shone, filled with a sacred radiance. To Long Haochen’s surprise, it was Holy Sword, which was aimed directly at him.

Suppressed to this degree on the spiritual energy side, Long Haochen didn’t dare to use Condemning Revolving Sword, because this skeleton would be able to rely on its spiritual energy’s superiority to forcefully interrupt the skill.


A fog of light was suddenly released from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, and Long Haochen did a blocking motion, using Divine Obstruction like before.


Facing the Holy Sword of this skeleton, Long Haochen surprisingly managed to block it without being pushed a step back.

Furthermore, on that skeleton’s bones, a little gap had appeared. Without managing to push the bone sword back, he relied on Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, to attack on the side, violently striking the ground.
This ground was made of some impressive material, to show no trace of damage, only a little spark, upon taking on such a powerful Holy Sword as this skeleton’s.

A resonant dragon cry burst forth from Long Haochen’s body. Intertwining Blue Rain as well as the Holy Spirit Sword, he used the offensive Retribution Knight technique of the fifth step, Ascending Dragon Strike. And that dragon cry carried a bizarre buzzing sound.

At that moment, it was the skeleton that was at a disadvantage. The bone sword was used, only to be pushed back to the ground. This blow of Long Haochen’s could be said to be perfectly orchestrated.

Hastily, the skeleton could only use its bone shield to block Long Haochen’s attack, letting out an ear-piercing boom. This time, it was the skeleton that was violently struck by Long Haochen, and at the time it stood up again, half its shield was already destroyed.

To Long Haochen, the most important use of this strike was the boost of confidence he gained from it. It was for a single reason that he was able to stop the opponent’s powerful attack in addition to breaking his shield, which was the Ripples of Light.

When he combined Divine Obstruction along with the control of the light elemental waves with Ripples of light, not only was the defensive power strengthened by a lot, but it also had an additional effect of stealing power, which was why this skeleton’s Holy Sword wasn’t completed when it clashed against Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

Even Long Haochen himself didn’t think that the combination between Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light and Ripples of Light would turn out so powerful. Although this skeleton’s fighting strength was great, its defense fell short in comparison. It was just like himself at the time he didn’t have any good equipment.

The other skeleton didn’t get in Long Haochen’s way, it was busy resisting the attacks of Haoyue, that he launched after his first three successive spells were blocked.
His massive figure leapt forward, and though each spell launched by itself wasn’t so strong, the three were in fact launched simultaneously.

Resisting Ring of Fire of the fire element, Ripples of Light of the light element and Wind Gale of the wind element.

These three spells had a single goal, to attack. Even that skeleton that possessed Divine Obstruction, the mortal asset of a knight, could only fall a few steps back under the effects of those three spells used offensively. And this was what gave Long Haochen enough time.

A strong sunlight fire burst forth from Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, and the high frequencies of Ripples of Light gave it an exquisite appearance.

Assault, Shining Sunlight Strike.

Without a doubt, Shining Sunlight Strike couldn’t compare to Holy Sword in terms of power, but unlike an ability that needed time to be prepared like Holy Sword, Long Haochen could already complete it instantly with his current cultivation.

The intricacies of his abilities were exquisite; in fact, combining Shining Sunlight Strike and Sunlight Fire wasn’t in the scope of any Retribution Knight’s ability, but Long Haochen was the son of the Divine Knight of Adjudication, Long Xingyu.

With two massive glints of intense sunlight, Long Haochen’s two swords disappeared in an instant as the lustrous sunlight fire formed two orbs of sunfire, carrying a blazing holy aura that intensified dramatically.

At this time, the difference in equipment between the two parties became distinct. In comparison to the interweaved use of sunlight fire and Shining Sunlight Strike, Holy Sword even fell short by twofold

Houu! The skeleton didn’t wait helplessly for its death, and with a bellow, the golden flames in its eyes suddenly increased sharply, and its body was covered with a layer of golden flames, as the skeleton violently abandoned the shield in its left hand. As the skeleton waved its sword with
the two hands, in that instant, the air surrounding it was gathered at fast speed, producing suction in Long Haochen’s direction. That terrible blow provoked a hissing sound in the air, and the bone sword turned a brilliant golden color. Against all expectations, this strike’s power caused even Long Haochen to feel helpless and almost unable to block it.

This strike felt to Long Haochen like it could split Heavens and Earth, and the most terrifying aspect wasn’t its attack power, but the oppressive force it had, forcing Long Haochen to stake everything to go against it.

Chapter 246

Two bolts of ardent blade intertwined, and spiritual energy was released all around. As the swords carrying Shining Sunlight Strike were intertwined, forming a cross-cut, they welcomed that bone sword.

A distant boom followed along, with the appearance of fireworks of bright light, illuminating the surroundings in an area of a hundred meters square meters.

Long Haochen shot up, carrying Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in hand and issuing a dragon cry-like buzzing sound as his whole body glinted gold, and the Soul Linking Shackles’ vitality was brought out. At this time, his companions on the side of the mountain were more than willing to receive a part of this blow’s damage.

The skeleton’s blow had truly a terrifying offensive power, and in fact, Long Hachen’s attack contained the four abilities Ripples of Light, Shining Sunlight Strike, Sunlight Fire and Instant Blast Cross Cut, consuming a massive amount of spiritual energy, along with the utility of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. And yet, such a terrifying blow had been forcibly broken, and this was under the premise that this skeleton’s blow was far from being as well prepared as his.

Now, Long Haochen could be completely sure that if not for the fact that it was Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light that faced this skeleton and that its weapon wasn’t good, he would probably already be finished! The two blades were snapped, but if it was the Holy Spirit Sword that faced it instead, it would probably have been broken to naught.
His two hands’ thumbs having just been fractured, his arms felt limp and painful.

This skeleton is harder to handle than I expected. It looks like not only its spiritual energy that reached the sixth step: it’s the same for its abilities. Besides not being able to fly, this skeleton is exactly like a Radiant Knight of the sixth step.

However, the skeleton wasn’t any better off from the exchange than Long Haochen. Its bone blade of mediocre quality was already broken to chips, and Long Haochen’s Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, left a deep trace on its chest. With the blazing sunlight fire that was burning its body, this skeleton could at last be considered to be heavily wounded.

This was just one of the two, but what about the other one? Long Haochen barely stood up, transferring the spiritual energy in his body to his eyes, sweeping a glance at Haoyue’s direction.

Then, his previous unhurried look immediately became completely dull.

With a bang, that skeleton was sent flying by Haoyue’s tail, sweeping at its waist. Being sent flying, it struck the skeleton that suffered from the sunlight fire’s burning power, and these two simultaneously turned into charcoal.

