Jiu Shen Chapter 631-640

Chapter 631: Ten thousand miles send greetings the stone

Dark secret heavy nodded. "I require the time therapy, you go to a dark fort personally, relax, these light very have slightly released that skill, although very possible is inspires the scroll, but oneself surely has also paid not the small price, overdraws the comprehensive support of magic power without them, that homemade Totem will not reach such scale in a short time, they run away also without enough time, was impossible to rotate. You go to the dark fort, assembles the supplies to turn back in order to help friendly forces here with the quickest speed. In order to avoid scared further produces. Meanwhile, you must live in fort that side stably."

Li Yonghao shocks looks at the dark secret, "secret Sir, you meant, that side fort also. "

Dark secret angrily snorted, "this was half ultimate Certain Kill Skill, the even/including has covered that wide scope, how possibly to impact that side the fort? I in must insert luckily have inscribed some defense law, even if so, the fort perhaps also will lose. You take away the dark heavenly stems disciples, brings back to a number of grain and fodder with your storage Magic Tool at the maximum speed first, stabilizes the morale of troops of here army. Then counts this time loss report to come up. It seems like. We to these light young thieves, must arrange the countermeasure."

"Yes, secret Sir."Li Yonghao is sad, from the innermost feelings, he is not really willing to believe that will be diverted unexpectedly this degree by the Dark Five Elements Continent such formidable strength by only the bright heavenly stems disciples of ten people. But, the fact actually puts at present, is beyond control he not to believe.

Li Yonghao does not dare to rest, immediately leads the dark heavenly stems disciple to go to the dark fort to go. Until was feeling him already and dark heavenly stems disciples has been far away from the big account, the dark secret wa'ed, spouted a black blood. His injury, imagines compared with Li Yonghao also wants serious many. Creates is so sudden, he who world Liuhe explodes runs away radically without enough time is too far, own magic power cannot transfer completely, it can be said that had been shelled by that half ultimate Certain Kill Skill ruthlessly. Bearing the brunt of short distance, making him withstand the bombardment of powerful. Must rely on his four attribute magic power to create the world in within the body digestion unceasingly light to the meridians unceasing corrosion, a control is not good, he immediately changes into a big tree.

If not because own situation is extremely bad, the injury to might the threat life degree seriously, the dark secret will not be temperate to Li Yonghao. In his heart depressed and angry has promoted the apex. But he clear awareness, at this time, angrily was also useless, only then solved the problem first as soon as possible is the correct principle. Moreover before Li Yonghao, makes all that to compare to make him outside feel relieved. Also had downplayed several points since regarding Li Yonghao killing heart.

When Li Yonghao rushes to dark fort, in all dark heavenly stems disciple heart appears only then with amazement. The bird's eye view from the sky, that huge incomparable fort, one-third scopes turned into the green, seems that magnificent. But they also naturally know that this one-third greens mean anything.

However, the dark fort eventually is quite lucky. In entire fort receives area of attack to be under one-third degrees, the destroyed warehouse actually only then, also another was contacted a surrounding slightly, destruction , is less than 1/10. Close three warehouses complete made Li Yonghao relax finally slightly, has the support of these three warehouses, although was impossible to supply again for three years, but in the economical in everyday spending situation, insisted that the Red Lotus day fire was put out, should be almost. Some reserve weapons can also invest into the fight during directly.

Li Yonghao does not raise at the statistical casualties of here working with the heart labor force, the bright heavenly stems disciples very leisurely and carefree are actually resting.

After being far away from Holy and Evil Island, Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan wake up one after another, the Yao Qianshu situation, only needed gradually to restore magic power greatly not to obstruct fortunately. But the Chen Sixuan situation was quite bad, for improvement as far as possible creates world Liuhe, she some wounds the source, has needed to recuperate well can gradually restore. Naturally, they currently have the sufficient time. When creates the world Liuhe eruption, although the bright heavenly stems disciples left by far, but actually as before can see that has almost covered half Holy and Evil Island shocking white light. Although they do not know that this creates the effect of light of world is anything, but so terrifying might, made the bright heavenly stems disciples jump for joy greatly. They know. Most at least six warehouses on Holy and Evil Island definitely cannot preserve. The army total in there being stationed perhaps has close 1 million, let alone also minimum over ten thousand dark Mage. This creates the world Liuhe disposable might, attacks the effect of dark temple to be also better compared with their twice.

Has not used transmission law, some Ji Dong entirely reasons believes, the dark heavenly stems disciple is dark the secret, is impossible to have the ample force to chase down them. The situation on Holy and Evil Island suffices them to be busy at work. Therefore, he stimulates to movement fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly outside day Wind City directly, place that previous time they cultivation, everybody carries on the recuperation here.

Enters the Dark Five Elements Continent less than two months, they have yielded such result, good enough to make one feel proud. Although was unable saying that changes the war of both sides, what without a doubt is, with their efforts, the disparity between both sides is pulling closer unceasingly. Let alone, their also more than one year of time. At matter that during more than one year can do is relative. Therefore, he does not worry now, first made the partners regain the optimum condition, then made a about plan.

"Ji Dong, you said that dark secret can be created world Liuhe to kill directly? If in this case, we may be convenient."Yao Qianshu languid by a back big tree, spoke to Ji Dong.

Overdrawing of magic power, making him not want to cultivate now, only wants to feel this rare comfortable.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Actually I also very much want to know this point, when I inspire creates world Liuhe, dark secret in nearby. If can judge to create the might of world Liuhe at that time, I can know after the dark secret withstands its attack, is what kind of situation. That creates world Liuhe in the eruption after all is also not ultimate Certain Kill Skill, otherwise, the dark fort is impossible to continue to exist. Even including us to be affected. In is not in the complete ultimate Certain Kill Skill situation, wants to kill the dark secret is very perhaps difficult, but I estimated, he definitely was injured. Does not know that his injury will be what kind of degree. By his status, in the hand should have the abilities of many maintaining life, may be injured, does not remove has not been injured. Therefore, we cannot take risk. Perhaps, this time will let up a good opportunity."

nodded that the secret deep to be so, said: "Rather lets up a time opportunity, cannot advance recklessly. The result that this time we yield was not quite small. Waits after a period of time, perhaps we can also continue to Holy and Evil Island launch the attack. Can use one time to create world Liuhe, we can use again the second time."

Ji Dong shakes the head slightly, said: "Perhaps is very difficult. If I have not guessed that wrong, the dark secret estimated that will not leave Holy and Evil Island, has defended there. Because there is his radically heavy, if his dark army were destroyed, what he also does rely on to destroy our Light Five Elements Continent? He after all is only a person, but is not the god. Moreover, once the holy war starts, we are impossible to continue to keep Dark Five Elements Continent again, will appear in the battlefield surely. Therefore. So long as the dark secret is not a fool, he certainly will be protecting his armies, and momentarily is reconnoitering the situation on Holy and Evil Island, will not display to create the opportunity in world Liuhe to us. Moreover, this time thought of the fine jade the source to be damaged in the heavy, minimum several years cannot display complete creation world Liuhe again, otherwise, will possibly endanger her life."

Chen Sixuan rested at this time in the one side, Ji Dong has drunk entire one bottle of millennium origin of life to her, and wore to her the nucleus of life, this lived in her situation stably.

Remote was puzzled said: "Ji Dong. Why you such affirmed, the dark secret will certainly keep Holy and Evil Island? Even if we attack the dark temple, he won't leave Holy and Evil Island?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Do not worry, I continuously the news that waits for the Senior Brother to pass on. The Senior Brother will help me confirm this guess. Moreover, after these attacks, believes that the dark secret also knows we have the transmission capacity surely, moreover is the long distance transmission. Therefore, I think, even if we attacks the dark temple, he is really also not necessarily able to hurry back. After all, the dark army with Holy and Evil Island compares, that side the dark temple army was not anything."

In this time, the Ji Dong look is moving slightly, fast takes out a circular stone to grasp from the Vermilion Bird bracelet in the hand, simultaneously closes both eyes, seems is listening respectfully with rapt attention general. The people can see, in his hand that stone is releasing the gentle white ray, somewhat strange fluctuation of energy is changing above continually.

The free time of a while, Ji Dong has opened both eyes with smile on the face, in the hand the ray on stone along with it disappearance, "was also good, the Senior Brother has helped me prove my guess. The dark secret really must assume personal command in Holy and Evil Island. Because, he has issued the order to the Senior Brother, making the Senior Brother lead the dark temple other six purple robe big priests as well as more than 8000 dark Mage and hundreds of thousands reserve dark Mage personally, heads for Holy and Evil Island, met with him." Secret was surprised said: "Said, he did give up the dark temple? This is how possible."

Ji Dong said: "Anything is impossible. He only leaves behind few Mage nursing in the dark temple, all valuable things carry off completely, this is very possible situation, receives the enemy with its both sides, might as well all influences centralized on Holy and Evil Island., not only the dark secret such does, the dark temple that gives up, even is entire Dark Five Elements Continent. He all may the strength of war centralized on Holy and Evil Island, there are him to assume personal command personally, did not fear that we disturbed. As for ruined Dark Five Elements Continent, his simply does not care about to be destroyed any appearance by us again. Bad luck can only be in his eyes the lowly common people by. He even may in city together withdraw dark Mage of guarding. So long as holy war from the beginning, then, his all inferiority along with it disappearance, even transforms the superiority. Arrived that time, we only have also been able to oppose the enemy with him directly."

Without a doubt, the judgment of Ji Dong is very reasonable, if the dark secret sets firm resolve all strengths strongly on Holy and Evil Island, is truly most disadvantageous to them, in next more than one year , the harassment that before they can play is impossible likely, was so successful.

Looks at the circular stone in Ji Dong hand remotely, curious asking: "Ji Dong, I have wanted to know very much, you and Fu Rui carry on the relation with anything. From here to dark temple, journey far more than thousand li (500 km). Even if you and secret soul cultivation base is impossible each other through the soul relation. Fu Rui is more impossible!"

Ji Dong lifts up the stone in hand, said with a smile: "This thing is called ten thousand miles to send greetings the stone, was I found in the silly rich business association treasure house. Can have a similar frequency the sound seismic wave, so long as there is a certain soul cultivation base person to use. Altogether by two, can exchange by it. Moreover will not be discovered by any soul survey. Now that side dark temple only then Senior Brother manages, he naturally can feel relieved bold contacted with me." Looks at ten thousand miles in Ji Dong hand to send greetings the stone, say/way that some remote hearts are itchy difficult to scratch with the finger: "Can play to me, I quite scolded that fellow several."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Uses not anything to you, but I and Senior Brother agreed that for his security, can only be he contacts with me on own initiative, but I will not relate on own initiative his. In order to avoid being felt these ten thousand miles to send greetings existence of stone by the dark secret."

Remote somewhat depressed digs the red lip, but does not have any means eventually. Must give up.

The secret hesitates saying: "Ji Dong, why does not know, I always thought dark secret not that simple gives up giving us the Dark Five Elements Continent whole."

Ji Dong nods slightly, said: "But we do not know that now the dark secret has what plan, can only walk one step to look at one. The Senior Brother told me, making us do not let up this good opportunity, that side after dark temple dark Mage left the dark temple, the dark secret was impossible to protect them through transmission law again. Is golden opportunity that we attack. I also think that after all, the dark secret does not know we have Senior Brother inside connection to provide the information, in the meantime, he also likely is created world Liuhe to injure now, therefore, our following goals are the accumulation rush to Holy and Evil Island dark Mage from the dark temple, collects dark Crystal Crown to promote everybody's cultivation base as far as possible. If can before the holy war starts we can enter Nine-Crown realm, then, even if faces the dark secret, we also had strength of the spelling."

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.
Finally two days, asked the ticket crazily.

Chapter 632: Dark dead health/guard

The dark temple at this time is a busy picture. With oncoming of dark secret order, Fu Rui temporarily became here commander-in-chief, is led six purple robe big priests to conform in the dark temple by him all strengths, the valuable thing all carries off. Has used entire ten days, completes all these. Now has been ready and waiting. Left these to inscribe beyond law on construction, can take has taken.

The dark temple also existences of hundreds of thousands of dark armies, have hundreds of thousands reserve Mage and more than 8000 dark demon armed forces elite Mage, absolutely is a not be ignored strength.

The dark secret since went to Holy and Evil Island not to return to the dark temple, but passed on to make them put in order the armed forces the second day of departure to go to the Holy and Evil Island news. Fu Rui from Ji Dong there knows that side Holy and Evil Island had anything , the detail time of here dark army starting on a journey told Ji Dong. Other he had not said, he has the absolute confidence to oneself this Little Junior Brother, Ji Dong will certainly make the best arrangement.

In fort meeting hall. Six purple robe big priests sit by Fu Rui respectively, on the face has not revealed the look that the slightest bit is not convinced, Fu Rui in the controlling ability that this in nearly ten days displays, is not weak in Li Yonghao. Let alone, he is dark secret the son, is formidable Nine-Crown Mage. Although these six purple robe big priests cannot say that feels a heartfelt admiration, but can accept Fu Rui to command from the innermost feelings their. "Early tomorrow morning we wanted set out, did everybody has what suggestion? After all, I not am familiar with here journey."Fu Rui asked to several purple robe big priests.

The Chief big priest said: "Our hundreds of thousands of armies, can only go to Holy and Evil Island following the major road. From here to Holy and Evil Island, even if goes forward at the maximum speed, must last for one month. All decide depending on few hosts."

Fu Rui shows a faint smile, said: "Younger generation just joined, but must rely upon vigorous assisting of fellow seniors."

