Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 201-210


Chapter 201

It was a pity that the Light Elemental Fairy’s physique was weak; she was unable to pierce the skin of Long Haochen’s finger, because his external spiritual energy made it too thick.

The Light Elemental Fairy immediately became impatient, hopping up and down on Long Haochen’s palm, her pleasantly surprised look turning into an excited and eager one.

“What are you doing? Why are you biting my finger?” Long Haochen asked with some curiosity.

On his side, Cai’er also looked surprised, “She’s biting your finger?
Could it be that she needs your blood?”

Why would an Elemental Fairy need a human’s blood? It could only be for one reason, to conclude a contract with him.

Long Haochen gave a surprised look to the Light Elemental Fairy on his palm, “Could it be that you want to stay by my side?”

The Light Elemental Fairy nodded vigorously without hesitation. Looking at her, it seemed as though she couldn’t be more willing to do just that. Just as if to her, staying by Long Haochen’s side would be greatly convenient.

Now it was Long Haochen’s turn to be pleasantly surprised. Even though he restrained his internal longing and set this little fellow free, he was still a
knight, and as such, how could he not wish to obtain something like a Light Element Spiritual Stove?

Since this little fellow was willing to stay, Long Haochen didn’t have any objections, immediately using his right hand to form an edge of light blade to make a little cut on his own fingertip.

A drip of blood came out, and the Light Elemental Fairy immediately used her own little hand to touch Long Haochen’s blood. With a little flap of her wings, she soared up while a golden radiance erupted from her mouth. It merged with Long Haochen’s blood, and turned it into a pure golden color.

At the moment, this small Light Elemental Fairy had quite a serious face. The white radiance surrounding her body vanished and pure golden symbols appeared.

Long Haochen felt as if the scorching feeling in his body was affected by the symbols, immediately increasing to its peak. He couldn’t help but shake intensely, his entire body swaying, but because of Cai’er’s supporting hand, he didn’t fall down.

On his chest, a pure white brilliance emerged, immediately turning his clothes into dust. The brilliance formed a 90 centimeters long little cauldron that started floating before his chest.

It was the Saint Spiritual Stove!

The current Saint Spiritual Stove differed to some extent from the last time he saw it. The previous veined lines on it had spread, and it seemed larger. Its insides were filled with golden liquid spiritual energy, and from its appearance, it looked just like a cup of the glorious era, made of amber and filled with excellent wine.

As she saw the Saint Spiritual Stove, two golden flames ignited in the Light Elemental Fairy’s eyes. Immediately, she moved her hands rhythmically, doing her utmost to speed the process up.
The Saint Spiritual Stove slowly drifted, arriving in front of her. Drop after drop of golden liquid were trembling inside, and without need for Long Haochen to do anything, that golden liquid naturally condensed to identical symbols as the ones the Light Elemental Fairy produced.

After a short time, the symbols on the two sides were completed and suddenly merged together. Their fusion immediately produced a glint of bright light, causing even the courageous Light Elemental Fairy to shoot out at Cai’er’s direction. Long Haochen just felt as if his whole body was completely filled with red-hot warmth. Instinctively, his body immediately sat cross-legged.

The odd symbol directly engraved on the Saint Spiritual Stove, and immediately following, Long Haochen’s chest was illuminated by a symbol of a pure golden color.

The two parties appeared to have undergone a process of fusion.

Shutting her two eyes, the Light Elemental Fairy gave the image of a devout young girl, her two hands folded in front of her chest, calmly floating in midair.

The pure gold color and the paler golden color finally merged perfectly into a single entity, turning into an extremely limpid golden color. This golden symbol penetrated Long Haochen’s chest once again, gently rising up, before stopping after reaching the space between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

At this moment, the others of the 1st squad suddenly awoke with a start, because of the sudden burst of such strong light essence. The ones who felt it first were Sima Xian and Han Yu. Both of them being light element users as well, they immediately noticed that the dense light attribute internal spiritual energy in their bodies was gathering two times faster/twice as fast than normal.

“What’s going on?” Wang Yuanyuan immediately picked up her Divine Soul Shield.
“Don’t move. He is okay. That Light Elemental Spiritual Stove came back again, and took the initiative to initiate a contract with him.” Cai’er didn’t fall down after being shot at, and was now standing on the ground, preventing the others from approaching the bed. At that time, everyone could only see bright light bursting out from behind the curtains, making the light essence in the whole living quarters especially plentiful.

Han Yu suddenly remarked, “Sima Xian, hurry up and cultivate. By relying on that dense light essence, maybe you’ll break through your bottleneck!”

Although Sima Xian was by nature straightforward, he was still quite intelligent and immediately understood what Han Yu meant. He hurried to take the last Spiritual Bursting Pill he had, which he was originally quite unwilling to part with, and made an effort to let his body enter the state of cultivation.

Cai’er calmly stood there, motionless, sensing every movement in the surroundings. The moment one fused with a spiritual stove was for any vocation the time when they would be the most vulnerable. Therefore, she had to protect Long Haochen during this time.

Just at that moment, Haoyue who had slept at the side of the room, suddenly lifted his heads. His six eyes glinting purple, a shapeless terrible aura burst forth from his body.

The Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig held against Chen Ying’er’s chest slipped away from her embrace, hiding behing Chen Ying’er’s legs. Everyone including Cai’er felt a terrible force and stared completely shocked at Haoyue.

Haoyue’s terrible intent wasn’t directed at them, but he roared three times toward the curtain in front of Long Haochen, robustly coming to his feet.

Having already slept for quite a long time, as soon as he stood up, everyone could vaguely feel that Haoyue’s body grew quite bigger, but the even more distinct feature was that he seemed even more robust than before.
The others didn’t understand anything in particular from Haoyue’s low- pitched growl, but seated on the bed couch, Long Haochen wasn’t the same. The golden symbol that reached his forehead immediately caused him intense pain.

In the middle of Long Haochen’s forehead, nine purple symbols gradually appeared, giving off a strong oppressive aura that fiercely collided with the golden symbol.

Long Haochen suddenly shouted, spouting out blood, and the Light Elemental Fairy in front of him instantly turned pale. Opening her eyes wide, she was horrified to see those purple symbols.

At that moment, the purple symbols seemed to come alive. An ice-cold, terrifying and overbearing aura was continuously released from within them.

Long Haochen had already come back to his senses, He would never have expected that his Saint Spiritual Stove wouldn’t obstruct but help his fusion with the Light Element Fairy, but his blood contract with Haoyue on the other hand would actually have a strong resistance against the fusion.

Regarding the reason, not only Long Haochen but even a powerhouse of the ninth step wouldn’t be clear about it.

Compared to other spiritual stoves, an Elemental Fairy’s greatest superiority lied in its extremely high intelligence. This Light Elemental Spiritual Stove originally didn’t come back only because of Long Haochen’s kindness, but more precisely because her body was in such a very weak state. With her delicate senses, she could feel that many powerhouses were present in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, and that she was completely unable to hide her presence from them.

Even though Long Haochen released her, she was afraid of being captured by others if she tried to leave. Since this was the case, she would rather stay with a kind-hearted human like Long Haochen than others.
But at the time she arrived in front of Long Haochen and had a taste of his liquid spiritual energy, she discovered that the human before her eyes actually possessed a special physique, the physique of a Scion of Light. In the fairy world, this existence wasn’t called Scion of Light, but to her, Long Haochen’s physique was more valuable than any treasure in the world. As long as she could stay together with Long Haochen, she would not only have no need to worry about her injury, but she would be also able to evolve much faster than the others of her kin. After continuously strengthening, maybe she would one day even…

Therefore, the Light Elemental Fairy didn’t have the slightest hesitation, and immediately chose to fuse with Long Haochen.

The golden symbol produced after the fusion was the contract mark between the two of them. To an Elemental Fairy, this contract mark in particular had a different meaning compared to ordinary spiritual stoves. Clearly, in his capacity of Scion of Light, Long Haochen would very possibly be able to absorb other spiritual stoves in the future, and maybe even another Light Elemental Spiritual Stove. For this reason, she wanted to give her contract the greatest priority possible, choosing to integrate into the cavity between Long Haochen’s eyebrows.

But how could she have expected that her act of greediness would provoke Haoyue’s strong opposition. Haoyue’s blood contract with Long Haochen was already existing between his eyebrows, and this place could only hold a single contract, the one that would remain of highest priority to Long Hoachen forever, the one able to influence all of his other contracts.

With his dignity being assaulted, Haoyue couldn’t possibly stay asleep. Although the Light Elemental Fairy was by nature quite pure, in front of Haoyue’s blood contract, she was just powerless.

However, this strong opposition occurred within Long Haochen’s body, and the emotions Haoyue had for Long Haochen were just like the ones of a son towards his father or a little brother towards his big brother. Having felt that Long Haochen’s body suffered serious injuries, Haoyue immediately retracted his body’s aura, and on Long Haochen’s forehead, the symbols slowly disappeared.
If Haoyue had had the same temperament as in the past, he would definitely have destroyed the Light Elemental Fairy completely, so as to not let Long Haochen absorb her pure light essence.

But before Haoyue interfered, while Long Haochen was still in a deep state of concentration, the contract had already been completed. If he had chosen to destroy the Fairy, Long Haochen’s soul would have sustained severe damage. Thus, Haoyue had chosen to let the Light Elemental Fairy go this time.

Sensing the disappearance of the constricting feeling, the Light Elemental Fairy didn’t dare have any more extravagant hopes. That golden symbol went down, settling down into Long Haochen’s chest. As for her, she leaped lightly, falling into the Saint Spiritual Stove. There she bathed in the golden liquid spiritual energy.

Chapter 202

The traces of pain on Long Haochen’s face seemed to lessen, but as the Saint Spiritual Stove returned to his body, a sudden surge of even more intense pain erupted.

A rich reddish-golden flame melted Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s first home almost instantly, making him directly fall down to the ground. From the effects of the sudden sunlight fire, what was left of his clothes burned, leaving nothing behind. By chance, that reddish-golden flame formed a perfect screen, making it so that only his silhouette could be seen faintly, making his situation look unclear.

Haoyue stared at Long Haochen, Little Light glaring the most, intensely exuding a surge of helplessness from his eyes, before once again lying down on the ground, and closing his six eyes. A ball of similar sunlight fire appeared above Haoyue’s head, moving rhythmically.

But at that last moment, everyone could be said to be quite relaxed.

Chen Ying’er patted her chest, pulling McDull who was hiding behind her into her arms, “The fusion with a spiritual stove is actually so frightening?! Even though this Light Elemental Fairy is so little, she is actually so powerful!”

Lin Xin murmured, “Moral quality! This is what moral quality brings! Good things happen to good people. Captain released her, but she chose to come back. What is it if not moral quality?”
Han Yu kept silent on his side. Except for Cai’er, he was the only one who knew about Long Haochen’s status as Scion of Light. Seeing that sunlight fire emanating from Long Haochen’s body, he could only feel full admiration. Indeed, he’s the favorite of nature. It looks like I have to exert more efforts, otherwise, I will never catch up with Master.

However, the envy burning in him only lasted for a few seconds. Immediately sitting cross-legged, he entered the state of meditation. That dense light aura had, after all, a lot of benefits for him.

As for the others, despite not possessing the light attribute, they were still quite familiar with light. Such intense light aura had various benefits for their own cultivation.

Only Cai’er didn’t start cultivating, simply standing there like a sculpture. No one doubted that if anyone dared to approach Long Haochen, Cai’er would immediately intervene.

The pure essence of light released from Long Haochen’s body was absolutely not something the living barracks could contain; all neighbouring soldiers reacted, and Gao Yingjie, who had just left, immediately sensed it.

How could this happen? Could it be that Haochen is fusing with the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove?

