Jiu Shen Chapter 91-100

Chapter 91: Bans, hundred and thousand, colorful male cone hits

"You make all, is unforgivable.:" The Ji Dong ice-cold gloomy words push likely from the gap between teeth, his made the Ji Yifeng heart tremble just like the poisonous snake vision.

Cī, chi, two light sounds also resound, the red and blue dual-color flame brings in the palm of Sun and Moon double splendor glove to ascend from Ji Dong that separately, as Bartender, Ji Dong most hates others to break own drink mixing, let alone, his pot loving good wine is the mixture gives itself the love in heart.

Among two people the relations have pulled closer finally one step, he hopes that told in through this glass of liquor the Lie Yan (raging flames) heart the emotion, but at this time, that loving flagon was broken by Ji Yifeng. This is the shame, shame that only then can wash off with blood and life. Either is the enemy, either is own. When Ji Dong to Ji Yifeng proposed that flash of challenge, he has disregarded oneself life and death. If cannot erase this shame, he does depend on the life to love Lie Yan (raging flames)? Why to protect her in the future?

The Ji Yifeng complexion expression also becomes tranquil, the light yellow ray condenses around the body, he has not been startled facing the Ji Dong dual-color flame, obviously, he already knows that Ji Dong has such ability. However he has not used any magic skill to protect itself, although Ji Dong top of the head that Three-Crown Black and White Yin-Yang Crown made his some surprise in Ji Dong magic power promotion. But, Level 31 with 59 between disparities, Earth department restrains the Fire department fact, will make him at all not the slightest bit worry. Will Special No. 2 to Special No. 49, he possibly lose?

Other Yin-Yang School students naturally also nobody think that Ji Dong will win, Ji Dong in their eyes, has filled with the filled with grief aura. May they want to help him not be impossible, the custom of school cannot violate.

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui has gripped tightened fist, he has thought that if Ji Yifeng must injure Ji Dong, he must get rid to stop by the school punishment. This challenge, simply is unfair. Little Junior Brother does Little Junior Brother, why also impulse compared with me? Although, I appreciate your this impulsive very much.

Red Third Fire, blue Fourth Fire is burning in both hands palm fiercely, the dual-color Yin-Yang Crown Three-Crown brand mark is splendid, the rule of competition is Ji Dong proposed that two people differ such big in the Yin-Yang School status, Ji Yifeng is naturally impossible to request to get rid first. Then does intentionally naturally will attack the first power to give Ji Dong.

The Ji Dong standing firm position is away from Ji Yifeng, only then five meters, when that dual-color flame ascension, his both eyes glisten to endure compared with the ray of space stars immediately. The sincere/heavy and gentle sound puts out from the Ji Dong mouth, "the chaos creation world, Lie Yan (raging flames) lightens the world, awakens, deep sleep in my within the body magic power of Vermilion Bird."

At this moment, in his both hands palm, respectively is grasping together Fire department Rank 4 crystal core, the left hand is Fourth Fire department crystal core, the subsequent hand is Third Fire department crystal core, on two Crystal Crown attributes with Sun and Moon double splendor glove wants with. Only by doing so, can the maximum degree, in most rapid ingestion crystal core magic power.

Before this mnemonics are Lie Yan (raging flames), to important a few words that he spoke, hears it, the Ji Yifeng vision is somewhat vacant, but in a Ji Dong behind Fu Rui nervousness slightly loosen, as if has actually thought anything resembles.

In the instance that mnemonics last character finished, the dual-color flame in Ji Dong both hands palm immediately lived the change, originally one blue one red, turned into burning hot red Third Fire. A white light of rushing spreads instantaneously from her within the body, the sound of resonant phoenix cry resounds through the world.

If the snow and ice white condense behind Ji Dong, changes into a pair of wing to open, flutters the huge white phoenix that wants to fly. Is only with the main body color, is that pair of golden phoenix pupil, is staring at the Ji Dong pair of wings light show, immediately to his body hit, but , the rich white energy, cannot feel any magic power fluctuation the aura, but collides in Ji Dong in it the together instance, in instant, the makings of Ji Dong whole person the two fuse lived the tremendous changes.

If formerly Ji Dong and Ji Yifeng confronted, he likely was small bunch of flame before high mountain ridge, then at this moment, he looked like the volcano that in this cordillera high mountains momentarily possibly exploded.

The Ji Yifeng complexion first time changed, the unknown thing is most fearful. Although Ji Dong magic power only has Three-Crown, when but that white phoenix light shadow fuses together with his body, Ji Yifeng clearly felt the pressure. In integration of that white phoenix light shadow, the body of Ji Dong whole person inflates several points, the muscle becomes the line is more distinct, during the close white light is dense, white thin armor appears from his skin, covers the whole body instantaneously, the appearance of each piece of armor leaf, looks like a piece of Vermilion Bird feather, the pure white, does not have impurity, having one point only to belong to the chaos makings, covers instantaneously in Ji Dong body each, even if his face also by complete coverage, is only these time his clothes has not vanished, presents the slight tearing sound. The armor of light white light from Vermilion Bird on appears, pressure instantaneous embodiment that the Ji Dong body boils up, Three-Crown or astigmatism on top of the head, who can actually be able to see, this time he, like together the having no time beautiful jade, does not have the flaw of slightest bit, the body that has not nurtured completely also similarly shows the edges and corners distinct muscle line, has filled the aura of strength and beautiful.

All had not finished, the sounds of two cloth tearing resound, the huge white wing stretches from him in screams, when that pair of giant wing stretches, when the white light blooms, Ji Dong Vermilion Bird changes has completed finally.

The new and exciting feeling raises from heart, Ji Dong only thought that own Yin-Yang Vortex as if, within the body magic power can be the maximum three times to revolve by originally oneself crazily, he does not have slightly painfully, he only thought oneself achieved the unprecedented great strength, the right hand has lifted slowly, the left hand received in the body side, bunch of golden flame ascended instantaneously, this time he, is unable to release simple Third Fire again, only then after golden Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire can be joined to Vermilion Bird changes Ji Dong.

Meanwhile, huge golden illusory shadow appears in Ji Dong slowly behind, that is person illusory shadow, reaches as high as three meters, wears the imperial crown, cannot see clearly the appearance, has the dignity of hardware, is Flame Sovereign King.

In the flash that he presents, in the Ji Dong heart raises a clear(ly) to become aware, but that golden color also instantaneously from the back sweeps across, but, in his Vermilion Bird armor is also good, back that pair of huge Vermilion Bird wing is also good, had been contaminated by the golden color at this moment completely, burning hot golden flame, from each corner ascension of his body, dignified, sacred, the infrangible great will floods each corner in Earth department teaching roof instantaneously.

Ji Yifeng has flustered slightly somewhat, wears the golden flame tower never to see, at this moment, his Fifth Earth department magic power does not have the feeling of slightest bit superiority again, no longer pulls rank three meters, hurries the crazy condensation reaches as high as 5 crown peak magic power changes into at the same time the height three meters, the width three meters diamond great shield keeps off before the body. Earth department most is good at defending, the diamond great shield is also Ji Yifeng strongest defense magic skill, when this shield before his body, his heart slightly tranquil several points, his affirmative considering by magic power of Ji Dong Three-Crown rank, what displays is Certain Kill Skill, is impossible to break itself the formidable defense. Even if Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, wants to defeat this diamond great shield is also impossible.

However his security sense has not continued too for a long time, indistinct, he hears in the air to resound one low and deep and somewhat hoarse sounds "bans 1100 colorful male cones."

The golden wing that the golden color, in the Yin-Yang School disciples eyes only the remaining golden color, that opens, ascends is illuminating the nighttime sky golden color flame the form, just like in that flash pastes the glide to stretch across 5 meters distance, the pure volume golden color, burning hot Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, as if experienced the baptism of a lot of th, after the left hand raises, before the right hand makes a fist to/clashes, in that flash, the Ji Dong whole person as if turned into one group of most eye-catching golden flame. The golden flame changes into a handle is three meters, brings the infinite golden tail flame great awl, as if can the bayonet put on the entire world to surmount generally instantaneously.( Perspiration, thinks likely fist sovereign personally )

In the air, as if there is innumerable luminous spots to gather above that golden Oshii, blooms is being similar to high noon the brilliance of Sun, the Ji Yifeng diamond great shield looks like the illusory image generally in that does not have bans smoking in gold/metal flame who the thing cannot be spread to collapse, the next moment, the Ji Dong whole person returned to normal, besides also maintained beyond this formerly posture, in his Vermilion Bird armor, the pair of wings vanished, only then a badly- damaged school uniform, but on him all gold/metal flame, likely has changed the master at this time, has swallowed the body of Ji Yifeng completely.

chi! Changes into Ji Yifeng of golden hot group, swings from the Earth department classroom building roof since like a golden meteor, soars, goes toward the building whereabouts, some nearest people can clear seeing, in the Ji Yifeng chests and bellies, have a diameter to achieve half foot terrifying large cave.

Looked like formerly that loyalty instantaneously is absorbed broken, Ji Yifeng own life was also similar to the meteor generally instantaneously falls from the sky, reached as high as 59 levels of magic power he, relied on own formidable defense magic skill to protect him of body, such was killed in in Jinyan by the second unexpectedly.

Ji Dong panting in gulps, in both hands palm, the crystal powder is scattering, that two Rank 4 crystal core instantaneously were already ruptured by suck dry magic power. His whole person also feels in the throats a thirst, the entire photograph was drained the menstruation to be ordinary. Body slightly is rocking, in gulps the breather pure air.

Including Thunder Emperor, many Yin-Yang School disciple diving posture, pursues crash Ji Yifeng to flush away toward downstairs, the scene fell into a confusion, Ji Dong has not thought the might that this strikes was unexpectedly powerful to so the situation, linked 59 levels of Fifth Earth department Mage unable to resist unexpectedly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) told his incantation to help him awaken Vermilion Bird changed, Vermilion Bird changed and helps him awaken the Flame Sovereign King memory, finally has learned first Certain Kill Skill. Relies on energy that Vermilion Bird is changing provides, in Yin-Yang Vortex that a little Chaos Fire the strength of basis, as well as the amplifications and two crystal core implications of Sun and Moon double splendor glove magic power. He displays Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill that this originally should 5 crown magic power be able completely to grasp, colorful male cone.

Regardless of periphery how chaotic, Lie Yan (raging flames) of red skirt looks like has not seen slightest bit, in front of Ji Dong that arrives at step by step, holds on his hand, "Little Ji Dong, knows that you are first for the man who I fight. Thank you, making me have such feeling." Ji Dong looks oneself are dispersing the right hand of light burnt taste, said with a forced smile: "Was a pity, I have not protected your strength."

Lie Yan (raging flames) goes forward once more one step, unexpectedly light kiss on his face, "I believe that you certainly will have some day such ability. Now should tell me, the name of that glass of liquor."

The Ji Dong vision was crazy, in eye is revealing the blazing brilliance, "it called to be in love eternal, was I creates for you, was representing me for you heart of beat."

"In love eternal, is in love to be a pity eternal, I have not drunk. Little Ji Dong, has a matter I to tell you. Before you also saw I cultivated in the earth core lake. After this time goes back, I must start to close up. The earth core lake I temporarily will also seal up, how long me as for wanting cannot reach an agreement. Possibly is one month, possibly is one year. These days, you yourself must take care well, when I ended the cultivation, naturally can inform you."

Ji Dong was startled, cannot attend to the feeling face the residual pleasantly warm flavor/smell, "can you close up? Lie Yan (raging flames), are you all right?"

The Lie Yan (raging flames) chuckle shakes the head, "will I have the matter? Do not forget, I am Empress Lie Yan! Little Ji Dong, I must go back, I will forever remember your today's drink mixing and for me the appearance of fight. Although we cannot meet temporarily again, but I as before have actually been gazing at you in this world fresh all. Bye."

One step steps forward, Lie Yan (raging flames) looks like treads above misty red gauze, next, she left the conference site, vanishes quietly. Just, nobody pays attention to her at this time again. The dance party location already was piece of chaos.

The royal purple ray flashes, Fu Rui jumped from downstairs, his arrow step rushed to side Ji Dong, fast squeezes in that two tokens the Ji Dong hand, solemnly shouted: "Little Junior Brother, follows me quickly."At that moment, rashly, draws Ji Dong to jump, leaps once more toward downstairs from another direction.

Five buildings regarding Thunder Emperor at all are not anything, is in the midair, the royal purple thunder and lightning chops to cut from his hand together, the space of tearing welcomed the low roar of Giant Dragon, the dragon shape thunder and lightning helped them stop the falling potential together stiffly, a Fu Rui hand has been drawing Ji Dong, another hand in airborne pushed, the change direction, fell on that suddenly just jumped, but the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carried on the back.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and Fu Rui regard is interlinked, the great wing launches, soars to go toward the day ten schools outside.

Also while he brings Ji Dong was just departing the school, several forms have lightened from the Earth department classroom building.

Chapter 92 flees the school

Senior Brother, do you do? Ji Dong was puzzled asked. After having displayed the sunny day hammer, the body of his whole person becomes somewhat frail, by a purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon such summit, immediately the physical pain was wanted to crack, has to take out Rank 3 crystal core to absorb magic power again together. The Thunder Emperor Fu Rui surface sinks the water, Little Junior Brother, you caused trouble. You should not kill that fellow, I have inspected, the Ji leisurely wind died again cannot die. I have guarded against him the killer to you, the class have not been thinking, killed instead is he. Ji Dong said with a forced smile: I have not planned to kill him, the strength that but that strikes I am beyond control. Senior Brother, in the challenge confiscates to stop, I am willing to withstand the penalty of school, you do not need to feel embarrassed because of me. Penalty? Did not walk you dead.

Fu Rui ill-humored saying, you know what you kill is who? That is the Central Earth Empire now sovereign too grandson, the empire throne successor. Central Earth Empire the emperor on a blood relative son, actually long ago was passing away now. Such a direct line blood relation's grandson. Can the lineage/vein sole line of descent. Like Ji Yeshang, although is also a Central Earth Empire imperial family people, is actually the collateral branch. What if death is Ji Yeshang, perhaps by Heavenly Stems School in the continent status, you will not have the too major problem. But death is actually a successor in country, this issue may be big. Our Heavenly Stems School Ji inscription xuan Dean, was Central Earth Empire once King, was the profound ancestor of Ji leisurely wind, now grandfather of Emperor Central Earth Empire. In this case, how they possibly let off you. Ji Dong has not thought, oneself brings so the big trouble under the righteous indignation unexpectedly, but, in his heart actually as before fills pleased, does not have the slightest bit to regret. For Lie Yan (raging flames), let alone any sovereign too grandson,

Even if kills now Five Great Empires King, he cannot Zou Zou Meitou. Senior Brother, put to trouble to you. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon rapid flight, Fu Rui somewhat surprised lowering the head looks to Ji Dong, Little Junior Brother, you can also be so quiet at this time, I really must hold in high esteem to you. It seems like that you have many secrets. However, now does not say these times. The after goal of thunder is too obvious has gone out of town, I you put down, the farther the better that you walk, do not come back again, finds the opportunity to return to our Southern Fire Empire to go to " the Ji Dong say/way "Senior Brother, can you have the trouble?"Fu Rui laughed,

" Relax, I am five country counts, kills the Ji leisurely wind is not I, can they I be what kind of? Who can show that is I makes you? Actually I had also looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes, but is obstructing his status, how did not have him, you to give to manage him for me really actually.

