Jiu Shen Chapter 531-540

Chapter 531: The disciples arrive

The fire spirit clan itself also has issue. Only if the earth core world presents the giant disaster, the custom that otherwise, is inherited according to the fire spirit clan, can only maintain the neutrality. Most also can only help Fire Lotus clan several points slightly, but is this, the hot demon clan actually as before reaches out for a yard after taking an inch, more and more does not make sense. The fire spirit king after the careful consideration, decides to hold this celebration, hopes that can select an agent founder to command the overall situation.

The hot demon clan naturally is glad to see the occurrence of such situation, but, the fire spirit king put forward a condition. That is, trains the new person. In this agent founder selects at celebration, their three remote antiquity supreme elders can not get rid.

Hot demon clan head of the clan fire Demon King, is the commander hot demon clan becomes formidable that he self-examined that own strength has exceeded the fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king, naturally did not agree condition that fire spirit king put forward. However, finally it compromised eventually. The reason is very simple, fire spirit king told it, if it did not agree to continue to pester, for the peace of earth core world, fire spirit king Jiang united the Fire Lotus king. Two big races collaborate, suppresses the fire fighting demon clan fully.

Although fire Demon King is proud, but also understands, is impossible simultaneously to resist another two big strong clans by the strength of oneself clan, but, must restrain one's anger to comply. Several days later, the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught the agent founder to select the celebration to convene, three big races aggressively were preparing. Or is other earth core races looks like in them, the selection of this agent founder, will appear in three big strong clans surely. Other each races are most multi- also attend the ceremony and join in the fun.

Three big races competed mutually was in the degree of superheating, now this time naturally was everyone is not willing to relax, the manpower that prepared in secret was similar.

Is inspecting 20 hot demons stopped the footsteps suddenly, vision neat looks toward that profound 15 entrances.

Recited along with a low and deep dragon, the dazzling gold and black dual-color flame glistened to ignite, a huge form flew from the exit.

20 hot demon flame simultaneously greatly flaming, the surrounding air instantaneously becomes viscous, a originally 80 degrees high temperature rises to three hundred degrees celsius instantaneously above, the strong magic power fluctuation mixed tyrannical spiritual locking to directly soar the sudden colossus to cover.

That is rush of blood to the head demons have never seen the tyrannical lifeform, from it, these average cultivation base Rank 9 hot demons dares the strength feeling that felt one unable to contend with. When they lock collectively covers on, light silver light from the directional divergence of that colossus head. The hot demons discovered with amazement, their locking fell in the nihility, looked like simply does not have any living thing to appear.

"Bold, dares to this impoliteness." The clear and melodious and vigorous sound conveys from the direction of that colossus top of the head. the next moment, in the loud sound, that has the colossi of nine claws to fall in the ground loudly outrageously, causes surrounding earth fierce shivering.

At this time the hot demons saw clearly. That huge biological body unexpectedly is two colors, side is the white, side is the black, has two big ends. This living thing they have never seen, if not on it is flooding strong pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire, perhaps these hot demons must think that was the foreign invasion.

Carries on the back in this huge living thing, first jumps down two living thing, made these hot demon big relaxing. That is two body bests pupil has six meters, with their appearance almost exactly the same huge lifeform. Hot demons of these patrols, height about four meters. Compared with fellow difference that these two fall many. Sees them, an numerous hot demon hurries to restrain own aura, simultaneously single knee kneels down, respectfully said: "Pays a visit the feudal lord Sir."

Yes, on that two huge living thing separately is also burning the golden color and black flame. In a hot demon clan, the height has exceeded five meters, can be the hot demon has commanded, but over six meters, are the feudal lord ranks. If the height can be eight meters, that is the big feudal lord. They most formidable fire Demon King, is height ten meters formidable existence.

Those who made the hot demons surprisedly uncertain was, that flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord after landing. Simply has not paid attention to them, but lets arrive at the one side separately, single knee kneel down, is greeting anything likely. Carries on the back from that huge living thing, jumps down one after another ten people.

Is one person, covers all over the body in the red mail-armor and helmet, the ferocious mail-armor and helmet aura embodiment, from him, could not feel that slightest bit magic power fluctuates. The hot demons naturally silly to thinking this is a small and weak living thing. Can arrive at earth core world 15 th calmly, is the powerhouse of earth core world, besides their three big races, other races at least if the feudal lord rank above character may come here temporarily.

Follows nine people behind this person, the body is covering a red crystal color/look rock layer, looks like the mail-armor and helmet is ordinary. Clearly is the hot puppet appearance. could it be at present this is puppet king? But, does this puppet king mail- armor and helmet of seem such strange? Moreover, should not show the way by the feudal lords of two our hot demon clans personally!

The hot puppet, lives on earth core 12 th, this race ranks 43 rd in the entire earth core world. Was considered as is quite formidable race. The hot puppet and fire spirit clan are very intimate, because their combining ways and fire spirit clans somewhat resemble. Just, the fire spirit clan has the formidable soul, can attach to Fire Element to exist through the soul directly. But a hot puppet clan actually must attach to own soul in some crystal stones, can continue to survive. Their bodies can be many and varied. But a hot puppet clan most is familiar with the imitation, is outside the appearance of world human. This is one purely by the race that psychic force grows perceptibly.

Is the doubtful puppet king whole body covers the person right hand of armor to wield, immediately, airborne is quietly splits a slit, huge lifeform that formerly the carrying/sustaining they were coming low and deep roared, the personal appearance flashes, submerged in the crack to vanish to disappear.

The hot demons see this. In heart secret imposing. The mount, must know, in the earth core world, only has to place the first ten race head of the clan to have the mount. Other races head of the clan, even if the core elder, if uses the mount, means the race head of the clan who they to being listed tenth provokes. This is one of the earth core world big taboos, nobody dares to offend easily. At present this seems like the fellow of puppet king, since dares such to do, that means that he had enough strength self-confidently. At celebration that before held, had some race to erupt suddenly, showed the formidable strength to make the entire race rank elevation, even was the entire clan moves to a better level. could it be, this time must erupt is the hot puppet clan is unexpectedly inadequate?

In hot demons heart is indulging in flights of fancy, but their responsibility actually do not dare to be careless and indiscreet, is the flame demon stride of head goes forward, before arriving at distance that wears the lifeform of red armor 20 meters away, some fears looked at one to stand in his side two hot demon feudal lords, solemnly said: "Asked Your Excellency to show the token."

15 th, not only three big strong clan life places, is the headquarters that the entire Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches is, other races want to come here, must have the Saint the token that teaches to provide to be good. Otherwise will be regarded the invader, anyone. Will withstand the anger of three big strong clans.

This suddenly appears on 15 th is not others, is Ji Dong and his partners. Since they leave the territory of earth core world second layer hot crow clan to the present, passed time of entire half a month. In this half a month, they can be said as do not stand still. Experienced too many things in the earth core world. When they meet a hot puppet clan on 12 th, Ji Dong after the careful ponder, decided that pretends to be a hot puppet clan to come to attend this time celebration, as the matter stands, can conceal the status of heavenly stems disciples as far as possible.

Altogether 11 golden token ray sparkles, flutter, simultaneously stagnated in the face of that flame demon float in the midair. This control made that flame demon golden color flame beat immediately. What it is surprised, appears from Ji Dong now. When it formerly opened the space takes away mount, at present the token throws in front of oneself, actually as before does not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation to produce from the body. This must the how formidable strength be able to achieve this point!

The soul fluctuation of flame demon obviously became more respectful, after one by one inspected front token, respectful withdrew, said: "Puppet Sir king of respect, does this hot puppet clan have the person who 11 attend the celebration?"

Ji Dong light nodded, soul fluctuation spreads, say/way of irrelevantly replying: "Can we walk?"

"Naturally." The flame demon hurries respectful drawing back to open the one side, does not dare to ask anything again. After all, such situation he was not first time sees. The formidable race robbed the token of small and weak race head of the clan already to become accustomed to the earth core world. With the fire Demon King words is, small and weak race originally does not have the qualifications to come to here to attend the celebration, even if they came, on this earth core world 15 th, they did not survive. Made everybody compete simply. The token quantity of snatching are more, means that this race is more formidable.

Regarding this point, the fire spirit kings feel very reluctantly, according to custom that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, although other race cannot arrive at this earth core world 15 th easily, but, three big strong clans cannot leave here easily. Therefore, the fire spirit king was also has a mind to be incapable. A most excessive celebration, the race actually took
43 tokens to come to participate. They one time comes 11 people of situations like Ji Dong, although is rare, but is not any important matter. As for that two that Ji Dong summoned, their originally was the hot demon clan clansman, at least the surface seemed is, naturally did not need any token to enter this 15 th world.

Ji Dong before coming to here, was similar in other earth core race there, he who inquired here situation has neglected what a pity a matter, that was the hot demon clan cannot leave this 15 th easily. Therefore, when they just left, the hot demons that is responsible for going on patrol branch out the manpower immediately, returned to the tempering demon clan castle to report.

, Three castles already were by far in sight, when Ji Dong heard when earth core tenth, existence of earth core world there is still one Fire Lotus clan. At that time his mood is not nearly able automatic control. Existence of Fire Lotus clan, making him see the hope of Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrecting truly! The heavenly stems disciples are also Ji Dong were naturally happy. Only some Chen Sixuan are very helpless sighed in the heart, silly Ji Dong, actually, I side you, what also wanted to resurrect?

Because of existence of Fire Lotus clan, Ji Dong after just arrived here, immediately decides first to go to the Fire Lotus clan castle again to say. He actually somewhat feels embarrassed now. Actually which is the Fire Lotus clan castle? The also three days, are the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teach the agent the founder to select the day that the celebration convenes, place that convene in fire spirit clan castle. Before then, Ji Dong decides to visit the place of Fire Lotus clan first.

Through the understanding and investigation of these days to the earth core world, the heavenly stems disciples discovered, after earth core world five, the life style of earth core lifeform is human somewhat resembles, has own society, but is different according to level, extreme obvious of class distinction. Many places have the institute of special transaction. Without a doubt, this earth core world 15 th, was the highest exchange of entire earth core world.

The heavenly stems disciples arrive at the earth core world, a goal is for the condition that to complete the silly rich business association put forward, if directly can buy the 18th Layer crystal rock here, that did not need to take risk. When wants to leave here was also naturally easier.

Simple discussed after the partners one next, Ji Dong decided, first led everybody to seek for a castle casually in the past, then inquired the position of Fire Lotus clan castle was . This earth core world 15 th area was not in any case big.

Rich Fire Element, making the Ji Dong whole body comfortable as if wanted moan to come out to resemble, since entering the earth core world, he diligently has been practicing oneself that Saint level soul the strength of control. May be this, three months, his has reached as high as Eight-Crown magic power has evolved unexpectedly Level 84. Obviously this earth core world was much big regarding the Fire department Mage advantage. However, along with more and more thorough earth core world, Ji Dong also discovered, this earth core world is really not existence that the world can contend with. In the world, Rank 10 Divine Beast is it can be said that extremely rare, the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse is also same is so. But, in this earth core world, only the Fire Lotus clan entire clan, is the Rank 10 above powerhouse. Once the earth core world launches the attack to the ground world, perhaps is bright and dark two pieces of continent collaborates not necessarily to block. Therefore, the earth core world cannot be chaotic, if here were ruled by some careerist, god knows in the future they can launch the attack to the ground world.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 532: Fire Lotus castle

The heavenly stems disciples present does not feel the pain. In order to conceal the status, they have not used five elements Yin-Yang again. But everyone is actually maintaining the best magic power condition. Although body surface hot crystal stone made them withstand the quantity of heat unceasingly. But also as far as possible isolated the thermal energy of outside. But their Saint flame armor played the vital role. The advantage that the more thorough earth core world, Saint flame armor appears is also bigger. Not can only adjust their body temperatures, but can also prevent the hot demon to invade into the country , helping them maintain magic power in within the body as far as possible. Moreover, arrives here three months, they also gradually adapted to here circumstances. After all penetrates gradually, but was not one went to the temperature wonderful high incomparable place. Therefore can also endure, is only not quite comfortable.

Rich Fire Element, regarding heavenly stems disciples is also an exercise, how is exercising them in thin, even does not have the place survival of own attribute element. Also exercises them to resist other abilities of element attack. Although their progressive speeds cannot compared with Ji Dong, but besides gold/metal, magic power of everyone had the promotion on level. Especially cultivation base weak Du Xin'er, Du Ming and Lan Bao'er, present range Level 80 was getting more and more near.

Ji Dong has not summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly again, without permitting, in the 15 th flight is also the taboo. They can only be the walk walk in a direction of castle. "Here hot real uncomfortable."Du Xin'er said in a low voice.

In five elements, fire gold/metal, water subdues fire, the wood lights a fire, therefore. The Mage of wood, water and gold/metal three clans do not feel better here. Only then remote, the wolf divine intervention and thunder and lightning attribute Fu Rui are slightly comfortable, naturally, this is also relatively speaking.

Ji Dong looked at Du Xin'er one, said: "fragrant, if you felt uncomfortable that told me. This 15 th temperature went up. Moreover, here absolutely did not have your respective attribute elements. Time unless it is absolutely essential, everybody do not get rid easily. Here not only powerhouse like clouds, place that but also has not been used to restore to everybody. Still remembers that I when the words that entering third layer spoke? Must to that time, everyone not probably hesitate."

The travel of three months of earth core, in five elements, on Ji Dong were more than a dignity before, the partners also believed to him. Since these three months joint smelting trials, made the heavenly stems disciples find the tacit understanding truly. Although in the heart does not hope, but actually nobody violates the meaning of Ji Dong, including Fu Rui, complete nodded.

The castle that quick that the heavenly stems disciples walk, they designate by far became more and more clear. The appearances of three castles are similar, all hillside constructs, Ji Dong looks out into the distance, immediately discovered, outside the front door of this castle, is protecting is not the hot demon clan clansman. Clearly, his choice had 50% probabilities to arrive at the Fire Lotus clan directly.

The people step out, finally arrived at the castle front, when they see clearly the appearance before castle, somewhat is funny. Does not know to imitate the city of world. Really has this broad river before this castle, naturally, inside flows is not the river water, but is the magma. Besides the funniness, also shocks. Because, presents before them the castle, was really extremely enchanting. Besides Chen Sixuan, they have not seen so have made the construction that one shocks. Formerly in the distant place, people can only see crystal red one piece, in addition high the extremely temperature caused the air to twist, keeping the people vision from being extremely far. In the world of this high temperature, the searching range as well as the precise degree of strength of soul certainly will be affected, besides Ji Dong, other people the strength of sensations of soul is very difficult over about hundred meters.

But at this time arrived at present, sees completely was another picture, the giant castle hillside constructed, the protecting Chengyan thick liquid river width before castle approximately 30 meters, the temperature here did not stop in 80 degrees, the water sample air unceasing distortion of transpiration was rippling. The giant hanging bridge completely is stone carving, builds in both banks, can make the earth core lifeform pass.

