Jiu Shen Chapter 601-610

Chapter 601: Refraction that is unable to imagine

After another four purple robe big priest amplifications. Stood promotes to launch the destruction -type attack in two magic power of front line to the Earth department purple robe big priest of Saint level to Ji Dong finally. The might that the pinnacle double earth fusion technique, the purest Saint level magic power direct bombardment, this strikes, has promoted the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill level completely. Even if the dark secret facing such top Ultra Certain Kill Skill must seriously by right, that unified six supreme powerhouses also to rely on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements Yin-Yang to release after all supplementarily.

That is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill! If Ji Dong can obtain the help of all heavenly stems disciple partners, he can also send out top Ultra Certain Kill Skill. But that need time, but this time he, the back does not have the assistances of all partners, the double wood rises the double fire to be no doubt good, but they are Eight-Crown, although Ji Dong is the double fire, but his overall magic power quantity actually as before is Level 88 Mage, has the superiority in mutual promotion of the five elements freely, actually cannot compared with two Mage magic power total quantity. In this case, he as if has caused to die without doubt. Yao Qianshu has closed both eyes subconsciously, Ji Dong in front, but if Ji Dong died, he and Chen Sixuan are impossible to escape by luck, he does not have the slightest bit resentment to read to Ji Dong, at this time in this fellow heart is actually thinking, the life most pitiful matter was the person dies. Money has not all spent...... Chen Sixuan is very tranquil, eternal armor sends out the eye-catching green brilliance, her adjusted the good god to know has been ready completely, she in that moment opportunity, only had finally in an opposite party weapon delivery run Ji Dong three meters range she moved again, can make Ji Dong not have the opportunity to prevent. She too understood Ji Dong, so long as gave him slightly time, he will then certainly block himself with the body. But, she will not give Ji Dong such opportunity. She has not thought to take that defensive power extremely astonishing dragon egg shape, oneself rescue Ji Dong dead she to be willing, but she will not let think to take risk, even is still using the strength of soul to suppress to think not to let think of the appearance.

Let alone is they, and Ji Dong regard interlinked Maotai and Wuliangye, subconsciously have closed both eyes. They anything cannot do now, is impossible to prevent this occurrence. Only has complete magic power unceasing injection gives Ji Dong, tries to make final struggling.

Black grey magic power is circling, diamond transparent Saint level pinnacle Fifth Earth magic power under the surrounding ray shines is sending out Cui Can brilliance, the giant light beam as if this humble one flash can the Ji Dong three people, even includes fifty Saint Fire Dragon to swallow completely. Saint level fusion technique, this is bright heavenly stems disciples first meeting, when initially faced the ancestor of Land Dragon, the ancestor of Land Dragon has not needed the Saint level fusion technique to attack Ji Dong.

Is completely different from the look of partners, although the Ji Dong complexion is getting more and more pale, both hands as before are also taking turn laying out, but his look is actually exceptionally firm and resolute, this in enemy opinion, acts recklessly completely. But how his partners this time actually cannot see his complexion. If Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu can see the Ji Dong present complexion, the ideas in their heart certainly will have then the earth-shaking change. Because their too familiar Ji Dong, Ji Dong this look, completely is the look of having confidence.

"Thanks." The light two characters, put out from the Ji Dong mouth, when he said these two characters, that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill has gushed out, from him in front, only then less than ten meters distance time.

Thanks? Purple robe big priests think that oneself ear had problems, but these two characters, have actually awakened Yao Qianshu and fifty Saint Fire Dragon, their eyes one stared in a big way, but Chen Sixuan that has prepared to move also stiffly ceased own motion, small some magic power that but formerly will lose concentration without hesitation poured into to Ji Dong within the body fully, by the Ji Dong Saint level body and spirit, withstood these many magic power without question. The meridians cannot be therefore damaged. Because, she can hear, Ji Dong these two characters in view of the opposite party said completely, but does not aim at her and Yao Qianshu. Thank the enemy? What does this mean?

Buzz, low and deep buzz the whining noise does not have resounding of omen, in entire the fort fiercely was also shivering. Formerly also waited to look that Ji Dong by dark Mages that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill swallowed, mobilized the red robe big priest who the attack purple robe big priest these observed, their complexions turned into a paleness at the same time instantaneously. The reason is very simple, that black grey and diamond radiant ray are pestering top Ultra Certain Kill Skill unexpectedly, changed unexpectedly......

From the Ji Dong body also five meters, that thick such as water jar common light beam, does not have any omen changed, transfers to place above to rumble to Ji Dong by the bombardment. The terrifying magic power fluctuation is slightly invariable, is, this simple direction transformation, made to change.

The bang, unequalled fierce thunders resounds outrageously, not only in the fort, all constructions within entire dark temple range as if came across the Level 7 earthquake to be ordinary, fierce shivered. In these are rushing to Mages of fort, one by one unstably are controlling oneself body. originally is withstanding gold/metal and wolf divine intervention of innumerable quantity Mage attack only thought that pressure one light, they subconscious turning round looks, because of that deafening thundering also the earthquake of sudden inspiring, is being transmits by back in fort. What's the matter? What had? This is the first ideas of all people, the dark demon armed forces that these come in swarms actually completely ceased their motion, one by one have gained ground, look at sky over the dark temple supreme in fort, has opened the mouth dull.

A stream of the dazzling light beam, the innumerable shatter stone and huge magic power fluctuation shoots up to the sky. That eye-catching brilliance, has even illuminated the entire dark temple range in the flash.

That, that is......

Each dark Mage look has filled inconceivable, in their impressions, in dark temple fort. Barrier that will never be broken through. When they knew had the enemy already to the fort, in their hearts does not dare to believe that may at this moment, when they look helplessly the thick light beam bang broke in the fort highest peak together actually, in fort peak surrounding area dozens square meters were blasting out a giant cave entrance, they were clear, this was known as the dark temple that had eternal was is not not violable.

On being startled, everyone compared with gold/metal and wolf divine intervention, because in these see the fort situation person from outside, what only in has them to be clearest the situation in fort is.

Before wolf divine intervention body, is floating the bead of thick earth fierce is trembling, making pinnacle double earth magic power that he can the clear feeling in the light beam of that shooting up to the sky contain how huge. May be this, he more is unable to believe all that at present sees. Without a doubt, in fort to this has the destruction, surely is their bright heavenly stems disciple, but can this bright Fifth Earth disciple here, how possibly send out such pinnacle double earth to fuse magic skill? Let alone, even if he and collaborates remotely, in addition the stick of bead and the earth goddess thick earth, he also self-examines has not started the so terrifying might the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill ability. In other words, this at all is not their bright heavenly stems disciple does. But if, is not they do, this is who does? King's idea and wolf divine intervention are similar, but she as the beginning Zulong daughter. Has the Saint level body and spirit, is clearer regarding the feeling of this attack, she judges clearly, this at least the tyrannical attack that takes two initial rank Saint level powerhouses to collaborate to send out. Not to mention in this in fort how again two Saint level powerhouses, why only in these two Saint level powerhouses will attack the goal of fort to make her definitely unable to understand.

The wolf divine intervention and gold/metal look at each other one, "flatter Sister Jin, what to do?"Although seems gold/metal his age must be small, but gold/metal in fact does not know that lived for several thousand and tens of thousands years, this elder sister called was not undeserved. In fact, in the heavenly stems disciple, left beside Ji Dong, secret and Chen Sixuan. Almost other people such called gold/metal. Naturally, has displayed Fu Rui of non- by-path also saying that anything is not willing such to call her.

gold/metal solemnly said: "Anything does not do , to continue our duties. Ji Dong had shut off a moment ago the soul contact with us, but had not told us the duty to have what change at that time, therefore, we must continue to defend here. Waits for his signal."Regarding the Ji Dong words, she will not have any question, is not because in her heart that sentiment of hideaway deep place to Ji Dong, similarly is because, Ji Dong has not always made her disappointed. The confidence, forever bit by bit accumulates. Let alone, gold/metal always deeply believed, is not having dark secret saving this humble one, even if dark heavenly stems disciple complete/even arrive, impossible to pose the true threat to Ji Dong.

King's words have boosted the confidence of wolf divine intervention, took a deep breath, both feet steady standing in ground, looked like took root generally, whatever earth, because in the fierce explosion in fort rocked, other people actually slightly motionless, he and gold/metal understands, this fierce thundered to take to shock of dark demon armed forces to be unequalled. However, when this thundered to finish, when the earth no longer shivered, they are going to welcome also will certainly be the dark demon armed forces incomparably crazy charge. In the fort was broken, will certainly initiate crazy of dark demon armed forces. gold/metal wrist/skill turns, exterminates gold/metal Huan to appear during grasped, regarding her, slaughters is the potluck is just ordinary, will not have any pressure. Formerly died the dark Mage quantity in her hand enough is three times that the wolf divine intervention killed, do not forget, wolf divine intervention present magic power level gold/metal also wants on high Level 1, but the body intensity was inferior to her. Murder quantity disparity such big, that may, not only the disparity in skill, what is more important is the disparity on mentality. Moreover, every time kills dark Mage. gold/metal never forgets to obtain dark Crystal Crown from the opposite party. This relates to the bright heavenly stems disciples whether to rush to Nine-Crown cultivation base in a short time.

Crazy, anything is crazy, was quick they to know, on the same day in the airborne crushed stone was similar to rains crashes generally the fort moat water surface, after the earth no longer rocks. The dark demon armed forces passed through the short delay, the crazy slogan resounds along with howling of hysteria, all dark demon armed forces, likely were insane generally, swarmed in fort direction.

The dark demon armed forces that formerly flushed from the ground, but at this time, above all Six-Crown cultivation base dark demon armed forces respectively have also released own mount, airborne, ground, hundred and thousand of dark demon armed forces came like dense dark clouds.

Facts showed, Ji Dong leaves behind cultivation base strongest gold/metal and wolf divine intervention is absolutely correct, if has changed the two, is impossible to resist at present this charge.

gold/metal solemnly said: "You, so long as defended the main entrance to be good, I reduced your pressure as far as possible."So numerous merging air and ground impacts, are not only can deal in the ground. In the fort peak blasts out such large cave, if makes these dark demon armed forces that rushes from the sky clash from there, will possibly affect the deployment of Ji Dong. These dark demon armed forces overall strengths are not strong, the Eight-Crown red robe big priests are very rare, may actually win in the quantity is numerous. Therefore, gold/metal must do now, as far as possible prevents them to approach. The bright golden light erupts from the flatter golden body, unequalled resonant dragon Yinsheng along with it resounding, the tender body just like the strong bow arbalest general ejection, the golden light blooms, in an instant, gold/metal the incarnation for height 20 meters golden color Giant Dragon, the personal appearance in airborne has turned flings, several that to/clashes first have Mage of flight mount in airborne to be swept away to fly by her powerful Saint level body and spirit, changes into counts blood rain from the sky to bloom.

The wolf divine intervention looks at gold/metal, in the eye pupil reveals the color/look of several points of worship. Only then has fought with gold/metal truly shoulder to shoulder, can understand that her strength is terrifying, her the method of that murder is swift and fierce. The wolf divine intervention is very clear, do not look oneself have the bead of thick earth, but if one-to-one facing gold/metal, oneself does not have including the slightest bit opportunity, this is in the situation of not calculating gold/metal that Saint level body and spirit. King's actual combat capability was too formidable. If makes him describe, that is the same level invincible.

The dazzling golden light from the sky explodes just like the innumerable golden sharp thorns general, in a flash, already several flights, in airborne dark Mage falls from the sky together with their mounts together under the King's tyrannical body. Must know, the Ji Dong eruption speed is so tyrannical , compared with gold/metal wants inferior to plan, these dark are Mage also possible and she contends?

"Do not use Ultra Certain Kill Skill or the wide scope attacks magic skill."In the flatter broad face to below numerous dark Mage, is preparing releases Ultra Certain Kill Skill to slaughter these dark powerhouses heartily the time, in her mind, has actually broadcast the Ji Dong sound.

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Chapter 602: Dark Vermilion Bird

Although Ji Dong not with gold/metal and strength of wolf divine intervention sharing soul. But frequently is actually watching their situation. In the most crucial time, has passed to gold/metal these words.

Although gold/metal in heart puzzled, does not understand why Ji Dong makes her let go like this good opportunity, but she has not violated the meaning of Ji Dong eventually. In her opinion, present a lot of dark Mage, only needs range Ultra Certain Kill Skill, immediately can take away huge killing to the opposite party, after this isn't they enter Dark Five Elements Continent , the true goal?

However, quick gold/metal understood the Ji Dong profound meaning, in the heart has filled admiring to his prompt warning.

Facing airborne King's wild, under had several hundred dark Mage to stop, the dazzling golden ray condensed instantaneously, hundred golden light condensed as one, from the sky raised instantaneously a Vermilion Bird virtual image, was different from Light Five Elements Continent, on this only Vermilion Bird forehead, has a wisp of black feather, although was few, but particularly was striking on that golden red body.

Same attribute multiple combination skill. These stop dark Mage of footsteps without doubt are Third Fire attribute, over a hundred people get rid collectively, moreover average cultivation base in Six-Crown about. The joint might will not be lower than primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill surely. If formerly gold/metal prepared range Ultra Certain Kill Skill to get rid, her body in airborne will have the sluggish, final result surely will certainly touch with the opposite party hardly. But in the event of this situation, she is in the airborne, flexible superiority not only vanished, but must become is the target of public criticism. Ultra Certain Kill Skill is not anything, but the opposite party a lot of people of quantities, display comprehensively, at all is not she can deal. Same attribute multiple combination skill, this is acts in harmony the Mage association to be used to cope with the high-grade level Mage best method. Naturally, if in Light Five Elements Continent, that is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong creates, compared with their this same attribute multiple combination skill many that came to be stronger.

Yes! The dark temple is the Dark Five Elements Continent all dark Mage most cores places, under the authoritarian rule of dark secret, here is radically heavy. If here Mage multiple combination skill not, why can also enter in the dark temple? Haven't I thought?

Although gold/metal in heart annoying, may move is not slow, saw dark Vermilion Bird forming that over a hundred Mage transform, she sneers, the personal appearance flashes, overran in that dark Vermilion Bird direction proudly.

This is not this impulsive time, she naturally is not impulsive, she takes to the enemy, is only a false appearance.

Dark Vermilion Bird soars under the full releases of over a hundred Third Fire Mage, locks gold/metal that huge body. Outrageously on.

However, they actually do not know, gold/metal may not be pure Giant Dragon, they formerly noticed that golden Giant Dragon soars suddenly, thinks that is magic beast partner who gold/metal and wolf divine intervention summoned. At this time, gold/metal made them understand, in this world, did not have anything is impossible.