How can Haoyue’s physical combat ability be so powerful? This was the first thought he had when seeing Haoyue use his body to launch an attack. Immediately following, the next thing he saw was a repeated bombardment of spells. Low ranked spells of the light element, fire element, wind element were launched against these two skeletons like wind and rains, and although it wasn’t sufficient to destroy them, its might was enough to suppress them, making them unable to move for the moment.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, thinking to himself that by now, Haoyue should at least be a magical beast at the peak of the sixth step, in cultivation level, and these were spells of the third step! Without consideration for the equipment and in terms of strength, he wouldn’t
necessarily be a match for Haoyue! From his look, his external spiritual energy ought to be formidable, at least surpassing him by miles.

At that moment, Long Haochen felt a warmth rapidly spreading throughout his body, leading the uncomfortable feeling he had from the skeleton’s blow to disappear. All the bones in his whole body were overflowing with warmth, and the pain coming from his arms also lessened a lot. Even the wound on his thumb stopped bleeding.

It was without a doubt the Pendant of Eternal Melody that gave Long Haochen such a powerful ability of self-recovery.

Without any hesitation, Long Haochen grasped Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light that twinkled in his hand as that skeleton’s body was suddenly illuminated. As a dragon cry could lightly be heard, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light turned into a blue and yellow dual-color, shooting up its brilliance in a conical trajectory.

It was Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus.

As he launched the attack, Long Haochen carefully surveyed the surroundings as well as the consumption he had from using this skill. To his pleasant surprise, he discovered that with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s evolution, the consumption of spiritual energy from the attack was greatly lowered, and although it still consumed 2,000 units, it wasn’t an attack that would make him lose all his fighting strength after launching it a single time.

But instead of being reduced along with the consumption of spiritual energy, the might of the Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus had become even more tyrannical.

Originally, this attack combined the two elemental radiances to produce a formidable penetrative power, but this time it wasn’t same. Soaring in the air, the blue radiance disappeared gradually, completely blending into the golden radiance, aiming at the target at once. That skeleton’s whole body suddenly turned icy white, surprisingly froze.

That skeleton that was having a hard time trying to extinguish the fire was immediately turned to ashes, and Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus, spread a blue ring around, even delaying its companion and enhancing the bombardment of spells launched by Haoyue.

At long last, they had gotten rid of one.

Long Haochen finally loosened his breath, and at that time, an eerie scene happened. A white glow appeared in front of Long Haochen, appearing like a bolt of lightning, and Long Haochen used the Holy Spirit Sword to block it unconsciously, but upon collision, this white glow seemed not to be stopped in the slightest, blending into Long Haochen’s body in the next instant. Immediately, a cozy warm feeling filled his chest.

Long Haochen hastened to survey his own body, finding out to his astonishment that on the side of the Saint Spiritual Stove floated a white liquid, that was particularly pure.

It didn’t have any elementary attribute, but was extremely concentrated. Long Haochen was completely sure that a single drop of that white liquid energy was sufficient to match ten drops of liquid spiritual energy.

Of the two skeletons, only one was left. There was no suspense for the rest of the battle. Long Haochen exploited the Attraction ability of his Saint Spiritual Stove along with his co-ordination with Haoyue. Not giving the skeleton any opportunity to lock the same powerful attack as before, he exploited the fact that its defensive capabilities were far from being as good as his offensive power, combined with its inferior intelligence, to get rid of it.

However, after getting rid of these two skeletons, Long Haochen felt both physically and mentally exhausted, finding out to his astonishment that more than 80% of his spiritual energy was consumed. Even a big part of Haoyue’s magic power was consumed.
The instant he got rid of the second skeleton, another drop of white liquid entered his body, same as the previous time.

Long Haochen didn’t attempt to advance any further. He knew that in his current condition, he wouldn’t have a chance of success if faced with two more skeletons, if not more.

In some sense, defeating these two skeletons was a preview of what was awaiting them ahead, and seeing the white bones on the ground that disappeared gradually, Long Haochen sat cross-legged on the ground, urging the liquid spiritual energy in him to try to assimilate those two drops of white liquid.

The result raised his spirits, as those two drops of non-elemental liquid didn’t show any resistance, only after a short process of assimilation, it became a part of his spiritual energy. And just like he estimated, each drop of the liquid energy that came in had the effect of increasing his own spiritual energy by ten units.

Nonetheless, Long Haochen felt gloomy: because his current amount of spiritual energy was low, these two drops of liquid energy only helped him to recover some of that back and nothing more. It wasn’t an increase of his total spiritual energy in the true meaning.

Long Haochen immediately realized his mistake. He should have waited for his own spiritual energy to have recovered before absorbing it.

Defeating a single skeleton could strengthen him by ten units of spiritual energy! This was a lot faster than cultivation, and although those two skeleton’s strength was undoubtedly tyrannical, beating them came with obvious benefits.

With the aura of death contained in the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen only needed half an hour to regain his spiritual energy completely.

Standing up once again, Long Haochen didn’t keep going forward, thinking that he had to leave that place.
This experience in the Tower of Eternity brought him an enormous shock, and he was also pretty curious about this ‘Slumbering Calamity’, Elux. However, he clearly understood that it would only be upon reaching the seventh step that he would really be qualified to attempt to challenge this tower that existed since thousands of years. And this was clearly not something that he could do in a mere day or two. With the restriction left by the necromancy magic, he wouldn’t be able to reach the top of this tower before attaining the ninth step.

Along with those two skeleton Long Haochen’s original apprehension towards that tower disappeared already. I don’t want Elux’s inheritance to be passed on to me, but it won’t hurt to gain some experience here. Without a doubt, many more mysteries and new items are waiting for me to discover them in this Tower of Eternity!

As for whether he would share this place with his teammates, this was something he would think about after getting back. He needed at least to discuss it with Cai’er. After all, the word ‘necromancer’ was enough to give an extreme shock to any human.

Thinking about it, Long Haochen suddenly came to a realization; that it should be time for him to get back. Five hours already passed since he entered in this cavern, and Haoyue even followed him there.

Thinking up to this point, Long Haochen called out to Haoyue, and headed to the outside of the tower, ready to leave.

Just at this time, Haoyue suddenly let out a boo hoo, standing in Long Haochen’s way.

“Mh?” Long Haochen unconvincingly remarked, “What’s up with you?”

Little Light faced Long Haochen, spitting out a golden bead.

Long Haochen unconsciously caught it, and in the instant this golden bead fell into his hand, it turned into a golden color, directly making its way into the space between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.
A short fragment of memories appeared in Long Haochen’s mind.

“Asura Strike, condensing spiritual energy and chopping Heaven and Earth…”

This was surprisingly the memories of a skill, and one at the sixth step.

And it was exactly the one that skeleton used against Long Haochen, this attack that had such a fatal attacking power!

Chapter 247

Learning from the golden ball of light was simple. He only had to pour spiritual energy into it to accomplish that. Of course, it would require continuous training to understand it thoroughly.