After the hanging bridge. The main entrance of castle has 30 meters high fully, the giant city wall is incomparably grand, what most shocks, presents at present, making the person admire the giant castle to repair with that red crystal rock unexpectedly completely. Suppose, such just like the castle that the ruby carving becomes, can not give people the dazzling feeling?

The earth core world to 15 th, is a fiery red world, the color in this castle is especially insightful, that blazing temperature, the dazzling giant castle, one type arrived at the hell world feeling to the person.

The breath of heavenly stems disciples became rapid several points, this was the earth core world most core place, can come here, they felt sufficiently proudly. Ji Dong even can affirm, perhaps before them, extremely little has human to come here.

"Walks, we go."Ji Dong is returning to normal surging of innermost feelings, his excitement not because at present the broad air/Qi of castle, because in his heart has thought this belonged to the Lie Yan (raging flames) rule place. Regarding the earth core world, Ji Dong has a special emotion throughout, all these because of Lie Yan (raging flames).

Steps onto the hanging bridge, Ji Dong felt immediately magic power of partners started to consume. Below has the magma river, here temperature has reached as high as three hundred degrees celsius above, if not use magic power to resist, the heavenly stems disciples are unable to withstand. Matter that this does not have the means.

Arrives at the castle entrance, the people are one dull, stands protects the city gate there, actually only has two people. Their appearances and human do not have slightest bit to distinguish. The tall and slender stature, dark-red long skirt, the fiery-red long hair, unexpectedly is two outstandingly beautiful females. They are only static standing there, on face not any expression, but enough has actually taken to the people an invisible deterrent.

Ji Dong or the heavenly stems disciples, see that moment of these two females, is the heart crazily shakes. Especially has experienced the people of Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, was somewhat dull.

Although at present the looks and Lie Yan (raging flames) of these two females are not same, is, their attires and hair colors, even is around the tall and slender stature and body rich Fire Element, simply is the Lie Yan (raging flames) reprints!

Ji Dong stopped the footsteps, his body uncontrolled shivers, he has not thought, oneself luck so is unexpectedly good, the optional choice directly arrived at the castle of Fire Lotus clan unexpectedly.

Lie Yan (raging flames), this is your clansman! Heart unstoppable surging crazy missing of Ji Dong, although these two females do not have the Lie Yan (raging flames) appearance to be so perfect at present, but sees them, Ji Dong looked like saw oneself first time when Lie Yan (raging flames) that the earth core world met, his always calm mood nearly somewhat could not control.

An icy cold small hand grips Ji Dong to grip the tight fist gently, is full of the life the aura that quietly to flow in the Ji Dong palm fresh. After making the mood that he surges shake slightly, is slowly tranquil.

When turns head to look, Chen Sixuan does not know when arrived at side him, a small hand from protecting the body crystal rock drilled, has gripped his hand, and also pours into own pinnacle Second Wood magic power to own within the body.

Must know, she does this without doubt is magic power that consumes oneself unable to restore large scale, but she such did. Ji Dong has a look at Chen Sixuan, in having a look at the front not far away that takes the form of the Lie Yan (raging flames) female, hides in the double pupil under fierce mask, reveals the complex ray.

Thinks of the fine jade, why you must be good to me so. First what if I know is you. Perhaps, I will not compare to your sentiment to Lie Yan (raging flames) am few. The heaven waited me to be generous, making me know Lie Yan (raging flames) successively and you. But, ascended the sky is also unfair to you, making you fall in love with me.

Transmits with the soul to Chen Sixuan did not have the signal of issue, Chen Sixuan has not pestered anything, has taken back the hand quietly, the manner nature, the soul does not have the unnecessary fluctuation, looked like has made most not worthy of mentioning matter. May be this, this moist thin silent emotion, most can touch the heart of Ji Dong.

took a deep breath, Ji Dong already, when walked first. Without a doubt, protects two before city gate at present, was the clansmen of Fire Lotus clan. Walks facing Ji Dong, their not any stop, but somewhat curiously looked at Ji Dong this mail-armor and helmet. Since can through the 15 th exit|to speak, the proof the status of these people be legitimate at present. They naturally do not need to stop. But Ji Dong can actually clear feeling, these two Fire Lotus clan clansmen, clearly sufficiently compare favorably with Rank 10 magic beast or is the Nine-Crown Mage powerhouse.

In world, if some people told them, making two supreme powerhouses guard the door, who can believe? But, had such situation in the Fire Lotus castle of this earth core world.

Before Ji Dong the news that obtains, in the earth core world three big strong clans, the clansman quantity of Fire Lotus clan is least. But must discuss the average combat capability, they are actually strongest. Like the hot demon clan and fire spirit clan, the ordinary clansman is also only about Rank 9 cultivation base, just when birth has the Rank 8 strength probably. Only has this Fire Lotus clan, started from a birth, cultivation base reached as high as Rank 10. If not the multiplication of Fire Lotus clan and awakens is too slow, perhaps the entire earth core world was already ruled by them. Naturally, before Lie Yan (raging flames) also living time, the original Fire Lotus clan can be said as the emperor's clan of earth core world.

The heavenly stems disciples walk into the Fire Lotus castle one after another, they saw the street surprisedly, is similar to the human city the same street. By the street, unexpectedly is the standing in great numbers shop. But here the thing and the world transaction is completely different. After entering the castle, the temperature dropped, but also and just entered the 15 th strata time to be different. Temperature in this castle, must reach as high as a hundred degrees celsius, has the boiling point of water to be so scalding hot fully. Clearly, this is because these hot crystal stones of construction castle create.

The Ji Dong heart trembles, he has almost thought of the origins of these shops immediately. Clearly, this was initially Lie Yan (raging flames), when has not known him, after going to the world to come back , the idea. Perhaps in three big castles, only has the Fire Lotus clan to have such street.

In fact, the guess of Ji Dong is absolutely correct, Fire Lotus castle, is not only the territory of Fire Lotus clan, in the meantime, is the entire earth core world trades the institute high. Here carries out the transaction, is various earth core world types of valuable things.

Passed by three shops, Ji Dong saw before a shop gate, places crystal stone that was making him be familiar with, that type was used to make the crystal stone of core elder token.

That crystal stone is placed in a red crystal color/look stone platform, above is lending the thick Fire Element aura.

"Everybody and others my." The Ji Dong starting to walk stride, entered that shop, other heavenly stems disciples and two big element bodies outside. Ji Dong walks into the shop, this shop is very big, the thing that but inside places are not many, Ji Dong saw various red crystal stones. Almost is that he wants to obtain. But from the aura of color and Fire Element sending out, the quality has the difference. The color deeper crystal stone quality is better.

"You want to buy anything." The ice-cold and delightful sound resounds. Hears this sound, Ji Dong thinks immediately was the phonism, turned round suddenly. Sees only the door place from one side to walk a female.

Sees this female, Ji Dong only thought that own breath as if must stop. Because, the look of this female unexpectedly and Lie Yan (raging flames) has seven phase splitting shapes. Only then some slight places and Lie Yan (raging flames) are different, also was her makings be colder than Lie Yan (raging flames).

She is not Lie Yan (raging flames), she is not Lie Yan (raging flames). Ji Dong in approaches itself that in the heart goes all out to cry out. He feared that own cannot bear will rush to grasp her.

That wears the female of red skirt to look that the Ji Dong delay the appearance frowned, "which clan you are. Continues to stare at me to look again, I write off you."

She is really not Lie Yan (raging flames), an intense disappointment wells up the Ji Dong heart, this red clothes female in knitting the brows, was different from the Lie Yan (raging flames) manner a moment ago, although is extremely also moving. May actually be short of Lie Yan (raging flames) when looking oneself that gentle graceful bearing, does not have Lie Yan (raging flames) that reserved dignity.

That red clothes female saw that Ji Dong after listening to own words also dull standing there, looks at itself that the vision did flicker unexpectedly, in the foreheads raised immediately malignant influences. The under foot lotus steps move lightly, is almost only the personal appearance flashes, arrived in front of Ji Dong. When a chest palm, light racket to the position of Ji Dong chest. The vision sudden appearance of Ji Dong delay reappears, saw that red clothes female is similar to spring the scallion common palm racket to oneself chest place, he has not moved aside unexpectedly.

Appears without any sound, the right palm of female the brand mark in the Ji Dong chest front, the next flash, after the Ji Dong whole person has been similar to the shell is common, flies, bang, collision ruthlessly on behind solid wall.

That wall any material quality in hard degree far ultra Ji Dong understanding, his whole person brand mark goes in half foot, that wall does not have the slightest bit shatter sign.

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Chapter 533: The condition of red flame

Tyrannical incomparable pinnacle Yang Fire magic power has broken through Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai forcefully. Floods into his within the body, crazy is wreaking havoc.

Ji Dong groaned, the hand-held chest, opens mouth, pū, spouts steam. Made the temperature in entire shop rise dramatically to five hundred degrees celsius suddenly about.

"Ji Dong, you are all right." The Chen Sixuan soul is almost the earliest possible time resounds in the Ji Dong mind, Ji Dong replies immediately to her: "Relax, I am all right, but buys a thing."

Had the response of Ji Dong, the heavenly stems disciples who outside hears the sound have not flushed.

In the beautiful pupil of that red clothes female reveals several points of surprised color/look, looks at Ji Dong, were many several points of curiosity, delicate eyebrows slightly wrinkle, said: "Actually are you who?"At present this does not know is the person of which clan, since can bear a oneself palm, moreover seems has not been injured, in the earth core world is not the obscure individual. By his such cultivation base, why does not resist own attack, but can bear a palm?

Ji Dong truly has not been injured, his Saint level body and spirit was really too tyrannical. Moreover a moment ago the attack of this red clothes female was also only but at fingertips was, not whole-heartedly. However, even if this, he also connects deep breath several, oneself receives the shake in internal organs is returns to normal.

He truly intentionally withstands this palm, the reason is very simple, he must break oneself heart pain. In seeing so is an excellent likeness the Lie Yan (raging flames) person, may immediately understand she is not Lie Yan (raging flames) time. The heart of Ji Dong, looks like by ten thousand swords is pierced the general severe pain is unable to breathe. Therefore, he rather is withstanding the palm attack of female, had several points of malice by oneself to her, draws support from the pain of body to come from Lie Yan (raging flames) in missing to work loose temporarily.

"Discourteous do not regard, sorry, was I was disrespectful a moment ago. Also should be by your palm."Ji Dong forcing had turned head by oneself, no longer looks at this female, simultaneously transmits own meaning through the soul fluctuation.

Listened to his words, brow stretch/leisurely of red clothes female to launch several points slightly, to Ji Dong nodded, said: "Calculates that you also understand a courtesy. Comes here, what do you want?"

Ji Dong said: "I saw you to place the ore before gate a moment ago. If I have not misread, this ore and material quality of manufacture core elder token is exactly the same. Whether to be able to ask, what ore this is, the price how?"

Red clothes female lightly said: "This is the Fire God stone, was called the jade of place. Shares the honor with world a thing of jade of appealing to heaven. On the quality words, it was inferior that the day of jade function is so big. But in it, can actually concentrate own volume over 100 times solid state Fire Element. You have not misread, the Saint teaches the core elders to have together with the token that it manufactures. The function. Stores up the skill that can maintain life. Only needs to inspire by own magic power, can release directly. Here, is the entire earth core world only one by one place sells the jade of place place. According to custom, so long as you put out and other things of value to receive in exchange. The jade of place is divided into three qualities, the low grade can store up ordinary Certain Kill Skill, is low- priced. Can store up primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, the high-grade are highest can store up to high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill. You noticed that the core elders have, but is the jade of Fire God stone place. My three grade has."

The jade of place? One hear of this names, Ji Dong on some headaches, the value of jade of this place was not without a doubt ordinary. To have massively perhaps is impossible. Moreover, he also self-examined that does not have what thing to bring the purchase. He is also Fire department Mage, perhaps is Zhou Xiaoxiao that fatty here, certainly headache extremely.

Meanwhile, along with calming down, the interest of Ji Dong to this red clothes female becomes is getting more and more rich at present, because this not actually she looked like Lie Yan (raging flames). But because, Ji Dong unexpectedly surprised discovery, only carries on the coverage type scanning by the strength of own soul, is unable to see clearly at present the strength of this female unexpectedly. Only this point. He can affirm, at present cultivation base of this red clothes female already above hot owlet king.

This Fire Lotus clan worthily is the Lie Yan (raging flames) race! At present the body of this red clothes female should also same be the energy condenses with Lie Yan (raging flames), is only a boss in shop, cultivation base can be so the degree unexpectedly. Perhaps must compare to/clashes under the crown forest to be clear. Weighs with level of human, at least is Level 97, even is Level 98 cultivation base.

Ji Dong sighed, shook the head, said: "I do not know that has to be able with and other value goods that you exchange."

The red clothes female has gawked, looks that the Ji Dong vision changed, lightly said: "That do not waste my time."Saying, her was turning around to walk.

Ji Dong hastily said: "wait a moment."

The red clothes female stops the footsteps, turns head to look to him,
"your also what matter?" Ji Dong said: "Might as well be like this good, you proposed that wants any thing, I found to you as far as possible. I need the jade of massive place."

The red clothes female coldly has swept Ji Dong one, "the jade of massive place? Your does could it be want to launch a war?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, course not. At least, I want the jade of these places not to use here. If I told you, I can be the friend of Fire Lotus clan, are you willing to believe?"

At the same time was saying, his vision once more straight looks toward the red clothes female, in the meantime, has taken off the mask on face.

Saw the face of Ji Dong, red clothes female was shocked obviously, in the earth core world, the appearance of Fire Lotus clan was almost same as human, or was nearly perfect human. Also, only has the Fire Lotus clan is so. But the Fire Lotus clan also has characteristics. Entire clan is a female. Sees Ji Dong this kind of man, in this red clothes female heart has an unusual feeling immediately. Especially Ji Dong that clear vision, not having the slightest bit to be artificial, is honest.

However, this red clothes female cultivation base is astonishing, was only slightly the delay, returned to normal.

"Are you human?" An ice-cold murderous intention releases instantaneously from this red clothes female.

Ji Dong confident nodded, said: "Right, I am human. Moreover is participates in this agent founder to select one of the congress elders. According to custom that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, even if human, so long as has the token to arrive at this 15 th, can participate in the Saint to teach the celebration, I said right."

On red clothes female murderous intention restraining, solemnly said:
"You know as if many." Ji Dong nodded silently, was acknowledged her words, "the jade of my important place, to bring back to the world went. Soon, world will have a war. Therefore, I need the jade of place."

The red clothes female said: "I called the red flame, if you wanted the jade of place, Ok. I only have a condition. Our Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught great god, Red Lotus clan great Totem, ruler Empress Lie Yan of earth core world your majesty has been missing a long time. According to news that I obtain. She is because after going to world, returns to the earth core world , after having had the huge magic power fluctuation, is missing. My condition is, you must find the reason that Her Majesty the Empress vanishes for me, or found your majesty trail. If you can achieve, then, I will do my best for you provide the jade of place."

Listened to her words, Ji Dong one dull, suddenly could not speak. If this condition red flame to others proposed that then, its difficulty must surpass the silly rich business association to propose the sum total of that three test to Ji Dong. After all, departure of Lie Yan (raging flames) is related with god! But. This condition falls on Ji Dong, actually really looked for right the Lord. Except for Ji Dong, nobody can accurate awareness at that time what happened.