More than 20 meters huge are healthy to lock, but, if this huge body before the attack arrives at did the flash vanish suddenly? Or turned into a stature slender young girl suddenly?

First a result, is separated from locking, that huge primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill dark Vermilion Bird one plunders from gold/metal side. Naturally, this is separated from locking is only because King's stature change is separated temporarily. That huge dark Vermilion Bird from the sky circled for one week to clash toward gold/metal again, pursues tightly behind gold/metal.

King's speed made dark Mages be full of the shock, saw only her incarnation after the human form, the whole person was similar to from the sky the golden light falls from the sky together general, the speed was not slower than dark Vermilion Bird. The surface seems dark Vermilion Bird as if follows close on after the flatter golden body, but it is impossible to shell on the flatter golden body. The speed that because, gold/metal shows at this time is completed under her desirably control, but is not her real speed.

This is......, Below these just displayed dark Mages of dark Vermilion Bird fusion technique to be silly. Formerly the positive/direct hedge, how suddenly all of a sudden that golden Giant Dragon actually turned into one to wear the female in golden armor, moreover changed the direction, turned into the one after the other chase war . Moreover, seemingly, as if perhaps, toward them.

Responded that quick dark Mage first turns head to run, although they do not know that then must have anything, may be the Ultra Certain Kill Skill bombardment on the flatter golden body, if away from them to be too near, solely is the complementary waves they somewhat cannot withstand. But these responded slow also silly stands there.

Complementary waves? Will not have the complementary waves. gold/metal body big? Body of dark Vermilion Bird big? Dark Vermilion Bird this primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill releases, body that magic power agglutinates, the length in 20 meters, the wingspan has probably been the terrifying 40 meters, wanted to be huger than formerly King's dragon shape body, Ultra Certain Kill Skill this thing, is in itself having the intense ruination. The ice-cold smiling face ripples in gold/metal corners of the mouth place, Ji Dong said that does not make me release Ultra Certain Kill Skill, had not said that does not make me use their Ultra Certain Kill Skill to rumble oneself. Saw, King's body must hit directly in the ground, from the ground also short about three meters, her body strange distortion, the right leg has been similar to the whip pulls out suddenly generally strikes in the ground, the whole person diagonal rebound, the golden ray from the sky outlined one perfectly to cancelling the shape ray, flew up at angle.

But that dark Vermilion Bird follows close on after the flatter golden body, in dark Mage thinks that it will soon shell , on flatter golden body, gold/metal disappeared, but brunting of that dark Vermilion Bird is not easy to stop. Although it has locked King's body. Also is primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but, this after all is the community multiple fusion techniques, after the release, can only lock the match to launch the attack, but nobody can control it. These release its Mage, which has to have the strength of that strong soul? But its build so is also huge, with gold/metal with is so tight. When gold/metal rebounds, but instant, it has shelled ruthlessly in the ground, the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill prestige energy, released its numerous dark Mage to bloom in a moment ago these.

The bang, the Ultra Certain Kill Skill fierce bellow made these initiate the charge dark Mages to stagnate crazily, although dark Vermilion Bird this skill was the single body attack skill, the prestige when but when its bombardment ruthlessly in the ground, can have can be that powerful.

The diameter in hundred meters, all dark Mage were vaporized instantaneously, in an instant, at least more than hundred dark Mage directly went to hell, but in 300 meters in diameter range, other Mage, although does not have * to fall directly, but overwhelming majorities were also raised by the shock-wave air wave of that terrifying fly in the midair, will crash to fall any appearance as for them. The bang of also that complementary waves shoots down on them can produce any results, that was very difficult to count.

Another side, in the position of fort front door, is not very big, the diamond defense that but happen to the fort front door will actually stop up is preventing the charges of massive dark Mage outrageously. The magic skill bombardments in the diamond defense, stimulate halo ripples, is actually not able to shake this Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank the defense skill. Is no one can release Ji Dong Fire God to cut that terrifying attack . Moreover, the diamond defense of wolf divine intervention release is also not primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but is intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Is relying on bead of advantageous formidable divine tool thick earth, he when uses any skill. Consumption magic power will drop large scale, but the skill effect additionally will actually increase. To break through the defense of this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, is not the matter that outside in these Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse no dark Mages section time can achieve.

With gold/metal, the wolf divine intervention wanted with ease were many, the back was opening Fifth Earth condensation law, front had the diamond to defend to prevent the enemy, but tyrannical places punctured unceasingly to be away from the diamond defense to release suddenly, the lineup that dark Mage flushed was so crowded, each place punctured suddenly appears outrageously, can have many harvests, compared formerly to slaughter the dark Mage speed to want actually quickly were more.

Outside tactical situation is getting more and more intense, in the situation in fort also had the enormous change.

When that promotes to two people of Saint level will attack to release are refracted to airborne, all dark Mage are silly. They who can want to obtain the situation suddenly to appear so changes, develops rapidly after a sudden turn, making them be caught off guard.

Red robe big priests are better, by their authorities, usually cannot since in fort over five scopes, but the complexion of that six purple robe big priests actually becomes extremely ugly, where because they can calculate a moment ago this top Ultra Certain Kill Skill bombardment position clearly are. The surrounding of that banning room! Dark secret many secrets and precious things, collect in the banning room, although they have not gone, thing that but can be gathered by the dark secret, how with general? It is said that there also precious postpone senility medicine. Can let the dark secret obviously already over 50-year-old age, the surface seems actually also probably be smaller than dark heavenly stems Saint king final weapon Li Yonghao. The age of dark secret is in itself a riddle, the change of dark secret all previous dynasties also similarly is a riddle, even if the person in their dark temple is impossible to know. But in that banning room, has the secret about dark secret obviously. But that banning room has beyond a greatly strengthened law protection, is in itself also the entire dark temple firmest place. Therefore the purple robe big priests can attack Ji Dong independently, they deeply believed that banning room is not the bright heavenly stems disciples can break through easily. Moreover, bans outdoor also several formidable top magic beast to protect.

However, place that the position of the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill attack six purple robe big priests collaborated to start a moment ago, the wall of banning room entrance, also that several magic beast are. In the building material of fort is powerful, under not having a law protection, possibly can block the bombardment of top Ultra Certain Kill Skill?

Resounds along with the bellow that command entire dark temple shocks. In the Ji Dong mouth is also the blood crazily spurts, the whole person carried on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon rocked fiercely, had Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu supports him luckily from the back, has not thrown down.

In the Ji Dong eye flashes through together the stern countenance, took a deep breath, the strength of stimulation of movement within the body chaos, has pressed the injury forcefully. Seemed the refraction is that simple, may bear many pressures truly, only then he knows. Changes a top Ultra Certain Kill Skill direction of attack to be that simple?

However, he is very clear, cannot get down in this time but actually, because are the pillar of bright heavenly stems disciple, is this line of engineers. He does not know in the fort had been shelled one like this next, whether the dark secret can feel. But he cannot take risk, only has leaves here as soon as possible, he has the possibility of therapy.

"Delivers me."Ji Dong fills the next millennium origin of life, simultaneously hangs the life nucleus on neck also rippled the rich aquamarine brilliance, obviously he in the injury of internal organs is absolutely heavy at this time.

The simple two characters shouted, Yao Qianshu has not understood Ji Dong was any meaning, Chen Sixuan bites the jaw tightly, made an effort to push behind Ji Dong suddenly, has pushed his body.

In experiencing personally situation of heavy losses, in the Ji Dong eye actually as before erupted cold severe the brilliance, Teng Snake is dodging to display in the midair. Almost is only the ray flashes, he arrived at formerly in front of that two Earth department purple robe big priests.

These two purple robe big priests after all are not the Saint level powerhouses, top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, has found time magic power of their within the body thoroughly, in abundance softly but actually, but their behind another four purple robe big priests the situation are much better, but in the strength that this time can display also is just ten 23 by. They who can think that after top Ultra Certain Kill Skill shells directly, can Ji Dong also again launch the attack? At this time, is they frailest time, Ji Dong uses, opportunity that also this is written in water. Once makes that four consumption few purple robe big priests be caught one's breath or protected by these red robe big priests, then, this opportunity vanished. But at this time, top Ultra Certain Kill Skill changes, the entire dark temple shivers in fierce thundering, during all people are also in shock, only has this instigator to have the most correct judgment, there is Chen Sixuan this to coordinate his female friend promptly, has created at present this golden opportunity.

"Be careful, defends." A Fire department purple robe big priest drinks one severely, after the body instantaneous leaps up, simultaneously a scroll has launched suddenly. The radiant ray keeps off before the body together stiffly, and made a Fire department purple robe big priest protect him in behind.

Also is diamond defense, in the Ji Dong eye flashes through one to regret the color/look. Only can kill two.

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Chapter 603: Simultaneously blooms in ten Ultra Certain Kill Skill of dark temple

Ji Dong has not thought in this case. These purple robe big priests the hearts of guarding as before are such, the following four purple robe big priests had been prevented by this diamond defense, but by his present magic power, is impossible to break through this primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill level defense instantaneously.

Sigh at the same time, both hands of Ji Dong also fell on the top of the head of that two Earth department purple robe big priests, without any suspense, lost the magic power two Earth department purple robe big priests to explode the powder powder completely instantaneously, extinguished the god to strike the implication the tyrannical explosive force also to change into the attack might their flesh and blood, scattered in all directions to flutter about, prevents just to respond the red robe big priest who flushed.

These red robe big priests had been somewhat frightened the spirit to be confused by Ji Dong, being panic-stricken scatters in all directions to separate, is not possibly dodging that at all to the flesh and blood that they cause anything to injure.

Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to stay, a body booklet, double copies out into two Nine-Crown dark Crystal Crown, turns over/stands up to soar, fell on fifty Saint Fire Dragon has carried on the back. But two of Maotai and Wuliangye spat the breath also to gush out at this time, blocked the route that these red robe big priests pursued completely. Actually, this is moves unnecessarily, in this short time, simply does not have the red robe big priest to dare to pursue. But the purple robe big priest of that survival is the back sends coolly, restoration that gone all out magic power in within the body. Six people jointly get rid to start top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, in addition had been killed two by the opposite party. At this time their is magic power insufficient, rushes that is not courts death? The anger of dark secret, is always much better compared with immediately dying. Ji Dong by a person of strength, shook in the dark temple unexpectedly hardly the strongest strength.

"Went well."Ji Dong most hopes the sound that hears resounds in his soul finally, is the secret sound. Obviously, they have attained this line of goals, bright double Water department divine tool.

Although within the body rents with anxiety at this time, but Ji Dong laughs to make noise, fort of that wild laughter in breaking a dark temple in large cave is reverberating, regarding dark Mages, has been full of the satire. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon personal appearance flashes, has soared in the direction of that crack, runs out outrageously.

Five forms when they will soon run out of the crack falls in abundance, falls carries on the back on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, black and white dual- color Giant Dragon leaps into the midair instantaneously, prestige ice sky over the dark temple.

On the secret face has been full of happy expression, Du Ming and Lan Bao'er cannot conceal is excited. In they rushed to the fort topmost level a moment ago, under the direction of secret, they had found quickly this line of goals. But has also met troublesome. The remote earliest possible time told the secret, even if by the stick of her earth goddess, wants to open at present the wall of banning room, at least needed more than half double- hour, even was longer. This is in the situation of banning room law expiration. Moreover, that time their simply impossible total involvement opens the banning room, because appears before them, also three Rank 10 magic beast. These three Rank 10 magic beast build are not big, but actually does not affect their strength the tyrannical degree.

On to in fort seventh five people. The secret can only assist other people by the strength of Saint level high rank soul, but is remote, Du Xin'er, Du Ming and Lan Bao'er, in these four people, only has the remote strength to be stronger, although Du Xin'er also obtained the divine tool, may cultivation base be eventually weak, can display the prestige of divine tool to be limited. By they four people of cultivation base, copes with three Rank 10 Divine Beast to have the help of secret, a short time cannot handle. In addition solid of banning room wall, suddenly, five people of hearts sank to the valley.

But in any event, the secret immediately told Ji Dong here situation. The secret is very positive, in his innermost feelings that own position suspends, oneself forever is the Ji Dong servants, is Ji Dong attached. The beforehand heavenly stems disciple, the secret is the brain, but now this brain is actually Saint king Ji Dong. The secret will only propose that own opinion, will actually not affect the decision of Ji Dong.

But after, the secret passed on to here situation to Ji Dong, response later of Ji Dong to secret, do not approach the banning room front ten meters scopes. Forces that three Rank 10 Divine Beast as far as possible in that range.

In order to be remote their strengths, wants to kill three Rank 10 Divine Beast not to be easy, but must say that limits them without question actually. In they are carrying out the Ji Dong order completely time. Makes the picture that they are unable to dismiss from mind entire life appear.

Without any omen, secret sudden complexion big change, because he felt that terrifying Earth department magic power to fluctuate. Second feels similarly is remote of Earth department, in that moment, the people at a loss loses presence of mind, does not know that should not know what to do. But in the next moment, that giant light beam shows from them, then solid in fort, in front of top Ultra Certain Kill Skill so frail. Three Rank 10 magic beast, vanish under that giant light beam instantaneously, but that banning room sincere/heavy solid wall, drove out a giant gap. In such a case, don't they also possibly in a short time obtain two Water department magical instruments? As for walking off with another's possessions also took anything, they are not clear, the time is tight, the secret felt the Ji Dong not wonderful condition, the news that first here will go well told him. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon soars, the people do not dare to stop to seek after to ban indoor thing, on fast back of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, breaks in the upper air. It can be said that although they five people arrived at the top layer, may obtain the divine tool genuine promoter actually prevents Ji Dong of numerous dark powerhouse.

After this is the bright heavenly stems disciple composes , the war of first comprehensive coordination , after is they enters the Dark Five Elements Continent first war. In the actual combat, Ji Dong used own motion and ability has proven itself to each partner. Without him, this fights today is not so the picture. It can be said that Ji Dong all has achieved perfectly.

Ten groups of dark-red rays fling from the Ji Dong hand, flings separately to ten different directions. But is without any exception, is outside the fort the dark demon armed forces largest places. Meanwhile, he also has sent out the signal of retreating to gold/metal and wolf divine intervention.

The wolf divine intervention on fort, he broke through Nine-Crown, the mortal body flew sufficiently, has not summoned own mount dragon, such goal is too big, extremely loses the time, relies on the defense skill of bead of release thick earth to protect the body, raises baseless, in an instant arrived at fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back. As for gold/metal, here, but also nobody can retain her, changes into the golden flowing light also to return to fifty Saint Fire Dragon in an instant carries on the back.

