Jiu Shen Chapter 621-630

Chapter 621: The secret, you help froth take a bath

Ji Dong has not led heavenly stems disciples to go to Holy and Evil Island directly. The mill knife does not harm the chopping firewood labor, goal eventually dark secret that they must face finally. If cannot defeat the dark secret, then, regardless of they made anything to waste finally. Therefore, on has in that many dark Crystal Crown situations on hand, Ji Dong eagerly does not certainly lead the partners to go to Holy and Evil Island, but stays outside a day of Wind City to transmit by to open cutting a cavern to keep the housing in a hill place forcefully. Has the stick of bead and the earth goddess thick earth, simply cannot want Ji Dong to get rid.

But froth actually has become the young coolie, because she lived in day Wind City, is good at putting on make-up and concealing themselves, can revolt against the secret organization to communicate with them, naturally became entered a city the best candidate, purchased some food and essential items for the heavenly stems disciples. This world has to store up Magic Tool this type of thing to exist luckily, must cry by froth of transporting.

More than 1500 dark Crystal Crown, average to nine people, Ji Dong took almost about 300, does not have the means that who lets him is dual attribute? He the jade of day brought from the dark secret banning room has absorbed first with the Fire God sword himself, then started to absorb Third Fire and Fourth Fire two departments Crystal Crown.

These dark Crystal Crown level are different, the speed of absorbing is naturally different. Luckily, all dark Crystal Crown at least are also above Four-Crown. Four-Crown dark Crystal Crown lets the words that Ji Dong absorbs. Also is a dozen minutes of matter, Five-Crown Crystal Crown needs to double the time, to Six-Crown Crystal Crown, Ji Dong has also needed half double-hour to handle, free time who Seven-Crown needs -and- a-half double-hour, but Eight-Crown Crystal Crown, even if he, needs the entire four double-hour to absorb one. What what a pity is, this time they may not have Nine-Crown dark Crystal Crown to be used to absorb. Ji Dong more than 300 Crystal Crown have about Six-Crown cultivation base on average, a day later, little twenty, many more than 30, have used 11 days of free time, he absorbs this completely more than 300 dark Crystal Crown.

After absorbing that belt the several jade of day, Ji Dong asked the secret to look at the evolution progress of Fire God sword to oneself. The result made him joyful, the evolution degree of Fire God sword has promoted 83%. Obviously searched for the soul to seize in soul big jade of that four bulk days to have the how huge chaos strength. On these four jade of days, helping the degree of Fire God sword promotion surpass 15%.

Absorbed Crystal Crown regarding promotion speed of Fire God sword wanted slowly to be too many, more than 300 various level Third Fire and Fourth Fire Crystal Crown absorbed, Ji Dong also felt that own magic power progressed, although from a Level 89 also distance, but compared with the previous time, obvious progress was more joyful. But the evolution progress of Fire God sword has actually promoted 1% by, the overall evolution has surpassed 84%. Seemed completes from the evolution only misses 16%, can in fact, where on Ji Dong look for the jade of four bulk days again? Only can rely on the unceasing cultivation, in addition absorbs dark Crystal Crown to come to promote it as far as possible.

However, even if such Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to be discouraged. Has not completed the evolution the Fire God sword so to be intrepid, if after this Fire God sword evolution is completed, what degree can also formidable to? When the time comes, perhaps the dark secret must dread continually extremely. As for own level, Ji Dong has a premonition faintly, although currently speaking, oneself promote to be very difficult to Nine-Crown, but after waiting till own cultivation base real break-through Nine-Crown, that can be a qualitative leap absolutely, how regardless to say, oneself is Yin-Yang two fires Mage. Will have some not to be different from everybody many.

Although the crystal core quantity of Ji Dong absorption is more than 300, is almost two times of other partners, but his actually first absorbs. Regarding the understanding of chaos deep meaning, in addition Yin-Yang dual attribute powerful as well as his does not fear the Saint level body and spirit of huge energy impact. Absorbs the nature to be twice the result with half the effort.

For serveral days, froth, not only the taking bitterly strength was responsible for going shopping to people, even the young female cook, every day has also prepared food to the heavenly stems disciples with the help of secret. The heavenly stems disciples do not know how long has not had a nice chummy food. Had froth this small girl to look , the people maintained to her favorable impression are always soaring.

What is most joyful, although froth is also less than 16 years old, but this cook is actually quite exquisite. Froth is a very sensible girl, since childhood she did not have mother. Starting from ten years old, she to organizing uncles and aunts studies the cooking. For can replace mother to take care of the father. Her originally is smart, several years later, have learned good cook. This may cheap the bright heavenly stems disciple. Every day eats the chummy meal that froth is making, is the Dark Five Elements Continent flavor, everybody has liked this little miss. When their first has the food that froth makes, for a long time almost including own tongue together eats by the people who the dry rations appeased hunger.

Retains a heart of person to detain his stomach first, also a few words is called with the hand of families is short, eats others mouths to be short. Under froth formidable good food offensive, the heavenly stems disciples little have not given the froth advantage. And, to the froth advantage most is gold/metal. Mentioned the reason, somewhat was actually terrorist, the person who because gold/metal killed were most, bright Crystal Crown that therefore, she collected were also most, many high-grade levels. Has given froth dozens Fourth Fire department adds on other people to collect again, Fourth Fire department Crystal Crown collects over a hundred. Perhaps although by froth present cultivation base, wants to absorb these bright Crystal Crown completely needs several years is good. After all her cultivation base is too weak, absorbs these many high-grade level Crystal Crown not to be easy. But if she can absorb these bright Crystal Crown completely, then, when the time comes her cultivation base at least can promote to Five-Crown above. Must know, in bright heavenly stems disciples hand these bright Crystal Crown, Six-Crown, Seven-Crown and Eight-Crown may be not infrequent.

Light Five Elements Continent with the Dark Five Elements Continent use, although is primarily the gold coin, but the style may be different, but this actually cannot baffle the people, froth with bright Crystal Crown of Three-Crown rank, in they organized to receive in exchange for a big money. Enough bright heavenly stems disciples use many years. Moreover this Crystal Crown is their interior digests, will not have any problem.

Besides giving froth bright Crystal Crown. Ji Dong in completing after own Crystal Crown absorption, is during the cultivation while the partners, he simply has instructed froth using these days.

The absorption of Ji Dong first conclusion dark Crystal Crown, has used for 11 days, is next to his has gold/metal of Saint level body and spirit similarly, has used 12 days, but to Du Ming who last completes the absorption, has used fully for 20 days. Therefore, froth can altogether study nine days of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong is the Pinnacle Two Fires department, taught that froth such small Mage, absolutely was considered as to use a talented person in an insignificant position. His instruction way is also quite direct, first has used three days, breaks in froth within the body with own Yin Fire department magic power, helping her expand the meridians, to pick out within the body impurity. Initially, Ji Dong in childhood in cultivation, what this process was most important was originates from Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost dragon blood as well as afterward Vermilion Bird the blood of phoenix, this enabled him to have the phoenix dragon dance snake changed, and has the body and spirit of far supernormal person.

But now on Ji Dong may not have these precious materials, but he also has his procedure. His procedure is very simple, but also needs the secret to coordinate. In displaying, frightens froth by secret with the strength of his soul the soul, making froth itself unable to feel existence of own body, then carries on his extremely special assistance by Ji Dong.

The help of Ji Dong to froth has only used own Yin Fire department magic power. This will not have any conflict, moreover he uses ordinary Fourth Fire, but is not Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, otherwise, the body of froth is very possible because of not being able to withstand, but was corroded instantaneously.

After Ji Dong Fourth Fire department magic power enters froth within the body, he will seek for meridians to launch the impact, that is not simple, charge cautiously, but almost arbitrary dashing, when Ji Dong first time for froth impact meridians, secret surprised nearly cannot control the strength of own soul.

Ji Dong is magic power tyrannical? Even if he slightly makes an effort, the meridians of froth cannot withstand. But at this time. Ji Dong naturally has his procedure. First, he has hung the nucleus of oneself life before start on the froth neck, even if presents anything to make a mistake, by the protection of nucleus of life, froth will not have the big problem. Next, after starting impact, although in the meridians of froth all impurities one time were rejected, has expanded large scale, but also because similarly this arbitrary impact bursts. At this kind of time, the chaos deep meaning played the decisive role. What is the chaos deep meaning? The chaos deep meaning lies in the creation. Under moistening of Chaos Fire, the meridians of froth breakage will heal quickly.

Ji Dong this, in froth within the body unceasing duplicates this to destroy and construct the process that first again, has used two days, helping froth clash all meridians, and helped its reconstruction. Arrived third day, Ji Dong has used the entire half bottle of precious millennium origin of life to help the froth warm and nourish body, and stimulates to movement by his own Yin Fire magic power, making froth be able to absorb with day.

It can be said that all these that Ji Dong makes, even if trades the present age most powerhouse dark secret to come, impossible to do him was better. Although the entire process is thrilling, but effect is also extremely terrifying.

Naturally, these three days, Ji Dong also withstood the partners enormous resentment, because not only froth suffered inadequate human form, the body will often have the blood fog to seep out. Is because in these three days , the delicacy delicacies that they just ate the custom did not have. The male disciples have not dared to display anything, but headed by Chen Sixuan and gold/metal female disciples actually joined up to express the strong protest to Ji Dong.

"You think so that I am also useless, I am also good for froth, yes."Ji Dong somewhat helpless looks at these beautiful women of eying covetously, "I am impossible to have the too much time to teach froth, therefore can only use some the methods of spoiling by trying to be too helpful. After she sobers, you understand that the effect was much good."

Remote snorted, said: "This is your issue, our issues are, has eaten three days of dry rations. As our leaders, great bright heavenly stems Saint king tyrant Mr. Ji Dong. We now urgently needed solution is the belly issue. You must be clear told us, when the froth master chef can continue to cook food for us."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Relax, is OK today."

Nearby day machine planting said: "Everybody, wants to eat the dish that froth cooks, who are you help her clean the body first. I have found the place, is not far in neighbor, has a very limpid creek."At this time froth just completed Ji Dong this hell -type improvement body process, the whole person women's clothing of moistened by the bloodstain and dirt fills. Seemed looks like comes to the verge of death simply general.

The females look at each other one mutually, finally has given the right to speak once more remotely, laughs remotely, said: "Secret, froth in us, is you who most likes. This you display, can you flinch? Us do not tell that any men and women are able to discriminate. On that day we cultivated time, I am unknowingly noticed that she by fell asleep in your arms. The real man did not explain. Quickly hugs your young beautiful woman to go, helping her take a bath your matters also to decide. We will not help your."

Blushing of secret like one thoroughly ripe the tomato, in the look have the intense plea to look that seeks help from Ji Dong.

Ji Dong stretched oneself, grows the tone, "these naive dies of exhaustion me, is not good, I must quickly rest. You are also idling doing, fragrant and Bao'er, your dark did Crystal Crown also absorb?"

At this time, they lived here for 14 days, gold/metal and Chen Sixuan, remote, wolf divine intervention several people have completed the absorption. Other people also again continue.

Five female diverge boisterously, only leaves behind the complexion red is the awkward secret.

Ji Dong before closing eyes starts to cultivate, said to the secret: "Oh, forgot to tell you, although her present situation is very stable, but if were being hit the body by the dirt like this, the toxin in dirt was not very good to her skin. You may probably make the best use of the time!"

"Uh......"secret quite hesitated, but listened to a Ji Dong such saying not to dare to have the slightest bit to delay again, the appearance and skin, this was in the female person heart is more important than the life, let alone, these days was together, he also really liked froth, immediately, clenched teeth and stamp the feet, copied airing the tender body, turned around to go toward that limpid creek that he found.

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Chapter 622: Also does not care looks one time

Looks at secret back hurriedly. originally was also in the bright heavenly stems disciples in cultivation to open eyes, laughed.

Before the central city, Ji Dong decided carried off froth the time, because not only carried off froth to be revolted against secret organization support in secret, for secret. When the froth flashed mine belt walks, Ji Dong clear seeing, in the secret eye that flashes thick losing that passes. Obviously, that time secret had to be moved to froth. As the brothers, Ji Dong can help naturally to help his, let alone, froth this little miss truly is better.

The secret brings froth this to go, used a free time about double-hour to come back, when he came back, on the face must drop to bleed. On the sending tree top of froth is also dropping the water, the body is binding the secret clothes.

In the females, the stature is relatively petite remote look ambiguous delivered one set of her clothes to come, chuckled, anything had not said, has given the secret the clothes.

"Remote , helping me." The secret entreaty said.

Remote then chuckled, said: "Incident not bothersome two hosts, looked in any case have looked. Also does not care looks at one time. Haven't you waked others girls? Looked has not made others know?" With bickers remotely, secret also difference was too far, took the clothes, to hold froth, must flee to the wilderness once again.

Those who made people somewhat surprised was, this secret they walked, unexpectedly enough one double-hour has not come back.

Some remote pondering said to Ji Dong: "Secret fellow, will unable to bear, which anything seized the chance others little miss. Others little misses may also less than 16 years old."

Ji Dong stared her one eyes ill-humoredly, said: "You thought that the secret is this person? By me to his understanding, after he definitely the clothes others change, again froth awakens, honest told her to be right the matter."

Throws chi to smile remotely, "also such honest person?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "You looked that which our brothers several also do have not to be dishonest?"

Remote snorted, has a look at Ji Dong, has a look at oneself side not far away again Chen Sixuan, coldly snorted, said: "I thought that you are very dishonest."

Finally, the secret brought froth to come back, what making the people surprised was, froth this little miss looked like anything has not occurred, was holding the secret hand, appearance that a face jumped for joy. But the secret lowered the head at this time, on the face the red slightly draws back, occasionally has a liking for froth one, in the look completely is the gentle color/look.

Gathers side remotely Ji Dong, said in a low voice \; "It seems like really became."

Froth and secret come back together. Looks vision that bright heavenly stems disciples cast, calm say/way: "Looks at anything! Hasn't seen others to be in love? Looked again does not do to you delicious." The lethality of these words is infinity, the people hurry to take back oneself vision, the small girl of froth this spirit demon honestly is not good to bully like the secret.

Side arriving Ji Dong that froth jumps, because the control is not good just large scale to improve the body, but also nearly falls a tumble. Side smile gathering Ji Dong, hee hee said with a smile: "Thank you draws, monster......, Oh, no, Elder Brother Ji Dong. However, you looked that I and cloud have established to relate, manages you to call Teacher not to be inappropriate again, yes. Therefore, we have the reality of masters and disciples, does not have the name of masters and disciples, is good?"

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Froth, do you understand, what you and secret are meaning together?"