With no hesitation, Gao Yingjie immediately turned back, choosing to stay nearby after having inspected the living quarters’ situation. Everyone took a different time to fuse with a spiritual stove. There were different degrees of fusions, producing different levels of affinity with the spiritual stove. It was especially the case for Elemental Fairies whose level of fusion was extremely deep, resulting in an even greater assistance of the Elemental Fairies. And the degree of fusion depended naturally mainly on the approval of the Elemental Fairy to its owner.

As a matter of fact, contracts with these kinds of living spiritual stoves were of the master-servant type. If this kind of contract were to be forced, that Light Elemental Fairy’s power would be weakened. And of course, if
the Elemental Fairy didn’t cooperate with its owner, the progress speed of their fusion would be affected.

Thus, no one knew how long Long Haochen would need to fuse with the Light Elemental Fairy. They could only bear it and wait patiently.

Three days passed in the blink of an eye.

The sunlight fire igniting Long Haochen’s body didn’t show any signs of vanishing.

Gao Yingjie made the prompt decision to temporarily suspend the participation of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad in any mission, having them stay at their own living quarters.

No one had any objections about this matter. The first priority of the team was to let Long Haochen fuse with his Light Elemental Spiritual Stove. This was even more important than the first place in the team contest.

On the seventh day, Sima Xian succeeded in breaking through, reaching the fifth step.

But when they reached the tenth day, everyone started to feel impatience. They didn’t only started worrying about the ranking for the team contest, but also about Long Haochen’s safety.

Gao Yingjie told them that generally, fusions with spiritual stoves that are not ranked in the top ten would not last more than seven days. But it had already been ten days, and Long Haochen’s body was still completely covered by the sunlight fire.

“Leader, please protect Haochen. I have something to do.” Cai’er requested of Gao Yingjie.

Gao Yingjie looked distracted, “Do you have to go out?” “Mn.”
“Go then. Do you want someone to accompany you?” After all, Cai’er was blind.

Cai’er shook her head, “I am okay on my own.” As she said so, she pushed the door open with her blue cane in hand.

Compared to the others, she had an even better understanding of Long Haochen’s situation. If Long Haochen was truly in danger, Haoyue would definitely not be sleeping so steadily on the side. Thinking about this detail, although the others still felt a bit worried about Long Haochen’s situation, they bore it patiently and chose to wait.

Cai’er walked slowly, but didn’t take the wrong way, directly heading down, before being stopped by a soldier.

“I am Cai’er from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, and demand to meet Commander Lan Yanyu.” Cai’er’s voice was cold, but her frail figure and expressionless eyes made her appear lonely and desolate.

Blocking her path, a soldier raised his brows, “Sorry, but it’s not like anyone can conveniently go meet Commander Lan.”

The recent demon offensives had weakened to some extent, and although the war was still going on, the atmosphere in Exorcist Mountain Pass was already not as tense as in the past. But since the military chief Sheng Lingxin was currently unable to command the armies, Lan Yanyu, already acting as the leader of the mage regiment, naturally had an even greater responsibility.

“Then I’ll go to her on my own.” Cai’er’s bamboo cane tapped the ground. After slightly lifting her head, a concentrated killing intent immediately emerged from her.

Before her, the soldier felt his whole body trembling, and took a few steps back out of fear of falling to the ground otherwise.

But Cai’er’s killing intent wasn’t directed at him, and ascended to the sky, skyrocketing like a grey cloud of smoke.
Releasing such murderous spirit without restraint in the scope of the area below Exorcist City was not something anyone dared to do. More importantly, Cai’er’s killing intent was directly coming from the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, surpassing any ordinary assassin in purity and sharpness.

After a short time, the officers reacted and a few black-clad silhouettes rushed out, arriving in front of Cai’er.

“Miss?” A few black-clad men advanced from behind Cai’er. Their expression changed greatly, and they saluted Cai’er respectfully.

“Take me to see Commander Lan Yanyu.” Cai’er’s voice remained as cold as before.

Exorcist Mountain Pass was considered to be the Assassin Town, location of the Assassin Temple. Maybe common soldiers didn’t know her, but those assassins surely did.

“Cai’er, how… how is it that you came?” Seeing the young girl, the exhausted Lan Yanyu immediately became nicely surprised. But seeing Cai’er’s frail body, she couldn’t help but feel some pain for her.

“How are things for him?” Cai’er asked indifferently.

“Are you asking about your father?” Lan Yanyu looked blank, feeling great exultation in her heart.

Cai’er didn’t say anything, and didn’t nod, but simply stood there calmly.

Lan Yanyu made haste to reply, “He is already awake. Only, you also know about the aftereffects of the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood, he is now…”

“It’s okay since he’s not in danger.” Cai’er turned around, her cane tapping on the ground as she walked in the other direction.

The Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood had another secret, it was that when fully used, it had a probability of 1 chance out of 1000 to turn the user into an idiot upon coming back to his senses.
“Cai’er.” Lan Yanyu called out to her, her voice filled with worry.

Cai’er stopped her steps, her back still turned towards her mother, “Is there anything else?”

“You… Won’t you come with me to see your father?”

Cai’er stood there calmly, and after taking ten silent breathes, she lightly nodded her head, “Okay.”

Almost immediately, tears dropped from Lan Yanyu’s beautiful eyes.

It had been eleven years, since their three years-old daughter was taken from them, and spent two years in a coma. Ever since then, she had just been training, cutting all ties with them, just as if they became strangers. And this… this is the first time! Despite the fact that she was as cold as before, she still agreed to see Lingxin. This is proof that we still exist in her heart.

“Good… Good. Let me accompany you.”

At this moment, the demon offensive had just been repelled, and the city walls of Exorcist City were temporarily tranquill.

Lan Yanyu felt eager, and even tried to take advantage of the situation by reaching for her daughter’s hand. But Cai’er’s did a soft dodging motion, increasing the distance between the two of them.

“I know the way.” Having grown up in this town, she was very familiar with the place.

Lan Yanyu didn’t insist, wiping the tears from her face, and blindly followed Cai’er. By her side, she watched her somewhat slow-moving daughter who walked forward quite unsteadily, and her tears couldn’t help but fall down once again.

She was still just a child! But she inherited such a burden, suffered far too much pain. And she was so thin! Lan Yanyu really wanted to pamper
her daughter, holding her in her arms. But she knew that Cai’er wouldn’t let herself be hugged.

Mother and daughter walked for almost half an hour before arriving at their house. This courtyard belonged to the Assassin Temple, but ordinarily, Sheng Lingxin rarely returned to their residence. The absolute majority of the time, he would stay in his office, but after using the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood, his current situation had to be kept secret. No one was allowed to find out, so he had naturally been sent back to rest here, at the place where Cai’er grew up.

The blue cane tapped on the ground in succession, producing repeated
“du, du, du” sounds. Each of this sounds cut right into Lan Yanyu’s heart.

Without need for Lan Yanyu to say anything, Cai’er could imagine where Sheng Lingxin was. After passing through the courtyard and entering the back garden, just as she was walking forward unhurriedly, a sound interrupted her footsteps.

“Oh, elder sister, you came back. Who is this big sister?” These childish words were spoken by an ordinary grownup voice, which was enough to give anyone an incomparably strange sensation.

Cai’er slowly turned around. She was blind, but she sensed that the speaker of these words was in front of the door. Silently, she looked at him.

“It has been seven days since your father lost consciousness. He is going to recover a year of memories every day. Now, he recovered his memories up to his five or six years-old self. If he knew that you agreed to come back and see him, he would definitely be in great joy.”

Lan Yanyu said, somewhat choked with emotions.

Cai’er silently walked over to Sheng Lingxin, and suddenly felt at a loss, completely unsure of what she should say to her father with only the memories of a five years-old child.
“Big sister, can you accompany me to play together?” Sheng Lingxin stood up, gripping Cai’er’s hand and swaying it.

Cai’er looked blank, but she didn’t struggle free from his hand. Deep in her heart, some soft emotions seemed to have been stirred up.

Chapter 203

She still remembered that during the few days before Long Haochen absorbed the Elemental Fairy, he told her everyday about duty. That everyone had different duties, and their own heavy burdens to shoulder. The only difference was that these burdens were more or less visible depending on the person.

“Older sister, how is it that you’re not saying anything? Is it because you are wearing a veil on your face?” In a five years-old state, Sheng Lingxin kept questioning her, full of curiosity.

He asked her several questions in a row, but Cai’er didn’t show any reaction. Sheng Lingxin clearly felt that she was kind of uninterested, and hurried to run to Lan Yanyu’s side, “Elder sister, this big sister doesn’t speak at all. Can you play with me?”

Holding her husband’s broad hand, Lan Yanyu couldn’t help but fall in his arms and cry loudly. Such a heroic husband having unexpectedly been reduced to this state by the aftereffects of the spiritual stove, how could she possibly feel all right!?

“Take good care of him, I am leaving first.” Tapping the blue cane to the ground, Cai’er shot out like a bullet. As she used her greatest speed to leave this place, she suddenly discovered that the hate she felt for her parents seemed to have weakened greatly.

Leaving the courtyard and taking the route to return to the living quarters, Cai’er discovered for some reason that the oppressive feelings she had deep inside also seemed to have lessened greatly, to the extent that she felt a bit
more worriless and relaxed. Except from the time she was together with Long Haochen, this was the first time this kind of emotion appeared in her ever since she became the “Saint Daughter of Samsara”.

At that time, she couldn’t help but remember Long Haochen’s words: forgiveness is about forgiving other people, but also about forgiving yourself.

At the time Cai’er returned to the living quarters, she wasn’t aware that the expression in her eyes was gentler.

However, no one in the living quarters paid attention to Cai’er’s changes. She herself was surprised upon returning, because she felt to her astonishment that the light essence in the living quarters had just become even denser. Its level of purity astounded her greatly.

At that time, everyone in the living quarters had their eyes stuck to the sunlight fire released from Long Haochen’s body.

And compared to before Cai’er left, the great difference was that the sunlight fire on Long Haochen’s body had now surprisingly taken shape, unexpectedly condensing into flames that gave off a faintly visible appearance of angel.

“What happened?” Cai’er asked Gao Yingjie with some nervosity.

Gao Yingjie replied with a rough voice, “If I haven’t guessed wrongly, the Light Elemental Fairy that fused with Haochen should be undergoing a process of evolution.”

He was right, the Light Elemental Fairy was indeed evolving.

At the time the Light Elemental Fairy fused with Long Haochen, she felt Long Haochen’s physique as Scion of Light and released all her physical and mental capabilities, planning to fuse completely into Long Haochen’s body. Although she was frightened for a brief moment by Haoyue, this couldn’t affect the Light Elemental Fairy’s feelings of acknowledgement for Long Haochen.
Just like a light unicorn had by nature kindhearted traits, a Scion of Light was bound to have an easy-to-get-close-to nature, and a heart of gold. This made the Light Elemental Fairy throw away all her worries.

Although this Light Elemental Fairy was in a quite weak state, her wounds healed at fast speed and her body was restored in the process of fusion with Long Haochen.

Her purity was only second to the purity in Long Haochen’s body, and at the same time the two entities fused perfectly, another change appeared in the Saint Spiritual Stove.

The fusion between the Scion of Light and a Light Elemental Fairy was naturally a perfect fusion between two pure existences. It could be said that no one had a body as fitting for fusing with the Light Elemental Fairy as him. But Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove also underwent another evolution, exploiting perfectly the previous situation, pure sunlight fire emanating from within it. It was the sunlight fire continuously released outside.

