Jiu Shen Chapter 81-90

Chapter 81: This assigns Red Lotus

The tranquility of look, actually does not feel Lie Yan (raging flames) to care to own that on behalf of mood tranquil n, Ji Dong almost blurted out, said in oneself heart to suppress very for a long time very long words. He really has never pursued a girl, does not know what own this time said is vindicating.

But he could not bear really said the idea in oneself heart, he at least must make Lie Yan (raging flames) know, no matter, in own heart, nobody can replace her status.

Was listening to the Ji Dong words, Lie Yan (raging flames) somewhat dull ", Little Ji Dong, you,"Ji Dong lowered the head, he discovered, oneself heart was beating fiercely ", Lie Yan (raging flames), I walked first. Since must help Vermilion Bird, I at the same night send to her. My magic power must break through Three-Crown, the Senior Brother said that makes Teacher Protector for me breaks through. For these days I was not necessarily able to come. Lie Yan (raging flames), bye."Sweeps across red continually, under the gaze of Lie Yan (raging flames), Red Lotus swept across, bringing Ji Dong to leave the earth core world.

Looks place that Ji Dong vanishes, did Lie Yan (raging flames) lift the hand to feel oneself slightly some faces of blushing my this is? Why my face somewhat gives off heat., Little Ji Dong, your this, little fellow! Also is really ", returning to Yin-Yang School, Ji Dong to leave the school immediately, took to one's heels to dash about wildly, directly soars outside the city to run. He remembers to the Earth Spirit Mountain Range position very clearly, magic power achieves Level 30, his physical strength naturally is also enhanced, dashes about wildly quickly like the speeding horse. Quick, left the city gate, directly soars the East to go.

Leaves that words, the blood of Ji Dong within the body until now also as before is seething with excitement, the cool night wind sways, his heart actually for a very long time cannot be tranquil. In the mind only then the Lie Yan (raging flames) form is reappearing.

In his heart is also disturbed. Listened to oneself that this words, will Lie Yan (raging flames) be what kind of? He feared Lie Yan (raging flames) really angry oneself. But, now was the regret also already without enough time.

Under dashes about wildly rapidly, but has used less than two double- hour, Ji Dong once more entered Spirit Mountain, the lineage/vein, in 100 gold coin his hands also, after having paid, directly enters in the mountain range. Has the Yin-Yang School Special No. 49 status token, has not come across any prevent departure.

Ji Dong luxurious throughout relies on the magic power support body to hurry along, when magic power soon exhausts, takes out together crystal core absorption magic power. If makes other Mage see he so luxurious behavior certainly angry. This time he, in brain only then that perfect form, somewhat was already ignorant. simply cannot attend to calculating any crystal core price.

In order to avoid troubling, enters mountain range, Ji Dong takes out a phoenix feather tail plume from the Vermilion Bird bracelet immediately, in the dark night, the phoenix feather is sending out the misty red light, is really attractive, not only can illuminate for him. What is more important, the aura of this phoenix feather made all magic beast step back sufficiently. Preliminary magic beast sees Ji Dong, almost runs away. high-grade level magic beast feels the aura of phoenix feather also by far to avoid. Ji Dong is almost the straight line rushes toward the cavern that Vermilion Bird is. The weather has shone gradually, Ji Dong also stops the footsteps, panting in gulps, a night is dashing about wildly, his originally very weary body and mind somewhat could not support. Luckily before Vermilion Bird bracelet also him , before entering the mountain range , the dry rations and water that prepares, have supplemented, rested moment " to start off once more.

After a double-hour, when weather is greatly bright, when Sun raises from the East slowly, Ji Dong finally visits familiar place, arrived at outside the Vermilion Bird cavern again. Stops the footsteps, extremely weary Ji Dong somewhat becomes dark at present, stands there panting, slightly feels better. Must know, he yesterday after continually field fierce battle, helped Vermilion Bird hatch small Vermilion Bird, later well had not rested, even if were dragon blood has soaked the body, at this time somewhat could not support.

"Ji Dong? How did you come?" The Vermilion Bird melodious sound spreads from the cavern. The gentle suction picks up the body of Ji Dong, leading him to enter in this cavern once more. Had recently experience, this Ji Dong relaxes the body completely, whatever Vermilion Bird magic power is bringing the thorough cavern.

The red of extremely positive ore concentrate illuminates the road ahead, quick, he saw in that heavenly stems Divine Beast representative Third Fire Fire Phoenix.

Vermilion Bird is standing under the phoenix blood Chinese parasol tree wood at this time, the giant wing closes up before the body, from the slit of wing, exquisite phoenix searches from inside, sees Ji Dong, immediately called several, has the meaning of being intimate with greatly.

Sees Vermilion Bird, Ji Dong knows Lie Yan (raging flames) said right, in Vermilion Bird that originally extremely bright phoenix pupil is revealing the deep feeling of weariness, to own gently nodded, crawls in the place. On her wing, is sending out the light red light, is moistening the body of small Vermilion Bird. "Did friend, you come back? Has the matter?"Vermilion Bird asked in a soft voice.

Ji Dong nodded, say/way "Vermilion Bird, you, when I am a friend?"Vermilion Bird has gawked "naturally. You helped me hatch the child, has saved her life, this benevolence I alwaysed remember." The Ji Dong say/way "why that you did not tell me, you to help me input my within the body these treasures, condensed in Vermilion Bird armor?"Vermilion Bird lightly chuckled "originally for this. Is Empress Lie Yan your majesty tells you. You do not need toward to go at heart, I such do, to save my child! If your body could not insist, my child what to do? Therefore, do not think anything. Moreover, we are the friends, the mutual help should also be, not?"Ji Dong has also smiled ", you said that I felt relieved. Lie Yan (raging flames) lets me this, gives you. Believes that it will have helped you. " Saying, him was taking to own that golden child from the Vermilion Bird bracelet Lie Yan (raging flames) continually.

When the earth core lake, Ji Dong too in a big way had not felt, at this time in this outside world, he was just cloudy that lotus seed takes out, immediately, the entire cavern was shone upon golden color " small Vermilion Bird both eyes straight looks at the lotus seed in Ji Dong hand, pursed the lips, reveals the hope the look.

"This is,"Vermilion Bird was also shocked, the vision concentrates, fierce stood getting up "this to assign Red Lotus from the ground? This is, is this Empress Lie Yan your majesty assigns Red Lotus?"Ji Dong said: "I do not know that this assigns Red Lotus is anything, but this, since is Lie Yan (raging flames) makes me give you, believes that somewhat will affect to you. You accept."At the same time was saying, he has handed over that golden lotus seed.

"Gives me really?"In the Vermilion Bird eye filled has not dared to believe the color/look.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile ", could it be will I also deceive you to be inadequate? " Vermilion Bird dull looks at that golden lotus seed, gently is stroking small Vermilion Bird in bosom "not, Ji Dong, I cannot want. This was too precious. You know that what this lotus seed does mean?"Shaking the head of Ji Dong doubts.

Vermilion Bird smiles bitterly ", Empress Lie Yan your majesty, is arising at the historic moment earth core Red Lotus. In order to let underground world returns to normal, she overcomes Two Great Sovereign Kings. Thus became the control of earth core world.

You possibly step do not understand Her Majesty the Empress very in the status of earth core world.

But I must tell you, this life Red Lotus, itself quite in the Her Majesty the Empress vitality and cultivation base. I, it is estimated that Her Majesty the Empress altogether also only has nine. Each is he derives in earth core the Fire Element over ten thousand years to congeal in the immature money. Not is only part of her body, in the meantime, is the symbol of her strength. Is this lotus seed, sufficiently made on my again stair. Celestial stems god and others, my rank originally in first five. But if has eaten this lotus seed, not only all consumes restores, but, my strength definitely in a short time will also surmount other day of card Divine Beast, arranges to first. " Ji Dong is looking in the hand this golden lotus seed, he truly has not thought, such a small lotus seed really will have such effect. This is not heavenly material earthly treasure four, the character can explain. To return the favor for oneself, Lie Yan (raging flames) has put out the so precious thing unexpectedly. But since, he came, can take back the lotus seed in hand?

"Vermilion Bird, you also said a moment ago. We are the friend, originally should help mutually. You are the same with Lie Yan (raging flames), the attribute is the fire. You are also friend of mine. Do not be polite. Even if you do not consider for yourself, must think for your child. Your strength is insufficient, can help her recover three your strengths to be insufficient, is unable to protect her, she suffered hardships in 3000, could it be you also wants to look that your child does have the danger again? Accepts."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong has handed over lotus seed.

Two drops of red clear liquids flow following the Vermilion Bird eye, drops quietly in the ground, she sobbed this to say "thanks, thanks, Ji Dong, thanked Her Majesty the Empress for me. Although the obligation did not say thanks, but I really do not know now should say anything was good."Ji Dong smiles is arriving in front of Vermilion Bird ", can I trace the little fellow?" The first male lifeform of after Vermilion Bird gently nodded "she very likes you u you are she was born, sees. Our Vermilion Bird memory is very good, she will never forget your aura."Ji Dong gently touches the head of small Vermilion Bird " the small Vermilion Bird driving specific use to rub him, pair of fiery-red small eyes winked winked, firmly was looking steadily at Ji Dong, flickered.

Vermilion Bird is supporting that golden lotus seed with the wing, the long snout light pecking, outside golden external skin had been recorded by her immediately, Vermilion Bird swallows the external skin, has revealed inside scarlet red lotus plumule.

"Your human has a view, is called bright nature orchid/blue heart, as everyone knows, the Red Lotus lotus plumule under Empress slug is the genuine intelligent gate. Had this lotus plumule, even if my child is weaker, restored sufficiently."At the same time was saying, she uses long snout to hold in the mouth the lotus plumule to deliver to by the small Vermilion Bird mouth.

Vermilion Bird is impolite, three two ate, but also sends out two immature sounding, appears extremely satisfied.

At this moment, light golden light sends out from Vermilion Bird, in the boudoir that simultaneously also rich lotus flower fragrance, the Vermilion Bird ten shares receive both eyes, the pair of wings embraces tightly own child ", Ji Dong, I and little fellow possibly wanted the deep sleep some time. Said that anything is not enough to represent me the gratitude to you and Her Majesty the Empress. For me asked that Empress frustrates. In the future such as useful as the Vermilion Bird place, Vermilion Bird will comply with all. " Ji Dong shows a faint smile, touches the head of small Vermilion Bird once more ", you rest well. Sees you to be all right, is I biggest joy. We are the friends, is not the interest relations. Is far from anything to repay. Bye. " Does not know whether Vermilion Bird heard the Ji Dong words, when he has not said that they fell into the deep sleep. In the entire cavern, has covered entirely golden light and that rich lotus flower fragrance.

Was hearing this fragrance, Ji Dong thought own was healthier.

Sharply departure, Ji Dong by sitting revolved own Yin-Yang Vortex under nearby stone wall, he was too tired. Does not rest to obtain Earth Spirit Mountain Range very much difficult to walk.

In a flash, Ji Dong entered cultivation condition, Yin-Yang Vortex revolves voluntarily, is absorbing in the Vermilion Bird cavern the density non- paper in the strong fire attribute element of earth core lake. Naturally, here fire Yuan, the element is only Third Fire. dual attribute like the earth core lake is incomplete.

How long has not known, when Ji Dong sobers from the cultivation condition is the spirit is excellent. Vermilion Bird mother and daughter as in deep sleep. But the golden light in cavern actually desalinated.

Stands up, moved slightly, Ji Dong thought immediately the body has been full of the strength, dragon blood has soaked the body, restored the speed extremely to be truly quick. He does not know, what although eats up the Lie Yan (raging flames) itself to assign Red Lotus is the Vermilion Bird mother and daughter, the potency as well as that strong golden light that but that lotus flower fragrance has similarly have also moistened his body.

Lie Yan (raging flames) the works for about Red Lotus overbearingly, Vermilion Bird such Divine Beast ate the strength to have the qualitative leap, if Ji Dong took directly, his body could not withstand, will explode immediately the body to perish. But some such indirect absorption potencies are actually without question. He felt clearly oneself achieves Level 30 magic power to break through to the Three-Crown possibility anytime.

Should go back. Looks appearance that Vermilion Bird mother and daughter have slept soundly, having the satisfied happy expression, Ji Dong to go out of the Vermilion Bird cavern, when toward coming the direction departs. Outside is while the date the weather, Ji Dong is secret, if smiles, perhaps going back that wants darkness to catch up with.

In the mind reverberated beforehand Vermilion Bird to say words, this assigned Red Lotus, Lie Yan (raging flames) gives own thing unexpectedly preciously to so the degree. His heart pulls out checks, remembers Lie Yan (raging flames) to be somewhat weak and painful appearance, his heart is good to hurt sorely.

Just as Ji Dong expectation such, when he hurries back to Central Plains City, Sun has set. Enters in the city, leads the way in the dim light of night, Ji Dong walks in the Heavenly Stems School direction. He only wants quickly to return to oneself room now, washes hot bath sleeping well. Tomorrow can attack Three-Crown.

Heavenly Stems School was already in sight, Ji Dong surprised seeing, in the school main entrance place, gathers round one crowd to wear the student of school uniform, seems looking at anything.

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Chapter 82: Friendship dance party bulletin

Outside the Heavenly Stems School entrance, at least is gathering over 100 individuals. Ji Dong came Heavenly Stems School also to calculate for sometime, this clock situation he first time saw. As the continent first school, the top school that Five Great Empires jointly builds, Heavenly Stems School, although occupies a land area broadly, may the quantity of student not be in fact many. Considering everything not over 1000 people.

Can gather 1/10 before the front door, is night, obviously what happened.

After Ji Dong arrives at the crowd, hears these students to discuss anything.

"Yin-Yang School is good! I must try hard to cultivate, before my also opportunity again 16 years old , achieves Two-Crown."

" Ai, you were good, young, has the superiority. I now diligently am also again useless.

Actually initially I also almost. I to Two-Crown time, 16 years old just passed by three, the moon/month. What a pity, the request of Yin-Yang School enrollment was too strict. Envies them really! Unexpectedly also friendship dance party. "

Friendship dance party? Hears these four characters, Ji Dong somewhat is inexplicable, therefore, how also what dance party? At this time, he listens to the front person to say "heard, Yin-Yang School will hold twice such dance party every year. Has the goal. Probably to promote Yin-Yang School men and women disciple exchanges, improves the relationship. After all, they are the elite, the school hope the Yin-Yang School disciple to pair very much successfully. Moreover, the school has the stipulation, those both parents both once were the Yin-Yang School disciples, their children can directly join Yin- Yang School in the future, does not need to undergo any inspection. Does not have the limit of strength."

"Is this also good? Is this legitimate bubble little girl?"

"May be much better compared with that. Let alone Yin-Yang School, even if our these official students and primary students, the school also never opposed that our men and women associate! Because if the men and women associated to delay cultivation, when inspected every year naturally will be eliminated."

" Does not know that this time has opportunity to be selected. Brother, I thought that your opportunity is quite big.

You were quick Three-Crown the strength. The age is also appropriate, the look is also good. "

"Hehe, do not praise me. We refuel together. If can have a liking for by the Yin-Yang School girl student were good", listening to the front these students to discuss, Ji Dong nodded, he approves to the system of Heavenly Stems School. The fine British penicillin elite, can give birth to the possibility of elite to be big. Originally really also has optimum methods of child-bearing and child-rearing view in this world. Really interesting.

Under the curiosity obligation, Ji Dong pushes to inside, by his close Three-Crown strength, forcing one's way in naturally is not anything, quick, arrives at the inner layer. He sees, on the school front door stone column, is pasting a bulletin.

In the bulletin writes: In order to promote each other exchanges, the Yin- Yang School dance party will convene after 3rd, at the appointed time, various Yin-Yang School disciples are all enterable. Also can carry the spouse or is dance partner.

The bulletin writes is very simple, besides this simple a few words, below writes the time x places. In three days later in the evening, the place is the Earth department classroom building assembly hall.

Besides this bulletin, side is also pasting another bulletin, this is the key that to attract the bow hundred people pay attention to at present is.

