Jiu Shen Chapter 651-660

Chapter 651: The mystery of this life lotus seed

Appears from Ji Dong, finished to the fight. The entire process only used less than actually for two minutes, but Ji Dong in airborne only has stepped forward three steps, all have settled down. Nameless dark dead health/guard! Moreover in five dark heavenly stems Divine Beast continue the darkness dead health/guard under magic power support, actually appears before him collapses at the first blow. Although these darkness dead health/guard have truncated many magic power in the beforehand fight, but has the support of dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, their magic power actually throughout maintain abundant. Ji Dong can from a appearance, finish to the fight, but has used such short time, moreover in this combat process, is every time attacks has captured. That already, not only pure can achieve by the Fire God sword. Even if after Fire God sword oneself evolves , the might is strong, it also eventually is a weapon, although on it supplements is frightening these darkness dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast bright aura sufficiently, but if does not have enough magic power support, does not affect. Strength that Ji Dong shows, is not his originally Eight-Crown, even is not Nine-Crown Mage can achieve. Cuts to kill five darkness dead health/guard like lightning, only has the Saint level, in Fire God sword that fills with the bright aura behind the formidable divine tool, must have the support of Saint level cultivation base to achieve!

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon float not far airborne behind Ji Dong, numerous bright heavenly stems disciples look that the Ji Dong vision had the change, left outside Chen Sixuan. Even if were secret this time look turned frantically. The Saint level, they cannot think, in such short time, Ji Dong promoted the Saint level unexpectedly, and has destroyed these darkness dead health/guard, by such strength, even if facing dark secret, should have strength of the spelling!

Has not revealed this excited and earnest look only, only has Chen Sixuan, this time Chen Sixuan, in the beautiful pupil reveals, is thick worry. Because only then she can guess correctly some Ji Dong this time physical conditions. The Saint level so is easy to promote? Let alone is in such a short time. She knows certainly that Ji Dong promotes to the Saint level because of what, but, that should not be the matter that such short time can achieve, but Ji Dong has achieved, but he pays what is?

Lan Bao'er that usually little spoke said to Ji Dong: "Ji Dong, since these enemies have solved, we quickly rescue gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention and Yao Qianshu. They perhaps. "

The wild with joy bright heavenly stems disciples then responded, although they had not noticed that the gold/metal three people passed away, but, three people were seriously battered are actually without a doubt, at this time the dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast were solved finally, naturally should quickly rescue their partners.

However, in the Lan Bao'er voice falls, making the situation that they cannot think of absolutely appear, in the sky formerly was also similar to the war-god general float in airborne Ji Dong, in the hand the golden light vanished suddenly. The Fire God sword submerges his within the body not to see, at the same time, that bloomed divine tool aura god hot Saint king Kai also to vanish, has revealed Ji Dong in inside body. They noticed that was Ji Dong that is already dyed the blood red clothes, blood fog burst out from Ji Dong suddenly, enough ** left three meters, from the sky dispersed, but the Ji Dong whole person, as if completely lost the consciousness, but actually went toward the rear area, from the upper air has planted.

The clear phoenix cry sound gets up, the Huo'er comprehensive acceleration, moved sideways Ji Dong that will crash to meet. The bright heavenly stems disciples no one understand why will turn into this suddenly, the Ji Dong situation, seems gold/metal and Yao Qianshu they also wants serious many. Suddenly, just under stabilized the mind bright heavenly stems disciples, immediately the complexion big change, does not need them to tell, fifty Saint Fire Dragon pursued eclipse date phoenix Huo'er to fall together toward below ground.

In fact. Ji Dong this time severe wound can say that is he causes completely. He uses the body and crystal core of dark Vermilion Bird assists the Fire God sword time, but thinks after the Fire God sword evolution is completed, meets the might to increase surely, as the matter stands, he can better led the partners to fight with dark dead health/guard Men. But because that time darkness dead health/guard * fell two dark heavenly stems Divine Beast and a darkness dead health/guard, the overall strength weakens surely large scale, magic power also has certain consumption. This war, so long as the dispatcher is appropriate, and has the opportunity.

In afterward fight has also proven the judgment of Ji Dong, if he directly joined the fight, by him and King's strength, the also partners' support, collaborated and these darkness dead health/guard foot/enough has strength of the spelling. But, Ji Dong has not thought, fused such long Fire God sword with, came one two times to recognize the Lord unexpectedly. Ji Dong has not judged the emergence of this situation truly unable to blame him, because, some people have never heard, has any magic power weapon to need to carry on twice to recognize the Lord.

When Ji Dong discovered that the Fire God sword two times recognize the Lord, and must again with the body fusion time, had realized is not wonderful, the most essential issue is, this Fire God sword after completing evolution, magic power of release was too formidable, has directed these darkness dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast altogether. At this time, Ji Dong wanted to finish itself and fusion of Fire God sword is impossible, was not realistic. magic power that in the Fire God sword bursts out, has exceeded him completely. Must know that this Fire God sword evolution the god knowledge that is slandered by a Level 2 god causes. God who even/including Shashen cultivates like this knew is swallowed by the sword of entire cotton this Fire God, magic power that it can be imagined it had was astonishing. In such a case. Ji Dong can do, only then, that is as far as possible was quicker finished the process that oneself and Fire God sword fused, morning a point joined to the fight during.

He also truly such does, will not hesitate to place oneself in the extreme danger that momentarily possibly can die. The huge magic power impact, making his meridians nearly instantaneously collapse, the protections of nine earth core Red Lotus this life lotus seed, he already died under that wild magic power impact.

If Ji Dong can maintain at that time calm, he will certainly not make to open own complete meridians stupid decision. Did not say other, so long as thinks that this Fire God sword has absorbed jade of many days magic power in the evolution, can guess correctly it the terrifying power after evolution. Has that nine this to assign the protection of Red Lotus lotus seed luckily, pulled back before Gate of Death Ji Dong, and in a flash, magic power broke through Nine-Crown.

At that time, both sides started to battle, although Ji Dong is unable to participate in this war, but was relying on Saint level middle rank soul cultivation base, he can actually the clear feeling each detail in this war. Saw partners every time is damaged, looks gold/metal time and time again trades the life by the wound, Ji Dong is feels as if a knife were piercing heart!

Initially, when Light Five Elements Continent three gathered mountain range, he personally promises the ancestor of Land Dragon, must protect gold/metal well, if gold/metal encountered the danger. Then, he certainly will also die in front of gold/metal. But, he actually cannot keep the initial promise now, because his anything is undoable.

If according to the present absorption rate, although he completely opened oneself meridians, in nine this assign under the protection of Red Lotus lotus seed is also shocking but not dangerous, but, wants to complete in the free time who the fusion of Fire God sword also most at least also needs 12 double-hour. 12 double-hour are one all day, if with so are really long, the present fight had already ended. When gold/metal first time with trades by the wound the life the way kills a darkness dead health/guard, Ji Dong sets firm resolve unable this way. He knows. Although gold/metal can kill one, even is several darkness dead health/guard, but, to finally, as before could finally actually be their bright heavenly stems disciple all extinguishes.

Therefore, at that time, Ji Dong makes the decision that an average man has not dared to imagine, he not only opened wide oneself meridians, and is relying on own Saint level middle rank soul cultivation base, inspires these to enter body magic power to accelerate forcefully to attack. In other words, he became these destroys the magic power accomplice of his body sufficiently. Oneself help these huge magic power that came from the Fire God sword test the bearing capacity of oneself body. Simply is a process of self- destruction.

The only advantage that does this, can inhale within the body the Fire God sword with magic power that in his body integration process releases in a short time completely. Completes the process of this fusion. Ji Dong in the gambling, either, is he explodes the body to perish, either, is he can, in that nine this assign under the help of Red Lotus lotus seed to bear the impacts of these magic power. If he explodes the body to perish, that anything was needless saying that if he anything did not do, after these darkness dead health/guard have solved other bright heavenly stems disciples, the final goal also as before was he. Finally does not have what difference, but, so long as he can bet to win, had a slim chance of survival, invests into the fight , will possibly help the partners change the course of events.

When starts to inspire in the Fire God sword huge magic power to attack oneself, that pain that Ji Dong bears is the average man is unable to imagine. Each tiniest meridians in within the body, inflate momentarily possibly explodes. His body almost rose in a big way one time. That ten thousand arrow web general pain cannot express with the language. The body of Ji Dong cannot move at this time luckily, perhaps otherwise, his full mouth tooth must be bitten by oneself. But, is in such a case, he as before has actually insisted, the pain of regardless of own bearing is also intense, he actually whole-heartedly guided these magic power to initiate to oneself body has charged time and time again.

At this time, Ji Dong discovered, Lie Yan (raging flames) left his nine this to assign the lotus seed of Red Lotus to have the change. originally guards the nine lotus seed of his within the body meridians, suddenly bloomed the intense golden red ray. In fact, they are not when Ji Dong guides magic power enters the body to bloom such ray. But while Ji Dong cultivation base breaks through Nine-Crown. Started to have the change.

These golden rays first protected the meridians, muscle, skeleton and internal organs Ji Dong. Then, they also start to send out incomparably huge magic power unexpectedly, mixes in the strength of that external Fire God sword together, batters in Ji Dong within the body. However, has the protection brilliance that they release luckily, this made the body of Ji Dong support reluctantly.

In that flash, Ji Dong understood suddenly, he understood Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his these nine this to assign the significance of Red Lotus lotus seed, that does not keep commemorating to be so simple. Before his cultivation base has not achieved the supreme powerhouse, these nine this assign the Red Lotus lotus seed to protect him, is his life last defense line, the fact showed that when the Ji Dong life will soon collapse, these nine lotus seed will appear, save his life. But to the present, after Ji Dong cultivation base finally breaks through Nine-Crown, these life Red Lotus lotus seed actually melted, dissolved in his body, fuses with him is one. Looked like initially chrysanthemum pig left the Yao Qianshu divine tool divine wood puppet to be the same. These nine this assign the Red Lotus lotus seed also to need Nine-Crown cultivation base to inspire. Ji Dong one has guessed correctly, this is Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves itself, breaks through from Nine-Crown to the shortcut of Saint level! By huge magic power that her these nine lotus seed contain , helping itself break through Level 99 from Level 90 sufficiently directly, enters to the Saint level level. Thinking through a matter of Lie Yan (raging flames), until at this moment, Ji Dong is completely clear.

But, Lie Yan (raging flames) cannot think, Ji Dong will break through Nine-Crown unexpectedly in these circumstances, these nine this assign the energy that the Red Lotus lotus seed contains, although wants gentle many, but compares to magic power that Fire God sword releases to go beyond, two magic power mix the impact that starts together, that is the what kind of terrifying. The Lie Yan (raging flames) itself assigns the energy in the Red Lotus lotus seed releasing to protect Ji Dong subconsciously, he collapsed in the flash of two magic power convergence. May be this, Ji Dong also felt that own body broke completely generally. Purely depends upon the itself to assign protection magic power that the Red Lotus lotus seed releases only to resist this to assign Red Lotus lotus seed own magic power of release, fusion magic power that in addition the Fire God sword conducts, could not shoulder on the basis. Let alone Ji Dong is completely open meridians, and attracts pulls these magic power since oneself within the body, in such a case, his body started to have the problem.

First shatter is the human body hardest skeleton, skeletons, were destroyed by these huge strengths, an cuns (2.5 cm) disruption, is the muscle, the elasticity of muscle, although large scale is weakening the impacts of these magic power, but, they as before stiffly were actually torn by magic power of this terrifying.

If not Ji Dong is in itself the Saint level body and spirit, had been infiltrated by the beginning Zulong essence and blood, perhaps he already collapsed. But his body most tenacious meridians and skin, became the final defenses, after having withstood that fusion, huge magic power one after another fierce impact.

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Chapter 652: Is on the verge of death four disciples

When withstands this assigns Red Lotus to add the Fire God sword to fuse the magic power comprehensive impact body to be most painful. Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to give up, the faith in his mind was too intense, cannot die, now I have not been able dead. I have not completed the final task, if died at this time, what appearance has to see Lie Yan (raging flames)? My heart cannot maintain tranquil.

Withstands is surpassing the limit the pain, the outside partners in unceasing being damaged with the dark dead health/guard fight, unceasing falling from the sky of only magic beast partner, these formidable stimulation, made Ji Dong finally before the body will soon collapse the flash to erupt.

The eruption, is the strength of his soul, Saint level middle rank soul cultivation base in that flash, crazy breakthrough Saint level high rank. The formidable control that sublimates instantaneously, helped him contain magic power in within the body stiffly, although was unable to fuse these magic power, but in that flash, was relying on this Saint level high rank soul cultivation base, he restrained these magic power stiffly, thus has completed forcefully with the process that the Fire God sword fused, resulted in the control of oneself body.

Then some Ji Dong break in the bright heavenly stems disciples most critical time airborne, blocks that final five darkness dead health/guard for the partners. However. His physical state was really too awful, whole body, each pore was flowing the blood because of the heavy losses of body. In this case, his body, even if the motion slightest bit must bear a bigger pain, must face is facing the collapse once more crisis. Therefore, before Ji Dong, from the sky seems that stiff, in the entire combat process, he also just took three by. Luckily, is relying on Saint level high rank soul cultivation base, within the body that terrifying Saint level magic power, he struck to kill that five darkness dead health/guard eventually. However, while completing these, his body also eventually two collapses, left outside the skin, the meridians in within the body also disrupt, the blood fog erupts, is therefore. The whole person entered being on the verge of death condition.

Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er light falling in ground, but it is fifty Saint Fire Dragon, actually does not dare to pour into magic power to Ji Dong within the body, they can the clear feeling this time Ji Dong vitality pass at an astonishing speed, even if were his body has been the Saint level degree, the vitality was quite huge, but deferred to this outflow speed, in less than several minutes, he thorough left this world.

Chen Sixuan almost with throwing carries on the back from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, moved sideways to arrive in front of Ji Dong, tore his blood red front piece. Nucleus of tight fitting life in the position of Ji Dong heart. Simultaneously own pinnacle Second Wood magic power blooms comprehensively, covers the body of Ji Dong.

Although the secret is anxious, but he can also maintain one point of calmness at this time, to other people: "You look for gold/metal quickly they, they definitely have not died."When gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention and Yao Qianshu from airborne crash, the secret has swept with his eye of that day machine, although three people caused heavy losses, but at least they are also living.

Chen Sixuan could not hear all of outside at this time completely, her mind all on Ji Dong. Felt Ji Dong this time condition truly, she completely understands that formerly Ji Dong bore what kind of pain.

