Jiu Shen Chapter 611-620

Chapter 611: Living off the government

When knew that the bright heavenly stems disciple appears in the dark temple again. The dark temple Chief big priest has set firm resolve, regardless of pays the big price, must stay behind these bright disciples. Only has this, can atone for one's mistakes by meritorious service, therefore, he rather pays hundred Rank 10 magic beast crystal core such prices, opened the dark chaos to defend big. Does not hesitate to consume to search for soul to seize the strength of soul in soul big collects massively, opened the maximum degree it directly.

At this time, strongly has surpassed 3000 in the dark Mage total of dark temple, meanwhile in having many dark Mage catches up. In situation that entire dark temple range intrinsic these many Mage have, is flooding incomparably huge magic power fluctuation. As the Chief big priest issues an order, composed dark Mages of one by one team to start to the bright heavenly stems disciple in sky to launch the attack.

Ji Dong Fire God cuts the time that first fires, summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon, reason that he choice leads the partners to rise into airborne, the goal only has one, that because of the flaw of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy.

Without a doubt, this law can use ten attributes well supplementarily, but also has the flaw to exist, that is the movement is not flexible. Even if the bright heavenly stems disciples can move with him under the strength of direction Ji Dong soul synchronously. But do not forget, their strengths are irregular, the speed that can show is also so. Once the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy combines. Then, their speeds will drop surely to the degree of cultivation base lowest that partner. But in airborne is different. Right, in airborne is truly easy becomes is the target of public criticism, but has the velocity aiding of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy only flaw can be made up.

The idea of that Chief big priest yes right, Ji Dong their strength is strong, even if by five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, is impossible to kill off more than 8000 dark Mage. These many dark Mage, consumed them sufficiently lethal. However, he actually does not know, the present bright heavenly stems disciple collected the complete ten disciple god attires, in addition a law assistance, their persistent combat capabilities have far exceeded the judgment of that Chief big priest.

Minimum ten primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill almost does not divide appearance successively in the midair. When first together, is dark Vermilion Bird that Third Fire condenses becomes.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon under the direction of Ji Dong, one side of the personal appearance, has let the one side of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. Ninth Water disciple Du Ming gao raises hand the lance of ice god, originally dazzling black light turned into the white in this moment unexpectedly. Before icing the lance of god refers
, the cold electricity shines through from this Ninth Water department divine tool together, pricked the chest of that dark Vermilion Bird ruthlessly. Immediately, this first attacks same attribute multiple superimposes magic skill to be loudly stave, although in the control of magic power, Du Mingyuan is inferior to Ji Dong, but he may not have the skill that will send out to take back part of magic power. Under starts this dark Vermilion Bird hundred dark Mage the blood to spurt immediately crazily . Moreover the blood that spouts changed into the solid ice instantaneously, their gets down but actually, but one by one actually turned into the ice sculpture.

Solves the first attack, and kills hundred dark Mage. But other primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill have also rumbled. These primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill anything attribute has, although each is not enough to pose the threat to the bright heavenly stems disciples alone, but these many primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill mix in together, is not easy to contend. Even if bright heavenly stems disciples can resist, will certainly consume their respective magic power massively.

However, Ji Dong will they spell easily hardly? Spells hardly must in the valuable situation, simultaneously faces these many primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, was impossible to kill dark Mage like before again. A fifty Saint Fire Dragon personal appearance moved to and fro, the sturdy end vibrated suddenly, immediately, its huge body suddenly becomes illusory, leading the bright heavenly stems disciples of carrying on the back to flash past. These primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill rumbled immediately in vacating, in the sky has had the big piece magic power turbulent flow. Under dark Mages superimposes the magic power speed to stagnate suddenly.

Even if in searching for the soul seizes under the soul big suppression, the strength of Saint level peak soul Ji Dong, secret and Chen Sixuan collaborate to release is not under these ordinary Mage can lock. Fifty ceremonial fire Long Tian bestows on the skill to pass through launches, these several primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill changed into immediately not studiously.

When starts passes through the skill, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is dives toward under directly, formerly Ji Dong they flew is not high, its this dives fully, almost the this humble one flash, arrived at the ground above about ten meters positions.

Sturdy Dragon's Tail sweeps away, the fifty tail hammer direct bang flew several dark Mage. Moreover place that it drops, was were formerly massive the dark Mage death the place. Under the cover of airborne magic power turbulent flow, Ji Dong crosswise sweeps a sword, is hundred meters Fire God cuts the red light to assume the fan beam, this time he gets rid fully, not only breaks primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill that pursued, the direct bang has approached these dark Mage. But other heavenly stems disciples are assisting Ji Dong to complete the next moment of this sword, jumped respectively, was gathering these dying dark Mage dark Crystal Crown with they quickest speed. The murder is the goal, lives off the government is most important. These dark Mage cannot die in vain, yes.

In the sky is floating eight purple robe big priests could not calm down finally, such free time of a while, the bright heavenly stems disciples has killed about 500 dark Mage, although mostly is below Seven-Crown, may slaughter the speed like this is they cannot withstand. Especially Ji Dong Fire God cuts, this most formidable attack output is not ordinary dark Mage can prevent. Such waits again, even if struck to kill the bright heavenly stems disciples finally, perhaps the dark demon armed forces also wanted, because their these purple robe big priests did not take, but rebellion.

Eight purple robe big priest simultaneous accelerations, under the body also respectively summoned their mount, without exception, was Giant Dragon. Is slightly different from Light Five Elements Continent Giant Dragon, on Giant Dragon that they ride, the magic power ray that sends out is mixing with a black light mark. As if also want to be healthier than Light Five Elements Continent Giant Dragon. Obviously is Rank 9 Giant Dragon, but build was similar to Light Five Elements Continent Rank 10 dragon clan. Especially the mount of Chief big priest, was a Rank 10 metal dragon, the height has been the terrifying 40 meters. Appears in airborne, is similar to one dark cloud.

Not only they moved, all red robe big priests also go into action, previous time died about ten. After causing heavy losses to more than ten. Total quantity also about 30 people of red robe big priest. This is the dark temple complete strength.

The Chief big priest can win the dark secret trust, in dark secret not, when the host dark temple, that is not only the cultivation base reason. In the bright heavenly stems disciple can in the situations of massive slaughtering, his tactic make the transformation shortly as before instantaneously. Orders low level dark Mage to condense same attribute multiple magic skill to change to retreats the surrounding, prevents bright heavenly stems disciples all the behaviors of breaking through. The main attack changed into their eight people to add on completely the red robe big priest. Even if this, in the Chief big priest heart is also very depressed, because their originally ten purple robe big priests died two people, if that two cultivation base are next to his Earth department purple robe big priest also, unites the strength of their ten big supreme powerhouse entire attributes, he is self-confident, collaborates by them, sufficiently uniform these bright heavenly stems disciples. But now has been short of two people, situation must miss.

Regarding the dark demon armed forces' change, Ji Dong as if completely has not seen, rides carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, his vision actually fell in the dark temple fort that four has jointly released is searching for the soul to seize in the soul big sentry post tower. But other heavenly stems disciples are gathering dark Crystal Crown as before fast.

The words of bright secret, reminded Ji Dong. This searches for the soul to seize the soul big basis, is the four pieces of jade of volume not small days. If that dark chaos defend big are the entire dark temple big, this searched for the soul to seize soul big radically saying that was dark temple of soul. The dark chaos defend big so tyrannical, displays one time to pay the enormous price surely. But that searches for the soul to seize compared with soul big it, although the overall might differs much. But the wondrous use actually wants many many, two magical instruments that even must surpass their previous motions takes away regarding the attack of dark temple when its destruction, after all, that two Water department magical instruments are dark Mage are unuseful, the dark secret receives and keeps them to restrict their bright heavenly stems disciple by. What is more important, if can obtain that four jade of day, how many evolution degree of sword of Fire God can promote?

Coldly looks approaches dark Mages that gradually, Ji Dong sends out the signal to the partners, the heavenly stems disciples earliest possible time returns to fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon nine claws treads, first soars. Lifts off. This time bright disciples is a happy expression of face, even if the solemn gold/metal eyeground is revealing the color/look of several points of satisfaction. They had taken back several hundred dark Crystal Crown a moment ago, although does not have any seven, Eight- Crown high-grade levels. But also wins in the quantity is numerous. They arrive at Dark Five Elements Continent more than ten days of time, rapidness of how many month of promotion everybody's cultivation base cultivation compared with before, can the people not be excited? Dark secret 50,000 regular demon armed forces, even is that hundreds of thousands reserve demon armed forces, will become their prey. The dark secret is fierce, doesn't have one? Bright heavenly stems disciple since entering Dark Five Elements Continent at that moment starting from, is the potential of bullying.

Under eight purple robe big priests' leadership, an numerous dark temple powerhouse assumes the potential of half surrounding in the airborne array, their Yin-Yang Crown have released, is sparkling the brilliance above the respective top of the head. And two purple robe big priests are looking steadily at fifty Saint Fire Dragon attentively, although so far, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has not displayed too strong battle efficiency, but its passes through the skill, made these purple robe big priests have a headache sufficiently greatly.

Passes through the skill altogether to use twice, first time is in the fort, bringing Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu three people to run out from surrounding, and succeeds arrived at the impediment dark Mages side good position, thus laid the solid foundation for the victory. But the second time, is the time that several primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill shelled a moment ago. If not fifty Saint Fire Dragon this powerful talent skill, the bright heavenly stems disciples must face the bombardment of that numerous primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, even if they have enough strength to resist, will consume own magic power surely large scale.

However, these dark Mage can say is the dark temples elite is, their actual combat capability as well as own skill, win Light Five Elements Continent same rank Mage, in the careful observation, they have also discovered that fifty Saint Fire Dragon this passes through the skill, although can disregard locking, but also has his flaws, that is the distance. Passes through the skill the crossing over distance approximately between 100 meters to 150 meters. After all, so overbearing skill, if did not have any limit, that simply was Divine Skill, how to exist on magic beast? Therefore, at this time to guard against crossing over of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, eight purple robe big priests do not stand a row. But is the stratified float in airborne, with the red robe big priests who they move together is also being same, by their present positions, if fifty Saint Fire Dragon passes through the skill from the upfront charge use, that can only walk into a trap, breaks during their surrounding directly.

The bright heavenly stems disciples are not fools, this matter they will not certainly do, under the Chief big priest's direction, these apex dark Mages suspends at this time very much positively the mentality, their simply does not want to rout the bright heavenly stems disciples by own strength at one fell swoop, the fact has proven, cannot one strike to kill them including top Ultra Certain Kill Skill. They must do, by the large number of people, the powerhouse is numerous, consumes magic power of bright heavenly stems disciples. A Mage strength is formidable, the magic power consumption completely only has also been able to allow to be oppressed. Therefore, these dark Mages simply do not begin eagerly, searches for the soul to seize soul big to open throughout, they are very clear, even if the bright heavenly stems disciple has soul cultivation base to surpass the Saint level Mage to resist is searching for the soul to seize soul big, the strength of his own soul also by unceasing reduction. Has such good consumption here, do they also need to worry to begin?

Two five elements tie opens by the purple robe big priests side directly, completely is by the Eight-Crown red robe big priest arrange/cloth, Ji Dong Fire God cuts, although overbearing, but these purple robe big priests will not see obviously he uses Fire God to cut to chop five elements to tie.

five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy in the bright heavenly stems disciples return to fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back at that moment already again under the arrange/cloth.

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Chapter 612: Does Fire God arrive?

It looks like in dark temple these top Mages. The bright heavenly stems disciples defend the big impediment facing dark chaos, searches for the soul to seize the soul big suppression, as well as surrounding of their these many high-grade level Mage, as far as possible will certainly find the way to break through. However, making the situation that they cannot anticipate completely occur at this moment.

Ji Dong do not have the meaning that the bright disciples are breaking through, in the presence of everyone person again in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back composes the five elements circulation mutual promotion of the five elements strategy, his hand sword of Fire God also along with it holding up, huge pinnacle magic power at the unequalled speed circulates, the golden red that the Ji Dong body sends out exclusive shoots up to the sky smoothly, looked like focusing on the darkness world in suddenly presents a Sun to resemble in this. originally Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power has ruled by force, at this time promotes under the crosstalk circulation magic power unceasing amplification of partners rapidly. Changed in their opposite these purple robe big priests quick complexions, because they feel clearly, the Ji Dong magic power promotion speed has surmounted their judgment, is almost only the time that several times breathe, as if must be surpassed by him on complexion Chief big priest that Level 98 cultivation base formidable magic power.

Does he want to do? Insane? Must absorb magic power of companion to release formidable Ultra Certain Kill Skill facing the situations of our these many people in unexpectedly. Without a doubt, this simply is a behavior of suicide! Dark Mages does not know that has the strategy of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy rarely seen (weirdo) to exist, therefore, in their opinion, the heavenly stems disciples carry on the amplification through mutual promotion of the five elements magic power to Ji Dong. Does not arrive by Ji Dong that unexpectedly is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill that Saint level cultivation base that Nine-Crown magic power must send out shortly can use, without a doubt, after this strikes. magic power of their these bright heavenly stems disciples will directly be found time. This simply is the situation that dark Mages most wants to see.

Reason that the Chief big priest has not ordered the purple robe big priests earliest possible time to launch the attack, because mainly dreads the Ji Dong that not well-known refraction attack capability. Can refract including top Certain Kill Skill, this skill they are unable to imagine simply. Therefore they do not have one to come up on the release formidable skill, in order to avoid being used by Ji Dong again. But Ji Dong stimulates to movement magic power at this time unexpectedly directly comprehensively, the meaning of including escaping does not have, evidently, must spell to strike with them unexpectedly hardly. Can this not make dark Mages pleasantly surprised?

Your bright heavenly stems disciple is formidable, but here is also eight pinnacle magic power owners, eight supreme powerhouses. Puts together the magic power total quantity? Puts together mutual promotion of the five elements magic skill? Will these purple robe big priests fear?

"Total defense." The Chief big priest has issued the order. Had the previous lesson, in the situation at this time being in the overwhelming superiority, this Chief big priest had decided, said anything cannot give bright heavenly stems disciples any opportunity. If Ji Dong release skill is the false appearance, what to do can reflect their Ultra Certain Kill Skill? Simply choice defense and that's the end. The bright heavenly stems disciple launches the attack , is also unlikely to cause the too big damage to them, if false, that say nothing. Now they most do not fear loses the time. Searches for the soul to seize soul big is not the ornaments. This Chief big priest had deeply believed, in the bright heavenly stems disciple some people have Saint level soul cultivation base not to be strong, soon searches for the soul to seize soul big to be clean its consumption, to that time, is really whatever butchered. Therefore, he has issued the safest order. Must defend, takes does not attack to attack. Can become the Chief big priest not depending on magic power, he must surpass several other purple robe big priests in the direction. Then can obtain entrusting with heavy responsibility of dark secret.

