Jiu Shen Chapter 571-580

Chapter 571: Lets a wolf into the fold!!!( Three 12,000 erupt, asked monthly ticket)

"Lets a wolf into the fold!!!"Zhou Xiaoxiao is leaving the silly rich business association treasure house. Has sent out inner city the heavenly stems disciples, arrived in outside Jin Cheng silly half city, confirmed that after these consecrate cannot hear, immediately face upwards the deep sigh, being in deep sorrow of face. Is clearly opposite with his expression, the heavenly stems disciples is a well satisfied appearance. Obviously, everybody has the harvests of varying degrees.

Zhou Xiaoxiao pain absolutely reasonable, heavenly stems disciple treasure house one line, although cannot say is the looting, but also imagined the thing that took away more than him. First is in the storehouse, two magical instruments and jade of that six day naturally are a cinch, but must add on secret that unable with the eye of secret money weighs. In the status including the heavenly stems disciple was next to the secret of Saint king sought for several generations, obviously on that day the eye of machine was the how precious good thing. Not only so, after heavenly stems disciple, almost opened in storehouse all boxes, that is really the rug search, looking everywhere for of no trace of politeness. Like on the Lan Bao'er neck is hanging can greatly improve the Tenth Water magic power absorption rate the riddle of gem dark blue, Du Ming tao fights the clothes in Saint flame armor outside water transportation, is the good things of heavenly material earthly treasure level. This treasure almost every person took such two and three types, in silly rich business association this aggregate capacity of storehouse, besides the books, at least reduced one- third. Ji Dong is an exception. He with these things, mainly has not been because does not have anything to suit his, but, if thinks that he such easily lets off the silly rich business association, that may be completely mistaken, do not forget, he inherits of the business association president Lord. Ji Dong not with other any things, but had found a number of scrolls in an especially big box, has three and 40 appearance probably, he had not even looked why these scrolls use, altogether, directly has entirely thrown in own Vermilion Bird bracelet. When the fatty wants to prevent fatty whole body fat twitching that without enough time, has loved dearly completely.

Endured in these ancestors well satisfied departures with great difficulty the storehouse, left in the storehouse, the fatty thinks they must leave, Ji Dong has opened the mouth, Ji Dong very natural said that President Zhou didn't say outside some storehouse also many good things a moment ago? The armor of also anything divine tool rank and so on. Since President Zhou is so polite, we also left embarrassed, everybody elected, electing good us not to blame President Zhou.

Under the Zhou Xiaoxiao dumbfounded gaze, outside the storehouse looting came. Does not have the armor immediately had the equipment, not only the magic power mail-armor and helmet, respectively evened up including weapon everybody. Even if had the armor, well looked, wants good of originally in the magic power armor that the determination found, that is honest impolite immediately came an exchange. Outside golden armor that except that Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai and Chen Sixuan eternal armor and gold/metal that custom puts on. Almost all people came to change greatly. Moreover, when they must leave, everyone conveniently has also stressed several with some same attribute crystal core also dark Crystal Crown and so on thing, took many as for them, Zhou Xiaoxiao simply is unable to count.

Arrived finally, Zhou Xiaoxiao said to Ji Dong, lets off the business association, the heavenly stems disciples then receive the hand. When they walk, will not be well satisfied?

Actually, Ji Dong originally has not planned such ruthlessly, but after arriving at this treasure house, meets twice to stop successively, must say that fatty means do not have, he does not believe that this is demonstrating to them obviously, tells them the silly rich business association to be formidable. What temperament is Ji Dong? Preferring death to humiliation. Ok, you are not the demonstrations, allowing us to enter the treasure house to use energy? Good, after that comes, may not be impolite. Returns as for later that Zhou Xiaoxiao said that he may probably wait. As for how long, Ji Dong has not thought. Perhaps, forever also thinks not well.

Looks that fatty whole face fat as if resulted in unceasing twitching that Parkinson's disease has resembled, Ji Dong has patted his plump shoulder, "was good, the fatty, you must know, although we took a point the thing of your business association. Is matter that but we then must handle important? Had these things, quite shoulder to shoulder fought with us in your silly rich business association. This merit, the continent people will not forget. This time, thank hospitality of silly rich business association, we who should take also took, no longer remained. The preparatory work of continent here holy war depended on you. Your business association has that many supreme powerhouses, has waited till the genuine holy war time, does not want value the broom as one's own, everybody unites, is easier to achieve the final success, not? Good, we did not disturb President Zhou, walked."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon, jumped with Chen Sixuan together, fell on Maotai and Wuliangye respectively, other heavenly stems disciples also respectively summoned oneself mount, Giant Dragon gave Jin Cheng to come intense shock once more, flew directly toward the upper air.

Zhou Xiaoxiao gazes after these gods of plague to depart, suddenly for a very long time is unable to restrain oneself, when Ji Dong they cannot see again, he face color/look on meat pain unexpectedly was formerly nothing left, in direction that the heavenly stems disciples leave. Bows slowly, deeply executes a ritual, thought aloud: "Ji Dong, the continent safety tested you, our business association paid, although many, but after all was the nonegos, but you might pay, was actually the young life. You are the most honourable people. I believe, your Decapitation Strike will certainly succeed."

Originally, his formerly meat pain all was installs, the thing that the heavenly stems disciples took away although were many, but by far was also not enough to shake the basis of silly rich business association. But this payout, in the plan of fatty and during silly rich business association. Several days ago, when he reorganizes the entire business association held the conference with all elders, what making Zhou Xiaoxiao surprised was, actually to give at many support this matters regarding the heavenly stems disciple, has passed unexpectedly, supported unconditionally. Three inspections that Ji Dong completes are historically successively hold the silly rich business association to prepare the association president to be most difficult without a doubt, it can be said that after being unprecedented, does not have the future. Meanwhile, they also believe, Ji Dong becomes the silly rich business association strongest association president. Also goes beyond compared with the business association initiators, also what compared with preserves a Ji Dong life more important matter in the holy war? So long as Ji Dong can live coming back, smoothly becomes the business association president. Even if then, is ten times of wealth, the silly rich business association can also gain with ease. Let alone, merchant, although high interest, but is intelligent merchant clearer which is the lighter and which is the heavier. Copes with Dark Five Elements Continent, that is the present entire Light Five Elements Continent matter of primary importance.

Naturally, silly rich business association these pay will not waste. Shortly after the heavenly stems disciples leave, the silly rich business association to the outside announced, supports the heavenly stems disciple whole- heartedly, and announced under Ji Dong becomes is the news of business association president successor. Suddenly has raised the laughing in the entire demon world in a big way *. The power and influence of silly rich business association does not have two for a while, even if other business associations binds together is unable to compare with them. This propaganda effect in having the Ji Dong public five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy has given under contrasts of all Mage. The propaganda effect compared with the Zhou Xiaoxiao imagination in does not know that has been better many times.

Naturally, these are not Ji Dong the issue of concern, leaves Jin Cheng, the next line of destinations naturally are determined by Ji Dong. Ji Dong chose three to gather the mountain range without hesitation, the dragon clan inhabit region. Because this not actually they leave dragon valley some time, should go back to have a look, but has not compared there more suitable heavenly stems disciples collectively cultivation the place. Obtained jade of also these magic power weapons day, the heavenly stems disciples require time of conditioning, the Decapitation Strike that Ji Dong proposed, although was astonishing, but he actually not rash immediately leads the heavenly stems disciple to kill. The mill knife does not harm the chopping firewood labor, the preparation must.

However, why at this time most heavenly stems disciples have not actually worried about to go to dragon valley, because of their one by one busy. What is busy at? Is busy giving on own mount partner to equip. They may, not only looked for one set of magic power weapon to be so simple to oneself. In the outside storehouse of silly rich business association, various equipment it can be said that have everything expected to find, they naturally cannot forget that also looks for a magic power weaponry to own mount. dragon saddle, armor, the long handle weapon, these things it can be said that have it all. Now has flown from Jin Cheng, wants first to equip on own mount.

The secret has not done these matters, breaks through the Nine-Crown wolf divine intervention by the prestige of divine tool, helped his Rank 10 drill the lizard to choose one set of equipment, but this time secret apparently did not have to equip on plan. He is shutting tightly both eyes, sits well above own Giant Dragon, until at this moment, the eye of his secret has not absorbed completely. Although restored soberly, but actually throughout is at a strange condition. Ji Dong makes fifty Saint Fire Dragon fly side the secret drill lizard, momentarily is watching the secret situation, although there is that Rank 10 to drill lizard the security of protection secret not to have any issue, Ji Dong actually as before discrete protection side him. Ji Dong feels faintly, has absorbed the eye of secret secret, must become is really different. Just as such that he said that the beforehand secret, the bright secret, is not proportional with strength simply of opposite party that dark secret. The strength of his soul even is also well below Chen Sixuan, say nothing of Ji Dong of Saint level level. Thing that forecasts, is extremely fuzzy, affects not in a big way. We hope that after these time obtained the eye of secret, all these can become are different. Although Ji Dong does not know that the secret can be in any degree regarding everybody's influence. But he believes, secret function slightly will not be certainly right.

Three gather the mountain range itself to border on Western Metal Empire, from here in the past, was not very naturally far, under the flight, less than two days of free time, by far, three gathered the mountain range already to be in sight fully. Always ice-cold gold/metal, reveals several points of excited color/look, here is her genuine family/home.

Ji Dong looks out the East, in the eye is sparkling the light cold light, Holy and Evil Island, Dark Five Elements Continent, is waiting for us. When my partners comprehended the chaos deep meaning completely, is we go. At the appointed time, is earth-shaking.


Six months later. Three gather the mountain range, dragon valley.

The bang, the dazzling ray erupts suddenly, huge radiant form flying upside down, hit ruthlessly above stone wall, has a loudly loud sound.

"Disobedient son, do you want to murder the father with him?"dragon Huang the angry voice is reverberating in air. Opposite, is in dragon eye is glittering innocent color/look Maotai and Wuliangye two big ends.

Ji Dong stands above the Maotai top of the head, smiling is gazing at dragon Huang. The double back of the hand after behind, such must leisurely and carefree leisurely and carefree. As if all these have nothing to do with him.

The dragon sovereign huge body of makes, leaves from stone wall, but has also left a deep trace above, ill-humored is gazing at fixedly Ji Dong, "line! Does the brat, your this time come back to ask me to revenge specially?"

Ji Dong chuckled, said: The hatred of "which among us coming? The dragon sovereign, your this saying may hurt the will of the people. Our just each other compares notes. Such do not care. The victory and defeat is military commander routine matter."

"Fart."In dragon Huangyan the anger emits, "just started also mutually has the victory and defeat, but for the past three months, have I won? Has not won, only then loses, did this call the routine matter?"

Originally, since the heavenly stems disciples returned to the dragon valley after six months ago, Ji Dong leads partners in this to fill various species nature magic power elements the place to start to close up the cultivation. Every day, Ji Dong cultivates magic power besides fixed companion partners together, looked for dragon Huang. Present he, was not initially that to dragon Huangnve the new military recruits. magic power reaches as high as Level 87, overall cultivation base large scale progress, the actual combat capability, is the magic power use, the also that command dragon sovereign incomparable headache extinguishing god strikes as well as three big demon territories is auxiliary. dragon Huang does not have any means with him. Especially when Ji Dong adds on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, each other coordinates, that tacit understanding made dragon Huang even suspect that actually this fifty Saint Fire Dragon was whose daughter. Present he, wanted to defeat Ji Dong almost to turn was impossible, Ji Dong the sword of Fire God, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipsed the coordination of Fire Phoenix, in addition strikes his anomaly to the extinguishing god who cannot move, making dragon sovereign big feeling powerful nowhere cause. However, on his mouth ominous that although said that but in the dragon pupil that gratified is actually not able to conceal, naturally, this gratified not to Ji Dong. It can feel clearly, fifty Saint Fire Dragon was away from Rank 10 to be getting more and more near. Must know, they are Yin-Yang two fires fusion Rank 10, once broke through, then, although cannot say that reaches the Saint level the strength, but in Rank 10 absolutely is able to move unhindered invincible. Even if as if Totem Divine Beast is not their matches.

Three 12,000 erupt, asked the monthly ticket intensely.

Chapter 572: The premonition of secret

Ji Dong smiling looks at dragon Huang. Said: "Senior, a war, possibly was we last time compares notes today. Do not grumble."

dragon Huangleng, "? Do you want to walk?"

Ji Dong nodded, "to should distinguish the time. The Red Lotus day fire has burnt three -and-a-half years of time, the partners also comprehended the chaos deep meaning. In a short time, our cultivation base think again has promoted not to be impossible. Cannot wait again, we must walk."

dragon Huang formerly the extremely angry color/look in eye instantaneously diverged, has a look at Ji Dong, has a look at fifty Saint Fire Dragon under his body long time not to open the mouth again.

Ji Dong clear(ly) White Dragon huang is certainly thinking anything, not having the slightest bit to hesitate, solemnly said: "Senior, if you hope, I and think of the fine jade to be able Maotai and Wuliangye and think to stay behind. This was we already thought. You and dragon clan have helped us be many. We cannot lead your successor to take risk again."

dragon Huang was said concern by Ji Dong, somewhat is immediately awkward, luckily he now is dragon Xing, but is not the person, but also is insufficient to blush. Sighed easely, said: "From me, even from the entire dragon clan perspective, I should make them stay behind. At least the two must leave behind its one. My such three children, I also need them to inherit my dragon Huang position. However. If I such have done, that is also the entire dragon clan shame. Although I believe, your decision some were bold. However, to the present at this time, I and our dragon clan actually must support you. The continent life and death are more important than our dragon clan life and death. If do not keep here commander entire clan, I am even willing to go to wanderer Dark Five Elements Continent to turn with you together."

Here, on dragon Huang the face has revealed look resolutely, dragon clan the arrogance, showed in this moment without doubt. He looks at Ji Dong, in the eye is revealing Ji Dong never on him has seen scalding hot, "goes, leading my children to go together. Not only this merit is your heavenly stems disciple, belongs to our dragon clan similarly. Even if the final result is the failure, we at least also made contribution. Our dragon clan will not have any regret. Ji Dong, one year later, I will lead the entire clan to go to Holy and Evil Island, with your human composition allied armies. Altogether anti- foreign enemy."