"Primary student x official student competition congress convenes Yu Ming ri. At the appointed time, all school students are all enterable. According to Mage strength x makings x looks and other aspects, the male and female student chooses ten people respectively, can attend the Yin-Yang School friendship dance party that three days later holds by selection."

Competition congress? Isn't this beauty contest? No, is more complex than the beauty contest, because also involves the strength.

In the Ji Dong heart laughs in one's heart, Heavenly Stems School is really out of the ordinary. It seems these activities to promote the exchange between students, can in fact, this not be promotes the competition between students?

Perhaps such activity will be held every year. Regardless of stemming from what reason, students surely cultivation diligently. Shopping online of this method compared in forcing did not know many. Worthily, is the continent first school.

"Ji Dong, you how here. Big Brother Fu Rui asked you to look for day."Somewhat familiar sound resounds, a slender form pushed in front of Ji Dong. Primary students and official students who that this surrounds the bulletin make way in abundance.

Ji Dong raised the head also is really an acquaintance, own was shamed over Fifth Earth department Mage, Ji Yeshang that Yin-Yang School is listed tenth. The Ji Yeshang look appears somewhat anxious, the stride arrives in front of Ji Dong, shot a look at a bulletin, said with a smile lowly "brothers, had the dance partner? Wants me to give you to introduce one. Attends the dance party of our school , if no dance partner, but will be ridiculed."

Ji Dong somewhat speechless visits him, the heart said, I and you as if are not very ripe. " Senior Brother Ji, you said a moment ago, Senior Brother Fu Rui does look for me? "

Ji Yeshang hastily said "! Big Brother Fu Rui looked for your one day today, said that has not visited you to be in the room. Possibly was goes to window-shop."

"My this looks for him. Notice thank you."Then, Ji Dong said good-bye Ji Yeshang, hurries to walk toward the Fifth Earth department classroom building direction.

His front leg just left, behind some students discussed immediately.

"Who a moment ago that was? It seems is smaller than us, could it be is also Yin-Yang School disciple »"

" This you do not know. He called Ji Dong, it is said was Third and Fourth Two Fire departments Mage. Very fierce. The past few days comparing notes exchange date, he several has routed that side Water department, helping Fire department win the championship. The strength has surpassed Two-Crown, but also meets, person single body combination skill.

Fierce. "

"Ai, Yin-Yang School these people, really each one are the monsters,"

Ji Yeshang several steps overtake Ji Dong to lead the way with him shoulder to shoulder ", Ji Dong, previous time Big Brother Fu Rui challenges to you, afterward had not announced the result. Finally is what kind of? Others do not know, I am clear, he certainly challenges very much drink mixing to you. " Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, lightly said "this as if did not have anything to relate with you."

Ji Yeshang smiles embarrasedly, say/way "cannot say, you look, I am the member of Central Plains City Bartender branch, Boss Fu Rui am the branch association president, association president's victory and defeat on drink mixing, I naturally must care."

The Ji Dong somewhat funny say/way "how didn't that you ask Senior Brother Fu Rui?"

"This,"Ji Yeshang said with a forced smile "I must have that the courage is good! The Boss Fu Rui that Thunder Emperor title is not white call. Most dislikes some people to harass him. I do not want to go looking for trouble. I still remember now, previous Boss Fu Rui said we defend the thick-skinnedness of Earth department, bans to hit, when the sandbag is good."

Looks at Ji Yeshang that pitiful appearance, Ji Dong has smiled, although this fellow once in front of oneself rampant, but now looks like, he also really has the rampant qualification. Enters the Heavenly Stems School time longer, Ji Dong is also clearer the powerful strength that here contains. Ji Yeshai can rank Yin-Yang School first ten, is far from lucky. Could see, this fellow approaches for oneself that bartending ability. Obviously, he also very much likes the liquor.

"I and Senior Brother Fu Rui are make no distinction between victory and defeat."Ji Dong smiles is giving the answer.

Ji Yeshang looking pensive said: "Fortunately, fortunately, but, I am really strange, you less than ten left years, how will have that exquisite bartending ability. I listened to Vice-chairman Chen Xiao saying that you when drink mixing, not only the technique was surprised, that type understanding to liquor, even if were gradually dozens years of Bartender is unable to compare. Otherwise, you cannot achieve the liquor fluid flavor/smell control perfectly." Ji Dong shows a faint smile ", no, he said is not right. If Bartender never wants to control the liquor the flavor/smell, if such does, does again good, is only the mechanicalness demodulate.

Only then invests in which own sentiment completely, making in the liquor that you mix be full of your own emotion, can create own cocktail. If you want to become outstanding Bartender, attentively feels each liquor the difference. After you achieve this point, goes to drink mixing again, "

Also is realm. Do not make the liquor your part, but makes you yourself part of liquor. As for the technique, that is just skill, when your realm was enough, naturally will success when conditions are ripe, creates most to suit own technique. "

Although Ji Dong these words are simple, but said him to enter the drink mixing world later experience in the past.

Because of this unique way, took least tortuous paths, 30 years old over, became one generation of Wine God. Because that rigid of Ji Yeshang, Ji Dong said these words, as for can understand, was Ji Yeshang own matter.

Ji Yeshang standing there, has not accompanied the Ji Dong vanguard again, in the mind is reverberating unceasingly the Ji Dong words, he is the perception extremely high person, otherwise cannot advance into at twenty
-year-old age in Yin-Yang School first ten. At this time he indistinct caught some drink mixing things essentially. On the face the look becomes extremely splendid.

Enters Yin-Yang School through the token, his front leg just stepped into, the front surface has met Fu Rui.

"My Little Junior Brother! Where you were run went, I looked for your one day not to find."Thunder Emperor sees Ji Dong, immediately relaxed.

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said "Senior Brother, can my such big live person also lose inadequately? Didn't our just come back? I exited to transfer the revolutions. What matter do you such anxiously look for my?" Fu Rui hugs the shoulder of Ji Dong to walk "this toward inside is not I looks for you, is Teacher looks for you. This Teacher to you are satisfaction extremely! Not only initially tests, yesterday the words of your contradicting teacher's wife, Teacher does not know that whom listened to say. Today he already excited day. Self-satisfied serious. Very early in the morning was shouting makes me look for your this treasure apprentice. He such has not called me."

Ji Dong said with a forced smile "evidently, Teacher and teacher's wife's relations are very subtle."

Fu Rui nodded, gathers near the Ji Dong ear saying: "Their this old couple, loved for a lifetime, has fought for a lifetime. Teacher is in itself the stubborn temperament, was actually suppressed about hundred years by the teacher's wife, your this time for his contradicting teacher's wife, may make him feel proud and elated. You said that he can not be happy

Fu Rui brings Ji Dong to arrive at Yin-Yang School fifth layer, Ji Dong has not come here jurisdiction, as for sixth layer of most deep place, that is Fu Rui cannot easily enter, cannot have the person to go. He makes Ji Dong wait a bit, immediately informs Zhu Rong.

The time is not long, Fu Rui came back with Zhu Rong, what making Ji Dong surprised was, not only they came, that blue court lady style of dress extremely neat Supreme Unity Yin Zhaorong also together came with them.

Dressing up and yesterday's of any difference Yin Zhaorong, in the hand has not been grasping that handle again to the pinnacle scepter as before. The look on face changed, an unwilling expression, even is also bringing several points of resentfulness.

Compared with Yin Zhaorong, Zhu Rong is just right, strides bravely forward, said that he is not overrated arrogantly certainly, that face self- satisfied appearance, looks like the general who just won a battle.

Looks at this couple, Ji Dong somewhat is funny, feels, Teacher and teacher's wife like being swayed by personal feelings of child. But he is also very clear, this does not mean the Zhu Rong husband and wife sentiment is not good, is opposite , helping one another in difficult time for about hundred years, can this sentimental who compare?

"Teacher, Teacher's wife."Ji Dong goes forward to salute.

Zhu Rong laughed, goes forward a two steps hand to hug the shoulder of Ji Dong, favorite say/way:

"Hears not to have, Old lady. My treasure apprentice called my master, you were a teacher's wife. You were more than for several years me in cultivation, so is truly little than me. However, in this elects on the apprentice, you may miss far. You are fierce, your ability has no way to inherit. Does not use for several years, when my these two apprentices grow again some, the world who does not know that they are my Zhu Rong disciples."

Yin Zhaorong curled the lip " your countenance, lived 100 -year-old, you do not know that what is calm., Is Little Dongdong that you teaches? How many days does he altogether come school? I had not heard that you have given him any skill and cultivation method. Others that is the talent. As for your this cheap master, isn't you yourself scurries to run to receive others is the disciple? Do not toot one's own horn toward oneself. This was also I at that time not in the school, what matter had your? Don't forget, ", moves, but Third and Fourth Two Fire departments. "

Zhu Rong angrily said "you talked nonsense. My this has not taught with enough time. This time he initially tests, I prepare to give everything one has to give my skill. You dare saying that my skill isn't good? That is my Teacher, your Elder Brother inherits."

Yin Zhaorong arrives at Ji Dong another side "dead old man, you teach Little Dongdong only to mislead the youth. How many Ultra Certain Kill Skill can you use? Also teaches the apprentice? The Little Dongdong such together natural beauty must be given to destroy by you."Little Dongdong, changes to request me to be the Master. Does not leave for ten years, I make you overtake your young, what kind of? " Looks at the Zhu Rong couple, Ji Dong speechless, he really does not know how should reply. However, the feeling of Zhu Rong husband and wife quarrelling makes in his heart brim with several points of warmth, thinks, if one day, oneself can also with Lie Yan (raging flames) this, that be although died not regrets.

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Chapter 83: Ji Dong Third Crown, the spirit demon unites

" Forui coughs two, reminded side Zhu Rong said in a low voice: Teacher, you did not say that can start to teach Little Junior Brother? "

Zhu Rong pats the forehead, right, right, you looked, making this old lady mix, my proper business forgot. Performs in the old lady, you can walk. I must teach the apprentice. "

Nearby Yin Zhaorong sluggish arriving, pulled a chair of Fu Rui room to sit.

, I am all right, I must supervise you, you in province taught people bad things Little Dongdong. "

Although Zhu Rong has made with Yin Zhaorong for a lifetime, but in fundamentally, he very fears, looks at Yin Zhaorong that old god in appearance helpless shaking the head, loosens holds in the arms the hand of Ji Dong, said: The process that "Ji Dong, your this time initially tests I listened to your Senior Brother to say. Your performance has stemmed from my anticipation, what is most important, you obtained the approval of our Third Fire department Divine Beast Vermilion Bird." Here, he also intentionally shot a look at wife one eyes, self-satisfied sticking out chest.

"Listened to your Senior Brother saying that your present magic power has achieved Level 30. Such being the case, you first passed the Three- Crown checkpoint, later I also well teach your magic skill."

Ji Dong asked: "Senior Brother here?" Zhu Rong leads first: " Your Senior Brother here is peaceful, here. You feel relieved to attack, do not have any distracting thoughts , should not be worried about anything.

magic power, but he thought now, as if oneself each point of magic power can move along with the thought with ease. Yin-Yang Vortex also no longer changes the rotary frequency along with his magic power output speed, can definitely the root meet his thought to control to adjust. That Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique as if also had some changes, the first time, Ji Dong had can definitely be able to control the feeling of own each point of magic power, without a doubt, only this type of feeling already was the qualitative leap.

Perhaps, his all magic power quantities of this time within the body have not increased, but, after that each magic power and thought merge into one organic whole, the overall quality had the huge leap. Ji Dong can feel, when ability revolution of Yin-Yang Vortex to outside the body, under the stimulation of movement of thought that each magic power likely is a small Sun, absorbs in the air the same attribute magic power element to be involved, not only can accelerate itself to the intaking speed of element, in the meantime, when the magic power release, no longer definitely needs to depend upon own magic power to support like before. In other words, same after magic skill , when displays again, not only the might will increase, will also reduce to own consumption. Under is in inverse proportion, disparity showing of Three-Crown and Two-Crown without doubt.

Reason when Earth Spirit Mountain Range, Ji Dong can resist these Three-Crown matches by the strength of Two-Crown, is not because his magic power formidable, primary cause three, is the suppression in attribute, the Pinnacle Two Fires department cloudy makes the match to Yang attribute what magic power is unable to play the proper might, thus ten tenths ability are most also to display six, 70%. Second reason, is his derives Two Great Sovereign Kings magic skill.

Flame Sovereign King magic skill, that is the extremely powerful explosive force, perhaps, this generation of Sovereign King magic skill will be only the flash will release, may also be that flash, likely will be eternal of second of killing. Can make the match collapse instantaneously. But Dark Flames Demon King magic skill, is permeating of limit, the corrosion, and also limits the match and weakens the ability of match. Under certain circumstances, is more fearful than Flame Sovereign King magic skill. Perhaps the Flame Sovereign King explosive force can also shoulder hardly, but once Dark Flames Demon King Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire has released magic skill, many negative effects immediately... Will make the old friend fall into the disadvantageous aspect. Is also good like Ji Dong Dark Moon Claw, Dark Moon Flame is also good, has to limit the match to make the effect that the match is unable to attack temporarily.

This Two Great Sovereign Kings magic skill adds on the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, can contact the opposite party instantaneous produces to destroy the strength of match sufficiently, enabling Ji Dong often to achieve strikes the merit becomes.

The third reason, is the most important reason, is the contempt of enemy's to Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er, the element of surprise that as well as the Ji Dong ability brings adds on some luck again.

Who can think that Two-Crown Mage can erupt the so formidable strength? Who can think might that his attack erupts instantaneously intrepidly in this way. But best treating unjustly that Fire department red clothes middle-aged person dies, kills his Ji Dong not to know how the Dark Flames Demon King strength was bent. Dying muddled.

If not the combined actions of these three reasons, during that fights, Ji Dong must die without doubt.

Is these three reasons synthesizes in together, has surpassed the superiority of Three-Crown to Two-Crown, therefore Ji Dong can overcome the enemy. Not disparity between representative Two-Crown magic power and Three-Crown magic power is not big.

More feels the body surrounding change, Ji Dong the feelings is being deeper, soon will break through Three-Crown, magic power and thought fuses made him have the feeling that the strength multiplies. Then, more formidable Five-Crown, Six-Crown, is as for Yin Zhaorong such exclusive title powerhouse, must formidable to what situation three in Ji Dong immerses in the pleasant sensation of Pinnacle Two Fires magic power qualitative change, the thinking, is comprehending the Three-Crown mystery time, his body had the change. Only change that can see from outside. originally appears in that matter white ray of his outside the body unexpectedly is similar to liquid regarding his body to past. Is having the strange change.

Has me and your teacher's wife Protector for you, will not have any issue.

"Yes."Ji Dong complied, the process that comes back from ginseng bird
there not like time is so anxious, in addition in the Vermilion Bird hole ** that time of resting absorbed some Lie Yan (raging flames) books to assign the energy in Red Lotus, he who dual attribute magic power in Yin-Yang Vortex early risen was very uncomfortable, even if Zhu Rong did not look for him, he also certainly will attack in a short time Three-Crown.

Sits cross-legged sits down on the ground, the heart of Ji Dong is gradually steady, the distracting thoughts that in his heart has only possibly carved are Lie Yan (raging flames), but is also thinking Lie Yan (raging flames) time, he was also easiest to enter the sitting in meditation condition.

The mind sinks to the thought that intent defends Yin-Yang Vortex, magic power in within the body starts the fast turn-around. Ji Dong only brings Old Second Zhu to give his Sun and Moon double splendor glove, has an advantage in the process of cultivation, Third Fire Element or Fourth Fire Element, when was inhaled within the body through the glove by him, underwent a compression, like this compresses in his within the body again becomes simply, absorbs the magic power speed also naturally to increase.

