Jiu Shen Chapter 581-590

Chapter 581: Dark sacrificial offering group

"Is shocking but not dangerous."Secret after forecasting. Grows the tone, said these four characters.

After listened to the secret words, in the Ji Dong vision the power and influence four to shoot one by one swept from the partners face, the sinking sound said: "Tonight set out."

In this time, suddenly, outside is hearing a noisy sound of footsteps, has brought to the attention of people, only hears a somewhat sharp sound to call loudly: "What? Didn't have the room? On your this broken place, but can also not have the room? Did not have to leap to me. We may be the dark secret Sir most intimate subordinates, sees not to have, at this time dark medal. Only the members of our dark sacrificial offering group can wear. These ordinary Mage are any things, making them get the hell out, here we wrapped. Damn, the place that any broken place, selects nicely does not have."

"Dark sacrificial offering Sir of respect, but, is. "

pa'ed, the pitiful yell sound gets up, obviously was that so-called dark sacrificial offering group began, ", but, not quickly. Delayed us to rest, dismantled to skin you. Let you taste the taste of dark sacrifice."

Is hearing outside the noisy sound, bright heavenly stems disciples vision centralized on the Ji Dong face, is waiting for his decision. Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "really needs anything to come anything. Since some people deliver news to us, what we also do need to be polite? Walks, goes to have a look, cannot let escape."

Ji Dong said last character time, the heavenly stems disciples felt in the mind a clear, Ji Dong that familiar soul relation have completed, linked all people the strength of soul completely in one. This point, even if the secret is very more difficult than to achieve the strength of Ji Dong stronger soul. Also became the fight forthcoming signal, has the direction of strength of Ji Dong this soul, the strength of heavenly stems disciples not only can display completely, even can display 120% standard.

Ji Dong first pushes the door, the heavenly stems disciples follow close on after that left beyond the secret, everybody walked.

Although Ji Dong felt how these enemies are not at present formidable, but the strength of his soul or first completely covers this entire hotel, here is Dark Five Elements Continent, any general idea may the exposed status. Causes ten thousand years of ship carefully.

The layout of this hotel was too simple, looks like that central courtyard of Ji Dong previous generation, altogether only then several room , after no wonder Ji Dong they move, did not have the vacant room. Goes out, Ji Dong saw outside sound instigator.

Altogether several whole body choroids, head wears the sharp black hat, the big man of foot treads calf leather boots is standing in the courtyard bluffs and blusters. But before brought Ji Dong they the hotel boss who came to move to lie down in ground moan at this time, is not far in the place that he threw down, the teeth of ground also several belt blood. That only service person gingerly standing, frightens the face whiten, with every effort is concealing the color/look of eyeground deep place that several points of hatred.

Ji Dong has cast aside a that young service person, then the vision falls on at present these wear appearance strange black-clothed person.

The black clothes people noticed that Ji Dong they appear, immediately diverted the attention, is a black-clothed person seems the 30-year-old appearance, the gloomy complexion seems somewhat pale, the caret-shaped eyebrow slings, takes a quick look around makes the person favorable impression not have.

"Is the place that you occupied us to move in?"That is the black-clothed person of head is sizing up Ji Dong and heavenly stems disciples up and down, follows not to have in his behind other black-clothed person, because Ji Dong they appear to be anxious. But Ji Dong behind heavenly stems disciples station separates some.

Ji Dong turns head the room that looked at to go out , then had a look at that black-clothed person, "does this room write your name?"

The black-clothed person has gawked, his behind other black-clothed person have also tarried, looked that Ji Dong seems like looking at the idiot to be ordinary. That is black-clothed person cannot bear saying of head: "Do you know that who we are?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "didn't you identify one's role when first coming on stage a moment ago? Dark sacrificial offering group, right?"

The black-clothed person flies into a rage, "bastard, since knows that we are the dark sacrificial offering group also dare so to speak to us unexpectedly, I thought that you are live are impatient. Said. Under you are which big priest controls? Kneels down to me, otherwise, do not blame this not being impolite."

The Ji Dong show face smiles, reveals a white neat tooth, "I want to take a look but actually, how you can a impolite law."

The black-clothed person has not encountered such situation obviously, after stare blankly, both hands also lift, pats void toward Ji Dong. Two blue flame sweep across, directly soars Ji Dong to work as the chest. The black condenses the formation above his top of the head together, Five-Crown Three Stars Yin Crown, is demonstrating his Level 56 strength. Different with Light Five Elements Continent Mage, around this Dark Five Elements Continent Mage Yin-Yang Crown is not near golden light, but is pessimistic. This also differentiates two continent Mage easiest ways. Two blue flame raid shortly to oneself, the smiling face on Ji Dong face became richer, the right hand lifted, a move, that two strong blue flame looked like found the source to be common forward, emerged in the Ji Dong right palm to vanish to disappear. Under opposite party surprised gaze, Ji Dong lightly said: "Keeps this."

These black-clothed person almost simultaneously felt that under foot one soft, the body fell into the mire from the waist, under has a big shock, how these about Four-Crown dark Mages can also display own strength on average. But in fact, how even if they did display to be able? The ice-cold cold band of light has more than ten stuffily, besides before to the dark Mage of Ji Dong attack, other black-clothed person all softly but actually, on everyone forehead presented a hole of fingertip size, what is strange, does not have the blood to flow out.

What getting rid is remote and Du Ming. Even if only their casual person gets rid also to be able easily to solve the problem, but two people get rid obviously are quicker. As for the black-clothed person of that named head, actually arrived in the Ji Dong hand at this time. The Ji Dong extinguishing god directs is not everyone can not be inspired, grasps at fingertips, Ji Dong has pressed firmly between the fingers his neck, the black-clothed person looks at present these Mage panic-stricken, another sound cannot send, even struggles continually is unable to achieve.

Before also lay down in the ground moan hotel boss has frightened a looking pale even/including scale unable to send at this time, but another side that young service person actually as before stood there trembles.

Ji Dong turns head to say to gold/metal: "Takes their Crystal Crown, remote, your damage control." After throwing down these words, Ji Dong another hand wields toward that young service person, the young service person wants to struggle in the screams, but she how possibly from Ji Dong grasps to work loose. the next moment, she is also same as that black- clothed person, had been pressed firmly between the fingers the neck by Ji Dong, goes toward the room directly.

Extreme tacit that the heavenly stems disciples coordinate, the flatter golden body shape flashes, has walked randomly side the black-clothed person of that crowd of dying, her movement wonderful quick incomparable, has pressed on each Mage, naturally magic power condensed dark Crystal Crown that became to be adsorbed. Before gold/metal returns to the people body , the earth as if opened the mouth to be common. Relaxed swallows in which that several corpses, then naturally smooths, has not stayed behind including the slightest bit trace.

Secret very natural arrives in front of that hotel boss, the vision visits him temperately, supple sound said: "Rests, slept anything to pass."

The look of hotel boss was blurred immediately, has closed both eyes slowly.

Before Yao Qianshu picks up, three teeth that he falls arrived at side the hotel boss to squat, under light azure light comforted, the injury that not only this hotel always put on a serious face convalesced, that three teeth also had been settled by him. Then Yao Qianshu lifts up the body of hotel boss, arrives at front without consulting anybody. Places behind him the counter, making him lie on the counter.

The entire process carries on the synchronization, from start to finishing, altogether is also the time of half quarter by, this is because has the Yao Qianshu treatment process. The coordination of heavenly stems disciples so is generally natural just like passing clouds and flowing water pleasant. Moreover everybody does not have any surprised, looked like these already calculated well. For several years tempers, the heavenly stems disciples finally is a genuine team. Not only in fight, similarly also in various aspects cooperate on.

Ji Dong proposes that black-clothed person and that is seeming 15 and six -year-old young service people enters in the room, the thought moves, has sealed up the several meridians of their within the body. Similar to that black-clothed person the broken gunnysack loses generally in the corner of room, has actually placed before that young service person, he has sat on chair.

"Said that who are you?"Ji Dong asked to that young service person. The young service person whole body is shivering, in eye filled looks at Ji Dong frightened, because was afraid, the tooth unceasing collision, made giggle the sound, cannot speak.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "was good, did not need to install. These do not have any significance before me, as so young Three-Crown Mage, could it be can only occupy here is a service person? Installs again, does not have any advantage to you. could it be do you want same to turn into the corpse to be inadequate with these black-clothed person?"

eyes of young service person is very big, looks at Ji Dong, her body no longer shivered finally, "how you know that I am Three-Crown Mage?" Before heavenly stems disciples moved, she was timid has not spoken. At this time the speech voice is clear, listens to be comfortable, formerly also filled the frightened eye pupil also became nimble and resourceful. Pair of pale pink big eyes is very bright, is uncoordinated with her ordinary look.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "I not only knows that you are Mage, knows that you have a camouflage now. Is I helps you remove you yourself to remove?"At the same time was saying, he points at light shell, has untied this young girl's ban. If in front of this bright heavenly stems Saint king, cultivation base only then the Three-Crown little miss can run away, that is the huge joke.

Young girl snorted, but does not dare to disobey the meaning of Ji Dong eventually, the right hand searches into the mind from the neckband place, seems trying to find out anything.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled. Immediately was sideways, he does not want to take the advantage of this little miss, let alone partners also.

The slight rip sound gets up, when Ji Dong has turned head again, sees only that young girl to tear one from the mind is similar to the person of skin -like material, was the hair all has even picked together with the neck and cheeks.

Good exquisite mask, in Ji Dong heart secretly praised, if were not the eye pupil of this young girl betrayed her, perhaps Ji Dong was also not necessarily able to see any flaw.

After the mask takes off, this young girl greatly changes simply, first changes was that did not have the fetter chest, instantaneous supported abundantly, on the neck the exquisite flesh, also that was angry suitably the suitable happy pretty appearance, although was young, but was actually an outstandingly beautiful semifinished product.

However, this little miss may not be contented, takes off the flash of mask, the mask in hand has thrown toward Ji Dong, at the same time, both hands press on the chair, a pair of powerful long leg under wicked the tread toward Ji Dong treads directly, the right hand support body, the left hand directly on a pillar toward side head grasps. Movement not only quickly, but also does not have the hesitation of slightest bit, extremely ruthless spicy.

If this changes individual, one step paid attention to go well by her and ensure can lose the function of man.

What a pity, what she meets is Ji Dong, what was this cheap trick considered as in front of Ji Dong? Ji Dong conveniently strokes, the young girl thought the both legs instantaneous paralysis that oneself trample, the finger has missed one, has not bumped into the pillar on head eventually. The whole person actually numerous falling on the ground, fell seven meat eight elements. Formerly the let loose meridians were sealed up again.

At this time, outside heavenly stems disciples walked, has Ji Dong and secret the strength of formidable soul as the detection, their simply does not need to leave behind the manpower that is more than to reconnoiter.

Saw that young girl falls on the ground, said with a smile remotely: "Ji Dong, you may not know really shows tender affection! Others little miss ages so are small, you cannot be light."

Ji Dong lifts the hand to grasp, by extinguishing the god directs to catch to fill that little miss again on the chair, "do not think that she is not young dangerous. Perhaps the little misses, your, had not been short a moment ago on the man uses. Certainly are been also many by the person who you prevail."

The young girls are looking steadily at Ji Dong wickedly, but, this age is good-looking, thinks that the rogue appearance in fact has such several points of lovable.

"I do not believe that how you possibly can hide. By my appearance, your smelly men saw certainly will be in a daze, then definitely will be trampled by me to is right."At the same time was saying, her also face indignant appearance, looked like by many greatly suffering from injustice as, looks at Ji Dong, both eyes as if must spout the flame to come general.

The climax must launch, Haha. Everybody looked slowly, I earnestly will certainly write the final stage these contents. Wine God will finish in late November probably. Asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 582: The grade of dark sacrificial offering

Yao Qianshu laughed. Said: "This small girl is good! also to humane judgment. It seems like Ji Dong said right, this move also really should prevail has not moved back. The small girl, should not be convinced. Thinks of the fine jade, shows your appearance her."

After entering Dark Five Elements Continent, for is unremarkable, Ji Dong made several girls obstruct the face with the veil, otherwise, their five beautiful women gathered, was really is too discovered easily had the issue.

Chen Sixuan arrives at side Ji Dong, glanced at him, Ji Dong nods slightly, Chen Sixuan then takes off the veil on face, reveals perfect tender face that her command all women could be jealous.

Formerly also very rampant young girl when seeing the Chen Sixuan appearance, the whole person fell into the delay, she has believed, she should be one of the world most beautiful girls. But, sees the present Eastern Wood saintess, disparity between that glow and bright moon made want to look for a crack that she felt inferior to worm one's way into.

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "Sees? This is our Boss' female friends. On your several points of beauty, but also wants to entice him, simply is dream of a fool. You said that he can be swindled? Let alone, even if were kicked a foot by you. Perhaps drops down can also be you."

Psychology of Ji Dong person to extremely good that grasps, regarding anybody, attacks from he proudest place, is easiest to break through the opposite party psychological defense line. Because of so, him had tacitly consented to Chen Sixuan makes the opposite party see her appearance.

That has a young girl of deep purple long hair really to be blown by the Chen Sixuan perfect peerless appearance, her breath obviously became rapid, lips pursed place, although on the mouth agree did not acknowledge, but has actually approved the Yao Qianshu words in the heart. Yes! Has the man of so perfect female friend, will confuse by own beauty?

Ji Dong has pulled a chair, sits before that young girl, letting the opposite party can horizontally view with him, shows a faint smile, said: "I think, now we should be able to chat well. First, I need to know your origin."

Young girl coldly snorted, do not go excessively, looked that does not look at Ji Dong one.

Copes with this little girl, is simple to Ji Dong, nodded, said: "Isn't willing to say? Now does not say has not related, you are also later same will say. I have the innumerable means to make you open the mouth."

The young girl disposition is really firm, angrily said: "Must kill to blow entirely according to your convenience, wants from my mouth polite talk, you to want not to think. At the worst dies."

Said with a smile in side remotely: "***, You think that in this world the most fearful matter is dies? You may make a mistake. In this world, has innumerably compared with dying a more fearful matter. For example, lives to might as well die. Can Ji Dong, change me to come?"As demon pledge hegemon, what environment does she live since childhood in?

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "This small girl should not be our enemies, is not anxious, later she naturally can open the mouth."