Listened to dragon sovereign these words, the Ji Dong body to tremble, in the eye revealed the strong emotion color, "senior, you. "

dragon Huangsa however smiles, "was good, anything was needless to say. Before I had not regretted, quickly brings your partner rackets the buttocks to get the hell out. Let Maotai and Wuliangye brings to think to have a look at their mothers, this leaves, does not know when can meet once more. However, do not tell them you are makes anything. I do not hope that they were worried. Understood?"

The ray flashes. Ji Dong has flown in front of dragon sovereign baseless, stretches out the arms, closely has hugged below dragon Huang the neck, has given him a big hug. Has not said anything again, was suppressing the tears of eye socket place, turned around, directly soared the dragon valley deep place to fly.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon wu swallows is flying in front of the dragon sovereign, not having the body of wing to sweep across on, curl on father, two big ends gently is stroking gently above the dragon sovereign.

dragon Huang ill-humored say/way: "Your these two slightly do not have the conscience. Before and Ji Dong with the father fought may not have the slightest bit to keep the meaning of hand together, now knows that and father was intimate?"Although it was saying, but that pair of giant dragon wing actually closed up, tight cling own child, in dragon pupil, were many a clear thing. Lives to leave, is one of the world most painful matters, let alone, nobody knows, his child can also live coming back.

After a double-hour, heavenly stems disciples have been ready and waiting bottom of the dragon valley, fifty Saint Fire Dragon sticks to side the Fire Dragon king. Thinks , is wriggling during the bosom of mother diamond Dragon King unceasingly. The heavenly stems disciples and their mounts have been ready. At present this leaves, made the girls leave behind the moved tears, even if were the men, was the eye socket gives off heat. However, their faith never the moment so is intense to the present. This line must succeed, not only need succeed, but must live coming back, for and family member, is for the present dragon clan partner.

Side secret arriving Ji Dong silently, for the six months, the secret is an absent-minded condition, until was recently good. The surface looks, before he, as if no what difference, the body does not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation to appear as before. However, if carefully observes can discover, secret both eyes become incomparably profound, even if Ji Dong such Saint level middle rank soul cultivation base is not willing to look at each other with him. The heavenly stems disciples are faintly clear, eye of secret and that day machine should agree with more and more.

"Ji Dong, lets fifty Saint Fire Dragon and thinks of their one in intimate a while. You come with me, I had the words to say to you."At the same time was saying, the secret turned around to walk toward the cavern that they lived.

After Ji Dong slightly one, immediately followed. Although their departures the heavenly stems disciples felt, but actually only then the vision were together many on them stayed a while.

Ji Dong has walked into the cavern with the secret, after leading the way inward approximately hundred meters, the secret stopped. In the cavern was dark, but, suddenly, secret double bright, making the dazzling silver light that Ji Dong does not dare to look at each other emit from the secret double pupil. The fissure also appears in his forehead together splits quietly. The eye of secret has revealed that fuse.

Three silver light interweave, congeals in the air together, changes into a light cover instantaneously, covers him and Ji Dong.

"Saint level high rank soul cultivation base?"Ji Dong looks at the secret, in the heart has filled shock. Must know, the beforehand secret, the strength of soul is not even able compared with cultivation base weakest Du Xin'er. May after eye of fusion that day machine, his soul cultivation base all of a sudden has even surpassed itself, has achieved with the ancestor and Fire Dragon king same Land Dragon realm. Six months has such change, how can not be shocking?

However, Ji Dong notes quickly, the secret has not had any excited mood because of his own change, instead the complexion is somewhat cloudy, is unattractive.

"How? Secret. The strength of your soul entered the step to the Saint level high rank, also what not happy?"Ji Dong smiles was saying. Saw that the secret the strength of soul did have so large scale progressed he possibly not to be happy? This means when they face dark secret again, will have a bigger boost.

The secret shook the head, said: "Master, I, although fused with the eye of secret. However, after several days ago I just fused, immediately another intense ominous premonition, as if has any danger matter to occur."

Ji Dong has gawked, brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Can be the side effect of stone of this bad luck?"

Secret firm shaking the head. Said: ", Definitely cannot. The eye of secret regarding the bystander is the stone of bad luck, but regarding our secret, is actually the genuine divine tool. Only then had the eye of secret, I am the complete secret. That ominous premonition does not appear at will, but is a police trillion. I had forecast yesterday, the answer of getting is greatly ominous. Greatly ominous trillion. Moreover, those who most made me be startled, this bad risk stemmed from us unexpectedly. In other words, this time big ominous, is our heavenly stems disciple internal personnel brings. But is not outside production."

Ji Dong has gawked. "How can like this? How will our interior bring the danger?"

The secret shook the head, said: "I do not know, I just fused with the eye of secret, was unable to control its ability completely, can forecast only then these many. But since had this situation, we should stay some time here, perhaps, will this crisis go several days later away?"

"It is not good."Ji Dong said decisively: "We must walk. The time does not wait for the person, you also know, my plan is requires the sufficient time to be completed, otherwise, we are unable to have enough attack to Dark Five Elements Continent."

The secret said scruple: "But, as the matter stands, we must face possibly is the enormous bad risk."

In Ji Dong eye ray twinkle, solemnly said: "If no your reminder, we naturally must face the enormous bad risk, but, some of your this predict that in having situation of preparation, even if we faced with the huge bad risk, I think, method that I have dealing. If this bad risk appears in us, then, would rather makes it erupt to earlier well, otherwise, after when if, appears, instead will not be more wonderful."

Spoke these words simply, Ji Dong through the soul exchange said to the secret several anything, secret hears word nods again and again, the look on face also felt relaxed.

The time of because talking was not long, when the heavenly stems disciples discovered when Ji Dong and secret vanished, they came back, Ji Dong and in the secret surface naturally may not the energy flow reveal the slightest bit mood change, they were the owners of strength of formidable soul, concealed that absolutely is the best actor. Being reluctant to part said goodbye to dragon Huanghe an numerous Dragon King , after arriving ancestor of there Land Dragon has carried on two farewells, heavenly stems disciples finally ride their mounts of leave three to gather the mountain range. The goal only has one, Holy and Evil Island.

Group dragon and silver wing Haidong azure high-speed flight in sky, Chen Sixuan sits on the Wuliangye neck, but her vision actually throughout stays on Ji Dong. Perhaps others do not have anything to feel, but after leaving the dragon valley, she actually obviously felt that in Ji Dong mood were many several points of restlessness. This was not Ji Dong reveals anything, because they once punctured that tacit understanding that the soul had friendly. Let alone, Chen Sixuan is familiar with Ji Dong, looks that he sits well on the Maotai neck closes/obsctructs Mujing cultivates, actually the soldier truly has not actually entered the sitting in meditation condition, that judgment was more definite.

The strength of soul flutters quietly, falls on Ji Dong, has completed the relation with him easily, "Ji Dong, do you somewhat restless? What happened?"

Chen Sixuan asked to Ji Dong through the soul fluctuation.

Ji Dong feels her voice, in the heart, has opened both eyes, looked at her that outstandingly beautiful appearance, then communicates with it through the relation of sword of soul, say/way of irrelevantly replying: "Can you see me to restless?"

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, said: "You can hide the truth from others, possibly hides the truth from me? Although compared with other people, we knew that is latest, but, I believe, I understand you compared with their anybody. If this mood change also looks continually well, I also......"spoke of here, she stopped, on charming face revealed for several points to blush, the Ji Dong heart of looking at trembles. Although these two years, he has immersed in busy that since recently, in cultivating and leading the partners promotes, but may therefore not promote to the Chen Sixuan resistivity, has the rapid convergence mind, does not dare to visit her again. "I somewhat restless, do not have anything, is only my issue. Do not manage me. I want to be static."Said these, Ji Dong on own initiative has cut off among the contact with Chen Sixuan.

Although Ji Dong persists in going to Holy and Evil Island as before, words that but spoke regarding the secret, he had not actually suspected, he too understood the secret, if did not have definitely grasps, he was impossible to speak irresponsibly, let alone was such big matter. But if, the crisis appears in the heavenly stems disciple, can what's the matter? In his mind, the faces of heavenly stems disciples continuously appear in the Ji Dong mind, from cultivation base highest gold/metal, Fu Rui to cultivation base lowest Du Xin'er. Ji Dong really cannot find out on them to have any problem. Naturally, he removes cleanly is Chen Sixuan, this is not his psychological process, but is the fact puts at present, Chen Sixuan can, when the soul fuses with him on own initiative leads the strength of his soul not to have the slightest bit to revolt, this only then a possibility can appear, that is Chen Sixuan does not have the slightest bit evil intention from the bone to him, even if tiny bit does not have, only has like this, his soul subconscious admits the soul that this fuses.

Under ponders over, Ji Dong thought, this so-called crisis appears in the interior, very possible is cultivates or makes a mistake anything, but is not other any matter. In the heart decided secretly, this motion must monitor the motion of partners as far as possible, directing them to act in unison, avoids this so-called big ominous trillion.

From continent to continent east, this entire flight is quite long, even if Giant Dragon flies fully, has used five days, from afar saw the East China Sea seashore. Has not stayed, has not gone to alarm the following person, fifty Saint Fire Dragon releases the fog, covers the people, is similar to a giant cloud, drifts about to go in the Holy and Evil Island direction. Under the cover of Ji Dong strength of soul, who can discover?

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Double monthly tickets! Small three need everybody's support.

Chapter 573: Secret blood eye

Holy and Evil Island already in line of sight. Besides Ji Dong, other people had minimum more than one year of time not to come to here, at this time from the airborne bird's eye view, Holy and Evil Island gave their feeling is entirely different, above Big Island of this area close country, the vision institute, performing was the artisan and soldier, busily was constructing. A width about ten thousand meters giant fort, has taken shape faintly. Not only on Holy and Evil Island, on Light Five Elements Continent east coast, is stationed in the quantity extremely numerous armies similarly. Did not say other, only every day supplies of these armies and artisans, can be the astronomical figures. Can see from such scene at present, Five Great Empires this time has set firm resolve, whole-heartedly, leans the strength of entire continent to support this fight.

Naturally, this is also only Ji Dong they sees Holy and Evil Island here situation, in fact so, present Light Five Elements Continent fully launches the cultivation and weapon manufacture incessantly, common people and aristocrats, even is the royal family member. Must participate in the practical training, it may be said that is all the people mobilizes. Only then Mage cannot participate in the work, what because they are more important is the cultivation, they are also the mainstay of this holy war.

Sees the following picture, Fu Rui cannot bear praised with a sigh: "These many people work as one, could not bear including me somewhat one's blood bubbles up to the brim. Has waited till that side Dark Five Elements Continent, must slaughter surely."

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "Arrived that side, the opportunity that we began also few? Some are the match is waiting for us. Also feared that can't slaughter? We earliest enter this war."

At the same time was saying, their pieces "cloud"drifted about the Red Lotus day hot front, is almost away from the Red Lotus day fire, be only several hundred meters, slowly drop, falls in the ground. This distance, is the Light Five Elements Continent garrison is unable to discover. Because approaches the Red Lotus day fire to be very easy to be affected, therefore Five-Nation Allied Armies has issued the strict order, anybody can not approach in a Red Lotus day fire 20 miles range.

The Ji Dong vision has swept from the partners, said: "Everybody recuperation, later we move first."Since came, cannot delay again. Regardless of must face what kind of crisis, Dark Five Elements Continent must go.

Actually the people did not need recuperation anything, what needs to rest was their mount, after a double-hour, the group dragon physical strength basically restored, Ji Dong also from formerly calmly cultivated stands up. He does not waste now for one minute one second cultivates, dragon valley a half year of self-torture, his cultivation base the institute advancement, has achieved Level 88, is away from Nine-Crown. Also is just two remote. But after obtaining divine tool, Du Xin'er cultivation base also finally broke through Eight-Crown, only one had not broken through, instead was Du Ming.

"Ji Dong, I want to say several." The secret before the motion will soon start said.

Hand signal that Ji Dong nodded, makes invitation. When only then he and secret two people, the secret will call his master generally, although he now is the true secret, but, he actually forever could not forget Ji Dong initially for the kindness that he took revenge. But Ji Dong requests him, is working as everybody, must call the name directly.

The secret said: "Our bright heavenly stems disciple, had the majority of corresponding exclusive magical instruments now, the double wood, the double fire, the double gold/metal and double earth, had. Difference only then double water." "wait a moment."Fu Rui strange asking: "Secret, you said that everybody had the divine tool besides the double water, others had actually, but how the modest book I had not heard that he had."

The secret shows a faint smile, said: "His divine tool already in own hand, but, because of cultivation base. Has not been able to use. The modest book, can you still remember the chrysanthemum pig to your bead?"

Yao Qianshu heart slightly shakes, although he already guessed, but listened to the secret words, dares to confirm, originally the chrysanthemum pig gives his bead First Wood department divine tool. In the heart suddenly has mixed emotions, although the chrysanthemum pig as magic beast, absolutely is a unqualified fellow. However, it has actually compensated all with this divine tool, Yao Qianshu vision complex nodded, "I understood, direction thank you. The secret, how do I want to do to use this divine tool truly?"

The secret said: "Supreme realm, armor bead opening."

This said is clear, so long as and other cultivation base promoted realm of Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, naturally can have the strength of this divine tool.

The secret said: "The bead of modest book, thinks of the fine jade the eternal armor, Ji Dong gathers Yin-Yang two fires the sword of Fire God, wolf divine intervention the bead of thick earth, the stick of remote earth goddess, fragrant gold/metal ghost Divine Sword as well as King's extermination gold/metal Huan, eight magical instruments are prepared. But two Water department magical instruments that we lack, I also knew their general falling."At the same time was saying, his raised the hand refers to the opposite Red Lotus day fire, "that final two magical instruments, above Dark Five Elements Continent. Moreover was collected by the dark secret. To achieve the final success, we must find these two magical instruments. Therefore, I suggested that after entering Dark Five Elements Continent. Regardless of how we do, must obtain these two magical instruments to be good." The people nod in abundance, particularly Du Ming and Lan Bao'er, saw that everybody had own divine tool, must say that they did not anticipate, that is impossible.

The secret said to Ji Dong: "I must say said. My function is the direction, how to arrange to look at your this Saint king."

Ji Dong nods silently, solemnly said: "Was good, everybody do not return to the space own mount, temporarily loads in own storage Magic Tool, our enters Dark Five Elements Continent."

Such remarks, the look of heavenly stems disciples had some changes, after everyone own mount transitory income stores up Magic Tool, among the looks is revealing several points excited and anticipation, is bringing several points of anxiety. Did not need Ji Dong to say anything, they also completely understand importance of this line regarding them, a clearer danger, arrived at must enter the opposite party world the time finally.

