Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 21-30


Chapter 21

Long Xing Yu said: “Two kinds of spiritual energy exist: the external and the internal. External spiritual energy is used to cause changes to the body and to enhance it. Simply said, it is generated in the body with physical practice and enables the power and the toughness of your body to be enhanced, attaining a new level. But since it is the body’s power, it has its limits. This limit is the 200th spiritual energy level.”

“Like I have already taught you, the division between the second and the third step is the watershed moment in any vocation. The majority are unable to break through the second step throughout all their life, not even speaking about entering the third one. For knights like us, it is impossible to train inner spiritual power, just like for mages it is impossible to change the mastery element.”

Your current external spiritual energy still has room for progress, but if we were to wait until you reach the 200th spiritual energy level by external practice, it would just be a waste of effort. I had you sit in a meditative posture for a year to get your internal energy ready for this moment. You have to know that along with the growth of his inner spiritual energy, the strength of one’s body will also grow. When one’s spiritual energy is higher, completing skills will require him to use his inner spiritual energy together with his external spiritual energy.

“Give me the awakening stone you brought from Hao Yue Hall.” Long Xing Yu extended his hand towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen handed the yellow rock to his father.
Long Xing Yu told him: “For the next two years, I will make you cultivate your inner spiritual energy and, at the same time, practice to get your external spiritual energy to the peak level and you will have to study the secrets of spiritual stoves as well. Right now, I have to make you first accomplish the most solemn ceremony for us, knights, the Sacred Awakening.”

Long Hao Chen listened carefully. On this early morning, he was very clear-headed because he had slept earlier the day before. He pledged that he wouldn’t let his father down, and that he would train even more seriously than before, for the sake of this father he troubled so much.

Long Xing Yu continued: “From some points of view, we knights belong to the magical swordsmanship school. Those swords skills I taught you use your spiritual energy. The next step is the cultivation of the inner spiritual energy, and we have a single mastery element and it is the holy attribute”.

“This awakening stone that I told you to bring will transform the light attribute of your body. The higher your innate mental capacity is, regardless of your physical condition, the more effect the awakening stone will have. But you have to know that our holy arts and the magic from the mages are not the same. Mages use the power of magic elemental spells, but we, the knights, directly use the spiritual energy in our bodies to form our holy arts. But in fact, there is an important factor. The deeper one grasps the Ten Rules of A Knight, the stronger his holy magic will be. Understood?”

Long Hao Chen pondered for a moment before replying: “Father, are you saying that knights like us only need to seriously practice our inner spiritual energy to be able to master sword skills and holy magic, these two different styles?”

Hearing these words, Long Xing Yu was surprised. He didn’t expect Long Hao Chen to understand so quickly.

“That’s right. You can interpret my words like that. The spiritual energy of knights is used for sword skills as well as magic. This is what makes us
completely different from warriors who cannot use magic. Okay, let’s begin the Awakening now. Come out

Part 2:

With these words, Long Xin Yu brought Long Hao Chen out of the log cabin and they headed towards the peak of the mountain.

Long Xing Yu waved his left hand and a thick layer of golden light spread out from his body, forming a golden mantle that was quickly growing, from 16.5 meters (5 Zhang) to 33 meters (10 Zhang), enveloping both father and child.

This rich light seemed as if it tried to fill Long Hao Chen’s soul; when bathing in this golden radiance, his whole body felt stronger. The [Heavenly Battle Array] that Li Xin used released a holy light, but compared to the golden mantle that Long Xing Yu formed, it was simply the same as comparing a firefly to the moon.

“This is the [Bright Blessing], a high ranked defensive skilled used by high step knights. Hao Chen, close your eyes and stay focused. Regardless of whatever you feel, you must stay calm, and quietly feel the changes in your body. Specifically, try to comprehend the light, understood?”


Long Xing Yu looked at the kid in front of him, took a deep breath, and slowly lifted the awakening stone in his right hand. He didn’t tell Long Hao Chen at all that, compared to an ordinary knight’s [Sacred Awakening], his [Sacred Awakening] was going to be way more painful and hard to bear. Because his spiritual energy didn’t reach the 110th rank yet, compared to the peak Standard Knight who went through this awakening, the burden that was going to be put on his body was immeasurable. Naturally, it was by this way that Long Hao Chen’s potential would develop the most.

According to the Knight Temple’s rules, taking the [Sacred Awakening]
in advance like this was strictly forbidden for fear that it could permanently
injure the knight’s body. The risks of failing the awakening could go as far as endangering his life.

Of course, Long Xing Yu didn’t want at all to put Long Hao Chen’s life at stake. But no one understood better than him the mysterious process of the [Sacred Awakening], and Long Xing Yu didn’t care at all about the Knight Temple’s rules. Originally, Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity was far higher than ordinary people’s and, at the same time, he had a caring and almost flawless heart. In addition, he had already grasped most of the Ten Rules of a Knight, and he had the support of Long Xing Yu, so it was almost guaranteed that he would successfully bear this pain.

A twinkling golden radiance rose from Long Xing Yu’s hand; its brightness surpassed the rising sun’s. However, this radiance was motionless, it was completely blocked from spreading out by the [Bright Blessing]’s shining mantle. At this very moment, the shining mantle covered the father and his son and their silhouettes disappeared completely.

Long Hao Chen suddenly felt that his own body became hotter; his body’s temperature was in fact raising and he felt like a nucleus formed in the middle of his internal organs (Footnote: author’s metaphor; since it’s very hot, this nucleus is compared by the author to a sun “⼀颗太阳⼀般”).
At this moment, he clearly discovered that his own body contained
countless channels, and each of these channels was an extension of the newly formed internal nucleus.

Shutting his eyes, he saw a bright golden color. It was the golden color from the insides of his body. A violent pain emerged at this moment.

A thin grey colored gas violently emerged from Long Hao Chen’s body, disappearing in the golden radiance; it was the internal impurities in his body. This was one of the results of the [Sacred Awakening], a purification effect.

During this purification, Long Hao Chen felt that his own body was pierced by a myriad of sharp arrows. Meanwhile, this scorching hot sensation became even more violent than during the beginning.
The [Sacred Awakening] does not only enable the knight to transform their spiritual energy into holy light useable with magic. At the same time, it purifies his soul and his body. Therefore, knights who went through the [Sacred Awakening] rarely went against their own beliefs and convictions.

Long Hao Chen’s body is violently shaking. If someone could see what happened inside the [Bright Blessing], he would discover that at this very moment, Long Hao Chen’s whole body’s pores were all bleeding from inside. But precisely by this process, on his chest, a golden ring of light gradually appeared and was becoming more and more imposing.

Chapter 22

“Persevere! For our beliefs, for protecting everyone we care about!” Long Xing Yu’s voice clearly resounded in Long Hao Chen’s mind, making his pain gradually reduce and his spirit rise.

The awakening stone in Long Xing Yu’s hand was being dissolved, continuously being refined in his hand before finally taking the form of a drop of pure golden liquid floating and heading towards the pit in the middle of Long Hao Chen’s stomach. Compared to the awakening of ordinary knights, with Xing Yu’s refining, this drip of Holy Liquid didn’t have a trace of impurity. It was only golden colored and it merged with Long Hao Chen’s body.

Puff — –, in the instant after the drip of Holy Liquid merged with Long Hao Chen’s body, an intense golden light shone on his forehead.

The golden light reacted with the [Bright Blessing], slowly heading towards the top of Long Hao Chen’s head, then growing up little by little.

Long Xing Yu nervously looked at this golden pillar. It would determine Long Hao Chen’s future potential regarding the use of the holy attribute.

During the [Sacred Awakening], knights would acquire the holy attribute in their inner spiritual energy and during this process, their innate quantity of internal spiritual energy, one of the most important standards for determining the potential of a knight, would be determined. Generally speaking, if one’s innate internal spiritual energy level couldn’t even exceed 10, then that knight would have no way to break through the third step.
From the top of Long Hao Chen’s head, a golden thread was suddenly growing before falling backwards; it had quickly already reached the length corresponding to the tenth spiritual energy level. His body was suffering and shaking as violently as before, but the growth speed of the golden thread was really astonishing.

10, 20, 30, 40… …

At the moment the spiritual energy level reached 40, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help clenching his fists. When one’s innate internal spiritual energy reached 40, he was already a rare genius in the Knight Temple. But this golden column was still growing at the same speed.

Such a formidable innate mental capacity, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help but secretly sigh. He suspected beforehand that Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity was abnormal, but he had no way to be sure before performing the [Sacred Awakening]. At that moment, he would be able to see how formidable Long Hao Chen’s mental capacity really was.

50, it exceeded 50! 55, 58, 60. It surprisingly even exceeded 60.