The addition of the Light Elemental Fairy could be said to have perfectly developed Long Haochen’s physique as Scion of Light, his affinity of light shooting up incredibly. Further adding the assistance of the Light Elemental Fairy, the condensed spiritual energy was just too massive. It changed not only Long Haochen’s body, but also transformed the Light Elemental Fairy itself.

Having undergone a process of magnification for a few days, the finally fused Light Elemental Fairy had her first evolution.

Any Elemental Fairy could at least evolve three times. Each evolution would increase their ability greatly. As for whether they would be able to keep evolving after the third time, it depended to their own luck.

Without a doubt, everyone in the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad only felt excited to see the Light Elemental Fairy evolve after the process of fusion. In particular, to Sima Xian and Han Yu, an even richer light essence meant that their cultivation speed would accelerate even more greatly.
Everyone gained some benefits: bathed in the aura of light, their bodies and the attributes of their spiritual energy would gain some improvements, with only positive effects.

But no one expected Long Haochen’s evolution to take this long.

When they reached the 24th day, changes appeared on the gold-red sunlight fire covering his body, unexpectedly changing into a resplendent- gold-colored holy fire.

In fact, holy fire was a powerful ability only knights of the seventh step possessed. And furthermore, this holy fire ignited in Long Haochen was just too massive.

At this very moment, the light essence had taken the distinct shape of a fairy, a magnificent enlarged fairy of flame, floating at his back.

This implied that Long Haochen’s Light Elemental Fairy started her second evolution…

This was the Scion of Light, the formidable Scion of Light! And this holy fire persisted until the 49th day…
Seated cross-legged, Long Haochen suddenly showed signs of opening his eyes. He opened his mouth, and suddenly, the holy fire surrounding him was inhaled into his body, consequently weakening the light aura in the living quarters.

The abrupt change immediately awoke everyone from their state of cultivation, their eyes staring at the same time at Long Haochen.

Along with the continuous weakening of the holy fire, Long Haochen’s body gradually became visible.

At this very moment, with a bright spark of light from his chest, a one third of a meter long golden radiance appeared in front of him, and with a sharp and clear incantation, the bright light covered Long Haochen’s body,
forming a golden armor, solving the awkward situation of Long Haochen’s burned clothes.

And from his chest, the perfectly fused Light Elemental Fairy appeared.
Only, she had currently become completely different from before.

First, there was a change in her appearance. The Light Elemental Fairy originally let out a white radiance, but it now turned golden and was full of sacred aura. Her body also grew to approximately twice its former size, looking now almost real. And in between her eyebrows, a brilliant gem had appeared, making her even more valiant.

At her back, her two transparent wings had currently evolved into two pairs, making her flying silhouette looking even more stable.

But the greatest change could be seen in her limpid golden eyes. In them, all traces of gloom and weakness had completely disappeared. Her pupils were shining brilliantly, giving off a noble and sacred feel, without looking arrogant, but instead gentle, as if golden ripples were overflowing from therein.

Lightly landing on Long Haochen’s shoulder, and speaking a few words in fairy language before touching Long Haochen’s cheek, she currently looked extremely satisfied.

The holy fire gradually receded, letting the entirely golden armor condensed from Long Haochen’s light essence look even more dazzling. All filth could only disappear next to the holy sacred fire. And thus, despite the fact that 49 days had passed, his body was as clean and sweet as before.

“I have made everyone wait quite long.” The bright light in Long Haochen’s eyes diminished slowly, returning them to their limpid appearance. Standing up, his eyes looked extremely apologetic.

Sima Xian laughed heartily, “It wasn’t long, it wasn’t long at all. If not for the support of your fusion, I don’t know how long I would have taken to break through to the fifth step.”
It could be said that aside from himself, the ones who benefitted the most of this evolution were Sima Xian and Han Yu. In particular, Sima Xian had broken through the bottleneck of the fifth step and finally obtained liquid internal spiritual energy.

Gao Yingjie declared to him, with a smile, “You are finally awake! Nonetheless, you’re giving me too many good surprises! The Light Elemental Fairy unexpectedly evolved twice. Let alone having seen this, I have never even heard about this kind of thing happening before. It looks like the relation between the two of you is not an ordinary one.”

With a lift of his hand, the mentally connected Light Elemental Fairy flew to his palm. Eyeing the beautiful fairy of light, Long Haochen smiled, “She told me that her name is Yating.”

“Congratulation for having obtained your second spiritual stove, Master.” Han Yu said to Long Haochen with a smile.

Chen Ying’er frowned with concern, “Aï, but I didn’t break through!
Why is it that I don’t have light attribute?”

Wang Yuanyuan replied in disdain, “You summoners are existences close to the non-elemental type. Since you can summon creatures of so many different kinds, what kind of element would you want?”

Having been influenced by Long Haochen’s holy aura, Chen Ying’er still made quite fast progress. A few dozen days ago, she already reached the bottleneck of the fifth step. Unfortunately, she just hadn’t Sima Xian’s luck. These dozen days, she had been unsuccessful in breaking through to the fifth step. Having been unable from beginning to end to make her internal spiritual energy liquid, she was now the only one who was still at the fourth step in the team. How could she not feel hurried?

With a tired face, Lin Xin sat on his bed, “Captain, it would be so great if you could really use holy fire. Then, my fabrication of pills would be a lot easier. Aï, I’m just tired to death, lately.”
That’s just the way it was, during these days, the most tired among them was him. Lin Xin didn’t devote himself single-mindedly to cultivation, but also to concocting pills and doing business. Every one or two days, he would go out to the city, doing who knows what.

Chapter 204

Long Haochen smiled, “Thanks for your trouble, it looks like you made quite a lot of pills.”

Lin Xin patted his chest and declared, “All of you are consuming pills as if they are candies, I couldn’t possibly stop concocting them.”

Although Gao Yingjie could also use the holy sacred fire, he would definitely not intervene to help them. Only by relying on themselves would these youths progress more efficiently.

At that moment, he said to Long Haochen, “You are finally awake. Although you missed forty days of the competition, it looks like you made considerable progress over this period. I suggest you take note of your comrades’ progress while I go and see if there’s a need for you to take care of a mission. Over the course of these days, the other Demon Hunt Squads haven’t been staying idle. From my estimate, in regard to the amount of contribution points, you don’t hold the upper hand any longer.”

“Yes.” Long Haochen replied, sending off Gao Yingjie from the living quarters together with the others.

As the time they spent together increased, they felt even more admiration for this leader. During the time Long Haochen fused with the Light Elemental Stove Yating, Gao Yingjie had paid close attention to them.

Cai’er always stood behind Long Haochen, and when Long Haochen turned his head to see Gao Yingjie off, he noticed to his astonishment that
Cai’er seemed to be quite different. Her coldness receded quite a bit and the look in her eyes have softened.

In the past days, Cai’er went out a total of three times. The second time she met Sheng Lingxin, he had recovered ten years of his memories. And the third time, Sheng Lingxin just happened to have recovered the memories of the time when Cai’er was three years old. When Cai’er saw Sheng Lingxin, who had recovered a little more than twenty years of his memories, he was unexpectedly crouched down and was crying bitterly, even losing his voice from it. But from his mouth she was only able to hear a single word, and that was her name.

After that day, Cai’er didn’t go out again, and her mood grew unstable for a few days, but after that, her facial expression full of rejection gradually lightened.

Seeing this change on Cai’er, Long Haochen could only be pleasantly surprised, but now was clearly not the time to ask her about it.

Having returned to the living quarters, Long Haochen took the internal spiritual energy measuring device, and asked with a smile, “It looks like we will have to be tested once again. Who shall go first?”

Sima Xian replied with a laugh, “You should naturally go first, Captain. After you fused with the Light Elemental Fairy, your spiritual energy should have improved greatly. I heard that fusions with spiritual stoves like Elemental Fairies would increase the owner’s internal spiritual energy directly. And the fact that your fairy evolved twice in a row should definitely have had great effects on your growth.”

Sima Xian was right, Long Haochen clearly felt the enormous changes in his internal spiritual energy. Around the Saint Spiritual Stove, a golden ring had already formed. At the same time, the liquid spiritual energy increased in thickness, its volume naturally multiplied by a decent amount.

Long Haochen knew clearly that the fact his liquid spiritual energy became viscous implied that his internal spiritual energy had increased. When using it, his consumption of spiritual energy would be reduced while
his power would also increase greatly. As for how high his cultivation level had reached, he was also quite curious. Not declining the suggestion, he gripped the internal spiritual energy testing gem and slowly inserted his energy.

After a short time, except for the unwavering Cai’er, everyone appeared completely dull.

Lin Xin swallowed a big gulp of his own saliva, “Three… Three thousand…”

Sima Xian murmured, “It’s 3,162, the sixth rank of the fifth step.
Captain, you are already a sixth ranked Earth Knight!”

Let alone the others, Long Haochen was also astonished. He honestly didn’t expect that, with his fusion with Yating, he would actually directly gain more than a thousand units of spiritual energy. With such a boost, his cultivation level became the highest among all of his team members.

Just like Sima Xian said, Long Haochen’s improvements were massive. But this was closely related to his special physique as the Scion of Light. His fusion with Yating produced three enormous bursts of pure light essence. Over the course of forty days of the fusion, Long Haochen’s body as the Scion of Light had been completely aroused. And he didn’t know that every time Yating evolved, his own innate internal energy would increase by a level.

Thus, Long Haochen’s innate internal spiritual energy had reached 99, which was only second to Cai’er’s score of 100.

Although there was no important change between the first and the sixth rank, only an increase of the output of spiritual energy, Long Haochen was now another step closer to the sixth step. The gap between each step being incomparably wide, as the captain of the 1st squad, his continuous progress was at the same time the progress of the whole team’s fighting strength.

When the squad had just been formed, everyone felt deep inside somewhat awkward calling Long Haochen ‘Captain’. After all, aside from
Cai’er, he was the youngest of the team. But as time passed, Long Haochen used his own strength and his performance on the battlefield to conquer everyone. By now, they were since long ago used to call him captain automatically.

Long Haochen took a deep breath, keeping his happy feeling under control, and said with a smile, “Please test yourselves as well, everyone.”

Everyone tested their own internal spiritual energy and as Gao Yingjie anticipated it, compared to the previous time, the progress they made was not small.

Chen Ying’er’s internal energy already reached the bottleneck of the 2000th level, and all that was left was for her to enter the fifth step.

Sima Xian’s progress was the most obvious among everyone. The last time, his internal spiritual energy was 1920, but by now, it reached the count of 2100. This wasn’t only a numerical change, but an essential one. After he broke through the bottleneck of the fifth step, his internal spiritual increased by a hundred more units. From this could be seen how intense the light essence Long Haochen and Yating released at that time was.

Han Yu’s progress was not small either, from the 2271th level, he reached the 2390th, and in less than two months, his internal spiritual energy increased by 120 levels, making everyone full of envy.

Compared to them, the progress of the others was considerable smaller.

Wang Yuanyuan progressed from 2160 to 2210, Lin Xin’s internal spiritual energy only increased by 20, reaching 2405. As for Cai’er, her progress was not small. As the Saint Daughter of Samsara, her innate internal spiritual energy being 100, her cultivation speed was by nature not comparable to anyone else. After two months’ time, her internal spiritual energy increased by 180, making it reach 2770, only second to Long Haochen’s 3162.

So far, Long Haochen’s cultivation speed was already the best of the team. Although this time’s increase was directly linked to his luck, his
status within the team rose once again. More importantly, after possessing the Light Elemental Fairy Yating, his future progress speed would increase to some extent. Having entered the sixth rank of the fifth step, Long Haochen’s understanding about the internal spiritual energy was even greater. Haoyue had been in deep sleep all along, but his body grew considerably. Having been lying dormant almost constantly since their return from the mission, Haoyue was now more than five meters tall, an obvious change compared to his previous size of a little more than four meters. This was not a mere change in size, but his body became even more robust. The two bumps on the sides of his three heads, as well as the buckle on his back appeared already more pronounced.

