Jiu Shen Chapter 61-70

Chapter 61: Fierce positive three double hit

However, the Ji Dong movement has not stopped, Scorching Sun Bite erupts at the same time, his body did not draw back instead to enter, welcomes the Tenth Water reflection to hit, thundered once more explosive, the Third Fire magic power instantaneous overlay that formerly had not returned to normal erupted, was technique of Scorching Sun Collapse Flame Sovereign King.

Saw that Tenth Water reflection both arms will soon joint hold, actually by the Scorching Sun Collapse hit rocks, is unable to complete to joint hold actually. Purple light splash, Tenth Water reflection obviously fierce shivers.

But the right fist of Ji Dong actually follows, by below upward, the completely scarlet red right fist brings back, a rushing column of flame in thundering shows, shocks the fierce explosion of audience to shoot up to the sky in the Ji Dong body previous meter range.

The flash, moistness in air filled with the crazy aura Third Fire Element to substitute. The Flame Sovereign King third skill that after this is Ji Dong promotes to Two-Crown, comprehends, fierce Yang explosion.

Fierce Yang explosion, is fierce positive three big Standard Skill finally strikes. Scorching Sun Bite, Scorching Sun Collapse and fierce Yang explosion three technique overlay, erupts, similarly is high-level Direct Hit Skill. What is different from the Tenth Water reflection, this belongs to Flame Sovereign King Direct Hit Skill. The name said: Fierce positive three double hit. Only the fierce positive three double hit this strikes magic power that fierce Yang explosion consumes finally, be bigger than Third and Fourth Fireball. Although this time is not two departments combination skill, but, three strike Third Fire to be connected, the effect that every strikes with previous strikes the overlay, will have the strange compression effect in the process of overlay. The explosive force how much multiple enhancement that finally when this creates fierce Yang explosion erupts has.

The column of flame to/clashes to have three meters high fully, the Tenth Water reflection vanishes into thin air instantaneously, does not have remaining including residual, in the air completely is rushing Third Fire Element. The scarlet red flame coils around around the Ji Dong body, seems is similar to Fire God descends to earth general.

Thorough being disillusioned of Tenth Water reflection, made Lan Bao'er beautiful face changing colors, she has not thought, she first time used high- level Direct Hit Skill to be in the actual combat such result unexpectedly. Even if the restraint of Tenth Water to Third Fire is not that intense, but after all Tenth Water is also the water, Third Fire as before is the fire. Let alone Ji Dong magic power also be lower than on Level 4 her, this situation does not beat as before, the might of fierce positive three double hit can be imagined.

Completes the fierce positive three double hit, the Ji Dong complexion is invariable, as if simply many magic power consumption, both hands have not surrounded the arc by the body, in the top of the head White Yang Crown transforms as black and white dual-color once more, red two groups of flame condense the ball in the chest front, the Third and Fourth Fireball lasing, directly soars Lan Bao'er, when the chest attacks.

Not only the fierce positive three double hit the might is tyrannical, what is more important, it by Scorching Sun Bite and Scorching Sun Collapse two Standard Skill, Direct Hit Skill fierce Yang explosion connects the formation in addition, in the process of connection, is the skill makes it superimpose and to compress erupt the formidable might, as the matter stands, is not big like high-level Direct Hit Skill of Tenth Water reflection that direct release to the consumption of magic power. Moreover, has existence of Yin-Yang Vortex, Ji Dong, in magic power resumes or controls in the reassignment, must above ordinary Mage.

First of Third and Fourth Fireball in the finals time appeared has solved a match, at this time it faced was almost lost most magic power Lan Bao'er, the result of this competition did not have the suspense.

Saw that dual-color fireball is suddenly close, Lan Bao'er beautiful face changing colors, subconscious uphold both hands, condense surviving Tenth Water magic power, but, anybody can see, her low gear is only the futile effort.

Female Teacher almost shouting of Yang Bingtian and that Water department with one voice: "Shows mercy."

While they open the mouth, that Third and Fourth Fireball unexpectedly strange stopped in Lan Bao'er front one meter place. Blazing hot tempered Third Fire and gloomy profound Fourth Fire coil around enlarge, Lan Bao'er only thought that own heart as if must jump from the chest.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Does not need to continue again."

The Lan Bao'er delicate tender face reveals the color/look of several points of being out of sorts, "I lost."

Third and Fourth Fireball has not ruptured in light of this, sees only Ji Dong both hands one move, it flew unexpectedly, and changes into one group of red flame in the midair and one group of blue flame, integrates oneself from the Ji Dong both hands place separately. Clearly, he is not willing to waste magic power. But magic power that can releasing takes back oneself such formidable controlling force again, let alone is the students on the scene, Yang Bingtian their these Teacher are also first time sees.

Can send to receive, strong controlling force. Yang Bingtian cannot bear acclaimed: "Good." Ji Dong just likes the safe looks to Water department, is that simple words: "Next."

Promotes Two-Crown along with the strength, he to oneself Yin-Yang Vortex as well as Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique had a more profound experience. Although these two abilities cannot be used to attack the enemy or are the defenses. But they are actually the bases in Ji Dong strength. Two superimpose, is extremely relaxed to the controlling force that magic power can have. Although Ji Dong when attacking Two-Crown wants difficult many compared with ordinary Mage, but he also obtained more advantage similarly. The idea that a moment ago this took back that is he conceives a plan Third and Fourth Fireball temporarily, has not thought that was unexpectedly successful. magic power of release takes back, Yin-Yang Vortex faster revolving, he can the clear feeling outside fire attribute magic power flood into within the body unceasingly, was resuming formerly consumption. Must know, this is in situation that in he has not used the Sun and Moon double splendor glove. magic power only has Two-Crown him, strength is far from Two-Crown so is simple.

Water department that female Teacher walked slowly, looked at Ji Dong, changes Yang Bingtian again, "today played in the finals we to admit defeat. Next month says goodbye."

Ji Dong has gawked, did this finish? But he understands quickly, although Lan Bao'er is not in the Two-Crown rank the magic power strongest Tenth Water department official student, but, she can enter Yin- Yang School, can display top Direct Hit Skill, sufficiently proved her in Water department here status. Lost to Ji Dong including her, who Water department here also has been able to deal with the Ji Dong fierce positive three double hit? If makes Ji Dong complete puts on five, routs Water department thoroughly, will have the huge influence to the morale of Water department all students. Would rather such admits defeat, existence of Ji Dong, made Water department itself already not any possibility of achievement.

Hears Water department to admit defeat, the Fire department dual attribute students cheer immediately, from last month last to this month champion, one month aggrieved releases finally. Has not waited for Ji Dong to respond, he closed by the massive Fire department students, has thrown into the midair.

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Chapter 62: Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon

The appearance of Lan Bao'er made Ji Dong quite accidental/surprised, when particularly he heard Lan Bao'er saying that must went initially to test, was startled, yesterday Senior Brother had not said that has her to participate today initially tested!

"Do you also want to go initially to test?"Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled.

Lan Bao'er lightly chuckled, "? Doesn't welcome?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Is only has not thought. However, our series is different, is the content that could it be initially tests same?"

Lan Bao'er said: "Should be the same. Initially tests is anything, I do not know."

In this time, Fu Rui that big form was appearing finally, "you arrived, happen , our set out."

Ji Dong dispatches an inquiry to Fu Rui the look, before Fu Rui arrives at two people, said: "This is Tenth Water department Lan Bao'er, yesterday you should know. This time she and you participates together initially tests. Lan Bao'er in the school is also the rare talented person. Little Junior Brother, you do not know, because yesterday you have achieved Two-Crown suddenly, the school even held the interim board." "Holds the board of directors for me? Why? I have met the requirements of Yin-Yang School disciple most foundation."Some Ji Dong doubts looks at Fu Rui.

Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, did you forget? How initially you joined Yin-Yang School. At that time, you and Special No. 50 Leng Yue challenged official student Luo Qingfeng together. Had the accident/surprise. Accidentally in Luo Qingfeng within the body completed attribute to repel one another three departments combination skill under situation, the Luo Qingfeng severe wound, barely escaped. Because of this matter, also your own Third and Fourth Two Fires, caused you and Leng Yue makes an exception to join Yin-Yang School. Now you such quickly achieve Two-Crown, has caused the school high- level understanding. Meanwhile, will also launch the research regarding that time three departments combination skill. However actually needs practice to examine in the research. originally planned after you and Leng Yue achieves Level 20, is paired to conduct the experiment by you. The speed that but, you promote is too fast, Leng Yue also wants a long time from Two-Crown. Therefore, this experiment and was just joined Yin-Yang School Tenth Water department Lan Bao'er Junior Sister to be completed by you similarly."

Ji Dong said suddenly: "Said, this time initially tests, do I also want to experiment that three departments combination skill with Lan Bao'er?"

Fu Rui nodded, chuckled, said: "You do not know, yesterday the board of directors raised a rumpus. However, this Teacher feels proud and elated......"to speak of here, he looked at Lan Bao'er one, was silent, but in the eye as before has actually been full of the happy expression.

At this time, Lan Bao'er said: "Senior Brother Fu Rui, is honored to be able very much under your guardianship and Ji Dong participates together this time initially tests, later you called me Bao'er."

Fu Rui shows a faint smile, said: "Sister Bao'er, I may hear, you are the first beautiful woman in Water department official disciple. Really lives up to reputation." Lan Bao'er charming face slightly red, "this is the meddlesome schoolmates speaks irresponsibly."

Fu Rui said with a laugh: "How can speak irresponsibly, you are only
15 years old. Waits several years later, definitely is the big beautiful woman of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman. However, my this Little Junior Brother is also very good, I believe that his later achievement certainly above me."At the same time was saying, he has also pushed to Lan Bao'er eyes.

Lan Bao'er charming face was redder several points, charming say/way: "Senior Brother Fu Rui, we should walk."Then, shot a look at Ji Dong one, turns head first outward to run.

Ji Dong somewhat helpless said: "Eldest Senior Brother, I must participate with her initially test. Did your such saying, make us in initially the testing process very awkward?"

Fu Rui said in a low voice: "You do not know, Teacher and Water department two directors always disagree. If you can pick up this Water department first beautiful woman, Teacher very much will certainly have the face. nose of Water department that two director will be mad crookedly."

Ji Dong speechless, "Senior Brother, we should walk."

"Good, good, walks. However Little Junior Brother, could it be don't you move? Lan Bao'er is truly good. Not only the person is attractive, but also rare does not have any haughty air/Qi, graceful. She is in our school in the dreams of 50% male students the sweetheart."

Ji Dong shakes the head, has not said anything again, goes to outside directly. Lan Bao'er is good, but, in his heart early had the person. Even if a slit does not exist.

Left the Heavenly Stems School front door, the color/look of Fu Rui formerly merriment had already restrained, restored past imposing manner threatening sinking to congeal. Walks side him, is very easy to feel the intense oppression strength. Ji Dong is better, Lan Bao'er has to spread out with Fu Rui, naturally stood Ji Dong another side.

Fu Rui has two people to walk toward the city directly, Central Plains City was really too big, when they went out of the city time, passed a about double-hour. After going out of the major road several miles, Fu Rui had two people to stop in a roadside forest, temporarily rested.

"Senior Brother, where can you lead us to go to?"Ji Dong asked.

Fu Rui said: "Now should tell you initially test the content the time. Regarding our Yin-Yang School disciple, we in Yin-Yang School, not only studies such simply. Besides own study and cultivation, what is more important studies more formidable magic skill. Strengthens the actual combat capability. Therefore, the Yin-Yang School disciple, does not have the age limit. If Heavenly Stems School is a formidable soldier, then, our Yin-Yang School disciple, is the lance and shield of soldier. Therefore, every Yin-Yang School disciple, besides promoting magic power, but also the request has the greatly strengthened actual combat capability. This can display the strongest strength in the situation of any strain, can better protects itself. Your initially tests, is one time to the process of actual combat capability examination."

Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er look at each other one, even if the mental age has 30-year-old Ji Dong fully, hears the actual combat two characters also to have the feeling of one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Since becoming Yin- Yang Mage, regarding him, the genuine actual combat only has twice, one time facing Liu Jun the war of life and death, also one time is to face Azure Wood Wolf King. Other fights can only be compare notes.

Fu Rui takes out a map, spreads out in the face of two people, raised the hand points on the map a point saying: "You look. Here is east Central Plains City 500 inside and outside Earth Spirit Mountain Range. The mountain range fluctuates, although the area is not very broad, the mountain is not high, but in actually is the virgin forest. Is living massive magic beast. Central Earth Empire is stationed in the military strength of four regiments around Earth Spirit Mountain Range, matches by few Yin- Yang Mage, in order to avoid there is magic beast to run out of the forest to damage the common people. Meanwhile, here is also a big hunting field. Anybody, so long as pays 100 gold coins, can hunts and kills magic beast. The magic beast fur/superficial knowledge and skeleton can sell for money. Naturally, what is most important, some magic beast can produce crystal core. magic beast crystal core has very good function regarding our Yin-Yang Mage. Place that you initially test here."

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Chapter 63: „magic power weapon”

As if is responding to Fu Rui words, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon thunder inspires the pair of wings suddenly, face upwards to roar. The air/Qi of prestige tyrant blooms excitedly, the earth is shivering, surroundings all plants tremble. This is the formidable magic beast power and influence.

In the Fu Rui eye is revealing the sincere sentiment, also unequalled scalding hot, clearly, he has the extremely deep affection to this Giant Dragon.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon lowered the head, stares to Fu Rui, the royal purple eye pupil is blooming similarly the emotion brilliance, has selected the giant dragon's head to him.

Ji Dong turns head to look to Lan Bao'er, at this time underwent the introduction of Fu Rui, Lan Bao'er has not been that afraid, has been poking head to peep from his shoulder place. Sees Ji Dong some vision of teasing, charming face one red, this loosens grabs the hand of his clothes, but also the folding place will smooth, walked cautiously.

"Senior Brother, do you have a dragon to take the partner?"Ji Dong curious asking. If not envy, that is impossible, even if this Giant Dragon level is inferior to Wind and Frost at present, cannot achieve the top Divine Beast strength. But at least will not be lower than Rank 7. Some such partners, no wonder the entire Yin-Yang School nobody dare to challenge Fu Rui. Moreover, at this time Ji Dong also sees, in the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon neck after the root position, person to build, similarly is the royal purple metal bridle, can ride for the person, this dragon saddle has extended to the neck , the both sides have the metal hasp, once sits, as if can protect the waist, buttocks and thigh ride completely.

Fu Rui said: "Our Yin-Yang Mage is practicing, Three-Crown, Six- Crown and Nine-Crown are the difficult checkpoints, is the strength leaps the biggest breakthrough. The strength surpasses Three-Crown, when displaying magic power, not only releases own magic power, can inspire the magic power element between world to use for you. Simultaneously draws out own magic power attribute Totem. Strength how much multiple promotion. But breakthrough Six-Crown, leaps besides magic power once more, achieves the technique along with realm that reading transfers and grows continually. The biggest advantage has one time to display the Equal Contract opportunity. In this case, so long as you can find one to suit your magic beast, in the situation that it agrees with or is in the weak situation, displays the contract to be successful. Then, it becomes your fight partner. Surpasses Rank 6 Mage to call them the mount, but I actually like this do not think. Only the close partner, in battlefield, can the mutual help of maximum degree."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "That said that after Mage to Six-Crown, will have own magic beast partner?"