In this time, suddenly, including Fu Rui, seven people on the scene simultaneously the vision is congealing, looks toward the entrance of below circular newel stair. In the eye revealed the surprised color/look. Also at this time, the black form one after another appeared in their line of sight.

That is the one by one big form, everyone is a black clothes, in the black clothes the body extremely tall and strong, can see under the black clothes in the motion indistinctly the different color mail-armor and helmets, their heads are bringing the black headgear, only reveals the part of eyes, that is one in pairs presents for the dead grey, cannot see any vitality the eye pupil.

"In any person, dares to excel at rushing to the fort."Fu Rui shouted angrily, in the meantime, in his heart has also filled surprisedly, must know, since had been attacked after by the bright heavenly stems disciple, in the defense intensity of fort considerably was strengthened, already before was not, can compare. These ten strange black-clothed person can actually not alarm any guard to come here, their is could it be the Saint level powerhouse is inadequate?

"Few hosts, are patient." The Chief big priest sees these ten black- clothed person, obviously is not shocking like Fu Rui. Hurries to go forward several steps, arrives in front of that ten black-clothed person, solemnly said: "Everybody, but does the life of Mandate of Heaven machine Sir come?" Ten black-clothed person stand there, looks like ten statues is ordinary, has not made any sound, is the black-clothed person of head lifts the hand, in his was being wrapped by the black cloth completely in palm, presents together the jet black token. On the black token, mounts a shape of skeleton skull with the white gem. When Fu Rui carefully looks, discovered with amazement, these white gems unexpectedly are dying honorably of block small day.

After the Chief big elder carefully looked at a that token, on the face the look has relaxed, nods to that ten black-clothed person slightly, said: "Since is the secret Sir makes everybody come, that troubled everybody."

Ten black-clothed person have not spoken as before, simultaneously turns around backward, departs from the circular newel stair place, with they come time is the same, has not made the least bit sound as before, the entire process appears extremely strange.

"Who are they?"Fu Rui dispatches the vision of inquiry to the Chief big priest.

The Chief big priest said: "They should be the closely related family ties health/guard of secret Sir, dark dead health/guard. Too was really good. It seems like that secret Sir is also worried that these bright heavenly stems disciples will attack us on the road, will therefore be dark the dead health/guard to send."

Fu Rui questioned closely: "Does this darkness dead health/guard do? I cannot feel their cultivation base degrees. one by one also so mysterious appearance."

Chief big priest look one cold, said: "Few hosts, the matter about dark dead health/guard we cannot say, after you wait to see the secret Sir, inquired to the Sir personally. This ten big dead health/guard follow us, this can also all the way peaceful many. These bright heavenly stems disciples do not come already, so long as they dare to come, decides to ask them to come to not." Looks that purple robe big priests one by one the appearance that was willing saying that in the Fu Rui heart actually has not raised dreadfully great *, what origin was this darkness dead health/guard unexpectedly? Makes these purple robe big priests that esteem unexpectedly. could it be are they also the Nine-Crown powerhouses? No, is not such simple. Must inform existences of Little Junior Brother their these darkness dead health/guard to be good immediately. Does not know that actually these darkness dead health/guard have any ability.


"Dark dead health/guard?"Ji Dong frowned. Fu Rui will present immediately the matters of ten darkness dead health/guard to tell them. Ten cannot feel the vitality and magic power fluctuates, made the person who the purple robe big priest esteemed, was actually this what kind of existence?

This time bright heavenly stems disciples have placed at the dark temple 500 inside and outside transmission points, their plans are, waits for the dark army to leave dark temple three days later to start to begin. Unceasing launches the harassment attack, lets this dark army along with it personnel losses, to achieve their goals. Dark temple Mage and army arrive Holy and Evil Island takes one month, enough they did many matters. Especially existence of also Fu Rui this inside connection, can provide to their necessary news unceasingly. But the emergence of these ten darkness dead health/guard, made in the Ji Dong heart have some changes, was actually the fellow of these suddenly arrival who? Dark secret secret weapon?

"Secret, you know that what is the dark dead health/guard?"Ji Dong told the partners news of Fu Rui transmission. Other people are the bewildered color/look, only during has the secret to be lost in thought.

Secret solemnly said: "I have not been able to affirm now. Had the guess. If guessed like me, perhaps, this time we were meet to trouble. This darkness dead health/guard, has as if confirmed my beforehand premonition." Froth is holding the secret hand in side, said: "clouds. Do not keep guessing, is actually this darkness dead health/guard what origin? We organize not to hear their existence."

The secret said: "From appearance of Fu Rui description, as well as their names. They very possible are not the person."

"Isn't the person? What is that?"Froth surprised asking. The secret said: "Is the corpse."
Froth gasped, "clouds, you are are not cracking a joke. Corpse? How can be the corpse? could it be said, the corpse can also walk? Also can attack inadequately?"

Secret brows slightly wrinkled, solemnly said: "Ordinary corpse is not certainly good. But if corpse of Nine-Crown powerhouse does not say. As far as I know, one type refining up the corpse mystique, can through some special methods, match by the precious material, shortly after while the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse just died, before the body completely has not rotted, refining up the dead health/guard its sacrifice. According to the record of all previous secret, this dead health/guard is quite fearful, but is also hard to refine. Needs the essence and blood of edible live person to maintain own vigor unceasingly. Once refines successfully, they only have the subconscious, receives some refinement or have the refinement manufacture exclusive utensil controls. The strength will not be lower than before death, although does not have any possibility of promotion, but actually fierce does not fear, does not know that anything is the ache. It can be said that is a cruel slaughtering machine. Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse who was refined the dead health/guard also but therefore the soul keeps the body, once the dead health/guard was shattered, their souls instantaneously will also dissipate. Always can not be reincarnated. Therefore, the law of this dead health/guard refinement in our Light Five Elements Continent is the absolute taboo. Really was too evil and cruel. Moreover the success ratio of refining is not high. Darkness dead health/guard that Fu Rui said that likely is this type of thing. Must really be such words, the match who then, we must face will be more fearful than the imagination. Even their all- round strength also possibly above dark heavenly stems disciple. Complies with the order of dark secret absolutely."

Listened to the secret words, the bright heavenly stems disciples were silent, gathered the vision on Ji Dong, waited for that he made the decision.

Ji Dong lowers the head to think, after long time, when he raised the head, the bright heavenly stems disciples saw look resolutely from his face.

Ji Dong looks at the partners. solemnly said: "If all like secret guess, our trip very probably will encounter the danger. Has existence of that ten darkness dead health/guard, perhaps our flexible superiority do not exist. Very possible to touch with the enemy hardly. Let alone that side also six purple robe big priests. The Senior Brother cannot expose at this time, at least surely must present for with us at the scene the hostile situation. We must face, likely is 17 supreme powerhouses, that is the strength that we are unable to defeat. However, this time we must go, without any other choices. This strength can pose the threat to us right, but, after must let they and dark secrets converge, opportunity that we have not begun. Although we yielded the gradual achievement, but is also not enough to affect the general situation completely, only has these likely is the darkness dead health/guard of dark secret secret weapon kills, goes to Holy and Evil Island Mage to massacre dark temple these again completely, we were cut away the dark secret to help really efficiently."

Yao Qianshu say/way ruthlessly: "We go. Isn't 17 supreme powerhouses? We have five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, not necessarily cannot wipe out them."

Ji Dong said: "The strengths of these darkness dead health/guard we are not clear, in the situation of not finding out their true strength, cannot begin easily. Therefore, I must probe first, these darkness dead health/guard are actually formidable to any degree, if possible, kills one of them through the sneak attack as far as possible, such words at least can break their ten attributes to be complete, we dealt also to want easy many again."

"It is not good, did this is too dangerous." The secret said decisively. Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "clouds, you did forget? Before entering Dark Five Elements Continent, you had predict that our these time is shocking but not dangerous. The forecasts of some of your this secrets, what do we also fear? Felt relieved, although I was not necessarily able to kill the match successfully, but the whole body drew back should without question. could it be haven't you believed my strength?"

The bright heavenly stems disciples look at each other in blank dismay, truly, such that just like Ji Dong said that so long as does not have the dark secret, who can retain him? Other people remained silent. Chen Sixuan actually opens the mouth saying: "That lets me and you goes together, will have to take care of will be also safer."

Ji Dong looks to her, from her eyes, Ji Dong saw the incomparably firm look, he does not want in this matter delaying time, to nod the head again slightly said: "Good, you go with me. Then everybody can also feel relieved. You are following the dark army by far, if I and think of the fine jade to need everybody to aid, I will send out the signal to you. Before has not received I send out the signal anyone do not act rashly."

After obtaining the approval of partners, Ji Dong signals with the eyes to Chen Sixuan, two people simultaneously jump, fell has carried on the back on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the huge body of that black and white dual-color soared, under the thick mist wrapped, rose toward the upper air.

Ji Dong is just about to arrive at the leading position of Maotai, actually held on by Chen Sixuan.

"How, to have thought of the fine jade?"Ji Dong doubts looks to her.

Chen Sixuan said: The death health/guard that "Ji Dong, the secret said a moment ago is not perhaps simple. I had seen also similar record in the old book, said in that ancient book, dead health/guard existence because of its going against heaven's will, wants the massive passing energies every day. Therefore, if no enough energy support, they are also impossible long time to exist, after all, their own Crystal Crown, although, actually was unable like living time revolved. Since Fu Rui told you purple robe big priests to know that these darkness dead health/guard, that was very obvious, the time that these darkness dead health/guard had was very long. Such being the case, their side will have to supplement that surely the magic power treasure or is the lifeform exists. Moreover, these darkness dead health/guard besides fierce do not fear, obeys inventor's order completely, so long as after trains certainly, their coordination are any live person is unable to compare. Ten attribute supreme powerhouses, if adds on the perfect coordination again and not well-known treasure matching. "

Splendid climax plot came.

Chapter 633: The upper air ambush of tyrant

"Why didn't you say a moment ago?"Ji Dong doubts looks at Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan helpless say/way: "Sometimes your intelligent. How also to be sometimes stupid. If I said a moment ago, everybody will also make you come out to take risk? Therefore I must come out with you. Words that we coordinate, perhaps also certain opportunity."

The Ji Dong look moves, "you said that carries on the soul suppression through the soul fusion to them?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "Not. These darkness dead health/guard fights rely on the memory completely the instinct, any suppression is invalid to them. What even if they face is the god, the supernatural power suppression of Divine level is unable to affect their battle condition. Throughout can display 100% battle efficiencies. This is the dark dead health/guard most fearful place. Our time did not strive for cherishing only the hope of avoiding mistakes active, so long as can investigate them to rely on any strength to support own magic power to pass is enough. Many that too other do not consider. Wants the whole body to draw back, must look at your Fire God sword. Although your Fire God sword has not evolved completely successfully, but above seems containing a broken evil strength. You had not discovered that in opposing the enemy, these dark Mage release magic power that can resist your Fire God sword the time obviously, the final result actually destroys or the heavy losses. Why is this? Is because broken evil strength on your Fire God sword."

Ji Dong surprised looks at Chen Sixuan, "broken evil strength? This view my first hearing."

Chen Sixuan said: "Actually I also guess that is only through the beforehand several wars, making me affirm this guess gradually. If not broken evil strength, your Fire God sword wants a sword to break searches for the soul to seize soul big is almost impossible. At that time you should also be able to feel clearly that searched for the soul to seize the soul big intensity is the Saint level. Completely is capable of withstanding the Saint level degree strikes. If were not the broken evil strength on Fire God sword has had the function, as soon as you under striking can ruin to search for the soul to seize soul big one-fourth is very good. The Fire God sword is in itself light attribute, but you after bright has comprehended have produced own exclusive radiance. When you uses this exclusive radiance to control the Fire God sword, this broken evil strength will produce. What a pity. The Fire God sword has not evolved to complete completely, otherwise, I believe that sufficiently frightened these evil charm wang liang by its own strength."

Ji Dong looks that the Chen Sixuan vision left several points of strangeness much, "thinks of the fine jade, sometimes I will have some suspicions to your status. Your knowledge wants profound many compared with me, even including inheriting the cloud of secret Confucian orthodoxy has been inferior to you. Your Eastern Wood Empire old book also is really rich! Has the opportunity to read."

Chen Sixuan ill-humored glared at him, "others good intention helps you, you actually suspect me. You conscientious?"

"Uh......"Ji Dong most fears is sees Chen Sixuan that hidden bitterness the look, immediately has been repulsed, said with a forced smile: "Calculates that my speaking incorrectly words weren't good? Since you said that the Fire God sword can have the awing effect to that darkness dead health/guard, my these time on according to Fire God sword as main battle efficiency." Chen Sixuan said: "Not only has the awing effect to the dark dead health/guard, the attack to any dark Mage has the addition. Otherwise, you think why your Fire God sword does attack each time can make the unexpected progress? Bright and dark opposed. It looks like nicely and is evilly same."

Here, she has remembered somebody who that and set the contract, looked up the day, in the eye flashed through a ray bitterly.

Obtained the explanation of Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong to own Fire God sword immediately some brand-new understanding, this knows, originally own exclusive radiance is actually light attribute.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon stagnated at this time in the midair, static float in fog, Ji Dong pulls up the Chen Sixuan small hand, the strength of two people soul fuses in together, does not need to look with eyes, following all already completely during their surveys.

The army in dark temple started to take action. First moves, is these ordinary armies, the massive armies set out slowly, goes forward in the Holy and Evil Island direction. Then is that hundreds of thousands preparation Mage. These preparation dark demon armed forces' cultivation base below Four-Crown, the age also relatively are mostly small, so long as breaks through Four-Crown, they can become in official demon armed forces. At this time, this hundreds of thousands dark preparation demon armed forces are crowding around that more than 8000 formidable dark Mage, enormous and powerful set out.

