Jiu Shen Chapter 521-530

Chapter 521: Tyrant thousand crow

Hot crow entire clan, clansman altogether about 4000 of this rank. originally overwhelming majorities also gather nearby hot crow king dwell this. Ji Dong is divided into four groups them on average. Each group about thousand. Drills in turn.

Ji Dong transmits to their information is very simple, according to does, later practiced, went back to teach your clansmen who I said. Although these hot crow powerhouses impossible like Ji Dong on the souls of connection over a thousand hot crow powerhouses. But among them the language is interlinked, can definitely exercise through the communication of language. Although the effect must certainly almost, but absolutely is also feasible.

After completing grouping, the hard times of heavenly stems disciples arrived.

From overall strength, cultivation base of 1000 hot crow powerhouses, in Rank 4 to the Rank 5 magic beast appearance, is the human three, Four- Crown Mage ranks. Exterminates regiment such formidable regiment 1000 people compared with Eastern Wood Empire, also certain disparity. After all, exterminates the regiment to be also good, the diamond regiment, is the queue unites, the strength of person and dragon fuses the great power that composes together. But the present hot crow actually can only rely on they. They only then sole attribute, from the integral force, they might as well exterminate the regiment or is diamond regiment rank powerhouse. However, do not forget, they have the captain who these each empire trump card regiments do not have, has a captain of incomparably familiar heavenly stems disciples forms of combat, existence of this captain. Can the strength nearly perfect displays of these hot crows, as the matter stands, be only a sole heavenly stems disciple who they face each time, the heavenly stems disciples misery day approached.

Not only this cultivation way is favorable for other heavenly stems disciples, regarding Ji Dong is in itself also an exercise. Exercise his reached the Saint level the strength of soul. The heavenly stems disciples have also asked Ji Dong, the strength of your soul has been this degree, but also needs to cultivate? The reply of Ji Dong is very simple, in his all abilities, is closest with the dark secret, is the strength of soul. Since the section time, the abilities in other aspects are unable to compare with the dark secret, then, must achieve the Saint level the strength of soul to pursue as far as possible this, even surmounts the dark secret. Once succeeds, at least he has the restriction dark secret ability in some aspect. Let alone, cultivates strength of situation soul is may come by with luck, but not by searching for it, once meets, Ji Dong is willing to give up?

ten days later.

"Senior Brother, this you."Ji Dong stands on a hill, is static and vertical, the temperature of earth core world will not have any influence to it, ten days pass by, the strength of his soul throughout maintains in the highly intense condition, although the time does not calculate is too long, only has ten days, but. Through these ten days of cultivation, Ji Dong actually obviously felt that oneself strengthened regarding the control of soul, although he was unable now definitely through this method whether can make strength of systematic characteristics promotion own soul, but at least does this, is can make the strength of soul have the benign change at present only the method.

The strength of unceasing use soul controls the outside, as far as possible consumes the strength of oneself that huge soul, Ji Dong itself controls, is over a thousand hot crows! He also as far as possible makes oneself this controlling force be able precisely to each hot crow on.

At the beginning, this precise Ji Dong can only concentrate about hundred hot crows about, regarding other hot crow powerhouses, can only control roughly, cannot control perfectly. But to the present, ten days of passed, Ji Dong regarding is getting more and more exquisite, at present can control 300 hot crows that the methods of these slight controls grasp to launch the pinpoint attack fully. This also continues, while precision control these 300 hot crows, he controls the abilities of other hot crows also to increase steadily. As the matter stands, the pressure that heavenly stems disciples every day must face constantly is enhanced, the progressive scope of strength of Ji Dong soul after control must surpass the heavenly stems disciples have been familiar with the hot crow tactic the speed of strain way as well as magic power promotion obviously. This informed and experienced is miserable beyond description.

Limit that the Ji Dong too familiar partners can withstand, therefore, he will not keep the hand. Does not squeeze the limit the ability of partners each time, consumes their each split strength not to only give up.

"Can Little Junior Brother, let my again rest little while."Fu Rui sad looks at Ji Dong on distant place hill. Fights with these hot crows, was really too painful. Let alone he must note unable to kill these hot crows truly, even if no this limit, he is really also not necessarily able to achieve. To kill these hot crows not to be easy. The Ji Dong controlling force is getting stronger and stronger, these hot crows look like magic power that he outputs, in addition the perfect reconnaissance of strength of Saint level soul, each magic power releases, can find the flaw in heavenly stems disciples magic skill accurately.

The heavenly stems disciple is strong, magic power of their single body impossible to compare above the Rank 4 hot crow with over a thousand universal cultivation base. Moreover in these hot crows also Rank 5 cultivation base, has hot crow king every day cultivation base in the fellow of large scale promotion.

It seems, the hot crow is divided into four groups, but the heavenly stems disciple's also nine people besides Ji Dong, how should be able to deal with normally is right. May in fact, under the control of Ji Dong, so long as is one group of hot crows, enough has turned the heavenly stems disciples, they who suffers are in deep sorrow. They have no way to complain of hardship, under the perfect control of Ji Dong, the attack output simply is as wonderful as the summit. Most will only let their pain, will not injure them truly. Naturally, Ji Dong when controls hot crows to attack, considered on the heavenly stems disciples passed on that Saint flame armor the defense effect, the attack and defense ability that also they excel at respectively. Is the rain and dew moistens absolutely, even if Chen Sixuan goes on stage, will not show mercy.

Celestial stems disciples everyone understands, wants to defeat these hot crows, only has a possibility. That first kills Ji Dong, at least must keep him from continue control these hot crows to be good. But, is this also easier said than done? Until now, in them also nobody tries to do this, this is no different likes a moth to the flame. At least Ji Dong controls hot crows now, has not participated during the fight, if they deliver on own initiative. Perhaps is the informed and experienced 100 years, destiny that also takes a beating.

They can only try to find pleasure amidst suffering now, looked that everybody who is longer in the time that under a hot crow attack can insist by.

Fu Rui very helpless walks up, looks at Ji Dong to shake the head.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Senior Brother, your magic power and physical strength restored was similar, completely is capable of withstanding the new round smelting trial. My must assist hot crow to your nine, I have not said tired."

The look that Fu Rui originally idles has shone suddenly, looks up to the sky the aligning lineup has been showing the 1000 hot crows of pressure, loudly shouted, "comes."

Wears Fu Rui of armor to stand there is quite majestic, the whole person looks like the iron tower is common, the dazzling royal purple ray erupts suddenly from within the body, making his whole person seem looks like a giant electricity ball is ordinary. Meanwhile, the divine tool thunder Yushen axe appeared during his right hand grasps, released the length approximately three meters, most suited in the group fights the shape of display. Does not have the slightest bit to retain, Fu Rui magic power bloomed completely. Has not looked up the airborne hot crow, in the hand thunder Yushen the axe lifts, was an axe has divided in the Ji Dong direction.

Fu Rui about Ji Dong quite knew that from the beforehand each smelting trial, the heavenly stems disciples no doubt is progressing, but the ability of progressive speed as well as Ji Dong control of these hot crows similarly is also progressing. A progress of person cannot compared with progress of one flock of hot crows, therefore, he understands, continues to try to practice, only if some everybody people can break through Nine-Crown, otherwise is impossible to contend with these hot crows as before. Therefore. He is very clear, oneself want to insist that a while the words, then, must first harass the control of Ji Dong. Lost the control of Ji Dong, these hot crows turned did not have the tiger of tooth, how to be looked by Fu Rui in intraocular.

The thunder and lightning speed is so fast, the grating sound from out of the blue made the Fu Rui body surrounding air for it engine knock, the tremendous pressure of sky medium baking temperature crow group bring also for it one slow, the royal purple arc snake phonograph must arrive in front of Ji Dong together instantaneously.

The smelting trial starts, Ji Dong attention originally centralized on Fu Rui, although the Senior Brother gets rid to make his somewhat surprised to oneself, but will deal to have slightly flustered? The palm lifts slightly, the royal purple snake electricity that is divided by the divine tool that baseless stagnated in the midair.

Thunder and lightning energy, meets the first response of impediment to erupt, even if the thunder and lightning that the divine tool sends out is also same, after that royal purple thunder light meets invisible prevents, to explode instantaneously, changes into a lot of tiny electric lights to scatter in all directions to flutter about, does not have one to arrive to Ji Dong on.

Fu Rui is surprised, although he very clear own attack is impossible to injure Ji Dong, but how not to have thought he resists so is unexpectedly relaxed at will. Lifts the hand slightly, own attack was melted by him in invisible, but oneself have not been able to feel that has him to be shaken by the slightest bit, looked like has emerged out of thin air a barrier, helping Ji Dong block. This outcome what's the matter? Little Junior Brother strength unexpectedly already strong to so situation, no wonder before , he when striking to kill that clearly to have the Rank 10 magic beast cultivation base hot owlet to command can with ease be so pleasant.

The Ji Dong extinguishing god wall, has not demonstrated in front of the partners truly, Fu Rui naturally does not know that has existence of this skill. Extinguishes god wall skill most intrepid place lies, once it releases, is separated has been releasing main body, again had not related with Ji Dong, in its fixed position short stagnation. Therefore Fu Rui will unable to rush to the back coupling that oneself attack unable to feel Ji Dong, because this collision has any change. Extinguishes god wall skill, wants to utilize must have the strength of support excellent soul well, without a doubt, Ji Dong has this ability.

Surprised of Fu Rui, making him have the sluggishness of moment, but Ji Dong the strength of getting a light from another light crow control of soul had not actually been affected. In more than thousand hot crow mouths simultaneously magic power emits. And 700 rays change into red-orange intense flame under the hot crow king Weishou condensation, arrived in the Fu Rui top of the head instantaneously.

Has the control and Saint level of soul Ji Dong locks, Fu Rui simply does not have other means that he can do, only then goes to spell hardly. In the hand thunder Yushen the axe lifts up high, when like beforehand several times deal, the tyrannical royal purple ray made his personal appearance rise suddenly instantaneously, in the angry roaring sound, divided fully, the thunder and lightning unified giant thunder Ren, has cut from the upfront.

The grating fricative, the intense collision sound erupts instantaneously, Fu Rui only thought that body fiery, groaned falls to draw back backward one step.

700 hot crows command, feudal lord, getting angry crow king, has the control of Ji Dong again, their magic power do not have the slightest bit to waste, this fusion strikes, is in itself the single body primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. By Thunder Emperor Fu Rui present cultivation base, keeps off this to strike by the divine tool is not difficult. If there is traded outside world, he also has the absolute self-confidence with these hot crows to consuming long time, turning point that even also turns defeat into victory.

However, here is the earth core world, abundant Fire Element had guaranteed the hot crows have the rich supplies, but thunder element actually that thin. Each hot crow starts is the ordinary attacks, is they extremely simple instantaneous attack, but Fu Rui actually must erupt magic power to resist by the divine tool completely. Almost was the first round of attacks just crossed, the second round attack arrived.

Comes under attack passively is not the Fu Rui style, once by the opposite party sustained attack, then, the final result can only be, the consumption defeats, did not have any difference with before. Before they had also tried various types to dodge or are other tactics, the fact showed, did not have any effect, the Ji Dong fixed ability was too strong, knew about their forms of combat extremely, wanted to escape from locking of Ji Dong, that can only waste the energy in vain by, rapidness that can only defeat.

Therefore, this Fu Rui has set firm resolve, comes with the way that oneself most excel at facing this smelting trial. What Fu Rui most excels is what? Without a doubt, shakes hardly. Right, is the upfront hardly shakes.

When the hot crow second attack approaches, Fu Rui keeps off with thunder Yushen the axe as before hardly, but, this time not only so, his both eyes have shone, the dazzling royal purple ray presents the wave flows from his within the body suddenly generally instantaneously, in an instant, surrounding area the rays within several thousand square meters suddenly one dark, in the air has been full of the thunder and lightning flavor/smell. the next moment, myriad thunder and lightning have been similar to the thunder and lightning forest appear in the air generally outrageously, each thunder and lightning does not calculate specially tyrannicalally, but, quantity many actually densely covered each corner in air in these kilometers surrounding areas of air.

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Chapter 522: Thousand the thunder break into a jail

Demon territory, right, this is the Fu Rui demon territory. Even if Ji Dong, is first time sees the appearance of this demon territory, this is Fu Rui has also retained to the present trump card, he in order to wins in the smelting trial, finally has used. Fu Rui also similarly very much knew about Ji Dong, he is very clear , to continue not to have the opportunity normally, therefore, before formerly commencing of action, he intentionally was showing weakness, for is makes Ji Dong neglect. After withstanding first round of attacks, second round attacks his rather oneself much to withstand some attacks, released own demon territory.

