Jiu Shen Chapter 671-680

Chapter 671: Strong dark air force

In the chrysanthemum pig mouth emits , but the huge green light beam seems extremely huge. But soldier any oppression strength, has not actually felt on, looks like the vital spring breeze sways general. This green light beam under its control, is only the flash, poured into the bright army in Third Fire magic power that collaborated to start.

In five elements, the wood lights a fire, the chrysanthemum pig is in itself double wood attribute, assists Third Fire, naturally is First Wood magic power, moreover is First Wood magic power of Saint level level. In initially the Holy and Evil Island five mahatma beasts, the chrysanthemum pig was the Saint beast of only one not directly combat capability, seemed, it seemed weakest, but in fact, it was also in five mahatma beasts most formidable one. Although magic power is Saint level initial rank cultivation base, because oneself does not have the battle efficiency reason, in the assistance, it has actually been the Saint level middle rank degree. Emitting of this pinnacle First Wood magic power, its magic power fluctuation, although is only the intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, Third Fire light beam that but, sends out like bright Mages. The coverage scope be bigger than general intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, at least had ten times.

Suddenly, the fire taking advantage of the wooden potential, bright Mages collaborates the Third Fire column of flame that sends out under this sudden First Wood magic power auxiliary amplification, the instantaneous ray rises sharply, dark demon armed forces front that in the loud sound, just moved forward loudly, looks like the fireworks blooms general, erupts the innumerable radiant brilliance, originally can also resist big five elements of a while column of flame to tie these time is almost broken instantaneously, even has not given the rear dark Mage release skill the sufficient time. Situated in the dark demon armed forces front line, over 3000 Mage were swallowed instantaneously, this is in the rear dark Mage shield quite prompt situation, suddenly, before dark demon armed forces , the imposing manner of flushing significantly weakens immediately.

From the holy war now, in the both sides strength obvious disparity very big situation, is dark dragon Huang is defeated by the bright dragon sovereign first, was the dark demon armed forces successively lost about 6000 Mage, suddenly, the dark army taxi mistreated the serious attack, the speed of advance reduced suddenly.

The chrysanthemum pig one breath spurts, recovered the originally size, in pair of small eyes revealed the weary color/look obviously, assisted the attacks of over ten thousand bright Mage, even if it were the Saint beast, was the consumption is huge.

However, at this moment. The air force of both sides also started the fight, although dark dragon Huang has lost to bright dragon Huang, the dark air force that but he leads actually completely dominates in the strength above the bright air force, the huge disparity in quantity and strength, making the bright air force only be able to retreat in defeat again and again under the bright dragon Huang leadership. Suddenly, has Mage and Giant Dragon of both sides corpse unceasingly from airborne crashes. The airborne fight wants frigid many compared with the ground in obviously.

"Accelerates to retreat."Ji cloud Sheng issuing order without hesitation. The army, has been similar to before tidal returns to remove in the direction of bright fort.

The bright fort, the whole highly over 50 meters, the city wall thickness has hundred meters fully, above holds the massive soldiers to fight sufficiently, in the meantime, fort facing dark army, 12 city gates, each city gate broad holds ten horse-drawn vehicles sufficiently parallel, therefore, the bright army withdraws the speed of fort to be extremely quick, bright Mages clenches teeth to insist , to continue the magic power output that maintains the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is releasing, shields the bright army to withdraw unceasingly.

At this time, in the bright army five big ten thousand people of regiments headed by diamond regiment started to support the air force. One after another thousand overlap the combination skill bang to airborne dark Mage and dark dragon clan.

Suddenly, various magic power rays able to move unhindered glitter just like good luck thousand in the sky generally. At the beginning, the attacks of five big regiments because of its element of surprise, in addition achieved the initial rank Ultra Certain Kill Skill might, has also had certain killing to the dark air force. However, do not forget, in that dark air force, but there are over a thousand dark Giant Dragon. In these dark Giant Dragon, there are much is the Rank 10 powerhouses, dark dragon Huang directed them to branch out one batch, quick resists from below air force.

At this moment, under the contact of both sides air force so short time, in bright air force, only remaining bright dragon clans. The air force that 500 bright Mage composes has been annihilated under the opposite party fierce attack.

Even if bright dragon clan, has the assistance of bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, perhaps already could not insist that bright Totem big of ten attribute bright heavenly stems Divine Beast under airborne arrange/cloth, resisted the massive attacks, this made them be able to retreat in the direction of bright fort gradually. The air force of both sides is really not standard online.

The attack that air force that 6000 dark Mage compose, from the sky launches is even more tyrannical than dark dragon clan, their every hundred people of one group, each attack, is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank. Let alone is bright Mages, even if these Rank 10 bright Giant Dragon in cannot resist directly. When the bright air force is annihilated at the same time, bright dragon clan also had more than 30 to perish, the injured party has accounted for over 40%. The aspect in battlefield also the change from air force starts to reverse, the strength, eventually is the inside story of both sides war, the dark army completely dominates above the bright army in any event.

In this thousands Mage war, the single Mage strength was not worthy of mentioning. By the both sides respective strategy, each attack, is almost the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, even if Nine-Crown Mage, does not dare to withstand opposite party over hundred people Mage the skill that absolutely directly collaborates to send out.

The dark demon armed forces in ground after undergoing short adjustment, started to launch the comprehensive attack with the bright demon armed forces, no longer released five elements to tie carries on to defend. The fight of both sides along with withdrawing of bright army, unceasingly direction shift toward bright fort.

Dark secret coldly said: "Attacking a city instrument preparation, once opposite party Mage removes into the fort, immediately pushes up attacks a city, Mage magic power reply."

The body of dark secret floats with an numerous purple robe big priest in the midair, follows the dark army to go forward together, is similar to from the sky the bird's eye view, can clear seeing, the black in ground be similar to the tide forces the opposite five types color composition army to retrocede generally unceasingly.

When bright dragon Zumen falls back on above the bright fort as soon as possible, the function of fort finally starts to appear, the massive defensive weapons aimed at the airborne dark air force to launch the attack. The magic power heavy crossbow and magic power strategy, changes into ray bang to the airborne dark air force, has little effect freely, but also eventually gives bright dragon clan by the panting opportunity.

Bright dragon Huang now is very depressed, the strength of opposite party air force was really too strong. In the beginning, he also believes that in opposite party air force. Strongest naturally is that over a thousand dark Giant Dragon, oneself bring, although only then 300 clansmen, but each is actually the Rank 10 rank, touches with the opposite party hardly, at least will not differ too. However, after the both sides air force fights truly, he clearly realizes, the fact at all is not such a matter. Although dark dragon clan is strong, but dark Mage behind them is more intrepid.

Regardless of how dark dragon clan said, is the individual fights, even if Rank 10 Giant Dragon. Also impossible instantaneous Ultra Certain Kill Skill, to need magic power to condense, in such war, they many choices naturally fights hand-to-hand by the body and spirit of dragon clan at present, magic power is only the auxiliary method. But after having they have taken the barrier, following dark Mages has actually launched the crazy output. Every hundred people of one group, 6000 dark Mage round attacks are 60 Ultra Certain Kill Skill bombardments ruthlessly, is only two rounds, bright Mage vanished, and has also had huge killing to their bright dragon clan. This is the aspect that bright dragon Huang has not thought.

Bright dragon Huang does not certainly know, in completely dark Mage, true elite, is airborne these 6000. If not they rises into airborne, but is coordinates the ground dark demon armed forces, before bright Mages is unable to have that huge destructive power by the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to the entire dark demon armed forces.

Can have Mage of magic beast partner, itself cultivation base must surpass Six-Crown, but the request of dark air force is higher plans, must, if Seven-Crown Mage, and has Rank 7 above flight magic beast to join, they are dark secret direct descendant. These 6000 dark Mage, directly were usually commanded by the dark secret, even if as Li Yonghao of dark heavenly stems disciple has not ordered their qualifications. The command of this dark air force, is Level 98 formidable Third Fire department Mage, cultivation base before guards the Chief big priest in dark temple to be almost the same. Is one of the dark secret hand/subordinate most formidable Mage. If the front impact, dark dragon Huang and his dragon clan army, possibly is not the enemy of dark air force this 6000 people compose. Initially, the dark secret personally led this dark demon armed forces to arrive in the dark dragon clan dragon valley, has conquered dark dragon clan thoroughly. These dark dragon Zuke are not spontaneous coming leads a cheer like bright dragon clan, they obey the dark secret order completely. At this time, the bright air force returns to the bright fort sky over, is relying on the full support of assistances as well as ten Omiya heavenly stems Divine Beast in fort, reluctantly stabilizes lives in the aspect. For air force here weak trend, Ji cloud Sheng asked ten Mage to unite the supreme powerhouses of elder assembly to return to the fort to support first.

Regarding this kind of war, the function of air force is important, once the air force downcasts thoroughly. Then, one's own side will certainly fall into the passive state completely, this is Ji cloud Sheng is not desired.

Actually. Today after the war starts, touches in a big way is also he, as the equal king in Light Five Elements Continent first great nation, Ji cloud Sheng is experienced. Although from the success, the bright army profited today, but he is very clear, this holy war situation has decided that if not present the miracle, the bright army simply does not have any opportunity. The dark demon weapons and rations were too formidable.

"Marshal, making us go."Bright secret sinking sound said. He has stood side Ji cloud Sheng, looks at the present aspect. Bright heavenly stems disciples also the scene of because similarly at present having shocks. This war, is the eternity is really difficult to meet. Human life such as worthless general. The both sides armies did not have true contact, over ten thousand Mage perished. Once side Mage is unable to support, Mage launches the attack in view of the ordinary soldier, perhaps then, this Holy and Evil Island region, really must become a meat grinder.

Ji cloud Sheng shook the head, said: "No, is not everybody attacks. Some forts as the shield, bright dragon clan oneself are also formidable enough, although was suppressed by the opposite party air force, a short time can also support. Now what I fear is dark secret gets rid personally. Also must trouble everybody after he gets rid blocks him, cannot make him have the influence to the war directly."

If no existence of bright heavenly stems disciple, Ji cloud Sheng will not make Mage unite the elders of elder assembly to return to the fort to carry on the support first. The strength of dark secret that Saint level peak no one has experienced truly, once were erupted by him, then, instantaneously is the thousands damage. Therefore, Ji cloud Sheng clearly is knowing that the great strength of bright heavenly stems disciple has dominated in the situation of these we supreme powerhouse, as before easily has not actually used them, to guard against sudden launch of dark secret. When god knows that lunatic common fellow of will appear in the battlefield.

The bright secret sighed one secretly, nodded. Regarding the wars of this total nearly thousands of person, is unable to carry on the projection of result by his ability. But he is also a discerning person, naturally can see at this time the bright and dark relative strength. In the heart secretly sighed, although they weakened the strength of dark army as far as possible, but this dark army actually as before that formidable, now can only place hopes is too early, otherwise the aspect that the dark heavenly stems disciple do not come back will certainly be more disadvantageous.

The both sides dozens miles distances, the bright army withdraws the fort after all slowly, the reason of distance makes the dark demon armed forces unable during the bright demon armed forces withdraw the intermittence in fort launches the attack. Enables the bright army the whole body to draw back.

"Transmitted orders, the air force retrocedes temporarily, do not pester above the bright fort with the opposite party." The dark secret issues the order, making the air force retrocede temporarily. These air forces are one of the he most important victory weapons, the dark dead health/guard did not have, he does not want to make the air force have the problem in a short time.

The Chief big priest asked to the dark secret: "Sir? We now what to do?
Starts to attack a city?"

Dark secret slightly hesitant, shook the head, said: "No, temporarily first does not attack a city, the order attacking a city army brings the attacking a city instrument to remove, the army whole withdraws inside and outside 50, the demon armed forces restore magic power."

The Chief big priest has been used to the capriciousness of dark secret, does not dare to ask, hurried to issue to order. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 672: Swallows the Saint beast not to be easy!

"What's the matter? How did the dark secret withdraw troops?"Returns to the fort on the tread the numerous bright army commanders in fort top shortly to be immediately dark the army is similar to tidal withdraws relentlessly. Came to see by the situation. The dark army had comprehensive superiority, should continue to attack is right. In their plans, happen to draws support from the defense of fort to kill the match as far as possible.

Ji cloud Sheng brows slightly wrinkled, ", only then a possibility, that was the dark demon armed forces magic power consumption of opposite party also nearly has dried up, the dark secret does not want to take risk."

The bright secret said: "If so, that is not good to understand, today their loss especially above us. Their Mage magic power restored, our Mage naturally are also so. Next time they will launch the attack time, we instead had have benefitted the superiority. To exhaust our Mage magic power, their Mage will not feel better, the situation is as before similar. I saw a moment ago, the opposite party the attacking a city instrument will have pushed, did not know stemming from what kind of idea, removed suddenly."

"Does not manage, fight had ended in any case temporarily, does not have my matter, I must rest first." The chrysanthemum pig jumps to the embattlement on, said to the people. Its appearance seems is truly weary. However, before with its help. Strikes to kill 3000 dark Mage at one fell swoop, can say, today it absolutely is the most important hero. "wait a moment." The bright secret called out suddenly, one step steps forward, arrived at side the chrysanthemum pig.

The chrysanthemum pig has gawked, visits him saying: "Does? Has not made me rest! Relax, I will not eat your too much grain. Had thousand jin (0.5 kg) to be similar."

Vision looking steadily of bright secret firmly on the chrysanthemum pig, shook the head, said: "It is not the issue that eats. The chrysanthemum pig, do you have to think that what incorrect place body does have?"

Chrysanthemum pig small eyes winked winking, said: "No! Is the magic power consumption is quite big, is a little weary. How?"

Bright secret brows slightly wrinkled, "I noticed on a moment ago probably you have black air/Qi to flash through, could it be it is did I misread? Do not move, making me have a look carefully."At the same time was saying, the bright secret closes both eyes, the forehead eye of secret opens slowly, the golden god light one from the chrysanthemum pig sweeps together.

The chrysanthemum pig only thought own whole body seemed completely understood generally, the irritability that could not say, the chubby body swayed from side to side, "do not think so others? Others will be embarrassed."That shyly appearance made one burst out laughing, in the war, in the depressing atmosphere in battlefield, no one could smile luckily at this time.

The eye of closed, bright secret secret also along with it relaxing, opens both eyes slowly, said to the chrysanthemum pig: "Possibly was my vertigo a moment ago. I scanned one carefully your body, truly does not have any issue. However, since you must rest, we and you go together."

The chrysanthemum pig has gawked, "does? For a long time does not see, wants to be intimate with me?"

