Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 121-130


Chapter 121

Huang Yi’s crisp incantation and the low pitched sounds maintained the same rhythm, but the contents of their chants were completely different.

Hearing these two chants at the same time, Long Hao Chen got distracted. Dodging past two large [Earth Walls], he was able to catch a glimpse of the scene on the other side.

An Earth Elemental Spiritual Stove? After seeing the little figure on Huang Yi’s shoulder, Long Hao Chen was immediately flabbergasted.

The most practical type of spiritual stove for a mage was an elemental spiritual stove. Every magic element could create a spiritual stove. Once an elemental spiritual stove was obtained, this type of spiritual stove could actually turn into a small fairy which could assist their partner in battle. Elemental spiritual stoves could normally evolve up to three times, and first rate elemental spiritual stoves could evolve four times.

The only type of elemental spiritual stove that was useful to a knight was the Light Elemental Spiritual Stove.

An elemental fairy’s power was closely related to the owner’s strength. Having one was basically like having another person to do incantations for you, but it also consumed the owner’s spiritual energy. Simply put, an elemental fairy could consume the owner’s spiritual energy to use magic, assisting its master in either offense or defense. With the evolution of elemental fairies, their greatest asset is amplifying their master’s magic strength and reducing spiritual energy consumption.
A mage having an elemental spiritual stove was basically like a Guardian Knight having a Saint Spiritual Stove: welcomed by any team. Although Huang Yi’s Elemental Spiritual Stove was at the lowest level, its practicality in battle was already immense. All the magic he knew, this elemental fairy also knew.

There was no time to procrastinate, because once both magical strengths came out, he would have no more chances of winning.

Long Hao Chen rushed forward, no longer moving around the earthen walls, brazenly activating [Charge]. With Flame Sword in his right hand, a reddish-gold colour that resembled the sun shone.

[Shining Solar Strike]. Bang!
An [Earth Wall] fell in the face of the mighty [Shining Solar Strike], and [Charge] hadn’t shown the slightest sign of stopping, accelerating straight towards the opponent.

Liquid spiritual energy made [Shining Solar Strike] far superior to what it had been in the past. [Earth Wall] is a spell at the fourth step, and [Shining Solar Strike] is a knight’s strongest fourth step offensive ability, so the attack and defense just counteracted each other.

Facing Long Hao Chen’s sudden acceleration, Huang Yi did not waver in the slightest. One [Earth Wall] after another was erected in front of Long Hao Chen, slowing down his advance.

[Shining Solar Strikes] were incessantly activated by Long Hao Chen. According to his current body strength, if Huang Yi and his earth elemental fairy’s strength were completely unleashed, defeat was certain.

Violent explosions sounded as one [Earth Wall] after another shattered. Long Hao Chen firmly advanced, always creeping forward to close the gap.
Feeling the might of these [Shining Solar Strikes], all of the competitors from the third group, including Huang Yi, were completely astonished. This [Shining Solar Strike], was it really being used by a Guardian Knight? He was the only knight of this group, so naturally, no one else here knew that he was both a Guardian and a Retribution Knight.

In a moment, their distance had already closed to twenty meters; just a bit more and Long Hao Chen’s long ranged attacks would have a target.

However, at this moment, the earth elemental fairy’s quiet incantation came to a

Elemental magic-type summon?

Long Hao Chen was surprised and suddenly stopped his charge.

The sandy soil that was surrounding the ground advanced at an astonishing speed towards that golden halo as an enormous four meters tall body rose from the ground. This thick body threw itself directly at Long Hao Chen.

It was [Earth Giant], an elemental summoning spell. Within the control spells of the fifth step, it could be called the peak existence. It was no wonder that the required chanting time was so long.

At the very moment this spell was completed, Huang Yi’s face became somewhat paler. Clearly, the consumption of his spiritual energy was great. The elemental fairy on his shoulder stopped chanting, and its body released a browny-yellow radiance, enveloping Huang Yi inside, aiming to help him recover his used-up spiritual energy.

[Spiritual Polymerization], an innate ability belonging to elemental fairies. Relying on its important elemental affinity and assistance capabilities, it helped replenish its master’s spiritual energy by increasing his absorption speed of the surrounding magical essence.

The Earth Giant that Long Hao Chen was facing was honestly nowhere near as terrifying or hard to handle as the Skeleton King of the previous
night. However, its defensive power was actually even greater than that of the Skeleton King, and in addition, it wasn’t weak against the light attribute. Also, the current Long Hao Chen was far from being at his peak condition.


Placing his shield horizontally, he used [Divine Obstruction]. Just like that, the giant was repelled, and Long Hao Chen’s body became covered by the light of [Bright Vengeance]. His left foot striding forward, his Flame Sword instantly erupted.

[Light Thorn]. Filled with a rich gold-red-colored radiance, an enormous blade of light was formed, ferociously clashing against the body of this Earth Giant.

Long Hao Chen moved extremely quickly, and with a halo appearing under his feet, he suddenly jumped up. This [Light Thorn] wasn’t only powerful, its edge was also extremely sharp.


A clean cut instantly appeared on the Earth Giant’s body. However, Long Hao Chen’s face showed some change, seeing this effect.

[Light Thorn] left on its entire shoulder a large cut. However, this cut that looked like it had completely broken this part of the giant was actually only an inch deep. For a giant with a height of four meters with an incomparably thick body, it was almost nothing! Furthermore, how could the Earth Giant, which is the most formidable earth control spell of the fifth step, be so simple? Above its two feet, a heavy brown yellow-colored radiance appeared, absorbing the surrounding earth essence to supplement its body. Just like that, the cut on its chest was healed at an astonishing speed, and in a flash, it had disappeared almost completely.

Among all elemental giants that could be summoned, the Earth Giant was the best one in terms of defense.
As his pupils suddenly shrank, Long Hao Chen made a firm resolution. He was confident that if he was in top condition, he could use his techniques to gradually destroy this Earth Giant. However, since his internal spiritual energy was in short supply, he didn’t have much time left.

Huang Yi stood on the side, glaring at him like a tiger watching his prey. As long as the Earth Giant could earn him some time, enabling Huang Yi to recover his spiritual energy to its peak condition, there would not be any need for this battle to last any longer. Long Hao Chen could currently feel that his body had less than half of its spiritual energy remaining. Although it was liquid spiritual energy, there was no way it could last too long.

“What a shame.” Long Hao Chen looked at the Radiant Shield on his left hand, and placing it in the middle of his body, he ruthlessly chopped his Flame Sword against the fist of this Earth Giant.

A resounding noise echoed from this Earth Giant’s body. Although its body was almost as thick as steel, Long Hao Chen relied on the force released by the rebound to charge in all-in mode, the Flame Sword ruthlessly chopping against the head of the Earth Giant.

The defensive power of this Earth Giant was great, but its movements were relatively slow. The Flame Sword instantly left a profound mark on its head.

Immediately following, all the competitors could see an astonishing scene appear. Long Hao Chen was still in midair, shield in left hand and sword in right hand as his whole body unceasingly bombarded the Earth Giant with attacks while revolving. A gaudy gold-red-colored brilliance was emitted, as he kept attacking the body of this Earth Giant, just like a meat grinder.

[Condemning Revolving Sword], the most powerful offensive ability created by Long Xing Yu.

[Condemning Revolving Sword]’s essence was in borrowing force to create an opportunity. From one point of view, it was kind of similar to [Storing Power], except for the fact that the amplification was even greater
than that of [Storing Power]. A firm and unyielding attack, but unsuited against fast opponents. It was because if it couldn’t keep attacking the opponent, there was no way for the firepower to be accumulated.

Clearly, the Earth Giant didn’t possess the ability to avoid this [Condemning Revolving Sword]. Even with Yang Wenzhao’s strength, when one was touched by this [Condemning Revolving Sword], he wouldn’t have time to get out of the way to avoid being caught in the continuous attacks, and would only be able to meet it head on.

The whole audience was staring at this astonishing scene; Long Hao Chen was revolving in midair, appearing as if he used the sickle of death to unceasingly engulf the body of the Earth Giant. That Earth Giant could only awkwardly attempt to counterattack without success, but it only served as a source of power for Long Hao Chen to amplify his attack.

Rocks flew upwards as the Earth Giant’s body was being unceasingly cut apart, with countless holes. Swept by this [Condemning Revolving Sword], its body was being destroyed from top to bottom at an astonishing speed, surprisingly turning into dust under Long Hao Chen’s killer move.


The last attack completely exploded the whole body of this giant, as a chain-like brilliance was emitted together with the last ounce of power coming from the amplification of this [Condemning Revolving Sword], directly aiming from afar at the faintly lifeless Huang Yu, flying at him.

Huang Yi was a second ranked Magic Leader, and if not for his consideration toward the guy who probably couldn’t attack, the real first ranked of the Mage Qualifiers would have been him. [Earth Giant] was a spell that he had learned recently, but he never expected that an opponent of the fifth step could destroy it so quickly. This was an Earth Giant, not an Earth Wall! Wasn’t the defensive power of an Earth Giant something that could stall for time even against an opponent at the sixth step?

Two yellow lights appeared one after another on Huang Yi; it was [Earth Wall], released by both him and his elemental fairy.
Boom, boom—–

Two successive explosive sounds could be heard, as the flying golden light unexpectedly destroyed these two Earth Walls in a row. This unstoppable power kept advancing and was aimed at Huang Yi’s chest.


A browny yellow-colored film appeared from the staff in Huang Yi’s hand. Upon colliding against it, the bright light was finally shattered, turning into dozens of sparks of light scattering in all directions.

At that time, Huang Yi could clearly see that this surprise attack against him was precisely the thrown Radiant Shield that was in Long Hao Chen’s hand. Unfortunately, this shield was now completely destroyed.

Facing such circumstances, Long Hao Chen was left without means. It was true that his [Condemning Revolving Sword] was an extremely powerful skill, but he had only one sword in his hand, and this ability needed two swords to build momentum appropriately. Thus, because the Radiant Shield didn’t have a sufficient attack power, it had to be used for it to be completed. The original crack on it was enlarged, before finally ending up on the edge of destruction, to a state beyond repair. Left without choice, Long Hao Chen could only use this last attack.

Compared to Long Hao Chen’s equipment, Huang Yi’s equipment was a lot more luxurious. The browny yellow film that appeared at last was the skill included in his magical staff, [Earth Elemental Protective Shield].

Chapter 122

As he reached the ground at an astonishing speed, Long Hao Chen’s breath clearly became heavier; his lack of internal spiritual energy was what made this feeble sensation appear.

If this was a life or death battle, he wouldn’t have any hesitation in using a Restoring Spiritual Pill, but he was not willing to waste precious resources in a competition match. More importantly, he wished as before for his potential to come out with these matches.

After a short pause, [Faith Ring] was set free as he suddenly stepped on the ground, launching [Charge] once again. At this moment, he was only roughly 20 meters away from Huang Yi. As long as he could reduce the range between them in a short instant, he would obtain victory.

However, at the same time, Huang Yi displayed a faint smile.

Grasping his magical staff, he unceasingly chanted an incantation, and a shining ring suddenly appeared on the ground. That ring surprisingly started to move on the ground, arriving under Long Hao Chen’s feet. At this very moment, ten spikes suddenly rose from the ground, taking the shape of a cage that trapped Long Hao Chen in it.

The earth elemental fairy also started to chant at this very moment, displaying a synchronization with Huang Yi that could be called perfect. In the air, a yellow color suddenly appeared and, immediately, ten stones the size of millstones dropped from the sky, about to smash Long Hao Chen who was still in this cage.
If Long Hao Chen still had his Radiant Shield, it wouldn’t be hard for him to block these falling stones. But the Radiant Shield had already been destroyed and he didn’t have another shield to defend himself.

As he took a deep breath, Long Hao Chen concentrated his attention on the combat. When he saw the cage surrounding him, he became aware of the fact this match would unfortunately be extremely hard to win. However, until the last moment, he was resolute to never declare the words ‘I give up’.

Holding the hilt of his Flame Sword with both hands, he took a little step forward with his left foot, maintaining his feet close to each other, lowering his waist and started to jump. Full of resolution and perseverance, he gazed upon the stones falling on the ground as he completed this jumping motion.

At this time, Long Hao Chen’s combat skills and his strong mental capacity were undoubtedly manifesting. He didn’t utilize any spiritual energy, completely relying on the power of his body to jump to a height of 100 meters and clash against these falling rocks.

During this time of crisis, the Flame Sword hit the stones on their sides, which was their most vulnerable area, borrowing power from the jump, rather than attacking recklessly. This method was best at conserving spiritual energy while fighting at the highest level.

On the other side, Huang Yi and his Earth Elemental Fairy started a long chant. This time, the chanting time was even longer than for the previous summoning spell.