Fu Rui shook the head, said: "Cannot say like this. If seeks for ordinary magic beast to work out the contract is very easy, attribute matching is not difficult. But seeks for especially formidable magic beast, was not that simple. The strength can break through Six-Crown Mage is one generation of powerhouses, the opportunity of contract also only has all one time. Therefore, generally they very discrete chooses. Searches specially formidable magic beast , after will look for some powerhouses help its uniform, carries on the contract release again. This is most Mage procedures. But I and thunder is actually not true. If only such, displays enslaves the contract, no doubt can make magic beast obey the order, is is very difficult wholeheartedly. I and thunder meet under chance coincidence, I helped it eliminate a formidable match. It has also approved me, therefore had present Equal Contract, we are the good friends. It will not leave beyond my hundred miles. So long as I summoned by the thunder and lightning, through the strength of contract, it will arrive at side me. Besides me, you, but first batch of passenger Oh."

Nearby Lan Bao'er surprised small mouth turned into the circular, the lovable small dimple gets sucked into several points, "Senior Brother Fu Rui, you, you were said that made us ride it?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "What's wrong? Were you afraid? Although the temperament of thunder is not quite good, but it flies is very steady. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is the King in sky, the thunder also not completely grown, the present is the Rank 8 strength. However, even if some Rank 9 magic beast is not willing to provoke it easily. Little Junior Brother, you look at the dragon saddle that the thunder carries on the back, is the teacher's younger brother builds for me, now you should understand why the teacher's younger brother was popular in the school. Even if the directors does not dare to offend him easily. By teacher's younger brother that sloven appearance not deceiving, him, are our Heavenly Stems School first person of great wealth. Besides me and master, he builds the magic power weapon for other people, may probably receive money. Naturally, later were also many your."

Ji Dong truly understood, in continent other places, Six-Crown above Mage is it can be said that extremely rare, but in Heavenly Stems School actually and many. Can want to see, after these Six-Crown Mage had own mount, in order to lets oneself in a mount more perfect coordination, naturally needs some magic power to equip auxiliary, like thunder dragon saddle is so. As the matter stands, but can also not attach great importance to? Who dares to offend him?

Some Lan Bao'er envying looks at Fu Rui, "Senior Brother Fu Rui, no wonder everybody manages you to call Thunder Emperor. Has not thought, you are Dragon Mage. The dragon is in magic beast the most formidable branch. Young dragon that even if was just born is Rank 6 exists. Grown Giant Dragon at least is Rank 9 cultivation base. Some specially formidable dragon can also become Rank 10 Divine Beast. I heard, continent altogether also only has seven and eight Dragon Mage. Giant Dragon is extremely arrogant, wanted to obtain their approvals to be too difficult."

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "Seven and eight? That is ordinary Mage to know. Or is the news of Mage Guild sending out. But in fact, as far as I know, this digit will at least not be lower than 20. I can tell you secretly, in our Heavenly Stems School, at least on existences of also four Dragon Mage. Our Heavenly Stems School overall Mage strength, surmounts on continent sufficiently any empire."

This time, has also shocked including Ji Dong, although he was very high to the estimate of Heavenly Stems School, but cannot think, unexpectedly powerful to so degree.

Fu Rui then said: "Moreover, although dragon clan is formidable, but is actually not the only great strength. Some also special magic beast can also cultivation the Rank 10 Divine Beast degree. After you, cultivation base has promoted, can know were more. Now we should set out. Has the thunder to ride instead of walking, 500 miles, have more than enough absolutely a double-hour."

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Chapter 64: Enters Earth Spirit Mountain Range

"Pū"was listening to the dialogue of Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er, Fu Rui could not bear finally, Haha laughed.

Lan Bao'er glared at Ji Dong, approaches Fu Rui to say again: "Senior Brother Fu Rui, we do not go to Earth Spirit City?"

Fu Rui is suppressing the happy expression reluctantly, "right, right, goes to Earth Spirit City. We walk."

Lan Bao'er turns head first to run in the Earth Spirit City direction, just turned around, the look on her face had the change, red like blood, if formerly did not rely on own Tenth Water magic power to suppress the vitality forcefully, perhaps already lost face.

In matter of men and women, is earlier than the boy who girl understands, she is the 15-year-old big girl, can not know in the Ji Dong mouth what "is the magic power weapon"? But to avoid both sides is awkward, she also can only say following the Ji Dong words. But who knows, finally was separated was awkward she to tease Ji Dong one, obtained the serious reply. Instead made in her heart shy unable to control again, own magic power some are unstable.

Could not have felt the magic power change of Lan Bao'er by the Ji Dong strength, but can't Fu Rui possibly feel? Naturally, he will not divulge.

Touches Ji Dong, Fu Rui lowers sound saying: "Little Junior Brother, enjoys very much." Ji Dong somewhat helpless shaking the head, "Senior Brother, later like this. This is anything enjoys, suffers hardship also almost."

Fu Rui said suddenly: "Also is, can see unable to eat, worries."

Ji Dong speechless , he although knows that Fu Rui paid attention to mistakenly own meaning, but was also disinclined to explain. Fu Rui gave a hand signal to the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, Giant Dragon has soared once more, suddenly submerged the clouds. Three people together go toward Earth Spirit City.

Enters in the city, Fu Rui looked for one daytime on the small bar rest of starting doing business, lets Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er purchases voluntarily. Their initially tests to after one month, naturally needs the sufficient preparation.

Does not know that is because formerly awkward because among the men and women needs to purchase the goods the difference, Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er have not gone together, but purchases separately. Agreed a double-hour afterward to look for the Fu Rui set.

Regarding the matter that before had, Ji Dong has not cared, after all, his actually mental age already over 30 years old, and had to see the child of woman. In addition in the innermost feelings already was filled by Lie Yan (raging flames), therefore has not thought are too many. When purchase, he has mainly purchased more than ten big leather bags, is used to put the clear water. The water is the origin of life, naturally is most cannot lack. Then is some simple and dry/does cake and cured meat that good to preserve. Regarding eating, the request of Ji Dong is not always high. Finally has bought a tent, he planned to buy the single tent, afterward had thought that has bought one two person. In addition some simple daily necessities, Ji Dong purchases to complete. Receives in the thing own storage bracelet completely. Now, he thinks the storage bracelet advantage more and more. Really was too convenient. After completing all these, he also brings that Sun and Moon double splendor glove. Had this thing, even if not cultivation desirably can also maintain the magic power slow promotion. Moreover, after entering Earth Spirit Mountain Range, can make his strength promote one section. When Ji Dong returns to the tavern, Lan Bao'er has not come back, Fu Rui is carefree and content is drinking the young wine, "can Little Junior Brother, drink one cup?"

Ji Dong shook the head, "Senior Brother, as outstanding Bartender, must meet the wine-tasting. Otherwise, is unable to know that what degree own bartending ability has been. But the splendid wine-tasting Master cannot drink easily, must maintain keen of tongue. Therefore, unless it is absolutely necessary, I little drink generally. Can let I go to the liquor truly is very few."

Fu Rui laughed, said: Rational that "Little Junior Brother, you said. No wonder drink mixing I cannot compare you, but, drinks is in itself also a pleasure. Our views are different, I am one day do not drink cannot bear. You are raise one's wine cup regard as the art, I am raise one's wine cup regard as the partner. In drink mixing and wine-tasting, I was very perhaps difficult to exceed you, but I also enjoyed compared with you many pleasure. Or we are enjoying different pleasure."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, sat in the Fu Rui opposite. Right that "Senior Brother said that we are realizing the different pleasure. However, for me, a bigger pleasure promotes in the cultivation now. The Senior Brother is my goal."

Until today, Ji Dong knows that Fu Rui is formidable, own big Level 69 strength does not calculate, also a Rank 8 purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is being the mount, regarding him, this absolutely is the strength of unattainable. Besides envying, this is also powerfully stimulates to him, the Ji Dong goal, before 29 years old, is achieved, even surmounts the Fu Rui present strength.

Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, you are the person who is willing to endure hardship. Moreover cannot withstand lonely. Otherwise, even if your talent is high, impossible in short two months in promotes Two- Crown cultivation base. This time initially tests regarding you are a test, is an accumulation. When facing genuine enemy, the potential of person will thoroughly be stimulated. Must seriously treat. also, do not forget you and Bao'er mission. Must experiment three departments combination skill as far as possible. Writes down your feeling. After returning to the school, the directors will inquire personally. This time you hunt and kill magic beast crystal core that obtains, belongs to you. Besides oneself crystal core of department remained for oneself with, other various departments crystal core return to the school to sell out. Our Mage cultivation needs the powerful financial support. Now accumulates to be very important."

Some Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Senior Brother, does the Mage cultivation also need money?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Naturally needed. Purchases magic skill, is the magic power equipment, that may be the astronomical figures. You also saw the dragon saddle that the thunder carried on the back. Such a dragon saddle, but the material has spent my about 300,000 gold coins. This is the teacher's younger brother his technique is outstanding, has not charged the fee that I build. Otherwise, comes such a high-grade magic power weapon that even if over a million gold coins also not necessarily trade. dragon saddle is only a small part. I and thunder signing contract for three years, constantly in thinking making money, many am purchasing some top materials to provide on. Just has also completed half to present. This is after was bestowed Count to seal/confer is by our Southern Fire Empire, obtained the aid of certain empire. Is top Mage, more burns money! Moreover does not have the end. In this match wrap/sets like your hand, if takes away the Mage Guild auction, any, can sell 300,000 gold coins above, does not have the city valuably. Therefore, in our these break through in Six-Crown later Mage to have such a few words, obtains the mount to be easy, equips the mount and is difficult. Does not know many Mage streaking."


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Chapter 65: Initially tests to start

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "We, since is the partner, must first trust mutually. Moreover, do not forget, I am Third and Fourth Two Fire departments, suits my crystal core attribute ratio to suit your many. I have profited very much. Such decided. We walk."Then, he does not give the Lan Bao'er rebuttal the opportunity , to continue stand forth.

How many minute of arrogant backs looks at Ji Dong to bring, the Lan Bao'er mouth to mumble one, "can't this fellow, gentle? But others girl."

Ji Dong is a perfectionist, formerly struck kills the wooden badger such when like him, when gets rid to strike first has not prepared to the opportunity that the wooden badger hits back. Also when first strikes the Scorching Sun Bite hit wooden badger, he has restrained several points magic power. Otherwise, is leading him of Sun and Moon double splendor glove, the effect that can make will be more terrifying.

Reason that impractical dual attribute combination skill, but chooses the fierce positive three double hit, is he desirably for it. The wooden badger belongs to positive wood attribute, is First Wood department. Third Fire first gram Seventh Metal and to subdue|grams First Wood. Used to cope with this Yang Wood magic beast to be most suitable. Meanwhile, through previous and a Lan Bao'er war, made him fully understand the great power of fierce positive three double hit. Only then many tempers, can make this skill bloom a more terrifying ability.

After meeting the wooden badger, Ji Dong changed the strategy, again after continuing not to be thoroughly far, starts in Earth Spirit Mountain Range the derailing. Although he carefully has not observed, but Lan Bao'er is anxious he to feel. Rank 2 magic beast regarding them, is not the big threat, here first promotes some actual combat experiences, tempers magic skill, is the best choice.

Quick, day on the past, Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er met had more than ten Rank 2 magic beast fully, death without any exception in their hands. Courage of Lan Bao'er gradually big, can join the Yin-Yang School students is the talents in talent, is tacit with the coordination of Ji Dong gradually. What what a pity is, although two people have been testing, throughout has not actually remade to make the three departments combination skill destructive effect.

Through a day of observation, Ji Dong discovered that magic beast in Earth Spirit Mountain Range is primarily Wood department and Earth department four species, other Magic department must be short. A day of effort, they altogether obtained six Rank 2 crystal core, arrives at five is Wood department and Earth department, only has a difference, is Metal department. Does not suit them.

Ji Dong looks for some firewoods, the raising bonfire, sits in a circle with Lan Bao'er in the fire roasts the hot dry rations. The preparation of Lan Bao'er is fuller than Ji Dong, but also is bringing the seasoning and fruit.

A day hunts and kills, Lan Bao'er mood gradually high, after the heart vanishes frightened, is to the intense curiosity of this strange world.

"Ji Dong, in this Earth Spirit Mountain Range as if Fire department and Water department magic beast is few. Tomorrow we will continue more thorough again. Rank 2 magic beast really does not have any challenging."

Ji Dong looked at her one eyes, "have you prepared?"

Lan Bao'er has gawked, helpless say/way: "Does not use such straightforwardly. I acknowledged that just came in truly somewhat scared. However now is much better. Relax, I will not be a drag on your." Ji Dong nodded, "that tomorrow is more thorough." If only he, yesterday he directly entered the Rank 3 magic beast region, will not wait for day.

Through contact of this day, Lan Bao'er discovered, Ji Dong is a disposition very pale person, when the fight, the convention appears that in his bone is haughty and irritable. The words are usually few, all around most time are observing. A day later, two people had said the words are less than 20. Only if exchanges the fight attainment, other times, Ji Dong will not speak a few words with her. Also has never asked about her situation.

In Water department, Lan Bao'er has been used to schoolmates' many things around a center, with Ji Dong in the same place, her many some does not adapt. However, her natural disposition is temperate, Ji Dong not initiative and she spoke, she will not entangle him to say anything, this point made Ji Dong be pleased. At least brings Lan Bao'er is not being a trouble.

"Ji Dong, in the evening, how we rest in the evening."Saw that two people have had the dinner, Lan Bao'er have aroused the courage to ask a big question in her heart eventually.

Ji Dong looked up her one eyes, the tent that has referred to itself support, "we stood night watch in turn, person of two double-hour, this late also on the past. You rest first, I asked you to change me to the time."

Formerly Lan Bao'er has been intertwining for this issue, although they were young, but the this lofty one male widow, Lan Bao'er also self- examined the looks to be good, the strength was not the Ji Dong match. Therefore, in her heart is very somewhat disturbed. Has not thought that Ji Dong simple a few words have actually solved the problem.

"Oh, also, sleeps in the evening do not take off the clothes. May present magic beast anytime, must prepare strain."Ji Dong also reminded her one.

Lan Bao'er cannot bear look to the eye pupil of Ji Dong, from his pair of black pupil, Lan Bao'er, although saw faintly, but more is actually the limpid tranquility. Does not have the mood of slightest bit difference to fluctuate. Under feeling at ease, her many somewhat is also disappointed. Girl, particularly pretty girl, can not hope that was paid attention? But except for sitting , on the dragon saddle the Lan Bao'er feeling has been to Ji Dong is beside a real man, has not gained many attaching great importance to from his there. She wants to ask Ji Dong very much, could it be am I unattractive?

If she asked really Ji Dong this issue, Ji Dong may reply her, is not you are not very attractive, is insufficiently perfect. In the heart has perfect Lie Yan (raging flames), which his can also hold other people.

Lan Bao'er entered the tent to rest, Ji Dong sat cross-legged to sit near the bonfire, during has not fallen into to contemplate, was feeling the surrounding sound, while was absorbing magic power in air through the Sun and Moon double splendor glove slowly.

He has not gone to see the plan of Lie Yan (raging flames), this time initially tests, after all has Fu Rui to supervise in the one side, although does not know own that Senior Brother where, but by him was discovered accidentally oneself can see the Lie Yan (raging flames) ability, is not good. Before Ji Dong, although with Lie Yan (raging flames) had not said how long oneself must the time not go to earth core, but he believes that Lie Yan (raging flames) can see his here all.

A night did not have the words, Ji Dong punctual called Lan Bao'er from the sleep in the midnight, oneself returned to the tent to cultivate. This makes Lan Bao'er somewhat speechless, secret unstated criticism fellow does not have the gentry spirit. The cultivation of Ji Dong has continued to daybreak . The whole person is spiritual Yi Yi. Receives the tent. Their once more set out, this time, their goals are the Rank 3 magic beast regions, is the main destination that their this time initially tests.

