Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 191-200


Chapter 191

At that very moment, Long Haochen, who had been continuously using Storing Power, made his move. His body abruptly shot out from Haoyue’s back, his two swords clad in gaudy white light; it was precisely a dual Holy Sword, produced with formidable stored spiritual energy, that he aimed at the two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons simultaneously rushing to his direction.

Dang– —

With ear-piercing exploding sounds, Long Haochen’s jumping figure abruptly stopped in midair, and with an illusory wave of his hand, a sharp and clear colliding sound resounded; those two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons had been both blocked by him.

This scene seemed extremely hard to believe. Long Haochen’s body glinted with dazzling golden light; it was the radiance associated with Bright Vengeance 1.

In midair, he surprisingly used Divine Obstruction. He managed to accomplish the feat of activating Divine Obstruction’s prerequisite in the short instant he came to a halt.

More importantly, although Long Haochen’s body had been slightly repelled, it was only pushed back by a meter, and he just rolled once in the air to come back to a stable posture, and with his left hand, he aimed Lightning Thrust at the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon to the right while aiming a Shining Sunlight Strike coupled with Holy Sword to the other one.
The current Long Haochen appeared like a deity descending from the heavens.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light erupted with hundreds of thousands of white rays, and that valiant Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon had no choice but to give up on attacking. Waving its two forelimbs in a last attempt, it tried to block. As for that other Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, it tried to parry as well, lifting its arm.

Bang– —

The Holy Spirit Sword, which carried Bright Vengeance and Holy Sword, fiercely struck at the forelimbs of the Dark Green Dual Bladed on the right side, producing ear-splitting shattering sounds, and actually rupturing that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s forelimbs. Although it didn’t fall down, its dark green carapace was now covered with cracks.

A resonant dragon cry burst forth from Long Haochen’s body, Rising Dragon Strike. Long Haochen now disregarded the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon on the left side, sweeping the Holy Spirit Sword in his hand at the forelimbs of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon on the right, ruthlessly piercing the shelled part of its head and leaving a trail of blood.

At that very same moment, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon on the left side also fell to the ground, leaving an intact corpse behind.

This was the perfect matching between a knight and an assassin forming a single entity. With Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light in his left hand, carrying the supplemented power coming from Holy Sword, he gave that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon an immense fright. And at that moment, Cai’er, who was previously concealed behind Long Haochen, made her move. A sure-kill blow, Despotic Stab, cutting off that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s nervous center.

And in such a short time, Long Haochen and Cai’er had already gotten rid of those two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. And on the other side, it also went smoothly for Wang Yuanyuan.
Having released her Space Splitting Sauté, she followed by revolving with her shield. In her capacity as the most powerful warrior of this year, in case she unleashed her full power, even Long Haochen wouldn’t be confident in blocking it easily. The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was swung like an immense axe, ruthlessly chopping at that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body.

At this time, the individual strength disparity naturally became obvious.
Even though Sima Xian was in a state

At that very moment, Haoyue’s three heads finally completed their joint chant, shooting out like a bullet after completion, directly towards the six formidable Demonic Eye Soldiers.

Six enormous bullets of lights, of over one meter in diameter, went straight to Long Haochen’s side, and each one of them was locked on a different target. These demonic Bright Magic Bullets twisted the air wherever they passed, leaving the nearby demons panicked to the extent that they could only try to run away from it.

Mixing the three colors red, gold, and green, a fantastic halo of light spread out from Haoyue’s heads. In the instant that halo of light appeared, the six eyes on Haoyue’s three heads turned violet.

A fantastic scene occurred at that time. In the instant the six enormous Magical Bright Bullets came in contact with that halo of light, they simply disappeared, while the halo just kept spreading in the air, till its diameter reached roughly fifty meters, appearing as sudden as unexpected, even englobing the carriage Long Haochen’s group targeted inside.

Seven mild purple colored radiances were puffed out in succession, falling on Long Haochen’s group of seven. The seven of them only felt their whole body shaking, surrounded by a thin layer of purple. Immediately afterwards, that halo reached the ground.

A bizarre hiss echoed in the surrounding fifty meters, and immediately, red, golden and green radiances were mixed in that enormous pillar of light, rocketing to the sky.

All the Dual Bladed Demons in the surroundings shrieked miserably, instantly turning into dust, and even the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon at Sima Xian’s side was delayed. Immediately, he clearly saw that under the effect of this mild radiance, numerous cracks started to appear on the dark green carapace covering his body. Shrieking mournfully, it wanted to rush out of that light pillar’s range.

But would Sima Xian let such a good occasion slip by? As he wielded his staff carrying the effects of Sacred Hammer, this time, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was left without any way to defend himself. His forelimbs, struck by Sima Xian’s weapon, turned stiff, and with one more blow, it died instantly.

The six formidable Demonic Eye Soldiers were enveloped by that faint halo, and could also only shriek miserably. Their legs shooting out crazily from the light beam, it could clearly be seen that at the time they tried to escape, ruptures after ruptures occurred on these Demonic Eye Soldiers’ heads and cracks quickly appeared on the surface of their skin. The purple black radiances from their bodies left them without any way to prevent the corrosion from the tri-colored light.

Cai’er made her move. At that moment, she appeared just like a specter leaping up and speeding around in a flash, only leaving series of afterimages behind.

Hundreds and thousands of white rays were released, aiming at the Demonic Eye Soldiers, riddling their bodies with gaping wounds in an instant. Their firepower far surpassed the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, but they were far from being experts in the field of defense.

The dim golden radiances swept past two Demonic Eyes’ bodies, ruining them completely.
Cai’er’s brutal offensive power was completely unleashed in that instant; after those high ranked Demonic Eyes suffered Haoyue’s magical attack, they were left without any way to retaliate against them.

But at this very same moment, a bellow burst forth, and the tri-colored light pillar erected on the side of that carriage was smashed to pieces, a sturdy silhouette appeared from that direction.

Being capable of bearing the weight of hundreds of kilograms of foodstuff, the logistics carriages were just enormous. But in the instant that huge silhouette appeared, Long Haochen’s group was completely speechless, to the extent that these carriages seemed as though they were nothing.

Its height over six meters, this creature was one of the kind they saw in the battle on the day before. Possessing a body similar to a wolf’s, imposing wings on its two sides and the tail of a snake, its vigorous body appeared to be covered by black scales. Just like a gigantic bird, its enormous wings produced gales simply by flapping. Wasn’t that exactly a Beta Flying Demon from the Maxilias demon clan?

Only, this Beta Flying Demon appeared different from the ones they ran into on the day before. The Beta Flying Demons they fought against were only roughly four meters in height, but this one’s height was over six meters. Its two eyes appeared bloody red-colored, and its whole body let out a red glow completely reeking of blood.

A name appeared in the thoughts of everyone from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon.

Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demons were direct relatives of the thirty fifth demon god Maxilias, and each one of these Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demons had reached the seventh step, and although they were only inferior existences within the seventh step, they were still powerhouses of the seventh step!

But the Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon before their eyes was clearly no good omen. Its greenish black feathers glinted red as it spread its wings.
With a roar full of wrath, it flapped its feathers as if wanting to ascend to the sky, but was surprisingly unable to do so, because of the tri-colored light pillar released by Haoyue. It could clearly be seen that a tough and durable golden rope was tying a little case to its neck. Obviously, this was a precious item those formidable demons wanted to guard no matter what.

“Cai’er, come back.” Long Haochen shouted out these few words. At that time, he had the determination to assume his duty as captain of his Demon Hunt Squad no matter what.

A milky white colored glow came from his chest, it was precisely the Saint Spiritual Stove. That brilliant spiritual stove aimed directly at the Beta Flying Demon’s body, and reddish golden flames instantly soared up from his body. It was the sunlight fire.

Facing powerful enemies, this was the moment he couldn’t step back. A Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon was furthermore a formidable demon of the seventh step possessing the ability of flight. How could it not catch up with the fleeing speed of Long Haochen’s group? The only option left to him now was to face it.

Long Haochen really didn’t expect that in an ordinary garrison team, he would actually run into such an enemy, a demon of superior grade.

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Cai’er shifted directions, returning back to Long Haochen’s side. At that moment, Haoyue’s three heads were suddenly lifted up, each of them letting out a hiss with fantastic rhythm.

There were a total of three long hisses; one high, one medium and one low-pitched, a fantastic scene appeared. The tri-colored light pillar wrapping a scope of fifty meters vanished, turning into a rich brilliance, fiercely striking that Bloodthirsty Beta Demon, at that moment struggling with its left wing.

A mournful shriek was accompanied by the splatter of a rain of blood, and although an intense greenish black radiance was already being let out from this Bloodthirsty Beta’s body in an attempt to resist, its left wing was
torn to shreds by the tri-colored pillar of light, leaving it completely unable to soar up in the sky.

Chapter 192

Nonetheless, the tri-colored light pillar could only be maintained for this last blow, immediately dissipating afterwards. And Haoyue’s immediate reaction was to crouch down, the six eyes on his three heads turning a lot darker, as he gasped for breath. His body was now trembling and spasming incredibly.

Clearly, the technique he just used was above his own capability.

Through their mental connection, Long Haochen learned the name of the ability Haoyue just used, it was Essence of Disorder, an extremely formidable combinatorial magic. One needed to master at least three magic elements to use it, and it could be classified as a spell at the peak of the sixth step.

The reason why Haoyue managed to use it, was because he ate far too many demon crystals the day before, and for that reason, a great amount of energy was bursting forth from his body. Relying on it, even though this ability cleared up his digestive system, the supplementary consumption still remained enormous.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian returned to Long Haochen’s side at the same time, and behind them, Han Yu bravely stepped forward, standing shoulder to shoulder with Long Haochen. Only at this moment, Chen Ying’er started her chant. Jumping down from Haoyue’s back, she slightly fell back, her water crystal ball in hand, glinting brilliantly. Along with her chant, soft energy fluctuations came out from her crystal ball, rippling out. Wave-like ripples of spiritual energy fluctuated and spread outwards.
A colorless protective screen autonomously encompassed her body, happening to protect the back of the whole team.

The Creature Summoning Gate was a formidable spell of the eighth step, and although Chen Ying’er was incapable of controlling it, when using this spell, she still received its protection. But during the Demon Hunt Competition, who would possibly let her complete it entirely. Currently facing powerful enemies, Chen Ying’er immediately changed her stance, taking care of the defense of the team’s rear, letting Han Yu step forward to assist Long Haochen.

This Bloodthirsty Beta could be considered to have bad luck: its current mission was to protect the case on its neck, and to deliver it to the demon army camp. He wasn’t part of the logistics team, and lying down in the supplies carriage, he was supposed to enjoy being pulled by those low- ranked demons along with the food supplies, and was originally in the middle of sleeping.

Even when Long Haochen’s group launched their attack, this Bloodthirsty Beta didn’t care at all. After all, four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons and six formidable eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers were taking responsibility for defending the carriage.

This was until Haoyue’s triple attribute fusion magic Essence of Disorder was unleashed, letting it find out that this time’s enemy was redoutable.

Although Essence of Disorder mainly used the caster’s own energy resources, and even weakened his body’s defense, this formidable spell was able to perturb all other elements in a certain scope, producing results in regard to all attributes that were used. At the same time, Essence of Disorder would produce an enormous destructive power, corroding all living creatures in a certain range. Those with weak defense like ordinary Dual Bladed Demons would directly perish from the effects of the magic, and even the ones with high defense like Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons would still receive some damage, their defense continuously being weakened. This was thus the reason why their immediate reaction was to flee.
But this move of Haoyue’s relied on the fact that the enemies were at equal or inferior level than him. If Essence of Disorder was aimed at an enemy with a cultivation level f

Even though those eight-eyed-ranked Demonic Eye Soldiers hadn’t been attacked by Cai’er, they had already lost all ability to fight. Their eyes were their magic’s source, but with their eyes ruptured from the effects of Essence of Disorder, what could they possibly do?

Eight eyed Demonic Eyed Soldiers had cultivation levels close to mages of the fifth step. As a whole, their strength exceeded Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, but with Haoyue’s move, they had been completely dominated in the aspect of magic.

