Jiu Shen Chapter 661-670

Chapter 661: dragon Huangmie the god strikes

The bright dragon sovereign shows the flaw of left shoulder intentionally. Had actually been seen through by dark Dragon King, but it actually thwarts, a fist bang at ruthlessly bright dragon Huang shoulder. Bright dragon sovereign groaned, the body makes use half revolution, the entire body rolled up suddenly, looked like reduces has resembled, a palm light racket in dark dragon Huanghong on own fist.

This was dark dragon Huang already guessed correctly that although they were first meeting, but this fight was such tacit understanding is full, in getting rid, dark dragon Huang has thought the bright dragon sovereign must do, because traded is it, will launch the attack with this method. If can put together injured, destroys opposite party one, will possibly occupy the winning side.

They as dragon Huang, is the Saint level body and spirit, the shoulder is one of the hardest places, therefore, dark dragon Huang knows, oneself that fist, most is also makes bright dragon Huangshou select the minor wound. If struck off own arm by his palm. That owed in a big way.

But, all these are, can he who dark dragon Huang already in advance sentenced make bright dragon Huang go well? Therefore, after his fist bang, almost retrocedes like lightning, the right fist was swept an edge by the bright dragon Huang palm by. According to its estimate, in this case, oneself definitely will not be injured, but bright dragon Huang is damaged not heavily, but in strength so close situation, has decided this fight sufficiently the victory and defeat. Even if pays the price of heavy losses to kill bright dragon Huang, today a war, their dark dragon clan lineage/vein also will certainly gain the final victory.

Dark dragon Huang computation yes right, its idea according to normal angle, is without question, but, it has actually neglected a point. Why bright dragon will Huang exhibit idea of not too wise tempting enemy to make it see through? Quick, dark dragon Huang has realized this point, because, the bright dragon Huang palm, had swept at this time on his fist.

This is just an extremely slight contact, before their tyrannical collision compares, seems that not worthy of mentioning, but, is such a slight contact, actually changed the originally balanced war, but. All that then has, actually not like dark dragon Huang expects.

When the bright dragon Huang fingertip sweeps that flash of dark dragon Huang fist, a dark dragon sovereign personal appearance revolution, seemed is very the calm shunt this palm, the next second of but, in him calmly turning around, its body actually nearly coagulated the stop, entire body flying upside down, the incarnation black lightning, retroceded instantaneously hundred meters. Arrived cultivation base of their this Saint level, went into action, with did not shift any too big difference instantaneously.

Below observing, so long as is cultivation base surpasses Nine-Crown, can quite clear sees the airborne this war, is, at this time, the player and enemy actually no one understands that actually what happened, is dark dragon Huang profited obviously, but why it actually does not follow up a victory with hot pursuit, instead is the rapid retreat? Is its this is doing?

However. On this humble one one second, all people actually understand, thunders to resound, before dark dragon sovereign, shells blasts out in the left fist of bright dragon Huang shoulder unexpectedly loudly, the blood light flutters about, these blood light from the sky change into the primary form, the massive dragon claw scales as well as the flesh and blood scatter in all directions to flutter about. Dark dragon Huang of humane condition, the entire left hand was exploded unexpectedly completely does not have. Is this possible? In the dark army here powerhouse eyes of revealed the inconceivable look, but that side bright army, although the people revealed more was wild with joy, but the shocking and dark army in their eyeground deep place did not have any too big difference. Yes, nobody believes that the injury on dark dragon Huang hand can be the bright dragon sovereign creates. Must know, during the beforehand fight, they are always maintaining nearly balanced relative strength! Moreover bright dragon Huang after first is withstanding dark dragon Huang has struck, with the palm on the dark dragon Huang fist sweeps an edge by. They are the body and spirit of Saint level, is the tyrannical incomparable dragon clan, like this to have how so the injury of powerful?

Let alone was the people of observing, even if is in dark dragon Huang not to understand how bright dragon Huang achieved, at this time both sides were distanced hundred meters, bright dragon Huang has not pursued its meaning, but panting slightly. Its shoulder suffered a dark dragon Huang fist not to feel better, at this time happen to controlled one's breathing while the opposite party shocking short time, in the meantime, on the bright dragon Huang face also revealed the somewhat self-satisfied look.

"How do you achieve?"Dark dragon sovereign fast stopped bleeding to oneself, but without a doubt, its left hand vanishes, the battle efficiency will certainly reduce greatly.

Bright dragon sovereign coldly snorted, "you do not need to know, this is the disparity of strength."Has this short time. The injury on shoulder was reduced by it. The so rare opportunity, it to the dark dragon sovereign panting opportunity, the personal appearance will dodge how, these time is both hands also lays out, as before was formerly that light appearance. Just, this dark dragon Huangke does not dare to go to touch again hardly. The body explodes draws back, withdraws toward we. Although in dark dragon Huangxin filled wanted to fight the Victorious Light clear(ly) dragon Huang desire, but did not express that it will go all out for this reason, let alone in the situation that this is at a disadvantage at present completely.

Bright dragon sovereign flushes away to the dark dragon sovereign, while in heart secret is thinking, Ji Dong, many thanks your this brat. In fact, the competion of pure strength, bright dragon Huang and dark dragon Huang about the same, if continued the fight, the final result only possibly was one, that was mutually wounded. Reason that bright dragon Huang can defeat the enemy by a surprise attack \; first, because it used dark dragon Huang to think that successfully had discovered the psychology of his strategy, another, was a moment ago because in that palm supplemented was mysterious.

Right, the extinguishing god who official Ji Dong that in bright dragon sovereign that light palm, uses most excels at strikes.

Ji Dong will once extinguish the god to strike to teach to the partners, but all people. Including Fu Rui, is actually not able to break through single layer cultivation base, thus above makes the bright heavenly stems disciple not concentrate on cultivating is extinguishing the god to strike, after all, they very much do not excel to the close combat itself, but the attribute of everyone is different, compresses magic power also respectively to have own method. Like gold/metal, she has to put on to extinguish the demon territory, if uses Ji Dong this to extinguish the god to strike, instead will affect her own battle efficiency.

Ji Dong and dragon Huang compare notes not to know many times, to later period. Ji Dong had to be able faintly with dragon Huang resists, makes is this that dragon Huang most has a headache extinguishes the god to strike. Extinguishes compression magic power that the god strikes not to be fearful, what is fearful, after it can pour into magic power to the opposite party body, erupts again. This point made dragon clan that tyrannical body and spirit unable the immunity, bright dragon Huang has therefore suffered many hardships. Otherwise, by cultivation base of its Saint level, will be forced to fight evenly by Ji Dong?

Afterward, in Ji Dong will soon leave dragon valley couple days ago, Ji Dong will extinguish the principle and cultivation method that the god struck has taught dragon Huang, since has been to the dragon sovereign continuously a repayment that they help. dragon Huang to extinguishing the god struck had been full of the interest, under doubled trains hard, quick practiced. Naturally, it can also display to extinguish the god to strike the single layer the might. However, this was enough. Do not forget, it is the Saint level powerhouse, it needs does not extinguish the god to strike the ability of condensation, but is that flash pours into magic power to the ability of match within the body. Had this ability, when resists the same rank match to take advantage without a doubt.

Before, when bright dragon Huang and dark dragon Huang fight just started, both sides were very both discrete carefully. Moreover at that time their magic power was, bright dragon Huang in peak condition knows, even if used to extinguish the god to strike at this time, most also seizes a winning side, was impossible to injure to dark dragon Huang truly. Therefore, it has been bearing patiently, and used oneself originally ability and dark dragon Huangpin well-matched. Dark dragon Huang was really swindled, in them to the situation of war, its simply is fully impossible to discover existence of bright dragon sovereign also such skill. Then again under bright dragon Huang design, in bang a bright dragon Huang shoulder fist, but bright dragon Huangpai to its palm, all extinguishes magic power that the god strikes to condense above the finger, seems gently sweeps, extinguishes the god to strike has actually produced the results, this strikes it to gather the potential for a long time, compression and release whole- heartedly, this had the dark dragon Huang palm to appear by the situation of scrap.

Itself magic power not any disparity two big dragon sovereigns, in the external ability that in this bright dragon Huang learns has decided the victory and defeat. Dark dragon Huangshao a hand. Self-examined that is impossible to have any opportunity again, can only the full astern. However, it in process of retreat, because the palm was exploded flies, oneself is damaged, magic power came under some influences eventually, before drawing back into this instant, a head and tail had been docked by bright dragon Huangzhui, a palm lays out, this time, actually patted on the dark dragon Huang shoulder. Although dark dragon Huang has been ready, the might that the body extinguished god of shoulder strikes has exploded a flesh and blood flying in all directions. Is his several Dragon King hand/subordinate coordinates numerous dark dragon clan, forces to draw back bright dragon Huangbi. "Begins."When bright dragon Huang overruns with dark dragon Huang, the bright army, UN command Ji cloud Sheng has also issued the order of attack.

The bright Mages five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy was to already gather the potential waits, issued an order along with Ji cloud Sheng, about thousand dazzling red light are the lasing, directly soared the flank bombardment of dark demon armed forces to go.

Dark demon armed forces more still in paying attention to the fights of airborne two big dragon sovereigns, before also did not have the order of dark secret, when they see that side bright Mage gets rid suddenly, one by one simply has not made any preparation.

The sound of dark secret resounded at this time, somewhat rapid from the sky reverberated, "five elements tied."

five elements of layer upon layer ten color rays ties fast from the sky appears, but, these knot appeared extremely was really hasty, even many Mage have not been able to complete to tie with the side partner with enough time, bright Mages arrived by the attack that the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy launched.

Actually, dark demon armed forces underprepared also another reason, that is the distance. At this time, both sides Mage, although in the front line of camp, but is distanced as before is very far. Dark Mages self-examines, only if the attack of Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, otherwise, they are unable to release such long-distance range magic skill. Therefore, they subconscious believing, bright Mages is unable to overcome this similarly from issue.

However, where they know, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong invents, although does not tie one to display the five elements ten attribute abilities like five elements, but through five elements mutual promotion of the five elements unceasing promotion in a short time, making ten attribute Mage strengths have the sublimation through the mutual promotion of the five elements process, achieves strength that they by far are not usually able to achieve. magic power is the incomparable sufficiency.

Moreover, under the Ji cloud Sheng direction, these over a thousand rays is Third Fire attribute, in the midair, same attribute magic power condensed is a giant light beam, the distance no longer is the issue.

On the actual combat capability and training degree, Mage of bright army cannot compare the dark demon armed forces. However, for these years the bright camp had actually spent the most time regarding the practice of this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. Because they understand, this is they in view of the dark army genuine sharp weapon, only then relies on this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, they have the possibility to contend with the dark demon armed forces.

That is the unions of over ten thousand Mage strikes! The dark secret cannot think, the opposite party can merge into one organic whole the attacks of over ten thousand Mage unexpectedly, sends out by the sole attribute. This is completely is in his opinion impossible. Let alone is he, even if inventor Ji Dong of this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, perhaps will unable to imagine the strategy that oneself will invent one day to bloom the so formidable energy.

This is the energy of bright army, the single attribute multiple overlay fuses magic skill, almost all Mage metropolises. But 1000 this digit, are the limit of single attribute multiple overlay fusion technique are. Bright Mages has not violated this limit, they truly are 1000 Third Fire magic power condensation, but, each is actually ten people by the condensation joint effort of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. As the matter stands, the might that their attacks have was really too terrifying. It can be said that is one has the single body top ultra to kill the might range top Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

Dark demon armed forces flank, can have the defense five elements to tie effectively is also less than 300, in the face of the Third Fire mighty current of this terrifying, is almost the flash is torn into shreds. The distance between both sides truly was too far, making the attack of bright Mages be weakened much, the red light flashed not to have, but was this, when that red light has swept, over 3000 dark Mage vanished from the present battlefield.

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Chapter 662: The Saint king returns

Shocks, when bright Mages blooms the terrifying strength by the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. Sweeps away 3000 dark Mage that moment instantaneously, the entire dark demon armed forces all fell into during the extreme shock.

3000 dark demon armed forces, this digit surpasses 40,000 dark demon armed forces regarding the overall quantity, cannot lose, but, the key is the distance. The both sides armies, are stopped up above Holy and Evil Island, each other distance has 20 miles fully, under such far distance, generally speaking, even if the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse is the safe distances. magic skill of any level, might gradually will be weaken along with the distance. Even if ultimate Certain Kill Skill is no exception. But, is in such a case, bright Mages, relies on these ten thousand people actually with joint forces struck to kill 3000 dark Mage. This absolutely is inconceivable one.

Although dark army, not appearance of dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, but they to own confidence originally are extremely firm. Not only because of the great strength of dark secret, because of their strengths. The Mage total is over four times of opposite party, the overall magic power sum total is very more possible is ten times of opposite party, behind also hundreds of thousands preparation Mage, look like in these dark demon armed forces. Even if they do not begin, but relies on the preparation demon armed forces, sufficiently swept away at present these bright Mage. But is in this case, present bright Mages actually achieves the matter that their dark demon armed forces have not been able to achieve. This made them is really unbelievable. "Attack, all-out attack." The dark secret angry sound resounds suddenly, making the dark demon armed forces then respond, although the beforehand dark secret has not given their effective issuing orders, but, these dark demon armed forces are well-trained, after responding, first has taken the corresponding action.

40,000 dark demon armed forces every thousand people of one groups, the front line, altogether is ten groups of 10,000 people. These 10,000 people of matching, defer to ten attribute even rations. In other words, in each group of thousand Mage, each species is 100 people. These 10,000 dark Mages after responding, first opened their five elements to tie. Enough 1000 five elements tie also appears, immediately fuses became overlay - type big five elements ties, the terrifying pressure made their here defenses become instantaneously incomparably tenacious.

Besides air force, other less than 30,000 dark Mage, is thousand people of one group, but is actually the same attribute assignment. In other words, every 1000 people of one group, is the same attribute. As the matter stands, they can, when launches the attack, thousand overlaps by thousand people, displays the most formidable battle efficiency. This is more than 20 thousand people of groups. Can release more than 20 high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill above levels instantaneously attack magic skill. This absolutely is a ruinous strength. Even if the dark dragon sovereign brings that over a thousand Giant Dragon, if the upfront and dark demon armed forces more than 40,000 people shake hardly, is impossible to have the opportunity of achievement.

After this is the dark demon armed forces by the bright heavenly stems disciple weakens the situation, if no effort of bright heavenly stems disciple, now appears in the battlefield, perhaps is close 50 groups of such dark Mage.

Meanwhile, started to take action situated in dark demon armed forces rear reserve duty dark Mage, although their magic power were not strong, but released five elements to tie is actually without question. Hundreds of thousands Mage unceasing releases five elements ties, forms a might to be weak, but area actually bigger big five elements ties, the entire dark demon armed forces will cover unexpectedly. This is the dark secret trains for many years, the strength that the invincible lion that the fee completely painstaking care establishes, the dark demon armed forces bloom fully, making one tremble. Meanwhile, the dark demon armed forces in sky also started the attack. The goal points to the bright air force.

