Jiu Shen Chapter 541-550

Chapter 541: Thunder Emperor VS hell three dogs

The hell fire, is different from Yang Fire and Yin Fire. Its direct kill ability is not strong. However, this is actually a flame of ignition soul. And is unable to defend. For a long time fights in the hell hot range, own soul by unceasing corrosion, thus the battle efficiency continuously drops, is not good, will cause the permanent damage. It can be said that an extremely sinister and ruthless demon territory.

Although after arriving at the earth core world, these months, the heavenly stems disciples had known about the earth core lifeform, but after all understanding is not profound. One glued on by this closely associated hell fire, Fu Rui had realized is not wonderful. Hell three dogs threw to a flash, is very obvious, it must strike to kill oneself, to save physical strength.

The speed that Ji Dong and gold/metal formerly showed made most earth core powerhouses dread, but Fu Rui formerly did not have what performance. These earth core powerhouses weighed Ji Dong in the method of earth core world completely their ability. It looks like in them, some strengths must show to make others see, such other earth core living thing will fear itself. But Fu Rui is not human, although his overall cultivation base is inferior in Ji Dong and gold/metal, but could not differ many.

The Fu Rui right hand lifts, thunder Yushen the axe has emerged out of thin air, in an instant, the dazzling royal purple thunder and lightning erupts suddenly, hell fire that strength of shaking tyrannical thunder and lightning stiffly these have taken possession. Meanwhile, Fu Rui angrily roared, Yang Thunder condensation law appeared behind him again outrageously. In the eye royal purple ray is greatly bright, dragon of the thunder and lightning condenses baseless, the carrying/sustaining his body is flying horizontally ten meters, the shunt in nearly the impossible situation the hell three dogs this threw actually.

Must know, in hell hot range, momentarily was locked by the hell three dogs. Hell three dogs have prepared release talent skill, may not think, unexpectedly by Fu Rui horizontal body shunt. Its that huge body falls to the ground, nature on inevitable because of stopping skill, but sluggish.

thunder Yushen the axe resides in top of the head high, the body of Fu Rui rises suddenly against the wind, the strength of terrifying thunder and lightning when dragon of carrying/sustaining that thunder and lightning his body is flying horizontally, fully erupted. Not only the strength of his own thunder and lightning, stores up thunder and lightning magic power in Yang Crown also comprehensively to bloom.

From a both sides contact time, Fu Rui has discovered that oneself and strengths of this hell three dogs have the disparity at present. Not only the disparity between magic power, simultaneously he can also feel clearly, this hell three dog that three big ends can bring the fatal threat to oneself. To defeat it, can rely on is unexpectedly as well as their heavenly stems disciple by a lasting law explosive force.

Hell three dogs despise Fu Rui without doubt, when Fu Rui is bringing the hell fire by own pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power shunt hell three dogs when throws, he has chosen the eruption without hesitation. Once the dogfight gets down, making the opposite party detect the mystery of own divine tool thunder Yushen axe is, only consumes, Fu Rui cannot withstand. After all, in this earth core world, he simply does not have the following strength. Therefore. He has chosen the instantaneous eruption. In this fight from the beginning, on being outspoken own strength complete explosion.

thunder Yushen the axe in the Fu Rui top of the head, changed into the incomparably clear purple instantaneously, all thunder and lightning rays vanished in this moment unexpectedly, the body after Fu Rui that inflation and lifted up high thunder Yu the god axe above top of the head to turn into such purple completely. Meanwhile, the hell three dog that huge bodies had been covered by a thunder and lightning forest. The Fu Rui demon territory, thousand thunder break into a jail.

Can you demon territory, could it be I unable? Hell three dogs do not throw, just wants to turn around the personal appearance time, actually discovered own body is fierce paralysis. Although this paralysis is not enough to injure it truly, but is sluggish its motion is actually without question.

Thousand thunder break into a jail the time that can continue are five seconds, although the hell three dogs cultivation base is greatly strengthened, but its huge body also means that must withstand many thunder and lightning, from paralysis and sluggish to reversing body, takes three seconds. But this short three seconds added on formerly sluggishness again, were enough regarding Fu Rui.

How thunder Yushen the axe has not become huge, only then four chi (0.33 m), when the body of Fu Rui curved becomes an arch in the midair, both hands grip tightly thunder Yushen the axe, under the entire body instantaneous person axe unites chops instant. The vision of airborne that three remote antiquity supreme elders contracts.

They can certainly see. Because Fu Rui is not fire attribute Mage, does not have the backing in this earth core world. How can also feel on Fu Rui that not formidable magic power fluctuation. Fu Rui magic power could not even have compared the clansman of any Fire Lotus clan. Therefore, before Fu Rui, falls into the hell fire, they as if saw his failure.

But, who can think, when thunder Yushen axe, the hell fire by restraint stiffly outside, at least temporarily is unable to approach to the body of Fu Rui unexpectedly, thus makes his stiffly works loose from locking of hell fire, and shunt throwing of hell three dogs have struck, has won enough time to oneself? But strength that at this moment, Fu Rui erupts, can it be that ordinary Eight-Crown can Mage compare favorably?

Acme Yang Thunder magic power, in the magic power level, was not inferior in most powerhouse, this has not calculated, thunder Yushen the axe promoted another level Fu Rui magic power directly, thunder Yushen the axe was ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail does not know that bred many years to form with the aid of the strength of heavenly thunder. That of thunder strength and contains, is present Fu Rui is unable to display completely. One of this thunder Yushen axe talent characteristics, is the broken demon. Breaks all magic power to be cut off. But this time Fu Rui, relies on lasting law to last thunder and lightning strength in Yang Crown, stiffly raised the Nine-Crown Mage rank own magic power, was joined to the comprehensive eruption of thunder Yushen axe again, the Yang Thunder condensation law as well as his own secret skill. The explosive force of this flash, made three remote antiquity supreme elders who the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches be moved sufficiently. Around this big of disparity, made them be hard to imagine.

At this time, Fire Lotus king Turan has remembered the confidence of Lie Yan (raging flames) to Ji Dong. These human, really cannot come to see with the appraisal of earth core lifeform! Their strengths are not perhaps strong, but. Their potential are actually unquantifiable.

When the hell three dogs have turned around, saw that wipes the strong purple, has been full of the lonesome and quiet purple. Its body is so huge, was unable to dodge in this moment. At this moment, it can feel clearly, oneself life was threatened enormously. In this case, it will certainly not have the slightest bit to retain, the central big end of opens the mouth spurts crazily, one group of suffocating fireballs baseless. The fireball presents for in the hell fire same quiet blue color, is one of the hell three dogs talent skills, the hell arrives at the ball.

Hell three dogs have three big ends, has three talent skills, by it as cultivation base of king of hell dog, each talent skill compares favorably with existence in Ultra Certain Kill Skill. It looks like in it, the attack of Fu Rui can threaten its life, so long as this hell arrives at the ball to help it resist, making it have the time to set aside the hand, did not fear the opposite party.

What a pity, the hell three dogs do not understand it like Fu Rui, it does not understand Fu Rui similarly. Right, in thousand thunder break into a jail, it only used for three seconds to turn around. However. That thousand thunder break into a jail time also for two seconds of continuing, this is doomed its body certainly to be affected. The hell arrived at the ball is emits, but its body also some strength bad feelings after thunder and lightning paralysis. At least must pass for two seconds, this feeling can along with it disappearance.

Fu Rui and Ji Dong in together time how long? Ji Dong is good at calculating, this Senior Brother many have also learned a point. These two seconds, originally within his computation.

Saw that the hell arrives at the ball to emit from the hell three dog mouths, Fu Rui that hideaway on the face after helmet, revealed a somewhat self-satisfied smile. Three dogs, you were swindled. Let alone is you. Even if my Little Junior Brother, has not seen the skill that I have displayed at present. This skill biggest characteristics expressed with four characters appropriately, that was: Staking everything on a single throw of the dice. So-called stakes everything on a single throw of the dice. The intrinsic meaning lies, does not succeed and dies for a righteous cause.

Arrives at the ball facing the hell, glitteringly and translucent carving is similar to the amethyst general thunder Yu god axe, glistens unexpectedly together the bewitching ray, strange appeared. No one has thought that will have such situation. On the axe blade of thunder Yushen axe, when does not know, were many a strange circular design, above portrays anything unable to see clearly, but actually gives people an extremely gloomy feeling.

The blue light and purple light also glisten, the next flash, three first six items of hell three dogs actually coagulated. It saw with amazement, the talent skill that the central big end emits, the hell arrived at the ball to vanish unexpectedly. Right, baseless vanished.

Even if this hell arrives at the ball to be cut by a Fu Rui axe, the hell three dogs so will not be surprised, but, its hell arrived at the ball such to vanish, can make it not panic-stricken? Let alone, at this time, it also withstands thousand thunder to break into a jail, moment that the successor feels weak. While thousand thunder break into a jail vanishes, the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe also happen to cut above the hell three dog big ends. Buzz, the bodies of hell three dogs shake crazily, the next moment, all earth core powerhouses saw, the Fu Rui body as well as thunder Yushen the axe above purple sweeps away. Meanwhile, unequalled thundering resounds in the hell three dog central big end of places.

A strange light group, looked like the body adsorptions of hell three dogs has resembled there, the entire light group diameter was only three meters, surrounding, was the royal purple electric light fluctuation, but, then completely was jet black such as the look of black ink.

The body of Fu Rui, one from the hell three dogs flashes not to have. The next flash, it appeared in the hell three dogs behind. When lang, thunder Yushen the axe shaft inserts in the ground, this reluctantly supports his nearly to escape the strength the body. Can see from chest place fierce fluctuating. This time Fu Rui panting in gulps. Needs to depend upon the thing to support, obviously this time consumption is huge, so long as now the strength of hell three dog also wars, then, suffering a defeat and fleeing inevitably is he.

That group extremely strange black light group has continued for nearly five seconds, gradually is pale. But during these five seconds, the bodies of hell three dogs that stagnates there is motionless.

When the personal appearance of hell three dogs appear, floats in airborne fire Demon King, the corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer.

The hell three dog central that big ends vanished thoroughly, by two heads on surplus, but, looks like in fire Demon King, this war, Fu Rui must die without doubt. To cut to kill hell three dogs, then, must reduce its three completely. Formerly when the Fu Rui overhead cut that axe, fire Demon King judged, Fu Rui must die without doubt.

The hell dog is also the dog class. The dog classes and wolf common identities, that is the copper head gagger bean curd waist, what is frailest is the waist, but the head is hardest. The weakness of hell three dogs in the neck place, wants smoothly kills it, then, if wants the means to start from the neck, reduces its three, this can thorough kills it. But the hell dogs of two heads, most are cultivation base drop some, but actually will become wilder.

Not only fire Demon King thinks like this, almost the most earth core powerhouses have the similar view. Even if Fire Lotus king Lieyan is also same. Ji Dong and King's heart also slightly sinks. Once the hell three dogs launch the attack to Fu Rui again, even if unable to continue to participate in this selection, Ji Dong certain strategic place will also exit the Senior Brother to rescue.

The powerhouses on the scene, the only idea is different, is the fire spirit king. In the fire spirit king Yan ray is beating slightly. If carefully looks, then, certainly can see to shock two characters from his eyes.

Sneering the next moment of fire Demon King corners of the mouth place condensed, because, his clear seeing, eyes of hell three dog another two big ends turned into the grey unexpectedly, does not have the vitality grey. Nine meters huge body, divides into two unexpectedly, changes into two pieces, falls to the ground loudly.

Right, the hell three dogs lose one not dead, but, if the body were also dug continually to become enlightened two halves? Does it also likely continue to go on living?

Shocks, writes all over on the face of earth core powerhouses, all people look that the Fu Rui vision changed. Ranks in the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches in 36 core elders the seventh hell three dogs, such one was struck the second to kill by Fu Rui unexpectedly. This who can believe?

Fu Rui panting returns to normal gradually, royal purple rays flow in backward into within the body from the thunder Yu god axe in his hand, pours into several points of magic power for his nearly dry meridians.

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Chapter 542: thunder Yumie the demon breaks and swallows law

The fight had ended, but Fu Rui in light of this has not actually left. He has turned around, in front of the hell three dog corpses that arrives at die. crystal core that first after picks up in the ground the first big end had been rumbled to be broken, falls. Then lifts to remove mines prison god axe, two, will lose hell three dog another two of magic power protection to cut, took out two crystal core respectively. Three fist sizes, are sending out in the crystal core total revenue pouch of gloomily blue colored light glow, this leisurely however turns around to move toward Ji Dong and that side gold/metal.

What an numerous earth core powerhouse looks is dumbfounded, strikes to kill the match in the trials is not anything, but so powerful destroys the corpse to take out crystal core, this regarding a hell dog clan, it can be said that huge insult. Both sides must have surely do not die the continuous bitter hatred. Must know, comes to participate in the also six hell double headed dogs of this celebration along with the king of hell three dogs hell dog, although they have not entered for the trials. But at this time looks the Fu Rui vision has actually wished one could to eat him directly.

Regarding these, Fu Rui looks like has not seen, static stands firm side Ji Dong, Ji Dong raises up the thumb to the Senior Brother, gold/metal also approaches Fu Rui nodded.

This is standard defeating a superior enemy. Even if Fu Rui has thunder Yushen the axe, is inferior to the hell three dogs in all -round strength. In this case, he can also win. This already, not only the strength was so simple, computation, experience and eruption. Indispensable.

"Senior Brother, can tell me, the did skill that you used a moment ago what call?"Ji Dong asked in a low voice.

Fu Rui shows a faint smile, "naturally. This skill is I after breaking through Eight-Crown comprehends. Because the destructive power is too strong, stakes everything on a single throw of the dice, therefore I have not used. Today happen to tries the hand with that only three dogs. Its name was called thunder Yumie the demon broken. The attack center, you saw the position that the black ray is, its might breaks into a jail the thunder that under chops to compare favorably with ten thousand thunder sufficiently. If with the aid of thunder Yushen the axe and lasting law magic power, I am not is impossible to send."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Congratulates the Senior Brother, comprehended five elements method swallowing."He is intelligent, after careful observation and seriously ponders, he understood key that Fu Rui subdues. Although this thunder Yumie demon broken might tyrannical incomparable. But Ji Dong has also discovered its issue. This skill already, not only single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but is one is similar to single body close combat Ultra Certain Kill Skill that extinguishing the god strikes. Therefore, its might so will be tyrannical. Only then chops to cut with thunder Yushen the axe truly after the match body, the might of this skill can erupt. It is unable to extinguish like oneself that the god strikes in match within the body erupts by.

The key that Fu Rui wins is not only thunder Yumie the demon broken might, lay in formerly that instantaneously swallowed the hell of match to arrive at the ball. Otherwise, thunder Yumie the demon broken, although the might is tyrannical, may meet a impediment of Ultra Certain Kill Skill, most can also take to some hell three dog injuries by. But Fu Rui actually already, because used this skill to find time all magic power, later can only , whatever the hell three dogs butchered. Reason that he can end to win the match, lies in that instantaneous swallowing, swallowed the hell to arrive at the ball. Then makes the prison extinguish the demon broken might to affect completely on the hell three dogs, a meritorious military service becomes.