Long Xing Yu remembered that he was known as the greatest genius of the century in the Knight Temple, and during his [Sacred Awakening], his internal spiritual energy peaked at the 77th level. Although he took care of Long Hao Chen during the past year, building his foundation by making him sit in meditation, the fact his spiritual energy exceeded 60 meant a lot of things, and this golden pillar of light was still continuing to grow.

65, 67, already 67!

Long Xing Yu’s pupils violently shrank. For innate internal spiritual energy, every 10 levels corresponded to a step and if Long Hao Chen’s internal spiritual energy exceeded 70, his capacity for using holy magic would not be inferior to any light element mage’s.

70, it really was 70!
At this instant, Long Xing Yu couldn’t help but hold his breath; when Long Hao Chen’s innate internal spiritual energy broke through the 70th level, he stopped shaking.

With another Puff sound, numerous golden threads of light burst out of Long Hao Chen’s body. The pain was, at this moment, all gone and Long Hao Chen’s clothes disap

His fair white skin shone like a crystal, the thin golden threads wandering about, piling up on his whole body, covering it of a gold color. The golden ring of light was gradually drawn into the middle of Long Hao Chen’s chest before finally taking the form of a little soybean.

Part 2:

Long Hao Chen had a very strange feeling when his innate inner spiritual energy reached 70, he felt as if the pain carried by his whole body had disappeared, replaced by a heavenly sensation.

Everything became clear and transparent, including his heart and his soul. This rich divine atmosphere improved his body. The inner spiritual energy was still growing, though, and Long Hao Chen seemed to have somewhat changed, influenced by the laws of light.

Heavens! 80, his innate spiritual energy actually even exceeded 80!

Long Xing Yu’s body shivered once more. This frightening innate spiritual force actually didn’t make Long Hao Chen formidable for the moment, but it would definitely have a great influence on his potential.

81, 83, 85… …

The golden light rose as before, even after having surpassed the 70th inner spiritual energy level. In the history of the Knight Temple, there were 17 records of this accomplishment. Among these 17 people, except for six of them, all of the others became the most formidable Divine Knights of history.
However, his inborn spiritual energy outstripped 80. This happened only three times in history. Among those three knights, two did not manage to rise up: only one succeeded. On the year of his 36th birthday, that one broke through the threshold of the ninth step of the vocation, the 10,000th spiritual energy level, the divine achievement.

Heavens! 90, really 90?! The only one in the Knight Temple’s History who reached the 90th spiritual energy level!

Long Xing Yu struck dumb with amazement. A pure heart, a mental capacity different from ordinary people’s, a good grasp on the Ten Rules of a Knight, and such a terrifying innate internal spiritual energy level.

The golden pillar seemed to have reached its bottleneck, its growth clearly reduced by a great amount. Now, it was rising slowly.

An innate internal spiritual energy of 70 was known as giving a physique of angel, one of 80 was known as having a physique blessed by Gods, and above the 90th spiritual energy level, even though this case never appeared in the Knight Temple, in the original Knight Temple’s records written by the ancestors, the physique associated was known as the physique of a Scion of Light, the purest holy body that could exist. With it, he would innately be able to use any holy weapon and be friendly with any magical beast of the light attribute.

In the end, the golden pillar wasn’t able to keep raising and stopped at the position of the 97th level.

Innate spiritual energy level, 97.

The golden light became gradually weaker, revealing the silhouette of both father and son.

“It feels so good!” Long Hao Chen just came back to his senses, released from this special holy atmosphere.

Opening his eyes, Long Hao Chen discovered to his surprise that the father in front of him showed a shocked expression on his dull face.
“Father, what’s wrong?“ Long Hao Chen made haste to ask.

Long Xing Yu’s body shook, and coming back to his senses, he looked at Long Hao Chen in the eyes.

Long Hao Chen’s originally dark blue colored eyes changed into a peculiar gold color. Light gold colored eyes were not something completely unusual, but it was the first time Long Xing Yu saw this kind of transparent gold colored eyes.

“Scion of Light, it is really a Scion of Light! God bless the humanity, God bless the Knight Temple.” Long Xing Yu couldn’t control his slightly trembling voice. As he spoke, he took back his [Bright Blessing].

“Father, what is the ‘Scion of Light’? Ah, and what about my clothes?” The wind blew from the mountain and Long Hao Chen felt a chill, discovering that he became unexpectedly naked. He immediately cried out in alarm.

Long Xing Yu reacted at this moment, his right hand trembled and from it, a long gown appeared, covering Long Hao Chen’s body

Carefully looking at his son, Long Xing Yu discovered that Long Hao Chen’s skin now had a golden luster that could only be noticed because of the sunlight. But the strange fact was that there wasn’t as much holy atmosphere left on his body as the other knights after their [Sacred Awakening]; all the holy atmosphere was in fact in his body, and no slightest amount spilled out. Only Long Xing Yu’s eyes could notice such a special phenomenon.

Chapter 23

Due to the fact that in the Knight Temple, there were less than 10 people who truly knew the profound mysteries of the Scion of Light, Long Xing Yu wasn’t worried at all about his son’s inborn gifts being exposed.

“Hao Chen, your [Sacred Awakening] has just been completed. Did you realize that after taking into account your internal spiritual energy, you are already a Genuine Knight?”

“Oh? So easily?” Long Hao Chen was surprised, but he could feel in his body a kind of warm air current that reacted to his thoughts and movements.

“Easily?” Long Xing Yu’s face revealed a forced smile, thinking that this little fellow didn’t know hunger or famine. After a knight’s awakening, it was already praiseworthy if one gained from it, 20 spiritual energy levels.

“Your innate gifts are not bad, but this is merely what the [Sacred Awakening] brought you. Regarding your practice in the future, you will not only have to make efforts as great as before, but possibly even greater. Understood? Let’s head back and talk over this matter.”

“Father, I will make great efforts for sure.”

Upon seeing Long Xing Yu holding Long Hao Chen’s hands as they came back to the log cabin; Bai Yue’s face revealed a smile and she silently looked at this scene, standing close. She didn’t know much about swordplay, but she understood her husband well. She could also see clearly from Long Xing Yu face that he was somewhat shocked. By the fact that
her formidable husband was unexpectedly shocked by her son’s innate gifts, it seemed that Chen Chen’s choice to walk on the road of chivalry was the correct one. However, if one day, they, father and son, really had to face that person… …

Heading back to the log cabin, Long Hao Chen donned the clothes he had brought before continuing to listen to Long Xing Yu’s instructions.

Long Xing Yu said with a heavy voice: “Now you ought to tell me what your choice is, do you want to become a Retribution Knight or a Guardian Knight?”

Long Hao Chen answered without delay, in a firm voice: “Father, I want to become a Guardian Knight.”

“A Guardian Knight?” Long Xing Yu was stupefied, “So you are unexpectedly willing to give up on the formidable attack power and combat effectiveness of the Retribution Knights?” 1

Long Hao Chen rigidly answered: “Father, you told me that to be a match against the demon race, we needed the power of the humanity as a whole, that the power of a single person is, in the end, insignificant. I want to turn into a Guardian Knight to protect the people I want to protect even better and, at the same time, to assist the people fighting beside me in the battlefield even more.”

Long Xing Yu was clearly somewhat disappointed and he sighed: “But to finally battle the 72 Demon Gods, what we will need will be the greatest force humanity can bring.”

Long Hao Chen immediately asked: “Then is it impossible for Guardian Knights to battle the demon gods?”

As he listened to this question, Long Xing Yu’s eyes revealed a glow, “That’s it! With your innate internal spiritual energy of 97, your [Sacred Awakening] as the Scion of Light, and your incredible mental capacity as a support, why can’t you learn some more things? Retribution and guardian are just classifications, maybe you will be able to create a
miracle. Perhaps the correct choice for you is to train in both specializations at the same time, in order to bring out the most of your innate potential as the Scion of Light.”

Long Hao Chen seemed to have understood something and asked with a shocked

“That’s right. From now on, I will train you as a retribution knight, and in two years, you will leave for Hao Yue Hall, where you will train as a guardian knight. This may reduce the cultivation speed of your spiritual energy, but as long as you are able to advance as both a Retribution and a Guardian Knight, in the future, you will become a formidable knight without precedence in history.

Time passed day by day, the training as a knight at Odin Mountain’s peak continued, and in a blink of an eye, a year and a half passed.

Dang — — a neat chime resounded and the youth’s body suddenly shone a golden color before condensing just like the brilliance of the rising sun, as a shining blade broke through space.

A bamboo sword was lightly waved, its edge shone of a golden color as the space before this bamboo sword with a little handle was shattered.