The Zhu Rong sound resounds in the Ji Dong ear, One-Crown arrives at Two-Crown, is magic power from the gaseous state to the change of liquid, is symbolizing the compression of magic power, condenses. Liquid magic power, can make your oneself have more lasting battle efficiency, erupts a stronger might magic power. From Two-Crown to Three-Crown, is another concept, reason that said that Three-Crown is the second largest bottleneck of Mage cultivation, to condensing Yin-Yang Crown is the same , because between Three-Crown and Two-Crown have the difference of essence. " , When Two-Crown, although magic power transforms as liquid, but you cultivation also belongs to own magic power. But was different to Three- Crown. Impacts the Three-Crown most essential place, must increase other things in own magic power. But this increases, is your thought that or calls the psychic force. In the process of this breakthrough, you must unify with own magic power your thought that making in your within the body each drop of magic power be full of your thought fluctuation.

As the matter stands, when your magic power in the magic skill way is output by within the body outward, will inspire the same attribute element in air with magic skill that you release to unify, thus serves the purpose of the aid of the strength of world launching the attack. Therefore, although Three-Crown is also liquid magic power, mounts compared with Two- Crown thickly, but it is completely different existences. "

, You must do now, attempts to sink to own Source Yin-Yang Crown own thought that in your own magic power achieves in the Level 30 situation, your magic power voluntarily will fuse with the thought. In the entire process, you cannot have the least bit to divert attention, must wholeheartedly feels the attribute in oneself magic power to change. Regarding general Mage, this is one extremely difficult process, but you are dual attribute Mage, must simultaneously feel Yin-Yang opposite two species magic power, wants the investment of total involvement. "

Arrived the cultivation, the Zhu Rong sound becomes serious, the forceful intonation made each character deep brand mark in the Ji Dong mind. Listens to his words, Ji Dong only to think that own Source Yin-Yang Crown has been ready to make trouble, moreover own thought seemed being oppressed from the outside by a special strength, was easier than to condense in the past.

Closes he of both eyes naturally unable to see, at this time in the room, around the Zhu Rong body swings originally a strange magic power fluctuation, his both eyes turned into the fiery-red completely, looks like Ji Dong has seen Vermilion Bird. That strange magic power fluctuation is colorless, regarding forms a five elements magic power cover around the Ji Dong body, is covering his body. Ji Dong own changes every point, will transmit through it to the thought of Zhu Rong. After this time initially tests, first did not say how Ji Dong makes every effort to succeed for him, had recognized in the Zhu Rong heart completely, oneself this young apprentice absolutely will be the Fire department future hope. Fu Rui dominates Yin-Yang School by thunder attribute magic power, although he came from Fire department, but his magic power after all is not justifiable Fire department magic power, but Ji Dong is different, Third and Fourth Two Fires, the pole number double fire, it can be said that Zhu Rong never has seen peerless talent.

Yin Zhaorong sits in the one side calmly looks, to the important moment, she definitely will not have disturbed truly Zhu Rong, feels the thought fluctuation of Zhu Rong, on the face is revealing the light smile. In the heart laughs in one's heart: This dead old man, but promotes Three-Crown, serves a need so to treat a matter seriously? When lower primary school breaks through Six-Crown, is mediocre. He has not looked like to oneself grandson to Little Dongdong such feels better.

Listens respectfully to the guidance of Zhu Rong, the thought that Ji Dong condenses is sinking to the chest front slowly, directly enters to the Source Yin-Yang Crown position. At this time, in his thought sensation, looked like entered the vortex center, the surroundings completely were the gold and black two-color ray twinkle, felt the fluctuation of Pinnacle Two Fires, the thought of Ji Dong completely is opening wide, regarding the enemy, the Pinnacle Two Fires overbearing attribute made any match panic- stricken sufficiently. May regarding Ji Dong, these two types of flame actually be incomparably intimate.

He can succeed has two Great Pinnacle Flame, no doubt cannot separate with the help of Lie Yan (raging flames), what is more important, his own arrogant disposition and Two Great Sovereign Kings proud has wonder of several differential tunes with on. But compared with Two Great Sovereign Kings, he must be short for several points cruelly.

The thought spreads, so-called breaks through Three-Crown difficulty Ji Dong not to feel, he thought during own consciousness, starts quickly integrates one golden color and black luminous spot, are feeling their existence, looked like one by one partner, the partner were getting more and more, Ji Dong thought as if inflation huge of more and more, he simply did not have to control anything, immersed in that marvelous world.

Yin Zhaorong has been gazing at husband's complexion, she suddenly discovered, husband's look starts gradually becomes strange, looked like has eaten only stunned of fly, revolved around the magic power fluctuation that the Ji Dong body moved slightly relaxed several points. Although her strength is higher than Zhu Rong, but this time is Zhu Rong is Ji Dong attacks Three-Crown Protector, has the magic power impediment, therefore she does not know that had anything.

, Dead old man, you? Yin-Yang does dual attribute break through Three- Crown to be very difficult? " Yin Zhaorong was puzzled asked. Her voice is very loud, but in this room actually only then Zhu Rong person can hear.

The Zhu Rong facial features have affected, is not difficult, was too easy. My simply had not felt that Ji Dong has met the bottleneck. His magic power as if with thought very natural is completing the fusion.

I never see have broken through Third Crown to have the so smooth situation. "

Yin Zhaorong slightly one ", should not be negligent.

After all, dual attribute Mage we are first time see,... Careful is on. "

When the couple exchange, suddenly, the Ji Dong body starts to reappear a misty white light, at the same time, his dual-color dual attribute Yin-Yang Crown also condensed in must place above.

Five dual-color Crown Star complement each other fresh splendor, light is separated from Crown Ring, regarding Yin-Yang Crown slow revolving.

Crown Star is separated from Crown Ring, this is the indication that will soon break through, but that matter white light that on Ji Dong sends out made them puzzled. They look at each other one, they simultaneously concentrate on the thought on Ji Dong, Yin Zhaorong also stands up, arrives at side Zhu Rong, is gazing at Ji Dong with the husband together. This time Ji Dong actually could not feel that the outside all, he completely immersed in wonderful process that in the thought and magic power fuse. His each point of magic power, likely opened wide the bosom whatever generally the thought emerges, magic power of originally liquid, as if turned into a little bit clear water drop in within the body, when the thought unifies with these tiny magic power water drops, on water drop will be many clear light Ze. Becoming more insightful deep. Before Ji Dong transferred itself through the thought overall

Chapter 84: Vermilion Bird changes

Ji Dong that matter white light just started to present time, is similar to the misty dense fog, but at this moment, this dense fog actually likely turned into the essence, just like the water breast | blends fills the air generally in his skin surface, is sparkling the dense unusual brightness. Looked like has plated liquid shape jade in his body outer layer.

Slight creeping motion of this cream liquid on the Ji Dong skin, as if is in itself part of his body.

, clear melts, did you feel? " Zhu Rong asked to wife suddenly.

Yin Zhaorong nodded, how will unable to feel. Fire Element in air had been found time.

His is not the absorption, to is swallowing likely. What the is the white of his body surface? I can affirm, this is not any bad magic power, but is a very mysterious energy, is itself fuses with the Little Dongdong body likely is resembling together, now will soon be broken through the Three-Crown magic power bow to move to appear by him, Third and Fourth Fire Yuan in air... The element was absorbed by it. " Nearby Fu Rui hesitates saying: "This white thing has been wriggling, as if has vitality. I can feel that its fire attribute is extremely pure, but is not Yang Fire is not Yin Fire. Actually is this what fire?"Listened to the Fu Rui words, in the Yin Zhaorong mind suddenly flash of intuition, was surprised said: "could it be this is in the legend, Chaos Fire? The old men, you still remember my Big Brother has said Chaos Fire?"Zhu Rong nodded, the shock in eye is more intense than Yin Zhaorong, how possibly not to remember. The master has said that when the world initially becomes, five elements did not divide the Yin- Yang, for chaos. Latter when the world first took shape, changes into Yin- Yang. Positivity on, cloudy this humble one. Gradually has accomplished our? World. The chaos are most source strength. could it be said, Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires fuses mutually, changed into Chaos Fire to be inadequate unexpectedly? " Yin Zhaorong shakes the head again and again, no, this is impossible. Chaos Fire what kind of terrifying. Even if I and Big Brother carries on ultra to kill combination skill unable to release. The Big Brother has said that the chaos leave, does not have the thing to be able the enemy. Has surmounted existence of super Certain Kill Skill....
Little Dongdong Three-Crown. Possibly how to grasp this strength? However, on him the attribute of this white light, to is very close to the chaos.

A possibility, that is he, when helps Vermilion Bird hatch the child, two Pinnacle Fire have had certain mutation, in the Vermilion Bird pushing wave helps under the negligent function, had this change.

This is also not Chaos Fire. But actually likely an extremely approximate Chaos Fire strength of embodiment chaos source. Even if so, was quite considerable. If this white light can be used by Little Dongdong. Once he cultivates my this grade of magic power in the future, will certainly invincibly in the world. If effectively grasped the chaos of fire, that is a god. " earth core lake.

Stands in the earth core rock platform, Lie Yan (raging flames) appears somewhat is out of sorts. Since Ji Dong leaves, she has stood here, has not moved the slightest bit. But Ji Dong all, throughout under her gaze.

"Chaos embryonic form. With the aid of the solar eclipse extremely cloudy air/Qi, with the Vermilion Bird extremely positive magic power union, passes through well distributed of his Pinnacle Two Fires Source Yin-Yang Crown again, presented the chaos embryonic form unexpectedly? Little Ji Dong, could it be one day, can you really have strength to protect me? Could not attend to this many, since you had the chaos embryonic form, how I can make it diverge along with the time. Your that teacher's wife only knows that this is the strength of chaos source, actually does not know, even if hides in your Vermilion Bird variation armor is impossible to detain this Chaos Fire embryonic form. Soon voluntarily will dissipate. Although this point chaos embryonic form made you obtain the enormous advantage, Yin-Yang two fires will not have not the balanced condition from now, but this is insufficient. This grade of chance, even if 1 million years is also not necessarily able to appear one time. Let me help your, detains these embryonic forms, plants this seed in your within the body."At the same time was saying, the double pupil of Lie Yan (raging flames) has shone suddenly, is centered on her body, one extremely special makings bloom suddenly. If proud is the Two Great Sovereign Kings will, then, the Lie Yan (raging flames) makings are elusive.

The entire earth core lake world will shortly have the huge change, including the magma lake itself, the entire space is divided into two-color instantaneously. Left side of the Lie Yan (raging flames) body is the blue color, the right is the red. Such huge Third and Fourth Two Fire Elements completely was been unexpectedly separated in the flash by Lie Yan (raging flames). Only this, has dominated in Vermilion Bird that makes Third Fire flood the ability of world instantaneously.

Blue and red, Fourth Fire and Third Fire simultaneously are having the change, turned in a flash was black and gold/metal, a square inch place that only then Lie Yan (raging flames) stood has not received to affect in u eyes to reveal the reverent ray, Lie Yan (raging flames) is holding their palms together in own chest front, the great chaos, were you grant me to defeat the Two Great Sovereign Kings strength, was you make me have alarmed magic power of world. Makes me mold the world with the aid of your strength the chaos. " chi'ed light sound, white flame, quietly jump above Lie Yan (raging flames) both hands fingertip.

Although that white flame, only then inch permits tall, but, flash when it presents, became this floods in the earth core lake world the central u that gold/metal of all pinnacle flame, the black two-color flame revolves Lie Yan (raging flames) to revolve voluntarily.

This point white flame, is the Lie Yan (raging flames) true secret, initially defeated the Two Great Sovereign Kings secret. Practices in the earth core magma by the body of infiltration Red Lotus carries innumerably. Even if she also grasped the pinnacle strength of flame, is impossible to defeat is in Yang Fire and Yin Fire pinnacle peak Two Great Sovereign Kings separately. She can the luck... This earth core world, destroys that proud Two Great Sovereign Kings, making earth core belong to the tranquility and peace. By is this point myriad fires source, Chaos Fire. This is also Lie Yan (raging flames) fire of the life. Regarding her, this small white flame, quite in Source Yin-Yang Crown regarding the function of Ji Dong. So long as it does not extinguish, even if life Red Lotus is destroyed, Lie Yan (raging flames) also as before can in this earth core world eternal life.

Similarly is the white, that wisp of white flame was such pure, Ji Dong white light was mysterious enough, but Lie Yan (raging flames) this wisp of true Chaos Fire, actually to pure to only, regarding was the Lie Yan (raging flames) elusive air/Qi specially. It like a giant vortex, quietly swallows Pinnacle Two Fires in earth core world to take oneself fuel.

Lie Yan (raging flames) before today, has never thought must pass to Ji Dong own Chaos Fire, although he status in her heart is getting more and more heavy, but this Chaos Fire did not say that the instruction can teach, even if Lie Yan (raging flames) impossible to attempt. Two Great Sovereign Kings such strength, vanishes in a puff of smoke in front of this Chaos Fire, the soul does not save. Stays behind, only then that several points of memory and a will. Passes to Ji Dong, takes to him only to be relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish.

But now is different, Ji Dong itself had

The chaos embryonic form, his body looked like turned into one, can the carrying/sustaining Chaos Fire vessel. Only then he truly had Chaos Fire, this vessel can throughout maintain, and breeding this point n Chaos Fire, nourishes it. Completes this process, Lie Yan (raging flames) uses many years she also to record is not clear. Remembers indistinctly, initially light dark two continent also aren't now this? Appearance.

Gently has blown the one breath to that Chaos Fire, white sparks/Mars floating fly, separates from the Chaos Fire main body, immediately, Lie Yan (raging flames) that inch permits tall Chaos Fire immediately became dim several points, her body also in slight was trembling, all Fire Element in earth core lake crazy was swallowing. That inch Chaos Fire gradually returned to normal.

, Goes. " Lie Yan (raging flames) waves gently, a piece of red lotus flower flower petal envelope lives in that white light to vanish quietly.

Does not know regarding all Ji Dong that the outside has completely that white light has appeared in his skin surface, magic power not any contact with his within the body. Why he was thinking through himself to be so easy at this time to achieve magic power and thought fuses. When facing Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost, he obtained the approval of Two Great Sovereign Kings will. They have common proud. But Pinnacle Two Fires, is Two Great Sovereign Kings respective inheritance magic power. Ji Dong cultivation the strength of source from this comes. Two Great Sovereign Kings own does magic power, meet does not approve own will? The thought of Ji Dong already the thought fusion with Two Great Sovereign Kings was one, attacked Two-Crown time he experienced the danger, but this attacked Three-Crown, became successful, simply has not consumed any strength, fused the thought of Two Great Sovereign Kings to complete the perfect union with Supreme Yin Supreme Yang Pinnacle Two Fires.

Five Crown Star condense, finally changed into that bunch of coal dual- color flame, the brand mark above third Crown Peak, only leaves behind position of light half Crown Star quietly center Ji Dong dual-color Yin- Yang Crown. Three-Crown breaks through, the final brand mark has been completed.

The flash of also in that Three-Crown brand mark completing, the Ji Dong skin surface becomes in the white liquid energy of slight rhythm is rushing suddenly, does the instantaneous powerful energy erupt the eye- catching light suddenly? The color, in the entire room has covered a misty white gloss.

Rapidness that the white light presents, contraction similarly also extremely KAPPA Zhu Rong, Yin Zhaorong and Fu Rui only thought that at present first is white, next one, these white condensed behind Ji Dong, changes into the Vermilion Bird shape, at this time, what they have not seen, behind Ji Dong, tiny Red Lotus from the sky blooms quietly, the light white light quietly puts out from the flower petal, submerges the Ji Dong vest to vanish in a flash does not see.

The outside could not see, but Ji Dong own induction is extremely truly fierce. His that is immersing, in unifies after magic power completely is full of the carefree thought to coagulate instantaneously, all that the thought can feel, only remaining white. As if in this flash, his thought became in the world the core, thinks of the feeling to spread instantaneously, although is only that short piece, but in this piece... In, in Ji Dong that white thought that made him feel the infinite element fluctuation indistinctly. Two species nature Fire Element that originally can only feel in this, turned into the entire attribute ten types of elements.