Little Junior Brother, if not the teacher's wife not in the school, my such worry will not lead you to leave, has the teacher's wife, at least you fairly will be treated. But now is not good, even if Teacher, is impossible to prevent them. If hunts down your person to be too many, you temporarily arrive at Earth Spirit Mountain Range to look for Vermilion Bird to evade, his there should be the absolute safety. Good, to have gone out of town. " Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon flight is so quick, the fellow apprentices talked such met the time to depart Central Plains City. Indistinct, Ji Dong saw that behind airborne as if have several a ray to approach quickly. Under the direction of Fu Rui, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon restraining pair of wings downward landing goes, Fu Rui drinks in a low voice, "Little Junior Brother takes care much, a day that our brothers certain also meet again, hopes when the time comes you became a genuine powerhouse."When the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon will soon draw close to the ground, a Fu Rui hand fierce holds the body of Ji Dong, has flung him vigorously, the strength has several points to involve, after the Ji Dong both feet falls to the ground , the rapid tumbling, brunting, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon as if never stayed excessively to draw a huge arc toward airborne to soar to go same again, Ji Dong clear seeing, Fu Rui is also waving toward oneself. Because purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon simply has not stopped, thunder and lightning ray is obvious, along with his changes, that several rays that in addition, behind pursues also change, are in hot pursuit, he even can indistinct feel the various departments element fluctuation that in the air blows out intensely to the degree that is unable to imagine. Ji Dong clear remembering, Fu Rui had also said to him, in Heavenly Stems School, not only there is his Dragon Mage, without a doubt, that pursued him to be several other. All is the Mage world powerhouse. The intermittent weak feeling made Ji Dong only think own eyelid sank very much, the whole body likely has as if dispersed general. Even if by dragon ** has soaked body, at this time is the worn out and aching is also incapable.

Has not thought including him, then in Vermilion Bird changed under the influence Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill of sudden enlightenment is unexpectedly formidable to so the situation. Even if the match too does not take seriously itself, but that is Yin-Yang School ranks second after all, magic power reaches as high as the Level 59 match! Was actually gathered the strength to strike by oneself this breaks through the defense second to kill instantaneously. Other way also aspect Ji Dong that although competes have taken many advantages, but, this Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill striking power is also without a doubt. Massacres the match, in the Ji Dong heart does not have the slightest bit to be guilty, the Ji leisurely wind broke him for the good wine of Lie Yan (raging flames) mixture, in his heart is the crime not amnesty. Tastes Lie Yan (raging flames) to present that instantaneous shocking at the dance party, the Ji Dong corners of the mouth place appears a light smile. He can feel clearly, Lie Yan (raging flames) to own change. But, why can she close up cultivation? Doesn't her strength link Vermilion Bird also to be timid? Compares the current situation, excited instead is worried about Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan (raging flames) more did not say, the worry in his heart is also more intense. The night dew fills the air, several tidal constituent intent cover, but, Ji Dong knows oneself cannot stay here too for a long time, but, Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill can it be that so is also easy to use. According to the normal condition, after at least must waits for Ji Dong cultivation base to achieve Five-Crown, has to use the Two Great Sovereign Kings Certain Kill Skill possibility. But he in relying on Vermilion Bird changes inspires in Vermilion Bird armor after own fusion is one, in addition two Rank 4 crystal core achieve with oneself instantaneously intensely to the murderous intention stimulation of extreme, actually saw the light suddenly Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill to ban 1100, sunny day hammer. Let alone is Ji Dong, even if teaches him to inspire Lie Yan (raging flames) that Vermilion Bird changes not to think. The idea of Lie Yan (raging flames) originally also hopes that Ji Dong can in armor by Vermilion Bird blow out stronger striking power, in addition Two Great Sovereign Kings Pinnacle Fire Level 1 Ji Dong two departments combination skill, to cause heavy losses to the match. But who thinks, Ji Dong comprehends, will achieve the Certain Kill Skill level unexpectedly, one made the bureau look unfamiliar the dramatic change. Two Great Sovereign Kings Certain Kill Skill, after is not ordinary pattern that Three- Crown, Certain Kill Skill that can use can compare. Initially, Ji Dong met that fire in Earth Spirit Mountain Range

Chapter 93: Chasing down of Six- Crown Heavenly Scholar

The inquiries of surface many Teacher, Fu Rui displays is resigned- looking, " Teacher, I am also strange, why you have pursued behind me, I am also looking for Little Junior Brother!

Zhu Rong gawked, back has been revealing the doubts to other human eyes in the look, shouldered auspicious is actually the complexion invariably seems very confident, as if he does not know where really went dead mobile

Stands behind Dean and inscription xuan not far whose director solemnly said: " Fu Rui, do not install, some people noticed that you bring the school that left mobile, has killed one in the challenge mobile, this matter relates significantly, you are trying to harbor him, will receive the school heavy fine. "

Zhu Rong gets back one's composure suddenly, looks angrily at water director, Old Ghost Shui, what do you mean, before the matter has not clarified, cannot add that who is wrong to whom

You stop talking, Ji Mingxuan shouted angrily, two corner electricity glittered in the pupil, look to Fu Rui, where Ji Dong went, Fu Rui, you were a litigant, you told me, actually what's the matter

To punish Fu Rui is not that simple matter, was the Yin-Yang School seat, Fu Rui once performed the distinguished service in the twice Holy and Evil Battlefield war, even if is Dean he, not having in the situation of absolute evidence unable easily her how eyes. Let alone is strikes to kill to strike to kill Ji customs handed down from the past is not Fu Rui, he also can only restrain by force the anger

Fu Rui helpless said with a forced smile, Dean, said honestly, other I Yin- Yang School disciples on the scene, perhaps do not have one to look to understand then situation, Ji Dong is splendid Bartender, for his girlfriend Bartender, customs handed down from the past not any reason broke his shaker, thus causes excitedly to his challenge, Special No. 49 challenges Special No. 2, in our opinion simply is not a coordinated fight

Under order to protect my this Little Junior Brother, I even also to write one at that time, having made him not want the hand, who knows, according to challenge way that they reach an agreement, thinks excitedly the customs handed down from the past left an attack, causes him to fly from the Earth department classroom building, the heavy losses that receive is unable to recall, had a general idea at that time, carries on the defense by oneself strongest defense skill, Ji Dong was just broke through three to close the rank, can one strike to kill facing the Level 59 Fifth Earth department pattern who believes, at that time we were ignorant, I also immediately pursue to downstairs, examined the customs handed down from the past the condition., When I return to the roof again am, vanished excitedly, this summoned the thunder to pursue her, has not actually sought his trail

Grew the tone, Ji Dong opens both eyes slowly, the brilliance in eye pupil has reappeared, but has used a time of double-hour, magic power of her within the body was basically restored, dragon ** has soaked the physical quality showed the formidable vitality once more, in such situation of overdrawing, restored along with magic power, her body also basically adjusted

The strength restored, but in his heart somewhat is vacant, where then should go, since rebirth to this world, in more than four years of time , he since meeting Yang Bingtian, starts to cultivate, simply appeared the somewhat arid life has become his custom, place that can go to only then school and earth core world, but at this moment, the school cannot go back, Lie Yan (raging flames) entered to close up the condition, the earth core world cannot go, now this why Does not manage, first second the miles departure said again, read the books to be inferior line of ten thousand miles roads, oneself also never had well has looked at this brand-new world, was big in bright Five Stars, by the present Three-Crown strength, the world may go greatly, walked while cultivated, when Lie Yan (raging flames) closed up finished, oneself went to the earth core world to accompany him to be good

Stood up, makes an effort to extend own body, at this time late at night, then passes more than double-hour, the day should shine, excited decision, went to the Earth Spirit Mountain Range direction first, after all there had gone to twice, the journey was inevitably familiar, if met the people in person or midway empire of school follows, was easy to use numerous magic beast Earth Spirit Mountain Range to run away, but, he had not planned that disturbed Vermilion Bird, has walked to east across Earth Spirit Mountain Range, although does not know that had many far, but can arrive at Eastern Wood Empire east side certainly, there was the travelling world first stood

At this time he ** the upper body, is appending in the moonlight illumination vulgar reveals the light white ray, is preparing to take out clothes to put from storage bracelet excitedly is, suddenly, a neutral voice as if resounds in her ear dies, originally here, finally found you

The excited heart sinks, first made the response, the body threw suddenly to the side, the magic power instantaneous release, was black and gold/metal, Pinnacle Two Fires jumped, changes into dazzling and strong Pinnacle Two Fires protects the body

Eh, that neutral voice surprised light Eh, when mobile turns over/stands up from, had the big piece shrubbery in the Pinnacle Two Fires refinement that on her emits for the ashes

The left is the black, the right is golden color, the flaming combustion of dual-color flame during this jet black night, is sacred and gloomy, two completely opposite feelings simultaneously appear on the excited person, to person a striking contrast Five forms, appearance of being quietly in woods, four people occupy a position respectively, the last person stands in front of the excitement, static gaze he

Surroundings that four people wear the silver light armor, seems the 30- year-old appearance, actually sinks to congeal, the cold and gloomy murderous intention made the air also probably coagulate several points, everyone stood in a side, looked like the protector of that side, making the person have the sincere/heavy feeling that one type is unable to break through from the innermost feelings, most made one feel what terrifying was their look, the look of everyone did not have the mood to fluctuate, four people, eight vision centralized on excited person, looked like regards personal as

That distance excited recent person, has not worn the armor, does not have the weapon, the golden long-distance race to cover in the body, the double back of the hand after behind, looks excitedly, in the eye reveals ray that if thinks of

You are excited, middle-aged person opens the mouth to say

Ji Dong quick lives in own mind after short surprised on the stability, he knows, today is very difficult to flatter, oneself eventually slow one step, but makes him be without a fight is absolutely is impossible

Middle-aged humanity, my name was yellow Liming, the midway empire to guard the imperial palace the Chief Head, thinks that you also know why we came, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, the Dingsi wen cloudy jack-o'-lantern, three closed/pass cultivation base, the 15-year-old age, I have saying that you were a talent, even was I have seen the unique talent, even if were waterdrop Fu Rui that your Yin-Yang School was listed first, in your this age, does not have your present strength, although I was very as before difficult to believe why you can strike to kill the yellow emperor palace rosy cloud, but your strength was truly astonishing, what a pity, good talent before cannot grow fell from the sky does not have any. Significance, what a pity your this fellow-student of the same department dual attribute magic power Excitedly coldly visits him, did you say?
Huang Liming gives a calm smile, what's wrong, you also plan to revolt Has moved excitedly simply own body, but has also smiled, moreover
smiles very with ease, the good white tooth disclosed that under shining of crisp dead flame several points certainly colorful, eyeground has filled endless proud aggressively, you found me, only then two results, you all were killed either by me here, either, you steal my corpse, come

The bang, the Pinnacle Two Fires fierce combustion, on the Sun and Moon Shuanghui glove on excited both hands braves to have half meter high intense firewall respectively together fully, the attribute suppression of Pinnacle Two Fires shows completely, rushes irritable Supreme Yang Fire, gloomy and cold profound Supreme Yin Fire boils up the intense faith along with mobile that rigid both eyes

Huang Liming praised with a sigh, really worthily is our Yin-Yang School disciple, facing powerful enemy, not slightly timid, instead was stirred up stronger battle efficiency, this is what a pity useless, Pinnacle Two Fires is strong, you cannot show their strengths, actually, I do not like Koutaishidenka, his disposition should be Fifth Earth department of deep representative does not agree with own originally, but, the sovereign assigns may not be, I must lead you to go back, did not need to try to resist, I can confess told you, before Reddy Fu Rui, I on was Yin-Yang School

At the same time was saying, eye-catching flame explodes suddenly from Huang Liming, that is scarlet red Third Fire, the guarding the imperial palace Chief Head of this midway empire unexpectedly is not Earth department, but about is excitedly same, is Fire department, what is more important, in his top of the head, saw on White Yang Crown excitedly clearly, six Crown Peak are sparkling that scarlet red flame brand mark, on following Crown Ring, has three bright red Crown Star

Level 60 Third Fire Heavenly Scholar, without a doubt, this 50-year-old middle-aged person, although the Yin-Yang School hand-written disciple, but in the talent, it wants Reddy Fu Rui to be more inferior, Fu Rui had the Level 69 strength now, is about 29 years old, but, Level 66 Heavenly Scholar, in entire Yin-Yang Mage world is the first-class powerhouse, Six- Crown is in itself the Mage watershed, many person its life is unable to break through this level finally, once Six-Crown, not only the strength will have the qualitative leap, can have the byte magic beast plane like Fu Rui, at present this guards the imperial palace Chief Head Huang Liming strength or combat experience far from. Ji customs handed down from the past can compare

Although Huang Liming Third Fire in attribute must as before by the excited Pinnacle Two Fires suppression, but, the difference on level, the disparity on magic power, made to be the huge pressure excited

Hears the Fu Rui virtue words, chicken cry dazzles the complexion compared with that gloomy, the vision changes Zhu Rong, "Brother Zhu, you teach the apprentice really well! Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, Three-Crown can Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire of actual combat. You should give me an explanation."

The Zhu Rong complexion said wooden: "After chicken enters Yin- Yang School frozen, although I named Teacher, but has not actually taught her anything. The grinding technique that she uses is not I teaches. I do not know as for the origins of these skills similarly. You believe also well, does not believe. I have a clear conscience. Right, I know that the chicken freezes with the friend displays the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire ability, moreover I can also confess told you. She two Fire departments, is Pinnacle Two Fires, meanwhile can display already the deep cloudy spirit fire. clear melted reported Teacher this matter, Teacher planned to teach the chicken to be frozen personally, therefore I have not taught to his anything. This was I can say all. The customs handed down from the past must die my quite surprised, is very regrettable. However the matter is she shoulders. Special No. 49 challenges Special No. 2, and strikes to kill it, this result no one can think, the urgent matter was found the chicken to be frozen. If I have not remembered incorrectly, in the Yin-Yang School disciple challenge the manslaughter, stipulated according to the school, most also punishes him to face the wall to think of faults for 1 year."

Water director coldly snorted "manslaughter? I looked that murders." Zhu Rong coldly to take a fast look around his one eyes "these words you and others I Teacher cloudy to get down toward Yang Crown, if also dares saying that I admired you. Otherwise, asked you to save your breath."