The name of Fu Rui this demon territory, heavenly stems disciples everyone is very familiar, the named thousand thunder break into a jail, initially on Holy and Evil Island that ten thousand thunder broke into a jail reprint, or is the diminished version. Although Fu Rui these thousand thunder break into a jail the might broke into a jail slightly compared with ten thousand thunder did not know many. But is also extremely powerful and rare pure offensive demon territory.

Generally speaking, the Mage demon territory by assisting oneself, limits the match, to imprison the trapped/sleepy match, to confuse the match, to suppress match these situation emergence, takes the spirit class demon territory as most, can long-term carries on auxiliary. But Fu Rui this demon territory completely is different, time that this demon territory can have. Only has five seconds. Moreover a day can only use most three times. In this case, the centralized explosive force of this demon territory can be imagined. Five seconds, form tens of thousands of say/way thunder and lightning together bombardment the grand occasion. Moreover, this is not the ordinary attack thunder and lightning, but is the thunder and lightning paralysis. Once the hit match, then, the body of match by the instantaneous paralysis, in a short time will be lost the resistance and combat capability. Most during suits uses in Qun to fight, especially suits copes with the airborne match. Fu Rui for informed and experienced, to wait for a better opportunity for serveral days displayed, therefore had not used this demon territory to attend the smelting trial. At this time suddenly uses. That instantaneous formidable explosive force, making all heavenly stems disciples be surprised, Ji Dong was no exception.

The Ji Dong clear discovery, the Fu Rui thousand thunder broke into a jail just a eruption, not only the striking power was extremely intrepid, but also made itself vanish to his locking temporarily. This time Fu Rui, looks like the god of thunder descends to earth general, the whole body is the thunder and lightning flash, is ordinary just like a huge thunder and lightning hedgehog, making the strength of soul unable to approach temporarily. Thousand thunder break into a jail in the coverage scope, the air twists completely, sends out an intermittent thunder and lightning unique flavor/smell.

The demon territory surmounts the magic skill most remarkable characteristics is its element of surprise, when cannot like release formidable magic skill need magic power saves, must have a process of release, these thousand thunder break into a jail the release was too sudden.

However, in this extremely sudden situation, Ji Dong the strength of soul is also erupting unprecedented powerful.

The thunder and lightning is world healthy tendency. Generally speaking, the strength of soul and spirit class most fears the thunder and lightning, particularly natural thunder and lightning. However, at this time Ji Dong actually without hesitation sends out completely the strength of own soul, the strength that his formidable Saint level soul erupts instantaneously was too fearful. Blotting out the sky the strength of soul refuted the Fu Rui thousand thunder to break into a jail unexpectedly covers on the hot crows. groaned, Ji Dong stood the body on hill rocked fiercely, complexion instantaneous pale several points, but his both feet was similar to the nail sews in the ground as before generally, did not have the motion slightest bit.

Ji Dong is relying on the strength of own Saint level soul, gave the hot crows to strive actually the entire two seconds. In thousand thunder break into a jail in front of the formidable demon territory that the strength of this command soul most does not dare to contact, Ji Dong also as before strong has made the response, rather puts together own soul to be damaged, prevented the hot crows to break into a jail the direct baptism by thousand thunder.

Thousand thunder break into a jail from forming to the attack effect production, although is quite short, but the itself also about two seconds, in addition Ji Dong is two seconds that the hot crows strive, had four seconds makes them come to respond. In this case, each hot crow can feel as before clearly Ji Dong gives their soul relation.

Had not discovered including Ji Dong, when he relies on the strength of soul has been covering these thousand hot crows, from the hot crow king starts, to other hot crows. Looks that the Ji Dong look changed.

Right, the wisdom of hot crows is not very high, might as well compares they smaller and weaker fire fine clan, but this does not represent them not to feel. The polarity, the magic beast intuition is more sensitive than human. Ji Dong protected each behavior subconsciously, making in each hot crow heart as if flow a heat flow. In their eye, this great Lord, the leader who only cannot take to them the strength, is makes them feel a heartfelt admiration truly, regards the master who the clansman same regards truly. Hot crow simpleminded is direct, when they have had the true approval to Ji Dong at this moment, then, regardless of will have anything from now on again, even if Ji Dong honest are the status of human, these hot crows will not leave to him similarly not abandoned, pledges to fight to the death to follow. This is the national character of hot crow, this will be one a life more important race that the moral courage and will look at loyally.

Altogether four seconds, this is Ji Dong to the time that the hot crows win to come, if has changed Ji Dong, let alone is four seconds, even if only one second, made him complete a lot sufficiently. May at present actually be thousand hot crows. Once is unable to make enough response, then, they will certainly withstand thousand thunder break into a jail the baptism directly. That is not jokes, when the time comes, only if Ji Dong gets rid personally, otherwise, these hot crows at least must by heavily the wound. By the Fu Rui strength, the victory and defeat of this smelting trial again did not have any suspense.

At this time. Strength of formidable control showing Ji Dong soul without doubt, in the situation that the soul is damaged, the soul of his Saint level level instead completely was stimulated, although the headache wants to crack, but the brain is actually well-illuminated.

Loudly in loud sound, Fu Rui, because diverts attention the release demon territory, oneself was collaborated to launch the second wave of attack that by 700 hot crows to pound directly above thunder Yushen the axe, his both legs submerge in the ground under the so huge pressure completely, on the face is also surges flushed. Obviously was injured. But he actually very much anticipated now, anticipated own this Little Junior Brother comes with any method for oneself first time in the demon territory that in the battlefield uses. He no doubt hopes oneself can gain the victory of this smelting trial, but is also hoping Little Junior Brother can take to itself once more some mysterious pleasant surprises.

This flock of hot crows, altogether are more than thousand, before launched the attack, only then more than 700, that was because, other more than 300 completely were under the Ji Dong most precise direction. At this time, starts is they.

More than 300 hot crows, each intensely was being stimulated by Ji Dong the strength of soul, they have formed the good habit, immediately regarding the Ji Dong soul instruction, will be outspoken carries out.

This more than 300 hot crows formerly in the surrounding, at this time, under the direction of Ji Dong, they fully accelerated. The recoil, has hit toward the core more than 700 hot crows. Wish makes thousand hot crow collective attacks produce the multiple fusion results, this Ji Dong does not to be difficult. But to make more than thousand hot crows release the defense together, and produces the overlay results, that was too difficult. First did not say whether Ji Dong can achieve, magic power of these hot crows are also insufficient. The destruction forever was protected easily, this truth is applied during the fight also absolutely establishes.

Strange appeared, when that more than 300 hot crow hits from the different angles to the hot crow group of that more than 700 hot crow, complete more than thousand hot crows immediately hit scatters in all directions to flutter about, originally in them of same plane instantaneously hit in airborne height, moreover crowds in the same place. It seems the lineup is quite chaotic.

Is Ji Dong doing? In heavenly stems disciples heart has a big question mark, they know certainly these hot crows during Ji Dong controls. Also saw that Ji Dong blocks the Fu Rui demon territory to create the opportunity with the strength of soul to the hot crows hardly. But, the strength of could it be his soul, because breaks into a jail the collision to cause the confusion with thousand thunder, isn't able getting a light from another light crow to carry on to control? Otherwise, why will have the so chaotic scene?

However, this question only stayed in their mind for one second.

300 hot crows hit, under the acceleration, with one second, the hot crows lineup was fully scattered in disorder, passed for one second, the third second, each hot crow as if found own direction, the pair of wings has shaken fiercely, rapidly soaring. Formerly also the chaotic lineup unexpectedly instantaneously combed, each hot crow arrived at position just right, unexpectedly that straight raising up became one row, looked like the insightful firing line is together ordinary, was vertical in the sky.

The fourth second, dazzling flame from each hot crow bright, thousand crow overlay attacks, third time appeared. Thousand thunder break into a jail from the sky wreak havoc, but each thunder and lightning, is almost vertical launches the attack, but that thousand hot crow already vertical in airborne, attack that withstands naturally also the thunder and lightning that only then that vertical plane accumulates, is only equal to a volume of hot crow by. In this case, thousand thunder break into a jail can the attack also release the hot crow group of tertiary magic power attack to cause the damage? In the dazzling red light, attacks vertical to the thunder and lightning of hot crows first vanishes. But this red light is actually straightly, directly soars the Fu Rui overhead photo to fall.

Is this also good? Even if prepares beforehand, very difficult command 1000 hot crows to complete so fierce lineup transformation in the short four seconds! The method that Ji Dong uses is quite simple, is the reduction withstands the attack area. But also this simple method played enough role. But, this simple method actual operation difficulty has big each heavenly stems disciples to be clear. Can achieve such situation, originates from the hit of that more than 300 hot crow surely. Precision control angle, effort and accuracy each hot crow hit. How Ji Dong the strength of soul must be able to achieve so the degree to realm formidable!

In fact, so, when Ji Dong starts to control, he gives the order of that more than 700 hot crow is the whole body relaxes, can not have any revolt. Then made that more than 300 hot crow hit. In that moment, in his heart is not happy not sadly, does not have any victory and defeat thought that in the heart thinks, must succeed.

His really success, Fu Rui saw when that say/way dazzling red light overhead falls, was unable to believe all these real.

In the loud sound, in the Fu Rui body first three meters place, that red light bombardment ruthlessly in the ground, has left behind a profound hole to the ground loudly. In the air is rippling the aura of flame, the air and high temperature of distortion breaks into a jail that area enormous royal purple electric light also to vanish with thousand thunder.

Silent, the surroundings completely is a silence, the heavenly stems disciples could not speak completely, the operation of Ji Dong getting a light from another light crow strange its technique, making in their hearts have the deep admiration. They understand, Ji Dong and they, already completely not in a level.

In the Fu Rui hand thunder Yushen the axe wields to the ground, catches the strength of counter- shaking to work loose from the ground, a helplessness of face, say/way that but feels a heartfelt admiration: "I lost. Has not thought that in using the situation in demon territory, but also loses is so quick."

The spatial medium baking temperature crow restores the circle formation under the order of Ji Dong, floats in airborne, obstructs the cloud to block out the sun.

Ji Dong launches the personal appearance, several rises arrive in front of Fu Rui, said with a smile: "Senior Brother, you actually kept such one, a moment ago this war, was really lucky. I simply have not grasped can be successful. Even comes words again, I am also not necessarily able to achieve. You do not need to improperly belittle oneself. Has changed me and you to war, facing your demon territory is also ** bothersome."

Ji Dong not in modest, Fu Rui the thousand thunder break into a jail the demon territory, happen to can restrain the silver of his energetic demon territory illusion. This is in the attribute the innate decision. thunder attribute regarding the restraint of strength of soul, it can be said that the difficult adversaries in all spirit class demon territories. This point, comes Huo'er the eye of phoenix is more direct. Any energetic demon territory in thousand thunder break into a jail under the bombardment will have to save the possibility that this humble one goes to? If not Ji Dong strength of cultivation base soul is higher than Fu Rui, he such did a moment ago, simply and commits suicide different.

Fu Rui snorted, said: "Little Junior Brother, this is unfair. The strength of your soul is so strong, in addition magic power of these hot crows, as well as earth core world suits their battlefields, we simply do not have the least bit opportunity!" Ji Dong chuckled, said: "Did not have the opportunity to be right. Only then in this type does not have under the opportunity tremendous pressure completely, can promote everybody's cultivation. Un, next, modest book, come."

At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong vision changed Yao Qianshu.

"Uh, Ji Dong, don't you need to rest?"Practices everybody not to fear to endure hardship, but by *, this feeling is not quite been always wonderful.

Echoes to say in side remotely: "Is, Ji Dong, cannot old be oppressive we, has the skill, you yourself try, let we also appreciate you * the appearance."

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Chapter 523: A pair 4000

"I?"Ji Dong listened to the remote words. Has smiled, "I come a surface getting a light from another light crow attack, does anyone of you control? Without my control, a hot crow might will drop large scale."

Remote several moved sideways to collect, does not know was the beloved man just by the Ji Dong belt fire crow oppressive reason, looks at his look remotely is very somewhat discontented, "this has not related! A hot crow might dropped, can increase several. These hot crows let also some repertoires that you trained in any case. So long as they are willing all -out attack you, you not to be good to deal with. Quick, how making us have a look at you to deal with these hot crows, moreover this relative strength is certainly fair."

Ji Dong helpless say/way: "How many hot crow do you plan to let me facing? To be how fair."

