Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 141-150


Chapter 141

A twisting silhouette became faintly visible in front of Han Qian. If Long Haochen was here, he would definitely recognize that this thin elder that appeared from a sort of distortion was precisely the one who guarded the Alliance’s Treasure Vault that day.

A great change appeared on Han Qian’s face; revealing a bitter expression, he said, “Saint elder, my bad. A person of such a great moral stature as you naturally wouldn’t remember the offenses of this humble servant, there is no need for you to lower yourself to my level!”

The thin elder coldly snorted, “I don’t care about your bullshit. Just come with me to the Assassin Stadium. If you don’t want to, how about taking that grandson of yours there instead? ”

Han Qian deeply sighed, and replied with an heroic expression, “I… I’ll go, okay? Please don’t be too strict with me!”

The thin elder took a step forward and advanced into the distortion, instantly disappearing. As he disappeared instantly, a noise of cold snort was left in the air.

Han Qian looked at Ying Suifeng, and Ying Suifeng showed a helpless expression, “ time, just keep this mouth of yours shut. This younger brother will pray for your well-being.”

Han Qian said with a sullen face, “The Saint elder is already this old, but he’s still as fierce as in the past. Brother, I am leaving…”
In the end, Long Haochen didn’t manage to overtake Cai’er and returned alone to his hotel with a helpless feeling.

As he was advancing forward, he suddenly giggled in realization. His beautiful and big eyes opened wide, Cai’er’s last words, this mh, could it be… could it be an agreement to my request? She… She agreed to let me hug her!

Yes, she definitely did! I’m so stupid, I only noticed now. If it wasn’t like that, why would Cai’er have run away?

Long Haochen felt flame raising in his whole body, he was on fire! As his left hand shook, he couldn’t help but reminisce about that day when he got to feel Cai’er’s slender waist.

He went back, going to pursue his cultivation seriously. I will definitely get first place. An intense conviction filled him as he took big strides forward in the direction of his room.

On the other side of the street, from an unremarkable corner, Cai’er listened to his footsteps and their change of rhythm. Her beautiful face slightly flushed, she revealed from the corner of her mouth the trace of a touching smile.

The knock-out competition entered its second day. The atmosphere had become much fiercer. Today, the top four was going to be decided from these eight competitors. The ones who would win today would have a 75% chance to obtain one of the rewarded spiritual stoves. Without a doubt, all of the competitors were going to make an all-out effort to seize victory.

Long Haochen came very early to the Knight Stadium. Seeing Cai’er seated at the same place as the day before, Long Haochen rushed to her and discretely took her hand. She did no more than slightly lower her head, without uttering a single word.

Because she conceded yesterday, Li Xin was already eliminated and could only sit in one of the seats in the rear of the lounge.
Long Haochen really liked this feeling, this atmosphere that was shared only by the two of them. Just by holding her hand, a satisfied smile appeared on his face.

“For the eight-to-four matches, the drawing of lots will begin. The top eight competitors may enter the stadium. ”

Long Haochen pulled Cai’er’s hand and stood up, but what pleasantly surprised him was that this time, Cai’er didn’t take her hand back, instea

Cai’er was an intelligent girl with a strong opinion, but when she leaned on Long Haochen’s shoulder yesterday, she already did not fear other people talking of them anymore. In that instant, she met this relationship between Long Haochen and herself head on.

When the six other competitors looked at this couple of sweethearts, their expressions changed greatly. Among them, some had already experienced Long Haochen’s strength by themselves, while some others didn’t know about it at all, but each of them saw the terrific display showed by Cai’er yesterday.

Quickly, the top eight contestants arrived to the center of the platform. The method of drawing lots was completely the same as the day before, only the count of people was a lot fewer.

Long Haochen was somewhat astonished to discover that his grand- teacher had an ugly expression today. More precisely, he looked pale, as if unhealthy, as his eyes were void of any expression. Also, the muscles in his face occasionally twitched, with no way of guessing what could have happened to him.

“The drawing is about to start.” Han Qian said dispiritedly. He repeatedly sighed to himself, This old man has already such a high age, but it still ended with me being beaten up like that, it’s really too pathetic.

As he pulled Cai’er’s hand on one side, Long Haochen lifted up his other hand. With a halo pressed down from above, he simultaneously lifted up his head, looking at the other competitors,
Among the other six others who managed to enter the top eight, there were only two people Long Haochen recognized, Yang Wenzhao and Huang Yi. Among the other four, there was also that knight of the fifth step that Long Haochen had already encountered before.

With a twinkle of golden light, the drawing of lots was immediately completed.

In the middle of this drawing of lots, Long Haochen’s gaze was fixed upon Cai’er’s body. Naturally, the one he desired least to end up against was her.

It seemed that his luck was pretty good. The golden shades on their bodies were clearly different. Surely, they wouldn’t have to fight each other today. Long Haochen lifted up his head, and looked at the others.

The eight elites were now ready for the show, and as expected, some were joyful and some worried. The most depressed was Huang Yi, because his opponent for this eight-to-four match was precisely that Cai’er. Seeing the same light on Cai’er’s body as the one on his own, Huang Yi was full of bitterness. He knew, and was afraid that this was the end of his advancement in the competition.

Contrary to expectations, his mental state was still okay though. It was because Huang Yi knew that no matter who the opponent he would be against today, his odds of victory were not very high anyways. The only sad thing was that the opponent he drew today was just the one he was the least likely to prevail over among all the others.

Long Haochen also saw his own opponent. The one he had to face today was the control-beast-user of the fifth step, coming from the Spiritual Temple. Clearly, this wasn’t going to be an easy match.

The Knight Temple had the same bad luck once again. Yang Wenzhao and the last knight of the fifth step drew each other. In the end, they couldn’t avoid another match between knights. Only, Yang Wenzhao looked at ease. He felt, on the contrary, that his luck was quite good. At least, he didn’t end up against Cai’er.
The last pair was naturally composed of the other assassin, peaked fourth step, and the sole warrior who advanced to this stage. They both looked happy, because without a doubt, they were the two who had the lowest strength of the top eight, closely followed by Huang Yi.

This was the perfect opportunity for them to stake everything to take this chance of entering the top four.

Han Qian’s face looked even more terrible than before. This luck was really too lacking, for him to make his own people draw each other once again.

However, no one dared to laugh at him today. Each match of this day was going to be of the utmost importance to every one of the Six Great Temples. Could their Temple enter the top four in one go? To enter the top four was akin to only one step away from the threshold of the top three. This wasn’t only about the spiritual stove offered as a reward, but to each of the Six Great Temples, this was one of the greatest symbols of honor!

Ying Suifeng was quite better off. He had extreme confidence in Cai’er, and furthermore, two of the youths from his Assassin Temple managed to enter the top eight, so his chances were quite great. Aside from the other three auxiliary hall masters who didn’t have any of their youths in the top three, all others stared fixedly at their own disciples, seemingly communicating something to them with their looks.

“The ones with the most shallow colors, can remain, and the others can return to the lounge.” Han Qian said dispiritedly.

Long Haochen’s pair of eyes flashed; today, he was the one carrying the most shallow color.

“Cai’er, your opponent is Huang Yi, earth system mage of the fifth step. He possesses an Earth Elemental Fairy. He’s good at using the [Earthly Waves] technique, and uses it in particular for fast displacement. You are in the fourth match, I am in the first one. Go back to the lounge first.”
He wasn’t going to repeat yesterday’s mistake. Not only did he tell Cai’er who her opponent was, but he also precisely detailed his characteristics for her sake.

Long Haochen didn’t try to cover his words at all, and Huang Yi’s face looked even more bitter. Similarly, the Saint Mage Tutor Lin Chen from the Mage Temple had an agonizing appearance. Giving Cai’er a look before giving Huang Yi another one, he looked completely helpless, and his face was lacking any color.

The others slowly drew back from the field, leaving only Long Hao Chen and that control-beast-user. The referee already entered the stadium, activating the protection barrier that surrounded it.

“Long Haochen from the Knight Temple against Liao Yu from the Spiritual Temple. Both parties will start at a distance of 50 meters from each other.”

Long Haochen slowly drew back, while attentively observing his opponent.

Liao Yu was a youth with a slim build, and approximately the same height as the fourteen year-old Long Haochen. His age was for sure past 20. His appearance was above average, and his face looked pale. But his eyes were particularly glittering, and had a powerful reflection power. As he slowly drew back too, his look was fixed on Long Haochen.

As the distance between both parties was gradually increasing, the war of gazes had already started between the two of them.

Liao Yu carried in his hand a white-colored staff. This color of staff was quite uncommon; it was hard to guess from what kind of material it was made of.

“The match may begin.” In the instant the distance of 50 meters was reached, the referee called out loudly, and simultaneously, his body flashed, retreating at high speed, and leaving the two youths by themselves in the stadium.
Liao Yu had made his preparations long ago. As soon as the start of this match was announced, his chant erupted in a flash. At the same time, a white-lustered ring was distributed around his body.

Clearly, his incantations weren’t as fast as that Bai Xiao Mo or that Fang Zhu’s, but his diction was a lot clearer. Furthermore, it seemed to have a fantastic rhythm. Even more unusual, together with the recitation of this incantation, he unceasingly waved the staff in his hands. With a similar tempo as his chant, mystical milky-white-colored characters formed all around him. In a mere three seconds, a huge white door was formed before him, and a sort of lightning-elemental magical beast leapt from it.

This was an entirely snow-white-skinned leopard with blue stripes. Its height was only approximately 2 meters and it didn’t look too robust, but it gave off a strong yet beautiful feel.

Liao Yu took a step forward, as this snow leopard instantly became covered with a white halo, and in the next instant, Liao Yu appeared on the Snow Leopard’s back.

Snow Shadow Leopard. As fast as lightning, as swift as wind, and expert at ice control magic. Different Snow Shadow Leopards master different innate magic. And in terms of speed, it was among the best-ranked species of magical beasts.

Looking at the magical beast summoned by his counterpart, Long Haochen immediately made his judgement. His father and his teacher taught him everything about the overwhelming majority of existing species of different magical beasts, including the Snow Shadow Leopard. Without a doubt, Liao Yu didn’t want to use this Snow Shadow Leopard for attacking purposes, but to behave as a mount. Relying on it, he would try to stall for time.

In the moment Liao Yu executed his summon, Long Haochen didn’t directly charge. On his forehead, purple characters shone, turning into a deep-purple-colored illumination spreading from his body to the ground. Nine lines were drawn and flashed, before turning into naught, and at this
moment Haoyue’s enormous figure had already appeared on the ground. In regard to summoning speed, he was truly even faster than Liao Yu.

A mount? He has a mount? In the first row of the lounge, Yang Wenzhao was astonished, and couldn’t help but stare at this Haoyue, standing before Long Haochen.

The current Haoyue was far different from the originally miserable- looking Earthfire Lizard. With its body extending four meters long, its silhouette seemed like that of an Earth Dragon. Although it didn’t reach an Earth Dragon’s height, it had four solid and vigorous limbs, as well as a wide and dignified back, giving off a solid impression.

His three huge heads were raised up high in the sky, as three purple halos floated, spreading from his back. On it, two bigger kinds of bones appeared, looking like a seat for knight. From his three heads, three lights flickered. Looking at him, it seemed like now that he obtained the third head, he indeed looked very fierce, but in particular, his eyes gave off a cold, dignified impression. He gave an expression of absolute aggressiveness.

Long Haochen’s figure twinkled, as he immediately fell on Haoyue’s back, and a fantastic scene occurred. From Haoyue’s back, thorns extended, wrapping around Long Haochen’s body, as he leaned forward; on his back, these thorns were directed toward each other, firmly setting his body between them. The man and his magical beast formed a single entity.

Before stepping into the stadium, Long Haochen had already put on the entirety of his armor, the silver-colored Holy Spirit Armor that let out a faint radiance, including the helmet that covered and concealed his entire face. Both hands immediately pointing above, his Holy Spirit Sword and Holy Spirit Shield appeared, completing the Holy Spirit Set.

A faint silver halo was released from his body, enveloping Haoyue in it, gathering around their body was a layer of thin silvery light. This was precisely the supplementary effect [Holy Spirit Supplementary Armor].

This mighty outwards appearance was for real: wearing a silver-colored body armor, a silver sword and silver shield, he looked a lot more imposing
than Liao Yu, the one he was facing.

Haoyue’s three heads simultaneously roared. Crossing its four claws, he ferociously rushed toward the opponent, as above his three heads, different radiances glittered.

Seated on his back, Long Haochen appeared extremely peaceful, as a golden fog surrounded his whole body, taking a shape of a ring around. This was [Storing Power].

