Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 171-180


Chapter 171

Standing behind and making their preparations, the soldiers stared at these mad youngsters of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad. Completely stupefied, they just didn’t know what to do.

“For how long are you going to keep watching? Hurry up and do your job as reinforcements.” Zhang Hairong scolded them, but he was also secretly dumbstruck. They truly deserved to be called elites from Demon Hunt Squads; it should be their first time in the battlefield, but these youngsters didn’t have stage fright, and immediately joined the battle. How is it that I remember that this bald man was originally clad in priest gown? Can he still called a priest? And that shield warrior lady, isn’t her shield a bit too huge? And looking at how she’s wielding it, it is simply closer to a super-huge axe.

In a radius of twenty meters around them, Long Haochen, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan had already confronted all the enemies. Her cane tapping on the ground, Cai’er silently stood behind Long Haochen. Her senses were all operating, feeling everything that was taking place in the surroundings.

Han Yu didn’t stay idle either; having completed the summoning of his Demonic Eye, a red glow was spread around its eyes, continuously sweeping its surrounding. It was precisely the ability Eyes of Truth.

Their team didn’t have a true priest, so they could only rely on this Demonic Eye to use the ability ‘Eyes of Truth’. This was something they couldn’t do anything about.
However, the range of this Demonic Eye’s Eyes of Truth was still in no way small. In a straight line, it could already cover a hundred meters, while in the left and the right, a diameter of 200 meters was covered by the range of these Eyes of Truth. The main point of it was to protect them from the invisible and underground demons, strong at launching sneak attacks.

Han Yu and Lin Xin were both investing themselves in the battle, but their roles was not to kill the enemy directly. Bright radiances were continuously released from the golden sword in Han Yu’s hand, accurately falling on the wounded soldiers lying on the ground.

He was using the most basic healing skill used by Guardian Knights, Healing Light. Its consumption of spiritual energy was very little, so with the support of Long Haochen’s Spiritual Gathering Halo, he could maintain his spiritual energy at its max.

Although Healing Light couldn’t treat heavy wounds, it could still weaken the pain, slowly starting the treatment while getting rid of any kind of ordinary poison. And the light attribute was also the best one at restraining demons. With the support of Healing Light, the fighting strength of the soldiers of the 1st Battalion on the two sides was immediately enhanced greatly.

While this side was taken care of by Han Yu, Lin Xin was displaying his own talents, helping his side by providing breathtaking support.

Waving the Fire Cloud Crystal Staff, red lumps of light were dispersed, each one forming a fireball and falling accurately on a soldier of the 1st Battalion. The red lights then condensed and formed blazing armors. When the Zelin Clan’s Dual Bladed Demons attacked these soldiers, upon approaching within one meter from them, they would instantly be burned.

This was the ability called ‘Blazing Armor’, a defensive skill about the same as the knights’ Divine Light Mantle, but with in addition an offensive burning effect, affecting the nearby enemies. It was a spell of the second step.
Although the consumption of spiritual energy of this spell wasn’t high, it lasted only for thirty seconds, and was a single-target spell. Still, the Zelin were completely overwhelmed by it.

Little lumps of red light were fired in quick succession fr

Naturally, Chen Ying’er’s course of action was just as usual. Closely behind Wang Yuanyuan’s back, she sang her incantation melodiously, clasping the water crystal ball in her hand that was distributing a gentle radiance. The soldiers in the 1st Battalion could not possibly guess that in the past, this harmless looking little girl had actually summoned formidable magical beasts of the eighth step, like a Demonic Eye Ruler or a Three Headed Helldog.

Currently, only Dual Bladed Demons were besieging the city, relying mainly on their great numerical superiority. Although their climbing capability was quite great, in the front of the powerhouses of the fourth and fifth step of Long Haochen’s group, they were simply sliced like vegetables. Long Haochen’s seven were jointly attacking and providing support, fully taking care of a roughly 100 meter wide area outside of the city wall. And in total, the 1st Battalion was actually only responsible for a 200 meters wide area and nothing more. The soldiers felt that today’s battle was effortless like never before, especially with the Blazing Armors supplemented by Lin Xin on them, enabling them to kill without any care.

However, Zhang Hairong felt gloomy. The formidable power of Long Haochen’s group had affected their fighting strength by a large extent. And even as his subordinate, Long Haochen was particularly considerate of his side, occasionally launching a Light Thorn to help him, piercing a few of the Dual Bladed Demons at his side. He provided him with such great help that the frequency of the swings from his large axes had strongly declined.

“Battalion commander, are the demons attacking the city only Dual Bladed Demons?” Still in the middle of battle, Long Haochen asked the nearby Zhang Hairong.

Zhang Hairong replied, “This is only a probing attack, for the purpose of exhausting our people. Among demons, the ones that reproduce the fastest
are these Dual Bladed Demons, which are extremely numerous. The more they are, the higher the consumption of food. Among demons clans, only a few are good at cultivating and producing food, so they can only try to enslave humans to do so for them. But the amount of food is limited, and each demon soldier needs to be fed. Thus, when their number is too excessive, they will launch attacks, making use of the conflict to plunder our cities, while also reducing their population. This kind of cold-blooded actions is something only cold-blooded creatures like demons are capable of doing.

These Dual Bladed Demons were originally sent off to die, but in the middle of this experience of continuous battles, some of the surviving Dual Bladed Demons gain the possibility of evolution. With but a single evolution, these Dual Bladed Demons’ strength will grow enormously. At the same time, because we don’t know when the formidable main armies of these demons are going to launch their all-out attacks, our side’s powerhouses will exhaust their mental energy while waiting for that moment. In terms of global strength, demons are beyond compare with us, so we have no way to take the initiative of launching the offense. When the other side is using this kind of delaying tactics, it will easily bring mental exhaustion to the powerhouses of our side, and this way, at the time these demons will launch their real offensive, the results will naturally be disastrous for us.”

Long Haochen remarked in astonishment, “So these demons are actually so clever?”

Zhang Hairong fiercely hacked a Dual Bladed Demon into pieces, as he replied, “The majority of these demons were originally mutated from humans, like the demons from the Luke Clan, who can be compared the invisible demons from the Dyke Clan in terms of threat.”

Long Haochen nodded, and said, “The invisible Dyke clansmen are indeed very guileful. If not for the assistance of the Eyes of Truth, their ambushes would even have chances to work against our side’s powerhouses.”
Zhang Hairong laughed gently before telling him, “You didn’t get it completely. In the battlefield, the impact of these Dyke clansmen is far inferior to that of the Luke clansmen. In case a great amount of Luke clansmen appear, our side has to dispatch troops, with enough mages among them. Otherwise, in case they launch group offenses from underground, the losses will be disastrous for our side. To infantry like us, Luke demons are just a nightmare.”

The Dual Bladed Demons were naturally the most influential race of demons. Although they didn’t have any special characteristic, their numbers could definitely not be neglected. Despite the amount of bodies on the ground, which were almost forming a mountain, as far as the eye could see, Dual Bladed Demons were still omnipresent, still arriving again and again.

Although it was late night, the Exorcist City was brightly lit, and by the means of this light, Long Haochen had gotten the opportunity of observing the surroundings. From his point of view, although that wall was already quite broad, in comparison with the entire Exorcist Mountain Pass, it could only be regarded as a little drop of water in an ocean! And this drop in the ocean had enabled humanity to repel these demons for thousands years already.

As a whole, the Exorcist Mountain Pass was a complete mountain at 100%, on the two sides were precipitous cliffs, glossy as mirror. And these precipices were a massive means of defense. Precisely because of the terrain, the 100 meter high wall appeared to be 300 meters high in practice.

In terms of thickness, this wall absolutely exceeded 100 meters, and above it were several magic arrays carved and designed so as to resist magic attacks.

This imposing mountain had 80,000 people from the Six Great Temples guarding it, and an unending stream of supplies was transported from the rear to sustain them. As one could imagine, this mountain would prove to be extremely hard to break through. Even an army of a million would find it very difficult to advance.
At this very moment, a roar sounded from the rear of the battalion. Shooting a glance, Long Haochen discovered with astonishment that Chen Ying’er had completed her Creature Summoning Gate’s summon.

Although Chen Ying’er’s summons were not so reliable, in comparison with the little sheep that came out that time, the results were not as unfortunate this time. As a whole, summons on the same level as hers still had a greater probability of being called out.

With a length over three meters, a Metallic Armed Magic Bear with metallic arms and a greyish black skin had been called out. It was a magical beast of the fifth step, and although it didn’t possess any innate ability, it could resist and attack, making it a suitable summon in this kind of defensive situation.

Under Chen Ying’er’s command, the Metallic Armed Magic Bear swung a pair of paws at the approaching Dual Bladed Demons, sending them flying.

Arriving at this point, the 1st Demon Hunt Squad’s members used their respective methods to assist the 1st battalion in stabilizing the defense of the area.

Sima Xian suddenly turned around and shouted at Long Haochen, “Captain, call Haoyue out as well. This is a good time to farm contribution points! ”

Because they were previously staying in the office hall, their temporary home, Haoyue remained there, and Long Haochen didn’t have the time to wake him up to tell him to come by their side. As soon as he heard Sima Xian, Long Haochen immediately got in the move. That’s right! With the solid defense of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, there’s no need to worry about the rear, and even with their spiritual energies nearly exhausted, the others should be able to retreat without problem. Seeing that the amount of Dual Bladed Demon is so boundless, how couldn’t this be the best time to make our offensive power break out?
“They still have a trick up their sleeves?” Zhang Hairong swept his eyes over Long Haochen with amazement, and happened to see a purple glow shining on his forehead. Immediately, an enormous silhouette appeared behind him.

Haoyue’s figure sure had an intimidating power. With a four meters high body, four majestic limbs and the unique characteristic of having three heads, his appearance shook everyone present.

Chapter 172

Without the need for Long Haochen to say anything, the man and the beast were mentally linked with each other. Haoyue’s three heads popped up, and aiming at the city wall, immediately launched the attacks they had prepared in advance: light arrows, wind blade, and fireball. With extremely precise accuracy, there wasn’t the slightest waste of energy. Each spell accurately fell on a Dual Bladed Demon, and with a single round of bombardment, the Dual Bladed Demons that were tirelessly climbing up fell down, lifeless.

This was precisely the great utility of a mage in the battlefield. Generally speaking, in any Demon Hunt Squad, the principal firepower would be coming from the mage. Naturally, this was with the exception of a Demon Hunt Squad filled with misfits like the 1st Demon Hunt Squads…

Beasts summoned magically or the mount of a knight would also count in the calculation of the total of contribution points. Possessing a status of Spiritual Tier equipment, the contribution point tile would be bound with every contract at the same time it is bound by blood. If not for this fact, this item wouldn’t have such a high rank. Its ability for detecting magical phenomenons was extremely accurate.

ly, Long Haochen didn’t have the highest count of kills, but with the addition of Haoyue, no one could compare to him anymore. Haoyue’s three heads released magic of the first or second step, which was already enough to cope with these Dual Bladed Demons. Because the range covered by these spells was very wide, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan had respectively moved away from their original location, otherwise they would have nothing left to do.
The effects of Long Haochen’s Spiritual Gathering Halo were really out of the ordinary. As a matter of fact, since no one would use too powerful abilities to handle mere Dual Bladed Demons, with the support of the Spiritual Gathering Halo, they could keep themselves at their peak state. As long as these powers of the fourth or fifth step had sufficient spiritual energy in stock, their physical strength could be replenished naturally, by means of their spiritual energy.

Long Haochen’s squad was of course not the only one stepping on the battlefield this time. As time went on, people familiar with Long Haochen occasionally appeared on nearby locations.

For instance, Bai Xiaomo’s signature botanical attacks, occasionally producing a flash of spiritual energy of the light attribute, or Huang Yi’s earth system magic and so on.

Defending the city was a duty entirely assigned to infantry troops, and although it wasn’t like all ten battalion had gone up to the border of the city, it was at that moment the case for five of them. Five battalions, forming a total of five thousands soldiers. Even in the past, they were enough to protect the city from these Dual Bladed Demons, and had some more resources to spare, let alone now that they were benefitting from the help of five newly formed Demon Hunt Squads. From time to time, a healing radiance would appear with a glint of magical light. This lightened the pressure on these soldiers enormously. And it was the first time these Demon Hunt Squads displayed their strength, in a completely different context from back then in Holy City, as they were this time facing true enemies, and didn’t have to act in consideration to the opponent’s wellbeing. As part of a clan belonging to the low-end of their armed forces, Dual Bladed Demons were the perfect punching-ball to them.

