Jiu Shen Chapter 591-600

Chapter 591: Dark tavern

In the dark temple the moat of fort even can be said as a small lake. Water surface width ratio outside moat is big. In that 200 meters hill summit. Was that giant castle, the highest place, had hundred meters fully. All over the body jet black, even is also sending out the light black ray. Obviously, the building material of this castle is different from outside these constructions. That sincere/heavy and depressing feeling, making the heavenly stems disciples be startled, this is what thing completed?

Around the castle, altogether four lookout towers, these lookout towers of these four lookout towers to like the outside city wall were not big, but above these four lookout towers, unceasingly sends out layer upon layer gentle silver light to spread to the surroundings, unites in together, happen to can cover the range of entire dark temple. The Saint level soul that Ji Dong formerly felt fluctuates, these four lookout towers release. In other words, in that castle, either has four have Mage of Saint level soul uninterruptedly is carrying on the soul scanning, either, has any special law or the Buddhist musical instrument exists.

Dark Five Elements Continent common people life apply carbon, being down and out, cannot eat to the full including the famine food. But is such piece of continent, has the formidable fort that in this kind of command bright heavenly stems disciples hearts feels cold at present. Perhaps has 1 million armies, wants to capture here is also extremely difficult.

When the strength of Ji Dong stimulation of movement soul investigates the high tower on that hill. He discovered that even if this Saint level peak the strength of soul is unable to penetrate unexpectedly. He understood immediately, perhaps that two Water department magical instruments of bright heavenly stems disciple in this castle, this were also the important reasons that formerly could not investigate.

Perhaps is because that four lookout towers the strength of scanning of Saint level soul has achieved all detection work sufficiently, person who therefore, in the dark temple, instead specially has not gone on patrol. Ji Dong can feel existences of many human through his Saint level peak the strength of soul. However, in the range of this dark temple, does not have an ordinary human, unexpectedly is Mage. Moreover is Four-Crown above Mage, does not arrive at Four-Crown does not have.

According to the dark sacrificial offering that before caught, in this dark temple, guarding should have dark demon armed forces, was 10,000 Mage. could it be said that in this simply looks like in a small country dark temple, is living these 10,000 people? If there is an outside area to invade, person of defense as if insufficient.

Ji Dong is thinking at the same time, transmitted this idea to the partners. Those who made his accident/surprise was, the first thought had the fluctuation unexpectedly was froth.

By froth present cultivation base, wants to carry on the soul to exchange that with Ji Dong is impossible, but she can actually ponder in the heart, in opening the situation of oneself soul, Ji Dong naturally can feel.

The ponder of froth has dispeled the doubts in Ji Dong heart. Originally, this dark temple as the entire Dark Five Elements Continent sacred place, does not have certain ability, and obtains the approval of dark secret, cannot live in inside. However. Outside the dark temple, is actually stationed over 300,000 armies. Also before is, they that some regions that passes through outside city. Reserve Mage of all dark demon armed forces in these 300,000 people. 100,000, add on 200,000 elite soldiers fully again. Met really had any knockdown situation or is the foreign invasion. Then, these 300,000 armies can turn back in order to help friendly forces instantaneously. Supports the dark temple. Moreover, the dark temple surface seems tranquil, may in fact, have numerous defense institutions, needs Mage to control. Only all kinds of attack and defense law, has over a thousand. Once is controlled these law by Mage, then, even if the Nine-Crown Mage soaring in airborne, so long as becomes is the target of public criticism can also be killed by the instantaneous second.

The secret sighed, transmitted own idea, "no wonder the dark secret so cruel rule also throughout stood erect not but actually. The strength that he controls was too strong. These do not have the sufficient weapon, grain and resister of enough Mage support, how possibly to storm into this dark temple?"

Ji Dong slowly nodded, he now regarding dodging thunder discrete somewhat has also understood, has a such dark temple, flashes the thunder not to believe oneself are capable of affecting the entire war to be also normal. Meanwhile, Ji Dong also secretly rejoiced, they have not chosen the storm luckily, otherwise. Over a thousand do not know that is the attack and defense law of any thing also starts, even if in them has the true Saint level, perhaps is unable to contend.

"Comes up."Ji Dong has issued order to the wolf divine intervention, simultaneously strength of restraining soul, but wraps the body of people. Without the silver ray, all turned into a darkness, looks like the dark temple's color is the same.

In addition froth, altogether 11 people, slowly rise in the shadow of that tall building, quietly appeared outside the ground.

The fresh spatial gas range in several points of nondescriptive peculiar taste inspiration lung, the nerve of heavenly stems disciples is tying tight, arrived here truly, in their hearts not so was instead anxious. Everyone has fought many battles, experienced dragon valley, tempering of earth core world successively, they should probably display oneself time. Most anxious must be froth. She has never thought entry that one day unexpectedly can so be quietly to dark temple. She does not have the heavenly stems disciples to restrain aura the ability, suddenly can only be been as far as possible slighter by own breath, at this moment, originally in her eyes very repugnant Ji Dong, instead became the biggest dependence. Compared with the dark secret, this little ominous man obviously wanted lovable many. Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals ice quiet light, the body sticks to the back wall, the soul scanning spreads slowly, the range of but, actually not scanning expands to is too broad, but probably covers in 100 meters in diameter range about. Only then in this range, the strength is the certain extent Mage to discover strength of camouflage their soul.

Ji Dong to secret nodded, the secret is understanding immediately, the soul fusion relieves. Alone is released the strength of shield people soul by the secret, but Ji Dong is actually a short body, was similar to a wisp of azure smoke fluttered. Has not made the least bit sound.

The Ji Dong choice at present this building is very reasonable, this building in the entire dark temple is also one of the maximum several, what is more important, here, he investigated existences of many dark Mage, did not have cultivation base to surpass Seven-Crown. To conceal own status in this dark temple to do easily? Without a doubt, becomes by oneself incarnation is discovered easily.

They appear, in the back of this building, the construction gate in another side, through the soul survey, Ji Dong has discovered this building the use. This unexpectedly is a tavern. Feeds specially in the dark temple the tavern of Mages use. The Ji Dong round spandrel wall quietly, went to the distance front door not far place. Is hiding own personal appearance in the dark shadow as before. Static waiting opportunity.

The time is not long, walks a middle-aged person of whole body black clothes from this dark tavern, the whisper that in the mouth muttered anything, was walking toward Ji Dong.

The Ji Dong ear moves slightly, is listening to his words.

"Really bad luck, lost. Since holy war preparatory work starts, above round of money originally few, but also made this group of vampires give to win. Really he **. When the father will receive money next time, certainly did not bet with them." The mouth was saying does not bet, whom can bet to know truly? Naturally. He already not that opportunity. Saw before this dark Mage must pass through own time, Ji Dong moved quietly, that dark Mage only thought oneself at present one dark, a huge attraction suddenly appears, attracts to pull his body to fly horizontally, he stimulates to movement magic power subconsciously, simultaneously wants to yell, but, the mouth and nose place instantaneously was actually sealed up by an inexplicable strength, but unequalled is similar to withstands great pressure the tremendous pressure fetters his body unable to move.

the next moment, he also arrived in that piece of shadow of Ji Dong hideaway. The entire process including for one second on uselessly.

The Ji Dong right hand covers his neck, this is Five-Crown dark Mage, in the Ji Dong hand, but is a small sun-dried shelled shrimp. Let alone is he, even if Nine-Crown Mage falls in the Ji Dong hand is held the neck like this, is impossible to work loose.

In the Ji Dong eye the ray flashes, two silver light pricked in the eye pupil of this Five-Crown dark Mage ruthlessly, there is the strength of Saint level middle rank soul as the shield, cannot see this silver from the outside.

Body of that Five-Crown Mage fierce shivers, his cultivation base is freely higher than froth, but, Ji Dong copes with him, actually in destroying
-type method, without any scruples. Almost has broken through the front door of opposite party soul instantaneously, scanned the memory of opposite party forcefully. When the strength of his soul takes back, this dark Mage already complete turned into an idiot.

Light black flame flashes not to have, without sending out slightest bit magic power fluctuates, this dark Mage has vanished into thin air, including selecting the trace does not have, but in Ji Dong hand, were many a black Mage long gown. Use pinnacle Yin Fire burns down the body of opposite party, actually does not injure to arrive at outside clothes. This controlling force, even if Nine-Crown Fire department Mage is extremely also difficult to achieve, but is used in Ji Dong, is actually similar to strolls general relaxed pleasant. This is the control of strength of Saint level soul.

The black Mage robe chest place that Ji Dong obtains, altogether five groups of red flame, are demonstrating this dark Mage Five-Crown cultivation base. Does not need to ask, Ji Dong also understands these marking of chest, are symbolizing these dark Mage status. Five-Crown here
, can only be existence of floor. After all, in dark temple cultivation base lowest is Four-Crown. This status makes Ji Dong very satisfied, the Five- Crown dark Mage quantity were surely many, had such clothes, did not expose the status easily.

Ji Dong this black Mage robe set on body, although slightly considered too small, but carefully did not look that too will not pay attention. Besides this Mage robe, in his hand were many a black badge. On the badge has the obvious magic power fluctuation. Ji Dong careful investigates the strength of soul. The surprised discovery, in this black badge, actually has one small law, the manufacture is quite exquisite. Although is well below a five elements method that level formidable law, but can apply during the badge identity, obviously Dark Five Elements Continent be brighter than continent to be much stronger them regarding a method research.

Ji Dong what kind of cultivation base, was quick he to induce in this badge a law function. Inside records this Five-Crown Mage name, level, duty and strength of input certain magic power and soul, even can also present a moment ago this Mage head picture from the badge, also can shield the Saint level soul investigation of that four sentry post towers. It can be said that this badge is dark temple status confirmation, only then has this thing dark Mage to enter. Had this thing, can definitely from authenticate the status of owner variously, thinks returns to the dark temple from outside, must examine with this gadget carefully.

Ji Dong squeezes in oneself to cherish the badge, as for that dark Crystal Crown, already sent in the Vermilion Bird bracelet. Returned the formerly position static waiting. His duty, can definitely give the partners actually. But considered that uses the Yin Fire magic to destroy the corpse and leave no trace easily, moreover this is enters in the dark temple important one step, he has not done.

At this time the weather was just dark shortly, is in the tavern the liveliest time, has changed this clothes, Ji Dong is very the splendid trend tavern. He also needs ten clothes and ten badges now, but does not need to worry, first eavesdropped on some dark temples news are more important. Perhaps because dark temple's guard was too strict, this tavern entrance, simply does not have existence of guard. With the soul investigation is a matter, walked truly is a different matter. The soul investigation obtains can only be the three-dimensional colorless image and accurate life symptom. But looked with eyes, has the rich color.

Ji Dong one step steps into the tavern, immediately by here wasteful attraction. In the tavern, completely is a resplendent in gold and jade green picture, the entire tavern interior decoration, unexpectedly completely is completed with the gold, silver and gem. In the ground, is spreading the scarlet growing hair rug. one by one wears black Mage long gown dark Mage shuttle, is merry. Unexpectedly just like is an appearance of upper circles of society public relations cocktail party.

In the broad main hall according to the color of decoration is divided into many regions differently, staircase that both sides also extends upwardly. The stairway place has the special Mage guard.

Ji Dong restrains own soul fluctuation, lowers the head slightly, his originally not too outstanding look naturally cannot be remarkable. If traded Chen Sixuan to come, perhaps one step stepped into this tavern, will immediately become will be the target of public criticism.

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Chapter 592: Great woman

Ji Dong raises up the ear, is listening to the talk of surrounding dark Mages. Along edge regarding here revolutions. Somewhat knew about here situation many.

Originally, this tavern, is one of the dark Mages not many entertainment places in the dark temple, for their entertainment most universal place. Generally only then includes Seven-Crown, Seven-Crown following Mage will come to here. As for Eight-Crown Mage and Eight-Crown red robe big priest, the purple robe big priest in tavern, naturally has the place that they go.

The entire tavern is divided into three, first layer, is Four-Crown and place of Five-Crown Mages entertainment, one side of the hall is the long tables, above is placing all kinds of good wines and delicacies. Another three, is putting numerous leather sofas, can sit there drinks and talks.

The male Mage quantity in this tavern must be more than female Mage obviously, but female Mage wants is slightly a little beauty, the side will enclose many people. Sees this situation, Ji Dong has not a very awkward feeling. Has not thought that this dark temple is also unexpectedly popular for night *. He does not know, dark secret clearly stipulated that the dark demon armed forces can only seek for the spouse in the demon armed forces. Therefore, these darkness male Mages want to look for wife's words, naturally must choose in female Mage. Naturally, common people female they naturally will not let off. But that may be......, If makes froth describe, she will certainly say, the dark demon armed forces place visited, was more terrifying than the locust passing over gently and swiftly wheat field. Tavern one altogether by two steps, leads to two, there, was the place of Six-Crown Mages entertainment. Again toward above third layer, is the Seven-Crown Mage territory.

Six-Crown Mage can have magic beast, therefore, their status obviously be much bigger than Five-Crown Mage. Moreover Six-Crown Mage can take on the duty of big priest in the dark demon armed forces, can command 100 Four-Crown and Five-Crown Mage. However, obviously here liveliest is first layer, because first layer person are many. Therefore, here even can see the Six-Crown Mage form, after all, the Six-Crown female Mage age may not be small. But Six-Crown masculine Mage naturally is willing to look for some young pretty female Mage to go to bed. But they also obviously have the superiority compared with these level low male Mage, most is popular in this first layer obviously.

Observed simply, Ji Dong has understood, in this giant tavern, at least existences of over a thousand dark Mage, his murderous intention secretly moved, if can give here range Ultra Certain Kill Skill, hehe......

Ji Dong is just thinking, suddenly, the side non- far-transfer comes fragrant wind, has the sound of several points of attracting to resound in the Ji Dong ear. "Little brother, a person?"

When Ji Dong turns head to look, saw that an appearance extremely beautiful female arrived at herself side, in the hand is also taking one glass of red cocktails, is Raging Flames Burning Passion, is called bloody Mary.

This woman looked fiercely, as if only has 20 -year-old over appearances, but carefully looked, can actually discover her pair of beautiful scarlet red double pupil back vicissitudes. The height in 1.7 meters about, stature is extremely probably irritable, at the same time speaks to walk to Ji Dong, chest front ** same has filled just like two mountains the oppression strength to the man, the slender waist, the exaggeration of buttocks is perfectly round, absolutely is the man genuine killer. Naturally, is on the bed.