Froth has gawked, clever nodded. Said: "I understand, later I must with you, probably return to Light Five Elements Continent to go with you together from now on."

Ji Dong sighed, said: "If after the holy war ended, all can according to our project development, actually be so. Your father that side. "

Froth said: "My thought was very clear. I truly do not give up the father, but the father later life of I did not need to be worried again. The father told me, the cotton rose aunt came back. After your twice is greatly noisy the dark temple, the grandfather told that all sneaks the organization member in dark temple to return to the organization. Has the cotton rose aunt to take care of the father, I can also feel relieved."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "Can cotton rose with your father in the same place?"

Froth nodded, a little sad say/way: "Is the father strongly requests, the aunt for the organization has paid that many, she comes back, the father proposed to her. The cotton rose aunt did not comply, afterward the father by the dead threat, she reluctantly agreed." On the Ji Dong face reveals an admiring look, said: "I have not misread your father person, he is bigger than your grandfather aspect. The cotton rose truly should have an arrangement properly. However you also completely may feel relieved, in the future the holy war will have ended, you and secret not necessarily cannot return to Dark Five Elements Continent frequently, when the time comes matter who will be also clear? Treasures the present, treasures at present the person."

Froth turns around, holds on the secret the hand, said: "Naturally. I will look after to say well."

The secret peeps Ji Dong, throughout was anything said embarrassedly.

Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, said: "Secret, looks at your this appearance, later must be eaten by froth stubbornly. Froth, will start tomorrow. I teach your some Fourth Fire department cultivation some main points as well as Fourth Fire department skills. However, now you have not been able to rest. If cannot have the food that you make again, everybody must eat me."

Froth said with a smile: "Does not have the issue, I do now. Makes feast to eat to you."

The bright heavenly stems disciples have not looked like for a long time were so happy today, this food eats is especially happy, even everybody also drank. The secret and froth naturally becomes the object who the people teased. However, froth this small girl is smart craftily changes, is ready to cope with anything to resist by whatever means available, does not drop the wind unexpectedly. But the secret only will actually sit in the one side laughs foolishly.

After the improvement of Ji Dong to body, body intensity large scale enhancement of froth, moreover cultivation base brokethrough Four-Crown. Ji Dong has not made her continue to absorb these Crystal Crown. Later her some are the time makes these, in this short in several day, Ji Dong teaches numerous Fourth Fire department knowledge to her, as for the skill, only has actually taught her two. One is Dark Moon Claw, one is Dark Moon Dance. Although only then two skills, but by froth present cultivation base, so long as these two skills can use, in leaves with level, even is slightly higher than her Level 1 in front of Mage, the self-preservation has had more than enough to spare.

20 days of cultivation, besides Ji Dong, the bright heavenly stems disciples had almost not the small progress. In over a hundred dark Crystal Crown of high-grade level absorbs. Is obvious regarding the advantage of people. All Eight-Crown cultivation base heavenly stems disciples, except for arrived at the Level 89 accident/surprise, other person of all raise promote one level. King's magic power, promoted Level 92.

Du Ming, Lan Bao'er, Du Xin'er these three people, magic power is combination Level 2, has been 83 degrees extremely. But now achieves Level 89 were also many.

Entered Dark Five Elements Continent to surpass for one month, was such one month, the cultivation base whole of bright heavenly stems disciples had the large scale promotion. Develops according to such situation, when one year 5 months later the Red Lotus day fire is put out, they want to break through Nine-Crown are not impossible. Because of this, they cannot now ahead of time and dark secret meet. After all. The dark secret wants to break through Divine level, that is almost the impossible situation, but they promote Level 1 every time, will increase a point with the possibility that the dark secret contends with.

Will soon leave this to stay 20 days of place previous days in the people, froth has brought back to the news from day Wind City, now on entire Dark Five Elements Continent, revolted against the secret organization to take the action, several hundred years accumulated this time being outspoken to erupt. Actually the news that has not passed from the dark heavenly stems disciple.

Froth takes a brand-new continent map to give Ji Dong, pointed above is labelling the red point place to say to Ji Dong: "Elder Brother Ji Dong, this is the newest map, these are labelling the red point map, some dark demon armed forces are stationed. Population from dozens to over a hundred. These cities either are quite lively, either is the commodity ships must by it place, has again is produces the grain or produces the place of weapon. Besides Mage, has certain army guarding. Now we organize the action that takes, as far as possible avoids these cities. The news that my father spreads said, if possible, please conveniently help to solve some, in this case, is more advantageous regarding the motion that we organized."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Told your father, these places become the targets that we attacked. You revolt against the secret organization in the motion, must preserve the effective strength as far as possible, first looks for these not to have the place that the dark demon armed forces guard or is the place that only then few dark demon armed forces guard starts. We earliest must three months later, be able to launch the attack in view of these cities."

Froth laughs, said: "It is not we revolts against secret organization, is they revolts against the secret organization, I am to be the family member of your bright heavenly stems disciple now am right."

Ji Dong laughed, "your this status transforms to quick. However , after must wait for us to win total victories, transforms again also with enough time. You go to pass on now the news. Then, we should also start to take action."

The matter has the relative importance, without a doubt, bright heavenly stems disciple after entering Dark Five Elements Continent, the biggest goal is not the place of dark temple dark secret that so-called basis. After all, is not enough to pose the threat by the strength of dark temple there savings to Light Five Elements Continent. Truly biggest threat, already gathered the dark army on Holy and Evil Island, several tens of thousands dark Mage add on several million armies again. These are the bright heavenly stems disciples true goals. When wants to weaken the holy war the strength of dark side. Investigates its fundamentally, must start from Holy and Evil Island.

The dark secret also understands this point obviously, even if were he returned to the dark temple, kept on Holy and Evil Island to assume personal command the dark heavenly stems disciples as before. Although dark secret are not willing to acknowledge, but he also knows, the bright heavenly stems disciples sneak Dark Five Elements Continent at that moment starting from, the aspect that originally must win had this uncertainties. The destruction is easy to construct difficultly, the bright heavenly stems disciple one person alone enters Dark Five Elements Continent no doubt is isolated and cuts off from help, but, they do not have any extra worries similarly, only needed to slaughter on the line independently. Moreover, wanted to catch them is really too difficult. The dark secret eventually is not a god, not having the god to know the instantaneous scanning thousand li (500 km) such formidable ability.

Reason that Ji Dong the choice does not help to revolt against the secret organization to affect entire Dark Five Elements Continent in this time, the reason is very simple, because he is very clear, is nearer from the time that the Red Lotus day fire is put out, the dark secret more will attach great importance to Holy and Evil Island inevitably. Arrived final several months of time, the dark secret throughout will certainly assume personal command on Holy and Evil Island, is waiting for oncoming of final time holy war. Arrived that time, wanted to take the action to Holy and Evil Island to be difficult again. Reason that Ji Dong leads the bright heavenly stems disciples from the beginning to the attack that the dark temple launches, itself for using diversionary tactics, is attacking the enemy to rescue, then aims at the true goal the spearhead. Now, should be they in view of this true goal motion time.

When the night falls, fifty Saint Fire Dragon also quietly takes off, directly soars the Holy and Evil Island direction to go, according to news that froth brings, after the dark secret returns to the dark temple, mobilizes informer who on entire continent places, searches the trail of bright heavenly stems disciples. Their seeking naturally do not have any result, but before the motion starts, the bright heavenly stems disciples cannot any find their opportunities to the dark secret surely. This time they not only need go to Holy and Evil Island, must seek for a quite secret place to establish one transmission law that side Holy and Evil Island, as the matter stands, they can momentarily transmit between Holy and Evil Island and dark temples. The dark secret wants to catch them is not that easy. Ji Dong has made fifty Saint Fire Dragon fly near Dark Five Elements Continent closest Holy and Evil Island seacoast that fort to stop. When they just entered Dark Five Elements Continent, once passed by from this fort. At that time, to fear to be traced by dark secret, they did not have to make the observation fast to depart. Without a doubt, leaves beyond the reserve that on Holy and Evil Island itself saved, this has two Central Plains City that big forts fully is the dark army genuine source of supply.

Froth will revolt against the news that the secret organization reconnoiters already to tell Ji Dong, the dark secret for the dark army in Holy and Evil Island and this fort, altogether has constructed ten giant granaries and equipment warehouses. And, in this fort, four giant such warehouses exists. Each warehouse over 2000 dark demon armed forces are protecting, the defense is stern.

The big climax will soon start, for this climax, was very early I to start the upholstery. Creates world Liuhe to have a use.

Chapter 623: True attack plan

40,000 dark demon armed forces customs that Holy and Evil Island is stationed . The major part is stationed around these ten big granaries. These reserves, can say that is the flesh and blood of the people that on Dark Five Elements Continent plunders, even if cannot from Dark Five Elements Continent continuous ships to supply, only these ten big warehouses can support the dark army entire three years of fights. It can be imagined the reserves of these ten big warehouses were huge.

"Ji Dong, do we want to begin to this fort? The dark heavenly stems disciple assumes personal command on Holy and Evil Island, let alone they not necessarily with enough time catch up, can catch up, we can also leave calmly."

Looks at distant place that colossus huge dark fort, Yao Qianshu speaks to Ji Dong. In the woods that they just at present are stopping over the arrange/cloth has gotten down all-around directional transmission law, builds the base that has been able to transmit at any time for oneself.

Not only Yao Qianshu has such idea, other heavenly stems disciples very much agreed that the view of Yao Qianshu, after all, such does not only can attack the dark army with ease, can transfer the dark heavenly stems disciple, but, they, when attacks this dark fort, can surely the mass casualties dark demon armed forces, thus obtains a number of dark Crystal Crown again. Tasted absorption dark Crystal Crown to promote the magic power benefit, the bright heavenly stems disciples regarding hunted and killed dark Mage very to anticipate once more. Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, now has not attacked here good opportunity. Everybody does not use anxiously. Here sooner or later is our goals. If our first time arrived here to decide the goal above this fort. If dark heavenly stems disciple turns back in order to help friendly forces at the same time, what to do does the dark secret catch up to assume personal command from the dark temple in Holy and Evil Island? If so, although we will not have any danger, but harvests surely is also limited. Li Yonghao in knowing perfectly well us does not have in the dangerous situation, is impossible to take an action. But we target will decide directly in Holy and Evil Island are different, he hesitates, informs the dark secret to catch up."

Remote was puzzled said: "Transmission law wasn't of dark temple is destroyed by us? How does the dark secret possibly promptly catch up?"

Ji Dong said: "If we are the dark secrets, after returning to the dark temple, what first can make? Must transmit law to construct surely first. Only has this, he can give dual attention to the dark temple and Holy and Evil Island both sides. Therefore, we attacked dark fort at this time, the advantage that can gain is surely limited. Therefore, our first goal or Holy and Evil Island."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong puts out the magic skill liquor that jade of the pile of land have completed from own Vermilion Bird bracelet, he has classified simply, then refers to the partners looks, said: "The my Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic skill liquor also 21 bottles, the secret, you with one bottle, are used to defend self. The other 20 bottles, each of you takes two bottles, froth, your soul cultivation base also insufficiently stimulates to movement this Ultra Certain Kill Skill, instead the easy wound to arrive at itself, you did not use with."

After assigning had the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic skill liquor, Ji Dong final four bottles of will receive. Then continued: "Surplus is the Certain Kill Skill ranks, to increase the kill zone and is used to bring up the rear. The magic skill liquor of these Certain Kill Skill ranks I make are flame dragon Huozhuan, moreover is pinnacle Yang Fire, everybody divided on average. Later, after we enter Holy and Evil Island found goal, in view of these dark Mage, everybody should not be frugal, leaves behind one bottle of Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic skill liquor to be used to defend self besides everyone, other, all used."

Yao Qianshu meat pain say/way: "These many good things, one to have used, was too a little luxurious?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Before I have listened to such a few words, what the person for a lifetime is the most painful matter? That is, the person died, money has not all spent. Our is first time attacks Holy and Evil Island, is unexpectedly. Used these magic skill liquor the effect to be definitely best at this time. Moreover, can better retains own magic power momentarily strain. Since must use sooner or later, why not, when the effect is best to use?"

Sees the partners complexion to feel relaxed, Ji Dong continues saying: "On Holy and Evil Island, besides dark Mage, if we have met the obstructions of these soldiers, everybody does not need scruples the beforehand agreement. Can slaughter independently, gives priority to our own safety. Naturally, if can not kill, must reduce the attack as far as possible to these average people. Our time priority targets are dark Mage, these grain and fodder and weapons are the dying thing cannot be inescapable, later some are the opportunities. After entering Holy and Evil Island, first ejects the magic skill liquor, then we converge rapidly, the murder and restraining dark Crystal Crown, then rapidly evacuate. Everybody understood."

The bright heavenly stems disciples nod in abundance, Ji Dong is then bringing on partners again fifty Saint Fire Dragon, soars, goes in the Holy and Evil Island direction. Had just the transmission law of brand mark, with Holy and Evil Island so near distance, they transmit only takes several seconds. The escape route it can be said that remained fully.

Froth excited is holding the secret hand, although Ji Dong does not make her enter the war, but before she strives to enter Holy and Evil Island, again does not enter the Vermilion Bird bracelet. As the matter stands, the oppressed time at least wants on few many, always feels better for a long time the feeling in Vermilion Bird bracelet. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon just like a bomber aircraft is ordinary, under the dual hideaways of curtain of night and thick fog, passed over gently and swiftly from that giant fort, how crosses not the broad channel, directly entered in the Holy and Evil Island range.

Although has been stationed in several million dark armies in Holy and Evil Island this half, but Holy and Evil Island is vast in territory, the dark army impossible to cover the entire island. Ji Dong order fifty Saint Fire Dragon found a remote place to fall. Then puts out froth through the organization to his top-secret map. When froth brought from initially day Wind City this map gives Ji Dong, Ji Dong understands, flashed the father- in-law child to understand own meaning completely. Li Yonghao is impossible to allow them to give them this kind of map the bright heavenly stems disciple, because, on this map records the dark army's detailed distribution on Holy and Evil Island. Regarding the bright heavenly stems disciples, this is no different than the priceless treasure.

Ji Dong spreads out the map, in the hand shines slightly the flame, making the partners be able to see clearly the situation on map reluctantly, then pointed at the map saying: "On Holy and Evil Island altogether six big warehouses, quite close channel, the distribution are this."At the same time was saying, point of Ji Dong on map stays behind continually, sections out the position that six large-scale warehouses were , then the point they at this time the place, said: "We here. This is our first time, is most important one time, because only then this time, their defenses not are extremely intense, after all, they definitely think that now we also near dark temple, Li Yonghao will obtain the news of our two attack excessively dark temples not to be long, if the situation will be good, we can create the ruinous attack to them directly."