Origin that this swallows, is five elements method. five elements method altogether has nine, any attribute is the same. The first six difficulty degrees are similar. But final three wanted to cultivate successfully is extremely difficult. This five elements swallows law, is seventh in nine law. One of law that three are extremely difficult to cultivate. Swallows a law function is not auxiliary, but is the direct role in the actual combat.

When actual combat, the use swallows law to attach in the skill. So long as attack magic power of match is lower than use to swallow law attack magic power. Then, swallows the law swallowing effect to start immediately. Swallows the attack of match instantaneously. Swallows law principle any attribute to be the same. That instantaneously opens a narrow and small space, swallows another world the opposite party skill. Showed that small black hole is the same. If attack magic power of match surpassed has swallowed a law user, swallows a law effect to vanish, did not have an effect.

This law Ji Dong also once attempted to comprehend, but had not succeeded, has not actually thought, own Senior Brother stepped the previous step, comprehended one of the final three big law. By these three big ultimate five elements method swallowing, this can draw support from the strength of instantaneous eruption, struck to kill the hell three dogs directly.

Fu Rui looks at Ji Dong, shows a faint smile, said: "Little Junior Brother, the following fight I could not help you. Looked your. These earth core powerhouses are really unusual. You are certainly careful, I can defeat that hell three dogs to be very lucky."

After the short shock, fire spirit king announced, the second war started. This time, is the wars of two earth core living thing. And a side, came from the powerhouse of hot demon clan. Ji Dong not again and Fu Rui exchanges, but view with total concentration guards the threshing floor battle. Knows oneself and other side and is undefeated in many battles. Only then understood these earth core living thing the forms of combat, can better resists with them. Formerly although that hell three dogs did not have to display completely, but made Ji Dong be vigilant. Has traded itself, wants to win the hell three dogs , not easy matter. That has three talent skills fellows.

Fight continuations one after another, the hot demon clan showed the formidable strength, the matches who in addition they faced how were not formidable, four hot demon clan entering the war who entered the stage one after another, all won. Must know, their matches in weak, is the core elder who the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches. Can obtain so the result, obviously the hot demon clan now is formidable.

"Sixth, both sides go to battle." The fire spirit king's order issues once more.

Ji Dong form flashes, gold/metal fluttered, golden light ball that she attains, inside brand mark the digit, is six.

Like Fu Rui, gold/metal while the body flutters, but, has removed camouflage, the golden mail-armor and helmet quietly appears, in the right hand, the court eunuch manufacturer emerges out of thin air, her height has about 1.8 meters, the length of court eunuch manufacturer has actually been six meters, that giant gold/metal scissors made one have to attach great importance to the visual impact strength. Let alone she formerly and Ji Dong first ballot light ball person. Showed that formidable strength including Fu Rui, gold/metal this entered the stage, immediately made the match not dare to have the slightest bit to despise.

From luck. gold/metal Fu Rui is better than be more, she faces does not place first several core elders, but is one seems also very much looks like human, how the body sends out the magic power fluctuation not intense match.

King's match height about two meters, comes up the judgment from the vision, cannot see the men and women, but the look of its similar human made one be able to think very worth looking . The purple black double pupil of bewitching has a soul-stirring attraction. What is more unusual, its upper body person, the lower part of the body is actually towing a long snake tail.

Before entering 15 th, Ji Dong carefully studied the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach the races and appearances of core 36 elders. Sees this fellow, he told gold/metal the material of opposite party immediately.

Hot monster king, its hot monster clan in earth core ranked 24 th in the world, but as it of hot monster king, cultivation base actually only arranges in order in the core elder in 26 th. Must know, in race rank including three big strong clans, but the core elder ranks does not have three big strong clans. The individual strength rank of this hot monster king, obviously, it in the core elder, how the strength is not formidable.

Naturally, this is only relatively speaking, can take the post of the earth core world 36 core elders, how can there be the generation of being easy?

Hot monster king Niudong the snake tail of lower part of the body, place of graceful arriving hundred meters away from gold/metal was stopping. Through soul fluctuation supple sound said: "Your aura told me, you should be female, such being the case, I was a male. You look, my beautiful?"With the words, its body sends out several points of male character unexpectedly, but its pair of purple black both eyes are look like two giant eddy currents to be common, are gazing at gold/metal.

At this time, a clear of fire spirit king drank had handed down from generation to generation. The first round sixth trials start.

Follows focuses on the change of pupil light, the body of hot monster king as if becomes fuzzy, the body surrounding ray is twisting. The overall aura is sending out a strangeness as deep as a well.

gold/metal stands there has not moved, in hot monster king heart secretly rejoices, its combat capability in the core elder truly is quite weak. But actually ability of spiritual attack. Hot monster clan monoecism, therefore, regardless of the match is the male gender or the female, they can attract. Saw that gold/metal has not moved the body, hot monster king Zi thinks that prevailed. Is swaying from side to side the snake tail, approaches slowly toward gold/metal. From far to near, its that strength of spiritual attracting can also along with it enhancement.

May at this moment, suddenly, the body of hot monster king fierce shivers, its pair is similar to the vortex general strange eye pupil suddenly closed, the pain was called one, the body instantaneous nose oven that moved ahead, the intense red light gushed out from within the body.

Its pain shouted, was because it saw a pair of golden eye pupil suddenly, came from King's golden eye pupil. That flash, it only thought that had two sharp thorns to prick in oneself eye ruthlessly, the fierce pain makes the hot monster king have to close both eyes immediately. Because it can feel clearly, even if delays again for one second, own eyes was perhaps blind.

Eclipse date phoenix Huo'er had the eye of talent skill phoenix, after the first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein awakens gold/metal, has eye of dragon Huang the bloodlines unique talent skill Divine Dragon. Let alone is hot monster king spirit attracts, even if the Ji Dong silver of demon territory illusion is unable to confuse she. The behavior that the hot monster king thinks oneself clever, simply shows off meager skills before an expert.

In this moment, King's body has been similar to the terrain flight generally fled, the widow manufacturer drags after behind, looks like together the golden sword light to the feeling of person, hundred meters distance almost stretches across instantaneously.

At this time, the hot monster king showed it as the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the strength of core elder. Regarding gold/metal, it did not have the slightest bit to despise. Discovered that own spirit does not attract good, but body nose oven at the same time has made dealing. originally only then two meters high body looked like blasted open the appearance the change. The snake tail swings rapidly, in an instant, turned into fiery-red unexpectedly, the height has achieved 20 meters great snake all over the body. The snake tail contraction, plate to become Shezhen, the giant tongue flame emits. Directly soars gold/metal assault. The temperature in air also along with it dramatic rise. gold/metal removes the camouflage time, the hot monster king has judged her Metal department attribute, medium baking temperature of gold/metal five elements, saw that the spirit does not attract the function, it naturally must output oneself magic power whole-heartedly. Consumes King's magic power with the chart, on this earth core world 15 th. Fire Element is rich, hot monster king naturally can supplement magic power high-speed, but gold/metal does not have any outside Metal Element support.

Can arrive at the earth core lifeform that here participates in the selection, without a doubt is the eminents in earth core world. Has is not inferior in the wisdom of human. Formerly Fu Rui made an numerous earth core powerhouse shocked with three hell dog that wars, but also similarly made them see Ji Dong their flaw, that was non- fire attribute was not lasting. Therefore, the hot monster king is fruitless after the discovery spirit attack, immediately has chosen the most correct method. Did not strive, cherishing only the hope of avoiding mistakes active, regardless of opposite party strength whether surpassed itself, so long as insisted some time, consumed King's Eighth Metal magic power, it naturally can win. This hot monster king was even mouth dripping with greed to gold/metal, can eat a human the physical body, since this has been it continuously dream.

What a pity, vainly hoped for that is happy, but whether to realize does not say. When the hot monster king thinks oneself clever. The dragon mouth actually nearly chin of its crazy torching flame falls.

Changes the body on you? In gold/metal heart sneers, the transition of body suddenly in the midair, hides the flame of opening fire monster king to emit. The tender body rising typhoon on, increased in a flash into the upper air, swings the body in a flash, under the tender body in the intense golden light covers changes instantaneously.

Giant resplendent golden dragon wing(s) launches in the back, beginning Zulong unique tyrannical dragon clan aura surge. gold/metal has shown its dragon clan main body. Because she is the bodies of half -and-a-half people of dragon, inherits is the beginning Zulong bloodlines. Therefore, she when the transformation human form and dragon shape, does not need the support force of Saint level. This is her body shape. This is also the ancestor of Land Dragon helps her complete.

King's body is not very huge, height approximately about 15 meters, but, do not forget, what her body sends out is how the aura. That is first- generation dragon clan immediate heredity bloodlines! Even if now dragon Huang, is pure by the bloodlines , is unable to compare favorably with her by far!

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Chapter 543: gold/metal VS hot monster king

In world, when the world first took shape. Also there is a earth core world, is, the birth of earth core lifeform, compared with the ground lifeform early. The ophidia is in itself the Asian Chinese people. Although the hot monster king dragon clan bloodlines are quite thin, but when the beginning Zulong aura appears when its front, its body unconscious shivers. Although its strength already extremely formidable, magic power also above gold/metal, but, came from the high-rank dragon clan pressure makes the thought sharp drop that in its heart revolts against.

Shows the dragon clan body and spirit, gold/metal body in airborne turns, threw in front of the hot monster king. Has not used any Metal department magic power, below the belly two huge dragon claw the front surface has grasped.

The hot monster king responded at this time, when it plans to revolt, actually suddenly discovered, oneself is unable to control the body. Although this process has continued the flash, but also enough gold/metal threw to arrive in front of it from airborne.

The prestige of Zulong, facing any dragon clan, the Yalong Clan, all can produce is three seconds of tyrannical suppression. Only if has with the ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein of gold/metal similar density, otherwise, this suppression absolutely establishes. But King's father the ancestor of Land Dragon, is all Yalong's ancestors. What hot monster king Ruguo faces is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Perhaps some of its also opportunities. But it meets has ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein gold/metal. This opportunity when the prestige of Zulong shows, was nothing left.

dragon claw falls, grasping ruthlessly into the nape of the neck vital part of hot monster king, another has grasped in its body center-section, only listens to gold/metal to face upward dragon cry. the next moment, the hot monster king that huge and tenacious body, directly was ripped two sections by her unexpectedly, the big blood rain changes into the steaming blood fog in the surroundings blazing environment. Hot monster king Qili is whooshing. May not have any opportunity again.

Two sections of corpses cast off by gold/metal conveniently, the huge dragon body soars once more, dragon eye glitters, looks about the fresh splendor. Remote to three big remote antiquity supreme elders, King's imposing manner is the slightest is not weak. Circles for one week later. Then changes into the golden light to fall side Ji Dong together, densified person.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, two people saying with one voice: "Too violence."

Formidable is not fearful, opportunity that at least also hardly puts together, but Fu Rui and gold/metal display successively, has actually proven to an numerous earth core powerhouse, the powerhouse of your earth core world truly has the formidable strength, coming out that but, this strength must be able to display in the actual combat is good. Clearly, formerly these two three hell dog hot monster kings, simply has not displayed own strength. Successively perishes, moreover is dies not entire corpse, hot monster king Geng was lived to rip the live crack. Came three human, such valiance that two displayed, but that has not gotten rid obviously is the head. The earth core powerhouses have had to attach great importance to them. After all. The forms of combat of human were too for them strange.

Complete six trials that finished, conclusion quickest is gold/metal and Fu Rui that two, it can be said that decided the victory and defeat in a flash. But in other four, although hot demon clan that four clansmen also showed the formidable strength, when but they facing various clan head of the clan, was a time-comsuming to obtain the final victory.

Fire spirit king hesitant, announced the start of seventh trials. The trials continue, but without a doubt, the Ji Dong three people became the focal points of audience.

gold/metal and Ji Dong look at each other one, to his gently nodded, King's meaning Ji Dong can not be clear? Here, does not have the supplement of Metal department magic power, but Ji Dong then must enter the war, impossible and other partners start five elements Yin-Yang to restore magic power together. Therefore, she wants help/gang as far as possible Ji Dong, must maintain the strength. This war, gold/metal had achieved the best degree a moment ago without doubt, she was almost relying on the body as well as the innate on Saint level restraint completely wins, magic power consumed minimal, later may also fight again, not like Fu Rui. Did not have ability that continues to go on stage.

Ji Dong is gazing at the situation in field calmly, fights to continue, besides beforehand gold/metal and Fu Rui that two, the fight between earth core powerhouses almost decides the victory and defeat by the strength.

The trials first round carries on the 12 th time, hot demon clan that height ten meters have the Pinnacle Two Fires two departments hot demon to be taken to the threshing ground finally. Its luck is also extremely good, match who pulls out unexpectedly might as well before flatter broad face to the hot monster king, ten seconds, has only used for ten seconds, it relied on own formidable magic power and soul oppression strength has routed the match. From beginning to end, but gets rid one time. The match instantaneously is separated from the battlefield, admitted defeat directly. In situation that in knowing perfectly well is impossible to defeat, who is willing to sacrifice own life to spell?

After the red flame that 13 th, the Fire Lotus clan only representative, Ji Dong most pays attention to followed closely formerly that strong fire demon, entered the stage. The luck of red flame was inferior that the hot demon was so good, she meets, can rank the first ten matches in the core elder, has the hot praying mantis king of name of earth core slaughtering.

A hot praying mantis clan, is not in the earth core world is too strong, the entire tribal group can only rank in the earth core world in 20 th about, might as well by the hot owlet clan that Ji Dong they exterminate the clan. However, this hot praying mantis king can actually rank to the core elder first ten positions, it can be imagined, its individual strength was tyrannical. Reason that according to the understanding of Ji Dong, this hot praying mantis clan the rank can only in 20, the primary cause be because their clansman quantities are quite few, only has more than 300. Otherwise, by individual combat capability, disperses into first ten without question only.

The body and Ji Dong of hot praying mantis king have seen the praying mantis difference is not big, is only the hind leg compared with ordinary praying mantis sturdy many. The back pair of wings launches, looks like two giant flower petals is ordinary, is most astonishing, was the two handle broadswords on its forearm.

The height of hot praying mantis king only then three meters, but these two handle broadsword lengths have actually been two meters five, blade over one foot, the front is widely curving, is divided into two sections. Dark red flowing light on knife point partly visible, does not need to distinguish carefully, can feel its terrifying easily the striking power.

The red flame stands before hot praying mantis king, appears tiny were many, but, no one dares to despise her. Knows very well the person who red flame, understands she is lofty in the status of Fire Lotus clan. cultivation base also similarly is under the Fire Lotus king the first person of Fire Lotus clan. It seems young pretty she, has the extremely tyrannical strength, if not has the enormous confidence to her, Fire Lotus king Lieyan only will not send her to participate in the trials.

The red flame to the hand signal that the hot praying mantis king makes invitation, the two handle broadswords of hot praying mantis king foreleg collided mutually, was returns a courtesy. On former these several trials, they were also considered as on is a politest pair. In the clangour, the next flash, the body of hot praying mantis king flushed, the rapidness of speed. From the sky has left behind a series of afterimage.