As a result, although Long Haochen’s group was now coping with a Bloodthirsty Beta, they could still be considered fortunate at least not having to cope with the surrounding formidable demons, that would at least not attack them from all sides.

Although a Bloodthirsty Beta was at the seventh step of cultivation, it was actually a demon and a mage at the same time. And, it also had dual- attributes, having the same level as Little Green regarding the ind system. Although its magic ability didn’t reach the peak of the sixth step, and even though the injuries it sustained from the Essence of Disorder weren’t as heavy, it was still quite badly affected , especially from Haoyue’s last blow using condensed Essence of Disorder to directly destroy one of its wings. Now that it had lost the ability of flight, the strength of this demon of the seventh step was reduced greatly.

As a matter of fact, even a powerhouse, when attacked sneakily without having made any preparations, will suffer a loss…

Of course, the fact this Bloodthirsty Beta had lost the ability of flight was not only good news. At that instant, that demon powerhouse of the seventh step was in a state of complete wrath.

The head of its massive body rose, suffering a sharp pain, before ferociously stamping on the ground. With a loud bang, the earth shook
violently and the nearby carriages were entirely turned upside down.

The strong dark and wind attributes wrapped in its aura reeking of blood were now fluctuating unstably, and the Bloodthirsty Beta’s eyes let out a bloody and igniting luster.

“Humans, you are all going to die!” Shouting out in wrath, the Bloodthirsty Beta Wolf headed towards Long Haochen’s group like a seemingly two meter long shining black arrow. At the same time the Beta declared so and reduced the distance, a wolf howl-like cry erupted from its mouth, and strong magic fluctuations broke out in the surrounding ten meters.

Having not made his preparations, the Bloodthirsty Beta sustained severe injuries from Haoyue’s magic, and rushed with great wrath at the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad. It appeared to be an incomparably terrifying existence compared to all they had ever faced before.

Long Haochen couldn’t shrink back: he was the captain. When facing a formidable enemy that had great odds of killing him instantly, he still had the courage to aim his Saint Spiritual Stove at the other party. His courage instantly stirred the blood of his own teammates: they all knew that if there was the slightest mistake, the use of the Saint Spiritual Stove would instantly lead to Long Haochen being crushed by that Bloodthirsty Beta.

Two fire elemental shields instantly fell on Long Haochen; at that instant, Lin Xin had gone all out. He had taken a Bursting Spiritual Pill, arousing the rich fire element surrounding him even further, to the extent that it gave off a sticky feeling.

Two Holy Mantles were also used at the same time, one coming from Long Haochen’s Divine Light Wristguard, and the other one from Han Yu. Only if Long Haochen could block this blow from the Blood-Thirsty Beta, they would possibly have hope to strive for their survival.

The two Holy Mantles added to his layers of defense were instantly teared apart, together with the elemental shields, and the greenish-black arrow ruthlessly struck Long Haochen, who was putting two intersected Divine Obstructions to use.

With that instant collision, all the surrounding people could see a greenish black radiance sticking to Long Haochen’s silhouette, but he didn’t fall back, though the sunlight fire erupting from his body was instantly extinguished.

Long Haochen’s complexion didn’t change; at that moment, he appeared extremely calm and cold-headed, even with the wind essence and the dark essence rushing forth toward him. But bright light similarly broke out from his body; it was the radiance associated with Bright Vengeance.

The appearance of Bright Vengeance was a proof of success of Long Haochen’s Divine Obstruction. That Bloodthirsty Beta hadn’t managed to pierce his defense entirely.

With a loud shout of his, a shocking scene was produced in Long Haochen’s body. From the inside of his body, intense liquefied spiritual energy came out, actually violently shaking the Bloodthirsty Beta and overpowering his dual attribute magical charge.

The Holy Spirit Armor let out some golden colored liquefied spiritual energy, appearing dazzlingly magnificent. At this instant, Long Haochen appeared just like the majestuous sun, blossoming with dazzling luster.

At the time Long Haochen stopped the Bloodthirsty Beta’s offense, the others didn’t stay idle. Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian were already launching their attacks from both sides, aiming with full force at the Bloodthirsty Beta’s legs.

The body of a demon of the seventh step was extremely terrifying, but its legs would generally be a relatively weak part of it.

Having suffered the Saint Spiritual Stove’s influence, the Bloodthirsty Beta wasn’t able to aim at them, but there was no doubt on its formidable
defensive power. Wang Yuanyuan was still better off: after bumping into it, the Bloodthirsty Beta’s body was shaken violently, leaving it unable to aim a second successive attack at Long Haochen. But Sima Xian’s state of madness had just finished, and the formidable power of the Spiritual Bursting Pill had also ended. Along with his attack, he was the one to be sent flying, his both hands bleeding at the web between the thumb and the forefinger from the impact.

But this bald priest was extremely valiant too. A rich red glow immediately burst forth from his body; relying on another Spiritual Bursting Pill’s effects, he borrowed the force of Madness a second time. With his skin appearing as tough as a python, moving as rhythmically as a small snake, as solid as a rock, and his muscles appearing dazzling, he threw himself once again at the opponent.

The effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pill started to display, after Wang Yuanyuan’s blow shook the Bloodthirsty Beta. She once again embedded three gems in her Divine Soul Shield and took a Spiritual Recovery Pill.

Also at that moment, a pitch-black silhouette appeared soundlessly above the Bloodthirsty Beta, and aimed a stab directly at its neck, producing a glint of dark golden color. It was Cai’er.

In front of Cai’er’s attack, even a demon with such high rank as this Bloodthirsty Beta could feel an intense threat. He didn’t keep attacking Long Haochen, its whole body shaking violently and from its scales, an intense greenish-black radiance instantly broke out.

Ding Dang. Cai’er’s dark golden dagger violently reached its neck, but upon contact with its hard feathers and its thick scales, she immediately sent her body flying, avoiding the greenish-black radiance erupting from the Bloodthirsty Beta’s body.

What a powerful demon!

Even Cai’er, the most powerful member in the 1st soldier graded Demon Hunt Squad, couldn’t harm it the slightest bit.
At that moment, the other nine newly formed Demon Hunt Squads were in a far better situation than Long Haochen’s group. Upon meeting the fierce offense of the mages, the average Dual Bladed Demons from the logistics team were sent flying with a single blow. As for the other vocations, they were slaughtering their way without danger. A huge amount of carriages had already been set on fire by the fire system mages, and the most powerful category of demons they occasionally encountered were Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons and nothing more. With their strength as teams, coping with them wasn’t hard.

The thousands of demons, mainly formed of Dual Bladed Demons and Demonic Eye Soldiers, were already in disorder, and being utterly defeated. In a short period of time, all of the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads had already reaped a great amount of points, each of them having slaughtered at least a hundred enemies.

Chapter 193

Just like Long Haochen expected, due to the motivation of the contribution points, the elites of these Demon Hunt Squads had a very high morale.

Soon, large parts of the battlefield were being concealed by a large fire, and each Demon Hunt Squad only took their own safety into account. With regard to the situation of Long Haochen’s team, they would at most notice some enormous burst of energy wreaking havoc, and nothing more. But despite the noise coming from the direction of Long Haochen’s team, they didn’t realize the great danger they were confronted with.

As Cai’er stepped back, the Bloodthirsty Beta seemed to have already gone frantic. He hated those humans before him bitterly, especially Long Haochen, who used his Saint Spiritual Stove to attract him. He knew that as long as Long Haochen wasn’t killed, he wouldn’t be able to get rid of the others. This time, he didn’t immediately produce a radiance again, but with a glint of greenish-black, he went straight in Long Haochen’s direction.

His speed was incomparably fast, and at the same time as he dashed forward, an intense radiance of greenish-black emerged, took a shape similar to his own and headed in the same direction.

A terrifying pressure immediately assaulted their senses. What did the fact that this Bloodthirsty Beta was at the seventh step imply? It implied that his internal spiritual energy passed 10,000! Long Haochen had only an internal spiritual energy of 2,000, and although this Bloodthirsty Beta’s strength couldn’t compare with Gao Yingjie’s, he had five times his spiritual energy when breaking out with full power. This was already
nothing Divine Obstruction could resist. More importantly, this was a full strength blow of that Bloodthirsty Beta Flying Demon.

Confronting the Bloodthirsty Beta locked on himself, Long Haochen wasn’t affected by the fear of death. As before he used the Attraction ability, supporting himself on Haoyue’s body. He relied on his own weight to give his body a reverse momentum, instantly flinging himself around and changing directions.

Although the Blood-Thirsty Beta was locked on Long Haochen, this was a material attack, and under the effects of Attraction, no spiritual attack could be used to cover the area around him. Its four limbs pushed off the ground, pouncing in Long Haochen’s direction once again.

At that time, Wang Yuanyuan’s Divine Soul Shield was completely installed, Chen Ying’er completed her summon, and Cai’er and Sima Xian were in the middle to pursue that Bloodthirsty Beta.

In this situation, with the surroundings appearing in disorder, Long Haochen was incomparably clear-headed. He was ready to risk everything in this battle!

This was the logical conclusion Long Haochen drew himself. Even if he had the support of his companions’ defensive abilities, when facing the full strength attack of a higher ranked demon, he was absolutely sure he couldn’t resist.

What should I do? When Long Haochen made his resolution to die, shouts from three united voices suddenly sounded.

An ear piercing yell mixed with faint purple ripples reached that Bloodthirsty Beta’s body, about to strike Long Haochen.

Long Haochen only sensed his body warming up, all his blood felt as if it was completely set on fire, and immediately, he clearly felt something on his back.

The others were able to see this situation even more clearly.
As Long Haochen was standing on Haoyue’s back, he suddenly raised his three heads, and with ferocious bellows, his enormous body took on a sparkling and translucent purple color. Instantly, purple colored light spread out together with his shouts. While enveloping Long Haochen’s body it struck out at the

The greenish-black radiances the Bloodthirsty Beta let out immediately disappeared, and the demon seemed to be somewhat sluggish. With a pounce, it rushed out, but was blocked by the dense purple light. This Bloodthirsty Beta’s eyes were filled with fury, and its blood was completely ignited, but its face showed a trace of surprise.

Haoyue’s body now completely transformed into a sparkling purple color and started to disperse, forming that purple light itself. From the rear, it seemed to envelop Long Haochen with speed as fast as lightning.

Everyone’s eyes shrank in astonishment; the fact that alarmed them greatly was that Haoyue with his more than three meter tall body merged completely with Long Haochen who emitted a complete purple colored luster.

His originally black hair instantly turned purple, and the same change went on with his left eye. From its previous sparkling and penetrating golden color, this eye suddenly turned purple. What kind of monstrous phenomenon was that?

Blazing! Long Haochen currently felt as if his body was ablaze with an incomparably vigorous energy provoking it to grow forcefully. Originally, as a fourteen years-old child, his height was under 1.7 meter, but at that moment, it grew unceasingly. Even his bones and his muscles seemed to be affected by the huge surge of energy. In the middle of the purple light revolving around him, he transformed into a more than 1.9 meter tall and thin youth.

His purple hair trailed over his shoulders, and his two different colored eyes seemed to be in control of everything. The Holy Spirit Armor covering Long Haochen’s body proved to be truly worthy of being called Spiritual Tier Equipment, as it increased its size together with him.
Long Haochen was originally already handsome, but formerly, he was after all just a youth with an appearance even resembling a girl’s. But at that very moment, his appearance, surrounded by purple light revolving all around him, even caused Wang Yuanyuan, that manly girl, to look dull. His eyes were golden and purple, looking just like a fusion of righteousness and evil, and he had an incomparably handsome appearance, looking just like a perfect statue carved by the gods themselves. His fair white skin was covered with a layer of purple, as his body was slightly floating in midair.

His purple eye looked as if it was filled with grandeur and wickedness while his golden eye looked as if filled with purity and kindheartedness. This fusion of two opposite temperaments made Long Haochen similar to an enormous magnet, attracting the attention of every surrounding creature. Even the rigid and tough Bloodthirsty Beta felt dull upon seeing Long Haochen’s body changing so swiftly. It was stunned to the extent that it didn’t immediately launch an attack against him.