The people carefully look at the map in Ji Dong hand, this discovered, the Ji Dong choice lets the fifty Saint Fire Dragon landing the place, does not choose at will, the position that at this time they are. Happen to is that six big warehouse central positions, although a distance that six big warehouse dozens miles to over a hundred miles distance, but without a doubt, the Ji Dong choice lets the fifty Saint Fire Dragon landing here, certainly includes the profound meaning. When the bright heavenly stems disciples note this point, Ji Dong said the words that made them be surprised, the Ji Dong vision observes the situation the people, the vision falls on froth finally. In front of partners unexpectedly, bows to salute to froth. "Sorry, froth, I must first apologize to you."

Froth has gawked. "Apology? Apologized? Elder Brother Ji Dong, are you all right?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "I know why you are very certainly strange I to say. I to apologize to your last probe. Perhaps you have not felt, since we after were wanting the area north of the Great Wall to say dark this line of plannings for action, the strength of my soul has been locking you, so long as you had a trend, I met first discovered."

Froth dull looks at Ji Dong, angrily said: "Originally you do not trust my."

The secret hurried to hold on the froth hand, said: "Froth, should not be angry, Ji Dong this also for us. After all, opportunity that we have not been defeated, but your revolt secret alliance cooperates with Li Yonghao eventually, after Ji Dong explicitly expressed looked through Li Yonghao planning, if you organize to make anything in view of us, we will be passive. Do not be angry, this is also the last test."

Froth stared secret one ruthlessly, snorted, looking up said to Ji Dong: "Puts in the Vermilion Bird bracelet me. Also outside did not use the matter that made me see has. You then should saying that has planned truly, I do not want to know."

Looks at froth that panting in indignation appearance, the bright heavenly stems disciples smile, in the Ji Dong wrist/skill the Vermilion Bird bracelet ray flashes, but actually does not receive in which a froth person, but both received her and secret two people. This motion true plan is not only very bold, is the suitable danger, temporarily does not need secret participation. Let him comfort froth without doubt is the best choice , the froth person in province in the Vermilion Bird bracelet lonely. "Should Ji Dong, what tell us now truly the plan is?"Yao Qianshu somewhat anxious asking.

Even if the bright heavenly stems disciples does not know that the Ji Dong true plan is anything, Ji Dong formerly also told them the plan to be false through the soul relation at that time.

Ji Dong somewhat apologetic say/way: "Had not told everybody truly the plan is anything , because this plan too was to us important. If can achieve perfectly, we even do not need to land Holy and Evil Island again, so long as far as possible harassed in various Dark Five Elements Continent places on the line."

The bright heavenly stems disciples have gawked, although they have the self-confidence to themselves, but must say that one time gives the Holy and Evil Island several million dark armies to add on several tens of thousands dark demon armed forces by serious the enough attack, this point they are unable to believe that Ji Dong said. It looks like the miracle is simply ordinary.

Looks at the partners inconceivable look, Ji Dong says with a smile: "Everybody knows quickly my goal was anything. Thinks of the fine jade, this time you and modest book are the absolute main forces, our dangers lie, everybody's magic power after completing the plan will be likely nothing left, can only leads us to leave here by Maotai and Wuliangye."

The people listened to the Ji Dong words, is surprised, look at each other in blank dismay, although said that they now are also not the dark secret matches, but their nine bright heavenly stems disciples collaborate, the magic power total quantity also sufficiently was the quite terrifying degree. In opposite party does not have in the Nine-Crown Mage situation, even if slaughter several thousand dark demon armed forces is also a cinch.

Others do not understand the meaning of Ji Dong, but the Chen Sixuan pupil is brilliant, looks at Ji Dong, said: "You said, creates world Liuhe?"

Hears to create world Liuhe these four characters, the bright heavenly stems disciples are awaken finally, looked again the Ji Dong look looks like looks at the monster to be ordinary, this idea was really too bold. That magic power that creation world Liuhe that Chen Sixuan displays once frightened promotes to clash under the crown to Level 99 Saint step standard Lin suddenly the forest clear instantaneous look changes. This skill in the actual combat, is it can be said that meaningless, but everyone must acknowledge, its terrifying. If really not any restraint and inspiring, making this skill continue, it may grow into ultimate Certain Kill Skill that level.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, in the eye god electro-optic shoots, looks at Chen Sixuan saying: "You only said that right part, should be creates world Liuhe to add the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. When the dark temple, I once want to use this method, but the dark Mage distribution of dark temple is extremely intensive. Especially the dark temple, almost all Mage can catch up in the short time, at all impossible creating world Liuhe by opportunity of growth . Moreover, at that time also searched for the soul to seize soul big existence, is unable to conceal by our abilities creates world Liuhe not to be discovered that finally can only give up. However, after this time we come here , is different. Holy and Evil Island is vast in territory, the majority of dark demon armed forces are stationed around that six big warehouse. I choose this place to be situated in six big warehouse core positions, they come to catching up from the discovery, requires certain time. But can destroy truly creates the dark heavenly stems disciples in world Liuhe to be away from is farther. Reason that does not choose in displays from Red Lotus day fire near position, because of Red Lotus day hot fire attribute regarding the limit of wood attribute, here actually just right. For these years passed, various plant growths on Holy and Evil Island was also similar, this can be used by us."

The bright heavenly stems disciples look at each other in blank dismay, usually the wolf divine intervention of few opens the mouth suppress one, "too powerful. "

Powerful not? Monthly ticket also powerful, whether?

Chapter 624: Do you like me one dying?

Through the Ji Dong simple description. The bright heavenly stems disciples understood his intention. Six big warehouses that here distance dark demon armed forces are mainly stationed at least have over 50 miles distance, even is farther. When Chen Sixuan displays here creates world Liuhe, time that 50 inside and outside dark demon armed forces can induce, creates world Liuhe not to know that grew to any degree. Although neighbor may present the patrol of dark soldier, but these ordinary soldiers cannot induce huge Second Wood department magic power to fluctuate. Moreover, even if they catch up, did not need the bright heavenly stems disciples to begin, has their mount magic beast sufficiently to deal with.

But the dark heavenly stems disciples headed by Li Yonghao wants to discover that creates existence of world Liuhe, the time must be longer. When they rush, god knows created world Liuhe to grow any degree. Moreover, had discovered here has issue, dark demon armed forces surely massive catches up toward here, when the time comes, numerous dark demon armed forces gather, but creates world Liuhe to grow to the words of enough terrifying degree, then, regarding the dark demon armed forces, absolutely is the ruinous attack that produces!

Wolf divine intervention: Too powerful, nearly the delay bright heavenly stems disciples will awaken.

Remote muttered: "This is not the powerful two characters can describe. Should be too vicious was right. Ji Dong, or I give you position of demon pledge hegemon. Facing enemy time, your this fellow does not know that be crueler more and merciless than many times me."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile. Said: "If dies 10,000 people, can live 100,000 people, I will not be then lenient. Let alone, organizes their such ideas according to the revolt secret, we are the light, but here all belong to the darkness, we are relative existed, we do not need any psychological burden. However, I must talk clearly the dangerous situation that we will soon face first, first, our dangers will appear in oneself, wants to let create world Liuhe to achieve enough formidable magic power as far as possible in a short time, must make it swallow our magic power first, although we are ten attributes are complete, but can actually through the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy unceasing carries on the Wood department magic power output, before departure, must make it as far as possible formidable, best is when the dark heavenly stems disciple arrives does not dare to move it easily, in that case, our goals were achieved. But will also make us present a weak time. Next, creates world Liuhe whether to stabilize absorbs magic power continually, once in we inject in the magic power process to present the unstabilizing factor to cause to create the world Liuhe explosion, bears the brunt, perhaps we ended. Therefore, when uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. Needs everybody mentality to put as far as possible steadily, do not have any unnecessary mood to fluctuate, regardless of the outside what happened, before I have not made everybody stop, must output continually. Third, is we are separated from the battlefield the time, has created world Liuhe, since can achieve that strong striking power, we must leave at the maximum speed, I when assign dark Crystal Crown, each department has left behind several, later I will give everybody, when we start to evacuate, you must absorb magic power in dark Crystal Crown to supplement oneself immediately, regardless of were exhausted at that time, cannot idle, must save enough magic power to start the transmission. Otherwise, only depends on the flight of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is impossible to lead us to leave the foundation world Liuhe coverage scope in a short time. When the time comes, situation worst definitely thinks of the fine jade and modest book their wood attribute, everybody must help their as far as possible, if can continue the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy naturally is best. Finally. I must emphasize, I to everybody these magic skill liquor, to help us before actually brought up the rear to use. When the time comes everybody does not want not to hate to use, money tree, particularly your this fellow."

The bright disciples look at Ji Dong, in eye reveal the look of being eager to try, once, above this piece of Holy and Evil Island, the dark secret was relying on that not well-known ability, inspired the airborne ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, has caused a giant disaster, not only made then Heavenly Stems School students nearly be annihilated, has claimed the lives of Light Five Elements Continent East China Sea seashore hundreds of thousands of soldiers. Lie Yan (raging flames) also because that ten thousand thunder break into a jail come to the world, to rescue Ji Dong solved that ultimate Certain Kill Skill also to use the Red Lotus day fire, having dark secret inspiring ultimate Certain Kill Skill, Lie Yan (raging flames) to be chased down by god lethal?

Now, was one's turn them, the ultimate Certain Kill Skill that although they must start perhaps inspired ten thousand thunder to break into a jail also wanting difficult many compared with the dark secret, after all, nobody knows that created world Liuhe whether eventually really to be the ultimate Certain Kill Skill degree, but this was actually a rare opportunity. At this moment, why before the bright heavenly stems disciples really understand Ji Dong, throughout is not willing to place the darkness to insert the goal of attack, but must come here. Once ultimate Certain Kill Skill erupts on this piece of Holy and Evil Island, that side Light Five Elements Continent, there is a Red Lotus day fire to be cut off, the fire to subdue|grams wood, this created the world Liuhe eruption the strength unable to break through the Red Lotus day fire obviously. But this side Red Lotus day fire dark army perhaps......

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "Was a pity, if our really success. Cannot attain that many dark Crystal Crown. If our ultimate Certain Kill Skill have covered this half Holy and Evil Island, hehe, how even if we ultimately could not defeat the dark secret, this so-called holy war did not have any significance. Ji Dong, you, not only the tyrant, simply is the king of slaughtering! This time must succeed, that is several million lives. Don't you have the slightest bit psychological burden really?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Has the wound day , is also the responsibility of my this leader, has nothing to do with everybody, your anything does not know, the entire plan only then I am clear. Good, our time is limited, this starts."Anything has the wound day and so on, he does not care, his life only then, he wants to do now, completes own responsibility, then clean looks for own Lie Yan (raging flames). How shoulders all responsibility? Even if god lowers the infliction from god, but dies. Actually sufficiently received in exchange for two pieces of continent peace.

Chen Sixuan starts to say this plan from Ji Dong the time, throughout in gazing at him, at this time, her vision has contracted suddenly slightly, because she from the Ji Dong face. Saw one clearly indifferently, regarding life indifferently. Her heart clutches suddenly tightly, dark army who because, this indifferently soon do not attack in view of them, but aims at his. could it be, he, or observed that ten years to agree?
"Thinks of the fine jade, restrains the mind."Ji Dong solemnly shouted. Chen Sixuan sobers from the chaotic mentality, arrives in front of Ji
Dong, her soul fuses immediately in Ji Dong together, her soul information immediately has also passed to Ji Dong, "how, regardless in your present heart to think. I only want to ask that your, do you still remember you to the commitment of Lie Yan (raging flames)? You have said to me, initially when Lie Yan (raging flames) died, the strongest wish that she leaves behind will be lets you in the next ten years, whenever her gala will approach will hold a memorial service for her with one of the ten big famous name wines. Each time is only one type. I think, she does not hope to drink all ten big famous name wines one time. Now, but passed for three years."

Is listening to the Chen Sixuan words, the Ji Dong heart slightly shakes, he has not thought that Chen Sixuan can see unexpectedly some ideas in own heart, light response: "These are not you need to care now. All you who at present we must be are the true cores, regardless of you want to say anything to me, must wait for us to complete all these to say first at present again."

Chen Sixuan nodded silently, at this kind of time, she was certainly impossible to reject the request of Ji Dong, in the meantime, at this time, suddenly, in her mind flash of intuition, never has thought the excellent idea suddenly appeared in her heart. Right! How I have not thought that must this.

Chen Sixuan only thought that own heartbeat significantly sped up several points, looks that the Ji Dong vision slightly has also changed, if own plan can be completed, then, all no longer are the issues. Oneself and Ji Dong can eventually in the same place. Thinks of here, wipes to have several points of excited smiling face to reveal immediately from her face.

"Ji Dong, I only hope you to know, regardless of you finally the decision is anything, I will support you unconditionally. Regardless of you must make anything, I can be you firmest supporter, even if dies. But I only have a request, I hope, when you make decides and must put into practice finally, lets me side you, ok? I only then this small request."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, looks at Chen Sixuan, hesitant, shook the head eventually. He does not hope, when look for Lie Yan (raging flames) finally has Chen Sixuan on the scene, because not only he does not hope that Lie Yan (raging flames) saw oneself and Chen Sixuan has implicated. Meanwhile he also thought that this is unfair to Chen Sixuan. How even if he is not willing to acknowledge, status of Chen Sixuan in his heart is next to Lie Yan (raging flames), he does not think, when look for Lie Yan (raging flames), sees the sadness of Chen Sixuan, he had a deficit her too many are too many.

However, when Ji Dong just shook the head, making the matter that he cannot imagine absolutely occur, always to him is that gentle Chen Sixuan complexion big changes, fierce retreat one step, pulls open itself and distance between Ji Dong, has shut also off among two people the soul relation, both hands fork waist, exclaimed to the Ji Dong anger: "I love you, you will like me one dying! A I such small request, aren't you willing to comply?" Chen Sixuan suddenly erupts, numerous bright heavenly stems disciples who shakes greatly has a big shock, they have not heard Chen Sixuan to transmit anything to Ji Dong through the soul, Ji Dong anything had not said that but shook the head, Chen Sixuan actually suddenly looked like the volcano to erupt generally. Suddenly, in this forest falls the needle to hear immediately, eyes of people was all straight.

On that day the people transmitted from the dark temple Ji Dong has not followed promptly, Chen Sixuan erupted, but compared with this time, may at that time on gentle many. They have never seen at present this just like a jealous and domineering wife her, although in this case she as before is that perfect, but makes the people suddenly somewhat be at a loss before the gentle striking contrast.