Part 2:

“Not bad, your [Shining Solar Cut] is already at its peak mastery level; it only lacks in duration and degree of heating, and spiritual energy level for the moment.”

Long Xing Yu was impressively using a bamboo sword to parry this dazzling cut, and the youth putting this shining blade to good use was Long Hao Chen.

After a year and a half, Long Hao Chen was 12 years old, and compared to his original life in Odin Town, he underwent changes that could torn heaven and earth upside down 2.
The only 12-year-old Long Hao Chen had already grown close to 1.60 meters. He didn’t look muscular at all, his slender figure’s proportions looked flawless. His black hair fluttered on the back of his head and his sparkling gold colored eyes were dazzling. His originally beautiful little face had become quite heroic, but his appearance looked as flawless as before. Looking at his physical dispositions, if he were to say that he was 14 or 15 years old, there would definitely be people who would believe that.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen’s hands both surged up, each of them holding an epee, the standard weapon for a knight; they were 2 meters long (6 Chi), 16.5 centimeters wide (6 Cun) and an impressive thickness of 12.3 centimeters. The weight of this kind of knights’ epee was 25 kilograms (50 Jin) but they looked very light, as if they were nothing in his hands.

During a year and a half, Long Hao Chen had learned a lot from his father. His internal spiritual energy didn’t improve much from its innate 97th level, as it had only grown to the 120th level; but his external spiritual energy grew to the level of a peak third step knight’s, a total level of 200.

Altogether, it amounted to a total level of 320, the level of a fourth ranked knight. He wasn’t far from the 330th spiritual energy level of the fifth rank.

If it wasn’t for the fact that Long Xing Yu tried to build solid foundations in him, his growing speed would have perhaps been even more fearful.

Even if Long Xing Yu was strict, when looking at an 11-and-a-half-years- old youth who reached the fourth rank as a knight, he could only reveal a satisfied smile. In the history of the Knight Temple, this was absolutely unprecedented. He had, himself, only reached this level of practice at the age of 15.

However, with his external spiritual energy reaching the peak level, the speed of growth of Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy significantly reduced. He could, after all, only rely on the strengthening of his inner spiritual energy to practice it. Only after reaching the next step of the knight vocation would he be able to keep practicing his external spiritual energy.
Listening his father’s praise, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but reveal a big smile,“Papa, this [Shining Sunlight Cut]’s power is so high, but it consumes 50 units of internal spiritual energy and even consumes some external spiritual energy. My spiritual energy is still too lacking.”

Long Xing Yu revealed a smile: “You are still eleven years old. You should know that the [Shining Sunlight Cut] is a skill that any great knights ought to master. You cannot be impatient, you should try to progress step by step. Okay, get ready, let’s see how long you will be able to last today.”

After having heard his father, Long Hao Chen’s expression immediately became serious. His hands took a tight grip on the swords.

Long Xing Yu moved, his body seeming weightless, and in a flash, the bamboo sword in his hand arrived in front of Long Hao Chen.

After the epee in his left hand was pushed back, Long Hao Chen quickly took a step back, dodging the bamboo sword’s attack at the same time. Though clearly, Long Xing Yu didn’t use any spiritual energy in his bamboo sword.

However, in the next instant, countless bamboo shadows appeared in front of Long Hao Chen’s body, just like drops of water.

Long Xing Yu was already gone and there were only endless 3 bamboo shadows that came from all directions, aiming to stab Long Hao Chen, but Long Hao Chen looked already used to these kind of situations. The pair of epees in his hands danced in the air with a fast speed. Puffs that sounded like banana leaves in the rain rang unceasingly., is the prepublished part 1, the crazy games we played, and the comments.


Chapter 24

Long Hao Chen used the edge, the flat part, and even the handle of the heavy swords in his hands; it seemed to be able to deal with all the opponent’s bamboo sword attacks. Momentarily, the sword’s shadow glimmered, coating his whole body just like a huge ball of light. Sacred light capabilities were continuously used, coordinated with his defense using the pair of heavy swords.

When facing Long Xing Yu’s attacks, if Long Hao Chen showed the slightest flaw, the bamboo sword would immediately fall on his body and hurt a lot more than the owl-ants’ attacks. However, the strange thing was that Long Hao Chen managed to resist: although Long Xing Yu looked quite serious, at the same time, he wasn’t able to break through Long Hao Chen’s defense.

After a quarter of an hour of continuous battle, Long Xing Yu’s bamboo sword suddenly shone. A white radiance expanded and thousands of swords appeared in front of Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen was still waving his pair of swords. He didn’t expect this attack from Long Xing Yu, but this was clearly not the first time this kind of situation had occurred.

The handle of the heavy sword in his left hand was knocked against the one in his right hand, then he slashed before him with the heavy sword in his right hand, while swinging the one in his left hand. With a flash of golden light, a [Thorny Charge] was used towards the bamboo sword.
A soft tinkling sound rang. The swords were swung but the bamboo sword that was in the path of the charge didn’t show the slightest change. Using the momentum from his previous block, Long Hao Chen advanced.

With a neat ringing sound, a layer a golden light immediately undulated from Long Hao Chen’s body, it was the [Divine Obstruction]. Against Long Xing Yu’s stab, he had to use all the spiritual energy he had left to form a [Divine Obstruction], enabling him to withstand it.

“Great, you did well this time. You were able to act calmly. I see that the actual combat training we did on a daily basis did not go to waste.” Taking his bamboo sword back, the smiling Long Xing Yu nodded in front of Long Hao Chen. However, Long Hao Chen was panting, his clothes soaked in sweat. Even though his father didn’t use spiritual energy related attacks, Long Hao Chen was still overwhelmed by his power.

Long Xing Yu went in front of Long Hao Chen, patting his shoulder, and said with a smile: “Let’s go home to rest for a little while, your mother should soon be done with the midday meal.”

“Okay.” Long Hao Chen’s face was also joyful.

Despite the fact that during this year and a half, he painstakingly trained everyday, it was still the happiest period of his life. His mother’s face was always smiling, and his formidable father instructed him. This kind of life was far from a dull one: it was, on the contrary, full of happiness.

When both father and son arrived in front of the log cabin, Long Xing Yu’s foot suddenly stopped, his eyes revealing a severe gaze.

Long Hao Chen also felt the change in his father’s breath: he gave a terrifying almighty ancient-dragon-like feeling that prevented him from breathing calmly.

Long Xing Yu loosened his grip on Long Hao Chen’s hand and slowly turned back, taking light steps and, in the next instant, Long Hao Chen opened his mouth wide: from his father’s body, a dense gold colored radiance spurted, raising his body into the sky and enabling him to fly.
Despite having trained for more than two years with his father, Long Hao Chen didn’t know at all, at which level his father’s true strength was. At this very moment, seeing that his father could go as far as to be able to rely on his spiritual energy to so

At the same time, two golden lights could be seen in Long Xing Yu’s eyes as he gazed from afar towards Odin Town.

Without waiting for Long Hao Chen to recover from the shock, he went down to the ground, his eyes revealing a cold expression. “The demon race’s armed forces launched a sneak attack, we have to go.”

Simultaneously, he grabbed Long Hao Chen’s arm and soared once more in the sky.

His fully condensed spiritual energy took the form of a pair of golden wings spreading out from Long Xing Yu’s back.

Spiritual energy transformation was an ability used by 6th step Radiant Knights, but Long Xing Yu’s wings were over 10 meters wide, covered by dozens of gold colored feathers that looked just like real objects. How could an ordinary spiritual energy accomplish such a feat so easily?

As the enormous pair of stretching wings appeared, a gold-colored aura enveloped Long Xing Yu and his son. The pair of wings suddenly fanned and they both immediately headed straight in the direction of Odin Town with the speed of a meteor.

What Long Hao Chen didn’t notice was that, upon seeing Long Xing Yu’s pair of wings, all the beings from Odin Mountain, to the insides of the forest, regardless if they were magical beast or wild beast, all crept on the ground: they were so alarmed and hopeless before this sight that they did not dare move in the slightest bit.

The scenery turned into a gold-colored world, the dense sacred energy wrapped everything around them and Long Hao Chen could feel his internal spiritual energy boiling. During this short moment, his inner spiritual energy raised a lot, but this was only because the light-attribute energy
temporarily produced around them at this moment was too formidable. This showed how powerful the sacred energy released by Long Xing Yu was.

It felt as if only a few seconds had passed when the golden light suddenly scattered and Long Hao Chen could see the outward situation.

Odin Town, we are actually already back in Odin town. After such a small amount of time?

Long Hao Chen couldn’t believe his own eyes, but the fact was that before his eyes, below his feet, wasn’t this the Odin Town where he grew up?