That’s right, seated upright on Haoyue’s back, he didn’t need to make any motions, so the situation was perfect for him to use [Storing Power]. If the previous Long Haochen could be said to try to use the other competitors to temper his own strength and increase his combat experience, rousing his potential, then, from today’s fight onwards, he could be said to be completely going all out for the sake of victory. There was only a single reason for that: for Cai’er.

In the lounge, great changes instantly appeared on Yang Wenzhao’s face. He had previously had a great battle against Long Haochen, and it ended up as his victory;moreover, he held back to some extent. However, now that he looked once again at Long Haochen, he discovered with shock that this youth, a lot younger than him, had already become a completely different person.

Fifth step, mount. His former advantage disappeared immediately.

In less than a month, changes turning the sky and the earth upside down had occurred in Long Haochen.

Yang Wenzhao wasn’t the slightest bit shocked by this display of strength, but was a lot more shocked by his progress speed.

“HOU, HOU, HOU.” Hao Yue’s three heads roared once again, as three glows of different colors shone simultaneously. A great war was on the verge of occurring.

Chapter 142

Long Haochen was mounted on Haoyue, charging at Liao Yu as the Snow Shadow Panther also got on the move.

He was nothing more than a mere summoner. In case the knight got near, he could only be declared the loser.

Liao Yu was no less surprised than Yang Wenzhao, on the side of the spectators. In his capacity as a summoner, on the same vocation step as him, there should be no one more familiar than him with regard to magical beasts. However, he didn’t recognize this mount of Long Haochen’s. In the end, what was this magical beast that possessed three heads, and looked somewhat similar to an Earth Dragon?

In particular, because each of Haoyue’s three heads radiated different colored light, he looked even more surprised! Three attributes? Magical attributes counteracted each other, but this Haoyue possessed three of them! It seemed that no attribute could, as a result, restrain him completely.

The Snow Shadow Panther’s speed was truly astonishing. When charging with all its strength, it looked just like a white bolt of lightning, advancing towards the side by force. Liao Yu continuously chanted, and at an astonishing speed. Meanwhile, from some unknown place, he took out a necklace. It was silver-colored, with a pink gem the size of a bird’s egg embedded in it.

This color of the necklace was more suited to girls, so it indeed looked strange to see a youth like Liao Yu wear it. However, he already had no other choice. No matter whether it was from Long Haochen who was
storing power, or from this Haoyue with glows of three colors shining on him, he was under an enormous pressure.

Haoyue’s speed was clearly not at the Snow Shadow Panther’s level, but he was extremely intelligent. Without absolutely wanting to overtake him, he simply followed it from afar, and didn’t take the initiative to launch magic. The Knight Stadium was in total 300 meters long, and no matter how he pressured the Snow Shadow Panther, both sides were 100 meters apart from beginning to end. This kind of distance made it impossible for Haoyue’s magic to reach the opponent at his present cultivation level.

Liao Yu’s chant didn’t cease from beginning to end, echoing loudly through the whole stadium. The pink gem on his necklace started to emit some faint light, fusing together with the radiance coming out from his white staff. One symbol after another started to emerge around Liao Yu, forming a mystical pattern.

Long Haochen’s [Storing Power] didn’t stop the slightest bit. After his spiritual energy became liquid, the speed of his [Storing Power] had decreased to some extent, but under its effect, the quality of [Storing Power] had increased by leaps and bounds. His accelerating figure had turned golden and even his Holy Spirit Armor was completely washed in gold. An incomparable holy aura unceasingly rose up from his body, letting out a pressure that gradually increased in power.

After having lapped the stadium thrice at full speed, the Snow Shadow Leopard’s burst power gradually lowered, and his speed accordingly became slower.

And at this very moment, Liao Yu’s incantation was completed.

Clearly revolving around his body were a total of 36 mystical symbols, all pink-colored, and looking just like a pink-colored curtain covering him in it.

A frightful and savage feel erupted in the air from these strange mystical symbols, such a terrible and tyrannical power pressed down on the entire stadium causing the protection around it to shudder.
On the main stage, a multitude of masters all faced each other with shock and said: “Are all the youngsters nowadays so strong? What is this? [Savage Beast Summoning]?”

These savage beasts were all ancient varieties passed down through the generations. T

36 pink symbols rose up and spread out, forming a gigantic pink ring slowly and disappearing in the air. However, after the disappearance of those symbols, a red ring rose above Liao Yu’s head. At the same moment, Hao Yue suddenly acted.

In previous bouts, Hao Yue displayed a speed normal to a sixth step beast, but all of a sudden, a strong green light erupted on his body and even his huge body slowly floated. Meanwhile, an intense green light burst out from his back pushing his body forward at an astonishing pace towards Liao Yu.

Little Green wasn’t the only one who acted.

A streak of red light soared into the sky, and a ring of crimson light recoiled and descended from the sky landing on Long Haochen and colored his entire body in a glorious gold.
This was [Brilliant Fire Dance], a fire type support spell of the fifth step. Bang. A concentrated reddish-gold color flame suddenly exploded. Long
Haochen who sat on the back of Hao Yue resembled a brilliant war god.

Little Light’s ability didn’t appear as dazzling as Little Fire and Little Green’s abilities, but from his head, three gold halos broke out.

[Power Halo], [Brilliant Halo], [Faith Halo]. Among them, [Brilliant Halo] was an ability that even Long Hao Chen could not use. This halo has the power to increase the effectiveness of one’s light attribute techniques by twenty percent and also has the ability to compress light elemental essence. Liao Yu wasn’t the only one who chanted a spell. Hao Yue’s three heads already prepared their spell, only waiting this moment before bursting out.
Little Light, Little Fire, Little Green, used six techniques in an instant, four support abilities and two speed increasing abilities, almost instantly increasing Long Haochen’s combat abilities to its pinnacle.

Liao Yu’s complexion changed a bit. Despite the fact that his summon could only use one attack, he had absolute confidence in defeating Long Haochen.

However, at the time this summoning magic was completed, under the influence of the savage power, the Snow Shadow Panther speed greatly decreased, plus the Snow Shadow Panther’s body was originally already not that strong.

After a little effort, its speed was already slower than Hao Yue’s. The most important factor was the summoning magic needed to have a three breaths time to complete. But currently, Hao Yue already used the [Float] wind-element technique together with [Wind Pillar], throwing his body forward at a rapid speed.

When Hao Yue moved, it was actually not because of an order from Long Haochen, but by his self-control. Even Long Haochen didn’t know, and had to adjust his predictions accordingly. According to Long Haochen’s perception, he only had a clear-cut method a moment later.

After two breathes’ time, Hao Yue already carried Long Haochen 100 meters forward. At this time, Liao Yu was only capable of urging the Snow Shadow Panther to run quickly striving for the final moment.

At that instant, a faintly visible white light passed through, beneath Long Haochen’s chest and surged out. Floating in front of him was a small three- legged stove, as a soft white light shrouded the Snow Shadow Panther’s body. Then, unconsciously, the ferocious Snow Shadow Panther turned its head towards Long Haochen, and immediately, an intense vacuuming feeling pulled it making its body unstable, and almost dropped to the floor.

Gold, a splendid gold color, appearing like an awe-inspiring pillar extending across the heavens. On the holy spirit sword, a shining radiance of fire and light combined to form a brilliant blade of light.
A golden sword about 3 meters long stretched across the sky, bringing with it golden-veined distortions. It split through the air, carrying the distinct purity of sunlight and flame which left a dazzling streak in the sky.

[Light Thorn]. It was a [Light Thorn] that actually possessed physical substance. Relying upon the effect of [Storing Power] and Haoyue’s support, Long Hao Chen had produced the strongest attack he had ever used ever since he was born.

This attack was sharp to the extent that it was not something even experts of the sixth step would dare to directly block. It was basically an attack in which Long Hao Chen had condensed nearly all his spiritual energy.

It produced an explosion following a thorough compression of energy! In just a moment, the golden blade of light had broken through the pink fog, and the ceaselessly rippling fog suddenly congealed. Immediately after, countless golden streams of light burst forth from within the fog.

Long Hao Chen could almost hear a faint bird’s cry. Even though it come out barely discernable, in that moment, no matter if it was him or Haoyue, both felt like they had been struck by a thunderbolt. An immense pressure reinforced with a thick intent of fury flashed by.

Exactly what had he just tried to summon? This question immediately popped up in Long Haochen’s heart. Despite the fact that he had disrupted the opponent’s summoning, his state of mind was not relaxed at all. Long Haochen faintly felt that he had been a bit too careless. Although his method of fighting was simple and direct, he had underestimated his opponent. If he had really allowed that summoning magic to be completed, perhaps he may have already been defeated.

Liao Yu’s eyes were filled with unwillingness, but his deathly pale face had already betrayed his current state of affairs.

Long Haochen’s [Storing Power] had expended all of his power, but how could Liao Yu not have expended all his effort with that summoning magic as well? Had he not overexerted himself and possessed the medium at his chest, he definitely would not be able to complete such magic.
Furthermore, the extent to which he overexerted himself was equivalent to that of Long Haochen’s utilization of [Sacrifice]. Based on his body’s physical quality as well as his natural recovery ability, he wouldn’t be able to fully recover unless he had at least ten days of rest. In other words, even if he had triumphed over Long Haochen in this fight, it would’ve been extremely difficult to compete in the latter matches.

Liao Yu had made this decision due to his keen perception. What Long Haochen didn’t know was this opponent before him was a bit similar to him in regard to his very special innate mental capacity.

If it wasn’t the case, he wouldn’t have been able to break through the fifth step of the hardest occupation to train within the Six Great Temples, the summoner, at the age of twenty.

When Long Haochen summoned Haoyue, Liao Yu keenly sensed the disparity between him and his opponent. He knew that he wouldn’t be able to disrupt Long Haochen’s [Storing Power], nor could any of the magical beasts he could summon overpower Haoyue. As such, he could only take a risk and hope to get into the top four.

A pity, he still ultimately lost. Although this way of losing was in no way miserable, was there anything else he could do in this situation, let alone aiming to win?

Chapter 143

[Radiant World], the spiritual energy recovering option. Long Haochen received Little Light’s support, his near-exhausted spiritual power gradually recovering. And without notice, Haoyue immediately charged towards the opponent.

The Snow Shadow Leopard still wanted to resist, but was directly oppressed by Little Fire’s fierce flames; Little Green also bit into its neck without waiting.

Looking at Long Haochen, the crumbling Liao Yu sighed. “I lost.”

Long Haochen questioned, “I’m curious, what magical beast were you trying to summon? For it to possess such power…”

Liao Yu did not hide the fact, because even though he was unhappy with his loss, he truly approved of Long Haochen’s ability. The last slash did not just involve grasping the accurate timing. If the attack was not powerful enough, it would be impossible for it to break the summoning cloud.

“It’s a Wild Vermilion Bird, a phoenix-type mythological beast of the tenth step.

Even though I can only summon it to attack once, the power of that attack can be compared to that of a magical beast of the eighth step. Which means its attack can rival those of vocations of the seventh step. If the summoning succeeded, the situation would have turned around, and I am afraid the winner would have been me.”
Long Haochen’s heart shook, secretly thinking, Being able to advance this far in the competition indeed was not so simple. If he let Liao Yu finish his summoning, not only would he have lost, but perhaps also ended up heavily injured. An attack from a beast mount of the eighth step can after all not possibly be blocked easily.

“Winner: Long Haochen.”

In the time spent talking, the Snow Shadow Leopard had already slumped on the ground, its head bitten off by little Green. How could a magical beast of the fourth step stand a chance against a magical beast of the sixth step?

Long Haochen leaped down, and held on to the unsteady Liao Yu, who was unable to fully support his own weight. “It looks like the battle strategy I chose was the problem. I shouldn’t have attacked you with [Storing Power].”

Liao Yu calmly said, “I never thought that you would have a Saint Spiritual Stove. And if I haven’t guessed incorrectly, your stove has already evolved once. When the time comes, I sincerely hope that we could be placed in the same demon hunting squad.”

Long Haochen chuckled slightly, saying, “I also hope so.” Undoubtedly, Liao Yu was the first pick of the Spiritual Temple in this Demon Hunt Squad Selection Competition. Being able to be placed in the same squad as him would naturally be a very good thing. Thinking of this, he couldn’t help but think about Chen Ying’er, who still left him unconvinced. Compared to that girls with her unpredictable summonings, Liao Yu was obviously more outstanding.

Staff members quickly entered the battle area, supporting Liao Yu by the arm and leading him out. Naturally, there were people from the Priest Temple to heal him.

After sending Haoyue back, Long Haochen headed to the lounge in large strides, both fists clenched tightly. Having entering the top four, he was at a
single step of the top three. There were merely two matches left before reaching the first place.