Although dark dragon Huang has defeated, but they the overwhelming superiority in quantity actually as before exist, not only let alone that thousand dark dragon clan, airborne dark army also similar terrifying, these dark Mage is not only having own mount, own cultivation base surpasses Six-Crown completely. Altogether 6000 people. This is a formidable strength! With issuing an order of beforehand dark secret. Dark army this finally has only revealed its fang in the dark day cunning invincible lion, launched the tyrannical incomparable attack toward the bright army.

At this moment, the second wave of attack of bright army appeared, similarly fire attribute, is just the same as the beforehand attack, compared with first round of attacks, but was separated was less than 20 seconds. If not the dark demon armed forces is well-trained, first opened big five elements to tie, perhaps this second round attack will directly fall in them.

Quite quick! This is the idea in all dark demon morales of troops simultaneously presenting. Must know, after magic skill sends out, such far distance, only magic power from the sky flies, must cost certain time. But formerly that formidable attack, completely had dominated in ten thousand people of Mage sum totals, how do they achieve in such a short time, start once again?

The dark demon armed forces do not certainly know, what bright Mages relies on is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy of Ji Dong creation, this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy biggest superiority is not the might that it blooms instantaneously, is not it can unite ten person magic power to erupt the mutual promotion of the five elements attack. But is that unceasing mutual promotion of the five elements circulation.

Is relying on the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation, attack that bright Mages launches although powerful force, only, to their own magic power consumptions is actually extremely few. Moreover can launch the attack through mutual promotion of the five elements circulation immediately once more, attack at the same time can reply magic power large scale. This is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy most terrifying place , after is initially why bright continent numerous supreme powerhouses experienced to Ji Dong this strategy, with amazement the reason of look changes.

Loudly in the loud sound, making dark army one of the with amazement appear, airborne held the overwhelming superior dark demon armed forces to stop. The reason is very simple, in the ground, is collaborated big five elements under arrange/cloth to tie by ten thousand dark Mage blasts out by this bombardment unexpectedly instantaneously, although Third Fire magic power of that terrifying also dissipates. But, so terrifying made the dark army who prepared to initiate the charge stagnate suddenly.

Must know, although both sides simultaneously are 10,000 people, but the bright army is a side of attack, their magic power must fly to exceed 20 miles distance, can arrive at the dark army, in the process of this flight, the loss is quite considerable. But the dark army big five elements under arrange/cloth ties is actually near at hand. Moreover, from overall strength, if one-to-one, dark Mage must dominate above bright Mage absolutely. What they rely on is ten attribute complete five elements ties defends. How regardless to see, the attack of bright Mages should not produce any results.

However, in such a case, big five elements tied actually breaks. This can only show that a matter, that was magic power that more than 10,000 bright Mage released has gone far beyond dark demon armed forces these 10,000 people of defensive powers.

Bright Mages every strikes, is ten people of mutual promotion of the five elements magic power sum totals, circulates through the mutual promotion of the five elements, they not only can save magic power, the striking power that displays is the qualitative leap. Initially, ten Two-Crown and Three- Crown Mage can rout Six-Crown Mage, relied on was this strategy! The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that at this moment, Ji Dong invents, the extraordinary splendor in this broad battlefield blooms finally. Big five elements ties is routed. To restore again, requires the time. But at this time, opposite bright Mages as if did not need panting, the third attack came.

"Stops, total defense." The dark secret has to issue such order, the purple robe big priests who even including his side also put into during the defense. The attack of bright Mage was too strong, they each close, mean bright Mage attack magic skill because distance approaches becomes stronger. But at this time, big five elements tied not to restore, can only to attack the attack to counter-balance the attack of opposite party by that another 20 groups of single attribute dark Mage.

20 tyrannical high-level and top Ultra Certain Kill Skill across the sky, collides with the third attack of bright Mages together. It looks like in dark Mages. Bright Mage launched the third attack reluctantly, their magic power associations weaken. Let alone this time they are more than 20,000 dark Mage the attack that collaborates to launch! Although cannot attack opposite party, but at least can also rout the attack of opposite party with ease.

However, they have actually forgotten, although this time begins is more than 20,000 people, but actually does things their own way, although thousand overlap the amplification of in addition, but, can tie the amplification comparison of that ten attribute fusions with five elements?

The result is makes one shock, the attack of both sides, simultaneously vanished, the joint Third Fire attack of bright army, routed two times to unite magic skill in the enemies of one's own side stiffly.

This appearance, not only made the dark demon armed forces dumbfounded, the bright army here commanders of also incomparably shocked. Although they also know that the bright army relies on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to display the formidable strength, but has not thought can actually formidable to so the degree.

Is relying on 10,000 people, actually suppression stiffly opposite party more than 30,000 dark Mage, this is powerful side. Let alone, this is in both sides are away from that far situation.

Ji cloud Sheng has not issued the order that presses, no doubt can make one's own side attack close to erupt stronger striking power through the distance, but also without a doubt, must approach the opposite party formidable air force. If the opposite party air force launches the attack, then, bright Mages in ground must to airborne support inevitably, does not have enough distance, the dark demon armed forces definitely along with it launch offensive, that will not be Ji cloud Sheng are willing to see, after all, in the overall strength, the both sides disparity will be as before huge, now is relying on the superiority of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, reluctantly maintains the potential of present balance, can strike to kill opposite party more than 3000 dark Mage at one fell swoop, Ji cloud Sheng is very satisfied, but the fourth wave attack of bright army also along with bursting out, at this time, big five elements of dark army tied just. Restoration.

The tactical situation in ground. Directly affected in the sky, like Ji cloud Sheng was worried that the formidable dark air force will launch the attack to them, these dark air forces similarly were also worried that bright Mages in ground will change them the attack firepower. Although they are in airborne, the distance is farther, but, if they start the charge, attacks the opposite party air force, this from no longer was the barrier. Therefore, dark dragon clan and dark air force that just prepared to mobilize can only halting stiffly, gaze after bright dragon Huang proud proud triumphal returning to turn over. Suddenly, in the battlefield has completely been during a subtle balance. Both sides have not acted rashly, but terrifying magic power as before is actually continue the bang. No, said accurately, should be the strength is obviously inferior in bright Mages of match is suppressing dark Mage comprehensively, made their difficult perimeter/thunder pool one step.

Both sides do not have to destroy present one on own initiative, has the respective idea. Ji cloud Sheng must have a look at one's own side whether to increase the superiority in surface gradually, but a dark demon armed forces side in the magic power consumption of waiting bright Mages completely. After all, they self-examined that the overall strength surpasses bright Mage . Moreover, bright Mage is two rounds attacks, their single body Mage only needs a round attack to deal. The superiority in quantity occupies in consumption obviously superiorly. What a pity, they do not know that has the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy as the bright Mage backing.

Who launches the attack first on own initiative, will possibly suffer a loss, in this case, both sides very much restrain, several million armies bring up the rear, only relies on Mage each other to the bang. Bright Mage has not pressed.

Bright dragon Huang at this time is extremely satisfied, although breaks this injury regarding the dark dragon sovereign, soon can restore, dragon claw that but, that is cut off is steadily. Although dragon clan is powerful, but does not have the reproductive property. The strength of both sides originally power balance presented the incline immediately, can it not be happy? Let alone, dark dragon Huang must dread that his extinguishing god strikes, must begin , the superiority was more distinct.

Falls into refuses to compromise while here both sides armies, weapon Li Yonghao is also leading finally the dark heavenly stems disciples on the road of return trip.

Time that Li Yonghao deliberately delayed coming back, at this time they are away from the frontline also half double-hour the road. In his opinion, once the holy war starts, both sides will fight will turn during the superheating after all, they late a past, not only can maintain the strength, can see clearly the battlefield situation, how will decide to move again. Whatever, can be in an impregnable position.

At this moment, suddenly, a tranquil and distant sound resounds in the dark heavenly stems disciples ear, "you can stop. The front holy war, has not needed everybody to participate temporarily."With the sound presents at the same time, two forms slowly appeared in the dark heavenly stems disciples front road which must be taken.

Ji Dong came back, final war will soon launch, the small three guarantees, to a Wine God perfect result, the result will have designed, everybody looked slowly, Wine God will finish at the end of the month probably, simultaneously opens the new book. Disclosed that a new book inside story gives everybody, the new entertainers'guild writes a story of archer, different magic war class.

Chapter 663: Tyrants to final weapon

Li Yonghao is leading the dark heavenly stems disciple to rush to the Holy and Evil Island center. He has not thought, oneself is leading completely in the situation of dark heavenly stems disciple, will be blocked by two people unexpectedly. Moreover, when he sees clearly these two people, is surprised.

Appears in Li Yonghao as well as numerous dark heavenly stems disciple front not far away two people, is a white clothing, at least the surface looks, without any magic power weapon approaching body, a man and a woman, the most appealing attention, was that female. Fine to the perfect tender face, just like the stature of fine ceramics common flesh also that incomparably moving ratio of middle to outside proportion, she looks like together the pure white non- flaw beautiful jade, could not find the slightest bit disappointment. Her that gentle vision as if only for man, but presently, from beginning to end, she has not gone to look at dark heavenly stems disciples one eyes.

Semblance appealing, although is that perfect female, may work as the dark heavenly stems disciple sees clearly at present two people, actually as if by prior agreement condensed the vision on that man, the reason was very simple, because this person innumerable has taken to them to be shocked. Entire Dark Five Elements Continent that leads the bright heavenly stems disciple to mix is more earth-shaking by strength of the , he is one generation of heavenly stems Saint kings, as tyrant Ji Dong that final weapon Li Yonghao of dark heavenly stems Saint king must feel ashamed of one's inferiority. Before negotiated with the bright heavenly stems disciple, Li Yonghao has not seen the appearance of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, although the secret distributed the pledge to win his trust, but when time Li Yonghao pondered carefully also had actually discovered some flaws, was the dark heavenly stems Saint king, he was the intelligent person, won't be able to listen to the mystery of word game?

However, at this moment, when he sees Ji Dong to appear in oneself front truly, the final slightest bit in heart is also by luck nothing left, he has not really died, fortunately good is living . Moreover, all bright heavenly stems disciples are also also living. Said honestly, from Li Yonghao innermost feelings perspective, his shock has been the degree in the extreme at this time. He is very difficult to believe that after striking to have killed that formidable darkness dead health/guard, Ji Dong and his bright heavenly stems disciples can also maintain lossless unexpectedly, this is how inconceivable!

Traded is the words of their dark heavenly stems disciple, Li Yonghao deeply believed that even if was whole-heartedly dealt, whether finally to achieve one-fifth that Ji Dong they achieved is very difficult to say. Naturally, he also knows that the dark dead health/guard some diseases are, but knows that was not equal to can hold. could it be said. Have the strengths of these bright heavenly stems disciples, been so the degree really? Must know, now in their dark heavenly stems disciple, cultivation base breaks through Nine-Crown, just three people, although cultivation base of other people also broke through Eight-Crown, but compared with the bright heavenly stems disciple, no longer in a level, previous time saw the secret obviously they the time, all bright disciples may be broke through Nine-Crown cultivation base.

"Brother Ji Dong, does not see for a long time."Li Yonghao as far as possible was calmed down by oneself, smiles was saying, looked like saw really the old friend was common.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "! Long time no see. However, should I call you for the dark Saint king? Called for President Li?" Li Yonghao complexion slightly changes, said: "Brother Ji Dong directly called my name. Thinks that some time ago I and your disciple's negotiations you knew. We had determined cooperation direction, does not know that Brother Ji Dong does block our ways at this time is what reason?"After short absent-minded, he already completely tranquil, other did not say, in his opinion, although Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan strength is very strong. However, they after all are disciple are at this time complete, Ji Dong cultivation base must surpass itself, most can also the whole body draw back. He only wants to know now, the specific objective that Ji Dong this time comes is anything.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, he is certainly impossible to know that Li Yonghao and secret discussed anything, but can also guess correctly a general idea. Shortly after the secret they leave, Ji Dong gradually sobered from the deep sleep. This sober process has actually used entire ten days.

To awaken Ji Dong, opens his close soul and body fuses, and change of complete adaptation body, even if the dark secret definitely cannot achieve. Can achieve this point, perhaps only had Chen Sixuan in the world. Because, her also that is belonging to the strength of god. Relies on the guidance that the god is knowing, Chen Sixuan liberates slowly the soul of Ji Dong deep sleep, carries on with his body fuses completely, after ten days of recuperation and adaptations, the exact time of after calculating the Red Lotus day fire extinguishing, Chen Sixuan then and Ji Dong set out.

Formerly reason that Chen Sixuan did not make Ji Dong sober from the deep sleep because, not only she hopes that can continuously such intimate contact Ji Dong, was good for Ji Dong. The body of Ji Dong was damaged is really too serious, although after self- the treatment restoration of restore and outside, but wanted to stabilize, particularly stabilized melted with own magic power, actually needed a long process. If makes Ji Dong sober ahead of time, by Chen Sixuan to his understanding, Ji Dong will not continue to rest, but will lead the bright disciples to further attack the dark army. Such one, will certainly stay behind the hidden danger to his body, oneself that nine this assign magic power that the Red Lotus lotus seed contains unable by him to be absorbed completely. Chen Sixuan in can control in the situation that Ji Dong awakes to transfer the time naturally unable to see the occurrence of this situation, therefore. She did not have to guide the Ji Dong soul.

Ji Dong sobers after the deep sleep, knew that the secret they walked, wanting in the relation they quite to be naturally troublesome. Properly speaking he should not know Li Yonghao whereabouts. However, although he relation not on secret, but he can actually relate another they to control the person of situation compared with the secret. That is his Senior Brother, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui.

Sent greetings the stone through ten thousand miles, Ji Dong and Fu Rui has had the contact, has given own Senior Brother the news notice that have not died. Meanwhile he also obtained the Red Lotus day fire soon to extinguish from Fu Rui, and news that the dark heavenly stems disciple soon will be hurrying back to from the dark fort.

Ji Dong is bringing Chen Sixuan, first arrived around the dark fort through the transmission, then, before the Red Lotus day fire is put out in short two days of time, he has actually handled many matters, but does not have the time to inform anybody. After completing matter that these he must carry on, he returns to arrives above Holy and Evil Island, in the return of this road which must be taken waiting dark heavenly stems disciple.

According to the computation of Ji Dong originally, the time that the dark heavenly stems disciple returns to also wants to be earlier, particularly he obtained the Fu Rui notice, the news that after the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, had such judgment. But dark heavenly stems disciple is actually long in coming. From this point, he can also judge some Li Yonghao this time ideas indistinctly, therefore, even if he does not know that Li Yonghao and secret discussed anything. Actually can also carry on guess roughly.

Fu Rui by the dark secret was told after commands the army, throughout is maintaining among the contact with Ji Dong, this makes Ji Dong be able to know the frontline situation frequently. originally he is the preparation gives up blocking off dark heavenly stems disciple goal to rush to the main battlefield as soon as possible, the news that but spreads according to Fu Rui, bright dragon Huang wins, during the bright army relied on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to make the war fall into has refused to budge, as the matter stands, he was not anxious. Full speed rushes to the frontline from here, soon, solves dark heavenly stems disciple threat completely at this time is less appropriate?