"five elements Yin-Yang."Ji Dong drinks one lowly, said these words at the same time, he is a blood spouts. The bright heavenly stems disciples to him already were full of admiration that admired, without hesitation released their respective magic power comprehensively. But with is actually not Ji Dong that they coordinate, but is fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon replaced Ji Dong to release Pinnacle Two Fires magic power, has composed five elements Yin-Yang with them together.

When that moment of fifty Saint Fire Dragon lift-off, became is the target of public criticism, does not know that many long-distance skill attacks have aimed at it, the opportunity that five elements Yin-Yang has just right, the tyrannical defense ties. Has blocked the massive attacks actually. But under these dark demon armed forces just about to release same attribute multiple combination skill time. Ji Dong ejects that ten groups of common dark-red rays also quietly to fall to the ground. In the instance that they fall to the ground, prestige can launch suddenly.

The bang, thunders to resound, nine golden flame Giant Dragon do not have omen the emergence of outrageously, surroundings recent dozens dark Mage was involved in immediately is reduced to ashes.

Primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill flame dragon nine revolutions. This Ultra Certain Kill Skill in Third Fire department Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is one of the most foundation. Although is the range attack, but the itself striking power is not strong, attack intensity under the unit area can only be equal to Certain Kill Skill that level. pill this flame dragon nine revolutions of enormous advantage, that after the use, the time is extremely long, flame dragon nine revolutions nine golden Fire Dragon can continue minimum three minutes of wreaking havoc. Moreover will scatter in all directions to hover, area is also huge.

Initially, cloudy morning sun this skill taught to Ji Dong the time to him had said that at the group war, in the war used this skill the effect to be best particularly, but the community lethality was too big, must use discretely.

Because Ji Dong has to extinguish the god to strike such skill, Two Great Sovereign Kings Ultra Certain Kill Skill is also more practical, this flame dragon nine revolutions of he never has used. After all, single attribute magic power of flame dragon nine revolutions of consumptions are extremely huge, but the might is also quite ordinary, was inferior that Sun and Moon universe is practical. This is Ji Dong first time uses this Ultra Certain Kill Skill in the battlefield. However, is actually not one, but is ten.

Dark red colored light group that ten throw, is ten small beverage bottles. Each beverage bottle, is the jade of land builds. The Ji Dong many years have not used the magic skill liquor revisits the world. Moreover, the first appearance, directly is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank.

In earth core 18th Layer for several days, Ji Dong is fondly remembering and Lie Yan (raging flames) all, the jade of place while looks for all Fire Lotus clans manufactured the magic skill liquor. In the jade of place, the quantity of high quality are few, is less than 40, has made less than 40 initial rank Ultra Certain Kill Skill. What what a pity is, Ji Dong cultivation base is insufficient, did not have the means to make Yin-Yang fusion effect Ultra Certain Kill Skill, can only be the single body effect. But his oneself uses Ultra Certain Kill Skill is very convenient, the magic skill liquor of these Ultra Certain Kill Skill ranks therefore, he makes, is range killing, specifically is used to do the destruction to Dark Five Elements Continent. At this time under at least has three and four thousand high-grade level Mage, majority of is also five, Six-Crown cultivation base, not just kills the best opportunity of enemy?

Ji Dong this magic skill liquor has a biggest advantage, that is manoeuvring. So long as Ji Dong wants, after it releases, can make it at any time erupt. Moreover, this magic skill liquor before erupting does not have any magic power fluctuation production.

Before Ji Dong did not make gold/metal display super Certain Kill Skill , because gold/metal, when will display super Certain Kill Skill to have one to save the magic power process surely. But this saves the magic power process to make dark Mage look surely, so long as they can release multiple same attribute combination skill promptly, prevents King's attack, enabling gold/metal only to consume magic power purely, but is unable to play the role, gain does not equal the loss? They go down to the tiger's den, naturally must as far as possible maintain magic power, so that momentarily strain.

But uses the magic skill liquor to be different, ten groups of red glow that Ji Dong throws be only the fist size, loses from such high sky, moreover does not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation to exist, below these dark Mage simply have not noted. Until these ten groups of red glow disperse to fall when ten different positions respectively, Ji Dong relies on the strength of tyrannical soul smooth its inspiring. By the Ji Dong current condition, he because must inspire these ten bottles of magic skill liquor to let fifty Saint Fire Dragon and partners displays five elements Yin-Yang.

Shocks, bright heavenly stems disciples this time feels only then shocks two characters, ten Ultra Certain Kill Skill also bloom, this situation let alone they have never seen, perhaps again in this world, Light Five Elements Continent or Dark Five Elements Continent few personally have also seen. Especially, these ten Ultra Certain Kill Skill are also range, one flame dragon nine revolutions are nine golden Fire Dragon, ten primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, that is 90 Fire Dragon outrageously appears like this, wreaks havoc in that giant dark square! This is the enchanting scene, 90 Fire Dragon also wreak havoc, thorough cut off the dark demon armed forces to start the multiple fusion techniques to stop the possibility that Ji Dong they evacuated. Surplus, only then rock the earth pitiful yell sound.

Feels the gaze of partners delay, the Ji Dong complexion is being invariable, loses conveniently, is one bottle has the Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic skill liquor to eject, this time has thrown into large cave of fort peak directly, that inside also four purple robe big priests and numerous red robe big priests, do not block them, how fifty Saint Fire Dragon can leave calmly.

Does not have the time to appreciate at present this strange picture again, a fifty Saint Fire Dragon personal appearance moved to and fro, has been similar to arrow fled generally, thick mist sending out, is covering their bodies, broke in a kilometer upper air in a flash. In this case, even if below has the purple robe big priest, the magic skill attack was impossible to pursue on them. Dares to stimulate to movement mount magic beast to pursue as for these purple robe big priests, this answer is obviously without a doubt. Altogether also four purple robe big priests, if they do not dislike the life to be long, is impossible to appear in the people line of sight.

Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals ice quiet light, both hands closes up in the chest front, in the eye the ray every time has the change, the air can become somewhat trembles slightly. Stands carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, he looks like an demon god, at this time, froth had been put, she looks at the Ji Dong vision is also completely different.

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Chapter 604: Monster uncle

Dull before looking at the body , not far Ji Dong. Also is that by the person who she is called the uncle, in the froth this time heart is actually five senses mixed Chen. Before yesterday evening, she has never thought a person formidable can actually be so the degree, after all, she never sees the dark secret has been any appearance, in her heart, the father is the fiercest person.

Yesterday evening, just by Ji Dong received the Vermilion Bird bracelet the time, in her heart has also been full of the strong disaffection, she thought, she completely had the ability with these bright heavenly stems disciples, even if were the strength is insufficient, by own intelligence, will not have any danger.

However, as Ji Dong to her looked all sharing that they make, she is clear, before genuine powerhouse, this cleverness in trivial matters not any function. Also understood, if Ji Dong initially wanted to kill her, was the ratio is run over and dies a ant also to want easy many. Although in the heart some are not balanced, but she also felt better. Can endure gladly in the Vermilion Bird bracelet looks outside all, such feeling as if also good, seems like visiting them to perform.

However, meets cotton rose along with Ji Dong once more, along with they arrive in the darkness the fort time, the heart of froth again is unable to be tranquil, her breath as if must stop, her mood also becomes incomparably intense. This is in the darkness the fort radically heavy!

Along with the following occurrence one after another, froth whole person in the Vermilion Bird bracelet already complete delay. The strength of entire attribute chaos, that radically is the level that she is unable to understand, the strength that then surface Ji Dong shows, has gone beyond her category to the Mage cognition completely. When that two promote to the purple robe big priest of Saint level level to Ji Dong launches the attack, she really thinks Ji Dong ended, oneself also ended. So long as that ray has swallowed Ji Dong, can not swallow to be loaded with own that bracelet?

However, then voice all made froth think that is not real, all are not real. Ji Dong gives her to share, not only Ji Dong their here situations, shared gold/metal and wolf divine intervention, as well as the secret is leading the four disciple two sides situations. Although Ji Dong cut off for the centralized spirit to sharing of these partners, but also throughout relies on the strength of soul investigation to pay attention to them, how otherwise was impossible to inform them then to do immediately.

All these are false, at this time froth that time only idea, she really how , regardless of being unable to believe, Mage can simultaneously achieve that many matters, prevents dozens red robe big priests who six purple robe big priests lead by strength of one attack, but also has annihilated the opposite party nearly one-third effective strengths. This ability. Really person? Simply is a monster!

However, in froth affirmative thinks that the suddenly judgment of purple level is correct, Ji Dong simply is monster fact time, Ji Dong has actually released from the Vermilion Bird bracelet her, at that time was also fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerates to leave the moment of dark temple, scene that froth can clear seeing, below 90 golden Fire Dragon wreak havoc. If before all are Ji Dong take to her illusion, all she of this time personally saw, possibly is the illusion?

Looks at the froth delay the appearance, thinks remotely somewhat funnily, "? Was scared? Such scene easily does not see Oh, after does not know you, also not such opportunity."

Froth sobers from the delay, lifts the hand, subconscious directional Ji Dong, to asked in a low voice remotely: "Elder sister, the uncle is he really human? Is he a monster?" Although the sound of froth is very small, but are the people on the scene what kind of cultivation base? Naturally can hear all that she said clearly, listened to the froth words, not only nobody refuted, Du Xin'er, remote and gold/metal. nodded that even deep to be so. The secret corners of the mouth place blooms a smiling face, Du Ming, the wolf divine intervention, although does not dare that explicit statement, but being at a loss from their eyes can see, until now, including them also thought that some are not real.

Yao Qianshu silly standing there, as if has not heard people speech, only then in mouth in muttered: "Has owed, really owed in a big way. That wants many dark Crystal Crown!"

Listened to his these words, in the people heart moves, yes! First did not say before , has killed many, only Ji Dong that ten primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill also releases finally, does not know that must have in many low level dark Mage to be swallowed, if can obtain all dark Crystal Crown, can perhaps let on the overall cultivation base again heavy building of heavenly stems disciples.

Ji Dong consistently stands there is motionless, but Chen Sixuan stands in him behind, is holding his arm, spreads to Ji Dong within the body own magic power unceasingly. Although her magic power nearly has dried up at this time, but condenses points every time, immediately transmits to Ji Dong.

Has not started the prepare transmission law, because has not needed, can not make the opposite party clear they various abilities, naturally saves point good.

After fifty Saint Fire Dragon increases to several kilometers upper air, recognizes a direction to fly rapidly, fully under acceleration, after two double-hour, departed has surpassed the thousand li (500 km), this slowly descends in a piece of mountain range, found a peaceful place to fall.

The people carry on the back to jump down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, but when they fall to the ground, actually surprised discovery. Ji Dong also stands in fifty Saint Fire Dragon unexpectedly carries on the back motionlessly. "Ji Dong how?"Remote surprised saying.

At that time Ji Dong changed that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill time, on the scene only had Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu. Only then they see clearly all that Ji Dong had made at that time. But Chen Sixuan in helping the Ji Dong restoration, but Yao Qianshu immerses , to these dark Crystal Crown extremely during does not abandon, therefore formerly also nobody explained to everybody. At this time went to safe place, people are also relaxed, remembers that inconceivable one, but, has not waited for them to ask Ji Dong, Ji Dong actually as if had problems.

Chen Sixuan sighed, held in the arms the waist floating body of Ji Dong, fell in the ground, the people then saw, the Ji Dong surface like the spirit money, the complexion was difficult to see the extreme, but the vision was rigid throughout.

"Modest book, Bao'er and Du Ming, helping me together be Ji Dong therapy. He injures is very heavy."Although the Chen Sixuan sound is very light, but everyone can hear that in her voice to deeply regret.

Yao Qianshu comes soberly, hurries to go forward with Du Ming, Lan Bao'er together, Wood department and Water department most are good at treating, naturally also most needed them to get rid at this time together.

wa'ed, has not waited for the people to start to rescue, Ji Dong by spouting a blood, simultaneously. He has also closed both eyes slowly.

The heavenly stems disciples were silent, stood regarding Ji Dong, at this time the body and mind relaxed, why they can definitely be able to imagine Ji Dong to look like did a moment ago, supported here the injury outbreak. Before, he has been suppressing oneself injury!

As heavenly stems Saint king, was this line of leaders, on the Ji Dong shoulder has undertaken almost all heavy responsibility, although he formerly experienced personally the heavy losses, but for did not affect the fighting will of partners, did not make the enemy see the flaw. He was always insisting did not get down by oneself but actually, even still after leaving in the fort started altogether 11 primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill to block the pursuing troops. He has been able to do has achieved well. Looks to pour Ji Dong in Chen Sixuan bosom, the heavenly stems disciples already no longer admiring, in their eyes pupil revealed the ray of several points of respect, Ji Dong was a genuine leader, although his age must be smaller than most people, all that but he made were nobody can substitute in the heavenly stems disciple.

The double wood and double water simultaneously launch the treatment, starts under the guidance of Chen Sixuan is Ji Dong therapy. After their magic power inject into Ji Dong within the body, discovered that the Ji Dong situation is awful. Ji Dong is having the Saint level body and spirit, also in Saint flame armor such defense armor, is almost very uncomfortable wound. But is this, once he is injured, will certainly be extremely serious.

Yao Qianshu they discovered, the meridians major part of Ji Dong within the body somewhat was confused, although these tenacious meridians have not burst truly, but blocks, puzzled, chaotic, everywhere. Moreover his five main internal organs (entrails) enormously was vibrated, left the originally position, if such heavy losses have changed others, even if did not die also already the stupor, but Ji Dong actually actually insists the present. If before is not him, drank one millennium origin of life, itself also had the protection of nucleus of life, perhaps also already died.

In this time, actually nobody inquired in the fort to have anything, what they in heart silently is Ji Dong is praying, froth is no exception. She saw clearly had all at that time, she does not know that anything was the Saint level strength, but at that time actually clear saw that Ji Dong blocked the powerful strength that six purple robe big priests collaborated.

The heavenly stems disciples are Ji Dong therapy here, but that side the dark temple, is actually piece of chaos.

Four purple robe big priests of survival, stand in front of dark secret banning room at this time, the one by one surface like the dying embers, the body is also even trembling. Looks at a banning room in confusion, has a look at that giant cavity again, they have not opened the mouth, because their simply does not know how should open the mouth to be good. Ji Dong was too ruthless, throws into fort the jade of that place in departure. Not only to prevent at present these people, has thrown into the dark secret banning room the magic skill liquor that the jade of this place manufactured directly.

Indoor bans, altogether six dark secret were destroyed completely, simultaneously various destroyed precious materials, books and scrolls, some dark secret secret treasures, countless. At that time although heavenly stems disciples can carry off are not many, the quantity of but destroying is actually extremely astonishing, can say, in banning of entire dark secret, can complete thing already less than 1/10.

