Shen Yin Wang Zuo Chapter 11-20


Chapter 11

As he was inserting the sword held by his right hand directly into the ground, exerting his back’s strength, the sword in his left hand swept with full force. During this instant, Long Hao Chen felt that his spiritual energy broke into a new boundary. The sword ruthlessly hit the lower part of the scorpion-tailed lizard’s jaw, and although it was on its strengthened state, this attack made it fly backwards and caused its ferocious mouth to close.

At the same time, Long Hao Chen’s whole body jumped on a curved path with the support of the bamboo sword in his right hand that was pushed into the ground, his left leg kicking the scorpion-tailed lizard’s lower jaw upwards.

With two strikes in a row, both linked up extremely well, the scorpion- tailed lizard’s body was unable to keep its balance and rose from the ground because of the kick.

Meanwhile, Long Hao Chen, who still had the support of the bamboo sword pushed into the ground, let go of the sword in his right hand which enabled him to jump back to the ground. The bamboo sword in his left hand took the form of a thin white lightning befalling upwards.

With a Bang sound, the upper part of his body rose towards the lizard- tailed scorpion and its belly was penetrated by the bamboo sword, simultaneously causing its body to fall down.

After a sad and shrill miserable yell, the scorpion-tailed lizard’s tail swept away as a last intent of struggle before its death.
But Long Hao Chen had already expected this possibility and, using his sword smoothly, he directly countered this last attack and jumped aside before pulling out the sword stuck in the ground with his right hand, entering into a defensive posture.

Ping, the scorpion-tailed lizard fell on the ground, its body violently squirmed and repeatedly crying miserably because of the pain of its belly.

Long Hao Chen looked calmly around him and didn’t discover any other magical beast. Then, he found a large tree to lean on; his breathing had become quite heavy.

In a split instant, his whole body was full of sweat. His physical power seemed to be completely depleted.

Since the moment he vanquished the scorpion-tailed lizard, only a few seconds had actually passed; during this instant, at the edge of death, it could be said that his latent potential had been completely stirred up. Especially before he broke through this new level, all of his abilities were used to their utmost limit. His final attack used the only skill that Xing Yu had taught him, pure-white edge. By concentrating momentarily all his spiritual energy at a single point of his sword, it enabled him to attack with 110% of his full-power.

Before Long Hao Chen linked these moves, a certain person hidden in the dark was watching without making a single noise. Even if Long Hao Chen had lost consciousness at the end of the exchange of blows, he could easily get rid of the kind of monster. But in the end, he didn’t make a single mistake. With the two swords he carried, he got rid of the scorpion-tailed lizard. Meanwhile, his spiritual force also broke through the thirtieth level, entering into the third stage of knighthood. It was the reason why Long Hao Chen had felt at this moment a sudden rise in strength.

In any vocation, as the rank grew, the feeling of a breakthrough would become more obvious.

After he pant a few more times, Long Hao Chen noticed that the sky had already begun turning pitch-black and felt that his energy had returned as
the scorpion-tailed lizard was still lying on the ground, motionless.

Looking at this dead scorpion-tailed lizard, the nine years-old Long Hao Chen’s eyes revealed a glow, “Teacher, you were right. It is after enduring hardships that one can become a great man. I should not bear resen

As he said these words, Long Hao Chen turned towards the summit of the mountain, bending respectfully and passed with great care near the lizard-tailed scorpion’s body.

Generally speaking, the most elementary magical beast has a lot more value than any wild beast. Even this kind of low level magical beast was worth at least one gold coin. Long Hao Chen was not willing to waste this.

He looked carefully for a stone and used it to deprive the scorpion-tailed lizard from its hooked tail and used two vines to tie it, with the intent to bring it home.

He didn’t meet any more danger on the road. He went back straight to Odin Town, running towards a shop, explaining that he wanted to sell the corpse of the magical beast that his teacher slain. After he got a gold coin and two silver coins, he finally went home.

It looked as though Bai Yue knew beforehand that her son would come home this day; when Long Hao Chen passed the entrance, he saw the richest dinner he had ever seen at home.

His teacher abided by his promise and brought tasty food to his mother, looking at that, the little Bai Chen couldn’t help feel even more grateful towards Xing Yu.

“Mother, I give this to you.” Long Hao Chen handed to Bai Yue all the money he had as a gift.

Bai Yue was flabbergasted, “Where did you get this money from?”

Because he didn’t want his mother to worry, Long Hao Chen told her a lie out of goodwill: “It is teacher that gave me this money to bring it to
you. He said that upon becoming a Knight Squire, I could also receive a salary. This is my first year’s remuneration, but if my improvements are fast, I will perhaps have some more rewards like this.”

Unexpectedly, Bai Yue didn’t persist to ask, she smiled, took the money and said: “Hao Chen, you must listen to your teacher’s words, understood?”

“Yeah.” Long Hao Chen repeatedly nodded. Bai Yue pursued: “Is practice hard?”
Before he killed the scorpion-tailed lizard, Long Hao Chen would surely have replied differently to this question, after all, the fear of the owl-ants’ crypt was strong in his heart. But at this moment, he shook his head and replied without the slightest hesitation, “Mother, it is not hard at all. Teacher teaches me well, gives me good food to eat every day, and let me soak in hot spring.”

Hearing these words, Bai Yue’s face looked relieved, she stroke her son’s head, “Hurry up to go to eat.”

After having eaten dinner, Long Hao Chen didn’t forget to use the Elementary Training Liquid that he used to boil a wild herb soup for her before going back to his room to sleep, very pleased with himself.

On the morning of the next second day, he returned back to Odin mountain’s road. He didn’t meet any magical beast on the road and quickly head back to the summit of the mountain.

“Teacher, I’m back.” Long Hao Chen excitedly entered to the log cabin.

Xing Yu looked like had been waiting at the same place for long and lightly said: “Before we continue to carry on today’s course, I will give you an examination to see if you forgot what you studied up to now. Tell me about Knight Squires, Standard Knights, as well as the requirements to grow in rank as a knight.”
Long Hao Chen answered without the slightest hesitation: “Knight Squires are graded between the first and the tenth rank. After breaking through the hundredth spiritual energy level, they can be promoted to Standard Knights. Standard Knights are graded the same way: they gain one rank every ten spiritual energy levels and upon breaking through the 200th level, one can take the Genuine Knight examination. The knight examination does not only require spiritual energy, it also requires one to have the ten standards of a knight. After becoming a Genuine Knight, one can be promoted from the first rank after ten spiritual energy levels as well; only upon reaching the 210th spiritual energy level will someone be a second rank Genuine Knight, and after that, each of the eight other ranks are promoted every thirty spiritual energy levels. At the last rank, one can reach the fourth step of the vocation after accumulating fifty more spiritual energy levels and reaching the 500th spiritual level.”

Xing Yu carried his examination: “Why are the spiritual energy requirements to promote to each rank different after becoming a Genuine Knight?”

Long Hao Chen answered: “Because it is only after entering the first step of knighthood that one can be said to be a full-fledged knight, so each rank are merely adapted. You also taught me that regardless of the step: the third step, the fourth step, the fifth step or afterwards, the ranks between the first and the second are always the easiest to pass.”

Xing Yu pursued with a bunch of other questions, that lasted for half an hour, before finishing this examination. Long Hao Chen answered to all of these questions — — correctly, without making the little slightest mistake, because of his astonishing memory.

“Good, you remembered quite clearly, we can now begin today’s course. But beforehand, I have to ask you, do you think that for a knight, the most important is to attack? Or is it to defend?”

Chapter 12

Listening to Xing Yu’s question, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help become somewhat shocked and after thinking deeply for a short while, he shook his head with an ignorant face.

Xing Yu’s face revealed a rare smile, “You are quite honest; you don’t try to give a casual answer just to satisfy me. Not to mention you, even the Knight Temple cannot easily answer to this question. Precisely because of this question, regarding genuine knights, there are two branches of knights differentiated by the Knight Temple: the Retribution Knights, and the Guardian Knights.

Retribution Knights focus on attack. They wield dual weapons and fight with the combination of their mounts and their offensive holy arts. Their fighting capabilities are very high and their strength in the battlefield surpasses the strength of soldiers and assassins of the same rank.

Guardian Knights give priority to defense. They wield a weapon in a hand, a shield in the other one, and are the core of teams. They are proficient with assisting and recovery holy arts. Their fighting capabilities are perhaps weaker than Retribution Knights’, but in collaborations, the Guardian Knights’ utility is way higher than Retribution Knights.”

At this point, Xing Yu stopped for a little. Still looking at Long Hao Chen, he asked: “Do you believe that there are more Retribution Knights or that there are more Guardian Knights?”

Long Hao Chen thought, then said: “There should be more Retribution Knights. You just said that the Retribution Knights’ offensive power are

Xing Yu shook his head: “It is the opposite, we Knight Temple have a Guardian Knights ratio of 10: 1, compared to Retribution Knights.”

“Oh? Such a difference? But why?” Long Hao Chen asked puzzled.