Remote chuckled, said: "This. First, you are in our heavenly stems disciple strongest one . Moreover, these hot crows also did not have the control of strength of your Saint level soul, hot crow that you face doubles to two, this is not excessive?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, that two."

Remote hastily said: "Do not be anxious, I have not said. Incessantly so, we had not forgotten. You are fire attribute Mage, here no doubt suits the hot crow fight, but similarly isn't more suitable you to carry on the fight? Moreover you controlled the hot crow to be so long, was unmatched to their familiarities, this should double again the difficulty is fair. Therefore, you must simultaneously cope with complete four hot crow to be good."

Ji Dong dumbfounded looks remotely, the corners of the mouth place gradually appeared a smiling face. He completely looked now, remote this is giving Fu Rui to revenge!

"Was good, remote. Do not speak irresponsibly."Fu Rui somewhat funny looks remotely, although in the surface in preventing her, may in fact, listen to Ji Dong to think ingredient that in fellow apprentice's tone somewhat encourages.

"Good, remote, I promise you."Excessively many ponders, Ji Dong has not smiled was saying.

Then was one's turn was in a daze remotely, looks at Ji Dong, said: "Did you comply?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I comply, four four, I will make the hot crow be divided into four groups simultaneously to launch all -out attack to me completely. I fully will also deal with their attacks. Like this?"

Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, if may not be good the wound to you."

Ji Dong shook the head, his sound and meaning spread to the partners ear neutralization mind through the strength of soul, "without a doubt, our heavenly stems disciple has absolutely is not inferior in Huoya the unity, we are a whole, everybody even can, for other partners pay with the life the price. However, we engage in introspection. Has the hot crow such rigid courage? Facing the difficulty, grasps the nettle, does not hesitate at all costs the courage. Such courage somewhat will be no doubt rash, may courage and uprightness like this, actually be we need, because, it can promote our battle efficiencies to the maximum level. The hot crow in our opinion, is a small and weak race, is, even if on such small and weak race, there is a place that many are worth studying." Spoke these words, during the gaze of partners, Ji Dong face upwards to cry loud and long, his thought instantaneous transmission to airborne more than thousand hot another three groups of hot crows of crow as well as not far away rest.

Obtains information that Ji Dong has transmitted, just started, hot crows also moves restlessly, but is quick, they neatly flew. In airborne set up formation. Before more than thousand hot crows is transmitted with the soul has protected by Ji Dong to other partner similar information, that is, from now on, regarding them. The order of Ji Dong is all. Regardless of he makes them make anything.

Received these hot crows the infections of headed by hot crow king, more than 4000 hot crow clan strongest clansmen have prepared all-out attack.

These days smelting trial, making their overall strengths have the enormous promotion, particularly the fit capability, before was far from, can compare. Ji Dong must make them teach these forms of combat to hot crow clan each clansman in the future. Naturally must let their profound remembering.

During the personal appearance twinkles, Ji Dong broke in airborne, god hot Saint king Kai has completed taking possession instantaneously, dazzling golden red exclusive radiance made him seem like Sun that raised slowly.

When Ji Dong complied in remote that to say when may fairly actually obviously the unfair smelting trial, the heavenly stems disciples were very surprised, but after they listened to Ji Dong that words was clear, Ji Dong this was must show to them with own motion, reason that he came smelting trial everybody with the aid of the strength of hot crow, was the absolutely correct. Meanwhile, he must tell everybody, this hot crow is by no means invincible.

Four groups of hot crow, while Ji Dong raises, the attack has launched. Above more than 4000 Rank 4 same attributes and same race magic beast simultaneously release own aura, this pressure can be imagined. Here, but has conformed with hot crow entire clan all powerhouses!

When these four groups of hot crow launches, the heavenly stems disciples only thought that a suffocating tremendous pressure drops from the clouds. cultivation base strongest gold/metal, frowned. Fire Element in sky is because the magic power releases of these hot crow powerhouses become viscous. Oppressive is mixing earth core world unique rich Fire Element, produced to suppress compared with the attribute also wants the terrifying the condition. The Ji Dong originally rapid speed slowed down immediately.

Four giant columns of flame, the electricity shoots almost at the same time, direct attacks of four primary single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, simultaneously toward the Ji Dong concentrated fire. In this viscous air, by Ji Dong the strength of soul, unexpectedly also locking of inescapable hot crows.

Ji Dong the strength of soul is strong, but has concentrated more than 4000 hot crows, and there is Ji Dong to teach their assistance of millions of people are all of one mind joint action method. They do not suffer a loss in the soul realm aspect. The qualitative change that the quantitative change initiates made Ji Dong also take them not to have the means in the soul.

Sees this, the nerve of heavenly stems disciples ties tight at present instantaneously, this is four single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill! Although is only primary, but four Ultra Certain Kill Skill centralized concentrated fire situations, they had not met before. These four strengths are with the root common origin, when god knows their entire tribe will have what kind of mutation on Ji Dong.

At this moment, floated in airborne Ji Dong, the twinkle of personal appearance suddenly small range, light silver light, replaced formerly golden red exclusive radiance to cover his body instantaneously. The heavenly stems disciple is hot the crow, at this time looks that the feeling of Ji Dong only has one, that is illusory. As if present he no longer is the entity. the next moment, the body of Ji Dong diagonal flushed, right, he was being locked by that four attacks, although he just released the silver of demon territory illusion, cannot relieve locking. Must strongly be shelled by these four red light as before. However, he can actually decide, which one side red light oneself was hit first. He under the so formidable pressure, stimulates to movement oneself to shift as before forcefully like lightning, only this point, has displayed the formidable resistant to compression ability and strain capacity. His moves, had decided immediately four rays shell his distance to be no longer equal. The situation that four rays that formerly in the heavenly stems disciples heart was worried about simultaneously in the bang can have the mutation naturally did not exist. This is Ji Dong releases the results that the own second demon territory as well as the body move to produce instantaneously, in an instant judgment and choice, does not have the slight defect that he displays, can definitely with murdering the resolute these four characters described.

Personal appearance movement at the same time, the black and white dual-color primal chaos demon territory also appeared in Ji Dong behind, what strange is, the two groups of rays of his primal chaos demon territory core place unexpectedly separately presented a cloudy Yang Fire same reduction appearance, since this has been Ji Dong these days the progress of force control soul is. Can complete so numerous ability releases in the short time, the formidable thought control has not been is impossible to achieve as the backing.

Turns around, a fist rumbles, simple and direct, forms a coherent whole. The vigor of Ji Dong whole person when this fist rumbles has promoted completely in peak condition. Is relying on the physical body powerful ability. In addition the assistances of own two big demon territories, this seemed like a simple fist will arrive directly to the own first red light bang is loose. But the body of Ji Dong actually slightly rocked. Those who most made one shock, was rumbled the loose red light by him, was used same reduction to absorb part by him unexpectedly forcefully, covered in own body most surrounding, formed a red ray.

But at this time, another three red light have also followed on somebody's heels. The heavenly stems disciples see here, as if saw the failure of Ji Dong, they have not thought that even if no control of Ji Dong, these hot crows can also be so the degree unexpectedly. Meanwhile was chased down by four single body primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, quite in simultaneously faced four just to promote to same attribute Mage of Nine-Crown rank also attacks. Moreover, these attacks of hot crows are superimpose, magic power that each hot crow releases is not very strong, this decided them to be able continuous launch. Even if Ji Dong can block this first round, is not necessarily able to block second round. Four fire crow can definitely rub him easily.

However, the ability that then Ji Dong displays made the heavenly stems disciples be surprised. Sees only his both hands simultaneously forward empty racket, in three flames that simultaneously comes, immediately two in airborne sluggish, only then arrives in front of him together. The both hands of empty racket close up in the chest front, actually stiffly gripped that red light, after dazzling radiance flashes through, Ji Dong from the sky stands one's ground steadfastly as before, but on him assimilated magic power that came instead the accumulation. Until this time, that final two red light arrived in front of him.

"Is this. Little Junior Brother does not know that with any method, a moment ago was also such invisible has blocked my attack. Has not thought including Ultra Certain Kill Skill can sluggish."Fu Rui sees here, could not bear call.

Right, extinguishes god wall, Ji Dong relies on is extinguishing the function of god wall, has separated the attack that originally simultaneously came actually. With the progress of psychic force cultivation base, his extinguishing god wall every other one second can display once more, the function in actual combat completely has shown at this time.

Silver gassed thread of drifting from place to place in Fire Element as well as the primal chaos that demon territory the Ji Dong body surrounding and that assimilation comes, has formed several intense halos, making his whole person from the sky seem extremely dazzling. Finally two rays raid, this time has not used any skill again, the double palm also lays out, two flash through black light. Acme Yin Fire has counter-balanced that two attacks thoroughly, but a cloudy Yang Fire same reduction effect is continuing as before, regarding became in his red light richer.

The first round of attacks of hot crow melt in light of this, moreover seems, Ji Dong as if also not many consumption. Then, Ji Dong had demonstrated to the partners under such besieging, how oneself are does.

The silver of demon territory illusion opens comprehensively, is relying on outside the body that absorption from the hot crow magic power red light, pressure that the large scale counter-balance fire crows create, under the protection of silver of demon territory illusion, his body just like a lightning, glitters is flushing away toward the airborne hot crows.

The hot crow is unable to grasp his accurate position, is unable to lock his body again. Ji Dong is very clear, if open the silver of demon territory illusion, is confusing 4000 hot crows, that is impossible, he did not have the strength of that huge soul to support this demon territory to the so huge range. Therefore, he blooms around oneself body this demon territory, as the matter stands, achieved has shielded own effect.

The hot crow wants to pose threat to him, only has the overlay attack, the dispersion attack will not have any effect. Therefore, he every round, so long as flashed the four attacks of going too far crow to be OK. Teng Snake flashed the silver of demon territory coordinate illusion to achieve this point completely, after flashed going too far crow three rounds attacks one after another, he approached nearby hot crow.

Is this also good? The heavenly stems disciples then understand, originally the function of energetic domain unexpectedly is so huge. Moreover, Ji Dong is also relying on own fire attribute ability, after assimilating the fire crows attack each time some magic power large scale, throughout placed by oneself the peak magic power condition, once even outputs, but can also erupt compared with own strength huge strength. Had the disparity of Ji Dong direction completely to appear at this time, if present hot crow is directs by Ji Dong, can unable to lock? However, these hot crow powerhouses were trained these days also to have the effect by Ji Dong. Saw that Ji Dong is fast, four fire crow hurry to disperse, simultaneously upward increasing altitude. To widen among the disparity with Ji Dong as far as possible , to continue maintains the potential of besieging. If such situation appeared, both sides could not injure anyone, most was also maintains a tie condition. But, how the Ji Dong speed is the hot crow can compare.

Asked a ticket.

Chapter 524: The Ji Dong third demon territory

Teng Snake flashes the straight line acceleration. He broke in one hot crow outrageously. The body of Ji Dong whole person revolves for one week in airborne rapid, the heavenly stems disciples see to send out a gold/metal misty brilliance from him, the area that this piece of brilliance covers is not big, only then about 100 meters in diameter. this hot crow about 200 hot crows were covered.

What is this? The heavenly stems disciples saw this, in the brain presented a big question mark, but the next moment, they are actually dumbfounded.

That more than 200 were covered the hot crow in golden radiance almost falls from the sky at the same time downward, looked like their strengths is found time generally, to crash completely instantaneously, sky of between their originally to 800 meters about 500 meters, this fell is 300 meters. one by one is panic-stricken from the sky is struggling, until from ground also about hundred meters time, reluctantly controls the body, has not fallen the ground directly. However, more than 200 hot crows have not flown again, nearby dingy flying, has been separated from the battlefield.

"Element peeling demon territory?"gold/metal loses one's voice to call out in alarm.

The heavenly stems disciples have doubts looks to gold/metal, Chen Sixuan asks: "What is element peeling demon territory?" gold/metal said: "This is the demon territory that my father excels at! Cannot inherit this demon territory including me. could it be said that the demon territory can also teach? How Ji Dong meets. "

When they talked, the Ji Dong personal appearance in airborne has glittered continually. The hot crows are unable to organize the effective attack again, the element peeling demon territory that although Ji Dong releases is only the diameter hundred meters, was inferior the range that his other two demon territories can control is big, but, that golden ray place visited, the hot crow group looks like shears the wheat to crash generally in abundance, drops to be able to control the body from the ground about hundred meters reluctantly, reflights, but has also been separated from the fight.