Young girl angrily said: "You is a small girl, where was I young?"At the same time was saying, but also desirably very full chest. However, when her vision falls on at present these girl bodies, the rubber ball that immediately the resembles was discouraged is common, even if stature most slender Du Xin'er, be older on many than her. Say nothing of stature perfect Chen Sixuan and stature extremely irritable gold/metal.

Ji Dong has not paid attention to her again, stands up, the right hand searches, before already, threw attracts to pull in the black-clothed person of ground, the magic power blockade, making that black-clothed person stand before him actually the slightest cannot move. The position that Ji Dong stands at this time, happen to can make that young girl see that he is making anything.

Without direct examination that black-clothed person, under the opposite party panic-stricken gaze, Ji Dong that pair of black pupil gradually turned into the silver.

Eye-catching silver brilliance attracted the attention of that young girl immediately. Surprised looks at Ji Dong, does not know that he is making anything. She noticed that electricity of two silver light from the Ji Dong eye shoot, happen to injects in the eye pupil of that black-clothed person. Immediately, the body of black-clothed person just like shaking chaff general fierce shivers, both eyes upturn, the whole body is twitching in the unceasing convulsion, the mouth opens big, exudes the hui hui sound, the appearance of that pain made the young girl smart spirit shuddered. Before associating again at first, method that Ji Dong and the others slaughtered, her complexion immediately became somewhat pale.

Silver light restraining, the black-clothed person as before stands there, but in the eye did not have any mood to fluctuate, became vacant. Is gazing at Ji Dong dull intermittently, body as in is twitching, looks like to the feeling of person the good-for-nothing is ordinary.

"Said your origins. Dark sacrificial offering group what's the matter?"Asking that Ji Dong coldly.

Men in Black's mechanical reply: "We come from the dark temple. The dark sacrificial offering group is the subordinate sacrificial offering group of secret Sir, only receives the secret Sir to lead. We are the floor personnel of dark sacrificial offering group, generally is responsible for transmitting some above orders to give regional big priests. Therefore, we have the aloof status in any place, even if Mage of strength far superegos, after seeing us, wants respectful obeying orders. Otherwise, is to secret Sir is disloyal, will certainly be punished."

Ji Dong has thought slightly , to continue to ask: "That said that was Mage on continent these big priests who received you to say directs?"

The black-clothed person replied: "Yes. The secret Sir is divided into the one by one dark division by the quantity and level Mage, only then the regiment comprised of Mage can have such title. Each dark division comprised of 100 Mage, comes out the big priest command that by our dark temple. Every ten dark division is commanded by a red robe big priest, for a dark regiment. Every ten dark regiment is commanded by a purple robe big priest. For the dark demon armed forces."

Ji Dong nodded with satisfaction, the dark sacrificial offerings of these dark sacrificial offering groups come just in time, these news are they now most need.

"Said the ranks of your dark sacrificial offerings. The quantity of also each rank."Ji Dong asked.

The dark sacrificial offering said: "Dark secret Sir subordinate, those who are noblest is ten disciples, is called the dark heavenly stems disciple, they are the secret Sir most loyal subordinates, is grasping a dark divine tool. Under them, is 20 purple robe big priests, including five purple robe big priests are commanding five big dark demon armed forces, the also five purple robe big priests command the Five Great Empires army separately. The other ten purple robe big priests without, remain in the temple. Under purple robe big priest is the red robe big priest, the quantity has probably over a thousand. They are the high-level command. Again under was the big priest, they were the intermediate-level commander, the quantity have many me unclear. Instead in the army and demon armed forces, they are the command nuclei. The dark sacrificial offerings of our rank, can only transmit orders to the big priest. The red robe big priest and purple robe big priests of higher rank were carry on to transmit orders by the dark apostle." Hears here, Ji Dong and the others were hand/subordinate had a basic understanding to dark secret strength, the complexion of people became somewhat is also ugly. What do five big demon armed forces mean? That is five ten thousand Mage! In other words, in the dark secret subordinate, has the formidable Mage strength that entire five ten thousand Mage compose. But Light Five Elements Continent Mage quantity? Perhaps including others one-third not necessarily to have. This is in the computation under these cultivation base insufficient Four-Crown the Mages premises.

"What cultivation base purple robe big priest and are red robe big priests?"

The reply of this dark sacrificial offering is very simple, but also made the heavenly stems disciples shock, "Nine-Crown and Eight-Crown."

Ji Dong and secret look at each other one, i.e. 20 purple robe big priests are 20 supreme powerhouses, if did not consider that silly rich business association these consecrate, only this point, Dark Five Elements Continent has been over Light Five Elements Continent one time. What is more fearful is the quantity of that red robe big priest. 1000 red robe big priests mean that is 1000 Eight-Crown cultivation base powerhouses. This did not joke. Must know, now the average strength of bright heavenly stems disciples also is just Eight-Crown cultivation base by, even if they are not equal to ordinary Eight-Crown Mage, but Mage can cultivation Eight- Crown, is the top powerhouse. Moreover, Mage on dark secret these Mage and Light Five Elements Continent hand/subordinate is different. These dark Mage unify to obey the order of dark secret, the organization is strict, momentarily can become the most direct fight strength. Five big demon armed forces appear in battlefield. What concept is that? The great strength that since poor soldier extravagant military of dark secret, entire Dark Five Elements Continent many years has exhausted the national strength to support these strengths that truly is hard to imagine. More many of understanding, bright disciples felt that the disparity of both sides is bigger.

News Ji Dong that wants to obtain has ascertained, he also asked the issues in some details, do not have any useful thing to say until this dark sacrificial offering again, Ji Dong at fingertips a palm pats on his forehead, delivers him to go to the western heaven. Also absorbs dark Crystal Crown. Secret took a deep breath, said with a forced smile: "Five ten thousand Mage, this is really a terrifying digit. So numerous Mage magic skill that collaborates to start, perhaps. "

"50,000? This is only standing-by. Does not calculate below Four- Crown, below Four-Crown, also hundreds of thousands."That sits young girl on chair interrupts to say suddenly.

Listened to her these words, including Ji Dong one dull, doesn't calculate below Four-Crown five ten thousand Mage? What concept is this? also hundreds of thousands low level Mage, is the Mage reserve force. Such computation words, the Dark Five Elements Continent Mage total, is almost Light Five Elements Continent ten times. Must know, land area Dark Five Elements Continent also be smaller than on one-third Light Five Elements Continent!

The secret sighed, "millenniums accumulated, this was the Dark Five Elements Continent true millenniums accumulates. No wonder the dark secret had confidence."

Ji Dong dispatches a look to the secret, hinted him do not say again, the Dark Five Elements Continent overall strength truly was above the great strength of imagination, but they also and had the superiority. For example, now in their ten person thorough Dark Five Elements Continent, is in itself an enormous superiority.

Changes that to sit the young girl on chair, on the Ji Dong face is revealing the light smile as before, but this smile looks like in that young girl, did not have anything to distinguish with the smiling face of devil.

"situation you saw. I think, now we should be able to chat well. If you are not willing saying that I did not mind that also turns into the idiot you with the strength of soul, reads the content in your brain again. Naturally, I know, you are not the dark secret subordinate, I will not kill your. After you turn into the idiot will be what kind, that is not I can know. Thinks that a such attractive little miss turned into the idiot to walk, what will cause?" Lies on the Chen Sixuan shoulder remotely. Said to her in a low voice:
"When did Ji Dong also become such evil?"

Chen Sixuan shot a look at her one eyes, said: "This did not call evilly, but was frightens."

Curled the lip remotely, "you will turn toward him to speak."

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "Who doesn't turn toward own man? No rush, Fu Rui will not have the matter. He is dark secret son, the tiger toxin does not eat after all. Let alone, I believe he certainly very good concealing my intention."

Sighed remotely, "this bastard, I only wants to pull out him now."

Them was talking in a low voice, another side, the young girl was really frightened by Ji Dong, just as such that Ji Dong said that if she such attractive little miss turned into the idiot to walk in the avenue, the fools know that what happened. Let alone, who wants to turn into idiot? Method that Ji Dong used a moment ago to frighten her, dish 15 and six -year-old young girls, even if the will were firm and resolute, there is an own idea. At this time her the look became very complex, the innermost feelings as if are struggling anything.

Ji Dong said to her: "If I have not guessed that wrong, you should be the dark secret opponent, but is not the supporter, eyes is the window of person mind. Formerly when these dark sacrificial offerings flaunted ominously, although you as far as possible in concealing, but I saw in your look that deep detesting. If I guessed right, then, we were not the enemies, but was the friend. Even in the future might be the ally who can fight shoulder to shoulder. Because, the dark secret is also our enemies."

Purple sends the young girl to look steadily at Ji Dong, her innermost feelings are struggling obviously, but the Ji Dong words, truly have very strong persuasive power. However, what making Ji Dong and heavenly stems disciples surprised was, that purple sent the young girl tranquilly in a short time. On the face did not have any look of ridicule again, solemnly said: "You turn into the idiot me. However, even if you turns into the idiot me, I do not believe that you can draw out anything from here."

Good the little miss of being unafraid of death, must know, she 15 and six years old by!

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Chapter 583: You make one time to show me

Good little miss of being unafraid of death. Is this need reverent and rigid faith can achieve this point? In heavenly stems disciples eyes, reveals the color/look of several points of appreciation.

Ji Dong to that young girl nodded, said: "Was good, you can walk."

That purple sends the young girl to think oneself misunderstood, formerly the ruthless spicy method of Ji Dong their as powerful as a thunderbolt had made the too profound impression on her, she is unable to believe that Ji Dong they are willing unexpectedly so easily lets off itself. Suddenly somewhat dull visits him.

Ji Dong said: "What's wrong? Also wants me to deliver you to exit? You can do as you please now. Since your what is not willing saying that I also know you are not an enemy, how also to injure you truly?"

Purple sends the young girl to look steadily at Ji Dong, wants to see anything from his look, what a pity, she faces bright heavenly stems disciple, if makes her look at anything, Ji Dong did not need to mix.

Attractive big eyes transferred turning round several, that purple sends the young girl to stand up, but, she has not actually left, but jumped on the Ji Dong bed directly, has lain down, both hands pillow after the brain, "you caught this girl. Ask me to leave me to walk? This girl on you, I was not swindled, does not walk." During Ji Dong is surprised has several points to visit her funnily, "don't you walk?"

That purple sends the young girl somewhat favorite say/way: "Naturally does not walk. You have caught me, if several days later I will not go, our people naturally know that I have had an accident, will deal surely. Your one by one so is fierce, if I now went back, to give the opportunity that you tracked? Your this small trick also uses on this girl, underestimated the person. Ahem."

Ji Dong has a look at the partners, some headaches, he has almost been able to determine that at present this young girl is not an enemy, wants to give her really asked remotely. This small girl was also too hard to deal with. She said that Ji Dong thinks. Whom cannot make track, even if she left this city, can tail her by the strength of Ji Dong that tyrannical soul easily, will not be discovered by her, even if were Nine-Crown Mage does not discover. Has not thought that actually only had young young girl to see through by this, making Ji Dong not halt production to have several points of frustration, like this also had the little miss of principle not to know that smartly was who can train.

gold/metal arrives at side Ji Dong, sets up the palm like the blade, has gesticulated in the position of own neck. Does not need to ask, the people also know her meaning. But here Dark Five Elements Continent, their whereabouts cannot reveal. Has killed at present this young girl, stamps out the source of trouble, obviously is the best means.

That purple sends the young girl when facing Ji Dong did not fear, but when she noticed that gold/metal walks. When feels on the flatter golden body that from the chill in the air in bone, actually smart spirit shuddered, in heart secretly thought: Was I and I dying? However, she relaxed immediately, because she sees Ji Dong to shake the head.

"She does not walk, we walk. All as usual, leave tonight. Before walking, erases the memory in her mind and that's the end."

The people nod in abundance, truly, they to this little miss somewhat favorable impression, do not want such to kill her. Before wolf divine intervention, that dark sacrificial offering corpse pull- off processed. Ji Dong wields conveniently, sealed up that purple to send the hearing of young girl. Made her unable to hear the sound that oneself and partners talked.

"gold/metal, you according to the attribute apportion everybody these dark Crystal Crown that attained a moment ago. Although these Crystal Crown level were lower, but absorbs many also function."

Absorbs dark Crystal Crown? Celestial stems disciples somewhat surprised looks at Ji Dong. The Yao Qianshu brain is quick, first responded, said suddenly: "I understood. No wonder you ahead of time one -and-a- half years led us to enter Dark Five Elements Continent. But does not practice some time that side the dragon valley again, originally for this. Dark Crystal Crown is quite precious in our that side, little must see. But is different here. So long as we strike to kill dark Mage to obtain. Absorbs same attribute dark Crystal Crown, has the twice the result with half the effort function to the promotion of our cultivation base. The speed of self- torture wanted quick many. Haha, this is really good means that this is true living off the government. So long as gives our sufficient time, perhaps our each can cultivation the Saint level. Ji Dong. How do you think?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "I have magic power at first, absorbed two most preliminary dark Crystal Crown to be the result. Actually, is not that easy. Everybody's cultivation base was very high. Absorbs dark Crystal Crown, although has the effect, but will not be big. What only if we absorb is dark Crystal Crown of these high-grade levels, for example class of these red robe big priest and purple robe big priest, absorption are many were meaningful. Our present overall strengths and dark secrets and dark heavenly stems disciple they, also very big disparity, are wanting to overtake, could not say, only then used this method. At this time dark heavenly stems disciple they were impossible to achieve. Meanwhile, why this also I decides the important reason on dark Mage the goal. Good, everybody goes to the room to cultivate respectively. Although we then can promote respective cultivation base through absorption dark Crystal Crown, but, own cultivation cannot be few. If were not everybody had the deep foundation, I will certainly not choose this method to make you promote. After all, this strength that must come from the outside was inferior the foundation that we cultivation is deep. Therefore, during absorption dark Crystal Crown, everybody also as before must try hard to cultivate, becomes own good this external strength completely."

People complied, remains besides Chen Sixuan, other people respectively went to the room. Chen Sixuan does not trust Ji Dong not actually, feared that he and that purple sends the young girl to make anything in the room alone, but in Crystal Crown that because obtained a moment ago does not have Second Wood attribute only. But Ninth Water attribute has two actually.

Actually, by cultivation base of heavenly stems disciples, definitely does not need to return to the room to absorb these Crystal Crown, universal Four-Crown dark Crystal Crown by, can absorb instantaneously. For does not give that purple to send the young girl to see by. But Ji Dong purple has not sent the young girl to stun that also hugs for several points to hope. After arriving at Dark Five Elements Continent, they biggest problem is to the strangeness of this world. If can find to the dark secret opposition force, without a doubt, will make their all motions become easy many.

