Jiu Shen Chapter 681-688 (End)

Chapter 681: Comprehensive suppression

In air, huge Fire Element magic power fluctuation instantaneous ascension. This impressively is blood-color sky. Hundred myriad fires crows huge Fire Element that collaborates to produce. Made airborne to look like has the innumerable magma to be ordinary in the fierce fluctuation, had the possibility of eruption anytime.

On the day of the Ji Dong eye the none remaining twinkle, anticipates, he also same for a long time was very very long, under joint effort of him and partners, had the initiative finally in oneself hand, regardless of the dark secret had any plot, he did not have the leeway of choice at this time.

The bang, the first round of attacks finally started, 1000 fiery-red rays drop from the clouds, directly soar the huge dark army to pound down, although these are full of the bombardment of Fire Element are not each can be the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill degree, but this has concentrated the attacks of hundred myriad fires crow huge magic power, the flash of just presenting, erupts the unequalled terrifying effect.

The dark army will certainly not resign oneself to extinction, ten color halos before the sky medium baking temperature crow starts the moment rippled, big five elements ties opens, as far as possible covers the dark army, resists to the collaboration bombardments of airborne hundred myriad fires crows.

Fierce thundering made entire Holy and Evil Island fierce shivered, that landslide cracks in the earth feeling, making the both sides ordinary soldiers unable to come to a stop. The potential of first flushing suppresses suddenly, does not dare to approach the position of element storm center in that terrifying to Ji Dong and dark secret Saint level peak powerhouse, the radiant brilliance made above the earth as if present a Sun to resemble.

In the sky hundred myriad fires crows have to increase the flight altitude under the fierce magic power recoil, their lineups become slightly somewhat are also scattered in disorder, but, center of collision after all not in airborne, they withstand minority.

But in the ground, big five elements under dark demon armed forces arrange/cloth tied is loudly shatter, big five elements tied the defense truly was already astonishing, united the synchronized attacks of several tens of thousands dark Mage, blocked the joint efforts of hundred myriad fires crows to strike unexpectedly actually.

No, not only that more than 40,000 dark demon armed forces, Ji Dong have discovered quickly the issue, this big five elements ties, also has included unexpectedly that hundreds of thousands reserve Mage. As a result of their joining, can make the dark army block the first round bombardment of hot crow army. However, at least in several thousand low level dark Mage mouths spurts the blood, is unable to fight again. The wild magic power impact, is lets the massive dark soldiers swept across scatters in all directions to flutter about, particularly light infantry, because does not have the heavy weaponry stable body, many people by flinging stiffly into several meters high airborne, then falling into crowd in ruthlessly.

In the Ji Dong eye the cold light four shoot, in the heart the secretly thought, this was only just started, the second round attack of hot crow clan has fermented to finish, thousand red light. Once again drops from the clouds, the might with formerly was without change.

Big five elements ties also has to two times open, thunders with beforehand exactly the same fierce sky over the dark army erupts.

"Secret Sir, this way we ended. Needs deal is good!"Dark temple Chief big priest anxious said to the dark secret, on the face has revealed the intense scared color/look. At this time, both sides the distance of between main action Mage has pulled closer 30 meters, the most hot crow clan three bombardments, dark Mage will enter again the bright Mage attack range. Arrived that time, by hot crow army completely suppression dark Mage, but why also to block the terrifying attack that the bright Mage five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy launches? Although several million dark armies impossible to be killed by them completely, but enough has actually decided the result of this war.

"What to do did you say should?"Those who made the Chief big priest be startled, from the dark secret face, he saw the panic-stricken color/look unexpectedly, this secret Sir, was not unexpectedly calm.

However, at this time, why the Chief big priest could not attend to having doubts the dark secret suddenly becomes so startled, hastily said: "Makes us go against."

Dark secret anxious say/way: "You have not gone quickly."

An numerous purple robe big priest look at each other in blank dismay, at this time, the third round attack of hundred myriad fires crow armies arrived, under so situation in imminent danger. Could not allow these purple robe big priests to hesitate, Chief big priest to nearby dark dragon Huangdao: "Dragon sovereign Sir, please shield us to break in these fire bird groups with your clansman, perhaps otherwise, we ended."He does not know the hot crow clan accurate name, but called fire bird.

Dark dragon Huang is not a fool, at this kind of time, regardless in its heart has any idea, shares a common hatred is most important. A long dragon recited resounds, on that day after one fought, the other more than 600 dark dragon clans have simultaneously raised the head. Falls in the hot crow clan fourth round attack, with dark Mages big five elements ties shatter once more together instant, more than 600 dark dragon clan has also soared, with they quickest speed, in the direct impact toward the sky goes. Several purple robe big priests follow, at this time, could not allow them to have any hesitation, these purple robe big priests are the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouses, in fight they can see from yesterday's and today's hot crow race's performance, these hot crows are the dependence quantity have the overwhelming superiority completely, their single body strengths are not strong, perhaps otherwise, the so terrifying quantity, struck can make all dark armies perish. These hot crows rely on is the numerical advantage and superimposes combination skill, so long as can break in their center, can inevitably massive creates killing to them, this is also their only ideas.

Originally, according to purple robe big priests the understanding to the dark secret, this matter dark secret definitely personally will do. By dark secret tyrannical incomparable cultivation base, can it be that hot crow clan these attacks can resist, so long as he can break in the hot crow group, hundred myriad fires crows also insufficient to fear. But they have not actually thought, suddenly expressed the mood of being panic-stricken in this time dark secret, not only did not have the appearance that a point must attack on own initiative, but also that spiritless performance had been scared obviously. could it be said, their secret Sirs are only the tigers that a paper sticks? Did this vast holy war make him be at a loss?

However, purple robe big priests this time cannot attend to thinking deeply about these, they only want to go on living now, must first do, naturally copes with the hot crow clan.

More than 600 dark dragon clan to airborne initiates the charge together is quite fierce, looks like dense dark clouds soars, directly soars the airborne hot crow army to flush away.

Since various color rays brave from these dark dragon clans unceasingly, forms the guard shield to protect own body.

Flies in most place above is dark dragon Huang as well as in dark dragon clan Rank 10 Giant Dragon, their defensive powers are most intrepid, even if refutes fiercely attacking of several hot crow armies to be also insufficient to fall from the sky directly. Yesterday a war, dark dragon clan, although personnel losses about 400, but majority are young, cultivation base weak dragonet, but this dark dragon clan but the entire clan participated in this holy war, these dragonets and this time charged in forefront Rank 10 Giant Dragon have the sibship, yesterday the children died a tragic death in the hot crow army hand. These dark dragon can clan not be angry? At this time when they initiate the charge, incomparably frigid imposing manners, they must revenge for oneself child greatly! Must know, dragon clan the breeding ability is extremely bad, most Giant Dragon, in the life only will have a child. The child died, quite did not have in the hope, bright dragon Huang of appearance not far away these dark dragon clan threaten looked somewhat was surprised.

The fifth round attack of hot crow clan comes in time, naturally, this their target naturally is these soars, but dark Giant Dragon.

Loudly in loud sound, 400 centralized attacks. Mainly fell on 100 Giant Dragon, Rank 10 Giant Dragon could resist two and three this types nearly in the tyrannical attack of primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but, ten simultaneously shelled on the body, to their attack was also quite powerful. Although was unable one to kill by explosion these Rank 10 Giant Dragon, but creates the large scale magic power consumption as well as certain body injury to them is actually without question.

The dark dragon clan flying speed is extremely fast, after withstanding a round attack, they were away from hot crow clan only remaining 50% being away from, after all, dark dragon Huang the time that led them to fly, holds the intermittence after hot crow clan fourth round attack.

Also at this time, dark army also plunged the bright army Mages attack range. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy revolved immediately, the huge red light beam stops outrageously.

The free time who dark Mages that the previous moment also to withstand hundred myriad fires crow armies attacks gasps for breath continually do not have, has to collaborate to release big five elements to tie once more, blocks the attack of bright Mages. Although has not suffered hands over the bang up and down, the attack that but this type does not stop actually does not restore the magic power opportunity to them . Moreover the bright Mage striking distance must surpass dark Mage, in has not pulled closer before enough position, the dark demon armed forces can only the passive defensive.

In the sky, in withstood two rounds hot crow clans strongly to shell continuously, has paid under more than 50 dark Giant Dragon lives prices, dark dragon clan and purple robe big priests approached the airborne battlefield finally. However, at this time, the powerhouses in bright army, appeared in airborne, in process that in dark dragon clan overshoots, they have also caught up. Bright dragon Huang is leading his clansmen, ten Omiya heavenly stems Divine Beast, Mage unites the supreme powerhouses of elder assembly as well as the bright heavenly stems disciple, all appears in the midair.

At this time, fully manifested beforehand Ji Dong they in the important contributions that Dark Five Elements Continent made, if were not they strikes to kill the dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast successively, Ji Dong has routed the dark heavenly stems disciple, keeping them from appearing in this time battlefield. Perhaps this war, the fit and unfit quality contrast will have at present the complete reversal. But has been short of the dark dead health/guard, the dark heavenly stems disciple as well as the dark heavenly stems Divine Beast dark demon armed forces powerhouses, is the overall strength contrast possibly the matches of these bright powerhouses?

This holy war, has it can be said that concentrated two pieces of continent strongest strengths. Regardless of which side any had not retained. Does not kill the match, dying is oneself. The comprehensive collision between both sides powerhouses also started at this time.

Ji Dong first relied on strength of the formidable soul to issue the instruction to the hot crow clan, airborne originally was similar to a sheet iron big piece red cloud splits, revealed a huge circular to be empty, this space left the fight between both sides powerhouses. These supreme powerhouse collision what kind of terrors of? Hot crow clan single body is very frail, the area so is also big, once were affected, will immediately produce the massive casualties, Ji Dong makes them separate temporarily, is for the effective protection they, naturally, to let their attacks can many direct roles above below dark army.

The both sides powerhouses launch life-and-death preying, the hot crow army launched the attack toward under once more, forms with bright Mages hands over the potential of bang downward, cannot change the Ji Dong attention strongly, the Ji Dong attention throughout on the dark secret, static waiting in entire war oncoming of most important war. However, the dark secret together has not gone to battle with his hand/subordinate purple robe big priests unexpectedly, made Ji Dong be startled, does this dark secret need to do?

Fierce thundering erupted in the ground along with incomparably manic magic power fluctuation, this time, the bright army handed over the potential of attacking to achieve the terrifying effect up and down finally.

Big five elements ties loudly shatter at the same time, thunders innumerably in the dark demon armed forces sticks out suddenly, the dark demon armed forces of big piece are similar to the shelled flesh and blood flying in all directions, alone is only the hot crow army or is bright Mage, is not enough to cause the fatal damage to them, but, these two put together, that was not one plus one equal to two so is simple. Especially after Ji Dong and Ji cloud Sheng discussed that airborne and attack attribute of ground use was Third Fire, incomparably huge Third Fire Element was pursuing in the air crazily other attribute magic power elements. This makes their killing more tyrannical. These time hands over the bang up and down, at least over 3000 dark Mage directly perish, the injured party is countless.

Also at this time, Ji Dong moved, because he cannot wait again, the dark secret has not participated in the fight throughout, made in his heart restless
, the best solution was to force the dark secret gets rid, in final uncertainties solution this war, so long as tied down the dark secret, other all on easy to do were many, in the aspect has so occupied in the superior situation, Ji Dong only needs to wait for that the fight conclusion in other aspect, the partners can catch up to help, then, this logic of war will certainly be wins.

The whole body is sending out golden ray Ji Dong, looked like Sun Falls From the Sky generally, directly soared the dark secret to go......

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Chapter 682: Chrysanthemum pig back evil behind-the-scenes manipulator

Golden flowing light, in sky just like together startled day rainbow. Not when both sides armies collide again, Ji Dong arrived above the dark secret top of the head. Release that Saint level peak cultivation base the strength of soul is outspoken, at this moment, in the Ji Dong eye only then dark secret by. The tyrannical incomparable soul pressure affects completely on a dark secret person, the Ji Dong state of mind has promoted the limit.

However, what making Ji Dong surprised was, the dark secret has not sent out his strength of soul to contend with unexpectedly, stands there, looked like anything has not occurred.

The dazzling red light appeared in the Ji Dong right hand together, the red light like the sword, points to the dark secret, the next flash, the blood red long sword in Ji Dong hand has delimited outrageously.

After the Fire God sword evolves finally completes, with Ji Dong oneself completely has merged into one organic whole, can say, the sword is he, he is a sword. This also why Ji Dong has the determination of challenge dark secret, although he must be inferior in the magic power intensity in the dark secret, but Ji Dong believes that perhaps in the body intensity, must above the dark secret. Their soul cultivation base is also similar. A war, who will be the winner was very fully difficult to say.

When Ji Dong this sword arrives at the dark secret top of the head, this time, Ji Dong has shocked, because, that dark secret unexpectedly is the pair of eyes delay looks at the front, unexpectedly is a meaning of revolt does not have. Is this is luring the enemy in deep? Ji Dong the heart of being vigilant has promoted the limit, but, is quick he to discover, oneself thought many......

The Fire God sword does not treat seriously on the dark secret, the body of dark secret had been cut two sections instantaneously, the corpse changed into red light to vanish does not see, only Crystal Crown falls.

Ji Dong searches, that dark Crystal Crown fell during oneself grasped, he immediately heart big quake, magic power that because, in that dark Crystal Crown sends out indicated that the dark secret that oneself just killed, actually only has Seven-Crown Mage cultivation base. Meaning that no wonder he a moment ago simply had not resisted, that completely is because he cannot move under oneself Saint level peak cultivation base strength of pressure soul, kills him, seems like run over and dies a ant to be so simple simply.

