Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 181-190


Chapter 181

At the time Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin were exchanging words, the three gaudy light pillars already arrived in front of them. Under each of those three light pillars, demon armies of a hundred could clearly be seen.

Although they were only 300 in total, the pressure these 300 demons let out was actually not inferior to the demon army arriving from the other side.

At such a close distance, Long Haochen could also distinctly see the appearance of those three demon gods.

The demon god of the middle pillar produced a gaudy red luster together with a dazzling glitter of golden light, but it wasn’t the golden light coming from the holy attribute. It was instead a light brimming with intense darkness and flaming aura.

In this lump of light was a demon god more than three meters tall and reaching a height of 10 meters on the back of his war horse.

Clad in a golden armor, with a matchless and awe-inspiring appearance, his face was actually somewhat similar to a lion’s, while his body looked like a human’s. His face and skin were red colored.

When Long Xingyu previously talked to Long Haochen about the seventy-two demon gods, he had in addition ordered him to remember about all of them.
Seeing that enormous figure clearly, Long Haochen immediately determined its identity. It was one of the seventy-two demon gods, ranked fifty-second, named Allocer. As a Blazing Demonic Lion, he was expert in using the power of darkness and fire. Those demon gods were truly military powerhouses; although he was only fifty second in ranking, he was still an authentic powerhouse of the ninth step.

The Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer approached from the left side. At that instant, an incomparably majestic figure came out under the black light pillar. This demon also had a human body, but a bull head. On its back extended pair of black wings made of feathers. His whole body gave off a blue jade gloss. As for the naked upper part of its body, only the word ‘terrifying’ could be used to describe the python shaped muscles on it. And its height was over five meters.

This one was the sixty-first demon, the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan.

On the other side, a green luster covered the last human-shaped demon; he was riding a green-colored winged horse and was shaped like a handsome man above two meters of height. But regardless of whether it’s the demon or his horse’s, their both eyes released a red-colored glitter, and green light surrounded their bodies, giving off a weird feeling.

This was the seventieth demon god, the Evil Demon Rider Seere 1.

The twelve last-ranked demon gods were at the peak of the eighth step of cultivation, while the other sixty were at the ninth step. As for the three before their eyes, they were comprised of a powerhouse of the ninth step and two at the eighth step; truly terrifying beyond compare.

Each of these three demon gods had a hundred elite demons in front of them. Because of their status within demonkind, they possessed their own guard, belonging to various tribes.

The Evil Demon Rider Seere had at least a hundred Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons obeying to his orders.
As for the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan, he had a hundred of Dual Headed Demonic Eagles as subordinates, possessing a capability of flight not inferior in any aspect to Beta Flying Demons.

As for the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, he led a hundred of Blazing Devils, with heights exceeding three meters and their whole bodies glinting red.

Three grand demon gods plus three hundred guardians. With all of them together, it simply seemed as though a natural moat was separating the Brilliant Angel Knights’ path of return. To force a way out would definitely not be an easy thing.

Sheng Lingxin’s voice was tran

Hearing him at this point, Long Haochen understood that Sheng Lingxin approved the fact of having him stay here.

The three grand demon gods clearly didn’t expect that Sheng Lingxin wouldn’t have the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment to launch an assault to seize the opportunity for rushing back to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, instead keeping his troops in neat formation, defending their position to the death. As a result, their reaction slightly slowed down as a whole.

Just like Sheng Lingxin didn’t expect that the three demon gods would have arranged specialized troops to cope with the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment, those three demon gods didn’t expect Sheng Lingxin to make such prompt decisions. Slightly pondering, they realized that Sheng Lingxin was waiting for the reinforcements from the Exorcist Mountain Pass. Consequently, these three launched their attack immediately and without the slightest hesitation. As long as they could defeat the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment and the Assassins of the Dark Night, they would inflict serious damage to the Temple Alliance. With this objective, they ordered their private guard to rush forth.

As for Sheng Lingxin and Long Haochen, why would the three demon gods give them special regard? Moreover, never would they expect that
Sheng Lingxin, the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Range, would come out to order the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment personally.

Seeing that the enemies were currently less than a hundred meters apart, Sheng Lingxin suddenly turned his head to give Long Haochen a smile, “Do you know the reason why even though demonkind has the seventy two demon gods, they have never been able to genuinely extinguish humanity? In fact, the humans at the ninth step are less than twenty.”

Long Haochen shook his head vacantly.

“It is because we, humans, have preserved a great heritage from the glorious era. Also, we possess a lot of equipment demons don’t have. Don’t move from this place; they are clearly overlooking our existences. I am going to meet them head on. Make your preparations to run. When I return, let’s immediately run to the left side. Today, we’ll see how long we can last, for the sake of the knight regiment.”

“Wait, this is for you. It will unleash your potential for a brief period of time, before making you weaker for a short amount of time after using it.” As he said so, Long Haochen gave Sheng Lingxin two pills; a Jade Protection Pill and a Spiritual Bursting Pill. As for Spiritual Restoring Pills, someone with over 30’000 units of spiritual energy like Sheng Lingxin would clearly have no use for them.

Sheng Lingxin took the two pills, directly throwing both into his mouth, before glancing at him with some astonishment, “I didn’t expect you to actually be wealthy. Make your preparations to rush out at full speed. Use everything you can to conceal yourself.”

Having said so, Sheng Lingxin’s tiptoes tapped on the ground, the latter floating out in the air.

This time, Long Haochen didn’t go together with him. He had the guts to stake his life in the battle, but would absolutely not act impetuously. Even if he had a single way out for survival, he would strive for it.
In such circumstances, where none of the enemies were weaker than him, and with tyrannical existences such as three of the grand demon gods, carrying out Sheng Lingxin’s tactics would be the most important. Faintly, he understood what Sheng Lingxin’s main goal was.

In a split second, Sheng Lingxin’s figure flew out like a bullet, becoming somewhat fuzzy. Despite his astonishing level of perception, Long Haochen couldn’t tell off his location at all.

Among the three hundred vassals of the three demon gods, the one to take position at the top front were the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. At that moment, the nearest one was still more than fifty meters far from Long Haochen.

Haoyue’s three huge heads were attentively watching forward, but because Long Haochen was seated on his back, he could not see their eyes.

Little Flame, Little Light, Little Green; these three heads and six eyes had exactly the same expression. It was one that seemed to contain endless coldness and proudness, just like a sovereign controlling the whole world and looking down at his own slaves. Even when his gaze shifted at the three enormous demon gods, it was still the same.

Sitting upright on his back, Long Haochen immediately swallowed a Jade Protection Pill, a Spiritual Bursting Pill and a Spiritual Recovering Pill. In an instant, he felt his whole body warming up. In the Saint Spiritual Stove located inside of his own chest, the spiritual energy in liquid state seemed to boil frantically, surge after surge.

Long Haochen’s skin was drizzling with red, and in his golden eyes, it seemed as though two flames had been ignited.

This was the first time he took a Spiritual Bursting Pill, but he didn’t expect this thing to have such violent effects; this boiling feeling even started to affect his own perception.

Peng. Charging at the top front, a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon suddenly jumped up, directly aiming at Long Haochen. Lifting its enormous
forelimb, it was clearly trying to tear Long Haochen to shreds.

“KILL.” Long Haochen shouted out loudly. The current him had attained an unprecedentedly rich and powerful level of fighting spirit and killing intent. His legs both exerted strength, jumping down from Haoyue’s back and welcoming this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s clash.

Haoyue didn’t rely on knight skills to rush forward; he was expert in supporting and providing assistance in attacking.

Long Haochen’s body soared up, and Little Light spouted out a golden light on him, applying supplementary power to his body. It was a glowing ball of flame, or more precisely, it was against all expectations the sunlight fire Long Haochen used previously.

This ball of sunlight fire lit up his body, igniting it while giving off an unusual impression. In a flash, a pair of swords were moved above his head, launching an attack immediately after receiving this boost of power.

The Holy Spirit Sword and Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light were just like two suns, illuminating the whole Earth. Under the effects of the Spiritual Bursting Pill, Long Haochen’s current internal spiritual energy seemed to be breaking out in fury.

Dual Shining Sunlight Strikes, hitting firmly!

The Sunlight Fire sent out by Little Light had the same properties as the flame of light coming out from Shining Sunlight Strike. These two supplemented each other, and by combination with Long Haochen’s erupting state, this blow was filled with incredible aggressiveness.


The intersected swords in Long Haochen’s hands struck the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s blade-like forelimb. With an ear splitting shattering sound, the terrible holy energy erupted out.
That Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s two forelimbs were unexpectedly smashed apart by Long Haochen’s blow, as the latter fell on the ground because of the recoil.

These soldiers directly commanded by the demon gods could only be said to be even more valliant than normal demons. Even if their most proud and powerful weapon had been shattered to pieces, these Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon unexpectedly didn’t waver the slightest bit, instead directly rushing at Long Haochen, attempting to use their firm bodies to crush him to death.

A resonant dragon cry resounded at that moment, Long Haochen’s swords entangling with each other. At that moment, golden scales came to view, surrounding his body. Golden light swaying around, an ear-piercing grinding sound resounded, as the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s firm carapace was smashed to pieces. The sharp Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light’s took its life in one blow.

Chapter 182

Having taken the Spiritual Bursting Pill, Long Haochen’s fighting strength had at least increased by twofold. Facing the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, he unexpectedly scored a kill in a very short span of time.

However, even more Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon were at that moment rushing to his direction.

At this very time, a white glow suddenly lit these Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. This white glow appeared extremely abruptly, and instantly, a myriad of other white glows erupted from that one, producing ear-piercing sounds while wailing like ghosts and howling like wolves, diffusing an incomparably sharp aura.

The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons’ carapaces were exceedingly hard; if not for the sharpness of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, even with the boost of power coming from the Spiritual Bursting Pill, Long Haochen wouldn’t have managed to get rid of one of them with a single blow.

At this very moment, the white glows were producing holy illumination and enveloping everything below. Everywhere it passed, those madly rushing Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons suddenly stagnated, their heads immediately falling down. As soon as one of these white glows traversed a body, it would be immediately penetrated.

After a very short time, from the hundred of Dark Green Dual Bladed Blades, only forty were left; more than fifty Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons fell down simultaneously, more than thirty of their heads falling
down. As for the few remaining ones, they received for the most part of them heavy damage, laying on the ground without any force.

In midair, these white glows vanished as a vague silhouette flashed sorrowfully before disappearing once again.

This series of event was quite convenient to Long Haochen. Rushing forward at great speed, his swords fell on two heavily wounded Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons that had yet to die.

Haoyue didn’t stay idle either; launching bursting fireballs and light stings, Little Light and Little Flame were attacking at full power, helping Long Haochen to finish off the remaining heavily wounded enemies. At the occasion, Haoyue’s heads used their sharp teeth to bite on the carapaces of the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons they encountered on their way, devouring their magical crystal.

As the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons suddenly suffered such destructive attacks, the three distant demon gods immediately showed reaction, as the Blazing Devils sped up forward, and the Dual Headed Demonic Eagles covered the sky with their overwhelming numbers.

Among the three of them, the seventieth ranked demon god, known as the Evil Demon Rider Seere advanced on his green devil horse, stepping on the air and rising high in the sky.

The immense green pillar followed Seere; it seemed as though its brightness was produced by Seere’s own body.

At the same time, at a close distance from where the white glows erupted, another fantastic scene occurred in the air.

In the air appeared entirely grey-colored crystal. That’s right, it was an approximately two meters long crystal, surrounded by a sparkling and translucent thin silver color.

A blazing illumination was being emitted from the Blazing Devils’ bodies, spreading all around and filled with a sentiment of danger.
“Wulhalu!” The Evil Demon Rider suddenly shouted out as a green- colored lance appeared in his right hand, his body slightly turning back, and in the next instant, he shot the green lance, going straight for the grey colored crystal with thundering sounds.

