Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 131-140


Chapter 131

Right now, with just a wave of his hand, he was scared into a cold sweat! Despite the fact that he was at the fifth step, there wasn’t the slightest bit of resistance. Who were these two old men? Wasn’t this fearful strength similar to grandfather’s? With their position, why would they be here guarding the door?

The skinny elder disdainfully said: “The mouse gives birth to mices, but the lineage is getting worse and worse with each generation. The grandson that Han Qian raised can’t even accomplish anything by himself.”

The fat elder twitched his mouth, and said: “Who isn’t accomplishing anything? The Knight Temple’s younger generation matters a lot to the Alliance. This is something you can absolutely not deny.”

The skinny elder said: “Bullshit. Even all of them together cannot equal our Cai’er.”

The fat elder let out a chuckle. “Little maidens always need to marry. Moreover, the kid just entered is also pretty good. It looks like his age is more or less the same as your Cai’er.”

The skinny elder shrugged, “Damned fatty, do you want to come to blows?….”

The fat elder leaned back in his chair, said: “You dare? If you really do, let’s go find a place to duel for real, without anything missing. Sneak attacks are also allowed.”
The skinny elder groaned once again before sitting back on his chair, without uttering a single other word.

Long Hao Chen was astonished by the fact that his body hadn’t bumped into the wall. He only felt that a tyrannical pulling force in the surroundings was unceasingly pulling him apart, from all directions. However, at this moment, he had already recovered his ability to control his spiritual energy, manipulating it to protect himself.

He didn’t know from where it came, but at this very moment, a large hand reached out. It grabbed his shoulders and lightly started pulling him, making the illusory and dark world suddenly disappear. Opening his eyes, Long Hao Chen had already appeared in another place.

This was a place brimming with the feeling of spring, filled with the songs of birds and the fragrance of flowers, and in front of him was a valley. A faint and mighty gold colored fog shrouded the valley’s entrance. The surroundings were brimming with trees, bushes, flowers and plants. This atmosphere was very inviting.

The sky was clear. This slightly moist atmosphere made his skin feel extremely comfortable.

The valley entrance was over 100 meters away, over the unstable and shaky cliffs, shockingly, there were two large words ‘Qiling Valley’…

This, this was this the Knight Temple’s treasure vault? Long Hao Chen was dumbstruck as he saw everything in front of him. With his knowledge, he was capable of understanding everything that appeared before his eyes.

“Welcome, young friend.” A deep and profound voice sounded behind Long Hao Chen.

Hurriedly turning around, Long Hao Chen suddenly saw that an elder stood behind him. It seemed that he was the one who was pulling him over here, and behind him stood a strange gate of light.
This gate of light resembled the Creature Summoning Gate that Chen Ying’er used, except that the patterns surrounding this gate were much more complex. There was also no sign of animal carvings, but instead, there were numerous inscriptions in a language coming from ancient times.

“Strange isn’t it?” That elder was tall and thin. His silver hair was draped over his shoulders and he was wearing a traditional white robe. In this beautiful place, the aura he gave off was close to that of an immortal. His forehead was wide, and although his face showed years of hardship, both h

“Greetings, elder.” Long Hao Chen said, paying respect to him with a knight salute.

The elder laughed and said: “This old man is Yang Haohan, you may call him grandpa Yang.”

Long Hao Chen showed respect once again, and said “‘Hello, grandpa Yang.”

Yang Haohan smiled, patting him on the shoulder, and said: “Isn’t this place quite strange? Actually, this place wasn’t built by the Knight Temple, but was handed down from the glory era. It was built by elves in ancient times. It’s not only this place, but the other five Temples’ treasure vaults are like this as well. Simply put, this was made by ancient almighty elves who were capable of understanding and controlling heaven and earth, and created a parallel world based on our original world. Afterwards, during the dark era, we, almighty humans, received it. After we added some personal touches and modifications, it became like this.”

Although Long Hao Chen still didn’t understand much, he had a few impressions. He associated everything here with his own experience in the Knights’ Sacred Mountain.

Yang Hao Han smiled and said: “To be honest, if not for these treasures coming from the remnants of that ancient elve race that our almighty human race received during the dark era, I’m afraid that we, humans, would already have gone extinct…”
Long Hao Chen’s heart jumped, but he didn’t ask further. This was obviously related to the secrets of the six Temples. If this grandpa Yang in front of my eyes wanted to say something, he would certainly do so.

“Go, the valley contains your reward, but there will also be a test waiting for you, so be prepared. After entering the valley, there will be a fork in the road. At this fork, turn to the left, follow the path, and you will receive your reward.”

“Thank you grandpa Yang…” Long Hao Chen respectfully replied and walked towards the Qiling valley.

A hundred meters passed by quickly, and at this point, he took a step within a dense, faint-gold-colored fog.

In this fog, Long Hao Chen felt instantly that something was different. It seemed that the air had become a lot heavier, and an enormous pressure was surrounding him. His previously brisk steps immediately became heavier.

In his body, the liquid spiritual energy seemed to be simulated, producing a faint golden halo on the surface of his body.

Ever since he broke through the fifth step, Long Hao Chen felt that his cultivation speed had become a lot slower. ly, he could gain about ten spiritual energy levels in a single day, but now, in roughly ten days, his internal spiritual energy had only gained about ten levels. But on the contrary, because of Hao Yue’s evolution, his external spiritual energy had increased by leaps and by bounds.

In the combat against Wang Yuanyuan, Long Hao Chen came to realize that external spiritual energy was also important. Clearly, Wang Yuanyuan’s external spiritual energy exceeded ordinary people’s by far, because otherwise, there was no way she could so easily wield her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, even without gems embedded. If not for Hao Yue’s help, with no weapon that could compare to her’s in his hand, there was really no way he could match her.
Now, the liquid spiritual energy in his body started to revolve while showing a great difference.

ly, during his cultivation, it was around the Saint Spiritual Stove that his internal spiritual energy revolved, but now, it became the complete opposite.

The golden liquid internal spiritual energy took the shape of a ring, and resembled a sort of moat, slowly revolving around the Saint Spiritual Stove, but that Saint Spiritual Stove was slowly revolving as well. This further raised the quantity of liquid spiritual energy produced in Long Hao Chen’s body which, still thrown out of his Saint Spiritual Stove, blended in a ring of liquid spiritual energy.

Long Hao Chen knew that he couldn’t be overly eager in cultivation. He knew that the breakthrough was one of the reasons why he could gain ten levels every day, another one being the fact he was taking the Spiritual Gathering Pills that were given to him by Lin Xin. Then, it was also because he was unceasingly arousing his potential through continuous battles. And after breaking through, the liquid internal spiritual energy was a lot more complex than in its former shape. In this month, the arousal of his potential also quite great. Steadily and surely striving to raise his level was, to him, the most proper choice. After all, he was still 14 this year, so there was no lack of time for him.

The personal goal Long Hao Chen gave himself was to break through the level of Radiant Knight below 18 years old, and the level of Temple Knight below 25 years old. Without a doubt, progressing too fast was not worth it at all. This was something Ye Hua put particular emphasis on.

Although the pressure exerted by the insipid golden colored fog was enormous, relying on his formidable mental capacity, Long Hao Chen felt that the light essence here exceeded the external world by far, and that this fog was not formed of moisture and vapor, as it would normally, but of light essence. In other terms, the light essence here seemed almost fully liquid.

Unfortunately, this was not something Long Hao Chen was capable of absorbing at all. It wasn’t that there was a rejection of it, but as he made an
attempt at absorbing it, the pressure exerted on him violently increased, nearly scattering the spiritual energy in his body. Surprised by this reaction, Long Hao Chen immediately became cautious and simultaneously released a [Holy Mantle]. This was to prevent the defense in his body from crumbling.

Not daring to be imprudent, he carefully advanced.

In a short time, a part of the scenery suddenly became distinct. As before, in the other directions, it was still indistinct, but on the left side, a passage appeared.

This passage was only three meters wide, and on the two sides, high cliffs appeared. These cliffs seemed smooth and sleek, but with his current training level, Long Hao Chen had no way to climb them successfully.

It should be there. Long Hao Chen observed the surroundings for a bit before advancing in the passage.

Exiting the range of the golden fog, his body finally felt lighter. As the pressuring force vanished, Long Hao Chen could feel the internal spiritual energy in his body calmly rushing forth.

This passage was definitely not flat, it was zigzagging in complicated patterns. This was the reason why all he could see around were the cliffs, but he didn’t see an end to this passage.

Continuously advancing in this passage, he had already spent roughly a quarter of an hour in it, when suddenly, in front of him appeared ten different forks in the road. Each of them had high cliffs on both sides.

This… This couldn’t be a naturally formed shape! It is too meticulous to be random. Long Hao Chen who was shaken to see so many bifurcations thought to himself.

What should I do? Grandpa Yang didn’t tell me about these bifurcations.
Which one should I choose? Should I still choose the leftmost one?
Halting his steps, Long Hao Chen pondered to himself.

Although he was young, he had a calm nature and wasn’t the kind of person to act blindly. He didn’t know why, but in his heart, a restless feeling surged up.

Long Hao Chen remembered perfectly what the elder Yang Hao Han told him to carefully bear in mind previously. His formidable memorizing power was currently being used at its utmost.

Grandpa Yang said that I will have to pass a test in order to obtain my reward. Could it be that this is the test, or a part of it? As he thought, Long Hao Chen sat down cross-legged and shut his eyes.

Before, when passing through the light fog, some of his spiritual energy had been consumed. Since he had to face a test, maintaining an optimal state was clearly going to be extremely important.

In this Qiling Valley, the light essence was a lot richer than in the external world. Although the fog from previously wasn’t present right now, the light essence as thick as rain was still present in a very abundant proportion. Relying on his particular physique as a Scion of Light, in a little moment, Long Hao Chen was already back to his peak state.

At this moment, suddenly, something caught Long Hao Chen’s attention. He felt a bit of the most pure light essence fluctuating around him in the air.


Long Hao Chen abruptly opened his eyes that glanced directly in a particular direction.

Chapter 132

That pure essence? Although the undulations were only present in low quantity, relying on his fabulous perception, he could immediately find out the path they led to.

The forks in the road before him led to a total of ten paths, and the one which contained that pure essence was the third one from the left.

Without further hesitation, Long Haochen stood up and took big strides towards the third path, and advanced from there.

It took him less than a hundred meters to walk into this fork. Then, the previous feeling he had emerged once again. That’s right, it’s precisely in this direction! Long Haochen thought to himself, What rich fluctuations of light essence! What I am searching for will definitely be there.

For a moment, he kept advancing. But some time after taking the fork, suddenly, a fantastic gate of light appeared in front of him.

This gate of light was completely different from the one that brought him here; comparatively, it was a lot smaller. With a height of two meters, a width of a meter, it had an oval shape and its edges were water-blue- colored. It released some faint gold-colored rings from the inside, and its sides were blue-colored.

This is…

Could it be that I have to step into this gate of light? Long Haochen stopped advancing.
Standing before this gate of light, he could immediately feel that the previous fluctuations of light essence were coming from within it. However, rather than being continuously released, they appeared occasionally and without basis.

In his capacity as Scion of Light, Long Haochen’s affinity with the light element was naturally at the greatest possible level. And it is not only the affinity he has with the light element, but also the one the light element has with him. As long as he could feel the existence of light element somewhere, he would unconsciously feel completely safe in this place.

After an instant of hesitation, Long Haochen took a deep breath, and finally took a step forward, entering the gate of light.

This time, he didn’t feel any indisposition, but his surroundings turned into soft specks of light, dazzling all around. Feeling a firm sensation of security, in the next instant, he felt that this illusory scene turned real.

This was a cave. There were strange rocks in the surroundings. After taking a step in, Long Haochen only felt that he returned to the real world and his silhouette immediately seemed illusory.
A blue and a golden light suddenly shone, illuminating the entire cave. The blue one seemed like a boundless ocean, brimming with blue,
sparkling colored beauty.

The golden one looked like the sun at dawn: it was warm, bright, filled with life, but didn’t hurt the eye. It was an exuberant life force, driving away the darkness with its light.