" You, the water director complexion changes, but again has not said anything eventually.

The chicken cry dazzles the complexion clearly to be cloudy uncertain is changing, "Brother Zhu, you should know, Central Earth Empire imperial family direct line lineage/vein, on a customs handed down from the past such only child."

The Zhu Rong chin, the Dean person dies slightly cannot come back to life, your mood I can understand, please restrain grief, if catches Ji Dong, I punish certainly, Fu Rui, you here are also standing doing, quickly has not looked for your Junior Brother, brings to accept the contract her

Yes, Teacher, I go now, Fu Rui has known own this Teacher very?, But has not thought that Teacher in facing to take Dean Ji Mingxuan as an numerous director is, unexpectedly so firm has gone against them, but has cloudy morning sun, under cloudy move of glory two potential surface exist, even if Ji Mingxuan in angry, how also does not dare

Original intention that Ji Mingxuan has not made, not only because of the threat of Zhu Rong, also another important reason is a principle character, knew after Ji customs handed down from the past were struck the sad news that kills, he and an numerous director first thinks that Yin-Yang School all disciples investigate, being almost the same that the matter and Pok said that actually nobody thinks that wrong in excited, the entire item matter truly is shoulders by Ji customs handed down from the past, in the Zhu Rong mouth sums up the manslaughter not nitpicking place this matter in challenge, even also appears very magnanimous, bullies to place 49 Ji Dong as Ji customs handed down from the past Yin-Yang School No. 2 character, this itself on by. Ji Mingxuan was shamed, now he can say anything, the implementation hopes, the before people in oneself person and Huangshi can, first found mobile, only by doing so, has for the opportunity of own great-great-grandson reward, in his heart, the mood of regret is more profound, because really Ji customs handed down from the past are an only child, usually in drowns to his favoring extremely, the video ringtone he had the flaw on disposition, naturally, treads the flaw rain on disposition to be suppressed by Reddy Fu Rui in Yin-Yang School second also has the direct relation

Chapter 94: five elements force field

Bathes in the scarlet red flame, a Huang Liming imposing manner of golden long gown is more abundant at the same time, the surrounding four silver armor soldiers separately have also pulled out their length three chi (0.33 m) six cuns (2.5 cm) width three cuns (2.5 cm) long sword, on four people releases the different rays, in the top of the head similarly is White Yang Crown, but separately is actually representing Yang Wood, Yang Earth, Yang Water, Yang Metal. In addition Huang Liming results in Yang Fire, is five elements positive is. Although another four people are only the Four-Crown strengths. But at present this five elements combines, obviously was not initially frozen successively is struck to kill by the chicken Earth Spirit Mountain Range that five people able by far to compare again.

Huang Liming as if eagerly does not cope with chicken to be frozen, " revolt does not have any significance. Although their four do not come from Yin-Yang School, but also is the Heavenly Stems School official student who the Central Earth Empire imperial family hired, has participated on Holy and Evil Battlefield the war of life and death. Has extremely rich actual combat experience. Is without a fight goes back with us, graduates is also not necessarily able to kill you.

Say/Way that the chicken disdains frozen: " You said these, nothing but must disintegrate me to the fighting will. Useless. I can think that Level 59 results in the chicken customs handed down from the past challenge, could it be you thinks I will appear fear the psychology? Has the skill, you take away me the corpse. " Was saying at the same time, she is saving oneself magic power silently, because the both sides strength disparity is too big, in this time heart instead does not have any scruples. Spells. Kills under cost price. Killed two to gain. This is the chicken frozen current idea. He does not believe after oneself were grasped, also any opportunity of survival.

Huang Liming double back of the hand after behind, lightly said: " Heard that you just joined Heavenly Stems School soon new student. Since you are so besotted, that makes you have a look at the strength of Heavenly Stems School official graduating cadet. five elements standpoint. "

Issues an order along with her, takes Huang Liming as, on Yang attribute five Mage simultaneously blooms this attribute magic power, the five elements Yang attribute magic power instantaneous ascension instant, the chicken only thought frozen a fluctuation of energy of rushing has blocked periphery all spaces suddenly. Oneself as if like dropping a giant cover. The huge pressure was almost the flash makes his Pinnacle Two Fires gloomy one time, in the meantime, he is unable to communicate with Fire Element of outside again.

In the midair, azure, red and yellow, white and black, the five colors ray hands over to echo, is led by Huang Liming to disperse the Third Fire red light, one reversed the attribute suppressed aspect unexpectedly. The chicken freezes Pinnacle Two Fires, although is strong, is actually not have in the attribute to suppress again absolutely, huge Yang attribute five elements magic power instead made him have a difficult feeling.

The five elements promoting and constraining mutually chicken froze had studied for these years much, but resulted in combination skill besides own Yin-Yang attribute and one-to-one each other attribute to repel one another, this was her first time saw that five elements magic power can so use unexpectedly. No wonder when Mages takes an action is familiar with five people of one group, forms the same attribute five elements magic power camp. At this time they release respective magic power to produce the so formidable results unexpectedly voluntarily. The five elements magic power automatic combination, forms the potential of mutual promotion of the five elements, attribute supplementary under like a perfect circle. A white light of rushing in spreads instantaneously from him, the sound of resonant phoenix cry resounds through the world. If the snow and ice result in white chicken frozen behind to condense again, changes into a pair of wings to open, flutters to fly the huge white phoenix. This nearly in chaos attribute a white phoenix suddenly appearance, airborne originally harmonious five elements standpoint immediately fierce fluctuation. Gets up along with that resonant phoenix cry sound, that white phoenix also feels the oppression that the five elements force field has brought likely, the pair of wings shakes, an intense white light fills the straightly shoots vault of heaven.

Pū, must pierce the five elements force field unexpectedly stiffly. Makes five elements magic power of that mutual promotion of the five elements returns to takes Huang Liming as five people of main bodies.

Freezes the strength by the chicken, originally is impossible to achieve this point, but do not forget, the Source Yin-Yang Crown core of her within the body, had source of the chaos again. But the source of this point chaos from Lie Yan (raging flames) Chaos Fire, if when is not the chicken freezes helps Vermilion Bird hatch the child Vermilion Bird Third Fire magic power and solar eclipse Yin Fire in Vermilion Bird egg each other melts, conflicts to create the chaos embryonic form, even if Lie Yan (raging flames) formidable is impossible to help her cast that chaos source.

The day piece chaos, the chaos Yin-Yang, the Yin-Yang four elephants, five elements, this had this world. Reason that Chaos Fire made Yin Zhaorong such have the people of exclusive title to shock, because of his absolutely most stubborn and unyielding person. Therefore, even if the chicken freezes the chaos attribute that near this Vermilion Bird contains to be very weak, but that chaos are not five elements can suppress. Has broken instantaneously the five elements force field.

Whole body one light, the element induction that originally loses returns instantaneously, the five elements force field was broken, takes Huang Liming as five people simultaneously one startled, before that four, guarding the imperial palace also complexion of indifferent expression changes. Feels the fluctuation of chaos, even if not understand completely that is anything, can realize own attribute trembling. Opportunity.

The chicken freezes the actual combat, although are not many, but he seizes the opportunity the ability to be strong, jumps over the keen response that six senses of average man as well as many years of drink mixing fosters to make him first catch this to be written in water the opportunity.

The both feet treads the place fully frozen, the chicken has not chosen to that four cultivation base Four-Crown results in the silver armor to guard the imperial palace the charge, but charged into front that magic power directly has reached as high as Level 66 results in Huang Liming. Her body while running out, the back white phoenix energy band has a gorgeous tail flame, must the body cover her instantaneously, in the process that to/clashes, near Vermilion Bird still completes. Huge white pair of wings stretches baseless, individual the imposing manner flash has reached really the peak again.

Reason that chooses front Central Earth Empire to guard the imperial palace Chief Head Huang Liming, but is not that four relatively weak silver armor guards the imperial palace, the chicken freezes the mentality to be clear. Huang Liming made concrete her recently, moreover was the strength is strongest one, if other his attack judgment people, without a doubt, she back will leave Huang Liming. Was attacked from the back by this kind of formidable Mage, the opportunity can affirm, he does not have the possibility that anything escapes by luck. Another idea, gambled. Has again Earth Spirit Mountain Range to cope with Third Fire department Mage to experience, the chicken felt frozen indistinctly own Pinnacle Two Fires has strong restraint function regarding same attribute Mage. Other four silver plectrums guarded the imperial palace have defended all around, but they actually absolutely cannot think, oneself have a wing.

The gold/metal and black dual-color flame in turned into the golden color instantaneously completely, the chicken frozen whole person looks like a golden meteor pastes the direct impact generally, her body to/clashes in the process again, in Vermilion Bird armor covers voluntarily, the huge white wing that the Huang Liming seeing chicken helplessly frozen behind stretches as well as that covers in the feather shape white of whole body flesh armor. Although in this Vermilion Bird the attribute of family/home is to have the chaos journey neutrality or, after the results that but its origin from Vermilion Bird, itself produces after all stirred up immediately have made Vermilion Bird to keep magic power and solar eclipse of Yin Fire excited within the body fused the huge magic power source, lay in excited own Heigo Yuanyang Saint or merging into one organic whole, was only the flash, the strength of excited this person promoted Huang Liming to be distant

realm that is unable to think. In addition his both hands are bringing Sun and Moon Shuanghui glove. Although Ji Dong itself magic power, only then Three-Crown Level 31, the striking power that but she explodes at this time absolutely is terrifying.

If not this, even if relies on Flame Sovereign King to result in Certain Kill Skill, he possibly does strike the second to massacre the Five-Crown Earth department Great Grandmaster chicken customs handed down from the past that most is good at defending?

Reason that Huang Liming sharply had not begun, must increase to the limit the superiority, the chicken customs handed down from the past result in the strength he are very clearly, as the Yin-Yang School second place, the strength naturally is quite powerful. The chicken can the second kill him to have any special ability frozen surely or is the special magic power weapon. Therefore he has been very careful. However, when the chicken freezes strength shows truly, makes him be surprised.

Withstood the test five elements suppresses is broken by chicken unexpectedly frozen easily, also on him in Vermilion Bird armor change, these left the Huang Liming imagination range. Saw that chicken frozen incarnation is a golden meteor to/clashes toward oneself, the Huang Liming complexion concentrates, both hands build in the chest front, back huge red Vermilion Bird illusory shadow appears. The double fist simultaneously rumbles, before substantive results in scarlet-red Third Fire again her body, condenses a huge red fireball, she has chosen the attack.

Had said just as Zhu Rong, Fire department Mage, itself to attack to live, or attribute magic power, only then during with attacks again, can show the itself most formidable might. Huang Liming is without doubt deep essence.

Getting rid of Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse is really out of the ordinary, the diameter of that fireball has half meter fully, moreover could not see that is condenses by the energy, the huge fireball looks like with the magma condenses, terrifying thermal as well as huge exploded energy complete embodiment in. Even if the chicken also only freezes Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire to most outer layer to result in Fire Element to carry on the attribute suppression, but does not have the means to magic power of section.

In the golden meteor of chicken frozen incarnation soon at that huge red fireball collision, suddenly, that golden meteor instantaneously will have glittered, looked like vanishes baseless generally, must cross the red fireball unexpectedly stiffly, moreover guarded the imperial palace to that four silver plectrums felt, looked like becomes vanishes to disappear all of a sudden. The clarity that however Huang Liming actually looks , the chicken has not disappeared frozen, the feeling that vanishes is the golden flame that because on him glitters turned into the black instantaneously completely, making the whole person seem like integrated during the dark night completely. How to pass through the fireball that oneself rumble as for him, actually including Huang Liming not to see clearly. In her heart only the feelings, that is quick.

The time does not accommodate Huang Liming many, she must act is less frozen than the chicken, as if retrocedes very much with ease one step, after may also be these step actually enough, withdraws from about five meters, even in formerly stood the place also to leave behind a blur.

The Ding deep cloudy spirit fire of black hand claw belt heterozygous gloomy and cold pinnacle passed over gently and swiftly from afterimage quietly, while Huang Liming prepares to move the counter-attack, the chicken flashes before the form to wield with the aid of that frozen empties a claw to revolve like lightning for one week, is inexplicable the sense of crisis instantaneously to transmit. Made Huang Liming have feeling of being caught off guard. Both hands empty press downward, the body also once more retrocedes. chi a light sound, the black flame explodes from the ground suddenly, under Huang Liming presses Third Fire unexpectedly to be pierced by the flash, then that red Third Fire was surrounded by the black flame unexpectedly, swallows, lost own brilliance.

Dark Moon Dance matches Dark Moon Flame, this is the chicken frozen true attack method, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that starts is just a pretence. Is relying on Vermilion Bird the coordination of armor with own Pinnacle Two Fires, that feared that is the powerhouse of Huang Liming this rank also cannot help but again and again retrocedes.

The chicken freezes the movement not to stop, he is very clear, oneself only then this opportunity, once made Huang Liming slow the god come from formerly being startled, then only had the dead end. Dark Moon Flame leaves at the same time, his body once more fled, but these time is actually not pastes, but toward slanting above, is Huang Liming results in the top of the head position to flee. The body while vertical leaps, but, the chicken freezes the thought to merge into one organic whole in the back white wing, a pair of wings racket, pushes its body to ten meters upper air in suddenly directly.

The coal dual-color flame reappears, the magic power fluctuation of rushing from the sky gathers huge dual-color light ball, when that two groups of flame appear that gorgeous, however works as the flash of two union, immediately contracts suddenly, then changes into together the flowing light, directly soars the Huang Liming bombardment to go. Official Pinnacle Two Fires ball.

"Good." The red fireball that Huang Liming loudly shouted, formerly that had not hit, almost follows the body that Ji Dong is leaping to fly, when Pinnacle Two Fires appears instant, that red fireball had moved forward to meet somebody. In the control of magic power. As he of Six-Crown Heavenly Scholar powerhouse, too be more than Ji Dong.

Fierce bellow in airborne suddenly crack. Control of Huang Liming to own magic power is wonderful. Before both sides attack magic skill contacts the flash, he has detonated own that fireball, does not give the mechanism double fire to have the attack in attribute, but suppression on pure magic power. Huang Liming as Central Earth Empire guards the imperial palace the Chief Head, the actual combat experience is rich, he knows certainly that which aspects own superiority and inferiority, naturally cannot give the Ji Dong opportunity respectively again.

The magic power instantaneous ascension of rushing, two fireballs explode the fierce shake that has to make the trim woods shiver, that four silver plectrums guard the imperial palace simultaneously to feel that a heat wave raids, making preparation converging attack Ji Dong them have to stop the footsteps defense.