Right, Ji Dong relies on is the element peeling demon territory, by his present cultivation base, was breaking in hot crow that moment actually, the fight had finished. He completely is capable of continuing and massive killing these hot crows. But he cannot certainly do, therefore, presented the heavenly stems disciples at present this. Is relying on the element peeling demon territory, hot crows own Fire Element as well as their Fire Element were stripped by Ji Dong forcefully, without magic power support, their this flight class magic beast naturally extremely will not adapt, this has the situation of instantaneously having tenesmused, if Ji Dong wants to kill them, only needs to strip was thorougher, can definitely achieve. But he will certainly keep the hand, is makes the hot crow after crashing several hundred meters can restore to come. Not only has defeated them, actually and has not injured them. Regarding demon territory the ingenuity of control, making one praise to the heavens.

Connects over a thousand hot crows after airborne crash, Ji Dong ceased own motion, a personal appearance show. The silver light sparkle, the silver of demon territory illusion disperses instantaneously, relates to each hot crow on, escape and attack of hot crows also stopped.

"Did not need to continue again." The Ji Dong sound from airborne conveys. The heavenly stems disciples look at each other in blank dismay, Fu Rui cannot bear saying: "Is this my Little Junior Brother? Simply is a monster, person of three demon territories, has anyone of you heard?"

Remote is very helpless shaking the head, "took him."

Yao Qianshu chuckled, said: "This is best, Ji Dong is more formidable, means that our heavenly stems disciple is more formidable, not?"

Ji Dong drops from the clouds, falls in front of the partners, looks that on him the ray gradually dissolves, indistinct, in the heavenly stems disciples eyes revealed several points of respect, naturally, will not present this look in the Chen Sixuan eye, in her eye pupil, only then endless love.

The Ji Dong vision has swept from the partners, his vision is quite firm and resolute, is burning the flaming fighting spirit, "each Mage has the ability that oneself excel. Good. Here does not suit you to fight. But in this case, under such bad condition, is exercises our will and actual combat best place. could it be our enemies to us most suitable battlefield? It is not, is not. When each of us becomes starting from that moment of heavenly stems disciple, our shoulders, had a heavy shoulder pole. We do not have the escape route, cannot hesitate, we can only continue following this road. The dark secret is waiting for us, the dark disciple brings ten magical instruments to wait for us. Our payouts have repayment, every instructs, will make us increase several points in the probability that the future battlefield will receive work. Only has the indomitability, we can again on this road is farther. Therefore, I do not hope to hear anybody to complain of hardship again. I will grasp each of you's limit, the earth core world, is we before the genuine war final smelting trial field. Initially ten thousand thunder broke into a jail below tragedy unable to repeat. Good, the modest book, was one's turn you."

This is Ji Dong first time speaks to own partners with the imperative mood tone, until this moment, he truly acknowledged the status of oneself heavenly stems Saint king. Because, in a moment ago, him realized, a team must have a true leader, making the companions believe that leads everybody. Humbleness constantly, is absolutely impossible to achieve to strict enforcement of orders and bans. The core of heavenly stems disciple team, he must not pass on responsibilities, only by doing so, can make the heavenly stems disciple condense truly together. When said these words, Ji Dong looked like the marshal who controlled the mighty force. His that has been full of the power and fervor sound, making each partner one's blood bubbles up to the brim.

Yao Qianshu has not said anything, effort to Ji Dong nodded, the emerald aquamarine brilliance erupted from him.

In Fu Rui turning back ground silently is condenses in law to sit cross- legged the cultivation, restores magic power, other people are also same, in their eyes, did not have the slightest bit to idle, some are firm.

All is condenses a law principle unlimited positional transmission method that creates outside the Armanz mountain to be the same before them. Ten people under the leadership of Ji Dong, have made such one condensation law specially here, the brand mark in the ground. Had this entire attribute condensation law existence, the heavenly stems disciples can absorbed respective attribute magic power. After all, here is also only second layer of earth core world, although various species nature magic power are thinner than the outside, but also and has.

The smelting trial of heavenly stems disciples is continuing, hot crow of hot crow clan powerhouse similarly is also continuing, in the sky, has not stopped time. Celestial stems disciples everyone goes on stage in turn, four hot crow also in turn get rid to rest. Even if when Ji Dong spirit as weary as the extreme, he is also only rest a while, but will continue the duty of smelting trial to continue to the heavenly stems disciples by two hot crow temporarily.

The day, day-by-day was passing in uninterrupted such cultivation. The so very intensive cultivation, before is the heavenly stems disciples, has never experienced. The rest restores magic power in turn time. What in their mind thinks in the fight that is how can in continuation wins. In the fight, they are going against the huge pressure as far as possible insists some time. But Ji Dong, various tactical brand marks in hot crows mind. Present these four hot crow, are only the cores of entire hot crow clan. He must do, exercises an invincible air fight race the hot crow entire clan. But he trains now, is in the future all commanders of this air fight invincible race.

In an instant, was one month passed, the heavenly stems disciples arrived at the earth core world, passed fully for 40 days.

"Bang"in fierce bellow, the rock splashes, in the ground these dark-red rocks looked like lived generally. Is surging just like tide racing wells up generally.

In the sky, hot crow is dropping dazzling red light unceasingly, shells rock ground that this is turning wells up, seems seeking for anything.

"Is good to raise. The wolf divine intervention boy's control to the earth strove."In observing Fu Rui eye is revealing the color/look of acclaiming. At this time is carrying on the fight, is the heavenly stems Fifth Earth disciple wolf divine intervention. May actually unable to see his form in the battlefield. The reason is very simple, the wolf divine intervention hides in that mighty waves turbulent rock sea. This is he unique demon territory, the rock control.

The earth core world, particularly at present this place, the ground is the rock, therefore he also naturally can like a fish in water general, is controlling these rocks. cultivation base of wolf divine intervention also broke through Eight-Crown, naturally has own demon territory. His as far as possible narrows scope demon territory range, to strengthen the demon territory magic power density, disturbs Ji Dong to own locking. Since one month fight, the heavenly stems disciples want completely various means to resist soul locking of Ji Dong, everyone has almost one own means. They are very clear, only has to flee locking of Ji Dong, they have the possibility of victory.

Ji Dong stands on the hill of distant place as before, behind both hands, is closing both eyes, can see indistinctly, has light silver light around his body. The airborne thousand hot crows, are transforming various postures unceasingly, combines all kinds of formations, uniform, this is the result of being repeatedly tempered, in the meantime, Ji Dong also finally can simultaneously control 1000 hot crows, and achieved to have at one's command general.

At this time, he is controlling fire crows, every hundred one group, superimposes magic power to shell to the ground. Right, under the rock control demon territory of wolf divine intervention, he is unable to reconnoiter the position that the wolf divine intervention is at completely. But he can actually find region of wolf divine intervention probably activity in the rock. This was enough regarding Ji Dong. Each round ten magic power shell, making the following wolf divine intervention be tired out by dealing with. This degree of attack could not certainly injure him. However, he is very clear, once any were attacked the hit together. Let Ji Dong thus lock his position, then, the next moment is ten magic power unites surely, the hot crows shell whole-heartedly.

The progress of hot crow, not only in coordination, in the meantime, under the direction of Ji Dong, these hot crow powerhouses also in unceasing evolution. Their brains as if had made a connection with by Ji Dong the strength of soul generally, absorbs magic power, to output magic power, is own magic power intensity. And heavenly stems disciples just came here time is no comparison between them. This point, evolved the hot crow feudal lord rank to look from all hot crows.

Exaggerates hot crow king, present it, may not be the beforehand Lie Yan (raging flames) god fish intestinal fat elder. Has swallowed crystal core of hot owlet feudal lord, gradually after the absorption, cultivation base of hot crow king has raised the standard of Rank 9 magic beast. Although that crystal core is impossible to help it break through Rank 10. However, Rank 9 this level is at first several of earth core world, is invincible existence. Regarding a race, the powerful leaders, mean that the entire race the whole is formidable.

Saw, wolf divine intervention must unable to withstand a hot crow bombardment one after another, must be found the exact location. Suddenly, stood Ji Dong on hill broke away both eyes, the attack of hot crows also along with it stop, not only carries on the hot crow of smelting trial to stop with the wolf divine intervention at present to his attack, another three groups of hot crows of not far away rest also lifted off, formed four big with originally in the airborne group instantaneously, 4000 hot crows assumed the hemispheroid float in the midair, the vision referred, was the entrance direction.

Since the hot owlet feudal lord was killed by Ji Dong after on that day, earth core world first two all as before, the hot crow clan plants the good fire fine fruit to toss into from the third layer entrance the fire fine clan as before directly. According to hot crow king, so long as by doing so, third layer that side exit|to speak naturally can have that side hot monkey clan to receive. The fire fine fruit itself in the toxic gas by channel will not be affected.

This month, entrance here, never has third layer to come the person. At this time Ji Dong controls four hot crow big simultaneously to aim at three entrances places, clearly, feels anything.

The heavenly stems disciples ended the cultivation, the wolf divine intervention also revealed that from the rock own personal appearance, the vision looks similarly toward the entrance. What comes is the Lie Yan (raging flames) god sends the envoy who?

In this time, an extremely formidable soul information is gushing out from the third layer entrance, spreads in surrounding area one square kilometer range instantaneously, "who is, dares to kill my younger brother, a small and weak and ignorant hot crow clan, does not slaughter you all, is difficult to disappear hate of this king heart."

Comes is not the Lie Yan (raging flames) god envoy, in hot crow king Yan the ray changes, but has not actually revealed any timid meaning, this time it, the body has been eight meters, the wingspan has exceeded ten meters, became the extremely formidable Rank 9 hot crow. Let alone, behind it, existence of also Ji Dong. It does not certainly have the reason to fear. Dazzling red light, from the place eruptions of three entrances, obviously, the powerhouse who that side spread the soul aura also feels here being ready in full battle array suddenly. The dazzling red light changed into a diameter ten meters column of flame instantaneously, the direct impact, Fire Element in air restrains suddenly, seemed adsorbed to pass by it completely, the goal points to the hot crow king.

Does not need Ji Dong to control, 4000 hot crows, have sent out the collective counter-attack.

The big plot launches immediately.

Chapter 525: The retaliation of hot owlet clan

4000 rays, from the sky connect four. Meanwhile goes toward that giant column of flame bombardment.

It is not Ji Dong does not want to make 4000 hot crows fold the compensation puts together, because, after the quantity surpasses 1000, the effect of overlay was very difficult to appear. Moreover, the quantity are more, when the overlay control is more difficult. 1000 is a limit. This became a rule, any race, Mage is also good, the diamond regiment, exterminates regiment such special regiment, is the present hot crow, must receive the limit of this rule.

However, even if so, four columns of flame simultaneously shell on, is equal to four primary single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill might, is extremely astonishing. When the earth core world, the most lifeform is fire attribute, naturally does not have the problem that the attribute promotes and constrains mutually, four pairs one, volume, although is different, but when each other both sides huge magic power of collides in together, immediately airborne erupts a terrifying again the Lie Yan (raging flames) storm.

Flame. Made the temperature in air enhance suddenly, other originally elements on the thin earth core world, were filled by Fire Element immediately completely. 4000 hot crows simultaneously outside fly, proliferate, the complementary waves after explosion are insufficient to cause any damage to them. But another side, that giant column of flame also already shelled complete being defeated and dispersed. "Eh" a puzzled doubts sound gets up, one after another big form from leading to three entrance twinkles.

These big forms systematic and wonderful quick incomparable from going to three channel places flashes before, is only the free time of a while, appeared in the heavenly stems disciples as well as in front of hot crow. These sudden big forms really have over a thousand. Only looks at their appearances, Ji Dong and heavenly stems disciples understood the future for anyone.

The opposite party is one person, the body best pupil has three meters, the stature is extremely grandiose, sticking out of muscle exaggeration, on a back giant wing has is similar to the spider web general black trace, all over the body high and low, altogether by eight arms, is ordinary just like the devil diamond, the bald alone item, in that gigantic alone, unexpectedly is only emitting the length approximately one foot red crystal glow. Intense magic power and soul mix fluctuation to make the person not dare with its alone item of looking at each other. The terrifying aura including Ji Dong to be also surprised.

Hot owlet, right, is the hot owlet. Moreover, is of head, perhaps was a head of the clan of hot owlet clan, the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught of hot owlet kings 36 big core elders. The great strength of his aura, even also in cultivation base reaches as high as above Level 95 Zhou Xiaoxiao. Thus it can be seen. The entire earth core world was actually intrepid.

