Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 221-230


Chapter 221

Yue Ye started to chant in a low voice, and the scroll within the wooden box slowly began to float in the air. Now bathed in the purple moonlight coming from the sky, she no longer seemed pure and holy, but was instead brimming with bewitching charm. Her originally black hair immediately turned into a luminescent purple color, and every component of her recitation was extremely slow, yet firm and strong. Her words were chanted in a unique sort of rhythm, and all the magical elements in the air began to fluctuate wildly. It even seemed as though the blood of the people in the cart formation who were part of Yue Ye’s Chamber of Commerce had been ignited.

“What is she doing?” Long Haochen threw a glance at Lin Xin who stood behind him.

Lin Xin’s face was full of shock, “It seems that she’s trying to arouse this scroll’s power. I believe that her cultivation level should be a lot higher than ours. But how can she possibly make use of such a powerful scroll? This cauldron should be her spiritual stove. And it seems that a rather high ranked magical crystal has been inserted in it. Could it be that she’s trying to borrow this magical crystal’s power to arouse the scroll? She’s really going all out!”

Chen Ying’er also opened her own eyes wide, “Could this scroll be… Could it be the trigger to a forbidden spell…?!”

In Shengmo Dalu, all magic spells of the ninth step were collectively known as forbidden spells, forming taboo and destructive existences. In the battlefield, the mages would forever hold the greatest destructive power,
because they were able to make use of the essence of heaven and earth to display incomparable might. But this was always under the premise that they managed to complete their spell.

Lin Xin muttered, “If that’s a forbidden spell, then I’m afraid that the magical crystal she previously took out must come from a magical beast of the tenth step! These two things are simply priceless. What a madwoman!”

The army forces surrounding them on all four sides clearly saw that purple moon. Their previous oppressing movement abruptly changed, as she rapidly soared up into the air. They were now cautiously approaching them.

After quickly muttering to himself, Long Haochen suddenly lifted his head, “How long should that girl from the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce need to activate her scroll? I don’t know about its power, but if she really completes this spell, this is absolutely not something we can possibly block. Let’s have a little change of plans: After the battle starts, we will have to get as close as possible to that girl, providing protection to enable her to to complete this spell. At the same time, her position should be the safest. Getting close to her will be our top priority.”

The demon army surrounding them on all sides had already closed in up to a distance of 500 meters. The previous buzzing sounds resounded once again, and although this time, the carriages didn’t have their complete erupting power, those fierce magic arrows reeking of blood were shot once again, portraying formidable killing power like the last time. In particular, these larger magical bursts seemed to be able to penetrate the bodies of dozens of the Dual Bladed Demons in the front..

A bloody mist filled the air, making the army of demons feel somewhat sluggish.

Meanwhile, a dense magical radiance started to illuminate the barricade of carriages. The sky suddenly turned red, and immediately, strong fluctuations of the fire element burst forth. A bombardment of fireballs covered a wide area, smashing the demons coming from all directions.
Long Haochen saw that the ones who launched this magic were a group of mages inside the barricade. They weren’t many, only 30 mages, approximately of the fifth step, with a spiritual energy level close to Lin Xin’s. But these mages were using magic above their own cultivation levell.

Rain of Flaming Meteors, a spell of the sixth step. They relied on scrolls to execute this magic. 30 Falling Meteors scrolls, this was closer to burning money than to using fire magic. Magic scrolls of this level would at least cost 10,000 gold coins each, with a demand surpassing the offer by far.

Lin Xin looked dumbstruck, “So wealthy, they are just so wealthy. And here I haven’t even 30,000 gold coins left…”

Their consumption of money was great, but the results were similarly incredible.

The 30 Rains of Flaming Meteors were of incredible scale. In an instant, the earth turned into a blazing inferno, violent explosions resounded everywhere, and spread an unpleasant smell of burned flesh over the whole battlefield. One fierce demon after another was smashed by the effects of these Rains of Flaming Meteors. These 30 scrolls were indeed not a waste of money, seemingly turning all the approaching Dual Bladed Demons into cannon fodder, wiping the ground clean. Even the demons at the 4th and 5th step received severe wounds. The advance of those demon armies was being completely halted.

The Dual Bladed Demons were rather weak, but they were extremely numerous. They formed more than a third of this army of 40,000. The wide bombardment of Rains of Flaming Meteors left the low ranked demons completely unable to survive.

But the 30 mages didn’t stop at that. At the same time as they launched this chain of Rain of Flaming Meteors, all of them took another scroll of golden color out, and started to chant at rapid speed. Soon, one golden luster after another shone in the dim sky and the group of these mages fell to the ground, entering a state of meditation.
The fact that the activation of a single scroll came with such a high consumption only testified for one thing: these scrolls were at least of the seventh step. Only a scroll surpassing the user’s cultivation by two steps could possibly cause such a massive consumption of spiritual energy.

Golden marks appeared in the sky, and immediately descended on the whole caravan. They took the shape of a gigantic golden mantle covering the entire barricade of waggons inside. Only the purple light emerging from the top of Yue Ye’s head, connecting her with the purple moon, could pass through it. Yue Ye’s chant kept going on, not suffering the slightest influence from the surrounding changes.

Long Haochen’s pupils shrank immediately. He wasn’t a mage, and was unable to use fire magic, but he watched the previous scene closely. The activated scrolls should be that of a light system spell of the seventh step, Holy Light Spiritual Formation. 30 Holy Light Spiritual Formations formed a massive defensive area, while in contrast to that, Yue Ye’s spell was filled with darkness aura. She was clearly using a magic scroll of the darkness element. But since the darkness magic originating from the combination of box and scroll suffer any impediment from the light magic, this was clearly the complete suppression coming along with a distinct difference of step. It looks like Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er were right, I’m afraid this is the magic scroll of a forbidden spell!

The demon troops didn’t shrink back just because of the Rains of Flaming Meteors, but became instead even more unyielding. Thousands of purple radiances hit the golden mantle, causing several ripples to appear. This was the attack issued by the Magical Eye Soldiers. The real forces of their armies finally came forth. The Demon Eye Soldiers launched long- range attacks while some human shaped demons rushed to the front. Their height was roughly 1,8 meters, and at first glance, they looked similar to humans, but they had long and narrow faces with eyes of a glinting green color. Their hands were not like humans’ either, consisting of sharp cones extending over half a meter. Advancing with leaps, these human shaped demons surpassed the Dual Bladed Demons with ease, be it in terms of agility or strength. And their fighting methods weren’t the same either.
Those were Berzerk Demons, the main infantry force of the demons’ big armies. With fighting strength surpassing the Dual Bladed Demons by far, and unyielding and tough bodies capable of frenetic attacks, they could be compared with warriors of the third step. Their pair of sharp, stinger-like hands possessed a formidable penetrative power, making them the nemesis of human infantry.

But those Berzerk Demons weren’t as numerous as the Dual Bladed Demons. In times of war, they would rarely be dispatched to the immediate offensive force, this was how precious they were esteemed to be.

At this time, the Berzerk Demons that appeared on the battlefield numbered above the 5,000. The reason for this was simple, the Nubo Clan attached to the Berzerk Demons was precisely one of the three great tribes leading the Nareiks Province.

The Divine Light Spiritual Formation was a massive defensive area ability, with an extremely powerful defensive strength. As the several thousands Berzerk Demons approached from all sides, they were entirely repelled by the magical defense. All they could do was only to attack the Divine Light Spiritual Formation with all their might, trying to consume the spell’s power.

Under the attacks of that many Berzerk Demons and Magical Eye Soldiers, the Divine Light Spiritual Formation was weakening at lightning speed. In midair, a great quantity of Dual Headed Demon Eagles were circling, occasionally probing the Divine Light Spiritual Formation with darkness bullets.

In the sky, aside from the Dual Headed Demon Eagles, another type of human-shaped demons with the ability of flight was present in large numbers. They carried a pitch-black pike in their hands, while flapping a pair of huge wings at their backs. Their deep blue colored bodies were covered with extraordinarily fancy glints, and although they flew in the air, they had a melee style of battle. At the moment they were simply waiting for the Divine Light Spiritual Formation to break.
They were the Birdy Demons of the Kuli Clan. Their fighting strength was approximately at the fourth step, and their speciality was to kill enemies on the ground with their sudden raid attacks from the air. The Kuli Clan was another one of the leading clans in the Province of Nareiks. Together with the Nubo Demons and the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, affiliated to the Xichang Clan, they were the joint rulers of that province.

Within the Yue Ye Caravan, everyone picked up their weapons, regardless whether they were guards, drivers, or were assigned to other duties. Despite the fact that the 2,000 of them already succeeded in killing many demons and portrayed a terrible might, the demon forces of the Province of Nareiks were still completely surrounding them. In case the Divine Light Spiritual Formation was broken, it would be hard to say for how long the caravan members would be able to defend themselves.

Long Haochen swept his eyes over his comrades who were already clad in their armor, “Operation start.”

Although, the Divine Light Spiritual Formation still barely managed to resist the constant attacks, everyone was still focused on the incoming demon forces, and no one paid attention to the changes within the barricade. They just treated the thirteen youths the same as ordinary guards. Long Haochen led the other twelve, taking advantage of the general distraction to get closer to the carriage on which Yue Ye and Leng Xiao were standing.

On the carriage, Leng Xiao had already thrown away the flags and replaced them with a long staff, which she held in her right hand. This staff was entirely pitch-black, and embedded with a scarlet-colored gem, releasing a feeling of pulsing blood. Her devilish figure was still as exciting, but one could vaguely see that the skin of her right hand seemed to be covered with black veins.

Finally, a crack appeared in the golden brilliance after a duration of five minutes. After a few more attacks the Divine Light Spiritual Formation finally shattered, turning into countless dots of lights scattering into the night sky. The whole demon army moved as one entity, frantically attacking the now exposed carriages. Then, the moment everyone feared was there. The demon armies reached the barricade and with the reeking of blood
spreading to them, a dense killing intent finally enveloped the whole caravan.

Chapter 222

In reality, their guards, coming from their organization called the ‘Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’, only amounted to five hundred people. However, each and every one of those five hundred were experts at the fourth step fully armored with magic equipment. There were even some that were already at the fifth step. The majority of those guards consisted of humans, but there was also a small number of demons. For example, it included ten Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons.

The attacks of those omnipresent demons finally came, but the 500 guards blocked their path forcibly. They formed a defensive ring around the caravan and even the people without combat ability, like the drivers, were ready to defend it.

After surrounding the several hundreds of carriages, the frontline of the incoming enemies somewhat dispersed, but through their huge numbers they remained quite close to each other in terms of distance. As the demons charged forward, Long Haochen had already led his comrades within a fifty meter radius of Yue Ye’s and Leng Xiao’s carriage. At this moment, they could not help but stop.

The invading enemies who were coming from every direction did not manage to immediately break through the barricade of waggons, but the aerial attacks couldn’t be blocked so easily..

A fiery red screen lit up as Lin Xin unleashed a fire shield that protected both him and Chen Ying’er. Fireballs and obscure Magic Bullets of the darkness attribute shot out ceaselessly from the mouths of the Dual Headed
Demonic Eagles while the Birdy Demons, who had already been impatiently waiting for a long time, began diving down.

Behind Long Haochen, Cai’er’s body suddenly emerged from the darkness. The tips of her feet tapped the ground, and the next moment she stood on Long Haochen’s shoulders. Dim, cold killing intent flickered in her beautiful black eyes as the bamboo cane that had been stored away for a while appeared in her right hand.

The green bamboo cane was waved through the air and turned into a green blur. Every magical bullet, whether of fire or darkness attribute, was instantly obliterated by Cai’er’s cane. It was precisely the assassin skill, Sly Stab.

Relying on the green cane, Cai’er’s attack happened to cover the perfect range to protect all the members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad, ensuring that none of the Magic Bullets shot by the Dual Headed Eagles reached them.

On the other side, the 4th soldier grade Demon also had a clever reaction. The six of them rapidly gathered in a circular formation, with their three pure-mage vocations inside and their three close-quarter vocations outside. A silver radiance formed above their heads, turning into a disk blocking the bullets while preventing them from explodig. It was precisely the work of the spatial mage Yi Jun.

The two Demon Hunt Squads didn’t stop at that: as they resisted the magical attacks, they kept drawing closer to Yue Ye’s carriage.