This is…

Long Haochen was bewildered by this sight right away. These two pure colors were so beautiful, so mesmerizing that he was completely immersed within it. It was especially the case for that gold color: when he saw it, it felt like he returned to the time when his father helped him to complete his
divine awakening. The liquid spiritual energy within him automatically agitated, making his body flicker.

His entrance apparently scared both the blue and gold color in this cave brimming full of them, and the two lights simultaneously stopped. The feelings they transmitted to Long Haochen were entirely different.

The blue light probed him with crystals, but the gold light after a short period of time gave off a strong sensation of familiarity, suddenly moving towards Long Haochen.

Long Haochen didn’t do anything. He stood there in silence. The gold light threw itself at him. When his body became enveloped in gold light, he felt a warm sensati

Although he couldn’t see the entire surrounding as there was only gold color before his eyes, the intense sensation of familiarity made Long Haochen completely satisfied.

He could feel the essence of this light, its inexhaustible purity, as he was completely immersed in it.

Long Haochen’s body, wrapped in this golden cover, started to emerge gradually, letting this golden radiance pass through him, entering his body and spiralling.

If anyone could see this scene, he would immediately be astonished.

[Brilliant Body], the formidable signature ability belonging to knights of the seventh step. The embodiment of light, and the fusion with light.

Long Haochen was currently only at the fifth step, and had just broken through recently. But still, he accomplished it. In normal circumstances, even for a complete [Brilliant Body], the external holy energy couldn’t so easily pass through the body. However, he still managed to accomplish this feat.
This was precisely caused by the Scion of Light’s physique and its affinity toward light, giving him the complete obedience of the light essence. And this light essence considers him as the holy master, regarding him as the holy god. Friendly and gentle, filled with inexhaustible affection.

After a long time, this bright light finally retreated. Long Haochen’s body finally came back to normal. However, at this very moment, a feeling of danger arose in him.

Suddenly opening his eyes, Long Haochen saw a blue-colored silhouette.

Looking at this figure, he couldn’t help but be extremely surprised. The reason for that was that it looked exactly the same as him. The only difference was that its body was of a transparent blue color. The huge pressure coming out from it seemed to come from the blue light concentrated in its body. In the next instant, it lifted up its two arms, and two blue-colored heavy swords appear in its two hands, stretching forward, and launching [Assault].

At this moment, Long Haochen didn’t have any weapons with him. Right after awaking from his previous wonderful state, he unconsciously stimulated the Divine Wristband on his wrist, making a [Holy Mantle] arise, and resisted against the blue image’s blow.


Right after, a great impact made Long Haochen draw back, and the pair of blue heavy swords immediately issued [Lightning Thrust], attacking the [Holy Mantle] just like drops of rain. It only took a second for the [Holy Mantle] to shatter, as the attack of the blue image was aimed at Long Haochen.

After a short moment of adjustation, Long Haochen prepared similarly. As he put his hands on the two sides of his body, two slim, long swords appeared in his hands.

[Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation].
This was spiritual energy turned into weapons. Although at first, he didn’t know at all what kind of enemy he was fighting, he came to realize that he was confronting himself. Under these circumstances, how could he resist his attacks without any weapons?

[Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation] used condensed spiritual energy to create blades. This was something one could only do after reaching the fifth step. Long Haochen was currently no more than a first ranked Earth Knight, so using it came with great difficulty. And the consumption of his spiritual energy due to this [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation] was enormous, it was something he couldn’t rashly use unless it was an emergency. Even with his physique of a Scion of Light, not only did this condensation of two thin swords directly consume more than 500 units of spiritual energy, but in the middle of the battle, it would keep consuming more of it.

Facing the blue image’s [Lightning Thrust], the slim swords in Long Haochen’s hands also started moving. A golden luster flashed, as the swords met each other. Without the use of any abilities, that blue image managed to completely nullify Long Haochen’s offensive power.

The blue image seemed to only use speed-based attacks like [Lightning Thrust], and made countless sword-shaped images appear, attacking just like mercury.

In this instant, Long Haochen felt as if he had returned to that owl-ant cave. Placing his two swords up and down, he focused entirely into staying cold-headed. And although the opponent’s attacks were extremely swift, he blocked them all.

Long Haochen discovered that his opponent’s attack power wasn’t so great; relying on [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation], he still managed to contend against them.

However, despite the fact that Long Haochen didn’t use any abilities, his spiritual energy was being consumed rapidly, just as before. In such circumstances, he didn’t hold any advantage.
Eh? At this moment, Long Hao Chen suddenly discovered something strange. His perception was a lot higher than ordinary people’s so as he blocked these attacks flowing like rain of the blue image, he simultaneously observed his counterpart’s capacities.

He discovered that this blue image’s color had turned a lot darker. And every time it would attack, its body would become even darker by a bit.

In this short time when participating in the Demon Hunt Squad Selections, Long Haochen experienced a lot of battles. There were some that he lost, some that he won, and some opponents that were especially formidable. They had an especially good effect on the development of his combat experience.

Long Haochen came to comprehend that in the midst of battle, he didn’t only have to pay attention to himself, but it was even more important to observe his enemy’s situation. It doesn’t only refer to observing the enemy’s offensive techniques, but also their body as well as the strength of their spiritual energy. This observation habit was something he was gradually giving more and more care to.

The first time the blue image launched [Lightning Thrust], it clearly had a very tyrannical power, but after breaking his [Holy Mantle], its power was also reduced, and by a wide extent.

[Holy Mantle] was obviously something that couldn’t injure the opponent, but then, how is it that his offensive power suddenly lowered? At that time, what happened to him?

With this process of thinking, Long Hao Chen found out something about this mystery.

The spiritual energy of the blue image had very little difference with his own. If his own spiritual energy was to fall down, its spiritual energy would fall down as well. ly, when he used [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation], his own spiritual energy had declined substantially, and as a result, its spiritual energy declined as well, which would naturally affect its offensive power. This was the correct answer.
Since things are that way, all I need to do is to purely focus on defense!

When Long Hao Chen was in the middle of his reasoning, suddenly, that blue image’s figure suddenly stopped and jumped in air, rotating at great speed. It was [Condemning Revolving Sword].

Did he copy my skill? Long Hao Chen was greatly astonished. As someone who could use [Condemning Revolving Sword] he naturally knew how formidable this ability’s power was.

However, at that moment, Long Hao Chen smiled. Quickly retreating back, he chanted an incantation at great speed, and lifted up his two swords that were of a shining gold color.

And in this instant, his formidable mental capacity also surged out, enabling him to use three skills at once.

In the sword of light in his left hand, three halos were undulating: [Faith Halo], [Guardian’s Favor], and [Imposing Ring]. In the other sword of light in his right hand, a white glow shone, it was precisely a [Holy Sword] which was storing power.

As his cultivation reached the fifth step, to use [Holy Sword], he didn’t need to chant anymore. He only needed to use his spiritual energy to form the [Holy Sword].

At this time, he also released [Holy Mantle] from his Divine Wristband, blocking the first blow of this blue image.

While drawing a few steps back, Long Hao Chen also completed his next incantation at a phenomenal speed, [Angelic Blessing].

Chapter 133

Immediately, a resonant dragon cry sounded from Long Haochen’s body, covered in a rich golden light , as the holy internal spiritual energy surrounding his body turned into scales, with his two hands brandishing his sword. It was [Ascending Dragon Strike].

[Ascending Dragon Strike] was an ability learned by both specializations: Guardian Knights and Retribution Knights. As such, as soon as he broke through the fifth step, Long Haochen naturally unlocked it from his father’s inheritance ring.

But at the moment he used it, the [Holy Sword] in his right hand was not completed yet.


The two parties collided violently in midair, but in a split second, the blue silhouette dispersed and countless blue light particles scattered in all four directions.

Thump, Long Haochen steadily landed on the floor. His body dazzled a bit, and his vision darkened. A moment ago, he used many techniques in a short period of time. Even his mental capacity different from ordinary people’s, was not sufficient to support him completely, and his complexion became pale.

At this moment, the two swords in his hands from the [Spiritual Condensed Weapon Creation] also dispersed. From start to finish, his
[Holy Sword] technique had not even been completed. However, he won and prevailed over the blue image.

Long Haochen accomplished this pretty simply. His victory was due to determining accurately the nature of that blue image made of light.

The blue image was copying his skills as well as his spiritual energy. Its skills were exactly the same, but its amount of spiritual energy was based on his own.

Under these circumstances, if Long Haochen kept defending, the attacks of this blue image would never cease. With a single mistake, the opponent would prevail over him.

However, what if he didn’t have spiritual energy? What would this blue light rely on to attack?

Long Haochen continuously used many techniques, not because he wanted to attain victory, but he wanted to quickly completely consume all of his spiritual energy. Above all, before finally completely depleting everything, he would activate his final technique.

Without the support of spiritual energy, [Condemning Revolving Swords] was unable to stand up to [Ascending Dragon Strike], and as a result, the blue image was defeated and accordingly dispersed.

All of this seemed simple, but in fact, this was caused by a combination of knowledge and strength. If not for the fact Long Haochen blocked the blue image’s previous tyrannical attacks, he would have sustained injuries, same if he acted before having made this correct prediction. This battle was difficult. Despite the fact that the blue image didn’t have real killing intent, Long Haochen vaguely sensed that if he was defeated, he would perhaps have lost something.

Everything turned into darkness. All the light colors disappeared. In the darkness, there was only the sound of Long Haochen gasping for breaths.

Suddenly, just in front of Long Haochen, a brilliant light twinkled.
Under the illumination of the brilliant light, everything around became distinct.

The cave was, like before, still a cave. However, this one was much smaller than the one he saw before. Just before Long Haochen’s eyes was a round platform. The center of the platform was precisely the place lit up by the brilliant light.

There was a sword floating on the platform, edge on the bottom and hilt on top.

Compared to a traditional knight’s sword, this one was slightly smaller. The sword’s blade was 1.1 meters long. The hilt was quite long, with its length of 40 centimeters. In total, the sword was 1.6 meters long.

The sword’s edge was gold colored, but it was an understated gold color.
On the back

The sword’s luxurious 钱 color changed, no longer gold, but deep blue. The sword 鳄 broadened, the engravings turned into the shape of a dragon head, that gold colored sword edge resembled a dragon mouth wide opened.
The extending sword hilt resembled a dragon’s body. Although the dragon’s body and its head were somewhat disproportionate, there was a feeling of bizarre harmonization.

On the deep blue sword hilt, there were ripples of gentle blue rings of light. On the sword handle, was where the dragon’s eyes were. Both sides were embedded with a gold oval gemstone, which were slightly bigger than a cold coin.

The sword hilt formed at its end a dragon’s tail, forking into three strips that were one inch long. It appeared extremely sharp. Where the fork started, both sides were embedded with a blue gemstone.

After seeing this sword, Long Hao Chen’s eyes instantly straightened. After becoming a knight, the amount of weapons he saw weren’t few. In particular, regular heavy swords were the type of weapons he had seen and
used the most commonly. However, he’s never seen a sword as beautiful as the one that was standing in front of his eyes right now.

More importantly, he could practically feel this sword breathing; it seemed alive. He felt the same sensation from the blue and gold colored light when he just entered this place. Only that it was much gentler than before. Especially the gold coloured rings rippling on the word hilt that pulled Long Haochen towards it, step after step.

Truly beautiful; it was truly beautiful, flawless.

When Long Haochen’s state of mind cleared up a bit, he shockingly discovered that he had already stepped onto the platform and was standing right in front of this sword.

With great strength, he gulped. This… Is this the reward given to me for the Knight’s Preliminaries? Only by looking at it, he could already see the value of this sword.

Carefully raising his right hand, he slowly grasped the hilt of the sword in front of him. Instantly, he felt a tremendous attraction force holding firmly his own palm. Immediately afterwards, acute pain came from the center of his palm.

His thoughts startled, Long Haochen did not try to release his palm because he clearly felt that from this sword’s aura that it was telling him it wouldn’t harm him.

Drop after drop of blood trickled down from the palm of Long Haochen, from the sword handle, to the sword hilt and into the gold colored gemstones.