The eternal armor one layer upon layer turns just like the leaf blade armor leaf, in an instant has covered Chen Sixuan that perfect tender body, she stands there, coldly looks at Ji Dong, "I request, when you make the decision side you, if requests you not to comply like this, I die now to you look. You should know, by my cultivation base, if from the broken soul, you simply does not have the means."

"I faint, is your this is doing! Thinks of the fine jade, had the words to say well."Yao Qianshu first responded, hurried to say.

gold/metal and remote also wants to go forward from two sides. Chen Sixuan shouted coldly: "Everybody do not come, this is between I and him the matter."

Looks at Chen Sixuan that rigid vision, Ji Dong softened finally, sighed, said: "You must with. I promise you am."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, in the Chen Sixuan heart big relaxing, she has thought of an excellent idea with great difficulty, if Ji Dong did not pay attention to itself to go to "looking"while her Lie Yan (raging flames), she really cried not to have the place to cry.

Eastern Wood saintess who the previous moment also cold severe shouted angrily, on the the next moment face is actually incorruptible defrosting, the pupil brightly obviously became gentle, went forward one step, held on the big hand of Ji Dong, "sorry, I was too a moment ago impulsive. I do not want one day suddenly unable to see you. Even if you have chosen anything, I also hope that can look at your choice clearly. Ok?"

Ji Dong nodded silently.

The bright heavenly stems disciples look at around Chen Sixuan momentous change on mood, helpless shaking the head, to Chen Sixuan, their from the heart sympathy, let alone Chen Sixuan several to the Ji Dong roar, even if some intense they can also withstand again, in their eyes, Chen Sixuan simply is the woman perfect absolute representative, she is so good to Ji Dong, Ji Dong has not been willing to accept him, in secret, the bright disciples are Chen Sixuan feel to worry. But they are unable to say anything to Ji Dong, after all, this is Ji Dong to rigid that Lie Yan (raging flames) loves, they cannot persuade him to love another.

Obtained the affirmative answer, Chen Sixuan satisfied has smiled, jumps for joy saying: "What also waits, do not make this dark army also taste the ultimate Certain Kill Skill flavor/smell? Our starts."

At the same time was saying, she has occupied behind Ji Dong on own initiative, built a hand on the shoulder of Ji Dong, made to use the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy the appearance.

At the end of the month final several days, everybody's monthly ticket be not remaining, throws to slightly three. Thanks.

Chapter 625: The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements matches to create world Liuhe

Is feeling mildness of Chen Sixuan according to that small hand on own shoulder. The heart of Ji Dong ripples mighty waves. Hurries to restrain the mind, solemnly said: "Everybody releases first own magic beast partner, making them Protector for us in periphery. If the patrolman of dark regiment, can solve rapidly."At the same time was saying, he has also released Huo'er. The Huo'er pair of wings launches, flutters, fell on the fifty Saint Fire Dragon generous back.

The heavenly stems disciples release the respective magic beast partner, the secret also temporarily was called from the Vermilion Bird bracelet by Ji Dong, after summoning his Rank 10 drilled the lizard, returns in the Vermilion Bird bracelet, can see from the secret look, the froth that side obviously was already not any issue.

Besides thinking floating to fall on being away from the Chen Sixuan under foot, other formidable magic beasts disperse in all around, the hideaway of being quietly in the woods, Protector by these many formidable magic beast, only if large quantities of dark demon armed forces rushes, or is the dark heavenly stems disciple gets rid, otherwise, wants to cross this barrier to be possible not to be easy.

Completes all these, Ji Dong took a deep breath, after looking at a jet black nighttime sky. Finally hints the partners to start. The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy heavenly stems disciples practice extremely skillfully, is almost only the next moment, has composed. ten departments entire attribute pinnacle magic power started the process of circulation instantaneously, incomparably huge magic power starts to circulate in bright heavenly stems disciples within the body, Ji Dong the strength and Chen Sixuan soul the strength of soul perfect fuses in together, becomes to the control node of entire five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. After all, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy of their bright heavenly stems disciple comprised is extremely huge in magic power that in the unceasing magic power mutual promotion of the five elements process can produce, if not control, might have the body of partner unable to withstand that huge magic power transmission process very much, will thus explode the body to perish. Therefore, Ji Dong must feel the physical condition of partners through the strength of soul, once withstands reaches the limit the time to everybody's body must slow down the mutual promotion of the five elements circulating rate or carries on the magic power output. Why this is Ji Dong diligently has also been helping the partners promote magic power to Eight-Crown above as far as possible, cultivation base promotes Eight-Crown, the bearing capacity of body also to strengthen large scale, all Eight-Crown means them, when uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, can revolve, magic power of control and release is more terrifying.

The free time of a while, that huge mutual promotion of the five elements circulation magic power has reached the limit, the strength of some Ji Dong tyrannical souls as the guarantee, the bright disciples do not need to be worried about anything, does not need to care about anything, only needed to stimulate to movement magic power fully on the line.

"Thinks of the fine jade, starts."When Ji Dong feels magic power close limit, telling Chen Sixuan can carry on to output.

Chen Sixuan sends out a strange magic power fluctuation, the light white light appears in the eternal armor surface. Strange law also appears in her behind, is Second Wood same reduction. The white ray, without a doubt is the strength of chaos, her pair just like scallion white common slender palm. Like lightning before the body lays out dozens palms, aquamarine brilliance flutters before her body a piece by piece, particularly in that aquamarine, but also is mixing with the white. These magic power from the sky flutter to sweep across, then fast condenses is gathering the formation together. Happen to is white belt azure flowers. Second Wood department Totem, Liuhe.

Before displays creates world Liuhe compares, present she wants calmly were too many, the bright heavenly stems disciple pours into through magic power that the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation constantly strengthens to her here completely, is output by her, does not need like before to be worried issue that magic power dries up. Let alone, the present bright heavenly stems disciples, had the strength of chaos completely, not only can amplification her pinnacle Second Wood magic power, even including the wood of her chaos to obtain the enormous amplification, by the understanding of Chen Sixuan various attribute magic power, naturally already in advance sentenced this point, utilizes is calm free, by the experience and ability of magic power control, she even above Ji Dong, do not forget, she also has that slightly actually to dominate the god knowledge above dark secret.

At this time Chen Sixuan relies on the singular control of own magic power to add on the aura of wood of chaos. Has imitated Liuhe unexpectedly perfectly. This Liuhe just a appearance, all wood attribute elements in air immediately were similar to all rivers run into the sea generally gathered to go toward it.

The feeling of Yao Qianshu is most profound, although he is not Second Wood magic power, but similarly is also wood attribute, that formed creation world Liuhe also similarly started to swallow his wood attribute magic power gradually, in their forests, the wood attribute life aura in all plants also all crazily increase, but. Chen Sixuan this creates world Liuhe is not simple imitates Liuhe, but is creating Totem truly, Second Wood department Totem! This creation body itself regarding the summon strength of wood attribute element must above the heavenly stems Divine Beast Liuhe main body. Creates Totem such magnificent feat, Ji Dong cannot achieve, other bright heavenly stems disciples people say nothing. Actually, until now they do not understand why Chen Sixuan can achieve this point.

The Liuhe that Chen Sixuan summoned, actually was unable to say completely was Liuhe. The Lie Yan (raging flames) main body is earth core Red Lotus, in some sense, can be the plant, naturally, she cannot be induced in magic beast this type. But the ability that at this time, she uses, this assigns the composition of Red Lotus according to oneself, condensed by wood of supplementary pinnacle Second Wood magic power chaos has become flower of the chaos, unstable simply that Ji Dong was worried about did not exist, when condensed it, Chen Sixuan was the ability that used that god to know, let alone was needs to depend upon itself to absorb Wood Element ultimate Certain Kill Skill, was true ultimate Certain Kill Skill, this silk god will know sufficiently its will also frighten to live, present Chen Sixuan simply is just impossible to have that huge magic power, but by.

The surface seems, this is Liuhe, may in fact. The method Saint level powerhouse of this condensation cannot achieve. The skill of, belongs to Divine level that level. This was once left her experience to be at for the god.

After this strange Liuhe was created, is not Chen Sixuan can control, although she has the experience of previous generation Divine level, but did not have the Divine level strength after all. Creates this Liuhe, this Liuhe starts to absorb the wood attribute element in air endlessly. When once this Liuhe grows to the certain extent, it will become the most terrifying strength. Just, this Chen Sixuan, although impossible to control this as before radically is being Liuhe that the Divine level experience creates, huge magic power when she has the beforehand release to create world Liuhe has not had to take supplies Liuhe absorption.

Creation world Liuhe that Ji Dong said adds the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is this truth, he must rely on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, through the unceasing ten attribute magic power circulations, magic power of ten people through the mutual promotion of the five elements promotion, transforms Second Wood magic power to support Chen Sixuan to come to amplification Liuhe again, provides the huge nutrient.

If in bright heavenly stems disciple, without the Ji Dong this dual attribute rarely seen (weirdo), then, can help Chen Sixuan using mutual promotion of the five elements magic power only then their Yin attribute five elements, but there is Ji Dong to be different, he not only can assist Yin attribute here mutual promotion of the five elements, can magic power that obtains from the Yang attribute partners transform through own Chaos Fire oneself as pinnacle Yin Fire, arrives at Yin attribute to have the circulation again, as the matter stands, quite therefore magic power of ten people all can input to give Chen Sixuan.

magic power of bright heavenly stems disciple is formidable. Is pinnacle magic power, above complete Eight-Crown, existences of two Nine-Crown ranks, in addition the mutual promotion of the five elements circulations as well as their respective divine tool assistances, the overall magic power intensity puts together completely, even if cannot compare the dark secret, supports minimum two top Ultra Certain Kill Skill also without question. Had such huge magic power to support, sufficiently will create world Liuhe to promote to top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, even must surmount some top Ultra Certain Kill Skill levels. This creates the skill of world Liuhe, once the eruption is range, magic power that pours into are more, when the time comes after having released , the range of covering is also bigger. Ji Dong goal. In a short time pours into through magic power of people, making this create world Liuhe to be the degree that the dark heavenly stems disciples do not dare to move easily, then they can the whole body draw back, this creates world Liuhe, so long as exists, has been absorbing the surrounding wood attribute element surely, but it is more formidable, this suction is also stronger. When the time comes, the dark demon armed forces discovered time that here unusual circumstance to/clashes, all wood attribute Mage magic power also will become its nutrient. Naturally, more late that they discover, this creates the world Liuhe growth also terrifying even more.

Creates world Liuhe just presented time, the bright heavenly stems disciples can also maintain calm, can provide through magic power that the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation stimulates to its enough absorption merely. But along with creating world Liuhe own magic power is getting stronger and stronger, this beautiful Liuhe volume starts gradually to increase, each flower petal also becomes whiter and tenderer clear, it also became to the greedy absorption of magic power more intense.

, The bright heavenly stems disciples started to fall short of demand through magic power of mutual promotion of the five elements circulation output gradually, their own overall magic power start along with it weakening. At this time, Ji Dong has made the most correct choice, he makes the partners transfer magic power in lasting law, supplements oneself, throughout makes their five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy maintain most peak running status.

Because, in such a case, will be more through magic power that the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation stimulates, in other words, besides their own magic power, magic power that obtains additionally are more. Created the world Liuhe absorption the degree naturally also powerful.

The free time of a while, in the bright heavenly stems disciples heart started to have the fear to feel, even if is Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan of instigator is no exception. That created the diameter of world Liuhe to exceed five meters quickly, was ten meters, was 15 meters and 20 meters, it started to float gradually from the ground, the terrifying attracting customer interest has even made the bright heavenly stems disciples play the inadequate own mutual promotion of the five elements to circulate. Tyrannical attracting customer interest as if wanted one to find time them.

The surrounding plant withers rapidly, forest at naked eye obvious speed gradually withered and yellow, then softens, finally changes into the flying ash. Yao Qianshu that mount partner Azure Dragon in trembling to offer oneself all magic power. Immediately softens in the place, that is not it desirably wants to offer, because creates world Liuhe in a short time already the degree that increased it unable to resist. But magic beasts that other are responsible for Protector, even if were fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix strongest these two, was far away from foundation world Liuhe fast, in the eye was revealing the heartfelt fear. If not their human partners is still trying hard there, perhaps they already fled. The mood of bright heavenly stems disciples also started to be somewhat anxious, after the magic power transformation that the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy had was wood attribute, almost completely is absorbed the past immediately, their own magic power at an exceptional pace were consuming, saw, must unable to withstand. Moreover, what is most intrepid, on the Chen Sixuan eternal armor, starts a little to select the green ray to be achieved 30 meters creation world Liuhe to absorb by that diameter gradually. They can affirm, even if two and three top Ultra Certain Kill Skill prestige can add, could not compare this to create world Liuhe at present. Even if this fellow cannot be the ultimate Certain Kill Skill degree, oneself is also existence of incomparable terrifying.

Luckily, Ji Dong throughout is calm like the water, his calm has given the bright heavenly stems disciples with the confidence.

When creates the diameter of world Liuhe exceeds ten meters, the huge aura that it releases, has caused has been stationed in the dark Mage attention in six big warehouse.

In these six big warehouses, although the distance creates the position of world Liuhe to be very far, in dark demon armed forces that but each warehouse is stationed, Nine-Crown purple robe big priest as the command of dark Mage. The sudden pinnacle Second Wood magic power fluctuation has directly brought to their attention.

Just time from the beginning, how they have not cared, the time of but in short several times breathing, the fluctuation of this pinnacle Second Wood magic power has promoted the several fold, when these purple robe big priests went out of the tent, they had discovered immediately was not right, although around warehouse various plants mostly were primarily the bush, but actually started to wither at this time fast, their life aura were drying up rapidly.

Must know, Holy and Evil Island is in itself one has extremely huge vitality place, will otherwise not present small forest existence in the several years. Plant large surface area withers suddenly, the appearance of pinnacle Second Wood magic power, has immediately caused these purple robe big priests intense restless.

Recommends a book of friend, is very good, everybody can have a look, is the classical immortal hero and ancient martial type, book title: Peak battle skill, the waistcoat of senior author, am whose I do not say. Everybody is interested to have a look, I have appraised. Hehe.

Chapter 626: Dark scared

"What's the matter?"From creating world Liuhe presents outside the warehouse in recent position. Guards purple robe big priest here to float in the midair, looks in the direction that huge Second Wood aura fluctuation transmits.

the previous moment, how his feeling is not obvious, but in the next moment, his heart of hearts actually had the intense fear. Because , not clear pinnacle Second Wood magic power fluctuated a moment ago, at this time increased to make his heart startled degree. Moreover, the fluctuation of this aura is also becoming more and more formidable.

