Jiu Shen Chapter 561-570

Chapter 561: I must go to 18th Layer

Fire Lotus king Youxie continue to say indignantly: "The earth core world is more suitable you to cultivate. If, why Her Majesty the Empress she does not keep 18th Layer you, until you are capable of enough making you exit? Is because there environment is too bad, without her suppression, you are unable to withstand. Therefore transmitted the world you."

"Do not say."Ji Dong has interrupted the words of Fire Lotus king, at this time, he feels as if a knife were piercing heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) the remembrance of racing wells up who is unable to restrain. God hot Saint king Kai appears voluntarily, what the people cannot see was ruthlessly pricked the body of Ji Dong in god hot Saint king Kainei all sharp thorns, although punctured is airtight his skin, but can actually take to him the web severe pain. Even but if, body so ache, is unable in the pain with his innermost feelings to compare.

Chen Sixuan somewhat swift and fierce has swept Fire Lotus king one eyes, hurries to arrive at side Ji Dong, holds him to shake the hand of fist on own initiative, uses oneself that gentleness, is comforting him silently.

The Fire Lotus king lowered the head, she also thought oneself said were a much less, but she cannot bear. Lie Yan (raging flames) died, now only has Chen Sixuan, but this all. Because at present this human. Although he and Lie Yan (raging flames) love made the Fire Lotus king also very affected, but, she because after all this liked losing own eldest sister! Under the righteous indignation, she said these many. "I must go to 18th Layer."Ji Dong broke away the hand of Chen Sixuan, extremely firm say/way: "I must go to 18th Layer, I must have a look, not to have 18th Layer that Lie Yan (raging flames) protects, is what."

Fire Lotus king nodded of silently.

Ji Dong changes the heavenly stems disciples, solemnly said: "Our earth core informed and experienced were also comes to the end. Everybody first through transmitting. I must stay in the earth core world some time. But will not be long, before the Lie Yan (raging flames) third gala, I will certainly exit to converge with you."

Fu Rui nodded, did not say first they remain not to help Ji Dong anything, since they said that was not fire attribute Mage, was full of the Fire Element earth core world really dull to suffice in this.

"Ji Dong, we in the Armanz mountain you."

Ji Dong said: "Good, your this walks. These days everybody in earth core world cultivation was very laborious, after exiting, first adjusts, perhaps everybody must adapt to a outside world to be good."

"Ji Dong, making me stay behind accompanies hello/you good?"Chen Sixuan cannot bear saying.

Ji Dong knits the brows: "It is not good, you are wood attribute, here environment was not suitable to you. Let alone I must arrive at earth core 18th Layer to go, how can lead you? You and everybody walk together."In his words filled was indisputable. Nearby Fire Lotus king cannot tolerate, just wants to say anything, was actually moved by Chen Sixuan with own god knowledge, has not said.

Ji Dong is certainly impossible to leave behind Chen Sixuan, first did not say the environmental issue. He must go to itself and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the together place! Leads a woman to arrive there, going how his heart crosses. Finally, Chen Sixuan and heavenly stems disciples transmitted together departed, before departure, she knew and Fire Lotus king Jiandan with oneself that weak god has exchanged, actually to say anything among them, that only then they knew. In any case leaves after Chen Sixuan, the Fire Lotus king returned to normal, the manner to Ji Dong is also respectful, did not say anything again.

The heavenly stems disciples also walked, in fire Demon King housing castle, remaining Ji Dong and their several remote antiquity supreme elders.

Fire Lotus king asked: "Does founder, when you prepare to go to 18th Layer?"

Ji Dong thinks, said: "Several matters I must consult with you, then I go to 18th Layer again. Later, I will return to the world from there directly."

Say/Way that fire Demon King is reluctant to part: "Is founder, you such sharply walking?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Relax, before walking, I will leave behind a chaos seed for you, cultivation that so long as you said according to me. By your Saint level initial rank cultivation base, soon can have an achievement. Just, the present hot demon clan is in itself the single body exists. To present the genuine Yin-Yang fusion the hot demon, perhaps can only start from your next generations. I think, you should be able to understand my meaning. Naturally, so long as you cultivation according to my method, two people coordinate, the Yin-Yang fuses in the magic skill use without question."

Two fire Demon King simultaneously nodded, although somewhat regretted, but two people collaborate to cause the use Yin-Yang fusion technique, for them, the self-preservation was enough.

Listened to Ji Dong these words, the fire spirit king is also big relaxing, according to this that Ji Dong said that at least in section time hot demon clan impossible instantaneous strengthen . Moreover, these two fire Demon King cultivation base fell the Saint level initial rank level, even if they used the Yin-Yang fusion technique, not on strong anything. The potential of the confrontation among three forces, will continue a long time as before is maintaining.

Ji Dong said to fire Demon King: "I have a matter to tell that you do. In any event, you must complete."

"Does not have the issue, gives us."Two fire Demon King look at each other one, saying with one voice.

Ji Dong said: "earth core world, since was unified after by Lie Yan (raging flames), the whole regained the peace. However, because of the race strong and weak. The formidable race humiliation small and weak race almost became a custom. I arrive at earth core world these months, looks to all these is very clear. Therefore, I want you to send getting angry demon clan clansman, establishes a supervisory team, walks randomly in various earth core world. Once runs into the bully, is relentless. My meaning do you understand?"

The swift and fierce ray flashes past from two fire Demon King eyes, they numerous nodded.

Ji Dong lightly said: "I hope, later do not present the Saint to teach various celebration head of the clan never complete/even situations again. Even if the smallest and weakest fire fine clan, there is the qualifications of attending the celebration. Although they have not arrived at the 15 th strength, but you can also send for protecting. Wants the Saint to teach to have the support of all races, that must treat impartially. Do not forget, does not have fruit that the fire fine clan plants, most earth core races are unable to survive. These small and weak, but huge quantity of races, are the foundations that the earth core world multiplication lives."

Listened to Ji Dong these words, fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king same nodded, since, this has been has puzzled the earth core world a major problem. Because the gradual great strength of hot demon clan, they must place the energy to the fire-resistant demon clan on, cannot take into consideration. At this time Ji Dong makes the hot demon clan make this supervisory team, obviously is appropriate. Because inherited Two Great Sovereign Kings cassock and almsbowl status, fire Demon King it can be said that always follows to Ji Dong, in addition relations between Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). It can be said that now among the earth core world three big strong clans entered an unprecedented peace period.

Ji Dong continued: "A also point, needed your three big strong clans and entire Saints teaches to try hard together. In order to avoid the formidable race suppresses small and weak race situation emergence, must let our earth core world thorough division of one, only has this, the formidable race is unable to invade the small and weak race survival easily the domain. In other words. The guard between level and level must strengthen large scale, to achieve such goal."

Striking one's chest that fire Demon King vows solemnly, said: "This does not have the issue, my sent two clansmen to assume personal command in the past, I looked that who also dares to violate the Saint to teach to order arbitrarily."

Ji Dong lightly sighed, said: These that "I said are the methods. Wants the earth core world to be completely peaceful, but also needs everybody to work with concerted efforts, not only three big strong clans, each race of also earth core world. These must depend upon you. I after all am a human, cannot stay in earth core for a long time."

Fire Demon King chuckled, said: "Founder. You remain not to have anything for a long time! Isn't here more suitable you to cultivate?"

Ji Dong smiles bitterly, said: "World has is too hobbling me meddlesomely. If to can calm down on the day of , is also I must look for Lie Yan (raging flames) the time."

Listened to his these words, extremely the vision of remote antiquity supreme elder becomes somewhat strange, particularly the Fire Lotus king, looks that the Ji Dong eyeground deep place flashes through is alone and sad, her heart unconscious pulling out painful. Ji Dong said: "Fire Lotus king, but must trouble you, the jade of that place I have very big use, prepares some for me, I carry off directly. Meanwhile my also issue wants to ask you. The earth core world does not permit to arrive at the surface world, refers to all races not? What does this limit have possibly to change?"

The Fire Lotus king thinks that he is feared the earth core lifeform goes to the world to cause trouble, said: "The jade of place before trials start, I have made the red flame prepare one batch, in a short time perhaps cannot be more. As for the seal of earth core world, is since the earth core world was born starts. The founders felt relieved freely, the exit|to speak of each earth core world, has the powerhouse to protect . Moreover, to the surface world time, has existence of hundred meters magma level. This had guaranteed minimum first arrives at the earth core lifeform of fifth layer unable to leave the earth core world. But fifth layer starts, entered the edge of earth core world, that was prohibits strictly. Because, in our below five earth core lifeform blood relationships, one special materials, once left the earth core world, will immediately die. Therefore, the earth core world is equal to independent existence completely, will not affect the surface world. Only if found to solve the method of our within the body ban. Empress Lie Yan your majesty had tried, but is unable to achieve. Only if like her, cultivates the god, bans from the solution."

Listened to Fire Lotus king these words, Ji Dong to palpitate with excitement, "that said that so long as can leave the magma level, then, the surrounding five earth core living thing can arrive at the surface world?"

Fire Lotus king Leng. "Theoretically is this. However, first five earth core living thing to the surface world, is useless. Their strengths were too small and weak, besides the King of various clans, universal cultivation base is not high. Moreover the first five earth core living thing to in - depth earth core powerhouses serve for Lord, they cannot leave the magma level, therefore outside never has been."

The Ji Dong hesitation moment, said the idea in oneself heart finally, ", if, I must have the second layer hot crow clan to the world some time, will not be long, whether?" The Fire Lotus king, the fire spirit king and fire Demon King look at each other in blank dismay, they do not understand obviously Ji Dong such does is any meaning, fire spirit king was puzzled said: "Founder, this naturally yes. But hot crow clan the quantity is numerous, but is quite small and weak. Did not say other, so long as surface world that dragon clan sends out, perhaps in a short time can make them exterminate the clan. But hot crow clan has certain function in our earth core world, they are assuming the duty of transportation fire fine fruit, if the entire clan perishes, to the earth core world influence is very big. But if the founder must use them, moves is not."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "I want to tell you am, any race cannot underestimate, even if the life in the hot crow clan of earth core world most outer layer. The hot crow clan is in itself very small and weak right, but, they have most race no qualities, that unites. They have the moral courage that the unyielding back, is unafraid of death, absolute unity. Even if pays with the life the price also to refuse to balk. Still remembers hot owlet feudal lord who that notified? It said right, the hot owlet clan was extinguished, when looked for the hot crow clan to retaliate is extinguished. I also truly had gotten at that time rid, but, I struck mainly only then hot owlet king who killed. But hot owlet king takes away, is actually the hot owlet clan entire clan over a thousand elite. These do over a thousand elite die? Because not only our heavenly stems disciple has gotten rid, in the meantime, dies in the hand of hot crow clan majority. I have taught a skill of hot crow clan group war, to protect these feudal lords and commands the rank hot crow to display this skill, the ordinary hot crow can actually spontaneous prevents the advance of hot owlet clan with own body and life. That war, belongs to the great victory of hot crow clan. In the past these months, I have believed, the hot crow clan major part clansmen already the law of group war learned me to teach. I dare saying that in the earth core world, their individuals, although is small and weak, but millions quantities, the heartfelt solidarity, can win besides three big strong clans in addition steadily, any other races want to cope with them, huge price that payout will be hard to imagine. Do not forget, my also status, is the hot crow king." If this saying were said by others, these four remote antiquity supreme elders do not believe that but said from the Ji Dong mouth, the feeling is different. The reason is very simple, Ji Dong has used oneself this to create too many too many miracles in earth core 15 th not popular magic power completely.

Suddenly, four remote antiquity supreme elders look at each other in blank dismay, cannot speak. They are unable to imagine the hot crow clan actually to be esteemed so the degree by Ji Dong.

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Chapter 562: My Lie Yan (raging flames), waits for me

Ji Dong took a deep breath, the sinking sound said: "Temporarily I will not adjust getting angry crow clan. Probably after more than two years. Light Five Elements Continent will encounter a giant disaster, to that time, I must perhaps ask the hot crow clan to go to assist. Please several elders do not oppose."

The Fire Lotus king, the fire spirit king and fire Demon King are almost simultaneously nodded, outside did five earth core living thing never look in their eyes, how for this will offend in the Two Great Sovereign Kings mouth to will certainly to become God at present this new founder? Let alone, Ji Dong, although described the hot crow clan was so perfect, may in fact, by their cognition, regarding this point and not caring, they do not think that the hot crow clan can make anything. Even if the earth core world has been short of the hot crow clan, also will not have the too major problem.

This issue is solved in Ji Dong looks like the significance is extremely vital, even must surpass him to succeed the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach the position of founder. A also more than two years of time drills to the hot crow clan, so long as they can practice that big. When the time comes, oneself only need to carry off hundred myriad fires crows to arrive at outside world, sufficiently becomes the overlord in sky, lets that Dark Five Elements Continent powerhouse difficult perimeter/thunder pool one step. Ji Dong said: "Not other matters. I hope that everybody can work with concerted efforts, tries hard for the peace of earth core world. Lie Yan (raging flames) initial idea, do not order the entire earth core world, each earth core race, is the master of earth core world, is united by everybody is governing the earth core world together is best. Please several I some time. After I restore magic power, goes to earth core world 18th Layer."


Red, endless red, endless flame also that unequalled scalding hot and formidable pressure. The steel to here, will melt instantaneously the water, the hard metal, is unable to exist here. This, is earth core world 18th Layer.

Ji Dong standing silently above that huge earth core crystal rock platform, silently is standing, he arrived here, had seven days of fully.

From earth core world 15 th to the 18th Layer channel in airborne, but not in ground, 15 th start, is a gravity inversion world, must fly to enter upwardly. Under that three big strong clan head of the clan's leadership, Ji Dong arrived here seven days ago.

Just as such that the Fire Lotus king said that earth core world 18th Layer, completely belongs to the place that the Saint level peak above powerhouse has. Here, is the entire star true core. The unequalled high fever, making Ji Dong when just come here directly was nearly swallowed. Luckily, Lie Yan (raging flames) that nine this life lotus seed have saved him.

When Ji Dong sees that familiar earth core crystal rock platform, he stood there, static was standing, in his mind existed, only had Lie Yan (raging flames), seven days seven nights, he and Lie Yan (raging flames) in together tip unceasingly samsara in brain. Right that Fire Lotus king said. If were not Lie Yan (raging flames) suppressed this earth core world 18th Layer strength, his simply is unable here the survival moment. Initially his first time arrived here time, even if were Lie Yan (raging flames) suppressed here terrifying high temperature as far as possible, he also nearly in light of this died. That time, Lie Yan (raging flames) just knew him. "Lie Yan (raging flames), already past more than two years of time. You may know, after you leave these two years I come? Really what I rather initially died is I, but you use my body to live. In that case, at least we can also have part in the same place. Lie Yan (raging flames), I quite think you, is really good to think you."Here, nobody can disturb him, only then he stands above the earth core crystal rock silently. Arrives at earth core 18th Layer again, this once was he local time that longs for arriving , before the Ji Dong mood actually, came entirely different here.