Sees the Ji Dong delay the appearance, red flame lightly said: "I also know that this condition is quite difficult. But this is very important to our Fire Lotus clan. Since you are human, can come here, you certainly have to return to the world the ability. Our Fire Lotus clan cannot leave here. If you want to show that is our friends. That does your best investigate this news for us. Even if only obtains some related news, I can also consider to give you jade of some level low places. The condition that I put forward was long-term, can bring all precise information till you."

Spoke these words, when the red flame turns around to walk toward formerly presented the side gate.

"wait a moment." The Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, arrived at side the red flame, lifts the hand to grasp to her shoulder. But turns in his front Red Lotus body lightly, incomparably pliable but hard to break has made an average man the movement that is hard to imagine, relaxed shunt palm of Ji Dong.

When Ji Dong sees her face again, in the red flame double pupil has filled the malignant influences, ", if not look in you are a human, may help me obtain in the news share, I must kill you. Dares to raise a rumpus to me again, I will make you regret that you is a live person."

Ji Dong said apologetically: "Sorry, was I am rash. I want to tell you you news that wants to know. I can give you now answer."

"What did you say?" The red flame opened eyes to visit him, in the eye was full of the look that has not dared to believe.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "I said, I can tell all that you you want to know now. This matter, perhaps in the entire world, only then I can say to you were clear."

Ji Dong made this decision only to use very short time, he knows, oneself when making this decision was not quite sane. Trades a race, he will certainly not make such transaction to expose itself. But, here is the Fire Lotus castle! Here is the race that Lie Yan (raging flames) establishes! The present female, is Lie Yan (raging flames) has 70% to resemble. This favorable impression, made Ji Dong change the mind sufficiently, even can help him make the decision. The rational judgment adds on perceptual cognition, Ji Dong has set firm resolve.

The vision of red flame becomes is coldly severe, the unprecedented huge murderous intention raises around her body slowly, "you are clear, deceive a consequence of Fire Lotus clan are anything."

Ji Dong lightly said: "I have never thought the deceit, naturally does not need to know the consequence."

Red flame nodded, said: "Good. You said."

Ji Dong took a deep breath, is unable to conceal endless sad flows from his eyeground, "many words might also as well reappear the directness that initially that came. You look."

At the same time was saying, both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the silver, the strength of formidable soul passes the body, feels Ji Dong that tyrannical incomparable soul fluctuation, the red flame backward withdraws one step, in the beautiful pupil revealed the inconceivable look. Formerly although she can also feel at present this man was powerful. But, the Ji Dong aura has been reserved, she also clearly can feel that Ji Dong magic power is inferior own. But when, at this time Ji Dong releases own soul fluctuation, she understands that at present the strength of this masculine human has far exceeded own estimate.

Electricity of two silver light from the Ji Dong eye shoot, fell on front wall directly, the silver light like the water, gently the fluctuation, gradually, a design presented in that silver light.

Achieves this point by the strength of soul, the red flame self-examines unable to achieve, but she actually understands that Ji Dong in making anything, Ji Dong this is in comes to show the fragment in memory by the strength of oneself formidable soul. This needs the strength of formidable soul to achieve! Is feeling the soul fluctuation of Ji Dong, red flame were also many to his trust several points.

In the silver ray, the image became more and more clear, the red flame saw, inside assumes appears, is really not the underground world situation.

Holy and Evil Island, this is Ji Dong gives the start of memory. That, is he and Fu Rui and the others, whole-heartedly prevents the dark secret to complete the ceremony time. Once bright heavenly stems disciples appeared, the tragedy that originally should not suffer also one after another appeared.

Ten thousand thunder break into a jail formidable oppression strength, even if is watching the memory that Ji Dong returns to original state, the red flame can also the clear feeling.

When to this man these people must perish at present, Lie Yan (raging flames) appeared. When the red flame sees Lie Yan (raging flames) that moment, her body fierce shivers, withdraws backward one step, nearly directly kneel down.

Regarding a Fire Lotus clan, Lie Yan (raging flames) can be said as their creation world god, does not have Lie Yan (raging flames), they now or earth core 18th Layer earth core Red Lotus. Because of awakening of Lie Yan (raging flames), makes a Fire Lotus clan have the present. Each clansman of Fire Lotus clan, is even blind regarding the respect of Lie Yan (raging flames). Suddenly sees existence of Lie Yan (raging flames), can she not be excited?

At this time, in the soul of red flame heard the sound, initially the sound on Holy and Evil Battlefield.


"Your this is willing to devote to dark human, I have not thought must intervene the world any matter, but, your actions, have threatened the person who I loved. I can tell you, I not from god, should not appear here. But, I must come. You started ten thousand thunder to break into a jail, caused life apply carbon, today I enforce justice on behalf of Heaven, let your also relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish."


Loyal, loyal, loyal. I warned myself unceasingly, loyalty of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), not stud horse......

Chapter 534: He is worth loving

Ji Dong takes to the red flame, not only image. Simultaneously also sound. When the red flame listens respectfully to Lie Yan's sound, whole person already excited being unable to restrain oneself. Although in this life, sees the Lie Yan (raging flames) number of times to be few, but, every time sees the idol and god of that entire clan, made her memory very profound.

Right, this is the voice of Sir Lie Yan (raging flames), this will be will not be wrong, all these that at present sees also naturally real.

But in the next moment, the red flame whole person actually completely fell into during the shock, she is unable to believe, in oneself mind supreme Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) actually will say such words.

Lover? She actually said that at present this masculine human is the lover, Heavens! Look of Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) good gentle quite gentle, remembers with unsurpassed dignified completely different. Actually is this man who? Why will Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) call him the lover?

Is having the doubts and shock of being filled with, the red flame continues to look. Then, performs in her at present, is Lie Yan (raging flames) strives to turn the tide, broke ten thousand thunder to break into a jail stiffly, and has been cut off all that with the Red Lotus day fire.

Shock of ultimate Certain Kill Skill, making the red flame nearly unable to breathe, but also at this moment. She discovered that is releasing the soul memory man, has had tears streaming down the face. ......

"Lie Yan (raging flames), your isn't healthy?"Asking that Ji Dong worries about.

"No,......"Lie Yan (raging flames) was not sobbing shaking the head, she raised the head, in the eye pupil had, was only endless gentle and thick being in love.

"Does Ji Dong, accompany me to dance a dance to be good? Was at Heavenly Stems School when like initially us such."

In that seems in the wonderful melody that the air plays, Ji Dong brings Lie Yan (raging flames) to dance lightly.

In the melody of music, Ji Dong to the left void stride, embraces in the hand of Lie Yan (raging flames) waist makes an effort slightly, Lie Yan (raging flames) under his lead, body just like light , if no thing to move along with him generally. Every one step treads, Ji Dong can feel that oneself has the conscientious feeling, this has filled the thick red light sky, is he and Lie Yan (raging flames) dance floor.

Their dancer's postures are actually such beautiful, suffocating of beautiful.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is very light and is very supple, but extremely blazing, the dance of Ji Dong is noble and graceful, each movement is quite elegant, the dance of Lie Yan (raging flames) is light and lively, snuggles, in he cherishes, in perfect coordination that under his lead coordinates.


Sees here, the red flame only thought in own throat as if choked up anything, one type never had the mood started to spread in her heart. This is the how pure feeling, this is what kind of emotion! Shock in her heart vanished gradually. Is feeling in the image between Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) that to the pure emotion. She also own substitution, as if this time she is Lie Yan (raging flames) in image. ......

"Ji Dong, kisses me."Lie Yan (raging flames) twittering was shouting lightly.

Ji Dong lowered the head, four lip moving gently in the same place, he for fear that oneself movement have the slightest bit to injure to Lie Yan (raging flames) uncouthly, gently is kissing her lip.

Her lip warming up is moist, even also has several points to shiver, Lie Yan (raging flames) closes both eyes slowly, the long eyelash builds on the eyelid slightly is trembling lightly. The tears, on following her perfect face flow in arc of this moment under.


Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) has cried, Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) has cried unexpectedly, red flame subconscious has grasped own mind, bites the lower lip tightly, that at present sees, has gone beyond the category that she has imagined completely. This, is this really Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) in my mind?


"My this day fire Red Lotus ties, even if were that fuses four mahatma beast magic power dark secrets unable to break through. Even if no my magic power support, within five years, it will not vanish. Five years, should enough you and human on Light Five Elements Continent makes to respond. You are the Ji Dong friend and partner, hopes after you, can help him. Thanks."

"gold/metal. Troubled you to help Ji Dong look after fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix, I must bring Ji Dong to return to earth core lake. You must take care itself well, waits for Ji Dong to come back , helping me take care of him."

"Maotai and Wuliangye. You must be obedient Oh." "Walks, we go home, for me, the earth core lake is my family/home. Also is your family/home. I know, in your heart has certainly many questions. This time I all told you."


When picture sudden revolution, the entire picture turned into red completely, the ray reappears, Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) returned to the world of earth core magma lake.

If the other living thing of earth core world, certainly is unable to judge this whether real, but, as a Fire Lotus clan that earth core Red Lotus is born, the red flame is certainly clear, there was her once family/home.

Then, the red flame saw that is Lie Yan (raging flames) snuggles one in Ji Dong bosom, what her neutral tone is Ji Dong was narrating own all, that each few words, made the heartbeat speed of red flame even more speed up. At this moment, she shows to Ji Dong in front all in not any reply. Except for true Sir Empress, also who can say her origin so clear?

Meanwhile, the red flame can also feel that affection of Lie Yan (raging flames) to Ji Dong profoundly.

The red flame understands in finally own heart that type has never felt the inexplicable feeling was anything, that was moved, because Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) occurred all was moved, she has never thought Her Majesty the Empress will fall in love with a human unexpectedly. But, from Her Majesty the Empress to his related that can see, among them the sentiment proceeds from the Lie Yan (raging flames) conscience completely. Sir Empress. You, you have fallen in love with a human unexpectedly......

At this moment, the matter that the red flame most wants to know occurred, the deicide cultivates like this to arrive, war between a god and god, in earth core 18th Layer mammoth expansion.

Until at this moment, the red flame still remembered initially the entire earth core world because once the sudden huge magic power fluctuation has shivered. Obviously, this is the reason of earth core world change. Sir Empress is facing the attack of god unexpectedly!

When approaches finally at that moment, when Lie Yan (raging flames) relies on the deity disintegration big law with cultivating like this is mutually wounded, saw when Ji Dong of Lie Yan (raging flames) for under rescuing moves toward relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish that moment eventually, the tears of red flame finally again cannot control. At this moment, she actually clear awareness, in own heart, had the emotion that the world should have.


"Ji Dong, received his god knowledge with the sword of Fire God quickly." The Lie Yan (raging flames) weak sound said.

"Human, what do you want to make?"Repairs like this solemnly shouted.

Ji Dong coldly visits him, "does? Do this you also need to ask me? Repairs like this, among us does not have anything to say. You give me dead."

"wait a moment."Repairs like this running together of two syllables in rapid speech to drink severely.

"What's wrong? Do you also plan to delay the time? You believe, I will give you such opportunity?"

"No, no, I think, we can discuss."Repairs Josse's panic-stricken saying.

"Discussed? Ok, my request only has one. Helps Lie Yan (raging flames) restore. In that case, I could give your way out."

Repairs like this angrily said: "No, that is impossible. Let alone I am not an abyss devil will restore, even if I am willing, I do not have that ability. Even if Asura god Sirs is unable to achieve. Two big god kings have such strength. But, how is god Sir king willing on this kind of abyss devil?" "Bastard, you shuts up to me." The Ji Dong anger exclaimed: "Repairs like this, your opens the mouth abyss devil, silent abyss devil. I asked you, why you said that Lie Yan (raging flames) was the devil? What wicked matter did she do to affect your god? Affected human? She time gets rid in world only one by one, has prevented life apply carbon. Is she devil? I looked that, compared with her. You are the devil. After Lie Yan (raging flames) birth, has reorganized the earth core world, making here all become methodical. Did not have the war again. All that she makes, a matter has not harmed this world. Why do you arrest her? Is bright on permits your god, can't our world present the god? Does the Lie Yan (raging flames) destiny, why have you to decide? Are your nonsense gods, what thing?"

"You, you are the treason and heresy. She is not human."

"Wait/Etc., you listened to me to say. Although I cannot help her restore, but, you are human, I can actually help you. So long as you do not destroy my god knowledge, I distribute the god to vow, when I restored, I can make you have to be equal to she one-third strengths. Directly becomes existence of closest god. This was the maximum degree that in my jurisdiction can be."

"You know that who she is?"

"She is the abyss devil, Oh, no, is the abyss god slanders."Faced with the life and death, cultivates like this to be also flustered, cannot attend to maintaining the dignity of his god lawman again.

Ji Dong nodded, "abyss devil? Good, how even if she is abyss devil? But her actually also another status."

"What is?"Repairs like this to look at Ji Dong astonished.

Ji Dong has turned the head, looked that became to that body more unreal Lie Yan (raging flames), but the double sword in his hand was having the strength that the unequalled imposing manner and his complete soul and chaos fuse to sweep across, directly soars cultivates like this god to know to go. Before the god knows was swallowed the flash, cultivated like this to hear the Ji Dong sound, "she was my lover, but I, was one have fallen in love with the person of devil."


The red flame has been shocked, the promise of deicide, unexpectedly is Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) one-third strengths. Heavens! At this time pledged? Her very clear Lie Yan (raging flames) one-third strengths are certainly strong, that at least is also the Saint level peak strength! But at that time, at present this man seems very small and weak.

Ji Dong before those words that beginning said finally, making in the red flame heart produce deep shock: She is my lover, but I, was one have fallen in love with the person of devil.

In this moment, has seven points to be an excellent likeness in the red hair female heart of Lie Yan (raging flames) at present this. Has the mood that one name named to envy unexpectedly. Envies, is in her heart incomparably the god of respect.


"Ji Dong, like this, ok?"Lie Yan (raging flames) smiles is looking at Ji Dong, her sound is very supple, cannot listen weakly, because of this, made the heart of Ji Dong shiver. "Can say again you do love me?"

"I love you, I love you, I forever forever love you, loves your entire life, the generation after generations. Lie Yan (raging flames), I love you."

"Ji Dong, I also love you."

"Sorry, Ji Dong. I once had said to you, if some day I said me to love you to you, was I already prepared the bridal clothes the time. But, I actually could not be your bride now again. I must leave this world, promises me, if you love me, completes the only regret for me. I hope, over the next ten years, you can take the base liquor for me to mix one glass of cocktails with one famous name wine that the famous name wine records every year. Ok?"

"No, no, no, Lie Yan (raging flames), you are my bride, I will never make you leave me. Lie Yan (raging flames). "

"Ji Dong, like this, how you do not let me to walk relieved?" The smile on Lie Yan (raging flames) face is unable to maintain finally again, she crazy looks at Ji Dong, the vision is actually that gentle, but is bringing the thick unwillingness, "does Ji Dong, know? I did not regret., Knows you, I did not regret. You make me feel the emotion that human had, made me feel the wonder of being in love. My not regret. If there is a next life, I wear certainly the bridal clothes, when you marry me."