Xing Yu answered: “Because we belong to the Temple Alliance. As the head of the six great Temples of the Temple Alliance, we Knight Temple mustn’t consider only our own individual combat capabilities: we have to consider our partners’ as well. The reason why it is called Temple Alliance is that it is only once people belonging to these six vocation fight together can they have the greatest fighting efficiency. But as the team’s core, the knight does not only have to consider his own attack and defense, but the protection of his allies as well. Thus, there are way more Guardian Knights than Retribution Knights.”

Long Hao Chen understood some of his words, “Teacher, then should I, in the future, become a Guardian Knight or a Retribution Knight?”

Xing Yu lightly answered: “You are the only one who can make the suitable choice. In this aspect, I cannot help you. Seeing your disposition, it would probably be more suitable for you to choose to become a Guardian Knight, but I am, personally, a Retribution Knight. What I can pass on to you in vast majority are abilities and skills used by Retribution Knights.”

“Teacher, I… …”

“Don’t be impatient to answer.” Xing Yu instantly interrupted Long Hao Chen, “You have a year to think deeply over this. A year later, you will tell me your answer.”


One year later, in Hao Yue city.
Walking on a wide street in Hao Yue city, Long Hao Chen’s eyes looked curious and surprised.

What a big city! The street was at least 16.6 meters (5 Zhang) wide, and shops stood on both sides of the street. There was an incessant stream of horses and it was extremely noisy, this city’s burst of people couldn’t possibly be compared with Odin’s: it was as vastly different as between heaven and earth.

In the southern part of the Temple Alliance, Hao Yue was a

Long Hao Chen was full of curiosity towards Hao Yue city and people on the road seemed as curious as him. He was dressed in simple clothing, but his face was similar to a porcelain doll’s. Today, after one year, Long Hao Chen’s face did not look unhealthy anymore and he had also grew up a lot. Although he still looked like a kid, his appearance looked slender.

The most surprising thing was that such a beautiful youth carried on his back two intersecting long swords. They were clearly two swords with refined-iron handles with a length of a meter (3 Chi), a width of a decimeter (0.1 meter, 3 Cun), and a thickness of more than 3 centimeters (1 Cun). Although they didn’t look like edged swords, they didn’t look light at all! They looked like a miniature version of the knight’s epee[1]. Could such a small kid possibly use this kind of epee?

These people didn’t know at all that if not for the sake of keeping a low profile, Long Hao Chen would not have any problem to carry two Genuine Knight’s epee and would easily use them.

A year of bitter practice caused incredible changes in him, as if he had been reborn. On the 83rd day in the owl-ants’ lair, he could finally rely on the bamboo swords to block completely the owl-ants’ attacks that came from all directions. However, he still had to practice in the owl-ants’ lair, only changing the weapons he brought. From the lightest bamboo sword, to a wooden sword, then an iron sword, a refined-iron sword, and finally an epee; he had to adapt to pairs of swords of all kind of weights. After he adapted to the knight’s epee, he had to come back from the epee to the
refined-iron sword for one more month, then to the iron sword, the wooden sword, the bamboo sword, accomplishing a full lap.

After he accomplished all of that, a full-year had already passed. This time, he went to Hao Yue city because Xing Yu gave him two assignments as an evaluation of the year’s bitter training.

Upon entering the city, Long Hao Chen asked people where the Knight Temple of Hao Yue city could be found. After passing through a few wide streets, arriving close to the center of Hao Yue city, he identified his destination because of the symbol consisting of a shield and sword.

The Knight Hall of Hao Yue couldn’t be compared to Odin Hall at all. From outside, it looked like at least five layers of tall and big buildings were erected there, occupying a very wide area. At the entrance stood two armored young knights.

“Little friend, who are you looking for?” When Long Hao Chen arrived at the entrance of the Knight Temple, a young knight smiling at the entrance asked him. Having no choice but to answer, Long Hao Chen, who had an appearance of pretty boy advanced.

“Hello brothers, I am looking for the hall master, Nalan Shu.” Long Hao Chen politely spoke to the two knights.

“Looking for the hall master?” The two youth looked at him, and asked:
“Why do you need to meet him?”

Long Hao Chen told: “My teacher told me to look for the hall master Nalan Shu, and then to deliver him a letter.”

“Then hand the letter to me.” said the young knight on the left.

Long Hao Chen shook his head: “Teacher said that I had to hand it to Na Lan Shu hall master personally.” The young knight awkwardly retorted: “I am afraid that I can’t let you do that: this is Hao Yue city’s Knight Temple Hall, only people from the Temple like us can enter.”
Long Hao Chen, showing some anxiety, said: “But I am also from the Knight Temple! I come from Odin Hall.”

The young knight said: “That still won’t do, little brother, it is like this. As a kid from one of those halls, you can only enter for the examination every three years. Give this letter to me; I will help you to pass it. Then if the hall master is willing to meet you, you will be able to enter.”

Long Hao Chen wrinkled, Xing Yu warned him several times that this letter had to be personally delivered to Na Lan Shu.

At this moment, a pleasant voice echoed, “What are you doing?
Embarrassing a little child?” This voice came from someone in the Hall.

This person was a lightly dressed teenage girl, her neatly combed pink- colored hair formed a ponytail and her beautiful blue large eyes looked attentively at Long Hao Chen. She looked 18-19 year-old. Her body gracefully moved, her shoulders exposing from each side, a handle of a sword.

“Senior knight.” In fact, both youths had just become knights recently, so they respectfully saluted her.

The young girl arrived in front of Long Hao Chen, curiously looking at his face, then said to the two young knights: “I heard all your words, but you should know that the custom are to die for people to live[2]. Plus, this little brother is also from one of the sub-temples of our Knight Temple. I will take him to meet uncle Nalan. Or do you believe that this child came to cause trouble?”

1. TL: kind of duelling sword that looks like a thick rapier

2. 规矩是死的,⼈是活的, litterally: rules/custom are to die, people are to live. I tried to translate its meaning rather than simply the words, thus I
translated it a little differently. I think it means that people should be opened to adapt their rules to circumstances, if they want to live well.

Chapter 13

“Yes.” The two young knights didn’t dare refute her at all, only respectfully answering.

The teenage girl extended her right hand towards Long Hao Chen: “Little brother, I am Li Xin. Let’s go, I’m taking you to see uncle Nalan.”

Long Hao Chen rejoiced greatly and took her hand: “Thank you elder sister, I am Long Hao Chen.”

Li Xin’s tender palm’s grip was strong, her skin was clearly somewhat rough, obviously because of her sword training. However, Long Hao Chen’s hand gave her another kind of feeling: for someone of his age, Long Hao Chen’s hand was quite smooth and to Li Xin, it felt soft and comfortable to hold it.

Upon entering into Hao Yue Hall, Long Hao Chen felt immediately a quaint atmosphere. The ground was covered by grey slates and a total of twelve thick pillars were supporting the entire Hall. In front of them, there were six huge stone chairs, each one was 3.3 meters high (1 Zhang) and on each of them were drawn numerous decorative patterns that Long Hao Chen had never seen before.

“Elder sister, what is this?” Long Hao Chen pointed at the six stone chairs as he asked, full of curiosity.

Li Xin’s look became solemn, “This is the symbol of our Knight Temple’s supreme glory, the divine thrones[1]. Only a Divine Knight can possess one of them. Little brother, do you know about Divine Knights? It
is the highest rank that we, knights, can attain: the ninth step of the vocation. All of our seniors Divine Knights are legendary. It is said that they faced, by themselves, the seventy-two legendary demon gods in battle.”

It was the first time Long Hao Chen had heard about the title of Divine Knight. Xing Yu never told him anything regarding Divine Knights.

“Big sister, how formidable are Divine Knights? Why are they called Divine Knights?”

Li Xin replied: “It is precisely because they possess a divine throne: only after one is approved by the throne can he become a Divine Knight! You can’t consider them as mere chairs, each of them is a genuine artifact left by gods. My goal is precisely to one day become a Divine Knight.”

Long Hao Chen who seemed unconvinced said: “But there are only six of these divine thrones, what if it becomes not enough?”

Li Xin chuckled, “Silly boy, how can it be so easy? What do you think Divine Knights are? How can I explain to you that we, Knight Temple, have at present only three Divine Knights. To turn into a Divine Knight is truly incredibly difficult.”

As she was speaking, Li Xin had already brought Long Hao Chen to the second floor. The view of Hao Yue Hall was very high but, in reality, it was because every floor was very tall, so there were only three auxiliary floors.

Both of them went to a spacious room on the second floor and Li Xin said: “This is uncle Nalan’s room, but it is still early, he hasn’t arrived in the hall yet. He should arrive quickly though.”

After she said that, Li Xin lowered her voice and her face approached Long Hao Chen’s ear: “Long Hao Chen, should I call you little brother? Or little sister?”

“Eh?” Long Hao Chen was a little frightened by this sudden act and gave her a perplexed look.
Li Xin grinned: “Stop pretending, I originally ran out from home with a male attire to come to the Knight Temple, or else they wouldn’t have easily accepted a girl like me. You are the same as elder sister right? How can a boy possibly look as beautiful as you? Plus, after a few years, once your body will develop, especially here like elder sister, you will not be able to conceal yourself anymore.”