Chen Ying’er’s Creature Summoning Gate was completed, but unfortunately, the will of heavens wasn’t on her side. This time, it was a little white, fat, and plump pig that came out of it.

The little pig was only one third of a meter tall, its white skin giving off a translucent feel. It looked at the surroundings with a curious face. But when its gaze fell on Long Haochen’s body, sparkling with purple light, it immediately jumped back in fright as if it saw a monster, directly throwing itself at Chen Ying’er’s bosom. It shivered extremely because of its excessive fear, and that pig went as far as to bite Chen Ying’er’s hand.

Chen Ying’er only felt as if her hand had been stung, but she didn’t care about it at all. At that moment, her eyes seemed to be filled with brilliant stars…

“So handsome! So this is the appearance Haochen will have after growing up! He’s so handsome! With unequalled handsomeness…” Heart-shaped radiances were released from her eyes, and she felt as if her heart had been forcibly taken away. This incontrolable sensation causing her eyes to become starry was something she never felt before.
Cai’er felt completely different from the others, because she was blind and couldn’t see the changes that occurred on his outward appearance. But since her senses were sharper than anyone else’s she noticed many changes in Long Haochen. All restraint he originally had seemed to have disappeared, his aura became several times stronger, and indescribable changes were going on within him at an astonishing speed. But the fact that left Cai’er the most overwhelmed with shock was that the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara in her body suddenly burst out with strong killing intent. And it appeared as though this killing intent was issued for her self-protection.

Ever since she had gotten the Spiritual Stove of Samsara and the Dagger of Samsara, this was the first time such great changes appeared on these two items. Could it be that they are actually feeling a threat from Haochen’s aura? And they are just so terrified?

This course of events sounds as though these changes happened slowly, but in truth everything only took a split second to happen. A pair of sparkling and translucent purple wings suddenly unfolded on Long Haochen’s back, and although those wings couldn’t be considered broad, they still spread more than three meters wide. They were still far beyond compare with the spiritual energized wings Long Xingyu had produced at that time. And these purple wings looked like amethyst, sculpted into a masterpiece. There were no feathers, but that sparkling and translucent texture gave off a sense of reality.

The condensation of spiritual energy of a Radiant Knight?

Everyone in the 1st Demon Hunt Squad was shocked to the extreme: no one knew how such changes appeared so suddenly in Long Haochen, they were surprised to the extent that they wondered whether this could be called a good or a bad change. But they could be sure that the condensation of spiritual energy was the signature feature of a Radiant Knight. Furthermore, the current Long Haochen didn’t look as simple as an ordinary Radiant Knight.

The Holy Spirit Sword disappeared into the forget-me-not ring, and in Long Haochen’s hand, only Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was left.
A resplendent golden and blue bicolored luster broke out, and Long Haochen’s left hand performed an upward motion. Just like that, a glow was produced with golden and blue colors, surrounding the hollow of his palm.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, produced ripples, rising up and down and forming a halo. The foggy golden and blue brilliance dispersed and the sword in Long Haochen’s hand disappeared. Golden and blue color clearly intertwined, just like two distinguishable paths of light, intertwining with each other in the air.

The Bloodthirsty Beta’s blood-thirsty look gradually filled with fear, not only because it currently faced Long Haochen, but also because of the burst of purple energy coming from its rear.

Endless black spread from Cai’er’s body, to the extent that some nearby Dual Bladed Demons fell down from the pressure, completely losing all life.

As a matter of fact, because of the changes in both Long Haochen’s body and his aura, Cai’er’s Spiritual Stove of Samsara was aroused. But even without Long Haochen as trigger, to save her man, Cai’er would have done the same. The only difference was that now, with the power erupting from Long Haochen and herself, they had become even more coordinated. Among the two of them, one was at the front, and the other behind, appearing as though they formed a single entity.

In the middle of the pitch black aura, Cai’er’s long hair autonomously floated in midair like a veil at the back of her head. Her killing intent had materialized around her body, to the extent of forming a twisted black cloud

On the other side, a purple light was condensed from Long Haochen’s body.

On one side was a pure and translucent noble purple, and on the other one was a black color engulfing everything around it . At that moment, the formidable Bloodthirsty Beta had an indescribable look.

Chapter 194

Its four sturdy limbs abruptly stomped the ground, the black color on its body suddenly turning green, and in the next instant, this formerly incomparably valiant Bloodthirsty Beta suddenly flew sideways, trying to escape like a green lightning bolt.

“Cai’er, don’t!”

A shout sounded, as a tall silhouette suddenly broke out of the ground.
Unfortunately, this warning was a bit late.

Gold and blue, coiled around each other, formed a magnificent blazing bolt that shot out.

Black and grey replaced all colors surrounding Cai’er.

No one knew what kind of move Cai’er used; they only felt everything around her turning dark, and in the next instant, the Bloodthirsty Beta on the run suddenly stopped.


When Cai’er’s attack reached it, the Bloodthirsty Beta froze in midair. Its body turned completely black and his eyes became grey and lifeless. Immediately afterwards, countless rays of water struck, surrounded by surges of penetrating light. This exquisite mix of gold and blue quietly pierced its body, swiftly expanding upon reaching it.

A loud sound echoed as the Bloodthirsty Beta’s massive body swelled in the air like a balloon, before noiselessly exploding into pieces. A shower of
flesh and blood fell from the sky.

It was the Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus added to the Dagger of Samsara, the strongest combination between Long Haochen and Cai’er.

They were only at the fifth step! Long Haochen and Cai’er were only at the fifth step! Yet they managed to slaughter a Bloodthirsty Beta on the battlefield, a direct subordinate of the thirty-fifth demon god, Maxilias.

Gao Yingjie simply stoodthere, lifelessly watching this scene. Seeing that pair of youths falling to the ground, he felt his heart twitch violently.

Compared to the previous time when Long Haochen used that Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus against him, the power was completely different. Possessing spiritual energy condensed into wings, he temporarily had the strength of a Radiant Knight. And the previous blow clearly showed that his weapon had reached the Legendary Tier.

Despite everything, Gao Yingjie still didn’t know what this attack of Cai’er’s was, formed of black and grey, but he clearly felt that its power was even more terrifying than that of Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus. That heavenly and materialized killing intent had already caused his hands to turn cold.

If it was him, would he be able to take on a blow issued from the cooperation of these two? Gao Yingjie was absolutely not confident to answer this question with certainty.

Loss of consciousness; loss of consciousness; loss of consciousness.

In the instant Long Haochen fell to the ground, Haoyue’s massive body separated from him, letting him regain his fourteen-years-old appearance.

Haoyue fell down as well. With his three heads lowered he remained motionless, in a crawling position.

On the other side, Cai’er also lost consciousness as she fell softly to the ground.
The use of power far exceeding one’s capability came with a disastrous cost. Without a doubt, this applied to the current Long Haochen and Cai’er.

“Quickly go defend Cai’er.” In the end, Gao Yingjie was the very first to react. Abruptly speeding up, he already arrived at Long Haochen’s side. At this very moment, a dazzling light burst forth from him and soared up to the sky.

This was the signal for the ten Mythril Foundation Knights. As their captain, Gao Yingjie told his comrades to act personally to settle this battle.

Just as Long Haochen anticipated, in their capacity as leaders, they wouldn’t let these youths meet danger. They were just hiding in

But Long Haochen didn’t guess that these ten knights of the seventh step were hiding themselves underground.

All this time Gao Yingjie was paying secret attention to the situation on the battlefield. When Long Haochen’s group faced those Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons and eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers, Gao Yingjie had been secretly alarmed, making his preparations to intervene.

But under Long Haochen’s command, their group displayed a formidable fighting strength that left Gao Yingjie astonished; they had only a beginning of mutual understanding, but their attack was more brutal than anyone could have expected. This was especially the case for Long Haochen and Cai’er, who got rid of two Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons almost instantly.

But what caused Gao Yingjie to be even more shocked was Haoyue’s display of strength, when he almost compelled the demons to flee the battlefield with his Essence of Disorder.

Long Haochen’s group possibly didn’t know about hybrid magic, but as a powerhouse of the seventh step, how could he not know of it? And this was magic combining three different elements! Even the Mage Temple didn’t have many recordings of this kind of feat. Uniting mages of three distinct
elements was not hard, but to find three who reached the same standard was very difficult.

Seeing that Long Haochen’s group was so strong, Gao Yingjie didn’t deem it necessary to come out, wondering what level these youths’ group strength could reach.

The appearance of the Bloodthirsty Beta would undoubtedly be the ultimate test for these youths.

A Bloodthirsty Beta was a demon of the seventh step, with a big gap to Gao Yingjie who reached the peak of the seventh step, and additionally possessed a killing weapon such as his Mythril Foundation Amor. At the time the 1st Demon Hunt Squad faced Gao Yingjie, he just wanted to test their strength, and didn’t really attack them., bBut the Bloodthirty Beta was in a state of wrath and had the intent of killing them all.

Thus, the pressure Long Haochen’s group was subject to was incomparably large. The shocked Gao Yingjie was already prepared to make his move when this succession of events happened in a flash.

Seeing that Long Haochen couldn’t possibly block the Bloodthirsty Beta’s attack, Gao Yingjie had already readied his storing power ability, but before he could act personally, the Bloodthirsty Beta had been shaken by the purple light released with Haoyue’s roar. Immediately, Gao Yingjie stared dully at the occuring scene, watching the Bloodthirsty Beta in its attempt to escape.

Gao Yingjie’s expected Long Haochen and Cai’er to cease their attack upon seeing this Bloodthirsty Beta’s intention to escape. But he didn’t anticipate that at this time Long Haochen, who was supposed to be in a weakened state, suddenly erupted with a formidable power. Long Haochen was already i on the verge of losing consciousness, and only his battle instinct remained. He didn’t have any judgemental capability left! And influenced by Long Haochen’s decision not to cease fire, Cai’er naturally didn’t stop either.
Thus, at the time Gao Yingjie called out to Cai’er to stop her charge, her attack still flew towards the opponent like an arrow leaving the bow string.

Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian and Han Yu hurried to Cai’er’s side to provide protection while Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er grouped together, prepared to use defensive magic.

But as a matter of fact, no other demon dared to attack their group.

Even Dual Bladed Demons with their low level of intelligence felt terrified after having sensed the aura released by Long Haochen and Cai’er.

As for the few remaining eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers who were originally already heavily wounded, underthe influence of Cai’er’s sharp attack, the injuries on their heads suddenly worsened, killing them instantly. As they exhaled their terminal breath, their contribution points went to Haoyue, which naturally meant that they belonged to Long Haochen.

In this battle, Gao Yingjie clearly saw that the other Demon Hunt Squads were not as good as them. They were simply staring at this baffling scene.

Long Haochen levitating surrounded by a purple aura and Cai’er’s murderous killing intent attracted their attention. And in the next instant, they just saw the massive demon being bombarded with attacks by Long Haochen and Cai’er, before its corpse disappeared.

Although they didn’t know what level Long Haochen and Cai’er reached, they could clearly sense the fluctuations of energy.

The mission was completed perfectly. The toughest opponent had been disposed of by the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, while the other nine Demon Hunt Squads had just been carrying out a carefree slaughter.

FollowingGao Yingjie’s order, it took the emerging Mythril Foundation Knights only five minutes to slaughter all the remaining demons. Carrying Long Haochen with one hand, and Cai’er with the other one, Gao Yingjie ordered aloud, “Let’s evacuate first.”
Their attack was far from being discreet and since demons also had scouts, he was convinced that sooner or later, parts of the demons’ main forces would rush out. Therefore, after setting fire to all their provisions, everyone swiftly retreated. Before they left, Lin Xin collected the Bloodthirsty Beta’s corpse as well as recovering the case on its neck.

Little groups had their own benefits; at least, they retreated at a swift speed. Haoyue’s build was massive, but he wasn’t the biggest one out there. Duan Yi’s Golden Horned Mammoth outweighed him already in weight. Everyone withdrew at the greatest speed possible after setting fire to all the carriages.

They didn’t follow the same path to return, but took a large detour, rushing out to another part of the Exorcist Mountain.