"Purple robe big priest of respect, the casualties result has counted." A red robe big priest hurriedly walked from outside, his complexion does not compare these purple robe big priest attractive anything, even must be uglier.

The vision of four purple robe big priests fell on him, was Fire department purple robe big priest solemnly said: "How?"

Hears his inquiry, the red robe big priest was obviously silent, looks at the purple robe big priest, in the look, reveals look that the purple robe big priests are most not wanting to see.

"Said. So, we only had to the secret Sir apologize. The secret room destroyed this, also what ratio this worse news?"That Fire department purple robe big priest smiles bitterly, sighed was saying.

Red robe big priest nodded, said: "Just took inventory, the Four-Crown Mage death quantity 263 people, because their overwhelming majorities lost magic power under formerly that formidable chaos strength draw off, cannot clash in the support the fort. Therefore the death quantity were few. Five-Crown, Six-Crown and Seven-Crown, altogether the death quantity has been over 1500 people, the red robe big priest died in battle 27 people, the purple robe big priest died in battle two people."

Although four purple robe big priests had certain preparation, but listened to the report of this red robe big priest, is at present one black, nearly faints. Must know, guards that 100,000 preparation dark demon armed forces in dark temple surrounding not to calculate, guards truly in the dark internal dark demon armed forces total is 10,000 people, but this, lost has surpassed one-fifth unexpectedly, but the overall strength, approached one-third. A short night! This is incredible.

Red robe big priest has swallowed saliva, "main casualties occur in ten Ultra Certain Kill Skill that finally that simultaneously presents. We to the present do not know how these ten Third Fire department Ultra Certain Kill Skill come. Before did not have the slightest bit omen, when we discovered that these ten Ultra Certain Kill Skill might have released. Each rank Mage of demon armed forces revolts with multiple combination skill radically without enough time, therefore. "

"Do not say again."Is the purple robe big priest of head shouts angrily one. Has not been able to describe all these with the shame, compiled from then situation, entered the enemy total not over ten people of dark temple truly, but was these ten people, has actually obtained so terrifying killing. Even if they are the bright heavenly stems disciples, this has also surpassed the psychology of dark temple these leaders to withstand.

took a deep breath, is purple robe big priest said with a forced smile of head: "I will apologize to the secret Sir, embraces all responsibility for an offense on oneself, undertakes all these, later my family member, but also asked everybody......" saying that he has turned around, deeply executed a ritual to another three purple robe big priests.

Matter that this does not have the means that these purple robe big priests have internal rank, if anything happens, the responsibility surely will be from top to bottom, he will undertake simply on own initiative, but can also another three to help him take care of the family member under feeling grateful. The anger of dark secret, they were really too clear. This time, he was impossible to escape by luck.

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Chapter 605: Extinguishes the god mirror

Fully in one day a night. Ji Dong sobers from the stupor, his body was also much better. Ancestor's of Land Dragon first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein have the tyrannical resilience, the heavenly stems disciples who in addition the nuclei , the origin of life as well as four life are good at treating worked as one, have night of time of this day, the body of Ji Dong have replied 60-70%.

In these days of Ji Dong stupor, other heavenly stems disciples no one has to rest, but is protection silently side Ji Dong. They are very clear, if not Ji Dong, perhaps this time they are not necessarily able the whole body to draw back, Ji Dong by a oneself person of strength, shouldered all.

After the treatment of Ji Dong certain extent, Chen Sixuan said to the partners simple a few words, what she said: "When facing that six purple robe big priests, Ji Dong at least has ten methods to interrupt opposite party top Ultra Certain Kill Skill."

But why hasn't he done? Why? The reason is very simple, because the time is getting more and more disadvantageous to them, outside gold/metal and wolf divine intervention are bearing the too tremendous pressure, in the secret five people of fort top layer with that three Rank 10 magic beast anything means that the time have not delayed, will possibly make them be involved. Therefore, then Ji Dong, chose the way that command all people could not understand to come the upfront to deal with that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill prestige energy. Also that strikes. Made him experience personally the heavy losses. took a deep breath, exhales again slowly, Ji Dong only thought that within the body blood starts the accelerated service, magic power circulation, although also some weak, but body already comfortable many.

"Thanks everybody." The Ji Dong vision has swept from the partners, finally stays on Chen Sixuan smiles to nod the head.

The secret sighed lightly: "Should say those who thank is we. If cannot go well for our that side, you will not be injured."

Ji Dong shook the head, "did not say these. We are the partners, is the brothers. Let alone, that situation, did not have a better choice at that time. The dark temple after all is the entire Dark Five Elements Continent influence most centralized place, we keep the moment there, the danger will be also big a point. I can feel that in law in fort started to restore magic power, let alone, who knows in the dark temple to ship how many secret weapons to cope with us in a short time? Must fight a battle to force a quick decision, therefore, I did not have other choice at that time. You do not need to rebuke oneself, this time, everybody has played own role, victory that our fights, is not any list one by one individual success, but is us all."

Yao Qianshu and Ji Dong understanding earliest, spoke to him most has not had scruples, cannot bear asking: "Ji Dong, I very much have wanted to know, you initially did achieve? I do not understand completely you had made anything at that time. That is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Moreover locks on you completely. Locking of this level, even if your such rank the strength of soul is impossible to relieve. Told me quickly, otherwise I must feel stifled."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "When I wield palm forward unceasingly, you thought that I was insane?"

The Yao Qianshu look immediately became strange several points, but was honest nodded, "had this feeling."

Nearby Chen Sixuan sighed lightly: "Not only he, I also thought at that time you were insane, because I do not know completely you are doing." Ji Dong turned head to look at Chen Sixuan one, said with a forced smile: "Therefore, you have been ready, before the preparation that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill overruns to my body, blocks it with the body for me, yes?"

Such remarks, heavenly stems disciples simultaneously look changes, particularly has gold/metal and Lan Bao'er of idea to Ji Dong, unconscious lowering the head, Chen Sixuan to Ji Dong so, making them also possibly have any opportunity? Let alone, even if such Chen Sixuan, cannot touch Ji Dong that close heart as before.

Chen Sixuan light smiles, said: "Eternal armor should be able to help you block part of attacks. At least preserves your life not to have the issue."What she has not said is. So long as she used eternal armor to be at that time Ji Dong blocks that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, she is capable of starting nine of Ji Dong within the body this to assign the Red Lotus lotus seed, that must in the situation that in Ji Dong does not garrison completely can realize. She from him, cannot start easily. Only has, when Ji Dong saw that she blocks the attack for oneself, the shock of that flash, Chen Sixuan can has been hiding the assign the Red Lotus true prestige to display.

Ji Dong receives to drop in Chen Sixuan look, because he does not dare to visit her, regarding him, Chen Sixuan also similarly is keeps him from understanding that he is unable to understand, she so will be why good to oneself, but oneself always want to repay him, but did not have one time to is actually owes her finally many by. This feeling is not wonderful regarding Ji Dong, because, he has to acknowledge, in oneself have been full in the Lie Yan (raging flames) form inner world, had been squeezed out place of corner by Chen Sixuan eventually.

"At that time my wielding palm naturally must have the significance. I use, is extinguishes the derivation skill that god strikes to extinguish the god wall. Extinguishes the god wall to be capable of preventing any attack flash. Like a five elements wall, sends out with an extremely special way, my this user is not completely clear. But a little can affirm, extinguishes the god wall in emanation, although must have certain consumption to me, but it will actually not send out any magic power to fluctuate. Then I, was unceasingly am releasing am extinguishing the god wall, making these extinguish the god wall to superpose, me fast is not together clear altogether has superimposed many levels, extinguished the god wall is the incline toward in fort top."

Chen Sixuan slightly angrily said: "You think at that time can oneself certainly be successful?"

The Ji Dong show face smiles, "is, I know at that time, I am can certainly be successful. This point is without a doubt. But the successful price has many me not to know. Because, before soon, me just felt to extinguish the god wall to have certain refraction. But after I also multiple extinguish the god wall superimposes the refracting power to name as this type: Extinguishes the god mirror. Although the price of this payout is not small, but also made me to extinguishing the god wall had a brand-new understanding. The words that next time will use again, will not look like this time are so distressed. I more and more believe now, extinguished god to strike is so-called creation world Divine Skill this matter. This use extinguishes the god mirror, makes me soon touch to extinguishing the god strikes sevenfold realm. Also is the good deed."

Ji Dong had not said that then danger, the heavenly stems disciples know he does this intentionally, for does not make everybody be worried. But everyone is clear, initially he chose the use extinguishes the god mirror the time the one who withstands is the how huge pressure.

Looks that the partners look the own somewhat strange vision, Ji Dong said with a smile: "Was good, did not say these. Du Ming, Bao'er, making me have a look, you obtained any divine tool. This one line, our harvests are quite good. Not only two magical instruments have both taken, has killed many dark Mage. Every time reduces dark Mage, when holy war time, our continent pressure can also reduce a point."

Although the people clearly know that he in attending to about he, does not extend intentionally the beforehand topic, but also nobody again said anything.

Du Ming respectfully said: "Teacher, what I obtain is the lance of ice god."At the same time was saying, the right hand lifts, the dazzling black ray extends together instantaneously from his palm place. During the ray sparkle lengthens instantaneously, a handle style is plain, above inscribed the black lance of numerous demon mark to appear in Du Ming hand.

This handle lance seems very unusual, the major part is the black, only has the lance front seven cuns (2.5 cm) is similar to the solid ice general white. A dense chill in the air after it appears immediately spreads, made thermal drop in the surrounding air. Without a doubt, this is a Ninth Water department divine tool focusing on attack. The hand grasps the lance of ice god, Du Ming's aura becomes is obviously different. His magic power cultivation base has achieved Level 79, at this time also had this divine tool, breaks through Eight-Crown to be just round the corner.

Lan Bao'er arrives at side Du Ming, said in a soft voice: "Tenth Water divine tool. Ruoshui purple damask silk."With her sound, a purple long damask silk baseless, enchanting brilliance shortly the Lan Bao'er tender body regarding. Concentrates on with the lance of ice god attacking differently, is very obvious, Lan Bao'er this divine tool Ruoshui purple damask silk has the ever changing ability. Concrete might how, but must depend upon the actual combat to examine is good.

In the Ji Dong eye the god electro-optic shoots, "good. The divine tool finally all assembled of our bright heavenly stems disciple. We also finally have with the ability that dark heavenly stems disciple puts together fully."

Here, he stood up slowly, looks to the direction of dark temple, ", regardless of dark secret whether now returned to the dark temple. The matter that side the dark temple has he should know. About here distance dark temple thousand li (500 km), is impossible to investigate by his cultivation base. Everybody acquired dark Crystal Crown will take. We absorbed dark Crystal Crown to leave here."

One hear of Ji Dong said these words, Yao Qianshu was very the depressed say/way: "If these dark Mage Crystal Crown of killing also took finally is good. That is over a thousand! If can absorb, our minimum everyone can promote Level 1."In  the  people,  must  say  that  promotes magic power level most eagerly, is not cultivation base lowest Du Ming, but is Yao Qianshu. The reason is very simple, the partners had the divine tool to use, but after his divine tool actually needs own cultivation base promote to Nine-Crown, can trigger, doesn't he possibly worry? Now his magic power Level 86, has also been away from Level 90 not too to be remote.

Although that large quantities of dark Crystal Crown has not attained finally, but the person takes out dark Crystal Crown in the presence of everyone, has several hundred fully. And is richest by King's harvest, she has about 200 harvests, next is the wolf divine intervention. They protect outside, killing dark Mage is largest.

Dark Crystal Crown that Ji Dong attains although are not many, but must discuss the quality to be unique, Eight-Crown Crystal Crown has ten, what is more important is also two Earth department Nine-Crown Crystal Crown.

The wolf divine intervention is better, has restrained to own mood, cares about nothing remotely, looks at Sixth Earth Nine-Crown Crystal Crown in Ji Dong hand, beams with joy, one has grasped. Has such together Crystal Crown, although did not say that can make her promote Level 1 cultivation base directly, but promotes half level is actually without question, must know, cultivation base of that two Earth department purple robe big priests Ji Dong kills has surpassed Level 95. This precious dark Crystal Crown casually cannot obtain.

Mage that because massacres is different. The Crystal Crown attribute impossible average of obtaining, this time obtains benefits in a big way naturally is remote and wolf divine intervention, but the harvests of other people can also be good. Only has froth is in itself dark Mage, is impossible to absorb these Crystal Crown.

Looks that the people sit there start to absorb Crystal Crown, froth alone arrive at the one side, the facial expression appears somewhat desolate.

The secret arrives at side her, is smiling asking: "What is thinking?"

Froth glanced at him, "clouds, you do know? originally I do not believe that you are the Light Five Elements Continent heavenly stems disciples. Even for sometime has thought you are the dark secret Mage that grasps from Light Five Elements Continent, to eliminate us revolts against the secret alliance, makes you cooperate with us insincerely."

The day said with a smile slight: "Currently will not have this idea. Our threw describes to be enough."

Froth spits lovable small tongue, "naturally was enough. These Mage total and overall strengths that you kill, revolt against the secret alliance compared with us, possibly to be how used to deceive our. The father was very certainly happy. Has your help, we had the opportunity to resist the dark temple finally."

Looks at excitement in froth eye, the secret cannot bear wipe her head,
"your this age, should live the carefree life to be right."

Froth pulls open the secret the hand, has turned around, glowers to him,
"must say that I was a small girl, yes?"

Looks at her angry appearance, the secret smiles, "could it be not?"

The secret figure is slim, the height and Ji Dong difference, froth is not exquisite, must raise the head to visit him, "naturally not. I am a big girl, can carry out the task for the organization."

Secret unable to help laughing, said: "Good, good, were you big girl were not good? However, your this appearance angrily is very lovable."

Froth digs the small mouth, "clouds, this thinks you is a good person.
Originally you also bully me. Like the monster uncle."

Secret helpless say/way: "You called Ji Dong are an uncle, by the age, I was older than him, could it be wasn't I the uncle?"

Shaking the head that froth makes an effort, "naturally not. You are different from him."

Secret somewhat curious asking: "Why is different?" Froth said: "Because your looks are different, your look is very thorough, but his look actually very vicissitudes, where likely was the 20- year-old appearance. could it be don't you think?"

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Chapter 606: The mystery of Fire God sword

The bright heavenly stems disciples absorb the dark Crystal Crown speed to be quick. This has to say Ji Dong understanding of foresight. Reason that they can absorb magic power in dark Crystal Crown to use for themselves fast, supplemented that in own magic power, the main reason is the chaos.