He truly deserved the title of demon god; at the time the green spear was launched, an area of a circumference of a hundred square meters completely turned green.

At that time, Long Haochen, who was in the middle of finishing off Dark Green Dual Bladed De

But a layer of golden light immediately fell on Long Haochen’s body, making this feeling of stiffness disappear. It came precisely from Haoyue who arrived to his side; as for why Haoyue wasn’t affected by it, Long Haochen didn’t have the time to ponder over the matter.

“Wuwu.” Haoyue roared these two low pitched cries.

Long Haochen immediately understood his intentions, throwing a Spiritual Bursting Pill in Haoyue’s mouth.

Little Green, who hadn’t participated in attacking yet, suddenly lifted up the head. ly, he had been continuously chanting at low pitch, and after he took the Spiritual Bursting Pill, a drizzling green radiance came out from Haoyue’s whole body, especially from the bulges protruding from his back, and three golden threads shot out from him.

Little Green roared in low pitch, and Little Flame and Little Light immediately followed with their own roars, giving birth to a fantastic scene. Completely disregarding the rest of the battlefield, Haoyue completed with his three heads a bizarre chant.

Under his body, a nonagon was formed with mystical traces of sparkling starlight, a green light slowly rising.

Although Long Haochen didn’t know what Haoyue was doing, he stood by his side without hesitation while gazing at the nearby sky.
The radiance produced by the green lance delayed all creatures located within its range, and its propagation speed was just terrifying. In no more but a flash, it pierced the grey crystal that laid in the sky.

Long Haochen unconsciously tightened his body; although in this instant, he was currently focused in clinging desperately to life, when seeing that this grey crystal, Cai’er’s father after transforming, had been hit by the attack of the Evil Demon Rider Seere, he became extremely worried deep inside.

In fact, to each vocations, the gap produced by each step was just as extremely wide, because each step provided specific formidable boosts. For instance, liquid spiritual energy in the fifth step, opening of the spiritual orifices in the sixth step and transformation of the body using spiritual energy in the seventh step. As for the steps above the eighth step, although Long Haochen didn’t know which changes it brought, he could still guess that it was bound to be a qualitative leap.

The Evil Demon Rider Seere was at the peak of the eighth step, whereas Sheng Lingxin was at the peak of the seventh step; this was a gap of an entire step!


A soft sound echoed, and all the personal troops of the demon gods, be it on the sky or on the ground, focused their looks on this grey-colored crystal.

At that moment, a strange scene occurred. The green lance suddenly turned into an immaterial breeze of wind, quietly disappearing upon hitting the grey crystal and not shaking it in the slightest. And the crystal was lit with an even more intense radiance.

This was…

Regardless of whether it was Long Haochen or those three demon gods, they could not help but feel puzzled at looking at this scene. They were all unclear on what kind of existence that grey crystal was.
“Ding.” A melodious sound rang, sounding just like a heavenly music. Grey shadows came out and burst forth from the grey crystal. The shadows that appeared had exactly the same appearance as Sheng Lingxin’s body, and in that instant, several hundreds of shadows burst forth. Each of them had an extremely oppressive aura, glinting with a sparkling grey luster.

They were characterized by their speed, their wildness, and their decisive sacrifice.

Bam, bam, bam.

The speed of these shadows was overwhelming, and on their path, wide traces were left behind. Even with his perception, Long Haochen could only follow a single one of them with his eyes. He only saw that shadow flicker three times in the sky, before the formidable Dual Headed Demonic Eagles fell down from the sky.

The Blazing Devils had an astonishing defense, but as soon as they were hit by one of the shadows, they broke down into pieces with three exploding sounds.

This blow’s power was just too great! Even a powerful existence such as the Evil Demon Rider Seere could only go all out to parry these unceasing projectiles, using his two arms to hold his lance. At that moment, his green horse could unexpectedly only fall back.

In a blink of an eye, the Dual Headed Demonic Eagle and the surviving Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons were all swept and a third of the Blazing Devils disappeared. The violent fluctuations of spiritual energy coming from the shadows covered the entire perimeter with a layer of ice cold, and the grey crystal that was previously floating in the sky disappeared quietly.

“Let’s leave.” A weak voice sounded in Long Haochen’s ear, and he felt his back dropping; someone’s back was already leaning against his own.

Without need for Long Haochen to order him, Haoyue immediately moved. Almost instantly, Little Green, Little Light and Little Flame’s incantation was completed.
At this very moment, his three pair of eyes suddenly glinted with a green color. Suddenly spitting out a green flame, he carried Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin to the other side, as fast as lightning.

This incantation Haoyue had just chanted had the surprising effect of temporarily changing Little Light and Little Flame’s attributes. The current him was like three wind system mages having a fifth step cultivation level and going all out in accelerating their movement.

With the use of the Float Technique in addition to the push provided by the wind element forward, Haoyue was advancing in the sky simply as if he was flying, reaching an unprecedented speed in a very short timespan.

But also at that moment, the three grand demon gods let out roars filled with wrath.

A humiliation; it was a humiliation of the most straightforward kind! In front of the three of them, a mere human had actually decimated the overwhelming majority of their direct subordinates, using an extraordinary method.

Sheng Lingxin had acted as he planned to; to earn some time to the Brilliant Angel Knight Squad, he wanted to attract the attention of the three grand demon gods. Without a doubt, he had been successful. The three demon gods, turning into three different rays of red, green and black, directly chased after Haoyue. Even if Haoyue was currently relying on his three heads at the same time, fully using his acceleration capability and even if they set in motion with a great advance, their distance from the other party was just decreasing at an astonishing rate.

Leaning against Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Armor, Sheng Lingxin’s face was at that moment extremely pale, as if completely congealed. That pale white color didn’t contain the slightest bit of blood, and his eyes were filled with a dark light, not carrying any of the original graceful bearing of this military chief of the Exorcist Mountain. But his eyes were currently looking extremely relieved. That’s right! Relying on the greatest part of his power, he eliminated so many demon powerhouses; it was enough of a feat for him to feel extremely proud.
It wasn’t only that the ability he used was extraordinary, but the main point of this attack was its sudden nature. It happened at the moment those three grand demon gods expected it the least! Otherwise, if any of those three had made preparations, the effects of that attack wouldn’t possibly have been so great.

Chapter 183

The seventy two demon gods had one common trait, that was to have an arrogant and proud character. After having dealt with them for so long, how could Sheng Lingxin possibly not know about it?

“Haochen, I should really not have brought you with me. You should have been able to escape had you left a moment ago.” In Sheng Lingxin’s voice, a fantastic chance started to appear. It seemed as if his voice was becoming melodious and tender.

Long Haochen seemed to be very calm at that moment, “I’m afraid you wouldn’t have had any chance of survival had I not stayed behind.”

That’s right! If Sheng Lingxin had stayed behind by himself after suffering from that terrible blow, the result would have been him being directly torn into pieces by the three grand demon gods. And it was clearly only because of Long Haochen’s existence that he managed to stall some time, even if this amount of time was very short.

Sheng Lingxin’s face displayed an odd smile, “Although I am very dissatisfied about the fact you chose to stay behind, I believe Elder Brother Long would have been proud and content of your act. You really deserve to be his son, and to be the man Cai’er chose. If we can manage to escape alive from this, I will recognize you as my son-in-law.”

Long Haochen flushed, “Cai’er and I…”

Sheng Lingxin laughed lightly, currently having a seemingly relaxed mood, and he kept speaking out, as if letting out everything he had in heart,
“You are already sharing a bed to sleep, what are you trying to explain to me?”

Long Haochen blanked out; although he was only fourteen years-old, he still understood what it implied for a man to sleep together with a woman in the same bed. That’s right! Cai’er and I have already reached this stage!

A surge of warmth rose from his heart; Cai’er is still waiting for me to come back!

An intense will to live erupted out from him. Pouring his internal spiritual energy into Haoyue, he hoped to help him increase his speed.

At that moment, from afar, a lump of green light could be seen running forward, followed by three enormous light pillars chasing after it.

Haoyue’s speed had already reached the peak; he was madly rushing at a great speed, his current speed had actually already reached the standard of the eighth step! Although it was far from being sufficient, he was already exhibiting that astonishing level, to the extent that his three heads were already flowing with foams of blood.

“If we can come back alive, I would like to apologize about what I did to Cai’er.” Sheng Lingxin’s soft voice kept channeling, “I know she hates me, to the extent that she came to hate everyone in our family. But at the time she got this condition of Saint Daughter of Samsara, this order had to be commanded for the future of humanity. Neither can I oppose father’s decisions, nor do I have the capability to do so. And this was the only child I had with Yanyu; we didn’t want any other child. It was because we wished to make up for the suffering she bore by giving her all the love we could. What a pity that it looks that I won’t have this chance. Haochen, do you know? As of now, what I wish for the most, is to hear her call me ‘father’.”

The three grand demon gods were already getting closer and closer. Three hundred meters… In a hundred more meters, they would enter their range of attack.
The Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer bellowed loudly, his hair and beard spreading in all directions. A ripple of red immediately spread from the sky, enveloping Haoyue inside.

Hearing that bellow, Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin shook with their entire bodies,

A single instant before losing consciousness, Sheng Lingxin seemed to stroke something in Long Haochen’s breastplate.

The strange thing was that, at this moment, Haoyue violently stopped his steps, and after sliding violently forward, he turned around, his four limbs sticking to the ground.

In Little Light and Little Flame’s eyes, their original color reappeared. Raising up his three huge heads at the same time, a glint of purple appeared from his three heads and six eyes. In that instant, all his scales were filled with a demonic purple color.


Little Flame, Little Light, and Little Green bellowed at the same time. In the front of a powerhouse of the ninth step like the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, they unexpectedly didn’t have the slightest fear, and that roar created against all expectations a purple ring.

In comparison to the ring the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer had released with his own bellow a moment ago, this one could only be considered to be a little drop in the ocean. Haoyue, a magical beast of the sixth step that was only equivalent to a human at the fifth step of cultivation was confronting the Blazing Demonic Lion demon god of the ninth step. What kind of gap was this?

But in the instant Haoyue let out that bellow, regardless of whether it was the Blazing Demonic Lion Allocer, the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan, or the Evil Demon Rider Seere, all these three enemies had the same reactions; to stop in their pursuit.
What a weird scene was it! The three immense demon god pillars that were advancing forward, keeping a great speed, suddenly stopped, just like that.

If someone could distinctly see the expression on the three demon gods’ faces, he would surely find out that their eyes flickered, carrying bewildered looks. With tenacious looks, they stared fixedly at the ripples produced in the air, accompanied by the release of a purple light.

Haoyue lifted up his head, staring coldly at them with the six eyes on his three heads, before turning around once again, and speeding up to the side.

This time, his speed wasn’t that great, but the extraordinary fact was that the three grand demon gods didn’t chase any further, only staring firmly at Haoyue’s leaving figure.

At this moment, a hiss sound sounded forth from the Exorcist Mountain. Clearly, a dozen of lusters came out from the Exorcist Mountain and on their owners’ bodies, different colored radiances were lit. The first one had his entire body glinting with pure grey, hastening forward. An oppressive shadow was extending from behind him, more than a hundred meters long, appearing just like an enormous grey dragon and rushing directly to the three grand demon gods.

Behind him were ten eye grabbing silhouettes. If Long Haochen was at that moment still in a good shape enough to look at it, he would discover that these people were precisely Gao Yingjie, and the others forming the ten Temple Knights and squad leaders.

They were all clad with Mythril Foundation Armors, each of them emitting a silver halo under their feet, hurrying to the extent that they didn’t even take the time to summon their own mounts, and dashing forward with that grey figure.

In the sky, three silhouettes were still floating. Because of the high attitude, they could not be seen clearly, but at the moment these powerhouses appeared, even the Blazing Lion Allocer, head of these three grand demon gods, was somewhat suppressed by the shining radiances.
The Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan and the Evil Demon Rider Seere stared at Allocer. At that moment, Allocer tightened his eyebrows, “Let’s head back and discuss about it. I wished everything we just got to see was just an illusion…”

Just now, the faint purple glint they saw brought them a chill going all over their bones, but despite the fact that this silhouette and this purple glint were really tiny, they left their blood vessels instantly shaking in arousal.