As she spoke, she also pulled Long Hao Chen&rsqu

Although she wore a soft armor, a soft feeling still entered in Hao Chen’s hand. He originally wanted to refute her words, but couldn’t say anything at this moment. His face became incredibly flushed.

As far as he remembered, he hadn’t even been so intimate with his mother! Even if he didn’t understand the meaning of a man groping a woman, he subconsciously let out his bashful feelings and his shy face seemed as if it was bleeding at this moment.

“Yah, such timidity! Little sister, you are really lovely. Rest assured, I will properly look after you in the future, in this Hao Yue hall.” As she said that, Li Xin laughed holding Long Hao Chen’s little face between her fingers.

Long Hao Chen reacted, “Elder sister, I am really a boy, not a little sister… …” At this moment, his hand was still pushed on Li Xin’s chest, his brain was completely heat up and his voice became really low.

“Whem?” Li Xin understood all of a sudden, “You are really a boy?”

Long Hao Chen desperately nodded. Moving away his hand, he looked like a little child who made a mistake, and took a few steps back.

Li Xin looked a little vexed: “But how can your hand be so soft? And how can you look so beautiful? Did I really misunderstand? Argh, I got groped. Little brother, tell me, how will you compensate me.”

She wanted to leave the Hall back then, but just at this moment, she saw Long Hao Chen at the entrance. After a single look, she was reminded of
the scene of herself arriving for the first time at the Temple Hall and she had a good first impression of Long Hao Chen who tried to enter. But, at this moment, she realized her own mistake of taking the initiative to hold this little boy’s hand. Wasn’t this an excessively indecent act? In her heart Li Xin was depressed. Luckily this little boy in front of her looked only about ten years old.

“I, I really don’t know.” Long Hao Chen frankly said but, in his heart, he thought, it was you who pulled my hand to make me grope you, I didn’t really want to grope you!

Li Xin’s face was white and red and after having spent a long time thinking, she said helplessly: “Okay, I’ll let you go, little guy. But you have to keep this a secret with me! You can’t let other people know. In the future, I will be your elder sister; an elder sister who had let her little brother touch her below, it is no big deal.”

To be able to run away from home to choose to become a knight, this girl’s disposition wasn’t weak. She quickly found a lame excuse to deal with this twisted situation.

“Xin Er, what are you doing here?” at this moment, a growling voice resounded.

Long Hao Chen and Li Xin turned around in the same time to find a huge giant who was entering.

No mistake, it was really a huge giant. His body was at least two meters high, but more exactly, he was 2.64 meters (eight Chi) tall, a 2.64 meters tall strong man. Even in a solid building such as Hao Yue Hall, the ground could be felt shaking.

“Uncle Nalan, you should really lose some weight, otherwise you will hardly leave the first floor. If you don’t, I’m afraid of the day when Hao Yue Hall will collapse from inside.” Li Xin snappily says.

This “strong man” was Hao Yue Hall’s host, Nalan Shu.
Nalan Shu, who just heard her words, didn’t get angered. He laughed out and simply said: “By only drinking I still gain weight, what can I do? Yi, are you the one who brought this little girl? She’s your family relative?”

“I am a boy.” To be misunderstood as a girl by Li Xin was still okay even if she made him grope her, but upon hearing this fatty uncle speak like this, Long Hao Chen who was depressed and discontent towards him immediately protested.

“Um?” Nalan Shu seemed distracted, Li Xin refrained from laughing upon seeing Long Hao Chen’s behaviour and told him his goal.

“What kind of letter is it? Show it to me.” Nalan Shu directed his hand towards Long Hao Chen.

Long Hao Chen took a deep breath and calmed down his depressed heart, then he put the letter in Nalan Shu’s hand.

Opening the letter, Nalan Shu looked pleased, but after a little look, his complexion completely changed. His tall body stood straight; and when he finished to read the letter, he wore an extremely serious look.

1. TL note: Shen Yin Wang Zuo, the novel’s title. I took the ‘sealed’ out of the TL, because “Sealed Divine Knight” would have sounded awkward.

Chapter 14

Li Xin stood at the side, full of curiosity: Nalan Shu was Hao Yue Hall’s master but also a genuine Earth Knight, the fifth step of the vocation. In the Temple Alliance, only a few people matched him. If a simple letter could make him so reverent, there ought to be an issue.

But as she thought about that, Nalan Shu, who had already read the letter, nodded towards Long Hao Chen, and said: “Come with me.” As he said that, he headed outside.

Long Hao Chen followed Nalan Shu to the third floor, accompanied by Li Xin full of curiosity.

Hao Yue Hall’s first floor was the main reception. The second floor was the one where all kinds of affairs were handled, and the third floor was known as the place where examinations took place. All the knights who belonged to Hao Yue Hall lived in a dwelling place in the area behind the hall.

The third floor was a dome at the top of the hall of the first building. As he entered, Long Hao Chen felt at the same time, a kind of dissuasive atmosphere. The third floor was an extremely broad hall, five meters high, without any decorations. On the wall all around, there were some symbols and lines, forming a faint brilliance.

Nalan Shu, who continuously advanced, arrived at this examination hall before he stopped. A soft blue light was sent out from his right hand and from the ground surface, a stone pillar immediately rose. It was pitch-black, the nature of its material hard to identify.
Nalan Shu faced Long Hao Chen and said: “Do you know for what purpose your teacher told you to come here?”

Long Hao Chen shook his head: “Teacher said you would tell it to me.”

Nalan Shu nodded: “Senior Xing Yu wanted you to undergo the Standard Knight examination. Let’s start now, hit this black stone with full force, from whichever side you want.”

Hearing the words “Standard Knight examination”, Li Xin who was at the side thought she had misheard.

How old was Long Hao Chen? Eleven, or twelve years-old at most? She herself was called Hao Yue Hall’s greatest genius and it was at thirteen years old that she passed the Standard Knight examination. Nalan Shu didn’t seem like he was joking, and hearing his tone, she realized could this Long Hao Chen’s teacher be even above Nalan hall master? Could he be a sixth step Radiant Knight? Heavens! Radiant Knights could be called the elite of the Temple Alliance. And how could he let his disciple go to Hao Yue Hall to undergo the examination?

As Li Xin had her heart filled with uncertainty, Long Hao Chen, on the other side, had already gotten prepared.

Long Hao Chen took out his refined-iron sword, flashing of a black color, from its handle. At the moment he gripped this sword, his temperament suddenly seemed to have undergone incredible changes.

From this originally shy-looking child, a stern atmosphere rose. His gaze became firm and inflexible, his whole body gave a feeling close to a steady rock and sent out a powerful feeling. Where had his characteristics of a child of ten years old gone?

A step forward, and a cut. An attack consisting of the two most basic movements for a knight.

A Ping sound echoed, the refined iron sword ruthlessly hit the black block of stone.
With a Buzz sound, a gentle blue mist directly shone from the surrounding walls of the Hall and on the black block of stone, a precise number appeared.


Spiritual energy of the 107th level, Nalan and Li Xin both, at this instant, couldn’t help opening their eyes wide. A spiritual energy level of 100 meant the second step of the vocation. So even though the 107th spiritual energy level only corresponded the first rank of the second step, it was still the second ste

It wasn’t just them, Long Hao Chen was also shocked. My Spiritual energy has already reached the 107th level? Since he was in Odin hall, as his spiritual energy was only at the 25th level, it was the first time he tested it, but he didn’t imagine that there would be such a result. A Standard Knight, I am unexpectedly already a Standard Knight.

An excited feeling ran through his whole body. In this instant, Long Hao Chen felt that all his efforts over the past year just got rewarded.

Xing Yu enabled a little child to grow within a single year from the 25th spiritual level to more than the 100th level, breaking through to the second step of the vocation. Even though it couldn’t be said as an unique case in Sheng Mo Da Lu, it could still be described as a miracle.

Long Hao Chen made undeniable great efforts by himself, but it was also because of Xing Yu who allowed him to soak in the hot springs, and the Assassin from the Temple who brought incredible benefits to his body channels. Without soaking in the hot springs, how could Long Hao Chen possibly have continued such a practice? A single coma would have been enough to force him to rest for a long while.

In a single year, his body’s foundations had already become solid.

Nalan Shu’s look gradually recovered. The gaze with which he looked at Long Hao Chen underwent incredible changes, as if he was seeing a rare
treasure, his plump face revealed a somewhat flattering expression. “Your name was Long Hao Chen, right? How old are you this year?”[1]

Long Hao Chen answered without even thinking: “Ten years old.”

Nalan Shu and Li Xin took a deep breath once more. A Standard Knight of ten years-old? The word genius couldn’t even be used to describe this, it should be called a talent even greater than a genius.

“Nalan hall master, I passed through the examination at last, right?”
Long Hao Chen asked.

Nalan Shu replied: “It looks so: according to the procedure, you only need a 100th spiritual energy level to pass through the second step, but your teacher said in the letter that you ought to challenge, in battle a knight (TL: genuine knight, 200th+ S.E lvl) and stand this knight’s attacks for fifteen minutes or else you won’t be considered as to have passed the examination.”