"No, I do not want next life."Ji Dong nearly is whooshing shouting, on his face, the body, has covered entirely the tears of blood that oneself have left behind. Suddenly, he has as if thought anything resembles, stands up suddenly, his body is shivering, but his vision actually becomes crazy.

"Had, I had means that Lie Yan (raging flames), you insisted, I had the means. Only by doing so, we can never separate."Under the Lie Yan (raging flames) surprised gaze, suddenly, Ji Dong lifts the right hand suddenly, the dazzling white light shines in his palm, Lie Yan (raging flames) clearly saw, in the Ji Dong palm appears, impressively is the bead of his chaos.

Does not have the slightest bit to hesitate, does not have tiny bit hesitation, his right hand, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) screams, has patted above own top of the head.

Hides soul vortex in forehead, was shaken by the strength of bead of chaos by this palm unexpectedly forcefully, his soul vortex is almost crazy sweeping across lives in the Lie Yan (raging flames) soul, drags into own body forcefully.

...... Heavens! The both hands of red flame have covered oneself mouth subconsciously, did not call out in alarm by oneself. A how crazy man this is , he he shakes outside the body oneself soul unexpectedly personally, must use own body to come the carrying/sustaining Her Majesty the Empress soul. In the heart all puzzled, changed into move in this moment completely. The red flame suddenly discovered, in own consciousness, has approved unexpectedly fully the choice of Sir Lie Yan (raging flames). The present man, truly is worth her loving. Freely, the present red flame has not understood that anything is the love. A person, can have courage for another person by own relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, this has surmounted the imagination of red flame.

Although this is a chapter of recollection, I but who actually writes am moved to tears! On Monday, asked the recommendation ticket, asked the monthly ticket. Thank you. For final union of Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames), voting.

Chapter 535: Fire Lotus king

All picture ends in Ji Dong that moment of the stupor sobering. The red flame in the picture saw finally, is the Ji Dong empty look as well as that does not have the gloss white hair.

The silver light, goes from the Ji Dong eye pupil gradually pale, his tears already evaporated under the surrounding high temperature, but his body as before is actually shivering. All that the so comprehensive recollection one time initially had, have moved the red flame, the pain of also made he reviewed once made his grieved unable to breathe.

At this moment, the god hot Saint king Kai built-in sharp thorn, continuously is stimulating his body, may be this, the pain of Ji Dong innermost feelings does not have the slightest to be weaken.

The body of Ji Dong rocked, distracted, nearly throws down by his cultivation base unexpectedly. Sees rocking of his body, what red flame are not clear, she goes forward unexpectedly one step, has supported the arm of Ji Dong.

"You, you are all right." The red flame asked in a soft voice.

The Ji Dong heart shakes, blurted out: "Lie Yan (raging flames)."Formerly also the deathly stillness look instantaneously became blazing. But when his vision falls when the red flame face , the whole person likely is the discouraged rubber ball is common, all belongs to lightly. "No, you are not my Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan (raging flames). Lie Yan (raging flames)......"his fast takes out one bottle of liquor from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, periphery does not attend to the scalding hot air being able to make the liquor fluid fast ebullition, pares the bottle cap, in the liquor fluid pouring into abdomen ruthlessly, catches the scalding hot feeling that liquor fluid brings, made own heart slightly comfortable several points.

"Thank you lets all these that I see. I believe you." The red flame loosens grabs the hand of Ji Dong arm, lowered the head, light saying. This time she, in the eye does not have the slightest bit hostility again, does not have slight murderous aura.

Even if Ji Dong falls into own sentimental vortex to be deep, at his soul intensity, can feel as before watching oneself releases the image the change on red flame mood. This change, made him make sufficiently decides.

"Red flame young lady, my this time comes the earth core world to have two goals. One is to re-enter 18th Layer, has a look me and Lie Yan (raging flames) is together the longest place. Another, I hope that can look for the resurrecting Lie Yan (raging flames) method as far as possible. After entering the earth core world, I knew, because Lie Yan (raging flames) vanishes your Lie Yan (raging flames) Saints to teach to convene the agent founder to select the celebration, afterward I heard, this is reason that because the hot demon clan is ready to make trouble. The Saint that Lie Yan (raging flames) sets the record of teaches, cannot fall into evil person's hand, Lie Yan (raging flames) can arise at the historic moment, for the peace of earth core world. If you need anything to help, I will certainly do my best."

Red flame shaking the head of gently, said: "Sorry, Mr. Ji Dong."From formerly the conversation of picture as well as Lie Yan (raging flames) and in Ji Dong, she knew certainly the Ji Dong name.

"Whether to ask you to follow me, sees our kings. A moment ago. Actually I have deceived you. The jade of few place I can also take responsibility. But fully supports your words, actually needed king to come to authorize. Moreover, the news that you bring to our Fire Lotus clan was really too important. I hope that you can a moment ago to all that I see, gives our king to look again."

On the Ji Dong face reveals a forced smile, "can also again? Good, I go with you. How you look at this, my also several friends, making them stay in your shop temporarily. Then I and you walk."

The red flame thinks, complied on the nod.

Ji Dong enrolls in the heavenly stems disciples shop, other people have not detected anything, but Chen Sixuan actually obviously felt the change on Ji Dong mood. Had a look at that and again initially the red flames of seven points of imagination, in the heart indistinctly understood anything. Could not bear has sent out the inquiry to Ji Dong.

Chen Sixuan did not fear that will rob Ji Dong like gold/metal, Lan Bao'er beautiful woman, because, their looks could not have compared themselves. However, after arriving at the Fire Lotus clan, in her heart actually raised an unprecedented sense of crisis. She knows certainly that the clansmen of Fire Lotus clan and have resembles. Knows that love of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames) is profound, once he has impulsed, because these are an excellent likeness the Lie Yan (raging flames) clansmen to impulse, that will be the Chen Sixuan most undesired scene.

Ji Dong somewhat surprised looked at Chen Sixuan one, usually, Chen Sixuan will not ask own what, today was this? However. He has not concealed, conveys through the matter that the soul fluctuation in the shop will have a moment ago to her and all partners.

"I must walk with red flame young lady, everybody here I."Threw down these words, Ji Dong under the leadership of red flame.

The heavenly stems disciples understand certainly that his meaning, Ji Dong this is left room for maneuver, if has any problem in the Fire Lotus clan royal palace, can the earliest possible time return to the letter breath by his soul cultivation base, everybody can rely on transmission law to leave with enough time. But Ji Dong want to withdraw, is not any too difficult matter. Went out of that moment of shop, Ji Dong has taken the god hot Saint king Kai mask, restrained own aura. And backwardness red flame half step, looks like her dependency is intentionally ordinary. For all this, when they walk on street, often causes other people's gaze, making Ji Dong somewhat puzzled.

On the street in Fire Lotus castle, the pedestrian of each race are not many, but the Fire Lotus clansman are many. The Ji Dong vision has swept from these outstandingly beautiful red clothes females frequently, actually regret had not seen looked like the Ji Dong female again compared with the red flame. But is salute to be most to him , the females of these Fire Lotus clans, they in seeing Ji Dong follow when the red flame back, in the vision revealed several points of surprise.

Taking the lead that the red flame acts as nothing had happened, as if has not noted attention of clansman, Ji Dong naturally will not ask. Their this, has forwarded in the somewhat strange atmosphere.

The topography rises gradually, the castle hillside constructs, must shortly toward the high point climb time, a leaf of city gate has blocked their way.

Defends when the city gate place as before is two Fire Lotus clansmen, they see the red flame, the look does not have the slightest bit to change. But when their vision fall on red flame behind Ji Dong at that moment, the look actually changed. And a female goes forward one step, has blocked two people way.

"The is that red flame elder sister, you bring?"

The red flame stops the footsteps, looked at oneself this clansman one eyes, to her nodded, said: "This is friend of mine. He has brought the news of Sir Lie Yan (raging flames). I must see the king as soon as possible."

Listened to her such saying, two Fire Lotus clan clansmen of guarding a gate to be surprised, hurries to make way both sides, does not dare to stop again. The red flame such brought Ji Dong to walk. Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "It seems like, you should be very high in the status of Fire Lotus clan."

The red flame has turned head, looked at Ji Dong, lightly said: "Saw the king, you naturally can know."

More upwardly climbs, the surrounding temperature is also higher, naturally, this temperature regarding Ji Dong and red flame is not anything. The high point of Fire Lotus castle looks like very grand from the distant place, may to the near, Ji Dong actually discover truly, this high point only then a two meters high door, looking from outside, here overall area is very unexpectedly small. Small letting person is hard to believe that this is the place that the Fire Lotus king lives. Moreover after entering formerly that say/way fort front door. Ji Dong again did not see any guard.

Before the red flame arrives at the gate, lifted the hand to knock knocking in sincere/heavy stone door gently.

Gentle soul fluctuation spews out from the gate, "comes, how did you lead the bystander to come?"

The red flame look is invariable, turns around to say to Ji Dong: "Please slightly wait a moment."Then, she in stone door makes an effort according to the hand slightly, without any sound, that crystal red stone door already quietly cut, she took a step.

Ji Dong stands in out of the door, in the heart some surprise, because a moment ago in that gentle soul fluctuation. The sound that he feels as if from all directions comes. Moreover has clearly concealed, if only depends on to feel the judgment, this soul fluctuation simply is small and weak can before not evolve compared with the hot crow king. But, at present this inside stone door is not the hot crow king, but is the Fire Lotus king. Also is the earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches one of the three big remote antiquity supreme elders!

Ji Dong has not tried to survey this Fire Lotus clan to have the highest status room with the soul at present, this is a respect, simultaneously he also believes that even if surveys also certainly is the futile effort.

Static standing there, he thinks that following very may recall the severe pain in heart again, the look is low-spirited. Meanwhile, in his heart is very anxious. It is not because sentences the Fire Lotus king to be formidable and anxious in advance, because, this once closest Lie Yan (raging flames) earth core world powerhouse, very possible was the resurrecting Lie Yan (raging flames) only opportunity. Hopes to be bigger disappointedly, is bigger, his anxiety came from in the fear.

The red flame went was very long, the door has not opened, because of the anxiety of innermost feelings, in the Ji Dong mood had an anxiety unavoidably. This after his soul cultivation base enters the Saint level level little appears. Especially after Lie Yan (raging flames) dies, is so.

Has not known when how long, in the Ji Dong mind has filled the recollection to Lie Yan (raging flames), front door quietly opens, inside transmits the red flame the sound, "Mr. Ji Dong, please come."

Ji Dong awakens from the recollection, took a deep breath, returns to normal the mood of innermost feelings to change, the manner also fully returned to normal, since received the mask on face, this walked toward front room.

One step strides, is two world. After Ji Dong walks into Fire Lotus king room, his first feeling is shocking. Because, presented in the present room arrangement was unable to describe with the simplicity. Only has about 20 square meters completely, in room, does not have any ornaments, completely empty. The red flame stands before him, is visiting her, he can feel. Also an author person in red flame behind ground. Similar red women's clothing reveals slender corner.

Red flame to Ji Dong nodded, her both eyes slightly red, as if just had cried, her body is covering the line of sight of Ji Dong as before, the meaning of not having made way, but light said to Ji Dong: "Mr. Ji Dong, our kings need to carry on the clear soul exchange with you. This matter regarding our Fire Lotus clan, relates to the life and death, but also asked you do not mind." Ji Dong said confidently: "That starts."He did not have to say anything, has not resisted opposite party obviously unreasonable request. Soul exchange, if a double the other side side has the disloyalty, likely does not die the continuous aspect. But existence of nearby there is still one red flame. By her cultivation base, in addition she behind that cultivation base likely also surpasses in her Fire Lotus king, will possibly make Ji Dong fall into the beyond redemption boundary. But Ji Dong actually as before agreed that because he can completely affirm, the red flame before saw oneself and Lie Yan (raging flames) occurred all, in her look does not have the slightest bit artificial trace definitely. She is moved. At present this is the Lie Yan (raging flames) clansman! Similarly was born in earth core 18 Layers earth core Red Lotus, Ji Dong believes, they have one with the Lie Yan (raging flames) similarly pure heart.

The soul opens, the next moment, Ji Dong opened the heart, the gentle soul fluctuation from his within the body release, spreads. Completely presents the feeling that a waiting integrates.

Raises from the red flame with Ji Dong equally gentle soul fluctuation, but the color is actually the golden color, changes into myriad silk threads, bypasses front red flame, during pours into to the Ji Dong silver soul quietly fluctuates.

The soul of both sides each other moves, the marvelous feeling also similarly produces in the inner world of both sides.

The soul does not camouflage easily, when Ji Dong feels the soul fluctuation of opposite party, his first feelings are the incomparable purity, does not have the purity of slightest bit impurity. This soul, as if from does not eat the world smoke and fire the female celestial to be ordinary. Does not have the slightest bit mood fluctuation to appear, even if on Lie Yan (raging flames) and Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong also never feels has been to such soul.

However, when this pure golden soul and Ji Dong flash of silver soul fluctuation contact, it actually slight shivered. Ji Dong clearly felt that this soul own soul must concentrate more solid, when both sides contact truly in together, he actually discovered, this soul somewhat fears itself to resemble unexpectedly likely.

What if Ji Dong feels is the opposite party is similar to the white paper does not have any soul of mood fluctuation generally. Then, that the master of golden soul feels, volcano that actually likely is one erupted. In the Ji Dong soul that unequalled emotion bursts out, the huge mood fluctuates, as if must her instantaneously melting. That is came from love of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames).

All in soul gradually become clear, the appearance of opposite party also gradually appears in the Ji Dong mind. At this moment, red flame body slightly side, has revealed behind form. But in the next moment, the Ji Dong soul is actually similar to the hurricane instantaneously erupts in the sea general, has raised dreadfully great *, swallows the big mouth just like one, goes to that golden soul counter- volume. In his mouth, is rending is shouting: "Lie Yan (raging flames)"

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Chapter 536: Enclasps the Fire Lotus king

" Fiercely along with a call. The Ji Dong soul has seethed with excitement the apex. The golden soul of opposite party has not thought obviously the Ji Dong so sudden eruption, will be caught off guard immediately, the golden soul contracts instantaneously, changes into a light cover, that graceful tender body gable.

Is angry when the main person heart of this golden soul, prepares to launch the counter-attack, she is actually shocked. Because, she suddenly discovered, Ji Dong that blots out the sky the silver soul that comes not only does not have the slightest bit evil intention, instead started all defenses without hesitation, integration that it can be said that does not garrison completely. If at this moment, she wants to strike to kill Ji Dong, destroys the Ji Dong soul, it can be said that slight effort. Even if the Ji Dong soul intensity is the Saint level is no exception.