Most makes Ji Dong pay attention, is on that black long gown that this woman wears, actually has marking of Six-Crown, was demonstrating she unexpectedly is in this tavern one extremely rare Six-Crown female Mage.

Ji Dong somewhat wonders, oneself are not handsome, how such will an outstanding person have a liking for himself?

That colorful female look moves slightly. Glances the circulation, just like can cancel the person soul to be ordinary, in foreheads traces of spring abundant, "young people, looked that your is very strong, does not know that is the silver type wax spear head?"Her sound is especially interesting to listen , the appearance that in addition that attracts, changes the individual man, perhaps immediately cannot shoulder. Her words, has caused laughter of surrounding one group of people.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, the present situation is stems from him to expect that like this becomes is the target of public criticism for him is not any good deed. Really is plans unable to keep up with the change, god knows will have such a woman suddenly to appear in front of oneself.

However, quick Ji Dong had discovered does not suit, his power of observation is powerful, although is facing this colorful female, but the strength of soul throughout is actually scanning periphery all dark Mage. He discovered, these dark Mages look oneself look actually does not have the slightest bit to envy and envy, what majority suddenly reveal is pities. Why pities? could it be they do not think that this is one meets colorfully? Said that what issue this woman does have?

Is pondering during him, that colorful female arrived front, very natural flutters the crook of the elbow of Ji Dong, "young people, were inferior how we do sit to that side?"At the same time was saying, she has referred to not far away one group of unmanned sofas.

Ji Dong nodded, leaves the line of sight of people good first, how as to cope with this colorful female, he has the innumerable methods. Six-Crown Mage before him, before was struck by him kills that Five-Crown does not have anything to distinguish.

That colorful female was saying at the same time, the body of whole person has depended. Passes to Ji Dong naturally is the soul-stirring elasticity and soft. Ji Dong has been used to it by the stimulation of Chen Sixuan, perhaps somewhat will be also capricious. This colorful female attraction absolutely is the top. Before is not inferior Ji Dong, first has contacted these overseas stars.

But, he must to walk with this colorful female at the same time, that colorful female whole person nearly pasted on him, in the Ji Dong surface appeared the somewhat cramped appearance as if in the telling surrounding all people, he truly was young, has not seen such world.

"Do not kill me." The fragile housefly sound spread to the Ji Dong ear at this time. Although that sound slight nearly cannot hear. But has actually raised the laughing in the Ji Dong heart in a big way *. His footsteps have stopped subconsciously, under that colorful female pulling, immediately responds, continues to forward. Meanwhile, he also subconsciously looked to that colorful female. Within the body magic power moves slightly, has prepared momentarily strain. He can definitely affirm, this colorful female knew he is not dark Mage. But he really cannot find out, at present does this woman hold true by can see through itself.

Calm, after the shock, the Ji Dong mind fell into the absolute calmness immediately, crisis-charged, if cannot maintain calm, brings likely will be the destruction, in this kind of time will more want calmly facing all.

That colorful female is very as if satisfied regarding the response of Ji Dong, sees him to look to oneself, but also reveals a charming charming smile, even hands the Ji Dong mouth the wine glass in hand.

Very much Ji Dong coordinates has drunk one. The right hand moves, has worked loose from that colorful female bosom, changes to is hugging her waist, instead pastes, compelling sound to become Xian, the sound to resound in that colorful female ear, "why do I want to kill you? Kills on the bed?"Although he felt from that colorful female somewhat nervousness fluctuation leaves the opposite party to recognize itself, but he actually as before must conceal, because he cannot affirm, at present this woman is probing herself. At this time, two people arrived at the sofa place. The colorful female pushes gently, overthrows Ji Dong on the sofa, then sat on the Ji Dong thigh, the buttocks that her plentiful perfectly round extremely very curled upwards have devastated Ji Dong ruthlessly, the whole person depends immediately, her head also naturally to the Ji Dong ear near.

"I know that who you are, because on you have the fragrance that froth leaves behind. Do not look to me, so long as listened to me to say on the line." The voice of fragile housefly resounds in the Ji Dong ear once more, Ji Dong discovered, the lip of this woman actually does not have the slightest bit to move, does not know how really she makes such sound, skill even who this compels sound to become Xian also wants skillful many.

As if felt the change on Ji Dong mood, in that colorful female surface greasy on Ji Dong, but her sound actually unceasing spread to the Ji Dong ear, "do not blame froth, she did not know her fragrance after the organization special handling. So long as has contacted the person of her body, will contaminate this flavor/smell. This is we organizes the signalling secret. As soon as you come in I to discover that on you had this fragrance. From dodging thunder there, I obtain the news that you must come. Since you can enter to the dark temple, had proven you have enough strength to cooperate with us. I formally announced on behalf of the organization now, our cooperation from this moment were the true starts."

In the Ji Dong heart is startled secretly, this revolt secret organization also is really all-resourceful, it seems like, flashed the thunder on that day to the words that oneself spoke is not the truth, he told himself at that time, wanted to submerge the motion of dark temple to be defeated. But now looks like, is actually not true. At present this isn't colorful female very good proof?

The colorful female continues saying: "Relaxes, is intimate with me."At the same time was saying, she pulls up Ji Dong big hand unexpectedly, squeezes in own mind, immediately, Ji Dong only thought the hemisphere that is unable to grasp was having the astonishing elasticity and touch touched his desire ruthlessly. Suddenly, the body of Ji Dong somewhat is immediately tight. Must know, he now continuously is relating with the strength and the partners soul, all that he makes look in the partners eyes, this simply is a live broadcast. However, is quick he to be tranquil, lets think of the fine jade to see well. If can therefore make her have several points of malice to oneself, perhaps has the opportunity to solve among two people the issue. Thinks of here, he simply ruthlessly has rubbed two in that colorful female chest front.

That colorful female ying warned one, poured in the Ji Dong bosom softly, the coquettish look like the silk, as if must drop the water leakage to resemble.

"You can feel relieved, in this first layer, even is second layer and third layer, will be nobody will approach my. They fear me very much. You know why this is?"

The Ji Dong lip moves slightly, "why?"

The colorful female sound and her expression are not a person, in the surface are soft simply, as if must melt Ji Dong, but her sound actually extremely ice-cold, Ji Dong understands why this must do this, in the heart extremely admires to this woman. Ice-cold sound, to fear oneself are moved, thus creates the irretrievable trouble. Her is weakening the shouldered desire with the sound. This ability is not average person can have, is completely separated the thoughts and desire, the non- average man can be.

"Because, I, although is leading a promiscuous life * female, but my Chief sweetheart is actually in this dark temple ranks the fourth purple robe big priest. Who has bumped me, because although the custom of dark secret will not be killed, but definitely will be castrated next day. But they could not reject my Charm, you said that they will approach me?"

"Are you something for one's own exclusive use of purple robe big priest?"Ji Dong is surprised, although the surface has not revealed that but his is cherishing the movement hand to stop in others immediately. Lowers the head, only then the colorful female can see his look, when sees his double pupil, that colorful female has gawked obviously, camouflages gentle temporarily has stopped the moment, because, what she sees from the Ji Dong eye is the respect. She has thought Ji Dong possible response, only has not actually thought that can be this situation.

Truly respects, can sneak to the world of enemy, moreover is the defense so strict dark temple, it can be imagined, this colorful female has paid many at present. Is she leads a promiscuous life really? No, all that she makes to revolt against dark secret! For this lofty goal, she spares no sacrifice the pureness that the woman most regards as important. To revolt against the secret organizes uncertainly that nearly in not having the revolt opportunity, is willing to pay the so giant woman unexpectedly, can not be worth Ji Dong respecting? Leading a promiscuous life of surface has actually been confirming her great sentiment.

Colorful female holds down Ji Dong according to own chest front hand, aspirates such as blue, "comes, encroaches upon me, intensely is better, this will not be doubtable. Does not need you to make anything to me truly, will not dye dirty you."

Listened to her these words, Ji Dong slow and firm has pulled out from her chest front the hand, passes on the sound said: "No, I do not have this qualifications. Even if acts in a play is not good. It is not because you are dirty, in my heart, you not know holy many times compared with these self-designated aloof from worldly affairs women. Therefore, I do not have the qualifications to encroach upon you. I know you, for you organized to pay many, but everyone had the thing that oneself must persevere. You is a great woman, you walk, here I did not need your cooperation. Such made you fall into the danger. After all you have contacted my this new face tonight."

"You......"colorful female stare blankly, look at Ji Dong, in her look were obviously many anything, took a deep breath, reluctantly is returning to normal own state of mind, lightly sighed, ", although we belong to two pieces of continent, even is the people of two world. However, from you, I saw the daybreak dawn. Thank you have given my this respect."

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Chapter 593: Silver type wax spear head?

Colorful female deeply looked at Ji Dong. The body left his several points slightly, passes on the sound said: "I do not force you, but, I only reminded your one, if you attempted since fort, after a double-hour, was the best opportunity. In the fort is occupied by ten purple robe big priests. After a double-hour, is they summons female Mage the time of every day since fort serving. At this time was also in the fort defends the loosest time. All careful."

Spoke these words, she stands fiercely, a foot tramples Ji Dong but actually, ablazing with anger shouts loudly: "Really is the silver type wax spear head, has not handled matters, touched several to come out. Goes, later do not let the old lady see you again."

The laughter spreads over the entire tavern immediately, Ji Dong lowers the head, distressed ran, the back completely is a hiss. But, in his heart does not have the slightest bit awkward or is the feeling of shame, but respects to that woman. Her the free time of this concealing, was in the reach a high degree of proficiency degree, this kind of female. Can handle that great two characters absolutely.

Goes out of the tavern, deep looked in a that hall the Six-Crown colorful female who is unruly to curse angrily, finally transmits to her a few words, "after a double-hour, you also leave this tavern. Must leave. Here possibly becomes the target that we attack. Meanwhile, in do not enter fort." Here, Ji Dong has stopped slightly, his look did not evade and that colorful female collided, then clear saying: "Takes care." Said that this final two characters, Ji Dong observed around, sneaks in the shadow under concealing of strength of soul, several move sideways, returned to front of the partners.

The heavenly stems disciples look that the Ji Dong look somewhat is strange, obviously, he on everybody is not young with that colorful female this effect. However, does not have a stream of people to reveal to ridicule the Ji Dong look, even if silver type wax spear head that several characters has not touched them. But stands in people middle froth, has actually had tears streaming down the face, both hands ruthlessly is covering own mouth, was not cried to make noise by oneself. But this silent bursting into tears actually most can be deeply moving.

Ji Dong arrives at side froth, protection the strength of soul is enhanced suddenly, touches her head silently, "wants to cry to cry. All right, I helped you isolate the foreign sound."

Froth could not bear again, turns head to jump into the stunned secret bosom to cry loudly. Is crying, while was sobbing the say/way: "Aunt, I also think that you died. Originally you unexpectedly here. Why you did not tell me, aunt here. Aunt, how you will turn into this appearance."During soul sharing of Ji Dong, she also saw before , has in tavern all. But this time response has actually gone beyond the expectation of people. Obviously, froth knows that colorful female.

However, froth such jumps into the secret bosom, made everybody be startled very much, comforted her, but Ji Dong, according to the truth, she should be jumps into the Ji Dong bosom was right! But in such atmosphere, everyone has no time to care about these at present.

The secret does not experience facing such aspect obviously, is somewhat helpless, does not know that should be how good. Stands in nearby remote has actually collected, pulls up the secret separately two hands, hugs on froth, on charming face reveals one point of warning the look, obviously in the warning secret, cannot put the hand.

Immediately, unprecedented appeared, the secret fair face rises red, looks like big tomato is ordinary. His awkwardness. Also has diluted at present the somewhat depressed atmosphere slightly.

The secret by the calm several points, in a low voice was said with great difficulty: "Froth, is calmer, our time are limited. Must control own mood."Strange saying that heard the comfort of secret, the froth weeping sound has restrained several points immediately, raised the head, charming face of pear flower belt rain not in part of ones duty annoyed the person to love tenderly, muttered: "clouds, you do know? My mother only then an aunt younger sister. I am young time, is aunt leads me to grow up, six years ago, some day the aunt suddenly was missing. The father told me, the aunt the person by dark temple was seized, perhaps died. I was sad at that time for a long time for a long time. Originally the aunt has not died, but also submerged in this dark temple. This world so is why unfair, the aunt that good person, actually must do this matter here."
Secret solemnly said: "Will you look therefore down upon your aunt?" "No, naturally not."Froth somewhat intense shouting: "All that aunt
makes for organization, for we can better copes with the dark secret, she in my heart is greatest."

The secret shows a faint smile, said: "That is good. Right that you said that she is a great female. For own belief is glad to pay all great females. I looked at her future a moment ago. You can feel relieved, what because I see is the light. Her future is bright, will have a good result surely."

"Real?" The froth beautiful pupil is greatly bright, the weeping sound was also completely anchors.

The day said with a smile slight: "Naturally real. Don't forget, I am also the secret, I will have to see the future ability."

"I believe you."Froth earnest nodded. Her look also finally gradually tranquil.

Yao Qianshu passes message to Ji Dong said: "Had not discovered really, originally our secret also has to work as the potential of god stick. How haven't I discovered him a moment ago in the forecast in the future?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Perhaps, the secret words itself are in the future."

The sound passes to all partners, "we prepare here, I go to make some dark Mage clothes and tokens again come, after a double-hour, moves."Then, he has been quietly moves sideways to depart.

Gathers side remotely Chen Sixuan, passes message asks: "Thinks of the fine jade, don't you envy?"

Chen Sixuan shaking the head of silently, said with a smile: "On the aunt of that froth, I understood many things. Originally I have thought oneself are very miserable, throughout cannot with Ji Dong in the same place, but saw her I know, originally also is more pitiful than me does not know many time of women. I should satisfy, after all, I can also every day with the beloved person in the same place."

Listened to the Chen Sixuan words, has gawked remotely, sighed lightly: "Yes! Before that bastard did not think anything in the side, but he in the side, I do not know now, originally every day can see that fellow, can make me very satisfied unexpectedly. Our women! Really "

Ji Dong static defending by tavern, dark Mage that coming out what wants is his here direction. Disappearance that can be quietly. Has over a thousand people in that tavern, the nature that leaves is not infrequent. Has only used less than half double-hour, the complete clothes and token that Ji Dong collected needing. Let the partners exchange, starts the static waiting.

At this time, the aunt of froth walked from inside, she is a person leaves, obviously, inside these dark Mage no one is willing to provoke the purple robe big priest because of her.