Ji Dong both eyes of observing narrow the eyes, are relying on the strong eyesight and soul strength, he can clear seeing, this hot praying mantis king in launch, its flower petal pair of wings shiver unceasingly. That is not optional tremor, but constantly is adjusting the angle, auxiliary body as far as possible promotes the pinnacle the speed. Without a doubt, the superiority of this earth core powerhouse is the speed and attack. During throws to strike, as frigid erupted from it as the pinnacle aura. Two handle broadswords launch by the body, the dark red light cuts generally alternately just like two red lightnings.

That two handle broadswords, in airborne also similarly brought afterimage. Tail flame that even the also naked eye is hard to catch. It seems their lengths, only then two meters five, but this wields, its attack range at least about ten meters. Hot praying mantis king pair of forearm blade has an extremely tyrannical name in the earth core world, is called: Asura double blade. Once the strength surpassed the earth core race of hot praying mantis clan to destroy them. Under the Asura double blade of hot praying mantis king, in short time of double-hour, caught the blood of opposite party more than 1300 clansmen, since then a war becomes famous, the reputation of earth core slaughtering also like this comes.

Surface getting a light from another light praying mantis king attack, the red flame startled, graceful tender body same place had not been moving on own initiative slightly gently. Misconception on a vision appears in the observing eyes immediately. At this moment, her body as if really turned into a red lotus flower, in same place blooms quietly. Facing that giant hot praying mantis king Asura double blade, this lotus flower appears is that delicate, but has a clear beyond description to be expensive.

The blade falls, wastes, that is revolving Red Lotus scatters in all directions to flutter about under the Asura double blade, changes into the innumerable flower petals to flutter in the sky. That moment when it deflects on the blade, in Ji Dong heart an inexplicable pain, he as if saw that initially Lie Yan (raging flames) withered and fell, the double fist subconsciousness has gripped tightly.

The flower petal of fluttering, from the sky dances in the air, completely lost the form of red flame, these flower petals from the sky are dancing in the air, is almost has covered the body of hot praying mantis king in a flash.

The Asura double blade of hot praying mantis king no doubt is incomparably verve, but has met this delicate weak flower petal, what can it make? The dark red light, interweaves light screens in the sky, as far as possible prevents these flower petals outside. Can see from its motion, this hot praying mantis king regarding this day airborne flower petal was how watchful.

Cannot put forth powerfully, Ji Dong judges its present feeling for the hot praying mantis king immediately. The speed and striking power of this fellow are without a doubt. Even its attack might must in formerly and Fu Rui to the three hell dogs of war above. But, it meets is actually red flame illusory match. Ended to subdue|grams like gold/metal the hot monster king, the red flame also similarly ended to subdue|grams it.

The essential issue is, hot praying mantis king simply could not find the red flame the main body, its attack is unable to start. The red flame is the earth core Red Lotus incarnation, can say, here simply her main body has not been. Completely is condensed by magic power and soul. In some sense, looks like with the fire spirit clan very much. But stated differently. The fire spirit clan absolutely does not have body, but the Fire Lotus clan also earth core Red Lotus source exists.

At this moment, on that each flower petal, is supplementing the soul and magic power of red flame. Ji Dong can feel clearly, so long as the red flame wants, she momentarily can make any flower petal transform as oneself body.

Suddenly, that temperate flower petal suddenly accelerates, each flower petal dances in the air in the extreme twist, from all directions, the light screen toward under fire praying mantis king that Asura double knife- shaped copper coin wallops, but. Each flower petal when contacting the light screen of Asura double blade, will revolve fiercely, then gently shoots, but the main body of hot praying mantis king was actually similar to suffers the electric shock to be common, fierce shivered.

This trials did not have the suspense, the hot praying mantis king is unable to display own superiority in front of the red flame, even if the red flame is unable to break through its defense. It cannot consume completely.

The Asura double blade of hot praying mantis king waved the speed slowly gradually, saw, cannot resist the residence to have the attack of flower petal. At this moment, suddenly, all flower petals receive suddenly, condenses the forming in Asura double blade front, the red flame reappears. Under the internal combustion engine hauling, the Asura double blade of hot praying mantis king pursues to cut, before all aggrieved as if in this cuts to erupt. Everyone can feel to obtain, under the attack range of this pair of blade straight line, the might at least must be the single body intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill level.

The red flame even continually looked that has not gone to look at hot praying mantis king one eyes, in that tyrannical blade light, her body baseless vanished, looks like the wave ripples generally, melts in the air. Where does not know from, flutters six red flower petals, static encircles in the hot praying mantis king that frailest slender neck place, has not attacked, is only that static stop.

Deeply does not see the bottom gully to appear before the hot praying mantis king together, the might of its Asura double blade made anybody creepy feeling sufficiently. Even if Ji Dong, self-examined that will not go with the physical body with it contending. The body of Saint level cannot block such terrifying destructive power absolutely.

That deeply does not see the bottom gully, altogether only has a finger/refers of width. Moreover does not have any to thunder to resound, can attacking magic power collects to so the degree, Ji Dong or any person of heavenly stems disciple, self-examines unable to achieve. 30 meters in length gully, looks like in the ground a sudden tiny crack, if not pay attention, will not detect its existence. However, the powerhouses on the scene, actually everyone can feel that blazing ice-cold. If what result this were cut by the upfront will have?

Even but if, is so formidable hot praying mantis king, as before has actually defeated, it has not dared to move the slightest, otherwise, the next moment, its head will divide family property with the body.

Hot praying mantis king although is valiant, degree that but actually valiantly to does not want to commit suicide, therefore it has not moved, does not dare to move. Divides the Asura double blade that cuts not to lift eventually again.

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Chapter 544: Thermal power mouse king

"I lost." The soul fluctuation of hot praying mantis king spreads. That six flower petals floating go, formed once more, has revealed the red flame appearance/portrait.

Lifts a heavy weight as if light, if floating the immortal, with these two words described that the victory of red flame is appropriate. If gold/metal that war, is cruelest. Then, this war, is most temperate. Both sides both do not have any damage, starts from the trials now, this is first time.

Hot praying mantis king Shuqi that Asura double blade, the head of triangle selected toward the red flame, the body bounced, withdrew from the competition.

The vision of red flame looks like toward powerhouses who treating fights, her vision very natural falling on Ji Dong. Glances the circulation, as if has meaning of several points of provocation. Naturally, this is the ideas of other powerhouses. Ji Dong completely was another feels. What he feels is the curiosity in red flame vision, a also several points of light concern. She in curious in my ability? Quick you will see.

Powerhouse who 52 participate in the trials, the first round altogether 26 groups pursue to slaughtering, when Ji Dong enters the stage, arrived at the 20 th group. Without a doubt, this regarding Ji Dong. Is extremely good. Can observe the forms of combat of these earth core world top powerhouses to have the enormous advantage first some time for him. Only has the understanding match, can better victorious match. Hears fire spirit king to announce 20 th group of enter the venue time, Ji Dong walked very much calmly. He has not flown directly like other participating earth core powerhouses or is moves sideways, but was slowly walked. When he starts to walk first, his match arrived in the location.

Contrasts the words of match, the Ji Dong luck can unable to reach an agreement does not go bad, his match is a height, only then one meter, the semblance is similar to the mole common fellow, this unusual earth core living thing has a pair of big foot, length over one foot of each foot, like the fins of duck. The body covers one to be suitable for the slippery fiery-red fur/superficial knowledge extremely, a pair of small eyes turning round chaotic revolutions. On two not long former claws, is growing four five cuns (2.5 cm) sharp thorns respectively. This should be its weapon.

It can be said that this is Ji Dong has seen in Rank 10 magic beast, build smallest. However, this actually does not affect its risk. The whole body fiery-red short wool explodes slightly, the originally diminutive body rolls up slightly, slightly receives including the sharp claws of both hands in the chest front, makes to gather the appearance that the potential waits.

The thermal power mouse king, the core elder ranks 14 th, a thermal power mouse clan is quite low-key existence in the earth core lifeform, Ji Dong does not have what material to them. However, from the body of thermal power mouse king, he has been able to see something.

Fast the thermal power mouse king who Ji Dong and arrives at the battlefield is entirely opposite, he faces forward to walk step by step, every time treads the previous step, imposing manner will ascend several points. The aura of whole person also obviously becomes tyrannicalally. Wears god hot Saint king Kai, the fierce mask is makes one unable to see the expression on his face. Release that golden red exclusive radiance is outspoken, his magic power clearly compared with thermal power mouse king weak, but, got the absolute winning side in the imposing manner. That thermal power mouse king looks like a little Xiaojiao in sea, in Ji Dong that is similar to under the squally shower general huge pressure impact trembles. Ji Dong does not certainly think that this thermal power mouse king good copes, in fact, can attend at present the war of this selection, where has to be easy to cope?

All people can feel oppressive that on Ji Dong that ascends unceasingly, as a result of existence of exclusive radiance, in this moment, nobody can judge his magic power to be what kind of degree, dazzling golden red radiance, has covered the body of Ji Dong in completely, could not see clearly his human form. The unknown match is most fearful, Ji Dong must take to the thermal power mouse king is this feeling.

Had concealing of exclusive radiance, at this time actually even if were the three Saint level powerhouses in sky is unable to find out the Ji Dong strength how. In small eyes of thermal power mouse king, the vigilant ray started becomes more and more rich.

"It seems like I am lucky, pulled out you."At this moment, the soul fluctuation of Ji Dong passed from exclusive radiance suddenly. The beforehand trials were held 19, almost does not have both sides to carry on the exchange the precedent. But he actually as if eagerly does not begin. But has sent out such soul information to the thermal power mouse king, moreover does not have concealing of slightest bit to the outside. Everyone can feel this soul fluctuation the content.

In thermal power mouse king Yan flashes through together the ray of doubts, has not actually responded. Now Ji Dong gives its pressure to be very big, lest it lost concentration on the idea of Ji Dong.

"Do you believe that my ability, is your difficult adversary." The soul fluctuation of Ji Dong spread once more, but at this time, he was away from the thermal power mouse king already, only then less than hundred meters.

Actually, when Ji Dong walks, the thermal power mouse king was very depressed. The reason is very simple, adopts the beforehand observation, the Ji Dong three people have entered the stage gold/metal and Fu Rui obviously are not fire attribute Mage, must extremely be limited in the earth core world. When thermal power mouse king saw when own match is Ji Dong, its first idea is the time wasting tactics, by its talent ability, it is quite self-confident. Even if cannot hit , can definitely drag. Its figure is so short, what everyone can see it to excel is anything, without a doubt, is the speed. The beforehand hot praying mantis king was very intrepid in speed, but must compared with it, actually become feeling dwarfed. Thermal power mouse king is completely confident, in speed aspect, besides three remote antiquity supreme elders, the entire earth core world other living thing cannot surmount itself. It is more self-confident, even if Ji Dong saw what it excels is the speed also takes it not to have any means.

But, it saw on Ji Dong sends out exclusive radiance time, it knows oneself made a mistake. At present this external human, clearly is fire attribute Mage. Here in earth core world. It advantage that can obtain from Fire Element there, others are also same can obtain. This discovery, making the thermal power mouse king originally confidence vacillate immediately large scale. It only wants to rely on oneself talent ability and Ji Dong now spells. But the Ji Dong soul information passed on at this time.

Thermal power mouse king will certainly not believe the Ji Dong words, but without a doubt, Ji Dong that self-confident soul information also made in its heart lay down a piece of light shadow.

Let alone is the earth core lifeform, even if the human of surface world, who understands the psychological tactic?

Squeak, thermal power mouse king screamed one suddenly, the diminutive body leapt up instantaneously, even has not appeared including afterimage, its body arrived in hundred meters upper air. The rapidness of speed, only has instantaneous shifts four characters to describe.

In airborne, its body started is similar to the freely falling body crashes generally downward, two sharp claws simultaneously delimit, eight golden red rays have the grating sound from out of the blue to cut to fall alternately, directly soar Ji Dong. Comes up, this thermal power mouse king has used fully. The might that these eight Daoguang cut although cannot compared with the Asura double blade of hot praying mantis king, but the sharp attack fully showed it to be the same with the hot praying mantis king, was Yu Min attacks kind of magic beast. What going too far praying mantis king Geng does not only excel is the attack, but it excels is the speed.

On the Ji Dong exclusive radiance restrained suddenly, appears the main body, saw only him to swing the body in a flash, transforms three forms unexpectedly. Bank of China of light turnover both eyes is uncertain, the body is also light silver flashes not to have. That separated three forms have been similar to the sea-monster flashed generally, making the attack of thermal power mouse king fall on the vacancy.

Regarding application Ji Dong of silver of demon territory illusion is more and more skillful, does not limit to manifest attacks the enemy, uses similarly is also extremely good in oneself effect. The most major characteristics are, can locking of impediment match. Without locking, the strong attack is also not necessarily able to fall on the match, is useful?

Sees on Ji Dong that light silver light, the look of fire spirit king fluctuated slightly, but quick returned to normal. But at this moment, Ji Dong is three forms unites. Jumps, is similar to arrow is ordinary, breaks in the direction that the thermal power mouse king crashes airborne.

The small eyes turning round chaotic revolutions of thermal power mouse king, has surprisedly also somewhat disdains, this surprised naturally is because Ji Dong has been separated from own locking, but that disdains naturally to give Ji Dong to pursue the form.

In the sky, saw the personal appearance that thermal power mouse king crashes has stopped suddenly, its pair of fins in airborne tread lightly, in the air resounds a low and deep fulmination sound immediately, the next moment, the body of this thermal power mouse king flees unexpectedly horizontally, in the slanting thorn flew.

I x, including Ji Dong looked the appearance that blade thermal power mouse king Xieci flies, cannot bear criticize one. Sees excessively strongly, has not seen so intrepidly. This fellow is not in pure significance from the sky borrowed the strength. But goes easily and freely in the sky by that pair of big foot. For a long time flies it not to be definitely good, but must discuss in the speed that the airborne flexibility and from the sky shows, let alone has a pair of wing, even if there are six pairs of estimates not to compare this fellow.

The ability of Ji Dong to thermal power mouse king judges a point right, this short fellow excels at the speed, but he truly has not thought, the thermal power mouse king's specialty in speed unexpectedly is so overbearing. Borrows the strength void, accelerates instantaneously, follows not to have anything to distinguish in the ground simply. Moreover its this acceleration, but also like shifts completely instantaneously, regarding the unusual skill, can only with praising to the heavens to describe like this.

While the body flies horizontally, but, the sharp claws of this thermal power mouse king have wielded once more, is eight overlapping and ray directly soars Ji Dong. In its heart mused, then you in airborne, looked how you move aside. It also knows oneself could not lock Ji Dong, does not lock simply. According to attack that the path of Ji Dong body flight launches. Although without a doubt, it will not fly, the ability that but this airborne bounces made it become the genuine air fight killer sufficiently.

What a pity, what the thermal power mouse king has not thought that on this day under from the sky will change the direction is not only then its. Ji Dong formerly flight, to the air has promoted own body by the control of strength of oneself soul, his also pair of wing in the true sense has not used.

The pair of wings opens suddenly. Golden circular light mark emerges out of thin air behind him, is Yang Fire hovering law. The pair of wings whips toward the side, Teng Snake changes uses finally, the Ji Dong whole person has been similar to the lightning flies generally horizontally, pursued toward the body of thermal power mouse king.