Chapter 95: Soaring Vermilion Bird pair of wings

The Pinnacle Two Fires ball results in the lava fireball to Third Fire Heavenly Scholar, similarly is full of the explosive force to result in fire attribute, once the explosive force of that terrifying shows, filled has burnt all the makings. k

Intense Fire Element rupturing, making in the surrounding 30 meters in diameter result in all plants simultaneously to burn, contaminates Third Fire that in the lava fireball contained also to burn a meeting, but if was frozen in that Pinnacle Two Fires ball by the chicken the Pinnacle Two Fires contamination, will be immediately reduced to ashes, this was in the attribute the powerful.

From the strength, the chicken stems from frozen without a doubt leeward. But must collide in this moment, she has not actually eaten too big owing. Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill, in Vermilion Bird armor, the Sun and Moon double splendor glove adds on Pinnacle Two Fires again. This numerous element coordinates in together, the chicken freezes this at least also to strike the might to be equal to Five-Crown Mage. Although Huang Liming is powerful, but his twice retrocedes after all successively, releases the lava fireball energy to have dispersed, when moves again beforehand detonates, making the might drop. As the matter stands, although Huang Liming got the winning side as before, but wants the true wound to the chicken frozen is actually impossible.

The flash of both sides magic skill collision, the chicken frozen behind pair of wings closes up again suddenly, his body complete package, the formidable impulse made his body overshoot five meters immediately once more.

It is not good. " The Huang Liming complexion big change, he suddenly had also realized the issue is . The chicken frozen has not continued to paste attacks, and has such ability, but is his simply does not have the plan to continue to move again like this, he must run away.

At this kind of time, the Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse showed her proper strength, Huang Liming has first made the response that has aimed at extremely, the scarlet red ray split behind him, rush of blood to the head red the great lion leapt up from that crack, the Huang Liming diving posture jumped, that great lion also followed in her behind also jumps, Huang Liming this leapt, rose close chicken to freeze 15 meters altitude directly.

At this time, the chicken stretch/leisurely has launched the pair of wings frozen, flaps violently downward, did not practice him of flight only to be able airborne to grasp own physical balance again as far as possible again. Luckily. In Vermilion Bird armor took to him pair of wings is really too big, the pair of wings opened, had the function of flight voluntarily. Fire Element in air just like the all rivers run into the sea general gathering comes, to support her the body to increase once more upwardly. Almost must prance with Huang Liming is the same movement. Among two people must be away from pulls open once more.

However, when Huang Liming rising trend soon stops, that rush of blood to the head red the great lion soared to say his, raised the head, the great lion leaves one to roar suddenly, is intense Third Fire magic power instantaneously to explode, pusher Huang Liming results in the body to freeze the direction to hit toward the chicken just like the shell generally, the rapidness, crosses will not have used in Vermilion Bird armor to result in the chicken to be frozen. Pursued behind her in a flash.

The scarlet red flame changes into liquid shape to proliferate the Huang Liming whole body, condenses one to be special the mail-armor and helmet, the Huang Liming right hand lifts, the whole person results in the look becomes extremely dignified. She be only this strikes opportunity, if this strikes unable the chicken to hit frozen, the people who then he with bringing are unable to fly, was naturally impossible to pursue to the chicken freezes.

The right hand grasps void, on the Huang Liming whole person blows out one to be unequalled much the aura, what is more fearful, that great lion angrily roars to blow out Third Fire magic power voluntarily to attach to above this claw unexpectedly, the diameter over three meters Third Fire great claw has directly soared the chicken to freeze the body to grasp. In the midair, at least in 50 meters in diameter range the claw of air in instantaneously all presents the wave that this flame appears ripples. The magic power element in air twists completely, the chicken only thought frozen own body stagnates, the Vermilion Bird pair of wings whips, on the body ascendent actually suddenly reduces. Saw before that fiery-red the great claw arrived at the body.

Ended, this is in the chicken frozen heart the only idea. At this time, even if he wants to inspire the Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill colorful male cone also already without enough time. Bans, hundred, thousand, the colorful male cone results in the might, although is huge, but actually needs to gather the strength time by his present strength fully. In airborne, how does he have gathers the strength? Formerly had not used this Certain Kill Skill, is for this reason, in addition this Certain Kill Skill will find time her complete strength, enemy, seems the formidable skill again is incessantly impractical at present.

At this time, familiar feeling appeared, that once reappeared at the scene in Earth Spirit Mountain Range having, chicken frozen whole body magic power turned into black Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire instantaneously. Five meters are high the Dark Flames Demon King form to be quietly to obtain now behind her.

One step, crossed the chicken to freeze the body, kept off before him. Proud is boundless the Sovereign King will instantaneously to show, a fist rumbles, center claw of center that flame.

However, the match is different, this was inspired the effect that but Dark Flames Demon King can achieve also had the disparity. The previous time, that Three-Crown Third Fire Mage was killed by the Dark Flames Demon King second directly. But this time, that condensed Six-Crown Third Fire Heavenly Scholar to result in the claw of flame, although must rumble stiffly a large cave by Dark Flames Demon King, but Dark Flames Demon King resulted in the form also quietly to vanish.

Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire is truly overbearing, its corrosiveness and adhesion, even if facing with can also produce the results for the opposite party of flame. Saw after that flame great claw center was rumbled large cave, the black flame unceasingly fiercely is also burning in that large cave edge, the claw of devourer flame results in Third Fire Element.

Scorching Sun Bite, Scorching Sun Collapse, fierce Yang explosion, the fierce positive three double hit Trinity rumble fully, welcomed to that surviving the claw of flame.

Dark Flames Demon King must appear, making the chicken grasp crystal core in hand to be instantaneous frozen, but she after all has in Vermilion Bird armor to support now, the itself strength has also achieved Three- Crown, therefore not, because the Dark Flames Demon King illusory image appears to be found time thoroughly. Condenses surplus are not many magic power, blew out this powerful three double hit.

The golden flame, airborne just like three monstrous waves folds again generally puts together, when they collide in the claw of that flame together, Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire that on the claw of flame attaches in Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire with the fierce positive three double hit produced the variation results immediately. combination skill results in the explosive force to show once more. Entire airborne ascends to be huge flame tornado.


Huang Liming results in the body to be prevented by this energy eventually, goes with his flame great lion Luo together downward, but the chicken also freezes the body to ascend in the explosion once more, the back pair of wings launches, makes an effort to pat the populace in that unceasingly, is slantingly askew toward airborne to fly. Although this is his first soaring, but that type breaks the earth fetter to result in the feeling to make the chicken have carefree of free ballooning frozen. Soaring! Vermilion Bird pair of wings.

Conscientious, Huang Liming results in the complexion becomes extremely ugly, his Heavenly Scholar level powerhouse makes Three- Crown result in two departments fire attribute Mage to escape from the hand, this in others opinion absolutely is a laughingstock.

In this time, suddenly, Huang Liming is waving to grasp, caught one thing that from airborne falls.

Spreads out the palm to holding the thing looks, the Huang Liming sudden complexion drastic change, the whole person resulted in the body as if to shiver, in the eye has flashed before the inconceivable ray, lost the sound said: "No, this is impossible."

In his palm, is together white jade card, above is also bringing some ashes, is originally is hanging it the string to be burnt down to know likely

white jade card positive/direct seal cutting chicken frozen two characters, but Huang Liming results in the vision actually to fall in the decoration carving in white jade card edge, the left and right various is a lifelike lion design.

He fast turns around the jade sign to look to the other aspect, between the other aspect impressively is a lion's head design.

Huang Liming grips white jade card goes well fiercely to shiver, the fierce getting hold of palm, looks up once more when to direction that the chicken leaves frozen, his vision completely changed, the anger vanished, what replaces it is an extremely complex ray.

"Chief Head Sir, do we pursue?"Four silver plectrums guard the imperial palace because also formerly that was startled. They cannot think that in the situation of this encirclement also frozen will be escaped again by the chicken. But freezes from the chicken with Huang Liming results in fight, that young the youngster has not fallen the this humble one wind unexpectedly likely. Is this Three-Crown rank Mage can achieve? In their hearts, originally very mysterious Yin-Yang School added a character.

Huang Liming results in the look to stabilize, coldly has swept four companions, "pursues anything to pursue. Will you fly? Immediately goes back report/give report, wants to overtake this boy, only then please several consecrate the Sir to get rid. Fears the time without enough time."


Looks direction that the chicken is vanishing frozen, in the Huang Liming eye reveals once more formerly inconceivable, white jade card in hand grasps firmly merely.

Eastern Wood Empire, East China Sea seashore.

East China Sea, regarding Light Five Elements Continent everyone, is extremely dangerously is, although this sea area not is extremely vast, clear weather time even can see on indistinctly Dark Five Elements Continent of distant place results in a shadow. However, in this sea area, not only has the hurricane to wreak havoc in the sea level anytime, has innumerable high- grade level sea magic beast to patrol. Once attempted to cross the sea to result in the powerhouse, all became sea magic beast airborne food. However, this terrifying death sea area, will be bright and dark two continent isolates, is maintaining two continent respective peace.

From the East China Sea seashore, only then less than 300 meters place, independent huts, wooden, before the gate, has a small courtyard, because perhaps the seashore is the saline results in the reason, in the institute has not planted anything. All appear very lonely, but momentarily can listen respectfully to the sea voice to result in the place in this, has several points of flavor/smell.

At this time, in this small front door advance party a person, the blue court lady style of dress long skirt unexpectedly is entirely still under swaying of sea breeze, in the hand the walking stick support on the ground, she calmly stands there, is Heavenly Stems School vice- Dean, has Supreme Unity Yin Zhaorong of Fourth Fire department exclusive title. "I have not meant, doesn't want to look for me casually? clear melts, did you in one month come the second time, could it be to make me catch up with you to walk really?"Is temperate does not have the world smoke and fire aura to result in the sound to spread from that simple log cabin, this sound listens in the ear, will give people an extremely moist feeling.

Yin Zhaorong shows a faint smile, "Big Brother, I do not want to come. But this time actually has to come. How do we make a bet? If I said you not to go out of you matter voluntarily the log cabin, even if I lost. Later I do not disturb you. Otherwise, you must accept my condition."

In the log cabin is temperate sound unable to help laughing, said: "clear melts, you original that appearance, is never willing to suffer a loss. However, although your this gambling is approximately unfair, but I am willing to listen, you can say that accident makes me go out of this log cabin voluntarily. I ten years had not left here one."

In the Yin Zhaorong eye reveals the meaning cunning ray, this time she, among the looks unexpectedly likely is a young girl bracelet, "Yin-Yang dual attribute Fire department Mage, Big Brother, have you seen?"

"Oh?"Is temperate the sound slightly to have several points of surprise,
"could it be your did Heavenly Stems School experiment successfully?"

Yin Zhaorong said: "No, is not Heavenly Stems School must experiment. But has recruited a student from our Southern Fire Empire. His name was called the chicken to be frozen. Present was you must pass on disciple again."

Is temperate the sound saying: "Did Zhu Rong that boy accept apprentice? Although his talent is not enough to break through the final wall barrier, is receiving apprentice to be regarded as positive. Fu Rui that boy is very good, 30 years, may attack the Nine-Crown exclusive title. However, clear melts, although the Yin-Yang dual attribute flame is rare, but also being insufficient makes me leave the log cabin. Here sat again for ten years, every day is listening respectfully to the ocean waves sound, I the heart stable is your institute unintelligible realm." Yin Zhaorong shows a faint smile, "Big Brother, my words has not said. If, your this does pass on disciple's Yin-Yang two fires again is Pinnacle Two Fires?"

"Pinnacle Two Fires? How is this possible?"Was temperate the sound finally to have a true mood to fluctuate.

Yin Zhaorong said: "Big Brother, can me also say that the lie does deceive you to be inadequate? Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire adds Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire. Pinnacle Two Fires. What single body can Pinnacle Two Fires make you think of? Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill. Conjunction that a person completes without doubt is highest."

In the log cabin the business you disappeared, surroundings once more only then the ocean waves sound, Yin Zhaorong calmly stands in the institute entrance, the smiling face on face became richer.

Long time, a sigh spreads from log cabin, "clear melts, my heart truly was touched by you. After this child cultivation base achieves Six-Crown, leading her to see me. You and Zhu Rong this had found the Fire department future hope."

Yin Zhaorong said: "Big Brother, haven't you been willing to walk?"

Is temperate the sound saying: "Pinnacle Two Fires needs formidable magic power to be the backing, good that if I guess, this child's cultivation base should not be high. Otherwise the words, she does not need to do obeisance Zhu Rong for the Master."

Yin Zhaorong nods, the smiling face on face becomes richer, said: "Big Brother, you guess is truly right, this child this year is 15 years old, just broke through Three-Crown. Chaos Fire, has the little embryonic form. Has not been formidable. Most again obtains the approval of Vermilion Bird, has cast in Vermilion Bird for him armor."

"Chaos Fire? Chaos embryonic form?"Creak in the sound, that for ten years have not opened result in the front door to open wide finally.... 

Chapter 96: Eclipse date phoenix

Earth Spirit Mountain Range. Said that reading performs in

Colorful Yanggao photo, this is a fine weather. Earth Spirit Mountain Range most core results in the region is the pleasant weather. Moist and fresh air mixing soil and plant gladdens the heart fragrantly. Naturally, this is human is unable to enjoy. Because this is ice fire Divine Beast results in the territory, even if has other Rank 10 Divine Beast here, does not dare easily to enter this region. Celestial stems Divine Beast, without a doubt is in present age magic beast most formidable existence.

However, everything has an exception, this time in this piece usually for the place of forbidden area, in the sky actually two forms is not circling the soaring.

That two forms one big is small, one white one red, in airborne must dance in the air unceasingly.

That red form is a golden red bird, the height ruler, two wing adding together is also less than one meter, but from the sky flies truly wonderful quick incomparable, circles unceasingly the reciprocation, did not know quickly many compared with on that big many white forms.

That white form unexpectedly is a person, but actually on the back grows pair of wings, besides color different, the appearance of his pair of wing is actually almost the same as the red bird. The personal appearance soars, although was inferior that golden red bird is clever, but actually can also achieve in airborne hovers willfully, is very free. "Huo'er, flies you, I magic power soon could not support." The white form from the sky stopped, opens the pair of wings to control the stability of body, is really the chicken is frozen.

First is in the shape, small Vermilion Bird did not have the phoenix coronet and that attractive tail plume of mother top of the head, seems looks like ordinary golden red fire bird, has a flamingo in Fire department magic beast, her present appearance is similar to this magic beast.

Next was the strength, the Third Fire Divine Beast birth time should have about Rank 7 cultivation base, above Giant Dragon. But small Vermilion Bird Huo'er must assign, although seized, but she cultivation base actually only then Rank 4 magic beast, naturally, was the same with Ji Dong, he had was also Pinnacle Fire, moreover similarly was Pinnacle Two Fires.

Three months the time passes by, now small Vermilion Bird own magic power has adjusted completely, no longer needed Ji Dong to carry on magic power warm and nourish to her, oneself finally has also taken the stock rail. Every day accompanies the Ji Dong together practice flight. Such a small life finally recovered the health shortly, since this has been Ji Dong three months is happiest a matter.