Follows in the hot owlet king behind, entire ten have the hot owlet feudal lords of six arms, in them, although, only then two aura compared with before Ji Dong strikes the hot owlet feudal lord who kills to be stronger, but ten hot owlet feudal lord wholes in the same place, the crowding around fire owlet king, this formidable oppression strength have surmounted 4000 hot crow complete strengths completely. Let alone, in them behind, the also over a hundred hot owlets commands with about thousand ordinary both arms hot owlets.

In these ordinary hot owlets, Ji Dong saw by that two that oneself bleed off. The hot crow king saw hot owlet king leads the fire owlet clan elite to present the time, shuddered, the formidable oppression strength of earth core world high-rank race to low-rank race, making its breath become somewhat is rapid. Screamed one, transmitted own soul fluctuation.

"The core long strict owlet king of respect, what meaning do you lead these many clansmen to arrive at the territory of our hot crow clan are? could it be you had forgotten restraint that the Saint teaches? The high- rank race can not easily enter the low-rank race territory."

Although cultivation base of hot crow king has been equal to the Rank 9 magic beast intensity, but will the hot owlet king look at it in the eye? Looked continually has not looked at hot crow king one eyes, the hum that disdaining from the nostril pū, the restraint that "Saint does teach? Disappears including the founders, you also with me said restraint that what Saint teaches? Let alone, your base and low small winged insects, have harmed my younger brother unexpectedly. Even if the remote antiquity supreme elder, will not oppose that I extinguish you thoroughly kill. Very good, the small winged insect of your hot crow clan a little appearance here, I in province looked. The hot crow clan cannot massacre completely, but must make you ship the fire fine fruit, but your are the heads actually takes one not to remain, gives my younger brother to make the sacrificial offering. The hot crow king, your body has my younger brother's aura, you dared to eat my younger brother's crystal core. It seems like that I could not kill you, I must make you suffer the millennium suffering to kill you in the scarlet hot purgatory again, hate of side Xiaoben king heart."

That moment of the hot owlet king appearing, the words that also it spoke, Ji Dong had the general judgment to the matter. Evidently, own plan failed. The hot owlet that two put does not dare to teach to report to the Saint, but brought in the hot owlet king to lead the hot owlet clan elite to come to retaliate. This did not mean that the plan of Ji Dong has any issue, but is he does not know, formerly struck the hot owlet that kills to command unexpectedly is the hot owlet clan head of the clan hot owlet king blood younger brother. Perhaps for this reason, that two hot owlet does not dare to go to report, after all, they is a clansman of hot owlet clan. However, came to be also what kind of?

The Ji Dong thought moves, has passed to the hot crow powerhouses own order, 4000 hot crows fly to draw back immediately backward slowly. Ji Dong one step steps forward, the person walked from the hill baseless, that void strides, seems is not quick, but after three that he walks, he appeared in the hot owlet king opposite hundred meters place of alone item of torching.

"Was the homicide my younger brother?" The hot owlet king turns head the hot owlet that runs away to behind that two to ask. Although Ji Dong cannot understand the language of hot owlet clan. But from its soul fluctuation can feel that leaves general meaning in his words.

That two hot owlet hurries to nod again and again, indicated to confirm.

The when alone item of hot owlet king looks at Ji Dong again, the vision became extremely ice-cold, originally only then the ruler odd/surplus Chang vision grows to three chi (0.33 m) suddenly, the intense soul fluctuation brings the extremely formidable evil air/Qi to head on. This soul fluctuation definitely cannot compare Ji Dong the strength of soul, but the evil aura of implication made Ji Dong be startled slightly. Overall speaking, cultivation base of this hot owlet king even also in oneself strike above three full suns that kills.

"Hot owlet clan in the earth core world more than 200 races, ranks 18 th, the overall strength is extremely formidable, but also slaughters one of the heaviest races. The hot owlet king himself ranks the first ten characters in 36 core elders, I in the Saint teaches at the congress to see it, it is extremely rampant, the small and weak earth core race, very fears it, evidently, its this time, must extinguish our entire clan really!. The great Lord, you may be certainly careful, you were our hot crow clan only hope."

If carefully observes, can discover, in more than 4000 hot crow eyes, is revealing desperately with the grief and indignation brilliance, but does not have the slightest bit to flinch definitely. Under benefit of hot crow king. More than 4000 hot crow collectives are sending out the special scream. The distant place, the massive hot crows start to block the sky the accumulation.

Ji Dong looks at the fire owlet king, he knows, if today is not here, perhaps a hot crow clan really difficult running away disaster. Only the strength of this hot owlet king, does not know that can cut to kill many hot crows. Self-torture 40 days, should examine the heavenly stems disciples strengths time. Uses this hot owlet clan to make the sacrificial offering.

"Bastard, you dares to kill my younger brother."Hot owlet king Dumu is gazing at fixedly Ji Dong, does not have a about step motion. When it with the strength of oneself soul tries to suppress Ji Dong, surprised discovery, at oneself that strong soul intensity. It is not able to invade at present this unexpectedly seems completely likely is human, hand/subordinate was actually called by that two fools is the men of three full suns. Although on this young people have the aura of three full suns at present, but he can affirm, Ji Dong is not three full suns. By its cultivation base, so is can it be that easy to cheat. However, Ji Dong made it also produce vigilantly, cultivation base can achieve hot owlet king realm, in the earth core world was also extremely rare. Hot owlet king although is rampant, but is actually not the fool. Ji Dong that vast made it produce the enormous watchfulness like the strength of sea soul, what enemy was most fearful? The answer is very simple, unknown enemy is most fearful.

Looks at the fire owlet king, Ji Dong lightly said: "earth core world, powerhouse to revere. Your younger brother dares to embezzle an invitation command of my hot crow clan, itself violates the custom that the Saint has taught. Let alone, you are any thing, dares to interrogate me."

"Hahahaha"hot owlet king Kuangxiao makes noise, "small human, dares to spout rhetoric before me. Let alone you are not three full suns, even if you are it, depends on you also to dare with my hot owlet clan to contend. Today these hot crows must die, your human also same must die." "Hot owlet king is my, what other is your. Does not remain." The Ji Dong ice-cold sound reverberates in the air, what he said is the human language, the hot owlets cannot certainly understand, but dense murderous intention from the Ji Dong eye, the hot owlet king understood his meaning. It thinks very funny, how many human depends on such, can block elite of my hot owlet clan with these small winged insects of aerial flight? Simply was too laughable.

"Kills off them."Hot owlet Wang Meng waves, the next moment, just like lightning general vision already straightly shoots Ji Dong. This is not the attack of strength of soul, but pure magic power. A stream of just like the red light that the sharp needle also resembles, arrived in front of Ji Dong instantaneously.

In formerly was struck that hot owlet that kills to command there, Ji Dong has also asked for advice this talent skill, in magic beast, almost 90% do not have the demon territory, had magic beast of demon territory like fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix is few. However, almost all magic beast have own talent skill. Even if smallest and weakest Rank 1 magic beast is no exception. This hot owlet king comes up. Used own talent skill. Not only because this it hated Ji Dong, because of it attaching great importance to the Ji Dong strength.

Ji Dong also similarly is the vision flashes, just his both eyes turned into the silver. Meanwhile, the present picture of each heavenly stems disciple had the change. The position that over a thousand hot owlets are , the strength strong and weak analysis, presents completely in their mind. Ji Dong the strength of soul has connected them completely in one.

The right hand inflates, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes gently, has charged into the hot owlet king. The red light that in hot owlet king Dumu projects has from the sky stopped, lost to locking of Ji Dong, Ji Dong extremely calm dodging going too far owlet king Tianfu has attacked, appears before him. When a fist the chest bang goes.

Hot owlet king complexion changes, obviously extinguished god wall mysterious skill shock. However its response is not slow. Can in the earth core world Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, ranks in first ten of core elder, its this life, does not know that experiences many have fought and slaughtered. Does not know that many earth core living thing the life falls from the sky in his hand, rich of actual combat experience, must calculate by for hundred years with the number.

Saw that Ji Dong cuts into to oneself in front, seems a fist of any magic power fluctuation has not rumbled. It has not met hardly, but is the body retrocedes like lightning ten meters. Eight arms simultaneously before the body wields, each hand gives a strange hand signal, eight hand signals happen to gather at its chest front, the strong magic power fluctuation erupts instantaneously, what Ji Dong sees is eight flame condenses becomes the mark that, these eight marks have superposed in one. A huge attracting customer interest appears suddenly, Ji Dong only thought that own body is instantaneously sluggish, but the next moment, in that eight mark superpositions place, a giant column of flame already, when the chest rumbles.

Ultra Certain Kill Skill, Ultra Certain Kill Skill without a doubt. The when power and influence of this column of flame, with formerly to the H4000 hot crow exactly the same. Not only this is intermediate single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is one nearly in instantaneous Ultra Certain Kill Skill. By is that eight strange mark. Ji Dong guessed correctly indistinctly that eight marks should be similar to five elements method general existence. In the earth core world, is not it seems like deficient looks like a five elements method general ability.

This attacks was too quick, moreover both sides are away from are such near, the Ji Dong extinguishing god wall made him shunt the hot owlet king to use locking of talent skill, but is actually not able to dodge at present locking of this Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

However, in this moment, the pupil of hot owlet king instantaneously has contracted, it saw that is unable to believe.

Ji Dong in the hot owlet king starts in the Ultra Certain Kill Skill so short time, made a series of responses, the primal chaos demon territory first appeared behind him, was cloudy Yang Fire same reduction follows as before. Meanwhile, the golden ray of element peeling demon territory first welcomed getting angry owlet king explosion of Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Although cannot melt this skill, but is actually relying on own formidable peeling ability, found time the hot owlet king Ultra Certain Kill Skill front part actually. Moreover, before Ji Dong originally , the body that to/clashes stops, completely violates the instantaneous stagnation of rule in airborne, both hands, downward empty presses. the next moment, a huge black column of flame already shot up to the sky. Happen to weakened hot owlet Wang Chao must kill to intercept and rob in airborne.

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Chapter 526: Pokes a fire the owlet king only

Surface getting a light from another light owlet king nearly instantaneous single body intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill attack. Ji Dong has made the inconceivable response in this extremely short time. Primal chaos demon territory that back condenses along with same reduction, air, even is Fire Element in opposite party attack has won over part forcefully, making hot owlet king Wufa in all air win over by the scattered in disorder Fire Element of strategy that eight strange hand signal composes. Then, Ji Dong released his element peeling demon territory, made the attack of hot owlet king front section be stripped forcefully, has won the time to oneself, made the attack might of hot owlet king weaken. Arrived finally, him the double palm empty has pressed the ground, since a thick black column of flame leaps from, intercepted and robbed the attack of hot owlet king in the midair.

Must know, Ji Dong these responses, are almost completed in the flash, can control so the degree own magic power, his soul intensity can be imagined. 40 days, Ji Dong more time practices controls. If the beforehand cultivation is to the promotion of magic power, understanding to skill. A process that then, is he uses the Saint level soul to have the ability that achieves mastery through a comprehensive study completely the past these days, in use, will not have the slightest bit to be jerky. But is the circle melts pleasant, has words at fingertips and writes with facility.

Before one, sends. A reflection, two columns of flame collide in together, hot owlet king whole body slightly shakes, but Ji Dong is retrocedes one step, no one has occupied cheaply. The hot owlet king originally alarmed and afraid mind stabilizes instantaneously in this moment, from the collision of both sides magic power, it had completely affirmed, at present this human youth at least must be inferior on magic power in own. Otherwise these collided a moment ago, should not share half and half, but is suffers a loss is right.

combat experience of hot owlet king was too rich, saw that have not suffered a loss, immediately uses the extremely arbitrary stance, has hit toward Ji Dong directly. He has judged now, Ji Dong the strength of soul should above oneself, but magic power is actually inferior to itself. Therefore, by his experience, he must force Ji Dong to spell with him hardly. It does not believe that Ji Dong can have that ingenious control when each collision, so long as makes him seize an opportunity, it has confidence to make Ji Dong fall into the beyond redemption boundary.

The eight arms of hot owlet king, above four, set up the palm completely like the blade, chops just like four handle sharp blade common overheads, Ji Dong even can see that is glittering the metallic luster in his palm reason. Hot owlet king these eight arms, are not inferior to eight handle magic power weapons. In huge fire attribute magic power that it pours into, the might is absolutely terrifying. Not only the above four hands, the below four hands also once more press firmly between the fingers different hand, promotes. It looks like four fists is ordinary, different positions of bang among the Ji Dong chests and bellies. The comprehensive attack, almost covered Ji Dong upper part all strategic points to be.

Before the strength that the magic power outputs or the attack angles and strength these choices attack, the hot owlet king shows is not, was struck to kill that hot owlet feudal lord to be able by Ji Dong to compare. Without a doubt, the close combat ability of this hot owlet king is extremely intrepid.