That white phoenix of float behind Ji Dong also coagulated in the midair, originally was only illusory shadow it, in eye pupil were suddenly many two golden light, looked like lives general. Has not waited for the Zhu Rong husband and wife to see clearly, that white phoenix has banged into the Ji Dong body, during the close white light is dense, the skin of Ji Dong had the tremendous changes.

White thin armor appears from his skin, covers the whole body instantaneously, the appearance of each piece of armor leaf, looks like a piece of Vermilion Bird feather, the pure white, does not have impurity, having one point only to belong to the chaos makings, covers instantaneously in each of Ji Dong body. Even if his face also by complete coverage, looked like brought white mask. He puts on clothes, immediately vanishes into thin air, that white thin armor sticks to completely on his flesh, an inch permits tall white light appears from armor leaf quietly.

The Ji Dong personal appearance has not changed because of the appearance of this white mail-armor and helmet, obviously this white mail- armor and helmet is in itself extremely filament thin existence, but, after this white mail-armor and helmet has covered his body, Ji Dong in Zhu Rong three people of eye became is completely different.

This time he, like only together the having no time beautiful jade, does not have the flaw of slightest bit, the body that has not grown completely also similarly shows the edges and corners distinct muscle line, has filled the aura of strength and beautiful. Center the chest, can see as if the yellow pisolite size indistinctly, is similar to drills the lithograph radiant luminous spot ray twinkle, immersed a white light in that gem makes the Zhu Rong three people present piece being out of sorts. From that white light, they as if saw the end, a nondescriptive feeling. It looks like all strengths end points.

At this moment, suddenly, the Ji Dong back broadcasts two cloth tear sounds, two huge white wings stretch suddenly, saw Vermilion Bird Fu Rui to stand... These two pieces of wings that the discovery, the Ji Dong back presents, is almost exactly the same as the wing of Vermilion Bird, was only slightly smaller, the color was not yellowish red, but was that strange white.

Two wings simultaneously open behind Ji Dong, the wingspan is the astonishing four meters, when the wing peak when it in the contraction, Ji Dong entire behind this, has raised up slowly completely closes up, even including his head also to protect from behind.

On that white wing each piece of feather is flooding that strange white light, this is not only Vermilion Bird takes to the change of Ji Dong, but came from the Vermilion Bird strength not completely. In armor takes possession, phoenix wing diastole, Vermilion Bird changes.

Also changes the flash in Vermilion Bird completing, that inch in Vermilion Bird on armor ascending the white light spreads generally just like the explosion, when the white light spreads the Ji Dong body one meter, changed into the achromatic color. But that pure energy erupted, center the Ji Dong chest was corresponding that white light of Yin-Yang Vortex place also at this time, raised quietly slight flame, the white flame, chaos flame.

Vermilion Bird changes, this is Vermilion Bird takes to Ji Dong own change, does everybody has to guess correctly?

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Chapter 85: Chaos Fire

On sits in the dormitory cultivates or is the Heavenly Stems School student of sleeping one is bustling about or is cultivation Teacher and Yin- Yang School disciple, even in that Yin-Yang School lowest level, is being practiced the directors. At the same time has lifted the head.

The reason is very simple, is centered on Heavenly Stems School, uses Central Plains City as the ten departments magic power element within diameter range, shortly will clear off, integrates toward a point completely, and vanishes to disappear instantaneously.

This moment of Mage in all Central Plains City in raising the head that is also startled looks to airborne, nobody understands that actually to have anything. Why ten departments in air is ** the element unexpectedly will become in the flash nothing left.

The jet black night, the air becomes the unprecedented purity, is pure makes one think fearful, as if this pure air can swallow all. Is this pure air may the collapse anytime.

Central Plains City, imperial palace, Emperor's garden.

Wears the old man of golden long gown to stand in the Emperor's garden enjoys looking at the moon, suddenly, his pupil enlarges instantaneously, looks that in the nighttime sky that seemed opened the veil generally bright moonlight, electricity of two deep golden light from the eye pupil shoot.

"What's the matter?" The low and deep sound resounds, that fills the magnetism ** in the sound has the unquestionable dignity. "Reply your majesty, as if the special strengths has found time all magic power elements, transmits from the Heavenly Stems School direction."Gloomy, having several points to constrain, but actually respectful very sound resounds.

"""Is, your majesty.""wait a moment. Forget about it. This matter my whereabouts grandfather will inquire personally.""Yes." The doubts almost simultaneously appear in inscribing the Yin-Yang Mage mind, many Mage cannot feel the origin of this strange picture, but some especially formidable Mage can actually discover, the source of this change came from Heavenly Stems School.

Others can feel, Zhu Rong and won't Yin Zhaorong be able to feel? That has swallowed in the air instantaneously the magic power zero point in them at present! If looked with the vision, perhaps nobody believes that the Light Five Elements Continent first Lord city sky all magic power elements were found time, originates from that extremely small white flame unexpectedly.

May so, that all magic power instantaneously condense in fact after Ji Dong completes Vermilion Bird changes, in chest that yellow pisolite big or small gem that wisp of white light. All ten departments elements became warm and nourish its nutrient, that wisp of white light after absorbing these element energies, gloomy getting down gradually, Ji Dong chest front that is similar to drills the lithograph radiant crystal also to vanish does not see. Ji Dong simply has not felt existence of this wisp of white light.

Zhu Rong and Yin Zhaorong look at each other one, in two people of eyes flowed the nondescriptive shock, in the Zhu Rong sound is even having several points to shiver "could it be, was really", Yin Zhaorong extremely affirmative to his nodded, at this moment, she again not with the thoughts that the husband quarrelled, solemnly said: "Old man, Forui, you remembered. Later some people inquired, you said that is one ultra core that I cultivation kills the technique to produce formerly results. Do not let slip. also, the old man, I have decided that Holy and Evil Channel that the also less than two years soon will open, does not make Ji Dong participate. This time our united front. In Ji Dong has not broken through before Six-Crown, I will not allow him to appear on Holy and Evil Battlefield."Fu Rui is not perhaps clear to Yin Zhaorong words also some, but Zhu Rong is interlinked with her couple regard, immediately nodded "such decides. Why regardless of Ji Dong change appears, this secret we must keep."Fu Rui also awakens, he understands, the master and teacher's wife decided like this, is the protection to Ji Dong. Although he does not know that actually on Ji Dong to have anything, but the expression from Zhu Rong husband and wife face can see, that inevitably is an extremely powerful change however, present he also only has Three-Crown after all, but also has not had to protect own strength. The conservative secret or the Yin Zhaorong decision do not make Ji Dong attend the war on next Holy and Evil Battlefield, for before he has not grown to his protection, in order to avoid Ji Dong day booklet. As the Yin-Yang School Chief disciple, has Fu Rui of name of Thunder Emperor, has not seen Supreme Unity Yin Zhaorong to flow out the so serious look.

The white is similar to running water general lian goes, including that to the giant wing, sheds Ji Dong within the body to vanish completely does not see. Made him turn into nakedly * the appearance of body. Only then in the top of the head that Three-Crown Yin-Yang Crown as before is that brilliant, made clear to Ji Dong to enter the brand-new domain.

Long air/Qi puts out from the Ji Dong mouth, when he opens both eyes slowly, gold and black, the two-color light, the glow flashed quietly, the pupil light has belonged to tranquilly.

Fu Rui hurried to go forward with own clothes to put on to Ji Dong. Ji Dong then discovered body scarlet *, awkward first encloses the Fu Rui clothes "Ms. Teacher, I succeeded."Yin Zhaorong nodded, said: "You do is very good. However"Little Dongdong, a little you must remember, you break through the Three-Crown process today, what feeling regardless have, anybody asked do not say. Understood? Young, you delivers Little Dongdong to go to the room. The old men, we exit. " Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks at Yin Zhaorong, before Yin Zhaorong gave his feeling is some theory harmonies, may at this moment, on Yin Zhaorong, actually flow one type the special makings that made one unable to doubt, this feeling, Ji Dong had also understood from Lie Yan (raging flames). In the Lie Yan (raging flames) Empress makings were more for several points quietly and beautifully elusive, does not eat the world smoke and fire the makings.

Fu Rui is drawing Ji Dong, does not wait for him to put on the clothes, immediately left own room, goes to the upper layer. While they just departed, a sound of footsteps transmits from Yin-Yang School deepest sixth layer.

Yin Zhaorong and Zhu Rong look at each other one, the couple simultaneously nodded, do not visit them usually noisy fierce, has the matter really time, that absolutely is the husband and wife concentric. Hundred years of husband and wife, this affection is deep.

Altogether eight people who comes up from sixth layer, but Yin-Yang School sixth layer, truly has the stay authority altogether also only has ten people, another two are Zhu Rong and Yin Zhaorong husband and wife.

In eight people, what walks in the forefront was that once managed the middle-aged person of board meeting, was in the people, only one looks young. Wears ** long gown, if some people know that his true status, will certainly be surprised. This middle-aged person named Ji Mingshan, not merely is one of the Heavenly Stems School ten big directors, Heavenly Stems School Dean two simultaneously, now Central Earth Empire ruler, his blood relative grandson. 60 years ago, he is the Central Earth Empire first hierarch, one generation of King. Because once took heavenly material earthly treasure and so on efficacious medicine adds on the face again has the technique, this seems is similar to 30 permits people, its real age still above Yin Zhaorong, has even surpassed 130 years old, on cultivation base, perhaps he is inferior to Yin Zhaorong, but in the influence actually absolutely is the head of Heavenly Stems School.

"Under the Supreme Unity crown, Brother Zhu, the matter was you", although in grade Ji Ming? Wants on big Zhu Rong to be many, but called is very polite.

Some Yin Zhaorong, water Old Leng that usually and Zhu Rong water ultra fire does not accommodate old is more peaceful, but doubts looks at this to the Fire department husband and wife. Yin Zhaorong calm say/way: "What does not have, is I am testing new Ultra Certain Kill Skill two""Ultra Certain Kill Skill?"Ji Ming? The corner of the eye beat "that to congratulate the Supreme Unity crown slightly to get down, does not know was any Ultra Certain Kill Skill can instantaneously the so wide scope found time all magic power elements, moreover all was **."All is ** is the key, generally speaking, each department Mage can only feel magic power two other of oneself respective that department is ** magic power is unable to transfer. But at this time the air pure basis does not have slightest bit magic power to exist, either is Yin Zhaorong is lying, either was she practices extremely formidable magic skill.

In the Yin Zhaorong hand the scepter falls to the ground slowly, has swept Ji Ming desolately? "I cultivation any skill, as if not need to report to you. Even if your Big Brother here, necessity that I have not respectfully informed."Ji Ming? On the face flows out a forced smile immediately "under the Supreme Unity crown, please do not misunderstand, I do not have other meaning, is only curious."Nobody is willing to offend an exclusive title level powerhouse, even if Ji Ming? Such prominent status is also same.

The Yin Zhaorong complexion is very tranquil, from her expression, simply cannot see the slightest bit change.

even/including Ji Ming? Was swallowed back, other directors may I ask, Yin Zhaorong said: The Ultra Certain Kill Skill that "Dean, I study is not mature, several days later, I will prepare to be exposed to the sun under the Victorious Light crown there to go cloudy, will jointly discuss with him. Happen to now asks for leave from you."Victorious Light is the Third Fire department Nine-Crown Mage exclusive title, cloudy morning sun in Yin Zhaorong mouth, is her elder brother, is Zhu Rong Teacher.

Ji Ming? nodded, said: "Under the Supreme Unity crown does not need so, to have the matter as one likes then." Does the Yin Zhaorong vision cross Ji Ming?, Falls on Old Shui and Old Leng, the corners of the mouth cast aside casting aside " to hear some people while me not, when provokes two I to tell them to my family old man now, my family old man that disciple broke through Two-Crown. I can also teach with the old man He. Province loathful of some people idle talk. " The Old Shui complexion changes "clear melts the eldest sister, we have not bullied Old Zhu. But considers the matter and of itself."Yin Zhaorong sneered "I saying that was you? Do you worry? The water Old Leng head, which day I invited Ultra Certain Kill Skill that you tried this to study newly. Aren't you interested very much? Let Dean have a look."Ji Ming? Somewhat awkward say/way: "Ultra Certain Kill Skill under Supreme Unity crown surely unprecedented certainly now, everybody is a person on one's own side, cannot injure friendly. This experiment. The cheek however has not had an accident, I went back first, some also school business need to process."Saying, this Dean was turning around to walk. The water and fire two departments conflict he will not go to manage.

Old Shui and Old Leng complexion becomes very ugly, who makes their technique be inferior to the person? snorted bitterly, leaves in a huff.

Zhu Rong cups one hand in the other across the chest to say to several other directors: " clear melts on this temperament, but also asked everybody to excuse me.

Our husband and wife also matter, said goodbye first. " Gazes after the Zhu Rong husband and wife to depart, other how many directors look at each other in blank dismay, helpless shaking the head, regarding the strength two strengths of Yin Zhaorong that exclusive title rank they envy is the right to speak, otherwise, Old Shui and can Old Leng be so good to speak?

Fu Rui has returned to his room Ji Dong, returning to the room, Ji Dong to exchange immediately one wraps own card only clothes, the doubts to Fu Rui asks: "Senior Brother, how I thought Teacher and teacher's wife strange three probably what happened resembles."Fu Rui helpless looks at Ji Dong, has patted his shoulder, said: "How the matter of Teacher and teacher's wife I can in addition guess absurdly."Little Junior Brother, you what, when breaks through Three-Crown to feel? " Ji Dong said: "Feeling is very good! magic power and thought fuse, very obvious entered another level, is only somewhat strange, why can't I feel the outside now the magic power element? Breaks through according to me to the ability after Three- Crown, I should be able to draw support from magic power in air to be right."Fu Rui speechless, in the heart the secretly thought, that is because you have found time magic power in air. As a result of the urging of Yin Zhaorong and Zhu Rong, he in the eye the Ji Dong situation will not have told him at that time.

"Little Junior Brother, you just broke through Three-Crown, first rests well. I exited first. Do not forget the words of teacher's wife, first do not break through you to the Three-Crown matter tells anybody."Ji Dong nodded, has sent out the room double new rotation shell auspicious, Ji Dong lies down on own bed, brows slightly wrinkled, Teacher they so are why strange today. could it be said that what I when did break through Three- Crown to have? This time he, not only a point cannot feel exhaustedly, instead the whole body has felt the strength feeling, the thought also becomes especially insightful. Cannot absorb magic power of outside, but he can actually feel own change profoundly. Various aspect abilities got to a stair. Only the Two Great Sovereign Kings memory brand mark has not provided to his new skill, wants to come is because before , skill practice also insufficient reason that studies.

Bang bang bang, in Ji Dong indulges in flights of fancy, his door is sounded.

Senior Brother could it be it is came back, Ji Dong jumps down the bed, opens the door. Those who made his somewhat surprised was, the person who came was not Fu Rui, but was Lan Bao'er that on the face brought several to wipe to blush.

"Ji Dong, you came back. Ultra"in the Lan Bao'er sound seems bringing several points of shyness.

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Bao'er, you? Asks me to have the matter?"Lan Bao'er shot a look at Ji Dong one, she discovered, Ji Dong as if changed, the body seemed to be bigger several points, the gloss that under the skin that matter appeared indistinctly no longer had any towering feeling, but merged into one organic whole with his oneself completely, originally does not calculate how handsome he, at this time seemed has special makings. "Ji Dong, do you know the three days later friendship dance party?" In February/two months already quick past one week, small three at present new book monthly ticket first with book friends' support ". However the monthly ticket also only has 800. If everybody thought that small three renewals are splendid, please cast your precious monthly tickets. Helps our Wine God go against to 1000 ticket integers. Thanks.

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Chapter 86: Three-Crown realm

"Friendship dance party? First, Ji Dong looks at Lan Bao'er, nodded, said that school entrance the bulletin I saw. How?"

Lan Bao'er blinked "whom do you prepare to lead to participate together?"

Ji Dong scratched the head, said: "I have not thought that participates.
This dance party does not have any significance."

"Don't you want to participate?" The Lan Bao'er eyeground flashes through a disappointment.