Half an hour had already passed in the blink of an eye. Because of the display of power of Long Haochen’s group, having nothing else to do, Zhang Hairong was left with no other choice but to fall back, putting his energy on commanding his troops in the rear, his eyes occasio

Everyone in the 1st Demon Hunt Squad had produced a great show, but only Long Haochen really attracted Zhang Hairong’s attention. Let alone
his formidable magical beast, he himself appeared in Zhang Hairong’s eyes like a sort of legendary hero.

This youngster looking ten or so years-old and having an appearance close to that of a young girl was just too powerful. His Spiritual Gathering Halo was released in the first instant of the battle and had lasted up to now for thirty minutes already!

Although Zhang Hairong didn’t know to which step this ability belonged, having personally felt the incredibly utility of this Spiritual Gathering Halo, he naturally understood how great its consumption should be. But at the same time he was putting this Spiritual Gathering Halo in use, Long Haochen had been battling all along, not having rested the slightest bit. And yet, looking at him, his power was still far from being exhausted.

The greatest impression Long Haochen gave him was the one of being calm. At such young age, Long Haochen’s temperament was already evoking people’s admiration. His strength was clearly great, but he didn’t release a single powerful ability to cope with these Dual Bladed Demons, using at most Light Thorns and nothing more. And his eyes occasionally swept past his comrades, clear sign that he was paying attention to his surrounding as he battled the demons. Truly deserving to be called an elite! And I’m afraid this youngster has already reached the fifth step of cultivation. An Earth Knight of the fifth step! At his age, I was still struggling in the second step.

As thoughts occasionally flashed in Zhang Hairong, a bizarre sound was transmitted from the distant darkness.

“Wuwu, wuu…——”

Three muffled cries sounded, scattering from the edge of the city all around, and three enormous dark golden radiances abruptly soared and rose in the sky.

The luster of these three radiances filled with evil aura momentarily spread.
Hearing these three whimper-like cries, the Dual Bladed Demons under the city seemed to be stimulated, their eyes focusing on this frantic gloss before charging toward the city’s edges even more frantically.

Also at this very moment, ten dazzling golden fireballs flew in the air above Exorcist City, going straight towards it.

Long Haochen unconsciously looked up, only seeing that above the city, a city gate tower was now visible. These golden fireballs were precisely coming out from this city gate tower, dispersing tens after tens of these fireballs. After a little time over a dozen seconds, these, these golden fireballs exploded in succession, erupting into myriad of rays in the air. These golden rays illuminated everything, and at the same time, the Dual Bladed Demon armies below became tense, clearly having some fear towards these golden radiances. Seeing the illumination brought by the golden radiances, Long Haochen couldn’t help but sigh in annoyance, because he could clearly see that from afar, an uncountable army of demons was rushing forward.

This time, it wasn’t only Dual Bladed Demons, but also other species on the ground, and an enormous demonic air force forming a sort of black cloud.

Zhang Hairong’s look changed greatly, “Be careful everyone, the demons are about to launch a total attack.”

Long Haochen lifted the Holy Spirit Shield high above his own head, slightly swaying below. His companions immediately saw this signal, and hurried to draw closer and join up with him. In a flash, their formation was put in order as they regrouped.

Long Haochen temporarily cancelled Spiritual Gathering Halo, consuming a Spiritual Gathering Pill Lin Xin gave him. Slightly drawing back and shutting his eyes, he rapidly replenished his spiritual energy previously consumed.

The fact that he could previously use Spiritual Gathering Halo for such a long time was inextricably linked to the effects of his special constitution as
a Scion of Light, and close to half of his used up spiritual energy was already recovered. But this investment of his was truly worth it; at least, his comrades had maintained themselves at their peak condition.

In the rear, Han Yu released a holy spell without the slightest hesitation, Radiant World, transmitting his own internal spiritual energy to Long Haochen. No matter whether it was in his capacity of retainer knight, or in his capacity of alternate knight for this team, this was what he ought to do.

Having gotten Han Yu’s support in addition to the effects of the Spiritual Gathering Pills, Long Haochen’s spiritual energy was rapidly replenished.

“Everyone, be careful! We mustn’t advance prematurely. Lin Xin, take care of our defense from the rear.” Long Haochen gave these simples warnings, his Holy Spirit Set once again bursting out with the radiance of the Holy Spirit Protection.

With the demons’ grouped attack, these Dual Bladed Demons’ offensive increased tremendously. In the air, the illumination lasted for long, and an enormous silhouette could be clearly seen from the city.

And now, Long Haochen had basically no time to identify those demons. Only at this very moment did he understand fully why his teacher had said that in the battlefield, the force of a single person would forever remain negligible.

In the front of those omnipresent demons forming an army charging at their direction, even as a group, these seven youths seemed completely insignificant.

And at the same time, intense magic ripples were transmitted from the second floor of the city gate tower, and muffled chants could be vaguely heard.

Without a doubt, the strongest guardians of the city would logically all be on this city gate tower, preparing the counter-attack and storing their power;
After the time of ten breaths, a qualitative change appeared on the demons charging towards the city.

With a blow of sword, Long Haochen sent a dual Bladed Demon flying, before immediately seeing a familiar deep green color.

“Everyone, be careful.” Long Haochen said out in loud voice, a blue light surging out from his chest. It was the Saint Spiritual Stove.

The deep green colored stepped forward at great speed, roaring loudly and fiercely, directly throwing itself at Long Haochen.

This imposing silhouette was two meters tall, possessing a height of roughly three meters. On its back was a light carapace with wings on the two sides. This winged carapace didn’t enable it to fly, but it helped it sturdy body in maintaining its balance. Its ferocious head resembled a lizard’s, and it had extremely wide, sharp and thick teeth. The most threatening part of it was its pair of 1.5 meters long arms, extending like heavy blades. This was a kind of king among the Zelin Demons, precisely one of the kind that formerly brought Long Haochen his first spoils of wars.

Originally, Long Haochen’s level of cultivation when facing this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was at the fourth step, but he was now not only an Earth Knight, and he had in addition the help of comrades by his side, far beyond compare with the ones he had at that time.

The Holy Spirit Shield in his hand started to glow white; it was Holy Filter Shield. Facing the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, he leaned forward, activating Divine Obstruction.

With a loud bang, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon thrusted a hand forward, against the Holy Spirit Shield. Dazzling white light erupting, bright light illuminated Long Haochen’s body. Not taking a single step back, he held the Holy Spirit Sword in his right hand vertically, blocking the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s second strike.

“Dang” Divine Obstruction resounded.
Long Haochen escaped danger by a hair’s breath, by the use of a second consecutive Divine Obstruction. It enabled him to block entirely this first round of attacks belonging to this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

Chained Obstruction, this was the other secret technique that Long Haochen picked in the Alliance’s Treasure Vault. At first glance, this Chained Obstruction looked like an ordinary ability. But when combined with Divine Obstruction, by enabling to use twice in succession the same blocking technique, it could provide a real boost of utility to any Guardian Knight.

The number of times Chained Obstruction could be used in a row was intricately linked to the level of cultivation; with Long Haochen’s current strength, he could at most use Divine Obstruction twice in a row, and the second time would use up twice the amount of spiritual energy to that of the first one. But in the battlefield, when confronting powerful enemies, the second consecutive utilisation of Divine Obstruction, completed with the use of Bright Vengeance would very likely provide the knight with an occasion of landing a powerful blow against them.

A counterattack following the shield block!

Chapter 173

But this time, Long Haochen didn’t rely on Bright Vengeance to launch a powerful counterattack. Indeed, as the heart of the team, when facing demons’ attacks, he had to ensure that the fighting strength of the whole team could be unleashed; how could he afford to waste some spiritual energy?

With a loud bang, the small Long Haochen resisted that enormous Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s strike. The most astonishing thing was that this imposing Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was struck and pushed back, falling in the air and smashing loudly on the ground.

“I’m coming.” An ice cold voice echoed in the ears of each member of the 1st Demon Hunt Squad, making Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian, who were preparing to go provide offensive support to Long Haochen, give up on this idea.

A dark golden glow appeared, hitting the body of that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon in an instant, and entering its hard skull.

This radiance was just formed from a glow, but completely shook this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that was preparing to continue his attack, making it fall on the ground with a loud bang.

It died?

Not far behind, Zhang Hairong was so shocked that he felt as if his eyes were about to fall on the ground.
This was after all a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon! With its extremely great physical power, a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was comparable to a human powerhouse of the fifth step! And it died just like that?

The hardest places on a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon were its two long bladed arms and its skull. But behind his skull was its central core. When this central core had been instantly broken down, how could it not die? Not only did it die, its corpse was furthermore completely intact.

Let alone Zhang Hairong who couldn’t believe his eyes, even Long Haochen who was directly involved in this feat was completely shaken. Having previously faced a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon, he naturally knew about this thing’s power. But this time, it just took a few seconds to kill it. It was of course not this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon that was especially weak, but his teammates that were formidable.

Without a doubt, the one who gave the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon this fatal blow was precisely Cai’er. In the entire previous battle, she hadn’t intervened at all, and was like nothing more than a shadow sticking to Long Haochen’s back. Only at that moment did she unleash this alarming blow, instantly earn ten contribution points.

Contribution points were indeed not earned easily; on the way to Exorcist City, Gao Yingjie had explained them about the earning and value of the contribution points.

Among the rules, when hunting demons, ordinary Dual Bladed Demon brought only a single point for each kill, but this was when less than ten of them were killed. Above ten, ten more Dual Bladed Demons had to be killed to gain a single contribution point.

After all, to Demon Hunt Squads, Dual Bladed Demons were nothing more than ants. Only the first ten kills were of real benefit to a newcomer.

As for the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons, they held a constant value of ten contribution points. In other words, no matter how powerful they would get in the future, slaying Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons would still get them ten contribution points. This was how big the difference was.
Of course, Long Haochen was currently not in a situation to count contribution points. Taking a step forward, he stuck his Holy Spirit Sword inside of that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body before exerting himself physically to take a step back. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon’s body was then immediately sent flying back.

“Lin Xin.”

A red glow shone on Lin Xin’s hand, and immediately, t

“Captain, got it!”

In terms of wealth, even added up, the others could not possibly compare to Lin Xin. On his hand was a flaming red storing spatial ring with terrifying space. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon having such a valuable corpse, it was naturally the best to let him deal with it. As the one in charge of managing their wealth, he would in the end produce more wealth than anyone else.

To be able to integrate this Demon Hunt Squad, Lin Xin paid an enormous cost. These pills he gave off had a value that actually exceeded 10,000 gold coins; even with more money, how could his income possibly be enough to cover these fees completely!?

The appearance of this Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon also implied that this battle had reached its climax. It was not simply a matter of confronting the Dual Bladed Demons from the Zelin Clan anymore.

At that moment, a massive magic aura burst forth from the summit of the city gate tower, countless elegant fireworks-like lights shot out, directly aiming at the army of densely packed demons.

In this kind of battlefield there was absolutely no need to aim carefully; any magic spell falling down would after all be bound to hit a target.

More than a hundred spells were launched simultaneously. It was the first time Long Haochen got to see such a spectacle. Magnificent fireworks
illuminated the whole Exorcist defensive fort, creating intense light in the middle of the night.

Demons obviously wouldn’t wait helplessly for death; dazzling purplish black fireballs rose from the main forces of the army below, outrageously annihilating this combination of spells dropping from the sky.

If one watched carefully, they would discover that the ones who launched these purplish black fireballs belonged to a specie that was a bit over two meters high and supported by three legs on the ground. It didn’t have any arms, and had an especially huge head. Its three legs were very bulky, using them to walk at very fast speeds. It had on its head six eyes; these purplish- black fireballs had precisely been condensed from these six eyes of theirs.

This kind of demon belonged to their magical army forces, expert at using darkness magic. These Demon Eyeing Soldiers were very huge, even among other demons.

In comparison to human mages, Demon Eyeing Soldiers were far inferior. Along with their bodies’ evolution, they had only obtained a few darkness set spells, but their actual utility was in their quantity.

The weakest Demonic Eyeing Soldier were equivalent to mages of the second step in terms of magic power. As a matter of fact, they had a lot more potential than these Dual Bladed Demons. They were separated into five grades, the most powerful being that of King Graded Demonic Eyeing Soldier, equivalent to a powerhouse of the seventh step.

The major part of the hundred plus spells fired from the city gate tower had been intercepted and stopped by the Bright Magic Bullets fired by these Demonic Eyeing Soldiers, so only a small part of them could reach the demon army. Breaking out with a dazzlingly beautiful brilliance, these spells massacred a large amount of the low-end demons.

Obviously, for Exorcist City to have lasted thousands of years without having been broken even once, it was not so simple. At the same time the first bombardment of magic spells was completed, a second bombardment of a hundred-plus spell was being launched.
Having previously faced the Dual Bladed Demons, the mages were already storing their energy in preparation for the ultimate clash, and now was the time to unleash their power.