"Aunt Vermilion Bird, you said that these doing anything? I treat as the younger sister to regard Huo'er."Ji Dong shows a faint smile, looked at the whereabouts, in mother cherishes in the Huo'er eye completely to satisfy. He also already changed to the name of Vermilion Bird.

Huo'er leaves sharp sharp sounding, as if likely in responding to Ji Dong, cherished to drill from mother, the pair of wings launched, whips to invest into the Ji Dong bosom, kept having a specific use again the Ji Dong face camber, rubbing.

Vermilion Bird lightly sighed, jumped down from the phoenix blood Chinese parasol tree wood, "Ji Dong, were you preparation leave?"

Ji Dong stares, "how do you know?" Vermilion Bird said: "Naturally does not hate in the look to look from your. Ji Dong, these days, I from greatly as sad as great happiness, again from great happiness to greatly sad, finally finally sees the daughter to live, this feeling made me feel very wearily, got over an emotion finally. Our Vermilion Bird clan heaviest causes and effects, Huo'er received you to be so big kindness to report back. Otherwise, she will be more impossible to grow in the future."

Has not waited for Vermilion Bird saying that Ji Dong has planned Vermilion Bird resolutely, "aunt, I will not let Huo'er, when my mount partner. She is I the younger sister. I do not need her to repay anything, but hopes that she can be joyful."

Vermilion Bird shook the head, "Ji Dong, you listened to me to say the words. I do not want her, when your mount. But is hopes that she can accompany your travelling world. A life of our Vermilion Bird clan is very long, the number calculates by for ten thousand years. The life of your human was much shorter. Let Huo'er accompany your hundred years, even if were also you benevolence. Moreover, I do this have the selfishness. Huo'er results in the situation although now did not have the danger. But whether she can grow, after the growth, actually to turn into any appearance I unable to guess correctly, receives you to the Pinnacle Two Fires influence, can let she healthier growth. Let alone, Empress Lie Yan helped you complete the source of chaos to pour into, but Chaos Fire dispersed a aura, can make her benefit all one's life. The little fellows want to inherit me to the cassock and almsbowl become Third Fire Divine Beast are impossible, but I also similarly hope that she can be formidable, at least has the ability of self-preservation. First emergence of her such situation in our Vermilion Bird clan, since lives because of solar eclipse Yin Fire, that called her the eclipse date phoenix."

Eclipse date phoenix these four characters itself flooded Vermilion Bird to result in the anger regarding solar eclipse Yin Fire, has filled to the daughter future anticipation.

In the Huo'er Ji Dong bosom is peaceful, turns head to look to Vermilion Bird, although she was unable to speak, but as the Divine Beast descendant, innate has is not inferior to the wisdom of human, the big drop big drop results in the teardrops to tumble from the eye unceasingly. Suddenly calls out in grief, leaps since the Ji Dong bosom once more, during invests into mother embraces.

Is hugging the daughter gently, Vermilion Bird similarly is tearful eyes is also dim, looks down the daughter, twittering said gently: "Huo'er is clever, do not cry. Follows side your Elder Brother Ji Dong, your body will improve. Your Elder Brother Ji Dong certainly will lead you to come back to see mother. After your Elder Brother Ji Dong leaves here, do not want to play all the time, must cultivation, strives to be soon formidable, the letting mothers in province were worried."

If to repay a debt of gratitude, Ji Dong was will not make eclipse date phoenix Huo'er depart with oneself absolutely, but, Vermilion Bird actually followed a oneself better growth for Huo'er, this made him unable to resist. His Chaos Fire is very weak, will not use, but he can also feel, is relying on little Chaos Fire, he when absorption outside Fire Element carries on the cultivation, has omitted directly the process of filtration and compression. If not these days has been helping Huo'er warm and nourish, his cultivation will not compare Two-Crown to attack Three-Crown to result in the time to be slow.

Vermilion Bird looks to Ji Dong, in the mouth a resonant phoenix cry, a golden light shadow spreads from it suddenly, changes into one actually completely is the energy shape results in the golden phoenix to directly soar Ji Dong to fly same as her main body shape.

The air of stagnation made Ji Dong unable to make any response, before that golden phoenix arrived at his body, Ji Dong only thought that an epoch- making feeling appeared in own thought.

Was called as Huo'er to result in golden red bird by him to fly, falls on his shoulder, the head pasted on his face has rubbed rubbing, appeared is really affectionate.

The pair of wings changes the angle slightly, the chicken is having the Huo'er glide frozen, circles for two weeks later, fell on the Vermilion Bird cave entrance. He arrived here to have nearly three months the time. On that day after when he guarded the imperial palace Chief Head Huang Liming led the silver armor guards the imperial palace the pursuit to rely on by Central Earth Empire not the adept flight skill ran away came out, reluctantly supports is flying some time to return to the ground, this time, the chicken does not dare to stay frozen, recognizes accurate Earth Spirit Mountain Range to result in the direction to run over.

He had not planned to disturb Vermilion Bird, but, he enters Earth Spirit Mountain Range after the phoenix plume, can Vermilion Bird not know? Called out in him own territory.

Since these three months, the chicken successively has exited frozen also several times, examines outside sound. He presently, Earth Spirit Mountain Range nearby cities, posts his picture shade graph to issue a warrant for arrest everywhere. It can be said that difficult.

But, she must return to Earth Spirit Mountain Range, lived Vermilion Bird here temporarily.

The chicken freezes inherits the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, Vermilion Bird naturally cannot teach him any magic skill, but, has near Vermilion Bird the chicken to be frozen, a little actually needs to learn from Vermilion Bird, that flies. Since these three months, except for every day in the Vermilion Bird hole ** cultivates beside, the chicken together relates in the Vermilion Bird territory with small Vermilion Bird frozen, Huo'er is the chicken freezes to small Vermilion Bird gives the name.

Although his flight talent impossible like Huo'er good, but after displaying Vermilion Bird, by oneself to the control of magic power as well as pair of wings, is decent of flying.

As practiced frozen also gradually present near Vermilion Bird every day the mystery. Initial Vermilion Bird magic power added on Vermilion Bird that solar eclipse Yin Fire as well as that several types of talent treasures cast armor, completely became part of his body. Itself fused in his skin. Therefore, defensive power exists throughout, even if were not stirred up, can play the defense role. In teaches him after Lie Yan (raging flames) the incantation Vermilion Bird stirs up, in Vermilion Bird armor itself will receive the chicken to freeze the magic power exciting visualization to come out, not only can fly, magic power that in the meantime, in Vermilion Bird armor itself contains can also freeze own magic power to merge into one organic whole with the chicken, making him the strength increase within certain amount of time.

Because, does not mean to use near Vermilion Bird to result in the time is to consume his own magic power, but was his magic power can persist in inspiring in Vermilion Bird armor itself magic power many decisions of duration and inspiring energy he when using Vermilion Bird armor the strength.

By the chicken frozen current strength, in the situation of not carrying on the fight, in Vermilion Bird armor can support him to fly of half double- hour, although flies was unable to compare with the bird, but also hurry along quickly the non- nature were too more. However Vermilion Bird also reminded him, airborne also has the magic beast territory to exist similarly, again when flight try not to rise the upper air, in order to avoid by the flight magic beast attack.

More is the relation flies, the chicken freezes on more felt that Vermilion Bird becomes wonderful, as a person, can airborne free hovering like the bird, that wonderful feeling be anybody is unable to resist again. These three months, the chicken also froze magic power to promote Level 32 from Level 31, cultivation, although did not have original to be quick, but had the flying ability and Vermilion Bird became applies, his strength grew one section without a doubt.

Small Vermilion Bird Huo'er stands on the Ji Dong shoulder looks about the fresh posture, perhaps is because the first male gender that after Ji Dong is she was born, sees. Therefore she has been very intimate regarding Ji Dong.

Returns to the Vermilion Bird hole **, Vermilion Bird stands on the phoenix blood Chinese parasol tree wood visits them to return, in the eye is revealing temperately, sounds gently, Huo'er soared from the Ji Dong shoulder, invests into the arms of mother during. The vision looks to Ji Dong, in the Vermilion Bird eye reveals the gratitude that is hard to conceal, "Ji Dong, your flight skill grasped basically, now misses is the support of crucial moment as well as magic power. magic power is makes the basis of any matter, the flight is no exception. Only when your magic power becomes stronger, you can fly quickly, can show many flight skills."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I understand, thank you, Vermilion Bird."

Vermilion Bird shook the head gently, "do not say to me thanks, should say that these two characters are I are right. If not you, I did not have the daughter, you have helped me once again. Since you come here again, you to help Huo'er take care, own cultivation base progress degree slowed down. Every day must pour into part of magic power that oneself cultivation to Huo'er within the body. I do not know how really should thank you."

Originally, on that day Ji Dong arrived at the Vermilion Bird hole again
**, he is surprised presently, such healthy development that small Vermilion Bird he has not imagined, but had the big problem.

Since small Vermilion Bird many years has received solar eclipse Yin Fire to result in the persecution unable again born throughout, innate had very big problem, Ji Dong results under the help again, although solar eclipse Yin Fire was extracted, she had not died always. However, the innate flaw made her had very big difference with mother.

First nurtures, because solar eclipse Yin Fire must limit, its body had not nurtured, after the birth , is not only not growing, instead contracts unceasingly, Vermilion Bird moistens her with own Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, she body becomes weaker. Has that Ji Dong sends this to assign Red Lotus to result in the lotus seed drug efficacy, perhaps small Vermilion Bird was difficult to run away the destiny of die young.

Until Ji Dong returns, present the issue was at with Vermilion Bird, originally, small Vermilion Bird results on the situation and Ji Dong in Vermilion Bird armor is the same, her own Third Fire magic power and solar eclipse Yin Fire the time has produced the fusion results after several thousand years, reason that can be born , because Ji Dong excessively will be many solar eclipse Yin Fire to pull out removes, making its own two flame present the balancing effect, this can live. But when, the Vermilion Bird team she carries on naturally only to nourish the time to carry on by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, making magic power of small Vermilion Bird within the body upset the balance once more, not only does not have the advantage, instead has the big evil.

After Ji Dong arrived here, unifies own situation to replace Vermilion Bird to carry on warm and nourish to small Vermilion Bird, although his magic power cannot compare with Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird by far, but, small Vermilion Bird is the same with his attribute, under his magic power warm and nourish, pulled back from the death line again actually.

After these months the time, saves the life finally. However, the persecution that since small Vermilion Bird many years has suffered was too serious, her own situation appears with mother changed enormously.

Chapter 97 meets on the way does not put down must step on

Flies along with the golden phoenix that the Vermilion Bird main subject separates, Ji Dong that has the both arms of Vermilion Bird aura to lift voluntarily, the golden light puts greatly, that golden phoenix drills into directly, floods the Vermilion Bird magic power bracelet to merge into one organic whole with originally.: The reorganization opened the feeling of world becomes more intense. Ji Dong even felt that own storage bracelet is lives likely, is flooding Vermilion Bird that huge and tyrannical vitality.

Life aura spread that Vermilion Bird rushes in hole ** each corner, her sound resounds in the Ji Dong ear, "I used myself to open the space magic power to improve this bracelet for you. Later more time, make Huo'er live in then. Inside has the enough broad space, there is an attachment of my thought. By this thought that I can always feel the Huo'er aura, she can also feel my existence, is consoles oneself. Ji Dong, keeps three days again, making our mother and daughter again gathering three day. After three day, you leave here."

"Good."Except for complying, Ji Dong does not know oneself should say anything, but in the heart told itself secretly, from now on must bring Huo'er to come back to see Vermilion Bird.

three days later, Ji Dong brought eclipse date phoenix Huo'er that three were turning head to leave the Vermilion Bird territory. On this day, entire Earth Spirit Mountain Range magic beast is restless, because Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird throughout in airborne circling of Earth Spirit Mountain Range center, making ten thousand beasts be dormant. Finally could not see mother, Huo'er drilled into Ji Dong that after the Vermilion Bird bracelet after transformation, looks at her sad appearance, Ji Dong was also a heart pain, but also can only hope that she adapted to the life of outside earlier.

Jumps, in the Ji Dong chest Yin-Yang Vortex revolves, the whole person raises fully, grasps the phoenix plume, makes a long-range raid to go toward Earth Spirit Mountain Range east just like arrow one class.

Has used the time of most of the day, he went out of Earth Spirit Mountain Range finally, although the air of outside not like mountain range in fresh, but made him feel the free aura. Three months passed by, do not know that traces own warrant for arrest whether withdrew. Even if still exists, Ji Dong does not fear. Full mastered the ability of flight, to capture him, is not an easy matter. Only if the strength like Reddy Fu Rui, coordinate flight magic beast, has the absolute assurance.

When Ji Dong passed by villages and small towns, the picture shade graph that presently originally posts really , the time cannot dilute all, issues a warrant for arrest, although also, but is impossible continuously such strict search. After all, whether Central Earth Empire must consider the common people scared issue.

Ji Dong takes off school uniform, exchanged a before and Carl, Bi Su they when the ordinary clothes that purchased together. Smears some dust toward the face on again, the whole person seemed had not the small difference with the picture shade graph. Does not know that who this image is draws, above Ji Dong is sharp-eyed, filled absorbed the person heart and soul the aggression. Although the facial features slightly reveal the naivete, the aura that but on the whole person disperses has been full of the risk.

Contrast that at this time not only has not painted a portrait, Ji Dong and restrains own aura desirably, is not the acquaintance is very difficult to recognize him, after all, 15 like him, six -year-old youngster are many in any place. At this kind of time, Ji Dong that was not very handsome ordinary look to play the enormous advantage, such look was not noted easily in the crowd. The Ji Dong goal leaves the Central Earth Empire territory range first, so long as left Central Earth Empire naturally not to need to be worried that issued a warrant for arrest. Therefore, his first destination is Eastern Wood Empire. However, after the start hurries along, he present issue. Eastern Wood Empire east continent, the direction is not the issue. But the key is, in his hand does not have the continent map, is very difficult to carry on the supplies on the road, follows not to know where has the city. Initially when left Southern Fire Empire, there are the map that Bi Su provided not to think anything, at this time hurried along, this issue has appeared.

Hurries along three days later, Ji Dong has been facing the danger of running out of food, he initially except having the food in Vermilion Bird bracelet did not have what consumption when Earth Spirit Mountain Range, had various fruits that Vermilion Bird provided to appease hunger there. But after starting to hurry along, can only depend upon itself.

Although the body of Huo'er is not big, but eats are more than Ji Dong, two people of dry rations had too many problems to tackle.

It seems like that must look for place city to supply to be good. Ji Dong sits by the main road is resting while thinks.