Can Ji Dong do? Let alone is these purple robe big priests is not clear, the bright heavenly stems disciples similarly are not clear. They are the smart people, at this time withstands the tremendous pressures as well as that two large-scale law oppressions that nearly entire dark temple dark Mage is creating completely. Under the so disadvantageous aspect, Ji Dong must launch the attack unexpectedly fully. This is is extremely obviously unwise.

Those who most make the bright heavenly stems disciples puzzled is, Ji Dong this time had not explained to them. But has placed on the complete mental effort the hand sword of Fire God, the complexion is serious and solemn, before he starts, but said three characters to the partners simply: "Believes me."

Why Ji Dong did not tell the partners own plan, the reason was very simple, at this time he must do all, so long as were not discovered by the opposite party, a danger did not have, if successful, will certainly bring the huge attack to the dark temple, even if were defeated, they can also the whole body draw back. Therefore, he cannot make these purple robe big priests see any clues from the look of heavenly stems disciples. The partners somewhat anxious complexion makes them see that is best.

The red light on Fire God sword is getting more and more intense, the startled day rainbow emits, the faint and airborne dark chaos defend big slight moves several, erupts the dazzling spark, the intense magic power fluctuation blooms unceasingly.

In the purple robe big priests heart secretly is sneering, they most felt relieved was in the sky this dark chaos defends big, let alone is these heavenly stems disciples at present, even if were their dark secrets is impossible to break through the formation forcefully. The Chief big priest is even thinking, if Ji Dong their this attacks in view of airborne big, that is good. That 100 Rank 10 magic beast crystal core have not wasted.

However, even if the purple robe big priests is judging the aspect to they absolutely advantageous situation , the ray that on the Fire God sword releases made in their hearts somewhat scared. Top Ultra Certain Kill Skill they can also display in each other mutual promotion of the five elements auxiliary situation, but absolutely does not have at this time on Ji Dong that Fire God sword such overbearing.

The Fire God sword could not see, even including both hands of Ji Dong unable to see, only then that reaches as high as the kilometer huge red light beam of shoots up to the sky. Has the dark chaos to defend big to suppress, god knows this red light can ascend high. Purest fire attribute magic power, is these purple robe big priests have seen most formidable top Ultra Certain Kill Skill. They even can affirm, even if the dark secret here, collides with such skill, finally impossible one to rout Ji Dong , can only be consumes his magic power by.

The bodies of eight purple robe big priests have gathered in one, although did not have two Earth department supreme powerhouses, but their eight people sufficiently complete a reversion mutual promotion of the five elements, eight purple robe big priests work as one, lights a fire through the gold/metal unboiled water, the aquatic wood and wood, all magic power centralized on two Fire department purple robe big priests, is released again by them similarly is top Certain Kill Skill defense magic skill. These time gathered eight purple robe big priests, this top defends magic skill to launch, not only protected them, protected all red robe big priests. Moreover, the attack of Fire God sword is fire attribute, their this defense skills are also fire attribute, under the same attribute, resists also to be easier. Therefore, they completely have the confidence to block Ji Dong this to strike, even if Ji Dong makes them be injured by the divine tool, attack also equal distributions that withstands on each of them, was selected the wound is not anything. Gets the winning side compared with magic power found time match them obviously.

Red robe big priest does not dare to idle, one by one also released oneself most adept defense magic skill, needed under Ji Dong this struck can be under less impacts as far as possible.

Purple robe big priests did not fear that Ji Dong moves the personal appearance again. In release so formidable Ultra Certain Kill Skill, a person is withstanding in such terrifying magic power situation, did he also possibly move? His that magic beast passed through the skill not to be impossible to display, because that magic beast completely was also pouring into own magic power to Ji Dong within the body.

All people were waiting for arrival that this startled day strikes, in the ground, low level dark Mages draws back in abundance, distant drawing back opens, lest was affected by the turbulent flow of magic power collision.

With the support of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, Ji Dong magic power has promoted the limit that oneself body has been able to support. Theoretically, so long as is the Saint level powerhouse, can use primary above Ultra Certain Kill Skill at will. But wants to use top Ultra Certain Kill Skill at will, that needs the Saint level peak cultivation base be good. But when the Saint level powerhouse can also support the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill use magic power pressure that bears. Reason that the previous time, Ji Dong can that easily kills two Earth department purple robe big priests, the reason lies in that two Earth department purple robe big priests, although is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill that collaborates to display, but their bodies actually as before cannot withstand, itself received the heavy injury, in addition own magic power was found time, this one was killed by Ji Dong.

The Ji Dong cultivation base surface looks, only then Eight-Crown by, at present these dark Mages nature judgments, he is innately gifted, is withstanding such huge magic power. Oneself does not feel better. Therefore they hope that Ji Dong this strikes to display. But they actually do not know, not only Ji Dong soul cultivation base has achieved the Saint level middle rank, the body is also the Saint level intensity, will withstand this huge magic power, body simply will not be being injured.

A strange smiling face appears from the Ji Dong corners of the mouth place, at the same time, a red ray gushes out from his wrist/skill, right, at this time Ji Dong truly was unable to handle other matter again, even continually heavenly stems disciples because must support the Ji Dong use whole-heartedly top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but is unable to do other matters. However, this actually does not affect him to use the strength of soul to direct the person beside heavenly stems disciple.

The red light flashes before. Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er from the Vermilion Bird bracelet floating, was feeling huge magic power on Fire God sword, it was also one trembles. But this actually does not affect its motion. On the mouth of Huo'er, holds in the mouth a scroll, the scroll is falling, fell in the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy central day machine operator directly. Simultaneously Huo'er also floating fell, falls has carried on the back on fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Even if no instruction of Ji Dong, secret received the scroll also to know that at this time how should do, first, he opened this not to know the brand mark any skill scroll.

An intense white ray appears suddenly, happen to have covered the people who entire fifty Saint Fire Dragon as well as fifty Saint Fire Dragon carried on the back, in the Ji Dong eye, the dazzling silver light emitted, three people united in the strength of together Saint level peak soul to be displayed the pinnacle in this moment by him, that illusory silver light, completely disregarded the top under front dark Mages arrange/cloth ultra to kill to defend magic skill, passed through, in has rushed to the fort front to stop.

The strength and magic power originally soul is two energies of different shapes, soul cultivation base of Saint level peak is the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill same level, therefore, these purple robe big priests are unable to stop Ji Dong this time achievement.

"It is not good." The Chief big priest look changes, he discovered excitedly at this time, the strength of soul the bright heavenly stems disciples can use has been the Saint level peak degree unexpectedly. However, at this kind of time, even if he discovered again also already without enough time. The matter that Ji Dong must handle already completed.

On that scroll that the secret launches, light of rich white ray soul while the Ji Dong eye **, has covered light silver light. Inconceivable performs.

The ray flashes, was vanishing just like startled Tianchang red general Fire God sword top Ultra Certain Kill Skill unexpectedly same place, vanished along with fifty Saint Fire Dragon as well as the bright heavenly stems disciples together.

However, when this vanishes the flash by, the next moment, they again appeared in the sky of dark temple. The position that just, these time presents actually no longer was the position, but appeared behind these purple robe big priests and red robe big priests, in darkness fort dead ahead airborne.

Saved that long magic power, Ji Dong this sword has cut finally, moment that beautiful red light was cutting. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon behind even presented an illusory form, this light red form transparency, the terrifying pressure that but he released made in the dark temple all Mage almost simultaneously stagnate, even if were searches for the soul to seize the soul fluctuation that soul big released instantaneously also to be defeated and dispersed, even the air defense strength that tyrannical dark chaos defended big to drag continually, a layer upon layer halo drastic fluctuation, unexpectedly without receiving attack, magic power that own contained dropped half.

Luckily, that huge red form had the flash, the next moment, it integrated Ji Dong within the body, Ji Dong golden red exclusive radiance transformed and on the Fire God sword in this moment suddenly exactly the same red, a kilometer red light in his hand also horizontally cuts in this flash.

Fire God cuts, this is true Fire God cuts, huge red form that at that moment presents, is the prestige energy that the Fire God sword institute truly has, Asura who when was approximate cultivated like this to cope with Lie Yan (raging flames) uses to take possession in initially the deicide. In flash that red light presents, is any non- Divine level attack immunity instant.

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Chapter 613: Breaks through the formation seizes the jade

Flash that illusory red form presents. Also is any non- Divine level attack immunity instant. This sudden Divine level aura fluctuates, made the airborne dark chaos defend big to have that huge response.

The Fire God sword when displays top Ultra Certain Kill Skill actually to experience the Divine level fluctuation of flash short, this is the situation that Ji Dong have not thought. Also in that flash, Ji Dong could not feel the deicide to cultivate Josse's aura similarly. This completely is high-rank God's absolute suppression to the low-rank god.

In airborne originally to wait with rapt attention, prepares the purple robe big priests who withstands the attack suddenly to discover wonderfully, first does not disperse magic power has transferred the personal appearance the time, saw this. Properly speaking, Ji Dong their suddenly fluctuation position, appeared in the dark temple the fort front, and will attack to aim in the darkness the fort, they should have a big shock to repent bitterly are right. But, at this moment, actually does not have any purple robe big priest and red robe big priest has such mood. Has mood in their heart only has one type, that is: Fear.

Right, is the fear, saw the instance that terrifying red light attacks, has the strength that made them unable to understand unexpectedly. Their formerly confidence are nothing left. God knows that sword cut a moment ago really to them, is what kind of result. They can affirm is, by their formerly defensive powers, was impossible to block that sword prestige energy completely. Especially two Fire department purple robe big priests, the vest place had been soaked by the sweat at this time. As the defense skill final exporter, they also will certainly withstand the biggest attack. Without a doubt, this sword, if cuts to them, other purple robe big priest did not say, but they actually must die without doubt.

The red light that luckily, that shocks presented the flash to vanish, that suffocating depressing aura also along with it divergence. Simultaneously vanishes with it, is that searches for the soul to seize the soul big soul suppression. In ten days in the beset by disasters darkness the fort bore the intense attack once more. In darkness fort highest four sentry post towers, releases is searching for the soul to seize the soul big four sentry post towers, at this time was broken unexpectedly, exerts above defense law under that red light sweeps away collapses instantaneously, in the darkness the fort just patched the good tower top to be cut bulk. In fort that many defense by the darkness, cannot the eruption that unexpectedly prevents this to strike.

"five elements Yin-Yang, collective transmission."Ji Dong loudly shouted, has interrupted the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, oneself run out outward rapidly. But eclipse date phoenix Huo'er has happen to substituted for his formerly position, released Pinnacle Two Fires, has composed five elements Yin-Yang with pinnacle magic power of heavenly stems disciples immediately.

Nobody hesitates, ten attribute transmission law simultaneously appear above fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the entire transmission process, takes ten seconds.

Ten seconds seems very short, but at present such battlefield, is actually quite long.

Earliest possible time that the Ji Dong personal appearance sends out, in hand restored four chi (0.33 m) length the Fire God sword to puncture, lost the support of massive magic power, actually did not affect Ji Dong to release its original shape, four chi (0.33 m) long sword turned into nine meters instantaneously. Pricked ruthlessly from the sentry post tower that in Ji Dong recent that did not have going against. The ray flashes not to have, originally the ray dim Fire God sword has shone immediately, a supplement of jade of bulk day, although cannot make it restore magic power, but enough chaos transformation is Chaos Fire, can actually promote its evolution large scale. This was Ji Dong a moment ago this series of operation true goals was also.

Teng Snake flashed at this time played the essential role, regarding dark Mages, they only had ten seconds of times of attack, may regarding Ji Dong, his time have ten seconds by. He must before the partners transmit leaves, completes to the fusion of jade of four day.

Dark Mages responded at this time, the Chief big priest shouted angrily, stimulation of movement mount magic beast caught up fully toward here, in they were away from the fort to have a about two kilometers distance fully, while mount flight, they also fully stimulated to movement magic power, was releasing own magic skill.

But just as such that Ji Dong sentences in advance, after just collaborated released top Ultra Certain Kill Skill to defend magic skill, these purple robe big priests are own magic power are astonishing, want again to release such top Ultra Certain Kill Skill are also impossible. That defended magic skill a moment ago, although diverged finally, but their not five elements same reduction. magic power that releases is a point cannot receive. magic power of two Fire department purple robe big priests finds time directly, simply does not dare to approach again, lest they while mounting to kill by Ji Dong.

Arrived this time, they understand certainly, oneself by Ji Dong playing, in the final moment, Ji Dong had made eclipse date phoenix Huo'er give the secret a moment ago the scroll without a doubt are an extremely rare short distance transmission scroll. From the value, this short distance transmission scroll transmits the scroll to be much worse compared with that long distance direction detection that initially Ji Dong used. However, its usability is actually not bad. Naturally, can enable this short distance transmission scroll also to play the role in a moment ago that situation, but also needs the Ji Dong three people to unite in the strength of together Saint level peak soul as the direction, otherwise, they can only mark. Even if understood all now also already late, although to the present they did not think that the bright heavenly stems disciples have the ability that escapes from ascends to heaven. But searches for the soul to seize soul big to be ruined unexpectedly, not only this great shame, is the dark secret is impossible to forgive their.

Just as beforehand Ji Dong and such of bright secret judgment, the dark chaos defend big regarding the dark temple, although important, because its consumption is also huge, therefore, its usability is actually not strong. But searches for the soul to seize soul big is the soul of entire dark temple, is the core is. Had it, so long as utilizes appropriately, the foreign invasion or the spy sneak, can the earliest possible time discover . Moreover the suppression of that Saint level soul rank, is not ordinary Mage can withstand. These was ruined, is absolutely huge regarding the attack of dark temple. Let alone, in the dark temple fort is symbolizing the dark temple most core place, the previous time was broken a hole. Is the great shame, this time was bevelled including the peak unexpectedly, making the dark secret come back to see this, he is not wild with rage is strange. At present these purple robe big priests are hard to accept.