Has the chaos source, regardless of themselves is what species, when absorbs magic power effortlessly, easy can complete the process of entire absorption. This is also massive absorption dark Crystal Crown must. Otherwise, absorbs low level Crystal Crown to be easy, but in not having chaos source auxiliary, wants to absorb in Nine-Crown dark Crystal Crown huge magic power at least also to take one month. But now, when remote and wolf divine intervention ultimately completes the absorption, only passed for six days by.

Six days of time, Ji Dong fully recovered, but also has absorbed about 40 double fire attribute dark Crystal Crown, although does not have the Nine- Crown rank, but Eight-Crown rank also has several. Normally, Ji Dong is the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, the Crystal Crown quantity that can absorb are more than partners, what made him somewhat depressed was, the effect that he absorbed was actually worst one.

Other heavenly stems disciples have the obvious promotion, but after Ji Dong has absorbed these dozens Crystal Crown, but felt that magic power slightly has the amplification by. From Level 89 also not the small disparity, was needless to say Level 90. Absorption effect best does not have the Nine-Crown Crystal Crown wolf divine intervention and remote. The wolf divine intervention with the help of bead of thick earth, cultivation base has achieved Level 92, under this level, wants to promote Level 1 again is extremely difficult. But just has promoted remotely also half level by. What the effect is most tangible is level lowest Du Ming as well as Lan Bao'er. Their two just obtained the divine tool, not only absorbs Crystal Crown, there is still one and process of divine tool mutually fusion. Is relying on dark Crystal Crown the huge magic power support, in the entire integration process, Du Ming broke through Eight-Crown successfully, cultivation base rushed to Level 82 directly, although did not have bead of that type thick earth to promote the Level 5 strong effect directly, but has also given his enormous pleasant surprise, Lan Bao'er also directly raised promote one level magic power. But the heavenly stems disciples felt that this short six days of time, is almost equal to them usually cultivates for about one month.

level that the Ji Dong hear the partners have promoted, helpless shaking the head, "does not know that is because I was the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute have instead restricted the absorption dark Crystal Crown effect. Has absorbed these many pair of fire attribute Crystal Crown, I only thought that my magic power has not risen including Level 1 1/10. Will be never from Level 89."Cannot soon break through Nine-Crown, for him is an enormous issue. Regarding the heavenly stems disciple, magic power breaks through Nine-Crown, giant stair of overall magic power standard on the meeting, to Ji Dong is so, he is the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, once breaks through Nine-Crown, is relying on the prestige energy of sword of Fire God, even if did not have fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix is auxiliary, coped with an ordinary initial rank Saint level powerhouse not to have the issue basically. But saw that partners one by one approaches Nine-Crown more and more, oneself after achieving Level
88 some cultivation base actually stagnations. Can Ji Dong not be depressed?

They broke through Nine-Crown besides gold/metal and wolf divine intervention, Chen Sixuan cultivation base not making a sound has also achieved Level 89, broke through on the difference finally. Yao Qianshu cultivation base approached Level 87, this time has absorbed many First Wood department dark Crystal Crown, is promoted directly successfully, differs Level 1 with Ji Dong. Is remotely same as Ji Dong, is Level 88, but absorbs the speed of dark Crystal Crown promotion by her at present, will certainly probably surpass Ji Dong, succeeds early in life Nine-Crown. This regarding originally cultivation base leading Ji Dong, is really somewhat depressed.

"Unreasonable! Ji Dong, you can simultaneously absorb two species dark Crystal Crown and magic power elements normally, the cultivation base promotion speed should quickly be more right than us. How to have the feeling of stagnation?"Yao Qianshu puzzled saying.

Ji Dong helpless say/way: "I do not know what's the matter. By my present magic power cultivation base, even if various skills is good, displays again reasonable, impossible to contend with the dark secret. magic power differs were too many. Saint level peak cultivation base he, the magic power total quantity perhaps is my dozens times. Is relying on Saint level peak cultivation base, he can use top Ultra Certain Kill Skill massively, but I have everybody's assistance, most also uses one. Moreover he besides does not have wood attribute, it can be said that other eight species are complete. Also comprehended the water, fires, earth and gold/metal four attribute chaos deep meanings. Begins truly, even if we add, perhaps is not his match."

"Perhaps, because of the sword of your Fire God."Chen Sixuan has to remind Ji Dong one. She does not hope that Ji Dong falls into confusedly in the process of cultivation.

"The sword of Fire God?"Ji Dong has gawked, looks to Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "Before in the dark temple fort, you used Fire God to cut, but also remembers. Before coped with three full suns you have also used. But my feeling completely was different. Your Fire God of this displaying cuts, not only powerful force, but also was not as if big like before to your magic power consumption, making your also ample force display to extinguish the god mirror. Even if you, when displayed to extinguish magic power that god mirror in lasting law will store up also to use up, many that also be more frugal than before." Ji Dong was intelligent, obtained the reminder of Chen Sixuan, immediately awakens, right that eyes shined, "you said that the feeling of Fire God sword was truly different. Not only the magic power reduction striking power is enhanced in use, but, when breaking these red robe big priests collaborates five elements under arrange/cloth to tie, as if some also special abilities show. Before having traded, is not necessarily able to break their five elements to tie. After all, that is ten composes entire attribute Eight-Crown Mage to display, actually front Fire God cuts collapses at the first blow. Simultaneously also routed a diamond to defend. You meant, my cultivation base promotion speed slows down, has the relations with the Fire God sword?"

Chen Sixuan said: "We, when obtains the divine tool, can order the magic power promotion speed to speed up in the help of divine tool. Person but who you earliest have divine tool, but you after having the Fire God sword, did the cultivation base promotion speed speed up or reduces speed?"

Ji Dong thinks carefully, said: "At least has not sped up. The whole definitely reduced speed. I have believed, this is because my own magic power has reached the high-grade level, the cultivation base promotion speed naturally can reduce."

Chen Sixuan shakes the head saying: "No, definitely is not such. We have also achieved above Eight-Crown, but you ask that everybody's cultivation base promotion speed did reduce speed? Should not have. Because, we are the heavenly stems disciples, but is not ordinary Mage. The situation that you said truly exists regarding ordinary Mage. But, we are having pinnacle magic power, every time promotes Level 1, magic power that needs although continually is increasing, may in fact, we rely on pinnacle magic power to absorb the speed of magic power element also in the unceasing enhancement. At least before achieving Nine-Crown cultivation base, our cultivation speeds will not reduce is right. This is also one of the heavenly stems disciple maximum superiority. Moreover, by the level of effort, you are stronger than our anybody, the time that you cultivation is also in us longest one. Before we most suited the place that you cultivated to treat such a long time in earth core world that type, your magic power promotion was very limited. This obviously is not normal."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, "could it be, are all these related with the sword of Fire God?"

gold/metal said: "Should be this. I still remember now, you initially when obtained the sword of Fire God, was the double sword, but is not the sword of present Fire God. Afterward does not know that you used any method, fused them together. According to thinking of the guess of fine jade. Then, very possible is the sword of Fire God has been absorbing your magic power to supplement oneself. In other words, this Fire God sword is in itself incomplete, after you use the fusion god technique it integrates own, it has been depending upon your strength to supplement itself, gradually improve improves. This its might enhancement is the best proof, obviously, your Fire God sword has been developing in more and more perfect direction. Only has, when it fully restored own true colors, can produce the auxiliary results to you, but magic power when does not absorb you cultivation produces unceasingly, even is the strength of your chaos."

Ji Dong nodded. "You said is very reasonable. Initially the sword of fusion Fire God, should needs the massive day of jade, but afterward after helping Lie Yan (raging flames) killed the deicide to cultivate like this, knows with the god who the Fire God sword seal has cultivated like this in the sword, the Fire God sword has completed the process of this fusion, my time heart was completely chaotic, has not thought anything. Now recalls, Fire God sword seal has cultivated like this to have the sword to work, when itself fuses need the jade of day throughout had not actually supplemented. If so, then, must say that it absorbed my magic power that to be right unceasingly. My Pinnacle Two Fires core is Chaos Fire, is the day of jade same attribute."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong lifts the right hand slowly, the thought moves, the red light twinkle, sparkles the sword of bewitching red Fire God to appear slowly during he grasps. Celestial stems disciples subconscious drawing back, the red ray on Fire God sword, although does not have any quantity of heat to send out, but made them from the heart have a chill in the air, does not dare to approach. Especially after the sword of Fire God appears, that dense murderous intention makes everyone unconscious trembling somewhat.

Ji Dong releases the sword of Fire God to four chi (0.33 m) length at this time, carefully is observing this two Fire departments divine tool. Without a doubt, by the quality, the Fire God sword is in the people are inevitably best, the reason is very simple, it is the double fire fusion attribute, even can say that directly is the Chaos Fire attribute, naturally must dominate above other magical instruments. Initially Lie Yan (raging flames) had said that the Fire God sword is the weapon of Lord God, wanted more formidable than the common divine tool.

On four chi (0.33 m) Fire God sword, is sending out the gentle red ray, this red light with the Red Lotus day fire ten phase splitting shapes that Lie Yan (raging flames) releases, but also has many different place, compares in the Red Lotus day fire, its color is profounder, until now, Ji Dong cannot realize completely actually this red ray the characteristics are anything. The sword blade all over the body looks like common that the ruby carves becomes, without any pattern. The crystal is all over the body red.

Ji Dong wields toward the front hill conveniently, immediately, on the Fire God sword bursts out one is more than ten meters dazzling red light, the ray flashes, the appearance that hill center been quietly a gully, had been cut unexpectedly directly. But simply that Ji Dong uses is not Fire God cuts, but wields conveniently by.

"My extermination gold/metal Huan is shivering."gold/metal opens the mouth to say suddenly. Will exterminate also gold/metal Huan to release. Although exterminates gold/metal Huan to grasp in her hands, actually in slightly is trembling, sends out low buzz whining noise.

"My gold/metal ghost Divine Sword is also."Du Xin'er calls out in alarm to make noise, summons her sharp gold/metal ghost Divine Sword, perhaps is because her cultivation base is lower, the scope that the gold/metal ghost Divine Sword shivers exterminating gold/metal Huan is fiercer. Chen Sixuan solemnly said: "Magical instrument is afraid. Probably is being afraid the ray of sword of Fire God." The armor of his eternal also summoned, although does not have obvious shivering, but without Chen Sixuan stimulation of movement, on the eternal armor the mysterious trace green light bursts out, forms light to cover the body of Chen Sixuan covers.

Other heavenly stems disciples also summoned oneself divine tool, without exception, these magical instruments have the unusual response. Only then Yao Qianshu situation good, his green bead has not appeared the true self after all, but sent out the ray frequency of flickering to speed up.

Ji Dong discovered that struck a moment ago, oneself have not poured into any magic power to the sword of Fire God, wields by the Divine Sword itself completely conveniently, but that red glow directly appeared, but the Fire God sword has not absorbed his magic power, oneself cannot see any change. Ji Dong feels faintly, when wield that sword, on the Fire God sword as if had a formidable suction, Fire Element in air integrated instantaneously.

"This struck a moment ago, at least is equal to me displays Certain Kill Skill, but it has not actually consumed my magic power, is truly different. It seems like that I usually too rely on extinguishing the god strike, is far from enough to its attaching great importance. Has not thought that the Fire God sword changed such big unexpectedly. Initially just had its time, when summoned it, must absorb my massive magic power. Thinks right that the fine jade and gold/metal said that this Fire God sword should after absorbing my magic power has evolved. Even if it Lord other Divine level divine tool, normally should not make your magical instruments have the response to be right, after all, I am well-meant to you."

Chen Sixuan said: "The Fire God sword itself truly Lord other Divine level divine tool, but do not forget, the god knowledge that its seal a Level 2 god has also slandered takes the sword to work."

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Chapter 607: In evolution...

"Do not forget, the god knowledge that its seal a Level 2 god has also slandered takes the sword to work."

Chen Sixuan this simple a few words are similar to the timely exhortation to virtue and purity make Ji Dong awaken generally instantaneously. Yes! The sword of this Fire God is not originally the sword of Fire God. Initially Lie Yan (raging flames) to it appraised time. Before it did not have the seal to cultivate like this. What cultivation base cultivates like this is? Lie Yan (raging flames) in most suits earth core 18th Layer that oneself fight also only to be able with him to fight tie and by. At that time cultivated like this also saying that he is the Level 2 god slanders is most formidable. After the god who sword of seal Fire God such a formidable god has slandered knows, will be also same as before?

"Ji Dong, making me look." The secret arrives at side Ji Dong, he does not have the divine tool, when facing the Fire God sword instead compared with heavenly stems disciples calm many. Closes both eyes slowly, the third eye in forehead opens.

Opened just like starry sky general eye pupil profoundly quietly, looks to Ji Dong the sword of Fire God, Ji Dong slightly has also been collecting the ray on sword of Fire God, in order to avoid wound to secret.

In the eye of secret sends out a gentle ray, this ray is colorless, with the sunlight ten phase splitting shapes, sweeps on the sword of Fire God.

Secret groaned, withdraws backward one step, the eye of instantaneous closure secret. Ji Dong hurries to receive the sword of Fire God, before cross, has supported him.

"Secret, are you all right?"Ji Dong kind asking.

The secret shook the head, has opened both eyes slowly, in the eye actually completely is the joyful color/look, "I am all right, is only that red light is somewhat dazzling. Cannot look. Ji Dong, I saw clearly, thinks the fine jade said right, your this Fire God sword is perhaps different from before."

"What did you see?"Ji Dong slightly somewhat anxious asking. His not too clear Fire God sword had what kind of change.

Secret solemnly said: "In evolution."

"In evolution?"Ji Dong surprised looks at the secret.

Secret nodded, said: "Right, is in the evolution. I use the secret to see that a band of light, part is the red, but another part is the blank. The red part pasted probably about 60% degrees. As if just crossed boundary. If I have not guessed that wrong, why this should you feel the sword of Fire God with the former different reason. In other words, your Fire God sword is very possible is because after swallowing the deicide to have repaired the god who like this knows, unceasingly is absorbing your Chaos Fire from me to evolve, now has evolved to complete about 60%."

Ji Dong dumbfounded looks at the secret, muttered: "What to do can this? Evolves 60%. According to this way, only if it evolves to complete, otherwise, I want to break through Nine-Crown that almost am impossible."

Secret said with a forced smile: "Perhaps is this. The prestige of sword of this Fire God can be too strong, by your present cultivation base, is impossible to reverse or make its evolution stagnation. It wants in your body, certainly unceasingly will be absorbing your own energy evolution. Present it so was fierce, waits for it to evolve to complete, thinks that the might is also extremely astonishing." Ji Dong helpless say/way: "Its might is astonishing, my cultivation base, impossible to play completely its might, this was the biggest problem."