Looks at present Li Yonghao, Ji Dong says with a smile: "I think. Since we cooperate, final goal is to make Holy and Evil Island barrier that isolates two pieces of continent, but your dark army is also having that big superiority now, everybody does not need to arrive at the frontline again. Please stay here, waited for that the front result appears. After my bright army routs dark army as well as dark secret, I naturally can invite everybody, with our bright heavenly stems disciple together, reconstruction isolation barrier. Under intent how?"

Li Yonghao complexion slightly changes, "Brother Ji Dong, how do you make me believe you? If your bright army wins, can capture in our dark continent?"

Ji Dong said indifferently: "You think that everyone is the same with your thoughts? The sighted people did not speak the code words, I do not talk circuitously, how I am very clear you to think that if the dark secret ends the victory, you lead the dark heavenly stems disciple to continue to be your running dog. If the dark secret and we are mutually wounded, that is you most is willing to see that you will replace him to lead the dark army to capture my bright world. Actually, in the situation that in your heart most is not willing to see is the dark secret direct destruction. You worried that such words, we will capture dark continent. I said right?"

Although Li Yonghao also knows that Ji Dong will possibly guess correctly own intention, but has not thought of he so direct saying, suddenly excitedly look changes, coldly said: "could it be don't you think? Even if in your goal has not unified Light Five Elements Continent, but, is could it be your ultimate goal different from me? If you have destroyed the dark secret, won't capture our dark continent?"

"Cannot."Ji Dong said these two characters categorically, made dark heavenly stems disciples astonished. Ji Dong lightly said: "Our goals and goals are completely different, I to striving for hegemony world not any interest. I want to do, is makes the peace reappear above two pieces of continent, only has this, the common people will stop bleeding. The war is in the world the most brutal matter, do you have to think, in ruler when own benefit launches the war, can how many common people along with it meeting with a disaster? Also many servicemen will die in the battlefield."

Did snorted that Li Yonghao disdains, "die person could it be in your hand is short? On the quantity of murder, you perhaps are my a lot of times, have a strong sense of righteousness was saying these to me. Ji Dong, do not make me look down upon you."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "you think highly of me to look down upon me not to be unimportant, I am not here false said anything to you, right, the person who I kill are many, you can also creating under the world Liuhe might all dark servicemen of casualty calculate in the name of my. However, I such do, can live for more people. If makes your dark army capture my bright continent, how many people also will die? My clan and his heart cannot different, this idea is not only then the dark secret has."

In Li Yonghao eyes cold light twinkle, "failing to agree half a word are many, I have no intention to argue with you, I do not think you now, but if you block our ways again, I did not care to make the bright disciple be short of the Saint king. could it be you self-examined, can prevent the way of all our dark heavenly stems disciple to be inadequate by your two people?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Naturally is not two people."

Li Yonghao stares, heart sinks immediately, mused, could it be all bright heavenly stems disciples are inadequate in the nearby? If so, they were really dangerous. However, during the Ji Dong following a few words made him fall into were astonished.

"Is only I."Ji Dong showed a faint smile, pats the shoulder of Chen Sixuan, the Chen Sixuan personal appearance flashed, changed into the blue light to draw back together by far. At this moment, in entire world, nobody compared with her clearer Ji Dong was what kind of strength.

This time does not wait for Li Yonghao to open the mouth, could not bear in the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion of his side, angrily rebukes saying: "Ji Dong, should not be too rampant. You think, depending on you alone, can block our ways?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "how doesn't try to know?"He does not worry, the frontline matter he has arranged, let alone bright Mages also blocks the attack of dark demon armed forces to fall into to refuse to compromise now, even if cannot block him also to leave leeway the subsequent hand. Is worth being worried that only, only then getting rid of dark secret. In this holy war, the strength of his Saint level peak is unique. But Ji Dong also deeply believed, bright powerhouses withstand the dark secret the ability to have temporarily. At least, enough insisted that he solved at present these dark heavenly stems disciples.

Li Yonghao truly does not want to begin with Ji Dong, he naturally knows that the Ji Dong strength is extraordinary, he hopes that Ji Dong appears in the main battlefield, leading the bright heavenly stems disciple to besiege the dark secret, that is he wants to see. After all, not only the bright heavenly stems disciple dreads the dark secret, this dark heavenly stems Saint king also similarly has deep dreading to the dark secret. Does not kill the dark secret, he does not dare to have any motion in the true sense. However, he has not actually thought that Ji Dong is actually determined to block their ways, at this time, was he of dark heavenly stems Saint king did not have other choices, in any event, must rout Ji Dong to be good first.

Thinks of here, this has the dark heavenly stems Saint king face darken of final weapon support shouting to clear the way: "Array, making us ask for advice the strength of bright Saint king."

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Chapter 664: Finally weapon

The dark heavenly stems disciples respectively are riding own mount. Like the bright heavenly stems disciple, on the mount, they mostly has chosen the dragon. As Li Yonghao of dark heavenly stems Saint king, rides a build to surpass 30 meters grown Black Dragon. Must know, the dragon clan on Dark Five Elements Continent, all Black Dragon was called to have the emperor's clan bloodlines. Initially, Li Yonghao to obtain this only Black Dragon it can be said that thought of every means.

Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals ice quiet light, meaning that he first has not begun slightly, but the dark heavenly stems disciple rides the lineup of respective mount arrange/cloth next -and-a-half arc to launch half surrounding to oneself shortly.

Acme magic power of ten big dark disciples almost simultaneously ascend, Yin-Yang Crown on respective top of the head is showing their formidable strengths. Looked like pinnacle magic power of bright heavenly stems disciple compares with ordinary Mage leaves intense light attribute to be the same, in pinnacle magic power of these dark heavenly stems disciples was also supplementing the intense dark attribute. Especially is in central Li Yonghao, as the dark Saint king, his attribute is Seventh Metal department, but on him the sharp air/Qi completely is reserved, in the hand the divine tool level Seventh Metal department long sword lifts slowly, points to Ji Dong. Although does not have the slightest bit sharp air/Qi to reveal, feeling that but that invisible pressure, actually gives people all completely grasp.

The bright heavenly stems disciple in unceasing growth, the dark heavenly stems disciple is also same, their strengths and initially compared with the wartime of Holy and Evil. Also already not in a level.

Saw that Ji Dong is a white clothing floats as in there, simply has not defended the meaning or being begins, the anger in Li Yonghao heart already initiated flaming burns, this is despises, most direct despising. Facing the lineups of ten disciples, he including a response not to have unexpectedly. could it be does he really such have the self-confident whole body to draw back?

Suddenly, a somewhat depressing feeling appears in Li Yonghao heart, he has thought possibility that he most is not willing to see. During mind fine motions, solemnly shouted: "Ji Dong, I and you one to one determine the final outcome."At the same time was saying, his tip of the toe on Black Dragon, the body floating departed, in 50 meters away airborne stopped from Ji Dong.

Ji Dong somewhat surprisedly looks at Li Yonghao, his some are not clear, the opposite party has the population and entire attribute superiority obviously, why actually chose and single Tiao at this time.

Actually, Li Yonghao is also has no recourse, but, he is very clear, if lead the dark heavenly stems disciple to collaborate to attack Ji Dong, can hold good Ji Dong said that if made him run, then, oneself the prestige in dark heavenly stems disciple will certainly be greatly disappointed. Must know, any heavenly stems disciple is in the person the dragon, wanting commander a group of people not to be so easy. Another, the idea of his also deeper level, in one-to-one fight. Even if were lost, not lost face, after all this was one-to-one contending, if can defeat Ji Dong in the one-to-one process, Ji Dong definitely will suffer defeat and flee, the plan of his originally will not be destroyed then. Regarding own strength, Li Yonghao also has the absolute confidence, he self-examined, also similarly can strike to kill a darkness dead health/guard by own present strength in the one-to- one situation. In the time he does not have the ability that excessively thinks deeply about, but judges instantaneously in him, one-to-one and a Ji Dong war, is the best choice.

Really, Li Yonghao one person alone, not only Ji Dong is surprised, in dark heavenly stems disciples eyes also unconscious reveals the color/look of several points of admiration, no one has gone forward. This is contests between two mahatma kings.

Ji Dong slowly nodded, "good, depends on your this courage, is worth me dealing fully."At the same time was saying, a golden red ray appeared from him. The evolution appeared for god hot Saint king Kai of divine tool level quietly, covers the body of Ji Dong.

Before compares, this god hot Saint king Kai turned into the blood red all over the body, the ray that but sends out is actually the radiant golden color, is filling with the strong bright aura. Although the style has not had any too big change, but this set of armor's aura completely is different.

Sees Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai, Li Yonghao immediately in the heart one tight, although he has not fought with Ji Dong truly, but has also confronted with Ji Dong from these purple robe big priest there had inquired carefully Ji Dong ability, knows that the Ji Dong divine tool should be a handle sword is right. Can at this moment, on Ji Dong this set of armor also explain? By Li Yonghao ability, naturally can see, Ji Dong this clearly is one set of divine tool. Moreover has filled the divine tool of bright aura.

Hand signal that trend Li Yonghao has made invitation, reason that he puts on god hot Saint king Kai, stemming from a respect to Li Yonghao, regardless of Li Yonghao has any goal, in such situation, he dares to carry on fight between this Saint kings and Saint kings at present, sufficiently obtained itself to respect. Moreover, is not willing to kill him like Li Yonghao, Ji Dong is not willing to kill Li Yonghao similarly. From the cognition of innermost feelings, Li Yonghao can handle the fierce and ambitious two characters absolutely, if achieved the final success brightly, dark continent again was isolated, if no a powerful character to carry on the control, meets the chaos surely. Ji Dong a moment ago, is not the false word that Li Yonghao said that the matter that he most wants to handle must make two pieces of continent both regain the peace, little dead common people as far as possible. If no Li Yonghao controlling. Dark Five Elements Continent will turn surely in a state of disunity, chaos caused by war can anticipate unceasingly. In order to dodge the mountain, to dodge thunder fathers' and sons' ability, but also is not enough to rule dark continent, only has Li Yonghao to deter the dark army. Therefore, Ji Dong this line of goals, truly prevent the dark heavenly stems disciple to enter the battlefield, affects the war, but does not strike to kill these people.

Li Yonghao moved, because the bright heavenly stems disciple strikes to kill the dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast reason, his judgment to the Ji Dong is extremely high, knows that the fights of their this level, take the favorable position are important. The personal appearance flashes, 50 meters distance vanished quietly, the next moment, Li Yonghao arrived in front of Ji Dong, in the hand the divine tool level long sword in airborne trembles lightly, in grating severe Xiaosheng, nine swords almost simultaneously puncture, from the sky transforms nine golden sword flowers, aims at the Ji Dong body nine positions separately. The sharp air/Qi of originally embodiment, had not proliferated at this time, but complete embodiment in that nine sword flowers.

This sword, sufficiently made Ji Dong hold in high esteem to Li Yonghao. Without a doubt, in close combat actual combat capability, Li Yonghao has also made the painstaking effort, particularly this swordsmanship, Ji Dong also feels ashamed of one's inferiority.

Nine swords are colored, block the way that Ji Dong all has been able to dodge, that seems, although does not have any aura sending out, but Ji Dong actually did not suspect Pang great pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power as well as Li who Yonghao true sharp meaning each sword flower embodiment contains. What is more fearful, this each sword flower core stamen and pistil unexpectedly is the cream color, in other words, in these nine sword flower centers. Has existence of gold/metal of deep meaning chaos. This seems but conveniently for a sword, Li Yonghao has actually used fully. Ji Dong can affirm, has traded any Nine-Crown ordinary Mage, wants to block this sword is the countless sufferings and hardships. The chaos deep meaning lies in the creation, Li Yonghao this is takes oneself these nine sword flower sources with the aid of the gold/metal of chaos, once erupts, continuous pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power will be created, lethality that has instantaneously, even can achieve Li Yonghao own magic power one time.

Very powerful swordsmanship, in Ji Dong heart secretly praised, but he therefore has not actually changed countenance, the personal appearance floating retrocedes, at the same time, the left hand light shell, extinguishes the god wall to be stopped up among two people at the same time.

Right, Ji Dong truly dodges Li Yonghao this sword, needs the front impact, but the use extinguishes the god wall, is in itself also one way of front impact.

Pū a light sound, in an instant, what Ji Dong sees is a golden light net opens instantaneously, is that nine sword flower formations. This, surprised color/look in his eyes was richer several points, Li Yonghao these nine sword also so changed unexpectedly . Moreover, although that sharp air/Qi flashed to pass, but in the feeling of Ji Dong, these nine swords contained the Uh spirit actually to be able in an instant the condensation to be, the ideal condition of only attacking already extremely close top Certain Kill Skill level. Must know, this is in close combat, both sides have not gathered the strength the possibility, this can only show that a matter, Li Yonghao from the sky has completed multiple single attribute combination skill by oneself swordsmanship directly. Completes such skill by strength of the, it can be imagined he soaks the cloudy degree in the swordsmanship.

Sees this sword, in all dark heavenly stems disciples eyes revealed heartfelt admiring, particularly the dark Second Wood disciple scorpion, she was the person who Li Yonghao most was intimate with. Also only then she knows that the Elder Brother has paid many. Before Li Yonghao person calm, after the person, has to make crazy that one is hard to imagine, but this crazy completely uses in the cultivation. In cultivation, he almost watches, in the dark heavenly stems disciple, by the aptitude, Li Yonghao is actually not best, but, his effort is actually the several folds of other people, beyond the originally extremely severe training, he in continuously with is still carrying on the cultivation from the oppressive way. It can be said that Li Yonghao can have the present achievement, is he tries hard to come completely. Initially, several on Holy and Evil Island times lost to Fu Rui successively, that completely stemming from the order of dark secret, otherwise, even if were first facing, his magic power was also inferior Fu Rui time, Fu Rui was also not necessarily able to defeat him.

Li Yonghao diligence, nearly from oppressive cultivation, is one of the dark secret to he biggest dreading, the each member of dark heavenly stems disciple and bright heavenly stems disciple, has to cultivate the Saint level possibility, but, the dark secret actually understands, if in the dark world who can touch to the god edge in the future, then, Li Yonghao is beside him another possibility. But the dark secret wants to attack Divine level, must through swallowing the Saint beast, but Li Yonghao actually completely is oneself effort. The dark secret had been saying in secret, if to Li Yonghao enough time and space, then, one day, he will certainly become historically the most formidable dark heavenly stems disciple.

All these Ji Dong do not certainly know, but he at this time actually deep by Li Yonghao stood to shock, in flash during erupted, striking power that Li Yonghao showed that even has surpassed forest who initially he once had faced to be clear. Li Yonghao magic power is Level 94, actually burst out nearly in Shengji the attack intensity, really worthily was the dark heavenly stems Saint king.