The thing that was even stranger in this joint chant with his Earth Elemental Fairy was that it was very slow in speed; he finished chanting a musical scale before letting his elemental fairy start the next one, and so on. This was the quintessence of mages’ joint chanting. The spell that was going to be launched with such an elaborated chant could only be a secret spell, requiring a high coordination between the spell casters. Making use of an elemental fairy was by far the easiest method to perform this kind of joint chant.
The eight other competitors of the third group could currently clearly see that the match was already settled. No matter what kind of spell Huang Yi and his Earth Elemental Fairy were chanting, Long Hao Chen had no way to interrupt it. And, naturally, the longer a magical chant was, the more formidabl

Dozens of falling stones were sent flying by Long Hao Chen, as he discovered to his astonishment that his body’s power had indeed made great progress. Continuously shattering these falling stones was making his hands feel a bit numb, but at least he could conserve his internal spiritual energy, this way.


A gold-red radiance shone once more. Once again, it was [Shining Solar Strike]. Long Hao Chen used two of them in a row to create a gap in the cage surrounding him and made it out, dashing out from inside.

“You won’t make it in time; you can only concede.” Huang Yi’s indifferent voice resounded as he revealed a confident smile. His gentle face was filled with some hidden hints of pride and arrogance.

Long Hao Chen didn’t launch a charge; he discovered that the ground had become completely different. Above the original sandy soil was now a faint amount of yellow radiance. This radiance was not intense at all, but it was still there.

Huang Yi faintly smiled, “Is it not okay? Then please see for yourself.” After he lightly shook the staff in his hand, a strange scene occurred. The soil below him suddenly swelled, pushing his body three meters high in the air, and immediately following, that swelling soil retreated, arriving at his back, even faster than the speed of Long Hao Chen’s charge. It seemed that in a split second, the distance separating Huang Yi and Long Hao Chen was increased by 100 meters.

Whether for warriors or knights, the most important point when facing a mage was the distance. Seeing the distance separating them increase so suddenly, Long Hao Chen was at a loss. Immediately, he felt the ground
below him shaking as an enormous pile of earth suddenly welled up and shook out. His body was instantly thrown by it.

Long Hao Chen huddled his body in midair, changing his direction toward the ground, but another pile of earth was stimulated, ruthlessly knocking against him.

He waved his sword, chopping below. Bang–

The great power tossed Long Hao Chen once again into the air. Giving up all hope, he could clearly see the scene; it seemed as if the whole stadium had been given life as countless piles of earth rolled over and over just like waves. Huang Yi was calmly standing in a distant place, exerting his control. Wearing a smile, he went as far as to look at him with ridicule.

Earth control spell of the sixth step, [Earth Waves].

This was the best self-defense spell for a mage who controlled earth. Not only could it be of assistance to shift the direction of his own body or to move quickly, it could also be used to block attacks or to attack enemies, so it was a formidable control technique that could both attack and defend. So long as the enemy was on the ground, he had almost no way to escape the control of this spell, unless the opponent’s strength was so formidable that he could smash the spell to oblivion.

Long Hao Chen didn’t even have the time to fall down as he was once again thrown in air, just like a little boat on a wave. From all directions, countless earth waves were unceasingly aiming at his body. Even if Long Hao Chen’s body was very tough, it didn’t prevent a surge of blood from coming out from his body.

The referee stood at the same place, far away from this battlefield, as he closely watched this scene, waiting for Long Hao Chen to concede.

Seeing Long Hao Chen’s struggles with the earth waves, Huang Yi couldn’t help but feel some admiration. This young knight was for sure younger than him, but he had already trained to the fifth step. Additionally, his willpower and his resolution were for real. Only, in the end, he was just
a knight. And on top of that, he was an expert at area control. Yes, he faced a Knight, and so what? His sensation of complete control was just extremely marvellous, especially against this kind of opponent.

At this very moment, Long Hao Chen’s body that had been suddenly thrown into the air suddenly stopped in its flight. Huang Yi could only vaguely see a purple glow that came from an unknown place on Long Hao Chen’s body. Immediately, a detailed purple mark appeared without foundation, surprisingly forcibly supporting his body so that he didn’t continue to fall down.

“*RAWR*–” An angry, howling shout outrageously resounded, astonishing everyone present around the stadium as an aura was instantly spread around the purple-colored light.

Nine purple lights were sparkling, coiling around the peculiar symbol on the mark in the air, as an enormous body appeared below Long Hao Chen, catching him.

“Hao Yue.” Hao Chen called out his name, somewhat astonished as he leaned over Hao Yue’s broad back and violently gasped for air. His internal spiritual energy was almost completely exhausted, which gave him an extremely unpleasant feeling. If he was tossed once again by an earth wave, he would perhaps really end up wounded.

That’s right, Hao Yue came. Feeling that Long Hao Chen was in danger, he chose to be transported to his side.

A bright bluish-green radiance appeared under Hao Yue’s body, bearing the weight of his body with a length of four meters. When he was by the side of Long Hao Chen, he was only acting like a spoiled child, full of affection and seeking love. But at this very moment, the six eyes on Hao Yue’s three heads were completely ice-cold. Floating in midair, he coldly fixed his eyes on Huang Yi from afar.

“A mount? So he finally decided to summon his mount. What kind of mount is it? [Float]?” Looking at Hao Yue, Huang Yi was completely astonished. Wasn’t it a kind of three-headed lizard? But with such a huge
size, this magical beast gave almost an immaterial feel. However, he still knew the wind-control spell [Float] he was currently using. As a result, he secretly sneered to himself. [Float] isn’t [Soar]; for how long will your huge body be capable of floating in the air? As soon as you fall down, you will be identically under the effect of my [Earth Wave]. And my [Earth Wave] can last for ten more minutes.

Huang Yi didn’t dare be careless. In the instant Hao Yue appeared, with his Earth Elemental Fairy, he started to chant another incantation. His chant was for the spell [Meteorite], whereas his Earth Elemental Fairy’s chant was for the spell [Falling Stones]. [Meteorite] was an extremely powerful offensive spell, but it launched a single meteorite that moved according to the mage’s control. It was an extremely good match with the area effect of [Falling Stones], naturally incredibly increasing his attack potential.

As this side was chanting two incantations, on the other side, Hao Yue was chanting three incantations. And furthermore, their three attributes were completely different.

Little Light, Little Flame, and Little Green’s low-pitched voices rose at the same time. Their chant was in a language Long Hao Chen didn’t understand. It was completely different from humans’ chants; it lasted an extremely short time and was vigorous.

The very first to complete his chant was Little Light. A golden halo appeared and surrounded his huge head. Little Light raised his head, spouting a gaudy bright light in the air. Immediately, a golden cloud appeared in the air, and instantly, a light beam fell from the cloud, aimed at Long Hao Chen’s body.

A warm current suddenly spread throughout his whole body. Long Hao Chen could only feel that the liquid spiritual energy in his body was in a sort of total agitation, leaping up and down at an astonishing speed, recovering its power.

[Radiant World], a skill of a Guardian Knight of the fifth step. Also known as [Spiritual Replenishment], this skill had a very great restriction: it was only useable between light element users. It was a spell used to
transfer spiritual energy, a spell that was a lot more obscure than the skill [Storing Power] within Knights’ secret skills. Regardless of whether they were Guardian Knights or Retribution Knights, very few learned to use this skill. Just ask yourself: who would be willing to transfer his spiritual energy to someone else?

However, Little Light could use this spell and he directly used it on Long Hao Chen’s body. Long Hao Chen could only feel that in almost a split second, more than 50% of his internal spiritual energy had recovered as he immediately straightened his posture, still seated on Hao Yue.

Because Huang Yi and his Earth Elemental Fairy cast their spells first, [Falling Stone] and [Meteorite] were immediately simultaneously completed. In the sky, countless millstone-sized rocks fell. Simultaneously, a sparkle of yellow radiance appeared together with a circular stone that seemed to emit a whizzing sound, aiming straight towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen, still seated on Hao Yue’s back, stood straight and motionless. He naturally knew Hao Yue’s intentions through their connection. Inclining below the Flame Sword in his hand, a golden shine rose around, [Storing Power]!

Little Flame roared in the air, as a blazing red hexagon rose above his head and his two blazing red-colored little eyes shone in a dazzling red color.


A column of flame suddenly rose around Hao Yue’s body, rising into the air and turning most of the falling stones instantly into ashes. When it collided against that meteorite that was shot against him, the effect wasn’t any different. As the meteorite approached Long Hao Chen, Little Flame moved his huge head, simply colliding against this meteorite that had already had its momentum greatly reduced.

Little Green’s spell was completed in this moment. A rich green light shone on his back instantly, forming a green-colored hexagon, as a hurricane was produced and sprayed from Hao Yue’s back.
The appearance of this hurricane was quite inelegant; it seemed like some fart, but its results were stunning.

Hao Yue’s massive body was propelled by this [Wind Pillar]. As swiftly as a meteor catching up with the moon, he flew straight towards Huang Yi.

Exactly! [Float] didn’t enable flight, but further adding the supplementary assistance of [Wind Pillar], it could make him slide in the air for a short duration.

Hao Yue’s three heads had a perfect matching: Little Light took care of restoring Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy, Little Flame took care of defense, and Little Green took care of flying.

Triple attribute magical beast? Huang Yi stared blankly; his meteorite had just fallen after being broken as Hao Yue drew closer and closer.

Not good! Huang Yi hastingly controlled the earth waves with the intent of running away. This [Earth Wave] technique also consumed some of his spiritual energy and, in addition, from the previous series of fights with Long Hao Chen, his spiritual energy consumption was already very huge. He already had no way to launch other attacks. All he could do was to increase their distance and wait for Long Hao Chen to fall on the ground.

But would Long Hao Chen give him this opportunity?

Long Hao Chen jumped out from Hao Yue’s back, shooting forward like an arrow. Little Green spouted out a smaller wind pillar and, by aiming it below Long Hao Chen’s feet, made his speed reach its extreme limit.

[Earth Wave] was really used cleverly as Huang Yi exerted his control below his feet to change direction.

With a white glow, a formidable pulling power dragged Huang Yi, completely astonished, toward him, and in the next instant, Long Hao Chen’s blazing Fire Sword was already in front of him.

Saint Spiritual Stove, [Pull].
ly, Long Hao Chen wanted to use this skill as soon as he was going to be within 20 meters of his enemy, but was forcibly separated from him by the sudden appearance of the cage. How could he give him another chance at the present time?

Hao Yue, with his four sturdy limbs, fell on the ground, charging in Long Hao Chen’s direction. Little Green opened his mouth for a breath, exerting a great attractive power to pull something, and, immediately, another windball was created, helping Long Hao Chen to gently fall on the ground.

When Huang Yi came back to his senses, three fierce, huge heads were already in front of him, surrounding him from three directions. Breathing loudly, Little Flame licked the corners of his mouth with his tongue, seemingly thinking of him like a delicious meal.

“NOOO! I concede…”

And the title was:

Chapter 123

“Stop! I concede.” Huang Yi cried out in alarm, leaving the whole audience in shock.

This scene was really theatrical; no one expected that the one who was designed as the absolute future winner, Huang Yi, would have his opponent Long Hao Chen turn the tides in such a brief time.

From Hao Yue’s appearance to the conclusion of the fight, the time of ten breaths hadn’t even passed; that was how incontestable Hao Yue’s might was. Despite the fact he didn’t use any really powerful spell, these three heads, each of them possessing a different attribute, had an incredible coordination between each other. It was as if three mages were simultaneously giving their help to Long Hao Chen.

The [Earth Waves] faded away, returning the stadium back to its original calm state. But Hao Yue didn’t move the slightest bit.

The three heads and six eyes were focused on the Earth Elemental Fairy on Huang Yi’s body. Little Green opened his mouth, releasing an intense attractive force. With a little cry of the Earth Elemental Fairy, this latter was being sucked in in the next instant.

“No!” Huang Yi shouted loudly, his original fear toward Hao Yue’s three huge heads turning into despair. How important was this elemental spiritual stove?! To him, losing the elemental fairy was akin to having his force decreased by 40%!
“Little Green, you can’t! Hurry up and spit it out!” Long Hao Chen said in a low voice.

Little Green gave Long Hao Chen a non-understanding look as Little Light and Little Fire gulped out a mouthful of saliva, their eyes revealing a heart-broken expression, as they humanly surrounded Little Green, as if trying to convince him.

Little Green unwillingly opened up his mouth, and puffed out the Earth Elemental Fairy, smashing it at Huang Yi’s side. This little guy was completely horrified and shivering as if it was the end of the world because of this experience, as its body’s elemental capabilities seemed muddy. It was wet, but Huang Yi, who was still overjoyed at the sight, absorbed the little guy back in his body without the slightest hesitation, absorbing the saliva together with it inside of his chest.

Long Hao Chen unhappily tapped Little Green’s head, “You guys would really want to eat anything! Brother Huang, my apologies.”

Huang Yi shook his head, “I am the one who should thank you. I lost.” Having finished to speak, he performed a mage salute full of gratefulness towards Long Hao Chen, turning around and heading back to the lounge.

“Victor, Long Hao Chen.” Without even speaking about the other competitors, the referee seized this chance to announce the name of the winner, as he looked up and down at this uncommon magical beast by Long Hao Chen’s side.