The Exorcist Mountain was a part of the area controlled by the Temple Alliance, and there was only a single path to enter the Exorcist Mountain Pass. The other directions were all direct roads, with the terrain being exceedingly complex and the Temple Alliance also guarding it with a massive military force. To demonkind, this was a natural fortress exceedingly hard to assault, but to the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, it was the only path of return.

Gao Yingjie had examined both Long Haochen and Cai’er’s condition; both were unharmed, but in an exceedingly weak state.

As soon as they entered the Exorcist Mountain Pass, they met with a support team that accompanied them back. At this point, whatever the demon side’s reaction to their assault was, they wouldn’t be able to make it in time.

This battle was an overwhelming victory. Although among the ten Demon Hunt Squads, many received some wounds, none were serious: all were immediately healed with the priests’ Heals. They didn’t only set fire on the demons’ foodstuff, but they also wiped out the enemy side. It went to the extent that some members of the Demon Hunt Squads complained that the leaders shouldn’t have acted personally, snatching quite a few contribution points from them.
Under the effects of Gao Yingjie’s healing, Cai’er soon came back to her senses. Looking at her, it seemed that she was okay, only quite weak. But she still insisted on remaining by Long Haochen’s side.

Yang Wenzhao called out his Starlight Unicorn to carry the unconscious Long Haochen and the awakened Cai’er. Two hours later, they finally returned to the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Even if the leaders hadn’t acted personally, this time’s mission would still have been completed satisfactorily, hence at the time of his report, Gao Yingjie kept the fact they acted personally hidden, evaluating their merit as good. Each Demon Hunt Squad obtained an amount of two hundred contribution points, conferred to the ten captains.

Chapter 195

Because Long Haochen was still unconscious, Cai’er received the well deserved contribution points of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad in his stead.

Gao Yingjie accompanied the members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad back to their own living quarters, and Cai’er gently put Long Haochen down on his bed, her concerned look slightly easing up.

“Leader, it’s unfair. Our team paid the greatest price, but why is it that the reward of contribution points they received was the same?” After pulling Haoyue back to their living quarters and closing the door with a kick, the bald priest Sima Xian couldn’t help but complain to Gao Yingjie about that.

Indeed, the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad faced the toughest enemy, and altogether got rid of four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, six eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers and even a Bloodthirsty Beta of the seventh step. It could be said that Long Haochen’s group shouldered at least half of the entire mission’s pressure, which was also the reason why Long Haochen and Cai’er overexerted themselves. It was indeed natural for the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad to claim credit for themselves.

Gao Yingjie unhappily shot him a glance, replying, “Okay! Then I will now answer your show-off of good accomplishment. Then, Lin Xin, hand over these corpses you recovered to me, and also that case.”

“Eh?” Lin Xin scratched his head, “But leader, I didn’t say anything!”

Sima Xian shot a puzzled look at Gao Yingjie and Lin Xin.
Gao Yingjie unhappily replied, “What are you staring at? Don’t tell me you didn’t see Lin Xin recovering the costly bodies of these demons before we returned, in addition to that Bloodthirst Beta’s case. Although I don’t know the content of this case, I can ascertain that if a Bloodthirsty Beta of the Maxilias clan took the duty to guard it, it would surely not lack in value. And even if we disregard it, do you know how many contribution points you earned from those demons you killed? And you still have the nerve to claim a more appropriate reward for your accomplishment? I can give you the reward, but you’ll have to hand over your spoils of war. These are the army’s rules, are you willing to do so?”

“I will leave an eye open and close the other one on this matter. You indeed exerted yourselves the most, but these demon corpses you obtained also have a considerable worth. Each of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons has a value of ten contribution points, and that’s not all. Let alone the worth of their corpses, the eight eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers have a contribution points value of thirty for each one. And although Long Haochen and Cai’er paid a considerable price to take out the Bloodthirsty Beta Demon, it reached the realm of the seventh step giving you the most contribution points. I’m afraid the total of all the contribution points you earned up till now doesn’t even reach the value of a single Bloodthirsty Beta Demon. It after all holds a total value of 1,000 contribution points, that are now in the contribution tile of your captain.”

Hearing Gao Yingjie’s explanation, everyone couldn’t help but let out a deep gasp of astonishment.

Gao Yingjie revealed a faint smile, “I haven’t finished yet. Although the Bloodthirsty Beta’s corpse Lin Xin recovered is in quite a bad shape, in case you hand its magical crystal to the general quarters of the Alliance, you will similarly sell it off for thousand contribution points. How about it, are you still going to claim your due reward to someone else?”

Sima Xian’s huge bald head shook just like an oil lamp swung by the wind, “There’s no need, no need at all. I was th

Gao Yingjie said with a snort, “Less flattering farts! Let me tell you, it is also for your own good that I didn’t give you a supplementary reward.
Everyone already got to see Long Haochen and Cai’er’s last display of power. If we once again point out everything you did, how do you think they will take it? Don’t forget, you are now in the middle of a team competition. Don’t tell me you want to have all the other Demon Hunt Squads regard you as enemies at the same time? If we really do so, you will turn them into a common enemy, and you can say goodbye to having an easy time during your two remaining months in the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Even if your team is the strongest, if you don’t have the cooperation of the other teams during joint missions like this one, do you think you will get to reap the best rewards again? I advise you to rather stay low key about it until the final outcome of the team contest Lin Xin, give this case directly to Long Haochen afterwards, no need to let me look at it. I don’t know anything and didn’t see anything.”

“Yes, illustrious leader!” Lin Xin showed off a mage salute as he giggled with a smile before Gao Yingjie.

“All right. You all had a hard time, go rest for now. If anything bad happens with Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s physical condition, tell me about it without delay. I am leaving for now.”

Everyone nodded secretly with a laugh, except from Cai’er who spoke out loudly, “Respectable leader.”

“Wait a bit.” Just as Gao Yingjie was going to leave, a feeble voice suddenly rang out.

Long Haochen suddenly gripped Cai’er’s hand, as the latter was standing at his side all along.

Long Haochen was extremely pale, his pair of golden eyes somewhat darker than usual. In the depths of his left eye, a faint trace of purple could be seen.

“Cai’er, support me please.” Long Haochen requested her in a weak voice.
Cai’er gently pulled his hand, supporting his back to help him rise to a seated position.

Everyone’s looks fell simultaneously on Long Haochen, and Gao Yingjie asked, “Haochen, are you alright?”

Long Haochen faintly nodded his head, and replied, “I am okay, Leader.
Lin Xin, give Leader this case.”

“What?” Lin Xin stared blankly, giving Long Haochen a look of disbelief, “Captain, these are our spoils of war!”

Long Haochen shook his head and said, “No this is everyone’s spoil of war. Since demonkind sent such a powerhouse to defend it, maybe the contents of this case are closely related to the secret of these demons acting against Exorcist City. We cannot let our general situation be affected just for this thing to be given to us. Furthermore, this battle against the demon’s logistics team was orchestrated with the joint help of all our Demon Hunt Squads. It is true that we are now competing against each other, but everyone shouldn’t forget that we still are fellow soldiers. Our common enemy is demonkind, and this case is bound to be important for the battle against them. For this reason, we cannot keep it. Doing so would be like inflicting a stab to our own side.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s words, Lin Xin’s eyes were filled with disagreement, and Han Yu’s as well as Chen Ying’er’s opinions seemed to be the same.

Chen Ying’er muttered, “No need to be so serious, it is just a little case.”

Long Haochen’s look became serious, “This is admittedly just a little case, but if we decide to keep it out of our own greed, won’t it mean that every time we share a mission with the other squads, we will continue to hoard the good things for ourselves? I request everyone to support me in this decision. I am willing to have all the contribution points I got from this mission distributed among everyone else.”
“Listen to Haochen. Lin Xin, give leader the case.” Wang Yuanyuan spoke out. This courageous girl said so, filled with pride, “So what, if this case contains a treasure of the same rarity as a spiritual stove? Don’t tell me you don’t believe our 1st Demon Hunt Squad has the ability to get this kind of thing again?”

After Long Haochen and Wang Yuanyuan had expressed themselves like that, the others would naturally not object anymore. The accomplishment of having killed the Bloodthirsty Beta could be said to be Long Haochen’s and Cai’er’s accomplishment. His conduct within the team could be said to have led to everyone else looking up at him.

Lin Xin helplessly took out the case, placing it in Gao Yingjie’s hands, “Captain, let’s not speak of having a deal with contribution points as if we were outsiders. You are our captain, and as such, your choice will be our final choice. I will comply with it no matter what.”

Sima Xian also nodded to him, “That’s right, you are the captain. The final word is yours. We trust your judgement no matter what.”

A smile appeared on Long Haochen’s pale face. He declared, “Thank you everyone, for your confidence in me. Leader, please hand this case to the Exorcist Mountain’s military. And feel free to tell them about the rewards we obtained from killing these demons. As for the corpses we retrieved, we shouldn’t have to hand them over. After all, this time we exerted ourselves quite a lot. Lin Xin also needs material to make his pills. He is not an inflexible person: this case will probably be linked to the safety of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. He has already handed it to you, but these demon corpses aren’t as important, and more importantly, as everyone risked their lives to obtain these items, there should be no need to deliver them to you.”

Gao Yingjie glanced at Long Haochen, feeling greater respect toward this youth than ever before. Before nodding he replied, “You are a good captain” Having received the case from Lin Xin, he turned around and left.

Seeing him leave, Long Haochen smiled faintly, “I am going to rest first.
Let’s divide up the contribution points after I rested for a bit.”
Sima Xian suddenly sat on the bed, “So tired. Lin Xin, your Spiritual Bursting Pills are awesome. But the aftereffects are quite difficult to bear. My whole body is aching terribly right now.”

Lin Xin smiled bitterly, “Do you think I haven’t taken one too? We cannot do anything about it, bear with it. You will get better after twelve hours. I believe we won’t get another mission within the next twelve hour. It is no use to train for now, let’s just sleep. ”

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er to their little home. The instant he took Cai’er’s hand, his pale face immediately showed his tension. The Spiritual Stove of Samsara… Cai’er used it, but its side-effects…

Cai’er, who naturally knew what he was thinking of, told him in a gentle voice, “Don’t worry, I’m alright. At that time, I certainly made use of the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, but I only borrowed the force of the Dagger of Samsara; I didn’t use the stove in itself, because back then, the power of your Bright Rain of the Thrusting Hibiscus was sufficient. But the aura your fusion with Haoyue released even affected my Spiritual Stove of Samsara. Our luck is good this time, I just lost my sense of smell. I just won’t be able to smell your scent, and in at most half a month, I will recover it.”

Cai’er deemphasized the problem, but seeing her red lips tremble unceasingly, Long Haochen felt a sharp pain. She didn’t only lose her sense of smell, but she cannot even use her own nose to breathe. How painful must it be!? More importantly, losing the sense of smell would evidently make it a lot harder for Cai’er to sense the changes in the external world. And even if to her, this was a small loss, what if it was something else she lost? If she were to lose her sense of hearing, with her eyes unable to see and her ears unable to hear, how painful would it be!?

Chapter 196

Holding Cai’er tightly, Long Haochen gritted his teeth remorsefully, uttering, “This is entirely my fault, I didn’t protect you well enough, and made you use the Spiritual Stove of Samsara.”

Cai’er revealed a faint smile, “Idiot, it’s alright as long as you are okay. After Haoyue and you fused, the aura you released was really peculiar, it even aroused my Dagger of Samsara. From the looks of it, my training isn’t quite complete.”

Leaning himself toward her, Long Haochen said in a low voice, “From now onwards and until you recover your sense of smell, I won’t permit you to participate in any battle. I want you to stay there and rest.”

Cai’er was startled, immediately blurting out, “How can this be okay? I want to stay by your side.”

Long Haochen shook his head, almost seeming somewhat domineering, “This is out of question, you can only stay here and rest. On this kind of battlefield, I don’t feel completely confident in being able to protect you. I don’t want to you to meet any kind of danger. Cai’er, we have already been together for so long, and I have never requested anything from you, but this time, I really want you to promise me. No matter what.”