In regard to this demand, Nalan Shu found that it was too harsh. Even if a fifth rank Genuine Knight may still not be capable of withstanding a Genuine Knight’s attacks for a quarter of an hour, let alone a youth like Long Hao Chen who just entered into the Standard Knight step.

“Okay, then please assign a knight to this task.” Long Hao Chen said that as he unsheathed his left hand’s second refined-iron sword.

“I am coming, I am coming.” Li Xin didn’t show the least hesitation as she advanced, her small, pretty, and charming eyes couldn’t hide her flowing curiosity. A ten years old Standard Knight, what kind of concept was that? She absolutely had to test this little knight’s fighting capability.

Nalan Shu gave a look to Li Xin and nodded his head: “Pay attention.”

Li Xin smiled: “Rest at ease Uncle Nalan, I am not willing to injure him, he has just become my little brother after all.”
As she said that, Li Xin also took out the two swords from her back. Compared to Long Hao Chen’s, her pair of swords looked more magnificent. On each sword’s body, a golden brightness was sent out. Each sword’s length was 1.06 meters (3 Chi 2 Cun), and a kind of strong sacred atmosphere was sent out by the engraved symbol.

Li Xin, still holding her pair of swords, looked at Long Hao Chen. She was secretly surprised because as he gripped the weapon, his temperament clearly changed compared to his past appearance of a shy youth. His current appearance looked rather fierce, and unexpectedly, the pressure he sent out faintly affected her.

Nalan Shu moved away a few steps, saying with a low voice: “Start.” By acting as referee by the side, he had confidence that he wouldn’t let them injure each other.

“Elder sister, take care.”

1.more precisely, ”how big are you this year?” (the way you ask to a kid how old he is in Chinese)

Chapter 15

“Elder sister, be careful.” as Long Hao Chen warned her, his foot had already moved. The distance crossed by each of his steps weren’t much, but the pace was high. This was the knights’ short distance charge, that he correctly executed. Both swords, the first in front of Long Hao Chen and the second behind his back almost arrived in front of Li Xin in a flash.

A fast and strong thrust went straight towards Li Xin’s left shoulder, it was filled with the power of the sheer momentum concentrated in the charge.

Li Xin showed a smile. Her left hand’s sword was quickly raised, blocking Long Hao Chen’s attack, and she attacked with her right hand’s sword in no hurry. She wanted to see if this little guy could be harmed by an attack of this level.

Bang– –, without a sign, Long Hao Chen’s right feet suddenly stomped on the ground, causing his foot to cancel its previous motion, forcefully ending this all-out charge, his body floating along with it. Meanwhile, the sent out refined iron sword was quickly retrieved along with the motion, just in time to cross this provocation of Li Xin.

Nalan Shu’s eyes shone; skill interruption?

He also took back into his hand the refined-iron sword at this moment. The edge of his sword momentarily shone and right afterwards, with at least twice his prior speed, a light shone on the edge, aiming for Li Xing’s left shoulder as before. [Pure White Edge], [Thorny Charge]. Two knight abilities practically perfectly mixed together were used, and it happened to
create an opening in this moment of provocation from Li Xin. The knight skill called [Thorny Charge] is able to raise the speed of the attack and, at the same time to gather the spiritual energy. Coordinated with a second ability that condenses the spiritual energy, [Pure White Edge], this hit’s power had already greatly outstripped Long Hao Chen’s 107th spiritual energy level.

However, Li Xin was not a Standard Knight, she was a Genuine Knight and at the instant the sword moved, she was already in guard against it, her right hand’s sword arriving before her body in this critical situation. No matter how much Long Hao Chen enhanced his attack, it couldn’t be enough to pierce her defense.

Ding– —

The two swords met each other, Long Hao Chen’s thrust hit the part located at the top third of the blade. The power of the straight thrust wasn’t really lacking compared to the cross cut. However, because of the superiority of Li Xin’s spiritual energy compared to Long Hao’s, she blocked the attack, but couldn’t help draw two step backs.

Pa– –, the sword in Long Hao Chen’s right hand was repelled, but his movements did not stop so easily, his right arm’s refined-iron sword rose at the same time as he took a step forward, unexpectedly assaulting again.

A second charge, and at such a close-distance, but it was repelled even though this attack was the second in a row.

Long Hao Chen’s tough right hand swept from the side. The second charge only consisted of three steps, but during those three steps, his body seemed very stable. Then, his foot rotated, realizing with his body a swift whirl. The left hand’s sword rose, shining of a thin white light, [Pure White Edge]’s severe chop was directed straight towards Li Xin.

Li Xin’s eyes were full of surprise, but she showed her inborn talents of a genius knight at this moment. Her right foot was directed towards the back, her body taking a stable posture. Then, her body bent over, the sword at her right-hand side prepared and the sword at her left side, emitting a sort of
lightning, stabbed ahead, becoming ten sword shadows heading towards Long Hao Ch

A defense and counter-attacking move.

But the next scene completely dumbfounded Nalan Shu who was standing to the side.

A sound rang and Long Hao Chen’s full force attacking sword immediately collided against Li Xin’s sword. Although there was a difference of almost 100 levels between Long Hao Chen’s and Li Xin’s spiritual energy, this attack of his was supported by skills and managed to draw force from the momentum. As both swords intersected, the result was surprising: no one had the advantage; it was even Li Xin’s body that was slightly repelled.

But suddenly, Li Xin’s [Lightning Cut] arrived before Long Hao Chen. At this moment, Nalan Shu thought about interrupting the fight and Li Xin was already preparing to stop her hand.

But Long Hao Chen’s right hand that was just repelled by the attack suddenly moved.

A sort of illusion emitted by the sword blasted the area in front of his body and with a loud noise, [Lightning Cut] was completely blocked.

Because she was afraid of harming Long Hao Chen, Li Xin didn’t go all out and her attack was not only warded off, but also countered at this moment.

Both sword wielded, one horizontally and one vertically, it was a the sign of a knight’s skill, [Instant Blast Cross Cut].

There was already nothing left of Li Xin’s previously amused look. After she had released her [Lightning Cut], she had no power left. In addition to the fact that because she didn’t expect at all that Long Hao Chen would be able to block her previous attack, therefore, she didn’t prepare any response to this counterattack.
A thin golden light shone from Li Xin’s body. Her right hand was inserted in the ground and a golden ray suddenly burst out, rising two meter high.

With two Dang sound, Long Hao Chen’s [Instant Blast Cross Cut] was stopped by a layer of golden light screen and bounced back. At this moment, he also drew back of a few steps, taking a defensive posture. The consumption of the previous succession of attacks wasn’t small.

Li Xin shot a gloomy look toward Long Hao Chen who just drew back, “OK! Little guy, you compelled Elder Sister to send out the [Heavenly Battle Array] to deal with your attack. Be careful, now Elder Sister is going to attack.”

[Heavenly Battle Array], a skill of Retribution Knights of the third step that draws support from the particular holy light of the knight and takes the shape of a layer of light with an effect similar to an all-out defense formed of spiritual energy.

Her foot pushing on the ground, Li Xin jumped, her right hand’s sword chopping straight towards Long Hao Chen. She is truly somewhat depressed at this moment because she was forced to act shamelessly, using the [Heavenly Battle Array] against Long Hao Chen to keep off his attack, her face looking hectic. The important matter was to reclaim back the face she just lost.

This time, Long Hao Chen didn’t strike back. He lift his right hand and, in a split second, he seemed like a venerable sculpture. Even though it was only for a little moment, it made Nalan Shu, to the side, widen his eyes.
With a neat Dang sound, Li Xin was shocked and moved back stupefied. In fact, her spiritual energy was at least twice Long Hao Chen’s and plus,
she jumped in the air. So even if she showed mercy, her attack force would still be considerable. To Li Xin, Long Hao Chen should be the one to draw back, but in fact, she was the one forced back. Her hand that held the sword was completely paralyzed.
“I can’t attack, how is that possible!?” Li Xin fell down with a gloomy look, it could be seen on her face that she didn’t understand Long Hao Chen’s current defensive posture.

Seeing that Li Xin stopped, Long Hao Chen packed up his own pair of swords. Feeling embarassed to see Li Xin’s gloomy look, he didn’t know what he ought to do at this moment.

“Uncle Nalan, please tell me, what is all of that about? Long Hao Chen is only a first step Standard Knight, so how is it possible? How could he be able to repel me?”

As she said that, Li Xin saw the expression on Nalan Shu’s shocked face. This time, he was the one who looked like a sculpture, standing there while showing a stupefied appearance.

“Uncle Nalan, what is up with you?” Li Xin asked with an expression full of doubts.

“[Divine Obstruction]? Little Hao Chen, quickly tell me, was what you just used the [Divine Obstruction]?” Nalan Shu made a few steps before arriving in front of Long Hao Chen, his eyes full of impatience and showing a shaken expression.