Was swindled. Ji Dong will not be silly thinks cultivation base who dark secret weakened, false, this dark secret is false. This is only correct explanation.

However, Ji Dong thinks that any others naturally do not know, was seriously battered the dark demon armed forces to see the dark secret unexpectedly a sword dividing suddenly, in their hearts the final expectation also came to naught. Immediately, dark demon armed forces chaos. When hot crow army and bright Mages new round attack arrives, has created unexpectedly directly about ten thousand killing.

"Retreats, retreats quickly." The order of Fu Rui issued at this time rapidly, although he now and Ji Dong distance is very far, but Ji Dong after a sword has cut the dark secret, immediately has completed the soul relation with him, and has sent out the inquiry to Fu Rui. However, he is also vacant of Fu Rui there obtaining, obviously, where Fu Rui does not know the true dark secret.

"It is not good."Suddenly, Ji Dong understood anything suddenly, raised the head rapidly, looks to the sky in battlefield, seeks for together he most desired form. That green form still, it behind the bright dragon clan, the one by one auxiliary skill unceasingly is really releasing, comprehensively is strengthening the bright dragon clan strength.

"Chrysanthemum pig, be careful."Ji Dong loudly shouted, the whole person has soared once more, at the same time. The strength of his soul contacted with the fifty Saint Fire Dragon sisters, to think of as well as bright dragon Huang instantaneously, because at this time, only had them who reached the Saint level, might protect the chrysanthemum pig. Although Ji Dong does not know that own guess is whether correct, when his vision seeks for the chrysanthemum pig, innermost feelings restless erupted suddenly. Right, the true dark secret had not appeared in the battlefield surely, otherwise, three days of fights, won't he always have been involved? This simply is not his style. If also anything ratio holy war attracts his place, then, only then breaks through god these four characters to explain.

However, raised the head in Ji Dong, the vision catches the chrysanthemum pig position time, behind the chrysanthemum pig, in the air suddenly split a slit, jet black such as form of black ink, appearance of being quietly behind it, big hand, has grasped in the chrysanthemum pig has carried on the back.

If Ji Dong likely is a round sunny day in sky, then, this quietly appears in the chrysanthemum pig back black form, looks like dark moon/month that Ji Dong once released. Just, he actually must gloomier many, the least bit aura not send out continually, by cultivation base of chrysanthemum pig Saint level. Actually does not have the slightest bit to feel. When the fat when it carries on the back that black palm holds, the chrysanthemum pig only thought that as gloomy and cold spreads over oneself whole body as the extreme aura instantaneously, at the same time, in oneself body as if also has any thing to erupt suddenly, immediately whole body stiff move, the body coagulated completely. the next moment, the body of its plump had been pulled into the black crack in air by that black big hand forcefully.

The attack that rumbling rumbling, bright dragon Huang, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon sisters, think of rushes almost at the same time, but, their attacks cannot prevent that black crack closed, in the air returned to normal, is, their hearts, are actually similar dead general gloomy.

The Ji Dong form next flash appeared in the beforehand chrysanthemum pig seized position, his complexion was difficult to see the extreme. Although he knows the importance of chrysanthemum pig from beginning to end, but he knows, all people were confused. Compares at present this holy war, the dark secret attaches great importance to is actually the chrysanthemum pig, he used this holy war to confuse all people, suddenly got rid at this time.

At this time, between the bright armies and dark armies, the potential of victory and defeat completely presented that dark army just like tide general is repulsed. Bright Mage in spatial medium baking temperature crow army as well as ground pursues unceasingly, the dark demon armed forces have been utterly routed, cannot organize the effective defense, but ordinary soldier when facing the attack of airborne hundred myriad fires crow armies, what can they make?

But fight in sky, presented the overwhelming situation, has existence of bright heavenly stems disciples, in addition the powerhouse quantity is much more than opposite party, although the dark dragon clan quantity is numerous, may also before beforehand bright dragon Huang gets rid completely lock won the potential. The dark dragon clan total quantity was less than 300, dark dragon Huang was collaborated to cause heavy losses by bright dragon Huanghe own three daughters a moment ago. Because of the soul direction of Ji Dong, making them aid the chrysanthemum pig, in the previous moment, they pursued the dark dragon sovereign to get down him to solve.

But, at this time, no one could be happy, because, all has surpassed their judgment. The chrysanthemum pig was seized, what by Ji Dong was dark secret struck to kill to mean simply? Discerning person eyes can look.

"What's the matter?"Bright dragon Huang surprised asking. For serveral days, he continuously and chrysanthemum pig in the same place, chrysanthemum pig strength how it naturally clear, although this small fat pig not direct attack capability, but the power of itself magic power, even also above him . Moreover, chrysanthemum pig own attack was not good, but defended is greatly strengthened, the skill of its also swallowing, the lifeform of bright dragon sovereign such mass can one swallow. Quite overbearing. But it such did not respond had been seized directly, this showed, before that evil behind-the-scenes manipulator wants to seize dragon Huang to be also same yes, was this what kind of strength?

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Dark secret, certainly is the dark secret, we were confused by him. Initially Holy and Evil Island great misfortune time, because of the chrysanthemum pig in Mt. Oseong, he had not swallowed other four Saint pigs at that time, cannot catch the whole lot in a dragnet five mahatma beasts completely, broke through the idea of god directly also along with it being disillusioned, but promoted the Saint level peak strength. However, that dark altar was extremely initially difficult to complete, chrysanthemum pig also said the contract of dark secret not another god, therefore we have relaxed. It seems like that the matter like is not simple, the dark secret that the chrysanthemum pig said that has not appeared in the beforehand three days of wars, perhaps was because he had the means to swallow the chrysanthemum pig, he has been bearing patiently stems from this surely, because. Compared with destruction bright continent, can make him attach great importance, only then broke through the god. He is human, once to become God, god will not restrain him, to that time, is our two pieces of continent genuine disasters."

Listened to Ji Dong these words, dragon Huang and the others the complete look changes, Maotai and Wuliangye are good, they have followed side Ji Dong, regardless of makes anything is by Ji Dong decided that likely is the Ji Dong dependency is completely ordinary, dragon Huang is their fathers, rather Ji Dong was their fathers. But thinks and the complexion of dragon sovereign actually becomes extremely ugly, who knows that might present a god becomes own match, perhaps will not feel better at heart.

At this time, in the battlefield did not have too many people to watch here situation, after all, had beside several Saint level powerhouses of Ji Dong notice, more people have not discovered here change, only then a small number of careful talented people felt the difference of here atmosphere.

"Ji Dong, what to do should we now?"Thinks to ask.

Ji Dong brow tight wrinkle, in his eyes has revealed look resolutely, ", regardless of dark secret whether to succeed, we solved the present war to say first again. Now we had the overwhelming superiority, if only then a dark secret person, even if he is invincible, wants to conquer our continent a short time unable to achieve. First eliminated his wing to say again."

Dragon sovereign nodded, said: "Could not find the dark secret, our anything could not do, could not help the chrysanthemum pig, right that Ji Dong said that everybody began, first killed the enemies in other dark aspects to say again."

At the same time was saying, dragon Huang the forestalling diving posture, directly soared the direction that formerly the dark dragon sovereign crashed to pursue, it must solve dark dragon Huangzai to say first, if can swallow dark dragon Huang crystal core, only takes one year absorbs, its cultivation base can pursue the ancestor of Land Dragon. Bright and dark merge, even if will cultivate to turn into a dragon god in the future is not impossible. Naturally, this also provides for a rainy day, once dark secret to become God, and words that nobody can contend with, will want to challenge him in the future, must provide for a rainy day to prepare.

Under hint of Ji Dong, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and thinks also to arrive in the fight, but Ji Dong actually as before floats in same place, the strength of Saint level peak soul blooms comprehensively, searches the position that the dark secret may have.

However, the present battlefield was really too huge, the both sides several million people were during the fight completely, the mood fluctuation was very fierce, this caused in the entire battlefield to flood the huge soul fluctuation, even if were Ji Dong is having the soul of Saint level level, he impossible to repel several million people of soul strengths by his strength, therefore, wanted each corner in careful investigation battlefield is not completely realistic.

In Ji Dong eye cold light twinkle, after the discovery investigation is fruitless, the strength of soul reconnects getting angry crow army immediately, directed hundred myriad fires crows to launch the ruinous attack to the dark army personally.

These dark armies are the dark secret biggest accomplices, if dark secret to become God, then, these armies will be future slaughtering, weakens their strengths to reduce the risk as far as possible is present Ji Dong can do only, but he directly has not actually joined during the fight, because he in strength strongest as the bright camp, must as far as possible maintain oneself in peak condition.

At this time, suddenly, was going forward the bright army to stagnate suddenly, Ji Dong sees immediately, the bright army front, one group of black rays bloomed quietly, that black halo proliferated at the unequalled speed, those entered this black ray, was the bright camp the dark camp, will immediately be shot to fly, the bright army looked like hits was the same in the impregnable bastion, the originally high morale was greatly affected immediately. The range that luckily, this black ray covers is not big, be only the diameter about hundred meters, cannot look at the battlefield of boundary regarding this at present not worthy of mentioning. But, all bright Mage actually because it stopped, the magic power fluctuation that because, in this diameter hundred meters black ray, sends out actually was really too terrifying.

The huge magic power fluctuation direct impact clouds, gloomy, destroy, destroy and constrain, all sorts of negative mood just like the blowout send out from that black ray generally, in that black ray midpoint, a diameter ten meters black altar sparkles the dark ten color rays to raise slowly, looked like Yin-Yang five elements ten departments magic power is corroded.

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Chapter 683: Reappear! Dark altar

Flash that a diameter ten meters dark altar presents. Made in the originally hysterical/frenzy battlefield suddenly become silent, bright Mages has called a halt, the airborne hot crow army also temporarily stopped the attack under the direction of Ji Dong, almost all Mage vision centralized during this black light has covered.

That diameter ten meters dark altar rose to about five meters altitude stopped, above that altar, a black form stood there, but the chrysanthemum pig floated before him.

"Hahahaha, has succeeded, I must succeed finally. Your these fools, think that did not have the contract of god, can't I swallow the last Holy and Evil Island Saint to be beastly? You have made a mistake, because you to had forgotten silly unexpectedly present I and initial I had anything to distinguish. Initial I, was only dark secret, but present I, actually am the Saint level peak cultivation base dark secret. Come, my small treasure, your four brothers are welcome your arrival, from now henceforth, I am a god, god who controls the entire world."

Yes, appear here black light cover. Stands in that black altar is not others, is the dark secret. Actually not by that vacation dark secret that a Ji Dong sword chops, but is the true dark secret.

The dark secret was on the rise, is away from that black light cover to look to Ji Dong, in the eye has been full of the ray of disdaining, "boy, your strength promotion speed has truly far exceeded my estimate, made me be startled sufficiently, what a pity, you were too tender. Rules two pieces of continent to be no doubt important, but, can this with becoming the god compares? So long as became a god, all in this world, are not appointed I do demand everything? How such relative importance can I not be clear? You are very certainly strange, why I until now appear, before you have not arrived at the battlefield, I do not start why to this only Wood department Saint pig. Now tells you not to have anything, making you be a clear ghost. To swallow this Saint pig, truly needs the strength of dark altar, reason that initially needed the contract of god, was because my cultivation base insufficient Saint level, only then the contract of god can let them, whatever ** controlled, but now is different, I was Saint level peak cultivation base, so long as I caught this Saint pig, how it can also escape the swallowed destiny. Naturally. The premise is I must complete dark altar. But the assistance of dark altar swallows, must have the aura hauling of this Saint pig, therefore, after the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, I must have three days of always to catch its aura, therefore, I had not appeared in the battlefield, only and you socializes with the substitute person, but genuine I, then has hidden in your bright army, absorbs the aura of this Saint pig by the strength of altar, now, all have completed, nobody can prevent my to become God again, only if you can look for Empress Lie Yan to come again, you can also? Haha, Hahahaha."

The dark secret at this time is incomparable self-satisfaction, his plan success, was completely successful, before then, anybody has not known this plan. Purple robe big priests Fu Rui does not know, person who because, he really believes that actually only then he.

The Ji Dong complexion became somewhat pale, he has not begun, because he is very clear, by dark secret disposition, if no absolute assurance, will not say these to oneself.

However, Ji Dong has not moved does not represent other people not to have, when the dark secret smiles most happily, a low and deep dull thumping sound an corner/horn that covers from that black light resounds, but, together golden form actually along with the rapid flight of it ejection, gold/metal of getting rid.

When the dark altar appears, gold/metal quietly has ambushed the ground, while the dark secret mood most excited time then suddenly gets rid. However, that black light covers actually does not know that is any energy condenses, gold/metal adds on the divine tool to exterminate gold/metal Huan all -out attack by oneself puncture demon territory, actually does not have the effect, the body is shot to fly, changed into the flowing light to fly together by far. Although has not been injured truly, but is uncomfortable.

The dark secret laughter stops, coldly snorted, "did not need to waste energy, useless, only if had the genuine god here, otherwise, nobody can break me radically. You think that what the five mahatma pigs on Holy and Evil Island are? They once were the pets of god five element gods. The element god, that is the Level 1 god slanders, formidable gods. When their pet, cultivation base of these Saint pigs have also reached the Saint level, now, is relying on the strength of dark altar, my within the body the strength of four Saint pigs have felt the aura of this wooden Saint pig, making my dark altar be able to send out the Yuan of Yin-Yang five elements Saint level convergance, this belonged to the strength of god truly, even if were your population again many hundred times, was impossible to prevent me to complete this sacred dark ceremony. Relax, I will not make you wait for a long time, now starts."