This time Ji Dong, because falls into being barely alive condition thoroughly, his Saint level high rank soul cultivation base is unable to support the body again, shatter of skeleton, making his whole person body soft like the cotton, if were not magic power in within the body final vitality and that surge supports that shatter skeleton also to support his body reluctantly piece by piece, perhaps his whole person must change into a beach mud. His body only complete place only then the skin of body surface. The internal organs are also many breakages.

If this injury on average person, even if were ten times died. Also is Ji Dong, because had been infiltrated by the beginning Zulong essence and blood, this reluctantly hangs the one breath, but also anytime had the possibility of dying.

The Chen Sixuan procedure without doubt is most correct, she first protected the Ji Dong heart lineage/vein with the nucleus of life, simultaneously. Takes the source by the nucleus of life , helping vitality that Ji Dong adsorbed to diverge unceasingly, at least temporarily hung his life, the nucleus of huge life aura and treatment ability life starts to permeate Ji Dong within the body, but was this endures compared with the most precious object of divine tool, wanted to damage Ji Dong to so the body restore of degree completes , was almost impossible.

Even if once had Divine level cultivation base Chen Sixuan, at this time is also at a loss, at a loss tears uncontrolled flowing, loses presence of mind can only pour into own pinnacle Second Wood magic power to intranuclear of life unceasingly. Saves the Ji Dong life, was insufficient dead directly.

The free time of a while, bright heavenly stems disciples also had gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention and Yao Qianshu. These three people of situations also similarly were awful to the extreme.

Lan Bao'er that is good at treating after they inspect the body condition, can't help gasping. The wolf divine intervention breastbone is completely broken, the five internal organs dislocation, the bead of thick earth protected him, perhaps at this time his body will not exist. May be this, he also fell into the depth stupor, the seven orifices flow the blood unceasingly, the wound threaten the life again sufficiently. However, in them, the wolf divine intervention is injured lightest. Hope that most at least, his also can cure. gold/metal and Yao Qianshu situation is worse, gold/metal twice trades the life by the wound successively, it can be said that in the wound adds the wound, even if her Saint level body and dragon clan the bloodlines cannot withstand such heavy losses. Her left shoulder left half side rib completely crushes, internal organs many breakages, what most tragedy is, her within the body also several darkness dead health/guard pour into fills with the dark aura magic power to wreak havoc. Moreover, she was been longest by wound time. From airborne crashes arrives at the ground falls, made her injury more serious, although was also better than Ji Dong, but also was hangs the one breath by.

The Yao Qianshu condition is Lan Bao'er is most difficult to judge, because, this time Yao Qianshu is the vitality does not have, whole body ice-cold, although does not have gold/metal and on the wolf divine intervention body such heavy losses, but his situation is obviously more awful. The heart position warms up, a also heartbeat. Lan Bao'er thinks really he died.

In bright heavenly stems disciple, cultivation base strongest Ji Dong and gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention and Yao Qianshu, four people caused heavy losses to being on the verge of death degree completely. It can be said that although now the bright heavenly stems disciple is also living, but they actually completely lost the battle efficiency of bright heavenly stems disciple. Even if the present only comes a darkness dead health/guard such powerhouse, can strike to kill them completely.

Listened to the report of Lan Bao'er, has a look at Chen Sixuan again continuously in the appearance that side Ji Dong has tears streaming down the face, the secret also somewhat was suddenly vacant. They without enough time were the magic beast partners of dying are even sad. This war, their successes without a doubt are the incomparable powerful. Has killed the dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, it can be said that has removed right-hand of dark secret. But such result, makes their incomparable pain now. The Ji Dong four people, momentarily possibly died, other people similarly are nearly the prostration are also ordinary. Moreover most people were unable to have the magic beast mount again. Lan Bao'er not any free time of rest, she already with Du Ming together. Started by Water department magic power for gold/metal, wolf divine intervention and Yao Qianshu carries on to treat.

gold/metal and wolf divine intervention said fortunately, at least can stabilize first live in their injuries, but Yao Qianshu that side situation is they do not have the means. water attribute magic power is heavy in curing, wood attribute magic power can give full play to the vitality. Only has Chen Sixuan to be able the Yao Qianshu injury to help, but present Chen Sixuan, is preserving the Ji Dong life fully, what can they also say?

Secret unceasing was been tranquil by own heart through the deep breath, he knows, now all partners are utterly confused, as Ji Dong of pillar received the most serious wound, at this time. If his heart were chaotic, everybody's situation was more dangerous.

After the stability lived in own mind reluctantly, the secret arrives at side Chen Sixuan, asked in a low voice: "Thinks of the fine jade, is the Ji Dong situation what kind of? Also, the also means......"asked this last few words that difficultly, but he has to ask.

Chen Sixuan wipes the tears that turns one's face, although she feels as if a knife were piercing heart at this time, but, by the calm of mentality, who can survive compared with thousands of year goddess with this?

"Temporarily can only save the life, can treat, I cannot reach an agreement now. In the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet, should a also origin of life, if can attain, assuring slightly greatly. However, his Vermilion Bird bracelet can only he use."

A low and deep phoenix cry resounds, in phoenix cry the kelp several points of excitement, Huo'er is opening the pair of wings, ascends to the midair in instantaneously, changes into together the flowing light, integrated in the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet.

Chen Sixuan smiled bitterly has been patting own forehead, "really cared chaotically, I how Huo'er forgetting." This Vermilion Bird bracelet was initially Vermilion Bird is the Ji Dong evolution, was the place that Huo'er usually cultivated, others cannot attain inside thing, but Huo'er can actually achieve.

The red light flashes, Huo'er presents again time, on phoenix beak were many two small bottle. Millennium origin of life.

Chen Sixuan without hesitation opens one bottle to pour into oneself mouth, in the secret is startled, she had lowered the head, mouth crossing of origin of life mouth to mouth enters in the Ji Dong mouth, then compels into Ji Dong within the body him by magic power. At this time the Ji Dong skeleton and veins break completely, the ability that simply has not swallowed, can only in this way.

Meanwhile, Chen Sixuan gives the secret another bottle of origin of life, ", if one bottle cannot play the role, again many also useless. This bottle of you used to Yao Qianshu. He had burnt a moment ago the fire of oneself life. What consumption is the vitality, the millennium origin of life happen to can act appropriately to the situation. Has these millennium the help of origin of life, he should be able quickly to restore to come."

The secret hears the word great happiness, if Yao Qianshu can be about to restore, has the enormous advantage regarding the people, must know, initially Yao Qianshu was well-known by the medical ability, the so-called medicine medicine dying sickness, money does not cross being predestined friends person, in treatment, he also wants strong many compared with Lan Bao'er.

However, waits for the secret to arrive at side Yao Qianshu the time, he somewhat felt embarrassed. Yao Qianshu now is also depth comatose condition, obviously is unable to swallow, whom making feed him? Several girls are will not want obviously. The secret knows, at this time did not have time by oneself hesitant, if the Yao Qianshu vitality cannot obtain the effective supplement, perhaps first dying is he.

At that moment, the secret is studying the beforehand Chen Sixuan appearance, came a mouth to cross the origin of life. Froth in stared wide- eyed that not far away looks, in the heart is pondering over, luckily, cloud initially kissed is robbed by me.

One bottle of origin of life all cross into Yao Qianshu within the body, the secret then calculates to relax, in the mouth some residual origin of life liquids were also make him be in high spirits several points. At least currently speaking, the partners did not have the danger. He is hanging the heart finally has also returned in the belly.

"Remote, fragrant, you have not been able to rest. Must trouble you to go to be dark Crystal Crown and crystal core that the dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast fall to look. Had these things, everybody was hopeful to break through Nine-Crown cultivation base. Our fights had not ended, also more formidabe dark secret."

Saw that Chen Sixuan and secret took the origin of life to Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu, remotely is the same with Du Xin'er and secret, relaxed, immediately complied, immediately. Although the beforehand these darkness dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast die in the different positions, but also in this region. Found crystal core and Crystal Crown that they fell not too to be difficult. Was paying so the price to defeat the dark dead health/guard, these dark Crystal Crown and crystal core could be said as they harvest most greatly. In the partners do not have in the danger situation temporarily, first brings back these things to be very necessary.

Went with Du Xin'er remotely, secret returns side Chen Sixuan, asked in a low voice: "This place cannot stay for a long time, the dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast are annihilated, dark army surely because they have not turned over to for a long time, but had detected. Moreover, I feared that dark secret also has the induction with these darkness dead health/guard. If he comes personally or is sends the dark heavenly stems disciple to come, our situations are not wonderful. Must shift as soon as possible."

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "Has me to protect the body of Ji Dong should the issue not to be big. Yao Qianshu has the support of origin of life, many ten days of awaking extensions. Bao'er and Du Ming treat gold/metal and wolf divine intervention continually, so long as does not jolt, should also yes. Waits for remote and fragrant comes back, we immediately leave here."She knows certainly words that the secret spoke are very correct, before here has had that huge magic power fluctuation, will leave many traces surely, only has leaves as soon as possible , helping Ji Dong they therapy in the safe place.

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Chapter 653: On the eve of holy war

Right that the secret said that must leave here as soon as possible. Was needless saying that the dark secret kissed, even if were the six purple robe big priests in Fu Rui that dark army comes, is not they this condition can resist now. Must know, here that dark army is away from may not too be far, regarding Nine-Crown Mage, soon can catch up. One bottle of millennium origin of life fills, in addition life extranuclear in the life aura release, the Ji Dong situation is stabilizes at present basically. At least temporarily will not be in danger. The vitality of his within the body gradually was also stimulated. After all, how regardless to say that he is the Saint level body and spirit. Now is most troublesome, is his within the body these incomparably huge, and not yet absorbed magic power. Wish makes Ji Dong restore to come truly, needs his body gradually to restore at the same time, assimilates with oneself these magic power, when these magic power can use for him, is the healing. This without doubt is one long and unpredictable process. God knows will have any problem in this process, can have the situation that magic power erupts again. Therefore, Chen Sixuan decided that before Ji Dong has not sobered, she will protect constantly side him, in order to avoid presents the danger.

Has used the free time of more than half double-hour with Du Xin'er remotely, evens up all crystal core and Crystal Crown, although fifty Saint Fire Dragon heavy of wound. But it was dragon clan, the self-recovery ability is quite good, had the rest of this short time, has met, let alone now is also not the rest time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon besides Ji Dong, most listened to the Chen Sixuan words, cannot help but spunked up, again led the bright heavenly stems disciples to jump, the people were protecting four stretcher patients separately, went toward the distant place. Make them feel what some comforts is, the secret mount, that only Rank 10 drills the lizard not dead, but broke half dragon wing(s), so long as after some time restoration, can have the battle efficiency.


pa, the cup in dark day machine operator turned into the powder powder, in his eyes is glittering the surprised uncertain look, for a very long time is unable to restrain oneself. Because the dark secret creates the wound that world Liuhe receives well already was similar, assumes personal command on Holy and Evil Island, restores dignifiedly all. But as if, he has not thought, at this time, the sad news actually suddenly transmitted.

Just as such of bright secret judgment, these darkness dead health/guard can guard several generations of dark secrets, the dark secret has the mystique and they are connected, can feel their life condition.

When the first darkness dead health/guard died. The dark secret did not have any too big feeling, in his opinion, the bright heavenly stems disciple kills one and two dead health/guard the strength to have. However, how he actually cannot think, started from that first darkness dead health/guard death, these ten right-hand one after another vanished from own induction.

Although the dark secret can induce to these darkness dead health/guard whether exists, but he after all is not a god, is impossible to adopt this take pity on the short time inner sense to the dark dead health/guard side.

But in the dark dead health/guard, kills to start from the lance of sneak attack first Third Fire department dark dead health/guard iced god, was cut to kill to finish by Ji Dong to the final five darkness dead health/guard successively, the entire process is also a free time of more than double-hour by. If not because the time is short, Ji Dong will not receive that has seriously injured, his wound can say that is this short time causes.

In such a free time of more than double-hour, the dark secret feels the aura of dark dead health/guard to vanish, his complexion became extremely ugly. These darkness dead health/guard existed have surpassed the millenniums, it can be said that dark temple biggest secret and most precious object. Has these to have dark heavenly stems Divine Beast is the darkness dead health/guard of mount exists, even if the dark secret lacks the strength to truss up a chicken, can rule the entire world easily. In the heart of dark secret, the importances of these darkness dead health/guard have even surpassed his entire dark army.

Moreover, this darkness dead health/guard is almost is not replicable, although the dark secret had the Saint level peak strength now. Normally looks for the corpses of ten supreme powerhouses again is not impossible to achieve. However, along with the death of dark dead health/guard, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast also perished, in a short time, is impossible to have dark heavenly stems Divine Beast of new generation to appear! Let alone, the dark secret does not have to manufacture a number of darkness dead health/guard to come out with the lifetime energy patiently.

When the aura of final five darkness dead health/guard one by one in he induces vanishes, a nondescriptive intense void immediately floods in the dark day cunning each corner.

Past all sorts reverberated in his mind unceasingly, after he remembered past years inherited the position of dark secret, the tips that these ten darkness dead health/guard for dozens years dedicate, can say, without them, does not have the present magnificence. The dark secret is a ten points cold blood person, otherwise, he will not send in Light Five Elements Continent to go to the undercover oneself son. But, regarding these darkness dead health/guard, he even compared with also probably have the sentiment to own son. Their deaths, it can be said that to a dark secret serious attack. Moreover, he was unable to tell anybody this matter, particularly cannot make the dark heavenly stems disciple know, all pain can only be he withstand silently.

After short sadness, dark secret quickly restored, the dark dead health/guard died, again moved also useless, now he cares is, while these darkness dead health/guard died, the situations of these bright heavenly stems disciples how.

The dark secret annihilated the bright heavenly stems disciple to have the absolute confidence to dark dead health/guard, is the dark dead health/guard the what kind of strength? They collaborate, even if is also not necessarily able to win, let alone was these bright heavenly stems disciples. According to news that Fu Rui has, the young thief who these come from the bright world, breaks through Nine-Crown few. Even if they are the divine tool are complete, can raise the big storm?

But, the dark dead health/guard died now, how regardless of the bright heavenly stems disciples achieve, these darkness dead health/guard died. The fact puts at present, making the dark secret have to accept. He only wants to know now, while killing his these darkness dead health/guard, how heavy price the bright heavenly stems disciple has paid. He does not believe the bright heavenly stems disciple can lossless kills his all darkness dead health/guard, that is matter that only then the god can achieve. If in them really bright existence, but also serves a need to hide itself?