If hot owlet king only has two arms, Ji Dong will choose and it surely without hesitation spells hardly. But, this fellow eight arms . Moreover the strength that each arm contains is rudely, if puts together its two arms, then, other six arms what to do?

Ji Dong has the Ji Dong means that his actual combat experience similarly is not bad, particularly most excels at the close combat attack. In the eye glare twinkle, the element peeling demon territory has released once more, hot owlet king Zhi thought that whole body magic power releases, immediately lost Fire Element contact in the surrounding air, even continually own Fire department magic power also by massive draw offs. Meanwhile, on the Ji Dong left hand lifts, the right hand turns toward own direction hauling. In hot owlet king approached before the body, time that this does not allow to send. Has made a series of responses.

Without a doubt, the opposite party is away from itself to be nearer, the time of response is also shorter, the danger is bigger. But, the distance is similarly nearer, the opposite party wants to change again incurs is also more difficult.

Four arms that on the hot owlet king attacks only thought that was mad the wall to block at the same time generally, those who most made it unable to understand, blocked in the air/Qi walls of oneself above four arms from this, it could not find the slightest bit to be the Ji Dong aura. Although that air/Qi wall can only make his attack stay flash, but, in the battlefield, the flash often means is eternal.

While the above four arms stagnate, the body of hot owlet king naturally also will stop, he felt that a huge attracting customer interest from the front comes, to attract pulls taut, is in two of his direct bang to Ji Dong four arms. Before this originally is, accelerates to two arms of attack immediately, another two arms even slightly raise because of this sudden change, is unable to form the potential of common attack , because the above four arms were prevented, below has transmitted such strange force of traction, the body of hot owlet king turned into the arch, was directed to tow by the Ji Dong extinguishing god, two arms arrived in front of Ji Dong.

You have eight arms not to be unimportant, so long as I controlled am only making you have two to carry on the collision to be enough with me. This is the Ji Dong tactic, who said that the superiority of soul intensity in the close combat will weaken? Regarding the control of control and magic power of own body, the opportunity assurance, Ji Dong is inferior to the inferior transformation of match the actual combat experience actually for the superiority. In hot owlet king Dumu flashes through stern countenance, the element peeling demon territory makes it extremely uncomfortable. Ji Dong all sorts of achievement are to make him only have two arms to be able with Ji Dong to collide. May so, hot owlet king actually slightly not startled, is only in the flash, poured into complete magic power in within the body to that is attracted by Ji Dong pulls in the past two arms.

The Ji Dong body retrocedes slightly half step, after the both hands receives, then before then pushes, the left, is jet black such as the left hand of black ink, the right, is glistens such as the right hand of gold/metal, Pinnacle Two Fires simultaneously the embodiment.

The bang, the both sides four fists to bang, the victory and defeat as if were the flash divide, under magic power function that in the hot owlet king injected fully, although there is an element to strip the help of demon territory, but the body of Ji Dong was similar to the shell generally by rumbling flew. But hot owlet king outrageously stands there, is entirely still.

The clansmen of hot owlet clan simultaneously cheer make noise, but, their cheering actually continued the flash to stop. Because, the hot owlet king makes the matter that made them definitely unable to understand. In the eight arms of hot owlet king, uppermost two arms set up the palm suddenly like the blade, chopped directly in formerly with two arm roots that Ji Dong collided. That two arms were divided to cut immediately, goes toward two bank directly.

. Two fierce thundering also resound, that two reduced arm changed into one group of golden color respectively and one group of black flame, from the sky ripples the tyrannical magic power fluctuation.

Ji Dong body flying upside down, but the strength of soul actually throughout locks on the hot owlet king, feels the hot owlet king's response, in his heart secret imposing, the brave soldier breaks the wrist, is really good to make a decision. It seems like that the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches these 36 core elders to put out any to place the surface world is to shake ancient Shuojin the character. The hot owlet king's response without doubt is most correct, both sides collide, Ji Dong no doubt was flown by his magic power bang. However, the extinguishing god who in the Ji Dong double fist contains struck also forcefully to break through hot owlet king within the body. Extinguished the god to strike Ji Dong to cultivate sixth heavily, six overlapped in the situation in in addition, the strength that pinnacle magic power can erupt could be imagined. After these two extinguish the god to strike compresses extremely magic power breaks in the hot owlet king arm, immediately toward the fire owlet king chest place attacks. magic power of hot owlet king is unable to prevent them in own within the body. If, makes these two magic power collide really in the hot owlet king chest place together, then, Yin Fire extinguishes the god to strike with Yang Fire extinguishes the god to strike the union, this Yin-Yang fuses the magic skill might to erupt, but did not break two arms to be so simple. The hot owlet king to avoid oneself is seriously battered deeply, immediately has made the most correct response, gets rid of two arms, has crushed the plan of Ji Dong.

Fracture radiance of hot owlet king that two arm is smooth, does not have a drop of blood to flow. His complexion does not have the slightest bit to change, looks like the arm that reduces is not his. The ray in alone became ferociously is severer.

Has been gazing at it like Ji Dong, it has also been paying attention to Ji Dong. It formerly clearly felt that Ji Dong magic power truly is inferior to itself . Moreover, to extinguish the god will strike to inject into oneself within the body, Ji Dong own resistance magic power will want weak many. Therefore shelled flew. But, this time Ji Dong, actually that static float in the midair, looks at his appearance, looks like unexpectedly does not have the slightest bit to be damaged. This point, even be more serious than that two arms that he is cut off regarding the psychological attack of hot owlet king.

The hot owlet clan breaks the arm, looks like the lizard cuts tail to be the same, is in itself also talent skill one, after going back, hot owlet king Ziran has the means to continue two. But, breaks the expectation effect that the arm brings not to appear, the opposite party has not been injured, oneself break arm two, this business may really lose money. Ji Dong has not been injured, he chose spells like this hardly has naturally prepared sufficient, like such that the ancestor of Land Dragon said that after the immersion of ancestor of remote ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein Land Dragon, Ji Dong present body intensity, even to be injured is not an easy matter. Without the Saint level strength. It is not able to kill him truly. Relied on the Saint level body and spirit, Ji Dong is melting the striking power of hot owlet king stiffly, the body withstood a shake, must say is injured, that also fell far short.

Them puts together twice hardly, the entire battlefield last present fought has also launched. Under the order of Ji Dong, the ordinary hot crow has not participated in the fight, hot crow king bring four hot crow big are hovering in the sky, tyrannical Ultra Certain Kill Skill attacks, look for these to have the ordinary hot owlets of two arms specially. In such a case, naturally is one next. Such the free time of a while, dozens hot owlets perished under a hot crow bombardment.

The hot owlet clan can become the earth core world rank before the race, naturally is not the generation of being easy, threat that after discovering the hot crow clan brings, that thousand ordinary hot owlet almost also soars, combative flushes away toward four big of fire crow clan.

The hot crow big might is enormous, but one time can only send out four powerful attacks after all, the hot owlet clan is putting together damage, after paying dozens clansman lives prices, soon approached to the hot crow clan near.

But at this time, the heavenly stems disciples are actually not able to add on the hot crow clan, they must face, similarly is the strong fire owlet of blotting out the sky.

Besides the hot owlet king and Ji Dong to, is the ten big six arm hot owlet feudal lords of head leads that more than hundred four arm hot owlets to command, looked for the heavenly stems disciples. The heavenly stems disciples strength is no doubt intrepid, the enemy quantity that but they must face actually was really too many . Moreover, even if were the hot owlet commands, cultivation base has also surpassed Rank 8 magic beast. Was besieged by so numerous powerhouses, during they also immediately fell into have struggled hard.

The aspect fell into instantaneously disadvantageous the situation to the heavenly stems disciple and hot crow clan. Celestial stems disciples fortunately, if not really good, they can also break through. Under the direction of Ji Dong, they completely are capable of fleeing from here. However, a hot crow clan what to do? Once that four big were broken through by the hot owlet clan, although in the quantity is four pairs of aspects, is, besides the hot crow king, surface getting a light from another light owlet clan of other hot crows in the fight of short distance, the aspect that can only probably die. Once these hot crow clans elite die completely, then, the hot crow clan also ended.

In the Ji Dong eye, has also been full of the stern countenance at this time, is not his direction has fault how, is really because the hot owlet king took to his pressure to be too big. cultivation base of this hot owlet king, although could not have compared that nearly to kill Ji Dong Level 98 supreme powerhouse forest clear, but was also similar to forest clear husband forest rock pile cultivation base. Moreover the actual combat experience is richer than a forest rock pile, how in the attribute not to suffer a loss. Ji Dong in magic power is inferior in the situation of match, the hot owlet king gives his pressure to make him very difficult to divert attention cares about that four hot crow big again, he can give the support on heavenly stems disciples soul investigation is quite good.

What to do? Now Ji Dong is facing the choice, an emergence of hot owlet clan was too sudden, the fight also starts is too quick, simply has not given the time that he arranges. The present situation, he naturally did not fear that hot owlet king, is, a hot crow clan? Now breaks through to also with enough time. However, a hot crow clan is annihilated after all, oneself this month the painstaking care drained did not say, in the emotion, Ji Dong did not allow such situation to appear.

A long and loud cry erupts from the Ji Dong mouth, void tearing, in the wrist/skill the red light twinkle, two huge forms have shot up to the sky, directly soar the airborne hot owlet group to flush away. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix. Ji Dong decided to spell, spelled whole- heartedly. At this moment, in his double pupil has been full of the stern countenance.

This month passed one-third quickly, the time passes real quick, notifies the plan of Wine God to give everybody. Wine God will finish early December about probably, synchronizes the new book. Asked the recommendation ticket.

Chapter 527: Heroic hot crow

Ji Dong knows, own response was slow. When fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix rushed, the hot crow clan elite the part was damaged after all, now but he can do only then these many. He must make every effort to kill front hot owlet king as soon as possible, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix must delay the time as far as possible, reduces a loss of hot crow clan. As for the heavenly stems disciple that side, the instruction that he gives only has two characters: Insisting.

It is not Ji Dong does not want to come up on the use five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, because the strength of hot owlet king was too formidable. By the ability of hot owlet king, can definitely make his clansman tie down the heavenly stems disciples temporarily, then he joins to getting a light from another light crow elite attacks during. If had such situation. Then, Ji Dong will certainly be more passive. Therefore, he must tie down the hot owlet king, must first solve this biggest threat. Naturally, the time drags is longer, is more disadvantageous regarding the heavenly stems disciples, after all, in the earth core world, they have not supplied.

Severe glittering in Ji Dong eye pupil, prepares to strike to kill the hot owlet king not at any cost first at the same time, a hot crow clan has taken all person huge shocks of including him.

Even does not have hot crow king's order, the distant place, that already gathered. Tens of thousands of ordinary hot crow clan clansmen, over a thousand hot owlets when flies will soon approach hot crow big, appears. They do not have what complex skill, does not have the formidable strength, but, they have the life and body. Tens of thousands of hot crows, from all directions have only hit toward the airborne hot owlet. That unprecedented imposing manner, making them own speed promotion to since birth the quickest degree. They with oneself body, command for the hot crow king, the hot crow feudal lord and hot crow are creating the time.

That moment when they hit, almost in the flash, over a thousand hot crows instantaneously falls from the sky, in the face of the hot owlets formidable attack, their bodies was torn into shreds instantaneously. However, they, with own life for the hot crow entire clan elite has won the time. The strength of hot owlet is formidable, facing so numerous hot crow impacts, the speed that they rise also stops. That tens of thousands of hot crow, looks like the flesh and blood barrier is together common, elite has blocked the impact of hot owlet for the hot crow king Hehuo crow.

Ji Dong has tarried, hot owlet king also dumbfounded in this moment. Such order, Ji Dong is impossible to issue, the hot crow king similarly is impossible. All that at present has, is the hot crow independently launches. This is frigid, but also similarly shocks. More and more hot crows unprecedented flushed, actually does not have one in the charge that in this must die has the slightest bit to hesitate.

In hot owlet king heart, first time presented the fear, not because of the Ji Dong strength. Fear that but has because of the hot crow clan. This in its eye, originally is similar to the ants common hot crow, at this moment, is taking to its intense shock unexpectedly. Each hot crow, is using own life to come for a future of hot crow clan to strive for success.

A hot crow clan is crazy, but also this crazy, lit all hot crow elite bloodthirsty, lit Ji Dong and blood of heavenly stems disciples.