At the same time was saying, dark secret both hands lift, a series of complicated hand imprints show before his body unceasingly, in the illusory light shadow, all had the ten color rays of dark aura to condense to go to the chrysanthemum pig before his body completely, regarding the body of chrysanthemum pig.

What sounds queer, the chrysanthemum pig does not have the slightest bit to struggle, it that static float in the face of the dark secret, in the eye has been full of the hatred and ice-cold ray, coldly looks that the dark secret completes all these.

The speed of dark secret is extremely fast, for this day. He waited for five years, all has made the best preparation. He is one is very intelligent and self- person, actually, by his control strength to Dark Five Elements Continent, even if not good at governing, is insufficient to make Dark Five Elements Continent turn into the present appearance. However, he actually gave up all these, all goals only have one, that is to become God. Therefore, he has not even gone to reveal the dark heavenly stems disciple and relations between revolt secret alliances, showdown that also has not participated in two pieces of continent both sides several million armies. For prepares sufficient. Otherwise, initially bright heavenly stems disciple , on Dark Five Elements Continent wreaks havoc, since he can make the dark dead health/guard find the bright disciples, why can't be involved? The reason only then this, he used the entire energy to establish the dark altar in secret once more, to all these do for five years to prepare at present, this bore patiently can be said as the extreme, finally must achieve the goal, will the dark secret retain?

Pū, the both hands of dark secret have grasped on the chrysanthemum pig, immediately, the chrysanthemum pig skin surface presented a close black trace, these black traces seem extremely terrifying, making the chrysanthemum pig originally lovable appearance become a fierceness, in small eyes of chrysanthemum pig has been full of the color/look of pain, the next moment, its body stiffly had been lifted by the dark secret, changed into a green flowing light, the opens the mouth swallowed into the abdomen.

At this moment, all as if coagulated, even if not know that the truth bright Mages , the one by one complexion big change, they understand at this time, all that the dark secret makes at this time, bring to them, inevitably is the ruinous disaster. Bright Mage spontaneous condensed the black light cover that became to launch the attack to the dark secret. However, all that they make obviously are the futile efforts, even/including Ajin the attack does not have the effect, let alone was their these Mage.

The body of dark secret trembles suddenly, the ray on dark altar the crazy rhythm gets up immediately, the huge magic power fluctuation the position that is at from him shoots up to the sky just like the blowout generally, the dark secret body inflated, then, incomparably tyrannical magic power fluctuation suddenly erupted from him.

The red, yellow, white and black four color/look rays appear, finally the appearance, was just by the green that he swallows. In the five colors ray, the dense cream halo is representing the chaos, but that outside black air current is representing the darkness, the dark five attribute chaos are complete, expedites the dark secret body to have the qualitative change instantaneously.

Five attribute chaos rays from initial intense gradually becomes gloomy, but that dark brilliance actually became more and more powerful, this was the symbol of dark fusion, manifests the attribute time. When the person cultivates the god, assisting to become God other strengths to transform him becomes the final strength after god, but the final strength of dark secret without a doubt, will be dark.

"Ji Dong, what to do? Does could it be helplessly think so his to become God?"Bright heavenly stems disciples fast as centralized as Ji Dong side, in everyone eyes is revealing the extremely anxious look, the present situation is they have not expected.

"Everybody prepares five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, I urge to go faster return."Those who surprised the bright heavenly stems disciples was very, this time Ji Dong, the complexion returned to unexpectedly normal, he that Zhi bead came back in the appearance of grasping in the past, this discovery, making the bright heavenly stems disciples surprised, dark secret want to become God, why can Ji Dong also maintain like this tranquil? could it be does he have confidence to defeat the dark secret to be inadequate?

Has not waited for the partners to inquire, Ji Dong the diving posture, arrived before instantaneously Mage united elder assembly powerhouses bodies, but, he looks is not own Martial Ancestor, Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, is not under own paternal great-grandfather part of great bear crown Ji Changxin, but is that and he has under the Supreme Unity crown of not small hatred forest clear.

The body of Ji Dong stops when forest clear front, numerous supreme powerhouses have projected the surprised vision to him, nobody understands that actually he must make anything.

Ji Dong float before forest clear body, respectful bows to salute to her, looked at a forest clear forest rock pile again, solemnly said: "forest clear senior, regardless of before , we have many enmities, this time victory or defeat life or death, relates to the future of our trim continent trillion people, therefore, I requested that you can help me."

forest clear looks at Ji Dong, somewhat is in a daze, "do I help you? What can I help your?"Actually, when Ji Dong just appeared, Mr. and Mrs. forest clear very has mixed feelings, saw that Ji Dong unexpectedly already formidable to so degree, in their hearts somewhat is scared, what at this time does not certainly have, when after the holy war ended, formidable can so bright heavenly stems Saint king start to them? Initially was only Eight-Crown cultivation base Ji Dong had also defeated them, but present he broke through the Saint level, their husbands and wives by far were not the matches. But at this time, they have not thought, Ji Dong actually in so critical the extremely moment, asked in front of them, from any viewpoint, they do not think oneself can surpass that several Saint level powerhouses to the help of Ji Dong, does not think oneself should obtain Ji Dong this courteous reception.

forest clear solemnly said: "What do you want to make me help your?"

Ji Dong said: "Senior, I still remembers, initially during you in my fought, used your special department of botany magic beast to love the opium poppy certainly, by it, own strength promotes Saint level. Now, dark secret that we face soon will become a god, nobody can prevent him, perhaps was the real god came, only if cultivation base far exceeded the degree that he will be, perhaps is unable to prevent. Therefore, I hope that you can love the opium poppy to use on me certainly, perhaps, I can also have strength of the spelling."

forest clear is then suddenly enlighted, in the heart also has profound respect, she is very certainly clear loves the side effect of opium poppy certainly, she believes that Ji Dong has also guessed correctly, to cope with the dark secret, he actually requested oneself will love the effect of opium poppy to use on him certainly, at this moment, she is ashamed for the beforehand guess, so unselfish Ji Dong, possible, for the initial matter did retaliate them?

"Good. I help you." The unnecessary words, in forest Qingyan have not revealed color/look resolutely, shares a common hatred, any ratio has not coped with a dark secret more important matter. In this moment, in her heart regarding the Ji Dong obstruction is nothing left.

A strange color appeared side forest clear, that was the light white, saw this white, the Ji Dong vision became coagulates immediately. Relies on is surmounting forest clear the strength of formidable soul, he in that moment that this white presents, can feel that this white is in itself not the strength of chaos. But another strange strength, initially that certainly loved the aura of opium poppy.

During white light twinkles, in forest clear hand were many a branch, all over the body the azure bright branch, the length approximately four chi (0.33 m), above has nine white bloom. That is not the flower of Second Wood Totem Liuhe, but has the beautiful semblance and poisonous intrinsic strange Huajue loves the opium poppy certainly.

This loves the ray on opium poppy certainly, can make any living thing become addicted like the narcotics, clear was controlled then by forest. Is extremely formidable magic beast.

"Ji Dong, did you think really?"forest clear complexion dignified looks at Ji Dong, solemnly said: "Withstands my this to love the assistance of opium poppy certainly, you likely because of it becoming addicted, moreover, although it can stimulate your own potential large scale, but also takes overdrawing your vitality as the price."

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Chapter 684: God war! Ji Dong VS dark secret

"Function on me. Some many my also resistances, but, affects on the bystander, your life overdrawn extremely fierce."forest clear looks at Ji Dong, saying that somewhat worries about.

The ray in Ji Dong eye is similar to rock is generally firm, "time are not much, starts."

Mentality that calm cloudy morning sun, when Ji Dong said these words, the corners of the mouth place has affected, simultaneously lifted both hands, steady held the shoulder of younger sister Yin Zhaorong, but Ji Changxin, Shangguan Yinkong husband and wife simultaneously has gotten hold of the fist. They feel as if a knife were piercing heart, but does not have means. They love the effect of opium poppy to understand to forest clear this certainly, once takes overdrawing the life promotes the strength as the price, no doubt can strengthen own cultivation base large scale, complete technique potential, the consequence that but, causes will be the life drastic reduction. The function on forest clear, she can also by one year restores, but affects on others, life sharp decline to only surplus five years! But. At this moment, they cannot prevent Ji Dong, they cannot , to family member does not give a thought to the principle of righteousness selfishly.

The Yin Zhaorong heart is softest, at this time tears flowed copiously. Has turned round suddenly, bends down is choked with tears on elder brother's shoulder. "Elder Brother, how I confesses to Zhu Rong!"Zhu Rong and Brother Zhu Yan as the important leader of bright army logistics supply, not in frontline bright fort. The voice of cloudy morning sun somewhat shivers, "we cannot prevent this child, but we will not have nothing to do with, if dies, then, makes us die together today."

The white halo, loved above the opium poppy to send out from that certainly, nine beautiful white florets drift about quietly, gentle falling on Ji Dong, the rich fragrance changed into the juice, integrates his within the body from the skin of Ji Dong quietly. This is loves the opium poppy maximum degree certainly the amplification, forest clear knows certainly what Ji Dong wants is anything, since Ji Dong has decided that she must give the Ji Dong biggest support.

The body of Ji Dong shivered suddenly, the whole person looked like takes any big tonic to be common, golden ray strengthened one time instantaneously. originally above his top of the head enchanting very Yin- Yang Crown again had the change. Light marks layer by layer fluctuate unceasingly, in an instant, other colors on Yin-Yang Crown vanished, only then in the silver passes the gold/metal the color, in the Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown core, the silver occupied few. But silver Yin-Yang Crown is the symbol of Saint level. Reason that only occupies few, mostly was substituted by the red , because the Fire God sword of Ji Dong fusion is extremely overbearing, but at this moment, the silver restores unexpectedly, but also was disclosing golden ray, representative only had a matter, Ji Dong cultivation base significantly promotes.

What represents like silver double-decked Yin-Yang Crown is the Saint level, golden three Yin-Yang imperial crowns, representative is Divine level. This point, two pieces of continent Mage before today has not known, may at this moment, above below dark secret top of the head, present such golden imperial crown. Three gold crown sparkling fresh splendors, in Yin- Yang Crown with Ji Dong top of the head are without change, the only difference, is dark secret gold crown all over the body resplendent gold/metal Bingqie is sending out the black halo, but Yin-Yang Crown on Ji Dong top of the head is actually in the silver the belt gold/metal, is sending out the golden ray. Without a doubt, in loves under the stimulation of opium poppy certainly, although Ji Dong has not broken through Divine level. But his cultivation base also already extremely close Divine level. Also while Ji Dong withstands is loving the opium poppy amplification certainly, under that black light covered vanished quietly, the dark secret looked like the black has shot up to the sky together like lightning, dashes to Ji Dong. Under the internal combustion engine hauling, he one found can only to the match who oneself pose a threat.

"All people disperse, this is not the battlefield that you can involve." The Ji Dong sound spreads suddenly, the unexpectedly direct spread entire battlefield, spreads to the ear of both sides armies everyone. the next moment, his body in increasing, but on dark secret collision ruthlessly in one.

Does not have the bellow to resound, has, is only incomparably wild air current, even if not far away is the powerhouse of Nine-Crown rank, after this wild air current produces, their bodies likely are the cloth doll generally instantaneously are also raised fly, just as such that Ji Dong said that this simply is not the battlefield that they can involve.

The body of Ji Dong by soaring of dark day roof, broke in a higher sky just like the shell.

This time dark secret, in the eye has been full of the dense murderous intention, the back has one black light mark sparkles faintly, the aura of whole person became entirely different. Such aura Ji Dong had also felt, that initially the deicide cultivated the aura that like this and in Lie Yan (raging flames) war both sides lend. Although the dark secret did not have them to be so formidable, what without a doubt is, he sends out at this time, is the Divine level unique aura fluctuation.

However, Ji Dong was hit to fly by the dark secret not to be actually injured, magic power of his within the body also has been at this moment the unprecedented terrifying degree, let alone he is the Fire God sword, the Fire God sword is he. As peerless god soldier, the Fire God sword has dominated above world any divine tool, even surmounts the divine tool level that the god Lord God has used, wants to strike to kill is loved Ji Dong in opium poppy amplification certainly, even if the Divine level dark secret is not easy to achieve. Two the bodies of people were almost arrived above ten thousand meters upper air suddenly, under the direction of Ji Dong, formerly the hot crow army had scattered in all directions to separate luckily, otherwise, only this flushed, does not know that had many hot crows to meet with a disaster.

The dark secret in the eye has been full of the intense excited ray at this time, looks that the Ji Dong vision looked like a bloodthirsty greedy person saw the food of most delicacy was common.

"Divine level, I finally achieved Divine level. I am a god. Haha, Hahahaha."He does not have to attack Ji Dong eagerly once more, but is supine Tianchang smiles.

Ji Dong coldly visits him, "god? Do you also match to call the god? Most was just your strength has been certain level by. But you are not a god, but is the devil."

Say/Way that the dark secret disdains: "God is also good, the devil, these names do not have any significance for me. From now on, I am the control of this world, the boy, you do not need to presumptuously think to prevent me, your present strength also just satisfies thirst by drinking poison, promotes by. Let alone. Even if you uses this method amplification, actually as before cannot be the level of god, why do you contend with me? I just realized that the mystery of god, told you also to might as well, the deep meaning of god was the speed and strength. Simple direct. My speed and strength above you, I compared with you, this are the rules of god. Like this."

At the same time was saying, the next flash, the dark secret appeared in front of Ji Dong, a fist bang in the Ji Dong chest position, the body of Ji Dong non-stop flies immediately. When he flies upside down, both hands build in the chest front, but obviously was already late. Yes, the speed of dark secret many that he is quicker. At this time, entire sky because the emergence of dark secret becomes a darkness, only has around Ji Dong body certain range by that light attribute ray to be illuminated.

