Jiu Shen Chapter 551-560

Chapter 551: Caring for of lucky god, real eye

The fierce flame and fire spirit clan that Ji Dong, ten meters Saint level hot demon, draws a bye save person and two core elders. After these round had ended. The hot demon clan besides that ten meters Saint level hot demon, is annihilated unexpectedly, the fire spirit clan also on surplus one person, a moment ago that one group of round perishing together included a fire spirit clan participant. The selection grand ceremony carries on now, was in the degree of superheating. Besides Ji Dong, other participating earth core powerhouses all are the strengths of Rank 10 magic beast peak rank, even also ten meters hot demon such broke through the Saint level, achieves Saint level initial rank cultivation base.

The Saint level, these two characters are to actually take to Ji Dong very big shock, but this did not express that it can affect the Ji Dong confidence. The Saint level powerhouse he also has facing, when the dragon clan, almost compares notes with dragon Huang daily. The Saint level is truly formidable, but did not mean that completely is invincible. At least in some particular cases, he can also display nearly in Shengji the strength.

Only the surplus six people, ballot no longer had to draw a bye, without a doubt, these round most got the advantage was the red flame, on one round drew a bye, making her have the full relaxation time to restore own to the optimum condition. But that ten meters hot demon vision brilliant is looking steadily at Ji Dong, as if looks forward in the following fight, oneself can select him immediately. gold/metal transmits to the Ji Dong soul memory are not many. But has also dispeled the doubts in heart for him, reason that before gold/metal can pass through the oversized quiet flame ice, is not her own strength can be the degree that greatly quiet flame ice is unable to injure, but from her talent skill, is the beginning Zulong talent skill, the name said: Exemption.

Ancestor of originally Land Dragon was dragon Huang an lineage/vein first ancestor, gold/metal inherited its life, won't have the talent of dragon clan? Talent: The exemption, can only use a time formidable talent skill every day, once uses, can exempt from the next attack of enemy instantaneously, the attack of what rank, can exempt from its 90% striking power as well as this skill all special effects. Because of so, gold/metal can pass through greatly quiet flame ice baseless, thus approaches before the hot demon feudal lord body finally, launches the hand-to-hand fighting. The Saint level body and spirit to the Saint level body and spirit, gold/metal does not suffer a loss, but she suffers a loss in magic power is inferior to the match, and does not have any supplies, in such a case, although she nearly has achieved well, can defeat that formidable Saint level hot demon? Lost magic power in lasting law, she did not have the opportunity of eruption.

In the Ji Dong eye, this Saint level hot demon is not invincible, first, it is not the hot demon feudal lord so is genuine the formidable Saint level high rank. Next, adopts the beforehand observation. Ji Dong discovered, Yin- Yang two fires of this Saint level hot demon coexists, but has not actually fused, this made his own strength have the flaw to exist. Perhaps regarding other races, this flaw completely has not affected, may regarding so familiar Pinnacle Two Fires Ji Dong, want to use this flaw by no means not to be impossible. This flaw not only will appear on this Saint level hot demon, perhaps similarly will also appear on fire Demon King. Otherwise, when that two element bodies cause use Sun and Moon universe this Two Great Demon Kings fusion skill, the opposite party will not shock.

The red flame has been paying attention to Ji Dong quietly, wants to see anything from his mood, but she was disappointed, the surface looked that the soul fluctuates, Ji Dong that calm. Red flame secret admiration in heart. Fire Demon King had indicated must ask him to trouble, he can also maintain so calm, only this point, cannot discover several people able to achieve in the earth core world. Eldest sister, being in love between could it be and is human so really wonderful? Even made you give up the Divine level strength and nearly loses the life. Does not know, later I can also be have like you experience? Thinks of here, the red flame does not halt production to have several points of shy feeling.

At this moment, diameter one meter light ball drops from the clouds. Float in entering the fourth round six people, the voice of fire spirit king along with it resounding, "light ball will transfer randomly, the above ray refers to anyone, who goes out voluntarily, the neighboring two people are the wars."

The voice falls, above that diameter one meter light ball, projects together the deep brilliance immediately, light ball already extreme twist. When it revolves that moment of moving, the fire spirit king shut off all souls to fluctuate, fire Demon King and Fire Lotus king also got rid, sent out a ray to fall above the light ball respectively, this was to draw lots fair, the strengths of two mahatma level powerhouses engaged in factional strife mutually, this no one is able to control.

During the ray extreme twist, first framed on the clansmen of that fire spirit clan, that fire spirit feudal lord withdrew voluntarily, the light ball started second round revolving.

Most anxious is already the selected fire spirit feudal lord, place that the second round ray stays, will be it in this round match.

Speed of light ball revolving is getting more and more slow, finally, it stagnated gradually, that enchanting ray from ten meters hot demon body forward-swept, from the red flame body forward-swept, finally, has stagnated again on Ji Dong. With third round is the same, in this fourth round. Ji Dong is the first war enters the stage, match, fire spirit feudal lord.

The light ball has not continued to revolve, obviously after must waited for the first war to end, once more elects the person.

The Ji Dong floating body, simultaneously falls with that fire spirit feudal lord in the battlefield, the appearance of that fire spirit feudal lord, is one group of light red light, the rich soul fluctuation releases unceasingly from it. The match is Ji Dong, making it relax several points slightly, although Ji Dong formerly separately had defeated a thermal power mouse king and dark flame hot demon feudal lord, but at formerly that war, two big element body magic power that he summoned consumed oversized, obviously was unable to display a bigger fight to affect. Moreover, the forms of combat of fire spirit clan are quite special, it does not fear to Ji Dong. It looks like in it, this is can pull out was best to choose. After all, everyone feels to obtain, Ji Dong magic power is very small and weak. Naturally, this small and weak by the standard appraisals of three big strong clans.

Fire spirit Wang Weiwei frowns, the idea of it and this clansman completely was different, red flame that Saint level hot demon, he most at least knows its ability of excelling. Can make immediately with this clan this finally representative's relative strength. But this human youth gives him from beginning to end is a mystery. Especially in the previous round, he used the skill of hot demon clan unexpectedly, the element body that summoned can actually the Yin-Yang fusion, has shocked including fire Demon King, can the fire spirit king not cause the vigilance? As one of the three big remote antiquity supreme elders, finally what it naturally hopes to win is own clansman. Ji Dong makes it unable to completely understand, it is not clear, this young human also anything ability has not used, at least, so far, he as if not whole-heartedly. Also has not revealed more abilities.

Regardless in the heart has any idea, the fire spirit king is impossible to prevent the start of this fight, solemnly said: "Fourth round first, starts."

Follows fire spirit king this to issue an order, that fire spirit feudal lord fluttered, gentle red light disperses quietly, but was actually similar to blots out the sky has covered the entire battlefield generally. This is not magic power fluctuates, but is the soul fluctuates. Said accurately, is the energetic demon territory.

All of outside, were cut off by that red light, this time Ji Dong, cannot hear outside any sound again, even could not feel that in the air existence of slightest bit Fire Element, could not see position that fire spirit feudal lord is, he has fallen into the energetic demon territory of in Huoling feudal lord completely. However, Ji Dong that hid in the mask following face actually reveals a smiling face, in others opinion, this round he was selected the surface getting a light from another light spirit feudal lord is the bad luck, from overall strength, another two core elders, although has been promoted, but more or less had certain injury, the overall strength is inferior in the present fire spirit feudal lord. Moreover the forms of combat of fire spirit clan so are also special, selects a such match obviously is not the good deed.

But, Ji Dong actually knows, this fourth round ballot, the lucky god stood this side oneself completely, not only he, on the heavenly stems disciples face also revealed a smile.

From magic power, this fire spirit feudal lord is similarly formidable, but, it most excels, what is also the fire spirit clan most excels is what? Is the strength of soul, the strength of incomparably formidable soul. They even can absorb Fire Element to form this illusory body through the strength of soul, it can be imagined, this race in the soul attainments is how fearful. Any physics attacks regarding them is invalid, this is also reason that the fire spirit clan can become of important reasons three big strong clans, wanted to kill them simply is too difficult.

Ji Dong? What Ji Dong most excels is what? The ability that he excels at has. But without a doubt, under not the premise of any amplification, he strongest is the strength of soul! This is also his only one can achieve with the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint the ability that teaches three big remote antiquity supreme elders to contend with. Saint level middle rank the strength of soul, even if Fire Lotus king Hehuo Demon King, in this aspect also not compared with his anything. Only if soul cultivation base of this fire spirit feudal lord can be fire spirit king that level at present, otherwise, in front of Ji Dong, the contest in soul it also possibly gets the winning side?

The energetic demon territory covers, Ji Dong first feels at present the soul intensity of this fire spirit feudal lord. Really, can be sent out the participation, the present fire spirit feudal lord has the extremely high achievement on soul cultivation base. Although it is concealing as before, but Ji Dong relied on to surmount match the strength of actually easy investigation of soul this fire spirit feudal lord true soul cultivation base. Comprehensively reaches the Saint level like that ten meters hot demon, although at present magic power of this fire spirit feudal lord Rank 10 Divine Beast that rank, but the strength of its soul actually completely entered Saint level initial rank realm. Why this also fought just from the beginning, it without hesitation released Ji Dong of own energetic demon territory comprehensively to the reason that launched the comprehensive suppression. Regarding the strength of own soul, the hot demon feudal lord has the absolute confidence.

The Ji Dong back pair of wings opens, was floated by oneself in airborne motionless, seems from the outside, floats appears somewhat vacant in energetic demon territory him. But in the next moment, he actually has lifted the head. In flash that he raised the head, in fire spirit king heart who in sky observes anxiously thump.

The god hot Saint king Kai mask eye pupil position, two deep silver light emit, incomparably tyrannical soul fluctuation just like blowout general eruption. gold and black, the dual-color flame that congeals behind Ji Dong, the next moment that the primal chaos design presents, that two-color ray transforms for the red unexpectedly, a huge red eye pupil, emerges out of thin air above the Ji Dong top of the head.

Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er, with the partner who Ji Dong shared the same roots, after looked at Huo'er to display the eye of talent skill phoenix eradicated the energetic demon territory, Ji Dong in its this talent skill is interested. He cannot certainly use the Huo'er talent skill, but, is relying on relation between him and Huo'er, can actually go to eye of the most careful feeling phoenix deep meaning, thus there is now above his top of the head this red eye pupil. Relies on Saint level middle rank the eye of strength of simulation phoenix soul to come, Ji Dong gives a name to it is: Real eye.

When that red giant eye pupil presents the flash above Ji Dong top of the head, only then Ji Dong and that fire spirit feudal lord can hear, originally suppresses the Ji Dong soul demon territory is sending out immediately one after another ka ka the sound comprehensively, looked like the glass burst generally, moreover infection -type infection to each corner of entire demon territory. Since you want the soul to collide, we carried on the soul to collide. The opposite party does not have the physical body, wants to rout the match thoroughly, only has means that that in soul. Silver gassed threads from the Ji Dong forehead place floating, scatter in all directions to flutter about, seems chaotic, but is these silver threads, actually specially looks for the trace place that these fire spirit feudal lord energetic demon territories burst to drill.

The fire spirit feudal lord who at present runs into, the strength of soul meets Mage of that release energetic demon territory not to know that compared with previous Ji Dong many, the real eye of eye of this simulation phoenix cannot one rout it. However, in addition this similarly is the Saint level level silver of demon territory illusion is different.

The real eye, making the energetic demon territory of fire spirit feudal lord present the fissure, but the soul silver threads of silver of that illusion have drilled into the fissure, then fully pulled, originally has covered entirely the fissure the energetic demon territory unable to bear such attack again. How regardless of that fire spirit feudal lord injects the strength of soul, the next moment, is loudly shatter. The Ji Dong present all illusions and pressures are nothing left.

The silver thread rewinds, covers instantaneously, surroundings turned into a silver world completely, appears the fire spirit feudal lord of personal appearance to cover that.

"Saint level soul?"Fire Demon King somewhat surprised saying.

Fire spirit king sighed, said: "Said accurately, should be Saint level middle rank the strength of soul. Has not thought, really also has soul intensity such high powerhouse to exist in human."

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Chapter 552: Final three

In the fire Demon King eye the flame beat. "His magic power? could it be has also been concealing, in fact also reached the Saint level to be inadequate?"

The fire spirit king shook the head, said: "That should not, although I do not know how he achieves, but seems, strength of his magic power and own soul not in a level. However, if therefore underestimated him to be completely mistaken. By his magic power, should primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill unable to release normally continually. However, he formerly fully had proven his actual combat capability to us. This is a riddle same human!"

Fire Lotus king has not always participated during discussion, regarding her, Ji Dong also similarly is a riddle, although Lie Yan (raging flames) explained to her, but actually the Ji Dong ability displays in which aspects, she is not very clear.

Ji Dong and fight between fire spirit feudal lords had not ended, freely in the unexpected situation, Ji Dong has counterattacked the match by real eye and Saint level middle rank the silver of demon territory of strength of coordination illusion soul, got the absolute winning side, but wants to end this fight, actually is also not the easy matter. After all, this fire spirit feudal lord is also having Saint level level the strength of soul.

The grating squeal resounds through the silver of illusion, a fire spirit feudal lord discovery is not good. Immediately has launched the comprehensive attack. Red pointed cone that enlarges as if together infinitely punctures void, without goal, that across the sky, is containing incomparably huge soul fluctuation, even is also containing the soul core of that fire spirit feudal lord, is its body.

Can go all out? Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, in this type in the situation of having the overwhelming superiority, he does not plan and opposite party goes all out. Moreover must maintain the strength to carry on the next fight as far as possible. However, in his hesitant flash, immediately complexion big change. Because his surprised discovery, that red pointed cone not only gets bigger and bigger, but also revolving rapidly, above as if has one special strength, attracts unceasingly is pulling silver of demon territory own illusion, as if must find time to resemble own demon territory, along with this situation emergence, that pointed cone sharp unexpectedly in the situation that in the fire spirit feudal lord is completely impossible to judge the Ji Dong position peak aims at his real position gradually.

What skill is this? The fire spirit clan worthily is one of the earth core world three big strong clans, actually the also so deep meaning exists. Ji Dong understands, if this had continued, not only silver of demon territory own illusion will be broken, but, that extreme twist the pointed cone will certainly aim at oneself main body finally, and erupts the powerful offensive that is hard to imagine. Definitely will not compare high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill to be weak.

Sets at the deathtrap then to live, this fire spirit feudal lord after discovering own situation is not wonderful, immediately makes has wrestled at risk of life, it does not have any retention mixes the strength and magic power own soul, in the outside Fire Element isolated situation. Launched this named fire spirit finger/refers of powerful offensive. The spirit demon unites, one of the fire spirit clan highest deep meanings.

"Was a pity, the strength of your soul was inferior I am formidable. Otherwise, must be prevailed by you."At this moment, in the mind of fire spirit feudal lord has suddenly resounded the Ji Dong sound, the surrounding illusion vanished quietly, it sees, is the innumerable silver thread windings in oneself that fire spirit one finger/refers above giant pointed cone, the Ji Dong words cannot affect its will, will firm and resolute is in itself the characteristics of fire spirit clan. When it meant own fire spirit finger/refers must break the opposite party energetic demon territory thoroughly. Suddenly, that all silver gassed threads have shone.