Thread after thread of blood spread up, soaking the dragon’s body, all the way until the blue gemstones in the dragon’s tail.

“Buzz” a violent trembling occurred in the next split second, the long sword in his hand expelled tens of thousands of rays. Long Haochen nearly subconsciously raised the long sword above his head.
Gold light in the center and blue light coiling around it were forming a huge pillar rushing towards the ceiling of the cave. Strong spiritual energy fluctuated and exploded.

A warm and refreshing air entered his palm. Instantly, the pain in Long Haochen’s palm disappeared. In the mean time, five words, one after the other, appeared in his mind.

“Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.”

This was its name.

Outside the Qiling Valley.

From the beginning, Yang Haohan kept looking in the direction of the valley, but now, there was another person beside him. It was the Knight Temple’s Senior Saint Knight, Han Qian.

“Hall Master, you think he will manage to subdue that sword? In these many years, many have tried, but all failed. Even his father.”

Yang Haohan smiled slightly and said: “I hope he will succeed. The sword Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, was handed down from the glorious era. It was originally two swords that were imbued into a single one by an almighty godly craftsman. This sword is self aware, and moreover an ancient elf king set up a powerful and intelligent seal on it. Everyone who approached it would be pulled in by this seal to conduct a trial. Only one who could pass this trial would have the possibility of obtaining it.

“No one knows what level Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light is capable of reaching, but according to records left by the ancient elf king, this sword is known as a miraculous sword. Starting from its creation, it has never had a single master. Even its mighty creator was not capable enough. Because no one was able to obtain this double sword’s approval, the mighty elf king used an extremely powerful seal and put it here, waiting for the fated person.
It is said that this miraculous sword’s most mystical property consists of the fact that as long as a master gains its approval, he or she will be the only one able use it, similarly to a family equipment. No matter how strong its master is, it will have a strength adapted to him. In other words, this dual sword will grow in strength along with its owner. Have you ever heard of a sword that can grow? It’s not only that, but it accomplishes this feat without any additional gemstones or inscriptions. In fact, no matter how strange and scary any other weapon is, it cannot accomplish that.”

Hao Qian’s eyes were filled with astonishment, “Truly worthy of being a miracle sword. Then, if Haochen is able to obtain its approval, wouldn’t he be able to keep on using this sword forever?”

Yang Haohan laughed: “Don’t ask me. No one used this sword before, and no one has any information on its usage. Who can say anything on this?”

Han Qian chuckled: “Temple master, you’re betting big this time!”

Yang Haohan smiled: “Originally, no one else was able to use this sword, so it should be okay to let him try it out. That old brat gave the Blade of Samsara to their Saint Daughter, and we, the Knight Temple also bore a Scion of Light. It’s only Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, don’t tell me you’re reluctant to take it out? We can’t be beaten by everyone!”

“How unexpected, Xingyu actually had such a son. Only, I can’t think this through, he should have known his child had the physique of a Scion of Light, why didn’t he let the temple put all its effort into nurturing him?”

Han Qian said: “Maybe, it’s because of heart.”

“Eh?” Yan Haohan slightly distracted, turned around and said with realization: “You’re saying Xingyu wants to let this child get through the roughness of the outside world and gradually strengthen himself. This way he’ll possess better survival abilities.”
Han Qian smiled and nodded: “At least at this moment, this child in front of my eyes is absolutely a worthy knight. At this age, it’s rare. Great innate talents must appear inside of a capable person, to really shine!”

As soon as he spoke of this, in the distant Qiling Valley, there was a bright light rocketing towards the sky.

Gold with blue, both colors coerced, gold in the middle, blue light coiling around it. In an instant, it made the sky around it seem dim.

“He really succeeded.” Yan Haohan’s eyes displayed an ounce of surprise.

Han Qian answered, mouth agape, “This is really too fast. Wow…”

Yang Haohan chuckled, “I already guessed that it would turn out this way. This child is the Scion of Light. Although Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light has a dual attribute, its main element is light. Meeting the Scion of Light, would light element attack him? Don’t be anxious, let’s wait. He needs some more time to fuse with it.”

Chapter 134

Han Qian showed a bitter face as he said, “Aï, it looks like the equipment I prepared for him will be too embarrassing to take out!”

Yang Haohan gave him a deep look, and said, “The explanation you just gave me, how is it that you, yourself, cannot keep it in mind? We cannot overly spoil him ! Only through advancing with his own steps will he finally be able surpass our existence. Right, do you have news on Xingyu’s side?”

Han Qian sighed, and shook his head, “Still nothing. In his fight against Anan, he heavily injured him, but disappeared after that.”

Haohan nodded and said, “Tell the related people that this matter is to be classified as a highly confidential secret within our Temple. In particular, you cannot let this child, Haochen, know about this. I don’t want his temperament to be affected by this. In the letter Xingyu left me, he said that if he had no way to come back after his battle with Anan, before Haochen reaches the seventh step, we mustn’t tell him.”

Han Qian sighed, and said, “I really don’t understand. Why does Hall Master Long insist on challenging this seventh demon god? It was also completely okay for him not to accept this challenge.”

Yang Haohan shook his head and said, “No, he must go. This is his duty. If, one day, you reach the ninth step, you will also come to understand what kind of duty it is. Please tell the people below to keep investigating the circumstances of Anan’s heavy injuries.”
“Mh.” Han Qian nodded in agreement.

Yang Haohan sighed to himself, Xingyu, ah, Xingyu, why didn’t you tell us in the letter you left us that this little Haochen actually has the physique of Scion of Light? Could it be that you wanted to give us a nice surprise? Feel at ease, no matter what state you are in, I will help you to look after your son, help him to become the next you. No, perhaps even surpass you, in his capacity as Scion of Light. Perhaps he will even be able to sit on the first divine throne.

Bathing in this golden color permeated with blue, Long Haochen gradually entered a fantastic state. Vaguely able to feel something going through his body, he couldn’t even describe this cozy feeling he had, when soaking in this warm water.

After a long while he lost track of the time, and then Long Haochen gradually came back to his senses. He discovered to his astonishment that he was standing in the entrance of the Qiling valley. Not far ahead was the golden fog he met earlier.

“Eh?” Long Haochen unconsciously looked at his right hand.

His right hand was completely empty, but his arm was in a raised position as if holding something high.

And my sword? My Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light?

Long Haochen immediately and anxiously looked around. He didn’t manage to find the sword, but he found someone.
Yang Haohan wore a smile as he saw him, “Don’t bother searching, it’s inside your body.”

“Inside my body?” Long Haochen amazed, looked at Yan Haohan
“Grandpa Yang, what’s going on?”

Yang Haohan said, with a smile, “This weapon is a miraculous sword. Seeing your outstanding performance during the qualifiers, we, Knight
Temple, decided to let you attempt its test. You already know the result: you passed it, therefore, it is yours.”

Long Haochen asked, full of doubts, “Then what is the fact you mentioned, that it entered my body, about?”

Yang Haohan smiled as he replied, “Don’t be anxious, I will tell you everything I know about Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light.”

“About the power this sword can exert, I also don’t know, because starting from

Long Haochen spoke back, astonished, “Spiritual Tool? What is a Spiritual Tool?”

Yang Haohan said, “Spiritual Tools are weapons that can communicate with the spirit. I believe that you already passed its test. That’s right, the one who tested you earlier was this weapon’s spirit itself. Although a weapon’s spirit doesn’t possess real intelligence, it has instinct. Someone who possesses a spiritual tool as a weapon will have boundless possibilities! Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light has unlimited potential, but as you should know, the more powerful the weapon, the more powerful the owner it will seek for. But this sword doesn’t need that, because it will grow together with you. At its current state, it should be soaked in your body, and as such, its capabilities will nourish your body, and your spiritual energy will be nurtured by it unceasingly. Simply said, this is a weapon that can evolve. You can look within yourself with focus, to find it.”

Long Haochen hastily looked within himself with focus. There, everything seemed alright, except that he immediately discovered a fantastic change in his body.

It was nothing about the revolutions around his Saint Spiritual Stove or the properties of his liquid spiritual energy, but about his spiritual energy that used to be nearly depleted: it had already started recovering to its original state. The most fantastic thing was that in his Saint Spiritual Stove
floated a mini sword. But, from its appearance, wasn’t it precisely that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light?

Of a faint gold color merged with blue, it emitted a golden blue luster. In that instant, Long Haochen immediately discovered that Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light was bathed in his own liquid spiritual energy. Seemingly absorbing a faint proportion of his spiritual energy and nourishing a very wide amount with its aura.

From the spiritual energy distributed in his body, a golden blue radiance gently spread through each corner of his body, provoking a soft and warm feeling to unceasingly spread in his body. This feeling was faint, and if not for the fact that he was in a focused state, he would not have been able to sense it; but in these circumstances, he could vaguely feel it. This radiance seemed to strengthen his own body.

“To living beings, the most important things are light and water. Vegetables only need light and water to be able to live, but humans need more. However, in the same way, light and water are necessary to humans. From our many years of research and hypothesis, it will assist the nurturance of your own external spiritual energy. But this will be a faint and secret influence, you won’t get results overnight.”

Yang Haohan’s voice entered Long Haochen’s ear, waking him from this focused state.

Opening both eyes, Long Haochen slowly lifted his right hand. His mind was connected with the mini sword in his Saint Spiritual Stove, and with a single thought, a glow appeared and the dragon shaped sword hilt appeared. This golden sword seemed like the mouth of a dragon, forming two swords, one above and one below, as its golden blade seemed to be roaring, emitting in this process a golden glint.

When Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light appeared, Long Haochen could feel for the first time his link with it. The feeling was completely different from the one he had when grasping it for the first time. At this moment, he felt that this sword was like a part of him. A fantastic, profound sensation
appeared in his consciousness: it was as if the sword was trying to convey something.

Yang Haohan faintly smiled, and said, “You should go home now. Slowly accustom yourself. Tomorrow, the competition between the top 16 will begin, and this old man offers you his best wishes and hopes you will be able to get great results.”

“Tomorrow?” Long Haochen was surprised, “Isn’t there a rest of two days after the competition of the groups?”

Yang Haohan smiled to him, and said, “Little guy, you have already spent three days here. Do you believe that fusing with a spiritual tool is so easy? The fact you took three days to accomplish this feat is already astonishing. On the other side, your teacher had already notified people from the Temple, so there is no need to worry.”

Unexpectedly, three days have already passed? Long Haochen, astonished, bid farewell to Yang Haohan, and under his guidance, he stepped in another gate of light.

A radiance flashed as he came out from a wall. Long Haochen realized at that moment that he was once again in the small hall within the Alliance’s Treasure Vault. The surroundings were completely empty, without a single person. At this moment, Long Haochen understood that this place didn’t really need people to guard it, because strangers had no way to enter the Treasures Pavilion.

As a matter of course, to be qualified to enter the Treasure Pavilion came up with a lot of responsibilities in regards to the Temple, and for each of the Temples, people who had this qualification were extremely few.

Walking away from the Treasures Pavilion, he met, as before, two guardians outside, but it wasn’t the fat and the thin elder, but two harmless- looking plainly clad middle-aged men. They looked at most to be 40 years old, and smiled, full of goodwill, at Long Haochen.
Are they really as harmless as they look? Long Haochen, carefully observing them, discovered to his astonishment that these middle aged men made him feel really tranquil; on one hand, they seemed really harmless and on the other hand they seemed as profound as a deep valley.

As expected from the Alliance’s headquarters! They have so many strong people in the Holy City.

Long Haochen hurriedly saluted these two middle-aged men before quickly leaving.

“Master.” Han Yu’s voice sounded, welcoming him from the side.

“You have been waiting for me all this time?” Long Haochen astonishedly asked him.

Han Yu nodded, and said, “I am your retainer knight, so it is natural for me to always accompany you.” Obviously, he had stood at this place all along.

Long Haochen laughed for a little, and without saying much more, took Han Yu with him to return to his hotel.

What made Long Haochen a bit gloomy was that regardless of whether it was his teacher or his big sis, both were cultivating in their room. Actually, what he wanted to do the most was to go ask Li Xin about how Cai’er has been going on these few days. However, it wasn’t good to disturb her during her cultivation. Left without a choice, he returned to his own room and went into cultivation as well. Pertaining to the Hibiscus of Light, there were still a lot of things he had yet to comprehend, so as to display its formidable might.