Ji Dong vision first fell on the flatter golden body, "gold/metal, your cultivation base was strongest, first, I delivered first you. Before everybody not completely past, all careful."

gold/metal nodded. "Yes."

Ji Dong slightly hesitant, goes forward eventually one step, under the King's surprised gaze, hugs into her the bosom, at the same time, the lotus seed of nine earth core Red Lotus floating, regarding two people bodies, lent its unique aura.

"Do not move, in defends with rapt attention, is sure to remember may not magic power manifest."Feels on the warm also man unique flavor/smell of Ji Dong, gold/metal is only thinking mind entirely Chan. Even if initially faced the Saint level hot demon time she like has not lost presence of mind at present at a loss. She told herself unceasingly, this warm bosom was not itself, but, her both hands subconsciously have actually embraced tightly the waist of Ji Dong, with his body close fitting. Although possibly can only be extremely short, but, she treasures at present this short feeling really very much. Ji Dong injects the strength of own soul to the Red Lotus lotus seed that in that he cannot completely understand large scale, this jumps, directly soars in the Red Lotus day fire to bang into.

He had has the experience that Chen Sixuan passes through, knows that the past more rapidness, affected is smaller, therefore, after drilling into Red Lotus day fire, not having the slightest bit to hesitate, immediately goes forward fully.

King's feeling was entirely different, enters the Red Lotus day fire, the surrounding pressure increases suddenly, but snuggles in the Ji Dong bosom, that warm comfortable security sense made her not fear, did not think that this was bathes in ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Attaches on Ji Dong completely, the pliable but hard to break tender body sticks to Ji Dong, whatever he leads to go forward. Perhaps, this is in the life, oneself only one by one time can paste splendidly, in he cherishes the opportunity.

Are not many, suddenly, body that waits for gold/metal to think one light, all pressures were nothing left, Ji Dong also stopped, said in a soft voice: "gold/metal, we arrived."

"?"gold/metal at this time also both hands tight is hugging Ji Dong, Ji Dong somewhat is also awkward, the outstandingly beautiful female of gold/metal this rank, has that elegantly beautiful characteristics, he is the normal man, even if had not responded at heart, the body is impossible not to have. Somewhat is suddenly awkward.

gold/metal took a deep breath, only thought in own mind ignorant. Is loathing, but has to loosen has held in the arms both hands of Ji Dong, raised the head glanced at him, in the beautiful pupil completely is the color/look of hidden bitterness. This glance, it can be said that makes Ji Dong fearful and apprehensive. This look he similarly has also seen from Chen Sixuan. Now he has definitely been able definitely initially the Zu of Land Dragon to say words, gold/metal likes unexpectedly really oneself.

the next moment, Ji Dong has drilled into the Red Lotus day fire, even to gold/metal had not confessed that anything, looks like flees to the wilderness simply general. Looks at his somewhat distressed appearance, gold/metal throws chi to smile, mutters the said/tunnel: "This coward. In the sentiment, can't you look like treat magic skill universal love some?"Although the mouth was saying, but in her heart also knows, perhaps if the Ji Dong universal love, by own disposition, will not like on him.

Drills the Red Lotus day fire, Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to stay, the second choice is the wolf divine intervention. However, making him hug man tightly, there is a psychological burden, therefore he after leading gold/metal passes, the surplus people prepare with the way of back. As the matter stands, regardless of men and women, can free many.

The wolf divine intervention also broke through Nine-Crown, this is Ji Dong second chooses his goal, third is Fu Rui. Ji Dong decides according to cultivation base completely.

Then, the heavenly stems disciples had been delivered to that side Dark Five Elements Continent by Ji Dong, last, was one's turn the secret finally.

But at this time, the secret forehead eye on secret suddenly did not have opening of any omen . Moreover, inside sent out was not the profound ray, but was blood light.

The secret look changes, "is not with amazement good, we quick in the past. Had the ruinous crisis to arrive."

Ji Dong looks that the secret change appearance is also suddenly surprised, before left the dragon valley the forecast of secret he entirely believes that but has not thought unexpectedly this crisis came was so quick, did not need to ask, looks the eye of secret turned into the red appearance completely, he knows that the situation was serious.

Personal appearance suddenly/violently to dodge, Ji Dong holds the secret, breaks in the Red Lotus day fire like lightning, achieves the opposite with the quickest speed as far as possible. Simultaneously in the innermost feelings is overwhelming, is actually what kind of crisis can take to the secret so huge response, difficultly to is...... Before his first delivered gold/metal to pass, although the body had the response, but was the heavenly stems Saint king, he did not have the slightest bit general idea, the strength of entire cotton Saint level middle rank soul scanned a surrounding area dozens miles range, has not fled to the wilderness after any discovery. But at this time had the secret police trillion, he also lost the confidence to oneself judgment, only wants to overtake immediately with the partners converges.

The personal appearance flashes, Ji Dong and secret drilled from the Red Lotus day fire, what making him relax, any change has not appeared, the partners gathered there wait for their arrivals. Sees everybody is well, Ji Dong is also relaxed. When turns head to look to the secret, actually with amazement discovered, in the secret forehead eye on secret, looks like to have drop of tears of blood to unexpectedly flow. But the secret whole person is also face whiten creakying.

"Quick, leading everybody to go back." The secret almost with roaring to be shouting these words.

However, at this moment, Ji Dong actually felt that incomparably swift and fierce magic power does not stick out suddenly from own side outrageously, the goal is not he, but secret.

This attacks was really too sudden, was too quick, the distance was near that to be hard to imagine. Even if Ji Dong cultivation base, wanted to turn around to defend also already completely without enough time. In this case, Ji Dong can do only has a matter. The personal appearance flashes, with the quickest speed that oneself can be, with his body, kept off behind the secret.

loud bang, the Ji Dong whole person and secret same place, was divided to fly accordingly, by the body of Ji Dong that Saint level intensity, without any protection , a blood crazily spurts, spurted is protected secret one before body by him. Those who made his mind shock was, the intense feeling paralysis, the suffocating electric current, banged into within the body instantaneously, in his body crazy was wreaking havoc. At this moment, in the Ji Dong innermost feelings, he only wants to do a matter, he only wants to turn around to ask the person who that lashes out suddenly, asked his one, why? The Ji Dong body departs at the same time, is that moment that the screams resound comprehensively, at this moment, the unequalled huge pressure, beyond hundred meters instantaneously erupts from the people. Altogether ten forms, just like void go out there together general, appears in front of the people.

This sudden ten form, has dark heavenly stems Saint king final weapon Li Yonghao is leading the complete dark heavenly stems disciple together, in their, many things around a center, is not just the dark secret?

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Chapter 574: Dark secret son

Brace of Ji Dong right hand in ground. Another hand is hugging secret already the nose oven, but this time he, is both eyes blood red. Almost angrily roared to shout in the heart that three characters, "why?"

Even if were the dark heavenly stems disciple and dark secret already arrived, the first matter that Ji Dong did, actually as before was this interrogation, it can be imagined, a how this time innermost feelings were suffering.

Because, the person of that sneak attack secret, he was really too familiar, that made his whole body as before somewhat feeling paralysis, that made his injured attack, came from one of people he most trusted.

The royal purple form, leapt up at this time like lightning, falls beyond hundred meters, met with ten forms that emerges out of thin air together. Not only Ji Dong does not dare to believe that Chen Sixuan, as well as each heavenly stems disciple after seeing this, in their eyes is glittering, look that is also unable to believe similarly.

Because, that sneak attack secret. Causes heavy losses to Ji Dong, is Ji Dong that formidable Senior Brother, once was leading Heavenly Stems School several times the war dark heavenly stems disciple on Holy and Evil Island, was called the bright hope Thunder Emperor!

Yes, is Fu Rui sneak attack secret thus causes heavy losses to Ji Dong, this also completely tallies with secret that intrinsic crisis. How regardless of Ji Dong cannot think, this duty-bound in the crisis came from own Senior Brother unexpectedly, already in together ten years of Senior Brother. In his heart, Fu Rui is the sworn elder brother such as father general existence. In heavenly stems disciple , he although is not one of the five elements ten attributes, but everyone regards elder brother regarding him. Remote was deep liking he. Each bitter experience danger time, Fu Rui always to/clashes in the forefront, keeps out wind and rain for these little brother sisters. But, betrayed heavenly stems disciple at present, leads into the hopeless situation them, this upright and never stooping to flattery Thunder Emperor!

The remote body in a flash, nearly falls down, above charming face the instantaneous blood-color completely sheds, Chen Sixuan is holding her, perhaps she stood cannot come to a stop. Three characters that Ji Dong roars, she wants to ask. Presents each bright heavenly stems disciple, completely does not understand why will have such matter.

In the Ji Dong heart, has to think betrays these two characters, what he supposes is Du Ming, Du Xin'er, the wolf divine intervention, remote they, even is Chen Sixuan, he once carefully has also thought whether her origin has the issue. However. He never has actually suspected oneself Senior Brother. May betray everybody finally, elder brother who actually all people most trust, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui.

Fu Rui fell side the dark heavenly stems disciples at this time, unemotionally, grasps thunder Yushen the axe, formerly that made Ji Dong be injured, this divine tool. He stands side astonished color/look dark heavenly stems Saint king final weapon Li Yonghao at this time. Formerly that shock, not only the bright heavenly stems disciple, the dark heavenly stems disciple also similarly is so. They do not know similarly, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui can be a rebel unexpectedly. This and they have fought these many years, by Li Yonghao has been thought can become Thunder Emperor of oneself match, lashed out the bright heavenly stems Saint king unexpectedly, and arrived at them.

The dark secret gloomy sound resounds lightly, "is very good, you do is very good."

Dark secret these words, making Ji Dong and the others such as be struck by lightning, look at Fu Rui that unemotionally, in their hearts the last hope was also nothing left.

"Fu Rui, I must kill you."Remotely goes all out wants to shake off the fetter of Chen Sixuan to clash. Chen Sixuan actually can only grasp her stubbornly. On her eyes presented dim tears, she can definitely understand the emotion that at this time remote that is in deep sorrow fluctuates. She rather dies, is not willing to believe all that at present has are the facts!

"Why?"Similar three characters. Sends out from the Ji Dong mouth once more, he loosened the secret, grips tightly the double fist, above the skeleton, sends out unceasingly one after another chops the pa sound. Because of anger, the body of whole person in fierce is shivering, the blood light in eye also becomes more and more rich.

Say/Way that the dark secret disdains: "Why wants to know? Told you not to have anything, because, he was my son."

Such remarks, bright heavenly stems disciples all petrification, the dark heavenly stems disciples are also so, who can imagine? Who can Thunder Emperor Fu Rui and dark secret links? Is he unexpectedly dark secret son?

Say/Way that Yao Qianshu loses color: "No, this is impossible. How Big Brother Fu Rui possibly is your son. Holy and Evil Island still exists, person simply of your dark world impossible to arrive at our Light Five Elements Continent through Holy and Evil Island. But Big Brother Fu Rui this year already over 30 years old. This is absolutely impossible."

Dark secret Haha laughs, from the protection of dark heavenly stems disciples, has arrived compared with him wants on side Fu Rui of high most head, a face genial smile, "base and low light, could it be haven't you listened to those words? In this world, does not have anything is impossible. Our Dark Five Elements Continent, had sacrificed ten generations of secrets successively, for can at one fell swoop the accomplishment, when all prepare quickly, you think, I only hoping to place a place? Right, you said is very right, when Holy and Evil Island still exists, our Dark Five Elements Continent person truly impossible to go to your Light Five Elements Continent. The Holy and Evil Island rule does not allow such situation to appear. However, any rule has the loophole."

Said here. His laughs once more, simply does not have the slightest bit to conceal in the heart that self-satisfied meaning, "where you cannot certainly think of this loophole. Actually, said that is very simple, the war of Holy and Evil once every five years, participation you are my dark continent brave warriors, will have the female to exist. Actually, you do not know, since I inherited the position of dark secret, each Holy and Evil fought me to participate, but was the hideaway in ordinary Mage. That time, I sprout up fantasy, after holding your female Mage, has left behind a dark seed on her. Has my dark soul core as the guidance, making her give birth to Fu Rui for me. When a Fu Rui birth, has swallowed him ** all vitalities, naturally was innately gifted. Even including this thunder and lightning attribute, is I lets him ** is pregnant has planted for him. To infiltrate the heavenly stems disciple not to be easy, gives him your any pinnacle magic power that not to have the issue, but, is very easy to expose weaknesses, after all, his external all, although is light attribute. But the intrinsic core is dark. Therefore, I have discovered the method of this thunder and lightning, even that thunder Yushen axe, was I found for him continually, making it appear before you, to help him to have pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power, good to be easier to infiltrate your heavenly stems disciple. This is a move of hidden chess, his body has my dark soul, even if there is a impediment of Holy and Evil Island, so long as uses some special methods, I also as before can contact with my this son. All that I want to know. Naturally also on easy many."

Here, his vision condensation on Ji Dong, saying that disdained: "Boy, do not think that you are any heavenly stems disciple, actually all your I am controlling through Fu Rui. You also by far unqualified pose the threat to this place."

The complexion of dark secret becomes ferociously is suddenly severe, ", the wartime of last Holy and Evil, I think must be able the merit to become, when I became a god, then, this world already during I controlled. At that time, even if your previous generation of bright heavenly stems disciples did not appear prevent you, Fu Rui same will also help me block your attack, you think really he did get rid at that time is aims at my? No, you made a mistake."

Swung the finger to Ji Dong, "he attack, to stop your attack at that time completely. Fu Rui is my son matter, only then I know, even if I any subordinate on Dark Five Elements Continent, I have not told. However, has not actually thought that Empress Lie Yan actually does not give a thought to own life, appears on Holy and Evil Battlefield forcefully. Also lets me to swallow that chrysanthemum pig, making my great undertaking be blocked. Snort, how, I as before well, she pays is actually the life price. This time, I catch the whole lot in a dragnet your heavenly stems disciple, I looked that also who can prevent me to unify the entire world."

Listened to the dark secret words, the people understand actually finally faintly this what's the matter, looks the Fu Rui vision becomes incomparably swift and fierce, particularly is remote, the lip is shivering, the whole person fell into half crazy conditions completely. Deeply is loving the man unexpectedly is a rebel, perhaps who traded does not accept.