Red magic power floating, all windings in fire spirit one finger/refers the silver thread tightens instantaneously, the fire spirit feudal lord discovered with amazement, the strength of own soul is receiving the silver of demon territory illusion to attack comprehensively, what is more fearful, condenses vanishes in fire spirit finger/refers of internal fire attribute magic power unceasingly, or was stripped. Red magic power extracted Fire Element that opens disheveled! originally is equal to high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill fire spirit one finger/refers, the might plummets. But it under the comprehensive suppression of silver of demon territory illusion, although can release the skill, is. Where it actually cannot see Ji Dong, even if releases this skill, is useful?

"The second demon territory?" The Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches three remote antiquity supreme elders almost also to speak. On the fire spirit king face look became more dignified, the Fire Lotus king was surprised of face, as for fire Demon King, then could not see the look on its face, but the frequency of flame beat from its eye pupil sped up also being able to see instantaneously, present it is not absolutely tranquil. Two demon territories mean anything, their three big remote antiquity supreme elders are very clear, do not have the peculiar circumstance words, has a matter that two demon territories mean, that is the Saint level. Right, when they achieve Saint level cultivation base, once had the second demon territory, at this time saw that Ji Dong uses the element peeling demon territory, they have made immediately the corresponding judgment.

This is a human, how regardless of he arrived here, how to know that the Saint teaches the agent the founder to select celebration matter. Fire Demon King or the fire spirit king, does not hope that the position of this agent founder was obtained by a human. originally fire Demon King to own younger brother, or is the derivative of body, that ten meters high hot demon feudal lord has the absolute confidence, but at this moment, his confidence actually vacillates now. Ji Dong "Saint level"strength, a use and understanding of getting a light from another light demon clan skill, made all become in addition had the suspense. Fire spirit king thought moves, the strength of his soul has covered Fire Lotus king Hehuo Demon King, forms space that their three can each other exchange.

"I believe, the final finals form needs to change."Saying that the fire spirit king is without hesitation.

Fire Demon King solemnly said: "What do you want to change?"

Fire spirit kingly way: "Thinks, two do not hope the position of this agent founder was obtained by a human. How regardless to say. Our celebrations are all Saint dean always. Finally the victor obtains to act position of matter founder to be irreversible. But once, was obtained this position by human, that was too to us passive. You should still remember, before this celebration starts, we take an oath by the safety of earth core world, who obtained the position of proxy founder to fully support him. But we cannot think, will present this human the variable."

Although the earth core world the relative world is simpler, but actually extremely heavy pledge, even if fire Demon King such rampant existence, heavy oath that also will not violate distribute. Listens to the words of fire spirit king, his nodded, but Fire Lotus king showing neither approval nor disapproval looks at the fire spirit king, waited for it to continue.

Fire spirit king continued: "After this war ended, finally advances has three people. But we are also three. The war of decision final result is inferior to this. "

Listens to the fire spirit king words, the Fire Lotus king to frown, fire Demon King is sends out a series of jie jie to smile strangely, "good, pressed you to say. Thus, can guarantee absolutely safe, how regardless to say, this final proxy founder must be the person of our earth core world."

The fire spirit king changes the Fire Lotus king, "did the Fire Lotus king, you say? Is related to the earth core world in the future. I hope that you can put aside prejudice temporarily." After Fire Lotus king ponder moment, finally nodded, "good, I also agreed."Said this simple five characters, her complexion was very ugly. In the heart sighed secretly, Eldest sister, hopes before you, said to me real. Otherwise, perhaps the aspect of earth core world is not we can control.

When they each other discussed that the fourth round first war had ended completely, Ji Dong offered a sacrifice to the element peeling demon territory, coordinated silver of demon territory own illusion. Has disintegrated staking everything on a single throw of the dice of fire spirit feudal lord thoroughly. When that fire spirit finger/refers explodes finally, the fire spirit feudal lord is the soul is damaged, falls from the sky in the place, temporarily lost the combat capability. But Ji Dong is the soul enormously is also shaken, has consumed the strength of soul massively, but his magic power basically also placed the working order. He also became first enters finally three strong participants.

Because fire spirit clan and relations of Fire Lotus clan each other cooperation, Ji Dong has not pursued that fire spirit feudal lord again, but is returns to we to fall to the ground. The Chen Sixuan tender small hand has first gripped his fiery big hand, rich pinnacle Second Wood magic power also appears along with the soul fusion, the most perfect dual supply blooms comprehensively.

Normal, the soul restores the speed compared with magic power restore speed slow many, may regarding Ji Dong, absolutely not have the worry in this aspect, in the soul fusion of Chen Sixuan , the strength of his soul even can compared with the fire spirit king, rely on the help of Chen Sixuan, the strength of his soul rapidly is restoring.

"Thank you, thinks of the fine jade."Ji Dong turned head to smile was saying one to Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan shaking the head of gently, concentrating on help/gang Ji Dong is restoring the strength of soul, in the meantime, she also quietly searches into that god knowledge the Ji Dong soul, is handling some Ji Dong not clear matter. The second ballot continues, even if Ji Dong does not know, in this moment, the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught to select the competion of grand ceremony to enter the safety strip. That ballot light ball ray refers, second round is that Saint level hot demon feudal lord and a core elder. Without a doubt, last was the red flame will be heavier to another injury the core elder.

This ballot is three remote antiquity supreme elders simultaneously is conducted, they carried on the safety strip everyone not to discover unitedly. If carefully looked, can discover, in the look of Fire Lotus king left light worry.

Regarding all of outside, Ji Dong many have not paid attention, because he is very clear, how regardless of the next round carries on, that also will be the most essential war. The match who regardless of face who is, will decide the final victory and defeat. Therefore, he whole-heartedly with the aid of the Chen Sixuan strength, was restored by oneself to as far as possible most in peak condition.

Successively several wars. Especially before , faces the tremendous pressure that the entire hot demon clan has created, making Ji Dong magic power progress subtly. Must know, his magic power only has Level 85, facing numerous 97, Level 8 matches, under so huge pressure, in addition periphery extremely rich Fire Element, even if thinks that does not progress is impossible. Ji Dong entirely believes that after this selection competition ended, own magic power will certainly promote to the Level 86 standard, goes a step further from Nine-Crown.

Did not have the suspense, the Saint level hot demon and red flame has defeated own match successively, with Ji Dong together, entered the final three strong finals.

Finally on the remaining three people, the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught the agent the founder to select the grand ceremony also to enter the most crucial time, Ji Dong was human, can intrude fights a decisive battle finally made one shock, luckily, what another two entered the finals was in numerous earth core powerhouses hearts the favored hot demon clan and Fire Lotus clan representative. Hot demon clan or the Fire Lotus clan, the troop crowding around, the hot demon clan had the inside story rich superiority, Two Great Sovereign Kings had once controlled the entire earth core world, hot demon clan oneself was that formidable, in the earth core race, over one-third were the death of hot demon clan is at least loyal. However, from the quantity of supporter, gets the winning side instead is the Fire Lotus clan. After all, Lie Yan (raging flames) is the entire earth core world recent ruler. Moreover, Lie Yan (raging flames) ruled the earth core powerhouses not to be different from before, with her effort, the earth core world entered the unprecedented peace time interval, only this point, made her earn the support of massive race, the especially those strength was relatively small and weak race. Existence that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, making the space that they survived not know in a big way many compared with before. The Fire Lotus clan takes the Lie Yan (raging flames) clansman, the natural supporter are innumerable.

Regarding the earth core powerhouses, Ji Dong is mysterious existence, his appearance, made the entire earth core world shock. Human arrives at earth core 15 th, although before and had, but so flagrant appearance like Ji Dong, but also participated in the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach the agent the founder to select is unprecedented. At first when his human status was exposed, the ideas of almost all earth core powerhouses are, this human does not know how really the dead characters write! Clearly is brings death.

However, along with continuing of trials, Fu Rui and gold/metal, Ji Dong, showed to make the strength that one gasped in admiration particularly successively, their magic power superiority, or completely have not been freely inferior slightly, but they relied on various unusual skills that own was having to go forward incessantly, on one round, the representatives of Ji Dong even/including Huoling clan have even routed. Regarding his view, the earth core powerhouses presented the transformation of certain extent. No one knows, this young people will also take to their what kind of miracles. Ji Dong that matter thick mysterious air, made many earth core powerhouse getting a light from another light demon clan and Fire Lotus clan whether to obtain the final victory to produce for several points to suspect. At present since this human youth can defeat the representative of fire spirit clan, who can say that he can't defeat the red flame and that Saint level hot demon?

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Chapter 553: The way of finally fighting, plot?

Therefore, regarding the following decisive battle. Each earth core powerhouse very hopes. They have not noted, gathered with the people who Ji Dong comes together at one at this time.

What magic power consumption of Thunder Emperor Fu Rui is thoroughest, even if relying on thunder Yushen the axe, the degree that he can restore is also very low, particularly he in five elements, the partners does not want to help him restore magic power unable to achieve. But gold/metal is injured heavily, but in the pinnacle double water as well as under the pinnacle pair of wood four heavenly stems disciples' joint treatments, is relying on powerful of Saint level body and spirit, she sobered from the stupor, at an exceptional pace is also recovering. But before she facing the Saint level hot demon what chooses is fights hand-to- hand, magic power also surplus about 40% appearances. Lan Bao'er assistance whole-heartedly she, is replying some magic power again.

Ji Dong is not , the command jurisdiction soldier of heavenly stems disciple fell on the secret, at this time, their positions completely were the five elements Yin-Yang lineups. Ji Dong in has not related, do not forget that two have consumed certain magic power, element body that actually still has. They with the heavenly stems disciples in the same place, momentarily can release under the magic power arrange/cloth five elements Yin-Yang. What is more important, has their existences, under the control of Ji Dong. The ten departments complete heavenly stems disciples momentarily can release transmission law. To transmit to the surface world from here is very certainly difficult, the distance is so far, must be able to transmit after the long-term localization. However, already considered regarding these Ji Dong. They before arriving at this 15 th, has also established same unlimited positional transmission method on 14 th, from 15 th to 14 th, so near distance, so long as lets the heavenly stems disciples the five elements Yin-Yang release, for they strive for short several seconds, they can complete the transmission.

The escape route has prepared, if Ji Dong cannot obtain wins finally, then, even if the hot demon clan launches an attack immediately, they can also flee by transmission law. But Ji Dong and communication of Fire Lotus clan head of the clan fierce flame, the Fire Lotus clan as far as possible will also help them the time that wins to leave. Some these guarantees, formerly people have been able to participate in this agent founder to select the celebration without scruple. The preservation of two element bodies also stem from the consideration of escape route. It can be said that foolproof plan. Naturally, even if no help of Fire Lotus clan, is relying on five elements Yin-Yang of heavenly stems disciples, even if the Saint level powerhouse, is a short time impossible to penetrate.

"The fourth round selection ended, last round, only remaining your three." The fire spirit king Yansu voice resounds, in the meantime, the vision of all earth core powerhouses also centralized in finally remaining Ji Dong, red flame and on Saint level hot demon.

"Last round, if also deferred to formerly forms of combat, then, in your three people. Definitely must have one person to draw a bye. Arrived this situation, if has drawing a bye again, obviously is unfair. Therefore, I after two remote antiquity supreme elders discussed decided, this last round, making and other simultaneously launch the fight. And synthesis judgment your strengths."

Ji Dong static standing there, but the strength of his soul actually early quietly spread in all around, although that Saint level hot demon the strength of soul has also reached the Saint level, but just just entered this level, but also compared with insufficient and Ji Dong, therefore, Ji Dong this slight survey it is unable to discover. Ji Dong is feeling red flame and that Saint level hot demon mood changes. When fire spirit king said these words, the mood that this Saint level hot demon revealed was vacant, obviously, he does not know that last war will be held in what kind of form. The situation of red flame is similar to that Saint level hot demon difference, through this observation, Ji Dong can draw the conclusion. The forms of combat of this war truly such as the fire spirit king said last, is their three remote antiquity supreme elders discussed temporarily, decided.

If in the world, has the so important competition, the station forms of combat obviously are most impossible so rashly to decide. But here is the earth core world, three remote antiquity supreme elders have the absolute authority here. The decision that they make together no one is possible to doubt. Ji Dong relaxed secretly, in the heart mused, since is three remote antiquity supreme elders jointly decided that fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king is one group, this finals way most at least not to oneself harmful is right. However, where he knows, because have routed the representative of fire spirit clan, making in fire spirit king heart have the restless thought that thus changed the cooperation of both sides temporarily. Regardless of how others have dirty, after all is the earth core lifeform, but this human is an outcomer. The Fire Lotus king naturally is unable to inform Ji Dong at this time, fire spirit king the strength of soul is formidable, once she acts rashly, will cause the doubts of fire spirit king surely, such one, the situation will be only more awful. Even will advance the fire Demon King that side on the manner ambiguous fire spirit king. The fire spirit clan can stand erect throughout not but actually, is closely related with their smooth attitudes.

Fire spirit king vision has swept from the final three participants, Ji Dong can feel obviously, its vision is longest in the time on oneself staying, fire spirit king solemnly said: "Finally this round, because of the relations of population, we must achieve as far as possible fairly. Our three remote antiquity supreme elders jointly decided, by our three, carries on the strength evaluation to you. In other words, our three remote antiquity supreme elders will face your three participants separately, starts a contest of strength with you. During this contest, the time that anyone of you can insist is longer, the strength that shows is stronger, that. Who becomes final victor." "?"Such remarks, earth core powerhouses in an uproar, do three big supreme elders want to get rid? This is they cannot think that Ji Dong, the red flame and that Saint level hot demon also somewhat dull, what this did call to compete? Did not say three remote antiquity supreme elders unable participating? How to turn into the examination official.

The formidable soul frightened to appear in this earth core world 15 th instantaneously, in fire spirit king Yan the power and influence four shot, "? Who dares to question we three joint decisions?"

In the earth core world, the strength is all source, is relying on the formidable soul oppression strength as well as carries out their collective decisions, immediately made the disturbance vanish, excited earth core powerhouses one by one that formerly added kept silent the Ruohan cicada, who dares to offend these three remote antiquity supreme elders! Behind them, is three big strong clans. If offended them, from the earth core world written off perhaps is the entire race.

The vision of fire spirit king returns to the Ji Dong three final participants on, lightly said: "Since nobody opposed that such decided. However, because in the final three participants, two from our three big strong clans, our three will not resist with oneself consanguinity to be fair. Therefore, we considered, decided. Is confronted Fire Lotus clan participant by me, is confronted the hot demon clan participant by Fire Lotus king to come, fire Demon King confronts this to come participating human from the outside world."

If formerly Ji Dong also some dumbstruck. After fire spirit king said the final confrontation situation, he awakens immediately. If there is changed others, at this time definitely meets a face surprise looks to the Fire Lotus king, but, Ji Dong such has not actually done, but lowered the head slowly, is concealing own look. eyes is the window of soul, by cultivation base of fire spirit king, even if he conceals again good, so long as makes the opposite party see fluctuation in own look, the fire spirit king also surely can from judged the lots.