That is ten darkness dead health/guard adds on ten dark heavenly stems Divine Beast! The great strength of this strength, comes not to know that compared with the dark heavenly stems disciple must exceed many. Even if these bright heavenly stems disciples can put together a mutual wounds with the dark dead health/guard, that was considered as on is the miracle.

Has pondered over some time, the dark secret calms down finally gradually, made him to think that most correct judgment, that was the death of dark dead health/guard, means that the bright heavenly stems disciple completely lost the battle efficiency, perhaps the major part also * fell. Even if also several fish slip through, perhaps are also insufficient to fear.

At that moment, he transmitted orders immediately, informs the army who Fu Rui leads with the quickest way, sending out elite Mage to search.

Half a month later. Dark temple army who leads to enter Holy and Evil Island along with Fu Rui at the same time, the result of investigation also came out. The dark dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast corpse had only found part, has not discovered the wreckage of bright heavenly stems disciple, but had actually found many bloodstains, through the analysis discernment, proves from the lifeform of Light Five Elements Continent, because in these bloodstains is also remaining some bright aura. From bloodstain how much, let alone is ten people, even if were 100 individuals cannot keep that many blood. Although may be the magic beast bloodstain, but mount magic beast is always the Mage second life, magic beast died. Can Mage also be good to result in?

The conclusion that the dark secret reaches finally is, dark dead health/guard Quanmie at the same time, the bright heavenly stems disciple also suffered the ruinous attack. Did not have corpse matter to be too common during the fight of top Mage. Ultra Certain Kill Skill, can make the match skeleton not save with ease. Let alone, during the judgment of dark secret, some bright heavenly stems disciple people lives, has taken away the wreckage of all partners. Although concrete casualty situation is not clear, but the synthesis, these bright heavenly stems disciples are not the threats.

In order to cope with these bright heavenly stems disciples has paid the heavy price without a doubt, but solved finally. Because the Red Lotus day fire previous time creates the influence of world Liuhe explosion, the time of perhaps vanishing will have to be ahead of time. Although the dark army was not been small by the bright heavenly stems disciples wound, particularly logistics supply along with the destruction of majority of warehouse, but somewhat has too many problems to tackle. But looks like in the dark secret, so long as the holy war from the beginning, these no longer will be the issues. Oneself, at least existences of also several purple robe big priests, in addition the dark heavenly stems disciple, opposite party bright heavenly stems Divine Beast together guards bright continent, is not the too big threat, has existence of this Saint level peak powerhouse, decides to sweep away all obstacles. Several million dark armies start comprehensively, perhaps only takes one day, can attack and capture Holy and Evil Island throughout. Later captures Light Five Elements Continent again, in one year, decides however can put down it. Although the appearance of bright heavenly stems disciple made them bear many losses, but he believes, did not have these bright heavenly stems disciples, the superiority firmly grasped in own hand. Compared with the Mage quantity, Light Five Elements Continent, but difference was far.

The fact also likely in judgment of confirmation dark secret, in an instant, is eight months passed, did not have any and bright heavenly stems disciple related situation of again. Only those who made the dark secret quite be sick is on present Dark Five Elements Continent that revolt secret organization as if in unceasing strength, many Lord cities had been seized by them, enabling the frontline supplies and fortune. Only can support again for several months by. However, he has not actually mobilized soldiers to go to exterminate. The reason is very simple, first, rear area he cannot make the frontline officers obtain not the steady news, thus vacillated the morale of troops. Next. The dark secret had the confidence to him as well as to the entire dark army. He believes that so long as Red Lotus day fire is put out, the holy war starts, the supplies that all needs, can grab to obtain from Light Five Elements Continent. From Fu Rui there, he knows that the country on Light Five Elements Continent is rich. Therefore, in clearly knows that on Dark Five Elements Continent presented the rebellion, many cities had been revolted against in the situation that the secret alliance controls, the dark secret does not have any response as before, placed the frontline to control the army the energy, prepares for in that momentarily battled against. But the rear area ships supplies that comes actually increasingly to reduce. On Dark Five Elements Continent, started to cloud over.

Similarly is Holy and Evil Island, Red Lotus day hot another side, Light Five Elements Continent.

Consumed the fort of innumerable manpower and physical resource to complete, the large-scale defensive weapon that on all Light Five Elements Continent can use used above this fort completely. Several that the heavy crossbow and antiquity spread used magic beast crystal core as the cannon of raw material, various defensive weapons that some also various countries shipped. Even the there is still one special scroll group, is responsible for various magic skill scrolls that uses various countries to save to come.

The bright and dark holy war, it can be said that the wars of two national life and death, under such major premise, Light Five Elements Continent various countries, abandon the past animosity, supporting the front whole- heartedly, now entire frontline army quantity, has achieved 3 million, various aspect logistics supply personnel, are not less than the Dark Five Elements Continent heyday. Compared with the quantity of military strength, Light Five Elements Continent will not fall behind many, they and Dark Five Elements Continent biggest disparity lies in the military strength quality as well as the Mage quantity.

After the general mobilization of Mage Guild and various countries, on Holy and Evil Island, gathered over 15,000 Mage now, 80% cultivation the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong has invented, although in these Mage, high-grade level does not calculate too, but Mage Guild believes, is relying on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, they also will be one can give the formidable Mage team that the enemy will cause heavy losses.

In top powerhouse aspect, except for various countries, in Mage unites beside the two supreme powerhouse representatives in elder assembly, also several supreme powerhouse appearances of living in seclusion, the supreme powerhouse total of Nine-Crown rank have achieved 15 people. And, cultivation base strongest without doubt from loves to/clashes under the crown that in certainly the opium poppy side effect restores forest clear. However, after Mage unites the discussion of elder assembly, finally decided, these 15 supreme powerhouses' under Ji Changxin by the part of great bear crown, Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun and clash under the crown the forest to clean out communists with the leadership.

Those who most make the bright army excited is, before soon, represented Light Five Elements Continent ten attribute Totem ten big Totem Divine Beast quietly to appear on Holy and Evil Island.

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Chapter 654: I only want to know the Ji Dong achievement

Joined in the bright camp under the leadership of Saint beast chrysanthemum pig. Without a doubt, their appearances made the entire bright camp strength increase. Incessantly so, lives in three gathers mountain range dragon clan, from leading four Dragon King as well as entire 300 grown Giant Dragon catches up by the dragon emperor's family. Their joining, made the bright army have truly with the energy that the dark army put together. The Saint level cultivation base dragon sovereign added on the Saint level cultivation base chrysanthemum pig again, Light Five Elements Continent also had existences of two Saint level powerhouses. This after all is war between continent and continent, at this time, did not have the division of race, no one hopes that the light was attacked by dark.

As for logistics supply, Light Five Elements Continent does not need to be worried about anything, various countries' state treasury is sufficient, in addition giving money generously of merchants. Even if the war continues the several years, the continuous supplies can also support throughout.

Now the bright army, the daily atmosphere compared with the previous day of anxious several points, because everyone knows, the Red Lotus day fire may be put out anytime.

After the chrysanthemum pig and bright heavenly stems Divine Beast arrive, immediately has carried on the careful observation to the Red Lotus day hot situation. They had discovered immediately the Red Lotus day fire could not support the entire five years. Although they do not know why such situation appears, but shifts to an earlier time to be ready obviously is very important. Arrived after later dragon Huang confirmed this situation, the bright army time was maintaining the alert posture, the Red Lotus day fire fall time unknown this situation, making the nerves of all people stretch closely.

Bright fort. Marshal mansion.

In marshal mansion discussing official business hall, has dozens people at this time fully. On the first seat of honor is sitting well a old man, wears the golden long gown, the head harness gold crown, the bearing sinks to congeal, dignified showing of high-rank without doubt. This person, Central Earth Empire equality Wang Ji yun lives.

This holy war decides the Light Five Elements Continent life and death without a doubt. But did not say that Emperor Five Great Empires must gather here. The emperor after all is not a commander, regarding the war, they are also helpless. Therefore, five country emperors assume personal command in various countries' capital, mixes various resources supplies to arrive at the frontline comprehensively, supports the frontline battlefield. But the head of armies, naturally was various countries' grand marshal. Without a doubt, equal Wang Ji yun lives, the status or the qualifications are most prominent. Was chosen by acclamation as the bright army Five-Nation Allied Armies command. Five country armies as well as all Mage, are unified by him direct. The goal is very simple, must make all bright armies only have a sound in the process of direction.

The Ji cloud Sheng left hand margin sits a handsome middle-aged man, this person similarly is a golden long gown, but seems compared with the Ji cloud Sheng wear also wants magnificent many. If carefully observes can discover, around this person body even also transparent light fog in slight rhythm. Both eyes closed, seems indifferent to the matter of outside. On status, Ji cloud Sheng, although is prominent, but in the entire discussing official business hall all people actually most respect to this middle-aged person, because he is leading 300 grown Giant Dragon one generation of dragon sovereigns who gives support. True Saint level powerhouse. Has his existence, even if to/clashes under the crown forest clear such cultivation base supreme powerhouse, can only accompanies respectfully end the place. Under the dragon sovereign in the first place sits is not the person, but is one seems very lovable. All over the body is the deep green young pig, not just that chrysanthemum Saint pig? It brings bright heavenly stems Divine Beast to come together, the status is next to dragon Huang, although this fellow is not always willing to turn into the human appearance, but similarly was also arranged in the important position, all grand summits, will ask it to come to participate, the direct battle efficiency cannot write off its Saint level cultivation base. dragon Huang sees the chrysanthemum pig each time time, will reveal to regret the color/look, fire attribute that if the chrysanthemum pig can coordinate with him, through the magic power mutual promotion of the five elements, collaborates to cope with the Saint level peak cultivation base dark secret is also not impossible.

Again then, the left sits was an numerous supreme powerhouse, cultivation base highest flushed under the crown forest clear by the chrysanthemum pig, then , in descending order , are under Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun and part of great bear crown Ji Changxin and the others. Bright heavenly stems Divine Beast has not attended such conference, had the chrysanthemum pig to take their representatives to be enough.

But sits, in equal Wang Ji yun lives near the right hand, is various countries' command as well as the important military officer. It can be said that in this time meeting hall, is gathering the entire bright army highest rule strength. They decision also about the trend of entire bright army in conference.

Ji cloud Sheng solemnly said: "Since the person has arrived in full, we start now. I say a next current situation first simply. In bright fort as well as fort peripheral, our armies have completed the war preparations. The day that the Red Lotus day fire vanishes was day by day near. The holy war is ready to be set off. Present also anything issue, please propose today. Passed after today, all defer to our established tactics."

Sits under the Ji cloud Sheng right first senior marshal solemnly said: "General, now I most want to know is the specific time that this Red Lotus day fire is put out. This is very important to our army. The war of this rank, if makes the opposite party get rid first, very possible big piece of magic skill to shell, we must lose seriously."

Ji cloud Sheng nods slightly, vision looks to left dragon sovereign and chrysanthemum pig, the time that only then these two Saint level powerhouses extinguish regarding the Red Lotus day fire can judge.

dragon Huang is closing as before both eyes, looked like falls asleep was the same, the chrysanthemum pig snort/hum snorted, said: "True detailed specific time let alone is we, even if dark secret such Saint level peak cultivation base is impossible to judge. The Red Lotus day fire is ultimate Certain Kill Skill that Empress Lie Yan displays. The strength of ultimate Certain Kill Skill this level, is the god. By our cultivation base, can only judge general time by. According to me and dragon sovereign's estimate, again about one month, the Red Lotus day fire will probably be put out. Therefore, you want to know that the specific time, must constantly some people monitor it to be good."

Ji cloud Sheng nodded, said: "Now we have sent for in 12 double-hour uninterrupted monitoring Red Lotus day hot situation. Once discovered that it has indication of extinguishment, will immediately send out the signal, the notice fort."

At this moment, dragon Huang has opened both eyes suddenly, his limpid reveals a strange brilliance just like the gem general golden color double pupil, "I most want to know that now, when is Ji Dong this boy can come back, also they have yielded the big result on Dark Five Elements Continent."

The bright heavenly stems disciples go to Dark Five Elements Continent this matter, only then a few people know, the people in present, clearly was dragon Huang, Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun brother and sister, the chrysanthemum pigs as well as fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao. But other people actually do not know this matter. Naturally. Ji Dong they sneak Dark Five Elements Continent in fact not to need to keep secret, they went to be so long, moreover nobody can give the message to go to Dark Five Elements Continent from here. Heard that Ji Dong they went to Dark Five Elements Continent, the audience is immediately startled. All vision centralized on dragon sovereign. Even if always calm and dignified Ji cloud Sheng, is the complexion changes. He is knows that Ji Dong goes to Dark Five Elements Continent, cloudy morning sun already told him this matter. But since became the UN command, Ji cloud Sheng it can be said that takes constant care of many affairs of sate, although in the heart is bringing thick worry throughout, impossible to pour out to whom, at this time listened to dragon Huang to mention oneself this suddenly as the bright heavenly stems Saint king grandson, in the innermost feelings accumulates the strongly fragrant anxiety nearly to erupt.

"Did dragon sovereign, what you say? Did Ji Dong go to Dark Five Elements Continent? This is impossible, how he possibly passes through Red Lotus day fire."Opening the mouth and Ji Dong has enmity to/clashes under the crown forest clear, at this time she is also face the color/look of shock. She continuously in strange, why as of Ji Dong bright heavenly stems disciples had not appeared the bright fort unexpectedly, although she does not have to a Ji Dong favorable impression, even detesting, but she also has to acknowledge the Ji Dong strength, let alone his also bright heavenly stems disciple title.

The chrysanthemum pig swept flushed under crown forest clear eyes, said: "This has anything not to be impossible. It is not certainly good on others, on Ji Dong, is actually logical. Your could it be had forgotten what Empress Lie Yan and he is relates? The Red Lotus day fire is Empress Lie Yan releases, will the could it be Empress Lie Yan strength injure to own lover is inadequate? Bright continent dark continent. Must say can pass through this Red Lotus day hot only has Ji Dong. Moreover, not only he went to Dark Five Elements Continent, their bright heavenly stems disciples. If we have any superiority in view of Dark Five Elements Continent, Ji Dong they are then only."

Listened to chrysanthemum pig these words, the people look at each other in blank dismay, particularly that side the military officers, on the face reveals the color/look of several points of not believing, they to Ji Dong are also some finding, knows that he is the Ji cloud Sheng grandson, but such twenty -year-old young people can actually become the Light Five Elements Continent only superiority. How this keeps them from believing.