Ji Dong is staring at Fu Rui, in the eye the blood light flaming combustion, "he said real?"

Fu Rui desolate looks at Ji Dong, coldly said: "If not secret that blood appearance. I you cloudy * deeply again begins, to that time, your have not wanted to escape. Even if now, you by the Red Lotus day hot shield, most also can only take away a person. The heavenly stems disciple is impossible to form, your Light Five Elements Continent did not have the slightest bit opportunity again. What a pity, cannot strike to kill him a moment ago at one fell swoop."

Ji Dong drinks one lowly, "five elements Yin-Yang."At the same time was saying, his originally fills the blood light the double pupil as if suddenly becomes limpid, retrocedes one step, the both arms also lift, immediately, the heavenly stems disciples obtained his suggestion, the one by one arm have lifted, the five elements Yin-Yang circulation strategy launched instantaneously, five elements Yin-Yang also released, protected the secret in the center. The dark secrets and dark heavenly stems disciples have not thought obviously at this kind of time, Ji Dong first will start unexpectedly, slightly a time, the dark secret just about to starts, suddenly, he saw strange eyes, this only eyes as if appears in void, the strange golden light explodes together suddenly at present in him.

By cultivation base of dark secret Saint level peak, actually groaned, the words that originally must exit|to speak could not say, in his forehead, splits a slit similarly, together black light from emits, collides in the sky with that golden light together. The dark secret body shivered, but another side, the bright secret is the whole body shock, body one soft, wearily in the place, in the seven orifices, the blood has been similar to the small snake flows generally, such must fiercely fierce.

Very obviously, bright secret, although obtained the eye of secret, but cultivation base in soul actually as before miss a big truncation compared with the Saint level peak dark secret, but, before he also eventually no longer is , can only follow the bright secret that heavenly stems disciples anything could not actually be making. In front of so the crisis, he has created the time for the bright heavenly stems disciples at present.

Dark secret by a bright secret such obstruction, the vision of dark heavenly stems disciples subconscious fell on the dark secret, without his instruction, they do not dare to begin easily. Since the dark secret has absorbed magic power and soul of four mahatma beasts, the strength reaches the Saint level peak, in entire Dark Five Elements Continent, completely has become his practice of "what I say goes", has slightly is not suitable for its meaning, immediately is crazy slaughtering, no one prevented. Even if the dark heavenly stems disciple such officials close to the throne, has also been full of the fear to him.

"Does fool, what you also look at? Quickly has not begun." The dark secret shouted angrily, his lanky form has soared, four color/look mail- armor and helmets simultaneously the upper body, the tyrannical incomparable Saint level peak magic power pressure, just like blotting out the sky attacked to go toward the heavenly stems disciples generally. His most important target is Ji Dong, so long as Ji Dong is not the earliest possible time gives up the companion leaving, the dark secret entirely believes, at present these bright disciple cannot get away. After they catch the whole lot in a dragnet, can Light Five Elements Continent also what with the strength that contend with?

In the angry roaring sound of dark secret, the dark heavenly stems disciples have simultaneously taken the action, the dazzling brilliance also erupts along with the divine tool that they take out respectively. So long as dark secret that side one goes well, then, their attacks can also not have releasing of suspense to fall on the bright heavenly stems disciples.

five elements Yin-Yang, looks like in ordinary Mage, this nearly is invincible existence, may actually slightly not place in the dark secret eye, is relying on his four attribute Saint level peak strength, he has confidence completely tears into shreds the defense of heavenly stems disciples five elements Yin-Yang all of a sudden.

However, making the matter that the dark secrets as well as the dark heavenly stems disciples cannot imagine completely occur at this time. Strength of comprehensive suppression dark secret that tyrannical Saint level peak magic power and under the soul, five elements Yin-Yang under bright heavenly stems disciples arrange/cloth contracts fiercely, seems is unable to resist his strength obviously, but, in the next moment, without any omen, together brilliantly suddenly ignites from the bright heavenly stems disciples, that brilliance snatches, in the attack of dark secret arrives before the bright heavenly stems disciples body spreads quietly, including the bright secret, ten people baseless vanished.

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Chapter 575: Survival, treatment

The bang, the four attribute attacks of dark secret terrifying fell in formerly the bright heavenly stems disciples ground loudly. The ground was rumbled a giant gulf, not far away Red Lotus day fire also because of this terrifying, but the attack of powerful trembled. But regardless of, dark secret attack is formidable, is also useful without hit target?

The dark heavenly stems disciples of being ready are dumbfounded, Fu Rui also similar delay, but the dark secret float in the sky, in the eye is revealing the unbelievable brilliance.

Evil eye opening in forehead, is the electricity of black light from his evil eye shoots together, shone in formerly the bright heavenly stems disciples position, the light shadow proliferated, strange appeared, formerly all unexpectedly changed into the illusory light shadow to reappear in same place. But acted actually be slower than over ten times before.

This was not bright heavenly stems disciples came certainly back, but was the dark secret is reappearing formerly all with a special ability, he does not understand that what happened. He entirely does not believe, Ji Dong and bright secret at present this situation can lead the bright heavenly stems disciples to flee own grasps.

The personal appearance flashes, the dark secret arrived at the light shadow side, along with slowing down the movement light shadow, he saw finally the bright heavenly stems disciples have done anything.

After five elements Yin-Yang opening, the bright secret relied on the eye of secret to win the time for the bright heavenly stems disciples, but also at this time, double back of the hand of Ji Dong behind. Turned on a style plain scroll. But brings that say/way strange ray that they depart, appears from this scroll. Brings their bodies to leave quietly, where did not know.

"Bastard."Dark secret angrily roared, turned around toward Thunder Emperor Fu Rui one move, Fu Rui that strong body to be drawn by the strength of attracting pulling in his palm presented immediately forcefully, arrived in front of the dark secret.

"How to have this type of scroll to exist? How didn't you early say?"In the dark secret eye has been full of the ice-cold murderous intention, even if facing own son, he has not shown in any human nature as before the proper thing.

Fu Rui dull say/way: "I, I do not know. I never listen to Ji Dong to mention have existence of this scroll.! I knew, is the silly rich business association, certainly obtains in the silly rich business association. When leaves in the silly rich business association the storehouse, Ji Dong takes away the scroll that dozens antiquities have spread from there. He had not looked at that time, naturally has not told us the scrolls is anything. Certainly is in these scrolls has a precious transmission scroll, took away them."

The dark secret coldly looks at Fu Rui, long time has not opened the mouth, Fu Rui stands there, looks that the dark secret the vision has actually been full of the complex mood, lips pursed, actually throughout and dark secret looks at each other slightest not to let. But numerous dark heavenly stems disciples keep silent standing of Ruohan cicada, looks at Fu Rui and appearance of dark secret looking at each other, their this time moods somewhat are strange. In their memories, for a long time very long nobody has dared such to do very much. But the person who before such was, forever was unable to open both eyes once more.

However, what making the dark heavenly stems disciples be startled, after long time, the vision of dark secret unexpectedly became gentle, lifted the hand. Has patted racket on the Fu Rui shoulder, "was good, this matter does not blame you. These many years, you also received many pain in Light Five Elements Continent. This time you can invade the news of my territory to pass on promptly the bright heavenly stems disciple, has calculated that has contributed to the great merit, although falls short at present. But since we were prepared, certainly will not make these little things go well. Their this is a hundred miles range, random orientation transmission law. Has Red Lotus day hot impediment, they were impossible to return to Light Five Elements Continent, but also on our lands. Li Yonghao."

"Secret."Finally weapon Li Yonghao goes forward one step, after looking at Fu Rui one, respectful salutes to the dark secret.

Dark secret solemnly said: "Immediately starts the manpower, searches for their existences, I must have a look but actually, they can have several scrolls to maintain life."

Should, Li Yonghao and dark heavenly stems disciples diverges fast, departed toward Holy and Evil Island dark side Kuaisu.

Looks back that they depart, the dark secret asked to Fu Rui: "What idea do you have?"

Fu Rui solemnly said: "Feared that Ji Dong they will draw support can pass through the Red Lotus day hot opportunity to escape. So long as they do not run away, even if we lose some Mage nothing. Has solved the bright heavenly stems disciple, that Light Five Elements Continent again did not have what threat to us."

Dark secret coldly smiled, ", if they are intelligent. Naturally can go back. How goes back? Even if there is existence of their bright heavenly stems disciple, who can prevent my important matter? My all have the arrangement. Right, after you come back, has not called me."

Fu Rui stare blankly, the ray in eye immediately became more complex, the body shivered slightly, somewhat difficult calling out: "Father."

The dark secret has smiled, in this moment, he had the mood of slightest bit person finally, to Fu Rui nodded, said: "Although since these years, I never side you, has not given you anything. However, a little you must remember, my this life, only then your such son. Your that mother, but is one sending body that made the child of your this darkness be born, do not think were too many. All that I have now, in the future is your. After I become a god, will certainly find the way to make you with my same to become God. Even if the dark heavenly stems disciple, in my eyes is also the board game piece, the formidable strength has not suppressed them, they so obedient little darling will not be obedient. But you are different, your body is flowing my bloodlines, your dark seal, should untie."

At the same time was saying, the right hand of dark secret just like illusory appears above the Fu Rui chest generally, seemed like light printing. Stuffy snort/hum resounds, Fu Rui big and tall body flying upside down, an intense black ray spreads from the dark secret. Covers in which the body of Fu Rui just like a big cocoon. But the Fu Rui main body bursts out myriad thunder light, with this thick black mixed in together, his person actually also in this time stupor in the past.

"This is my son. Originally has the feeling of son is such wonderful." The dark secret muttered said that turned around to look at the Red Lotus day fire after likes and dislikes, his vision immediately became ferocious, "hateful Red Lotus day fire, if were not you delayed me for a long time, I already ruled the entire world. Does that only Wood department chrysanthemum pig possibly escape my control? But, you also can only prevent my five years, moment when that five years of time arrives , when is I sweeps clear the light. Arrived that time, I caught the last Saint beast, similarly can to become God, the god of world. In the future, this world can only shiver in my. Haha, Hahahaha. "


The light shadow flashes, bright heavenly stems disciples appeared the personal appearance, position that they presented that as before Red Lotus day fire, but with formerly compared with, actually had shifted hundred miles remote.

In the look of each heavenly stems disciple, is revealing the unequalled anger and unstable mood, remote after this transmission. Direct stupor in the Chen Sixuan bosom. The betrayal of Fu Rui, attacked to her is too big. "Ji Dong, we now what to do?"Yao Qianshu asked in a low voice.

A Ji Dong hand holds fell into half comatose condition the secret, solemnly said: "We translate hundred miles, regarding dark secret such cultivation base, but is in a flash. Had not found us while them, first temporarily returned our that side to say again."At the same time was saying, he does not have slightest bit to stay, first has the secret to pass through the Red Lotus day fire, returns to Light Five Elements Continent. Other person one by one were also brought by him. When his last leads gold/metal to pass through, in the sky everywhere is Dark Five Elements Continent has flight magic beast reconnaissance Mage, and had discovered the position that they are, but at this time, obviously was unable to prevent Ji Dong their whole bodies to draw back.

Last leads gold/metal to return to the light this side, on the Ji Dong face reveals an intense exhausted color/look, Chen Sixuan arrives at side him silently, pours into pinnacle Second Wood magic power to his within the body, helping him restore magic power and therapy.

Du Ming squatting down body, a fist bang enters in the soil of ground, a face pain say/way: "How can like this."For him, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, not only elder brother, even is the elder. He knows Fu Rui also to compared with Ji Dong early, but Fu Rui the association president of Bartenders Association branch. From very small time, Du Ming takes him as the idol. Since joins the heavenly stems disciple, can they fight with Fu Rui and Ji Dong shoulder to shoulder, Du Ming does not know that is excited, may at this moment, the idol turn into the rebel, as if all were disillusioned. originally sneak attacked the plan of match also completely to be destroyed, making them have to draw back. This attack is hard to imagine regarding the heavenly stems disciples.

Yao Qianshu is older, but can also maintain tranquil reluctantly, looks to stand there, Ji Dong of look cloudy clear uncertain twinkle, sighed, said: "Everybody rests first same place. At least temporarily we cannot pass again. That side has the complete protection, where regardless of we from ambushed the past, will be discovered by them. Waits for the opportunity again. This time we can the whole body draw back, is biggest was lucky."Regarding the matter of Fu Rui betrayal, he also can only evade the subject, in order to avoid puts salt in the Ji Dong wound.

Preparation when the secret in the dragon valley after the Ji Dong private talk, Ji Dong can make dealing, is that scroll. He also told the secret this matter, this had the beforehand secret coordination, gave him to release the time of scroll. Free time who depending on Ji Dong present cultivation base, release scroll that is also not blinking? Just, dark secret judgment is not right. The scroll that he ripped open a moment ago is a directional short distance transmission scroll. Compared with the non- positional transmission scroll that the past years he used, this scroll wanted to be simpler, did not have the complete magic power attribute manufacture, cannot transmit the user like that to the star on theoretically the non- positional transmission scroll of any corner is so intrepid. But the usability, actually must surpass that by far. Because the transmit direction and distance of this scroll can control, the maximum transmission distance is 100 miles. Relies on the use of this scroll, Ji Dong can come back all partners belts.

The girls were silent, they do not know that now should say anything comfort Ji Dong, or comforts itself, hope and dawn of originally, because the betrayal of Fu Rui as if completely cut off, Chen Sixuan helps Ji Dong restore, gold/metal, Lan Bao'er, Du Xin'er are protecting remote in stupor. Suddenly, the heavenly stems disciples between atmosphere as if must coagulate generally. At this moment, their fighting spirits fell the bottom.

Ji Dong did not say a word as before, but the look in eye was tranquiler, he arrived at side the secret, held the secret of half comatose condition, took out the millennium origin of life to drip into his mouth a drop, took down to hang the nucleus of life on his neck again, relied on that huge life aura to moisten the secret body.

Did not need Ji Dong saying that Chen Sixuan has after death stood firm in him, the strength of two people soul fused instantaneously, has been the Saint level high rank degree, the thick magic power fluctuation spread to the secret mind. When the strength of own soul enters the brain of Ji Dong, Ji Dong discovered immediately, the secret forehead eye of that secret is helping him collect the scattered in disorder soul fluctuation, even if no own help, can make him restore in less than how long also. Worthily is soul divine tool! After Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan fuse after the strength of soul joins, the fast help/gang secret is patching the somewhat scattered in disorder soul. Regarding the Ji Dong soul aura, secret is ordinary like Chen Sixuan, does not have the resistance of slightest bit, the time is not long, in the dual function of origin of life and Ji Dong and under Chen Sixuan, his injury was under effective suppression, opens both eyes slowly, restored the state of mind.