Saw that Ji Dong inserts in the Fire God sword there the sentry post towers unceasingly, looks like in dark Mages, he must ruin to search for the soul to seize soul big thoroughly and searches for the soul to seize the soul big cornerstone. All dark Mage now one thought that that must tear to shreds Ji Dong. Only has so, can solve hate of their heart.

Therefore, when the attacks of all dark Mage launch, the target of first aiming is not the heavenly stems disciples who fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, but is Ji Dong that in the whistling towers organizes. But this is also one that Ji Dong most wants to see. All pressures centralized on oneself, transmission law of partners can also have enough time to start.

When first attacks magic skill to appear in the Ji Dong front, passed for six seconds, but at this time, the Ji Dong Fire God sword also just pulled out from the third sentry post tower. Does not need the secret to help him affirm, Ji Dong also knows, this time was to gain in a big way, the Fire God sword can evolve surely large scale. These three swords inserted a moment ago, surveyed him to discover through the soul that searched for the soul to seize the soul big cornerstone, at least was one meter square jade of day, although in quality before him the jade of scrap day obtained had a disparity, but actually won in the volume is huge! Three absorb. The sword of Fire God without enough magic power, above rippled an autumn waters gloss. The originally beautiful red also became thorough.

The sword of Fire God wields, the Ji Dong body leapt up like lightning, attack magic skill of first arrival was melted by him under the attack of Fire God sword with ease. Although had formerly used the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill Fire God sword prestige energy, but the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy made Ji Dong magic power not be found time. Moreover, although this time magic power has not reached the peak, but also has about 80% of peak degree. Do not forget, his also out of the ordinary lasting law. magic power that in his Yin-Yang Crown a lasting law institute can store up is two times of other bright heavenly stems disciples. Other disciples at this time magic power surplus 30-40% appearances, but he also fully has 80% under the supplement. This is because Fire God of Ji Dong to top Ultra Certain Kill Skill condition cut the magic power consumption judgment to have in the situation of error.

The Fire God sword has inserted in the fourth sentry post tower ruthlessly, but at this time, the attacks of these purple robe big priests already crowded, but. Red robe big priests follow, only need to cross again most two seconds, their attacks also the entire tribe on Ji Dong.

The time passed by for eight seconds, Ji Dong, only then final two seconds.

"Ji Dong, comes back quickly."Chen Sixuan anxious is shouting. Transmission law started, Ji Dong must return in two seconds to them, can transmit together departs. If he comes back without enough time, that troubled. Meanwhile facing so numerous dark Mage, he is impossible to have the time to display transmission law to leave alone!

While Chen Sixuan shouts, three bottles of Ultra Certain Kill Skill ranks the jade of magic skill liquor of place has flung from the Ji Dong hand, 3927 Fire Dragon emerged out of thin air, has sealed up in front of Ji Dong all spaces, cannot say that has blocked the purple robe big priests and red robe big priests' attack completely, but a little without question, that completely initiated their this round attacks.

The magic skill liquor is almost same as the function of scroll, uses them, the biggest advantage, that is magic skill that releases has nothing to do with the releaser himself. In other words, regardless of that 27 Fire Dragon were destroyed any degree, because is not connected with Ji Dong magic power, will not be affecting Ji Dong.

Two seconds stops a dark Mages wave of powerful to attack, has won enough time regarding Ji Dong, he has absorbed fourth to search for the soul to seize the soul big jade of day now. Although at this time also only remaining last seconds, but can definitely dodge to return by Teng Snake at his speed calmly to fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back with the partners departs together.

However, while Ji Dong releases three bottles of magic skill liquor block the enemy, his vision subconscious sweeping to the fort roof that bevelled place. When that position also previous time they come here destination, dark secret banning room. His eyes saw, in that has patched in the banning room has two big leather bag. Inside has the rich magic power fluctuation. In the mind flash of intuition, he knows that was any thing.

The bright heavenly stems disciples have not thought, at this time, Ji Dong has made an astonishing decision unexpectedly.

"You walk first." The Ji Dong sound resounds in partners mind, but he is turns over/stands up the leap, has not returned to fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back, but throws like lightning in the direction of that banning room.

Rumbling rumbling......

The fierce bellow unceasingly the explosive in the air, 27 golden Giant Dragon and numerous tyrannical magic skill at the airborne fierce collision, the terrifying magic power fluctuation flash made the sky of dark temple completely chaotic, various types of air currents able to move unhindered exploded. Ten attribute magic power generally become just like the volcanic eruption incomparably manic.

On fifty Saint Fire Dragon the ray flashes, transmission law is completed, it led the people to vanish quietly, the transmission destination naturally is their previous time outside the dark temple 500 miles place in that entire attribute transmission law site that leaves behind. But Ji Dong similarly at this time, quietly has also drilled into in the fort banning room.

Because numerous magic skill explode the glare that produces loudly, dark Mage has not seen at that moment the motion of Ji Dong. They can only notice that goal enormous fifty Saint Fire Dragon baseless vanished.

The motion of purple robe big priests stopped, the magic power turbulent flow that after their mounts do not dare to approach that to have over ten Ultra Certain Kill Skill collide, has fully.

Is this possible? The Chief big priest is almost the earliest possible time looks up has defended big to the dark chaos in sky. He definitely is unable to believe, in this big, actually the also person can transmit to go, even if transmits the scroll not to be impossible!

However, was quick he to realize own mistake, since these people can, when displayed top Ultra Certain Kill Skill to complete the short distance to shift instantaneously, also what transmitted is they cannot achieve?

Thinks of here, on Chief big priest face is a paleness. Dark sacrificial offerings look at each other in blank dismay, they saw each other helplessness and frightened on face.

If originally they also hope dark secret comes back slow, now they actually especially hope the dark secret can quickly return. Such enemy, is not they can contend completely.

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Chapter 614: Being ransacked

Momentarily can withdraw by the transmission. Momentarily can launch the blitzkrieg to the dark temple, strikes draws back, does not stay. Such match, can only describe with the terrifying two characters. Eight purple robe big priests, eight supreme powerhouses, may actually link others sides not to bump into from beginning to end, has paid with several hundred Mage lives, even searched for the soul to seize soul big to be destroyed continually. If they will come next time again, why the dark temple also discovers them in the earliest possible time that they do present?

The airborne magic power turbulent flow diverges gradually, in purple robe big priests heart, because bright heavenly stems disciple formidable, but the heart lives the sorrowful time, suddenly, a special magic power fluctuation attracted their attention. When their attention looks, sees only fort center bevelled banning room in that darkness, a special ray flashes past. All aura along with it disappearance.

"What's the matter?" The Chief big priest hurries to stimulate to movement the cross under metal dragon to soar to go, when he arrives in the darkness the fort peak dumbfounded.

Banned indoor originally previous surviving the thing, also just put in two big leather bags to be nothing left, in entire banning room, clean on only the remaining some dust.

"Hadn't he walked a moment ago unexpectedly?" The Chief big priest definitely is unable to imagine. Just as the heavenly stems disciples thinks that Ji Dong can catch up with the transmission to be the same in the final time, their these purple robe big priests when the discovery transmission also similarly judged Ji Dong certainly together to depart along with that Giant Dragon.

But, at this moment. Presents in them at present, actually completely is another. If Ji Dong walked a moment ago, who that has looted here? But that magic power fluctuated a moment ago, as before isn't the aura fluctuation of transmission?

Yes, they felt when Ji Dong that departs magic power fluctuation that leaves behind. Ji Dong dares not to follow the partners to transmit together departs, is not only impulsive. That many Ultra Certain Kill Skill collide, the turbulent flow that airborne has gives his certain time sufficiently. Therefore, he after entering banning room, will ban immediately indoor thing anything, all loads in the Vermilion Bird bracelet. After outside magic power turbulent flow was weaken some. Then fully opens transmission law. Even if outside has the dark chaos to defend the big impediment, by soul cultivation base of his own Saint level middle rank, wants to break through present defense that is without question.

When were not formerly the Fire God sword assumed an awe-inspiring pose the dark chaos defends the big might to receive the Fire God sword to release that supernatural power influence to weaken half, Ji Dong does not dare to look like such does at present, at least he will consider, after all, the one person alone stayed here, once were discovered by dark Mages, was besieged the lethal aspect. But that dark chaos defended big itself large scale to weaken, cannot stop this Saint level middle rank soul cultivation base and initially transmission law connected under arrange/cloth. His also what fearful?

Purple robe big priests are in a daze, his transmission has been completed, splendid floating goes. The talent that these time loots is thorough.


Dark temple 500 inside and outside. The ray flashes, fifty Saint Fire Dragon emerges out of thin air, it just now one steadily falls to the ground, Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously roared to make noise, are releasing the restless sound. Not only they, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er was also launches the pair of wings to jump, was circling in the sky regarding fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Similarly is exuding the anxious phoenix cry sound.

The heavenly stems disciples carry on the back from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, this time, Chen Sixuan was really anxious, an outstandingly beautiful charming face pallidness, both hands closely made a fist, are looking out the direction of dark temple. Her fast from storing up Magic Tool took out to think, supple sound said: "Thinks clever, here waits for the elder sister."Spoke these words, she turns head to jump, must flush away in the direction of dark temple.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you calmly."gold/metal speed is fastest, at this time also be only her speed can block Chen Sixuan, the personal appearance flashes, has kept off in front of Chen Sixuan. Grasped her.

"Lets loose me."Chen Sixuan cold sound said.

Made other heavenly stems disciples surprised one appear, usually, in their opinion, Chen Sixuan forever was that gentle, but in female Mage of bright disciple, without a doubt, strongest was gold/metal, the strength strongest was also gold/metal.

But at this time. Chen Sixuan drinks coldly, gold/metal slowly let loose the hand unexpectedly, in the eye has even revealed the look of several points of fear. The bright heavenly stems disciples who looks are relentless, in their opinion, this should completely in turn is right!

In the Chen Sixuan eye the cold light takes back, will jump, actually listens to gold/metal saying: "Since you must go, I accompany you to go together."

Chen Sixuan has gawked, eyes had a profound meaning looked at her one eyes, shakes the head saying: "You do not use." gold/metal said: "Aren't you very much have believed his? Why this time actually "

Chen Sixuan angrily said: "I believe him, but he falls into the tight encirclement now. The opposite party has eight supreme powerhouses. Do you let me not to worry? Don't you like him? Why aren't you anxious?"

King's concern was laid bare with one word by Chen Sixuan, moreover is in front of heavenly stems disciples, immediately dumbfounded.

Chen Sixuan had also realized oneself spoke incorrectly the words, said apologetically: "Sorry, gold/metal, I have no intention to injure you. But I cannot do without Ji Dong, even if dies, I must with him die together."

gold/metal likes Ji Dong this matter, already looked like the secret, Yao Qianshu and wolf divine intervention these old slippery customers, remote can also see one point of clues. But Du Ming, Du Xin'er and Lan Bao'er were actually startled. Especially Lan Bao'er, she self-examined that she has buried that sentiment in the heart, because she understands that she simply does not have the slightest bit opportunity. Until now Ji Dong is not willing with such perfect Chen Sixuan in the same place, will accept own sentiment? At this time she knows, sentiment buries continues she in the heart, gold/metal unexpectedly is also so, moreover they like is also a person.

Is listening to the Chen Sixuan words, some gold/metal complexion blanches, finally took a deep breath, brave looks to Chen Sixuan. Says words that their two people have been able to understand, "I only want forever to defend in your side by."

The Chen Sixuan eyeground surges mist, stretches out the arms to grasp gold/metal, "sorry, sorry "

the next moment, gold/metal groaned, other disciples surprised seeing, Chen Sixuan sets up the palm suddenly unexpectedly like the blade, a palm cut in King's neck shoulder place. Even if gold/metal that Saint level body and spirit, under Chen Sixuan such one strikes, pours during her bosom slowly softly. Chen Sixuan muttered: "Sorry, gold/metal, I knows that I am very selfish, but accompanies him dead, can only be I."

At the same time was saying, she has hugged gold/metal floating to fall to the ground, gives remotely gold/metal, turns around to walk.

"wait a moment." The secret drinks to make noise suddenly greatly.

The Chen Sixuan body stagnates, but has not actually turned round, must jump to go as before. But secret below a few words made her have to stop.

"Ji Dong came back. Should be Ji Dong comes back."

Chen Sixuan turns head suddenly, both eyes coagulation firmly above that transmission law, ten color rays surges. The golden red ray greatly is suddenly bright, air twisted slightly, the next moment, Ji Dong has emerged out of thin air in the people line of sight.

"Hahahaha......, This time really gained in a big way."Ji Dong a appearance, immediately laughs wildly to make noise, he so excited appearance, the bright heavenly stems disciples are also first time see.

However, looks appearance that his laughs, the people remained silent, one by one visits him. The vision somewhat is obviously strange.

Ji Dong is certainly impossible to know before he comes back had anything, laughs wildly after long time, suddenly discovery actually nobody responded, the atmosphere somewhat was also strange, this has restrained the smiling face. The vision observes the situation the people, looks at everybody's look, said: "Why do you think so me?"However, he follows close on suddenly was saying: "Oh, right, is I am not good. Has not communicated with you with enough time. However I will not have any danger at that time, by the Ultra Certain Kill Skill collision turbulent flow, their simply had not discovered that I have submerged in the fort. Let alone on me the magic skill liquor of jade of manufacture also many place, enough supported to transmit to me. Even if before is, by them was discovered nothing." Listens to the Ji Dong words, Chen Sixuan ying to warn one suddenly, turns head to run. Tears uncontrolled flowing, Ji Dong saw that clear water drop that only then that airborne flies to swing.

"Thought of fine jade this is? Eh, remote, gold/metal how stupor in your arms, she should not be injured is right!"Ji Dong cannot feel the brains looks that the people have doubts to ask. The sob of Chen Sixuan departed, making in his heart not affect on own initiative.

Remote ill-humored saying: "This you came back luckily promptly, if you late come back again one step, must perform a dying for husband to record. Moreover is two. Quickly had not recalled that the fine jade comes back. It is not really clear, thinks of the fine jade to be so good, is willing to pay all for you, the fellow of this having a heart of stone said that anything is not willing to accept her."

"Is, the remote elder sister said right, Teacher, you should to thinking of the fine jade elder sister really well." The opens the mouth is Du Xin'er, was saying, nod that she while deep to be also so.

Ji Dong looks in the direction that Chen Sixuan leaves, at this time could not see her form. inwardly sighed in the heart, loses two big leather bag to throw in front of the people conveniently, this jumps, pursues in the direction that Chen Sixuan leaves.