The method to utilize it was indicated from the luster that made its way into Long Haochen’s mind, which was obviously part of the memories the Tower of Eternity bestowed upon him.

Without any hesitation, Long Haochen immediately learned the Asura Strike. Currently, he was lacking in offensive abilities. This Asura Strike’s formidable power was something he saw with his own eyes; if not for the vitality shared with his mates, that blow would have been fatal to him. The golden ball of light gradually disappeared after spiritual energy was poured inside, and the knowledge to use Asura Strike was sealed in Long Haochen’s mind. He simply tried it out and learned that although it displayed its tyranny, the consumption for launching this Asura Strike was also an astonishing 1,000 units of spiritual energy.

It appeared that its consumption wasn’t as huge as for a spell like Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus, but one shouldn’t forget that Bright Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus was the additional ability brought by a weapon, and as such, it drew its strength from the weapon’s stimulation of the spiritual energy, and furthermore, it was not only its power but also its range that was great. As for the skill Asura Strike, its offensive range was limited to the reach of the spiritual energy and no more.

Of course, Asura Strike also had its good points, being able to disregard any evading ability used by the enemies within a range of five meters. This
simple point was sufficient to make up for the defect of its huge consumption of spiritual energy. After all was said and done, this skill wasn’t simple to use, but in the offensive category, it should be one of the very best of the sixth step, a skill worthy to be used by warriors and knights. If the amplification brought by Ripples of Light was added, just what level could this attack’s formidable power reach?

When comparing his benefits, he figured that Asura Strike could admittedly increase his strength, but the most important reward was the information he got from the Tower of Eternity.

Spiritual energy was as important as abilities, but from the looks of it, the abilities that could be learned here weren’t limited to Holy Necromancer magic. And this information was undoubtedly more valuable than any treasure. If he could stay here to train, his strength would increase several folds faster than anywhere else.

Putting force in taking a deep breath, Long Haochen did his best to calm his impulses. It looked that he would need to think of a way to tell his comrades to accompany him here. If it was instead someone else, his first thought would perhaps have been to monopolize this place, but Long Haochen didn’t think so. Although coming alone would enable him to keep the secret and let himself ameliorate his strength faster, considering how powerful the demon force was, how could he face the seventy-two demon gods by only relying on himself? That would undoubtedly be nothing more than a foolish dream.

The Scion of Light was not only good and honest but had many more basic qualities. From beginning to end, Long Haochen didn’t think of coming here alone.

“Haoyue, let’s leave.” Long Haochen said in a low voice, jumping on Haoyue’s back.

Haoyue’s three heads let out simultaneous low-pitched roars, heading out of the Tower of Eternity through its gate. And at the instant they left the Tower of Eternity, Long Haochen felt as if the Pendant of Eternal Melody on his chest had become a piece of burning coals, as he couldn’t help but
groan from the violent burning feeling he had from it. Immediately, an ear- piercing hissing sound burst forth from it.

A strong golden radiance burst forth from Long Haochen’s body, enveloping Haoyue and himself inside. The hissing sound could still be heard, but didn’t cause them to suffer any injuries. Turning his head to the opposite side, he saw that countless specters were swarming out from the direction of the Tower of Eternity at least tenfold faster than before. And the ash-grey color the Tower of Eternity released seemed as if it came from intense flames.

In a few blinks of an eye, those specters were already completely attached to the Tower of Eternity. The next instant, Long Haochen saw a scene that he would hardly forget throughout his whole lifetime. Just at the peak of the conical cave, an immense black hole slowly unfolded, violently shaking the whole cave as if sinking it as a whole. Immediately, the Tower of Eternity unexpectedly became illusory from the twists of the brilliant rays of light, producing a sound before disappearing completely from the cave.

The black hole then closed, and from its original wide shape, it suddenly disappeared from the cave. Then, the hissing sounds came to an end spontaneously.

The burning feeling disappearing from his chest, Long Haochen came to feel an indescribable feeling of connection from it. It seem that with no more but a single thought, he could connect with this bridge.

Haoyue bore Long Haochen’s weight, and Little Green casted a Floating Technique on him, lightening him and climbing the walls under Long Haochen’s guidance.

Although the time of descent had been dangerous, this was because Haochen was going down into an unknown place. But with Haoyue’s exceedingly resilient limbs, he managed to climb the walls effortlessly.

Suddenly, Long Haochen was filled with astonishment when he raised his hand to feel the Recording Gem in his waist. His expression suddenly
looked unsightly, for the simple reason that with the shock he had from discovering the Tower of Eternity’s discovery, he had totally forgotten to shut it down. If everything inside of the Tower of Eternity was recorded, what would he say to the members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad? And how would he report back for this mission?

It wasn’t that he was afraid of having the secret of the Tower of Eternity revealed to the Temple Alliance, but the crucial point was that the Pendant of Eternal Melody, key to this tower, had already become a complete part of his body. This would undoubtedly put him in enormous trouble.

Praying for a fluke, Long Haochen poured spiritual energy into the Recording Gem, examining the contents recorded inside.

A radiance shot up from the Recording Gem, turning into an image whose diameter was one meter appearing in front of Long Haochen. The record starting from his entrance into the cavern started to unfold, and controlling his spiritual energy, Long Haochen controlled the speed of visualisation of the records.

Because it was hung onto Long Haochen’s waist, the Recording Gem naturally couldn’t possibly record the process of Long Haochen’s comprehension of the Ripples of Lights, only recording the process of Long Haochen resisting the hissing sound at every occurrence.

Under Long Haochen’s control, the gem finally reached the moment Long Haochen had arrived at the cavern’s underground. All that was recorded was the moment those two specters threw themselves at him. After this point, the scene suddenly became vague, and everything stopped at that.

Nothing more? As he stared at the Recording Gem and poured one more time his spiritual energy inside to give it a look, the results were exactly the same. The image finally stopped at the scene that showed Long Haochen being assaulted by the specters.

The Tower of Eternity was unexpectedly screened out of the Recording Gem’s recording ability.
Just as Long Haochen was continuously surveying the contents of the gem, at the entrance of the Desolate Hissing Cavern, the scene wasn’t as calm was one would expect…

“There’s someone.” Taking responsibility for keeping watch, Han Daosi suddenly arrived at the cavern’s entrance.

This was a cavern that they had personally sealed, and because of the shape of the mountain’s formation, it could only accommodate everyone in a sitting position. Of course, after Haoyue left, the space inside of the cavern increased by a large amount.

At this moment, the outside was as before, pitch-black, and dawn was about to arrive.

“It’s Fiend Demons. I didn’t dare approach, there are roughly thirty. They are led by a Fiend that is even more powerful than the Fiend Commander we disposed of. They just came out from this side of the mountain, and it seems that they discovered our presence.”