Nearly at the same time the previous magic bombardment ended, a second magic bombardment came down, seemingly jointing together without producing the smallest gap. From a conservative estimate, the number of mages situated in this city gate tower was at least 1000. And their level of cultivation wasn’t below the fourth step.

With the backing of these mages, the pressure inflicted upon the city was greatly reduced. At the same time, a great amount of soldier reinforcements immediately went up.

And in contrast to the previous infantry soldiers, these were full-armored warriors, all of them having at least reached the third step of cultivation, taking over the duty of the battalion that quickly stepped back and completing this relief.

The configuration of these elite soldiers was particular. Each group was formed of three people; a Shield Warrior, an Axe Warrior and a Berserker Warrior carrying an enormous sword. They were separated in teams of three, containing warriors of respective kinds. In addition, at least two reserve teams were behind each of the ones in the front, ready to provide backup at anytime. Even though the attacks of these main demon army forces were formed with large quantities of powerful ones, the warriors had the support of the mages and priests situated in the city gate tower, and could thus withstand attacks of any intensity.

At the same time, explosions occasionally sounded from the direction of the city gate tower. Clearly, strong magic brilliance was being continuously condensed above the linked walls on the edge of the town, before bursting forth, forming an enormous fireball.

Magic Cannon. Each strike of this formidable weapon designed for the defense of the city could match the power of a grand offensive spell of the sixth step. Above the Exorcist City, more than a hundred of them were actually aiming at the enemy troops.
In comparison with the great war that was breaking out, Long Haochen’s group handling Dual Bladed Demon could only be considered a child’s play. This was a real confrontation between humans and demons.

Zhang Hairong shouted out loudly to Long Haochen’s group, “Retreat!
It’s time for relieve!”

At that moment, the whole 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad had maintained a good fighting strength. Even Chen Ying’er had already recovered a good part of her spiritual energy. In the front of the main forces of the demon armies, they truly felt unwilling to step back. But Long Haochen promised Zhang Hairong absolute compliance. After firing more than a dozen of full-power Light Thorns, he passed down the order of retreat to his teammates.

“I’m not satisfied yet!” Sima Xian’s muddy staff was covered in thick liquid, the latter being in an excited state and the same applied to Wang Yuanyuan. After started to retreating together with Long Haochen, her face clearly revealed an unsatisfied expression.

Long Haochen gave them a glance, before saying in deep voice, “We are now soldiers. For a duration of three months, there will be no lack of occasion for us to display our skills. Now, what we have to do is to hurry up and follow battalion commander in retreating.”

At the same time they were retreating, the sinister demon air force was nearing from the sky. On the city gate tower, at least half of the mages and magic cannons were aiming at them. But among them, some still managed to escape fatality in the end.

With over four meters of height, six meters long wings covering its whole body, an immense demon suddenly appeared. A glint of greenish black brilliance of the dual darkness and wind attribute formed a blade of light, going straight for Zhang Hairong who was leading the retreat.

“Be careful, commander!” With his incredibly acute perception, Long Haochen, who had immediately led the others to retreat, directly discovered
that this flying demon had suddenly launched an attack in their direction, even though he was concealed in the dark night.

This was one of the infamous and formidable aerial species of demons, a wind and darkness dual system Beta Flying Demon of the Maxilias demon clan.

Among the demon army forces, a Beta Flying Demon was a true powerhouse, an existence possessing true inheritance. Having great hereditary potential, it was the specie of one of the seventy two demon gods.

Among the seventy two demon gods, some even possessed directly subordinated armies. Although some of the directly subordinated soldiers were born from the infection of the mainland, they were all mentally controlled by the demon god. And Beta Flying Demons were part of the directly subordinated army of the thirty fifth demon god, Maxilias. And each and every one of the Beta Flying Demons had strength above the fifth step. As for the ones forming Maxilias’ personal elite army, so called Blood Sucking Betas, they were powerhouses of the seventh step.

These armies actually included a direct subordinate of demon god, and furthermore, one that belonged to their top 36. In fact these mighty grand Demon Gods didn’t all possess directly subordinated armies. For instance, the seventh demon god Anan, the one who had been challenged by the Divine Knight of Adjudication Long Xingyu, was a solitary powerhouse.

It was a sudden and violent attack.

His left leg stomping on the ground with full strength, Long Haochen jumped up in a flash. Through his mental connection with Haoyue, Little Green spurted out a gale from his mouth, brushing Long Haochen’s back to accelerate him even further.

In midair, the Saint Spiritual Stove glowed of white. Drawing support from Little Green’s assistance, Long Haochen had already closed the gap while diving down fast toward the attacking Beta Flying Demon, which was already within a distance of 50 meters from him.

Chapter 174

The Saint Spiritual Stove’s might became undoubtedly visible at that time. Together with the Beta Flying Demon, this dark black blade of light was pulled by the Saint Spiritual Stove, forcefully turning around, aiming straight at Long Haochen. At this moment, the distance separating it from Zhang Hairong was less than five meters already.

Using his Holy Spirit Shield, he blocked it with a loud bang. As a result, Long Haochen’s body was forcibly sent flying.

Having put himself in such a situation so suddenly, he was unable to use Divine Obstruction. Fortunately, it was only an ordinary Beta Flying Demon, so Long Haochen didn’t sustain any major injury while falling on the ground.

Having suffered the Saint Spiritual Stove’s influence, the Beta Flying Demon dove down in a flash, a dozen of sparkling greenish black blades of wind bombarding Long Haochen.

The Beta Flying Demon’s greatest strong point lied in its attack speed, the wind attribute providing it with the ability of flight in addition to incomparably rapid attacks and speed. Moreover, what it used could be considered an innate skill, both strong and incredibly rapid, and furthermore, all its attacks were dual-elemental. They would frequently mount sneak attacks from the air.

A fiery red radiance glowed on Long Haochen’s body, symbol of Lin Xin’s elementary shield. His defensive magic did not only have great
defensive power, but furthermore, because he was relying on his fire cloud crystal, his casting speed was also extremely fast.

With an ear-piercing sound continuously sounding in the air, the Beta Flying Demon’s wind blade was blocked by the fire elemental shield.

This Beta Flying Demon was however not stupid, possessing such innate capabilities meant that its intelligence was in no way low. Seeing that the situation didn’t look good, the Beta Flying Demon unfolded its wings, planning on rising to the sky to escape.

Unfortunately, it wasn’t able to.

When it dove down fast towards Long Haochen to unleash its attack, it had already entered within a distance of 25 meters from Long Haochen. And thus, the ability Pull of the Saint Spiritual Stove was launched.

Having similarly reached the fifth step, Long Haochen’s Saint Spiritual Stove was unable to pull the Beta Flying Demon completely, but the delay it produced was enough.

A glinting radiance covered the approaching enormous shield, while a hammer burst down from the other side.

The Beta Flying Demon’s body burst forth with a dark green halo of light,

However, Wang Yuanyuan and Sima Xian used in the next instant their full strength to attack.

With a loud rumble, the Beta Flying Demon let out a mournful shriek, his left wing already half snapped.

The Sacred Light Hammer originally brought great harm to demons, and this time, it directly cancelled out the Beta Flying Demon’s defense. Further adding the strike of Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, how could their attack be blocked lightly? It was already fortunate that because of its particularly tough body, this Beta Flying Demon only had half a wing
snapped. But this fact implied that it was already unable to maintain its balance anymore. Its body immediately felt down on the ground.

A dim golden radiance arouse suddenly. Zhang Hairong, who just came back to his senses, simply saw the delicate girl behind Long Haochen tapping her cane on the ground, and a split second later, she was already 20 meters high in the air. Immediately following, seven or eight phantomatic dark golden afterimages flickered in the air before falling above the Beta Flying Demon.

Not letting this Beta Flying Demon fall down, Lin Xin waved his fire cloud crystal, and a ring of brilliant flame

Making this large backward motion, he attracted the simultaneous gaze of these elite soldier clad in full-body armor that had just arrived. Looking at this Beta Flying Demon falling down like that, they were in great shock.

Are they really from an ordinary battalion? Since when could a battalion contain mages and assassins?

Long Haochen’s group followed Zhang Hairong together with the 1st Soldier Battalion in their retreat. At that time, the looks these soldiers gave them had already changed completely, clearly carrying some reverence.

For the precise reason that they had Long Haochen’s group by their side, the 1st battalion’s casualties were this time exceedingly low: the dead were below a dozen, and the injured below fifty. This was something they had never accomplished in any another battle in the past. In fact, they were actually the ones that were generally perishing the fastest in the battlefield.

“Thank you brother!” Zhang Hairong patted Long Haochen’s shoulder, revealing a straightforward smile.

Long Haochen said, “We are your soldiers, to protect you is our duty.”

Zhang Hairong gave him a glance before doing a thumbs up, leading once again the whole battalion to retreat back to the city. At the same time they were retreating, a golden lump could be seen in the air. At least a
hundred knights were flying on their mounts, ready to join the battlefield. The target they were aiming at was precisely the Maxilias Clan’s Beta Flying Demon that Long Haochen’s group had just slained.

But Long Haochen’s group didn’t notice that at the time they were withdrawing, a pair of beautiful eyes containing a complex expression were looking at their direction, until the time they finally disappeared from her path of view.

In the city gate tower, Sheng Lingxin was fully clad in martial armor and had an awe-inspiring look. The whole Exorcist Mountain Range now looked just like a sort of machine, operating at very fast pace, acting against the main demon forces’ series of uninterrupted deployments.

A total of no less than a thousand mages, divided into ten groups a hundred, was now taking turns in releasing spells, under Lan Yanyu’s directions. As soon as it was done, they immediately stepped back to store magic power. And twenty specialized Guardian Knight were standing there, using the same Spiritual Gathering Halo as Long Haochen to assist them.

Assaulted by these mages and magic cannons’ heavy bombardment, the losses on the side of demons were simply disastrous.

As for the elite soldiers who arrived to the Exorcist Mountain Pass, there was a total of 3000 soldiers ready to provide them with backup at anytime. They were clad in simple leather armor, and each of them carried a pair of dagger, heading towards the rear of their group. In case a formidable demon gained the advantage, they would immediately launch an attack to assist the elite warriors.

This was the real power of the Assassin Temple. They actually managed to transfer such massive amount of middle and high ranked Assassin. These assassin were all at least at the fourth step, and formed the cornerstone of Exorcist City.

Returning from the battlefield, Zhang Hairong quickly led the soldiers back to their living quarters, while the injured were sent to the infirmary
and the dead were registered to the specialists in charge before being incinerated.

“Go back and grab some rest. Heaven knows when these demon spawns will come back to attack. We may have to head to the battlefield once again soon later. Disband.”

The soldiers dispersed neatly and tidily, returning respectively to their own living quarters. The overwhelming majority of these soldiers could not help but take a last look at the little team of seven beside Zhang Hairong, many of them doing thumbs up. They were particularly grateful towards Han Yu and Lin Xin who helped greatly in protecting these soldiers.

Long Haochen straightened his back; at that time, it seemed as if a flame was being ignited in his heart. That’s right! Only through real war experience can one truly experience the cruelty of war and understand the feelings of these fellow soldiers. The soldiers didn’t use words to express their gratefulness, but their gesture and expressions already expressed a lot. Long Haochen knew that in this battle, their 1st soldier grade Demon Hunt Squad got the acknowledgement of the soldiers of the 1st Battalion.

Zhang Hairong turned around, looking at Long Haochen’s group, and laughed out loudly, “You were very brave. Hurry up to return, take a shower and get some rest. The battlefield’s businesses are hard to predict; it’s hard to say how long you’ll get to rest before going up there again. The fiercest battle I can think of had lasted seven days and seven nights, reducing our troops by a ten thousand, but in the end, we repelled the main forces of the demon armies. And this time, the losses on the demon side were also disastrous, to the extent that they hadn’t come to attack us for a whole three months. Reportedly, a total of twenty powerhouses of the eighth step from both sides died that time. ”

“Yes, battalion commander!” The military salute Long Haochen performed to him was quite more standard than before.

Zhang Hairong let out a light sigh, “It would be so great if you could remain in my 1st Battalion forever. However, I’m afraid that we’ll not be associate with each other for so long.” Having said so, he turned around,
his eyes filled with deep regret. Even he knew that the elites from Demon Hunt Squads wouldn’t remain there.

Every living quarters had a little bathroom. Actually, the ones who really need to wash themselves were only the three who went to the front to battle: Long Haochen, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan. As for the other four, they were not dirty in the slightest.

As the saying goes, ‘Ladies first’; the one who went the first was naturally Wang Yuanyuan, followed by Sima Xian. In his capacity of captain, Long Haochen was the last one to go to bathroom. He told everyone not to go to rest first, because he had something to tell them first.