"What is this?"Yao Qianshu most is interested to the belongings, saw that Ji Dong loses in ground two leather bag, immediately ran in high spirits. Impolite opens it.

When he opens leather bag the flash, immediately, a magic power fluctuation of surge surges, impact Yao Qianshu of squatting down body sits falls to the ground, the vision of heavenly stems disciples was also attracted the past, besides falling into stupor gold/metal, the people have almost made simultaneously exactly the same movement: gasped.

In that leather bag, has installed dark Crystal Crown of full bag unexpectedly, people eyes that the radiant ray shakes spent. "Heavens! This must die many dark Mage to have these many Crystal Crown, look, this inside resembles also Eight-Crown Mage."

The secret hesitates saying: "I knew, reason that a moment ago Ji Dong is not willing to come back with us, should discover existences of these two bag Crystal Crown, they for we take risk. This should be our previous time massacres these dark Mage to fall."

At that time Ji Dong engaged in self-examination to plunge that side banning room suddenly, the heavenly stems disciples are almost think that he discovered in the banning room to have a day of jade, therefore was willing to take risk, but they discovered at this time, oneself idea has made a mistake unexpectedly completely, Ji Dong has not come back promptly, simply not because of the jade of day, but to let them can better promotion cultivation base, look for these many dark Crystal Crown.

Chen Sixuan cultivation base has not arrived at Nine-Crown, oneself has not flown the mount, can only run off from the ground, but Ji Dong flies in airborne, naturally compared with her speed quickly. After rising into airborne, Ji Dong has discovered the Chen Sixuan form. Teng Snake flashes the acceleration, in an instant pursued, has blocked the Chen Sixuan way.

Chen Sixuan stops the footsteps, looks at present Ji Dong, angrily snorted, said: "Do you make way, block me to do? Do you pursue to do?"

Ji Dong by being in a daze that somewhat she said that this was Chen Sixuan first time has a fit of temper to him.

"Thinks of the fine jade, I had confidence a moment ago really come back safely. Is I am not good, cannot inform you promptly. Do not be angry."

Chen Sixuan coldly snorted, what relations "am I angry with you have? Who told you me to be angry for you? Does not need you to urge me. You are not my anything person, I am not your anything person."

Ji Dong somewhat awkward say/way: "We are the partners!" Chen Sixuan angrily said: "You make way, I think that a person calm down a bit."

Ji Dong could see, this time she was angry, shakes the head saying: "No, I do not make way."

Chen Sixuan visits him, because is angry, the chest front is fluctuating unceasingly, "why don't you make way? You have any qualifications to manage me. You do not want me. Did not tell anybody alone to take risk, you had me treat as. , Treats as the partner?"

Ji Dong truly does not know how oneself should reply that Chen Sixuan words, he cannot pledge anything to Chen Sixuan, if he does not move to Chen Sixuan, that radically is impossible. Since knew she one, is she in considering his daily life and diet, meticulous followed side him, whenever he fights, she will assist from side, whenever the danger presents time, followed that she is always duty-bound not to turn back side him. also that time when helps her solve the engagement, in that hot spring hotel, what Ji Dong doesn't know really?

Since does not have the means to face, simply......

The Ji Dong body rocked, a complexion blanch, the body one softly, backward but actually goes. He in dropping down, in heart secretly thought: Has sorry, thinks of the fine jade. I know you to my good, but, I am a deceased person......

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Chapter 615: Next time will meet the clothing

Although Chen Sixuan in the chest depressed nowhere vented. In addition formerly in the heavenly stems disciples front awkwardness, but her attention on Ji Dong, suddenly had actually seen that Ji Dong throws down backward, she has a big shock immediately. How regardless of she is angry, in the heart the love to Ji Dong never has the slightest bit to weaken. The hurrying diving posture throws, after grasped Ji Dong, body but actually.

"Ji Dong, you how?"Chen Sixuan anxious asking.

At the same time was saying, she hurries to instill into to Ji Dong within the body oneself pinnacle Second Wood magic power. magic power enters the body, she felt immediately Ji Dong magic power is quite full, at least also 70-80% cultivation base are maintaining. Obviously, is not the magic power issue. could it be said, was the soul has problems? The soul has problems to be possible compared with many that magic power has problems to trouble, is more dangerous.

At the same time is thinking, Chen Sixuan hurries attempt and Ji Dong soul cautiously fuses, she discovered immediately, the issue is really the soul, Ji Dong the strength of soul already completely close, cannot fuse.

Formerly when the dark temple, has been primarily Ji Dong top/withstood that to search for the soul to seize soul big, afterward Ji Dong was primarily the strength of own soul, shifted the scroll to carry on the localization to that short distance instantaneously. Transmits including the final people leaves, is the communication that the strength and law Ji Dong control soul carry on, after communicating, he to/clashes to take away a day of jade. In addition finally at this moment returns use transmission law, without a doubt, the strength of his soul consumes surely enormously.

Does not dare to neglect, Chen Sixuan hurries to stimulate to movement oneself that god knowledge to search into the Ji Dong brain cautiously. This investigation, she does not know whether to laugh or cry.

Has changed others, definitely is thinks in the Ji Dong soul to have problems, but who is Chen Sixuan? She may once be Empress Lie Yan! Although the god knows only remaining that not worthy of mentioning one, but the short distance investigates the Ji Dong soul situation without question actually. She discovered that although Ji Dong the strength of soul consumes enormously, but is quite stable, an issue does not have. simply was he has sealed up own soul, did not carry on the soul fusion by oneself to him. This fellow simply in attire!

Does not know how to install to faint facing oneself, is this my Little Ji Dong? Chen Sixuan threw chi one to smile. By the Ji Dong disposition, making him make such matter is extremely for is not easy. Moreover she also recalled initially such did not install? The success that but install, Ji Dong had actually been discovered by oneself. This smiles, formerly resentment also naturally along with it divergence.

Gently has beaten a fist in the Ji Dong shoulder, "your this enemy!"She does not see through Ji Dong, hugs him to sit there. This rare intimate is together hard-won, she did not give up such gives up. Solid is hugging him, the happy feeling arises spontaneously, made her hug was tighter.

Ji Dong discovered, oneself made an enormous mistake, this installed to faint, will turn simply into the lamb that has treated butchers to be ordinary. Only can, whatever Chen Sixuan organizes.

Was being hugged by Chen Sixuan, naturally is a very comfortable matter, the issue is, this stimulation also similarly is the unequalled intensity. Warm and soft bosom, light such as blue fragrance, in addition Chen Sixuan tight is supporting him, his head was buried in the abundant tall and straight mountain range completely, that stimulation made Ji Dong nearly unable to dominate itself. He is the full of vigor youth! Suddenly, he can only conceal as far as possible with keeping the wrist/skill and god hot Saint king Kai of ankle place is gripping himself ruthlessly, tries to resist Chen Sixuan this formidable attraction with the severe pain.

Person who takes a drug frequently, is very easy to have the drug resistance, Ji Dong this thinks hot Saint king Kaijian to puncture own method frequently is more and more is not easy-to-use. The resistance of his Saint level body and spirit to ache is quite proper, but on the Chen Sixuan body the formidable attraction is to make him has to wallow potential more and more.

In Ji Dong is not knowing should "sober"come time, he thinks Chen Sixuan to move, the next moment, he only thought that oneself lips had been covered by the mild icy cold lip. Of bang, Ji Dong only thought that a brain blank, he has not thought that Chen Sixuan so will be unexpectedly bold, while oneself fainted the past time kisses itself.

Chen Sixuan kissed the lip of Ji Dong, in the heart wicked wants saying: I make you install. The arm is similar to water snake general tight holding in the arms Ji Dong. Even if he "sober"comes not to be easy to work loose immediately. Let alone, since hot spring hotel that time, Chen Sixuan on clear awareness, oneself has the formidable attraction regarding Ji Dong.

"Ji Dong, Ji Dong......"in Ji Dong will soon fall to the enemy, the sudden sound has saved him. Chen Sixuan raised the head instantaneously, charming face red. But Ji Dong also hurries to make use, ships out appearance that was just sober.

"Was my this? Is good to faint."Ji Dong lowers the head, simply does not dare to look at Chen Sixuan. But the Chen Sixuan vision looks toward not far away. Sees only Yao Qianshu to jump to come, her tooth that hates to be itchy, such opportunity does not know when next time must wait till. Yao Qianshu has discovered quickly them, has caught up fast, sees Ji Dong by in the Chen Sixuan bosom, does not doubt him, kind say/way: "Ji Dong, are you all right?"

Ji Dong shakes the head, "modest book, I am all right, is the strength of consumption soul possibly were a much less. You hold me to go back."

A Chen Sixuan both hands request, stands with Ji Dong, said near his ear in a low voice: "Next time will meet the clothing."

Ji Dong body one stiff, he knows at this moment, Chen Sixuan knows from the beginning he is an attire, was suddenly more awkward, making Yao Qianshu support own body not to dare to look at Chen Sixuan.

When they return to transmit that side law, gold/metal sobered from the dizziness, by the body and spirit of her Saint level, Chen Sixuan that strikes is naturally impossible to make her stupor too long. Looks that Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu return together. gold/metal eyeground reveals a complex ray, child has grasped Eighth Metal department dark Crystal Crown from that leather bag. Immediately closes eyes to cultivate. Besides escape, can she be what kind of?

After Chen Sixuan comes back, similarly did not say a word, oneself also worked on Second Wood Crystal Crown to sit in the one side.

The secret looks at Ji Dong, shows a faint smile, said: "You also cultivation. Here topography is open, I have paid attention to the surrounding sound, the words that has discovered meet first awaken you."Has his Saint level high rank soul cultivation base to observe all around, even if the dark secret do not want to seize the chance the sneak attack.

Yao Qianshu somewhat was already impatient, he regarding breaking through the Nine-Crown demand is most intense, could not attend to with Ji Dong says anything, immediately sits in the one side cultivates.

Looks that partners one by one entered the cultivation condition, Ji Dong looked at Chen Sixuan one, the fragrance that lips also she formerly left behind.

Huo'er already from airborne fell, sees Ji Dong to come back, collects, rubs on him with the big end, sees Huo'er, Ji Dong remembers, in oneself Vermilion Bird bracelet is also receiving a person. Hurried to put from the bracelet froth.

"Also thinks that you did not plan puts me to come out." A froth appearance, is gazing at fixedly Ji Dong. However, is quick this attire the expression had been explained by oneself, say/way of jumping for joy: "Monster uncle. You are really fierce. Or, do you receive me for disciple? In the dark temple the fort can be destroyed by you again and again, if I can also have your such skill to be good."

"Receives you for the disciple? Ok."Ji Dong looks at froth, a forehead heavy line, ", if received you to be the apprentice, can be called monster Teacher by you? Let alone, I have not taught your time."

Froth snorted, "really mean-spirited. However, how regardless to say, we later were also the allies. Did not say with you, I ask cloud Liaotian to go."Bright heavenly stems disciples twice arrives at the dark temple. Takes to dark temple that serious attack, what ratio also throws describes directly? Froth now to them, only then admires, did not have the slightest bit to suspect again.

Looks that froth runs up to side the secret, Ji Dong reveals a smile, he does not have to enter the cultivation condition immediately, by his Pinnacle Two Fires cultivation base and Saint level body intensity, absorbs these Crystal Crown compared with partners quick many. Therefore he does not worry. Instead released a big box from the Vermilion Bird bracelet.

This box with the exotic material manufacture, above is mounting dozens various species gems, although Ji Dong does not know that these gems are anything, but sends out that also to want the pure magic power attribute from above compared with the five elements god stone, can see these thing values not poor. This is he brings from the dark secret banning room, in the banning room besides that two leather bag, other things are not many, most conspicuous must be this box, also several pile up in some jade and magic power together day equips. Although these equipment are good, but does not have any significance for them, is dark attribute. About more than 20, although does not have the divine tool, but also is the inferior divine tool ranks. The magic power fluctuation that on several sends out even approached the divine tool.

Although these magic power weapons for them useless, but regarding revolting against the secret alliance can actually play the enormous help, most at least can make their high-end Mage strength large scale promotion.

Lets is at present this box that truly Ji Dong is interested, he most hopes that naturally is this long, width, high can install all over the sky jade about one meter box. In that case, even if the Fire God sword cannot complete the final evolution, should not differ too.

Clearly, the thing that in this box has should be quite precious, the reason is very simple, on this box really has law, when previous time was shelled by magic skill has not damaged.

Such law cannot certainly stump Ji Dong, the right hand according to the box, appears together the light white light from his chest front, the white light condenses the bead, is the bead of chaos, under the direction of Ji Dong, Chaos Fire on, covered quietly above that box. What regardless of this box has is any law, by the absorption of chaos deep meaning. Also can implication magic power absorbs completely, does not have the support of magic power, law again well, is unable to play affects.

Really, law in that box shortly will be absorbed by Chaos Fire. Did not have a law protection easily, Ji Dong by the brute force on an above leaf of door will open.

In the box, does not have Ji Dong imagines the jade of day, after opening, inside assumes appears, is the one by one small box. Although has not seen in the box is any thing, but he can also affirm, existence of inside not any chaos aura. Ji Dong took from the box these boxes, altogether 15 boxes, on each have the character.

"Froth, you come."Ji Dong called to just and froth of secret speech.

"Does? Monster uncle."Running over that froth jumps, saw that in front of Ji Dong were many boxes and several boxes, greatly is interested.

Ji Dong said: "Helps me have a look on these boxes is any character." The Light Five Elements Continent writing is different from Dark Five Elements Continent, the character on box he did not know. But froth definitely knows.

Froth complied, takes up a box, discussed: "Dark secret, the seventh generation, relic."

The secret also walked at this time, listened to froth these words, and Ji Dong looks at each other one, two people vision exchange, reveals a pleasantly surprised color/look.

Is this box Chinese dress, unexpectedly the relic that all previous dark secret leaves behind?

Froth takes up a box, just as such that they suspect, the character that on this box leaves behind is: Dark secret, the 13 th generation, relic.

15 boxes, inside stays behind impressively is 15 dark secrets relics, although has to divide into periods, but also includes the thing that in nearly 2000 the majority of dark secrets have left behind.

Ji Dong opens a box, inside is putting, is a scroll, above is the character, making froth read, what above records is this dark secret life story.