The lucky participants chosen for the second match were people from the Assassin Temple and the Warrior Temple.

But a lucky draw did not signify an easy fight. Conversely, it was the most desperate battle of the elimination matches so far.

Having already broken through the fifth step, the contestant from the Warrior Temple was stronger than his opponent. In comparison, the qualifier from the assassin temple was at the peak of the fourth st

But, for him to be able to qualify for the top eight, the assassin surely possessed immense power as well. Furthermore, he possessed three secret techniques, and by relying on the pillars that rose from the battleground, he turned it into an arduous battle.

The whole duration of the match was around half an hour. In the end, the assassin, relying on shocking willpower, used his own body as bait: in the instant the opponent’s heavy sword sliced into his scapula, he counterattacked and stabbed through the armor by his throat. One slash to seal the throat.

Of course, he didn’t really kill his opponent, but with the price of a heavy wound, he won the battle. If one was to summarize the secret of winning the battle, then the two words ‘sheer will’ would be the most accurate words possible to describe it. Being pressured at the start, but at the last moment, counterattacking to obtain victory with a single strike. The weak defeated the strong, obtaining victory against an opponent of the fifth step, and outrageously advancing to the top four.

On the platform, Ying Suifeng nodded to himself. He decided that after this competition, he would properly train this assassin.

The following third match was a competition between fellow knights.
As Yang Wenzhao stood up and turned around to the direction of the battleground, he deliberately looked at Long Haochen. As of now, his face was completely calm, and his heart was in a serene state.

Before the appearance of Long Haochen, he had always been hailed as the most talented of the young generation. This talent was not only about his strength, but also in his attitude.

The strength of Long Haochen and Cai’er had completely aroused Yang Wenzhao’s fighting spirit, so no matter who the next opponent of the top four was, he would undoubtedly exert all he his strength against him.

Yang Wenzhao’s opponent, a low-profile knight with an average-looking face, had no extraordinary features, but was conversely very calm. He seemed a little older than Yang Wenzhao.

“Yang Wenzhao from the Knight Temple will be up against Duan Yi from the Knight Temple, both sides prepare.”

“The battle starts now.”

At the time of the knight temple preliminaries, Long Haochen was defeated by Yang Wenzhao, and because Yang Wenzhao was heavily injured by Cai’er, Duan Yi received first place in the preliminaries. Naturally, his strength was not average.

Following the signal of the referee, the two youths summoned their mounts. Both sides were of the fifth step, so besides competing with their own ability, they would compete with the power of their mounts. Like Long Haochen, who spared nothing and gave his all, Yang Wenzhao would not hold back anything anymore.

The Yang Wenzhao of today still wore the same silver white armor as before, only, it was a different one from when he battled against Long Haochen, while carrying, as before, a pair of golden heavy swords in his hands.
On the other side, Duan Yi’s armor was black, just like his shield and sword. It was something rarely seen among knights. Duan Yi’s weaponry and armor, no matter which item, were a lot thicker than the norm.

By this time, Long Haochen had long since arrived at Cai’er’s side, and was currently looking attentively at the battle proceeding in front of him. He had never seen Yang Wenzhao’s mount before, so this was the perfect chance to observe it. Perhaps it was because Yang Wenzhao had previously defeated him, but against all expectations, he really hoped for Yang Wenzhao to win over the opponent.

The dual golden-colored heavy swords radiated lines of mysterious light as they slashed in front of his body, a golden hexagram blooming in front of Yang Wenzhao.

“Xululu!” Accompanied by a long screech, among the surprised shouts of the resting area, a unicorn appeared impressively in front of the public.

Its whole body was snow white-colored, the mane on its neck golden, and a golden spiral-shaped horn standing proudly on top of its head. It had a large pair of feathered wings, pure white wings with edges lined with golden feathers. Its body emitted ring after ring of golden light up and down.

It was actually a Starlight Unicorn!

Long Haochen has clearly seen the beauty of this type of unicorn with his own eyes before, before being rejected by the Starlight Unicorn King. Towards those called the noblest unicorns, he had a clear memory. He really didn’t expect Yang Wenzhao’s mount to be a Starlight Unicorn.

The Starlight Unicorn before his eyes possessed a width of approximately 3.3 meters and a height of almost 2.7 meters, and was slowly unfolding the pair of pure white wings on its back. Even though it had yet to reach adulthood, this unicorn was still mystically handsome.

It is known that Starlight Unicorns are hailed as the best mounts for knights. A Starlight Unicorn that has reached adulthood, even though it
would only be a magical beast of the eight step, had a very high compatibility with knights. Even a magical beast of the ninth step would not be able to compete with it. It implied that Yang Wenzhao, impressively, was already an Airborne Knight.


Just as Long Haochen was admiring the Starlight Unicorn, on the other side, Duan Yi also completed his mount summon.

Duan Yi’s mount was far off from having the handsome beauty and dazzle of the Starlight Unicorn, but its appearance was much more terrifying.

With a large body that exceeded 6.5 meters, a height that exceeded 10 meters, and four sturdy limbs, it resembled a massive pillar. Long hair of a pressed red color hung down, two buckteeth protruded from its mouth, but the most amazing thing was that a golden red horn was coming out from its head.

This was…

A Golden Horned Mammoth, a light and fire double attribute mount at the peak of the eighth step. But this golden horn mammoth had yet to reach adulthood as well. The body of an adult Golden Horned Mammoth would be twice as terrifying as this one. Even like this, this terrifying beast would also be between the peak of the sixth step and the seventh step, surpassing even the Starlight Unicorn in terms of power.

In yesterday’s matches, no matter if it was Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao or Duan Yi, none of them revealed their mounts. Today, after they released their mounts to battle, silence reigned on the platform.

Even though the other Great Temples did not want to admit it, they understood. The Knight Temple was fully deserving its place as number one.

There was not only a single powerful young knight!
No matter if it was Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao or Duan Yi, all could be called talented knights, and even the proud Han Yu who was eliminated by Long Haochen in the preliminary rounds was a knight of the fifth step. There was also a knight of the fifth step that was eliminated in yesterday’s match. Even Li Xin, a female knight who possessed a Rose Unicorn, also entered this competition’s top 16.

If it wasn’t for their bad luck in drawing, perhaps tomorrow’s match of the top four would become a monodrama of the Knight Temple.

Yang Wenzhao mounted the Starlight Unicorn with a single step. On the other side, the golden horn mammoth was truly too tall; to jump up on it was not very realistic, so Duan Yi had no other choice; the golden horn mammoth lifted its foreleg, Duan Yi first leaped on top of it, and with another consecutive leap, he successfully mounted on the Golden Horned Mammoth’s thick neck.

Borrowing the power of a canter, The Starlight Unicorn unfolded its two wings to a glide. A faint golden aura continuously spread out from its hooves, letting out a noble, graceful, dazzling, majestic feel.

Seeing the Starlight Unicorn taking flight, Long Haochen could only hear sighs of admiration behind him.

Yang Wenzhao, who was mounted on top of the Starlight Unicorn, gave off the impression to be a prince mounted on his white horse.

But not all people were praising him: there was at least one exception.

Seeing Yang Wenzhao rising in the air, Chen Ying’er, who was sitting next to Wang Yuanyuan, curled her lips and said, “Attention-seeking idiot.”

Chapter 144

Wang Yuanyuan looked towards her doubtfully, saying: “…Ying’er, you know him?”

Chen Ying’er’s pretty face expressed loathing as she turned her head,
“No, I don’t.”

In midair, Yang Wenzhao slowly raised the two swords at his sides as a gentle golden light expanded outwards. The unicorn’s body also began to radiate a golden color, and within a few moments, both lights combined to form a similar hue.

At this point in time, Yang Wenzhao’s body began to exude an atmosphere full of the light element, and an even denser holy aura. The golden glow below the unicorn’s hooves had also morphed to form a hexagram.

Both wings spreading out evenly, the Starlight Unicorn’s sparkling eyes did not hold the least bit of evil intent as its body glided downwards in the direction of the the golden horn mammoth’s forehead.


On the golden horn mammoth’s side, a dense golden red flame instantly furled upwards; it seemed like a ball of golden red fire at first glance. Duan Yi slowly raised his sword and the golden red flame immediately leapt upwards, the fiery light at the sword’s tip extending a good thirty meters.
Seeing that his starlight unicorn was steadily drawing near, at a distance of around 150 meters left, Yang Wenzhao initiated his first attack.

It was a combination of [Light Thorn] with [Instant Blast Cross Cut]. A pair of golden swords simultaneously exploded with the magnitude of [Light Thorn], overlapping with [Instant Blast Cross Cut] as it sliced horizontally through the air towards Duan Yi, who was currently situated at the neck of the golden horn mammoth.

In the exact second that the [Light Thorn] was unleashed, the horn at the starlight unicorn’s forehead let loose two bright golden points that melded with the [Light Thorn]’s attack. Immediately, the [Light Thorn] underwent a qualitative change and the two gleaming blades glowed with resplendent starlight. It exuded a dense, holy aura and pressure that made this originally not so powerful attack totally evolve.

Duan Yi’s face grew solemn and the sword in his hand directly slashed out, golden red fire shaping into an enormous flaming blade and heavily clashing against the [Instant Blast Cross Cut].

Immediately, countless dazzling lights erupted in the air and scattered in all directions, and the Starlight Unicorn again arced back up into the air. At this time, Yang Wenzhao couldn’t help but think that if he had acquired the [Storing Power] skill that Long Haochen possessed, it would have gone better. He would’ve been more able to fully display the superiority of an Airborne Knight.

Therefore, Yang Wenzhao made a hidden determination that once this competition was over, he would definitely try to go learn this skill as his encouragement reward. Was [Storing Power] really so useless? Long Haochen had already used this skill to win numerous matches already. Furthermore, the greatest merit of [Storing Power] was that it could help a knight to unleash an attacking might which exceeded their level. After all, how could the attack that Long Haochen used before simply be an average fifth step attack? It had, at the very least, reached the offensive might of a Radiant Knight of the sixth step.
One in the air and one on the ground, both parties had already exchanged blows. People with a discerning eye would be able to tell who had suffered the greatest loss. The golden radiance surrounding the Starlight Unicorn’s body did not have any particular change. On the other hand, while Duan Yi had blocked the intersecting [Instant Blast Cross Cut], it was clear that the golden red flame surrounding the golden horned mammoth had dimmed, as if it had nearly been blown away by a

The starlight unicorn circled around the perimeter, and in midair, Yang Wenzhao’s pair of swords had already lit up again, a sacred white light bursting forth. It was the dense force of the skill [Holy Sword]. Furthermore, he condensed it on both of his swords.

At this moment, the might of the starlight unicorn was demonstrated even further. Rings and rings of hexagrams emitting a golden luster ascended from its body, and the speed at which Yang Wenzhao activated [Holy Sword] had already multiplied. As the Starlight Unicorn prepared to charge forward once again, his two swords had already begun emanating two bright white blades.

Something flickered in Duan Yi’s eyes, and oddly, although they watched as Yang Wenzhao prepared to glide down, Duan Yi didn’t make any further motions to activate a skill.

“I concede.” A deep, ambivalent voice, under the influence of spiritual energy, resounded throughout the whole stadium.

“Huh?” Yang Wenzhao looked on blankly, hastily directing the already prepared [Holy Sword] upwards as the starlight unicorn glided over the head of the golden horned mammoth. After circling around, it settled before Duan Yi.

“Brother Duan, you concede?” Yang Wenzhao stared at him in confusion. The two parties had only used their attacks probingly, and it could be said that the match hadn’t really truly begun.

Duan Yi’s expression clearly held signs of inner struggle, but he still walked towards Yang Wenzhao and nodded, “In terms of overall strength,
I am confident that I am no weaker than you. At the same time, you possess the starlight unicorn which is able to hover and soar in the sky, and as such already possess an indomitable position. Perhaps under the circumstances that I expend all of my power, you most likely would also have to pay a hefty price. However, for me to win this match is too difficult. There’s not much of a disparity between our levels, but based on the fact that you’re a retribution knight that possesses the midair superiority with the starlight unicorn, I no longer hold any hope of winning. If you were from another temple, I would definitely take a risk and put forth my all, but we are both knights.”

Speaking up to this point, he halted momentarily, then declared in a deep voice: “For the glory of the knights.”

As he said this, Duan Yi lifted the shield in his left hand to cover the left side of his body, and the sword in his right hand raised horizontally to the front of the shield. It again moved to be placed against his left breast as he demonstrated the standard salute of a guardian knight.

The phrase: “For the glory of the knights” had already explained everything to Yang Wenzhao. His face immediately grew solemn as his expression displayed the utmost respect, and his two swords brandished horizontally across his chest. Then with flip of his wrists, he placed the handle of the sword in his right hand at his left breast, reciprocating with the standard salute of a retribution knight.