On the Ji Dong face surges blood-color, but quick has drawn back, loved the opium poppy to be too intrepid regarding the body potential stimulation ability certainly, even if were the Saint level powerhouse is no exception after withstanding, originally had cockroach who Ji Dong of formidable resilience is more like cannot kill now to be ordinary, has suffered a dark secret fist directly, made his complexion have some changes by.

The blood red long sword appeared in the Ji Dong hand, the next moment, his body moved, he will not come under attack passively. Loved the opium poppy function certainly in Ji Dong time and function forest clear different, Ji Dong was the Saint level senior powerhouse, own vitality was huge, loved the opium poppy to take overdrawing the vitality certainly promotes as the price, the time that he can insist must be longer than forest clear. But is this, has the time limit as before, Ji Dong must defeat the dark secret to be good within limited time.

"Aren't you clear?" The dark secret sneers to say. At the same time was saying, his personal appearance flashes, appeared side the Ji Dong body, is a fist bang to Ji Dong, he is not anxious, he will unable to see Ji Dong this time strength including that abnormal defensive power is the promotes? to become God the dark secret will not have take risked, below bright army solved to be too simple for him, ultimate Certain Kill Skill, sufficiently completed. Ultimate Certain Kill Skill is God's symbol, he now is a god, displays naturally unable to have any issue.

However, making the matter that the dark secret cannot anticipate occur, that while this fist rumbles, the body of Ji Dong did not have the transverse shift of omen suddenly half meter. Happen to avoided this has been similar to is flooding the Divine level strength fist like lightning.

The dark secret slightly stares, under his computation and god knowledge cover, in any event Ji Dong should unable to dodge this fist is right! Only if, only if he before to/clashes has completed the movement, before oneself did not have a fist judged itself the position of fist. May hide.

In fact also so, the Ji Dong speed and strength are inferior to the dark secret, but, his actual combat experience close combat fight experience is actually not the dark secret can compare particularly, this, after he precisely judges motion. The war of Divine level level, one is slightly fatal, dark secret movement one slow, the Ji Dong Fire God sword punctured quietly from own armpit, happen to dark secret arm.

His goal originally is the dark secret chest, but the dark secret of Divine level level, the speed can simply compared with the light, although has gawked, but after he responded, Ji Dong this sword, cannot stab his strategic point. However, at this time, the great strength of Fire God sword has shown.

Just like ruby common sword edge in the flash of stabbing dark secret arm, wipes gold/metal to shine like lightning, the arm of dark secret looks like receive an electric shock shoots, on the arm carried over a long opening unexpectedly, and there is a golden flame flicking, making the dark secret pain shout one. Another hand hurries to wipe on the injured arm, the flame is then put out, although the the next moment wound healed, but, Ji Dong that injured him a moment ago after all.

Behind the dark secret also braves cold sweat, he only knows, originally Divine level was not invincible, in the present Ji Dong hand, has one to injure to the weapon of god.

"You court death." The dark secret angry sound resounds, the using energy untold hardships, finally broke through Divine level, but the body after this short time has been injured, this let the incomparably self-satisfied dark secret annoyed. The body glitters for several times, after has let the Ji Dong move, at the same time, he has also launched the crazy counter-attack to Ji Dong.

Looks to airborne from the ground, although is separated ten thousand meters, but actually as before can see clearly the lots, because, the fight of Ji Dong and dark secret was too obvious.

Jet black such as in sky of black ink, only one group of golden star light unceasingly glitter, the light and dark war stopped, at this time, several million people of vision centralized in space. The commanders of bright army have had no interest to continue to direct this war completely. The dark secret can also want to obtain to all them who Ji Dong said a moment ago. If the dark secret has killed Ji Dong, nobody can prevent him again, the destruction present bright army, was only range ultimate Certain Kill Skill was then enough, what significance continued to attack dark army also again? Vice versa, if Ji Dong can defeat the dark secret, then, this war also what suspense? Suddenly, in the Holy and Evil Island battlefield becomes incomparably tranquil, the attention points of all people, completely are centralized, in sky above fights.

The ray of flickering able to move unhindered glitters in the upper air unceasingly, in the several minutes time, Ji Dong and dark secret have fought several thousand times, Ji Dong can the hit dark secret number of times be less than 10%, but more is he is attacked by the dark secret.

At this time, the seven orifices of Ji Dong in the unceasing exudation blood threads, the strength attack of Divine level were really too terrifying, the dark secret by the speed and strength overwhelming superiority storm, making Ji Dong resist was quite difficult. But what dark secret have is the Divine level resilience, Ji Dong hits his body, can become the injury to other party by the Fire God sword, but the next moment, the wound immediately vanishes. But the extinguishing god who on the Ji Dong Fire God sword supplements strikes is always not actually able to permeate dark secret within the body, becomes the substantive injury to other party.

A form point, both sides stopped finally temporarily, Ji Dong panting in gulps, he can feel oneself vitality to pass clearly rapidly, but he actually must maintain is loving the effect of opium poppy certainly, otherwise, the dark secret of Divine level condition, only needs to strike, can easy strikes to kill him.

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Chapter 685: Sun! The fire of light

"Boy, do not resist stubbornly again. You do not have any opportunity." The dark secret coldly looks at Ji Dong. Actually, in his heart is also extremely surprised. He has not thought that oneself after promoting to Divine level, but can also encounter to the so strong match. originally he thinks, after oneself become a god, was invincible in this world, nobody can contend with his strength again. Easy can control entire world, sound that destroys all oppositions, conceited. But, in a moment ago with the fight of Ji Dong, although he has not been injured, also realized the great strength of Divine level strength fully, but, the body of his many hit Ji Dong actually throughout cannot cause heavy losses to him, this made the strength of dark secret to own Divine level somewhat question. Especially, he in the Fire God sword to Ji Dong hand dreaded very that is can injure to own strength. He also feared that Ji Dong strikes at risk of life to oneself brings any irretrievable wound. Therefore, in the fight of Ji Dong, he must keep 20% strength throughout, in order to avoid Ji Dong erupts suddenly, spells by the loathsome appearance.

The dark secret does this is not because he has fears death. But is he definitely does not need to go to go all out with Ji Dong, if their situation changes a position at this time, Ji Dong same will also make with his same choice. After all, finally has swallowed the dark secret and Ji Dong of chrysanthemum pig in a level, Ji Dong through did not love the way that the opium poppy satisfies thirst by drinking poison to contend with him completely certainly temporarily, he does not need to finish in a hast, except for Ji Dong, was impossible to have other people to prevent him again. In this case, does he possibly take risk? Ji Dong coldly looks at the dark secret, tightened the Fire God sword in hand, he knows, wants the true heavy losses dark secret, must be struck by own extinguishing god completely in his within the body display function. However, the speed of dark secret was too fast, to is unable to catch including the strength of soul quickly completely. The attacks of his all hit dark secrets, depends upon consciousness and lead completely.

In the hand the Fire God sword lifts slowly, the Ji Dong vision becomes incomparably sharp, void, he sudden one step steps forward, the Fire God sword baseless cuts. However, this sword actually does not cut to the dark secret, but cuts in void.

The dark secret just promoted to know realm the strength of soul solidly to lock the body of Ji Dong to the god throughout, the change of Ji Dong he naturally immediately is feeling, the personal appearance flashes, already beyond kilometer. However, when his personal appearance shunt, the complexion of dark secret actually slightly changed.

Ji Dong this sword cuts. It seems is cuts to strike in void, but, the dark secret sees, is actually shatter void. The Fire God sword place visited, the jet black slit splits together quietly, the space such was torn by it unexpectedly. What is most mysterious, void that tears that coagulates, not voluntarily closed, but has a huge suction, as if the world is centered on this torn opening in this moment, the terrifying attracting customer interest made the dark secret body also stagnate, he who originally can withdraw the long-distance range, was stopped unexpectedly forcefully has drawn back the potential.

Regarding the Divine level strength, achieved a Saint level peak five years of dark secret compared with once and Lie Yan (raging flames) understood in together Ji Dong, the decomposition, shatter, fusion was void, this completely was the Divine level level ability. This is also the person after becoming god goes to god the way that must be taken. Ji Dong can achieve this point, had proven he is not only simple promotes cultivation base to nearly in the Divine level level.

After drawing this conclusion, the dark day cunning has been full of the shock, is this possible? This boy just relied on the means of some special stimulation bodies to promote the strength temporarily, simply impossible real break-through Divine level, Divine level, if were so easy to break through. Also cannot be called god. But, this sword, actually clearly is the Divine level level, that sword seems like simple, but in fact, compared with manufacture ultimate Certain Kill Skill also easy many.

Made also in behind that the dark secret shocked, originally was similar to the sword of ruby general Fire God, after tearing was void, color outbreak transformation. The intense golden light that around the Ji Dong body sends out condenses instantaneously, gathered above the Fire God sword unexpectedly completely, the originally red sword blade was exaggerated the golden color instantaneously, above, sent out one to make the dark secret also probably for the it frightened aura, that was the light. This formidable bright strength, maintained void of splitting, void originally toward in all directions expansion attracted the customer interest to start to change huge, condensed on the dark secret unexpectedly completely, that huge attracting customer interest, making the dark secret Divine level strength also be drawn the body unexpectedly, moved the past toward the void shatter position slowly.

The actual combat experience of dark secret is unable actually by far compared with Ji Dong, five years ago before he has not swallowed the Saint beast, personally will not always fight, at this time suddenly encounters such situation, in the heart unavoidable flustered, a fist ejects void, shatter of space does not have any sound, under a fist that in the dark secret sends out fully, before his body void successfully was also torn, has revealed a black large cave. Counter-balances the space crack that Ji Dong has ripped open stiffly, two attract the strength of pulling to collide in together, erupts, the body of dark secret and Ji Dong was raised instantaneously flies, but that two cracks also along with it disappearance.

Just, this time may not be a Ji Dong person was sad, the dark secret does not feel better, the strength of terrifying space tearing, making his body just like withstanding a positive/direct bombardment of ultimate Certain Kill Skill was ordinary, black fog emitted from the mouth, that was the dark secret becomes the god strength after of source, compared with Ji Dong that the blood spurted crazily, the strength of this source was more important to oneself.

Among two people the distance has pulled instantaneously open ten thousand meters remote, but, the dark day cunning sense of crisis actually became more intense several points, because in his god knew under the induction, he discovered wound unexpectedly who this collision, Ji Dong received was much lighter.

Ji Dong truly is injured compared with the dark secret lightly, this has to say loves the opium poppy certainly has ruled by force, loves opium poppy thing certainly, can affect on any living thing of non- Divine level . Moreover, its effect decides according to user own cultivation base. Although uses its consequence to be quite serious. But in the process of use, loves the effect of opium poppy certainly is also incomparable overbearing, has the incomparable terrifying effect regarding Ji Dong own restoration. Let alone, Ji Dong, although overall cultivation base cannot compared with the dark secret, but, after obtaining loves the promotion of opium poppy certainly, he was capable of two aspects promoting the Divine level level, one, was the soul. His soul cultivation base originally is the Saint level peak, obtains loves the stimulation of opium poppy certainly, has promoted the god to know the level. But just stepped is enthralled to know realm. also certain disparity compared with dark secret. However , to promote that the god knows not after the body withstands loves the opium poppy to backlash to degenerate certainly, in other words, so long as this war ended later Ji Dong not dead, his soul cultivation base entered the Divine level level, this point is Ji Dong cannot think.

The there is still one aspect, that is the promotion of body. After Ji Dong and Fire God sword fuses, his body has been the Saint level peak degree, single view the body, is in Ji Dong in peak condition even to compare has not swallowed dark secret closer Divine level before chrysanthemum pig. The Fire God sword completes in the process of evolution, but absorbs the god knowledge that a top Level 2 god has slandered completely. The deicides cultivate/repair like this, although has not promoted to slander to the Level 1 god is also realm of Lord God, but as the god five big supreme Asura god first little brothers of , the strength can be imagined tyrannicalally, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) because of the battlefield in the earth core world core, in addition cultivated Josse's having a low opinion of the enemy general idea, the result not like initially.

In this case, the sword of Fire God as well as afterward swallowed to absorb chaos strength in that many day of jade by the Ji Dong body and magic power supplies, had the incomparably tyrannical strength. When with the Ji Dong body carries on the fusion, there are nine that Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves behind this to assign the Red Lotus lotus seed to be auxiliary, the Divine level boundary is extremely formidable, perhaps had the Ji Dong body intensity to Divine level realm directly. Must know, although dark secret to become God , is just the god of most last stage, how can cultivate/repair compared with like this with the deicide? But at this time, in loves under the help of opium poppy certainly, the Ji Dong body intensity breaks through to the Divine level level first, but also above dark secret. Why before this is also , he withstood under dark secret that many attacks, has not experienced personally the reason of heavy losses.

This struck a moment ago, Ji Dong is the process thinks, was in itself occupying on own initiative, in addition the body intensity and resilience surpasses the dark secret, therefore was injured after each other collision lightly in the match.

The body after airborne stabilizes, Ji Dong is only the personal appearance flashes, fast close came in the direction of dark secret, at the same time, in the hand changes into the golden Fire God sword in airborne to cut once more.

Originally, at dark secret speed. Even if cannot withstand opening that the attack of Ji Dong also can definitely run, but Ji Dong this launched directly void carries on the method of locking to him is really too overbearing, clarified must be mutually wounded with him, even perished together. After this tears void formidable suction, even if the Divine level dark secret is unable to suppress, can only rely on to attack the attack the way to contend.

Why? Why is this? During the dark secret in the anger and puzzled, rumbles once more a fist, although this time he has made contribution more careful, but when two people were raised by the wild air current flies, the dark secret injured degree compared with Ji Dong deeply, if not because has loves the reason that the opium poppy will backlash in the future certainly, Ji Dong could be said as got the winning side temporarily.