Long Haochen already sobered from having completed the fusion with the spiritual stove, but Haoyue was as before in deep sleep. Clearly, he hadn’t digested the swallowed magical crystals yet.

“Should be my turn. Let me show you my drugs.” Lin Xin touched a pile of bottles, and although his face looked as exhausted as before, an excited glow appeared in his eyes.

“Wah, so many. Has-drugs-big-bro truly deserves his name.” Sima Xian teased him.

Lin Xin thumped his own chest, declaring, “It is big bro has drugs. Let me distribute them to you.”

“The effects of the Bursting Spiritual Pills being pretty good, I made some more. Three of them for each of you, to be prepared in case of need.”

The previous batch of pills he made was already quite used up. Although the side effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pills were strong, when used in the crucial moment, the sudden burst it could produce left everyone satisfied enough.

“You have no more use for Spiritual Gathering Pills, so the next batch I made was sold off. The sales were even greater than I expected, the demand even exceeding the offer. Had I known about it in advance, I
would have sold some more in the past. This time, we had sufficient material, so I made a batch of Great Restoration PIlls. Nonetheless, these things’ production cost is quite high, so everyone will only have three of them. Each of them will restore 500 units of internal spiritual within 20 second.”

Although Lin Xin deemphasized it, when everyone heard this description, they immediately couldn’t help but take a sudden breath. Recovering 500 units of internal spiritual energy, what kind of concept was this? Three pills per person was already enough to increase their fighting strength to new heights.

“And the last type is one I used the Bloodthirsty Beta’s flesh to make. Speaking of it, I feel quite happy about them. I succeeded after less than twenty tries, and after trying out one, the results were really quite good. Named Bloodthirsty Pills, they will increase your external spiritual energy by 500 after use, and make you enter a Bloodthirsty state, quite similar to the bald man’s Madness. It will increase your physical power substantially, as well as the degree of connection between your body and your internal spiritual energy. This thing is the most suitable for close- combat fighters. From my estimate, after taking it, a warrior will gain more than 20% more offensive power, for a duration of ten minutes. And the key point is that this thing has no side effects. Of course, as our power increases, the utility of these things will reduce. After we break through to the sixth step, they will not be of much utility. But in the present time, it is quite useful. Bloodthirsty Betas indeed deserve to be known as demons of the seventh step. Same with it, three pills per person. We still have some of the Bloodthirsty Betas’ flesh, that I will mainly use to make pills of this kind as well as Great Restoration Pills. Oh, that’s right, the Bloodthirsty Pills and the Spiritual Bursting Pills can be taken at the same time; their effects can add up. Hehe.”

Aside from Chen Ying’er and himself, everyone received some.

As everyone received the pills Lin Xin made. Her look becoming passionate upon looking at him, Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t help but declare, “Lin Xin, you are really a genius!”

Chapter 205

As Lin Xin pushed his own dark green hair back, he declared, “That’s a matter of fact. And I have recently been doing research for pills that can provide cultivation support at the sixth step. But, it’s quite difficult, I need to do more experiments. The main components are coming from those eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers, so we have quite a lot of them. I hope the trials will be successful.”

As time passed, Lin Xin’s utility as an alchemist increased unceasingly.

“Ying’er, this is for you.” Lin Xin threw a little cloth bag to Chen Ying’er.

Chen Ying’er caught it, showing a puzzled reaction, “What is it? Are there pills inside?”

Lin Xin shook his head, replying, “Foolish girl, these are magical crystals. If your pig doesn’t have them, how will he have fighting strength? I purchased them at the auction house. One at the sixth step, and the dozen of others are coming from magical beasts at the fifth step. Conserve them well, these things were just so expensive. Half of the money I made was used for these, and the rest to purchase material.”

“Wah, thank you, big brother Lin.”Chen Ying’er blinked her limpid eyes at Lin Xin, looking at him with soft eyes.

“That’s enough! I did so for our team. Younger sister, although you are pretty, for the safety of my life, please don’t look at me with this kind of eyes.
I don’t want this Yang Wenzhao to aim at my life.”

Chen Ying’er took the magical crystals with great delight, and reacted with a snort, “What’s up with this Yang Wenzhao, would he dare try to control me? I don’t like him, I rather like Sis Yuanyuan. I’m already having perfect compatibility with Sis Yuanyuan, who cares about him.”

“Pf, Huhu…” Sima Xian coughed violently a few times, shooting Wang Yuanyuan a glance, “What perfect compatibility, with another girl? That would just be a waste of resources!”

Wang Yuanyuan’s expression remained the same, “What’s good with you. Humpf;”

Sima Xian glanced at Lin Xin with a mean smile, saying, “Tell me, if I were to sell our information about what Ying’er just told you to Yang Wenzhao, how many contribution points would I get for it?”

Chen Ying’er leisurely reacted, pleasantly saying, “Exchange it for the amount you want, but in any case, I want half of it.”

Long Haochen accepted the pills with a smile. Their 1st squad had already been established quite some time ago. Along with the deepening of everyone’s relations with each other, everyone already blended their own characters into the group. And their strength as a whole increased without obstruction.

“Haochen! Quickly follow me to the city walls, everyone.” Just at the time everyone was chatting, Gao Yingjie’s pressed voice sounded from outside.

Having seen Gao Yingjie’s serious expression, everyone followed hurriedly. They didn’t think much of it, simply assuming that it would be at most the start of a new operation. “Follow me.”

Long Haochen didn’t dare slack off, commanding his companions to follow him rapidly. He didn’t know what happened, but it was definitely not good news.
Cai’er’s sense of smell had already recovered, so she naturally followed Long Haochen out of the living quarters. The group of seven was led to the city walls under Gao Yingjie’s command.

But when they arrived at the city walls, Long Haochen discovered that the whole Exorcist City’s walls were astonishingly calm.

The other nine Demon Hunt Squads had already arrived at the city walls and were in charge of the defense of a hundred meters broad area. Seeing the arrival of Long Haochen’s group, they naturally let them handle the defense of an area of a dozen meters.

Long Haochen looked at them closely and discovered to his astonishment that some changes appeared on the Demon Hunters of the other nine Demon Hunt Squads. Having gone through a lot of hardships, they looked a lot more steady, and less scatterbrained than before. Clearly, over the course of these fifty days, they all had made important progress. In terms of experience, they already surpassed the 1st Demon Hunt Squad.

Gao Yingjie stood at Long Haochen’s side, pointing ahead, and told them in a deep voice, “Look.”

Looking at the situation outside the walls, Long Haochen who previously looked relaxed immediately became shocked.

It wasn’t only the Exorcist Mountain Pass that was calm, but the outside was also extremely calm. But it wasn’t because the demons’ main forces were withdrawing, rather the opposite: the demon’s main forces were actually arranged neatly at the entrance of Exorcist Mountain Pass. In silence, an enormous somber and desolate mass was advancing continuously, charging forward in the direction of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Today, the demons were against all expectations well organized. Right in the front, Dual Bladed Demons formed a dozens of square-shaped formations, and from the looks of it, their numbers exceeded at least 5,000.
Behind these Dual Bladed Demons were ten groups of five hundred Demonic Eye Soldiers. Then, at their back were Luke Stealthy Demons. And as the formation progressed in depth, stronger demon tribes were present. Far in the back, Long Haochen faintly saw a dozen of colossus standing in silence. Even with such distance from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, these large demon silhouettes could vaguely be seen, their height actually surpassing fifty meters.

The demon gathering wasn’t only limited to the ground, but at the same time they were in the sky.

The aerial gathering of a great amount of demon air force formed a black cloud covering the sky and shadowing the earth. But they were as calm as their peers. Magic Birds, Demonic Eagles, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles, Beta Flying Demons as well as many other kinds of flying demons were organized and separated by races. It seemed as if they were ready to attack at any time, once they received the command.

Right in the middle of the demon air force were ten silhouettes with a height above thirty meters. In a crazy way, they were black gigantic dragons.

Seeing such a scene, Long Haochen’s group couldn’t help but take a deep breath. What were these demons planning? Why did the whole bunch come out for? More importantly, there were a lot of powerful demons who had never appeared on the battlefield before. In other words, this was the real main force of the demons.

The tense atmosphere encircled the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Despite the fact that this mountain pass’ defense lasted for thousand years, the demon main armies’ battle formation this time was unprecedentedly powerful. In case they initiated the assault, a bloody battle was fated to happen. Everyone clenched their hands together around their weapons, silently waiting for them to approach.

Long Haochen’s group didn’t dare to slack off, and arranged themselves in a proper defensive formation.
In this large battlefield, their individual strength seemed negligible, but anyhow, they would do the best they could to kill many demons. This wasn’t a question of contribution points, or at least not anymore. Defending the Exorcist Mountain was extremely important, involving the entire humanity.

The atmosphere wasn’t only tense on the city walls, but even in the high city gate tower.

Sheng Lingxin already recovered all his memories, calmly gazing at the scene from above. At his side were all the high-ranking military officers. All of them wore serious expressions: this time the opposing demon army was unprecedentedly formidable, they were obviously not only coming to acquire food for their population.

Sheng Lingxin revealed some doubt in his eyes, “Have the demon forces gone crazy? How could they gather so many army forces. Even the Demon God Emperor’s personal soldiers, the Black Dragons, appeared. Have they made their preparations to go all out and destroy us at any cost?”

At this very moment, an aged voice sounded at Sheng Lingxin’s back, “There can only be two reasons why the demon forces did so. The first possibility is as you guessed, that the demons plan to go all out to break through our Exorcist Mountain Pass. If things are so, just let them come. Since our Exorcist Mountain Pass could last for thousand years, protected by our Assassin Temple, I don’t dare say that we will surely stop the demons’ all-out offense but they will be bound to pay an extremely disastrous price.”

Sheng Yue stepped forward unhurriedly, coming to Sheng Lingxin’s side. Seeing his appearance, the nervous high-ranking officers’ expression distinctly loosened. Having a powerhouse of the ninth step keeping watch over the city gave them, as well as the soldiers, a great boost to their self- confidence.

Sheng Lingxin didn’t make his salutations to his great-grandfather: he was now the highest ranking officer in the city, and would do everything to
shoulder his duty.

“What about the second possibility?” Lingxin asked.

Sheng Yue replied, “As for the second possibility, it is that the demons’ higher-ups came. Every time they had important matters to discuss with us in the past, they would assume this kind of formation to terrify us with their military power, and increase the probability of success of their negotiations.”

Hearing his grandfather’s words, Sheng Lingxin immediately had a flash of understanding, “Since this is the case, there should be higher odds for the second possibility. According to all the intelligence we gathered, the demons didn’t show any signs of doing large scale operations. If they really went all out to launch an all-out war, then the pressure would surely not come only to our Exorcist Mountain Pass.”

Sheng Yue nodded his head in praise, “That’s right, since this is the case, we just don’t know for now what these demons are aiming for. Having brought innumerable forces to launch a surprise attack, let them bring it on. I just wonder who came this time. From my estimate, it is at least a demon god ranked within their top ten. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to arrange such a formation.”

Sheng Lingxin suddenly remarked, “Heroic Senior, about the Assassin Temple over there…”

Sheng Yue nodded his head to him, giving a reply, “Rest at ease, we already made preparations. If they really came for an all-out attack, my Assassin Temple will not end up decimated.”

Sheng Lingxin loosened his breath, “Now, all that’s left to do is to wait.”