Also opens a box, this harvest was bigger, inside puts a small jar, jar above is having marking, "writes the soul to restore the medicament."What a pity, opens looked, inside is spatial, obviously was already used up. originally Ji Dong and secret are hopeful, but they open these boxes one by one, the harvest is almost actually equal to not having, left beyond some record all previous dynasties dark secrets life stories, even if leaves leeway the thing, has disappeared. Even also spatial box.

"It seems like, the relics of these dark secrets are inherit by the next generation dark secret, had any good thing also to be taken away by the following dark secret."

Ji Dong somewhat helpless saying, was saying at the same time, he has taken up a box, starts, he feels the difference of this box. In box that in these all previous secrets leave behind, is this box is biggest, in the box, it occupied entire bottom.

Ji Dong opens the lid, the next moment, when he sees inside thing, the whole person has been shocked immediately, body cannot help but shivers.

( Guesses, what in this box is? Hehe.)

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Chapter 616: Returns to the dark secret of temple

Ji Dong opened that to loot in the box from the dark temple the biggest box at that moment. The whole person was shocked. Also no wonder he so will be shocked. If there is changed others, possibly fortunately, because just this opens the person of box is he, shocks.

In that box, is not the magic power weapon and gem that places or is a day of jade. It can be said that this inside thing regarding Mage, not any actual value. However, in the Ji Dong eye, they are the large sum of money is difficult to ask.

This box Chinese dress is liquor, altogether several bottles, each bottle seems is the style is plain, although does not have any wine to release, but Ji Dong can actually feel clearly, these jars are not empty. Solid thinking of liquor.

Yes! All previous dark secret again greedy, will not want these liquor, regarding them, this absolutely does not have the thing of any advantage, remained simply.

The secret was also shocked, froth is being perplexed looks in the Ji Dong eye she has never seen that anxious and excited and may not the self- made excitement. Even if when wins facing dark temple powerhouses, he not like the present rude! How many bottle of liquor this is not, as for?

Ji Dong cautiously is the Dark Five Elements Continent good wine to take specially from the box that bottles . It looks like with the entire day under most precious thing. Handles with care, even also released magic power, even/including Moer and secret were isolated by him outside. His heartbeat is accelerating unceasingly, if thinks like oneself, that......

When he takes after the box all liquor, he fast takes out a booklet from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, incomparably conscientiously is comparing.

Froth does not know that Ji Dong is doing, doesn't the secret possibly know? He holds on froth gently, shook the head to her, hints her do not ask. At this time, Ji Dong most does not hope obviously was disturbed.

The free time of a while, Ji Dong has selected three bottles from that several bottles of liquor, when he raised the head again, the froth surprised discovery, this time Ji Dong, is moved to tears unexpectedly, hugging cautiously that three bottles of liquor, whole person dull sitting in there, looked like crazy generally.

Froth looks up to the secret, "clouds how monster uncle this was?"

Secret lightly sighed, "walks, we do not disturb him. Actually , compared with him, I also want lucky many. Most at least, my childhood Elder Sister also looked. But Ji Dong never has actually seen his birth parents. His bitter experience, if traded is I. Perhaps already collapsed. His story, compared with my story splendid many."

The secret drew froth to walk, Ji Dong actually does not know, he was holding that three bottles of liquor silently, this individual was crazy.

Yes, he obtained him the result that hopes to obtain. From that several bottles of liquor, found ten big famous name wine final three bottles that the famous name wine has recorded to record. In other words, besides has been used to hold a memorial service for the Lie Yan (raging flames) three bottles, other seven bottles obtained. Ten big famous name wines are complete.

Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) do you know? Ten big famous name wines that you want I evened up, when I look for your time, finally can not have any regret. The Crystal Crown quantity that Ji Dong has over a thousand fully, is their first time enters the victory in dark temple, several hundred that in addition this time has, these many Crystal Crown, making the heavenly stems disciples enough absorb several days.

When Chen Sixuan knows when Ji Dong had found the final three bottles of ten big famous name wines, her mood five senses mixed Chen. Faint, she has one ominous premonition, from the heart of hearts, she never hopes that Ji Dong evens up these ten bottles of liquor. In that case, in his heart also reposes eventually.

Made her feel some comforts only. Is Ji Dong seems not any change, instead was more open has resembled, with the partners chatted is merry, as if restored initially Lie Yan (raging flames) not dead beforehand that Ji Dong.

"Everybody stops."Ji Dong awakens the people in cultivation separately.
At this time, everybody has practiced three days.

The heavenly stems disciples sober separately from cultivation condition, looks to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong looked at a direction of dark temple, "according to the count- down, the dark secret affirmed that returned to the dark temple. Said honestly, I want to take a look at his then expression very much."

Listened to his such saying, the heavenly stems disciples to smile, yes! The dark temple turned into such shortly, the complexion of dark secret attractively will be strange. Perhaps he since has inherited dark secret position, has not experienced like this depressed.

Ji Dong then said: "But, we must leave now. The dark secret after being furious, resourcefully will certainly seek for us. Froth, our goes to revolt against the secret alliance to attach with you. Our initial goals have been achieved, then, is a manager time's seesaw battle. The information of your alliance is to us important."

Froth clever nod, said: "Good, Elder Brother Ji Dong." On that day, after the secret the Ji Dong story told her, froth this small girl affected has cried the half of the day, she only knows, originally Ji Dong actually experienced that many. The Red Lotus day hot origin made her shock, but Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) love was touches her. Since that day, she did not call the Ji Dong monster uncle, but was clever name Ji Dong for the Elder Brother. The manner to Ji Dong came a 180 degrees shallowturn directly.

How regardless to say, here distance dark temple was also too near, if the dark secret seeks for them desirably. Catches the strength of Saint level peak soul to scan, would discovering some clues. Ji Dong does not hope that they keep here transmission law to be discovered by the dark secret.

Froth puts out previous Ji Dong to his dark continent map, had pointed out the position that the contact is, only releases fifty Saint Fire Dragon as before, collaborates to release to cover a numerous heavenly stems disciple by Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan and secret for the strength of Saint level peak soul similarly, this goes toward the destination. Has strength of shield enough formidable Saint level peak soul, even if dark secret the strength of soul scans, so long as is not nearly to the certain extent, the dark secret is also very difficult to discover their existences.

Just as such that Ji Dong said that the dark secret returned to the dark temple.

Dark temple, in fort.

Dark secret that surface seemed very young face somewhat twisted at this time, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui stood in him behind does not say a word, the complexion was tranquil, could not see that any mood fluctuated. But before dark day fuselage, is eight keeps silent the purple robe big priest of Ruohan cicada, but nearby banning room completely is opening wide at this time, front door opening that builds, reveals inside completely empty space.

"Good, you are very good." The dark secret has almost squeezed out these words from the gap between teeth. Each purple robe big priest knows, in this secret big person heart the anger has promoted the limit. "Short ten days, make the person sneak temple twice unexpectedly, but have killed over a thousand people, your this crowd of waste also competently what? They only have ten people, only has ten people merely. You? Ten big supreme powerhouses. Over ten thousand Mage, link ten people unable to detain unexpectedly. In opening the dark chaos has defended in the big situation, but also made them flee . Moreover, searched for the soul to seize soul big also to make it continually break. Was ransacked including my banning room. Good, you are very good."

The incomparably swift and fierce murderous intention made in this darkness in the fort highest room feel the depression, eight purple robe big priests were withstanding the dark secret tyrannical incomparable pressure, the one by one face whiten, basic could not say including the argument words. In fact, at this kind of time, in fact is placed in the present situation. Any argument appears pale and weak. That many dark Mage including two purple robe big priests fall from the sky, in the dark temple fort twice was broken. Dark secret banning room was ransacked, whom changes perhaps not to endure.

The vision final set of dark secret on the Chief big priest face, the swift and fierce murderous intention entire tribe on this Level 98 cultivation base supreme powerhouse, such formidable dark Mage, does not dare to have the slight motion facing the anger of dark secret similarly, a brain blank, he knows, oneself ended. The dark secret will perhaps not massacre their these purple robe big priests, but must some people shoulder the responsibility, otherwise, dark secret anger is unable to melt.

The right hand of dark secret lifts slowly, in the entire hand is only sending out a dazzling golden ray, the ray turnover is uncertain, the sharp aura made in the air appeared one after another pū pū the sound.

"wait a moment, shows mercy."All purple robe big priests are thinking the Chief big priest must end time, suddenly, a vigorous sound resounds.

Who dares to interrupt in the dark secret so great anger situation? This in the purple robe big priests heart radically is not the possible matter. Their subconscious raising the head, look in the direction that sound sends out. Vision entire tribe on Fu Rui. After the dark secret brings Fu Rui is coming back, had understood the bright heavenly stems disciples after the situation that the dark temple destroys on violent anger gathers numerous purple robe big priests here, had not introduced with them who Fu Rui is. Thought that this young people cultivation base is not low, greatly somewhat the potential of deep pool ting Yue Zhi. But they more is worried about own safety, too carefully has not observed.

Before Fu Rui, seems does not have what difference, was only calmer, under the assistance of dark secret, his magic power has succeeded to break through Nine-Crown, became an unprecedented Yang Thunder attribute supreme powerhouse.

Those who let the purple robe big priests accident/surprise is, along with Fu Rui these words, dark secret originally lifted the preparation racket to stop to the hand of Chief big priest unexpectedly, above tyrannical magic power also similarly along with it divergence, turns head to look to Fu Rui. Although his anger has not been weaken, but clearly, he then has not vented on this anger Fu Rui.

Numerous purple robe big priests are startled, is this secret Sir who they understand? Even if dark heavenly stems disciple's final weapon Li Yonghao of head, does not dare, when the dark secret great anger interrupts!

However, Fu Rui below a few words made these purple robe big priests be startled.

"Can father, listen to my word?" The Fu Rui sinking sound said.

Father? This does seem about 30 -year-old young people unexpectedly is the son of secret Sir? Purple robe big priests have even forgotten the fear in this flash. Delay looks at Fu Rui, they may never hear their secret Sir has the descendant! Even had not heard dark secret and any female have the relations. Inadequate that this son could it be it is emerges out of thin air?

"You said."Dark secret coldly said. Fu Rui said: "This time matter, although the temple loss is serious, but cannot all blame fellow purple robe big priests. In some sense, this is also our faults. After all, we cannot stop the attack of bright heavenly stems disciples, is attacked after the temple, knows that they plunged our dark continent. I too understood Ji Dong, my this Little Junior Brother was advantageous, can fall in love with him including Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess such goddess, it can be imagined he was outstanding. The miracle that he creates I will think sometimes numb. According to several purple robe big priests' descriptions, present he should be different, as far as I know, the sword of his Fire God may not have now to be so formidable, decides however also has any fortuitous encounter. The father, the urgent matter, how can find them, fellow purple robe big priests have the mistake, now does not punish their times, when is the personnel!"

Listened to the Fu Rui words, the complexion of dark secret has relaxed several points obviously, lightly said: "It seems like, I underestimated this any heavenly stems Saint king. His magic power also Level 90, can bring troublesome these many. Did you have to find his means? By you to his familiar, how his next should do?"

Fu Rui said: "Father, you may do not despise my this Little Junior Brother, although his cultivation base also Nine-Crown, but all-round strength in his whole, is not inferior to a Saint level initial rank powerhouse absolutely. Must know, his body intensity and soul intensity have reached the Saint level, the Yin-Yang two fires fusion, magic power are not only can explain with Eight-Crown."

Dark secret brows slightly wrinkled, turns head to look to the Chief big priest of being saved from death, "is his handle divine tool long sword so really tyrannical?"

Chief big priest hastily said: "Yes, his handle sword is very unusual, as if one type can break all strengths. Their first time comes time, he once a sword cut to kill our six red robe big priests, and breaks five elements to tie, making under the arrange/cloth ties ten red robe big priests cause heavy losses. Although his is high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but if not that unusual long sword, high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill should not by such might. The second time, by top Ultra Certain Kill Skill that handle sword displays, a sword broke in fort defense."

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Everybody guessed correctly that what in the box was? Haha.

Chapter 617: Dark secret ambition

The dark secret asked to Fu Rui: "Does his handle sword name?"

Fu Rui said: "Is called the sword of Fire God. Two handle inferior magical instruments that initially Ji Dong obtained synthesize a handle."

"The sword of Fire God?"Dark secret hesitation moment, has a look at oneself that empty banning room again, in the eye the anger reignition, a both hands suddenly point, a great strength, simultaneously the bang flies eight purple robe big priests loudly, collision ruthlessly in the following stone wall.

Dark secret cold sound said: "You several people of lives remember for the time being, if not my son asks for leniency, deciding makes you taste to bite the pain of soul. Passes on me to order, the entire continent range searching, must in find them to me surely most in a short time."

Eight purple robe big priests are saved from death, immediately grows the tone, although was wanted to crack by the whole body skeleton of dark secret bang, but can live eventually, "many thanks the graciousness of secret not killing, many thanks little main plea."

The dark secret waves fiercely, "gets down." "Yes."
Purple robe big priests retreat, the dark secret changes Fu Rui, in the eye the cold glow electricity shoots, "what do you have to hide the truth from me?" Fu Rui heart one cold, "father. What meaning is your this saying?"

Dark secret coldly snorted, "can be away from the dark chaos to defend big to transmit from my this dark temple, this ability how with general. Their do the abilities of this transmission come from where? Why haven't you reported to me? If no this transmission capacity, their how dare storm being enthralled temple?"

Listened to the dark secret words, the Fu Rui calm and composed say/way: "Was I am negligent. Father, if I have not guessed that wrong, Ji Dong they should be the transmission scrolls that uses. Before going to Holy and Evil Island, we had gone to the silly rich business association first, there , not only obtained the supplements of three magical instruments, Ji Dong just before leaving has also been taking about thirty scrolls. These scrolls he has not given us anybody to look, we do not know that is anything affects. Now looks like, in these scrolls, should have can be used to transmit massively. He is relying on the Saint level soul cultivation base stimulation of movement scroll, this can lead the people to transmit departs. Did you forget? Initially I introduced Holy and Evil Island them our dark continent, Ji Dong also suddenly started a scroll, led them to be saved from death, otherwise, already wiped out by us."

The dark secret complexion slightly, nodded, said: "Calculates that their luck is good, can actually find these many transmission scrolls. Our dark continent also few this type of scrolls spread. This matter cannot all blame you, actually this boy luck of calling Ji Dong was good. You believe, now should cope with them? By you to their familiar, had to find the means that their methods or were make them swallow the bait?"