After twice attack, Ji Dong has not sent out the third attack one after another, but has raised in the hand slowly the Fire God sword, on the Fire God sword is releasing golden ray not, because twice attacks the dark secret successively, but has weakened, polarity, when it had been lifted up high the top of the head by Ji Dong, that bright golden light becomes is unexpectedly more intense. In the sky, as if some innumerable golden rays of light, are condensing to come to resemble toward it.

In this flash, obtained dark day cunning flash of intuition of panting free time, shouted fierce: "Sun, bright?"

Ji Dong does coldly snorted, "now discover? Too late, you have not been separated from the battlefield opportunity, even if perishes together, today I must drag you to destroy together."

Yes, the dark secret truly wants to understand why Ji Dong can display such strength, the reason lies in the attribute of both sides, the dark secret after completing the five elements chaos fused, showed the Divine level attribute, that was dark and all dark sides. This is his final attribute. But Ji Dong is not so, although he does not have truly to become God, but also entered the Divine level level in the fields, particularly the sword of Fire God even must go beyond the weapon ability of Lord God, made him have the attack of Divine level level temporarily, otherwise impossible wound dark secret. But reason that he can display the shatter void attack, the reason also leaves in the attribute.

The dark secret is the dark attribute, if Ji Dong truly to become God, then, his attribute without a doubt will be the fire, but actually will not be Fire God such fire, but will be the fire of light.

In the world, what is the most intense bright fire? Naturally is the flame of Sun, at this moment, although the sky was changed into a darkness by the dark strength of dark secret, may in fact, he not be impossible completely the ray of impediment Sun. Now after all is daytime, the daytime is the light, night belongs to the darkness. In other words, when around the Ji Dong body bright strength gathers in the hand above the Fire God sword, his Fire God sword, became oneself to the guidance bridge of fire of solar light, because of so, him can cut void by the Fire God sword, carries on such collision with the dark secret. Has traded in night words, he is possibly has not completed these.

However, just as such that Ji Dong said that although the dark secret has discovered this point, but actually also some late, because he did not have the means to prevent Ji Dong, is unable to be separated from the battlefield. The dark secret knows, Ji Dong just had also found out the mystery of this forms of combat, but, has shatter void locking, he wants to run away by the Divine level speed is impossible to succeed, instead will give the Ji Dong opportunity. If this had continued, then, the dark secret must pray, prayed that Ji Dong cannot maintain in this state too for a long time, otherwise, the result like Ji Dong says, two people perish together, collapses. But, this situation can be the dark secret is willing to see? He is the true Divine level strength! Wipes the ice-cold cold light to raise from the dark secret eye, as genuine god, after the mind stabilizes, he has thought immediately of the means that he also similarly has oneself superiority.

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Chapter 686: Dark! Ultimate Certain Kill Skill

Ji Dong and dark secret in panting. Successively the twice shatter void collision, making them bear the intense pain, particularly Ji Dong, he was not the genuine god, during fight, but must oppress own vitality unceasingly. Luckily, on his neck is hanging nucleus of the life, instills into the massive vitalities to enter his within the body unceasingly, otherwise, such fierce fight, his own vitality already could not withstand loves claim of opium poppy toxin certainly.

"Boy, you thinks that this can perish together with me? Don't forget, you are not the genuine god. But the strength of god is anything, you should understand. Initially, that Empress Lie Yan prevented me to unify two pieces of continent by the strength of god five years ago, now, I thought that you were used to contend with my this to belong to the Divine level strength truly."

Listened to a dark secret such saying, Ji Dong immediately for it look changes, he knows certainly that the dark secret said that the true power of god was anything. This strength can also be said as God's symbol, that is ultimate Certain Kill Skill.

Not long. Ultimate Certain Kill Skill ten thousand thunder broke into a jail have made the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, has therefore drawn out tragedy between Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong. But similarly, Empress Lie Yan also relied on an ultimate Certain Kill Skill Red Lotus day fire to isolate two pieces of continent completely, made the disaster and war late five years appeared above Holy and Evil Island. Divine level ability that at this moment, the dark secret said that is ultimate Certain Kill Skill.

Right, the dark secret said is very right, Ji Dong cannot use ultimate Certain Kill Skill, his soul promoted the god to know the level, his body intensity was also above the dark secret, but, his magic power was also not enough to enter the Divine level level, the whole has not become a god, in this case, he was impossible to use the ability of ultimate god.

Looks on the Ji Dong face the change of look, in the dark secret eye is revealing the brutal happy expression, "originally, I want in becoming first ultimate Certain Kill Skill after god leave your bright army me, it seems like, this plan must have the change. The destruction does not worry brightly, I do not fear to tell you, just became the god later ability by me, only then grasped with Divine level ultimate Certain Kill Skill. But, was used to destroy you to be enough, after having killed you, also who can prevent me to rule the entire world? What early day and late a day does not have, shatter void? I look at you in front of my ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Stave void also anything uses. This air zone, is your grave."

Ji Dong has as if flustered, the body accelerates suddenly, whole- heartedly, flushes away toward the dark secret with the unequalled speed, in the hand the Fire God sword brings together the golden tail flame in the sky, seems incomparably magnificent.

Tears void once more, is, this time, the dark secret again void has not actually carried on the resistance by the similar breakage, his look becomes dignified, holds their palms together in the chest front, the forehead position, a black vortex appears quietly, as if there is permanent ancient invariable highest good therefore to appear together, the Ji Dong shatter void strength, is unable to attract unexpectedly pulls taut the dark secret the body, he clearly also floats there, but, the body actually as if turned invisible did not have the qualitative to be common. The black corona shines together slowly behind dark secret, in that black corona surrounding. also the purple black halo is appearing together, purple black ray that in the halo sends out, presents the electric light wreaks havoc fluctuation. Ji Dong both hands are grasping the Fire God sword, changes into together the radiant golden light, cutting ruthlessly to dark secret top of the head. Bright strength on Fire God sword as if had stimulated to movement the limit by him. The place visited, in the air continuously presents fissures in broken bits.

The bang, the world vacillates, the Ji Dong Fire God sword stagnated in the dark secret top of the head above three chi (0.33 m) places, around dark secret body, presented a purple black brilliance, the next flash, along with ripping grating thundering, the body of Ji Dong was also rebounded, in airborne spouts a blood once more. Like such that the dark secret said that ultimate Certain Kill Skill, was not he can prevent to send out, that after all was the Divine level strength.

Naturally, just became cultivation base of god by the dark secret, when his impossible resembles initially Lie Yan (raging flames) to start the Red Lotus day fire was so relaxed. Only has to release own complete strength, can complete this incomparable terrifying strikes, will destroy Ji Dong, Ji Dong will be impossible to prevent will strike.

The black light mark one after another emits from the dark secret appropriate both hands fingertip place, then in the float, changes to behind him above under the purple black electric light dense guard floating the black corona, and along with it brand mark. In each brand mark a black light mark, the dark secret back black corona along with on the it bright several points, the strength also becomes more terrifying several points, the dark aura in sky also becomes richer. Although the Ji Dong Fire God sword can obtain the relation with the bright fire of Sun as before, is. Along with the promotion of dark secret magic power, this relation unceasingly was also being weakened. In the world, has as if been full of the inexhaustible dark strength.

Nobody can forecast the result that this fights, on Holy and Evil Island, all people look the airborne vision has the different mood to fluctuate. In the beforehand war, the dark army nearly was routed completely, the dark demon armed forces when the dark secret appears has been annihilated, dark dragon clan surplus less than hundred, dark dragon Huang was struck to kill by bright dragon Huang successfully, and obtained its crystal core. Several million dark armies in the bright the joint strike of army and under hot crow clan, lose surpass 1 million numbers, war originally presented the lopsided situation. But along with the emergence of dark secret, the dark army as if saw a hope, they as if saw that omnipotent secret Sir came back. Hope in heart also promoted the limit.

But the bright army, the atmosphere actually became depressing, particularly knew that the dark secret to become God the high level united the elders of elder assembly with Mage, was nobody favors Ji Dong and dark secret war, but they can do now, was Ji Dong prayed, just as such that Ji Dong said that the fight of this level is not they can meddle, was not the entering the war population can decide. Finally relies on. Is the strength and faith that both sides contend fiercely.

In the sky the dark cloud of originally drastic fluctuation as if stagnated unceasingly, if not that group dazzling golden light still exists, perhaps the bright powerhouses think that Ji Dong was killed by the dark secret.

Also at this time, stood, in equal Wang Ji yun lived on bright secret face to reveal to wipe the light smile suddenly, thought aloud: "Should be we gets rid."

The bright secret voice has not fallen, originally tranquil airborne presented a huge form, enters the step Saint level fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

On the black-and-white scale of shining, is exaggerating a pale golden ray, fifty Saint Fire Dragon toward the ground dive , the formidable magic power fluctuation erupts together from it, when bright secret a few words said. His body is swept across by the ray that on fifty Saint Fire Dragon releases, steady falling has carried on the back in it.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon flying speed of Saint level is so fast, free time but who blinks, before it arrived, floats under the bright disciples body in sky, on the body flies, meets an numerous bright heavenly stems disciple directly in oneself carries on the back, soars again suddenly the acceleration, goes toward upper air black Yunfei.

"Do they want to do?"Ji cloud Sheng surprised saying. The Victorious Light crown genitals are exposed to the sun muttered: "Disciple, they are the ten heavenly stems disciple, originally is a body, perhaps, Ji Dong needs their help, this is also our final opportunities."

Yes, Ji Dong was summoning fifty Saint Fire Dragon and bright heavenly stems disciples soars at this time, in airborne converged with him.

Only mark on dark secret back dark corona presented 12, and also in unceasing is increasing, at this time, is unable to prevent him from continue start ultimate Certain Kill Skill like Ji Dong, he cannot prevent any motion of Ji Dong. Has the dark god in ultimate Certain Kill Skill release process to bond to prevent, Ji Dong basic does not have any means with him, therefore, the dark secret naturally did not fear that Ji Dong made anything.

In an instant, fifty Saint Fire Dragon led the bright heavenly stems disciples to arrive in ten thousand meters upper air, even if has formidable magic power of fifty Saint Fire Dragon Saint level level to protect, when the bright heavenly stems disciples arrive at side Ji Dong, everyone felt the incomparably intense pressure.

Is this Divine level level pressure? In each bright heavenly stems disciple heart is producing same shock.

The Ji Dong floating body falls, steady falling in front of the bright heavenly stems disciples, bringing the golden ray pair of wings to open behind him, took a deep breath, Ji Dong slowly closed both eyes, in hand the light 0.1 of sword hilt of Fire God sword on chest position the nucleus of life, then solemnly shouted: "five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy."

Anybody does not hesitate, the arm of bright heavenly stems disciples lifted immediately, pressed down the shoulder of partners respectively, half Divine level huge magic power that Ji Dong within the body had instantaneously has also completed the communication with the partners, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy opening. At this time. Each bright heavenly stems disciples, without hesitation enhances the body bearing capacity to the strongest condition, magic power that in Yin-Yang Crown a storage law institute saves is also the comprehensive eruption, makes magic power that cyclic method produces be able by being advantageous a huge final gathering on Ji Dong.

On body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, leapt the black and white twofold light fog, poured into from the Ji Dong both feet to his within the body separately, continually was promoting Ji Dong magic power. Under the formidable assistance of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, in the Ji Dong top of the head in the silver on three Yin-Yang Crown of belt gold/metal, the golden ray started becomes more and more intense, but the silver unceasingly was actually removing, obviously, with the help of partners, Ji Dong own strength unceasing closed up toward true Divine level.

Meanwhile, since the golden red flowing light leaps from the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet together, one height ten meters, and brings Fire Phoenix of hundred meters tail feathers to emerge out of thin air, was not just eclipse date phoenix Huo'er? This time Huo'er, wants attractive many compared with her mother, the back nine tail feathers are ten meters, is having incomparably enchanting phoenix demon mark, is sending out the extremely rich Fire Element fluctuation. High is lifting, above top of the head, the small golden imperial crown, beautiful feather shining, is sending out the rich golden red brilliance unexpectedly, is on beforehand Ji Dong is releasing exclusive radiance is unexpectedly exactly the same.

Yes, Huo'er has also evolved, fifty Saint Fire Dragon breaks through to the Saint level, will she fall behind? The instance that the Fire God sword evolution completes, after the Ji Dong body intensity promotes to the Saint level peak, the surplus powers that Ji Dong is unable to absorb can say that cheap she and fifty Saint Fire Dragon, making two big Divine Beast simultaneously break in the Saint level.

In the Huo'er mouth sends out an sharp phoenix cry, strong magic power fluctuated to promote the pinnacle, the primal chaos demon territory direct float of fog shape above the Ji Dong top of the head, the back nine tail feathers also turned upwards, but it has not actually poured into oneself magic power to Ji Dong, condensed the formed the primal chaos demon territory to raise above the Ji Dong top of the head instantaneously, the phoenix tail feathers that direct brand mark in the Huo'er chest front, back nine upwarpings simultaneously under flung, its body was similar to sharp fire Yaichi shoots up to the sky immediately together, initiated the charge to that black sky. Yes, Huo'er must be Ji Dong breaks the airborne numerous impediment, receives and instructs above the ray of Sun the Ji Dong Fire God sword truly, if it has succeeded, obviously the ratio directly carries on the amplification to have the effect to Ji Dong magic power. Bright fire that Sun has takes the drainless formidable source!

Behind the dark secret the demon mark on corona increased to 23, has fully occupied the dark corona two-thirds area, he coldly looks all that Ji Dong and bright heavenly stems disciples make, in the look have filled disdaining.