Li Xin’s heroic face was immediately struck dumb with amazement, “Uncle Nalan, aren’t you mistaken? That was a Radiant Knight’s [Divine Obstruction]? It is impossible, absolutely impossible. Weren’t only Radiant knights able to use the [Divine Obstruction]?”

Radiant Knight, the sixth step of the vocation. [Divine Obstruction] was a skill that was their brand mark and also the skill known to cause the most changes to the knight’s body.

Chapter 16

Long Hao Chen replied showing a somewhat confused look: “I don’t know what [Divine Obstruction] is, Teacher only told me that this was an obstruction skill.”

Nalan Shu took a deep breath, calmed himself, and muttered: “No mistake, it is without a doubt [Divine Obstruction]. Xin Er (kid Xin), I did not see [Divine Obstruction] only once. Whether they are Retribution Knights or Guardian Knights, once at the level of a Radiant Knight, they will all practice this skill. If it wasn’t for the [Divine Obstruction], Hao Chen couldn’t possibly have kept off that earlier attack of yours. No wonder, no wonder senior Xing Yu would let him challenge a knight to battle. With the [Divine Obstruction], withstanding a knight’s attacks for a quarter of an hour is not impossible.”

“The threshold to the [Divine Obstruction] is, without a doubt, the grade of Radiant Knight, but this is merely our Knight Temple’s threshold, it is not the threshold for the study of the ability. Provided one has the inborn talent, enough ability, and the necessary reaction speed, a sixth step knight can pass any ability onto him, but this premise needs the authorization of our Temple Knight to be done. There was formerly a great knight who because of his great merits, got the authorization to break this rule and be able to pass them on.”

Nalan Shu is an Earth Knight so he knows much more than Li Xin in regard to the skill [Divine Obstruction], but because of that, he became even more shaken.
The [Divine Obstruction] is a skill that can be easily described. It enables one to momentarily transform his defense entirely. Simply said, it causes one’s defense to become like an iron rock so that only attacks that exceed the defensive power of the skill can break through it. However, if the attacks use weapons of the same volume and hardness as an iron rock, when attacking, it cannot possibly break this defense.

[Divine Obstruction] is like the process of the transformation of an ore of iron into a bar of iron. It is easily explained, but extremely hard to do because it takes a lot of talent.

Though, if [Divine Obstruction] is trained to a certain level, it can use at least a part of the power of the opponent’s attack to become its own force and use it for attack as well as defense. Practiced to its utmost potential, [Divine Obstruction]’s defensive power is worthy of being called “divine”.

To possibly break [Divine Obstruction]’s defense, one must have at least three times the spiritual force of the user of [Divine Obstruction].

“Nalan Master, can we consider that I have passed the examination?” Long Hao Chen didn’t know what startled these two people before him, and simply asked.

“Naturally, you passed. Wait a little, I have to look for the thing senior Xing Yu wanted you to bring back.” Nalan Shu turned around and left, but he didn’t show signs of having calmed down yet.

Li Xin looked at Long Hao Chen as if he was some kind of monster, “Little brother, tell me, what was this skill that you used to repel my [Lightning Stab]?”

Long Hao Chen shook his head and answered: “No no! I only used pure physical force.”

“You broke my [Lightning Stab] with only your physical power?” Li Xin couldn’t help raising her voice. She naturally didn’t know that Long Hao Chen’s attack had been enhanced a lot. Over the last year, the torment in the owl-ant’s crypt didn’t go to waste. In addition to that, he soaked in
the hot spring and had his spiritual energy’s twelve standards enhanced, its impurities dispelled. That year of practice equaled at least three years of practice for an ordinary person.

After a short ti

“This is your insignia of a Standard Knight. On it, there is a star that symbolizes the fact you are first ranked. Once there are all the stars, will you be able to once more take an examination. This awakening stone is something Senior Xing Yu told you to bring back. You must keep it well.”

“Thank you.” after receiving these two items, Long Hao Chen respectfully saluted Nalan Shu.

Nalan Shu asked: “Should I have Xin Er accompany you out of Hao Yue Hall?”

Long Hao Chen shaked his head, answering: “No. Teacher gave me another task to accomplish. I should hurry up.”

Nalan Shu didn’t insist and asked Li Xin to send him directly to the entrance.

“Xin Er elder sister, how can I go to the adventurers’ guild?” Long Hao Chen asked Li Xin right before leaving.

Li Xin replied: “The adventurers’ guild isn’t far from here. Look, go to the front and then turn at the right. After about a kilometer, there will be an intersection where you should finally turn left.”

“Thank you, Xin Er elder sister, I am glad to have met you. I have to go first. Nalan Shu hall master, goodbye.”

After bidding farewell to both of them, Long Hao Chen took the route shown by Li Xin.

Looking at his leaving figure, Li Xin can’t help asking Nalan Shu: “Uncle Nalan, from where does this little guy come from?! It is impossible to find another such outstanding talent of his age in our
Knight Temple. And how could he learn the [Divine Obstruction]? What kind of person is his teacher?”

Nalan Shu let out a sigh, shaking his head, and replied: “I cannot tell you that yet. All you need to know is that towards the fact that he already learnt the [Divine Obstruction] is in accordance with the rules of our Temple. In the near future, I expect that it is unthinkable that our Hao Yue Hall stays unknown. Xin Er, did you see, you are not the only genius in this world! You have to practice seriously or otherwise, you will fail the Alliance’s hunting beast selection in four years.”

Li Xin quietly nodded, “I wonder when I’ll see this beautiful little brother again.”

Nalan Shu revealed a smile: “There is something I can tell you; in two years, he will come back. He will at least stay for the duration of the magical hunt of the Alliance.”

Long Hao Chen moved according to the direction given by Li Xin and quickly found the place of his second task, the adventurers’ guild.

Compared to this place, the Knight Temple of Hao Chen was rather calm: the surroundings of the adventurers’ guild were in a total mess. Numerous people came in and out of this place and people dressed in every kind of outfit could be seen.

His eyes shone, he had already found the place he was looking for. Not far from the left side, on a counter, was where assignments were taken.

By chance, there was someone at the counter. Long Hao Chen advanced towards it and looked at a woman in her twenties: “Elder sister, I want to receive a task.”

“Ah?” The young woman at the counter saw someone who was only a head taller than the counter. She couldn’t help but be distracted by Long Hao Chen’s pretty face.
“Haa, our adventurers’ guild really accepts anyone! Even this little thing ran looking for an assignment, it is really hilarious.” A severe voice resounded near them.

Long Hao Chen turned his head around, only to see a strong statured, full beard man laughing as he looked at him with a face full of disdain

Long Hao Chen wrinkled, not understanding what is up with him, and asked once more to the young woman: “Elder sister, I want to receive a task.”

The youth behind the counter looked full of curiosity, “Little brother, what kind of task would you like to receive?”

Without letting Long Hao Chen have the time to speak, the loud voice already rang for a second time, “What little brother, she is clearly a little sister. Little sister, how about this uncle buys some excellent lollipops for you, haha — —” This straightforward man’s speech caused a stream of laughter in his surroundings.

“I want to receive a second step assignment. The best would be one that consists of killing magical beasts.” Long Hao Chen wrinkled even more, but the girl’s answer wasn’t very satisfying.

She answered, with a little awkward tone: “Little brother, I’m afraid that it is impossible. Second step assignments require you to be at the second step in a vocation to be received.”

“Then, quickly go back home to suck the breast of your mother. Or is it that you don’t know if she still has milk to give you. If she still has some, what about letting me drink two sips of it? Looking at your pretty appearance, I guess your mother should be not bad. If you could also have an elder sister, it would be even greater.”

It was the same voice. Hearing it again, Long Hao Chen’s expression suddenly became cold.

Chapter 17

The girl behind the counter hurried to tell him in a low voice: “Little brother, make haste to go please. This isn’t the kind of place where you should come. Ignore them, these adventurers are blood thirsty people, they often display that they are up to no good. But they shouldn’t do anything bad to you, we are in the guild after all.”

After she said this, the girl suddenly discovered that the youth in front of her had a clear firm gaze.

“You shouldn’t insult my mother.” As he said this, Long took something out from his bosom to hand to the girl and left her.

The ten years-old Long Hao Chen’s height wasn’t even at this brawny man Luo Sai Hu’s stomach’s height, but his steps were very steady. “Huu, huu, huu, quickly take a look everyone, this little fledgling is still angry. Tch tch, look at these pretty cheeks! This delicate tearful face. Even if she’s a little chick now, after being sent to the brothel, she’ll just become a first class girl there.”

In Luo Sai Hu’s hands were a pair of edged battle axes that he struck the floor with, giving a playful look to Long Hao Chen, his body leaning on one of the axes.

Long Hao Chen moved and arrived 3.3 meter (1 Zhang) in front of Luo Sai Hu. His face was tranquil, and his back was perfectly straight. He clenched his left hand into a fist, placing it on the right side of his chest, performing a knight’s salute.
The next instant, he took out a white glove and threw it at the other party, meanwhile taking out the pair of swords from his back, the tips of the swords pointed downwards. Saying in a little voice: “If you dare insult my mother, I, Long Hao Chen, challenge you according to the Knight Alliance’s rules by throwing my glove down. This is a fight to death.”