Cai’er stayed silent for a long time. She was as always unable to act tough in front of Long Haochen, but more importantly, she could feel how deeply this affected him emotionally, so much that he was at that moment even trembling.
“Cai’er, you know, I am really afraid of losing you. I will protect you, but during the time you will not be by my side, I will take good care of myself and defend myself well. I will definitely come back safe and sound and won’t let you worry.”

Cai’er finally nodded softly, “Alright, I will listen to you.”

Long Haochen immediately rejoiced greatly, “Thank you, Cai’er.”

Nestling against his warm chest, Cai’er said in a soft voice, “I just want you to keep this firmly in mind, what I am the most afraid of is to lose you. In this world, you are the only one who ever made me feel warmth.”

Long Haochen gently kissed her forehead, and the two of them simultaneously closed their eyes. Their faces appeared quite flustered, but at that moment, they felt even more drawn to each other.

General headquarters of the Assassin Temple.

The Heroic Assassin Sheng Yue calmly sat on an entirely black chair with a high backrest. The temporary chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, who replaced Sheng Lingxin, was seated at his side. He was temporarily in charge of the defense of the Exorcist Mountain Pass until Sheng Lingxin recovered.

“Heroic Senior, these are the circumstances.”

Liao Tianfa had just reported everything about the mission the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads executed, including the retrieval of the little case.

“This thing is indeed quite precious! It is lucky that Long Haochen was willing to part with it.” On Sheng Yue’s old face appeared a rare smile. As he softly caressed the case, his eyes twinkled slightly, while he thought of something no one else could possibly guess.

Liao Tianfa continued, “From what Gao Yingjie said, Long Haochen didn’t even open this case, directly delivering it to us, afraid that this case
could possibly contain important goods, closely related to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. These children are really quite something. If it was me, even I would not necessarily have handed it over. For obtaining it, they should have encountered formidable resistance, and I assume that it has been Gao Yingjie and the others who acted to handle the matter, killing the demon who guarded thi

Sheng Yue faintly nodded, “Anyhow, these little youngsters really acted exemplarily. Our Assassin Temple cannot be stingy about it.”

As he said so, he clapped his hands, and a light sound rang out from the solid case.

A soft white radiance quietly soared up, and a little figurine emerged. Only a sixth of a meter tall, glowing with a pure and holy white light, the small body had a pair of little wings on its back. Although they were unfolded it wasn’t really able to fly. Its facial expression seemed drowsy. The little thing lightly flapped its wing in a struggling attempt to move on its own.

It was a Light Elemental Fairy. That’s right, the case Long Haochen retrieved actually contained a Light Elemental Fairy, an incomparably precious Elemental Spiritual Stove.

In general, demons were also able to absorb the treasures from Heavens known as spiritual stoves. Only spiritual stoves of the light element were an exception, because demons belonged by nature to the darkness attribute, which rejected the light attribute the most. Absorbing such a stove would affect them even more fiercely than the most potent poison.

If Long Haochen had known that this case contained a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, I’m afraid even he would have faltered for a bit before making his decision.

Among all Elemental Spiritual Stoves, the most precious ones were of the light or the darkness attribute. The reason was that they weren’t only rare, but were furthermore of special importance to both the demon and the human side.
The Light Elemental Spiritual Stove did not rank especially high among other stoves, but as a matter of fact, it was much more powerful than a Saint Spiritual Stove. Its ranking was approximately in the top twenty, but it shared a special characteristic with the Saint Spiritual Stove, which was its gentle nature, completely opposite to a Darkness Elemental Spiritual Stove.

After launching, the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove’s attraction ability, unless it met any resistance from another spiritual stove, it would be quite challenging to resist. Furthermore, the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove had a very wide range of uses, all of them being related to the use of other abilities of the light attribute. The most suitable users were naturally priests, knights, and light-system mages. Among these professions, if someone saw a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, they would certainly go out of their way to gain it for themselves,/ not spare any means/price to win it over.

Sheng Yue gazed at that little fairy, faintly smiling, and said, “Your suffering will soon come to an end, you just have to let me find a companion for you. Otherwise, seeing that you are in such a weak state, I’m afraid you would gradually disappear, if left alone.”

Raising his head to look at the distant sky, Sheng Yue’s gentle look was gradually replaced by coldness, “If I haven’t guessed wrong, these demons should have shipped this Light Elemental Spiritual Stove to their army camp with the intention of making a deal with us. The odds are that they wanted to exchange it for some feedstocks.”

The Alliance was extremely clear about the demon side’s lack of foodstuff, but for some unusual treasures, the Temple Alliance would occasionally conclude exchanges with them. It could at least be considered as each one taking what he needs. Both sides gained some benefit, and to them, this was the most important.

For instance, previously, the demon side had one of their low-ranked demon gods captured by the Temple Alliance, and ultimately exchanged its freedom for ten spiritual stoves.

A conflict of six thousand years created a completely irreconcilable relationship between humans and demons, but the whole process of the war
was accompanied with several variables.

Liao Tianfa hesitated for a bit, before asking, “Heroic Senior, do you mean that you will hand this Light Elemental Spiritual Stove over to their team?”

Sheng Yue shook his head, and replied, “This is improbable. This stove is something our Assassin Temple cannot use, but this operation was launched by the ten Demon Hunt Squads all together. Furthermore, you too are well-informed about the value of this thing. If we only returned it to Long Haochen’s squad, in case the news were leaked, I’m afraid it would arouse public anger. This wouldn’t be a very satisfactory result, not only making our Assassin Temple’s generosity look biased, but furthermore giving rise to suspicion.”

Liao Tianfa couldn’t possibly not understand his meaning, “Then, what should we do about it?”

Sheng Yue extended a finger, stroking the top of the Light Elemental Fairy’s head, “Let’s just let this little guy choose for himself.”

As he said so, a sly look was exposed in his eyes. This was indeed killing two birds with one stone. Thinking up to this point, this heroic elder couldn’t help but feel somewhat proud of himself.

At the time Long Haochen’s group returned, it was already noon. Because of their excessive tiredness, none of them ate lunch. Just as night finally fell, one of these youths suddenly woke all the others with a miserable scream.

“Ah! Ah! Ah! Why!? Why are things like that?” Resounding through the whole room, this scream woke everyone with a start.

“What happened!? What happened!?” As he turned over, Sima Xian sat up, instantly grabbing the staff lying at the side of his bed.

On the other side, Wang Yuanyuan shot out of the bed, still clad in her undergarment.
The noise was coming from Chen Ying’er’s bed. Because she did the same as Cai’er, using a cloth curtain to surround her own bed, the others outside couldn’t see what happened.

The others naturally came back to their senses. And as another girl, Wang Yuanyuan took the initiative to pull the curtain to check Chen Ying’er’s situation, but seeing that everything looked alright, she couldn’t help but feel dumbfounded.

The others still couldn’t see what the matter was and were at a loss. At that moment, Long Haochen already led Cai’er down from the bed and was about to arrive at Wang Yuanyuan’s side. But because the one inside was a girl and he found it inappropriate to directly look inside, he hastily inquired from Wang Yuanyuan, “How is Ying’er doing?”

“Look at it by yourselves.” Just as Wang Yuanyuan pulled the curtains away, Long Haochen directly saw her complex expression, looking almost as if she wanted to laugh.

Wang Yuanyuan stepped aside, letting the others see the situation inside. All they saw was Chen Ying’er’s face, she seemed on the verge of crying but without any tears coming out, as she sat there, holding a little pig onto her bosom.

This little pig was purely white, its soft meat appearing as sparkling as a litchi, looking quite plump. It looked approximately a third of a meter tall, and its snow-white skin was in addition twinkling brilliantly.

“Ying’er, what happened to you? Is that your summon?” Long Haochen asked, confused, his complexion looking already much better after a few hours of rest. Although, he wasn’t in any condition to go to battle, he wasn’t affected to the extent that he wouldn’t be able to walk.

Chen Ying’er suddenly burst out in tears, violently throwing herself on her bed, still holding the same little pig and overflowing with tears. From her looks, she was suffering an indescribable pain.
Lin Xin extended his head towards her, asking with a baffled look, “How can it be that you’re crying with such grievance? This little pig looks quite cute… Want to have some roasted pork for dinner?” As he said so, a little flame was released from his finger.

A plump pig-head peeked out from Chen Ying’er’s embrace, fiercely staring at Lin Xin and blowing energetically towards him.

“Puhu.” With this sound, the flame on his finger suddenly disappeared.

“Aï, this little pig is quite interesting! Ying’er, this can’t be your contracted summon, right?” Lin Xin laughed heartily as he asked so.

As he laughed so casually, Chen Ying’er only cried even louder.

Seeing this, Lin Xin couldn’t keep laughing. The others’ faces also changed immediately, and Wang Yuanyuan asked with some hesitation, “Ying’er, this can’t really be…”

Chen Ying’er suddenly returned to a sitting position, looking at the others with her wet eyes puffy from crying, “I… I don’t know how this could happen! Just then, at the time we took care of the carriages, I launched my Creature Summoning Gate, and summoned this pig. At that time, you were battling the Bloodthirsty Beta, and as I saw that it didn’t have any fighting capability, I just carried it in my arms. After the battle concluded, I thought of it as a cute animal and brought it back, but at that time, because you were in quite a bad shape, you probably didn’t pay attention to it.”

“I was originally thinking that since this pig looked so cute, it would naturally disappear with the termination of the magic. The summoned beast coming out from my Creature Summoning Gate can after all only remain for three hours. But… But it has already been more than four hours, and it hasn’t disappeared at all. Seeing that it was still there at the moment I woke up, I was really frightened. I made haste to inspect my own soul contracts, and to my surprise…” At this point, everyone already guessed what happened.
To everyone’s surprise, Chen Ying’er actually concluded a contract with such a harmless livestock, a pig, letting it become her contracted summon in the process.

Seeing the soft and wobbly appearance of the little white pig before her eyes, Chen Ying’er couldn’t help but sob even more.

To a summoner, his contracted summon was more important than anything else because the contracted summon would follow the summoner forever, growing together with him. And the stronger the contracted beast naturally was, the greater its strength would be after the growth.

A low level summoner would rely on his various summons, but a real summoner powerhouse would mainly rely on his own contracted beast! A more powerful contracted beast, even exceeding the summoner’s original level, would be bound to reach the realm of the tenth step once the summoner reached the ninth step. This made this vocation to be not inferior in any way to the others once reaching the level of powerhouse of the ninth step.

Chen Ying’er’s talent in the field of summoning was incomparable to ordinary people, but, in regard to her contracted beast, the same rules still applied to her. At this moment, she had in spite of everything only a mere little pig as her contracted beast, leaving her unable to endure it! And even more importantly, she immediately thought of Yang Wenzhao’s dazzling unicorn.

Chen Ying’er was full of regrets, Why didn’t I listen to the heroic elder Sheng Yue last time, and accepted to take that Demonic Eye Ruler? It’s true that it’s quite an ugly thing, but it has formidable strength! Now that I took such a little pig as my contracted beast, of what use can I possibly be for the team? I was originally useless on the battlefield, but now, I can only be excluded from the team.

“Don’t cry… What use is there to cry?” An ice-cold voice suddenly rang out, giving off the soothing feeling of cool water, immediately stopping Chen Ying’er’s shivering state.
The others turned their heads in surprise; the one who spoke these words was actually Cai’er.

Ever since the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad formed, Cai’er almost exclusively talked to Long Haochen. All she did was to follow him in silence, still her power and her importance to the team were undeniable. Even with today’s fusion between Long Haochen and Haoyue into a Radiant Knight, she was incontestably the first powerhouse of the team, with the highest attack power.

“You cannot use your eyes to estimate a treasure’s value, but you may use your heart for it. Don’t be fooled by your eyes. Would an ordinary small pig take the initiative to conclude a soul contract with you as summoner without bad conscience?”

Chapter 197

You cannot use your eyes to estimate a treasure’s value, but you may use your heart for it. Don’t be fooled by your eyes. Would an ordinary small pig take the initiative to conclude a soul contract with you as summoner without bad conscience?