The current Odin Town had lost its originally calm and quiet atmosphere. A lot of places were burning, sounds of crying resounded nonstop, miserable shrieks and destruction sounds flooded each corner of Odin Town.

Long Hao Chen saw at least thousands of black armored, tall, and big monsters with robust bodies. They were the ones wreaking havoc in Odin Town.

These monsters were at least 1.8 meters tall. Each had the head of a wolf and the body of a human at the same time. They waved curved swords. Odin Town’s inhabitants were currently being slaughtered by them; sad and shrill cries could be heard everywhere, but these ferocious wolves were also unceasingly howling even louder.

More than 3,000 households were supposed to be living in the town of Odin, making 20,000 inhabitants, but at this moment, it had become a sea of blood and corpses, dense blood was scattered everywhere, the scene could make anyone feel like vomiting.

“Father, what are they?” Long Hao Chen’s voice was filled with anger, this is the place where he grew up! He had seen just now with his own eyes one of his former little companions being cut into two parts by a wolf- headed monster wielding a curved sword, the front part of his body was
lying on the ground and after he let out his last agonizing sad and shrill cry, his internal organs started spreading all around.

“Werewolves from the demon race.” Long Xing Yu answered with a cold voice, an impressive pressure could be felt released from his body.

The people below, completely terrified by the werewolves, subconsciously looked up. Seeing the two enormous wings spreading from Long Xing Yu’s back, they couldn’t help but feel completely astonished by his appearance.

“Father, let me go down, I am going to kill them!” Long Hao Chen shouted excitedly.

“Your strength is far from sufficient.” Long Xing Yu said in a low voice: “Hao Chen, didn’t you always want to see your father’s actual strength? Then, take a good look.”

A gold-red ring of light surged out from Long Xing Yu’s back: an enormous bright gold throne shone with a magnificent brilliance, slowly appearing from the gold-red ring of light.

Chapter 25

The enormous throne was 33 meters (10 Zhang) high; on its back, countless precious stones were set and a man could faintly be seen floating behind this chair, spreading severity, dignity, and even terror out all around.

At the top of the back of the chair, there was a semicircular bright red gem that seemed like the sun looking over mother earth. But its brilliance was dark orange colored, giving the impression that it was bringing doom and terror.

At the height of the chest of this figure, also at the back of the chair, an intensely dazzling golden red diamond gem could be spotted. Each crest line drawn on it seemed to try to show the man’s formidableness; a huge part of it released a bright brilliance.

At the front of this wide chair, two crawling lions were carved on the left and right sides, seeming as if they were roaring. Countless magnificent decorative patterns seemed to completely fill the back of the throne.

At the moment this throne appeared, a golden column of light arrived on Long Xing Yu’s body, completely enveloping both him and Long Hao Chen. As the golden light completely enveloped both of them, Long Hao Chen disappeared and Long Xing Yu’s body enlarged ten-folds before slowly sitting on the throne.

In Odin Town, whether they were the werewolves or the former inhabitants, no one could move under this tremendous display of power. The inhabitants were all panic-stricken while the werewolves’ gazes were filled with despair.
A golden yellow haired werewolf who looked much more robust than the others of his race said in a trembling voice, “This, this is the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter.”

The immense Long Xing Yu was slowly sitting straight on his throne, his cold gaze was endlessly awe-inspiring, and at the moment he was seated, the gold red diamond gem at the back of the chair suddenly appeared on his chest as the whole sky started to become gold red colored.


A cold word came out from Long Xing Yu’s mouth. An orange luster gushed out from his back, turning into an immense sword that floated in the sky, right above his head.

The gold haired werewolf had already given up all hope, he couldn’t imagine why such a big shot could appear at the border of the Temple Alliance. Even though these werewolves wanted to run away, it wasn’t possible now.

A myriad of reddish orange colored rays of light fell from the sky, they seemed to grow as they grew closer, falling on each of the werewolves.

No matter how much they struggled, they were unable to do anything against it, and all the werewolves sadly disappeared from this world, just like that. There wasn’t a single trace left of them, they had simply vanished.


The gold red radiance turned into a heavenly scene, and the werewolves disappeared from the world. The people from Odin Town started to get up from the shock. Only a handful of people stood in this warm, gold red colored radiance, but the wounds on their body were being healed at an astonishing speed. The places that were burning were also already extinguished. The only things that couldn’t be restored were the lives of the people who had already died and the destroyed buildings.
With a flash of golden light, Long Xing Yu who was still seated on the throne was already in front of one more person, the gold haired werewolf.

In regard to demon race monsters, humans ranked them the same as magical beasts. This gold haired werewolf was at least a fifth step demon. However, in front of Long Xing Yu, he was like a little ant who couldn’t even struggle the slightest bit. Besides him, each of the demons had already been eliminated.

“What is your goal by invad

This gold haired werewolf still put up a tough front, even though by his gaze, it could be seen that he was despaired and unwilling, he still didn’t answer.

“This Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter… You, aren’t you the Adjudicator, the Divine Knight, Long Xing Yu?”

Part 2:

Long Xing Yu faintly answered: “That’s right, I’m in charge of adjudication and judgement. Now, answer to my question.”

The gaze of the gold haired werewolf became ferocious, “Even if you are a Divine Knight, the demon gods are coming soon: our senior demon gods will avenge us. Even if I die, I won’t tell you anything.”

Long Xing Yu, with a cold gaze, “In that case, go to hell.”

The golden light disappeared together with this gold-haired werewolf. Long Xing Yu was still seated on the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter, revealing a somewhat anxious look. A short while later, after the golden light faded away, his Divine Throne was turning into yellow stars as it disappeared.

The survivors of Odin Town had thrown themselves on their knees earlier, thinking about the golden light that disappeared in the sky. They
didn’t know who Long Xing Yu was, but from their point of view, this ‘judgement’ that overpowered all the werewolves was really a divine act.

After a flash of golden light, there were immediately two more people at the peak of Odin Mountain.

Long Xing Yu looked just like before, dressed with a simple robe, his black hair fluttering. After the gold colored banishment 1, he had restored every inhabitant their original appearance.

Long Hao Chen stood by the side of his father, but he couldn’t say anything at this moment: even though he had hundreds of guesses related to his father’s actual strength, he could not imagine that his own father could unexpectedly pull out such a godly move.

The act a moment ago had truly shaken him way too much. After two years of practice, Long Hao Chen had some confidence in his own power, but at this moment, he felt that compared to his father, he was still nothing more than a little grain of dust.

Long Xing Yu gently patted his shoulder, “Here, I am only a husband as well as a father.”

“Demon invasion?” Bai Yue was, also at this moment, at the mountain peak. This place wasn’t so close to Odin Town, but she could also distinctly see the Divine Throne that Long Xing Yu unleashed. Its bright radiance could even be seen from Hao Yue City that was 50 kilometers (100Li) away.

Long Xing Yu’s brows wrinkled and he briefly nodded, “This was an exploratory attack, no real demon powerhouses appeared. It looks like I have to shift my return to the Alliance to an earlier date.”

Bai Yue lightly nodded, holding Long Xing Yu’s large hand.

Long Hao Chen’s inner shaking didn’t disappear yet, “Father, you, you are a Divine Knight?” he courageously asked.
Long Xing Yu nodded, “You should have heard it during this attack from the werewolves. In the Knight Temple, I am known as the Adjudicator. I am in charge of the crusades 2 of the Temple Alliance.”

Long Hao Chen’s face was full of worship: “Father, what is exactly a Divine Throne? Is, is it possible for me to become as formidable as you through training?”

Long Xing Yu nodded, sternly answering: “Of course it is possible. I achieved my rank of Divine Knight during the year of my 47th birthday, even before I met your mother. As long as you try your best, I believe that you will be able to achieve this stage even earlier than me.”, is the prepublished part 1 (likely slightly modfied afterwards).


Chapter 26

Looking from afar, Long Xing Yu let out a sigh, “It looks like the demon race is coming back. Hao Chen, remember, the demon race is powerful, but we mustn’t yield to them. As knights, we have to protect our homeland until the last drop of our blood is exhausted.”

“Em! 1” Long Hao Chen nodded as he gave this answer. In his heart, his father wasn’t a mere teacher, but a target of his worship. Without personal experience, he couldn’t imagine that a Divine Throne was so formidable. In this vast sea of spiritual energy, he ravaged the heavens and the earth. This bright [Judgement] left in Long Hao Chen’s heart, an indelible mark.

“Father, do we have to leave this place?” Long Hao Chen asked

Long Xing Yu lowered his head towards him and said: “Yes, but, you are not coming with us.”

“Ah?” Long Hao Chen was astonished, giving a look full of incomprehension to his father.