Looks at the surrounding that illusory water sample red, he as if noticed that Lie Yan (raging flames) is approaching itself to smile. Here environment is that bad, is, to Ji Dong, this is makes him feel that this is leaves the Lie Yan (raging flames) recent place.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), when I evened up ten bottles of liquor, has solved two pieces of continent holy wars. I look hello/you good. Your wish I will certainly help you complete, although I know that is you to fear me will follow you to go the wish, therefore intentionally leaving behind. Even if this, I similarly will also achieve. But, you think really time can dilute me to your sentiment? When you leave this world, has carried also off my heart. Regardless of you where, I must go as you like. You did not comply in a moment."

Here, on his face revealed one not to know that is look that cried or smiles, sat on that earth core crystal rock slowly, "helped Light Five Elements Continent achieve the success of holy war, after I paid off arrived at this world, all favors. Later I, all were you." Here, why did not know, appeared suddenly in his mind a form, making his words stop. That form, is look similarly perfect Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan.

Ji Dong has fought a shiver smartly spirit, yes! He can pay off others' sentiment, is Chen Sixuan? She is achieves the holy war success to complete for all that he pays?

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I have made a mistake, perhaps I really let think of the fine jade to enter in the heart. She and you are similarly perfect, although is different from you, but, why does not know, she when side me, I will have an inexplicable closeness, I am not always able to set firm resolve to expel her. Perhaps, I somewhat move to her. But, I also can only only treat as the friend to regard her. Will not go a step further again. Although I know, if you have mystical powers in the day. Certainly hopes that I am joyful and happy, but, nobody can substitute you status in my heart, without you, my pain is rather life-long. Good, today says these many, I must start to cultivate. Strives to practice is more formidable, is good to solve the problem of holy war. If you also in my side this good, we cultivation together, when we practice challenges god sufficiently the time, subverts it, who makes that hateful place probably break up us actually?"

Malignant influences flutter from the Ji Dong foreheads, sits cross-legged to sit, started his routine cultivation. Actually, he rather here accompanies Lie Yan (raging flames) to speak. Even but if, there are that nine Red Lotus lotus seed protections, if he does not practice on time, is unable to support here. In order to stays here some time, he must insist.

After several months, Armanz at the foot of the hill.

The deep golden light shoots up to the sky, as if must be ordinary entire sky tearing, the dazzling brilliance surges in the sky, at this moment. That wiped the golden color to substitute in sky all wonderful colors.

In the ground, in the initial station of that golden light, a golden hair female sits respectfully, that golden ray is not just on her sends out?

At this moment, above her top of the head place above that Black Yin Crown, five star light slowly superposes, went to the Crown Peak brand mark, has formed completely the last brand mark in Nine-Crown.

Beside the golden light, Fu Rui and the others get hold of the double fist anxiously looks, in their eyes is revealing the excitement that is hard to conceal.

"Has become, this really became. In our heavenly stems disciple. Finally had existence of Nine-Crown powerhouse. Supreme powerhouse Eighth Metal department, from Kui crown." Right, in that golden light, is gold/metal. After a numerous heavenly stems disciple leaves the earth core world, adapted for ten days, adapted to outside world. Left that only then Fire Element earth core, made their first time to feel the air of original surface so wonderful, in air various active magic power elements such kind. Does not need any supervision, they relied on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong was establishing to launch the cultivation. Although Ji Dong is not, two element bodies that but he summoned completely have actually substituted his function, accompanied the people to cultivate together.

The experience of earth core world, not only to the promotion of people actual combat experience, in the meantime, that bad environment also made their body resistant to compression abilities become stronger, everyone had the feeling of being reborn. Especially with the Saint level powerhouse has fought gold/metal, this feeling is especially intense, in addition her own sensibility, finally successfully broke through the bottleneck several months later today, entered Nine-Crown realm. Became the first supreme powerhouse in this generation of heavenly stems disciples.

Nine-Crown and Eight-Crown completely are two concepts, above entire Light Five Elements Continent, Eight-Crown Mage at least has several hundred, but Nine-Crown Mage knows according to the people have ten. Most Eight-Crown Mage, its life is unable to touch to the Nine-Crown threshold finally. Not only this needs own effort, in the meantime, the opportunity and talent are indispensable.

Without a doubt, heavenly stems disciples have can become the talents of Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse inevitably, but is so young like gold/metal on breakthrough Nine-Crown, extremely little has in the history of all previous heavenly stems disciple. Naturally, her breakthrough is only a start. Nobody knows that her real age, gold/metal is not clear. But besides her, other people also toward the Nine-Crown impact. Du Xin'er and Du Ming also soon impacted the Eight-Crown important pass, Lan Bao'er entered the Eight-Crown level successfully. The goal that wants to achieve from Ji Dong they were getting more and more near. The startled day golden light from the sky restrains, changes into a rainbow, falls in Yin Crown on gold/metal top of the head slowly vanishes does not see. This time gold/metal, seems whole body is sending out a light unusual brightness, were many one special makings. If before she like other Mage. Is an element absorber, then, present she, became part of Eighth Metal department element. Does not need her to make anything, the Eighth Metal attribute element in air naturally will gather side her awaits to dispatch. This is disparity between Eight-Crown and Nine-Crown.

"wu"gold/metal grows tone, opens a pair of beautiful pupil slowly. Two cold Dian flashes not to have, frightening. On her ice-cold tender face rare revealed a smile.

The ancestor of Land Dragon had told her, inherited the beginning Zulong bloodlines, she can certainly cultivation the Saint level level, misses is just the time. At this time breaks through to Nine-Crown realm, it can be said that most essential one step. Then again cultivation in Nine-Crown level when advancement Eight-Crown is slower, but is actually the vast stretch of flat land, before Level 99, does not have any bottleneck again.

"gold/metal, congratulated."Fu Rui smiles was saying. Other heavenly stems disciples also go forward to congratulate gold/metal.

gold/metal said with a smile: "Thanks everybody, soon, you are also same to break through Nine-Crown."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Hope so."Has constrained in the earth core world that after returning to the surface world, his magic power immediately has also progressed, has promoted Level 88, was away from Level 90 is also more and more near.

After Chen Sixuan congratulates gold/metal, turns around to look to the direction of Armanz mountain summit, muttered: "Calculated the time, Ji Dong should also come out. How to have come?"

gold/metal said: "Perhaps, he went to Holy and Evil Island directly." The Chen Sixuan tender body trembles lightly, in eye reveals a light sadness, she understands, gold/metal likely said that Ji Dong is the founder who the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught, he can definitely leave from Holy and Evil Island near exit|to speak from one, went to Holy and Evil Island directly. He went to earth core world 18th Layer, missing to Lie Yan (raging flames) will be without a doubt deeper. But, can she prevent him at that time?

Smiles bitterly, Chen Sixuan lowered the head slowly, the contradiction of her innermost feelings already no longer was contradictory, could not clarify including her, actually should how face Ji Dong. originally, she thinks that she saw the opportunity, because Ji Dong did not repel to her. But with the lapse of time she actually discovered that although Ji Dong no longer repels her, is, he love to Lie Yan (raging flames) is also as if getting deeper and deeper with missing, simply did not have the opportunity to enter in his heart by oneself truly. Ji Dong Ji Dong, your so deep affection, the Lie Yan (raging flames) how good fortune, is, we now how sorrowful. Obviously near at hand, actually cannot recognize each other. This was really unbearable.

gold/metal guesses right, Ji Dong truly directly went to Holy and Evil Island. In earth core related and confession after Lie Yan (raging flames) every day, was he also possible to return to everybody side to bring Chen Sixuan to hold a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) specially together? The Lie Yan (raging flames) gala he will not forget, this time he, arrived above Holy and Evil Island. After the Lie Yan (raging flames) third gala holds a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames), bathes in the Red Lotus day fire, is choked with tears.

Finally went to earth core world 18th Layer, made there peace be able to continue, Ji Dong the final wish, solves the holy war now, and was Lie Yan (raging flames) evens up that another three bottles of top good wines.

Has bathed in the Red Lotus day fire three days, Ji Dong from walked, drank to be dead drunk, keeled over drunk on Holy and Evil Island, has rested for three days, sobered. After he awakes transfers, again did not go to look at Red Lotus day fire one, opened own transmission law.

Lie Yan (raging flames), I must walk, this is your third gala, I cannot waste the time, because, after my early day completes your wish and my responsibility, I can early a day look for you. My Lie Yan (raging flames), waits for me.

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Chapter 563: The group dragon shakes Jin Cheng

An unlimited positional transmission method function was really too big. Even if Ji Dong is away from the Armanz mountain long and trying journey, after is only ten breath, he appeared in front of the heavenly stems disciples.

Ray sparkle, Ji Dong baseless and presently, thus broke the partners to carry on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy of cultivation.

"Founder Sir, you may come out finally."Sees Ji Dong to appear, cannot bear tease one remotely.

Ji Dong this time mood was unable from holding a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) fully restores, had not replied that her words, is only toward people nodded.

The Chen Sixuan heart sinks, looks at his present appearance, she understands that gold/metal language to become true, Ji Dong held a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) really first. Is cost-effective from the time, he should stay six days on Holy and Evil Island. Thinks of here, Chen Sixuan feels in the innermost feelings an intense sharp pain. Six days, he in the there six days, must bear many pain! The intense impulsion made her be unable to restrain oneself, she thinks really reckless overrunning, told Ji Dong, I was Lie Yan (raging flames).

But, she endured patiently finally, if she said. Then, two people both want relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. Did not say, most at least they now can also in the same place, even if Ji Dong does not know that who she is, they also as in the same place.

"Was gold/metal, you promoted Nine-Crown?"Ji Dong the strength of soul is formidable, a appearance, very natural his soul force field covered in the space of surrounding wide scope, gold/metal body surroundings and people different magic power fluctuations have immediately brought to his attention.

gold/metal to Ji Dong nodded, "broke through."

On the Ji Dong face revealed a smile finally, "congratulated you."

gold/metal shook the head, "anything is not good to congratulate, the road that we must take is very long. When, our cultivation base break through Nine-Crown, that really encouraging may celebrate. Ji Dong, how our next should?"

Ji Dong said: "Walks, the request that the silly rich business association set we have achieved, should be demanded the reward the time. They also owe us two magical instruments, as well as unconditional support."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "Right, we should go to there. Make us so laborious, this silly rich business association chapter may be able dispute. Moreover, present we, was not the initial heavenly stems disciple. That any speaker in scolded, made him unable to eat to capture walking."

Fu Rui said with a smile: "We go, originally was the end of that speaker, don't forget. He has lost a divine tool."At the same time was saying, he has also referred to gold/metal. Initially on the skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile was leading extermination gold/metal Huan was received by gold/metal, this time they succeeded has completed all tasks, couldn't put out the divine tool, how the speaker should confess?

Ji Dong said: "Also calculates that we help Zhou Xiaoxiao that fatty busily. Has solved the speaker, later his day will feel better. Walks, our set out."Actually, in his heart to Zhou Xiaoxiao is somewhat guilty. After all, Zhou Xiaoxiao initially chose most primary cause that supports their heavenly stems disciple to inherit the position of his association president for future Ji Dong. May in fact, this radically be impossible. He who Ji Dong promises was since birth annual meeting helps him, but Ji Dong has not thought live was too long. Therefore, can help some Zhou Xiaoxiao matters, he will certainly do, is one makes up. But that another two magical instruments he also exerts its utmost, after all, many two magical instruments, can make them among the disparity with dark heavenly stems disciples pull closer several points.

Fu Rui said: "Ji Dong, don't you need to rest?"

Ji Dong shook the head, "before , I have held a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames), rested was very good. Cannot delaying time, after earning the support of silly rich business association. Our also one year strengthens oneself, the time does not allow to waste."At the same time was saying, in his eyes projects two silver light, falls on that two tall summon element bodies respectively. Has issued the order to them. Two big element bodies jump immediately, climbs up to go in the direction of Armanz mountain summit.

The time that these two element bodies summoned was very long . Moreover the energy that saved was quite huge, although before , on the trials has consumed much, but surplus was also quite considerable. Ji Dong does not give up the waste, makes them return to the earth core world simply, absorbs Fire Element to there and that's the end. When will come next time again carries off them again. Does not have the place more suitable than the earth core world these two element body survivals, here, they do not need to waste Ji Dong slightest bit magic power.

Resonant dragon recited resounds successively, Ji Dong fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the Fu Rui only Giant Dragon mount of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon as well as the heavenly stems disciples one after another appeared. Nearly one year had not met with oneself magic beast partners, the heavenly stems disciples first come up intimate, later on each one mount, did not have the mount besides Chen Sixuan and gold/metal, other people had oneself exclusive magic beast, the group dragon and remote silver wing Haidong soar azure, went toward the Western Metal Empire direction rapid flight. three days later, one line of people again arrived at Jin Cheng, this Western Metal Empire capital already was by far in sight, in the people think that Ji Dong will order the group dragon to fall outside the city, then reenters the city time, Ji Dong actually imitates, if the safe, stands in the Maotai top of the head as before, crosses the hands behind the back to stand, as if had not seen that soon will arrive in Jin Cheng to resemble.

"Ji Dong. We should descend outside the city."Fu Rui makes the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon control the speed, said toward Ji Dong.

Ji Dong looked at Senior Brother one eyes, shook the head, reveals an invisible dignity from him, even if Fu Rui saw, feels somewhat depressing. This is not Ji Dong desirably for it, but is sending out of unconsciousness. After Two Great Sovereign Kings fuses completely, he now can be said as the genuine tyrant.

"Does not need to descend ahead of time, right that the modest book said that our coming back, do not have the time to waste to give them in again silly rich business association internal engaging in factional strife. Make them timider also well."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong has patted the racket in the dragon corner/horn of Maotai.

Maotai nodded gently, it raises the head with Wuliangye, supine Tianchang recited, vigorous dragon recited the sound to resound shocking, the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon in the airborne light moved to and fro, the acceleration, directly soared Jin Cheng's direction to flush away suddenly.

Saw fifty Saint Fire Dragon to accelerate, other Giant Dragon do not dare to neglect, follows, simultaneous acceleration, in a flash. They have visited sky over in Jincheng.

Under the order of Ji Dong, fifty Saint Fire Dragon reduced the flight altitude intentionally, but in being away from Jin Cheng about 500 meters low go goes. It that huge body, in addition vigorous dragon recited the sound, thinks that did not cause Jin Cheng people to pay attention not to be impossible. Let alone, along with other also Giant Dragon that it comes together. Celestial stems disciple ten people have eight to have the mount, in addition gold/metal this directly transforms as well as secret mount Rank 10 that to turn into a dragon xing flies drills the lizard. Entire nine Giant Dragon add on a silver wing Haidong to be blue, completely is above Rank 9 formidable magic beast. This appears above Jin Cheng outrageously, the effect of bringing even must go beyond the expectation of Ji Dong.