Ji Dong will certainly not make the opposite party know own mood. When fire spirit king announced the confrontation, particularly when he heard fire spirit king finally emphasized his human status, in his heart already like bright mirror. Very obviously, fire spirit king Yinwei human status issue, achieved consistently with fire Demon King, will therefore have finally this strange finals way. This is almost a dead end! From the strength, the red flame and that Saint level hot demon have displayed the extremely tyrannical ability, cultivation base above oneself, if confronts them, oneself are relying on various special capabilities, the opportunity that also wrestles furiously. However, the decisive battle changed into at present this shape, oneself are going to face, is extremely curious to own status and skill, has filled hostility fire Demon King. Fire Demon King already looked that he is not pleasing to the eyes, the news that in addition Fire Lotus king Nali obtains, this fire Demon King strength has been the Saint level high rank degree, quite ancestor such existence in Land Dragon, in this earth core world, it absolutely be more fearful than ancestor of the irremovable Land Dragon. Facing such match, moreover in the situation of surely whole-heartedly to oneself attacking, do oneself probably achieve the final success? Can live is coming back is issue.

Meanwhile, Ji Dong has also seen through another idea of fire spirit king, from his confrontation arrangement, Ji Dong understands, actually this fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king one group. But he conceals is very good. Although fire Demon King is powerful, but in the scheme, he and Fire Lotus king is actually not the match of this fire spirit king.

Last trick of war confrontation way were too many, according to the fire spirit king's design, fire Demon King definitely will strike to kill with the quickest speed, thus avoided human being in charge of the possibility that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught. But that side the Fire Lotus king, the match is the Saint level hot demon, she also launch offensive whole- heartedly, that ten meters hot demon just will enter without a doubt the Saint level, naturally possibly is not the match of Fire Lotus king. As for his fire spirit king, that was simple. So long as puts to turn on the water casually, lets the red flame multi- support some time, then, the result of this fight has been doomed, final victor according to fire spirit king's design, is not Ji Dong this human, is not that ambitious hot demon clan, but sums up as before on the Fire Lotus clan. As the matter stands, it can be said that kills several birds with one stone. Fire Lotus king Lieyan naturally cannot have the objection, a beforehand barrier also naturally can vanish. Own goal has also been achieved, common suppressed hot demon clan, but on keenest struggle is the Fire Lotus clan, but is not own fire spirit clan. Has Empress Lie Yan your majesty main family race top/withstand in front, the supporter naturally will be also more, looks like in the fire spirit king, this arrangement can describe with the perfect two characters. Naturally, it will not disclose through the soul fluctuation the idea of oneself innermost feelings, all extremely good of hideaway.

What a pity, the fire spirit king faces, not only these innermost feelings pure earth core world powerhouses, also Ji Dong this come from the human of outside world, after the simple analysis, guessed correctly 80% regarding plan Ji Dong of fire spirit king old fox. He also has to acknowledge, this is an extremely good arrangement. Finally is almost irreversible. However, has the matter fire spirit king not to know that has been relying on the Lie Yan (raging flames) lover's status, had the Fire Lotus king's support. Although the surface seems, this point was unable to change the present present situation, own match is fire Demon King, but is not the Fire Lotus king, may under this variable, all become has the possibility. Although fire Demon King is formidable, it also surely is the Two Great Sovereign Kings descendant, although he stronger the going too far spirit king and Fire Lotus king, but Ji Dong is also most familiar with his ability. How long this fights him to insist, he does not know, can only try to spell.

Actually, in earth core world these three big remote antiquity supreme elders, Ji Dong most feared the one who faces is the Fire Lotus king, although the fierce flame is the Lie Yan (raging flames) clansman, but, Ji Dong not most familiar is also their forms of combat, displayed the ability that he to feel that unusual fight pattern from formerly the red flame clearly, gets a light from another light Demon King, in his instead heart has certain confidence.

"When Ji Dong, Ji Dong......" the summon sound of partners awakens from the thinking Ji Dong, turns head to the partners look, sees only on everybody face to reveal the anxious look. Moreover each of them's magic power has raised to gather, so long as Ji Dong had indicated, immediately can display five elements Yin-Yang and unlimited positional transmission method.

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, simultaneously gets hold of the right fist before own chest, has given a partners incomparably firm look, although he has not said anything, but expressed own confidence, was more like tells the heavenly stems disciples: Believes me.

"We must believe Ji Dong, he can certainly go through the difficulty successfully."Chen Sixuan said in a low voice.

The heavenly stems disciples are astonished looks to her, must know, she and Ji Dong relations are closest, have continuously and Ji Dong have the relations of not talking clearly, although Ji Dong never acknowledged that but everybody had already regarded as the Ji Dong woman her. Properly speaking, she should most be worried about the Ji Dong safety, but at this time her actually as if worry. Made the people very strange.

gold/metal knows that Chen Sixuan status, here is the earth core world, including this Empress Lie Yan said that Ji Dong will not have the matter, that naturally will not have the matter, immediately immediately nodded, said: "Right, we must believe Ji Dong. Are the miracle that could it be he creates few? Although the opposite party is the Saint level powerhouse, but he also has with the full experience that the Saint level powerhouse fights. He can be good."

Continues to bless everybody Mid-Autumn Festival joyful, wishes coming true. Asked the recommendation ticket.

Chapter 554: Agent founder selection final war

gold/metal and Chen Sixuan said. Fu Rui remained silent, clouds that secret was the ponder does not speak, besides Ji Dong, was they four rights to speak is heaviest, they have not said anything again, other people naturally will again not oppose.

At this time, Ji Dong had turned around, raised the head, vision tranquil in three remote antiquity supreme elders facing the sky, he even saw fire Demon King to the appearance that oneself grin fiendishly.

Actually, fire Demon King is not a fool, otherwise, he was impossible to lead the hot demon clan resurgence, reason that he was hoodwinked by the fire spirit king, was really the Yin-Yang that because formerly Ji Dong showed fused magic skill to be too big to his touching. Therefore, he eagerly understood why Ji Dong can have the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, and melts them is a furnace. Fire Demon King has not looked at the plot of getting angry spirit king, rather his simply does not care. If makes him obtain the mystery of Two Great Sovereign Kings skill fusion, then, the strength of entire hot demon clan increases the geometrical multiple. Arrived that time, any agent founder. What fire spirit clan and Fire Lotus clan, but can also getting a light from another light demon clan pose the threat?

Therefore, regarding with Ji Dong the war, it was impatient. He has not wanted to kill Ji Dong, living the Ji Dong ratio died Ji Dong is more valuable to him. As everyone knows, at this time some people happily have smiled in the heart, the person of this self-satisfied smile, is Chen Sixuan. Only then she, knows the result that this fights finally will be anything. Moreover is the completely affirmative answer.

Fire spirit king Jian Ji Dong as if very tranquil accepted own competition way, in the heart has sneered secretly, small human also wants to strive for the control that my Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught, simply was dream of a fool, immediately, his lightly said: "Before your three underwent several field battles, to fair of war, give you last half double-hour the relaxation time, after half double-hour, the finals start."

The Saint level hot demon and red flame return to side own clansman respectively, sits cross-legged to sit down directly, in Fire Element through absorption air as well as controls one's breathing own magic power to restore.

Even if Saint level hot demon such cultivation base, after experiencing several wars is the consumption are also many. Especially fights hand-to- hand with gold/metal that war. gold/metal is relying on the powerful body of Saint level body and spirit and dragon clan, has left behind many wounds. Although relies on Pinnacle Two Fires to protect the body, the wound that it receives wants gold/metal to be lighter, but it is actually inferior to gold/metal by the reply ability of body. Happen to taking this opportunity as far as possible restores some own strengths. Then, he must face is the Fire Lotus king, this absolutely is a tough battle.

Ji Dong also similarly returned to front of the partners, the vision of people also throws to him. What mostly dispatches is the vision of question, Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Carried on as scheduled."Spoke these words, he sits cross-legged to sit in front of the partners, sat cross-legged to enter the cultivation condition.

Do not think in the battlefield cultivates this matter to be unrecommendable, the polarity, in the world, Mages almost recognizes, if possible, the cultivation in the battlefield enhances the cultivation base best shortcut. Because, the comprehension in urgency as well as the actual combat in battlefield can obtain the digestion of quickest speed, the effect naturally is also best. Naturally, cultivates in the battlefield is also very dangerous, not only came from the enemy , came from oneself. Because the

 mood unstable as well as tight atmosphere, is very easy to cause Mage to overstate in the cultivation process, naturally, this situation is not possible on Ji Dong, by he that tyrannical soul, grasps to own mentality sufficiently completely, in addition existence of Chaos Fire. To overstate is impossible.

Closed both eyes, Ji Dong had forgotten by oneself all of outside, any plot and dispute as if did not have any to relate with him in this moment. He knows, then this war, is he will be most difficult since birth is also the most dangerous war. Also must surpass initially faced forest clear and a forest rock pile husband and wife. His goal does not defeat fire Demon King, but succeeds under fire Demon King that Saint level high rank cultivation base lives, so long as can live, for him, is a victory.

The advantage of strength of formidable soul in cultivation appears without doubt, Ji Dong recuperation own magic power, while diverts attention two to use, starts to comb oneself all abilities. This cultivation way he more than once has carried on, ingenious the skill coordination in the actual combat can say that is first has previewed through this cultivation way in his brain, because of so, him can in the fight the incisiveness of own strength display.

Soon the surface will get a light from another light Demon King, he already, only has whole-heartedly, displays all abilities that has nothing to hide again, has to save the life the possibility.

The brain of Ji Dong revolves rapidly, starts to comb from the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, is the skill of Martial Ancestor cloudy morning sun instruction, Third Fire Divine Beast Vermilion Bird and Fourth Fire Divine Beast Teng Snake inheritance gives his ability. Then is Chaos Fire, extinguishes god to strike, the demon territory, waits for a series of skill attention to perform in his mind. The surface gets a light from another light Demon King, in his heart will not exist any luckily, formerly the match is unable to lock this matter, is obviously impossible to repeat on fire Demon King. First did not say the fire Demon King soul intensity is not weak in him, only the Saint level powerhouse unique range locking, is not he can work loose by the strength of soul. Ancestor and dragon Huang Ji Dong and Land Dragon, had carried on the innumerable actual combat. At that time, most made is range locking of Saint level powerhouse he had a headache. In other words, the Saint level powerhouse wants to lock you, then, is not sole locking, where even cannot see you, the range that so long as he releases can cover you, you completely will be locked, the possibility of again not being separated from. Therefore, fights with the Saint level powerhouse, must put out spirit extremely, completely front impact, through positive/direct fight skill, as far as possible socializes with the opposite party.

Can Ji Dong achieve these? He does not know, he is very clear, opportunity that in any event, oneself have not been defeated. The failure, means dead. The choice continues to keep the fight, but does not run away, is Ji Dong gives own confidence, is he to own test. If cannot the whole body draw back before fire Demon King this Saint level senior match, he is going to face the Saint level peak the dark secret. Moreover is dark secret that four species have, possibility that he has not won.

Ji Dong will never have a swelled head, he has not thought can in promote in five years to with the dark secret same Saint level, even including cultivating Nine-Crown he had not expected. After all, he this year is only twenty years old! In human history, but also never has below 30 years old to cultivate the Nine-Crown example. Their heavenly stems disciple is advantageous, but historically, never has the heavenly stems disciple to break through the Nine-Crown situation to appear before 30 years old, even before linking 40 years old , breaks through Nine-Crown is extremely rare.

Therefore, Ji Dong in unceasing cultivation and actual combat process, how can pass the unceasing actual combat. Conforms with as far as possible in all abilities together, displayed the biggest ability to place the first place. Especially in the ancestor of Land Dragon has soaked his body after the essence bloodlines, the Ji Dong confidence was also fuller. Right, his magic power is not good, but, he has the body of soul and Saint level of Saint level now. Believing that by these two points, in addition Pinnacle Two Fires, Chaos Fire and five elements method and three big demon territories, Ji Dong strengthened, oneself most at least can have strength of the spelling with the initial rank Saint level powerhouse. Now he must confirm synthesizes the complete strength, can have in front of the Saint level senior powerhouse the whole body in the ability that draws back. No one knows, this time Ji Dong, in heart, not only does not have the slightest bit to fear, instead has filled excitedly. The challenge and huge pressure that fire Demon King brings, made his bloodlines seethe with excitement completely, this is the test of life and death, but also similarly is he cultivates on the path the rare catalyst.

The free time of half double-hour on the past, has not needed hot spirit king to remind quickly, Ji Dong, red flame and Saint level hot demon feudal lord has opened eyes almost at the same time. Arrived their such cultivation base, in the judgment regarding time is as wonderful as the summit, will not make any mistake.

The trials three simultaneously open eyes, has simultaneously stood, their vision airborne each other collided again, the next moment, soars, relies on the respective different ability to fly into airborne.

All the earth core powerhouses of observing, the heavenly stems disciple, has all lifted the head. Three fly into along with Ji Dong airborne, that originally in the sky gathers when three remote antiquity supreme elders did not know separate, three positions in sky, assumes the potential of corner separately, is isolating by far. They over 500 meters upper air, each other great distance distance have exceeded three meters at this time.

Each earth core powerhouse of observing also similarly is extremely excited, such scene, even if in the earth core world is also rare. Three remote antiquity supreme elders also get rid, in historical is it can be said that unprecedented, even if these core elders who the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches , few appearance that sees remote antiquity supreme elder Saint level powerhouse to get rid.

The atmosphere in air instantaneously becomes excited. The earth core powerhouses turn very quiet, looking at steadily are gazing at the sky, lest has left out some splendid picture. Ji Dong gets a light from another light Demon King, red flame getting a light from another light spirit king, Saint level hot demon to the Fire Lotus king. Three groups of confrontations have formed at this time separately. Each other among matches, distance of gap about several hundred meters.

This time Ji Dong, in eye, although has not emitted to represent the silver ray of strength of soul, but penetrates the mask also to see his incomparably clear vision. In diving posture, but that moment, he heart not has gotten off one's main subject, throws actually all distracting thoughts, will not go to observe the situation that other two sides fight through the induction of strength of soul. At this moment, in his heart, only then front fire Demon King this match. The vigor is promotes in peak condition.

The fire Demon King float there, in top of the head is burning the dual- color flame imperial crown is sending out the radiant brilliance unceasingly, is gazing at Ji Dong, its black and in golden eyes, reveal is the intense excited colors. Many years, the biggest problem of puzzle fire demon clan, likely will have been solved from this human youth. Once has solved this problem, looked like opened hot demon clan seal to be ordinary, to that time, in this earth core world also who with fighting?

Fire Demon King actually somewhat cannot repress the excited sound to resound in the Ji Dong soul gloomy: "Human boy, can officially become my match, falls from the sky in my hand, you have not come earth core world one white/in vain. Do not have any lucky idea. Before me, your extension will not have. I will not kill you, will only make you lose the ability of revolt, why do you know?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Nothing but to closely examine my Two Great Sovereign Kings skill came from where, naturally, to you, what is more important is how I can be at the mystery of Two Great Sovereign Kings skill fusion."