At this instant, both Luc Xi and Dian Yan had already put all their previous thinking away. Being surrounded by several thousand demons, they were now in desperate straits. And since they were intelligent people, they obviously invested their best efforts into fulfilling their common goal. After all, they didn’t want to die at such a place.

By now, Luc Xi finally understood why Long Haochen decided to change his plans in this way. When Yue Ye would activate her forbidden spell from the roof of the carriage, it’s destructive power and radius of
impact were easy to imagine. The only way to stay safe would be to stay close enough to her to avoid being hit. The moment of the forbidden spell’s completion was bound to be their best opportunity to break out of the encirclement. Realizing this, Luc Xi couldn’t help but feel full of admiration towards Long Haochen for this decision. To be able to make such an adequate decision in such a short time, he fulfilled his duty as a captain very well.

But trying to get closer to the carriage was obviously not so easy; after the first bombardment with Magic Bullets, it was time for the Birdy Demons to arrive.

Although the Birdy Demons weren’t as numerous as the Berzerk Demons, nevertheless, it was a flock of more than 2,000. Their raid was sudden and they outnumbered the members of the Yue Ye Caravan.

Several dozens of Birdy Demons headed in the direction of Long Haochen’s group. The other demons were ready and cooperated with them: at the time the Birdy Demons entered the range for close quarters combat, the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles immediately launched attacks against the guards defending the barricade.

“Kill them!” Long Haochen shouted out loudly. In one hand, the Holy Spirit Sword glinted of gold and blocked a Birdy Demon’s charge with a dang. Meanwhile, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light instantly released countless rays of light: it was Lightning Thrust.

Using the power of Bright Vengeance, coming from the use of Divine Obstruction, the Holy Spirit Sword transmitted a great deal of power into the Lightning Thrust. It was an instantaneous move that would prove to be pretty hard to accomplish for other Retribution Knights of the same rank.

That attacking Birdy Demon made an all out effort, but was blocked by Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction, creating a shock that immediately made its body dull. How could it possibly stand a chance against the full powered Lightning Thrust executed with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light? Blood surged out of several dozens of wounds on that Birdy Demon’s body as it was pushed back from the massive recoil of the impact.
Long Haochen was already approximately at the sixth rank of the fifth step, and in the whole team, if Cai’er’s Dagger of Samsara that could be compared to a godly weapon wasn’t taken into consideration, he was the most powerful in terms of strength. With his power at the fifth step against an opponent at the fourth step, plus adding his formidable weapons and abilities, a Birdy Demon couldn’t possibly be an opponent for him.

On the other side, Li Xin also displayed formidable strength as a knight. Right after she stabbed her two blazing heavy swords into the ground, Heavenly Battle Array was released, intercepting a Birdy Demon in midair. She immediately linked this move to a Lightning Thrust combined with an Instant Blast Crosscut, a combination that immediately killed the Birdy Demon. With a dull sound the corpse fell to the ground.

During close quarters battles, the fighting strength of these two Demon Hunt Squads was fully displayed in all aspects.

On the side of the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, Dian Yan, the Shield Warrior of the team, was in charge of defending Luc Xi, Yi Jun and Bai Xiaomo whose body was already surrounded by a large amount of vines, having a certain defensive efficiency. With the sharp thorns spurting out unceasingly, the enemies were stopped. Their assassin Han Daosi was roaming in the surroundings, his faintly discernible figure using clever attacks by making use of the night, to find the wounded Birdy Demons and finish them off, aiming at the vital points to kill in a single blow. As Li Xin was guarding their surroundings, her attacks were already a complete display of the talents of a Retribution Knight, though she hadn’t even summoned her own Rose Unicorn.

In fact, because of the formation taken by the carriages, the Rose Unicorn’s fighting strength would be greatly impeded, and furthermore, letting her economize her power would make her of even greater utility at the time of breaking out, just like Long Haochen hadn’t summoned Haoyue.

On the side of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, Bai Xiaomo and Yi Jun, who stood for two of the pure mage vocations, were the ones with the greatest killing power. Bai Xiaomo’s unceasing botanical summons had an enormous killing power, atop of restricting the enemy. A huge heap of
yellow vapor was continuously puffed out by a particular kind of plant, resulting in a decline of the strength and the speed of the charging Birdy Demons, giving important help to the side of Long Haochen’s group.

Yi Jun’s attacks as a spatial mage were quite unique, giving frequently birth to weird glinting silver rays, interfering in the flying trajectory of the Birdy Demons, just as if they were pulled up or down. When their bodies came in contact with these silver lights, violent interferences would be provoked, and occasionally, Yi Jun would release a huge silvery radiance, turning several Birdy Demons into dust, leaving no skeleton behind.

In the battlefield, the more effective attacks were surely the ones combining both aerial and terrestrial attacks. After the Holy Light Spiritual Formation had been broken, the Yue Ye Chamber of Commerce’s side instantaneously sunk into a passive situation. They could still defend against the assault of the Berserk Demons, but it was not as easy to deal with the swooping Birdy Demons, under the protection of the Dual-Headed Demonic Eagles’ magic.

It was still quite easy for Long Haochen and his group to withstand these attacks, but not for the others from the Chamber of Commerce. Within the carriages, the majority of the members were simply ordinary people hefting weapons. Against these demons of the fourth step, they were simply being one sidedly slaughtered. If not for the strong fighting capability demonstrated by those tensome mages in the center area, the interior of the carriage formation would most likely have already become a mountain of corpses and a sea of blood in a split second.

“Charge!” Shouting out, Long Haochen took the lead and directly charged to the side. Cai’er stood stably on his shoulder, making it so that regardless of whether it was the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles or Birdy Demons that attacked, no aerial attack posed any threat to Long Haochen.

Under the Birdy Demons’ assault, it was clear that the carriage formation would not last for long. Only by assembling at the center and defending a small area could they withstand the attacks for some time.
Rings after rings of golden halos expanded outwards from Han Yu’s body. It just so happened that he was located in the middle of the two demon hunt squads, so these light system magic buffs not only took care of 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, but also the members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. After all, there was no guardian knight in the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad.

This was still the first time that these two demon hunt squads had ever closely cooperated, and Bai Xiaomo’s restriction of the enemies in addition to Han Yu’s successive halo abilities caused the two squads to get into even closer contact with each other.

As a priest, Luc Xi had already prepared to use his restorative magic, so that as long as any problems arose from either squad, his healing would be promptly cast. However, the battle had just started and his companions were still at their peak state, so naturally, he was at this time the most relaxed. Subsequently, he also had the time to observe the battle’s situation.

Luc Xi’s gaze almost constantly followed Long Haochen at the very front. Seeing the performance of 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, he couldn’t help but inwardly praise them. As expected, fame follows merit! The fighting capability that burst forth from Long Haochen and his squad was something that soldier grade 4th Demon Hunt Squad could definitely not compare with.

At this moment, Cai’er had already stepped down and disappeared behind Long Haochen. As Long Haochen charged forward to the very front, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian covered the right and the left. They perfectly guarded the side flanks with the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield and that massive staff, which allowed Long Haochen to completely display his strength in his Retribution Knight state.

Even with his eyesight, Luc Xi could only see that the two swords within Long Haochen’s hands were relentlessly waved and pierced outwards like golden rain. The Birdy Demons who dived down at the front all turned into carnage, and unexpectedly, not even one was able to block Long Haochen’s advance. He continued to charge towards their target with a constant speed.
The responsibility of aerial defense fell upon Lin Xin, and layers and layers of fire shields along with Repelling Rings of Fire ceaselessly erupted into the air. All the Birdy Demons were all shot back without exception, and at the back, Han Yu simply unleashed and maintained his halo abilities. The entire team was like a sharp sword that both attacked and defended as it charged forward. Although their coordination couldn’t be said to be completely perfect, at least no mistakes occurred. Within this group, the only one who hadn’t taken action was the girl holding a cute little pig in her arms, Chen Ying’er.

Chapter 223

While Long Haochen’s side was fighting an intense battle, the situation was even fiercer on Yue Ye’s side.

The commanders of the demon army were no fools, and by now, all of them had guessed what sort of big move Yue Ye planned to pull off, that she was planning to use an incredibly powerful spell. Thus, both the Dual Headed Eagles and the Birdy Demons aimed mainly at her.

Leng Xiao was calmly standing there, lifting the magical staff in her hand high into the air. Several blood-colored radiances continuously flashed from the embedded gem.

Each time a bloody red radiance touched a Birdy Demon, it would immediately obliterate the demon in the air, before returning on Leng Xiao’s face to form a faint reddish trace.

From the carriage, a soft red mist arose defending them from the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles’ magical attacks. This was also the reason why Yue Ye stayed close to this carriage, it was in itself a formidable piece of equipment.

The merchant group’s mages had already gathered around the carriage, using their own magic to assist Leng Xiao in the best way possible. Their aim was to resist the attacks at least for a short period of time.

At this very moment, a dozen of violent cries resounded, and immediately afterwards, dozens of blue bright specters fell from the sky like meteors.
Standing on the carriage, Leng Xiao’s expression changed. From the staff in her hand, several dozens of fireballs went up.

But those blue silhouettes that appeared suddenly were clearly not as easily handled as ordinary Birdy Demons. They shifted from the ground to the air, occasionally breaking out with gaudy blue rays, surprisingly dissolving Leng Xiao’s attack.

At this time, Long Haochen’s group was already only roughly ten meters away from them, and could clearly see the silhouettes attacking from above.

Those were also Birdy Demons, but enormous ones. Each of them was over 2.5 meters tall, having a majestic build and impressive muscles. Their whole bodies were covered with blue ripples producing an effect like lightning. The long spears in their hands were a lot longer than the ordinary Birdy Demons’, and their targets were precisely Leng Xiao and Yue Ye.

Compared to ordinary Birdy Demons, there was a single word of difference in their name: they were the so called Grand Birdy Demons. But their fighting capabilities already reached the standards of the sixth step. Within the Kuli Clan, their position was the same as that of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons compared to the regular Dual Bladed Demons of the Zelin Clan. They were simply the true elites of their race. Furthermore, the Grand Birdy Demons were even fewer in quantity, possessing the ability of controlling lightning.

Seeing that 12 Grand Birdy Demons at the sixth step of cultivation attacked the carriage together, it was no wonder that Leng Xiao’s expression changed so greatly. In fact, her true cultivation level was only at the peak of the fifth step: she had yet to reach the sixth step. Otherwise, she wouldn’t have managed to pass the Temple Alliance’s inspection.

“Do you dare act against me?” Leng Xiao shouted furiously and suddenly, black wings sprouted and extended from her back, accompanied by an incomparable burst of aura. Even the sky above her head turned blood red. Her two pink eyes released a crimson flash of light, as she held the staff firmly in her hand, and unexpectedly flew up, welcoming those twelve Grand Birdy Demons in the air.
Incantations were chanted in fast succession from her mouth, as the staff in her hand transformed into blood red globes. Six immense blood red globes instantly shot out, erupting with intense crimson light.


“Forbidden Sky!”

In the sky, a violent explosion resounded, and an enormous bloody red ring expanded with Leng Xiao as its center.

Everywhere this crimson light passed, regardless whether it was Grand Birdy Demons or regular Birdy Demons, all their wings lost their utility. Each and every creature this bloody light touched, all lost the ability of flight, crashing down like stones.

Even Leng Xiao didn’t escape the effect of her terrifying ‘Forbidden Sky’ technique, also falling down on the carriage’s roof.

The ordinary Birdy Demons directly crashed. They either received severe damage or died directly. But the Grand Birdy Demons of the sixth step were originally quite close to the ground. As they struggled in the air, they controlled their bodies’ trajectory with flickers of brilliant rays of thunder and lightning. This method helped them to land safely on the ground, though their plans of aerial attacks obviously ended in failure.

The Grand Birdy Demons stared at Leng Xiao with absolutely terrified faces, but in the instant they touched the ground, they shot out, relying on their astounding jumping capability to reach the carriage’s roof.

At this time, Long Haochen’s group finally reached the side of the carriage. Long Haochen looked at his comrades, “Cai’er, follow me. The others, keep yourselves as safe as possible.” As he said so, his feet tapped on the ground, leaping with full strength and rising to the carriage’s roof as well.