Before Ji Dong when the flight, was maintaining very ordinary speed, for must confuse the thermal power mouse king, at this time suddenly erupted, showed oneself that similarly has been similar to the speed ability like lightning.

The competion speed, is thermal power mouse king is slightly better, ability too rarely seen (weirdo) that it from the sky accelerates, moreover momentarily can change with the most flexible way, virtually impossible to guard against. Although the sudden burst of Ji Dong made the thermal power mouse king have a big shock, but in addition it did not have the time to launch the attack again, the both feet in airborne trod, leapt up in a direction, that shifted the general acceleration instantaneously, truly was not Ji Dong flashes to overtake with Teng Snake, even if Teng Snake here useless.

However, although Ji Dong the speed is inferior to the opposite party, but when thermal power mouse king accelerates once more, because of formerly the Ji Dong sudden speed-up, among them the distance had pulled closer several points, at the same time, both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the silver quietly, a soul survey big net already invisible appearance in his mind.

Right, specific speed Ji Dong truly cannot overtake the thermal power mouse king, but, soul cultivation base of thermal power mouse king , to shield the survey of Ji Dong also similarly is impossible.

Thermal power mouse king Ziran was the earliest possible time feels Ji Dong to own all-around locking, but it has not actually cared, locking was a matter, you can overtake me is a different matter.

However, its this self-satisfied mentality only existed for a half second, the next moment, during fell into was scared. A formidable suction suddenly appears after behind, is involving its body, making its speed one slow, but Ji Dong transformed the direction in this, Teng Snake flashes the comprehensive eruption, continued to pursue, his right hand made the movement that empty stressed in the direction of thermal power mouse king, extinguished the god to direct.

Intense sense of crisis appears in thermal power mouse king heart, the psychological suggestion that formerly Ji Dong made appeared the function at this time, the first idea of thermal power mouse king was the opposite party can control own speed. The mentality changes, it naturally is unable to be calm, cannot give a thought to the attack, a pair of big foot tread tramples fully backward , to promote the limit own speed. Actually, the Ji Dong extinguishing god directs, although strange, but its force of traction is limited, most excels at the speed regarding thermal power mouse king type the earth core lifeform, is the top Rank 10 magic beast powerhouse. Even if extinguishes the god wall in addition, Ji Dong is also not necessarily able to hold it.

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Chapter 545: Is your difficult adversary

If the thermal power mouse king Nenggou calm unceasing change direction also makes to get rid. Ji Dong also takes it not to have any means in a short time. What a pity, the heart of thermal power mouse king was chaotic, facing such crisis, its subconscious wants to run away in the opposite direction fully.

When its tread tramples fully the speed promotes the pinnacle, the back force of traction suddenly vanished, the speed of thermal power mouse king has been the unprecedented degree immediately, looks like to the arrow of general twinkle string.

Bang, a fierce collision sound from the sky resounds, the air in battlefield surged fiercely, the earth core powerhouses who the distant place observes can feel that intense air current heads on, severe impact. But on that day airborne thermal power mouse king, by a strange posture stagnation in the midair, in body fierce twitching downward had actually crashed.

The psychological suggestion made it lose square inch, extinguished the god to direct to make it choose the fixed direction to escape. When the speed of this thermal power mouse king increases suddenly to the pinnacle, waited for that its is that does not have the shade invisible to extinguish the god wall.

Extinguishes the god wall not to be solid, most looks like a wall, but, hits at the thermal power mouse king such speed, also will fall from the sky in high-speed by the bird collision like the airplane. This time thermal power mouse king had been hit completely ignorant. Even if the body of its Rank 10 had not caused heavy losses fatally, actually is also seven meat eight elements that hits.

Calm whips the pair of wings, Teng Snake is dodging starts once more. Ji Dong after the thermal power mouse king crashes five meters, has pressed firmly between the fingers its neck easily, is full of the soul fluctuation proudly to spread over the audience lightly once more, "I have said that I am your difficult adversary."How he will certainly not tell earth core powerhouse is achieves. However, he truly achieved. Thermal power mouse king Zhanzhuan organized several times, fell into the Ji Dong hand.

When thermal power mouse king that pair of small eyes falls to the ground until Ji Dong is vacant, still had not sobered from the hit, Ji Dong lifts the left hand, has shot in its head, strength of the soul pours into, this made it stand firm the mind. Even if this, thermal power mouse king also thought that own body was ground general nowhere not to be painful by the body hugest hot demon likely.

The Ji Dong right hand wields lightly, flings ten meters to fall it on the ground, "you lost."Leaves behind this simple three characters, he steps the place that not the quick step was returning to itself formerly to stand to go as before.

If the entire combat process must describe, seizes chicken these five characters to be most appropriate with the eagle, can see some clue besides the remote antiquity supreme elder who airborne that three Lie Yan (raging flames) Saints teach reluctantly, other earth core powerhouses simply do not understand that what happened, does not understand how Ji Dong holds the thermal power mouse king.

Wins, has not exposed many abilities, this fights regarding Ji Dong is without doubt perfect, from beginning to end, he has not sent out a nice attack, but holds the thermal power mouse queen finally, controls its body to make it unable with magic power to revolt. Under is in the glare of the public eye the match who defeats a thermal power mouse king rank also to be able such good that own ability conceals. Without doubt, his done cannot be good. The earth core powerhouses look that the Ji Dong look also thoroughly had the change, posts him in represents faintly with that three big strong clan with other Level 1 formidable existence.

The fire spirit king Hehuo Demon King vision almost simultaneously fell on Ji Dong, formerly the strength of Ji Dong soul suddenly erupted such, making their many discover. The energetic demon territory four characters simultaneously appeared in these two big powerhouse mind.

The trials continue, surplus several did not have any highlight, a strength strong side achieved the final success. The losing parties eliminate, 50 binaries 26, now surplus participated to select the powerhouse only remaining 26. In beforehand first round gambling, fire spirit clan " The Three Represents " is promoted completely, the Fire Lotus clan only then a red flame person, naturally also passed. But in ten people of hot demon clan, was eliminated one. Nine people are promoted. Only three big strong clans add on the Ji Dong three people again, occupied 16 quotas. But the other ten earth core powerhouses, are in the core elder rank before formidable existence all. Can arrive here does not have the weak one, but will jump over in the future, the fight also will certainly carry on even more frigid.

"The first round selection ended, prepares to carry on the second round ballot." The fire spirit king Dandan voice disseminates. earth core world that many over-detailed formalities, this trials have not had any time of rest, one after another, the time of rest can only be fewer and fewer.

Has experience that first round has drawn lots. Listened to the words of fire spirit king, 26 powerhouses of first round achievement also go forward, as far as possible is in a good position. At this time, the number numerous hot demon clans appeared their superiority, was relying on the huge body, their dispersions as far as possible, strove to prevent other people. But that build hugest hot demon has actually been eager to try. Its vision stays on the red flame throughout, although the Ji Dong three people display good, but is very obvious, this strongest hot demon has framed the final match in the Fire Lotus clan red flame.

Facing being ready in full battle array of participant, fire spirit king instead is slightly does not worry, said easely: "I have said that the form that every round draws lots is not same, you such before does? In the ground before my fire spirit clan castle hanging bridge, I just with the soul notice clansman, had prepared 26 crystal crags, you can go to take now it. After coming back, the ballot position decides."

Fire spirit king voice falls, besides Fu Rui, all participating powerhouses is almost the same time diving posture. Most depressed was the hot demon clan. Formerly to seize the favorable position, they in most inner loop, where started the speed naturally quickly to not to go . Moreover, their build was huge, the speed was not the ability that they most excelled. Suddenly, nine hot demons instead fell on behind.

The fire spirit king looks to stand there motionless Fu Rui, brows slightly wrinkled, "how don't you go?"

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "My speed is slow. Also runs in any case they, surplus finally together was my. My partner will help me bring."

Although Fu Rui magic power is almost the consumption completely, but he formerly struck to kill three hell dog that in the battlefield, actually gave the person to make the profound impression. That strikes thunder Yumie the demon broken, even if three big remote antiquity supreme elders does not have the complete assurance to be able lossless following. That is bringing thunder light the black hole, making all people proceed from trembling of innermost soul.

Fu Rui sits down simply easely, in the hand is also taking his thunder Yu god axe, although here does not have the thunder element, but thunder Yushen the axe is ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail breeding, is in itself the thunder element extremely congeals, therefore, can play certain complementary play to Fu Rui many. He has not thought must attend the next war, can defeat hell three dog cultivation base not to be weak in the heavenly stems Divine Beast earth core powerhouse, Fu Rui was very satisfied to oneself. Must know, but here the earth core world, not having the thunder element to supplement for him.

Before first arrives in the fire spirit clan castle is not Ji Dong, accelerates comprehensively, can see that who most excelled at the speed. If formerly thermal power mouse king Nenggou arrived at this pass/test, without a doubt, it will certainly win. What a pity it defeated. But at this time, arrives at the fire spirit clan castle before first has two, one, is the red flame, another is gold/metal.

If human shape time. King's speed naturally cannot compare Ji Dong, but, do not forget, the dragon clan will fly inborn, she is the first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein awakens, is relying on the tyrannical body flying ability, from Ji Dong there must the skill that comes some Teng Snake that to change, in addition Ji Dong uses her position assistance as well as hovering law of strength of soul. She was the red flame rushed to the forefront unexpectedly together.

26 crystal crags at present, Ji Dong the strength of soul at this moment be outspoken have promoted the pinnacle, he falls behind gold/metal and red flame about five meters, is considered as on is the second echelon. But he is very clear, wanting the competition destiny to grasp in oneself, then, the person who only then attains the crystal rock first can achieve.

gold/metal has not gone to fight for with red flame, a claw, has fished to start three crystal crags at fingertips, but another side, the red flame has also chosen together. When she turns around the personal appearance leaps to return, with gold/metal who she keeps pace with suddenly feels, the vision of red flame as if Ji Dong has exchanged slightly.

Achieves the matter of agreement regarding Ji Dong and Fire Lotus clan, the heavenly stems disciples does not know, Ji Dong had not said, is because he feared that the partners think oneself lack consideration for the whole because of the relations of Lie Yan (raging flames). The person who let alone, this union, knows the fewer the better. Once the partners knew the situation, if reveals anything in the look, has exposed, naturally he did not hope.

Quick, attained the powerhouse of crystal rock to return to 15 entrances, three crystal crags that gold/metal will attain apportions Ji Dong and a Fu Rui person together, three people stood. In hot demon clan representatives that biggest hot demon, although has a pair of fire to obstruct the body, cannot see the appearance, but looked from its aura, regarding these round draws lots it is very unsatisfied.

Actually, the crystal rock in each powerhouse hand seems is exactly the same, the surface, the root home court cannot branch out anything. Only then investigates with the soul carefully, can discover in the slight difference. When robbed the crystal rock at that time, is only in a flash, in that short time, how many people also there are able to survey and make the judgment with enough time? After all, not only this must judge own position, but must judge the match. Finally, most people can only try one's luck.

"Pours into your magic power the crystal rock, naturally had demonstrated." The fire spirit king has given the instruction.

The people pour into magic power the crystal rock, immediately, 13 golden light black light are almost simultaneously project from the crystal rock with 13. Each ray projects in airborne is a figure, is one to 13. Second round confrontation already appeared.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui, simultaneously attain is 1st, golden 1 and black 1st. gold/metal attains is 3rd, her match will be a hot demon feudal lord. But what the red flame attains is 7 th, the match is also the hot demon feudal lord.

Saw such confrontation, the vision of fire spirit king has contracted slightly, eyes had a profound meaning looked at Ji Dong, but the fire Demon King aura was obviously loud to return to normal.

Without a doubt, regarding Ji Dong them, this was good to not to be impossible the good bamboo slip position. Not only Ji Dong, gold/metal and red flame are also so. Enters the second round, the complete 26 people are the powerhouses in powerhouse. These enter the second round core elder, from the strength, is not weak in these ordinary hot demon feudal lords, and ability varies. Chooses the hot demon feudal lord, instead be easier than to cope them, after all, the ability of hot demon clan, is the Two Great Sovereign Kings ability that Ji Dong inherits. gold/metal is naturally more familiar with these. As for the red flame, his familiarity nature gold/metal went beyond.

And Fu Rui simultaneously chooses for oneself on the 1st the bamboo slip, this is not too difficult, after all, so long as can look through this crystal rock the mystery, in addition gold/metal to obtains in the forefront, can achieve. However, chooses the match for gold/metal and red flame separately, this was extremely difficult. In that moment, Ji Dong not only need make them choose own crystal rock separately, whom but must judge to attain with their corresponding crystal crags. This judgment can only be completed in the extremely short time, regarding the position of each match, must have the extremely precise judgment to be good.

The fire spirit king's vision change naturally because of gold/metal, he naturally cannot think, actually even/including Hongyan the bamboo slip position is also Ji Dong tells her through the soul relation.

"Second round first, starts."Fire spirit king Jixu announced.

Fu Rui cheerful lifts crystal rock in the hand to look to Ji Dong, chuckled, said: "I admitted defeat."Saying, was throwing the crystal rock, oneself turned back the heavenly stems disciples that side. The Ji Dong second round, wins by default, directly enters first 13.

Clearly, this is intentional, but, what making in the Ji Dong heart secretly imposing was, the similar situation also occurred in second, the match who that specially big hot demon ran into was its clansman, the opposite party also voluntarily admits defeat to pass similarly. Very obviously, the hot demon clan is also clear, this round, they were impossible to be promoted completely. Such being the case, makes the most hopeful clansman save the strength as far as possible, to deal the following competition.

Therefore, this second round first fight, between taking gold/metal and match of hot demon feudal lords bamboo slip was conducted on the 3rd.

Similarly is the feudal lord, cultivation base of hot demon feudal lord and hot owlet feudal lord, but different. The hot demon feudal lord who gold/metal pulls out, is blooming all over the body the intense golden flame, in Fire Element with air each other contacts to melt unceasingly, making that dazzling pinnacle Yang Fire form a blazing protector in its body surrounding. Must know, the body best pupil of this hot demon feudal lord has eight meters, so long as approaches to its body surrounding hundred meters, can feel very scalding hot air to be blazing, the water shape ripple made all seem is not real.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 546: Dual ultra must kill

The flatter golden body is Eighth Metal department Mage. Although she has is also pinnacle magic power, but must receive the disturbance of opposite party Fire Element. Medium baking temperature of gold/metal five elements, luckily the opposite party is Yang Fire, if the black hot demon, will be more serious to her restraint.

Ji Dong has not carried on to gold/metal through the strength of soul auxiliary, is in front of three Saint level powerhouses, if he has done, is not only unable to help gold/metal, instead will expose itself similarly for Saint level the strength of soul.

"The second round, third, starts."Follows the fire spirit king to issue an order, that hot demon feudal lord rave, the right hand in airborne has flung, one group of diameters surpassed two meters huge golden fireball the overhead to fly toward gold/metal, at the same time, its body was also the terrain flight, directly soared gold/metal to charge, but.

gold/metal is not Ji Dong, although she has the Saint level body and spirit, does not have the strength of Saint level soul, is impossible to dodge the attack of opposite party. The court eunuch manufacturer has emerged out of thin air during she grasps. Void stroke, in a grating sound from out of the blue. Can's golden light blade cuts the expansive sky together, has launched the golden fireball of opposite party stiffly, thus began that this has fought.