Extinguishes the god wall instantaneously by the smashing that the ray of Li Yonghao age Metal God sword twists, but this strikes, has not affected eventually on Ji Dong. After Ji Dong already, withdraws from beyond ten meters. Extinguishes the function of god wall, is the opportunity of manufacture flash, regardless of attacks, defense is so.

Strikes, Li Yonghao attack erupts instantaneously, before a sword refers , the whole person accelerates fully, Jianfeng refers, is the position of Ji Dong forehead, the entire person sword unites, looks like the golden lightning directly soars Ji Dong to go together generally.

The short ten meters distance, he has made the sprint unexpectedly once more, but at this time, Ji Dong also moved, but , compared with Li Yonghao unprecedentedness, his movement looks like in the dark heavenly stems disciples somewhat is slow.

The left hand of Ji Dong iriss out to the left in own chest front, in airborne has half arc, but the right hand is upwardly is irising out, the body is the slightest has not actually moved, does not have any magic power to burst out from within the body. However, such seems the simple movement, actually changed Li Yonghao attack, Li Yonghao that age Metal God sword in airborne shivered suddenly, the sword edge of originally thorn to Ji Dong forehead suddenly leaning, has delimited from the Ji Dong face side.

Only then Li Yonghao can feel, in the distinct essence, air/Qi and gods coagulated on Ji Dong, two formidable forces of traction do not have the emergence of omen in airborne, directed to push, changed oneself sword edge's trend.

Li Yonghao does not understand how completely Ji Dong achieves, but in has not given him to make the time of ponder at this moment, the personal appearance deviates, means to expose weaknesses, he does not dare to have neglects slightly, was discovering flash that sword edge deviates, the whole person has from the sky made a movement of barrel, stiffly leads own body to tumble out to the side, the rapidness of movement, looks like originally has planned, the passing clouds and flowing water, form a coherent whole. Meanwhile, in the hand the age Metal God sword in shivering of wrist/skill transforms myriad golden light, each golden light likely is ray, interweaves in the midair, raids to Ji Dong.

"Good swordsmanship."Ji Dong acclaimed, must know, Li Yonghao from launching the attack starts, his every strikes is in the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, moreover can give dual attention to the attack, to defend and dodge, the speed is such rapidness, actual combat capability, has no qualms in his title final weapon.

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Chapter 665: A finger/refers divine tool

It can be said that Li Yonghao is Ji Dong has run into the strongest Nine- Crown supreme powerhouse. Although Ji Dong is probing Li Yonghao strength intentionally, has not hit back directly, but can be forced by Li Yonghao by his present cultivation base wants the entire gods by right, the strength of this final weapon can be inferred. But Ji Dong present strength......

In that interweaves in the airborne golden ray innumerably, Ji Dong was not finally tranquil like before, his body started, the whole person looked like a clever sea-monster generally quietly rhythm, in the dark heavenly stems disciples were full of under the gaze that shocked, the body of Ji Dong that shuttled back and forth in Li Yonghao sword net, can always find some crevices in Li Yonghao sword net, passed through, his body looked like simply does not have the bone to be common, the joint of human body cannot have any limit, to Li Yonghao feeling on was, the skeleton of Ji Dong as if can again combination.. His attack, is conducted in view of the person, the dodging ability that but Ji Dong displays at this time, can only describe with inhumanity, if his attack looks like a big net, then, Ji Dong can also drill from the mesh.

Too powerful. This is all dark heavenly stems disciples' appraisal to Ji Dong. If just time from the beginning, in their opinion Ji Dong is also in absolute passive, the dodging ability that at this moment, Ji Dong displays made them shock in the extreme.

 The fight between supreme powerhouses is the close combat war, but the recognition, close combat fights is also called the war of collision, the speed that because, in so near distance, both sides can be so is also fast, in addition each other locking, except for meeting the tough head-on with toughness almost does not have other choice. Like the fight of two big dragon sovereign that ranks, the aspect of like this meeting the tough head- on with toughness.

However, at this time Ji Dong actually actually relied on that wonderful unparalleled dodging ability to avoid the close combat collision completely, this had first proven a point, Li Yonghao cannot lock Ji Dong from beginning to end truly, two people soul cultivation base at all not in a level. Next, was the level of body, clearly, the Ji Dong body condition was so inhuman, perhaps must above Li Yonghao. They are not surprised regarding this point, because Fu Rui to win others' trust in dark secret, was the matter of Saint level body and spirit already told them Ji Dong.

Must discuss surprised, actually Li Yonghao, he is involved, can realize the Ji Dong strength tyrannical. Must know. Comes up his attack is whole- heartedly, the surface seems, Ji Dong was suppressed by him likely completely, but, only then he knows, the fact is not true, said accurately, should be he is pulled nose to walk by Ji Dong.

Ji Dong to Li Yonghao feeling is somewhat illusory, attacks along with him whole-heartedly, he thought that Ji Dong actually likely does not exist general, simply is unable to lock his aura, because Li Yonghao cannot even feel his real aura the position, all attacks fall on the vacancy, cannot bump into including a Ji Dong piece of lower hem corner. If not shouting of Ji Dong that good swordsmanship, Li Yonghao already somewhat with feeling of ghost fight.

The both sides form misses quietly, Li Yonghao body from the sky passed over gently and swiftly, age Metal God sword horizontally before the body, he and Ji Dong evolution, but as before is actually separated by 50 meters, but the Ji Dong static float in the midair, that unflustered made Li Yonghao heart sink gradually. took a deep breath. Li Yonghao whole body skeleton chops pa to make noise, his both eyes gradually become bright, the eye pupil carves general that becomes like the gold . Moreover, the age Metal God sword in his hand also sent out the incomparably radiant ray, formerly the sharp air/Qi comprehensive eruption of embodiment in the midair, the pinnacle sharp aura has made air slightly, indistinct, even can see some slight black light marks, that was pinnacle Seventh Metal cut the air sharply the effect.

Li Yonghao has to such do, without a doubt, this sharp air/Qi embodiment, once the hit match releases again comprehensively, can bring the heavy losses to the match easily, this point and Ji Dong extinguishing god strikes is somewhat similar, but with extinguishing the god strikes not in a level, but, he cannot grasp the Ji Dong position now, is the attack strong, cannot bump into the match to be also useful? Only has to use this not to have the slit aura to grasp the position of match, can one strike the opportunity that must kill. Under tremendous pressure that Ji Dong creates, weapon Li Yonghao own potential also completely was stimulated finally, his oneself entered in unprecedented realm.

Comprehensive blooming of sharp air/Qi, made Li Yonghao catch the Ji Dong position finally, but, what making his nearly mind fall into enemy hands, although he grasped the Ji Dong position, but, before that illusory feeling actually, was without change. In other words. Bathes during the fluctuation of this pure energy, he actually as before cannot lock Ji Dong completely. This situation Li Yonghao is not first meeting, on another person, he similarly has also experienced, this person, after initially had swallowed four mahatma beasts, comprehensively promotes to the Saint level peak secret.

could it be said, his soul cultivation base has achieved with the dark secret same Saint level peak?

No, this is impossible. Li Yonghao does not believe, with for Ji Dong of heavenly stems Saint king, can actually be such degree in the soul level, even if their bright secrets, soul cultivation base absolutely does not have the Saint level peak. Innermost feelings is not steady makes Li Yonghao not launch the attack eagerly, his actual combat experience under Ji Dong, he will not be clear, restlesses will cause what kind of consequence.

However, at this moment, Ji Dong actually moved, he does not have any gaudy movement, is non-stop flies, during the personal appearance twinkles, 50 meters distance vanished, an overhead palm. Directly soars Li Yonghao top of the head racket to fall.

The dark heavenly stems disciples revealed the intense anger on this moment face, Ji Dong this forms of defensive action simply was the shame! Such forms of defensive action they can also, only have when facing the strength is inferior own match, they will use this method.

However, is in Li Yonghao in bureau actually completely is another feeling, Ji Dong just lifted the hand the time, he also thinks that Ji Dong is very rampant, because this forms of defensive action will make own chest and belly place empty gate big dew, can say that will create the fatal result, but, next flash. Li Yonghao actually discovered, Ji Dong simply has not left behind any flaw to oneself. His whole person bright however body, seems is a palm racket to oneself, but the overall feeling is actually more like a mountain presses to oneself, flaw that surface seems, actually no longer is the flaw.

took a deep breath, this time Li Yonghao is in the most flourishing condition, facing such situation, he does not have the slightest bit to be startled, but will grasp the sword to change to both hands single-handed, both hands grip the age Metal God sword to shoulder by below upwardly, make one to light a fire to singe day . Moreover, his movement seems very slow, is, the age Metal God sword place visited, the air was torn except for together the trace completely. Made the space crack, this need how terrifying magic power fluctuation can be completed!

Li Yonghao does not have other choice, adopts the beforehand several contacts, he has felt himself among the disparity fully with Ji Dong, only meets the tough head-on with toughness, can discover this disparity really in a big way. Even if the defeat, he also hopes clearness that oneself can defeat. The palm of Ji Dong by the god hot Saint king Kai gable, his palm distance age Metal God sword was been nearer, that withstands great pressure the formidable constriction even more is also intense.

Saw, the palm of Ji Dong must collide in sword edge of age Metal God sword together, dark heavenly stems disciples unconscious anxious, the crucial time arrived, Ji Dong again strong, the palm that also relies on eventually, can he shunt age Metal God sword attack Li Yonghao main body once more? If so, perhaps Li Yonghao must make heavy losses. They could see from formerly combat process, in this regard, Li Yonghao did not have with Ji Dong means.

However, the situation that the dark heavenly stems disciple is worried about has not appeared, Ji Dong and Li Yonghao collision appeared finally. Ji Dong has not dodged Li Yonghao age Metal God sword by own ability again, when sword edge soon will move with the palm. Palm strange turned, has avoided sharply, was in charge side the sword point.

In Li Yonghao heart great happiness, how regardless to say, finally had with the opportunity that Ji Dong bumped hardly, he was outspoken output own magic power completely, the age Metal God sword therefore has sent out fiercely buzz cry.

The collision of both sides is only the free time of flash, the right palm of Ji Dong with the flash that the age Metal God sword moves, suddenly turned into the black and gold/metal of dual-color bewitching. That strange ray made trembling that one was from the heart, the next flash, both sides on have completed the contact.

The Li Yonghao originally somewhat excited look is instantaneous, is becomes a paleness, because, he feels clearly, magic power that oneself output is similar to the clay ox entering the sea vanishes without the trace unexpectedly generally, said accurately, his feeling to own magic power melted. Right, melted, was melted by Ji Dong magic power.

Ji Dong conveniently flings, Li Yonghao body flew, fierce buzz the whining noise resounds suddenly, in the world instantaneously was wiped the golden color to exaggerate, Li Yonghao palm shakes, in the palm the age Metal God sword flew, originally has filled the huge Seventh Metal magic power divine tool, turned into piece of black and white dual-color at this moment unexpectedly.

The Ji Dong body next flash appeared in front of the age Metal God sword, saw only his right hand ball, the middle finger just right ball above the ridges of age Metal God sword.

Bang, great thunder -like thundering resounds in the sky, the terrifying magic power fluctuation even made Li Yonghao unable to approach, but, his eyeball actually nearly stared from the eye socket. Because, his handle age Metal God sword, bang in the sound succeeded in giving up two sections in that at this moment, the sharp air/Qi in air had been ruled the world by one instantaneously substitutes blazingly.

"No, this is impossible."Even if were calm Li Yonghao is also always rude at this time. All simply that yes, in his opinion, Ji Dong makes are not the matter that is possible to complete , he he has destroyed oneself age Metal God unexpectedly, that is a divine tool! Even if the dark secret Saint level peak strength is impossible to ruin a divine tool , he he does achieve?

The dark secret is certainly impossible to ruin a divine tool, but Ji Dong is actually not the dark secret, that moment when he sobers from the deep sleep, he feels, oneself grasped to extinguish the deep meaning that the god struck finally. A moment ago this finger/refers of light shell, was this deep meaning perfect display, extinguished the god two characters to exaggerate by no means that divine tool how? First the extinguished god strikes to fill magic power, compels Seventh Metal magic power, in then extinguished god thunder positive/direct bang in frailest, and loses above the ridges that magic power has poured into. This divine tool such nearly in easily ruined.

"You, you......"Li Yonghao could not attend to loving dearly, his complexion paleness, the whole person has not received any wound, the age Metal God sword that but that shares the same roots such broke, the imposing manner of his whole person was also stave.

A Ji Dong finger/refers of ball breaks the age Metal God sword, deterred all dark heavenly stems disciples, was this matter that the manpower can achieve? In their eyes, the Ji Dong strength has promoted an unprecedented altitude.

Ji Dong shook the head to Li Yonghao, lightly said: "You alone are not my match, you come together."

Li Yonghao somewhat difficult say/way: "Did you break through Saint level?"

Ji Dong nodded silently, on the face has not revealed the self-satisfied color/look, because he completely clear this Saint level came from where.

The evolution of Fire God sword, helping Ji Dong break through Nine- Crown directly, if according to the normal condition, after the Fire God sword evolved, huge magic power that produced, brought to arrive at Level 95 Ji Dong sufficiently, even higher level. However, when absorbs Fire God sword magic power, to cope with the dark dead health/guard, Ji Dong completely opened wide own body, has not carried on any slows down, whatever that huge magic power impacts each corner of oneself body directly. By doing so, no doubt made him bear the huge pain to barely escape, but, enabled magic power that in that Fire God sword erupted not to have the slightest bit to waste, was being as close as flesh and blood fused with him in one. However, in any event, the might of only Fire God sword is also not enough to advance the Saint level him , helping Ji Dong break through the most essential bottleneck truly, is Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his nine this to assign the Red Lotus lotus seed.

These nine this assign the Red Lotus lotus seed, when the mouth key protected Ji Dong, has saved his life, and assimilated in his body, initially, Lie Yan (raging flames) left the Ji Dong goal these nine lotus seed, to let Ji Dong after breaking through Nine-Crown can rise into the Saint level level directly. Can help Ji Dong be what kind of degree as for these nine lotus seed, Lie Yan (raging flames) are not quite clear. Ji Dong broke through, but, in his heart is not excited, because, that nine this assign the Red Lotus lotus seed also to vanish along with his breakthrough.

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Chapter 666: Ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint

Lie Yan (raging flames) this assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed to Ji Dong nine. With initially gave that difference of Vermilion Bird, the reason is very simple, when to Vermilion Bird that lotus seed, although Lie Yan (raging flames) has also achieved Divine level, but is actually the most low status god. She is Ji Dong for a long time after together, receives other sentiments as well as aspects affects, gradually breaks through, finally enters the degree that the Level 2 god has slandered, in the earth core world, even if the Level 2 god slanders a strongest several deicide to cultivate like this nearly to be defeated by Lie Yan (raging flames), if not he affects Lie Yan (raging flames) by Ji Dong, that war, he almost impossible to be mutually wounded with Lie Yan (raging flames).