He proclaimed in a loud voice: “For the glory of the knights.”

The respect Yang Wenzhao demonstrated towards Duan Yi was very sincere. Without a doubt, Duan Yi’s concession did not signify that he did not possess strength. It’s just that he had pondered upon his chances of winning and decided accordingly to give this opportunity to Yang Wenzhao, who was a bit stronger than him. It wasn’t that he didn’t try either, but out of consideration for the latter matches. If both sides ended up greatly injured, then that would mean that the Knight Temple would have lost one knight capable of contending for the top four spots.
After attacking probingly, Duan Yi’s decision to concede was made in order to preserve Yang Wenzhao’s battle strength. Adding the fact that Long Haochen had already qualified, even if two knights drew each other for a match in the round to decide the top four, as long as there were no mishaps, it was possible for the Knight Temple to occupy two of the top three places. After all, the strength of the assassin that entered the top four with difficulty was closer to the bottom of the tier.

Yang Wenzhao reflected on himself. If it had been him under the same circumstances, it probably would’ve been extremely difficult for him to make such a large concession and to make the same decision as Duan Yi.

The phrase they both shouted, “For the glory of the knights,” had already explained why the match had concluded so quickly. Yang Wenzhao had purposely shouted particularly loudly in order to tell the surrounding people that Duan Yi definitely wasn’t any worse than him.

On the platform, Han Qian faintly nodded his head, his face expressing satisfaction. As for the heads of the other temples, they were all silent as their eyes expressed an uncontained amount of envy. Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi, one sky and one earth. The magnificence which these two youthful knights displayed involuntarily made it as if they were actually seeing the future.

Not to mention there was an even younger one, Long Haochen. These three people would definitely become the cornerstones of the Knight Temple in the future. At least in this generation, the status of the Knight Temple as the chief of the Six Great Temples could not be swayed among the heads of the Temples.

Each individual recalled their mount and equipment. Looking at each other in understanding, Yang Wenzhao and Duan Yi both returned to the resting area.

“Cai’er, always be careful.” Long Haochen repeatedly urged her. Cai’er faintly nodded. Her bamboo cane tapped the floor, and amidst du, du, du sounds, she slowly entered the arena.
The final round to decide the top four, Cai’er versus Huang Yi.

Huang Yi’s face was bitter as he slowly entered the field. What mages and priests feared the most were assassins, not to mention that the opponent he was about to face was an extremely powerful existence. No matter who it was, no one had ever seen the bottom line of Cai’er. In other words, she had never fully revealed her true power. However, Huang Yi naturally wouldn’t concede like Duan Yi. One always had to take a chance and see what would happen.

“Cai’er from the Assassin Temple versus Huang Yi from the Mage Temple. Due to the vocations of both parties, the distance will be extended to forty meters. Get ready.”

In a match of an assassin versus mage, there naturally wouldn’t be any preferential treatment such as the elevation of stelae, but instead, an extension of distance.

Huang Yi tightly gripped his short magic staff a bit nervously. After trying his utmost to make his breathing a bit more even and balanced, he had already promptly made preparations to utter incantations.

“Match start.”

The words which the referee called out hit Huang Yi as if opening a gate. Under the immense pressure Cai’er brought him, he completely revealed all of his potential.

In one breath, he began to chant incantations and summoned his Earth Elemental Fairy.

What came out next was the joint chant of the two of them. Urgingly chanting uninterruptedly and in alternation with the Earth Elemental Fairy, with a speed almost overtaking that of the previous control-summoner.

Cai’er also got in the move, and with her bamboo cane hitting the ground, her body seemed to have turned into a cloud floating in the air, directly charging toward Huang Yi’s direction. Every ten meters she swept
past, her bamboo cane hit the ground once again to borrow force from it, increasing her speed even further.

Yellow light soared in the sky, and immediately following, a huge stone fell from it.

What all spectators saw to their astonishment was that this [Falling Stones] technique wasn’t aiming at Cai’er, but bumped against the floor at her side.


A loud sound resounded on the ground, as Huang Yi as well as his Earth Elemental Fairy kept chanting, just as before, but without letting out any sound.

Soundless chant? This was actually a high ranked technique; to the Mage Temple, it was not something as simple as a secret technique. Clearly, it was Huang Yi’s last trump card.

Simultaneously as he completed his soundless chant, he silently moved on the side.

Too nasty! This guy was taking advantage of the fact Cai’er had the handicap of being blind. From the lounge, Long Haochen felt very angry about this action.

Naturally, after these huge rocks fell on the ground, with boom sounds, Cai’er’s charging speed forward suddenly decreased, as she seemed a bit at a loss, before charging once again without break, directly heading under these huge rocks.

Having just seen Cai’er’s charging speed, Huang Yi revealed a helpless look. Seemingly, she only needed three more seconds to be able to arrive to his side. Under such circumstances, he was left without choice. If he let Cai’er approach closely enough, there would be no opportunity left for him.
Feeling apologetic deep inside, he kept chanting jointly with the Earth Elemental Fairy at an increased pace. Just like when he defeated Wang Yuanyuan, he only used the [Earth Waves], to keep himself in an invincible position. Who wouldn’t want to enter the top three! If he could win this battle, he would be very likely to enter the top three, seeing that all he would have left to do would be to win against the assassin who sustained extreme wounds during his previous match.

Seeing Cai’er who was heading right toward the huge rocks, he kept chanting very prudently, not exuding any sort of sounds. Then, a yellow halo took shape on his staff, and after a dozen of breath’s time, the [Earth Wave] technique was completed.

Chapter 145

Huang Yi had prepared beforehand: during the semifinals, if he were to encounter Long Haochen or Yang Wenzhao, he would directly surrender, and would rather fight this assassin for the third position. As long as he could enter the top three, without regard to his ranking, he would obtain a spiritual stove, in addition to the possibility of choosing the youth he had the most expectations in for his Demon Hunt Squad.

If he was lucky and directly encountered that assassin in the match of tomorrow, hehe, then it would be even simplier. After having entered the top 2, he would just put everything in stake to aim for the first position.

All this time, Huang Yi thought that his own luck during this competition was really good, especially in regard to the previous group he was associated to. If Wang Yuanyuan’s display was just a little better, perhaps he would not even have entered in the top 16. Till now, his luck during the knock-out competition was also very good. All along, he didn’t run up against an extremely powerful opponent; he wished that this luck of his could persist.

Just as Huang Yi was in deep thought, developing the possible scenarios according to his plans, Cai’er moved suddenly, looking like a black bolt of lightning, directly charging toward Huang Yi’s location.

This sprint of hers was accomplished at an extremely great speed, making her image blurry.

Huang Yi instantly felt cold sweat at his back. If not for the fact that he immediately moved to another location, this charge would probably have
already ended the match.

However, without even letting him the time to rejoice, Cai’er immediately arrived to the location where he was previously standing. However, she didn’t launch her attack as Huang Yi expected it, not in the slightest. As her bamboo cane tapped the ground softly, she borrowed its force to charge once again. That extremely tough cane seemed just like a bowstring, pushing out Cai’er’s body.

Huang Yi was shaken, She disappeared?

That’s right, from his eyes, in the next instant after Cai’er rushed out, the remnants of her silhouette scattered as she just disappeared.


With a sensation on his neck, a heavy blow instantly made Huang Yi lose his consciousness, losing all force. That Earth Elementary Fairy also seemed horrified, as it hastily turned itself into a yellow glow, disappearing into his chest.

Huang Yi fell just like that, as behind him, Cai’er’s silhouette could be seen, making use of her bamboo cane, slowly tapping on the ground, to return back to the lounge.

From afar…

The competitors who could see this scene all gasped in astonishment, especially this Yang Wenzhao. He really wanted to ask whether this girl was really blind.

Clearly, Huang Yi had been deceived. Cai’er had actually not been affected in the slightest by the [Falling Stones]. ly, when she stopped, or threw herself at the wrong direction, this was all to puzzle him.

Her last charge, directly in the air, was accomplished with the use of
[Shadow Doppelganger].

“Assassin Temple, victor: Cai’er.”
Cai’er directly returned to Long Haochen’s side and sat down. Seeing her, Long Haochen couldn’t help but stare blankly at her. He still remembered clearly how hard his previous fight with Huang Yi was. If not for the fact he summoned Haoyue, he would probably not even have won against him. However, in the front of Cai’er, Huang Yi seemed so weak. To the extent that Cai’er didn’t even use any of her skills, and crushed him without any difficulty.

“Cai’er, you can stay uninfluenced by the sound effects?” Long Haochen asked at low voice.


Long Haochen said in a flash, “So it was like that. No wonder, the other day, you promised me…”

“Mh?” Cai’er, somewhat puzzled, turned her head at a crooked angle.

Long Haochen chucked, and said, “I’m saying, even Yang Wenzhao is probably no match for you. How about reversing our promise? If you can get the first place, I will be the one to let you hug me.”

Hearing his words, Cai’er’s pretty face instantly turned red, as she approached him without a single sound.

It was no wonder that Long Haochen felt so unconfident when it pertains to her. It wasn’t only a question of strength, but if he were to encounter Cai’er, there was no way he could possibly attack her, let alone going all out against her. As for ranks in this competition, Long Haochen gave them no importance at all. Just like Huang Yi, as long as he could enter the top three and get the spiritual stove as a reward, it would be sufficient to him.

The eight-to-four matches all ended, and the participants of the Demon Hunt Selection who were in the top four were: Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Mu Ning, and Cai’er.

Among these, Mu Ning was the other competitor from the Assassin Temple who came out.
When the competition entered this stage, among the Six Great Temples, there were only people left from the Knight Temple and the Assassin Temple. 2 versus 2. From the looks of it, in general, the most powerful ones should be the ones from the Knight Temple. However, Cai’er was an existence no one here dared to neglect. In the end, the strength of this girl was something that only the people from the Assassin Temple could know of.

Even if in the end, Mu Ning were to lose, as long as Cai’er could become the final champion, the Knight Temple’s glory would be snatched by the Assassin Temple.

Still, the relation between Cai’er and Long Haochen was something everyone could see. In History, they were most likely the youngest lovers that belonged to Demon Hunt Squads, and also probably the ones with the most potential.

After sending Cai’er back, Long Haochen went back to his own hotel and headed to Ye Hua’s room.


Seeing Long Haochen, Ye Hua revealed a faint smile, “Today’s match went without a hitch once more?”

Long Haochen replied with a smile, “I’m already in the top four!”

And he detailed how the matches of todat went in detail.

Ye Hua’s eyes shone, as he gently laughed, “Your results are already far exceeding my expectations. It looks like there is no need for you to participate in the competition a second time.”

After some time of hesitation, Long Haochen told him, “Teacher, there’s something I need to consult with you about.”

Ye Hua said, “Tell me.”
Long Haochen continued, “Cai’er also entered the top four, and she’s really strong. I needed to rely on Haoyue’s power to prevail over Huang Yi, but in front of her, he could not even resist the slightest bit. Tomorrow, the semifinals are going to take place. If I draw Cai’er as my opponent, I am thinking about giving up this match, and aim for third place. Then, I will just have to defeat the other assassin, and as long as I can enter the top three, I will have the opportunity to get a spiritual stove. If tomorrow, my opponent for the semifinals is not Cai’er, I will definitely go all out.”

“Is it because there is no way you can go against her that you chose to give up?” Ye Hua understood this disciple of his the best. Although Long Haochen was naturally kind-hearted, he was determined to win, and would never give up just because his opponent is powerful.

Long Haochen slowly nodded his head.

After an instant of silence, Ye Hua finally spoke, “This is your competition, so it is okay for you to make this choice by yourself.”

Long Haochen was startled. Considering his character, he originally expected his teacher to scold him with curses.

Ye Hua laughed humbly, “Don’t think too much, a lot of things are decreed by fate. During this competition, you already came out above average. After the great competition ends, you will enter a Demon Hunt Squad, and starting from there, you will have to make a lot of choices by yourself. Teacher cannot eternally be by your side to help you to make these decisions. However, you have to bear in mind that you must not regret the choice you will make. No matter what’s right and what’s wrong, you have to make this choice for yourself, and to assume the responsibilities that it implies.”

“Yes.” Having gotten Ye Hua’s agreement, Long Haochen loosened his breath, and said goodbye, before returning to his room to cultivate.

The door of his room closed, and Ye Hua silently stood seated there, before softly sighing, “Foolish kid, how could it be so simple!? If you both
enter the top three, then, according to the rules of Demon Hunt Squads, you will not be able to be in the same squad.”