Dragon sovereign what kind of cultivation base, naturally could see that these people are thinking anything, lightly said: "Small fat pig said right, our only superiority are Ji Dong they. You can imagine, under the Red Lotus day hot impediment, the side can have strength not weak one group of people to submerge behind the enemy quietly, is only the destruction words, will bring what kind of effect. Ji Dong they were do this matter. Do not forget, heavenly stems disciple these four significances of characters. Ji Dong they are very young, but, young actually does not represent their strengths to be insufficient. If in the one-to-one situation, although the boy could not win me, but I want to win him not to be easy."

Dragon sovereign these words definitely have to shock the effect, but dragon Huang Saint level powerhouse! Including him said that defeats Ji Dong to be very difficult, actually this can Ji Dong arrive at what cultivation base? That side the military officers, majority are also Mage, they know certainly the strength terrifying of Saint level powerhouse to any degree. Although their also clear(ly) White Dragon sovereign impossible lie to bully, but some do not believe. But flushed under the crown forest clear to be silent, she was knows that Ji Dong and between dragon Huang close relation, initially also because of the emergence of dragon sovereign mirror image, made her unable to win Ji Dong. Regarding the Ji Dong strength, she also has oneself judgment, for a long time passed, must say that he can withstand dragon Huang the attack, forest clear believes. However, in her heart has the question.

"Dragon sovereign, since Ji Dong is capable of entering that side Dark Five Elements Continent, why he didn't bring our these cultivation base high Mage in the past? Although their bright heavenly stems disciple cultivation base is not weak, but, only depends on ten people, what can make facing the dark army?"

This time does not wait for dragon sovereign opens the mouth, sits said in cloudy morning sun of forest clear another side: "Because of mobility. Ji Dong they, although only has ten people, but, they can actually use many Ultra Certain Kill Skill, the destructive power was enough. If the population are too many, the mobility naturally must sell at a discount. Moreover, we and their bright heavenly stems disciple in the same place. The coordination will have problems. A most important point is, Ji Dong has said to me before set out, he has not been thinking can live coming back, the person who if takes away are too many, once wiped out by the enemy, was too then big to our here attack."

Cloudy morning sun was narrating with a very tranquil tone, but his Ji Dong has not wanted to live coming back, the command presented everyone to be silent, right military officers clear seeing Ji cloud Sheng both hands tight caught the seat arm rest on present, the body of whole person stiff.

Dragon sovereign solemnly said: "In fact, Ji Dong their trip can yield the big achievement, it can be said that in this holy war is most important. Relates to each other relative strength and final victory and defeat. I can very explicit told everybody, if did not have Ji Dong their this line, then, holy war, once started, three days, our defense lines must collapse. The dark army is much more formidable than imagination. I had not said before, is feared damages confidence, but the holy war soon will start now, something I actually must announce. One year ago, Ji Dong they enter shortly after Dark Five Elements Continent, Ji Dong once quietly has come back one time, found has been in frontline cloudy morning sun, simultaneously makes Fire Dragon king Chuanxin give me, asking me to lead the dragon clan to give support. Otherwise, according to my original intention, will not appear here."

That brushes, the vision of people shifts on the cloudy morning sun face immediately, obviously, this matter cloudy morning sun also knows.

Right, Ji Dong truly has come back one time, shortly after creating world Liuhe erupts, that time that Chen Sixuan heals from a wound, he once quietly returned to Light Five Elements Continent, the situation of investigating has transmitted.

The vision of cloudy morning sun takes a fast look around, the sinking sound said: "Alarmed!. " Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 655: Disregards the life and death

After powerhouses and commanders in bright fort marshal mansion listened to cloudy morning sun to rephrase in own words news that Ji Dong had. The complexion of everyone was difficult to see the extreme. Although they also know the great strength of Dark Five Elements Continent, but joins along with bright heavenly stems Divine Beast and dragon clan the priority, as well as completion of bright fort, making the confidence in people heart stronger and stronger, self-examined that had fully with the strength that the dark army put together. At this time listened to the words and dragon of sovereign's cloudy morning sun confirmation, they understand that original all not like simplicity that they imagine, or all situations imagine awful many compared with them.

Especially hears the quantity surpasses 50,000, average cultivation base above the Four-Crown dark demon armed forces, also hundreds of thousands reserve Mage the time, presents everyone to feel itself behind cool.

"This dark secret simply is a lunatic."Yin Zhaorong cannot bear saying. This matter she in does not know beforehand, because her temperament is not very calm, cloudy morning sun has not told the younger sister these.

Ji cloud Sheng somewhat anxious say/way: "That afterward? What news Ji Dong did they afterward have feed in again?"Other his people, this is first time knows on Dark Five Elements Continent the accurate situation, clearer regarding enemy unknown fearfulness. Let alone, that is his blood relative's grandson! At this time is in the so dangerous hostile camp, Ji cloud Sheng stemming from general situation personal, he wants to know the Ji Dong situation compared with anybody.

Cloudy morning sun and dragon sovereign also shook the head, cloudy toward way of yang: "Since Ji Dong enters Dark Five Elements Continent, this only one by one time passes on the news. The goal is to tell our dark secret that dark army true strength. Ji Dong walks said, they will attack and weaken the strength of dark army as far as possible, at that time affected the supplies of dark army to a great extent. Has destroyed seven in opposite party frontline army complete ten warehouse, the logistics supply army as well as the weapon has also destroyed much. Simultaneously has attacked the dark temple. Kills the digit to be unclear specifically, they will continue to carry on the harassment and weaken the opposite party strength, reverses the strength disparity between both sides as far as possible."

dragon Huang sighed, "in an instant is eight months passed, this boy was a news does not have."

Chrysanthemum pig small eyes winked winking, said: "Can, they already "

dragon Huang both eyes stare, look angrily at the chrysanthemum pig, "your head, their heaven protects the good, Ji Dong this boy is the day life is harder, will not have the matter. You, I turned into the red-roast pork you again, do you believe?"

The chrysanthemum pig spits the tongue, must say the people on the scene, it does not dare to offend only, perhaps was the dragon sovereign, "should not be anxious! I do not hope that they have an accident. But that dark secret has swallowed my four brothers, the strength of Saint level peak is Ji Dong they can cope? It looks like, you and Ji Dong relations are not very ordinary!"

The dragon sovereign coldly horizontal its, "I altogether only have three children, went Dark Five Elements Continent with this boy, you said that I can not be anxious? By the Ji Dong disposition, if has yielded the gradual result, certainly as far as possible will deliver a letter. May not have the news to the present, only has two possibilities. One type was you a moment ago said that another type was they in the dark continent deep place, if before the Red Lotus day fire vanished, they have not hurried back, this holy war we only then 10% odds of success, otherwise, then most at least had 50%. Therefore, all of you prayed with me together. Prayed that he can come back." Here, dragon Huang stood up suddenly, left the discussing official business hall in big strides. He knew that oneself is not calm, does not want to continue to stay here again. Just as such that he said that his three children and Ji Dong in the same place, how can there be under the compound nest ends the egg, if Ji Dong died in Dark Five Elements Continent, his children perhaps also......, Whenever thinks these times, dragon Huang can change incomparable agitated, it regretted, regretted why must comply with fifty Saint Fire Dragon and thinks to go to Dark Five Elements Continent with Ji Dong together.

dragon Huang walked, in the entire meeting hall becomes the complete silence, leads the news as well as dragon who Huang and chrysanthemum pig from Ji Dong to his appraisal, people on the scene. Even if not the familiar Ji Dong person, had a heartfelt hope to the bright heavenly stems disciple.

"Ji Dong, you may probably live are coming back!"At this moment, is full of the plaintive sound to resound in the meeting hall, because of this sound from the man, perhaps the people also thinks that is sentiment debt bad karma that Ji Dong leaves behind.

Under the part of great bear crown Ji Changxin looked at Zhou Xiaoxiao of present first place, slightly angrily said: "Did dead fatty, what your ghost call?"

A pain of Zhou Xiaoxiao face, on face the fat accumulated one, "Ji Dong this boy, if did not come back, I died. This boy promised me to be the association president of my silly rich business association, but also has carried off the three magical instruments and massive day jade and scrolls from here. The concealed treasure house of our business association had been swept clear by their these little fellows, can I not call?"In order to makes Ji Dong the successor of silly rich business association, he pays is truly huge. Zhou Xiaoxiao this wailed, making the atmosphere in meeting hall become strange several points, particularly numerous supreme powerhouses, who do not know that this fatty was non- cannot benefit early, some of his determination that became famous, people's strength to the Ji Dong has believed several points.

"Gets what one deserves, is you yourself delivers, is could it be my great-grandson asks your inadequate?"Ji Chang believes snorted, no longer paid attention to the fatty.

Zhou Xiaoxiao pitiful say/way: "I prayed, I prayed Ji Dong they can certainly live completely coming back. The brat, you may probably come back!"

They do not certainly know, object who at this time their in the heart prayed, but also was in the deep sleep, but he already deep sleep entire eight months.

Dark Five Elements Continent.

"Hasn't Ji Dong waked?" The secret looks at static lying down there, manner serene Ji Dong, asked to his Chen Sixuan in a low voice.

Since Ji Dong stupor. Chen Sixuan on defending of clothes puzzled belt side him, has been serving him. After the people have killed the dark dead health/guard, four people are on the verge of death. Stabilized with great difficulty lived in the injury.

Had millennium the help of origin of life, ten days later, such sobered, he who Yao Qianshu really such as Chen Sixuan said took the combustion life to strike to kill a darkness dead health/guard as the price instantaneous promotion strength, consumption was the vitality, some millennium the supplement of origin of life, although was the vitality damages severely as before, but actually restores quickest one. After he wakes, has adjusted simply, immediately invests to the treatment of gold/metal and during wolf divine intervention. Although these two also cause heavy losses, but compared to Ji Dong to want light many. In Yao Qianshu, Lan Bao'er and during Du Ming's unceasing treatment, the stability lived in the injury gradually, gradually changes for the better.

gold/metal has the pure dragon sovereign bloodlines, the self-recovery ability is greatly strengthened, after her injury stabilizes, only used in less than half a month, to restore to move, has used for one month, injury completely duplicate, restored the original strength.

The wolf divine intervention may not have powerful of gold/metal that Saint level body and spirit, he has used for four months. Is restores to come, this is also only the body, has used for one month, the combat capability is restores.

Compared with them, the Ji Dong situation wants awful were many, the stupor the entire eight months, actually continually awoke the sign that transfers not to the present. These eight months, relied on the origin of life as well as life nucleus of he was taking, Chen Sixuan helps him restore the skeleton, muscle and meridians cautiously successively, internal organs homing. Then actuates his own magic power to form the circulation, is absorbing magic power in within the body cautiously. Only completes these. Fully used six months, because Chen Sixuan was weary, several times stupor. But she actually as before does not listen to partners' advice, throughout protects side Ji Dong, is serving him, helping him treat. Even if Yao Qianshu must change her, she is not willing.

Arrived the present, Ji Dong within the body that product strongly fragrant magic power almost already by his self-absorption was similar, the life symptom of body is also very normal, sign that but, he actually do not sober. Looked like his soul has sealed up. Except for body because beyond within the body huge magic power some revolution partly visible production brilliance, he has not distinguished with deceased person anything.

Chen Sixuan looks up to the secret, although she so is beautiful, but actually wants thin and pale many, the whole person was thin several, on pale charming face does not have blood-color, shaking the head of gently, said: "It is not good. Although his body restored was similar, but, because the beforehand wound is too heavy, the soul self- seal protection consciousness, is unable to communicate with the body."

After secret slightly hesitant one next, said: "Or, do we collaborate to try to help Ji Dong inspire the strength of soul?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "It is not good. The opportunity only then one time, I am rather steady, if acts with undue haste, once the soul seal of Ji Dong unties, his consciousness cannot reply promptly, that has the the soul flies away and scatters danger. I take your time, I and Ji Dong soul fusion many times, most knew about his situation."

Secret lightly sighed, nodded silently, "thinks of the fine jade, is getting more and more near from the time that the Red Lotus day fire vanishes. After previous your creation world Liuhe releases, Red Lotus day hot overall magic power obviously was affected. I used the eye of secret to predict that perhaps one month. It will vanish."

Chen Sixuan looked at secret one, then has turned the head, the vision gentle gaze Ji Dong, is touching the face of Ji Dong, said: "Your meaning I understand. Arrived the time of final decisive battle, your this walked. After Ji Dong comes soberly, we also immediately go to Holy and Evil Island."

Secret took a deep breath, although he is not willing to leave, but, he knows, if Ji Dong has the consciousness, certainly will make them first hurry to the battlefield.

Eight months ago that war, the bright heavenly stems disciple is the loss is no doubt serious, but, their harvests similarly are also huge. Ten darkness dead health/guard and ten dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, left their huge wealth, that is their crystal core and Crystal Crown.

After these crystal core and Crystal Crown absorb, now cultivation base of all bright heavenly stems disciples broke through Nine-Crown. And gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention and Yao Qianshu, broke through Level 95. Although most people lost mount magic beast, but the strength of bright heavenly stems disciple is actually shocking but not dangerous. If bumped into the initial darkness dead health/guard by their present conditions again, even if did not have Ji Dong to get rid, they also absolutely can spell.

Day cunning culmination person battles a moment later, to set firm resolve finally, "thinks of the fine jade, you must take care. The matter of holy war you did not need to think, all had us. Even if Ji Dong wakes, if not his strength fully restored, do not go to Holy and Evil Island easily. The dark secret lost dark dead health/guard and some dark heavenly stems Divine Beast this strengths, the victory and defeat that this fights has been hard to expect."

Thinks of fine jade gently nodded.

The secret knows, her heart all on Ji Dong, oneself again said anything does not have any significance, his plop'ed, kneels down side Ji Dong, solemnly said: "Master, I knows, you strongest wish melts the war of this Holy and Evil. Although our strengths are insufficient, but I will make every effort to complete your wish, even if pays with own life."Spoke these words, the secret deep gaze Ji Dong, standing up resolutely, has strided bravely forward finally toward outside walks.

Other bright heavenly stems disciples already waited outside the hole, they have not gone, because they feared that oneself cannot bear choose to remain, deeply bows in hole extroversion inside Ji Dong, in addition the secret of return, started transmission law together. It can be said that their second life is Ji Dong gives, if to not save them, Ji Dong will not pay the so huge price. But at this time, they have disregarded the life and death completely, bright and dark fought must arrive, was saw that before the daybreak dawn or the night approached the sunset glow, must look at result that this fought. Their no choices, in initially became since that day of bright heavenly stems disciple, their lives were not themselves.