Ji Dong was mentally confused, his whole person looked like the crazy generally, motion, not only his soul, his whole person also at the same time suddenly threw. The formidable soul can increase the speed all skills to erupt completely to his body. When his foot pedal ground, is similar to arrow kicks out, the tyrannical physical body strength even makes this incomparably solid castle slightly shiver. Cloudy Yang Fire hovering law along with the comprehensive eruption that Teng Snake flashes, the rapidness of speed, has definitely been able to compare favorably in shifts instantaneously. Just drew back arrives around red flame also radically without enough time to prevent. That the owner of golden soul is still startled in Ji Dong completely opens the heart suddenly. Somewhat at a loss loses presence of mind, the next moment, her body had been buried one scalding hot and fills to make during the bosom that her mind trembles.

Control that she gets a light from another light, even if in the earth core world is also to place first three, from having that day of consciousness, she again had not felt anything is scalding hot. Even if the earth core 18th Layer earth core magma is unable to take to her to feel like this. But, she actually felt that now the heat, one type made she indescribable blazing, instantaneous gable her body, gable her soul. That type unprecedented blazing actually nearly made her soul fall into enemy hands.

"Were you insane?" The red flame responded in the second time, during the personal appearance twinkles arrived at behind Ji Dong, both hands hold the shoulder of Ji Dong like lightning, wants to pull open him. But, she surprised discovery, this man is firm at present, if rock, moreover in his soul, also one extremely crazy mood fluctuation is erupting, this draws has not played the slightest bit effect unexpectedly.

"Elder sister, he certainly is not intentionally, do not kill him."Red flame somewhat anxious calling out.

The spooky sound resounds from the Ji Dong nearly crazy bosom, says, unexpectedly is the sounds of people, "lets loose me, I am not you imagine Sir Lie Yan (raging flames)."

The Ji Dong heart shakes, actually makes an effort tightened tightened own arm, was feeling in the bosom that pleasantly warm pliable but hard to break tender body, said that anything is not willing to let loose. "No, I do not put, even if arrived in ancient times, I did not drop. Lie Yan (raging flames), I will not make you leave me again, cannot absolutely."

Yes, in red flame formerly that moment of shunt body, his long-awaited person that Ji Dong saw, was Lie Yan (raging flames)! Her that perfect Lie Yan (raging flames). His mood after seeing Lie Yan (raging flames) possibly tranquil? Then is similar to volcanic eruption general, flushed reckless, with own soul and body, tight supporting she, for fear that she was leaving itself.

"I really am not Lie Yan (raging flames)." The similar sound, these time resounds in the Ji Dong innermost soul, the ice-cold aura, looks like basin ice water, pouring in the Ji Dong soul. At this moment, Ji Dong silver soul, because does not defend completely, fused in that golden soul completely together. The achievement of golden soul made his mind shock, the body also relax several points immediately.

the next moment, a gentle actually firm extremely strength suddenly cherishes to erupt from him. The when body of Ji Dong already shot drawing back arrived just passed through the gate the place. That formerly sat cross-legged to sit in the form of ground sets out quietly. Static is built on front of him.

Ji Dong dull standing there, on the face the blood-color completely sheds, palely like paper. muttered: "You, you are not my Lie Yan (raging flames). My Lie Yan (raging flames) such to me, will not stimulate me with so ice- cold soul fluctuation. You, you are really not my Lie Yan (raging flames). "

Is hearing the Ji Dong sound, nearby red flame did not have the feeling of reason an innermost feelings severe pain, the complexion changed several times, the opens the mouth wanted to say anything, exit|to speak that actually eventually cannot say.

That and Ji Dong relative, the body sends out the golden soul to fluctuate, is a red clothes female. The red long skirt has covered her besides the neck the complete flesh outside above as well as both hands.

She seems the 18-19 years old appearance, a fiery red long hair hangs loose in the back, just crossed the buttocks. Fine impeccable perfect appearance, even if the fiercest sculpture Master is unable to portray. Perfect stature proportion fully conformed to the ratio of middle to outside unable to find a point defect. A pair of pink eye pupil is very limpid. Just like, is Lie Yan (raging flames)! No, she is not Lie Yan (raging flames). When the Ji Dong vision gazes at the double pupil of this young girl, mind entirely Zhen, had finally found her with the Lie Yan (raging flames) different place.

Lie Yan (raging flames) no doubt is the red hair red skirt, but, her eye pupil is actually the black, but at present this female the look and she is equally perfect, but the eye pupil is actually the pink. So slight difference, when formerly two people both released the soul is fluctuating, Ji Dong can differentiate clear? He thinks is really heaven generous gifts, has given back to oneself Lie Yan (raging flames).

In this, only then in 20 square meters big room, the atmosphere became is somewhat strange, Ji Dong dull standing there, the whole person as if lived one to get sick greatly. The body creakies. That Saint level body and spirit is unable to have the slightest bit help to him unexpectedly.

The red flame looks at the Ji Dong vision is somewhat strange, even is also having several points of difference. All that Ji Dong formerly made for her, do not dare to imagine simply. Own this elder sister, let alone so was hugged by other living thing, even if bumps into also never has. But, the elder sister that ruthlessly was hugged a moment ago by him . Moreover, what is extraordinary, the elder sister has not begun to him. Otherwise, even if ten he, perhaps also died. Elder sister, were you?

That stands in the Ji Dong opposite, has 99% similar females to look at Ji Dong look also somewhat dull with Lie Yan (raging flames) fully. When she shakes the body of Ji Dong, she suddenly with amazement discovered, left that scalding hot, in oneself heart has an intense sense of being lost and lonely unexpectedly. This is hard to imagine for her. In the earth core world, she is the recognition does not dye the dust, in the innermost feelings, has never experienced any mood ripples and fluctuation. But now, this tranquil actually seemed broken.

"Red flame said, you are Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) in the lover of world. Does Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) die because of you?" The voice of powder pupil female also similarly is that interesting to listen, like her appearance, her sound and Lie Yan (raging flames) also fully has 99% similar. The Ji Dong heart shakes. Visits her, dull saying: "Who said that my Lie Yan (raging flames) died, she has not died, she has not certainly died, but is waiting for me in some place."

The powder pupil female Fire Lotus king closes her pair of pink eye pupil slowly, this time she, seemed looks like Lie Yan (raging flames), "made me feel your memory."Water ** the friendly soul fusion, besides Chen Sixuan, second time appears in the Ji Dong soul. However, the feeling of Ji Dong is not good.

Initially. When he and Chen Sixuan soul blends that tacit understanding not to appear in this time with this with the female who on Lie Yan (raging flames) so resembles. Moreover, his soul is completely open. She looks like Lie Yan (raging flames), may at this moment, when the heart of Ji Dong calms down gradually, can actually discover her and Lie Yan (raging flames) obvious disparity. That somewhat stiff soul fusion is not only unable to make him feel the Lie Yan (raging flames) aura, instead some repels, the feeling of that have never met before will be uncomfortable.

The reality is always brutal, Ji Dong most feared the matter that has occurred, the full expectation changes into disappointedly, although he had not asked whether at present this Fire Lotus king can help itself resurrect Lie Yan (raging flames), he actually bore a rending pain at this time.

inwardly sighed in the heart, Ji Dong launches the memory in soul, does not have to make Fire Lotus king oneself who the slightest bit retains feel. By doing so, always once more recalled an once pain to be much better compared with him. Moreover Fire Lotus king Yinwei directly enters to his soul world in feels, watch the picture of Ji Dong release more direct than formerly the red flame.

The Fire Lotus king calms down feels the Ji Dong soul, she first is shocking, shocks in the Ji Dong soul intensity, even if and compared with, at present the soul intensity of this young human cannot miss many unexpectedly. She can clear realized that from the Ji Dong vitality his age, so the age had the strength of such formidable soul, in Fire Lotus king Kanlai is completely inconceivable. Moreover, strength of magic power and soul of this young people are not coordinated. The soul of Saint level is joined to is actually distance Saint level also quite remote magic power. Even the Fire Lotus clan casual clansman, on magic power must strong in him. However, the Fire Lotus king also immediately discovered, Ji Dong magic power and Lie Yan (raging flames) as well as their Fire Lotus clansman is the same, is Pinnacle Two Fires. On this point, made him believe several points to Ji Dong only. Then, she feels, is the Ji Dong memory.

Because completely is the memory opens wide, at that moment therefore, the feeling of Fire Lotus king from Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) understanding starting from, formerly saw compared with the red flame wanted detailed many. Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) see only experienced all, gradually spreads to her memory through the soul exchange.

Ji Dong is only static standing there, opens the heart, the mind of whole person is at the blank the condition, he does not know oneself are thinking anything. The Fire Lotus king and Lie Yan (raging flames) resembling, making him missing to Lie Yan (raging flames) increase once more peak. When looked like Lie Yan (raging flames) just passed away was the same. He hopes. The present female is Lie Yan (raging flames)! What a pity, she is not, is really not. Even if she and Lie Yan (raging flames) grow the resembles again, she is not oneself Lie Yan (raging flames).

Time one minute one second of passing. Red flame of standing, a while has a look at Ji Dong, a while to have a look at the Fire Lotus king, the look is not tranquil. After feeling that between Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong is in love, she has the enormous favorable impression to this youth at present. Perhaps she forever is unable to forget, that moment when Lie Yan (raging flames) is on the verge of death, Ji Dong crazy strips from within the body the soul, must give Lie Yan (raging flames) that own body. Is this love? Strength that loves, unexpectedly formidable to so degree.

The quick, red flame discovered, elder sister's complexion started to have the subtle change, in her memory, elder sister, regardless of assuming the post what matter, forever that tranquilly. But present she, on the face the mood fluctuation is becoming more and more obviously. Finally, the red flame saw tears, the light red clear teardrops, flow following the corner of the eye of Fire Lotus king, she does not have to clean, body actually in slight is shivering.

The red flame sighed secretly, Elder sister, it seems like you were the same with me, similarly was moved by him and story of Sir Lie Yan (raging flames). I do not know that actually the choice of Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) is to is wrong, but, if traded is I, perhaps also met so chooses similarly. Still remembers? Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) had said to us, if we want to be her such level, then, must to the world have a look, to feel various emotion disputes between human. Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) has achieved, she understood how in the human emotion the most mystical love is the meaning, therefore she evolved once more. But, she will also fall.

Since birth, the red flame first time felt the time passes is so slow, this waiting is uncomfortable.

The golden color, removes from Ji Dong gradually, it comes time, is ice- cold and tranquil, but when it removes, actually like magic power that her master has, was full of the blazing mood to fluctuate. Light mist, in the transpiration from the face of Fire Lotus king, is dissipating in the air.

Ji Dong lowers the head slightly, is shutting both eyes, he does not have to look at the Fire Lotus king again, because he does not dare to look female who this and Lie Yan (raging flames) really looks like. Visits her, brings back itself immediately to Lie Yan (raging flames) intense missing.

"I knew."In the Fire Lotus king Yan mood returns to normal gradually, at least in the surface is this. Her sound was also gentle than before, if makes other races the earth core lifeform know, Fire Lotus kings solemn three big remote antiquity supreme elders after were affronted by a human has hugged, but also so gentle spoke with him, can perhaps be startled jumped the magma moat.

"Thank you comes back the news belt that Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) passed away, thank you, making me see all these."At the same time was saying, the Fire Lotus king bows to salute toward Ji Dong unexpectedly slightly. Although Ji Dong has not visited her with eyes, but can actually feel her in making anything through the soul, hurries to be sideways one side, not by this ritual.

took a deep breath, the Ji Dong sound somewhat is obviously intense, "I only want to know whether you can help Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrect."

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Chapter 537: Associated two flower stalk

"I only want to know whether you can help Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrect."Ji Dong said oneself most issue of concern.

The Fire Lotus king voice stagnates. But she shook the head eventually, "I also hope Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) to be able the rebirth. But, she is the god, the life of god, can it be that we can grasp? Sorry, I cannot achieve."

Ji Dong opens both eyes suddenly, looks up to the Fire Lotus king, "why isn't good? I have Lie Yan (raging flames) to leave the seed of my given name Red Lotus! Can't could it be this seed continue your lives?"

Fire Lotus king shaking the head of gently, said: "Cannot. Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves your life lotus seed, completely is the energy body. The thought of when above attaches to her god knowledge is departing leaves behind, even the even/including partly losing concentration knowledge does not have. Such life lotus seed is unable to grow again. Moreover, even if it can grow, she lives is also thousands of years later. Moreover, at that time she will have the new soul, is not Lie Yan (raging flames) in your heart."

wa'ed, Ji Dong spouts a blood, or is the painstaking care, the hand covers the heart, his whole person that slowly soft but actually.

The red flame personal appearance flashes, arrived at side Ji Dong, has supported her. But the next moment, she actually discovered, the body of Ji Dong floated in the midair. Fire Lotus king Tai own right hand, is controlling Fire Element in air not to make the Ji Dong body throw down, said to Red Lotus in a low voice: "The jade of territory prepares us to have."

The red flame tender body slightly shakes, "elder sister, do you want to give him really?"

On Fire Lotus king face reveals a forced smile, "Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) has given her including oneself, our also what cannot give? Goes, I will look after his. The earth core lifeform that all and human has had to do said that human is cunning. But, human has the emotion that we have not had."

The red flame loosens Ji Dong, making Fire Lotus king Kongzhi draw his body front, when she before going out, suddenly turns around to ask to Fire Lotus king: "Elder sister, you thought that Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) such does do, is worth?"

The Fire Lotus king shook the head, somewhat vacant say/way: "I do not know. Does not know."

", I told you. Worth. Even if comes thousand again times and ten thousand times, I will also make the similar choice." A sudden sound, made the red flame and Fire Lotus king simultaneously mind entirely Zhen. They definitely are unable to imagine, some people can come here unexpectedly. Even if fire Demon King and fire spirit king is unable to achieve!

"Who?"On the red flame burnt instantaneously the dazzling red light, formerly also very gentle vision, instantaneously became swift and fierce.

The gate opened, a graceful form appears in front of the red flame, her sound that gentle, "small flame does, have little darling the words of listening your older sister's?"

Hears these words. eyes of red flame stared instantaneously in a big way, murderous aura not saved certainly, whole body fierce shivered is looking at always the person. That graceful form passed through from the red flame, entered in the room, a perfect tender face, was having the thick life aura, presented before the Fire Lotus king.

Similarly is perfect, her perfect just like spatial valley Youlian, with Fire Lotus king Mianmian relative, it can be said that excels at winning the field respectively.

"Are you?" The Fire Lotus king also similarly heard her formerly those words, scruple looks at the present female.

"I shout Chen Sixuan now."Yes, this arrives suddenly, walks into this room after the Ji Dong stupor, is not just heavenly stems Second Wood disciple Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan lifts the right hand, according to own forehead, a point blushes to send out quietly, instantaneous link Fire Lotus king Hehong flame.

"Is Sir Lie Yan (raging flames), really you?" The Fire Lotus king is surprised, the next moment, she plop'ed, knelt down in front of Chen Sixuan. Anything can be false. But the Empress Lie Yan god knew is actually false. Although her god knows now that weakly, but that eventually is the god knowledge!

Chen Sixuan goes forward one step , helping up the Fire Lotus king, said with a smile: "Silly thing, I now am not beforehand Lie Yan (raging flames). Do not salute to me again like this. You should feel to obtain, perhaps by my present strength, faces our Fire Lotus clan ordinary clansmen is very difficult to defeat."