Magical beasts that could use three different attributes weren’t nonexistent, but it was really rare to see one with three heads. In addition, generally, magical beasts that could use three attributes were generally at least at the eighth step. This referee had a discerning eye and could clearly see that this magical beast companion belonging to Long Hao Chen was roughly at the early sixth step of cultivation and wasn’t too formidable yet, but looking at it, it seemed to have already a fully grown body. If this three- headed lizard kept growing, with its talent giving it access to three attributes of magic, it would undoubtedly be a great help for Long Hao Chen to become an extremely formidable knight.
Long Hao Chen didn’t stay there motionless and directly sent Hao Yue back to the hotel, at the room where he was originally, through his contract. A magical beast’s summoning could also be self-triggered, especially in this case where Long Hao Chen and

There will be nothing up today, right? Seeing that my match ended so early, I will definitely be able to wait there for Cai’er.

After letting Cai’er wait for him in vain for twice in a row, full of worries, Long Hao Chen felt really guilty in his heart. Consequently, right after winning his match, he impatiently left the stadium. This combat of today had already settled his place at the competition among the third group; Huang Yi was likely the most powerful opponent he could have in this group, so winning this match made the rest of the competition a lot easier on him.

On the other side, in the second group’s competition stadium.

Li Xin was seated in the lounge, anxious about the match that was about to begin. She was currently even more nervous than before her own matches.

The two parties of the match rapidly walked over into the stadium, and among them was precisely the one who won against Lin Xin, the baldie priest Sima Xian. And on the other side…

“Du, du, du.”

Letting out these familiar sounds, Cai’er grasped her bamboo cane, unhurriedly walking into the stadium.

Sima Xian’s eyes were focused on Cai’er who was about to enter, and he couldn’t help but wrinkle his brows.

On the previous day, he saw the ‘match’ between Cai’er and Li Xin. The fact Cai’er immediately chose to surrender was really mysterious; How could this blind girl even pass through the qualifiers? But at present, Cai’er was his opponent.
“The match between Sima Xian and Cai’er may begin.” The referee announced that, and retreated back immediately, and the four pillars for assisting assassins subsequently rose.

Sima Xian didn’t directly launch the offense as he gave a puzzled look to Cai’er, “Lady, are you okay? If you want, you can concede, you know. Actually, I don’t really like to battle against girls. With this appearance of yours, I really won’t be able to initiate the attack.”

“I am going to attack.” Cai’er’s cold voice immediately resounded.

In the next instant, Sima Xian felt that his whole body was abruptly deep fried, as a choking murderous intent instantly filled the air.

Cai’er was after all Cai’er, a blind girl walking with the help of a bamboo cane, but in the next instant, before Sima Xian’s eyes, she turned into an incomparably sharp blade.

As her figure flashed, just like in the preliminaries, Cai’er suddenly turned into a black bolt of lightning. Sima Xian could only feel that a flower was before his eyes, as Cai’er had already arrived in front of him, the short end of her bamboo cane directly pointing at his chest, just as if it was a dagger.

Sima Xian’s reaction was also fast. Feeling this flower that gave him a somewhat abnormal feeling, he quickly drew back and, taking a big stride, he relied on his perception and immediately held his thick magical staff before himself.

With a “Dang” sound, Sima Xian could only feel a tremendous power instantly rushing forth, as a dense chill propagated to his magical staff, entering within his palm, with a penetrating power that made his whole body ice-cold.

But from the eyes of the other competitors, Cai’er was just like a specter that had instantly flashed forward. Her bamboo cane was pointed at Sima Xian’s staff, as Sima Xian’s body was already pushed back in the opposite direction.
Fifth step– —

Sima Xian shouted out violently to himself. How could there be such a difference between he who didn’t have a cultivation at the fifth step level, and his opponent? And how could her spiritual energy be so tyrannical?

He could absolutely not afford to let her approach. Sima Xian immediately gave the right answer. His right foot ruthlessly stamped on the ground as he used [Sacred Knock]. A white glow turning into a ring of light instantly surrounded his body, releasing an important explosive power.

Naturally, his answer was the appropriate one. Just like a sort of maggot sticking to one’s feet, he tried to keep up with Cai’er’s pace, by using [Sacred Knock] before falling back, taking a slight pause.

Sima Xian still had his staff in hand, placing it horizontally before him. Putting his [Sacred Hammer] to use, he went straight for Cai’er, aiming to clash with her head-on. At the same time, a bright light arose from his body, it was the protective spell used by priests, [Sacred Light].

“HOU” Sima Xian roared in fury, his whole body suddenly expanding as the clothes on the upper part of his body splitted open after another, as he entered in the [Madness] state.

If, from the eyes of the spectators, his series of attacks against the defending Lin Xin could already be described as astonishing, he was now going as far as to use [Madness], making the other competitors quiver from the bottom of their hearts. This fellow, is he really a priest?..

Sima Xian’s reply, in itself, couldn’t be described as bad, but unfortunately, his opponent was Cai’er.

Cai’er’s whole body dazzled, pointing the bamboo cane forward, and making the [Sacred Hammer] disappear just like that, without foundation. He didn’t even have the time to display his offensive power. And meanwhile, Cai’er’s body instantly became illusory, leaving Sima Xian with no way to catch up to her silhouette.
The effects of madness mode on Sima Xian’s attack speed and offensive power was really astonishing, as he waved his staff, launching attacks at great speed toward Cai’er.

However, a shocking sight appeared instantly. Even when confronting such a tyrannical power, Cai’er didn’t retreat, and charged instead; surprisingly rushing into the range of Sima Xian’s staff.

Papapapa, with four successive sounds, four blue glows simultaneously appeared at four different places of the [Sacred Light] making it instantly fall apart.

Sima Xian was currently stupefied to the greatest extent possible. Is she really a human, or is she a specter? He had clearly seen her being smashed by his weapon, but he didn’t feel a sensation of being in contact with anything.

At this very moment, an ear-piercing cry resounded at a short distance. Sima Xian could only feel a great pain in his two ears, as his mind instantly turned empty.

Also at this very moment, Cai’er who had arrived within the two meters before her opponent pointed once again her bamboo cane forward, letting out a peaceful glitter shining of blue. With a pu sound, it hit exactly his staff on its tip.

Compared to previously, the force rushing out from him was already incomparably greater; but, although he was in this state of [Madness], it was useless under this absent-minded state; this weapon in his hand instantly pounded out from Sima Xian’s sturdy muscles.

Immediately, Cai’er’s bamboo cane swept forward and, with a pu sound, Sima Xian was sent flying five meters back, falling on the ground.

With a flash of shadow, the extremity of the bamboo cane was already being pressed against Sima Xian’s throat.

[Sly Stab], [Spectral Dodging], [Magic Brain Waves], [Despotic Stab].
Cai’er’s spiritual energy was full of penetrating power. Sima Xian, currently pressed against the ground, could only use his own spiritual energy to do his utmost to contend against Cai’er’s, showing some capability to resist.

“You lost.” Cai’er said these words with an indifferent tone, as she regained her bamboo cane and unhurriedly walked back to the lounge. Without even awaiting the referee’s confirmation, she left, filled with absolute confidence.

Because during the match of yesterday, Cai’er directly conceded against Li Xin, the other competitors were full of contempt toward her, but this time, their expressions became a grotesque sight to behold.

Sima Xian hadn’t reached the fifth step of cultivation, but he was still above the 8th rank of the 4th step. Under the state of [Madness], he could normally match powerhouses at the fifth step. However, in front of Cai’er, he didn’t have the slightest chance.

From Cai’er’s appearance on stage to the conclusion of the match, the time that passed was extremely brief. However, Cai’er still had this maiden- like appearance, as she moved like a thunderbolt with a formidable attack power, shaking every spectator. One must realize that from beginning to end, she didn’t even use these pillars, and in addition, she was blind! The fame of this assassin#1 was really deserved.

“Victor, Cai’er.” The referee simultaneously announced, and Sima Xian, who was previously getting up from the ground, used his hand to stroke his bald head, before giving another look to Cai’er, with a completely different expression, murmuring to himself, “So, assassins could actually be that overwhelming!”

This combat had a large influence on Sima Xian, because it was the first time that he was left completely overwhelmed and unable to strike when facing an opponent with a similar age as his.

Chapter 124

Actually, the current Sima Xian looked similar to a berserker using the light attribute. In the earlier stages, priests were supposed to have very limited offensive capabilities. For sure, his physical strength was extremely high, but how could he contend against an ultra-genius of the type that doesn’t even appear once every 1000 years, the Saint Daughter of Samsara?

Lin Xin was staring blankly at Cai’er, who was going back to her lounge, with his eyes focused on her. His current opinion of Cai’er was completely different. In short, she had simply become a great favorite he had to cling to… Naturally, it was absolutely not in “that” meaning, he was only yearning for trying to get in her good graces, he didn’t have any other kind of ideas. This girl who was previously together with Long Hao Chen, a delicate-looking young lady who had in addition lost her sight was actually powerful to such a frightening level. Sima Xian had learned and experienced her fighting strength today with his own body.

Too strong, it was simply too strong. Who else could contend against such a powerhouse during these Demon Hunt Selections?

Li Xin’s shock was no less than Lin Xin’s. What Lin Xin didn’t expect, neither did she expect it. Furthermore, during her match against her on the previous day, Cai’er had voluntarily conceded. Even if she had Rose, could she really win against her? Lil’ bro! Where did you get yourself a little lady as abnormal as you!?

In the past, Li Xin was always thinking that Long Hao Chen was the greatest genius that could exist in this world, but this little lady before her eyes looked no older than him! She was also already at the fifth step of
cultivation. Having seen how easily and skillfully she coped with Sima Xian with such a calm demeanor, she was clearly far from having gone all out. If she could really become her little brother’s girlfriend, how great would that be.

“Big sister, I am leaving first.” Cai’er approached Li Xin by the side, and said this in a low voice.

Li Xin revealed a faint smile, and asked, “You’re going to wait for him?”


Li Xin said with a smile, “Quickly go. Seeing that you’re so strong, it looks like there is no need for me to worry about your safety.”

“Du, du, du.” Under the gaze of all the competitors, Cai’er quietly left.

For the following days, the other matches of Long Hao Chen’s could be said to have gone as smoothly as a breeze of wind; he didn’t encounter any complications. It was to the extent that he didn’t even need Hao Yue to appear on stage. In addition, he had obtained five victories from people who surrendered from the start of the match. When drawing him as their opponent, the two priests directly surrendered; they had clearly seen how Long Hao Chen destroyed the Earth Giant; how could they possibly restrain this level of attack power? And the last three of these victories were contributions from those other assassins.

During this competition in groups, everyone had nine matches. So far Long Hao Chen only needed seven wins to be sure to be qualified. On the last two days, he was up against the two strange ladies of this group, Wang Yuanyuan and Chen Ying’er.

In this group, Long Hao Chen and Huang Yi were the ones who displayed the most astonishing strength, but the ones who attracted the most attention weren’t them, it was this young lady summoner, Chen Ying’er.
After having been defeated three times in a row, she emerged victorious three times in a row. Her fighting method was simple, it was to rely on the Creature Summoning Gate. When up against Long Hao Chen, this young lady summoned a mount that she h

Wang Yuanyuan’s appearance was also eye-catching; just like Long Hao Chen, she had gotten herself seven victories. However, until this day, the ones she hadn’t run against were the toughest opponents, Long Hao Chen and Huang Yi. At the very end, she had to compete against both of them.

As a result, after Long Hao Chen had gotten himself one of the places, the second place was going to be settled in the match between Huang Yi and Wang Yuanyuan. At the time of this match, Huang Yi had already lost two matches, but had the great occasion to catch up with Wang Yuanyuan and possibly aim for a seventh victory. This way, as long as Long Hao Chen could beat her, in concerns to both sides’ equal number of victories and defeat, he could possibly surpass his opponent in rank and stay in the competition, together with Long Hao Chen.

The marvel of this third group was undoubtedly this random summoner. And there was an even more marvellous guy in the second group, it was Lin Xin.

Among the seven matches he was in, Lin Xin ended six of them in a row. Exactly, except from one he lost against the bald priest Sima Xian because of the matter of time, the six following matches of the competition all ended in a draw. It was because even though he couldn’t attack, there was no one who could break through his defense. It was the same even for Li Xin who possessed her Rose Unicorn. Unfortunately for him, his match of the eighth day was about to begin, and on this day, his opponent was precisely Cai’er.

Within the second group, Cai’er was without equal. Her seven matches had ended with six victories and a defeat against Li Xin, who by relying on her Rose Unicorn also ended with good results with five victories, one draw and one defeat. Her defeat was against a summoner from the Spiritual Temple. However, on the next day, when this summoner ran up against Cai’er as his opponent, he was directly heavily wounded by her, leading to a
lot of complications in the rear. For this reason, the Spiritual Temple raised a complaint against the Assassin Temple. However, was this really of use?

The bald priest Sima Xian was the third ranked of this group. His seven matches had ended with five victories and two defeats, the second defeat occurring when he fought Li Xin. The Rose Unicorn’s dominance was really too great, further adding the fact Li Xin was herself a Retribution Knight. In addition, after evolving, the Rose Unicorn had gotten herself a lot of combat experience, making their coordination better and better.