"Ji Dong, you think that concentrates your strengths to prevent me?" The dark secret sneers, "did not need to waste energy, useless, let alone their strengths have not been able truly to promote you to the Divine level level, how even if can achieve? When you achieve Divine level time, my ultimate Certain Kill Skill has completed, do you have the time to release the similarly formidable skill to resist with me? I can tell you, my this ultimate Certain Kill Skill name, it is called the hell to arrive at the ball, I just got up for it, although my this skill is single body ultimate Certain Kill Skill, but, at its magic power intensity, affects the range also sufficiently to include ten thousand meters, since you want to make these bright heavenly stems disciples be buried along with the dead together, that is just also appropriate. Can die under my first ultimate Certain Kill Skill, you should also feel proudly, Haha, Hahahaha."

Dark secret unscrupulous laughs, his ultimate Certain Kill Skill has completed over two-thirds, once light the mark achieves 36, the skill will form, Ji Dong can they resist? In his opinion, all resistances will end.

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Chapter 687: Ji Dong open intrigue

The ultimate Certain Kill Skill hell arrives at the ball. Moreover is single body ultimate Certain Kill Skill, when the dark secret locks Ji Dong with own god knowledge, even if Ji Dong can by shift the scroll to arrive at continent another side at this time instantaneously, so long as he in this world, this skill will also affect on him, destroys him thoroughly. Therefore, dark secret simply did not fear that Ji Dong sneaks away at a critical juncture. Let alone, after the use loves certainly the opium poppy has promoted own strength, once leaves here, loves the effect of opium poppy to vanish certainly, what opportunity can Ji Dong have?

Looks at the dark secret dissolute smiling face, at this time, Ji Dong has smiled unexpectedly, although he does not have the dark secret to smile that rampantly, when the dark secret sees that moment of his smiling face, in the heart does not have the reason twitched.

"What do you smile?"Dark secret doubts looks at Ji Dong, at this time, on his back corona presented the 28 th demon mark, but also misses eight, the hell will arrive at the ball soon to be completed.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "I smile. Because of your happy too early. You think, can you schemes and tricks? You have your plot, I have my open intrigue. Who the final victor is, actually swallowed that moment of chrysanthemum pig to decide in you."

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, not only the dark secret is startled, is using the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy bright heavenly stems disciples one by one is also panic-stricken inexplicable, can still maintain calm, only then bright secrets and Chen Sixuan two people, because, only then they know the open intrigue that in the Ji Dong mouth said are anything.

The light mark on dark secret back dark corona arrived at 30, at this time, even if were he wants to break own skill not to be impossible to achieve, for this ultimate Certain Kill Skill hell arrived at the ball, he has paid too many magic power.

Wipes the green light, the appearance in this time any omen in the dark secret chest position, his body suddenly has not shaken, is displaying ultimate Certain Kill Skill him, on the face the look coagulates instantaneously, the 31 st light mark that in the hand braves unexpectedly that coagulated, has not continued to complete again.

The the previous moment self-satisfied incomparably dark secret, at this moment on the face actually has also revealed the incomparably panic- stricken color/look, his whole person as if coagulated there, the back that huge magic power fluctuation also continues to stagnate in the the previous moment degree, that 31 st light mark is unable to continue to form.

"No, this is impossible." The dark secret is panic-stricken was yelling. But regardless of, how he called not to be actually able to prevent chest that green to become more intense.

That wipes the green, looks like the surges angry wave is ordinary. Is attacking in his chest position unceasingly crazily, behind the dark secret dark corona becomes does not stabilize, the dark god who the dark purple electric light drastic fluctuation, around his body is responsible for protecting bonded also presents electric lights to glitter.

Ji Dong coldly looks at the dark secret, "is impossible? Anything has not been impossible. If I do not let your to become God, you believe that can you really to become God? Swallows five mahatma beasts to break through to the Divine level such important matter completely, you think really I will forget? All that you make were very careful, truly, I have not discovered any clues. However, does not need to discover anything, but the simple judgment can know that your ultimate goal is anything. Especially when you after the holy war starts when had not participated in the war, I have affirmed my judgment."

"No, is impossible, I have completed through the dark altar to swallowing of last Saint beast, when I to become God, you, you. dark
secret spoke of here truly"could not actually be justified, within the body turns magic power that wells up to make him have to crazily deal whole- heartedly, regarding him, when has not sent out the hell to arrive at the ball to destroy Ji Dong now. But how can stabilize lives in within the body crazy rhythm the supernatural power threat. Although the supernatural power in within the body rebellion, only then one-fifth, but he is at this time displays in the ultimate Certain Kill Skill process, is unable to divert attention to give dual attention, the body collapses is releasing the ultimate Certain Kill Skill collapse, takes to him, will be the ruinous disaster.

Ji Dong has smiled, he smiles very carefree, "is impossible? You thought too well. The matter you definitely do not know. Your simply should swallow the chrysanthemum pig, is more impossible to swallow he. You had said before, five mahatma beasts, are the pets of five Level 1 element Lord God. Is the pet of god so really easy to swallow? Without the decree of god, will they obey your organizing? Initially Holy and Evil Island great misfortune time, reason that you can swallow fourth five mahatma beast, the dark altar no doubt had the function, but, your dark altar many functions were actually the contracts of stimulation of movement god, was because of the relations of contract of god, you can complete to swallowing of four mahatma beasts. However, at that time you cannot swallow the chrysanthemum pig, actually never may have swallowed it. But you actually think that by has reached the Saint level peak magic power to eat the chrysanthemum pig hardly, but also has locked its aura with the dark altar. This all, actually during me and chrysanthemum pig the plan. Before I rush to the battlefield, besides transferring the hot crow army of earth core world comes the battlefield, but also has done another matter, was the chrysanthemum pig plans this open intrigue to give to you."

"By you initially Saint level peak cultivation base, if the normal holy war, under your leadership, the dark army will certainly the bright army cause the massive loss to me, if I reveal you prematurely. You naturally will not continue to do to swallow the fond dream of chrysanthemum pig. Although I can by love the function of opium poppy to suppress you as before certainly, is impossible to retain you, loves the opium poppy only to use certainly one time. Even if the holy war we won, but once was fled by you, that is our Light Five Elements Continent forever disaster, hides in hidden place you, takes to our ruinous disasters sufficiently. Therefore, I must risk danger wrestle, makes you swallow the chrysanthemum pig, making you temporarily become the god. Only then in this case, you will not run away. Can give me to destroy your opportunity truly."

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, the complexion of dark secret became pale like the paper, since, he has thought oneself plan is perfect, anybody has not known, but how he actually thinks, Ji Dong already planned all that he has wanted to make radically, suddenly starts until this final moment. Moreover, has not left behind any making a comeback to him the opportunity.

Ji Dong looks at the dark secret, in the sound has filled teasing, "cannot think that before all my looks, including the chrysanthemum pig intentionally in the words that the bright fort top spoke. After as well as by you swallow , all my performance, during my plan. You were to become God, but you were actually only an incomplete god, in the body has the god of time bomb. To cause heavy losses to you, can actually achieve in me a moment ago, but, such is actually not necessarily able you, as soon as strikes to kill, once gives you opportunity, making you flee the battlefield, my plan failed. Therefore, I. Is guiding also you, finally, you could not repress, display ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Only then at this time, you are unable to be separated from this condition, right, if your this ultimate Certain Kill Skill can complete, we will be destroyed. But, first ultimate Certain Kill Skill in your this life, forever was impossible to display. By the chrysanthemum pig that you swallow, simply has not died, but was the ambush in your body, how when this was most essential the ultimate Certain Kill Skill broken taste? Moreover, only then in this case, I have the sufficient time and partners display the skill to destroy you together." The Holy and Evil Island great misfortune that "initially, you planned made Lie Yan (raging flames) to save me has exposed the Divine level strength, was repaired like this to kill by the deicide. You are in my life the biggest enemy, today, I must to once die also in your hand because of you, but all people of death, the common people who also suffers hardships and calamities for Dark Five Elements Continent on your relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, always can not be reincarnated."

The plot of dark secret has succeeded, he has swallowed the chrysanthemum pig, but, the Ji Dong open intrigue also similarly succeeded. The open intrigue covered plot eventually, the price that Ji Dong paid had been similarly huge, the use loved the opium poppy to make him have certainly to resist the dark secret temporarily the strength, but, his simply did not care about these, how even if were pays in the complete life? So long as can be the Lie Yan (raging flames) revenge, to once slain the partners in the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune take revenge, all these are worth. So long as the dark secret died, Ji Dong shoulder carrying/sustaining the biggest responsibility has been completed, at that time, he can also look for his Lie Yan (raging flames).

Actually, the Ji Dong open intrigue also and has the flaw, this is also the risk that he said. If dark secret after swallowing chrysanthemum pig, does not show his Divine level strength to launch the attack immediately. But escapes fast, looks for the place peaceful cultivation, the complete control own Divine level strength, most ten years, he can refine the chrysanthemum pig in within the body truly, fuses together with own supernatural power, to that time, he can to become God, the Ji Dong open intrigue also naturally be truly defeated.

But, the dark secret can see that the possibility of this flaw actually infinitely approaches in zero. When a person, for a goal has tried hard the life, finally obtained the goal time, his mood possibly tranquil getting down? to become God the dark secret possibly immediately does not begin, but seeks surface-to-underwater cultivates? Even if he can discover really, immediately runs away, the worst result is ten years later Ji Dong carries on the final decisive battle with him again, who can affirm, ten years later Ji Dong can't cultivation the god? Therefore, Ji Dong open intrigue, although has the flaw, but this flaw actually nearly in does not exist. The dark secret was swindled finally, just as such that Ji Dong said that when he swallows that moment of chrysanthemum pig, the final result has been doomed, the chrysanthemum pig ambush in his within the body, in he displays ultimate Certain Kill Skill finally frequently erupts, immediately the dark secret has led into the abyss of destruction.

At this moment, a bright golden light beam dropped from the clouds, has worn out the dark numerous blockade, fell on Ji Dong.

Is the sunlight, has worn out the black backdrop that under dark secret arrange/cloth filled with bright aura the sunlight, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er succeeded, guided the sunlight completely on Ji Dong.

Ji Dong both hands are grasping the sword of Fire God, on the bright golden sword blade, has been full of the unequalled radiant ray, golden light marks start to appear behind him, magic power that the bright heavenly stems disciples as well as fifty Saint Fire Dragon releases, is ordinary just like all rivers run into the sea, strongly goes toward the Ji Dong body.

Above Ji Dong top of the head Yin-Yang Crown, wiped the silver also quietly to retreat at this time finally, obtained completely the bright disciple entire attribute assistance, the bright fire that in addition the Fire God sword received and instructed, Ji Dong promoted Divine level own cultivation base finally.

A light sound that ding, Ji Dong chest place the nucleus of life is quietly stave, to maintain Ji Dong this time condition, the life the intranuclear complete vitality has injected into Ji Dong within the body.

The black backdrop, is similar to snow and ice ablation general is dissipating fast, in sky originally, only then a point golden rapid expansion, the black backdrop was being scattered in the light unceasingly.

The complexion of dark secret became twisted, within the body is seething one-fifth supernatural powers made his anything unable to do, his ultimate Certain Kill Skill approached freely completes, but, he is actually unable to use this strength now, can only look at the Ji Dong hand sword of Fire God to bloom helplessly the incomparably radiant bright color.

Buzz a fulmination, Ji Dong golden light completely draws back, all rays, the complete centralism succeeded in obtaining above the Fire God sword, the Fire God sword and Ji Dong body originally is fuses in together, but to achieve the maximization of attack, Ji Dong has separated at this time with oneself the Fire God sword, only has to release the Fire God sword main body, he can make this strike to change into the symbol of Divine level, ultimate Certain Kill Skill.

Like the dark secret, he also only then this strength of one attack, this time dark secret, although could not control the hell to arrive at the ball, but on him the dark supernatural power is very tyrannical, only has the utilization to be higher than his 30 dark light marks magic power, can him write off thoroughly, but will not affect all under ground, therefore, Ji Dong cannot take risk, he must use the complete strength to cope with the dark secret.

"Goes, the sword of Fire God."Ji Dong loudly shouted, that is sending out the radiant golden light Fire God sword already from out of the blue, four chi (0.33 m) Fire God sword is sending out compared with a solar brighter ray, splits void quietly, the golden form quietly appears together, that illusory golden form has gripped the sword hilt of Fire God sword quietly, in an instant, the unequalled dignity floods in the air.

This is Ji Dong ultimate Certain Kill Skill, Fire God arrives to cut. In that golden form god fire attribute element Lord God, received the attraction of Ji Dong this ultimate Certain Kill Skill to be summoned temporarily, but , the prestige of this sword, even if the deicide cultivates like this also to change colors.

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Chapter 688: Big result! I am your Lie Yan (raging flames)!

The golden form, the hand grasps the Fire God sword to drop from the clouds. This is first ultimate Certain Kill Skill that in the Ji Dong life releases! the previous moment, he may withstand the dark secret first ultimate Certain Kill Skill, but the latter quarter, all these actually reversed.

Is full of the dignified golden form to lift up high the Fire God sword to drop from the clouds, is facing that golden Fire God sword, the look on dark secret face only remaining desperate. His simply anything could not do, he can also feel the supernatural power that in that golden Fire God sword contained to be formidable clearly, grasped the Fire God sword in Fire God hand.

The fulmination of clang, the dark god bonds shatter, the next moment, that golden flowing light also brings the Fire God sword to perish together above ten thousand meters upper air.

The body of dark secret, including residual not to stay behind radically, completely was disillusioned, together deep green form from shoots up to the sky, before , by chrysanthemum pig that the dark secret swallows.