Although the carriage’s roof was wide, Leng Xiao and Yue Ye were already standing on it, and there was simply not enough space for Long
Haochen’s whole team. Otherwise, they would only impede each other’s’ fighting strength.

Having just fallen back on the roof, Leng Xiao saw this youth suddenly leap up from below, and waved her staff with almost no hesitation, aiming a crimson radiance at Long Haochen.

“I came to help you.” Just as Long Haochen shouted this loudly, his Holy Spirit Sword emitted golden light, and an intense sacred power blossomed from it. A sun-like luster flashed in the air, forcibly reducing the bloody spheric projectile to shreds. It was a Shining Sunlight Strike.

Seeing Leng Xiao’s attack being aimed at him, although Long Haochen didn’t know what this blood-red-colored projectile of light was, he didn’t dare to be careless.

Having declared this to Leng Xiao, Long Haochen turned on the tips of his toes. Swinging his two swords at full power, he aimed Light Thorns at two Grand Birdy Demons. He was using his actions to make the relationships between her enemies and himself clear.

As the Shining Sunlight Strike glinted, Leng Xiao couldn’t help but wrinkle her brows. To her, this light attribute aura inspired loathing, but she acknowledged at this moment Long Haochen’s status as an ally. Light attribute was the greatest taboo to demons, and no demon could use abilities of the light attribute. Therefore, this youth was clearly not the other side.

And how handsome was he! At the split second Long Haochen turned around, Leng Xiao couldn’t fight this thought.

An illusory-looking black silhouette suddenly appeared behind Long Haochen’s back, her eyes happening to meet Leng Xiao’s. Even with her formidable bloodline, in the second this ice-cold gaze met hers, Leng Xiao couldn’t help but feel a cold shiver running down her spine.

The two targeted Grand Birdy Demons brandished their lances and sent two lightning bolts in Long Haochen’s direction. They pounced with great violence and aimed directly at Long Haochen.
The effects of the Forbidden Sky technique seemed to have already dissipated. Unfolding their wings, they displayed once again their aerial superiority.

“Dang, Dang.” Two exploding sounds rang out. On the carriage’s roof, Long Haochen didn’t move in the slightest, surprisingly blocking these two Grand Birdy Demons’ charges. Furthermore, they were instantly pushed back, and an intense Bright Vengeance was activated on Long Haochen’s body.

A sphere of golden light shot out from Long Haochen’s chest and unfolded four tiny wings. It performed a flipping motion backwards, until it floated above Long Haochen’s shoulder. The four wings were flapping softly, keeping the figure floating, and melodious chants resounded at great speed.

Light Fairy, Yating.

Hovering above Long Haochen’s shoulder, Yating’s noble and sacred eyes were filled with deep and soft golden fluctuations. Her presence added a layer of golden hue to Long Haochen’s body.

In fact, Yating wasn’t the same as Huang Yi’s elemental fairy that had yet to evolve. In the process of her fusion with Long Haochen, that Light Elemental Fairy had already evolved twice.

Every time an elemental fairy evolved, it would gain important benefits. She wasn’t merely capable of providing support outside of battle, but her assisting power during battles was also extremely great. In terms of the spiritual stove classification, she was considered to be a pure support-type spiritual stove.

Thus, in the split second Yating floated above Long Haochen’s shoulder, he immediately felt the recovery of his spiritual energy increase by at least twofold. Additionally, all the skills he used would automatically have a great level of endorsement. On the surface of his body, an indistinct holy fire rose, raising his offensive and defensive strength substantially. The abilities he would use had their preparation time cut by at least a third.
This was the first time Long Haochen cooperated with Yating in battle, so he still felt quite unfamiliar with her power. But he didn’t expect the help Yating would give him to be so great. Nonetheless, as the Scion of Light and someone surpassing most people in terms of mental capacity, his body adapted to this change at lightning speed.

Just after the two Grand Birdy Demons were blocked consecutively by Long Haochen’s linked Divine Obstructions, he immediately followed up with an Instant Blast Crosscut, supplemented by Bright Vengeance as well as the Light Elemental Fairy Yating’s momentary amplification. This blow was filled with astonishing power, unexpectedly pushing the two Grand Birdy Demons over ten meters back.

At this moment, Long Haochen didn’t need to think about his comrades’ protection, so his fighting strength was completely focused on attack. Two white glows emerged from his chest, pulling two Grand Birdy Demons aiming at Yue Ye towards him. It was the Saint Spiritual Stove’s power of attraction. Subsequently, his Holy Spirit Sword abruptly turned blazing white as he prepared a Holy Sword.

Even with Yating’s assistance, he was still unable to use a formidable offensive ability such as Holy Sword without preparation. But it shouldn’t be forgotten that Long Haochen still possessed his new secret skill originating from the Assassin Temple: Raise Flowers Into Trees.

The Holy Sword was released, combined with another Light Thorn.

Just at the split second Long Haochen completed this Light Thorn, Yating’s first incantation had been completed. The Light Thorn erupting from his Holy Spirit Sword was of a pure and holy white color, tinted in gold. And the Holy Spirit Sword was immediately filled with a rich gold- red glint, corresponding precisely to her Sunlight Fire.

In the past, Long Haochen could already use this sort of ability, but it would come with a huge consumption of spiritual energy as well as a long preparation time. Therefore, it needed to be used with a perfect timing. But by now, not only did his strength rise, but he also had Yating’s help, making him unexpectedly able to launch such powerful attacks quite effortlessly.
Bang, Bang–

In front of such a strong holy aura, even though the two Grand Birdy Demons’ cultivation level was quite great, they were still unable to avoid the damage from its direct hit. Furthermore, compared to their comrades, these two were quite more miserable. Their bodies were pushed twenty meters back and infected by Sunlight Fire. Crying out mournfully, they crazily tried to extinguish the flames, and were temporarily no longer a threat for Long Haochen and the others.

Chapter 224

Long Haochen clearly understood his own position: his current goal wasn’t to kill the enemies, but rather to prevent them from disturbing Yue Ye, giving her the time to complete her spell. Thus, after repelling those two Grand Birdy Demons, he didn’t pursue them with further attacks, but immediately directed the pull of his Saint Spiritual Stove in another direction, attracting two different Grand Birdy Demons jumping at Leng Xiao’s direction.

Although this series of events sounds as if it happened slowly, it was almost completed in the time of a single breath. Although Long Haochen was only at the fifth step, he had forcibly stopped six Grand Birdy Demons by relying on his own power. Although they were mostly repelled by Long Haochen’s attacks, their strength was limited by the fact that they didn’t have the same kind of equipment as the humans. However, they were still six authentic Grand Birdy Demons of the sixth step! The fact that Long Haochen accomplished this feat while being at the fifth step left everyone shocked.

And exactly due to Long Haochen’s outstanding performance, the pressure on Leng Xiao was significantly lowered. Ball after ball of bright blood colored light stopped the remaining Grand Birdy Demons, barely stopping their offense.

Even though their situation was temporarily stable, the whole caravan was facing an extremely perilous situation.

Under the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles’ barrage, the raiding great army had already succeeded in getting a foothold inside of the barricade, and
attacked jointly with the Berzerk Demons. Confronted with this situation, the caravan’s guards were immediately unable to contend.

The night was filled with successive screams as the caravan’s resistance was quickly weakening.

The demons’ cruelty, that led them to slaughter whenever they had the chance, manifested in this situation. None of the human corpses were left intact, but the most shocking was that the Berserk and Birdy Demons didn’t stop after massacring the enemy. They defiled the corpses by devouring them. Even the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles descended at great speed to take their share of human flesh. For them, the human corpses were nothing more than food.

The members of the two Demon Hunt Squads turned gradually more pale by the minute. Although they used to participate in battles, this was their first time seeing such a massacre. This was already beyond cruel, and although their faces appeared pale, their eyes gradually turned raging red. Their rage made it almost unbearable to control the strength they preserved, which caused an overall increase of their fighting strength.

On the carriage’s roof, it was becoming harder and harder for Long Haochen to resist. The twelve Grand Birdy Demons were after all twelve powerhouses of the sixth step. After being stopped in succession, these twelve Grand Birdy Demons flocked together and launched group attacks.

Their whole bodies were covered in strong bluish purple. The glow of lightning shone through their skins and illuminated their sinister facial features. The twelve Grand Birdy Demons aimed their lances at the carriage’s roof and launched a joint charge.

Accompanied by ear-splitting hissing sounds, the carriage’s roof was already completely covered in bluish purple light. At that moment, the Birdy Demons madly charged with their lightning type spiritual energy towards the Yue Yu’s carriage.

Nevertheless, Long Haochen didn’t feel the slightest bit of panic. Instead, he stayed clear headed as he took a few steps back and shouted to Leng
Xiao, who was standing nearby, “Leave it to me.”

A purple radiance flashed from his forehead, and along with the twinkle of nine purple rays of light, an enormous silhouette appeared on top of the carriage.

With its appearance, the carriage’s surface, that could usually be described as spacious, immediately appeared quite crowded. But clearly, Long Haochen calculated the space he would need, so that it wouldn’t affect Leng Xiao as well as Yue Ye who was still in the middle of her chant.

Four exotic purple radiances burst out at the same time, falling separately on Long Haochen, Cai’er, Leng Xiao, and Yue Ye.

Long Haochen and Cai’er didn’t have any excessive reaction, but Leng Xiao and Yue Ye shivered lightly. They were startled to the point that Yue Ye’s incantation was slightly interrupted.

In the next split second, a miraculous scene took place.


An astonishing hissing sound resounded on the carriage’s roof, and immediately, a huge light pillar combining red, gold and green light erupted.

The three colored light pillar rose with fabulous timing, exactly at this moment the twelve Grand Birdy Demons were about to clash with the carriage.

With a flash, Long Haochen’s figure was already in front of Yue Ye to block the attack. Crossing his two swords, he used Divine Obstruction and blocked the charge of three Grand Birdy Demons at once.

The Light Fairy Yating kept chanting without stopping. Long Haochen’s body was covered by at least seven layers of golden light. Due to this support, in his current state, even three Grand Birdy Demons couldn’t possibly break through his Divine Obstruction.
Mournful screams echoed instantly from the twelve Grand Birdy Demons’ mouths.

Without a doubt, the enormous silhouette that appeared on the roof of the carriage was exactly Haoyue.

And this tricolored light pillar was the Essence of Disorder he had released right after his summon.

Grand Birdy Demons also possessed magical attribute, and furthermore, they were only at the sixth step, and didn’t have the same tyrannical power as the Bloodthirsty Beta’s. At that time, even the Bloodthirsty Beta had been heavily wounded by that move, so now those Grand Birdy Demons, whose power was still inferior to the Essence of Disorder itself, stood no chance.

In the blink of an eye, cracks of different degrees perforated the twelve Grand Birdy Demons’ skins. Their whole bodies broke apart while spasming violently.

But these Grand Birdy Demons were after all at the sixth step. Even in a situation where they suffered life threatening injuries, they still did their utmost to escape the light pillar’s range.

But, at the time Haoyue used that ability in the wide terrain of the Exorcist Mountain, it had covered a diameter of 50 meters. But on such a narrow roof, the ability’s effect had at least doubled. These Grand Birdy Demons originally had defensive powers that couldn’t compare with that of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. After being hit by the even more violent second activation of this spell, even if they wanted to escape, they weren’t able to.

Cai’er, who gradually emerged from Long Haochen’s shadow, finally made a move.

An indistinct figure turned into a black flash, soaring up to the sky. The Grand Birdy Demons were of the human-type and shared their physique.
Therefore, during the crucial moments they would have the same reactions as a human enemy.

After the shadow passed them in a flash, bloody holes appeared between three of the Grand Birdy Demons’ eyes.

Long Haochen and Leng Xiao would naturally not let such a good opportunity slip by. In the blink of an eye, Long Haochen put Yating’s support to full use, with a combination of the Holy Spirit Sword and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, along with the blossoming Holy Sword. He rushed forward like a lightning bolt, and with a resounding dragon cry, Ascending Dragon Strike immediately hit two Grand Birdy Demons, cutting their throats with one blow.

At the next moment, the Pull ability of the Saint Spiritual Stove was launched, forcibly stopping two other Grand Birdy Demons from escaping. Ascending Dragon Strike was immediately followed by Condemning Revolving Sword, leading to a complete bloodbath in the sky.