Quickly, the three of them finished to wash. After closing the door, Long Haochen declared, “In the battle we had today near the city walls, everyone’s tacit understanding was already quite better. I have two matters to discuss with you now. The first thing is about obeying orders. In the end, we now belong to the army, and as soldiers, obeying orders is our most important duty. In case we violate this rule, even if we manage to kill more enemies, I’m afraid that the other side will be discontented with us. So I have to ask everyone to show more restraint in the future.”

After all was said and done, Long Haochen had still not been captain for so long, and although his capabilities only convinced everyone more and more as time went on, he didn’t really have much authority. Thus, he was being careful with his words, trying to act as tactfully as possible.

Sima Xian stroked his bald head, and replied, “Just now, I have gotten a bit carried away. I will reflect on my actions.”

Wang Yuanyuan shot him a glance, “I don’t really care about the army stuff, but I will listen to you, Haochen.”

Everyone had seen Long Haochen’s performances in the battlefield with their own eyes. For the sake of the team, he refrained from using his abilities of Retribution Knight to focus on maintaining his Spiritual Gathering Halo from beginning to end, so as to help the others in recovering their spiritual energies. He showed particular consideration to
the general situation, having only greater impact as the heart of the team. The atmosphere within the team was very good, and although Wang Yuanyuan’s character was naturally stubborn, she still acknowledge this boy a lot younger than her.

Chen Ying’er stuck out her tongue and remarked, “Hey, with my own capability, it’s out of question for me to disobey orders, you know!”

These three declared their position in succession, and as for Cai’er, Han Yu and Lin Xin, they naturally didn’t press on the topic any further.

Long Haochen smiled, “Thank you everyone. Actually, I’ve been putting serious thoughts on this matter: this time, we will be training in the Exorcist Mountain Pass for a total duration of three months. And our newly formed Demon Hunt Squad is gradually going to be sharpened. Then, when it will be time for us to leave, the Exorcist Mountain Pass’ military should give us an evaluation.

No matter how good our performance is, in case we don’t listen to the orders, the military’s evaluation of us will very possibly be lowered, which can only be unfavorable to our ranking in this team contest.”

Chapter 175

As time passed, Long Haochen’s meticulous thinking only happened to become wiser and wiser. As the captain, his thoughts on these matters were naturally more developed than his mates.

“As for the second matter I have to tell everyone about, it is a quite important matter. I wish to discuss it with everyone properly. Although I didn’t check in detail, in the previous battle, the ones who got the more contribution points should be me, Cai’er, Sima Xian and Wang Yuanyuan. But in terms of contribution to the team, Han Yu, Lin Xin and Ying’er were equally important. But these contribution points are currently not distributed evenly at all. I think that the power of a team doesn’t lie on the individual power within it. The more important is our strength as a whole. And the contribution points will directly relate to our future upgrades. If we, melee fighters, are the only ones to get a good amount of contribution points, our comrades in charge of support will get almost none in comparison, and I believe it is not fair to them at all. If in the future, some of us get wounded and are in need for a particular healing, but are unable to get it because of the lack of contribution points, wouldn’t it cause us to be in danger? This matter is something we will have to confront, and the sooner is the better. Please give your personal opinions on this, everyone.”

This was the matter of the utmost importance Long Haochen needed to speak about. Contribution points could be mainly earned through two ways, completing Demon Hunt Missions in the Mission Tower, or hunting and killing demons. Without a doubt, the latter was the most direct and simple way to earn them. In the future three months, their contribution points would be gained solely through this means. If the difference of roles within
the team prevented some from obtaining contribution points, even if their comrades in charge for support didn’t voice it out, they would truly not feel good.

This time, the one who spoke out the first was the ordinarily calm Cai’er,
“My opinion is the same as Haochen, his decision will be mine.”

Cai’er, the vice-captain of the team, actually didn’t really stand out, but who would dare neglect her opinion? ly, regardless of whether it was when confronting the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon or the Beta Flying Demon, she achieved kills with single blows. Just like Long Haochen was the main cornerstone of the team, she was the team’s sharpest blade.

Sima Xian chuckled gently, “Captain, I actually wanted to raise this issue one day. This Bro-Has-Drugs in the rear is fully responsible of defense, so if we don’t think of a solution, this guy who cannot attack will never get a single fart of contribution point! I have no objection; it’s admittedly true that contribution points are a good thing, but killing demons is what I like the most!”

Wang Yuanyuan also nodded in approvement and said, “The bald man is right, we are a team, a whole entity. Haochen, you handle this. We will fix a rule, that we will act in accordance with in the future. If I were to request anything, it would be to guarantee that the repartition remains as fair as possible.”

On this matter, Han Yu naturally wouldn’t raise any objection, be it as Long Haochen’s retainer or the main person in charge of supporting. As a matter of fact, Lin Xin and Chen Ying’er didn’t speak much on the matter, and everyone’s gazes fell on Long Haochen.

Long Haochen secretly loosened his breath, nodding to himself before speaking out, “I have previously put deep thoughts in this matter. Sis Yuanyuan is right, we are a whole entity. My suggestion is simple, it is to divide them evenly with everyone. When someone

Divide them evenly? Hearing these three words, a change appeared in everyone’s look. Wang Yuanyuan appeared astonished, Sima Xian was
rather full of respect. Lin Xin appeared extremely grateful, and Chen Ying’er impatiently raised a cry, “Long Live Captain!” Although she previously summoned an Metallic Armed Magic Bear, this fellow was just too dumb! He had been teared to shreds before they retreated and didn’t kill a high amount of Dual Bladed Demon, so her contribution points were not so high. And it was only because the ten first Dual Bladed Demon had more value that she didn’t get any.

“Master, I don’t need to be counted in.” At this time, Han Yu said so. Long Haochen was startled, “Why?”
Han Yu said with a calm face, “I am your retainer, and furthermore, when counting the team’s contribution points, mine will not count. It will affect the whole team’s advancement. As your retainer, my sole duty is to serve you. More importantly, I already obtained very great benefits from the effects of the retainer contract. How could I accept everyone’s contribution points?”

Having gained more and more understanding on Long Haochen’s character as time went on, Han Yu came to accept his own position. And it was not surprising; with the assistance of the retainer contract, his internal spiritual energy had reached the eightieth level! Having gone from sixty- something to eighty would appear like a mere increase of 20%, but in practice, he clearly felt that his own cultivation speed had increased twofold. As for his perception and affinity with light, they were just incredibly greater than in the past. Having already obtained so many benefit, he naturally wouldn’t make any more unreasonable demands.

“That won’t do. You are my chrysanthemum’s protector. No matter what this ‘retainer’ thing is, you are fighting together with everyone. Your contribution to everyone is just obvious to anyone. If we divide the contribution points evenly, we have to divide them together with everyone, otherwise I won’t accept them either.”

The one to speak so was Lin Xin. He immediately expressed his support to Han Yu. As far as the whole team was concerned, Lin Xin’s greatest impact was at present coming from the pills he could make. And Han Yu’s
utility was even greater; for the sake of the team, he chose to focus on the aspect of healing just to make up with their defect of not having a real priest. At the same time, he had to bear hardship with equanimity, having to guard the rear and provide support. He had also an useful magical beast companion, that Demonic Eye. With the strength of this Han Yu, if it was any other newly formed Demon Hunt Squad, he would definitely have gotten the position of heart of the team. But now, what he did instead was to focus on providing steady support within this 1st Demon Hunt Squad. And everyone had clearly seen everything he did.

“That’s right, if we share’em, we have to share altogether. Eldest Brother Han Yu, we can be considered as a family.” Chen Ying’er waved her clenched fist. She was the one who benefitted the most from Han Yu’s presence. When completing her Creature Summoning Gate, Han Yu was continuously guarding her from nearby, sticking close for fear that she could suffer any harm. And this girl could see it very clearly.

Sima Xian chuckled once again, “Well said, if we divide it, it will be with everyone. At the very least, my own contribution points will definitely go to you. With your presence, I have less to be blamed for! Just as captain said, let’s divide our contribution points evenly! Come, take mines first. ” As he said so, he immediately raised the sleeve of his garment.

Wang Yuanyuan shrugged her shoulders and said so, “I have no objection. The contribution points stuff is not so important. Haochen, you make the decision.”

Long Haochen smiled at Han Yu’s direction, “You heard them. There’s no need for me to say any more, just accept, it’s my order. Opposing is futile.”

Hearing Long Haochen’s last sentence, Han Yu, who originally wanted to contest them some more, finally stopped trying to decline. As he pursed up his lips, he didn’t voice out his gratefulness, his eyes carrying a deep feeling. Man, using action will be better proof than some unconvincing babbling.
Long Haochen took out his testing gem, a precious stone glowing of yellow and forming an hexagon.

Pulling his sleeves, he exposed this contribution points tile. As soon as he poured some spiritual energy in it, the circular contribution point tile shone, his precious gem adjusting to it, before rapidly displaying his amount of contribution points.

“47.” This was the total amount of contribution points he got in the previous battle, and the reward for the competition had been completely spent long ago. Long Haochen almost killed only Dual Bladed Demons, but this amount also included Haoyue’s performances. They had gotten rid of a total of nearly 380 Dual Bladed Demons in a mere hour.

Cai’er took the initiative to extend her arm in front of Long Haochen, “Estimate mine too.” Through the contribution testing gem, as long as the other party consented, the device could be directly used on someone else.

Spiritual energy entering it it, the tile on Cai’er’s lotus-like arm glowed. As Long Haochen put his contribution testing gem on it, a number appeared on the other side of the gem.

“25.” This was Cai’er’s total contribution points, that she immediately transferred in Long Haochen’s contribution points tile.

In fact, Cai’er only killed two demons in total, the Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon and the Beta Flying Demon. The Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon was worth 10 points, and the flying one was worth a total of 15 points. It could clearly be seen that high ranked demons had quite more contribution points value.

, everyone transferred their own contribution points to Long Haochen.

Wang Yuanyuan had 36 contribution points, and Sima Xian had 31. In fact, the two of them didn’t have a magical beast assisting them, so this amount corresponded to the real amount of demon they killed.
Chen Ying’er had 11 points, Han Yu killed three or four of them. And of course, Lin Xin didn’t get any.

Long Haochen had the most contribution points, but the greater part of it came from Haoyue. His three heads that released spells jointly had a formidable killing power.

The final amount of contribution everyone had after adding it all up was
143. As a result, everyone got twenty contribution points. As for the three leftover points, they were left to Long Haochen for the time being, and would be distributed next time.

“It’s cultivation training time, I want to break through the fifth step the earlier possible. Then, I’ll be able to train in using a lot of new abilities.” Sima Xian spoke out loudly on the side, before directly heading to his own bed. Sitting cross-legged, he immediately started cultivating.

The others went to their respective beds. Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er had built a sort of temporary cabin for the time being, and although it looked simple and crude, it could still obstruct the line of sight of the others.

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand, leading her to their new ‘home’.

“We shall go cultivate too.” Cai’er said softly before sitting cross-legged on the bed as well and starting to cultivate.

Long Haochen started to stare blankly at her, inwardly feeling a little disappointed. He really liked the feeling of holding Cai’er in his arms.

“Idiot, for now, our cultivation is the most important. In the future, we… we…” Cai’er’s thin and feeble voice was transmitted to his ear. Because her last words were said in a far too quiet voice, even with his excellent hearing, Long Haochen couldn’t hear her clearly.

Long Haochen sat to her side, gently fondling her hair, feeling Cai’er’s sweet fragrance. Then, he sat cross-legged as well, entering the state of cultivation.

Chapter 176

Haoyue paced back and forth before lying on his stomach and shutting his eyes. The six eyes on his three heads started to distribute a thin purple light, concentrating a huge amount of spiritual energy aura. Long Haochen could vaguely feel that he entered the state of cultivation.

A magical beast having the ability of training directly their spiritual energy by entering a state of cultivation were quite rarely seen. The overwhelming majority of magical beasts generally relied on their natural evolution to enhance their capabilities. Only, because Long Haochen didn’t have much knowledge on this aspect, he never felt that it was strange.

Soon after Long Haochen entered this state, hurried footsteps could be heard from outside and the door was knocked, letting out Peng, peng, peng sounds.

“Is Long Haochen there? There’s an army ministry order for him to immediately come to report.” These words sounded quietly, immediately awaking everyone who just entered the state of cultivation.

Long Haochen wrinkled his brows, jumping down from his bed. Putting on his military clothes, he became the target of the others’ looks. Making a small gesture with his hand, he walked to the door of their living quarters.

A soldier fully clad in martial attire was standing at the entrance.
Looking in his twenties, he had a solemn expression.

“Hello, I am Long Haochen.”
Seeing the youth before their eyes, the soldier clad in martial attire was slightly startled, because Long Haochen’s elegant appearance could give a breathtaking feeling. Performing a salute to Long Haochen, he declared, “Please follow me, the army ministry orders you to immediately come to report.”