The speed that the hot demon feudal lord charges is extremely fast, the big hand opens, seems like must grasp like gold/metal, Mingyang that Ji Dong excels at hunts for the gesture. However, when its huge body from the gold/metal also less than ten meters, the movement suddenly changes, the big hand makes a fist, the left leg steps forward, the body revolves, a fist goes toward gold/metal body bang outrageously. Scorching Sun Bite.

Scorching Sun Bite, is the skill of Flame Sovereign King most foundation, the Yang attribute hot demon of any hot demon clan, first cultivates is this skill, started when like initially Ji Dong cultivates is also so. Although this fist is foundation skill, but , a move of infinity, has experienced being repeatedly tempered. A hot demon feudal lord fist rumbles, originally sending out collects in the golden flame in outside the body on the fist instantaneously. But verve non- Tao's directly soaring gold/metal. Its body is huge, this fist had almost gold/metal body 50% sizes.

However, at this time, dozens metal sharp thorns suddenly from underground, to the body of hot demon feudal lord, this does not have the attack of slightest bit omen really to arrive at the beforehand hit in hot demon feudal lord that fist.

The grating fricative resounds, hot demon feudal lord body sluggish, from his body to the metal sharp thorn, once contacts its body, immediately softened. Although made its speed drop, actually cannot injure it. On such conditioning, by its direct impact.

earth core powerhouses accident/surprise that made to observe what was, gold/metal has not dealt with this fist with the court eunuch manufacturer, instead handed over the left hand the court eunuch manufacturer, the right hand makes a fist, similarly was also a fist rumbles.

The body of differing so much as to be beyond comparison, similarly is the positive/direct butt welding, imposing manner that at this moment, gold/metal erupts not in the least under match.

Those who made fire Demon King as well as an numerous hot demon in sky is unable to believe that along with deafening thundering, that hot demon feudal lord unexpectedly that by a gold/metal fist bang flew, eight meters high huge body in airborne just like one group of golden fireballs, non-stop flew 30 meters loudly to fall to the ground, tumbles for one week later stood up. But on flatter golden body, was swallowed by one group of golden flame, after having maintained instant, vanishes.

That hot demon feudal lord stands up, unconscious is rocking own right arm, it that sturdy right arm in gold/metal after the bang, appears some are not unexpectedly flexible.

A human, with a height eight meters hot demon feudal lord to a bang fist. Flies the opposite party bang unexpectedly, but can also make the opposite party arm be injured slightly. This is in situation that in the both sides five elements attribute repels one another. If not the fact puts at present, nobody believes absolutely.

Right, regardless of magic power in the attribute, gold/metal falls the this humble one wind. However, body that her also that hot demon feudal lord is unable to compare. How the body is relatively petite, her is the Saint level body and spirit. Eighth Metal magic power protects the body, the strength of Saint level rumbles. This fist touches hardly, that hot demon feudal lord did not suffer a loss blames.

However, gold/metal does not feel better now, the instantaneous eruption of pinnacle Yang Fire, she of suppression is quite uncomfortable, fire gold/metal is not she can reverse after all. If were not she comprehended the chaos gold/metal of certain extent, in addition had Saint flame armor that the confused demon smoke suckling pig manufactured, perhaps this fist must suffer a loss. magic power of this hot demon feudal lord, distinct has achieved has been equal to Fire department Mage 97, Level 8 standard. magic power of both sides truly not in standard online. Let alone King's magic power has not supplied.

Fights a battle to force a quick decision four characters to appear in gold/metal mind instantaneously, took a deep breath, with the aid of the strength of gold/metal of chaos opposite party tyrannical pinnacle Yang Fire compels outside the body, the next moment, King's body to clash, was similar to toward that hot demon feudal lord arrow flew generally.

"During roar"being sore of arm, making the hot demon feudal lord fall into was furious, the body jumped same place, fell to the ground again loudly. Golden flame instantaneously became more intense, making the person not dare to despise. This time it, as if entire body turned into the golden color to be transparent. The temperature in air rises hurriedly, a dazzling golden Sun behind shines in it. The huge body delimits instantaneously, welcomed King's side fist to wield toward right from the waist, tyrannical pinnacle Yang Fire comprehensive eruption. Changes into the huge golden pointed cone. Directly soars gold/metal to shell to go.

Follows fire demon feudal lord fist to rumble, in this earth core world 15 th space, as if all positive Fire Element had been absorbed by it. A that imposing manner astonishing fist, bringing unequalled terrifying magic power to fluctuate. Flame Sovereign King Ultra Certain Kill Skill, greatly colorful male cone.

gold/metal and Ji Dong compare notes more than once, naturally to recognize this skill, she also can definitely affirm, if Ji Dong does not draw support from the external force, only this skill, is unable to compare with the present hot demon feudal lord. This has clearly achieved the big colorful male cone of high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill level!

An ordinary hot demon feudal lord can rumble high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, no wonder this hot demon clan can be called one of the earth core world three big strong clans. The air as if coagulated, gold/metal feels clearly, the surrounding air is restraining own body, thinks that does not spell hardly is not good.

"Snort"gold/metal angrily snorted, the tender body in a flash, causes a body surrounding air fulmination slightly. Her right hand lifted, the court eunuch manufacturer has taken back, during facing the greatly colorful male cone, the speed of her whole person slows down suddenly, exterminates the appearance that gold/metal Huan is quietly, in her right hand grasps. However, on this time extermination gold/metal link, were many a strange gloss.

That is a light white light, originally should belong to Seventh Metal department to have the white light that. But that white, clearly is not Seventh Metal department that white metallic luster, but is one type seems the incomparably callous strange brilliance. A resonant dragon recited to resound from the flatter precious words, in her behind, the giant dragon shape design appeared, Giant Dragon appearance that her main body can transform. Although this time she does not have to transform for the dragon again, but the skin surface has actually covered a close dragon scale. The right hand throat, the intense magic power fluctuation is twisting in the air fiercely, the tender body makes the movement that stretches extremely, in the palm exterminates the evolution is lets go to depart, changes into a banding white ray golden Giant Dragon. Welcomed the big colorful male cone of getting angry demon feudal lord.

Yin Metal condensation law has replaced King's back dragon shape light shadow dazzling twinkle in the flash that golden Giant Dragon departed, although did not have existence of Metal Element here, but it can also assist King's attack to become the congealing reality.

The look that disdains reveals in the fire Demon King eye, looks like in it, this fight had ended. Golden Giant Dragon that gold/metal attacks is no doubt formidable, but reluctantly has also been the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, in the magic power level was inferior big colorful male cone that own subordinate sends out. Under let alone both sides attribute repels one another, is in inverse proportion, this to rumbling gold/metal is impossible to win. Although the strengths of these human are good, but also in world. Bumps into my earth core world genuine powerhouse, same must along with it falling from the sky.

Not only fire Demon King so judges, the Fire Lotus king Lieyan feeling is also similar, in heart cannot bear inwardly sighing, these human, although has the laws of various amplifications, but their own magic power were weaker. This metal attribute female also wants on the strong several points on magic power compared with Ji Dong. When Ji Dong next wheel face to formidable match, can he also win? Elder sister the elder sister, you initially said that although is very reasonable, but, if it meets what to do isn't the hot demon clan?

In three big remote antiquity supreme elders, only then the fire spirit king has not made the judgment that gold/metal must defeat, in its eye pupil, revealed the color/look of several points of doubts. Even if the strength of it such formidable soul cannot affirm that own judgment is whether correct. At this moment, magic power of both sides already not gaudy collision in one. After cultivation base is the certain extent, the fight often can end in the section time, everyone could see, this strikes under the collision who can obtain the superiority, base originally has ensured the victory.

Golden Giant Dragon collides the flash before the greatly colorful male cone, strange appeared. Without a doubt, the awl of greatly colorful male cone is sharp, is its striking power strongest place. However, in this moment, that awl sharp position unexpectedly split, right, splits, separates to the left and right, looked like the greatly colorful male cone are many have opened mouth. Both sides collide together.

Fire Demon King as the Saint level powerhouse, on the judgment regarding magic power is certainly impossible to make a mistake. Both sides magic power truly has certain disparity. However, what that actually refers to is the both sides skill can all strengths collide in together situation. According to the normal development, this was inevitable. The big colorful male cone awl that but, the hot demon feudal lord sends out splits sharp suddenly, a strongest point had the problem, when collides again, the originally superiority also vanished.

In the loud sound, that golden Giant Dragon was swallowed by the dazzling golden flame loudly instantaneously, melts in the air, but the greatly colorful male cone is also the successor feels weak, might impact before the flatter golden body when how not to be intense, but sweeps across King's body to fly upside down more than ten meters, by King's Saint level body and spirit, this degree of attack, although is extremely blazing, but is impossible to take to her any true injury.

All hot demon clansmen, including fire Demon King, see this dumbfoundedly. The awl of greatly colorful male cone splits sharp voluntarily, this situation they never have also met. Obviously, that greatly colorful male cone possibly is not splits. But, so formidable high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, will have such problem?

Made also in behind that they shocked. Is shares half and half really? In magic power that both sides collide while in the air wields disperses, the deep golden light broke through together layer on layer/heavily is cut off, floating arrived above that hot demon feudal lord majestic chest. Similarly is having that strange white light, the hot demon feudal lord protects pinnacle Yang Fire of body with a that white light contact, immediately disperses to both sides, then, that golden light numerous bombardments above the main body of its chest.

The bang, the hot demon feudal lord reaches as high as eight meters body rewinds, this time, its body departed several hundred meters far, pinnacle Yang Fire scatters in all directions to soar, golden flame spurt from its mouth unceasingly crazily. But that say/way bombardment is soars in its golden light , during changes into the flowing light to fall into gold/metal to grasp together. Exterminates gold/metal Huan.

Nobody can achieve all these compared with Ji Dong clearer gold/metal is difficult. King's magic power is Level 89, cannot break through the Nine- Crown checkpoint. Must know, Eight-Crown and Nine-Crown, even if differs Level 1, magic power also differs enormously. In this case, she relies on oneself first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein, to exterminate gold/metal Huan as well as own complete magic power, in the strength with the aid of lasting law, stiffly has not flown on bang unexpectedly magic power has reached as high as above the Level 97 hot demon feudal lord. This is the what kind of ability! The actual combat experience as well as the unceasing hoisting capacity of heavenly stems disciple, the incisiveness that shows on the flatter golden body. Before having traded comes the bloodlines to awaken, perhaps is four and five gold/metal, not necessarily is the match of this hot demon feudal lord.

gold/metal has not pursued, opens mouth, a golden ray emits from the mouth, the greatly colorful male cone invades pinnacle Yang Fire magic power of her within the body. Meanwhile, she also in panting in gulps. Succeeded.

In the sky, fire spirit king took a deep breath, sighed: "magic power, human can compare with us almost does not have. But discussed the auxiliary abilities in other aspects, as well as these amplification own magic power weapons, we were actually well below human. Fire Demon King, you know how your clansman is defeated?" Fire Demon King vision cold, "fire spirit king, do you want to shame me intentionally?"

The fire spirit king shook the head, said: "Naturally is not, you did not think, such forms of defensive action have very big inspiration to us. If I have not misread, this human female made the greatly colorful male cone break the spike a moment ago, should came from the strength of demon territory. Defeats the aristocrat person, was actually dual Ultra Certain Kill Skill. This strikes unexpectedly, even if we following, wants the caution and care."

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Chapter 547: Dark flame hot demon feudal lord

The fire spirit king has stopped. solemnly said: "Let alone, in her hand that gold/metal link should be existence of divine tool rank."

Fire Demon King coldly snorted, "human is really deceitful. If did not abstain from that god to our restraints, I already led the clansman to enter the world, making them know my earth core world fierce."

gold/metal stands in same place panting, was rumbled the hot demon feudal lord who flies to crawl from the ground by her slowly, its golden flame is nothing left, has revealed the giant main body, somewhat resembles with the hot giant, but is actually not the rock condenses. Arrived likely is a special crystal. At this time, in the chest position of this crystal, has several huge wounds, the golden liquid is flowing out from that wound place unceasingly, drops to send out to incite the sound in the ground, as if flows out is not the blood, but is the magma is ordinary.

Eight meters high huge body, in a gaze of gold/metal and under numerous earth core powerhouse, has swayed, finally is similar to pushes gold mountain jade column to sit but actually once more falls to the ground, sends out a explosion sound. Facing second Ultra Certain Kill Skill that exterminating the gold/metal annulus has, it suffered the heavy losses. Although has not died, but did not have again the strength of war.

In gold/metal heart shouted to be a pity secretly, when attacked a moment ago attached on magic power in lasting law, certainly can kill this fellow second. But in that case, oneself are unable to participate in next to compete with. King's disposition that stubborn, she knows, she cannot love Ji Dong, even if loves him, will not have any result. The pain that Chen Sixuan receives, she comes clearly into view. However, she is actually not able to contain itself completely to the Ji Dong emotion, in such battlefield, she must by this type the form that helps Ji Dong expressed the feelings of innermost feelings. Therefore, before has not arrived last magic power exhausts, she does not say draws back.

took a deep breath, in gold/metal eyes the ray circulation, raises in the hand to exterminate gold/metal Huan, in the top of the head Black Yin Crown sends out the light golden light to start to flow in within the body, was supplementing magic power that she consumes. Is relying on lasting law and exterminates gold/metal Huan the assistance, she has confidence oneself magic power restores to the optimum condition. But did not have a lasting law eruption. The match who without a doubt, the next fight, she will face will be more formidable.

gold/metal turns back to Ji Dong side slowly stands firm, on direct closed both eyes start to control one's breathing. She has the body of Saint level, also is exterminating magic power that gold/metal Huan and can fully restore. The next war, she self-examines to continue, even if cannot defeat the match again, will certainly let the attack that the strength of match suffers is unable to resume in a short time.

Correctness that the fire spirit king judges. Golden Giant Dragon that gold/metal releases exterminates gold/metal Huan, white light King's demon territory that above supplements. King's demon territory is very unusual, is a special auxiliary demon territory, can attach above magic skill, can attach on the magic power weapon. The effect only has one, that is the Metal department characteristics, the puncture. Not only its this demon territory the puncture is so simple, moreover still further, named puts on to extinguish the demon territory. Can break opposite party magic power as far as possible, making own attack easier to output. Puts on to extinguish the magic power intensity of effect and match is in reverse proportion. magic power of match is stronger, puts on to extinguish the effect to be also worse. Used attacked in formerly both sides slightly has in the disparity situation without doubt is best. Also relies on to put on to extinguish the supplementary of demon territory, can make to exterminate gold/metal Huan to hide in golden Giant Dragon launches the double Ultra Certain Kill Skill attack, thus at one fell swoop accomplishment.

The following second round calm, the powerhouses pass in abundance. What is worth mentioning is, the match who the red flame faces similarly is the hot demon feudal lord. But she wins wanted gold/metal to seem is more relaxed. The fight ended, she contemplates in the one side immediately, restores magic power that oneself consume.