He found this pipeline luckily, on the major road has would the pedestrian at present, Ji Dong decided that finds the person to inquire where the recent city, then goes to there to purchase the map, food, the potable water, buys under several clothes to continue again. Is farther from Central Plains City, he is safer. The conservative estimate, he left Central Plains City to have over 1500 miles now fully.

Eats the last dry rations, spoke the cured meat to remain finally together, when gave Huo'er, Ji Dong is preparing continued to hurry along, suddenly, he now side not far away as if has several people in quickly toward him close.

These people are quick, because distance is not far, Ji Dong can only see indistinctly as if has a person to tantivy the line in front, behind is 45 people are pursuing him. Very obviously they are not average people, can see that indistinctly the magic power ray is sparkling , These people left gradually near, Ji Dong saw, the one who ran in the forefront was a 16 or 17-year-old youngster, the attire was simple, face travel fatigue. Clothes are many beginning damages, also many places seep out the bloodstain. Pursues in following is four 20-year-old young people, one by one is well-dressed. Package dry that runs the front youngster, in five person top of the heads has the Yin-Yang Crown condensation.

In forefront youngster top of the head impressively is Two-Crown Yang Crown, on Yang Crown Crown Peak has the black waterdrop brand mark, ninth stem Earth department Two-Crown Mage.

Pursues has two in the following four people are to defend Earth department, there is still one and that youngster same Ninth Water department and Seventh Metal department. Yang Crown on their top of the head also without exception, is the Two-Crown rank.

Saw, they approached to Ji Dong in front, suddenly, runs in forefront youngster one staggers, back defends on the Earth department youth the yellow light to dodge, the ground as if slightly shook, the Ninth Water department youngster who that escapes was tripped immediately, when the tumbling, stands up again, by that four youth is encircled from Ji Dong only has several meters place.

"clouds the secret, this time I thought where you also toward ran."Two defend Earth department youth old one person to open the mouth, in the eye completely is the ferocious severe color/look.

Is called the cloud secret Ninth Water department youngster lips pursed place, although his face travel fatigue actually as before can see that good semblance. Straight eyebrows slanting upwards and outwards tiger, nose straight mouth side, fresh is really handsome. To person a very cold feeling, does not open the mouth. Fills the youth who the hatred vision looks at to open the mouth with the stubbornness.

Black magic power fluctuates around the body, plan that obviously has not been without a fight. Defends Earth department youth coldly snorted, "has also dared to visit me to you with this look at this time. clouds the secret, your this lowly common people. My younger brother was not and your older sister intimate one, you castrated him unexpectedly. Relax, I will not kill you now. I will lead you, gives my younger brother to handle. Must let your not have the will to live surely, unable to request death. Holds him, first abandoned his four limbs then the belt to go back."

Other three people gaze by this youth horse obviously, magic power also blooms, must plunge that Ninth Water department cloud secret.

"Stop." The low and deep voice resounded, making several people who prepared to begin stop slightly. On this at this time, the youngster of that named cloud secret fled fiercely, around body black light condenses to the right fist on instantaneously, a fist drives out side that same as him is the Ninth Water department youth, swoops, the body tumbled in the ground, avoids several other people of attacks, ran out of the tight encirclement. Not only the movement is very agile, but also his has the fist of Ninth Water department magic power to condense magic power unexpectedly extremely. In magic power does not occupy in the winning side situation, actually that level compared with him also same falling to the ground that wants on the high several levels of matches to hit.

The body just tumbled, clouds that secret vertical leapt to jump, demonstrated that the physical quality of far average man, ran once more to the front.

"Bastard, holds him."Before opened the mouth defended Earth department youth angrily roared, immediately leads several other people to pursue.

clouds secret from Ji Dong side process time, leaned to look at Ji specially, came one, Ji Dong not to pay attention to him, has not gone to visit him, whatever he broke through from oneself side. However, when four people of that pursuit clash, he does not have to be so good to speak, the both arms open, solemnly said: "I make you stop, hasn't heard?" Defends the Earth department youth to shout angrily, "you are any thing, go away."

The Third Fire instantaneous ascension of burning hot, the strong red flame shows the Three-Crown brilliance along with White Yang Crown, under the control of Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, Ji Dong showed Third Fire magic power, for all this, the aura of that burning hot makes the present four person advance steps stop.

That defends the Earth department youth to see the Ji Dong age is also similar to the cloud secret, has not been serious him, when may see in the Ji Dong top of the head that shows the Three-Crown brilliance Third Fire Yang Crown, the complexion immediately changes. It is not everyone has like Ji Dong the ability of step challenge. In the Mage world normal rule, the level disparity is the gap of strength. Two-Crown meets Three-Crown, that does not have any opportunity.

The strong Third Fire aura blocked four people stiffly, in the Ji Dong look has filled with the proud aura of being insufferably arrogant at present. Perhaps was these days fled suppressed in hideaway status had been long, at this time when bloomed the Third Fire aura, magic power of whole body release has been full of intense oppressive, explosive strength that the present four youth can the clear feeling in Ji Dong this magic power contain.

"Third Fire Great Master?"Defends the Earth department youth rampant look to restrain several points, "this Third Fire Great Master, we are processing the housework, please do not meddle."

The secret had overrun from Ji Dong, perhaps is because feels Third Fire magic power that behind has transmitted rushes to fluctuate, cannot help but stops the footsteps to turn head to look that to Ji Dong that the scarlet fire blooms, his anything had not said, is only panting in gulps. Obviously, his physical strength approached the situation of overdrawing. Supports to support the present by an unyielding will.

Ji Dong regarding at present these four people's replies, only then a character, "get lost/rolls." Defends the Earth department youth look to congeal, solemnly said: "Friend, you knows that who we are? You know consequence that meddles easily?"

Ji Dong has not lifted including the eyelid, as before is coldly said: "Go away."

" We have four people. " Defends Earth department youth growled, other three people in abundance have also encircled. But has not left while this opportunity in Ji Dong back cloud secret, instead walked to Ji Dong, stands behind Ji Dong. The hatred in eye seemed to be more intense.

At this moment, Ji Dong moved suddenly, the personal appearance flashes, the burning hot red light has shown, his movement is too quick, the left Ninth Water department youth has not responded, one group of fiery- red rays bloomed in his chest front, is fierce Yang Shi.

What is result by Scorching Sun Bite positive/direct bang? Even if but initially cultivation base Ji Dong match, does not have one to feel better. Let alone this magic power might as well his Ninth Water department youth. The burning hot flame has covered his body instantaneously, making him look like one group of flame burns got up, in the low and deep bellow, that Ninth Water department youth looked like has decided the body technique to be common, his own Ninth Water magic power simply played less than the least bit to prevent the role. The Ji Dong attack too violence, Third Fire the unique explosive force displayed in him, spoke this attribute characteristics to show completely.

Fist Scorching Sun Bite rumbles, Ji Dong looked continually has not gone to look at the result after hit, a body revolution, both hands simultaneously presses to leave, strong Third Fire changes into together the firewall instantaneously, spoke other three people to block completely, the right foot even/including left, under the suppression of magic power, kicked separately above three people of lower abdomens, three form flying upside down.

Until this time, Ji Dong the light question, "what quantity can decide?" Immovability, moves like the raging fire, how once faced Ji Dong that the Heavenly Scholar level powerhouses dare to wrestle to look at present these people in the eye.

The Ninth Water youth who was hit by Scorching Sun Bite is slowly soft but actually, he is lucky, because Ji Dong uses is not Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, otherwise this will strike him directly to be reduced to ashes.

But so, he does not feel better, skin surface burnt, formerly was used to prevent the Scorching Sun Bite 20 ct. subsidiary coins to be unsensible, own Ninth Water department magic power also can only protect the imperial storehouse reluctantly.

"We walk." The strength is all source, that defends the earth youth to turn over/to stand up, does not dare to look at Ji Dong one, bringing the companion who that two were being kicked to turn similarly to turn head to run.

Pū, a shatter sound transmits from Ji Dong, when Ji Dong turns head to look, brows slightly wrinkled, sees only a cloud secret fist to speak that by Scorching Sun Bite is burning the Ninth Water youth to be knocked down, did not attend to Third Fire burning own clothes, nearly was attacking that crazily already the enemy who is unable to revolt against. Several attack, that Ninth Water youth again did not have the aura.

Chapter 98: clouds the secret

Ji Dong stands in the one side, static looks, he has not gone to prevent the cloud secret, the unyielding color/look when the choice sell, was enclosed in the eye reveals by that four youth because of the cloud secret. At this time, this Ninth Water department youth has filled with the wild aura. Each fist rumbles, has been full of the endless hatred. His both eyes even turned into the blood red.

"Sufficed., Performs in"Ji Dong drinks one lowly.

The secret actually looks like has not heard as in crazy thrashing that his sound dies, his fist became slow, like formerly was not powerful, the body broken school uniform was also soaked by the sweat, meaning that but he has not actually stopped.

"Then can take out the pain in your heart? Although I did not know on you lived anything, perhaps but if you this way, the enmity have not reported that oneself already because of hysteria, but was insane."Ji Dong light saying.

cloud Tianji fist that prepared to drop once more stops finally in airborne, on his fist has fully occupied the blood.

Ji Dong has not actually disliked him to be dirty, goes forward one step, holds his in the airborne hand, has drawn his body, simultaneously the left hand presses to leave, is one group of rich Third Fire explodes, had been hit inadequately * the human appearance corpse thoroughly to burn down one group of hard cokes that. Two step Ninth Water department crystal core fill that section is not shivering in the hand, Ji Dong draws cloud Tianji to arrive at the roadside, making her sit down, anything had not asked that but throws to his water xiang, also originally plans to leave Huo'er that cured meat.

cloud Tianji is on the rise looked at Ji Dong, the red in eye is as before strong, panting sound is fierce, a hand grasps that two step crystal core to absorb magic power, another hand worked on the water to let drink in gulps.

Ji Dong arrived to be away from his five meters places to sit to sit in repose with eyes closed, the static waiting, has not been going to say anything much.

Two step magic power consume quickly, restores similarly also quick. The time is not long, clouds that secret magic power basically restored, the cured meat and everyone sends in the abdomen. The red of eyeground also finally slowly retreats, looks that during that is the conversation to stay., Comes

Two people sit, enough after tea, Ji Dong opens both eyes, stands up slowly, asked to cloud Tianji: "Recent city where? Is also far?"

cloud Tianji confused vision restraining, once more becomes ice-cold, "is this you must ask my?"He opened the mouth finally. His sound has the characteristics very much, several points of hoarse, but has been full of the chill in the air.

Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, "what do that you want to make me ask?"

cloud Tianji stands up, throws to Ji Dong the water pocket in hand, ", if you are willing to help me revenge, later my life is your.?

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, " you know that I do help the skill that you revenge? Your personal enemy should, not only Two-Crown. "

cloud Tianji has turned around suddenly, to Ji Dong, "Three-Crown, although is strong, your Level 32, refined their four do not have the strength to hit back. If I could not have seen your difference, was not honored as the horizon candidate of day integration."

Ji Dong have a relish visits him, "is your life very valuable? I do not think that he is for me useful."

clouds secret coldly said: "Do you know that what is called the secret?"

Ji Dong shook the head.

cloud Tianji said: "So-called secret refers to is the language. Only then lives the person in secret city, with having such ability. Each generation of days following undertaking to manufacture, have the duke title, in a small city, are almost so inconceivable. The secret city advocates peace other city to be different, is not the hereditary title, but is the retort elects. The choice can inherit the person of secret ability."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "were that you secret city main candidates?"

The secret electric power nods, "causes, I am one of the secret city main candidates. You help me revenge, I give up the retort choosing the horizon the opportunity to follow you. Regardless of you want me to make anything, I comply."

Ji Dong said: "I do not believe the language. You must convince me first."

cloud Tianji is gazing at Ji Dong, his look suddenly becomes clear, with because formerly the anger and compared with the hate red, he looked like has changed a person at this time. In the double pupil sparkles this to like the diamond generally radiant brilliance, in the eye the ray unceasing twinkle, seems transforming various colors. The Ji Dong will is considered as absolutely firm and resolute, but gazes at this cloud secret both eyes, has a dazzling and intoxicating feeling as before. From the eye pupil deep place of cloud secret, he even saw permanent ancient remote vicissitudes. Long time, clouds that the secret vision is dim, gazed at Ji Dong in his eyes to leave one point of difference, "I have not misread the person, your non- average man. I have soaked toward this direction , because forecast that this direction will present the honored person who helps me revenge. Now I can affirm, you are this honored person. Most wanted terrorist mister."

The Ji Dong heart slightly shakes, "what did you see?"

clouds the secret: "I saw proud, saw on you to bloom the hemorrhage same future. Saw the aura of death, saw your future terrifying. What a pity, I am also not secret, I cannot see clearly. Can affirm that only, is the status of most wanted terrorist."

Ji Dong careful looks that cloud secret that restored the normal eye pupil, "is very good, you convinced me. Make me to your remaining years curious. However, you must convince my come that big monarchy. Two big monarchies who life first manages oneself life, one is the morals, one is the conscience. They will be governing all my thoughts. If I have broken through their fetter, I no longer am a person. Do you understand my meaning?"

clouds that secret sound becomes ice-cold, ", if everyone has the comfortable fetters of these two big monarchies, you will not run into me today."

"I live in being away from here not far secret city a draw famous family. Very small time, my parents successively leave the world. Is older the morning year the elder sister to raise me than me. Small time, the elder sister in order to makes me eat to sate the appetite, every day is catching up with some zero work for the aristocrat family/home. At that time, she is also about ten years old. Actually supported our narrow and small actually warm families/home."

All that "elder sister makes for me, with he similarly big girl, have a pair of delicate hand, but elder sister's hand is very rough, even if in the cold winter, the elder sister with saving several years continuation has delivered to a Mage school to examine magic power me. Because he knows, becomes a Yin-Yang pattern is to let me reverses the destiny the only opportunity. You can think of my elder sister how many to save these money has paid? Since I have recorded events, elder sister's clothes have not been short of five patches."

Said here, clouds in the secret eye ice-cold completely vanished, surplus only then which thick mist.

The Ji Dong mood also follows his hoarse voice to enter in the stock market, has not broken him, static listening respectfully.

"I know elder sister's pain, knows his hope. I have not disappointed the elder sister. When conducting innate attribute test, I was tested to have 90% Yang Water big capitals. Is exempt from taking an examination the admittance, and met all school expenses. All expenses are borne by the school. Since then, the life of elder sister was ample. Finally does not use for again my eating to the full, put on to warm to be worried."