Long Xing Yu faintly said: “A little chick who never leaves his parent’s protection will never be able to reach the heights of the heaven in the great sky 2. I had planned to guide you for 3 years, but it looks like we will have to part earlier. I will take your mother back to the Temple Alliance to deal with a few matters and to honor an agreement of mine.

The Temple Alliance isn’t a suitable place for you. If you are to come along with us, I am afraid you will never turn into a Divine Knight like me.
You have to walk on your path, step by step, relying on your efforts to gain everything, and you will possess your own honor as a knight.”

“Father, I don’t want to part with you and mother.” Long Hao Chen suddenly held his father’s waist, his gaze looking very sad.

Bai Yue looked at Long Xing Yu with an imploring gaze.

Long Xing Yu stroked Long Hao Chen’s head, “Silly boy, if you stay by the our side from beginning to end, your heart will forever be filled with a feeling of dependence and concern. And even if you were to come with us to the Temple Alliance, you wouldn’t be able to stay forever by my side. Thus, I have to leave you for a few years, I have too many matters to handle. I have already made this decision: you have to remain here.”

Long Hao Chen was still shocked, he tried to control the tears that were dripping from his eyes. Bai Yue had already returned to the log cabin, crying uncontrollably.

Long Xing Yu pulled Long Hao Chen in front of him, and told him in a low voice: “Hao Chen, before we leave, Father has to teach one last thing.”

Long Hao Chen answered absent-mindedly: “What is it?”

Long Xing Yu said in a low voice: “Spiritual stoves.”

“Spiritual stoves?” Hearing these two words, Long Hao Chen’s body couldn’t help but shake. During these 2.5 years he trained by his father’s side, he heard Long Xing Yu speak about Spiritual Stoves countless times. But at those moments, Long Xing Yu didn’t give him directions regarding his training in the use of spiritual stoves.

Long Xing Yu nodded: “Spiritual stoves are spiritual smelting furnaces. Learning to use them is not really about ability. It is rather one of the most valuable magical treasures in nature. There are a lot of knight abilities that can be chosen. But except from a few that will depend on your inner talent, most will be acquired from practice. But spiritual stoves are not the same.
The vast majority of the spiritual stoves enable you to use abilities that cannot be acquired through practice, and spiritual stoves are all different. Each of them has unique properties, and even if different people practice using the same spiritual stove, the result produce

There are many kinds of spiritual stoves, a total of 74 types have been catalogued at present. Each of them are only suited to some vocations, and there are a total of 23 that are suited for the knight vocation. Some are more suited toward knights, but warriors can also use them.”

Long Hao Chen was gradually becoming more and more fascinated by his father’s explanation about spiritual stoves, “Father, where can I acquire a spiritual stove?”

Part 2:

Long Xing Yu answered: “Generally speaking, they can only be found in places where a lot of spiritual power has gathered or in ancient ruins. In whichever vocation, there is, on average, only one person out of 1000 who possesses a spiritual stove. That also applies for knights. However, spiritual stoves are a common goal seeked by all vocations. It is because only by possessing a spiritual stove, can one really become more formidable than those of the same step.”

Speaking these words, Long Xing Yu took out the black colored ring on the index finger of Long Hao Chen. As if it had synchronized with his finger, this black ring had contracted enough to be a perfect fit.

“This is a six-layered seal. I sealed, in your ring, all the powerful skills used by Retribution Knights from the 4th to the 9th rank. Every time your spiritual energy reaches a high enough rank, you will be able to break through a part of the seal and study each of these skills one by one.”

Then, he drew out a book and passed it to Long Hao Chen, “All you have to know regarding spiritual stoves is explained in detail in this book. I don’t have the time to show you in person, so you will have to learn by yourself, understood?”
“Father… …” Long Hao Chen let out this word, his eyes uncontrollably red.

“Do not forget the favor you owe to the one who gave you this ring.”

Long Hao Chen gently nodded; after he awakened his inner spiritual energy, Long Xing Yu had told him to what extent he had to be grateful towards the mute girl who left him this ring.

As spiritual energy was poured into it, the thin golden pattern on the ring looked almost alive, and a thin blue light appeared, shining strongly. Long Hao Chen took the book recording the mysteries of the spiritual stoves.

This ring he received was an extremely valuable space ring; inside, up to
10 cubic meters of various articles could be stored. It originally only contained a defensive ability that created a thin blue shield when stimulated. As long as spiritual energy was poured into this ring, the shield would always exist, and its strength would increase together with the spiritual energy. Long Xing Yu said that it was a rare kind of enchantment.

Looking at Long Hao Chen who was packing his book, Long Xing Yu lightly sighed: “Hao Chen, although I have a lot of pretty good equipment, I don’t plan to give it to you. It is because weapons and equipments are only valuable when you obtain them by relying on your own efforts: this way, you will really be able to treasure them.”

“Father, I don’t want to separate from you.” Long Hao Chen’s tears finally stopped dripping.

Long Xing Yu held his son in his embrace, sighing: “Hao Chen, your emotions are your strong point, but also your weakness. Remember, neither Father nor Mother will be by your side in the future; you will have to become a taciturn person, you cannot wear your heart on your sleeve 3.

Don’t cry, this is only a temporary separation. Father hopes that the next time we’ll meet each other, you will be able to make me look at you with new eyes.
Father and mother are going to leave. I cannot leave you any equipment, but there is a gift that I prepared for you a long time ago.”

As he said that, Long Xing Yu let go of his son’s hand, putting his right hand on his own chest. Tightly pressing, a strange white light was released.

The white light was gentle, followed by a particular energy undulating before pulsing, giving a dizzy feeling to the ones who looked at it.

This was definitely neither the energy from the Sacred Light nor Long Xing Yu’s spiritual energy. Long Xing Yu slowly stretched his palm under the gaze of Long Hao Chen who looked quite impressed; in his father’s palm, there was   a   white   radiance.   A   three   foot   long   little cauldron 4appeared in Long Xing Yu’s palm.

The white radiance was emitted from this white cauldron, softly moved up and down, creating a mesmerizing sight.


Chapter 27

Despite the fact they were going to leave each other soon, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but become fascinated by the sight of this little white- colored cauldron.

“Father, what is that?”

Long Xing Yu answered: “This is a Saint Spiritual Stove. Father has prepared it as a gift to you. There are a lot of different kinds of spiritual stoves and each one has specific properties as well as a specific classification, but the more formidable the spiritual stove is, the bigger the price to pay to use it will be. This Saint Spiritual Stove is the 68th spiritual stove among the 74 types, but in terms of rarity, it belongs to the top ten.”

“The utility of the Saint Spiritual Stove is detailed in the book I gave you. Simply said, the Saint Spiritual Stove has neither offensive nor defensive abilities, but is able to help the cultivation of your Spiritual Energy. It is ranked among the top 20 spiritual stoves and can evolve at least three times.. And for knights, it has an enormous utility. When using the Saint Spiritual Stove, you can attract the enemy’s aggression so that enemies will only attack you instead of your companions.Unless you die or you choose to deactivate your Saint Spiritual Stove, the enemy will only be able to target you.

Perhaps you are unable to comprehend this mysterious effect at this moment, but you will, in the future, come to understand how amazing it is. At the same time, the biggest benefit of the Saint Spiritual Stove lies in the fact that it doesn’t put a burden on your body when you are using it and, at the same time, its consumption of spiritual energy is really low. In addition,
it won’t influence your absorption of other spiritual stoves in the future. Therefore, father chose it as your first spiritual stove; I hope you will like this gift. As for the other abilities it will acquire after evolving, father doesn’t know either; I can only tell you to try to find out by yourself.

Also, you have to keep this firmly in mind that Spiritual Stoves are not omnipotent at all. The most formidable one is absolutely not always the most suited one. The ones in the top ten ranks all require their user to pay a big price. Some of these costs are really hard to bear. In regard to spiritual stoves, it really isn’t the more you have, the better: you have to absolutely carefully think before deciding if you should fuse with a new spiritual stove.”

Long Xing Yu’s tone was really severe, each of his words came from the sum of his own experience.

“Then, Father, how many spiritual stove can someone fuse with?”
Long Hao Chen asked.

Long Xing Yu shook his head: “I don’t know. In theory, there is no restriction of quantity, but spiritual stoves easily conflict among themselves. If that happens, you will risk death in regard to the fusion. The record until now was five spiritual stoves being fused. I personally fused with three, but it isn’t necessarily better to fuse with more of them. And you have to continuously make great efforts if you want your spiritual stove to evolve. After a spiritual stove evolves a few times, its power will surpass the power of several spiritual stoves put together that have not evolved. Alright, I explained you the most important basics. Hao Chen, don’t forget what your mother told you: whatever the circumstances are, you have to give priority to your own security.”