After Lie Yan (raging flames) enters to the Level 2 god slanders, she actually completely with the main body has assimilated, finally only remaining nine lotus seed, if there is a sufficient time, then, she can definitely refine her life divine tool these nine lotus seed, the might must surpass the deicide to cultivate the sword of like this that handle deicide. What a pity, Lie Yan (raging flames) that opportunity, before the state of mind is not stave. She left Ji Dong these nine lotus seed. It can be said that this is the lotus seed of nine Divine level! If not Lie Yan (raging flames) keeps the god knowledge in lotus seed, let alone is Ji Dong, even if the god is unable to digest her lotus seed. Because of so, Lie Yan (raging flames) does not know that these nine lotus seed can help Ji Dong promote to what kind of degree, she can affirm is, own life lotus seed will not injure Ji Dong. Entire deep sleep eight months, this assigned the energy in Red Lotus lotus seed also with the body of Ji Dong truly to carry on the fusion. Initially, when facing darkness dead health/guard, Ji Dong controlled the body to strike to kill the final five darkness dead health/guard forcefully, that time, he showed the strength of Saint level. When he passes through these eight months, has completed truly after this assigns the fusion of Red Lotus lotus seed, his strength has promoted the Saint level high rank , compared with the dark secret , is just separation. Formerly Li Yonghao feeling not wrong, while having Saint level high rank cultivation base, Ji Dong soul cultivation base has actually achieved with the dark secret same Saint level peak degree. It can be said that all these are Lie Yan (raging flames) give him.

If there is a choice, Ji Dong does not hope Lie Yan (raging flames) the assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed to fuse with completely, this is Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his final commemorating! Therefore, his strength has been so the degree freely, is, his actually point also happy, is sober after the deep sleep is uncommunicative, Chen Sixuan follows side him, can the clear experience in his heart that thick losing. If not because two pieces of continent holy wars approach, perhaps he will return to initially that situation of self-closing also perhaps.

Although the dark heavenly stems disciple the strength is strong, is the attribute is more complete, is, they facing Saint level high rank cultivation base Ji Dong, will have any opportunity? If no absolute assurance, Ji Dong will not block them here. The holy war started, he must strangle all uncertainty completely, by perfect completes this holy war.

Li Yonghao breath becomes is somewhat rapid, is feeling on Ji Dong that broad to the aura that is unable to be a worthy opponent, his has been no longer calm. The divine tool was destroyed to mean that any he is very clear, Saint level cultivation base Ji Dong has surpassed realm that he has been able to cope with completely.

Without a doubt, present Ji Dong had the challenge dark secret qualifications, is, perhaps if his single kill the dark secret, then, the Dark Five Elements Continent end must approach. Li Yonghao for the dark heavenly stems Saint king, in the short time, he has worked loose from innermost feelings intense shock worthily, the personal appearance flashes, returned own Black Dragon to carry on the back. The sinking sound drinks greatly: "Dark heavenly stems disciple is respective, five elements Yin-Yang."

In an instant, since ten color rays leap from ten dark heavenly stems disciples instantaneously, that light beam from the sky interwines, although Li Yonghao lost the divine tool, but his cultivation base in an numerous dark heavenly stems disciple is strongest, lost the age Metal God sword, does not affect him to direct all dark heavenly stems disciples. When five elements Yin-Yang that under this dark heavenly stems disciple most flourishing condition blooms, the might must surpass initially the bright heavenly stems disciples coped with the dark dead health/guard under the arrange/cloth large scale. Because in that time bright heavenly stems disciple did not have Ji Dong director, but at this time the dark heavenly stems disciple not only had existence of Li Yonghao this Saint king, they also completely melted into magic power of respective mount this five elements Yin-Yang.

By Ji Dong cultivation base, even does not need carefully to observe discovered, the dark heavenly stems disciple is not five elements method, but, the next moment, he has actually discovered the dark heavenly stems disciples compared with bright heavenly stems disciple powerful side.

From Li Yonghao, above each dark heavenly stems disciple top of the head Yin-Yang Crown had some changes, light light fog releases from their Yin-Yang Crown, demon marks bloom above their respective top of the heads along with it, these light mark fast integration to five elements Yin- Yang, making that ten pattern of overlapping rhombuses seem looks like an incomparably fine handicraft is ordinary.

Not only these light mark naturally attractive is so simple, the Ji Dong surprised discovery, that unexpectedly is the dark heavenly stems disciples respective demon territory, right, will certainly not misread by soul cultivation base of his Saint level peak, that definitely is the aura of demon territory. The dark heavenly stems disciple unexpectedly has merged into one organic whole demon territory and five elements Yin-Yang, without a doubt, under such condition, their respective strengths can more perfect fuses together.

Ji Dong has not launched the attack eagerly. The motion of dark heavenly stems disciple has given him not the small inspiration, he must have a look, actually these dark heavenly stems disciples can achieve any degree. By his present strength, even if not beat the match, can the whole body draw back, wants to cope with these dark heavenly stems disciples, only needs several simple sneak attacks, can rout them easily, after all, in a both sides no longer level, but the dark heavenly stems disciple does not have the evasive whereabouts like initially their bright heavenly stems disciple.

The ten departments light mark and five elements Yin-Yang perfect integration, Li Yonghao in the front line, other dark heavenly stems disciples and he together, has besieged a city a circular, ten departments Totem illusory shadow behind gradually becomes in them concentrates to be solid, these huge illusory light shadow go forward unexpectedly slowly, swallows in which their respective bodies and mounts completely.

The Ji Dong surprised discovery, he saw the appearance of ten departments dark heavenly stems Divine Beast unexpectedly . Moreover, the magic power fluctuation of this ten departments heavenly stems Divine Beast was even more formidable than initially real dark heavenly stems Divine Beast.

Li Yonghao is really a talent, in this moment, Ji Dong understood indistinctly these dark heavenly stems disciples are making anything. They have taken a parent body of breeding five elements Yin-Yang unexpectedly, releases own demon territory again respectively, condenses the demon territory completely, as well as the mount fuses with oneself completely, finally shows in the dark heavenly stems Divine Beast form. Without a doubt, such promotion at least currently speaking, but must be over five elements method of bright heavenly stems disciple. Naturally, this is in the bright heavenly stems disciples cannot comprehend under a five elements method premise completely.

Is controlling the disciple as well as with disciple partner coordinates the aspect, Ji Dong to think oneself cannot compare Li Yonghao, at least, he cannot study one set to suit the bright heavenly stems disciples to fuse completely in together battle skill. Even if the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, more suitable in ordinary Mage, because its flexibility is insufficient, moreover is unable to play the role of magic beast mount. But Li Yonghao actually achieved this point, Ji Dong had fully realized, if were not several times the fortuitous encounter, there is a Lie Yan (raging flames) the life lotus seed amplification, perhaps by the strength, oneself was not necessarily able to compare favorably with this final weapon. Finally the weapon, eventually worthily is the final weapon!

"If I have not guessed that wrong, the strategy that you use at present, should for the dark secret preparation. Can tell me it to name?"Ji Dong asked.

five elements Yin-Yang may, not only breeds their this strategies to be so simple, itself formidable defensive power, even if Ji Dong launches the attack, whether in a short time to break through is also an issue. It can be said that the strategy under Li Yonghao commander dark heavenly stems disciple arrange/cloth, in some sense is nearly in perfect. Has used each point of strength of dark heavenly stems disciple perfectly, perfect fuses together the five elements Yin-Yang ten attributes,

The Li Yonghao low and deep voice spreads from five elements Yin- Yang, "right, you said is very right, this strategy is I for the dark secret preparation. Only then in guaranteeing with him not in situation, I can practice with the partners. Used in the fight truly, this is the first time. Has not thought, its first match is not the dark secret, but is the bright Saint king. The name of this strategy, is called ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "extinguishes the Saint, that must destroy the Saint level powerhouse. It seems like that you are very confident to this strategy."

Li Yonghao solemnly said: "Can let my these ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes the Saint first match is the bright Saint king, I have not used 15 years of research in vain this. Ji Dong, how do we make a bet? If you can break this, we thoroughly are separated from the battlefield, no longer participation this holy war, after the holy war, must kill to blow, entirely according to your convenience. If you cannot break my this strategy. Even injures under this, then, I want you and I collaborate to strike to kill the dark secret."

Ji Dong has gawked, "at this time, you also wants to let me and you bets? You should understand where your ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint flaw."

Li Yonghao said: "Yes, I am very clear, we cannot forever maintain this strategy, is the biggest flaw, by your such Saint level powerhouse, is absolutely possible to make my this strategy unable second establishment. I also understand, wants to rule your Light Five Elements Continent not to be impossible. I hope that makes through this gambling, draws back to ask next, after striking kills the dark secret, is expensive my both sides to establish the barrier, is cut off two pieces of continent. If you like formerly said really for two pieces of continent soldiers and civilians consider, should agree with my this proposition."

The surface seems, the gambling that Li Yonghao proposed made the result to be the same, Ji Dong won, his goal also similarly must strike to kill the dark secret. Lost, is the coordinate dark heavenly stems disciple strikes to kill the dark secret. As if no what difference. However, Ji Dong is very clear, this is an issue of leading power. Who can affirm, dark heavenly stems disciple in coping with the process of dark secret, won't be a traitor at the final moment? Copes with the dark secret, Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit assurance.

Ji Dong has not considered, on nodded, said: "If I cannot break your this ten change the heavenly stems extinguish Saint, naturally could not prevent you from going to the battlefield, your this gambling was very approximately fair. Such being the case, makes me have a look, the might of your this strategy."

Li Yonghao inwardly sighed in the heart, in that moment that the age Metal God sword breaks off, his ambition is also stave, at that time, what he feels is the intense dilutedness, when the initial dark secret promoted to Saint level peak cultivation base he can also accept, but can also regard as own goal the dark secret, then, saw that at this moment Ji Dong cultivation base has also promoted the Saint level level, his heart reading of that striving for hegemony gradually has actually dispersed, he knows, in this moment, oneself no longer is existences of two continent most peak that levels. The dark secret wins Ji Dong to win, oneself will not have any possibility of dominating. In this case, finally what he naturally hopes to win is Ji Dong, but is not the dark secret, because the dark secret is a lunatic, but he a moment ago in the fight of Ji Dong, actually clear feeling on Ji Dong that light aura. Initially just knew when Ji Dong his aggressive as if vanished, what replaces it is immeasurably deep uneventfulness. Although such Ji Dong is more fearful, but Li Yonghao can also simultaneously definitely, before Ji Dong, all that said likely real. Cannot dominate two pieces of continent, defends stubbornly dark continent also same. At least, in Li Yonghao innermost feelings also has some charitable dispositions, Dark Five Elements Continent needs to rest and build up strength really well.

In such a case, Li Yonghao will propose that this dispensable gambling makes, he also knows, Ji Dong is impossible to trust completely own, he is so, if Ji Dong and dark secret really mutually wounded, he possibly represses in the battlefield lives does not get rid? Lets at present this war, by his most self-satisfied ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to decide all these.

When Li Yonghao said last few words, the body of dark heavenly stems disciples vanished, in that five elements Yin-Yang surplus, only then ten are transformed dark heavenly stems Divine Beast that becomes by the dark heavenly stems disciple and their mount fusion. Each on dark heavenly stems Divine Beast that transforms becomes, is sending out incomparably intense magic power fluctuation as well as this attribute pinnacle magic power halo, the demon territory light mark that also at this time, was released by ten dark heavenly stems disciples started to fuse in five elements Yin-Yang.

A Ji Dong person must face all dark disciple, this combat general how splendid? Asked the recommendation ticket.

Chapter 667: Ten changes the deep meaning

The dark heavenly stems disciples collaborate in five elements Yin-Yang under arrange/cloth. After strange ten dark disciple demon territories congeal , the demon mark that takes shape has merged into one organic whole with that five elements Yin-Yang completely, what stranger is, at this time appears in five elements Yin-Yang, impressively is dark Azure Dragon, dark Liuhe, dark Vermilion Bird, dark Teng Snake, the dark sky, dark Heavenly Second, dark white tiger, the dark moon, dark Heavenly Empress (day later) and dark Black Tortoise these ten big dark heavenly stems Divine Beast.

At this moment, in this five elements Yin-Yang complex magic power, even if Ji Dong Saint level peak soul cultivation base is unable to grasp accurately clearly.

Very powerful strategy, in Ji Dong heart secret heart startled, must know, their bright heavenly stems disciple collaborates, absolutely does not have such power and influence. Li Yonghao leads the strategy under dark heavenly stems disciple arrange/cloth to be able not to know to any degree Ji Dong formidable, but his also eyes can see this strategy the shortcoming. The most direct flaw, lies in the rate limitation of this strategy, when the strategy displays, completely is in the defense stance, moreover needs such a long time gathering potential, if Ji Dong does not want to hit this, immediately can be separated from the battlefield, leaves rapidly. Dark heavenly stems disciple strategy naturally will not have any affects. Therefore, their these ten change heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to show the formidable function in some special situations, for example now. In Ji Dong feels ten carefully is changing the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint mystery, suddenly. Then simultaneously was moved by dark heavenly stems Divine Beast of ten dark heavenly stems disciple incarnations, but, they actually do not launch the attack toward Ji Dong, but turned toward the center in five elements Yin-Yang to fire in bursts the charge.

Can they unexpectedly the collision? In the Ji Dong heart somewhat is curious, he definitely is unable to expect that now these dark heavenly stems disciples must make anything. However, in the next moment, made one that he shocked appear.

The dark heavenly stems disciple incarnation central point of ten big dark heavenly stems Divine Beast in five elements Yin-Yang collide in together, in an instant, their bodies vanish once more, surplus, but huge ten colors light said that also at this time, that was full of the five elements Yin-Yang instantaneous contraction of demon mark, was almost in a flash, that light cloud envelop, and its package.

Before all huge magic power fluctuations restrained in this moment completely, restrain in that diameter, only then in five meters ten color light balls, but the Ji Dong complexion also became in this moment dignified, the magic power fluctuation that because, in this light ball sent out made him be able the clear feeling to own threat. Li Yonghao so is no wonder confident to his strategy, at this time looks like, is really the deep meaning is infinite, does not know that its convention appears what kind of strength.

During the Ji Dong thinking, that ten color halos are contracting instantaneously, as if the contraction became, then suddenly explodes, presents in front of Ji Dong. Turned into a jet black color/look, reaches as high as three meters form, quiet reappearing in void.

The height three meters, the lower part of the body is the giant fish tail, above has been covered with the black scale, but the upper body is actually nearly perfect beautiful woman, sea-blue big * the wave long hair hangs loose in the back, except for chest front that to exaggeration abundant was also covered by the black scale beside, other upper body places have revealed the fair careful flesh. Mermaid? No, this naturally is not the simple mermaid, because, she is Heavenly Empress (day later) in ten departments Totem Divine Beast. Bright Heavenly Empress (day later) dark Heavenly Empress (day later), is such shape at present. However, at this time presents in Ji Dong front Heavenly Empress (day later), obviously has the enormous difference with true dark Heavenly Empress (day later), this difference is, Ji Dong faces at this time, is Saint level Heavenly Empress (day later), releases the magic power fluctuation that from her, has been the Saint level middle rank degree unexpectedly, with Ji Dong present magic power is also only separation.