Bright secret ill-humored say/way: "Is intimate, protects you. You do not have the combat capability. could it be you do not know, once the dark secret sneak attack, the first goal definitely is you. Has swallowed you, he can five elements promote to Divine level cultivation base completely."

snorted that the chrysanthemum pig disdains, said: "Fart, simply is the unbearable stink. Your this group of fellows really have not experienced. You think that swallows the Saint beast to be so easy! You forgot previous time him to swallow my brother time does? Without the dark altar swallows big, even if he is a god, could not swallow me. You think the dark altar is so good to arrange? Therefore, my present security . The dark secret wants to cope with me, must arrange the dark altar to be good in the short distance, could it be haven't we discovered? Moreover, now he does not have the contract of god, not only need arrange the altar, but must catch me was good in the past. By your soul cultivation base, if the dark secret arrives. Can you unable to discover? I believe, does not have the millennium preparation material, the dark altar is impossible to appear again. Good, I rested."

At the same time was saying, the chrysanthemum pig assumes an air of self approbation jumps from the embattlement, shook the fat small buttocks to walk.

Secret somewhat helpless shaking the head, to Ji cloud Sheng respectfully said: "Your highness, we with it. Ji Dong had said that after protecting the chrysanthemum pig is the holy war starts , one of the matters of primary importance."

Ji clouds the unfamiliar road: "wait a moment, secret, Ji Dong he.     ",
although Ji cloud Sheng knows, at this time, oneself did not deserve these many people to inquire the Ji Dong whereabouts, but he actually really could not bear. He has two grandsons, Ji Yeshang as the empire crown prince, the distance succeeds to the throne was not far, but in Ji cloud Shengxin, has actually filled to Ji Dong guilty, although Ji Dong has recognized this grandfather, but he actually as before cares about this grandson's situation. After all, initially son's death, making Ji cloud Sheng almost suffer lifelong, after having recognized Ji Dong, he has wanted to compensate this grandson well, but, Ji Dong throughout has not actually given him this opportunity. Arrived the present, Ji Dong even became can control one generation of Saint kings of continent holy war. Leads the bright heavenly stems disciple to submerge Dark Five Elements Continent this matter beforehand not to tell him, looks like in Ji cloud Sheng, this is because the grandson had not forgiven his reason. Can he not be worried about the Ji Dong situation? Such long has not seen excitedly. Even if he is brilliant, could not endure patiently at this time, impatient asked to the secret.

The secret has hesitated slightly, said: "Before we ran into the powerful enemy, barely escaped, Ji Dong to save everybody was injured, therefore cannot hurry back immediately. Now thinks of the fine jade to take care of him. After his injury good, he meets first arrives in the battlefield. I promised you, he does not have the danger."

Listened to the secret front words, the Ji cloud Sheng heart clutches instantaneously tightly, told him until the secret Ji Dong lifeless sorrow time, the Ji cloud Sheng body gradually relaxed, the vision was also gentle. Not only Ji cloud Sheng so, at this time stands in his side numerous supreme powerhouses also to the Ji Dong safety extremely cared. Especially Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, under the Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong, under the heavenly stems crown Ji Chang believes husband and wife also fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao and the others, Ji Dong and their relations were closest, hear Ji Dong to receive the heavy losses, their one by one revealed the anxious look.

The secret then realized oneself because of care chrysanthemum pig safety, but was somewhat rash, they just came back, should tell the people headed by Ji cloud Shengwei to be right dark continent that side situation first.

At that moment, the secret has not pursued the chrysanthemum pig immediately, sneaks Dark Five Elements Continent to mention from the people. How to attack the dark temple them, how to gamble with the dark secret, the strength of unceasing consumption dark army, as well as between the contact with revolt secret alliances in detail said. Especially was reiterating dark dead health/guard as well as dark heavenly stems Divine Beast were struck the process that kills by them. Since more than one year, bright heavenly stems disciple besides final several months in healing from a wound and promotion strength, it can be said that experienced the innumerable crises on Dark Five Elements Continent. The secret besides ambushes the opposite party that side matter of slightly to cross Fu Rui does not raise, other truthfully considers, naturally, finally Ji Dong remaining unconscious this point, hid temporarily, something cannot say. He is very clear, particularly is in front of these many people.

Listens to narration of secret, Mage to unite the elders of elder assembly, also Ji cloud Sheng and other commander, is fearful and apprehensive. They only know, formerly after faced that formidable dark army to be weakened unexpectedly. If the dark army is at the most flourishing condition, are many more than 10,000 dark Mage to be many dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast such powerhouse, perhaps the beforehand fight they had been struck to rout. Although after the enemy of bright heavenly stems disciples, moves not to achieve full success, but they as far as possible have also pulled closer the disparity between both sides, particularly strikes to kill the dark dead health/guard and right-hand of dark heavenly stems disciple dark secret, it can be said that has made the great merit. The person hears the dark heavenly stems Divine Beast destruction in the presence of everyone time, the popular feeling running high, the beforehand dilutedness sweeps away, the confidence increases.

At this time, contrasts from the top strength powerhouse, the bright army here Nine-Crown powerhouse quantity are not less than the dark army, particularly the dark heavenly stems disciple in dark army has not appeared to the present in the battlefield, revolts against the secret alliance to cut off the escape route of dark army, the situation has imagined compared with them at present is much better. So long as they can defend stubbornly here, the rear grain and fodder of dark army cut off, several million armies! The people eat horse Jiao, every day consumes is the astronomical figures, one month, dark army because the logistics supply will cut off does not attack bursts.

Ji cloud Sheng heartfelt saying: The news that "you bring was really too important. Has the enormous influence to our overall strategies, since behind Dark Five Elements Continent becomes serious, the dark secret has not known that now the grain and fodder of final two warehouse cut off completely, we can consume greatly with them, defends stubbornly by the fort. Although the overall strength of dark army is much stronger than us. But we have own superiority. Besides air force comparison suffers a loss, we did not fear regarding the army of their ground. Has the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy of Ji Dong invention to take the foundation, only if they can eat all our Mage completely, otherwise, wants to storm into the fort to be absolutely impossible. Then, we drag with them, perhaps one week, the dark secret will discover that their this dark armies did not have the grain and fodder to supply, the morale substantially will definitely drop. Without the rear supplies, they are the onset and retreat cannot. Gradually consumes to us is absolutely advantageous."

Secret nodded. Said: "So, now I only am worried is the dark secret oneself. After all, the dark secret has Saint level peak cultivation base, but we reach the Saint level actually only then the dragon sovereign and chrysanthemum pig, the chrysanthemum pig cannot directly participate during the fight. We want the sneak attack of close embankment dark secret. So long as can block the dark secret, defends stubbornly by the bright fort, should also be able to insist some time......." Here as for the air force of dark army, the secret smiled bitterly, in the heart had mused, if Ji Dong should here good, had him , the dark air force at all was not the issue. At this moment, he admired to oneself master, when the earth core world, Ji Dong as if has discovered this issue, and had found the method of solution! What what a pity is, does not have Ji Dong, who can transfer the strength of earth core world?

Ji cloud Sheng has doubts looks at secret: "Do you have the means to cope with dark air force?"Although the secret status is aloof, but with the grandson is the good friend, he naturally will not have too many politeness to the secret, naturally, will not regard the younger generation such to treat.

The secret shook the head, said: "Now has not said. We try hard to persevere. When the next war starts, if the dark air force powerful presses as before, could not say, we can only join in view of the airborne fight first, is replaced by us and bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, guards against the attack of dark secret by them temporarily, we as the main aggressor, give the opposite party to kill as far as possible."

Although the secret said is very tranquil, but his these words said that numerous Mage united the elders of elder assembly to be actually startled. Clearly, the secret is telling them, the strength of bright heavenly stems disciple be stronger than bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, although has lacked Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan attribute is uneven, but they will be more effective to killing of enemy air force, otherwise, he will not say such words.

Ji cloud Sheng nodded, said: "Since you are confident, we can also attempt, but, everybody must give priority to is safe. When Ji Dong comes back, after your bright heavenly stems disciple is complete, whole- heartedly is not again late. The secret, actually does the Ji Dong injury also need how long to restore?"

After secret slightly hesitant one next, shook the head in the vision that the people anticipate, "I do not know when he can come back. When I leave, his wound did not have, to come to enter the war earlier, we can only come back first. However I think, so long as the Ji Dong injury restores, he will immediately certainly arrive in the battlefield."

Ji cloud Sheng deep looked at secret one, said: "Good, such being the case, everybody rests temporarily. Because does not know when the dark army starts, we must continue to stay here. That side the chrysanthemum pig, troubled everybody."

Secret nodded, this said goodbye to Ji cloud Sheng, is leading the bright heavenly stems disciples, under eagerly anticipating that in Ji cloud Sheng sent for specially looked for the chrysanthemum pig.

The bright heavenly stems disciples walked, the Ji cloud Sheng complexion one becomes dignified, stands sighs in his Ji long letter, said: "The Ji Dong injury is perhaps heavy!"

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Chapter 673: Gloomy dark secret

"The Ji Dong injury is perhaps heavy!"Ji Changxin these words. Made people the complexion on the scene mostly ugly.

Cloudy toward way of yang: "Yes! Secret child was young, cannot hide the concern. The look that since he worries about can see, perhaps Ji Dong was very difficult to catch up in this holy war. Let alone, by the Ji Dong disposition, if not the injury is serious to truly unable to catch up, he can they come back with the secret."

Who on the scene is? Perhaps, now their cultivation base could not compare the bright heavenly stems disciple, may the presence age surpass hundred -year-old person over ten, experienced, secret hesitant had already caused their suspicion.

Ji cloud Sheng said with a forced smile: "He said luckily a moment ago Ji Dong will not be in danger the time is firm, perhaps otherwise, I was in front of his to be rude. Ji Dong has done for us were more, these young children are the continent safety barely escape. What can we also request their again? Grandfather, do fellow seniors, what have to suggest regarding this war at present? According to the secret a moment ago, our aspects are not at least bad like the imagination at present, the dark secret does not have the following supplies, once several million armies run out of food, the morale of troops is not surely steady, so long as we can insist for half a month above, will play the effect of getting quick results."

Ji Changxin solemnly said: "Is very difficult."He is different from other supreme powerhouses. He also once was the equal king, not only pure cultivation magic power, naturally also has the extremely rich experience regarding the series armed forces.

"According to the secret, at present is we are instead advantageous in the overall situation. However, do not forget. Cut off the following supplies, will make these dark armies cross the rubicon similarly, once their reckless launching attacks, to us, very probably will cause the ruinous consequence. If we cannot resist the dark secret and his dark army, the supplies cut off do not have any significance for him. He can definitely plunder our supplies. Through the way of living off the government, captures our Light Five Elements Continent, only needs the unceasing plunder resources, the supplies naturally is not a problem, after entering our continent center, rules continent, looks back to clean up the Dark Five Elements Continent aftermath not to be late again. Once such situation occurrence, what these do have the dark heavenly stems disciple of petty action also to dare to make in secret?"

Ji Changxin minute of department is it can be said that pertinent, numerous supreme powerhouses nod in abundance, right, once the dark army did not have sufficient following, then, they under crossing the rubicon, will certainly have at least one craziest attack, to both sides' relative strength, the bright army can resist them at present?

In Ji cloud Shengyan the cold light flashes. solemnly said: "According to this way, us can only cross the rubicon. Grandfather,. "

Ji long channel: "You now are the UN command, oneself take responsibility and that's the end, I believe that you can properly process."
Ji cloud Sheng nodded, "transmitting orders officer where." "Subordinate."Transmitting orders officer fast single knee knelt down
before Ji cloud Sheng.

In Ji cloud Shengyan cold light twinkle, solemnly said: "Passes on me to order, to send 200,000 people, at the same night the grain in storage in the fort ships continent, in the meantime, making all logistics supply armies all ship to the inland continent that side all following supplies, approaches Holy and Evil Island, is as for entire Eastern Wood Empire , can not have any grain and fodder to remain, in the meantime, reported Emperor Eastern Wood Empire, making him command the Eastern Wood Empire common people to draw back immediately into to my Central Earth Empire, with the quickest speed. Meanwhile, in shipping the process of grain and fodder, prepares the kerosene, once receives my next step order. Must never stint destroy these grain and fodder. In the fort, only stays behind enough eats half a month grain and fodder, moreover must pile up in together, prepares the kerosene around the grain and fodder. Sends with large army the defense. Goes."

Makes the officer not question that command has ordered, even if commander's order is unreasonable is also same. Immediately gets down to transmit orders.

Stands side Ji cloud Sheng, Southern Fire Empire marshal cannot bear saying: "Was equal Your Highness king, by doing so, too dangerous?"

Ji cloud Sheng solemnly said: ", Sets at the deathtrap then to live. Perhaps, we, the several million armies in also fort will be buried here, but so, we cannot make the enemy wreak havoc on our continent. The strength of dark secret is formidable, he cannot rely on oneself strength to solve the eating meal problems of several million armies. We insist here for day, his dark army takes on hungry one day. Even if we have been annihilated, after they capture continent, will discover, could not find any grain and fodder supplies, thorough continent requires the time, but they do not have such sufficient time. So long as they in breaking our fort later in ten days could not find any grain and fodder, then, this dark army collapses of itself, when the time comes, even if they want to withdraw troops Dark Five Elements Continent not to be impossible. Without the army, dark secret individual strength is strong, how also to rule our continent?"

Here, Ji cloud Sheng vision sincere looked to powerhouse, "must arrive really has not soon been able to contend, I request fellow elders, do not stop over here. Immediately leads a number of most hopeful Mage to return to continent, when we plan to complete, dark army after cutting off grain and fodder, but the strength uses up, everybody copes with the dark secret again."

The ten points that these words, Ji cloud Sheng said renounce, all people have understood what is heard his meaning, in such a short time, he promptly has made such decision, can say, he has made the worst preparation. Only has so, can make Light Five Elements Continent be possible to be insufficient after the bright army was routed downcasts.

Ji Chang believes nods slightly, looks at Ji cloud Sheng, solemnly said: "Worthily is my grandson, you have made the most correct decision. Other people can walk, but my equal king lineage/vein actually cannot walk. I accompany you here and officers altogether life or death. The morning sun brother, copes with the dark secret the heavy responsibility, must fall on you."

Cloudy morning sun is only nodded silently, forest clear under his Supreme Unity crown is a face with deep veneration. Although the war had ended temporarily, may at this moment, in the top of bright fort actually fill with the frigid atmosphere. In this dark and bright war, regardless of these supreme powerhouses had any barrier in the past, now one side also places. Any ratio has not preserved brightly is attacked a more important matter dark.