However, Ji Dong thought that the hope is not big, this purple sent the young girl to be too sly, wanted to induce her not to be very easy. Although cultivation base of this small girl does not do, but soul cultivation base actually must surpass Five-Crown Mage. Ji Dong is very clear, if read her memory really forcefully, likely first will have been destroyed own soul by this girl. Otherwise she will not be formerly firm. Moreover, in that case, they completely will also lose have related the opportunity of this nameless organization.

Is thinking in Ji Dong how must pry open this purple to send the mouth of young girl, suddenly, he hears that purple to send the young girl saying: "Unties my hearing, I believed you."

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan stare, formerly also insisted, even dies or turns into the small girl who the idiots do not fear, how to compromise suddenly. Unties conveniently to the ban of her hearing, Ji Dong was puzzled said:
"Did you believe us?"

Purple sends young girl firm nodded, said: "But, I have a condition. So long as you is a willing worker one time to look to me, I believe you."

Makes one time to look to her? Ji Dong is slower to the response in this aspect, one that Chen Sixuan charming face actually brushes becomes red. Reprimanded: "What did you talk nonsense?"

Ji Dong also responded, awkward angrily said: "Do you play me?"

That purple sends the young girl dumbfoundedly looks at two people, is charmingly angry: "Heavens! In your brains is any dirty thought! I also did not say that makes you do that matter. I am make you be in front of my to absorb dark Crystal Crown to show me by."

Listens to her words, in the Ji Dong heart to feel relaxed first, but immediately is imposing, in the eye is shining, that the formidable oppression strength suppresses purple sends the young girl face to sit cannot hold on to your hat, directly ruthlessly according to bed.

In the Ji Dong eye is shining, the intense murderous intention bursts out instantaneously, "said how you know we can absorb dark Crystal Crown?"At the same time was saying. His right hand lifted, so long as this young girl has any trick again, this time certainly immediately under pain killer. The revelation whereabouts is the big death anniversary, let alone leaks the identity. Regardless has many favorable impressions to this young girl, once threatens everybody's safety, the tyrant will not show mercy.

That purple sends young girl wu wu snort/hum several, Ji Dong had then discovered that the pressure that oneself release was too strong, making her unable to speak. Then relaxed several partial pressures, right hand has directed, making that purple send the young girl to sit.

Purple sends the young girl at this time in the heart is also a piece with amazement, she knows that Ji Dong is very fierce, but has not thought that unexpectedly formidable to so degree, is only a look, the surrounding air looked like coagulates generally, has been extruding her body instantaneously, she did not doubt, if Ji Dong wanted, only these air can rip the fragment.

"I can the lip language, you although a moment ago has sealed up my hearing. Any I but who you said looked."This time purple sends the young girl not to play any tricks, said honestly.

Lip language? Ji Dong or Chen Sixuan have the feeling of not knowing whether to laugh or cry. They have not thought, the flaw left unexpectedly in this aspect. Big of world, is really every possible strange thing. A such little girl speaks the lip language unexpectedly.

That purple sends the young girl to stare at Ji Dong, a pair of beautiful pupil is sparkling, ", so long as you can absorb dark Crystal Crown, that showed that you come from another piece of continent. Naturally is our friends, but was not the enemy."Although her is not old, but is quite intelligent, compared with the contemporaries does not know that mature many times, at this time her in the heart is also very anxious, she knows, since oneself said these, then, if were not approved by the opposite party, or cannot approve the status of opposite party, will bring the total destruction to oneself. She this year is only 15 years old, how a flower season young girl possibly wants dead. However, at this time. She simply does not have other choice. Looks at Ji Dong, her pair of tender and delicate small hand has gripped tightly.

Pressure suddenly one light, the Ji Dong look returned to normal, sees only his wrist/skill to turn, formerly derived Five-Crown Yin Fire Crystal Crown of that black-clothed person to appear in the palm. Bright blue flame has burnt in the Ji Dong palm, that Five-Crown Yin Fire Crystal Crown is almost melted instantaneously, changes into juice, permeates from the Ji Dong palm.

Present Ji Dong was not he who initially that absorbed the Rank 1 dark Crystal Crown time, refine this Five-Crown Yin Fire Crystal Crown directly attracts income within the body again, will not have any waste. Such Five- Crown Crystal Crown reaches as high as to him Level 88 magic power will not have the too major function, most makes this time magic power be full some. However, can save him to cultivate half double-hour basically the time. Through this absorption, Ji Dong has calculated slightly, if want to be able from Level 88 to promote Level 89, then, Eight-Crown Crystal Crown at least must absorb 100 to have the possibility. Absorbs four Nine-Crown Crystal Crown. As for promotes from Level 89 to Level 90 that ridge, perhaps were more on the need.

For all this, this absorption dark Crystal Crown promotes the feeling of magic power to be very good, Ji Dong had the feeling of sharpening the knife. Regarding dark Mage, he will not have the slightest bit to show mercy. They are dark secret running dogs, wants to let Light Five Elements Continent, even is Dark Five Elements Continent is tranquiler. These dark Mage, the especially those sacrificial offering rank, dies to be good a point.

Purple sends young girl stared wide-eyed to look at Ji Dong to complete all these, blinked, suddenly has as if thought anything resembles, "also, I have heard, your Yin-Yang Crown should not be different from us. I must have a look again."

Early has experienced to cross regarding spirit demon Ji Dong of this small girl, no longer conceals anything simply, magic power surges slightly, above the top of the head, Black and White Yin-Yang Crown condensed the forming, but, he has used Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, but showed Six-Crown Three Stars Level 66 magic power cultivation base, but was not Level 88 that his own had. In the heavenly stems disciple, can achieve this degree of also only then his. Other people are most are display some low level skills not to release Yin-Yang Crown.

Sees that unusual Black and White Yin-Yang Crown, purple sent the young girl these time to shock, effort has rubbed eyes, as if wants by clear, golden light that oneself looked, right, if were really the golden light, but, why his was Yin-Yang Crown black and white dual-color?

Won't Ji Dong be able to see purple sends the doubts in young girl heart? Both hands also lift, since the red and blue Yin-Yang two fires leap from the palm quietly.

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Chapter 584: Proud tyrant

"My magic power is quite special. Innate balanced Yin-Yang, thus accomplished Yin-Yang two fires common to have. This is also I biggest secret. You should be clear, when you confirmed me to come from Light Five Elements Continent, and after seeing my secret, you other have not chosen."Above the Ji Dong double palm, pinnacle double model is ascending slowly, his sound also becomes incomparably tranquil. But that purple sends the young girl actually to fully realize, such Ji Dong is most fearful.

"Good, others believed you. I called froth."Purple sends the young girl to make me to fear very much the appearance that is actually laughing and playing was saying.

She jumps down from the bed, high and low is sizing up Ji Dong, actually throughout does not look at Chen Sixuan one, "you guess was right, I truly come from a revolt dark secret organization. However I am very strange, how you arrive at us. Must know, the Holy and Evil Island that side may have the Red Lotus day fire to be cut off, does not have means Oh including the dark secret."

Ji Dong restrains flame on Yin-Yang Crown and hand, lightly said: Matter that "it seems like, you know are many. However, now is not you should ask my time, I have displayed the sincerity. Now this you. I need to know, you is a what kind of organization, what strength has probably. You should guess to obtain, we come Dark Five Elements Continent are not enjoy the beauties of nature." Froth nodded, said: "Our organizations have been founded for 500 years, very competent, you may feel relieved greatly, works with us, absolutely is your wise choice. If you want, I can lead you to see my father. However, can only you alone go. Do you dare?"

Ji Dong without the slightest hesitation said: "Good, now goes?"

Froth has not thought Ji Dong complies quickly, thinks so him to say unexpectedly surprisedly: "You did not fear that I did sell you?"

The reply of Ji Dong made froth somewhat depressed, was simple and direct, "did not fear."

Froth digs the small mouth, high and low looked at Ji Dong several,
"that walks."Saying, was walking toward outside.

Chen Sixuan has not stopped Ji Dong, two people look exchanged slightly, Ji Dong followed froth, when Ji Dong went out, the camouflage of froth has completed, restored at the first appearance of that young service person. Walks toward the hotel outside.

Ji Dong followed froth, Chen Sixuan has gazed after them to vanish in the hotel entrance place, this returns to the room, smiles shaking the head, in the heart was musing. Although this small girl is sly, may meet Ji Dong, she hit eventually on the sheet iron. Is she possibly worried about the Ji Dong safety? In the one-to-one situation, did not draw support from fifty Saint Fire Dragon and strength of eclipse date phoenix by the Ji Dong present strength can fight same as dragon Huang. That is all -round strength of Saint level level, regardless of encounters any situation, the Ji Dong strain was enough.

Ji Dong their front leg just walked, the heavenly stems disciples from the respective room, the day slight said with a smile: "It seems like, our motions must postpone some. We hope that Ji Dong brings can be the good news."

Du Ming said with a smile: "I somewhat impatient wants to go to the dark temple, absorbs dark Crystal Crown, this is really a great idea."He had absorbed two Four-Crown Crystal Crown a moment ago, because itself has not broken through Eight-Crown, felt that wants obvious many compared with other people. This plundering -type cultivation way has not needed to have the psychological burden, not only he, the heavenly stems disciples are liking.

Walked out of the hotel, froth has turned directly toward the left, walked looks like for in front of Ji Dong the young male servant who he showed the way, the small girl of this spirit demon now is a timid appearance, the free time of this concealing linked Ji Dong also to praise to the heavens. She is only 15 years old! Even if barely escapes death, after arriving at Light Five Elements Continent, at age 15 also knew the self-torture. But this small girl is slier than the adult. Generally is simply astute like the agent of oneself previous generation.

Froth brings circle of Ji Dong east in city west to circle, walked half double-hour, where also has not revealed her destination, but also vigilantly is often observing all around, a little slightest sign of trouble she can slightly keen detecting.

Ji Dong follows behind not to worry in her, but observes all that she is making silently, half the time of double-hour, he does not have urging froth one time.

Finally, when arrives at a private residence, froth carefully observed the ambient condition, then moved sideways, and beckoned toward Ji Dong.

Ji Dong with behind enters in her, the strength of soul restrains slightly, has not made the investigation to the surroundings, has to him just as Chen Sixuan is self-confidently same, he also has the absolute self-confidence to himself.

This common people residences and surrounding other common people residences do not seem any different, walks into, is a very ordinary small courtyard, thirty square meters appearances, in the courtyard have a well probably, an age is probably fetching water from the well in five ten-day about old men. It seems completely is the attire of peasant household, similarly is emaciated, the Ji Dong look slightly stops to feel on him leaves, the middle-aged people of these five ten-day periods themselves truly do not have slightest bit magic power, is only an average person by.

Froth arrives in front of that middle-aged person, "uncle, had the guest to come."

The middle-aged person raised the head toward Ji Dong looked at one, among the looks somewhat was slightly stunned, then saw that froth approached own blinked. At that moment nodded, said: "Since there is a guest to come, you led the guest to go."

Froth has turned head, beckons to Ji Dong, before hinting Ji Dong arrives at oneself body, Ji Dong walks, froth has referred to water well, then the right hand presses near the well, clever jumped.

Ji Dong after that middle-aged person nods slightly, follows in froth behind, similarly to jump to enter.

The well head is not big, only tolerates one person to pass, but must evade the well rope that fetches water, when Ji Dong leaps forward in the well, froth has disappeared. However, how she possibly can escape the soul track of Ji Dong. After the body has probably tenesmused about ten meters, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, a hole place from wall had wormed one's way into. The body just drilled into, Ji Dong on the hearing following sound, that hole has closed, at present completely is a darkness.

Conscientious, here air somewhat is obviously thin and muddy, but these regarding Ji Dong are actually not the issue. Also does not light the flame to illuminate the road for oneself, leisurely strolling vanguard, stand forth in darkness.

The sound of froth conveys from the front, "your courage may be really big. Not hesitant dares with."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "does a kitten, what fearfulness have?"

The froth angry sound resounds, "you said that who is the kitten?" Ji Dong said: "Naturally is you, Oh, is not right, should be the small fox is right, a sly small fox."

Froth as if confessed that bickers unable to fight Ji Dong. snorted , to continue toward the front walks.

The secretly thought that enters from the water well disorderly, not only air pollution, but also inside terrain is also quite complex. In the vanguard also many branch roads exist, is simply ordinary like the labyrinth.

Probably walked about the quarter, front froth stopped the footsteps, then Ji Dong heard the slight striking sound. Strikes the sound to have the rhythm very much, suddenly long suddenly short. Struck to have about hundred, froth stopped. A series of quack the sound gets up. The bright ray makes in the channel tiny particle complete(ly) present. Froth jumped to leap to drill. Also at this moment, two potential simultaneously transmit from the Ji Dong body. The strong magic power fluctuation spreads instantaneously in the entire channel. Sincere/Heavy magic power that the Ji Dong under foot, the left and right transmit is extruding his body forcefully, as if must cavity under his indentation body stiffly. But the exit|to speak that froth just put on also snaps.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, the body stands is freezing, or is the float is freezing, both hands also find out, that two Fifth Earth department magic power bombardments have not even brought the least bit ripples on him, but the extinguishing god who he releases directs the response that gets is actually the stone wall. Investigates Ji Dong to know through the soul, has the institution on the both sides hole walls, suddenly opened a moment ago, finds out a palm respectively, wants to press into below cavity him.

At this time, formerly also desirably suppressed Ji Dong of strength of soul to make immediately was dealing of tyrant. The Saint level soul releases comprehensively, the strength of huge soul presents the violent of geometrical multiple increases, formerly that residents, as well as in this underground walk all, were covered by the strength of his soul in the flash completely. The matter that Ji Dong must do is very simple, he covers here with the strength of oneself formidable soul completely. So long as is the lifeform, anybody is unable to escape from his soul monitoring. If situation incorrect words, he is liberal to slaughter absolutely. Like a moment ago him to such that froth said that after knowing their origin, either was the friend, either was the deceased person. The second road may not elect.

One step steps forward, Ji Dong has stood in the trap edge in the spot, simultaneously a fist rumbles, the dazzling red light illuminated the entire channel instantaneously, Yang Fire magic power condensed the tyrannical fireball. Numerous bombardments in front just closed channel exit position.