The red flame the general's family tight closure, has for fear that revealed a sound to arrive at outside at this time, one step steps forward, arrived at side Chen Sixuan, her eye socket was red, fierce grasps a Chen Sixuan arm, "eldest sister, you may come back. You may know that we do have think you? You are not, hot demon clan started to bully us. The eldest sister "spoke of here, the red flame has choked with sobs. Chen Sixuan is stroking the long hair of red flame gently, sighed, said: "It is not I do not want to come back, but is I did not have the ability to come back. Present I, before no longer am, Empress Lie Yan of earth core world, but is only a human, is having the woman of human emotion and body. My that Divine level strength was nothing left, but, like me a moment ago said that I did not regret. If can really and Ji Dong in the same place, even if pays is also again worth many. What a pity "spoke
of here, in her eyes revealed a sadness.

Red flame anxious asking: "How? Eldest sister, was he bullies you? I help you vent anger."

Chen Sixuan shakes the head, "how can be he has bullied me. I love him also without enough time."At the same time was saying. She arrives at the float in front of airborne Ji Dong, gently supports into to cherish him, her movement is careful and gentle, as if for fear that injured Ji Dong.

The Fire Lotus king Hehong flame stands by the Chen Sixuan back separately, Fire Lotus king asked: "Elder sister, actually what happened? You, how you will turn into present this appearance."

Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, she, since came, does not want to conceal anything, since can arrived here by the present body and status, had proven she trusts these two sisters absolutely.

When formerly Ji Dong from the shop, she saw the red flame, in the heart has stabilized. However, her too clear Fire Lotus king and own was similar. From the selfishness perspective, she fears Ji Dong really Fire Lotus king Rencheng. If is really such, that all these too tragedy. Therefore, her quietly came, relies on concealing that the god is knowing, from the place that only then their a few knows personally entered in the castle to come here quietly. Her god knows is detected all she, formerly Ji Dong said heard. She not only rejoices in Ji Dong does not have the admitting mistakes person, and loves dearly because of the Ji Dong pain extremely.

Is defeated and dispersed from own state of mind mentions at that moment, Chen Sixuan said with the transaction of evil king simply. The red flame and Fire Lotus king hear looking at each other in blank dismay, two females think somewhat inconceivable. Red flame cannot bear saying: "Eldest sister, isn't this very easy matter? Even if the force, you can also make him say that three characters to you!"

Chen Sixuan said with a forced smile: "If easily were so good. You do not understand him, the Ji Dong temperament is quite stubborn, he deeply is loving beforehand me, after my rebirth, with him in together already more than two years of time. I have exhausted all means that even permits by the body. It is not able to make him have slightest bit transformation. Said honestly, I am the pain am being really joyful. Also was happy that he has not betrayed our beforehand sentiments, because of cannot with him in the same place, probably return to his sentiment truly, but pain. Initially. I promise the evil king time, thought that this matter is very simple, at all is not anything. Now I actually understand that this evil Wang Yong heart is dangerous."

Red flame dull say/way: "Can that be what to do good?"

Chen Sixuan sighed, said: "Walks one step to look at one. I am hoping now some day when he is perfunctory me said that three characters to be also good. I did not have any means now."

Fire Lotus kingly way: "Eldest sister, we now how to him?"

Chen Sixuan said: "I cannot come out is too long, this must go back. I come, one is to tell your me is also living. But actually cannot help your anything again. I no longer was the earth core world. Another, wants you fully to support Ji Dong, person who as well as our time comes. Immediately do not convene the agent founder to select the celebration? Ji Dong will certainly participate. You must assist from side. If he can be acted founder position successfully, to the earth core world absolutely is a big good deed. As for the hot demon clan that side, you do not need too to be worried, so long as Ji Dong becomes the proxy founder, they surely will also live in peace with each other."

Fire Lotus king Bujie say/way: "Eldest sister, the Ji Dong strength perhaps also insufficiently wins the championship. Although the strength of his soul is very strong, but own magic power actually "

The Chen Sixuan smile shakes the head, said: "This you do not need to be worried. I to him confident."

Fire Lotus king Zhoumei: "Now what I most am worried, even if Ji Dong can defeat various clan powerhouses, will win the final championship, fire Demon King will also disturb. Fire Demon King was extremely recently strong, from cultivation base, already steady has surpassed me and fire spirit king."

Chen Sixuan mysterious smiles, said: "Relax, he not to Ji Dong how." Here, she said several anything in Fire Lotus king Erbian in a low voice. Fire Lotus king Xian has gawked, in the eye has filled surprisedly.

Chen Sixuan Ji Dong was careful that your place ground, stretches out the arms, has hugged the red flame and Fire Lotus king separately, "the next earth core world and our Fire Lotus clan must depend upon you. I am not the control in earth core world, Lie Yan (raging flames) died, now only has Chen Sixuan."

In the eye the tears appear intermittently, Chen Sixuan sighed spookily, the squatting down body, a kiss on the Ji Dong face, this floating went gently.

The Fire Lotus king Hehong flame has not gone to prevent her, because they too understood Lie Yan (raging flames), the matter that Lie Yan (raging flames) decided never changed. Let alone, present she truly was not the earth core world, once the status exposition, that is the huge trouble.

"At least Sir Lie Yan (raging flames) is also living." The red flame holds in the arms the arm of Fire Lotus king, by her shoulder.

Fire Lotus king gently nodded.

Has not known how long, Ji Dong sobered slowly from the stupor, his heart is paining as before, the thought clearly sobered, is not willing to awake to turn around. "Awoke has opened eyes." The Fire Lotus king Youyou voice resounds in the Ji Dong ear.

Ji Dong grows the tone, this slowly sits sets out. His body has not received anything to injure, before that painstaking care blowout was only the innermost feelings is depressed. The Saint level body and spirit already the autotherapy finished.

Red flame already not, him in small room that also in the Fire Lotus king cultivates. In this not broad space, now on only remaining him and Fire Lotus king two people. Sees Fire Lotus king that with the Lie Yan (raging flames) 99% similar appearances, in the Ji Dong heart is one pains.

"Brother-in-law, like this. Otherwise, eldest sister soul in heaven will not be calm and steady."Fire Lotus king these words made Ji Dong struggle immediately from the pain. Visits her dull, "did you, what you call me?"

"I called your brother-in-law! Also should such call." The Fire Lotus king shows a faint smile, "my name was called the fierce flame. Initially, when earth core 18 Layers, I and red flame are pair of twin two flower stalk. Meanwhile, we are also eldest sister's associated two flower stalk, with the aid of eldest sister's branch associated. Therefore, I with the red flame, am flowing and eldest sister's same flame. Although we do not have the eldest sister to be so formidable, is only her dependency. But the eldest sister actually recognizes us to be the younger sister, this brother- in-law, I have not called wrong."

The brother-in-law, simple two characters, made in the Ji Dong heart be full of the warm feeling. Looked at the fierce flame again, the pain in heart also clearly weakened. No wonder such will look like, originally they are the Lie Yan (raging flames) younger sisters. That was also my younger sister.

Ji Dong stands up, is maintaining with the fierce flame certain distance, "sorry, the place that the fierce flame, I was disrespectful before asked you to forgive."Formerly he ruthlessly had held others, but also remembered very clearly. The beautiful woman of this progression, who holds previous time not to be easy to forget. Let alone her aura and Lie Yan (raging flames) look like.

Fire Lotus king Lieyan charming face slightly red, shook the head, said: "Anything, I have not known that was the brother-in-law recognizes me is an elder sister, can such do. I do not blame you."

Ji Dong relaxed slightly, said: "This is good. The fierce flame, I have not protected good your older sister, I......"spoke of here, the eye socket of Ji Dong somewhat was also red.

Fierce flame shaking the head of gently, said: "No, your done was very good. You made me have understanding again to human. I and red flame believe, the elder sister became your lover does not owe, even if she already not. Actually, the elder sister is a god, even if she died, her god will know also as before visits you, perhaps will follow side you? Treasures your existing all."

The fierce flame naturally cannot tell him Chen Sixuan is Lie Yan (raging flames), can only make a veiled attack reminded, but where she knows, the demon that Ji Dong loved Lie Yan (raging flames) love has bonded, listened to her these words, thought was actually a different matter.

The fierce flame looked that the Ji Dong look has different, does not endure to be exciting he, continued: "Returns to the proper topic. The position of founder the brother-in-law, your this time, must inherit the elder sister?"

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Chapter 538: The agent founder selects the celebration

Ji Dong nodded without hesitation. Said: "Is so. The prestige that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches relates to the entire earth core world the safety. My this happening to present, naturally must be involved, performs an own strength, striving makes the earth core world continue maintains the peace. If can obtain the position of this agent founder naturally is best. Fierce flame, if I have not misread, you should be the Saint level powerhouse. Then, fire spirit king Hehuo Demon King, similarly is the Saint level powerhouse."

The fierce flame to Ji Dong nodded, said: "Yes, I and fire spirit king, are Saint level middle rank cultivation base, but fire Demon King actually broke through the Saint level high rank, stronger on several points compared with us. Initially, earth core world or Two Great Sovereign Kings rule time. They do not permit the appearance of any Saint level powerhouse, is relying on their Saint level peak strength, once discovered that some people break through the Saint level, immediately destroys. Then caused the earth core world powerhouse to be numerous, actually picture of extremely few Saint level. Until the elder sister strikes to kill them, after unifying the earth core world, such aspect is improved. Presented our three Saint levels successively. Gradually promotes the present degree."

Ji Dong said: "That said that besides your three. Did not have other Saint level powerhouses in the earth core world, right?" The fierce flame nods said: "Close Saint level has many people, but real break-through to Saint level did not have one."

Ji Dong relaxed slightly, "does not want facing the Saint level powerhouse, I think that I will have the opportunity. Troubles you, gave me to say the situation of this selection competition in detail."

The fierce flame said: "This agent founder selects celebration, properly speaking, the earth core world complete race will participate. But will attend in the competition truly. Should not over 40 people. The representative who 36 core elders, as well as our three big strong clans send out, will participate during the competition. After all, other races participate do not have any opportunity. But such competition will also not have any limit, is the life and death wrestles whole-heartedly basically. Therefore, they will give up at the competition from the beginning, in order to avoid threatens own life."

Ji Dong said: "Form of that competition? Which is our Fire Lotus clan by participates?"

The fierce flame said: "Form of competition is very simple. The ballot, seizes to competing. The winners enter the next round. Until comes out the final champion, acts the founder. Our earth core world not that many complex rules, so long as you can insist finally, you succeeded. As for the participant of our Fire Lotus clan, you had seen. Is the red flame."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, "thank you told me these. Whether arranges a dwelling to me and my partners, this time, I am represent the hot puppet king. We also appear in the name of hot puppet clan. three days later, directly attended the competition."

Fierce flame nodded, "does not have issue."

Has Fire Lotus king to come to arrange the dwelling, Ji Dong and the others naturally are without question. However. In the earth core world, comfortable of wanting is impossible. Condition that lives from Fire Lotus king oneself can clear seeing this point. Luckily, the Fire Lotus king is broad to the place that they arrange. A earth core world more formidable lifeform more does not need to eat the thing, only needed to absorb in the air rich Fire Element to be enough. Therefore, the thing of this food and drink, can only they try to find the solution.

Is relying on the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, making two Water department Mage manufacture water leakage come is not the issue. As for food, before, Ji Dong has prepared. Although dry rations flavor/smell will not be good, but is used to have a full stomach without question. By cultivation base of people, the dependency on food is not that strong.

"Living that secret, you also support?"Ji Dong kind looks to cloud secret.

The secret nods slightly, by his body, naturally is unable to live in the place of such high temperature, relies on the help of Saint flame armor as well as people who confused demon smoke suckling pig manufacture is becoming completely can support is arriving here.

"Relax, I am all right. I do not participate to begin. Ji Dong, how do you plan to attend competition?"

Ji Dong said: "I have thought. In order to enters to the final finals, I must reduce the injured opportunity and consumption as far as possible. Although here Fire Element is rich, but also is the powerhouse like the forest, is not good to cope. Therefore, this time, not only I must participate directly. Senior Brother and gold/metal. You also together participate along with me. We have the token, exposed status unable to attend. You defeat a match every time, I will be relaxed in the following fight a point."

Fu Rui and gold/metal nod in abundance, "does not have the issue."

Fu Rui said with a smile: "Perhaps Little Junior Brother, I can also join forces the finals with you."

gold/metal looks askance saying: "Fu Rui, does not know that is what makes you such confident?" Looks at gold/metal, Fu Rui cannot bear have the frustration, helpless say/way: "Perhaps you first meet Ji Dong, naturally was I finally joins forces to play in the finals with him."

"I must participate."Yao Qianshu ill-humored saying: "Ji Dong, you cannot underestimate me! My cultivation base is not weak. At least has the confidence to support one round."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "You are not good. Do not forget your attribute."

Yao Qianshu has gawked first, this responded, said with a smile: "It seems like or thinks of the fine jade to understand you! She has not said to attend competition, I so am how stupid."

He is pinnacle First Wood attribute, is Ji Dong quickly restores magic power beyond competition, in stage is effective compared with on the help. Chen Sixuan already understood this point obviously, has not proposed. Or, has the ability of eternal armor by her, comes compared with Yao Qianshu, the strength is not only weak.

The wolf divine intervention and looks at each other one remotely, just about to says anything, was actually lifted the hand to block by Ji Dong, "during your strength truly enough participation competition. Especially remote, by the stick of earth goddess, deals with one round not to have the issue certainly. However, here is the earth core world. Even if we had the Fire Lotus king's support, all are not absolute. Therefore, I want you to stay behind, is ready that aids with other people. You must remember frequently. Our time comes informed and experienced, is not goes all out. Once the situation is not right, immediately retreats. Understood?"

The wolf divine intervention and remote has then cancelled the thought that as for Lan Bao'er, Du Ming and Du Xin'er, naturally will not interrupt, they self-examined that the strength is also insufficient at this war is Ji Dong shares sorrow again.

In an instant, three days crossed. earth core world 15 th, became extremely lively. Today is the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the agent founder to select the grand ceremony. Such celebration in entire earth core world also first convention. Since the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches to establish, this could be said as grandly is also the most important celebration.

Place that the celebration convenes, in the 15 th entrance place. Three big strong clans arrived here long time ago. Occupies separately is corresponding oneself castle that direction entrance edge. Has the potential of three points of world greatly. But in this circular channel entrance corner. Is other comes to participate to attend the ceremony with the participating race representative. Basically is the hosts of various clans.

Ji Dong and heavenly stems disciples in these people. They observed simply, discovers besides them, in other more than 200 people, to having massively is the same race. Clearly, robs to attend celebration token matter to be quite common in the earth core world. Naturally, two races have not appeared in these people. One, naturally is the hot owlet clan that elite completely extinguishes. Another was the hot puppet clan that Ji Dong they dressed up become.