"Several years pass by, in process that school studies, in my heart only then a thought that that must help the elder sister have the auspicious day, on happy exceeding. Therefore, my day and night training. At age 13, success according to Yin-Yang Crown. 15 years old break through Two-Crown. Became in our school history youngest Two-Crown Mage. And was elected by the secret city hosts for the secret candidate, thus changes name as the cloud secret. Only when waited to arrive at age 20, with other candidates is carrying on the competion, thus determined whether can become the next generation secret. The city main opened the eye of secret for me, making me have saw the future ability. He also told me, so long as I tried hard to cultivate, promoting own cultivation base, day several cigarettes voluntarily to evolve. I am in all selected candidate secrets youngest one, but magic power is actually highest one. Therefore, I just rose into soon senior college to give back to my ten gold coins. I still remember now, when elder sister attains this is a gold coin is the happy appearance."

clouds that secret look became temperate, as if will raise in the past with the elder sister in the together joyful life. "All defers to my plan to be in progress, I must become more formidable, must become rich. Elder sister for me laborious that many years, should be I reports back him the time. I must help the elder sister live the life of these aristocrat young ladies. But, when I unceasingly diligently, several days ago, my dream actually broke."

Here, clouds that the secret double fist gripped suddenly tightly, the color/look of hatred in the eye spouted including Ji Dong looks that secretly was startled.

That person who "I killed a moment ago is called Cai building, is Senior of senior college. I just arrived at the school time, he has looked after to me, even has also given me several Standard Skill. Like our these common people students, learned the skill to be too difficult. I regard the Elder Brother same to regard him. But who knows, the fellow of this brute, the elder sister was I have harmed you, was I leads the fellow of this brute to go home. Otherwise you will not die, was I have harmed you!"

Said here, clouds that the secret has choked with sobs, his body in shivering, the intense hate was making around his body as if the extreme chill/yin cold aura, his formerly restored the normal eye pupil to turn into the red.

" I asked Cai building to go home to be a guest, he saw my elder sister, the elder sister, although rushed about for the livelihood daily, but was quite as before attractive. At that time Cai building had not displayed anything, I also as before regarded the good friend him. But who knows, two Heavenly Empress (day later), he attended class in the student while me, bringing the secret city to bend a finger/refers of big aristocrat Viscount stone the second son of family/home to go to our home. That domestic animal called stone Xiaolei, with us in an school, was the playboys who became famous, he unexpectedly strong * deceitful my elder sister. When I go home, only saw that the attire scattered in disorder elder sister sits on the bed pumps air, how regardless of I closely examine, elder sisters agree did not tell me what's the matter. I was afterward clear, she is feared that I was injured by these people. Next morning, when I ended cultivation as usual, saw that on the table with usually is as before same, has the elder sister to the breakfast that I make. I have the breakfast, the preparation have closely examined the elder sister previous day of matter again. But, I see is actually elder sister's corpse, she has hung oneself to hang oneself. Even has not stayed behind including a few words.

The lip shivers this, had been broken by biting by his tooth, the blood flows is unconscious, "after this matter passed, I am greatly disappointed, insane nosing sentiment of that day. Is the neighbor tells me, once saw that stone Xiaolei and Cai building have gone to my family. I go to the school to incur stone small rock pile, appearance that ships out acting servilely, stone Xiaolei that domestic animal unexpectedly also complacent to me said that my elder sister's flavor/smell was good, said, certainly will take care of me. I have not killed him, regarding this kind of domestic animal, killed him is really too cheap he. By the wine and women how he already pulled out the spatial body is my match, I have castrated this domestic animal, but also cuts off his hand muscle and foot muscle. The later matter you saw, stone Xiaolei Elder Brother stone Dalei has the person to chase down me."

Ji Dong said: "What secret weren't you by the secret city main that selected? Why doesn't go to seek help from him?"

cloud Tianji sneers, "you think that the secret so is easy to see? The secret has the forecast future ability, as by selection, all he who I encounter is been impossible to be unexpected. But he has not appeared, this means that his simply has not helped my plan. I can depend upon, only then I. At the worst dies, stone Xiaolei that domestic animal had been abandoned in any case, even if good Water department and Wood department Mage, most also can only restore his hand muscle and foot muscle, actually cannot let his thing rebirth. He is doomed to be court eunuch for a lifetime."

Ji Dong to cloud secret nodded, "walks."

"Where goes to?"cloud Tianji visits him to gawk. Ji Dong said: "Secret city. Told me, how do you want to revenge?" "They damn?" The Ji Dong brow wrinkled the wrinkle.
clouds secret coldly snorted, "the person of Shi, each sufficed to kill
100. You can inquire in the secret city, if I have lies, my elder sister's soul in heaven can not be peaceful."

The excited chin, "I believe you slightly. However, I have three not to kill. The women and children do not kill the servant, non- helps a tyrant do evil not to kill, child not to kill."

cloud Tianji looks at Ji Dong, "do you want to help me revenge really?"

Ji Dong said: "Not for you, but to remove harmful things. I could not close the world all did not put down the matter, but, saw must manage. People exactly lifetime, if has not selected to pursue, that can only the good-for-nothing. I only hope the pleased love and hate."

Chapter 99: Helping a tyrant do evil dies

Secret city.:

This is a not very big city, in Central Earth Empire, can only be considered as on is third-class, let alone impossible to compare with Central Plains City, even if Earth Spirit City also be older than him on many.

However, the secret city extraordinary prosperity, the reason is very simple, here all previous city hosts are inherit by the secret. Some people had said that if the secret wanted, can confer nobility upon to be appointed prime minister in continent any country. However, all previous secret actually rules in one corner of the kingdom, calmly defends the secret city, the position of hereditary city Lord. It is said each generation of secrets will forecast for present age King one time, only this one time, no one knows that this is really false, but a little, the aristocrat of high title, has the generals of big power and influence, dares to cause trouble in the secret city from nobody.

In the secret city, besides the city main mansion, the biggest construction must be Viscount stone to result in the mansion. This hereditary viscount has the title highest aristocrat except for the outer city of secret city Lord. In Central Plains City, the viscount perhaps is not anything, but in secret city small place, the viscount was the serious great person. The entire mansion occupies a land area of hundred mu, surrounding is one three zhang (3.33 m) is high the yellow brick wall fence.

At this time, is standing outside this fence two people. "Is here."Exchanges a cloud secret sinking sound of Ji Dong clothes saying that he lowers the head slightly, was not full of the hatred to result in the look to be seen by others by oneself that.

"Goes."Ji Dong said.

"Now? Doesn't wait in the evening?" The secret stares slightly. Ji Dong knits the brows: "Revenges also divides?"
clouds secret solemnly said: "Friend, I have not known you to the present the name, but I must tell you, it is said Viscount stone himself is a Four-Crown powerhouse, in the mansion at least has Mage of four Three-Crown above ranks."

"These?"Ji Dong looked at him.

cloud Tianji said: "Are these insufficient? We only have two people."

Smiling that Ji Dong self-ridicules, in the heart the secretly thought, it seems like, oneself really looked at Mage too lightly. Has the massive high- grade level Mage place like Heavenly Stems School, perhaps entire continent also only then such.

The Ji Dong wrist/skill turns, several black Rank 2 Ninth Water department crystal core appear, in he holds, hands in front of the cloud secret, "after going, protects you yourself."

The secret is impolite, received crystal core, "today such as the matter becomes, later my this life is you."

Ji Dong glanced at him, lightly said: "You must assign to be you yourself."Said here, he has stopped, gazed at the cloud secret to result in both eyes firmly, "was also your older sister."

clouds when the secret mind shivers, Ji Dong the big striding walks, among several, before arrived at Viscount stone the front door of Mansion. Viscount stone worthily is rich aristocrat, before mansion gate, four are grandiose the guard to guard, saw that Ji Dong walks, immediately two go forward to stop.


Ji Dong has not stopped the footsteps, the right foot is similar to kicks up like lightning, bang bang two, two body weights at least cross 160 jin (0.5 kg) the robust man to be kicked flying upside down, hits the front door. Meanwhile his reply resounds: "Murder."

The front door was hit stiffly, another two guards then responded, the extraction waist sword fast, this threw toward Ji Dong.

Ding two, Ji Dong lifts both hands, grips the blade directly, having the Sun and Moon double splendor to result in him of glove, will fear these ordinary weapons? The scarlet red ray glitters instantaneously, the quantity and long blade change into the molten iron instantaneously, is two feet, these two guards same were also kicked to fly with a moment ago that two. Although is not fatal, but cannot fall to the ground.

Simple, crude, direct, this is the Ji Dong procedure, without any conceals, the palace enters, enters the front door directly, in Mansion rushes to Viscount stone.

cloud Tianji the half step overtakes, follows behind Ji Dong, when Ji Dong gets rid, he can feel a bone-chilling cold aura from Ji Dong clearly. That is not simple murderous aura, but is one type keeps aloof to make overbearing that one needs to look up at and dread. Although Ji Dong seems is only and he almost the youngster, but at this moment in the cloud secret eye, Ji Dong is the powerhouse who compares the world.

Enters the front door, the front surface is the wall screening house from street wall, the height three zhang (3.33 m), on the width five zhang (3.33 m) giant wall screening house from street wall carves is defending the earth Divine Beast sky and Sixth Earth Divine Beast Heavenly Second design.

Takes a step, before, the scarlet red flame condenses in Youquan a point. Jumps, shatter, thunders. Center that wall screening house from street wall had driven out a large cave, is Scorching Sun Bite.

Ji Dong results in the body, steps into from that dust, as if he turn round, in big strides inward will not march forward.

"What person? Dares to cause trouble to the viscount mansion." The huge sound has caused Viscount stone the attention of Mansion people, several recruits crowd around two to wear the vigor attire, was protects the institute common middle-aged person to welcome likely.

Ji Dong stops the footsteps, in the eye the ray power and influence four shoots, "called Viscount stone, stone Dalei, stone Xiaolei came out to suffer to death."

Two protect the institute to be angry, the person of left waves fiercely,

That several recruits flushed immediately, in each individual hand is taking the wooden stick, the wicked shape wicked shape results in the appearance is similar to seizes greedily directly soars Ji Dong and cloud Tianji generally surrounds on.

Dazzling red ray from the Ji Dong top of the head bright, symbolizes Third Fire Great Master Three-Crown Yang Crown to show impressively, sees only him to point at wields lightly, several sparks/Mars lasings, under his clever finger control, happen to are each sparks/Mars welcome a recruit.

Regarding Mage, these sparks/Mars are not anything, may deal with these average people, actually had more than enough to spare.

It looks like big firecrackers explodes general, before thunder again the recruits body crack, the miserable call Large expanse of resounds, these people were exploded the flesh and blood flying in all directions immediately can it be that Third Fire explosive force their these average people can contend. Ji Dong does not want to slaughter, therefore has used ordinary Third Fire. May for all this, Three-Crown rank magic power add on the Sun and Moon double splendor amplification as well as his own magic power far ordinary Mage again results in the cohesive force to make these recruits suffer in a big way the hardship. Was bombed the arm is lightest, responded that was slightly slow a point to be fallen by sparks/Mars on the chest directly, immediately the exploded stupor, several people wielded just like shearing the wheat in the Ji Dong finger lightly generally but actually.

Looks in the Ji Dong top of the head Three-Crown Yang Crown, two protected the institute complexion immediately changes. Strength that even if in Heavenly Stems School, the Three-Crown rank can finish an apprenticeship. Also only then Yin-Yang student that abnormal place Three- Crown cultivation base is not anything. But regarding ordinary Mage, Three-Crown results in the barrier that the bottleneck is most people are unable to break through his entire life.

Hurried, that two protected on the institute simultaneously to release magic power, was defends Earth department and Seventh Metal department separately. Just, in their top of the head Yang Crown only has Two-Crown.

A tip of the toe place, the Ji Dong whole person has pasted to plunder, when the body flashes before a series of afterimage in the ground run, the rapidness, was almost the flash arrives at two to protect in front of the institute.

Ji Dong became a buddhist monk is really too quick, that two protected the institute only to think that at present a flower, has not waited for them to react, only thought that on neck one tight, the next moment their bodies have been separated from the ground.

"Helping a tyrant do evil kills."

The bang, two groups of Third Fire simultaneously explode from Ji Dong both hands, was held the neck to lift up high airborne two people to change into two groups of fireballs by him immediately.

Non- Mage results in the average person he to keep the hand, but these Mage he will actually not let off, using the strength of average man to help a tyrant do evil to bully the average person, only they are willing to be Viscount stone to result in the accomplice, has to take the say/way. Although Ji Dong is overbearing, but is actually not person of the general idea, after following the cloud secret enters the secret city, he has inquired in every way, Viscount stone the matter of doing such as the cloud secret said firmly, even the still have it, having made one finger/refer. By the person of asking, either was a character that dreaded does not dare saying that either was the hatred must wish one could food its meat, particularly helped a tyrant do evil Mage regarding these, complained. Also because has these Mage to exist, most talented people manage the anger not to dare to say.

Both hands cast off, two corpses of fireball shapes were thrown the deep place directly to the institute, two bring near the light golden light Crystal Crown to fall gently, although Ji Dong has not known that with is Light Five Elements Continent Mage results in Crystal Crown to be useful, but he waves to receive it , to continue.

Follows in somewhat dull, magic skill that Ji Dong back cloud Tianji looks, this is any magic skill, unexpectedly overbearingly in this way. Even if Two-Crown and Three-Crown have the disparity, is, that should not by the disparity of instantaneous second of killing.

In the Vermilion Bird hole ** three months of cultivation, Ji Dong finally practiced over thousand times own Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Flame, skill that he displayed, was the new comprehension results in Flame Sovereign King Direct Hit Skill, Mingyang hunts. This seems like simple, quick grasps is so simple. In flash that the Ji Dong body runs out , the whole person was wrapped by intense magic power, wants to shunt this to grasp or resists this grasp is extremely difficult. Must know, when Ji Dong formerly in displaying Mingyang hunted, uses also was just Third Fire. This is his first time displays in the actual combat, the match was what a pity weaker, has not made him feel Mingyang to hunt for the genuine god marrow.

Since recently these months, besides own cultivation, Ji Dong were pondering promoted and constrained mutually the issue about five elements, when were brought by yellow Liming the person surrounded, although he successfully escapes, may then five elements suppress also gives him to shock enormously. Also lets his sober realizing, although oneself have dual attribute and Pinnacle Two Fires. But, this cannot represent all, in this piece floods five elements magic power to result above continent, five elements itself supplementary and repels one another is blooms strongest magic skill to result in the way. Although what a pity, he has realized these, actually left Heavenly Stems School, all can only depend upon itself to try to find out, but is unable to inquire to Teacher studies.

At this time, in viscount mansion is piece of chaos, these ordinary retinues saw that Ji Dong just like the Demon King general method, was frightened scatters in all directions to flee, entire front courtyard chaos.

Ji Dong has not stayed , to continue stride stand forth, across the front courtyard, enters in the binary institute.

Viscount stone can lord it over in the secret city also has certain truth, is this short free time, in the institute gathered 40-50 people, stood protects the institute in front 56 is has Yin-Yang Crown to result in Mage, the two has achieved the Three-Crown rank.