Fu Rui as if earnest thinking, then said: "Father, if I am you, now best means. Is personally escorts temple all strengths also to arrive at Holy and Evil Island to go from you. Only has this, can not to the opening that they sneak attack. According to the tentative plan of Ji Dong, this time arrives at our dark continent, mainly copes with the dark demon armed forces. Although you kept Holy and Evil Island to guard the dark heavenly stems disciples. But is not safe, after all, that side is vast in territory, if Ji Dong their these bright heavenly stems disciples after attacking the temple return to Holy and Evil Island, will take to us to lose surely enormously. Only has you to assume personal command there to be good personally. So long as after waiting till for more than one year, the Red Lotus day fire relieves, we capture Light Five Elements Continent at one fell swoop, destroys its main force, did not fear that Ji Dong they do not come, when the time comes revenges again is not late."

Dark secret brows slightly wrinkled, "is not good. The dark temple is my basis, how can easily give up. Cannot probably be worried as for the Holy and Evil Island frontline that side but actually. I have the means here transmission law restore, once restores, I momentarily can go to Holy and Evil Island within the section time, did not fear that they sneak attack to that side. Snort, I here am waiting for them, if they have the courage to come again, I must let that the boy who surely called Ji Dong tore to shreds. So long as massacres these bright heavenly stems disciples. That Light Five Elements Continent again does not have anything to look in my eyes."

Fu Rui said: "Father, now the enemy is dark I to be bright, moreover our Dark Five Elements Continent area is broad, wanted to find their merely ten people is really extremely difficult, besides you, we cannot win their strengths steadily. If they do not attack the temple, but disturbs in continent, what to do even is breaks my frontline army to supply?"

The dark secret sneers, "made them go. Although we have several million armies on Holy and Evil Island, but since in the Red Lotus day fire has produced in the three years, I almost all available grain and fodder on our continent assemble on Holy and Evil Island, constructs ten big granaries. Entire continent physical resource almost centralized there, let alone that Red Lotus day fire can only burn again less than one -and- a-half years of time, even if burns three years, our grain and fodder also sufficiently support. As for these common people, making them kill, these ants common lives had any significance, said just as you a moment ago, so long as we can capture Light Five Elements Continent, all will not lack. The bounty of Light Five Elements Continent, does not prepare to us?"

Here, the dark secret unexpectedly was the somewhat sincere say/way:
"Fu Rui, by the destruction, nobody is stronger than me. But must say the construction, was not my strong point, after waiting for our fathers and sons to unify two pieces of continent, the heavy responsibility of this construction and restore was your. Later, you are these two pieces of continent masters, but I am the beliefs of these two pieces of continent."

Here. His gloomy and cold smiles, "all previous dark secret actually one by one is a fool. They spare no sacrifice themselves, but to invade Light Five Elements Continent, said that will be anything will spread the world dark each corner. Is the brain is simply remnant. I now am the dark secret, only misses one step to be able to become God, later, this darkness and bright two pieces of continent, forever inherit under our family rule. You may probably try hard! The father can look for innumerable concubines to you, soon will hand down the descendant, is good to inherit our entire world the family properties."

Listens to the dark secret words, Fu Rui only to think that behind one sends intermittently coldly, he then understands, since continuously, oneself and bright heavenly stems disciples have thought him is too simple. Own this cruel callous father actually also has the so broad ideal. It can be said that he is under the entire day the most selfish person, must take entire Dark Five Elements Continent all benefits as everybody unexpectedly, unifies two pieces of continent. In following dark secret short several days, Fu Rui had understood profoundly at present what the Dark Five Elements Continent common people live is how pitiful. The entire Dark Five Elements Continent situation was unable to describe with people have no means to make a living, on continent of this similar length and breadth, absolutely did not have national concept. Dark secret after restraining entire Dark Five Elements Continent Mage, by strength that this basic nobody can contend with, is spending freely an entire continent many years of precipitation, is entirely used to the preparation of war. Never constructs, runs into resister, is slaughters and destroys. Short dozens years on Dark Five Elements Continent that made the popular resentment is bubbling like a caldron, everywhere is the disaster victims, can eat to sate the appetite, only then these soldiers and Mages by. In returning to the process of dark temple, he saw the open land, dies an untimely death the disaster victims on road not to know that has many. originally Fu Rui when the decision helps the bright heavenly stems disciple cope with the dark secret, in heart total also a barrier, after all. How regardless to say, this is own father! Punishes guilty family members difficultly? But after, the situation that he sees with one's own eyes Dark Five Elements Continent people have no means to make a living, he sets firm resolve to insist finally. The dark secret made on Dark Five Elements Continent not know that many families are torn to pieces, many innocent common people died because of his so-called ideal. He is not willing to make such situation also appear on Light Five Elements Continent. Especially after Red Lotus day fire relieves war, the total strength of both sides adds on the logistics supply, must surpass thousands of people, at midnight when the dream returns, Fu Rui more than once awakened from the dreamland of that battle scene. At that time, he has set firm resolve, in any event, must avoid that occurrence by own strength as far as possible. The dark secret is only his father, but this war occurred, making the dark army invade Light Five Elements Continent, how many families will that have to be disillusioned? How many fathers see the child dead?

"Fu Rui, Fu Rui......"dark secret somewhat disgruntled summon sound awakens Fu Rui. "What you are thinking, such is enthralled?"Dark secret discontented saying.

Fu Rui hastily said: "Father, I am looking forward to your series two pieces of continent world. However, father, since the grain in storage of our frontline were enough, should give the common people the grain minute of newly producing? How regardless to say, dark continent is our bases, I listened to your person hand/subordinate saying that now in our continent, the popular resentment is not low!"

Dark secret coldly snorted, what relations "do the lives of these outcastes have with me? I had an invincible army, all best supplies must give the army and my demon armed forces. These common people made them die. Person who dying many, was naturally small to the demand of grain."

In the Fu Rui heart heaved a deep sigh, he knows, oneself said again anything was also useless. The idea in dark secret mind already solidified, simply is not he can change. "Is who told you our dark continent popular resentment to be enormous?"Dark secret sinking sound asked.

Fu Rui has not concealed, said: "Is Li Yonghao. Besides their dark heavenly stems disciple, I could not contact other anything person."

Dark secret coldly snorted, in the eye flashes through wipes the strong murderous intention, "Li Yonghao. He has a biggest shortcoming, had the opinion. He once not only one time had said this matter to me. As soon as I guess that is he. You are very good, not having the slightest bit to the place that I conceal. Fu Rui. You must remember frequently, you are my only successor. As for that Li Yonghao, if not the present also has a need for him, he also has certain influence in the dark demon armed forces. I already homicide. The dark heavenly stems disciple, in my eyes is a board game piece. Waited for the Red Lotus day fire to relieve, making me find that last Saint level chrysanthemum pig, swallowed the god , after it. The mission of dark heavenly stems disciple also ended."

Fu Rui dumbfounded is listening to the dark secret words, he has not thought, under the dark secret actually wants the killer to the dark heavenly stems disciples. In the heart the chill in the air was deeper immediately. In the heart sighed secretly, in oneself this father heart cared truly, perhaps only then he. Little Junior Brother Little Junior Brother, your movements may probably, not probably make him find the chrysanthemum pig quickly, perhaps if his to become God, then, our world must destroy really in his hands.


The central city, on Dark Five Elements Continent, can be considered as to be quite complete and be considered as on one of the lively few several cities reluctantly.

Before the dark temple rules Dark Five Elements Continent, this city once was on Dark Five Elements Continent the dark Central Earth country's of the first time. The status is the same with Light Five Elements Continent Central Plains City. Reason that this city can also say somewhat vividly, is considered as completely, is not because it once has very high status on this piece of continent, because, this main city distance dark temple is very near, be only about 300 miles. Is nearby the dark temple an only main city. Transports to the commodity of dark temple to pass through here, but in the dark temple these Mage will frequently also come to here to while away the time. Therefore this city is considered as vividly. Moreover, dark Mages has the family member after all, this city there is still one lively reason, that is the life any family here, inevitably has the family member as in the dark demon armed forces Mage.

The dark secret is extremely cruel to the common people, but is extremely good to dark Mage, otherwise, he was impossible to have the support of all dark Mage.

The most dangerous place is the safest place, how regardless of the dark secret cannot think, bright heavenly stems disciples this time in this distance dark temple such near city, must know unexpectedly, if he for it, by his close Divine level soul cultivation base, can scan 300 inside and outside the city desirably directly.

The bright heavenly stems disciples were yesterday evening sneak in this city by starlight, at this time, they was considered as reluctantly on luxurious, has three to enter in the common people residence in courtyard. Can live in the family of this courtyard in this central city, at least must have Seven-Crown Mage in the dark demon military service.

At this time, bright heavenly stems disciple ten people sit in the reception room great hall, the one by one vision is tranquil, even has not forgotten to absorb several dark Crystal Crown in the waiting. Naturally, this is only the tranquility in surface, Ji Dong, secret and strength of Chen Sixuan three people of Saint level peak souls is covering the people throughout, even if the dark secret scans not to fear.

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Chapter 618: Revolt secret alliance vice-chairman

Chen Sixuan is the disciple who minority has not been at cultivation condition. Besides her, only then Ji Dong sits well on the seat of honor, be with smile on the face being lost in thought.

When this situation since Chen Sixuan or Lie Yan (raging flames) knew his time, never has appeared.

When this most needs to promote the strength, Ji Dong has not practiced unexpectedly, instead is in a daze there with a smile, looked like has discovered any happy matter.

Chen Sixuan in the heart is having the unprecedented worry at this time, she quite regretted, because on that day was spiteful with Ji Dong, but ahead of time entered the cultivation condition, has not seen Ji Dong that say/way these liquor the appearances. If she were also sobering on that day, certainly will do everything possible to ruin these liquor. Even if Ji Dong hates last present her, must do. But said that now anything ended, Ji Dong has attained the final three bottles of ten big famous name wines. Chen Sixuan too has really known about Ji Dong, although she cannot affirm that Ji Dong must make anything, but collection complete/even these ten bottles of liquor, Ji Dong has the matter that very big possibility handles makes her unable to withstand.

Especially, after ten big famous name wines get together, before Ji Dong mood obvious, has changed, on the face occasionally carries over ice-cold disappears, eyeground deep place that alone also vanished. On the face is always having a smiling face. As if in this Dark Five Elements Continent very enjoyable as. Other heavenly stems disciples think certainly that this is a good phenomenon, the Ji Dong disposition is quite firm, this everybody is very clear, at this time became gentle, let the partners and between him is together can also become more harmonious. But Chen Sixuan was very actually worried, such situation as if has been indicating anything to her. But she cannot ask. At this kind of time, only then carries on to curse to god that hateful god king evil god who she can do.

"Ji Dong, don't you cultivation a while? Froth has contacted with the person who they organize. Should be also about to come back."Chen Sixuan said to Ji Dong in a soft voice.

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, said: "All right, here is away from the dark temple to be quite near after all, I help everybody protect. Although we have gained gradual victory, but is such time is more negligent can not. Thinks of the fine jade, you also cultivation, has me and soul fusion control of secret, was enough. The dark secret wants to find us not to be easy."

Adds on secret by his Saint level middle rank soul cultivation base the Saint level high rank, although could not have reached the Saint level peak the degree, but is also almost the same, few Chen Sixuan does not affect their protection to the partners. After all, dark secret soul cultivation base, although is very high, but if releases 300 miles to be so far from the dark temple, will weaken surely large scale.

Chen Sixuan just wants to say anything, outside has heard a noisy sound of footsteps, moves the speed that to be able to hear the person anxious mood from the footsteps.

Ji Dong sends out a soul to fluctuate, awakens from the cultivation condition the partners, Chen Sixuan also can only swallow temporarily the words that oneself want to speak. She knows, even if again said now anything has not used, she hopes. When Ji Dong most at least can according to initially Lie Yan (raging flames) to such that he said that with ten years holds a memorial service for itself. At least such words also enough time makes present change him, although Chen Sixuan more and more did not report to this point hopes. Ji Dong also similarly makes her already individually uncorrectable to being in love that Lie Yan (raging flames) that had no complain and regret.

"Made everybody wait for a long time."At this time, a person has forestalled to walk from outside, the father of froth flashed the thunder. On his face is revealing the excited color/look that is hard to conceal, goes forward quickly, after entering the main hall, immediately stops the footsteps, deeply executes a ritual toward the people.

"Dodges Mr. thunder not to need to be polite."Ji Dong smiles was saying. Dodging the thunder can rush to here to explain many matters personally. Must know, flashes the thunder not to be different from them, does not have flight magic beast that fifty Saint Fire Dragon that can conceal, does not have Saint level soul cultivation base to cover up the aura, can nearly stretch across half continent to catch up to come to here in several days , the effort that he makes are absolutely many.

Dodges the thunder agitated say/way: "No, my this is not polite, but thanked you for millions of dark continent common people. This time, I saw the hope."Spoke these words, his moving sideways stands one side, walks two people from outside, froth, at this time. This little miss is pulling one to be in high spirits the old person.

This old person aura is fixed, height and Ji Dong are similar, although seems the age was not quite small, but back actually very straight, flashes the thunder the look obvious and he has several phase splitting shapes, obviously has the blood relationship to exist.

The old person almost with dodging the thunder is the same, after passing through the gate , the first matter deeply executes a ritual to the bright heavenly stems disciples, "thanked everybody."

Dodges the torpedo trajectory: "Fellow disciples, this is my father flashes the mountain, is the vice-chairman who we organize. Usually assumes personal command in this central city, couple days ago went out to handle matters, therefore comes late a point, but also asked everybody to excuse me. The father, this is the bright heavenly stems Saint king, Mr. Ji Dong." Ji Dong said: "Dodges Vice-chairman Yue, hello, I think, our purposes in coming you are also very clear. Now to us, the time is most important. Our times, must before the Red Lotus day hot breath extinguishes, creates the irretrievable heavy losses to the army of dark secret, only has so, the holy war that can avoid that life apply carbon. At least must make the holy war limit above Holy and Evil Island."magic power fluctuation Ji Dong that from dodging the mountain sends out can see, this actually is also one has supreme powerhouse cultivation base dark Mage. But he should just break through shortly after Nine-Crown. He truly has not thought, really also has existence of supreme powerhouse in this revolt secret alliance, moreover is only a vice-chairman, what character is the association president of that this organization?

Dodges hand signal that the mountain makes invitation, the sound is loud and clear, "Mr. Ji Dong of respect. We sit down to discuss."