Looks at Ji Dong, the secret grows the tone, sighed: "You early are prepared luckily."

Ji Dong holds the secret, gives nearby Yao Qianshu, then arrives remotely side, has not given her to use the origin of life, because she is the sharp fire launches a psychological attack to cause the present appearance completely, under the strength of stimulation ice-cold soul, remote quick spookily awoke to transfer.

The talented people wake, remote immediately both eyes red jumped from the ground, shouted abuse, "Fu Rui that bastard? The old ladies must kill him. This bastard, the old lady has spelled with him, dies must draw him to make the pad back."At the same time was saying, to/clashes generally just like female tiger, the people draw continually cannot hold on, can only visit her to search high and low Fu Rui. Can at this moment, her possibly unable to find?


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Chapter 576: Doesn't have by -path?

Looks at the remote that nearly crazy movement. Chen Sixuan hurries to go forward to hold on her, said in a low voice: "Remote, is stronger, we returned to Light Five Elements Continent."

Remote dull looks at Chen Sixuan, suddenly, all by the camouflage instantaneous collapse that presents angrily, fierce jumps into during the Chen Sixuan bosom, weeps bitterly loudly.

Ji Dong is holding the secret coming to a stop personal appearance, looks that the one by one look is low-spirited, the fighting spirit lowered to the extreme heavenly stems disciples, he has strengthened oneself decision finally. He knows, revolting of Fu Rui, was too big regarding everybody's attack, if did not help them inspire at this time, own plan simply is unable to complete.

The secret stands up under supporting by the arm of Ji Dong slowly, face the color/look of worry, sighed: "Ji Dong, we, although came back safely. However, your plan also because of the betrayal of Fu Rui, but completely destroyed. Since the dark secret were prepared, perhaps we are very difficult to complete the Decapitation Strike as scheduled. What is more important, before Fu Rui, is the core in our heavenly stems disciple. His revolting, definitely us, is will tell the dark secret as for the arrangement of entire Light Five Elements Continent, making them prepare. If I have not guessed that wrong, that the dark secret leaves behind the brand mark that is capable of shielding me to forecast on Fu Rui by the pupil of his evil. Otherwise, I early should discover that his is not right. Even if after is I obtain the eye of secret , can only forecast that our danger, whose body is actually not able to judge this danger to come from. If this matter does not process at present, perhaps, one -and-a-half years of later holy war, we. "

Listened to the secret words, the look of people was more low-spirited, he said right, Fu Rui knows was really too many. Their present weapon equipment, strength situation, has the support of dragon clan as well as went to earth core world these matters, he is clear. What is more important, regarding the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that at present Light Five Elements Continent preparation as well as Ji Dong create is to understand the subtle point. In addition five elements method deep meaning, the secrets of various Ji Dong abilities. It can be said that so long as Fu Rui told the dark secret these, then, the bright heavenly stems disciples looked like before the match stark naked general, did not have the slightest bit secret again. Fu Rui can teach on Mage to Dark Five Elements Continent through the dark secret the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, made them is also the strength increases, regarding Light Five Elements Continent, revolting of Fu Rui almost could be said as ruinous.

Ji Dong looked at secret one, not direct reaction his words. But toward partners solemnly shouted: "The spirit, looks at your one by one dispirited appearance, do not forget, we are the heavenly stems disciples. You are very clear these four characters the meanings are anything. Existence of heavenly stems disciple, regarding continent, is equal to the Savior is ordinary. I know, in your present hearts was certainly questioning this status is right? You are certainly thinking, Fu Rui is also the member of our heavenly stems disciple, he has revolted, you started to question our abilities, even in question heavenly stems disciple status. However, I must tell you, you made a mistake. Remote, do not cry."

The Ji Dong final several characters, are almost roar, frightens remote the weeping sound stops immediately, a face discontented looks to Ji Dong. The vision of other people also because of the Ji Dong words, but centralized on him. They surprised seeing, the originally Ji Dong anger, hates the red in also eye to disappear suddenly, displaces, unexpectedly is a light smiling face. This smiling face they were too familiar. Whenever Ji Dong all perform in grasping, will reveal such look. But, at this time, why he will reveal such look?

"Ji Dong, what do you smile? Fu Rui is also your Senior Brother, he has betrayed us, but also injured you, was this very funny?"Gets angry the sound to say remotely.
Ji Dong lightly said: "Who told your Senior Brother to betray us?" "?"Such remarks, heavenly stems disciples likely hit the chicken blood
generally, nearly jumped, one by one dumbfounded looks at Ji Dong.

After remote tarrying moment, first responded, cared chaotically, her arrow step fled in front of Ji Dong, excited say/way: "You, you said that that dark secret said is false? Fu Rui is not his son, isn't the rebel?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, what the dark secret said is real. The Senior Brother also truly is his son, is Dark Five Elements Continent places a time bomb and undercover on our Light Five Elements Continent. Therefore, the Senior Brother has revolted, rather he restored the original status."

originally excited the heavenly stems disciples who is excited listened to Ji Dong these words, immediately looked like the eggplant that the frost hit to fade generally. Remote is holds the Ji Dong front, angrily said: "Do you play the old lady to be very happy are?"

Whatever Ji Dong she grabs, asked back: "Senior Brother is dark secret son is good, is, because of so, him can help Dark Five Elements Continent work? Wasn't he our partners? You are the demon pledge family background. Can we once discriminate against you?"

"Un?"Remote one dull, "Ji Dong, you talk clearly the words, what meaning are you?"

Ji Dong helpless sigh, said: "Did not plan to tell you. Only by doing so, fellow apprentice's situation is safest. May look at your present one by one like this, if did not tell you, we went do not need to move, brought death directly."

Here, he changed the secret, said with a smile: "Right, you were worried to exist a moment ago, what a pity , is impossible to appear truly. Because, Senior Brother simply will not tell the dark secret our true secrets. Although there is a Red Lotus day fire to be cut off, before also had the isolation of Holy and Evil Island, but through the bloodlines and special way, Senior Brother Fu Rui can communicate with the dark secret. However, the dark secret can understand , can only be Senior Brother Fu Rui wants to make him know. But now, Senior Brother, although went back, but, will not tell the dark secret our true secrets."

The secret pupil contracts suddenly. was surprised said: "You said, Fu Rui hasn't betrayed us? But his today's betrayal did you already know? You. "

Ji Dong looks at the vision that the people pay attention, nodded, ", if not use today this ruse of inflicting an injury on oneself, does not make the Senior Brother injure me, can win others' trust in the dark secret? Right, the Senior Brother has not betrayed us. Said accurately, he should betray the dark secret. He is not only not a criminal, is the hero. He will do an inside job for us side the dark secret. This is also my this Decapitation Strike biggest secret. Had the Senior Brother to defend dark secret, informed me through the special method. Position that so long as I in the Dark Five Elements Continent range, can momentarily the accurate dark secret be. Besides dark secret. also who can detain our Decapitation Strike?"

Numerous heavenly stems disciples dumbfounded looks at Ji Dong, the Yao Qianshu dull say/way: "Ji Dong, you, do you achieve? Actually this is how can!"

In the Ji Dong eye is revealing the ray of thinking, sighed, said: "This was a long story. Is my he and relations between dark that secrets Senior Brother Fu Rui told. Actually, this is also the reason that dark secret behave badly. The dark secret said right, Holy and Evil Island great misfortune time, even if did not have initially these bright heavenly stems disciples to disturb, I will attack finally with every effort am also detained by the Senior Brother. But we were also kept in the dark at that time, until that time, the Senior Brother was complying with the dark secret order as before. That time he, in innermost feelings already very contradictory. The matter that the Senior Brother most hates, is he ** death, in his impression, even does not have mother. The circumstances of dark secret fellow apprentice's to the relaxedness that said that but he never had actually considered how the Senior Brother was born the post- dozens years to come. A child, when was just born lost mother, but his mother does not even know that this child came from where, she after the dark secret insulted, the memory is erased, was by the single mother who the family discarded, therefore, the Senior Brother had received in childhood was we are unable to imagine painstakingly. Until he ten -year-old time, the dark secret and he relates through the special method on, making him take the path of cultivation. In the heart of hearts, the Senior Brother hates to this father extremely, but on him is actually flowing the dark secret bloodlines, the dark secret is also he only the family member in this world, he has chosen eventually the compromise."

"But, the Senior Brother is individual, he does not grow up side the dark secret after all, has never received gradually influencing of dark secret. He was person of a growth on our Light Five Elements Continent, Teacher, Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife's to his care and education already made his heart deviate from the dark secret that side gradually. In Holy and Evil Island great misfortune that time, the Senior Brother secretly had decided actually that time must help the dark secret be successful, was also his sentiment of giving birth. From now henceforth did not have the connection with him. But. He does not know, not only the dark secret must swallow that several mahatma beasts, must inspire ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, starts destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Waits for the Senior Brother to discover, all already without enough time. Although Lie Yan (raging flames) helped us break ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, was, actually eventually late one step. Fellow apprentice's lover, Senior Sister Ye Xin perished, in ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail. At that time, fellow apprentice's pain you saw, but, what you actually did not know in his innermost feelings most to be hard to accept was anything. Still remembers that on that day I entered fellow apprentice's room, spoke in detail long time with him. When we come out, he has buoyed up. In that talk, Senior Brother endlessly duplicated is being he has harmed Ye Xin these words. And told me all matters. He hates the dark secret, he already did not regard oneself family member to regard the dark secret, because he saw clearly completely, on the dark secret, simply does not have the sentiment of human. Some are only he. Even if this son, was never paid attention by him. The Senior Brother is very painful, his even not only time wants to destroy itself. The personal enemy who kills the lover is own father, this type felt that you have thought?"

Remote holds the both hands of Ji Dong mind to be incapable of sagging, dull looks at Ji Dong, at this time her the mood fluctuation was transforming to another direction completely.

"After I and Senior Brother spoke in detail, I asked him, if made the dark secret rule the entire world, that can be what kind of picture. At that time fellow apprentice's counter- application four characters described appropriately, that is: Being afraid. Later, he sets firm resolve to punish guilty family members finally, his firm said to me, how regardless of cannot let the dark secret rule world, otherwise, is the end of our entire world. Therefore, I and Senior Brother decide idea, looks for the opportunity to display this stratagem of sowing discord, not to have by - path. Afterward I discovered that I can lead everybody to pass through the Red Lotus day fire, our strategies have set. Therefore, now I can confess told everybody, all that today we encounter, was actually we already planned. Puzzles our issues only, when leaves the silly rich business association to solve. How that is flees before dark secret and dark heavenly stems disciple. This puzzle once made me and Senior Brother hesitant was very long, but after there is a that transmission scroll, all these are not the issues. The Senior Brother not only will not help them, will also help various abilities that we conceal us to have now as far as possible. Meanwhile, he unceasingly will also transmit the news that we most need to us, had his news, our Decapitation Strike can truly play the maximum might." Celestial stems disciples dumbfounded looks at Ji Dong, the situation develops rapidly after a sudden turn, the rebel turned into the hero, all with is different, among the greatly sad great happiness that they imagine, the people do not know that should say anything was good.

Remote silly looks at front Ji Dong, smooths his front to be uncovered the fold by oneself cautiously the clothes, muttered: "How didn't you and you early tell us?"

The Ji Dong show face smiles, "early told you, you can also perform was so real? You think, the Saint level peak cultivation base dark secret so is easily swindled? Besides me, anybody has not known fellow apprentice's situation, because of so, us a moment ago can make that dark secret believe. Looked your one by one so is depressed, I will not always say, this can make the Senior Brother safer."

Hears the safe two characters, shivered remotely immediately, "! Seeks an impossibility, Fu Rui security what to do?"

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Didn't you scold him a moment ago are the bastard and bastard? What's wrong, do you also plan to want this bastard and bastard?"

The remote fist pounds on own chest, charming face bashful red, turns head to run, the mouth was also shouting, "thought of the fine jade, did not manage control your family Ji Dong well."

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Chapter 577: The curtain of night passes through in three kilometers upper air

An explanation of Ji Dong. Formerly dispirited air/Qi will sweep away, does not have by-path result to compare without a doubt any inspires the morale the words to be effective. Numerous heavenly stems disciples when short delay, when remote runs back side Chen Sixuan to bury shyly in she cherishes is not willing to come out, the heavenly stems disciples are one piece cheer.

The secret also obviously relaxed, helpless shaking the head, said: "Luckily is so. Your plans, hoodwinked including the divine intervention."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Actually, after you obtain the eye of secret, I most fear is also you have problems. If we arrived at that side time a moment ago your response does not have, could not say, we have to lead the Senior Brother to flicker to move to go together immediately. Luckily, your eye of this day machine in meeting his evil pupil response so will be big, if were not so perfectly has shielded the Senior Brother, I readily will not make him return to side the dark secret." Here, on the Ji Dong face smiling face restraining, slightly sighed, "following a long time, fellow apprentice's day or felt better."

Secret somewhat worried said: "Fu Rui within the body has the evil soul that the bloodlines of dark secret and he leaves behind after all, can the dark secret discover his betrayal? If so, Fu Rui may be dangerous."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Should unable. Do not forget. Senior Brother, not only a child of that dark secret person, on him, also half are being mother's bloodlines. Let alone, the dark secret has made the mistake a matter, because of this matter, made fellow apprentice's soul throughout maintain a chastity, had not been corroded by his evil soul."

"Oh? Is what?"Secret curious asking.

Ji Dong said: "Is fellow apprentice's pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute. The thunder, is world noble spirit, calls the noble. All cloudy evil cannot invade it. Senior Brother originally is thunder attribute time, can maintain a pure brightness of brain, since having pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute, the dark secret kept that evil soul of his within the body is very difficult to produce to his soul affects. Only can be the dark secret carries on the relation the tool. The Senior Brother once completely let loose the soul to make me to discuss investigates passed/lived to his body, is so, I can feel relieved completely. Before he with us in Light Five Elements Continent, before after all , after having Holy and Evil Island, had the Red Lotus day fire to be cut off, must through the special method be able with the dark secret relation of that side, therefore, I investigated one carefully his body, did not need to fear that was detected by the dark secret."