He didn’t tell this to Long Haochen, because deep inside, he had selfish envies. Why would he let his disciple abandon so much for the sake of a girl? All should be left for the heavens to decide.

What Ye Hua didn’t know at all, was that the fact that he didn’t explain these regulations of the Demon Hunt Squads to Long Haochen at all would lead him to encounter great complications.

As before, in the Knight Stadium, and after a total of half a month of fierce contest, today, the semifinals were finally going to take place.

When Long Haochen took Cai’er’s hand to head to the stadium together with her, the whole audience was completely silent.

The semifinals was the stage of knights and assassins, and also a fierce contest between these two Great Temples. Today, who was the one going to grab this decisive opportunity? The first thing it was going to depend on was the drawing.

Compared to the drawings of the other days, Yang Wenzhao was a lot more serene today. Having reached the semifinals, he didn’t have excessive expectations in regard to the quality of his drawing. Although his look was peaceful, it was also very firm. No matter who he would end up against, he was going to go all out to prevail over the opponent. At this moment, he was instead full of expectation to fight Long Haochen or Cai’er. He knew that if he ended up against Long Haochen, his chances of victory would be higher, but if his opponent was Cai’er, he wouldn’t lack confidence either. It is for the simple reason that according to the rules of the Demon Hunt Selection, if an Airbone Knight was up against an assassin, the Airbone Knight would not be permitted to fly. But similarly, the assassin would not get the cover of the large pillars.

Han Qian, Ying Suifeng and the rest of the auxiliary hall masters all came to the podium once again.
Although the auxiliary hall masters of the other four great Temples were not in a great mood, they were still relatively relaxed. After all, the competitors from their respective Temples were already knocked out.

Clearly, Han Qian and Ying Suifeng had complicated expressions; no one here could guess what they were currently thinking of.

A half halo separated the six auxiliary hall masters and the four competitors.

Han Qian took a deep breath, silently saying, “The drawing is about to start.”

Four heads were simultaneously lifted, falling under the halo. At this moment, among these four competitors, the sole serene one was Cai’er.

The six auxiliary hall masters’ looks were extremely focused, and their perceptions were heightened to their utmost.

A historic moment was going to take place. Luck was an important factor of the previous stages of this competition, but at the current stage, luck wasn’t going to have much use.

Chapter 146

Not a single breath was heard as the whole stadium lapsed into deathly silence. Everyone’s vision converged onto the ring of light, as well as the bodies of the four people surrounding it.

Lights flickered, and then the drawing stopped.

Once everyone saw that the drawing of lots had concluded, they couldn’t help but exhale a sharp breath. Yang Wenzhao went into a daze, so did Long Haochen.

A hint of helplessness appeared in the corners of Long Haochen’s mouth. Faintly lowering his head, the event he was most reluctant to see unfold actually happened. Looking at the exact same golden lusters shining on both his and Cai’er’s bodies, he felt his throat go dry.

“What were the results?” Cai’er asked in a soft voice.

“Your opponent is me.” Long Haochen answered with a bit of difficulty.

“Oh.” Cai’er answered simply, as if she didn’t care a single bit about this result. On the contrary, she directly gripped onto Long Haochen’s hand.

Han Qian also went into a daze. To the Knight Temple, this should’ve been a good draw. However, looking at Long Haochen’s expression, his heart was a bit unsettled.

“Drawing concluded. Yang Wenzhao versus Mu Ning, Long Haochen versus Cai’er. First match, Long Haochen versus Cai’er. The two of you, remain in the arena and make your preparations.”
The other Temple heads didn’t have any expression out of the ordinary when Han Qian announced the results of the drawings.

However, once these results were declared, the resting area immediately dissolved into a raucous clamor of comments and discussions. Li Xin was anxious to the point that she stood up. Lil’ Bro is about to face off against Cai’er, how is this any good? They, will they truly go all out against each other?

“Wait a moment.” Cai’er who was still latching onto Long Haochen’s arm suddenly interjected.

The six auxiliary hall masters that were about to withdraw couldn’t help but look towards her in confusion.

Cai’er calmly continued: “Just directly start the next match. I concede.”

*chatters*, *chatters*

The whole stadium went into an uproar.

Han Qian opened his eyes wide. Concerning this match between Long Haochen and Cai’er, honestly speaking, he didn’t know at all for whom he should have been cheering. From the point of view of the Knight Temple, of course the best would be to let Long Haochen win, so as to let him the finals take place between Yang Wenzhao and him. However, if Long Haochen were to beat Cai’er, wouldn’t that affect their relationship? One should know that Cai’er has the status of Saint Daughter of Samsara! If Long Haochen could unite and marry successfully with her, then, without the slightest doubt, in some future, the two of them would inevitably become the cornerstones of the Alliance, and this was also the situation the Knight Temple hoped for.

Cai’er’s choosing to concede was a conclusion that Han Qian did really not expect. However, after a moment of blanking out, his face began to overflow with joy. Without a doubt, to the Knight Temple, Cai’er’s concession was the most ideal outcome. It was perfect.
However, Ying Suifeng’s expression grew extremely unsightly as he frantically spoke: “Cai’er, you, you really wish to concede?”

Cai’er gave a faint nod, then tugged on Long Haochen’s arm and headed back to the resting area.

“Cai’er, you…” Cai’er’s last phrase shocked him totally. He had already considered conceding, but didn’t think that Cai’er would be even more dir

“No, it can’t be like this. Cai’er, your strength is greater than mine.”
Long Haochen earnestly said.

Cai’er gripped his hand, then said in a soft voice: “Your glory is my glory.”

Once Long Haochen heard this simple phrase, it was as if his heart had just been heavily pounded by a hammer, and heated blood rushed to his head, making it so that he couldn’t even utter a single word.

Cai’er, Cai’er. Long Haochen’s eyes moistened, and he no longer obstructed Cai’er’s good will, simply allowing himself to be pulled slowly back to the resting area.

As a man, words, no matter how sweet they were, could never equal sincere action. This tender gesture, allow me to use the rest of my life to repay it. Cai’er, now that I have you in my life, what more could I ask for? I will never forsake you, and will protect you with my life.

In this moment, the position that Cai’er held in Long Haochen’s heart had immediately shot up to be on the same level as his parents. Even if he didn’t truly understand the affairs between a man and a woman, Cai’er had already occupied the entire space in his heart.

In the center of the arena, Yang Wenzhao stood staring at Mu Ning whose eyes were filled with incredulity. Both of their expressions were similarly wonderful to look at.
Never had Mu Ning imagined that the queen of his heart would concede just like that. In his perspective, Cai’er was definitely going to be the final champion!

Yang Wenzhao, on the other hand, felt as if a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. As Cai’er had chosen to concede, naturally, his final opponent would be Long Haochen. It was an extremely wonderful thing that he wouldn’t have to face this female assassin.

“Second round, Yang Wenzhao versus Mu Ning. Have you two made your preparations yet?”

Yang Wenzhao immediately brought himself back to reality, replying a deep voice: “Preparations complete.”

However, on the other side, Mu Ning let out a sliver of a bitter laugh. The wound he had suffered from the attack yesterday was truly too heavy. Even now, half his body was still completely unable to gather strength. To him, today’s match had already lost all meaning.

“I concede.”

The whole stadium once again went into a cacophonous uproar. Although Mu Ning was extremely unwilling in his heart, he had no other options besides conceding. He didn’t even have a chance to take a risk. Based on his current state, as well as his cultivation level, which was not yet at the fifth step, he probably wouldn’t be able to block even one attack from Yang Wenzhao. What else could he do but concede?

Under these sort of circumstances, even the referee spaced out, involuntary looking in the direction of the platform.

“Yang Wenzhao is the victor.”

There were two rounds of semifinals, and they had actually both ended before even starting. The Knight Temple had emerged the most victorious, with both Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao having entered the top two.
“Everyone, do not move. There will be an announcement in a moment.” Han Qian’s voice resounded from the platform.

The participants who had originally prepared to leave halted their steps. In regards to this match, they were a bit disappointed. They had originally thought that they would be able to watch spectacular matches, but instead, there were two straight concessions.

After a short period of time, Han Qian’s voice resounded once again from the podium, “With regards to the fact that today, no real match took place, the finals of this year’s competition will be shifted to an earlier date. They will take place today, before offering the rewards and completing roulette ceremony. No one shall leave yet. ”

Shifted to an earlier date? Roulette ceremony?

It implied that today, the final champion would come out, as well as the composition of the ten Demon Hunt Squads.

The Demon Hunt Selection was, in itself, a part of the Temple Alliance’s foundation, and from beginning to end, no one dared acting unseriously with regard to it. Since the semifinals ended like that, this would naturally have the effect of economizing some time.

“, the third and fourth ranked are going to come out. Temple guests Cai’er and Mu Ning shall go on stage.”

This time, Han Qian was the one who made this announcement directly. The referee on stage was also switched to someone else, a man who looked to be forty or so years old, with a figure that seemed as sturdy as a mountain. Naturally, he would restrain his aura, but in the instant he appeared on stage, he brought a great pressure upon all competitors.

Could this referee be at the eighth step of cultivation? From the lounge, to these males and females of all ages, forming the outstanding part of their generation, and having experimented much more than most people their ages, the appearance of this referee with his naturally intimidating presence gave off an inordinately formidable pressure.
“I concede.” A cold voice resounded in the whole stadium.

All competitors, who were previously discussing to themselves, suddenly went silent, and simultaneously gazed to the same direction.

Cai’er, standing there, bowed at the direction of the platform, before sitting down once again. These two previous words were actually coming out precisely from her mouth.

“Cai’er, what are you doing?” Long Haochen was completely astonished. However, Cai’er had already voiced her decision of conceding.

Cai’er calmly leaned her head on his shoulder, “The Divine Thrones have to be succeeded effectively. Idiot, the three top competitors cannot be in the same squad, you know!”

Long Haochen’s whole body was shaken. That’s right, the ones in the top three cannot be in the same squad! I… How could I have actually forgotten something of such importance?

It… It was for my only sake that she conceded two matches in a row, going as far as to not enter the top three…

And yet, she clearly had the strength to fight over the championship…

“Cai’er, Cai’er…” Long Haochen only felt that all the emotions contained in his deepest innerside were coming out at the same time. Unable to bear the urge of spreading his arms with the aim of holding her in their embrace. At that moment, he already didn’t know how to voice the extremely intense feeling in his heart anymore.

Cai’er laid her palms against his chest, saying in a low voice: “Idiot, you haven’t taken the first place yet. Hurry up and go. It’s time for you to go on stage.”

Long Haochen grabbed her hand and brought it to his lips, kissing it hard, “I will definitely win.” After saying so, his body leaped into the air as if dashing into the arena.
Cai’er’s hand was still raised, as she felt that her entire arm had become numb. The pretty face hidden behind the veil at this time flushed crimson in abashment. However, she had never before in her life felt in such a good mood. As it turned out, expending efforts for a person could also bring her happiness.

You said previously that you would protect me forever. How could I not let you have the chance to do so?

This idiot, dummy…

Ever since Long Haochen made that promise, she had already determined that this scene would unfold.

Speeding into the arena, Long Haochen’s battle spirit had already risen to an unprecedented level. One could faintly see golden fire burning within his pair of crystal clear eyes.

This was the power of love. At present, his current state had already entered an unparalleled high.

However, amidst the strong emotions in his heart and his sky high battle spirit, he had unfortunately forgotten an extremely important matter that he neglected to explain to Cai’er.

At this moment, the most unexpected was that the other assassin won third place due to Cai’er’s concession.

Mu Ning stared in Cai’er’s direction like a deer in headlights. For a while, he couldn’t think of anything good to say. At times, fortune arrives too quickly, so fast that one can’t even attempt to digest it. One must know that to be in the top three meant that one could obtain an incomparably valuable spiritual stove as well as have the opportunity to lead and set up his own demon hunt squad.

Any one of the top three was bound to become the squad captain of a demon hunt squad.
On the podium, Ying Suifeng was furious to the point that his nose had nearly gone crooked. He looked at Han Qian, his face wrathful.

Han Qian only responded very innocently, “This has nothing to do with me. When a girl is of age, she must be married off! But look, this is also a happy occasion. It will promote the relationship between our two temples further. Furthermore, it’s very likely that Long Haochen will become our Knight Temple’s chief cornerstone, and isn’t he your Assassin Temple’s son-in-law?”

Although he spoke this way, the smile on his face was actually extremely devious.

Chapter 147

On the middle of the stadium stood that robust referee, who looked at Long Haochen very doubtfully; all gazes were currently directed towards the platform.

After a little moment, from the platform, Han Qian’s voice floated out,
“The competition may continue, let’s start the finals.”