Chen Sixuan looks at the direction of cave entrance, spooky saying: "Ji Dong, did you see? Your partners set off the journey. I know, I cannot prevent you to attend this war. Even if I clearly knows that you after this fights will choose, but I actually must make you go. I hope, my final idea can realize, otherwise, I told you, who I was."Spoke these words, her gentle smiles, the tears actually quietly fall, bending down gently on Ji Dong, pulls up his arm, surrounds in own waist, snuggles during he embraces. The Ji Dong deep sleep made her have the so intimate opportunity.

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Chapter 656: The harassment, reappears the harassment

Snuggles side Ji Dong. The Chen Sixuan body tight fitting he, sometimes, she is even thinking, if Ji Dong forever does not wake, oneself forever like this with him in the same place, might as well be a good deed. At least, he in the pain, oneself cannot accompany him like this. But, she knows, this is impossible. If prevent Ji Dong to attend finally that war, even if he knew oneself is Lie Yan (raging flames), perhaps will not forgive itself.

Perhaps, this fought is also all conclusions time. In Chen Sixuan heart silently is thinking, she knows, after this holy war, in any event will have a result. Ji Dong has attained completely ten big famous name wines, perhaps he really will again not wait.

Thinks of here, she embraces tightly the neck of Ji Dong, delicate face tight post on the face of Ji Dong. Although his lethargic sleep was so long, but on his face as before is very clean, every day. Chen Sixuan for his thorough clean body, he looked like will fall asleep was the same.

Actually, several days ago she has the means to attempt to make Ji Dong wake, but, she always such has not actually done. Because, she does not want such quickly to make him wake. She knows, after he wakes, impossible like the present made itself so intimate with him in the same place. Her innermost feelings have struggled, she has thought many possibilities, but, she has dropped finally oneself idea. Because, she knows, if had not let him the awaking revolutions really from the deep sleep, then, some day he wakes, certainly will not forgive itself. However, she eventually selfish, she has not let him immediately the awaking revolutions, but is many keeps several days here, was accompanied his several days by oneself.

If this world who knows when the Red Lotus day fire is put out, perhaps only had Chen Sixuan. That Red Lotus day fire originally is she is Lie Yan (raging flames) time releases. Although received to create the impact of world Liuhe, but, her god knows always to feel the Red Lotus day hot strong and weak. Therefore, she can extremely precise knows time that the Red Lotus day fire vanishes. Such that just like the secret said that also is less than one month, but accurate date. Actually only then she knows. She must before the Red Lotus day fire is put out, again well and Ji Dong treats for several days, every day such static is defending him, is serving him.

"Ji Dong, you know that I want to drink the liquor that time you adjust again."Chen Sixuan said in a soft voice, her tears, uncontrolled are actually flowing. She is really good not to give up. She is very clear, if plan to be defeated finally again, perhaps then, she and Ji Dong can never in the same place.

Holy and Evil Island.

Dark secret static standing in front of Red Lotus day fire, his expression appears very tranquil, tranquil making one thinks some surprise. Why does not know, Li Yonghao always thought that for these days the dark secret as if changed, his mood became temperate, originally evil different and tyrannical also as if vanished much. Naturally, he does not dare to ask the dark secret. But he actually knows dark dead health/guard the result.

Although the dark secret has never raised, the news that but, spreads through the revolt secret alliance, the dark dead health/guard has been annihilated, but how does not know the bright heavenly stems disciple situation. In this regard, he and judgment of dark secret is similar. Their these dark heavenly stems disciples in some sense are the disciples of dark dead health/guard, nobody was more formidable than his clearer these darkness dead health/guard. He had also understood the strength of bright heavenly stems disciple, after striking kills the dark dead health/guard, their impossible whole body to draw back, otherwise, not eight months of not any movement.

However, Li Yonghao actually knows that some dark secret not clear matters, that is the bright heavenly stems disciple has not been annihilated, because, the dark dead health/guard was all extinguished this matter, is a bright heavenly stems disciple people delivers to that side the revolt secret alliance the news, and told them, the dark secret was impossible to care about their existence, enabling them to act heartily independently.

The dark secret also knows that now the revolt secret alliance occupied many cities, but Li Yonghao is clearer, perhaps is because the rule under dark secret high pressure made the people on Dark Five Elements Continent extremely suffer. Comprehensive eruption that the revolt secret alliance has no scruples, starts is also only the spark, but the revolt secret alliance's reputation in the common people are extremely good, quick has caused the response of big piece. On Dark Five Elements Continent can be said as people have no means to make a living, arrived has drunk to one bowl of gruel can with the situation of going all out. Several months, Dark Five Elements Continent has over one-third places to be revolted against the secret alliance to control, the armies of dark secret on Holy and Evil Island, simply do not have the effective strength to prevent them. Arrived the present, throughout had over 70% to be revolted against the secret alliance to control, although said that ruled completely still had the distance, but under such control, the supplies that the frontline dark army could not obtain continuing. In other words, if this Saint defeated. Then, the dark secret also ended.

However, is in such a case, Li Yonghao mood instead is more disturbed, he does not know actually oneself should hit a person when he is down, making the dark army defeat, should assist the dark secret to achieve the success of holy war. If the dark army defeats, best is the dark secret perishes, then, entire Dark Five Elements Continent can say that integrated during his control. However, once this situation emergence, will Light Five Elements Continent let up such once in a thousand years opportunity? Makes use the pursuit, captures in Dark Five Elements Continent, by the Dark Five Elements Continent present situation, resists with what? When the time comes, in turn was likely ruled by others. This is not Li Yonghao is willing to see. But this holy war, if dark secret won, perhaps in the end, complied with the Ji Dong those words, bird and good bow conceals and crafty rabbit completely died, running dog to boil. He and result of dark heavenly stems disciple not. The return of Fu Rui, making Li Yonghao this sense of crisis become more intense, traded is he, will choose own son but was is not the dark heavenly stems Saint king, might threaten itself to rule.

Therefore. Since these days, Li Yonghao mood has been very contradictory, he now is most desired, is both sides is mutually wounded, the dark secret led the dark army the bright army nearly routed, he died. Only has so, oneself can the logical control dark army, perhaps when the time comes also be able to capture Light Five Elements Continent. Therefore, under pondering over, Li Yonghao decided that walks one step to look one step, after all the holy war starts. Watches the development of situation to decide again.

"Most has half a month again, this Red Lotus day fire must be put out.
Let me wait for these many years, at this moment finally must come."

The sound of dark secret awakens from the thinking Li Yonghao. His hastily said: "Secret Sir can certainly lead my dark army to wipe out the light, a series world."

Dark secret lightly said: "Various aspects have prepared for?"

Li Yonghao nodded, said: "Has prepared to finish, that side army, some little main directions, demon armed forces, has prepared comprehensive. Light Five Elements Continent, is impossible to prevent us to go forward the step."

Dark secret coldly snorted, "darkness will certainly rule the entire world. Forever Hao, I will always think that you somewhat restlessed recently, what matter has?"

In Li Yonghao heart one startled, hastily said: "Possibly is because the holy war will soon start, I am somewhat anxious and excited." The dark secret has turned around, light glanced at him, this Li Yonghao somewhat fearful and apprehensive feeling shortly, soul cultivation base of dark secret that Saint level peak as if can project to his innermost soul.

"Do not think are too many, in any event, you are I most efficient subordinate." The dark secret somewhat temperately has comforted his one unexpectedly. Made Li Yonghao some feelings of feeling extremely flattered. Moreover he carefully looks, discovered the dark secret looks at own look seems not that sharp.

could it be said, this secret Sir transferring nature was really inadequate?

Although in Li Yonghao heart thinks somewhat strangely, but he not because dark secret quite temperate words think that this secret Sir disposition had the change, hurries say/way in reverential awe: "Subordinate must do one's best, until my heart stops beating."

The dark secret waved, said: "Walks, we go back."

"Report"in this time, a somewhat rapid sound is resounding, in a flash, Mage of dark demon armed forces arrived in front of two people, the knees knee down.

"Reported the secret Sir, dark fort just spread the news, said that they have encountered the attack. Warehouse, warehouse. "

In the dark secret eye severe light flashes, "warehouse how?"

report/give report the dark Mage voice somewhat is shivering the say/way: "A fort warehouse was destroyed, that side encountered the intense enemy to raid."

Dark secret and Li Yonghao simultaneously one startled, Li Yonghao solemnly said: "could it be it is bright heavenly stems disciple? Haven't they died?"

"Forever Hao. You lead the dark heavenly stems disciple to go to the fort immediately, assumes personal command there, must guarantee that our logistics supplies no longer were harassed. Simultaneously transfers the demon armed forces to be responsible for protecting, the weapon and supplies of fort, all ships to the frontline comes."

Li Yonghao has hesitated, said: "What if attacks is really the bright heavenly stems disciple, we what to do?"Copes with the bright heavenly stems disciple, he is a point assurance does not have, although he does not know the bright heavenly stems disciple also remaining several people, but initially they can kill completely the dark dead health/guard, is enormous to Li Yonghao shock. That has the dark heavenly stems Divine Beast auxiliary darkness dead health/guard!

Dark secret coldly said: "Now does not go to control these light small clever times, once the holy war starts, they will come to the frontline surely, when the time comes, I will destroy them personally. Duty that your this goes, is ensure the supplies all ship the frontline, when the holy war starts, our army can have the full supplies support."

Forever Hao respectfully complied, immediately turns around.

Gazes after Li Yonghao back to vanish, why does not know, the look that in the dark secret eye suddenly revealed feeling relieved, has turned around
, to continue to look to the Red Lotus day fire.

While Li Yonghao set out, just destroyed bright heavenly stems disciples of dark fort warehouse supplies commodity also the whole body to draw back.

After leaving Ji Dong, the secret already had the plan, at this time the Red Lotus day fire has not been put out, without the assistance of Ji Dong, they are is impossible to return to that side Light Five Elements Continent, such being the case, must carry through to the end the harassment, as far as possible causes the losses to the dark army. Their result many, after holy war starts, the bright army can also be more relaxed.

In the dark fort originally has four warehouses, was created world Liuhe to destroy one, initially the commodities of surplus three warehouse already shipped to the frontline went, supplies dark army frontline use. But the function of this dark fort exists as before, later several months the commodity that ships from the home save here, after all, time from the beginning, revolt against the secret alliance unable to limit the rear supplies to ship effectively, therefore, several months, saved many things. Has filled up two warehouses reluctantly, as reserve needing.

This time ruins the warehouse commodity main force is not any person in bright heavenly stems disciple, but is froth, right, is froth. Without a doubt, destroys the commodity, particularly grain and fodder, Fire department Mage most has the superiority. Entered the method of warehouse as for them on simple many. Controls the bead of thick earth by the wolf divine intervention, an numerous bright disciple touched into the warehouse. Which warehouse as for has the commodity, this naturally cannot stump the people, inflates along with the extreme velocity of revolt secret alliance, the news many that before was quicker, froth went to a recent city, obtained the complete information that they have needed.

After entering the warehouse, the original secret is makes froth set on fire directly, combustion from inside to outside, as the matter stands, waits for the enemy to discover, the commodity in this warehouse perhaps also burnt was similar. But froth sees that many commodities, is really not cruel enough to start, after all, on Dark Five Elements Continent also that many common people live during the hunger occurred simultaneously sleepily, the bright heavenly stems disciples discussed after one next, installs the commodity focusing on grain with their storage Magic Tool as far as possible, after packing completely, froth then gets rid.

Since these days, froth already was not initially that smart deceitful actually strength mean little miss. After obtaining the affirmation of Chen Sixuan, although Crystal Crown of Fourth Fire department dark dead health/guard left Ji Dong, but dark Teng Snake crystal core has actually given froth, adds on an numerous bright heavenly stems disciple again to her looking. Less than one year, cultivation base of froth it can be said that progresses by leaps and bounds, broke through Five-Crown. This result bright heavenly stems disciple when the similar age cannot achieve. The Fourth Fire magic power etching rate is extremely fast, when here guards the discovery time, the bright heavenly stems disciple gets rid immediately. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 657: Finally the sincerity of weapon

The dark fort, only left behind two purple robe big priests to assume personal command. The dark demon armed forces only have 1000 people. All these naturally are the reason that because the Red Lotus day fire will soon be put out, the bright heavenly stems disciple comes can be said as just right. By their strengths, shakes these dark Mage not to have any issue hardly, let alone they only needed to resist, making the commodity combustion in warehouse completely enough.

The secret is primarily is steady, feared that the dark secret will rush promptly, the bright heavenly stems disciple even including another warehouse to have the opportunity to ruin. May be this, died the dark Mage quantities in their hand has also been over 300 people, was dark Crystal Crown has not wasted, Ji Dong creation the law of living off the government, already struck root in the hearts of the people, completely was grasped by the people.

Bright heavenly stems disciple whole body draws back, leaves the dark fort the time, has not forgotten with several Ultra Certain Kill Skill, that two purple robe big priests are smart, unceasingly has released the magic skill resistance under the guards of numerous dark demon armed forces, perhaps their losses will be more serious.

Bright heavenly stems disciple to express and revolt against the sincerity of secret alliance, because of the reason of froth, after leaving the dark fort, first will plunder the grain that comes to give revolt secret alliance processing to the nearby city, at this time. They obtained flashed the news that the thunder passed on to directly, the dark heavenly stems disciple entered the dark fort under Li Yonghao leadership, and Li Yonghao proposed, must with their bright heavenly stems disciple discuss. After drawing back goes out of town, at this time, secret just and people gather discussed Li Yonghao purpose in coming.

"Can this be a snare?"Those who asked these words was remote, not only actually she, all bright heavenly stems disciples in hearing Li Yonghao must see in the situation of people, the first response in heart was the same. Saw that Red Lotus day fire must vanish, in this time Li Yonghao proposed that must see them, truly has to guard. Although Li Yonghao revolts against the association president of secret alliance, but god knows can he set this trap with the dark secret, catches the whole lot in a dragnet the people. If there is Ji Dong , the heart of people perhaps also spelling, but has lacked Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, they must the caution and care, let alone dark secret, if came, the assistance of side also dark heavenly stems disciple, perhaps they initially faced the dark dead health/guard the time is more dangerous.

Listens to the remote question, Du Xin'er to echo to say immediately: "I also thought that is a snare. We are careful. This Li Yonghao sees us, definitely does not have any good deed. Between do we and him have something to discuss? The secret, did you say?"

The secret looked at people one eyes, solemnly said: "I am thinking, if Ji Dong, how does encounter this situation he to do?"