The dark and bright strength from the sky collides, these two big each other repel one another extremely, the relations of victory and defeat can only look at the both sides strong and weak. Fire God arrives to cut dominates in completely has not completed the hell of version to arrive above the ball, this sword, is not only containing the Fire God strength, is containing the Ji Dong most formidable attack. When Ji Dong withstood loved opium poppy satisfied thirst by drinking poison the amplification certainly, his extinguishing god struck also temporarily to break through ninth heavily. Why before this is also him, said to the dark secret, if the dark secret does not display ultimate Certain Kill Skill, he also has confidence the heavy losses dark secret reason.

The ninth heavy extinguishing god strikes, takes to a Ji Dong brand-new skill, is extinguishes the god to strike the strongest skill, extinguishes the god needle. Puncture all impediments, includes the impediment of god, this truly extinguishes the method of god. During Fire God arrives to cut, contains is extinguishing the prestige energy of god needle, let alone the hell of dark secret arrives at the ball not to be completed, even if he has completed, the final result will not have anything to change.

When Fire God arrives to cut the hit in that flash that the dark god bonds, extinguishes the god needle to puncture the present impediment as well as the dark secret body instantaneously, the terrifying strength punctured thoroughly the dark secret Divine level body and spirit, this made the chrysanthemum pig make use, had not been arrived to cut by Fire God simultaneously extinguishes kills.

Dark, melts just like the snow and ice under the bright attack removes generally, dark secret body along with it being disillusioned.

However, while dark secret body is disillusioned, the Ji Dong Fire God sword also lost the complete ray, changes into a handle swarthy long sword to drop from the clouds, falls toward the ground. The bright heavenly stems disciples only thought that stands in the Ji Dong body of front line one softly, the whole person must collapse. Head three Yin-Yang Crown restored two instantaneously, the golden ray was also similar to the tide generally removes.

Ji Dong after all is not a god, when he displays Fire God arrives at to cut that ultimate Certain Kill Skill at the same time, loved all amplifications that the opium poppy brought also to come to the end certainly, before had the assistance of nucleus of life. He was impossible to insist at this time. May so, the nucleus of life break. If not the supernatural power exhausts, Ji Dong possibly could not control the Fire God sword, appointed it from airborne did crash?

At this moment, the green light dropped from the clouds together, covers the body of Ji Dong, making his spirit inspire, has straightened up the wainscot, came from Saint level Wood department magic power of chrysanthemum pig is auxiliary. However, after having completed this next, the body of chrysanthemum pig has also crashed in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back the stupor in the past. Before under dark secret within the body life-and-death fight as well as was finally bright and collides dark the complementary waves, making its this Saint beast unable to withstand, after has rescued Ji Dong temporarily one next, immediately on severely wounded stupor.

"Ji Dong, are you what kind of?"Chen Sixuan one step steps forward, arrived at behind Ji Dong, grasps his body, goes all out to instill into within the body pinnacle Second Wood magic power to Ji Dong within the body, is supplementing his nearly dry body.

Ji Dong at this time body, although is weak, but the spirit as before is quite stimulated, his soul cultivation base has promoted Divine level. May not have, because magic power abates to weaken.

"Quick, cannot make the dark secret the god knowledge run, must finish his relationship of form and spirit entirely Miecai finally."At the same time was saying, fifty Saint Fire Dragon received the order of Ji Dong, dives to go toward under.

While the dark secret arrived at cuts the destruction by Fire God, his god knew also fast ran, the Fire God sword that cling Ji Dong crashed, fell toward the under ground. People after cultivating realm of god, the god knows the condensation, will not die the soul to dissipate like the average person. Although the dark secret cannot swallow chrysanthemum pig to become God truly, but with the aid of loves the opium poppy to promote to the god to know the soul with Ji Dong certainly to be the same, the strength of his soul after the body is disillusioned, is the god knows the rank as before, runs away startled. So long as the god knows does not extinguish, opportunity that his also comes back to life. The cling Fire God sword, naturally is because coveted the strength of Fire God sword.

The dark secret has not escaped immediately, because he is very clear, by god knowledge that oneself are damaged, is impossible to fly Saint level cultivation base fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Let alone, the Ji Dong god knows has been locking his god knowledge, so long as this locking does not untie, even if he will run away to the ends of the earth is also found by Ji Dong. Therefore, he must make Ji Dong untie the god knowledge to be able true fleeing. Therefore, his god knows has not escaped, but directly soars the direction of dark army to fly.

Because Ji Dong after all magic power exhausts, but slow a racket, when fifty Saint Fire Dragon pursues, the god of dark secret knows broke in the dark army, the sound of dark secret has resounded. "Do not come, otherwise I have killed him."

But the fifty Saint Fire Dragon dive below body comes, in the dark army, a body slowly floated under sweeping across of black air current, the Ji Dong sword of frame Fire God in this flies on the neck of person.

That black air current, was the dark secret just ran away without doubt, but below god knew, but that was known the fixed suppression by his god, supported with the sword of Fire God, was Fu Rui.

Ji Dong stands on Maotai, is Chen Sixuan and bright secret, his soul cultivation base originally has been the degree that the god knew, at this time under the bright the comprehensive assistance of secret and Chen Sixuan, the dark secret that ultra is damaged, if were not the dark secret has held under duress Fu Rui, Ji Dong had confidence knows the impact not to have the physical body also to receive the god of heavy losses his through the god instantaneously to know the destruction.

"Do not come, you dare to get rid to me, I immediately have killed him, making you regret life-long." The sound of dark secret nearly hysteria is reverberating in the air, because of not having physical body, but appears incomparably strange. Sees at present this, was needless saying that bright and dark both sides on understood the victory and defeat. to become God the dark secret is a side of failure, the cheers spread unexpectedly in the entire bright camp. All bright powerhouses fast catches up toward here.

"Dark secret, the tiger toxin does not eat, do you hold under duress your biological son unexpectedly?"Bright secret anger sound said.

Dark secret crazy is laughing, "son? Son who betrays the father? You think really I do not know Fu Rui was placed the ambush by you in my side? Right, he is my son, but, he has not actually regarded the father me. At the beginning, I also very trusted his return. But wreaks havoc in my dark continent along with your bright disciples, the strategy that also in your bright army Mage uses appears, I know, my this good son simply is the ambush side me. Otherwise. Why did he tell me your strengths and your true abilities differs that in a big way? also that five elements strategy such important matter he has not informed. You can wreak havoc on dark continent, perhaps is because my this good son to take to your news. Does such son, wanting what use? I had not revealed him before , because he is my son, after I want to wait till I become a god, you completely destroys, my son did not have other to choose, truly will recognize my this father. Now seems like is impossible. His life is I gives, was he betrayed me first, how did I punish guilty family members again?"

The dark secret was not the fool, Fu Rui questionable point had already brought to his attention, otherwise, in Li Yonghao not in the situation, why he did not give the Fu Rui command the dark demon armed forces, but gave that substitute person?

Ji Dong took a deep breath, he knows, now said anything was also useless, solemnly said: "Are you what kind of?"

The dark secret hates the sound said: "How I want you to be very clear, relieve you to know locking to my god, I will lead this disobedient son to leave, do not try to think the knowledge to scan my position, you should understand, I can respond immediately. When I confirmed that I was safe, naturally will put this disobedient son. Do not negotiate the terms to me, now I anything did not have, without leeway that any discussed." Ji Dong took a deep breath, he knows certainly, at this time bleeds off the dark secret, is raises the tiger to create disaster absolutely, although he is impossible to be potential achievement in a short time again, even if invades a new body, wants to cultivate the Divine level strength, at least takes dozens years even is over a hundred years. So long as but, he is also living, is to two pieces of continent, is as for the entire world huge threat. However, can Ji Dong do now? This holy war can win finally, ambushes in dark secret Fu Rui. It can be said that claims credit to great, Ji Dong guessed correctly that the dark secret final plot, and Fu Rui conveyed the dark secret situation to him unceasingly has the close relation, let alone, this was his blood relative's Senior Brother! He can look helplessly Fu Rui was killed by the dark secret?

"Little Junior Brother, do not promise him."Fu Rui some sounds of shivering resound. Although the dark secret suppressed his body, actually cannot prevent him to start talking.

Fu Rui at this time is tiger with tears, "right, my father, I betrayed you, but do you know? From infancy to maturity, I do not have the father. Is very small time, I was scolded make the bastard, I can live day-by-day am the what kind of luck. In order to proves itself, the cultivation that I go all out, pays more than the several fold others the effort. When I bear the pain, you where? On that day, you looked for me, making me obey your order, told you news of bright world, this was also you leaves behind my this life on mother the intention. Yes, you is a my father, but you have actually harmed mother life, therefore, you are also my personal enemy. Because your appearance, making my heart very contradictory, thus made the disposition more obstinate makes one unable to accept, the beloved woman also went to me along with it, if were not reminding of Little Junior Brother, perhaps Ye Xin will never forgive me. But, in me and Ye Xin in shortly, you actually started the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune again together, inspired ten thousand thunder to break into a jail has destroyed in my heart the final that warmth. After returning to bright continent, I have thought are more, I have thought division commanders' pure guidance, has thought of Ye Xin, has thought these by the life that you destroy. Although I betrayed you, but I cannot betray my belief, if this world were ruled by you, then, any race, will certainly life apply carbon. Therefore, I told Little Junior Brother all, I must the redemption, hope that can redeem you. After all, you are I in the person who in this world shares the same roots only. Even if only then an opportunity, I am not willing to give up."

Here, Fu Rui has had tears streaming down the face, ", but, was quick I to discover, I have made a mistake, because, my simply is unable to change your idea. Your heart, already true degenerating into darkness. Little Junior Brother, do not have scruples my life and death, I already do not want to live, has such father, what significance am I living also? I betrayed the father, I after all am his son, can die in his hands, I did not owe him anything, with its painful living on dishonorably, would rather clean dying. Begins, Little Junior Brother, if you do not begin, has let go him, I will not be living coming back. If there is a next life, I hope that can live is an average person, there are gentle and good father."

At the same time was saying, Fu Rui has closed eyes, in his mood, has filled renouncing.

"Son, you are really my good son. Yes! The tiger toxin does not eat." The sound of dark secret suddenly changed, beforehand crazy and hysteria as if completely vanished in this moment, the dark aura that suddenly, incomparably rushes knows to erupt suddenly from the god of dark secret, instantaneously on cling body of Fu Rui.

Ji Dong is surprised, he unites in the together god to know not to have any eruption of retention with bright secret as well as Chen Sixuan again, bang to dark secret god knowledge.

However, the next moment he actually discovered oneself have made a mistake, because, the god of dark secret knows has not destroyed Fu Rui, the sword of Fire God was controlled by his god knowledge changed into together the black lightning, shortly before arriving at oneself body. The dark secret knows the strength to fling the sword of Fire God with his final god, has sent out fatally to Ji Dong strikes.

Bang, bang, pū Three sounds almost also resound.

Bang, dark secret god knowledge, in Ji Dong unites Chen Sixuan and secret god knows under the attack instantaneous shatter, his evil life and soul have come to the end finally completely, relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish.

Bang, the Fu Rui body crash ground, the dark secret has not killed him eventually, even if the evil person, heart of hearts also kinship, at the final moment, the dark secret has not been killing own son eventually eventually.

Pū, this is the sword pierces the sound of human body, the sword is the sword of Fire God, the body that was pierced by it is actually not the dark secret final goal, was not that destroyed his all plan tyrant Ji Dong.

Chen Sixuan static standing before the Ji Dong body, the dark secret that last compaction was too quick, the Fire God sword appeared by the potential of instantaneous shift in front of Ji Dong completely, even if were fifty Saint Fire Dragon also without enough time prevents. However, Chen Sixuan actually kept off there, in that moment that the dark secret god knowledge swept across, she arrived there.

The sword of Fire God pierced her armor of eternal sharply, pierced her body, pierced her heart. But she actually as before stands there, the corners of the mouth place reveals one not to know that is the bitter and astringent or happy expression.

"" The call of Ji Dong pain, both hands are not holding the shoulder of Chen Sixuan, jumps, falls in the ground. The gods know the comprehensive stimulation of movement, integrates Chen Sixuan within the body, the heart that but, was pierced by the sword of Fire God is regardless of not to be how impossible to restore, he can the clear feeling, the Chen Sixuan vitality dissipate at the incomparably astonishing speed.

"Ji...... Moves. "Chen Sixuan somewhat difficultly was calling him.

"Thinks of the fine jade, I."Although Ji Dong this time magic power has exhausted, but his body is still actually supporting, the body of his whole person is shivering, when the Fire God sword punctures that moment of Chen Sixuan heart, he only thought that oneself heart as if was also pierced generally. The tears uncontrolled well up crazily, he closely grabs the hand of Chen Sixuan, has choked with sobs.

"Ji...... Moving......, Do not cry....... I not...... Likes seeing you. Sad
sad...... Appearance."Chen Sixuan muttered, "I love...... You...... Five......
Year, with...... You...... Five years, now...... Already...... Arrived has been
doomed...... Result....... I only then...... Two...... The wish, I think. Dies
in...... Your...... During the bosom, listens to you...... Said. Loves
me. "

Yes, this is the final means that Chen Sixuan initially thought , is also her final opportunity, she knows, so long as Ji Dong can say me to love your three characters to oneself, perhaps, all also opportunity.

Ji Dong cautiously hugs into the body of Chen Sixuan the bosom, gently is touching her face, "thinks of the fine jade, you so are why silly, I am unworthy, is not worth so loving!"

Chen Sixuan shaking the head of gently, on her perfect charming face already not blood-color, but she looks at the Ji Dong vision is actually that gentle, "not, you...... Worth. "

Ji Dong raised the head slowly, looks to airborne, his vision was crazy, "five years, five years passed by. Lie Yan (raging flames), I have not gone back on word. Five years, I hold a memorial service for you with a peerless good wine every year, I to your love, have not always changed. This past five years, my heart throughout by painful suffering. Now, all had finished, the responsibility of my shoulder has also unloaded, I can extricate finally. Where although I do not know you, but my soul will certainly find you."