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Chapter 66: Graciousness hatred/enemy report

The sunlight drills into from cover the slit of branch leaf Man, shines in fully is in the ground of plant. Is thorough Earth Spirit Mountain Range, the terrain is also more complex, the body covers the tree's shadow that the diversity is dancing, in the Ji Dong hand takes one with breaking off the long stick opening of branch manufacture. He somewhat regretted now why does not buy quarrying a mountain blade in Earth Spirit City. In that case, the convenience that the advance can change are many. Has to think with the fire opening, but, in that case, if caused the mountain forest fire to trouble.

Roar and roar

Is leading the way, two low roars attracted the attention of Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er, two people looked at each other one, Ji Dong have given a hand signal to the direction that the sound conveyed, Lan Bao'er nodded, together quietly went forward to that direction, when the advance process, the reduction body as far as possible passed sound that made.

Roar and roar

Closer, that howling becomes bigger, indistinct, can feel the defense line that the sound conveys has the fierce magic power fluctuation.

When Ji Dong feeling distance was not far, stops the footsteps, has referred to the front especially big trees, Lan Bao'er is understanding immediately, the Ji Dong right hand presses on the tree trunk, within the body magic power revolves, body light leaps up to the tree trunk. Several rises arrived on a high branch. Is away from the cover crown to look to the front.

Lan Bao'er was also studying in the Ji Dong appearance the tree, but the agile degree of her body might as well soak Ji Dong of body with dragon blood obviously. When arrives at the Ji Dong side the body rocked, held on the arm by Ji Dong, this holds a branch to live in the body stably.

They look in the direction that the sound conveys, immediately was startled, originally they think that has met the fight between magic beast, prepares to pick up a bargain. But saw discovered that that is not magic beast and magic beast, but is person and magic beast.

A slight middle-aged man is spelling to fight to a physique giant jungle monitor lizard. That jungle monitor lizard all over the body dark green, is Second Wood department magic beast. The whole body covers inking green scales, the height exceeds five meters. The sturdy powerful four limbs every time strikes against the ground to exude bang one. Above the top of the head has row of dark green prominence, has extended rear.

"magic beast of what rank is this?"Lan Bao'er asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shook the head, said in a low voice: "I did not know. However should be about Rank 4 magic beast. You look at that person, is Three- Crown Level 37 magic beast. Copes with this magic beast somewhat to be strenuous."

Lan Bao'er looks following the direction of Ji Dong finger, in that Mage top of the head the baseless conjecture White Yang Crown, on Yang Crown is having Three-Crown to have the sword-shaped brand mark, on Crown Ring three Half-Star. Is Level 37 Seventh Metal Great Master level Mage.

At this time, sees only in this Seventh Metal Great Master both hands to have the light sword that handle white magic power condenses becomes respectively, the body goes through many places to organize, is fighting with that monitor lizard roaming. The jungle monitor lizard often sends out the angry low roar, carried on the back in it had several scars, the innumerable vines under its magic power stimulation of movement to that Seventh Metal Great Master winding in the past, actually unceasingly were cut unceasingly open by the white light sword of opposite party. It is not able close combat. A person of beast fight fell into the deadlock condition.

Lan Bao'er asked to Ji Dong in a low voice: "We now what to do?"

Ji Dong said: "Watches changes quietly."


Monitor lizard violent roared, suddenly, its body retroceded three meters, scale stood erect completely, the entire abdomen was the air/Qi blows to inflate likely generally, along with the angry roaring sound once more, one group of dark green mist emitted, the mist from the sky changed into one group of light halos, directly soared that Seventh Metal Great Master to cover.

Seventh Metal Great Master complexion big change, the light sword in both hands wields continually, cuts several spoken parts light. However, this white light contacts the dark green mist to vanish in invisible. Sees only that dark green halo the volume rapidly to expand, has covered above his top of the head in a flash.

In the crisis-charged, Seventh Metal Great Master angrily roared, the back appears suddenly a giant white tiger virtual image, both hands closes up before the body, condenses a handle to have three meters white great sword suddenly fully, from top to bottom wields loudly, immediately, together the dense white band of light of half-moon-shaped sonorous metal fulmination sound rapid flight. Directly soars that jungle monitor lizard to cut. Attacks the enemy to rescue.

Lan Bao'er calls out in alarm in a low voice said: "This is low level Certain Kill Skill. Good powerful might!" Half a month white light collides in that dark green halo together, two rays interlock unexpectedly. Although each other weakened a point, but respectively went to own goal.

Middle-aged person first meeting with a disaster, the dark green ray instantaneous cling his body, changed into has the arm thick giant vine fully, is twining stubbornly, dark green sharp thorns from vine prominent, pricks in his skin, making him call out pitifully to make noise. Stimulates to movement own Seventh Metal magic power to resist reluctantly, the sharp thorn in vine with his skin friction, sends out to make making a sound of person of tooth acid.

Another side, that jungle monitor lizard does not feel better. The half- moon-shaped white light cuts to drop from the clouds, stiffly cuts into its back, blood light collapse present, the scale scatters in all directions to flutter about, the incomparably huge wound almost cuts off its body together completely. Must know, formerly this jungle monitor lizard fully had shown its tyrannical defensive power, as before this was actually cut the hit. The might that it can be imagined this strikes was powerful.

However, jungle monitor lizard in light of this had not actually died, in the eye has been full of the hatred ray, what it receives is the mortal wound, even if Wood department has strong autotherapy ability, now is also helpless. Before has not died, it forcefully actuates own magic power, the dark green ray of rushing completely to pour into to that winding in middle- aged person vine. After the middle-aged people send out that white light blade, own magic power reduces greatly, could not resist gradually, the blood overflows from the skin gradually, the complexion is becomes pale, wants not to be good shortly.

"We save him."Say/Way that Lan Bao'er does not endure, ", otherwise he will die."

Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, she jumped from the tree. towards that middle-aged person runs. Among racing Hang, Tenth Water Level 24 Yin Crown appears, lifts the right hand, the purple ray condenses in the fingertip, changes into two sharp purple Tenth Water needles, during clear scolded, changed into two purple light, the electricity shoots, submerged that is in the jungle monitor lizard eye of spent force.

The roar, spat sound shaking mountain forest miserably, the magic power fluctuation of rushing wells up just like the spring erupts from that jungle monitor lizard generally unceasingly, its has the body of huge scar same place to turn over unceasingly, massive blood incarnadine ground. If usually, these two Tenth Water department most practical high-grade Standard Skill are insufficient the wound. But became has crushed at this time actually the last straw of balance. Pricks from the frailest eyeball, enters in the brain. This jungle monitor lizard is unable to control magic power that oneself release again.

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Chapter 67: Eats black

Black light silent, without interest and non- fluctuation of energy. Does not have the emergence of slightest bit sound behind that Seventh Metal department middle-aged person. Until distance that middle-aged person when less than one foot distance, his back fine body hair starts suddenly, feels existence of crisis. At this time, in his hand condensed the long sword that became to arrive at the Lan Bao'er body before the Seventh Metal department energy. But he did not have the plan to kill Lan Bao'er, this sword does not have the slightest bit murderous aura.

The people are not selfish, particularly meets life critical time is so, at this time this black-clothed person again cannot attend to coping with Lan Bao'er, one foot distance was too short, by his Level 37 magic power no doubt speed strange Kuai, but is impossible to dodge completely.

The critical juncture, demonstrated a Mage strength. originally cuts to explode loudly in the hand to the Lan Bao'er white long sword, the intense explosive force promotes the body of middle-aged person to tip over instantaneously, has avoided eventually the vest strategic point. But that silent black light ball also quietly fell above his left shoulder.

chi, gloomy scalding hot instantaneous spread, the middle-aged person only thought that a shoulder hemp, complicated was similar to the maggot of general black flame spoiled bone melted his outside clothes to drill rapidly toward within the body. Had not responded in him free time , the corner of the eye split vision saw indistinctly gold/metal enlarges instantaneously.