Numerous dark Mage feel the aura of this purple robe big priest to go out in abundance, due to own cultivation base reason, just started they did not have anything to feel, but is quick, these dark Mages also gradually felt that to transmit from the distant place just like sea vast pinnacle Second Wood magic power fluctuates. Own cultivation base higher dark Mage feeling is deeper, one by one look at each other in blank dismay, is perplexed.

This purple robe big priest himself is fire attribute, has not received to create the magic power fluctuation that world Liuhe sends out to produce affects excessively, takes the bull by the horns, immediately orders, oneself lead 500 dark Mage toward creating the world Liuhe sending out aura source place personally sets out. Does not need to investigate any position, created the aura of world Liuhe to be too huge, easy can find its site, this purple robe big priest did not wait for own subordinate. One accelerate fully, toward creating the direction of world Liuhe flushes away. Similar situation, appears that side the dark demon armed forces of other five warehouse guarding, because the distance reason reaction rate far and near varies with, the crisis awareness is strong, dark Mage that carries over are more, the crisis awareness is weak, brings are less. But is least, has sent out over 300 dark Mage elite, most had 1000 people to come out directly.

Although their reaction rates were quite rapid, but when dark Mage of these six big warehouses start to take action, created world Liuhe also to exceed 20 meters in diameter. The dark heavenly stems disciples who also at this time, was stationed in nearby the Red Lotus day fire felt to create the huge aura that world Liuhe lent.

"Did elder brother, you feel?" When the scorpion arrives at the big greeting that Li Yonghao is stationed in hurriedly, happen to saw that surprised Li Yonghao walks from the big account.

The bright heavenly stems disciple appeared at the Dark Five Elements Continent matter he confirmed completely, and from dodging the father-in- law child obtained the accurate news, was very obvious, wants to use these bright heavenly stems disciples not to be easy, he therefore was also worrying. Regarding him, bright heavenly stems disciple appears in Dark Five Elements Continent, and twice has attacked the dark temple successively successfully, it can be said that an enormous opportunity.

The present dark secret was extremely formidable, is not he can contend with it . Moreover, effect of dark secret that Totem in the dark demon armed forces, made him not dare to brave not to disobey really and dark secret greatly opposes. If so, he cannot transfer any dark Mage. Therefore, he most desired aspect is the bright heavenly stems disciple and dark secret is mutually wounded. He well benefits as the third party in a dispute.

Person who Li Yonghao is one very much had the ambition, all he who let alone, the dark secret was really unable to continue watching. If this dark heavenly stems Saint king is one generation of fierce and ambitiouses, then, the dark secret is a complete lunatic. Otherwise, has changed Li Yonghao, certainly will try hard the development, command dark continent people have no means to make a living that will most at least not kill the goose. Li Yonghao is very clear, develops according to the present situation, when the dark secret has seized Light Five Elements Continent, perhaps will not have any good result. After all, after their dark heavenly stems disciples had the divine tool, regarding the influence of dark demon armed forces greatly strengthened, is next to the dark secret, moreover he can also feel the dark secret obviously to oneself becoming estranged.

The present opportunity is once in a thousand years, must wait till the dark and bright holy war really starts, perhaps again did not have any opportunity, a little Li Yonghao view and dark secret were exactly the same, he believes that so long as did not have the Red Lotus day hot impediment, Light Five Elements Continent simply collapsed at the first blow. In a short time. Decides however can break through the opposite party defense line, in thorough Light Five Elements Continent. May to that time, prestige in dark secret in the dark demon armed forces as well as army will go to the situation that is unable to compare. Moreover, he likely will also find that last wood attribute chrysanthemum pig from Light Five Elements Continent, thus achievement Divine level cultivation base. These, are the Li Yonghao most undesired situations.

But, wants to cooperate with bright heavenly stems disciple, at present looks like is also extremely difficult. That the youth who called Ji Dong was the bright Saint king, not only the strength was astonishing, can give the dark temple that intense heavy losses, was extremely intelligent. Clues, made him from dodging father-in-law child there have guessed correctly themselves and relations of revolt secret organization. This person was too fearful, cooperates with him, is no different seeks an impossibility. Without a doubt, their this time comes to avoid the holy war or destroys the holy war. The goal is the dark army. If not carry on effective killing, these bright heavenly stems disciples can make anything not to say. That side the dark temple didn't perish over a thousand dark Mage? Although the Holy and Evil Island dark Mage quantity are more, but this Holy and Evil Island also be much bigger than the dark temple, many military baggage grain and fodder and ordinary soldiers, in front of Mages of heavenly stems disciple level, without a doubt, these are extremely vulnerable.

Therefore, in the present Li Yonghao heart is very contradictory, he has not thought how should come to be able clearly for oneself facing the bright heavenly stems disciple to be favorable, can better makes some arrangement in view of the dark secret, to achieve itself to replace the dark secret to unify Dark Five Elements Continent is as for the bright continent goal.

Li Yonghao in the tent is thinking deeply about some times, suddenly feels the fluctuation of that pinnacle Second Wood magic power. At the beginning he did not have cares, thinks that is own younger sister is practicing magic skill and so on. But is quick he to feel that some are not right, because this pinnacle Second Wood magic power to be promoting high-speed. That aura is quite vast, covers the range is quite giant, this is not the scorpion can achieve. How although now this magic power feeling is not intense, can such strange matter be able not to have the issue?

Therefore, Li Yonghao from the big account, must first look for the scorpion to ask, looked is she makes. Must make clear is good. Goes out younger sister who also happen to bumped into to seek.

Li Yonghao looks at the surprised scorpion, said: "Did I feel? Isn't this you make?"

The scorpion shakes the head again and again, said: "Naturally is not I. The area of this pinnacle Second Wood magic power fluctuation is enormous, you looked, our camp surrounding plant of started to wither. I feel, as if specially strange pinnacle Second Wood magic power is extracting my magic power. Although this magic power is not strong, but I can affirm, it is centered on the wood of chaos inevitably. Moreover, range such big that this strength covers, its magic power total quantity is extremely surely terrorist. Feels, looks like Second Wood Totem arrives."

Li Yonghao knits the brows: "How possibly is Second Wood Totem, that isn't Totem grasping in the death health/guard hand of secret Sir?"

The scorpion sudden look changes, said: "Truly is not dark Liuhe, because the aura of dark Liuhe is impossible to cover such large surface area, passes on is so far. Elder Brother, this magic power is still strengthening, moreover I felt a moment ago. Its source unexpectedly in Holy and Evil Island approaches that side our dark continent. Such far distance can pass on, Heavens! Actually can this how huge magic power be able to achieve? We quickly in the past had a look, this is not simply normal."

Listened to a scorpion such saying, Li Yonghao complexion also immediately became ugly, but, he has not summoned the dark heavenly stems disciples to go to investigate together, but has made the most correct decision.

"I contact with the secret Sir. You worry other people, we later go."Li Yonghao engages in self-examination to return in oneself big account. Although he is not Wood department Mage, but is not the scorpion can compare in the judgment, can become the people of heavenly stems Saint king far from is common, Ji Dong so. He is also same is so. His explicit feeling, this strength is not their dark heavenly stems disciple can restrict. Meanwhile, in his heart also instantaneously remembered Ji Dong to let dodge the mountain to take to his those words, within one year, will make him see the cooperation base.

What is foundation of both sides absolute sincerity cooperation? In an instant, Li Yonghao only thought that the back front piece had been soaked by the cold sweat. Before he also in pondering Ji Dong these words, pondered, may the present situation make him understand suddenly, the Ji Dong so-called cooperation base, was both sides in the coordinated situation, in other words, the strength of both sides at least must be equal, even was the bright side gets the winning side. Without a doubt, now the dark and bright contrast disparity is enormous, does the light want to get the winning side to be easier said than done? could it be said, he has the means to make us be stationed in the dark army on Holy and Evil Island really......

Thinks of here, Li Yonghao does not dare to neglect, although he also wants to kill the dark secret to displace, but he after all is the dark heavenly stems Saint king, under the compound nest, how can there be to end the egg? On Holy and Evil Island, can say that gathered the Dark Five Elements Continent millennium essence, over 90% strengths completely all in this, if here had the problem, that entire Dark Five Elements Continent ended. The dark secret eventually only then a person, does not have the massive army and Mage support, he is unable to stir up trouble, impossible to attack Light Five Elements Continent.

Just as Ji Dong judgment such, dark secret while returning to the dark temple ordered entire continent to search the bright heavenly stems disciple, he started to restore transmission law. Although the dark secret is crazy, but he absolutely is not a fool, Holy and Evil Island here importance he is clearer, knows that the bright heavenly stems disciple final goal of surely is here. Therefore, ten days ago, transmission law has repaired.

Through long-distance communication law, the dark secret in Li Yonghao fast and dark temple has obtained the communication, this process has used probably less than ten minutes. After all is away from is so far, information transfer also requires the time, moreover outside pinnacle Second Wood magic power is becoming more and more formidable, has disturbed a law formation to a certain extent.

The magnificent ten color rays are sparkling in communication law.

"Perhaps secret Sir, Holy and Evil Island had problems. Suddenly presented the massive pinnacle Second Wood magic power change. This magic power change is not quite normal, perhaps we are unable to process, please immediately support."

The dark secret somewhat sharp sound resounds from law, "what? Acme Second Wood magic power change? What's the matter?"

Li Yonghao solemnly said: "Now is not clear, but according to the judgment of scorpion, this huge pinnacle Second Wood magic power fluctuation approaches our dark continent edge position to pass from Holy and Evil Island. Can spread is so far, moreover coverage scope such big, making in the island the massive plants start to wither, this strength has gone beyond the range that I have been able to control."

"You overtake first, I transmit immediately." The dark secret feels the gravity of situation from Li Yonghao words immediately. Although he has the heart of very strong guarding to Li Yonghao, but his ability to Li Yonghao actually does not doubt. Since Li Yonghao the signalling gives him, proved the situation on Holy and Evil Island having is not Li Yonghao can control.

After the dark secret communicates, Li Yonghao obviously relaxed, how regardless to say, he believes by the dark secret unique continent powerful strength, can deal with facing anything. The Saint level peak, that is the strength that their dark heavenly stems disciple definitely needs to look up.

When Li Yonghao walks once more from the big account, other dark heavenly stems disciples gathered outside the big account, what made Li Yonghao somewhat surprised was, the vision of his these companions coagulated in a direction, was not the direction that Pang great pinnacle Second Wood magic power transmitted, but was behind him.

Li Yonghao has as if realized anything, turns round suddenly, to behind looks, immediately, he only thought that was similar the special strengths to hold his heart instantaneously, and has pinched one ruthlessly.

The dark heavenly stems disciples vision institute, that is stopped up on Holy and Evil Island, has prevented their dark army already the several years Red Lotus day fire.

This time Red Lotus day fire, is appearing unexpectedly slightly is fluctuating, although is not very obvious, but that strange red flame just like ocean waves rhythm gently, is that the moving heart and soul.

More than three years of time passed by, this is the Red Lotus day fire first time presents the change, without a doubt, this is because that sudden pinnacle Second Wood magic power is the result! In this flash, in Li Yonghao heart had a thought instantaneously, could it be this broad is magic power ultimate Certain Kill Skill?

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Everybody recommends the ticket also to give a strength. Hehe. The splendid climax came.

Chapter 627: Liuhe formation

Yes! Besides ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Can also what strength make that experience the fluctuation just like the epoch-making general Red Lotus day fire? That is the terrifying power that the dark secret does not dare to move easily. Ultimate Certain Kill Skill representative only has a concept, that is the strength of god.

Thinks that god character, Li Yonghao was such as the falling icehouse, could it be said, in that bright heavenly stems disciple, presented the god common character to be inadequate?

No, this is impossible. Li Yonghao first denied oneself idea, if in the bright heavenly stems disciple the bright appearance, what they also do need to hide really? Directly will already sweep away dark continent, killed the dark secret.

"We walk."Li Yonghao loudly shouted, lifted hand to summon his giant Black Dragon, jumped, fell carries on the back on Black Dragon, speeds away to go in the direction that creating world Liuhe magic power bloomed with the quickest speed. Other dark heavenly stems disciples also release oneself magic beast partner to follow. Since the strength of dark secret achievement Saint level peak, this is in their hearts first time has the intense feeling. Especially Second Wood disciple scorpion, her feeling is clearest, although with the help of Elder Brother, she also comprehended the mystery of wood of chaos, may be this, the chaos wood of her within the body soon gradually could not suppress Second Wood magic power of oneself within the body, as if Second Wood magic power in within the body momentarily wanted the exsomatize to go to resemble. When dark heavenly stems disciple takes the action. When toward creating the direction of world Liuhe flies, the bright heavenly stems disciple, that creates the diameter of world Liuhe also to top 30 meters. Terrifying magic power blooms from each flower petal, magic power of bright heavenly stems disciples must dry up shortly. Has not thought including them, this creates world Liuhe unexpectedly formidable to so the degree.

Chen Sixuan face whiten, if no magic power of partners to support, this time she already stupor, even if so, on her the eternal armor also lost the gloss, in which magic power was created the world Liuhe absorption by that completely.

The Yao Qianshu situation slightly is also better than Chen Sixuan, created the strength of world Liuhe is really too terrifying, this First Wood magic power outflow speed was next to Chen Sixuan pinnacle Second Wood magic power, cannot support the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy shortly the might.

Ji Dong as before is that calm, the expression from his face could not see that at this time he is thinking anything.

At this time, in the sky, had the dark Mage form to appear, first Third Fire attribute purple robe big priest already rapid flight, but, to catch up with the quickest speed, he has not even used oneself mount magic beast, stimulates to movement the personal appearance rapid flight with magic power completely, but.

, He saw from afar here white passed the azure strange gloss, whole body also already the frightened cold sweat has soaked, this was the what kind of terrifying strength! Even if as purple robe big priest, he also never felt that has been makes the strength that he does not dare to contend with like this.

Finally, he arrived at enough near distance, saw that in full bloom Liuhe clearly, as well as is stimulating to movement magic power to pour into the bright heavenly stems disciples. If the originally forest still exists. Perhaps can also cover several points, but the forest of that big piece was already created world Liuhe to absorb the complete life aura, withered completely, during the dark night, saw that such obvious goal is quite easy.

Who are they? Are they doing? Under this purple robe big priest has a big shock, releases own pinnacle Third Fire magic power without hesitation, regardless of these people are making anything at present, obviously is not very well-meaning. First prevented them from continue say again.

At this moment, the purple robe big priest felt suddenly several huge pressures have locked his body instantaneously, recited the sound along with a low and deep dragon, a giant body appeared before him outrageously, giant Dragon's Tail swept away, directly soared the body bombardment of this purple robe big priest, but.