Long Hao Chen’s voice was clear. The nearby people could all hear it clearly, and at this moment, the guild members who had exploded in laughter a while before had calmed down. Luo Sai Hu also became stupefied.

However, Luo Sai Hu quickly came back to his senses: “Haha, I’m dying from laughter. Look quickly, everyone! This little bastard can say a lot and also learned the challenge of a knight, and is also a Standard Knight. Did your breast’s hair already grow ? I accept your challenge! Come! Come to snap at me! Hahahaha.”

Long Hao Chen lifted his right hand’s sword, coldly facing the exit, “Please.” It is the first time he came to the adventurer’s guild, but he knows they cannot fight inside, even if it was an official knight’s challenge to battle.

As he had said this word, he already left first.

The axe-wielding warrior Luo Sai Hu also came outside without hesitation, and a group of excited people followed. The girl behind the counter was left alone; she was staring blankly at the badge in her hand. “First ranked Standard Knight, could it be that he really is a Standard Knight?”

Leaving the adventurers’ guild, the exposure to the warm sunlight doesn’t solve the dejection in Long Hao Chen’s in his heart. At this moment, Xing Yu’s teachings resound in his heart. You don’t need to say anything to your foe. Use the sword in you hand and your foe’s blood to wash your shame.

Luo Sai Hu also left, carrying on his shoulders the pair of edged battle axes, raising his finger towards Long Hao Chen, “Come! Little bastard,
this grandpa is gonna teach you a lesson. After this grandpa has beaten you, he will not kill you, but rather sell you to a brothel, earning some Gold Coins… …”

With the sound of the roars of laughter ringing out, Long Hao Chen moved.

Charging, his hurried steps resounded a

[Pure White Edge] was actually regularly used by low-level knights belonging to the Knight Alliance.

Instantly, the intense sound of laughter stopped and Long Hao Chen already arrived in front of his opponent.

Upon seeing Long Hao Chen’s charge, Luo Sai Hu was a little frightened. He also knew about [Pure White Edge]. His complexion temporarily changed. How could he have known that this little child was really someone from the Knight Temple? To offend the head of the Six Great Temples, the Knight Temple, how could an ordinary adventurer dare to do that ? No matter what, he had to get rid of this little kid first and afterwards, in the worst case, he would just immediately run.

Thinking about that, Luo Sai Hu’s felt a great hatred. His hand swung the pair of edged axes, using his [Heavy Chop] against Long Hao Chen who was coming. Regarding his vocation, he was a second step, third rank warrior. His spiritual energy was at the 120th level. His full-powered strikes used the damage potential of his wooden weapons to the maximum.

However, Long Hao Chen had encountered magical beasts almost every time he came back home, so he wasn’t a novice in fighting. The result was that at this moment, he kept his calm as usual.

He stomped his right foot on the ground before using the skill that had the effect of breaking off his charge, as he did when he was facing Li Xin. However, he linked it up with another skill this time.
Holding both swords, in the instant before the pair of axes was going to fall down, he completed a [Divine Obstruction].

It required incredible accuracy to be done! Without his mental capacity, which was so different from ordinary people’s, Long Hao Chen couldn’t possibly accomplish the linking of these skills.

A huge sparkling sound rang and the pair of edged axes crossed with the pair of enhanced swords during their ruthless chop.

A lot of people couldn’t help but shut their eyes. The contrast between Long Hao Chen’s body and Luo Sai Hu’s was, after all, too big. From a lot of people’s point of view, he should have chosen to parry the attack because he had no other choice. How much Spiritual Energy could such a young boy have? In addition, Luo Sai Hu’s [Heavy Chop] was similar to [Pure White Edge] in the fact that it also increased the power of the attack, but was a skill for heavy weapon users.

However, the reinforced-iron sword in Long Hao Chen’s hand didn’t snap. To Luo Sai Hu’s surprise, with a snapping sound, the pair of edged war axes fell and his chest was wide open.

Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction] couldn’t be broken by a third step knight, Li Xin, so how could this second step warrior possibly break it?

It seemed that a faint light had appeared on Long Hao Chen’s body as the overlapping swords in his hands took advantage of this moment to launch an [Instant Blast Cross Cut].

With two Puff sounds, the pair of iron swords cut through the top of Luo Sai Hu’s leather armor and the sound of bones shattering behind the leather armor could be heard.

Luo Sai Hu’s eyes widened as blood flowed thick and fast out of his body

Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction] wasn’t at a profound level. The proof was how he couldn’t make use of Li Xin’s spiritual energy against her, but this Luo Sai Hu’s force was only slightly superior to his, just at the
right level at which Long Hao Chen’s [Divine Obstruction] could borrow 20 levels of spiritual energy. In addition to the boost of [Pure White Edge], Long Hao Chen’s attack exceeded, by 100 levels, his actual spiritual energy. This attack’s power greatly outstripped Luo Sai Hu’s strength. How could the ordinary leather armor that covered his body withstand such an attack?

“Third brother!” Two voices cried in alarm. Two big fellows came out from the the middle of the crowd, they were clearly partners of Luo Sai Hu. Being an adventurer was a dangerous job so, people generally formed a team.

However, it was already too late when they came out.

Puff — –, after the [Instant Blast Cross Cut] wounded the opponent, Long Hao Chen didn’t show the least hesitation and linked it with a stab and the iron sword sharply penetrated into Luo Sai Hu’s throat like a lightning bolt.

“Asshole!” The two robust men ran straight towards Long Hao Chen.

“Stop.” A cold voice rang and golden rays of light followed, rising from Long Hao Chen’s back, stopping the two adventurers from coming.

Li Xin coldly stood there with her two swords hanging on the side of her body; thin golden spiritual energy threads emanated from both sides of her body, clearly showing her strength as a third step knight.

“Ah, it is the Hell Rose… …” The crowd suddenly cried in alarm.

Chapter 18

“If you want to court death, I don’t mind helping you join the one who just passed away.” Li Xin’s cold voice was full of murderous intent.

The two robust men were also warriors; the first one held a greatsword and the second one a sword and shield. Looking at Li Xin, they showed uncertain faces. They knew that they couldn’t intervene: Long Hao Chen had just killed Luo Sai Hu in a duel, so even the defense of the city did not have the right to interfere.

The warrior that held a greatsword shouted in anger: “My third brother merely joked a little, but this little kid killed him. Is this your knight’s kindness?”

The first of these warriors was a third step, second rank war master and the second was a second step, eighth rank warrior. Although, together, they didn’t fear Li Xin, they couldn’t disregard the Knight Alliance backing Li Xin.

Li Xin said, full of disdain, “Are you blind? My brother is a Retribution Knight, not a Guardian Knight. The Retribution Knights’ norm is to get rid of their enemy, and knowing my little brother’s temperament, if not for your companion speaking horribly to him, how could he have possibly lowered himself to kill him? If you are not convinced, then come at the same time.”

As she was speaking, the pair of long swords in both of Li Xin’s hands ran through a series of strange paths, thin golden energy gushing out from her body.
“Lulu.” With an extended sound, this strange light took the form of a tall and robust horse with a pair of wings coming out from its back.

This winged horse was of an extremely rare pink color, its body was 2.66 meters (8 chi) long and 2 meters (6 Chi) tall. The wings coming out from its back were not really wide, it looked as if it didn’t enable it to fly. At some place atop of its head, something stuck out. Its eyes were rose colored and a strong smell came out from its body. Both rose colored eyes gave a dignified feeling.

Li Xin mounted on the horse’s back and looked at the two knights with eyes full of contempt and disdain.

Li Xin’s nickname, the Hell Rose, came from this horse, a young fully rose colored unicorn. Even if it was not fully grown yet, it was still a real fifth step magical beast. Against it, a third or even a fourth step warrior wasn’t a worthy opponent. To begin with, even humans of the same step weren’t a match for magical beasts.

“She’s a knight from the Knight Alliance?” exclaimed the man holding a shield. Both exchanged looks and didn’t say anything else, fleeing while carrying their companion’s corpse.

A lot of nearby adventurers commented in a low voice, “These guys are, for sure, outsiders for not knowing the greatest genius of Hao Yue Hall, the Hell Rose. Serves them right. But she’s still… …”

“Elder sister.” Long Hao Chen was standing by Li Xin’s side all this time, but after having killed someone, his face still didn’t show the slightest change.

Li Xin descended from the Rose Unicorn, smilingly saying: “Little idiot, why did you come to the adventurer’s guild in the first place?” She had previously asked someone from the guild about Long Hao Chen because she wasn’t at ease letting him go alone to such a snake nest-like place, so she followed after him and came at just the right time to see the previous scene.
Long Hao Chen answered: “Teacher wanted me to accept a second step mission.”

Li Xin answered, somewhat speechless: “This teacher of yours must really trust you. Let’s go, I’m coming along with you.”

Entering once more into the adventurer’s guild, the look the adve

They didn’t know about [Divine Obstruction], but looking at Long Hao Chen’s age, they guessed the Knight Alliance ought to protect such a treasure. They didn’t dare act rashly anymore.