At the time his grandson spoke, suddenly, far in the rear of the battle formations, three massive light pillars rocketed to the sky, bringing strong radiances and spiritual energy eruptions. Even if they were quite distant from the city, everyone in it could still see it. The brilliances of the demon gods’ pillars.
“Hou, hou, hou.”

In the instant, those three demon god pillars’ radianes erupted, the formerly silent demon troops immediately bellowed out.

That was a great army of a hundred thousand! With these simultaneous roars, in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, the earth shook and the ground trembled.

Even a hundred generals would only be able to change expressions in front of such a massive force. But their difference to ordinary people was that the latter would fall weakly to the ground while the first fought. These soldiers who went through hundreds of battles just held their weapons tightly, their blood boiling in front of such ferocious enemies.

Those three demon gods were precisely the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan, as well as the seventieth demon god, the Evil Demon Rider Seere.

ly, these three demon gods came in an attempt to handle the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment, so Long Haochen naturally recognized them in a glance.

They indeed deserved to be called demon gods! Their aura was unexpectedly able to cause a hundred thousands to be in such a state of excitement.

This was Long Haochen’s way of thinking. But in the city’s tower, the face of the Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue changed.

“Not good… Don’t tell me… Don’t tell me that he came…”

Chapter 206

At the same time great changes appeared on Sheng Yue’s face, behind those three shining demon god pillars, a dark golden brilliance was immediately lit brightly.

This dark golden brilliance was just too massive, forming a thick light extending over a diameter of more than five kilometers. The instant it appeared, the bright sky became dark, the sun disappearing without traces as if shot down.

The hundred thousand roaring demons felt as if their neck was suddenly cut off, and no sound was left. This scene of noise transforming instantly into silence appeared extremely bizarre. Although the demon soldiers didn’t yell any longer, their eyes were filled with an identical blood color. From the smallest Dual Bladed Demons to the biggest Black Dragons, all of them without exception emitted an extremely frightening aura. Along with the ascending of that bright pillar, they entered a sort of Bloodthirsty state.

In front of that enormous dark golden pillar, the group of three gods led by the Blazing Lion Allocer seemed like an unremarkable gust of wind. Those three kneeled respectfully, facing the enormous dark golden pillar while disregarding the humans.

What… What is that…

Too astonishing! This course of events was just too sudden and terrible.

The most splendid scenes Long Haochen ever saw were the ones of his father as well as the chief the Alliance Yang Haohan releasing their divine
thrones. But compared to the terrible dark golden pillar of light, they were just far too inferior.

That dark golden pillar of light quickly covered the whole sky, turning everything around it into darkness. Only the dark golden radiance emitted forward still provided some brightness to this world, and thus, the changes on this dark golden pillar looked all the more distinct.

It was indeed too big. Even from a very far location, it could be seen distinctly. On the surface of the enormous and entirely dark golden-colored pillar were countless strange symbols. Even more significantly, on the enormous pillar of light, a gigantic dark golden dragon was creeping solemnly.

No one could see exactly how enormous that massive dragon’s body was. The terrifying pressure it released even caused the sky to sink, twisting unstoppably.

What… What kind of existence is that!?

Suddenly, bolts after bolts of azure lightning surrounded the dark golden pillar of light, glittering without interruption, and the massive dragon crawling on it started to move rhythmically.

Even more spectacular was that the army of hundred thousands was immediately immersed into the twisted patterns, unexpectedly disappearing from their line of sight. No, more accurately, they should have become invisible.

The Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue’s face was already completely pale. The fact that his aura alone could make the entire main demon forces invisible, and this enormous dark golden pillar of light confirmed one thing. The thing they were the most unwilling to see.

“It’s him… It’s really him! The first ranked of the seventy-two demon gods and Demon Emperor, the Devil Dragon Emperor Fengxiu. He went as far as to come here personally.”
As they heard Sheng Yue’s words, all the officers on the city gate tower became overwhelmed with shock. Sheng Lingxin’s entire body swayed, and although he gritted his teeth, trying to contain his emotions, his two forcefully clenched hands were trembling.

The first demon god and Demon Emperor, the Demonic Dragon Emperor. This title would always belong to a single demon, the ruler of the seventy-two demon gods as well as the most powerful existence of the entire demon army.

The main reason why, in Shengmo Dalu, humans were always in a vulnerable position was his existence. He was the one that couldn’t be defeated, the unequalled representative of supremacy within the demons.

That was Fengxiu. The one this graceful name belonged to was the Demon Emperor standing at the summit of the demons’ hierarchy. Reportedly, at the time the first Demon God Emperor who descended to Shengmo Dalu led the seventy-two demon gods, he originally didn’t have this name. But after decimating the major part of the human population, he gave himself a human name. And all the generations of Demon God Emperors continued to use it, until today.

From the very first generation of Demon God Emperors till now, this was the sixth Demon God Emperor. In his capacity of supreme leader of the demons, he could live for more than a thousand years.

In the human history, except from the time when the Scion of Samsara appeared, causing the Demon Emperor’s death, the other five Demon God Emperors, without exception, lived until dying of natural death, giving this position to someone of their later generation.

And even the Demon God Emperor who died from the heavy wounds caused by the Scion of Samsara died because he was excessively old and had already passed the pinnacle of his life. The three words Demon God Emperor were in Shengmo Dalu an unequalled symbol of oppression. He was the ruler of the demons, and emblem of all the demons. So long as he would exist, humans would never dare to think of launching a counteroffensive.
At the present time, this 6th Demon God Emperor was already aged and more than 700 years-old, entering the most powerful period of his life. Who would have expected him to appear today in front of the Exorcist Mountain Pass?

It was no wonder that the demons would come with such a massive army and that their formation would be so ordered. There was a single reason for this: their absolute emperor was leading them.

“Listen, humans of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Hand over all the creatures possessing three heads in your city, or else, not even an inch of grass will be left.”

A soft and pleasant voice, that could even be described as clear and melodious, as if coming from a chanting dragon, resounded. Exactly in the middle of this dark golden pillar of light, a silhouette slowly emerged.

He moved unhurriedly, at a regular pace. Each of his steps steady, as if he was walking on the ground.

His humanlike silhouette didn’t seem so tall, having a height of roughly
1.9 meter. The black hair extending to his back formed a sort of coiled waterfall. His gorgeous long black robe had faint purple glitter on it. His skin appeared extremely white, and his pair of blue eyes seemed filled with starlight coming directly from the universe.

Every step he took didn’t produce any noise. All the surroundings were completely silent, but everyone at the Exorcist Mountain Pass felt as if smashed by a meteorite falling from the sky. To one’s surprise, no one could muster up any desire for battle.

This pressure reached everyone’s innermost being. Confronting this Demon God Emperor, everyone’s fears were aroused from the depths of their hearts.

It was just too powerful, to the point that no one could maintain his willpower. Even the powerhouse of the ninth step, Sheng Yue, was the same.
At Long Haochen’s side, Cai’er’s body was trembling violently, a faintly discernible killing intent unceasingly emanated from her body.

Long Haochen was greatly alarmed, immediately thinking of the reason for it. It was surely that the Demon God Emperor’s aura had stimulated the Dagger of Samsara in her body.

If the Demon God Emperor discovered the existence of the Dagger of Samsara, Cai’er would never be able to contend against him.

Having this fear in his heart, at this time Long Haochen didn’t hesitate. Pulling Cai’er into his embrace, and holding her tightly, he released his internal spiritual energy, trying to cover Cai’er’s body with it as completely as possible.

But the strange thing was that the fear Long Haochen felt seemed to be a lot weaker than the fear other people experienced. Seeing the Demon God Emperor advance step by step, the fear in him was instead inferior to his curiosity. All of the companions at his side could only do their utmost to stay conscious, as he still had the energy to hold Cai’er, helping her withstand the agitation of the Dagger of Samsara.

Fengxiu’s face was extremely handsome, having no flaw at all. But this handsomeness differed completely from Long Haochen’s. The handsome face of this Demon God Emperor carried an incomparable pride. Having an absolute demonic presence, his appearance was unquestionably awe- inspiring.

“The Exorcist Mountain Pass is graced with your esteemed presence, Demon God Emperor. This is truly an honor for our city.” After Sheng Yue took a single step across the wall, he was unexpectedly already in midair. In spite of the fear completely infesting his heart, he did so, because the only one capable of facing the Demon God Emperor in the entire Exorcist Mountain Pass was him.

At the Demon God Emperor’s back, the terrible light pillar reaching five kilometers in diameter glinted. The gigantic black dragon sculpture on it was his figure seen from behind.
“You are the current chief of the Assassin Temple?” Fengxiu’s voice was as pleasant as before, without the slightest aggressivity.

“That is right, this elder’s name is Sheng Yue.” At Sheng Yue’s back, an enormous grey dagger glistened, sharp aura bursting forth from it, stopping the aura released by the Demon God Emperor in their direction.

But all the people sideways from him could see that the aura bursting forth from Sheng Yue only spread to an area of ten meters. This was how clear the gap between the Demon God Emperor and him was.

“You heard my dignified words. As for the matter of eliminating you humans, or not, I am not in a hurry. From my dignified point of view, you are nothing more but livestock I raise. Everything will be done as I said before: if I find the thing I am looking for, I will consider letting your Exorcist City off.”

Sheng Yue’s eyes were filled with an unsettled expression. He was fully aware of how wide the gap existing between the Demon God Emperor and himself was, but under such circumstances, could they really come to a compromise?

At the city walls, at least dozens of looks were focused on Long Haochen.

Three headed creature? Could it be that he is speaking of Long Haochen’s mount? But it’s only a magical beast of the sixth step! How could it gain the attention of an existence such as the Demon God Emperor?

The Demon God Emperor displayed a wicked smile, “This dignified emperor will give you a time of ten seconds. If ten seconds later, I don’t have a reply, today will be the last day of your Exorcist Mountain Pass.”

“Huuuu… ”

Suddenly Sheng Yue was drenched in sweat. He knew that if he fulfilled these terms, he would never be able stand straight in the Temple Alliance ever again. But if he didn’t, the hundred thousands of military and civilians,
as well as the foundation of the Assassin Temple would very possibly be wiped out completely.

It was a hard decision to make, and the imposing aura bursting forth from Sheng Yue’s body was fluctuating unstably as a reaction to his inner conflict.


Suddenly, a few light words resounded, “His Majesty really has quite a lot of time for leisure. Only, if you want to destroy our Exorcist Mountain Pass, I’m afraid even you should consider it thoroughly!”

This sudden voice sounded somewhat aged, but was quite relaxed. In the next instant, six radiances suddenly burst forth and shot out violently from before the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Chapter 207

Among the six radiances, two were golden, one was purple, one was milky white and the last two were green and red. Their lights reflected each other in the skies, and although it was far from reaching the level of terror of the Demon God Emperor’s demon god pillar, in the instant these six radiances soared through the skies, all the terrifying power covering the whole Exorcist City disappeared. to the city wall, everyone opened their mouths and gasped for air.

At some point, under the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ maingate, six people appeared. Now, these six propelled to the sky, surrounded by their respective radiances and confronting the Demon God Emperor.

Seeing them appear, the Demon God Emperor stopped in his counting game, his face appearing quite sinister.

“It looks like you, old guys, are still alive… Do you really believe this emperor won’t dare kill you?” The Demon God Emperor declared coldly.

In front of him, the aged voice kept speaking, “Being the first powerhouse under heaven, His Majesty will naturally dare. Why would he not? Only, in terms of age, we are far inferior to His Majesty. The words ‘old guys’ are inacceptable.”

At that time, the six silhouettes had already ascended above the city walls, and the earth-shattering oppressive power was immediately blocked.