In the loud sound, fierce thundering made the entire underground world slightly shiver loudly, but, the material quality of this underground world was quite hard, a Ji Dong this fist, has not driven out that channel exit|to speak conveniently, but stayed behind a depth of one meter huge hollow.

"Please stop. Welcome you, guest from distant place."At this moment, a temperate male voice from transmits in all directions.

However, Ji Dong likely has not actually heard general, the personal appearance flashes, arrived at that hollow place, the right palm presses in stone wall, stone wall bright clear, the next moment, fiercer thundering resounds outrageously, but all the crushed stones of splash do not have the slightest bit to fall on Ji Dong. The depth has two meters exit|to speak stone wall fully, stiffly was extinguished the god to strike to drive out by Ji Dong this. Formerly that bright ray once more shone into the road.

Really laughs, you just calculate that to me, having made me call a halt calls a halt? I was also not a tyrant. In the Ji Dong heart coldly snorted, one step steps forward, left the road.

This is a brilliantly illuminated broad space, several hundred square meters big, dozens pairs of eyes flash all fell on Ji Dong fully. Froth in his dead ahead, at this time her camouflage has relieved, snuggles, in seems the 40-year-old middle-aged person cherishes, surprised looks at a present place crushed stone.

Dozens individual vision condense on oneself has not actually taken to Ji Dong any are not comfortable, he can the clear feeling periphery these person of obvious hostilities. But this how? Froth is snuggling the middle-aged person shows a faint smile, said: "It seems like, was Your Excellency evil guest?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "How to appraise is your matter, the evil guest how? Your is careful I to understand, but thinks that the strategic point my words, you misread the object."Enduring patiently of person has limit, let alone Ji Dong is a tyrant, is not one person who is good at enduring patiently. Can have the support of this resistance dark secret organization to be certainly good, but if cannot obtain nothing. In that case, here will not have a live person.

Froth has resentful reading to Ji Dong obviously very much, finally returned to own home game, wicked say/way: "Father, holds this good- for-nothing quickly. No matter his anything origin, punched him one to say first again. He pinched me who my neck pinched to be quite sore a moment ago, but also more than once wants to kill me."

Even does not need that middle-aged person opens the mouth, the form to dodge, four middle-aged people have encircled Ji Dong in central, and simultaneously released their Yin-Yang Crown. The attribute is different, but is Six-Crown cultivation base Mage. Immediately, has been full of the rich magic power fluctuation in this underground space.

Ji Dong has not tried to argue anything, the double back of the hand after behind, raises slightly, simply has not gone to look to encircle in these four person one eyes, although he has not revealed the look that disdains, but that in arrogant demeanor from bone can actually be maddening.

In the shouting angrily sound, that four people almost simultaneously started, their attacks have the characteristics very much, in four people, two people simultaneously throw toward Ji Dong, another two are the magic power output in two people of kicking out, carries on the amplification using the principle of magic power mutual promotion of the five elements to them. Obviously, these people did not plan to kill Ji Dong, but wants to hold him.

Two Six-Crown Mage start under another two Six-Crown Mage amplifications, the strength is quite considerable. What a pity, they have actually bumped into the match of not being able to bump today.

Both hands of Ji Dong have not even taken from the back, has not released the Yin-Yang Crown necessity, steps forward a half step to the right, the right foot lifts, comes Mage that to kick toward the right. Do not despise the half step that he steps forward, the simple movement, made the attack that two Mage originally should simultaneously arrive at have the priority. Without any gaudy, how makes the opposite party see clearly itself completely is to attack, even does not have the output of slightest bit magic power, relies on completely is the strength of physical body.

bang'ed, that right Mage was trampled by a Ji Dong foot, hits just like the shell generally to for that Mage of his amplification.

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Chapter 585: Revolt secret organization

A Ji Dong foot tramples to fly to attack own Mage. Meanwhile, his personal appearance half revolution, a simple and direct maneuver kicks, has kicked to another Mage.

The result is exactly the same, the opportunity that two amplification Mage even continually dodge does not have, ruthlessly had been hit by own companion. Four Mage almost do not divide hit ruthlessly successively on the both sides walls, sends out the low and deep dull thumping sound. Has not died, but actually cannot crawl.

originally look also very natural that middle-aged person who looks at this fight in great surprise, the jogging gives birth for the first time suddenly the daughter, on the face the look is extremely dignified. Formerly Ji Dong acted he to see very clearly, was not quick, but was irresistible.

That two attacked Ji Dong Mage clearly to go out of the corresponding response, moreover their magic skill attacks were also magic power completely output. May be this, the utterly unjustified two feet that the Ji Dong that tyrant said have kicked them, their magic power bombardments on the Ji Dong foot, simply have not played any effect, relied on the physical body completely the strength, four Six-Crown cultivation base Mage caused heavy losses falls to the ground.

The middle-aged person somewhat swift and fierce vision looks to froth, the froth dull say/way: "His magic power only has Level 66 really! I look is very clear. Moreover, the father, he is big! Level 66 has exaggerated very much."Although on her mouth was saying. But including her not to think any persuasive power. Two feet trample to turn four Six-Crown Mage, this is cultivation base, only then Level 66 Mage can achieve?

Suddenly, the atmosphere of this underground hall immediately becomes dignified, surrounding other Mage slowly are going forward, released their respective Yin-Yang Crown. Is the middle-aged person of head is look dignified looks at Ji Dong, he knows, the mistake that the daughter judges takes to the organization very possible is a disaster.

Ji Dong coldly said: "If you want to begin very much, I did not mind that after you all overthrow, with you chats again."

Middle-aged person complexion cloudy clear uncertain changed, quick, his look returned to normal, both hands have wielded wielding to the both sides, hints the surrounding people to draw back, then bows to salute to Ji Dong, said: "Sorry, guest from distant place, I apologized to you for all. I think, we can chat well."

"Father"froth somewhat discontented calling out.

Middle-aged person angrily said: "Shut up. Leads her to get down."Immediately two female Mage go forward to draw the heart to be unwilling, froth that sentiment does not hope walked.

The middle-aged people somewhat smile bitterly were saying to Ji Dong: The morning that "this girl, her mother walks, had been spoiled by me since childhood tenderly, Your Excellency do not mind. I called to dodge the thunder, was here head, has not consulted, Your Excellency honored name?"

Looks that at present this middle-aged person of scholarly flashes the thunder, the Ji Dong complexion tranquil say/way: "This small girl has the slyness of far ultra contemporaries. Nearly had been played by her including me, she was very outstanding, Your Excellency does not need to be modest. I come here with her, only then a reason, because we have the common enemy." Middle-aged person nodded. Said: "I just listened to froth saying that you come from Light Five Elements Continent, since you come from that side, should know that the dark secret is in what kind of status in our Dark Five Elements Continent. Our organization has been founded for 500 years, this seems a great result, may in fact, only then we know. Because that dark secret disdains in radically coping with us, we can always exist, but also forever can only live in underground. We are only one crowd unyielding in dark secret tyrannical rule Mage and common people, you can call us to revolt against the secret organization, what if you need is our help, perhaps I cannot achieve. Danger that because I cannot take to the organization destruction. Said is more honest, I do not favor you. As far as I know, your bright continent strength is unable compared with the dark secret dark temple, also more than one year of time, the dark temple to launch the general attack to your bright continent by far. Perhaps at that time was your ends."

The middle-aged people dodge the thunder the manner, although gentle, but in his words, can actually be said as a knife point, not only has rejected Ji Dong, explicit telling Ji Dong, I am also very clear your Light Five Elements Continent not wonderful situation. To have our help and support. It is not easy.

Ji Dong cold say/way: "I do not like talking circuitously. Your meaning nothing but thought that our strength is insufficient, is not enough to resist the dark secret, will only implicate you, right."

Dodges the thunder and Ji Dong looking at each other, why does not know, this young people always gives him at present a very dangerous feeling, not only tyrannical strength that because formerly Ji Dong showed that because his in proud from bone.

"Good, is so."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I only want to know now, can obtain your help in what kind of situation."

Dodges thunder solemnly said: "Only if you can show to defeat the dark secret the strength." Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "This point I could not have achieved. The dark secret now is the Saint level peak strength, in your Dark Five Elements Continent in our Light Five Elements Continent, in the one-to- one situation, nobody is his match. I need, is not you coordinates us to fight. I only needed you to provide to the news that I needed am enough."

Dodges the thunder eyebrow on to select slightly, in the eye reveals the thinking the ray, after long time, said: "You the ability that needs the certificate have enough makes us support. How many people your this time came?"

Ji Dong said: "Ten."

"Only has ten?"Dodges in thunder Yan to reveal a disappointment obviously. However, his disappointment quick was shocked to substitute.

Both hands of Ji Dong lift, is black and gold/metal, the dual-color flame simultaneously ascends from his palm, this time, he does not have to hide anything again, Eight-Crown Level 88 Black and White Yin-Yang Crown brings that to be near the bright golden light to appear above his top of the head specially outrageously.

"My magic power also insufficient Nine-Crown, what my should Pinnacle Two Fires be able to prove to you? But soldier expensive essence not in many, this truth could it be aren't you clear?"

"Bright heavenly stems disciple?"Dodges thunder gasped, looks that the Ji Dong vision completely changed the flavor/smell, was surprised said: "Your big courage. As the bright disciple dares our Dark Five Elements Continent to come up, you did not fear did own destruction make the strength of your bright continent last resistance not have here?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "I acknowledged. The overall strength, our Light Five Elements Continent is far behind. But since I can appear here, showed that we have own superiority. I can confess told you, now the dark secret also leads his dark heavenly stems disciple to try to block off us on Holy and Evil Island. But we have actually come, they are uninformed at sea. You told me first, is entire Dark Five Elements Continent like at present this city, by dark secret and his dark temple squeezing soon isn't able to make the ordinary common people survive?"

Dodges in thunder Yan to flash through a painful look, nodded silently, ", if not the dark temple makes continent life apply carbon, must unable to maintain including the basic life. Also will have the birth of our revolt secret organization? The strength of dark temple was really too formidable. simply is not we can contend. Every day does not know that has many artisans dead of exhaustion, many common people starve to death , many people die in these status held incomparable lofty dark demon armed forces hands. 50,000 dark demon armed forces, simply is 50,000 devils, they demand everything on continent, our Dark Five Elements Continent did not have the country, some are only the dark temples. The strength that in the dark secret high-pressured rule and his hand basic nobody can contend with, is corroding entire continent unceasingly. If he can lead the dark army to seize your bright continent, perhaps can also relax, if he cannot achieve, perhaps then, hundred years,......"spoke of here. In his eyes that pain cannot conceal again, surrounding other person also lowering the head of silently.

Dodges thunder took a deep breath, is as far as possible tranquil own mood, "according to the statistics of our organization. 300 years ago, every year starves to death the common people quantity and dying of exhaustion probably is 300,000, but to 300 years later today, this figure turned ten times, reaches as high as 3 million. Moreover, this digit also in unceasing is increasing. The dark secret poor soldier extravagant military, tires the people and squanders resources, entire continent people have no means to make a living that makes. The common people feel indignant but not daring to speak out. The poorest place, even/including Caogen, bark ate not to have. In city good, but also frequently the person depends upon one jin (0.5 kg) bread flour to eat one month of matter occurrence."

Although Ji Dong had certain judgment to these situations, but listens to dodge the feeling that the thunder said personally actually to shock, "how did one jin (0.5 kg) bread flour eat for one month to eat?" Dodges in thunder Yan to reveal is pitying with the pain, "every day drinks to bread flour with the hot water. In grain that many, but has the army to supervise, few pity that the grain that produces leaves behind. Now our dark continent common people do not even have including the strength of revolt. The average people can live 50-year-old have been extremely rare, very few. Each family only hope is in the family/home can leave Mage, only by doing so, can eat to sate the appetite."

"We are these difficult people final vitalities, occasionally the organization robs some grain to apportion the common people. But, starved to death the population, being frozen to death every year, dying of exhaustion and is suffered dead in unceasing explosion."

Ji Dong cannot bear saying: "So painful life, hasn't could it be revolted?"

Dodges smiling that the thunder self-ridicules, "? The rebellion has almost every year, pitiful of but all dying. The dark secret has controlled that formidable military power, who can the rebellion be successful? Once after the rebellion occurred was stilled, immediately is implicated, the participant entire family kills off. But so long as these poor families left Mage, immediately the life is excellent, will not care about the lives of other people. Can join Mage that we organize, is finally some people of high ideals, at least is the conscience remains. But the dark secret dark demon armed forces hand/subordinate already completely were actually contaminated by dark."

Here, flashed the thunder to look again the Ji Dong vision became sincere, "because, us was so overcautious, was Dark Five Elements Continent preserves the last revolt the strength. We hope that you can understand. In some sense, we divide to belong to continent of two pieces of oppositions, is the enemy non- friend. But you said right, we have the common enemy. If you can show to us, your this time arrives at Dark Five Elements Continent truly to affect the entire war, information, we can consider that provides for you."

Ji Dong nodded silently, said: "Good, I will show that looks to you. Within one month, you will see the thing that wants. However, is impossible to trust us like you completely. We similarly are impossible to trust you completely. You said is very right, we belong to different continent, should be enemy's relations. Our island of resistance is thorough, arrives at dark continent, wants to accomplish, the security is first. Since I arrived here, then, must care about oneself and safety of partners."

Dodges the thunder complexion changes, "what do you mean?" The strength that shows from Ji Dong he understands, although at present this person is young, but he is not only the bright heavenly stems disciple, is very more possible is this generation of bright heavenly stems Saint kings, that is the powerhouse of final weapon Li Yonghao same rank. Here, decides nobody to be able to block him.

Ji Dong lightly said: "If the enemy, only has one finally. Here, will not leave behind a living witness. But I hope that can cooperate with you. Then, I have two requests. First, gives me you to be away from the dark temple recent contact address. Proof that after completing you said that I good to carry on the relation with you, I also hope that you can rush to there as soon as possible. Second, I must guarantee news security that we present, therefore, I must lead a person to walk."

Dodges the thunder complexion big change, the surrounding revolt secret organizes the members subconsciously also encircles once more, "can you carry off froth?"Everybody is a smart person, from the Ji Dong words he understands that Ji Dong must make anything.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "can your these people prevent me to do any matter? You should understand, this is I biggest making concessions. Otherwise, I can let a here only remaining your living witness, or is makes you all lose remembers."

Dodges the breath of thunder obviously becomes rapid, his subordinates wanted to throw, but was actually lifted the hand to block by him, in the innermost feelings, has struggled the free time of half tea, his fierce waving, solemnly said: "Brings froth to come." "Leader."Nearby several person running togethers of two syllables in rapid speech called out, want to prevent.