Other people have encircled at this time, Yao Qianshu asked: "Ji Dong, what to do our next should? Continues to enter Dark Five Elements Continent?"

Ji Dong nodded without hesitation, said: "Naturally must enter Dark Five Elements Continent, our Decapitation Strike original plan was invariable. Had Senior Brother nail side the dark secret, our motion assuring can only be bigger."

The wolf divine intervention said: "Few hosts, now dark secret, since knows that we came, defends will strengthen surely large scale, we want to enter Dark Five Elements Continent not to be perhaps easy again!"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile. Said: "Dark secret again strong, he now is also a human, but is not the god slanders., Thinks of the fine jade and secret soul ability by me, unites in together, can definitely evade his soul detection. On other people as for Dark Five Elements Continent, was not enough to pose the threat on the basis to us. The Red Lotus day fire is so broad, we also feared that couldn't find a weak place breakthrough in the past? So long as entered Dark Five Elements Continent, that is the sea extravagantly depends on the fish dive, sky Ren Niaofei." Here, the Ji Dong look obviously became ice-cold, the strong murderous intention flashed not to have from his eyeground.

At this moment, Red Lotus day hot another side.

The dark heavenly stems disciples gather in the face of the dark secret, finally weapon Li Yonghao respectful said to the dark secret: "Secret Sir, we found falling of bright heavenly stems disciple, but late one step, they returned to that side the Red Lotus day fire."

Dark secret coldly snorted, "waste. If can one step, their not be early able to be inescapable. Has missed this opportunity, wants to hold these skidding loaches to be possible again not to be easy."

Li Yonghao nodded, said: "Perhaps they do not dare to enter us again.
Does the secret Sir, now what to do you look must?"

Dark secret brows slightly wrinkled. Said: "Passes on me to order, assigns the army crosswise to arrange to pitch camp, must run throughout entire Holy and Evil Island, a 30 meters sentry post, pays attention to the Red Lotus day hot trend frequently, once discovers exceptionally, rapid report it. I assume personal command here, how to must have a look at these bright disciples to arrive at us to stir up trouble."

After Li Yonghao thinks slightly, said: "Secret Sir, can marine we also under the arrange/cloth the manpower?"

The dark secret shook the head, said: "The sea does not use. The sea has the difficult situation, under the sea has innumerable formidable magic beast. The initial ten thousand thunder broke into a jail unable to affect the biological chain in sea. If they dare to travel by sea, that brings about own destruction. You only needed to dispatch some clever points subordinate attention marine changes on the line. More importantly, is the land route."

Forever Hao respectfully complied, could not bear look at one to stand in secret behind Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, this led an numerous dark heavenly stems disciple to walk.

The dark secret said: "Fu Rui, you returns to the big account with me. Your dark bloodlines already awakened, but also needs some time the recreation adjustment." Here, his sudden brow wrinkled, "really strange, could it be such quickly you can plant me in the dark seed of your within the body absorb completely. How after your dark bloodlines awaken, couldn't I instead feel its existence?"

Fu Rui vacant say/way: "Father, I do not know that what's the matter, but thought that now as if the whole body has filled strength."

Dark secret nodded, said: "This is good. Walks, we go back first. In cultivation you, if comes across any issue, looks for me again. I know, these many years you side me, had not crossed in childhood much hard times. But these passed. Now you came back, is entire Dark Five Elements Continent few hosts, will be few hosts under future this day, under a person, absolutely above person."

In the Fu Rui heart with bright mirror, he knows certainly why the evil seed in within the body melted, the dark secret helped him light the dark bloodlines, making his strength increase, but as the matter stands, his thunder attribute has also achieved the unprecedented great strength, Yushen axe by the thunder and lightning and noble in thunder, refine to melt that evil seed outrageously. Therefore the dark secret cannot feel the feeling of Fu Rui within the body. Luckily before arriving at Dark Five Elements Continent, this evil seed exists, otherwise, really must make the suspicion of dark secret.

"Isn't father, also Li Yonghao? Has him, perhaps nobody will recognize my this few Lord. He after all is dark heavenly stems Saint king."Fu Rui said in a low voice. Dark secret coldly snorted, "what dark heavenly stems Saint king? Without me, his nonsense is not, the dark heavenly stems disciples are I raise, is I have entrusted with their present strengths, they were just my dog, I made them make anything. They must make anything. I have said that you are I only child in this world, nobody can compare the status in my heart with you. Later this words do not say. I will make you take over our strength as soon as possible."


Ji Dong leads the heavenly stems disciples first-grade is being three days, three days, he makes the partners calmly cultivate/repair in the open area, static waiting. But on the side of the situation regarding Dark Five Elements Continent, Ji Dong also successively several times investigated through the Red Lotus day fire turned.

The dark secret a little said is very right, Ji Dong will not choose the waterway, the mighty waves of sea turbulently not, because initially ten thousand thunder broke into a jail the bombardment and Red Lotus day hot emergence are weaken, instead gets stronger and stronger. The unknown danger is more difficult to judge.

Ji Dong has used three days, on the side of the arrangement to Dark Five Elements Continent was also basically finds out. He does not have to go to and Fu Rui on own initiative carries on the relation. Considers for the Fu Rui security, Ji Dong and Fu Rui agreement, only then in the situation of absolute safety, on own initiative contacts with him by Fu Rui. Moreover, he also told Fu Rui, in ten day, they will certainly enter to Dark Five Elements Continent. In other words, ten days before then, Fu Rui will not pass to him any news.

Dim light of night depth gradually, Ji Dong has awakened the partners quietly, urged everybody to wait here, was first is leading gold/metal as before, the diving posture, leapt into the upper air.

The body of Ji Dong has raised to about three kilometers, stopped, because is the dark night, in the so jet black nighttime sky, simply from the ground could not see airborne them. Ji Dong said to gold/metal: "Our in the past. All careful, the enemy in ground is impossible to discover our existences. But that side Dark Five Elements Continent, 12 double-hour have the uninterrupted aircraft reconnaissance to exist. Especially to the Red Lotus day fire, is unceasing patrolling. After the past, you must conceal your aura as far as possible."

gold/metal nodded, indicated oneself understood.

Again supports into the bosom, gold/metal lowers the head snuggle Ji Dong, in the beautiful pupil is revealing the unprecedented gentleness, is different from the previous time element of surprise, this next morning is prepared, making her better was enjoying the wonder of this moment.

Passed through the Red Lotus day fire quietly, Ji Dong first has released fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the thick fog floating swung, shielded their forms. Without staying nearby Red Lotus day fire, but makes fifty Saint Fire Dragon flutter forward beyond the kilometer, is concealing own aura, maintains the mist covers, in one most common cloud like sky. Naturally, this has not calculated, Ji Dong the strength and the fifty Saint Fire Dragon own soul soul links releases. The thick magic power fluctuation, releases in Ji Dong whole-heartedly, and in the situation of extreme condensation, he entirely believes that only if the dark secret happen to toward this direction surveys, will otherwise not discover that they exist.

After completing these, Ji Dong does not have slightest bit to hesitate, immediately returns to the Red Lotus day fire and going, in the nighttime sky, he has pinnacle Yin Fire as the shield, thick black, even if is very difficult to see clearly in the vicinity.

After returning to Light Five Elements Continent here, Ji Dong first had the secret to carry on crossing over. Second has delivered to above the secret fifty Saint Fire Dragon this air platform. The secret takes over control of the Ji Dong soul to conceal immediately, is relying on Saint level high rank soul cultivation base, better to be shielding existence of fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Night, quiet. Dark Five Elements Continent airborne Mage unceasing going on patrol locates in the Red Lotus day hot surrounding three miles. Altitude that they go on patrol between one kilometer to three kilometers. Over three kilometers, are not ordinary flight magic beast can achieve. Therefore, the Mage quantity that above this altitude, is responsible for investigating must be short a lot.

The dark heavenly stems disciple will not carry out this investigation work personally, because not actually their status are noble, Li Yonghao can become the dark heavenly stems disciple is not the result by luck, he is very clear, the bright heavenly stems disciple once more will possibly enter their dark domains, once the dark heavenly stems disciple fell the unlined quilt bright heavenly stems disciple to strike to kill, that may be ** bothersome. God knows bright heavenly stems disciple also another has not flickered to move to the scroll to flee the scene, the effort that he rather reconnoiters is worse, will not make the dark heavenly stems disciples take risk.

Ji Dong in these days investigation process, already these nosing was very clear, these three kilometers altitudes, Dark Five Elements Continent defend the loosest range. Again upward, the situation is not instead wonderful, in over 3500 meters upper air, there are minimum 50 to have dark aura Giant Dragon to cruise. Obviously, these are dark secret move. Regarding this point, Ji Dong also has to admire the dark secret, this fellow has it can be said that controlled entire Dark Five Elements Continent, can mobilize Dark Five Elements Continent each strength easily.

Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit to save the meaning of magic power, with the quickest speed that oneself can be, has delivered partners one by one, most thrilling one time appears, when he delivers Yao Qianshu comes, saw, rides dark Mage of Rank 7 magic beast azure luan less than 30 meters away from the fog under fifty Saint Fire Dragon arrange/cloth to fly. At that moment, even if was Ji Dong, heart also mentioned in the throat. Once were discovered by the opposite party, then, although is insufficient to be annihilated, but wants the whole staff to flee is not easy. He chooses, although is in the position of Holy and Evil Island edge, but by cultivation base of dark secret, arrived here from the station, only requires the extremely short time. The strength of Saint level peak did not joke.

Luckily, the night sleepiness made anybody weary sufficiently, dark Mage was also a person, he rode the azure luan to pass over gently and swiftly from fifty Saint Fire Dragon that fog places eventually, but has not gone a step further. Celestial stems disciples who even if so, has carried on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, mentioned the throat the heart.

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Chapter 578: Does matter that some loves do above three kilometers upper air?

Finally, last heavenly stems disciple was also led above fifty Saint Fire Dragon this air platform by Ji Dong. All person nervousness of slightly relaxed several points. However, relaxed that flash by, quick, everybody was nervous. A more crucial time arrived, be only has passed through at present this piece of Holy and Evil Island, arrives in Dark Five Elements Continent truly, they have succeeded the first step.

In the face of the giant crisis and pressure, Ji Dong could not attend to many, this time, he has held up the hand of Chen Sixuan on own initiative, another hand held on the secret, the soul aura expanded, first fused in the Chen Sixuan soul together, then melts with the secret soul.

In these three days of Ji Dong has not been idling, he with the secret the process that tries the soul to fuse, the secret could naturally not have any protection to him, but eventually is impossible to look like Chen Sixuan to be so smooth, has tried enough two days, but also with the help of Chen Sixuan, was successful. At this time, when that moment of strength of perfect integrations three people of soul. Immediately, strong the unprecedented formidable soul aura spreads instantaneously, covers fifty Saint Fire Dragon and heavenly stems disciples completely. Of intensity of pressure the soul led by Ji Dong has fully been the Saint level peak degree. Because secret soul cultivation base is higher than Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, such fusion to their soul cultivation base is very beneficial.

Moreover, because of the particularity of eye of secret, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan after the soul fusion of secret, special feelings, in their soul, as if saw the arrangement of fate is ordinary. Indistinct, Ji Dong as if saw slight red, making the incomparably familiar red drift about at present. As if had any special concern to appear in oneself mind, making oneself have to feel that wonder, but this wonderful also said that anything is unable to find out.

If in other, Ji Dong certainly with rapt attention will investigate, but in this case, him dares to divert attention at present? Hurry with rapt attention to right, controls the soul aura to be completely reserved, shields all aura completely during this huge soul fluctuation. Although the strength of their this soul are depend upon three people to unite in together under the arrange/cloth at present, but the overall intensity was not weak in the dark secret, naturally does not need to be worried that was discovered by the dark secret. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon personal appearance light moved to and fro, is paddles, flies slowly toward the dark curtain of night.

The speed that the cloud from the sky drifts cannot certainly be too fast, such will not have any magic power fluctuation to appear same is also suspected. Therefore, fifty Saint Fire Dragon can only be flight slowly.

When they just left same place less than ten seconds, suddenly, an incomparably strong cruel soul aura the position that formerly was at from fifty Saint Fire Dragon sweeps.

The feeling of Ji Dong is clearest, he knows certainly the strength of formidable soul that has not concealed from where. Under nearly made strength of out-of-control that soul three people fused in great surprise. His will is luckily calm enough, this stabilizes stays in a brothel overnight the surface, controls fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly as before slowly forward.

The Chen Sixuan sound resounds in the Ji Dong mind, "has not thought, we have so been careful, had been discovered some clue by the dark secret. We hope that it do not look to be good truly."

Ji Dong said: "When should be our soul fusion a moment ago revealed one point of soul to fluctuate, making the dark secret faint from fear. But his scanning is almost the earliest possible time arrives, without discovering any sound, should not come to examine again. If he must come, could not say, we also can only spell by the loathsome appearance, hopes that before the dark heavenly stems disciples have not arrived, its heavy losses."Categorical that Ji Dong these words said. The strength of Saint level peak, threatens to them without a doubt fatally, but, Ji Dong also has facing the formidable match. Initially when facing the Saint level high rank Saint level hot demon, although could not hit, but also made the opposite party not feel better, at this time their disciple ten attributes were complete, by the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, Ji Dong deeply believed. Of without the dark heavenly stems disciple participating, they do not have strength of the spelling.

Luckily, the fact just as such of Ji Dong judgment, the dark secret has not appeared in the scanning unsuccessful situation eventually, fifty Saint Fire Dragon continues to flutter under the cover of fog forward.

Is shielding the aura of people cautiously, Ji Dong while is prospecting below situation through the strength of formidable soul quietly.

The Dark Five Elements Continent big camp is rolling, seems vast, Ji Dong is not a general, cannot judge to have many enemies from the quantity of this tent. Feeling that but this looks, he knows, the army that Dark Five Elements Continent assembles are not less than the Light Five Elements Continent Five-Nation Allied Armies quantity. Moreover they completely take orders in dark secret one person. What is different from Light Five Elements Continent that side, Dark Five Elements Continent, not any construction fort and insurance rampart and so on plan of fortification. Pitches camp. Nearby the Red Lotus day fire, has the soldiers of brigade to go on patrol.