After the second round, powerhouse but who also remaining 13 participate in the selection. Ji Dong and gold/metal, red flame, ten meters high strong fire demon. Besides them, the also three hot demons also intruded the third round, but fire spirit clan participating actually also only remaining. Other five enter third round, is most powerhouses in core elder. They second war that used formerly to carry on. Fully displayed the tyrannical strength. Self-confidently besides remote antiquity elder invincible, may more than one.

At this time, instead nobody paid attention to Ji Dong and gold/metal, although gold/metal formerly has won, but also won extremely difficultly, the focal point of people, mainly on red flame and that ten meters hot demon. Strength that without a doubt, they display is most formidable. Especially that ten meters hot demon, second round and Ji Dong passed equally calmly, has not experienced the fight, compared with fights a red flame clearly to have superior some, will favor on its person naturally also many several points.

The voice of fire spirit king ended the post- ten seconds from airborne to resound at the second round last war, "the third round ballot immediately starts, preparation."

Adopts second round powerhouses most complexions not to be attractive with great difficulty. Without doubt, second round compared with first round wants difficult many, wants the lossless victorious match is not that easy. magic power mass consumptions, even also is injured. After this fights, but can also maintain the complete battle efficiency is only minority. Fire spirit king Ziran can see the ideas of these powerhouses, lightly said: "Tactic and strategy, even is the luck, is part of strength. If who thought that this competition is continually unfair, momentarily can withdraw." The invisible dignity disseminates, the strength of Saint level high rank soul is not jokes, even if in heart again discontented, the earth core powerhouses do not dare to say anything again.

At this time, Ji Dong is also carrying on the soul exchange with gold/metal, two people have had very big difference.

"gold/metal, waits a minute the ballot, I will pull out us to one group as far as possible."Ji Dong understands own meaning to the flatter gold watch.

gold/metal actually immediately overrules said: "No. I must participate again one round, I have the confidence to win. You in following one round defeats the match not to be difficult. After these round wins, when the next round rests again, will be favorable for you. Even if must forfeit, I must wait till the next round to say again."

"It is not good."Ji Dong said decisively: "This did not joke. These earth core powerhouses will not show mercy to us. You have used up lasting magic power now, the strength can be said as incomplete. Below must face, is existence of earth core world most top, if you have had an accident, how I did confess to Griffing senior?"

gold/metal shot a look at Ji Dong one, "you fear me to have an accident, for isn't able to confess to the father?"

Was such asked back by her, Ji Dong has gawked, gold/metal took a deep breath, is returning to normal the heart not steady mood, "Ji Dong, relax. Don't forget, I am the beginning Zulong descendant, is not easy to be defeated. Is relying on the Saint level body and spirit, they want to kill me are not that easy. My intent has decided that you were needless to say again."

Looks at King's look resolutely, Ji Dong inwardly sighed in the heart, King's temperament he too has understood, so long as had decided the matter is very difficult to make her change. She said also right. Relies on the Saint level body and spirit, self-preservation should not have any issue. Really is not good, at the worst violates the contest rule, saves her and that's the end.

The voice of fire spirit king from the sky is reverberating as before, "enters third round, altogether by 13 people, in other words, in this round, must have a luck to be extremely good. It can draw a bye directly, does not need to participate in this round fight to enter the next round automatically. This is also the luck that I said a moment ago. The luck is also part of strength, examines your luck time."At the same time was saying. The both eyes of fire spirit king have shone suddenly, both hands shake, bright red light rain drops from the clouds, this light rain floats in the sky, when they fall gently, fire spirit king automatic turnoff among contact with this light rain. And spreads the strength of own soul, any may disturb the light rain possibly excludes from own soul defense. Naturally, if Ji Dong these 13 people who tries to take to control this red light rain with own magic power also first to be realized by it.

When light the rain baseless falls, entered the third round participant to obtain the fire spirit king's warning, if who attempted the intruder light rain whereabouts, was eliminated directly.

The earth core astral wind sways the light rain to fall gently slowly, these rain how intense magic power fluctuation, has not only fallen on only some feelings of warming up. Quick, it fell gently on everyone, came under the influence of earth core astral wind, fell naturally cannot be the same on people quantity. Has few.

The Ji Dong somewhat helpless darkness sighed one, it seems like, these round must rely on the luck, under the strength of supervision fire spirit king that tyrannical soul, the auxiliary inspector generals of also another two Saint level powerhouses, wanted possibly to approach in the zero of cheating infinitely. He can also understand why fire spirit king must this. The front two rounds, draw lots in any event, everybody must confront, relies on the respective ability to strive for a good bamboo slip position, this is also to controlling the one test of war. However, to third round was different, can enter these round, is not only the powerhouses, the quota that but, that draws a bye is really unfair regarding other people. Therefore, only then makes the luck decide completely, can keep other participants from questioning.

Fire spirit kingly way: "Ballot ended. Fell on light rain many a moment ago, is this luck of round drawing a bye."At the same time was saying, his vision looked toward that luck.

What a pity, this time luck is not gold/metal is not Ji Dong, but made Ji Dong very satisfied as before. These round draws a bye, impressively is the red flame.

Won't this have the trick? In Ji Dong heart secret unstated criticism. Fire Lotus king has said that she and fire spirit king join up to suppress fire Demon King. These round draws a bye, was on the wheel has consumed the certain magic power red flame directly, the surface seemed all is very fair. However, do not forget, fire spirit king Naishi presents in all powerhouses strength of highest soul, if it wants to conceal anything really whole- heartedly, even if were fire Demon King and Fire Lotus king cannot discover. At least have not discovered.

In Ji Dong falls the vision while the red flame, the vision of red flame also happen to looked toward him, two people vision relative, Ji Dong saw from the red flame eyeground several points encourage.

"Light rain falls on the body many second and third many person confrontation, and so on. Third round first, preparation." The announcement sound of fire spirit king has interrupted the Ji Dong train of thought. Before the light rain fell everybody was watching the situation of light rain closely, light rain that whose body contacted are many, few that whose body contacted, naturally was extremely clear.

Ji Dong walked slowly, he is the body falls to the light rain third many people, but second many are a hot demon. Luckily, is not that body is highest, cultivation base immeasurably deep ten meters hot demons. But adopts one of the second round another three hot demons. However, Ji Dong is truly not much in this round luck, this by the hot demon that he pulls out is in that three going through a strategic pass hot demons, only one has not been injured, the strength preserves completely. Obviously, he must face, is a tough battle. This hot demon is cloudy fire attribute, that also on ten dark flame hot demon feudal lords, defeated with formerly gold/metal just right opposite.

Fortunately, the luck is not arrives at the extreme awful, in the Ji Dong heart thinks secretly. If pulls out to that ten meters high hot demon now, obviously is he most is not willing to see. After this round, the surplus also seven people, at least also take two rounds, even is three theories can decide the final champion ownership. Bumped into the match who that made itself unable to completely understand completely at this time, even if can win, perhaps was also the hard victory. more bumps into it in behind, obviously is better. Let alone, also who understands an ability of hot demon clan compared with Ji Dong? He inherits is the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill! Although the hot demon is strong, but to Ji Dong is actually complete knowing oneself and other side, belongs absolutely is quite easy to deal.

Ji Dong, moves toward battlefield gradually, in this short time, he has thought how these round will have fought.

Big dark flame hot demon feudal lord also similarly walked, body that black flame is beating unceasingly, follows fire spirit king one to start, the third round first fight launches immediately.

The dark flame hot demon feudal lord thick both hands of wield suddenly bottom-up, in the flash that its both hands lift, Ji Dong already suddenly the cross previous step, the light silver light takes possession, is the silver of demon territory illusion, does not make the match lock itself. His reaction rate was too fast, was almost the dark flame hot demon feudal lord just lifted the hand, he left the home position.

The position that in the ground, formerly Ji Dong stood, black flame of surge leaps suddenly, from the sky condenses a skeleton skull general shape. Even is also leading low sad Howl. At this time one of the Dark Flames Demon King formidable skills, named dark flame sad Howl. This skill Ji Dong can also, but has almost not used by. The reason is very simple, this skill needs very strongly sentences in advance, is unable to lock the match when displaying. Naturally, because of this, its might is very tyrannical, but actually does not like regarding such skill Ji Dong. His some are the formidable skills, why must use not a easy control?

Chapter 548: Shock of hot demon entire clan

The dark flame sad Howl element of surprise with does not have to a Ji Dong point. While body shunt, Ji Dong has also made and dark flame hot demon feudal lord similar movement, but, his both hands actually raise by the body, but does not lose before the body.

Two rays, raise along with Ji Dong both hands, simultaneously appears by his body, the dazzling golden light and dark black light are sending out clearly opposite Fire Element fluctuation.

After these two rays appear, has leapt to play seven meters, condenses the formation, impressively is two hot demon feudal lords. Over seven meters, this absolutely was existence of feudal lord rank. Although is inferior to Ji Dong this eight meters match, but these appears is actually two.

"How possible?"originally continuously callous looks that battlefield fire Demon King no longer stabilizes finally, loses one's voice to call out in alarm. It can certainly see, that is not two true hot demon feudal lords, element body that but summoned baseless, Saint Fire Element body and demon flame element body. But, can summon the element body of feudal lord rank, in the entire hot demon clan, only has it to achieve. First did not say other, the skill why only Ji Dong uses. Made it shock. This is hot demon clan specially not the secret of passing on!

"Fire Demon King does not need to be startled, these two element bodies should not summon temporarily. This human is far from that formidable magic power. This should be he already summoned, through absorbing our earth core world rich Fire Element evolves two element bodies that gradually comes."Fire spirit king Anwei said.

Fire Demon King aura obvious some are unstable, "you can feel I who has can also certainly be able to feel. However, I only want to know why this human can use our hot demon clan formidable skill? Moreover with me same is dual attribute. The element body summoned, at this time the hot demon clansman of feudal lord rank can achieve. But can go out of the dual attribute element body simultaneously to summon, in the entire hot demon clan only then I and my brother by. Does the ability of this human come from where? The fire spirit king, I requests to terminate the present trials, first clarified this matter said again."

The fire spirit king shook the head, said: "This is not good. Fire Demon King, we are carrying on the agent founder to select the grand ceremony now. Cannot, because the matter of your hot demon clan clan affects being held of entire grand ceremony. You are also the Saint teach one of the remote antiquity supreme elders, how can privately waste Duke?"

"I agree with the words of fire spirit king. Since the selection grand ceremony started, must work. Fire Demon King, you have any question, can wait till the grand ceremony to end said again. Now this time terminated the grand ceremony, to make various clans ridicule our three big strong clans?" The Fire Lotus king also opened the mouth. Saw Ji Dong summoned two big element bodies time she was calmest one, in three big remote antiquity supreme elders, only then she understood that actually the Ji Dong ability came from where.

Fire Demon King angrily snorted, "good, I must have a look but actually, this human also many abilities."

In free time who they spoke, the following fight also started. Two big feudal lords' summons, not only has shocked fire Demon King, made the hot demon entire clan be as for all the powerhouses of observing is surprised. The hot demon clansman knows certainly that Ji Dong at all is not their member. But in other race hearts presented a big question mark. could it be, is this human the member of hot demon clan was inadequate? Can summon two big feudal lords, that. His can cultivation base be similar to fire Demon King? cultivation base was the Saint step to transform adult, was this could it be it is Saint step powerhouse inadequate?

Ji Dong may how, no matter other people guessed oneself ability, these two element bodies in earth core for a long time, continuously in unceasing evolution, before them after the earth core world front each race territory, two big element bodies played not the minor role. Many races once mistook them are the hot demon clan clansmen, thus made Ji Dong they open access in most places. At this time, lets they that grows truly to put in battlefield the time.

Ji Dong retrocedes slightly one step, before two big element bodies simultaneously step, has blocked his body. The right arm simultaneously wields, the movement is uniform, the golden color and black, respective one group of fireballs flew. Two groups of fireballs from the sky condense in together, the gold/metal black dual-color fusion, directly soars that dark flame hot demon feudal lord to shell to go.

Although that dark flame hot demon feudal lord is startled, but can be elected to represent the hot demon clan participation, its strength naturally cannot miss, facing the attack, both hands simultaneously delimits before the body, what uses is Dark Moon Claw of most foundation.

In the loud sound, the Pinnacle Two Fires ball explodes before the dark flame hot demon feudal lord body loudly fiercely. Both sides fought unexpectedly evenly, no one has profited. Two big element bodies were Ji Dong summon after all, although the magic power level has achieved the feudal lord rank, but faces at present this dark flame hot demon feudal lord, must miss much. Let alone, others are the authentic hot demon clan clansman, has the main body. May be this, with the dark flame hot demon gets the main action to become tie by the element body that two summoned, Ji Dong also good enough to make one feel proud, the idea in his present heart is, the feelings of some little brothers, were really good.

Two big element bodies after starting the Pinnacle Two Fires ball, simultaneously threw toward that dark flame hot demon feudal lord, the dazzling brilliance, erupts unceasingly from them, obviously has promoted the pinnacle magic power. Two big element body moment do not leave, Yin-Yang two fires attacks each time is the fusion, suddenly, making that dark flame hot demon feudal lord not have the means unexpectedly. Three big feudal lords such fought in one.

Looked from the strength, even if Ji Dong summoned these two big element bodies by Pinnacle Two Fires to attack, its overall strength also as before must be inferior in the dark flame hot demon feudal lord, once the dark flame hot demon feudal lord launched the attack of Ultra Certain Kill Skill that level, Ji Dong these two element bodies become will be hard to resist. But, while two big element bodies launch the attack, the Ji Dong form disappeared.

The dark flame hot demon feudal lord had not forgotten how beforehand Ji Dong routs the thermal power mouse king, he such baseless disappears, where does not know to go into hiding, how dare also makes it let loose the hands and feet all-out attack? Therefore, the aspect in battlefield fell into the deadlock. Spelling of three big feudal lords fight with is compares the foundation the skill. Suddenly, no one can occupy cheaply.

Sees here, on heavenly stems disciples face has revealed the smile, the fight has carried on so the degree, Ji Dong got the absolute winning side. They have not thought that these two element bodies that Ji Dong summoned can actually grow to so the degree. Ji Dong magic power might as well the present dark flame hot demon feudal lord, but, his card in a hand also many.

Two big element bodies fiercely compete and successfully compete, rely on the Yin-Yang to fuse magic skill, their consumptions must be lower than the dark flame hot demon feudal lord, but everybody earns the support of Fire Element to be also similar from the air. Only if strikes to burst, otherwise, these two big element bodies can fight.

Finally, dark flame hot demon feudal lord could not bear, it is very clear, if continues so, perhaps had not found Ji Dong, must be consumed massively, did not have strength of the war again.

Dark black flame instantaneously becomes the powerful, the dark flame hot demon feudal lord like the flame feudal lord who before and gold/metal fight, the both feet simultaneously, magic power instantaneously increased the apex. After the body first is, leaps 20 meters, in flash that the both feet falls to the ground. Actually recoils, was similar to the black mighty current flushed toward two big element bodies together generally. Two groups of quiet cold purple black solid ice paste, is Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill, bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice.