The three demon god gathered together, stepping across, each of them regaining their respective pillars, and their bodies started ascending, while the demon gods’ silhouettes disappeared. At the moment the powerhouses from the Exorcist City got close, the three grand demon gods had disappeared totally. All that was left was a hundred Blazing Devils for these powerhouses to vent off their anger.

Along with the appearance of these human powerhouses, some unknown order seemed to have been passed on, making that sinister tide withdraw like a wave. The pressure on the Brilliant Angel Regiment Knight immediately lowered at that moment; they wouldn’t pursue and attack unless a military order was issued, slowly retreating while keeping a defensive formation, getting ready to defend themselves against the demons in case they launched an unexpected attack.

The greatest part of the Blazing Devils was dealt with by a grey figure appearing in the top front. Those demons of the sixth step didn’t have the slightest opportunity of resisting, instantly turning into a pile of corpses. From their bodies, only flames were left.

The grey figure finally slowed down, showing its true colors. And wasn’t it actually one of the auxiliary heads of the Alliance, the head of the Assassin Temple and hero of the ninth step, Sheng Yue?

The slim built Sheng Yue carried at that moment an intense killing intent, but concealed within this killing intent was a shred of deep concern.

Sweeping his glance over, he finally looked at Haoyue who was previously running out to the other side. His physical consumption was
enormous, and his running speed was now very slow. On his body, the radiance coming out had dimmed by a wide extent. In particular, the purple color that left the other party so helpless had disappeared a moment ago, leaving no traces behind.

Sheng Yue naturally had a deep impression of Haoyue. Looking at him, the expression on his face changed, to a state of astonishment many of the greatest heroes would never reach.

The characteristic of this magical beast companion of Long Haochen was just too distinct; there was no other interpretation. How could he be in that place?

The three grand demon gods had appeared in the battlefield, releasing their most formidable strength.

Just like Sheng Lingxin said it, they just needed to stall for a bit of time for reinforcement to arrive. If demons could scheme against humans, how could human not scheme back against them? In the Exorcist Mountain Range, the most powerful man wasn’t Sheng Lingxin who was only at the peak of the step of metamorphosis. This was after all the headquarters of the Assassin Temple. The real powerhouses would only appear at the most crucial moment. Thus, at the moment chief Sheng Yue got the information, he immediately rushed to them, without any hesitation. They had been waiting for the demon gods to appear in the battlefield for so long, and although individual strength would hardly change the results of a battle, killing the enemy was was assassins were the best at.

The grey figure stepped across the emptiness, and at the next instant, he appeared at Haoyue’s side.

Looking at Haoyue, he saw on his back two unconscious people. At this moment, Sheng Yue only felt his own heart frantically tightening; the first was his own blood-related grandson, and the chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass. And the other person was even more important; it was the favorite of the Temple Alliance!
Simultaneously waving both hands, he grabbed these two separately on each of his hands. Transmitting soft spiritual energy to the bodies of these two, he provided moisture to them.

He didn’t look at his grandson first, but the one he paid the most attention to was Long Haochen. After wrinkling his eyebrows for a short period of time, he gradually smoothed out, secretly loosening his breath. At least, this kid was all right.

At that moment, the figures flying in the sky didn’t land yet; above the ground, numerous knights clad in Mythril Foundation Armor rapidly joined up with him. At the moment Gao Yingjie also recognized Haoyue, he immediately ran up to them, immediately blurting out, “How is it that Haochen is in that kind of place?”, surprised to the extent that he forgot that the one he was questioning was a powerhouse of the ninth step!

Sheng Yue threw a cold glance at him, declaring in a deep voice, “We will speak after returning from there.”

Chapter 184

As he said so, he carried Long Haochen, handing him to Gao Yingjie. He could comprehend perfectly Gao Yingjie’s mood; clearly, these Temple Knights had been dispatched for the only sake of following Long Haochen. If it wasn’t for Long Haochen’s sake, the Knight Temple wouldn’t possibly have let ten Mythril Foundation Knights lead ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads. There had been no precedent of this even in the past!

From the eyes of the others, this was because many outstanding talents had appeared on the side of the Knight Temple, but only Sheng Yue knew that the fundamental reason was Long Haochen’s status as the Scion of Light.

Thus, he handed Long Haochen to Gao Yingjie, as the most important priority was to let him confirm Long Haochen’s safety.

Naturally, Gao Yingjie had immediately investigated Long Haochen’s condition. Except from being weakened, the latter didn’t have any big issue, which let him loosen his breath greatly.

In the previous battle opposing Long Haochen and his companions to the demon army, Gao Yingjie had been continuously observing them secretly. As long as Long Haochen didn’t encounter danger, he wouldn’t act personally. And when Long Haochen returned to his own living quarters, Gao Yingjie naturally went back to rest. Upon seeing him in the battlefield once again, how could Gao Yingjie not be alarmed? Just now, it was furthermore demon gods that appeared! In spite of everything, Long Haochen wasn’t in danger, letting his mood improve greatly. As for the
circumstances behind the fact he entered this battlefield, they would have plenty of time to investigate that after returning.

After handing Long Haochen to Gao Yingjie, Sheng Yue’s face appeared even more alarmed. Compared to Long Haochen’s condition, Sheng Lingxin’s could only be described as horrible.

At that moment, Sheng Lingxin’s face looked as white as snow, but the most peculiar thing was that on his face, a baby-like smile was revealed. Just looking at that, Sheng Yue immediately realized what his own grandson did. Thinking in addition about the corpses of these demon gods’ direct subordinates they saw on the way, Sheng Yue couldn’t help but feel a sharp pain. Nonetheless, no matter what could be said, his grandson had at least managed to come back alive after resisting these demon gods. This could be regarded as a very good luck on their side.

At the moment those three grand demon gods appeared, the first thought that came to their mind was the Brilliant Angel Knight Squadron ending up defeated, and that even if they came to help, it would already be too late. In case they clashed against the three demon gods and their three hundred direct subordinates, the three thousand man Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment could only end up with enormous casualties. Seeing that this time, the demons’ armies had launched such a surprise attack, the results looked self-evident.

But Sheng Lingxin’s proper decision had saved this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment from this fate. Launching an attack they would hardly be able to defend against, he broke these three grand demon gods’ plan. If he hadn’t been able to resist these grand demon gods, stalling some precious time, then the results would indeed have been disastrous. And Sheng Lingxin managed to do so with a cultivation level merely at the peak of the seventh step.

As for the reason why the three grand demon gods chased after him, it was precisely because the might of Sheng Lingxin’s blow was already comparable to the peak of the eighth step. To them, killing such a powerhouse looked even more important than to annihilate this Brilliant
Angel Knight Regiment. More importantly, Sheng Lingxin’s surprise attack had enrage

The Brilliant Angel Knight Squadron had at that moment already retreated, retreating under Sheng Yue’s command, returning to the Exorcist Mountain Pass. As for this great attack of the demons’ armies, it looked that it would finally come to an end.

At the time Long Haochen gradually awoke from his state of unconsciousness, he felt that his whole body was lacking strength, feeling limp and painful, and that the internal spiritual energy in his body was in a weak state. He only hardly managed to move his own body.

“Haochen, how are you feeling?” Gao Yingjie’s gloomy voice sounded.

Long Haochen’s eyes gradually opened, “I… I’m alright. Leader, where am I?”

As soon as he stood up, Long Haochen immediately found out the answer to his question.

From this wide room, he could distinctly see that the outside sky looked as dark as before, whereas this room was quite simple. And at this moment, quite a few people were there, including Gao Yingjie and the other squad leaders. Sheng Lingxin was lying on a bed at the other side, and Sheng Yue, Lan Yanyu as well as seven or eight higher ups of the Exorcist Mountain Range were present.

“Great-grandfather?” Seeing Sheng Yue, Long Haochen couldn’t help but cry out in alarm. And the way he called him left the others completely speechless. In particular, Lan Yanyu looked at Long Haochen in complete disbelief.

Sheng Yue nodded to Long Haochen, his face looking very solemn, “I’m glad you’re okay. All right, now that Haochen came back to his senses, Yanyu, tell me, what happened in the end? Why has Haochen gone there with Lingxin?”
Lan Yanyu clearly looked afraid of Sheng Yue; her face appearing extremely pale, she looked at her husband, still in coma, but carrying such a strange smile on his face. She couldn’t help but shake violently, unable to say a single word.

“Great-grandfather, I was the one who wanted to accompany father-in- law to the battlefield.” At that time, Long Haochen suddenly spoke.

Sheng Yue blanked out, and similarly, Gao Yingjie’s group couldn’t help but stare blankly.

Sheng Yue asked, full of doubts, “You wanted to accompany him to the battlefield? I just asked the others, and it looks like at that time, you have been called over by Lingxin soon after having returned from the defensive battle to your own living quarters. For which reason did you follow him to the battlefield? Don’t tell me you forgot that you are the member of a newly formed demon squad; don’t you know how dangerous it is to go to the main battlefield in the battle against demons?”

Long Haochen calmly looked at everyone and could not conceal the admiration he revealed at that moment! “Ehh… It was because Uncle Sheng was aware of my identity, and because he is familiar with my father. So he was concerned about my situation, and after the battle ended, he specially called out for me. It was to encourage me, and to because he wanted me to follow him in learning about commanding the army.”

Hearing Long Haochen say so, Lan Yanyu couldn’t help being stunned. No one knew the reason why Sheng Lingxin called out to Long Haochen better than her. At the moment she heard these words, although no change appeared on her expression, everything happened within her.

Sheng Yue’s face looked extremely serious, “Haochen, although Lingxin is my grandson, if he did anything wrong, even if he doesn’t survive from this, I will still discover it. You don’t have to cover up for him; let alone him, even I don’t know who your father is. I am not convinced by your explanation at all.”
Long Haochen shook his head, “Great-grandfather, all I said was truth. It happened because I used my father’s self created technique, but uncle Sheng happened to recognize it, and in the past, he also learned it from my father. It was this way that he recognized me, and expressed the will to look after me.”

Letting out these words, Long Haochen astonished once again everyone else in this room. What status did Sheng Lingxin hold? He was the only grandson of a hero of the ninth step, Sheng Yue, and even considering his status and his position, he actually learned a technique from Long Haochen’s father? And that was a self-created technique! Who could Long Haochen’s father in the end be?

Sheng Yue revealed a curious face, “Who in the end is your father?”

Long Haochen took a deep breath, lowering his head and looking at Sheng Lingxin who looked as though he was in the verge of collapsing, before telling him, “I can only tell it to you, and no one else.”

Sheng Yue nodded, lifting up his right hand. A brilliance immediately surged out, locking him up with Long Haochen. A moment later, Sheng Yue’s expression became incomparably grotesque, to the extent that he had to swallow a gulp of his own saliva, as he had a completely shocked look.

“No wonder… It’s truly no wonder… All right, I believe you, please go on. So why did you set foot to the battlefield with him.”

Long Haochen continued, “I followed uncle Sheng in the battlefield to watch the battle, and he told me about the fact he knew my father. Besides, he told me to go to rest after encouraging me. Right after going down to the city, I happened to see uncle Sheng go down as well, preparing to join the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment in the battle. Hence, I ran to him, wanting to combat alongside with Uncle Sheng. Uncle Sheng originally disagreed, but at that time, the army was already about to be launched and couldn’t be delayed at all. Then, he warned me repeatedly to stay close to him, and has stayed by my side to protect me all along.”
“What a troublemaker!” Gao Yingjie couldn’t help but shout out in anger, “How did I teach you? Obeying the orders is a military’s duty and this is the battlefield. Do you know how dangerous your behaviour was? How could you follow them so boldly although you are not familiar with the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment’s fighting methods at all? No matter whether it’s about yourself encountering danger or disturbing the whole regiment, I cannot forgive you this time.”