"If looks like such that the equal king said, finally only then the dark secrets and few dark Mage survive. Then, everybody courses us to be situated them in three gathers the dragon valley in mountain range. My ancestor, the ancestor of great Land Dragon, deep sleep, in three gather in the mountain range. He is unable to leave the mountain range, but if you can the dark day machine-drawn in the past, by the ancestor sage level high rank strength, be able to create a lot of opportunities to you surely. Naturally, that was also very possible is our final opportunities."

What speech is bright dragon Huang, he just settled oneself clansman, arrives at the top. This time dragon sovereign complexion is very ugly, although he has defeated dark dragon Huang. But the fight between both sides air forces actually lost, moreover suffers a more disastrous defeat. During the clansman who brings, over one-sixth perished in formerly that fought, his complexion can attractive blame.

Fermented nearly five years of holy war finally to start today, but until this moment, was relying on the news that the secrets and bright heavenly stems disciples had, in numerous bright commanders hearts truly had some energy, the strategic tactics temporarily has also formulated. The dark army who wants the area north of the Great Wall to have momentarily possibly mobilizes attacks, Ji cloud Shenghe commanders does not dare to return to the fort to rest, the fort top became their conference rooms, the so significant strategy naturally was not formerly Ji cloud Sheng several orders can be completed, they also needed unceasingly the perfect detail.

Meanwhile, the Ji cloud Shengxia command, ordering all bright Mage to rest in the fort top, the logistics supply provides the delicious meal, first supplies dragon Zuhe Mages.

The dark army withdraws from hundred miles, returns to their originally in Red Lotus day fire another side camp, stopped, is only and compared with the bright army, the situation of dark army obviously wanted calm many. After all, although they the loss is not small, is having the initiative.

"Didn't secret Sir, why make us continue to attack? You had not seen, we did have the absolute superiority a moment ago?"Dark dragon Huang ablaze with anger arrives in front of the dark secret, he at this time as before is the human form, a hand vanished, bare, in the eye revealed has been being full of the anger and anger. Has to draw an opportunity in city with great difficulty, was ordered to withdraw by the dark secret, in his heart can not be depressed? Went to a claw by bright dragon Huangduan, it can be said that dark dragon sovereign great shame, let alone he cannot pass, is unable to confess to own clansman, lost the entire dark dragon clan face, the shame has only been able to scrub with the blood, did not strike to kill off clear(ly) dragon Huang, he will be will not be how resigned.

The dark secret coldly has swept his one eyes. "Are you are interrogating me?" Dark dragon Huang stagnates, face has color/look embarrasedly, if in this world the also anything person can make him fear, perhaps at present this dark secret was only one. Started the dark altar in initially the dark secret on Holy and Evil Island, with the aid of the contract of god swallows the Saint beast time, dark dragon clan has not joined to the dark army. Afterward Red Lotus day fire ignited, the dark secret caused heavy losses to by Lie Yan (raging flames), after he returned dark continent healed from a wound, first looks was dark dragon Huang.

Is relying on the great strength of dark air force, the dark secret led the subordinates to suppress dark dragon clan quickly, at this time, he has further not actually launched the attack, the goal was very simple, that was maintains the dark dragon clan completeness, quite made them join to own dark army, therefore, the dark secret proposed at that time and dark dragon Huangdan selected. By the destiny of one-to-one form decision both sides.

Without a doubt, cultivation base only then the Saint level initial rank dark dragon sovereign physical body strength again is unable compared with the Saint level peak dark secret, one to fight, the dark secret suppressed him in various aspects completely, making dark dragon Huang have to lead the clansmen to attach admiringly.

Therefore, dark dragon Huang dreaded to the dark secret very, at this time is listening to the dark secret question, the manner of formerly threatening has restrained immediately. Somewhat awkward say/way: "I did not certainly interrogate you, but, in we occupied in the overwhelming superiority situation to withdraw troops, will bungle the military opportunity! If a moment ago we continued to start fully, even if cannot storm into that bright fort, at least also will make them pay the deeply grieved price, air force, we completely had the superiority."

The dark secret coldly has swept his one eyes, "has sufficed, how I do not need you to teach me to do, you go back."

Dark dragon Huang also wants to say anything again, had actually been swept by the dark secret ice-cold vision, a formidable incomparable pressure made him keep silent immediately the Ruohan cicada, does not dare to say anything, dingy walking. At this time, was responsible for commanding Fu Rui of army also to arrive at side the dark secret, after gazing after dark dragon Huang to depart, in a low voice said: "Father, although he was anxious, but I thought he said also some truth, the opportunity truly was very to us good."

The dark secret looked at Fu Rui one, nods slightly, said: "I know certainly right that he said. However, this bright army did not stutter eagerly. I have the plan, you do not need to ask. Li Yonghao hasn't they come back?"

Fu Rui nodded, said: "Yes, they have not turned over, moreover, does not have any supplies to ship. The father, you looked that wants me to have the person to have a look? Maybe had an accident."

The dark secret sneers, "has an accident? Naturally will have an accident. You should also see a moment ago, these bright heavenly stems disciples returned to the opposite party camp in majority, but does not have that two Fire departments boy and another Second Wood department disciple. However, if I have not guessed that wrong, that two Fire departments boy should be died in the dead health/guard hand, strikes to kill my darkness dead health/guard, don't they possibly pay the price? At this time did not have the bright continent person behind us, will have an accident? Can you think?"

Fu Rui doubts looks at the dark secret, "could it be it is Li Yonghao they?"

Dark secret cold say/way: "He thinks does is very secret, but, in this world, how is wanted to hide the truth from me by any matter to be also possible. I am disinclined to pay attention to him. Revolt secret alliance association president, it seems like, he could not repress, prepares to hold our blade in the back. All that what a pity, in two days, he makes, will pay the price." Here, the look on dark secret face became is somewhat dense, the five elements pressure even made the surrounding air somewhat shiver, those who made people with amazement was, the both eyes of dark secret simultaneously flashed through wipe the sad and shrill dark-red. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. The final splendor has launched gradually......

Chapter 674: The war begins

Listened to the dark secret words. The shock in Fu Rui heart can be imagined, but he is actually not because Li Yonghao as revolts against secret alliance association president matter to be shocked, from the Ji Dong mouth, he already obtained this news, what he is shocked, seems knows to dark secret actually anything that continent was already indifferent, just as such that he said that he is only has not gone to pay attention, is not does not know. It seems like that since oneself continuously, underestimated this father. Are these words that but, he spoke what meaning? It seems, the dark secret does not care about the dark heavenly stems disciples whether catches up, does not care about their revolt secret alliance similarly. Since he knows that Li Yonghao as revolts against secret alliance association president this point to see, the dark secret should be clear regarding the dark continent situation, is, in such a case, he did not have any movement before, even has not gone in view of the dark heavenly stems disciple, oneself this father simply gloomy was too fearful. Perhaps, he is not good at governing country. However, perhaps in plot, nobody can in comparison, Little Junior Brother! You may not probably underestimate him.

In this time, the dark secret is lifting hand, unexpectedly encouragement on the Fu Rui shoulder -type has patted the racket, ", since Li Yonghao they do not come back, after the army, on plenary powers is taken over control by you, my successor always only has one, that is you."

Is feeling this suddenly, even made oneself some kinship of being at a loss, Fu Rui somewhat was shocked, the eyeground deep place flashed through light being at a loss. But the dark secret has actually taken back own hand, has turned around, looks at the bright fort to distant place, the transmitting orders dark army recuperation. Day of quick on the past, the bright army is always maintaining the vigilant condition, frequently prepares to deal with the dark army sudden offensive. However, the dark army imagines compared with them wants calm many, in clearly knows that does not have in the situation of following logistics supply, the dark secret has not attacked as before eagerly. When until next morning, solar high photo, unflustered deploying troops, leading the dark army to reappear in the battlefield.

The dark secret does this, naturally does not have the element of surprise to say, is clarifies the carriages and horses to fight completely directly.

Bright army, Ji cloud Shengzhan in fort top brow tight wrinkle. Because he always does not understand that the attack of dark secret so will be why temperate. According to his judgment, dark army prepared to be so long, the Red Lotus day fire has been put out finally, properly speaking, the dark secret should launch the craziest attack immediately, particularly in yesterday's fight later, they distinct had the superiority, should establish to win the potential to be right in one vigorous effort, but dark secret actually bewildered withdrawal of troops. Ji cloud Sheng always thought that has any plot, but actually is any he unable to think. All can only walk one step to look at one.

The dark army under the direction of dark secret, presses on all fronts, in the sky, naturally is the dark air force that dark dragon Huang leads, this time sky, completely is belongs their, they are having the overwhelming superiority. Ji cloud Sheng to avoid bright dragon clan damages excessively, even has not let the bright dragon clan lift-off confrontation, but makes them hide in the fort. Currently speaking, they can cope with the method of dark air force to have one, that is uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy the striking distance. First must suppress dark Mage in ground beyond enough range, as the matter stands. Once the place air force captures certain range, bright Mage can change the direction of attack, ambushes them. Although does this as before is the futile attempt, but resists some time can achieve.

Under the bang, the collision of both sides among commencing of action from Mage, clashes as before loudly, no one has profited. Had yesterday's experience, dark Mage in the advance process, more energy will place above the defense, opens five elements to tie completely, forms big five elements layer by layer to tie to press with steady steps. But the dark air force has not approached eagerly, but follows the tread dark army to oppress in the upper air slowly forward. The huge pressure, making the bright commanders complexion on bright fort top become is getting more and more dignified.

The Ji cloud Sheng vision looks to the bright secret, the secret to his nodded, they knows slightly, by the dark army current motion, their originally strategy was very difficult to realize, needing some people cope with the airborne dark air force. Numerous bright heavenly stems disciples have been ready. Although dark air force quantity is numerous, they actually only then several people, so long as they can break in that dark air force, by the individual formidable strength, wanted to create the confusion on easy many.

Bright dragon sovereign vision staring in airborne, "I and you go together."

The dark army was getting more and more near, when the full defenses of several tens of thousands dark Mage aligning lineups, bright Mages also does not have the Red Lotus day fire vanished the rich Fire Element support, wants to carry on effective killing to dark Mage again is almost impossible.

The fight of both sides from each other is away from 30 miles to start, this distance pulls closer to 20 miles and ten miles and five miles gradually. At this time, the bright fort entered the dark Mages attack range, i.e. The bright Mage group was impossible to set aside the hand to cope with the dark air force.

At this time, the dark air force moved, under dark dragon Huang leadership, the huge and powerful dark air force just like dark clouds, drops in the direction of bright fort rapidly, the terrifying magic power fluctuation, was makes in the sky present big piece shining, everyone knows, these round attacked, the loss of bright fort could be imagined. Especially, bright Mages of goal bright fort top they aim, once makes them go well, brings to the bright army, will certainly be the ruinous disaster. "duo"loudly shouted, in the bright secret eye the cold light twinkle, the forehead eye of secret opens quietly, the deep gold/metal electro-optic shoots together, the strength of unequalled rich soul erupts vigorously, the golden light after breaking in the airborne ten meters changed into invisible. But in the next moment, these is diving, but below all dark air forces, including the dark dragon sovereign, simultaneously felt that in own brain as if ruthlessly had been pounded by any thing. originally condensed the formed magic skill to be instantaneous, then huge magic power had the disorder immediately. Some cultivation base are slightly weak dark air force to have a dizzy spell, cultivation base sharp drop.

Soul word hammer, bright secret appropriation skill, this is in that fights after the dark dead health/guard, bright secret through formidable function of eye of comprehension secret. Belongs to the soul level specially, sends out by his Saint level high rank soul cultivation base, might, even if under is dark secret such ability deals directly, must whole-heartedly. Although the area that because now covers is too big, might also along with the it sharp drop. But is in such a case, the entire dark air force all was affected.

Stands numerous in top commands the also supreme powerhouses brightly, not only shocks, originally in their eyes, on bright secret, only then very weak magic power fluctuation, they somewhat suspected regarding ability many of this secret, until at this moment, them understands the bright secret formidable at where.

Presents the chaotic flash in the sky, all bright heavenly stems disciples as well as bright dragon Huang the incarnation light shadow has soared, directly soars the airborne dark air force to go. With the aid of the airborne chaos, they can make use, otherwise, only in the process of rise, will be intercepted by the dark air force.

In the next moment that the secret starts, a low roar also along with it resounding, the chrysanthemum pig also started, its body becomes incomparably huge, rich pinnacle First Wood magic power emits, making bright Mages strengthen through the Third Fire bombardment that the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy sent out suddenly, broke big five elements of dark demon armed forces to tie once more, casualties that although these time caused only then more than thousand, but also sufficiently deterred below dark demon armed forces.

From the bright fort top to the position that dark air force is, be only more than 2000 meters, have surpassed the Nine-Crown bright heavenly stems disciples regarding cultivation base, but is the time that several times breathe, when the dark air force also has not adjusted from the soul word hammer of bright secret, they arrived.

gold/metal pushes to the front, first broke in the camp of place, the innumerable dazzling golden light burst out from her suddenly, will see only her to exterminate gold/metal Huan to lift up high above own top of the head, a golden light blade proliferated instantaneously, the place visited, dark Mages was similar to shears the wheat to cut off one piece generally. even/including Heian dead health/guard Ajin can kill several, at this time her magic power broke through Level 95, the nature was more tyrannical than that time. Also can it be that these universal Seven-Crown cultivation base dark Mage can resist.

Motion gold/metal of other bright heavenly stems disciples are not slow, rely on the bright divine tool that their each one is grasping, but puts in an appearance, over a hundred dark air forces from airborne fall from the sky.

However. These dark air forces worthily are the dark secret hand/subordinate sharpest powerhouses, after passing through short confusion, they immediately have also made the response, five elements tie appears side the bright heavenly stems disciple, although this type under five elements by ten person cloths ties cannot block the attack of bright heavenly stems disciple as before, what without a doubt is, ties by these five elements, can weaken their attack intensities large scale, thus serves the purpose of reducing the casualties. Meanwhile, dark Mages fast retreat, Giant Dragon but outrageously, fast surrounds the bright heavenly stems disciples, launched the fierce offensive to them. On the individual combat capability, dark Mage cannot compared with the dragon clan, under the dark dragon Huang leadership, these dragon clan powerhouses encircle obviously. Dark dragon Huang dispatches is Rank 10 Giant Dragon, even if the bright heavenly stems disciples strength is tyrannical, wants to kill Rank 10 Giant Dragon also to require certain time.

Shortly bright dragon Huang and bright heavenly stems disciple's arrival, dark dragon Huang not startled counter- happy, revenging time. It does not have many attention regarding the bright heavenly stems disciple, but is having four Dragon King, has enclosed directly bright dragon Huang, launched the fierce attack . Before must take snow, shame.