This is self-confident, is stationed in situation Ji Dong to see the dark secret from the present army the self-confidence. Obviously, he has not thought the victory and defeat of this holy war will have any suspense. Naturally cannot want under the arrange/cloth any fortification. Only the destruction -type attack is the dark secret wants to do. But in fact, he also truly has such strength, cultivation base of Saint level peak, has the dark heavenly stems disciple of divine tool completely, again preparation of additional over a thousand years of accumulation, present Light Five Elements Continent, how regardless of being not this Dark Five Elements Continent match. originally Ji Dong also believes, the hot crow clan that relies on to be creating the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method of as well as the future can convene, may make Light Five Elements Continent reverse the aspect. But at this time observes from the sky, he actually discovered that even if not consider the both sides heavenly stems disciple and in the secret situation. Finally wins also as before is Dark Five Elements Continent. Millenniums preparations, were too full, the bird's eye view from the sky, Ji Dong saw heavy weapons that massive Light Five Elements Continent have not had. Although these weapons also limit to the cold weapons condition. But even if he such formidable Mage, seems somewhat is fearful. Especially one type seems has ten meters width fully, below the bases and eight big wheels, do not know that needs many talented people able to control the super heavy crossbow that. On this thing hangs 12 have been three meters crossbow bolt, the under also capstan and so on thing unexpectedly. God knows this gadget launches the future to be what kind of degree truly. Let alone is the ordinary soldier, perhaps even if Mage cannot block! The defense sharp weapon of tower shield that rewiring infantry in front of this thing, simply is a joke. But this type of super heavy crossbow, Ji Dong in the Dark Five Elements Continent camp, at least saw over a thousand. This are how many manpower, physical resources and can financial resource save to come?

Ji Dong wants to release wide scope Ultra Certain Kill Skill really immediately, destroys the murder sharp weapons of these terrors completely, what a pity, present he cannot take care of oneself, possible to start Ultra Certain Kill Skill? Even if he can do, could not injure these heavy crossbows similarly. Around these heavy crossbows, at least over 1000 Mage are protecting. Moreover these Mage according to ten attribute classifications gather, in other words, they should be that type can release five elements jointly ties existence. Let alone is thousand people collaborates, even if hundred people collaborates, is not any Ultra Certain Kill Skill can break through. Their that five elements jointly tie attack not good, endurance is very ordinary, but in defense, actually compared with five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy still have it. Then really does not look does not know, looks to have a scare. Moreover, this super heavy crossbow is also not only a one by one type of weapon of mass destruction. Left beside them. Ji Dong also at least saw two volumes not under everybody of super heavy crossbow. But prospects from the sky, he could not see how these heavy weapons use. The preparation of Dark Five Elements Continent was really too full. Ji Dong smart spirit shuddered, because he thinks suddenly, if initially did not have the appearance of Lie Yan (raging flames), making these formidable weapon direct roles in Light Five Elements Continent be able to be what kind of picture. Does not know that many Light Five Elements Continent soldiers can die a tragic death under these terrors destructive weapons!

Ji Dong looks, while through the soul transmits all that oneself see to the partners, bright heavenly stems disciples originally rejoiced that in smoothly enters the dark world the good mood to be nothing left immediately, the one by one complexion is stern. In the people, touches in a big way was the wolf divine intervention, he was the diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander's son, itself also once led the soldier. Regarding the army is most familiar. Is clearer than Ji Dong significance of these weapon functions in war.

Is shocking in the people in the great strength of dark army, suddenly, the direction of Ji Dong attention changes, the people saw, a length of body surpassed seven meters giant demon gull to fly to suffice toward them, moreover was straight flying to their this partial clouds.

Was discovered? The heavenly stems disciples are instantaneously tense, although magic power draws the bow and not discharges the arrow, but everybody's vision also centralized on Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, signaled with the eyes to gold/metal, simultaneously hints other people do not act rashly.

Quick, that giant demon gull approached, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is the slow flight, is the front surface goes, the collision of both sides was inevitable. At this time, demonstrated that calmness of Ji Dong, he only has not made the partners prepare to attack the strain. Also condenses the strength of soul, cautiously carries on the back to search toward that giant demon gull. Ji Dong the procedure somewhat thinks otherwise including Chen Sixuan. This very obviously is patrol Mage of dark army, even if investigates with the soul, what can also feel? However, quick, the people were dumbfounded under the soul investigation of Ji Dong.

On that giant demon gull, is not only then Mage, but is two, a man and a woman, those who made the people delay was, at this time these two Mage were not honest sitting carries on the back in the giant demon gull, but was embracing the lips and teeth entanglement mutually, own that called warm. The hand of that middle-aged masculine Mage, searches directly into the female Mage clothes, is doing as for him, even if Lan Bao'er and Du Xin'er such pure girl is also clear, say nothing had reason of synthesis Chen Sixuan with Ji Dong. The girls double cheek that in heavenly stems disciple this, looks is all crimson, Ji Dong also hurried to shut off has contacted with their souls. But the sound retained.

Two when from fifty Saint Fire Dragon this fog also kilometers about, this is inseparable loosened the mouth finally, that female Mage is charmingly angry: "Your this sex maniac, in serious that the camp installs. Arrived airborne changed appearance. Necrosis."

Middle-aged male Mage chuckled, said: "Bad also in behind. What kind, the partial clouds that I choose are good. Three kilometers upper air, the person of nosing are least, only then my this type the powerhouse who has formidable flight magic beast can come. What immediately makes you feel is true being shifty. Hehe, is us the matter that likes doing above three kilometers upper air, thinks to have the feeling? Hehe."

The heavenly stems disciples who that sinister smile listens to are dumbfounded, is this also good? Their this where is investigates, aims at fifty Saint Fire Dragon this partial clouds, for does the matter that some loves do unexpectedly. Including Ji Dong and secret, the expression of bright heavenly stems disciples must now splendidly splendid, originally is tying tight the heartstrings also relaxed because of this sudden change. The speed of giant demon gull flight is not slow, must arrive at the fog range shortly, although Ji Dong in heart funny, but the strain is not bad, the strength of tyrannical soul made the range of fog enlarge along with the mist of fifty Saint Fire Dragon enhancement sending out, saw, the giant demon gull that then rode to the men and women flew.

Has not waited to enter the fog completely, this to harboring evil thoughts male and female Mage was also intimate, these two completely immerse in the desire, male Mage one has pulled open the clothes of female Mage upper body, in they want a more further time, suddenly, they discovered, the originally illusory fog as if disappears. The surroundings completely turned into silver.

Smart spirit shuddered, this looks to male and female Mage subconscious turning head, they see, is fifty Saint Fire Dragon that two giant dragon's head, an numerous bright heavenly stems disciple who as well as fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back.

"Enemy......"raids the character not saying that bright golden light has delimited quietly, the male and female Mage forehead is almost the same time is penetrated, as for that giant demon gull, was instantaneously is stunned by the strength of formidable soul Ji Dong launched immediately.

a golden light flashes, with the demon gull, was all received to store up in Magic Tool by gold/metal, the entire process is it can be said that neat.

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Chapter 579: Push onward! Dark Five Elements Continent

gold/metal has killed these two dark Mage neatly. Solved them without the slightest bit aura revelation. That giant demon gull looked like disappears in the fog directly general. That two dark Mage, male cultivation base is not weak, has Seven-Crown fully, female Mage is Four-Crown by. In the face of the gold/metal such formidable strength, the opportunity that they begin radically continually does not have. Comprehensive shields of Ji Dong three people of soul fusions, in addition that two dark Mage, completely immerses in the desire, after falling into soul locking, completely detected, they want to spread an information unable to achieve.

gold/metal coldly has flung waving the arms about, looks at that meaning, obviously is because killed these two people she to think that was dirty the hand. On heavenly stems disciples face revealed several points of happy expression. Yao Qianshu is muttered: "Does matter that some loves do above three kilometers upper air, owes they to think. However, perhaps, is very as if exciting."

Wolf divine intervention chuckled, said: "Stimulation stimulated, but, gave the stimulation not to have the life. Who can think the fog that our fifty Saint Fire Dragon releases had been regarded by them unexpectedly "

Because the originally tension-filled atmosphere the emergence of this small interlude relaxed, at this time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon fog already gradually approached Holy and Evil Island toward Dark Five Elements Continent that side edge. However Ji Dong does not dare to have any general idea, must know, by cultivation base of dark secret Saint level peak, his soul scanning even can spread entire Holy and Evil Island. Before has not landed Dark Five Elements Continent truly, their dangers have not relieved.

At this time. The distant place horizon has revealed gradually has wiped the fish-belly white, dark sky also gradually turned into the dark blue, daybreak must arrive.

What Ji Dong choice is moves late at night, because this time is the people are easiest to idle, daybreak, is staying up late is wearier. All defense naturally also most relaxed at this time.

Finally, when morning sun of distant place horizon reveals wipes the red, they left the Holy and Evil Island range, Dark Five Elements Continent already at present.

The feeling of sunrise from the sky is very special, that aesthetic sense in the ground is unable to realize that but the mood of bright heavenly stems disciples, was also same just as this sunrise at this time, has filled with the vitality. Has succeeded, they succeeded finally.

The strength of dark secret is formidable, being watertight of impossible command giant islands defense, Ji Dong during three days, has tried to find several feasible solutions. The final two choices are ascend the sky and enter. Under the balance, he finally chose walked the sky. Such strain gets up to be easier, at least the dark heavenly stems disciple is impossible to catch up immediately. Facing a dark secret, they at least can also resist one.

Other dark secret judgments are correct, what a pity, he actually does not know, oneself son betrays is not the partner, but this has killed daughter-in- law's father. The morale of bright heavenly stems disciple had not been attacked heavily, can therefore in the day time once more initiate crossing over over and over. Their also really success.

Looks down to the distant place from the sky, at least in the surface, could not see that Dark Five Elements Continent and Light Five Elements Continent have anything to distinguish. Similarly is vast continent. In close Holy and Evil Island place. Can see the massive buildings and houses, although does not have the city wall, but here actually likely is a giant incomparable city. With the hugeness described that is very appropriate, because the heavenly stems disciples discovered with amazement, this city big of range, but must surpass first big city Central Plains City on Light Five Elements Continent.

The careful observation can discover slightly, this is not an ordinary city, but is one complete for the war the preparation city. In this giant incomparable city, can see many are the ordnance factory, as for other all, does not need to look that the people also understand, prepares for the war.

The careful identification, Ji Dong discovered, this giant city has two Central Plains City to be so big fully, prepares for the war completely, this is not one day and two days, one year and two years of institute can complete. After one -and-a-half years of the holy war, the preparation of Dark Five Elements Continent was really too full.

The secret sighed slightly: "This is instinct of aggression."

Say/Way that Du Ming is eager to try: "Teacher, do we want to regard the goal this city? Here ordnance factory, if has destroyed, massacres these artisans. After the holy war starts, the Dark Five Elements Continent successor will feel weak."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled. Stared Du Ming one eyes, "is not good. Here was too near from Holy and Evil Island, once starts, the dark secret and dark heavenly stems disciple can catch up immediately. Moreover, everybody must remember words that I spoke before. We carry on the Decapitation Strike, although this Dark Five Elements Continent is our enemies, but, the person on Dark Five Elements Continent also similarly is human. We cannot slaughter innocents. Therefore, we must destroy, is only the Mage strength of opposite party, regarding the ordinary common people even is the soldier, we cannot get rid easily. We to let the war die less people, but does not bring life apply carbon to Dark Five Elements Continent." Listened to the Ji Dong words, nodded, said that secret deep to be so: "So, we cannot slaughter the ordinary common people casually. If we slaughter innocents, what then also has to distinguish with the dark secret?"

Du Ming hurried to nod, kept silent the Ruohan cicada does not dare to say anything again.

Although cannot begin here, but left the dark secret investigation range after all, Ji Dong told that fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerates, as before under the shield of fog, leading the people to fly to go toward the Dark Five Elements Continent deep place rapidly. Finally entered Dark Five Elements Continent, the plan of Ji Dong must also launch truly. This, is really the sea extravagantly depends on the fish dive, day high Ren Niaofei. The dark secret wants to hold them again, that may be the countless sufferings and hardships. From beginning to end, superiority that Ji Dong must display is the Red Lotus day fire that Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves behind, has the Red Lotus day hot shield, in next one -and-a-half years of time, they can definitely but independently is. Cannot probably be worried that Light Five Elements Continent this supreme headquarters were attacked by Dark Five Elements Continent. This also why Ji Dong throughout insists this line of necessities. Has missed this opportunity, the upfront contends, first did not say who wins who loses, the casualties of both sides are surely giant. He wants, not only defeats match, is wins the match. Only has this, can make war finish in the shortest time, soon will solve in the determination this biggest problem. The pitiful dark secrets and dark heavenly stems disciples are uninformed at sea, they biggest match has submerged in their inland quietly.

Discrete in order, Ji Dong made fifty Saint Fire Dragon fly to the Dark Five Elements Continent inland entire day, gradually reduced speed the speed, reduced the flight altitude, sought for the recent city.

Regarding them, Dark Five Elements Continent after all is extremely strange, only has in the city, can find them the news that wants to obtain.

Searches from the sky, is naturally convenient, less than the free time of half double-hour, fifty Saint Fire Dragon had discovered a larger scale city, instructed by Ji Dong, descends from an city not far away mountain peak place.

Ji Dong then makes the partners receive in storing up the magic beast partner in Magic Tool respectively releases, opens the space that they rest in this Dark Five Elements Continent again. After all, stores up Magic Tool generally regarding magic beast. It is not suits the rest the place, the narrow space will make them very painful. Only then eclipse date phoenix and Vermilion Bird bracelet such coordination or were nucleus of such fifty Saint Fire Dragon and life, can receive it for a long time and beneficial harmless.

Just when entered the Dark Five Elements Continent tense atmosphere already to vanish because of the thorough inland, the heavenly stems disciples appeared somewhat stimulated, everybody was young people, feeling after this thorough enemy was very easy to make them stimulated.

Some Du Xin'er jumping for joy asked to Ji Dong: "Teacher Ji Dong, our next does this do? Could start to take action, strikes to kill these Dark Five Elements Continent Mage?"

Ji Dong said: "No, was unable to alert the enemy. Before starting Decapitation Strike, our also important matter must be done, that is helps Du Ming and Bao'er also attains their respective magical instruments. After ten magical instruments are complete. We truly had the strength that and dark heavenly stems disciple as well as the dark secret contended with. Walks, we arrive in the front city to inquire the news first, what is most important purchases a detailed Dark Five Elements Continent map. Like this our motions can be smoother."