Couldn't bear? In the Ji Dong heart laughs in one's heart, this time he where? Actually, he in battlefield, Saint Fire Element body within the body that summoned has been hiding.

At present this Dark Flames Demon King simultaneously sends out two quiet flame ice unexpectedly, obviously its Yin Fire magic power above oneself . Moreover, these two quiet flame ice. Arrived at close Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. Its this is must coagulate own two summon bodies, thus ends the fight as soon as possible.

Good, that comes. Under the order of Ji Dong, two big element bodies also erupt. Their magic power also in instantaneously increased the apex. Then has made a command hot demon clan completely puzzled movement.

Two big element bodies each other have gripped the both hands of opposite party, reaches as high as seven meters body simultaneously floats from the ground, gold sun and dark moon/month, appear from them separately, frightening one of the audience to appear.

The illusory light shadow, simultaneously rises suddenly from two big element bodies, looked like their bodies inflated ten times of general suddenly, in the midair, had hundred meters high impractically fully. But the entire third layer world also therefore changes. originally appears in two big element body back sunny day and dark months, at this time has hung in the sky, but they are actually not distinguish right from wrong, but each other closes up, finally fuses in together, changes into gold/metal black dual-color primal chaos chart revolving changes.

The fusion of gold/metal black dual-color is that perfect, two quiet flame ice that dark flame hot demon feudal lord sends out after entering the giant light beam of that gold/metal black dual-color mix, the instantaneous ablation, they were extremely as if frail, simply does not have least bit striking power.

This, really made one shock, particularly made a hot demon clan shock. The fire Demon King that formidable strength, it floats at this time in the midair, reaches as high as 12 meters body unexpectedly in slightly is shivering. Looks that two reach as high as hundred meters body four palm readings grasps, it only thought in own heart as if choked up anything, the present all also become fuzzy. Thousand th, for ten thousand years, a hot demon clan foreign war only has lost one time, that is faces Lie Yan (raging flames) the time. But, had their these formidable living thing since the earth core world, time that the hot demon clan rules actually also less than 1/10, is not the hot demon clan is not very formidable , because during their formidable strength overwhelming majorities fell into endless to fight. This issue, has puzzled hot demon clan thousand and ten thousand years, the Yin-Yang does not coexist. If because to the time of life and death, fire Demon King of also its this rarely seen (weirdo) did not appear, two schools of hot demons are impossible to unite temporarily together. Even if now. The hot demon clan also has the extremely numerous issues, has its this Saint level powerhouse to suppress, perhaps already disintegrated. Looks hundred meters light shadow that at present that four palm readings grasp, each hot demon became quiet, in their hearts, surged the endless feelings. Suddenly, originally should extremely intense battlefield atmosphere suddenly become strange.

That eight meters high dark flame hot demon feudal lord personal appearance explodes unceasingly draws back, but had been swept by the edge of Sun and Moon universe, falls to withdraw from about hundred meters, has not received the too big injury. However, shock in its innermost feelings has actually far exceeded this skill's might.

These two element bodies that Ji Dong summoned, was in itself the skill, each other fusion, released Sun and Moon universe to be easy. But this Sun and Moon universe was inferior he uses. The might is only the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. But is used to shock a hot demon clan, and under keeping off the attack of that two quiet flame ice is actually without question. The body of dark flame hot demon feudal lord was rumbled to draw back, the body of Ji Dong also appeared from Sun and Moon universe at this time, Teng Snake flashed to stick out suddenly, promoting his body to be similar to red arrives like lightning.

The dark flame hot demon feudal lord made subconsciously has dealt with the response, the double fist simultaneously wielded, directly soared the body of Ji Dong to pound, at the same time, the huge body in a flash, has launched Dark Moon Dance slightly, making oneself become illusory.

Dark Moon Dance? I can also. The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place appears a light smiling face, the body slightly in a flash, Dark Moon Dance has also used. This time, he has not dodged, the body while displaying the extreme twist of Dark Moon Dance, the demon flame spin starts. Both hands lay out in revolving unceasingly, successively more than ten collisions above the double fist of dark flame hot demon feudal lord.

The bang, the body of Ji Dong stiffly was fallen the ground by pounding, when his both feet falls to the ground, falls into to the knee stabilizes lives in the body. It seems, he was pounded to fall baseless, suffered a loss likely. However, the body of that dark flame hot demon feudal lord actually also stagnates along with it there, black flame partly visible twinkle.

Two big element bodies that the distant place, Ji Dong summoned returned to the original condition, but the body wanted slightly a great- circle obviously, the massive magic power consumptions, making the strength that they saved consume much. Energy of Ultra Certain Kill Skill absorption was really too many.

Rumbling rumbling.   , A series of bellows, resound suddenly, above the
both arms of that dark flame hot demon feudal lord, the innumerable black and golden flame explodes crazily, its pair of sturdy arm exploded torn to pieces, the huge body is also flying upside down.

The strength of this dark flame hot demon feudal lord is truly formidable, but, if Ji Dong linked it to be in just to deal with Ultra Certain Kill Skill, and in the situation that the mind came under the enormous influence was unable to win, he did not match is called the heavenly stems Saint king. Adds on magic power by the Ji Dong physical body strength, did not consider in the situation of skill, will put together the present dark flame hot demon feudal lord not to eat too big owing hardly, why he will be pounded to fall by the opposite party double fist, the reason will be very simple, three characters, will extinguish the god to strike.

20 th, everybody had the monthly ticket words, please throw to me, thanks.

Chapter 549: King's rigid going to battle

Fights with the aid of both sides. Ji Dong swiftly condenses to extinguish the god to strike own magic power to print in the opposite party double fist. When both sides move, Ji Dong felt the dark flame hot demon feudal lord that extremely formidable strength. Especially opposite party pinnacle Yin Fire also wants abundant many compared with him. Extinguishes the god to strike when breaking in the opposite party within the body was greatly affected. originally Ji Dong wants to break in the opposite party chest magic power to explode again, but cultivation base of this dark flame hot demon feudal lord has the human Level 98 Mage rank fully, in Ji Dong, extinguishes the god to strike whole-heartedly also captures its arm. However, even if so, enough Ji Dong ensured the victory in this. Do not forget, here is the earth core world, all fire attribute skills have the enormous addition. Extinguishes the god to strike sixth heavily, six times of compressions, even if only a fist bang enters, has close Ultra Certain Kill Skill might. Let alone is several palms of Ji Dong lays out? The both arms of this hot demon feudal lord were discarded.

"Stop."Fire Demon King could not endure patiently again, shouted in the sound, making this earth core world 15 th as if shiver got up.

Ji Dong opens the pair of wings, works loose from the ground the both feet, baseless float in midair, raises head to look to fire Demon King in sky, lightly said: "Remote antiquity supreme elder does Your Excellency, have what advice?" Fire Demon King aura obvious some are not steady, "said how you study my hot demon clan skill. also. Skill that two element bodies that you summoned used a moment ago what's the matter?"Along with the speech, the pressure that on fire Demon King releases increases suddenly, completely centralized on a Ji Dong person. The formidable Saint level oppression strength, made Ji Dong float the body in midair fell on the ground slowly, but he did not have the slightest bit to be flustered, the surface got a light from another light the pressure that Demon King created, raised head to regard, not having the slightest bit to be timid.

Both hands lift, since the golden color and black flame leap one meter from the Ji Dong palm separately, the strong magic power fluctuation spreads in the air, shows, is purest pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire.

"Pinnacle Two Fires, seems not the patent of hot demon clan. Comes as for my skill from where, why do I want to tell you?"Ji Dong light saying, in the sound that proud, making these participation also good, was eliminated, the core elders who all Lie Yan (raging flames) Saints taught admired. He faces but of head of the clan fire Demon King earth core world three big strong clans! In some sense, the hot demon clan can be the first strong clan of entire earth core world. The surface gets a light from another light the interrogation of Demon King, can unexpectedly the so unflustered reply, moreover is built on the equal standing general reply, numerous core elders self-examine unable to achieve.

Does not need hot Demon King to tell, surroundings all hot demon clan clansmen simultaneously moved, their huge body cross previous step, soul locking of each hot demon fell on a Ji Dong person collectively. So long as fire Demon King issues an order, they rushing without hesitation, will rip the fragment Ji Dong.

Reason that the hot demon clan can make the fire spirit clan and Fire Lotus clan jointly resists. Not only because of the great strength of their individual, is because they overwhelming superiority in quantity. The clansman quantity of hot demon clan entire clan is counted the childhood hot demon, enough over 3000. This strength, if in did not consider that the situation of Fire Lotus clan and in fire spirit clan, has swept away the entire earth core world sufficiently. Must know, after the hot demon is grown, over 70% can achieve Rank 10 cultivation base, 3000 hot demon clans! A how terrifying strength is this? Even does not need to calculate, Ji Dong can also draw the conclusion, if can draw this hot demon clan to the ground world, many two dark secrets, Dark Five Elements Continent also same must be put down again. What a pity, this obviously is impossible, initially, even if in the Two Great Sovereign Kings rule time, the earth core world does not have the thought of slightest bit invasion ground world, obviously these have the enormous restraint surely.

"Fire Demon King, you dare."Fire Lotus king Lieyan loudly shouted, personal appearance glimmers, arrived at the fire Demon King directly opposite. The red hair flutters, originally Ji Dong is full of the vigilant innermost feelings that moment that sees her to depart. The spirit slightly somewhat is absent-minded, because he as if saw oneself Lie Yan (raging flames) appeared. They grew really look like.

"Fire Lotus king, this is in my clan the matter, you mind own business."Fire Demon King solemnly shouted.

Fire Lotus king coldly said: "Does Saint teach the agent the founder to select grand ceremony is a matter of your hot demon clan? Regardless of this human has what kind of ability, regardless of also this ability is from where. I only know, the present is Saint teaches the most important time, you for matter of the clan affects the entire celebration, do you also match to be this remote antiquity supreme elder?"

"Do you court death?" The fire Demon King sound looks like general that pushes from gap between teeth, originally condenses the huge pressure on Ji Dong to change instantaneously, entire tribe on fierce flame.

The surface gets a light from another light Demon King, the power and influence of Fire Lotus king is not weak, the dazzling red light blooms suddenly from her, the under foot, blood red flower petal stretches a piece by piece, is the earth core Red Lotus shape.

"Good."Fire spirit king Jian both sides are ready to be set off, hurry to mediate, "fire Demon King, this is your is not right. Fire Lotus king said right, the present is the Saint teaches the important moment, cannot affect our selection grand ceremony to continue because of a outside factor. Let alone this human has defeated your clansman, was third round advances. Even if you have the question, after when also the selection grand ceremony ended, was asking that is not late. could it be can he also run inadequately?"

Fire Demon King looked that fire spirit king that smiles, coldly snorted, the big hand wields, the following hot demon clan powerhouses returned formerly position, originally such as mountain Ruyue the formidable pressure also along with it disappearance. Fire Demon King raised the hand is pointing at Ji Dong, lightly said: "Regardless of you can insist the several round, after the selection grand ceremony ended, must give me surely a confession. Otherwise. You and your person, cannot live is going out of here."His sound is very tranquil, as if formerly anger and shock vanished, but that in words unquestionable will make also anybody not suspect.

Ji Dong calm say/way: "Among us, who gives who a confession has not said."Necessity that the war of this selection has not worked again. The dark flame hot demon feudal lord who that receives the heavy losses had been protected therapy by its clansman. The scrap arm, regarding human is the unrecoverable disability, may regarding the hot demon be possible not necessarily so.

The trials continue, compared with the first two rounds, these round must become obviously frigid were many, unexpectedly is mutually wounded. They are also eliminated, making this round participant sharp decline be 11 people, in other words, can participate in the next round finally, only then six, but was not original seven, this also made the next round ballot not have to draw a bye a saying.

gold/metal enters the stage at this round war last, her static standing is waiting for side Ji Dong, after Lan Bao'er already quietly arrived at the flatter golden body, pours into her pinnacle Tenth Water magic power to gold/metal within the body unceasingly, is relying on the function of aquatic gold/metal, helping gold/metal promote magic power, although is unable to make gold/metal have lasting law magic power again. But most at least can also make her formerly supplement magic power achieves in peak condition.

"gold/metal, cannot resist with all one's strength. All give priority to are safe. That fire Demon King has had the suspicion to me, perhaps after this selection grand ceremony ended, will not give up, we must as far as possible maintain the complete strengths, is ready that breaks through to leave at any time." The Ji Dong sound resounds in gold/metal mind, he said these many, nothing but must make gold/metal give up this competition, because, her match as before is the hot demon, but was actually not formerly such hot demon feudal lord. But completely in participating hot demon most formidable that. This round, as if the luck of heavenly stems disciples has exhausted. That ten meters hot demon is gazing here in distant place, was already eager to try.

gold/metal replied: "Ji Dong, that fire Demon King wants not to be disadvantageously false to us, but if you can achieve the final success, becomes acts the founder, regardless of it must make anything, must think over. Relax, I have the discretion."

more listened to her saying that Ji Dong did not feel relieved on more, King's temperament he too has understood, took her rather to die honorably as not to live dishonorably disposition, once went on stage, did not spell fully blames. However, to this kind of time, he was unable to urge again. King's status in heavenly stems disciple is quite unusual, her magic power is strongest, is the ancestor and the first-generation secret Land Dragon daughter, only from these two points, she has several points of aloof status in the heavenly stems disciple. Let alone she also once for a long time and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place, managed Lie Yan (raging flames) to call a master, before as well as her, has rescued itself, Ji Dong is not really able true ordered her to make anything.

Finally to gold/metal went on stage, the opposite that ten meters hot demons were somewhat impatient. The gold and black dual-color flame is beating by its body fiercely, the personal appearance flashes, arrived at the battlefield center, lifts to glitter the left hand of black flame, has cancelled the check in King's direction. The Ji Dong sound resounds in gold/metal mind, "from magic power, this hot demon has not reached the Saint level, should also near the edge of Saint level, surpasses in you and I. Moreover, its body intensity should also be so, even if were inferior that your I could not miss many. But a little you must pay attention, through observing me discovered that although this personal appearance huge hot demon feudal lord himself magic power is strong, is actually not able to use the Yin-Yang two fires fusion technique. This point is it with I different place. You and it fight. Must avoid bumping as far as possible hardly, by surpassing its speed and it socializes, looks for the opportunity to launch the attack again. gold/metal, for the completeness of our heavenly stems disciple, is for your father Griffing senior, you must take your safety as first, yes?"

gold/metal has not replied the Ji Dong words, but she in heart actually silently said to oneself: This war, I not for other people, only for you, Ji Dong.

The bright gold/metal is luminous, King's body flies into the airborne, tender body directly reverses, directly has appeared her dragon clan main body. More than ten meters bodies from the sky leap, seems, the power and influence is not weak in the hot demon of ground.

Filled cold proud dragon to recite the sound to resound through earth core world 15 th resonantly, under the dazzling golden light infection, flatter Jin Dynasty that personal appearance huge hot demon feudal lord was throwing directly.

Aren't the fools, do not make her go to spell hardly? In the Ji Dong heart growled, but at this time, he was unable to communicate with gold/metal again, because of three mahatma level powerhouses' supervisions, another, disturbed gold/metal only to affect her at this time, but is unable to help her.