The opposite party does not have existence of Saint level powerhouse, after Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan fuse the strength of Saint level high rank soul unscrupulous is investigating in the opposite party camp, quick, they had found this line of goals.

What Ji Dong first found is Fu Rui, because he is most familiar with the Fu Rui aura, the strength of soul scanned the past quietly, has discovered immediately fellow apprentice's position. This time Fu Rui, sits well in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, surrounded by several thousand dark Mage, float about 500 meters low altitude. Side him, is that six purple robe big priests.

Fu Rui wears a magnificent black long gown, above is embroidering the golden ten attribute Totem demon marks, the originally big body appears expensive may not say. In the eye occasionally reveals a purple brilliance, has not concealed own tyrannical aura slightly.

Feels fellow apprentice's magic power change, in the Ji Dong heart secretly is sighing, the Senior Brother also broke through Nine-Crown. Ai, when can oneself be able to break through to realm of supreme powerhouse? The Fire God sword also missed 0% several to evolve to complete, hopes that time, own magic power level can promote was quicker. Does not know own this Pinnacle Two Fires Nine-Crown barrier can be anything.

For does not make the opposite party produce vigilantly, Ji Dong has not take risked with the strength and Fu Rui soul relates, but quietly is seeking in his side. Quick, he discovered, is not far around Fu Rui and that six purple robe big priest bodies, about 50 meters place, ten with Fu Rui description exactly the same dark Mage.

Although on them also wears the dark Mage unique long gown, but that did not have the appearance of life aura one to be found the goal by Ji Dong. Was they, dark dead health/guard?

These ten darkness dead health/guard, are riding ten at this time, only then the Rank 6 cultivation base bird of paradise, sits well in the bird carries on the back motionlessly.

Bird of paradise magic beast is the wind attribute outside five elements, not having Mage can conclude the contract with them, but grasps to tame, acts as the mount actually. These ten darkness dead health/guard seemingly not own mounts! This discovery, put in the Ji Dong heart to be slightly more confident, in his opinion, this darkness dead health/guard was a deceased person, did not have the mount is also very normal. Without the coordination of magic beast partner, even if they have cultivation base of supreme powerhouse, missed eventually.

"Ji Dong, cannot be negligent."Feels the idea in Ji Dong heart, Chen Sixuan reminds him to say immediately: "Dark secret, since can dispatch these darkness dead health/guard to come, he certainly has confidence through these darkness dead health/guard to come copes with us. Moreover must win the potential. Such being the case, these darkness dead health/guard are not simple."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I will be careful. When they leave the dark temple to be farther again, we begin."

Ji Dong the strength of soul concentrates on throughout to the investigations of these ten darkness dead health/guard. But what made his disappointed was, these darkness dead health/guard have not moved the slightest bit throughout, say nothing of exchanged. On them does not have the magic power fluctuation production of slightest bit similarly. It looks like ten statues is ordinary. What only and dark Mage is different, these darkness dead health/guard waists, are hanging together the token. That that Fu Rui said builds with not the well-known ferrous metal, above is mounting the thing of jade of crushed stone day. Although each token dying honorably of block on day does not calculate too, but ten darkness die the token that protects oneself to add, is quite many. Ji Dong calculated slightly, the jade of these days at least can make his Fire God sword evolve again 3% appearance. He thinks secretly, even if later cannot have achievements, must magic power in jade of these days using the point of Fire God sword absorb as far as possible.

Looks that partners one by one promoted Nine-Crown cultivation base, was he of heavenly stems Saint king, although on the mouth did not say, satisfying was actually very anxious.

Has used about two double-hour, below dark army completely went out of the dark temple, stepped the major road to march forward to the front. In the sky, there is special dark Mage to ride the flight mount to be responsible for scouting. Is reconnoitering the surrounding situation. Naturally, they will not arrive at three kilometers upper air that Ji Dong they are. Even if came, could not discover fifty Saint Fire Dragon in fog.

Ji Dong takes out one bottle of Certain Kill Skill ranks from the bosom the magic skill liquor, nods to Chen Sixuan slightly.

Chen Sixuan draws close to Ji Dong behind, both hands hold in the arms his neck, those who made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was, the next moment, her pair of long leg has twined unexpectedly. The link on oneself waist, the intense stimulation of body contact has nearly made Ji Dong let slip that bottle of magic skill liquor falls down. Has not waited for him to send out the rejection sound, the massive armor leaves whirled around on, wrapped the body of Chen Sixuan, place that as well as she and Ji Dong contacted. Comes under the influence of eternal armor, even if Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai also releases, is impossible to substitute the eternal armor in their place of body close contact. After all, the eternal armor is a divine tool, this exclusiveness can achieve.

Feels the Chen Sixuan somewhat spiteful mood, the Ji Dong very helpless darkness is sighing one, stimulation of movement god hot Saint king Kai who very makes an effort has gripped oneself several ruthlessly. Centralized mind.

In the hand the magic skill liquor under the package of small group fog flies the straight next three kilometers, crashes quietly. Compared with the magic skill liquor and magic skill scroll, the biggest superiority is actually its own weight, can abandon to start very much again. But the scroll must launch to achieve the effect personally. Naturally, the two have a common ground, that before the release, itself does not have any magic power fluctuation production.

The ray slightly flashes, the magic skill liquor has crashed into the below dark army following position. That moment that until it falls to the ground, intense collision its detonation. In the loud sound, does not have Fire Dragon of omen to appear loudly instantaneously, although this is only Certain Kill Skill, but copes with the might of ordinary soldier is extremely terrifying. In an instant, the surrounding several hundred soldiers had been swallowed by intense pinnacle Yang Fire, changed into ashes.

Immediately, in the dark army a disturbance, massive Mage toward the direction centralism that the disturbance sent out in the past, Fu Rui and six purple robe big priests simultaneously stimulated to movement the mount to approach, Fu Rui loudly shouted, thunder Yushen the axe emerged out of thin air, trembled in the sky slightly, immediately, royal purple thunder and lightning Giant Dragon already from out of the blue, collision ruthlessly from the sky to under the magic skill liquor by golden Giant Dragon that summoned.

Both collide mutually, erupt the shocking loud sound, finally naturally ends the victory by thunder and lightning Giant Dragon that the divine tool sends out, that sends out dazzling golden flame Fire Dragon to be strangled to death completely.

Getting rid of Fu Rui is extremely quick, in addition thunder Yushen the axe presents that moment, in the sky has been full of the huge thunder and lightning aura and terrifying royal purple ray, immediately caused an numerous dark army cheered loudly. Looks that the Thunder Emperor Fu Rui vision has been full of the worship.

Most dark Mage knows that suddenly presented such a few Lord, but does not know this little main situation, say nothing of these ordinary dark soldiers. But Fu Rui this gets rid, immediately shows own strength. Above the top of the head, Nine-Crown Yang Thunder Yang Crown shows outrageously, but originally regarding turned into the black in this Yang Crown surrounding golden color halo. This is the dark secret does obviously.

Six purple robe big priests silently follow side Fu Rui, they know certainly that Fu Rui this is setting up the prestige, but others expensive are few hosts, such does is also very normal. They are observing all around very vigilantly. Can see from the attack, obviously was the bright heavenly stems disciples who these made them incomparably loathe comes.

In Chief big priest eyes flashes through together the cold light, come, you come. This time has existence of darkness dead health/guard, you think that can also escape ascends to heaven?


Holy and Evil Island.

"Dark fort died in battle the officers 160,000, artisan 310,000, Mage 1635 people. And red robe big priest three. Four big warehouses destroy one. Other three warehouses are basic."

The dark secret unemotionally is listening to Li Yonghao report, his head bush vanished, restored the original appearance, the complexion as if also fully restored, as for his injury how, that only then he was clear. Li Yonghao does not dare to inquire, in order to avoid the dark secret begins to have suspicions.

"Our Holy and Evil Island? Loss how?"Asking that the dark secret coldly.

Li Yonghao hesitant one said: "Six big warehouses were destroyed completely, the personnel do not have a survival, the demon armed forces, army and logistics supply army, the total losses are over 3 million people. In addition frontline here damage. This digit is at about 4 million probably "

Today erupts three chapters 12,000. A following also chapter, do not forget.

Chapter 634: The perfect coordination of dark dead health/guard

Dark secret static is listening respectfully to Li Yonghao report. Complexion tranquil scary, the dark heavenly stems disciples no one know in his heart to think anything, but is actually keeps silent the Ruohan cicada, static is waiting for his instruction.

"Good, is very good. Really worthily by destiny, but heavenly stems disciple. 4.5 million people, are my entire dark army are counted 40% of logistics supply army. The Mage damage also approached 30%. Good, they do is very good. These light slightly very worthily in the name of disciple."

Li Yonghao has hesitated, said: "Secret Sir, we go. Although we are not necessarily able to defeat them, so long as found their existences, diverts them without question. So long as the holy war started, did not fear that they stirred up trouble. Holy and Evil Island has you to assume personal command personally, believes that they do not dare to come again."

The dark secret shook the head, "did not need you. You only needed to control here army to be enough. I have sent the dark dead health/guard to go."

Hears dark dead health/guard these four characters, the dark heavenly stems disciples were collectively smart fight a shiver spirit, in the eye have flashed through a fear. These four characters, regarding them, have the too profound significance. They are dark secret train since childhood, but their actual combat capability training instructor is the dark dead health/guard.

Initially, when the dark secret has not absorbed four mahatma beast magic power. Dark heavenly stems disciples cultivation base was not weak, that time Li Yonghao, the ambition is not smaller than the present, but he actually does not dare any in view of the dark secret idea, existence of reason also dark dead health/guard.

Even if the dark heavenly stems disciples does not know how long this darkness dead health/guard existed. Before had heard, the dark dead health/guard before several generations, appeared, continuously only then these ten people. They only obey dispatching of all previous dark secret, is the dark secret most loyal guard.

Reason that the dark temple is so stable, never having dark Mage to dare to betray , because has such existence of a number of darkness dead health/guard, these darkness die to escort is not far away from the dark secret, the time in secret is protecting him. Their that tyrannical incomparable strengths, dark heavenly stems disciples once sincere experience. What if dark heavenly stems disciple most fears on Dark Five Elements Continent is, that is not the dark secret, but is that ten darkness dead health/guard. Initially when chose the dark heavenly stems disciple, carried on by the dark dead health/guard. Li Yonghao they forever are unable to forget that dark dead health/guard that filled with the death aura the eye pupil. Even if were present Li Yonghao has achieved Nine-Crown cultivation base, he does not think that under his command, their dark heavenly stems disciple can contend with the dark dead health/guard. The dark dead health/guard could not be a person, they are more like the dark secret weapons. If one day, Li Yonghao decides to launch the coup d'etat, the premise certainly is the dark dead health/guard first is eliminated then, otherwise, he will not act rashly.

The dark dead health/guard was sent, but also had proven a matter, that was the dark secret body should not obstruct greatly. Does not need them to protect. Li Yonghao respectfully said: "Since there are dead Sir health/guard to get rid, these light slightly very must die without doubt."

The dark secret sneers, "I make that side dark temple Mage set out to Holy and Evil Island, must give the opportunity that they have no alternative but to want. I must have a look but actually, these light young thieves in front of dead health/guard, but whether also to struggle. Once were discovered them by the dead health/guard, they forever do not want to be peaceful."


The bombardment of magic skill liquor, made the entire dark army one chaotic, but that ten darkness dead health/guard throughout have not actually moved, they have made a similar movement, that was looks up the day. the next moment, ten black forms have been similar to arrow shoot up to the sky generally, directly soar the position that fifty Saint Fire Dragon to flush away.

The Ji Dong look instantaneously becomes swift and fierce, in the heart the secretly thought, came. He received fifty Saint Fire Dragon immediately, Maotai and Wuliangye, although was his efficient helping, but their bodies were too after all huge, was very easy becomes the opposite party main in view of goal. Ji Dong is not willing to take risk to make them withstand the dark dead health/guard the attack firepower. His words, want flexible many.

The Fire God sword first appears during Ji Dong grasps. Turns around the personal appearance, Teng Snake flashes to display in upper air, recognized a direction to accelerate fully.

Below has the dark army. Six purple robe big priest and Fu Rui existence, Ji Dong must draw out certain distance these darkness dead health/guard, probes their strengths again.

"Eh, dark dead health/guard?" After Fu Rui rotation, immediately discovered the dark dead health/guard vanishes to disappear. The Chief big priest shows a faint smile, said: "Few hosts, dead Sir health/guard were pursue certainly the enemy. Snort, was discovered by dead Sir health/guard, is the ends of these bright heavenly stems disciples."

Fu Rui doubts visits him, "you such affirmed these darkness dead health/guard can cope bright heavenly stems disciple? They can also the whole body draw back in our dark temple."

The Chief big priest said: "Subordinate has this confidence. Perhaps few hosts have not known, in some sense, dead Sir health/guard are Teacher of our dark heavenly stems disciple. Even if all our Mage adds, absolutely is not the match of fellow dead Sir health/guard. Has them to get rid, these bright heavenly stems disciples want to escape are almost impossible."

Listened to the words of this Chief big priest, the Fu Rui heart to sink,
"can we pursue to help the dark dead health/guard?"

The Chief big priest shook the head, said: "Ok, here we defend good. Has darkness dead Sir health/guard to get rid, does not need us to meddle. If were these bright heavenly stems disciples uses diversionary tactics we to be passive."

In the Fu Rui heart criticizes one, in the surface actually does not dare to reveal to worry about the color/look slightly, nodded, said: "This is also good. We continue to go forward. We hope that the dark dead health/guard can bring back to the news."