As the Western Metal Empire capital, Jin Cheng is quite lively, at this time in the morning. On street bustling pedestrian, just opened soon shop, is sending out the prosperous meteorology like morning sun.

When all as usual, suddenly, vigorous and low and deep dragon recited the sound to remember suddenly, immediately attracted the attention of all pedestrians. The common people or the aristocrats, stopped the footsteps. In their hearts has the similar idea, is who is so bold? Dares to initiate dragon cry in Jin Cheng. Said, what Land Dragon had to run up to neighbor inadequate?

dragon clan is not too rare in Jin Cheng this Western Metal Empire capital, after all, Western Metal Empire also has own Land Dragon regiment. The general publics want to distinguish the Land Dragon and true Giant Dragon dragon recite the sound very much to have the difficulty. Only then these walked Mage on street or are the big aristocrat truly changed the complexion, because they can hear, this vigorous dragon recited the sound is how formidable Giant Dragon can send out . Moreover, was not only one.

This outcome what's the matter? Nobody understands that what had, this is Jin Cheng, Western Metal Empire for the first time, the silly rich business association core is, suddenly to present how these many Giant Dragon? At this moment, Jin Cheng lively as if stagnates because of dragon Yinsheng, the person on street looks up the day, the person in store and house walks in abundance, curious is the instinct of human, let alone is the so unreadable situation.

At this moment, the common people near Jin Cheng south gate saw that dragon Yinsheng origin, less than 500 meters low altitude, just like blocking the sky general, nine Giant Dragon added on a silver wing Haidong azure to appear in their line of sight, that shocked is really too intense. The body of each Giant Dragon is that huge, Rank 10 that particularly cloud Tianji rides drilled the lizard, the height approached 30 meters.

Jin Cheng nei common people made an effort to rub oneself eyes, muttered: "I have not misread. Does that fly to have two heads in the forefront dragon? Two colors?"

Drills the body of lizard, although is huge, but does not have fifty Saint Fire Dragon to be so striking, flies in forefront Maotai and Wuliangye, the body is black and white dual-color, has two giant dragon heads, so strange Giant Dragon. Let alone is the average person, even if Mages has not seen! An invisible pressure as if from the airborne spread, the scared atmosphere instantaneously spread in Jin Cheng.

"The also person, carries on the back some people in these dragons. This is true Giant Dragon, Heavens! Is the dragon rides Mage."In this world, does not have dragon knight that type to exist, some are only the dragon rides Mage, only has formidable Mage to conquer true Giant Dragon.

Rides the appearance of Giant Dragon along with the heavenly stems disciples, entire Jin Cheng is in an uproar. But here also after all is the Western Metal Empire capital, official after discovering existence of heavenly stems disciples, first has made the response.

Ji Dong they just entered shortly after Jin Cheng range, a length of body surpassed 15 meters Rank 9 gold/metal Shalong to fly, gold/metal Shalong carried on the back the Mage heavenly stems disciples who sat well to see, was the old friend. When Ji Dong in experiencing the silly rich business association inspects the first pass/test, that is leading gold/metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander Bai Mangcao of gold/metal ghost regiment.

At this time, the look on Bai Mangcao face is full of the shock, who suddenly presents these many true Giant Dragon to want in Jin Cheng range to obtain. Comes was too sudden. Must know, but here Jin Cheng but is not the school ground, he to the gold/metal ghost regiment that oneself command, although has the absolute self-confidence, is, in the city, gold/metal ghost regiment simply cannot display the strength. So numerous formidable Giant Dragon appear, can it be that can he deal? However, he has to come out. He must win the time, had the specialist to go to the imperial palace and silly rich business association requests reinforcements. Only has the strengths of these two places to add, has the possibility simultaneously to face about ten Giant Dragon.

, Bai Mangcao can only see these Giant Dragon appearances by far indistinctly, when he sees that huge drill lizard can't help gasping, this is Rank 10 Giant Dragon! Rank 10 drills the lizard, to his knowledge, leaves three that dragon clan lived to gather beside the mountain range, as if only then has in the diamond regiment. could it be it is did Central Earth Empire come the person? But, carefully looked, he discovered is not, because, drills the lizard to have two heads, the surplus Giant Dragon attributes are also various. Heavens! What dragon flies in forefront that is, has two heads?

Although this Bai Mangcao has fought with Ji Dong, but that time, he faces has not actually ridden Ji Dong of mount, therefore has not seen fifty Saint Fire Dragon. At this time sees, is dumbfounded, in the heart mused, is could it be, today the day that I give life for one's country? Facing so numerous powerhouses, he lucky psychology does not have. Only can pray the opposite party and well-meant, moreover is the silly rich business association can support promptly. Below is Jin Cheng, this must begin accidentally, perhaps if the opposite party for it, Jin Cheng wanted the life to spread the coal desirably. This consequence, he wants unable to think.

Originally, their gold/metal ghost regiment also two gold/metal ghost dragons, but, that two deputy command led the soldiers of massive gold/metal ghost regiment to be stationed in Holy and Evil Island to come up.

Both sides were getting more and more close. Along with pulling closer of distance, Bai Mangcao was shocked immediately, his eyes see, stand in the fifty Saint Fire Dragon Maotai top of the head, a white clothing, black hair floating Ji Dong. Although the color of hair turned into black, but the Ji Dong appearance he forever is actually not able to forget. Initially, is this Seven-Crown cultivation base youth, has brought what kind of shock to him! That war , after being able be said as the gold/metal ghost regiment was established , historically the most shame war. Elite completely leaves, is actually not able to defeat a Seven-Crown match, moreover this match is so young. Moreover, he also clear remembering, this youth, is the successor who silly rich business association president Zhou Xiaoxiao chooses. Therefore, after seeing clearly the Ji Dong appearance, Bai Mangcao finally is big relaxing.

Should collect debts. Haha. I guessed correctly that at the end of this month starts to have the double monthly tickets, therefore before , does not have makes an effort to garner votes. The present is the double seasons, hehe, everybody has the monthly ticket did not need to remain, quickly threw to me.

Chapter 564: Again near silly rich

"Comes, but Ji Dong Heavenly Scholar?"By far. Bai Mangcao has sent out shouting. Heavenly Scholar, is the Seven-Crown Mage title, he does not know, during this short two years, Ji Dong already was not Heavenly Scholar, but was Eight-Crown Heavenly Venerable. Moreover was cultivation base has promoted Level 87 double fire Heavenly Venerable in earth core world 18th Layer.

"For a long time does not see, can Brother Bai always be good?"Fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerates suddenly, personal appearance flashes, flushed from the heavenly stems disciples group dragon lineup, Bai Mangcao even only thought oneself at present a flower, that has the double headed, before not having strange Giant Dragon of wing already arrived at the body, 50 meters away.

Meanwhile, the gold/metal ghost dragon under Bai Mangcao body also immediately feels fifty Saint Fire Dragon aura, the body shivered immediately, Bai Mangcao had discovered with amazement, oneself this old friend has had the timid mood unexpectedly. This has not occurred! Ji Dong itself in the Bai Mangcao heart is monster existence, he has not actually thought, so is powerful including Giant Dragon that Ji Dong rides. Suddenly on the face has been full of forced smile.

"Since your war, how my this day feels better. Recently just changed for the better, finally your this, perhaps wants not to be good. Ji Dong Heavenly Scholar. Is your such big weaponry, what meaning?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Any meaning, we have not come the silly rich business association, is disinclined to walk, flies by. Brother Bai felt relieved, our not any evil intention."

Listened to Ji Dong these words, Bai Mangcao air/Qi upward hits, slightly angrily said: "Ji Dong, this is our Jin Cheng's territorial airspaces. Western Metal Empire capital. You such rashly fly, can place in the eye my Western Metal Empire?"

Although he is in absolute weak trend now, but as the gold/metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander, can the Western Metal Empire senior military, be timid at this time? Immediately has sent out the interrogation to Ji Dong. At this time, the mount of heavenly stems disciples flew near, Bai Mangcao also sees clearly, these people are not just previous and Ji Dong together arrive at the silly rich business association to observe? How two years do not see, their one by one actually had Giant Dragon to take the mount, moreover seemed, these Giant Dragon at least were existences of Rank 9 magic beast! One crowd of Seven-Crown Mage are not fearful, but one crowd of Rank 9 Giant Dragon absolutely can bring the ruinous threat, his complexion can attractive blame.

"Brother Bai, can you know our status?"Ji Dong has not had any mood change because of the interrogation of Bai Mangcao, but asked one lightly.

Bai Mangcao has gawked, said: "What status?"

Ji Dong said: "On the same day a war, I defeat the gold/metal ghost regiment by Pinnacle Two Fires, could it be isn't Brother Bai clear? I am not the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse."

"This......" can Bai Mangcao not remember that war? After that fights. He once engaged in introspection in January/one month, had pondered carefully the process that fights, has studied the Ji Dong situation profoundly, at this time listens to Ji Dong to mention, blurted out: "Celestial stems disciple? Are you heavenly stems disciple, could it be you are?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "As heavenly stems disciple, can fly into your Jin Cheng?" "This......"Bai Mangcao is speechless immediately, although the heavenly stems disciple historically several hundred years will appear one time. But their each appearance, is actually continent faced with the life and death time, therefore, any time and any country, the heavenly stems disciples have absolutely the aloof status. Even if the monarchy will be polite to them. At this time although Ji Dong leads a numerous heavenly stems disciple such to fly into Jin Cheng appears somewhat rampant, may from their status, truly not have any improper.

When Bai Mangcao cannot return, not far away, only flight magic beast fast closes up toward here. These flight magic beast come from two directions, a direction is Jin Cheng Imperial palace is, is controlling flight magic beast naturally is these serves as a tool Mage. Everything had Rank 6 above flight magic beast serving as a tool Mage to catch up. As for another direction, naturally came from the silly rich business association. So numerous Giant Dragon appear, doesn't the silly rich business association possibly know? Zhou Xiaoxiao and this lofty one bamboo mortal body flight in forefront. Also follows minimum 50 to have flight magic beast Mage, rides Giant Dragon many. Both sides after meeting, flies toward here. The total quantity has about hundred fully, it can be said that entire Jin Cheng, was as for the Western Metal Empire strongest air effort.

The backing arrives, Bai Mangcao is also big relaxing, to Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "This matter I am the non- winner, why is also not quite clear you to such do. President Zhou came, you and he were old friends, naturally was handles this matter by him."At the same time was saying, he has ridden oneself gold/metal ghost dragon to make way the position.

Zhou Xiaoxiao is also very depressed, big morning, he is hugging to the fragrance that the twin rests, was recited the sound to awaken by noise by a dragon. At first he also thinks that is that side the gold/metal ghost regiment and imperial palace is drilling, has not cared, but some quick people inform, has the foreign invasion. Then hurries to set out, complete/even troops flew.

, Fatty eyes saw Ji Dong fifty Saint Fire Dragon from afar, immediately relaxed, ridicules saying: "Who I also think am, originally was Ji Dong this boy comes back. Two years, he has made an appearance finally. Eh, is this heavenly stems disciple that group of boys? I test, each changed beyond recognition! Had the mount, but also was dragon clan. It seems like that their that second pass/test was. Otherwise, how to have so numerous Giant Dragon mounts?"

Thinks of here, the fatty immediately is excited. No matter also behind other people, hurried to accelerate, several sprints, passed over gently and swiftly from Bai Mangcao, arrived in front of Ji Dong.

"Brat, you came back finally, suspends such big weaponry to do?"Zhou Xiaoxiao flies beyond Ji Dong front three meters to stop directly, although on the mouth was saying, the pile that may from his face that smiled in the together fat can see that this fellow now some are happy.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Also not for you? Weaponry that does not suspend greatly, your silly rich business association when also we quite bully. Our times, but wants the debt."

Fatty chuckled, said: "Good, is very good. This is also good. I think, your present strengths have conquered the entire parliament sufficiently. Evidently, your second duty has been accomplished. The waiting little while passes by, I hold the emergency meeting as association president immediately. Avoids that third inspection, had these Giant Dragon, I looked that Wang Daojun that old thing can also say anything."

Fu Rui rides the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to fly side Ji Dong, laughed, said: "Third inspected us to be also completed, his anything cannot certainly say."

"?"Zhou Xiaoxiao one dull, "Fu Rui, what did you say? The third inspection also. Is impossible. Did you go to the earth core world?"

Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "Who does not have a look at us is, we are the heavenly stems disciples, inborn miracle inventor. Do not propose the earth core world with me, place that simply does not treat personally. We almost die in inside. However, the inspection has been completed finally, that earth core crystal rock Ji Dong penetrated 18th Layer to attain." Zhou Xiaoxiao dumbfounded looks to Ji Dong, "brat, the brother is good to you. You cannot such deceive my immature mind! The earth core world, is that the place that the person can go in? Initially I also had attempted, went in two and three, quickly ran back. Also almost confesses in inside."

Some Ji Dong despising looked at his that plump body. "You, but also immature mind? Had matter me to forget to tell you actually. earth core world beforehand ruler Empress Lie Yan, is my lover. In also the 11-year- old time, I had gone to that earth core 18th Layer."

"Wait/Etc., you wait/etc., let my calm." The fat people beckon with the hand to Ji Dong again and again, panting diligently several, gradually returned to normal by oneself mood, raised the head, he looks at Ji Dong earnestly, "I believed you."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "Dragon King scale and earth core crystal rock we took, the fact puts at present, did not allow you not to believe."

Zhou Xiaoxiao looks that the Ji Dong vision became more serious, solemnly said: "I have saying that Ji Dong, you are not a person. You is a monster!"Spoke these words, he first fall about.

When Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, actually discovery partner left outside Chen Sixuan, nod that very much approves of unexpectedly, agrees with the words of fatty obviously. In some sense, isn't Ji Dong a monster? Matter that he does, how many there are the normal person can achieve?

Ji Dong said: "Our returns, was the Wang Daojun end."

Zhou Xiaoxiao smiling face restraining, nodded silently, sighed, "how, regardless to say, he was also the descendant who the business association organized the senior, Ai. "

Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, coldly said: "When breaks , then breaks, otherwise instead its chaotic, this your internal matter you decided. What's wrong? Do you plan also to make us flutter here?" Listened to the Ji Dong words, in the Zhou Xiaoxiao eye to flash through stern countenance, nodded, said: "Walks, we return to business association."

As fatty, cannot explain anything to anybody. After Bai Mangcao dispatches a meaningful glance, leads the heavenly stems disciples toward the silly half city to go.

Returns to the silly rich business association, for does not give Wang Daojun any time of operation, Zhou Xiaoxiao first has issued the urgent call-up as association president. Convenes all discusses official business in the elder collective of silly half city.