Ji Dong said: "Now I cannot reach an agreement. It is not interested.
Bao'er, do you ask me to ask this?"

Lan Bao'er reveals an awkwardness slightly, swung the attachment, said: "Anything, I from your gate road ahead, while convenient have not greeted with you. Did not have thanks you to stop in the earth deities with enough time well, help in lineage/vein. This time I have learned the lots."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile "I not to mean, we are the partners. Why did the word thank? Let alone, you also gave very big strength, finally the time, your help, I am impossible to defeat that Earth department Mage. After all, that was a Four-Crown match, the strength differs is too big."

Lan Bao'er smiles reluctantly, said: "How discussed saying that must thank you, together participated with you this time initially tests, my result will be perhaps horrible to look. Did not disturb you to rest, I went back first."

Ji Dong nods, said: "Was very late, you also sooner body breath."

Looks at Ji Dong to close the door, Lan Bao'er gently were many putting one's foot down, some resentment console made faces toward the Ji Dong door, in heart secretly thought: Ji Dong, your this fool, does could it be also want me to say wants to be your dance partner? Was stupid, was stupid, was unwilling freely, but Lan Bao'er has not sounded the courage of Ji Dong door eventually again, was having several points unwillingly and walks disappointedly.

Closes the door, Ji Dong spirit smiling, the suggestion of Lan Bao'er he will not look clearly?

He does not hope the Lan Bao'er misunderstanding, therefore cannot do intentionally. His psychology is the 30-year-old adult, Lan Bao'er such little miss himself is not he adores. In his heart, since there is Lie Yan (raging flames), cannot allow the second woman two simultaneously he not to hope again oneself injure Lan Bao'er. Then alienates her.

Lies down on the bed, this time Ji Dong, most wants to look for Lie Yan (raging flames), but, he does not know oneself said after that words, Lie Yan (raging flames) can be what kind of response. Before one type, never has the sense of fear made him somewhat fear that saw Lie Yan (raging flames). Because he feared that Lie Yan (raging flames) rejects him, or is the words that said makes him unable to accept.

Does not have the thoughts cultivation, lies on the bed tosses and turns, for a very long time cannot fall asleep. Has not known how long, he blurry has rested.

Very long has not relaxed such rested has thought that since has started to cultivate magic power, Ji Dong most night passed in the cultivation, relaxes like completely did not consider that other sleep are really unusual, this sleep makes his mind and body relaxes completely, after he falls asleep, along with the breath turnover, has light white air current to exhale the inspiration from the mouth and nose indistinctly, magic power and thought that the source of that chaos has in Vermilion Bird with his the body more thorough fusion of armor. Present age, also only has Lie Yan (raging flames) in earth core world at this time, can understand how completely present Ji Dong has been the degree.

Yin-Yang School six.

"clear melts, can you look for Teacher really?"Zhu Rong asked.

Yin Zhaorong nodded "we are unable to affirm now, whether Chaos Fire that the Little Dongdong body presents, even if only a small source, its significance was also too big. If real, Little Dongdong might in the future very much becomes the world Mage leader, although one generation of demon sovereign two elder brothers already did not ask the humans affair many years, but this relates to the prosperity and decline our world Fire department Mage, even also relates to our Light Five Elements Continent and Dark Five Elements Continent ultimate showdown. He will certainly be touched by me leaves the mountain. The Big Brother has closed up for 50 years, thought the new comprehension, if he can instruct Little Dongdong personally, or had his support and approval, then, among the world no one is able to threaten Little Dongdong."

Zhu Rong nodded "wooden show in forest, the wind must destroy it, if by other people are known Ji Dong this boy probably had Chaos Fire. Let alone is that side Dark Five Elements Continent, is our here people on one's own side, perhaps cannot accommodate him. Right that you said that only has Teacher to act, can frighten all, protects to tie the Ji Dong growth. So long as he can achieve Fu Rui such realm, has truly uses the Chaos Fire strength, the world may go greatly."

Yin Zhaorong said: "My this set out, seeks Big Brother two here you to make Little Dongdong as far as possible lower-key, do not may have others to pay attention. I will hurry back as soon as possible."

Zhu Rong said: "You felt relieved that two I will make Ji Dong cultivation in the room voluntarily, will not have the matter." When Ji Dong sobers from the sleep, only thinks the spirit to be excellent, the situation that last night is unable to feel the outside magic element disappeared, in his thought that no longer is simple Third Fire and Fourth Fire Element that can feel, but became the core that they integrate.

magic power achieves Three-Crown, as if has not needed him to go to make anything desirably, the two fire attribute elements in air voluntarily will gather around his body, whatever he absorbs the digestion. So long as the thought moves slightly, not only magic power in within the body will flow, magic power of outside also immediately toward his thought place condensation in the past.

Is this Three-Crown realm? In Ji Dong heart some doubts. According to Zhu Rong taught that his theory, Three-Crown Mage, should only be able in the magic power element with the aid of world to increase the might when own magic skill output. Why when may the present thought change, did Fire Element in air have the controlled trend? Isn't this Four-Crown should have realm that?

Jumped down the bed, the extension of effort one own body, Ji Dong only thought that the whole body muscle and meridians likely were the spring generally are extended to pull open, the skeleton was a crowded fulmination, that type of powerful feeling bow has even sent his intensely fight desire.

His that by the body that the dragon blood baptism crosses in baptism as well as Vermilion Bird that after magic power sublimates infiltration of armor and Chaos Fire, becomes more tenacious. magic power is a Mage source of forces, but the body is the Mage basis. Generally speaking, the body of Mage improves along with the magic power promotion and own exercise, perhaps but the physical condition like Ji Dong, must be possible to appear by the divination to Six-Crown in ordinary soul Master two Lie Yan (raging flames), knows that I think very much your two Ji Dong stand in the room center, in the heart silently is talking over. In the eye reveals firm ray, he has decided that now sees her. Evades is not the means that Lie Yan (raging flames) the status in his heart is so important, possibly has evaded? Sooner or later must face, although he cannot lose, but also has no alternative but to withstand the result.

In the summon, Red Lotus sweeps across, feels that familiar warming up, Ji Dong was starting to pray in own heart.

The red world, reappears at present, when Ji Dong stands in the earth core rock platform conscientiously, he discovered with amazement, Lie Yan (raging flames) is sitting cross-legged to sit there, seems is practicing unexpectedly.

Knew that Lie Yan (raging flames) more than four years of time, this is his first time sees Lie Yan (raging flames) to be at such cultivation condition. Nearly transparent Red Lotus flower petal is wrapping her body a piece by piece, making her look that seven have increased several points of gorgeous. Spatial valley Elf makings, perfect extremely colorful semblance, strongly on same person, that attraction like Pinnacle Two Fires to Fire Element. Even if knows perfectly well likes a moth to the flame, made one is unable to restrain in the brand mark her the appearance in the heart that.

Was Lie Yan (raging flames) this? How to cultivate two could it be to say suddenly, she was also same as me, does not know how should face? No, that is not the Lie Yan (raging flames) style, she has regarded a child me. Somewhat low-spirited not far away in front of Lie Yan (raging flames) sits down, visits her who decides, is gazing at her double pupil, Ji Dong somewhat was crazy.

Sun and Moon double splendor glove absorbs this earth core world rich Fire Element to integrate Ji Dong oneself voluntarily, after his magic power promotes to Three-Crown, the effect also further display of Sun and Moon double splendor two this, Ji Dong sat in meditation a double-hour, Lie Yan (raging flames) throughout had not actually finished the sign of cultivation, Ji Dong mixed one glass of cocktails silently, before placing the Lie Yan (raging flames) body, this stood up, in heart secretly thought: Lie Yan (raging flames), I hope that you do not want to be angry I. After he returns to Yin-Yang School, mind has stabilized, restrains the innermost feelings the mood, invests into the cultivation during. He can feel, now withstands Teacher Zhu Rong and Fu Rui they many attention, in broad daylight, if they could not find themselves, perhaps will bring the unnecessary trouble two therefore, he has not kept in earth core to cultivate.

Adds on the assistance of Sun and Moon quarter splendor along with the enhancement of strength again, even if cultivates in Yin-Yang School, his cultivation speed world is today we are no longer as we have been.

Enters the cultivation condition, the Ji Dong first surprised discovery from is not easier to absorb in the outside also by the two Fire departments element that absorbs massively, but came from his Source Yin-Yang Crown.

He discovered that before oneself that originally and top of the head Yin- Yang Crown same coal dual-color Source Yin-Yang Crown becomes, was different. originally Source Yin-Yang Crown vanished, surplus, only has a white luminous spot.

What's all this about? could it be this breaks through the Three-Crown later proper situation? Thought of Ji Dong doubts. But, Lie Yan (raging flames) or Teacher Zhu Rong, never has narrated the emergence of this situation to him! Meanwhile he also discovered, originally can feel unruly, filled with the proud aura Pinnacle Two Fires as if to lose their originally attribute, the Yin-Yang vortex calamity of condensing became regarding that white light extremely temperate, the attribute that even manifested compared with ordinary Third Fire and Fourth Fire also wanted delicate many. Although that white light is small, but Pinnacle Two Fires has many things around a center feeling at this time regarding it.

Moreover, Ji Dong there is still one discovered that when his Two-Crown cultivates, after Fire Element of outside integrates within the body, needs after Pinnacle Two Fires sobbing, these Third Fire and Fourth Fire Element carry on the compression and blessing after the impurity, can integrate in the Yin-Yang vortex calamity.

But now is different, then from Fire Element of outside inspiration within the body, just entered to his body, oneself will transform is Pinnacle Two Fires, directly enters in the Yin-Yang vortex calamity. To the feeling of Ji Dong, as if when absorbing these Fire Element, they since oneself body at the same time has completed the new year's celebration of big wave and compression assumes. Made own cultivation save this process directly two as the matter stands, what without a doubt was, the Ji Dong cultivation speed was larger scale than before increases. This is also only in Yin-Yang School, if so cultivates in the earth core lake, the effect will be better?

Can such achieve Three-Crown realm quickly, no doubt is because saves the advantage that the Vermilion Bird chalaza comes, but similarly, does not have the process of earth core lake cultivation, two department double cultivation Ji Dong perhaps does not congeal Yin-Yang Crown now.

Crosses big wave to compress as for Fire Element that on Ji Dong presents voluntarily for the first time, that is not magic power of his Three- Crown rank can achieve. Reason that has this situation, because in his Vermilion Bird that chaos source of armor with replacing Source Yin-Yang Crown.

Ordinary Fire Element absorbed time, must first through the skin of Ji Dong, naturally also probably go through in Vermilion Bird in Ji Dong skin armor, this compression and process of sobbing like this has been completed, in Vermilion Bird armor will not allow any impurity to enter to his within the body.

But Yin-Yang vortex calamity can absorb instantaneously, that is the function of source of chaos. As one of the world five elements source ghosts, any with the fire related element, when the source of close chaos, will be attracted by its aura instantaneously, is impossible to have any revolt, by instantaneous assimilation naturally also in reason.

In an instant, three days of time crossed, originally planned that teaches some Ji Dong magic skill Zhu Rong, because the wife mentioned that hopes Teacher taught the idea of Ji Dong, has not taught to Ji Dong anything, but made him stay in the room to cultivate. But he will also come to see Ji Dong several times every day, examines his magic power progressive degree. At the beginning, Zhu Rong pasted the palm in the driving chest front, feels his magic power fluctuation. However this method he only used to delete the time, was that time, the rapidness that but also he left luckily, otherwise, his magic power must by thorough. Source of chaos aura, how also to allow other people to search lost to view. The palm of Zhu Rong pastes on the Ji Dong chest, source unequalled attracting customer interest from chaos on crazy swallows Zhu Rong magic power. Luckily the rapidness of Zhu Rong response, in addition the source of chaos after all just took root in Ji Dong within the body, this has not cast the blunder. From then on, Zhu Rong is also only a cultivation feeling of routine inquiry Ji Dong.

Actually in the Zhu Rong heart is somewhat depressed, although he is not Yin Zhaorong such exclusive title powerhouse, but is the same with other directors, his magic power also reaches as high as Eight-Crown, one generation of Third Fire Heavenly Venerable, are, facing oneself this strange young apprentice, he actually felt that now oneself taught his some strength are difficult to predict.

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Chapter 87: Friendship dance party

Yin-Yang Vortex is gentle Ji Dong to open both eyes in the control of thought slowly, had ended these days cultivation that moment that when he opens eyes, entire, in the room as if has glistened, two eye pupils are glittering separately the black and golden ray, but in this dual-color ray, has a shallow white shiny smooth.

When Ji Dong stands up from the bed, the phenomenon in eye pupil vanished, calculates the time, should be has the dinner the time. He now the time of long body, the capacity for food specially is big, must say that Yin- Yang School most lets the Ji Dong satisfied place, can be the cafeteria. The good food of various high nutrition almost remodel daily, is not redundant.

Goes out of the door, Ji Dong arrives in the cafeteria, passing through the gate, he somewhat stares, could it be said, oneself did remember incorrectly the time inadequately? It is not right! Own biological clock is very punctual. Before also never missed.

In big cafeteria, at this time unexpectedly nobody left, even also unprecedented not any food preparation, empty.

This world also has table, although the principle seems to be related with magic power, Ji Dong has not done to understand, but the time is very accurate, what demonstration is 12, the double-hour, compares the previous generation, instead is easier to distinguish to carry together the evening. Ji Dong carefully looks at the magic power table that in the cafeteria has been hanging, the time is very right, is the dinner time. Is smiling bitterly shaking the head, thought aloud: "Cafeteria on inadequate? Can could it be have an empty stomach? Ok, went to a fragrance to eat the barbecue to be good. Also several days did not have the school."

At the same time is thinking, Ji Dong turns around to walk toward outside, he has not gone out several steps, the front surface has bumped into a person ", Ji Dong, you here! I looked for you quite a while. You how also not quickly."

Comes person Fifth Earth department Ji Yeshang, holds on Ji Dong to walk toward the outside stride.

The Ji Dong wrist/skill shakes, magic power shakes quietly, the Ji Yeshang only sleep goes well slightly a heat, loosened subconsciously grasped.

", Senior Brother, what matter is so hurried. I just want to find the person to ask that how the cafeteria doesn't have the food today?"

Ji Yeshang looks that Ji Dong seems like looking at a monster, has patted own forehead ", Oh, my little ancestor. Didn't you look have announced? Tonight is to convene the day of friendship dance party! There some are food, cafeteria naturally cannot provide the diet. Big Brother Fu Rui sees you not to come, makes me look for you specially. Originally you already gave to forget unexpectedly. I took you."

Listened to a Ji Yeshang saying, Ji Dong to think, truly, was away from itself to see initially that announced passed three days, tonight is to hold the time of dance party. However, he truly does not have any idea to this friendship dance party, stops the footsteps, said: ", Senior Brother, this dance party do not participate. Moreover, I am young, this dance party does not suit me."

Ji Dong 15 years old, in Five Elements Continent, 16 years old grown, he had not arrived at the grown age for these days. But the recent a series of accidents, making him entire, the person seemed just arrived at Heavenly Stems School the time was maturer , the height has also achieved 1.7 meters about five, the shoulder was broad, although slightly obviously was thin, but his proud makings were joined to are not very handsome face have an attraction of difficult word.

Ji Yeshang chuckled " small anything! I look like you such big time, already had been through repeatedly the wind and rain. Has a look, Big Brother Fu Rui may wait for you. This is also the day that our acute hearing positive school disciple gathers together rarely. Even if you do not plan to seek for the other half, must eat meal. Eats a thing to be also good. Today may have much delicious.

The school has purchased the ice Snow Dragon fish in Northern Water Empire northern border Arctic Ocean from big chamber of commerce there specially. "

"Ice Snow Dragon fish? What is that?"Ji Dong curious asking.

Ji Yeshang chuckled, said: " The ice Snow Dragon fish it is said is the subspecies of dragon, the length of body over three meters, in sea water Herculean, happiest cold. Itself is Rank 5 magic beast. The pulp is extremely delicate, is delicious, has the aura of sea. The fish cake is rare delicacy.