The last two matches of Cai’er within this group were up against Lin Xin, the mage who couldn’t attack, and a warrior. Basically, until now, Li Xin and her mount overwhelmed the others in this competition.

Li Xin clearly knew that if not for Cai’er, she could never have succeeded in this group, and to this young lady, who was helping her out of affection and not out of reason, she took more and more of a liking.

In the past five days, Long Hao Chen didn’t really do anything out of the ordinary. With Cai’er, he did nothing more than accompanying her back everyday. After all, they were still too young, and holding hands with each other was already, for them, a great source of happiness. They didn’t chat a lot, but already felt extremely familiar with each other.

Li Xin already told Long Hao Chen the fact she was far from being as strong as Cai’er and let this couple manage that among themselves; it would be great if he could develop their relationship.

Long Hao Chen never asked Cai’er about the reason why she conceded, because on the first day of the competition, when Cai’er conceded out of consideration for Li Xin, it reinforced Long Hao Chen’s first impression of Cai’er as a blind girl, which implied in his mind, that her fighting capabilities couldn’t be too good. At that moment, his sentiment of pity had been further reinforced.

The group entered the eighth day of competition. Bright morning.
As she took her breakfast, Li Xin made fun of Long Hao Chen, “Lil’ bro, before you send Cai’er back home every day, where do you bring her to have fun?”

Ye Hua who was eating together with them also looked at Long Hao Chen. Naturally, Li Xin wouldn’t have kept the fact that Long Hao Chen was familiar with Cai’er hidden, and also told him about Cai’er’s fighting prowesses. Naturally, Ye Hua wouldn’t be against the relation between his treasured disciple and this future star of the Assassin Temple. A blind girl, but furthermore and against all expectations, an extremely strong assassin! This was in itself an extremely rare sight. Although in the beginning, he believed that it was an extremely bad thing for Long Hao Chen to have gotten a girlfriend so early, the revelation he had been given on the previous day completely changed his mind.

“Have fun? I am just sending her back home and that’s all.” was Long Hao Chen’s reply.

Li Xin immediately opened wide her eyes, “It cannot be, lil’ bro. So that’s what you call a date with a girl? It’s too unromantic! Even if you are nervous because of the ongoing competition, it’s not a reason for you not to take her to have fun or invite her for a meal, is it? Discuss, discuss and get familiar with her family’s circumstances and this kind of stuff.”

“Invite her for a meal?” Long Hao Chen blanked out, “But I don’t have any money!”

He had indeed no money, all the money he had gotten without exception was used on Hao Yue’s stomach. After Hao Yue evolved, he ate even more. This fellow was really a wallet-emptier.

Li Xin patted his forehead, and said in a calm voice, “You foolish lil’ bro, if you don’t have money, can’t you ask your sister for some? So silly. Here.” As she spoke, a sack of gold coins was taken out from her bosom and thrown at Long Hao Chen.

“Sis, I cannot receive your money.” Long Hao Chen hurriedly threw this coin sack back at her.
Li Xin opened wide her eyes, “What on earth are you doing? Are you looking for a beating? Quickly take it back, isn’t it natural for a little brother to spend his big sister’s money? And from the beginning, I have been regarding you like a little brother, could it be that you don’t regard me as a dear big sister? If you dare return this, big sis will be extremely angry, and will ignore you in the future.”

“I…” At that moment, Long Hao Chen didn’t know what he should reply to her.

Ye Hua said, “Accept it. Xin’er is also doing this for your sake. That lady Cai’er, you should treat her better. If you have the occasion, during the group selection for the demon hunt squads, you should do your utmost to be together with her.” Yesterday, a very mysterious old dude came to find Ye Hua, to speak to him privately for an entire hour. After this old dude left, Ye Hua was immersed in his thoughts for a long time, carrying a feeling of being torn between laughter and tears. It was because it was the higher-ups of the Knight Temple who came to find him, and their objective was unexpectedly to tell him that he had to do his utmost to play matchmaker between Long Hao Chen and Cai’er. Although he wasn’t really clear, this was the message he was conveyed. It could only mean that Cai’er was of extremely unusual importance to the Assassin Temple and this way, both of them could advance together. However, considering Ye Hua’s temper, he naturally couldn’t act as a matchmaker for his disciple for real. Today, this single sentence was also a hinted expression of his approval of Long Hao Chen and Cai’er being together.

After taking the gold coins, Long Hao Chen felt very ashamed. That’s right! I have already known Cai’er for so long, but I have never invited her out to eat.

Mage Stadium, field of the second group.

According to the drawing of lots, today, the first match would oppose Cai’er to Lin Xin, her astonished opponent.

“Cai’er against Lin Xin, both parties may appear on stage.” The referee yelled out loudly from within the stadium.
Cai’er slowly stood straight, and just when she was about to go, Lin Xin who had already stood up, said aloud, “I concede, I concede!”

Within this second group, this was the first time a match was conceded before neither of both parties entered on stage.

Lin Xin revealed a faint smile in Cai’er’s direction. He knew that Cai’er couldn’t see, but still waved his hand. To him, regardless of what he did, there was no way he could enter the top 16. Since it was the case, he might as well act like a good person and give Cai’er a favor. More importantly, he didn’t believe that he could possibly block Cai’er’s attacks.

Chapter 125

Lin Xin was a mage that couldn’t use offensive magic, but it didn’t mean that he wasn’t smart. On the contrary, he was an extremely smart guy. What was Cai’er’s vocation? She was an assassin. Did she use other weapons than her bamboo cane? Absolutely not. From the beginning of the competition until now, Cai’er didn’t take out any real assassin weapons. If she were to really take one out, at what level would her offensive power be? He didn’t want to become her first good test, just because his defensive power was great.

In the third group, Long Hao Chen was also the first one to appear on stage today. Only, his match wasn’t as relaxed as Cai’er’s.

Wang Yuanyuan was facing Long Hao Chen as his opponent, her right hand holding the heavy shield that was even larger than her own body, looking at Long Hao Chen with eyes brimming with confidence.

She knew that as long as she could win this match, then the first place of the second group would be hers. Although the competition opposing those in the top 16 would involve another drawing of lots, the first of their group would meet seconds of other groups, so evidently, to her, having the status of first-ranked of her group would be extremely advantageous.

Only, she also knew that the guy before her eyes would be extremely hard to cope with. That day, when Long Hao Chen defeated Huang Yi, although the appearance of the mount that he revealed was short-lived, it left an extremely deep impression in her mind.

“Match start!” The referee announced before slowly moving back.
Wang Yuanyuan held her shield placed horizontally, placed before her body, as she faced Long Hao Chen and shouted out, “Summon it. Let this mount of yours come out.”

Long Hao Chen shook his head, and said, “That wouldn’t be fair. If your strength can really compel me to do so, I will reconsider.”

Although he really wished for this great competition to help increase his combat experience, he couldn’t be inflexible either. Breaking through the fifth step was something Long Hao Chen himself didn’t expect to happen, but now, not only did he break through, Hao Yue had also completed his second evolution. This gave him for real the strength necessary to enter the top three of these finals. There was after all a spiritual stove to gain as reward! Furthermore, the promise he made to Lin Xin had yet to be accomplished. It would of course be for the best if he could be in the top of this Demon Hunt Selection. Long Hao Chen really didn’t like the feeling of owing something to someone.

Wang Yuanyuan couldn’t refrain from a slight laughter. Holding a small gem to her body with her left hand, she nodded towards Long Hao Chen: “As you say so, let’s fight a fair battle.”

While she said that, she shouted out loudly before dashing towards Long Hao Chen in a short moment. Although her speed might not be comparable to an assassin,with each step, a loud bang sounded, and her own imposing power increased. Silver spiritual energy rose up and covered her skin with a layer of brilliant silver.

Wasn’t she at the fifth step? It was visibly liquid spiritual energy.

Long Hao Chen was immediately startled, because during the previous matches, Wang Yuanyuan only displayed power that was at the peak of the fourth step; this was the first time that she displayed a strength at the fifth step level. There was no way of knowing whether she was hiding her strength earlier or just recently made a breakthrough.

According to common logic from the warrior temple, Wang Yuanyuan did not fit the mold of a regular shield warrior at all: her enormous shield
was basically being used as if it was a heavy axe.

Less than ten meters away fr

Long Hao Chen held a fine iron shield in his left hand and his Flame Sword on his right. It was a fine iron shield! After he lost his Radiant Shield, he went to look around the Alliance’s head auction house. However, with the amount of personal money he had left after feeding Hao Yue, all the good weapons seemed too expensive. It was so expensive that he left shortly after simply taking a few looks.

An ordinary magic tier shield would cost up to a thousand gold. Even an alloy shield cost a hundred gold. Under this helpless situation, Long Hao Chen spent ten gold to buy his iron shield to improvise. He also spent twenty gold to buy a heavy sword that he stored in his forget-me-not ring.

Right, he could only think of that after this final stage, when he would immediately hurry back to the Knight Temple to retrieve his prize for the preliminaries. The top 10 qualifiers could apparently all obtain a rare piece of equipment at the Spiritual Tier. If he sold this thing, he could pool enough money together to get him a set of Magic Tier equipment. He certainly wasn’t going to ask his sister or his teacher for money.


Against Wang Yuanyuan who was advancing from the air to attack him, Long Hao Chen used [Assault]. Naturally, he wasn’t facing her head on, but was flanking her sides with [Assault].

With increased speed, he barely avoided Wang Yuanyuan’s attack. Bang
The giant shield slammed into the ground violently, and the silver spiritual energy dissipated, creating a distorted ring of vibration, even though Wang Yuanyuan’s shield didn’t only barely hit the ground. This strike was comparable in power to Long Hao Chen’s [Holy Sword] using [Light Thorn].
Although Long Hao Chen dodged Wang Yuanyuan’s attack, the dissipated silver spiritual energy nevertheless had an effect on Long Hao Chen, to the extent that after his initial assault, he couldn‘t follow up with another attack.

Wang Yuanyuan continuously attacked, face unwavering. Suddenly she swung her shield towards Long Hao Chen, and immediately, chunks of yellow earth were spread into the air enveloping Long Hao Chen within. With a flick of Wang Yuanyuan’s wrist, the large shield flew straight towards Long Hao Chen. Producing humming noises, the air sounded like the ghastly grim reaper. This was an astonishing scene that could make anyone gasp in admiration.

Long Hao Chen inclined the upper part of his body backwards, his waist seeming like it was almost about to snap off. Looking backwards, he could see that Wang Yuanyuan’s enormous shield, still producing these humming noises, flew above his head.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen dashed off his right foot. Right now Wang Yuanyuan didn’t have her shield, it was the best moment to strike.

[Shield Charge], Long Hao Chen held his fine iron shield and made a beeline for Wang Yuanyuan. But at this moment, Wang Yuanyuan’s huge shield rotated and was returning.

Humph! Wang Yuanyuan coldly let out a groan, silvery light flashed around her, as she advanced towards Long Hao Chen with no hesitation. To Long Hao Chen’s surprise, the huge shield had already returned to her hand in the next instant. The current situation had changed: two people carrying shields were now charging at each other.


Long Hao Chen was knocked over five meters back, and under the intense vibration, the fine iron shield in his hand had already broken down into chunks of metal.
His equipment was a real disappointment, but Long Hao Chen also discovered to his astonishment that even with the boost from Hao Yue’s blood to his external spiritual energy, when facing Wang Yuanyuan, he could not take a single advantage. He even suffered some losses. This young maiden was really strong!

Because he had an appointment with Cai’er every day, Long Hao Chen didn’t really observe any of Wang Yuanyuan’s fights. It immediately became clear to him that it was by relying on her own skills that this maiden had obtained seven victories up to now.

That silver colored spiritual energy, could it be that it contains spatial attribute? In that instant, Long Hao Chen understood. If it was not due to the spatial attribute, how could her shield return to her hand so abruptly?

Long Hao Chen moved back, and Wang Yuanyuan also blanked out a bit. At this point, their internal spiritual energy was pretty much exhausted. Their techniques were all on par with each other, the only differences were in their external spiritual energy and their equipment. Without a doubt, Long Hao Chen’s iron shield put him in a disadvantageous position. However, during the moment of their collision, Wang Yuanyaun felt that Long Hao Chen had the explosive force of a lion behind him. This explosive force was extremely ferocious, to the extent that she had to take half a step back as well, without being able to connect any techniques. If he had equipment with a status equal to her own, if he had not overpowered her, at least he wouldn’t have flown back.

Although those were her heartfelt feelings, she did not stop at that. She immediately charged towards the unstable Long Hao Chen and as the shield in her hand flashed, three glows were actually created, covering Long Hao Chen’s body.

Although Long Hao Chen only held a single sword, the brilliant shine in his eyes suddenly became brighter. After having tested his opponent through the previous exchange of blows, he came to understand Wang Yuanyuan a lot better than earlier. He was not going to hold back any longer.
Suddenly, his Flame Sword shone in a dazzling light, and a sound escaped, as it aimed at Wang Yuanyuan who was preparing to strike with her shield once again. At the same time, he completed a quiet incantation, and with his two hands grasping the sword, after a [Thorny Charge] immediately came a [Shining Solar Strike].