All, actually when Ji Dong they return has decided that when Ji Dong takes out Dragon King scale and earth core crystal rock is placed in numerous silly rich business association elders front, entire meeting hall complete silence.

An elder of Zhou Xiaoxiao side, is very encouraged at this time, but Wang Daojun that side elder has accounted for many, but the vision actually condenses at this time on this speaker. The atmosphere instantaneously becomes dignified.

Wang Daojun took a deep breath, looks at Ji Dong that has an imposing appearance, has a look at Zhou Xiaoxiao again, his complexion was unable to describe with the ugliness. Two years, the grandson always did not see the signs, he mobilized all strengths to seek, actually linked clues unable to find. If not two inspections that gives is difficult, perhaps he must collapse. Even if so, he also every night difficultly sleeps. When he knew Ji Dong they return, in the heart had the ominous omen, at this moment, his mood is fluctuating fiercely.

"Who can show, this Dragon King scale real? Who can prove the earth core crystal rock real? These two types of things, have seen from nobody. You take carry back casually, said that has completed the inspection?" The Wang Daojun vision becomes ferociously is suddenly severe, ruthlessly is looking steadily at Ji Dong. In the discussing official business hall, reverberates Wang Daojun obviously is becoming the sharp sounds, other elders did not say a word, everyone could see, this speaker at this time completely is outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted.

Zhou Xiaoxiao sneers, "you said that no one did know? Why did you also propose such inspection?"

Wang Daojun is at a loss for words immediately, because of panting, the chest is fluctuating fiercely, "whatever, since the inspection proposed, cannot change. Only if he can prove these things truly as if real, otherwise, we are unable to acknowledge that he adopted the inspection."

All these for him, come was really too sudden, simply did not have the opportunity of slightest bit preparation, cannot communicate with his elders of that side. Wang Daojun only hopes that now can win some time to oneself, in that case, at least also certain opportunity.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Wants the certificate? Good, where do you want to go to first? Is the dragon valley or the earth core world?"

Such remarks, the silly rich business association discussing official business hall in an uproar, these elders originally have filled to Wang Daojun immediately disappointedly, may hear Ji Dong these words, in their hearts actually had the doubts. These two places, were said can go?

Ji Dong lightly said: "Was inferior, first goes to the earth core world. Everybody, you are the elders of silly rich business association, it can be said that is experienced. Thinks that you should also hear five elements method existence. In five elements method, law named transmission law. Our present heavenly stems disciple is complete, in the dragon valley and earth core world, supposed unlimited positional transmission method. Which present wants to go to these two places to have a look, I can help you now. Array."

The heavenly stems disciples already somewhat could not repress, the personal appearance flashes, has encircled side Ji Dong, that moment when five elements Yin-Yang presents, on the Wang Daojun face did not have the slightest bit blood-color again.

Can go to a earth core world roaming, the elders who this type experiences the silly rich business association link want not to think, suddenly, immediately some massive responders. Cannot bear including Zhou Xiaoxiao and this lofty one bamboo these two supreme powerhouses. Finally decided that stays behind by the this lofty one bamboo looks at Wang Daojun, altogether ten representatives entered five elements Yin- Yang by the Ji Dong invitation. These ten representatives, eight are Wang Daojun that side.

Demented, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 565: continent aspect

During ten color rays sparkle. Now in the discussing official business hall the brand mark got down positional transmission method, the next moment, the heavenly stems disciples led these representatives to vanish without the trace.

"No, this is impossible. This not real."Wang Daojun nearly hysteria is roaring, his spirit approached collapses. But how he can not be clear, since Ji Dong dares such to do, certainly has confidence.

After the quarter, ten color enchanting rays reappear, the people who formerly vanished returned. Zhou Xiaoxiao sonorous sound first resounding, "has grown in experience, really grew in experience. No wonder Fu Rui said that at all is not the place that the person treats. Too powerful. Satisfies a craving, really satisfies a craving!"

Ji Dong has earth core world 15 th that they directly are entering, did not need him to say anything, the 15 th that environment, already being enough certificate many issues. Zhou Xiaoxiao exited to feel 15 th that terrifying scalding hot. But the elders of most silly rich business associations under the asylum of heavenly stems disciples. Although this strange travel only then short time, but made them broaden the outlook. This is Ji Dong has not alarmed in the situations of earth core three big strong clans. Otherwise, a big founder sound shouted, has not known they must shock any degree.

"Wang Daojun, we had proven the Ji Dong earth core crystal rock obtains from the earth core world. Can your also what say?"Zhou Xiaoxiao said loud. The Wang Daojun body in a flash, nearly throws down. Both hands support to support the body on front table, shouted fierce: "Camouflage, all these are camouflage. Is false."

This time, his elders of that side look that his vision has been full of the color/look of despising, particularly that several just had gone to the elder of earth core world, is heaving a deep sigh. The feeling of being deserted by friends and allies does not feel better, Wang Daojun knows, oneself ended.

Zhou Xiaoxiao sneers saying: "Do not think that I do not know you so are why awkward excitedly. I asked you, divine tool gold/metal Huan of business association now where?"

Hears these words, Wang Daojun cannot control own body finally again, plop'ed sits falls on the chair.

Zhou Xiaoxiao coldly said: "As the speaker, uses the business association divine tool arbitrarily, and loses it. This matter, I already know. Also because of so, you feared after Ji Dong becomes the association president successor, wants the divine tool, thus feels embarrassed in every possible way. Ji Dong has completed three so difficult tasks, now can your also what say?"

Loses the business association divine tool, only this charge, is not Wang Daojun can withstand. All elders know, Wang Daojun ended. This was also announcing the position of Ji Dong this silly rich business association president successor held on to your hat thoroughly. Three inspections that although he completes can be said as Wang Daojun intentionally awkward, but these three inspections, completely have also conquered silly rich business association all elders. Must know, these three inspections are do by their Level 97 supreme powerhouse President Zhou Xiaoxiao, is unlikely to complete. Say nothing of Ji Dong this only had twenty -year-old youth, all that Ji Dong made, have conquered the entire silly rich business association thoroughly.

Had not inquired regarding Wang Daojun handling result Ji Dong, after having finished the inspection duty. He lived in the silly rich business association lecture hall with the partners. Handles Wang Daojun, that is the Zhou Xiaoxiao matter, he had not planned to participate, what is most important regarding him and heavenly stems disciples is the cultivation, constantly cannot the lax cultivation.

One swept across the storm of entire silly rich business association to continue for three days, gradually returned to normal. Although because of Ji Dong this matter, Wang Daojun is considered as on is deserted by friends and allies, but one batch die eventually the loyal support. Zhou Xiaoxiao by the potential of thunder, has used entire three days, was solves this matter.

Daytime, heavenly stems disciples together are practicing, to evening, then goes to the room to act according to oneself different situation choice cultivation way respectively.

The night falls, after Ji Dong has had dinner, returned to the lecture hall, sits cross-legged the cultivation, as of late, he is summarizing himself the success and failure in earth core world, particularly conforms with own various abilities. Regarding him, various skills that can assist is extremely numerous, how even promoting magic power is more important than these skill effective uses. He can sword heavy losses Saint level high rank fire Demon King, manifest the great strength of his overall strength. Although that fire Demon King somewhat has a low opinion of the enemy. But also obviously the Ji Dong all-round strength at least was the level of Saint level powerhouse.

Is sitting in meditation Ji Dong has opened both eyes suddenly, lightly said: "Since came, how not to come."

"Brat, you were more and more fierce. Two years do not see, I did not know you quickly."Zhou Xiaoxiao pushes the door to enter, he was considering that Ji Dong is practicing, must disturb him, heard the Ji Dong sound.

Ji Dong sits on the bed opens both eyes slowly, but has not actually gotten out of bed, shows a faint smile, said: "Did matter process?"

On the Zhou Xiaoxiao face reveals the color/look of several points of feeling, "at least has 20 years, I am thinking how must overthrow Wang Daojun that old thing. But, after really he overthrows, I have a moved feeling. I have not executed him eventually, but has closed him. How regardless to say, his bloodlines cannot cut off in my hand."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Such result I have guessed correctly. Since the matter processed, should be kept your silly rich business association promise the time."

Zhou Xiaoxiao laughed, said: "Naturally. I had said the words kept a promise absolutely. gold/metal Huan, early tomorrow morning, I led you to go to the business association treasure house in your hands. You have anything to request, can raise together, so long as the business association can achieve, certainly whole-heartedly supports to you. Was getting more and more near from the time of holy war, I noticed very much happily you grow large scale, but is also getting deeper and deeper to worry of holy war."

Ji Dong said: "Fatty, now the situation on continent how? Whether various countries have been ready?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a forced smile: "Five years, although is not short, but wish lets our Light Five Elements Continent overall strength large scale promotion actually is also impossible. Various countries are making contribution. No one wants to become a traitor. Has your five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy luckily, was makes us have several points of qualification. But the holy war actually how, who can say good? Now Holy and Evil Island, as well as the East China Sea seashore, has been stationed over 2 million armies. Various countries are also storing up various types of commodities. Various countries' King and representative held several times the summit. Unanimously decided, places on the battlefield of holy war Holy and Evil Island, repulses beside continent. In order to avoid life apply carbon. Naturally, this is we can obtain the final victory the result. Once the holy war were defeated, perhaps, our entire continent also will fall to the enemy in the section time. Now we can do, whole-heartedly goes to face the holy war, but can actually achieve any degree, is actually everyone cannot reach an agreement. Is unceasingly thorough along with the preparatory work of holy war, I more and more thought now, your heavenly stems disciple is the genuine hero, I do not dare to imagine, if plan of previous Dark Five Elements Continent on Holy and Evil Island completes, without you and Empress Lie Yan help of sacrifice, our Light Five Elements Continent can be any appearance now. We hope that the dawn that you bring can illuminate our Light Five Elements Continent finally."

"We will certainly achieve the final success, certain." The Ji Dong sinking sound said, in his sound has been full of the unquestionable tone. Although Zhou Xiaoxiao is the association president of first under heaven business association, at this moment, from Ji Dong. He actually felt one dignity that made itself want to submit . Is this boy, only twenty years old really?

Fatty nodded, does not harm the sigh the say/way: "Pressure that actually, Dark Five Elements Continent creates regarding our Light Five Elements Continent , is not the misdemeanor."

"Un?"Ji Dong doubts looks to him, reveals the inquiry the look.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Five Great Empires currently never has millions of people are all of one mind, the paper cannot wrap up the fire, although various countries with every effort are blocking off the flow of news, but most people knew existence of Dark Five Elements Continent. You know that such situation has brought what kind of result?"

Ji Dong shook the head.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: The result of "bringing is not the panic in imagination, but is millions of people are all of one mind. originally, the Five Great Empires standing-by army quantity is not many. Besides the Central Earth Empire standing-by army 600,000, the standing-by armies of other four empires in 300,000 to 400,000. For these years, various countries continuously in expansion of armaments, but participated in the young adults of army is actually the supply in excess of demand, extremely enthusiastically. Short three months, the numerous of expansion of armaments, the consumption emptied all equipment of various countries' stock. Now the also large quantities of reserve forces are wear the cotton garment to train. Before the expansion of armaments, continent five country total military forces about 2 million, but now actually has reached as high as 4 million greatness. Moreover this quantity also in unceasing is increasing sharply. This has not calculated, Five Great Empires also transferred about 5 million artisans and workers, approaches the position construction fort in East China Sea seashore in Holy and Evil Island, it is said finished 70%."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Fort I have seen, but had not paid attention at that time specially."He when flies to Holy and Evil Island, naturally saw has been away from the forts of Red Lotus day fire less than 50 inside and outside. That time he, mood above holding a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames), naturally does not have more thoughts to pay attention. At this time listens to Zhou Xiaoxiao to mention, recalls seems by that time indistinct from airborne saw that below has does not know the person who many quantities is busy.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "5 million people! Millions of people are all of one mind is doing the same matter, possibly can't complete? Various countries' commodity in continuous shipping arrives on the East China Sea seashore and Holy and Evil Island. Various countries have been ready that has struggled hard and die to fight. Our silly rich business association, contributed one-third wealth, was used to equip the Western Metal Empire army and Mage. Almost achieved each Western Metal Empire respective Mage to have at least one own magic power weapon, each Western Metal Empire soldier at least can have simplest skin armor. This is because Wang Daojun that old fogy impedes, now he was tidied up, I plan to contribute a number of wealth to come out again, the grand total must contribute entire business association 50% wealth. If the country did not have, what to ask for money also to use? Wang Daojun that old thing does not understand this truth."

Ji Dong has profound respect, said: "Fatty, I completely support you. originally I do not have the slightest bit confidence to this holy war. At this time listened to your such saying, thought that in the heart had several points of energy. Exerting oneself of country already quite considerable, let alone, we are entire continent in the millions of people are all of one mind effort."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a smile: "Actually, must say the contribution, no one can compare your this to unite the Chief elders of elder assembly to contribute in a big way."

"Chief elder? When have I become the Chief elder?"Although Ji Dong is Mage unites the elder in elder assembly, but this Chief elder is actually he does not know.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Originally you naturally not. But are getting more and more along with the person of that five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy cultivation, you in the Mage world call can say that arrived at the apex. Make you Chief elder is not the decision of elder assembly, but is the decisions of all Mage. It can be said that now on continent over 50% Mage can be your disciple. Why before this is also , I said you, even if has completed the second inspection. Even has not completed the second inspection, I have certain assurance to make you business association successor. You the status on continent have even surpassed the monarchies. Was called in the Mage history the milestone -type sage. In any case you carefully, if you appear in any situation of Mage assembly, did not say is Totem, can be considered as absolutely on believes. Was careful that was embezzled by the Mages enthusiasm."

Ji Dong helpless say/way: "These I have not thought that initially decided that teaches the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to all Mage, for this holy war. Also to pull closer distance between low-end Mage and high-end Mage. Meanwhile, had this cyclic method existence, the speed of our Mage cultivation can increase. Five years, although is not long, but should also be able to make our continent Mage overall strength certainly have progresses."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Ji Dong, now also two years, that Red Lotus day fire must vanish. What do you have to plan? I do not believe that your boy will be quiet, has law that what innovates and so on? If some words, look in you are in the shares of business association successor, first teaches to our Western Metal Empire. I can promise you, entire Western Metal Empire, absolutely does not have a sound of question to appear. Moreover will support you whole-heartedly. Even if you must be the country Masters without question."

Ji Dong ill-humored say/way: "You, when I am a god? Can suit all Mage law , if so good to establish, our present continent Mage world was not this appearance."

Double monthly tickets, at the end of the month final two days, everybody's monthly ticket did not throw may waste. Throws to slightly three, thanks.