Although the aspect in sky, the bright heavenly stems disciples have been in the disadvantageous region, but is most minimum, their appearances not only have killed the match, but also made the dark air force unable to the fort direction to launch attacks temporarily.

Other people are better, majority are resisting attack in all directions, but gold/metal actually showed the incomparably tyrannical strength. She does not have the incarnation to be dragon shape, on the shape of according to person, the left hand grasps the court eunuch manufacturer, the right hand is taking is exterminating gold/metal Huan, like lightning from the sky advances freely and quickly like together the golden color.

Rank 10 Fire Dragon blocks the direction that gold/metal went forward outrageously, the huge spitting breath emits, but, tries in the superiority by attribute to suppress her, but, gold/metal actually does not care about this giant flame, in the eye the cold light flashes, exterminates gold/metal Huan the front surface to divide, Fire Dragon blowout pinnacle Third Fire before exterminating gold/metal anchor ring, was dug unexpectedly, flashes through following gold/metal body by, but the next moment, gold/metal arrived in front of it, a foot on treading in the head of that Fire Dragon, exterminated gold/metal Huan to get rid, will want dark of aid in airborne several. dragon Zubi draws back, but King's right fist, such fist bombardment in the head of Rank 10 Fire Dragon.

If changed other bright heavenly stems disciples such to do, most was also lets that Fire Dragon by some minor wounds, but, gold/metal this fist was manifestation of her Saint level body and spirit, let alone, the bright heavenly stems disciple compared in other bright Mage biggest superiority, lay in their own intense light attribute has the greatly strengthened restraint regarding any dark continent living thing.

One rumbles, the unequalled sharp air/Qi penetrates to the bone to enter, that Rank 10 Fire Dragon even including one to call out in grief cannot send out, the borneo camphor was stirred the starch. King's fist breaks its hard skull, one grasped inside crystal core, then transformed the personal appearance, threw toward the next goal.

King's attack was too powerful, can follow her speed without any dark dragon clan, does not have any Giant Dragon to resist her attack, is almost every time gets rid, must capture, another Rank 10 Giant Dragon crashes from the sky unceasingly.

Bright heavenly stems disciple very tacit, gold/metal as key offensive player at the same time, Lan Bao'er gave up in view of the attack of enemy, but was comprehensive has launched auxiliary to gold/metal, although her speed was inferior to gold/metal, but her magic power actually throughout can be closely associated, spread to gold/metal within the body through the function of divine tool, through the function of aquatic gold/metal, helping gold/metal maintain magic power throughout is in peak condition. As the matter stands, gold/metal naturally is kills carefree was dripping. At the same time is hunting and killing Rank 10 dark dragon clan, crystal core that will also obtain throws to the partners.

Asked the recommendation ticket, everybody top/withstand intensely.

Chapter 675: The endless red cloud, the tyrant returns

Rank 10 Divine Beast crystal core is very precious. Besides the dragon clan, usually saw that Rank 10 Divine Beast is very difficult, let alone these Divine Beast have the considerable terrifying strength, Nine-Crown following Mage, is impossible to strike to kill Rank 10 magic beast alone. However, in Rank 10 magic beast crystal core, is containing purest attribute magic power, it can be said that Mages biggest tonic. In King's motion, unceasingly these Rank 10 Giant Dragon crystal core according to being ** to partners, by cultivation base of bright heavenly stems disciples, although in fighting, can swallow magic power in these crystal core to supplement oneself as before unceasingly, this makes them have a long time combat capability.

However, at this time, the bright heavenly stems disciples actually has met troublesome, the sudden red ray hit together outrageously on the flatter golden body, has broken her slaughtering forcefully. gold/metal whole person hit flies horizontally, a body of numerous loading Rank 10 Giant Dragon, then rebounds under. King's body after striking to kill the dark dead health/guard to absorb crystal core as well as Crystal Crown of dark Eighth Metal of dead health/guard dark hard Metal God beast, promoted the Saint level middle rank the body intensity, only this. Can make her cause heavy losses.

The bright heavenly stems disciples then discovered that before, when dark Mages retreat in these dark air forces, after dark dragon Zuding on, these dark Mage have gotten down the lineup in the surrounding fast arrange/cloth, is different according to the attribute, every hundred people of one group, this struck a moment ago, overlay magic skill that 100 Third Fire department dark Mage collaborate to send out. Must know, these dark Mage average cultivation base in Seven-Crown above, their collaborations, are extremely terrifying. Shelled magic skill on flatter golden body a moment ago, fully had the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might. In strikes to kill in the dark dragon clan process unceasingly, gold/metal unexpected , was also injured.

gold/metal is only first, at the same time, the tyrannical skill from toward the bright heavenly stems disciples shells one after another unceasingly in all directions, but, even if their own strengths are tyrannical, there is a magic power support in lasting law, in these dark air forces under collaboration attack, has to be tired out by dealing with, wants to strike to kill dark dragon clan again not to be impossible.

Compared with them, another side bright dragon sovereign situation is in imminent danger, its strength is only and dark dragon sovereign is equally matched, after dark dragon Huang was destroyed a claw, magic power has not dropped many, but the body slightly was affected. The overall strength was weaker than him. However, at this time dark dragon Huangzai adds on four big dark Dragon King, the situation completely was different. Bright dragon Huanglian is tired out by dealing with is not, wound is increasing unceasingly.

Bright dragon Zumen in fort greatly was already anxious, but they are actually busily cannot add on now. The strength as well as the directors of dark air force are quite outstanding, 6000 dark Mage besides were struck more than hundred that kills, the surplus people are divided into two groups, a wave in converging attack bright heavenly stems disciples, but another wave, then wanted to aid bright Mage as well as bright dragon of clan bright heavenly stems disciple to the ground in has given the powerful suppression.

High-order Ultra Certain Kill Skill shell unceasingly, even if exiting that bright dragon clan several Dragon King is unable to clash, can only look helplessly the airborne bright heavenly stems disciple as well as bright dragon Huang were besieged by the enemy. Although they can also support in a short time, but will not be long. Once they could not support, that the next moment brings will destroy.

Not only the aspect in sky becomes more and more bad, in the ground also similarly so, the dark army stopped in a distance bright fort five miles place, has launched the attack with bright Mages. Position that this distance, fort top any defense instrument is unable to hope to attain, but the dark demon armed forces also happen to can launch the attack from this distance to the bright fort. magic power of both sides fiercely is consuming. When a crisis, the chrysanthemum pig had launched an attack. Numerous Mage on top united the elders of elder assembly also to join the fight, by their formidable magic power, this reluctantly stabilized lived in the aspect. The dark Mage quantity were too many, has not gotten rid the dark secret to the present as before. Bright army , can only keep the bright heavenly stems Divine Beast preparation momentarily strain, does not dare to invest into the battlefield in comprehensively. Once the aerial operation ended, perhaps then, the bright fort must unable to withstand including today, even if can withstand, does not know that must pay the how serious price.

The Ji cloud Sheng complexion is pale, his plan requires the time, but the dark army attacked fierce actually likely does not prepare to him this time. Whether today to support is issues. He is very clear, causes at present such aspect basic reason, on Light Five Elements Continent several hundred years of peace creates. 500 years of peace, making various countries concentrate on the full scale development economy , to promote national strength and other aspects. Although each country also has the massive armies, but Mage because actually the status is aloof, is very difficult to unify trains. The peaceful time is too long, has caused disparity between bright continent and dark continent is so huge, this is in others strengths were weakened in many situations by the bright heavenly stems disciple. Ji cloud Sheng both hands gripped tight, he can achieve has done, he hopes now, before fights finished, magic power of dark demon armed forces can consume completely, only by doing so, they can have a slim chance of survival, but, bright heavenly stems disciples. Also can live is coming back? Has been in the extremely critical condition moment in this bright army, suddenly, the bright army back distant place, wipes the red to appear in the horizon, just started, this wipes the red not to cause anybody to pay attention, but, quick, this red gradually spreads toward the battlefield . Moreover, has no longer wiped, but is one piece, looks like cannot see the red cloud of boundary, rapidly is spreading toward the battlefield.

The dark army discovered that this red cloud wants to be earlier, because they are facing this red cloud, had not gotten rid, guards slightly changes in the dark secret purple robe big priests complexion.

"What is that?"Saying that the Chief big priest has doubts.

The dark secret also similarly looks up to that red cloud, but, his consistent powerful as if vanished, but knit the brows slightly, lightly said: "Watches changes quietly."

The speed of red cloud movement seems not quick, but that is because, it was extremely is really huge. Quick. The sunlight in sky received the influence of this red cloud, originally by the earth that the sunlight shines, starts to have the big piece shadow to appear, until at this moment, has paid attention to the bright commanders in battlefield subconscious raising the head to look.

The bright commanders naturally similarly do not know that this is anything, when they noticed when that nearly appears Pang Dahong ten thousand meters away clouds in the upper air, can't help gasping. Nobody knows that but, in each individual heart, has an invisible constriction.

At this time, that red cloud has fully occupied half sky. But, actually as before cannot see its end . Moreover, red cloud Jing of this big piece in the unceasing drop, the important reason that this cannot see its boundary.

Bright heavenly stems disciples who is supporting by strenuous efforts naturally also saw the appearance of that red cloud, because the dark air force this sudden Pang Dahong clouds, attack also along with it slow several points, making them be have the opportunity of catching one's breath. "That is. "saying of Yao Qianshu somewhat dull.

"Is Ji Dong, was Ji Dong came, certainly was he."Remote nearly was crying out crazily, in the beautiful pupil has been full of the excited color/look.

"Is Ji Dong, is Ji Dong."Yao Qianshu is repeating the remote words. In the eye the look becomes even compares remotely is crazy, "dragon sovereign, you insists, Ji Dong came, Ji Dong led the reinforcements to come!"

The bright heavenly stems disciples, looked like take the stimulant to be common suddenly, on everyone erupted unequalled intense war intent, originally continuously in hardship them of support, did not need to pay attention to retain magic power at this moment, magic power bloomed comprehensively, the instantaneous retreat, broke to dark dragon Huang forcefully with four big dark Dragon King to the bright dragon Huang encirclement ring, gathered, fully output. Ji Dong came, represented to hope. Others do not know that what this cannot look at the red cloud of boundary is, don't they possibly know? Also only then they, see such situation to appear, although at that time, did not have the so giant red cloud, but they actually can definitely be able to imagine these red clouds are from where.

The red cloud was getting more and more near, the huge oppression strength that it brings, bears the brunt, function on dark air force. Dark Mages unceasing raising the head to airborne looks, they can see, actually only then a fiery-red piece. However, they can actually the clear feeling. In this huge red cloud is containing, is endless Fire Element! The so huge range, so terrifying magic power fluctuation, could it be, was could it be this another ultimate Certain Kill Skill arrives?

That side dark secret, finally some response, the purple robe big priests are the complexion big changes, the dark secret also similarly so, his body unbent therefore slightly shivered, but too many attention have not fallen on him at this time, therefore, had not discovered in the powerhouses of his side. Has experienced a Red Lotus day hot impediment, dark Mages most fears is the present situation appears, others do not know that the logistics supply broke, Mage of their these peaks know certainly. If the Red Lotus day fire is cut off again for five years, the dark army turns back in order to help friendly forces continent, does not know that has many losses, perhaps, was impossible to organize so the army of scale . Moreover, put down a rebellion the brought internal friction, was they cannot withstand completely, only had to capture Light Five Elements Continent, grabbed to be the bright wealth is their only outlets.

At this moment, the red cloud was getting more and more low, suddenly, in the sky giant red cloud tumbles suddenly, looked like has boiled generally, several hundred red light almost also dropped from the clouds, pounding ruthlessly in dark air force.

Huge fire attribute magic power bursts out instantaneously, the sound almost simultaneously resounds in the sky loudly, dark Mage crash from the sky in the bombardment of this terrifying, but these red light likely were the precision guidance generally, throughout have not actually shelled range of bright dragon Huang and in the bright heavenly stems disciples.

"Withdrawal of troops, the withdrawal of troops, all retreat." The dark secret is somewhat scared general is bellowing. His order also immediately issued in the dark army. The front dark Mages change attack, reconstituted big five elements to tie, protected the dark army to retreat rapidly backward.

But at this moment, in the sky starts one round to attack the later red cloud, showed its true self finally.

Build huge hot crows gradually reveal the personal appearance, Fire Element that the beforehand red cloud, on them blooms composes, the dark army in ground retreats is ordered, but, the dark air force in sky wants to remove again retreats is impossible.

Each flame blooms, is several hundred red glow drops from the clouds, each red glow, is the magic power bombardment that in hot crow big thousand hot crows fold put together. Although individual cultivation base of hot crow is very weak, but, unites the strengths of thousand hot crows, there is a close Ultra Certain Kill Skill might, several hundred also shell, moreover is almost uninterrupted launch, even if dark dragon clan cannot resist.

Elite dark air force, in this type covers under the general red light beam bombardment just like rug, quantity in unceasing drop, they, although retreated with the quickest speed, but, airborne hot crow big covers the range in too to be big. When they withdraw in the ground, enters big five elements ties the protection time, dark air force that can live truly already less than one-third, the dark dragon clan situation is slightly good, but over a thousand dark Giant Dragon, now surplus only has more than 600. The entire dark air force nearly ruinous caused heavy losses.

Yes, was Ji Dong came back, the hot crow in sky stopped the attack, with one voice named, their sounds gathered a mighty current, making entire Holy and Evil Island tremble.

The Ji Dong form, quietly appears in their collective long cry in the midair, Chen Sixuan follows side him, two people common appearances, have caused cheering of all bright heavenly stems disciples, their sounds were covered by the songs and calls of hot crow freely, but their excitements immediately are actually infecting Ji Dong.

gold/metal is first throws, in she will soon bang into the Ji Dong bosom suddenly stops, both hands stagnation that lifts in the midair, the look somewhat awkwardly looked around Chen Sixuan.

On the Ji Dong face reveals a smile, he actually suddenly opens the arm, supports into gold/metal the bosom, closely has held her. However, has not waited for gold/metal to respond, Ji Dong loosened the both arms, to/clashes the bright heavenly stems disciples who not to divide the men and women with behind, one by one hugs.

"I came back."This is the manifesto of tyrant.

Ji Dong came back, did the distance war end last also? The Wine God final essence will soon launch.

Chapter 676: Twin dragon woman?

"I came back."Ji Dong looks at the partners. In the eye is the tears twinkle, yes, he came back, carried on the most crucial time at this light dark holy war, he has hurried back finally, leading hundred myriad fires crow armies to hurry back.