The people divide the guests and hosts to take a seat, froth stood to dodge the mountain behind, a that clever appearance point could not see the usual spirit demon.

Dodges Yue say/way: "Mr. Ji Dong, your meaning I understands, is very clear your this coming the goals. The dark secret made continent life apply carbon, our entire Dark Five Elements Continent said serious, simply immersed in the ruinous pain. The dark secret does not eliminate, all are in vain however. Impacts the dark temple through this time you and bright disciples twice, making us see the hope. We can provide to your first news now are, dark secret time is the one person alone returns to the dark temple, the dark heavenly stems disciples kept on Holy and Evil Island. This to everybody, does not know that is an opportunity?"

"Un?"Ji Dong looks to dodge the mountain, in the eye the god glittering, "flashes the meaning of Vice-chairman Yue is to let us ambushes the dark secret?"

Dodges Yue Renzhen nodded, said: "Did not have the assistance of dark heavenly stems disciple, the dark secret is isolated and cuts off from help, by strength, should have the opportunity to strike to kill it. So long as the dark secret dies, our Dark Five Elements Continent chaos, we organize also to make use surely, after all, now on Dark Five Elements Continent may the strength of war surpass 90% on Holy and Evil Island, did not have dark secret threat. We have the confidence to affect the continent majority of places in a short time."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "This is not perhaps good. By our present strengths facing the dark secret, it can be said that has not fresh. You think the dark secret was too simple. cultivation base of Saint level peak is not good to cope, in us, breaks through Nine-Crown also only then two people by. Even if this attack dark temple, we also do utmost, and relies on is transmitting the scroll to be able the whole body to draw back. Now is not the ambush dark secret good time."

Dodges mountain brows slightly wrinkled, said: "But, if not kill the dark secret while the present opportunity, perhaps, did not have the opportunity. Once Red Lotus day fire is put out, the dark secret can with the dark heavenly stems disciple gather surely. Arrived that time, has could it be been able to contend with them? Moreover that time they, the side will have several tens of thousands dark Mage to exist, said directly, sweeps away entire Light Five Elements Continent at all is not the issue."

Ji Dong looks to dodge the mountain, suddenly silent, his has the penetrability vision extremely and flashes Yue Muguang to intersect, the vice-chairman heart of the revolt secret organization looking at trembles, cultivation base of his Nine-Crown rank as if no any function.

Dodges some mountain was puzzled said: "Mr. Ji Dong, are you?"

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, said: "What does not have, I am very strange, why flashes Vice-chairman Yue you to hope that we do go to and dark secret touch hardly? By your cultivation base, should understand that such consequence is anything. The possibility that let alone we win is infinitesimal, even if were we can strike to kill the dark secret, own the price of payout also surely caused heavy losses, even perished together. If so, the dark army who when the time comes the dark heavenly stems disciple commands captures my Light Five Elements Continent, can we resist? Few dark secrets, what affects is only the strength of Dark Five Elements Continent most high-end, but is not the Dark Five Elements Continent overall strength. According to at present both sides' strength contrast, in the situation of not considering the dark secret , is almost 3 : 1 degrees, the Dark Five Elements Continent complete force, millenniums accumulations, enough are our Light Five Elements Continent over three times. Does not weaken the strength in this aspect, is only the dark secret life and death, but also is not enough to affect the entire war. But now to us, weakens the Dark Five Elements Continent overall strength as far as possible and take risks to strike to kill compared with the dark secret, is the former is obviously easier to achieve, can do is better. But the latter obviously is the choice of non- wisdom. By your wisdom, I think that will unable to think of this point."

Is feeling the Ji Dong gradually swift and fierce vision, flashes mountain brows slightly wrinkled, sighed, said: "Sorry, Mr. Ji Dong. I think that you possibly misunderstood. This time you can twice cause heavy losses to the dark temple successively, making me not be definitely able to estimate powerful was in any degree. Therefore has such proposition. If you can strike to kill the dark secret, obviously has the advantage to our continent aspect very much. We also well make use the development. Since you do not want, that deferred to your wish. The strength of dark temple in you with attack, at least lost one-fifth. The dark secret is impossible forever to stay in the temple, but has to stay in the dark temple now. How you look at this, our organization to express the sincerity, while the dark secret dreaded that in situation must remain temporarily, in entire continent as far as possible initiates various revolts. As the matter stands, if the dark secret is motionless, we as far as possible many seizes each region, the conformity resources, cut off their frontline supplies. If the dark secret could not bear, can lure the enemy out of his stronghod successfully by us, then, everybody can also storm into the dark temple once more, destroys dark secret basic place, and can also kill dark Mage massively. The information in various dark continent aspects we as far as possible will immediately also inform everybody, so that everybody can take the action, how do you look?"

Ji Dong nods slightly, said: "This strategy obviously compared with direct attack dark secret good many. Such being the case, deferred to dodge Vice-chairman Yue to say. Has you to coordinate in each region organization revolt, our motions naturally can be freer."

Dodges the mountain to stand up, said: "Matter is not suitable late, my this arranges, by dodging the thunder and you are contacted, and gives you various types of information circulars. How do you look? Everybody is stays here to wait for the opportunity, is. "

Ji Dong said: "We temporarily first stay here to cultivate well, when as for moves, in various aspects how must look at the vice-chairman's motions."At the same time was saying, he also stands up, before dodging the mountain has delivered to the meeting hall gate, stops the footsteps. After this flashed Vice-chairman Yue to say goodbye to Ji Dong, departed in a hurry.

The Ji Dong look is usual, but at the first bright heavenly stems disciples are after looked flashed mountain one, almost closes eyes to continue to cultivate, they have been used to give Ji Dong processing various matters, although some dependence were excessively strong, but they can also the better centralism psychism during the cultivation.

Ji Dong looks that flashes the mountain the back to vanish in own line of sight, the eyeground deep place flashes through an implication profound meaning the ray, this returns to the body to return to the meeting hall, to dodging torpedo trajectory: "Dodges Mr. thunder, can help us arrange a big point room, cultivates for us together."

Dodges the torpedo trajectory: "Can't everybody probably rest? Place here that lives is enough. Security field everybody also freely felt relieved."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Cultivation is the best rest, now is not sleeping time."

Dodges thunder nodded, said: "Good, everybody please come with me."

Froth said: "I must go." Dodged thunder Deng her eyes, "was not good, you will disturb fellow disciples."

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Chapter 619: Analyzes and listens secretly?

Dodges the thunder to arrange to the bright heavenly stems disciples , in about 200 square meters big rooms fully. In the room, various types of goods have it all, and told the bright heavenly stems disciples to have any need to propose freely, as far as possible will be satisfied. Arranges all these, froth that his pulling the heart unwilling sentiment is not hoping has drawn back.

"Can Ji Dong, why choose to stay here?"Chen Sixuan somewhat puzzled asked to Ji Dong. Others have not paid attention to him and dodge the talk of mountain, the secret that Chen Sixuan and cannot cultivation have been listening.

The secret releases the strength of own soul, isolates with the outside all in room, said: "Ji Dong, I also thought that flashes Vice-chairman Yue as if some issues, normally, by us in all that in the dark temple makes, has shown our strength completely, he should coordinate us as far as possible is, but , he as soon as arrives, immediately proposed that own opinion, instead wants us to coordinate their motions. This some are not normal."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "This flashes Vice-chairman Yue naturally to have the issue. Moreover the issue is not small. However, this time, made me see clearly some backgrounds of this revolt secret organization. This so-called had several hundred years of revolt organizations. Perhaps is not that simple. If you are the dark secret, whatever you will have the Nine-Crown Mage organization to exist throughout? I do not believe by the dark control of secret to Dark Five Elements Continent, cannot find out this to dodge existence of Vice- chairman Yue."

Chen Sixuan was puzzled said: "Since you thought that they have issue, why that also does make us stay here? Here distance dark temple is so near, to welcome the dark secret anytime?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, this flashes Vice-chairman Yue and revolt secret alliance, although has the issue, but they opposed that the dark secret is actually the sincerity. I said a moment ago these meanings are, in the dark secret subordinate, has the character and this revolt secret alliance of extreme powerful surely has the relations, thus helped them conceal the strength that side the dark secret. Makes the dark secret be able to this revolt secret alliance to neglect. Therefore, we stay here to be definitely safe. That flashed Vice-chairman Yue some extremely in being eager for quick success and immediate gain, thought us was too simple, right, we hope very much the dark secret died, but actually not silly spelled hardly."

Some remote praised with a sigh: "Ji Dong, how your this brain is long, how I have not seen these issues. Normally, I am not worse than you to humane assurance am right. I do not think really this revolt secret alliance has any major problem. After all, they were impossible to find one again compared with we more appropriate ally, both sides have the common goal. But listens to your such analysis, pours also well. But, this revolt secret alliance could it be does not understand us, if dies in the dark day machine operator, they didn't have any opportunity? So long as they are not the fools, should understand this issue. Such being the case, why do they also want to push toward the fiery pit in us?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Remote, you were really modest. Must discuss to the humane understanding. You should be stronger than me. However, you consistently the issue, that has not stood in the race standpoint comes up the consideration. Right, this revolt secret alliance truly has the common goal with us, we are also they best operation targets, even can be said as can help only their operation target. However, a little you actually have forgotten, we, come from Light Five Elements Continent, one is Dark Five Elements Continent indigenous. These had very major problem. We after all are not the Dark Five Elements Continent people, stands in the race standpoint, we are always their enemies."

Said remotely suddenly: "I somewhat understood. You said right, after all they are dark, we are the light. If all defer to our tentative plans to complete, weakens the army battle efficiency of dark secret large scale, this has the advantage to them for the time being, but, really after the holy war occurred, instead is harmful. After all, they do not hope our bright continent unifies dark continent."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Is so. And. Don't you think very strange? By our status as well as performance of this time in dark temple. If you revolt against the head of secret alliance, meets after the wedding met with with us originally?"

Remote say/way: "Meeting, can definitely. Must use also well, wants the sincerity alliance to be also good. I will act certainly, to manifest my sincerity."

Ji Dong nods said: "This was right. Our performance were good enough. Even if only first time breaks in all that in the dark temple makes, sufficiently lets this throughout suppressed revolt secret organization shocks. They also definitely have enough time to make the association president come here to meet with us. Dodges the thunder to be able from be so far, do their association presidents hold true from? This made me think, revolted against the association president of secret organization, not only hand/subordinate was the high-ranking in the dark secret, moreover we have likely seen, moreover his status surely was quite special. Only has so, can explain why he has not arrived personally."

"Do we know? Hasn't acted conveniently?"Listened to Ji Dong this analysis, the attention of bright disciples has concentrated.

Regarding Dark Five Elements Continent, their cognition only then the extremely simple degree, the person of understanding is very few. Suddenly, who they really cannot find out the person who Ji Dong said are. Ji Dong said with a smile: "They biggest failure sent to dodge mountain vice-chairman. Actually, if flashes the thunder to pretend to be this vice- chairman, or is they sends a cultivation base weak point vice-chairman to come, I so will not suspect. Even will guess that flashes the thunder is this revolt secret alliance genuine association president. But this forecast obviously because of dodging the appearance of mountain was broken. Dodges father who the mountain flashes, is in itself the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, in the situation of this dual identity, not possibly flashes the thunder the status above dodging the mountain. Therefore, flashes mountain vice-chairman to be surely real."

Chen Sixuan said: "Ji Dong, you will not have guessed correctly who behind this revolt secret organization the genuine association president was?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Although is also not far. Actually is very simple, flashed Yue Xianhou to put forward the twice proposal a moment ago. The first suggestion is makes us go to the direct attack dark secret. We entered Dark Five Elements Continent to be so long, moreover twice appeared in the dark temple, by them the traitor within in dark temple as well as to that we investigated, should many judge to our strengths. Naturally understands, we are impossible strikes to kill the dark secret, even if again good of display. Also is makes the dark secret experience personally the heavy losses by. Even if we are capable of that any they do not know being able to strike really to kill the dark secret, the final outcome we also surely must pay the deeply grieved price. Everybody thinks, if at this kind of time, were cleaned up the aftermath by a formidable influence, struck to kill us who the dark secret after heavy losses or survived by luck, then, who was the biggest benefactor?"

"After was overruled this suggestion by me, flashed the mountain also to propose the second suggestion, that was harasses to continent across by them, making us be the main direction of attack centralized in the dark temple. Actually does not raise Holy and Evil Island that side situation, somewhat avoids us to attack the dark army on Holy and Evil Island obviously. This situation is not normal, because, even if were the dark secret died, revolted against the strength of secret organization to be able on that several million dark army with Holy and Evil Island to contend by them? Therefore, this had proven to me a matter, that they revolts against the person of secret organization on Holy and Evil Island, has to control the dark army, at least is sufficiently the powerhouse of part of dark armies the control affects the entire war. Such person, is under fewer in dark secret."

"As well as I analyzed the synthesis from above these two points a moment ago, the association president of this revolt secret organization, has the above several characteristics. Is powerful, at least is Nine-Crown above cultivation base, and is our acquaintances. Is deeper much secret trust, not in dark temple, and person who can control the Holy and Evil Island minimum part of dark armies. As the matter stands, the status of this person was vivid. I said right? Dodges Mr. Yue."

Ji Dong said the last few words time, on face was revealing the teasing expression obviously, but the bright heavenly stems disciples actually had a big shock, simultaneously has stood. Besides shock, but also has been full of the anger. The secret has tarried, he is unable to believe that flashes the mountain to be capable of enough breaking through oneself Saint level high rank soul cultivation base unexpectedly to investigate here situation.

"Praised to the heavens, really praised to the heavens! Mr. Ji Dong worthily is the bright heavenly stems Saint king, I now am clear. Why you can take to dark temple such destruction. This is not the strength can achieve obviously. Asks everybody to wait a minute, flashes the mountain to come immediately."

The sound conveys from this room in all directions, flashes the mountain obviously not here, but can actually monitor here all in a special way.

Ji Dong looks at the partners doubtful vision, said: "Revolt secret alliance can exist these many years, has its truth surely. The secret, you do not use such surprised, that flashes the mountain unable to break through the ability of your soul blockade. However, our sound associations are the dissemination. Only needs to make several common small pipes in this room, then passes through the quite far place, hears the dissemination of sound in this way, does not need any soul investigation. I make him hear intentionally, otherwise, why directly doesn't carry on the exchange with the soul transmission with everybody?"

In the Ji Dong speeches, outside has heard the knock.

"Please enter, mountain mister."Ji Dong shows a faint smile, confident saying.