Bang The fierce explosion explodes the body of black-clothed person completely flies, flew in the midair more than five meters high, entire left shoulder has blasted out completely, reveals inside dense white bones, the coal dual-color flame of rushing spread instantaneously, the middle-aged person exuded the fierce pitiful yell sound immediately.

Getting rid Ji Dong. When Lan Bao'er throws, Ji Dong is the brow big wrinkle. Earth Spirit Mountain Range is famous for magic beast numerously, arrived here person overwhelming majorities for the benefit that magic beast crystal core brings. How many takes the benefit as first person some are the good person? Quick, that Seventh Metal department middle-aged person has confirmed this point.

This seems, only then the black light ball of fist size, is Ji Dong gathers the strength long time strikes. Outside, he has achieved Two-Crown realm Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire. But in this Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire, but also is wrapping one group of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire.

With the help of Sun and Moon double splendor glove, Ji Dong has not thought that this Pinnacle Two Fires ball can compress to the so small degree, moreover when emanation, he wraps in the surrounding with Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire desirably, collects the function reduction of breath to attack by Yin Fire by the possibility that the opposite party discovers, at one fell swoop the merit becomes.

Reaches as high as the Level 37 match facing this kind of strength, how Ji Dong can not use fully. This is also he after achieving Two-Crown realm, first time uses Pinnacle Two Fires to attack. That powerful effect, is surprised including him.

Seventh Metal department has a skill named firm body technique of most foundation, integrates in Seventh Metal magic power own skin, can have the greatly strengthened defensive power. Before reason that monitor lizard is unable to cause the true damage to the middle-aged person, because of existence of this skill. Copes with Lan Bao'er time, he also releases this to protect the body skill, generally torn torn to pieces of but by no means fully, in front of Pinnacle Two Fires, the firm body technique of Three-Crown rank on the photographic paper sticking. Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire integrates in advance, is joining of Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire. Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill, shows once again. But this time, the Ji Dong strength is Two-Crown.

Lan Bao'er such as the falling icehouse, had been preparing to use a going all out skill, actually suddenly discovered, the present enemy flew, but also explodes the big blood rain. She somewhat was shocked.

"Are you doing?" The Ji Dong cold severe voice from the sky erupts, his whole person is also similar to the shell generally draws support from the tension of branch to swoop, directly soars to be exploded to fly to throw in the airborne Seventh Metal department middle-aged person.

Lan Bao'er then responded, she was also the Yin-Yang School talent, in the eye the purple light flashes after all, drank one tenderly, the both hands upward hauling, was the purple band of light flies together, glued on the blood that the middle-aged person airborne has spurted directly, a formidable suction spread from this Tenth Water magic power immediately, making on that middle-aged person shoulder the huge wound blood accelerate to pass. The essential component of blood is also water, controls the water naturally is Water department Mage most excels.

Of Ji Dong this from the tree throws, is ordinary just like as powerful as a thunderbolt, Lie Yan (raging flames) has told him, the Fire department forms of combat are most direct simple, either does not get rid, gets rid surely as powerful as a thunderbolt, strikes to kill. Cannot to opportunity that the match counterattacks.

Under dazzling golden flame from the sky wraps the body of Ji Dong to swoop just like the meteor generally, Yang Fire to subdue|grams Yang Metal, pinnacle Yang Fire to this Yang Metal is the restraint stubbornly. The Ji Dong person has not arrived, the attribute suppressed comprehensively. Let alone in that middle-aged person within the body, magic power that the Pinnacle Two Fires ball brings wreaks havoc crazily, the severe pain of shoulder was numb. In the crisis, can only lift another hand fist to rumble reluctantly, tries to resist the attack of Ji Dong temporarily.

Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown seems, although strange, but only has Two- Crown after all, in this middle-aged person heart also has leaving things to chance, so long as can block this wave of attack, slow one breath. Revolution magic power displays the formidable skill, has the opportunity this to strike to kill to the men and women very much at present.

What a pity, Ji Dong simply not to his such opportunity, the golden fist and white fist collides suddenly together. In fierce thundering, Ji Dong from the sky spouts a blood, but his movement simply does not have the slightest bit to stop. Scorching Sun Collapse and fierce Yang explosion follow on somebody's heels. When two people bodies from airborne crash, turned into the golden color. Stated differently, one is releasing the golden flame, made one is completely is swallowed by that golden flame.

Feels that golden flame extremely terrifying temperature, Lan Bao'er cannot bear fast is falling to draw back backward, the water should be the to subdue|grams fire, but this time she actually felt Tenth Water magic power of own within the body as if must be evaporated completely.

When Ji Dong simultaneously falls with that middle-aged person on the ground, the surrounding area in five meters, all plants have not even gone through the process of combustion, turned into a piece of flying ash. Two- Crown Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire is unexpectedly powerful in this way.

The Seventh Metal department middle-aged person has opened the mouth, his the fist by the strange appearance is twisting with Ji Dong has collided, looked like melted part of metal. In the eye is full of the ray that has not dared to believe. The vitality as if fast is passing in the eye of his delay.

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Chapter 68: Is unable to back

Ji Dong do not know, his heart influenced subtly was affected by Two Great Sovereign Kings. Proud, wild and strong......

Lan Bao'er insisting on makes Ji Dong receive these crystal core, only took that two Rank 3 Tenth Water crystal core. After silent moment, said: "Ji Dong, sorry."

Ji Dong has patted her shoulder, when looks like comforts Carl and Bi Su such, ", so long as you remembered this lesson be enough. We must quickly leave here. This fellow is very possible is not a person enters Earth Spirit Mountain Range. Can defeat him, what we rely on sneak attacks and luck. Walks."

Lan Bao'er hurries to nod, "good, I listen your."

Ji Dong brought Lan Bao'er just to enter woods, he stopped the footsteps suddenly, turned head to ask: "Bao'er, do you dare to play one time in a big way."

Lan Bao'er has gawked, "what big?"

Ji Dong said: "situation you also saw. Struck to kill that person to give us many advantage. I listened to the Senior Brother saying that generally Mage accompanied the words of colleague, will choose the different attribute partners. Like this when facing any enemy, can achieve the attribute to be supplementary. If a moment ago the companion strength of that person with him almost,. " Ji Dong spoke of here, Lan Bao'er understood his meaning, "you do want to ambush the companion of that person?"

Ji Dong nodded. This is not his first time has killed people, in his heart, strikes to kill the evil person not to have any feeling. When he saw when the gold and black two-color flame is exploding at present, in heart even also unequalled carefree.

The Lan Bao'er complexion appears somewhat pale, "can also kill people?"

Ji Dong is staring at her double pupil, "here, is an inhuman world. You also saw, our magic power level are low, even if there is a Yin-Yang School token, meets these to hunt and kill the magic beast Mage same danger. We do not ask them to trouble, they similarly will also ask us to trouble. With it so, might as well solve the future trouble first. After completing has initially tested the duty, we are also good more time to invest into the temperance of magic skill and during actual combat."

Lan Bao'er speaks haltingly saying: "If he doesn't have the companion?"

"Wait/Etc. looked. I judge, he at least has one to two companions, even are more. Three-Crown in Mage is the quite splendid strength, but the Senior Brother has said that even also he also nasty magic beast in this Earth Spirit Mountain Range, wants to get bigger interests, his Seventh Metal department Three-Crown Mage strength also insufficient."

"Good. I listen your."Lan Bao'er nodded, both hands subconscious getting hold, only thought that the palm has somewhat perspired, simultaneously in the heart a also nondescriptive exciting feeling, she has not thought, before hunting and killing Rank 3 magic beast, they must ambush the Three-Crown rank unexpectedly first Mage.

The disposition that Ji Dong is not irritable, the polarity, can endure goes to self-torture drink mixing and magic power he alone absolutely is an extremely calm person. Brought Lan Bao'er to circle a small group, returned on that big tree that formerly they once hid. Looks downward from the tree, scattered in disorder goods that can the ashes and ignition trace also in that Seventh Metal department middle-aged person clear seeing ground leave behind. Naturally, the corpse of also that monitor lizard.