At the same time is walking, she also depressed was shouting, "was one group of cowards, does not know that under did not have the long thing. Such selects the courage not to have. Knows that is hiding the old lady. Snort. Drinks you to be best. One group of bastards. Early knows, tonight might as well looks for that old fogy, although was not of use, but can also assemble eventually. That side moat gate is also about to open, does not know that tonight is who serves that old fogy. In fort that more than 100 guard one by one owes their money like with others, is not Seven- Crown Mage. Has not arrived including Eight-Crown, but also dares the complexion to look to the old lady. Gets what one deserves they to stand there daily works as the guard."

Being foul-mouthed walked, in the heavenly stems disciples are having under the vision gaze of several points of respect, this colorful female disappears in the line of sight of people. Her simple several words, have actually given heavenly stems disciples many news. First, she emphasized again time that in the fort opens the door, level and quantity that next, she in the fort will guard told the people. Regarding the heavenly stems disciples, these they now most need.

Begins to wield, leading people to sneak quietly, the eye socket of froth somewhat was also red, a hand was being held by Chen Sixuan, another hand actually tight is drawing the secret, as if must find several points of comfort from him, whatever the secret also she is holding oneself hand. Regarding this little miss, he also very much has the favorable impression, after all, two people unfortunate life experiences made them produce for several points to pity clearheadedly.

Under direction of soul survey, people as far as possible sneaks under the shadow, is relying on concealing of strength of soul, gradually in approaches the range of fort. Saw in distance fort moat also about 500 meters time, Ji Dong actually on own initiative stopped. In the people mind, dozens red points appear to survey. Obviously, here has the massive dark piles. In the fort is the dark temple true core, or only then in this fort can be called the dark temple. The defense naturally is more stern.

"I go."gold/metal arrives at side Ji Dong, said in a low voice.

Ji Dong had pondered slightly after one next, nodded, said: "I go with you."Leaves the heavenly stems disciples overall soul protection, gold/metal is very easy to expose under the Saint level soul scanning of fort sentry post tower, there is Ji Dong naturally not to have this issue.

They lighten just like two spirits generally quietly. Ji Dong discovered, here dark pile cultivation base is not weak. At least is the Six-Crown ranks. Even several are the head or Eight-Crown cultivation base. Kills Six-Crown Mage silently, is not difficult regarding them. However, wants the silent second to kill Eight-Crown Mage, had certain difficulty. After all, cultivation base to Eight-Crown, is brand-new realm, the distance supreme powerhouse is also only difference that final checkpoint.

They sneak quietly, King's body last ten days of the dog-day period is very low, but Ji Dong follows throughout behind her. Quick, they approached the first dark pile.

That dark pile unexpectedly is a black stone column, looking from the semblance, cannot see any exceptionally. But during the soul survey of Ji Dong, that clearly has the intense life symptom. In other words, is hiding a person in this black stone column. Moreover, on this black stone column also inscribes defense law.

Ji Dong and gold/metal look has exchanged, gold/metal ponders the moment slightly, revealed a hesitation. Massacres stone column inside person, destroys the stone column, these are not difficult. Difficult does not make that person killed touches defense law instantaneously. Moreover, she also feared that defense law is in itself triggering, once own attack affects law, law starts voluntarily, in that case, they expose immediately.

Ji Dong gestured to gold/metal, indicated oneself solve this problem. gold/metal look moves slightly, Ji Dong understands, she was asking have oneself had confidence. nodded after gently, Ji Dong has been similar to the leopard cat fled general cleverly. Because there is concealing of Saint level soul, at this time is the dark night, in addition a black clothes, wants to discover him, only if the soul strength ratio he is high, or is near at hand. In Ji Dong under conceals desirably, until he touches to that dark pile side, the dark pile does not have any response. A strange brilliance releases from Ji Dong, gold/metal has her soul sharing, naturally can see that Ji Dong is making anything, saw that this strange brilliance is suddenly enlighted immediately.

The right hand of Ji Dong, has pressed down that stone column quietly, contacts the flash of that stone column in his palm, he understands, King's worry really appeared. Law on this stone column is one triggering -type defense law. In other words, so long as you contact it, or attacks it, this law is touched immediately. Has clarified, you discovered that my this dark pile, you also take me not to have the means.

However, doesn't have means really? Right hand of Ji Dong already solid according to that stone column, stone column any response, has not actually defended law not to be triggered.

The reason is very simple, formerly bright strange ray from Ji Dong, is the element peeling demon territory in his three big demon territories. In suddenly, the entire stone column, together with that Mage all magic power that in the stone column hides, had been completed the peeling by Ji Dong instantaneously. If is Eight-Crown Mage, perhaps Ji Dong was unable to strike effective, but has the stone column of this law protection, inside arranges is just Five-Crown Mage, in this piece of dark pile, is strength worst one.

Had been found time magic power by the element peeling demon territory instantaneously, inside Mage only thought that brain corona, did not have yes what's the matter, he had been embezzled by black pinnacle Yin Fire, does not have the least bit sound to send out as before. The Ji Dong extinguishing god strikes to be possible , not only can penetrate the surface of human body, comes half to hit the cow by this stone column, is effortlessly. Element peeling demon territory extinguishes god to strike such combination in addition, even if Nine-Crown Mage must tremble in front of Ji Dong, let alone was this small Five-Crown Mage. But was found time the stone columns of all magic power elements, even if were moved, did not have magic power to start own defense law.

gold/metal raises up the thumb to Ji Dong, the lips-shape moves slightly, has not made the sound, but was saying the perfect two characters. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 594: Cleaning up

gold/metal raises up the thumb to Ji Dong. acclaimed is perfect, this time she has not put on that conspicuous golden mail-armor and helmet, the exquisite graceful tender body on the package in the black dark Mage robe, seems has several points of character and style.

Second dark pile distance first less than 50 meters, this not actually stone column, but in a big tree, god knows this place big tree that all day long only then covers dark is how long so sturdily, in hid the person in any case.

Can have the dark attire of law protection after all minority, this time naturally was one's turn gold/metal, King's body was almost pastes the tread to pass over gently and swiftly, the right hand pressed in the ground, to Ji Dong expressed that this has been solved. But in Tree Cave that a thick metal sharp thorn almost like lightning penetrates within the body at the speed from under instantaneously, spike in the skull, has stabbed directly the tongue, making him launch in salvos the pitiful yell the opportunity not to have, the life passed.

The dark pile of surrounding did not have cleaning up of suspense on such one by one by two people, approached to only has 100 meters range shortly from the moat. But three Eight-Crown Mage that formerly Ji Dong investigated nearby this. Dark attire that simultaneously also several Six- Crown Mage compose, densely covered here. To arrive in that side the moat, must solve these people. Otherwise, has existence of Eight-Crown Mage. When they pass through here the strength of shield soul also living that is not necessarily able to conceal. Ji Dong and gold/metal gathering same place, two people exchange through the soul directly.

"What to do?"gold/metal asked to Ji Dong. She has not grasped while killing Eight-Crown Mage does not alarm another two Eight-Crown Mage.

After Ji Dong has thought deeply about one slightly next, said: "Perhaps we must take risk. I can be divided into the individual them, how long do you need to solve Eight-Crown Mage?"

gold/metal said: "Most ten seconds."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, that ten. seconds. Later, I will direct your attack order. As powerful as a thunderbolt."

gold/metal said: "Understood."Reduces effort with the smart person coordination extremely, Ji Dong continuously profound clear this point. the next moment, his originally protected their strength of soul to expand quietly, did not have the sound this region has covered completely. Silver soul gassed threads close proximity to the ground to plunder, expands along with the proliferation of strength of soul. From ground, even is under soil, periphery this range will cover completely.

Reason that Ji Dong inquired that King's time of attack , because he cannot help. Outside has the Saint level soul scanning, he must deal, meanwhile must help gold/metal divide these dark piles, keeping them from taking into consideration. This requests the strength of his soul to release comprehensively, in this case Ji Dong cannot enter during the fight, otherwise, is not good, by strength of discovery outside survey soul.

Does not have the slightest bit omen, suddenly, all silver gassed threads raise from the ground suddenly, covers this region completely. These gassed threads, only then Ji Dong and gold/metal can see. In Ji Dong under conceals desirably, any bystander is impossible to discover. The silver of his energetic demon territory illusion.

Silver gassed threads, being quietly wraps that one by one dark pile. They actually also uninformed at sea. Everyone was isolated by this strange energetic demon territory. Even if the side sends out thunders they unable to hear fiercely absolutely. The present scenery will not change throughout. This is the formidable place of energetic demon territory, is one marvelous application of Ji Dong.

The next flash, gold/metal moved, this time, she does not have the slightest bit to conceal to own aura, the magic power comprehensive release, besides has not put on that golden mail-armor and helmet, present she, is the bright Eighth Metal disciple under complete condition. Has the silver of demon territory and Ji Dong illusion the strength of soul shields comprehensively, gold/metal does not need to be worried about anything.

Four Six-Crown Mage dark piles that during the personal appearance twinkles, passed by conveniently had been solved by her, the opposite party until that moment of dying, cannot discover that King's existence, completely immerses in the illusion of silver of illusion.

Time that less than one time breathes, gold/metal arrived in front of that first Eight-Crown Mage. The dazzling golden light shines suddenly, King's right hand changed into a handle golden color long sword, toward match, when the chest punctures. Copes with Eight-Crown Mage, in the method of prominent sharp thorn with these grounds is not realistic, will have been induced by the opposite party surely, gold/metal attacks simply directly independently.

Eight-Crown Mage cultivation base is really not Six-Crown Mage can compare, that moment that gold/metal attacks his anything could not have seen. But actually felt that the intense crisis, both hands chest protector without hesitation, in within the body magic power comprehensive eruption, the rich yellow ray has formed giant light ball to wrap his body. This is Eight-Crown Fifth Earth Mage. Although has not worn the red robe, but cultivation base is also the red robe big priest rank.

The sonorous fulmination, Eight-Crown Fifth Earth Mage called out pitifully, the body fell to draw back loudly, hit ruthlessly on behind a big tree, protected that matter yellow ray of body unexpectedly likely is the egg shell generally instantaneous crack, bang'ed exploded the innumerable luminous spots again. In gold/metal Nine-Crown magic power adds on under the attack of Saint level strength, he can block this to strike does not die, is manifestation of strength. However so, is a blood has spurted.

This Eight-Crown Mage is also astute, is not on the point of death chaotic, the right hand flings, a bamboo tube has thrown toward outside instantaneously, obviously is the signal and so on thing. Simultaneously the body in a ground lazy interest on interest, the time of not having shouted, the right hand that does not return to presses to the ground, a giant stone keeps off instantaneously behind. Now he thinks only then escapes. In collision that first strikes he felt cultivation base of opposite party supreme powerhouse, didn't run that not to dislike the life to be long?

Can gold/metal make him escape from oneself hand? In the eye the none remaining flashes, personal appearance soars just like the golden color together like lightning, the right hand empty presses, the golden light congeals together immediately in the sky big hand, flies into the airborne bamboo tube to fish to start that at the same time, her body from the sky completed a wonderful broken line, in the hand magic power melted the golden big sword overhead to cut to fall.

At this moment, murderous aura on flatter golden body burst out completely. Hides hurries to increase the concealing ability of silver of demon territory illusion in Ji Dong of distant place, lest King's magic power shows, by airborne Saint level survey discovery.

In the sonorous fulmination sound, that giant stone has severed completely, but that Eight-Crown Mage is actually another tumbling, first runs out about five meters. Jumps but at the same time, left hand to behind flings, unexpectedly is a scroll.

This Eight-Crown Mage strain is nothing less than intelligent, each achieves the Heavenly Master level cultivation base Eight-Crown powerhouse, trump card that always several excel. He is no exception, the scroll that throws is tyrannical Certain Kill Skill, although has not arrived at the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, but also very approached. If by his successful release, were prevented gold/metal to achieve slightly. By his Eight-Crown cultivation base strength, can run to be very far again. What what a pity is, he does not know, not only oneself were chased down by Nine-Crown Mage, in the meantime, but also falls into in another a more fearful powerhouse energetic demon territory.

Therefore, he flings the scroll time, the person was silly. Because gold/metal appeared in him directly, the golden long sword changed into a lightning, submerged in his forehead instantaneously. But that scroll that he flings. Also was wrapped together by the strange ray, exerts triggering magic power on scroll to be found time instantaneously. The scroll closes up, simply cannot start successfully.

The flatter golden body shape flashes, copies the scroll, not having the slightest bit to stay, threw in another direction.

Formerly that Eight-Crown Mage, in the silver of demon territory illusion, how possibly escaped, comes under the influence of demon territory, he changed does not know, the scroll threw in the reverse direction radically. The people also move forward to meet somebody toward gold/metal. Does not die is strange.

In the silver of demon territory illusion, gold/metal has the soul direction of Ji Dong, it may be said that is like a fish in water, Ji Dong has not made her attack another two Eight-Crown Mage eagerly, but directed gold/metal to kill these Six-Crown Mage at the speed of second killing, and has attained their dark Crystal Crown. Then arrived in front of second Eight- Crown Mage.

This, what gold/metal meets is a Tenth Water department match, is a Eight-Crown female pattern. It seems the chicken skin Hefa old woman.

Moreover, on this old woman wears a red red long gown, clearly, is a red robe big priest.

The golden ray, with formerly did not have any difference, appeared before this red robe big priest. Has concealing of silver of illusion, before the sense of crisis produces, this red robe big priest naturally does not have the least bit to respond. However, her sense of crisis strove to excel compared with formerly that Eight-Crown Mage obviously, the speed of response also wants on quick one. The tertiary sincere/heavy ice shield almost formed immediately. Meanwhile, body were many a purple mail- armor and helmet. Protects the body, simultaneously in the mouth sends out a wailing, the body nose oven retreats backward, the both feet proposed, two pointed weapons bypass from the ice shield, directly soar King's direction attack to go.

This duty is right, even can become the perfect two characters, wears the red robe worthily, by the actual combat capability and cultivation base, compared with formerly that Eight-Crown Mage many.

What a pity this red robe big priest actually does not know, when gold/metal this beginning, Ji Dong gives her instruction also two characters: Puts on to extinguish.

Puts on to extinguish the demon territory. Formidable auxiliary demon territory that gold/metal has. The dazzling white light blooms above the golden sword point instantaneously. Leads white a golden light to dodge not to have.