The secret said: "That only has means that discards it, then promotes your own strength. The Fire God sword after all is a divine tool, is the nonego. If we return to Light Five Elements Continent. You get up its temporary seal, then cultivates magic power. Should also yes."

Ji Dong shakes the head immediately, said: "It is not good. In the Fire God sword the seal is repairing Josse's god knowledge, although cultivates like this as if to be incapable of contending now. But that is in situation that in the strength of my soul assists the Fire God sword. If I get up its seal, if cultivated like this broke through the Fire God sword, our troubles were big. Perhaps I return to by it directly am massacred. After all, I had attacked it, it has killed me, is not considered as that violates the god rule. Moreover, even if I wants to separate with the Fire God sword were impossible. It followed me to be so long, itself already fused with my bloodlines, fuses the god technique to add on the strength of my soul consistently to revolve it again, can say, it became part of my body. Although it is absorbing my magic power unceasingly, but, if did not have it, I can affirm, not only my cultivation base will not pick up the promotion speed, instead will have the reaction."

The secret said: "That did not have the means that clear(ly) knows that magic power when it will absorb you cultivated produces, you must have it. Now hopes that its evolution can be earlier is completed is good."

Chen Sixuan said: "The sword of Fire God can evolve this is the good deed. We do not know that it can evolve to any degree. When it evolves completes, its might surely is extremely formidable, can definitely be us to cope with the dark secret the sharp weapon. Moreover, since now we knew is it in affecting the cultivation of Ji Dong, then, after Ji Dong you, cultivates time can also change, did not use again like before pure cultivated for oneself, did we find the way to help it evolve as far as possible are not OK? Let it soon evolve to complete. Our also one -and-a- half years of time, if the Fire God sword can evolve to complete, your cultivation base breaks through Nine-Crown again, then, when we facing dark secret, not necessarily does not have strength of the war."

Ji Dong eyes shined, "thinks of right that the fine jade said that since knew reason that the cultivation base promotion speed reduces speed, then in the cultivation, can change. The evolution of Fire God sword, needs definitely is Chaos Fire, this point is without a doubt. But I in the cultivation, Chaos Fire am the nature production, I am promoting magic power. To promote the evolutionary rate of Fire God sword as soon as possible, I later again cultivation time, as far as possible transforms the strength of chaos auxiliary to it with magic power, as the matter stands, its evolutionary rate will be strengthened."

gold/metal said: "there is still one more direct method."

Ji Dong looked at her one eyes, is almost saying with one voice: "The jade of day."

The jade of day, in the jade of day contains, although is not Chaos Fire, but is actually the purest chaos strength. Before the Fire God sword was two handles time, the way of combining and complementing one another must join a day of jade. Obviously, it can definitely accept in a day of jade chaos magic power.

Say/Way that Du Ming regrets: "Early knows, attained the jade of these days to give Teacher to be used from the silly rich business association to promote the sword of Fire God to be good."

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, said: "Cannot say, you comprehend the chaos deep meaning is very similarly important. The heavenly stems disciple is not I. Two pieces of continent holy wars, what need is we work as one. Everybody's strength is enhanced together is best. Let alone, has not known that now a day of jade is whether effective. Here also remaining two, now on experiment."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong released the sword of Fire God once more, previous time helped the partners awakening chaos deep meaning, has used up the jade of most day, in the hand surplus only then final two. Takes out together the jade of day, after Ji Dong has thought deeply about one slightly next, the jade of day lightly tosses into airborne, the Fire God sword light post on, has glued on the jade of that day with the ridges.

Immediately, strange appeared, when the Fire God sword and day jade of contact in together, the jade of that day vaporized instantaneously, changes into gentle cream air current to circle, the sword of Fire God moved for one week later slowly fitting on the sword of Fire God, that white air current had the several seconds time by. Submerged in the Ji Dong Fire God sword to vanish to disappear.

Ji Dong any feeling, surface has not looked, the Fire God sword does not have any change.

Did not need Ji Dong saying that the secret opened the eye of secret to look once more to the Fire God sword.

"Evolution degree has promoted about 5/1000."Secret somewhat excited saying.

"5/1000? In other words, wanting surplus evolutions to complete, in I do not need to cultivate in the auxiliary situation, but also needs the enough 80 jade of day." The Ji Dong complexion is somewhat ugly, he has not thought that a day of jade uses in the evolution of Fire God sword needs the so huge quantity unexpectedly. originally he also thinks that 60% speeds of beforehand evolution were too slow, after all, cultivates like this from his seal to the present, passed three -and-a-half years of time. But now looks like. In the three years half time has not wasted really in vain. That are 60% equal to the 120 jade of day?

In fact, the cultivation of near three -and-a-half years of Ji Dong is it can be said that unprecedented, besides own assiduous cultivation, he has also absorbed the ancestor of that beginning Zulong Land Dragon blood. At that time the ancestor of Land Dragon wants to promote him to Nine-Crown cultivation base above directly, not only but a Saint level body and spirit was so simple. Afterward had practiced more than one year of time in the earth core world. earth core world that environment most suits the sword of evolution Fire God place without a doubt, Ji Dong own warm and nourish adds on the assistances of these fortuitous encounters again, made the sword of Fire God have formerly 60% promotion. Naturally, after this 60% small parts also arrive at dark continent, swallows dark Crystal Crown to come.

Yao Qianshu said: "Since the sword of evolution Fire God needs the so huge quantity the jade of day, we should return to Light Five Elements Continent, looks for the silly rich business association to want again. Zhou Xiaoxiao that fatty, in the hand definitely as if there is goods in stock."

Remotely disdains looked at Yao Qianshu one, "are you silly! Who stipulated that Dark Five Elements Continent can't have a day of jade? Also goes back to do? We comes Dark Five Elements Continent is not disturbs, snatches right of dark temple these fellows."At the same time was saying, the remote wrist/skill turns, two groups of white lights threw in front of Ji Dong.

"Gives you. Obtains from dark secret that banning room. The time was too at that time short, has attained these two. But this also sufficiently showed that on Dark Five Elements Continent definitely also has this thing."

Ji Dong searches the hand to catch, is not just the two jade of day? Together with his surplus that together, absorbs with the sword of Fire God immediately.

Yao Qianshu sighed, "has owed, owed."At the same time was saying, the wrist/skill shakes, the five jade of days fly unexpectedly toward Ji Dong.

Remote stared wide-eyed, "I x, the jade of these days placed the different directions in the banning room of dark secret, did you actually in such a short time take five? Are you a person?"

Yao Qianshu said proudly: "Hasn't heard elder brother's nickname? The medicine medicine must the dying sickness, money cross being predestined friends person. This called under the coffin to put out a hand, dies to ask for money. If gives me to select the time again, I can evacuate its there."

Ji Dong looks at Yao Qianshu, helpless shaking the head, "your this fellow!"But he will be impolite with Yao Qianshu, the five jade of day attract once more receive the sword of Fire God.

On at that time to top layer also four people besides secret, besides Yao Qianshu and remote, was Lan Bao'er and Du Ming, but at that time their goal was the respective attribute divine tool, naturally without enough time took the jade of any day. But had seven that this came out to add on Ji Dong originally two again, the evolution degree of sword of Fire God has achieved 64.5%. It can be said that surmounted a stride.

Right that "said remotely. We come here to not to do the destruction? Snatches dark Mage and that's the end. Crystal Crown absorption, although the effect is inferior to a day of jade, but also similarly has the function. also less than one -and-a-half years of time, I believe, certainly can make the sword of Fire God evolve successfully."Fire God sword evolution degree one has promoted 4.5%, making the Ji Dong mood excellent.

The day said with a smile slight: "I anticipated the sword of Fire God very much evolves can actually show what kind of might."

Du Xin'er laughs, said: "Best to be good that dark secret direct one sword two."

Chen Sixuan asked to Ji Dong: "Our next step what to do?"

Ji Dong said: "The tour of this dark temple, we, although has obtained the enormous success, has attained two Water department magical instruments, but our whereabouts also surely exposed. The dark secret knows that we entered Dark Five Elements Continent, will do everything possible to find us surely. Therefore, our following motions must be more careful. First must do, naturally is defoam their revolt secret alliance, had this time matter, they can also believe to us. Also sends back froth while convenient." The revolt secret alliance can exist is so long, naturally has their abilities, even if no froth experience, Ji Dong believes that the matter that in the dark temple has they should also know. If so cannot win others' trust they, that is revolts against alliance to have problems.

Listening to Ji Dong must send back oneself, a froth actually point also happy. She nearly is 16 years old, before that many years added the same place, did not have for these days and bright heavenly stems disciples are stimulating together. Digs the small mouth to say to Ji Dong: "Is monster uncle, you such anxiously catching up with me to walk?"

Ji Dong dumbfounded visits her, "monster uncle?"

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Chapter 608: Doesn't the dark secret come back temporarily?

"How did I turn into monster uncle?"This is Ji Dong first time hears froth such to call itself. Comes out from the dark temple. He is seriously battered deeply, even is a little not clear, naturally cannot note froth to say anything at that time. At this time listens to froth to call this title in the presence of everyone, does not know whether to laugh or cry, takes this small girl not anything means.

Froth said: "You naturally were the monster uncle, otherwise, how you can achieve matter that only then the monster can achieve. I go back, if the father told that you have made anything, perhaps the father they will not believe. Therefore, I must continue with you, having a look at you to have any real skill."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Initially I may remember, you were said what is not willing to follow me, but also hated the tooth that I hated to be itchy, what's wrong? Then several Heavens! Reneged. could it be said, what has to be inadequate to your special attraction in us?"At the same time was saying, Ji Dong also intentionally falls the vision on the secret.

This, not only froth has blushed, the secret face is redder than her, "master, I do not have......"in heart one anxious, in the presence of everyone called including the masters. The present his also likely is the secret appearance.

Froth spat one lightly, "monster uncle will speak irresponsibly. Snort. I do not walk in any case. Must with you, supervise you." Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, said: "Regardless of you cannot walk, first leads me to see your father or is you revolts against the people of alliance. Your father said that after the matter becomes, you will lead us to find the revolt alliance."At the same time was saying, the continent map that Ji Dong will buy threw to froth.

Froth received the map to look, distinguishes the position that this matter was, said: "That also waits for anything, this walks."

Ji Dong summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the people diving posture on, under the fog release, fifty Saint Fire Dragon soared. For unremarkable, after entering Dark Five Elements Continent, the people have used fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly auxiliary. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon can conceal the personal appearance with fog, only then its one, naturally was not easily is discovered.

Just was taking off in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, after froth gives the direction, in the Ji Dong sudden heart moves, sits cross-legged to sit in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back to close both eyes slowly, Chen Sixuan and secret can feel clearly, at this time Ji Dong is releasing the strength of soul in a direction fully.

The free time of a while, Ji Dong opens both eyes, has patted fifty Saint Fire Dragon under body, said to froth: "We did not look for your father first."

"?"Froth one startled, "monster uncle, do you want to renege on a promise?"

Ji Dong feigns angrily said: "Do not call my monster uncle. I renege on a promise anything. Before looks for your father, a also matter must be done."

Froth blinked, being perplexed looks at Ji Dong. The Ji Dong thought moves, link the partners, naturally, did not have froth. How regardless to say, the froth also bystander, is related to the secret, Ji Dong is impossible to make her also know. Moreover this girl speaks the lip language, seals up her hearing not to be good, can only transmit this way to be most appropriate with the soul.

"I just contacted with the Senior Brother."Ji Dong simple a few words, made the heavenly stems disciples heart inspire, particularly was remote, stares in a big way the beautiful pupil to gaze at Ji Dong, was waiting for his as follows.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Senior Brother takes to us a good news. The dark secret knows that we break in the dark temple to destroy, and took away the matters of two Water department magical instruments."

Knits the brows remotely: "What good news is this?"

Ji Dong said: "You listened to me to say. Although he knew, but does not have the means to appear in the dark temple immediately. We formerly judged right, really has to make law that in the dark temple the dark secret transmits in a short time, but, a little we are actually extremely lucky. That can law that the dark secret transmits, in his banning room hall. That top Ultra Certain Kill Skill bang broken place that was also refracted by me. Therefore , by dark secret such cultivation base, he must hurry back to the dark temple, needs some time. But on that day after we destroyed transmission law, the dark temple has used five days to the dark secret the information transmit. In other words, yesterday the dark secret knows that this matter, just started to start to return. The Senior Brother told me a moment ago is, most minimum within two days, the dark secret definitely is unable to arrive at the dark temple. You said, what we should do?"

Listened to Ji Dong these words, eyes of heavenly stems disciples to shine. The dark secret is unable to return in a short time, moreover this time they have not needed to worry that completely the dark secret suddenly will appear through transmission law in the dark temple, like this good opportunity possibly to let off? The smiling face of understanding, simultaneously appears in each heavenly stems disciple corners of the mouth place. Only has by being kept in the dark froth is looked they smile strangely are in being confused condition. "What do you smile?" The object who froth curious asking, she inquired naturally was the secret.

The secret smile shakes the head, does not have permission of Ji Dong, he naturally will not tell froth.

Ji Dong said: "We, if goes to a dark temple again, how froth you do see?"He must conceal froth, is the Fu Rui non- by-path, goes to the dark temple to tell her naturally nothing again.

"? Do you also want to go to the dark temple? Were you insane? Had previous time matter, the dark temple will definitely strengthen the alert."Froth surprised looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong lightly said: "That how?"

Simple a few words, actually showed the formidable confidence, froth dull looks at Ji Dong, "uncle, were you really a monster?"

Ji Dong does not know whether to laugh or cry visits her, "monster on monster."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon changed, goes toward the direction rapid flight of dark temple. Yes, also anything is dark the temple to make the dark secret compared with attack get angry. Even was at a loss? Has not thought including the heavenly stems disciples, their unexpectedly also this second time good opportunity.

Ji Dong said to the heavenly stems disciples: "This time we arrive at the dark temple again, already not explicit goal. Everybody can but independently is. Destruction as far as possible, slaughters and obtains dark Crystal Crown. This our main attack direction no longer is in the darkness the fort. In the law affirmation of fort opened, is impossible to give us again the opportunity. We are mainly primarily slaughtering dark Mage in dark temple. If possible, best was found them to receive and keep the dark Crystal Crown place. Previous time has left behind that many dark Crystal Crown to them, if can find, to us without doubt can play the huge role." The mood of being eager to try appears in each bright heavenly stems disciple heart, breaks through Level 80 along with Du Ming cultivation base, the bright heavenly stems disciple completely is the Eight-Crown above powerhouse, they taste the benefit that dark Crystal Crown has brought. This time goes again, obviously has the sufficient preparation.