[Shining Solar Strike] accurately aimed at the three glows created by her shield, creating a violent colliding sound.

This time, Wang Yuanyuan had certainly come out worse off.

The two had about the same internal spiritual energy cultivation, but just now, he certainly dispersed the strength of her strike. However, her shield’s quality was certainly above the Flame Sword’s, as she was only compelled to take a single step back. But this strike had also simultaneously given Long Hao Chen the opportunity to counterattack.

With a lift of the left hand, his newly purchased fine iron sword appeared in his hand, and at the same time, the chant of his incantation was finally completed.

A one meter tall brilliant, floating light appeared at his back, as two wings opened up, giving him the appearance of an awe-inspiring angel. A ring of gold-colored light was emitted from the angel, dropping on Long Hao Chen’s body, and instantly, his entire body became covered in this golden color.

Fifth step Guardian Knight skill, [Angelic Blessing]. This skill was something Ye Hua taught him recently, in the last few days, after his cultivation level broke through to the fifth step.

[Angelic Blessing] wasn’t a secret skill, but a skill all guardian knights of the fifth step were required to learn. It was extremely practical in real combat situations, because it was a ranged skill that could not only strengthen oneself, but partners in combat as well. In a situation where spiritual energy was constantly being depleted, it was possible to bestow
light elemental essence onto all offensive and defensive skills without affecting/influencing their original quality.

Although the light attribute amplification was inferior to [Holy Sword], its effects had an excellent range and duration. This skill was essential to a Guardian Knight and his team.

Long Hao Chen’s Flame Sword and fine iron sword in his other hand were bestowed with a golden light. Under the effects of [Angelic Blessing], not only was his offensive power boosted, a significant protection was also provided to his equipment. If his Flame Sword was to suffer any damages, what weapon could he possibly use in his subsequent matches!? After being strengthened by [Angelic Blessing], the iron sword could just be barely on the same level as a magic weapon.

[Pure White Edge], [Lightning Thrust].

Both swords exploded forward, as ten flashing lights with unparalleled power were headed towards Wang Yuanyuan.

Wang Yuanyuan didn’t think that right after Long Hao Chen’s shield broke, he would switch to dual swords. Having not made enough preparations, she took a step back, using her huge shield to cover the front of her body, completely sheltering it from any attack.

Chapter 126

This was the result Long Hao Chen was aiming for! As his left foot set on the ground, he jumped up and, continuously making audible iron-like sounds, he completed a [Lightning Thrust] with his Fire Sword, immediately followed by [Shining Solar Strike] once again. About to ruthlessly strike her heavy shield, he used jumping power and, to reinforce the power of his blow, aimed at Wang Yuanyuan from above.

No good! Wang Yuanyuan was immediately alarmed. What her heavy shield was the most suited for was attacking the enemy at close quarters, not receiving close quarters attacks. She wasn’t good at all for defense, so when approached such in such a way by Long Hao Chen, her rhythm was completely broken.

Long Hao Chen’s [Shining Solar Strike] was heavy and full of power, leaving her with no other choice but take a step back to retreat. In this instant, Long Hao Chen’s [Condemning Revolving Sword] had already burst out.

For Wang Yuanyuan to have stood out among the numerous warriors, her skills were more than that. This lady’s eyes had a deep and wide expression, and at this very moment, against all expectation, she didn’t passively defend herself with the support of her dominating large shield, but suddenly lifted it upwards. Holding it with both hands instead of a single one, she stood on her tiptoes, starting to revolve around her original place just like an enormous spinning top. An intense silvery light was instantly released all around from her enormous shield.

[Space-Splitting Revolving Shield]!
As the silver-colored radiance rippled all around, Long Hao Chen found out to his astonishment that against this rapidly rotating enormous shield releasing intense silvery light, his [Condemning Revolving Sword] was continuously sliding. Not only was he unable to display the full might of his [Condemning Revolving Sword], but he was also totally unable to borrow power.

Envy appeared in Long Hao Chen’s heart. This shield was a bit big, but it had an extremely good quality.

The scene that appeared before them was extremely beautiful. Long Hao Chen and Wang Yuanyuan were both fighting by rotating their weapons horizontally. Both were resisting their opponent with all their might, standing upright in the ground and revolving. The golden and silver spiritual energy was frantically erupting, counteracting each other. The formidable burst power left the referee with no other choice but to approach, preparing to intervene at any times so as to prevent the competitors from ending up seriously wounded.

Long Hao Chen was in the middle of revolving, his body still releasing light dust all around. Under the effects of [Condemning Revolving Sword], and after having released [Faith Halo] and [Imposing Ring], his attack power was vastly increased. Being able to accomplish such a feat was proof of how high his mental capacity was.

Wang Yuanyuan seemed to be resisting Long Hao Chen’s attack, and her shield didn’t sustain any damage. However, under this pressure, her two revolving feet were gradually subsiding, just like a spinning top that was drilling deeper and deeper in the ground.


Wang Yuanyuan suddenly let out an ear-shrieking sound, as her hands kept hurriedly rotating, forming a silver shining pillar with a diameter of a meter that abruptly exploded.

Long Hao Chen wasn’t caught off guard; his [Condemning Revolving Sword] ruthlessly kept attacking, as it was hit by an impact coming from

An extremely great force with extreme pressure was concentrated inside of that silver shining pillar. Fortunately, his body was under the effect of the defensive support skill [Angelic Blessing], further adding the [Divine Light Mantle] that he released just in time to defend himself, enabling him to avoid any ser

Pu, firmly planting his feet on the ground, Long Hao Chen backstepped four or five times in a row, and stood firm on the ground, though with difficulty.

On the other side, Wang Yuanyuan also just jumped out from the hole she created in the ground.

[Space-Splitting Sauté], a formidable secret warrior skill with the spatial attribute and possessing an extremely tyrannical exploding power. Because Wang Yuanyuan was in an unfavorable defensive position, she couldn’t display the full might of this skill. But even in these circumstances, by relying on this strike and her [Space-Splitting Revolving Shield] she was able to break through Long Hao Chen’s [Condemning Revolving Sword].

However, Wang Yuanyuan’s current state wasn’t so good either, and her face, brimming with heroic spirit, appeared quite pale, as she gasped with difficulty for breath. Simultaneously, her small chest that only started to develop recently was unceasingly moving up and down. Having used her two most formidable skills, the consumption of her spiritual energy was similarly extremely great.

In the aspect of consumption, Long Hao Chen who possessed his physique as a Scion of Light was a lot better off. The fact that he managed to maintain his [Angel Blessing] was a clear proof of it.

“Are you a Retribution Knight?” Wang Yuanyuan looked at Long Hao Chen with an unconvinced face.

Long Hao Chen lightly shook his head and answered, “I can use some skills belonging to both Guardian and Retribution Knights.”
Wang Yuanyuan, still gasping for breath, said, “Apparently, in regular circumstances, there’s no way I can be a match for you. However, I will not concede. I am going all out, so summon your mount as well. With this trashy equipment of yours, you cannot possibly contend against my Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.” In regard to her equipment, it seemed that she was in a great advantage. However, when a moment ago, they collided in succession, she had already consumed more than half of her spiritual energy. In contrast, from Long Hao Chen’s appearance, it looked like he didn’t consume much, if not any, of his. This [Condemning Revolving Sword] of his had as its signature borrowing force, so his own consumption was very small. But the two great offensive skills of his opponent consumed a great amount of spiritual energy

As she spoke, she flipped over her left hand, instantly taking out a huge gem. Filled with spatial spiritual energy, this gem in her hand shone in an intense silver color, producing an intense glitter. Without hesitating the slightest bit, she immediately inserted this gem in the first of the nine cavities on her shield.

Then, she took out two other gems at an extremely fast speed, and inserted them in the second and the third cavities.

These gems looked like they were identical. They were entirely faint- gold-colored, but this wasn’t the gold color corresponding to the holy attribute, but a faintly red pure gold color.

After the first gem was inserted, a seemingly endless mighty and arrogant aura seemed to fill that huge shield, spreading a pure-gold-colored light all around. This dignified presence seemed like that of a sovereign king controlling a whole generation. And the aura was so dense that his glory seemed to cover countless years of history.

Far away, the six main supervisors in responsibility for the six great temples simultaneously got up, their eyes taking a shocked expression.

Long Hao Chen was sure that he had no idea what this could be, but how could these elders be unaware? This aura, this aura was clearly coming from 6,000 to 13,000 years in the past, from one of the formidable weapon-
type pieces of equipment possessing a magnificent aura retained from the glorious era! From the might of that aura and its undulations, this piece of equipment had at least reached the peak of Glorious Tier, only a step away from the Legendary Tier. And at that moment, Wang Yuanyuan had only inserted three gems out of nine. What would happen if she did so with all nine? Wouldn’t this shield exceed the Legendary Tier, to fall into the Epic Tier?

Together with the embedding of the three gems, a fantastic mask emerged on the immense shield.

That mask looked extremely sinister, enveloped by a pure-gold colored cover. It was formed of five colors: red, yellow, white, blue, and grey. An intense pressure was being scattered all over by this face. Before it, Long Hao Chen felt as if that vigorous face was releasing some sort of immaterial attack at his body unceasingly

Wang Yuanyuan held her immense shield, slowing raising it up, and suddenly, a brilliant pure-gold light surrounded her body.

Wang Yuanyuan did not wear any armor; after being surrounded by the brilliant pure gold light, it didn’t matter whether it was her skin or her clothes, everything was overflowing with this mysterious light. A sort of savage allure broke out from her body.

Long Hao Chen’s awareness far exceeded that of a normal person, so he could clearly sense that Wang Yuanyuan was accumulating incomparable, tyrannical explosive spiritual energy on her body and she could activate a fatal strike at any moment.

Forehead radiating purple light, nine purple glows of light illuminated, and without the need of an incantation, Long Hao Chen pointed forward with his right hand, and the purple light on his forehead expanded, light flashing. At this moment, Hao Yue suddenly appeared in front of him.

Seeing the three-headed Hao Yue, there was a twinkle in Wang Yuanyuan’s eyes. She knew that this was Long Hao Chen’s full power, but she was also at her strongest right now. It was not that she didn’t want to
embed more precious gems on her shield, but she only inherited three of these precious gems.

“I am the inheritor of this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield; this shield is a family weapon passed down from my deceased grandfather that he used during his glory days. Although right now I cannot unleash its full strength, my Enormous Soul Shield is close to a piece of equipment at the Legendary Tier in terms of status. Be careful.” After speaking, Wang Yuanyuan repeatedly stomped the ground with her right foot, and with a loud bang, the entire stadium shook violently. Her entire body was already covered in a pure gold flame while dashing straight towards Long Hao Chen.

The first possessor of this so-called family weapon dictated that only direct descendants could inherit it. Regardless of the strength of this type of weapon, it was priceless on the market. After all, no matter how good the equipment is, if you cannot use it, it is nothing more than decoration.

It was clearly visible that the ground Wang Yuanyuan previously stomped caved in a meter and had a diameter of 1.5 meters: her stomp clearly contained a lot of strength.

Against the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s tyrannical force, Hao Yue acted like he didn’t feel anything. Three heads were lifted and simultaneously roared.

Long Hao Chen had extremely deep connections with him; his body flashed, and immediately, he jumped on Hao Yue’s back. Under the effects of [Angelic Blessing], Hao Yue was also covered in a faint golden light. With a wave of the Fire Sword in his right hand, [Light Thorn] went straight for Wang Yuanyuan.

Hao Yue’s four-meter-long body seemed very nimble, because Little Green spewed out a mouthful of green air, [Float]. It had the effect of reducing his own weight, allowing him to bring Long Hao Chen to a height of 6.5 meters in a single leap.
Wang Yuanyuan lifted the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield horizontally with both of her hands. In the instant she met [Light Thorn], a strange scene appeared: [Light Thorn] was instantly broken into specks of gold light, disappearing in the air. In the moment of contact, Long Hao Chen was able to clearly feel the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s incredible speed that was indistinguishable by the naked eye, as it violently vibrated in an extremely small area. It was by these vibrations that [Light Thorn] was broken

Wang Yuanyuan advanced in pursuit of Hao Yue as she hacked down with her heavy shield.

As soon as Hao Yue’s three heads came out, they started to chant, looking at Wang Yuanyuan’s powerful attacks, as three were radiances almost simultaneously spread out from Hao Yue’s body, forming three elemental shields.

Chapter 127

The green color was for wind, the red color for fire, and the golden color for light. On these three elemental shields, there was additionally the holy attribute coming from [Angel Blessings].

Long Hao Chen held his two swords before him as his figure instantly congealed, it was [Divine Obstruction].

Wang Yuanyuan was currently extremely fast, and Hao Yue had absolutely no way to dodge her attack. But Long Hao Chen still chose to meet her head-on, because he wanted to try out the offensive power of this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield that had reached such a level.

“Boom–” “Boom–” “Boom–” “Dang–”

These four successive explosive sounds shook the whole audience.

Unexpectedly, these three elemental shields could only stop this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield for a bit, before shattering to pieces. In the final moment, it fiercely struck the two intersected swords positioned at the top of Long Hao Chen’s head.