The referee bowed slightly toward this platform, before loudly shouting,
“Long Haochen against Yang Wenzhao, prepare to battle!”

This referee was currently in an excellent mood, because he was a part of the Knight Temple, and looking at this final match opposing this pair, although Long Haochen definitely owed this in a great part to luck, this also brought the Knight Temple a sure glory.

Yang Wenzhao, who was a lot slower than long Haochen to enter, saluted the referee before gazing at Long Haochen.

These two knights who were predestined to become stars for the Knight Temple were going to face each other once again. But this time, it was for the finals of the Demon Hunt Selection.

Looking at Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao couldn’t help but secretly sigh to himself. He could visibly feel Long Haochen’s intense fighting spirit.

How could this happen? Cai’er has conceded two matches in a row for his sake! Could it be that he doesn’t feel the slightest bit awkward about that? It was after all a girl that let him win!
How could he know about the existence of this bet between Long Haochen and Cai’er? With Cai’er as his motivation, his thirst for victory had already reached its peak. Furthermore, to Long Haochen, admittedly that it was for his only sake that Cai’er conceded these two matches, as long as he could beat the expected great-champion-in-the-making Yang Wenzhao, he would amply prove his strength.

Although this was the finals, the starting signal was as simple as before. The referee looked at both sides, confirming their identities, and shouted out loudly, “Match begins! Beware to behave appropriately, killing the opponent is forbidden!” After this last warning, he hurriedly retreated, and a mantle surrounding them accordingly started to form.

Together with the call of the referee, the match began and spiritual energy erupted from both sides.

Golden radiances soared up, filled with overflowing fighting spirit. Long Haochen’s internal spiritual energy that had been stifled for long had immediately been set free, looking a lot brighter than Yang Wenzhao’s.

Yang Wenzhao wasn’t weak either. Facing the great pressure released by Long Haochen, his fighting spirit constantly rose. They didn’t say anything, but at this very moment, each of them only wanted to face the opponent he had before their eyes.

Long Haochen spread his two hands forward, and the Holy Spirit Sword astonishingly appeared in his left hand, while in his right hand appeared a lump of deep blue-colored halos. Instantly, a blue light shining of gold was shot up as a blade similar to a deep radiance appeared.

Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light finally appeared in his hand, setting foot in the battlefield for the first time.

He didn’t choose to make use of the effects of the Holy Spirit Set, but chose Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. This also implied that in this battle, Long Haochen had chosen to fight his opponent offensively, in a Retribution versus Retribution way.
Similarly, a pair of large golden swords came out in front of Yang Wenzhao, as both parties charged simultaneously against each other.

They didn’t summon their mount, because the distance separating knights was only 20 meters, and since the referee didn’t give the order to increase the distance between them, at such a distance separating the two of them, it was very possible that the opponent wo

From the lounge, clearly, two lumps of dazzling lights with incomparable intensity appeared as the two opponents reached each other. That grandeur filled with resolution, these rich and formidable spiritual energies didn’t fail to reveal their formidable strength to everyone.


The two youths ruthlessly clashed against each other. They crossed without the least bit of gaudiness, before shooting back while turning into two lumps of golden light.

In this instant, even if Long Haochen was slightly inferior in terms of cultivation level, he was unexpectedly pushed back one meter less than Yang Wenzhao.

Yang Wenzhao was astonished: in the instant when he clashed with Long Haochen, he felt a mad sensation coming out from Long Haochen’s body. That’s right, it was precisely [Madness].

The current Long Haochen was completely ignited! He displayed the greatest fighting strength he had ever shown.

[Assault]. Long Haochen relied on the advantage he held from his first attack and in a flash, returned once again, launching an [Assault] at the direction of Yang Wenzhao. As he held the Holy Spirit Sword high above his head, [Holy Sword] condensed, and at the same time, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light erupted, aiming a [Lightning Thrust] at Yang Wenzhao.

In a split second, Yang Wenzhao felt as if a flower had appeared before his eyes, only seeing that fantastic heavy sword in his right hand, erupting
into hundreds of thousands of rays, just as if it suddenly exploded. But these rays were at least ten fold more numerous than the ones produced by a regular [Lightning Thrust].

A lump of enormous light suddenly exploded into a myriad of threads of light, completely obstructing any escaping path, oppressing Yang Wenzhao to the extent that he felt somewhat unable to gasp for a breather.

How can a [Lightning Thrust] be so overbearing? Yang Wenzhao was completely astonished and didn’t dare to neglect it. His two heavy swords instantly took a defensive posture, and launched [Heavenly Battle Array].

Golden light rose in the air, blocking each thread of light while taking a shape of mantle. It looked like a torrential rain flowed, somewhat separated by the [Heavenly Battle Array].

This was precisely the first particularity of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light. It could increase the offensive level of abilities. Through this sword, the attack power was greatly raised. And only after having undergone a lot of attempts did Long Haochen manage to combine [Lightning Thorn] with Blue Rain to such a level. His contract with this Hibiscus was at its greatest level and, naturally, making such power erupt brought incredible effects.

How could a [Heavenly Battle Array] possibly block an attack of such intensity? In about the duration of a mere second, [Heavenly Battle Array] exploded and was smashed to pieces.

However, having earned a second also gave Yang Wenzhao the time to react. A resonant dragon cry resounded in the whole stadium, as Yang Wenzhao soared in the air with the effects of [Ascending Dragon’s Strike] before making a dozen swords appear around him. Relying on the defensive and offensive properties of [Ascending Dragon’s Strike], he finally counteracted the power of Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.

Facing Yang Wenzhao, soaring in the air, Long Haochen supported himself on one foot, before jumping at his turn. As he went after the [Ascending Dragon’s Strike], a [Holy Sword] was accomplished with the sword in his right hand, and released with [Light Thorn].
At this moment, Yang Wenzhao’s heroic and formidable character surged out. The [Ascending Dragon’s Strike] was suddenly stopped as it turned around on the other side, changing its orientation below, and brazenly meeting head on with Long Haochen’s [Holy Sword].


Gold and white clashed violently, releasing a lump of rich golden and white halos into the air. Long Haochen, who was directly met by this [Heavenly Dragon’s Strike], fell directly on the ground, but Yang Wenzhao immediately seized the opportunity to charge once again, as in the corners of his mouth, wisps of blood could clearly be seen. He finally ended up suffering injuries, although light.

Long Haochen’s offense was too fierce. Yang Wenzhao didn’t expect in the slightest that after all, he would choose such an aggressive style, without holding the slightest bit back. This was his eventual little mistake.

Waving his two swords, Yang Wenzhao drew an outline of fantastic patterns. He wanted to rely on the fact that his body was still soaring in the air, to summon his Starlight Unicorn in this little moment.

That Starlight Unicorn had already reached the threshold of the seventh step. Although it had not broken through long ago, it exceeded Hao Yue in terms of ranking. Further adding the deepness of his contract with his Starlight Unicorn and its flight ability, he would definitely be able to make a come back from this disadvantageous situation.

However, at this very moment, something Yang Wenzhao didn’t expect at all occurred.

A violent power suddenly sucked him in downward. The formidable attractive power had dragged him directly to the ground. And at this moment, Long Haochen who just fell on the ground didn’t give him the slightest opportunity to take a breather, instantly shooting like a bullet from the ground. Swinging his two swords, he revolved while charging at Yang Wenzhao.
Evolved Saint Spiritual Stove’s second ability, [Pull], linked with
[Condemning Revolving Sword].

Although Long Haochen was in midair, his willpower had already ignited to its peak, but still, in these kinds of circumstances, his mind was very sober, calm.

The complete opposite of his fiery attack.

Yang Wenzhao bounced back in the air in this split second, and Long Haochen, who determined that his opponent was up to something, instantly let the power of his Saint Spiritual Stove erupt in an eye blink. Enveloped by a white light, he forcefully pulled Yang Wenzhao’s body while shooting upwards. In the process, his mount summoning had inevitably been canceled.

As a matter of fact, Long Haochen was successful. When Yang Wenzhao felt a huge attractive force on him, the balance of his body was broken and his summoning was already interrupted. Immediately, he saw Long Haochen’s flashy [Condemning Revolving Sword], emitting golden rings all around.

Not good!

In this moment of crisis, Yang Wenzhao didn’t dare continue his summoning. Dozens of very little blue drops of light came out from his chest, overflowing from it, and turning into a ball of light, aiming straight at bombarding Long Haochen. It was precisely the Starsea Spiritual Stove.

In his currently unprepared state, when facing the [Condemning Revolving Sword] of Long Haochen, who already reached the fifth step of the vocation, he became immediately afraid of ending up injured.

On one side, he lost his chance, on the other side, he entered in a state of crisis. Long Haochen currently held an overwhelming advantage.

Violently colliding with these numerous brilliances erupting in the sky, released like fireworks, they completely shocked the competitors watching
from the lounge. Among them, the overwhelming majority was unable to see clearly what was happening, but could vaguely see that both parties seemed to have used a spiritual stove’s power.

These two unexpectedly have both a spiritual stove?

Without a doubt, Yang Wenzhao’s Starsea Spiritual Stove was even more formidable, but these competitors had their attention fixed even more on Long Haochen.

This… This was a Saint Spiritual Stove! To a Demon Hunt Squad, possessing a Saint Spiritual Stove user implied to have an enormous supplementary strength. When facing powerful foes, this kind of Demon Hunt Squad will be bound to have advantages from it. If they were to choose, at least 80% of these people would choose to be in Long Haochen’s squad. The other 20% were either knights or some freaks.

Chapter 148

At this moment, a lot of people had already forgotten the matter with Cai’er. No matter whether it was Long Haochen or Yang Wenzhao, the two finalist displayed absolute power exceeding the vast majority of the other competitors’. Furthermore, from the beginning of the fight, they hadn’t even taken out their personal mounts.

A great amount of golden, white, blue dazzling light was breaking out in the sky. At last, two figures fell from the skies, one after another.

On Long Haochen’s Holy Spirit Armor, at least six holes appeared. In fact, they were the result of the Starsea Spiritual Stove, which finally pierced through his defense.

On the other side, Yang Wenzhao appeared in a much worse shape. Today, what he was wearing was a golden armor. This golden armor clearly had at least a dozen sword marks on it, especially on its left side. A large hole was split open in the middle, fresh blood dripping out from it.

With a Wa sound, Long Haochen spat out a mouthful of blood. His injuries weren’t any lighter than Yang Wenzhao; the Starsea Spiritual Stove’s might was something that gave Yang Wenzhao a significant advantage. However, as he spat out this blood, he had already launched a charge at Yang Wenzhao.

This guy is simply mad! Could it be that he doesn’t even need to take a breather? Seeing Long Haochen charge once again, Yang Wenzhao was filled with a completely unwilling feeling.
Long Haochen’s eyes displayed an enormous fighting spirit. However, they also appeared extremely calm. To be able to combine these two splendid qualities together… What a frightening existence!

Actually, Yang Wenzhao didn’t know in the slightest bit that with the external stimulation, Long Haochen’s constitution of a Scion of Light was gradually influencing his fighting spirit. His physique of a Scion of Light gave him the natural talent called ‘Heart of Light’. Under the effect of Heart of Light, in whichever situation he faced, his decision-making power would not get affected by his feelings. And the most formidable innate talent that could be possessed by knights was gradually coming out from Long Haochen, in his capacity as the Scion of Light.

Fiercely gritting his teeth, Yang Wenzhao chose to not clash head-on with Long Haochen again. This kid was just insane! If this kept up, it would very possibly end up with the two of them being wounded. Furthermore, with the comparison between his opponent’s momentum and his own, it wouldn’t be surprising if he was to come out as the loser.

As a result, at this moment, Yang Wenzhao did the best he could to calm himself down, going for a defensive strategy, and slowly retreating while unfolding both arms and rapidly drawing the outline of his summoning command.

As long as he could summon his Starlight Unicorn, he would be very likely to win this battle.

Yang Wenzhao’s retreat was naturally not done by walking backwards as this would not give him any way to keep up with Long Haochen’s charging speed. His choice was to use [Assault] as well, charging at the opposite direction, swiftly heading to the side while launching his summon incantation. It could be said that he was going for the side of Long Haochen.

At the same time, a starry light glittered from his chest, gradually coming out and rapidly covering his whole body. An armor covered his whole body just like a huge mountain; this was the ability of his evolved Starsea Spiritual Stove, Starry Spiritual Armor.
With this defense, even if he received several long-ranged attacks from Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t be much harmed.

But at this very moment, alarmed shouts resounded from the lounge. It was a pity that Yang Wenzhao
From the lounge, the competitors only saw a purple light twinkling, before three giant heads appeared below Long Haochen, standing proudly. It was precisely Haoyue.