In the face of the absolute strength attack, all can only be in vain however. After that red robe big priest, changes does has not completed, is preparing actually to stop on the demon territory of release immediately. The golden sword light flash, happen to have pricked from her lower jaw, the top of the head punctures. The whole person was put on airborne. But that three ice shield center completely were penetrated by that golden ray, but ices the shield actually to link a fissure not to have, obviously that puncture might was how terrifying.

As for that two attack pointed weapons, gold/metal even continually dodges does not have, under the influence of silver of demon territory illusion. She can be hit is strange.

A right hand move, obtains that quite good Eight-Crown dark Tenth Water Crystal Crown, in gold/metal heart the secretly thought, this Bao'er had the luck. Although in the heart is thinking like this, the body actually plunged the last goal. Meanwhile, Ji Dong has also sent out the signal of advance to other heavenly stems disciples. Last Eight-Crown Mage, gold/metal has not attacked with formerly way. In stopped from an opposite party also 30 meters place, in the left hand a golden light flashes, presented a handle giant long bow, after the right hand draws, in the golden light string, a golden long sword already appeared. The tyrannical pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power instantaneous congealment, a white light also appears above the arrow. the next moment, golden light twinkle, that Eight-Crown Mage even including responding the time does not have, had been killed by the instantaneous second, sewed in the ground directly.

Similarly attains Crystal Crown, gold/metal returns to side Ji Dong, shows a faint smile, originally full is the murderous intention ice-cold tender face is brilliant just like the spring flower, Ji Dong that looks at one dull.

"Is really good with the feeling of silver of demon territory coordination your this illusion. You reminded, I forgot the use to put on to extinguish the demon territory. What a pity you do not make me use to exterminate gold/metal Huan, otherwise, they die is quicker."

Ji Dong some do not adapt to gold/metal some the appearances of jumping for joy, said: "Magical instrument cannot use easily. Above our magical instruments, bright aura is extremely intense, was discovered by the opposite party easily. Relax, has opportunity that you display fully."

The heavenly stems disciples followed, under hint of Ji Dong, sinks to the ground these corpses by own Sixth Earth magic power remotely, covered cover all bloody aura, Ji Dong has then taken back the silver of demon territory illusion. He such does is completely reasonable, the Saint level that god knows airborne patrols surveys whether to discover the bloody aura of ground and lost the vitality corpse. Although has troubled a point, but this is also safer.

Without the dark pile, several big trees of 11 people of sinkings quietly near to river bank by neighbor. Arrived here, Ji Dong can feel the intensity in the castle scanning to strengthen obviously. Obviously, that Saint level soul scanning is nearer scan force is stronger. Ji Dong looks at that four sentry post towers, both eyes narrows the eyes, in the heart mused, this thing does not know how to form. Should not be artificial, otherwise, that dark secret starts ten thousand thunder break into a jail the time must lead four Saint level powerhouses to go to oneself Protector. If the results that the law or any Buddhist musical instrument produces, this time under attaining the premise of divine tool, must strive to ruin this thing. Next time will come again time, is easier to do. He ambitiously does not think that these time can ruin the dark temple. But a time cannot twice, twice unable good good three times. They have one - and-a-half years of time fully.

Cleans up the dark pile, they have almost used the time of quarter, but almost must also arrive from a double-hour that the froth aunt said. Ji Dong was not worried that these deliver dark Mage that woman comes to discover dark pile does not exist.

Asked the recommendation ticket.

Chapter 595: Perpetrating a fraud

What is the dark pile? The detection was called the dark pile in secret. If routine delivers Mage of woman to discover them, they were also not the dark piles. As for the inspection, that is the matter that bright post does. Must know, has a broad main road to fort moat. There also 20 Mage are defending. Now they must worry that only, is the changing shifts time of dark post does not know that is. Only can hope the longer the better. Otherwise, they will expose immediately.

The ambush the fort moat shore, Ji Dong to Du Ming nodded, Du Ming is understanding immediately, the personal appearance flashes, has traced the riverside quietly, during the night, he and Ji Dong personal appearance is easiest to hide, because Ji Dong pinnacle Yin Fire is the black, can definitely wrap own body, in addition concealing of strength of soul to aura, even if were near at hand cannot discover, but his Ninth Water magic power under the ordinary shape was also the black, the situation and Ji Dong were almost the same.

Du Ming searches the hand to enter the water, under the Ji Dong strength of amplification soul, quick engages in self-examination to turn over, to return to side Ji Dong. Passes on the sound said: "In water is not good. Poisonous, moreover below has minimum over a hundred Water department magic beast, is not lower than Rank 8."This is Ji Dong gives his duty, is makes him investigate, obviously, this result is not optimistic.

Has soul sharing of Ji Dong, although Du Ming passes message to him, but everybody can actually hear, the wolf divine intervention said: "Few hosts, or we again from underground in the past?"Had the beforehand experience, he now is confident. Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Improper. In the fort is genuine dark temple, with outside different. Although I guessed, but actually almost can affirm, if we from underground in the past, will bring not the small issue surely."

Here, his vision looked to the secret, to secret nodded, said: "It seems like, we can only take risk to try. Must enter in the city from the upfront. Everybody comes with me. The small girl, put in great inconvenience your."Last was to froth said that Ji Dong lifted, received in froth own Vermilion Bird bracelet. Although said that generally storage thing Magic Tool cannot store up the living creature, but regarding Ji Dong, this is actually not the issue, the Vermilion Bird bracelet after Vermilion Bird and his transformation, inside already was the gigantic space that can definitely survive. Naturally, perhaps if in inside, wanted for a long time lonely and died, but was used to release people temporarily, that was without question.

Receives airing, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, already the first floating body, gold/metal and Chen Sixuan follow, other people move one after another, the wolf divine intervention is having the secret in the rear. One line of ten people under the influence of Ji Dong fast approaches in the wharf direction, wharf there 20 Mage they look is very clear. Is Six-Crown Mage, what is quite troublesome, Mage of these patrols are the bright posts, therefore one by one is riding own mount magic beast. The overall strength is not strong, but in wants not to bring to the fort attention to kill them, is is not very easy. Does not need to ask that the heavenly stems disciples can think, in the defense personnel in fort, some people not to stop are looking steadily at the wharf situation surely.

Side the people hid from a wharf hundred meters position, Ji Dong called out the secret and Chen Sixuan, said several anything in a low voice, two people simultaneously nodded. Ji Dong turns round to say to other heavenly stems disciples again: "If our motions were defeated. Then, only has the storm, everybody earliest possible time ties, we shake directly hardly."Said these words time, he is combative.

Through the soul investigation, the people had discovered, probably beyond the kilometer, had the massive sounds of footsteps to transmit, obviously, was the person who delivered the woman comes. Ji Dong holds the hand of secret and Chen Sixuan separately, three as one, the strength of three people of soul have completed the process of fusion instantaneously, the next moment, silver of demon territory his illusion opens quietly, silver gassed threads have closed proximity to the ground to rush.

The intensity of energetic demon territory depends on the soul strong and weak of user, therefore, in some sense, silver of demon territory originally this illusion is in the Ji Dong three demon territories strongest one, let alone, now he in process of secret and in Chen Sixuan soul fusion. Is relying on Saint level peak the strength of soul, even if the dark secret displays the demon territory, will not compare on his many.

That silver thread does not have shade invisible dispersing quietly, in an instant, arrived at that to protect under the 20 Mage bodies of wharf, these Mage, are the keen feeling should far ultra Mage magic beast, does not have the slightest bit to realize. the next moment, the strength of gentle soul surfaces the boat suddenly, is almost the flash. Forcefully has covered the body of these 20 Mage and their mount, but covers the match with the demon territory, this can achieve regarding ordinary Eight-Crown Mage. Ji Dong this, difficultly is, when silver of demon territory his illusion covers these person and magic beast, they simply do not have the slightest bit to feel, the surrounding all as if do not have any change , is very normal. Not only they had not discovered that in that side fort, has not felt here to have any improper, but in fact, in including the wharf, as well as outside the wharf in a diameter hundred meters range, by Ji Dong formidable energetic demon territory complete coverage, presented to all pictures that the outside sees , is decided by him.

Became. Ji Dong has wielded the fist, has not thought including him, with urging of Saint level peak soul the silver of demon territory illusion can actually so success easily.

His seems the simple motion in fact actually must simultaneously complete many matters, not only confuses these Mage and magic beast, but must shield in the Saint level survey of fort that four sentry post towers perfectly. Transforms an empty boundary in the face of the survey of Saint level level, but was not discovered that this difficulty must go far beyond to protect the body of people by the strength of soul. It can be said that Ji Dong this piece of space has formed one to be his world at present completely, so long as the strength of his soul is enough. Then, anybody after entering this special world, outside he wants to let see anything, outside can see anything, wants inside to have anything to feel, inside person can have anything to feel.

While Ji Dong completes these, the distant place, is led by 20 Mage, about several female Mage walked toward here. Those who made Ji Dong surprised was, in these female Mage, also that obtained froth that aunt who he reminded impressively. Also is the planted agent of secret revolt organization.

"How did she come?"Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, such situation he does not hope to see. In any event, in this in the fort has ten supreme powerhouses . Moreover, these supreme powerhouses can become the subordinates who the dark secret most trusts, cultivation base and ability likely silly rich business association these supreme powerhouses will not be definitely simple, let alone in this dark temple the place of core, has not known that has many to assist their strategies. Begins, Ji Dong definitely is unable to care about her.

The heavenly stems disciples hand over the look that inquired to Ji Dong. In the Ji Dong eye severe light flashes, "motion."Arrived here, he cannot affect the entire motion because of a person, the dark secret here, does not know that they have submerged Dark Five Elements Continent, perhaps such once in a thousand years opportunity also only has one time.

The heavenly stems disciples, under the cover of silver of demon territory illusion, quick arrived at the wharf front quietly, but 20 Mage that in the wharf guards, that dozens male and female Mage that is coming one after another, actually cannot see their existences.

Quick, that altogether more than 20 men and women Mage have walked into the range of silver of demon territory illusion, but they also do not have any feeling. "Begins."Ji Dong has issued the order without hesitation. Thorough these were sent for cloudy happy female Mage simply do not have any feeling, they had been isolated by the silver of demon territory illusion, but these male Mages actually suddenly felt that the environment big change, oneself are in an illusory space unexpectedly. Unequalled huge soul pressure erupts instantaneously. When these universal Six-Crown and Seven-Crown male Mage wants raises gathers magic power, actually discovered oneself are unable to concentrate the spirit.

At this moment, from wharf that 20 Mage, on Baocheng looks like, all and usually do not have any difference, that 20 protections are also walking the inspection and connection in Mages of wharf.

Does not have the bloody flavor/smell, a Ji Dong person to take care of the process that entire has slaughtered slightly, is covered by the silver of demon territory that illusion the strength of his Saint level peak soul releases, these six, Seven-Crown Mage basic are unable to make including the resistance, completely was reduced to ashes, but the heavenly stems disciples have also replaced their formerly positions, under the beautification of silver of demon territory illusion, they seemed is formerly killed male Mage not any difference.

When 20 Mage of approach start to inspect. Actually uninformed at sea, at present this team escorts Mage to change players, immerses in the illusion of silver of illusion, Ji Dong easy transmitted the inspection qualified psychology suggestion to them. When their Baocheng direction gives the hand signal inward, the silver of demon territory illusion protects covering of Mage quietly to diverge regarding these 20, but maintains on the heavenly stems disciples, making the bystander look that their appearances with formerly were killed that ten people same completely.

The entire process, altogether is also actually less than one minute, but in this short one minute, Ji Dong actually has led the heavenly stems disciples to complete one to be extremely exquisite and make perpetrating a fraud that one praised to the heavens.

Let alone is these dark Mages is impossible to discover, even if the heavenly stems disciples, at this time in the heart also filled has not dared to believe. This is under the opposite party eye hides perpetrating a fraud that completes! When Ji Dong transmits this idea to them, they also think that this is impossible to realize, may after the present all become the realities, they are clear, oneself are insufficient regarding the understanding of Ji Dong. Even if Chen Sixuan, discovered since oneself regarding the judgment of Ji Dong had started to present the deviation. He is not Little Ji Dong that needs to direct unceasingly.

Quack in the sound, in fort direction, the generous chain bridge extends slowly to here, this chain bridge usually hides under the river water, only then can tighten it from the direction in fort, the establishments of some also complex institutions, on these institutions have a law protection, even if the survey of Ji Dong their this Saint level magic power is very difficult to find out.

The free time of a while, the chain bridge has succeeded to connect here wharf, since a layer upon layer sheet iron turns from, has completed erecting of entire connection bridge.

The Ji Dong ten people are bringing that several being beautifully attired look gorgeous female Mage, walks in fort direction together.

Side Ji Dong, is that froth aunt, that stature extremely outstanding colorful female, she also walks forefront in the females.

"Did not say, in making you do not arrive at the fort?"Sending greetings of Ji Dong has drilled into the colorful female ear quietly.

The colorful female footsteps staggered slightly, deep that such but she can ambush, the psychological ability naturally is extremely astonishing, under the short shock, returned to immediately normal, taking the opportunity of reorganization temple hair, passes on the sound said to Ji Dong: "You, do you achieve? This face-painting was also too astonishing. I even felt that your aura completely turned into another person."She is certainly impossible to see Ji Dong this trick change the method.

"This you do not need to know, the road is not long, quickly told the goal that I you came." The Ji Dong sound was obviously cold several points. If the goal of this woman is disadvantageous to them. Regardless of then, she is great, Ji Dong will not make the gambling stake with the safety of partners.

"I am help your. I called the cotton rose, you can call my name. In fort, although does not have the institution, but law is almost everywhere. Later in passing through the gate, you surely will expose, there has one identification law, once discovered that the Mage status sign and status are incompatible, will immediately report to the police. Then in defense law of fort starts instantaneously. In the purple robe wizard in fort today six, you , to accomplish, then in must sever in the fort each law function. At least must shut off temporarily."

Here, her sound revealed several points of anxiety obviously, "I went back after a moment ago, has thought carefully, was relying on fort numerous defense law, perhaps even if you were the bright heavenly stems disciple do not have the means. Moreover, even if you can also kill them in numerous defense law, that does not help matters. Because, I listened to that old thing saying that regardless of dark secret where, once in the fort were attacked, law will send out the information to inform him promptly, he can in a short time transmit through the special method."

"Why didn't you say a moment ago?" The Ji Dong sound became ice- colder. If early knows that has this situation, then, their all motions can change. At least wants the internal fort to carry on the investigation of deeper level to take the action.