Their blood have seethed with excitement, their hearts also seethed with excitement. Such scene, they have not always experienced. Even if the human sharpest regiment, is unable to achieve hot crow clan such unity and being unafraid of death by far. The both eyes of hot crow king at this time became red, it has not ordered to make the clansman stop, but is leading four hot crow big, likely is the output attack that insane has gone all out generally. The death of clansman cannot waste, only then wipes out all hot owlets, their deaths valuable.

The soul of hot crow king was crying out, is whooshing, each hot crow elite soul as if obtained the sublimation in this moment, their attacks have also been the unprecedented degree. Without the direction of Ji Dong, but their attacks actually likely grew eyes to be ordinary. Each time, as before is four ray bombardments. But can actually find the hot owlet most crowded place. One after another hot owlet after killing the massive hot crows from airborne fell from the sky. The potential of hot owlets that overshooting is unable to look like fully again so was formerly firm.

At this moment, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix Huo'er arrived finally.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon originally bloodthirsty, this bloody scene can not light in its heart at present cruel? The phoenix is the king of birds, with falls from the sky for the hot crow clan of birds shortly unceasingly, but the unprecedented impact, the Huo'er war intent also has actually promoted the unprecedented altitude.

A powerhouse of hot owlet clan besieged the heavenly stems disciples, after these average Rank 7 ordinary hot owlets fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix broke, looks like the bullying is ordinary.

In the effort of hot crow entire clan, as well as fifty Saint Fire Dragon and under the help of eclipse date phoenix, the airborne aspect reversed instantaneously. The dying in battle figure of hot owlet was increasing rapidly. The corpses of hot owlet from airborne crash unceasingly. Although the casualties of hot crow are more serious, but their deaths absolutely are actually worth. Till at this moment, a hot crow elite had not died in battle in the present fight.

Fu Rui raises hand high thunder Yushen the axe, angrily roared, "could it be are we might as well hot the crow? Killing" The god of thunder is born, the body of Fu Rui rises suddenly instantaneously, a lot of thunder and lightning also simultaneously bloom in this moment in the present battlefield, thousand thunder break into a jail besiege their over a hundred hot owlet powerhouses to cover that completely, even if the powerhouses of these feudal lord ranks, must lull facing the attack demon territory of this rarely seen (weirdo).

The heavenly stems disciples, were responding to the Fu Rui words with the motion, exterminated gold/metal Huan to depart like lightning, the head that three hot owlets commanded soared instantaneously, brings three blood columns. Celestial stems disciples who formerly also restrained, in this moment complete explosion. Without any retained, leaves secret to be protected outside the center, other nine people of demon territories toward a fixed direction eruption. In an instant, since long time has been constraining the strength and fighting spirit light completely. Terrifying magic power wreaks havoc instantaneously, the opposite party is the ten hot owlet feudal lords of head is almost drawn back by simultaneously the bang. The mass casualties appear during the weak Level 1 hot owlet commands.

Multi-attribute superior showing without doubt. The stick of remote earth goddess inserts in the ground, the viscous soil, has limited the flying abilities of these elite hot owlets. the next moment, in the sky the meteor shower descended, came from the coordination of wolf divine intervention. The pinnacle double earth collaborates to attack, suppresses these hot owlet elite strengths comprehensively.

The lethality is strongest, without doubt is gold/metal and Fu Rui, the widow manufacturer in gold/metal hand attacks each time, can bring to accidentally discharge some bodies of owlet surely, exterminates gold/metal Huangeng to mysteriously appear and disappear. When these formidable hot owlet feudal lords clash, greets their exterminates the gold/metal link formidable impulse surely. Made that is the hot owlet of feudal lord level is unable to display completely the strength.

In five elements, aquatic gold/metal, in this is full in the hot world, Lan Bao'er and Du Ming's strength is very difficult to display. Therefore, they have chosen auxiliary. Du Ming follows closely associated generally in the younger sister, pinnacle Ninth Water auxiliary pinnacle Seventh Metal, but Lan Bao'er with gold/metal, pinnacle Tenth Water auxiliary pinnacle Eighth Metal. In such a case, although in the air is their magic power elements after formerly Fire Element wreaked havoc almost not to exist, but the persistent fight of heavenly stems disciples actually as before can continue.

Looks at present all these, mood most complex must be Chen Sixuan. The earth core world, has bred her previous generation, she once had also ruled here a lot of years. The Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches is she establishes. All rules are also so. May be she , the same getting a light from another light crow clan anything had not known. Hot crow clan such small and weak race even in she remembers that is very difficult to exist. All that but the hot crow clan displays at this moment, shock that Chen Sixuan feels is actually most intense, she forever is unable to forget at present this.

Before, when Ji Dong is not willing to get rid to kill the earth core lifeform easily, nobody her was happier than, she knows certainly why this is, because here once was the place that ruled, therefore Ji Dong was not willing to kill Lie Yan (raging flames) that the earth core lifeform let in his heart died to be sad easily. But in a moment ago, Ji Dong promptly issued has executed the order at that moment, Chen Sixuan also some are unable to understand. In her subconscious. A hot owlet clan in the status of earth core world naturally compared with hot crow clan important many.

However, to the present, Chen Sixuan actually understands oneself have made a mistake, stirs the strong fire owlet clan that the wind stirs the rain in the earth core world, desperately struggles in the earth core world lowest level, hot crow clan that actually incomparably unites. What Ji Dong choice is the latter. When without a doubt, the hot owlet king bring fire owlet clan elite appears here, these two races are doomed only to have one to continue to exist in the earth core world. The choice of Ji Dong is correct, so unites, can quantity so numerous races, their development potential can it be that hot owlet clan be able to compare? Let alone, the hot crow clan during the control of Ji Dong, by the Ji Dong wish, the future of hot crow clan only will try completely hard for the peace of earth core world, but is not the hot owlet clan is like this rampant domineeringly destroys other races.

Thank you, Ji Dong, this is Chen Sixuan only wants now to the words that Ji Dong spoke. She entirely believes, Ji Dong leads the heavenly stems disciples to arrive at the earth core world, will not confuse here, but will only try hard for the peace of earth core world.

Ji Dong and fight between hot owlet kings, was in the degree like a raging fire in this moment. When the war of sky and ground launches, Ji Dong once more has charged into the hot owlet king. Bursting out that dazzling golden red exclusive radiance is outspoken, the element peeling demon territory covers in which the opposite party instantaneously. This belongs to the ancestor's of Land Dragon demon territory to be overbearing, had its existence, the magic power disparity between both sides by the greatly reduced.

The Ji Dong right foot steps forward instantaneously forward, the whole person almost sticks to the ground run to be common, under function that Teng Snake flashes, rushed like lightning. Meanwhile, behind him, the primal chaos demon territory transformed is a round jet black crescent moon shines, only then this jet black crescent moon, does not have the Dark Flames Demon King form. When Ji Dong had exclusive radiance at that moment starting from, he is not Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King inheritance, but is having formidable existence of unique strength completely.

Sees behind Ji Dong that round black moon, the look of hot owlet king immediately changed, the frightened this time direct appeared in its look. The thought in soul wells up crazily, "Sir Dark Flames Demon King?"

This is the fear that one type is completely from the heart. Dark Flames Demon King magic skill hot owlet king was too familiar is too familiar. Initially, before Lie Yan (raging flames) has not appeared, it follows Dark Flames Demon King!

In the next moment, the left hand of Ji Dong has pasted to wield, the time and space, as if completely freeze in this moment, surplus, only then Ji Dong and between the hot owlet kings this straight distance, the deep purple solid ice pastes together speeds away, directly soars the hot owlet king to go. Hot owlet king understands Dark Flames Demon King extremely, naturally knows that this is anything, it does not have the slightest bit to hesitate, the other six arms simultaneously pinch the hand imprint, a giant column of flame, directly soars that deep purple solid ice interception to go. The fear of innermost feelings made it even not dare with the Ji Dong attack. In this moment, in hot owlet king heart sprouted has drawn back intent.

The bang, a huge black column of flame follows the bombardment of fire owlet king to appear, soars.

Hot owlet Wang Gang just relaxed, but, the next moment, its vision actually transferred with amazement. The column of flame that leaps loudly has not vanished, but leaps one after another, arrived in front of it instantaneously.

Impossible.   , By his magic power, does not ban, hundred and thousand,
quiet flame ice how possibly to send out, but bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice. In hot owlet king Naohai has been full of such doubts, he is not completely clear, why this is. Why Ji Dong can be instantaneous this fully to achieve the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill skill.

It could not certainly understand, defeated like initially a forest rock pile when the Ji Dong hand, how a that time forest rock pile is unable to think oneself will defeat, in magic power just broke through in the boy hand of Eight-Crown.

Because, they do not understand five elements method, does not know five elements lasting law existence. Initially when a Ji Dong sword nearly divided a dead forest rock pile, initiated huge magic power that in oneself Yin-Yang Crown has preserved, melted into the sword of Fire God, has stimulated to movement the sword of Fire God truly. With the promotion of cultivation base, his magic power of that lasting law memory already cannot demonstrate by the dragon and snake, but can apply in the actual combat directly. Because Ji Dong often can erupt to surpass the ability magic power, can defeat cultivation base to surpass own enemy repeatedly. The bang, black column of flame has swallowed eventually the body of hot owlet king, greatly quiet flame ice is impossible to dodge, this has controlled the terrifying power of time, only useful magic power hardly spells. When the dark moon/month appears, in hot owlet king heart the fear has limited its display, let alone it also underestimated to quiet greatly flame ice. Instantaneous, its body changed into a jet black ice sculpture.

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Chapter 528: Cannot run

Greatly quiet flame ice raids, the hot owlet king can do. At the final moment once more from breaking two arms, changes into flesh and blood and magic power mix layout in own whole body. Resistance greatly quiet flame ice formidable corrosion strength as far as possible. It understands, so long as can insist after short time, works loose, immediately runs away, also leaves here opportunity. At this moment, it did not have slightest bit leaving things to chance. Today a war, hot owlet clan already routed. However, so long as it can live going back, all have the possibility. After all, hot owlet clan how, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the status is the hot crow clan can compare. So long as is living going back, it naturally has the means to agitate the Saint to teach a needle getting a light from another light crow clan.

What a pity, will Ji Dong again give it the opportunity? magic power in lasting law erupts, promoted Ji Dong magic power to completely with hot owlet king Tongdeng realm, do not forget, Ji Dong is the pinnacle dual attribute owner. The output of greatly after quiet flame ice, surplus 50% lasting magic power also as before made him be able to maintain existences of high output.

The dazzling golden light, shines in the hot owlet king chest front, that golden light complete embodiment on the fist of Ji Dong, making his right fist seem just like the insightful gold ingot is ordinary.

Ji Dong gives the hot owlet king, is unadorned actually fully extinguishes the god to strike the output the fierce positive three double hit to add the colorful male cone. Dazzling golden light. Submerges in that jet black solid ice time and time again. When at the last minute, the Ji Dong whole person likely is a giant gold/metal awl in hot owlet king Shenqian when flashes past, the black, retreats finally quietly.

The bang, the coal dual-color mix column of flame shoots up to the sky, has the fire owlet king Qili pitiful yell sound, its tenacious body exploded torn to pieces. Including Ji Dong has not thought rapidness that such fight can finish reason that hot owlet king so direct perishes in own hand. No doubt because of sudden explosive force of lasting law bring. But what is more important the deterrent force that because Dark Flames Demon King brings, making the opposite party be at a loss. In the contests of their this rank, a side mind falls into enemy hands, faces is opposite party so formidable attack magic skill, Ji Dong possibly again gives it the opportunity?

While Ji Dong erupts, the heavenly stems disciples also collectively erupted, similarly is a lasting law application, nine heavenly stems disciples one instead formerly as far as possible compelled to draw back the feudal lord level hot owlet, the procedure that special killing these hot owlets command, looked for nine hot owlet feudal lords separately.

When the hot owlet king at the point of death pitiful yell regarding the entire hot owlet entire clan, is huge shock. Opportunity that the heavenly stems disciples get rid, is these hot owlet feudal lord times of amazement.

In an instant, all people will last magic power in Yin-Yang Crown to erupt, although they are unable double to last like Ji Dong. But even if lasts magic power that only brings, made their striking power increase one time sufficiently instantaneously.

Celestial stems disciples who originally does not drop the wind use magic power in lasting law suddenly, again getting angry owlet feudal lords with amazement, suddenly, high under stands sentences. But these had the hot owlets of four arms to command are killed to fear, could not help.

Bears the brunt, the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe has obtained the victory under the powerful attack force function that the god of thunder arrived. Two rush of blood to the head owlet feudal lords had been divided by him stiffly, the whole body covers entirely the thunder and lightning, does not live shortly.