He… He didn’t use any incantation or draw any magic figures to complete this incantation? How is it possible? The most confused people over this scene were the summoners from the Spiritual Temple. However, no matter what their guesses could be, Long Haochen had completed this summon in an instant.

In the instant Haoyue appeared, three spells instantly came out simultaneously.

In a flash, a lump of green light fell on Long Haochen’s body, covering it entirely with its drizzling luster. A lump of red light was puffed from Little Flame’s mouth. And finally, a golden light illuminated Long Haochen, on this blue Hibiscus of Light in his right hand.

Three abilities were simultaneously used, accomplished without a hitch. The place where Haoyue appeared was slightly in front of Long Haochen, so Long Haochen was actually on his tail.

As a result, at the same time Little Green, Little Flame and Little Light used his abilities, Haoyue, with his figure appearing more than 4 meters high swiftly waved his tail, taking Long Haochen and throwing him at Yang Wenzhao.

An enormous fireball with a meter diameter flew before Long Haochen, completely concealing his body. It was the flaming light that Little Flame had just created.
[Super Bursting Fireball], spell of the fifth step. Originally, it is a spell creating a single fireball, but when exploding, it can display the power of several spells used at once. And among fire spells of the fifth step, it is one of the best ones in terms of offensive power. In the middle of his summon, Yang Wenzhao suddenly felt a scorching hot feeling at his back.

How can there be a scorching hot feeling? His magic figures were about to be completed, so if it was interrupted in this instant, he was very likely to be at an even greater disadvantage.

Therefore, Yang Wenzhao gritted his teeth, his armor letting out a brilliant radiance, appearing just like flames in the sun. Except, these solar flames weren’t released by his body, but came from his supplementary armor, and they could only persist for three seconds.

Bang – Pa

The [Super Bursting Fireball] ruthlessly exploded on Yang Wenzhao’s body. This was a spell of the fifth step! How could a supplementary armor coming from the use of an ability possibly stop it? The solar flames instantly scattered, as the heavy explosion was launched in the instant the fireball collided with the Starsea Armor, producing a heavy explosion.

However, in this instant, Yang Wenzhao reacted contrarily to expectations. In the end, he chose to resist this strike, his magic figures taking advantage of this instant to be completed. A rich-gold-colored hexagon glittered before him. He was about to summon immediately his Starlight Unicorn, letting this match start anew.

But, also in this instant, Yang Wenzhao felt an unprecedented feeling of crisis covering his whole body. He didn’t have the time to make any decision at this instant, and turned around desperately, his two swords slashing backwards. Louuu

Two crossed white brilliances formed an [Instant Blast Cross Cut], aiming at Yang Wenzhao’s two swords from above.
A heavy metallic burst sounded in the air, as Yang Wenzhao’s two swords were broken and a white blade of light ruthlessly aimed at him, splitting open his Star Spiritual Armor as well as the body armor he was clad in. This terrifying offensive power directly struck Yang Wenzhao from the air.

As blood frantically spread out, Yang Wenzhao had a single interrogation, How could this happen?

A white radiance twinkled, pulling the heavily wounded Yang Wenzhao, making his body forcefully move backwards.

Xilulu. With a long and hoarse cry, the Starlight Unicorn finally came on stage. Relying on a contract of equals, he could immediately feel Yang Wenzhao’s crisis, and spreading his two wings, rushed towards Yang Wenzhao without the slightest hesitation.

Also at this moment, a white light rose, this time on the Starlight Unicorn’s body. It originally headed towards Yang Wenzhao’s, but it turned without the slightest resistance, heading instead in the direction of Long Haochen.

Using [Divine Obstruction] and with his two swords crossed, Long Haochen simply stopped the Starlight Unicorn’s charge. Although he was pushed a little dozen or so meters back, the Starlight Unicorn was also shaken and receded a few steps back, without the possibility of launching another successive charge.

“Stop! I am not trying to injure him.” Long Haochen shouted out loudly to the Starlight Unicorn.

The Starlight Unicorn was very obedient, and immediately stopping his charge, had its pair of beautiful eyes filled with a worried expression.

It was understandable that he didn’t dare launch another attack, as he was actually afraid of the aftermath if he was to wound this little guy. On the other side, Yang Wenzhao was currently facing Haoyue. Little Green bit into Yang Wenzhao’s neck without any restraint, while this latter didn’t dare
move the slightest bit. Still, blood was unceasingly dripping out from his mouth and nose; clearly, his current injuries were extremely heavy.

The whole audience fell silent.

At this moment of the match, the results were already obvious.

Before today’s semifinals began, the other competitors felt that the final victor of the competition could be themselves. From the looks of it, the one who had the higher odds of being the victor ought to be the Assassin Temple that had Cai’er. The strength that Cai’er had displayed was, after all, too overbearing! In front of her, no one had had a chance of even lasting for a quarter of an hour.

And immediately after Cai’er, the other one with great odds of ending up victorious was Yang Wenzhao. He possessed a Starlight Unicorn, and was himself a formidable Retribution Knight of the fifth step. With his overbearing cultivation level, equipment, and the assistance of his Starlight Unicorn, he was supposed to be able to stand against Cai’er. Between, these two, it was hard to guess who the final champion would be.

As for Long Haochen, who was placed third after these two, from a lot of people’s point of view, as a knight, he was still too young. Although he definitely had good talent, there was bound to be a gap between his odd mount and a Starlight Unicorn. And his cultivation level in itself couldn’t match Yang Wenzhao’s. If not for his relationship with Cai’er, there was no way he would have attracted as much attention as these two.

As for Mu Ning, it seemed that no one considered him as someone capable enough to enter the top three.

From the beginning of today’s match to its end, everything that happened had completely overturned everyone’s point of view. Cai’er went as far as to surrender her own match, and despite the fact she was the favorite for numerous people, at last, she only ended fourth. As for Mu Ning, with his luck of dog’s shit, he picked up the third place. However, in this battle between Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao, this latter was the
overwhelming favorite. In fact, it was because the Starlight Unicorn’s existence was just too overbearing.

During this match, Yang Wenzhao proved his formidable strength. Not only did he possess the both offensive and defensive Starsea Spiritual Stove, but furthermore, he had already completed its first evolution!

Chapter 149

However, although the Demon Hunt Squad members in the making and other contestants had guessed Yang Wenzhao’s strength, they didn’t guess this final outcome.

Even if at the moment, from their point of view, Long Haochen’s entire power ought to have been inferior compared to Yang Wenzhao’s, when all was said and done, he had accomplished a complete victory. Long Haochen was the complete victor of this match.

Unexpectedly, he had completely suppressed Yang Wenzhao from beginning to end leaving him no opportunity at all. With this battle accomplishment, he became the ultimate victor.

A few breaths earlier.

Yang Wenzhao’s fighting strategy could be said to be quite inaccurate, but his biggest mistake was his estimation of Haoyue.

Long Haochen and Haoyue shared a blood contract. It completely linked their blood pulses: even in different locations, they would still remain connected. Each of them could feel the danger the other one was in, and would be the first to rush to the other one’s side.

Under these circumstances, Long Haochen didn’t need any summoning incantations or drawing symbols and could easily summon Haoyue. Furthermore, he could rely on their soul connection to tell Haoyue which abilities he should prepare beforehand. For this reason, as soon as Haoyue appeared, he instantly released three spells: they were precisely the three
abilities that enabled Long Haochen to accomplish his one-blow-kill, prevailing against Yang Wenzhao before the arrival of his Starlight Unicorn.

The first spell was Little Green’s [Float], that instantly made Long Haochen a lot lighter. In fact, as an only 14 years-old kid, Long Haochen didn’t have much weight, but his armor, plus his two swords were very heavy. After reducing his weight, Haoyue’s tail became his best weapon, giving him an enormous boost of speed to pursue Yang Wenzhao who was in the middle of [Assault].

The second spell was Little Flame’s [Super Bursting Fireball]. This thing was precisely what enabled him to break Yang Wenzhao’s defense, exceeding it by a hair’s breadth, making a crack appear in his Star Spiritual Armor.

The third ability Little Light used was the light system spell [Buff], quite similar to [Radiant World], with the difference being that it enhances and increases Long Haochen’s light element. Because of Long Haochen’s blood pact with Haoyue that interlinked his blood vessels with Haoyue, this portion of light element was transferred to him, immediately turning into two [Holy Swords].

These two [Holy Swords] erupted, turning into an [Instant Blast Cross Cut], the ultimate blow aimed at Yang Wenzhao.

Still, Long Haochen showed mercy with this move, as he didn’t use [Holy Sword] with its full might. Otherwise, Yang Wenzhao’s body would have already been cut in four.

To ultimately defeat Yang Wenzhao, he then simply launched the ability [Pull] of his Saint Spiritual Stove once again, throwing Yang Wenzhao, who lost all balance, at Haoyue. Under this threat to Yang Wenzhao’s life, even if his Starlight Unicorn was even more formidable, there would still be no way for him to turn the tides.

Yang Wenzhao’s judgement wasn’t wrong: in terms of fighting power, the Starlight Unicorn was stronger than Haoyue, and in the aspect of light system’s enhancement, Haoyue had no way to compare. However, what he
miscalculated was in regard to his estimate of his companion agreement pact. How could Long Haochen’s blood contract with Hao Yue possibly compare with his pact of equals with his Starlight Unicorn?

If both parties had summoned their mount from the very beginning of the battle, the ultimate result would have very likely been both sides suffering. In h

The pity is that strength is not the absolute factor for determining victory or defeat; fighting spirit is very likely to influence the results a lot. Also, tactics are another factor that can very possibly change the outcome.

“Victor, Long Haochen.”

The referee announced this, and in the next instant, he arrived before Yang Wenzhao.

With a sign waved by Long Hoachen, Little Green opened his mouth, doing something to Yang Wenzhao.

White radiances of sacred light twinkled one after another, falling on Yang Wenzhao’s body and treating his numerous injuries. While the referee was doing his announcement, the Starlight Unicorn, which was let loose, rushed to Yang Wenzhao’s side, and looked at the nearby Haoyue with obvious hostility.

Long Haochen also used his first use of [Holy Mantle] from his wrist guard, and at the same time, in his hands, Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light released a blue radiance all around; this was [Sweet Powder] technique of the water attribute.

Under the healing effects of light and water magic, he recovered with the light stimulation while water system eased up his wounds and gave some vitality back to him. When both were used together, complementing each other, the healing effect was greatly increased.

During this battle, it had looked like Long Haochen had completely overpowered and suppressed Yang Wenzhao, but in reality, the pressure he
had received was also extremely great. From beginning to end, his attacks were uninterrupted. Otherwise, how could Yang Wenzhao, considering his cultivation level, possibly be left with no way to summon his Starlight Unicorn? In such circumstances, he would obviously be subject to a great pressure himself. And in this instant, Long Haochen had a superiority that spectators couldn’t see; it was precisely about his external spiritual energy.

In regard to his internal spiritual energy, Long Haochen was an Earth Knight at the first rank, but in comparison, Yang Wenzhao was, for sure, at least an Airborne Knight at the third rank. However, his external spiritual energy was something that Yang Wenzhao couldn’t possibly match. With Haoyue’s two evolutions, the external spiritual energy circulating in his veins was greatly increased. And the mystical sword Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light brought constant growth to his body. Yang Wenzhao had very likely an external spiritual energy only of 100, that could definitely not reach 200. In comparison, Long Haochen’s external spiritual energy was probably higher than 400. Only, since he didn’t go through the magical test of estimation, he didn’t know how high his external spiritual energy was.

Superiority in terms of external spiritual energy led to Long Haochen prevailing by far over Yang Wenzhao. Although it was also his continuous use of skills that led to his own injuries, it was still within his limit.

Looking at the radiance of the dazzling Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, Long Haochen thought to himself that if a [Holy Sword] combined with [Instant Blast Cross Cut] wasn’t enough to bring him victory, he would really have to use the most powerful supplementary skill of this sword. Only, it would also lead to him being greatly injured in the process.

An enormous white pillar rose from Yang Wenzhao’s body; it was a skill used by the referee to restore his strength.

[Saint Heal], Guardian Knight skill of the eighth step. So the referee of this finals was actually a Saint Knight of the eighth step.

Under the effect of [Saint Heal], the enormous wound on Yang Wenzhao’s back started to heal at an astonishing speed, and he stood up with the help of the referee.
Directing his gaze toward Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao had a complex look. He didn’t expect that he would really lose. Lose against a youth obviously a lot younger than him.

The first time he met him, he was still a knight of the fourth step. At that time, although he was quite impressive, he still had no chance at all in front of him.

However, after a mere month, he managed to beat him like this.

A loss was a loss; Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t go look for an excuse. If the opponent was a demon, he would have already been turned into a corpse.