As he said these words, Long Xing Yu’s left hand rose and was placed on Long Hao Chen’s chest and, at this moment, his body became enveloped by a misty gold-colored brilliance, preventing him from moving.

Long Xing Yu’s left hand scintillated and on Long Hao Chen’s chest, four lights appeared. Long Hao Chen felt as if his body was being penetrated and his int
Pulling Long Hao Chen with his right hand, he carefully cut a bit of the skin of his fingertip, squeezing out a drop of blood from it. The fresh blood floated in Long Xing Yu’s spiritual energy before precisely falling onto the Saint Spiritual Stove. At this moment, the little cauldron released a soft white brilliance, shining brilliantly . A white light was then released by it, reaching Long Hao Chen’s chest.

A warm feeling stimulated all the pores on Long Hao Chen’s whole body. His circling inner spiritual energy spread out and scattered, as if it was an invader in his body.

With a white radiance, the little white cauldron shining with a white glow slowly flew to the level of Long Hao Chen’s chest, entering his body little by little.

The originally warm feeling became scorching hot just as if an iron skewer had entered his body. Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but let out a miserable shout. It frightened Bai Yue who suddenly ran to him from the log cabin.

Fortunately, the burning feeling didn’t continue for long: after a few breaths, the white colored little spiritual stove had disappeared.

A thin white radiance was emitted from Long Hao Chen’s body, making his skin’s surface gradually appear a smooth jade-colored luster.

Part 2:

Long Hao Chen felt the capabilities of the incredibly hot energy diffused in his chest. It was spread to each corner of his body, including even his cerebrum. This hot energy included countless mysterious energies that entered his mind.

All of his senses were stimulated and Long Hao Chen was stiff like the summit of a mountain, his body shining with a white-colored radiance. His chest shone especially, a little mark of spiritual stove appearing on it.
This Saint Spiritual Stove was fusing together with Long Hao Chen, using the essence of heavens and earth, with his fresh blood and his spiritual energy as an intermediary to form a magical spiritual, the stove fused with his body, becoming a part of it. When looking to fuse with a spiritual stove, the most basic requirement was the starting point of the third step of the vocation: 200th spiritual energy. Long Hao Chen had surpassed it a long time ago.

Long XIng Yu stood there, quietly looking at his son, his eyes gradually revealing a few signs of disappointment.

Bai Yue silently went to Long Xing Yu’s side, and as she was holding his hand, her tears couldn’t help but drip, “Do we really have to leave Chen Chen? I, I am not at ease. From childhood to now, he never left my side.”

Long Xing Yu held her in his embrace, “Rest assured, I arranged the safest plan possible for him. If he doesn’t leave our side, he will forever be unable to become a real man. The confrontation between us and the demon race is going to become harder and harder as time passes. With such an outstanding inborn talent, our son will inevitably become the central pillar of the Temple Alliance in the future. If you really love him, let him spread out his wings and freely soar in the sky.”

“This agreement, do you have to fulfill it?” Bai Yue let her tears fall. She clearly knew that this was the first reason why her husband had to leave their son.

Long Xing Yu’s eyes revealed a determined spark, “The warrior Anan and I cannot avoid this. I have already waited too long for this. If we can get rid of him 1, this will be a blessing for mankind. Be at ease. For the sake of both of you, I will try my hardest to come back alive.”

Everything was as plain as before, but there wasn’t a single other silhouette. Long Hao Chen was confused and lost in his thoughts for a long moment, his heart completely in discord.

With a puff splitting sound, he fell on his knees, his tears flowing dramatically. Even though they had just parted, he seemed, at this moment,
as if he was alone in the world.


Chapter 28

“Father, even if you took me by your side, I wouldn’t have stopped putting in efforts!” Choking back the sobs, Long Hao Chen painfully curled up, ruthlessly digging into the ground with his hands, feeling the pain of being alone for the first time in a long time.

Meal time had already passed and Long Hao Chen started crawling on the ground. He was actually a resolute kid, but his mood just took control of his whole heart. Without notice, Dad and Mom suddenly left, this fact was too hard to accept in his heart.

As he stood up, Long Hao Chen looked around, at a complete loss. From his gaze, scenes of all sorts of events that happened in the past 2 years appeared unceasingly in his mind: his father’s seriousness, his mother’s gentleness.

“Why are days of joy and happiness so brief?” His tears fell once more, and at the same time , Long Hao Chen noticed two letters on the nearest table.

After taking two or three steps, he grabbed the letters.

On the envelopes containing the two letters, it was written that they were respectively designated to Hao Chen and Nalan Shu. Obviously, one of the letters was for him and the other one had to be given to Nalan Shu Hall Master of Hao Yue Hall.

Long Hao Chen calmed down and slowly took apart the envelope that contained the letter that was written to him.

Hao Chen, when you will have noticed this letter, I would have already left with your mother. We didn’t want to bear the pain of separation. It is only a temporary farewell: you are already a grown up, and now that you are a man, you have to stand strong because the only thing you will be able to rely on in the future will be your own power.

After reading this letter, you should go directly to Hao Yue City. In Hao Yue Hall, there is a place where you can study all kinds of Guardian Knight skills, and there is an Instructor that is particularly outstanding. Keep in mind that, unless it is absolutely necessary, you mustn’t easily expose your situation as being both a Retribution Knight and a Guardian Knight. I will also warn Nalan Shu about this fact. Nalan Shu is someone worth trusting, you can ask for his guidance. Also, you must learn all of the skills used by Guardian Knights from the first to the fourth step and be able to use them proficiently before you leave for the Sacred Mountain to get your mount.

Regarding the Spiritual Communication in the Sacred Mountain, if you cannot resist the aura emanated by strong beasts, you will be unable to get a suitable mount as a companion. Meanwhile, studying the abilities used by Guardian Knights should also help you to grow even more tremendously. Remember, remember.

You should unceasingly train with spiritual stoves. After owning a spiritual stove, it will turn into an intermediary for the practice of your internal spiritual energy and thus raise your training potential. Now that you have already fused with a Saint Spiritual Stove, your internal spiritual energy will most likely drop due to the fusion. However, there is no need to worry, this is a process between your internal spiritual energy and your spiritual stove. In half a month, or at most one month, it will be back to normal. Saint Spiritual Stoves are especially suited to be used by Guardian Knights and you should be able to learn this fact through personal experience in the future.

Hao Chen, Father and Mother also hate the fact that we have to part with you, but Father hopes that the next time we meet with each other, you will
show us your outstanding a


Arriving at the end of the letter, Long Hao Chen gave a agonizing look. His heart, filled with motivation, already aimed to reach the highest heights.

Suddenly, he turned around, fleeing from the entrance of the log cabin and shouting at the top of his lungs: “FA– — THER — –, MO– — THER
— –!”

Long Hao Chen did not immediately leave Odin Mountain. He stayed there for 3 more days until the log cabin did not have the fragrance of his parents left. He then put in order his depressed feelings due to the separation and descended from the mountain with his luggage.

On the road to Odin Town, he saw that, in the town, the rebuilding job was in progress and that at least 2,000 private troops of the Temple Alliance were stationed in the area.

Part 2:

It was already high noon when he arrived at Hao Yue City, and it looked like there wasn’t much change. The instant he crossed the threshold of the city, Long Hao Chen secretly pledged that he would absolutely make the greatest of effort so that he could become a seventh step knight as soon as possible.

Hao Yue City looked like it was not in disorder because of the surprise attack of the demon race. From what he could remember about its location, Long Hao Chen went back to the Knight Hall, Hao Yue Hall.

“Please, I want want to see Hall Master Nalan Shu.” said Long Hao Chen as he handed his badge of a Standard Knight.

The two people who guarded the entrance changed and although they didn’t know him, they could clearly see that he was a ten-something-year-
old youth who unexpectedly already owned a Standard Knight insignia. They didn’t dare treat him brashly and hurriedly reported his arrival.

After a little while, accompanied by a thin fragrance, a silhouette arrived from the inside of Hao Yue Hall’s.

“Lil’ Bro Hao Chen, you finally came.”

The one who came out from the Hall was Li Xin. She was dressed the same as last time with light armor, a pony tail, and looking quite heroic. A year and a half didn’t leave any significant change on her body except her expression which looked even more imposing than in the past. It was obviously due to training; like him, she made great progress since the last time they had met.

“Big Sister Xin’er.” Looking at her, Long Hao Chen immediately had an a feeling of intimacy; his depressed feelings from the last few days almost faded 1. Under the stupefied look of the two guards, he threw himself directly into Li Xin’s bosom.