Han Daosi had a particular ability, which enabled him to increase his vision at night time, which was how he saw all the movement from the counterpart’s side of the mountain.

“Prepare for battle. Luc Xi, I am not into commanding group battles, so I leave the battle for you to command. No matter what, our top priority is to hold out until Haochen gets back.” Cai’er declared in a low-voice.

None of them expected those fiends to come out so soon, but no matter how the fiends got the information of their presence, they had to meet the enemy head on, at least until the time of Long Haochen’s return.

A type of Fiend even more powerful than a Fiend Commander obviously wouldn’t be easy to handle. Cai’er’s exquisite eyes shone brilliantly in the dark night, sparkling strongly as it filled with determination.

Seeing that Long Haochen wasn’t coming back after so long, she appeared like she stayed cool-headed and calm, but inside she was more
anxious than anyone else. It was fortuitous that they had the Soul Linking Shackles which enabled her to be sure that Long Haochen wasn’t exposed to any mortal danger, otherwise she would have gone to find him long ago.

Luc Xi knew that now wasn’t the time to be modest, and nodded in response, “Without Long Haochen’s presence, we are short of a core Guardian Knight. At the time of the battle, we will have to resolutely defend our position in the cave. Let’s attract them for now! Mage vocations will stay inside of the cave while close quarters vocations will defend its entrance. Cai’er, Han Daosi and you will harass the enemy outside. Li Xin, you stay outside too, backing us up with the help of your Rose Unicorn’s ability of flight.”

Luc Xi wasn’t lacking in ability as a commander, perhaps he could not compare with Long Haochen’s ability of foresight and analysis of the general situation, but he could still be considered as talented enough to command a group in times of battle.

Han Yu, Dian Yan, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian came out of the cavern, Han Yu knew of his responsibilities before being told by anyone, and rapidly put on his attire, and Cai’er and Han Daosi gradually vanished into the darkness.

Li Xin was a Retribution Knight, and defending one’s position wasn’t her forte, but she acted in accordance to Luc Xi’s instruction, putting in display the Rose Unicorn’s excellence.

However, so as to avoid exposing herself, she chose to climb atop of the cave, making preparations to summon her Rose Unicorn at anytime. After all, the Fiends didn’t know how many enemies were in the cave.

Han Daosi kept hold of a pitch-black dagger in each of his hands, making an exquisite choice of location to conceal himself, just behind a rock at the upper side of the Desolate Hissing Cavern. But just at this time, he discovered that Cai’er disappeared.

Immediately, he thought to himself, “What a difference in strength!” He had never thought of Cai’er like a goal; since the formerly blind Cai’er was
already so strong, that was to say nothing of the current her who regained her vision. Even though he was part of the Assassin Temple just like her, he only knew vaguely that it was because of her past training method which was particularly special that Cai’er had become blind.

Blending into the darkness, Cai’er didn’t stop in the vicinity of the cavern but stealthily walked in the direction of the mountain. In times of battle, an assassin’s uses would be limited, as in the end, Assassin weren’t the most expert in attacking head-on, but the current situation was exactly the most fitting for her. Going by herself, she didn’t have to worry about her teammate’s safety, and was able to display her fighting strength to its fullest.

Chapter 248

The Fiends were coming fast, and right after setting out, Cai’er immediately saw them arrive at the bottom of the first mountain, preparing to cross it.

Just like the Fiends group that they had previously gotten rid of, this group was a Grand Fiend Cavalry. Each Grand Fiend rode a Nightmare Devil Horse, bursting forth with a deep red radiance. If not for this eye- grabbing aspect they had, Han Daosi wouldn’t possibly have seen them from such a distance.

Counting thirty-three of them, Cai’er silently approached from the side as she validated the exact count of the enemies. It was just as Han Daosi had said: one of the Grand Fiends was particularly powerful.

He was even more robust than the last Fiend Commander, and more importantly, had an inclined bat-wing on his back. The Nightmare Devil Horse he rode was letting out treads of fire as it stamped on the ground, occasionally emmiting red glints, just like charcoal red from the heat. This was at least a magical beast of the sixth step, and since it was this Fiend Commander’s mount, the commander would probably be at the seventh step.

Cai’er and Long Haochen once killed a Bloodthirsty Beta at the early stages of the seventh step, but this time, they weren’t as lucky. Furthermore, they had needed to use the combination of the bursting powers of Long Haochen’s Light Rain, Thrusting Hibiscus and her Spiritual Stove of Samsara.
In terms of real strength, although Long Haochen and herself were truly well-endowed, they would only at most be able to match a demon at the middle stage of the sixth step with the two of them.

This Fiend of the seventh step was already no longer only a Fiend Leader, but a Fiend Lord. With a single word of difference came a heaven- shaking difference of strength.

This Fiend Lord held in its hand a gigantic deep red sword. Dark red glints illuminated his pair of eyes, and Cai’er had already no doubt of his strength.

The most important basic quality for an assassin was to stay cool-headed.
No matter what, an assassin always ought to act with utter prudence.

It was with a simple goal that Cai’er set for herself; to slow down the enemy while doing her utmost to assassinate him if any opportunity arose.

Hiding discreetly, Cai’er was just like a single entity that merged with the mountain, emitting no sign of human presence, to the extent that even an assassin with a much greater cultivation than her own wouldn’t necessarily be able to achieve that result.

The Fiend Lord led his group from the front, so Cai’er didn’t have any intention of acting blindly without thinking, calmly waiting for the Fiend Cavalry to pass before her, and until the last troop of this Fiend Cavalry would draw close to her, which was the timing she exquisitely waited for.

Nightmare Devil Horses’ perception wasn’t half-assed, but at this very moment, they hadn’t the slightest idea that they could have Cai’er at their back.

The so-called Slinking Technique wasn’t based on Invisibility, but on exploiting every element of the environment that could possibly be used for one to conceal his own existence. At this very moment, Cai’er was hidden in the shadow of the last troop member of the Fiend Cavalry. Despite the dusky environment, the sky was still lit by the moon and the stars, so Cai’er
didn’t make her move impatiently, but prefered to calmly follow this Fiend Cavalry that was prepared to climb the mountain.

The Fiend Lord, who was the first of those mounted soldier’s ranks, arrived at an elevated peak above the Desolate Hissing Cavern, successively followed by the rest of the Fiend Cavalry. They seemed completely the same as a human cavalry, from their orderly arrangement to their soundless advance.

Just when the last of those Grand Fiends riding Nightmare Devil Horse started to climb the mountain, Cai’er made her move, hidden in the shadows.

Abruptly speeding up without any warning, she wasn’t discovered by any of the opponents, not even the Nightmare Devil Horse she passed. At this moment, the current her was just like a specter, whose spiritual energy burst forth in a split second, flashing out like a golden dagger.