The gate opened, flashes the mountain to walk from outside, when looked at Ji Dong again, on the face has been full of the color/look of admiring, the look also compared with first time saw Ji Dong the time naturally.

Ji Dong has referred to nearby sofa, "please sit down. I think, our times can chat candidly."

Dodges the mountain to sit down in the sofa place, regarding observing the situation of bright heavenly stems disciples, he felt obviously the back somewhat feels cold, is very obvious, these bright heavenly stems disciples this time is quite discontented with him. But words that these many powerhouses simultaneously begin, he does not think oneself have to live is leaving here opportunity.

"Mr. Ji Dong, whether to dispel doubt for me first. How you know that I am listening secretly you to talk. This is almost impossible! Froth does not know that here arrangement, flashes the thunder not more impossible to tell you. On me has the treasure of shield soul survey, I also very have paid a moment ago attention, you have not tracked me with the soul survey. Actually do you how discover?"

Ji Dong somewhat mysterious smiles, said: "If I said that I guess, you do believe."

Dodges the mountain delay visits him, "guesses?"

Ji Dong has smiled, "actually, I cannot affirm whether you are listening secretly. Said just as you, I have not tracked you by the soul investigation, or scans your existence. Those words that I spoke a moment ago, but is to cheat you to come out. Actually, I cannot affirm that you are listening secretly our talks."

"Is this also good?"Bright heavenly stems disciples at present the vice- chairmen of this revolt secret organization dodge the mountain, looks that the Ji Dong vision becomes strange.

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Why do you think so me? I eventually am individual, but is not the god. Possibly how can all matters realize? But if I dodge Mr. Yue, and bilateral relations are in this kind of subtle situation, I also definitely very want to know the idea of opposite party. Therefore has this one to guess."Naturally, Ji Dong will not tell them, he can so guess, is because barely escapes death, has thought existence of wiretap device type of thing, had such judgment. Has not thought that really success strength, will directly actually dodge the mountain cheating.

Dodged mountain depressed not to mention, by his calm will, has been cheated by this kind of young people unexpectedly at present directly, simply was the great shame. Actually, this is also because during the bright heavenly stems disciple two fights the strength that shows to be extremely intrepid in the dark temple, to person an omnipotent feeling. Let alone, a moment ago the analysis of Ji Dong was really too astonishing, flashed Yue Touting the Ji Dong words, the whole person is the whole body ice-cold, he has not thought that the so short conversation revealed at all was not the flaw of flaw, to Ji Dong here analysis, unexpectedly 90% and truth tallied, Ji Dong cheated his is when the mouth key said. Even if has changed others, in this case similarly will also be swindled, only if nobody is listening secretly radically.

took a deep breath, flashes the mountain somewhat painfully looks at Ji Dong, said: "Took, this time I took. We truly should discuss well. Also must ask everybody to forgive the beforehand all first."

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Chapter 620: Are the association presidents of revolt secret organization unexpectedly he?

Ji Dong looks that flashes the mountain to shake the head. "Actually, among us does not have anything to forgive. I hope that you can show some sincerity. Although we belong to are dark and bright, but currently speaking, we have a common goal. At least at present we can make ally, you said that is?"

Dodges mountain nodded, sighed, said: "I must say sound to thank heartfeltly, thank you are also willing to give me this opportunity. It seems like that I am not the association presidents of revolt secret organization is right. In the ability, I truly am unable compared with your heavenly stems disciples!"

Nearby Du Xin'er cannot bear saying: "Teacher, you said for quite a while, are actually the association presidents of this revolt secret organization who?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Sees before today flashes Vice-chairman Yue, I do not dare to imagine this person one day possibly become our allies. If I have not guessed that wrong, this person should be Li Yonghao."

After the Ji Dong analysis, although the bright disciples mostly indistinctly have guessed correctly, but when Li Yonghao this name said from the Ji Dong mouth , the people were for it look changes. Who Li Yonghao is? Dark heavenly stems disciple's head, dark Saint king, peak powerhouse. Dark Five Elements Continent is next to the dark secret first person, has the nickname of final weapon. Initially, he once three on Holy and Evil Island and Fu Rui times in the war of Holy and Evil fought. In dark heavenly stems disciple absolute inspirational figure. Who can want to obtain. Can this dark secret most efficient subordinate revolts against unexpectedly the head of secret alliance?

Dodges the mountain not to open the mouth, but can also see from his look people, he has tacitly approved the Ji Dong words. Suddenly, the bright heavenly stems disciples look at each other in blank dismay, in heart some subversive feeling.

Ji Dong said easely: "If we attack dark secret, and is mutually wounded, then, the biggest benefactor without a doubt is the dark heavenly stems disciple. They only need to seize the chance a side total that but, mutually wounded can survive us massacres. Then, can say except the internal disorder and foreign invasion. By him status on Dark Five Elements Continent, replaces the dark secret commander dark army without question. When the time comes captures our Light Five Elements Continent again, who can block their dark heavenly stems disciple? After seizing Light Five Elements Continent, governs two pieces of continent again, can receive the twice the result with half the effort effect. What end is good to plan!"

Chen Sixuan is understands at this time completely, looks at Ji Dong, in the eye reveals a gratified color/look, obviously, Ji Dong, not only the strength constantly is growing, other aspects have the considerable progress.

Actually, after obtaining final three bottles of ten big famous name wines, heart unprecedented relaxation of Ji Dong, in heart rigid invariable, but was calmer. Therefore can so the calm analysis of one small clue one can see what is coming.

"Wasn't this revolt secret organization existed for several hundred years? Li Yonghao how old? How possibly becomes an association president. Did not say, their dark heavenly stems disciple originally is dark secret one trains?"gold/metal somewhat puzzled saying.

Ji Dong looks to dodging the mountain, said: "Dodged Vice-chairman Yue a moment ago say was very clear. He is the association president of originally this revolt secret organization. As for Li Yonghao, he should be shortly after the revolt secret organization cooperation."

Dodges mountain nodded, said: Right that "Mr. Ji Dong said. We and between cooperation Li Yonghao several years by. In fact, we have to cooperate with them. Mr. Ji Dong said a moment ago, if the dark secret wanted to discover us, we simply did not have possibly with it contending. But dark heavenly stems disciple received this duty, in a short time, had found me. Li Yonghao at that time proposed that with our cooperation, in that case, I do not have the means to reject, if rejects, organizing several hundred years of accumulation to probably all be destroyed. Moreover, Li Yonghao and dark secret are different, he is the dark heavenly stems Saint king, is quite discontented to all that the dark secret makes, similarly is not willing to see that our Dark Five Elements Continent turns into this appearance. If must choose one to rule, he obviously compared with dark secret appropriate many. Moreover, if only we organizes itself to develop, goes to and dark secret contends, is no different fights a hopeless battle, even if in several hundred years, is impossible to accomplish. But has him not to be different, as the dark heavenly stems Saint king. He has is next to dark secret status, so long as the dark secret dies, he can logical becomes the control of this piece of continent. Arrived that time, I have believed that he as far as possible will certainly improve our Dark Five Elements Continent situation."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "I also believe that Li Yonghao has such ability. However, his idea must establish all these in unifying our Light Five Elements Continent foundation. Has the Light Five Elements Continent huge resources, he can save for dozens years, makes Dark Five Elements Continent restore to come as soon as possible. I have not spoken incorrectly. Therefore, he is impossible to act with us to carry on the cooperation discussion. Regardless of he is the support dark secret is also good, supports you to revolt against the secret organization, we never may become the friends. Only can be the enemy. The only common ground is, we want to make the dark secret die. Without us, he is impossible to achieve this point."

Dodges Yue to sigh, said: "It seems like, we did not have means to cooperate. After all, at this time the disparity in idea."

Ji Dong said: "Dodges Vice-chairman Yue, please pass on to Li Yonghao, making him think the procedure of first-generation bright and dark both sides disciples. Perhaps, he has not thought that now we have the possibility of such cooperation. But within one year, I will make him see the cooperation base. Asked him to protect his Holy and Evil Island. However before a little you, said is very right, now the dark secret must assume the dark temple, you organized to be able at this time to display the display greatly. If the dark secret left the dark temple, we also really once more will visit perhaps the dark temple. If I have not guessed that wrong, strength that Li Yonghao effectively could not grasp, was the dark temple part, even if were the dark secret died, some strengths will not obey their dark heavenly stems disciple's direction."

Dodges the mountain not to reply that Ji Dong words, is only nodded. Said: "The words of Mr. Ji Dong I will pass on. However, the dark heavenly stems disciple is impossible to acknowledge that organizes with us the relations, Mr. Ji Dong does not need to handle some insignificant matters."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "Dodges Vice-chairman thunder to feel relieved, my aspect is not small. Dark secret and between relations Li Yonghao, but also has a need for me instigating? Li Yonghao should be very clear, if the dark secret leads the army to attack and occupy Light Five Elements Continent, then, after all these complete, is bird and good bow conceals and crafty rabbit completely dies, running dog to boil. Said goodbye."

Dodged Yue to follow to deliver, delivered to the bright heavenly stems disciples outside courtyard.

Ji Dong stops the footsteps suddenly, turns around to dodging Yue said:
"Dodges Vice-chairman Yue, if I said, making froth depart with us. Do you agree?"

Dodged Yue Leng somewhat complex, the look looks at Ji Dong. But some bright heavenly stems disciples obvious surprise.

The thinking a moment later, flashes Yue Jianding nodded, "good, that troubled Mr. Ji Dong. Comes the person, brings froth."

The free time of a while, flashed thunder Hemo to arrive at together in front of the bright heavenly stems disciples, flashed the mountain to see own granddaughter, the vision obviously became gentle, "froth. You and Mr. Ji Dong they walk. Is following Mr. Ji Dong, you can also learn the lots. All must listen to Mr. Ji Dong instruction."

Froth has not thought obviously grandfather also agree and Ji Dong they walks by oneself together, is overjoyed. All sorts of thrilling stimulation that for serveral days and bright heavenly stems disciples were experiencing together, already let on liking that this little miss was from the heart this group of people, particularly that was bringing the scholarly smile cloud throughout.

"Grandfather, you felt relieved that I will be very certainly clever am obedient very much."At the same time was saying, she ran up among the bright heavenly stems disciples vivaciously.

Dodges the thunder doubts looks to dodging the mountain, "father, this. "

Dodges the mountain not to go to pay attention to the son, but said to Ji Dong: "Mr. Ji Dong. Froth this girl many matters do not know, all asked."

Ji Dong nods slightly, under his hint, the heavenly stems disciples collaborated to release five elements transmission law, the light ten color rays cover the body of people, under dodging the father-in-law child surprised gaze, about after one minute, ten color rays coagulate instantaneously, the ray flashes, the people disappeared in this to revolting against the secret organize the fathers and sons at present. "Father, actually what happened? How you can make them carry off froth! You have forgotten, we and they eventually are the enemies, your also such granddaughter."Dodges thunder somewhat anxious saying.

Dodges Yue to sigh, said: "These bright heavenly stems disciples were really too fierce. Especially that Ji Dong. He even also wants fearful many compared with Li Yonghao. His words you also heard with me a moment ago. Ji Dong proposed a moment ago carries off froth, is giving us an opportunity."

Here, he raised head to look at day, muttered the said/tunnel: "Bird completely, good bow conceals, the crafty rabbit dies, the running dog boils. These words can also it be that only said that listens to Li Yonghao, similarly also said that listens to us! If Li Yonghao accomplishes, we will revolt against the secret organization final result not. Ji Dong they will not injure froth this girl, froth will only have the advantage with them, he is willing to bring froth to walk, left a leeway to us. Dodges the thunder, you come."

Before dodging the thunder arrives at the father body, flashes the mountain near his ear in a low voice to say several anything. Dodges the thunder complexion continually changes, nod slowly.


Ten color ray twinkles, when the bright heavenly stems disciples appear from that ray, they have been far away from the central city, went to another place.

Around froth curious look, "this is, this probably is the day Wind City suburb!"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "When our first time meets that city to be called day Wind City, that right."

Froth doubts looks to him, "Elder Brother Ji Dong, did we suddenly rush to here to come? This is not the illusion." Ji Dong laughed, said: "Naturally is not the illusion. This is called transmission law, we come back, to give Li Yonghao gives a present."

Froth digs the red lip, said: "Repugnant, always said words that some I cannot understand. You chatted, I had a look in all directions."At the same time was saying, she runs off to the far place immediately. This little miss is extremely intelligent.

Has used for enough one minute transmits, the distance naturally cannot be near, the bright heavenly stems disciples returned to them after the first city that entering Dark Five Elements Continent arrives. Naturally, the name of this city they were also just knew from the froth mouth.

The secret said: "Ji Dong, did you bring froth? Can could it be it is by her as the hostage?"

Ji Dong looks at the secret, mysterious smiles, the secret that makes is somewhat embarrassed, "I do not have other meaning, but, froth after all is only a little miss by."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "I know certainly that she is only a little miss. Relax, will not make you feel embarrassed. I lead her to come out, but dodging a father-in-law child signal by. Dodges the mountain is the smart person, since he agreement makes us bring froth to leave, believes that he has chosen."

Secret some shift topics of blushing: "What do we then want to make? Has not thought really, Li Yonghao is revolts against the secret to organize the back person unexpectedly, as the matter stands, the plan of our originally destroyed."

Ji Dong shook the head, said with a smile: "Just the opposite, this time sees to dodge the mountain, to us can be a big good deed. The cooperation can continue similarly, but no longer has the form of any agreement by. Moreover, to us, the enormous superiority, that is Li Yonghao does not dare to kill us. Even does not dare to make us be caught." gold/metal was puzzled said: "Because we knew he revolts against the secret alliance back person?"

Did not need the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Chen Sixuan to reply for him, "naturally was not. Is because he cannot kill us. If we died, who copes with the dark secret for him? Depending on their dark heavenly stems disciple, was impossible to win the dark secret. Must depend upon our strengths to be good. We also only have the person who the opportunity strikes to kill the dark secret. Li Yonghao after all is the dark heavenly stems disciple, even if he has that to strike to kill the dark secret the strength, he does not dare flagrantly does, otherwise, their dark armies mutiny surely. Therefore, Li Yonghao can only place hopes in us. Even is also hoping we can be mutually wounded with the dark secret."

King's puzzled say/way: "What significance but does this currently speaking have to us?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Significance is, when we touch Holy and Evil Island does the destruction, Li Yonghao must the dark secret invite, will inform us ahead of time, making us quickly retreat."

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