“Knight, Senior Knight, I have to give you back your badge.” The girl who was behind the counter advanced hurriedly as soon as she saw them come back, respectfully giving back to Long Hao Chen his badge. After she took a look at this badge, she immediately ran out and saw the whole fight from afar. The current gaze she gave Long Hao Chen was full of curiosity.

Now that he had taken care of the matter, Long Hao Chen chose a mission that was north of the city of Hao Yue that consisted of killing ten second step magical beasts.

“Little brother, let me come with you or else I won’t be at ease. Although there aren’t high step ranked magical beasts around Hao Yue, there are still third step ones and sometimes even fourth step ones can appear. Plus, you will be able to go faster if I come along.”

“I can’t, elder sister. Teacher wanted me to accomplish this mission alone.”

“What is the problem? You will be accomplishing it alone! You will be killing magical beasts while I will only be in charge of making sure that you are not caught off-guard by others. Now that it’s decided, let’s go.”

As she spoke, Li Xin pulled Long Hao Chen out of the adventurer’s guild and immediately left the city on the Rose Unicorn.
Long Hao Chen was very excited as this was the first time he was riding a mount.

The rose mount’s back was very smooth and Li Xin was right behind him. He could smell a thin scent of rose, but didn’t know whether it came out from elder sister or the Rose Unicorn.

They both left quickly. Long Hao Chen was surprised that as they were leaving the city, not only did Li Xin not stop at all, but in addition, she was saluted by the guards at the entrance.

Leaving the city of Hao Yue, the Rose Unicorn accelerated even further, shaking Long Hao Chen who discovered a red radiance coming out from the Rose Unicorn’s body that clearly was raising the temperature nearby and increasing its speed. However, he didn’t feel any pressure from the wind because of the protection of the red barrier. The Rose Unicorn’s wings often stretched, becoming more steady; the travel speed was as fast as a flying engine’s.

“So fast! Elder Sister, your mount is awesome. How can I possess such a mount?!” Long Hao Chen was, after all, still a kid; how could he not be excited by this kind of new sensation?

Li Xin smiled: “If you answer one question, I will tell you.”

Long Hao Chen said: “Please ask, elder sister.”

Li Xin: “Was it the first time you killed someone? If it was, how aren’t you disturbed at all after that? I have never forgotten the pain of the first time I killed someone; I threw up for three days and three nights!”

Long Hao Chen scratched his head, saying: “I haven’t killed anyone else before, but I have killed magical beasts. Teacher said that killing foes was just like killing magical beasts, I cannot show the slightest mercy and as long as they aren’t dead, I cannot relax. Since he is like a magical beast, why should I feel uncomfortable? I have killed many magical beasts. And after I delivered the last blow, I didn’t take a single look at his appearance.” Actually, he didn’t know himself that because of the bitter
training in the owl-ants’ crypt, his fear of this kind of situation was now nonexistent.

Li Xian couldn’t help but react: “I really don’t know if he has an extremely pure heart or is cold blooded. But it is as his teacher said, evil must be completely eradicated.”

Long Hao Chen was truly eager to have a mount as good as this Rose Unicorn and anxiously asked: “How did you acquire this Rose Unicorn?!”

Li Xin answered: “Don’t be in a hurry. In fact, even if I didn’t tell you, you would still know in the future. Because, like me, you will need to go to the Knights’ Sacred Mountain to choose a suitable magical beast.”

“What kind of place is this Knights’ Sacred Mountain?”

“In our Temple Alliance, the vast majority of knights have to select a mount or to tame a magical beast to serve them as a mount. But there is an exception; it is regarding exceptionally gifted young knights. Those who pass the Genuine Knight examination before hitting twenty years and thus become third step, first rank knights have the qualifications to enter the Knights’ Sacred Mountain. You are a ten years-old Standard Knight, so you should have no problem becoming a Genuine Knight before hitting twenty years-old.”

Chapter 19

“The Knights’ Sacred Mountain is a place where our Knight Temple raises various kinds of magical beasts. In the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there is a peculiarity discovered by our ancestor from the Alliance three thousand years ago. That place is very good for the growth of magical beasts and will reduce their wild nature. Taming them becomes really easy. A young knight just needs to be approved by one of them and then he can take it away, making it his mount. It is also one of the best privileges our Knight Temple has, just like the enchanted equipment that a young genius mage from the Mage Temple can receive. But you should know that among those in our Knight Alliance’s top ranks, all of them visited the Knight’s Sacred Mountain.”

Long Hao Chen’s dark blue eyes immediately lit up, “What if all of the magical beasts from the Knights’ Sacred Mountain are tamed?”

Li Xin couldn’t help laugh: “How can it be so easy?! In our entire Knight Temple, if there are a few tens of Knights below 20 years old in the same year, it is already not bad, and sometimes, there are not even ten knights. Also, at the Knights’ Sacred Mountain, there is a great summoning array that seems to be able to connect to a particular place from which a magical beast will be summoned from after a time interval. Thus, you don’t have to worry about the Knights’ Sacred Mountain having a shortage of magical beasts. That said, on the mountain, there are even ninth step magical beasts. If one can get a ninth rank magical beast, it can be considered equivalent to having reached at least the seventh step of the vocation.”
Long Hao Chen asked: “Elder Sister, at which step is your Rose Unicorn?”

Li Xin proudly answered: “My Rose is, at the moment, a fifth step magical beast, but it isn’t mature yet. After it has grown up, it can attain the seventh step at the least, with power equivalent to someone with a sixth step vocation [1]. Your elder sister will also become at least a sixth step Radiant Knight, so you should double your efforts too haha.”

“Yeah, then I’ll double my efforts with my first goal set to becoming qualified to visit the Sacred Mountain.”

The mission was easy to complete. With the protection of a Genuine Knight who had already visited the Mountain: it wasn’t a difficult task at all for a second step knight who could use [Divine Obstruction] to kill ten magical beasts. After only half a day, the task was accomplished. He got 25 gold coins and his first entry of completed mission on his adventurer certificate.

Sometimes, a new meeting was truly a wonderful thing. That was how Li Xin felt: she really liked her new little brother; not only did she help him with his mission, she also accompanied him to the Town of Odin located more than 100 kilometers (200 Li) apart from Hao Yue City and they were both very reluctant to part.

It would soon be night and, looking at the red-colored sunset at the horizon, Long Hao Chen couldn’t help but show a triumphant smile: “Teacher gave me two days to complete a mission, but I only needed one. Let’s go back home to see Mother, and then I’ll go back to the summit of the mountain tomorrow morning to surprise Teacher.”

Thinking about it, he jubilantly headed home, but at the same time, his head is filled with envy, reminiscing about the beautiful reddish silhouette of the Rose Unicorn. How fantastic would it be if he could, in the future, have a magical beast as his mount! Long Hao Chen clearly knew that it would have been impossible for him to pass the examination if Li Xin had ridden her Unicorn.
Filled with this sentiment of admiration, he quickly saw his cottage. To give a good surprise to

His pair of blue eyes instantly became dull and his whole body couldn’t help trembling.

Because of his mental strength that is different from ordinary people’s, Long Hao Chen had, generally, a calmer attitude than people of the same age. But at this moment, he couldn’t control himself at all. In from of him was the most unimaginable scene he could ever dream of.

Bai Yue was in the courtyard, but was seated on a man’s lap. This man was the one who had a place second only to his mother’s in his heart; the one who enabled him to become, within a single year, a Standard Knight. Teacher Xing Yu.

“You, you[2]… …” Long Hao Chen stood there, completely speechless; his mind was completely blank at this moment.

“Chen Chen.” Bai Yue tried to stand up from Xing Yu’s lap, but he suddenly held her in his arms and a thin light appeared, making her seemingly unable to move and even to speak.

Xing Yu stood up, moving Bai Yue on the side, and gave a cold look to Long Hao Chen.

“Why? Why are you bullying my mother?” Long Hao Chen stood there, shouting hysterically. Right after, he took out his pair of refined-iron swords. His eyes had become very red.

Xing Yu’s wrist slightly moved and used a mysterious trick. In his right hand appeared a bamboo sword. With his left hand placed behind his body and his sword’s tip turned towards the ground, he faintly said: “Come.”

There was nothing left of the excited mood Long Hao Chen had been in; instead, despair, agony, hate, and all sorts of negative feelings were rising in him.
“Aah!!!” Long Hao Chen let out a cry, charging towards Xing Yu. This time, he didn’t use any skills, just swinging his both swords, going all out against Xing Yu.

He didn’t know Xing Yu’s actual strength nor his speed at all; in fact, it was impossible for him to match his teacher. However, Teacher bullied Mother and because he discovered that there was this kind of matter between the two people who had the biggest places in his heart, there wasn’t an ounce of reason left in him.

Bang — —

With a little swipe from the bamboo sword in Xing Yu’s hand, it was as if Long Hao Chen was crushed by a mountain; he was sent flying backwards, falling in the courtyard.

“What did I teach to you? Regardless of what kind of foe you are facing, even if it is me, you have to remain calm.” said Xing Yu faintly.