Hot puppet clan evil must above the hot owlet clan, they most major characteristics, must slurp other races the body essence to promote own cultivation base. Once takes possession successfully, then, regardless of the opposite party is any race, will press out to do to perish quickly. Is one of the earth core world most disgusting races. Regarding such race, Ji Dong naturally cannot show mercy. But at this time, their 11 people here. The surrounding other races either looked when them has the intense hostility, either distant avoidance. Many earth core lifeform were whispering, when this hot puppet clan became so formidable, this time attended the celebration really had 11 people.

How Ji Dong naturally cannot go to other control people to see itself, but is observing silently quantity specially multi- several races in this group of people. Obviously, these are the most formidable existence of earth core world besides three big strong clans. Besides the hot owlet king, other 35 core elders should arrive. Facts showed that the celebration of earth core world really compared with world succinct many. In the Ji Dong thinking. The tyrannical magic power fluctuation appeared in sky.

The people who all attended the celebration, the vision nature are attracted by the great pressure that this comes. But already gathered around 15 entrances the clansmen of three big strong clans, simultaneously cried out to make noise, shouts the language that Ji Dong could not be understanding.

In these three big strong clans. Most noticeable naturally is the Fire Lotus clan, uniform outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, quantity approximately in more than 400 people, only sees them, sufficiently made heavenly stems disciples creepy feeling. This is existences of more than 400 supreme powerhouse ranks! If this putting outside world goes, sweeps away entire continent to be a cinch. Moreover, the Fire Lotus clan is not in three big races strongest one.

The appearance of hot demon clan Ji Dong summoned is almost same as the dark flame feudal lord and flame feudal lord . The flame fluctuation that the stature size, the body releases differs from. Their quantities are also most. Has surpassed 2000 unexpectedly. Moreover, entire clan cultivation base in Rank 9 magic beast above. Relatively speaking, the Fire Lotus clan was inferior in overall strength.

As for that fire spirit clan, seems stranger, looks like the float in the airborne bunch of jack-o '- lanterns, appears extremely special in the one side of 15 entrances. These flames vary, have the dark-red, has the golden red, obviously is different because of positive fire attribute. The total quantity is at about 1000. Although does not seem that strong like the hot demon clan. But on them has extremely formidable soul fluctuation. Although the body of Fire Lotus clan clansmen is also the Fire Element energy condenses actually, but completely is the physique that the soul condenses has very big difference with their these.

In the pressure along with sky is getting bigger and bigger, the head of the clan of Ji Dong clans, are keep silent the Ruohan cicada. The scene of also noise was formerly peaceful immediately. The vision of everyone invests in the midair.

the next moment, in the sky actually baseless appeared three shutters, each leaf of light gate differed from. Corresponding fire spirit clan that side light gate is the circular, when surroundings some ray fluctuations of distortion, look like solar release brilliance appearances. But that side corresponding hot demon clan, is an extremely big grand great gate, does not have many decorations, but has actually filled with the domineering and tyrannical aura.

Arrived the Fire Lotus clan, actually and hot demon clan was just right, around not the big light gate, decorated the light mark design that the lotus flower petal was composing, in three shutters, even if calculates that it was most enchanting.

In the next moment, is almost three forms simultaneously goes out from that three shutters, emerges out of thin air in the midair.

The clansmen of three big strong clans simultaneously knee down, shouted loudly was similar to seeing the head of the clan and so on words. But side Ji Dong numerous various clan powerhouses, knees down, releases is paying a visit the soul aura of remote antiquity supreme elder.

Although in the heart does not hope, but considers for the important matter. Ji Dong led the heavenly stems disciples to do obeisance, but the knee has not moved the ground.

After the single knee kneels false, Ji Dong looks up upwards airborne. Without a doubt, walks from that lotus flower gate, naturally is the Fire Lotus clan head of the clan, one of the Lie Yan (raging flames) associated Red Lotus, Fire Lotus king Lieyan.

Another two, was the object of Ji Dong main observation. From the circular light gate, unexpectedly is a human form old man. His body seems compared with fierce flame illusory many, the white blanch must, pour somewhat floatingly, if the meaning of immortal. Condenses the human form by the soul, the strength of very powerful big soul. The soul fluctuation that feels from this old man, Ji Dong has felt on the ancestor of Land Dragon. As for dark secret that once saw, because the both sides disparity was too at that time big, at that time he was unable to feel the soul fluctuation of clear dark secret. Let alone the also ten thousand thunder broke into a jail the huge gas fraction that at that time brings.

Another side, Ji Dong sees similarly is the human form, but is actually the odd person. With Lie Yan (raging flames) as well as compared with the fire spirit king, the body of this fire Demon King wants huge many. The body best pupil has about 12 meters, is extremely majestic. However, by his body, separately is actually burning the different color flame. left Heiyou gold/metal. Made Ji Dong feel what was shocking, this fire Demon King took to him unexpectedly an extremely kind and familiar feeling. Their magic power attributes are exactly the same.

This......, Ji Dong dull looks to catch fire Demon King, suddenly has not ravelled what's the matter. Why will I feel the warm feelings from fire Demon King?

When the Ji Dong delay, in the sky three shutters vanished quietly, three remote antiquity supreme elders stand shoulder to shoulder, although the stature is various, but this time they, are actually releasing the infinite pressure.

Yesterday saw in front of monthly ticket list some garnering votes time said, starting from March/three months, never broke crosses. Let the small three feelings a great deal, from 2004 to the present, I also never breaks probably crosses, small three had the qualifications to ask several monthly tickets and recommendation tickets to everybody. Really was very recently tired, had finished the draft to think every day to the evening dizzy. More than six years, the time passed real quick.

Chapter 539: Fire Demon King

The huge magic power fluctuation made one from the heart feel to tremble. Three Saint level powerhouses also appear. Such grand occasion Ji Dong is not first time sees. Initially, when the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, the dark secret also relied on that dark ceremony to make four Saint pigs, and swallowed them completely. However, must discuss the words of relative strength, that four Saint pigs add, obviously is unable to compare with these three Saint level powerhouses at present.

What a also point made Ji Dong shocking was, these three earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Saints taught the remote antiquity supreme elder unexpectedly are cloudy Yang Fire with cultivating. They as if in the words that the confirmation initially Lie Yan (raging flames) spoke, only has two department double cultivation is legitimate.

"Very long has not seen everybody. Today can come to attend this celebration truly, but more than 70 races." The old sound reverberates in this broad space. What opens the mouth is the fire spirit king. This qualifications oldest King first spoke, even if were the powerful such as fire Demon King, the meaning of also not having prevented.

Listens to the words of fire spirit king, the King of Ji Dong their surrounding clans to lower the head, does not dare to look at each other with the fire spirit king. Obviously, the procedure of fire spirit king's his clan token to their this robbing is very discontented.

Luckily, the vision of fire spirit king one from them sweeps , to continue saying: "Our great Saints teach initiator, Empress Lie Yan your majesty, does not know that because of any reason, had has not come for a long time or to instruct to us. Since the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint has taught to establish. Condition that our earth core world each race each other being together harmony, no longer in the past the war practiced again. It can be said. Empress Lie Yan your majesty, making our earth core world turn into pure lands. Wants the earth core world to continue to stabilize, the custom that Her Majesty the Empress sets is unchangeable. earth core cannot one day without owner, we not have the Her Majesty the Empress news, but must have the person of unification giving orders. Therefore, after our three discussed that decides to hold this celebration, from you, selects various aspect ability all strong people, the position of temporarily substituting for founder. Although acts the founder, but such glory, regardless of falls on that clan, will be this clan permanent honor. Therefore, I hope at selection grand ceremony that later is starting, everybody can enthusiastically participate, whole-heartedly."

The soul fluctuation of fire spirit king in was too strong, although his cultivation base is the Saint level middle rank, but the strength of this soul actually absolutely is the Saint level high rank standard, even approached the Saint level peak. This is how fearful soul fluctuation! Ji Dong self- examined, only if he and Chen Sixuan carries on the soul fusion, otherwise, is must absolutely by the fire spirit king in the soul level suppression. Even if were they have completed soul fusion, was not necessarily able is the match of this fire spirit king.

The clan represents immediately accordingly. Including the clansmen of three big strong clans is also so.

In this time, the fire Demon King big hand is wielding, "that this starts. Three of us do not participate in this selection. The participants can walk now. Draws lots."

Simple and direct, this can also be the exclusive style of earth core world. At least superficially, present fire Demon King not anything exceptionally. But in three big remote antiquity supreme elders, only has Fire Lotus king Lieyan not to open the mouth. But no one will neglect this remote antiquity elder. Everyone knows. They are the Empress Lie Yan clansmen. Although Her Majesty the Empress has been missing now, but, who dares saying that day of Her Majesty the Empress doesn't come back? Therefore, in three big strong clans, the overall strength must be the Fire Lotus clan is weakest, but usually is actually other clans most does not dare to provoke.

The red flame personal appearance flashes, already from the camp of Fire Lotus clan. In entire Fire Lotus clan, only has her to go out. However, accidental/surprised situation appeared. Different with the situation that Fire Lotus king Lieyan assesses. That side the hot demon clan, one went out of 11 hot demons unexpectedly. Each height over eight meters. And is one person, formerly partly squatted in the clansman, at this time stands up suddenly, height unexpectedly enough about ten meters. What is more fearful, on this fellow is also burning the dual-color flame. It looks like slightly fire Demon King of diminished version.

But that side fire spirit clan, coming out also has three groups of rich soul flames. In the quantity, fire spirit clan and hot demon clan must surpass the Fire Lotus clan.

Fire spirit king and Fire Lotus king vision simultaneously looks to fire Demon King, fierce flame solemnly said: "Fire Demon King, what do you mean?"

Fire Demon King lightly said: "Not any meaning. I believe, my clansman has the possibility of achievement. Our selection main halls, as if had not stipulated population that various clans participate."Its sound sounds somewhat strangely, in a few words. Is suddenly soaring and is suddenly low and deep. Listens to make people very uncomfortable.

The fierce flame must say anything, actually saw the fire spirit king Dilai look, can only restrain by force the anger. She to oneself Little Sister is also extremely confident. Let alone existence of also Ji Dong.

Three big strong clan representatives go out, this side, had various confidence participating clans to represent also in abundance to walk. Without exception, dares to walk from the crowd, cultivation base is equal to Rank 10 magic beast above. Only aura Ji Dong that sends out from them can see. These person of estimates are these core elders. Is counted Ji Dong and the others, walks altogether is 38 people. Ji Dong afterward struck the hot puppet king who kills to be also not enough to enter in the core elder, died besides the hot owlet king, other 35 core elders walked unexpectedly. The Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught to act the attraction of founder position is really too big, they planned that spelled to spell.

For a long time does not see, these top powerhouses of earth core world assiduously are practicing, who is very confident to oneself.

Ji Dong, Fu Rui and gold/metal, simultaneously walked. These core elders noticed that their hot puppet clan one walks three people unexpectedly, although suddenly does not have what ridicule sound, but 35 the vision of despising actually almost simultaneously fell on them.

Does the hot puppet clan also want to compete to act the founder? This simply is the huge joke. Almost in every core elder heart, has the similar idea.

As for the airborne three remote antiquity supreme elders, besides Fire Lotus king Lieyan of it sentiment, another two will not care about a small hot puppet clan. The small and weak race sends out many people to participate, in their opinion is just brings contempt upon oneself. Let alone the notorious hot puppet clan, copes with them, the powerhouses of other races will not show mercy.

Fire spirit king vision sweeps, has determined the population, lightly said: "Participant altogether 52 people, this groups to draw lots."

When his voice has not fallen, three big remote antiquity supreme elders simultaneously slightly knit the brows, the vision looks toward below 15 entrance profound empty places.

The fiery-red form puts on together suddenly from the entrance, enters to 15 th.

Fire Demon King coldly snorted, shocked one of the audience to appear. Sees only that over 12 meters in height fire Demon King right hand as if very optional wields, in the sky, are many a diameter to have surpassed ten meters huge golden palm immediately, in this moment, complete Third Fire Element in as if entire space condensed completely in this palm, the opportunity that the body that then broke from the entrance, struggled radically continually did not have, was held by fire Demon King this palm, stagnates in the midair.

Fire Demon King that the palm that is congealed by the energy is the energy shape, is in itself transparent, therefore, that sudden red form, although was held, but can also see its appearance clearly.

The pupil of Ji Dong has contracted slightest bit slightly, that sudden red form, unexpectedly is six arm hot owlet feudal lords.

The fire Demon King ice-cold soul fluctuation from the sky swings, "small flame owlet, dares to disturb the grand ceremony. This place gives you an explanation the opportunity. Said why you intrude rashly."

Listened to its these words, nearby fire spirit king and Fire Lotus kings curled the lip. Gets a light from another light the knowledge of Demon King by them, if this comes does not attach in a hot owlet of hot demon clan, has traded other races, perhaps was already pinched by a fire Demon King palm, opportunity that also what elaborated?

"Great hot demon remote antiquity supreme elder. You may probably take responsibility for our hot owlet clan! The small death pities insufficient, but an enmity of our hot owlet clan depended on you."Although that hot owlet feudal lord is panic-stricken, but saw that are falls in the fire Demon King hand, immediately wailed to make noise.

Fire Demon King brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Said quickly. The patience of this place is limited. A your hot owlet clan how?"

Hot owlet feudal lord hastily said: "Is this, three remote antiquity supreme elders, three months ago, our hot owlet clan teaches to hold an office in the envoy the elder who to go to the hot crow clan in the Saint to deliver to participate in the celebration token. Who knows, comes back, actually only under remaining his two masters. Our feudal lords, were killed unexpectedly." Nearby fire spirit king coldly snorted. Said: "You are any words. Can the hot crow clan also massacre your hot owlet feudal lords?"

Hot owlet feudal lord hastily said: "I heard that was hot crow clan has colluded with the bystander, probably outside the human of world. Then has killed our feudal lords. After obtaining this news, our hot owlet Sir king leads this clan over a thousand elite to go to second layer immediately, looks for hot crow clan inquiry. But who knows, their this goes, again did not come back. I remain in the clan assume personal command, sent several waves of people to go to investigate the situation successively, but without exception, has not come back. That hot crow clan has important matter to occur surely, perhaps my hot owlet entire clan elite has downcast. Please three remote antiquity supreme elders take responsibility for us!"

The fire Demon King big hand wielded, loosened that hot owlet feudal lord, making it open the back pair of wings to float voluntarily in the midair. Meanwhile, eye pupil of its hideaway in flaming flame took a fast look around here many head of the clan old directions.

The Ji Dong vision is astonishing, in addition the great strength of soul, indistinctly can see, both eyes of fire Demon King unexpectedly is a black gold/metal, hides in the flame, is beating the cool flame brilliance.

"Hot crow king can/but in?" The fire Demon King ice-cold sound command presents the head of the clan hearts of various clans one coldly.

If Ji Dong did not speak at this time, nobody can indicate and confirm the hot crow clan that was he controls certainly, but, he has not actually chosen silent.

"I am."At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong cross previous step, vision looking straight ahead airborne fire Demon King, not having the slightest bit to move aside.