Ten as one. Incarnation Heavenly Empress (day later)? The Ji Dong look instantaneously became sharp, although he was very high to Li Yonghao the strategy estimate, but has not thought that really Li Yonghao can take to him such big pleasant surprise. The time that although his not clear this strategy can maintain is many, but can fuse the strength of dark heavenly stems disciple through the strategy, displays the Saint level middle rank the battle efficiency, only this point, Li Yonghao had the qualifications to go to and dark secret speaks the last words. No wonder he dares operation revolt secret alliance such organization, worthily is the dark heavenly stems Saint king.

At this moment, airborne dark Heavenly Empress (day later) moved, her three meters high slender form almost flashes, but, arrived in front of Ji Dong instantaneously, the tender body light moved to and fro, the giant fish tail has pulled out to strike toward the body of Ji Dong. The strong Ninth Water fluctuation bursts out instantaneously, although is only close combat strikes, but gives the feeling of Ji Dong likely is the difficult situation is ordinary.

Without a doubt, Li Yonghao chooses with the strategy incarnation is Ninth Water department Totem Heavenly Empress, specifically aims at Ji Dong. In five elements, water subdues fire, Ninth Water to subdue|grams Third Fire, draws support from the prestige of this attribute repelling one another.

The Ji Dong look moves slightly, was not simple facing formerly Li Yonghao facing Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) of Saint level middle rank, the Ji Dong right leg is similar to the whip sweeps away generally, with the fish tail of Heavenly Empress (day later) in airborne collides instantaneously in together, most direct magic power contact.

In the loud sound, Ji Dong is in loudly as before is entirely still same place, but that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) giant fish tail actually swung, Ji Dong this foot, but has to extinguish the god to strike the effect, but. The one who made his accident/surprise was, when he to extinguish the god to strike the way magic power injected into the opposite party within the body, feels was actually a nihility. In this nihility, a circle melted the pleasant strength to shoot magic power that he captured unexpectedly. Although parry the attack of opposite party, but, extinguishes the effect that the god strikes not to have the function, in the bellow, magic power explodes in that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) outside the body.

Flash Ji Dong understood, surface seems, what oneself faces is Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later), may in fact, oneself present enemy essence be complete by the five elements Yin-Yang fusion later ten attributes, but breaks in magic power of oneself body is actually pinnacle Ninth Water extreme ice cold, it seems like, these ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to imagine is tyrannical.

Although that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) by a Ji Dong foot parry, but the movement does not have the slightest bit to be slow, three meters slender tender body in airborne swings to move along with the fish tail, both hands like the blade, hang to the Ji Dong shoulders.

In the Ji Dong eye the cold light flashes, cannot repel facing attacking of opposite party instead enters, that in void one step treads, both hands also lift, support the opposite party to attack. Meanwhile rubs the body on, shoulder sinks, has hit toward that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) chest front. He has not regarded the woman to regard this Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later), first did not say that Ninth Water department dark heavenly stems disciple himself is a male, let alone at present this body transformed.

The Ji Dong movement is coherent and fast, on cultivation base, this Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) wants to plan at present after all inferior, the union of speed and strength, in addition the close combat ability of Ji Dong powerful, this extremely ingenious struck received the effect of getting quick results instantaneously.

Double palm that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) chops was blocked by Ji Dong, must be entered by palace shortly. Hurries to turn back in order to help friendly forces fast, the arm withdrew, intersects blocks Ji Dong this to hit in the chest front. This, Ji Dong is gathers the potential to send, the opposite party is in a panic the strain, under is suddenly high stands the minute, loudly in loud sound, body of Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) already hit flying upside down.

Facing the enemy, when the tyrant has the benevolent heart, let alone, the eruption attack is he most excelled, the body of Ji Dong in airborne instantaneous accelerates, before the whole person looks like a bolide generally rapidly to/clashes, the right leg lifted high, makes under a battle axe to divide the movement of leg, put on the god hot Saint king Kai entire body to turn into the insightful red completely, but sending out in the body surrounding golden color halo also completely condensed at this time on his right foot, when Ji Dong sobered from the deep sleep, he on can the control bright strength in the true sense.

In airborne, the body some Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) beautiful face big changes of out-of-control, the attack of Ji Dong seemed simple, may in fact, his every strike sinks to the mountain, first did not say magic power originally of both sides has the disparity, even if were this Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) cultivation base has also reached the Saint level high rank, perhaps could not flatter. Right, Ninth Water restrains Third Fire, but do not forget, Ji Dong is not pure Third Fire, he is the double fire is complete, can it be that can Ninth Water restrain?

At this moment, making the Ji Dong unexpected situation occur, saw that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later), in oneself this under foot cuts will certainly cause heavy losses, even may break through the formation directly, suddenly, that Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) actually changed. On Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) the jet black scale turned into the perse suddenly. The whole person instantaneously was having the illusory change, a originally three meters body also suddenly inflated five meters, before the Ji Dong attack approached, already changed into three whales, a sincere/heavy body moved to and fro, on the fish tail pulled up suddenly, happen to welcomed a foot that under Ji Dong has cut.

In the loud sound, that three whales this were struck by Ji Dong tenesmus the hundred meters of the sky loudly directly dividing, but, the Ji Dong actually profound feeling, oneself this strikes cannot break the defense of opposite party to cause heavy losses to the opposite party unexpectedly.

These three whale Sixth Earth department Totem Divine Beast: Heavenly Second. In ten departments magic power, most excels at the defense naturally is Fifth Earth department and Sixth Earth department. Theoretically, Fifth Earth department takes Yang Earth, the upfront defensive power should be stronger. But, in heavenly stems Divine Beast, the Sixth Earth Divine Beast Heavenly Second defensive power actually must surpass the Fifth Earth department Divine Beast sky. The sky is a silver big bird, excels at the flight, although the defensive power is also very powerful, but, has actually been short of that pliable but hard to break of Heavenly Second. From the supplies method, the attack of sky surpasses Heavenly Second, but by defense, what Heavenly Second actually deserves is in entire dark heavenly stems Divine Beast strongest one.

First repels one another by attribute by Ninth Water department Divine Beast Heavenly Empress (day later) to Ji Dong launches the attack, latter defends the attack of Ji Dong by Sixth Earth department Divine Beast Heavenly Second, these ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint mystery to show truly. Without a doubt, transformation between this Totem Divine Beast, is that ten changes two character true deep meanings is.

The deep meaning presently, as ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint leadership, Li Yonghao naturally will again not have any retained, fills with the swift and fierce aura the warbling to resound, the Heavenly Second again rising typhoon that tenesmuss on, but, this time it actually turned into the silver big bird sky. In the grating songs and calls, the huge body returned to front of Ji Dong instantaneously, the right wing rumbles like lightning, the side of wing sharp like blade, cuts to the Ji Dong neck.

Ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint this Totem Divine Beast change the mystery, truly gave Ji Dong to bring not the small trouble, coped with the different attribute magic power ways naturally also different, but the the previous moment opposite party or Ninth Water department, turned into Sixth Earth department in a flash, again changed Fifth Earth department, made Ji Dong very uncomfortable with the feeling of wrong strength immediately.

While the sky launches the attack, Ji Dong felt immediately around own body had the formidable fetter strength, the huge oppression strength, as if must push broken own body general, in the Ji Dong memory, sky heavenly stems Divine Beast, itself had one special talent skill, was called the void trap, was Fifth Earth department magic beast, was really long has the pair of wings also to be separated from the earth, on this day naturally had his special ability spatially. It can Earth Element in control air, form the shackles trap in any place, this type of trap is Earth Element with the world is directly connected, if cannot instantaneous broken go, the strength of trap will be then getting stronger and stronger, forever is unable to break through. This is one is the magic power attribute Totem superiority. Without a doubt, when the sky to Ji Dong launches the attack, has used own talent skill.

The Ji Dong body revolves suddenly, the whole person looks like Giant Dragon that raises slowly is common, fetters in his side void trap suddenly shatter, the silver long wing of sky this tremendous strength leads also brought one, making its body in airborne not be steady. Ji Dong uses, is the burning sun of spin Two Great Sovereign Kings skill. By his present cultivation base, the might that this skill played was not weak in initial Flame Sovereign King. Also can it be that the attack and can the fetter of sky limit?

However, at this time, sky again changed, all around space as if caved in generally, with formerly firm was just opposite, a gentle delicate aura was similar to the maggot of spoiled bone is common, pestered to the body of Ji Dong, a purple great turtle emerged out of thin air, changes into the innumerable strong purple bands of light to make Ji Dong fall into, this time, was Tenth Water Totem Divine Beast, Black Tortoise.

Just broke through the shackles, fire attribute magic power that the Ji Dong body released suddenly has actually met the Tenth Water gloomy and cold Ruoshui, the uncomfortable feeling made his some unable from this Ruoshui to struggle to resemble, the burning sun spin also happen to started at this time, the body of Ji Dong was stranded into this Ruoshui, stagnated suddenly.

Void of collapse becomes in this moment firm, has presented first Heavenly Empress (day later) fluctuated again, but, in her hand is grasping a handle woods cold ice lance directly.

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Chapter 668: The souls of three whale are close

Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) quietly presents while Ji Dong. In her hand ice lance already ruthlessly to the Ji Dong vest.

Various pinnacle attributes that without a doubt, each other fluctuations of these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, constantly change particularly, have brought very big trouble to Ji Dong. Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) appeared in the Ji Dong back flash he has realized, after all, wanted to hide the truth from his Saint level peak soul cultivation base, these ten changed the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint unable to achieve. However, formerly gloomy and cold has not vanished, the dense cold air reappears, already as far as possible has had the restraint to Ji Dong own double fire magic power. Without a doubt, in view of his Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, Li Yonghao set has taken the pinnacle double water as the main attack method.

However, Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) this thinks a lance that exerts its utmost, actually as before gripped in airborne, Ji Dong that originally fell into the sluggish body to transfer hundred meters unexpectedly instantaneously forward. Must know, during he withstands the talent skill that formerly the Tenth Water heavenly stems Divine Beast Black Tortoise was sending out to affect at this time as before, the action should reduce greatly.

A Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) free time, the body of Ji Dong transferred slightly, at the same time, a Ji Dong palm strikes in void. Li Yonghao already by Ji Dong frightened to fear formidable, particularly was dodged exerting its utmost by him in not the well-known way struck. Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) hurries the rapid flank to dodge backward, lest Ji Dong this is any special attack.

However, Ji Dong this palm is not the attack so is simple, in the sky shook suddenly fiercely, behind him, presented the corona that two folded puts together, these two coronas one black one white, inside has the strange trace, when they, as soon as appears, immediately, in the air, all Fire Element have been similar to all rivers run into the sea swarms to go toward his body generally. These two halo have merged into one organic whole, change into the Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish demon mark halo, complements behind Ji Dong.

Although Li Yonghao and his partners rely on ten are changing the heavenly stems extinguish Saint to restrain Fire Element in law to be insufficient to leak, but, they want to absorb the outside any Fire Element not to be impossible at this time again.

Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish that the fusions of these two halo present, is Ji Dong already the accomplishment primal chaos demon territory. Is relying on the prestige of primal chaos demon territory, Ji Dong easily will defend in hundred miles all Fire Element to control completely, although impossible to absorb these Fire Element in the flash completely, but, others want to absorb again are also impossible.

In short during several fight, Ji Dong discovered that that Li Yonghao invents ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint truly is the infinitely subtles, not only can transform various Totem Divine Beast to launch the attack unceasingly, and own as formidable destroys the match by the attribute change as the strength of Saint level middle rank. Meanwhile. Because this strategy is ten attributes also has five elements Yin-Yang completely is the foundation, therefore, it actually in absorbing the ten attribute magic power elements in air is supplementing oneself, as the matter stands, this strategy can absorb various element speed extremely quick superiority to continue the long-term fight by ten attributes completely. Before Ji Dong shunt Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) that struck, what relied on was extinguishes the god to direct, promoted along with cultivation base to the Saint level, before his controls to all abilities is not, was so simple, this extinguished the god to direct, can the direct role in void, pull to change the body position through oneself to void attracting, this easy dodging the attack of Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later), at the same time, opened the primal chaos demon territory.

If that ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint overall magic power far ultra Ji Dong, perhaps, Ji Dong this primal chaos demon territory is unable to affect it, what a pity, Ji Dong magic power must dominate above them, the primal chaos demon territory takes the source by Chaos Fire, at this time releases, but is not ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint institute to contend.

Ten attribute magic power have been short of two types suddenly. Without a doubt, this gave ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to bring the huge trouble, they were not the five elements mutual promotions of the five elements, did not have the means to make the amplification to leave two Fire departments magic power baseless, has been short of two element attribute support, the time that this tyrannical strategy can maintain will certainly greatly reduce. Ji Dong this is from is basic to disintegrate this strategy, even if he is unable to break through the formation, this strategy also because will not have enough magic power support independently to explain. Naturally, this will also need a process.

Ji Dong and Li Yonghao, these two mahatma king Gezi created a strategy, reached the same goal or conclusion from different approaches, two people strategies applied in ten attributes are complete. But stated differently their emphasis points, can be said as in ten attribute applications excel at winning the field respectively. The surface looks, at present Li Yonghao ten that leads the dark heavenly stems disciples to display changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint compared with Ji Dong that five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy formidable many, can actually display the Saint level the might. May actually be in fact not true. These ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint, although powerful force, but itself limits also many . Moreover, this strategy can only be their dark heavenly stems disciple can use, because only then they can rely on the strength of disciple to release five elements Yin-Yang, and releases the corresponding demon territory. After all, Li Yonghao himself according to the strategy that their dark heavenly stems disciple designs, was the work of working wholeheartedly. But Ji Dong that five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy also has the limit, is unable to coordinate with the mount, does not have the coordinate demon territory. However, it biggest superiority is the universality, so long as any Mage collects ten attributes, again after supreme powerhouse's soul guidance can use, moreover circulates through the mutual promotion of the five elements, will not present ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes lacks the single attribute awkwardness that at present a Saint institute faces. Therefore, these two big strategies compare. Only can say that has the superiority respectively. Now the bright army is not relying on the Ji Dong five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy reluctantly to resist the dark demon armed forces?

Feels the function of Ji Dong primal chaos demon territory suddenly, is in ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes in the Li Yonghao heart in Saint one cold, the Ji Dong strength imagines him is more formidable, although before he has judged cultivation base of Ji Dong Saint level, but after truly is using ten to change the heavenly stems extinguish Saint, feels Ji Dong Saint level high rank cultivation base, he really does not understand why in so short time, Ji Dong can actually have such huge breakthrough. This has exceeded his imagination completely, but, confronts at this time directly, he actually as before must face such formidable Ji Dong.