At this moment, Long Hao Chen still listened to his lesson: his body crawled and rolled on the ground; his heart was filled with hate and he felt betrayed; all the blood in his whole body seemed to be burning. He charged once more without the least bit of hesitation.

[Pure White Edge], [Thorny Charge]. Using an enhanced charge, he launched his most powerful attack.

However, it was completely useless.

Xing Yu used spiritual energy at the same level as Long Hao Chen’s. He had a mere bamboo sword in his hand, and it was a very thin one, but it hit at the weakest spots on Long Hao Chen’s sword that was swung at full power.

The bamboo sword collided and the shock reached both of Long Hao Chen’s   hands.   His   iron   swords   fell   on   the   ground,   letting   out two Puff sounds. Long Hao Chen also fell back, his bottom sitting on the ground.
“Argh — –” It didn’t stop at that. Long Hao Chen, still in pain, even without weapons, charged like a mad tiger once more towards Xing Yu.

Xing Yu’s brow wrinkled, the bamboo sword thrust forward straight towards Long Hao Chen’s stomach. However, Long Hao Chen didn’t even try to avoid it and directly jumped towards the sharp point of the sword.

Xing Yu had a fright; although it was only a bamboo sword, it was still sharp. Without anything protecting Long Hao Chen’s body, even if he wasn’t killed, he would still be greatly wounded. Thus, he subconsciously stopped the bamboo sword and let Long Hao Chen dash against his body.

Without hesitation, Long Hao Chen bit Xing Yu’s arm.

At Xing Yu’s level, it would have been easy to get rid of him, but he didn’t move. Letting Long Hao Chen’s teeth ruthlessly sink into his arm, his only reaction was the one of wincing slightly.

1. I am sure I didn’t mistranslate. But isn’t it contradictory, then, will you ask? Because magical beast are supposed to be stronger then humans at the same step. Well two suppositions: -either magical beast that can qualify to become a mount/companion are (sometimes) weaker; seems legit because to be tamed, it is logical that the beast shouldn’t be too ferocious. -or higher step vocations become stronger than magical beasts of the same step.

2. (TL: the first you is at singular form and the second one is at plural form) here, are the comments of the part 1

Chapter 20

Affected by Xing Yu’s scent that gave him an intimate feeling, Long Hao Chen started crying, he couldn’t control his tears that suddenly started to drip. Then, he let his mouth loose. Looking at the place on Xing Yu’s armpit where he bit, it was bleeding and had a bite mark. He shouted with a hoarse voice: “WHY? WHY DON’T YOU KILL ME?”

“Because I am your father.”

With that simple sentence, Long Hao Chen’s face that was full of anger suddenly calmed down, he stood there motionless, his eyes looking straight at Xing Yu.

“What, what did you say you were?” Long Hao Chen showed an ashen face that was gradually being filled with disbelief.

Long Xing Yu sighed and took a step forward, pulling him into his bosom and tightly hugging him, “I am, I am your father, the father you had never met before. Xing Yu is my name, you have your surname from me, we both are from the same ‘Long’ family.” After he said these words, his hand released a white light, untying the restriction on Bai Yue’s body.

Bai Yue quickly rushed at them, pulling Long Hao Chen from Long Xin Yu’s bosom, glaring at him, “Are you mad? You just frightened me to death.”

Long Xing Yu laughed: “I just wanted to test Hao Chen’s ability to keep his calm during fights in all circumstances, but from what I saw, you are his biggest weak spot.”
“Mother, he, is he really?…” Only at this moment did Long Hao Chen react, all his negative emotions turned into shock, and he gave his mother a flabbergasted look.

Bai Yue gently nodded, “I am sorry, Chen Chen. Mother didn’t tell you until now, but a year ago, your father found us. He hoped that you could become a knight as formidable as him and thus we hid from you the fact that he came back.”

Long Xing Yu acquiesced and nodded, “It seems that no matter how much one plans things out, life always intervenes[1]. I was afraid that after you knew that I am your father, you wouldn’t put in anymore effort, and that I wouldn’t be able to discipline you.”

Long Hao Chen gave his mother a lifeless look. The words his father just said were the most unexpected things he had heard in his life. For as long as he could remember, he only had his mother by his side.

Bai Yue gently caressed her son’s head, unable to stop her tears, “Sorry, Chen Chen. In the past, you mother didn’t say anything to you regarding this matter. Ten years ago, a very painful thing happened to your mother and she didn’t know at all how to face your father, so she had to leave her native place and come here. At that moment, I discovered that I was already pregnant with you. Don’t blame your father, everything is my fault. He had to painstakingly look for us for nine years. If you have to hate someone, hate me.”

The expression Long Xing Yu’s eyes showed to this mother and son was complex as he gently said: “Yue, this is already over. All the pain has already left us. Don’t think about these painful memories anymore, okay?”

Bai Yue nodded, she was sobbing: “Last year I promised you that for your sake, for Hao Chen’s sake, I’d free myself from those unbearable memories. I will devote my future life only to the both of you. During these years, Hao Chen must have suffered a lot because of me. Honestly, I don’t really want him to become a knight like you, I just want him to live safely.”
Long Xing Yu frown, showing once more a complex expression in his eyes, unconsciously clenching his fists, seemingly in an intense internal struggle.

Long Hao Chen gradually came back to his senses and took a look at his mother, then a

“No, Mother, I want to become a knight. To become a formidable knight.”

Long Xing Yu was stunned. He was previously really wavering, wondering whether what he was doing was right. He was well aware that for both Bai Yue and Long Hao Chen’s sake, a peaceful life would be, by far, the best choice possible.

Xing Yu showed a wry smile: “Will you recognize an irresponsible father like me?”

“No, you are not responsible at all. It’s my fault, everything is my fault.” Bai Yue’s tears, which had just stopped, immediately resumed flowing.

“Father!” Breaking free from his mother’s embrace, Long Hao Chen fiercely threw himself on Long Xing Yu’s bosom. At this moment, he only felt true happiness.

He was a mere child, a ten years old child. Although he never said it to Bai Yue, every time he saw those little kids and their fathers together in Odin Town, how could he not feel envious?

But now, his father was back. They had been separated for so many years, but his father was even more formidable than those other kids’: he was a formidable knight. In Long Hao Chen’s heart, all the past anger turned into joy.

Hearing this shout, Long Xing Yu didn’t display his excitement. He just stood there, expressionless, before using his firm arms to gently hold his
wife and his child in his embrace. However, neither Bai Yue nor Long Hao Chen noticed this: the current him looked as restrained as before.

After having rushed for a day, and experiencing both sadness and joy upon arriving home, Long Hao Chen went to bed early. It was the first time in a year that he didn’t spend the night seated, but in a deep sleep.

Long Xing Yu hugged Bai Yue by their son’s side, “Yue.”

Bai Yue gently nodded, shutting both her eyes, “You don’t need to say more. Chen Chen is like you, he cannot simply live a quiet and peaceful life. You were both born like this, with a need to cause big issues. He has already made his choice, thus I can only support him. I have one sole wish, it is for him to live well. Regardless of what you will teach him, the most important matter will be to protect him, okay?”

“Un, I promise you.” Long Xing Yu slowly nodded, gently caressing Bai Yue’s long hair.

On the next morning, Long Xing Yu brought both Bai Yue and Long Hao Chen to the mountain peak. Since he had already been exposed, he didn’t have anything left to hide.

Bai Yue went to tidy up Long Hao Chen’s room while Long Xing Yu called his son in front of him.

“Hao Chen, you still chose to continue to follow my practice despite knowing the relationship between us. For this reason, I will be only stricter than in the past. You have one last opportunity to change your mind.”

Long Hao Chen replied without hesitation: “Father, I understand that you are only strict for my sake. This time, I experienced a lot of things when I went to the City of Hao Yue. Father, I have to ask, are you even higher ranked than a Radiant Knight?”

Long Xing Yu took a step back, standing still for a moment and looking unsure, then lowered his head in front of Long Hao Chen.
“Wa, so cool.” Long Hao Chen excitedly hop, “Father, I will, in the future, become a knight as great as you.”

Long Xing Yu smiled: “How do you know that your father is a great knight?”

Long Hao Chen stubbornly said: “It must be so.”

Long Xing Yu added: “I see. You will learn how great father’s prowess is in the future. But if you want to become a great knight, you cannot slack off. From today onwards, you won’t need to go to the owl-ants crypt anymore. The type of practice that you will have to do is going to change completely.”

“I won’t need to go?” Even though he went for a year nonstop, it was still a very dark place. Long Hao Chen was still somewhat afraid of this place

Long Xing Yu nodded: “In the past year, the main goals of the practice were to enhance your reaction speed, your mental capacity, and improve your body as well. Soaking every day in the hot spring filled with medicine was also done with the same motive. Now that your spiritual energy level is above hundred, we can start to train your inner spiritual energy.”

“Inner spiritual energy?” Long Hao Chen gave his father an uncertain look. During the past year, everything Long Xing Yu taught him was regarding history, skills used by knights, and various knowledge, but he never mentioned the matter of internal spiritual energy.
1.Chinese idiom ⼈算不如天算
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