Hearing Cai’er’s words, Chen Ying’er, who was previously sobbing, raised her head. In a similar fashion, the others felt astonished: no one could possibly have expected the normally silent Cai’er to unexpectedly say such words. She went directly to the main point, without any hesitation.

Chen Ying’er wiped the tears from her face, once again holding the little pig in her arms. Although she felt as reluctant as before, her mood was now a lot better, and she just declared helplessly, “You… What kind of ability do you have?! Making me feel such grievance… You have to make up for it, and I don’t care about what you have to say. Otherwise, I’d rather have no contracted beast than keep you.”

“Huu, huu” The little pig groaned twice, its mouth twitched successively and its pair of eyes lit up showing faint twisting undulations.

As identical undulations appeared in Chen Ying’er’s eyes, she immediately stared blankly at the little pig.

“This is the mental transmission… So you are indeed not an ordinary pig.” Lin Xin said with astonishment.

Mental transmission was a particular ability used by some high ranked magical beasts.
During the process of mental transmission, incredible changes appeared on Chen Ying’er’s expression. At first, she looked stupefied, and then a happy expression gradually spread on her face, her lips raising up, producing a moving scene.

Although no one knew what this pig transmitted to her, but from her look, one could see that this little pig was clearly not a good-for-nothing.

No one was worried, waiting calmly. A short time later, the twisted radiance in the pig’s and Chen Ying’er’s eyes gradually disappeared.

“Wah, so you were actually this powerful!?” Chen Ying’er held the little pig in her arms, saying these few words in his ears.

Having an impetuous character, Sima Xian couldn’t help but ask in reaction, “Quickly say where this pig’s strength lies.”

Chen Ying’er giggled happily, “Haha, I will no longer be useless on the battlefield, I’m now as powerful as the others, wahaha.” As she said so, she jumped up and started to dance out of joy.

The others could only smile when seeing her cute and happy appearance, after having cried for so long. She looked extremely proud of herself, her joy even exceeding her previous worries.

Long Haochen smiled as well, “How about you tell us about it? It will also help everyone else to familiarize with your new ability.”

Chen Ying’er proudly held the little pig, declaring, “He says he is called Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, born as a magical beast of the sixth step. He is able to take on the appearance of any magical beast he met before, producing a perfect illusion.”

Hearing her words, everyone’s eyes filled with pleasure. Meeting formidable magical beasts was after all not too difficult.

Long Haochen immediately asked her, “Does he also have the imposing aura of the imitated magical beasts?”
Chen Ying’er started, shaking her head, “It seems that he doesn’t.”

Wang Yuanyuan wrinkled her brows, “Then, doesn’t it make the illusion easy to see through?”

Chen Ying’er replied with satisfaction, “It’s the so called Fake Reality and Real Faking: his ability is to imitate other creatures, a

Having heard Chen Ying’er say so, everyone without exception looked pleasantly surprised. According to her words, this Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig could actually use any ability of any magical beast of its grade, or one step above. Although this ability only lasted for ten minutes, as long as they had enough magical crystals, he would be able to keep unleashing power. And the crucial point of this ability lied in the two words “of any”.

After a short period of joy, Lin Xin immediately put on a concerned face, “Ying’er, we already have Haoyue as a gluttonous companion, but with you bringing one more of them in, our income will never cover the fees!” Being responsible for the team’s finances, he naturally felt somewhat gloomy.

Chen Ying’er snorted and spoke in reply, “You are the one responsible for that, I don’t care about it. Furthermore, my little pig has another ability!”

“Another one?” This time, even Cai’er was surprised.

Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, this was a kind of magical beast they never heard of before. On the surface, his ability in itself wasn’t so formidable, but as long as they had enough magical crystals, his prospects were simply boundless. This could already be called a special existence of an unprecedented kind. Furthermore, a contracted beast was bound to evolve as its master’s level of cultivation rose. Chen Ying’er was presently at the fourth step with only a small gap to the fifth step. Therefore, the moment she would level up, this little pig would also evolve. It wasn’t easy to tell whether it would directly progress in step, but his future growth was already granted.
To the team, this Mythic Mirror Image Pig possessing the ability to imitate any kind of magical beast appeared clearly more useful than a Demonic Eye Ruler.

But even with such circumstances, he still had another ability. From this, it could be inferred that this pig was a high-end existence among his peers.

“That’s right, his other ability is called Treasure Scouting. If not for it, why would he be called a Mythic Treasure Pig? He told me that with his especially keen nose, he can smell treasures of heavenly level, and feel approaching danger in advance. As his rank progresses, his perception will become even better.”

Everyone looked at each other in surprise, displaying grotesque faces one after another. Long Haochen immediately murmured, “I suddenly think that our biggest gain from this mission might be the contracted summon Ying’er obtained.”

With their Demon Hunt Squad having formed not long ago, they were still in the process of familiarizing themselves with each other, and although originally no one really ignored Chen Ying’er completely, with everyone progressing, if Chen Ying’er kept having such an uncertain position, she would really become a burden on the battlefield, affecting the strength of the team as a whole.

Although this feeling could temporarily be stifled, as time passed, there would perhaps have come a day it would have erupted. But it wasn’t the same anymore, now that Chen Ying’er possessed a contracted summon like this Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig. Her importance to the team increased by leaps and bounds, and she wouldn’t be a burden anymore in the future, instead becoming a great support improving their fighting power. Of course, it also implied that she would be the one to use the most of the team’s resources.

Everyone could be said to have their own secrets, and the fact Chen Ying’er could use the Creature Summoning Gate was one of them. Now that she possessed this Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig, her place in the team was undeniably secured.
“I’m hungry! Captain, shouldn’t we go eat before we continue to rest? I am feeling so hungry that my vision is becoming blurred.” Sima Xian groped his own belly as he said so.

Long Haochen immediately decided, “Alright, we should go eat then”

Everyone in the group, with the exception of Cai’er and Chen Ying’er, had taken Spiritual Bursting Pills this time, and were now feeling extremely weak. Although it didn’t affect their ability to walk, the feeling their internal spiritual energy gave off was hard to take. Feeling hungry would immediately make their vision blur.

Opening their own barracks’ door, just as they were about to go out to look for some food, they happened to see three layers of food boxes outside the door.

“We haven’t worked painstakingly for naught, the Exorcist Mountain’s military is really considerate.” Sima Xian chuckled and immediately carried two boxes of food inside.

The food inside was indeed sumptuous, and although it couldn’t be called exquisite food, the meat was quite sufficient, and the meat soup had a delicious fragrance. Although it had already cooled down, with the presence of Lin Xin’s fire magic, there was no problem at all.

Everyone ate heartily before returning to their respective beds to rest and recover some energy. Chen Ying’er, who was still in great joy, communicated a lot with this little pig of hers, and even gave him a name, which was McDull.

The military was extremely pleased with the operation of the day before, and didn’t directly assign them another mission, giving them some time to rest. This lasted until the start of the next day, when a new assemble command was issued from the military drill ground.

The Exorcist Mountain’s City was quite broad, because on its two sides were peaks belonging to the Exorcist Mountain Range, forming natural
barriers. Thus, building it was quite troublesome, and after only adding walls on its right side, it could be considered secure.

The military drill ground was located 500 meters away from the city’s walls, forming a gathering place customized for concentrating the troops and horses. At the time before Long Haochen left the city together with Sheng Lingxin, accomplishing the night raid, it was the place where the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was waiting for orders.

The 1st Demon Hunt Squad wasn’t entirely gathered, Cai’er was resting in their living quarters. Now that Cai’er had already lost two of her senses, Long Haochen would definitely not let her take any risks.

The side-effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pills already disappeared, but what worried Long Haochen was that Haoyue was still in a state of deep sleep. Although he was pretty sure that Haoyue didn’t suffer any critical injuries, the fact that he hadn’t woken up since the battle left Long Haochen anxious.

On the military drill ground, the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads were reunited. Having had a day of rest, these young elites already returned to their optimum condition, each and every one being full of energy and quite a few of them looking excited.

Actually, two days ago, they gained quite a great deal of contribution points. They didn’t only kill a great amount of lower ranked demons, but at the same time, they reaped 200 contribution points as the mission reward, resulting in a few dozen per person after dividing them.

Long Haochen’s group hadn’t had time to divide their contribution points yet. Their 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad was the most weakened, and all along until the assembly order was dispatched, everyone was resting. Until then, they could only do their best to recover to the most optimal state possible. The single thing was that this day, Long Haochen felt incomprehensibly feverish, his internal spiritual energy’s revolutions looking quite sluggish.
Because Haoyue had yet to wake up, he was unable to communicate with him. As for the sudden phenomenon of fusion between him and Haoyue, giving him the erupting strength of a Radiant Knight, Long Haochen also felt curious. What was this special ability of Haoyue’s?

Chapter 198

He also never heard of a magical beast companion that could fuse its body with a human. When thinking about that day, what left the most vivid memory was that intense explosion of internal spiritual energy.

Long Haochen thought to himself that even if this was a powerful ability of Haoyue, with their current level of cultivation Haoyue and he couldn’t put it to good use yet. Otherwise, why would the aftereffects be so severe? But anyway, this was a good thing, being able to suddenly erupt with fighting strength surpassing one’s own cultivation was clearly quite a useful move.

Seeing that Long Haochen’s group arrived, the other nine Demon Hunt Squad captains came over to greet him.

As a matter of fact, Long Haochen displayed a formidable behaviour as commander the day before, leading the mission to be satisfactorily completed. And furthermore, although they didn’t get to see his last move clearly, they still felt the intense energy originating from it. Having had such an experience, they involuntarily changed their perception of Long Haochen, in spite of his age.

The ten leaders also knew everything, and seeing Long Haochen arrive, Gao Yingjie welcomed him, “How are you? Did everyone have a good rest?”

Long Haochen murmured to him, “Leader, Cai’er has suffered comparatively severe damage. She will have to rest for some more time.
For the time being, I’m afraid that she won’t be able to accompany us during missions.”

Gao Yingjie felt shaken, and thinking back to the first time Cai’er tried to use this power, only to be blocked by Sheng Yue, he felt quite understanding, and without asking further, only nodded to him.

“Leader, have you called us out this time for another mission?” Sima Xian asked eagerly.

The last battle brought them important benefits: being subject to such pressure, he could feel his own internal spiritual energy increase by a wide margin, drawing extremely close to the threshold of the 2000th level. Maybe after going through a few more battles, he would be able to break through to some extent, becoming a priest of the fifth step.

After reaching the fifth step of cultivation, priests could learn quite a few more offensive abilities, making it so that the number of secret skills he would be able to learn upon returning to Holy City would obviously increase dramatically.

Although Sima Xian didn’t pronounce it, he felt quite impatient about increasing his own power. In the team, there was quite a gap between Wang Yuanyuan’s utility and his own. The earlier he would be able to reach the fifth step, the earlier he would be able to fulfill a more important role as a Discipline Priest.

Gao Yingjie shook his head with a smile and replied, “Everyone did well during yesterday’s mission, and the Exorcist Mountain’s military is already plentily satisfied. Thus, they decided to allot you a total of three days of rest, to give you sufficient time to train and improve your cultivation. After all, you are not real soldiers, but came here to get some experience. But today, we called you to come for a good reason! You will get to know about it in a bit.”

Just as they finished talking, quite a few people arrived. It wasn’t only the military, but also some assassins completely clad in black, their heads included.
The one who gave them their previous mission was at the top front, and the 1st Demon Hunt Squad immediately noticed the case in his hand. It was exactly the one they retrieved from that Bloodthirsty Beta’s hands, during the battle against the demons’ logistics team.

Everyone unconsciously looked at Long Haochen, who also felt confused, thinking about what Gao Yingjie just said. Could it be that

At that moment, Gu Jin already stepped forward, together with those few assassins. After greeting their leader Gao Yingjie, he immediately turned towards the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

“You really deserve to be called the most outstanding generation of geniuses produced by the Alliance. You accomplished the mission smoothly, completely annihilating the demons’ logistics team. Now, at least several tens of thousands of their main armies’ demons are going to starve. You did a good deed to our Exorcist Mountain Pass, and the army as well as the civilians will engrave it forever into their memory. For this reason, I thank you on behalf of the military as well as the people.”