A knight clad in a dazzling orange armor was in the front. This knight had a tall and imposing stature, and including his head, his whole body was
covered with an armor. In his left hand, he carried an orange-colored shield, and in his right hand was an enormous blade reflecting the radiance of the sunlight. Nine lumps of light were lit across the enormous sword’s body, carrying the brilliance of nine little suns.

The most astonishing was the mount under him. That was a real Red Dragon, surpassing fifty meters in size, its body surrounded by blazing red light. And even more astonishingly, this Red Dragon’s aura merged with its orange armored companion perfectly.

At the knight’s side was a warrior even exceeding him in grandeur. Clad in a blue-violet armor also covering his whole body, he was exceeding 2.2 meters in height, his both shoulders being extremely broad. Even if he was partly hidden by his armor, he could still make anyone feel that his strength was terrifying enough to tear heaven and earth.

The weapon in his left hand was an unusual bloody red axe while the one in his right hand was an enormous blue-violet axe. If someone was to describe the impression this appearance gave him, the word intrepid would be the most suitable.

On the other side of the knight was an erratic black colored silhouette, whose shape could not be seen clearly at all. But it gave a specially sinister and sharp impression. The air surrounding his radiance was continuously being filled with black cracks.

These six were arranged in a double-rowed formation composed of three of them in the front and the other three in the rear. To one’s surprise, the three people in the rear were all women, which could be recognized from the clothes they wore, though they were clad in magical cloaks, making their appearance indistinct.

The woman in the middle, clad in a pure white gown, wore the design of a two-winged golden angel on the back of her gown.
A Gown of Prodige胜者⻓袍, this saint robe was the symbol of the most supreme priests! The current Supreme Pontiff教皇 was attired in this way,
and compared to this woman, the Supreme Pontiff could only be said to have a royal crown in addition and nothing more.

In her hands, this saint held an enormous scepter of more than three meters length. It looked just like the branch of a tree, but it really was a pure white, jade-like scepter. On it grew two mild golden colored fruits.

On the left side of this saint was a woman clad in a golden gown, emanating a golden splendor upon her surroundings. Rich ultimate light essence emerged and the radiance from her body illuminated the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass. But the strangest thing was that all the light her body released was not dazzling at all. In the Exorcist Mountain Pass filled with fear, a feeling of spring warmth was brought upon everyone. Her staff looked quite natural in her hand, it had the same golden color, with six fist- sized gems enwrought in its summit.

Although she bore no outward sign of it, everyone could guess that she was a powerhouse of the divine ninth step.

On the other side of the saint was another woman, clad in a blue robe. At her back, a blue glitter was faintly discernible. And in the surroundings of her body, a golden door-sized gate was releasing a fantastic brilliance.

A spiritual master, connected with countless planes. After reaching the ninth step, this was the most mysterious vocation within the Six Great Temples, and the most unpredictable kind of powerhouse.

The ones that were rising to the sky, confronting the Demon God Emperor, were unexpectedly six powerhouses of the ninth step. The people in the Exorcist Mountain Pass that had previously been suppressed to the extent they couldn’t even breath immediately had a good momentum.

Sheng Yue hovered to their side, his eyes carrying a bewildered expression, “You… You are the Demon God Slayers… So the rumors were true, you were actually still alive.”

The spiritual master clad in a dazzling blue robe turned her head to give Sheng Yue a glance, asking with a smile, “Young man, if we really died,
how could the Demon God Emperor possibly stay so silent?”

The Demon God Emperor snorted coldly, “Do you have the determination to confront this emperor today?”

The knight’s aged voice sounded once again, as he replied unenthusiastically, “We naturally don’t wish for it. After all, we don’t have the certainty that we will be able to kill Your Majesty, but Your Majesty should also be clear about the fact we have at least a 20% chance to take Your Majesty out with us, and a 30% chance to inflict you serious damage. If Your Majesty has the resolve to wipe our Exorcist Mountain out, we humans won’t hesitate to unleash the thousand years of power we saved, letting a holy war against demons unfold. And you, demons, won’t necessarily be the final victors of it.”

20% certainty to take the Demon God Emperor down by themselves? This number sounded simply excessively weak. But hearing it, the officers and soldiers of the Exorcist Mountain Pass were shaken excessively.

What kind of existence was the Demon God Emperor? That was their undefeatable enemy, but the six human powerhouses before their eyes actually had odds to take him down by themselves. They could only be incredibly strong!

To everyone’s surprise, the Demon God Emperor stood silent, displaying a pondering mind. From this little detail, it could be seen that the Demon God Emperor had some fear to battle these six people. Despite the fact that a certainty of 20% was not very high, in case he died suddenly, the blow inflicted to the demon side would be incomparable.

Over the past thousand years, the humans’ Six Great Temples’ development was fast, and demons already had some difficulty to contend against the humans in the course of the great war. Most of all, humans possessed a great amount of magic weapons that possessed a great killing power against demons.

Although humans were still unable to contend against demons on equal footing, in case the humans decided to go all out, disregarding everything
else, the demon side wouldn’t necessarily hold such a big advantage. Furthermore, demons were very dependent on a single power, and in case the Demon God Emperor, who held it, died, until the arrival of the next generation’s Demon God Emperor, the demon side would be completely unable to coordinate.

These circumstances left the Demon God Emperor no choice but to consider the matter. Even if his opponents only had odds of 10%, he would not take such risks rashly.

“Well, we can at last be considered long date acquaintances. This emperor is willing to give you some face, and will use divine powers to scour the Exorcist Mountain Pass. You shouldn’t stop me in doing this. If I can’t find the thing I am looking for, I will turn around and leave. But if I find it, you will have to hand it over, and I won’t attack you. Otherwise, even if this emperor has some price to pay for it, he will definitely tear everything down.”

The Demon God Emperor’s voice was calm, and clearly cold, but listening to him, the six human powerhouses felt greatly shaken.

Compared to the Demon God Emperor who felt some restraining fear towards them, they felt at least ten times more afraid of him. Among humans, they were the only ones who could possibly contend against the Demon God Emperor at the present time. In case they died in the Exorcist Mountain Pass without inflicting the Demon God Emperor serious damage, no human at the mountain passes would possibly be able to block the demon chiefs’ offense. Truly an ending benefitting none of the two sides: humans and demons were both unwilling to see it come to this. It would just end up as a war until total extermination of one of the two sides!

The six human powerhouses became silent. A faint golden radiance spread around the knight’s body, enveloping the six of them in it as if they were planning on discussing the situation among themselves.

A short time later, the knight acting as their head replied to him, “Okay, please search for it, Your Majesty. We won’t block you no matter what.”
They didn’t know what the Demon God Emperor was looking for, but if the Exorcist Mountain Pass really had this thing he was looking for, it wouldn’t be too late to decide whether to hand it over to him or not. Conversely, if the Demon God Emperor didn’t find anything, the danger confronting them would naturally be settled without a fight.

No other humans understood the Demon God Emperor better than them. This demon emperor attached at least some importance to his reputation. He would never bear to let his dignity be offended.

The Demon God Emperor snorted coldly, and a moment later, the black in the skies spread again. The whole sky above the Exorcist Mountain turned black, and shapeless fluctuations of mental force arose abruptly, covering each corner of the Exorcist Mountain Pass like gusts of rain.

Long Haochen immediately felt as if he had been enveloped in a boundless ocean, as if that massive mental force was breaking him open. In the middle of this huge and boundless energy, he felt as if he was disappearing. And everyone else felt similarly as Long Haochen, their faces turning pale. This was the frightening level the strength of his mental energy reached.

Suddenly, Long Haochen felt his entire body lighting up, and immediately, his 3000 units of internal energy flowed out madly, following a strange orbit. On his forehead, a trace of light appeared vaguely. It was not a purple one, but rather a golden one.

The attention of the people around was focused on the Demon God Emperor and the six humans, so naturally, no one paid attention to this change on Long Haochen’s body. But Long Haochen’s face changed greatly. He could feel that it was precisely Haoyue who was borrowing his force.

Thinking of the fact the Demon God Emperor was looking for a three- headed magical beast, Long Haochen felt secretly overwhelmed with horror. Could it be that this demon ruler is really looking for Haoyue?

Chapter 208

Living quarters.

At some point, Haoyue had opened his six eyes, his aura restrained to the limit. Little Flame’s and Little Green’s two heads were still lying down, while Little Light had lifted his head. His eyes glimmered with golden color. If someone was looking carefully at this scene, he would notice that the holy aura surrounding him was exactly the same as Long Haochen’s.

Not only that, but the scales on Haoyue’s body were covered with golden light, just as if his whole body changed color.

If Long Haochen was there, he would surely guess that the current Haoyue was borrowing the light energy coming from inside of Long Haochen’s body to mask his own aura.

He was in fact an existence coming from another world, and at the time he crossed over, he passed through a baptism with the holy aura contained in Long Haochen’s blood, therefore, the blood of the Scion of Light had already become a part of him. And just now, he was cleverly using this part of his blood vessels to arouse this power, temporarily making it his own to mask his own aura completely. The Demon God Emperor was still quietly flying in midair, and gradually, his eyes flashed in different colors, sweeping over the direction of the Exorcist City.

Half an hour already passed, and for both the human and the demon side, this half hour was far from being a time of pleasure. One side was ready to attack at any time, while the other one was prepared for the start of a bloody battle. They were just waiting calmly for the result to appear.
In the end, the black color covering the sky withdrew gradually, and the Demon God Emperor waved his hands, “It looks like my information was false.”

The six humans standing at his opposite discovered astonishingly that the demon god’s eyes, showed traces of relief. These six couldn’t help but feel secretly stunned: what kind of important thing was this Demon God Emperor looking for? For an existence such as him to be nervous about it, not only coming personally, but furthermore not sparing any cost to seize it.

The knight clad in the orange armor suit declared indifferently, “Since it is like this, please respect your previous promise, Your Highness.” The Demon God Emperor Fengxiu nodded slightly, and suddenly smiled, a faint smile appearing on his extremely pale-colored face, as he carried a particularly demonic expression.

“In reality, I really want to know for how long you six will stay alive, for how long you will keep hindering me. Whether your world ends sooner or later will depend on us. But in fact, you don’t have to worry; with regards to humans, we don’t feel so inclined to perform a total slaughter. After all, there are many things humans possess that we demons, need. For instance, knowledge.”

Because the knight’s face was hidden behind his helmet, his expression could not be seen distinctly, “We will keep Your Majesty’s words in mind. Only, His Majesty should be careful to never give us the opportunity to retaliate. We, Demon God Slayers, have already taken the lives of 39 of the demon gods within our 300 years of existence. Being able to take a fortieth would undoubtedly make it a perfect end, wouldn’t it?”

The Demon God Emperor suddenly revealed a brazen smile, “Actually, I don’t really want you to die. In this world, if we don’t have a worthy enemy, wouldn’t life be dull? This emperor might tell you that as well, but in fact, you have only 5% odds to take me down by yourselves. This is because, among Demon God Emperors, this emperor is the third one to have broken through the 1,000,000th spiritual energy level, and the youngest one to have reached this level. Is the realm of the 1,000,000th level something you are possibly able to contend against? Then,
farewell.” The Demon God Emperor revealed a tranquil smile, his demonic smile staying in everyone’s minds. , the black-gown-clad emperor suddenly turned around and left, disappearing in this dark golden brilliance.

The darkness in the sky faded away like ice and snow, and the concealed demon army appeared once again, successively withdrawing. They stayed meticulously arranged, completely unruffled. Even at this time, the six almighty humans stayed in mid-air, not moving an inch and gazing at the dark color dissipating gradually.

This time, the demons disappeared for real. Following the Demon God Emperor, the main demon force departed like an enormous wave. Obviously, they planned either to execute an all-out attack, or to withdraw like that.

Following the retreating demon force with their eyes, many of the people in the city felt like collapsing.