With Cai’er’s current cultivation level, how could she be unsuccessful in launching a sneak attack against a Grand Fiend? Her dagger entered the back of that Grand Fiend’s head, before a second dagger cut its neck in the next instant, along with an important nerve in its brain.

Cai’er’s assassination was truly accomplished perfectly, to the extent that this Grand Fiend didn’t even let out a single scream, only a stuffy sound before falling down.

Cai’er didn’t stop at that, but down below, as that Grand Fiend fell down and his Nightmare Devil Horse started to react below, she smacked his body, sending it flying forward like an artillery shell. At this very moment, the golden dagger in her right hand pierced the Nightmare Devil Horse’s back.

This stab was truly accurate, aiming right in the chink between the Nightmare Devil Horse’s vertebrae. Infusing her tyrannically spiritual energy into it, she caused the Nightmare Devil Horse to let out a mournful howl before falling down on the ground, completely paralyzed.
Cai’er didn’t give any opportunity for this Nightmare Devil Horse that already lost all fighting capability to strike back, and using on that Grand Fiend corpse that was flying as a screen, she instantly withdrew into the darkness.

Retreating after a single blow, not insisting on zealously continuing fighting; this was what an outstanding assassin had to do in this situation.

Having suddenly being attacked in such a way, the Grand Fiend Cavalry was immediately caught in a state of disturbance. The Fiend Lord was the first to suddenly turn back, and with a roar, shouting a word in fiend language. Immediately, a dark red radiance spread out from his entire body, enveloping all the Grand Fiend of the cavalry inside. Every single Nightmare Devil Horse had under its foot a dark red halo extending to over two meters in diameter.

This Fiend was truly deserving the rank of lord, as this was simply a shocking amplification skill with an area of effect. Meanwhile, the Fiend Commander’s blood-red-colored eyes shone like red bullets, instantly sweeping to the direction from where Cai’er had just disappeared, and the huge red sword in his hand brightly shone with a gaudy radiance.

The red glint in Fiend Lord’s eyes was obviously a probing ability, but unfortunately, he didn’t find the target he aimed to discover. It was as if Cai’er had completely disappeared in the darkness.

A heinous look flashed through the Fiend Lord’s eyes, and with a shout from him, the Fiend Cavalry resumed its way, the only difference being that this time, the Fiend Lord didn’t stay at the top of the formation, but remained rather in the middle of it. With the Grand Fiends surrounding and protecting him, their speed had clearly slowed down by a lot.

He occasionally swept his pair of terrible eyes at the surroundings, looking for any possible trails he could find.

Of course, Cai’er didn’t leave from there yet, still remaining hidden in the darkness. It was only that this Fiend Commander was unable to discover her and no more. The death of a Fiend Soldier wouldn’t be enough to cause
their ranks to enter in a frenetic state, but instead reinforced their defense. Cai’er discovered from this that except from the Fiend Lord that was situated right in the middle of the formation, these Grand Fiends also comprised two Fiend Commanders of the sixth step. At that moment, one was at the front and one at the back, acting like the head and the tail of the formation and making it a lot harder for Cai’er to launch another surprise attack.

The Fiend Commander was totally furious and didn’t even give the order to collect this Grand Fiend’s corpse or pay attention to the Nightmare Devil Horse that was heavily wounded. Behind this fierce and furious appearance was a loathing look, uninterruptedly increasing focusing his senses to find traces of Cai’er.

At this very moment, a light cry was let out from the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s first lines. The Fiend Lord and the Fiend Commander at the front had a rapid reaction, almost galloping at the same time.

As expected as a commander of the seventh step, when suddenly erupting, he appeared like a blood-colored ball of blood, shooting up from the Nightmare Devil Horse’s back and raising his heavy sword. As his voice erupted like a bolt of lightning, his blood-colored gigantic sword was waved in midair, breaking out with a gaudy blood-colored light, carrying a fishy smell. This blow simply covered an area of a tenfold meters, and was enough to break the mountain’s rock without a noise. Bloody light enveloped the surrounding, dissolving the rocks of the mountain, just like lava coming out from hell.

Unfortunately, no matter how strong this Fiend Lord was, his attack needed to hit to be effective. And at the same time his blow carried a great power, a screaming sound was resounding from his back.

The Fiend Lord suddenly turned around, looking right at the shadow that gradually vanished in the dim night. The attacks of those Fiend Commanders of the sixth step landed in the air, and the head of another Grand Fiend rolled from his Nightmare Horse’s back, his eyes appearing lifeless.
“Houu– –!!!!!” This time, the Fiend Lord was really totally furious. Letting out an ear-piercing roar in wrath, he immediately chanted a group of continuous incantations, causing a scarlet blood-colored light to burst out from him, turning into a thick blood-colored mantle enveloping the entire Grand Fiend Cavalry with it. This time, if Cai’er wanted to launch another sneak attack, she would have to go through his defense first.

Cai’er secretly sighed in silence. He truly deserved to be called a powerhouse of the seventh step, to be capable of making such a proper decision in the shortest time. If the Fiend Lord hadn’t used this area- targeted defensive spell, she would still have many ways to raid this group sneakily.

After the release of this area-effective defensive spell, the Fiend Lord led the Grand Fiend Cavalry to speed up in climbing the mountain. The Nightmare Devil Horses rushed with their full power, immediately arriving at the rear of the Desolate Hissing Cavern.

Cai’er wasn’t anxious from being unable to launch more sneak attacks, and kept following their group calmly. It was clearly not the time to go all out yet.

The Nightmare Devil Horses were truly fast, and the topography could not even be considered precipitous. From the looks of it, they were drawing closer and closer to the location of the Desolate Hissing Cavern.

Up ahead, a large area of thistles and thorns suddenly appeared. It had at least a meter height, and was exceedingly tough. The Grand Fiends at the front had no choice but to make use of their spears to open up a path for themselves, causing their speed to drop importantly.

The Fiend Lord seated in the middle of their formation had a red glint in his eyes, shouting a few words before the Fiend Commander of the sixth step immediately acted in accordance to it, lifting his long spear high up, and unleashing a dark red flame, immediately burning this group of thistles and thorns at once.
At the same time this thorny environment was burned, undulations of energy appeared from the middle of the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s formation, and an enormous silvery white radiance erupted from it.

The space was subject to a formidable lacerating power, causing the few Nightmare Devil Horses to whinny and jump up, their bodies flickering with red glints. But because of the defensive area-targeted spell released by the Fiend Lord, it didn’t lacerate them to pieces.

The Fiend Lord strode over the Nightmare Devil Horses with a snort, stepped over the ground as a dark red radiance filled with darkness and flames, rapidly suppressed the silvery light spreading in that space.