Long Hao Chen’s whole body was completely shaken by the impact, as a golden radiance covered his body, it was [Bright Vengeance]. Below him, Hao Yue took a few steps back, leaving deep footprints.

The fine iron heavy sword was completely shattered to pieces, and although the Fire Sword didn’t break down, from the bending, looking at its current state, it looked like it wouldn’t be very effective any more.
Long Hao Chen’s hands turned into a sort of blur. His blood was rolling over and over, as he narrowly avoided being injured. It could be said that even with his perfect coordination with Hao Yue, this blow was extremely hard to block.

So powerful! With such a power, it should exceed 500 kg!

When colliding with this blow, Long Hao Chen was undoubtedly at a disadvantage. However this disadvantage came with a compensation. Through this collision of the most direct type possible, he started to gain some understanding in regard to Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield.

First, these vibrations were coming from a supplementary ability coming together with the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. Without this ability, it wouldn’t have been easy for it to break through those three elemental shields. Secondly, the greatest characteristic of this shield was its power. If he were to only compare his external spiritual energy with Wang Yuanyuan’s, he would be the winner without the slightest doubt. This was just how mighty this weapon of hers was.

However, from the looks of it, it wasn’t a walk in the park for Wang Yuanyuan to handle this shield either. In the instant they collided, her face was clearly somewhat flushed. And afterwards, when that huge shield repelled Long Hao Chen back, directly smashing him on the ground, and without leaving any traces on it, the power she had to exert was far from something as light as previously, when she just moved and attacked mechanically. Clearly, with her actual level of cultivation, to plan to use this shield would not be easy.

At this moment, the dominance of a knight appeared clearly. Long Hao Chen’s arms both turned numb, and his weapons were damaged, but Hao Yue wasn’t the slightest bit wounded. And when Long Hao Chen used [Divine Obstruction] to block this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Hao Yue’s body was still standing straight, reinforcing Long Hao Chen by dispelling a part of the power of her attack.
Compelled to draw a few steps back, Hao Yue took advantage of the fact that Wang Yuanyuan had just launched an attack with her shield, and with a shake of his body, he immediately arrived beside Wang Yuanyuan. As his robust tail swept, aiming straight for Wang Yuanyuan’s legs, he simultaneously launched a large amount of [Fireballs] and [Wind Blades] straight at Wang Yuanyuan

In particular, he aimed for her two hands that held the shield. Little Light immediately followed up with an incantation, it was the spiritual replenishment technique [Radiant World] that he released once again, replenishing Long Hao Chen’s spiritual energy.

Wang Yuanyuan’s consumption wasn’t small. It was not the first time she used this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, but what she forgot was that in the past, when she used it, her internal spiritual energy was a lot more abundant from the beginning. And after her repeated clashes with Long Hao Chen, her consumption was already enormous. After she just relied on this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield to launch this previous attack, she discovered that she did not have enough internal spiritual energy left in her current state to remain in complete control of the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. And when facing Hao Yue’s extremely rapid attacks, it went to the extent that she was already in a flurry.

Holding horizontally this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Wang Yuanyuan tried to hide herself behind her shield, and as expected, before this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield’s might, these ordinary spells were all repealed.

She indeed managed to do so. Little Flame and Little Green’s powerful magic spells were all obliterated by these high frequency vibrations of the Gigantic Divine Soul Shield. However, Hao Yue was extremely sly; these spells were only launched for the sake of distracting Wang Yuanyuan. Below, his large tail was rolled up around Wang Yuanyuan’s leg, suddenly pulling her backwards.

Although Wang Yuanyuan was under the amplification effect of her Gigantic Divine Soul Shield, Hao Yue was in no way weak either in terms of strength. More importantly, he used his full power to drag her, who was
in comparison in an extremely panicked state. The result immediately appeared out of this.

Wang Yuanyuan’s soft body was trained extremely well: even with this pull flipping her back with an extremely flexible splitting movement, she still wanted to drag her shield and to use it to strike Hao Yue’s tail. However, Long Hao Chen didn’t give her this opportunity.

At the same moment Hao Yue launched his move, Long Hao Chen had received the effects of Little Light’s skill, [Radiant World], and as his spiritual energy was being replenished at an astonishing speed, the numbness in his arms also disappeared gradually. Little Flame and Little Green had released this magic not only to hide the attack with their tail, but also to conceal Long Hao Chen’s soaring figure.


Long Hao Chen appeared behind Wang Yuanyuan, and as a little blade was stuck at her neck, she only felt as though the scene had turned dark, and immediately passed out. Naturally, she had no way to pull this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield together with her.

Holding Wang Yuanyuan who had fainted, Long Hao Chen still felt some lingering fear towards this huge shield beside him. He knew that if Wang Yuanyuan released more of the power of this shield, the one who would have lost would perhaps have been him. After all, he wouldn’t possibly let Hao Yue stake his life in a fight against this shield.

However, in the end, an unanimated item remained an unanimated item. Even though this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield was currently close to the level of equipment at the Legendary Tier, it needed someone to wield it. And for these reasons, the assistance Hao Yue brought to Long Hao Chen was a lot greater.

The advantages of their contract of equals in addition to their blood contract appeared even more clearly here. The connection between their minds was a lot greater, and each of them could feel everything, even a single thought, coming from the other party. This brought them an extreme
advantage in regard to their coordination and matching in the middle of fights.

Although he had beaten Wang Yuanyuan, Long Hao Chen didn’t look so good. In this match, all the equipment he possessed had been completely destroyed. There wasn’t a single piece of it left. Surely, in the higher stage of the competition, other items at the level of this Gigantic Divine Soul Shield were going to appear; this was the level of the formidable pieces of equipments Long Hao Chen was going to confront during his upcoming fights. However, he didn’t have any money! How could he possibly purchase equipment? After entering the competition between the top 16, with such a disadvantage in regard to equipment, how would he confront the other competitors?

Hao Yue had grown a third head, and Long Hao Chen himself had broken through to the fifth step. This gave him enough confidence to aim for the top three.

“Victor, Long Hao Chen.”

Long Hao Chen applied a [Holy Mantle] that illuminated Wang Yuanyuan’s body. He hadn’t attacked too seriously, so after a little rest, Wang Yuanyuan had already come back to her senses.

Leaping up, she looked at Long Hao Chen, still seemingly unconvinced, and with a snort, said, “If I had used my Gigantic Divine Soul Shield from the beginning, you would not have been a match for me!” As she said this, she retrieved the three gems in her shield.

Long Hao Chen nodded with an understanding look, “You are right, however, victory or defeat isn’t something that can be predicted. Looking at you, it seems that you cannot completely control this shield. It just has a too great consumption for you. As long as I can last for some time, it will still be very hard for you to win.”

As Wang Yuanyuan knew that he was entirely right, she nodded in return, and said, “You are right. But just wait, I will definitely enter the top 16 together with you!”
While speaking, this intrepid lady supported herself with the help of her huge shield, as she headed back to the lounge, directly looking at the mage inside.

Huang Yi’s current face was quite an ugly sight to behold. His last opponent was precisely this Wang Yuanyuan, and the winner would be ranked second of this group. Although the third place also had the possibility of staying in the competition, who would be okay with leaving his fate under someone else’s control?! Wang Yuanyuan’s previous display of might was proof that she wouldn’t. Huang Yi, full of grief and indignation, thought Can’t you be a bit less ferocious?! The fact that a piece of equipment at the Glorious Tier came out had just made the rest more complicated for him. Can I really make it? The might of this huge shield was enough to cancel out the advantage and dominance his spiritual stove brought him. After all, his Earth Elemental Fairy had yet to have its first evolution.

At the end of this fight, Long Hao Chen was already officially qualified. And he finished in first place of his group, taking the lead over the others while entering the top 16.

After sending Hao Yue back to his hotel room, Long Hao Chen left the stadium, completely depressed. I don’t have any more weapons, what can I do about it, now?

However, this worry quickly disappeared from his heart.

“Cai’er, today, it’s once again you who arrived first!” Long Hao Chen met her with a smiling face: everytime he saw her, he immediately forgot everything else. Although Cai’er had always been wearing her veil after that time 1, and didn’t let him see her appearance again, Long Hao Chen never raised the issue by requesting her to let him see it once again after that.

Taking fast steps and arriving at Cai’er’s side, Long Hao Chen took her small hand very naturally.
Hearing his voice, Cai’er’s look, particularly the shape of her eyebrows, became immediately and clearly very gentle, as she said quietly, “Has today’s match gone smoothly once again?”

Long Hao Chen gently laughed, and replied, “It was okay, but the opponent I faced today was very powerful!”

“It was a female warrior. Her shield was extremely hard to deal with. She used it as an offensive weapon, and could even use some gems to increase her power, and said it was some Gigantic Divine Soul heirloom.” This previous fight brought a lot of experience to Long Hao Chen, so it was somewhat excitedly that he talked to her about how the fight against Wang Yuanyuan took place. But he didn’t bring up the issue of the damaging of his weapons. It was for the single reason that he didn’t want to make her worry about him.

“As long as you won, it’s okay. Then you are already the first ranked of your group.” Cai’er said with a smile.

Long Hao Chen nodded, and said, “That’s right! Only, I don’t know what kind of opponents I’ll fight in the knockout competition. Right, we got to know each other for so long a time already, but except from taking you home, I have done almost nothing else with you, how about…”

At that point, he made a pause and stopped holding Cai’er’s hand, as he leaned close enough to Cai’er to see her facial expression. If Cai’er was in a hurry to go back home, he wouldn’t bring up the issue about inviting her for a meal.

However, Cai’er misunderstood him. With a soft whoosh sound, her face, still covered by a veil, was dyed deeply in red, as her heartbeat suddenly sped up! Even in her capacity as an assassin, she had never felt in such a panic as right now.

Yes, they were young, but in regard to matters between males and females, girls tended to be quite more precocious than boys.

Chapter 128

He… What does he want us to do?

Does he want to look at my face? Or does he want to hug me? Or else, does he… does he…

Cai’er’s mind was already in complete disorder, as she was already sweating under the grip of Long Hao Chen’s small hand.

Noticing the sudden great changes in her expression, Long Hao Chen felt quite scared, as he hurriedly rubbed her forehead with one of his hands.

Cai’er couldn’t see, and for this reason, her perception of the external world was quite vague. At the moment Long Hao Chen came into contact with her forehead, she unconsciously took a few steps back, crying out in surprise, “Ahhh, don’t.” After all, she hadn’t prepared mentally yet!

At that moment, there were some small stone steps not far behind her. Retreating in panic, her feet got caught into it, and she was about to fall backwards.

Long Hao Chen’s heart, scared, skipped a bit: although he totally didn’t understand what happened to Cai’er, he still unconsciously took a step forward, and held her slim waist in his embrace, supporting her lovely body with his hands.

“Be careful.”

Cai’er was now so bashful that even her neck had turned red. She could clearly feel Long Hao Chen’s embrace on her waist and the warmth of his
hands, as well as his breath, in such a short distance.

In her capacity as an assassin, she spent most of her childhood in training, making her senses especially sharp, because it was the only way for her to sense hidden danger. But now, it was her heart that appeared especially shy, her body turned numb, and her legs could almost not stay steady at all. One of her hands grabbed Long Hao Chen’s lapel, and her mind was completely blank.

Long Hao Chen was currently completely stunned too. The weather was quite hot, so everyone was wearing light clothes. So when he held Cai’er’s slim and soft waist in his arms, he only felt a creamy satin from her skin, a jade-like sensation, and a comfortable warmth. Most of all, he felt as if this slender waist of hers could break off at any time; below her waist was the touching figure of her beautiful arced buttock, and her neat face was completely flushed.

A few seconds passed, but to them, they seemed as long as several centuries. Better late than never, Cai’er took the initiative to react. Hurriedly straightening her back, she moved her bamboo cane horizontally, using it to finally obstruct Long Hao Chen, as she coldly said, sounding somewhat displeased, “You… you…… ”

Long Hao Chen blanked out for a few seconds and said, “Cai’er, are you all right?

I… I only wanted to invite you to have a meal together. What is up with you? Do you feel sick? Is it a fever? Your face is so red… ”

It was now Cai’er’s turn to stare blankly.

So actually… Actually, he only wanted… And actually, the one who had devious thoughts was me…

Her blushing face didn’t come back to normal, but instead, it blushed even further. Cai’er used her bamboo cane to lightly tap on Long Hao Chen’s body, as she barked to him in a low voice, “Meanie. I am going back first. Who wants to eat with you?” Finishing her sentence, her
bamboo cane tapped on the ground, and Long Hao Chen only saw her body flash, and in a split second, the reflections of her silhouette disappeared completely.

What a fast shifting! The speed of an assassin is really something enviable. However, what happened to Cai’er? Why did she call me a meanie?!!

Long Hao Chen stood there stupefied for a moment, then walked back to his hotel, puzzled. With his sharp perception, he could fee

Long Hao Chen returned to the hotel. Before even entering his room, he heard Ye Hua’s voice from the neighbouring room, “Hao Chen, come.”

How did teacher know I returned? Long Hao Chen was nervous. He hurried to Ye Hua’s room, opening the door and entered.