Then waited for, sits cross-legged to sit on the sturdy branch, Ji Dong is absorbing the fire attribute element in air slowly. Meanwhile, he has also used fire attribute absorption magic power of two step, supplements oneself.

This is his first attempt absorbs the magic beast crystal core energy, stimulates to movement own magic power and crystal core communicates, magic power in crystal core flows immediately, the crystal core that he absorbs is Third Fire attribute, magic power integrates in his Yin-Yang Vortex quickly, before quick has made up him, magic power that consumes. Has existence of Yin-Yang Vortex, transformation process almost can neglect.

When he completes the absorption, the fiery-red on that crystal core removed gradually, changed into the transparent achromatic color. Finally is pa'ed, broken to become Jifen. Low-order crystal core was the disposable goods, this point Ji Dong already knows. Reason that he is not the cultivation restores magic power fully, was not worried that the enemy will appear at any time, but in the process that because cultivates will let the fire attribute magic element gathering in air, if in the enemy also has fire attribute Mage, has to discover their possibilities. Detail decision success or failure, since decides to ambush, as a perfectionist, he must all prepare to achieve best.

Facts had shown guess of Ji Dong, two people waited for on the branch does not arrive at the half of an incense stick free time, below had the sound.

Appearance that the form is quietly together in formerly open area of fight, that is one man who wears the azure vigor to install, seems is similar before that middle-aged person age, the look is ordinary, when he sees the corpse and ground scattered in disorder thing of monitor lizard, is surprised obviously. However, he eagerly has not actually approached that monitor lizard, but fast looks to all around, the body azure light sparkle, has released own Yang Crown.

Three-Crown Two Stars, Level 34 First Wood Great Master. Under his stimulation of movement desirably, the body surrounding situation spreads to have the diameter five meters fully, the surroundings withered and yellow plant gives full play to the vitality under his azure light function unexpectedly, cautiously situation that he inspects the tread.

Lan Bao'er dispatches an inquiry to Ji Dong the look. The opposite party is Three-Crown Wood department Mage. Under fire first gold/metal, the to subdue|grams wood, by the powerful strength that formerly Ji Dong showed that Lan Bao'er believes two people to jointly attack strikes to kill this Three-Crown First Wood Great Master definitely to succeed.

But Ji Dong actually shook the head to her, hints her to continue to get down. But that then has, is makes Lan Bao'er to full of admiration that Ji Dong admires.

Whiz whiz, is two forms appears in the open area, the speed that they come is even faster, wears the red and black vigor attire separately, azure clothes humanity: "Second Brother possibly had an accident. You look, here scattered in disorder should be his thing. The place of this piece of burn assumes the radioactive human form. The Third Brother, you are also Fire department Mage, how do you see?"

Red clothes person squatting down body looks at the place that formerly scorched, gasped, "Second Brother definitely had an accident. This is the extremely high temperature creates. You looked, turned including the surrounding plant withered and yellow, obviously then temperature was intense. Perhaps Second Brother's body was fired the ashes. Thing that here scatters, after should be her storage leather bag bursts, disperses. crystal core disappears, person who it is estimated that has been killed his takes away. Fire magic power of this person is extremely intrepid."

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Chapter 69: Mutation, Dark Flames Demon King

The getting rid opportunity of Ji Dong choice is extremely good, when that azure clothes person investigates by them another big tree back to their flash. Jet black fireball, being quietly has pasted. The Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire sinister and ruthless dying out characteristics display completely.

Supreme Yin Fire, is pinnacle sinister, the period of revolution is similarly longer, the Ji Dong feelings are also more profound. However, this that azure clothes person is not during the fight like the beforehand Seventh Metal department middle-aged person after all, the vigilance wanted obviously high. When the black fireball is away from his also one meter, entered to him protects in the First Wood magic power range of body, under faints from fear suddenly, the azure clothes person transferred like lightning.

Sees only on him azure light suddenly greatly to put, the whole person instantaneously integrated in that big tree of palm touching under the package of azure light unexpectedly. Had not seen truly, is certainly difficult to imagine can have a strange appearance. The people and trees can actually merge into one organic whole.

However, the black fireball was hit ruthlessly above the big tree, in which golden color instantaneously was also erupting.

The bang, the terrifying explosive force appears again, after the striking power recompression of Pinnacle Two Fires ball, passes through the Sun and Moon double splendor glove amplification, its aggressiveness, comprehensive suppression in attribute, can it be that the trees can be cut off completely.

Under the loud sound, that big tree by bombing around the middle stiffly, the azure form was also dodged loudly, the whole body has contaminated on black, the gold/metal dual-color flame. Although this had not been struck the direct heavy losses, but Supreme Yang Fire or Supreme Yin Fire, made that azure clothes person send out not the pitiful yell of sounds of people under the manic attack.

While the Pinnacle Two Fires ball sends out, Ji Dong has been similar to the big bird throws generally from the tree, the azure clothes person naturally also has discovered him, but bears the acute agony that the Pinnacle Two Fires attack is bringing at this time, his major part magic power is used to resist. Only can branch out part of magic power to tow the bombed big tree keeps off toward Ji Dong.

Complements black light, the body of Ji Dong in airborne twisted strangely several, the graceful dance step treads void, that transformed the position in the midair unexpectedly, almost pasted that big tree to dodge. Meanwhile, in delimiting that black flame that on his left hand carries over also been quietly that azure clothes person.

In the response and strength, the present azure clothes person must be inferior in obviously already by the Seventh Metal department middle-aged person who Ji Dong strikes to kill. Especially the defense of his body by far is also inferior in the firm body technique of Seventh Metal department, although his magic power can block the complementary waves that the Pinnacle Two Fires ball explodes reluctantly, but, the attribute attack of Supreme Yang and Supreme Yin Fire is actually not his First Wood attribute can resist. He only thought within the body as if already perfect combustion, his First Wood magic power suppressed can only protect in the internal organs reluctantly. In this case, when Ji Dong by the appearance that Dark Moon Dance is quietly, the Dark Moon Claw stroke, opening how he possibly dodges.

While Ji Dong gets rid, not far away, the red clothes person and black- clothed person also responded, two people almost throw toward here at the arrow speed. magic power full, red clothes person angrily roared, three continuous fireballs have dashed to Ji Dong, the black-clothed person is directly together black light covers to the azure clothes person. Obviously is in Yang Water department is similar to the effect of treatment, wants to counter-balance the Ji Dong flame.

What a pity, here they are away from after all hundred meters, from responding to stimulating to movement magic skill, the entire process at least is also the second . Moreover, their magic power are also not enough to support own magic skill to depart hundred meters to be so far, before the body, must delay for several seconds to the process. But is around this less than ten seconds of free time, the destiny of azure clothes person actually has been doomed.

Dark Moon Claw is burning the azure clothes person of dual-color flame to pull out a huge scar, the strong black flame ascends instantaneously, diverges to his body each, inward fierce attacks. After this is Two-Crown realm, the effect after Dark Moon Claw promotion. But originally dizzy one second, turned for two seconds.

At the golden right fist bang the Dark Moon Claw scar, true Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill erupted instantaneously. Pinnacle Two Fires ball after compression although the might is strong, but that after all is not the technique of Two Great Sovereign Kings. When Dark Moon Claw and Scorching Sun Bite overlapped that moment, the body of azure clothes person had been swallowed by the eye-catching flame completely, thunders, the gold/metal black dual-color flame shows one meter from him. In the face of the attribute of pinnacle, magic power of Three-Crown rank collapses unexpectedly instantaneously.

Must know, even if Ji Dong does not use Pinnacle Two Fires, adds on the Sun and Moon double splendor glove by his own dual attribute combination skill, has been able to contend with Mage of Three-Crown rank. But the Pinnacle Two Fires overbearing attribute suppresses, will not give Three- Crown rank match any opportunity.