This is today's main course. Tastes together. "

The Ji Dong original belly was a little hungry, listened to a Ji Yeshang such saying, the fasting aim did not move greatly, attended the dance party also not to have anything, oneself ate to the full " walked, was not good.

Thinks of here, he also no longer insisted, went out of Yin-Yang School under the Ji night different leadership together.

The place distance acute hearing positive school of friendship dance party is near, does not use the Earth department classroom building, in Earth department classroom building top layer open-air auditorium.

Although joined the acute hearing positive school also for sometime, but Ji Dong besides going out carried on one time initially to test, most time cultivated in Yin-Yang School, this was first time steps the Earth department classroom building high-level place.

Earth department classroom building altogether five, the main body is primarily the sincere/heavy yellow and grey constructs, is representing in the fifth heavenly stem on two departments with oneself, perhaps is because Heavenly Stems School establishes the reason in God border, possibly is veneration of Earth department status in five elements, this classroom building is in itself also in five big classroom buildings grandest one. Each has five meters altitude, the hard flower the rock ground, the marble staircase is having the fine gold gold/metal decoration, appears dignified solemn and respectful and steady such as supervises the stone.

Ji Yeshang brings Ji Dong to arrive at five, in the last stairway place, four about 20 -year-old students defends there. These are the Two-Crown official students, is responsible for the open-air dance party guarding a gate. Thus it can be seen, the Yin-Yang School student venerated in the Heavenly Stems School status.

Similarly is the student, the official student actually must serve for these special words students.

Naturally, the official students will therefore not feel discontented, instead will think that is extremely honored.

In Yin-Yang School ranks some high students, has even wanted the majority of teachers in school in the strength, what serves for them also has not?

", Ji Senior."Four official students know Ji Yeshang obviously, looks at him to come up, stands remains bows to salute to him.

Ji Yeshang nodded, bringing Ji Dong to walk toward inside.

An official student hurries to go forward one step ", Ji Senior, this is?"

Number of times that Ji Dong makes an appearance in a public setting are too really few, be only that time compared notes to exchange the date time, no wonder these official students did not know him.

Ji Yeshang laughed "three you also think that I did inquire private inadequate? This is Yin-Yang School holds No. 49 student. Ji Dong."

The belly of Ji Dong somewhat was really hungry, pulled out own special words token to hand over, several official students noticed that his age was so small, revealed the look of several points of envying, has inspected his token slightly, immediately, returns to his hand.

Mounts final steps, when Ji Yeshang opens that leaf to front door of rooftop in front, Ji Dong has the feeling of suddenly seeing the light immediately.

Night brought several points of cool air to head on a command to cultivate all day him fresh to think immediately a brain clear, grew the tone, within the body vitality racing wells up, pleased that could not say.

Goes out of the gate, a giant assembly hall heaves in sight, above this Earth department classroom building roof, the ground spreads the black to inlay the gold-edged marble, although in roof, but various arrangement with genuine assembly hall any difference, the both sides have not actually been placing the neat sliver of furniture. Above has various types of good food, corner also generous comfortable sands. The entire roof is similar to the daytime that 50 colored glaze palace lanterns have shone is ordinary. The center is a circular big dance floor, in the north side of this roof assembly hall, a specialized orchestra is playing the melodious music.

Looks up the day, what sees is everywhere star, horizontally views at present, then completely is one piece noble magnificent.

This feeling really very marvelous, made the person mind quite happy.

The Yin-Yang School students, some Ji Dong knew that has did not know, has changed the magnificent formal clothes today, in the conversation of in twos and threes, or simple is eating a thing. Carefree, enjoyable that could not say. In the assembly hall, ten male ten female altogether 20 servers alternate, is providing various types of drink and liquor water, without a doubt, this should, be the ordinary student who these were selected to attend the dance party.

Originally their this so-called participation, but serves.

The Ji Dong look stays in the south huge semicircle bar place, after mouth stage, two giant wine chests have at least placed over a thousand types of good wines, drink mixing that inside has three Bartender bustle about.

" Looks somewhat looks familiar. This is Boss Fu Rui the person who finds from Bartenders Association.

I am also one of the today's Bartender, first went to be busy. Big Brother Fu Rui in that side. " Ji Yeshang referred to putting food the place. Fu Rui is standing in the there big mouth is eating the thing, in student who in the assembly hall in twos and threes chatted, and nobody gathered nearby him.

Ji Dong gazes after Ji Yeshang to go to that side the bar, watches at present this magnificent dance party, slightly somewhat absent-minded, in the mind recalled that own previous generation, at that time, weren't oneself frequently invited to attend such dance party? Compared with this boundary square higher also has. Still remembers that at that time had a custom, attended any dance party only to mix one glass of liquor, asking a people in attendance most beautiful woman to taste.

Everything has drunk the girl of liquor at the dance party, after the meeting becomes the focal point of entertainment Eight Trigrams (gossip), was called Wine God Qin chose/point.

Circumstances changes with the time, now are not Wine God of Qin chose/point beautiful woman, but is a student in this Five Elements Continent Heavenly Stems School. The memory is glorious, but actually does not like the present life on behalf of Ji Dong. A person, can have two ways of living, he was satisfied, let alone, during this, made him know Lie Yan (raging flames), that made perfect that he was lost in a reverie. Compared with Lie Yan (raging flames), what were previous generation these Wine God Qin chose/point girls considered as?

"Ji Dong."Somewhat is probing sound resounds from side. Ji Dong turns head to look, this called his, was Lan Bao'er.

Today's Lan Bao'er was especially attractive, has put on one with her pupil color/look same purple evening dress, the silver long not like other acute hearing positive school female students in the top of the head, but hung loose in the back, was mild-mannered and coordinated. The thin powder, in the eye reveals the pleasantly surprised color/look to look at Ji Dong. Under the young girl unique fresh aura in night breeze sways sends in the Ji Dong tip of the nose, heard that the desire is drunk.

"I think that you do not come."Lan Bao'er several steps arrive in front of Ji Dong, smile visits him.

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "I have not planned, but the cafeteria does not open fire today, does not come not to have the food to eat. What to do did you say me?"Lan Bao'er laughed, said: "Does not know that many people hope to participate in this, the dance party, your actually very reluctant as. The dance party just started, if you were hungry, eats a thing."Ji Dong nodded "I ate a thing to go back. You play happy."Saying, he to is eating the thing Fu Rui to walk directly similarly.

Looks at the Ji Dong back and his with the Chinese dress different school uniforms on the scene, Lan Bao'er absent-minded, Ji Dong Ji Dong, why are you always maintaining with me such sense of distance? could it be, my insufficient beautiful?

Ji Dong arrives at side Fu Rui, Fu Rui laughed, said: "Little Junior Brother, comes quickly, this thing may be rare. Eats."In Fu Rui front giant tray, is placing one is being three meters big fish, the fish digs from the middle, the fishbone had been rejected, clear white and tender fish cut since is similar to the flower petal turns generally, the thickness is even. One side of the tray, a also this is similar to the yellow pisolite size, just like ice bead common fish seed. Without a doubt, this is that ice Snow Dragon fish in Ji Yeshang mouth. This fish there resembles dragon Ji Dong has not looked, but he is skilled in the good wine, has certain research to the good food, can see from the yellowish pink of fish, this fish is quite fresh, is best quality goods that eats uncooked.

Takes up a tray from side, puts away the seasoning, Ji Dong stands side Fu Rui shoulders a piece of fish with the fork, dipped to send in the mouth in the tray.

Immediately, that fish mixes the seasoning flavor/smell to melt in the mouth just like the fresh-tasting spring water generally, the icy cold and fresh sea aura floods in the sense instantaneously, by Ji Dong nitpicking cannot bear acclaimed "good fresh Sashimi. The flavor/smell is very pure, without any mixed taste, Senior Brother, you will choose the place very much! Other people do not come, has feared you."Fu Rui laughed, said: "Little Junior Brother, since seeing you, the number of times that I smile added much compared with the past few years. In their eyes, I am ice-cold heartless Thunder Emperor. Naturally does not dare to meet to pass. This is also good, this good thing our two brothers to enjoy first said again. It is not I do not ask them to eat. Truly speaking, hears at this dance party to have the rare ice Snow Dragon fish, I do not come."Listened to his such saying, Ji Dong also laughed at "us really worthily is fellow apprentices! I also come for this." The two brothers do not allow air/Qi, eats greatly, the choosy place eats specially, eats the fish is similar to like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds general. Each fish seed burst the fresh taste that in mouth brought including Ji Dong somewhat gluttonous.

Other students looked toward here, only dares to look at with the corner of the eye split vision secretly, this ice Snow Dragon fish is luckily positive, calculates that Ji Dong and Fu Rui this fellow apprentices two people can eat again, was impossible to finish eating.

Chapter 88: I am his dance partner

In the Ji Dong fellow apprentices made chewing motions greatly quickly, a clear sound resounds through the audience "to welcome everybody to arrive at the open-air dance party, I was Ye Xin, is honored for everybody very much presides over today's activity. Performs in the dance partner who hoping each of you can find itself to admire, passed a happy night when the intense study and cultivation."

The appearance of Ye Xin attracts immediately! The attention of all people, Ji Dong and Fu Rui also postponed their mopping-up operations, looked toward the central dance floor.

Today's Ye Xin passed on a black long skirt, the profound black, agile short, the bright-colored moving eye pupil, perfectly presents by the formal clothes that slender plentiful thoroughly ripe **, is flooding the charming attraction all.

Fu Rui curled the lip "this woman, water is very deep!".

Ji Dong doubts looks to the Senior Brother. Fu Rui said in a low voice: " Little Junior Brother, you must be careful that any Water department disciple, they are not each look like Bao'er to be so pure. Ye Xin this woman once was my girlfriend, tried to convince me and their Water department cooperates. After all, my Thunder department is variation comes.

After that time, I bid good-bye with her. However, this woman bed last time is really good. Now puts together with Yifeng that fellow, outwardly how although on they do not dare, but little has not contacted in the back other Yin-Yang School disciples, just because of the relations of strength, does not dare to confront with me directly. "

In the dance floor, the night deceives says with a smile: "Open-air dance party formally starts now. Since this is the dance party of our acute hearing positive school disciples, then, first should by our Yin-Yang School seat, Senior Brother Thunder Emperor begin?"

Her such saying, immediately filtered the vision of all people on Fu Rui, the cheers resounded immediately. Usually these people see Fu Rui to can't run away quick enough, but now after all is the dance party, there is Ye Xin to take the lead, naturally relaxes.

Fu Rui shot a look at Ye Xin one lightly, although is only simple one, the Ye Xin heart of actually looking at trembles slightly, as if had electric current together to pierce her vision.

Puts down the tray in hand, the Fu Rui stride arrives in the dance floor. Compared with Ji Dong, he also likely participates in the appearance of dance party, at least has worn blue formal clothes, even if this is in the dance party, when his reaches as high as two meters male body marches into the dance floor, takes to the field most people intense constriction, the cheers also stopped.

Although had the preparation, Ye Xin saw that Thunder Emperor Fu Rui walks to oneself, in the eye reveals a flurry, does calmly.

Fu Rui arrives in front of her, hand signal that the ray that in the eye reveals several play people, makes invitation ", since everybody hopes that I jump this first, then, Sister Ye Xin, how did invite you and I altogether dances?"

Ye Xin has gawked, she is knows that Fu Rui has not led the dance partner to come, is prepared to make Thunder Emperor awkward, has not actually thought that Fu Rui directly offered the invitation to her. In acute hearing Yang Xuetang ranks in the first 20 student vision becomes strange, most of them knew Ye Xin with Thunder Emperor. Naturally also knows among two people this dispute. Ye Xin looks the color/look of feeling embarrassed, but she has not dared to reject Fu Rui at this time, so directly sweeps the Thunder Emperor face, nobody on the scene dares. Subconscious turning head looks to side not far away. There is having wears the youth face darken of golden formal clothes looks at Fu Rui. It seems he and Fu Rui age is similar, but aura were many several points of gloomy, with Fu Rui aggressive compares to have not the small disparity straightforwardly.

Fu Rui complexion sank "? Isn't Sister Ye Xin willing to give me this face? As the saying goes, a night of husband and wife hundred days graciousness, said that we have several hundred nights tangled up."

"You,"listened to a Fu Rui such saying, the Ye Xin complexion immediately became a paleness, she has not thought, Fu Rui so will be unexpectedly aggressive in this situation.

"Fu Rui, do not go too far."Wears the youth stride of golden formal clothes to go out, arrives at side Ye Xin, looks angrily at Fu Rui.

Thunder Emperor curls the lip cold "Ji Yifeng, do you want to challenge to me?"

Ye Xin hurries to hold on the Ji leisurely board the hand, said to Fu Rui: "Was really sorry, Senior Brother Fu Rui, I today am the Yifeng dance partner, cannot accompany you to jump this first."She has also been ready for any sacrifice, she knows, perhaps today one, really must have no consideration for face with Thunder Emperor.

Those who made them not think, Fu Rui did not get angry instead smiles, having several points to disdain, to the Ji leisurely plank road:

"Since does not dare to challenge like me, are few behind me does the matter. also more than one year wanted on Holy and Evil Battlefield. I want to take a look very much, on Holy and Evil Battlefield, you will have what kind of performance."

Fu Rui such remarks, Ji Yifeng and Ye Xin complexion simultaneously changes Ye Xin urgently saying: "Thunder Emperor, do you dare to use one's office to redress personal grievances?"

Fu Rui crosses the hands behind the back to stand, looks proudly to vast starry sky "in this world, did not have the matter that any I do not dare. Ye Xin, I whose dance partner, no matter you are, today I must jump this first with you."

The Ji Yifeng complexion gradually becomes gentle, lightly said: "Ye Xin, since Senior Brother Thunder Emperor can have a liking for us, you accompany him altogether to dance."Saying, him was retroceding slowly, like bystander has let.

Ye Xin gawked first, in the eye has revealed a humiliation, the Fu Rui vision is also visiting her, but that play disciple the strong vision seemed saying, this was your man? Her women do not dare to protect, is this your choice?

The Ye Xin complexion is somewhat white, what made Fu Rui accidental/surprised was, she has not departed ashamed and resentfully, but was a hand has made contact with the shoulder of Fu Rui on own initiative, said to the direction of orchestra: "Plays music."

The melodious music resounds, under the Ye Xin slender tender body in big and tall Thunder Emperor led to slide into the dance floor to jump, presented all Yin-Yang School disciples is very peaceful at this time. Everyone knows, in formerly gambling, Thunder Emperor made Ji Yifeng and a Ye Xin side by the overwhelming superiority totally submits. Thunder Emperor as before is Thunder Emperor, in the Heavenly Stems School student nobody Thunder Emperor that dares to contend with.

The Fu Rui dancer's posture really made the person not dare to think highly, his was too strong, from him, can only see the strength feeling, was far absolutely exquisitely. The Ye Xin originally slender tender body in he cherishes looks like a toy, in addition in her eyes reveals light sad, will not give people any aesthetic sense.

Ji Dong stands before the ice Snow Dragon fish, looks like anything has not heard, has not seen , to continue to eat his good food, this ice Snow Dragon fish not only delicacy, but after also enters the abdomen, will bring the steaming steam, comfortable of not being able saying that obviously was extremely nutritious. Especially the fish hits, is solid this cultivates the Yuan.

"Elder Brother Ji Dong." The excited sound resounds along with a slender sound, Leng Yue animated running over. Even if she, today has also worn a lovable dinner jacket, side vivacious arriving Ji Dong.

"Leng Yue, you also eat."Looks at this little miss, Ji Dong has smiled, touches her head, has referred to ice Snow Dragon fish.

Leng Yue spits the tongue, said: "I do not dare to eat, Elder Sister Ye Xin said. Before Senior Brother Fu Rui finished eating, does not make us eat. I dance while them, run over greet with you."

Ji Dong laughed "is all right, eats. Senior Brother Fu Rui will not blame your."