Chapter 566: Decapitation Strike

Zhou Xiaoxiao somewhat disappointed say/way: "You have been missing for two years. cultivation base clearly dramatically increased, words that I have not misread, your boy broke certainly through Eight- Crown. Your Seven-Crown time so is fierce, now Eight-Crown, I had estimated that was not your match. Must say that you do not have anything to comprehend, I do not believe."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Has comprehended, suits me or is our heavenly stems disciple. The fat people, you did not need to try to wrap/sets of my words, truly did not have."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "What holy war preparatory work does your following two years of plan do? Continuously cultivation? What a pity, the time was only two years. If there are ten years again eight years, said that you can rush to the Saint level I to believe. Arrived that time, we have also feared a wool Dark Five Elements Continent."

Ji Dong said: "I have a plan to implement, the next two years, our heavenly stems disciple will possibly practice, recuperation with some time. Then must start to implement my plan. We hope that my this plan can affect the war of holy war."

In Zhou Xiaoxiao heart one startled, relaxedness that Ji Dong said that but, that influence war made his big has shocked, the holy war was defeating of two continent, although their heavenly stems disciple was powerful, but only had ten people after all, affected the war? Ji Dong looked at fatty one eyes. Said: "I know that you somewhat have doubts. My this time, is the plan tells you this matter. However, you must promise me, temporarily keeps secret. When this matter the holy war starts first three months, you can, in Mage unites on elder assembly to announce. If did not have at that time to me, you are primarily defending. Retreats fighting, to three gathers the mountain range the direction to retreat. Only has there, perhaps had a slim chance of survival."

"Wait/Etc., wait/etc.." The fat people beckon with the hand to Ji Dong again and again, "Ji Dong, what your boy was saying, how can't I understand?"

Ji Dong said indifferently: "If the holy war first three months I have not come back, that showed, I forever did not come back. The dragon clan that only three gather the mountain range may help you resist Dark Five Elements Continent. In there, the great powerhouse who can reluctantly and dark secret contends with."

Zhou Xiaoxiao is surprised, "Ji Dong, what is your plan? How to come back? By your heavenly stems disciple present all-round strength, even if simultaneously bumped into several supreme powerhouses also to contend."

Ji Dong said: "I must go to Dark Five Elements Continent."

Although the plan of Zhou Xiaoxiao to Ji Dong has estimated very high , but when Ji Dong said these words, his obese body cannot bear rock, small eyes opened suddenly, has opened the eye socket surrounding fat, "you, you, you said one again. "

Ji Dong looks that fatty that surprised appearance somewhat is funny, "I said, I must go to Dark Five Elements Continent with the partners. As for makes anything. Did not need me to explain."

The Zhou Xiaoxiao shocked whole body fat shivers all over, "you meant, you have the means to pass through the Red Lotus day fire, enters in Dark Five Elements Continent?" Ji Dong nodded.

The breath of fatty obviously becomes rapid, back and forth pacing that keeps in the room, "understood, I understood your meaning. You must enter in Dark Five Elements Continent to do the destruction with the heavenly stems disciples. But, you only have ten people, was extremely weak. Since you have the means to lead into Dark Five Elements Continent your these people, why that aren't many brings some? Takes a group of powerhouses, even is our all Nine-Crown cultivation base supreme powerhouses goes together."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Ordinary Mage, even if Eight-Crown Mage, I take away do not have the significance. We must face, is the dark heavenly stems disciple, even is the dark secret that Saint level peak powerhouse. Population were many, only meeting disciple increases the casualties. As for your supreme powerhouse, cannot. The Dark Five Elements Continent what kind of danger, I do not know whether to be living coming back. Once we fall to the enemy in Dark Five Elements Continent, here minimum also your supreme powerhouses are going against, can lead our armies to retreat fighting. Draws back into three to gather the mountain range. If you also together fell to the enemy with us in that side, perhaps, our armies will be struck to burst by the opposite party, I am gambling, moreover under gambling stake was quite big. I cannot all bet again the entire continent life and death."

Listens to the Ji Dong words, the Zhou Xiaoxiao mood to return to normal gradually, visits him, said with a forced smile: "Ji Dong Ji Dong, if you died in that side , the position of my this association president who inherited?"

The Ji Dong silent moment, said: "Fatty, you should understand, since my determination, certainly will not change. Perhaps to you, inherits the position of silly rich business association president to be very important, but, the present is very special period, for me, what is more important is helps our Light Five Elements Continent gain the holy war final victory. You had not said a moment ago, does not have the country, home that which comes to? If were stormed into the center by Dark Five Elements Continent, then, our Light Five Elements Continent human can only degenerate into the slave, even cannot withstand. This matter I must do, if I did not come back, I will protect Yao Qianshu as far as possible, letting him to live coming back, or waited for after that side the Red Lotus day fire relieves converges with you. Yao Qianshu was known as in the past the medicine medicine must the dying sickness and money cross being predestined friends person, actually. From the disposition, he is more suitable to inherit the position of your this silly rich business association president. His cultivation base broke through Eight-Crown, but he also just compared with me greatly am several years old. Also is the heavenly stems First Wood disciple."

Zhou Xiaoxiao mood obvious some are unstable, "was good, do not say."His growled, has interrupted the Ji Dong words. Small eyes is fixing the eyes on Ji Dong, "I thought, you are holding this lofty one to me, has not gone, you know that you didn't come back? **, Brat, whatever, you must save the life. You should know, regarding continent you are how important. The heavenly stems Saint king, Mage unites elder assembly Chief elder, only these two status, you are the saints in all Mage hearts. Light Five Elements Continent needs you. You must live coming back."

Ji Dong looks at fatty that excited appearance, in the heart one warm, he understands, reason that this time Zhou Xiaoxiao was worried that his safety purely is not because he is the status of business association successor. Meanwhile, is junction of this forgetting year friend friendship.

"If can live, why I do want dead? Even if dies, I must look at the dark secret destruction. Our Light Five Elements Continent achieves the final success. Arrived that time, I am also die a worthy death."

"Bah and bah, do not speak randomly. Ji Dong, after you pass, how prepares dry/does?"Zhou Xiaoxiao lowers the sound to ask, simultaneously releases own magic power, sound foreign complete isolation in this room.

Ji Dong has not prevented him, actually, by Ji Dong soul cultivation base, only if the Saint level senior above powerhouse is listening secretly, otherwise possibly wasn't discovered by him? Zhou Xiaoxiao when asked these words in a low voice. In small eyes is revealing several points of excited ray obviously, is glittering the intense destruction desire.

Ji Dong said: "What did we go also to make? You also saw today, our heavenly stems disciple basically had own mount, once to that side, surely expansion destruction whole-heartedly. To kill off the opposite party soldier that is impossible. This holy war, fight between the most essential both sides Mage, Mage, the high-grade level Mage destructive power, affects the entire war particularly sufficiently. We pass, do not let opposite party life apply carbon, the goal is very simple, makes their Mage personnel losses. I can seek for Dark Five Elements Continent Mage with the partners as far as possible, carries on effective killing to them, when the holy war starts, their few Mage appears in the battlefield, our superiority will increase a point. If possible, I biggest goal is to kill several dark heavenly stems disciples, making them unable all assembled disciple, in that case, was really perfect. We can also whole-heartedly deals with dark secret that fellow."

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "This is the Decapitation Strike in legend. From my perspective, although this matter take risks extremely, but I completely support you. To go with you really!"

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Has not thought of your within the body also these many violence factors. But you also know, you cannot go."

Zhou Xiaoxiao dejected say/way: "Yes! Opening how I possibly walk. Wang Daojun was imprisoned now, the business association needs me, Western Metal Empire also needs me to help them manage the general situation. Although the strength of this lofty one bamboo was enough, but the influence actually missed. I definitely am too busy to leave. Ji Dong, other did not say that tomorrow to the business association treasure house, has needed any you to take anything, should not be impolite with me. Although your this Decapitation Strike is bold, but I believe, by your strengths, can certainly stir earth-shaking that Dark Five Elements Continent. If Red Lotus day fire vanishes, could not see that their side has any Mage, will be what kind of scene? Haha." Ji Dong may not have Zhou Xiaoxiao to be so optimistic, shook the head. Said: "Can kill off all Mage on Dark Five Elements Continent, we have not achieved the final success. Because also dark secret. So long as there are him to exist, we frequently face the huge danger. The Saint level peak, that is the Saint level peak strength. On our continent, only has dragon clan to have the Saint level powerhouse. But how Dark Five Elements Continent can guarantee that doesn't have existence of Saint level Giant Dragon?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, said: "I understand your meaning, but everything depends on human effort. You that can create the miracle, who stipulated that you cannot kill that Saint level powerhouse. However is Level 99. Always do not think he is the Saint level, is thinking the digit, did not have that tremendous pressure."

Ji Dong had been amused by the Zhou Xiaoxiao words, "line! You can look on the bright side of thing actually. Also is, your Level 97, opposite party Level 99. That when the time comes, the dark secret gives you to cope, what kind of?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao reveals a pitiful look of face immediately, "my fatty altogether such 300 jin (0.5 kg), you, if giving up makes me work as the sacrificial offering, I go nothing."

Ji Dong ridicules saying: "Was good, do not feel sorry for here attire. Quickly walks. Early tomorrow morning, I take by force the treasure house of your business association with everybody. You felt relieved freely, we are will not show mercy absolutely."

Zhou Xiaoxiao walked, Ji Dong re-enters cultivates the condition, reason that he today says these many to Zhou Xiaoxiao, naturally has his goal. Because, he was unable to waste any time again. After Zhou Xiaoxiao these matters confessed that again had understood the trend of continent situation, he can place above oneself that Decapitation Strike the entire energy. On Dark Five Elements Continent, they do not have any supplies, can say, everywhere one visit, is an enemy. Will have anything to be completely unforeseen there. Even if were just one met the dark secret also to have through the Red Lotus day fire possibly. But he must go as before, must go. In the morning very early in the morning, the heavenly stems disciples just had had the breakfast, the silly rich business association vice-chairman this lofty one bamboo came, his anything had not said that but there is Ji Dong to pass on to yesterday and talk of Zhou Xiaoxiao at meal time, however naturally knows greatly the goal that this vice-chairman came was anything.

Yao Qianshu compared with has been short including the breakfast, carefully looked, can discover, the pupil of this fellow usually ate seemed emitting the gold coin gloss. Must say loves money, nobody can leave its right.

Although the girls do not love money like him, but thinks that treasure house these two characters, without a doubt can associate to the jewelry on. Where has the girl not to like jewelry? Even if gold/metal cannot be unconventional, do not forget, she is dragon clan, dragon clan to the gleaming thing, inborn does not have what immunity. Most excited was wolf divine intervention and Du Xin'er. Their excitements naturally come from this line of destinations , another two magical instruments of silly rich business association. That two divine tool Seventh Metal department and Fifth Earth department, just suit them to use.

Must say that can also maintain calm, perhaps only then secret, Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong.

Looks partners could not wait for the appearance, Ji Dong said with a smile: "This lofty one bamboo vice-chairman, we walks."

If Ji Dong is only an ordinary successor, the this lofty one bamboo as a senior, is in itself the supreme powerhouse, how many minutes naturally must act bashful, but who is Ji Dong? That is Mage world Totem general existence. This lofty one bamboo very polite lets Ji Dong and walks side- by-side, goes out of the lecture hall, walks toward the silly rich business association underground city deep place together.

At the same time is walking, on the this lofty one bamboo sends out a thick soul fluctuation, covers the heavenly stems disciples, then opens the mouth saying: "Association president waited for everybody that side the treasure house. I reported the situation in our business association treasure house to everybody first simply. Also is good to facilitate later everybody to choose. The treasure house of our silly rich business association, at the beginning of the business association establishes has, but then treasure house not here. When the underground city starts to construct, the treasure house shifts."

Hehe, must take the divine tool. Quickly votes, monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy, cannot be few.

Chapter 567: Consecrates supremely

The heavenly stems disciples listen to this lofty one bamboo to continue to brief the situation in silly rich business association treasure house. "The entire treasure house is divided into outside the storehouse and in the storehouse. Outside the storehouse is divided into three parts, the treasure class, the magic power weaponry class as well as the crystal core kind. But in the storehouse does not have the detailed classification. Is existences of some heavenly material earthly treasure ranks. To use the goods in treasure house, needs the agreement of elder parliament, this is outside the storehouse. But in the key of storehouse is divided into two halves, grasps separately in the association president and speaker hand. Only has the important matter that relates to business association life or death, in can open the storehouse."

Some Ji Dong was puzzled said: "In such being the case, how that does Wang Daojun open the storehouse to put out the divine tool?"Does not need to ask that he also knows, the goods of divine tool rank, should deposit in Neiku obviously.

The this lofty one bamboo sighed, said: "This was the particularity of speaker, every year, the speaker had in the inspection the storehouse, outside a storehouse time authority. But association president impossible time in business association. Therefore, of association president also the parliament supervises key. If in the speaker needs to inspect the storehouse, but the association president, will not be supervised by over ten parliament elders. By the Wang Daojun influence, takes out the divine tool under this inspector general, how not to be difficult." Ji Dong said suddenly: "So that's how it is. He so is no wonder rampant."

This lofty one bamboo said with a forced smile: "This Wang Daojun was taken, has started the earthquake of entire business association. Luckily, you have created miracle unexpectedly, completes three big inspections. Moreover he also lost the divine tool. Otherwise, who will be the winner was very difficult to say. Although I and association presidents are Nine-Crown Mage, but must discuss the control to the business association, who can compared with on Wang Daojun? Ai, said that is also somewhat sorrowful, if this if a respected family, then, the final victor can also be Wang Daojun, but is not we. After all, business association two-thirds business direct or indirect controls in his hand. Reason that we can win, besides these that just said that what is more important is the characteristics of merchant, the merchant high interest. Who can take to them the biggest benefit, they support anyone. Without a doubt, under now the entire business association the support of millions of people are all of one mind you became an association president, this is the real cause that he is defeated. Otherwise, only loses a divine tool to be also not enough it to take."

At the same time was saying, before they arrived at innermost side underground city one have been similar to the palace constructions.

The this lofty one bamboo stops the footsteps, said: "This palace is used to commemorate the place of the business association all previous dynasties association president and speaker. After all association presidents and speakers died, will bury in this. But the entrance of business association treasure house also here."

Before this is similar to palace construction, two near 60-year- old men sit on the chair before gate, a leisurely appearance, happen to have actually blocked the entrance of this building. Partly visible the aura from them, Ji Dong can also judge their strength. Those who made Ji Dong shocking was, although cultivation base of these two old men could not compare Zhou Xiaoxiao, but unexpectedly and this lofty one bamboo was equally matched. Is cultivation base of initial phase Nine-Crown, magic power approximately in 92 and three appearances extremely. Does the supreme powerhouse guard a gate? Ji Dong doubts looks to this lofty one bamboo, but the this lofty one bamboo actually walked to go forward, respectful bows to salute to that two old man of sitting, "two seniors, present to you, this is the successors of our association president."At the same time was saying, his making way personal appearance, lets arrive at front Ji Dong.