"I said that bringing froth to come. Right that he said that this is the best means. We must display our sincerity. Perhaps, this is our final opportunities. could it be you believe, is only the strength that we organize to contend with the dark secret?"Dodges the thunder almost to roar is saying these words, Ji Dong knows, this similarly is also convincing him.

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Chapter 586: Strange uncle Ji Dong?

The time is not long, just left soon froth to be brought. She does not know completely what's the matter, inexplicable, therefore looks to own father, an appearance angrily, has not tidied up this to bully own man to be discontented for oneself to the father obviously at present.

Dodges the thunder to see the daughter, in the eye reveals the moment the hesitation, but he can become one of the revolt secret organization important members, the will is quite calm, took a deep breath, solemnly said: "Froth, waits a minute you to depart with this mister together, in the future, must listen to his order. Oh, the friend, I have not known your name." The last few words asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong has not gone to look at surprised grinning with ear to ear froth, said indifferently: "I called Ji Dong."

At this time froth sobers from the shock, "did father, you, what you say a moment ago?"

Dodges thunder solemnly said: "I said that from now on, you with this Mr. Ji Dong, must listen to his order. Listened clearly?"

Because froth is excited. Red lip slightly somewhat shivers, "father, you, didn't you want froth?"

Dodges the thunder to suppress surging of mood, supple sound said: "Froth is obedient, this for the organization, you are following Mr. Ji Dong they, confirms the magnificent feat that Mr. Ji Dong they make for us well." wa'ed, froth has cried, by her intelligence will unable to see that father this is must treat as the hostage to give Ji Dong oneself?

"Bad father, not pain froth."At the same time was shouting, turned head to run. Dodges the thunder to hurry an arrow step to pursue to hold on the daughter, his vision becomes severe, the sinking sound said: "Froth, you must go. Mr. Ji Dong is you brings, this is your responsibility. If you do not go, you know that what consequence will have?"

Gaining ground of froth pear flower belt rain looks to the father, flashes in thunder Yan to reveal the look of loving dearly, wipes the tears of daughter corner of the eye gently, "froth, clever, for the organization, for everybody, the father has to make you go. Mr. Ji Dong they arrives at our dark continent, has the great goal. To make him trust us not to reveal his whereabouts, we must show our sincerity. Otherwise, here fears nobody to live. He is the Light Five Elements Continent heavenly stems disciple. More possible is the Saint king in this generation of bright heavenly stems disciples, that is the powerhouse of final weapon Li Yonghao same rank, his cultivation base is not Level 66 that you said that but is Level 88. If he thinks, perhaps in a flash, all our people want the destruction. Incessantly so, his appearance, took to us to organize the true hope. Therefore, in any event, you must follow him to depart together. This is the foundation that we cooperate. The father knows, doing this made you be wronged, but the father did not have other means. Froth, believes that Mr. Ji Dong will not have to you disadvantageously. Follows side him, you also certainly can study the lots. Confirmation when we obtained needing, the father meets first to meet you side, ok?"

Froth is quite sensible, follows since childhood side the father, the 15- year-old age was sent to do the reconnaissance work to that hotel, many that the contemporaries are maturer. After the short indignation, is listening to father's explanation, she also gradually tranquil. Looks that father that is full of the vision that has not abandoned, her heart softened immediately. Since childhood she is father together grows up, she knows certainly, father not pain oneself, the sobbing sound will not reduce immediately, looked at that side Ji Dong one wickedly, then to father nodded. Dodges thunder then big relaxing, draws froth to turn back the beforehand position, sincere said to Ji Dong: "Hope our cooperation can be completed heartfeltly. Mr. Ji Dong, the daughter had gone bad by me since childhood arrogant and willful, but also asked you to take on much. My such daughter, but also asked Mr. Ji Dong to help me take care of her."At the same time was saying, he deeply executes a ritual to Ji Dong.

Looks at their father and daughter's affectionate appearances, in the Ji Dong heart some does not endure, but his present representative is not oneself, but the complete heavenly stems disciple, naturally cannot affect the interests of team because of own emotion, he cannot take risk. To dodging thunder nodded, said: "Relax, only if we roll to extinguish, will otherwise certainly guarantee that her security, the froth girl, follows me."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong turned around to walk outward. Froth wipes tears that turns one's face, revealed a strong appearance to follow, at least in the surface was very strong.

"wait a moment."Dodges the thunder half step to follow Ji Dong, took out same eastern Xidi from own storage Magic Tool in the past. In map that "entire continent sells, is impossible to have the situation within dark temple range. This dark temple interior map should to your some uses. For this map, we organized to pay about hundred people of prices. Has used for dozens years is basically completes. At least has recorded in the dark temple surface roughly the construction marking of some positions and special places."

Dodges the thunder to give Ji Dong, is a brown sheepskin map, this type of map after the special handling, may guarantee for hundred years not to be spoiled.

Received the map, the look on Ji Dong face was obviously gentle, he knows, this is flashes the thunder to the sincerity that he demonstrated. Had this map truly to help them very in a big way, this was also the Ji Dong requester revolts against one of help the secret organization provided. Received the good map, Ji Dong then to turn around toward formerly to enter here channel to walk, froth has given the father a big hug, then followed resolutely. The appearance that other surroundings Mages are starting to speak but hesitating, was actually dodged the thunder severe vision to prevent. Such opportunity, they organize unable to give up really!

Froth bites the lower lip to follow in Ji Dong behind, if her vision can pass through the Saint level body and spirit, then the body of Ji Dong perhaps early is tattered and torn, such ability is the dark secret is what a pity impossible to have. However, the mood of quick froth was full of by the curiosity. This underground road as before is a darkness, moreover is the branch road is extremely numerous, this walks with walks is different outward toward. Complex of channel bidirectional. The Ji Dong approaching speed is extremely but fast, simply not in any branch road hesitant, but he road is extremely correct. The free time of a while, went to the place that bottom of the well has come.

Ji Dong stops footsteps facing present stone wall. "Is you opens, do I drive out?"He carries to froth was saying.

Froth angrily snorted, has pressed in nearby stone wall, gets up along with sound, front exit|to speak already opened, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, slid just like the sea-monster generally, since the personal appearance leaps from the well head, the surroundings are greatly bright, is delivered from oppression instantaneously.

Froth did not have Ji Dong to be so quick, she must with crawling was good. Appeared from the well head place, glared at Ji Dong ruthlessly, this turned over/stood up.

Ji Dong does not pay attention to her, did not speak to her, walked toward outside without consulting anybody, froth before leaving residents, has worn her camouflage. This small girl to will not give up because of oneself mood vigilantly.

They have not walked several steps, froth on surprised seeing, formerly the heavenly stems disciples who sees in the hotel in all directions collected from street, converges with Ji Dong together. She is smart spirit shuddered, before she confessed oneself bring Ji Dong comes the time was especially careful, and has been observing the surrounding sound, does not have the slightest bit to discover. But this time situation told her clearly, others simply was all with. Moreover the position that presents from the heavenly stems disciples can see, they had surrounded the entire residents a moment ago. Just as such that the father said that is not good, the organization distribution here can whole army has been annihilated. Perhaps in the methods of these people, will not stay behind the trace.

Thinks of here, her heart some round of cool, again remembered the father to say a moment ago, that good-for-nothing who called Ji Dong, cultivation base unexpectedly was Level 88, but was not Level 66, in the heart was disturbed. Has could it be this fellow same also put on make-up with me? The surface seems young, in fact already seven Old Eighth ten?

Ji Dong naturally cannot go to the control froth heart to guess anything, to partners nodded. Although he was the island of resistance was formerly thorough, but has actually relied on the strength of soul to share own situation to the partners. Although his soul cultivation base compares on two secret weak some, but that is also Saint level middle rank cultivation base, most at least relates in this city to own partners that is easy. He cannot even probably repeat the beforehand process, formerly he through the strength of soul to the partners entire journey had retransmitted in all that in the underground secret room had.

Ji Dong said to the people: "Our set out. Goes out of town directly." Here, he turned head to look at froth, whom in the heart hesitated is making lead this girl to be quite good.

Froth is a girl, naturally is the female disciple is having quite the convenience, first is gold/metal and remote that Ji Dong overrules, the gold/metal that cold disposition, if froth has enraged her, she will not show mercy. As for stemming from demon pledge remote hegemon, forget about it. Froth has sufficed hard to deal with. If with this succuba study anything, is having itself to have a headache. As for Du Xin'er, although was old, but she is a childish, the small girl of froth this spirit demon wants to draw out anything from her there not to be difficult. Lan Bao'er is actually appropriate, but Ji Dong thought throughout oneself had a deficit to Bao'er, therefore never requests her to make anything. Thinks it over, thinks of the fine jade to be most appropriate. He also has certainly a deficit Chen Sixuan, and has a deficit too many are too many, is he confessed that , the debt are many had not worried, the louse are many have not nipped, comes by her. Chen Sixuan has not disappointed him.

Thinks of here, he said to Chen Sixuan: "Thinks of the fine jade, this girl with you. Protects her."Then, when he walks toward the direction outside city first, the heavenly stems disciples follow in abundance.

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, to Ji Dong nodded. However the Ji Dong vision and her had several points of hidden bitterness look to contact, the mind shivered, hurries to think the hot Saint king Kai sharp thorn to grip itself, this lives in the mind stably.

Chen Sixuan arrives at side froth, holds up her hand, said: "We walk."

Froth held on by Chen Sixuan, extraordinary had not opposed, in these people, most makes her hate at present, without doubt is Ji Dong. But most made is actually Chen Sixuan that she was interested, she has not thought that a woman can actually live so perfectly.

"Elder sister, was your name called to think of the fine jade?" An appearance of froth curious baby asked to Chen Sixuan.

"Un, I called Chen Sixuan, Second Wood attribute."

Froth cracked into a chuckle, her the mood as if fully returned to at this time normal, "the elder sister always compared with that uncle is much better."

Ji Dong under foot of taking the lead staggers, nearly falls down, but he has not haggled over with this small girl eventually , to continue stand forth. Also is consoling oneself, age of barely escaping death adds, when her uncle is also similar.

The heavenly stems disciples are suppressing the happy expression, has turned remotely also head to make an uncle's shape of the mouth to Chen Sixuan. Chen Sixuan also smiles, perhaps own Ji Dong, the first time was called the uncle.

Quick, the people went out of town, Ji Dong spread out that map that oneself bought to distinguish under one to approach, then to partners nodded. Chen Sixuan brings froth, people simultaneously to launch the personal appearance, jumped in formerly that city opposite direction, accelerates to depart.

Froth only thought that Chen Sixuan holds on own hand to transmit gentle magic power, own body takeoffed, looked like the earth core attraction lost function. Moreover, that gentle strength also wrapped itself, the surrounding scenery passed rapidly, but did not have the feeling that the gale assailed.

Originally this pretty elder sister so is also fierce! Froth turns head to look to Chen Sixuan, although she has taken the veil, the appearance that but that clothes belt dances in the breeze made with for female her also dazzling and intoxicating as before, could not bear in the heart the unstated criticism: That strange uncle is really good good fortune, can have such pretty elder sister to narrow the eyes unexpectedly clear.

Thinks of here, froth cannot bear raise the head to Chen Sixuan asks: "Elder sister, you are so beautiful, how to have a liking for that strange uncle? He that ugly, person that smelly fart, can be joined to your Oh."

Front Ji Dong, the face muscle immediately became somewhat stiff, the uncle on the uncle, how this did not have the free time of multi- a while, turned into the strange uncle.

Chen Sixuan also by laughed that froth said that "looked that the person cannot only look at the semblance. The Ji Dong merit you have not seen by."

A froth face naive say/way: "The elder sister also thought his appearance couldn't be joined to you?" Chen Sixuan has gawked, this realized oneself got up working as of this small girl unexpectedly, this is clearly sowing dissension, moreover does is so natural, really worthily the evaluation of Ji Dong to her spirit demon. Shaking the head gently said: "Is I cannot be joined to him."

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Chapter 587: Isn't he that is not good?

Froth has been full of hatred to Ji Dong. Naturally wants to retaliate his well, had instigated him and Chen Sixuan relates these words. But she cannot think that Chen Sixuan will give a such reply. was surprised said: "Elder sister, haven't you spoken incorrectly? Can't you be joined to him?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "I have not spoken incorrectly, is I cannot be joined to him, he has not accepted me to the present."

After froth has shocked for several seconds, blows out one to make the heavenly stems disciples same fashion cold sweat words, "isn't he that is not good?"

"Pū"remote could not bear finally, one has smiled. But Ji Dong is turning head of full heavy line, staring ruthlessly to froth, he could not shoulder, he feared really oneself will unable to bear pinch this small girl. A finger ball, has sealed instantaneously up the ability of froth speech.

Such a while free time, the people have been far away from that city, in the Ji Dong eye the ray flashed, the strong black and white dual-color halo has emitted from his chest position, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon huge form appears under the froth surprised gaze.

Before flashed the thunder to say to her Ji Dong possibly was the bright heavenly stems Saint king time she also thought otherwise, but saw at this time the fifty Saint Fire Dragon that tyrannical body appears when at present, she was clear, the judgment of father was really perhaps correct. After Ji Dong has thought deeply about one slightly next, said to the people: "Only lets Maotai and Wuliangye carries us to pass. Such goal will be smaller." The weights of 11 people regarding the fifty Saint Fire Dragon such tyrannical body. simply is not anything. Now need many magic beast do not increase the attack output, shields the personal appearance is most important.

However, Ji Dong has not led the people to leave eagerly, making fifty Saint Fire Dragon Protector for the people, making the secret safeguard froth temporarily, he leads the bright heavenly stems disciples to sit down same place, here has left behind one unlimited positional transmission method, to do emergency requirement. Transmission law is only one cannot play the role in five elements method in the actual combat. But this time they arrive at Dark Five Elements Continent, Ji Dong actually know, this is unable to involve transmission law in actual combat actually became they most important ability. In some important places, if can leave behind a transmission law symbol, then, they how, regardless to wreak havoc on this Dark Five Elements Continent, had the space that went through to organize. Before was too dangerous that side Holy and Evil Island, but to here them the strategy under supposing naturally had not feared that was discovered. The dark secret strength is strong, you cannot bump into us, does your strength display? The Ji Dong goal, is lets the dark secret in next one -and- a-half years of time, cannot see including the shadow of one's own side.

The Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, fell on Maotai, Chen Sixuan is bringing froth, arrived on Wuliangye, froth is a point tranquil, had a small hand to be gripped by Chen Sixuan outside, east had a look, west to have a look, has filled curiously to fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

The dragon clan she also has to see, but such grotesque also Giant Dragon of two heads she first time is seeing likely at present. What a pity. She could not speak at this time, otherwise, will certainly give Ji Dong one, the strange uncle rides the strange mount.

The fog fills the air from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the below the belly nine claws make an effort, his huge body led the heavenly stems disciples to soar, under the direction direction of Ji Dong, directly soars the direction of dark temple to fly. Let a 15-year-old girl not speak, this for her absolutely is the disaster pain. Free time froth of a while could not hold. Must with the look unceasing entreated to Chen Sixuan. Looks at her pitiful appearance, Chen Sixuan somewhat is also funny, said with a smile: "You can guarantee that no longer speaks at a venture?"

Froth hurried clever nod, Chen Sixuan conveniently has then untied her ban.

Froth spits the tongue, shot a look at another side Ji Dong one, the Ji Dong body has worn a white clothing, stood on Maotai white big, complemented each other, the double back of the hand after behind, the black hair fluttered with the wind, how although he was not handsome, but that outstanding makings also made one that froth looked at dull. In the heart the secretly thought, this strange uncle is not too ugly.

"Thinks of the fine jade elder sister. Where is our goes?"Froth asked to Chen Sixuan. Has the blocking of fog, she also does not have the strength of soul Ji Dong shares, only periphery can see white one piece, the unknown feeling is not quite always comfortable.

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "Dark temple."

"? could it be do you want to walk into a trap inadequately?"What one hear must go is the dark temple, froth is surprised, smart spirit shuddered. Regarding the dark temple, the story that she heard are too many. Although she truly has never gone, but in her impression, the place of dark secret life, does not have anything not to be different from the hell.

Chen Sixuan smiles but not answer, froth somewhat is senseless, but, she is was not worrying, but has been full of the curious and exciting feeling. The dark temple, they must go to the dark temple unexpectedly, in this is father also organizes the place that these big shots never dare to go to easily! There is the dark secret supreme headquarters, is the supreme headquarters of dark demon armed forces. It can be said that that is dark secret influence the place of basis, even if now the most dark demon armed forces and army are stationed that side Holy and Evil Island, the defense of dark temple will therefore not relax. "Strange uncle, we must go to the dark temple really! Goes to there to do?"Froth sees Chen Sixuan not to reply itself, shouts to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong looked that does not look at her one eyes, is only lightly said:

Froth curled the lip, said: "Are you good?"This small girl is quite intelligent, she does not want to become is the target of public criticism, what therefore is you are good, but is not you are good.

Ji Dong lightly said: "If you also want to continue to speak, do not try again to provoke I. Ok, when you saw naturally knew. This is also the matter that I and your father agree."

Froth digs the red lip. Poured does not dare to try to enrage Ji Dong really again.

In fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back, she could not feel that speed speed, but the heavenly stems disciples mostly sit cross-legged to sit there cultivation, does not let off any time of cultivation. Only then Ji Dong stands there, because he must come unceasing taking one's bearings through the map, in order to avoid fifty Saint Fire Dragon detours.

Froth can only bored sitting before the Chen Sixuan body, just start she is full of enthusiasm, but the time grew, surroundings white sheet misty thick fog, the good interest also will always be worn down cleanly.

In her is not knowing oneself should cultivation, Chen Sixuan has actually given her same thing.

Froth is a little same as Ji Dong, she is also Fire department Mage, Yin Fire department. But Chen Sixuan hands over, came from Light Five Elements Continent Mage Crystal Crown together. Three-Crown Crystal Crown. Reason that has not given her to be bigger , because this degree of Crystal Crown will make the froth absorption easier.

Froth somewhat surprised looks at Chen Sixuan, she knows certainly, this type can by the bright Crystal Crown value that oneself absorb on Dark Five Elements Continent high. At least he never had heard in organize some people to obtain Crystal Crown to be used to cultivate.

"Elder sister, do you want to give me this?"Froth pleasantly surprised asking.

The Chen Sixuan smile nods, "your talent is good, do not waste. The brains must have the formidable strength to be the backing again intelligently. could it be don't you want to grow stronger?"

"Thinks, naturally thinks, that thanked the elder sister."Froth excited receiving Crystal Crown, the small girl of this spirit demon finally was also peaceful. Sits cultivates before the Chen Sixuan body. However, this is her first time absorbs Crystal Crown, suddenly some are unable to start.

A Chen Sixuan hand according to the froth vest, gentle Second Wood magic power floods into her within the body, tows her magic power to start to absorb in the hand Crystal Crown. Second Wood lives Fourth Fire, complements each other, quick, froth entered the sitting in meditation condition with the help of Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan helps froth, one is because she likes this lovable little miss very much, another also to let this small girl is peaceful, in order to avoid she always disturbs Ji Dong. Arrives at Dark Five Elements Continent. Ji Dong can be said as the brain of bright heavenly stems disciple, the surface looks, he as if in good order, even if brings surrounding of person also to be able facing the dark secret that all can arrange to encircle tightly prominently, may in fact Ji Dong withstand tremendous pressure heavenly stems disciples is very clear, Chen Sixuan was naturally clearer, she is not willing to make this little miss disrupt the state of mind of oneself man at present. As the female friend, the heart of Chen Sixuan all on Ji Dong, all that does naturally also all consider for Ji Dong.

Froth was peaceful also to enter the cultivation condition, Ji Dong thought near immediately the ear was more pure, turned head to look at Chen Sixuan, in the heart routine sighed one secretly, thought of the fine jade to think of the fine jade, was I worth so treating really? The dark temple is located in Dark Five Elements Continent center position in the west, in other words, came from the Holy and Evil Island direction from this piece of continent in all directions close recent direction. Before the heavenly stems disciples were flew day, fifty Saint Fire Dragon continued to fly about two days, they already gradual approach the range of dark temple.

Because there is Chen Sixuan bright Crystal Crown to supply unceasingly, froth this small girl true honest, she was so intelligent, how to let up such good opportunity? With the help of Chen Sixuan, her originally, only then Three-Crown Level 32 magic power has raised promote one level in short day of much time half, must break through the Level 34 checkpoint shortly, she may unable to attend to looks for the trouble of Ji Dong, self- torture, looks forward to the time of fifty Saint Fire Dragon flight longer.

Other people are also at the cultivation condition, only had the secret to arrive at side Ji Dong. Secret seems is somewhat nervous and restless, no wonder has he so, how many years brightly and resisted dark? How many years did existence of both sides secret have? This is the first time, the bright secret can step into the dark secret genuine territory. First did not say they can make anything, only this significance already exceptionally important.

In the Ji Dong hand is taking the map that attains carefully from the store looks, scans below terrain through the strength of soul again unceasingly, to secret nodded, said: "Will draw near, also less than 500 miles, the free time of double-hour we can arrive most mostly. The secret, are you very anxious?"

Secret nodded. "Some. Dark and has resisted brightly these many years, I am first can visit here secret, said honestly, I now am not only excited, and anxious."He compares Ji Dong also at the worst many, after all also young people.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Since came, we must stay behind some profound memories to this dark temple." The secret said: "Do you plan to do? Let everybody release the strength, positive/direct storm? Sneaks?"

Ji Dong said: "Positive storm, although the speed wants on quickly many, moreover can hit their one to be caught off guard with potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt, but actually does not conform to our trip of main purposes , our comes, the first important matter is to attain that two water attribute magical instruments. Then is destroys here. If attack on a grand scale, opposite party definitely divine tool conceals is more secret. The there is still one issue, came from the dark secret. Our these heavenly stems disciples can be transmitted law, who knows that the dark secret can also have? Although he is not the heavenly stems disciple, but, if the dark heavenly stems disciple can also have five elements transmission law, sufficiently in a short time the belt returns to here him. Must have such situation, we were then dangerous. If to the need of divine tool, after we to cannot rumble on several Ultra Certain Kill Skill, rapidly leaves. But now is not good. Therefore, we can only be sneak in the dark temple . Moreover the long time that must extremely careful sneaking, drag as far as possible was not discovered by the opposite party. After waiting to obtain the divine tool, we can unshackle."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong has controlled fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fall toward the ground, awakened with own soul has been practicing the partners.

"We must leave behind one transmission law here."Ji Dong was explaining to the partners reason that here stays. Chose a hill level area place, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon steady landing, the fog diverged, the surrounding scenery appeared in the field of vision of people immediately.

Ji Dong said: "A transmission law distance is nearer, when the transmission setup time is shorter, here distance dark temple about 500 miles, leaves behind transmission law appropriately. Once we meet troublesome in the dark temple, everybody can the earliest possible time hurry back. Had these 500 miles distances, we transmitted from here to before are also enough again in a law time that city left behind. Although dark secret Saint level peak the strength of soul is formidable, but is also not enough to cover to be so far. Moreover, here leaves behind one transmission law, facilitates us to come back again." The dense cold light flashes not to have from his eyes.

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Chapter 588: Cloud story

Light ray twinkle. On the Ji Dong face reveals ice quiet light, after simple explanation, leading the partners to sit in a circle, starts to transmit a law arrangement. Actually, even if he did not explain, the heavenly stems disciples will not question his words. But Ji Dong will actually not do, he needs partners' trust and perfect coordination, but is not simple following blindly.

Froth also sobered from the cultivation, when she opens eyes, happen to saw that on Ji Dong murderous aura the appearance that overflows, smart spirit shuddered, some originally also blurry brains sober immediately. Stands up, carries on the back to jump down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has a look toward all around.

Where she cannot certainly identify this is, the surroundings are the big piece bare hill, few several dead tree alone standing on hill, seems is really dejected. Sees these, her look was dim. How regardless to say, Dark Five Elements Continent is her family/home!

"What froth is thinking?"Secret temperate sound resounds in the froth ear.

Froth looks up to the secret, the secret look is handsome . Moreover the makings scholarly, somewhat resembles with her father. Naturally wants young many. Moreover that temperate aura made her feel very comfortably.

"Is their this is doing?"Froth curious asked that also has avoided the inquiry of secret. The secret shows a faint smile, said: "This I cannot tell you, this is the secret of heavenly stems disciple. I can only say, this is one type protects own method. Perhaps, soon after you will experience."

Froth looks at the secret, said: "They are making these, don't you participate? Your heavenly stems disciple ten people are not a body? Before that side, they also like this sits stimulates to movement magic power, has not seen you to participate. Is that strange uncle pushes aside you?"

Secret unable to help laughing, said: "Small girl, your words may be really many. Does Ji Dong possibly push aside me? If you try to sow dissension, but elected mistakenly the object. They also require certain time, I told a story to you. Do you want to listen?"

Froth pleasantly surprised say/way: "Told the story? Good! Good! Said quickly."

In the secret eye reveals the recollection the look, gentle saying: "Formerly, boy, he called to say. He has a beautiful and good elder sister, very small time, their parents successively leave the world. The cloud was older on five -year-old elder sister to raise than him, small time, the elder sister in order to makes him eat to sate the appetite, every day is doing some zero work for the aristocrat family/home. At that time, she is also about ten years old. Actually supported this narrow and small actually warm family/home."

All that "elder sister makes saying that with she similarly big girl, have a pair of delicate hand, but elder sister's hand is very rough, even if in the cold winter, she also wants the manner to do laundry. In order to makes the cloud eat to the full and put on warmly. Tenth that year. The elder sister with saving the several years complete savings has delivered to a Mage school to examine magic power the cloud. Because she knows, becomes Yin-Yang Mage is lets the cloud reverse destiny the only opportunity. This point is the same with your Dark Five Elements Continent. Just, in Light Five Elements Continent, the Mage status is not high like your here. In order saying that cloud the elder sister can say that has paid all, has recorded events since the cloud, elder sister's clothes have not been less than five patches. The cloud has not disappointed the elder sister. When conducting innate attribute test, he was tested to have 90% Yang Water natural talents. Is exempt from taking an examination the admittance, and was reduced all school expenses. All expenses are borne by the school. Starting from that time, the life of elder sister was ample. Finally does not use again to eat to the full and put on to warm to be worried."

"Several years pass by, in process that school studies, in cloud heart only then a thought that that must help the elder sister have the auspicious day, on happy life. Therefore, his day and night training. At age 13, successfully condensed Yin-Yang Crown. 15 years old break through Two-Crown. Became in the school history youngest Two-Crown Mage. And was elected by the secret city hosts for the secret candidate, thus changes name as the cloud secret. Only when waited to arrive at age 20, again with other candidates carries on the competion, thus determined whether can become the next generation secret, was the bright secret. The cloud is in all selected candidate secrets youngest one, but is actually magic power highest one. Therefore. When he rises into the senior college also obtained the rewards of ten gold coins. The cloud effort makes the elder sister very happy, the elder sister said that must accumulate for him these money, later is good to find a wife to give birth."

"Cloud sets firm resolve, must try hard to repay the elder sister, study and cultivation that he goes all out every day, but, at this moment, his dream actually broke."

Here, clouds that the secret originally gentle tone gradually became excited.

"Cloud has Senior named Cai building, usually very looks after to him, one day, cloud Qingcai Building goes home to be a guest, he saw cloud the elder sister, cloud the elder sister, although rushes about for the livelihood daily, but is quite as before attractive. At that time Cai building had not displayed anything, the cloud also as before regarded the good friend him. But who knows, two Heavenly Empress (day later), he actually took advantage the cloud attended class in the school, leading big aristocrat stone Viscount family/home second son stone Xiaolei of in the secret city was second to none to go to the Elder Sister cloud and home. stone Xiaolei is the playboys who became famous, he unexpectedly ** cloud elder sister. Waits for the cloud to go home, only saw that the attire scattered in disorder elder sister sits on the bed sobs. How regardless of he closely examines, elder sisters agree did not tell him what's the matter. Afterward cloud Cai understands, the elder sister is feared he was injured by these people. Next morning, when the cloud ended cultivation as usual, saw that on the table with usually is as before same, has the elder sister to the breakfast that he makes. The cloud has the breakfast, the preparation has closely examined the elder sister previous day of matter again. But, he sees is actually elder sister's corpse, she has hung oneself to hang oneself. Even has not stayed behind including a few words."

Hears here. Froth has covered own mouth, pair of big eyes tight is looking steadily at the cloud secret, in the beautiful pupil appeared mist.