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Chapter 596: five elements chaos condensation law

Cotton rose said with a forced smile: "Who can guess correctly that you are so fierce. Actually can achieve this degree. I told you to see somebody off the time of fort, but wants to try you. If you dare to come, proves you to own strength enough self-confidently, there is an enough rigid faith. Truly is worth going to comprehensive cooperation. If you have not come, showed that you are extremely overcautious, is not good, we will be implicated surely. Therefore, I have more careful. After I planned, if discovered that here you must attack, immediately sends out the signal to make you quickly retreat, who knows, you can actually become our escorting Mage. Quickly walks, must arrive at the fort again in forward. Did not walk without enough time. Although this time opportunity has let off, but I as soon as possible will certainly tell dodge the thunder, the signalling to the organization the high level, trusts your comprehensive cooperation completely."

Ji Dong coldly said: "You ambush in the dark temple not at any cost, this point I am very admiring. However, you dare to make the probe with our securities, this point is unforgivable. Do you know, dark secret not in temple. And does not know that we entered Dark Five Elements Continent such opportunity only then this time?"

On Ji Dong controlled release murderous aura made the cotton rose raise from the bottom of the heart an intense chill in the air, she cannot even affirm that the next moment this man can kill itself, she had also realized the gravity of this matter, suddenly somewhat felt helpless. Has ambushed such a long time in the dark temple, in the disposition of cotton rose to anybody has enormously does not trust, even if flashes the thunder to tell her, Ji Dong one line of can believe basically, she after knowing Ji Dong they arrived here successfully, actually as before must evaluate with own way, but she has not thought, these bright heavenly stems disciples actually have the ability that such ghosts and gods not measure, can achieve arrives at the present degree, because of own probe, likely ruins their this important opportunities, but at this time, she does not know that now this has not known what to do.

Under Ji Dong thoughts revolve, quick has made the decision, their this time distance that opened wide in fort front door less than 20 meters, to this time, he simply did not have hesitant and time of ponder, "has again next time, do not blame me to make your organization chicken dog not remain."Spoke these words to the cotton rose, Ji Dong the next moment, has carried on the communication with the partners rapidly, he has made the decision in this moment, the present opportunity cannot give up.

"Don't you retreat?"Cotton rose surprised looked at Ji Dong, in this moment. She has even forgotten concealing.

Ji Dong coldly has swept her one eyes, she then realized that own loses self-control, hurries to restrain the mind, but the speed of heartbeat actually increases steadily, body also slightly is shivering, is concealing itself diligently, while rapid passes on the sound said to Ji Dong: "You must walk, this was too dangerous, you simply do not have the least bit opportunity, once the dark secret comes back, you died! Walks quickly. I acknowledged, is my mistake, I am willing to use my life to you a confession, but you must walk immediately, not only you Light Five Elements Continent last chance, similarly is the last chance that we organize."If in this world has regretting after the fact, the cotton rose will eat 100 absolutely continually, but, looks look that Ji Dong that immovability, or is Ji Dong transforms that dark Mage invariable look, her whole person does not know that should not know what to do. Once these bright disciples are annihilated at present. Then, she is hundred thinks not redeems! Even if what a pity, including opportunity of regret her also not many, because, the people arrived in the dark temple before this time the fort gate, guards there, ten Seven-Crown Mage, ten pairs of eyes are looking steadily at them fully, these Mage vision were more kept in the cotton rose plentiful stature, the non- fashion revealed the greedy color/look, but the cotton rose actually fully realized, once before Ji Dong they stepped into the gate , when that insurmountable defense law, all ended.

"Restraining mind, later you will fall into the stupor, when you wake up, continued to be your undercover."Ji Dong becomes the gentle sound resounds in the cotton rose ear, has not waited for her yes what's the matter, suddenly, Ji Dong goes forward suddenly, that camouflages the dark Mage heavenly stems disciples also to go forward, besides the secret, nine people took Ji Dong as to encircle a circle like lightning. The Ji Dong both arms lift, both hands press separately in arriving at Chen Sixuan and on the Yao Qianshu shoulder, the heavenly stems disciple connects a whole according to the order of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements instantaneously.

Even if at this time, guarded these Seven-Crown Mages before gate not to discover as before anything was not right, in Ji Dong they have not stepped into the fort, at this time all people at present see, the normal condition of under the silver of demon territory illusion covering. Can see the change only. Only then Ji Dong lets the cotton rose that she sees desirably. Cotton rose does not trust, makes Ji Dong, although is angry, but can also understand, after all they from Light Five Elements Continent, want to make the revolt secret organization trust them, so is by no means easy. Therefore, he must make the cotton rose see clearly them in making anything, today after this type does not trust the trouble that causes he does not hope to meet once more.

The cotton rose saw that is a cream gloss first ripples from Ji Dong, on all bright heavenly stems disciples, bloomed the similar brilliance. The similar cream color, shows is actually the different shapes. Ji Dong cream color ray is the flame shape, Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan white ray separately is similar to tree trunk general tall and straight and vine general circling, on each heavenly stems disciple the cream ray completely coincides with own attribute, seems very strange.

This is......, Cotton rose stared wide-eyed gazes at one that this is making her nearly unable to believe at present. could it be, this is in the legend......

The bright heavenly stems disciples had proven with the fact her guess, in the next moment, all cream rays condensed one, completely law that is formed by this different shape cream color, emerged out of thin air in the bright heavenly stems disciples top of the head. This law name, is called: Condensation. Condensation law. Condensation law that is formed by the strength of chaos.

The the wood, chaos earth, chaos gold/metal and chaos water of Chaos Fire and chaos. Perhaps the scenes of five big chaos deep meaning instantaneous fusions, are not necessarily able to appear one time in this world millenniums.

That moment when that is condensed by the cream color completely becomes entire attribute chaos condensation law that presents, the Ji Dong silver of demon territory illusion disintegrates instantaneously. In this seizes the world good fortune in front of creation magic power, any demon territory will not have any effect.

The entire dark temple, almost shivered fiercely, in wonderful range, in the moat outside that circle giant moat of fort, all river water instantaneously ascend over ten meters, the entire dark temple range was also similar to the landslide cracks in the earth general fiercely shivered.

In the ten Seven-Crown guards in fort basic place lose one's voice to call out in alarm, in these bring to take care fort Mage female Mages are surprised stared wide-eyed, there are several carelessly. Even dropped in the lake under that shock. Who can think, will have the so huge change suddenly unexpectedly? This has gone beyond the range that they have understood completely.

What a pity, the fact will not take the will of person as the shift. Rises into an airborne entire attribute chaos condensation law white light to bloom, first covers, is in that darkness the fort.

In air, various species element crazy racing wells up, but, in the fort, that four Saint level surveys almost stagnated in the flash particularly, incomparably rich ten attribute elements toward that condensation law crazy and, so long as contacts a law range, immediately is melted quietly, the possibility of not having resisted.

"What's the matter?"Several sonic booms drink from fort resound, the vigorous sound is demonstrating their formidable strengths. However, they also called such one, the next moment, is peaceful immediately. Because they must control oneself magic power not to be stripped by this terrifying chaos strength with all might and main, which also dares to leave the sound again?

But in these Mage of bright heavenly stems disciples side, Seven-Crown Mage these female Mage that guards a gate, magic power instantaneously stripped clean in within the body, completely became an entire attribute chaos condensation law sacrificial offering.

The chaos deep meaning lies in the creation, but is not the destruction, therefore, regardless of the strength of this chaos absorbs many magic power, quietly melts these magic power, but will not condense into a formidable attack skill. But, who said that the creation can't play enough role?

When Ji Dong hear of that cotton roses explained in general situation in fort, in his mind has almost thought immediately initially when he and Yao Qianshu entered in together the dense fog forest that has the five elements method inheritance strange buried treasure, because of his own dual attribute, but nearly destroyed. At that time, saved him is that Chaos Fire, freely that time he, a little chaos embryonic form, but was relying on this chaos embryonic form, made him guide various species nature magic power in burrow completely, the assimilation and chaos were not bright.

What law regardless of starts, without a doubt, is needs magic power as the support, loses magic power law also to call law? Without a doubt, in this dark temple in fort, if can maintain a numerous law time can be triggered operates. Then. These law must have sufficient magic power to support. This definitely does not carry on to complete by Mage. In that case, does not know that needs to consume many high-grade level Mage, is really the gain does not equal the loss. Therefore, Ji Dong immediately decisive judgment, these law magic power origins surely are magic beast crystal core. Must know, high rank magic beast crystal core not only is in itself containing huge magic power, but can also absorb magic power to supplement oneself from the air voluntarily, is suitable as any law oil reserve.

Ji Dong does not want to let go the present opportunity, just as him to such that the cotton rose said that such opportunity perhaps only then one time, if gave up, perhaps, they never will again have like this good opportunity. Does not attempt, can he be resigned? Ji Dong has thought that if their attempts are not successful, then, withdraws immediately, absolutely is with enough time. The dark secret wants to transmit from Holy and Evil Island, must first obtain here notice, next must have a process of transmission. Has this short time, they have definitely been able to transmit to 500 inside and outside that temporary transmission points, then instantaneously escaped from there to that city that dodging the thunder they were. Therefore, Ji Dong decided that take risks to try.

Initially, Chaos Fire can swallow that many magic power, this time ten attributes were then complete, five elements chaos Yin-Yang for five elements chaos condensation law that the foundation did send out? Also can be what kind of picture? The heavenly stems disciples have not tried such way. They with the help of Ji Dong, are relying on initiation of jade of day, had own chaos deep meaning, but must say the use, this is the first time, how most heavenly stems disciples even release the strength of chaos unclear, under inspiring of Ji Dong, relies on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to start completely, this has formed the present picture. However, at present this, is they life-long unforgettable picture.

Under this five elements chaos condensation law function, first vanishes, is that does not know that has covered the dark temple many years inundation darkness fog. So long as is the energy, is impossible to be separated from the five elements range, these poisons are also one of the energy, but also is containing the strength of some souls. In an instant is similar to like a whirlwind that sweeps away scattered clouds general, was swallowed by that airborne bigger and bigger chaos condensation law institute. Luckily this time is the dark night, even if did not have the black fog, looks from the distant place, this dark temple also as before is not clear.

Is the dark temple support energy in all law. Just as such of Ji Dong judgment, besides law of minority manual control, the majority defends law is by magic beast crystal core as the support, whenever necessary when starts, through some inspiring law, can initiate these crystal core to release magic power, thus starts law.

Massive crystal core magic power were stripped instantaneously, is similar to mighty currents swarms, particularly nearest in fort, then stripped rich magic power, simply looks like general of essence, ten color rays from the sky form one are similar to the rainbow giant light beams, ascends into five elements chaos condensation law to vanish unceasingly does not see.

The body of cotton rose slowly weary in place, magic power of her within the body had been found time completely, her stared wide-eyed looks at all these that has at present, in the heart is shouting: Heavens! This is the manpower can achieve really? The chaos, are really the chaos, the bright heavenly stems disciple actually grasped the entire attribute chaos.

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Chapter 597: In enters the fort

Moment before stupor. In the cotton rose heart has been full of lamentation as before, if early knows that the bright heavenly stems disciples are actually having the entire attribute chaos, said that any she does not dare to make such probe!

Ji Dong simultaneously injects strength of the soul to own Vermilion Bird bracelet , the cotton rose stupor, he must make froth see the entire process, since must cooperate with the revolt secret organization, he must guarantee the situation that today this type does not trust cannot appear again.

Shocks, paces back and forth in each heavenly stems disciple heart, including Ji Dong, nobody can think, after chaos entire attribute, the effect of produces unexpectedly is so terrifying.

Law innumerable of without a doubt, in this dark temple having, do not know that has many magic power dense. But is this, they collaborate the released chaos deep meaning, made in the entire dark temple over ten thousand Mage not dare to act rashly.

Is near from here, all Mage of cultivation base below Eight-Crown, almost in the breath, own magic power had been found time, cultivation base insufficient Seven-Crown, after losing magic power all fell into the comatose condition. Even if these Eight-Crown above Mages. Also can only the total involvement condenses own magic power, isolates outside chaos to attract as far as possible pulls, let alone is attacks Ji Dong they, can guarantee that own magic power did not drain is quite good. It can be said that is relying on five elements chaos condensation law, the bright heavenly stems disciples diverted the entire dark temple.

In the Ji Dong heart shouted to be a pity secretly, if can have an enough formidable strength to penetrate in this dark temple at this time, can take to killing of dark Mages can be imagined. He starts this five elements chaos condensation law goal, only then, that must in all magic power of law support this dark temple find time completely, making here dark Mage not have the means notice dark secret. Facts showed, he succeeded.

The ten attribute elements in air were swept across, huge magic power that but in this dark temple contains also made the bright heavenly stems disciples be startled, passed a free time of double-hour, here all magic power is absorbed. This has not included these to resist strength of absorption chaos Eight-Crown and Nine-Crown Mage fully. Moreover, soon, in the change of air current along with the air, the magic power element of outside can start to lose magic power Mage and crystal core quickly to supplement to here.

However, regarding the bright heavenly stems disciples, such time was enough. Under the direction of Ji Dong, nine people simultaneously diverge the respective chaos deep meaning, from the process, they regarding own chaos, had a brand-new understanding.

The strength of soul moves erupts instantaneously, spread in fort each corner, since has exposed, this soul survey unscrupulous contained the powerful pressure, Saint level middle rank the strength of soul, not only need take the investigation. Also as inspiring, he must have a look, here also does not have law to be inspired.

Facts showed, the non- difference extraction element of strength of chaos that powerful, under the strength of scanning soul, actually does not have one law to be inspired, in other words, without Mage control, in all defense and attack law in fort has paralyzed completely, this is also Ji Dong most wants to see.

During the people personal appearance glitters, broke in the fort, does not have law concealing, does not need the secret to investigate, Ji Dong had discovered position that two bright Water department magical instruments are. But disappearance of chaos magic power, made the entire in fort move, life formidable Mage here, also dark temple surrounding all was also preserving magic power Eight-Crown above dark Mage, ultra here caught up at the unequalled speed.

"In divine intervention and gold/metal you defend the fort front door, can not put in one person."Leaves behind two Nine-Crown disciples, Ji Dong has other people rapidly to guarantee since.

Does not have the time to watch in this situation in fort, Ji Dong under strength of investigation own soul. In directly soars the fort deep place to go.