, The darkness big forest of dark temple surrounding already was by far in sight, fifty Saint Fire Dragon falls to the ground slowly, the heavenly stems disciples do not worry. They were waiting for that Sun sets. In the evening is the best motion opportunity.

Ji Dong asked to the wolf divine intervention: "Divine intervention, if we started to submerge from forest underground in the past, to your magic power consumption can big?"

The wolf divine intervention said: "Must look to submerge underground depth. Sneaks is deeper, the magic power consumption is bigger. If like a previous 200 meters depth, has waited till outside the dark temple moat, my magic power must exhaust."

In the Ji Dong eye the ray twinkle, "our time does not cross the moat, naturally cannot be so deep. So long as does not let dark Mage and patrol of soldier ground discovers on the line, ten meters depth is enough."

The wolf divine intervention said: "That does not have any issue. Has the stick of remote earth goddess to be auxiliary, sneaks to the dark temple surrounding. Our magic power consumptions almost can ignore. The speed that magic power supplements sufficiently supported."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, was laborious you. At dusk, we start to take action."

In the dark forest outside dark temple, defended at least strengthened one time, massive soldiers almost uninterrupted was carrying on the rug patrol. If wants such direct in the past, obviously not so is easy. Braves discovered risk waste time with it, might as well walks underground. Most at least, before entering dark temple, from underground walks, will not have any issue. Setting sun in the western sky. When brings several points of gloomy sunset glow to appear in the distant place horizon, bright heavenly stems disciples already under the ray of bead of thick earth covered sank to the ground quietly, because marched forward under ten meters depth, the speed previous time sneak 200 meters to be much faster. Directly soars the direction of dark temple to go. Who can think, in just passed less than one week of time, when the dark temple defends sternly, they came back.

Outside the dark temple, is the black fog fills the air as before, Ji Dong gives the magic skill liquor that the jade of each heavenly stems disciple two land have made. But these are the jade of quality quite low place make, can release is Certain Kill Skill flame dragon Huozhuan, can release Fire Dragon to launch the attack Certain Kill Skill. This thing is used for the critical moment to prevent the enemy. Ji Dong teaches the people the usage, told them only to need with the strength of soul to initiate. Then after letting the wolf divine intervention and restored magic power, remotely. They once more sneak bottom deep place, passes through the moat from 200 meters depth, enters to the dark temple.

Has not drilled the ground eagerly, in stopped from a ground 30 meters place, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan and secret collaborate, release the strength of soul to investigate outward.

Previous time they come to the dark temple time, Mage that in the entire dark temple, has almost not gone on patrol. After all, the defense of surrounding dark forest is stern, the interior also has the Saint level soul scanning, simply does not need to be worried about anything. But these time is different. Through the soul survey, Ji Dong discovered, as well as each of constructions between outside dark temple the square, at least several hundred dark Mage is going on patrol, appearance that is being ready in full battle array . Moreover, Six-Crown above Mage is also riding respective magic beast. It can be said that the defense is extremely stern. At least five red robe big priests assume personal command to be responsible for going on patrol in the square.

But in dark temple that side fort, not only the cable bridge receives, in the entire in fort is also sending out the light colored ray, obviously started many defense law. This time dark temple, truly gives people an impregnable feeling.

"gold/metal, looked your."Ji Dong said to gold/metal.

gold/metal nodded, the personal appearance flashes, has emerged as the times require. The place that they choose, as in a gloomy corner, although outside has massive patrol dark Mage. But also wants some time, several Mage go on patrol here. gold/metal quietly appears, the personal appearance hides in the darkness. When that team of five dark Mage go on patrol, simply has not made slightly the sound, softly has fallen to the ground, the life passes.

The situation that the Saint level peak soul fluctuation that the Ji Dong three people unite here will slaughter covers completely, the heavenly stems disciples also emerge as the times require, hide in the shadow.

In fact, the distance previous bright heavenly stems disciple attacks the dark temple, although passed nearly seven days, may until now, how the dark temple not clarify Ji Dong they to come. In any event deliberates, they do not think that Ji Dong they can not alarm anybody to appear here. Can judge only, is in the bright heavenly stems disciple surely has the Saint level soul cultivation base powerhouse to exist, can shield the Saint level survey in dark temple.

At this time, in the darkness in the fort, eight purple robe big priests is sitting together, complexion dignified was discussing. The purple robe big priests of that four going out business in the shortest time have hurried back, does not dare to leave easily. They do not certainly think, when the dark temple was attacked they were not having the responsibility. The polarity, going out of these four purple robe big priests, have the ingredient of private affair more or less.

The when that purple robe big priest in sitting well first place is Ji Dong their previous time comes has not seen, a magnificent purple long gown, is tall, the beard and hair is all white, the magic power fluctuation that the body sends out also obviously be broader than other purple robe big priests. He is assumes in the dark temple the strongest purple robe big priest, cultivation base reaches as high as Level 98. At least from level, only has the one pace from the Saint level. Also was in the dark temple beyond the dark secret, magic power cultivation base strongest.

"Secret Sir again about three days must come back. This matter does not take punishment for somebody else by whom can go through a strategic pass. Everybody said, what to do."At the same time was saying, he also looked at a that bit attribute is the Third Fire purple robe big priest, clearly, his these words mainly said in view of him.

"The Chief big priest, this time matter we simply do not have any preparation. Must say the responsibility, everyone has. But, why these bright heavenly stems disciples can arrive at our dark temple are the key questions."

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Chapter 609: The exposition, slaughters

Dark temple, in fort sixth layer. Big priest conference room.

"We do not shirk the responsibility, but this time matter is really an accident/surprise. In changed other people to assume fort, perhaps was also same." The First Wood department purple robe big priest smiles bitterly was saying.

The Third Fire department purple robe big priest said: "Yes! That side Holy and Evil Island has the Red Lotus day fire to be cut off, Sir even/including Tianji cannot pass, do these bright heavenly stems disciples come? Our simply is impossible to think that such formidable enemy may arrive in front of us anytime, naturally does not prepare. For a lot of years, our dark temple has not suffered such attack . Moreover, the strengths of these bright heavenly stems disciples have surpassed our judgment completely. Especially is that Pinnacle Two Fires magic power owner of head, he can actually refract top Ultra Certain Kill Skill, has caused the so serious consequence. also, he actually has that many Ultra Certain Kill Skill scrolls. Under is caught off guard, therefore. "

The Seventh Metal department Chief big priest sighed, said: "You said right. At that time, even if I assumes personal command here, was not necessarily useful. Even if ten people all , the strongest attack that can launch also can only be top Ultra Certain Kill Skill by. The key is in all defense and an attack law of paralysis fort, making us too passive. Has not thought really, bright heavenly stems disciple actually grasped the entire attribute chaos. However, now said that these are useless, the secret Sir will not listen to our these explanations. Did the person who sends find these bright heavenly stems disciples to fall?"

The Ninth Water department purple robe big priest knits the brows: "Currently did not have any discovery. Let alone, can block top Ultra Certain Kill Skill cultivation base by them, even if had discovered can be what kind of? We collaborate to be also not necessarily able to retain them. Has to acknowledge, the bright heavenly stems disciple entered our Dark Five Elements Continent at this time, will certainly bring very big trouble to us. I have informed, continent all cities should be able to receive the notice in ten days, drew the shade graph also to send, once discovered that their trails, report to us immediately."

The Tenth Water department purple robe big priest is the look ugly old woman, sharp sound said: "On Holy and Evil Island that Red Lotus day fire including our secret Sirs unable to pass, do these bright heavenly stems disciples come? Is what mystery that Red Lotus day fire has we not to find out?"

Chief big priest solemnly said: "In any event, we must first defend stubbornly the temple, before the secret Sir hurries back cannot make any careless mistake again."

The Third Fire department purple robe big priest said: "Previous time was taken advantage of loopholes by them, hits our one to be caught off guard, such opportunity is impossible to give them again. In the fort defends full, the patrol strength strengthened the several fold, even if a mosquito enters the range of our temple to be discovered immediately. If these rash fellows also dare to come again, is relying on temple law, they do not want to leave again."

In this Third Fire department purple robe big priest voice has not fallen, suddenly, fierce thundering remembers along with the grating alarm sound instantaneously.

Eight purple robe big priests are almost the same time stand up suddenly, in the eye completely is color/look of the shock. "At least is the bombardment of Certain Kill Skill rank. Did could it be these bright heavenly stems disciples really and come?"Fourth Fire department purple robe big priest surprised saying.

In Chief big priest eyes cold light twinkle, "when really our dark temple nobody? To us, they appear again are the opportunities that only one atones for one's mistakes by meritorious service. So long as retains these bright heavenly stems disciples, we are active innocent."

In eight purple robe big priest eyes is sending out strong murderous aura, the bright heavenly stems disciple also dares to come again, without doubt has not placed in them the eye. Once the dark secret returns. Their eight people will certainly receive the heavy fine, but at present is the only opportunity. The anger in their heart to fearing of dark secret, made them probably leave behind the bright heavenly stems disciple whole-heartedly.

Chief big priest solemnly shouted: "Opens the temple dark chaos to defend big, to search for the soul to extinguish soul big. This time, must be called them to come surely to not."

Right, the outside that sound of thundering, the bright heavenly stems disciples send out. The defense of dark temple truly surpassed them to sentence in advance. After gold/metal has killed five dark heavenly stems disciples with ease, the people quietly appear in the dark temple. But after ten seconds, they were discovered.

Did not mean the strength of Saint level peak soul Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan and secret collaborate to display insufficiently covers up, but was the detection way in dark temple had the change.

These purple robe big priests are not the fools, previous time was traced unable to discover by the bright heavenly stems disciples successfully, they understand the bright disciples have anything to shield in them surely the abilities of fort four sentry post tower soul surveys. Therefore, they have made certain change regarding law. Although similarly is the scanning entire dark temple, but scans actually no longer is the enemy, dark Mage life symptom that but is responsible for going on patrol. Dark Mage of each wave of patrol before starting to carry out the patrol mission, must outside specific a place to fort scan own condition first, then starts to carry on the patrol mission. Has saying that the dark temple is Light Five Elements Continent is unable to hope to attain to various law applications by far. Therefore Ji Dong their simply has not thought that will have this situation occurrence.

Five dark Mage * fell, the life symptom vanishes, the short several seconds, the Saint level soul survey of scanning has discovered that strength of the sky condensation four soul are one. Then falls on the place that five dark Mage vanished finally directly, the dazzling glare from concentrates in all directions, resounds along with the alarm sound, dark Mage flushed toward here just like the tide generally.

Such quickly was discovered that made in the bright heavenly stems disciples heart imposing, but they did not have the slightest bit to fear, because this time they did not have any goal, was short dreaded. Can display own strength in the fight.

Did not wait for the froth opposition, Ji Dong first to receive in the Vermilion Bird bracelet this small girl. Here does not suit her.

Strength of link all partners soul, situation accurate transmission dark temple to everybody, Ji Dong solemnly said: "Dispersion gets rid, the sphere of action diameter hundred meters, should not be separated by too far. Before their not yet all assembled, first killed one batch to say again. Remember, saves magic power as far as possible. Cannot make the consumption."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong first fled, flutters in a direction, is in airborne, this time, he released the sword and god hot Saint king Kai oneself Fire God directly. Since the sword of Fire God in saving the magic power situation can play that strong might, how could it not be suiting this group war? After all, extinguishes the god to strike only to be able the use in the close combat condition to release enough prestige energy.

But surroundings massive dark Mage racing wells up, Ji Dong has been similar to rushed like lightning, in the hand the sword of Fire God sweeps away, four dark Mage when to/clashes first hurry to stimulate to movement respective magic power, tries to resist the attack of Ji Dong. Thundering that in the fort eight purple robe big priests hear is also from this.

Simply does not have any suspense, that four cultivation base are Five- Crown Mage, changes into the flying ash in front of the Fire God sword instantaneously, their skills completely have not even released.

Before the personal appearance, to/clashes. Ji Dong the sword of Fire God looks like the god of death sickle is common, Teng Snake flashes to promote his body to launch the peak the speed, on the Fire God sword ** leaves the startled day rainbow, several meters red glow advances freely and quickly in the dark temple square, slaughters these low level Mage regarding Ji Dong, is really simple. Even if the impractical wide scope skill, only depends on the sword of Fire God, does not have enemy of the gathering.

In the sky, rides flight magic beast dark Mage to launch the attack from airborne to Ji Dong, attempts the dark Mages coordination with ground, limits Ji Dong by the air-ground integrated superiority. What a pity, their simply is unable to catch the Ji Dong form, by their soul cultivation base, wants to lock Ji Dong simply not to be impossible. Occasionally Ji Dong jumps sweeps away, airborne will have immediately a dark pattern to unravel together with his mount together. Overbearing showing of sword of Fire God without doubt.

After evolving to 60%, the prestige of Fire God sword can increase compared with before obviously, along with its displaying, Ji Dong discovered that the Fire God sword is in itself supplementing in attribute, has the broken shield, armor piercing and broken demon these three surely. Even if Certain Kill Skill level defense magic skill, when Fire God sword type does not pour into magic power to be simple, cannot block its strikes. These magic power weapons are similar to bean curd are more common, this feeling was really too crisp. Does not need any skill. Relies on Teng Snake to dodge strong speed, more than ten meters rainbow that in addition the Fire God sword emits, the place visited, surely is a piece of corpse. Has to cut the melon to chop the feeling of dish greatly. Almost is red light mistake, cannot be left over anything including corpse, falling, only then place dark Crystal Crown, the time of but several times breathing, in dozens low level dark Mage perished under the Fire God sword.

Compared with Ji Dong, the striking power of other heavenly stems disciples were not as good, Yao Qianshu was responsible for protecting the secret, did not leave about the secret. But the secret relies on the strength of Saint level high rank soul to release the range soul to suppress, making in these low level Mage reaction capacity and magic power release rate significantly reduce. Chen Sixuan throughout follows behind Ji Dong, can see that only the piece by piece dark green clear leaf blades unceasingly flutter from her, the fish slip through that any Fire God sword, will obtain a leaf, does not have the Ji Dong that wild prestige energy, but actually the Chen Sixuan target is actually primarily airborne and two wings, reduces these three direction Mage as far as possible regarding the harassment of Ji Dong, making Ji Dong can the firepower full, strengthens the lethality to the maximum degree.

Remote and wolf divine intervention two people coordinate, because Ji Dong said that must save magic power as far as possible, therefore, two people coordination are also quite simple directly.