When Ji Dong sobers after the stupor, he and Chen Sixuan had come back actually one time, but that time they returned to Light Five Elements Continent to go directly, the goal was to transfer the hot crow clan in earth core world enters the war. Initially, Ji Dong was hot crow clan has laid the prosperous foundation, for several years the time, the entire hot crow clan is changed beyond recognition, although their individual strengths were as before small and weak, is unable by far compared with other earth core races, but, their comprehensive strengths, actually continually rose, even steady entered earth core world first ten. Moreover, a hot crow clan also superiority, they will not receive any dreaded that the reason is very simple. Although the hot crow clan overall strength is very strong, but their single body ability is too weak, the impossible thorough earth core world, naturally unable to pose the threat to these earth core strong clans. Therefore, the earth core world three big strong clans are also look after to them, announced beyond the earth core world five, was controlled by the hot crow clan.

It can be said that the prosperity of entire hot crow clan because of Ji Dong, the hot crow clan can be imagined to his gratitude, Ji Dong when initially left the earth core world, became hot crow clan forever King.

This time, Ji Dong returns to the earth core world, borrows the soldier to the hot crow clan, the hot crow clan simply does not have the slightest bit to hesitate. As for exits hundred meters zone of magma to clash from the earth core world, regarding others is the issue, but has reached as high as Saint level high rank Ji Dong regarding cultivation base, actually at all is not anything, he breaks the zone of magma forcefully, has created this exit|to speak to the hot crow clan, and invited the Fire Lotus clan as the supervision, after this time matter ended, will export the seal again, as the matter stands, will not have any issue. Was the earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches to act the founder, Ji Dong this Lord does, particularly after his strength promotion to Saint level high rank, obtained the hot demon clan, the fire spirit clan and approvals of Fire Lotus clan three big strong clans completely. Ji Dong cultivation base promotion rapidness of such. They as if saw omen that another Empress Lie Yan will soon present.

Ji Dong also considered that the hot crow clan regarding the importance of earth core world, after all, they must be responsible for shipping the fire fine fruit to maintain the entire earth core world the biological chain, therefore, Ji Dong has not made the hot crow clan turn out in full strength, but has dispatched the hot crow clan one-fourth strengths, the entire 1 million hot crows participate in holy war between this light and darkness.

That is hundred myriad fires crows! Even if their individual strength is small and weak, that also compared to the earth core world, the smallest and weakest grown hot crow, cultivation base can also be equal to two steps to Rank 3 magic beast, slightly is only weaker than human Two-Crown Mage. Let alone this and Ji Dong comes out together, also tens of thousands of hot crows command, the feudal lord level powerhouse, with the Ji Dong initial help, the present hot crow clan also had a group of own powerhouses, if not Ji Dong is determined to make the hot crow king keep the earth core world to manage the hot crow clan, the hot crow king this time must come out to enter the war with him together.

After Ji Dong has completed dispatching of getting a light from another light crow clan, this returns Holy and Evil Island, has intercepted the dark heavenly stems disciple. Why such late arrives in the battlefield as for the hot crow clan, naturally because of distance. Is away from the Holy and Evil Island recent exit|to speak from the earth core world on Light Five Elements Continent Holy and Evil Island, there is not a short distance. Although the flying speed of hot crow is not slow, but is not too quick. Must have enough time to catch up. Luckily, their arrivals are prompt, when the dark army has posed the fatal threat to the entire bright army, hundred myriad fires crows appear outrageously, routs the dark air force instantaneously, air supremacy firmly grasped in the Ji Dong hand.

In the bright heavenly stems disciples eyes, without a doubt, this holy war because of the appearance of Ji Dong, the aspect reversed completely, had joining of hot crow clan, the overall strength of entire bright army was not weak in the dark army. The airborne absolute air supremacy, was makes them enter the superior condition.

After Ji Dong and partners turn is intimate, ordering hot crow clan to retreat, the open area behind bright fort descends, temporarily is stationed there. The hot crow clan does not need any camp. Actually, the surface world they do not calculate adapt very much, after all, the Fire Element rich degree and earth core world in surface world compared many that may probably miss. However, is not too big regarding their influences, after all, they, when launches the attack to unite in together. Hundred myriad fires crow such huge quantities, is impossible to be stationed in the bright fort.

Reason that Ji Dong has not made hot crow army continue to attack, naturally has the reason, hot crow clan after entering world, their battle efficiencies have certain drop, moreover since these five and six days, they have travelled day and night to fly to Holy and Evil Island, the consumption of body was enormous, must have the sufficient time to rest. Otherwise, their battle efficiencies are unable to be lasting, the superiority has established in any case now, Ji Dong also arrived in the battlefield, naturally eagerly did not end the fight in this day, after waiting for the hot crow clan rest to be full, puts in the battlefield again, is not late.

Bright dragon sovereign incarnation human form, look surprised uncertain looks at Ji Dong, "brat, you, you are not. "

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "What's wrong? Feared. Then you may unable to bully me." Bright dragon Huang ill-humored say/way: "Bullies, just knew the time from us starts, is you bullies me to be good. Later these time, are I are accompanying you to practice the actual combat capability. You did not thank well, added that I bullied you, you conscientious! However, did you break through the Saint level really?"

The appearance that looks at bright dragon Huang, in the Ji Dong heart it can be said that has mixed emotions, the personal appearance flashes, arrived in front of him, has given him a big hug.

"Light point, light, hasn't seen me injured?"Although in bright dragon Huangkou was saying like this. But has also given a Ji Dong powerful hug similarly, the return of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, made its mood greatly smooth, but, he has thought quickly a more important matter, hurried to say to Ji Dong: "My treasure children? They where?"Although had learned from bright secret there oneself children are all right, but he is to notice that impatiently fifty Saint Fire Dragon and thinks.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, in the eye the ray flashes, black white two forms simultaneously appeared side the dragon sovereign, not only dragon Huang, the bright heavenly stems disciples also completely was shocked. Because, appears before them, unexpectedly is two have never seen the young girl.

That is two appearance beautiful young girls, sees them, besides Chen Sixuan, other person body slightly shakes, in the eye has been all full of the inconceivable color/look. That two young girls similarly are stature tall and slender, moreover is much longer. Only different, is the colors of their hair, the left young girl is a pitch-black long hair, the right young girl is a golden long hair, with their clothes homochromies. But the style of their clothes is also exactly the same, is a vigor attire, stature perfect outlined.

The heights of these two young girls in 1.8 meters about, absolutely were the tall and slender beautiful women, the stature and look nearly were perfect, what was more important, their appearances, took to the bright heavenly stems disciples intense familiar feeling, because, they looked like Lie Yan (raging flames), at least eight points imagined, although compared with the Fire Lotus clan head of the clan Fire Lotus king also almost, but could not miss to be too many. The key is, their aura and Fire Lotus clansmen may be different, obviously does not come from the earth core world.

"You and you......"bright dragon Huang stared in a big way both eyes, in the eye pupil completely was the inconceivable color/look, it could certainly feel that to fill with the kind bloodlines aura, but, the present all made him are really too unbelievable.

"Father."Two young girls almost simultaneously opened the mouth to call out, and one on the left and other on the right, separately has held in the arms dragon Huang an arm. The golden hair young girl laughs, said: "Father, I am Maotai! Didn't you know me?"

The black hair young girl relatively speaking wants to be quieter, but also smiles was saying: "I am Wuliangye."

"Wait/Etc. and waiting, I am a little dizzy."dragon Huang visits them dull, "are you really Maotai and Wuliangye? But. Your bodies, how "

Ji Dong replied for them dragon Huang issue, "their originally is a twin, because after initially was abducted by Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost, the body energy was affected by the cold air, each other mutually unifies, became the joined bodies double headed dragon. May in fact, they by no means inborn so. When can transform the human form, with the aid of the great strength of Saint level strength, their bodies then can separate, they are your daughter! Just, now is not pure fifty Saint Fire Dragon."

Not only dragon Huang, bright heavenly stems disciple is also face the color/look of shock, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has reached unexpectedly also the Saint level, this is they have not thought. Initially, when they left side Ji Dong, fifty Saint Fire Dragon all normal, such such how many days did not see, has it completed the so large scale progress? The Saint level, that is Saint level! In the dragon clan, only has the dragon Huang and Land Dragon ancestor is the Saint level, what do their Saint levels mean? Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Beyond everybody non- intention, actually, their only one by one individual, is not the Saint level, needs two people in the same place, can display the Saint level the strength. As we all know, fifty Saint Fire Dragon within the body has me and Lie Yan (raging flames) bloodlines, when I revive from the stupor, their bloodlines intensely were also affected, was displayed ultimate fusion god technique inspiration within the body by my own magic power, reason that because shares the same roots, their bloodlines obtained the evolution, brokethrough the Saint level, can thus transform the human form. Naturally, if they separate, Saint level . Moreover, when they change body to turn into a dragon xing, but can also be the appearance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon such double headed dragon, only when has the human form can separate."

Yao Qianshu said: "But, they, their association president such looks like Lie Yan (raging flames)? After the dragon reaches the Saint level , the look that transforms is not also fixed?"

Ji Dong shook the head, in the eye reveals the color/look of a touch of tenderness, "perhaps, was Lie Yan (raging flames) initially unceasingly rescued them with own strength, as well as came under the bloodlines influence of Lie Yan (raging flames). also, perhaps for me."

Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously nodded, when they raise the head looks at Ji Dong, that vision simply Chen Sixuan be more direct, that is one type vision that is mixing multiple color, gentle such as water, love as profound as the ocean, what although are more is the kinship, who sees this look, perhaps will have some misunderstanding.

In dragon Huangxin the secretly thought is not good, but, what secretive place do could it be these two daughters and Ji Dong have? No, is not right, by being in love of Ji Dong to Empress Lie Yan, this is almost unlikely.

In this time, another sound is resounding, "also I, the father, I also came."Resounds along with the sound, a white form flutters from Chen Sixuan suddenly, fell just like one before the dragon sovereign like lightning quietly, has held in the arms its neck, in has kissed one that on its face made an effort. Similarly is also a young girl, but, her aura may be entirely different from Maotai and Wuliangye, with dragon Huang is almost exactly the same, is emitting the gloss also incomparably resembles.

dragon Huang dumbfounded say/way: "You, are you think?"

This young girl has a golden short hair, seems valiant, although she does not have Maotai and Wuliangye similar Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance is so beautiful, but above charming face is the heroic spirit is vigorous, formidable aura very natural blooms from the body, at this time the beautiful pupil with tears, closely grasps dragon Huang, sobbed: "Father, these many years lets you for ** have broken to pieces the heart, later I well will certainly be obedient."

Before dragon sovereign, when sees Maotai and Wuliangye, because in the heart is excessively shocking, was unable to respond at once, at this time thinks this to cry, makes its true wake up come, in the eye is the tears, the both arms open, all hugs into to cherish three daughters, the father and daughter four people cry on each other's shoulders.

"Child, my child!"Two huge forms from under soar, but, they are unable the incarnation to be the human form, but that huge body without hesitation has actually extruded, is Fire Dragon king and diamond Dragon King. The Fire Dragon king fortunately, at least beforehand fifty Saint Fire Dragon is dragon Xing, diamond Dragon King is actually being unable to restrain oneself of Ji Dong, each scale of body in unceasing is shivering, the tears of big drop big drop drop unceasingly, the giant dragon's head gathers to think from behind behind, gently is stroking gently her body.

Thinks to hurry to turn around, preserves mother's big end, the scene that reunites is infecting the airborne people incessantly, looks up at the bright army also to cry including under.

A resonant dragon recited to resound from the dragon sovereign mouth, he and three daughters simultaneously incarnation dragon Xing.

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Chapter 677: Reunion

dragon Huang and three daughters simultaneously incarnation dragon Xing. He is height 50 meters Giant Dragon, after thinking of the incarnation dragon shape, unexpectedly and dragon sovereign personal appearance big or small difference is similar, but the line of body is more gently beautiful, manifested the female dragon clan aesthetic sense. But many that Maotai and Wuliangye must exaggerate. After their incarnation dragon shape, such that really such as Ji Dong said that as before is the originally fifty Saint Fire Dragon appearance, but, their scales actually turned have been similar to the flame shape, the huge incomparable body, the height has exceeded 80 meters unexpectedly. Even must dominate above the dark dragon sovereign. In entire dragon clan, perhaps also be only the ancestor's of Land Dragon body volume compared them to be bigger. Fire Dragon king and diamond Dragon King is also the personal appearance was huge in the dragon clan, but compares with their father and daughter four people, actually wanted slightly. However, two mothers had held in the arms by oneself daughter huge body quickly, suddenly, in the sky was full of dragon clan to swallow the sound because of wu that agitated produced.

Excited dragon recited from the bright fort resounds, Giant Dragon soared from the fort one after another unceasingly, regarding in dragon sovereign one as well as side bright heavenly stems disciple cheerful was hovering. They similarly are also very excited, because not only the three daughters of dragon sovereign were living. What is more important, dragon clan were also many at least two Saint level powerhouses! In this regard, they have dominated above the dark dragon clan completely, even if are only many a Saint level powerhouse, the dark dragon clan is impossible again is their matches, let alone was two. Bright dragon clan except for the ancient times time rule world time, but also simultaneously has never presented these many Saint level powerhouses. Especially thinks of that with dragon sovereign exactly the same magic power, that simply is the new generation dragon Huang symbol, the standard dragon sovereign aura, does not need dragon Huang to confirm anything, she is the next dragon Huang successor.

Initially, thought after absorbing the dark Azure Dragon essence and blood, originally arrived at it of critical point to fall into the broken cocoon to become butterfly process immediately. Throughout deep sleep side Chen Sixuan. Actually, at that time, thinks is very dangerous, because is congenitally deficient, therefore it cannot break through oneself egg shell, because instead the influence of magic power made the egg shell become more and more tenacious, several thousand years passed by, it any opportunity had not made the breakthrough, even if can continue to live, will maintain such shape has been maintaining. However, when this time, she has actually met Chen Sixuan, Chen Sixuan in letting think of into own magic beast partner, no doubt is because she can continue to ride fifty Saint Fire Dragon with Ji Dong as the matter stands together, but also is because Chen Sixuan saw to think of the hope of hatching.

even/including Longhuang and diamond Dragon King husbands and wives do not have the means. Not possibly thinks of the fine jade naturally to do them in hatching is better. However, do not forget, present Chen Sixuan, has the initial Empress Lie Yan soul, in her soul, the god knowledge exists. Since thinking to conclude the contract, she unceasing knows to stimulate to think of the dragon sovereign bloodlines in within the body with own god, helping it offset the innate insufficiency, was exciting its own bloodlines gradually becomes formidable.