Fire Demon King coldly said: "Since you is a smart person, that do not make me waste the time. If after you do not want to make me you discard, press for an answer these again, surrenders in my hot demon clan as early as possible. Looked that is also Yin-Yang two fires also has in you, meets my clan skill in the share, I can make you join my hot demon clan."

"Oh?"Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks to catch fire Demon King, has not thought, this will seem very cruel fellow will even propose such condition to oneself, must know, from the strength, fire Demon King should think can easily defeat itself to be right. Is this why?

Fire Demon King solemnly said: "You are very certainly strange, why I will invite you to join the hot demon clan. I can tell you directly. The reason is very simple, because I have the sincerity to cooperate with you. From you performance in trials, you had the qualifications a moment ago becomes of my hot demon clan. My hot demon clan only receives powerhouse. Moreover, I do not fear to tell you, the way of that Yin-Yang two fires fusion, I win, if you can teach this method to my hot demon clan each clansman, then, I can make you have the unprecedented influence. Even can make you self- , the hot demon clan second right to speak."

Listens to catch fire the Demon King words, Ji Dong thoughts revolve, he understood gradually meaning of this fire Demon King, he has the assurance to defeat itself, but has not grasped to press for an answer that Yin-Yang two fires fusion way completely. Thus it can be seen he and attaches great importance to win of Yin-Yang two fires fusion. Yes! This fellow double fire fusion, cultivation base will not have been the Saint level high rank degree, if makes him fuse successfully Yin-Yang two fires will be what kind of? The Saint level peak naturally is without a doubt . Moreover, is very possible he to become after Lie Yan (raging flames), second Divine level of earth core world! to become God, this is the how huge enticement, particularly regarding fire Demon King this already extremely close powerhouse.

Yesterday, south of the Yangtze River sent short note to me, blessing Mid-Autumn Festival joyful, said: What is brothers? The brothers are 50 years later you lie on the bed, I asked that you don't drink water? Do you shake the head, eat the fruit not? You shake the head. I asked again: Looks for a little girl to you? You open eyes, to dodge tears: Brother, holds me to get up, tries, wishing Mid-Autumn Festival joyful. I am thinking, each book friend is my brother sisters, if 50 years later everyone brings one to try to me, this good, Haha.

Quickly votes, 50 years of voting later will deliver the little girl to me.

Chapter 555: Ji Dong VS fire Demon King

Thinks of here, the doubts in Ji Dong heart also relieved. He has not rejected fire Demon King directly, gives a calm smile, said: "To make me submit to you, you must first defeat me to be good. Let me have a look, you have any qualifications to make me submit to you."

The Fire Lotus kings who even if is a little in the cooperation with Ji Dong do not know, actually, from the bone, Ji Dong does not have the malice regarding the hot demon clan. The polarity, extremely has the interest like fire Demon King to him, his getting a light from another light demon clan also has special warm feelings. How regardless to say, his cultivation base starts from the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill. After Lie Yan (raging flames) gives him that two brand marks, he became the Two Great Sovereign Kings successor, continually promotes along with cultivation base, the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill blooms gradually the formidable strength, making Ji Dong have the extremely strong interest to two big powerhouses who this once ruled the earth core world. He remains to decide that at fire Demon King this war, to confirm oneself Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, obtains many inspirations from fire Demon King?

Fire Demon King sees the Ji Dong words as if to become less crowded, in the heart secretly rejoices, in the surface, he will certainly not make Ji Dong see anything, "is very good. I will make you know whether I have the qualifications to make you submit . The human boy, you must be careful." In this time, the voice of fire spirit king has been spreading over entire earth core world 15 th, "the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the agent the founder to select the celebration to fight finally, starts." His shouted that without doubt is telling the powerhouses of earth core world, our war is last fair, together starts. Stops up with this way as far as possible leisurely.

The fights in three aspects almost launch at the same time, the fire spirit king, the tyrannical soul fluctuation erupts instantaneously, airborne can see clearly red silver dual-color is complicated the same place ray all of a sudden covers the body and red flame of its energy shape. As for is having anything, that did not have anybody to know, was relying on Saint level high rank soul cultivation base, fire Demon King and Fire Lotus kings cannot investigate situation. But in surface, it felt to person whole- heartedly, characteristics that forms of combat originally that after all, strength of this taking energetic demon territory and soul for main strength is the fire spirit clan.

But another side, the fight between Fire Lotus kings and that Saint level hot demons was the real swords and spears. Ten meters high Saint level hot demon promotes the limit own magic power suddenly, the double fist simultaneously wields, first gets rid, distant goes toward Fire Lotus king bombardment.

But Fire Lotus king Lieyan is also the beautiful pupil contains the ghost, during the tender body twinkles, changed into the innumerable illusory light shadow to cut into quietly, launched the suppression and attack all-around. magic power of Saint level middle rank is outspoken blooms. Makes the hot demon clan powerhouses who these observe worry for their compatriots.

But Ji Dong and fire Demon King also synchronously launched the fight, the fire Demon King right hand has lifted, the big hand wielded, has grasped directly toward Ji Dong.

Coped with that notifying hot owlet feudal lord like before, the fire Demon King giant palm rose suddenly against the wind. Expanded the diameter to exceed hundred meters degree in a flash, wicked grasping to Ji Dong. Ji Dong only thought that the surrounding air coagulates completely, own body had been locked by the fire Demon King region instantaneously, is impossible to rely on the strength of soul to run away. But in that giant palm, fills huge magic power that one type was making him not have to resist. But tyrannical oppression.

Skill Ji Dong of this palm enlargement capture, he does not know whether this is the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill. But currently speaking, in the entire hot demon clan, perhaps also only then fire Demon King can use such skill. Formerly during all fights, that cultivation base was next to the fire Demon King Saint level hot demon has not used the palm of this Djinn.

Fire Demon King actual combat experience is rich, comes up, it is the strength of soul full, suppresses Ji Dong comprehensively, in the meantime, the superiority of palm of that Djinn on magic power fully shows him, is bullies your magic power to be insufficient, must oppress Ji Dong to obey by this way forcefully.

But if, Ji Dong so easily was routed, he will not participate in this fighting. Saint level high rank terrifying magic power truly had the huge influence to him, the surrounding air looked like the entity is common, immobilized his body unable to move.

But at this time, Ji Dong own potential completely has also displayed. The air did not turn into the essence, such being the case, I treat as the match the air.

Ji Dong both hands leave, left hand to become claw, right hand to become fist, Dark Moon Claw three times coordinates the fierce positive three double hit to attack by force successively, the goal is not a match, but was that coagulates the air of his body.

Jet black pinnacle Yin Fire, dazzling pinnacle Yang Fire, six heavy incantations kill to have the enchanting brilliance, erupts instantaneously in front of Ji Dong. Ji Dong every strikes, contains is extinguishing the deep meaning that the god strikes, the energy that the envy coagulates stiffly infiltrates in that entity air. Yin Fire and Yang Fire blend mutually, extinguish the might that the god strikes to erupt again thoroughly. Terrifying magic power, almost promoted the unequalled degree in flash.

The bang, five thunder almost gathers for the single layer, before the Ji Dong controlling force early is not, can compare, these six heavy incantations kill are almost centralized after together fully erupt.

Extinguishes the god to strike sixth heavily, magic power of six times of condensation, the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill, the perfect integration of Yin-Yang two fires, shows comprehensively the forms of defensive action that Ji Dong most excels. With least magic power, has the most intrepid attack effect. In the unequalled formidable bellow, the comprehensive eruption of gold and black dual-color magic power, making the air tear, that formidable impulse, even made the palm of fire Demon King following Djinn be swung forcefully, the Ji Dong back pair of wings launched, did not draw back instead enters. Toward catching fire the Demon King main body threw.

"Eh"fire Demon King lightly exclaimed, although Ji Dong showed the formidable strength in the former trials, but looked like in it, Ji Dong that small and weak magic power, how also possibly was own match. To use this most direct magic power suppression way his uniform, then slowly surrenders. But, he has not actually thought that not only own magic power suppressed blasted out, by Ji Dong is swung including the palm of Djinn that withstood the test. The attack that this human boy launches like lightning, its might must compare favorably with high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill unexpectedly. This is how possible, magic power that he releases how is not formidable! Why can produce such results?

As everyone knows, why this is Ji Dong can jump the ranks the Assassin's maces of challenge numerous powerhouse. Extinguishes the god to strike, is he most advantageous weapon. magic power of when six times of compressions, itself erupts can have the extremely terrifying strength, let alone is six heavy attacks folds puts together, complementing one another of also Pinnacle Two Fires Yin-Yang fusion. The shortcoming that six heavy incantations kill is very obvious, needing close combat can achieve the effect, but, no one is able to deny its formidable incomparable attack capability. Relies on six heavy incantations to kill to the direct bombardment of air, making all striking power centralized erupt at 1 : 00, Ji Dong can work loose to get angry the comprehensive suppression of Demon King.

Saw that Ji Dong to/clashes unexpectedly in own direction, fire Demon King that was accelerated by parry the palm of Djinn suddenly, is similar to pats on the side of the fly. Pats toward the body of Ji Dong. His that huge body floats as in same place in motionless.

The huge pressure appears again, the surrounding air started to coagulate. This Ji Dong may not have to wait for again, before originally , the body of flushing changes the direction suddenly, sinks suddenly, falls instantaneously toward under. As if not dare to touch with the palm of that Djinn hardly, wants thorough shunt.

Fire Demon King corners of the mouth place reveals a light smiling face, the boy, wants to contend with me, your also difference far. After spreading out, your result also can only be devastated to defeat.

In the fire Demon King heart self-satisfied, the preparation controls the palm of own Djinn well Ji Dong plays with above the stock palm the time. Suddenly. He thought that on oneself one tight, saw, Ji Dong that originally is dropping rapidly, flies up at angle suddenly, flushed in own direction once more. But this time, his speed is not formerly can compare by far, was similar to initiated the sprint really like lightning.

The Ji Dong speed was too fast, at this moment, he oneself double fire hovering law, Teng Snake flashes, the Saint level body and spirit, the pair of wings, all can increase the speed the ability to stimulate to movement the limit. In such speed of flash, he even can compare favorably with the thermal power mouse king.

The palm of Djinn airborne drops is bringing huge magic power, on fire Demon King one tight, he subconsciously has made the response, the palm of Djinn turned, the middle finger and thumb buckle, springs toward the Ji Dong road which must be taken, the grating wailing sound crosswise runs out along with the rich golden light together, the fire Demon King actual combat experience is vicious, he naturally could see, Ji Dong wants to approach own body to have any special goal to exist surely. Does not make him prevail.

Saw, although the body of Ji Dong has evaded the palm of Djinn, actually must be blocked by this golden light, but, this golden light suddenly from the sky has actually stopped the flash.

Regarding Ji Dong, the flash was enough, the golden light flushed truly at the appointed time, happen to behind passed over gently and swiftly from him, but this time Ji Dong, before truly arrived at the fire Demon King body.

Without a doubt, can suddenly change direction of advance also to accelerate, naturally is extinguishes the god to direct, but is Ji Dong has made that flash naturally extinguishes the god wall. Extinguishes the god to strike the derivation skill regarding these two, Ji Dong has had at one's command, even if the surface gets a light from another light Demon King such powerhouse. Also can give itself to create this short opportunity.

Was flushed really by Ji Dong, fire Demon King surprised, but this did not express anything, the palm of airborne Djinn turned back in order to help friendly forces already without enough time, in airborne diverged voluntarily, but right hand uphold of fire Demon King naturally, the index finger stretched out, in airborne imaginary point five, five golden light almost did not divide electricity successively to shoot, locks direction that Ji Dong all has been able to dodge, that impressively was five colorful male cones! Colorful male cone that is released by fire Demon King, although Certain Kill Skill, but its might, has not distinguished with primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill anything. One emits five, perhaps also only then its this Saint level senior powerhouse can so spend freely. Moreover its goal is just for the opportunity to let Ji Dong not having dodged. Dodging of any direction, can collide in at least one colorful male cone together, let alone, these five colorful male cones in airborne unceasingly are also transforming the direction, looks like the back guy puppet is ordinary, was being controlled by fire Demon King. Very powerful big strength and controlling force. Ji Dong self-examines, on soul cultivation base, is not weak in present fire Demon King, but, he does not have opposite party that formidable magic power to take the backing, therefore, in the magic power control, cannot eventually compared with fire Demon King. By his strength, can certainly try to break a colorful male cone, is, he is very clear, once bump into with the first colorful male cone, among the moment, another four also will hit on oneself. The actual combat experience of fire Demon King was too rich, from commencing of action now, he has been relying on is surpassing own magic power to fight. In fact, fire Demon King simply has not used fully, this clearly wants to have a look, some oneself actually many abilities.

Good, I make you have a look.

Ji Dong while seeing that five colorful male cone, his both eyes have shone, the next moment, the space under his body suddenly splits, a huge form does not have reappearing of sound, carrying/sustaining body of Ji Dong. The black and white dual-color male body shock, the strange brilliance flashes before suddenly suddenly. the next moment, this huge body was bringing Ji Dong, plunders from five colorful male cones, both sides simply have not had any collision. But Ji Dong and fire Demon King distance is near at hand.

Right, this sudden, Ji Dong has been hiding fifty Saint Fire Dragon, bestowed on the skill to pass through by it on that day, brought Ji Dong to pass through the blockades of five colorful male cones actually forcefully. Must know, fifty Saint Fire Dragon this talent skill once even/including Longhuang the demon territory had passed through, let alone is just five blockade position actually non- spaces colorful male cones?

That moment that fifty Saint Fire Dragon presents, fire Demon King has shocked, shares the same roots the aura that he to feel from fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Ji Dong, this clearly is the Ji Dong mount. Damn, oneself can forget, after human Mage achieves one line of cultivation base, can have oneself mount?

However, in the battlefield has not allowed him to think, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has suppressed such a long time, finally can invest into the fight during whole-heartedly, how also to show mercy. Huge body suddenly one side, incomparably majestic Dragon's Tail toward catching fire Demon King, when the chest has pulled out.

The fire Demon King body has 12 meters high, but the fifty Saint Fire Dragon height early has actually exceeded 20 meters, is more majestic than it, this fifty tail hammer, making it show completely the body of that Saint level intensity. The Dragon's Tail place visited, in the air presented grating neighing, seemed torn generally.

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Chapter 556: Do you dare to believe?

Although fire Demon King is proud. But facing the body collision of this Saint level intensity, he does not dare to be extremely negligent. The right hand wields, already racket to the tail of fifty Saint Fire Dragon. But this time Ji Dong, actually jumped from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is just like the fifty tail hammer backwardness flash, similarly the attack direction is also the fire Demon King chest front.

The coordination, the coordination between person and dragon in this moment is as wonderful as the summit. Must suppress him like fire Demon King by far ultra Ji Dong magic power. Where Ji Dong is also very clear own superiority. The strength of soul does not have the fusion of Chen Sixuan, definitely is unable to pose the threat to the opposite party. Then, his closest fire Demon King, naturally was the body of Saint level. Although is the body intensity of Saint level initial rank level, but also is the Saint level! Total that Eight-Crown cultivation base magic power and others Saint level high rank magic power disparity wants small many. Therefore, he in formerly, it can be said that exhausted the method , before must be close to the fire Demon King body. gold/metal has done matter, he must carry on repeatedly, but, do not forget, Ji Dong is not gold/metal. On the skill of close combat attack, gold/metal surely is in the heavenly stems disciple strongest one, but must discuss the might of close combat attack, who can with having sixth heavy realm extinguishes compared with Ji Dong that the god strikes?