Leng Xiao, who had so far only used magical attacks, now displayed her other abilities. She flapped the wings at her back, and her body turned into an illusory red blur. She didn’t even use her staff but instead attacked physically.

Every punch and kick was accompanied by a sonic boom, and with only three strikes three Grand Birdy Demons were directly killed in succession. Faced with this monstrous strength they had no chance to resist.

After Cai’er eliminated three more Grand Birdy Demons, she turned into a ghostly blur before sweeping past the back of another Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, which she immediately decapitated. Dark blue-colored blood still surged from its neck after she already left.

The last Grand Birdy Demon seemed to have successfully escaped the scope of Essence of Disorder, but suddenly three different-pitched bellows resounded from within the middle of the light pillar and aimed fiercely at its back. Immediately piercing its body, Haoyue finally annihilated this last Birdy Demon.
Compared to the last time he used Essence of Disorder, Haoyue’s situation was much better. Although the expression on his three heads was as before a bit exhausted, the chaotic fluctuations surrounding his body were a lot weaker. This was one of the benefits that came with his recent development.

Leng Xiao gave Haoyue an astonished look, before again staring at Long Haochen. She really didn’t expect that they could completely annihilate the Grand Birdy Demons in such a short time.

At this very moment, a burning ring of fire rose from below, enveloping all the bodies of the fallen Grand Birdy Demons, instantly causing them to disappear. Naturally this was Lin Xin’s doing.

Even the other members of the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t know how large the capacity of his magical storage device was. He hadn’t only recovered the bodies of the Grand Birdy Demons, but he also took the corpses of quite a few ordinary Birdy Demons.

Chen Ying’er smiled discretely, “Has-drugs-bro, you’re really mad about money, aren’t you!”

Lin Xin snorted unhappily, “Which manager wouldn’t make profits when he can, those are all good materials. Just like those demons had no scruples to eat us humans, why wouldn’t we exploit their crappy parts?”

The battle on the carriage’s rooffinally came to a halt, and Yating, loyal to her duty till the end, released a Spiritual Gathering Halo to help Long Haochen recover his spiritual energy at a higher speed.

Her Spiritual Gathering Halo even surpassed Long Haochen’s own in efficacy because it directly borrowed power from the light essence comprised among the magical elements concentrated in the air. Long Haochen felt that this was feasible because his liquid spiritual energy was unceasingly circulating in the Saint Spiritual Stove, compensating for his previous large consumption.
Unfortunately, the halo’s effect wasn’t shared with Haoyue. Light Elemental Fairies were haughty creatures, and thus, her supportive magic would only be used for Long Haochen alone.

“How much time does her spell still need before it will be completed?” Despite the temporary reprieve, Long Haochen was still carefully observing the surroundings. He couldn’t help but let out a long breath: right now, a practically inexhaustible army of demons was crazily attacking their side.

Leng Xiao was startled by Long Haochen’s sudden question, but replied without any hesitation, “It will still take about five minutes.”

“Then, I shall leave the carriage’s roof to you.” Long Haochen declared in a low voice, and leaped to the ground, followed by Cai’er. Only Haoyue remained on the carriage’s roof, and it wasn’t clear whether the previous words were directed at Leng Xiao or Haoyue.

“Economize your spiritual energy!” Long Haochen loudly commanded, and with a glint of golden light, he released his own Spiritual Gathering Halo to support the thirteen members of the two Demon Hunt Squads.

Chapter 225

Long Haochen was the only person within the two teams that was capable of using Spiritual Gathering Halo. It was a secret skill he chose to learn specifically for the sake of the team.

After the crisis above the carriage’s roof was temporarily settled, he had no choice but to return to the side of the teams to command them. It was clearly visible that no matter whether it was in the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad or the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, everyone was completely blinded by the desire to kill.

The 21st Demon Hunt Squad was still a bit better off. For the time being, Wang Yuanyuan had yet to unleash her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s real power, and Sima Xian restrained himself from using Madness. But those from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, including Li Xin, were already going all out. Splendid radiances broke out nonstop, as they slaughtered the demons frantically.

The eyes of the young lady Bai Xiaomo had already turned red. Chanting one incantation after another, she gave birth to mad surges of thistles and thorns. Her body was already surrounded by a dozen plants able to launch piercing thorns, and the pods that caused enemies to slow down were present in the quantity of seven or eight. Her cute little face was already pale, but even so, she kept chanting without pausing at all. Without a doubt, she had already overexerted herself. If she kept going, she would endanger her own life.

Long Haochen leapt down from the carriage, and with a swift lateral movement, dashed in front of Bai Xiaomo. He pushed his shoulder against
her back and immediately interrupted her incantation.

“What are you doing?” Bai Xiaomo turned around, and shouted very fiercely at Long Haochen.

Long Haochen replied furiously, “Have you forgotten my warning? You have to economize you spiritual energy! Do you think you are able to kill all those demons? Protecting ourselves is currently our most fundamental goal.”

“Get lost! Do you think you have the right to tell me what I should do? My father and mother both died at the hands of those bastardly Birdy Demons, you know?! Back off, this lady doesn’t need you to look after her.”

“Pouch.” Lifting his hand, Long Haochen slapped Bai Xiaomo with enough force that she fell to the ground, “Bastard! Do you think your life only belongs to yourself? In this team battle, even if you don’t care whether you die or not, don’t tell me you don’t mind causing your comrades’ death? From now on, you are not allowed to cast any more spells, or else, I’ll beat you up.”

Long Haochen’s voice was full of unquestionable fury. After dishing out these words, he dashed to the front with a side step, and kicked Dian Yan back into line, while sweeping the Holy Spirit Sword in his hand. Then, he hit Wang Yuanyuan’s shield to produce a loud bang.

“I want you to get into formation NOW! Are you looking for death?” As he gave this command, Long Haochen’s body burst out with golden tyrannical bursts of light. Sweeping his two heavy swords, he produced two Light Thorns, that were turned into Holy Sword Light Thorns with the help from Yating’s amplification. His attack cut seven or eight Berserk Demons in half at once. At the same time, sunlight fire erupted from his body and aimed at the Birdy Demons in the sky. With this offensive, he bought his comrades some time to take a breather and reorganize their force.

They had already constantly fought for a whole duration of ten minutes, but only now, as they finally paused, everyone discovered that they already
found it extremely hard to breathe. Although no one sustained injuries, their series of full power attacks had largely consumed their internal and external spiritual energy.

Long Haochen turned around and coldly swept his glance over everyone present, “Starting from now, whoever violates my orders will immediately be banned from this squad.”

A fireball of over half a meter in diameter suddenly came from the sky. It struck a point close to Long Haochen and obliterated several demons with a violent explosion.

This fireball had been initiated by Haoyue, from the top of the carriage, to protect them. Long Haochen turned around once again to confront the demons. In his hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light had been withdrawn and was exchanged with the Holy Spirit Shield. As soon as it appeared, it released the supplementary effect of the Holy Spirit Set, causing a white drizzle to halo around everyone’s bodies, further adding the effects of Spiritual Gathering Halo. The effects were immediately perceivable, and the thirteen members of the two Demon Hunt Squads felt their breath loosening up.

“Li Xin, Yi Jun, you will be in charge of aerial defense. Lin Xin, release Repelling Ring of Fires at my signal against the clustered enemies. Dian Yan, follow me to confront the enemy. Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian, you two take care of the flanks. Cai’er, Han Daosi, adapt your positioning to the situation. Disperse!” These orders were of course directed at the two Demon Hunt Squads.

At this time, Long Haochen finally took command over the two teams for real. With extraordinary efficiency and resolve, such that no one dared refute his words, he incorporated everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad.

From his fight at the carriage’s roof, they had already clearly witnessed the formidable strength Long Haochen displayed in battle. In particular, the 4th Demon Hunt Squad’s Demon Hunters learned to their astonishment that Long Haochen actually turned out to be even stronger than they imagined in
their wildest dreams. Above all, at the time the twelve Grand Birdy Demons were disposed of, the shock of witnessing this scene was already a lot more violent than any speech.

When Long Haochen jumped down from the carriage to rejoin their battle formation and shouted at them in such a way, not even sparing his own allies from his harsh rebuke, he completely shocked everyone who had been fighting with such bloodthirst.

But he was completely right! Now was not the time to compete over the amount of killed enemies. Not when their immediate and much more pressing priority was to make it back alive.

From the beginning, everyone from the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad only saw obeying Long Haochen’s orders as lip-service, and the many demons before their eyes simply signified contribution points! Further adding the deep hatred everyone had for these demons, as well as their cruel and overbearing conduct, they naturally lost control over their urge to mindlessly slaughter the enemy.

At this moment, Long Haochen appeared suddenly, renounced his most powerful attacks to shift to his Guardian Knight mode, while supporting the whole team with the supplementary function of his Holy Spirit Armor and the Spiritual Gathering Halo.

Listening to Long Haochen’s rebuking shouts, their killing intent faded away at great speed, and everyone unconsciously acted accordingly to his orders.

Bang– The Holy Spirit Shield was used to block, repelling two Berserk Demons. Long Haochen completely abstained from attacking, only using both the Holy Spirit Shield and the Holy Spirit Sword for defense, meanwhile relying on his own power to resist the incoming enemies.

From the previous battle, his companions’ energy consumption was enormous, and they now needed time to recover their spiritual energy and rest their bodies, otherwise, how would they break out afterwards? Thus, he
could only do his utmost to strive for buying more time for his companions with his strength alone.

From the rear, it could be clearly seen that Long Haochen’s feet moved in a particular rhythm: with speed, efficiency, and more importantly, balance. He was just like an unyielding wall extending over a range of ten meters. He would instantly appear wherever an enemy tried to charge, and stop it before it could intrude. Divine Obstruction’s golden glint uninterruptedly covered his body and only when this golden radiance would reach its peak, he would occasionally launch a Light Thorn, reaping the demons’ lives while swiftly retreating. Though his Spiritual Gathering Halo was enveloping their group nonstop, it could be said that at this time, Long Haochen’s display belonged to the ultimate achievements of Guardian Knights at the rank of Earth Knight.

And this was after one moment ago, he proved on the roof of the carriage that he was also a formidable Retribution Knight.

In a team, a single powerhouse’s influence was in itself not so important, but a great leader was the real core and soul of a team. Long Haochen was now using action to show his companions what they should do. The other twelve were also excellent figures of the Temple Alliance, but at this very moment, in their eyes, Long Haochen seemed to have reached another level. Even Cai’er was no exception to that.

Perhaps, with the use of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, Cai’er’s fighting strength would be able to surpass Long Haochen’s like before, but be it in regard of observation skills or talent as commander, she was still far beyond comparison with Long Haochen. This observation was done completely without relation to her feelings towards him, but were based purely on objective judgement.

Cai’er suddenly realized that even if Long Haochen and herself weren’t in such close relationship, as long as they ended up in the same team, he would still have become its final captain. His speed of growth was just monstruous.
From the carriage’s roof, Leng Xiao was also observing Long Haochen. The death of the twelve Grand Birdy Demons gave her ample time to make her preparations, and the ordinary demons that came in, even though monstrous in numbers, weren’t any threat to her.

Who the hell is that youth? Since when has there been such a character in Sis’ caravan? Is he really only at the fifth step? And what is that three- headed magical beast in the end? Why does he cause me such palpitation? It seems that this dominance directly originates from… my blood vessels? But, no, it’s impossible, my bloodline is already the most noble one in existence! Even the bloodline of the most powerful human powerhouse cannot possibly surpass mine!

Yue Ye was still silently staying seated on the roof. Her eyes were still attentively watching the scroll floating in front of her, as if the external world was completely unrelated to her.

A rich purple color rose up frantically, as the purple moon in the sky became incomparably distinct. Her chanting scale slowed down, becoming even heavier. The air carried a faintly more humid scent, which was caused by Yue Yu’s thickly condensed magic essence.

The bright purple moon shifted back to a black color, and the horizon similarly grew darker.

A long and mournful hiss resounded in the sky, and immediately, a golden bolt of lightning suddenly shot out of nowhere, directly striking at Yue Ye.

Leng Xiao was shocked. Her figure flashing, she blocked the attack meant for Yue Ye. On her staff, the incomparably intense blood-colored light took the shape of a shield, repelling the sudden golden ray of light.