Has attacked to below without enough time again, in any event, own life is most precious, the purple robe big priest hurries to restrain the mind, the personal appearance flashes retreats backward, simultaneously summoned own magic beast partner, all over the body golden red Rank 9 Fire Dragon.

However, the next moment he heart and gall had coldly, because. He discovered that oneself had been surrounded. The directly opposite is two magic beast, black and white dual-color, has the Giant Dragon static floats of two heads all over the body there, above this Giant Dragon, but also is floating one just like Vermilion Bird, but carries on the back resplendent gold/metal, below the belly jet black strange phoenix. When Fire Dragon under his body feels the aura of that double headed dragon, the body somewhat shivers obviously. This is typical high-rank dragon clan suppresses the effect.

Besides these two magic beast, surroundings also nine strength extraordinary formidable magic beast, at least are Rank 9 above cultivation base. Although does not have any Mage to appear, but this purple robe big priest also deep understanding, at present these magic beast are not can cope. In the heart sprouts to draw back intent immediately, the thought moves, has not stimulated to movement under the body Rank 9 Fire Dragon, but is the tip of the toe carries on the back in own mount partner, the body leaps up like lightning, in the meantime, his Fire Dragon whole body flame spurts crazily, blooms to resist the hot link, tries to prevent the pursuit of surrounding these formidable magic beast. This purple robe big priest has a special skill, consumes own 50% Third Fire magic power after behind **, is used to promote the limit the speed instantaneously. By this move, he when only then Seven-Crown cultivation base has returned alive from a Rank 10 magic beast attack.

Regardless of under these people are doing, first saves own life is most important. Therefore, he chose in this moment without hesitation gave up own magic beast partner.

However, in that moment that his body just raised, suddenly, ten color radiance quietly appear, his body hit ruthlessly above that ten color radiance. In the loud sound, the whole person rebounded to return loudly, is too quick because of his sudden speed, these hits, cannot withstand by the body of his Nine-Crown Mage, the vertebra succeeded in giving up three instantaneously.

Bright heavenly stems disciples the mount of headed by fifty Saint Fire Dragon no doubt does not have pinnacle magic power unable to display five elements Yin-Yang, but actually does not affect them to display dark Mage such five elements to tie. When this purple robe big priest appears, following Ji Dong had finished the partners to creating magic power of world Liuhe pours into, at this time created the magic power intensity that world Liuhe was to exceed his anticipation. Should be leaves.

Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu magic power first was found time, poured in Ji Dong and wolf divine intervention bosom separately. But other heavenly stems disciples are also the look with amazement, they at this time surplus magic power already less than 10%.

five elements that airborne numerous magic beast releases ties displays under the soul control of Ji Dong completely, had finished here five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, he relied on the strength of soul to carry on the control to these magic beasts. That purple robe big priest really extremely in being eager for quick success and immediate gain, he has not thought these magic beast also to be able under unexpectedly the arrange/cloth law. Maliciously the hit in five

 elements ties above, the vertebra breaks off. Even if he had the exceedingly high skill again is impossible to display.

A fifty Saint Fire Dragon fifty tail hammer, pulling out ruthlessly on him, shells him in the ground, is withstanding the full bombardment of Saint level body and spirit directly, even if Nine-Crown Mage cannot withstand. This purple robe big priest could be called absolutely is most patho Nine- Crown Mage that in history died. Even including a skill unable to release.

As for his Rank 9 Fire Dragon, facing so numerous formidable magic beast situations, but puts in an appearance, was ripped the fragment, that Rank 9 magic beast crystal core direct cheap eclipse date phoenix Huo'er. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon modestly declines to it extremely. Has not snatched with it.

After Huo'er swallows Fire Dragon crystal core, dive, takes out Crystal Crown from that Nine-Crown Mage, but at this time, before magic beast also returned to their main person, Ji Dong slightly hesitant, makes everybody temporarily take back magic beast, then got up fifty Saint Fire Dragon together.

Although all magic beast , the protection strength are much stronger, but the goal similarly is also obvious. At this time, approached daybreak. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is easier to lead the people separated from the line of sight of dark Mage.

Pitiful Yao Qianshu that Azure Dragon, oneself by the suck dry magic power, the master were also the stupor passed, can only be received in the Vermilion Bird bracelet by Ji Dong first. Thinks not to be willing to enter the bracelet, but jumped up the shoulder of Ji Dong.

The person jumps onto fifty Saint Fire Dragon in the presence of everyone time, Huo'er also came back, in so strong pinnacle Second Wood magic power atmosphere, in magic beast is it and feeling of fifty Saint Fire Dragon is most comfortable, Second Wood lives Fourth Fire. Not only has not affected to her, instead big promotion it and fifty Saint Fire Dragon magic power. The rich mist ascends suddenly, fifty Saint Fire Dragon sturdy powerful nine dragon claw simultaneously tread the place, the huge body leaps up generally just like arrow, in an instant rose dramatically to the upper air, recognizes the accurate direction, speeds away to go toward Dark Five Elements Continent.

While the fifty Saint Fire Dragon lift-off the purple robe big priest , several other warehouses are stationed in has also caught up, they saw the appearance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon lift-off, but has not actually gone to pursue, because under that releases incomparably huge magic power creation world Liuhe to attract them.

What tragedy is, in this afterward five purple robe big priests, separately another was First Wood magic power one is Second Wood magic power. In the process, they feel oneself magic power to drain unceasingly, has waited till here time, two people magic power only remain less than 50%.

At this time, the nearby did not have wood attribute magic power to attack to create the world Liuhe absorption, although it does not have the spirit wisdom, but the absorbing power fell on these two Nine-Crown Mage immediately. Terrifying magic power fluctuation instantaneous ascension. That two Nine-Crown Mage almost and Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu are exactly the same, after contributing their complete magic power stupor in the past. Before the stupor, they first fell to the ground luckily, this has not fallen a plunged to death destiny.

The other three purple robe big priests look below that diameter already toward 40 meters development creation world Liuhe, on the face the look becomes incomparably dignified. They separately are Fifth Earth, Sixth Earth and Ninth Water department Mage.

Ninth Water department purple robe big priest solemnly said: "Two, this probably is the Second Wood department Totem Liuhe. So to be how huge? Even if genuine Liuhe is impossible becomes such greatly. Moreover, magic power that it contains was really too fearful. You looked, the surrounding air gradually turned into the azure. Actually does this produce? Did these people from where come a moment ago?" Fifth Earth department purple robe big priest solemnly said: "Two cannot launch the attack to that Liuhe, otherwise we were complete. Who first leave alone these people were. How thinks to solve this Liuhe says again. How this thing looked like has life, unceasing absorption surrounding wood attribute magic power. Like this, our three counties try together. Looked that can cut off it to absorb the outside wood attribute magic power. Without the supplement of outside magic power, it most at least can also no longer expand. I looked, wants to solve it, perhaps needed the secret Sir to get rid to be good personally."

The Sixth Earth department purple robe big priest and Ninth Water department purple robe big priest nods in abundance, they cannot find out a better attention, since has caught up, they cannot anything not do, first controls to create the inflation of world Liuhe, obviously is they can do at present only.

Worthily is Nine-Crown Mage, three people also get rid, the Sixth Earth purple robe big priest assists the Fifth Earth purple robe big priest, two people earth attribute magic power link, four sides the tall wall simultaneously from creating the world Liuhe four directions raises, and close links in together, looked like has formed house, created world Liuhe to cover that. Meanwhile, that Ninth Water department purple robe big priest has also gotten rid, concentrates the solid sincere/heavy solid ice to cover outside the dirt wall extremely, making this house seal. In their opinion, seals up the surrounding all spaces, can prevent to create continuing of world Liuhe to increase. magic power that although it contains is huge, so long as does not inspire it, at least temporarily will not have the danger.

What a pity, they will create world Liuhe to think was too simple. This diameter approached 40 meters creation world Liuhe gradually, has absorbed bright heavenly stems disciple completely magic power, also complete magic power in their lasting law, in addition the amplification of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, the terrifying of its magic power sum total, even has been able to compare favorably with the dark secret. Let alone Wood Element as well as nearby wood attribute dark Mage in also massive vegetation magic power. Although it has not been the ultimate Certain Kill Skill degree at present, but is not top Certain Kill Skill can compare favorably, that huge wood attribute suction, can it be that can their three purple robe big priests prevent?

While they think seals up has created world Liuhe time, suddenly, three people simultaneously the body shock, the traces of innumerable crack are similar to the mushroom growth appear on that close stone wall, the next flash, in the loud sound, has exploded the powder powder loudly, but creates the white light obvious some unstable fluctuation that on world Liuhe sends out.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 628: The dark secret rushed finally

Creates each flower petal of world Liuhe slightly brandishes. The pinnacle Second Wood magic power unstable fluctuation, frightens that three purple robe big priests to be startled, one by one coagulates in airborne does not dare to have the slightest to move. They know, once this thing explodes, possibility that they simply have not escaped by luck.

At this time, guards in six big warehouses, has dark Mages of magic beast mount also gradually to catch up, the distance was getting more and more near. But on that three purple robe big priest faces has actually covered entirely in short supply sweat. This thing was too fearful. Once were initiated, that is the ruinous disaster!

Meanwhile, along with creating world Liuhe even more formidable, were been also getting more and more by suck dry magic power Wood department Mage.

Ultimate Certain Kill Skill eventually is god that level, without the god carrying on the control wants to be the ultimate Certain Kill Skill level to be extremely difficult, creates the world Liuhe savings magic power to approach the standard of ultimate Certain Kill Skill gradually, but it wants to break through from top Ultra Certain Kill Skill is not easy to the ultimate Certain Kill Skill that matter boundary.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon led the bright heavenly stems disciples to depart the Holy and Evil Island range, even if were so, they can also feel to create world Liuhe that terrifying clearly magic power. Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan are also in the stupor, clean that not only their magic power consume, even has overdrawn, at this time wants the collective transmission is impossible. However Ji Dong does not have any worry at this time, created world Liuhe already to take shape, moreover him expected that was more terrifying. Dark heavenly stems disciple is dark secret. After seeing it, is impossible to set aside the hand to cope with them. Now they must do, as far as possible is far away from Holy and Evil Island. As for the transmission, to does not compare eagerly for a while.

Before leaving Holy and Evil Island, fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back the people throughout is maintaining very nervousness, but besides anxiety, more is actually excited, they even can the clear hearing each other intense heartbeat. Looks at the Ji Dong vision, is having the color/look of several points of respect. Although everybody age is similar, in Ji Dong or people young, may at this moment, in their eyes, Ji Dong upgrade another level, Chen Sixuan this to create world Liuhe completely they, when the silly rich business association underground treasure house once had also seen, who can like Ji Dong, think that to so the way give the dark big khaki cloth this skill?

Can look from today's motion, Ji Dong does not conceive a plan temporarily, clearly, he already had this plan, but throws to today. Otherwise, he is impossible to make that perfect arrangement. When they leave Holy and Evil Island, everyone can feel that creates the terrifying of world Liuhe, although no one knows that this creates the world Liuhe final might whether to promote to the ultimate Certain Kill Skill degree, what we definitely know is that this time victory will surpass their twice to obtain in the dark temple absolutely successively. Even if cannot sweep away Holy and Evil Island, so long as creates world Liuhe to explode, by the present energy intensity. Covers several hundred miles not to have issue certainly, the six warehouses of dark secret arrangement on Holy and Evil Island will destroy surely.

"Does Ji Dong, create world Liuhe to explode really? Can be dispelled by dark Mage?"Left the Holy and Evil Island range, people was also relaxed several points, after all, to the distance such far place, has been relying on five elements Yin-Yang, most at least they do not need to be worried dead during creating the explosion of world Liuhe. Even if ultimate Certain Kill Skill, the might also has the range, the distance and explosion power are in reverse proportion. What asks is already by Ji Dong the secret that puts from the Vermilion Bird bracelet. As soon as he comes out, Ji Dong carried on the soul fusion with him, the secret felt that Ji Dong was drawing support from the strength of soul to make anything throughout, but concrete was any he does not know.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Relax, since gives their big ritual, must show, can make others know the quality of gift. When we leave, creates the world Liuhe savings magic power is not these dark Mage can prevent, even if were the dark secret comes not to be good personally same. To melt to create magic power of world Liuhe, can only with fire attribute magic power little affects it . Moreover the magic power intensity must above creating world Liuhe. The dark secret cannot achieve. Their that side also who can achieve? If Li Yonghao is intelligent, now the dark secret on Holy and Evil Island, I only has wanted to have a look at him now is any expression. As for creating world Liuhe whether to explode, this everybody does not need to be worried."

What expression is the dark secret? Counter- while Li Yonghao and an numerous dark heavenly stems disciple see his time, is keeps silent the Ruohan cicada does not dare to speak.

This time dark secret, a complexion paleness, muscle even some distortion on face slightly. After he transmits to Dark Five Elements Continent, has only used less than the time of quarter, overtook in the dark heavenly stems disciples who full speed rushes to creates the world Liuhe direction. Sees the earliest possible time of dark heavenly stems disciple, a palm of the hand pulled out on Li Yonghao face, Li Yonghao who hit carried on the back to fly from his Black Dragon, he broke through Nine- Crown luckily, was insufficient to crash to the ground plunges to death.

"Fool, what situation is could it be your not clear present? Quickly leads them to go back, simultaneously orders big camp that side all Mage and soldiers, all closes up to the Red Lotus day hot direction with the quickest speed, under premise that was not burnt by the Red Lotus day fire, approaches that Red Lotus day fire as far as possible. When I go back to do accounts with you again."

The dark secret angry sound made the dark heavenly stems disciple everyone not dare to speak. Li Yonghao flies back Black Dragon carries on the back, his left face swollen like steamed bun. After the dark secret leaves behind these words, body has been similar to the black vanishes in the nighttime sky together like lightning.

"Elder Brother, you are all right."Scorpion kind sees own Elder Brother, in the eye has been full of the worry and anger.

Li Yonghao pū, puts out two teeth, on the face has not revealed any expression, solemnly said: "Draws back, according to doing that secret Sir said."Not only their dark heavenly stems disciple came out, for the strain, Li Yonghao also brought to be stationed in four purple robe big priests that side big camp, as well as 20 Eight-Crown cultivation base red robe big priests. These people, it can be said that at present the nuclei in their camp.

"Elder Brother, the secret Sir also such does is unfair, you are the earliest possible time have informed him. I......"scorpion extremely discontented looks direction that the dark secret leaves, hate in her heart not only obviously because of this time. Not only she, other dark heavenly stems disciples also looks at Li Yonghao, the complexion of everyone is unattractive.