Gao Yingjie’s entire body was shaking; if he wasn’t in the presence of so many people, he would definitely have slapped Long Haochen.

Long Haochen lowered his head, “I am sorry, captain. I know I was in the wrong.”

Gao Yingjie coldly glanced at him, ”Show me your contribution tile, I am going to confiscate all the contribution points you earned.”

Long Haochen nodded before taking off his Holy Spirit Armor. At that time, with a Paf sound, a book fell from his chest.

“Eh?” Long Haochen looked distracted before picking up this book.

This was a booklet that looked ordinary, but on it were written four golden characters, ‘Raise flowers into trees’.

What is this? Long Haochen was absolutely sure that this thing didn’t belong to him.

Seeing this book, Sheng Yue and Lan Yanyu were completely astonished. Originally, Lan Yanyu didn’t understand why Long Haochen covered up the truth to Sheng Yue in such a way, but in the instant she saw this book, she immediately came to understand the importance Long Haochen held to the other party, and his father’s identity.

Sheng Yue asked doubtfully, “Was this book given to you by Lingxin?”

Long Haochen scratched his head, and replied, “I don’t know about it! It may be that Uncle Sheng handed it to me after I lost consciousness. ”
Sheng Yue’s tone changed immediately, “Until now, I have always believed everything you just said. This boy, you’re just too disobedient, how could you follow him to the battlefield? Do you know that if anything happens to you, those old guys from the Knight Temple will slaughter their way to settle the bill with me?”

As he said so, Lan Yanyu’s face immediately changed greatly, and the other generals looked also overwhelmed with shock. What kind of antecedent could this youngster have? Even if he was the son of a powerhouse of the ninth step, how could he leave this Sheng Yue worried to such extent.

Chapter 185

Sheng Yue turned around, and said, “I’d say that we should take his contribution points and let it be. A slap would be too much. If I didn’t guess wrongly, Lingxin should have wanted him to get some experience by stepping on the battlefield; there was a really low probability for an event such as encountering these demon gods. And considering his cultivation level, Lingxin should have been more than enough to protect him. It’s fortunate that Haochen is okay. Let’s settle this matter this way. If in the future, he violates the military rules once again, it will not be late to punish him severely at that moment.”

Gao Yingjie was as before full of anger, but Sheng Yue was not only the Head of the Assassin Temple, he was at the same time an Auxiliary Chief of the Temple Alliance. As such, Gao Yingjie could only obey his instructions, and give his promise calmly. But now, the look he gave to Long Haochen was not as kind as in the past anymore.

After looking at him apologetically, Long Haochen immediately turned around to look at Sheng Yue, asking him, “Great-grandfather, how is Uncle Sheng doing? Has he been wounded seriously?”

Sheng Yue sighed and replied, “He wasn’t wounded.” “Eh?” Long Haochen looked at him with a puzzled face.
Sheng Yue said, “Lingxin suffered the backlash effect of the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood. Heh, that kid… But at that moment, if he hadn’t used this kind of power, I’m afraid you would hardly have made it back alive.”
Long Haochen declared with an ashamed face, “I have to be blamed, for having been a burden to Uncle Sheng.”

Gao Yingjie finally couldn’t hold himself back anymore, “So you realized it? If not for you, considering younger brother Sheng’s power, who would possibly have been able to stop him if he wanted to leave? It really makes me wonder what is good in you.” -` Sheng Yue gave Long Haochen a deep glance, and declared, “Stop; don’t keep blaming him. It was also for the sake of killing the enemy that he did this. More importantly, he’s so young. Do you think it is so simple as he said just now? From my understanding of Lingxin, the fact he used the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood means that he had the resolution to die, that he wanted to let Haochen come back no matter what. And in the end, he and Haochen survived this predicament; this is real proof of the positive impact Haochen had in this battle.”

“I can ascertain for this bit.”, said an important officer with a sturdy build, clad in a black armor, which was precisely a Brilliant Angel Knight’s uniform. The only difference was that at this moment, there wasn’t the pair of enormous golden wings that was previously present.

“Elder brother Gao, please don’t blame this little youngster. Actually, if not for this younger brother, this time, our army would have ended up completely wiped out. To me, he shouldn’t be deprived from all his contribution points. Because I recognize that to this Demon Hunt Squad member, even a reward of ten thousand contribution points is not enough.”

“Eh?” Hearing him say so, Gao Yingjie’s wrath somewhat vanished. The one who said so was the captain of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment, a Temple Knight of the seventh step as well. But the difference was that he didn’t have a Mythril Foundation Armor.

“Originally, we didn’t understand why this younger brother followed Mister General to the battlefield. But afterwards, when we confronted the Dyke Invisible Demons, this younger brother’s mount proved to have crucial utility. If possible, I really wish for him to integ
Immediately, this commander described Long Haochen’s feat in the battlefield, especially about Little Light’s continuous release of the Eyes of Truth to get them out of this desperate situation at once.

“If not for everything this younger brother has done to help us in dealing with these Dyke Invisible Demons, that were arranged to deal with our group rapidly, and have waited for us to receive some damage before launching their attack, we wouldn’t have made it back for real, especially against the simultaneous destructive attacks of these thousands Invisible Demons. And he broke their original plans, leaving these three grand demon gods without choice but to appear in an unprepared state, shifting their appearance to an earlier date to launch their attack. This act gave us the opportunity of making it back alive. And for having enabled us to make it back alive, besides General and his enormous sacrifice, the second one who holds this credit is this younger brother.”

Hearing these words of their commander, Gao Yingjie turned over with a transformed face, giving Haochen a look, without saying anything.

Long Haochen hastened to declare, “How could I dare accept these contribution points? I violated the rules. I just wish for you to let me have another chance, to let me and my comrades keep our status of Demon Hunt Squad in training. And I don’t need any reward. Great-grandfather, what was this Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood you just spoke about? When will Uncle Sheng awake?”

He was now anxious about Sheng Lingxin’s current situation. The words Sheng Lingxin said in the last moment rang continuously in his mind. Now, he wished to help this father and his daughter to improve their relationship.

Sheng Yue said with a sigh, “The Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood is known as the sixth ranked spiritual stove that can be used by an assassin, and a spiritual stove exclusive to us. Its only use is to attack, and in terms of offensive power, this Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood is among the three first ranked without hesitation. The ranking it holds is due to its side effect that is just too big.”
Looking at Sheng Lingxin, in a state of deep sleep, Sheng Yue kept speaking, “The backlash is as strong as the power of this Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood. Upon activation, the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood can enable one to make all his strength erupt, mixing the spiritual energy in his body with his vital force using a peculiar explosive method, giving rise to a firepower far exceeding his own cultivation level. The Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood’s evolution is also very particular; it will evolve together with its user’s cultivation level and his age. But the greater one’s age is, the more significant the produced power is, and the more serious the aftermath will be.”

“It is a miracle that Lingxin made it back alive. Among all the assassins who used this Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood, he is the only one who made it back alive from the battlefield.”

“Whatever happens, this Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood can only be used once, making the user’s body sink into an exceedingly feeble condition.

Without any fighting strength left, he fell in a coma after a short span of time. This coma will last for seven days. And seven days later, at the time he will regain consciousness, he will remain in a feeble state, for as long as he is currently aged. The use of spiritual energy will be completely forbidden to him, and everyday, he will regain a year of memories, and a year of cultivating experience. Based on Lingxin’s current age, he will need more than thirty days for his spiritual energy to be completely restored. Further adding the seven days of coma, it will take him a little more than forty days.”

Hearing Sheng Yue’s words, Long Haochen couldn’t help but sigh in relief. The spiritual stove with the biggest side effect he knew of was Cai’er’s Spiritual Stove of Samsara, but it seemed that the side effect of this Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood belonging to Lingxin was in no way small! His consciousness as well as his memories had both been affected by its influence. For an entire duration of forty days, he wouldn’t be able to come back to normal. This was really a move that would need its user to be ready to stake everything to use it.
Sheng Yue declared, “Alright, go back to your own business now everyone. Haochen, you too, go to rest. Seeing that Lingxin actually handed you this book Raise Flowers Into Trees, I must tell you to train well with it after going back. Raise Flowers Into Trees is a technique, and it will improve along with your cultivation level, strengthening over time. And even in my Sheng Family, this technique isn’t passed on. After you learn it, teach it to Cai’er. In the past, she has never been willing to learn our Sheng Family’s self created ability from me. You are the only one who can make her accept to learn it.”
“Yes, great-grandfather.” Long Haochen respectfully replied to him. Entering a state of deep thought, he went to find Haoyue. This savior of
Sheng Lingxin’s and himself was now crawling on the side. Only, the current Haoyue didn’t have a weak appearance at all, instead looking in perfect shape. Looking at him, it seemed as if his strength was inexhaustible.

Long Haochen naturally didn’t know that before Sheng Lingxin and him were carried back after falling in a coma, Haoyue had swept through the battlefield at his maximal speed; Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, Dual Headed Demonic Eagles or Blazing Devils were all magical beasts possessing magical crystals, so Haoyue had gotten to feast on them. At that moment, at least a hundred magical crystals were being digested in his stomach, and this digestion would take some time. And only him could dare eat so much. If it was instead another magical beast that had devoured so many different kinds of magical crystals, it would just have been full to the point of bursting.

Leading Haoyue to the door, Long Haochen had a very burdened look; at last, the situation could be considered to be settled.

How could he have told the truth at that moment!? This would have totally destroyed the relationship between these two great Temples. Long Haochen knew his own position within the Knight Temple, so looking at Gao Yingjie as well as the other few Mythril Foundation Knights’ face, he understood that even a powerhouse of the ninth step like Sheng Yue
wouldn’t have had any way to protect Sheng Lingxin and Lan Yanyu’s couple from punishment, criticism, etc.

Even if they weren’t Cai’er’s parents, Long Haochen wouldn’t have told the truth in such situation, because the most important thing was to preserve the two great Temples relationship.

After leaving, Long Haochen discovered that next to the place they had been defending, in the Exorcist Mountain Pass, high ranked specialized healers were taking care of the injured.

“Which section do you belong to? No one shall pass without permission; violators will be punished by the law.”

“Out of the way.” An exceedingly cold voice burst forth.

Hearing this voice, Long Haochen was instantly shaken, hurrying to shout loudly, “Cai’er, I am here.”

At that time, he had already seen that in the direction of this noise, their comrades from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad were being stopped by a group of soldiers on patrol.

Hearing Long Haochen’s voice, Cai’er, who was originally full of murderous spirit, turned around, tapping the ground with the blue cane in his hand, and arrived in front of Long Haochen with a few steps.

“Haochen, are you alright?” Cai’er immediately grabbed Long Haochen’s hand and rapidly touched his body at various parts.

The others had gathered together and gone up, and looking at Long Haochen and Haoyue, their faces appeared at ease.

Back then, after Long Haochen didn’t come back for a long time after being called by military order, Cai’er felt that something was amiss when thinking of the situation that happened during the day with her mother. In the end, she couldn’t bear it, the others naturally didn’t let her go by herself, and followed her.
“I’m okay, I’m okay. I feel very good.” Long Haochen chuckled.

Cai’er felt that although Long Haochen appeared to be in a weak state, he hadn’t been wounded. Then, the ice-cold atmosphere surrounding her body finally alleviated as she held Long Haochen’s hand firmly, unwilling to let go of it, and said in a low voice, “Let’s head back then.”

Long Haochen calmly nodded, turning his body towards Gao Yingjie.

Chapter 186

Gao Yingjie said with a deep voice, “… You all, go back to rest. Long Haochen, if a situation like today’s ever arises again, I will disband your Demon Hunt Squad, understood?”

Long Haochen hurriedly stood straight, performing a knight salute directed at him.