With a loud rumbling sound, golden-colored snakes dispersed all around, and Leng Xiao’s shield was smashed to pieces. Even her body was hit by that golden bolt of lightning and her legs went soft, almost causing her to fall from the roof.
In the air, a golden silhouette swooped down like a hurricane. That was also a Birdy Demon, and quite a terrifying one at that. His whole body was of a glinting golden color, and the lance in his hand also took the shape of a golden lightning bolt.

Approximately two meters tall, he had a pair of golden wings at his back, filled with dazzling golden lightning. He dived fast in Leng Xiao’s direction.

A Golden Birdy Demon Among the entire Birdy Demons’ clan, there would only be three of them at most, and each of them was a clan leader. This Golden Birdy Demon didn’t seem to possess the strength of the eighth step, but was at least at the peak of the seventh step. Spraying out lightning, its body was filled with overbearing power.

Chapter 226

“Houu–” Leng Xiao suddenly looked up, letting out a mournful dragon cry. A domineering red glint immediately erupted from her body.

It was quite baffling, that after this formidable Golden Birdy Demon saw that layer of red, he immediately stopped in midair and stared at it, bewildered.

Leng Xiao also became different. Her fiery figure grew larger, and immediately, black scales emerged from her skin, soon covering her entire body. From these scales, a formidable and hard to describe aura was unleashed. That aura didn’t originate from her own personal strength, but was the aura coming along with her bloodline.

“Lowly Birdy Demon, for you to dare act against me, you must be tired of living.” Leng Xiao shouted intrepidly. The Golden Birdy Demon aside, none of the other Birdy Demons dared to launch further attacks at her.

The Golden Birdy Demon’s eyes flashed, before he suddenly let out human words with his sharp voice, “Despicable human that dares to pass yourself off as a descendant of the Devil Dragon race, just go to hell!”

As he said this, he accelerated even further, charging straight at Leng Xiao.

Leng Xiao knew that Yue Ye was absolutely right: since these three tribes of the Nareiks Province had the courage to act in such ways, they would not have any scruples until the very end. They clearly didn’t plan to keep a
single witness alive, regardless of their status or identity. Her demonstration of power had already no effect on them at all.

“Sis Yue, you have to finish it faster!”

Leng Xiao secretly called out. She directed all her power into her legs and charged forward to face that Golden Birdy Demon.

It could be clearly seen that, at that moment, Leng Xiao’s whole body was covered with deep black scales, and on her shoulders, her knees, her back as well as her arms, sharp and pointy thorns extended. Accompanying her dashing figure was a blood colored layer of light, covering her entire body. With the courage of the desperate, she faced the Golden Birdy Demon whose power caused a pressure far surpassing her own.

At the same time Leng Xiao faced those troubles, below, Long Haochen also encountered a powerful enemy. A peculiar Berserk Demon, completely covered in scarlet scales, rushed to his front, launching frantic attacks.

This Berserk Demon had an imposing build, along with a height of over three meters. He stood as straight as a mountain. His sharp arms, more than
1.5 meters in length, swept with terrifying penetrating power at Long Haochen.

“Dang – Dang – Dang.” After blocking three consecutive blows, Long Haochen was pushed three steps back. Each of these steps left a deep mark on the ground, and the demon’s terrifying strength left three deep dents on his Holy Spirit Shield. Only by relying on Divine Obstruction’s power three times in a row, further adding the Light Elemental Fairy’s and Han Yu’s supportive abilities, was he barely able to resist these attacks.

Lin Xin reacted fast. He stopped releasing the Resisting Ring of Fire, and instead cast an elemental shield to reinforce Long Haochen’s defense. Luc Xi’s Sacred Light Shield was also triggered at the same time, covering Long Haochen during the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s fourth strike.

What impressed the others the most was that when facing such a powerful enemy, Long Haochen actually triggered his Saint Spiritual Stove
with no hesitation at all. With a white glow, this Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon was linked to him.

The Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon before their eyes was the same as the Golden Birdy Demon that suddenly appeared in front of Leng Xiao: one of the real commanders of the attacking army. For his attack to be that hard to counter with Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction, the strength of this Berserk Demon was clearly already at the seventh step. By chance, this enemy was only at the first stage of the seventh step, with a spiritual energy roughly at the 10,000th level.

The reason for the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons’ name was not the color of their blood. In fact, among demons, none had pure-red-colored blood. But when Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons attacked, their whole body would be covered with an intense bloody red glow, and their pair of sharp edged forelimbs would turn scarlet red as well, which led to this name.

The penetrative power of his attacks was extremely strong, and even with the supplementary effect of the Holy Spirit Protection, Long Haochen’s shield received serious damage.

Long Haochen felt deeply sorry for his own shield, but he had no other choice than to block wholeheartedly. Other than him, none of the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads had the ability to stop this demon of the seventh step.

No matter what, he couldn’t budge. He could only try to block it with all his strength.

Confronting this powerful enemy, Long Haochen’s strength emerged completely. In regard to his abilities, he only combined the Holy Filter Shield with Divine Obstruction. However, how could his display of strength be summarized with only those two abilities?

As his illusory steps became firmer, every step he took left a deep footprint on the ground. The Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demons’ speed and strength surpassed his by far, but Long Haochen blocked him simply by
relying on Divine Obstruction, reducing his crazy advancing speed and hindering him from advancing to the side. Under the influence of the Saint Spiritual Stove, this powerful demon of the seventh step wasn’t able to harm the others before defeating Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s footwork had been passed on to him by Long Xingyu. That means that although he was at that moment demonstrating the epitome of a Guardian Knight’s utility, he still prefered using a Retribution Knight’s footwork.

This footwork had been self-created by Long Xingyu, and Long Haochen added slight variations to it after honing this skill for a few years. It was called Nine Long Footworks.

The so-called Nine Long Footworks consisted of nine kinds of steps, suiting different types of battles. For instance, at the time Long Haochen was confronting the joint attacks of a great number of enemies, he used the nimblest of the nine steps, the Mild Long Footwork, suited for crowd battles. And now that he was facing a single powerful enemy, he used the steadiest of the Nine Long Footworks, the sturdy Suppressing Long Footwork.

Never look down on the difference in footwork. Good footwork is of crucial importance during battle: it does not only strengthen the own stance, but also weakens the enemy’s attacks, and permits the user to control the pace of the battle.

If the only engaging enemy was this Scarlet Blooded Berserk, the other members of the Demon Hunt Squad would have already encircled him after Long Haochen blocked him. This way, they may have prevailed over this Berserk Demon by themselves.

But unfortunately, they were now facing an enormous army of demons, and although Long Haochen was holding the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon in check, he was also forced to focus on him, while the ordinary Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons rushed in without stop.
Dian Yan was also a Shield Warrior, and the shield in his hand was a lot larger than Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Shield. Nevertheless, the gap between Long Haochen and himself was too distinct.

Before the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon appeared, Long Haochen confronted and stopped all the surrounding enemies on an area of a length over ten meters by himself, but Dian Yan was currently only able to stop them on an area of three meters, despite being a warrior at the fifth step as well.

To stop these attacks, he already needed all his strength. But the area that he covered was clearly not wide enough to stop the enemies from attacking his comrades.

Within the 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad, Han Yu reacted immediately to the changing situation. At the moment Long Haochen went to face the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon, Han Yu charged forward sweeping his heavy shield, to cover the front’s defense. They were after all fighting with their backs facing the carriage, and thus didn’t have to worry about their rear defense.

A light emerged from Han Yu’s forehead, spread around and caused the dozen of Berserk Demons to temporarily enter a sluggish state. Sweeping the heavy sword in his right hand horizontally, he produced a glinting Light Thorn that immediately cut the Berserk Demons’ throats. They died but their bodies didn’t immediately fall to the ground, still blocking the path of the next wave of incoming Berserk Demon fighters.

The Demonic Eye appeared above Han Yu, shaped like an enormous hovering eyeball. The ability it used couldn’t be considered incredibly powerful, as it was nothing more than a mental shock. But against those simple-minded Berserk Demons, that only possessed well pronounced muscles but almost no intelligence, it had great effect. The support-focused Han Yu was steadily guarding his side of the frontline. During the first attack of the demon army, Han Yu had been the only one among the two squads to have followed Long Haochen’s orders. He hadn’t attacked the enemy with his full strength, and furthermore remained at his position at the back.
In the past, because of Long Haochen’s excellence and great strength, in addition to his positioning as the rear guard, Han Yu rarely had the opportunity to face the enemies at the front. Now, his battle strength as a Guardian Knight fully emerged, and the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad discovered for the first time how formidable Han Yu’s strength really was. Maybe he was still inferior to Long Haochen, but their gap wasn’t that wide. That was a knight of the fifth step! They couldn’t help but feel puzzled: why didn’t such a formidable knight at the fifth step enter the top sixty of the Demon Hunt Squad Competition? And why did he choose to become Long Haochen’s retainer instead.

Bang– —

Leng Xiao’s body abruptly fell from the sky, violently striking the carriage’s roof. But this carriage was indeed tough, and was unexpectedly not damaged at all from such an impact. Only Yue Ye’s body was shaken as the purple light covering it trembled.

Yue Ye was clearly reaching the most crucial part of the spell. The intense purple glow on her body had already disappeared, and the colored scroll filled with mysteries kept unfolding, and was about to reach its end.

It looked close to being successful!

Leng Xiao’s strength was indeed great; even when confronting powerhouses of the sixth step, she still managed to resist thanks to her formidable bloodline’s strength, as well as the fighting strength of her tough body.

It was a pity that she was now facing a powerhouse at the seventh step. And it was furthermore a Golden Birdy Demon, at the peak of the seventh step and possessing the ability to fly. Although the aura she released could restrict her opponent partially, the gap in strength was still too wide.

After pushing Leng Xiao back, the Golden Birdy Demon didn’t pursue to finish her off, but held the golden lance tightly in his hand, preparing to launch a direct attack against Yue Ye.
With an ear shrieking sound, that golden lance unexpectedly created two ripples in the air, twisting it completely and bursting out with a thunder-like exploding sound.

Even for this Golden Birdy Demon, this was already an all-out attack. Seeing that Yue Ye was about to complete the spell being a powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step, he naturally sensed how terrifying its power would be. If not for this reason, he would never even have intervened personally. It was true that Leng Xiao was also a threat that he had to dispose of, but his immediately most important priority was to interrupt Yue Ye’s spell. As long as he succeeded, this battle was bound to end soon after.

Leng Xiao’s face looked pale and her body was already numb from the impact after that Golden Birdy Demon’s attack. Regardless of how many moves she had left to use, she would never make it in time to save Yue Ye anymore. A flash of despair already appeared in her blood-colored eyes.

Chapter 227

Just at this critical moment, a white glow shot up from below. It wasn’t aimed to intercept that golden lightning attack, but instantly hit the Golden Birdy Demon’s body instead.

A strange scene happened when that incomparable golden lightning lance shifted directions just at the instant it was about to pierce the top of Yue Ye’s head. Instead it swept downwards and was drawn vertically, precisely in Long Haochen’s direction.

This was the riddles solution: at the time Yue Ye was about to die, Long Haochen intervened. He was already putting a great effort into blocking the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon in front of him, but he still used the second ability of his Saint Spiritual Stove, Pull, without any hesitation at all.

If anyone else possessed the same abilities as Long Haochen, he wouldn’t possibly have chosen this alternative of attracting all the danger to himself. An evolved Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon was already an enormous threat to him; how could he resist a Golden Birdy Demon at the peak of the seventh step in addition to that? This move was simply akin to suicide!

But Long Haochen still made this choice. It wasn’t his intent to court death, but he did it after considering their current precarious situation.

They stood no chance against such a powerful army. Even if those two powerhouses of the seventh step hadn’t appeared, and they would only have to confront the Birdy Demons, Berserk Demons, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, as well as the Demonic Eyed Soldiers that had already broken
through the caravan’s defensive line, their group would still most likely be wiped out completely.

Their only chance of survival lied in Yue Ye’s hands. Thus, no matter what, Long Haochen would definitely not permit this Golden Birdy Demon to kill Yue Ye. Only if this forbidden spell was really completed, would they have some hope to maybe turn the tables.