Bright morning.

Ye Hua knocked at Long Haochen’s door.

Seeing his teacher once again, Long Haochen was quite surprised. It was because he discovered to his astonishment that there was nothing left of his
previous gloomy complexion, and instead, he seemed very high spirited. It seemed as if he became ten years younger in this short time span of a few days.

“Teacher, you…”

Ye Hua chuckled, as the lines on his face seemed far from their originally stiff state, “I broke through! I finally broke through the 3000th spiritual energy level. In the past, it was as if I used hypnosis on myself to be convinced that innate talent wasn’t so important. But on these few days, I came to realize for the first time how important innate talent is pertaining to cultivation. After so many years of effort, I feel like I finally have the occasion to make use of the knowledge I have accumulated for so long.”

“Haochen, thank you.”

“No… No.” Long Haochen felt immediately embarrassed, “Teacher, I am the one who should say this. As long as I could be of help to you, I’m happy.”

Ye Hua smiled and said, “Okay, we master and disciple no longer need to be so overly polite with each other. This is a gift from your grand- teacher. When the competition is finished, teacher will still remain in Holy City to accompany your grand-master while training. At this time, you will have joined a Demon Hunt Squad to gain new experiences. This equipment will be useful to you.”

Chapter 135

A sort of winding bracelet stood up on the ground near Long Haochen’s body. Suddenly, a light glow flickered and some equipment appeared.

Without a doubt, this bracelet was similar in its function to the forget-me- not ring. Although this type of storage bracelet was rare, for Han Qian who was the Saint Knight Head, possessing one was naturally in no way odd.


Only after losing something does one understand its value better. Long Haochen lost all his equipment previously, and as a result he had no choice but to live through this profound experience. As soon as he heard that he could use this equipment, his eyes immediately brightened, impatiently eyeing these pieces of equipment.

These pieces were a set of full-body armor, a sword, and a shield.

These three pieces of equipment were all silver in color, emitting a faint holy aura. It felt like this equipment was the same grade as his own armor and the Light Sword he used before. At most, it was only a bit stronger.

However, even if it was like this, Long Haochen was still pleasantly surprised. After losing his shield and Light Sword, he asked a lot around about the price of a piece of magical equipment. Each one would cost above a thousand gold coins, causing people to shrink back. Being able to get a complete set was already enough to satisfy him plentifully.
Ye Hua smiled: “This set of equipment is called the Holy Spirit Set, and is formed of the Holy Spirit Armor, the Holy Spirit Shield, and the Holy Spirit Sword. Separately, they are already at the magical tier, but when the set is gathered and combined together, they can produce a Holy Spirit Ring that can be controlled to be used on allies through your thoughts. In terms of range, this halo covers a diameter of twenty meters. It’s able to take the shape of a [Holy Spirit Supplementary Armor] that protects your body on its surface. To maintain this halo of light, five units of spiritual energy are consumed for every time of a breath. This set of Guardian Knight equipment is pretty good, its effects on the team are in no way small. So, when combined together, this set of equipment is equivalent to Spiritual Tiered equipment. Comparatively, it’s slightly better than the Divine Wristband your teacher gave you.”

“It’s so awesome!” Long Haochen excitedly squatted down. He immediately stored the Holy Spirit Sword and the Holy Spirit Shield in his forget me-not-ring, before donning the Holy Spirit Armor without hesitation.

Ye Hua’s face let out a faint trace of a smile, This child’s character is truly innocent, he didn’t even look displeased by the fact the equipment given to him by the Saint Knight Head was only at the magical tier. The excitement in his eyes was genuine.

“Teacher, if you meet grand-teacher, please tell him that I give him my thanks. Using this set of equipment, I will certainly bring honor to our knight’s temple.”

Long Haochen was originally already handsome, but after wearing this silver armor, he appeared even more handsome and heroic. This Holy Spirit Armor didn’t weigh much, and for sure, it was somewhat better than his original armor in terms of quality. In addition, this armor had a helmet, able to include the face in the protected range. This made the overall difference in terms of defensive power even greater.

Ye Hua patted his shoulder and said: “Good job, now head together with your big sister Xin’er to the Alliance’s Great Stadium. From today onwards, it’s a knockout competition that will begin. Every person only
has a single opportunity; teacher wishes you luck in obtaining victory. Win swiftly, without complications, and aim for the top three.”

“I pledge to accomplish this task.” Long Ha

When he completed his sentence, teacher and disciple couldn’t help but fall in laughter. On the other side of Long Haochen’s bed, Hao Yue, who was curled up, slowly lifted his three heads, and as his body shook for a bit, his heavy body suddenly made the bed nearby creak.

“Can’t forget you.” Long Haochen gently laughed at him.

Having obtained a new armor, Long Haochen was quite ecstatic. Even while having breakfast, he put on his armor. After being full, under Ye Hua’s supervision, he departed, by Li Xin’s side, for the Alliance’s Great Stadium together. Even his retainer did not have permission to watch the matches, so Long Haochen left Han Yu, who stayed in the hotel, cultivating.

“Sis, how’s Cai’er these days? She’s not angry at me right?” Long Haochen asked Li Xin.

Li Xin giggled and said: “Look at your prudent behavior, you don’t even have a confirmed relationship yet and you’re so nervous when it pertains to her. Surely, in the future, you’ll be a great playboy.”

Long Haochen blushed, quickly explaining: “Big sis, we’re no more than friends!”

Li Xin laughed and said: “Okay, okay, you’re only friends. Then you should ask her yourself how she’s been going.”

Long Haochen suddenly was a bit worried, pulling Li Xin’s hand and said: “Sis, sorry, it wasn’t true. Please quickly tell me, now.”

Li Xin glanced towards him and said: “You fell in my trap. Good, good, sister will guarantee you will be able to see her today.”

No matter how Long Haochen asked, Li Xin would not tell him precisely when he will be able to meet Cai’er. Not after long, sister and brother both
arrived at the Alliance’s Great Stadium once again.

The top sixteen finals took place in the Knight’s Stadium. Everyone who entered the top sixteen could spectate the battles. Two people just arrived at the entrance; they were familiar faces.

At the same time, these two males happened to walk from a nearby place, and handed over their number plates for examination at the entrance. These two were Yang Wenzhao and Huang Yi. From the looks of it, these two were long-time acquaintances.

“Brother Yang, brother Huang, hello.” Although they were his opponents, they already knew each other. After Long Haochen and Li Xin went up to them, they took the initiative in greeting them.

As soon as Yang Wenzhao saw him, his complexion changed immediately. With a bitter face, he said, “I’m not so well! I hope that when we draw lots, I don’t draw you.” After talking, he hurriedly entered.

Looking at him, who had the appearance of someone who just saw a ghost, Long Haochen couldn’t help but be in a daze, What’s up with you? Is that the same powerful opponent who defeated me that day without even summoning his mount? Could it be that he no longer has faith in confronting me anymore?

Yang Wenzhao was naturally not afraid of him. In a one on one, he wasn’t even afraid of fighting Cai’er, but the situation where an assassin was the strongest was naturally not in a front-to-front fight. He clearly didn’t want to remember an assassin of Cai’er’s caliber. Most of all, that day, his grandfather didn’t even pursue ‘this’ matter. One could only imagine how frightening that assassin girl’s background was.

Huang Yi’s meeting with Long Haochen was very much the opposite.
Facing him with a smile, he greeted him.

“Brother Huang, that day I had something to do, so I didn’t see you fight. In the end, who between you and Wang Yuanyuan managed to get out of the group?” Long Haochen inquisitively asked.
Huang Yi proudly said: “Fluke, I won by fluke. Wang Yuanyuan indeed has a formidable strength. Facing her head on, I definitely had no way to be her opponent, so I came up with some tricks. Relying on joint cast, together with my fairy companion, when she embedded her gems and unleashed the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s power, I finished my [Earth Waves]. Talking about it really embarrasses me, but during the whole battle, I used [Earth Waves] to aid me in running away. In the end, I exhausted her spiritual energy and barely won. I have to thank you, if she had not used the enormously consuming Gigantic Divine Soul Shield from the start, under normal circumstances, there’s no way to predict who would have emerged victorious.”

With what he said, Long Haochen understood that during this match, Huang Yi read in Wang Yuanyuan’s thoughts. That girl was certainly formidable, and even from Long Haochen’s point of view, for her to have ended up unable to enter the top 16 was quite unfortunate.

“Humph! Truly shameless.” In the middle of their conversation a voice filled with rage sounded from behind them. The two turned around to look at the owner of this voice, but wasn’t that Wang Yuanyuan? And beside her was Chen Ying’er.

Chen Ying’er’s complexion didn’t look so good. The little loli hurriedly took a few steps forward and faced Long Haochen, comparing her little fists with Long Haochen. “You look down on me? You didn’t even come to the last match.”

Long Haochen helplessly said: “Of course not. Only, I had something to do on that day. I apologize to you.”

Chen Ying’er stuck her tongue out at him and without waiting before taking her turn to speak, the raging Wang Yuanyuan, who had a dangerous expression when looking at Huang Yi, dragged her by the hand into the stadium. Evidently, having gone through these preliminaries together, these two girls developed a good friendship.

Huang Yi had some lingering fears after seeing Wang Yuanyuan with the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield on her back. Helplessly shaking his head, he
said, “I just hope that when we draw lots for the demon hunt squads, I don’t draw into the same group as her. A shield warrior who can’t defend, and one so impulsive at that, I’m seriously afraid of her.”

Li Xin patted Long Haochen’s shoulders and said: “Let’s get in. It’s getting late.”

“Heeey, wait for me—–” Someone called out to them in an urged voice. Brother and sister both turned around and saw another familiar face. That was the incredibly odd mage who wasn’t able to use any offensive spell, Lin Xin.

“Congratulations, congratulations. Congratulations to the noble brother and sister upon entering the top sixteen.” Lin Xin wore a face full of smile and ran towards them.

Li Xin didn’t look so rejoiced when seeing him, “What’s there to be congratulated for? We can’t receive your congratulations.”

Lin Xin lagged and said with a smile: “What’s happening, Sister Li Xin, I certainly didn’t do anything!”

Li Xin angrily said: “You didn’t do anything? You don’t know how to use a single offensive magic. You dare to trick my little brother into promising to pick you for his team if he ends up in the top three. Don’t tell me that you don’t know the importance of a strong mage in a squad?”

With her saying this, Huang Yi who was beside them opened up his eyes more in shock, “What? You don’t know any offensive magic?” With one hand, he grabbed Lin Xin, his complexion seemed much uglier than Li Xin’s.

Lin Xin swatted his hand away, “So what if I don’t know any offensive magic? Big bro has drugs.”

At that time, using his formidable control over magic, in addition to bribing Huang Yi with drugs, he was able to get the number one seat in the Mage Preliminaries.
Now that Huang Yi heard he couldn’t attack, it would be stranger if he acted normally.

Long Haochen pulled Li Xin who was still in the middle of her thoughts, when Lin Xin calmly said: “Sis, don’t be like that. If not for the matters between us, Lin Xin wouldn’t have given me his pills. They helped me a lot, so I should rather be thanking him. Brother Lin, don’t worry, if I enter the top three, I’ll fulfil my promise for sure.”

“Then what about Cai’er?” Li Xin blurted out practically immediately.

Long Haochen suddenly froze up, That’s right! Cai’er, Cai’er also entered the top 16. Instantly, his face immediately became pale. If I enter the top three, I’ll have to pick Lin Xin, so what about Cai’er?

Not long ago, I clearly gave her my promise; I agreed to protect her for a lifetime.

Lin Xin looked at the dispirited Long Haochen, his thoughts instantly deepened. His face displayed a slightly helpless smile, as he lightly shook his head, and didn’t say anything further. Patting Long Haochen’s shoulders, he entered. Recalling that young lady who was valiant, although blind, he couldn’t think of anything else to say.

Chapter 136

Li Xin could also see how bitter Long Haochen’s face was, and said some words to comfort him: “… Now is not the time to think about these matters, in the end, it applies only in case you do really enter the top three.”