The time drags longer is more disadvantageous regarding the dark heavenly stems disciples, therefore, while Ji Dong displays the primal chaos demon territory to weaken the enemy, to supplement own, Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) flushed toward him once more, the Heavenly Empress (day later) personal appearance in airborne changes again, turned into a vital Liuhe flower, the pure white flower petal from the sky stretches, rich pinnacle Second Wood magic power sends out completely in the air, immediately, wood of fire attribute magic power in air under the function that lights a fire becomes intense. Ji Dong by the primal chaos demon territory, original magic power fast is replying, has the function of Second Wood Liuhe, made magic power that he formerly will consume quickly restore to come. But at this time he was actually shocked. In the heart is some not very awkward feelings. Because, after his within the body has filled magic power, although the primal chaos demon territory can restrain Fire Element in air as before, but has not actually been able to limit the fluctuations of all Fire Element, after all, has not stored up the Fire Element place, relies on the absorption merely, is not enough to control hundred miles range all Fire Element.

This Li Yonghao worthily is one generation of rare talents, unexpectedly with helping the way of enemy magic power mutual promotion of the five elements absorbs Fire Element that comes out unnecessarily to supplement oneself, such wonderful idea Ji Dong also somewhat grumbles such as. Moreover, he has not launched the attack to this Second Wood Liuhe. Not only because of this Liuhe and ten phase splitting shapes of Chen Sixuan frequently release. Because also he knows that who the source of this Second Wood Liuhe is. Ji Dong and relations between dark Second Wood disciple scorpions are somewhat complex, regarding the scorpion, Ji Dong does not have what malice, two people also once in the wartime of coordination with each other first Holy and Evil, altogether anti- powerful enemy. Sees this Liuhe, made him remember itself first time to participate in the situation of war of Holy and Evil.

Liuhe from the sky stimulates to movement fire attribute magic power to supplement that ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint the next moment, it had the change again, but made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was, this change became did not confront in the Ji Dong attribute powerful Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later), Sixth Earth Heavenly Second that but was famous for the defensive power.

Li Yonghao does want to do? How regardless to see, now they are the main attacks, but should not exchange one heavenly stems Divine Beast that is good at defending to be right.

In the instance that in the Ji Dong heart had doubts, the answer appeared, the Heavenly Second semblance was the whale appearance, itself actually three eyes, therefore was called three whales, in instant, three eyes that it appeared simultaneously have also shone, a faint yellow halo fast simultaneously released from Heavenly Second three, has covered instantaneously the body of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong only thought that in the brain a dizziness, oneself that Saint level peak the strength of soul was compressed unexpectedly instantaneously in the brain, originally vanishes to the surroundings incomparably clear investigation suddenly.

Soul blockade? The Heavenly Second talent skill unexpectedly is the soul blockade.

Regarding heavenly stems Divine Beast, is actually not specially many, has seen heavenly stems Divine Beast that Ji Dong understands what is main is Vermilion Bird and Teng Snake this pair. He knows the ability direction that various departments heavenly stems Divine Beast excels, has not thought that this does not excel at attack Sixth Earth Heavenly Second has this kind of ability unexpectedly, that three eyes are not white Chang.

If true dark Heavenly Second, this soul blockade naturally cannot play any role regarding Ji Dong of Saint level peak, but, present Sixth Earth Heavenly Second is Li Yonghao they by ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to transform, is in itself the Saint level middle rank strength, the soul blockade that as the matter stands, its most excels at has had the function to Ji Dong.

The soul locked, even if the formidable strength cannot display, Heavenly Second that huge body arrived in front of Ji Dong, obese body hit ruthlessly on Ji Dong, hits to fly the body of Ji Dong instantaneously. Similar to the shell is ordinary.

However, while Ji Dong was hit flies, in the Heavenly Second mouth is also severe Howl one, the huge body shakes suddenly, gold/metal Tiejiao called the sound sent out from it, defensive power that powerful it, the body were unexpectedly many a white trace, Ji Dong is hit by it, but its body also sluggish. At this time, Li Yonghao showed he formidable incomparable battle awareness, although the body of Heavenly Second was sluggish, but fluctuation of strategy actually also produced, the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second incarnation was the Seventh Metal white tiger, the incomparably intense sharp air/Qi overtook Ji Dong, the body of white tiger once more initiates the charge under lead of this sharp air/Qi, arrived at the Ji Dong near. But at this time, just relieved to the soul blockade of Ji Dong. If the Li Yonghao beforehand response is slow, the opportunity of this pursuit will vanish, the strength of Ji Dong that formidable soul, blocked is too long?

After this is ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint starts, first time transforms white tiger, but white tiger, Seventh Metal Totem, is Li Yonghao the attribute. While this white tiger plunges Ji Dong, three big talent abilities that it excels at have used, the the blade, vacuum steel and silver tooth of atmosphere. And, the blade of atmosphere, is that is pursuing the Ji Dong sharp air/Qi, not only dashes instantaneously on Ji Dong, towed the body of Seventh Metal white tiger to promote the limit the speed, the function was a little similar to the Ji Dong extinguishing god directs. But the steel of that vacuum manifested in that racket to the tiger claw of Ji Dong, the tooth of silver bit directly to the head of Ji Dong. These move it can be said that forms a coherent whole, not having the slightest bit to stop.

Although Ji Dong cultivation base ten that wants tall passed/lived to join up changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to transform Divine Beast, but a moment ago by the Heavenly Second hit that is also the vitality turns wells up, why will present the sonorous sound as for Heavenly Second on, this was the deep meaning of Fire God sword. After the Fire God sword completes has evolved finally, thoroughly with the body of Ji Dong has merged into one organic whole, can say, the body of Ji Dong is the sword, the sword is the body. On the body intensity, he strided in the Saint level peak degree completely. This is why Ji Dong was also calm facing these dark heavenly stems disciples throughout the pleasant reason. Even if he stands there is motionless, making these dark heavenly stems disciples attack, before has not started the strategy, these heavenly stems disciples are unable to injure him, moreover by sharp backlash of Fire God sword. However, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast of Saint level middle rank is different, particularly at present this striking power sharpest Seventh Metal white tiger, if by its this attack hit whole-heartedly, even if Ji Dong is the Saint level peak body and spirit must be damaged.

The vitality turns wells up, body control weight grasps newly, the motion of Ji Dong is also most direct, at this kind of time, he could not make the evasion, does not pay attention to Li Yonghao other attacks, is the right fist works as the chest bombardment, directly soars the Seventh Metal white tiger to pound. Within the body aura also in this short instantaneously mixes well.

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Chapter 669: Insurmountable Ji Dong

Seventh Metal white tiger the blade of atmosphere meets the fist of Ji Dong to be voluntarily stave. Is Seventh Metal white tiger that has the tiger claw of steel of vacuum, Ji Dong this fist casually does not rumble, he has the extremely explicit judgment, the tiger claw of Seventh Metal white tiger wants on the quick several points compared with that big mouth tooth of speed silver, therefore, in his judgment, only needed to be enough facing this tiger claw.

Li Yonghao also has oneself judgment similarly, when he saw a Ji Dong straight punch rumbles, he knows, the tooth of silver did not have the opportunity. All magic power will transfer on the tiger claw that the steel of vacuum has covered instantaneously, with the fist of Ji Dong in airborne ruthlessly collides together. How regardless to say, present Ji Dong was is just hit to fly by Heavenly Second, cannot rumble surely whole-heartedly that fist.


When the fist and white tiger of Ji Dong the flash of tiger claw collision, the world for it look changes, the terrifying magic power fluctuation from the sky is similar to the tornado wind generally erupts, this time, after Ji Dong and body of Seventh Metal white tiger almost simultaneously flies, in the Seventh Metal white tiger mouth is exudes one stuffily.

On Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai hand guard, left several spoken parts marks, that is the trace that the steel of vacuum stays behind. Under the intense collision, both sides do not feel better. The after body of Ji Dong stabilizes. He does not have to launch the attack eagerly, instead roused applause, the pa pa sound makes the opposite Seventh Metal white tiger stare.

"Real strategy. Really is the good strategy. If the dark secret in receiving certain wound situation meets your ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint, perhaps, will be destroyed completely is really also difficult to say. Li brother has the name of final weapon worthily, you can be all that the Saint king can achieve have achieved well. However, our fought should also conclude. Because, I need be earlier go to the frontline. A moment ago, you have made me see these ten changed the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint deep meaning to be, now, I must start to attack."

In the Ji Dong sound is bringing several points of appreciation and distance, sounds to look like the discussion between friends is ordinary, but, his words stop in Li Yonghao ear, made Li Yonghao heart sink suddenly. Yes! During formerly fight, Ji Dong clearly had the opportunity of attack, but he always has not actually assaulted, originally he must have a look at itself these ten to change unexpectedly intentionally the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint deep meaning is anything, this self-confident was powerful.

"Come. Let me have a look, actually your strength has been any degree."Li Yonghao somewhat sinks the strongly fragrant sound to resound. the next moment, the body of Seventh Metal white tiger transformed into Sixth Earth Heavenly Second that most to be good at defending.

Also in this moment, the Ji Dong makings completely had the change, formerly he, was in airborne, even if has put on god hot Saint king Kai, actually throughout was similar to strolls general. However, in this moment, is similar to the explosion tyrannical aura bloomed from him. Formidable oppression strength spreads along with the unequalled cruel air/Qi crazily. The surrounding area the air within hundred miles fiercely is fluctuating. As if because he shows at this time shivers wild. , The Ji Dong back pair of wings launches, the golden ray that the body sends out compared with formerly at least strengthened three times, the vigor of whole person has upgraded the level that needs the dark heavenly stems disciples to look up. the next moment, his body was common just like the meteor, directly soars the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second direction to fly. His flight any illusory change, has not been that direct, straight flies, but is actually development of absolute speed.

Too quick, almost together, the next moment, Ji Dong did not arrive in front of Sixth Earth Heavenly Second, is a fist rumbles.

The yellow ripple spreads from Sixth Earth Heavenly Second three eyes once more, its huge body twisted, faces the Ji Dong direction to be suddenly hollow directly, when the fist of Ji Dong rumbles, the arm will soon unbend, its body of that contraction suddenly trembles. Just like the level stack-up wave general congealing thick Sixth Earth aura, hits with the fist of Ji Dong vigorously together.

In the loud sound, the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second huge body departed loudly outrageously. But the soul that it sends out seals up these time actually not to play any role, the joke, by soul cultivation base of Ji Dong Saint level peak, after the first time was sneak attacked goes well , will again give the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second second opportunity? By this Sixth Earth Heavenly Second cultivation base, competes the strength of soul with him, is impossible to have the result.

The Sixth Earth Heavenly Second body was rumbled flies at the same time, it started to change, the black ray has replaced the originally perse, obviously, Ninth Water Heavenly Empress (day later) is the direction that it changes.

But, at this time, suddenly, the Ji Dong body had a special fluctuation, in his both eyes a golden light flashed, the change of Sixth Earth Heavenly Second was actually failed, after halo, restored its obese body, but Ji Dong in the next moment arrived in front of it, was a fist, from top to bottom, the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second bombardment flew. Although the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second defensive power is astonishing, but was attacked by Ji Dong like this, its only then the body of Saint level middle rank magic power somewhat cannot withstand. In Li Yonghao heart filled incomparably has shocked, was ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint control, why nobody clearly Heavenly Second changed compared with him Heavenly Empress (day later) had not succeeded a moment ago at that moment. The reason is very simple, because in a moment ago that flash, in the air lost all Ninth Water magic power. Heavenly Empress (day later) is Ninth Water department Totem Divine Beast, does not have the support of Ninth Water department magic power. Does it possibly change the body is also successful? Although was Ninth Water department magic power in air is found time at that time instantaneously, its own also Ninth Water magic power, was, in that flash, its own Ninth Water magic power unexpectedly could not display. As the matter stands, ten changed the heavenly stems extinguishes the change in Saint naturally unable to achieve.

However, the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second defensive power truly is also astonishing, in spells with Ji Dong hardly, was rumbled after by a fist, its defensive power protected the entire strategy as before, at this time, Li Yonghao could not attend to other, stimulated to movement Sixth Earth Heavenly Second to transform once more, the goal of this transforming was the Seventh Metal white tiger, Ji Dong starts to attack, his strength judged Li Yonghao is more formidable, in this case, Li Yonghao only had the Seventh Metal white tiger that chose itself also most to excel at familiar to deal, otherwise, he knows that oneself will not have any opportunity.

But, once more starts to transform in Sixth Earth Heavenly Second, only takes one second to complete the attribute cut time, both eyes of Ji Dong have shone once more. Ten changed the heavenly stems extinguishes the Saint heavenly stems Divine Beast transformation to be defeated once again. Sixth Earth Heavenly Second . Moreover, the failure that because transforms, its body also wants sluggish.

Li Yonghao while in the heart shocks, he can do, strengthens the Sixth Earth Heavenly Second falling strength, hopes that through distance to time of own response, he does not understand how completely Ji Dong achieves, may not have any other choices in him at present at this time.

At this moment, body that Sixth Earth Heavenly Second tenesmuss actually suddenly lived, looked like airborne suddenly presented a leaf of wall. Blocked its way stiffly, the body of Sixth Earth Heavenly Second plump has stopped in the midair obviously, but the foot of Ji Dong has been similar to the battle axe chops generally, was one thunders, Sixth Earth Heavenly Second wept bitterly one, the body accelerates to fall once more, but, only fell was less than ten meters, the wall that at the same time not can see has blocked, the opportunity that it hit back unexpectedly continually did not have, changed the body is unable to achieve.

Ji Dong turns around, right hand to become fist, left hand to become claw, this time, he may not have the slightest bit to give the opposite party opportunity again the meaning, the red left claw has delimited from Sixth Earth Heavenly Second quietly, coagulated its body instantaneously, at the same time, both eyes of Ji Dong have shone one time, broke Sixth Earth Heavenly Second to attempt once more changes the attempt of body, then, both hands of Ji Dong were similar to the illusory lightning are common, one after another six hits on Sixth Earth Heavenly Second. Six heavy incantations that he invents kill.

Right, ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes heavenly stems Divine Beast within the body that a Saint institute condenses becomes to have entire attribute magic power, why this is also the defense of Heavenly Second can the so tyrannical reason, the Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires attribute enter his within the body, will be melted by this entire attribute magic power, the defense of five elements Yin-Yang was very strong, let alone is these ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint?

However, any strategy own limits, the Ji Dong six heavy incantations kill, is in itself one of the he most formidable attack methods, let alone, present he already was not initial Ji Dong, not only magic power promoted the Saint level high rank, the body promoted the Saint level peak, what was more important was. His extinguishing god struck broke through sevenfold, had extinguished the god thunder to be like this overbearing the incomparable formidable supplementary skill. After completing again six heavy incantations have killed strike finally, a Ji Dong foot pedal on Sixth Earth Heavenly Second, it is similar to the shell generally stepped on, numerous bombardments below ground. The giant column of flame that black and white occurred simultaneously together has shot up to the sky, making the entire sky be exaggerated such color.