Before gold/metal and wolf divine intervention keep the fort gate, the wolf divine intervention just stood, gold/metal moved, the tip of the toe selects lightly, comes to wait on female Mage of bedroom these, kicks in the moat water completely, because water inside magic beast the distance is too near, already lost magic power under a moment ago that absorption. This is for must preserve the life of cotton rose, under female Mages that otherwise, gold/metal directly most loathes to these her killer.

As for formerly defended in the wharf, in the also protection these masculine Mage before fort gate, but did not have good luck that. The wolf divine intervention defends before the gate, gold/metal is actually similar to together the golden ray back and forth glitters, but after is the time that several times breathe, she has stood side the wolf divine intervention, in hand were also many dozens Six-Crown and Seven-Crown dark Crystal Crown. On strength, heavenly stems disciple all-round strength strongest without doubt is Ji Dong, but must discuss the speed and method of murder, even if Ji Dong does not compare gold/metal. Her within the body has half dragon clan bloodlines, slaughters not to have the indecisive this mood absolutely, the friend and enemy, in King's world, only then these two discriminations, but all enemies, may kill.

Leaves behind two people to guard a gate, Ji Dong is leading the heavenly stems disciples fast since fort. This can be said as Ji Dong has seen the biggest fortress. The front is the staircase, Ji Dong leads the heavenly stems disciples to directly soar in the staircase to climb, that two Water department magical instruments, uppermost in a fort airtight room. But there. Also has a law most place, did not have the support of crystal core magic power, these law scarlet luo bare presented in the Ji Dong mind.

In this fort does not know that is any material construction, follows in Ji Dong behind not far away has attempted remotely, she discovered with amazement, even if use the supernatural power in stick of earth goddess, wants to ruin in this thoroughly the fort, is not an easy matter. At least in a short time is unable to achieve.

Crossed counts the Level 10 stair, the people arrived at two quickly, more than ten wore dark Mage of red robe also to welcome from two, Ji Dong can feel clearly, many dark Mage were approaching rapidly, at this moment appeared a purple robe big priest, has not been representing the top powerhouses in these dark temples by the strength of suck dry chaos, because they lived fort higher a place in the dark temple, the nature was inferior that these were quick in the second layer red robe big priest speed.

Arrived this time, Ji Dong had fully realized, did not have any other possibilities again, only had spells hardly fights. Dark Mages wants to inform the dark secret to come back, requires period of very long time surely. First, perhaps in this majority dark Mage in fort does not know that what happened, a five elements chaos condensation law emergence is that sudden, without any omen. Perhaps all dark Mage are also at the ignorant condition. Dark secret what kind of status? That must he come back without the determination, thinks that these dark Mage do not find the way to ask him to come back immediately. But must make clear first what's the matter. Otherwise, is not good, they must withstand the dark secret the anger.

But Ji Dong they just relied on the strength of chaos to make all law paralyses, wants to pass to the dark secret the news, when they do, must supplement first that pass-along message law magic power, this requires certain time, time that in addition the dark secret transmits. At least in a short time, the dark secret definitely does not come back. Grasped such mentality, Ji Dong led the heavenly stems disciples to clash splendidly. He must do, before the dark secret receives the notice and rotates, obtains that two Water department magical instruments. Even if no longer kills any dark heavenly stems disciple, regarding them, the goal was also achieves.

God hot Saint king Kai already covered on Ji Dong, floating disperses in his behind heavenly stems disciples, this can make them simultaneously display own strength.

What although they face is several Eight-Crown dark Mage, but the heavenly stems disciples already were today we are no longer as we have been, besides keeping this humble one surface two Nine-Crown, in the people, has also achieved Eight-Crown cultivation base except for Du Ming, let alone, also Ji Dong this had the Saint level body and spirit and heavenly stems Saint king of Saint level soul to exist.

Teng Snake flashed first to use, the heavenly stems disciples present most needs was two characters, the time.

Within the body magic power manifest, the body of Ji Dong has not looked like a shell has hit, when two dark Mage hurry to raise first gathers magic power, manifest, can only revolve magic power to the both arms above without enough time fully, tries to prevent Ji Dong these to attack.

Although these Eight-Crown Mage ability of also fight, but when formerly the chaos deep meaning bloomed, their reaction rate and own strength cannot eventually compared with the purple robe big priest such supreme powerhouse, respective magic power by the varying degrees suction part, the average strength is also the surplus 70% appearances. But Ji Dong when begins, attribute suppression of soul pressure and pinnacle magic power without hesitation has released comprehensively. Condition of these Eight-Crown Mage in actual combat reduce 20% immediately again. When Ji Dong close combat, but at the appointed time, each of them's magic power, is unable to raise gathers many.

A both hands point, is listed respectively, in that two prevent on the arm of oneself Mage, Ji Dong does not stop, the body from the sky turns over, has plundered from their heads. But the body of that two Mage, looks like in the next moment the tomato explodes generally instantaneously, scatters in all directions the flesh and blood of splash from the sky to change into the flame intense combustion.

Ji Dong both hands wield, airborne burns the flame of corpse to gather, but, Pinnacle Two Fires condenses two giant fireballs instantaneously, condenses under the compression of his powerful together , to promote outrageously. Pounds toward other Eight-Crown dark Mage centers.

these Eight-Crown red robe big priests can live in the fort, obviously is deeper much the secret trust, own strength is also quite powerful, after paying the prices of two companions, these dark Mages respond immediately. Does the opposite party dare to launch the attack to the dark temple in directly general, how the strength with? Did not ask the wound enemy, first sought the self-preservation. The several other red robe big priests collected the entire attribute unexpectedly, suddenly, ten departments magic power five elements tied to launch instantaneously, changes into ten color light screens to prevent the way of bright heavenly stems disciples. Must know, this is ten Eight-Crown Mage five elements that collaborates to send out ties, although they cannot transform it as the ability of attack, but must discuss the defensive power, is unusual.

Sees this situation, even if Ji Dong also brows slightly wrinkled, these Eight-Crown red robe big priests responded unexpectedly such rapidness, moreover can also be able accurately to judge to the aspect in the situation of this being panic-stricken, only these, sufficiently appeared their respective strengths.

The Pinnacle Two Fires ball that in the loud sound, Ji Dong serves loudly has exploded, in five elements has tied above, fort of fierce thundering in this in deafening, but, even if the Pinnacle Two Fires ball of Ji Dong this tyrannical compression, cannot blast out ten Eight-Crown red robe big priests to collaborate five elements under arrange/cloth to tie. Only can make that five elements tie above to ripple ray ripples. Naturally, inside Eight-Crown Mages complexion is unattractive, goes all out to strengthen the magic power output, maintains five elements is tying tyrannical defensive power. Moves loudly shouted, both hands ten fingers of even/including Dan, innumerably is similar to the scale flame floating departs, do not defend? Good, that made you defend. The goal of their bright heavenly stems disciple is not and these people dies to spell. This ten attribute complete five elements ties to collaborate by the Eight-Crown red robe big priest with, even if ordinary primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill can block, wants to kill them to pay huge magic power, Ji Dong does not think that here wastes the time is the correct choice. This five elements ties, although is good, but actually can only the passive defensive, but cannot launch a counter attack like the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, you not like tortoiseshell hard? Good, I pay no attention to you and that's the end.

In the dark Crystal Crown income pouch that following on the heels Yao Qianshu already * fell the red robe big priest who falls that two, the people follow Ji Dong to continue upward, flushes away toward the place above. But five elements under these red robe big priests cloths tie during a crazy bang that in the dragon scale flashes explodes randomly stands erect not but actually. They naturally are unable to pursue immediately. Moreover, they also not necessarily dare to approach, formerly that by two companions of second killing, but made these red robe big priest heart and galls have coldly. Arrived their such strengths and status, treasured the degree to the life is the supernormal person, who wants dead?

In the dark temple fort altogether nine, following seven have the dark Mage housing, lives on seventh is these purple robe big priests, but the red robe big priests who remains behind live on below seven, as for eighth and ninth, that is the dark heavenly stems disciple and dark secret separately.

The dark secret hand/subordinate five dark demon armed forces, remain here only has one, but quantity actually by far more than ten of red robe big priest, besides the red robe big priests of this dark demon armed forces, also one batch specially assist the dark secret the red robe sacrificial offering.

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Chapter 598: Passes through, Fire God cuts

Under not having a law protection. In this fort regarding Ji Dong, looked like takes off the woman of clothes to be the same, completely presented. In the news that the cotton rose gives is very correct, keeps the Nine-Crown cultivation base purple robe big priest in fort to have six people, but the Eight-Crown cultivation base red robe big priest quantity made Ji Dong be startled, the total has been over 50 people unexpectedly. 50 Eight-Crown Mage, this quantity, on Light Five Elements Continent, even if Mage Guild association there cannot take! Besides stopped their 15 Eight-Crown Mage a moment ago, other more than 30 Eight-Crown Mage fast are catching up with that six purple robe big priests. This is also not the discovery not, catches up with dark Mage that from outside. Seven-Crown following Mage in dark temple was found time magic power, but outside the also dark temple, the sudden mutation, had shocked in the entire dark temple radiation range a moment ago the surrounding area several hundred miles dark demon armed forces. Reason that Ji Dong keeps behind gold/metal and Du Ming, to break through to prepare, to prevent reinforcements. May not have the reinforcements, they must contend with that many powerhouses in this dark temple, is extremely difficult, those who made Ji Dong relax only slightly some were, that six purple robe big priests without any exception was catching up from above, but did not have a plan to relate the dark secret.

Actual situation in Ji Dong after all not clear this dark temple. Suddenly encounters the attack, but also broke in the fort, if this matter made the dark secret know, regarding here dark Mages, simply was a disaster, therefore, they want to do now, immediately has solved the problem, then informed the dark secret. In this case, even if has punished, in reduces in the situation of losing as far as possible, can withstand. If please the dark secret come back itself to solve the problem directly, let alone is the red robe big priest, even if these purple robe big priests cannot withstand the dark secret the anger! Therefore, they want to do now, whole-heartedly has destroyed Ji Dong these people, these dark Mage do not think some people can simultaneously contend with their these many powerhouses.

Just marched into third layer, Ji Dong saw the form of purple robe big priest, under contrasts of dozens red robe big priests floating under. But rear area, that several red robe big priests also already with. Forms the potential of encirclement to their group eight people. Tested regarding the bright heavenly stems disciples truly arrives finally.

In the Ji Dong eye the god electro-optic shoots, even if facing the Saint level powerhouse, when is Saint level high rank fire Demon King he does not have the slightest bit to fear, let alone is these dark Mage at present.

"Soul suppression."Ji Dong loudly shouted, the secret and Chen Sixuan go forward fast, the strength of three people of soul link once more, the silver of demon territory illusion also at the same time blooms, all people here will cover completely.

Release demon territory. In the enemy who simultaneously covers including six supreme powerhouses, about 50 Eight-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouses, this in the Mage world history, is almost the unprecedented magnificent feat. But after Ji Dong relied on three people were fusing Saint level peak soul cultivation base to complete. Meanwhile, he also gave the information to gold/metal and Du Ming.

However, the strength of soul even if Ji Dong can control at this time is formidable, he also eventually is not a god, but as before is the person. The Saint level powerhouse is also human, but is not god such can control the great strength of world. Therefore, in covering the situations of these many powerhouses, he can achieve, can only make all Mage within range by the silver of demon territory illusion, including these supreme powerhouses, is unable to release their respective demon territories. In other words, the silver of demon territory present illusion, became a limit demon territory, but is unable to control the battlefield. The enemies were too formidable. Moreover, the upfront 20 red robe big priest cloths have gotten down two five elements to tie, back five elements ties also as before exists. These purple robe big priests set firm resolve not to bleed off one obviously.

Besides is insufficient regarding the estimate of red robe big priest quantity, at present such situation, Ji Dong has judged actually. But this is also the aspect that they will certainly face, without any other possible. It can be said. Is relying on chaos magic power, they cut off in this dark temple radically the heavy place all mysterious, must face, is only Mage of here most high-grade level. Their done cannot be good. However, they must face, after all is equal to Dark Five Elements Continent surpasses one-fifth Mage most powerhouses, if not calculate the dark secret, even can be the Dark Five Elements Continent Eight-Crown above Mage two-fifths strengths. Also so is can it be that easy to contend?

At present the arrangements of these purple robe big priests, clearly must surround them with the red robe big priest, does not make them flee, but gets rid to strike to kill Ji Dong and the others by these six purple robe big priests personally. So long as can massacre these intruder at present, then, before the dark secret comes back, they can return to normal here all, when the time comes also on many of good confession.

Sneers, from the Ji Dong corners of the mouth place spread, issues an order through the soul exchange, the bright heavenly stems disciples are headed by Ji Dong, simultaneously released respective Yin-Yang Crown.

Seven Yin-Yang Crown also release, each and dark Mage on the scene has the qualitative difference, not only the relations of pinnacle magic power, are that are representing near the bright golden light, this is all dark Mage does not have!

Saw that has never seen near golden light, dark Mage on the scene is one dull, in their mind, only has the light two characters that raises instantaneously, raises along with this light two characters, also unequalled shock. People in being startled, responded that would the moment being sluggish. Ji Dong wants, is the time of this moment. Incomparably rich black and white dual-color ray racing wells up, was roaring instantaneously dragon recited the sound to resound outrageously, including the secret, eight forms completely jumps in the flash that huge black-and-white ray presented that leaps above the body. But that black and white dual-color form was really extremely huge, unexpectedly stiffly pushed the front astonished red robe big priests, included front two five elements to tie.

five elements ties can defend the magic power attack, but in sudden inflation regarding this volume, while cannot respond promptly , can only by the retreat of pushing. When they responded the time , that black and white dual-color huge form changed into together the flowing light, passes through suddenly on.

Without a doubt, this sudden huge form, is fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Even if in this dark temple the building of fort is huge, but suddenly presents such a colossus, made in this staircase become crowded, will be pushed on no wonder these Mage. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon started its talent skill to pass through immediately. How does five elements tie? Seal front entire path that cannot fit together perfectly eventually, let alone present fifty Saint Fire Dragon is the what kind of strength. These passes through, has the Ji Dong eight people to appear behind stop Mages actually outrageously.

This situation dark Mages at all impossible to obtain, when they recover from the shock, fifty Saint Fire Dragon already after behind four stairway places.

"It is not good."Several purple robe big priests simultaneously were startled the anger to call out. Immediately engages in self-examination on.