Long Haochen, feeling a bit better, nodded and said, “Let’s go in, sis.”

Today, the atmosphere in the Knight Stadium was quite solemn. Although the situation inside was unvarying, on the platform, a group of people arrived. Clearly, they weren’t few in number, and without a doubt, they were the higher-ups of the Great Temples.

In this moment, for the top 16 Demon Hunt Squad Selection Competition, 40 people were gathered, all seated in the lounge, to watch the knock-out competition that was going to take place.

Although these outsiders weren’t here to participate, they went to watch the competition, as before. Some wanted to learn and improve through watching the matches between these 16 powerhouses, observing their methods and gaining experience in the process. More importantly, after the end of this competition, the squad-forming roulette would be conducted. Who wouldn’t wish to look at the skills of those who would maybe become their future squad partners.

As soon as he entered the lounge, Long Haochen hastily looked around. A lot of gazes fell on him, belonging in particular to knights or competitors who were in the third group.
Found her.

Long Haochen completely ignored the gazes of the other competitors and quickly found the target of his attention.

Cai’er was silently seated in a corner of the first row. She had her bamboo cane before her body, leaning her shoulder on it. She appeared very calm, and from Long Haochen’s eyes, she gave off a very pure feel.

Because when he had gotten Blue Rain, Hibiscus of Light, Long Haochen had been in a complete state of immersion, he felt like he hadn’t seen Cai’er for ages. Seeing her seated here, he and Li Xin quickly headed to her side.

The previously calm Cai’er clearly recognized these footsteps. Slightly lowering her head, she unconsciously grasped her bamboo cane with both hands.

“Cai’er.” Long Hao Chen called out to her, briefly, before seating by her side.

“Yeah…” Cai’er responded with a calm voice, pursing her lips while looking somewhat unhappy in her demeanor.

“Cai’er, these few days, I was in the Alliance’s Treasure Vault, I just came out from it yesterday evening.“

“Yeah…” Cai’er similarly answered very quickly.

“Cai’er, what were you up to on these few days?” Long Haochen asked, his heart still full of misgivings.

This time, Cai’er didn’t even make a “yeah”, and calmly remained seated.. However, her ear was already deep red.

Although Long Haochen didn’t appear for a few days, Li Xin already told her what he was doing, so naturally, Cai’er wasn’t worried about him. But after she had been embraced by Long Haochen on that day, her face would turn deep red every time she reminisced about her misunderstanding,
and together with that, her heartbeat would quicken up. Hearing Long Haochen’s voice once again so suddenly, how could she not feel bashful?

Long Haochen, who had no way to know about this little lady’s current thoughts frowned and showed concern, “Cai’er, how is it that you’re still angry? I… I think I didn’t do anything bad! If you are angry, tell me why, is it okay? I will correct myself.”

Li Xin who was seated on the side couldn’t help but cover her mouth, about to fall in laughter. This couple of sweethearts was really interesting. Seeing Cai

Long Haochen’s worries didn’t last for long, and as he was in a loss, a little soft hand quietly stretched forward, holding his own hand.

In the grasp of this tender and warm little hand, Long Haochen was at first shaken, then, filled his heart with resolution. Anxious in the limits, he satisfyingly remained seated there. Even though he was quite dense, now he was sure that Cai’er wasn’t blaming him.

In such an important knockout competition, naturally no one would arrive late. After a little while, the 16 competitors had all arrived. Long Haochen didn’t recognize many people on the first row where he was seated. Except from him, Li Xin, and Cai’er, there were also Huang Yi and Yang Wenzhao, and the last two knights he had never fought personally, who were naturally the two last powerhouses at the fifth step that he saw during the qualifiers.

Long Haochen looked around for a bit. On the first row, there were precisely 16 people seated and among them, there were unexpectedly five knights, and no priests at all. Though, a knight ending first in the Six Great Temples’ ranking was certainly not a rare sight.

Suddenly, he felt that something was amiss, and turned his head around Cai’er, telling her, with a puzzled look, “Cai’er, participants of today’s knockout competition should be the only ones able to sit in this first row, so you…”
Li Xin finally couldn’t hold back her laughter any longer, “Foolish boy, there are times when you’re really stupid. Who said that Cai’er couldn’t participate to the final knockout competition? She took the first place in our second group you know…”

“Eh?” … Long Hao Chen, astonished, opened wide his two eyes, narrowly letting go of that delicate small hand.

Cai’er slightly lifted up her head, and said in a low voice, “This is also something else didn’t ask me before! I am the assassin #1…”

To Long Haochen, these pieces of news were absolutely shocking. Naturally, he knew that Cai’er was an assassin, but she was blind! However, she still took the first place of the second group. What did that imply? Long Haochen was completely at a loss at that moment.

“All of you, welcome to the Knight Stadium.” At this very moment, a familiar voice sounded all around, making Long Haochen lift up his head. He immediately noticed that at some point, the Saint Knight Head Han Qian had arrived in the stadium and his words were directed at the people in the lounge. Although he didn’t use any sound amplifying magic, everyone could distinctly hear his voice.

“First of all, I want to congratulate you for having entered the top 16, competitors. The fact you entered the top 16 implies that you are already qualified to get a reward from the Alliance. After this Great Competition, you will have the permission to go to the Alliance’s Treasure Vault to choose one of the secret skills that suits you the most. In case you can advance in this competition, the rewards will increase accordingly. As for you other competitors who couldn’t enter the top 16, there’s no need to be worried. Although the most outstanding of you entered the top 16, having survived the preliminaries is proof enough that you will be essential members of your Demon Hunt Squad.”

“Our Temple Alliance has never been adept at formalities so I won’t say anything further. Besides, before the top 16 competitors’ competition takes place, you will be required to draw ballots. From now on, luck will
also be a huge factor on whether you will be able to stay in or not. Even I recognize luck as an element of strength.”

Cai’er discretely retrieved her little hand, and grasped her bamboo cane tightly. Long Haochen knew that she was shy before so many people. From the fact she was too embarrassed to let her hand be held, he naturally wouldn’t complain. From the first row, the sixteen competitors walked in a line, entering the Stadium one after another.

The other 44 competitors didn’t need to participate in matches, but were similarly nervous. Without a doubt, each confrontation of this knock-out competition was going to be a fierce contest. The matches would necessarily be very exciting, and more importantly, the spinning wheel would designate the members of each squads after a little time. They all wanted to see it. Who, in very the end, was going to come out as the star, using his own ability, to take the highest seat of the competition?

After the staff members once again confirmed the number plates of each competitor, the group of sixteen entered the main stage, placing themselves in a circle all around Han Qian. In this moment, five other elders entered the stadium, standing beside Han Qian.

Among these five elders was one who bore the mark of Master Heroic Assassin, coming from the Assassin Temple, the one in control of the thirty- six most powerful Heroic Assassins of the eighth step, auxiliary hall master Ying Suifeng.

Auxiliary hall master of the Mage Temple, a Saint Mage Tutor and the commander of the mage regiment, Lin Chen. Of course, Long Haochen didn’t know this, but this old man was actually Lin Xin’s biological grandfather.

Auxiliary hall master of the Priest Temple, cardinal and master of the Sacrificial Hall, Ruoshui.

Auxiliary hall master of the Warrior Temple, grandmaster berserker, and powerhouse at the step of War Emperor, Ren Wokuang.
The last person was a female elder embroidered with a black robe, and looked as gentle as Ruoshui, but she appeared to have a more aggressive look.

In terms of height , she was short, but after entering the stadium, she was the one who made the others feel the greatest pressure. When cautiously paying attention, the vibes she gave off were similar to the pressure imposed/emitted by a giant, terrifying, desolate creature.

This person was the auxiliary hall master, known as majestic spiritual fantasista master. Summoner at the rank of Soul Emperor, Sanshui.

In this instant, everyone could feel that this grandma Sanshui was perhaps not the most accomplished in terms of cultivation level among these six auxiliary hall masters, but she was absolutely the most terrifying of these people.

Han Qian laughed and said, “Everyone is gathered. Shall we start?”

The five other people nodded in approval.

Although there were six people there, the five others were only present to supervise this process and nothing more, as the one who drew the lots was Han Qian alone.

The fireball that everyone saw numerous times appeared once again, and slowly fell from the sky, expanding in the air, gradually turning into a huge golden halo. And then it fell on the ground, happening to fall close to the sixteen competitors and six auxiliary hall masters. The secondary hall masters were enveloped within a halo, while the sixteen competitors were standing outside of this halo.

With a flash of golden light from Han Qian’s hand, instantly, the ring shone extremely brightly.

“Put your hand in this halo; the drawing of lots can now start. Be at ease. The first-ranked of their group will only be matched against those who are the second-ranked of their group.”
In accordance to Han Qian’s instructions, everyone inserted his hand in this halo.

The six other auxiliary hall masters shut their eyes, using their astonishing mental capacity to sense the process of drawing of lots.

The one who felt the most nervous was Han Qian, in his capacity of Knight Hall’s secondary hall master. Of course, he wished for all competitors coming from his Temple at least to pass through the first round. The amount of five qualified knights this time, among the sixteen places, was something unprecedented in history. Before the other Temples, Han Qian gained an enormous amount of face. If these five could enter the top eight, how fantastic would it be!

The drawing of lots started.

A soft, golden radiance covered the sixteen hands completely, rapidly twinkling and spreading. Revolving at high speed, it covered the bodies of all sixteen competitors in a gold color.

Gradually, brilliance after brilliance lit up and changes appeared on the golden color on each competitor’s body. The most important change was on the intensity of this golden color.

Chapter 137


The halo stopped shining, and the sixteen people in Long Haochen’s group looked at the brilliance on their own bodies.

The five auxiliary hall masters in the halo opened their eyes simultaneously. Excluding Ruoshui, the four other secondary hall masters had looks that seemed as if they were rejoicing in the misfortune of someone else. At the same time, Han Qian’s look became an incomparably ugly sight to behold.

It had already been completed, and even without the five other auxiliary hall masters, no one could possibly question the fairness of this process.

Among the five competitors of the Knight Temple, unexpectedly, there were four of them that fell against other knights as opponents. In other words, no matter how the matches took place, there were now only at most three people from the Knight Temple who could enter the top eight.

Two knights of the fifth step, unfamiliar with each other, ended up against each other. The light on their body was completely identical, and on the other sides, Long Haochen and Li Xin, brother and sister, ended up against each other.

Long Haochen’s look instantly became shocked, as he turned toward Li Xin, with an ugly look on his face. How could he have thought that he would be so unlucky. With a probability of one eighth, he still drew his big sister as his opponent.
The Saint Mage Tutor Lin Chen coughed, before patting Han Qian’s shoulder and saying, “Brother Han is indeed worthy of being an emissary of light, this draw was indeed fair and equitable. It has the approval of our Mage Temple.”

Ying Suifeng and Han Qian were the most familiar, and he was the one who laughed in the most lividly fashion, “Old Han, your Knight Temple is indeed formidable, but in regard to luck, tss tss…”

Han Qian’s complexion changed completely, fiercely opening his two eyes widely.

The War Emperor Ren Wokuang laughed as well, “Child Ying, you shouldn’t speak like this. These drawing results were very advantageous to the Knight Temple: that way they will have at least two people in the top eight. Wouldn’t this enormously increase the probability of getting someone in the top three?”

Sanshui, the summoner at the step of Spirit Emperor coldly snorted, “You guys, what can you do except from taking joy in other people’s misfortune? In the first place, try to have five of your people enter the top sixteen. Old Han, thank you! Nobody from our Spiritual Temple ran against each other, what a great luck.”

Outside of the Knight Temple, the second fameseeker of these selections was the Spiritual Temple. Excluding the fellow who couldn’t even predict what she was going to summon through the Creature Summoning Gate, Chen Ying’er, there were surprisingly three outstanding summoners who managed to enter the top 16. In addition, amongst them, two were only at the fourth step. Clearly, they were powerful summoners. In the process of the drawing that just happened, these three summoners didn’t end up against each other, so it was no wonder that the normally cold-faced Sanshui was in such a good mood.