"Hehe."Has dual attribute hot demon feudal lord sinister smile one, the one of the sturdy both arms by the body shake, immediately, its Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire simultaneously leap, increases to 50 meters upper air, the temperature in air rises hurriedly, nearly viscous Fire Element blots out the sky to bloom generally. Its not demon territory, this is the first judgment of Ji Dong, clearly, cultivation base of this hot demon feudal lord, although excels, but actually cannot like oneself, Yin-Yang two fires true fuses in together, but relies on the special method or is the talent can simultaneously have these two types of flame, in this regard, perhaps that fire Demon King is also so. Also because cannot this Pinnacle Two Fires true fusion, therefore it does not have the corresponding demon territory. From this time this hot demon feudal lord the behavior that magic power blooms, Ji Dong can judge this point. Otherwise, it only will not send out the flame to be so simple now, should be the demon territory releases, the comprehensive suppression is right.

With the ascension of magic power, that hot demon feudal lord right hand wields, is an ordinary version colorful male cone directly soars gold/metal to fly. Uses Certain Kill Skill is similar to has words at fingertips and writes with facility, looks like simplest Standard Skill is ordinary, obviously its magic power is huge, this controlling force was astonishing.

The golden halo floating, without any retains, gold/metal came up to use oneself Eighth Metal department divine tool to exterminate gold/metal Huan. Low and deep buzz in the whining noise, that exterminated the gold/metal annulus a white brilliance to run upon the colorful male cone outrageously. Makes one that the audience shocks appear, hot demon clan that formidable skill, moreover is next to by this strength the fire Demon King hot demon feudal lord uses, so the colorful male cone of might, unexpectedly was exterminated gold/metal Huan to dig by that then changes into the golden light rain to scatter in all directions to flutter about. This is the deep meaning that on a round gold/metal subdues is, exterminates gold/metal Huan to coordinate to put on to extinguish the demon territory. But, why she comes up to use such powerful skill, and to melt receives ordinary Certain Kill Skill?

Let alone is the earth core powerhouses, even if Ji Dong, has not understood completely gold/metal must make anything.

The dragon wing whips suddenly, King's speed promotes suddenly, looks like giant golden light, has hit toward the body of fire demon feudal lord. The pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power comprehensive eruption, shine around gold/metal body just like the lightning common golden light, the endless sharp air/Qi takes extermination gold/metal Huanwei of recycling as sharply, this time appearance, is launching the suicide attack completely likely.

Asked the recommendation ticket, troubled everybody to select several, can give completely the recommendation ticket that small three several did not need any expenses, thanked everybody's support.

Chapter 550: The earth core world fourth Saint level

That ten meters high hot demon feudal lord can have such status in the hot demon clan. It can be said that has fought many battles. Saw that flatter Jin Dynasty flushed, not having the slightest bit to be startled, in the mouth sent out jie jie to smile strangely, dazzling ray simultaneously from its both hands bright.

Sees this, the Ji Dong complexion suddenly changed, because he discovered with amazement, on this formidable hot demon feudal lord both hands burns, unexpectedly separately is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice and Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly colorful male cone. Two big Ultra Certain Kill Skill also glisten. This is Ji Dong absolutely cannot achieve now. Even if by a lasting law might, he also can only branch out uses these two ultra to kill successively, must say also releases, is impossible. Moreover, by his familiar with these two Ultra Certain Kill Skill, can feel clearly, at present this hot demon feudal lord displays, has achieved unexpectedly fully the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might effect. Two high rank Ultra Certain Kill Skill! From the selection grand ceremony now, which earth core powerhouse but also never has to display so tyrannical magic skill.

magic power of Ji Dong within the body has seethed with excitement, at this time, he cannot wait again, even if gold/metal has the body and spirit of Saint level, simultaneously faces two high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, the final result also can only be the body falls. "Believes me. I can."At this moment, incarnation dragon Xing gold/metal bellows to make noise suddenly, what she said is the words of human . Moreover the direct sound shouted, presented in all powerhouses, only then the heavenly stems disciples and minority earth core powerhouses can understand. gold/metal too understood Ji Dong, she knows, in oneself faced with the so dangerous situation, Ji Dong must get rid to rescue surely, if so, her plan completely left uncultivated.

Ji Dong has raised magic power that gathers after hearing gold/metal this call completely, stagnated. He bites the jaw tightly, has not flushed eventually. Because he believes, gold/metal will not make the useless sacrifice.

At this moment, two big Ultra Certain Kill Skill of that hot demon feudal lord have released, it did not fear oneself consume magic power to be too much. Can supplement magic power including the heavenly stems disciples by the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, its this earth core world 15 th local bully naturally also has greatly the clansman momentarily helps it carry on the magic power support in behind. The uses of two high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, must end the fight without doubt as soon as possible. Consumes the oversized extra worries without magic power, each round trials are held is quicker, more is favorable for it.

But the purple incomparably clear big quiet flame ice pastes, huge purple light beams leap, the huge big colorful male cone, raises in the battlefield just like a Sun, falls behind that greatly quiet flame to ice intentionally one step. Slowly moves. Right, the hot demon feudal lord cannot achieve the Yin-Yang fusion like Ji Dong, but, achieves the Yin-Yang to hand over the bang is actually not the difficult matter.

Locking of greatly quiet flame ice is gold/metal is impossible to dodge. Saw that bright purple light, changed into the body of Gold Dragon to swallow her. When saw that gold/metal disappears when that thick purple light beam, Ji Dong has closed both eyes, because the double fist grips tightly, skeleton of whole body pa makes noise.

"" The screams of audience made Ji Dong open eyes instantaneously, he saw inconceivable one. Greatly quiet flame ice, as one of the Dark Flames Demon King most tyrannical Ultra Certain Kill Skill, its might, Ji Dong more than once had examined. May at this moment, he see gold/metal who does not change into the ice sculpture, but was that cuts Gold Dragon of pair of wings to fly from the purple light beam outrageously, dashed to the front high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly colorful male cone.

originally dragon Xing body, after passing through oversized quiet flame ice, turned into the human form quietly, the volume changes is small, the place of stress also will change will be naturally small, formerly revolved gold/metal of that golden electric lights around Gold Dragon body along with will transform after the human form, simultaneously condenses in her hands will exterminate above the gold/metal link, this time extermination gold/metal Huan, glistening will be similar to transparent general. Controls to let go to depart from gold/metal, directly soars the greatly colorful male cone to pound.

The bang, the situation of on fighting is very similar, peak of that greatly colorful male cone in putting on to extinguish under the function of demon territory to split little, might along with it weakening, greatly colorful male cone entire front loudly crack, presented a hot link of outward expansion unexpectedly, then solid and exterminated gold/metal Huan to hit in one.

Since golden color mist leaps from the flatter golden body, she relies on oneself putting on to extinguish the demon territory to exterminate the skill resistance as well as own formidable magic skill that gold/metal Huan brings in addition, melted Tuault actually greatly colorful male cone major part striking power. According to normal thought that at this time she, so long as takes advantage of somebody's authority the retreat, can melt the complementary waves of greatly colorful male cone as far as possible, is relying on the Saint level body and spirit, is impossible to receive any wound. However, she such has not actually done.

gold/metal not only has not retroceded, instead again the incarnation is Gold Dragon, directly rushed toward the complementary waves of greatly colorful male cone. Withstood the bombardment of greatly colorful male cone complementary waves with the body actually. Must know, this is pinnacle Yang Fire Ultra Certain Kill Skill! Has extremely intense restraint effect to her attribute. Even if in such a case, gold/metal is also outrageously fearless moving forward to meet somebody. This is what kind of one can so insist rigid.

Also is golden mist emits from the flatter precious words of dragon, that is not magic power, but is her blood.

gold/metal has been injured, Ji Dong assesses this time situation immediately, at this time, King's body crossed the complementary waves of greatly colorful male cone, finally arrived at that soul fluctuation to fill in front of the stunned hot demon feudal lord. A personal appearance moved to and fro, King's Dragon's Tail has flung, the numerous bang have approached the body of hot demon feudal lord.

The hot demon feudal lord lifts the right arm to go to the standard to keep off subconsciously, loud bang. The golden flame of his right body scatters in all directions to flutter about, the huge body is also staggered dozens meters that Gold Dragon tail this tics.

Understood. Sees this, Ji Dong understands finally gold/metal must make anything, she does not know that passed greatly quiet flame ice with any means that tries to put on the greatly colorful male cone again, the goal must be close to nearby the hot demon feudal lord. Her simply has not accepted oneself roaming fight suggestion, but chose close combat to fight hand-to-hand. Without a doubt, gold/metal this choice is extremely dangerous, the hot demon feudal lord formerly that was two high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill! So long as there is complete falling on the flatter golden body, she does not die also surely the severe wound. However, Ji Dong also has to acknowledge, King's choice is most intelligent, because, she, only then that Saint level body and spirit is completely is not weak in the match. Relies on the beginning Zulong purest bloodlines inheritance, close combat is fighting hand-to-hand, has the possibility of victory.

Gold Dragon tail strikes the bang annealing demon feudal lord, is in power does not let, the body flashes, pursued, the right wing is similar to the giant straw cutter sweeps away generally, the entire right wing tip, is sparkling like water golden radiance, sharp showing of Metal department without doubt. The hot demon feudal lord's response also similarly is extremely quick. Was struck falling that dragon prestige pulls out to draw back across greatly colorful male cone by gold/metal, it is in the heart is also angry, left leg numerous treading in the ground, the huge body half volume, the black flame of left hand restrain above the arm completely, chops, with King's dragon wing hit in one.

Bang a dull thumping sound, airborne gold/metal does not have the trying place, the body immediately shaken flying draws back, but above the left hand of that hot demon feudal lord also left a scar.

Most frigid, was most direct close combat fights hand-to-hand to start. Under so distance. Both sides are both impossible to have the time to release to give the opposite party to create the formidable power to injure sufficiently the skill. In this case, they can do, is as far as possible by the body and magic power, does not use the formidable magic skill situation to destroy the opposite party.

King's dragon wing, dragon claw, Dragon's Tail, body hit and head hit, even is dragon mouth tear and bite, various attacks stop at nothing. But that ten meters high hot demon feudal lord also outrageously meets the approaching enemy. Each collision, will exude made the person palpitation bang bang the sound.

The fist of heavenly stems disciples grips tight, everyone with rapt attention is watching the situation in field. In Ji Dong hand were suddenly many a soft small hand, when turns head to look, sees only Chen Sixuan not to know when arrived at side him, gentle pinnacle Second Wood magic power pours into to Ji Dong within the body, making him feel a whole body comfort.

"Ji Dong, how do you see this war?"Chen Sixuan asked in a low voice. Ji Dong lightly sighed, shook the head.
Chen Sixuan also similarly slightly sighed, ", if in world, even if gold/metal will lose, the opposite party impossible whole body to draw back. What a pity, this is earth core world 15 th." Ji Dong nodded, has fully approved of the Chen Sixuan words, right, Chen Sixuan said is very right, what a pity, here is earth core world 15 th.

The bang, in a specially giant bellow, the body of gold/metal and hot demon feudal lord separated finally. King's body was similar to the kite of line departed generally by far, but that hot demon feudal lord seemed is also very distressed, on the body that the flame covered was scarred. Although is the minor wounds, but so distressed situation, after it participates in this selection grand ceremony , the first time.

King's body numerous depreciation in the place, that hot demon feudal lord fierce panting two, raise rapidly gathers magic power, in it prepares to launch the attack once more, Ji Dong loudly shouted, "has actually sufficed, this we admit defeat."

That hot demon feudal lord grins fiendishly, as if simply has not heard Ji Dong words, is a greatly colorful male cone condenses. Formerly greatly quiet flame ice cannot play the role to gold/metal, making it somewhat lose the confidence, prepared to use the greatly colorful male cone to subdue.

The soul suppression of stock powerful arrives, making the hot demon feudal lord who the preparation mobilizes stagnate, although condenses the skill that becomes not to be broken, but also made it stop own movement stiffly. Looks up toward airborne fire Demon King.

Fire Demon King nodded, waved to it, the hot demon feudal lord then draws back.

The Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, arrived has crashed side gold/metal of place, golden light restraining, gold/metal of being scarred has reappeared the human form, her golden mail-armor and helmet surpassed 70% places to break, in many positions revealed the fair flesh and bloodstain. This time she, the surface like spirit money, is at half comatose condition slightly, the body also was twitching, wound, at least has more than 30.

In Ji Dong heart an intense sharp pain, but also slightly felt relieved, although the injury of gold surface is heavy, but the body of her first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein, the resistance hits the ability to be greatly strengthened, has not received the irretrievable heavy losses eventually.

Ji Dong holds King's body, jumps, a rise returned to side the partners, Du Ming and Lan Bao'er hurried to welcome, Lan Bao'er prepared to receive gold/metal, treated for her by her and Du Ming's pinnacle Ninth Water, when Ji Dong handed over in gold/metal her hand, gold/metal opened eyes suddenly, held Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai, although the vision was scattered in disorder, but was bringing several points of anxiety, in a low voice to Ji Dong: "Saint level, it is the Saint level."Spoke these words, a gold/metal hand loosen, already stupor during Lan Bao'er embraced.

Saint level. Two characters that shocks. Before gold/metal stupor said these words to Ji Dong, she also reluctantly and Ji Dong fused in the strength of oneself soul together, transmitted own judgment, why this is also she can immediately the stupor reason.

"Takes care of gold/metal well." After Ji Dong urged Du Ming and Lan Bao'er, once more standing body.

His heart is unable to be tranquil, King's reminder, takes own dozens to be damaged for the price to trade. Although she cannot cause enough damage to that hot demon feudal lord, but actually relied on each other fighting to judge the opposite party true strength. gold/metal said that is not the opposite party body for the Saint level, but is the comprehensive Saint level. Through the soul fluctuation that gold/metal transmits, Ji Dong finds, gold/metal when fights hand-to-hand with the opposite party comprehensively, the tenacious degree of opposite party body not tight is not weak in her . Moreover, in magic power fluctuation , before has surmounted completely, she has faced the level of another hot demon feudal lord. Although these ten meters high everybody conceal vigorously, but actually King's goal must clarify the opposite party strength to be any degree, naturally is extremely careful feels. Finally drew the final conclusion. The hot demon clan had the second Saint level powerhouse, this ten meters hot demon, is the entire earth core world present fourth Saint level powerhouse! No wonder, by the strength of hot demon clan, they dares to resist with the Fire Lotus clan and fire spirit clan, originally, in this hot demon clan, presented another Saint level unexpectedly. Really is the good terrifying strength. Even if in world most formidable race dragon clan, in all-round strength, is unable to compare with this hot demon clan by far!

The news that gold/metal brings was the stage was really precious, although affected regarding the Ji Dong confidence, but at least also made him know own match was what kind of strength. gold/metal, you felt relieved that I will not make you withstand such grief in vain. I will certainly make that bastard pay the price.

After the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the agent the founder to select celebration to this war had ended, the entire third round fight also ended. The third round that 13 people participate, enters the next round finally only has six.

Continues asking recommendation ticket that tries hard, make an effort, make an effort and catch up.
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