Bang. Fire Demon King is truly intrepid, a tail hammer that fifty Saint Fire Dragon rumbles whole-heartedly collides in his right palm together, fire Demon King even continually shakes has not rocked, but the fifty Saint Fire Dragon Dragon's Tail is actually the rebound returns, the body from the sky revolves for one week to stabilize. Cheaply has not occupied. However, its goal has actually been achieved. Because also Ji Dong after it.

Maotai, Wuliangye and Ji Dong regard is interlinked, even cannot want the relation between souls, relies on the mind to be interlinked merely, can make its perfect carries out the plan of Ji Dong.

After Dragon's Tail and fire Demon King right palm collided the flash, the fist of Ji Dong arrived. He wants is such time difference. Fire Demon King just the bang drew back fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is in own strength output, latter strength not to condition, but at this time, the fist of Ji Dong arrived, regarding the assurance of fighter aircraft, Ji Dong has achieved perfectly.

Fire Demon King regarding Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon coordinate secretly praised, but he actually does not think that this is useful. Even if just hardly had spelled with Giant Dragon of that two head, but are the Saint level senior powerhouse, has not been this level besides the strength of soul, the body and magic power are this level. Even if has consumed part, is not Ji Dong can compare.

Facts showed, underestimates the Ji Dong match, therefore has paid the price. What the Ji Dong bang gets angry the Demon King palm is the double fist. Jet black such as left fist of black ink and bright such as the right fist of gold/metal.

When this pair of fist and flash of fire Demon King right palm collision, fire Demon King felt that was not wonderful, he worthily is the earth core world current first powerhouse, in this case can react as before. The giant palm fluctuated suddenly, as far as possible limits magic power that Ji Dong pours into the palm edge. This is the limit that it can achieve now. But. His movement late one step, magic power in Ji Dong double fist, eventually has poured into the fire Demon King right palm eventually.

In such short time, moreover formerly Ji Dong paid that many prices to rush to front of fire Demon King, he is impossible to condense to release Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic power, but, he has actually achieved the pinnacle. The attack that in the double fist of his bang medium baking temperature Demon King palm, naturally with extinguishing the god strikes the way of launches. However, this is also Ji Dong first time with Certain Kill Skill that extinguishing the god fires. About that in the double fist, distinguishes the seal to compress, Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill quiet flame ice and Flame Sovereign King that Certain Kill Skill colorful male cone he most excels.

Do not know that mystery of my Yin-Yang fusion, good, I first make you taste.

Do not forget, Ji Dong is also the body and spirit of Saint level, the double fist bang comes up, his strength has promoted the pinnacle. Matter that formerly fifty Saint Fire Dragon had not achieved, he achieved. Actually, strength not to fire Demon King right palm bombardment has raised. the next moment, above fire Demon King that right palm, the ray had the tremendous changes.

Fierce thundering, resounds above the fire Demon King right palm, loudly in loud sound. The terrifying magic power fluctuation shoots up to the sky, above the fire Demon King right palm, the gold and black dual- color ray simultaneously burns and erupts. From the sky condenses into a primal chaos design, seems magnificent and strange.

A pain roar resounds from the fire Demon King mouth, his left palm lays out outrageously, does not have any retention again, tyrannical incomparable magic power and strength sweep Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon from the upfront flies horizontally.

However, Ji Dong and his fifty Saint Fire Dragon had been obviously already ready. When fire Demon King this left Zhangdai huge magic power is actually flaneriing when sweeps, Ji Dong first has taken back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon the space, to reduce area of thrust surface, but he is rolls up one group, the back pair of wings binds the body, swings along with the intense magic power impulse, flew by far.

Fire Demon King was Pinnacle Two Fires, in the attribute cannot injure Ji Dong similarly, magic power that he sent out although was huge, but was also very scattered, shook Ji Dong flies, but must say that injured Ji Dong truly, that was actually impossible.

The earth core powerhouses who under originally observes, the attention puts in three fights separately. Covers after fire spirit king the strength of soul the red flame made them unable to see the tactical situation, this attention separately throws in the two sides. May at this moment, the vision of almost all earth core powerhouses actually coagulate. The coagulation lifts in that right palm high, above is sparkling the primal chaos ray, on face upwarding pain roar fire Demon King.

A Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches core elder to ask to another elder in a low voice: "Fire Demon King was injured probably. This. "

"**, Is that really human? Moreover magic power so is small and weak, actually does he achieve? It seems like that these fellows defeated a moment ago not undeserved. Heavens! The surface gets a light from another light Sir Demon King, injured unexpectedly is not he. But is fire Demon King. Do you dare to believe?"

Two core elders' conversations it can be said that said the aspirations of most earth core powerhouses, yes! Ji Dong can lead wound fire Demon King, this who can think? Who can believe? But, the fact on the moved to and fro before them, not being able to allow them not to believe.

Naturally, they do not know, present Ji Dong does not feel better. Formerly this struck, he it can be said that racked one's brains, his own display, was behind and fifty Saint Fire Dragon short actually incomparably exquisite coordination, is the ultra standard display. Let alone, he withstands to catch fire the tremendous pressure that from beginning to end Demon King creates!

In fact, the plan of Ji Dong has not achieved full success, in his plan, this round attack does not stop. The Ji Dong forms of combat, instantaneously erupt, to defeat match. After his also was infinite, move. However, fire Demon King was too formidable, in the front entire process, Ji Dong has consumed too many mental efforts, after he captures fire Demon King within the body to form Sun and Moon universe that within the body erupts the colorful male cone and quiet flame ice, he is also the successor feels weak, has no way to continue to contend again. Only has temporary retreats. And. All these establish in fire Demon King to his contempt above.

Therefore, although injured fire Demon King, Ji Dong that but drew back by far has not actually revealed any excited color/look, the polarity, present he, is stern-faced. Formerly such opportunity fire Demon King definitely will again not give his second time, but his struck to get a light from another light the injury of Demon King is also extremely limited. Ji Dong is very clear, under the limit response of fire Demon King, extinguishes the god to strike sends in his palm two Certain Kill Skill, cannot penetrate has detonated. Injured, most is also only the right palm of fire Demon King.

Compared with being ready in full battle array of Ji Dong. Fire Demon King is extreme shock and anger, he cannot think, oneself will be injured unexpectedly in this kind of small and weak human hand. If not extinguish the god to strike, by Ji Dong magic power, even if he stands there makes Ji Dong attack oneself, is not necessarily able injured. Overbearing extinguishing god strikes, the instantaneous detonation in Sun and Moon universe of his within the body, takes to this fire Demon King extreme shock. Regardless of he how is not willing to acknowledge, he also understands, oneself underestimated this human youth. He truly has to injure to oneself strength!

Except that them . Moreover the two sides fights as before are also continuing, fight between fire spirit king Hehong flames no one is clear, but the Fire Lotus king to the Saint level hot demon is actually the overwhelming superiority, that Saint level hot demon is supporting by strenuous efforts, can only be the passive defensive, moreover was more and more difficult, the both sides strength disparity was placed there after all, although he has released own Saint level strength completely, but Fire Lotus king that thousand strange Baibian forms of defensive action, strength of tyrannical incomparable magic power and soul, suppression opportunity of his not any panting. He does not know, how long but can also support.

The Saint level hot demon cannot give a thought to the form in observation field, does not know Ji Dong and fire Demon King here tactical situation, but the Fire Lotus king has actually been caring about here, she attacks the match crazily, while the time is monitoring Ji Dong and fire Demon King this war. Ji Dong is the Lie Yan (raging flames) lover, in any event, she cannot make fire Demon King kill Ji Dong. When she noticed that fire Demon King unexpectedly Ji Dong injures, the delay, including hand in the offensive has postponed the slightest bit, made that Saint level hot demon slightly panting.

Did he injure fire Demon King unexpectedly? This shocks regarding a Fire Lotus king to come point does not need fire Demon King to be few, she and fire Demon King is in sharp opposition, naturally again understood the fire Demon King strength. Let alone Ji Dong magic power also Nine- Crown, even if traded is she, wanting the wound not to be easy to fire Demon King. Eldest sister, outcome that you train is what kind of monster!

"You made me be injured unexpectedly."Fire Demon King angry was roaring, although he was also fire attribute. But withstood so heavily strikes, his right hand completely is at this moment numb had not felt. Temporarily lost the battle efficiency. Ji Dong does not know, fire Demon King most formidable ability, mainly centralized in these two hands. The wound that he bumps into the fire Demon King right hand, got a light from another light the Demon King strength to have certain limit immediately.

Ji Dong this struck a moment ago, is the process thinks absolutely, after arriving at the earth core world, he very clear future must face the formidable earth core powerhouse surely. Especially knew after existences of these three Saint level powerhouses, he thinks how can be able the wound, even to be the powerhouse who defeats these Saint levels?

Daily ponder, finally when formerly two element bodies displayed the Sun and Moon universe shock entire hot demon clan had found the final home to return. A moment ago at that moment, before Ji Dong was close to the fire Demon King body, he most formidable attack properly speaking should be the sword of Fire God, by his present cultivation base, completely had the ability the strength condensation of sword of Fire God above the fist, through extinguishing the god struck the bang to exit. If in the surface world, such attack might will be without doubt bigger, infiltrating match within the body Sun and Moon universe is much bigger. However, here is the earth core world, the powerhouse of each earth core world, has is the fire attribute ability, fire magic power of their within the body wants to be deep. Such particularity made Ji Dong attack choice to have the change.

Right, Sun and Moon universe this Ultra Certain Kill Skill, what need is the Yin-Yang fusion, then the colorful male cone and in the quiet flame ice collision guides the eruption. However, must pay attention, the collision of colorful male cone and quiet flame ice, but guides this Ultra Certain Kill Skill to erupt the might. By Ji Dong present cultivation base, this Sun and Moon universe is range high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Therefore, if Ji Dong, when outside displays it, in the process of displaying, this Ultra Certain Kill Skill must swallow Ji Dong extremely huge magic power, even must start magic power that in lasting law lasts, can support this skill perfectly displays, is the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. This is Ji Dong must and other series of amplifications be able to complete with the aid of the primal chaos demon territory and condensation law. After all, his magic power compared to high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, differs is very far. Releases the complete might Sun and Moon universe, although did not say the Ji Dong magic power suck dry, but can give his surplus will not be many. This is why Ji Dong does not use the Ultra Certain Kill Skill reason in the fight as far as possible, the consumption was too big.

But his present match is fire Demon King, after Ji Dong to extinguish the god to strike these two Certain Kill Skill the way bang that enters fire Demon King within the body, he first has shut off himself and relations between these two skills. After the colorful male cone and quiet flame ice collide, naturally cannot, because withdrawing of Ji Dong affects to the guidance of Sun and Moon universe. If there is such done outside Ji Dong, will make this Ultra Certain Kill Skill because of not having the following magic power support surely, but is unable to complete. Place that but, they erupt at this time, is that fire Demon King within the body. Does not have the Fire Element absorption that Ji Dong provides, could it be not to have the Fire Element absorption that fire Demon King provides?

Thereupon, this was equal to high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon universe has formed, moreover absorbed the magic power formation of fire Demon King completely.

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Chapter 557: trump card

Ji Dong by Sun and Moon universe that two Certain Kill Skill initiate. It can be said that has shelled oneself with fire Demon King own magic power ruthlessly.

magic power in fire Demon King right palm was absorbed large scale, naturally can make the defense of his right palm drop, did not have the support of magic power, surplus can only be the Saint level high rank body resists, is withstanding high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill bombardment from inside to outside. Cannot control including fire Demon King, after letting this terrifying skill erupts , the magic power overflow. This means, his palm had been swallowed by this skill completely. Although the Saint level high rank powerful body and spirit made his right palm not lose in light of this, but lost combat capability that to be inevitable temporarily.

From beginning to end, Ji Dong pays, only then two ordinary Certain Kill Skill can magic power by, regarding his Level 85 magic power, what this be considered as? But fire Demon King has actually consumed high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic power, but also withstood a bombardment of high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill in within the body. This is lifts a rock to drop it on one's own feet! This is copes with the earth core world powerhouse best means that Ji Dong finds out, reduces own consumption under as far as possible the premise, gives the match the biggest wound. By his individual strength, most also displays the attack of high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill this level. Facts showed, he succeeded.

Naturally, this way also can only use on the earth core powerhouses is just now effective, trades one is not fire attribute Mage or magic beast, this Ultra Certain Kill Skill simply will not form. Moreover, the limit of Ji Dong this forms of combat is very big. Moreover is extremely also dangerous. Only before having overruns to the opposite party body, by extinguishing the god strikes Certain Kill Skill infiltrates the opposite party within the body to be effective. If Certain Kill Skill collides in the opposite party outside the body, naturally impossible to absorb others magic power, the striking power also because in the outside will erupt, but missed.

Among fire Demon King thoughts revolve, understands that Ji Dong has made anything, besides the shock and anger, in his heart also several points acclaimed. Meanwhile, made him long to the Yin-Yang fusion. If not the Yin-Yang fusion, how Ji Dong possibly uses such method injures itself. He is small Eight-Crown Mage, can display the so tyrannical strength. Abandons that to be able magic power to capture the strange skill of oneself within the body not to discuss, will the battle efficiency that if can also the Yin-Yang fusion, display how be the degree?

Therefore, fire Demon King although at this time because of injured and angry, but in his heart even more was firm cannot kill Ji Dong this faith. Anything compared with obtaining the Yin-Yang fuses this mystery for him more important matter.

Actually, in the earth core world, and has the race to carry on the Yin- Yang fusion. Fire spirit clan and Fire Lotus clan. What a pity, what fire spirit clan Yin-Yang fusion is their souls, only if that special way fire Demon King is willing to give up own body, otherwise is impossible to complete. But the Yin-Yang fusion of Fire Lotus clan, came from their growth in the body of earth core world 18th Layer, their Yin-Yang fusions had from the birth. This fusion fire Demon King is unable to duplicate similarly. On the talent, the fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king cannot actually compared with him, but relies on the Yin-Yang fusion to be able with him to share the honor. This command fire can Demon King not have the intense hope to the Yin-Yang fusion of this clan? Ji Dong uses, but Two Great Sovereign Kings skill! His ability, is almost same as own clansman, Ji Dong cannot imagine absolutely, present he, is similar to the fire Demon King heart the treasure is common. Did not hate to kill him. Naturally, does not kill him not to injure him on behalf of fire Demon King. Especially after oneself are injured, fire Demon King had decided, must give at present this human boy profound lesson.

Both eyes of fire Demon King, had the strange change in this moment, the right eye is similar to Sun glistens, the incomparably intense golden light bursts out instantaneously, immediately, his body left sky turned into golden color, even if Ji Dong also has to put aside the look, does not dare with this dazzling golden right eye looking at each other. The left eye of fire Demon King simultaneously turned into the black, is very profound, just like the black hole general black, changes color in his body left space instantaneously. The range that this gold and black two-color covers is not very big, includes actually not to affect another two directions battlefields Ji Dong sufficiently.