Lowered the head, his vision falls Chen Sixuan to reveal on the desperate color/look tender face, supple sound said: "Sorry, thinks of the fine jade, your desire I can only complete half, you will die during my bosom. However, I can your also only then own physical body, my soul early was not itself, when my lover departs, it already broken powder. Sorry, I know your good. But, my heart this life this life already belonged to Lie Yan (raging flames), next life next life, generation after generations, will only be her. I not think the report regarding your sentiment, I do not dare to be in you so the sentiment debt, I want cleanly looks for my Lie Yan (raging flames). I owe you too to be really many am too many, forever could not pay off, I can leave your, only then my life."

At the same time was saying, the right hand of Ji Dong, has strengthened and presses down the sword hilt of Fire God sword powerfully, the strength of god knowledge fully erupted, pū, that pierced the Fire God sword of Chen Sixuan heart, pierced his heart similarly.

"Ji Dong, does not want."Bright secret yelled, all bright heavenly stems disciples also throw toward them. However, all late, the Fire God sword, ruthlessly punctured the heart of Ji Dong.

"Do not come."Ji Dong is roaring fierce, the strength of formidable god knowledge bursts out suddenly, all flew, making the surrounding surrounding area that tried close person to sweep across completely in hundred meters eliminate a stretch of open area.

The body makes, he is separated from the Fire God sword, the blood current craze spurts, sprays on Chen Sixuan.

One bottle meets one bottle of peerless good wines from the Vermilion Bird bracelet to fling, shoots their bottle cap, the rich wine spreads immediately, crystal shaker baseless, in that each bottle of good wines, wisp of lasing, but, pours into to shaker. That bottles of good wines scatter in all directions to flutter about, the strong flame combustion that Ji Dong sways, forms a giant hot link, surrounds him and Chen Sixuan body in the center.

Ji Dong has smiled, he smiles is very happy, that is smiling of feeling relaxed, his hand, tight grasping above shaker, the whole person as if entered the demented condition.

Is shaking shaker gently, at this time, any rhythm, in his mouth had not muttered is saying, "Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), sorry, I cannot wait for eventually for ten years. Ten years were really too long, the liquor that you wanted I evened up. I can finally clean looked for you, did not have any worrying again. Lets me, mixes this last cocktail bar for you again."

Chen Sixuan dull looks at Ji Dong, she has not died, Nine-Crown cultivation base Wood department magic power also hung her last life aura. Regardless of how she cannot think, the final result can be this unexpectedly.

The tears well up crazily, five years of constraining, five years of pain withstands, has been similar to this moment the blowout erupts generally, does not know the strength where comes, making her body throw suddenly, has worked loose the sword of Fire God, threw to grasp Ji Dong that to rock the hand of shaker.

"Fool, Ji Dong your this fool, your this fool. Why, you why are not willing saying that three characters to me! You have not betrayed Lie Yan (raging flames), but you have actually rejected in your Lie Yan (raging flames), I am your Lie Yan (raging flames)!"Sees in the life has loved only the man to die in the pain, at this moment, Chen Sixuan cannot attend to again with the gambling of evil god makes, these words, she has wanted to say for a long time was too too long, Ji Dong was dying, what significance does that gambling make also? They cannot in the same place, at this moment, she only want to make him eventually know, actually, she continuously side him.

Ji Dong delay is grasping shaker, looks that jumped into itself to cherish Chen Sixuan, the whole person fell into the delay, trembling sound said: "You, you said anything. "

The Chen Sixuan tearful eyes are dim, two people chest places flow, but the blood each other blended at this time in one, "fool, I am your Lie Yan (raging flames)! Little Ji Dong, but also remembers that you are called Raging Flames Burning Passion for the first glass of liquor that I mix, your first time sees my time, what first sees is my hand. I teach your ability first am Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique and Yin-Yang Vortex, the also Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark. The fools, your this fool, why you do not think why Chen Sixuan will fall in love to you, why until death faithful with you, because Chen Sixuan is Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) is Chen Sixuan!"

Is listening to the Chen Sixuan words, the Ji Dong whole person was ignorant, trembling sound said: "This, this is impossible. My Lie Yan (raging flames) died, you, you are deceive my, otherwise, why didn't you tell me earlier?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) said mournfully: "Because I resurrect by the Chen Sixuan status, is the gambling between god kings makes, who I cannot tell you me am, only if can use the Chen Sixuan status, making you say me to love you to me. But, your this fool, always agree did not say. Actually, I was quite happy that you can like this, be, I the good pain we unable in the same place. Ji Dong, Ji Dong. "

Returns to consciousness just before dying, in addition the stimulation on mood, making Lie Yan (raging flames) all say. But she and Ji Dong life, actually in fierce is passing.

Bang, crystal shaker in Ji Dong hand drops in the place, the smashing that falls, the rich wine gushes out, the surrounding flame lit their liquor fluids immediately, the flame has climbed up their bodies instantaneously, covered them completely.

" Fierce...... Flame......, I love...... You......, I...... Love. Only
then...... Lie Yan (raging flames),...... But...... It is not...... Chen.      Thinks
of the fine jade....... Lie Yan (raging flames)......, I...... Did not regret.......
I...... Loves you......,...... I...... Love...... You......, I...... Love... Moves closely grasps the body of Lie Yan (raging flames), his sound becomes in the flame incomparably soaring, yes, he did not regret, did not regret, if he said me to love your three characters to Chen Sixuan, did right by Lie Yan (raging flames)? He did not regret, although ultimately they together moved toward the death, but he knows, Lie Yan (raging flames) will not blame itself, all had finished, can hold Lie Yan (raging flames), with her died together, always compares does not know where she is much better.

Lie Yan (raging flames) closes both eyes slowly, lifts arm, holds in the arms the neck of Ji Dong, "is small...... Ji...... Moving......, I. Also love...... You......, My this...... Life...... Biggest...... Lucky......, Is...... Fell in love...... You...... This. Fools."

The thick flame, is mixing the thick wine and this experiencing the untold hardships to the lover who closely supports finally ascends.

Simultaneously shines, also that endless void, the black-and-white ray drops from the clouds together quietly, place ascension that closely supports from Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), Holy and Evil Island, was divided into two again, is bright and dark, defers to the Ji Dong wish to divide into two finally, was separated completely.

( If here I hit a book to end, can some people want to pull out me? I do not dare, therefore following also. )



Black and white, two-color light beam relative and vertical. This time god is extraordinary, particularly in the domain of this god imperator two big god kings, is the silent fearfulness.

The white light twinkle, the voice of good god resounds slowly, in his sound, has been full of the moved mood, "evil, this gambling approximately calculates that you did win?"

The evil god says with a smile painstakingly: "It seems like, I made a mistake. Five years, the beauty enticement, the time whets, is unable to make that mix the boy to have the slight change. However, I am not really clear, this love outcome what's the matter. Really has such strength, making them be willing for each other to pay with the life, had no complain and regret. Lost lost, I acknowledged that I lost. The strength of this love makes me not look clearly. Then, you want me to accept your anything condition."

The good god shows a faint smile, said: "Evil, you still remember how many years we were the god king to have?" Evil shintoism: "This who still remembers, always had several million years. Always here is staying, was tired of bothersomely, these fellows were one by one sly, wants to make them replace the position of our god king, one by one hides distant. Asura god fellow is intelligent, snatched sea god inheritance half actually, has also given Tang own inheritance three, now Tang three inherited the position of his Asura god, this boy was relaxed, does not know where ran to be merry."

Good god chuckled, said: "Said, you were not willing to be this god king very much?"

Evil god snorted, "could it be do you want? But the position of our god king, can it be that said that can give?"

The good god said with a smile: "It is not not good. The gambling made me to win, I the matter that wanted you to do resigns the position of evil god."

The evil god is surprised, "glistens, were you insane? Resigns the position of evil god? Who governs the responsibility of my this god king?"

Good shintoism: "You thought that Ji Dong that boy is what kind of? In the world, he bore that many pain, he and Lie Yan (raging flames) in our gambling houses, the Lie Yan (raging flames) also sentiment have been possible original, she is beyond human becomes god, must accept our tests to award the ancestral tablet truly, but Ji Dong this boy was the unexpected misfortune. His soul itself has achieved the god to know realm, making him inherit god of ancestral tablet your evil, gives his compensation. Naturally, we can let the position of his temporary agent evil god god king, by us on his test and his moral character, I thinks that this boy can be competent."

Those who made the good divine will unable to think, listened to his words, in the voice of evil god has filled unexpectedly pleasantly surprised, "right! I have not thought, Ji Dong this boy will firm and resolute also was very difficult to find in god, making him act the position of my god king, can't I the world of mortals play? Hehe, such has decided that making him temporarily substituting for the position of my god king, I am also good to go to to stroll to the world, only then has experienced personally, can perhaps find that love the mystery. Perhaps, the previous generation marriage affinity is waiting for me. Makes this god king understand a love personally the taste."

Good god chuckled, in the heart mused, the taste that loves so is good to taste? Evil, originally your this fellow already here dull had also sufficed, could it be I not? It is not only then you alone think that the world of mortals plays.


Southern Fire Empire, Li Fire City.

In Li Fire City, famous bars, reason that said it to be famous, the reason was very simple, saves bright world first drink mixing of one generation of Saint king Wine God Ji Dong to start from here. The name of this bar is called: Raging Flames Burning Passion.

In the legend, initially Saint king Ji Dong gave him to loving first glass of liquor of earth core world Empress Lie Yan mixture, the name is also called Raging Flames Burning Passion.

At this time is in the evening, bar starts the guest the time.

In the corner of bar, sits a black clothes youth, this youth look is extremely handsome, in the evil different eye pupil is revealing a special brilliance, in his hands, is taking one cup of blood red Raging Flames Burning Passion leisurely and carefree is tasting, the vision often sweeps to the crowd in bar, seems seeking for anything to resemble.

"Strange, good that fellow, when my world of mortals said, my previous generation marriage affinity will appear in this bar, how to have seen? I should induce is right! Only then found my previous generation marriage affinity first, I can the temporary seal god memory, when thoroughly a human plays. Sat for several days, how not to have." In this black clothes youth muttered, suddenly, the bar gate opens, entered one person from outside, when she walked into Raging Flames Burning Passion Bar that flash, immediately became the audience focus.

That is a white clothing female, is unable to have any evil thought to the pinnacle appearance clearly, a white long skirt fine dust does not dye, two wisps of black long hair build before the body, in pitch-black bright and beautiful big eyes is having the gentle moving brilliance. The makings of that dust look like a busy white lotus.

Was she, black clothes youth saw this outstandingly beautiful white clothing female immediately pleasantly surprised, he feels immediately, person who this white clothing female must find. In the heart mused, the good this fellow is really good, has arranged a appearance to me, under the Lie Yan (raging flames) girl, is really not anticipates very much!

At the same time is thinking, he welcomed the white clothing young girl to walk, the person in bar the quantity were many at this time, majority also by the glowing countenance of white clothing young girl the fear, were at the shocking condition.

The black clothes youth arrives in front of white clothing young girl carelessly, has blocked her way, extremely straightforward say/way: "Good, I had finally found you, the beautiful woman, I thought that among us has the previous generation marriage affinity, making us fall in love with one imposingly."

Such remarks, in the bar in an uproar, a bawl piece, numerous drinker look immediately the black clothes youth seems like looking at the idiot to be the same, said something to smooth things over is not such direct? Nobody thought that he can succeed. In their opinion, this white clothing young girl varying palm of the hand pulls out, has given him very much the face.

However, those who made all person accidents/surprises was, that white clothing young girl looks that the black clothes youth actually did not have any surprised color/look, has not scolded him to say something to smooth things over inferior, but was gentle smiles, gently nodded. The black clothes youth great happiness, shouts high: "I finally found my previous generation marriage affinity."

White clothing young girl gentle holds up his hand, said: "Sir, we walk." "Where goes to?"Black clothes youth was puzzled asked.
"Goes to the hotel." "?"
"Sir, was not you said that we did have the previous generation marriage affinity? So long as 50 gold coins, I have settled this previous generation marriage affinity with you."

""Pitiful yell sound passes on ten miles......



"Did Ji Dong, such do to go too far?"Lie Yan (raging flames) of magnificent white long skirt is hugging the arm of Ji Dong, on charming face completely is the satisfied smiling face. Finally can with own lover in together . Moreover, two people unexpectedly also mysterious became the god king.

Ji Dong coldly snorted of black clothes, evil smiles, "excessively? How I did not think how you forgot them to play our. They do not experience anything are the love, that makes them feel good and bad in life in the love well, otherwise, is unfair to them to we that good attendance."

Lie Yan (raging flames) gently nodded, "you said also right, cannot cheap they."

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "In any case we were also god kings, might as well work for one's own interests under the guise of working for the public, made the partners? This will not be lonely." Lie Yan nodded, said with a smile: "Good! I completely agreed. What a pity thinks to be dragon Huang, temporarily cannot come. But other people should not have any issue."

Ji Dong starts to think immediately, how can make the partners arrive at god splendidly, although here is good, but only they were too lonely.

In this time, Lie Yan (raging flames) was saying suddenly: "Ji Dong, to time."

"Uh. , Lie Yan (raging flames), really either?"

Lie Yan (raging flames) earnest say/way: "Naturally, you must compensate me to follow in your side to hope for five years of pain. One day of 10,000 times, are not many, a day of god is very long. could it be don't you want?"

"Wants, naturally wants, we start now. Lie Yan (raging flames), I like you and I liking you and I liking you and I liking you and I loving you. "

(The ends)
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