At the present time, only Sheng Yue, Lan Yanyu and the unconscious Sheng Lingxin were left in the room.

Everyone left, and Sheng Yue’s face immediately appeared to become colder. “How could it be… this old man ate a lot more salt than you have ever eaten. Although Haochen has been covering for you, this kid just doesn’t know how to lie. As he had been speaking, he didn’t even dare look me in the eyes.”

Lan Yanyu lowered her head, looking at her husband lying on the bed, full of worry.“Today, I saw Long Haochen and Cai’er sharing a bed together and… After Lingxin learned about it, he decided to test this Long Haochen’s ability, and to give him a good lesson, to stop him from going overboard…”

“Shameful!” Sheng Yue originally didn’t have a good temperament, but hearing her explanation, he instantly became greatly angered.

“What shit is there in your brains? Could it be that you didn’t know that this old man has been personally escorting Cai’er to participate in the Demon Hunt Selection? If he didn’t get this old man’s approval, and
if not for his clever scheme, going as far as to cause a dispute between our two great Temples, he wouldn’t have been able to be by her side today. Let me tell you, Long Haochen’s importance to the Knight Temple is comparable to the importance of Cai’er to our Assassin Temple. And just now, this kid told me that he is Long Xingyu’s son. You should know who Long Xingyu is? Lingxin has always been treating that Long Xingyu as his idol.”

“What good is there in the two of you? It is fortunate that no accident occurred this time. If something happened, you wouldn’t only have regretted it all your life, but it would in addition have begun a tempest in the whole Alliance.”

Hearing Sheng Yue’s words, she couldn’t help but stare blankly, “But… But he shared a bed with Cai’er! And he’s so young.”

Sheng Yue said coldly, “What about sharing a bed together? Isn’t it a matter that was bound to happen sooner or later? And have you been waiting for the day of marriage to sleep together with this son of a bitch? In the entire Alliance, except from Long Haochen, who could have the qualifications to be with my family’s Cai’er? More importantly, Cai’er has already accepted him. Don’t you know about Cai’er’s temperament? Be it you or me, we have all been excluded from her heart. For Long Haochen to have managed to get a place in it, he already surpassed all expectations. Now that I kept my eyes off Cai’er for a mere two days, you two have almost caused such a major issue.”

Lan Yanyu sounded distressed, “Grandfather, I am a mother! Don’t tell me that even as her mother, I shouldn’t have done anything when seeing my little daughter so close to a boy? Starting from her three years-old, I didn’t have any opportunity to take care of Cai’er, my only daughter, and was even treated by her as a stranger.”

Sheng Yue’s look gradually became gentler, and with a sigh, he declared, “Each gain comes with a loss. Anyway, since this matter didn’t end so badly, let’s put it aside. Just take good care of Lingxin.”
Having said so, this hero of the ninth step turned around and left. After he left Lan Yanyu’s sight, a helpless expression, full of

Behind the living quarters.

At the moment, the sky was already black. Dawn hadn’t come yet.

Returning to their temporary home, Long Haochen wasn’t able to say anything, immediately falling in deep sleep in Cai’er’s embrace.

Everything Cai’er originally wanted to ask remained unanswered.

If one was to ask Long Haochen for his feedback on the previous battle, he would have a single reply, formed with the few words, it’s so great that I managed to come back alive.

Demon Army Camp.

Differently from the human system, demons were gathered with their kins of the same level, a clear power-rank system. But the aspect of the supervision was not meticulously taken care of at all.

An army of hundreds of thousands was reunited in a flat area. Because most of the demons didn’t do anything productive to improve their lifestyle, only the demon powerhouses of the fourth step or above had the qualifications to have a home. Even so, their dwelling places looked obviously very shabby for the most part.

Six thousand years ago, the seventy two demon gods suddenly appeared, infecting many people in the continent and causing a war of invasion. The so-called clans all had the same position, adopting the common idea of slaughtering and plundering their way while disregarding the aftermath.

Along with this war that lasted over a millennium, the Temple Alliance established by mankind gradually gained a foothold, relying on natural protective screens to function as demonkind’s rivals. At that time, the demon side came to discover their main issue.
Among demons, the higher their level was, the slower their reproducing speed became. As a matter of fact, low ranked demons like Dual Bladed Demons multiplied at an extraordinary speed, almost similar to humans’. And these Dual Bladed Demons needed at most three years to grow to adulthood.

Demons had massacred far too many humans, and aside from humans, there were in addition quite a few other species that were near extinction in Shengmo Dalu. In such circumstances, after their position in the continent stabilized, demons were at a loss when they discovered that their food resources wouldn’t last.

In a state of helplessness, demons could only assemble the surviving humans together, ordering them to cultivate foodstuff, herd livestock. To survive, any race needs first of all to fill their stomach. Otherwise, they are fated to be doomed.

But although the demon territory was enormous, they had in the end killed too many humans, the biggest part of them having run off to the Alliance. The humans they managed to find were too few, so they had no other solution but to renounce to their other fields of development, so as to concentrate on food.

Now, the position humans held compared to demons was completely different from the past, to the extent that they were now even more important than the low-end part of their own race. It went to the extent that they had gotten the qualifications to order mid-to-low ranked demons, to assist them in the production of feedstocks.

Then, demons entered a state of unceasing war against the Temple Alliance, with two main goals. The first one was to plunder the humans as far as possible, and the other one was to reduce their own population. But over the past six thousand years, humans had already gotten a perfectly firm foothold, and although they appeared somewhat disadvantaged against the seventy two demon gods, they relied on their advantage of terrain, and on their superior knowledge in manufacturing formidable weapons, withstanding one demon attack after another. Demons hated the magical cannon-type defensive weapons that left them without a way to contend
against. As for them, they didn’t have the ability to produce this kind of weapon. If it wasn’t for the formidable military power of the seventy two demon gods, the military strength of humans and demons would cancel each other out.

Nonetheless, until the last moment, demons had always been holding the upper hand. Humans didn’t dare launch their offense to the east, to try to recover the lost territory. If they were to lose their natural protections, humans wouldn’t be a match against demons.

In the core of the demons’ main armies were three enormous camps. Each of them was ten meters high, having a diameter of at least thirty meters. Among demons, only the residence of the demon gods could be considered luxurious.

At this moment, the atmosphere in the enormous tent in the middle was extremely heavy.

The Blazing Lion Allocer was seated in the middle seat, and at his two sides were the Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan and the Evil Demon Rider Seere.

Although these three demon gods were ranked above the fiftieth rank, they still held an important positions within demons. Only, they were now having extremely serious faces, seemingly full of anxiety.

The Demonic Winged Mad Bull Zagan ferociously banged an iron table, letting out a loud bang sound, “At that time, we were really foolish. We should have grabbed him and taken him back with us. If we had sent him to His Majesty’s place, wouldn’t everything have settled down?”

“Grab him? Would you have done it yourself or would you have wanted me to do it? Or the Demonic Lion?” The handsome faced Evil Demon Rider Seere snorted coldly.

Hearing him, the insolent-looking Zagan fell silent, fear flashing through his eyes.
Allocer waved his hands, speaking out, “Okay, okay, what use is there to say this? This piece of news is just too astonishing. If that one really came to this world, even if he never recovers his original strength, we mustn’t act rashly against him. But I really hope that we saw wrongly. After all, that one should be unable to cross through dimensions…”

At this point, the same kind of fear appeared in his eyes. Zagan gasped in reaction, “Then what can we do about it?”
The Blazing Demonic Lion suddenly stood up, “There will be no result if we keep having such unfruitful discussion. Let’s do it like this, you two are to stay here to lead the armies and to keep launching attacks, dispatching troops below the third step. But don’t launch important attacks, and keep in mind to reinforce our barracks’ defense. I will immediately return to His Majesty Demon Emperor to have him make a decision.”

The Evil Demon Rider Seere nodded and said, “Yeah, I guess this is the only way.”

A short moment later, a thundering sound burst from the demon barracks, and a red ball advanced, heading to the east.


Despite the events of the day before, the members of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad didn’t have a sleep-in just for this reason. At their training level, resting was about meditating with rapt attention and having only one or two hours of sleep. In the case they didn’t sustain injuries, this would be enough for them to recover.

At the moment everyone was waking up and heading to the bathroom in succession, the one who gave Long Haochen that military order the day before came. Only, this time, it wasn’t about giving an order, but bringing them their breakfast.
“Aï, is military treatment so good? They are even sending our breakfast to our own rooms.” Lin Xin remarked curiously.

The soldier who was bringing their meal smiled while putting the plates down, “In view of the exceptional performance you displayed yesterday in the battlefield, the higher ups decided to provide everybody their meal according to the priest basis.” Having said so, he turned around and left.

The different vocations within the Temple Alliance also ate different types of food. This wasn’t about discrimination, but the main point of this distinction came from the fact their people had different types of constitutions. For instance, warriors and assassins couldn’t eat the exact same type of food. Warriors needed power and endurance while assassins couldn’t take on too much fat, thus avoided starchy food. And then, mages and summoners ate somewhat richer meals, because they consumed a huge amount of mental power, and had even more nutritional requirements than the others. As for priests, they ate the best type of food, because generally speaking, their bodies’ conditions would seem the weakest.

Naturally, there was an exception to everything. For instance, the situation that was happening right now could be called an exception.

But naturally, no one would complain about having good food to eat.
After washing, they immediately sat and heartily ate together.

Chapter 187

The breakfast served to them in small boxes was not some wonderful tasty food, but it was very rich. Including two eggs from low ranked magical beasts that were divided between everyone, there were in addition some steaming and fragrant buns. It came together with meat soup, green vegetables and even fruits.

On the last evening, their consumption was truly enormous. And they were still young teens; in a very short time, they had already finished all the food completely.

Except from Cai’er and Chen Ying’er who ate less than the others, the portion eaten by these youths truly surpassed the one adult warriors took.

The bald Sima Xian patted his own face, “I really wonder when I can go to the battlefield once again. I’m not fully satisfied from yesterday’s battle.”

Long Haochen declared, “That’s right! I have to hand contribution points to everyone.”

“Contribution points? Captain, have you gone to the battlefield once again yesterday?” asked Lin Xin, full of curiosity. The day before, it was already late night when he came back. Thus, Long Haochen had everyone go back to rest first, and didn’t tell them about what he went through.

Long Haochen looked at Cai’er who was standing by his side, “That’s right. Yesterday, when I was convoked by our military head, it turned out that he wanted me to follow him to the battlefield.”
Hearing this, Cai’er clearly wrinkled her eyebrows.

Long Haochen didn’t hide anything from Cai’er, because he didn’t want to lie to her, even if it was a white lie. But a story that was told from another point of view would cause the other party to have a completely different reaction.

“Our chief general is actually Cai’er’s father. Yesterday, after she saw me sharing a bed with Cai’er, mother-in-law should have told it to chief general. That’s the reason why I was called in the evening.”

“And to you, they…” Cai’er grabbed Long Haochen’s hand, clearly becoming nervous.

Long Haochen smiled, “Do I look like something bad happened to me?
Listen to the whole story.”

“At the beginning, uncle Sheng was really blunt and hostile towards me, making me follow him to lead the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment onto the battlefield. But during the battle, uncle Sheng recognized a technique I used, because he was in the past a good friend of my father. Then, I fought alongside with uncle Sheng, and learned a lot of things. Uncle Sheng even gave me a special technique book as a gift.”

The others obviously seemed full of doubts; this course of events seemed too simple.

Cai’er lifted up her head, “That’s all?”

Long Haochen kept speaking, “Later on, when we were up against powerful enemies, uncle Sheng had to use the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood to protect me. Although we came back safely, he is now in an unconscious state.”

As he said so, Long Haochen had always been looking at the changes in Cai’er face. But he felt down, because Cai’er didn’t have any reaction, even when hearing that Sheng Lingxin fell in a coma.
“In the battlefield, I finished off a few demons, so some contribution points should be gained, let’s share it among ourselves.” In front of everyone, Long Haochen didn’t say anything else pertaining to Sheng Lingxin. He knew that Cai’er’s rancor would be hard to dispel, and that he couldn’t act over-hastily, let alone the fact that it was her personal matter.