The demon territory, this is the fire Demon King demon territory, moreover is the double demon territory also blooms.

Ji Dong in airborne with fire Demon King relative and vertical, in other words, the fire Demon King positive fire attribute demon territory, happen to falls on him regularly uses Yin Fire one side, another side also however. The oppression strength of incomparable terrifying made Fire Element in air as if probably the body of Ji Dong grind general. However the might of this demon territory. As if made Ji Dong withstand the corrosion of high- level Ultra Certain Kill Skill to be ordinary. This feeling, is hard to describe in the spoken language.

This is the Saint level high rank true strength! Fire Demon King got angry, he also finally must tackled Ji Dong whole-heartedly.

Another side, that Saint level hot demon similarly is also facing such situation, its huge body could not see, by floats in airborne Red Lotus the gable, like the fire spirit king Hehong flame that side, no one is able to see that side battlefield situation completely again.

The magic power disparity, making Ji Dong definitely unable to move now, even if were the imagination formerly such divulged the attack that six heavy incantations killed in front air is unable to achieve. As if, he can only such withstand the attack of fire Demon King, appointed it butchered. Really is this? No, naturally not. When wants the surface to get a light from another light Demon King, Ji Dong understands when oneself wants the surface to get a light from another light Demon King this Saint level high rank demon territory possible situation. Similar that the fact and he expects, but his countermeasure also already thought.

Since the gold and black two-color ray also similarly leaps from him, naturally, compared to fire Demon King, wants small and weakly were too many. However, this gold and black two-color ray is actually not fire Demon King such distinguishing right from wrong, but circles instantaneously, each other integrated, changes into the primal chaos design to appear behind Ji Dong.

The surface gets a light from another light the Demon King formidable demon territory oppression strength, Ji Dong, although cannot own primal chaos demon territory expansion range, but covers oneself without question. Right, fire Demon King magic power does not know formidable many times compared with him, but, a bittern bean curd, a thing falls a thing. Primal chaos demon territory, the fire Demon King that tyrannical demon territory suppressed expires to Ji Dong unexpectedly.

lone Yin does not engender, lone Yang does not grow, regardless of the fire Demon King demon territory is formidable, two great pinnacle attribute flame both separate, but Ji Dong this is actually the complete Yin-Yang fusion. At this moment, he looks like the cores of fire Demon King two big demon territories, regardless of the fire Demon King demon territory is formidable, will not always destroy the person on one's own side.

The third demon territory, fire Demon King only thought that a strange feeling produces instantaneously in own heart, saw that Ji Dong releases this third demon territory, if formerly his also some hesitated, then, he definitely has been able to affirm now, at present this human, has carried out thoroughly really the fusion of Yin-Yang two fires. In the core position of that primal chaos demon territory, is not just incomparably hope Chaos Fire?

Low and deep dragon recited the sound to resound at this time, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon huge body looked like, the carrying/sustaining that decomposed from the Ji Dong primal chaos demon territory lived in Ji Dong, released own primal chaos demon territory and Yin-Yang two fires condensation law similarly, complemented one another with the Ji Dong primal chaos demon territory.

This has not calculated that a resonant phoenix cry resounds. Since eclipse date phoenix Huo'er drilled from the Ji Dong wrist/skill place, leaps above the Ji Dong top of the head, was a primal chaos demon territory. Three big demon territory platoons become one row, communicates instantaneously in together, under the originally sluggish primal chaos demon territory in huge magic power pours into to start to revolve rapidly.

Fire Demon King discovered with amazement, the primal chaos demon territory of Ji Dong and dragon and phoenix revolves for one week, the demon territory that oneself release will be absorbed part by them, does not attract income within the body, but under regarding in their demon territory surrounding synchronous revolution, is in inverse proportion, own demon territory will weaken a point.

"Boy. You bring to me pleasantly surprised was really too many."Hesitates without the slightest bit, hesitates again, will make Ji Dong they borrow oneself many magic power. Fire Demon King has withdrawn instantaneously own two big demon territories.

However, this does not withdraw importantly, the imposing manner reverses instantaneously, on the contrary is the primal chaos demon territory reverse, covers it.

A long and loud cry resounds from the Ji Dong mouth along with it, opportunity that he builds, perhaps is also the last opportunity, finally came. The dazzling red light, lifts up high from Ji Dong in top of the head both hands blooms, the red light ignited four meters to anchor. But complete three primal chaos demon territories, as well as just borrowed fire Demon King complete magic power, actually swarms to go toward that four chi (0.33 m) red light.

Ji Dong had already been ready, when he formerly retroceded, has prepared to get rid. In this flash, he erupts, is all that can transfer, the trump card that before hid bloomed completely. This is his most strikes, completely is in the Saint level degree strikes. Also before has the Saint level body, completely does not dare to attempt strikes.

The Ji Dong main body and fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix, released the primal chaos demon territory and Yin-Yang two fires condensation law completely, all magic power outputs, condensed under Ji Dong that formidable soul reassignment together, magic power that also his lasting law institute stored up, formerly relied on the primal chaos demon territory to absorb that part to belong to fire Demon King magic power, this all completely tied in this. By the Ji Dong present ability and own magic power, was impossible to control so huge magic power, say nothing of compressed them. However, his also that final killing incurs, divine tool from Lord God, the sword of Fire God.

Existence of sword of Fire God, is unable to transfer huge magic power this issue completely to solve, all magic power, became moistens its nutrient that as the weapon of Lord God, even if are many some magic power, absorbs is also without question. The sword is long, although released four chi (0.33 m). But in this flash, it actually became the entire sky core. Even if other two sides battlefields, because of its appearance, but stagnates temporarily.

This sword, originally is Ji Dong prepares to the earth core powerhouse, if formerly trials way were invariable, without a doubt, the heir of this sword will be that Saint level hot demon. Must withstand under the Ji Dong ingenious control and operation including fire Demon King directly, has traded that Saint level hot demon, this sword is very likely is Ji Dong will bring first to defeat the fight of Saint level powerhouse.

Fire Demon King has shocked, he has been shocked , a magic power so tiny human , he he can actually display to make itself also probably for the attack that it trembles. Is this possible? Is this possible?

Fire Demon King after all is fire Demon King, in that moment of seeing the sword of Ji Dong final trump card Fire God presenting, the first idea in his heart is, prevents him, must prevent him, cannot make him divulge this attack. The left hand of fire Demon King moved, the dark purple black light beam from his side toward Ji Dong spreads like lightning, but, is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice. Even if had been absorbed part of magic power by Ji Dong, and just took back the demon territory to be at the body unsatisfactory condition, fire Demon King by the big quiet flame ice that the Saint level high rank strength releases, has the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might fully. So long as breaks the sword of Fire God to absorb the magic power process, Ji Dong must defeat without doubt.

However, the preparation of Ji Dong, compared with wants full many that anybody imagines. He does not certainly know that today are going the surface to get a light from another light Demon King, but he does not have the slightest bit to attenuate to the earth core powerhouse's estimate. Since the final trump card appeared, he will make fire Demon King break itself to fall short?

One group of clear red, spring from the Ji Dong chest and belly position, that departs by the strength shake of waist abdomen completely, at this moment, Ji Dong all magic power, condensed in the both hands sword of Fire God. This group of red light, any magic power has not assisted, but simplest springs it by the strength of Ji Dong Saint level body.

Fire Demon King saw clearly, that is a red small jar, that material quality he is very familiar, was monopolized by the Fire Lotus clan, the jade of oneself continuously unavailable place. In the jade of that place, as if also a special liquid is dragging. Although the jade of place is good, can so jade of scrap place, what be able to make?

Answer, in the next moment has shown in front of him, when that small jar collides in the together that flash with his big quiet flame ice, the unequalled bellow resounds, the dazzling golden light just like the incomparably solid shield, prevented greatly quiet flame ice way at the same time. Flame Sovereign King Ultra Certain Kill Skill, greatly colorful male cone.

Yes, Ji Dong, in obtained the jade of first batch of place after Fire Lotus clan there, for the war of today, he used the short time to manufacture such one even including the shape anomalous jar, inside carrying/sustaining, was highly the whisky. But bottom of this jar inscribes, is actually five elements method. This most top the jade of place, stores up the big colorful male cone that Ji Dong has released. This maintains life with the unique skill, played the decisive role in this moment finally.

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Chapter 558: Tyrants strongest strikes

In the jar of jade of place. What storage is the big colorful male cone of intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill level , compared with the big quiet flame ice of that high-level level is very insufficient. But it actually does not unite in Ji Dong together, exists completely alone. Therefore, although it is not enough to counter-balance greatly quiet flame ice completely the might, but prevents greatly quiet flame ice advance the direction, even was the direction that changed it to attack was enough. The Ji Dong need, is such short time.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and on eclipse date phoenix simultaneously lost the brilliance, can only float by their instinct in the sky, the red that also in this moment, is unable to describe in the spoken language, before changed into together the startled day rainbow, cuts.

Concentrates, the entire earth core 15 th complete space as if concentrates because of this sword.

Fire Demon King sends out that greatly quiet flame ice remaining magic power to meet that red light, vaporized unexpectedly quietly. The sword of Fire God the end of that startled day rainbow, under Ji Dong cuts, but another end, in the air for the instance of congealing, descended on fire Demon King.

However, while this Fire God cuts of rumbling, the pupil of Ji Dong fiercely is actually contracting, he felt the Saint level high rank great strength finally in the true sense. The body of fire Demon King, and greatly quiet flame ice collides in the greatly colorful male cone. Covers all soul fluctuations and lines of sight instant, 12 meters high body transformed is two meters high human form. All flame as if vanished on him. Surplus, only has half gold/metal half black body.

His look is very mediocre, seems looks like an most common human, but at this moment, his both hands, gather ten above oneself top of the head, gripped the Fire God sword light of dropping from the clouds.

Murderous aura dreadfully grip in the Fire God sword light is defeated and dispersed instant loudly, but that incarnation human form fire Demon King whole body, turned into red completely.

The situation that the sonorous light sound, making Ji Dong is unable to imagine appeared. The red light fell eventually, cutting ruthlessly in the fire Demon King top of the head, and plunders, digs the body of his dual-color.

This sword releases to fall, stays behind on earth core world 15 th, together a depth of a kilometer canyon.

However, while this sword releases falls, fire Demon King that the body had been dug, actually turned into two. Jet black like black ink, glistens like the gold/metal. Yes, two bodies, two have filled the body of respective pinnacle element.

Without the Saint level high rank aura, surplus, actually as before is the Saint level. Saint level initial rank, two Saint level initial rank fire Demon King has been similar to shifts instantaneously general, the next moment appeared by the body of Ji Dong.

"Millennium cultivation base and being destroyed in a moment. You die."They also open the mouth, ice-cold does not have the slightest bit mood. Their fists. Also is having the incomparable terrifying Saint level initial rank completely striking power, the bang nearly had been found time to magic power, as before is actually grasping Ji Dong of sword of Fire God. Regardless of the Yin-Yang two fires fusion of Ji Dong can bring the big advantage, when the main body caused heavy losses, fire Demon King fell into the wild condition completely. It divides into two at this time, changes into black gold/metal two fire demons the shape, let alone is Ji Dong, still in beginning the fire spirit king and Fire Lotus kings was shocked. In the entire earth core world, even is in the hot demon clan, nobody understands this outcome what's the matter.

Ended......, This is the fire Demon King first response that Ji Dong decomposes backward to clash shortly. He cannot think, a oneself this sword whole-heartedly cuts, brings can be such result unexpectedly. Striving for success whole-heartedly, actually made fire Demon King divide into two, even if their individual ability must weaken now much, but that also as before was existences of two Saint levels! But Ji Dong at this moment, did not have the strength to revolt again, can only look helplessly that Yin-Yang two fire Demon King have the incomparable terrifying strength to approach oneself to rumble. The body of his Saint level under such junction bang, is similarly impossible to withstand, only had dead a way. Even if Ji Dong is intelligent, all plans are precise. At this time, all have also surpassed his computation.

Celestial stems disciples slow aid will not help in an emergency, moreover their strengths are also not enough to prevent attack of fire Demon King to Ji Dong, can only see that gold and black two groups of huge rays swallow the body of Ji Dong.

If at this moment, the there is still one calm person on the scene, that was Chen Sixuan. When she catches fire Demon King to divide into two to charge into Ji Dong shortly, finally when the body of Ji Dong embezzles, on her perfect charming face, suddenly reveals a light smiling face. What a pity, will note her in this time nobody, will not note her mood to change. The attention of people, was captured by that gold/metal black dual-color completely.

Ended.   , This thought that also appears in each heavenly stems disciple
mind similarly, they had even forgotten displays five elements Yin-Yang to flee from here. Their hearts, like were being torn by a tremendous strength, everyone fell into the condition of suffocation. The miracle, often is when all people think impossible will perform. Ji Dong in the partners eyes is in itself a miracle manufacturer, all that but, then has, made them definitely unable to believe.

Black and gold/metal, the two-color ray swallowed the body of Ji Dong less than completely for one second, suddenly, unequalled thundering formerly was floating from Ji Dong position outrageously erupts. That incarnation is two two fire Demon King, is similar to the shell common ball flies unexpectedly, has departed over 300 meters, stabilizes lives in the personal appearance. Even linked their flame to vanish in this moment, surplus, only then on fierce face endless panic-stricken.

Ji Dong has not died. Also has not imagined like the earth core powerhouses changes into the flying ash, he floats as in there, the static float there, looks like anything has not occurred. His both hands, raise by body separately, the right hand turned into the golden color completely, the left hand turned into the black completely. Both hands open slowly, in the palm, is glittering the strange brilliance.

How that ray is not intense, making one can see clearly, in his right hand palm, shone a golden Sun, but in his left hand palm, is a black moon that shone. On this day January/one month, that is glittering the light brilliance. But behind Ji Dong, two groups of light shadow gradually stretches, enlarges is showing behind him.

The incomparably dignified aura, along with stretching to show, but hundred meters high majestic body, became concentrates gradually more and more, earth core world 15 th, then the rich Fire Element fluctuation, unexpectedly was deriving by these two huge and great forms in this moment crazily, making their light shadow become more and more clear.

Ji Dong float there. His both eyes have closed, the sword of Fire God already took back within the body, is opening the both arms as before, as if feels anything to resemble there.

In sky, moreover two sides fights stopped, the demon territory of fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king also separately takes back, their vision, condense on Ji Dong. The strong magic power fluctuation and aura, making in each powerhouse eyes be full of the shock, dignity that because behind Ji Dong that two big light shadow sent out, even had an impulsion of lying prostrate in worship including the Fire Lotus king Hehuo spirit kings.