Still, this silvery light hadn’t been completely inefficient. At least, it got rid the defensive area spell prepared earlier by the Fiend Lord.

Chapter 249

Hiding in the cavern, Yi Jun had a pale face. This spatial spell he just launched came with a quite important consumption, and he didn’t think that it would get so easily blocked by the Fiend Lord, to the extent that it hadn’t caused any damage in FIends’ ranks.

Just at this time, the two Demon Hunt Squads’ offense was launched at full swing.

Ten bright red sharp thorns immediately brought ear piercing sound just at the time the defensive spell dissipated.

Back then, Yang Wenzhao had a headache from confronting these thorn’s attack, but this time, Bai Xiaomo managed to actually release a dozen more of them. That was to say how her strength increased along with the continuous experience she had gotten.

The Fiend Commander in the front was already going all out to block it, but only three sharp thorns were aiming at him and no more. These sharp thorns launched by Bai Xiaomo worked in an extremely tricky way, shooting from every direction.

The Grand Fiends would obviously show some resistance, but it wasn’t so easy for them to block these attacks launched by Bai Xiaomo. At least five Grand Fiends ended up wounded to different degrees, and a bloody fog spread out.

And this was just the beginning, before a great amount of green beads descended from the sky. These beads seemed to envelop the entirety of the
Grand Fiend Cavalry in their range.

Just as the Fiend Lord had figured out what those beads were, a terrible killing intent locked on him, appearing the same as the descent of a god of death.

Even a powerhouse of the seventh step like this Fiend Lord trembled with his whole body from the lock, and the ability that he had just finished preparing was interrupted. With his cultivation, he could easily sense what is dangerous and what is not, and those beads in the air didn’t look to be of any danger to him, whereas this approaching killing intent seemed to be an existence that could threaten his life!

The Fiend Commander in the backrow also wanted to release a defensive area ability to stop these green beads falling from the sky, but unfortunately, just at the instant that it was released, an ice-cold chill quietly reached his neck.

A Fiend Commander of the sixth step would obviously be fast to react. As he waved the spear in his hand horizontally, his Nightmare Devil Horse simultaneously let out a dark red radiance from its mouth.

A shadow flashed, stopping in the middle of its attack, without really entering direct contact with the Fiend’s body. But even so, the huge beads in the sky already spread within the ranks of this Grand Fiend Cavalry.

The beans ruptured, letting out a viscous liquid that immediately infected the Grand Fiends and their Nightmare Devil Horses. This sticky feeling was hard to bear, but these Grand Fiends and their Nightmare Devil Horses had darkness and fire dual attributes, and possessed the so called Hell Flame ability, which naturally suppressed Bai Xiaomo’s botanical summons. Releasing flames around, they set this viscous liquid on flames.

The one that pinned down the Fiend Lord was of course Cai’er, as the other Fiend Commander of the sixth step was pinned down by the threat of the assassin Han Daosi. Although Han Daosi was far from being able to compare with Cai’er’s strength, how could an assassin that managed to enter the top sixty of the ranking be an ordinary person?
In a real battle, although he was obviously no match for this Fiend Commander, if it was only about pinning him down for a second or two, he could do it in a short time.

As the rear was in a state of confusion, some changes already started to appear on the battle in the front.

The Fiend Commander of the sixth step that was hit by three of the thorns immediately locked his gaze on the location of the two Demon Hunt Squads, but without giving him time to head out in their direction, a dark red figure suddenly appeared in front of them, blocking his path of return.

This silhouette was massive, and had two huge wings unfolded at his back, giving off a fierce and malevolent look. It was exactly the Fiend Lord!

The difference of social class in the Fiends’ world was distinct. Seeing his immediate superior block him, the Fiend Commander that was prepared to attack immediately stared blankly, naturally stopping his move. The Fiend Lord before him didn’t say anything special, only lifting up his right claw and pointing at his back. Just when the Fiend Commander turned back, at the split second he turned back, a miraculous scene happened at his back. A great change happened on the huge silhouette of the Fiend Commander of seventh step at his back unexpectedly produced a sudden change, turning into a dual-winged Grand Birdy Demon.

Let alone the Fiend Cavalry, even the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad were extremely shocked from looking at this bizarre scene

A golden spear filled with lightning firmly hit the Fiend Commander’s back, breaking out with a gaudy electric light, causing this Fiend Commander to let out a miserable scream.

If it was about a head-on battle, it would be hard to predict who between the Grand Birdy Demon or the Fiend Commander would be winning. A Grand Birdy Demon did hold the aerial advantage, whereas a Fiend
Commander had the support of his mount. However, it was another story in case of a sneak attack.

The Fiend Leader obviously didn’t have the slightest wariness towards the Fiend Lord’s words, but how could he guess that he would fall into such a fatal trap.

Still, his Nightmare Devil Horse was a magical beast of the fifth step. Seeing its rider being attacked, it immediately tried to defend him, attempting to slam into the Grand Birdy Demon.

The Grand Birdy Demon’s reaction was fast. Clapping the wings at its back while infusing power into the lightning lance in his hand, he immediately set in midair as the powerful lightning spiritual energy broke out all-around. Heavily wounded, the Fiend Commander’s body produced a scorched smell and the Nightmare Devil Horse he rode let out a miserable shriek, convulsing from the impulse of the lightning.

The Grand Birdy Demon was pitiless, putting strength in swinging his lance, extracting it from the back of the Fiend Commander that was already seriously wounded while taking advantage of the Nightmare Devil Horse’s paralysed state. The spear was ferociously thrusted in his body, relying on the formidable attack power of its user to end the life of this Nightmare Devil Horse.

A thick staff was lifted high in the sky, striking the Fiend Commander on his head, just like a wooden stick meeting with a watermelon. Just then, a colored liquid spread in the air from it; it looked as if this Fiend Commander of the sixth step was dead.

The Grand Birdy Demon didn’t stay idle, and immediately batted his wings after getting rid of the first Fiend Commander, flying above the Fiend Cavalry like a tiger picking at a flock of sheeps.

Originally, this Fiend Cavalry had one Fiend Commander guarding the rear and one guarding the front, in addition to the Fiend Lord seated in the middle of the formation. The formation in the front, which was completely firm just before, seemed to have just been broken as its core was destroyed.
The Grand Fiend Cavalry was not lacking in strength, but was overcome by panic. The great majority of their troops just finished to deal with the liquid released from the many beads.

However, Bai Xiaomo’s yellow plants with an appearance close to corals were not only able to spray a single array of thorns. At the same time the Grand Birdy Demon flapped his wings, another dozen bolts of lightning were released at the same times as another batch of beads was released.

An immense shield was flung at the side, carrying a mournful hissing sound engulfing everything. Three or four of the Grand Fiends were immediately swept away by its force.