The stick of earth goddess, a wide scope bog technique releases, attracts Mage that pulls to clash, the wolf divine intervention is a region stone pounds by the bead of thick earth. By bead of thick earth prestige energy, even if the ordinary falling stone sends out, the might is also extremely astonishing. Let alone bright heavenly stems disciples is in itself the pinnacle magic power owner, in low level Mage to these has the superiority that the attribute suppresses, Mage of five, Six-Crown ranks, most three waves fall the stone to get down, on death was clean. Only some Seven- Crown cultivation base Mage can block reluctantly, but there is a limit of stick of earth goddess, wants to approach them is also extremely difficult.

gold/metal when to/clashes, had not forgotten that said one to Du Xin'er, "follows me."Du Xin'er cultivation base is weak, with is Metal department, she obtains Ji Dong to instruct, naturally must look.

King's murder method Du Xin'er already the experience crossed, follows close on side her, naturally can learn the lots. gold/metal does not have the use to exterminate gold/metal Huan, the right hand takes the court eunuch manufacturer, the left hand is transforming a handle five chi (0.33 m) long blade, shoots first with one hand and then the other, non- practical skill. Is relying on oneself compared with the Ji Dong least inferior speed, as well as the sharp strength of announcement slaughters unceasingly. Although is not quick like Ji Dong, but in slaughtering speed , is next to Ji Dong.

With gold/metal, the Du Xin'er somewhat idle feeling, King's speed was too obviously fast, she is impossible to follow completely, can only follow on the heels to pick some fish slip through reluctantly. At the sharp degree of her gold/metal ghost Divine Sword, overbearing of pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power, simply does not have any low level dark Mage to block. Du Xin'er is also very direct, regardless of the opposite party is attacks her to defend, she is a direct sword cuts, then fought finished.

As for Lan Bao'er and Du Ming That side, two people just obtained the divine tool, must test well turns, quite lets itself and a divine tool better fusion. Ices the lance of main attack god, the Ruoshui purple damask silk Lord defends, although slaughters the speed not to be quick, but actually wins is stabilizing. The attack and defense acts in harmony, not to any enemy opportunity, but their every time gets rid, must be able to claim a dark Mage life.

It can be said that in the dark temple that side the fort makes in the short time of response, over a hundred dark Mage perished in the heavenly stems disciples hand.

When Ji Dong carefree dripping launches the sword of Fire God, suddenly, an inexplicable sense of crisis made him act stagnates, subconscious raising the head to airborne looked.

Covered the black thick fog of dark temple to have the change at this moment, altogether since 100 rays, simultaneously from the dark temple around the moat leapt. These 100 rays are ten species separately, each thick like column, most made Ji Dong feel what was troublesome, these 100 light beams unexpectedly were ten attribute pinnacle magic power. Meanwhile, in their, the complex demon mark slowly shines, this huge demon mark has almost covered in the entire dark temple around the fort constructions within circuses and all dark temple scopes. Although had not aimed, but that sudden vast magic power fluctuation, made the heavenly stems disciples move stagnates, surprised looked to airborne.

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Chapter 610: Two big

These formerly were also similar to tidal launched the attack dark Mage to stop to the bright heavenly stems disciples fast. Retreats backward, distant surrounds the heavenly stems disciples. Moreover, they defer to the respective attribute accumulation completely. After passing through the short flurry, these dark Mage have made the response under the direction of high-grade level Mage fast.

The Ji Dong thought moves, directs the heavenly stems disciples to gather, simultaneously asked to the wolf divine intervention: "The return of your thick earth whether from underground to pass through?"

The wolf divine intervention shakes the head saying: "It is not good. I had just attempted, as if extremely formidable entire attribute magic power also sealed off the ground."

In the Ji Dong eye the god glittering, looks that airborne that hundred condense in the together ray, "this defends big, looks like, must stop us, does not make us depart!"

Secret solemnly said: "That what to do? To begin now, has not completed before big breaks through? Otherwise, perhaps. "

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, confident say/way: "Has not related, making under their arrange/cloth big good. If there is a dark secret, by this big, truly can keep us from being separated. But after all does not have the dark secret management. This defends big again strong, so long as it cannot be cut off we with the entire attribute positional transmission method soul relation, is impossible to retain us. Let them think that we were stranded are good, under general idea. We also many harvest some. Dark Mage that massacred a moment ago, did Crystal Crown attain?"

Sees the partners to nod in abundance, Ji Dong solemnly shouted: "Since they give us the set up formation, our also set up formation shows them. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong cross previous step stood in the front line, Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan separately left and right of him, with a hand according to the shoulder of Ji Dong, two circles of five elements mutual promotions of the five elements rapidly formed respectively, but arrived at Ji Dong here, Ji Dong has not pressed down remote and wolf of divine intervention shoulder double Earth department with both hands. He is the double hot disciple, if at this time for set up formation, but uses the hand, what does that also take to fight?

Regarding this issue, Ji Dong has already thought solution, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes displays, golden red exclusive radiance bursts out from his within the body, a pair of wing, launched from the shoulder finds out, passed over gently and swiftly the hand of Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu, built separately in the wolf divine intervention and remote shoulder, thus has completed the entire attribute five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy.

Takes Ji Dong as the source, hot raw soil, locally born gold/metal, gold/metal unboiled water, the aquatic wood and wood light a fire. Ten attributes are divided into two minor cycles, finally in as centralized as Ji Dong this source above. Huge ten departments pinnacle magic power perfect revolution. At this time, magic power of all bright heavenly stems disciples have achieved above Eight-Crown. This mutual promotion of the five elements circulation just started, magic power that everyone can the clear feeling they control at this time already powerfully to extremely terrifying degree.

five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy while their arrange/cloth, defense big in sky has also been completed. originally covered the black fog of dark temple to be in one with that 100 pinnacle magic power light beams completely friendly, turns into one to bring the black ten colored light covers. Only above covers, ray dense sparkle. Incomparably rich magic power fluctuation made the dark temple have the spirit of several points of temple.

This strategy, is Lord big in entire dark temple, biggest law, the named dark chaos defend big. Is known as Dark Five Elements Continent first method. Itself has rich dark attribute, in the meantime, in ten attribute complete situations, but also ten attribute chaos magic power. This law foundation, is by 100 huge five elements god stonemason's workshops is the cornerstone. Every one time starts, needs to consume each species ten Rank 10 magic beast crystal core. In other words, that 100 light beams, a moment ago extracted 100 Rank 10 magic beast crystal core to produce.

So terrifying magic power combines in together, in addition a law amplification, after ten attribute fusions, takes the chaos as the synthesis of basis, the overall magic power intensity is the dark secret does not compare. The dark secret had said that the dark chaos in dark temple defend big, at least needs ten top Ultra Certain Kill Skill to shell a point, or is opening that ultimate Certain Kill Skill can break.

Although the bright heavenly stems disciples some Ji Dong affirmative answers, feel terrifying magic power that in this big is containing, is slightly the look changes. On the inside story in Mage aspect, Light Five Elements Continent is really well below.

Also at this time, the Saint level soul fluctuation of that originally four scanning dark temples instantaneously strengthened. As before is maintaining the potentials of four condensation, has swept in Ji Dong their this directions, but, originally nearly turned into the red in the invisible soul fluctuation at this time unexpectedly, bewitching red. The sector scan of this wide scope, the heavenly stems disciples are impossible to dodge, the strength of soul Ji Dong and secret and Chen Sixuan merge into one organic whole although covers in which the heavenly stems disciples, but they actually clearly feel, strength of spending rate own soul increased three times instantaneously. "Searches for the soul to seize soul big." The secret sinking sound said, "originally their soul investigations seize soul big from in Souhun, no wonder can throughout maintain the Saint level scanning."

Ji Dong was puzzled asked: "What searches for the soul to seize soul big is?"

The secret said: "Searches for the soul to seize soul big is extremely tyrannical law, can be said as quite evil and cruel soul law. To complete this kind of law, first after the skeleton that needed four soul cultivation base to surpass the powerhouse who Saint level died, leaves behind. Moreover, these four skeletons must just die when this Saint level powerhouse, the soul has not dissipated integrates law Jinnouchi, entire law inscribing must , if the four pieces of jade of volume not small days, can restrain the Saint level soul in skeleton with chaos magic power. Was used to take law part of powerhouses , the soul can not always be reincarnated. Obviously, the dark temple has controlled this law completely, not only can shield their people on one's own side, but can also be used to carry on the scanning and launches the true strategy to launch the attack. Once the strength of our soul are not enough to resist this might to compare favorably with the Saint level middle rank soul fluctuation the searching for soul to seize soul big, our souls forcefully will be stripped from within the body by it, finally was swallowed by big. Searches for the soul to seize soul big to continue to exist, each must swallow a number of souls after a period of time. This searches for the soul to seize soul big year, if having was long, then, does not know that has swallowed the souls of many lives. The dark secret really should kill."

By secret relatively gentle disposition, after discovering this searches for the soul to seize soul big, does not halt production to have the strong anger. Obviously this law was how the seething discontent among the people.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "It seems like, we keep here time unable to be too long. From now on, everybody is transferred by my soul guidance unified. Walks."

loudly shouted, Ji Dong first jumps, under his soul sharing, the heavenly stems disciples can always know that he first wants to make anything, Yao Qianshu is having the secret, ten people simultaneously jump, flushes away in the direction in fort.

They such move, the space and underground dark Mages also immediately go into action, because at this time was alarmed, originally outside several hundred Mage in square, had massive dark Mage to catch up. In the square had over 2000 Mage. In the darkness fort direction, eight purple forms soar, is that eight purple robe big priests, is flying in their this directions.

"Big weaponry."Ji Dong sneers. At this time, magic power of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy revolved completely, has formed the perfect mutual promotion of the five elements circulation.

Could not repress from their recent a number of dark Mage finally, hundred dark Mage also get rid, the dazzling golden light changes into a handle giant long sword in the sky, directly soars the heavenly stems disciples to divide to cut, but. Also is the same attribute multiple superimposes combination skill.

Mage does not exterminate regiment such army after all, these Mage at least have Four-Crown above cultivation base, magic power that if superimposes are too many. They are unable to condense truly threatening attack magic skill, because in them does not have specially formidable Mage to exist after all, is unable to control. Hundred Four-Crown above Mage cultivation base overlay, are the limits that they can reach. But the striking power also sufficiently is the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill level.

That eight purple robe big priests when stopped from the heavenly stems disciples also kilometer about, does not have first to launch the attack to them. In their opinion, this time, the bright heavenly stems disciples have been unable to escape even with wings. Was besieged by several thousand Mage, relies on same attribute multiple is superimposing combination skill, even if were consumes also to be able them to consume. But their eight people as war control and obstruction, the opportunity of not giving at present these bright heavenly stems disciple running away. Red robe big priests cannot the mortal body fly, is riding own mount respectively. Started to carry on the unified command to the dark demon armed forces. Dark Five Elements Continent Mage is not free like Light Five Elements Continent that side, under the control of dark secret, this also enables them completely truly like the army, displays the overall strength under leader's leadership. If Light Five Elements Continent does not have the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong has invented, even if the Mage quantity can catch up with Dark Five Elements Continent, the possibility of also simply not having contended with.

Divides to cut facing this, but to the golden great sword, Ji Dong coldly snorted, in the eye the god electro-optic shoots, in the hand the Fire God sword chops to cut, immediately, the dazzling red light expands in the sky instantaneously, ascends hundred meters greatness, that positive/direct rumbled. Fire God cuts.

If only Ji Dong, he will not use easily so consumes the attack of magic power, even if the Fire God sword has evolved, but Fire God cuts to consume his oneself over one-third magic power. However, he is not a person is fighting now, has the mutual promotion of the five elements assistance of bright heavenly stems disciples, the magic power circulation, unceasingly. Their magic power can maintain at throughout in peak condition, the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation circulates every time for one week, their magic power can promote some, although the output is big, but the combat capability is not these dark Mage can imagine continually at present.

Dark Mage is also good, that eight purple robe big priests, they cannot think, in sieges the situation here by the dark demon armed forces and their eight big supreme powerhouses, Ji Dong dares to come up to use so tyrannical attack magic skill unexpectedly.

In five elements, fire gold/metal, let alone is high-grade Ultra Certain Kill Skill to primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

Simply does not have any suspense, stretched across the airborne golden great sword just to contact Fire God to cut, was similar to the snow and ice common smiling face, at the same time, above the Ji Dong top of the head, double fire same reduction also appeared, the Fire God sword in the airborne moved to and fro, magic power that released is taken back part by him unexpectedly.

Ji Dong has the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation of partners to be auxiliary at this time. Own magic power inflated him unable to judge the degree of quantity, the so formidable source supports same reduction, the effect of assimilation surpasses him to display. Fire God cuts magic power that releases, at least had been taken back half by him.

Makes one that dark Mage shocks also appear in this moment, did not mean that Ji Dong Fire God cuts to take back, these launched the attack dark Mage to be all right to them. In fact, the polarity, that hundred Seventh and Eighth attribute dark Mage simultaneously the blood crazily spurts, one by one weary in the place, the life aura vanishes instantaneously.

The energy magic skill upfront spells hardly, that does not have gaudily any, looked that whose magic power is strong. Primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill was suppressed by high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, in addition the prestige energy of Fire God sword terrifying, the meridians of these 100 Seventh Metal department Mage within the body completely were broken. Reason that Ji Dong uses same reduction to take back part of magic power, that is because, Fire God cuts the necessity that has not fallen completely, collided in together that moment in the both sides skill, the fight had finished. The formidable shake strength dissemination that magic power causes connected in the past, struck to kill these universal cultivation base not to arrive at Seven-Crown dark Mage sufficiently.

Under strikes, hundred dark Mage such died, immediately made the dark demon armed forces somewhat create a disturbance. Leads their big priests to issue the strict order unceasingly, reluctantly is peaceful.

Eight floats after the airborne purple robe big priest short shock , the Chief big priest do not get angry instead smile, coldly snorted, "comes up is high-grade Ultra Certain Kill Skill, I must have a look but actually, you can use many high-grade Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Begins, comprehensive attack. Since they entered the dead end, I do not believe them also to turn out the day to go."

In the dark chaos defend big and search for the soul to seize in the situation that soul big simultaneously opens, no wonder this Chief big priest has such inside story. Let alone, their dark demon armed forces from are catching up in all directions. Although can send out same attribute multiple superimposes magic skill, only then they guards the dark demon armed forces in dark temple, but obvious was enough. Previous time relied on by the heavenly stems disciples is attacking to massacre over a thousand Mage suddenly, now also also more than 8000 Mage total, theoretically, even can simultaneously release more than 80 primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill. The bright heavenly stems disciples are in airborne, simply is the best goal. In addition their eight supreme powerhouses bring up the rear, very obviously bright heavenly stems disciple not any opportunity.

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