Li Xin gave him a big hug and, affected by Long Hao Chen’s sentimental behaviour, she hurried to ask: “Hao Chen, what happened? Anything bad?”

Long Hao Chen choked with sobs: “Father and Mother left. They left me alone.”

Li Xing was astounded, “Are you saying that during the demon race’s surprise attack…?”

Long Hao Chen suddenly heard her misunderstanding and hurried to clear it: “No, Father and Mother went to another place and left me to join Hao Yue Hall to continue my practice.”

Li Xin lowered her tall and erect posture; she looked relieved, “I was really scared. You jumped at me so suddenly! What’s the problem? I personally have no problem with the fact that I’m separated with my parents. In the future, Hao Yue Hall will be your home. Whoever dares
bully you will hear from me. Come, let’s go in and then talk in more detail.”

As she spoke, Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen’s hand and took big steps towards the center of Hao Yue Hall.

The two guards at the entrance exchanged a glance, revealing to each other their shocked expressions.

“Who is this youth? How can he be so affectionate with our Hell Rose Knight?”

“Be quiet, you dare inquire about the private life of Miss Li Xin? Even if you can turn into someone handsome and as talented as her, it is not set in stone that she will possibly view you in a new, favorable light.”

Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen inside of Hao Yue Hall. This place looked the same as before except that the six Divine Thrones in the center of the Hall shone in a different light in the eyes of Long Hao Chen: the feeling he had upon looking at them was completely different.

With a proud and, at the same time, somewhat sad feeling, he found with a glance, the second throne from the left symbolizing the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. This is Father’s glory!

There will inevitably be a day when he will, for sure, possess one of these six Divine Thrones. Long Hao Chen’s eyes had a certain kind of fire in them.

The steps he took with Li Xin felt like they were becoming slower before their pace had both halted: “Lil’ Bro, in the lapse of a whole year, you grew up so much! Two years from now , I’m afraid that you will have already surpassed this Big Sister. Em, you will even be better looking. It’s a tragedy. After you have grown up, I wonder how many girls would get confused and disoriented.”

Li Xin’s figure straightened. Despite the fact that Long Hao Chen grew up a lot, she was, nevertheless, still one head taller than him. However,
when she looked at Long Hao Chen, her heart couldn’t help but admire him, going as far as showing signs of an increase in her heartbeat.


Chapter 29

Long Hao Chen, who would soon be 12 years old, was different from a year and a half ago: his pretty face and his delicate cheeks looked tougher. From his formerly weak and beautiful appearance, he now looked quite robust. His body was still slender and well proportioned, and his shoulder also grew larger. His appearance was basically flawless.

Li Xin, what’s up with you? He’s your Lil’ Bro and he’s eight years younger! Don’t tell me you want to become like the old cow that eats soft grass 1? She rebuked herself in her mind; she was supposed to be quite a resolute person but, at the same time, she was quite fond of Long Hao Chen. In fact, she was the youngest at home and had always yearned for a younger brother, so even though she hadn’t been with Long Hao Chen for a long time, in her heart, she felt unusually close to him.

“Wow, Lil’ Bro, from what I can remember, your eyes didn’t have this color! They should have a dark blue color, so why have they taken this golden color?”

Long Hao Chen came back to his senses and scratched his head: “Father helped me undergo the Divine Awakening and then they became like that.”

Li Xin became stupefied, “Divine Awakening can result in a change of color of your eyes? How is it that I have never heard about this? Ah! You have already undergone the Divine Awakening you say? Then your spiritual energy has already broken through the 200th level! Quickly tell Big Sis, how high is your innate internal spiritual energy level?”
Long Hao Chen nodded and said: “Big Sis, I don’t want to fool you; the truth is that my father forbade me to reveal it.”

Suddenly, Li Xin looked as if she realized something and covered her own month before muttering in a low voice: “Heavens! A third step knight below 12 years-old. Let’s go, I’m bringing you to see Uncle Nalan Shu; he will be absolutely frightened by your progress.”

“What is going to frighten me?” Hearing a voice that seemed a bit playful, Long Hao Chen and Li Xin turned their head, only to see that Nalan Shu has just come down the stairs.

Upon seeing Long Hao Chen, Nalan Shu was quite surprised, but he quickly took an earnest expression. He hurried in front of Long Hao Chen, looking at him from top to bottom, before asking without restrain: “That day… that day, wasn’t it your teacher that…”

Long Hao Chen was a little surprised, but he quickly understood what he meant and proudly nodded.

Nalan Shu took a deep breath, his eyes revealing a scorching hot feeling of adoration, “I knew it! I knew it!”

Li Xin answered, unconvinced: “Uncle Nalan, what are both of you talking secretly about?”

Nalan Shu took a serious expression before asking her: “Why haven’t you already left for practice? You are already a seventh rank knight, so whether you can participate in the Magical Hunting Selection and Competition prior to breaking through the level of Grand Knight will relate to how well you will be able to do in this magical selection.”

Li Xin stuck out her tongue and looked at Long Hao Chen: “Lil’ Bro, I am going to practice first. In the evening, dinner will be my treat, I’ll invite you to eat a large meal. Hihi.” As she finished, she turned around and ran out.
Nalan Shu said with a helpless smile and, at the same time, doting tone: “This kid, she’ll soon be 20 but is still so mischievous. Those who come from normal households are supposed to marry by this age.”

Turning back, Nalan Shu took a look at Long Hao Chen before nodding and said: “Hao Chen, come with me.”

Long Hao Chen went together with him to his office

Long Hao Chen shook his head: “Nalan Hall Master, he left. This is for you.” As he spoke, he took out the letter that his father left to him, passing it to Nalan Shu.

Nalan Shu couldn’t hold himself back and took apart the letter before taking a look, and a surprised look quickly appeared on his face. Still looking at the contents of the letter, he revealed a look full of disbelief as he looked at Long Hao Chen, “You, you were actually Senior Xing Yu’s son? But, why would Senior Xing Yu let you study abilities used by Guardian Knights together with us? Why is it not the path of a Retribution Knight? Senior Xing Yu is the number one Retribution Knight of the Knight Alliance!”

Long Hao Chen said: “Nalan Hall Master, Father did not want me to reveal everything, so I cannot tell you anything that was not written in his letter.”

Nalan Shu took a deep breath and, while putting the letter away with a great care, he said: “Okay. Regardless of his reasons, I cannot disobey Senior Xing Yu’s instructions. From now onwards, you will become a genuine member of Hao Yue Hall. I will give my best in training you. In his letter, Senior Xing Yu explained that he wanted you to participate in the magical selection.”

“Em, I will follow your guidance.” Long Hao Chen straightened his posture and faced Nalan Shu with a basic knight salute.

Nalan Shu clapped his shoulders and said: “In the future, you will be like Xin’er, so call me Uncle Nalan. Honestly, the knight skills I will pass
on to you are, from my honest point of view, rather imperfect; but I believe that in the near future, you will definitely be able to become the biggest glory of our Hao Yue Hall. Come, I will bring you to a nearby location that I have arranged for you to stay at.”

“Thank you, Uncle Nalan.”

Hao Yue Hall occupied an enormous area. It was definitely not limited to what Long Hao Chen could only see: from behind the hall, there was also a big region. Among the three main parts, there was one where knights could rest as well as a public square where they could practice as knights and be passed on knowledge and skills belonging to the Knight Hall.

At the center of Hao Yue City, the scheduled arrival of the group of Knight Squires from the villages and small towns to Hao Yue Hall for their examination would happen in three years. Those who were successful at becoming Standard Knights would be able to remain in Hao Yue Hall to study and practice. If they could break through the third step within five years, they would then turn into genuine members of Hao Yue Hall as well as genuine members of the Knight Hall. If they couldn’t, the alternative for these Standard Knights would be to join the army or take up another kind of occupation in the Knight Temple.

Actually, what Long Hao Chen saw was only the facade of Hao Yue Hall. The real Hao Yue Hall was actually hidden behind this facade; 100 Knights 2 and 2,000 Standard Knights lived there, but according to Nalan Shu’s presentation, besides its outward appearance, Hao Yue Hall actually also had an Earth Knight as well as seven Grand Knights 3. All those who could advance to the step of Grand Knight would sooner or later leave for the Knight Temple to begin a new journey.

Together with the differences in rank, the living conditions also varied. Standard Knights had to share a room among four people, but each Genuine Knight had his own room.

Nalan Shu arranged Long Hao Chen’s room to be next to Li Xin’s room, and after eating, Nalan Shu told Long Hao Chen to rest for the remainder of the day. The next day, he would come back for practice.
When people reached the third step, no matter from which Temple they came, they would be treated well because they would be the main force against the demon race in battle.