Wolf divine intervention solemnly said: "Initially, few hosts had said that will make Li Yonghao see that we and they carry on the foundation of cooperation. Without a doubt. When we release after Holy and Evil Island has created world Liuhe, this foundation is built. After we have killed all darkness dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, this foundation can be said as stabler. Li Yonghao revolts against the leader of secret organization, he now is also perhaps in a dilemma. He does not hope the dark secret leads the dark army to unify the entire world, if in that case, for him does not have any advantage. He most hopes that should be we and dark secrets is mutually wounded. In this case, he is unlikely to help the dark secret set the trap to encircle kills us, because to his present situation, does not have any advantage. From the strength, dark army must dominate above our bright army after all now. If there is been short of us, the day chessboard of victory will incline. Therefore, I believe, this should not be a complete set."

The analysis of wolf divine intervention obviously be more remote than with words powerful many of Du Xin'er a moment ago, the bright heavenly stems disciples who listens to nod the head in abundance. Truly, analyzes theoretically, if now the bright heavenly stems disciple wiped out, does not have the least bit advantage regarding Li Yonghao. If no Fu Rui, perhaps Li Yonghao will also hold several points to hope to the dark secret, but the appearance of Fu Rui, completely crushed him to expect surely finally. The dark secret is not a fool, even if his cold blood, chooses the successor again time also surely will choose own son, but not the dark heavenly stems disciple who may affect itself to rule.

Yao Qianshu said: "I also agreed that divine intervention words, Li Yonghao ambushes our is possibly very small. Moreover, everybody do not forget, currently the Red Lotus day fire anytime may be put out, in this case, regarding dark secret most important does not lie in us, but is the frontline holy war. If I if he, will not leave the frontline, momentarily must be ready that meets head-on, first did not say his Saint level peak strength, he is the pillar of entire dark army, if the war starts he is not, will cause the dark army imposing manner to be low without a doubt. Moreover, so long as the holy war starts, he did not fear that we do not go to the frontline. The dark secret dark temple can discard continually, in this holy war forthcoming important moment, truly not too possibly specially copes with us. Moreover, if I have not guessed wrong, he certainly because the dark dead health/guard calculates us to have the significant damage surely, was not enough to stir up trouble. Therefore, I think that we should see Li Yonghao. The secret, you decide."

The eye of secret appears quietly from secret forehead, the ray flashes not to have, the secret nods slowly, solemnly said: "We go."Through the induction of soul, he can know in advance probably this line of fortunes and misfortunes, finally obviously is benign.

Heavenly Empress (day later). From a tavern in dark fort recent city . The bright heavenly stems disciple static waiting, they are coming is very early, by initially with the origin that the revolt secret alliance had, in addition the relations of massive grain and froth of this present, they can obtain the accurate news, ahead of time arrived at this to make an appointment with the low point. Because freely has lacked the relations of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, they are unable to suppose all-around transmission law here, but many had certain understanding to the surrounding situation. Also slightly has the arrangement. After all, the present bright heavenly stems disciple may be the powerhouse of Nine-Crown rank, their cultivation base are not ordinary Nine-Crown Mage can compare, the superiority of heavenly stems disciple made their magic power compared with many that ordinary Mage condensed. So long as is not the dark secret leads dark heavenly stems disciple to come here, they do not have any to fear.

"Came." The secret look moves slightly, the vision of bright heavenly stems disciples also becomes sharp.

The sound of footsteps resounds from the tavern, wears a black cape, walked including Li Yonghao stride that covers, sat in the face of the secret directly. Those who made the bright heavenly stems disciples somewhat surprised was, Li Yonghao trip unexpectedly only then he, any dark heavenly stems disciple did not have the belt. Not only has not brought to the tavern, but is simply has not brought to enter a city.

"Your Excellency looks like very confident."Secret light saying.

Li Yonghao vision sweeps, the eyeground is also reveals one startled to accommodate, he has not thought, will appear the bright heavenly stems disciple will really have these many people in front of oneself. Before revolted against the secret alliance to give his news not to say the bright heavenly stems disciple specific number. However, he relaxed quickly. Because in the people, he has not seen the Ji Dong form.

"Hasn't Ji Dong come?"Li Yonghao light asking.

The secret said: "I can the delegates he, he have his matter. The holy war will soon start, I think, we will retain." Li Yonghao look moves slightly, looks straight ahead the secret, as if must see mystery of his heart of hearts, what a pity, wants to be higher than in his secret eye to obtain him to want from soul cultivation base to know that is impossible. Ji Dong in that with dark dead health/guard fought dies? This thought paced back and forth in Li Yonghao heart, his heart also fluctuates. If Ji Dong died. Is disadvantageous regarding his plan. Because in his opinion, only then Ji Dong may lead these bright heavenly stems disciples and dark secrets contends.

"I think, we do not need to discuss again."At the same time was saying, Li Yonghao has stood up, must walk outward.

The secret has not stopped him, but static looks that he walks outward, in other bright heavenly stems disciples eyes actually revealed the ray of inquiry, although Li Yonghao was strong, but the present bright heavenly stems disciple overall strength is not the dark heavenly stems disciple can compare, by their cultivation base, so long as got rid fully, Li Yonghao was impossible to be inescapable.

Li Yonghao has gotten to the entrance, had not discovered that behind has any sound to transmit, even does not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation to appear, must know, although he carries to the bright heavenly stems disciple, but is quite discrete, has been feeling behind change carefully. Stops the footsteps, Li Yonghao turns round to look to the secret, discovered secret also in vision tranquil visits him..

"I need Ji Dong on the scene, he is also living, is we discusses the foundation of cooperation. He has made me see inside story that you and we cooperate. However, if no him, I think, any plan does not have the significance. Perhaps this point, you also will have the similar understanding."

Listens to Li Yonghao words, the secret to stand up slowly, the right hand lifts, presses slowly on own forehead, Li Yonghao clear seeing, the eye of secret appears, secret dignified say/way: "I take an oath with the name of secret, bright heavenly stems Saint king Ji Dong is also living, moreover before strength, compares to increase steadily, if there is half a word lies, the light tilts." In an instant, the electricity of golden light from the eye of secret shoots together. towards airborne flashes not to have.

Li Yonghao is person of being able to judge the quality of goods, naturally recognizes, this is the contract pledge, ordinary Mage first wants to distribute such pledge is impossible. Moreover this pledge says from this bright secret mouth at present, although he does not have formidable cultivation base, but, on bright and dark these two pieces of continent, his significance is equal to with the dark secret, cannot help but Li Yonghao does not believe.

But in fact, secret pledge does not have what significance, Ji Dong truly also to live, cultivation base also many that before is stronger , the issue is, when they leave, Ji Dong has not actually been awaking, in his pledge may not have Ji Dong must attend the holy war and so on words. It can be said that word game, lets the word game that Li Yonghao has to believe.

Looks at the secret, Li Yonghao vision had some changes finally, on face firm line also obvious was gentle, nodded, said: "Such being the case, I believe, we had the foundation of peace talks, everybody should also know, was Dark Five Elements Continent one, I do not hope our Dark Five Elements Continent was ruled by your Light Five Elements Continent, therefore, in any event, I was impossible to help you cope with our dark army. Our revolt secret alliance, what revolt is only the dark secret, although we are human, but in some sense, we belong to the different races. Therefore, I with premise two of peace talks, first, the foundation of peace talks, must be also at least am ensure my Dark Five Elements Continent security no worries, second, are the dark secret must die. Only then he died, I can the resources on use unify Dark Five Elements Continent, the improvement now this people have no means to make a living aspect. I can display our sincerity first, now in the dark fort, in the there is still one warehouse has the weapon and grain and fodder, this dark secret makes me come, makes me ship the frontline these things. But I can actually make you evacuate the warehouse, naturally, must revolt against the people that the secret alliance to support to suffer hardships and calamities to us. But you must let the sincerity that I see, kills the dark secret. So long as the dark secret dies, all simple were many, the grand occasion when by the strength of your bright heavenly stems disciple, in addition the strength of our dark heavenly stems disciple, by the bright and dark 20 magical instruments, we are absolutely possible to reappear the first-generation disciple to have on Holy and Evil Island shows. Perhaps our strengths are inferior to first-generation disciple, but Holy and Evil Island ready-made, created one law like Holy and Evil Island not too to be initially difficult. Isolates again with your Light Five Elements Continent my Dark Five Elements Continent, the peace will reappear above our two pieces of continent, can avoid the innumerable common people because of defeating dead. As for later how, we do not know, but our generation of disciples, this is the pinnacle that we can achieve."

Here, Li Yonghao has stopped, then continued solemnly said:: "This is the sincerity that I can display, I believe that everybody can also feel my sincerity, please carefully consider."

In Li Yonghao eyes is revealing the sincere color/look, is gazing at the secret, this dark heavenly stems Saint king looks like extremely sincere, as if just as such that he said that had the sincerity.

Secret static looks at Li Yonghao, nodded, "Your Excellency really very much has the sincerity slowly, but how we guaranteed, after the dark secret was killed by us, can you also keep the promise?"

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 658: Red Lotus day fire that finally extinguishes

Although the secret vision is not sharp like Li Yonghao. But actually be profounder than him, can you also keep the promise? These words asked, the makings of his whole person as if had the change.

Li Yonghao light saying: "I think that everybody shows, is my sincerity, but is not the commitment. Promise type of thing, I always do not believe, I only believe the strength. Your Excellency does not have Ji Dong such breadth of spirit, if Ji Dong, he will certainly not ask my these words, he only showed with the motion and strength, to that time, I simply has not violated the rule the opportunity."

Li Yonghao honesty made secret brows slightly wrinkled, the key was, he said right, by the breadth of spirit, he truly was inferior to Ji Dong. Masters! You must wake, without you, the bright disciple no longer was the bright disciple.

Although in the heart is thinking like this, but on the secret mouth is not willing to suffer a loss obviously, solemnly said: "Such being the case, we deferred to Your Excellency to say. We also very much have the sincerity. But how the final result, is not we now can guess correctly that all results, must wait for us to arrive truly said on that day again."

Li Yonghao slowly nodded, "good, we together wait for oncoming of that day. Everybody takes care."Spoke these words, he turns around to walk, in an instant vanished in the line of sight of people. From arriving, Li Yonghao stayed very short time, the answer of both sides each other understands actually, the situation of holy war now is very difficult saying that if when the time comes, the bright heavenly stems disciple can strike to kill the dark secret, all perhaps have the possibility of cooperation. But must imagine such that Li Yonghao said that that must after striking to have killed the dark secret, the both sides strength is impartial, only has so, has the possibility like one generation of disciples, by the strength of both sides disciples, made Holy and Evil Island the barrier. But this balanced so is really easy to achieve? However, Li Yonghao arrival, at least told a bright heavenly stems disciples matter, that is, when they in coping with dark secret, Li Yonghao and his dark heavenly stems disciple are very possible are two do not help. Lost dark heavenly stems disciple's support, the dark secret is the one by one body of being isolated and cutting off from help. Copes obviously to want easy many. Naturally, even if this, he also as before is a Saint level peak powerhouse, its integral force is not easy to contend.

the second day that both sides meet, the bright heavenly stems disciple once more has visited the dark fort, but, this time they must come is more secret, Li Yonghao will guard the people in last warehouse to change into him, has almost not taken any effort, the bright heavenly stems disciple relies on storage Magic Tool that the revolt secret alliance is providing, evacuates this last warehouse. By these grain, saved the common people who on massive Dark Five Elements Continent was destitute and homeless sufficiently.

In government, Li Yonghao revolts against the dodging father-in-law child of secret alliance, compared with the dark secret does not know that stronger many times. After having controlled the dark continent majority of places, revolts against the secret alliance to start the effective organization people engaged in the production and cultivation, makes every effort to guarantee that they can appease hunger during this period reluctantly. When so long as the new batch of grain get down time, dark continent regional famines can obtain effective containment. Naturally, to make Dark Five Elements Continent recover, a also section of very long road must walk. Li Yonghao and dark heavenly stems disciple have not returned to the frontline eagerly, but passes to the dark secret the news, told him. In dark heavenly stems disciple comes to rescue in the process of dark fort, the fort last warehouse was evacuated. The bright heavenly stems disciple surplus population are more than imagination, he is leading the dark heavenly stems disciple to chase down fully, hopes that can eliminate these different numbers.

Li Yonghao does it can be said that flawless . Moreover, the most important point is, the holy war will soon start, the dark secret is impossible to leave the frontline, examines the special details to the fort. He told the bright heavenly stems disciple through the revolt secret alliance, at least initial period the holy war, they will not appear in the battlefield of holy war, making the bright disciples make the best use of the time.

Some news, were so enough to the bright disciples, but, their actually point also happy, because, their Saint king have not always returned.

Red Lotus day fire as before quiet combustion, but, at this time, entire Holy and Evil Island was under the condition at daggers drawn. No one knows that actually Red Lotus day fire when will be put out, but everyone knows, once this Red Lotus day fire has been put out, the holy war fully will break out. Arrived that time, but not only the life spread the coal to be so simple, all people will fall to the enemy in this war. This Holy and Evil Island, is doomed to be going to become a giant incomparable meat grinder, the victory and defeat key that the both sides holy war gambles is also this. Who can win that Holy and Evil Island this fights, can say that has ensured the victory. The center of entire world, as if completely built up in this moment above Holy and Evil Island.

The night air is very neat. Since did not have ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, the environment on Holy and Evil Island became is better than not to know many before, was almost the sunlight is beautiful every day, even if was raining time, Sun also as before hung in airborne. This because of the Red Lotus day hot reason, any dark cloud, is unable in this Holy and Evil Island sky formation. Compared with that moment that the gorgeous red hot curtain and it just burnt, was gloomier, by hot curtain, even can each other see some opposite fuzzy pictures. Ultimate Certain Kill Skill magic power wanted failure finally. The Fire Element fluctuation in air obviously becomes fierce, in sky, were more a light red halo.

The strange picture has simultaneously brought to the both sides attention, although is night, but the bright army has taken the action immediately, over ten thousand Mage appear in the battlefield first, every ten person one groups, neat aligning, is facing the Red Lotus day fire, each other builds single-handed on the previous person of shoulder, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation starts to stimulate to movement.

Heteromorphism that the Red Lotus day fire presents was telling everyone without doubt, it must appear changes. The dark army, will not be naturally tranquil.

Dark secret static standing in the front line, only then he. Faces the Red Lotus day fire, Fu Rui is standing side him, later, is several tens of thousands dark demon armed forces. Although bright heavenly stems disciples have done on Dark Five Elements Continent, but at this moment, gathers the dark demon armed forces total actually as before over 40,000 side dark secret, also hundreds of thousands reserve duty dark demon armed forces in rear area. one by one heavy armored corps, bringing the excellent war sharp weapon to compose the one by one solid square formation. In the short time, the both sides armies started to make the preparation of fight.