When Ji Dong runs away fully the speed sufficiently and Saint level powerhouse compares favorably, but he actually with amazement discovered that speed who that ten black forms that the back pursues pursue is not unexpectedly slow . Moreover, does not have any magic power fluctuation production as before. Ji Dong can only feel indistinctly behind had ten concealed aura to lock own body steadily. The ray that on the Fire God sword releases is covering him and Chen Sixuan, the speed that he flies has not then come under the influences of these chill/yin cold aura. The Ji Dong speed is so fast, almost in a flash, the under foot passed over gently and swiftly the dark army. The free time who more than ten times breathes, has shot dozens miles.

Back that ten darkness dead health/guard are in hot pursuit, their has the black air current to appear indistinctly, ten people just like a body, are always maintaining the similar flight attitude, moreover distance in the situation, in like this high-speed going forward has not changed unexpectedly. This was quite fearful matter.

"Ji Dong, these darkness dead health/guard are perhaps more formidable, certainly is later careful, is really not good immediately is separated from the fight that we judge, transmits with transmission law to the recent that side."Here is away from them to be very near in transmission law of dark temple establishment, only takes most ten seconds can complete the transmission process.

Ji Dong nods slightly, solemnly said: "Thinks of the fine jade, prepared."

Mellow pinnacle Second Wood magic power swarms from Chen Sixuan within the body, what making Ji Dong somewhat speechless was, magic power that Chen Sixuan spread may, not only from both hands, but from her and fitting body place. Without a doubt, will make among two people the touch become as the matter stands more sensitive, luckily at this time his psychic force centralized after behind enemy there, this not too big exciting.

In Ji Dong of rapid vanguard, suddenly, the pair of wings is carrying on the back from oneself, is the Chen Sixuan armpit instantaneously drills, opens comprehensively. The resistance of suddenly increasing made his body reduce to the speed before originally rapid immediately suddenly. The distance between both sides also suddenly pulls closer in this moment.

This is also the Ji Dong Saint level body and spirit, changed other heavenly stems disciples unable to withstand this tremendous blow strength absolutely. The Ji Dong whole person with the aid of momentum of stop, the body in airborne revolves suddenly like lightning for one week, the Fire God sword had ten meters rainbow to cut to go to behind darkness dead health/guard Menhui.

Suddenly was attacked by Ji Dong, if pursues at this time his is ten purple robe big priests, during being thrown into confusion that must deal with, they also stem from after all are high-speed. But the reaction rates of these ten darkness dead health/guard made in the Ji Dong heart secret with amazement.

Saw that the Ji Dong body stops suddenly, turns over/stands up to cut. Ten darkness dead health/guard have made the uniform movement, a same fist before the body rumbles, shells in the air, tyrannical magic power from the sky erupts. Has kept off before their potential, flushing actually. What is exquisiter, magic power that their this fist rumbles unexpectedly is the closely coincide, in that the free time of flash, ten different attribute magic power that ten fists rumble from the sky condenses became concentrates thick incomparable five elements to tie together, has blocked the Ji Dong Fire God sword stiffly.

In the loud sound, five elements ties loudly was shattered, but the body of Ji Dong instead was also shaken the strength to shake instantaneously draws back. But the body of that ten darkness dead health/guard does not have the slightest bit to stay, instantaneous three open, before becoming the arc short distance to/clashes, when Ji Dong in the airborne stability lives in the body, he discovered, oneself and Chen Sixuan had been surrounded.

The coordination of good quick and very powerful strength. Ji Dong never has also experienced the so exquisite coordination, he self-examines, even if under strength of direction his soul, their bright heavenly stems disciple cannot achieve these that these darkness dead health/guard make at present absolutely. This needs what kind of disciplining to achieve so the perfect coordination!

The dark dead health/guard to his any opportunity of response, ten people have not been enclosing his same time to move, three people enhance in the airborne position, four people maintained formerly in the airborne altitude, the also three people decreased in the altitude slightly, ten people, simultaneously flushed toward Ji Dong from three different altitudes. Moreover, until now, they do not have slightest bit energy manifest, in besieging the Ji Dong situation, chose unexpectedly has used the close combat attack of magic power embodiment.

Initially, Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, when directed Ji Dong to tell him, to Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse rank, the fight were more completes in the close combat condition. Because in this case, can be very easy to melt the long-distance attack of enemy, in the meantime, own attack can also take to the match the ruinous attack. The Nine-Crown Mage speed, strength and magic power are extremely astonishing, once in close combat fights the hit match, likely strikes the decision result.

After Ji Dong they arrive at Dark Five Elements Continent, has also fought with these purple robe big priests, when fought at that time particularly the large number of people, Ji Dong, faces almost by the situation of widowed enemy numerous. In this case. The dark Mages natural selection has coped with him with the long-distance attack, if the close combat attack, not only own risk is big, was injured accidentally by the partner easily. May these darkness dead health/guard simply not consider at present obviously injures accidentally the emergence of this situation, even if in ten pairs of situations, does not shake the scene by magic power, but chose close combat to attack this most bad risk directly, was the fiercest forms of defensive action.

They coordinate was too tacit, the motions of ten people look like person, divides high, middle, and low three groups of attacks, it can be said that blocked around Ji Dong body each four corner/horn.

In the Ji Dong heart has delimited a thought like lightning, these darkness dead health/guard are because Fire God sword in the hand chooses the close combat attack, without a doubt, at the Fire God sword current length, at all impossible to use in the close combat attack.

Continues to stop in same place result will only have one, that was struck to kill by dark dead health/guard Men. Even if Ji Dong is self-confident, defensive power is strong, help of also Chen Sixuan, is impossible simultaneously to withstand ten attribute complete Nine-Crown supreme powerhouses simultaneously the close combat attack. In all forms of combat, similarly is also the close combat that Ji Dong most excels, he knows certainly that should make anything in this besieged situation first.

Saw that moment that the opposite party to/clashes, he has made the response without hesitation, in the limited space, the body sinks instantaneously, simultaneously before like lightning, to/clashes. Is reduced by the dark Mage quantity that own same time must face as far as possible. Must run out of surrounding of opposite party to be good first. Otherwise in all directions is the enemies, he is not a god, how can face?

While the body to/clashes, the Fire God sword in his hand did not return toward behind sweeps off, was uses Teng Snake to dodge, promoted the limit in the flash own speed.

The Ji Dong strain without doubt is extremely good, after Fire God sword wields, although temporarily has prevented darkness dead health/guard after a below, but also won the time of flash for him, in the fight of this rank, sometimes, the flash was to decide the victory and defeat key. The dead ahead, he must face, middle of the mill that only then opposite party direction attacks and under road two darkness dead health/guard. This is Ji Dong can the best opportunity that oneself catch.

The climax starts, three erupt, early this month first day, asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 636: Dark Azure Dragon, rips open the stomach to enter

In does not carry on situation that magic power condenses. Only has the Fire God sword to display the Ultra Certain Kill Skill striking power. The deicide who Ji Dong that unprecedented imposing manner, in the Fire God sword itself contains cultivates Josse's huge murderous aura in this moment comprehensive eruption. This sword, although after has not condensed magic power, Fire God cuts such powerful, but also is the sword under Ji Dong essence, air/Qi and a god comprehensive fusion. Even if did not consider in the situation of divine tool Fire God sword, the might also fully had the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. The Fire God sword broken evil characteristics, that First Wood department dark dead health/guard is in addition impossible to block. Regarding this point, Ji Dong has the absolute confidence.

By escaping to be transferred the change of pursuit facing Ji Dong, is in airborne First Wood department dark dead health/guard Yan red light not any change, even compared with became also wanted a moment ago brightly. His speed was certainly not enough to escape again, but he controlled oneself body to rise rapidly, as far as possible made Ji Dong attack to approach the time that to be later. Meanwhile, his both hands delimit a cross before oneself. The azure ray in airborne instantaneous coagulates.

The dazzling azure light, erupts instantaneously from that cross, huge pinnacle First Wood magic power releases to fall following the Ji Dong Fire God sword by. In this moment, the pupil of Ji Dong instantaneously contracts, because, in him with that First Wood department dark dead health/guard, presented an incomparably huge body unexpectedly.

Before Ji Dong with that First Wood department dark dead health/guard among distance , was less than 40 meters, this distance regarding their powerhouses of this level, twinkling . But after, this huge form appears. Hits at the same time unexpectedly, in Ji Dong and that darkness died to protect oneself on, thus it can be seen its body was how huge.

The Fire God sword has wielded, the massive azure scales and blood from the sky sway, simultaneously follows to come, also painful angry roaring dragon cry. That huge body inspires suddenly, tremendous strength stiffly hit the body of Ji Dong crookedly. But below darkness dead health/guard Men also instantaneously pursued while this time. But beforehand Ji Dong that target, looks like a fallen leaf is ordinary, has circled from that huge azure body, both hands to become claw, grasps to the neck of Ji Dong, another grasps to Ji Dong is grasping the wrist/skill of Fire God sword.

Celestial stems Divine Beast. At this time, in the Ji Dong heart remembers, only then these four characters. Right, this sudden huge form, blocks the huge form that his Fire God sword has struck, is Azure Dragon. Naturally, it belongs to dark heavenly stems Divine Beast on Dark Five Elements Continent, dark Azure Dragon.

Ji Dong cannot think absolutely, when will soon go well, will really have such a appearance of dark Azure Dragon, huge magic power from this dark Azure Dragon fluctuates he to judge, this surely is dark heavenly stems Divine Beast. That has dominated above Rank 10 Divine Beast, is next to the aura of Saint level, he will not judge wrong.

However, at this time, he made the ponder radically without enough time, moved sideways the First Wood department dark dead health/guard that to attack from the place above, other below attribute darkness dead health/guard attacks also approached. This time Ji Dong. Immediately beset with a crisis in greatest. At present the contest of this level, double the other side, if makes a mistake of judgment, very probably brings is the destruction. Ji Dong faces such situation. This height enough over 50 meters huge dark Azure Dragon, not only prevented him to the First Wood department dark dead health/guard must kill strikes, has blocked also him to the airborne escape route. Although this Azure Dragon also received the heavy losses under the attack of Fire God sword, but after it presented the goal has actually been achieved.

Uses the magic skill liquor? Radically useless, facing darkness dead health/guard of close combat attack, even if the magic skill liquor of his Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank releases nine flame dragons, is impossible to prevent these darkness dead health/guard. Now can rely on, only then own strength.

When this time, Ji Dong made one to link him afterward to recall thought the somewhat inconceivable motion. At this time, the Fire God sword in his hand has inserted the Azure Dragon abdomen, facing the attack of First Wood department dark dead health/guard, Ji Dong simply has not gone to pay attention, is not does not think, but does not have the time. The Fire God sword that grips single-handed changes to both hands, suddenly crosswise area, under his whole-heartedly stimulation of movement, in addition Fire God sword's broken evil and broken demon effect, as well as dark Azure Dragon itself broken wound. Ji Dong has pulled out a big opening in this dark Azure Dragon below the belly actually.

A stream of circular white light. Changed into the shield to keep off side Ji Dong quietly, First Wood department dark dead health/guard pair of claws had all kept off by this white light. His cultivation base reduced, let alone this white light even can block the bombardment of high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill. The full impact of First Wood department dark dead health/guard kept off immediately.

Ji Dong simply has not gone to pay attention to him, the next flash, his actually hand suddenly holds the First Wood Azure Dragon dragon skin, the whole person was common just like the sea-monster, has drilled into the belly of this dark Azure Dragon. This truly is inconceivable, even if were these does not have life darkness dead health/guard Men also to stop in the airborne body. Although they are intrepid, but also absolutely obtains the clear enemy friend, this dark Azure Dragon is the mount of First Wood department dark dead health/guard, they cannot certainly attack, is the goal in the belly of dark Azure Dragon. Suddenly, darkness dead health/guard Men who attack originally arrived stopped immediately.

Ji Dong bet right, without a doubt, if under this saved a life the dark dead health/guard not to care about dark Azure Dragon, nine people collaborated to attack simultaneously at the bang the belly of dark Azure Dragon, even if were Ji Dong has drilled into the Azure Dragon endo-abdominal, were many a protection of dragon skin, he must cause heavy losses, later was impossible to live in the attacks of these darkness dead health/guard. But these darkness dead health/guard one hesitant, but has given his full opportunity.

Ji Dong drills into the next moment of dark Azure Dragon within the body, he released the maximum degree oneself Fire God sword, was originally that nine meters appearance. Although dark Azure Dragon height over 50 meters, but from the abdomen to the altitude of back is also 20 meters. The Fire God sword this shows main body, immediately has had the deathblow to this dark Azure Dragon.

In fact, any living thing external compared with intrinsic defense high many. Even if this dark Azure Dragon as Totem Divine Beast, in his belly will defend will not be strong. Let alone, at this time in its belly, is a divine tool level heavy sword.

The pain roar of dark Azure Dragon originally instantaneously became sad and shrill neighing. The incomparably huge body swings suddenly, sweeps completely the body of that ten darkness dead health/guard. Although the impossible wound to arrive at them, but compelled eventually them.

But is in Ji Dong in dark Azure Dragon belly, although cannot breathe temporarily, but affects for him is not big. By his cultivation base, even if several double-hour does not breathe, will not endanger the life. At this time, he also finally had the panting opportunity.