“Good.” Although Long Haochen didn’t understand what was happening, he gave the salute back to him.

“I’m coming with you.” At some point, Cai’er already arrived by Long Haochen’s side.

Long Haochen revealed a smile and , “It’s nothing, just go grab some rest. I’ll be coming back soon.” Having said so, he turned around before following this soldier.

Cai’er stood there, wrinkling her brows. Only when she could not hear Long Haochen’s footsteps anymore did she close the door of their living quarters.

Sat on his bed, Sima Xian murmured, “To be calling out people so late, the military ministry is truly shameless. ”

Lin Xin smiled and remarked, “Maybe it’s to honor my performance of today?”

Under that soldier’s lead, Long Haochen headed toward the city gate once again. On the way, an extremely bloody scent assaulted his senses. Obviously, during the short time that passed after they left, the battle in the city had grown all the more intense.

That soldier didn’t lead him to the front lines, but to a three meter high passageway behind the city walls, leading to a second floor.

Having not gone to the city gate tower before, Long Haochen felt distinctly that a tremendous amount of magical essence of every attribute was present, and was currently growing frantic.
Stepping into this city gate tower, Long Haochen immediately saw an astonishing scene. First of all, he saw more than a thousand mages; magic was unstoppingly being released in the front, while mages in the rear were trying to catch up. Ten groups of mages were continuously cycling on unleashing magic, with a great amount of priests and Guardian Knights in front of them.

Gazing at the scene from afar, he could see that an enormous halo formed of golden light had enveloped the front of the Exorcist city walls; no enemy could climb them. But the main demon forces were omnipresent and from all places, to the extent that a black pac

Violent rumbles rang unceasingly, and bullets of light were frantically exploding, dealing violent damage to the side of the demons’ main army forces.

It shocked Long Haochen to the extent that he was completely speechless. No matter whether it was on the human side or the demon side, all people seemed insignificant in this kind of battlefield.

The soldier led Long Haochen, walking straight and passing by the center of the room. With a glance, Long Haochen saw that Sheng Lingxin was standing there, commanding the others.

Sheng Lingxin had a solemn face, his eyes sparkling with coldness. Even if there was still ten meters distance separating them, Long Haochen could feel his overwhelming killing intent.

At least a dozen commanders were standing beside him, each one of them releasing an extremely powerful aura. They were at a level that Long Haochen at the first rank of the fifth step could not possibly compare to.

“Reporting. I brought Long Haochen with me.” The soldier who led Long Haochen shouted out these few words with a specially loud voice. The nearby exploding sounds were just too loud, so if he didn’t do so, he would have difficulty even hearing his own voice.
Sheng Lingxin turned slightly his eyes, sweeping a glance to Long Haochen before bending forward, immediately transmitting an order.

Going to his side, Long Haochen stood straight, performing a salute to Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin didn’t give him a single glance and continued to command the guardians.

“Call the Airborne Knight team to return, to rest and reorganise. The summoner team is to summon flying magical beast to replace them in a moment.”

“Reporting, leader, the Brilliant Angels Knight Squadron is ready.” “Reporting, the Assassins of the Dark Night are ready. ”
Sheng Lingxin’s eyes lit, looking at his side before saying, “Replace me in conducting the defense. These demons spawns… They will not give up unless we inflict heavy losses upon them.”

“Leader, where are you going?” The commander looked at Sheng Lingxin with a shocked face.

Sheng Lingxin nodded, and said, “In my capacity as commander-in- chief, can’t I go boost the soldiers’ morale? I believe that’s what I ought to do.”

“Lan Yanyu.” Sheng Lingxin said in a loud voice.

“This subordinate is there.” Lan Yanyu, clad in a watery blue mage gown, stepped forward toward him from a nearby position. Seeing her, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel shaken. This person was Cai’er’s mother, so when he thought of the scene where he been seen by this Lan Yanyu sharing a bed with Cai’er, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel awkward. Slightly bowing forward, he performed a salute to her.

Lan Yanyu didn’t give Long Haochen a single look, only giving Sheng Lingxin a concerned look.
Sheng Lingxin said in a deep voice, “A moment later, I am going to lead the Brilliant Angels and the Assassins of the Dark Night to rush and kill the enemy in the front. After I’m out, the mage regiment no longer has to economize magic power; order them to protect our two sides while using the magic cannon to cover us. Also, inform Elder Brother Gao’s group that they have to get ready to provide support at anytime.”

“Yes.” Lan Yanyu immediately retrieved her staff, and slightly bowing, performed a mage salute.

Sheng Lingxin gave Long Haochen a glance, “Come with me.” His voice was extremely cold, but especially distinct. It sounding like a gust of ice cold wind blowing in the summer. Although it was quite cold, this tone aroused his fighting spirit, and particularly awoke his consciousness.

With but a single sentence, Sheng Lingxin turned around and took large strides, but unexpectedly, no soldier accompanied him.

Although Long Haochen didn’t know why Sheng Lingxin suddenly called him over, this Sheng Lingxin was the supreme commander of this Exorcist Mountain Pass; how could Long Haochen possibly disobey his orders? Hurrying, he followed with large steps.

Earlier, Long Haochen walked up to an upper floor, arriving above the wall on the border of the city, but now, Sheng Lingxin was leading him towards the center of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

After going down from there, a large area concentrated with large armies appeared.

It was already late night; a moonless night, only litten by the magic radiances that occasionally brought a little brightness to the city.

With the help of this light, Long Haochen faintly saw that in the space below, a wide area seemed to be glinting with metallic lusters.

Sheng Lingxin’s motions seemed slow, but Long Haochen needed to run to catch up to him. He noticed that every steps Sheng Lingxin took seemed
to cover a very large distance, making him appear as though he was sliding over the ground.

Below the city gate tower, Long Haochen condensed his spiritual energy within his eyes, immediately taking a deep breath.

Under the stimulation of the spiritual energy, his eyes had a mysterious feeling. Everything in his line of sight seemed particularly distinct, and at this moment, he could finally see the identity of that metallic luster in detail.

It was actually coming from big, majestic horses clad in a thick black armor. That armor seemed as if it could wrap their bodies in it. These tall horses were furthermore extremely robust in appearance. Elevated nearly three meters high, surpassing five meters in height, these war houses had majestic appearances. It was the first time Long Haochen saw such imposing horses.

Similarly, the knights mounting these horses looked very robust. They were at least two meters tall, and were clad in black heavy armor. Their legguards, seemingly linked with the armors of these war horses, created a feeling that the man and the horse formed a single entity.

The most peculiar was that at the back of these tall knights were two immense wings roughly three meters in length. They looked as if they were done of complete metal, and on the armor at the knight’s back stood a pair of heavy blades, pointed forward toward the horizon.

Every knight had an approximately three meter long heavy blade in his hand, its handle occupying a third of the whole space. It was furthermore a third of a meter wide, and three patterns extended forward on the two sides. The blade, as smooth as water, carried a silk of red.

At that moment, a great amount of foot soldiers were standing on stairs, near these huge horses. Obviously, a lot of staff needed to be working together to clad a knight that way.
Because it was deep night, Long Haochen was unable to see clearly how many of these knights there were. But he could vaguely see that on each of these tall horses, another person seemed to be seated at the back. Only, they seemed less imposing and thinner than these knights, and seemed completely concealed by the knights’ majestic figures.

Sheng Lingxin brought Long Haochen to stand at the top of the troops, raising his right hand. Immediately, a bright light shot up, illuminating the dark landscape.

Immediately, these knights that were originally still a bit noisy completely quieted down. The huge horses were standing in neat formation; because his line of sight was obstructed by the fact he was standing on the ground, Long Haochen was unable to see clearly how many people in total there were.

“Brilliant Angels and Assassins of the Dark Night, the savage demon spawns are attacking our Exorcist Mountain Pass. Over the last thousand years, we have never lost our homeland to any kind of foe. This general is going to stand in the front lines, cutting a bloody path out of this battlefield and aiming for their chief.”

Bam, bam, bam.

Three metallic sounds broke out at the same time. None of the knights spoke; the entirety using the heavy blade in their own hand to beat their own chest armor.

Chapter 177

Sheng Lingxin turned his body, looking straight at Long Haochen for the first time, “These brave Brilliant Angels are all Earth Knights of the fifth step. I know you are at the fifth step too. Do you dare assault the frontlines with this general, so as to exterminate the enemy?”

Long Haochen stamped his right feet on the ground, performing a sincere military salute, “This soldier will obey to any order.” Having said so, he rapidly took out the Holy Spirit Armor from his forget-me-not ring, putting it on.

The forget-me-not ring glinted with blue light, producing a particularly distinct scene in the deep night, as the faint-gold-colored decorative patterns moved rhythmically. When Sheng Lingxin looked at this scene, his pupils clearly shrank, giving Long Haochen a look that carried, in addition to the original ice-cold, a bewildered feel.

Clad once again in his armor, which still had traces left of the previous battle, Long Haochen looked up with rapt attention. Compared to previously, his look appeared a lot sharper, the internal spiritual energy in his body having already mostly recovered.

With regard to Sheng Lingxin’s order, Long Haochen felt actually extremely puzzled. He was indeed quite unclear on why this general of the Exorcist Mountain Pass looked for him. It was simply irrational If this Brilliant Knight regiment was charging in the front; within the newcomers, Duan Yi, who possessed a Golden Horned Mammoth, was clearly the most fitted! Whether it is in terms of attack or defense, his Golden Horned Mammoth was just the most suited for an assault of this kind.
Furthermore, this was the Exorcist Mountain Pass. In his capacity of military chief, it shouldn’t be hard at all for Sheng Lingxin to look for a powerful knight. But for him to chose to pick a tiny Earth Knight of the fifth step, what was he planning on doing in the end?

No matter what he thought deep inside, Long Haochen couldn’t disobey military orders.

“Are you afraid?” Sheng Lingxin’s indifferent voice sounded in Long Haochen’s ears.

Long Haochen shook his head, “Reporting to general, I am not afraid.”

Sheng Lingxin declared with a cold face, “Since you’re not afraid, what are you waiting for before calling out your mount? Are you able to take responsibility for causing delay to our offense?”


With a glint of purple light, purple glints appeared on Long Haochen’s forehead. In the next instant, a radiance was projected, and Haoyue immediately appeared in front of him.

Sheng Lingxin’s look stopped over Haoyue’s body, his eyes containing traces of doubt. This was the first time he had ever seen a magical beast of this kind.

Long Haochen leaped up, falling on Haoyue’s back while directing his look toward Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin’s feet tapped on the ground, and he appeared like a specter at Long Haochen’s back. In a split second, he clearly appeared somewhat smaller, fading away from Long Haochen’s awareness.

What a powerful assassin! Long Haochen felt inwardly shaken. So that’s the strength of an assassin of the seventh step? He had confidence in his own perception, but when confronting an assassin of the seventh step, he just felt that his perception was completely powerless.
Sheng Lingxin’s voice was cold and full of fighting spirit, rapidly sounding in the air, “Operation start, assault!”

A rumbling sound was heard in the front, as the thick and broad terrifying door opened, a rich bloody atmosphere directly hitting his face. Behind Long Haochen’s back, together with a series of sonorous noises, a biting cold killing intent rushed out, appearing like a very large sword.

Behind him were 3000 Brilliant Knight, forming a regiment of formidable Earth Knights, who sharpened themselves through countless experiences on the battlefield, and emitted bloodthirsty killing intent. But Haoyue seemed as if he was not completely awake. With his four meter height, three heads standing upright and unafraid, he seemed influenced by the reeking of blood, purple ripples undulating around his body.

A fantastic aura spread out from his body, making the Brilliant Angel Knights at his back unexpectedly not dare to set out. In the next instant, Haoyue’s four sturdy limbs abruptly stepped on the ground, shooting out of the city as he carried Long Haochen and Sheng Lingxin.

An intense and burning hot feeling coming out from his body, Long Haochen felt as if his blood had been ignited. This sensation wasn’t only produced by the fact that he stepped in such a vast battlefield, but also because of the frantic fighting spirit transmitted by Haoyue to him.

Confronting the external reeking of blood and the hundreds of thousands of enemies, it seemed as though a change appeared in Haoyue. Around his three heads and six eyes appeared ripples of purple light, containing unprecedented killing intent bursting out from his own body, which produced the effect of igniting Long Haochen’s fighting spirit.

Currently without his teammates, charging out of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Long Haochen realized that at that time, what he had to do was to fight for his own sake; to live on and return was his only goal.

Rushing out from the city gate, he saw the enormous mantle of light standing forward, that incomparably formidable defense enveloping the whole Exorcist Mountain Pass in it, making it so that the demons were
unable to directly attack the city. But from the point of view of the regiment soldiers defending the city that previously fought by their side, this mantle of light clearly needed to pay an important cost, and wouldn’t be easily released unless it is absolutely essential. And the great amount of demons that were attacking were precisely blocked by this mantle of light.