But bright heavenly stems disciples five in eight form jump, in directly soars a fort higher level to move sideways to go. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon huge body actually turned around the personal appearance. Has stopped up watertight the entire road. Remains the also three people who fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, they stand in the position that Maotai and Wuliangye nape of the neck close up, Ji Dong, when stands first, has the potential of one man guards the pass ten thousand men opening greatly. But Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu separately stand by his back, lifts one respectively, according to the shoulder of Ji Dong, instilling into that pinnacle double wooden magic power is outspoken, simultaneously behind also respectively shone their condensation law, assisted Ji Dong comprehensively. The double wood rises the double earth.

Suddenly, the aspect reverses instantaneously, Ji Dong rode fifty Saint Fire Dragon to stand in the high place. But these purple robe big priests and red robe big priests were actually cut off below. They before, cannot think that the matter will develop this situation suddenly.

Ji Dong has smiled, to at present this situation, all according to the development that he expects, was more upward, was in this dark temple the fort important place. But before all law by them, has solved. Has the secret sensation to lead, Lan Bao'er and Du Ming they found the Water department divine tool not to be difficult. He must do now, here blocks at present these dark Mage, but these dark Mage want to inform the dark secret not to be impossible. Without a doubt, relates the dark secret law impossible on below four. All be smoother than the imagination. Although the staircase is broad, but is impossible to hold dozens Mage simultaneously to launch the attack, this time Ji Dong, own magic power is united in fifty Saint Fire Dragon together, the assistance of also pinnacle double earth, what even if appears at present is dark heavenly stems disciple all, he also has the confidence to prevent certain time.

Strange red ray from Ji Dong both hands bright, the red light flashes before, grows to six meters condenses sword, the ice-cold murderous intention of rushing actually floods in this moment in the darkness in each corner of fort, the sword of Fire God appeared during Ji Dong grasped. Just like magma hell general blazing, spreads along with the Saint level high rank soul pressure instantaneously. Made that dark Mages that flushed stagnate obviously. Did not have the soul fusion of secret, Ji Dong actually also more familiar Chen Sixuan, among two people the tacit understanding has not needed to exchange with the language completely, regardless of Ji Dong makes anything, he can feel relieved behind will give her, but she also never disappoints him, each time is the crime perfect assistances. Because formerly encircled time, that six purple robe big priests in an numerous dark Mage center, at this time, they have turned around, first faces Ji Dong, was formerly in the purple robe big priest behind red robe priests.

Sword of not gaudy sweeping away Fire God, looks like a giant whip, welcomed these red robe priests to wield.

The feeling of suffocating heads on, that is the divine tool in heavenly stems Saint king hand, is the trump card that Ji Dong usually little uses, facing these dark Mage. He will not have the slightest bit to show mercy, Fire God cut to use directly. Initially, he once relied on this Fire God to cut nearly destroyed the inheritance of dark secret, at this time is by an pinnacle pair of wood and assistance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, present Ji Dong, was not beforehand Ji Dong, this Fire God cut crosswise to wield, lost in the law protection dark temple in the fort, flooded only then that incomparably rich Fire God aura.

Dark Mages no one can think, Ji Dong in can erupt to be equal to the powerful offensive of high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill conveniently, that is simply has not gathered the strength process! Terrifying magic power fluctuation in air fierce is shivering, but surroundings all people tremble in this fierce shivering.

These clash, when the front red robe big priests did not realize well, wants to make enough dealing to be very difficult again, particularly to/clashes in the forefront that row, they bear the brunt, must withstand the huge pressure of sword of Fire God, can do, only then each one release fast own magic power weapon fully magic power irrigation. Let alone is their these Eight-Crown Mage, even if these purple robe big priests, is impossible to be instantaneous Ultra Certain Kill Skill this level the attack. The inside story thick point red robe big priest, most throws a scroll, tries to prevent the present crisis.

Bang, in this not extremely broad staircase on straight, the unequalled terrifying magic power fluctuation erupted instantaneously, in facing so numerous high-grade level dark Mage situation, Ji Dong chose the upfront to shake resolutely hardly. Because he is very clear, if not limit suppression ruthlessly one at present these dark Mage, oneself later will cope more difficult. Therefore, he with the aid of the assistance of Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan, in addition fifty Saint Fire Dragon supports with his same attribute magic power, displayed this to be full of the swift and fierce murderous intention Fire God to cut. This sword, seems is only Ji Dong both hands condenses the sword, then wields horizontally, simple cannot be simple. The controlling force that may in fact, in this sword contain is actually supreme powerhouse also few can achieve. In the short time external many magic power will fuse in own magic power together, and pours into to the sword of Fire God, also relies on strength of the tyrannical soul to suppress in the sword of Fire God the deicide to cultivate Josse's thought. Will this be also easy?

When the first six red robe big priests vanishes in a puff of smoke under the sword of Fire God instantaneously, has only left behind their Eight- Crown dark Crystal Crown, but, has in front of this six red robe big priests to prevent luckily, made the following red robe big priest be able to release five elements to tie, in the meantime, in that six red robe big priests of dying, two released the scroll, one was the Ultra Certain Kill Skill scroll diamond defense.

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Chapter 599: One the prestige of sword

That fierce thundering. Is Fire God cuts the bombardment in the sound that in the diamond defense makes, but that to defend primary Fifth Earth department Ultra Certain Kill Skill that is famous is actually cannot prevent Fire God to cut the moment, the next flash, that six red robe big priests * fell. However, diamond defense after all is the defense skill of Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank, the value of this kind of scroll is almost unable to weigh with money, weakens the strength that part of Fire God have cut eventually. When Fire God cuts shells finally when five elements ties on, the might weakened over one-third, although that six red robe big priests have unravelled, but Eight-Crown magic power of their six people add on the respective magic power weapon, played certain impediment role.

Also is one fierce thunders to resound, double fire fusion attribute Fire God cuts, at the bang five elements comprised of Eight-Crown Mage has tied completely, can be what kind of picture? Before both sides collide, no one is able to judge, even if Ji Dong not clear can achieve what kind of degree.

When but, both sides collide truly in together, Ji Dong finally understands, the deep meaning of Fire God sword is, terrifying blazing, changes into the strength of unprecedented combustion. fire attribute simplest, most directly is also strength of the purest combustion, lit opposite party five elements to tie unexpectedly instantaneously.

Does five elements tie can also burn? In front of the sword of Fire God, answer is: Can. To stimulate the strength of sword of Fire God, first source is Chaos Fire, only has Chaos Fire to add on the Yin-Yang fusion Pinnacle Two Fires, can actuate this handle Divine Sword. Moreover, already had also forgotten including Ji Dong a matter, initially, he sword of this handle Fire God integrated oneself within the body the time, sword of incomplete body Fire God, the god who even if cultivated like this the deicide knew seal, can achieve also reluctantly supported sword of own might Fire God by. But with the lapse of time, Ji Dong cultivation base continually promotes, oneself constantly is also strengthening regarding the chaos comprehension, the strength and the body soul, respectively have been the Saint level level, but was used after by him the fusion god technique integrates within the body, can say, the sword of this handle Fire God has been in Ji Dong warm and nourish. By the Ji Dong soul, flesh and blood, magic power and in chaos common warm and nourish.

Initially, Ji Dong obtained the ancestor's of Land Dragon beginning Zulong essence bloodlines to infiltrate, if not promoted magic power that some energies to be absorbed by the sword of this Fire God, then, even if Ji Dong cannot break through Nine-Crown at that time, magic power significantly will also promote, to break through Nine-Crown time gold/metal late not to be right. But the daily cultivation of Ji Dong is so assiduous, is Pinnacle Two Fires attribute magic power, the fortuitous encounter actually as before cannot break through Nine-Crown again and again. Reasons for this include, on the sword of this handle Fire God. Was it has absorbed massive magic power, warm and nourish oneself, and fused with the Ji Dong courage vigor gradually. The sword of Fire God, is a handle true top divine tool, even if in god is also platoon the formidable divine tool on position, it in accepting Ji Dong warm and nourish the process, can say that also unceasingly recognizes the main process in one. The strength that if Ji Dong provides is insufficient, then, after the sword of thorough seal dead deicide Fire God cultivates like this it turns into the sword spirit, the sword of Fire God from Ji Dong will even work loose to go. But slanders the god knowledge that takes the sword spirit after a Level 2 god, the might of sword of Fire God, in enters first ten that god can also arrange.

But Ji Dong has not disappointed the sword of Fire God, the unceasing promotion of cultivation base, the body Saint level, the Saint level middle rank of strength of soul, can control the most foundation of sword of Fire God to request particularly satisfiedly. Therefore, the characteristics of sword of Fire God when this time gets rid started to appear. Other magical instruments have own exclusive ability, doesn't the sword of Fire God also possibly have? But present Ji Dong was unable to comprehend completely by.

five elements tied has burnt under the sword of Fire God, both sides were also shocked. That ten composes five elements to tie the red robe big priests, only thinks an unequalled huge impulse along with blazing galloping, but, making them unable to maintain five elements tied the completeness, resounding that along with that second thundering, ten forms simultaneously but actually hit, was simultaneously the blood crazily spurts, emitted the blood that from the sky to change into red flame from their mouth, splendid sight. Although front these ten red robe big priests have not looked like that six to unravel directly, but after their bodies flies, completely lost the consciousness. The body that latter flies is other Mage that prevented behind to clash, that terrifying scalding hot was makes these dark Mage originally think that the confidence to win victories to disintegrate instantaneously.

Six purple robe big priests catch the red robe big priest who that ten were rumbled to fly, one by one is excitedly the look changes, prestige of the sword actually goes so far as in this way, this has exceeded their imagination completely. In their opinion, even if the dark secret gets rid, is mediocre.

This Fire God cuts, has killed six red robe big priests actually, and caused heavy losses to ten red robe big priests, in a flash, 16 Eight-Crown Heavenly Master level powerhouses such caused heavy losses, this in their memories, but also has never appeared. Looks at Ji Dong top of the head place above that Black and White Yin-Yang Crown surrounding golden color light mark again, they knew the Ji Dong status is anything.

The red light on sword of Fire God restrained several points slightly, the Ji Dong that calm disposition, has revealed the intense pleasant surprise that on the face actually could not suppress. Unexpectedly is the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might? Moreover is having sword's of Fire God some characteristics, although Ji Dong has not talked clearly these characteristics now is anything, but he can actually affirm that these characteristics exist, moreover used the sword of Fire God before has never appeared. could it be said, the sword of Fire God did evolve? The sword's of Fire God might can display finally?

But how regardless to say. This regarding Ji Dong, is a big pleasant surprise. Reason that he choice uses the sword of Fire God, what because is he excels is the close combat, the long-distance attack capability wants on weak many relatively. If the close combat, Ji Dong almost can every strike to rely on to extinguish the god to fire to wield the Ultra Certain Kill Skill attack might, but the long-distance attack is unable to achieve this point obviously. Since Ji Dong many years has persisted in being primarily the close combat, the most direct reason is because depending on taking advantage of extinguishing the god strikes to attack the match, not only powerful force, but also saves magic power, can make him have more lasting combat capability. Without a doubt, uses the long-distance attack, if similarly is Ultra Certain Kill Skill, consumption magic power compared with extinguishing the god strikes not to know that wants high many times.

May such aspect, make Ji Dong have to use the long-distance attack at present to prevent the enemy, because his goal, not only socializes with these enemies, must prevent them to rush. Once the dark secret returns, their only outlets immediately run away. But here also has numerous enemies who far surpasses them to expect. If were entangled by these purple robe and red robe big priest, the situation became very dangerous.

Therefore, Ji Dong when passes through by fifty Saint Fire Dragon the skill blocks the stairway, has set firm resolve, at least before the partners found that two Water department magical instruments, must prevent at present these enemies, does not make them jump over perimeter/thunder pool one step. Therefore. He immediately summoned the sword of oneself Fire God, started Fire God to cut, incomparably must give opposite party demonstration of authority.

His originally is only the hope can cut to prevent these enemies to go forward by Fire God, shakes them draws back, the goal has been achieved, who knows, is Fire God cuts this to strike, actually has actually killed six red robe big priests, but also takes along ten red robe big priests to cause heavy losses. So the prestige energy, completely has surpassed the judgment of Ji Dong. What most made his pleasantly surprised was. In displaying the situation of so tyrannical might, Fire God cut the consumption magic power instead to be short of one-third might compared with before actually directly to jump from originally intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill to high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill . Moreover, the deicide cultivated the strength that like this struggled also changes small, as the matter stands, when he used the sword of Fire God, can save part of originally to suppress to cultivate Josse's the strength of soul. In other words, he can a long time use Fire God sword. Then, without a doubt, the Ji Dong overall strength will certainly rise suddenly, the long-distance attack capability and instantaneous explosive force have upgraded a level. This formidable divine tool also finally started to show its towering.

Sword of before the six meters Fire God refers, swift and fierce murderous aura after that Fire God cuts a sword is to become incomparably tyrannical, points at the front, Ji Dong stands in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, has the potential of one man guards the pass ten thousand men opening greatly. Behind the fierce god hot Saint king Kai mask, in both eyes the god electro-optic shoots. Yin-Yang Crown on his top of the head was really demonstrating perhaps itself Level 88 magic power cultivation base, at present these dark Mages have regarded him has been able with the Saint level powerhouse who the dark secret places on a par.

Red robe big priests, above Dark Five Elements Continent, put out any person, is the characters who the stamping the feet all sea trembles, which is not the authority huge, above ten thousand people, regards the common people such as worthless one generation of powerhouses. But, at present here also sufficient battle efficiency has more than 30 red robe big priests fully, but in their eyes self-confident, stubborn and strong, was nothing left, displaces, is a fear, from the heart a fear. Regardless of a strength of person is formidable, when he is facing the radically invincible match, will have this feeling subconsciously. In their eyes, Ji Dong completely is abnormal existence, does not have any red robe big priest to dare to go forward again rashly, is almost subconscious separated to both sides, has revealed the cultivation base highest six purple robe big priests. Meanwhile, these red robe big priests do not need to tell, composed two five elements to tie, simultaneously all took the pressure bottom treasure that oneself can take. Not only wears the magic power weapon armor, in most parts drawing bonus robe big priest hand is also gripping the scroll. Ji Dong that sword, making them fear, from fearing of heart.

Similarly reveals startled to accommodate, person who also Ji Dong behind Chen Sixuan, without a doubt, she most understands the Ji Dong strength, when Fire God cuts produces the so tyrannical results, first understands is also she, she even looks Ji Dong is clearer.