"He treats as the watch-dog same to treat us simply."Dark Third Fire disciple growled.

"Sufficed."Li Yonghao shouted angrily, the swift and fierce vision has swept from the partners face, "you remembered to me, without the secret Sir, did not have us. How regardless of the secret Sir to us, we are he most loyal subordinates. Quickly goes back, transmits the secret Sir's order."At the same time was saying, his first transfers Black Dragon, leading the dark heavenly stems disciples to turn around to go in the direction of big camp. Although on his mouth was saying, but actually in the heart also to think that only then he knew. The dark secret within the body four magic power full plays, promote the limit that oneself speed has been able to reach, by his holy peak cultivation base, although cannot look like the lightning to be so rapid, but the rapidness of speed, is these Nine-Crown Mage institutes is unable to compare by far. It looks like Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes simply displays uninterruptedly general. In a flash hundred miles.

However, regardless of his present speed quick. Cannot reduce the intense anxiety in heart, even is also having a fear. By dark secret cultivation base, when he visits Holy and Evil Island at that moment, he felt leaves has created world Liuhe is the formidable function of any rank. Although he judges immediately, this is not the Divine level powerhouse releases, because creates world Liuhe to need to absorb outside magic power unceasingly, but the emergence of this skill, has made him be at a loss, will otherwise not meet on a palm of the hand pulls out flew Li Yonghao. Just as such that Ji Dong said that Holy and Evil Island is the dark secret most important place, he engages in wanton military activities. Gathered several million armies, stores up the grain and fodder and weapon that the enough several million army three years have used here. If this how many resources? These resources that because he assembles forcefully, made entire Dark Five Elements Continent so people have no means to make a living. Can affect continent resources, will that be huge?

Besides the dark army and dark demon armed forces, the logistics supply personnel quantities in various aspects are also extremely terrifying, the total must surpass the soldier. Adds together with the dark army, had already surpassed number surely. The dark secret gathered the entire Dark Five Elements Continent essence on Holy and Evil Island has not exaggerated. The dark secret was too self-confident, even if were initially the appearance of Lie Yan (raging flames) had not made this be disillusioned self-confidently. Because he was being driven away by Lie Yan (raging flames) , after there are the Red Lotus day fire appears, he immediately realized that fierce goddess has certainly the intense limit, otherwise is impossible such easily has let off him. He does not believe that also will have another god to help Light Five Elements Continent, that radically is impossible. Since the Red Lotus day fire has appeared for these years, the dark secret not only has not cut the military spending, instead gets stronger and stronger, drafts the oppressive taxation crazily, incomparable terrifying that this dark army builds. This is the wealth that Dark Five Elements Continent ten generations of secrets continue, then numerous dark Mage are not Light Five Elements Continent can compare by far, the dark secret had waited eagerly, once the Red Lotus day fire is put out, mops up on Light Five Elements Continent on the potential of according to as powerful as a thunderbolt all opposition forces, a series entire world.

He to the words that Fu Rui spoke real, he truly planned that gave Fu Rui the sovereignty of this world, because he did not excel at these, but at that time, after having found the Wood department chrysanthemum pig, he will promote for the god, became the overlord of entire world, permanent controlled this world. He did not understand the situation of god, but he is very clear, human will cultivate Divine level, god will not interfere casually. Perhaps to that time, he has been able forever to control this world, this is also he biggest dream, in his opinion. Oneself were away from this dream to be very near. But at this time, he actually felt the ultimate Certain Kill Skill aura on Holy and Evil Island, can not make him want panic-strickenly?

Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, belongs to the skill of god specially, the present dark secret had Saint level peak cultivation base freely, but must say that displays ultimate Certain Kill Skill, that is actually impossible. By his magic power, he is capable of displaying over ten top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but is impossible to complete ultimate Certain Kill Skill, he is very clearer, once this ultimate Certain Kill Skill has released, then, in Holy and Evil Island belongs to this side Dark Five Elements Continent, will not have a living witness to stay behind, even if he, whether the whole body can draw back is the issue, even continually channel another side fort by intensely affect. Not only this loss he cannot withstand, similarly is entire Dark Five Elements Continent cannot withstand. Although the dark secret was very high to the Ji Dong these bright heavenly stems disciples' estimates, but before him, how, regardless of unable to think, the bright heavenly stems disciple will make one to adsorb magic power unexpectedly automatically to the terrifying skill that ultimate Certain Kill Skill makes great strides forward. Finally, under dark secret flight whole-heartedly, after the quarter, he saw has created the ray of world Liuhe, after the rapid decline, the dark secret saw that is regarding is creating the world Liuhe surrounding that several thousand dark Mage are at a loss . Moreover, lies down is also not infrequent in ground dark Mage, obviously, these lie down on the ground is wood attribute Mage.

Dark secret sees to create world Liuhe, already affirmative realizing the origin and terrifying degree of this skill. He after all is Saint level peak powerhouse, regarding ultimate Certain Kill Skill this type to the understanding of high ability in bright heavenly stems disciple besides anybody of outside Chen Sixuan above.

Creates world Liuhe as in absorbing Wood Element in air, speed that but its volume grows already slow, all Wood Element of short distance had already been swallowed by it, but a farther place also only then these defend in Red Lotus day fire nearby wood attribute Mage have huge Wood Element to exist, because the distance is excessively far, wants to absorb completely needs a long time.

This time creation world Liuhe, diameter had just exceeded 50 meters, sees its time, dark secret can't help gasping. He can definitely affirm, this is one can release the ultimate Certain Kill Skill might really the formidable function! Moreover, he is different from bright heavenly stems disciple, he sees to create world Liuhe at that moment, knows that this terrifying homemade Totem achieves any situation to break through to ultimate Certain Kill Skill that level. So long as this creates over 100 meters in diameter of world Liuhe, that is also it completes the ultimate Certain Kill Skill moment, to that time, the dark secret let alone saves the dark army on Holy and Evil Island, even if he, is very difficult to escape by luck.

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Chapter 629: Creates world Liuhe, creates the light of world

The dark secret relaxed slightly. How regardless to say, this most is also only half ultimate Certain Kill Skill, has not been in the remediless degree. In fact, creates world Liuhe, although has to achieve the ultimate Certain Kill Skill foundation, but if wants to achieve ultimate Certain Kill Skill is really too difficult. The initial ten thousand thunder broke into a jail can be the ultimate Certain Kill Skill degree, that experienced a lot of years of thunder and lightning condensation, oneself even can be born thunder Yushen axe such divine tool level weapon, had the ultimate Certain Kill Skill might. This creates time of world Liuhe birth to be short, does not have enough Wood Element support, behind increase of its volume will be also getting more and more slow, wants a real break-through hundred meters diameter also is almost impossible, only if has huge Wood Element to pour into again may truly realize.

In the dark secret eye the ray electricity shoots, Saint level peak soul cultivation base flowed swiftly just like the mercury in several hundred miles scanned to the surrounding area generally carefully for one week. He does not have eagerly to creating world Liuhe takes the action, because he feared that the bright heavenly stems disciple goes into hiding in the side. Dark temple twice was attacked, loss is serious, this has not made the dark secret produce too many worry, but this creates the appearance of world Liuhe, made him feel the intense sense of crisis truly. Comes regardless of this skill from where, is the scrolls or these bright heavenly stems disciples displays, for him, this can constitute the real threat strength. Starting from this moment. He truly has regarded bright heavenly stems disciples with himself with other Level 1 match. Can make the proud dark secret have such cognition, the bright heavenly stems disciple's position in his heart has surpassed the dark heavenly stems disciple.

After the careful investigation had not discovered the trail of bright heavenly stems disciple, the dark secret slightly relaxed, the cognition of these purple robe big priests and he compares the difference was far. At present this creates world Liuhe, although is containing terrifying magic power, but looks like in the dark secret, is not impossible to melt its threat.

"Go away, your this crowd of waste, were traced Holy and Evil Island to be uninformed at sea, get lost/rolls to me. Get lost/Roll your camps to go." The angry roaring sound of dark secret made dark Mages keep silent the Ruohan cicada. In fact, that moment when he presents, the purple robe big priests brought numerous dark Mages to worship on bended knees, welcomed the arrival of dark secret. At this time hears his order, is such as attains the pardon, sets out in abundance, after the dark secret salutes, is similar to the stray cur generally escapes. Can abandon this hot potato, good deed that but they look forward.

The dark secret has not gone to pay attention to these fast evacuations dark Mage, the vision condenses to lend the huge life aura in that unceasingly, was summoning in the air wood attribute element creation world Liuhe, muttered the said/tunnel: "This creates Totem. Person who can display this skill, absolutely is a talent. Has not thought that in that bright heavenly stems disciple, besides that double fire attribute boy, unexpectedly also so formidable wood attribute Mage. Really underestimated this flock of ants. Even if I, wants to display a such skill, needs whole-heartedly and cautiously, but also is not necessarily able successfully. This controlling force. Really is these, only then about Eight-Crown the cultivation base bright heavenly stems disciple can complete?"

Also no wonder the dark secret will have suspicion, even if the Saint level powerhouse, wants to display to create Totem this skill also is almost impossible. This is not the magic power strong and weak issue, but is the controlling force, does not have the Divine level controlling force, who dares to say can oneself certainly succeed to create the Totem skill? Although this skill originally might is not definitely big, but regarding the Chen Sixuan controlling force he greatly exclaimed in surprise that he does not certainly know, the present bright Second Wood disciple was initial Empress Lie Yan, can create this skill the mystery also above Lie Yan (raging flames) that god knew. He wants to simulate this skill is impossible.

During exclamation, what dark secret are more is angry, in the five elements attribute, is wood attribute that he lacks only, if there is wood attribute to exist, by his cultivation base, has not completed ultimate Certain Kill Skill of version facing this, he can definitely like initially clash under the crown Lin Chong, the load is creating world Liuhe to push up the upper air it, making it explode in the upper air, can definitely not affect Holy and Evil Island. Even he can also create world Liuhe to throw this directly to the Red Lotus day fire. Although is only half ultimate Certain Kill Skill, but likely will also make the time of Red Lotus day fire combustion drop large scale , helping his dark army initiating the holy war to Light Five Elements Continent.

What a pity, all these after all are only suppositions, the possibility of really not having. Dark secret simply does not have wood attribute, although his other four attribute magic power are complete, impossible to move this terrifying creation world Liuhe.

Had pondered slightly, dark secret exactly the same that the means and Ji Dong initially thought , the light white flame releases slowly from him. His eyes saw, this creates the source of world Liuhe lies in the wood of chaos, wants to melt the wood of chaos, then, he can depend upon, only has Chaos Fire, uses principle that the wood lights a fire, inspires this to create world Liuhe by Chaos Fire, making wood attribute magic power that itself contains turn into Chaos Fire the strength of amplification slowly, but he was being recruited by Chaos Fire of amplification this as far as possible, is unable to complete the absorption the part, directly pushes up the sky to make its dissipation. Although the entire process is more troublesome, needs to consume huge magic power, but is not eventually impossible to realize.

After thinking of these, the complexion of dark secret also calculates, attractively coldly looked at one in the Dark Five Elements Continent direction, in the heart has sneered secretly, bright heavenly stems disciple, good, you were waiting, when I have solved this skill. Certainly whole- heartedly asks you to come out, I must have a look but actually, you can also release several such skills.

In the subconscious of dark secret, is not willing to acknowledge eventually, or is not willing to believe that this skill is by magic skill of bright heavenly stems disciples directly use, in his opinion, this should be the formidable scroll that an antiquity left behind, the talent has given the bright heavenly stems disciple such strength.

At the same time is thinking, the dark secret has taken the action, white Chaos Fire expands slowly a diameter hundred meters white pyrosphere, will create world Liuhe to cover.

Facts showed, his idea is absolutely correct, when Chaos Fire just a appearance, immediately, created world Liuhe originally to stop in the process of unceasing growth, the wood attribute element of outside was attracted to pull, was isolated outside Chaos Fire completely, was swallowed by Chaos Fire directly. But receives to create the world Liuhe huge wood attribute aura to be exciting, that Chaos Fire from just appeared starts, immediately since leaps the huge white flame, the strong degree made the dark secret be surprised.

But for him, more is actually excited. Because some of his entirely reasons believe, in so huge Chaos Fire, oneself can certainly obtain many advantage, can perhaps go a step further from Divine level. So long as will find that last chrysanthemum pig in the future, attacks the Divine level process also to be smoother.

What a pity, the dark secret does not know, in he releases Chaos Fire to surround on creates that moment of world Liuhe, has controlled fifty Saint Fire Dragon is crossing the dark fort toward the Dark Five Elements Continent deep place line Ji Dong to open both eyes suddenly, electricity of two god of journeys light from the eye pupil shoot, a powerful soul thought also erupts.

Bang The dark secret also immerses when intent of own cultivation base further promotion is possibly cloudy, a loud sound that presents suddenly awakens him. He sees with amazement. In that creates bottom of world Liuhe, magic power of coal dual-color mix erupted, that exploded loudly creates world Liuhe to shiver fiercely, over 50 meters in diameter creation world Liuhe bloomed the dazzling white light, each flower petal stretched straightly, unequalled terrifying magic power just like blowout general eruption. He arranges outside Chaos Fire extinguishes in an instant completely, but that terrifying strength also counter- volume, as if must also swallow him.

At this time, the dark secret showed his powerful strength, first has made the most correct response, that was: Turns around runs.

Within the body magic power all revolves, promoting his body to be similar to the lightning cuts the expansive sky generally, shoots toward the Red Lotus day hot direction electricity. Is creating world Liuhe tight that moment, he knows, these half ultimate Certain Kill Skill must erupt eventually. He quite regretted, regretted why arrived here time a moment ago has not inspected that to create around the world Liuhe situation carefully.

Actually, this cannot say that is the dark secret general idea, was Ji Dong is too sly. He one bottle of Pinnacle Two Fires magic skill liquor buries, in has created world Liuhe under. Although soul cultivation base of dark secret that Saint level peak is formidable, but in the scanning, creates the situation near world Liuhe by that terrifying wood attribute motive power to be shielded. Only if he digs a said/tunnel to drill to creating under world Liuhe goes to the short distance to contact that bottle of magic skill liquor, otherwise, this itself does not have any thing of magic power fluctuation, is he is impossible to investigate.

Before Ji Dong, is maintaining the soul fusion with bright secret, for in feeling to create world Liuhe to encounter the impediment to inspire this bottle of magic skill liquor. The creation is difficult, isn't the destruction easy? The Pinnacle Two Fires intense explosive force, made this save the terrifying magic power creation world Liuhe to erupt sufficiently truly. The speed of dark secret is nothing less than quick, but, he also was just escapes ten thousand meters distance, the back has transmitted an unstoppable great strength.