Ten forms, scatter in all directions to flutter about along with their magic beast, from the central point of that explosion is similar to the flower petal generally falls beyond several hundred meters, one by one distressed incomparable depreciation in the place, is spurts the blood all, their mounts is a whole body skeleton cuns (2.5 cm) break, does not live shortly.

This is the result that Ji Dong shows mercy, he when starts six heavy incantations to kill has not used fully, although used to extinguish the god thunder, magic power that but poured into actually only then 70%, otherwise, this time dark heavenly stems disciple had been killed by his second. May be 70% magic power, made the bodies of these dark heavenly stems disciples bear the unprecedented intense attack, experiences personally the heavy losses all.

The Ji Dong static float in the sky, the fight had ended, all also restored pure, at this time floats in airborne him, looks like an demon god may not shake generally. In the dark heavenly stems disciples eyes, he is the insurmountable barrier.

Ji Dong looks the dark heavenly stems disciple who below four dispersions fall, shook the head, said indifferently: "You after all are not the Saint level powerhouses. Ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint, although good, the Saint level that but you condense is also only the false Saint level, thinks can shake the dark secret really by this strategy? Only if all of you can break through to Saint level initial rank, perhaps also several extension meetings. Li Yonghao, the flaw of your this strategy are actually many."

Li Yonghao as the leader of strategy, the wound that he receives is also heaviest, numerous falling fall on the place, he does not need to look, knows own mount Black Dragon ended, the divine tool broke, the mount died, he at this moment could be said as fell into most trough. What is more important is the attack of innermost feelings, wa'ed, spouts a blood, but he as before is actually struggling, crawled from the ground.

Although other dark heavenly stems disciples also received the heavy losses, but attacks majority is their mount withstands, therefore, their situations are not too bad, forced to crawl from the ground, but they look that the Ji Dong look actually turned at a loss. At present this man, looks like the dark secret same is so invincible, they biggest by such easily was broken.

"We lost."Li Yonghao said sadly. His sound somewhat shivers, has the blood as before unceasingly seeps out from his seven orifices, although by his cultivation base, these injuries also insufficiently fatal, but wants to restore to come, most at least also takes three months. Three months, made this holy war settle down sufficiently. He knows, starting from this moment, oneself became the outsider of this holy war, did not have the slightest bit opportunity again.

Ji Dong said to Li Yonghao, ", since you admit defeat, then, invited you and your partners keeps the promise."

Li Yonghao difficult nodded, "my meeting, but, I want to know how you achieved a moment ago. Even if we such as you said, is only the false Saint level, but that is also Saint level middle rank magic power right. I am not clear, why you break me ten change the heavenly stems extinguish the Saint most important transformation deep meaning, if can continue to transform, uses the ten departments heavenly stems Divine Beast talent skill characteristics as well as the attribute change, I believe that even if you can defeat us, will not be that easy."

Ji Dong looks at Li Yonghao, light saying: "You do not have any opportunity. From beginning to end does not have. The reason is very simple, I have a skill, to your ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint to have the innate restraint function. I do not fear to tell you, this is one of my demon territory abilities, named element peeling demon territory. When your ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint carries on the change, naturally also needs magic power to transform, although your sources are ten attributes are complete, may carry on the heavenly stems Divine Beast transformation in the strategy at that moment, must turn to stroll to change into through five elements ten departments magic power must change the body becomes that heavenly stems Divine Beast magic power attribute, haven't I spoken incorrectly?"

Li Yonghao nodded, in the mouth muttered was talking over: "Element peeling demon territory?"

Ji Dong nods said: "Element peeling demon territory. Your these ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint change is nothing less than quick, is, even if quick, that is also the transformations between different attributes."

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Chapter 670: The chrysanthemum pig assumes an awe-inspiring pose

Dark heavenly stems disciples in calm is hearing Ji Dong that solemn nearly brutal sound.

"When you carry on the process that the attribute transforms. The middle would an extremely short process, dominates by me above you completely soul cultivation base, found this short process not to be difficult, each pinnacle magic power five elements attribute has own aura and ray. When found the short processes of transformation, so long as I acted according to you attribute that wanted to transform to display the element peeling demon territory, you did not have an opportunity. Entire demon territory switching process instantaneously because pulled out by me removes attribute magic power that wanted to transform to terminate. I think, at that time you had this feeling. Later several times also similarly are so, as for stopping your bodies tenesmuss, that is my skill, named extinguishes the god wall, can, void not have to transform at the same time the air wall that any aura produces based on this, carries on impediment to a certain extent. Although this skill does not have what aggressivity, but in the actual combat is actually ever changing. Had existences of these two abilities, even if my cultivation base is weak, is not you can contend as before. Cannot carry on the attribute change, ten change the heavenly stems extinguishes a Saint biggest mystery to be nothing left, naturally was also not enough to constitute to me any threatens."

Li Yonghao is listening to a Ji Dong minute of department, his complexion is getting more and more pale, after he listens to Ji Dong these words. The body has somewhat creakied, the scorpion that fast catches up with supports his body, lets Li Yonghao not along with it tumbling.

"But, but you had an demon territory, before that condensed the Fire Element demon territory, why also another demon territory? This is impossible. Mage, can only have an demon territory to be right, even if our bright heavenly stems disciple is no exception. Only if you are magic beast, itself also talent skill."In Li Yonghao voice has filled as before unwillingly, ten changed the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint is he works wholeheartedly, uses for several years gradually improve to improve successfully, he is unable to accept so simply broken goes to this fact by Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "The matter in world are always many have not established absolutely, only has an demon territory matter like Mage is also."At the same time was saying, his personal appearance flashes, fell gently in the ground, falls beyond the Li Yonghao body first ten meters.

Saw that Ji Dong approaches suddenly, the scorpion the vigilant, tender body moves immediately, stopped before the Ji Dong body, in her pair of beautiful pupil has the complex mood to change, is only, at this moment, she does not know this said anything to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong has not gone to look at the scorpion, he is looking straight ahead Li Yonghao both eyes, continued: "Ordinary Mage, even if our heavenly stems disciple , can only have an demon territory. This right. However, I am different from ordinary heavenly stems disciple. Did you forget? I am the dual attribute disciple. When my magic power breaks through Eight- Crown, I had two demon territories. Compared with ordinary Mage many demon territories is because my attribute also wants many one. However, I can also tell you a point, my demon territory, not only two, coped with your this element peeling demon territory a moment ago, said accurately, should be my third demon territory."

"The third demon territory?"Li Yonghao stared in a big way both eyes, because of surging of mood, just stabilized some injuries also to have the sign of recrudescence, in the mouth and nose had the blood to seep out, the busy dark First Wood disciple quickly gave him to treat, at this time, other dark heavenly stems disciples also basically gathered side Li Yonghao. They look that the Ji Dong vision is more complex than Li Yonghao, everyone knows, how regardless of Ji Dong to them, this holy war to have had nothing to do in them. Their mount magic beast died, the hatred to Ji Dong has it can be said that achieved the pinnacle, but, what can they make? Only can look angrily at Ji Dong, the look cannot kill people.

Ji Dong nodded. Said: "Right, is the third demon territory, can according to my control, in instantaneous peeling certain range any magic power attribute. Copes your ten changes the heavenly stems extinguishes Saint just to restrain?"

Li Yonghao said with a forced smile: "Does your this third demon territory from where come? Will not change baseless? Your could it be also third species is inadequate?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "third species naturally does not have, my this third demon territory by the brand mark, how as for came, does not need to tell you. Now, our fought had ended, everybody here recuperated. After waiting for the front holy war to end, the Dark Five Elements Continent aftermath also needed everybody to tidy up. Dark Five Elements Continent for these years already not like the appearance that the dark secret spoils, should be makes the common people rest and build up strength."

At the same time was saying, suddenly, the dark heavenly stems disciples only thought at present a flower, the Ji Dong form suddenly becomes illusory, everyone felt that gentle magic power floods into within the body, one by one distinguishes to fall to the ground softly.

When the Ji Dong form appears again, these dark heavenly stems disciples softly have all fallen to the ground, Ji Dong completely will certainly not trust them . Moreover, they after all are the attribute complete heavenly stems disciples, perhaps has any mystique to be able rapidly to restore. At this time, they not only had been sealed up magic power by Ji Dong, has sealed up the soul, does not have one month, will not sober. The blue glittering, Chen Sixuan arrived at side Ji Dong, on her perfect and fine charming face. As before is a gentle color/look, pulls up the big hand of Ji Dong, said: "We walk."

Moves is complying at the same time, suddenly complexion changes, solemnly said: "It is not good, we must quickly go to the frontline, the Senior Brother spread the news, the bright army must unable to block."Uses ten thousand miles to send greetings the stone by his present cultivation base not to need to take in the hand, but the time induced is being OK.

Ji Dong is bringing Chen Sixuan, two people bodies will also soar, change into two Daoist believers light shortly to vanish in the midair.

Holy and Evil Island.

Between the dark armies and bright armies, besides fighting between two big dragon sovereigns, the attack that starts probe actually. The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that just, bright army Mages collaborates to use is to really let the dark demon armed forces makes the anticipation, this has eaten not small owing. Comes up to have several thousand Mage to perish.

Choice by the Third Fire magic power attack, not only but, because the Third Fire department magic power attack might is big, the goal of after all, facing is entire attribute five elements ties. This has to say the Ji cloud Sheng foresight and sagacity, reason that he makes the bright Mages choice use Third Fire department magic power, the there is still one important reason, is the Red Lotus day fire. Although the Red Lotus day fire diverged, but while it diverges, Fire Element in air as before is quite thick. As the matter stands, attacks by Fire department magic power, naturally will have certain addition, relatively speaking, dark demon armed forces here five elements of tied does not have the advantage in this aspect. Therefore, when both sides fall into the deadlock, at least on the surface goes, is the overall strength weak is suppressing the dark army in the bright army of opposite party unexpectedly by far. Under the short shock, the dark demon armed forces gradually have also stabilized, they after all under the high pressure of dark secret well-trained, conforms with the strength of each thousand people of team quickly. five elements ties the coordination gradually becomes solid, after all, they have the absolute superiority in the population, after stable under lineup, the dark secret has not ordered to attack comprehensively, but such each other to consuming. It looks like in the dark secret, these bright Mage stretch across such far distance to attack, their own consumptions are certainly many, how long could not insist, after their magic power exhausted, naturally unilaterally slaughtered. Therefore, the air force has not set out eagerly, such and bright demon armed forces each other to consuming.

However, is contrary to what expects, with the lapse of time, the brow of dark secret started to wrinkle gradually, that bright demon armed forces stretched across the attack that such long-distance range launched, along with the passage of time, the feeling that their attacks throughout have not actually weakened, maintained formerly attack not to weaken as before. On the contrary is magic power of dark demon armed forces under the unceasing consumption, the defensive power started to have some problems.

This situation is the dark secret and dark demon armed forces is unexpected, sends out the magic power fluctuation that from initial both sides, they can certainly be able to feel the overall strength of bright demon armed forces to be far from compared with them, how possibly to persist in such for a long time attacking, moreover sole attribute attack, but does magic power continue?

"Perhaps secret Sir, these bright Mage is relying on any strategy, otherwise, their magic power already should exhaust, we must take the action to be good, otherwise, if their magic power have continued to completely to trouble our Mage magic power consumption."

A purple robe big priest said near the dark secret ear in a low voice.

Dark secret nodded, said: "Such being the case, comprehensively attacks. The order air force starts, simultaneously shields ground, the air force fight distance elevates. The ground demon armed forces all-out attack, suppresses the opposite party unable to turn back in order to help friendly forces the sky."

The numerous purple robe big priests acknowledged loudly, dark army colossus. Finally started fully.

Here dark demon armed forces are surprised, that side the bright army does not feel better, after all, the bright Mages individual strength and dark demon armed forces compared to miss, even if had the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to maintain, their own consumptions also in continuing, to be passing through under close two hours of each other attacks and defenses, rich Fire Element that in the air, the Red Lotus day fire brought also gradually became thin, the surface looked attack that has not weakened actually already some futile attempts.

But at this time, the dark demon armed forces suddenly moved, originally sets out in the ground dark army in same place defense, starts to oppress toward the front, airborne dark demon Monarch is similar to a giant beast is also common, threw toward the bright air force. In launch, these dark air forces have promoted the altitude obviously, oppresses toward the bright army by nearly the stance of dive. Although dark dragon Huang went to a claw by bright dragon Huanghui, but the wound also restored at this time, although has not the small influence to oneself, actually as before is the Saint level powerhouse.

On the Ji cloud Sheng forehead has covered entirely close beads of sweat, although he is the outstanding command, but, the war of direction so scale is also the first time. He can judge from the beforehand war, the double zed between strength differs enormously, if made dark army wave shatter the bright Mages camp, perhaps, quick will be pushed directly into by the opposite party. Holy wars between two pieces of continent are different from the ordinary war, because has Mage of formidable destructive power to exist numerously, once the defense line were broken, slaughtering of opposite party will follow on somebody's heels. Perhaps soon, this holy war presents the lopsided situation.

"Orders the army to withdraw, returns to fort, defends stubbornly depending on the fort, the Mage regiment brings up the rear, Mage unites the seniors of elder assembly, we also standing by. Only can defend stubbornly by the fort."Ji cloud Sheng after short ponder, promptly has made the decision. Carries on the down country and opposite party army touches hardly absolutely is unwise. Bright continent Five Great Empires must insert in the light has consumed the huge resources, extreme firm of fort construction, used the massive magic power metals and crystal stones to carry on the attribute reinforcement, the defensive power was quite intrepid. The current aspect, only had withdraws the fort to say first again.

"Hehe, even if must remove, gives them first a lesson." The voice of chrysanthemum pig reverberates in people ear, the small fat pig that this Wood department Saint beast, in the Holy and Evil Island five mahatma beasts is a rear survival has soared.

The chrysanthemum pig usual body only then ruler odd/surplus Chang, in such broad battlefield is extremely common, at this time it leaps slightly, simply has not brought to the attention of opposite party. Chrysanthemum pig opens mouth suddenly, just like must swallow the world to be ordinary, inspired suddenly.

The bright army here heads of only thought that the surrounding air the fierce fluctuation, swarms to enter toward the mouth of chrysanthemum pig in just like all rivers run into the sea immediately generally. They noticed that likely the body of chrysanthemum pig is the air/Qi blows generally inflates suddenly. Its that originally only then the ruler odd/surplus Chang body inflated the height five meters in an instant, is ten meters and 20 meters and 30 meters and 50 meters, has inflated 100 meters unexpectedly. The volume must go far beyond the airborne two big dragon sovereigns.

This time chrysanthemum pig, seems all over the body glittering and translucent carving, looks like general that the green emerald carves becomes, the incomparably huge body, is noted immediately by the opposite party dark demon armed forces, chrysanthemum pig that pair of small eyes has also increased along with the inflation of body, exaggerates is its belly, is ordinary just like a giant rubber ball.

the next moment, pū, vast air current, has emitted from the chrysanthemum pig mouth, before this air current is not it, swallowed into the air in abdomen, but was an incomparably huge green light beam, this green light beam has filled with the life aura, but actually not any oppressive.

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