From starting to fight with the dark dead health/guard, drills into the belly of dark Azure Dragon to Ji Dong, the entire process is actually not long, the polarity, this process is very short. But is free time who several times breathe. But in this short extremely time, Ji Dong actually has done utmost. At this time this had the cushion time, he only thought that a prostration feeling floods the whole body instantaneously. The fight with dark dead health/guard imagines compared with him also wants difficult many, in the situation in with Chen Sixuan collaborating, each possibly was killed a moment ago. Purple robe big priest of these darkness dead health/guard compared with dark temple were too fiercely many.

Although is in the belly of dark Azure Dragon now, is impossible to achieve panting, but must withstand the dark Azure Dragon body because of the severe pain the weightlessness feeling, but unceasingly from the sky tumbling, but Ji Dong also as before slow one breath. He exiting, this dark Azure Dragon is not taking one of the heavenly stems Divine Beast anxiously, is in itself First Wood department that is good at treating, the vitality is extremely exuberant, is not easy dead, outside has ten darkness dead health/guard to defend. He does not worry.

Those who most made Ji Dong surprised was, after the sword of his Fire God changed into the main body, seemed absorbing vitality of this dark Azure Dragon within the body, although he could not see, but can actually the clear feeling, the sword of Fire God evolve in the enhancement, moreover speed strange Kuai. He understood in a flash. Reason that the sword of Fire God will strengthen evolution, one is because this dark Azure Dragon is in itself dark attribute, it to the sword of Fire God, looks like dark Crystal Crown is similar regarding their bright heavenly stems disciple's function. In addition the wood in attribute lights a fire, the sword of Fire God broke into this dark Azure Dragon within the body. Naturally is the absorption of no trace of politeness its essence.

A Giant Dragon overall energy itself was very huge, let alone the status in the dragon clan is next to dragon Huang First Wood heavenly stems Divine Beast Azure Dragon. On Light Five Elements Continent, bright Azure Dragon is a Dragon King of Azure Dragon clan. Must say that at present this dark Azure Dragon also was really bad luck. Originally by its cultivation base, if Ji Dong and it bumps into directly, wants to strike to kill it is also very difficult, oneself also surely must pay certain price. This is heavenly stems Divine Beast, is next to existence of Saint beast. But, this dark Azure Dragon presents time, when will be that First Wood department dark dead health/guard will soon face the total destruction will summon. This First Wood department dark dead health/guard can/but does not have the spirit wisdom, he only knows, when encounter the danger must summon this magic beast partner to help itself fight. But this dark Azure Dragon presents time, completely became his shield, has not made anything to respond with enough time, the Fire God sword that Ji Dong that on pulls up fully arrived. Although the dark Azure Dragon defensive power is strong, but without the preparation facing Fire God sword type of top divine tool, immediately was broken defense weak belly. Then had at present this occurrence. How has had bad luck.

Since the Fire God sword can obtain the advantage from dark Azure Dragon within the body, Ji Dong eagerly did not exit, these darkness dead health/guard do not have first to attack, obviously because of the dark Azure Dragon reason, his magic power, although consumed in formerly fight were not many, but the tight nerve needs to relax.

Before first time facing these darkness dead health/guard, in some sense, Ji Dong was also hit to be caught off guard, how he has not thought, these darkness dead health/guard were unexpectedly intrepid to so the degree, but after this time cushion, he had the time of ponder, were many regarding the understanding of dark dead health/guard. Slightly a recollection, his vest left presented cold sweat, enclasped his Chen Sixuan to feel some back round of cool of Ji Dong.

These darkness dead health/guard are not Ji Dong has faced the strongest matches, initially he when facing Saint level high rank fire Demon King, has not looked like so was a moment ago dangerous. Did not mean the strength that these ten darkness dead health/guard join up can surpass fire Demon King. But was the forms of combat of these fellows is really too special. Even if fire Demon King such Saint level senior powerhouse, he also has the thought that when he sees Ji Dong to display the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, will feel shocking, the mood will be affected. But these darkness dead health/guard at all, they completely are not will actually slaughter the machine, the matter of any outside is unable to have the mood influence to them. After they recognize the accurate goal, does not kill the opposite party not to give up, moreover that can be said as the perfect coordination is makes Ji Dong be caught off guard. Now recalls, before least three times, if he is half beat behind, perhaps already by these darkness dead health/guard Sicheng fragments.

This has not calculated, these darkness dead health/guard besides own powerful, actually can also summon dark heavenly stems Divine Beast to come, since this First Wood department dark dead health/guard can achieve, that does represent the darkness dead health/guard of other departments also similarly to achieve? Ten darkness dead health/guard have sufficed fearfully, in addition ten departments dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, let alone is his Ji Dong, even if the dark secret facing these fellows, can probably win does not say. His single body ability, but cannot support dark dead health/guard Renduo, also heavenly stems Divine Beast coordination! Without a doubt, these darkness dead health/guard surely were the dark secret secret weapon Assassin's maces. Moreover, through fight, has confirmed the Chen Sixuan words, behind these darkness dead health/guard really has the energy support, also what originates compared with these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast better energies?

Besides the crazy two characters, Ji Dong could not find out in other any words and expressions really describes all previous dark secret.

Dark Azure Dragon in airborne is tumbling fiercely, more than 50 meters huge body place visited wind and cloud sudden changes, its pinnacle First Wood magic power unceasing eruption a layer upon layer terrifying aura, extremely stably is not fluctuating.

The Chen Sixuan sound resounds in the Ji Dong mind, she wants calm many compared with the Ji Dong imagination . It looks like in Ji Dong, a girl drills into a belly of magic beast suddenly, definitely will have frightened, but he has not actually listened from the Chen Sixuan sound. "Ji Dong, finding the way to get so far as this dark Azure Dragon crystal core. Celestial stems Divine Beast on continent, although is not most formidable magic beast, has not reached the Saint level. However, our Light Five Elements Continent this Dark Five Elements Continent, heavenly stems Divine Beast is the symbol of auspicious omen."Chen Sixuan affirmative saying.

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Chapter 637: Attract! Dark Azure Dragon crystal core

"The symbol of auspicious omen?"Ji Dong surprised saying.

Chen Sixuan said: "Right. Is the symbol of auspicious omen, died heavenly stems Divine Beast, regarding Dark Five Elements Continent, the destiny will reduce a point. Moreover, this dark Azure Dragon crystal core makes up regarding Yao Qianshu absolutely greatly, can definitely help him break through to Nine-Crown cultivation base."

Ji Dong somewhat funny asking: "Aren't you worried about our safety?"

Chen Sixuan surprised question: "What has to be good to be worried? You intrude this dark Azure Dragon within the body, is the god comes the pen, could it be we unable through the transmission to depart simply? That darkness dead health/guard is strong, must look is good to us!"

Ji Dong has gawked, right! How oneself forgot this. Actually, cannot blame him to forget the transmission, before the darkness dead gland was too big to their pressures. Extremely anxious, his train of thought is unable to maintain calm is also very normal.

Had the reminder of Chen Sixuan, in his heart Dading, eagerly did not transmit leaves, the energy of this dark Azure Dragon within the body implication was really too huge, even if he and Chen Sixuan in this dark Azure Dragon within the body, this Azure Dragon has been trying to push aside unexpectedly them with own magic power, the muscle and internal organs unceasing fierce in within the body were wriggling. What a pity, who is Ji Dong? How the body and spirit as well as the Chen Sixuan of his Saint level divine tool eternal armor will fear the strength of this extrusion, let alone the sword of also Fire God is similar to the Dinghai god needle generally inserts in this dark Azure Dragon within the body.

Ji Dong has not stimulated to movement the Fire God sword to continue to harm the body of dark Azure Dragon. Such will make its vitality pass quickly, does not favor swallowing of Fire God sword to its within the body energy. Has this dark Azure Dragon huge body as the shield, before these dark heavenly stems disciples, does not have to launch the attack to them immediately, wants to attack to be possible again not to be that easy. Ji Dong already changed the position in dark Azure Dragon within the body. But dark Azure Dragon formidable self-recovery ability seals up the wound that formerly the Fire God sword had broken voluntarily.

Ten darkness dead health/guard floats outside, one by one are also somewhat dull, manifested at this time without the state of mind flaw. If normal Mage here, they will certainly find the way to collaborate to trig at present this dark Azure Dragon, then cuts open the belly to grasp Ji Dong. Was not necessarily able dead by dark Azure Dragon formidable self- recovery ability. But, in the consciousness of these darkness dead health/guard, dark Azure Dragon is their companions, they cannot get rid to the companion, therefore can only consistently revolve side dark Azure Dragon, the waiting of delay Ji Dong is coming out. If not so, perhaps even if Ji Dong, had been killed by them again.

Scope that dark Azure Dragon from the sky struggles started becomes getting smaller, to was quiet from the initial wind and cloud look changes gradually, the body tumbled is crashing toward the ground slowly, these did not have the darkness dead health/guard of spirit wisdom also throughout to follow in behind. The static waiting Ji Dong that moment of dark Azure Dragon within the body coming out.

But grips tightly Ji Dong of sword hilt, only the sleep goes well the Fire God sword to be getting more and more hot, the huge energy unceasing drastic fluctuation in Fire God sword, the deicide is repairing like this originally also to feel clearly the god who knew is suppressed at this time unexpectedly completely, on Fire God sword surplus as if only then his huge murderous aura. Does not need Ji Dong to lose concentration with the strength of soul suppresses. Although Ji Dong does not have the secret ability, cannot see the degree of Fire God sword evolution, but he can also feel faintly the Fire God sword completed from the evolution was getting more and more near. He anticipated really very much this evolution quickly is completed, not actually because of the Fire God sword, but after because only has the Fire God sword evolution is completed, he has to break through the Nine-Crown possibility. If his oneself has the Nine-Crown strength. Facing dark dead health/guard time so will be passive? Breaks through the situation after Nine-Crown he to be able from the partners to feel clearly, not only magic power will have the qualitative leap, strength of Mage of supreme powerhouse rank in element control regarding air can also change complete different. Absorbs the speed of magic power element at least to promote one time, the controlling force to strengthen large scale. Influence especially big must be the demon territory, if Eight-Crown is Mage has the admittance threshold of demon territory, then, Nine-Crown is the demon territory true mature time. Ji Dong has three demon territories! So long as without a doubt, his cultivation base can break through to the Nine-Crown level, his overall strength will certainly be increased to a brand-new stair. But all these must be based on Fire God sword completely evolution.

Dark Azure Dragon tenesmuss Ji Dong naturally to know, although he cannot see outside, but after he and Chen Sixuan fuse the strength of soul compared with using eyes looks also wants precise many. The might of Fire God sword was too overbearing, is such free time of a while, this dark Azure Dragon suffocated, in within the body tyrannical muscle and internal organs no longer wriggled, the life aura becomes more and more weak, is unable to contend with the Fire God sword, arrived has come to the verge of death the time. Ji Dong is very clear, these darkness dead health/guard had not launched the attack to dark Azure Dragon , because it is also living, living dark Azure Dragon is their partners, but dark Azure Dragon that died to these darkness dead health/guard. Actually is only a corpse. Therefore, he can conclude, that moment of dark Azure Dragon true death, was the dark dead health/guard took the action the time. This made him somewhat feel embarrassed. Regarding Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, the safest procedure, without doubt is when dark Azure Dragon is on the verge of death leaves through the transmission. But, in that case, could not obtain this dark First Wood heavenly stems Divine Beast crystal core. But if, is obtains crystal core, then, must break into the dark Azure Dragon head, destroys its brain, can obtain its crystal core. Arrived that time, dark Azure Dragon has been killed violently surely immediately, the dark dead health/guard will not transmit the opportunity of leaving to them again.

"Does not need to be worried, I have the means."Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong soul is fusing, he is worried about anything, she naturally can feel.

Ji Dong does not have slightest bit to suspect to the Chen Sixuan words, dark Azure Dragon was getting more and more near from the ground, does not have the hesitant time, immediately, he fast is controlling the Fire God sword contraction volume, again changed from nine meters four chi (0.33 m) length.

The Fire God sword in within the body reduces suddenly, the tendency that dark Azure Dragon drops stagnated immediately, the change of Fire God sword volume made it have a panting opportunity. This fellow is dark Totem Divine Beast, the vitality is extremely after all tenacious. However, in the next moment, its huge body actually already fierce tumbling, moreover was more intense than before. Because. Ji Dong has grasped that four chi (0.33 m) Fire God sword, displayed the burning sun spin in within the body.

Ji Dong burning sun spin, formerly not only compelled to draw back a darkness dead health/guard, compels the dead end the First Wood department dark dead health/guard, is this overbearing skill? But formerly he used this skill time empty-handed, at this time is taking the Fire God sword, the change nature in that might is without a doubt. Let alone, he now in dark Azure Dragon within the body! Can that incomparably fierce pain let dark Azure Dragon not crazy swaying from side to side? Its pain has achieved pinnacle, at this time is in the situation to be in returning to consciousness just before dying. Ji Dong is relying on the Fire God sword and burning sun spin opening, has drilled a flesh and blood channel in dark Azure Dragon within the body actually, directly soars the dark Azure Dragon giant head direction to compel. Under the tyrannical strength of Fire God sword, the muscle, veins or the skeleton, are unable to prevent the Ji Dong moment, but the Fire God sword has also launched to the dark Azure Dragon energy final crazy absorption. The dark Azure Dragon life passing speed speeds up suddenly, to this time, nobody has been able to save this dark Azure Dragon life again, its internal organs were completely destroyed by the Fire God sword, did not have the possibility of restoration again.

While Ji Dong takes the action, a azure misty radiance sends out from his behind eternal armor, any by the place that he destroys, was covered by this azure misty radiance on, has been at the temporary coagulation condition. Is insufficient the instantaneous excessive loss of blood. Chen Sixuan is the bright Second Wood disciple, treats the ability she also very much to excel similarly. At this time relies on Second Wood magic power to maintain this dark Azure Dragon life. A two people destruction, maintains, this hangs this dark Azure Dragon life.