At the split second Long Haochen’s group rushed out from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, an incomparably magnificent scene could be seen.

Having stopped erupting a moment ago, the offensive spells suddenly erupted all around. Close to a thousand magic radiances were omnipresent, flying out from the city gate tower and accompanied with violent firing noises from the magic cannon. Immediately, a large amount of demons were exploded and turned into fodder outside of this mantle of light. As far as the eye could see, a rain of blood was falling down outside.

Also at that instant, Haoyue rushed out from the mantle of light. Strong smell assaulting his nose, Long Haochen could even see destroyed limbs falling out of the blue.

Replacing the Holy Spirit Shield in his left hand, a bright radiance shining of blue and golden replaced it in his left hand, signifying that Long Haochen decided to make use of dual swords.

He wasn’t completely covered by the mantle of light, but his two swords were wielded extremely rapidly. He didn’t look up in the air, but with each of his moves, a flying limb flew back in the air, none falling on his body.

Sheng Lingxin was currently half squatted on Haoyue’s back, and could distinctly see each of Long Haochen’s movements. Deep inside, he felt secretly baffled; naturally, he could see that Long Haochen wasn’t using spiritual energy, but each of his blow was extremely accurate. There wasn’t the slightest waste of energy, nor was there any overused energy. This was a fine and orderly sword-play, just like a great expert’s. What left him the most curious was that this youth was previously clearly acting as the Guardian Knight of his squad, cornerstone of the team. But at that moment, the dual swordplay he was showing off was quite decent, just as if he changed into a Retribution Knight. How could such trick be performed?
There was a single reason as for why Sheng Lingxin called out Long Haochen, who just finished his mission: it was because he was Lan Yanyu’s husband and Cai’er’s father.

In his capacity as a father, when he got to know that his fourteen years- old daughter shared a bed with a youth of similar age, Sheng Lingxin only thought of slapping this freaking kid. When the battle in the border of the city concluded, after they returned to their living quarters, they would certainly lie down side by side once again. How could Sheng Lingxin accept this? Nervously, he commanded a subordinate to call this kid out.

However, even though he felt extremely furious, they were after all facing the demons’ main forces, so he didn’t have the time to interrogate or scold intensely this Long Haochen. More importantly, Long Haochen was a squad captain, so even with his authority, Sheng Lingxin couldn’t dare treat him lightly.

Outside of his wrath, Sheng Lingxin also felt quite curious. Ever since his daughter became the descendant of Samsara, acting cold towards anyone else, how could she suddenly treat another youth so well, to the extent to lead to such a situation.

Thus, Sheng Lingxin wanted see with his own eyes the remarkable sides of this youth called Long Haochen, by the means of a battle in this war.

If this kid turned out to be a weakling or a coward, acting like trash in the battlefield, then Sheng Lingxin wouldn’t mind leaving him at this point, in this place reeking of blood.

However, having seen this Long Haochen turn into a Retribution Knight, the wrath in Sheng Lingxin’s heart was gradually replaced by curiosity. More importantly, in such a terrifying battlefield, this youth that was brought in the front of the battlefield so suddenly still managed to remain calm; Sheng Lingxin didn’t feel the slightest bit of fear from him. This was not something any ordinary youth could accomplish. Having become the captain of a newly formed Demon Hunt Squad, this youth he didn’t seem much older than his own daughter, actually had such ability.
The demon race’s main forces were naturally a bit shaken by the appearance of such a large attack force. At that instant, Long Haochen, who was acting as the vanguard of this Briliant Angel Knights regiment, arrived.

In the instant they rushed out of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, their previously pitch-black armor immediately lit up with a shiny and dazzling golden color, and the 3000-men army forming the Brilliant Angels Knight Regiment abruptly came out, appearing like a gigantic golden sword directly aimed at the demon army.

One large horse after another charged at extreme speed. As fast as lightning, a flood of golden steel advanced at crushing speed.

Compared to those huge horses, Haoyue’s body was a lot smaller. His height didn’t reach half of theirs, and thus, despite the fact that Long Haochen was riding Haoyue at the top front, he didn’t stand out much.

A faint green color was encircling Long Haochen and Haoyue’s bodies. It was Little Green’s Float Technique. Lightening their weight, Haoyue accelerated even further, appearing not the least inferior to those vigorous horses.

Having rushed out from the mantle of light for nearly three hundred meters, they finally met the enemy. They appeared even more dreadful than the ones that took part in the previous battle at the border of the city.

The attacks coming from the Exorcist Mountain Range didn’t stop in the slightest. The rumbling magic cannons, as well as the mages, made an all- out effort to provide Long Haochen’s group with optimum shielding.

The offense of the mages was mainly concentrated on the two sides. The Magic Cannons were aimed from afar, targeting the enemies in the air. Because of this, Long Haochen’s group only had to confront the enemies in the front of them.

Facing them the first were a dozen of Dual Bladed Demons, survivors of the previous bombardment. Without need for Long Haochen to act directly,
Little Flame unleashed some flames from his mouth, firing fireballs that exploded upon colliding with the Dual Bladed Demons.

Long Haochen lifted up his Holy Spirit Sword high, releasing Faith Halo, Guardian’s Favor and Imposing Halo, three great support abilities that were simultaneously released. Their range wasn’t so large, but it was enough to envelop Haoyue and Sheng Lingxin, who stood at his side, in it.

Ordinarily, Long Haochen was a kind-hearted and gentle kid, but because of Long Xingyu’s teachings, forcing him into training in that owl-ants’ nest, when he entered a situation of battle, he would totally appear like someone else.

At this moment, the demon army swept up, directly rushing at these Brilliant Angels knight regiment.

Hundreds of purplish-black-colored fireballs were shot at them, covering a large area. It was precisely the Bright Magic Bullet of the Demon Eye Soldiers. Because those Demon Eye Soldiers were not all the same strength, the Bright Magic Bullets were of different sizes. Among them, at least three flew in Long Haochen’s direction.

Without need for Long Haochen to do anything, Little Light’s eyes lit up, his incantation having just been completed. A glint of golden light took the shape of a Light Element Shield, blocking in front of him.

With a violent explosion, purplish-black-colored rays scattered in all directions, stopped by the Light Elemental Shield. With his natural instinct, Haoyue didn’t slow down in the slightest, brazenly rushing forward instead.

Fireballs uninterruptedly shot out in rapid succession from Little Flame’s mouth, while Little Light was in charge of the defense and Little Green took responsibility for controlling their speed and coordinating their body. Dividing up the work, the three heads didn’t launch all-out attacks, exercising restraint to give priority to safety.

In the front of such an enormous demon army, Long Haochen had to guarantee that Haoyue kept enough physical strength to carry them when it
would be time to return.


Before them, a violent explosion sound could be heard, and immediately, an enormous silhouette advanced in Long Haochen’s direction.

Dual Bladed Demon?

Looking at it, Long Haochen couldn’t help but feel tense. That’s right, that was a Dual Bladed Demon, but not an ordinary Dual Bladed Demon and not even a Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon.

At the split second it appeared, the surrounding demon forces seemed to scatter voluntarily, giving way to it.

This Dual Bladed Demon’s height exceeded five meters, and it was situated over three and a half meters high in the air. Compared to it, Dark Green Dual Bladed Demon simply appeared like little children. On its carapace and its forehead were three glittering symbols; its whole body was emitting a dark golden metallic gloss.

He could vaguely see that there was a strange glint of dark gold under its massive body.

A ruler, this was a ruler among Dual Bladed Demons.

Within demonkind, any community would have one acting as a ruler. And this ruler was among the most powerful community chiefs. Although Dual Bladed Demons were similar to cannon fodder, as the most numerous race of soldiers, this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler was obviously an incomparably more terrifying enemy.

From the fact that Dark Green Dual Bladed Demons were at the fifth step, at which step could this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler be? At the very least, isn’t it equivalent to a human powerhouse at the sixth step?

“You cannot stop, rush forward.” Behind him, Sheng Lingxin ordered.
That’s right! I cannot stop, thousands of Brilliant Angels Knights are charging at my back. In case we come to a halt, I’m afraid the allies at our back will collide against us.

Suddenly taking a deep breath, Long Haochen’s figure flashed, standing up on Haoyue’s back. Haoyue suddenly bowed forward, launching his body like a catapult, aiming directly at this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler.

Intense golden light blossoming around him, Long Haochen spiralled violently in the air. In his left hand, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light brazenly chopped forward, striking the forelimbs of the Dual Bladed Demon Ruler.

With a light puff sound resounding, Long Haochen revolved even faster. It could clearly be seen that a large area of golden fog surrounded his body, as he appeared like a meat grinder, resolutely striking the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon.

“Condemning Revolving Sword?” At his back, Sheng Lingxin cried out in surprise.

Chapter 178

Confronting the tyrannical Golden-Veined Demon, Long Haochen employed his most powerful attack, Condemning Revolving Sword.

Having reached the fifth step of cultivation, a change of nature appeared in Long Haochen’ Condemning Revolving Sword, and his comprehension of it. Most of all, he came to comprehend how to increase the power he borrowed; he would deepen his understanding by a far larger extent after blocking consecutive blows.

Currently putting everything in his disposition to use, he appeared like a resplendent golden spiral, drawing support from the power of the Golden- Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s offense; his body’s revolving speed could not be followed by the naked eye.

That wide area of golden fog was due to Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, which was just revolving at an astonishing speed when fully used; ear- piercing frictions unceasingly resounded. Although the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon Ruler was powerful, its body could in the end not compare with Long Haochen’s two swords. While its two solid forelimbs were continuously brandished, trying to resist, Long Haochen had already left several marks on its body.

Watching this scene, Sheng Lingxin felt dull.

Condemning Revolving Sword! It’s really Condemning Revolving Sword! The great majority of people didn’t know even the existence of this technique, but how could he not know about it?
That reminded him of that moment, an event that occurred nearly twenty years ago.


“Elder brother Long, you’re so strong! What was this blow called?
How is it that I have never seen it before?”

“You little heel, hurry up to return and cultivate seriously. Otherwise, your grandfather will beat your butt up again.”

“Elder brother Long, tell me what this technique is called first. Is it okay to teach it to me?”

“Okay, but return and train first. After you break through the fifth step, I will pass it to you. This is the Retribution Knight technique I personally created. Its name is Condemning Revolving Sword. Borrowing force to use it as its own, it is a secret technique for the weak to defeat the strong. Although you are an assassin, you are also a dual-handed weapon wielder, so you should barely be able to learn it.”
“Wah, so cool! I’ll definitely break through the fifth step this year!” “As long as you are willing to put in the necessary effort, your
grandfather won’t beat you up for not meeting his expectations. But you have to remember that even to a knight, an ability like Condemning Revolving Sword is only suitable to be used as a final blow. You have make good preparations before using it; if you use it from the start, you’ll be in danger because of your comparatively weak defense as an assassin. Furthermore, your weapons aren’t as long as the ones we knights use.”

These words rang in his ears, as if it had happened the day before. But he had not seen this tall and majestic figure for many years already.

Sheng Lingxin’s two eyes suddenly became filled with grief as the golden light in front of his eyes turned even more dazzling.
Elder brother Long, are you alright? So many years passed since I last saw you, how are you right now?

Condemning Revolving Sword, this Long Haochen actually really used Condemning Revolving Sword. Wait, he… His surname is Long, could it be that he is…

At this point of thinking, Sheng Lingxin only felt that his whole body turned cold, and he appeared instantly shaken, as if he had been electrocuted.

If… If he really is Elder Brother Long’s child, how could I let him be in such a d

That’s right, at the same time Sheng Lingxin started staring blankly, Long Haochen’s situation was already very dangerous.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon was even more powerful than he imagined. With the Condemning Revolving Sword’s overkill attack speed in addition to its method of borrowing power to make it the user’s own, even if Long Haochen’s display of strength was far exceeding his own level, the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon he was facing was actually not just a demon of the sixth step, but one at the peak of the sixth step, a single step away from becoming an existence categorizable as a powerhouse of the seventh step.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon was abruptly blocked by Long Haochen, and his Condemning Revolving Sword turned out to be quite troublesome, but after slightly stabilizing itself, its pair of forelimbs erupted with incomparably terrifying power.

That’s right, Long Haochen’s Condemning Revolving Sword was good at borrowing force, but how much of such an excessive power could be borrowed?

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s pair of forelimbs was simultaneously abruptly raised, violently producing a colliding sound and dispersing the golden lump of light formed by Long Haochen’s swords. In
midair, Long Haochen felt a bitter feeling in his throat, and couldn’t refrain from spouting out a mouthful of blood.