Long Hao Chen’s room was currently inside of a three-story monastery 4 reserved for Genuine Knights. It was a suite. There was a bedroom, a quiet meditation room for practicing, and a private bathroom for personal hygiene. Inside the meditation room, there was a simple Magic Circle surrounded by a few Light-based magic crystals. Since the light- element affinity inside the room was much higher than outside, it had a supplementary effect when practicing inside.

Unaffected by the generosity he received, Long Hao Chen just took out his clothes from the space ring before sorting himself out a bit and went into the meditation room to practice.

Practice made time pass quite faster, a whole afternoon quickly passed. Before night fell, a clear yet calm knocking sound on the door could be heard.

“Who is it?” Long Hao Chen regained consciousness from his quiet practice.

“Lil’ Bro, it’s me.”

Long Hao Chen opened the door and saw Li Xin standing at the entrance. At the moment, she did not wear her light armor but had changed into a white-colored attire, looking as though she had just taken her bath. Her pink colored hair that hung down to her shoulders’ level was still somewhat wet. Her current appearance looked quite less heroic and much more charming.

“Come with me, Uncle Nalan wanted me to take you to test your spiritual energy, but before I take you there, let’s have a good welcome dinner.”


Chapter 30

“Oh?” Long Hao Chen, who was still immersed in the practice of his internal spiritual energy and studying the knowledge regarding spiritual stoves, gave a simple reply before heading out together with Li Xin.

Li Xin had arranged her long hair, using a blue ribbon to tie it into a ponytail; then she left together with Long Hao Chen, going back to the main hall and heading straight to the third floor.

Nalan Shu was already waiting for them: upon seeing them, he came to Long Hao Chen and said, with a smile, “How was your rest? Were you satisfied with the residence?”

Long Hao Chen first gave Nalan Shu a salute, then replied, “I really liked the residence. Thank you Uncle Nalan.”

Nalan Shu faintly smiled. He was liking this child more and more: he had such a formidable father but didn’t show the slightest bit of arrogance.

“You have already completed the Sacred Awakening, proving that you have the potential to be a knight; however, in order for you to join our Hao Yue Hall, we have to carry out your registration. Therefore, it will be necessary to test your current spiritual energy. Tomorrow, you will have to start studying in the knight class to learn the skills and abilities of a Guardian Knight. If there is anything that you don’t understand, come to me and ask me directly.”

“Yes.” Long Hao Chen replied, moving his wrist and slowly drawing the heavy sword from his back. Because his father did not want him to reveal
his abilities of a Retribution Knight, he only carried a single heavy sword on his back, the other one was, naturally, stashed inside the spatial ring.

“Lil’ Bro, you want to become a Guardian Knight?” Li Xin looked puzzled.

Long Hao Chen laughed, “I made this choice after coming back from the last test.”

The tool used for the test this time was the same as the last time, still that black stone pillar.

“Start now.” Nalan Shu nodded at Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen focused his gaze and took one step forward, the heavy sword on his right hand chopping and unleashing a sort of lightning; several layers of golden light obviously surrounded the blade. This was not a skill, but a phenomenon caused by pouring spiritual energy into the blade.

A Ping sound muffled, and a blue glow softly rose from the walls of the examination hall; whether it was Nalan Shu or Li Xin, both nervously stared at the top of the black stone pillar.

“268.” A huge number appeared there.

Nalan Shu and Li Xin both gasped at the same time, completely speechless, and she cried out: “You are only two spiritual energy levels away from being a third rank Genuine Knight. Lil’ Bro, are you really a normal human? A third rank knight who’s not twelve years old yet.”

As a matter of fact, a year and a half ago, when Li Xin met Long Hao Chen for the first time, she also had just reached the level of Genuine Knight. In merely a year and a half, Long Hao Chen had more than doubled his spiritual energy level. Although this growth speed was closely related to the fact that both his inner and outer spiritual energies had been cultivated, it could be still described as terrifying talent.
Long Hao Chen put his sword away and stood motionless; he was not surprised at all by his spiritual energy ranking, but this was obviously not the real spiritual energy he had reached. After fusing the Saint Spiritual Stove, his inner spiritual energy dropped by over fifty levels. Otherwise, his spiritual energy level would be at a level surpassing a fourth rank and almost at the level of a fifth rank Genuine Knight.

“Genius, a real genius.”, Nalan Shu murmured. Li Xin blinked her big eyes, fiercely looking at Lo
Looking at her, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but blush. He could still clearly remembered the scene that occurred more than a year ago, when Li Xin had grabbed his hand, making it grope some highly located place that was soft.

“Let’s go, it’s time to eat.” Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen’s arm and said some greetings to Nalan Shu before running out.

Getting out of Hao Yue Hall, Li Xin dragged Long Hao Chen to one of the biggest restaurants in the neighborhood and entered.

As soon as they entered, a waiter immediately came to serve them:
“Welcome, Miss Xin’er.”

Li Xin nodded and said: “Get us something to eat.”

The waiter looked somewhat surprised upon seeing Li Xin pull Long Hao Chen’s arm, “Both of you, please follow me onto the second floor.”

Li Xin shook her head and said: “No need, the two of us will be fine in the main dining hall. We will be sitting there, close to the window. Bring out the menu, I’m starving to death.”

While talking, she pulled Long Hao Chen before sitting down.

Around this time, the main hall of the restaurant was fairly crowded. Immediately after sitting down with Long Hao Chen, Li Xin ordered food, but she did it in a way that broadened Long Hao Chen’s horizons.
Receiving a menu from the waiter, Li Xin pointed at five or six dishes on it. While Long Hao Chen was still wondering why the waiter did not record her choice of dishes, Li Xin said: “Except for these, bring out everything.”

That was almost a full menu: there were twenty to thirty dishes!

“Big Sister Xin’er, there is really too much. There’s no way we can finish it.” Long Hao Chen made haste to say, having understood more about this new older sister. This easygoing side of hers made him feel very comfortable staying around her.

Li Xin put on a serious face and said: “How can there be no way we can finish? You’re still growing, so you need to eat quite a bit.”

“Come on, what is that? Making people eat more? Clearly it’s just you who are a big eater.” After Li Xin finished ordering food, a somewhat cold, mixed with mockery, voice reached her.

Long Hao Chen turned around and saw two men and a woman, three people who had also just entered the restaurant. When the three of them passed near them, they stopped advancing; more exactly, it was the girl who spoke.

This young girl was wearing a dark blue robe. It seemed as if elemental energy loomed around the robe, making it glow in a light blue color. On the left side of her chest, there was a three-starred emblem surrounded by six golden stripes.

A magical Robe. Is this a Mage? Long Hao Chen only knew about mages through his Father’s teachings, this was the first time he saw one in his life.

Three stars plus six stripes, that was the mark of a third step, sixth rank vocation. So this was a Genuine Mage. The three first steps of the vocation of mage were named Mage’s Assistant, Magical Student, and Genuine Mage.

Bang, Li Xin who violently pounded the table stood up, and angrily said:
“Lin Jia Lu, who did’ya describe as a big eater?”
Lin Jia Lu snorted, “Who is the one who eats so much?”

Long Hao Chen, who at first paid principally attention to the magical robe, took another closer look at the mage’s looks.

Lin Jia Lu and Li Xin could be described as rare beauties, yet their styles were completely different. Li Xin, straightforward and full of vigor, was a kind of robust beauty. On the other hand, Lin Jia Lu had a more ladylike, clever look.

White skin, medium build, long light blue colored hair letting loose behind her back, graceful eyebrows, beautiful nose, a pair of perfect, identical blue eyes, and her gentle face; all of those easily made people feel like treasuring her.

However, she was holding a 0,66 meter (2 Chi) long magic black wand made of wood in her hands, on top of which sprouted branches shaped like a small hand, just big enough to hold a fist-sized blue water gem. The magical elemental power that could be felt coming out of the magic wand was much more intense than the one from her robe.

“Are trying to pick a fight or what?” With anger sparking in her eyes, Li Xin stepped in front of Lin Jia Lu.

The two young men who arrived together with Lin Jia Lu rushed two steps forward, one on each side of Lin Jia Lu, looking rather nervous. Both of them were leather-armor-clad warriors, obviously Lin Jia Lu’s bodyguards.

What mages feared the most was being attacked. Despite possessing with magic a formidable destructive power, they were very vulnerable. Therefore, a good mage would always have attendants following to protect them.

“You two ladies, please calm down. Exactly a month ago, you two received punishments from the Head Officer and the Minister.” The warrior on the left nervously reminded.
“Hmph!” Li Xin and Lin Jia Lu reacted almost at the same time, glaring at each other.
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