In Ji Dong eye surprised flashes to pass, he understood, this is the silly rich business association true inside story is, perhaps is Wang Daojun does not fear the basic reason of Zhou Xiaoxiao and this lofty one bamboo. These two old men, are the Seventh Metal department supreme powerhouses.

"Two seniors are good."Ji Dong bows slightly, hints to that two old men.

The left old man figure is slim, catches the eye to look to Ji Dong, high and low has sized up his several eyes, seems somewhat muddy eyes flashes through together the none remaining, "are you successor who the fatty recommends?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "."

The thin and small old man shows a faint smile, "that goes."Although on the mouth was saying, but he does not have the meaning of making way path with another old man.

The Ji Dong soul does not care about direct stand forth. As if front and nobody resembles, when he will soon approach these two elders, the slender form flashed to his front together, both hands also lifts, pats separately to the two old men on that chair.

That two old men simultaneously coldly snorted, the right palm upturns, keeps off to that racket the slender palm. Four palm interlocking, formerly also face leisurely and carefree two old men were actually simultaneously the complexion change, only listened to the kacha sound explosive, the chairs under their body changed into the innumerable fragments to scatter in all directions to flutter about instantaneously, but their bodies were also the fast nose oven, nearly directly fell to the place. The appearance that but turns is very distressed.

After that say/way slender form double palm shakes the old man who flies two to block the gate, one side of personal appearance, making way path, but at this time, Ji Dong just arrived, looks like simply had not seen the situation of formerly having is the same, leisurely strolled to go forward, directly soars that palace construction. The heavenly stems disciples follow, same does not look askance with Ji Dong, has regarded the air that two Seventh Metal department supreme powerhouse completely.

Let alone is the old man who that two were shaken flies, even if the this lofty one bamboo at this time is also stared wide-eyed, look that a face does not dare to believe. Although he knows, under Ji Dong has certainly the means to deal with these two protecting palace elder who is the speaker to direct, may unable to think, Ji Dong had a female, easy shook that two elders flies. This wants what kind of strength to achieve!

Slender form gold/metal who that gets rid. She is receives Chen Sixuan to hint to get rid, replaces Ji Dong that originally has prepared itself to get rid. Eighth Metal and Seventh Metal, mutual restraint. Whose strength looked. Just entered Nine-Crown cultivation base by gold/metal, on magic power definitely is inferior to that two old men. However, she is not human, but is dragon clan, was the beginning Zulong purest blood relationship successor, the Saint level body and spirit did not say that was so simple. The strength adds on magic power also to erupt, is the hot demon feudal lords of Saint level cannot flatter including that overall strength, let alone old men of these two initial phase Nine-Crown. The tyrannical incomparable strength shakes them directly flies, but also has destroyed the chairs under their body.

On two old man faces is glittering the cloudy clear uncertain look, but no one again has actually gotten rid. That that gold/metal erupts, making them feel the deep fear. Their surface seems, although 60-year-old appearance, may in fact, the age surpass hundred years old. This holds, in two human bodies the vitality turns wells up, for a very long time cannot return to normal. Has not begun again , because does not want to bring contempt upon oneself. They also finally understand why Wang Daojun will defeat that miserably.

The this lofty one bamboo looked at two frustrated old man one eyes, this quickly goes forward, follows the heavenly stems disciples to walk into the main hall together.

Enters the main hall, Ji Dong saw there Zhou Xiaoxiao, a fatty face apologetically looks to Ji Dong, obviously, the motion of that two old man he knows.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile. Said: "Walks, but also is standing silly doing, treasure house where?"He is an interest does not have regarding the appearance of this main hall. He will not care as for the matter that had a moment ago. Formerly wasn't the this lofty one bamboo had reminded? Although has not stated clearly, but saw that time Ji Dong of that two supreme powerhouse understands, present Zhou Xiaoxiao, cannot control the entire silly rich business association as before completely.

Zhou Xiaoxiao sees Ji Dong not any blame, instead was more embarrassed, to his nodded, said with a forced smile: "I do not have the means. These supreme powerhouse only finally business associations . Moreover, some Wang Daojun elder. Although they in the surface cannot say anything. May aim."

The this lofty one bamboo at this time with coming up, arrives at side Zhou Xiaoxiao, said several anything in a low voice.

In Zhou Xiaoxiao heart one startled, subconscious looks to imitating, if gold/metal of safe, the mouth whispered a anything, to hand signal that Ji Dong makes invitation.

What he whispered was any heavenly stems disciples naturally listens to the clarity that what his mouth said: Originally, the monster continues that brat.

In this main hall, all carves with white jade, by main hall, respectively eight white jade stone columns, but innermost, is a big ten meters sculpture. Without a doubt, this sculpture was the initiators of silly rich business association. With in the internal installation of pure white jade as building, this matter cannot do the imperial family, only has the silly rich business association to be able to achieve. Thus it can be seen, their wealth were astonishing. Zhou Xiaoxiao dares saying that supports entire Western Metal Empire by the silly rich business association, is far from the joke.

Zhou Xiaoxiao leads the people to walk toward behind from the side gate, the long and narrow corridor is white jade carves as before, the both sides have the magic lamp, inside fuel is Rank 6 Fire department magic beast crystal core. Although here is not resplendent in gold and jade green, does not have what gem mounting, but this type low-key luxurious made one be flabbergasted.

At the same time is walking, Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "From front there toward right, was all previous association president and speaker location of burial, I did not lead you to visit. We go to the treasure house directly."

This all the way, they have not run into any guard, in entire main hall quiet, as if only then their existence causes. This point heavenly stems disciples naturally very understood, outside has two supreme powerhouse protectors, if cannot block, takes one group of guards to be also useful?

Zhou Xiaoxiao passes message to Ji Dong said: "You met in out of the door a moment ago, is consecration of business association, the level is business association elder Level 1, after old, here cares for the aged, did not participate in the business association outside the business. Is protecting here. In these conservative consecrate in eye, my this association president is only a bystander. But Wang Daojun that speaker is the true business association successor. Therefore you can also understand why Wang Daojun can take the divine tool easily, but I so was also weak to here control."

Ji Dong replied: "Listens to your meaning, did this consecrate also more than two?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, said: "Treasure house that side also. This is our silly rich business association 500 years of inside story, completely builds with various money and treasures. In the past, after the first association president did the business association was big, the first matter adopted a large quantities of natural talent intelligent child, then vigorously to train. Several hundred years later, this tradition has not broken throughout. On the battle efficiency in Mage this aspect, I dare saying that our business association sufficiently compared with any country. The wealth may the enemy four characters be possible wealth that not only said. The first association president has the big wisdom, he understands, after having the enormous wealth, if no similarly formidable strength protection, all are then fabricated. Therefore, such trained talent who spares no effort. Has stipulated , the association president must, if supreme powerhouse iron rule."

Ji Dong nods slightly, "is really may richly the enemy! Your this first association president also really takes a long-range approach. No wonder on the silly rich 500 years stand erect not but actually, the Western Metal Empire imperial family is willing to come under your controls and influences."

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "Knows that our business association had multi-. Later, must lead the entire business association by you. The fat people my this whole life most depressed matter, truly have not controlled the compensation of business association. This time with your help was near one step. But to control the entire business association not to be perhaps impossible. However, I believe that after you have taken over the business association, again nobody can comply in public but oppose in private."

Ji Dong looked at Zhou Xiaoxiao one, has not said anything again.

Has turned two curved, enters in the rear palace. Also is a statue appears before the people, this was not the statue of character, but was a giant incomparable gold coin. On the gold coin, with ten types of different color gems, mounts. Separately is the ten departments Totem Divine Beast appearance. The diameter of this gold coin has five meters fully. That sincere/heavy feeling was telling people, it was the pure gold. "My Heavens!" A Yao Qianshu arrow step leapt up, in the eye is glittering similarly the brilliance of gold coin, must throw toward that big gold coin. Was held collar to carry by the fatty.

"Be careful, above has institution. Do you want dead?"Zhou Xiaoxiao ill-humored saying, in the heart also recognized, this fellow loves money, no wonder Ji Dong will recommend him to be the business association president.

Puts down Yao Qianshu, the Zhou Xiaoxiao stride goes forward, both hands also lift, fast pats to that giant gold coin. Although his movement is quick, but also very much has the rhythm. That gold coin under his striking slight is shivering, gems that above mounts downcast slowly. Quack crossbow trigger sound gets up, after that giant gold coin slowly moved, has revealed a channel.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Below was the outside storehouse in treasure house. This big gold coin and this rear palace, the institution is densely covered, does not bump the gold coin by, once moves, then, the ruinous institution immediately starts. That may entirely aim at supreme powerhouse that level design. Here had been invaded three by the external bandits and thieves, comes is the supreme powerhouses, but does not have one to live."

Explained to the people, he walked in first, toward following passed the magical skill to go, the people followed, finally entered the treasure house of this silly rich business association.

The last day of the month, the monthly ticket remained again has been wasting, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 568: Silly rich chamber of commerce true strength

By channel, has with the outside same magic lamp. Although is the underground of deep layer, but the air is very fresh. Obviously this inside has the special air change way, is insufficient to make the entire underground air become filthy.

Walks into this channel, the look of heavenly stems disciples somewhat changed, because, they feel clearly, the surroundings have the greatly strengthened magic power fluctuation, moreover is ten departments is complete. The both sides walls do not know that is any stone material, but actually gives people an incomparably sincere/heavy feeling.

Zhou Xiaoxiao has dispeled the doubts for them, "the subject of treasure house with granite repair, but the bond of all agglutination granites, are actually doping the mixed powder of five elements god stone. After the treasure house construction is completed. That generation of association presidents invited ten at that time the most renowned supreme powerhouse, magic power pours into according to the strategy secrets that our business association obtains the treasure house, lasts for three years. Therefore, business association has paid the enormous wealth. ten departments supreme powerhouse three years of attention magic power, making this law have revolution the ability of voluntarily, thousand and ten thousand years will not pass completely. The defensive power, Ultra Certain Kill Skill is unable to break through. Only has ultimate Certain Kill Skill to destroy." Listened to his such saying, people associated to get up have a five elements method buried treasure in dense fog forest that there law wasn't so? But that side law is the heavenly stems disciple constructs voluntarily.

The downward hundred meters, the people have arrived at one probably to have about 200 square meters stone chambers. Here magic power density was more obvious. These magic power elements are nonabsorbable. Various species nature magic power elements in air as if completely by the surrounding stone wall absorption completely. It can be said. Here absolutely is one of the not most suitable cultivation places.

Front giant stone door appears in the people at present, before stone door, presented four to wear the old man of grey clothes, their appearances is simple. However, this heavenly stems disciples were shocked by the silly rich business association.

Isn't the supreme powerhouse so when valuable? This may be four! magic power with former that two feelings in almost, but the attribute is different, in these four, there are Yin-Yang two fires two, also two is a Yin- Yang pair of wood. four departments is supreme.

"Has seen the association president."Sees Zhou Xiaoxiao, four old men maintain composure salutes to Zhou Xiaoxiao slightly.

Zhou Xiaoxiao hastily said: "Four consecrate not to need to be overly courteous. This is the successor who I choose. Also is this generation of heavenly stems disciples."

In four old men, is one person, has a red hair, the stature is quite grandiose, the beard is the red, the one of the vision on Ji Dong sweeps, is different from outside that two prevent departure their consecrations, this instead is a gratified color/look of face, "good, good, this generation of heavenly stems disciples are our Fire department, this is really a rare good news! Child, you this year are several years old?"

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Nearly 24 years old." Red hair old man nodded, said: "The future prospect is limitless! Please enter."At the same time was saying, he shunt personal appearance, resigned the path.

Ji Dong expressed gratitude, with Zhou Xiaoxiao stand forth. These four consecrate has not stopped them. However, when they just entered the front door that consecrate behind opens, that red hair consecrates the body one horizontal, has blocked the way of following heavenly stems disciples.

"Un?"Ji Dong stops the footsteps, the doubts looks to Zhou Xiaoxiao.

That red hair consecrates saying: "Association president successor naturally can enter the business association treasure house. However, other bystanders, even if the heavenly stems disciple, actually cannot easily enter."

Zhou Xiaoxiao complexion sank, "consecrates scarlet, what do you mean? All previous association presidents have to equip the authority of oneself direct line guard. Moreover, when Ji Dong accepts our business association in history most difficult inspection, we complied, once he through the inspection, fully supports the heavenly stems disciple. Asked the elder do not make me feel embarrassed."

Consecrates scarlet said indifferently: "This is the association president complies, is actually not we complies. Since we follow orders to protect the treasure house, must be responsible for the business association. They are not the guards of future association president, but is the partner. Does not believe that you can ask them. When will the heavenly stems disciple give the person to work as the guard?"

"You......"Zhou Xiaoxiao are angry, while he must manifest suddenly. In the heavenly stems disciple, Chen Sixuan actually walked.

"Four consecrate so the prevent departure, nothing but was wants to test our one time. Might as well be like this good. I use magic power to do a matter, if four elders who can achieve the corresponding degree, we turn head to walk. Otherwise, please four elders allow to pass through." The red hair old man sees the face of Chen Sixuan is dull, this time she has not brought the veil, that perfect appearance, even if their these hundred
-year-old person also with a crash excited.

Sees only Chen Sixuan both hands to wield, a cream flower petal floating departed, presents before four supreme powerhouses, the white flower petals follow, folds puts together, ray gentle cream color flowers, that gradually present in the people at present.

In the top of the head, Chen Sixuan Second Wood Yin Crown flashed before her to achieve Level 86 magic power cultivation base, was showing her Second Wood attribute. White that but, she releases at present, actually simply is not the wood attribute magic power proper white.

Four silly rich business associations that originally also thinks little of consecrate, is all of a sudden anxious, they are absolutely experienced, naturally could see magic power that at this time Chen Sixuan displays is anything. That impressively is Liuhe that wood of condensation chaos becomes!

During these four consecrate, one is the Second Wood department supreme powerhouse. As consecration of silly rich business association, she naturally also relies on business association wood of support to the chaos to comprehend. But must say that is Chen Sixuan such degree actually unable.

This is......, Ji Dong is also a pupil contraction, he knows certainly at this time what Chen Sixuan displays is what, not just initially flushed creation world Liuhe that under the crown forest clear also daunted the accurate Saint level powerhouse?

Cream creation world Liuhe in airborne is revolving slowly, the formidable attracting customer interest starts to send out from it, these attract the customer interest, completely is the chaos aura. Right. In here air does not have any magic power element to exist, but, in law in treasure house has. Creates powerful of world Liuhe lies in it can absorb any shape the wood attribute element to supplement oneself. In the wall, such as the silk starts to appear like the wood attribute element of wisp slowly, was created world Liuhe to absorb forcefully. Moreover, along with the enhancement of its own magic power, the speed of this absorption also started becomes quicker and quicker.