Quick, Ji Dong broke through the position of dark Azure Dragon neck, but he also has to stop. Regarding any living thing, the brain is the body frailest place, once the brain were destroyed, that is must die without doubt. Ji Dong does not dare to attack with burning sun spin again, otherwise, the brain was twisted broken, this dark Azure Dragon will die instantaneously a violent death.

"Thinks of the fine jade. What to do?"Ji Dong somewhat hesitant asking.

Chen Sixuan said: "We start to transmit. Thinks naturally to help us attain crystal core."At the same time was saying, she has displayed transmission law. Ji Dong also similarly launches the transmission. Whether regardless to be able to attain this crystal core, he and Chen Sixuan departs safely is most important. After all, this time they were strike to kill dark Totem Divine Beast finally, is not considered as that wastes time one chapter. Copes with these darkness dead health/guard, but can also try to find other solutions again. Transmission law appears in dark Azure Dragon within the body, outside darkness dead health/guard naturally cannot see, the instinct that they only then fight, may not have the ability of investigation. Actually, these ten darkness dead health/guard of strength, but also above the judgment of Ji Dong, but, wants to play completely their might, then, must have the dark secret to present personally. In their battle efficiency by the insight coordination of dark secret, can make these darkness dead health/guard the strength show perfectly. The beforehand dark secret such has also done, therefore, even if before has not swallowed these Saint beasts, his simply did not fear the dark disciples who oneself train defect. Even if cultivation base of dark heavenly stems disciple all promotes Nine-Crown, is not he is coordinating ten matches of darkness dead health/guard. Each heavenly stems disciple has own exclusive divine tool, but these ten darkness dead health/guard, can say that is the dark secret divine tool. Like the present, if there is a dark secret, even if he does not begin, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan are impossible to live.

While Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan launch transmission law, dragon Dansi moved quietly appeared, formerly when Ji Dong drilled into the dark Azure Dragon abdomen, was he has blocked that First Wood department dark dead health/guard attack for Ji Dong. This time thinking moves, soaks in dark Azure Dragon dragon blood, the whole body sends out blood-color, Ji Dong has been concentrating on the absorption of Fire God sword to dark Azure Dragon within the body energy, actually does not know, thinks after enters this dark Azure Dragon body, starts crazily is swallowing the blood of dark Azure Dragon. This time it, completely is blood-color dragon egg.

The stagnation in the position of dark Azure Dragon neck, from thinking to leave on, sends out intense golden light. This payment for shares has only filled with the overbearing aura of dragon clan imperial family bloodlines, forms a golden cyclone unexpectedly, but all attracting customer interests, toward dark Azure Dragon head position.

That dark Azure Dragon, has opened the mouth at this time, tenesmuss in the airborne straight line, it called unable to call radically continually, dragon blood of large share large share flowed from the mouth, a Shuanglong pupil has been full of the look of struggling. Finally, his dragon pupil turned into the golden color suddenly, but the next flash, the body of dark Azure Dragon is suddenly unbending, the last life aura passes quietly.

In dark Azure Dragon lost the last life aura instant, all darkness dead health/guard simultaneously moved, looks like ten black air currents is ordinary, before rushing to the dark Azure Dragon body, instantaneously.

This formidable dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, the this humble one flash, tyrannicalally had been torn into shreds by that ten shadows, changed into the innumerable flesh and blood, from the sky scatters in all directions to flutter about, its blood was incarnadine the bodies of these darkness dead health/guard.

However, the dark dead health/guard has further not actually acted, the body float is motionless there, because, their goals vanished.

The dark Azure Dragon flesh and blood from airborne falls shortly, in the dark dead health/guard Menyan red light suddenly becomes powerful, the similar opens the mouth attracts crazily, dragon blood of large share large share was inhaled in the abdomen by them. Until the dark Azure Dragon corpse fragment crashes in the place loudly, their movements stagnate. When looks once more formerly dark Azure Dragon died in the airborne position, after the stagnant moment, accelerates, goes in the direction of dark army.

But at this time, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan quietly appeared in transmission there of distance dark temple 500 miles place, obtains strength of notice his soul, all bright heavenly stems disciples also in toward this direction catch up.

This time Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, are the whole body are bathed in blood, on them puts on the armor luckily, what blood contamination is only outside the mail-armor and helmet. The Chen Sixuan eternal armor is in itself a divine tool, to not having what change, but on Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai, were many thick blood light, the aura as if became profounder.

This instance divine tool continuously through fusion god technique in Ji Dong within the body warm and nourish, although it does not have Fire God sword evolution obvious of that but also under Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires as well as the Saint level body and spirit moistens continually is promoting.

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Chapter 638: Intrepid function of dark Azure Dragon crystal core

Although dark Azure Dragon is also one of the Azure Dragon clan. Also is the Azure Dragon king, but he is different from Dragon King of several other dragon clans. Celestial stems Divine Beast may, not only the halo of fame is so simple. It is the symbol of First Wood attribute, the function that in addition the wood lights a fire, these time soaks in Azure Dragon king Tinei, Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai can mediate to think to be the same, has absorbed the essence and blood of massive Azure Dragon king. This and initially Ji Dong absorbed the blood of Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost to be different, Wind and Frost that is the blood that drop, but this Ji Dong they directly have absorbed the blood of his most essence in dark Azure Dragon within the body.

Like Light Five Elements Continent and Dark Five Elements Continent is natural enemy, bright dragon clan and dark dragon clan also similarly are the natural enemies, therefore, although is dragon clan, but will think of this little fellow not to have any pity to dark Azure Dragon.

On the dragon egg that Chen Sixuan lifts the hand in thinking has patted the racket, thinks has put out glittering and translucent carving crystal core from the egg shell that then some heart unwilling sentiments do not hope. This crystal core before Ji Dong has seen any magic beast crystal core is different, because this crystal core shape unexpectedly presents for the dragon shape, looks like Azure Dragon of diminished version.

Chen Sixuan gives Ji Dong crystal core, Ji Dong grasps to start, immediately feels a mild aura to flood into oneself within the body instantaneously, comfortable of not being able to say. Celestial stems Divine Beast crystal core, absolutely is heavenly material earthly treasure general existence, its value high not under Saint beast crystal core. Is feeling in the hand in crystal core vast First Wood magic power, Ji Dong some say/way of envying: "This time was cheap money tree fellow."

Chen Sixuan said: "You first think how must cope with these darkness dead health/guard. Today's fact was too dangerous. At that time you can strike to kill that First Wood department darkness dead health/guard. Nine darkness dead health/guard that following pursues will also be very troublesome. By the characteristics of these darkness dead health/guard, that First Wood department dark dead health/guard dies, will certainly prevent the route that you escape. We want to withdraw to be possible again is very difficult. Moreover, they have Totem Divine Beast, died Azure Dragon, although will weaken one, but the overall strength has not actually weakened many. These darkness dead health/guard are really ** bothersome."

Ji Dong takes back god hot Saint king Kai, bloodstain also vanished, shows a faint smile, said: "No, thinks of the fine jade, I am different from your view. Our these time does not fly back without any results, besides dark Azure Dragon, also harvests."

"also harvest?"Chen Sixuan somewhat surprisedly visits him.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "First, we knew the details of these darkness dead health/guard, they are good at coordinating and excelling at the close combat fight extremely. Regarding their strengths, we can also understand through this time fighting. Next, we had also known the origin of their energy, that is Totem Divine Beast on this Dark Five Elements Continent. Actually, you should think. Totem Divine Beast takes the continent protector, sooner or later will be our enemies, now they appeared, at least will make us know position that these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast will be, also knew the shape that they will enter the war will be the coordinate dark dead health/guard. This news is very important. Finally, we have killed dark Azure Dragon, not only but weakened the dark heavenly stems Divine Beast strength, weakened the strength of dark dead health/guard. That First Wood department darkness protects itself injured by me deadly. He can display 70% strengths quite to be good again. Moreover, he currently will again not have Totem Divine Beast to supplement to him. Can he but therefore the failure I do not know, but I can affirm, the strength of this fellow was definitely impossible to reply the originally degree again. Moreover, had the experience of this opposing the enemy, we naturally will not be next time rash. Although these darkness dead health/guard are formidable, but they after all are not the live people, the instinct that only then battles, does not have the wisdom, has not attacked to be able in dark Azure Dragon abdomen us from them clear seeing this point. What does our human compare in other biological biggest superiority is? Is the wisdom. could it be did our one crowd have the wisdom heavenly stems disciple unable to cope with their these not intelligent person ready dead?"

Chen Sixuan looks that the Ji Dong look somewhat is slightly confused, in the heart mused, your this fool, so is always intelligent at these matters, self-confidently, but, why you well do not ponder over, why I will know that many, why will I understand you? Fools and fools.

Ji Dong does not certainly know that Chen Sixuan in unstated criticism, his mind immerses to the analysis of dark dead health/guard during. Without a doubt, the emergence of this darkness dead health/guard, has sounded the alarm to him, but similarly. Also makes him feel, these formidable fellows are not cannot cope.

In this time, the bright heavenly stems disciples have been catching up, they ride secret Rank 10 to drill the lizard to come, the appearance that looks at Chen Sixuan being bathed in blood, several female disciple exclaimed, Lan Bao'er immediately releases light purple magic power stick Chen Sixuan to wash out bloodstain.

Yao Qianshu was puzzled said: "Eh, how thinks to float in airborne, is the body unceasingly also glittering the ray?"

Before Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan immersed to the recollection of dark dead health/guard during, at this time noted, thought of the static float in one side, its dragon egg turned into the red completely, moreover also ray partly visible twinkle. Ji Dong surveyed with the soul, the soul that actually the discovery thinks has sealed up unexpectedly completely, has been being at an unknown state.

Ji Dong looks to Chen Sixuan, in the eye reveals an inquiry the ray. Then after the Chen Sixuan eternal armor was cleaned by Lan Bao'er Water department magic power is clean, takes back within the body, she may not have the fusion god technique, does not like these blood. On charming face reveals a smile, said: "If I have not guessed that wrong, this time, thinks to have the opportunity broken shell, but left."

Ji Dong hears the word great happiness, "that was really good."Thinks is not the common dragon clan, it is the child of dragon Huang and diamond Dragon King, of direct descendant successor dragon sovereign, moreover itself existed in world several thousand years, as in the situation of egg shell can resist Ultra Certain Kill Skill to see from it with ease, its strength was tyrannical. Once it hatches successfully, likely directly is Rank 10 Divine Beast, moreover is not inferior to heavenly stems Divine Beast cultivation base Rank 10 Divine Beast. Immediately can make the bright heavenly stems disciple strength increase.

"These darkness dead health/guard outcomes what's the matter? Ji Dong. Were you have blown away these fellows?"Remote was puzzled asked.

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "Was not we have killed them, but was they nearly kills us. Barely escapes!"At that moment, before he, entire process that one fights detailed told to the partners, has not neglected any detail. To kill these darkness dead health/guard, is not he can achieve, must depend upon everybody's strength.

Listened to narration of Ji Dong, a numerous heavenly stems disciples complete silence, they, although had also guessed correctly these darkness dead health/guard were not good to cope, but how unable to think that met not to be good to cope with this degree.

Secret solemnly said: "Ji Dong, if we and these darkness dead health/guard Yingpeng, somewhat odds of success under your direction?" Ji Dong looked at secret one, said: "One point does not have. If only the upfront touches hardly, we must die without doubt."Categorical that this saying said that not having the slightest bit to hesitate. Without a doubt, in the bright heavenly stems disciple, he is the absolute core, is most powerhouse. When coordinates with Chen Sixuan, can display the maximum degree own strength. Did not exaggerate said, their two collaborated, was equal to the bright heavenly stems disciple one-third strengths sufficiently. Even if dark heavenly stems disciple all who faces, Ji Dong also has the confidence to enter and kill from surrounding, perhaps can also kill 1-2. With the promotion of own overall strength, his vision also became compares before tall many. But. This time facing the darkness dead health/guard, they can escape, can say that is the result completely luck, by two people strengths, if not the accident/surprise that dark Azure Dragon brings, most is also draws an opposite party darkness dead health/guard to perish together.

Secret brow tight wrinkle, no longer opens the mouth, the vision of heavenly stems disciples also falls on Ji Dong, is waiting for his decision. One point of odds of success does not have, that means that except for dark secret accident/surprise. Also had the strength that made them all extinguish sufficiently on this Dark Five Elements Continent. The plan of originally will also be broken.

In this time, the Ji Dong look is moving, takes out ten thousand miles to send greetings the stone from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, relation that Fu Rui initiates.

"Little Junior Brother, are you all right? Before is who got rid? These darkness protect deadly, the whole body is bathed in blood. could it be you......"Fu Rui noticed that the darkness dead health/guard of return had a scare immediately, ten darkness dead health/guard whole bodies were stained with completely the blood, a black robe also vanished. Since they all came back, this blood from where? Fu Rui, looks for opportunity to contact Ji Dong in great surprise immediately.

"Senior Brother felt relieved, we are all right. These blood are mount magic beast of First Wood department dark dead health/guard. The Senior Brother you are certainly careful, the mounts of these darkness dead health/guard, are dark heavenly stems Divine Beast."Ji Dong brief before , after the situation that one fights told Fu Rui, has interrupted the relation.

"How did Fu Rui say?"Asked remotely.