"Un?" The fire Demon King vision moves, an numerous earth core powerhouse only thought that electricity of two cold electricity from the fire Demon King eye shoot, fell on Ji Dong directly. Fell to the powerful soul scanning that did not evade rampantly directly.

Ji Dong confident makes it scan, strength of embodiment in above Shenhuo Saint king Kai soul, fire Demon King can scan, only then his 80 multistage magic power by. Only if both sides begin truly, otherwise, by Ji Dong present soul cultivation base, wants to conceal oneself Saint level soul not to be difficult.

"Really has drawn support from the external force. Unexpectedly is a human. However, depended on you also to lead the hot crow clan to destroy a hot owlet clan?"Formidable oppression strength falls along with soul fluctuation instantaneously, Ji Dong only thought the own body surrounding air coagulated instantaneously. All Fire Element are unable to communicate completely. That formidable pressure looked like initially he when facing the ancestor of Land Dragon exactly the same. Fire Lotus king said right, this fire Demon King cultivation base has actually been the Saint level high rank degree.

"Good, is I. According to custom that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches. Even if I am human, so long as I can take the token that is attending the celebration, can attend this celebration, this right. Fire Demon King remote antiquity supreme elder."

Besides the Fire Lotus king, all earth core powerhouses look that the Ji Dong vision is very strange, they everyone know that fire Demon King that momentarily possibly outbreak crabby, Ji Dong unexpectedly so direct contradicting in it, looks like in the earth core powerhouses, this dislikes the life long behavior completely.

Fire Demon King feels Ji Dong magic power level, in the heart somewhat is also being strange. Before had human to arrive at the earth core world, but can arrive at this 15 th, is the millenniums has not actually occurred. Moreover, this human gives the feeling that he one type cannot completely understand.

"Said how you have harmed the hot owlet clan."In the fire Demon King dignified sound has been full of the unquestionable tone. Ji Dong lightly said: "I have not harmed anyone. This is the hot owlet clan brings contempt upon oneself. From behaving badly, cannot live. Thinks that three remote antiquity supreme elders also know. The Saint teaches to hold the celebration each time time, the formidable race will plunder the token that attended the celebration to some small and weak race there, to let this Clan be have more people to participate. That hot owlet feudal lord envoy arrives at the hot crow clan to do. The hot crow clan does not permit, it must intimidate by own strength. At that time, the hot crow clan has submitted to me, I naturally must get rid for the hot crow clan. Therefore, strikes to kill it. Hot owlet king after knowing this matter, not only has not engaged in introspection, but also personally leads over a thousand hot owlet clans elite to come our earth core second layer, attempts my hot crow clan extermination of the clan. could it be can we only resign oneself to extinction? Does the could it be Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teach not to have the high-grade level race unable to arrive at the low level race easily the custom? Others must kill us, we are only the justifiable defenses, this what wrong has? Was far from any evil they. We do not kill them, dying is we. Was forced, just now begins."

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 540: Selection competition, the first war, Thunder Emperor

Ji Dong these words, are it can be said that impregnable. earth core world originally is the law of the jungle. Although formerly these preparation participating various clan head of the clan looked when he must participate looks to disdain. At this time this disdained actually to give the hot owlet clan.

Ranks the earth core world 18 th hot owlet clan solemnly, nearly entire clan elite extinguishes the earth core world second layer not most popular small clan, made others all extinguish unexpectedly. Disgraced does the so matter also feel all right to look for the gathering place? If hot owlet king is also living, will make the look that these are full of do not believe and disdain be wild with rage surely. However, they are very been also curious by the fellow who fire Demon King calls human to this at present, depends on him, can could it be defeat the hot owlet clan all elite inadequate? In these earth core powerhouse hearts, already directly disregarded the hot crow clan. Has been full of the mysterious air like the earth core world to human, Ji Dong this external human also similarly makes these earth core powerhouses feel novel. Suddenly, fell changed on his vision.

Fire Demon King coldly looks at Ji Dong, nodded, said: "Good, I must have a look but actually, you have many abilities, can the fire fighting owlet clan."At the same time was saying, his big hand has lifted once more, must grasp toward Ji Dong.

In this time, Fire Lotus king Lieyan is opening the mouth suddenly,
"holds on a minute." Fire Demon King turns head to look to the Fire Lotus king, although two clans disagree everyone to know, but before has not torn to pieces the facial skin officially. Both sides both are the remote antiquity supreme elders, the face on this scene must give.

Fire Lotus king lightly said: "Fire is Demon King, what day today? For this minor matter, can could it be affect the celebration to be inadequate? These matters, when the celebration ended the reprocessing not to be late. Whoever is wrong to whom, this hot owlet clan feudal lords break the celebration rashly, how should handle, did not need me to say."

They can hear, Ji Dong said inevitably real, by the achievement of hot owlet clan, goes to exterminate the clan the hot crow to be willing to make to order. Therefore, this matter does not need any investigation in their opinion.

The fire Demon King vision shifted on that hot owlet feudal lord gradually. Hot owlet feudal lord immediately whole body fierce shivering, panic-stricken say/way: "Fire Sir Demon King, our hot owlet clan is always your dependency, you and you. "

Fire Demon King coldly snorted, "my subordinates do not want the waste. even/including Huoya the clan could not cope, hot owlet clan also what qualifications attached in me?"

The hot owlet feudal lord realized again, fire Demon King did not have the slightest bit to pity to its simply wonderfully without enough time, that giant palm appears again void, cultivation base has the six arm hot owlet feudal lords of Rank 10 magic beast rank even not to have including the opportunity of revolt fully. the next moment, was built up in that fusion Yin-Yang two fires.

Saw this, the Ji Dong look also slightly beat. On the Yin-Yang two fires fusion control, oneself are also inferior to this fire Demon King! Moreover, he also faintly feels, fire Demon King when launches the attack, only the pressure of that aura, made the hot owlet feudal lord unable to have the revolt the thought. Although the surface cannot see anything. But he felt that the aura of several points of demon territory, did not have the shade invisible energetic demon territory. Fire Demon King under setting up prestige, has exposed the formidable strength slightly.

Looks like is run over and dies ant, the fire Demon King mood simply does not have the slightest bit to fluctuate, coldly said: "Ballot."

Fire spirit kingly way: "Altogether 52 people participate in the selection, later, I will release 52 groups of hot energies, separately is the golden color and black. Each other correspondence. You fight for respectively, then defers to the above soul mark, naturally can find your corresponding matches. Do not attempt luckily, the situation that then every round draws lots is different."

The voice falls, the fire spirit king hand wields, immediately, a piece is similar to star light general magic power dances in the air baseless, in an instant already densely covered above sky. When this star light floats to from the ground hundred meters, including the Ji Dong three people, an numerous earth core powerhouse can see clearly, is 52 groups of rays, the gold and black color/look accounts for half respectively.

"Starts." The voice of fire spirit king resounds baseless. The next flash, is almost 52 forms simultaneously leaps, grasps toward the airborne ray.

Everyone has the match who does not want to face. Moreover like the hot demon clan and fire spirit clan, also Ji Dong they, has the consanguinity. In this case, wants to guarantee that disagrees the person of this clan to bump into the same place, then, they must fight for the same color light ball to be good.

This point Ji Dong is clearer. The strength of soul erupts instantaneously, launches in the small range, leaps the path that the matches who leap to catch the surroundings completely during own survey, and detailed gave gold/metal and Fu Rui.

When the personal appearance just shot, quickest has two, is Ji Dong and gold/metal, this reason is very simple, because these earth core living thing start by own magic power, but they are actually not. The speed that even if magic power starts is faster, was inferior that the physical body starts directly. After King's first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein awaken, her physical body intensity naturally also broke through the Saint level. Ancestor's of Land Dragon help to daughter will not always be lower than Ji Dong. Ji Dong is also same realm. Therefore, when fire spirit king starts to drink greatly, Ji Dong and gold/metal both feet, has left four deep footprints in the ground, two people bodies are the direct impact upper air.

gold/metal as if intends with other Ji Dong don't symptom, after the body breaks in airborne, sees only her to turn gently, the graceful tender body in an airborne ball, the magic power comprehensive stimulation of movement, originally personal appearance rapidly accelerated suddenly once more, in an instant surmounted in front of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, similarly is the body sways from side to side springs, Teng Snake flashed already to use, kept pace with gold/metal. But at this moment, the speeds of other people just launched, fall behind their more than one body.

Sees Ji Dong and gold/metal body, but that moment, the vision of three big remote antiquity supreme elders coagulated. From other directions , the speeds of several earth core powerhouses are express, for example that best pupil has ten meters hot demon, Fire Lotus clan only representative Red Lotus. The speed is also wonderful quick incomparable. But fell behind Ji Dong and gold/metal slightest bit eventually.

That hot demon saw that cannot rush to first, in airborne angrily roared, the double palm also lays out, wields directly toward the airborne that 52 groups of rays. Must be loose the energy bang of these 52 groups of ballots unexpectedly. It to own accelerates to have the absolute confidence, so long as wins time, first attains to sign the position inevitably is it. Moreover, it was also planning including clansmen together handles.

At this moment, in the sky, Ji Dong has made the response, while the hot demon launches the attack, his both hands have also wielded, toward the airborne empty move, simultaneously suddenly from the sky stopped in his gold/metal, the right foot flew like lightning, kicked on the buttocks of Ji Dong, making his speed increase again. Three groups of golden rays, while Ji Dong both hands wield toward their direction rapid flights, but . In airborne, Ji Dong stretches general just like Cloud Dragon, took advantage that the attack of fire demon has not fallen the moment before these light group, that three groups of gold/metal was received in the bosom by him. The body from the sky rolls up one group, crashes instantaneously, fills to gold/metal one group of golden light, two people fell together toward the ground.

Has the person to plan to rob, but no one is a fool, sees Ji Dong and gold/metal speed such rapidness, two people in the same place, although there is a person who robs the idea to be many. But truly dares to do does not have. After all, these 52 bamboo slip each people have, opportunity that also tries one's luck.

Saw that Ji Dong and gold/metal fall to the ground, Fu Rui laughed welcomed, splendid takes one group of golden light from Ji Dong there. Formerly fire spirit king ordered to start, Fu Rui also leaps the personal appearance, but, he is also sets the example by. He may unable gold/metal the physical body like Ji Dong and flies, although hundred meters highly have confidence to achieve, but there is Ji Dong, also why wastes precious magic power?

Airborne light group already shelled scatters in all directions to flutter about. That tyrannical hot demon as well as Red Lotus and representative of fire spirit clan, has made the quickest response. The free time of a while, the golden color in sky almost cleared off. They have chosen and Ji Dong two people of similar colors.

The golden altogether 26 groups, Ji Dong by extinguishing the god directed with three groups, Red Lotus one group, the hot demon took ten groups, the fire spirit clan three seized three groups. This went to 17 groups. In other words, the also nine quotas can in first round not collide with their these powerhouses.

Through formerly robbed the process of ballot, in addition Ji Dong honest personally struck to kill the hot owlet king, the earth core powerhouses mostly received the heart of looking down upon to him, let alone golden color the players of also completely three big strong clans. Are they willing first round to bump into? Even if cannot attain to act the position of founder, can be many at this selection celebration insists several rounds, bluffed and blustered in the earth core world sufficiently. Let alone these earth core powerhouses have keen eyesight in top/withstand, never participate three big remote antiquities to the elders and superiors, they self- examine have strength of the spelling.

Surplus that nine groups of gold/metal robbing fell into the superheating, some people began, not only the speed was so simple. Entire more than ten breaths time, had ended the complete draw. In each individual hand had a light group.

When attains this light to roll, the Ji Dong getting a light from another light spirit king does not halt production to have the meaning of several points of admiration, these 52 light groups are it in a flash put. After starting, induces with the soul, can realize is actually containing a digit. Very obviously, is through digital correspondence, decides the first round match. Makes to preserve the digital the soul light ball, this is the range of soul brand mark. Ji Dong self-examined that is impossible to achieve fire spirit king degree in the situation of flash.

After 52 participants fall to the ground, looking angrily at has it, depression has it. Rejoiced that also has it. But in any event, they had found the own first round match.

"The bamboo slip, goes to battle on the 1st." The voice of fire spirit king from the sky resounds, because in the earth core world it survived the longest time, stemming from the respect, fire Demon King and Fire Lotus king recommended together it presides over this selection grand ceremony.

Similarly attained the two people of black No. 1 light group and golden No. 1 light group walked together. Attains the black light group, is not person, but is a body is huge, long has three hell three dogs. This fellow, is a King of hell dog clan. Formerly had not extracted the golden bamboo slip position, is not because its strength was bad, was really because it was not good at flying very much. Only can control oneself to fly by magic power by. However, do not think that such its strength was weak. A hell dog clan, is called in the earth core world the earth spoliator. In the ground, they have the extremely powerful strength. An entire hell dog clan, the rank in earth core world must above the hot owlet clan, situated in tenth. Can very near ten, obviously their strengths were tyrannical. At present the king of hell three dogs this hell dog are cultivation base are extremely higher. In 36 core elders, can be listed at seventh.

Attained the people of golden No. 1 light group also to walk, was Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. His that big body appeared tiny many in front of the hell three dogs. The hell three dog heights have nine meters, the height more than three meters, three big ends are gazing at Fu Rui ferociously, the big mouth opens, reveals dense white teeth. The tyrannical incomparable imposing manner has the formidable oppression to Fu Rui directly.

"Senior Brother was careful, this hell three dog cultivation base are unusual, was equal to the Rank 10 magic beast peak sufficiently. May compare with Totem Divine Beast. Once does not discover wonderfully, withdraws as soon as possible."Sound of Ji Dong reminder resounds in the Fu Rui mind. He somewhat is also depressed, the bamboo slip position that oneself attain is nothing less , who knows that Fu Rui has run into the powerful enemy. In the 26 earth core powerhouses of black bamboo slip, this hell three dogs can be listed at first three absolutely.

Fu Rui had not replied that the Ji Dong words, the body shakes slightly, that red crystal of body surface changed into the fragment to scatter in all directions to flutter about. Has revealed inside royal purple mail-armor and helmet.

The fire spirit king from the sky shouted: "Selection competition first round first, starts."

With its issuing an order, that hell three dogs are go crazy to throw likely generally. Do not look that this fellow flying speed is not fast, but goes forward the good speed in the ground is actually wonderful quick incomparable. Extremely tyrannical physical body explosive force shows instantaneously, the huge body has been similar to dark clouds arrived above the Fu Rui top of the head. Fu Rui coldly snorted, does not draw back instead enters, freely his bodies and hell three dog contrasts that tiny, but he does not have the slightest bit to be timid. The right foot treads place, jumps, directly soars the hell three dogs to move forward to meet somebody.

The quiet blue flame lights in the flash that Fu Rui leaps, floods in the entire battlefield air. The body that Fu Rui just leapt in airborne was groaned, around the body has covered entirely that quiet blue flame.

This is the demon territories of hell three dogs, endless hell fire. In the earth core lifeform, majority are the same with magic beast of world, little can have the demon territory. What a pity, the Fu Rui luck is not good, the hell three dogs that bumps into minority can have one of the demon territory earth core powerhouses.

Thought that splendid votes.
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