"Are you doing? Quickly stops."That Second Wood department consecrated cannot bear immediately. Regarding the strength of Chen Sixuan this control, four consecrate praises to the heavens, they self- examined, oneself cannot achieve such degree absolutely. Meanwhile, they also profoundly felt that ruinous aura, must make this create the world Liuhe endless absorption. God knows what happened. Must know, in law of this treasure house magic power is is extremely extremely abundant.

That Second Wood consecrates getting rid to be naturally useless, her magic power will only be created world Liuhe to absorb, therefore, getting rid the red hair of that named head consecrates, the personal appearance flashes, the palm directly to creating world Liuhe claps.

What a pity, his hand has actually met a royal purple big hand, the low and deep dull thumping sound fulmination sound explodes, that red hair old man only thought that an incomparably overbearing strength made oneself whole body as if lull, particularly on the palm, as if had been cut by the heavy axe. Entire arm along with it raising. But blocked his person is actually only the shoulder in a flash, backward withdraws from one step to come to a stop the personal appearance.

Without a doubt, blocks official Thunder Emperor Fu Rui of that red hair elder, from magic power, he naturally must somewhat suffer a loss, but if joins the strength of thunder Yushen axe in the palm, who suffers a loss to be possible not to be uncertain. With the hell three dogs that fights, but made Fu Rui obtain benefits a great deal, was profounder in the magic power control.

Going forward, not only Fu Rui, in the meantime, all heavenly stems disciples go forward one step, kept off Chen Sixuan after behind. Whatever that creates world Liuhe to start to absorb surrounding magic power crazily.

"Ji Dong, is your this must do?"Not only that four consecrate, Zhou Xiaoxiao is also surprised, he can certainly feel to create the world Liuhe terrifying the ability, the formidable destructive power that after being clearer it erupts, can have. Under has a big shock, hurries to speak to prevent.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Since consecrates to think over extremely our component, we quite don't disappoint extremely the senior not?"

Arrived this time, your four have consecrated is understands, on this day does the disciple formidable may, not only Ji Dong, these young people each are not at present good to cope. Although most of them have not achieved Nine-Crown cultivation base, but as if is actually not their these Nine-Crown powerhouses can resist.

The red hair old man sighed slightly, first was sideways to make way the path, another three consecrated, although the heart unwilling sentiment did not hope, but also eventually made way. They cannot brave the entire treasure house destroyed result flaunt the temporary air/Qi.

Chen Sixuan smiles, the aquamarine brilliance sweeps across the whole body instantaneously, is her that life goddess eternal armor, the intense life aura in the flash that the eternal armor presents immediately the counter- volume, blocked has created the absorption of world Liuhe to outside magic power. Under ray stretch/leisurely curls, has created world Liuhe to take back itself to go that. Although this is because creates magic power of world Liuhe to save are not many, but also showed the Chen Sixuan formidable strength. Let alone is these consecrates at present, the heavenly stems disciples actually cannot clarify her genuine actual combat capability to be what kind of degree.

The heavenly stems disciples stride bravely forward, front consecrates from four walks into their behind treasure house front doors, one by one does not look askance, looked continually has not looked at these to consecrate one.

Zhou Xiaoxiao extremely vague compares the thumb to Ji Dong, in the heart secret acclaimed, before the heavenly stems disciples come, in his heart has certain worry. The protection consecrate here is not he can transfer completely. These supreme powerhouses are the mainstays of business association, and relations between Wang Daojun obviously get along than much with him. Who can the present situation be able to obtain? The heavenly stems disciples unexpectedly are so strong this pass/test.

The heavenly stems disciples do not have the fatty to result in that many, finally entered in the treasure house, is almost first, they were shaken to spend the eye by the present all.

That could not with being bedecked with jewels to describe, they only thought, oneself as if entered strange world.

Enters in the treasure house, first heaves in sight, is this huge large room. At present presents before them including, is one reaches as high as 30 meters. Broad at least has several tens of thousands square meters huge space. But unusual brightness that in this huge space, that fluctuates wanderingly, looks like covers the demon territory to be ordinary them. Strong element fluctuation, eye-catching radiant ray, here all, dazzling and intoxicating. Even if the Ji Dong that calm disposition, is moved.

In the entire huge space, center is emptying completely, but the surroundings is a 30 meters high giant cabinet. In the cabinet has the neat room partition, according to groups is placing various treasure classes, the magic power weaponry classes as well as the crystal core class Jane|treasure rare treasures. Suddenly is dazzled, making one accept.

Zhou Xiaoxiao looks at the people dazzling and intoxicating appearance, in the heart has then balanced several points, this group of young people eventually also people! However, Ji Dong below a few words, have actually pulled back the reality the fatty.

"In fatty, leading us to go to the storehouse directly."

Looks at Ji Dong, Zhou Xiaoxiao speechless, the monster eventually monster, resigned-looking say/way: "Doesn't here have the thing that what you want?"

Ji Dong visits him, looks to say with a smile: "Did you say? You should know what we want is anything." Zhou Xiaoxiao helpless sigh, "comes."At the same time was saying, he jumps, here was really too big, if used, must walk a while to be good . The people also launch the personal appearance, follows behind him, obviously, heavenly stems disciples that dazzling and intoxicating appearance is just a representation.

Zhou Xiaoxiao leads the people to arrive at outside the storehouse central position, in the ground in a gold coin design stands firm. Takes out two handle lengths to have one meter from own storage Magic Tool fully, is mounting the keys of numerous gem, merged in together, then in the position two handle keys toward that gold coin inserted.

Strange saying that center that gold coin position originally does not have the hole, when may work as the giant keys after these two merges insert, actually baseless submerged in the gold coin, as if the carving of that gold coin is, after if insertion that the bean curd makes fits together perfectly, cannot see the slightest bit flaw.

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, twists the key, immediately, rumble the dull thumping sound sound starts to appear, what making the people be startled, entire main hall as if in slight rocked. The heavenly stems disciples is a worldly person, such situation appears reasonable obviously, perhaps in this institution of storehouse is extremely huge, outside the storehouse with entire completely is connected.

Chapter 569: The stone and secret eye of misfortune

Giant gold coin design undercuts slowly. Has revealed a channel, compared with outside channel, this wanted narrowly were many, most can only supply two people parallel, Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Here got down is in storehouse. Ji Dong, you cannot sweep across to me in storehouse! Outside some storehouse actually also many good things, even the magic power weapon of also inferior divine tool rank. You can also choose."

In the Fu Rui eye the none remaining flashes, said: "Fatty, should not be stingy. Is makes us demand everything in any case, why not naturally. You more were said that outside the storehouse was good, we know that in the thing of storehouse was better. Your this model is procedure of going for wool and coming back shorn."

Zhou Xiaoxiao helpless say/way: "Good, everybody, please come with me."Saying, him, when walked first.

Following the channel the downward hundred meters, arrive at their trip of destinations, but the front was actually blocked by together the gateway. Also two old men detain before the people. Consecrates compared with before six, these two makings must sink to congeal, the magic power fluctuation obviously is also formidable, is two cultivation base surpasses the Level 95 supreme powerhouse unexpectedly.

Sees these two supreme powerhouses, people somewhat surprised, the response of Fu Rui especially is obvious. However the color/look of that being startled also flashes not to have. Quick returned to normal. The inside story of silly rich business association was really too deep, was counted Zhou Xiaoxiao and this lofty one bamboo, although they cannot achieve ten departments to be complete, but actually solid had ten supreme powerhouses! This strength even can contend with entire continent, this silly rich business association was unable saying that is the rich enemy, but was may richly enemy continent. The formidable financial resource add on abundant strength, let alone is 500 years, will pass in 5000 again, so long as they will be maintaining such tradition, the business association will not decline.

Zhou Xiaoxiao stern say/way: "Everybody is the heavenly stems disciple, but I must emphasize, today everybody saw my silly rich business association biggest secret, but also please strictly keep secret, do not tell anybody. The fat people thanked here."At the same time was saying, he bows to salute to the heavenly stems disciples unexpectedly on own initiative, the look is extremely serious.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "President Zhou please feel relieved, we will not say today's experience."

Zhou Xiaoxiao nods slightly, this changes that two Level 95 above consecrations, respectfully said: "Please two seniors open the door."

This time, has not received again any scolded, in the storehouse front door opened wide slowly, has revealed a channel.

When this leaf of not how broad in storehouse gate opening, immediately on three faces the look had the change, separately is Ji Dong, secret and Chen Sixuan. They felt anything to attract oneself thing obviously. But other heavenly stems disciples not anything many responses.

Zhou Xiaoxiao took the lead, leading the people to enter in the storehouse. Enters the gateway people to discover, this unexpectedly is one about 30 square meters stone chamber. Moreover empty, anything does not have.

Does not need the people to inquire, Zhou Xiaoxiao went into action, both hands empty press to the both sides, two Seventh Metal magic power pass the palm, then his both hands occur frequently, lays out over a hundred palms like lightning, his movement as if has a special rhythm, each palm is not redundant. After the palm pats last, on the Zhou Xiaoxiao face suddenly revealed one point of exhausted color/look, these palms that obviously, he laid out a moment ago had the magic power output.

The fat people explained to Ji Dong: "Even if arrived here, if no cultivation base of supreme powerhouse, is unable to open here institution." The voice has not fallen, gets up along with crossbow trigger sound, all around stone wall retreats unexpectedly slowly, dark checks from underground raise, slowly packing in formerly stone wall position.

With outside storehouse luxurious enchanting entirely different, after these dark checks appear, does not have what unusual brightness twinkle, does not have what precious jewelry. The hidden compartment that four sides in the wall, two walls present unexpectedly is a book shelf, above has the plain books. But on another two walls, is placing the one by one box, does not know that is any thing.

"Skill book?"Ji Dong turns head to look to Zhou Xiaoxiao.

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded silently, "this is for 500 years, business association with various method and money acquired rare and precious skill book, majority is Ultra Certain Kill Skill, only then some special Certain Kill Skill can be selected. If needed, please copy to read, originally must stay here."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Skill type of thing, bites off more than one can chew, the skill that we have sufficed many, only if your here has to create world Divine Skill, otherwise to us, does not have what function."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a smile: Community that "this actually, your heavenly stems disciple should most not need the skill book. If traded ordinary Mage to come here, can perhaps not give up. Initially after my first time arrived here, has wallowed three years of here. Closes up for three years, gives up to leave. This is the previous association president urged repeatedly, feared I overstated. Otherwise, the time will be longer." Ji Dong nodded, the fatty said right, the Ultra Certain Kill Skill skill book can say that is the priceless treasures, generally speaking, even if the supreme powerhouse, the Ultra Certain Kill Skill quantity has is also extremely few. But different Ultra Certain Kill Skill, can definitely apply in the different situations. In the actual combat, Ultra Certain Kill Skill of supreme powerhouse meeting are more, particularly has Ultra Certain Kill Skill of special effect, defeats the possibility of match to be also bigger. After the Nine-Crown rank, although magic power is important, but Ultra Certain Kill Skill, because can decide the result of entire war, similarly is extremely important. Such the Ultra Certain Kill Skill record books of two walls, its value is unable to weigh with money.

Reason that Ji Dong seals up the road of heavenly stems disciples with the words first, the reason is very simple, he cannot lead everybody to waste the time here, he did not have the time to waste. Once everybody wallows in cultivating these skills, not only the magic power progress speed will be slow, the time of but also losing is Ji Dong is unable to withstand. Therefore, although the heavenly stems disciples mostly revealed the vision of hope resolutely, Ji Dong actually to them had indicated cannot study the determination of skill here.

Unconditionally supports regarding Ji Dong decision everybody, the fact has proven repeatedly, the decision of Ji Dong is mostly correct. Even if his decision had some slight problems sometimes, the heavenly stems disciples as before will also comply with, the snake headless is not good, a group of people without a leader is the most fearful matter. The heavenly stems disciple such formidable collective, must have a powerful captain. Only has this, can display completely the strength of people.

In people somewhat reluctant to part vision the time of these bookshelves transferring. Secret first that usually little spoke moved unexpectedly, he moved toward these to put the hidden compartment place of box directly, before did not have the eye grey small box stopped, both eyes stubbornly was looking steadily at that box, the double fist also gripped tight.

If this situation appears on Yao Qianshu, the people will not be accidental, this fellow is most avaricious, most can distinguish the treasure. May appear on the secret, has to make the people be startled. The secret has the ability of certain predict that but, since Holy and Evil Island great misfortune. He little is the people carries on to forecast. Usually is followed silently side everybody, even the heavenly stems disciples have neglected his existence sometimes.

"President Zhou, I wants the thing in this box. Ok?" The secret has turned around suddenly, said to Zhou Xiaoxiao.

Zhou Xiaoxiao has gawked, nodded, said: "Naturally. However, I must emphasize, the thing in storehouse, if not the disposable consumables. Then, after the holy war ended, but must trouble everybody to return. Although I am an association president, but here thing too was precious, authority that I have not seen somebody off, but also asked everybody to understand."

The heavenly stems disciples nod in abundance, indicated to understand. But at this moment, secret actually already impatient uphold both hands, cautiously holds that box above own palm, turned on the lid gently.

The gray small box is the square, lengthens approximately about ten centimeters, moreover in a corner, in this, it can be said that not most conspicuous position. But the secret has actually chosen it, the people want to take a look, actually the thing of secret choice is anything. Therefore no one has paid attention to other place again, but fell the vision on a secret person.

Secret took a deep breath, Ji Dong clearly saw, his handful of the both hands of box are trembling unexpectedly. Since cloud Tianji inherited secret Confucian orthodoxy, this situation and rare, Ji Dong has believed, is calm by the mentality, secret also above oneself. Actually is what thing can make him so excited? This, is also curious including Ji Dong.

The gray small box opens under glare of the public eye slowly, releases because of opening of lid without any magic power fluctuation. Such small box can only be normally puts the gem or crystal core, may not have the magic power fluctuation release at present, obviously in this was not these things that was loaded with. However, when the opening degree of lid again greatly, all heavenly stems disciples. Including Ji Dong, actually smart spirit shivered, without any omen, everyone body shivered, their clear feelings, in this narrow and small room, suddenly seem to be many pair of eyes to look steadily at them to resemble. This strange feeling made on the people an inexplicable vitality/angry chill in the air, had a scare by the similar feeling including Zhou Xiaoxiao, several girls' complexions were become ugly.

Finally, the secret opened that small box completely. Presents before the people, truly is a gem, but is actually an extremely strange gem.

The gem presents is the elliptical shape, two points are sharp, the middle oval, the entire gem does not have the gloss to send out, the majority of places are transparent, only has the position of center is one group of black, sees, likely is eyes.