Han Qian’s blood was boiling in fury. The knockout competition hadn’t started yet, but the Knight Temple had already lost two people. Furthermore, in front of them, he couldn’t break out like that. With a face partly red and partly pale, he said, “Looking at you, each and every one of
you look like you are quite enjoying yourselves. You should take example on Ruoshui’s calm and collected appearance.”

Ruoshui sighed helplessly, and said, “How could I be calm and collected! None of the people from my Priest Temple entered the top 16! These drawing results don’t affect me much…”


Han Qian became immediately speechless, and ruthlessly said, “Go back to the lounge. According to the colors of the lights on your bodies, the matches are about to start. The first pairing may stay on the ground.”

As he finished to speak, he furiously headed back to the platform without even turning his head. That enormous golden halo slowly rose, not entering in the dome.

“Sis, I…” Long Haochen wanted to say something to Li Xin, but Li Xin immediately shook her head with a smile and said immediately, “Stupid little brother, what are you doing!? What is there to feel awkward about? ”Could it be that you really think I could proceed by meeting someone else as my opponent? It was thanks to Cai’er’s help that I could enter the top 16. I am already satisfied with that. Originally, I didn’t even have the idea of trying to enter the top 16. Drawing you as my opponent is actually the best thing that could have happened to me, since I’m going to lose anyways, isn’t it the best if I can send you to the top 8 in the process?”

“But…” Long Haochen still wanted to say something, but was immediately interrupted by Li Xin.

“Fool, what is there to ‘but’? Could it be that you really think, I, at the fourth step, can beat you who’s at the fifth step? Or that my Rose can win against that little freak Hao Yue, after his evolution?”

The other competitors had already gone back to the lounge, but Cai’er was still waiting by Long Haochen’s side, listening the conversation of this sister and her brother.
“Hic… Ehm… The first match doesn’t involve you, does it?” A somewhat speechless voice resounded from the side.

Long Haochen and Li Xin turned around to take a look, seeing Yang Wenzhao and a female summoner who gave them a strange look. These two were the ones that had the most shallow light shining on their bodies. That female summoner was wearing a magic gown together with a staff, and was currently lowering her head so there was no way to see her face clearly.

“Oh. Apologies.” Long Haochen nodded at them before hurriedly heading back to the lounge together with Li Xin and Cai’er.

Recognizing them, Yang Wenzhao kept a low profile. At least, he didn’t draw Long Haochen or Cai’er as his first opponent. Even if he wasn’t so haunted by her shadow as previously, these two opponents were the hardest to deal with, for him.

“Cai’er, who is your opponent?” Li Xin asked Cai’er, who was at Long Haochen’s side.

Cai’er shook her head and answered, “I cannot see, so I don’t know.”

Hearing her words, Long Haochen immediately felt a strong surge of self-culpability. He had looked after her for a so long time, but had forgotten that she couldn’t see. Full of regrets, he took her little hand, “Don’t worry, I will ask a staff member.”

At the time Long Haochen went to ask to the staff member, the first match to go from the top 16 to the top 8 started.

As before, Yang Wenzhao didn’t summon his mount, and spread a pair of heavy sword, dashing like a lightning bolt toward the opponent summoner. During a match between a knight and a summoner, both parties were at a distance of 50 meters. Yang Wenzhao’s opponent grasped a green cane, and chanted at great speed. At the same time, she didn’t stay motionless and rapidly retreated back.
Yang Wenzhao’s charge was extremely rapid, but even if it was the case, as he arrived at a distance of 20 meters, the female summoner had already completed her first summoning.

A green dot of light was emitted from the summit of her staff, falling into the ground in the next instant, and a green halo accordingly appeared, emitting ripples around it. Immediately, a thick vine came out from the ground, immediately spreading forward. This was a botanical summoner!

At this moment, if Yang Wenzhao didn’t feel like clashing against that plant, he would have to take a detour. Naturally, Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t make such a choice. Charging forward with honor and determination, his two heavy swords shone with a glitter of golden light. Quickening his pace further, he made his [Charge] evolve into [Assault], as he waved the two swords in his hands, launching two [Light Thorns] simultaneously as he slowly jumped off the ground.

Although that vine was tough and durable, in front of these [Light Thorns] it seemed incredibly frail, as it instantly turned into naught.

Yang Wenzhao’s valiant character undoubtedly manifested at that moment. Brazenly rushing into this group of vines, without the use of any skills, he waved these heavy swords, passing through them while appearing like wind and rain and instantly twisting and breaking any of these vines. Only his speed dropped slightly, but this irresistible force passed through these vines without a hitch.

And at this moment, the opposite female summoner completed her second summoning spell.

In front of Yang Wenzhao’s charge, this summoner didn’t panic the slightest bit. This time, it was a dark green-colored rippling light that appeared, and immediately, wide thorns came out from the ground, not only blocking Yang Wenzhao’s path but also launching sneak attacks on him.

A loud sound resounded, as Yang Wenzhao’s charging figure was abruptly stopped. These numerous thorns looked slimmer than the vines but as hard as iron. Although, as before, it had no way to contend against the
attacks coming from Yang Wenzhao’s pair of swords, he had no way to charge forward with [Assault] anymore, and could only advance forward step after step.

At that moment, Long Haochen already inquired the staff member and got the confirmation that Cai’er’s opponent was another summoner. His attention was immediately attracted by this match.

Summoners were the vocation Long Haochen was the most unfamiliar with. The only fight of involving summoners that he had ever seen was the ones involving Chen Ying’er and her Creature Summoning Gate.

But the opponent of Yang Wenzhao was a lot more dependable than this Chen Ying’er, to have launched two summoning spells in a row and at such a speed.


But at this very moment, Yang Wenzhao’s feet suddenly stopped completely. A violent strike sounded, as his body was swayed for a bit, and unexpectedly became motionless.

Long Haochen’s vision was quite good, so he could clearly see that a one foot long red thorn was shot at Yang Wenzhao’s direction, obviously attacking him by surprise.

Because he was in the front of the lounge, Long Haochen could see that this summoner was, as before, in the middle of thistles and thorns, protected by them as she kept drawing back. At her side, a fantastic plant with the height of a person was standing.

This plant’s entire body was made of thorns, and a large flower atop. It was from its body that these red-colored thorns appeared previously.

Long Haochen knew clearly Yang Wenzhao’s strength. For a thorn to be able to push him back, he could easily imagine how powerful it was.
Long Haochen focused on this scene. He could clearly see that the mysterious plant trembled violently, before rapidly forming deep red- colored thorns that he surprisingly gathered together, turning them into a foot long needle that was violently shot out, targeting Yang Wenzhao. Wow. So botanical summons can actually be used like that? Long Haochen unconsciously opened his eyes wide.


Another sound of collision could suddenly be heard. While blocking Yang Wenzhao once again, the surrounding iron-like thistles and thorns approached him from all directions. From the looks of it, this summoner currently held the advantage. The female summoner’s incantations didn’t stop at all, and at her side, a pod of plants gradually grew, until becoming absolutely enormous, several times larger than the previous thorned flower plant. How they aimed to attack Yang Wenzhao was unknown: they slowly bent over, and simultaneously threw themselves at great speed. Each of the green beans in this pod had the size of three big human heads that were about to smash on Yang Wenzhao.

Chapter 138

It can even be used like that?

This pod was comprised of four plants in total, and in the next instant, it was twelve mung beans that came out.

However, this time a yellow-colored plant rose by the side of this female summoner. This plant was somewhat grotesquely shaped, with the appearance of coral. And from it, a yellow-colored fog came out and filled the air.

Contrary to expectations, this fog didn’t possess any offensive power. However, every plant infected by it grew excitedly into a sort of crazy creature, frantically attacking.


Monstrous sounds could be heard all around. Naturally, Yang Wenzhao wouldn’t let himself be smashed by these beans, but each of them that was thrown at him splashed out some juice. In the end, his defense couldn’t prevent him from being splashed, a large portion of his body ending up being infected.

This green-colored liquid carried a sweet botanical scent, and didn’t have any poison in it, but was extremely viscous and sticky. After being infected, Yang Wenzhao felt that his movements became a lot slower.

During this match, and up till now, Yang Wenzhao seemed to be completely suppressed, but when did that start? He was quite unfamiliar
with this feeling that left him extremely unpleased.

In the platform, Han Qian who was seated near to the Spirit Emperor Sanshui cried out in amazement, “This lady is pretty good! For a summoner to be able to cast so quickly, the staff she holds must be quite unique.”

Sanshui snorted, speaking at her turn, “Don’t look for a pretext as soon as you lose. This girl, Xiaomo has a very great affinity with plants. Reportedly, she has a common lineage with elves. A good staff needs a good user, you know?”

“Lose? I’m afraid that this is going to be quite unlikely.” Han Qian shook his head, wearing a smile, “This girl is really not bad, but it’s impossible for her to win this match. Wenzhao is the number one candidate for the first place of our Knight Temple.”

The Saint Mage Tutor Lin Chen, seated on the other side of Sanshui suddenly took the initiative to speak out, “Aï, I remember that not long ago, one of the competitors from the Knight Temple was heavily wounded by an assassin, don’t tell me it was him?”

Sanshui immediately laughed very openly.

Han Qian’s face became instantly resentful, “Lin, you little kid, I’m going to beat you up.”

Lin Chen laughed out loud and said, “I’m sooo afraid.”

Ying Suifeng, seated on the side, said unenthusiastically, “Even if this little kid, Yang Wenzhao, was formerly heavily wounded by an assassin from our temple, what is there to laugh at? From what I see, none of the competitors from the Mage Temple will be able to enter the top 4.”

The Six Great Temples were comprised of three close combat specialists and three magic specialists, and they were all very competitive. Naturally, the battle specialists were better at close quarters and the magic specialists were best at utilizing spells from a distance.
The competitors obviously didn’t know about these higher-ups’ quarrels. Precisely at this moment, Yang Wenzhao, in the middle of his match, was preparing to reveal his strength.

Battling these botanical summons was a lot more troublesome than he had imagined. The surrounding plants suddenly became frantic, and without notice, another red thorn was piercing through the air at him. Normally Yang Wenzhao would be able to block, but since the sticky green liquid was still on the upper part of his body, he was in trouble.

In a flash, a concentrated golden radiance was unleashed from Yang Wenzhao’s body. I

[Holy Fire]?

Long Haochen was astonished. This was a skill that was also recorded in the Inheritance Ring his father left him. But he hadn’t trained on utilizing it yet. According to his father’s annotation, this skill required his spiritual energy to advance to the second rank of the fifth step for one to possibly use it.

Light and fire were originally the same entity. The flames of the sun were as blazing as the flame produced by a pure light with a very high temperature. A luminous darkness corroded everything. To Retribution Knights, this skill possessed enormous utility. It was classified as one of the secret skills, and also a skill Retribution Knights of the fifth step had to learn sooner or later.

This skill had great power, and a great utility in regard to offense, defense and dispelling negative effects. However, behind this formidable power, the consumption was also enormous. Launching this skill required 200 units of liquid spiritual energy, and maintaining it consumed 30 units every breath. Even knights of the fifth step had to controll it moderately after launching it.

Certainly, fire was the worst enemy of plants, and although these iron- like thistles and thorns were under the stimulation of that yellow fog, turning frantic, it could only wither in the front of that holy fire.
Yang Wenzhao hissed loudly, and leaning on his tiptoes, he once again launched [Assault]. The glowing [Holy Fire] had turned the surrounding plants into naught, completely burning them. Now, all he needed to do while charging was to use his two swords to block the red sharp thorns launched at him. Moreover, with the burning light of his [Holy Fire], the power of these thorns were greatly lowered.

The female summoner concealed in the middle of these plants was filled with astonishment. Since she could sense Yang Wenzhao’s location accurately, she could naturally figure how fast his [Assault] was.

Rapidly chanting an incantation, she pointed her staff at the ground, and immediately, two cherry-like blazing-red-colored plants grew at high speed, suddenly raising her body in the air.

When observing carefully, one could find out that at some point, a vine appeared around her waist, released by the extremity of that summoner’s staff. Immediately, the vine dragged her body upwards, in a path that the iron-like thorns naturally stopped to block, in a speed that was even faster than Yang Wenzhao’s [Assault].