Human body that originally thinks of because several thousand years was imprisoned in the egg shell, nearly has merged into one organic whole with the egg shell, with the help of Chen Sixuan, separates with that egg shell. Had these many preparations, in the situation in receiving the dark azure dragon blood fluid moistening, thought to enter the final evolution condition, after the several months effort, succeeded finally at one fell swoop, breakthrough fetter, broken shell. In 3000 constraining in egg shell does not have the advantage to it completely. Its within the body inherits huge magic power that dragon Huang the bloodlines form, throughout was compressed in such narrow and small range, the rich degree can be imagined, this broken shell. Immediately has had variant breakthrough, unexpectedly also after fifty Saint Fire Dragon, similarly broke through the Saint level, moreover was dragon Huang an lineage/vein exclusive Saint level drills the lizard clan, dragon sovereign throne most direct successor. From overall strength, she, although weak collaborates in two younger sisters, but actually stronger compared with Maotai and Wuliangye any person on many.

Looks appearance that their reunites, eyes of bright heavenly stems disciples also blurred, since initially the Holy and Evil Island World War II, they barely escaped After Wanlei breaks into a jail, so excitedly calming down had not appeared for a long time. Although had not ended the bright and dark holy war to the present, but, they actually never the moment relax like the present. Three mahatma level dragon clan, in addition Ji Dong and chrysanthemum of pig Saint level, five mahatma level powerhouses facing the dark army, the also hundred myriad fires crows led a cheer, the bright army has achieved the unprecedented powerful condition at this time, the upfront resistance, they again also fearless.

dragon clan excited from the sky dances in the air, in the entire bright fort also became happy sea, as Ji cloud Sheng of command, at this time is the tearful eyes is also dim, also what ratio looks own grandson returns safely makes his excited? Let alone , he although does not know that hundred myriad fires crows come from where, but could also see that this is inevitably related with Ji Dong, the both sides disparity biggest air force aspect reversed, the return of Ji Dong also made the bright heavenly stems disciple complete, he compared with had the confidence to win this war at any time.

dragon Zumen continues again airborne excited dancing in the air, regarding dark army. They look like in the demonstration are the same, but, who will care? Ji Dong led bright heavenly stems disciples to return to the ground, falls in the top of bright fort.

His both feet falls to the ground, the secret the front surface walked, two people closely hugged, what also compared with after the tribulation has a reunion a more rousing matter?

However, Ji Dong may not have time and secret at this time said that closely after hugged own good brothers, he arrived in front of Ji cloud Sheng as well as an numerous supreme powerhouse, single knee kneel down, "pays a visit the paternal great-grandfather, Martial Ancestor, teacher's wife, grandfather as well as fellow seniors."

Did not have, when the people replied, Yin Zhaorong one step arrived at side Ji Dong, has drawn from the ground him, in the eye the tears sparkle, "good child, you to come back finally safely, you may know, the teacher's wife does have is worried about you?"

Sees the present family members, in the Ji Dong innermost feelings does not halt production to have one to struggle, he knows, if died, perhaps people incomparable sad on the scene. But. He must look for Lie Yan (raging flames) eventually.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong lowered the head, some sobbing could not speak, including Chen Sixuan, nobody knows that in his present heart is thinking anything, but thinks that his was extremely excited.

Ji cloud Sheng took a deep breath, both eyes looked slightly upwardly, in order to avoid own tears fall, he how wants to rush to hug oneself grandson! But as the UN command, he must restrain oneself mood, even if by the inferiority situation that in the bright army was transferred the superiority. Also cannot have similarly slightly negligently.

"Haha, Ji Dong, your boy came back finally. It seems like that my this bets, but has won in a big way, Hahahaha."Zhou Xiaoxiao happy dancing with joy, does not have automatic control of supreme powerhouse, because is excited, the fat of whole body unceasingly is vibrating. The stride arrives in front of Ji Dong, effort has patted his shoulder.

Goes to Dark Five Elements Continent to carry on the enemy fights after the bright heavenly stems disciple, can say, the investment of silly rich business association is hugest, is taking also the biggest risk, if the bright heavenly stems disciples cannot live coming back, they may be owe send greatly. Three divine tool, massive day of jade as well as high-grade level magic power weaponry, even if this first under heaven business association is rich, that also absolutely has a fracture. At this moment, saw that Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan also returned, can Zhou Xiaoxiao not be excited? Reaches as high as by his Level 97 cultivation base naturally can see Ji Dong today we are no longer as we have been. Initially, Ji Dong has not broken through Nine-Crown time he is not a match, now distinct magic power level has surmounted itself, strength also energy balance? After the holy war ended, by the Ji Dong disposition, will certainly keep the promise, becomes the silly rich business association succeeds the association president, to say the least, even if he does not arrive at the silly rich business association to guard, so long as he acknowledged that as the status of silly rich business association honorary chairman, by him to the contribution that this holy war makes, perhaps the next several hundred years, the status nobody of silly rich business association can shake. Therefore, can say, when Ji Dong leads hundred myriad fires crow armies to return safely, making the bright allied armies turn inferiority into superiority at that moment, the investment of silly rich business association the value returned to the price. Naturally, if can win over Ji Dong many support, the fatty will be impolite.

Ji Dong has also given the fatty a hug, after all. Regardless of this fellow broker air/Qi thickly, from beginning to end he is the bright heavenly stems disciple, particularly oneself firmly is supporting, and help of partners to oneself can be said as quite huge. Without him, own ten big famous name wine definitely has no way to collect, without him, the bright heavenly stems disciples is unable to have the complete divine tool, therefore, Ji Dong has deep sense of gratitude to Zhou Xiaoxiao.

At this time, his vision can contact finally in own grandfather together, looks in the grandfather eyes the appearance of tears twinkle, even if did not have any spoken language exchange, he can also understand grandfather this time mood. Actually, in the Ji Dong heart of hearts, he has not hated Ji cloud Sheng truly, first, he is passes through to come, originally is not the master of this body, next , he when passes through to this world, his disposition is an adult, he is very clear, all that Ji cloud Sheng makes, for the benefit of entire family, as the head of the clan and equal king, the responsibility that he must shoulder were too many are too many. Do not look that now equal king lineage/vein are so sight, is, in this scenery back how many crises? Equal king Zhangwo diamond regiment formidable incomparable strength as well as do Central Earth Empire surpass 50% armies, the Central Earth Empire imperial family can look on power has fallen into the hands of others? In this case, can all previous equal king not gingerly and teaches to own descendant strictly? Even if only presents one generation of equal kings to be dull-witted, will be the disaster of entire family. Therefore, Ji cloud Sheng although in the past was more excessive to the Ji Dong father, all these that but he actually makes for the family. At this moment, looks in the Ji cloud Shengyan tears, in the Ji Dong heart to this old person on only remaining the sympathy, after all, Ji Dong and Ji Yeshang father, is the Ji cloud Sheng only son!

Ji Dong has not said anything to Ji cloud Shengzai, but arrives at his side to stand firm, other people very natural gives Ji Dong Ji cloud Sheng side position. Knew that Ji Dong person, at this time naturally is an excitement of face, but most people actually do not know his. The Ji Dong surface seems, but is a 20-year-old youth, these military officers do not understand why these supreme powerhouses actually so respect to him at present.

However, the scene that hundred myriad fires crows had a moment ago shook completely them, even if guesses, they can also guess correctly these hot crows were related with Ji Dong. Let alone the beforehand bright heavenly stems disciple in the powerful strength that in the fight shows, now, was Ji Dong of heavenly stems Saint king returned, his strength naturally must surpass the bright disciples.

Stands side Ji cloud Sheng, Ji Dong to wanting the area north of the Great Wall looks, at this time, the red cloud in sky vanished behind the bright fort gradually, although over a hundred myriad fires crows, but they take thousand as the unit, the attack withdraws is systematic is not chaotic, the sense of discipline of hot crow may human is stronger than be many, initially was their unities deep has moved Ji Dong.

The dark army also similarly retreats, is similar to the black tide is ordinary, is separated from the battlefield fast, today this war, because hundred myriad fires crows and Ji Dong sudden appeared had finished. Ji cloud Sheng restrains the mood, shows a faint smile, said: "It looks like, we did not need to be worried about the attack of dark army temporarily. Everybody, after we return to the fort meeting hall to discuss a next opposing the enemy strategy."

The huge threat of dark air force because of the emergence of hot crow clan, but melts massively, since Ji cloud Sheng has felt in more than one year, spiritual unprecedented relaxation, the weary feeling also spontaneously, has similar situation minority of no longer with him, these various countries' military heads are also very tired.

Bright Mages has not drawn back temporarily, rests in the fort top as before, Ji cloud Sheng leads the military powerhouse, Mage to unite a elder assembly elder, returns to the fort in the discussing official business hall, if changes a commander, at this time will certainly host a banquet to welcome Ji Dong, as Ji Dong bright heavenly stems Saint king, in any country, absolutely has the aloof status, but he is also the Ji cloud Sheng grandson, to avoid suspicion, Ji cloud Sheng such has not done.

After returning to discussing official business hall, Ji cloud Sheng has issued several orders one after another, before most important one is to cancel, strengthens the defenses and clears the fields to withdraw the resources the instruction, making the continent commodity transport to the bright fort again, to guarantee that the front officers can obtain the effective supplies. The Ji Dong return made the strategy change.

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Chapter 678: Said that you love me

Has hundred myriad fires crows that Ji Dong brought. The bright army will not be suppressed by the dark army in the overall strength, the both sides relative strength had the tremendous changes. Hot crow single body strength is weak, is equal to One-Crown Mage above cultivation base, that is over a million numbers! Let alone they can also display thousand to overlap combination skill, the attack that they simultaneously launch, can play the decisive effect in the battlefield absolutely.

After the order cancels the strengthening the defenses and clearing the fields strategy, Ji cloud Sheng ordered, ordering the marshal following generals to go back to rest, in the discussing official business hall has only left behind the commanders-in-chief as well as Mage unites elders of elder assembly as well as the bright heavenly stems disciple and secret.

Until at this moment, the Ji cloud Sheng mood also finally reveals, both hands make an effort holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, in the eye pupil the tears twinkle, "good child, more than one year time, painstakingly you."

Ji Dong sees the grandfather, lightly sighed, "I hope, can little die some people."

Ji cloud Shengla the hand of Ji Dong, is arriving at the seat of honor place, making Ji Dong sit down in own side, his such behavior has not caused anybody to dislike. First did not say the status of Ji Dong bright heavenly stems Saint king, hundred myriad fires crows that today he brings have it can be said that saved the entire bright fort, obtains such courteous reception to be naturally natural, anybody will not have had the question. Ji cloud Sheng only thought at this time, oneself this life never looks like so has felt proud and elated now, in eye bursting with life the people who looks at take a seat, said: "It seems like, our established tactics need to change. Along with the return of Ji Dong, with the allied armies that he brings, we had now with the strength that the opposite party meets as an equal, the dark army wants to break through my bright fort again, is no different than dream of a fool. Their supplies broke, we only need still to defend stubbornly, does not leave half a month, the dark secret and his army will collapse of itself, to that time, we have been able completely to annihilate them by the smallest loss, enters Dark Five Elements Continent again at one fell swoop, ended this holy war. Perhaps the dark secret cannot think, the final result was not he has ruled us, but was ruled by us."

Is listening to the Ji cloud Sheng words, the people nod in abundance, on each face is revealing the heartfelt happy expression, they do not even want to pass to inquire the allied armies that Ji Dong brings actually come from where, the hot crow clan has displayed the formidable strength before, so long as knows that they were the ally are enough.

But at this moment, Ji Dong actually shook the head. Said:
"Grandfather, perhaps we have not been able to defend stubbornly."

Ji cloud Shengleng, he has not thought that Ji Dong will oppose own opinion, knits the brows slightly: "You just did not say, must reduce the casualties as far as possible, little dies some people? Defending stubbornly is the best means. Although we currently had have dominated the strength above opposite party, but the dark army was broken the logistics supply by you, their simply does not have the strength of protracted battle, do we why hardly spell?"

Ji Dong said: "Grandfather, you listened to me to say. The allied armies that I bring, actually the strength that borrows from the earth core world. The earth core world, thinks that everybody has heard."

Hears the earth core world four characters, the people on the scene all are the complexion change, although various countries' marshal is the military people, but they are also Mage, moreover is almost the Eight-Crown cultivation base powerhouse. But Mage united numerous supreme powerhouses in elder assembly to be needless saying that they naturally had heard the legend of earth core world, the Fire department supreme powerhouses like cloudy morning sun also attempted to enter the earth core world to inquire about. Regarding them, the earth core world compared with a Dark Five Elements Continent more mystical place, besides familiar Ji Dong a few people, most people have not thought the army who Ji Dong brings borrows the strength from the earth core world unexpectedly.

The Ji cloud Sheng brow wrinkles. "Strength that borrows from the earth core world. Ji Dong, can this have the trouble?"Although the people present can say that mostly has not had any social dealings with the earth core world, but, that is a risk is not in their opinion inferior in the Dark Five Elements Continent formidable world. If after drawing support their strength has coped with the dark secret, instead has caused other variables, was not they want.

Ji Dong shakes the head slightly, said: "Will not have the trouble, Grandfather, did you forget? Lie Yan (raging flames) once was the control of earth core world."

Ji cloud Sheng has felt relaxed slightly several points, "that you similarly are also careful, after all, Empress Lie Yan already "

In the Ji Dong eye flashes through low-spirited, sits the secret of first place replied for him under Ji Dong: "Empress Lie Yan, although not, but the matter of earth core world, Ji Dong mostly can also take responsibility now. Because Ji Dong has replaced the Empress Lie Yan position, became proxy founder who the earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches. Has the right to govern earth core world all races. If not because the most powerful earth core lifeform is unable to arrive at the surface world, perhaps he brings not only hot crow clan."

Listened to a secret such saying, the complexion of people again had the change, Ji Chang believed even to pat own forehead, a helplessness of face, said: "Ji Dong Ji Dong, you are really a rare talent, you can also control including the earth core world unexpectedly." Ji cloud Sheng cared "the hot crow clan that the beforehand Ji Dong words, you bring came from earth core, what relations then also has with us and dark continent war?"

Ji Dong said: "The earth core world has own rule and biological chain, with us is completely different. In the earth core world, has filled rich Fire Element, all earth core living thing adapted to there life, this is why the formidable earth core lifeform is unable to arrive at the surface world the reason. In the surface, they are very difficult to survive. Although the hot crow clan lives from surface near earth core world second layer. But they also similarly have this situation. Moreover, they are unable to eat in our world any food, must depend upon the fire fine fruit that the earth core world produces to carry on the supplies. This time, hundred myriad fires crows leave the earth core world with me together, in situation that each hot crow in does not affect the flying speed, can only carry on can eat 15 days of fire fine fruits. In other words, from leaving the earth core world arrives to return, they only then 15 days , the time grew again, the supplement of their body or fire fine fruit can have the problem. But from being away from Holy and Evil Island recent earth core world access to here, has used five days, back and forth is ten days, therefore, we must end the fight in five days, otherwise, the hot crow clan cannot continue to help us again. Therefore, we cannot defend stubbornly, must, in the hot crow clan can in the time that helps us fight, defeats the dark army."