There wasn’t just one person in Ye Hua’s room: apart from him, there were two more. An elder with white hair and a beard was seated upright before him, and a youth stood behind him.

He recognized this youth: it was precisely that arrogant person he met that day, but had never seen again since then, Han Yu.

Although Ye Hua sat there, it felt like he was incredibly respectful. He was only seated on half of the chair; it was the first time Long Hao Chen saw this side of Ye Hua. Knowing his teacher, this was certainly a behaviour he could only show when speaking from the bottom of his heart.

Who’s this old man? Han Yu’s relative? Was it because of that day, when he said he would become my retainer knight, that he came to find me? Long Hao Chen’s heart suddenly chilled, but nevertheless, he said nothing, slowly going behind Ye Hua’s seat to take his place.

Han Yu naturally saw him as well. Only, right now, Han Yu’s facial expression was very serene and there wasn’t the slightest trace of the arrogance from before.
The elder sitting across from Ye Hua, wasn’t he precisely the Saint Knight Head of the Knight Alliance, Han Qian? Looking at Long Hao Chen, his eyes shone, brimming with a smile, as he said, “Ye Hua, you fostered such a good apprentice. Originally I planned to have you convey my message to him, but since he returned this early, it seems that it will not be necessary. Hao Chen, did today’s match go smoothly?”

Hearing his voice, Long Hao Chen suddenly widened his eyes. His perception was good, as good as his memory, so although this voice was at that moment quite gentle, he was immediately able tell from his previous memory who that profound voice belonged to.

“Mister… Aren’t you the Saint Knight Head who appeared on stage during the Knights Preliminaries?” Long Hao Chen let these words slip out of his mouth.

Han Yan said with a wide smile, “Exactly! It is quite impressive that you remembered my voice.”

Ye Hua shot a glance at Long Hao Chen, “You still haven’t answered senior Saint Knight’s first question yet.”

Long Hao quickly and respectfully said: “I won my match today by a fluke.”

“Fluke?” Han Qian, astonished, looked at him. “So there are still people in your group that can make you rely on luck? What a surprise!”

Long Hao Chen nodded, then, using his own experience of the battle with Wang Yuanyuan, he explained the situation once in a simple fashion, putting emphasis on describing Wang Yuanyuan’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield

“Epic equipment.” Han Qian’s facial colour hardened, eyebrows slightly raised “I’ve heard of the Gigantic Divine Soul heirloom before; so their blood has still been passed on until now. To humanity, this is an extremely good thing. It seems that in the near future, this young lady will become the focus of the Warrior temple’s nurturing. I can ascertain that the
Gigantic Divine Soul heirloom equipments are all at least of epic tier quality. However, I don’t remember at all whether during the glory days, there was a shield among the ‘Gigantic Divine Soul’. It looks like the young lady’s Gigantic Divine Soul Shield is a broken weapon. Even so, if she can embed all the nine cavities, it’s still inevitable that this shield will reach the epic tier. This type of nine-hole-embed resonating spiritual energy field method has long been lost.”

This Saint Knight Head was really experienced; even Ye Hua could not compare to him in terms of knowledge.

“Not bad, not bad, even against this type of equipment you still managed to win, bringing glory to our Knight Temple.” Han Qian nodded in satisfaction.

“Little Hao Chen! The purpose of me coming this time was to find you. I’m not going to hide it from you, this senior’s name is Han Qian, and Han Yu is my grandson. However, during this Demon Hunt Selection competition, this stinking grandson disappointed me so much. That day, I let him pay respect to you: it was really sincerely that he asked to be your retainer knight. Today, I brought him. I have already completed the procedure for him to become a retainer knight. From now on till five years later, he is your retainer. His life, his entire life, will be completely under your control. Little Yu.” He hinted towards his grandson.

Han Yu hurriedly advanced a few steps, bowed slightly, extending his left hand.

Long Hao Chen looked at him, astonished. On Han Yu’s left hand, there was a trace of a mark, a mark he didn’t recognize.

Han Qian said: “This is a retainer knight’s contract, lasting five years. You have to drop a single drop of blood in the center of the contract mark. After the contract, and for five years, he will not be able to disobey any orders from you. At the same time, you will only need a single thought to control his life.”
Long Hao Chen looked at the serious appearance of Han Yan, and he could not help but say: “Saint Knight Head, there’s no need. I think brother Han Yu was just a bit careless at that moment.”

Han Qian hurriedly stood up, and said in a serious voice: “How could he happen to be careless at such a time? This child has some innate talents, but his attitude has some serious defects. He’s proud, arrogant, unruly, and cannot take any responsibility. You are different, I can see a knight’s glory and honour on you. Don’t think there will be no benefit for him upon becoming your retainer knight. As a matter of fact, he will actually gain quite a lot. Following you will not only enable him to become part of a Demon Hunt Squad, but by your side, he will also be able to learn a lot of things. Perhaps these five years of rough times will finally make him walk on the right track to become an outstanding knight, This is my main aim. So, as his grandfather, I beg you, please let him become your retainer.”

While persuading, Han Yu’s right fist was across his chest, as he performed a knight salute towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen was startled, quickly replied, “Senior Saint Knight Head, don’t behave this way, I don’t deserve it. I’ll just agree.”

Ye Hua, on the side, didn’t utter a single word from start to end. Han Qian was not at all scared to speak out, candid and straightforward, about his desire for Han Yu to become Long Hao Chen’s retainer knight, without any idea of concealing anything. Just this single thing was enough to convince people. What’s more, with a fifth step knight beside him, Long Hao’s safety would increase greatly.

Bright red blood slowly dripped out into the center of the retainer knight’s contract mark.

Although Han Yu had already thought about this situation; that he had to become someone else’s retainer until the moment, he still could not help but shut both his eyes.
Blood dripped into the center of Han Yu’s palm and, a moment later, disappeared, turning into red light that spread out from the mark, extending through Han Yu’s entire body.

Han Yu reflexively shivered, subconsciously opening both eyes, without even greeting his master, Long Hao Chen.

Suddenly, from the center of that mark, a gold light also spread out.

In an instant, Han Yu only felt that the 360 thousand pores on his body opened, inside and out, warming his entire body. His entire body felt like the center of a hot spring burning, almost letting out a groaning sound.

What is this? Not only Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen, but even Han Qian was a bit scared. Even if he was the Saint Knight Head, it was the first time he saw this strange situation.

Han Yu himself was a bit stupefied, but this comfort was not fake; he could feel that between him and Long Hao Chen there was already a distinct connection. It felt like they became family relatives.

Chapter 129

“This… is this the phenomenon of innate talent sharing of the master knight to his retainer knight? Impossible!” Han Qian looked at Long Hao Chen, eyes wide opened, just as if he was looking at a monster. The uncomprehending and astounded look on his face had never been so distinct before.

Taking a deep breath, Han Qian looked at the body of his own grandson, Han Yu, his face becoming very serious. As he waved his right hand toward Han Yu, after a split second, Long Hao Chen saw that Han Qian’s finger was emitting a sparkling, translucent and penetrating gold color. It was [Brilliant Body], a skill of knights of the seventh step.

Han Qian’s hand was shivering; his five fingers moved rhythmically, mystical bright symbols moving in a mysterious trajectory, undulating around his hand. Immediately, it turned into complicated patterns, directly marked on Han Yu’s chest.

Immediately, Han Yu’s body shivered and, on his chest, a golden glow appeared, slowly rising in the air and turning into a pillar of light that kept rising and rising.

Han Qian’s gaze was still firmly focused on this pillar of light, his look becoming even more and more excited.

Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen looked at a loss, not understanding at all the scene before their eyes. They did not understand this ability Han Qian had just used, nor did they comprehend what was happening before them.
After a short period of time, the golden pillar of light finally stopped rising. And Han Yu’s two hands were still unconsciously clenched.

“Really, so it’s really this way. 80, 80th level!”

Finally turning back, Han Qian looked one more time at Long Hao Chen, with an incredulous look. Sizing him up and down, he looked at him as if he was a sort of rare treasure.

Long Hao Chen felt a bit uncomfortable under this gaze and couldn’t help but ask, “Senior Saint Knight Head, did something happen?”

Han Qian took a deep breath, and with a wave of his right hand, a golden mantle immediately covered the whole room and everything within it, including them. His next words left both master and disciple, Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen, completely shocked.

“Little Hao Chen, ah, Little Hao Chen, you are really unceasingly shocking me to the extreme limit! Innate internal spiritual energy, 97! Scion of Light! I didn’t expect that after the start of this Dark Age that occurred 6000 years ago, our Knight Temple would finally produce a Scion of Light. Haha! Hahaha!”

Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua were completely shocked and they looked at each other without exchanging a single word, seemingly simultaneously being prepared for a fight. However, the one before them was precisely the senior Saint Knight Head from their Knight Temple! It meant that he was an enormous powerhouse that could cope with the both of them effortlessly. Furthermore, they didn’t believe that this Han Qian would have bad intentions towards them.

“You… How do you know about this?” Long Hao Chen, still completely blank, asked. The other party had already spoke out the exact amount, so there was no use to try concealing it further; he might as well ask an explanation.

Han Qian could already not calm down at all and his eyes carried an excited raging flame in them as he said, “It is precisely the retainer knight
contract that exposed this. A retainer knight and his master knight are very intimately related. To make an agreement, there’s a need for both parties’ blood vessels to share a connection. As a result, a drop of your blood is needed and, during the completion of the retainer knight contract, if the master knight’s innate talent outstrips that of the retainer knight by a wide margin, the retainer knight&rsquo

“This so called ‘outstrip’ applies if there’s a certain difference between them; it is this innate talent sharing I mentioned previously. This difference is represented by a gap between the innate internal spiritual energies exceeding 30. In other words, as long as the master knight’s innate internal spiritual energy is more than 30 levels higher than his retainer knight’s, the retainer knight’s innate talent will accordingly be promoted. The degree of this promotion equals half the gap between the innate internal spiritual energies.”

“Little Yu’s innate internal spiritual energy is at the 63rd level and, at this level, it’s already not bad at all. However, now, it has increased to the 80th level! It means a difference of 34 compared to his 63rd innate level. From this, your innate level can naturally be deduced. It’s 97, a spiritual energy at the 97th level! I really didn’t expect that, in my lifetime, I would get to see someone with the physique of a Scion of Light appear.”

Long Hao Chen and Ye Hua both laughed foolishly in front of Han Qian.

Ye Hua murmured, “How… How is it that I have never heard about these benefits of a retainer knight contract?”

Han Qian said, “Retainer knight contracts are originally few in number and, in addition, I am the only one capable of producing this innate talent sharing effect that I discovered through my researches in regards to ancient languages. Without need to mention you, even the higher-ups of the Knight Temple have no way to know about this method. Furthermore, this method is so useless to the overwhelming majority of people that there is naturally no necessity to spread it to our Knight Temple. ”

Hearing about this sharing method, Ye Hua could naturally not stop his body from shaking as he asked in a thrilled voice, “Senior Saint Knight
Head, how.. how many retainer knights can one master knight possess through this method?”

Han Qian gave his reply without hesitating the slightest bit, “The limit would be two. It is because this method involves a spiritual link; if there are too many retainers, that will naturally influence the mental capacity of the master knight and have unfavorable effects on it. As a result, I’d say that, from our knowledge, the absolute limit would be two retainer knights.”

With a deferential sound, Long Hao Chen immediately kneeled down, “Senior Saint Knight, I beg you, please let Teacher accomplish a contract through your method. Teacher is a real genius!”

Hearing this, Han Qian was immediately startled.

To the side, the stirred up Ye Hua looked directly at Long Hao Chen, “Don’t, Hao Chen. If you do this, because of me, you will have no way to obtain another retainer knight ever again.”

Long Hao Chen stubbornly shook his head, “Teacher, the most important thing is for you to become truly powerful. To have Brother Han assisting me is already enough for me. As long as he can help you to raise this innate talent of yours, this disciple will have no regrets.”

“Wait, wait. How is it that I have no idea about what you’re currently speaking of?” Han Qian gave puzzled looks to both master and disciple.

Ye Hua sighed to himself, before reverentially answering, “Senior Saint Knight Head, this subordinate has an innate internal spiritual energy that is only at the eighth level.”

“What?” Han Qian cried out in alarm with a very loud voice, making the ears of both Long Hao Chen and his master dizzy. It was fortunate that this divine light that was covering them was sound-proof, so the sound would not spread to others.
Han Qian’s alarmed state was for real. This reaction was not the slightest bit lower compared to when he learned about Long Hao Chen’s innate internal spiritual energy level of 97. What did an eighth spiritual energy imply? It should imply that there was no way to break through the second step! However… However, he didn’t only break through it, he was furthermore an Earth Knight!

In this instant, Han Qian instantly came to understand why Long Hao Chen said Ye Hua was a real genius. Genius was not all about innate talent. For someone whose innate internal spiritual energy only reached the eighth level to be able to reach the level of Earth Knight, to persevere so much, relying on perseverance and research, would the word ‘genius’ be enough to describe it? Taking a deep breath, Han Qian gave Ye Hua a firm look, “How much effort did you have to exert to make up for this handicap?”