Leng Yue laughs "Elder Brother Ji Dong, you are really a good person. Leng Yue was too what a pity small, has not studied dancing, otherwise, Leng Yue is certainly your dance partner."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Has not related, you would growing up. After you grow up, Elder Brother Ji Dong accompanies certainly you to jump one time, ok?"

"Good."Leng Yue has patted clapping, looked at one Fu Rui and Ye Xin that secretly in the dance floor is dancing, this stands side Ji Dong, has installed several Sashimis with the tray, "Elder Brother Ji Dong, I ate to that side. Today who is your dance partner?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "I do not have the dance partner, but eats a thing."

Leng Yue blinked, said: "But, the fellow apprentices and Senior Sisters said, everyone must have an own dance partner! Without the dance partner, is very pitiful?" Here, she lowered sound to say suddenly: "Elder Brother Ji Dong, Elder Sister Bao'er is actually good, how didn't you invite her to dance together?"

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, said: "Is Bao'er lets you?"

Leng Yue shakes the head, mysterious say/way: "I am noticed that the spatial elder sister always peeps toward you, she has rejected several people's invitations. Visits you. I believe that if Elder Brother Ji Dong the past invited her to dance, she will certainly agree."

In the Ji Dong heart sighed secretly, Bao'er, what could it be did I make you misunderstand really? This dance cannot jump, deep that otherwise, she can only misunderstand.

In this time, is having several points of contemptuous sound to resound "every month, quickly goes back with me. Others are the Thunder Emperor Junior Brother, is not we can approach. His such small age, wants any dance partner. Also understands any sentiment."

Ji Dong looks indifferently, saw only one to wear the female of purple formal clothes to walk, held up the hand of Leng Yue. Very obviously, this girl is also Tenth Water department, in Ji Dong impression, she as if frequently and Ye Xin again same place. Obviously because of fellow apprentice's powerful and oppression to the Ye Xin, this vents anger in oneself.

Leng Yue debated: "Sister Shui, is not this, the Elder Brother Ji Dong person is very good. Do not say him like this. Elder Brother Ji Dong, I introduced to you, this Elder Sister Shui Ling is also our Tenth Water department Senior Sister, our Yin-Yang School especially 39 th."

Shui Ling pulls up the Leng Yue small hand......, Every month, you him told that these doing anything. I do not have the interest to know any kid. "

Ji Dong coldly smiled "I do not have interest to know woman of some statures like rubbing clothes board." "What did you say?"Shui Ling is angry, she is the Ye Xin good friend, attack Ye Xin that Fu Rui did not save face a moment ago made in her heart the anger come up in great numbers and from all sides, in her eyes Ji Dong just just entered the Yin-Yang School child, unexpectedly also like Fu Rui rampant, immediately flies into a rage.

Gives the devil his due, Shui Ling stature, look also on, but some the places of protruding were slightly flat. This is in her heart the biggest pain. Was exposed shortcomings by Ji Dong a few words, how she can bear.

"Noble situation, needs the noble spoken language. Please dot sound."Ji Dong is a face is as before indifferent, has turned around simply , to continue to eat his ice Snow Dragon fish, simply does not pay attention to Shui Ling.

Shui Ling wants to do really very much, this youngster pain plays at present, but thinks that he is the Thunder Emperor Fu Rui Junior Brother, in her heart does not dare eventually. Ye Xin that facing Thunder Emperor, is listed Ji Yifeng that second is listed third including Yin-Yang School in addition to retreat, let alone was this rank after the disciple.

"Your mouth and your Senior Brother are equally smelly, no wonder you do not have the dance partner. Forever will not have the woman to like your such people."Maliciously throws down one, Shui Ling turns around to depart. People but who also at this moment, she suddenly presently, in oneself line of sight can see to coming under a spell looks in the direction of open-air assembly hall entrance. Also at this moment, the sound of perfect sounds of nature floating resounds.

"Who said that he does not have the dance partner, I am his dance partner."

The music stopped suddenly, the originally slightly somewhat noisy dance party becomes falls the needle to hear, as if on day after day the star in nighttime sky also has been overshadowed. The vision of everyone went to the entrance of dance party, even if Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, at this time a hole also contraction, loosened Ye Xin in bosom. pa......, A clear breakage tore to pieces this short silence, the tray in Ji Dong hand fell in the under foot changes into the fragment, his whole person also fell into the delay in this moment. muttered: "My did eyes spend? This, this is how possible,"

At present this all, because dance party entrance were many a person, just like outstandingly beautiful female of flame Elf beat. The fiery-red long skirt has towed to ground, this covered her the complete flesh besides both hands and faces seemed the somewhat conservative long skirt puts in her, was actually such just right.

Both hands overlap, build before the body, slender clear delicate clear surpasses the beautiful jade the finger as if to swing the person heart and soul. The fiery-red big wave long hangs loose in the back, the fine impeccable perfect appearance actually gives people in that fiery red a feeling of spatial valley orchid. Under black big eyes in the thick slender harmonious wool complements is having the temperate happy expression, the stature of golden proportion division is the even/including harshest sculptor is unable to pick up the slightest bit disappointment.

Yes, she came, that in the Ji Dong heart, the perfect goddess, the ruler of earth core world, the fire Red Lotus incarnation came.

Except for her, also who can have the sounds of nature voice? Except for her, also who can arrives here capture the attention of all people instantaneously, even has forgotten the performance including the musicians.

What in the throats of Ji Dong as if choked up, a few words could not say, visits her, he only thought that oneself heart as if must jump, in being the center of attention, arrived in front of her step by step "Lie Yan (raging flames), you, how did you come?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles, to make the entire Earth department teaching meet immediately the roof shone got up ", I feared that you were robbed by others! Tonight, your dance partner can only be I." Is pleasantly surprised? Is excited? Hehe, hopes that small three take to everybody's pleasantly surprised book friends to like. The tomorrow's renewal will be more splendid, above this dance party, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) will deduct what kind of classics? Asked everybody to wait. The following content " small three will certainly write by the complete mental effort, lets everybody crisply to the pinnacle.

Chapter 89: Tonight, I am your girlfriend

Tonight, your dance partner can only be I.:

Simple a few words, made the Ji Dong whole body 36,000 pores as if completely open generally. One nondescriptive mood spreads in within the body.

His first time from innermost feelings thanked Ji Yerui, if were not Ji Yeshang, he will not attend this time dance party, will not hear the Lie Yan (raging flames) so wonderful sound. At this moment, in the Ji Dong heart, did not have other thoughts again, as if this dance party goes on for him. Meanwhile, his first regret, has not worn the formal clothes today. He hopes oneself can be a match with Lie Yan (raging flames)!

At this moment, the strength of his whole body changes into the courage two characters, took a deep breath, the Ji Dong whole person as if became big several points, he withdrew backward one step, the right hand caresses the chest, bowed slightly, by most standard aristocrat etiquette to Lin Yan said: "Can beautiful young lady, ask you to dance a dance?"

Ji Dong of previous generation, had studied the Western aristocrat etiquette in the country specially, moreover in one, the most ancient aristocratic family studies. This time he, probably changed person, cannot see him to be only several years old again, the outstanding makings, temperately like the spring breeze smiling face, each point, each drop, are to the utmost harsh perfect. Caresses the right hand of chest to hand in front of Lie Yan (raging flames) along with his words, in the Ji Dong eye also as if beat the ginseng goal flame, although this body just 15 years old, the memory that but in the previous generation danced actually depended on day to exist, hope in his heart and excited has burnt the apex, at this moment, in his eyes, in the heart, did not have people other on the scene, only surplus front this was similar to the fire the Elf common female.

Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles, division, the star in sky as if completely is instant dim, in all person eyes, only then her generation of perfect dimples, spring the finger of scallion young and fresh-looking gently has made contact with the palm of Ji Dong certainly, slides in his guidance to the dance floor.

The star moon/month does not have the light, the youngster who only then that fiery-red form fills with the proud aura with that is the focal point between world, the musician made a fresh start the performance because of their entering, the gentle music beat in the air, regarding them, touched is presenting the mood of everyone.

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui hugs Ye Xin to go out of dance floor, only left them Knoff's dance floor.

Ji Dong steps out, cross pushes forward a stride, turns around with the aid of that this moment spreads out gracefully, having several points to shiver with does not dare to believe that his left hand hugged Lie Yan (raging flames) that softly, if the slender slender waist of characterless, were feeling from the waist to buttocks that say/way perfect arc, the Ji Dong vision was crazy immediately, his some do not even dare to look at Lie Yan (raging flames), his heart also as if must stop beating in this moment.

Lie Yan (raging flames) very natural builds own right hand in the shoulder of Ji Dong, two people so the contact of short distance, her microstrip has been never scalding hot, such as orchid/blue Rumo breath caressing gently on the Ji Dong face, feels Ji Dong that to move restlessly, but the spirited heart, wipes lightly blushes to reappear in her just like the suet white jade common face on, this time she, no longer is quiet and beautiful noble Red Lotus, but is one puts the belt warmly such as the fire warm red Mei boundary.

In the melody turban of music, Ji Dong strides to the left, embraces in the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) waist ten-day period slightly, almost with he similarly high Lie Yan (raging flames) under his lead, the body carves such as lightly , if no thing to be ordinary, two people slide into the dance floor to dance lightly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is very light, is very supple, but extremely blazing, hugs in the bosom, like the flame that embracing one group can melt. May really melt the body and soul, this time Ji Dong will not let loose her. The dance of Ji Dong is noble and graceful, each movement is quite elegant, the dance of Lie Yan (raging flames) is light and lively, snuggles, in he cherishes, in perfect coordination that under his lead coordinates.

Lie Yan (raging flames) at this moment, jumped over his previous generation to pay with the life in the Ji Dong heart completely the millennium good wine. Even if dies in the the next moment body, he will not have regretted slightly. That is a pure love, without any angfa, originates in the mind completely pure to the love. The heart of Ji Dong also follows the dance to fly upwards gradually.

Looks that they are in the dance floor to deduct the meaning of beautiful perfectly, the Yin-Yang School disciples gradually are also recovering, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui is only one consistently condenses the vision on Lie Yan (raging flames). In his eyes flooded is acclaiming and envies the mouth already to lower the head in his Ye Xin as before, she does not dare to look at Lie Yan (raging flames), because she feared that oneself confidence will not restore since then. Since birth, her first time felt that anything has been called to feel inferior, the Ji night after bar swung had already opened the mouth, dumbfounded gaze two people in dance floor.

Lan Bao'er low-spirited lowering the head, she understands finally why Ji Dong is not willing to accept itself throughout, never responded regarding own suggestion. Yes! He had that perfect her, what also will respond to oneself? Presents the hearts of all men, had been towed by that perfect hot Elf, all women must allow low-spirited not to have the light because of the Elf of that fire, let alone is the comparison, even if puts together places on a par seems to that fiery-red has profaned to read perfectly.

Is very strange, why I will come. " Lie Yan (raging flames) aspirates such as blue, with the sound that only then she and Ji Dong can hear said in a soft voice.

The dance keeps, Ji Dong somewhat silly nodded. His brain until now some blanks "I only want to know, now are having a dream. If this is really a dream, I am never willing to wake up."

Lie Yan (raging flames) lightly chuckled, the fool, this naturally is not the dream. Gives your reward. Said "reward?"Ji Dong recovers slightly.

Lie Yan (raging flames) faintly scolded "forgot, you have said that you belonged my. Even if turned into the grey splendor also to have my brand mark. Since you are my Little Ji Dong, does not have the dance partner for me, I naturally must reward you."

" Lie Yan (raging flames)...... Ji Dong bold embraces tightly several points her, was been closer with her by own body, not described that this is what kind of feeling, is gazing at the female in bosom, under he could not say a few words again.

The music always has the termination time, that perfect dancer's posture when last, the note passed conquers has presented everyone, the applause resounds, Ji Dong did not abandon brought in the bosom the beautiful person to slide the dance floor quietly.

"Hasn't young fool, dropped? I want to drink liquor that you adjust." The Lie Yan (raging flames) red lips open lightly, said in the Ji Dong ear. At this time Ji Dong that full is the left hand of sweat, as before tight is hugging her waist.

Helpless loosening both hands, but Lie Yan (raging flames) actually instead on own initiative grips his right hand ", fool, tonight the dance party, I am your girlfriend. "

Girlfriends? The Ji Dong fierce body trembles, is drawing Lie Yan (raging flames), trend bar of big stride "thank you, Lie Yan (raging flames). I am not greedy, making me adjust one cup of bars for you. I think, this is I have modulated since birth never one glass of liquor."

The Forui vigorous and loud and clear voice resounded "was good, do not look again. Too the family/home also starts."At the same time was saying, he loosened Ye Xin in bosom, does not yearn for walks toward the ice Snow Dragon fish, as if in his eyes, Ye Xin could not have compared this good food.

The heart and body of Ye Xin are shivering, her confidence and self- respect be relentless tore to pieces by Fu Rui and Lie Yan (raging flames). She always confessed is in the Yin-Yang School female student absolute first, in Yin-Yang School, the look is better than her, the stature cannot compare her, the stature is better than her, the look is also inferior.

Strength that in addition is listed third, she really has this qualifications.

But, today, her previous man disregarding another's feelings tears to pieces her self-respect, her latter man actually guards does not dare, but she to own condition self-confident is also thorough in that moment of Lie Yan (raging flames) arrival.

The face whiten, the body of Ye Xin rocked, at this time, has stood when not far away Ji Yifeng walks to hold up her hand, just wants to say anything... Ye Xin actually fierce breaks free from his hand ", do not bump me."Spoke these words, Ye Xin turns head suddenly, resolutely ran the dance party. What what a pity is, Lie Yan (raging flames) according to day is the audience focal point, nobody pays attention to her departure radically. Only then Fu Rui raised the head, looks at the direction that she leaves silently, has eaten a big ice Snow Dragon fish ruthlessly, the fork in his hand already pinched somewhat distorted. No one knows, Ye Xin is actually his first, the woman, is in his 29 years old of life, only, woman. The Ji Yeshang vision welcomed Ji Dong, looked at Lie Yan secretly, said side Ji Dong in a low voice: "Brother, your this keeps secret to do also does was good. This is"Lie Yan (raging flames) is too beautiful, most men on the scene are not willing to believe that she unexpectedly with Ji Dong is one pair.

The age, the look or the strength, in their opinion, Ji Dong by far cannot be joined to Lie Yan (raging flames).

Since this also has been in the Ji Dong heart continuously the puzzled major problem. He does not dare to Lie Yan (raging flames) initiative professing love, because he confessed that could not have been joined to her.

"I am his girlfriend."Lie Yan (raging flames) replaced Ji Dong to answer this issue on own initiative. Simultaneously has pinched the hand of Ji Dong gently.

Ji Yeshang sees the smile of Lie Yan (raging flames) face dagger, stare blankly, hurries to lower the head to Ji Dong gives thumbs-up " to admire.

The acknowledgment of Lie Yan (raging flames), looked like in the Ji Dong heart turban has been stimulant, he looked at her one eyes, said to Ji Yeshang again: "I must for her drink mixing. Can make a position give me?"Ji Yeshang without the slightest hesitation said: "Naturally."Immediately has let own position. He does not resign the position because of the relations of Fu Rui, but ends can see Ji Dong drink mixing from the hope of innermost feelings again. On that day after listening to several prompts of Ji Dong, he recently n in practice and feeling diligently, remarkably strengthened regarding the understanding of liquor. Although his is older than Ji Dong, may in fact, on drink mixing, he treat as the Teacher to regard Ji Dong. After all, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui drink mixing, although is strong, but his drink mixing only suits his unique thunder attribute, is others does not have the imitation. Ji Dong is different, relies on the hand completely, dopes without any magic power, Ji Yeshang is very clear, in the cocktail flavor/smell that perhaps Thunder Emperor assigns out is not inferior in Ji Dong many, may truly the understanding on liquor, he and Ji Dong also certain disparity. After Ji Dong draws Lie Yan (raging flames) is arriving at the bar, has changed the position, changes to the left hand to grip the right hand of Lie Yan (raging flames), has leapt own right hand, single-handed clean, palm, finger cleaning. Ji Yeshang continuously in side careful looks, his surprised present, the palm of Ji Dong, the finger is quite soft, angle that even can not be impossible to be the complete transition to the average man. Normally looks like, a hand washes the hands is very difficult to wash cleanly, but Ji Dong such washes E, seems actually and two hands washes anything not to distinguish mutually. But, why does he only use a hand?