In the next instant after she started to rise, Yang Wenzhao arrived in her former location, and saw the sharp thorns together with the pod of plants.

Where is she? Yang Wenzhao started, but with a quick movement of his hands, two heavy swords carried the blazing power of [Holy Fire], sweeping at the group of plants.

Although these plants were powerful, they were quite lacking in terms of defense. When suddenly heated and cut up like butter, they were broken to pieces in a flash.

Yang Wenzhao’s intentions were clear, this opponent was a mere summoner of the fourth step, and as such, her spiritual energy was limited, and most of all, wasn’t in liquid form. As long as he did his utmost to attack her, she wouldn’t be able to contend against him.
In the instant these offensive plants were swept at and broken, two huge red-colored fruits appeared in his line of sight. These two fruits had expanded to the size of pumpkins, and were still growing at an astonishing speed.

Feeling the crisis that was occurring before his eyes, Yang Wenzhao drew back at great speed while waving his swords, launching two [Light Thorns] crossed to form an [Instant Blast Cross Cut] chopping at these red fruits.

Aï, sometimes, some people make unexpected mistakes.

If it was Long Haochen, he wouldn’t have chopped with these two swords; because of the crisis felt earlier, he would instinctively know that staying away from these fruits was the most proper choice.

With his specialization as a pure Retribution Knight, Yang Wenzhao’s attack immediately penetrated the fruit, and as a result, a tragedy occured.


Immense explosive sounds could be heard throughout the whole Knight Stadium, violently shaking the whole surroundings. Everyone that could see this scene became dumbstruck, discovering that a mushroom cloud rose from the iron-like thistles and thorns, rising in the sky.

The female summoner, who went away since long ago subconsciously covered her head with her cloak, showing a mocking face as she stuck out her tongue, “This Ruthless Cherry’s power is great. I hope he won’t be killed by the explosion.”

Not far, on the platform, Han Qian suddenly got up, but it wasn’t only him: the others higher-ups who were observing the matches got up as well. It was because they knew Yang Wenzhao’s real identity. ly, when the Assassin Temple greatly wounded this knight with the sneak attack, if the worst had happened to him, perhaps…

“Sanshui!” Han Qian furiously called out.
The grandma Sanshui’s face twitched down, “I really don’t know about this! When did this lady gain the ability to summon that thing? This is something I didn’t teach her!”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough…” Repeated coughs sounded from the field, as a very pitiful silhouette appeared in the middle of the field.

His current appearance was indeed a scene that it was hard to look at without laughing. His previously beautiful armor was now completely black and burned. His helmet was also deep fried and his hair was completely curly because of the explosion. The arm and body armor were the most damaged, and were faintly stained with blood. As for his face, it was even more black, with traces of red. His current appearance was just like that of an unrestrained beggar.

“I… I…” Yang Wenzhao was extremely gloomy and simply found no word to say. If he didn’t chop down with his two swords, this Ruthless Cherry could only explode in the place where he was standing at that moment, without a chance to wound him. However, this chop of his acted like a detonator. Although he immediately tried to retreat, the explosion of this Ruthless Cherry was indeed formidable. It was fortunate that he still had the igniting [Holy Fire] by his side, enabling him to brandish his two swords at full force to protect himself at the crucial moment. Otherwise, perhaps this violent explosion would really have inflicted serious damage to him.

However, even if it was the case, at that moment, his whole body was still hurting. Looking at the girl he faced as his opponent, his eyes revealed extreme anger.

A golden light appeared again, it was a [Holy Mantle] that rose in the air. It wasn’t because he was a Retribution Knight that he couldn’t use a few healing or assisting skills; [Holy Mantle] was an essential healing skill to all kinds of knights.

The pair of heavy swords let out a gaudy golden light, as Yang Wenzhao stared fixedly at the place nearby forward where the female summoner stood.
“Okay, okay… So you can still fight!.. Then I concede.” Bai Xiaomo said helplessly.

This situation was within Yang Wenzhao’s expectations. After all, her cultivation level was at the fourth step, and with her previous continuous use of spells, her spiritual energy was already mostly depleted. It was already impossible for her to fight in the same way as before. Since this was the case, she naturally conceded.

His charge suddenly stopped, and Yang Wenzhao felt anger boiling in him. Can this be considered as a win? Has there ever been a winner with such a pitiful appearance? His face was filled with grief and indignation as he thought to himself that he had never been so pitiful in his life. Why did it have to go like this?

Chapter 139

However, as his opponent had just surrendered, he couldn’t proceed with his attack. He was full of regret, regretting that he didn’t summon his mount. Yang Wenzhao secretly vowed that for the rest of the competition, he wouldn’t act proudly again, and definitely summon his mount and go all out. Looking at the scorched black traces on his body, he realized that his behaviour was similar to the one Han Yu showed previously.

“Yang Wenzhao versus Bai Xiaomo, the winner is Yang Wenzhao, he will enter the top eight.”

Together with the referee’s announcement, this first match concluded.

Despite the fact that the female summoner Bai Xiaomo lost, her crafty fighting method left a deep impression on everyone. Any perspicacious person could easily guess that Bai Xiaomo’s summons had very great control ability. If someone could get her as a squad member, no matter if it’s for group combat or duel situations, she would be one of the best members possible. More importantly, she was only at the fourth step! For her to be able to leave Yang Wenzhao, who reached the fifth step, in such a pitiful state, it was not hard to guess what would happen after she reaches the fifth step, how formidable she would become.

It was only the first match of the eight, but it shocked everyone to such an extent! The feelings of the competitors who couldn’t participate who were unwilling to accept these results weakened a lot. However, the next match left them somewhat disappointed.
The ones who had to go on stage for the second battle were precisely Li Xin and Long Haochen, sister and brother. Without even going on stage, Li XIn expressed to the referee her decision to concede.

This kind of situation was something extremely rare to see in the matches between the top 16 powerhouses. After all, reaching this stage was very hard, and each step forward could be said to promote one’s status in one’s future Demon Hunt Squad by a great extent. And still, when one’s strength had no way at all to match that of one’s opponent, they would generally put everything at stake to try to win over the opponent.

But it wasn’t forbidden to concede in these matches, so the referee could only declare Long Haochen the winner, letting him enter the top eight.

In regards to Li Xin’s decision to concede, Han Qian, on the platform, was quite satisfied. At least, she didn’t deplete Long Haochen’s strength; the following matches were, as previously, going to take place daily, so if one used a too huge amount of resources the day before, it would obviously have a bad influence on upcoming matches.

The fact that Li Xin conceded didn’t’ hamper the marvellous aspect of the competition of this day: all four of the following matches were brilliant and varied, where no one would rashly admit defeat before the final moment. As a result, the victorious party would have to pay a price for that. After all, for these competitors to have been able to enter this stage, the gap between their strength couldn’t be too wide.

“Cai’er, it should be your turn to go on stage.” Long Haochen nervously held Cai’er’s little hand.

Cai’er lightly shook her head, calmly telling him, “Nothing will happen to me.” Long Hao Chen thought about accompanying her even to go on stage, but was rejected by Cai’er. As her hand grasped her bamboo cane, she headed to the stadium alone.

Seeing the appearance of this blind girl Cai’er, the other competitors showed various reactions. They were separated into two categories: the first was naturally those who were extremely doubtful; how could a blind lady
even reach the top 16? And the other ones were nervous and excited, because

By the means of her tyrannical display during the qualifiers, Cai’er had already obtained the approval of all these people.

Walking into the field at a strolling pace, Cai’er slowly arrived. Her opponent was someone who had never run into her previously in the competition, so his look toward her was doubtful and uncomprehending.

Does this lady belong to the Assassin Temple?

Cai’er’s opponent was a youth roughly 20 years old. He had a medium build, and had a red staff in his hand. He was the second Grand Summoner of the fourth step who entered the top 16.

In the previous matches, the appearances of the Spiritual Temple were remarkable. Although Bai Xiaomo didn’t manage to win, she had become a very likely pick for the top challengers and even left Yang Wenzhao stuck in a dilemma. The other control-specialized summoner entered the top eight relatively easily, and now, the eyes were focused on the last disciple of this Spiritual Temple.

“Cai’er from the Assassin Temple will battle Fang Zhu from the Spiritual Temple. Because of the difference of vocations, the two parties will start at a distance of 40 meters, and four pillars will be raised on the ground. Both parties, be prepared.”

Together with this announcement from the referee, four thick pillar slowly rose from on the ground. Cai’er and the summoner Fang Zhu calmly drew back until they were at a distance of 40 meters.

In terms of nervousness, no one could surpass Long Haochen who was standing in the lounge. He nervously looked at the situation on stage, wishing that he could replace Cai’er to battle in her stead.

Looking at him, Li Xin couldn’t help but reveal a smile, as she said,
“Little fool, don’t be so nervous. Be at ease, nothing will happen to her.
As I saw it, Cai’er’s strength is so terrifying that I am afraid that there is no way to win against her, even for you. Just wait and see.”

“Okay.”, was Long Haochen’s reply, but in reality he didn’t even hear Li Xin’s words. In complete confusion out of concern for her, no matter what other people would say, the nervousness in his heart wouldn’t decrease the slightest bit. He only unceasingly thought, Cai’er cannot see! And in addition, she’s so weak. What if she ends up wounded?

Long Haochen had already made his resolve: if Cai’er were to be injured anyhow by her opponent, even if it was against the rules of the competition, he would immediately rush to her side to treat her. Silently, he already started to prepare a [Holy Mantle].

“Match start!” With this sound from the referee, the seventh of the eight matches started officially.

Although Fang Zhu had never seen Cai’er in combat, he didn’t underestimate his opponent the slightest bit just because she was blind. The fact he reached the fourth step wasn’t all about strength; there was no way it could be so simple. He was resolute, persistent, and prudent.

The staff in his hand shone in a reddish brown color, as he waved it forward. With a height of one meter, a big cyan-colored bird rose and flew in the air.

This wasn’t accomplished through a summoning incantation; from the looks of it, it seemed that being came out from the top of this summoner’s staff. It could be seen that this staff was at least a piece of equipment at the Spiritual Tier.

The blue bird soared in the air, flying at great speed in Cai’er’s direction as its body lit up with a faint blue light.

In the instant the referee declared the start of the match, Cai’er, with her hand grasping her bamboo cane, advanced forward, straight toward her opponent. Her speed wasn’t fast, and didn’t show any difference from when she was ordinarily walking. The bamboo cane lightly tapped on the ground,
as she walked unhurriedly, with a reserved aura. It would almost appear like an ordinary blind girl that went for a walk.

On the ground, the bamboo cane made no sound, only leaving a simple trace where it passed.

After Fang Zhu made that blue bird appear, he immediately started to rapidly chant his next incantation. The only difference between summoners’ incantation and mages’ was that summoners’ incantation were frequently chanted in a faster speed. It was because their incantations were based on frequency, unlike mages’ incantations, which were based on tempo. A muffled vigorous voice eagerly chanted, as the light on his red staff became brighter and brighter, letting a monstrous aura unceasingly spread out from it.

Cai’er had only taken ten steps as this blue bird already arrived at the top of her head. Advancing towards Cai’er’s direction at great speed, it dove down and unfolded both its wings, letting out an ear-piercing hiss and two one meter wide [Wind Blades] aimed straight at Cai’er.

Cai’er’s pace as she walked forward didn’t change the slightest bit, unhurriedly strolling, just as before. In the lounge, Long Haochen almost cried out loudly.

From his eyes, these two [Wind Blades] were about to hit Cai’er’s body a split second later, as a strange situation occurred.

Cai’er seemed to have not done anything, but in this instant, her body turned into a blur, and instantly, those two [Wind Blades] passed through her body extremely naturally, smashing the ground behind her with a pupu sound and leaving four pits behinds.

Also at that moment, the bamboo cane in Cai’er’s hand was lifted up high, just like a lightning bolt, and let out an extremely cold and intense killing intent in a flash.

That blue bird was very small, and in an instant after Cai’er’s act, it could already feel the danger, rapidly batting its wings while performing a nimble
dodging motion.