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "It seems like we lose is not injust, these darkness dead health/guard unexpectedly are Teacher of dark heavenly stems disciple. All solid battle skill of these dark heavenly stems disciples are skillful, is they trains. The Senior Brother added that all previous dark secret in oneself does not have in what battle efficiency situation also to be able the calm and steady dominant dark temple to be as for entire Dark Five Elements Continent, the most important reason has these not to know when from inherits the darkness dead health/guard protection that. Thinks is also, although they do not have the divine tool in the hand, but universal cultivation base in Level 95 above, the tacit degree of coordination is our these live people, in addition assistance of dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, even if has the dark heavenly stems disciple of complete divine tool is not their matches."

Yao Qianshu said: "Ji Dong, we cannot evade. Must face. Before the holy war starts, most at least we can also face them alone, once the holy war started, these darkness dead health/guard and dark secrets converge in together, that must sweep away our Light Five Elements Continent. I believe that you have certainly the means."

Listened to his such saying, Ji Dong to smile, "you had the self- confidence compared with me actually. These darkness dead health/guard are very formidable, but also has the flaw, this gives you first, before these fellows, you promotes the first battle efficiency. We lie in compared with they biggest superiority we can continually promote the strength, but their strengths are constant."At the same time was saying, he has given Yao Qianshu that dark Azure Dragon crystal core.

Yao Qianshu received such unusual crystal core, immediately is overjoyed, he only missed Level 2 to break through Nine-Crown. Without a doubt, this thing can help him complete, breaks through Nine-Crown also to mean that it can use that First Wood department divine tool that the chrysanthemum pig delivers, to that time, his strength will have promoted to one without a doubt with the situation that gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention they are equal, becomes next breaks through to the Nine- Crown powerhouse.

Looks at dark Azure Dragon crystal core in Yao Qianshu hand, eyes of other people have also shone, remote say/way: "If I and think of the fine jade also to obtain corresponding dark heavenly stems Divine Beast crystal core, we can also break through Level 90."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, were not many said, immediately arrives nearby to cultivate, the army and dark Mages that now the dark temple guards set out in the Holy and Evil Island direction, here without doubt was the safest place.

Ji Dong said: "Looks from another angle, the emergence of these darkness dead health/guard to us are also an opportunity. If can strike to kill them completely, obtains their dark Crystal Crown as well as these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast crystal core, without a doubt, our strengths completely integral lifting. Even if cannot break through Nine- Crown to be also similar. Arrived that time, we had with the strength of dark secret spelling. Everybody cultivates a while first, if I think the countermeasure, after waiting for the modest book to break through Nine-Crown, we looked for their unluckiness again. The secret, you help me have a look, the Fire God sword also wants many to evolve to complete."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong summoned the Fire God sword, released in the face of the secret.

The secret looked with his eye of that day machine, immediately reveals the color/look of shock, surprised looks at Ji Dong, said: "This dark Azure Dragon energy is really huge. Worthily is heavenly stems Divine Beast . Moreover, perhaps this dark Azure Dragon was comprehended the mystery of wood of chaos, was away from the Saint level is also only the one pace. You and thought of the fine jade to massacre it are the luck are also extremely good. The evolution of Fire God sword has completed 96%, 4% can complete on the difference finally." Listened to a secret such saying, Ji Dong to be overjoyed, although he does not know after the Fire God sword evolution was completed, how can be the degree, but he believes, certainly will have the pleasant surprise.

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Chapter 639: Wood used to make an ancestral tablet puppet

Resonant dragon recited to reverberate in mountain valley. Huge azure form soars, circles in the midair. The strong First Wood attribute magic power aura from the sky bursts out and reverberates. Huge pinnacle First Wood magic power from the sky swayed, making the sunny sky turn into a piece of azure to be bright.

That is huge Azure Dragon, the body has about 40 meters considerable, the scale under the illumination of sunlight, is sparkling all over the body the eye-catching green colored light color, at this time the pair of wings launches, in sky is hovering while excited sends out dragon cry.

The magic power fluctuation that on this only Azure Dragon sends out does not have the dark color, but is the light golden light mark, right, it is the bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu mount.

After Yao Qianshu obtained dark Azure Dragon crystal core, has closed up fully for three days, finally broke through Nine-Crown cultivation base successfully, but his mount Azure Dragon also obtained the enormous advantage, magic power that in dark Azure Dragon crystal core sends out also lit its evolution, broke through Rank 10 from Rank 9 successfully, entered the Divine Beast category.

This time Yao Qianshu floats in midair, that Azure Dragon revolves his body to circle, because just his body and Azure Dragon compare too to be really small, what are more is can only see existence of Azure Dragon huge body. Above the Yao Qianshu left hand, is holding green light ball of glistening. The light ball is all over the body perfectly round, sends out green ripple, when Yao Qianshu magic power breaks through Nine-Crown that flash, this is given his light ball voluntarily to reappear by the chrysanthemum pig, is releasing thick magic power unceasingly. Reason that Azure Dragon can follow Yao Qianshu to evolve together, has its merit.

At this time Yao Qianshu closes the double pupil, the whole body is covering in the light mark that on the green light ball sends out, entered a strange condition, the body of his whole person seems likely is transparent common, the float from the sky looks like a crystal statue. But under bright heavenly stems disciples can actually feel, this time he, magic power unceasing increasing.

Without a doubt, chrysanthemum pig to Yao Qianshu the divine tool, the request in the heavenly stems disciple is harshest, throws the Fire God sword that Ji Dong that has not actually evolved to complete not to raise, after this green light ball needs Yao Qianshu cultivation base to promote to Nine-Crown, unexpectedly can use. Only this point, has very big difference with other magical instruments. At this time, the cultivation base real break- through of Yao Qianshu, this divine tool also started to bloom its proper brilliance, can be any degree as for its might, is the bright heavenly stems disciples strongly anticipates.

Ji Dong asked to Chen Sixuan: "Thinks of the fine jade, you looked how many modest book divine tool can help him promote magic power?"Chen Sixuan is Wood department Mage, regarding the feeling of Yao Qianshu this First Wood divine tool without doubt is most direct.

Chen Sixuan said: "The request of this divine tool is so harsh, once releases successfully, its effect should not miss in the bead of wolf divine intervention that thick earth. I looked, Yao Qianshu these likely became in us magic power strongest."

Ji Dong nods slightly, the eyeground deep place passed over gently and swiftly envying look. Looks that the partners break through Nine-Crown one after another, this bright heavenly stems Saint king can Zen not be awkward? Although said that they break through Nine-Crown also not necessarily to compare favorably with oneself cultivation base, but enters supreme powerhouse level, extremely anticipates regarding any Mage.

Chen Sixuan knew about Ji Dong, ray that sees in his eyes that envying, cannot bear saying: "You do not need to worry, when your cultivation base breaks through Nine-Crown time, similarly will have pleasantly surprised."

"What pleasant surprise?"Some Ji Dong doubts looks to Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan knows to make an indiscreet remark, hastily said: "At that time the Fire God sword had evolved to complete surely, it evolves is so difficult, won't could it be have brought to you pleasantly surprised? God knowledge that but in your Fire God sword seal a Level 2 god has slandered. I thought, its this evolution likely knows the thorough fusion that god for the sword spirit process, if not give you some pleasantly surprised, that is the strange event."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Hope so. So long as can help us defeat dark secret to be good."

The free time of a while, airborne Azure Dragon fell slowly, but Yao Qianshu actually as before floats there, the light mark that on that green bead releases throughout placed the certain extent. But, the bright heavenly stems disciples also can only look that he continues is maintaining the present appearance. At this time regarding Yao Qianshu without doubt was extremely important, anxiety can serve no purpose at all, they can only act Protector. The static waiting Yao Qianshu is unifying with that divine tool completely.

This first-grade is ten days of free time, must know, the time each day, the army in dark temple has been away from Holy and Evil Island nearby some. Once they arrived at Holy and Evil Island and dark secret converge, the dark secret adds on the dark dead health/guard to add on the dark heavenly stems disciple to combine again like this. They again did not have any opportunity, can only wait for oncoming of holy war. But, sees dark dead health/guard secret weapon, everyone knows, the bright heavenly stems disciple is impossible to win! When Ji Dong starts somewhat anxiously, Yao Qianshu in sky had the sound finally.

The originally gentle azure light suddenly becomes intense, the dazzling azure light shoots up to the sky, changes into a giant shy light beam, just like meeting the day floods in the world continually generally. A clear and bright long howl along with it resounding, the howl generally enters like that azure light for nine days.

The Ji Dong somewhat anxious look relaxes finally, "money tree, your this fellow do not call, quickly gets down. Our time are not much."

The azure light restrains gradually, the ray flashes, before Ji Dong body, were many a person, is not just Yao Qianshu? This time he, appears is in high spirits, the whole person bathes in a strange aura. Around the body, is rippling throughout gentle leading colored light glow, the whole person seemed has filled with noble and life aura.

"Exclusive radiance?"Ji Dong visits him surprisedly, he also has exclusive radiance, saw that Yao Qianshu leading colored light fog has naturally recognized.

Yao Qianshu laughed, said: "Has not made me hope finally white/in vain. This thing simply was too wonderful. This time really big changes, the elder brother was also one generation of experts. Haha, supreme powerhouse. Ji Dong. You know that my magic power broke through to 93, after breaking through Nine-Crown, has promoted three extremely."

Must know, after Mage cultivation base enters Nine-Crown, wants to promote each level again is extremely difficult, in his hand that divine tool can help him promote three magic power directly extremely, obviously magic power of its implication is huge.

Everybody already was familiar with the disposition of this fellow, everyone pays no attention to him, fell the vision in his left hand on that divine tool. At this time this First Wood divine tool already was not the appearance of azure bead, but turned into a piece of azure bright light shadow, in the Yao Qianshu hand, seemed like holding villain. If carefully looked, can discover, this villain appearance and Yao Qianshu itself exactly the same. simply is it of diminished version.

"What divine tool is this?"Let alone is Ji Dong and secret they. Even if were once as earth core Empress Chen Sixuan with amazement asked that she never has also seen the divine tool of this shape.

Yao Qianshu complacent say/way: "My this divine tool named divine wood puppet. No wonder this thing needs the Nine-Crown rank to use. It needs to recognize the Lord, only then fuses together after me completely can use. Without magic power of Nine-Crown rank, simply is impossible to recognize the main success, because in recognizing the main process needs extremely huge magic power as the support."

Ji Dong said: "What then its function is?"As the captain, he must know about the ability of each partner as far as possible, in this case, can use in combat process people completely it.

Yao Qianshu said: "You look."At the same time was saying, he green villain has been blowing the tone toward the hand in gently. Immediately, that green villain changes into together the flowing light, integrated his within the body instantaneously. On him that azure golden brilliance hallucination rhythm. Behind him, presented another Yao Qianshu impressively. Just, this Yao Qianshu completely is comprised of that azure golden exclusive radiance.

"The function of my this divine wood puppet was very simple, had it, quite in two me. It will use all my skills, including demon territory. Moreover meets frequently the protection side me, if I must meet the attack, it will immediately get rid. Can have two application methods. One type is I leaves alone to it, whatever it starts voluntarily. I attack anyone, it will attack anyone. magic power that has also and I am equally many. Another type is controls it by me. So long as in any case it had not been broken, when I meet the enemy attacks, all striking power are by it withstand. This treasure is really good! Had it, wants dead is not easy." Looks at Yao Qianshu that self-satisfied appearance, Ji Dong somewhat is funny, but he is nodded, said: "Your this divine tool, it can be said that in us most unusual, you said right, had it, wants dead is not easy. Un, is very good."This divine wood puppet, quite therefore the Yao Qianshu protector, the fight time double-barreled attacks, in the non-combatant condition can also protect side him, it can be said that an extremely comprehensive divine tool. Itself also conforms to gentle of wood attribute, from the quality, just as such that Chen Sixuan said that was not inferior to wolf divine intervention the bead of thick earth.

Yao Qianshu looked at somewhat by Ji Dong is scared, the Ji Dong look that he always thinks as if somewhat harbors evil intentions, "Ji Dong, do you want to do?"

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "Doesn't do! The ability of your this divine tool can make us change actually to cope with these darkness dead health/guard the tactic. Without a doubt, after having this divine wood puppet, you are in us resist to hit ability strongest one. This divine wood puppet oneself is containing and you equally many magic power, in addition your own magic power as well as magic power support in lasting method, even if 2-3 darkness dead health/guard besiege you, you a short time will not be massacred by them."

A Yao Qianshu face panic-stricken say/way: "Ji Dong, aren't you will make me direct them? My this, the speed does not excel!"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Did your this fear? I had not said that makes you do. Said, you now are also in us magic power level highest one."

Yao Qianshu does not install, said apologetically: "We quickly set out, because my relations lost everybody these many time, are many some strength also should be."

The bright heavenly stems disciples listened to his such saying, was startled visits him. Is this that not cannot benefit the early money tree? Suddenly, the vision of people have been full of the doubts. Looks that the people surprised are gazing at oneself appearance, Yao Qianshu some say/way of becoming angry out of shame: "Thinks so me to do? The brothers can't I the heroic chapter?"

The remote face despises visits him, said: "Believes you to be strange. Your this fellow, is a biggest profiteer, do not display that resolutely, that at all is not your disposition. I look, you for Crystal Crown of that First Wood department dark dead health/guard. Dark Azure Dragon crystal core made you break through Nine-Crown, Crystal Crown of that darkness dead health/guard does not know that can bring what kind of advantage. You listened to Ji Dong saying that First Wood department dark dead health/guard now is frailest one, you did not have the idea you are not the money tree."

Lan Bao'er in side laughed, said: "Remote elder sister always speaks the truth."