Ji Yeshang does not certainly understand, Ji Dong only washes a hand, is not showing off, but is letting loose that he does not abandon holds on the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames). He does not know after this opportunity, can have, but actually must treasure each point now, each second. The hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) warms up tenderly, even if grasps for a lifetime, he same will also treasure.

Only then Lie Yan (raging flames), can completely understand the heart of Ji Dong, whatever Ji Dong is shaking own hand, she is only stands there with smile on the face, outstandingly beautiful unparalleled she looks like the set-off of Ji Dong.

Some people said, the woman is the man best ornament, in some sense, this is very correct. Ji Dong just arrived at the dance party time, simply nobody pays attention to this youngster. Person who even has not seen in Yin-Yang School his, but also is regarded as the server who him the official student is a guest performer. May at this moment, because of the relations of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong also become a focus of attention. Even if these already in the person of dancing, often casts the vision.

Why Lan Bao'er do not know the arriving bar by slowly, but she presently, closer Lie Yan (raging flames), as if the disparity of her division is bigger, when Ji Dong washed the hands, Lan Bao'er has stood in the one side silently.

Lie Yan (raging flames) naturally also saw her, well-meaning smiles to her, does not need to go to make anything to announce that desirably Ji Dong ownership power, she very clear have what kind of status in the Ji Dong heart. This time she, no longer likely is that Empress Lie Yan, but looks like a girl, stands is gazing at him side own lover silently, is supporting him.

Takes shaker, Ji Dong has turned around, vision has swept from the wine chest, after the hesitation moment, has chosen two types of liquor and some ingredients places itself in front.

He puts in three fresh strawberries shaker first, from side but actually one water, to gazing at his Lan Bao'er was saying: "Does Bao'er, help me? I need an ice."Lan Bao'er has not seen Ji Dong drink mixing, the retrogradation psychology has made her want to reject, may move, she received the cup eventually, the purple magic power rhythm, in the cup the clear water congeals gradually.

Ji Dong in gazing at the quilt in Lan Bao'er hand, when inside has about half clear water congealment, he receives the cup, smiles to Lan Bao'er " thanks. " The ice water pours into shaker, he joined two-thirds citrus reticulatas to meet Petheo, one-third strawberry liquor, infusion several drops of passion flower fruit juices and several drops of orange juice, added on a sugar again.

Then shaker cover, lightly throws, the access is single-handed.

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Chapter 90: drink mixing and challenge

Single-handed stable catching shaker, the Ji Dong vision actually completely condenses on Lie Yan (raging flames) has not gone to look at shaker, his right hand that natural shaking

This time he, is different from beforehand drink mixing, before drink mixing time, in his heart beside the shed liquor does not have the otherness again, but he at this time in the eye in the heart, only has Lie Yan (raging flames).: Shakes the right hand of shaker, is modulating by the instinct completely. May also at this kind of time, the emotion of his innermost feelings actually be an unprecedented degree.

In transparent crystal shaker, the liquor fluid mixes for the bright red color gradually, the magnificent luster brings enchanting curve mouth Fu Rui to see Ji Dong along with shaker in airborne waving in drink mixing, has cast the vision, when he presently Ji Dong drink mixing only has used a hand, he somewhat is disappointed. However, quick, his vision became coagulated, could not bear blurt out: "Is this also good?"

Red liquor fluid condenses the formation in the midair gradually, although only then a hand, but the Ji Dong movement actually becomes more and more quickly, the surroundings people can see the clear red that only then shaker of that beat has, actually again cannot see the arm of Ji Dong.

Suddenly, Ji Dong item luminous, the movement on his hand also suddenly sped up one time, that clear red condenses the formation in the midair unexpectedly, no longer was the past solar shape, this time, that clear red from the sky united a red heart unexpectedly, under shining of colored glaze palace lantern, that loyalty above the Ji Dong top of the head unceasing was duplicating the contraction, the process of expansion, looked like the heart is ordinary in the beat.

Bang bang, bang bang, bang bang. Sound of heart beat appeared, along with loyalty each twinkle, each contraction and expansion, the powerful heart tictac resounds at the dance party. In the dance floor is dancing people fell the vision on the Ji Dong top of the head. Lan Bao'er has covered up own mouth with both hands. In her heart only then, thought that if this loyalty beats because of me at this time, that should good.

However, only some Lan Bao'er and nearby Ji Yeshang see, the sound of that heart beat, is Ji Dong with, but, is joined to that the tip of the toe light point bar bottom plank produces to inquire Li's loyalty sparkle, the beat, is actually such harmony comes like such that Ji Dong said that this is he has never modulated one liquor, the hand of this drink mixing is he temporary wants to come out. The difficulty and he had used playing chess shoots nine day as well as under nine days of female celestial compared with this world, is well below. But its significance is actually much greater than skillfully.

Both eyes of Lie Yan (raging flames) became are similar to moon curved, the whole face is the gentle smile, her hand, has gotten hold of the hand of Ji Dong subconsciously.

At this moment, suddenly the division, the yellow ray passes through together quietly, the loyalty place above Ji Dong top of the head pricks, pa'ed resounding, that beaten was red brokenhearted, the red liquor fluid overhead drenches, bringing the ice fragments that Lan Bao'er is condensing to scatter a Ji Dong head, a face.

The gold/metal field people are one dull, as if by prior agreement goes to the direction that the vision the yellow ray has shot, just can see the hand that Ji Yifeng lifts falls slowly.

The Ji leisurely board originally handsome face slightly appears some distortions, the pupil light has been full of the envy, the indignation and other mood. Ye Xin leaves, his whole person delay there, was attracted by Ji Dong drink mixing, saw that also wants beautiful not to know compared with Ye Xin many time of Lie Yan (raging flames), smile looks at Ji Dong, thinks again oneself and past events of division of Ye Xin, his innermost feelings the fire of envy ascends to the degree in the extreme immediately. Finally cannot bear get rid to destroy present perfect.

That " a yellow light, is he.

"Bastard."Fu Rui shouted angrily, an arrow step flushed toward Ji Yifeng.

At this moment, in all Yin-Yang School disciples eyes reveals the color/look of righteousness boundary all, even if is usually no exception with these people who Ji Yifeng is on good terms. In Ji Dong drink mixing hand again their eye like Lie Yan (raging flames) perfect, saw that this was destroyed by the external force perfectly. Can they not be filled with righteous indignation? Let alone, Ji Dong is Lie Yan (raging flames) drink mixing, itself leisurely does not tow any relations with Ji.

At the same time the huge on wall emerges out of thin air, drags to separate with Fu Rui Ji suddenly leisurely, the Ji leisurely board ice-cold sound resounds "Fu Rui, do not forget, the school does not forbid to challenge, actually forbids the private war. You dare to move me, continued you unable to eat to capture walking, even if were director Zhu Rong must receive with you. I have just defeated shaker."

Bang), that seems reaches one meter on wall is similar to thick in front of Thunder Emperor Fu Rui generally shatter " I who the paper sticks manages its anything school regulation loudly, Ji Yifeng, I thought that you were not pleasing to the eyes are very long. Do not think you are on empire the grandson of emperor I do not dare to be what kind of you now, at the worst I kill you, is separated from Heavenly Stems School again. "

In the midair, terrifying thunder strength condenses crazily, the colored glaze palace lantern in entire dance party starts to glitter, although supports their is not the electrical energy, may receive the thunder element magic power wild influence, presents everyone body to have hemp/numb Ke the feeling.

Senior Brother, stopping bucket " at this moment, is low and deep and ice-cold, remembers just like the hell common sound suddenly.

Fu Rui has released own thunder attribute Six-Crown Yang Crown, actually also suspended own movement in this sound. He and Ji leisurely board the vision , the direction that also transmits toward the sound throws.

Bright red liquor fluid, making Ji Dong seem very distressed, he loosened the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) at this time, because he does not think that under liquor fluid flowed the detoxify to Lie Yan (raging flames).

If the previous moment, his vision blazing like fire, this time he, the vision still as ever the ancient thick ice is flooding the endless chill in the air.

,... Little Ji Dong. " Lie Yan (raging flames) called him gently.

Ji Dong has turned head, forces to squeeze a smile to Lie Yan (raging flames). Then his turning around resolutely, in big strides towed to walk here to Ji leisurely.

Lie Yan (raging flames) somewhat is slightly dull, all she who tonight lives has not thought completely, she cannot think, oneself arrival can make Ji Dong such Ji Dong, cannot think under the starry sky makes own heartbeat add in the excitement with his dance party, will unable to think of Ji Dong by such hand mixture good wine.

When Ji Dong turns around to move toward Ji Yifeng resolutely, Lie Yan (raging flames) present, oneself as if more and more could not control him. Since previous Vermilion Bird matter, Ji Dong as if no longer is obedient just like the disciple, but, is this, she is easier to be infected by Ji Dong that overbearing Yang Zhou.

, Little Junior Brother, you could rest assured that I will not let off this fellow. " In the Thunder Emperor eye the electric light four shoot, looks at the vision of his grave person, Ji drags to sober to come leisurely at this time, in the heart intermittently regretted.

He cannot think that in the Thunder Emperor eye, this Little Junior Brother so is unexpectedly important. But since, the matter has been done, regretted that will not have any function.

" Senior Brother, this matter makes me process,

. " Ji Dong arrives in front of Fu Rui, to his nodded.

Fu Rui gawked, the anger in eye desalinated gradually, because of him presently, in the Ji Dong eye is glittering the cold light, he also somewhat was afraid. In the heart the secretly thought, Little Junior Brother, what do you want to make?

Ji Dong has turned around, looks to Ji Yifeng, this time Ji drags leisurely, because formerly bore the Thunder Emperor tremendous pressure, has released own Yang Crown. Five-Crown, four Half-Crown Star, show his Level 59 to defend the Earth department Great Grandmaster powerful strength, although and Fu Rui Level 69 or different, but in the entire Yin- Yang School student, his strength also strongest besides Fu Rui).

Wipes liquor fluid that turns one's face, Ji Dong coldly said: "Gives me a reason."

Does Ji drag to sneer " to need the reason leisurely? Looked that you are not pleasing to the eyes, is this reason three you thinks that who you are? How many levels do you have? Two-Crown or Three-Crown? Also dares to study the Thunder Emperor appearance?

Why the good females in world to with your fellow apprentices? Ye Xin until now is not willing to be intimate with me, is not because in her heart thinks of Fu Rui throughout? What thing you are, just joined Yin-Yang School, can obtain such beautiful woman to narrow the eyes clear, why? Did you tell me, why you? " Ji Dong anger, but "why I will tell you to Ji Yifeng nodded me."At the same time was saying, his right hand flings, when slightly, has the token of Special No. 49 inscription to pound in the ground black marble ground. His categorical saying "Special No. 49, Fire department Ji Dong, challenges to you."

"Little Junior Brother, may not."Fu Rui is greatly anxious, he will unable to think of Ji Dong unexpectedly vigorously in this way.

Ji Yifeng somewhat was also shocked, do you want to challenge to me?
Does Special No. 49 challenge Special No. 2? "

Fu Rui holds on Ji Dong "Little Junior Brother, quickly takes back your token. This did not joke. He could not be finding the reason to cope with you."

Ji Dong turns head to look to Fu Rui, tranquilly said: "Senior Brother, my strength is not good. But, some people are in front of my to insult my lover, if I have not responded, I am same as him, can only be an especially two turtle? Do not stop me, otherwise brothers no doing."

"You said that remnant is turtle?" The painful foot of Ji Yifeng was stepped on, the whole body of climate is shaking. But in fact, presents in each individual heart to have the steelyard. When the dance party starts, facing the pressure that Fu Rui creates, Ji Yifeng flinched, has let Ye Xin. But at this time, Ji Dong is about young age, actually outrageously leaves the challenge by the rank of Special No. 49 to this Special No. 2. The simple contrast, has been able to be clearer the matter.

"Good, good, good."Ji Yifeng bends the waist, picks up the token that Ji Dong has thrown, I accept your challenge. According to the Yin-Yang School internal challenge rule, both sides rank to differ over ten, challenges the way, the time, the place by placing the low decision. "

Ji Dong coldly said: "When challenge place here, the challenge time, now, the forms of combat, the mutual attack, one person of one time, was attacked cannot dodge, can only defend, both sides carry on turn, till having a side drops down." Ji Dong fully had demonstrated to Yin-Yang School numerous students anything is called simply, crude.

Challenge way that he proposed, without doubt was simplest. The challenge will be now soon will be held.

Everyone worried for him. After all, both sides differ 47 in the rank of Yin-Yang School! Although they do not know that the Ji Dong strength can be any degree, how but regardless of saying that he and compared with present Ji Yifeng, the disparity is huge. Moreover the challenge way that he chooses, without doubt is powerful to Ji Yifeng. Becoming is the defensive counter-attack that Earth department most excels. On the to subdue|grams water, the to subdue|grams fire, is the suppression results in Ji Dong not to be impossible to have the slightest bit opportunity.

Ji tows herself also to take out together the token leisurely, hands in front of Fu Rui with the Ji Dong token together "Fu Rui, you are the Yin-Yang School seat, here does not have Teacher, asked you to come for us to witness this challenges well."

In Yin-Yang School, the low position disciple challenges to the top digit disciple, even if the school directors cannot stop. This has continued several hundred years of custom, Fu Rui at this time in the heart again anxiously also useless.

Received the token that Ji handed over leisurely floating, Fu Rui said in a low voice: "If you do not want dead, do not injure to my Little Junior Brother. Otherwise......"on Thunder Emperor disperses that formidable oppression strength, making Ji drag formerly the mood of some hysterias thoroughly to calm down leisurely. Ji Dong challenge for him victory not military, if injured Ji Dong, perhaps present Thunder Emperor will not let off itself.

Ji Dong, you come. " The Lie Yan (raging flames) day transfers the sound resounds, Ji Dong turns head to look to her, slightly hesitant, but walked. Arrives in front of Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong eye is glittering vision resolutely "Lie Yan (raging flames), do not advise against me, I know that I am making anything. Nobody can insult you, even if the god is not good."

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, I had said can prevent you? If I do not want to make you continue this war, also will not advise with the way of spoken language, you listened to me saying that " was saying at the same time, her bending down body, was saying anything in the Ji Dong ear.

Listens to her words, Ji Dong to show that has gawked, nods slowly, in the chill in the air in eye were many other things.

Quick, the Lie Yan (raging flames) words said that has not waited for Ji Dong to respond, said in a soft voice: "Knows that... Little Ji Dong, you are first for me the man of fight. I and others you came back to tell me you just and to mix that glass of liquor the name."

In Ji Dong eye ice-cold changes into blazingly, what from beforehand is different, at this time in his eyes blazing more several points of wild aura. Has turned round, raises trend Ji Yifeng that takes big strides.

Ji drags at this time in the heart leisurely also some hesitant, but challenged complied, must continue, Fu Rui he could not offend, on Holy and Evil Battlefield, related to his life. "You start to hand signal that Ji Dong makes invitation first."

Ji Dong eyes has shone, his both hands lift from the body slowly, actually did Lie Yan (raging flames) say what to Ji Dong? This war, Three-Crown challenges the Five-Crown peak, will be what kind of? Ji Dong can wash the bureau shame to show that to Lie Yan (raging flames) he does have to protect her strength? Please read the last part.

The Wine God sixth volume, finally.

The sixth volume had ended, challenge of Ji Dong how? Whether he can defeat the match to play jokes upon the shame. Tomorrow will reveal for everybody. We hope that Ji Dong withers Ji Yifeng this bastard, uses your voting efforts to tell me. Recommendation ticket and monthly ticket....
Small three can see. Tomorrow makes the book friends crisp.(
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