Ji cloud Sheng said suddenly: "So that's how it is." After he has thought deeply about one slightly next , to continue saying: "Since this, we fight a battle to force a quick decision. The hot crow clan will be whether able to fight tomorrow?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Had today's recuperation to be enough."

The Ji cloud Sheng general situation view is powerful, since the hot crow clan helps the bright army have the deadline. Then, in deadline at first ends the fight obviously is wisest, as the matter stands, if has any uncertainties, the hot crow clan can also continue to have several days to continue to help, if drags to their final time, how first did not say their condition, will not have any following. Then, Ji cloud Sheng has used about half double-hour, discussed with the numerous military officers and supreme powerhouses the key that tomorrow fights is, had the assistances of hundred myriad fires crows. The bright army had enough strength and dark army fights directly.

When just before the end of discussed that the secret gathered side Ji Dong, said several anything near his ear in a low voice. Listened to the secret words, on the Ji Dong face to reveal color/look of being astonished, turned head to look to Ji cloud Sheng, said: "Grandfather, starts from the war now, has the dark secret never also gotten rid?"

Ji cloud Shengleng, nodded, said: "I am also very strange, normally, by cultivation base of his Saint level powerhouse, if joins during a fight, regarding the dark army surely is extremely advantageous, moreover can the big diversion we, but, he actually treats in the dark demon armed forces, any meaning of getting rid, why is not clear as for us."

Hears this word, the Ji Dong brow big wrinkle, he is the dark secret has had several social dealings, said that some obstinate disposition many understanding regarding dark secret that tyrant. This holy war, the dark secret anticipated was not one day two days, the Red Lotus day fire with great difficulty vanished, before their dark army was at the absolute superior condition, can the dark secret actually bear patiently does not send? Must know, but dark secret Saint level peak cultivation base, once he gets rid, that may not be the diversion so is simple. By his strength, living that bright army nobody can limit radically. Must start , the destructive power that brings surely is the terrifying.

The restless mood flashes through from the Ji Dong mind, he always thought what oneself want to leak to resemble, does the dark secret make this type with the incompatible matter, what plot could it be has? But, the Senior Brother has followed side him, has not fed in any news!

Ji Dong has not said doubts in the heart, any guess might as well force the dark secret to come out the card in a hand brightly. Tomorrow will fight is the best opportunity. Should be the dark secret disputes a time well. In the bright fort, all bright armies revolved, tomorrow, was the date of both sides decisive battle. Although in the beforehand two fights, is almost both sides Mage in each other to spelling. But everyone knows, war to mid and late part, decision final result army. Because Mage magic power is always limited, moreover in both sides to consuming in situation, can affect to the opposite party army above will not be many. When both sides Mage does not have enough strength time, the importance of army will appear. Quantitatively, the army of bright army may not compared with dark army few anything. The dark secret biggest superiority is his dark demon armed forces, army, although is also very formidable, if lost the air supremacy, the superiority of bright army dramatically will increase then surely, the superiority of bright army can anticipate.

Bang bang......, The slight knock resounded, sits well closes/obsctructs eye in Ji Dong that cultivated has been opening eyes on the bed slowly, "thought of the fine jade, came , the gate has not locked."By his soul cultivation base, who can feel outside easily comes the person is.

The gate opens, Chen Sixuan walked from outside, when Ji Dong sees her, slightly stares, because Chen Sixuan has worn a red long skirt at this time unexpectedly.

Since Ji Dong has known Chen Sixuan, she is the white long skirt that most time put on, today actually accidental/surprised changed into the red, making in the Ji Dong heart flash through a difference, Lie Yan (raging flames) most likes wearing the red skirt!

The Chen Sixuan turning around general's family closes, then arrives at side Ji Dong, sat on the bed, vision gentle looks at Ji Dong.

"How? Thinks of the fine jade."Ji Dong looked by her somewhat awkward.

Chen Sixuan say/way gently: "Ji Dong, I want to ask your matter, ok?"

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "What matter? You said."Changed other heavenly stems disciple people to speak these words to him, he will definitely readily agree, but Chen Sixuan was actually an exception, he does not dare like this to comply.

Chen Sixuan laughed, said: "Am I very ugly? Why a bitter melon face to me."

Ji Dong somewhat helpless said: "Is because you were too beautiful, I feared that my self-control is insufficient."

Chen Sixuan light snort/hum, "is your self-control insufficient? If you self-control is insufficient, we now will not be this appearance. I self- examined, is not worse than any woman, isn't same is unable to move your to have a heart of stone? Ji Dong, this time I come, must tell you, later I will not be entangling you again."

"?"Ji Dong has not thought, Chen Sixuan was so late looked for him, was actually says such words to him, suddenly somewhat dull, the intense sense of being lost and lonely arose spontaneously, although he had not accepted the Chen Sixuan sentiment, but, Chen Sixuan said at this time suddenly no longer was entangling him, the feeling of difficult word made him very uncomfortable.

In the Chen Sixuan beautiful pupil is revealing the mournful color/look, "Ji Dong, I think, like this to you and I am an extrication. I only sought your a few words, I did not like you being so long in vain."

"What words?"Ji Dong silly asking.

Chen Sixuan took a deep breath, in the beautiful pupil reveals several points of anxiety obviously, looks at the double pupil of Ji Dong, lifts both hands, is touching the face of Ji Dong, said to him with the gentlest sound in a soft voice: "Said that you love me."

Chen Sixuan originally is perfect outstandingly beautiful, in this moment, Charm that on her bloomed has achieved the apex, plays musical instruments face that may break at present, such as orchid/blue Rushe the aura made the Ji Dong mind wallow gradually, his heartbeat in unceasing speeding up, constrained such long emotion to surge from the heart just like the volcanic eruption generally, at this moment, his heart as if completely softened in the Chen Sixuan vision, was almost blurted out, "thought of the fine jade, I. "

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Chapter 679: Do not invade

"Thinks of the fine jade, I......"Ji Dong in the situation that the mind is enchanted by. Said three characters. At this moment, the heart of Chen Sixuan mentioned the throat place completely. Once Ji Dong said that three characters, then, they can truly in the same place! Was anticipating a day, her waited for a long time is too too long, this time she, can not be excited?

The Chen Sixuan deep in the night comes seems like simple, actually, these are actually mysterious, first, she does not pester the Ji Dong words with oneself, making the Ji Dong mood have the change, Chen Sixuan can also guess correctly, Ji Dong was not does not have to a oneself sentiment actually, under such stimulation, his mind defense will weaken surely, then infects him by the hidden bitterness touching words, even if were deceives him saying that three characters to be also enough. Such they can true in the same place.

At this moment, color/look of the struggling appears in the Ji Dong eye, when he will soon say that three characters, appearance incomparably clear appearance of Lie Yan (raging flames) in his mind deep place. Ji Dong smart spirit shuddered, confused look becomes the pure brightness gets up instantaneously.

"I cannot. Sorry, thinks of the fine jade, I cannot say that three characters to you. I love, only has Lie Yan (raging flames)."Ji Dong holds the Chen Sixuan shoulders, she pushes before oneself body gently, then the personal appearance flashes, vanished in the room.

Falls short, standing of Chen Sixuan delay there, the originally sincere expectation comes to naught instantaneously, although this is not the first time, but the pain in her heart therefore has not actually reduced, tears uncontrolled flowing, "bastard, Ji Dong your this bastard. You so are why dedicated! I, I......"in her heart, only then contradictory, Ji Dong loves throughout is she, but, is not this status at present, can she blame Ji Dong? If Ji Dong said that three characters a moment ago, she certainly will be happy? Perhaps, at that time can, after be possible to calm down, what idea in her heart can be? Perhaps including her not to talk clearly.

Ji Dong stands on a high roof the breath of big mouth, long time, returned to normal by own mood, looks out the nighttime sky. Deeply sighed, "thought of fine jade, I know that I owed you to be too many, perhaps this life could not pay off. But, can't I really? I cannot be unfair to Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan (raging flames), if you also in this good, has you, I will again not have any puzzle."

After having had the dinner, Ji clouds that was born with has early gone to sleep, he at least had several years not to rest such early, but actually rests today especially steadfastly, the return of grandson, the victory day chessboard reversed, making him be able finally calm and steady sleeps steadfast. At this time, the dim light of night was deep, arrived late at night, Ji cloud Sheng was old, the old person, the sleep will not be many, let alone, also one is concerning in the decisive battles of two continent life and death today.

"Grandfather. I, you should not be startled."Is sobering gradually from sleep in Ji cloud Sheng, the state of mind recovers time, near the ear has actually resounded the Ji Dong temperate sound.

In Ji cloud Shengxin one startled, hurries to open both eyes, sat from the bed, sees Ji Dong to sit before own bed on not far the chair. What although faces is own grandson, he is also shocked, before resting, he was routine turns off the windows and doors . Moreover, his oneself was also cultivation base of Nine-Crown rank, but Ji Dong such has come, if this enemy, perhaps were 100 equal kings also died.

"Has Ji Dong, actually your strength been what degree?" The first few words that after this is Ji cloud Shengxing crosses god, asks. Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "From magic power level, I and dark secret also slightly has the disparity, but I believe that competion all- round strength, I not weakly in him."

Listened to his such saying, Ji cloud Sheng has opened the mouth, although dragon sovereign children cultivation base that because Ji Dong brought back to reaches the Saint level to make his strength to the Ji Dong guess, but has not thought that Ji Dong said oneself have is not inferior in dark secret cultivation base.

Ji cloud Sheng stands up, puts on coat, said: "That was really good. Has your powerful strength to be backing, we this war, decide to rout the enemy today thoroughly."

Ji Dong said: "Grandfather, I came to have the words to say to you.
After you listened, is certainly calm."

Ji cloud Shengleng. "What do you want to say?"

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Today fights a decisive battle, I most at least have 70% assurances to help our bright army achieve the final success, but, I hope, after this holy war ended, our bright army do not enter Dark Five Elements Continent."

Ji cloud Sheng surprised looks at Ji Dong, "Ji Dong, do you know that what you were saying? Dark Five Elements Continent is our old enemies, if we can defeat the entire dark army, this will be once in a thousand years opportunity, will you make us give up unexpectedly?"

Ji Dong said: "This naturally is an once in a thousand years opportunity, is, Grandfather, do you have to think, if we capture Dark Five Elements Continent, then, what also has to distinguish with the dark secret? Also can the common people on how many dark continent die a tragic death under the oppression of the people of my bright army? This is not I desired. I have said that all that I make, to let the casualties reduce, in this war can less deceased people, the especially those innocent common people. Dark Five Elements Continent originally by people have no means to make a living that the dark secret does, described not to be overrated with life apply Tanlai, if we entered Dark Five Elements Continent again. Then, will certainly have more common people dead in the chaos caused by war. Let alone, besides the land, Dark Five Elements Continent simply having nothing makes us plunder, once has attacked and occupied dark continent, how our bright various countries will divide the territory? This will produce inevitably also the contradiction. Perhaps the next several hundred years, our these two pieces of continent were hard to be peaceful, does not know that had many people therefore to be killed. Therefore, in any event, I do not hope after the holy war ended, the side captures the world of opposite party."

If Ji Dong is only the Ji cloud Sheng grandson. He said these words, the Ji cloud Sheng varying palm of the hand pulled out is to save face to him. After all, this is relates to the Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires interests to be at completely. Such a broad vast holy war, with great difficulty must obtain to win, you said that does not make everybody carve up the victorious outcome, this will be one Five Great Empires will give simply to offend completely light, simply will be stupid, this will be this time Ji cloud Sheng idea.

However, he cannot certainly brush Ji Dong, because, the Ji Dong status may, not only his grandson is so simple. He has to be able with the strength that the dark secret contends with, only this point, sufficiently made all people deeply to dread, let alone, he was brighter the heavenly stems Saint king . Moreover, words that he spoke from political high level, although stupid, but will have people's support surely, the Light Five Elements Continent common people or Dark Five Elements Continent, were so, matter that because he must do, the biggest beneficiary was common people, in any war, received to injure most greatly, forever was the people, therefore, did not have any common people to hope that definitely the war continued. Let alone, influence even/including Ji cloud Sheng of Ji Dong on entire Light Five Elements Continent has to deeply to dread, the Mage elder assembly elder, the highest sage teachers in all bright Mage hearts, only he in the Mage Guild influence is extremely terrifying. Let alone, he and between dragon clan has the incomparably close relationship, from today's Ji Dong return the situation can see, dragon Huang three daughters have very close relationship with him as well as the bright heavenly stems disciple. Once without a doubt, bright continent itself had any problem, bright dragon clan will choose to support Ji Dong surely without hesitation. This has not calculated, just obtained the news that from yesterday's conference. Ji Dong has also controlled the earth core world, and has brought hundred myriad fires crow armies from the earth core world. As for him and relations of silly rich business association first under heaven business association, became secondary. It can be said that even if monarchies sees Ji Dong, is respectful, a Ji Dong person, can affect entire Light Five Elements Continent. Therefore, at this time Ji Dong and he said these words, making Ji cloud Sheng have to carry on the consideration of deep level. The issue that he must first consider is, if Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires does not accept the request of Ji Dong, what he will make? Matter that he must do, whether is also Light Five Elements Continent various countries can withstand.

Quick, in Ji cloud Shengxin had the answer, made in his heart answer with amazement. Because he discovered, adds together these influences that Ji Dong controls simply, the result of obtaining unexpectedly is, so long as Ji Dong wants, he can subvert entire Light Five Elements Continent easily. Five Great Empires simply not with the strength that he resists.

Is this own grandson? By strength of the, can actually affect entire continent, Ji cloud Sheng suddenly the brow tight wrinkle, long time could not speak.

Ji Dong does not worry, since he can wait for that here Ji cloud Sheng awakes, can say a moment ago these words to Ji cloud Sheng, obviously is the process thinks, reason that he had not proposed in yesterday's conference, is because the present bright army matter of primary importance must aim at the dark army this last war, at this time, cannot vacillate the morale absolutely. However, he must be known this matter by oneself grandfather first, even if Ji cloud Sheng does not support him such to do, he also calculates that performed the manner duty.