Even if they had faced a bloody battle, they wouldn’t necessarily be in such a state. but as an endless hour passed, the pressure this Demon God Emperor brought them was just too intense.

“Six elders, the demons finally retreated. Please have a rest in our Exorcist City.” Sheng Yue respectfully paid his salutations to the six almighty elders, that turned around but didn’t plan on heading to the city.

These six were clearly led by the knight, who gave him an indifferent reply, “No need. We still have to follow the Demon God Emperor’s movements, so as to ensure he doesn’t use some tricks. I heard that the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads train in the Exorcist City right now?”

“Yes.” Sheng Yue hurried to reply. He was a powerhouse of the ninth step as well, but he still acted extremely respectfully towards those almighty people, following the etiquette of a devoted disciple.

“Sheng Yue, so you… ” The aged knight’s voice could suddenly not be heard anymore, as Sheng Yue nodded, confronting him face to face.
A moment later, the six silhouettes turned into six rays of light, soaring to the skies and immediately disappearing from his line of sight.

Still in front of the city gate tower, Sheng Yue unexpectedly kneeled down, declaring loudly, “Respects to you, Demon God Slayers.”

Without any need to instruct them to do so, all the officers and soldiers in the city kneeled down as well, declaring in loud voices, “Respects to you, Demon God Slayers.” They were clear about the fact that if not for these six almighty humans’ appearance, they would probably not have made it back safely.

Demons’ side.

Fengxiu floated calmly in midair. At that moment, the massive demon god pillar wasn’t at his back, and his appearance really resembled a human’s.

Allocer, Zagan, and Seere bowed before him. These three great demon gods’ bodies were somewhat shivering, and it was obvious that they were quite nervous, even afraid.

“Your Majesty, I… We really felt his aura. And that’s why… Please give me your punishment, Your Majesty.” Allocer was after all the highest ranked demon god out of those three, so he summoned up the entirety of his courage to declare this.

Xiufeng asked indifferently, “How is it that you had such absolute assurance?”

“I…” Allocer didn’t dare reply. Even if he really had this assurance, how could he declare it so brazenly now? More importantly, he only had a little sensation at that time, and nothing more.

“These six annoying guys didn’t obstruct my scouting, and I have already encompassed every inch of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Still, I didn’t find any trace of Austin Griffin’s aura.”
Being glared at by Fengxiu’s indifferent glance, the three demon gods immediately kneeled down, totally helpless. Squatting down, they didn’t dare try to defend themselves.

“Let it be. You did well. If it was really his aura, even if there was only 1% odds for it to be true, you should still have notified me immediately. Although this trip was fruitless, we can at least be at ease.” With a wave of Fengxiu’s hand, an incorporeal surge of energy raised Allocer’s group up.

With a dull smile appearing on Fengxiu’s face and his black hair fluttering, he gave off a sort of dazzling feeling, making it hard to distinguish his gender.

“Truly interesting. Although this time, I didn’t find him, I found another interesting little guy. It looks like there may be a candidate to be my second successor.”

Hearing his words, the three demon gods felt at a loss, and didn’t dare argue. Among demons, the difference of rank was extremely distinct.

Even among the demon gods, the differences in ranking would also imply extreme differences in terms of strength. If Fengxiu wanted to kill those three, it wouldn’t be harder than to trample a few ants. More importantly, the Demon God Emperor was the symbol of the demons that could be considered to personate their whole race. His words were for demons absolute rules.

“We shall go. A few years later, let’s look for this interesting guy. This time, those six annoying guys have been a hindrance once again, but their vital forces turned out to grow weaker and weaker. For how long will they be able to persevere? Five years, or ten? Then, humans will finally become dust below my feet.”

Treading on the emptiness, the sky suddenly dulled, and in the air, an earth-shattering enormous dragon twinkled. In the next instant, the Demon God Emperor was gone.
The 1st soldier ranked Demon Hunt Squad and all the others returned to their respective living quarters.

As he walked, Lin Xin patted his own chest, “I’ve really been scared to death, just now. That was the Demon God Emperor! So frightening! Is it really a level humans can reach? Have you heard about the 1,000,000 levels of spiritual energy?! He said he already reached the 1,000,000th spiritual energy level! What kind of concept is that? From what I heard, at the ninth step, the most frightening thing is not only the total amount of spiritual energy, but the fact that each attack will directly reach the power of this upper bound. And after a single blow, the user’s spiritual energy will immediately return to its peak, so the next attacks will also possess the power of their full spiritual energy. Doesn’t this mean that each of the blows of the Demon God Emperor, who reached the 1,000,000 spiritual energy, will in terms of power reach these 1,000,000?”

“Okay, okay, stop speaking about it. If you keep going on, you are going to destroy all our confidence.” Sima Xian unhappily told him.

He was originally extremely satisfied, having just broken through to the fifth step. But just now, he experienced what real almighty power was, immediately feeling as though there was no difference between an ant and himself.

Wang Yuanyuan muttered, “I’m glad that the Demon God Emperor wasn’t looking for Haoyue. A three headed demon, I just thought…”

Hearing hear say this, except from Cai’er, the others immediately looked at Long Haochen. Ever since coming back from the battlefield, Long Haochen didn’t mutter a single word. They knew clearly that if the Demon God Emperor’s goal had been Haoyue, considering Long Haochen’s temper, even with the difference existing between an enemy like the Demon God Emperor and himself, he would still have fought him, staking his life.

Feeling his companions’ attentive watch, Long Haochen admitted with a sigh, “I can still not confirm that he was actually not looking for Haoyue.”

Chapter 209

“I can still not confirm that he was actually not looking for Haoyue.”

Hearing Long Haochen say these words, his companions’ expressions became grotesque.

Chen Ying’er asked with a curious smile, “Don’t you agree that we should expect a lot from Haoyue, then? If he’s a magical beast even the Demon God Emperor would look personally for, what kind of level could he possible reach in the future!? Hehe.”

Wang Yuanyuan nodded, declaring, “It’s a pity, but if Haoyue really had been what he was looking for, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have managed to escape the Demon God Emperor’s mental probing. So I reckon that it’s not the case.”

Long Haochen didn’t tell them about the changes that happened with his own body, because this was Haoyue’s secret.

Rapidly, they arrived back at their living quarters. The instant after they pushed the door open, the others didn’t have any reaction, but Long Haochen and Cai’er were immediately shaken, unconsciously taking a few steps back, and not entering directly.

It wasn’t because they detected any changes in the living quarters at all, but because they felt a sudden chill from their subconscious mind, as if the living quarters before their eyes had turned into an abyss that could engulf everything.
The others’ reactions weren’t slow, and with Long Haochen and Cai’er’s sudden alerts, they stepped back, entering their battle formation.

“Enter, all of you.” Sheng Yue’s downcast voice rang out from inside, letting Long Haochen loosen his breath. As it turned out, this uncorporeal sense of danger was coming from his great-grandfather. Only, why did he suddenly come to their living quarters?

With some hesitation, everyone walked up in a line.

Long Haochen’s look immediately fell on Haoyue, who was sleeping in a corner.

As before, Haoyue was lying there as if nothing happened, still deep asleep. Inside of the living quarters were two people, Sheng Yue, and another middle-aged man in his thirties.

At that moment, that middle-aged man was standing at Haoyue’s side, looking at him and revealing a faint smile.

But the most astonishing was that Sheng Yue bent down at his side, extremely respectful.

“Great-grandfather.” Seeing Sheng Yue, Long Haochen hurried to give his salutations. The others who followed him also paid respects to this head of the Assassin Temple.

Sheng Yue waved his hand to them, hinting them to wait a moment.

That middle-aged man slowly turned around, directly looking at Long Haochen.

Confronting him, the first thing Long Haochen noticed was his pair of boundless eyes. That’s right, the impression this middle-aged man’s eyes gave could only be described as boundless. They were of a dark blue color, giving the same kind of boundless feeling as the vast sea.

This middle-aged man’s appearance didn’t stand out at all, and was even kind of ordinary. But he merely stood there, treating the Master of the
Assassin Temple, the Heroic Assassin of the ninth step Sheng Yue, as if he was a mere attendant. And more importantly, this middle-aged man didn’t emit any particularly imposing aura, looking just like an ordinary adult.

This odd scene made the seven youths from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad feel dull, in particular Long Haochen and Cai’er who had better perceptions. Long Haochen was startled, and Cai’er wrinkled her brows. She was blind, but even with her other senses, she was completely unable to grasp this man. Just like the wind or the light, he gave off a kind of pure feeling.

“Hello, young people from the 1st soldier grade squad.” As this middle- aged man only said a few things, the expressions of Long Haochen’s group of seven immediately changed.

It was because they had heard this voice before. It was precisely the aged voice of the Demon God Slayer knight, clad in an orange armor.

For a moment, Long Haochen’s group of seven was completely stupefied. No matter what, they just couldn’t think of any reason why this great character would come to their living quarters.

The middle-aged man revealed a faint smile, “Didn’t expect me to come? Actually, this time, it was for two reasons that I came. The first one was the Demon God Emperor’s move, and you are the second one.”

Everyone felt fuzzy-headed. This legendary and almighty hero came… for them?

Long Haochen couldn’t help but ask, “Senior, so you are…”

The middle aged man revealed a smile, “Let me introduce myself. My name is Chen Zidian, leader of the Demon God Slayers Demon Hunt Squad, and Guardian Knight.”

The name Chen Zidian felt unfamiliar to Long Haochen’s group, but the words Demon God Slayers added to Demon Hunt Squad caused Long Haochen’s group of seven to open their eyes wide.
Those six almighty characters that appeared just now, were actually a Demon Hunt Squad?

Although they had known for a long time now that the Demon Hunt Squads were of extreme importance to the Alliance, they didn’t really know that a Demon Hunt Squad could actually reach such a terrifying level. The Demon God Slayers, this was clearly the title of a special Demon Hunt Squad, one only given to the highest ranked Titled Demon Hunt Squads. And naturally only a Demon Hunt Squad of such high grade could actually make the Demon God Emperor feel some apprehension. This was how glorious, how strong they were.

Because at that time, those almighty legends confronted the Demon God Emperor, whose power was enough to totally discourage everyone, unconsciously, their eyes momentarily glinted brilliantly. So as it turns out, Demon Hunt Squads can display such power!

Seeing the changes in these children’s expression, Chen Zidian declared, “312 years ago, before the Demon God Slayers’ birth, we were just like you, possessing the title of 1st soldier grade squad. I can still remember it clearly: at that time, I was 17 years-old, as I became the captain of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad. And since then, a very long time passed! Today, I am 329 years-old, and can already not be called young anymore.

But I am not willing to be buried before taking care of my responsibilities.”

“Human life will lengthen together with the increase of one’s spiritual energy. With a spiritual energy at the 10,000th level one can live for a hundred years under normal circumstances. In case he reaches the 9th step, his spiritual energy breaking through the 100,000, he will be able to live for two hundred years. But we have already lived for more than 300 years, and humans’ lifespans can in the end not last for as long as those demon gods. We already reached the last years of our lives. At most, we can live for roughly five more years.”

The youths belonging to the 1st Demon Hunt Squad listened to this legendary powerhouses’ talk. He spoke pretty naturally, as if he was talking
about the most trivial things. But including Cai’er, Long Haochen’s seven were full of respect.

A Demon Hunt Squad with a career of 312 years, this implied that these Demon God Slayers resisted the demons for a total of 312 years. This kind of accomplishment, what kind of investment did it imply? They simply devoted their whole life to humanity.

Chen Zidian declared, “These years, we have always been watching the later generations’ growth. It’s a pity, but from beginning to end we have been unable to find people that have the ability to take over our duty. Since three hundred years ago, genius had not been lacking, but we have yet to find a sufficiently outstanding team. You’re Long Haochen?”