Two big hundred meters high light shadow completely were finally clear. That clearly is the fire Demon King enlargement version, particularly his body this time enlargement version. Not is just Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King form? The Two Great Sovereign Kings light shadow changes slowly, each other faces, four hands, from the sky grip tightly in the same place raise, covers the this humble one side the body of Ji Dong. After they present that endless dignity, spreads to Ji Dong within the body, as if has resembled on Ji Dong this dignified brand mark.

plop'ed, a strength relatively small and weak hot demon toward airborne Ji Dong kneed down, this situation looks like the infection is common, the clansmen of hot demon clan kneel down one after another one after another. This dignity, they were too simply familiar, that is completely impossible to disguise as. Even if were initial Empress Lie Yan cannot achieve similarly. Only had once led them to rule entire earth core world a lot of years of Two Great Sovereign Kings, had such dignified aura! This time they, will not have pondered why completely this dignity will appear on Ji Dong, they can think is, the old master came back, once led them to stand in the earth core world peak old master comes back.

In the sky, gold sun and dark moon/month in Ji Dong both hands had the change gradually, his two hands become more and more bright, particularly that two brand marks, gold sun is glittering the pure golden light, but periphery that dark moon/month, then there is near this purple light. With glistening of ray, they as if also became bigger and bigger, when that two groups of rays inflated to diameter one meter, was separated from both hands of Ji Dong unexpectedly, fluttered.

Buzz a light sound, gold sun and dark moon/month, rose in this earth core world 15 th upper air instantaneously, their rays, entire 15 th complete coverage, will want on strong many times compared with formerly the release of fire Demon King magic power, that endless dignity of particularly sending out, was the fire Demon King institute is unable to compare by far, only then initial Two Great Sovereign Kings. Can release such aura.

Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, are the pinnacle of hot demon clan exist, although they one species, but actually cultivated the Saint level peak degree, at this moment, even if had existence of this conscious thought, has subdued the entire hot demon clan.

In the sky is floating two fire Demon King fall to the ground similarly slowly, although they such have not knelt to bend down to other hot demons in the place, but the anger in eye vanished with all negative mood, surplus, unexpectedly only then respects. The Saint level hot demon that then begins with the Fire Lotus king is fell in the clansmen, similarly is the knees kneels down, admires is motionless there.

gold sun and dark moon/month in gradual approach sky, approaches the same place, but impractical in the Ji Dong back Two Great Sovereign Kings virtual image, is becomes incomparably the congealing reality, in shining of gold sun and under dark moon/month, both hands that their each other gripped tightly as if coagulated generally, four items of looking at each other, flooding, was a understanding, was one harmony that made hot demon clan each clansman unable to imagine.

When this moment, in the sky that ray seems affecting the innermost feelings of each hot demon clan clansman, each other steals a glance looking at each other, dark flame hot demon and fierce flame hot demon barrier as if, because in the sky the influence of this ray gradually is vanishing.

gold sun and dark moon/month, fluttered finally, the ray that their originally were incompatible, started each other to pester unexpectedly.

At this time, one group of cream rays emitted from the Ji Dong mouth, this ray rising typhoon on, happen to fell on gold sun and dark moon/month central position, its appearance, looked like the bond is ordinary, gold sun and dark moon/month firmly adsorbed in together, the strong magic power fluctuation flash promoted the peak. Cloudy and positive, similarly is flame, has completely different familiar, but in this moment, they actually makes no distinctions. The gold sun dark moon/month, unexpectedly that quietly melted in the midair, then each other blends, each other fusion, coils around to revolve. Only has central that group of cream rays to be invariable.

The speed of revolving is getting more and more fast, a Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish design that appeared in the midair gradually, the golden color gradually turned into the white, but that black became profounder. Not is just the primal chaos design?

Ji Dong opens the mouth slowly, his sound changed, becomes incomparably dignified and old, "when the world first took shape, divides the Yin-Yang, the Yin-Yang this as one, how my clan to be ignorant, forcefully the dispersion Yin-Yang, causing the Yin-Yang to be out of balance, not only forever is unable to track down that strength the peak, made the inner world, because Yin-Yang was affected unbalancedly, thus there is an initial civil strife. The appearance of Empress Lie Yan, made my two not cast the blunder fortunately. The latter brand mark in within the body of human Ji Dong, with its fusion is one, although lost once the formidable strength, but our souls obtained the sublimation, finally understood the deep meaning of Yin-Yang fusion is, lone Yin does not engender, lone Yang does not grow, you and other clansmen, starting today, my two person of inheritance, will govern the entire race, passes on this Yin-Yang method of cultivation with you, and inherits the mantle of Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess, is the peace of earth core world tries hard. The violators, the soul is defeated and dispersed. Dark, bright flame. On comes."

"Yes, master."Two fire Demon King that was cut by a Ji Dong sword simultaneously go forward one step, finally is similar to pushes gold mountain, the jade column to knee down but actually, has done obeisance toward airborne Ji Dong.

They did not have the slightest bit to suspect at this time again, because of their names, only then initial Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King that knew. That dignified sound resounds once more, "Ji Dong inherited our two brand mark, has this brand mark to protect the body, the person of this clan, even if to become God is unable to injure. You do is very good, the matter of today, mistakenly in you, does not lie in the Yin-Yang separation of my clan. Starting today, you must assist Ji Dong well. "

Tomorrow on the plot of conclusion earth core world. The following content will be certainly getting more and more attractive. The wife feeds the sugar sugar to take a drug, I run the symbol, does not dare to hear the weeping sound that the child takes a drug, is clutching at heart always, writes was also slow. Quite tired. Everybody gives several recommendation tickets and monthly tickets to encourage. Ai, the wife, child, family member and reader, you were I most intimate people.

Chapter 559: Conquering of earth core Sovereign King final fusion

The Sovereign King dignified sound from the sky reverberates. ".    Our
spirit knowledge truly will also merge into one organic whole with Ji Dong, all led by him. He also will certainly help my hot demon clan find the way of true advance."

"Master......"two fire Demon King simultaneously sad sound shouted loudly.

"Does not use sadly, we have not disappeared, Ji Dong is our inheritance. So long as gives his enough time, he will certainly to become God. Even if Empress Lie Yan your majesty, is his woman. This Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught not to need to act the founder. The position of founder, nobody is more suitable than him." The dignified sound was gradually pale, but that airborne black and white dual-color Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish also slowly descends, toward the Ji Dong float, but.

At this time, suddenly, mutation suddenly lived, together strange red light, at unequalled speed, suddenly toward Ji Dong head direction rapid flight. The goal Ji Dong forehead, its speed was too fast, compared with pushes Yin-Yang Fish that in the sky falls also to want on quickly little. Clearly, it must prevent Ji Dong to fuse with that Yin-Yang Fish.

What a pity, all as if already was doomed, when that red light is away from Ji Dong less than 30 meters, suddenly, brilliant Red Lotus quietly appears before the Ji Dong body. Has blocked that red light way. "The Fire Lotus king, were you insane?" The sound that fire spirit king Jingnu occurred simultaneously resounds, that say/way strange red light also has appeared the main body, is not just the fire spirit king?

The Fire Lotus king coldly looks at the fire spirit king, "I not insane, the one who is insane is you. could it be couldn't you hear a moment ago the Two Great Sovereign Kings words?"

Fire spirit king Jidao: "Because heard, I must such do, otherwise, later the hot demon clan has completed the Yin-Yang fusion, will also have the existing space of our clans? You. "

During their this short conversations, that Yin-Yang Fish also finally falls, the brand mark vanished in Ji Dong chest position does not see. The body of Ji Dong shivered slightly, as before float there, but his behind Two Great Sovereign Kings virtual image rapidly superposes, then changes into the light group to integrate in his body. But gold sun and dark moon/month in his palm formerly reappearing, completely vanished.

Fire Lotus king lightly said: Good that "Two Great Sovereign Kings said that not only Ji Dong inherited their brand mark inheritance, is my sovereign Lie Yan (raging flames) husband. Although he is human, but also is the clansman of my Fire Lotus clan. Allows you to injure? Let alone, Two Great Sovereign Kings also said a moment ago, reason that the hot demon clan will make that many wrong things, mainly because of them throughout cannot the Yin-Yang fusion, detour, causes the clansman to be tyrannical, after they learn the law of that Yin-Yang fusion, perhaps all will change."

In fire spirit king Yan god time clear uncertain twinkle, solemnly said: "This is only the Two Great Sovereign Kings statement of only one of the parties. You arrive at the 15 th time to be short. Does not know that initially had had anything. In the past, the hot demon clan ruled the entire earth core world time, during the earth core world could be said as falls into completely aquatic was fiery, I cannot make this situation reappear. Can I believe the Two Great Sovereign Kings statement of only one of the parties? Let alone, the Fire Lotus king, you were also too easy to readily believe that you can affirm, this named Ji Dong human, was really Empress Lie Yan your majesty lover? Matter that this is unable to imagine. By the great strength of Her Majesty the Empress, how can have a connection with human?"

Fire Lotus king Lieyan sighed, said: "You believe also well, does not believe that fact so. Moreover, when Ji Dong comes to participate in our Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the agent the founder to select the celebration, I knew relations between him and Her Majesty the Empress. That has the soul to remember. Waits for Ji Dong to come soberly, I can ask him to look to you."

"Can't soul memory counterfeit?"Fire spirit king is a face does not believe as before, he had gone through the time of Two Great Sovereign Kings rule, the darkness of that time entire earth core world is it forever is unable to forget. That pain, is unable to describe in the spoken language, at this moment, saw the fire demon clan has the trend of recovery. Can it not prevent?

In this time, suddenly, the Fire Lotus king body was shivering fiercely, turns round to look suddenly, her pupil contracts immediately rapidly.

In her behind Ji Dong, at this time the body completely turned into flake gold red, the color that his exclusive radiance has, in that golden red, the light brilliance sends out unceasingly, at the same time, golden red lotus seed also flutter from him, presents in front of all earth core powerhouses.

First, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight and nine, altogether nine lotus seed, regarding static revolving around the Ji Dong body, each lotus seed, is lending the similar aura. Compared with the beforehand Two Great Sovereign Kings endless dignity, this aura wants to be gentle, but on realm actually must higher several points. Is the formidable earth core powerhouse, the feelings is deeper, moreover is also more profound to the memory of this type of aura, this clearly is the Empress Lie Yan aura!

After hot demon clan all kneel down, after these nine Lie Yan (raging flames) the assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed appears, the clansmen of Fire Lotus clan, under the leadership of red flame, kneel down one after another, looks that Ji Dong, said accurately, is looks at around the Ji Dong body to revolve the vision of these nine lotus seed, becomes incomparable scalding hot. Lost such long news, they saw part of great Empress Lie Yan your majesty body finally. Also can feel that incomparably actually temperate very aura to exist formidable. Yes! This is the life lotus seed of Empress Lie Yan!

The fire spirit king has also tarried, does not need Fire Lotus king to explain anything. Regarding the Fire Lotus clan, anything had not assigned the lotus seed of Red Lotus compared with them importantly for them. Empress Lie Yan this life Red Lotus lotus seed has given continually Ji Dong, already being enough certificate lots. Empress Lie Yan really already not, this is the Fire Lotus king at this time the first idea, its soul fluctuation also suddenly becomes fierce.

Fire Lotus dynasty fire spirit king bows slowly, "senior, since Her Majesty the Empress departs, since thanked you continuously the care and help to my Fire Lotus clan. Perhaps without you, we had been swallowed by the hot demon clan. Now the Her Majesty the Empress itself assigns the lotus seed of Red Lotus to reappear the earth core world. In any event, we also only then supports this lotus seed the owner. You should be very clear, if Her Majesty the Empress does not want, even if were god king to come, is unable to appropriate to oneself the lotus seed of this life Red Lotus. But today, Ji Dong arrives at the earth core world, comes on behalf of Her Majesty the Empress? At present this last victory of trials cannot say again much. My Fire Lotus clan decides completely to support Ji Dong to hold the post of the Saint to teach the position of founder, does not have the agent."

Listened to Fire Lotus king these words, the fire spirit king originally anxious vision also gradually becomes gentle, in the ground, that two fire Demon King also stand up, looks at the airborne Fire Lotus king Hehuo spirit king, saying with one voice: "We are also same, supports Ji Dong Holiness the Pope to lead my Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach unconditionally is as for the entire earth core world. My hot demon clan will follow surely life-long."

The vision of fire spirit king completely was finally quiet. At this moment, the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark fused with the Ji Dong body completely, how regardless of he does again, is unable to reverse this point. Let alone, three big strong clans, two have supported Ji Dong, he selects in the celebration to surface from the agent founder. Arrived this time, all were irreversible. Fire spirit clan has originally in the earth core world, to this time, what it also been able to say?

Fire spirit king heaved a deep sigh, ", since you have decided. He has gained the final victory in the trials. That holds the post of the position of founder by him. However, this agent two characters at least temporarily have not been able to remove. After all, the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the founder, relates to our entire earth core world the life or death. We must observe him some time, is definite. Moreover, his present strength, is not enough to hold the post of founder position completely."

This ignition spirit king said very critical, only by the words of strength, let alone is originally Saint level high rank fire Demon King, even if the fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king, so long as facing Ji Dong cautiously, he does not have any opportunity similarly.

Fire Lotus king nods slowly, has approved the meaning of fire spirit king, but two fire Demon King were snorted, obviously was the words of getting a light from another light spirit king does not catch cold. However, their bodies were separated by a Ji Dong sword, the strength turned into Saint level initial rank. Two Saint level initial rank also not necessarily is a Saint level middle rank match. Although in the heart refuses to accept, but did not have other any means.

The Fire Lotus king steals a glance to look to Chen Sixuan in crowd, Chen Sixuan has not actually visited her, Fire Lotus king recalled that day Chen Sixuan to the words that she spoke. On that day, what Chen Sixuan said to Fire Lotus king: Ji Dong is Two Great Sovereign Kings truly inheritance. Is such simple a few words, making the Fire Lotus king believe Ji Dong can make the enough good progress in the trials.

The Ji Dong strength is astonishing, can obtain in this trials wins finally, rather Lie Yan (raging flames) exquisite arrangement when teaches the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark to him started. After Lie Yan (raging flames) initially separately struck has killed Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, Two Great Sovereign Kings after all is the Saint level peak strength, the physical body, although was destroyed, but the soul of that Saint level peak is actually not that easy shatter. Lie Yan (raging flames) is not cruel enough to write off them thoroughly. Therefore, reaches agreement with Two Great Sovereign Kings, releases their all abilities, only leaves behind the soul to remember. If meets the appropriate opportunity , helping them inherit this memory.

Afterward, Lie Yan (raging flames) knew Ji Dong, after carefully observed the Ji Dong moral character, in addition the Ji Dong itself disposition is Two Great Sovereign Kings happy, therefore, has passed to Ji Dong the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark. In that not only but the memory is so simple. Also has the Two Great Sovereign Kings spirit knowledge to exist. Only misses one to promote for the formidable spirit knowledge that the god knows! If no such formidable spirit knowledge to moisten the Ji Dong soul world throughout, he has again the multi- fortuitous encounters, impossible in only 20-year-old time, had the soul fluctuation of Saint level middle rank.

The match who if Ji Dong faces is others, Chen Sixuan will be very certainly anxious, but he faces is fire Demon King, let alone fire Demon King, only then Saint level high rank strength, even if the Saint level peak, could not injure Ji Dong similarly. Any skill that is displayed by the hot demon clansman, because on Ji Dong has the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark, but is unable to injure him. Therefore, in the case, Lie Yan (raging flames) was not calm throughout.