Wang Yuanyuan said with an unconvinced tone, “There’s no need for that. You fought at the risk of your life by yourself for these,

Long Haochen laughed gently, declaring, “This team of ours is in an unpolished state; and dividing contribution points evenly was something I proposed. How could I not act as an example? If not for Lin Xin’s pills, maybe I would not have made it back alive. I think that to pass through this test and become a real team, our mutual understanding during battles will be admittedly important, but to foster the friendship between ourselves will be equally important. We are companions, identical to brothers and sisters, and although contribution points are good, they will only have the biggest effect when used on the most important areas. Wouldn’t the best be to have the seven of us to act as a whole, enjoying the benefits of these contribution points together”

As he said so, he took the contribution testing device, putting it on his own contribution points gem.

At the time Long Haochen shared the contribution points with everyone, the others were somewhat dumbstruck, because there were really too many of them.

At the time the seven of them had been battling together, everyone had just obtained a little more than twenty contribution points. And this time, Long Haochen brought more than fifty contribution points, divided with everyone in the group. In the end, everyone had a total of seventy three contribution points!

Seeing the others’ astonished faces, Long Haochen chuckled, “I have been finishing them off at the back of Uncle Sheng, killing a few dozens of Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons to get so many points. From my estimate, we are now the team with the most contribution points. You guys
didn’t see how powerful Uncle Sheng’s Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood was. It instantly killed several hundred demon powerhouses of the fifth and the sixth step. ”

Chen Ying’er laughed happily, “It’s so great, at first light, we get such a good surprise falling from nowhere. I am now in a very good mood. And I even got to eat so well. Captain, it’s really great that I got to follow you.”

Sima Xian laughed out loud, declaring, “Ying’er is right. Haochen, originally, I was only sure about your strength, but now, I can only see that you are endowed with other qualities. You truly deserve to be our squad captain. It looks like there will be no opportunity for us to leave the city for the moment, what should we do right now?”

Long Haochen replied, “Everyone should go cultivate their spiritual energy for the moment. I’ll help everyone measure their amount of internal and external spiritual energy for now.”

Monitoring everyone’s internal and external spiritual energy was something necessary. Gao Yingjie told Long Haochen that the higher the cultivation rank was , the greater the need to check it, and that it would be a good habit for the future. This method would help the team greatly. For instance, if a member was close to a breakthrough, the team could buy him a suitable pill to save a lot of time while increasing the strength of the team.

Quickly, the testing results came out.

Among them, the one with the highest external spiritual energy was Wang Yuanyuan, reaching 524. Even as a warrior of the fifth step, this was an extremely terrifying score. The second one was Cai’er with a score of 446, followed that Long Haochen who had an external spiritual energy score of 396. Sima Xian’s score was 362 and Han Yu’s score was 265.

As for the two magic users, their external spiritual energy was not much, not even reaching a hundred.

In terms of internal spiritual energy, Cai’er was impressively first, her internal spiritual energy reaching 2590, which was already at the standard
of the third rank of the fifth step. Further adding her status of Saint Daughter of Samsara, and even without accounting for the fact she possessed this ultimate Spiritual Stove of Samsara, she could still be regarded as the strongest of the team.

In terms of internal spiritual energy, the second one was Lin Xin, having an internal spiritual energy of 2385, followed by Han Yu whose internal spiritual energy reached 2270. Wang Yuanyuan had a score of 2160, and the fifth was Long Haochen, with a score of 2095, though in practice, his fighting strength was second only to Cai’er; after all, he finished as the champion of the Demon Hunt Competition. The training speed of his internal spiritual energy was sufficient to astonish anyone. After all, after the fifth step, the progression of spiritual energy would become clearly slower.

The sixth was Sima Xian, with a score of 1920. And Chen Ying’er was at the total bottom, with a score of 1850. The latter two had been using Spiritual Condensing Pills, making their progression quite distinct.

Seeing their comrades’ scores and their own, everyone’s took the same action without consultation, staring at Cai’er. They had expected that Cai’er’s internal spiritual energy would be first among everyone, but her external spiritual energy was actually even above 400, which was higher than Sima Xian’s before using Madness, and even Long Haochen’s. What kind of strength was this?! And furthermore, Cai’er was most likely also the youngest one of their group.

After recording everyone’s spiritual energy in detail, Long Haochen declared, “Okay everyone, let’s start to train. But don’t consume too much spiritual energy, because we have to be ready to get dispatched for war at anytime.”

Lin Xin had just obtained the corpse of a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and a Beta Flying Demon, and happened to use them to make pills. In the battlefield, the speed of consumption of pills was as fast as one could imagine. And this was something good to increase their surviving power. Although he couldn’t attack, his contribution and importance to the squad
wasn’t any lower than any other member; his greatest natural talent came out the best in this form.

For the most part, the members of the squad chose to cultivate their spiritual energy, especially for Sima Xian and Chen Ying’er who hadn’t liquified their spiritual energy yet, and needed to train in this field.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er back to their own bed.

Then, he asked her in a low voice, “Cai’er, are you not going to visit Uncle Sheng?”

Cai’er fell silent, but as before, she just shook her head, “I know about the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood. He will be okay. I’ll go cultivate first.” As she said so, she immediately climbed up to the side of the bed, sitting on it and starting to cultivate.

Looking at her tenderly, Long Haochen sat at her opposite side, but he didn’t cultivate, instead taking out the book Raise Flowers Into Trees given to him by Sheng Lingxin and reading it earnestly.

This technical book Raise Flowers Into Trees was thin, formed by only seven or eight pages. Long Haochen carefully skimmed through it, and rapidly, a burst of astonishment appeared on his handsome face.

The technical ability Raise Flowers Into Trees was quite peculiar. It was called a technique, but it seemed closer to a method for the use of spiritual energy. It didn’t possess any offensive or defensive use, but appeared extremely practical.

The so called Raise Flowers Into Trees technique was actually a particular method to store energy in one’s body.

After using this ability, one could store in his body any ability he mastered, a bit like Storing Power worked, and after having stored it, one could instantly unleash it at any time. But during the time of storing, the user had to be in a half-meditating state, and his body couldn’t move, much less fight.
After completing this storing, the stored ability had to be unleashed within an hour or the stored spiritual energy would scatter by itself.

After the use of Raise Flowers Into Trees, the stored technique wouldn’t keep using up spiritual energy nor would it affect its recovery.

Having Raise Flowers Into Trees could be considered a possibility of unleashing one’s most powerful ability at free cost and at any time.

However, Raise Flowers Into Trees had limitations. First, it was only suited for warriors, assassins and knights. It was useless for mages, priests and summoners. Also, Raise Flowers Into Trees was the most suited to be used in combination with abilities that made one’s spiritual energy erupt, and was quite unfitted for technical-type abilities.

For instance, Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Sword was unable to be used in combination with Raise Flowers Into Trees, because it used spiritual energy and technical aspects jointly.

But an ability like Holy Sword was particularly suited for this.

After he read the entire ability book, Long Haochen pondered deeply for some time, thinking of the numerous possible uses of it. If used well, Raise Flowers Into Trees could be turned into a life-saving ability. It was truly a first class ability. Furthermore, it was a self-created technique whose creator was no one else but the hero of the ninth step Sheng Yue.

Chapter 188

The living quarters were very quiet; there were only occasional sounds of bursts of fire and some other kinds of quiet sounds, coming from Lin Xin’s fabrication of pills. The others were all immersed in a calm state of meditation.

In this Exorcist City, the demon armies could appear at any times, so everyone understood the importance of raising their own strength. Pressure was in this case a force, arousing one’s hidden capability. It was precisely under this kind of pressure that the whole 1st Demon Hunt Squad was slowly progressing. But what Long Haochen didn’t expect was that the Spiritual Bursting Pill’s side effect would only last six more hours. The weak feeling was gradually dissipating, but it didn’t take twelve hours like Lin Xin said. This should have something to do with his particular physique.

This moment of calm cultivation training lasted continuously till afternoon. After eating a similar rich meal, and after everyone returned to cultivate for less than an hour, the door was knocked, and immediately, the noise associated with a military order attached to the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ army rang.

A moment later, Long Haochen led his comrades from the 1st Demon Hunt Squad and happened to see the nine other newly formed Demon Hunt Squads.

What were they planning to do by calling all these newly formed Demon Hunt Squads in the same place? Long Haochen wasn’t the only one filled with incomprehension, but all the sixty young powerhouses from the Six
Great Temples had a similar thought. After all, it hadn’t been any more than a day after they integrated into an infantry battalion; could it be that there would already be a change?

In reality, there really was a change. And this change happened because of two facts: it was first of all in respect to the performance they had during the battle of the day before. These newly formed Demon Hunt Squads had never stepped onto the Exorcist Mountain Pass before, and they were this time complete beginners. Thus, the commander-in-chief Sheng Lingxin didn’t have a good idea on how it would be the most fitting to assign them. As a result, it was decided that they would train and train in the harshest position of infantry soldier to polish themselves.

But the results were beyond the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ expectations; on the day before, when the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads were deployed for the defense of the city, they revealed a fighting strength that far surpassed the previous estimate of the commander-in-chief: the losses of these infantry battalions were under a fifth compared to normal times although each battalion only had six more people.

It was no wonder that the commander-in-chief was so shocked by these results: these newly formed Demon Hunt Squad members were the strongest of the past hundred years. Putting everyone else aside, if it was in the past, Yang Wenzhao, Long Haochen, Cai’er, Duan Yi and Huang Yi could all be considered to have the strength of the absolute champion of the competition. And this time, the Knight Temple had produced five knights of the fifth step!

And the other reason was Long Haochen. Although the real situation pertaining to Sheng Lingxin was to be concealed, Long Haochen’s performance in the battlefield had been seen by the whole Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment as well as the Assassins of the Dark Night. And now that the head of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment temporarily replaced Sheng Lingxin in leading military affairs as the general of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, he wanted Long Haochen or at best Long Haochen’s whole team to be transferred to the side of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.
The night before, if not for Haoyue’s Eyes of Truth, perhaps not even half of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment would

Last night, Sheng Lingxin put the Spiritual Stove of Return to Childhood to use with the resolution to die, annihilating a huge number of enemies before being taken away by Long Haochen, who saved Sheng Lingxin’s life from the wrath of the three grand demon gods.

At that time, everything happened too fast. After returning, the high ranked officers didn’t say much because of Sheng Yue’s presence, but afterwards, they discussed among themselves and determined that Long Haochen could be said to have rendered two great merits.

Long Haochen was the champion of the individual competition to form the Demon Hunt Squads, so he could naturally be considered the representative of the Demon Hunt Squads formed this year. His exceptional performance led them to attach even more importance to all the Demon Hunt Squads.

Having these elites to stay in infantry battalions was just a waste of talent. Thus, a change was issued; it was to give them a new mission.

As the captain of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, as soon as Long Haochen arrived, the others’ looks naturally fell on him.

As soon as Yang Wenzhao saw Chen Ying’er by his side, Chen Ying’er drew herself toward Wang Yuanyuan’s arm without giving him a single glance.

“Hello Elder Brother Yang.” Long Haochen took the initiative to salute Yang Wenzhao. Although these two had a relation of fierce rivals, this competition among those two most talented of the Knight Temple could be called a positive rivalry.

Yang Wenzhao revealed a faint smile and asked, “Younger brother Long, how were the crops you had yesterday?”
Naturally, he was asking about contribution points. With a laugh, Long Haochen replied, “Quite good.”

Having said so, he saluted the captains of the other Demon Hunt Squads. Among the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads, the ones who were qualified to contest the first position of the team contest with him were only the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th squad. The other six Demon Hunt Squads were also outstanding, but there was a wide gap between them and the latter four.