Yao Qianshu snorted, has not revealed the slightest bit awkward facial expression slightly, the say/way of assuming an air of self approbation: "My this called to benefit other people as well as, could it be has killed other darkness dead health/guard and dark heavenly stems Divine Beast, didn't you have the advantage?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Was good, now is not bickering time. The little modest book said right, we must quickly move are good. set out."At the same time was saying, he summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon and partners together diving posture on, pursues in the direction of dark army.

These several days, besides the cultivation, Ji Dong had been pondering how must cope with the dark dead health/guard, although he does not have the absolute assurance, but previous time he and Chen Sixuan and dark dead health/guard probe fights important, making him be able to formulate some tactics in view of these darkness dead health/guard, finally was a little energy. These darkness dead health/guard must before they and that side Holy and Evil Island converge remove, regarding holy war important. These ten fellows, slaughter the machine simply, if makes them join in the battlefield of holy war, has not known that must have many people dead in their hands. Although passed several days, but that dark army mainly ordinary soldier composes, the rate of progression is not quick, at this time also just walked less than 50% distances, under the fifty Saint Fire Dragon acceleration, less than three days, they from afar saw the shadow of that dark army fully.

Ji Dong took a deep breath, the mood of heavenly stems disciples also starts to tie tight, they know certainly, the match who Ji Dong is unable to contend with will be formidable.

Asked the recommendation ticket intensely, everybody helps.

Chapter 640: Ji Dong is the bait, dark Totem

"Our first goal. Is the Third Fire attribute dark dead health/guard."
The Ji Dong sinking sound said.

"Third Fire attribute?"Numerous heavenly stems disciples look at Ji Dong, reveals the doubts the look, before Ji Dong to them had not said how this fight will be conducted.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "To oppose the enemy directly, kills these darkness dead health/guard one time is not realistic, we cannot achieve. Therefore, we can only defeat them one by one."

Yao Qianshu was puzzled said: "But, you have not said that is First Wood attribute that darkness dead health/guard now weakest? Why does not ambush this, assuring also wants high."

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Because, strikes to kill the First Wood attribute darkness dead health/guard unable to make our overall strengths have the qualitative leap. But strikes to kill the Third Fire attribute darkness dead health/guard, will then likely make my Fire God sword evolution complete. Moreover, strength weak may not kill first, in the situation of having confidence, naturally must strike to kill the strength to be stronger. Later, our this humble one surface establishes to transmit law first, then. "

After simple arrangement, Ji Dong has stimulated to movement fifty Saint Fire Dragon to drop quietly, lands on the distance dark army dozens inside and outside places. The dark army enormous and powerful advance, Fu Rui is riding his purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon as before, was crowded around in most central of team. The side is six purple robe big priests. But these darkness dead health/guard also as in not far away. Every day will have the specialist to provide to their blood takes food, they are also entirely still, is not the live person, naturally cannot have any mood to fluctuate.

set out several days, except for initial time has presented beyond a small disturbance, this is very the way tranquil, makes these purple robe big priests some surprise. They are not Fu Rui, is naturally impossible to know Ji Dong and situation of dark dead health/guard first war. The dark dead health/guard will not speak, looks like in these purple robe big priests, more possibly was these bright heavenly stems disciples is solved by dark dead health/guard Chedi. Otherwise, why did several days pass by a sound? Their this dark army simply have not suffered any attack again. Their vigilance also natures relaxed. Moreover in their opinion, has existence of that ten darkness dead health/guard, their simply does not need to be worried about anything.

"Few hosts, most again 20 days, we can arrive in Holy and Evil Island." The Chief purple robe big priest said to Fu Rui.

The Fu Rui smile nods, said: "This fellow seniors were all the way laborious, has waited till Holy and Evil Island, I certainly to father report/give clear(ly)."

Chief big priest hastily said: "Many thanks few hosts. However we have not made anything. Before temple twice was attacked, we still responsibility for an offense, so long as the secret Sir did not blame us to be good."

The Fu Rui comfort said: "When now chooses a person, father will not blame your anything again, after the holy war starts, everybody kills the enemy much also and that's the end."

In free time who they spoke, suddenly, fierce thundering resounded in dark army, familiar Fire Dragon appeared once again, this time. Fire Dragon appeared in the dark army rear grain cluster of vehicles of directly, immediately, the flaming flame ascended suddenly, behind the dark army is a disturbance.

Ten darkness protected the originally deathly stillness eyes simultaneously to shine deadly, the evil blood red ray lit once more, order that they were, was eliminates to have the light attribute magic power enemy, this Fire Dragon magic power came from bright Third Fire.

Ten forms with previous time are the same, simultaneously jumps, flies rapidly toward the upper air. From airborne abandons the magic skill liquor Ji Dong, but this time only then he, but did not have Chen Sixuan to assist.

Abandons the flash of magic skill liquor, Ji Dong is turns around runs, compared with the previous start may probably, deadly protect him to have the full understanding regarding that ten darkness quickly, the start was slightly slow, must be held by this group of fellows.

Ten darkness die to escort the ground also requires time to three kilometers upper air, when they rise into the airborne time, body of Ji Dong on only the remaining small sunspots. Meets the goal to never say die, this is the characteristics of dark dead health/guard, only if the goal were massacred. They will not drop. Why this was the previous purple robe big priests to Fu Rui said that once glued on by the dark dead health/guard does not die the continuous reason.

Ji Dong did not fear that the opposite party does not pursue, does not pursue to be better, in that case, he regular throwing selects the magic skill liquor and so on to this dark army, instead here , although does not have the jade of place, but buys the manufacture ordinary magic skill liquor the material not to be a problem.

The vision of dark dead health/guard one has locked the body of Ji Dong, ten person simultaneous accelerations, full speed fly toward Ji Dong.

Regarding Nine-Crown Mage, flies the consumption of this ability to own magic power is not very big, if maintains the uniform speed slowly flies, the supplement of own magic power sufficiently supported it to consume. However, the full speed flight is different, the words of comprehensive acceleration, were quite big to the load of magic power. The people after all are not magic beast, needs to depend upon own magic power to promote the goal that the air achieves the flight, wants the high- speed flight, magic power that pays naturally must be more.

Through the previous time matter, Ji Dong already judged, these darkness dead health/guard full speed and own full speed is almost the same, this is the advantage that his Saint level body and spirit occupies, be stronger than Nine-Crown Mage regarding the induction of air. Both sides one after the other, comprehensive chase.

Ji Dong is not the straight line runs away, he from the sky delimits an enormous circle, the strength of soul is always also observing the following darkness dead health/guard, looked whether they have to divide forces to obstruct oneself sign.

Facts showed, the judgment of Ji Dong is very correct, although these darkness dead health/guard the strength is quite tyrannical, ability that but they have not actually pondered, only then the fight and slaughtering of instinct. After discovering Ji Dong. Ten people in together tightly pursue behind, simply does not have, because Ji Dong is circling to divide forces to obstruct him. As the matter stands, Ji Dong is feels relieved puts greatly, throughout is maintaining the speed of circling, lets the opposite party and is away from about five kilometers. This time, he will not stop to counter- attack, if falls into during the encirclement of opposite party again, does not have the assistance of Chen Sixuan, he wants to live is coming out simply not to have any possibility.

From overall strength, so long as is two darkness dead health/guard collaborates, can make Ji Dong very painful, three collaborations, if Ji Dong does not run, but spells hardly, then, he must die without doubt. However, is different in the process of this chase. Ten people pursue with a person get to the root of this do not have any difference, Ji Dong, so long as ran on the line. This is one that he finds out simply is also extremely effective copes with the dark dead health/guard the method, that puts together the consumption. Fights directly good, I do not consume your ten darkness dead health/guard with own magic power magic power. The darkness dead health/guard of these one-track mind will not be accommodating, can only consume along with the consumption of Ji Dong.

Although these darkness dead health/guard are above Level 95 formidable Mage, but, do not forget. Ji Dong there is still one cloudy Yang Fire lasting law existence. By these two lasting law, his overall magic power are only more than and will not compare the opposite party be few opposite party. This is also one of the Ji Dong maximum superiority, whom spells to consume to fear who? Ji Dong own also Chaos Fire is the backing, self-examined that magic power will restore the speed not to compare these ten darkness dead health/guard less/small.

The process that this circles such is continuing, dark dead health/guard Men always tight following on the heels, wants to come in Ji Dong, if can protect magic power to exhaust these darkness deadly, or consumes, only then one and 20% time, then, oneself again and partners coordinate, had greatly possibly can strike to kill these fellows very much.

However. Although the dark dead health/guard is stubborn, may create their generation of dark secrets not to be stubborn. When Ji Dong felt that own magic power has consumed the majority, when starts to use magic power in lasting law. Suddenly, he discovered back darkness dead health/guard Menbian. Arrived this time, he estimated that dark dead health/guard Men magic power has probably consumed about 40%, also 60%. Also at this moment, in all darkness dead health/guard, besides the First Wood department dark dead health/guard, side other people, shone a dazzling brilliance.

Ji Dong frequently quietly appeared in the lifeform that various Mage situations see.

The Second Wood department dark Liuhe, a huge white big flower, appears side the Second Wood department dark dead health/guard, dark Vermilion Bird, quietly appears side the Third Fire department dark dead health/guard, is dark Teng Snake, the dark sky, dark Heavenly Second, dark white tiger, the dark moon, dark Heavenly Empress (day later) and dark Black Tortoise. Outside dark Azure Dragon that except for died, Dark Five Elements Continent other nine dark heavenly stems Divine Beast all appear.

They a appearance, does not have the carrying/sustaining dark dead health/guard Laizhui Ji Dong, but is rapid dispersing, has surrounded toward Ji Dong from the different directions.

The dark dead health/guard is the elm head, but these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast are not, they have are not lower than the human the wisdom, this goes into action, immediately enables Ji Dong to continue to talk circuitously again, otherwise, he immediately by these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast encirclements.

In the Ji Dong heart criticizes one, these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast appearances, his plan must carry on second, it seems like, initially created these darkness dead health/guard that generation of dark secrets, certainly has established after these darkness dead health/guard own magic power consume the certain extent will summon the order of dark heavenly stems Divine Beast.

Naturally, all that Ji Dong formerly made are also not studious, at least coordinatedly consumed magic power of opposite party completely dark dead health/guard by his consumption. Effective has carried on weakening to these darkness dead health/guard. Has laid certain foundation for the later fight.

Cannot continue to circle again, Ji Dong recognized a direction, immediately full speed flies. Then the surface pursues his dark heavenly stems Divine Beast to see that Ji Dong recognized a direction to run away, immediately returned to side these darkness dead health/guard, acted as the mounts of these darkness dead health/guard. Did not have in the dark Azure Dragon First Wood department dark dead health/guard Seventh Metal department dark dead health/guard the back of Ninth Water heavenly stems Divine Beast white tiger. Full speed pursues by these nine new forces to Ji Dong.

These dark heavenly stems Divine Beast speeds may not be unified like beforehand these darkness dead health/guard Name. One accelerates comprehensively, had has slow quickly, quickest has two, one is the Fifth Earth department dark heavenly stems Divine Beast sky, is the same with bright heavenly stems Divine Beast, is a silver big bird. The flying speed is unequalled, but must surpass front Ji Dong, unceasing pulls closer the distance.

Is equally matched with the sky flying speed, was dark Teng Snake. It definitely is inferior to the sky on the flying speed, even might as well Vermilion Bird, but, do not forget, Teng Snake has existence that talent skill Teng Snake flashes. Teng Snake that Teng Snake uses flashes with is different, because this that Ji Dong uses is its talent skill, therefore simply does not have the time that the slightest bit stops, in certain distance, can the unlimited use. Therefore, it with the sky is almost pursuing of keeping pace in the forefront. Follows is dark Vermilion Bird. These three dark heavenly stems Divine Beast have formed the first echelon, other dark heavenly stems Divine Beast must fall behind points slightly, the carrying/sustaining dark white tiger of two darkness dead health/guard flew in the rear.

Fifth Earth department dark sky, in addition two Fire departments dark Vermilion Bird and dark Teng Snake. In the Ji Dong heart had haggling over , and partners have carried on the soul communication. Although behind these three dark heavenly stems Divine Beast under fully acceleration pursued is getting more and more near, but he actually not slightly flustered. He prepared to the traps of these darkness dead health/guard must arrive shortly.

By far, the front is a piece of mountain, a Ji Dong suddenly behind pair of wings booklet of flight in three kilometers upper air, really personally is rapidly ordinary just like arrow, shoots toward below hills. These darkness dead health/guard Haopian, but dark heavenly stems Divine Beast is not easy to deceive. Ji Dong makes such flight to make these dark heavenly stems Divine Beast think that he must in complex the terrain by below mountain range escape. Naturally, his also another goal.

At this time, flies is away from Ji Dong in forefront dark Teng Snake and dark sky already, only then less than three kilometers, by their cultivation base, so long as pulls closer the distance to one kilometer, then, they can launch the attack to affect the front flight directly Ji Dong, to that time, this skidding human must die without doubt.

Moves sideways to drill into the mountain range range, Ji Dong recognizes the mountain peak that has reached as high as, fully accelerates to overrun in the direction of mountainside directly, during this time, the spirit of his whole person was is highly anxious, although both sides also three kilometers distance, when he rushed to nearby that mountain peak, the speed must reduce surely, but at that time, the opposite party certainly will also approach to the certain extent, will possibly launch the attack. Therefore, Ji Dong needs discretely be again good discretely.

Saw that mountain peak will soon arrive, pursues, in back dark heavenly stems Divine Beast also saw that has over 30 meters in diameter giant cavern above that mountainside.

The climax already approached , to continue to ask monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.
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