Taking a deep breath, Yang Wenzhao nodded, looking at the referee and hinting that he could stand by himself. Then, this Saint Knight let his hand loose.

Yang Wenzhao, advanced, taking little strides in Long Haochen’s direction. His face was very pale, but the complex expression in his eyes slowly disappeared.

He has something to tell me? Long Haochen saw Yang Wenzhao approaching him with haste.

“You won.” Yang Wenzhao had a feeble voice.

“I just made use of tricks.” The fighting spirit that was accumulated in Long Haochen’s eyes had already disappeared, and his handsome face had, as before, a pure and childish feel. From his face, he looked embarrassed, and displayed a very bright smile.

Looking at his face, Yang Wenzhao became slightly low spirited: he was defeated by such a young knight!

“This is your victory. But in a near future, when we’ll be competing for the Secret Silver Foundation Seat, I will definitely not lose against you.” As he spoke, Yang Wenzhao extended his right hand toward Long Haochen.
Long Haochen similarly stretched his right arm forward, “It seems that you are forgetting the group formation that is about to take place.”

Yang Wenzhao’s face revealed a bitter smile, as he slowly shook his head.

“We will be continuously moving forward, for the glory of knights.”
Yang Wenzhao’s right fist formed a punch, aimed at his left chest.

“For the glory of knights.” Long Haochen was still saluting.

In the direction of the podium, the higher-ups of the Six Great Temples advanced toward the stadium, one after another, heading to their side.

Han Qian’s voice sounded once again in the whole field.

“This Demon Hunt Selection Competition ends. Winner: Long Haochen, Second place: Yang Wenzhao, Third place: Mu Ning. , the roulette ceremony is going to take place; all the top 60 competitors of this year are to advance.”

After a total duration of a month, the Demon Hunt Selection finally ended. The ultimate result exceeded everyone’s expectations. The Knight Temple took the top two seats and ended up as the ultimate winner, and Long Haochen made a name for himself after a single match. He won and became champion, at barely 14 years old, and also became the youngest champion of the history of the Demon Hunt Selections. However, deep inside of his heart, this win didn’t belong to him, but to that young girl who supported him in the shadows, unknown to everyone else.

Under the guidance of the staff members, every competitor slowly entered. On the other side, a dozen of staff members moved as well, heading toward an enormous wheel.

It was in a circular terrace that had a diameter above 20 meters, with, on it, a huge roulette.
The competitors stood on two sides, under the guidance of some staff members. Among them, those who entered the top 16 were in the left row, whereas the rest of the people were in the rear.

Long Haochen and Yang Wenzhao stood side by side, gazing at an enormous roulette in front of them. Suddenly, Long Haochen seemed to have thought of something, and the expression on his face changing completely. Quickly turning around, he looked for the silhouette of Cai’er in the crowd.

As he was about to join up with Cai’er, he had something of the utter importance to tell her. At this moment, Han Qian’s voice sounded once again, “Long Haochen, Yang Wenzhao, Mu Ning, go up on stage.”

Chapter 150

At the same time, a gentle mantle of light was released in the air, wrapping Long Haochen and the two other youths in it, and transporting them onto the platform, beside the terrace where the roulette was.

Han Qian said in a low voice, “In your capacity as the first three competitors, you will have the privilege of being able to choose one teammate in priority for your own squad. However, everything will be taking place accordingly to the rules: from beginning to end, you are not to communicate in any way with external people, until the teams are formed.”

Feeling greatly anxious, Long Haochen said with haste, “Elder Saint Knight, can I just say a little something to a friend of mine, just a few words?”

Sanshui, the Spirit Emperor from the Spiritual Temple immediately gave her reply, “Haven’t you heard the words of the elder Saint Knight? These are the rules of the Alliance, how could we let you bypass them?”

Originally, the other Temples felt somewhat gloomy about the fact the Knight Temple got the first two places, so naturally, in regards to the rules, they wouldn’t be flexible with Long Haochen.

Long Haochen turned was again his head around, looking at Cai’er. He had something he really wanted to tell her, however Cai’er couldn’t see! Even if his glance could express twice as much, would it even be of use?
Under the urgings of the staff members, Long Haochen was finally left with no other choice but to head up to the circular desk together with Yang Wenzhao and Mu Ning.

Han Qian gave a puzzled look to Long Haochen, but at this moment, he couldn’t say anything about that, due to his capacity as Alliance representative. In accordance with the procedures, he said in a deep voice, “You three obtained the first three places. For this feat, you will each have a chance to directly choose one person as your teammate in your future Demon Hunt Squad. As long as the other party agrees, he will directly become part of your Demon Hunting Squad. Long Haochen, you got the first place, so you will be the first one to choose.”

That mantle of light released on the platform isolated it from all foreign influence, but it didn’t mean that the sound inside of it could not be perceived. But Long Haochen couldn’t possibly know of this! Otherwise, even if he had to shout it loudly, he would definitely let the extremely important matter he had in heart come out.

Long Haochen looked at the somewhat dull Han Qian, whose face appeared to have turned paler than before, before looking at Cai’er, who was standing on the first row, as his body slightly swayed.

No matter whether it was the six auxiliary hall masters, or Yang Wenzhao and Mu Ning standing by his side, everyone couldn’t help but have doubts. What is he hesitating about? Could it be that, aside from that girl, there could be another possible choice?

However, how could that be possible? Even the most perspicacious people were unable to guess what he could be thinking about. It was precisely for his sake that this girl surrendered two matches in a row. Otherwise, today’s ranking couldn’t possibly be like that.

Everyone’s gaze was sticked at Long Haochen. But to him, all of this was too sudden! He had no way to tell Cai’er his idea.

Outside from the mantle of light, Cai’er silently stood up. She was also feeling somewhat sluggish, Hasn’t he already let you make his choice? Why
doesn’t he say it? What is he waiting for?

Li Xin was currently standing behind Cai’er, while Lin Xin was also standing nearby. At this very moment, all of them felt extremely nervous.

Li Xin understood Long Haochen only too well; although he’s very yo

He… He will not choose this useless mage, will he? If it’s really the case, what about Cai’er? Lil’ bro! You are not going to become a villain, are you? Seeing this frail silhouette, Li Xin secretly prayed to herself, unknowingly becoming completely soaked in sweat.

Lin Xin’s current state of mind was also complex. All along, he had been looking at these days of competition. When, at that time, he staked everything on Long Haochen, it was as a tentative plan for five years later, for the sake of realizing his dream.

However, he absolutely didn’t expect that during this competition, Long Haochen would actually come out as one of the stars, obtaining the ultimate place of champion.

Naturally, he also knew of the two matches Cai’er surrendered, and was able to notice their intimate relationship. In this instant, would Long Haochen still choose him? If it was instead him, which choice would he make?

Lin Xin didn’t know, he couldn’t give himself a straight answer. In his current state, his mind was almost blank, and looking at Long Haochen standing afar on the platform, his five senses were completely mixed up.

On a side was his close female friend, and the most outstanding person of the Assassin Temple as well as the number one of her generation, and called the ‘Assassin Empress’ by all other assassins participating in the competition, Cai’er.

On the other side, a mage who cannot use offensive magic who relied on luck and scheming to come out successful during the preliminaries.
On one side was the one he had to protect for his whole life, the girl who surrendered all glory for his sake.

On the other side, a promise forced upon him.

Lin Xin secretly pondered to himself: in such circumstances, which choice would he make?

On stage, Ying Suifeng felt extreme anger, still unsatisfied from the choice Cai’er made today. Although this girl wasn’t anything he could possibly control, she represented the glory of the Assassin Temple. For the sake of another, she abandoned all glory. If it was someone else, Ying Suifeng would definitely severely punish him.

However, even though Cai’er sacrificed so much for him, for him to be now hesitating in spite of everything, could he still call himself a man of honor?

“What are you still waiting for? Hurry up to make up your mind.” In his anger, Ying Suifeng was completely ice-cold, as he couldn’t help but let out these words, shouting loudly.

Long Haochen felt completely shaken. Coming back to his senses, he finally had to face the reality. At that instant, he was already unable to change his mind anymore.

Tightly clenching both fists, he abruptly lifted up his head, using almost all his strength to say in a deep voice, “I choose Lin Xin from the Mage Temple.”



On stage, everyone was crying out in surprise, and off stage, a huge uproar occurred.

Simultaneously, three people cried out extremely loudly, the Saint Knight Head from the Knight Temple, Han Qian, the Majestic Heroic Assassin
Lord from the Assassin Temple, Ying Suifeng, as well as the Magic Regiment Leader from the Mage Temple, Lin Chen.

The other three auxiliary hall masters were also astonished, but in the end, still managed to control themselves.

“What did you say?” Ying Suifeng took a step forward, grabbing Long Haochen from his Holy Spirit Armor and releasing a terrifyingly enormous pressure toward this latter.

Han Qian made haste to take a step forward and grabbed Ying Suifeng’s shoulder, “Don’t be impetuous. Haochen, didn’t you make a mistake? How can it be?”

On the side, the Saint Mage Lin Chen stared at him, anxiously waiting for his answer. He absolutely didn’t expect that the choice of this child, the hope for the future of the Knight Temple and champion of the competition, would be his own grandson.

Long Haochen revealed an agonizing look: “I am not mistaken, my choice is Lin Xin from the Mage Temple. He is also one of the top sixty competitors.”

The first time Long Haochen said he chose Lin Xin, Cai’er, who was originally calmly standing suddenly turned rigid, her face appearing lifeless. Gripping the bamboo cane and tightening her hand, at that moment, all she could feel was that her mind was turning blank, and that her six senses had disappeared completely.

Did… Did I mishear him? In that blank world, Cai’er tried to ask herself.

But how could I mishear his voice? My hearing is at least twice better than ordinary people’s.

He chose Lin Xin? That Lin Xin who cannot use offensive magic? The Lin Xin who was in my subgroup?

This word was currently flowing in Cai’er with matchless presence.

What about his promise? He said said he would protect me for all his lifetime.

But, the one he chose wasn’t me. Why…
So cold, I suddenly feel so cold, so painful. Where does this cold and painful feeling come from? Could it be from… My heart?

It hurts so bad, all because of him. The scenery flashing before my eyes was originally all black, but now it became all grey.


“Cai’er! Cai’er! Listen to me, there’s a reason why Haochen chose Lin Xin, you have to listen to my explanation!” Li Xin anxiously stood at Cai’er’s side, calling out to her. However, at that very moment, Cai’er seemed like she lost her soul.

She was silently standing at the same place as before, but it seemed as if she had discarded everything related to the outside world.

In this very instant, Long Haochen’s second declaration was transmitted from inside of the mantle of light.

“I am not mistaken, my choice is Lin Xin from the Mage Temple. He is also one of the top sixty competitors.”

Hearing his voice once again, Cai’er seemed to sober up. However, in the next instant, an intense chillness instantly burst out from the core of her body.

Li Xin, who was the closest to her, could only feel as if the peaked- leveled chillness was tearing her soul apart, as her body fell back involuntarily.
It wasn’t only her: the other competitors at Cai’er side also retreated extremely quickly and in all directions.


The bamboo cane in Cai’er’s hand sank in the ground, until only its handle could be seen.

Wa–, blood was spat out from her mouth. Little by little, her body turned numb.

“Cai’er.” A slim silhouette appeared suddenly, as if tearing space at the same time. The one holding her soft body in his arms was precisely that thin elder that was previously in the Alliance’s Treasure Vault.

“You, bastard. I’m going to kill you.” Terrifying black colored light suddenly flashed in the sky, as a formidable might in the pinnacle of power wrapped the whole stadium, turning the light rays into dark. The astonishing killing intent made the faces of the elites from the Six Great Temples pale in fright, as they fell back. Like an extremely sharp blade, the black radiance reached the mantle of light covering the platform in a flash.

At this very moment, the golden pillar was abruptly completely destroyed, despite the fact that its diameter exceeded 30 meters, but against all expectation, as soon as the black blade-shaped radiance reached the pillar of light, it disappeared noiselessly.

“Yang Haohan, if you dare try to stop me, I’m going to kill you first.” The thin elder was in complete wrath, his unmatchable killing intent going as far as to take shape in his back. Behind him was condensed an enormous blade with a length of ten meters and a width of three meters, as the extremely cold radiating blade arose abruptly, rippling all around it.

At this very moment, inside of the golden pillar of light, a nearly 33 meters high enormous throne appeared, with a somewhat swollen appearance.
Behind it were erected countless gems, forming the shape of a dazzling shield in the middle of it. Thick and pure aura was scattered from it, with awe as great as a mountain. Under its influence, the slim elder’s formidable killing intent had no way to keep advancing.
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