"!"Du Xin'er screamed one suddenly, the trembling sound said: "That, that eyes will move, it is visiting me probably."

This clearly is together the stone, how to move? Chill in the air has increased several points. At this time, the secret actually has blocked the stone in box with own body, the trembling sound said: "Everybody do not look, will otherwise have the disadvantageous influence to you. Is it, unexpectedly is really it."

In the Fu Rui eye is revealing the shocking look, somewhat impatient asking: "Secret, is actually this what thing? You should give everybody first an explanation."

nodded that the secret makes an effort, "was good, this was really good. Has not thought, here can actually find it. No wonder several generations of secrets cannot seek for its trail, originally it unexpectedly is deep in this storehouse, there is that formidable law outside as the isolation, no wonder we could not find."

Some Fu Rui irritable say/way: "Secret, you quickly said that this is any thing. Don't that mother-in-law mother **." Some Ji Dong doubts looked at Fu Rui one, in the heart somewhat is strange, how after the secret opens that box, the Senior Brother becomes so is suddenly irritable. Must know, by him to Fu Rui familiar knows certainly this Senior Brother not like his surface performance straightforwardness of that. In the mood such huge change, can Ji Dong not be surprised suddenly?

Fu Rui had as if also discovered own loses self-control, scratches the head, said: "Sorry, my tone was heavy. The secret, do not mind."

Secret shaking the head of silently, said with a somewhat strange sound slowly: "The gem in this box has a special name, is called the stone of bad luck. Besides our secret, any human or other living thing obtain it, then, within the hundred days, will certainly die a violent death to perish, certainly without exception. However, to our secret, its also another name, is called the eye of secret. In my hand this, is missing the eye of many years of bright secret! Several generations of secrets, the strength of poor life seeks, actually cannot find it, has not thought, today has bumped into unexpectedly here, is really the heaven has eyes, does not perish my Light Five Elements Continent."

The heavenly stems disciples look at each other in blank dismay, on the face revealed the joyful color/look, this regarding them, absolutely was a good news, but Ji Dong actually noticed, the breath of Senior Brother as if became somewhat rapid, although in the eye was also revealing the happy expression, but actually somewhat unnatural.

Only listens to secret continued: "Everybody had thought that I that dark secret small and weak were too more. Even if before not having the Holy and Evil great misfortune, the dark secret can also control the forces of nature on Dark Five Elements Continent, but I am obscure. Actually, this is because our secret already lost the eye of secret reason! Without the eye of secret, regarding us, looked like Mage loses magic power to be the same. Strength of the predictive ability and formidable soul frightening that the secret has, does not know that must drop many times. Now was good, finally had found the eye of secret, my deva-eye also finally had the opportunity to open." Wish everybody National Day joyful. Has a happy seven days of long vacation.

Chapter 570: Magical instrument! The gold/metal ghost Divine Sword and thick earth bead of

At the same time was saying, the secret searches the hand to enter the box slowly. Took stone of that alias bad luck the eye of secret, after three deep breath, from one side can see, in his eyes is sparkling the light silver light, cautiously has pressed to own forehead the eye of secret.

Zhou Xiaoxiao dumbfounded looks that the secret the eye of machine will approach own forehead to print on that day, cannot bear saying: "He said right, according to the material record of business association, after initially that generation of association presidents as if obtained this thing, soon died of illness. Must know, the supreme powerhouse dies of illness is extremely rare. Has not thought, my originally thinks is the auxiliary actually does not know is thing that anything affects, turned into the consumables to your hands in unexpectedly."Obviously, the secret was saying the eye of secret is the thing of secret, moreover integrates oneself it, this thing could not take carry back.

The stone of that strange bad luck when contacts the secret forehead, a special aura spreads quietly from him, other people did not have anything to feel, but the soul intensity has achieved the Ji Dong feeling of Saint level cultivation base quite to be profound, in this flash, the secret as if turned into the vast ocean to be ordinary before him, is unable to completely understand again. His whole person likely is the nighttime sky is common. On that day the eye of machine submerged the position of its forehead instantaneously, is the eye of this day machine, as if lit any thing, making the secret whole person burn, naturally, combustion was not his body, but was the strength of soul.

Both eyes shut tightly, the secret stands there, after the eye of secret integrates the forehead, his both hands start to make one by one strange hand, but in his, a fist strange and complex mark starts to appear, circles to revolve around his. Although this is not magic power fluctuates, but gives the feeling of person more mysterious. Everyone can feel clearly, starting from this moment, their secrets became is different.

Ji Dong has wielded the fist ruthlessly, "was good. This, we cope with the dark secret again many of their having confidence. Does not know that the secret can help us forecast anything."

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, said: "What degree regardless of secret time can evolve, since we arrived at this treasure house, cannot return empty-handed, not? President Zhou, your two magical instruments should also take."

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, closes both eyes slowly, both hands lifts, about ten in own chest front, the dazzling golden light erupts immediately from him.

Ji Dong stretches across one step. Keeps off in the face of the secret, protects the secret with own body, the magic power fluctuation that in order to avoid on Zhou Xiaoxiao releases affects him.

Clear golden ray sends out from Zhou Xiaoxiao, suddenly, Zhou Xiaoxiao both eyes open the eyes greatly, the opens the mouth spurts anxiously, the dazzling golden light has emitted from his mouth together, falls above both hands.

That is not the pure golden ray, but is outside in the gold/metal white, after falling into his both hands, immediately inflates, changes into a handle three chi (0.33 m) long sword, presents before the people.

That three chi (0.33 m) long sword style is quite plain, on the sword blade inscribes nine antiquity characters, this sword, in the storehouse made one feel an intense war aura immediately, as if had sound of gold/metal Tiejiao the calling to reverberate in the people ear unceasingly, that incomparable sharp air/Qi, together with felt on own skin for Ji Dong and gold/metal Saint level body and spirit cool, say nothing of other people.

Good handle sharp Divine Sword. Its puncture strength and destructive power do not need to attempt also to feel clearly, before Zhou Xiaoxiao when compared notes with them. Has never used this divine tool. Definitely can think, if this Level 97 supreme powerhouse coordinates this divine tool to compare notes with them, that perhaps will be completely another situation.

"This sword named gold/metal Sha, the gold/metal ghost Divine Sword, can release the intense Metal department malignant influences, the striking power is quite tyrannical. But also characteristics, once inspires this sword to send out the attack with magic power, does not see the blood not to return surely. If cannot see the blood of enemy, must see own blood. Now, it was your."At the same time was saying, together cream ray from fatty chest place bright, hit ruthlessly above the gold/metal ghost Divine Sword in hand. Saw only that gold/metal ghost Divine Sword to shiver fiercely, but the complexion of fatty became extremely ugly, has not borne eventually, wa'ed, spouted a blood. But that gold/metal ghost Divine Sword horizontally above his both hands, has actually handed in front of the people.

Shuts off oneself among the contact forcefully with magical instruments, and erases all own brand marks, even if the supreme powerhouse of Zhou Xiaoxiao this rank does not feel better.

Ji Dong takes out from the Vermilion Bird bracelet immediately one bottle of millennium origin of life, opens the bottle cap, springs one drop to fly to Zhou Xiaoxiao, Zhou Xiaoxiao naturally cannot be polite, the opens the mouth swallows, the next moment, under the strong life aura fluctuation, his fat face immediately became attractive.

"Fatty, thanked."Ji Dong was saying, while signals with the eyes to Du Xin'er. Du Xin'er sees with the Seventh Metal department divine tool of her attribute appropriate match. Already somewhat could not repress, but saw the fatty to spit blood, somewhat embarrassed went forward, at this time obtained the suggestion of Ji Dong impatiently naturally walked, received the gold/metal ghost Divine Sword in fatty hand.

The output that pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power is outspoken, pours into that Divine Sword, the Du Xin'er complexion changes, hurries to fall back on nearby both hands to hold the sword to sit cross-legged to sit down. She is not the supreme powerhouse, wants to obtain the approval of this handle Divine Sword also to require certain time. Without a doubt, originally in people strength weakest she, after obtaining this Seventh Metal department divine tool, the strength of whole person will have the earth- shaking change. A divine tool, changed her strength sufficiently. So long as she can break through Eight-Crown realm in the near future, then, by this divine tool, even if not need to fear facing the supreme powerhouse.

The fat people returned to normal oneself breath, the serious trend left wall, arrives at a central hidden compartment place, took down the above very big wooden box. These load bearings have in the wooden box of goods to mount many gems, that may, not only decorates, not only can isolate the air, law that even the gems on some wooden boxes have can also isolate inside goods sending out the aura. At present this box without doubt is this.

Zhou Xiaoxiao holds the box to arrive in front of Ji Dong, that moment when he opens the box. Immediately, an incomparably sincere/heavy aura emits from that wooden box, is Fifth Earth attribute.

Nearby wolf divine intervention, breathes becomes rapid, as Mage, even if the heavenly stems disciple is no exception, who does not hope that can have a own divine tool? The wolf divine intervention naturally also so, saw that the divine tool at present, must not say excitedly, that is impossible.

In the wooden box appears, is not other heavenly stems disciples has divine tool such weapon. But is a bead, a fist size, is sending out the gentle yellow ray bead all over the body, the bead is all over the body perfectly round, that extremely sincere/heavy aura is lent by it. On the Zhou Xiaoxiao face reveals the look of several points of envying, "the bead of this thick earth can be said as in earth attribute all magic power weapons ranks first existence. Magical instrument thing, in our world perhaps incessantly is each species , is same, but I can determine is, in having the second earth attribute divine tool surpasses at present the bead of this thick earth. Even if dark heavenly stems disciple that side earth attribute Mage, also definitely is unable to achieve."

"The bead of thick earth, not only can be the attack the weapon, in the meantime, regarding Mage, it can also be considered as on is the source. In three magical instruments that in our business association collects, the bead of this thick earth ranks first. Obtained it, so long as with own fusion, first can have is the earth of chaos. Takes the source by this thing, in any event cultivates, will not overstate . Moreover the cultivation speed has the twice the result with half the effort effect. Moreover, after obtaining the bead of this thick earth, below the Saint level, can make Mage magic power promote Level 5 directly. Only this point, is best quality goods attribute. But it does not supplement any skill, but relies on it to use any magic skill, magic power can save 50%, but the attack and defense might increases 30%. Regarding Fifth Earth department Mage, there are it in the hand, can say, the strength promotes one time directly, does not exaggerate."

The wolf divine intervention excited hand has shaken, what does magic power promote Level 5 to mean? Means that Level 86 cultivation base he can become a supreme powerhouse immediately, when uses magic skill magic power saves 50%, the might strengthens 30%, this is the what kind of best quality goods attribute! Moreover, although the fatty had not said that but he knows. Had the bead of this thick earth, perhaps oneself absorbed the Earth Element speed also to be able significantly to promote. Zhou Xiaoxiao said was very right, had the bead of this thick earth, own strength integral lifting one time did not have the issue certainly, no, not only perhaps also one time, became the supreme powerhouse also has the divine tool, in the heavenly stems disciple, oneself finally was also considered as on is quite formidable. Ji Dong received the wooden box, transmits to the wolf divine intervention hand, gives his encouragement look, the both eyes of wolf divine intervention were moist, effort to Ji Dong nodded, holds the box to arrive at the one side, and Du Xin'er equally impatient going fused with the divine tool. His the process of this fusion also are more complex than Du Xin'er, after all, had him of bead of thick earth, cultivation base will break through Nine-Crown, although there is a bead's of thick earth protection, but is can not slightly negligently, he will not waste slightest bit magic power.

Fatty some do not abandon looks that the wolf divine intervention absorbed the bead of thick earth, spread out both hands to Ji Dong, said: "Should has given, our business association was also means what he says. Ai, grieved!"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, actually reached out Zhou Xiaoxiao,
"brings, I was disinclined to look."

Zhou Xiaoxiao has gawked, "what brings?"

Ji Dong splendid say/way: "Naturally is a day of jade! also what? Besides three magical instruments, I must make all partners comprehend the chaos deep meaning, in our these people, I and Senior Brother, think of the fine jade and divine intervention not to need. We comprehended the chaos deep meaning basically, but other people are most to browse some fur/superficial knowledge. I do not want with you, the six jade of day, this does not have the issue."

"Uh......, Six did also call not to be many wants? Does your boy lion open the mouth to be able greatly small?" An appearance of Zhou Xiaoxiao meat pain looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong chuckled, reveals dense white teeth, "fatty, if makes me begin to look, that may not only Liu Kuaier. But in any case jade of type of thing day the more the better. We do not waste the time."

"Good, good, good. I calculate that has feared you. With to you and that's the end."Zhou Xiaoxiao helpless the free time of a while from the floor hidden compartment, collected six same boxes to give Ji Dong. Does not need Ji Dong to begin, Chen Sixuan received six boxes, when is preparing to apportion the people, was actually prevented by Ji Dong.

"It is not anxious, after waiting for divine intervention and fragrant has absorbed the divine tool, everybody was absorbing the six jade of day in according to five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, had our soul fusions as the direction, they will not take the branch road and ensure comprehended the chaos deep meaning completely."

When Zhou Xiaoxiao shows off to Ji Dong the silly rich business association is rich, Ji Dong has thought of this point, besides three magical instruments, he biggest goal is to let all partners comprehends the chaos deep meaning. The comprehension chaos, marched the road that Saint level must take at this time. This point can look from these Totem Divine Beast. Teng Snake cultivation base was so formidable, lived that long time, was because cannot comprehend the chaos, therefore throughout stagnated in the Totem Divine Beast rank, but is unable to evolve for the Saint beast. Naturally, magic beast wanted to comprehend the chaos compared with human came wanting difficultly to be many, but also similarly can see, comprehended the chaos deep meaning to be also important regarding Mage.

Looked at Ji Dong to accept that six jade of day, has not waited for Zhou Xiaoxiao to relax, Ji Dong below a few words made the fat on his face nearly accumulate in the same place.

Ji Dong said to the partners: "Everybody should not be impolite with me, has a look, to have any need takes freely. Here thing is our, do not waste and that's the end."

Zhou Xiaoxiao cried out in grief, "let a wolf into the fold! This really lets a wolf into the fold!"

Has resulted in Du Xin'er and wolf of divine intervention advantage did not say, Ji Dong also stands there has not moved, protects side the secret. As soon as other people listen to Ji Dong to make everybody take casually, that will be polite? Other did not say, heavenly stems disciples are not everyone have the armor and suit oneself magic power weapon. How could enters treasure mountain to return empty-handed. Everybody is honestly impolite rushed directly.

Starting from this moment, in storehouse of silly rich business association turned into a tragedy. If only a Ji Dong person comes, naturally is how regardless of unable to take west the young master. Disagrees with his attribute, reason that he has not taken away. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao to win people over to put the heavenly stems disciples, this, he regretted without enough time.

In October/ten months first day, three erupt, this is second, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.
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