The bang, dual thunders the explosive, the left shoulder of Ji Dong sinks once more, already numerous by in that azure clothes person chest place, can clear hears his breastbone to break off the sound unexpectedly is similar to the parched beans general crack. Was invaded by Pinnacle Two Fires, breaks First Wood magic power, the body did not have any resistance again. This Ji Dong has not held using the Scorching Sun Collapse characteristics the match, but his body, or fiercely is burning the corpse hits to fly suddenly.

Is relying on overbearing Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill and ambushes in secret, he without paying any price , the second has killed an enemy.

Sparkles the body of eye-catching flame from the sky to blow out everywhere color rain, Ji Dong does not need to look with eyes, his Pinnacle Two Fires is the storage category of things Magic Tool difficult adversary, regardless of storage thing Magic Tool of this azure clothes person is anything, at this time could not withstand the blazing flame to erupt.

In the Ji Dong hand, Rank 3 Third Fire crystal core was being swallowed magic power by him together fast, while hitting to fly that azure clothes person, he also swoops, hides behind the flame of azure clothes person, flushes away toward another two enemies together.

Azure clothes person that is burning blazingly the body has become the Ji Dong shield, three continuous fireballs kept off completely, what is strange, that three fireballs just contacted the azure clothes person time, the above flame is instantaneously dim and is put out, but belongs to the Third Fire explosive force to produce fierce thundering, that azure clothes person ruined body of again also irresistibly, exploded torn to pieces, changes into the flame to scatter in all directions to flutter about all round, although his blood was built up by Pinnacle Two Fires completely, but has not splashed, but as before is very frigid.

Also fell as for water attribute magic power of that say/way treatment on the vacancy without a doubt.

Reason that Ji Dong thinks that the azure clothes person approaches is a good opportunity, besides is guards against the match to induce through Wood department magic power to the two people on the tree, another important reason is the magic power attribute of azure clothes person.

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Chapter 70: magic power combustion mystique

The Ji Dong Dark Moon Flame strange crumb match the dance of Certain Kill Skill fire bird, has swallowed that strength strong Level 36 Third Fire Great Master completely. However, this struck also similarly took away his complete magic power, even was in the hand Rank 3 Fire department crystal core magic power.

Without magic power him, is unable to face another side attack again, black Ninth Water ice lance that black-clothed person ejects, thorn ruthlessly above his right chest, is loudly stave.

Fierce ache spread in body each nerve ending, the Ji Dong whole person is in the midair already the fierce convulsion, the ice-cold aura invades from outside the body, was counter-balanced by his own Yin-Yang Vortex fire seed completely. Although water to subdue|grams fire, but can this ordinary water restrain Ji Dong Pinnacle Fire? However, that Three-Crown rank Direct Hit Skill impact takes to the Ji Dong serious attack. In his mouth and nose almost simultaneously spurts blood. This time, facing the time wound of that Seventh Metal department match is heavier.

Shock, not only Ji Dong, black-clothed person was also silly, even his heart fell into the intense fear. Although the sky restored brightly, but he is unable to forget formerly that strange one. A Two-Crown match, relies on magic skill to swallow Three-Crown Mage Certain Kill Skill after unexpectedly, destroys again thoroughly. originally, this is the purpose that Third Fire department red clothes person must serve is right. Moreover, although Ji Dong was hurled to fly by his ice lance, is, he that sharp and heavy ice lance, has not actually pierced the body of Ji Dong, even has not pierced his skin, only then the coat is piece by piece stave. Indistinct, he can notice that the Ji Dong skin surface flashes through a light purple intent.

Actually is this what monster? This is in the black clothes person heart the only thought. Intrepid of Ji Dong, has been separated from the category of normal mode in his heart completely, Two-Crown and Three-Crown disparity, simply on him has not demonstrated the slightest bit, by one pair three, but also in a short time strikes to kill two people, did such shocking situation also make him be able not to fear?

The bang, body numerous falling of Ji Dong in the ground, the back close proximity to the ground, delimits close ten meters gradually to stop in the fierce friction. The chest place fierce ache made him not nearly be able to breathe. However, the dragon blood infiltration has rescued his life. Muscle and skeleton, although certainly was shaken, but ache, although is fierce, truly had not actually been damaged.

No one had seen, runs upon the flash of Ji Dong chest when that ice lance, not far away, the light royal purple ray has glittered together slightly, when the Ji Dong not iced lance pierces, that royal purple ray quietly has been hidden.

The attribute suppression of Two Great Sovereign Kings made the Ninth Water ice lance unable to complete the attribute attack, dragon blood has soaked the body actually has also blocked opposite party Direct Hit Skill. Trades Fire department Mage here, let alone is Two-Crown, even if the Three-Crown rank directly was so hit a penetrating power greatly strengthened single body to attack magic skill, the only result is the chest is pierced, ices the lance to explode in within the body, forever leaves this world.

black-clothed person delay in same place, has not pursued, his body even in unceasing is trembling, but Ji Dong, he also lies down on the ground does not have. Although had not caused heavy losses, but that powerful impact made him nearly stop air. The right hand forces to summon from storage bracelet Rank 3 crystal core, in the chest nearly stagnant Yin-Yang Vortex rapidly to revolve together, crazy is swallowing magic power in crystal core.

"Ji Dong, you are all right."Lan Bao'er when Ji Dong swoops has been ready, but, the impact of Ji Dong was too fierce. Formerly that died out the moment of dark presenting, she has also been shocked. Prepares good magic skill unable to send out unexpectedly, saw that Ji Dong was hit by that ice lance flew. The endless regret wells up just like the spring is attacking the heart of Lan Bao'er generally. Throws from the tree, arrives at side Ji Dong rapidly, the anxious tears flow.

Ji Dong has not blamed Lan Bao'er anything, naturally, he in full play magic power, itself cannot speak now. To her blinked.

Lan Bao'er stares slightly, she does not understand the meaning of Ji Dong completely, does not dare to move his body or treats for him with Water department magic power. Fire department Mage, only then Wood department Mage treatment magic skill has the effect. Her Water department magic power can only play the reaction.

"Sorry, sorry. I a moment ago,......"Lan Bao'er had choked with sobs a moment ago.

A little bit tears fall on the Ji Dong face, his speechless, although Lan Bao'er in Heavenly Stems School is in young one generation of schools the outstanding elite student, but she is also only several years old after all. No wonder Heavenly Stems School must carry on this form initially tests, has not experienced the test of life and death edge, does not have the full actual combat, even if in the cultivation the talent is also again useful? Naturally, regarding the fellow of Ji Dong this barely escaping death, his adaptiveness be stronger than Lan Bao'er were too many. Especially the psychological quality of his non- human is powerful, if monster.

Bang, a violent explosion broke tranquilly, is color light explodes, the red clothes person who that was reduced to ashes gradually, his storage Magic Tool cannot resist the ignition of pinnacle flame as before. black-clothed person smart spirit shivered, the wake up from the intense fear comes, the partner who looked at a that not exist, Lan Bao'er that has a look at Ji Dong again sobbed, the fear in his eyes gradually turned into the delay, turned into a ray of hysteria again gradually, the black ray extremely not stably gushes out from within the body suddenly.

When a person fear to extreme, generally two possibilities, one type collapses, another type is crazy. At present this black-clothed person belongs to the latter obviously.

"Bastard, the bastard, I must kill you."Ninth Water magic power of some disorder gush out from his within the body, behind him, Ninth Water department Totem Heavenly Empress illusory shadow appears, is having the crazy aura, flushed toward Ji Dong and Lan Bao'er direction.

The sob of Lan Bao'er also bang in the fulmination stagnates in that black-clothed person who facing flushing, she stands up slowly, at this moment, in her eyes revealed the firm and resolute ray.

Passed through these many, the twice fault, nearly killed itself successively and Ji Dong life, in this short less than time of double-hour, the heart of Lan Bao'er imperceptibly grew, in this time heart only then a thought that regardless of pays what kind of price, must protect Ji Dong to be complete.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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