As for the fire Demon King secret, Lie Yan (raging flames) also knows. Initial Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, respectively accompanied, is present two fire Demon King. They follow the Two Great Sovereign Kings many years, fostered by Two Great Sovereign Kings, the strength progresses extremely quickly. After Lie Yan (raging flames) has ruled the earth core world, they dive to cultivate in secret, fuses with a special method temporarily , to promote the strength rapidly, and unified the hot demon clan. As for that ten meters high Saint level hot demon, is their test piece. After losing the lives of more than ten pairs of clansmen, finally trained such one with their body condition same temporary blended body, thus also had the Saint level strength.

A sword of sword Ji Dong Fire God cuts, although cannot cut to kill them, actually their relations cutting off. As the matter stands, they also respectively appeared the original strength. Millennium cultivation base that before they said were destroyed in a moment not to speak thoughtlessly. For this temporary fusion, the promotion of strength, they truly paid the millenniums prices to complete.

However, at this time all these were unimportant, heard the voice of master once more, and life brand mark of master inherited, not having the water to be happier than them. It can be said that these two fire Demon King all the significances of survivals were the integration initially the Two Great Sovereign Kings will, making the hot demon clan become formidable. Now Two Great Sovereign Kings had the order, and life brand mark inheritance on Ji Dong, idea of their originally being hostile to and use to Ji Dong was already nothing left, became the most faithful death is loyal.

They to Two Great Sovereign Kings were really too familiar, was more familiar than anybody, was because of so, formerly the Two Great Sovereign Kings sound presented the time, they after the careful feeling, did not have the slightest bit to suspect. The originally Ji Dong biggest enemy is the hot demon clan, but, starting from this moment, he firmest the ally in the earth core world is also the hot demon clan, even must support to him compared with the Fire Lotus clan. Absolutely is the unconditional support. That side Fire Lotus clan, but can also be said as, because Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) are in love with the relations, making the Fire Lotus clan approve to him, but hot demon clan, but regards the head of the clan to regard him directly. When two fire Demon King cultivation base does not fuse in so to be together formidable like before now, otherwise saw a moment ago the fire spirit king must cope with Ji Dong, they already rushed. Naturally, if no stop of Fire Lotus king, even if dies, they will not make the fire spirit king injure Ji Dong.

At this moment, floated Ji Dong in midair to open both eyes slowly, his god hot Saint king Kai retreated slowly, has revealed the main body. The earth core world this fought had eventually ended, but also was we should declare war to the monthly ticket. Should throw. This month, the small three renewals have not been short, but diligently has not asked the ticket. Just entered earth core world that possibly some readers did not like, but everybody, so long as has looked, small three believe will satisfy. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 560: Acts the founder

The clothes of Ji Dong upper body already changed into the flying ash. Scarlet luo the upper body, the black hair is hanging loose in the back, a pair of eyes pupil is sparkling the golden red brilliance, the chest place, that black and white dual-color sparkles brilliant Yin-Yang Fish that quietly to revolve in his chest front.

Although formerly he has been shutting both eyes, all he but who the outside has is clear, at this moment, he does not have, because became the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches to act the founder to be happy, but is crazy looks that this assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed regarding Lie Yan (raging flames) that nine of own body revolving.

"We get down."Fire spirit king to Fire Lotus king nodded. Two big remote antiquity supreme elders simultaneously the fluttering body falls, falls side two fire Demon King, four big earth core Saint level powerhouses each other look at each other one, mutually after the nod, fire spirit king loudly said: "earth core is respective, pays a visit to act the founder Sir."

At the same time was saying, under his leadership, four Saint level powerhouses simultaneously kneel down, has knelt down including them, the earth core powerhouses and can the core elders of three big strong clans as well as other clans not kneel?

Suddenly, the earth core world 15 th entrance, besides the heavenly stems disciple, all earth core kneel down respectively completely. Has done obeisance toward Ji Dong. Fire spirit king with the Fire Lotus kings is single knee kneel down, they are the remote antiquity supreme elders who the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, the status is different, single knee kneels down to be enough. But that fire Demon King is thorougher, two fire Demon King both are the knees kneels down. In the eye is sparkling intensely excited, actually had the entire clan that is hard to conceal to kowtow good the big ritual toward Ji Dong.

The intense magic power fluctuation shakes in the air, Ji Dong shows a faint smile, he can feel in the air to fill the reverent aura, particularly came from the hot demon clan and Fire Lotus clan heartfelt admiring. But in his heart actually that grieved, in the heart said secretly: Lie Yan (raging flames), did you see? I achieved finally. I have not disappointed you. I inherited your this Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach the position of founder finally. I know what you most desired is anything, relax, I will certainly complete all these for you. What earth core world need is the peace, I will not bring the war to here. Will not destroy the earth core world all. You want, will be I certainly will complete, this point, never will forever change.

Lie Yan (raging flames), I have helped you problem solve of earth core world, could make me look for you earlier? You will certainly comply. The problem solve of earth core world, you do not have any good worry. You felt relieved that I will train one to replace the powerhouse in this founder position as far as possible sufficiently, made the entire earth core world belief. Then I evened up ten types of liquor again, stilled Dark Five Elements Continent that side matter, to that time, I have been able pure looked for you. Ten years are too long, I and others, I really not. You may know, each past one day, in my innermost feelings can withstand the innumerable suffering?

Chen Sixuan looks at both eyes of Ji Dong throughout, in her innermost feelings is also and Ji Dong equally is at this moment excited? My Little Ji Dong, you inherited me finally in the position of earth core world, although your present strength is not very formidable. However, I believe, one day you become will be stronger than me. You have the quality that many I do not have, a bit faster becomes formidable. Has the earth core world to be your backing, even if the disaster of surface world, you eventually will have a stopover, not? This is I most desired! Since I became since Chen Sixuan that day, your safety, has exceeded the earth core world in my heart. I already was not Empress of earth core world, but loved your concubine.

"Hey, thinks of the fine jade, do not look, your eyes soon the gentle drop water leakage came."Has bumped Chen Sixuan in the side remotely gently, said lowly with a smile.

Must say that the major rises are at heart most, isn't their these heavenly stems disciples? Who can think that the final result can be this unexpectedly. originally they thought that Ji Dong must die in the fire Demon King hand. But who knows, in the next moment, Ji Dong not only brings back to life, but also in such a short time became the proxy founder who the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, the ruler of entire earth core 18 Layers world. Those words, do you dare to believe?

Fu Rui said with a smile: "Little Junior Brother this earth core son-in- law's status had an effect finally. I also think a moment ago, we must fall here. The Little Junior Brother title were also many, now he has many titles, I estimated that linked him not to record clearly."

Yao Qianshu grows the tone: "How regardless to say, this pass/test Zhongyu was."

Ji Dong falls slowly to the ground, in a moment ago the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark thoroughly after his body fusion, Two Great Sovereign Kings all skill complete brand marks in his mind, before some are him, meeting , before there are him, cannot. Meanwhile, his magic power also finally broke through Level 86, went a step further again. As for the experience of actual combat experience and magic power control, that cannot weigh with level. With a Saint level high rank fire Demon King war, for him , to promote more precious than magic power level.

"Everybody gets up." The Ji Dong tranquil sound spreads, making each earth core powerhouse be able clear hearing. If no this agent founder trials, Ji Dong becomes acts the founder, perhaps now a earth core powerhouse cannot take him, can here, participate in the trials particularly before, each magic power above him. However, during trials the Ji Dong incomparably shocking performance, particularly and fire Demon King this fights the powerful strength that shows, made him obtain the approvals of these earth core living thing fully. How although his magic power is not formidable. But all -round strength is not inferior in the ordinary Saint level powerhouse.

The earth core powerhouses set out one after another, are gazing at Ji Dong, waited for that he spoke.

Ji Dong said: "Thank everybody's lifting love, making me the proxy founder who the earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught. Before how, now how, but, I must remind everybody, particularly strength strong race, if will be discovered among each races to have the civil war by me from now on, particularly exterminated the clan this situation, then, do not blame my heart evil behind-the-scenes manipulator to burn. Ended the celebration, the elders who fellow core elders and attend the ceremony can go back."

Simple a few words, have sent these non- 15 earth core powerhouses, they naturally do not dare to say anything, after Ji Dong salutes passes through 15 with 14 channels to go in abundance. Although Ji Dong this agent founder cannot make them feel a heartfelt admiration completely, but there are support of earth core three big strong clans, what do they also dare to say? Especially fire Demon King displays that nearly blind worship, made these earth core powerhouse very good restraining own mood.

Quick, these earth core powerhouses walked *. Ji Dong said: "Two fire Demon King, the fire spirit king also Fire Lotus king, I wants to chat with you."

"Yes, that goes to our castle."Two fire Demon King saying with one voice. Does not know that is the time that because they fuse was too long, the speech acts, is almost exactly the same. The fire spirit king looked at Fire Lotus king one eyes, nodded. Ji Dong just inherited the Saint to teach to act the position of founder, he also very much wants to further understand that this human, particularly regarding Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) matter, he is most curious.

The clansmen of three big strong clans diverge respectively, two fire Demon King are leading the people, including the heavenly stems disciple, returned to the hot demon clan castle directly.

Compared with the Fire Lotus clan castle, the castle of hot demon clan almost wanted in a big way one time. Inside various building also Yao Hongwei many . Moreover, can see, the time that this hot demon clan castle has that side long many compared with the Fire Lotus clan.

Fire Demon King brings the place that the people have been returning to themselves to live, is a little same as the Fire Lotus clan that side, place similarly simple make the blood boil that fire Demon King lives, because just the stature is huge, the place that he lives in also wanted in a big way.

Ji Dong feels two fire Demon King to look oneself throughout earnest vision, somewhat is funny, this was formerly wanted to enslave itself, even killed own fire Demon King? Moreover, he can also feel these two fire Demon King not to have the soul fluctuation that the slightest bit counterfeits fully.

Fire Demon King closes the door, scratched the head, said: "Founder, heard that your world art sits the speech, here does not have this view, must sit can only sit the ground."Their two will act two characters to omit intentionally. Such even also several points flattered.

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, said: "All right, is standing."At the same time was saying, his vision changes to Fire Lotus king that with Lie Yan (raging flames) almost exactly the same charming face on, "the Fire Lotus king, I wants to go to earth core 18th Layer. How can go to there?"

Fire Lotus king Leng, "earth core 18th Layer?" Fire Demon King hurries to rush saying: "Founder, that place cannot go. Even if we, could not survive there too for a long time. Their these earth core Red Lotus, after leaving 18th Layer, could not go back. Only had Empress Lie Yan and initially our two masters can go to there. Two masters had said that only if originally exists there living thing, otherwise, not having the Saint level peak strength unable to enter absolutely. There is true earth core."

Fire Lotus king Deng two fire Demon King, said: "You cannot go, cannot go on behalf of the founder, don't forget, the founder body had Her Majesty the Empress nine this to assign the Red Lotus lotus seed, by these lotus seed, went to 18th Layer sufficiently."

Fire spirit king nodded, said: "Truly so. Has Her Majesty the Empress the life lotus seed guard, should not have the issue."

Ji Dong asked: "You are the most formidable race of earth core world besides Lie Yan (raging flames), I am very curious, why you choose is living the place are 15 th, but isn't 16 and 17? could it be these two are also hard to survive like 18th Layer?"

Fire spirit king nodded, said: "Did not say is hard to survive, but is that two Fire Element is different from above several. 16 th , called the dark flame level, the entire 16 th jet black piece, comprised of the endless dark flame. The pure degree of the dark flame, like Ultra Certain Kill Skill that Dark Flames Demon King sends out whole-heartedly. Besides Empress Lie Yan your majesty, only has Dark Flames Demon King to be able there long time to survive. In our three big strong clans, the fire spirit clan and Fire Lotus clan are Yin-Yang dual attribute have both, naturally is unable to live there. But the clansmen of hot demon clan have the dark flame attribute, but wants to enter there cultivation, at least wants the Saint level high rank above. They cannot achieve by far. Therefore there naturally nobody lives. 17 th is bright flame level, the situation and 16 th similar. These two places, once were the institutes of Two Great Sovereign Kings cultivation. They promote own cultivation base in these two places to the Saint level peak." Listened to the words of these three remote antiquity supreme elders, in the Ji Dong heart not to halt production to have the doubts. Since this 16, 17 and 93 so dangerous. Then, oneself initially were not having in no magic power situation to arrive at 18th Layer, lives? Although 18th Layer has brought very big oppression strength to oneself, there is that rich Fire Element. But, oneself had not felt that can take to itself the life threat!

At the same time is thinking, Ji Dong has proposed own question.

The Fire Lotus king clearly most has the qualifications to answer him this issue, in their remote antiquity supreme elder, only then it has lived in 18th Layer, lightly sighed, said: "That was returning of Her Majesty the Empress protects inevitably. Thinks initially your first time to 18 Layers time, was transmitted in the past, Her Majesty the Empress has discovered that and has discovered the status of your human. Therefore used own strength to suppress the 18th Layer terrifying. Later, you transmitted the past time each time, Her Majesty the Empress suppressed the terrifying of 18th Layer Yin-Yang fusion with the similar method. Thus made you be able there to survive, and absorbed there pure Fire Element. If I have not guessed that wrong, the 18th Layer environment should become stronger gradually along with the growth of your strength, such can make you feel the oppression strength just right throughout, thus absorbs enough Fire Element."

The Ji Dong heart shakes, yes! Before arrived at the earth core world each time, either was practicing, either the attention on Lie Yan (raging flames), consistently has not paid attention to these. After the Fire Lotus king's reminder, recalls now, not such that just like she said? The 18th Layer environment gives itself throughout by the similar feeling. But own cultivation base from just arrived there cultivates a like this wartime to Lie Yan (raging flames) and deicide, does not know that has promoted many times. Invariable of feeling, has proven the change of environment! Thinks of these, the eye socket of Ji Dong was moist. Lie Yan (raging flames), your silently has paid these many for me, but I had not actually discovered, I was really too stupid.

Fire Lotus king then said: "After looking at your soul memory, I can affirm this point. You were impossible to survive at that time in 18th Layer. Otherwise, when Her Majesty the Empress after god of that day fights, she with the ample force you will not return to the ground world."

The content of earth core world had finished finally, small three also relaxed. Actually, to subscribe, this I can definitely not write, in that case, will not have the subscription that the scene transforms brings to reduce. However, I have no alternative but to write. The earth core world, is Ji Dong must go. This is to fondly remembering of Lie Yan (raging flames), to commemorating of Lie Yan (raging flames). Even if no hot crow clan, does not have the agent founder glory, he must step onto. True goes to earth core 18th Layer. Now, this had finished finally with a sense of relief, small three can also relax, the following content will certainly make everybody satisfy. The interesting plot I arranged.

At the end of the month, everybody has been cruel enough to look that our Wine God monthly tickets so do fall? Should vote. Does not request high, this month crashes in first ten diligently, thank you.

Finally, thank these for the book friends of sugar sugar blessing, today the sugar sugar is much better finally, the condition of my symbol also restored. Loved her.
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