This Gu Jin, who turned out to be a warrior, stamped the ground with his right foot, performing a warrior salute towards the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

Demon Hunt Squad members generally used the etiquette of their own Temple to salute one another. Having received their approval to these youths was an extreme glory. At least up till now, their examination was going smoothly.

Gu Jin said with a smile, “I would like to introduce these three elders coming from the Heroic Hall of the Assassin Temple to everyone.”

Assassins from the Heroic Hall? Hearing Gu Jing’s introduction, these youths from the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads felt startled. The Heroic Hall was the most mysterious place of the Assassin Temple, comprising a total of thirty-six Heroic Assassins. Each of these Heroic Assassins was an existence belonging to the eighth step, forming the most powerful part of the Assassin Temple. The auxiliary hall master Ying
Suifeng that Long Haochen met previously was exactly the leader of these Heroic Assassins.

So these three are actually powerhouses of the eighth step? Then for what purpose did they come?

Just at that time, the black clad man who stood in the front, took a few steps forward. But no extraordinary aura was emanating from his body, nor any sign of life, it just gave people a faint sensation of emptiness.

But everyone knew that these people were the real assassin powerhouses, able to blend into any kind of environment.

“Greetings, children. I am the 19th Heroic Assassin of the Heroic Hall.” The black clad man’s voice was somewhat gloomy, even sounding quite rough. But every Demon Hunt Squad member felt tense, and stood upright, as though they were wooden sticks. Calmly standing before them was one of the thirty six Heroic Assassins, who only gave their numbers instead of naming themselves. Seeing one for the very first time, many felt nervous.

“First of all, we would like to express our gratitude for everything you did for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Captain of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad, please step forward.”

Long Haochen took two steps forward, making a fist with his left hand and placing it on his left chest. Then, he replied with a loud, “Long Haochen, captain of the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad reports.”

This 19th Heroic Assassin seemed quite easy-going. With a humble smile on his face, he said to him, “No need be so formal. You should recognize the case in Gu Jin’s hands, right?”

Long Haochen nodded and replied, “Yes, I do. This is the one we seized from the enemies’ hands as we carried out yesterday’s mission.”

The 19th Heroic Knight faintly nodded back, “That’s right. You did well, and in recognition of your exceptional behaviour of handing this object to
us, the Assassin Temple decided to reward you with 500 contribution points. Please come to accept them.”

500 contribution points?

Hearing this number almost caused an uproar. In fact, the weakest of the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads didn’t even gather 500 points in total, and this included the 200 contribution points they all got as this mission’s reward. The fact that the Assassin Temple took such an initiative, unexpectedly rewarding the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad with 500 contribution points, immediately made the other Demon Hunt Squads restless.

The 19th Heroic continued in a loud but indifferent voice, “Don’t worry everyone. I can tell you that this wasn’t a test mission but a real one, and that the case Long Haochen handed to us is actually worth at least ten times this amount of contribution points. I will now reveal the contents of this case!”

This was a reward of the Assassin Temple! Long Haochen naturally wouldn’t refuse it. Under the eyes of his teammates, he went in front of the 19th Heroic Assassin and exposed his contribution tile.

To the surprise of many, the 19th Heroic Assassin exposed his own left hand and revealed an icy-blue-colored tile, directing it toward Long Haochen’s to complete the exchange successfully.

This 19th Heroic Assassin turned out to be a Demon Hunter as well?

Demon Hunt Squad members were collectively known as Demon Hunters, and since this Heroic Assassin possessed a contribution tile, he also had his own team. To possess such an assassin, how strong could his team be? Perhaps they even had a sufficient strength to kill a demon god.

After Long Haochen received the contribution points, he returned to the side of the other youths. Pertaining to the contents of that case, he was curious as well. In the end, what kind of treasure could it be to leave that powerhouse of the eighth step full of praise?
The Heroic Assassin finally declared indifferently, “If the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad didn’t hand over this case, I’m afraid that none of you would have known about this thing, but they actually never opened this case, and I can ascertain for that fact.”

A warrior from another team couldn’t help but ask, “Heroic Senior, how can you be so sure of this?”

The 19th Heroic Assassin made a gesture to Gu Ni, who joined his side with large steps. Then, the formidable assassin directly opened the case in his hands, declaring openly, “Because the people who can resist the attraction of that thing are just too few.”

As he spoke, his fingers shook slightly, opening the case, and immediately, a dense light essence emerged from that case. The soft light essence carried a hint of white, giving an awe-inspiring impression to everyone. A delicate silhouette immediately came out from inside, spreading its two wings, attempting to fly with a dispirited expression.

In a split second, everyone unconsciously opened their eyes wide, and more than half of them cried out in surprise, “A Light Elemental Fairy!”

Everyone from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad previously carried an excited face when seeing him obtain 500 contribution points, but except from Long Haochen’s, now all their faces became stiff.

Against all expectations, it was a spiritual stove, and a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove at that! Each and every one of them had a lifeless look in their eyes, looking at that Light Elemental Fairy’s struggling attempt to fly, completely filled with regret.

Even Gao Yingjie immediately felt the same as them.

If they knew earlier that this case contained a Light Elemental Fairy, no matter how Long Haochen opposed it, they would absolutely not have consented to hand it over to the higher-ups. Let alone 500 contribution points, even if it were 5,000 or 50,000 of them, it wouldn’t be worth a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove! But spiritual stoves couldn’t be given a value,
because in the right hands, they possessed unlimited potential! At least within the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, Long Haochen, Han Yu and Sima Xian were all able to use this kind of spiritual stove, making it extremely fitting for them.

Long Haochen’s perception was different from other people’s. At this time everyone else was feeling regret, and even pain. But now, he only felt pity.

He didn’t feel that the pity was that he lost the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, but it was pity for the Light Elemental Fairy coming from that case. At the split second its aura was dispersed, this feeling involuntarily appeared in the depths of his heart. Meanwhile, the occasional waves of heat in his body just became more intense.

Chapter 199

Long Haochen immediately thought with astonishment about the scorching heat he felt at that time. So it wasn’t because of the blood contract fusion with Haoyue, but that little guy before my eyes?

It wasn’t in good shape, but in a quite weak one. The light essence of its body even appeared quite unstable. In such a state, it looked like it could disappear into nothingness at anytime.

Today’s weather was pretty good. The body of the Light Elemental Spiritual Fairy was bathed in sunlight, which improved it’s dispirited mood a little. It was now striving hard in its attempt to fly.

But in front of that Heroic Hall Assassin, how could it possibly escape? That 19th Heroic Assassin didn’t have a particularly strong reaction, only covering the top of its head with his hand, making all its attempts futile.

All the members of the 2nd to the 10th Demon Hunt Squads, who had just been feeling jealous because of the contribution points the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad earned, immediately had a change of mood. They didn’t even sneer at them: this was simply a blatant example of letting go of the big prize while grabbing at trifles.

In comparison to a Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, 500 contribution points were simply a drop of water in the ocean!

This applied foremost for the priests and knights as well as the few light element mages of the Demon Hunt Squads. At that time, the eyes of each and every of them turned blue. If they could obtain this Light Elemental
Spiritual Stove, their strength was bound to immediately increase by leaps and bounds.

The 19th Heroic Assassin’s eyes were black, having a deep yet reserved look. Looking at the expression on each of these Demon Hunt Squad members’ faces, he secretly felt that although these children were outstanding, they were after all still too young. They weren’t good at all at concealing their real thoughts, but it was still good like that: at least they had a sufficiently frank behaviour.

“Now you should realize what I am speaking about.” The 19th Heroic Assassin smiled before continuing, “We were also quite astonished at the time we saw this thing. Hall Master Sheng Yue said that since this thing has been obtained during the mission your ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads accomplished, our Assassin Temple will absolutely not keep it for ourselves. The action we judged appropriate was to give it to you as reward.”

Immediately after he finished his last sentence, the audience broke out in cheers. Everyone was clear on the utility of spiritual stoves, and this Light Elemental Stove was one of the easiest to absorb. No one possibly expected that the Assassin Temple would be willing to part with such a treasure and give it to them as reward. Just like Sheng Yue foresaw, the good impression these youngsters had of the Assassin Temple immediately reached new heights.

“But since there is only a single Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, and more than a third of you are able to use it, we cannot divide it to give it as a collective reward. For this reason only one of you will get it. Who this person will be will depend on your luck as well as your understanding of the light element. Now, all light element users among your ranks please come forward.”

Upon being addressed like that by the 19th Heroic Assassin, the knights, mages? and priests of the ten Demon Hunt Squads stepped forward in succession, each of them appearing somewhat impatient.
Among them, the one who thirsted for it the most and also had the highest hopes of atteining it, was the captain of the 4th squad, the only priest of the fifth step, Luc Xi.

Compared to knights, priests generally had a better sense and affinity with light. Relying mostly on healing, they

A Light Elemental Spiritual Stove! If he could get it, he would definitely sweep through the bottleneck of the sixth step without hindrance. Even if, under normal circumstances, Luc Xi was quite stable in his training, his heartbeat could not help but accelerate just by thinking about it.

Who else can possibly surpass me with his affinity with light? This Light Elemental Fairy will inevitably be mine!

Each of them had some longing for the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, but the difference was that those whose cultivation was only at the fourth step would mostly leave it to chance, whereas the few who reached the fifth step were brimming with strong longing and self-confidence. Almost all of the ones at the fifth step came from the Knight Temple. It was the case for Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Duan Yi, Han Yi and another knight.

The priests, the knights and the two light element mages, forming a total of 23 people, were standing in a semicircle in front of the 19th Heroic Assassin.

“Everything will be left to fate. Whatever they are, don’t complain about the results. Otherwise, don’t blame me for being violent.” The 19th Heroic Assassin’s voice suddenly rose coldly. Compared to his previous display, making him appear as light as air, he currently looked like a god- killer, the instantly and intense eruption of his character left everyone unable to help but shiver.

Long Haochen also felt that killing intent, waking up him from his feeling of pity for the Light Elemental Fairy. Raising his head, he looked at the little silhouette struggling under the grip of the nearby 19th Heroic Assassin, immediately wrinkling his brows.
“Each of you may release his aura.” An immaterial-like grey stream of mist filled the air around the 19th Heroic Assassin. Rapidly spreading to the sky, it took the shape of a dome, filled with ice-cold and dense killing intent. Having done so, he withdrew his hand, immediately letting the little fairy soar up.

But it only flew a few meters, before shivering and coming back down, clearly feeling terrible fear toward the mist blocking the sky.

It was also at that time that all the surrounding light essence seemed to ascend at once. With a flicker of bright light, each of the knights, priests and mages, having the opportunity to obtain the fairy, released their aura of light with full strength, looking at the little thing, full of desire.

The only exception was Long Haochen. He didn’t release his own internal spiritual energy at all, only standing there and looking at that helpless little fellow. From his gentle eyes, some information seemed to be transmitted. Twitching his lips, he seemed to say a few words in the direction of the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove.

Yang Wenzhao was standing at the right side of Long Haochen, and could clearly see his movements. In the next instant, he looked dumbstruck as the little Light Elemental Fairy who, obviously suddenly attracted, flew towards Long Haochen.

A smile appeared on Long Haochen’s handsome face. As he calmly lifted his right hand, that small Light Elemental Spiritual Stove immediately landed on his palm.

At such a close distance, he could see the little girl even more clearly.

The Light Elemental Spiritual Stove was entirely snow white, as if she was sculpted from the purest rock crystal. Clad in a milky white skirt, her fair arms and slender legs were exposed. Her blond hair was draped over her shoulders like a tiny waterfall, reaching down to her feet. A pair of translucent wings batted incessantly at her sides while her long hair fluttered uncontrollably in the air.
The most peculiar fact was that her two pointed little ears peeking out from her blond hair, which was a typical fairy feature. Her golden eyes seemed as limpid as Long Haochen’s, the only difference was that hers looked helpless, weak, and dull.

Under everyone’s blank stares, the Light Elemental Fairy landed dexterously on Long Haochen’s palm. Looking at him, they seemed puzzled, even appearing at a loss.