At that moment, the people receive the good mount, under the leadership of Ji Dong the mountain peak range of under foot, seemed toward that the scale not small city pushes onward.

Was near from this city, the people started some usually not to feel, this feeling came because of the environment. They have stepped onto the major road, is, although this major road is broad, but is bumpy, demonstrated appearance in disrepair after many years completely. By the major road, does not have the trees, looks, performing is the rolling farmland, massive farmers is cultivating. Normally, so many farmland exist, the life of farmers should very good be right, may seem, these are in farmer one by one of practical training are actually emaciated, the malnutrition appearance, beyond comprehension.

Has waited till nearby that city, this strange feeling became more intense, although at present this city cannot compared with the Light Five Elements Continent several Great Empire capitals, but before , from airborne looked, should Lord city that rank. However, before city people actually discovered, here city wall is really ruined, saw that is the age is quite remote. Several city walls even collapsed, may actually not any trace of patching. The soldier who in the top goes on patrol is also very few, city gate place simply does not even have the soldier to guard. The passing passer-by also mostly is an appearance of dispirited.

This situation must appear in the poor village, the people naturally do not will feel odd, may at present clearly be a main city! How to decline to so the degree? In Light Five Elements Continent, even if a scale very small ordinary city also compared with here strong many.

Ji Dong and secret look at each other one, saw the doubts in opposite party heart, the people also along with it entering city.

The situation in city seems with city outside feels similarly, the construction is very mostly ancient, moreover is appearances in disrepair after many years. Over two story buildings nearly vanish, mostly is the ruined one-story house. Street both sides store quantity also be short of several times compared with the normal main city.

Before Ji Dong arrives at a store, stops the footsteps, hints the partners to wait for him here, oneself walk into the store. In the store only then seems the 40-year-old middle-aged person, by counter drowsy.

"Hello, excuse me, your do here have the continent map to sell?"Looking from outside, here should be a general store, therefore Ji Dong comes to inquire. But walks into he discovered, inside commodity is actually few pity. That store boss raised the head, looks to Ji Dong, smart spirit shuddered, hurries to stand up suddenly, respectful salutes to Ji Dong, said: "Welcome, welcome the Sir to visit shop. What need do you have?"

Looks at his courteous appearance, the Ji Dong surprise, "what Sir? You knew that I am inadequate?"This is big of slippery world checks simply, he just now comes Dark Five Elements Continent, how possibly do some people know? He who this Sir called could not feel the brains.

That store boss hastily said: "Small fortunately knows Sir? Looks at the attire and look of Sir, certainly is Sir Mage."

"Oh? You can look am I Mage?"Ji Dong curious asking. He self- examined to own aura concealed was very good.

Store boss respectfully said: "That was natural, Sir Mage and we were certainly different. The secret Sir long live, Sir Mage is thousand years old. You want anything, although takes, this is being honored of shop."

Ji Dong looks, this store boss fears to him, in the heart has doubts, lightly said: "I only want to know that now your why eyes can see me are Mage. To be honest, otherwise. "

Such remarks, that store boss frightened immediately smartly spirit has fought a shiver, plop'ed, actually knelt down in front of Ji Dong, a nasal mucus tears say/way: "Sir Mage, you, you let off me, I do not intend to affront. Except for Sir Mage, who can have such look imposing appearance?"

In the Ji Dong eye the cold light twinkle, strength of the soul floating, has covered the body of this boss, "visits me."

That shop boss raised the head, when he sees both eyes of Ji Dong, only thought that brain dizziness, at present completely is silver.

Ji Dong said: "Said why can recognize me is Mage."This issue he must make clear, at present this shop boss clearly is ordinary common people, in within the body magic power fluctuation does not have. Such person can recognize oneself Mage identity, how does not clarify him to feel at ease.

The big climax must approach. The double monthly tickets fifth day, everybody quickly votes this month.

Chapter 580: Goal! Dark temple

The state of mind of that shop boss completely had been controlled by Ji Dong. muttered: "Because only then Sir Mage can wear such magnificent clothes, only then Sir Mage and army can eat to the full the food, looks at your facial expression and attire, I can only judge you am Sir Mage."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "Can't could it be besides Mage and army, your common people eat to the full including the food? In could it be your this city doesn't have the aristocrat?"

"Aristocrat? What is that?"Vacant of shop boss face, "secret Sir said, all living things equality, only has many of payout, can obtain are more. Sir Mage and army must protect our continent, naturally must provide for with the best thing. But our these dawns can live, all because of their gracious favors. All must serves for Mage and army. Since ten years ago, announced after holy war will soon start, the payment of taxes that our originally must turn in has promoted one time. Besides Mage and army, even if the city main has eaten does not sate the appetite. Person who every day has starving to death."

Listened to the words of this shop boss, Ji Dong understands these that finally oneself see at present why were. The dark secret so-called millenniums accumulate such come unexpectedly. Is the dependence so squeezes the common people to come unexpectedly. This shocks for him is really heavy.

"Your does here have the continent map?" The Ji Dong sinking sound asked. "Has." The shop boss under the order of Ji Dong, trembling setting out, turns out a somewhat broken continent map from the following cabinet, respectful giving Ji Dong.

Ji Dong does not know the money on this Dark Five Elements Continent is any appearance, naturally is unable to pay money to him. Erased the memory of this short time to retrocede.

Greets Ji Dong, is a dignity of heavenly stems disciples face, although formerly was he goes. But has actually given the partners inside situation sharing through soul sharing, he hears, the partners naturally also heard.

Secret brow tight wrinkle, "can be this unexpectedly. Has not thought, Dark Five Elements Continent imagines with us is completely different."Right, is completely is truly different. Before has not come, heavenly stems disciples have to this piece of position continent extremely high sentences in advance. By dark secret that formidable strength, the dark heavenly stems disciple has the power and influence of divine tool completely, also that several million equipment extremely excellent dark armies is stopped up above Holy and Evil Island. This all, was proving to them the Dark Five Elements Continent all-round strength is formidable, is prosperous. But after, they come here truly, actually the surprised discovery, all with them imagines is unexpectedly different. Here, not only has not seen any prosperous picture, sees unexpectedly is ruined. On prosperous, this darkness by far was bright.

Yao Qianshu said: "Can this be only this city, or is this region is this situation? After all, here distance frontline is not too far."

Ji Dong solemnly said: "If such but actually , but if entire Dark Five Elements Continent is at present this picture, then, first life apply carbon is not our Light Five Elements Continent, actually Dark Five Elements Continent itself."

Asked to Ji Dong remotely: "Now what to do that should we?"Since knew after Fu Rui does not have by -path, although was not angry, but on her beautiful tender face, is bringing a light sadness throughout. Ji Dong said: "All carried on as scheduled. Meanwhile, since Dark Five Elements Continent goes beyond our expectations. We must investigate regarding this piece of continent carefully turn. Time also are many, moves does not worry, knows oneself and other side can be undefeated in many battles. If Dark Five Elements Continent is really at present this picture, then, we at least can determine. That is the successor of dark secret and his dark army feels weak. By the dark continent so poor picture, even if he now military strength on hand are many, is impossible to carry on the protracted war. Several million armies! The daily consumption is astronomical figures. But these consumptions actually from at present these including the common people who the food cannot eat to the full. originally I do not have any confidence, but looking back now, this holy war our opportunities are actually not small. The dark secret is also perhaps less optimistic because of the dark continent situation, this has filled coveting to our bright continent. His idea, lives off the government surely, captures in our Light Five Elements Continent as soon as possible, further launches the war through plundering. The dark secret perhaps is a fierce and ambitious, but is actually not the governing good talent. Or in the situation of his practice of "what I say goes", nobody dares to help him govern continent radically. Moreover, this situation is not one generation of secrets creates certainly, he was known as that sacrificed opportunity that ten generations of secrets have created, it seems like, the common people on this Dark Five Elements Continent also spent ten generations of painful time."

The heavenly stems disciples nod in abundance, if dark continent looks like this that they see at present. That compares, the Light Five Elements Continent inside story wants deep many. Naturally, this must after war starts, that side bright continent can draw in the war to the protracted war is meaningful. The current situation, this is actually impossible.

Ji Dong said: These command situations that "at present we see became more complex. also that now we think is too early to say. Also must be many in this Dark Five Elements Continent has a look to say again. Walks, we find a peaceful place to rest first, studies this dark continent map." Said that this is also a main city, although declines, but seeks for a hotel not too to be but actually difficult, quick, the people found one home are the hotels in one-story house. Appeared before extremely similar one, after they walk into the hotel, simply does not need to say anything, the boss and an only service person in hotel welcomed immediately , helping them arrange to move in respectfully, simply has not mentioned the matter that receives money.

Compared with the Light Five Elements Continent hotel, here decoration simple make the blood boil, is luckily clean, does in Rome as Rome does, let alone the bright disciples have that vital duty, naturally cannot intertwine above these foreign affairs, makes to put up with is moving.

Ji Dong calls the partners in the that not big room, people passing through the gate, Yao Qianshu with a smile said: "Feeling of this Dark Five Elements Continent actually also good, is the Mage heaven, Mage arrived here simply, resembles with Sir. Why as if not to need to pay money, their Dark Five Elements Continent Mage is really happy!"

The secret looked at Yao Qianshu one, said: "You know that what this situation does mean?"

Yao Qianshu has gawked. "Tires the people and squanders resources?
Means that the life of general publics is impoverished?"

The secret shook the head, sits Ji Dong on chair said: "This means that Dark Five Elements Continent Mage quantity the estimate of far superegos. This line, I carefully observed, in this city, the quantity of young adults is actually few. But before we before entering city, sees in the farmer in farmland by the major road, existence of similarly unusual young adults. I had pondered a moment ago carefully, this means that perhaps two matters, all young adults invested into that great undertaking of dark secret. If you are the resident in this city, lives on this kind of piece of continent, after you had the child, will do? For becoming outstanding, in order to eats to have sated the appetite on the auspicious day, then only has two choices. The first choice naturally is to become Mage, if I have not guessed that wrong, above this Dark Five Elements Continent, definitely has our Light Five Elements Continent chooses Mage more systematic than also a stricter way. Moreover definitely is everywhere, is controlled by the dark secret. In order to better survival, on auspicious day, so long as has the young people of slightest bit Mage talent, perhaps at home under supervision cultivation whole-heartedly, can fly the branch with the chart changes the phoenix. But these are not really able to cultivate the Mage young people, to eat to the full and put on warmly. Another road becomes a soldier, although wants rough many, but the army can definitely make them eat after all to sate the appetite."

The secret said taking advantage of the Ji Dong words: "Perhaps in this case, we must estimate to Dark Five Elements Continent. If all Dark Five Elements Continent cities like at present this, or are similar. Then, the Dark Five Elements Continent Mage total, the army total, perhaps be expected terrifying much compared with us. Such system fears simply is the dark secret intentionally for it, rather vitality of consumption entire continent development trend, wants the poor soldier extravagant military builds up a formidable and terrifying military power. But he as the control and belief of this military power, so long as can invade our Light Five Elements Continent. Then, all were not the issues."

Yao Qianshu gasped, "dark secret fellow simply was too fearful. This heirless person means that perhaps also only then he can think. I rejoiced very much I live in Light Five Elements Continent. Many that although we be worse than Dark Five Elements Continent by the military power, but hundred years of peace made our continent is the vigorous sign of life is everywhere vigorous. Although must say the dirty place, but compares to here life, simply is division of heaven and hell."

The map that Ji Dong spreads out buys before the bed, points at the map saying: "From the area, Dark Five Elements Continent must be smaller than our Light Five Elements Continent, small about one-third appearances. The surface looks like, here is also divided into five countries, even including the name of country with us almost. The writing is slightly different, but difference is not big, can identify indistinctly. But in fact, here country does not have any significance. All, regarding here."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong lifted hand to pat the racket in the map most central position. People vision centralized there, sees only that is together completely by the region that the black covers, above does not have any other discriminations, only has the simplest four characters, that is: Dark temple.

"Here surely was the dark secret den. All controls the order of Dark Five Elements Continent to send out from here. Also here, grasped this piece of continent strongest strength, has ruled this continent a lot of years. Meanwhile, here is also our trip of first goals."Finger of Ji Dong numerous selected in the region of that dark temple.

Listened to the Ji Dong words, wolf divine intervention eyes shined,
"few hosts, do we break first fundamentally its?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "This naturally is a reason. Now to us is a good opportunity, because the Senior Brother transmits to the dark secret news, making him lead the dark heavenly stems disciple to obstruct us on Holy and Evil Island. Even if we early is prepared, the dark secret truly has also taken to us not the small trouble, was breaks through the tight encirclement to enter Dark Five Elements Continent with great difficulty. However, in we break through the impediment to enter Dark Five Elements Continent at that moment starting from, the initiative grasped in our hands. Does not make everybody begin ahead of time, for can arrive at the dark secret the den to transfer first. Like this makes several advantage, first, dark secret and dark heavenly stems disciples not. To us, this is once in a thousand years good opportunity, doesn't give the dark temple to keep a symbol to be how good?"

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, on the people face appeared a happy expression.

Ji Dong continued: "Next, that dark temple has massive Mage to be stationed surely, can be stationed there, is the dark secret death is surely loyal, to the darkness most reverent embracer. Kills their us not to need any psychological burden...., Also is the most important point, two bright Water department magical instruments were collected by the dark secret in that dark temple surely. This is also our priority targets. If not attack the dark temple in the present earliest possible time, we likely from now on will not have the opportunity. For these reasons, I set our first goal here, moreover before achieving this goal, cannot expose. Everybody has anything to suggest that can raise immediately, we discussed together."

gold/metal first shaking the head, lightly said: "I begin to kill people by all means that what other is your matters."

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, anything had not said that but her vision actually throughout stays on Ji Dong.

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "Ji Dong thought thoroughly, I did not have any opinion. However, secret, you whether to calculate to us this line of good and bad fortune of?"

The secret nods slightly, both hands lift, in airborne empty has pressed, the palm recycling, the light point on own forehead, immediately, that is only simultaneously hidden the secret eye in forehead to open quietly, the light extraordinary splendor appears baseless. With opening of eye of secret, the secret vision immediately becomes vacant, but also as if has a special ray to sparkle, seems gazing at the remote place.

The heavenly stems disciples are calm, static waiting.

Long time, secret right hand index finger above the eye of own secret, all extraordinary splendor also stops. Grows the tone, he to Ji Dong nodded, said four characters from the mouth......

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