For this reason, regardless of how much pressure Long Haochen would have to face, he seized this chance for his comrades and himself to survive.

*The white radiance that originated from the Spiritual Stove inside of Long Haochen’s chest instantly pulled the Golden Birdy Demon off his course. Behind him, an enormous purple glow appeared, and merged with Long Haochen’s body. It was naturally Haoyue.

In an instant, Long Haochen’s whole body reached the peak of its power and entered a special state. Sweeping his Holy Spirit Shield horizontally, he unexpectedly launched a violent attack against that Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon, which, at the same time, increased his distance to the Golden Birdy Demon to the utmost.

It could clearly be seen that from Long Haochen’s whole body, purple ripples erupted, and a pair of wings, condensed from spiritual energy, spread at his back.

On the Light Elemental Fairy Yating’s body, a golden flame ignited. Completing her incantation, she directly placed herself over Long Haochen’s shoulder. Her whole body ascended, covered with that flame of light, and rose up to the limit.

That’s right, Long Haochen was doing his utmost to fight for this last chance to save his companions.

In the next instant, right after launching a shield charge, he replaced Holy Spirit Shield with Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, and immediately afterwards, intensive blue and golden colored light blended together. It
instantly formed a sharp edged cone, ready to welcome the Golden Birdy Demon’s all out attack.

-sounds of ripples-

A cracking sound exploded as the attack hit, and Long Haochen was completely shaken up. Immediately, blood spurted from his nose, as he was propelled back, shooting rapidly from the sky.

Just at that time, the bodies of all the members of the 21st General Grade Demon Hunt Squad lit up with dazzling golden light, and comprising Long Haochen, a golden symbol appeared on everyone’s chests.

Cai’er, Han Yu, Sima Xian, Wang Yuanyuan, Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin groaned out in pain at the same time, and their bodies swayed violently.

The direction where Long Haochen was sent flying was exactly the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s. Turning in midair, he unleashed Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light completely, violently striking the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s chest.

This blow’s extraordinary power broke out instantly, like a penetrative rain pouring down it brightly struck the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s body, and blood flowed from dozens of wounds.

This blow had been prepared by Long Haochen for some time, and contained all his strength at once.

The purple figure originated from his fusion with Haoyue, further adding the full strength assistance of the Light Elemental Fairy Yating. As a result, Long Haochen’s cultivation level temporarily shot up to the level of a Radiant Knight at the sixth step. Additionally, right before the completion of his fusion with Haoyue, a glint of red light covered Long Haochen’s body. It was the activation of the ability Sacrifice.

The amplification coming from this ability was extremely formidable, but it also came with an equally high price. Nevertheless, at this time, Long Haochen didn’t have any other choice, and could only stake everything. He
was not only confronting the Golden Birdy Demon’s fatal blow, but also the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s counter. If he didn’t manage to dispose of those powerful enemies of the seventh step, who on their side would be able to block their attacks? Would he let Cai’er assume the duty of holding them back? Definitely not; no matter what, Long Haochen wouldn’t forget the oath he swore to Cai’er that he would protect her for all his life. How could he let his most beloved person face such a crisis?

For this reason, he chose to use Sacrifice, and added to this last attack another ability called ‘Last Gambit’.

The Hibiscus of Light’s first hit was directed to counter the Golden Birdy Demon’s attack, and through the bond of life connecting them through the Soul Linking Chains, his companions shared Long Haochen’s pain.

Having surpassed the 3,000th level of internal spiritual energy, Long Haochen was already at a whole new level compared to their previous battles. At the same time the immense and terrifying power struck him back, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s terrible bursting power erupted a second time.

The power of Last Gambit plus Bright Rain-Thrusting Hibiscus ferociously struck the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s body once again, but Long Haochen also suffered the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon’s blow: a sharp stab hit his right shoulder and pierced it vigorously.

The other members of the 21st Demon Hunt Squad simultaneously moaned in pain once again. But the pain resulting from having his body pierced and bleeding profusely could obviously not be completely shared.

Long Haochen still wasn’t stopped by that. Violently stirring Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s power, he stood firm once again, and performed a vertical sweeping motion with both of his hands.

As he forced himself to drain his last reserves of spiritual energy under the influence of Sacrifice, a terrible pure golden flame emerged, and formed two enormous Light Thorns that swept forward horizontally, turning at least
thirty Berserk Demons and Birdy Demons to ashes in its way, annihilating them in one blow.

Long Haochen’s body swayed. Nevertheless, the instant after he launched this attack, his gaze returned to the carriage’s roof.

He already did his utmost, and used his entire strength to get rid of the Scarlet Blooded Berserk Demon and repel the Golden Birdy Demon. He had successfully bought some time for his companions and Yue Ye. As for whether Yue Ye would manage to complete her spell in time or not, was already not within his grasp anymore.

A black figure jumped onto the carriage’s roof, forming a dark golden luster that rose to the sky. Unrestrained and intense killing intent poured out of her and caused even the Golden Birdy Demon to feel threatened.

It was Cai’er.

Cai’er understood more clearly than anyone else how high the price that Long Haochen had to pay was, as well as the reason why he still made this choice. After Long Haochen had been repelled by that golden lightning lance, the Saint Spiritual Stove’s effects had been interrupted because the distance between Long haochen and the demon extended fifty meters

Without paying attention to the situation below, the freed Golden Birdy Demon that lost his weapon still shot up without the slightest hesitation, throwing himself at the carriage to attack Yue Ye.

Cai’er chose this critical moment to take action as well. Despotic Stab!
This was Cai’er’s response to this Golden Birdy Demon. At that split second, Cai’er’s entire body turned into a dusky brilliance and her ice cold killing intent burst out uncontrollably, taking on a material shape. It bombarded the Golden Birdy Demon and caused him to slow down greatly.
, Cai’er immediately struck him ferociously.
If one’s eyesight was sufficient, he would notice how magnificent her fighting skills as an assassin were.

Being an assassin, Cai’er didn’t have powerful defensive abilities like Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction. But what she had was an incomparable dexterity, speed, and terrifying attacks.

Jumping up high in the sky, she struck her Despotic Stab against the Golden Birdy Demon’s right claw. Then, Cai’er’s body instantly turned into an afterimage.

She didn’t choose to stubbornly block this Golden Birdy Demon from the front, but instead relied on her speed. The Despotic Stab’s power just disappeared before hitting again, this time from the side. In the next instant, the Golden Birdy Demon only smashed Cai’er’s afterimage, coming from the use of Doppelganger, into shreds.

Appearing at the Golden Birdy Demon’s back, Cai’er’s chest erupted with innumerable white glows, bombarding that Golden Birdy Demon’s back ferociously. Suddenly, her body came to a standstill in midair, and on her back, countless grey radiances emerged, forming a spiral and condensing before taking the shape of a golden dagger in her left hand.

Clearly, this was an ability similar to the knights’ Storing Power. But to be able to use it while stagnating in midair, although she didn’t have any flying ability, her dexterity was already at an abnormal level.

Under ordinary circumstances, even if Cai’er had used Shadow Doppelganger in combination with the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove when confronting a powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step like that Golden Birdy Demon, she still wouldn’t pose any threat to the opponent.

But the current situation didn’t permit this Golden Birdy Demon to give any consideration to Cai’er, or to fend off her attacks.

This Golden Birdy Demon’s senses were extremely sharp, and he understood thoroughly that Yue Ye’s spell could be completed at any time now. Even if he had to sustain injuries, he had to stop her from completing
it no matter what. For this reason, even though he knew that Cai’er already reached his back, he didn’t pay attention to her at all. Relying on his body’s physical power, he chose to bear the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove’s firepower.

It was an undeniable fact that the Golden Birdy Demon’s physical strength was just too domineering. Even an ordinary magical beast of the eighth step wouldn’t be able to compare with it. Even the incredible offensive power of the Thousand Strikes Spiritual Stove could only cause a few bleeding scratches, but didn’t inflict any really threatening wounds.

Cai’er had leapt over seven meters high into the air, and now that she had exchanged places with that Golden Birdy Demon, his distance to Yue Ye only amounted to about five meters. In a blink of an eye, he would reach her.

The Golden Birdy Demon’s sharp claw was already stretched forward, and his attack was about to hit Yue Ye’s body.

Just at this time, the white glow that stopped him previously appeared once again.

It was the Saint Spiritual Stove!

Was it the so called mutual understanding? The real level of mutual understanding would only show its true colors in a situation of life or death. But wasn’t this exactly the case in the current situation?

Chapter 228

After using Sacrifice and fusing with Hao Yue, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was already on the verge of being completely depleted. But seeing Cai’er’s actions, he finally used his last drop of power to give her some assistance. And this was a crucial assistance.

Attraction and Pull activated at the same time and the Saint Spiritual Stove forcibly pulled that Golden Birdy Demon down. His sharp claw had already lightly grazed Yue Ye’s head, and had thereby torn some of her hair.

Countless grey sparkles took the shape of a dark golden dagger that carried an irresistible killing intent. It violently pierced the Golden Birdy Demon’s back and instantly found his heart. In spite of the Golden Birdy Demon’s mad defensive power, this blow was unexpectedly successful. The Golden Birdy Demon only felt a cold sensation at his back, before his whole body started to spasm violently.

Condensing killing intent into a weapon to launch a material attack was something even an assassin at the ninth step would be unable to do. But relying on the Spiritual Stove of Samsara’s supportive ability Cai’er was now able to do it. As the most powerful existence known among spiritual stoves, the possibilities for the use of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara were naturally matchless, and were obviously not as simple as the mere release of the Dagger of Samsara. Having completed her fusion with this tyrannical stove, Cai’er was without a doubt an incomparable asset of the team’s offensive power.

At that time a blood-colored radiance struck the wings of that Golden Birdy Demon’s and sent that powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step

Cai’er’s dagger separated itself from the demon, and with a turning motion, she landed safely on the carriage.

The purple moon shone brilliantly, imperceptibly increasing Cai’er’s strength, but she only had eyes for a single person below.

Long Haochen revealed a gratified look. After Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light finished the last blow, it had directly been retracted into his body. Lifting up his left hand with difficulty, he did a thumbs up in Cai’er’s direction. And at the same time he made that motion, Long Haochen’s body finally collapsed.

With a purple flicker of light the fusion ended and Haoyue appeared, separating himself from Long Haochen. The Light Elemental Fairy Yating also immediately returned into Long Haochen’s chest.

It was worth rejoicing that at that time, Haoyue didn’t lose his consciousness as well.

A soft white glow immediately blossomed, taking the shape of a pure white light beam which enveloped Long Haochen’s and Haoyue’s bodies.

The one who intervened by activating this healing spell wasn’t Han Yu, but Luc Xi from the 4th Demon Hunt Squad.

From the start of the battle until now, Luc Xi didn’t have any real role in the battle, but he had the clearest understanding of the general situation on the battlefield.

Watching Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s exceptional performance, he already felt numb. And the healing ability he put to use was the most powerful he was able to cast at the moment.

From the white light beam’s summit, pleasant jingling sounds rang out, and a pure white dual-winged angel gradually came into view. Spreading its
wings, it gently drew closer to Long Haochen and Haoyue, and circles of soft colored light entered their bodies at fast speed.

At this time, Han Yu’s healing spell was added as well, but he used a crowd healing ability that affected everyone. Faint golden radiances emerged like a gentle golden rain of light, descending on every member of the two Demon Hunt Squads. Han Yu’s control was extremely accurate, and everyone felt a comfortable sensation from that healing abilitiy’s effects. Soon they were filled with an indescribable sense of comfort.

The ability Han Yu just activated was Angel’s Tears, which he had just learned recently. As for the one Luc Xi displayed, it was the most powerful healing ability for priests at the fifth step, Angel’s Heart.

The wound on Long Haochen’s shoulder healed at great speed, and his battered body was fabulously being restored.

Under the joint use of these two great abilities, Long Haochen finally came back to his senses. He also immediately felt a lot better despite his use of Sacrifice. Rapidly, he took out a pill recovering 500 units of spiritual energy and swallowed it.

Even though he knew that it was impossible to recover thoroughly in such a short time, he at least managed to keep himself awake. He had to remain in a state in which he would be able to command the entire team without too much difficulty. The Golden Birdy Demon hadn’t been fatally wounded by Cai’er, but because Leng Xiao’s attack sent him flying, he didn’t manage to stop Yue Ye. And this terrible forbidden spell, everyone waited for ages to complete, finally activated.