Chen Ziding’s look fell on Long Haochen.

“Yes, senior.” Long Haochen bowed respectfully.

Chen Zidian nodded and said, “At that time, your father was a good candidate. But unfortunately, he had some flaws in his disposition. He was excessively dogmatic, and didn’t have enough foresight, putting all his energy in improving his own capability. Even though his strength was formidable enough, he couldn’t be called an outstanding team leader. ”

Within the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, few would speak of their own families. Only Cai’er and Han Yu knew of Long Haochen’s background, but at the same time they didn’t really know about their other teammates’ backgrounds. Still even, among the two of them, only Cai’er was knowledgeable about Long Haochen’s past, whereas Han Yu only knew some bits of it.

At this moment, hearing an almighty hero like Chen Zidian mention the strength of Long Haochen’s father, describing him as formidable enough, every other member of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad was impressed.

In fact, since Long Haochen was only a little more than 10 years-old, how old could his father be? For him to have been called formidable by this
almighty elder, perhaps he was a powerhouse of the ninth step! And as for the powerhouses of the ninth step of the Knight Temple…

These youths, all members of a Demon Hunt Squad, weren’t ordinary people. With a few simple words from Chen Zidian, they had some guesses about the identity of Long Haochen’s father. For a moment, they could only look at each other in dismay, as some fire started to burn in them.

Being his own man, Long Haochen would naturally not go comment things pertaining to his own father, only listening to Chen Zidian’s talk. Anyway, he wouldn’t refute him; this legendary figure of the Alliance having already lived for more than 300 years, how could his evaluation be impertinent?

Chen Zidian’s deep glance suddenly became more intense, his pure and limpid eyes giving him shivers, in the depths of his soul.

“Heroes are born from the hands of fate, everything going accordingly to the Will of Heavens. Many years ago, I met Xingyu, who told me about you. For this reason, I recently paid attention to your Demon Hunt Squad’s performance. You did pretty well, all of you are outstanding youngsters. And all of you have a glorious heritage. All of the youths who came out this year are pretty good. But without doubt, you are the ones who possess the greatest potential. I hope that one day, you will be able to lead your team to take over our position.”

As Chen Zixuan said these words, his tone was extremely sincere. As for these seven members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squads, they felt as if they had just been ignited by violent surges of light and flame. Even Cai’er’s face looked a bit excited.

“A genuine team is bound to have members that trust each other completely, without the least estrangement. And for this, you have to understand each other completely, first of all. This is absolutely not about showing off, but about letting your companions know your real strength and potential. This is the most straightforward path for a team to develop”

Chapter 210

At this point, Chen Zidian almost seemed to be in an excited mood, “Children, you now have boundless opportunities. But the process of growing up is essential, and during this process, you will only be able to rely on yourselves. Only by relying on your own efforts will you obtain real strength.”

“I wish that one day, you will be able to inherit the title of Demon God Slayers, take over our position, and even do better than us.”

“Haochen, is it your magical beast companion that the Demon God Emperor searched for?” Chen Zidian’s look shifted to the other side, in the direction of the deeply sleeping Haoyue.

Long Haochen didn’t dare hide it, unfolding the situation, “It is highly possible, but I don’t dare to be sure of it.”

Chen Zidian’s eyes flashed, “I also reckon it as highly possible. From my investigation, you completed a blood contract with him at the time you went to the Knights’ Saint Mountain. Since this is the case, until you two are powerful enough, don’t let him appear in places where the Demon God Emperor could learn of his existence. He just managed to conceal himself from the Demon God Emperor, so he should be able to keep doing so in the future. Humans need a hero like the Scion of Samsara of that time.

I came today to encourage you, but also to tell you about a story behind- the-scenes.
Since 6000 years ago, we humans spared no efforts to develop, trying to contend against the demon powerhouses. But even now, we are still unable to genuinely contend against the demons. The main reason for this are the 72 demon gods. It is precisely because of their strength that we have no choice but to rely on our natural barriers to resist them. And this is only under the premise that the six of us are keeping the Demon God Emperor in check. In case we die, if the Demon God Emperor directly comes to attack us humans, the natural defenses will not be of use anymore.

Since 300 years ago, we have already killed 39 demon gods, one after another. Among them, the highest ranked was the 4th demon god. But some new ones filled the gaps without any delay, and even now, they still have 72 demon gods. And do you know why this count doesn’t go down?”

Long Haochen’s group had learned about these matters before, and Han Yu, who had a good understanding of the situation, blurted out almost unconsciously, “It is because of the demon god pillars.

Chen Zidian nodded in response, “Correct, it is precisely because of the demon god pillars. To the demon race, demon gods pillars are divine artifacts. The 72 demon gods, possess 72 of these divine artifacts. As long as the demon god pillars exist, even if a demon god dies, their lineage can still be carried on as before.

Thus, there is only one way to truly kill the demon gods, which is to destroy their demon god pillars at the same time they are killed.

However, as demons’ divine artifacts, how could they be so easy to destroy? After we learned of this secret, we went through countless attempts that have in the end never been successful. But we managed to draw a conclusion from this. To destroy a demon god pillar, the first premise is to have enough power to destroy these formidable weapons, and the second to act before half an hour passes after the demon god’s death, for it to be possible. We formerly almost succeeded once, but ten demon gods suddenly attacked us at the last minute. Since then, demons are paying increased attention to the defense of their demon god pillars, and they are less likely to take their demon god pillar with them as they act.”
Long Haochen asked, “Senior, since demon god pillars are the demon gods’ divine artifacts, what level does a piece of equipment need to reach to destroy it? Does it need to be another divine artifact?”

Chen Zidian shook his head and replied, “The 72 divine god pillars are collectively known as demonic divine artifacts. Their ranking is the same as that of the demon gods, so differences of power exist between them. And even to destroy the weakest demon god pillar, you will need at the very least a piece of epic tier equipment. As a result, the road you have to walk is still long. Otherwise, we could have already destroyed some of the demon god pillars. And there is another thing I have to warn you about. If one day, your cultivation level reaches the ninth step, and you go to get a divine throne’s acknowledgement, you have to act carefully, following the divine thrones’ directions. Because when I had the gotten the approval of four of the divine thrones, I still insisted on striving for the Eternal Divine Throne. I ended up empty-handed and will never ever be able to acquire a divine throne. Your talent is a lot greater than mine at your age, but no matter what, you cannot act as persistently as I did. The help any of the divine thrones will bring you is, after all, bound to be incomparable.”

“Yes! Thank you, senior.”

Chen Zidian took a deep breath, his gaze growing distant, as he declared in disappointment and frustration,”The 72 demon god pillars are the demons’ vital source of power. For each one they lose, the demons’ strength will decrease as a whole, and the heritage they obtain as well. I am afraid this is something we are unable to do anymore, but I hope that during your life, you will be able to destroy a few demon god pillars. The Scion of Light and the Saint Daughter of Samsara’s joint appearance gave humanity a chance for counterattack in the end. I look forward to the day you will succeed.”

“Senior.” Long Haochen suddenly called out.

“Mh?” Chen Zidian gave him a warm look.
Long Haochen declared, “Senior, if one day we can really become a Titled Demon Hunt Squad, will we be able to choose a name for ourselves?”

“Haochen!” At the side, Sheng Yue couldn’t help but shout at him. What kind of honor did the Demon God Slayers hold, for the whole of humanity? And he actually declined such an honor being passed to him? Everyone in the 1st Demon Hunt Squad also felt stunned.

Chen Zidian waved his hands to Sheng Yue, “Then, which title would you wish for your Demon Hunt Squad to possess in the future?”

After muttering to himself irresolutely, Long Haochen raised his head, persistence and resolution appearing in his eyes, “I hope that our Demon Hunt Squad can be called Bright Rays of Sunlight.”

Chen Zidian looked a bit distracted, but he rapidly recovered his usual expression, and replied with a laugh, “Okay, okay, okay. Then call yourselves Bright Rays of Sunlight. Very well, you will not have to aim at succeeding us, but at surpassing us.”

Bright Rays of Sunlight!

These four words resounded in the mind of the seven members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad. In this instant, everyone seemed to understand what Long Haochen meant by that, and couldn’t help but clench their own fists.

“I cannot help you to grow up, which would spoil things for you by going to excessive lengths for little result. As long as you understand it, your talent will really make you reach the peak, and my objective will be accomplished. But since today, this old man came, he wants to give you a little gift. You are quite lucky, this gift happens to be something the seven of you can share.”

In the next instant, the whole living quarter was filled with holy aura, and seven enormous golden symbols rose like living beings, entering the chests of the seven members of Long Haochen’s group. Everyone felt a short but
sharp pain in their bodies, and then they felt a close relation forming between their own blood and flesh and their companions’.

A faint golden fog ascended on everyone’s bodies, a profound exuberant and fantastic feeling flowing through them.

Chen Zidian smiled faintly, and explained, “This is a type of equipment that was created during the early phase of the splendid era, and is an advanced inheritance from the elven’s imperial family. This item’s utility is formidable and can be completely shared between the seven of you. Every time one of you is wounded, the seven of you will share the pain. Its name is Soul Linking Chains. Of course, at anytime, each of you can break the links of the Soul Linking Chains by your own initiative. If you do so, you won’t be affected by the Soul Linking Chains, until you take the initiative to activate it again.”

This simple explanation left Long Haochen’s group of seven pleasantly surprised. An epic tier equipment, this was an epic tier equipment with a peaked level of assistance! Seven people sharing everything, this implied that the seven of them would get to act as a single entity. In a time of danger, their group’s survival rate would increase substantially. At the same time, when they acted separately, every time one of them was attacked, the others would be alerted. This piece of equipment was of boundless utility for their future.

“Do your best then, children. Maybe I won’t see that day, but even in the afterlife, I will pray for the Bright Rays of Sunlight to surpass the Demon God Slayers.”

Bathed in gusts of golden light, Chen Zidian’s silhouette disappeared soundlessly, just as if it turned completely into light.

Without anyone instructing them, the seven of them kneeled down on the ground, paying respects to where he disappeared.

Seeing this scene, Sheng Yue felt completely gratified and full of pride, pride for these children. He didn’t say anything else, simply stepping out, and also disappearing into emptiness.
Some time later, the seven youths forming the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad got up. Long Haochen turned around, looking at his companions, “Senior Chen is right, we are companions, and should not conceal our backgrounds from each other. I am Long Haochen, have an innate spiritual energy of 97 and the physique of the Scion of Light. My father is the owner of the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter of the Knight Temple, Divine Knight of Adjudication Long Xingyu.” He still didn’t know that due to the Light Elemental Fairy, his innate internal spiritual energy had risen to 99.

Even though at that time, everyone already guessed who Long Haochen’s father was, hearing about his innate spiritual energy of 97 left Wang Yuanyuan, Lin Xin, Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er shocked.

Han Yu and Cai’er already knew of this secret, and their reactions weren’t as exaggerated as the others’.

An innate spiritual energy of 97, physique of the Scion of Light… It’s no wonder that he already has such accomplishments at such a young age, that he could directly make the Light Elemental Fairy evolve, and that he is so kindhearted.

Just at that time, while everyone was still completely astonished, Cai’er muttered at Long Haochen’s side, “My whole name is Sheng Cai’er, Heroic Senior Sheng Yue is my great-grandfather. My innate internal spiritual energy is 93, but after acquiring the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, it rose to 100.”

Except from Long Haochen, none of the other five knew of this secret. An innate internal spiritual energy of 97 already left them shocked to the extreme, but with this Scion of Samsara’s inheritance, everyone couldn’t help but tremble for a moment.
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