However, from Cai’er’s cane, three radiances were sent out, each of them extending until reaching a length of 10 meters.


As the bamboo cane tapped to ground, Cai’er kept moving forward at a strolling pace, as before. Reducing the distance between her and that summoner at every step. In her breath, there wasn’t the slightest change, despite the attack launched by that blue bird, making everything that just happened seem just like a mirage.

But was that really a mirage?

The blood of that blue bird dripped out as it was split into four equally divided parts as it splashed down and turned into dust.

When Cai’er had just raised her blue cane, it had not been able to evade her attack in the slightest.

Looking at Cai’er who was just hit by that [Wind Blade], Long Haochen cried out in surprise, as a screech came out from his throat. Separated from Cai’er by a distance of roughly twenty meters, Fang Zhu was still chanting at a rapid speed. In a flash, his pupils shrank to the size of a needle as his fast incantation was almost broken by the surprise he had when looking at this scene.

My Storm Bird was instantly killed, just like that? That was a magical beast of the fourth step! It should at least be able to hinder the opponent a little. However, from beginning to end, he didn’t have the slightest influence on Cai’er’s advance. With a glow from her bamboo cane, it was simply split in equal parts by Cai’er, just as a chef would do. As he was still reciting his incantation, he was broken into cold sweat by that fierce ultimate killing intent.

Immediately, he realized what kind of opponent he was currently facing. Even granted that she didn’t have sight, her tyrannical appearance had
already let Fang Zhu experience a terrifying pressure unlike what he had ever felt before.

As before, Cai’er moved at a slow speed, but just like during the qualifiers, each of the steps she took forward increased the mental pressure exerted on Fang Zhu.

However, this Fang Zhu was also outstanding. Even in such a situation, he still completed his incantation without a hitch.

As he pointed his staff forward, a red brilliance came out, turning into a sparkling gate. Immediately, a loud roar sounded out from it. Then, a huge figure came out from that gate.

Magical beast of the sixth step, Gigantic Bear Vajra.

To a Grand Summoner of the fourth step, being able to summon a magical beast of the sixth step was already the highest feat possible. The fact he managed to accomplish it had to be related to his mental capacity and the equipment he carried. Even if this was the case, after he completed this summon, Fang Zhu’s face became completely pale, pale with a relieved feeling.

Chapter 140

Without a doubt, the best method to handle an assassin was to use a solid defense combined with a more brutal power than the assassin can withstand. For this reason, Fang Zhu’s choice could be said to be extremely wise.

The Gigantic Bear Vajra extended his arms, taking Fang Zhu and putting him on his shoulder. Then, his huge figure stood upright.

This fellow had a robust build, and after standing upright, its height was close to 4 meters; its majestic body appeared just like a little mountain. He slowly approached Cai’er, who appeared extremely small in comparison.

The Gigantic Bear Vajra was a magical beast of the sixth step that had a unique innate ability known as Earthly Roar, capable of producing seismic waves to launch attacks in any direction. Its greatest features were the thick skin covering it, its defensive power and its immense physical power.

Taking large steps, it rushed madly at Cai’er’s.

With a glow of Fang Zhu’s staff, a soft yellow-colored brilliance enveloped him and the Gigantic Bear Vajra, making his body seem stuck to the Gigantic Bear Vajra’s shoulder. No matter how the Gigantic Bear Vajra moved, he wouldn’t be thrown off.

And at this very moment, Cai’er suddenly moved.

The so-called maiden moved just like a rabbit, disappearing in a split second.her speed was just too fast, it went as far as to leave afterimages.
The distance that used to separate her from the Gigantic Bear Vajra was only ten meters, but in a flash, she arrived before it.

Under Fang Zhu’s control, its enormous foot stamped on the ground, and with a loud bang, [Earthly Waves] was launched and yellow-colored seismic waves were scattered in all directions.

However, Cai’er astonished everyone once again with the overwhelming power she displayed. Without dodging, without leaping, and without retreating, she advanced with her bamboo cane, making a chopping motion.

As a shadow glittered, a scene that left all spectators speechless occurred. The seismic waves all around were unexpectedly nullified in front of Cai’er, just as if they were struck open by a sharp blade, having no effect on her advance. In the next instant, Fang Zhu couldn’t see Cai’er’s figure anymore.

The resting competitors could only see two dark-gold-colored glows before that astonishing defensive power of the Gigantic Bear Vajra was unexpectedly pierced. A pu-tong sound was let out, as it fell to its knees with a mournful cry.

Two trails of blood appeared on its knees, coming from the rupture of its joints, and immediately, a quiet figure appeared at its back, leaving blue smoke behind.

With her feet on the head of this Gigantic Bear Vajra, the tip of her bamboo cane was pointed at Fang Zhu’s neck. No one doubted the fact that she only needed a little movement to instantly end Fang Zhu’s life.

Lifeless, Fang Zhu appeared already completely lifeless. He had never thought that he would be defeated so easily. The Gigantic Bear Vajra was so dominating that there was no one up till now who had the slightest chance to resist it.

The Gigantic Bear Vajra unwillingly moved its palms, aiming at the top of his own head, but Cai’er’s response was nothing more than a slight shaking of her tiptoes.
In a split second, everyone saw that Cai’er’s body lit up with a dark-gold- colored luster as the body of the Gigantic Bear Vajra froze, and its pair of thick paws dropped as blood madly poured from its mouth and nose. Clearly, it has was now heavily wounded.

“I… I concede.” Fang Zhu, listless, let go of his staff. He lost, and in addition, very miserably. From beginning to end, he could basically not resist in the slightest.

From the platform, the Spiritual Emperor Sanshui said, somewhat sluggishly, “What’s that spiritual energy, why is it dark-gold-colored?”

Ying Suifeng gave her a glance, before indifferently smiling and answering, “I don’t know either.”

Swiftly landing on the ground, Cai’er didn’t say anything as her bamboo cane tapped on the ground, and she unhurriedly walked over to the lounge.

“Victor, Cai’er.” The referee bitterly gulped his own saliva. This battle seemed simple and straightforward. In front of Cai’er, both Fang Zhu and his summoned beast looked extremely pitiful.

The lounge fell in complete silence for a short moment. It seemed that everyone could feel his own neck tighten. As they followed with their eyes Cai’er, who was going back to the lounge, even the breaths of these competing youths became very heavy.

Speed, attack, and extremely cold and powerful killing intent. None of these aspects missed to put a great pressure on them. Even if they didn’t participate in the previous battle, their hearts could hardly calm down.

Too formidable. So the Assassin Temple had such a formidable existence in it.

Yang Wenzhao’s neck similarly tightened, and a pain appeared on his chest. And doubts appeared in him. Even if he used his mount, would he really be able to resist in front of this girl?
Cai’er used her actions to show them her graceful appearance as an assassin.

Long Haochen gave a dull look to Cai’er who was returning to his side, before calmly sitting down. Although he didn’t have this tight feeling on his neck, his view of Cai’er changed completely. Slowly lowering his head, he didn’t look at her but silently thought over something.

A soft little hand quietly approached his own hand, as Cai’er didn’t say anything, but nimbly touched his palm with her forefinger.

Long Haochen, who originally felt gloomy deep inside was stirred by the ripples that stirred his attention. She was writing words with her fingers.

“What is up with you?” Reading these five words with an itchy feeling, Long Haochen’s mood immediately eased up.

Long Haochen pulled her little hand, and on her delicate hand, wrote,
“Seeing that you are so strong, will you still need my protection?”

Cai’er’s hand started to slightly shake, as she turned it over and wrote,
“Are you regretting your promise?”

“No.” Long Haochen said without even thinking, taking her hand, and writing on this delicate treasure, “I will never regret it.”

Cai’er became silent, tightly holding his hand. After a long time, she started to write once again on his hand, “What you protect is not only my person, but also my heart.”

Long Haochen shivered, and immediately engraved these words in his heart: What you protect is not only my person, but also my heart.

In this instant, he felt as if something was heavily piercing his heart, making everything become clear at once.

That’s right! I have to protect her, does it matter if she’s strong or weak? I am a guardian, just because she’s formidable, does it mean that I cannot do anything to protect her?
Cai’er only held his hand silently, and after hesitating for a little, slowly started to lean on his shoulder.

In that instant of contact, the two youths’ hearts were shivering profusely, as Long Haochen clearly felt Cai’er’s hand warm up.

Li Xin was seated on the other side of Long Haochen, continuously paying attention to their activity. In the instant she saw Cai’er lean on Long Haochen’s shoulder, she could hear a pin drop.

In fact, they were seated in the first row, beside all other competitors.
And almost everyone could see what was happening in the front row.

At this moment, almost no one paid attention to the eighth match that was taking place on the stadium, and all eyes were focused on Long Haochen and Cai’er’s figures.

That… Is it that formidable female assassin who displayed such a strength, continuously displaying overwhelming power? She… How is it that she’s acting timidly and lovingly next to this man?

Looking at that beautiful scene of the timid and lovely Cai’er leaning on Long Haochen’s shoulder, a major part of the spectators felt their impression of that tyrannical-beyond-compare Assassin Queen being undermined.

They went from sixteen to eight, as the matches finally ended.

Although the Knight Temple’s drawing wasn’t so good, they still ended with three people in the top eight. The Assassin Temple had two people, and the Mage Temple, the Summoner Temple and the Warrior Temple one person each. On the next day, the matches for the top 4 were going to be even more intense, and was going to be determined, as before, randomly, with a drawing of lots that was going to lower even further the number of competitors. And at the present time, an inevitable dialogue occurred.

This time, Long Haochen and Cai’er didn’t leave in advance. on the contrary, they were the last ones to leave. Li Xin didn’t stay, so as to not
bother them, and quietly and sadly left alone.

“I want to invite you for a meal, is it okay?” Long Haochen asked in a low voice to Cai’er who was, as before, leaning on his shoulder. His body was really stiff, and he attempted to hold her in his embrace, to once again feel her slim and tender waist. But in the end, he didn’t dare do so.

Cai’er slowly lifted her head, sitting straight. Her face was covered in a frightening veil, as she lightly shook her head, “No. Go home early. The rest of the competition is more important, you should keep yourself in a good shape.”

“Ah…” Feeling quite disappointed, Long Haochen responded with a single sound.

Cai’er’s small ear lightly shook, as she murmured in a very low voice,
“We will have plenty of time to do that later.”

Long Haochen, quite perceptive, turned toward her as soon as he heard her voice, and directly glanced at her with both eyes, “Cai’er, I… I…”

Cai’er, somewhat suspicious, lifted her head, and looked directly at him,

Long Haochen gulped a mouthful of saliva, before telling her, full of courage, “What I wanted to ask you is… If… If I can obtain the first place… Would you let me hug you?”

“What?” Cai’er’s voice was suddenly raised. This scared Long Haochen to the extent of making him stand up, as he waved his hands repeatedly and said, “Sorry, I just like you too much. Just take it as though I didn’t say anything, don’t get angry!”

Although Cai’er was blind, she could currently clearly feel his current sincere and afraid appearance. With a little laugh, she slowly nodded, letting out a little “mh”.
Standing up, she tapped the ground with her bamboo cane and straightened her posture, moving quickly and gracefully, seemingly almost flying.

“Cai’er, slow down a little.” Long Haochen, fearing that she may slip and fall down, hurriedly pursued her.

In a gloomy corner of the elevated platform.

Han Qian loudly waved his clenched fists, “A good kid! He’s still so young, but his ability is top-notch. Yingzi, did you see? ly, that little girl was nestling against his body. Wahaha, it looks like this ‘thing’ is ready to occur.”

“Nestling against your freaking sister!” Ying Suifeng felt quite gloomy as he said, “This development is too fast.”

With a smiling expression, Han Qian patted Ying Suifeng’s shoulder, and said, “Brother, thank you! Thank you to your Assassin Temple for having fostered such an incredible talent. I am extremely pleased.”

“But, I’m truly uncomfortable about something. Little Han, you have stayed stuck at the bottleneck of the ninth rank of the eighth step for quite a long time now. What if I help you to rouse your potential? I’m convinced that the old Yang will have no complaint about that.”
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