With one brushing sound after another, the scroll floated up and the purple moon hovering above Yue Ye’s head suddenly shot upwards. Immediately following, points of purple ripples spread through the night.

In the sky, this moon suddenly enlarged by several folds, and an incomparably desolate power broke out, as that enormous purple moon turned into a gigantic cross-shaped pillar. As the purple light spread, that enormous pillar descended.
Above that enormous pillar, countless bright moons were formed, portraying the shapes of the different phases of the moon. There were full moons, waning moons, and waxing moons but none was lacking the magnificent splendor of the bright luminous moonlight. The split second after that enormous pillar connected with the earth, the air seemed to completely freeze, and spreading from Yue Yu’s carriage the pillar enlarged to over a hundred meters in diameter, enveloping the whole caravan.

It was as if a large moon of a hundred meters in diameter had fallen to the earth, and every demon it touched, be it Birdy Demons or Berserk Demons, as well as the incomparably tyrannical Golden Birdy Demon, instantly came to a standstill under the light of those various moons. They simply turned into purple sculptures right where they stood, completely unable to move at all.

The only exceptions to this effect were the two Demon Hunt Squads, as well as the surviving dozen of mages. Of course, it also didn’t affect Leng Xiao.

Yue Ye’s figure flickered. At the time the scroll’s magic was unleashed, she had entirely disappeared.

The demon armies that were previously advancing in mighty waves all became motionless, and this even applied to the most fiery and frantic Berserk Demons, whose eyes were now filled with terror.

Within the pillar a hundred meter tall silhouette gradually appeared, and at this time, it didn’t only frighten the demon army, but also terrified Long Haochen and his companions.

What is this? What is this enormous pillar of light? Even though it caused them no direct harm, they all recognized it.

This… This is clearly a demon god pillar! Even if it was only the projection of a demon god pillar, the aura emitted from it was real.

And as far as Long Haochen was concerned, the aura released from this demon god pillar was second only to the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu’s
Devil Dragon Pillar, and a lot greater than that of the three other demon gods he had encountered.

Was it the effect of that forbidden spell? A spell leading to the summon of a demon god pillar? Could it be that Yue Ye really summoned a demon god?

Quickly, Long Haochen obtained a reply to this question. Yue Ye’s forbidden spell didn’t summon a real demon god, only the projection of a demon god and nothing more. He could be sure because the enormous figure that emerged gradually became more and more distinct: and turned out to be Yue Ye herself.

The current Yue Ye calmly floated in midair, her immense body perfectly harmonious. Her hair was now of a glamorous silver, and she was clad in brimming purple with countless ripples moving her long skirt.

Raising her arms, her voice, brimming with power, seemed to transcend time and space, “For profaning our Yue’s merchant group in such a despicable manner, you shall suffer Yue’s punishment.”

A round moon descended from the sky and hovered close to the ground, right in front of their eyes. Instantly, it spread like a purple ocean.

The purple moon enlarged and as if purifying everything, his light melted all the corpses, be it human or demon, at astonishing speed. Even more surprisingly, the army of many thousands of trembling demons outside of the white moon’s influence didn’t show any intent to escape. They just stood still, as if they were simply waiting for the moonlight’s baptism.

Luc Xi’s voice was somewhat trembling, his eyes evidently filled with fear, “This… Isn’t this the Moon Demon God, Agares?”

The Moon Demon God Agares was the second ranked of the seventy-two demon gods, second only to the Demon God Emperor and bearing the role of his most trusted aide. His status among demonkind was equivalent to that of a prime minister, and he was their most powerful existence aside from the Demon God Emperor. His ability was almost completely lying in the
magic field, and it could be said that he was the most powerful user of darkness magic at the present age. His body appeared completely humanoid, and his most distinctive feature was his grey hair, streaked with purple.

Everyone in Long Haochen’s group felt extremely dazzled. In the shine of the glowing moonlight, they could see that the distant army of fierce demons was fading away at great speed.

“Eliminate these demons.” The cold voice that was silently transmitted to the ears of the thirteen Demon Hunt Squad members was precisely Yue Ye’s voice.

Just as Long Haochen’s group thought, the forbidden spell’s real scope of effect only covered a certain range. Outside this range, the forbidden spell only had a restricting effect.

With a black flicker of light, Cai’er was the first to awaken from her state of shock, and also the first to act. She immediately focused on the greatest threat, the Golden Birdy Demon.

Restricted by this purple moon, that formidable Golden Birdy Demon could only contract his muscles, unable to defend himself as if simply waiting to be slaughtered.

The other’s reactions weren’t slow either, and the fight resumed once again with a certain difference. This time it was a one-sided slaughter initiated by them.

“Preserve your spiritual energy as far as possible while you kill the enemy! This time it’s merely about contribution points.” Long Haochen commanded in a low voice, just loud enough that his comrades all heard it. He was currently unable to join their slaughter. He only sat cross-legged and in a meditative state on Haoyue’s back.

It couldn’t be denied that Luc Xi’s healing ability was extremely powerful, but even so, he wasn’t able to compensate for Long Haochen’s energy consumption while using the ability Sacrifice. According to Long
Haochen’s estimate, even with the full support of a priest with top-notch healing abilities like Luc Xi, he would still need three days to recover to his peak condition after fusing with Haoyue and suffering such severe injuries.

By chance, the majority of his comrades still preserved some strength.
Nevertheless, their following route would be even harder now.

A diameter of a hundred meters was a large area, but in the end, all the demons within the scope were stunned. The two Demon Hunt Squads acted in coordination with the remaining mages, and soon enough, all the demons were killed.

As each and every demon died, the purple glows on their bodies gradually disappeared. Cai’er naturally carried the Golden Birdy Demon’s corpse back and threw it at Lin Xin. After this satisfying slaughter, the six members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad wore unprecedentedly gentle expressions.

Chapter 229

The Moon Demon God’s descent was accompanied by an incomparably strong aura of power, but the weird thing was that it appeared completely silent.

That massive purple-colored moon retracted at fast speed, and in a little moment, all its splendor vanished. All that remained was nothing more but a wide halo of light.

The moonlight had spread to a diameter of a thousand meters, and within this scope, not a single living enemy remained, be it on the ground or in the sky.

After they underwent this forbidden spell’s bombardment, only about 10,000 demons were left of this enormous army of 50,000. And facing this purple halo, they weren’t able to muster the slightest courage to attack for now.

“Xiaoxiao, drive the carriage. Mages, get in, and close range fighters, follow. It’s time to break out!” Yue Ye’s figure appeared once again on the carriage’s roof. Her face was deathly pale, of an unhealthy white color. She trembled as she hunched forward, and blood was flowing from the seven apertures of her snowy white face. Regardless of how beautiful she originally was, right now, she just appeared unsightly and mournful.

But even at that time, with her body being close to collapse, she still remained clear-headed as she made the necessary arrangements.
Just like Long Haochen guessed, the moment right after the forbidden spell’s completion was the best chance to break out. The great army of demons was in such a terrified state that even though a large quantity of goods had to be abandoned, this was their best opportunity to escape.

Long Haochen gave his teammates a glance and they immediately mounted the carriage without hesitation. This carriage was extremely broad, and would have no problem accommodating twenty people. It wasn’t pulled by ordinary horses either, but Unwavering Manes. This sort of magical beast didn’t have any offensive abilities, but possessed an extremely good endurance, and fit all types of terrains. Even in the desert, they would be a lot more useful than camels; additionally, their imposing build made them at least one third of a meter taller than ordinary fine horses.

Yue Ye’s carriage was pulled by sixteen Unwavering Manes. Although the previous battle was quite severe, the Unwavering Manes were fabulously protected by the mages, which was the absolute order Yue Ye gave them. The Unwavering Manes were after all their ultimate hope for breaking out.

No one contested, and of the Demon Hunt Squads, Luc Xi, Yi Jun, Bai Xiaomo, Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er took the lead to hurriedly enter in the carriage. It could be said that, if not for the exceptional display of the two Demon Hunt Squads, the twenty mages of the caravan wouldn’t have survived this attack. In particular, Long Haochen’s heroic display of self- sacrifice caused these mages to admire him sincerely.

The close-quarters vocations didn’t get on, but surrounded the carriage. Long Haochen spoke to the nearby Li Xin, “Sis, let’s go to the front and rush out from there. The other close-quarters fighters, get on. Defend the carriage!”

All the close quarters fighters currently belonging to the two Demon Hunt Squads immediately complied to Long Haochen’s order.

Haoyue’s six eyes were clearly duller than normal. Before summoning him, Long Haochen had had Haoyue prepare his Essence of the Disorder
through their mental connection. Otherwise, how could he attack with such a formidable bursting power in the instant he was summoned?

Due to the fact he used an ability of a higher step than his own, in addition to his previous fusion with Long Haochen, he was naturally exhausted. But although his own consumption was quite big, by chance, Haoyue’s strength grew as a whole since the previous battle, as he evolved to some extent. At the present time, this was what allowed him to maintain a certain fighting strength.

Yue Yu jumped with Leng Xiao’s support on the coachman’s seat. Leng Xiao wasn’t familiar with driving a carriage, but she had a very wild natural temper! As she waved the horsewhip, the Unwavering Manes obediently ran into the direction she directed. In this bloody night, they couldn’t even pay attention to the direction they were heading to, as their very top priority was to escape.

Yue Ye leaned on Leng Xiao and looked at Long Haochen who was riding on Haoyue.

Cai’er didn’t enter the carriage, but stood calmly at Yue Ye’s side. In case Long Haochen was stopped by an enemy, she would undoubtedly be the first one to intervene.

Meanwhile, Luc Xi was leaning out of the carriage’s window, silently waving his staff to send a glinting pure white radiance, enveloping Long Haochen as well as Haoyue.

This was the first time Long Haochen enjoyed the full power of the healing a priest at the fifth step could provide. He didn’t know what ability Luc Xi was currently using, but with Luc Xi’s healing, his previous enormous consumption of internal spiritual energy was being restored at an astonishing speed. Even the aftereffects of the use of the ability Sacrifice were also healed.

Even if Han Yu learned even more healing abilities, he was in the end a Guardian Knight, and not a real priest. The utility of a formidable priest in a team wasn’t something that could be replaced that easily.
Leng Xiao watched the healing magic being cast at her side and wrinkled her brows, asking in a low voice full of loathing, “Are you the one who invited them as guards?”

Yue Ye shook her head, revealing a complex expression.

All the remaining demons were completely terrified by the previous forbidden spell that appeared to them like an apocalypse, but it was after all an army of 10,000, and one that surrounded them from all directions. Considering their numbers, a confrontation would be unavoidable, if Long Haochen’s group wanted to break out.

“Ying’er!” It could be seen that the distance to the frantic army of demons had reduced to only a hundred meters, as Long Haochen suddenly shouted.

“Gotcha.” Chen Ying’er replied in her cute voice. Hearing it, Yue Ye, Leng Xiao as well as the caravan’s mages didn’t find it particularly strange. But the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads were really surprised when they saw this female summoner approach the window.

Starting from the beginning of the battle to now, Chen Ying’er had only been staying by Lin Xin’s side, and even if the battle was so intense, she hadn’t done anything at all.

The 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad somewhat understood the situation, as they knew that this girl was not very reliable as a summoner. They didn’t mind it, but what they didn’t know was that now that she possessed a contracted beast like the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, she wasn’t so weak anymore. Furthermore, her teammates also remembered the instruction Long Haochen gave her before the fight started. Originally they had thought that he wanted her to intervene the least possible and to preserve her magical crystals. But now that they thought about it, it couldn’t be so simple! Otherwise, why would Long Haochen call out to her right at the moment of their sortie?

Chen Ying’er’s move was fast. She fed the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig the magical crystal of a magical beast of the fifth step, and the
Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s body suddenly lit up with a silver- colored radiance.

This silvery light was different from the one spatial attribute mages usually released. Under normal conditions, their magic would emit a pure silver color, but the ripples surrounding Chen Ying’er and her Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig possessed the color of silvery starlight, a quite fantastic color. McDull, formerly lazily nestling against Chen Ying’er’s bosom, ate the magical crystal readily. Then, his spiritual force suddenly metamorphosed. Under the halo of starlight colored magic, his body suddenly floated up from within the carriage.