Transmitted to him, that terrible power completely vibrated his body.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon vigorously stepped forward, pushing its own enormous body forward, so as to pursue Long Haochen. Its pair of sharp blades-like forelimbs were immediately raised. If they were to really strike Long Haochen head-on, Long Haochen could only receive severe wounds.

“Houu” A roar full of rage resounded at that moment; it was Haoyue.

Red, golden, green. Three radiances were were simultaneously spurted out, forming three arrows shining of intense light condensing in the air before brazenly striking the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s body.

The Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s body was exceedingly huge, and in the air, Long Haochen had no way to avoid him. The three radiance were condensed into a thin purple layer, violently erupting with a rumbling sound and unexpectedly exploding directly at the chest of this Golden- Veined Dual Bladed Demon,piercing its carapace and leaving a huge crack on its chest.

But when he unleashed this blow, the radiance coming out from Haoyue’s three heads and six eyes turned a lot dimmer.

At this moment, Sheng Yue was completely startled.

Having discovered that Long Haochen seemed to have a relationship with the Elder Brother Long in his memories, he didn’t have the slightest hesitation. Turning into a pitch black shadow, he disappeared in the night sky like a mirage, and without letting out the slightest metallic luster, a black shape flashed before disappearing.

At the moment it vanished, all the water within the scope of this figure turned into ice.
It was his materialized killing intent that affected the surrounding temperature at a terrifying rate.

How could a damaged breastplate withstand with such a sharp attack?

In the next instant, a dark green liquid abruptly flowed out from the back of the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon, its enormous body falling down with a loud bang.

The assassin’s individual attack would forever be most powerful among the Six Great Temples, to say nothing of the fact that this Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon’s attention had been attracted by Long Haochen and Haoyue. As a powerhouse at the peak of the seventh step, Sheng Lingxin naturally handled that Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon with a single sure-kill blow.

Despotic Stab. If Cai’er was there, she would definitely have been able to call out what ability Sheng Lingxin used. Despotic Stab didn’t only have a extremely powerful attack power; it also came with an impact power, making the Golden-Veined Dual Bladed Demon instantly fall out on the ground.

At that moment, Long Haochen happened to be falling down from the air. Immediately, Haoyue leaped without sparing any effort, catching him in midair.

Long Haochen just took a pill without the slightest hesitation; it was precisely the Energy Pill, as that jade colored pill was called by Lin Xin.

A sparkling and translucent dark green color appearing at the surface of his body, Long Haochen felt a great boost of power on his body. At the same time, Little Light released a Holy Mantle falling on his body and treating the wounds on his internal organs.

“Are you okay?” Sheng Lingxin’s voice sounded in Long Haochen’s ears.
When described, this scene seemed to have occurred slowly, but in reality, everything took place in a very short timespan.From the moment Long Haochen put his Condemning Revolving Sword to use to the moment he fell on Haoyue’s back at the end of the battle, only a few seconds passed. At the same time that Dark-Veined Dual Bladed Demon fell down, the Brilliant Angel Knights charged without the slightest obstruction.

At this instant, both armies clashed severely with each other.

After the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment charged through a long distance, enormous golden wings appeared at the two sides of their bodies. Relying on them, they reduced by a large extent the weight they put on their mount. And on their front side, this pair of golden wings was as sharp as a blade. Charging in these circumstances, they could display a formidable might, tearing to shreds demon after demon. The heavy swords in their hand struck brutally with the boost of their spiritual energy. The armies of demons attacked were instantly defeated, and everything in the path of their swords was destroyed.

The Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was truly formed of elites among the elites of Exorcist City. These three thousand knights could be said to be the most powerful troops formed of knights to be charged with the defense of the Exorcist Mountain Range. And no other Temple had such assistance power as this Knight Temple. It was truly for the best that the relationship between the Assassin Temple and the Knight Temple was the best one.

Furthermore, at the back of each Brilliant Angel Knight was an assassin, or more precisely, an Assassin of the Dark Night belonging to the Assassin Temple. They were also at the fifth step of cultivation, prime examples of the saying ‘Knight and Assassin forming a single entity’ as it had been said to Long Haochen and Cai’er.

The assault of these Brilliant Angel Knights was enough to cope with all the demons under the fifth step. Even those who barely avoided the knights had no way to escape the following attacks from the Assassins of the Dark Night. Every time they ran into an opponent at the fifth step or above it, at least a dozen of shadows would immediately twinkle. In the battlefield, individual power was after all negligible. In the front of ten assassins of the
fifth step attacking with full force, even a powerhouse of the seventh step would find it hard to resist unless he possessed extremely formidable equipment.

At the time of this instantaneous clash, over ten thousand demons that clashed against this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment fell apart. In the process, an innumerable amount of heads fell down.

“I’m alright.” Having heard Sheng Lingxin’s voice that seemed filled with deep concern, Long Haochen unconsciously blurted out that reply.

Although he was only an Earth Knight, Haoyue was an expert at using magic, and not good with the knight-style of charging and breaking through the enemy lines. Since they had already come that far, Long Haochen could only make an all out effort and be the one to carry this duty.

He was fighting for his own survival!

“You will simply have to listen to my commands and charge forward; never stop! When we encounter enemies, I will intervene personally to dispose of them.” Sheng Lingxin’s slightly gloomy voice was heard.

“Yes.” With these words pronounced by Sheng Lingxin, Long Haochen immediately felt the pressure on him lowering. The other mounts had already caught up with them, overtaking Haoyue. In the front, demons appeared unceasingly, and against demons of the fourth step or higher, a chillness would violently shoot out from Long Haochen’s side, making any of the demons in their path unable to stop them in the slightest. As for the ones with inferior cultivation level, they would be left for him to make contribution points from them. At this very moment, Long Haochen suddenly noticed something indistinct appearing in his line of sight, as the part of the demons’ main forces that previously clashed against them seemed to have been already entirely defeated. Against all expectations, only wide open ground was left in the front.

“Be careful, it’s the Invisible Demons from the Dyke Clan!” Sheng Lingxin’s voice suddenly turned grim as it was raised up.

Chapter 179

–trust me, you don’t want to know the title in advance; not yet at least. —

Long Haochen was surprised. Slightly lifting up his two swords, an intense golden flame suddenly erupted, rippling around his body. In this night filled with the reek of blood, this golden flame appeared like a sacred light trying to purify the surroundings. At the same time as it illuminated all the surroundings in an instant. It incidentally emitted a blazing aura, seemingly cleaning a great part of the surroundings of the smell of blood.

Sunlight fire.

This was the ability Yang Wenzhao had previously used. After breaking through the fifth step, Long Haochen also unlocked this formidable Retribution Knight ability from the inheritance ring he received from his father.

Sunlight fire had a very high consumption of spiritual energy, but was a very powerful ability combining attack and defense. It didn’t persist for very long at the time Yang Wenzhao relied on it, but it enabled him to overwhelm Long Haochen completely. Relying on his special physique as the Scion of Light, the consumption of spiritual energy of this fully used Sunlight fire was already a lot less. More importantly, he still had Little Light’s assistance as well as the pills given by Lin Xin.

Long Haochen had faced these Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons before, but that time, it was a single Invisible Demon and no more, that almost managed to take Lin Jia Lu’s life. Even if at the present time, he felt slightly
distracted, this was the battlefield of a real war, so one could imagine well the amount of Invisible Demons they were going to face.

Seeing that they couldn’t block this front, the demon army dispatched a great amount of Invisible Demons, planning to rely on assassination to weaken the power of this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.

This was obviously not the first time this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment had entered in the battlefield. Over the past battles, demons had also accumulated some experience in dealing with them. This was after all a combination between knights and assassins, and at that moment, they had already traveled quite a distance from the Exorcist Mountain Pass, leaving the range of the priests’ Eyes of Truth. The formidable concealing capabilities of these Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons would give extreme headaches to these knights and assassins. The Assassins of the Dark Night could still rely on their own speed and concealing capabilities to evade, but the Brilliant Angel Knights just appeared like distinct targets.

Long Haochen narrowed his eyes, his mental strength already increased to its peak. Moving promptly and with no hesitation, Blue Rain released a Lightning Thrust at his left side.

The Hibiscus of Light’s power was unleashed, hundreds of thousands of rays of lights produced in a very wide area.

Ding, ding, ding, ding… Repeated series of exploding sounds resounded, as a faintly discernible figure appeared in Long Haochen’s line of sight.

Instantly transferring his sunlight fire, he immediately linked the Lightning Thrust with a Light Thorn.

Ordinary Light Thorn didn’t have much offensive power, but a Light Thorn used in combination with Lightning Thrust could already match Shining Sunlight Strike in power. The dazzling golden flame took the shape of an enormous blade before slashing the air.

With a pu sound, a grey-colored demon was slashed in two pieces by Long Haochen’s strike before falling down. A slice of scorched black color
was produced by the burnt darkness on the edge of the sword.

But this was just a beginning.

Just at the same time Long Haochen disposed of this Dyke Invisible Demon, slashing sounds could already be heard from three different directions.

At this time, the reflexes that Long

The strength of the Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons was at least at the fourth step. The Holy Spirit Sword in Long Haochen’s hand produced countless brilliant rays, and balls shining of white unceasingly blossomed and glinted in front of Long Haochen, each of these white glitters producing a ding noise. Because he was charging at the upfront, Long Haochen naturally confronted a lot more Dyke Invisible Demons than the others.

At least seven or eight of them were attacking him from all sides, but waving his pair of heavy swords, Long Haochen actually blocked all these attacks, leaving no flaw in his defense. At the same time, the effects of the sunlight fire were being activated, leaving more or less ashes on the bodies of these Invisible Demons.

The light attribute was the best at restraining demons using the darkness attribute. The sunlight fire surrounding Long Haochen’s body was thus showing extreme might, burning the weapons of the absolute majority of the Invisible Demons.

A circle of red flames spread out, weakening the offensive power of these Invisible Demons by a large extent. This was the Repelling Ring of Fire released by Little Flame.

Immediately, Long Haochen’s two swords danced, a Light Thorn erupting from them. Light Thorns supplemented with the sunlight fire were not something these Invisible Demons had the capability to block, immediately being slice like wheat before dying in a single blow.
From the beginning, Sheng Lingxin had been following Long Haochen closely, for fear that he would be sneakily attacked by one of these Invisible Demons. But when he saw that Long Haochen’s response was so good, he couldn’t help but secretly feel impressed.

What kind of perception was that? To go as far as to be able to sense the location of these raiding Dyke Clan’s Invisible Demons and show such a fine response. But in the contrary, he didn’t feel so impressed by this sunlight fire Long Haochen employed. If Long Haochen was really the son of this Elder Brother Long, the fact he could use sunlight fire was no big deal.

The approaching Dyke Invisible Demons were numbering more than a thousand. Just as the knights of this Dazzling Angel Knight Regiment were in the middle of advancing, ear-piercing metallic colliding sounds occasionally broke out.

These Invisible Demons were indeed ferocious; they were just like assassins of the Assassin Temple, specializing in finding weak points to attack, and their speed was just astonishing. Even if the knights were clad in plate armor, their bodies would still be pierced. As a result, the charging speed of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment immediately dropped down; these knights matching with the Assassins of the Dark Night could only rely on their perception and their own judgement to resist these Invisible Demons.

Sheng Lingxin wrinkled his brows and declared in a deep voice, “Something doesn’t feel right. The demons shouldn’t have known in advance when we would be rushing out; how could they deploy so many Dyke Invisible Demons to intercept us? Could it be that they had planified everything in advance?”

Thinking to this point, Sheng Lingxin came back to his senses. A golden ball of light was suddenly tossed from his hand, as he shouted out, “Move around to the left side and return to the Exorcist Mountain Pass!”

In his capacity as commander of chief, although he couldn’t be sure of whether his own judgement was correct, because the Brilliant Angel Knight
Regiment was the true elites of the elites of this Exorcist Mountain Pass, his current purpose was to pierce the enemy’s’ defenses the most possible. The purpose of the operation was to kill a great amount of enemies while intimidating the demons. At the same time, it would earn some preparation time to the mages and priests in the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

But the situation unfolding before his eyes was evidently far from good. The Dyke Invisible Demons had appeared at a too great speed, so much that just after they broke into the demons’ forces, their killing power had slowed down too greatly. The Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment’s greatest superiority lied in their speed and their piercing power. In case their speed lowered, their piercing power would also lower. The demons had at least an army of hundred thousands there, so in case they were to be surrounded, without their speed advantage, even if this army of three thousand man had even greater strength, even with the match between the Brilliant Angel Knights and the Assassins of the Dark Night, they would have no way to leave this battlefield.

Thus, Sheng Lingxin would rather act more prudently and was unwilling to keep advancing forward. Seeing how dark the sky was currently, he estimated that it would be hard to see the enemies’ reinforcements coming.