The tall Duan Yi’s behaviour could be called serious, saying nothing more after saluting Long Haochen back. The captain of the 4th Demon Hunt Squad was that priest of the fifth step. He wasn’t familiar with Haochen, but Li Xin was! She immediately came to Long Haochen’s side, chatting with him about the course of yesterday’s battle.

It was clear that in the battle of the day before, Long Haochen’s squad wasn’t the only one to have shown a good performance. The 2nd, 3rd and 4th newly formed Demon Hunt Squads also showed astonishing strength, their killing power even exceeding Long Haochen’s. After all, the mage and the summoner in Long Haochen’s group were total misfits, so in respect to killing power, they weren’t likely to be the strongest among the newly formed Demon Hunt Squads.

At this time, the ten squad leaders arrived together. The Demon Hunt Squad members immediately began to calm down, each of them returning to his respective group.

The one who followed Long Haochen in battle the night before, whom he didn’t know the name of, stepped forward by Gao Yingjie’s side, arriving in front of the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

“Hi everyone, I am Gu Jin, a general subordinate to commander Sheng.

First of all, to everyone’s exceptional performance in the defense of the city yesterday, the Exorcist Mountain Pass would like to express you its greatest thanks. The officers and soldiers of the Exorcist Mountain Pass will forever remember everything you did for us.”
Hearing the words of this general Gu Jin, the youngsters revealed some excitement on their faces. To these young elites under 25 years-old of age, obtaining the approval of the military was of utmost importance. This was directly related to the assessment of their performance, as well as the ultimate reward of contribution points each team would get in the end.

To Demon Hunt Squads, contribution points were indeed of utmost importance. Having enough of them meant one could learn even more powerful secret techniques or exchange them with outstanding equipment. Naturally, it also meant they would be able to take harder and better rewarded missions, unceasingly sharpening themselves.

Gu Jin declared, “We have been accounting for your great individual strength and your outstanding performances, and for this reason, the Exorcist Mountain Pass decided to issue missions for each of you.”

As he said so, a soldier had taken out a military map from his back.

The sky was growing dimmer compared to the night before. Today’s demon offense had weakened greatly: fundamentally, no other formidable demon was dispatched to participate in the offense, and only the cannon fodders were rushing forward. Although they could inflict some damage to the Exorcist Mountain Range, they were far from being a threat at their current state.

Under the cover of the dim night, the gate of the Exorcist Mountain’s Defensive Fort had been slightly opened, and immediately following, one silhouette after another advanced stealthily, nimbly slipping away and leaving the city, covered by the dim night. They weren’t many; all together, they were still less than a hundred. Then, the city gate was shut once more, as if nothing happened.

Naturally, this was the ten newly formed Demon Hunt Squads that had received the missions coming from the Exorcist Mountain Pass. These young elites from the Six Great Temples formed this little group, with Long Haochen, captain of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, as the team leader and Yang Wenzhao as well as Duan Yi as sub-leaders. They were in charge of commanding the others.
The current mission wasn’t complex at all, to raid the replenishment supply of the demons. According to the message of a scout, a transportation group would send supplies to the demon armies on the next day, at daybreak. Their mission was precisely to get rid of these supplies, destroying them on the spot.

Outside of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, considering the terrain and the relief, mainly formed of hills, it wasn’t hard to conceal such a little sixty- one-man-group at all. And precisely because the relief was excessively formed of open spaces, it was impossible for the demon armies to completely block their path of retreat. As a result, this assignment’s difficulty was actually not high. After all, Exorcist City would rarely dispatch troops to attack the demons’ logistic teams, and thus this time they should be unprepared.

Making use of the darkness of the night, the sixty-one advanced noiselessly, at the side of Exorcist City. They went down all along till reaching its bottom before heading to the north, towards the demon barracks that they could see from afar.

Everyone changed into black clothes, and was clad in simple clothing from top to the bottom. And even the mages weren’t so slow, because of the assistance of the Float Technique. Summoners and priests also obtained the assistance of the mages’ Float.

After only half an hour, they were already 10 kilometers away from the demon armies. Over the five next kilometers, the priests uninterruptedly used Eyes of Truth to scout the surroundings, so as to make sure they weren’t spotted by near demons. The knights summoned their respective mounts, and the summoners called out magical beasts and the 61-man- group advanced at full speed, heading to the rear of the wide demon barracks.

Long Haochen and his 1st Demon Hunt Squad were at the top of the front; Long Haochen, Cai’er, Chen Yin’er and Lin Xin were all seated on Haoyue’s back. The four of them were all seated on Haoyue’s back; after all, nothing could be done about the fact Chen Ying’er was an unreliable summoner, having no way of calling out a suitable mount. Nonetheless,
Haoyue had a height of four meters so the four people didn’t feel crowded in this situation.

Chapter 189

Lin Xin put Float to full use, reducing the weight of the four of them, so as to not trouble Haoyue too much. Wang Yuanyuan, Sima Xian and Han Yu walked behind, relying on their external spiritual energy to sustain their movements, making it so that even if they had to walk for a whole day, they would still have no problem to keep up with the pace, to say nothing of the fact Lin Xin occasionally aimed a Float to support them.

The other Demon Hunt Squads had their respective methods; everyone was after all at least at the fourth step of cultivation, so their advancing speed was in no way slower than an ordinary little light cavalry.

Yang Wenzhao led his 2nd Demon Hunt Squad at the rear of the group, and everyone silently kept walking forward. Two hours later, they stopped at a hill, located at a distance of three hundred meters from the demon camps.

Long Haochen was now gathered together with all the Demon Hunt Squad captains, unfolding a map and relying on a mage’s Scouting Eyes to determine their position.

“That’s right, this is the place! According to our intelligence, this path is the one the demons’ logistics team will definitely take.” Long Haochen pointed to a flat dirt road located at the bottom of the hill, as he said so.

Yang Wenzhao replied, “Dawn will come in a mere hour, I believe a few of us should go scout the route while the others stay there to rest and ambush.”
Long Haochen replied, “Our groups would be inferior to the dispatched demons. Is there a summoner with the ability of summoning flying magical beasts among us?”

Hearing him, the others’ eyes lit in surprise. This was after all the first time everyone cooperated together, and for a special military operation. For this reason, speaking of mutual understanding between them was out of the question.

Yang Wenzhao clapped his forehead and said, “My team’s Liao Yu can do it.

It was quite thoughtful of you. I can have him scout the surroundings on his flying magical beast and the mages will be unceasingly encompassing the surroundings with Scouting Eyes.”

Yang Wenzhao explained the operation to Liao Yu with a few sentences, and a moment later, a few fine flying magical beasts quietly rose to the sky before disappearing in a flash.

Duan Yi said, “According to our intelligence, this logistics team will be containing approximately 3000 demons, the absolute majority being low level demons. When the time for battle comes, how should we attack?”

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, looking at everyone else, replying,
“Please voice out your suggestions everyone, feel free to say anything.”

Luc Xi said, “I think we should attack all together. First, the mages would launch their attack. Then, the knights, warriors and summoners would attack all together, and the assassins would join up to aim for the enemy leader. And we, priests, would be in charge of managing the overall situation.”

This Luc Xi was the captain of the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, leader, priest, and only one who reached the fifth step yet in Li Xin’s squad.

Hearing his words, Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao unawarely wrinkled their brows. The other few Demon Hunt Squad captains thought
for themselves but didn’t take the initiative of voicing out their own opinions.

“I think doing so would be inappropriate” Long Haochen started to talk.

“Why?” Luc Xi looked at Long Haochen, somewhat surprised. Being 24 years-old this year, he was at the age limit for participating in this year’s Demon Hunt Squad Competition. He could be considered a senior among everyone here. As such, he was still a bit doubtful about Long Haochen’s strength; this Long Haochen appeare

Long Haochen said, “If it was the army that operated, there would be no problem with this fighting strategy of yours, Captain Lu. But we are not the army, and the biggest problem in our group is that we are not familiar enough with each other. Under such circumstances, facing more than a thousand enemies, reaching our set objective would be something hard to do. Although we are still more than fifty kilometers away from the demons’ main armies, demons have air force; upon discovering that their logistics team suffered an ambush, their air force will definitely immediately report that, and as long as they manage to hinder us for some time, this mission will be very hard for us to accomplish.”

Luc Xi creased his brow, “Then how do you think we should act?”

Long Hoachen gave his reply, “Each Demon Hunt Squad should fight on their own, breaking into the enemy troops from different locations. Their logistics team is bound to advance in a single-line formation, and since over the past days, in particular with yesterday’s battle, the members of our respective Demon Hunt Squads should have gotten familiar with each other, they should at least have a beginning of coordination and tacit understanding with each other. By launching surprise attacks from different positions, we will not disturb each other and should be able to bring out the best of our fighting strength. As long as we manage to cut off the formation of the logistics team, before setting fire to their supplies, we will be sure to cause large damage to the demons’ side in a very short period of time. We have to do our utmost to win this battle against time.”
Luc Xi remarked in a deep voice, “But did you think about this: this way, some of our Demon Hunt Squads will possibly face attacks of the enemies’ powerhouses from all sides. Each Demon Hunt Squad is only formed of six people, what if one runs into danger under such circumstances?”

Long Haochen seemed to have a card up his sleeves, replying, “I didn’t exclude the possibility of running into such circumstances, but when the time comes, each team will have to provide mutual help and protection for each other, doing its utmost to provide help. Furthermore, considering the strength of each of our groups, even if we run into a powerhouse of the seventh step, we should be able to resist for some time. But the possibility of a powerhouse of the seventh step protecting this logistics team is extremely low. More importantly, no one should forget that this battle is a part of our test. Now, what we should do is to do our best to complete our mission and to reap the most contribution points possible. To ensure our safety will be important, but this mission is also of utmost importance.”

To have managed to become a Demon Hunt Squad member, all of them were smart youths. And from Haochen’s last sentence, everyone immediately came to a realization.

Luc Xi’s eyes suddenly glinted, giving Long Haochen a deep glance, but he did not raise the issue anymore. He secretly felt astonished, because although this Long Haochen was very young, his thinking was quite meticulous, and he responded to him in a calm and wise manner. Even more, he didn’t omit the important points of their test; they had to do their best to complete the mission and reap contribution points.

Without a doubt, Long Haochen arranged what was the most beneficial to them. Everyone belonged to Demon Hunt Squads, and all wished to get the most contribution points possible. If they were to act all together, they would very possibly hold each other back to get contribution points.

Although Long Haochen didn’t say it clearly, Luc Xi naturally came to realize this point. But if each Demon Hunt Squad were to fight in its own way, this problem would naturally not appear. Even if splitting the group like this could seem like splitting their fighting strength, in the end, because
each Demon Hunt Squad combined all vocations, their surviving strength increased greatly, and fighting by the side of one’s Demon Hunt Squad would at the same time arouse one’s heart and soul even further. Furthermore, the ten team captains didn’t follow them this time. There would be no one this time to protect them in case they risked total annihilation.

Every captain’s eyes were already lit, and all were eager to give this plan a try. Now, what they thought about was how they could enable the squad they led to kill the most demons possible.

“I approve of Haochen’s suggestion.” Yang Wenzhao was the first to lift his hand.

Duan Yi slightly raised his hand, “I approve it as well.”

Luc Xi took a deep breath, “Approved.”

The four of them immediately had the same opinion, and the other captains understood what Long Haochen meant, and their combat plan was immediately decided. All that was left to do were some minute arrangements.

There was also a gap between the ten Demon Hunt Squad’s strength. Long Haochen’s group, formed of the 1st, the 2nd, the 3rd and the 4th Demon Hunt Squads was placed at the battlefront. This way, they would be able to help the comparatively weaker Demon Hunt Squads if necessary.

The ten Demon Hunt Squads quietly separated, scattering in a hill zone, within a kilometer from each other. Their order of appearance was as is: the 5th Demon Hunt Squad would go first, followed by Long Haochen’s 1st Demon Hunt Squad, then the 6th, the 2nd, the 7th, the 3rd, the 8th, the 4th and the last ones were the 9th and the 10th squad.