Long time, Ji cloud Sheng took a deep breath, solemnly said: "Ji Dong, you know consequence that such makes? You do this, the later generation will perhaps have very big change to your comment. Perhaps, you no longer are the hero who saves the world." Ji Dong has smiled, "hero and black bear for me how? The judgment of later generation I do not care, I care feels at ease two characters. Actually, I am murder Demon King, I have killed the person who the person and I kills indirectly perhaps, must be numbered in the tens of thousands. I am not good person, how the later generation commented on me, is unimportant. I do not hope that bright and dark two pieces of continent are flooding the bloody flavor/smell everywhere. Grandfather, could it be you do not hope that our bright continent can return to the originally peace within the short time once more day?"

In Ji cloud Shengyan ray twinkle, in this short time, in his heart has made the resolution, but in fact, his resolution, representative is entire Central Earth Empire. Equal king lineage/vein take over the position of crown prince along with Ji Yeshang, Ji Dong becomes the bright heavenly stems Saint king, already did not have anybody to shake in the Central Earth Empire status.

"Your meaning I understood. I, as well as Central Earth Empire, will support your decision. Told the grandfather, how you planned to do." After saying these words, Ji cloud Shengzhi thought that the whole person seemed to be more relaxed. Although this choice is for him difficult, but after he makes the decision, he suddenly thought, this as if is also a good matter, just as such that Ji Dong said that will slaughter will never bring any pleasant sensation, only then endless evil.

Listened to the Ji cloud Sheng words, Ji Dong somewhat to be shocked, he looked for Ji cloud Sheng, what were actually more was only need tell Ji cloud Sheng own procedure, had not counted on that can oneself this grandfather's support, be possible at this moment, Ji cloud Shengjing to express without hesitation approved of itself, and was own backing by Central Earth Empire, in Gong in private, made in the Ji Dong heart raise intense move.

"Grandfather, I must do is very simple, like such that the first- generation bright heavenly stems disciple and dark heavenly stems disciple make, making Holy and Evil Island between two pieces of continent, forever barrier. The dark heavenly stems disciple by my uniform, on Holy and Evil Island, they are is impossible to participate fights a decisive battle today. After the decisive battle, I will look for them, joins up by the strengths of our 20 disciples, making Holy and Evil Island restore to the original condition."

Ji cloud Sheng surprised looks at Ji Dong, ", but, the first-generation disciple did not say that is the strengths of Saint level? In your disciples, perhaps also only then you alone have reached the Saint level."

Ji Dong said: "We must do will be easier than the first-generation disciple, initially, they have created Holy and Evil Island from the sea directly, and relied on the formidable strength to gather in the innumerable seas the ominous beast, finally creates the rule on Holy and Evil Island. They are the creations, but we only needed to restore to be OK. I had detailed preparation, collaborates to act by our present strengths, should not have what issue."

He naturally cannot tell Ji cloud Sheng, he must restore Holy and Evil Island, has the special method, but, this special method took sacrificing him carries on as the price.

When Ji Dong and Ji cloud Sheng goes out of the room together, east the distant place sky appeared has wiped the light white, it's almost dawn, the daybreak dawn approached, final victory also? Final decisive battle of bright and dark two pieces of continent, will certainly perform today, mutual engaging in factional strife, all strengths, will collide on this day.

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Chapter 680: Decisive battle opening

Since the bright fort has completed. It can be said that today is liveliest a day. The day just now dawn, Sun has not appeared, the bright army in fort has been similar to the lion after deep sleep generally slowly regains consciousness.

Under military officers' direction, various armed forces reorganize the internal affairs orderly, has the breakfast. In the entire process, in bright fort actually extraordinary peace. However, if you carefully looked that eyes of these soldiers can discover, in this peaceful, what hideaway is excitedly and may eruption intense war intent anytime.

Prepared this war to use for five years, after the war started, conceals that they actually can only be oppressed barely managed to maintain a feeble existence in the fort. Now, the opportunity came finally, generals yesterday told them, today, will be last day of war, fired off this weaponry, everybody can go home to reunite with the family member. Moreover, this time, the bright army will attack on own initiative.

Yesterday a war, hundred myriad fires crow armies everyone saw in the potential of obstructing cloud blocking out the sun in the sky forming. Does not need to say anything other, so long as told the soldiers, that hundred myriad fires crow armies were their allies, must be effective compared with any inspiration morale. This time, the bright army had own superiority finally. The superiority came, wins the potential also?

The beautiful sunlight brought to Holy and Evil Island on has wiped the enchanting golden color, that moment when it raised slowly, bright fort all broad city gates opened completely, the bright army swarmed from the fort, just like tide generally array before the fort.

Different from the dark army complete black the attire of mail-armor and helmet and flag, the bright army is divided into the different colors according to the different countries. The army from Eastern Wood Empire, is the green armor and attire, the army from Southern Fire Empire is the red, Western Metal Empire is the white, Northern Water Empire is the black, Central Earth Empire is the yellow. The five types color, is symbolizing five elements, is symbolizing the Five Great Empires respective national beauty. Morale like rainbow, bright army fast array.

Situated in the army front line, naturally has established the distinguished service bright demon armed forces, although lost the air force, but their total also as before maintain at over 10,000, is united elder assembly to command by Mage, at potential of array five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy before. Follows, is various countries' sharpest imperial family regiment, is headed by the diamond regiment, five big regiments set up in an array. They may be various countries' sharpest battle efficiencies. After that is the armies.

The quantity surpasses 1 million armies to go out from the fort, has used enough the free time of less than half double-hour, but also while they go out of the fort, in the sky, the thousands hot crow already soared under the order of Ji Dong, the red cloud that yesterday incomparably shocked appeared in the sky once again.

Bright dragon Huang leads his clansmen also to hover in the sky, there is a hot crow to lead a cheer, they did not need to fear that in the quantity dark dragon clan, both sides the potential of fit and unfit quality reversed completely.

The bright heavenly stems disciple and bright heavenly stems Divine Beast also hovers in the sky, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon sisters and think to change into the human form float respectively in Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan behind. Without a doubt, this time they, became the control of sky. Bright army while wanting pre-game array, that side the dark army also had the sound, several million dark armies go out of the military compound slowly, the array beyond hundred miles.

The initial dark secret has the absolute self-confidence to own dark army, therefore, his simply had not considered must construct a fort on Holy and Evil Island, even if dark fort that side Dark Five Elements Continent, just simply built by, many functions were only the storage warehouse and make the factory of weapon by. Therefore, their simply does not have the danger to defend. When bright army array in wanting the area north of the Great Wall, they simply do not have any leeway of choice.

The dark air force has not risen into airborne, originally is occupying biggest superior them, at this time actually can only keep in dark army and by. Although their individual strengths are strong, but, what hundred myriad fires crows with bright army compared and was considered as? The quantity enough is their over 100 times, the so huge disparity, adds over a thousand to overlap again combination skill, is not their individual strength can make up.

After we army assembles, Ji cloud Sheng raised the head, looks to Ji Dong in sky, Ji Dong naturally also saw grandfather's vision, to Ji cloud Sheng nodded.

Ji cloud Sheng took a deep breath, a both feet place, jumps, flies into airborne. He is also Nine-Crown cultivation base, naturally can fly by the mortal body.

Launches the personal appearance, within the body magic power revolves, an acceleration, Ji cloud Shengjiu arrived at side Ji Dong. Ji cloud Sheng is wearing a golden mail-armor and helmet, is especially obvious in the sky, let alone, Central Earth Empire three services, who does not know this equal Your Highness king? In their hearts, equal Wang Ji yun lives, is the synonym of armed forces god.

"Equal Your Highness king, thousand years old and thousand years old and 2000 years old." The Central Earth Empire officers, are lifting up high the weapon in respective hand, has exuded the deafening slogan. Although other four countries not same shouted, only but Central Earth Empire fully will have 800,000 people, in Five-Nation Allied Armies absolutely was the most important part.

Ji cloud Sheng stretches out the arms, from the sky does to press the shape, bright sound said: "The Five-Nation Allied Armies officers, you have been working hard."Distant spreading of his sound under the formidable Nine-Crown magic power function, making below several million officers be able clear hearing. Immediately, the slogan of landslide tsunami resounds once more, but this time, is all Five-Nation Allied Armies officers was crying out together.

Several million people cheer with one voice, even if Ji Dong such cultivation base, one's blood bubbles up to the brim, this is how broad vast one!

Long time, the sound stops. Ji cloud Shengcai continues saying: "Five years, for this war, we have prepared for five years. Today, is we and invaders fight a decisive battle finally the time, now, I must for everybody introduce that a person, is the youth of my side. His name, I believe that many people have heard, he once successively twice attended the war of Holy and Evil, and experienced the past Holy and Evil great misfortune. He is bright heavenly stems disciple's command, is the inventor of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, yesterday, in we most critical time, he, has brought in the sky these hundred myriad fires crow armies, has solved the urgent matter for us. Before more than one year, he is leading his partners, all heavenly stems disciples together, after submerging to Dark Five Elements Continent is engaged in the enemy work, if not their efforts. We must face today, possibly is the double matches. He is: Ji Dong."

When Ji Dong these two characters said from Ji cloud Shengkou, first sent out is under bright demon armed forces that cheered. The ordinary soldier is very strange to this name, but, in bright demon armed forces, who can not know Ji Dong? This name for them was really too familiar, the inventor of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, the bright heavenly stems Saint king, in Mage world, he was the biggest legend. Although the ordinary soldier is very strange to Ji Dong, but, Ji cloud Sheng, when introduced Ji Dong, that sounded simply, the content that but actually incomparably shocked, made them change countenance sufficiently. Other they have not perhaps been able to understand, but in the sky these hundred myriad fires crow armies are actually most direct, if not prompt rushing of these hundred myriad fires crows, perhaps they faced the ruinous disaster yesterday.

In the Ji Dong heart is moved secretly, he knows, the grandfather does not need to introduce to bright army, he such does, to drum up support for oneself, quite by oneself when isolating two pieces of continent the morale of troops , the soldiers and common people anything has not distinguished, they similarly are also peaceful, so long as the morale of troops, has the support of Central Earth Empire again, all will become easy many.

Of clang, Ji cloud Shengchou gets rid the saber, points to the direction of dark army, cries out with the biggest sound that oneself can achieve: "I, Five-Nation Allied Armies Marshal Ji cloud Sheng, with bright heavenly stems Saint king Ji Dong together, will be leading all officers today, fights to the death with the invader, making us pursue the invader together, returns to the peace. Listens to my commander Ling. To sets out dark."

"Goes forward, goes forward and goes forward."In three landslide cracks in the earth slogans, the bright army is maintaining the neat lineup, went forward in the direction of dark army, this holy war until now, arrived third day, but this is actually the bright army first time so has the energy on own initiative launches the attack, and has not left behind the attack of any escape route to oneself.

Ji Dong is staring at the dark army in distant place, in the spatial rock row numerous, blood red god hot Saint king Kai has covered his body instantaneously, the dazzling golden light also bursts out, that has been full of the golden ray of bright aura, making the sunny day in sky change colors, making him become in the entire battlefield the most dazzling person.

"Dark secret, but dares to fight with me." The Ji Dong crazy sound shouted loudly, in his sound has filled aggressively, the Ji cloud Sheng voice and he compared, must fall far short, Ji Dong this shouted, not only the bright armies heard, the dark army in distant place also without any exception heard his voice.

Yesterday in the heart the improper feeling lingered in the Ji Dong heart throughout, the decisive battle will soon start, he initiated the challenge to the dark secret immediately, so long as limited the dark secret, then did not have the matter that any needs to be worried about. It looks like in Ji Dong, was challenged by oneself like this, the dark secret must come out, otherwise, the morale of dark army will certainly be attacked heavily, by his cultivation base, although cannot say must win, but at least ties down of the dark secret without question, although magic power cultivation base he is more inferior, but Ji Dong deeply believed, is relying on own combat capability, in addition the assistances of Maotai and Wuliangye two sisters, definitely have to defeat the dark secret the possibility.

The bright army, almost every powerhouse and Ji Dong has the similar idea, receives the Ji Dong such direct challenge, the dark secret must come out. Although they are startled in Ji Dong dare so direct challenge opposite party most powerhouse, but also has to admire his courage . Moreover, as Ji Dong bright heavenly stems Saint king, really has the qualifications to challenge the dark secret.

However, making the situations of all person accidents/surprises appear, heard the challenge of Ji Dong, the dark army, all purple robe big priests as well as neighboring dark Mages, the vision fell on the dark secret, waited for that their invincible secret Sirs destroyed the opposite party. But, the complexion of dark secret is very tranquil, but coldly looks at Ji Dong in sky, lightly said: "This is wars between two pieces of continent, can it be that manifests the individualistic heroism the place? The Ji Dong young child, waits a minute this place naturally to take your life. The army sets out, kills."

Stood has been full of the inconceivable color/look in the dark secret purple robe big priests eye, was this dark secret that they knew? Attractiveness that although dark secret words said that but, is actually not able to change the fact of her timid war. Hasn't he accepted the challenge of opposite party unexpectedly? Is this possible? However, could not allow them to make the ponder at this time, the dark army under the order of dark secret, made great strides forward toward the battlefield center, the both sides armies, looked like two steel mighty currents are common, flushed away toward the opposite party.

Heard the dark secret to reject own challenge unexpectedly, Ji Dong also stunned, although he with the contact of dark secret, only then a few times, but had certain finding to the dark secret, in the twin engine war, he did not accept itself to challenge unexpectedly, Ji Dong was not even clearer than the dark army. Must know, as his bright heavenly stems Saint king, if the dark secret can strike to kill him, then, regarding the entire dark army, only the influence of morale is decisive, let alone, Ji Dong does not believe that the dark secret could not see the airborne hundred myriad fires crow armies are bring, strikes to kill itself, it can be said that brings only benefit , and no harm whatsoever to him, in such a case, he has fought unexpectedly timidly, these have any issue surely. Restlessness in innermost feelings became stronger several points, may at this time, unable to allow Ji Dong to think, the fights of both sides several million armies started.

took a deep breath, Ji Dong depresses the innermost feelings idea, Saint level peak soul cultivation base launches instantaneously, unites in the hot crow army together, naturally, his soul cultivation base is formidable, so long as has not been Divine level such level, will be impossible the command role on each hot crow. However, do not forget, these hundred myriad fires crows are group by thousand, couldn't Ji Dong direct 1 million hot crows, could it be could not only have met 1000 hot crow feudal lords? He only needs to order to these hot crow feudal lords, naturally can affect own order completely on all hot crows, thus achieves to direct the goals of hundred myriad fires crow armies.

Under the direction of Ji Dong, hundred myriad fires crow armies in airborne accelerate suddenly, by the superiority of flight, first entered the battlefield. Their first round of attacks have prepared to finish, are ready to be set off.

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