That creates world Liuhe, looks like, from this start, an unequalled white ray, has filled with the vast life aura, blooms just like huge magic power of sea of life instantaneously. The place visited, all was shone upon white one piece.

The terrifying thunders with initially that ten thousand thunder broke into a jail, ten thousand thunder arrive completely differently. This creates the white light of world Liuhe to bloom, simply has not made any sound. Has, but that vast life sea rushes to bloom. The place visited, all was covered by the strength of this huge life.

The dark secret bears the brunt, he can do, condenses a lot to protect the shield completely magic power, keeps off behind. His body also in a flash vanishes under the push of this white light. In that white light, can see clearly a bright red blood dances in the air. That is the dark secret emits obviously. He is away from creates world Liuhe such near, although protects the body with four species chaos strength promptly, wanting the whole body to draw back also absolutely is impossible.

Creates the world Liuhe place visited, performing is the vigorous sign of life is vigorous. Besides the dark secret, is these that met with a disaster first six big warehouses in retreating process is being stationed in dark Mage. In their opinion, the dark secret is omnipotent. Has this great secret Sir to rush promptly, even if that huge Wood department magic power is formidable, cannot raise any storm to come to be right. However, when that white light arrives, their ideas actually simultaneously coagulate.

Resistance? Dodges? That is how possible. Ultimate Certain Kill Skill simply does not have any opportunity of dodging, this is must skill, only if like past Lie Yan (raging flames), by can melt it compared with ultimate Certain Kill Skill more formidable magic power. These dark do Mage have? Answer naturally negative. Although this is only half ultimate Certain Kill Skill, actually also enough they enjoyed. Different ultimate Certain Kill Skill, the effect is completely is different. The initial ten thousand thunder broke into a jail thunder on this stretch of earth, all turned into the scorched earth. But this creates world Liuhe to be different, it does right by oneself that to create the world two characters completely the titles. The function of this skill, is takes the life and creation life. Had the life will be taken by it, then creates originally no life.

Wood department magic skill, will never look like Fire department to be so wild and be full of the ruination. It is most fitting chaos creates two characters.

After that one by one dark Mage was covered by white light, their people coagulate there, on one second is any movement, throughout is also maintaining any movement, the body of stagnation is entirely still. But the vitality of their within the body also cleared off in the flash. However, their flesh and blood had not actually been destroyed by magic power of this terrifying. But stands there, turned into trees and a piece by piece bush. Dark Mage that the free time of a while, that several thousand retreated, turned into a small forest, in ground, started to grow the big piece green plants.

Creates wood attribute magic power that world Liuhe swallows to be huge, when but it blooms truly, returns is richer to the life aura of this stretch of earth, that existing life, complete transformation for plant structure.

In some sense, this is a transformation of life, is a spread of life. Breaks into a jail with ten thousand thunder compared with, it obviously wants benevolently were many, after all, it while destroying these dark Mage, but also created the forest. If this ultimate Certain Kill Skill ends the full page, the Red Lotus day fire will be created the strength of world to cancel by its this.


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Chapter 630: The dark secret of head long bush

The white ray spreads unceasingly. Hundred miles, six big warehouses, look like on Holy and Evil Island six cities are ordinary in a flash. But the next moment, they actually already by complete swallowing.

Dark Mage, is the artisans on Dark Five Elements Continent, the logistics supply personnel, changes into big trees all, is lending their life aura with another way. But the constructions of these warehouses, were melted, to put down by that white light completely quietly, all military baggage grain and fodder, changed into the life nutrient completely, integrates in the earth.

Six warehouses, the garrison troops quantity of each warehouse achieve 100,000, 3000 dark Mage that in addition is stationed, as well as over 300,000 logistics supply armies and artisans, the total quantity is not lower than 500,000 people. Six warehouses add, is the entire 3 million people. But this time they, actually in the instance that white light passed over gently and swiftly, changed into a vast big forest. Blooms is being full of the life aura green. But who knows, in this piece of life aura, has paid what kind of life price?

Trace that they stay behind only, is these dark Mage before the big tree. Will leave behind their Crystal Crown. cultivation base higher dark Mage, the big tree is also more luxuriant and is taller. That is their formidable vitalities is the result.

The white light is spreading as before, what strange is, it is only parallel spread, the sea has not come under any influence, because created the light of creation world world Liuhe sent out parallel to pass over gently and swiftly from the sea level completely.

Broke into a jail also differently with the initial ten thousand thunder. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail the time of continue be very long, if not the appearance of Lie Yan (raging flames), its persistent bombardment at least must continue over three days. But this creates the light of creation world world Liuhe releases, from beginning to end was actually only pure in the short ten minutes.

It eventually is not true ultimate Certain Kill Skill, so-called half ultimate Certain Kill Skill, compared with complete ultimate Certain Kill Skill, differs as before greatly. That fills life aura the light of creation world gently, has spread on Holy and Evil Island to being away from the Red Lotus day fire about hundred miles range quietly diverges. But another side, it quietly has actually swallowed one-third dark forts.

Short ten minutes, in range that formerly in the white light covered, besides the channel between Dark Five Elements Continent and Holy and Evil Island, in the range that the white light covered, all turned into greens. All life bodies also all turned into the trees.

Is stationed is huge in frontline dark army barrack? Although Li Yonghao they after receiving the dark secret orders, went back to order the dark army to close up to the Red Lotus day fire immediately as far as possible. Then but, the huge barrack wanted to move completely is really too difficult. Position that luckily, their originally is stationed is away from the Red Lotus day fire too to be not far. When that creates the world light raids, does not know that many dark Mage and dark soldiers look with own eyes formerly at that moment also said had the companion of smiling to change into big trees in the next moment. That moment that the white light stops, their barracks were swallowed half, but reason that because their population approach to the Red Lotus day hot direction, the swallowed digit is one- third.

The delay, on entire Holy and Evil Island all surplus Dark Five Elements Continent soldiers are also good, Mage, at this time their expression is the delay. But from their look deep places can actually clear saw that came from trembling in innermost soul.

Yes! All that at present has. Has surmounted their cognition completely, this outcome what's the matter? Nobody knows. That short flashes, but no white light, leaves their, is actually the stretching as far as eye can see green, the barrack and ally who also that vanishes.

"He **, who can tell me, what's all this about?"Short temper general angrily roared.

Nobody can answer his question, the dark heavenly stems disciple will not say anything. At this moment, actually their shocks are most intense. Because, only some they know, before this white light explodes is less than the free time of half double-hour, the dark secret hurried. In their hearts, under the invincible secret Sir, cannot prevent that terrifying Wood department magic power to erupt on this day unexpectedly, what does this mean?

At present although did not have half barrack, what loss is only the ordinary soldier and weapon, most Mage retreats under Li Yonghao order to the Red Lotus day fire nearby first, can escape death by a hair's breadth. But, Li Yonghao this time heart is actually incomparably heavy, because he clearly knows the eruption where. Without a doubt, that strange white light has covered all places of outside Holy and Evil Island day hot another side surely besides at present their this region as well as Red Lotus. When that white light heads on. Their behind Red Lotus day fire fierce fluctuation, even the whole seemed dim several points. As if, it has been not necessarily able to insist again for five years.

But, actually nobody cares about this point now, nobody thinks Red Lotus day hot weakens slightly can bring any advantage to them. In the dark heavenly stems disciples heart thinks is, six warehouses ended, millions Mage, soldiers, the logistics supply personnel and artisans, all ended.

At this moment, in Li Yonghao heart reverberates Ji Dong to let dodge the mountain unceasingly to take to his words. He has achieved, he has achieved unexpectedly, Wood department magic power of that terrifying, that strange and mysterious white light, can say, has destroyed Dark Five Elements Continent innumerable accumulations in the flash. The battle efficiency of entire dark army at least drops one-third, the damage of logistics supply is more unreckonable. What is more important, the huge weapon that studies numerously carefully was also destroyed at least over one-third. This all, is only their bright heavenly stems disciple achieves really?

Li Yonghao is never convincing, even if to the dark secret is also not the admiration of the heart, after all, what the strength of dark secret are more is from four mahatma beasts that he swallows, but is not he cultivates. But at this moment, in his heart besides the intense shock, to the admiration that Ji Dong also has to produce from the heart, he is very clear, if traded is oneself, was absolutely impossible to do was better than Ji Dong.

Two fight the dark temple, obtained the magnificent result, but in the previous moment, his command has the Holy and Evil Island dark army of dark secret and their dark heavenly stems disciple suffered the unprecedented terrifying attack.

"Elder Brother. The secret Sir, can he......"scorpion some sounds of shivering resound in Li Yonghao ear. But the dark army who at this time, awakens gradually started to have the huge disturbance, not only the ordinary soldier started to have the disturbance, dark demon armed forces also similarly so. They are Mage, clearly the strength of that terrifying was not the manpower can hope to attain a moment ago. The unknown strength is most fearful, the scared feeling is similar to the plague general spread in each dark Mage and in the dark soldiers heart.

Li Yonghao took a deep breath, is returning to normal reluctantly own mood, looked at younger sister one eyes, shaking the head of gently, only if sees the dark secret truly the corpse, otherwise, he does not believe the dark secret will die easily. All that had a moment ago passed, he very clear present should make anything. Regardless of the dark secret is dies lives, he must now immediately the stable aspect. Li Yonghao body shoots up to the sky, in an instant has flown into the midair, the dazzling white light erupts from him, making him seem is similar to Sun generally is dazzling.

"Shut up. Is peaceful to me." The Li Yonghao low and deep and magnetic voice from the sky reverberates, although below has several million armies, but can actually clear hearing. Besides the dark secret, he can be said as here most authoritative person, his sound can play certain awing effect. originally some dark armies of disturbance were slightly quiet several points.

Li Yonghao solemnly said: The matter that "had a moment ago what's the matter we now are not clear. However, I can tell everybody. The secret Sir returned to Holy and Evil Island, went to investigate personally. This time very possible was set out the antiquity vestige on Holy and Evil Island, has created the situation. Now we must wait for result that patiently the secret Sir investigates. Various regiments count loss digit reporting as soon as possible. The dark demon armed forces listen to my verbal command, temporarily does to supervise the armed forces. May take action first and explain later. The loud loud mouth, kills. Absurd additional discussion, kills, initiates disturbance, kills. The rioter, kills."

Kills the character to shout along with Li Yonghao destructive four, the dark army is finally peaceful, dark demon armed forces after awakening. Also defers to Li Yonghao words to go into action. Hears the dark secret four characters time, they stopped the disturbance, who does not know the temperament of secret Sir. Let alone the also dark heavenly stems disciple blows the scene. Then reluctantly will create a disturbance to suppress.

Li Yonghao falls returns to ground, after his heart hesitant one next, the order dark heavenly stems disciples lead the dark demon armed forces to count to lose, the supervision soldier.

Actually, at this time, he was very clear, oneself should be sends some Mage powerhouses to six big warehouses to examine, actually had a look at that side is what kind of situation. But, whom at this time can he send to go now? Sends dark Mage? Once they discovered that side situation changes, will possibly make the army further mutiny. This is also Li Yonghao most feared that sees. After all, the grain and fodder military baggage in that six warehouse are the energy and foundation of frontline dark army. Such all of a sudden did not have, this will certainly be more serious scared. Sends the dark heavenly stems disciples to go? This was also a moment ago the Li Yonghao hesitant place, he does not dare to send oneself partner to go eventually. If these bright heavenly stems disciples go into hiding in that side, oneself are impossible to lead all dark heavenly stems disciples to go together. If were ambushed, dark heavenly stems disciple not entire, will certainly lead to a bigger crisis. Therefore, under ponders over, Li Yonghao decides to stabilize first lives here aspect to be good.

Orders issue from Li Yonghao mouth unceasingly, the dark army also goes into action, tidies up few dark Crystal Crown that in the ground presents, opens and restores the camp, tent that although many soldiers did not have living, but under his unification dispatches, but also is systematic the crisis that will mutiny reluctantly has held back. In rein army aspect, even if ten dark secrets does not compare Li Yonghao one. He is this army commands truly, this is also why the dark secret already had a mind to remove their dark heavenly stems disciple actually not to begin, but Li Yonghao also early has the ambition important reason.

After Li Yonghao completes these, is the skylight is greatly bright, creates the light of creation world world Liuhe erupts at least to have an advantage, the massive plants cover, when Sun appears, making the air on entire Holy and Evil Island changed beyond recognition. Li Yonghao this humble one reached the last order, after assigning the person opens to channel that side channel, this drags an exhausted heart to return to the big account.

Enters the big account, Li Yonghao quickly grasps the meaning of something. Because in big account unexpectedly already some people. When his subconscious raising gathers magic power, actually sees clearly to sit on the seat of honor, is not just the dark secret?

This time dark secret, seems complexion is grayish white, the look is the gloomy fearfulness. Clothes have traded one, before is not , when they see the dark secret that. What some comedies is, on dark secret, likely is the thick patch of grass is unexpectedly ordinary, grew a film length approximately one foot bush. Really harms the image of this secret Sir greatly.

"Secret Sir, you came back. This was really good."After short surprised, Li Yonghao is happy immediately, he is the joy of the heart, although he already wished one could to displace, the matter that but had before made him feel the dilutedness. After the determination is not the Ji Dong match, he understands, leads the dark heavenly stems disciple depending on oneself, perhaps is very difficult and bright disciple contends. But the return of dark secret, most at least made he had the pillar, the innermost feelings terrified also vanish.

Those who made Li Yonghao accident/surprise was, the dark secret actually to his nodded, said: "Forever Hao, you will do is very good. You order that issued outside were very a moment ago correct. This time, we planted."

Li Yonghao heart trembles, "secret Sir, our six big warehouse could it be. "

In the dark secret eye flashes through a painful look, nobody loves dearly the resources of that six warehouse compared with him, that is he takes by the dark continent world person is reviled as the huge resources that the price trades! Such has destroyed, can he not love dearly?

"Did not have, all did not have. I had found the means to make that skill not erupt originally, who knows that by these light slightly is not very actually known detonated with any method. If not I responds quickly, perhaps you could not see me. Even if so......"were saying, he has referred to oneself head.

"Was secret Sir, you injured?"Li Yonghao was surprised said. He formerly was unable to affirm, but the dark secret is pointing at head bush shortly, obviously, that creates the trace that the world light stays behind, cannot make the bush vanish by cultivation base of dark secret, obviously was really injured. At the end of the month final two days, everybody's monthly ticket did not throw may waste, threw to slightly three, thanks, on November 1 erupted.
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