The two latter were placed relatively close to each other, and the nearest other squad to them was the 4th Demon Hunt Squad, possessing the most proficient member in the aspect of healing.
When they organized this way, under the fast arrangements of the captains, their formation could be considered neat and tidy; all of them were resting at their assigned locations, calmly waiting for the target of this mission to appear.

The broad and black horizon was gradually taking on a dark blue color; when one little bird after another arrived from a distant place. Soon, each Demon Hunt Squad got some news: their intelligence was accurate; the demon logistics team was coming this way. They would arrive in roughly half an hour, and were approximately 3,000, and were mostly formed of Zelin Dual Bladed Demons and Demonic Eyes.

All the Demon Hunt Squad members started to make their preparations, calmly surveying the scene at their east, from an elevated position.

In the east, the first radiances of dawn shone brightly and a long line of demons appeared in their line of sight.

Eight Zelin Dual Bladed Demons, each dragging the same carriage, happened to approach toward their locations. The mages of each team started to apply the ability Scouting Eyes, seeing that this fleet was formed of roughly two hundred chariots. Only Dual Bladed Demons were pulling them, and some sturdy other Dual Bladed Demons and Demonic Eyes guarded them from both sides. Only a thousand were in charge of guarding the supplies.

“Haochen, our observation didn’t detect any problem, but it seems that there’s something odd in the front of their logistics team.” As Lin Xin released his Scouting Eyes, he told that to Long Haochen in a low voice.

Lin Xin was incapable of attacking, but no other mage could match him on the field of support and assistance. His Scouting Eyes were a lot more accurate than the others.

“Oh? What is the oddity?” Long Haochen hurried to ask.

Lin Xin declared, “The other logistic chariots are leaving deep traces on the ground, but only this one leaves shallow traces on the ground. And
more importantly, that logistic chariot is guarded by two Demonic Eye soldiers that look taller than the others and four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons. It’s as if something important is guarded inside. According to our current deployment, this chariot will be in the scope of our group; I’m afraid our situation will be quite more thorny.”

Long Haochen slightly touched his neck; six specially powerful Demonic Eyes plus four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon; this was indeed a quite powerful group.

Sima Xian’s eyes filled with fighting spirit, “Who cares about that, let’s beat them up.”

Wang Yuanyuan rubbed her own Divine Soul Shield, and although she didn’t say anything, her three gems were immediately inserted inside, and staring at Long Haochen, she was waiting for his decision.

Chapter 190

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, holding Cai’er’s hand… “Since they have something to protect, we should first of all get rid of the carriages they are guarding. General Gu Jin said that their logistics groups would rarely be attacked, because they have Beta Flying Demon corps defending, who have an extremely fast reaction speed; in case they are attacked, they will be fast to retaliate. Under such circumstances where ten powerhouses of the fifth step or above are guarding it, I’m afraid the thing inside this carriage is not ordinary. As the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, this bitter work is for us to take on. Lin Xin, Han Yu, take good care of the defense and the support; in case we cannot withstand the enemies, immediately provide cover for everyone to retreat. We can’t let the others down, let’s attack at full power.”

Hearing Long Haochen say so, Wang Yuanyuan inserted the gems in her hand into her shield without hesitation. To increase their physical power when the moment comes, Long Haochen, Sima Xian, and Wang Yuanyuan all took a Jade Body Protection Pill and a Spiritual Bursting Pill in their hands.

Haoyue calmly crawled by Long Haochen’s side, his mood appearing extremely calm. But if one was to look carefully, he would maybe discover in his eyes, that his look was clearly sharper, and his eyes looked quite more ferocious. Having eaten so many demon crystals on the last evening, although he just digested a part of it, the benefits it had to his growth were not small at all.

The demon logistics team approached little by little, and each and every Demon Hunt Squad soldier became particularly calm. Nevertheless,
murderous intent was faintly being disseminated around them.

The speed of the logistics team was in no way slow. In the demon territory, no horse-like creature was left since long ago, because all of them served as the demons’ food. But many good uses were found for robust creatures with fast reproduction speed like Dual Bladed Demons, that possessed only a low level of intelligence. For instance, they could, just like the ones before their eyes serve to pull carriages. They were not only hard- working and good at enduring hardships, but also robust, making it possible that eight Dual Bladed Demon pulling a huge carriage could still advance at quite a high speed.

The front of their group started passing by their locations, and the other nine Demon Hunt Squads were all calmly waiting for Long Haochen’s command, all mages having already prepared to launch their incantations. At the moment, they could not chant loudly, otherwise the magical fluctuations would arouse the attention of the enemies underneath, so they could only wait for the right moment.

Finally, the single line formation of this logistics team passed the location of Long Haochen’s group, and crossed the front end of the spot where the 5th Demon Hunt Squad was placed. Long Haochen nodded to the comrades by his side, jumping on Haoyue’s back in a flash as Cai’er followed relentlessly, and Chen Ying’er and Lin Xin also climbed on Haoyue’s broad back.

Little Flame raised his head ferociously, and a fireball soared through the skies. Immediately, his thick and sturdy limbs stepped on the ground, jumping up high while carrying Long Haochen’s group.

Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian were on the left and the right, guarding Haoyue’s two sides, and Han Yu followed them closely in going down to score some kills. The ten Demon Hunt Squads had been storing their power for a long time, as soon as Long Haochen made his move, the other nine Demon Hunt Squads simultaneously had their mages chant muffled chants that echoed from different directions. Although they were in total only sixty, these youths belonging to the el
But at that moment, no one in Shengmo Dalu would possibly be able to tell what his chant was.

The fireball Haoyue launched had already alarmed the demons below. At first, these demons were clearly going frantic, and these Dual Bladed Demons pulling the carts stopped in succession, but their bodies were tied to these carriages, so for them, it would in no way be easy to take them off. And the demons in charge of guarding them moved in succession, confronting the ten Demon Hunt Squads going down.

Long Haochen stood calmly on Haoyue’s back, his body surrounded by a yellow golden fog, which was precisely the technical ability Storing Power. In both of his hands he had no shield, only two heavy swords, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light and his Holy Spirit Sword.

A circle-shaped halo spread from behind; Faith Halo, Guardian’s Favor, Imposing Halo fell on everyone’s body, precisely coming from Han Yu.

The reason why this time Long Haochen didn’t use his Holy Spirit Set was that during this mission, the most important thing was to annihilate the enemies; to crush these ten powerful enemies Lin Xin spoke of earlier.

At the time he went down from the hills, he discerned their objective. That carriage was indeed specially distinct; ordinary Demonic Eyes would only have a height of roughly two meters and have six eyes, but each of the six Demonic Eyes guarding this carriage had at least a height of 2.5 meters, appearing particularly immense, and on their heads were not only six eyes but eight of them. An unusual light was unceasingly flickering from their direction.

Bang, bang, bang—- Violent exploding sounds simultaneously erupted from all sides of the battlefield. The mages of the other Demon Hunt Squads had started their assault, and on Long Haochen’s side, no important results were achieved yet, because Haoyue’s incantation hadn’t been completed yet.

Chen Ying’er hadn’t started her melodious chant yet. She was only sitting on Haoyue’s back, in silence, as if she was waiting for something to

Dozens of Dual Bladed Demons welcomed Long Haochen’s group, and in this instant, Wang Yuanyuan made her move. Her left foot ferociously stomped the ground, making her instantly accelerate, and as her body was lit by a silvery light, it seemed to appear even swifter and swifter. In her hand, the embedded Gigantic Divine Soul Shield burst out with an intense light, and along with a wave of Wang Yuanyuan’s hand, this enormous shield darted across, passing through the rotten surroundings and killing the encountered Dual Bladed Demons.

The Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was really too terrifying. The Dual Bladed Demons were well known for their strength, but appeared as frail as paper in front of her. Everywhere the gigantic shield passed, blood spattered all cross, making broken limbs flying all around, and in no time, nothing was left from the dozen of Dual Bladed Demons.

The enormous shield circled around, leaving nothing behind before returning once again to Wang Yuanyuan’s hand. With the power of this series of blows, Haoyue’s charge was naturally not stopped the slightest bit, and the 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad kept piercing the demons’ formation ruthlessly, appearing like a sharp dagger digging deep inside of it.

Dozens of dark purple colored fireballs flocked from every direction, aiming at them. It was precisely the display of power of the Demonic Eye Soldiers leading the guard of this logistics group. Although these Demonic Eye Soldiers were only capable of using a single ability, Bright Magic Bullet, they could use it once again after only three to five seconds, without need for any incantation. This was their innate magic, which produced these dozens of joint Bright Magic Bullets carrying an intense darkness aura assaulting their senses.

A golden mantle extended immediately; it was Holy Illumination圣光普照, an area of effect defensive ability that could be used by Guardian Knights of the fifth step, letting a golden mantle envelop everyone inside, as the bombardment of these magic bullets could only leave a few circles of
gold at it.
Before leaving Holy City, Han Yu once consulted the Saint Knight Head Han Qian for a long time. Now , a ring was on his finger; it was Han Qian’s Inheritance Ring. Inside a great amount of formidable abilities useable by Guardian Knights were recorded.

Han Qian wasn’t sure if this was something Han Yu desired to obtain, but at least, after having gotten this Inheritance Ring, Han Yu didn’t need to worry about learning skills anymore, and in the future, he would be able to focus on his development as well as the future secret techniques he would choose on the aspect of healing. Pertaining to the abilities oriented on the aspects of attack and defense, his grandfather’s Inheritance Ring was already far enough.

Holy Illumination’s resistance could almost match mono-utilisation Light Elemental Shields, and had a particularly great restraining power against darkness magic; it could be said that there was nothing better than that to cope with the Demonic Eye Soldiers’ attacks.

Lin Xin who was originally prepared to unleash his defensive magic immediately chose to keep it for the moment, his fire cloud crystal glinting brilliantly. Everyone had in the end still not fought enough together, they were still far from a level of mutual understanding. But precisely because of this reason, to sharpen their coordination was even more important to them.

Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan were just like two sharp and long blades, piercing the enemy ranks and annihilating the approaching Dual Bladed Demons. Having taken the Jade Body Protection Pill, their attack was already incomparably violent. The two of them were in the top front, slaughtering the enemies and heading toward their objectives, the carriages.

Because the demon logistics team was arranged in a single-line formation, advancing forward, they could only have these Dual Bladed Demons defend on two sides, and their enemies were already about to arrive in front of these carriages.

Even the Demonic Eye Soldiers weren’t able to slow them the slightest bit down. Relying on these three long legs, their fighting method focused on the action of battling as they retreated alternately. But because of the
defensive effects of Holy Illumination, they could temporarily not have much influence.

Seeing the carriages getting encircled, along with hiss-sounding bellows, four dark green-colored silhouettes outrageously stepped forward, six immense purple black colored fireballs condensing on their back. They were precisely the demon powerhouses guarding the carriage, and starting the counter offense.

Facing four Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons at the same time was no new experience for Long Haochen’s group.

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t have the slightest hesitation. After having embedded her three gems in the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, her fighting strength had reached the peak, but it wouldn’t last for too long. At that occasion, she naturally did her best to exploit her fullpower fighting strength.

Her strong silver radiance turned into a thick silver pillar of light, fiercely bombarding a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

This Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon originally wanted to use its own two sturdy and powerful limbs, but this was obviously futile. Its robust body had been sent flying to the direction of the crowd of ordinary Demonic Eye Soldiers, knocking down a few of them. Although it hadn’t died yet, it suffered quite severe wounds. This was precisely the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s supplementary Space-Splitting Sauté.

On the other side, Sima Xian didn’t stay idle either. A red glint suddenly filled the air, and after entering madness mode, he ferociously waved the staff in his hands, welcoming a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and loudly striking it, simply sending it flying back with a single strike.
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