Chen Ying’er murmured something in a low voice. While the silvery light was released from the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, Chen Ying’er’s eyes brilliantly lit up in the same starlight color. Then, everyone around felt the strong mental fluctuations her body emitted in large numbers. The army of demons was in a frenetic state, but in the end, they were incredibly dominant in number, and the terror they felt gradually weakened with the disappearance of the forbidden spell’s effects. As long as they were aroused by the reeking of blood and the prospect of a new battle, their fighting power would very rapidly recover. Breaking out from the encirclement would clearly not be so easy to be done. Leng Xiao and Yue Ye wrinkled their brows: they had already been sparing no efforts, and at that time, Yue Ye couldn’t use any force. Her substantial consumption of mental power could already cause her to lose consciousness at any time. Luc Xi’s healing wasn’t directed at her, but even if he was willing to heal her, she wouldn’t dare accept! Regardless of whether it was Yue Ye or Leng Xiao, the two of them had darkness as their main attribute. Accepting to be healed by a priest’s sacred magic, wouldn’t it be akin to courting death? As Leng Xiao urged on the draught beasts, her mental capacity was already reaching its limit, and in the carriage, the caravan’s mages tried to call forth the little spiritual energy they had left, making their preparation to release their magical power to attack at any time.

From the looks of it, in the top front, Long Haochen and Li Xin would soon encounter the first demons. But suddenly, a resonant dragon cry resounded, shaking them completely.
In the dim night, an indistinct black silhouette appeared, and the approaching dragon roar coming along didn’t miss to attract all the demons’ attention.

Thick scales, immense horns spiralling above its head, a pair of terrible wings that almost seemed able to cover the entire sky, and a frightful aura released from its eyes. That roaring creature was impressively a dark dragon. And its immense wings were suddenly flapped as it dove down as imposingly as a mountain towards the demon army. For every demon, it was the rule that the strongest dominated the weak ones, this was the cruel reality of the food chain system. And the one on the top of this chain was without a doubt the Demon God Emperor.

The Demon God Emperor had his own clan that shared his bloodline, which was called the Devil Dragon Clan. This was also the reason why he was called Devil Dragon Emperor, as devil dragons was the name given to the ones belonging to his tribe. The name humans gave them was a bit different. They simply called them ‘Black Dragons’.

The fact that the Demon God Emperor was able to rule the entire demon race in a such a stable manner wasn’t only due to his own strength, but it was also related to his own clan’s extremely important status.

The devil dragons weren’t numerous; even at their flourishing age, they didn’t exceed 2,000. But even a newly born Black Dragon would be innately a powerhouse of the seventh step. A grown-up one would reach the terrible eighth step, without need for specific efforts. As for the ones that would reach the ninth step, they were the direct subordinates of the Demon God Emperor Feng Xiu, the so called Black Dragon Forces.

Chapter 230

The Devil Dragon Clan had an incredibly slow reproducing speed. They would be able to give birth only once every hundred years, and there would only be a single descendant every. Maybe it was because of their status as demons, but these Black Dragons’ method for giving birth was entirely different from the other dragons’. They weren’t born as eggs, but as a fetus, and this was the first reason why the Devil Dragons would be so powerful upon birth. Every time they gave birth, a single Devil Dragon would be born. Twins would only appear once every 1,000 years.

These Black Dragons’ strength could be judged simply by looking at their size. The ones whose length was below 20 meters were at the so-called young stage. Between twenty meters and fifty meters, they would be at the adult generation, corresponding to the eighth step. And above the 50 meters of length, they were the Devil Dragon Emperor’s direct subordinates. Among them, the Devil God Emperor Feng Xiu had twenty Devil Dragon Kings as his subordinate, whose size was above 80 meters, which would reportedly correspond to a spiritual energy over the 30,000. From this, the strength of the Devil Dragons could be clearly seen.

If not for the Demon God Slayers’ formidable equipment, they wouldn’t even be a threat for the Demon God Emperor.

And at this very moment, from the massive silhouette of a size over 50 meters that launched the dragon cry a moment earlier, a faint dim purple glint shone.

It didn’t have any overbearing aura, but at the moment this massive figure arrived above the carriage’s roof and unfolded its wings, the demon
army’s formation was completely broken.

It was clearly a Black Dragon, direct soldier of the Demon God Emperor, that they were facing. Upon realization, his army of the Nareiks Province immediately scattered in panic, in all direction.

In these demons’ thoughts, perhaps even the most powerful human powerhouse wouldn’t be so terrifying. A confrontation with the highest existence in their own race’s food chain could only leave them in total panic.

They were totally unable to suppress this fear, coming from the depths of their own body, causing everyone aside from Leng Xiao, Yue Ye, as well as Long Haochen and Chen Ying’er to stare blankly. Just like that, this unpierceable natural fortress disappeared.

“Speed up!” Long Haochen shouted out loudly, and below, Haoyue accelerated suddenly, arriving to the top front together with Li Xin’s Rose Unicorn.

Leng Xiao unconsciously urged the Unyielding Manes with her whole might. They hurriedly followed Long Haochen’s lead, pulling the floating carriage.

This enormous Black Dragon that appeared in the sky was truly domineering. Just as it appeared, the army of demon was completely routed, and none of the demons had the courage to launch an attack.

Yue Ye whispered to Leng Xiao by her side, “Your guardian?”

Leng Xiao shook her head with a helpless smile, “I’ve sneaked out to come for this operation, how could there be a guardian for me? That… That seems to be a fake one, he doesn’t have my clansmen’s aura on his body.”

“A fake?” Yue Ye stared blankly, but with her intelligence, she immediately associated this occurrence with Long Haochen’s previous shout to Chen Ying’er. Looking at this young knight seated on a three-
headed beast’s back, she was at a complete loss. Who in the end is he? Is he really as young as he looks to be?

Rushing out at mad speed, they managed to run for a distance close to five kilometers in only ten minutes.

Now that the army of demons had already been thrown off far behind, at this time, even if that army wanted to go after them, they wouldn’t catch up.

In the sky, the intimidating and unequalled Black Dragon disappeared without any omen, and at the same time, a silvery speck of light shone in Chen Ying’er’s eyes.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig appeared on Chen Ying’er’s bosom with a lazy appearance, seemingly totally tired. He shut his two eyes and starting to snore loudly, and on his soft skin, faint traces of silvery light scattered around, causing a change to appear in his aura.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s method of advancement was completely different from the other magical beasts’. His magical crystal in itself was unable to evolve; it only able to accumulate energy in its body. Only when going through the use of its imitating and causing the enemies’ terror could he make some advancement regarding to the nature of this energy. This evolution process was extremely complex, but clearly, what he experienced just now was a boosting force to his evolution process. As for how long it would take for a complete evolution, it was hard to say.

Chen Ying’er clearly looked exhausted too, directly sitting on the carriage’s floor in a cross-legged position.

After they had personally witnessed at the condensation of this harmless- looking pig into such a terrifying dragon, everyone started to look at her with different eyes.

This female summoner that the 4th Demon Hunt Squad’s members had originally taken as being a useless person had unexpectedly already become so powerful. This simple fact made their last feeling of superiority vanish completely.
The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig was capable of imitating any of the magical beast they encountered previously, in exchange for the consumption of his own spiritual energy. Just now, he had used the Imitation ability, and not the Mirror Image Copy. And in this situation, he actually had a big weakness: he didn’t have the aura of a Black Dragon on its body at all. This Black Dragon that he imitated was the one that appeared together with the Demon God Emperor in front of the doors of Exorcist City.

But the demon army of the Nareiks Province had already been frightened by the previous forbidden spell. Having experienced this, how could their defensive line not collapse when running into the peak existence of their food chain’s appearance? How could they possibly still be able to keep their calm and pay attention to this Black Dragon’s aura? And they didn’t have anyone that was able to detect a Black Dragon’s real aura among them.

Nonetheless, even if it was only the external appearance of a Black Dragon that had been imitated, this still came with a massive consumption of spiritual energy. To supplement the Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig’s energy, A magical crystal of the fifth step just had to be consumed. Otherwise, he wouldn’t be able to produce such an immense illusion. That was the overbearing appearance of a Black Dragon of the ninth step!

Some looked up upon Chen Ying’er’s contracted beast, which actually held such a formidable power, but a few admired instead Long Haochen for his foresight, the incredible advance he had in his preparations.

Prior to this, as they were defending the carriage, he hadn’t let Chen Ying’er intervene at all, even in the biggest times of danger. If the Black Dragon had appeared in that timing, they would definitely have won over an important amount of time. Even if they were seen though, they would still have had a far easier time to defend the carriage.

But if Chen Ying’er had chosen that moment to act, how would they have broken out of the siege without complications? An illusory ability would often only have great effects during its first uses, when it wouldn’t easily be seen through, but when used multiple times against the same opponent, it could only appear like a joke and nothing more.
Giving Long Haochen a last deep glance, Yue Ye finally collapsed in Leng Xiao’s bosom, sinking into an unconscious state.

Hurrying in their journey, they didn’t stop for a whole duration of two hours. The danger was still present, and even under Long Haochen’s lead, they could only run away in a set direction. Even with the Unyielding Manes’ endurance, after running with such rush for an entire duration of two hours, their speed clearly decreased.

Inside of the carriage, everyone seized the moment to grab some rest, as they didn’t know how distant the danger was.

Luc Xi occasionally released magic on Long Haochen and Li Xin, as well as their mounts. Now was clearly not the time for rest.

After looking at a wide forest, Long Haochen finally let Haoyue drop his speed, making his way into the carriage.

After Haoyue stopped over, the exhausted Unyielding Manes behind him did the same. Although Leng Xiao’s body wasn’t wounded, after having gone through such a battle and escape, she was extremely tired too, leaning on the carriage behind her back and gasping for breath.

“Let’s rest there. After a hour, we will proceed with our journey. Get something to eat everyone.” After Yue Ye lost consciousness, it was as if he had become the commander here.

Without need for Long Haochen’s instruction, the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads had already sat in succession, gathering together in front of Long Haochen.

Sweeping his glance through them, he asked, “Has everyone already recovered to some extent?”

Everyone nodded in succession. Although the insides of the carriage were crowded, it was still smooth enough for everyone to have ample rest during the escape of two hour. During the previous battle, they hadn’t confronted any of the most powerful enemies, and had only minor injuries.
With Luc Xi and Han Yu’s healing, they had already recovered quite importantly.

Long Haochen looked at Dian Yan, appearing full of grief, declaring in low voice, “My grief.”

As the chief guard of the caravan, Dian Yan’s uncle Dian Xuan had certainly been submerged by the demon army. In this time of intensive siege, no one had the ability to save him.

Dian Yan didn’t utter a word, only lowering his head, his eyes filled with clear feelings of hatred.

Sima Xian stood at his side, lifting up his big hand to pat his shoulder. At this time, strong bursts of hatred instantly came out from many of the members of the two Demon Hunt Squads. Among them, too many had lost relatives in the demons’ hands.

“Captain Long, are you okay? In the previous battle, your consumption was really too massive. I’m afraid that you won’t be able to recover in a short time enough.” Luc Xi asked Long Haochen with some worry.

Long Haochen nodded with a smile, “I can still keep going on, thanks a lot for your healing, Captain Luc.”

Luc Xi shook his head lightly, “There’s no need to call me captain. Starting from now, we should only have a single captain. We hope to act as your 21st general grade Demon Hunt Squad’s subordinates. I already talked over this with my mates just now. We decided to abandon all our rewards as well as the contribution points we lent you.”

Long Haochen looked distracted, “Captain Luc, you…”

Luc Xi forced a smile, “If you keep calling me captain, we won’t have any face left for ourselves. It was our idea to follow the freelance merchants to enter the demon territory, causing the whole team to be exposed to such danger. We cannot avoid this responsibility. In fact, we have all seen your commanding ability as well as your strength as
individual, Captain Long. With all the experience we will gain from the participation to this mission by your side, how could we dare keep making such extravagant demands?”

This great battle already left a profound impression in Luc Xi as well as the members of the 4th soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. Perhaps could they compare with the other members of this ex-1st Demon Hunt Squad to some extent, but they already held their captain Long Haochen in incomparable esteem.
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