"cloud Haohen will, why the good elder sister commit suicide the day before fortunately suddenly? He is greatly disappointed, goes crazy nosing situation of that day. Is the neighbor tells him, once saw that stone Xiaolei and Cai building have gone to his home. He goes to the school to look for stone Xiaolei, appearance that ships out acting servilely, stone Xiaolei that domestic animal unexpectedly also complacent to him said that his elder sister's flavor/smell was good, said, certainly will take care of him. The cloud has not killed him, regarding this kind of domestic animal, killed him too to be really cheap he. By the wine and women how stone Xiaolei already pulled out the spatial body is the cloud match, the cloud castrated this domestic animal, but also has cut off his hand muscle and foot muscle. He must let this bastard pain for a lifetime."

Racket that froth makes an effort, "cloud does was good, must make that bastard live to might as well die."

The secret looks at froth, then changes the vision sits leads the heavenly stems disciples to display transmission law Ji Dong there, "matter has not played. Viscount stone was too formidable in the influence of that city. stone Xiaolei Elder Brother stone Dalei is leading Cai building as well as hand/subordinate together chases down saying that cloud double fist difficult enemy four, to run away to go out of town, but, can he escape chasing down of that many people? Saw, he must be overtaken by these bastards. Can you imagine? If he were pursued by these people attended the meeting is what kind of result?"

Froth has not broken the secret, is only nod of effort. Both hands cover mouth, stared wide-eyed waited for him to continue, she had been led into this story completely.

"At this time, an age also wanted on some young youngster to appear compared with the cloud, he has repelled the cloud enemy, rescued the cloud. That time cloud, the whole person fell into the crazy condition, he said to that youngster, so long as you are willing to help me revenge, I later was your servant. The youngster has not promised him directly, but asked the process of his matter. Also leads him to return to the city, the neighbor who found the cloud confirmed the entire item matter. Later, he without delay, played Viscount stone in the cloud the family/home." Here, cloud Tianji has stopped, in the eye has actually been full of the murderous intention.

"Is that youngster very fierce? Finally?"Froth impatient asking.

Secret deep looked at her one eyes, "besides the innocent servant, Viscount stone of doing all kinds of evil, the chicken dog does not remain."

Froth big relaxing, muttered the said/tunnel: "Finally has the result that can also accept."

Secret continued: "After all conclusions, the cloud must recognize that youngster is a Lord, the youngster did not agree, must leave directly. The cloud said that anything must follow him. So the obligation, he must with live to repay. Even if that youngster does not recognize, he is also in cloud heart the lifetime master."

Froth praised with a sigh: "The moral behavior of youngster is really good, the strength is so strong, can actually hate the wicked as if they were personal enemies, does not take advantage of somebody." Right that secret nodded, "you said. That youngster is worth following the lifetime enlightened ruler absolutely. In my this story finally the cloud for the youngster who revenges is Ji Dong."

"?"Froth is surprised, inconceivable looks to sit in that side Ji Dong, "is, is this strange uncle? Is impossible, I do not believe. You are make certainly up the story to roar my, is right?"

Two lines of tears following secret face six, "froth, you may know, I most hope this is only a person of story. Because, I am the leading character in this story, clouds."

Formerly still listened to these words in froth of argue obstinately, the whole person has tarried, looks at front secret, could not say a character again. In the heart endlessly is duplicating a few words, "clouds, he did say?"

Froth did not have mother since childhood, she thought that she was very pitiful, but in cloud with story, is compared with front secret. Oneself also want lucky many. At least, she from infancy to maturity is life during the protection of father, but can also eat to the full to put on warmly, but can also study the ability with the father, love of some fathers and elders. But, clouds? The cloud only has the elder sister, but his elder sister also by bad person ** latter committed suicide. Compared with him, oneself are lucky were too many.

"clouds, do not cry. Is I am not good, didn't I later speak the strange uncle's malicious remarks good?"Froth lifts the hand, gently wipes off the tears on secret face. The secret heart shakes, at this moment, as if warm quietly flowed in his hearts.

Rubs froth the head, "small girl, I must tell you, Ji Dong is not only not an bad person, is a warmhearted big good person. He before to all that you made for everybody's safety. If you must have really disadvantageously to him, perhaps here nobody will let off you. Does not start law as for me with them , because, I am not a member in heavenly stems disciple. Do not forget, what Ji Dong has is two Fire departments magic power, he was the dual attribute disciple." Froth has gawked, said: "You are not a disciple, why you can with them in the same place. Because could it be your continuously follower strange uncle, Oh not, that Ji Dong?"

The secret shook the head, said in a soft voice: "Forgot I said a moment ago? I am secret city main choice, is this generation of secrets. Weighs with your Dark Five Elements Continent words, that is the dark secret relative and fresh, bright secret."

"?" The vibrations of bright secret these four characters to froth formerly knows when the secret is the cloud is much bigger . The dark secret is too profoundly is too profound to the impression that this piece of continent made. When froth heard the secret to say when he was the bright secret that and dark secret relative had, the whole person was silly.

This seems the human and animals is harmless, the look scholarly handsome youth, unexpectedly, unexpectedly is the bright secret that and dark secret shares the honor. He gave back to me to tell the story, said that many with me. Heavens! He, he unexpectedly is bright secret! Although before , she also hears Ji Dong they to call at present this youth probably is the secret, but throughout has not actually contacted with bright secret these four characters together, this, she shocked unequalled.

At this time, heavenly stems disciples have completed a transmission law arrangement, one by one walked, Ji Dong saw that the froth dull silliness stood there, was puzzled said: "Secret, did you use of force control soul she? How was this girl silly?"

"You, you were silly."Froth then recovers, but she could not bear ask,
"was he really the secret?"

Nearby Yao Qianshu inserts said: "Skeptical what this has, with our bright heavenly stems disciple in the same place, is not real secret could it be is false?"

Froth holds on the hand of Chen Sixuan on own initiative, said with a forced smile: "I am a little dizzy, let me first dizzy a while." Remote chuckled, said: "Small froth, dizzy point nothing. Later to the place, you did not feel nauseated well."

Froth was puzzled said: "could it be do you want to go to a very disgusting place?"

Remote say/way: "No, we must make disgusting slaughtering. Did you fear?"

Froth snorted, said: "I did not fear, from infancy to maturity, I have seen deceased person are many. However, he is really the bright secret. "

People speechless......

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Chapter 589: Graphite octopus

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon starts once more. After listening to the secret story, froth looks that in the Ji Dong look the hostility markedly reduced. However, she looks that the secret look actually changed. Unceasing stares at the secret to look, the secret that even looks at somewhat was scared.

Remote is also standing Chen Sixuan, looks at froth the appearance, cannot bear take to say with a smile: "What's wrong? Had a liking for our secret? Wants the elder sister to help you tell him? I can promise you, secret fellow absolutely is a virgin, has never had the woman."

Red of froth charming face seasonal delicacies, "you spoke irresponsibly anything! Who had a liking for him."

Remote chuckled, said: "Had a liking for him to have any relations, the age was not the issue. He is also older than you ten years old of point the appearance. If you followed him, you may stretch across the two pieces of continent first love. That is the true bright and dark fusion."

"You said again randomly, I must be angry."Froth both hands fork waist, angrily to said remotely.

Cracks into a chuckle remotely, said: "Good, I did not say good."Has not waited for froth to relax, hears remotely to whisper in that side: "If their two, really together actually have had a child are light attribute or dark attribute?"

The froth body in a flash, nearly carries on the back to fall down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has Chen Sixuan to draw her luckily. Wicked looks to remotely, a face not indignation. Remote then no longer continues to tease her. Compared with the ancient spirit demon, perhaps they are not the froth matches, but must say the evil thought that froth and remote this demon pledge hegemon actually also difference far.

The heavenly stems disciples again have not entered the cultivation condition, after arriving at Dark Five Elements Continent, their first fight must start. At this time, they are adjusting oneself condition as far as possible, the dark temple, their first station, must give a Dark Five Elements Continent strongest point.

Ji Dong concentrates on, the strength of his soul presents the rug scanning is ordinary, is feeling all living thing on following earth.

Western, Sun sets gradually, sunset glow afterglow incarnadine entire horizon, weather also along with it gradually dark.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon flew about 400 miles, landed under the order of Ji Dong on the ground slowly, the next moment, Ji Dong the strength of soul already with the partners closely jointly in one, this time, has included froth.

Froth felt suddenly in own mind a clear, as if periphery all become especially are clear, in mind, even also presented many distance data. Has not waited for her to call out in alarm makes noise, the Ji Dong sound has resounded in her mind, ", if not want dead maintains peaceful. Now I share with you my soul investigation. You only need with thinking of the fine jade, other anything do not do. If you think that cannot control oneself that mouth, I did not mind that helps you seal again it."

The sound appears in own mind. This unusual situation has blown froth immediately, although she glared at Ji Dong ruthlessly, has not screamed eventually. However, quick, she knows where this was. Because the soul investigation of Ji Dong has given an observation of distant place prospect, pours into to the mind of people.

The front hundred inside and outside, is a darkness, all, covers in thick black mist, looks like that map of Ji Dong purchase is the same, jet black piece.

This, this could it be it is. , Froth stared wide-eyed.

The Chen Sixuan sound resounds in the froth mind, "right, here is the dark temple, is our trip of destinations. You need to take down all that we make now as far as possible, goes back later to change for the better to give your father. This is foundation that we each other cooperate. Did you understand?"

Before froth then resounds just before leaving, father to the words that oneself spoke, two days, two days, they unexpectedly arrived around the dark temple merely, Heavens! That strange has the fellows of two heads to fly to be quickly good many?

Ji Dong the fifty Saint Fire Dragon income to intranuclear of own life. His sound resounds in partners mind, "I had investigated a moment ago carefully, in a distance dark temple hundred miles range, had the sentry post of dark demon armed forces to exist. Toward inside, does not have the appropriate stopping over place perhaps again. Then, we must lead the way to enter gradually. The dark demon armed forces that in order to avoid alarming dark temple guarding, I had not investigated that black fog the strength of soul a moment ago. After we and others were close, then finds the way to go. set out."

At the same time was saying, when Ji Dong the fluttering body, marches forward toward the front first, is relying on his soul sharing, where has the sentry post, clear appearance in people mind.

"Ji Dong, we must clean up these sentry posts. These dark Mage, kill one to be few."gold/metal said to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "It is not good. According to dodging the thunder records to my map on. Here dark Mage is takes turns a double- hour to two double-hour probably one time. If we have killed outside sentry post, the time that we enter will receive very big limit. Moreover, we do not know the specific time of taking turns. Avoids the sentry post in surrounding as far as possible." Chen Sixuan draws froth, the wolf divine intervention is having the secret, the people to accelerate quietly, under the soul survey of Ji Dong eagerly anticipates close dark temple slowly.

Only if there is strength of soul not to be weak in the Ji Dong enemy exists, otherwise, so long as is the lifeform, is unable to escape from the reconnaissance of Ji Dong. The defense of dark temple is nothing less than strict. Has soldier who wears the black mail-armor and helmet to shuttle back and forth in the surroundings unceasingly. Luckily, in the dark temple surrounding, is the forest of big piece cover, gave Ji Dong them to shield. Patrol besides the soldier, Mage of also dark demon armed forces, the overall quantity is unclear. The direction that but they enter, Ji Dong had discovered had dozens. Moreover cultivation base is not weak, at least in Four-Crown above. The position that they are is chaotic, but also walks randomly frequently, fluctuation position. If no soul survey of Ji Dong, wants to penetrate not to bump into them from the ground is almost impossible. Moreover, these Mage will frequently also release certain range own magic power, searches through this method underground and periphery whether has the enemy to exist with these ordinary soldiers coordinates, defends can be said as extremely strict.

The heart of froth mentioned the throat at this time, from infancy to maturity, she listened to the ear that dark temple these four characters listened to want the long cocoon, but this was actually devil strongly such near in her first distance legend, possibly wasn't anxious? At this time, she does not dare to give Ji Dong to disturb again, holds the breath with rapt attention, whatever Chen Sixuan is bringing, pair of big eyes unceasing looks toward all around, seems lest has dark Mage to jump suddenly. What a pity, under the leadership of Ji Dong, possibly has this situation emergence?

Hundred miles distance regarding the average person that is suitable is not near, but regarding the heavenly stems disciples actually at all is not anything. In the situation that must avoid the sentry post, the people have also used a free time of more than double-hour, had passed through these hundred miles wooded mountains. That thick black fog already at present. Their that speeds, in marching forward were seen by the ordinary soldier, perhaps also can only be treats as the vertigo by.

About the place in distance that thick black fog also kilometers, Ji Dong stopped, hints the people to rest temporarily. The secret arrives at side Ji Dong voluntarily, said in a low voice: "Right, is here. I have been able the clear feeling existence of that two divine tool. Let me have a look at this black fog is anything."

At the same time was saying, the secret closes both eyes, the forehead eye of secret opens quietly. Initially, he followed former generation secret cultivation, inherited the secret mantle time. Was opened the eye of secret by the former generation secret. But the eye of that time secret was only an embryonic form, looked like the scoop channel of waiting crustification is ordinary, after he resulted in the eye of secret truly, this bright secret ability true showed.

Eye of opening secret, reveals the gentle ray, gazes in the black fog of front quietly. That thick black fog not, because this gentle ray produces anything to change.

Celestial stems disciples very natural separation, the stick of remote earth goddess has inserted in the soil of under foot, although outside all during Ji Dong the strength of soul covers, who knows that what in this black fog can present? Causes ten thousand years of ship carefully, here, nobody can be negligent.

The eye of secret slowly closed, secret opens both eyes, solemnly said: "Is very troublesome. The ingredient in this black fog is very complex, is primarily the Ninth Water attribute element, is also doping the toxin and intense soul fluctuation. Completely is the barrier of dark temple. If I have not guessed that wrong, Mage in these dark demon armed forces have certainly any special goods to carry under the arm or is the special channel and method, can enter was not discovered."

Ji Dong said: "Can be occupied by everybody to enter with strength of gable soul? Shields the soul investigation of opposite party." The secret shook the head, "is not good. That soul fluctuation is crosswise uninterrupted scanning. Simply speaking, looks like a wall, or is ties. Once we move to tie, even if they cannot induce us are anything, but will immediately also discover that had the bystander to come . It is not able to enter."