Long Haochen would obviously not question Sheng Lingxin’s order. Because of his outstanding perception coupled with the sunfire light, the Invisible Demons would find it very difficult to bring harm to him.

Accordingly to his instructions, Haoyue rapidly turned to the left side before advancing; thanks to the characteristic of the sunlight fire that appeared so bright, the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment on the rear found it easier to follow him.

But the enormous amount of Dyke Invisible Demons that had been dispatched was even great than Sheng Lingxin thought. Although the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment followed Long Haochen in turning around, because of the attacks of the numerous Invisible Demons, they felt as if they were sunk into a quagmire and found it hard to advance.
At this precise moment, with silent incantations, Little Light ferociously flung his own head backwards, releasing out a ball of light releasing a luster appearing illusory and shooting out towards the rear.

In the next instant, a faint white radiance was spread into the sky in a range of at least a hundred square meters.

In midair, the white light condensed and sparkled, and immediately, a great amount of grey silhouettes became visible.

Eyes of Truth? Is it really Eyes of Truth?

At the same time Sheng Lingxin was greatly shocked, he couldn’t help but have a whole new level of respect for this strange mount of Long Haochen’s.

Haoyue’s three heads had been incessantly using magic with perfect matching with Long Haochen, as if they were a single individual. And just now, he released the ability Eyes of Truth only priests were supposed to be able to learn; how could this not shock him?

In these many occasions, it wasn’t offensive power that was the most required, but utility. Eyes of Truths was merely a third step spell, but when used in such circumstances, it provided the best help one could ask for!

The strength of the Dyke Invisible Enemies was merely at the fourth step, and this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment was formed of powerhouse of the fifth step dressed with armor of superior quality, who furthermore had the help of the Assassins of the Dark Night. In case these Invisible Demons were to become visible, this battle would just turn into a bloody and one- sided slaughter.

In no more but a few seconds, the integrality of the Dyke Invisible Demons within the scope of a hundred square meters died, and at least 200 Brilliant Angel Knights were liberated.

“Long Haochen, have your mount to keep releasing the Eyes of Truth; we have to reduce our speed.” Sheng Lingxin made prompt decisions. The
situation with these Invisible Demons was not settled yet, so their retreating speed was just too slow, and the demons’ main forces were already rushing out to this side.

“Yes.” Long Haochen gave a short reply and Haoyue stopped advancing. Eyes of Truth were released one after another from Little Light’s mouth, illuminating the entire rear. A large quantity of Invisible Demons unceasingly had their blood to turn into a part of the soil, under the effects of the Brilliant Angel Knights’ weapon.

Originally, the knights were very puzzled on why Long Haochen and Haoyue were placed in the most front of the battlefield, but they were now truly glad it was the case. This was truly a great reinforcement worthy of the deepest respect! The fact there was actually a mount with the capability of using Eyes of Truth was of the utmost importance to these knights. This was not the first time they suffered losses because of these Dyke Invisible Demons. Admittedly, Little Light was the only one who could use Eyes of Truth…

But his casting speed was just astonishing! And the range his ability covered was very wide. His existence was already enough to cover the entirety of this knight squadron.

Chapter 180

Having settled the problem of the Dyke Invisible Demons, and seeing that on the other side, the demon army was already rushing in their direction, Sheng Lingxin immediately commanded Long Haochen to keep going.

They had to cover a mere kilometer before entering the range of protection of the Exorcist Mountain Pass.

Although this attack failed, it still took out a large amount of demons, and earned some time for the Exorcist Mountain Pass. As long as their losses weren’t too large, Sheng Lingxin would be able to accept these results.

Just as Long Haochen’s mount finally turned his head and the Sunlight Fire was stopped, a shocking scene occurred before their eyes.

Just as they were about to return on the only path, three huge light pillars suddenly rocketed in the air.

Each of these light pillars was over thirty meters in diameter. Under this pitch black night sky, the three-hundred-meter plus pillars appeared extremely distinct.

The three pillars were of different colors: the one in the middle was a blazing red color, while the ones of the two sides were black and green- colored.
It looked as though a real and material pillar was standing within each of these three thick light pillars. On them, inscriptions were carved, and they were decorated with magnificent designs that Long Haochen had never seen before.

The three enormous light pillars released an intense oppressive aura. Blocking the only path of return, they stood in front of the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.

The situation Sheng Lingxin was the most unwilling to see had finally happened. Clearly, the demons had set up this trap long ago, waiting for the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment to come out. This trap was not of the most brilliant kind; it was only about waiting around the stumps for hares. Until now, the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment had always been the greatest threat to demons, and as the military chief of the Exorcist Mountain Pass, Sheng Lingxin would definitely have mobilized them outside of the barrier sooner or later.

After all, the knights’ favorite battlefield was the plain, and not the defense of a city wall. The trap set up by the enemies had finally worked.

Sheng Lingxin took a deep breath, entering a bizarre state. Long Haochen clearly felt that the military chief at his back was completely dull, even more incomprehensible than before.

“Long Haochen, you should know about Long Xingyu right?” At this time, Sheng Lingxin asked Long Haochen an unexpected question.

“Eh?” Long Haochen felt completely baffled.

Sheng Lingxin smiled humbly and declared, “I really didn’t expect that I would meet Elder Brother Long’s offspring. You don’t need to deny it. Condemning Revolving Sword was the technique Elder Brother Long created personally. Who would he teach it to, aside from his offspring? In this world, I only know three people who can use this ability, one of them is Elder Brother Long himself, the second one is you…”
At this point, he took a pause, declaring in a voice full of emotions, “And the last one is me.”

Long Haochen turned his head to look at Sheng Lingxin and discovered that this military chief carried in his face a gentle expression, looking at him without anything else in his expression but gentleness.

“Mister chief, you…”

Sheng Lingxin’s smile didn’t decrease at all, “I used to be the most faithful attendant supporting Elder Brother Long in the past. He is my idol, and in my heart, Elder Brother Long’s status even surpasses grandfather’s. I really didn’t expect to see Elder Brother Long’s Condemning Revolving Sword once again in today’s battle.”

Long Haochen light

“Father? So you were indeed his son. Haha, great, truly great. It looks like Cai’er really has good taste.” Sheng Lingxin laughed heartily. The three enormous and fantastic light pillars were standing nearby, but in spite of everything, he was laughing in such a situation.

“Mister chief, what is going on?” Long Haochen felt an indistinct uneasy feeling growing bigger and bigger in him.

Sheng Lingxin replied indifferently, “Never mind, I just recalled some events that happened in the past. Did these demon spawn think they could annihilate my Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment like that? Truly ridiculous. In a little, don’t attack, and have your mount rush to the left side. I will be holding the enemy back.”

“Yes. Honorable chief, what are these three light pillars?” As Long Haochen listened to Sheng Lingxin’s command, he could still not help but ask curiously.

Sheng Lingxin gave him an irrelevant reply, “Is this the first time you step on the battlefield?”
Long Haochen nodded without thinking.

Sheng Lingxin faintly smiled, his handsome face displaying traces of madness, “You are really lucky. The first time you set on the battlefield, you get to see personally the most powerful existences among demons. Have you heard about the seventy-two demon gods? Those are three of them.”

Long Haochen stared at him, totally dumbstruck. He really wanted to ask this military chief at the peak of the seventh step why he was currently smiling. According to Long Haochen’s knowledge, among the seventy two demon gods, even the weakest one was a powerhouse at the peak of the eighth step.

Just at that time, Sheng Lingxin raised his hand, a lump of light shooting out to the sky. Traces of light spread forward, taking the shape of a dazzlingly beautiful flower in the sky.

Long Haochen could currently see that in the night sky, Sheng Lingxin was using a peculiar method to transmit an order to the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment.

As expected, as the traces of light spread around, the Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment at their back suddenly slowed down, changing their previous assault formation to a defensive formation. All of the Brilliant Angel Knights took the same formation, no longer moving at the slightest, entering a completely defensive formation.

Long Haochen hadn’t awoken from the stupor he had fallen into upon hearing everything Sheng Lingxin said about the seventy-two demon gods. When he was young, he came to learn about the existence of these seventy- two demon gods; that more than six thousand years before, it was precisely because these seventy-two demon gods descended that the continent entered the dark age from the glorious era.

Looking at those three enormous light pillars linking heaven and earth, he unconsciously felt as if he was extremely small.
“Stop.” Sheng Lingxin ordered.

Long Haochen hastingly had Haoyue to stop his steps. At that moment, these three light pillars started to move from the sky, seemingly moving slowly, but actually rapidly heading to their direction.

As his body flashed, Sheng Lingxin jumped to the ground. Turning his head towards Long Haochen, the smiling expression on his face seemed to appear a lot warmer, “Remember my words, advance to the left side and leave. With your current strength, you shouldn’t attract their attention. In the future, treat Cai’er well. You are Elder Brother Long’s son, so I can be at ease. I leave my daughter to you.”

He is Cai’er’s father?

At that instant, Long Haochen finally understood why he had to follow Sheng Lingxin in the battlefield. He was actually Cai’er’s father, and the husband of that mage regiment captain Lan Yanyu. It was no wonder that he previously acted so coldly towards Long Haochen. It was because of his position as Cai’er’s father!

Sheng Lingxin only gave a simple explanation to him before slowly moving forward, ready to welcome these three immense light pillars. A layer of grey air condensed around his body, as his appearance turned into something close to a sharp grey-colored crystal. A pair of little grey wings resembling those of the Brilliant Knights slowly condensed at his back, unfolding gracefully before becoming smaller, sticking close to his back. In each of his hands, a grey glow shone; it seemed to be a pair of grey daggers.

The scene unfolding before his eyes astounded Long Haochen greatly. Under the sinister night sky, Sheng Lingxin appeared like a single wolf, welcoming those three peak demons coming from afar to him.

The three enormous light pillars seemed to grow closer and closer; in comparison to the radiance blossoming from them, Sheng Lingxin seemed really tiny. But his shoulders that did not seem so wide at first glance looked as though they were able to resist everything, to overcome this situation.
Long Haochen didn’t directly mount Haoyue to head off to the left side. Dazedly, he stared at Sheng Lingxin, who stepped forward in this place reeking of blood. As for Long Haochen, he only felt as if something was choking him from the inside of his stomach.

Just to breath, he already needed to exert himself physically. Without a doubt, on this battlefield reeking of blood, the sky was turning muddy. And for a mere second, Long Haochen shut his eyes.

His heart was burning, his blood was boiling, his spiritual energy was igniting and his boundless fighting spirit was completely flaming.

Can I really return just like that? In front of this Brilliant Angel Knight Regiment and the Assassins of the Night accompanying them, am I about to go back?

What about my honor as a knight? If I were to act this way, would I still deserve to be called a knight?

How will I account for Cai’er? Will I just have to tell her that I abandoned her father and fled for my life, by myself?

Slowly raising his head, Long Haochen’s eyes filled with pride, “I am the son of Long Xingyu, the Divine Knight of Adjudication and Punishment , possessing the Divine Throne of Doom and Slaughter. Even if I have to die in the battlefield by staying, how can I desert the army?”

Opening his both eyes once again, Long Haochen’s look was brimming with resolution. Haoyue turned his three heads around, looking at him, lightly nodding.

Long Haochen was mentally interconnected with him, and could naturally tell out Haoyue’s thoughts. Because of the blood contract between the two of them, if Long Haochen were to die, Haoyue wouldn’t be able to keep living. Thus, if Long Haochen didn’t want to leave, Haoyue would follow him in a battle for life or death.
Deeply eyeing at the distant Exorcist Mountain, Long Haochen’s expression softened. Cai’er, if I can return alive, I will claim a kiss from you.

“Haoyue, let’s go.” Long Haochen shouted out loudly, a few pills appearing in his hand. After taking a Spiritual Recovering Pill and fully operating the power in his Saint Spiritual Stove, he could recover to some extent the spiritual energy he had previously consumed.

Haoyue dashed with his four limbs, quickly pursuing Sheng Lingxin.

Sheng Lingxin suddenly turned his head around, furiously asking, “Why are you not leaving yet?”

Long Haochen stared at him with a firm and stubborn look, “I am a knight. If I were to abandon you, how could I have the qualifications to stay by Cai’er’s side? I am Long Xingyu’s son, and only the Long Haochen who battles to death, who doesn’t abandon his comrades to flee for his life by himself, is Long Haochen.”

Sheng Lingxin stared at him blankly. In Long Haochen’s look, he seemed to see the unequalled Divine Knight of Adjudication and Punishment of his memories, galloping tranquilly on the battlefield.

Long Haochen’s look full of determination was already telling him a lot of things, that he will never shrink back because of confronting a powerful enemy. In this instant, Sheng Lingxin felt full of regrets; why did he let this Long Haochen enter a such dangerous situation?!
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