On the other side, Sima Xian held his staff high in the air, this time releasing the ability Madness. The staff in his hand was waved at great speed, launching Sacred Bullet Array’s unfathomable attacks, immediately followed by Wang Yuanyuan whose Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was waved violently at the enemy’s ranks, spreading havoc at their side, aiming primarily at those of the Grand Fiends that lost their Nightmare Devil Horses.

At the time Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian came out, Dian Yan and Han Yu stayed in the cavern. People inside had all mage vocations, and thus needed their protection.

After releasing his first huge spell, Yi Jun kept blasting one spatial spell after another, giving the warriors in the front a strong backup.

The current situation looked like a piece of cake, but just at this moment, the formidable Fiend Lord of the seventh step made his move.

If not for Cai’er pinning him down, how could this Fiend Cavalry possessing a Fiend Lord as its general be so easy to deal with? However, the Fiend Commander in the front had just been killed and the subordinate soldiers were being cut down like fresh meat, one after another. The Fiend Lord immediately lost his cool from such a situation. He was after all not a human, and wouldn’t give too much thought to tactics. As he swept his blood-colored sword, his Nightmare Devil Horse suddenly jumped
horizontally, almost instantly appearing before the Grand Birdy Demon that slaughtered one of the Fiend Commanders.

The Grand Birdy Demon had just disposed of one of the Grand Fiends and his Nightmare Devil Horse, but caught off guard by the attack, he swept the lightning spear in his hand while turning back with a sideways motion.

The Fiend Lord hated this Grand Birdy Demon bitterly. With a chop from his blood-colored sword, a five meters long dark red luster came into being, fiercely chopping down at this Grand Birdy Demon’s spear.

The difference of step between the two manifested undoubtedly at that time. With a scream from the Grand Birdy Demon, the lightning spear in his hand instantly snapped, and the massive impact from the strike caused his body to be sent flying in the air.

A massive dark red shield made of energy was erected at the back of this Fiend Lord, protecting his back from the countless white glows bursting forth to his direction. Turning back, he launched a blood-colored cut, carrying an imposing dark-red radiance.

The dark red colored radiance was hitting from all direction, aiming at Cai’er who was unleashing her Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove. The attack forced her to meet it head-on.

With a flash, Cai’er’s body was smashed to pieces, but this was a mere afterimage, as Cai’er’s physical body was already meters away. Even so, the Fiend Lord’s tyrannical power still brought her body an intense pressure. With a flicker, it vanished gradually in the darkness.

Cai’er wouldn’t easily launch her Spiritual Stove of Samsara, because it would not only cause some self-damage, but it would also use the integrality of her spiritual energy. It was something she kept for the last blow.

After forcing Cai’er back with his blow, the Fiend Lord didn’t pursue and attack. As he looked up at the sky with a massive roar, the remaining dozen
of Grand Fiend as well as the last Fiend Commander rapidly gathered by his side.

“Come back, all of you.” Luc Xi’s voice rang out, and that Grand Birdy Demon turned back in midair at fast speed. A deep scar could be clearly seen on his chest, which was to say that if his reaction had been just a little slower, the previous blow would have been enough to cut him in two parts.

This was the strength of the seventh step. Furthermore, this Fiend Lord visibly hadn’t just reached the seventh step. At least, he was at the fourth or the fifth rank of the seventh step.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian didn’t zealously keep fighting, rapidly retreating to the direction of the cave. Cai’er and Han Daosi also came back after making a detour.

Chapter 250

The Fiend Commander didn’t pursue and attack eagerly, instead chanting an incantation using the Fiend tongue. It was at times loud and at times low, but no parts of his incantation missed to give off an evil feeling. The dark red radiance coming out from his body also became increasingly stronger. The red halo under the surrounding soldiers of the Grand Fiend Cavalry accordingly increased in intensity, and the Nightmare Devil Horses, that also chanted in a low voice, let out a red glow that seemed to amplify the halos on their riders.

It could be said that the results the two Demon Hunt Squads had just obtained were from the fact that it was a sneak attack, from Cai’er and Han Daosi’s advantageous control, and from their smart use of the terrain. This was why the attack was so successful.

The same Fiend Cavalry with a different commander would also display a different level of strength. It would be an error to think that Grand Fiends were easy to handle based on the last experience they had with a cavalry of fifty Grand Fiends. The last time they managed to wipe out the entirety of the enemy’s troops, the greatest contributor was Haoyue with his Essence of Disorder. The powerful might coming from this tri-elemental spell was enough to weaken the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s strength at least by half. And that time, their group had Long Haochen as their pillar of support.

This time, although they were only facing an army of thirty Fiends, it comprised an enemy at the seventh step and two enemies at the sixth step, which were by themselves already very difficult to handle for the two Demon Hunt Squads. Thus, the real battle had just started. Just like Luc Xi
had previously said, their tactics were to provoke a battle of attrition in which their side would desperately defend their position.

Watshiii! The Fiend Lord let out a loud roar, and the Grand Fiend Cavalry immediately moved forward with the Fiend Commander of the sixth step as their core, forming a conical formation that charged directly at the cavern where the two Demon Hunt Squads were staging their defence.

Contrary to expectations, the Fiend Lord didn’t join in the formation, but stayed at its rear, raising his blood-colored heavy sword as he mounted his Nightmare Devil Horse. He seemed to be supervising the battlefield, but was in reality waiting for the opportunity to attack. From his point of view, the only enemy that could threaten him was Cai’er.

After sustaining injuries, the Grand Birdy Demon directly came back to Chen Ying’er’s side, groaning with two boo hoo sounds and carrying a look filled with grievance.

Looking at his injuries, Chen Ying’er felt deeply sorry, but now wasn’t the time to have Luc Xi heal him, because he currently possessed the darkness and lightning attributes, thus healing him using light element would only produce the opposite effect.

Certainly, this heroic Grand Birdy Demon was the Mythic Mirror Image Pig, McDull. He took the shape of the Fiend Lord to confuse the enemy, before eating the magical crystal of a Grand Birdy Demon, managing this accomplishment. Though it consumed a magical crystal of a demon at the sixth step, killing this powerful enemy greatly eased the pressure on the two Demon Hunt Squads.

After a few groans, the Grand Birdy Demon left the cave at great speed, as the rich lightning-element spiritual energy in his body was gathering, rapidly condensing a golden ball of lightning surrounded by a black stream of air.

Ten minutes hadn’t passed yet, and he still had a significant amount of spiritual energy left from the magical crystal, so he could obviously not let it go to waste.
The Grand Fiend Cavalry’s offense finally started, and under the Fiend Commander’s lead, the spears in their hand let out a strong dark-red-colored radiance. Following this charge, the Fiend Lord’s incantation stopped abruptly and a bloody red-colored glow shot straight at the cave. The most frightening thing was that this dark red radiance fused together with the Fiend Commander’s attack, taking the shape of a huge luminous projectile bombarding the cave’s entrance. Its domineering power caused the complexions on the faces of the Demon Hunters in the cave to change completely. At this moment, they finally realized how powerful a Fiend Cavalry could really be after taking their battle formation.