The corners of the mouth place reveals an indifferent to fame or gain smile, in the Chen Sixuan heart saying silently: For several years did warm and nourish, finally start to have result? The Fire God sword, can actually you also take to me pleasantly surprised how many? After Ji Dong broke through Nine-Crown, I will certainly make you true strength show completely.

Ji Dong naturally does not know in the Chen Sixuan heart to think anything, he only knows, own goal success. A sword cuts, strikes to kill six people, causes heavy losses to ten people, but also makes present dark Mages be hesitant to advance, his foundation goal has been achieved, the primal chaos demon territory separately shines in his and fifty Saint Fire Dragon under foot, condenses the fire attribute element to supplement oneself crazily. So long as the opposite party does not try to attack his defense line, his not active threat, so long as can attain that two Water department magical instruments, their this line is then perfect today.

Ji Dong does not think arrogantly oneself can these Mage cut to kill by own strength at present completely, Fire God cuts does not extinguish the god to strike after all, completely is manifest magic power, must catch the Fire God sword, even if two partners' support, has saved in a three points of magic power situation, this strikes Fire God to cut to send out, Ji Dong own magic power or the sharp decline over one-third, in other words, such attack, he most can also display twice a moment ago. This is pain that magic power is insufficient, how regardless to say, he is one has not broken through Nine-Crown Eight-Crown Mage, regardless of many amplifications, regardless of dual attribute has the big superiority, change this fact. Does not say at present these Mage, but outside over ten thousand dark Mage, some Ji Dong reasons believe absolutely, the dark demon armed forces have own community to fuse magic skill to exist inevitably, the community that over ten thousand Four-Crown above Mage display fuses magic skill, let alone is he, perhaps even if the dark secret is not willing to touch hardly.

Six purple robe big priests go forward slowly, shock in their eyes the present does not have weakening of slightest bit, they have not thought that Eight-Crown Mage can be so the degree. What they naturally can also see in the Ji Dong hand to take is the divine tool. But, can the divine tool have such huge prestige energy? Must know, the magic power weaponry that the red robe big priest in dark temple has is best, although cannot say that each is the inferior divine tool rank, but also absolutely is the high-grade, in these circumstances cannot block that to strike, their this time hearts can be imagined heavily. Before gathered, but annihilation the aspect, may such in an instant turn into one man guards the pass, change can tell them clearly the lots. At present this man, they do not know how to come, but they can actually completely affirm, he is the dark secret wanting place then the quick bright heavenly stems Saint king.

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Chapter 600: Double Saint level fusion technique

Rich pinnacle magic power in six supreme powerhouse comprehensive ascension. All pressures, all centralized in Ji Dong one person. In these six purple robe big priests, four male two females, have Yin Fire, Yang Fire, Yin Wood, Yang Wood, Yin Earth and Yang Earth six species separately. Obviously, they when the manpower that the choice leaves behind, has left behind such Yin-Yang coinciding attribute desirably, if anything happens, then, the Yin-Yang dual attribute fusion, can make their strengths multiply. At this time, six supreme powerhouses comprehensively promote magic power, making the magic power intensity in air be the unprecedented degree, let alone existences of also that many red robe big priests, if not in this fort is constructs with not the well-known hard material at present, perhaps collapsed in so huge magic power fluctuation.

The air became somewhat viscous, if there is an average person here, the ability that then, they moved did not have, not only average person, even if were cultivation base quite not weak Mage cannot escape by luck.

The Ji Dong complexion also becomes dignified, he does not have to launch the attack again. Fire God cuts, although formidable, but consumes is also without doubt huge, but he has not grasped can cut the wound by Fire God to at present these six purple robe big priests. That after all is six supreme powerhouses, moreover in these six supreme powerhouses, can see from their Yin-Yang Crown, just had not entered Nine-Crown cultivation base, is senior Nine-Crown. magic power lowest, 93 extremely cultivation base, strongest two, are Level 96. Every two people of one group, Yin-Yang dual attribute magic power coincides faintly, takes to him a feeling of six body.

Ji Dong understands, the supreme powerhouse who the dark temple has not only the quantity must surpass Light Five Elements Continent to assemble, moreover these supreme powerhouses are together are always carrying on the cultivation, coordinated not to know many years, this tacit understanding was not Light Five Elements Continent these supreme powerhouses can have. At this time can see from the magic power motion trajectories of these six supreme powerhouses, they motionless already, once starts, surely is whole-heartedly. Moreover, they as if eagerly do not rush, this was not they are not certainly worried not to have the law protection upper layer to be destroyed, because, if can strike to kill Ji Dong, then, even if were above the most precious thing is destroyed some, even was two Water department magical instruments is taken away, they also absolutely gained. dual attribute bright heavenly stems Saint king. Has the formidable divine tool, such powerhouse has how importantly regarding Light Five Elements Continent without a doubt. Moreover, the present situation surface looked, although they are very favorable for Ji Dong, may in fact, has disadvantageous side, that is Ji Dong cannot leave this position, before the partners obtain that two Water department magical instruments cannot leave, otherwise fell short. In this case, Ji Dong must withstand the attacks of these six supreme powerhouses directly, but cannot retrocede. It can be said that this is also they strikes to kill the Ji Dong golden opportunity.

At present these six purple robe big priests can say that is dark secret most loyal direct descendant, after confirming the Ji Dong status, they have made immediately the choice, above protects and strikes to kill this bright Saint king to come to contrast at present, obviously is the latter is more important, so long as can strike to kill Ji Dong, then, even if after the dark secret comes back, in the discovery the fort was destroyed by the certain extent, to them also only then rewards but punishment.

Compares in these red robe big priests, purple robe big priest facing Ji Dong time wants calmly were many, first, they have is also pinnacle magic power. Ji Dong pinnacle magic power is unable to have the attribute suppression to them . Moreover, their six supreme powerhouses unite in together, although overall soul cultivation base adding together cannot compare the fusion of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, but suppressed effect also on weak many. After confronting produces, these six purple robe big priests eagerly do not attack, in their hands respectively is having own magic power weapon, completely is Divine level, magic power is being outspoken is inflating crazily, exerts to the Ji Dong pressure is also more and more heavy.

"Ji Dong."Stood cannot bear call him in Ji Dong behind Yao Qianshu finally. He is reminding Ji Dong, upfront shakes six supreme powerhouses to collaborate hardly, obviously is not they have not achieved the Nine- Crown cultivation base three people of institutes to complete.

Yao Qianshu can judge, Ji Dong naturally also clear, but, he cannot draw back, he felt, the secret they found the place that the Water department divine tool is, but there several formidable magic beast must clean up first, they can attain that two magical instruments. Under can exhibit one's power in formerly the entire attribute chaos maintains magic power magic beast cultivation base will be also weak? They also require the time. But this time, must strive by oneself. Cannot retrocede, once retrocedes from the staircase enters fourth layer, the enemy who many that the topography must widen, can simultaneously launch the attack will be more, moreover he is unable to guarantee that did not make any person rush.

took a deep breath, in the Ji Dong eye is glittering look resolutely, tightened the hand sword of Fire God, the mind has united, the whole person concentrated on compared with this handle compared with a former more formidable divine tool above.

At this time, that six purple robe big priests finally started. Their magic power have promoted the peak, indistinct, behind everyone, glistens in Totem of department, the double fire, a pair of wood and double earth, six purple robe big priests fluctuated suddenly the position, the double earth two supreme powerhouses stand in the forefront, is the double fire, finally is a pair of wood, following four Mage simultaneously lift the arm, the double wooden amplification double fire, the double hot amplification double earth, uses the wood to light a fire, the hot raw soil, has completed the support of mutual promotion of the five elements.

At this moment, the Ji Dong complexion really changed, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that although these dark Mages he will not create, but actually does not hinder them to display the attack of magic power mutual promotion of the five elements. Although has not circulated, but cannot be long-time, but such combination, once completes, stands in forefront two cultivation base highest Earth department Mage, attacked to be upgraded the Saint level level. In order to strike to kill Ji Dong, formerly these six purple robe big priests achieved consistently, must destroy Ji Dong here. They can also see. Ji Dong has the extremely deep attainments on fire attribute magic power surely, formerly united the bright heavenly stems disciples to use the excessively entire attribute chaos deep meaning, if six people attacks separately, then, the two Fire departments two supreme powerhouses cannot be too big regarding the threat of Ji Dong, would rather at present this, earth attribute first gram water, to subdue|grams fire. United tyrannical magic power of six supreme powerhouses, this strikes, they exert its utmost.

Surroundings big space instantaneously had been promoted to lock to two supreme powerhouse magic power of Saint level, now Ji Dong they want to draw back do not draw back. Otherwise, imposing manner one weak, must collapse under the attack of opposite party instantaneously.

The Ji Dong all-round strength truly can contend with the Saint level cultivation base powerhouse, dragon Huang when is also very difficult to flatter facing him, but that if by all-round strength, under other speeds, soul cultivation base as well as factor syntheses, but must greatly extinguish the god to strike with the aid of the might, he has the possibility to contend with the Saint level. But at present like this touches hardly, is impossible to win by his magic power cultivation base, even if there is the sword of Fire God is also same, let alone, what this time he faces is two Saint levels, Saint level that two Yin-Yang coincide. The aspect reverses once more, is placed in front of Ji Dong, seems a dead end.

But in this case, Ji Dong actually has made one matter that made one unable to believe that he received the sword of oneself Fire God unexpectedly on own initiative, the red light has been hidden, submerged within the body to vanish to disappear. His motion made stare blankly that the opposite six purple robe big priests were startled. They are not completely clear, will hold true in this kind of time Ji Dong by give up in the hand the formidable divine tool. They did not fear that Ji Dong ran, although two Earth department supreme powerhouses have not promoted completely, but the pressure of that Saint level made Ji Dong they impossible to leave.

While they shock, all people noticed that Ji Dong is handling an extremely strange matter, his both hands lay out just like the gust of wind rainstorm generally alternately forward, but each palm that he lays out is quietly, has not brought slightest bit magic power to fluctuate, say nothing of attacked. No one could feel that he is making anything. Looks at his such, looks like for no reason is brandishing the double palm there.

Was this boy insane? In red robe big priests almost heart raised the similar idea. Six collaborate the purple robe big priest under condition naturally not to think that Ji Dong was insane, but they do not understand that completely Ji Dong such does to have any significance. Gave up the might of divine tool on own initiative, but wields the palm baseless. What formidable special skill even if he has, when facing the Saint level powerhouse, the might of could it be this skill can also surpass him that handle divine tool long sword to be formerly inadequate?

Let alone is the enemy is not clear, this time, Chen Sixuan does not understand that Ji Dong was making anything, Ji Dong was receiving that moment of sword of Fire God, has isolated to fuse with her soul. Is accepting her and Yao Qianshu magic power supports.

In time that almost in several times breathe, the double palm of Ji Dong alternately has laid out dozens times. At the beginning, but also all normal, but wielded increase of palm quantity along with him, his complexion also gradually became pale, Chen Sixuan and Yao Qianshu can feel clearly, magic power of Ji Dong within the body was passing at an astonishing speed. Although this speed one like the sword of Fire God does not absorb numerous magic power, but continues stable passing, the free time who almost in several blinking, the magic power consumption has surpassed had formerly used Fire God to cut.

Ji Dong, are you doing! Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan very much want to ask, is, at this time, them actually cannot such do at present, cannot make Ji Dong divert attention. Regardless of Ji Dong is making anything, their only choices believe him, believes all that he makes are not studious. Stimulation of movement own pinnacle magic power assists Ji Dong fully, is they now the only procedure. Chen Sixuan has thought that the Saint level that if waits a minute attacks Ji Dong unable to resist, puts on her of eternal armor, will immediately rely on that god to see through to keep off by the space of Saint level magic power blockade in front of Ji Dong. After having such idea, her heart was instead tranquil, but silently said in the heart: Ji Dong, regardless of you make anything, I will support you unconditionally. Even if you are not willing to recognize me, died I also to with you die together.

Saw that the Ji Dong complexion is getting more and more ugly, stands two Earth department purple robe big priests in front line also felt was not right, their magic power condensed completely has taken shape, pure Saint level magic power made them not care about Ji Dong to make anything, in their opinion, in this struck the front, the Ji Dong result only has the destruction.

Dazzling golden ray and gray ray simultaneously shine, terrifying Saint level magic power from the sky surges, two were simultaneously lifted both hands by the amplification to the purple robe big priest of Saint level, they also gave up oneself magic power weapon, the attack of energy shape, outputs to be able with the hand the most accurate control, magic power that let alone they currently use has gone beyond the control area of their ability, must be quite careful.

The golden color and grey magic power from the sky interweave, the other attribute magic power elements of incomparably sincere/heavy aura in the entire space excludes completely, during the magic power fluctuation of this terrifying, the red robe big priests retrocedes in abundance, below arrives at fort second layer, lest was affected by magic power of this terrifying. But the vision of everyone has not actually left that two Earth department purple robe big priest, although their cultivation base have Eight-Crown, but the attack of this Saint level level frequently cannot see that pays attention, will be of great advantage regarding their future cultivation base. In their eyes, the Ji Dong three people are three corpses, they do not believe that by Ji Dong they, only then in the Eight-Crown cultivation base situation can block two mahatma levels to collaborate, particularly, in these two mahatma levels or Yin-Yang fusion attribute situations.

The attack of Mage, after being certain level, can transform the Totem appearance to start, the might multiplies, but, after the attack of Mage can promote to the Saint level, Totem instead was desalinated, because, cultivation base of Saint level has dominated above Totem Divine Beast completely, therefore, appears can only be the purest appearance power supply.

Gradually was turning on behalf of the pinnacle Fifth Earth golden color transparently, that is diamond transparent, but represented the pinnacle Sixth Earth grey is also becoming profounder, these two rays fused under that two purple robe big priest stimulation of movement whole-heartedly finally in one. At this moment, these two purple robe big priests are not relaxed, on their foreheads has covered entirely the sweat, because consumes the strength of soul to control excessively, their bodies even shiver. Everyone can see, after this strikes, the purple robe big priest who perhaps following four are responsible for the amplification is all right, these two that but starts, meet magic power to exhaust to collapse. What does this have? So long as can strike to kill Ji Dong this bright heavenly stems Saint king, let alone is the prostration, even if experiences personally the heavy losses, in their opinion is worth.

The huge light beam of transparent and black, mutual union, in the next moment, went toward the Ji Dong upfront outrageously, this thick light beam, has the water jar size fully, implication magic power, is huge that is hard to imagine.

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