Buzz, the Red Lotus day fire trembled suddenly fiercely, a wave common light mark conducts bottom-up. The strong red, made entire Holy and Evil Island shine in an instant, but it also looked like a piece of giant theater curtain generally slowly raises, strong Fire Element from the sky fluctuated, is driving away other attribute magic power elements, that was stopped up more than four years of ultimate Certain Kill Skill on Holy and Evil Island changes into a red cloud finally float on, illuminated Holy and Evil Island at the same time, made the impediment of both sides vanish quietly. Bright dark, in that moment that the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, no one has acted rashly, both sides raising the head of as if by prior agreement, looks that red halo from the sky spreads. Both sides each other, saw clearly the appearance of opposite party finally. The air/Qi of withering, just like dreadful great * general turbulently. Even if initially the deicide cultivated murderous aura that like this sends out, is unable adds together to compare at present these several million dark and bright armies. Both sides presented army in battlefield have surpassed 3 million. On the side of Light Five Elements Continent must be more actually, because their also massive logistics supply personnel. In this regard, Dark Five Elements Continent was also extremely numerous, but was created world Liuhe to destroy on Holy and Evil Island by initially that six big warehouses, along with disappearances of several million logistics supply armies.

If from the airborne downward bird's eye view, can clear seeing, the bright army distinguish right from wrong with the dark army by, looks like two completely different world is simply same. Side that the bright army is , the majority of places are empty, simply does not have what plant. But the dark army, besides army, looks, actually completely is the vast green. Creates world Liuhe, this all creates world Liuhe to bring.

Above the open area between both sides, atmosphere coagulates as if must drop the water leakage to come general, magic power that each other Mage condenses, in geometrical multiple is increasing, the imposing manner from started to present the deviation balanced, the bright army was suppressed obviously. The dark army the magic power fluctuation of rhythm in the air is much huger, that type blots out the sky the general swift and fierce pressure, making that side the bright army have the feeling of not gasping for breath.

Bright UN command equality Wang Ji yun living stands forefront the team, his complexion is very ugly, even is unstable breath some. Not only he, all military officers are also good, Mage to unite the powerhouses of elder assembly, the heartbeat of everyone sped up. Aspect that so several million armies each other confront, let alone is they, any person on the scene has not met. This atmosphere, is not the Mage resistance can compare. It can be said that at this moment, they immersed in a broad vast pressure, the so great scene, making everyone somewhat be in a daze. Such situation also similarly appears that side Dark Five Elements Continent, why this is also both sides after the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, important reason that no one has begun. To put it bluntly is, they are in a daze. Right, several million armies are in a daze.

Sounds as if somewhat to be hard to imagine, but in fact is so. The several million armies in this side usually drill, perhaps will not have the too big feeling, but, that moment when the several million armies of several million army and enemy each other confront, in the battlefield several tens of thousands Mage raise together gathers in the magic power condition. Who dares to say can oneself also maintain tranquil?

The rapid breathing almost spreads over the entire battlefield, everyone has the approximate condition, the red ray in sky removes gradually, but Fire Element became even more is strong.

The overwhelming superiority as well as the superiority on magic power in level quantity, making each other suppression of both sides Mage not have the suspense. Although Light Five Elements Continent over ten thousand Mage are using the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong is creating, but opposite party Mage actually enough is their four times. Moreover, Light Five Elements Continent here Mage, even including Two-Crown and Three-Crown has. But Dark Five Elements Continent, four ten thousand Mage cultivation base surpass Four-Crown completely. This is not four times of disparities, if the competion individual battle efficiency, can say, the Dark Five Elements Continent Mage strength, from the whole, nearly is Light Five Elements Continent ten times. This does not calculate both sides high-level Mage, as well as in the situation of dark secret Saint level peak powerhouse.

The Ji cloud Sheng hand lifted slowly, such situation cannot continue again, if makes the magic power suppression superiority of opposite party more and more obviously, perhaps over ten thousand Mage have not fought, must be crushed in the imposing manner by the opposite party completely. This is not he result that wants to see. At this moment, a wailing from the Ji cloud Sheng side not far away occurrence, both sides surpasses in the battlefields of 6 million armies, originally is incomparably tranquil, this sudden sound, simultaneously attracted the attention of both sides.

A green ray shoots up to the sky from Ji cloud Sheng, the rich life aura as if made in the air originally huge Fire Element become richer. Light Five Elements Continent here sky becomes is very suddenly bright. The huge form, appears one after another quietly in the sky.

Altogether ten huge forms, that ascend above the upper air, they, ten Omiya heavenly stems Divine Beast, First Wood Divine Beast Azure Dragon and Second Wood Divine Beast Liuhe and Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird and Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng Snake and Fifth Earth Divine Beast sky and Sixth Earth Divine Beast Heavenly Second and age Metal God beast white tiger and hard Metal God beast moon and Ninth Water Divine Beast Heavenly Empress (day later) and Tenth Water Divine Beast Black Tortoise.

Ten big heavenly stems Divine Beast aura, form huge ten color light screens in the sky in an instant, not only they only cultivation base is next to formidable Divine Beast of Saint level, in the meantime, they are also the Totem symbols of Light Five Elements Continent ten big magic power! That moment when they present, as if entire bright army back Light Five Elements Continent was responding generally, suppressed bright Mages, one by one was full of energy, is feeling ten big heavenly stems Divine Beast aura, promoted the limit own magic power instantaneously, did not come under the influence of opposite party dark demon armed forces.

Stands in dark secret Fu Rui, saw obviously the dark secret the corner of the eye beat, without a doubt, if at this time, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast can appear, formerly that overwhelming aspect as before will maintain, but, dark heavenly stems can Divine Beast also appear?

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Chapter 659: Dark dragon Huang

Sky over opposite bright army bright heavenly stems Divine Beast appears shortly. Made the both sides imposing manner return the equilibrium state, dark demon armed forces without a single exception also looked to the sky of one's own side, they naturally hoped at this time, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast can also also appear, confronted with opposite party bright heavenly stems Divine Beast. Compared with the dark secret and dragon Huang such Saint level powerhouse, the heavenly stems Divine Beast strength is not anything, but, ten big heavenly stems Divine Beast are various departments Totem, their existences, have the huge symbolic importance.

What a pity, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast was forever impossible to appear, they in the fight of bright heavenly stems disciple, already quietly perished.

At this moment, can see that the bright heavenly stems disciples have made the how huge effort in Dark Five Elements Continent more than one year time, if at this time, the dark dead health/guard rode dark heavenly stems Divine Beast to appear in the battlefield, both sides fought, once launched, perhaps in a short time Light Five Elements Continent Mages must be hit by the total destruction.

With the passage of time, and surprised uncertain disappointment starts to appear in the dark demon armed forces, they hope that dark heavenly stems Divine Beast has not appeared throughout. Helplessly looks at opposite bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, suddenly, in the originally confident dark demon morale of troops, started to have in the mood was not steady. If no dark secret to stand in the front line, perhaps the panic of this innermost feelings will be more serious. Must know, at this time relates to two pieces of continent the war of life and death, in this case, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, if still exists, how possibly to appear? Significance that heavenly stems Divine Beast has, protects continent, even if no contract reason of darkness dead health/guard, once such war appears, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast surely will also appear fights to the death with bright heavenly stems Divine Beast here.

Not only the dark demon armed forces felt strange, Light Five Elements Continent also is very strange, the voice of chrysanthemum pig resounds in an numerous bright head ear, "Eh, has felt strange, how dark heavenly stems hasn't Divine Beast appeared? Won't they * fall?"

At this moment, suddenly, chrysanthemum pig that green form as well as sparkles the light golden light form simultaneously to move sideways together, appears before equal Wang Ji yun lives the body, their vision simultaneously become dignified. However, quick, feels relaxed with much pleasantly surprised also appears.

Green form chrysanthemum pig, but that golden form naturally was the dragon sovereign. They simultaneously felt one to come from the underground magic power fluctuation . Moreover the goal pointed to the equal king, therefore they immediately moved sideways. Keeps off before Ji cloud Sheng, in order to avoid presents the mishap. However, is quick they to discover, this sudden aura is having the bright fluctuation, is not the sneak attack of opposite party dark demon armed forces.

"Do not begin, is person on one's own side."Dragon sovereign loudly shouted, making behind powerhouses tranquil, altogether nine forms, from underground appear in the people quietly at present. Their bodies cover in a Huang Mengmeng's brilliance, even if dragon Huang, is moved. This rich Fifth Earth department magic power made him also surprised.

A bright yellow bead has sparkled, Huang Mengmeng's brilliance diverges quietly, nine form appearances that then from underground raises also appear, stands in the forefront, is the bright secret, in him behind, separately is bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu, the bright Fifth Earth disciple wolf divine intervention and bright Sixth Earth disciple remote and bright Seventh Metal disciple Du Xin'er and bright Eighth Metal disciple gold/metal, bright Ninth Water disciple Du Ming, bright Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er as well as follows froth that they return together.

The emergence of these nine forms, making in the high levels eyes of all bright armies reveal the wild with joy color/look, even if most people did not know them. However, shortly besides secret and froth, in everyone top of the head baseless conjecture divine tool that in Nine-Crown Yin-Yang Crown as well as that incomparably tyrannical aura as well as their hands hold, can guess correctly the origins of these people.

"You and you......"dragon sovereign somewhat dull looks at the people, who can think, when the both sides war is ready to be set off, the bright heavenly stems disciple can actually appear promptly here, without a doubt, this to the overall strength as well as this time morale of bright army, has the unequalled promotion.

The secret shows a faint smile, to dragon sovereign nodded, "hello, the dragon sovereign of respect, everybody does not need doubts, dark heavenly stems Divine Beast was forever impossible to appear, because, they already and right-hand dark dead health/guard same place of dark secret, were massacred by us."

Such remarks, is the audience is startled, the originally depressing mood sweeps away immediately, Nine-Crown Mage, several in bright army, but, they and present bright heavenly stems disciples compare are entirely different. Although everybody stems from Light Five Elements Continent, but, after cultivation base of bright heavenly stems disciples promotes to Nine-Crown, bright aura fluctuation, be much more formidable than the ordinary Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse. With other level situation, any Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse possibly is not the match of bright heavenly stems disciple. This is also why formerly wolf divine intervention made dragon Huang also want the heart startled reason by the Fifth Earth magic power fluctuation that the bead of divine tool thick earth sent out.

The one of the dragon sovereign vision from the bright heavenly stems disciples sweeps at present. How can accurately judge their present strengths to be the degree, pleasantly surprised say/way: "In such short time, you can actually promote Nine-Crown cultivation base, it seems like, there are massive dark Mage dead in your hands!"As the Saint level powerhouse, his vision naturally is not the average person can compare, said the reason that bright heavenly stems disciple cultivation base progressed by leaps and bounds.

However, dragon Huang the vision coagulated quickly, solemnly said:
"Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan? also, my children.    "

The secret shows a faint smile, said: "Dragon sovereign is patient, Ji Dong and thinks of the fine jade to be all right, your child is very healthy, thought to hatch immediately. They have a more important mission, later."

One hear of oneself children are all right, dragon Huang the spirit inspires immediately greatly, a resonant dragon recited the sound to resound from his mouth, the strong magic power fluctuation direct impact clouds, in an instant, followed 300 grown Giant Dragon that he came together to soar from the bright army, this was 300 Rank 10 Giant Dragon! Their independent one, possibly is not the Nine-Crown Mage match, but. These Rank 10 powerhouses, is in itself and human Nine-Crown powerhouse with Level 1 other. It can be said that these 300 grown Giant Dragon that the dragon sovereign brings, nearly can meet as an equal with over ten thousand bright Mage. The so formidable strength this appears in the midair, each other suppression between both sides, had the reversal immediately. The sudden appearance of bright heavenly stems disciple, is airborne these three hundred Giant Dragon as well as bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, made the imposing manner of entire bright army promote the apex.

Ji cloud Sheng loudly shouted, "air force, lift-off."Above all Six-Crown, has flight magic beast Mages. Is controlling their respective flight magic beast, simultaneously soars, rises into the upper air. Becoming the semicircle lineup surrounds in three hundred Giant Dragon rear areas and flank, the fighting spirit, becomes is suddenly richer.

The bright army here air force are not many, only then 500 people, because more people must release the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, therefore, was not all has flight magic beast Mage to participate in the air force. However, that three hundred Giant Dragon had the imposing manner. Their aura release, blots out the sky, that terrifying magic power fluctuation, anybody must tremble.

"Father, we what to do?" The aura that the opposite bright army lends shortly is getting stronger and stronger, the Fu Rui look is motionless, asked to dark secret in a low voice. At this time, the Fu Rui mood is actually very complex, as the role of non- by-path, he naturally hopes that the bright army achieves the final success, but, even if the dark secret is not good, that is also his bloodlines close father, punishes guilty family members easy that said that when must do, by no means so is simple. Fu Rui this time mood therefore is fluctuating.

The dark secret seems very tranquil, this time he, actually did not have in the past tyranny, lightly said: "Air force lifts off."

After this is the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, the first order that the dark secret issues, the imposing manner is heard this order by the dark demon armed forces that the bright army suppresses, immediately hit the chicken blood to be ordinary likely, in an instant, in the dark demon armed forces huge lineup, one by one black square formation neat soaring. The originally suppressed imposing manner one moved along with their lift-offs unexpectedly, the reason is very simple, the air force quantity of dark demon armed forces, has achieved 6000 unexpectedly. Entire 6000 cultivation base surpass Six-Crown. And has flight magic beast Mage! The quantity is over ten times of bright army. Although the bright army has three hundred Giant Dragon, is, in the airborne oppression strength, is actually not able to obtain the superiority. If dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, without a doubt, the air force of bright army definitely was unable at this time with it contending.

This has not calculated, issues an order along with dark secret this, low and deep roaring resound from the dark demon armed forces, the one by one huge form looks like dark cloud collects piece by piece generally in together, that huge form has flown directly the altitude of dark demon armed forces air force, appears above a higher level. That is also leader Giant Dragon, was Giant Dragon, the height has been the terrifying 70 meters, jet black like black ink, the whole body sent out all over the body is not being the black aura in five elements, only had above the top of the head, there are certainly is sparkling the golden imperial crown of black light mark. Follows in it behind, unexpectedly fully over a thousand Giant Dragon . Moreover, besides five elements respective five types Giant Dragon, but also left with is this Giant Dragon same black Giant Dragon. Black Giant Dragon only has 30 probably, but their fills with the ruinous aura is other Giant Dragon is actually not able to hope to attain.