Saw that Ji Dong and cloud secret strides in the institute, immediately has encircled, encircles two people in the center.

stone Dalei in this group of people, has been changing clean clothes, a face is sinister and ruthless looks at two people, said to that two Three- Crown Mage: "Two uncles, are they, what that Water department is the cloud secret, was he has abandoned the Second Brother, another was his accomplice. Takes them, I must let their not have the will to live surely, unable to request death."

Is counted stone Dalei, opposite party altogether two Three-Crown Mage, in addition five Two-Crown Mage, is a number of not small strengths, moreover in these person of dependency looked, can sufficiently collect five elements. He just thought of this point, for Three-Crown Mage loudly shouted, the direction people have released respective magic power. Suddenly, Yang attribute results in the five elements magic power brilliance to bloom, in the entire institute presented Ji Dong the experience to cross the strength of five elements suppression immediately. Dozens recruits retrocede in abundance, regarding average person, even if front the low status five elements suppression, they do not have the slightest bit hitting back leeway.

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer, "depends on you also to suppress me?"Intense Third Fire transforms instantaneously, the originally body surrounding red flame in an instant completely becomes the golden color, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire that wild, overbearing pinnacle pure Yang Qi breath blooms instantaneously, strong male character shoots up to the sky. Behind Ji Dong, resplendent golden color results in Flame Sovereign King illusory shadow suddenly.

Because originally five elements suppresses, but the heart is serious clouds that the secret feels clearly, receives on Ji Dong the aura influence, own Ninth Water magic power was steamed unexpectedly likely generally, the whole body is one is incapable unexpectedly. Meanwhile, he also clearly feels, in the entire institute the air as if burst, in midair five elements brilliance instantaneously by that rising typhoon, but on firm arrogant demeanor breaks through, composes five Mage that five elements suppresses almost simultaneously the body to tremble, in eye as if by prior agreement revealed the panic-stricken color/look.

To suppress Ji Dong through the five elements attribute, at least also needs to compose five elements five Mage magic power to have the possibility above him. Pinnacle Fire, Two Great Sovereign Kings proud so is easy to suppress?

At this moment, Ji Dong resulted in the body to move, the people only thought that the air twisted instantaneously, pasted like a golden meteor, but, the next moment, Ji Dong resulted in the body to arrive in front of Seventh Metal attribute Three-Crown Mage. Right hand big, the entire palm inflated compared with oneself, the radiant golden flame grasps directly to the neck of match.

Ji Dong became a buddhist monk is really too quick, his match also non- formerly in the front courtyard resulted in two Two-Crown Mage to compare, this magic power achieved Level 34 to result in Seventh Metal department Mage because, although five elements suppressed is broken, within the body magic power turned wells up, but immediately has made the response. The double fist is uneven, dazzling white magic power from the sky unifies a long Dhami the pointed cone, the direct thorn to the Ji Dong chest front, attacks the enemy to rescue.

Chapter 100: Devils? Demon King?

Similar to pastes the time that in Ji Dong meteor to/clashes, that Seventh Metal department Three-Crown Mage made was most correct chooses, obviously, his actual combat experience was quite rich. although k Ji Dong is quick, but also quickly others slight effort.

However, Mingyang

Saw the metal pointed cone that white magic power condenses stabs the Ji Dong chest front, magic power that suddenly, that Seventh Metal department Mage panic-stricken present, oneself leave does not have any resistance likely, Ji Dong resulted in the body strange distortion, never saw almost to cross the golden flame to cover the metal pointed cone that he left in the flash, in others eyes, that metal pointed cone truly stabbed Ji Dong to result in the chest, but while with Ji Dong body contact it on starting to melt, when Ji Dong went well held that Three-Crown Mage the neck, that metal pointed cone vanished does not see. Hunts for inherits fourth skill of Flame Sovereign King as Ji Dong excluding Certain Kill Skill colorful male cone, so is easy to resist?

The Seventh Metal department Three-Crown Mage quite vigorous and healthy body was lifted up high excessively, at the same time, at least three Mage resulted in the attack to approach Ji Dong to result in the body.

Ice-cold snort/hum resounds to the anger of extreme, in the loud sound, Seventh Metal department Mage in Ji Dong hand changed into one group of golden flame loudly, happen to welcomed Two-Crown Mage to attack, that corpse looked like a huge golden fireball, must hit stiffly. Does not need to look, cultivation base of Two-Crown rank was resisted how possibly by the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire contamination. Meanwhile, Ji Dong has not dodged, gets back one's composure suddenly, pays no attention to side another Ninth Water department Two-Crown Mage to attack, the steps, first clash, shake the fist, Scorching Sun Bite as if instantaneously finds time his Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire general, an pinnacle verve fist directly soars the match to shell to go.

If at this time Ji Dong to the feeling of person is anything, only then two characters can describe that is wild.

Ji Dong must act was too quick, cloud Tianji just flushed in the position from formerly him, wants to aid him not to be impossible to achieve. But in the cloud secret eye, that whole body is blooming the golden flame, the back humane Sovereign King golden color illusory shadow sparkle results in Ji Dong simply not to need to help.

Another Three-Crown Mage defends Earth department, in Central Earth Empire, where must have Earth department Mage. This Three-Crown defended Earth department Mage to be full of the fear to Ji Dong very much obviously. On him, covers one to amount to half foot thick the rock armor, obviously is special magic skill. Also because of this, he in getting rid itself late one step.


The fist that Scorching Sun Bite and opposite party rock armor wraps collides stiffly in together, at the same time, the attack of side that Two- Crown Ninth Water department Mage also fell on Ji Dong.

Black magic power falls on Ji Dong vanishes unexpectedly instantaneously, even has not shaken including the body of Ji Dong, but positive/direct Three-Crown defends Earth department Mage only to think that an unequalled explosive force blooms in front of oneself.

In the loud sound, on his fist the rock armor ruptured loudly, at the same time, the strong golden flame sweeps across the whole body instantaneously, the high fever that pinnacle Yang Fire brings makes him miserable snort/hum make noise, but was being involved the body by a strange suction, is unable the retreat slightest bit.

"Can't stone burn?"On the Ji Dong face that ice-cold smiling face has formed the sharp contrast with his cruel overbearing forms of defensive action, his shoulder also already in this time numerous collisions on match. After this is he arrives at Viscount stone Mansion, the first person can make him use magic skill to result in the person.

Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, Scorching Sun Bite and Scorching Sun Collapse overlay explodes, the effect of brings, is split up.

Scatters in all directions the splash to result in the golden flame to block several other Two-Crown Mage completely, that formerly attacked Ji Dong to result in Ninth Water department Mage to be contaminated by Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, in the pitiful yell everywhere tumbles, how wants to resist Ji Dong to result in pinnacle Yang Fire by Ninth Water magic power of his Two-Crown rank to be also possible.

Among Xumi, two die two severe wounds, dies in the match strongest two Three-Crown Mage. Complete seven Mage went to 50% many. How this is aggressive.

"Devil, you, you are the devil......"stone big rock pile voice became the point like the woman, face whiten falls to draw back backward, while loses one's voice to roar angrily.

At this time also nobody dares to clash again, these viscount government offices result in the servant, the recruit, the servants are swarm to run away. Besides stone big rock pile, also two Two-Crown Mage, the strength that but they, actually as if continually escape at this time did not have.

Two groups of simplest golden fireballs looked for them, was two hot people appears in this institute. Let alone is the rank lowers compared with Ji Dong, even if the rank is also very difficult to resist in front of Pinnacle Two Fires with her same match. "Your father and younger brother?"Moves sideways, Mingyang hunts for the fourth person who holds is stone Dalei, but this Ji Dong has not let the flame spread to him on, but held him baseless, in Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire results under the attribute suppression, stone Dalei cannot display any magic skill.

"wu wu......"stone big rock pile seized by the throat by Ji Dong, the face from turned palely purplish red, could not speak.

Throws him conveniently on the ground, Ji Dong coldly said: "Said where Viscount stone and stone Xiaolei, said me not to kill you."

"I, I said......"stone big rock pile results in the strength of spirit the Ji Dong imagination are less, has not done any struggles, "father led the younger brother to seek medical help, should be about to come back."

"Seeks medical help? Does could it be cut off limb also to meet?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

stone Dalei said: "Under younger brother is not good, but the hand muscle, the foot muscle should. The father leads him to look for a renowned Wood department therapist in city. That therapist wants richly, gives to see a doctor."

Ji Dong nodded, looked that said to cloud Tianji: "We here wait. They would. He gives you to handle."At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong tip of the toe selects, delivers to front of stone Dalei the cloud secret.

stone Dalei immediately wailed: "You, you had said does not kill me."

Ji Dong lightly said: "I had only said I do not kill you, does not kill you as for the homicide, you must ask him."At the same time was saying, by arriving that Ji Dong acts in a completely informal or uninhibited manner sits cross-legged to sit down, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire takes back, through the cultivation magic power that restores formerly to consume. crystal core is always limited, a penny saved , a penny earned. When stone Dalei saw when cloud secret that pair of blood red results in eyes, he knows oneself played.

The pitiful yell sound as if can spread over the entire secret city, when the Ji Dong conclusion cultivation opened eyes, knitting the brows head.

clouds the blood-color in secret eye to remove, when his vision resumed the forecast that type was Pure Brightness profound, before his body, stone Dalei seemed no longer has looked like a person. cloud Tianji has not killed him, even has treated a wound with Ninth Water department magic power for him simply. However, stone Dalei results in four limbs actually to separate with the body, like such that the cloud secret said that the death, never will be most fearful.

Saw that wake up of Ji Dong from the cultivation comes, clouds the secret to his nodded, "thank you. I was clear. Kills are many person, my elder sister cannot live. Viscount stone is all ringleader calamities, has killed him, breaks stone Xiaolei the four limbs again, my hatred/enemy Jiusuan reported."

Ji Dong to his nodded, "good."

clouds secret lightly said: "You are strange Three-Crown Mage. I first time noticed that magic skill can also use like you, is the golden flame that first time sees you to leave. These people called you are the devils, I did not think right, should call Demon King to be right, that King illusory shadow that you behind presented a moment ago, as if did not belong to any Magic department. Swallows Demon King of these domestic animals specially."

"Demon King?"Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "I like this name. If you want, later can call me like this."

He is Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King successor, Demon King these two people, can definitely probably inherit on behalf of Two Great Sovereign Kings, also that is proud of King. The secret resulted in the look as if becomes profounder, ", if in this world, Demon King like you are many well this."

Ji Dong said: "Are you very discontented with this world? Five Elements Continent stemming from almost does not have the peace age of war, you cannot, because on lives the matter on the hatred entire world."

cloud Tianji sneers: "Certainly is ten hold sixth opens without the war? Without the baptism of war, the exploitation of aristocrat be roguer than the war baptism. You see, is only surface. The dark side of this society, how many can you see? Viscount stone in the aristocrat is insignificant. He also is just a young viscount. What situation do you see these to have the manor in the big aristocrat manor are? Some places, the woman when getting married, the droit du seigneur must give the aristocrat the master. Different with the slave."
Ji Dong knits the brows: "Various state policies | mansion, no matter?" "Tube? How to manage?"cloud Tianji has smiled, "supports continent
Five Great Empires is the aristocrat. The upper class is the basis of each empire. Only if you can overthrow all Five Great Empires. Otherwise, upper class is unshakeable. The aristocrat benefit is complicate, pulls one to move the overall situation."

Ji Dong said: "Do you as if very much understand the continent situation?"

The secret resulted in the look dimly several points: "This is each candidate secret required course. Every week I must have two days of study some these. Also several years, how also possibly not to understand. Taught that our Teacher look to us, is this social gloomiest thing. I only said that a data, you can understand the present upper class to any degree. Every year because of common people who the riot died, Five Great Empires adds, 1 million. The common people are very easy to satisfy, even if has stuttering, even if has not forced the pinnacle, they can the riot?" Looks the brilliance that in cloud secret eye sparkles, Ji Dong said: "If you counted on that persuaded me to revolt to revolt, perhaps you wanted disappointedly, I have not unified the world reformation of the world the ambition, most only wants to make pleased love and hate Demon King. I like enjoying the life, but was not fettered."

The secret eye to flash through a disappointment, although he age seemed with Ji Dong is similar, but at this time seemed, was not only has young appearance likely.

"Pleased love and hate are also good. Since you are only willing to make Demon King, that makes Great Demon King. Although the world evil person kills endlessly, but kills one association few one. When your prestige can frighten the world, the aristocrat who dares to do evil will be at least less."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "You think that I do have such ability? I am only Three-Crown Mage."

clouds the secret very earnest say/way: "I think you to be able, certainly.
So long as I am also living. I have witnessed all these with your side."

In this time, suddenly, Ji Dong is resulting in the vision to contract slightly, looks with the institute connected front door toward the front courtyard.

The secret returned suddenly, sees only one line of more than 20 people to walk from outside.

"Who is dares to cause trouble to my mansion?"For one person, seems 40-year-old appearance, the figure is not tall, but is quite vigorous and healthy, the shoulder wide back is extravagant, is actually handsome, a Chinese dress serves as contrast the threatening noble air, but at this time anger of face.

Without a doubt, this person was Viscount stone. Behind him, sinks the middle-aged person who with two bearing concentrates, behind is the viscount mansion results in the servant again, four people are carrying a stretcher, above is lying down a person, cannot see clearly the appearance.

In these people, besides Viscount stone, most attracts the Ji Dong attention, walks in Viscount stone wears the youth of azure clothes. This person seems the 20-year-old appearance, all people enter the courtyard to see the ground the bloodiness and corpse, is the complexion big change. Only has him, actually as before is a face faint color/look, as if this all with him have nothing to do with.

By Ji Dong has killed person, was reduced to ashes, in that several contamination the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire person is no exception. When Viscount stone sees to lie down in ground only remaining eldest son stone Dalei such, eyes immediately becomes red, angrily roared, "bastard". Directly soared the cloud secret to result in the direction to clash.

With Viscount stone a starting, also behind him that two middle-aged people, these two people seem the aura are very gloomy, almost released respective Yang Crown with Viscount stone together.

Viscount stone defends Earth department, that two middle-aged people unexpectedly are Third Fire department, with is Three-Crown, one is Level 36, another achieves Level 38. In addition Yang Crown achieves Four- Crown Level 44 defending earth Grandmaster Viscount stone, three people run out together, the imposing manner is quite astonishing.

Ji Dong moves sideways, before arrived at cloud heaven the fuselage,
"you withdraw."

Facing Four-Crown, two Three-Crown three enemies, he does not have the meaning of fearing, golden pinnacle Yang Fire ascends once more. When sees this golden flame, in that facial expression indifferent azure clothes youth vision then reveals the surprised color/look, brows slightly wrinkled, seems thinking deeply about anything.

Also while Ji Dong results in the Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire ascension, followed was dim in Third Fire that Viscount stone behind on that two middle-aged people bloomed immediately one time, the attribute suppression of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire appeared.
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