At Luc Xi’s side, golden fog was being condensed, but at the moment he saw that Light Elemental Fairy fall into Long Haochen’s hand, he immediately became blank.

How is it possible!? He’s a knight, but I’m a priest! How can he have even better affinity with light than I do? His heart wasn’t filled with jealousy, but with surprise. No matter how one looked at it, the final winner should be him! But that Light Elemental Fairy didn’t spare him a single glance from beginning to end, and flew almost directly to Long Haochen.

Long Haochen’s gentle eyes seemed to carry a tender affection. Using his fingers to caress her blond hair, he gently told her, “Be at ease, I will honour my promise!”

The 19th Heroic Assassin revealed a faint smile, declaring, “Looks like our little fellow made her choice. This was a fair process, and the Assassin Temple doesn’t wish to see any discontent behaviour! All right, my duty is now done. Long Haochen, congratulations. ”

Long Haochen raised his head and looked at the 19th Heroic Assassin, respectfully making his salutations, “Please pass my deepest thanks to the heroic senior, mister Heroic Assassin.”

After nodding to Long Haochen, the 19th Heroic Assassin immediately left in the direction of the two other Heroic Assassins, the killing intent in his eyes disappearing at the same instant.

Gao Yingjie naturally aimed a glance at Long Haochen, saying with a smile, “Congratulations, Haochen. Let’s leave, I’m accompanying you to
your living quarters.” As he said so, he intentionally glanced at the surrounding people that immediately seemed to be filled with envy. Suddenly, these envious looks were concealed completely.

Although these youngsters were aware that they couldn’t possibly fight over it by force, having Gao Yingjie at his side would naturally prevent any needless complications. Just as treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime, the current Long Haochen didn’t dare to immediately assimilate the Light Elemental Fairy.

Sima Xian laughed quite loud, “Captain is really our captain. The thing that ought to be ours still came back to us. We have to celebrate that!”

Seeing Long Haochen receive the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove, the previously depressed members of the 1st squad suddenly had a 180 degrees change in their moods.

But Long Haochen didn’t say anything, leading his comrades back to their own living quarters.

Following Long Haochen and the others with his eyes, Duan Yi arrived at Yang Wenzhao’s side, saying indifferently, “From the looks of it, the distance between him and us is just increasing each day.”

Yang Wenzhao replied with a sigh, “Everyone has their own opportunities, we cannot do anything about it. But we can still strive with our best efforts to make such opportunities appear to us as well.”

Duan Yi smiled, “Well said. If you want to do something well, do it yourself; personal strength will always be the basis of everything. Let’s leave, we should also return. Let’s take advantage of the holiday to train peacefully.”

Long Haochen and the others returned to their living quarters. As they went in, everyone couldn’t help but rejoice in acclamation.

“Haha, so pleasing! Did you see the expressions on the others’ faces? Especially that Luc Xi from the 4th squad, his complexion was so horrible
that he looked like he was almost about to turn green with envy.” Sima Xian said with a belly full of laughter, paying no attention at all to the fact the Light Elemental Fairy didn’t choose him. He originally didn’t have any chances with his cultivation being still at the fourth step.

Chapter 200

Although deep inside, Han Yu felt some regret, he still considered that they were lucky that the one who got the Light Elemental Fairy was Long Haochen.

Lin Xin murmured with a smile, “This is really excellent. Now that captain has a Light Elemental Fairy, our groups’ strength will rise again.”

Cai’er, who was originally sitting cross-legged stood up, and Chen Ying’er immediately told her the previous course of events, still holding McDull.

Long Haochen immediately shook his head and asked, “Do you know why the Light Elemental Fairy chose me?”

Everyone, still in a state of excitement, immediately started, directing puzzled looks at him.

Long Haochen said with a smile, “It is because I used my internal spiritual energy to convey my pledge on the name of the light that as long as she chose me, I would give her her freedom back to her.”

“Eh?” Everyone immediately looked startled, looking at Long Haochen with some incomprehension.

Long Haochen calmly moved to the side, pushing the window of the living quarters open.
The outside sunshine fell into the room, covering his handsome face with faint golden light, just like the one his heart was made of.

Long Haochen supported the light Elemental Spiritual Stove with his hands, and declared, “Elemental Fairies are made of the purest elemental essence on Earth. How can we force one into submission? Didn’t you see how gloomy her look was, having lost her freedom? I’m afraid that she even already forgot how to smile. She should rather go back and return to nature, to embrace the light.”

Once again tenderly stroking the Light Elemental Fairy’s long hair, Long Haochen whispered quietly, “Go. In the future, be more careful, and don’t get captured again.”

As he said so, he lifted his hand to the window, letting the sunshine softly illuminate the little Light Elemental Fairy’s body.

Lin Xin and Sima Xian looked stunned, Chen Ying’er was still puzzled, Wang Yuanyuan appeared full of admiration, and Han Yu stared, dull, not saying anything. Even Gao Yingjie had an unconvinced expression.

Only Cai’er displayed a soft smile, hidden behind her veil.

That’s right! He’s acting so foolishly, but it’s precisely because of his kind heart that he’s my idiot.

The Light Elemental Fairy spread her wings, and after she gave Long Haochen a glance, she suddenly turned around, flying to the sky with a little swish.

Quickly, she went up to the roof. When her entire body bathed in sunlight her glowing white took on a hint of gold.

Floating in midair, she lowered her head, staring dully at the living quarters below, her pretty and large eyes softly blinking as if pondering about something.

General headquarters of the Assassin Temple.
Listening to the 19th Heroic Assassin’s report, Sheng Yue displayed a faint smile at the corners of his mouth.

“It looks like this little guy understood my intention well.”

The 19th Heroic Assassin curiously asked, “Hall Master, could it be that you knew in advance that the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove would choose Long Haochen?”

Sheng Yue nodded his head and replied, “I naturally did. This was my tactic to kill two birds with one stone, displaying our goodwill in regards to these young children while handing the spiritual stove to Long Haochen.

No matter what, as her great-grandfather, I should give some presents to my own great-granddaughter. The stronger he grows, the better he will protect Cai’er. ”

The 19th Heroic Assassin immediately asked, “Does this Long Haochen actually have such strong affinity with ligh

Sheng Yue smiled faintly, “Don’t ask so much. Go back to your business now.”

“Yes.” Carrying some incomprehension and curiosity, the 19th Heroic Assassin left.

Sheng Yue seemed to be pondering for some more time, “It looks like this kid, Haochen, has an even greater affinity with light than I imagined. The Light Elemental Fairy actually didn’t show the slightest resistance! It truly deserves to be called the constitution of the Scion of Light! With the presence of the Scion of Light, how could the others have the slightest chance!? Hehe, if the old Yang Haohan knew about it, he would definitely praise my craftiness. Nonetheless, no matter how they react, this is convenient for their Knight Temple.”

How could Sheng Yue know that it wasn’t by relying on his special physique as the Scion of Light at all that Long Haochen managed to take this Light Elemental Fairy away, and that he actually didn’t let out the
slightest bit of light essence. What he relied on was his kind and merciful heart.

Living quarters.

Long Haochen received everyone’s contribution points for this mission, before once again checking the total amount. This improved the mood of everyone greatly: they originally felt depressed about the fact that he released the Light Elemental Fairy.

During the mission, they killed four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, six eight-eyed Demonic Eye Soldiers, and a great amount of ordinary Dual Bladed Demons and Demon Eye Soldiers, producing in total about 300 contribution points. This number in itself far surpassed the other teams’ scores. After all, the demons they faced were far stronger.

In addition to this, they were awarded 700 contribution points this time, in addition to the 1,000 the Bloodthirsty Beta brought them. With a single mission, they unexpectedly gained close to 2,000 contribution points! After dividing them evenly, everyone had approximately 360 contribution points, and because of the equal splitting, there was at most a single contribution point of difference between everyone. Without counting Han Yu’s score, the team already had a total of 2,520 points.

This was quite a terrific score! They were after all a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad, and gaining such ample amount of contribution points was already not only a matter of strength, but also related to their luck.

Based on this score, they were now bound to be the final winners of the team contest. And until the time of the final evaluation, they would gain even more points.

Having divided the contribution points, Long Haochen acted as if that Light Elemental Fairy never existed, and instructed with a smile, “All right, let’s train seriously, everyone. Lin Xin, we will have to bother you again regarding the pills.”
Lin Xin chuckled in reaction, “I have never seen such good material as a Bloodthirsty Beta. I happen to have some recipes I want to try out. If it turns out to be successful, it will give us a sure advantage for our future operations. Leader, is there an auction house in Exorcist City?”

Gao Yingjie nodded and replied, “Yes, there is. Exorcist Mountain Pass being such an important city, the Alliance’s great auction house naturally has branches here. What are you planning to do?”

Lin Xin spoke back, “I am obviously going to sell some things. Now that we have Ying’er’s huge consumer, making money is a necessity!”

They hadn’t concealed anything from Gao Yingjie pertaining to Chen Ying’er’s Mythic Mirror Image Treasure Pig.

Gao Yingjie smiled, “Alright, for now, have a rest. When there is a new mission, you will naturally be informed.”

Gao Yingjie left and everyone went back to their respective beds. Their desire to cope with demonkind was just growing stronger with time, but currently, they were just negligible in comparison to the formidable demon race. Only by continuously increasing their strength would they be able to successfully complete more challenging missions. Thus, the priority for now was to become more powerful.

The probing period of three month had only just started, and they were also gradually forming a true team. Although they were far from being able to understand each other without speaking, they still reached a good level of understanding. Everyone was intelligent enough, therefore it was now only a matter of time before they reached new heights.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er back to their bed, “Cai’er, how have you been feeling today? Is there any place that makes you feel unwell?”

Cai’er lightly shook her head, leaning on Long Haochen’s shoulder and replying in a low voice, “I got used to it long ago. You don’t need to worry. Actually, although I am somewhat affected by the loss of my sense of smell, I can still endure it.”
Long Haochen exclaimed, “You have to keep your promise! Until you recover your sense of smell, I won’t let you take any risk. Even though I have never undergone the training related to the Spiritual Stove of Samsara, I can imagine that since you are already blind, the further loss of your sense of smell will strongly impair your ability to gather information from your surroundings! This is bound to affect your strength greatly. Listen to me and have a good rest here. I promised that I would protect you for all my life!”

Cai’er revealed a soft smile, “I will listen to you.”

When she was in private with Long Haochen, all her coldness would turn into tenderness, just as if she was a sort of sweet little cat.

Just at that time, Cai’er’s ears suddenly twitched, and Long Haochen unconsciously lifted his head, because a twitching sensation appeared in his body.

A small chink appeared on the cloth surrounding the bed, and a white silhouette stealthily came in.

Long Haochen stopped Cai’er who was about to lift her hand, “Don’t worry, it’s that Light Elemental Fairy.”

That’s right, it was precisely the little Light Elemental Fairy that suddenly appeared on their bed couch.

Maybe due to the sunlight she absorbed, she looked better than before. At least, she didn’t look as dispirited. Gazing at Long Haochen, she floated in midair and rested her chin on her hands. Aside from her extremely small size, she really looked identical to humans.

Feeling her familiar aura, Long Haochen smiled, lifting up his right hand and waving to her.

The Light Elemental Fairy folded her small wings, quietly falling on Long Haochen’s palm. A soft white radiance continuously twinkled on her
body, and Long Haochen’s scorching sensation just became even more violent.

“How is it that you came back? Do you still feel unwell and need my help?” As he asked, Long Haochen quickly let out a drip of pure light element essence.

The mild-golden liquid circulated to his palm, and the Light Elemental Fairy immediately opened her eyes wide, using her small hands without hesitation to take some of the pure liquid light essence and drink it in a hurry.

Immediately, her pure white body was covered by a layer of gold, and her golden eyes accordingly lit up. Her originally hesitant look towards Long Haochen instantly became a pleasantly surprised one.

“Wu, wu, wu…” The Light Elemental Fairy mumbled a series of words in a language Long Haochen didn’t understand, which seemed to be an elven language. Immediately, she hugged one of Long Haochen’s fingers, and bit it with strength.

This scene looked quite funny, appearing as if she was trying to eat an ice popsicle.
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