Froth that quite a while has not spoken lowered the sound to say at this time suddenly: "Our organization dispatches several hundred people to mix, some directly join the dark demon armed forces, over a hundred years of effort, drew inside map. I listened to the father saying that the demon fog outside dark temple by one type the lifeform of being called the graphite octopus emitted. This biological itself anything attack capability, actually has not won in the spirit knowledge is sensitive, so long as enters in its demon fog range, will immediately be discovered by it. Our at least over a hundred people die after by this demon fog was discovered was killed by the dark demon armed forces. Until now, that this demon fog is at a loss. You look at the map, the dark temple looks like city, the most surrounding strip width reaches hundred meters river, the depth exceeds
40 meters, inside has raised many this graphite octopuses. Was safeguarded by the specialist, had this thing, cannot many people defend in, so long as some people observed the response of graphite octopus on the line. This demon fog pulls one round to move the whole body. To touch slightly, all demon fog city crazy whirling around, the invaded position presents for the swirl. Carries on the positioning accuracy to the dark demon armed forces sufficiently."

Yao Qianshu ill-humored say/way: "**, I only want to say that dark secret fellow fears death. Some that many Mage protections have not calculated, but must make such a thing."

Ji Dong said: "This demon fog, not only to defend, gives people a mystery. Used to deceive the common people appropriate. Isn't the dark secret will have built god general existence of?"

"Few hosts, I have means to go." The sound of wolf divine intervention remembered at this time suddenly. After relying on the bead of thick earth broke through Nine-Crown, he had some changes obviously, on skin were many a shiny smooth gloss, the whole person also seemed taller and straighter.

"Oh? Do you have the means?"Ji Dong surprised looks to wolf divine intervention.

Wolf divine intervention nodded, said: "I am Earth department Mage, if with carries on the coordination remotely, I thought us to be able from underground in the past. Although this demon fog is strong, but covers is also only the ground by. Even if the interior has the river water, in addition gas cloud's itself corrosion to earth. Are most to the underground defense is also about hundred meters. Therefore, underground should be the only possibility."

Yao Qianshu said: "Your meaning is, did we dig a said/tunnel to be inadequate in the past?"

Inserts remotely said: "Has the bead of his thick earth, but also needs any said/tunnel. Let alone is 100 meters depth, even if 200 meters, we can also the relaxed past."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, that this."

Is this also good? Froth surprised looks at a few calling the Ji Dong wolf divine intervention, she starts thought that Ji Dong is very fierce, afterward thought that Chen Sixuan is very fierce, then has discovered existence of bright secret. Now at present this big youth actually said can escape enters. These person are could it be the monsters? Earth department Mage she has also contacted, but must say that can lead these many people to escape, she never has actually heard.

The secret and Ji Dong look at each other one, said: "I Lord the shield, do you Lord the investigation?"

Ji Dong nods said: "set out. The divine intervention, looked your."

The wolf divine intervention makes the people gather in the same place, froth and secret in the middle, the secret eye Bank of China light flashes, silver light covers has covered the people, that silver light is very gentle . Moreover the ray will not send out. If feels the aura, even if pasted outside this silver light cannot feel existences of inside people. The secret has isolated the outside with the strength of his soul completely. Any magic power fluctuation, ray and aura will not spread.

The wolf divine intervention opens spits lightly seasoned, immediately, the bead of that perfectly round thick earth floating, at the same time, Nine- Crown Fifth Earth Yang Crown also slowly raises from his top of the head, Nine-Crown Level 92, this is his present magic power level.

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Chapter 590: The bead of thick earth

Froth only thought oneself must faint. She now true understanding, anything is the strength of disciple. At present these people, but is older than her is about ten years old, some also greatly are possibly less than ten years old, but is actually one by one abnormal. At present this is called the fellow of wolf divine intervention, magic power is unexpectedly higher than Ji Dong. Heavens! That is Level 92, the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, under the Fifth Earth department part of great bear crown. But is such a supreme powerhouse, to the name of Ji Dong unexpectedly is few hosts.

Gentle yellow radiance covers the body of people, but on the stick of remote earth goddess, sends out the light gray brilliance, yellow and ash complements each other fresh splendor. The body of people, does not have the omen slow sinks to the place. In an instant, surroundings one dark, they submerged completely underground.

The both eyes of wolf divine intervention turned completely with the bead of similar yellow thick earth, enters underground, is relying on the bead of thick earth, he did not need the Ji Dong soul to investigate. The situation in surrounding soil all clear presents in his sensation. Brings the body of people to sink continually. But remote function, but relies on the stick of earth goddess to make the surrounding soil and rock become soft, auxiliary wolf divine intervention quicker is leading everybody thoroughly underground.

Froth gently is patting own chest, she has not borne a grudge oneself father now. For several days, she only thought all that oneself experience add simply mysteriously compared with the front several years. Before was to fly to ascend the sky, the present is to submerge. Really ascends the sky into, has been full of the mysterious color. She very anticipated now after these bright heavenly stems disciples enter the dark temple, will make anything. Also vanishes into thin air to Ji Dong that hatred.

The bead of thick earth is sending out that rich yellow ray continually, to person a gentle calm and steady feeling. In the Ji Dong heart acclaimed secretly, worthily was in the silly rich business association three magical instruments the rank first place. The bead of this thick earth really has its originality. Had this divine tool, the present wolf divine intervention can also assume sole responsibility for an important task. Must know, he after gold/metal, in the heavenly stems disciple second achieves Nine-Crown cultivation base, catches up, but must surpass went to Fu Rui of dark secret side non- by-path.

Besides froth, soul cultivation base of heavenly stems disciples is not low, everybody can feel that the body undercuts fast . Moreover, is the straight line undercuts, what hard rock meets on the way and so on , can block the stick of remote earth goddess to add on the wolf divine intervention the bead of thick earth? In process that this undercuts, throughout is maintaining a stable speed, the people have not felt existence of any oppression strength, the prestige of divine tool thus it can be seen.

When will soon arrive in the 200 meters depth of predetermined target, undercuts the speed slowly to reduce speed, finally stops.

Ji Dong discovered, the range of strength of foreign investigation own soul in underground was extremely limited, in the stone after all is not the air, but he also finally can feel relieved releases the strength of soul, quietly investigation. Naturally, he can feel now is the massive soils exists. When continues to be upward, discovered that the soil is throughout hard, approaches to quickly from a ground 100 meters local time, there are massive granites to prevent, obviously this granite rock layer was the river bottom in that dark temple moat. This clearly is artificial manufacture rivers. Formerly the bird's eye view from the sky, the range of this dark temple at least had three Central Plains City to be so big, the manpower opened cutting, and by a granite store furnishings construction such moat, needed the how huge manpower and physical resource! Obviously, this is not this generation of secrets does. Thus it can be seen, the selfish natural disposition of all previous dark secret, Dark Five Elements Continent faced with the present this life apply carbon aspect, is not one generation of dark secrets can create. The so-called belief, simply is a joke, if no hand/subordinate the huge strength to be the backing, perhaps the dark secret does not know that was killed many times by the crazy dark continent common people.

After reaching such conclusion, the judgment of Ji Dong to currently situation had the new change, he can affirm now, Light Five Elements Continent must face, is not entire Dark Five Elements Continent, but is only the dark secret and his running dog. So long as can rout dark secret one time from the upfront. Massacres the dark secret oneself, then, so-called holy war simply will not appear, so long as Dark Five Elements Continent did not have the dark secret to exist, this so-called holy war simply will not exist. They do not have any following strength.

However, thinks of here, Ji Dong has realized another issue, that is, if they can beat the dark secret and his army, then, later can be what kind of picture? Will Light Five Elements Continent let go such good opportunity? Answer inevitably negative. Perhaps, bright continent Five Great Empires will launch immediately the war against aggression. By the dark continent present situation, simply is impossible to have the strength to prevent. Although bright continent impossible like dark secret, so long as is the war deceased person, suffering hardship is the common people. This also similarly is not Ji Dong wants to see.

Thinks of these, Ji Dong heartfeltly admires to the first-generation bright and dark 20 heavenly stems disciples. They have constructed Holy and Evil Island, by the impediment of Holy and Evil Island, making two pieces of continent be isolated, enjoyed own culture respectively. What a pity, the initial grand occasion was very perhaps difficult to repeat again, now Dark Five Elements Continent is in the dominant position is not the dark disciple, but was that Saint level peak dark secret! All is also too early saying that if one day, oneself really can achieve Divine level cultivation base, then, must start ultimate Certain Kill Skill, like Lie Yan (raging flames) , to continue to block two pieces of continent. Ji Dong understands, reason that the Red Lotus day fire can only continue for five years. That is because Lie Yan (raging flames) must maintain the strength to come facing chasing down of god at that time. Even if there is a probability that extremely one lives, she must try. Otherwise, if she applies complete supernatural power above the Red Lotus day fire, designs law function again well, then, the Red Lotus day fire surely can long time save this humble one to go. Perhaps, this is also the way that Lie Yan (raging flames) finds to make me go on living. If the permanent isolation two pieces of continent, I will not have any caring followed her to go, Lie Yan (raging flames) Lie Yan (raging flames), you thought through a matter really!

In the Ji Dong mind in indulging in flights of fancy, the wolf divine intervention has not been idling, after the short stop, he after the induction of bead of thick earth has assessed the front situation, immediately once more stimulates to movement the divine tool, leading the people by undercutting to turn into forward running. Fast advances toward the front.

Ji Dong recovers, looks at each other one with secret, nodded, the click naturally understands slowly his meaning, grasps with Ji Dong both hands, Ji Dong another hand very natural has held on Chen Sixuan, about three people of strength, soul fusion. Promoted the Saint level peak degree the strength of their soul. Had the strength of so formidable soul to shield, so long as dark secret not in this dark temple. They sufficiently covered oneself aura not to be discovered by anybody.

Passes through from the broad moat next hundred meters, if the artificial excavation channel, that is almost impossible, first did not say outside the dark temple to have the patrols of that many armies, even if can sneak to here really unearths, is impossible to escape in the dark temple soul survey.

Just entered under moat range, Ji Dong and secret discovered that even if in this soil, has the intense soul fluctuation, at least is the Saint level level. Although they do not know that this Saint level level survey magic power came from where, but actually realized the formidable degree of this dark temple. After all is millennium above accumulations. Simply is an incomparably solid fortress. Naturally, after that Saint level detectability thorough underground, itself had big weakening . Moreover the survey of that Saint level level is just Saint level initial rank, even if were only protects the people by Ji Dong is also enough, let alone they now are the strength of Saint level peak soul three people released together?

Discrete must, because their trip of goals are not the destruction, but found that two Water department magical instruments, making their bright heavenly stems disciple also be able to be the divine tool complete degree. In this case must be careful. Otherwise, once has alarmed inside dark demon armed forces, their collections to two magical instruments will be then more secret. The defense also will certainly be strict, most troublesome is, who can affirm that the dark secret doesn't have the method of transmission to return to here directly? The opportunity of if to that time, perhaps these two magical instruments again not having, why did they come and dark heavenly stems disciple contend? Therefore, for two magical instruments, they need the caution and care, before finding divine tool, as far as possible was not discovered by the opposite party.

The secret obtained the eye of secret luckily, can judge the position of divine tool, otherwise, their simply was impossible to find the divine tool, does not know that the dark secret had any method, has isolated the aura of that two Water department magical instruments completely, did not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation or is the soul fluctuation exists, by the strength of Saint level peak soul they collaborated at this time, Ji Dong cannot feel existences of these two magical instruments. It seems like that copes with the dark secret, the bright secret itself effective strength is not good, will be one of the most important links.

Finally from underground passed through to protect dark Confucian temple that broad rivers, Ji Dong also strengthened the output of soul survey in this flash, particularly to the detection of surroundings soil, bead of coordination thick earth with wolf divine intervention, shape doubling insurance.

Wolf divine intervention took a deep breath, Nine-Crown Yang Crown on top of the head becomes is especially bright, stimulates to movement the strength of bead of thick earth to start the people on to deliver slowly. The spirit of heavenly stems disciples also becomes concentrates. Has the Ji Dong three people of fusion soul surveys, their is familiar with outside all.

When the bead of thick earth has delivered to the people from the ground also about ten meters position, Ji Dong hints the wolf divine intervention to stop temporarily. Before arriving at ground, he must carry on the last careful investigation.

At this time, wolf divine intervention leads people to rise, but the position, a dark corner that after is Ji Dong relies on fusion, Saint level peak the strength of soul was finding. The black that in reaches as high as constructs in nearby shadow. Through coverage of strength of soul, the dark temple completely presented in the mind of people. Froth is no exception.

For froth because of being startled to call by oneself, does not know where from has made a cloth strip, has tied up own mouth on own initiative, at present these bright heavenly stems disciples have made her see too many magical instruments, she does not know that will then have any fresh thing to see, if were not careful, but lost face.

The dark temple suddenly seems, looks like an incomparably giant city, even if the castle of earth core world that three big strong clan discusses the scale unable by far compared with here. In the moat of dark temple, is a 30 meters in height 30 meters in depth black city wall, the city wall every other 200 meters, reaches as high as hundred meters lookout tower, so long as the weather is good enough, can see inside and outside dozens with ease.

The lookout tower of that one by one apex seems looks like the fang of dark temple is ordinary, making one be awed at the sight. The city wall, performing is the big construction, but all constructions, including the ground upper berth stone brick, completely are the black. This dark temple also really dark implements.

These big constructions had much have exceeded highly 50 meters, on each building the striking giant badges, should represent the functions of these constructions. Compared with that dark temple map in Ji Dong hand, here terrain also wants complex many, obviously, revolts against secret alliance these martyrs, cannot deliver the panoramic view of dark temple. During these big black constructions, is broad streets. The width of each street must over 30 meters, hold ten horse-drawn vehicles sufficiently parallel, but will not have any crowded feeling. Here, even if assembles the massive armies also to be able relaxed free.

This where is a temple, is a fort is clearly right, Light Five Elements Continent uses the strength of five country in the fort that on Holy and Evil Island constructs, if compared with here, must appear rough many.

These black constructions have brought to the attention of Ji Dong, the material that these constructions including the ground black stone tile/brick who uses to use is an extremely tenacious stone material, investigates him to feel through the soul, the degree of hardness of this type of stone material at least is over five times of granite, these many rare materials construct this kind of city, no wonder Dark Five Elements Continent will be spoiled this. So a fort, only casting or is to cut these hard stone materials does not know how long needs, many manpower.

, Looks from afar in the dark temple central direction, there, giant dark castles, is in the entire dark temple the broadest construction.

This castle constructs on about 200 meters in height hill, around hill surrounded by water, unexpectedly also such a moat of inner city.

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