The bright army, dragon Huang the complexion one changed, solemnly said: "Dark dragon Huang, the strength of entire clan."

Yes, bright and dark two pieces of continent, dragon clan the quantity is throughout similar, dragon clan perhaps is because innate powerful, the reproduction ability is very bad, except for initial has the dominant position time beside, generally, can have over a thousand clansmen, is quite good.

The bright dragon sovereign brings, is dragon clan elite, all grown Giant Dragon, but presents the dark dragon sovereign above dark army is thorougher, the entire dark dragon clan all will bring unexpectedly. It looks like the dark secret leans the strength of entire continent to build this dark army to be the same, it also similarly renounces.

These over a thousand dark dragon clan emergence, made both sides each other imposing manner reverse immediately once more, the bright army, at least was the air force, was suppressed by the opposite party completely. Even if they are having ten big Totem Divine Beast, overall strength also and opposite party in air force bad was too far.

Dark secret corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer, lightly said: "How doesn't have dark heavenly stems Divine Beast? Do I need dark heavenly stems Divine Beast? Fu Rui, Li Yonghao hasn't they come back?"

Fu Rui solemnly said: "I already made the person issue your order.
They should be about to come back." In the dark secret eye the cold light flashes, the double back of the hand after behind, has not said anything again.

At this moment, low and deep roaring resounds from dark dragon Huangkou, "bright, but dares to fight with me? Millenniums ago listens to the plan of dark secret to start, for this war, I waited for the millenniums. This holy war, is not only deciding the ownership of light and dark two pieces of continent, in the meantime, was deciding is actually your bright dragon clan by the thorough destruction, our entire clan all perishes. Makes you and I come into the beginning of this holy war."

Bright dragon sovereign angrily snorted, the body changed into the golden light to shoot up to the sky together, "dark, I also feared that you are inadequate. Come."

At the same time was saying, bright dragon Huang is also swings the body in a flash, has appeared own main body, compared with the dark dragon sovereign, his personal appearance wants on small some obviously. But this is actually not because his strength by far weak in the reason of match, because of race issue. Dark dragon clan, is volume is always biggest, is the most special dragon clan. On Light Five Elements Continent, does not have this dragon clan to exist, although in the build, the dark dragon sovereign wants to be bigger, but he is similar to bright dragon Huang cultivation base, in the degree of Saint level initial rank peak, actually cannot enter into the Saint level middle rank.

The battlefield between both sides has 50 miles fully, but at this time, the dark secret and bright army commanded equal Wang Ji yun to live also orders, making the armies withdraw a distance slowly.

Two big dragon sovereigns, this is the Saint level and Saint levels collision, their fights, will certainly completely be the resistance of Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, no one hopes that one's own side was affected. The first war between both sides, is the competion between Saint level powerhouses, without a doubt, which side Longhuang won, can help the armies obtain the situation. The nervousness fills the air among both sides powerhouses, the wars of two big dragon sovereigns are ready to be set off.

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Chapter 660: The war of dragon sovereign

Bright dragon Huang, is sparkling all over the body the strange luster. That is not the transparent gloss that pure drill lizard has, on drilling lizard transparent body, more a gold/metal misty halo, this is sacred light attribute, with dark dragon Huang dark attribute relative and fresh.

In the bright dragon clan, only has the dragon sovereign to have this pure sacred light attribute, like dark dragon clan such, does not have the dark dragon specially a race. Without a doubt, the dark dragon clan be overbearing than the five elements attribute, but, because just they are beside five elements, therefore, if five elements dragon clan strength if strong they, any attribute can restrain them, on the contrary, if five elements dragon clan magic power is inferior to dark dragon clan, regardless of any attribute must by their anti- to subdue|grams. Therefore, dark dragon clan is very special existence.

The bright and dark two big dragon sovereigns, look like the bright and dark two pieces of continent miniatures, at this time floats in the midair each other relative, among them the aura collision is most direct. Two big dragon sovereigns are distanced the kilometer. But actually unceasingly bursts out some low and deep thundering in their air.

They have not used oneself demon territory, like the human Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse fight, to their this levels, all has simplified, more gaudy skills will not have any function, among them the competion, after is the purest body and magic power fuse the collision, the war of true Saint level. The golden color and black ray almost simultaneously shine, the forms of two big dragon sovereigns also nearly at the same time reduce, they simultaneously changed into the human form instant, in the sky also had first thundering, that was two big dragon sovereign each other opposite dragon clan aura has initiated a series of fulminations in the air unexpectedly.

Can clear seeing, golden color and black electric lights each other collides and surges in the midair mutually, the terrifying magic power fluctuation from the sky blooms, the release of each magic power ray, made the air along with it fierce was shivering, this was not the attack that they output, but was mutual engaging in factional strife of dragon prestige.

Simultaneously chooses the incarnation manner, the reason is very simple, depends on compresses two characters, similarly huge magic power, in the huge dragon clan body and tiny many human body, the density is obviously different. Let alone their dragon sovereign body so is huger, was too easy becomes the opposite party goal, therefore, they rather gave up oneself dragon sovereign main body the powerful body and spirit transforming the manner. This pinnacle fight will show in a flash soon.

Although they are the enemies of previous generation. But at this moment, actually showed the astonishing tacit understanding, at the same time changed into the human form, was the same time has charged into the opposite party. Like a gold/metal, one black, two lightnings are common. Most Mage of observing only think that at present a flower, that two lightnings from the sky collided in one.

Without any thunders the production, only then golden color and black halos burst out in the sky. Did not mean that the collisions of two big dragon sovereigns do not have the sound, because their striking power were really too formidable, the sound that the Saint level magic power collision had has been the darkest before dawn degree. Only can feel the world faintly along with their fights, but unceasing is shivering.

Including dark secret, the lines of sight of all people centralized in airborne. This war, is important regarding both sides. Especially to Light Five Elements Continent is so. Over a thousand dark dragon clan emergence, making the Light Five Elements Continent morale greatly disappointed. Everyone could see, the present dark army dominates above the bright army as before by far. Not only because of the both sides Mage quantity, only the dark army Mage orderly lineup, is the bright demon armed forces by far is unable to compare. The precipitation of ten generations of dark secrets, was not among this several years Light Five Elements Continent Five-Nation Allied Armies temporary matching can compare.

In the look of bright secret also revealed an anxiety, they were so long in Dark Five Elements Continent, did not know dark secret unexpectedly also dark dragon clan. It can be said that they have achieved the magnificent achievement in Dark Five Elements Continent, has killed dark heavenly stems Divine Beast and dark dead health/guard, nearly has destroyed the dark temple. Has killed thousands dark Mage, destroyed the logistics supply of dark army. It can be said that they throughout when exhausting ability is weakening the strength of dark army, may be so, this dark army unexpectedly in the holy war starts can display the shocking great power as before, is not the bright army can contend as before. If bright dragon sovereign can win this war, then, the morale of one's own side at least can promote, although bright dragon clan quantity, only then 300, but after all is grown Giant Dragon, and has strength of the spelling with opposite party dragon clan. Surplus, must look that the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can play many might. With all Nine- Crown of bright heavenly stems disciple, in addition dark heavenly stems disciple temporarily is not, both sides in top powerhouse rank, if did not consider that dark secret ingredient, at least currently speaking, the bright army is also in the upper hand. After all, Ji Dong led bright disciples to strike to kill many purple robe big priests, the opposite party were less that ten darkness dead health/guard.

"When does Ji Dong that boy come?" The chrysanthemum pig as before is its routine small body, vertical leaps, jumped on the Yao Qianshu shoulder, looks at the secret to ask.

The secret shook the head, said: "I do not know." Chrysanthemum pig somewhat anxious say/way: "Doesn't know? Don't you know good? Was Ji Dong that boy has promoted to Nine-Crown, if so
, he so long as can rush promptly, depending on the lending capital Saint pig Saint level wood attribute magic power amplification, withstood that dark secret is also not impossible. But this boy key, only then he can coordinate with me completely."Their Holy and Evil Island five mahatma beasts, each is Yin-Yang dual attribute. It is a Yin-Yang pair of wood, if with the Yin-Yang two fires coordination of Ji Dong, naturally can play the maximum might, otherwise, by it is only the pure auxiliary ability, is impossible to contend with the Saint level peak dark secret.

Secret solemnly said: "If later the dark secret begins, came to cope with it by us together, you temporarily do not enter the war. Although Ji Dong and thinks of the fine jade not to arrive, but we collaborate, temporarily blocks him should."He said these words, naturally was some inside story, do not forget, he was also the secret, moreover was the dark secret relative bright secret, although he not direct battle efficiency, but must say the diversion dark secret, perhaps even if were bright dragon Huang does not compare him. Two big dragon sovereigns who like at present fought, he and dark secret is also the enemy of previous generation.

Equal Wang Ji yun lives as the UN command, at this time restores to come from this broad confrontation at present, the sinking sound transmitted orders: "Passes on me to order, all Mage five elements Yin- Yang circulation strategy preparations, the rotation is the fire, the goal. Enemy left wing, regardless of the fight victories and defeats between two big dragon sovereigns how. Once finished, immediately starts, acts without fail. Simultaneously transmitting orders diamond regiment, exterminated regiment and other big regiment combat readiness, assisting our air force to deal with the enemy air force. elder assembly everybody, later randomly fights the same place, but must trouble everybody. Chrysanthemum pig Your Excellency, troubles you to inform heavenly stems Divine Beast, making them tie down the dark secret."

"Un?" The chrysanthemum pig and secret have gawked, in front of Ji cloud Sheng several order them to understand, but this last. Makes them somewhat vacant. Chrysanthemum pig was puzzled said: "Celestial stems Divine Beast, although is very strong, but should not compare to have the divine tool and cultivation base achieves the Nine-Crown bright heavenly stems disciple, their light attribute can restrain to the dark secret."

Ji clouds the unfamiliar road: "Because they can the dark restraint, unable pure attacks the dark secret. If bright heavenly stems disciple is complete, they cope with the dark secret naturally without question, I will even make other people assist them, as far as possible copes with the dark secret, strikes to kill it. However, by the situation of present bright heavenly stems disciple, has lacked Ji Dong this core, wants to strike to kill the dark secret is impossible, therefore, I hope that can draw back to ask next, blocks the dark secret by attribute complete bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, delays him to involve the battlefield time, strikes to kill the powerhouse in opposite party demon armed forces by the bright heavenly stems disciple formidable strength of again as far as possible. Now the dark heavenly stems disciple of opposite party has not appeared, they also need the bright heavenly stems disciple to resist. As for air force, although we are inferior, but so fights, a short time cannot decide the victory and defeat. Adds on the coordination of five big regiments again, temporarily does not have the issue certainly. From the entire battlefield consideration, the fight between both sides Mage, limits the fight of dark secret particularly is most important. Also asked everybody to defer to my direction conduct."

This war, let alone is secret, even if Ji Dong, will have the feeling that powerful nowhere causes. After all, they are not army command, regarding leading the army fights not any experience. Listened to the Ji cloud Sheng words, secret nodded, said: "All pressed the prince to say."First did not say Ji cloud Sheng is the Ji Dong grandfather, only this calm calm wisdom direction, made the bright heavenly stems disciple have to admire. Obviously, the Ji cloud Sheng arrangement is more reasonable.

At this time, in the sky the fights of two big dragon sovereigns were in the degree of superheating.

The black and golden color are colliding unceasingly fiercely, the proliferation of that each halo, is both sides each other collides to produce. Strength or fight skill. Both sides both are almost the same, under this collision whole-heartedly, everyone is hard to profit.

Their each physical body collides, is the contests of Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank, only then their such Saint level powerhouse, can be this level by own each attack and defense, ordinary Nine-Crown Mage, even if displays Ultra Certain Kill Skill to need the long-term gathering strength, will consume magic power large scale. This is the Saint level, if their such Saint levels appear in the main battlefield directly, can be a disaster absolutely.

Fu Rui has stood side the dark secret static the observation he, why does not know, he always thought that the dark secret is somewhat strange today. Since this holy war has been the dark secret biggest hope, he in waiting for oncoming of this holy war, is, after holy war really start, he actually appears tranquil. Dark dragon clan emergence, cannot make Fu Rui see the slightest bit to be pleasantly surprised from his face. And what is more, after two big dragon sovereigns start to fight, the dark secret throughout has not actually issued an order. This obviously is not normal.

"Li Yonghao hasn't they come back?"In this time, the dark secret is asking to Fu Rui.

Fu Rui nodded, said: "Did not have."

The dark secret knits the brows: "So to be how long?"Indistinct, Fu Rui feels suddenly, in the mood of dark secret is actually bringing several points of anxiety, this made him more puzzled. Although the dark heavenly stems disciple is not, but also being insufficient makes the dark secret have this mood to be right, must know, now looked from the scene, the dark army is having the overwhelming superiority as before.

The dark secret said suddenly: "Fu Rui, you deploy troops, before Li Yonghao comes back, besides the dark demon armed forces, other armies is unified to dispatch by you." It is not he does not want also to give the Fu Rui direction the dark demon armed forces, but is the Fu Rui prestige is insufficient, was impossible to direct the entire dark demon armed forces. Besides dark secret, only then dark heavenly stems Saint king Li Yonghao had this ability. Although Fu Rui is perplexed, but he is nodded, turned around. On the command capability, he and Li Yonghao is short compared with truly also. At this time so fights before, he also can only receive to change one's mind temporarily the question, now at this time, how regardless of being not the good opportunity of beginning. Let alone is controlled the dark army to be without doubt more advantageous regarding the bright army by him.

Bright dragon Huangyou held to lay out, has blocked the dark dragon Huang fist, simultaneously the body flashed, the right leg has been similar to the battle axe sweeps away generally, was actually lifted the left leg by the dark dragon sovereign, the knee outward, blocks route that it has attacked. Both sides collide like this do not know that has carried on many times, magic power of each both sides will have the fierce friction.

Their cultivation base were too close, magic power each other repels one another, it can be said that no one can occupy from opposite party there cheaply, in this case, their magic power consumptions are rapid, similarly is the Saint level powerhouse, in addition this spelling whole-heartedly fights, moreover each other is that caution and cares, competion instead was magic power.

Suddenly, the bright dragon Huang body in a flash, has as if shown a flaw, in dark dragon Huangxin sneers, couldn't bear? Does could it be such simple luring the enemy in deep count me unable to look? Although in the heart is thinking like this, but its attack actually rumbling without hesitation, discovered the opposite party goal, has been ready, it believes, oneself can certainly through trade the wound to get the winning side by the wound. Arrived decision result time.

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