A cavalry’s greatest forte lied in their charging power as a group. Although this was a hilly region, with the Nightmare Devil Horses’ climbing ability, the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s charging speed didn’t drop in the slightest.

Facing that domineering dark red radiance, Han Yu didn’t have the slightest hesitation and resolutely stood in the front, readily keeping the heavy shield in his hand. His Holy Mantle and Holy Filter Shield which were already charged with Storing Power for a long time were immediately released.

Two successive fire elemental shields appeared before him and a silvery white radiance bombarded the dark red projectile, slightly weakening its offensive power.


The unreasonable offensive power almost instantly shattered the two Fire Elemental Shields and the Holy Mantle, before violently crashing against his shield that carried the power of Holy Filter Shield.

The shield Han Qian gave his grandson wasn’t a particularly powerful piece of equipment, just a magical ranked shield and nothing more.

With a violent boom, Han Yu’s body flickered, clad in golden light; it was Divine Obstruction. This was an ability he had learned from Han
Qian’s Inheritance Ring, but which he only rarely used because the team already had Long Haochen as its core.

Normally, with Divine Obstruction, Han Qian should have been able to easily parry this attack, but in reality, this blow exploded in a large area. Han Yu let out a groan and his shield was violently slammed against his chest, pushing him three steps back before he stood firm again. In the meanwhile, the bodies of everyone in the 21st Demon Hunt Squad were lit by a golden light; it was the release of the vitality sharing effect of the Soul Sharing Shackles, absorbing a part of the damage Han Yu received.

Nevertheless, Han Yu spouted out blood, and a golden light spread out from the cave, falling on everyone in the group.

Luc Xi’s crowd effect restorative ability came with a good timing. It was not only Han Yu that sustained damage, but also McDull that had reverted back from a Grand Birdy Demon to his original appearance as a Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig. Luc Xi’s ability thus benefitted everyone in the group.

Han Yu felt a sharp pain in his chest, but what let him sigh silently was the fact that it had always been Long Haochen who stayed in the front. Now that he was the one to take on that role, he finally understood how enormous the pressure was Long Haochen had to bear every time he relied on his Saint Spiritual Stove to attract the most powerful enemy to him.

Han Yu was shocked to see that Dian Yan, took the initiative to join his side to guard against this attack. At long last, the Mythic Mirror Image Pig’s last attack had a certain effect. With a violent explosion, another two Grand Fiends were directly hit. The lightning’s speed was too fast, to the extent that even the Fiend Lord didn’t make it in time to rescue them.

However, this clearly had no suppressing effect on their side, and a second tyrannical attack was already launched against them.

Still charging as the offense was carried out, the Grand Fiend Cavalry was about to arrive in front of the cave.
Dian Yan’s situation couldn’t be compared with Han Yu’s; his cultivation was very lacking in comparison to Han Yu’s level. Although he had the support of Lin Xin’s two-layered Fire Elemental Shields, after receiving this attack, his body couldn’t resist and was sent flying. The shield in his hand was even shattered into pieces. Spouting a huge amount of blood, he was seriously wounded from this single attack.

The Demon Hunters from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t have the support of companions who shared their damage with them. If not for Luc Xi’s prompt healing, Dian Yan would very possibly have been sent to hell by the attack. And even with the timely healing he wouldn’t be able to continue fighting for some time, since along with his shield, his two arms ended up fractured.

The Fiend Commander of the sixth step arrived in front of them as a change could be seen in the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s battle formation. From their previous conical formation, the formation suddenly changed to a single line. Each of the Grand Fiends held a spear, pointing it forward, with the Fiend Commander standing in the front. Dark red spiritual energy was unexpectedly forming a straight line as it was released from the weapons of every Grand Fiend, entering the Fiend Commander’s body.

At this point, if one paid attention, he would notice that only ten of these Grand Fiends did so while three others Grand Fiends stood idle in the back, probably prepared to defend their peers, and that the Fiend Commander’s body was clearly at its limit.

A spiritual energy of the sixth step meant that it comprised over 4,000 units, and because of the type of their spiritual energy, only the sorcerer type of Fiends would have the possibility of reaching the peak of their step for. Over this limit, none of them could have any breakthrough.

That was to say, this Fiend Commander’s spiritual energy could at most amount to 10,000 units, but couldn’t exceed this amount. But even so, this was already a catastrophical opponent to the two Demon Hunt Squads. Aside from Long Haochen who had yet to be back, no one in their group had broken through the threshold of 3,000 units yet, so how could they
resist the Fiend Commander that benefitted from the combined boost of power coming from all of the Grand Fiends?

“I’ll go first, Yuanyuan will follow me, and Sima will come in third.” Han Yu’s shout was the loudest possible, as the aura of his body increased its intensity tremendously. Grabbing his shield, he released intense surges of spiritual energy, an extremely pure holy spiritual energy that clashed against the Fiend Commander’s attack.

In the midst of exploding sounds, everyone was shocked to see that Han Yu was unexpectedly not pushed back in the slightest. Under the effects of Bright Vengeance, he unexpectedly managed to meet force with force against this Fiend Commander’s all out attack.

The most amazing feat was that Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian didn’t assist him but instead took a few steps back to defend the cave.

Lin Xin continuously released one Fire Elemental Shield after another to assist Han Yu, while Yi Jun released his spatial spells to launch attacks. Luc Xi’s healing and various buffs were also launched without pause, and this was how Han Yu miraculously managed to block the Fiend Commander’s attack. Bai Xiaomo’s botanical summons wouldn’t have so much effect at this time, since the Grand Fiend Cavalry’s riders released some dark red flames and the Fiend Lord was at the rear, glaring like a tiger watching his prey. The wave of the summoning spells she had launched previously had come to an end, and it wouldn’t be possible to prolong them from such a distance.

This was clearly not some kind of random miracle, neither was it caused by some sudden breakthrough from Han Yu’s side. There was only one reason for this sudden increase of power which enabled him to block the Fiend Commander’s attack, and this reason lied in the pills that he took.

The additioned effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pills and the Bloodthirsty Pills increased his strength to a new level. Although it came with a massive consumption, its effects were incontestable. With his teammates help, he barely managed to block the enemy’s attack.
Han Yu knew clearly that even Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian couldn’t possibly have blocked the Fiend Commander’s attack even after eating the same pills, because they didn’t have such a powerful defensive ability as Divine Obstruction, which was why he had the resolve to last for as long as possible, no matter what.
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