Ye Hua smiled bitterly, “Innate internal spiritual at the eighth level is nothing glorious; it’s only subject to ridicule.”

“Ridicule? Bullshit! Idiot, how many people with an innate internal spiritual energy below you do you think there are among humans? The overwhelming majority, at least! If they could all reach the level of powerhouse of the fifth step through training just like you, do you know what that would imply for humanity?” Han Qian seemed almost to be howling.

In this instant, Ye Hua was immediately shocked. This life of his was only about effort and battles against the heavens. The ridicule he was subject to in this world had developed his reclusive personality. To put it in other words, he had become totally self-centered, living only in his own world.

Hearing Han Qian’s words, he immediately came to understand that these dozens of years of bitter and unceasing training were actually his force. And, although the personal training methods he came up with through researches and struggles weren’t really fitting to a little freak like Long Hao Chen, it could be said to be fitting to the overwhelming majority of people with insufficient innate talents.
With a lift of Han Qian’s hand, a golden light came out from the ground, sticking to Long Hao Chen, “I accept your request. Right now, I look forward, even more than you, to the kind of miracle this teacher of yours will create. Ye Hua, extend your left hand.”

“Yes.” Ye Hua was at that moment very respectful, just as if he was actually Long Hao Chen’s disciple. This matter of innate talent had completely broken his life.. but this was finally going to change!

Ten minutes later, a mark similar to the one on Han Yu’s hand appeared on Ye Hua’s.

Ye Hua and Long Hao Chen did not even need to discuss the matter of retainer knight. They were master and disciple, with a relation akin to that of a father and son. Yes, Ye Hua was going to become Long Hao Chen’s retainer knight, but so what? Would he use this to give Ye Hua orders? With their relation of master and disciple, there was already an absolute confidence between them. Even communication was needless for each of them to make decisions for the sake of each other.

Another drop of blood fell.

Ye Hua’s senses were almost tenfold sharper than this Han Yu’s. As soon as the golden halo surrounded his body, his body convulsed with an excessively comfortable feeling, as if he was on the verge of fainting.

The difference between his spiritual energy and Long Hao Chen’s was 89, so after the innate talent sharing, his innate internal spiritual energy was going to be increased to the 52nd level! Although, as before, it wouldn’t make him a genius in this regard, to Ye Hua, this increase of innate talent was going to cause his fate to change drastically!

Feeling his perception of the light element increasing by leaps and bounds, feeling the changes that occurred in the internal spiritual energy inside of him and the changes in his innate capabilities, Ye Hua couldn’t help but let his tears overflow. While holding Long Hao Chen in his embrace, he unexpectedly burst into tears.
Starting from dozens of years ago, he had to bear the inexhaustible mocking of others, bear the pain of being expelled by his very own teacher, bearing anything and everything. He walked with an unyielding mentality that supported each of his steps. The burdens of this moment had lasted for dozens of years. Over these dozens of years, he was engaged in endless fights against these burdens. And, at this very moment, the dozens of feelings that were repressed in his heart started to flow out like an inexhaustible waterfall breaking out all of a sudden.

Looking at Ye Hua who was crying very loudly, Han Qian stood on the side without intervening the slightest bit. With his professional behaviour and experience, how couldn’t he guess what kind of feelings were repressed inside Ye Hua over so many years? To let him release it all at once was the best choice possible.

Letting everything come out of the depth of his heart, this would have an enormous benefit for his future cultivation. Although he wasn’t young anymore, in regard to cultivation, his future accomplishments were going to be boundless.

Chapter 130

No matter how boundless the Scion of Light’s prospects were, he was in the end a single person and nothing more. However, Ye Hua’s abilities could, on the other hand, certainly help all of the six Temples.

Ye Hua wept for fifteen minutes straight, until his eyes were red, and made Long Hao Chen’s clothes completely wet. With great difficulty, he managed to gradually stop his emotions.

Turning around, he let out a sound as he kneeled before Han Qian, respectfully standing in front of him, “Senior Saint Knight Head, I give you my thanks.”

Han Qian smiled, shaking his head and said: “Don’t mention it. If you’re okay with it, there is no need for you to return to Hao Yue City. In the future, you can just follow me. This old man would like to pass all his years of experience of training and cultivation to you.”

Ye Hua was pretty smart. In terms of intelligence, he was a genius like one that appeared once every generation. Quickly kneeling once again, he replied immediately, “This apprentice respectfully meets master.”

Han Qian chuckled, and said, supporting him up with both his hands, “The one who’s taking advantage of the other is this old man. In the future, you will inevitably become one of the dazzling new stars of our Knight Temple, and your accomplishments will surely not make you below your treasured apprentice.”
Long Hao Chen paid respects to his teacher, before hurriedly stepping forward, respectfully saying: “Apprentice Long Hao Chen pays respects to grand-teacher.”

Han Qian let out a complacent sound; he had a straightforward disposition, and immediately laughed out loudly. As Han Yu, who was standing beside him, looked at this scene, the doubt in his heart had completely vanished. Without even needing to mention the fact that his master knight was his grandfather’s grand-disciple, Long Hao Chen today had also raised his innate spiritual energy to 80. He was already considering whether or not he should discuss a bit with his grandfather, to ask him to lengthen his time of being a retainer knight.

It appeared that because Ye Hua’s innate spiritual energy had increased by over 40, he was the one who had obtained the most benefits. However, in reality, the advantages gained by Han Yu even surpassed that.

Originally, Han Yu’s innate spiritual energy was 63, and although he was already a genius, if in the future he wanted to become a divine knight, there were still going to be some difficulties. In the history of the knight temple, the ones capable of becoming a divine knight practically all had innate internal spiritual energies over 70. If one did not have this kind of innate talent, he had to be willing to work multiple times more.

Having an innate spiritual energy of 70 gave one the physique of an angel while an innate spiritual energy of 80 gave the physique blessed by gods. In other words, under the effects of Long Hao Chen’s innate talent sharing, his innate skills were increased by two grades. As long as he remained alive, breaking through the ninth step was only a matter of time to him! How could this not excite him? So what If I become a retainer knight? With such an immense increase in innate skills, even if I remain a retainer knight for twenty years, it will still be worth it!

“I truly didn’t expect that this choice would have so many benefits. Haha.” Han Qian very pleased with himself said: “Good, let’s get down to actual business. Hao Chen, during the preliminaries you placed in the top ten. According to the rules, our Temples have to reward you with a weapon.
I overheard that in your group three, the weapon of our knight temple’s finalist, which is you, suffered serious damages. Since it is the cas

“The weapon awarded by the temple depends on your luck. Tomorrow morning, Han Yu will take you to the Temple’s treasury, and tell you what to do. Anyway, seeing that you are definitely already ranked first of the group three, there is no need for you to participate in tomorrow’s match. Your teacher already considers me his teacher, so you’re my grand- disciple. When this elder returns, I’ll have to prepare for both of you a welcome gift; I’ll have someone deliver yours tomorrow. How is it okay for my grand-disciple to not even have a full set of equipment? Little Yu, from now on, you’re Hao Chen’s retainer; you should already know what you will have to do.”

Han Yu hurried to said, respectfully, “Yes grandfather. I will definitely learn from master, and I will not disappoint you ever again.”

Han Qian finally left, and Ye Hua hurriedly went back to his room for the sake of cultivating. On the other side, Long Hao Chen took Han Yu back to his own room.

“Brother Han, don’t you think something is wrong right now? In the future, call me directly by my name. If you keep always calling me ‘master’, I will feel really uncomfortable.” Long Hao Chen said sincerely.

Han Yu immediately shook his head resolutely, answering to him, “How is that okay? We cannot discard our roles, I am master’s retainer knight! I naturally have to address master properly.” He had already made the resolution to accompany Long Hao Chen properly. The Scion of Light! He was going to follow him in his journey! Han Yu’s feelings of admiration towards his grandfather were currently beyond limits; the eyesight of his grandfather was really too good! To become the retainer knight of the Scion of Light, this was a glory and not a shame!

Long Hao Chen tried to persuade him for a long time, but whatever he said, Han Yu wasn’t willing to agree. After this, he simply arranged a place for him to stay, to have a place where he could temporarily live.
On the morning of the next day, Han Yu took Long Hao Chen to the Alliance’s Treasure Vault. Before leaving, Long Hao Chen asked Li Xin to tell Cai’er that today, he was probably going to be home very late, so she should leave first, without waiting for him.

The Alliance’s Treasure Vault was a part of the Alliance’s Great Stadium.
Just like the latter, it was under the control of the Six Great Temples.

The Treasure Vault was located in the rear of the Alliance’s Great Stadium, in a place that didn’t stand out at all at first glance.

From outside, it just seemed like an ordinary hexagonal structure, and its interior was only a hundred square meters large. At most, it resembled a luxurious residential building.

In front of the entrance, two light clad elders were chatting, seated on chairs, and with very relaxed appearance.

“Salutations, two elders. I, Han Yu, came on behalf of the Saint Knight Head Han Qian to bring the Earth Knight Long Hao Chen to receive a reward.” Han Qian respectfully saluted the other party.

Long Hao Chen didn’t dare slack off, and performed a salute together with Han Yu towards these two elders.

Between the two elders, one was fat and the other one was thin. The fat one was balding and his clothes revealed his chest.

The thin elder resembled a stick of bamboo; looking at that appearance, it seemed that even a gust of wind could blow him over.

“Grumpf, your order tile?” The thin one said quietly.

Han Yu quickly walked over, and handed over the order tile.

The thin elder nodded and said: “You, wait here. Long Hao Chen, follow me.”
“Yes.” Long Hao Chen answered and followed the thin elder into the treasury. Han Yu patiently waited at the entrance.

The thin elder brought Long Hao Chen inside. Upon entering, Long Hao Chen carefully observed one of the most important places in the Holy City.

The treasury’s hall was quite small, only about 100 meters long. In the center of the floor, there was a hexagram.

The huge door behind them closed, the six walls surrounded them. On each one of these walls, there was a giant mural.

The murals were all of people: there were six walls and six people. From the way they were dressed, each one was a representation of one of the six great temples.

The thin elder stopped in the center of the hexagram, turned around and looked at Long Hao Chen a few times, groaned and said: “So you’re Long Hao Chen. I can’t see what’s so special about you.”

Long Hao started blankly for a moment, “Senior, you know of me?”

The thin elder said very bluntly, “I don’t.” After finishing this sentence, he moved his feet slightly, and stepped down in the direction of the knights’ wall.

Long Hao Chen didn’t sense any fluctuation of spiritual energy, but the knights’ wall already lit up.

The thin elder lifted his right hand. Long Hao Chen could vaguely see something in the middle of his hand that resembled a small seal. It flashed a bit towards the knight’s wall. Suddenly the light emanating from the wall flowed about, the knight becoming seemingly alive.

“Knight Temple, bring this person.” The thin elder shouted. Suddenly he lifted his foot, and kicked Long Hao Chen’s butt.

His movements were too fast, to the extent that Long Hao Chen couldn’t react at all. He felt numb all over, and he couldn’t muster up any spiritual
energy. He was already flying directly towards the wall with the knights’ symbol on it.

Long Hao Chen was startled to the point that he almost cried out. When he thought about the pain he was going to suffer when his body would crash against the wall, suddenly, the surroundings became illusionary. His body unexpectedly entered the wall and disappeared.

Looking at the wall with a knight drawn on it, the thin elder groaned, “Fourteen year old Earth Knight, he barely passes… But there’s nothing that is especially wonderful about him. Too lacking, too lacking. How is that girl so stubborn? And do I really have to help this little child from the Knight Temple? I really want to squash him to death!”

As he muttered, he leisurely left. The fat elder who was seated across him previously laughed loudly, “How was it?”

The thin elder widened one eye, “Not up to much. He’s not a nice fit for our family’s Cai’er.”

The fat elder laughed out loud, and said: “Don’t tell this to me, but to old man Yang.”

The skinny elder sat down again, not even looking at Han Yu beside him, and groaned twice, “Sooner or later, I’ll find old man Yang to pay his debts. This whole lifetime, that old bastard was taking advantage of me. This old man has to let the young brat take advantage.”

The fat elder laughed: “Honestly speaking, this was old Yang’s personal order. How is he related to this old Yang?”

The thin elder’s face suddenly became odd, “Since you are bringing up the subject, I have a few things to say about that. That old man Yang’s grandson isn’t comparable to this youngster. Haha, a few days ago, that stinking brat was almost disposed of by my family’s girl. Too bad you didn’t get to see that old man Yang’s wonderful expression when he came to find me. Haha, after so many years, it’s the first time I saw him so tight. And that old man’s mood didn’t even improve for a while. I heard
the main cause of that is that brat we saw a moment ago. What a troublesome task! It’s like our Assassin Temple owes that Knight Temple or something.”

Han Yu, on the side, raised his ears to listen, vaguely hearing them. He already had a few clues.

Standing right now, the thin elder abruptly turned his head, “What are you listening to, get lost.” With a wave of his hand, Han Yu felt a heavy energy hitting him, and his entire body was pushed aloft in the air, further than ten meters away.
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