King's attack is not inferior in Fu Rui, exterminated the gold/metal link to put on a neck of hot owlet feudal lord quietly, the court eunuch manufacturer in hand has sheared rush of blood to the head owlet feudal lord complete six arms.

Ten big feudal lords have removed instantaneously its four, but another four feudal lords were also collaborated to shell to fly by other heavenly stems disciples, received the wound more or less.

At this moment, the appearance that two big forms are quietly in had been rumbled behind the hot owlet feudal lord who flies, their movements have not sent out the least bit sound unexpectedly, person, has simultaneously preserved two hot owlet feudal lords, the next moment, in the sad and shrill pitiful yell sound, the body of that two hot owlet feudal lords was reduced to ashes.

The when method of method of Ji Dong direction fight with his actual combat looks like very much, pursue is the instantaneous explosive force and element of surprise. In this case, is easiest to defeat the powerful enemy, unexpectedly these four characters already in thorough Ji Dong soul. Although this forms of combat sometimes were more thrilling, but, once went well by him, the opportunity that the enemy counter-attacks does not have.

At this time appears such situation. Not only the heavenly stems disciples erupt suddenly, in the meantime, when a hot owlet clan elite emergence received the Ji Dong order, hides in the underground dark flame feudal lord and flame feudal lord quietly quietly appears, is coordinating the heavenly stems disciples, has killed two hot owlet feudal lords.

40 days of experiences, making the strength of heavenly stems disciples strengthen, a hot crow clan obtained the huge advantage. But these two element body that was summoned by Ji Dong has not been idling. They absorb in the air rich Fire Element to grow unceasingly. 40 days, their cultivation base have been promoted to be equal to the Rank 8 magic beast degree successfully. By their cultivation base, itself could not cope with the hot owlet feudal lord, but, was used to sneak attack has been injured and heart and gall entirely cold hot owlet feudal lord actually had more than enough to spare.

Ten big feudal lords, except its six, hot owlet king Geng under the Ji Dong tyrannical attack by the smashing of rumbling, in the battlefield the instantaneous eruption was established the aspect.

"Ground gave you." The Ji Dong sound resounds in the heavenly stems disciples ear, but this time he, has actually appeared, dashes to the upper air. He cannot make his hot crow subjects continue the casualties to get down again. In diving posture, but that moment, he has issued the dead order to the hot crow king, making all ordinary hot crows evacuate the battlefield immediately.

At this time, the fight in sky, a hot owlet clan is not similarly optimistic. Had the ordinary hot crow to take barrier, guarded the fire crow with the life elite, in addition fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix Huo'er these two formidable existences, big of hot owlet casualties, making they unbelievable. From commencing of action now, the complete thousand hot owlets had over one-third to fall from the sky, moreover this digit also in unceasing is increasing. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon tyrannical fifty tail hammer lethality is biggest, coordinating it to pass through the eruption of skill and Pinnacle Two Fires. At least over 50 hot owlets perish in it are injured.

The attack of Huo'er is not direct like fifty Saint Fire Dragon, but it regarding the application of magic power under fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the pair of wings does not launch, each attack, at least several hot owlets will perish. Moreover, is full of the Fire Element world in this, the battle efficiencies of these two big powerhouses maintain are in peak condition throughout.

The dazzling red light appears, eight black eight gold/metal, eight Fire Dragon, eight Teng Snake, simultaneously erupted from Ji Dong. This is bursting out of his compensation. After striking to have killed hot owlet king, Ji Dong can have so huge magic power to release such group battle skill energy as before, has saying that is because here is the reason of earth core world. Because also his primal chaos demon territory coordinates same reduction, throughout helps him absorb Fire Element in air massively.

16 break in the hot owlet group just like entity general energy, originally did not have the hot owlets of slightest bit fighting spirit after leaving behind dozens corpses, cannot attend to other again, the hot owlet king died, they are not the fools, who is willing to lose the life in vain here. one by one crazy runs away in the directions of three entrances.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and hot crow four big in eclipse date phoenix Huo'er as well as sky, followed up a victory with hot pursuit, unceasing striking was killing a rush of blood to the head owlet. But the body of Ji Dong, actually after sending out that tyrannical attack vanished together.

The first hot owlet rushed to three entrances finally, in its alone has revealed the wild with joy color/look. So long as breaks in the channel to leave behind the life, retaliation didn't have the opportunity? Now let alone, it thinks is not the retaliation, the life is the biggest expectation.

However, in the next moment, it saw a hand, big hand, this is only hot the owlet only to think that at present a flower, it again did not have the ability of breath. The body of Ji Dong, does not know when arrived at this to lead to the earth core world third layer entrance. A light palm pats, the hot owlet that flies first stagnated in the midair. the next moment. The body crack, changes into innumerable fragments and blazing flame loudly, prevented its other companions the roads of advance.

The release that the Ji Dong formidable soul aura is outspoken, "I have said that does not remain. Has killed I so numerous clansmen, wants?"

Is nine meters red light bursts out from the Ji Dong right hand, the terrifying murderous intention is mixing the Saint level soul aura comprehensive oppression. That nine meters long sword wields, the forefront more than ten hot owlet has interrupted. Changes into the corpse to scatter in all directions to flutter about. The sword of Fire God, comes out of sheath finally. Formerly, died the hot crow in hot owlets hand tens of thousands. These hot crows, one by one strength that small and weak. Even if each attack of ordinary hot owlet, can claim the lives of large quantities of hot crow. Will Ji Dong again give a hot owlet clan opportunity? Previous time puts two, has brought these many hot owlets. Let truth that he stamps out the source of trouble profoundly clearly. This time, he did not plan lets the similar situation to repeat. The hot owlet king died, this in the race that the earth core world is listed 18 th, henceforth also will certainly remove.

A weak feeling transmits from within the body, big flames of war owlet king, releases completely magic power one after another, and also released the sword of Fire God, was huge to the consumption of Ji Dong. Luckily, now his strength of soul already enough formidable. But in the sword of Fire God the deicide cultivates Josse's soul also these days almost to be suppressed by the sword of Fire God is unable to cause trouble. Otherwise, Ji Dong really must unable to support.

At this time, the Ji Dong corners of the mouth place actually revealed an attractive arc, muttered: "Whenever I need your time, you would side me, this feeling is really good."

The dark green clear ray, behind quietly sweeps across from Ji Dong in this moment, the arm that two spring scallions also resemble passes through from his shoulders, hugs in his chest front. Golden red exclusive radiance that the pure pinnacle Second Wood magic power comprehensive release, Ji Dong originally has gotten down gloomily blazing instantaneously greatly. His magic power, is rising again at an exceptional pace. What is more fearful, his tyrannical Saint level soul sublimates once more. Terrifying oppression strength, makes that quantity have 400 many hot owlets not to dare obstinately to start the impact toward the broad three entrances fully again.

gold/metal, Fu Rui have been slaughtering, remote and wolf divine intervention collaborates, limits powerhouses of these hot owlet clans unable to be separated. Although other people's functions are more minor, but each actually succeeded killed the hot owlet to command. And as far as possible is assisting gold/metal and Fu Rui they. Chen Sixuan in this case sets aside the hand, most needs her time to pour into own magic power in Ji Dong to Ji Dong within the body.

First has Ji Dong. Latter had fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix, as well as the hot crow entire clan elite pursuit, the hot owlets after the short stagnation, initiated the suicide -type charge in the Ji Dong direction. They have to move, continue to stay at in same place, final result will not be living similarly. Only has to break through Ji Dong this barrier, may save the life.

What a pity, they meet, in Chen Sixuan auxiliary below Ji Dong. The sword of Fire God, changed into death light screen, the Rank 7 cultivation base ordinary hot owlet, possibly overruns from Ji Dong?

Primal chaos demon territory and element peeling demon territory and silver of demon territory illusion, three big demon territories full. The hot owlets in the confusion, the casualties speed are getting quicker and quicker. They lost final opportunity.

Ji Dong looks like slaughters the machine to be ordinary, sword of many skills Fire God, have not relied on is the eruption of speed and strength. Terrifying blazing, even if hot owlet life is unable to withstand in the earth core several formidable living thing. The total that the free time of a while, Ji Dong slaughters has surmounted fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Buzz, the red light draws together the strange arc in the sky, the final three ordinary both arms hot owlets were cut to fall instantaneously, attack of fifty Saint Fire Dragon eventually slow a racket. But the hot crow in sky elite completely was peaceful at this time.

Ji Dong has not stopped as before, the sword of Fire God takes back, his whole person accelerates once more fully, looks like does not know that the weary machine was common, reinforces side the heavenly stems disciples. The body and spirit of Saint level, making him have launch that the abundant physical strength supported to continue as before.

"five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy." The Ji Dong low and deep sound resounds in each partner ear, the Ji Dong soul that the heavenly stems disciples feel becomes is very clear, under the direction of Ji Dong, each of them took the most accurate step. the next moment, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy centered on Ji Dong has completed.

Ten color rays, pasted for one week in the Ji Dong nine people, originally consume the huge heavenly stems disciples look like obtained instantaneously newborn general. Ji Dong face upwards the long and loud cry. Other people belong to behind Ji Dong instantaneously, finds a way to change to the mutual promotion of the five elements amplification, amplification magic power layer upon layer passes Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan finally centralized on Ji Dong. The double wood rises the double fire, the prestige of tyrant bursts out comprehensively.

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Chapter 529: Hot crow clan great victory

The sword of Fire God reappears, is similar to the epoch-making common terrifying ray startled day plunders. The deep three meters, the width reaches more than ten meters terrifying sword light across the sky to sweep together, the place visited, destroys completely. Completely was also vaporized including the rock.

In the pitiful yell sound, the surplus hot owlet clans elite fall from the sky finally completely, in this sword is equal under existence of high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill absolutely. More than thousand hot owlets after invading earth core world second layer, final life aura also from this and finally.

Complete fight from start to finishing, experience is the extremely short time. The price of but in this extremely short time, both sides paying is huge.

Although a hot crow clan clansman quantity is numerous, but that died, is colorful lives. These cultivation base are equal to two step magic beast ordinary hot crows, was relying on the dauntless spirit has created the opportunity with the life and flesh and blood to the hot crows of high-grade level. They are worthy of respect.

The heavenly stems disciples could see, even if no them here, even if only a hot crow clan surface getting a light from another light owlet clan. This war hot owlet clan wants the total victory also absolutely to pay the huge price. Millions hot crows, absolute battle to final soldier. Perhaps except for the hot owlet king, no one dares saying that can block the hot crow big collaboration attack. wu, low and deep buzz the whining noise, resounds from hot crow Wangkou, the similar sound, looks like the plague spreads generally by far. Each hot crow, is sending out such calling out in grief. They were paying silent tribute for clansmen of dying.

Ji Dong takes back the sword of Fire God. At this time, his complexion has appeared extremely pale, the mass consumptions of own magic power, making his present state of mind extremely bad. But, in his eyes, is actually glittering the affected ray.

The right hand caresses the chest, Ji Dong bows toward battlefield getting angry crow corpse most places slowly, in his heart is flooding, is the mood of respect.

The heavenly stems disciples stand behind Ji Dong, is making the similar movement with him. These hot crows are honourable. Although they that small and weak, but, that in their bone makes an all-out effort, that formidable cohesive force, made any match sufficiently scared.

Deathly stillness silent has continued for several minutes, Ji Dong slowly the standing body, his soul fluctuation also by far passed on with the help of Chen Sixuan, makes more hot crows be able to feel his thought as far as possible.

"Great clansmen, we achieved a great success. This victory, is not I entrusts with you, but is you entrusts with itself. Who said that our hot crow clan is small and weak, today, we use own strength, with our nobody can compared with the cohesive force has annihilated elite of hot owlet clan. Starting today, a hot crow clan rose, from now on, most high-grade the power core in this earth core world, will certainly have a small space of my hot crow clan. Clansmen of dying. Your lives will not pay in vain. I announced, annihilated a moment ago, crystal core of all hot owlets, including hot owlet king crystal core, completely are your spoils of war. You can select in the ordinary clansman most splendid one batch, enjoys the strength that these crystal core bring, making them help you evolve. From now on, a hot owlet clan, removes in the earth core world." Listened to the Ji Dong words, sad whimpering sound that in the hot crows mouth originally sends out, gradually turned into excited and proud spirited tall Ming, Ji Dong has issued the order to the hot crow king. Battlefield cleanup.

The hot crow clansman of dying, was led the fire crow clan elite to restrain the corpse by hot crow king personally, gathered. In this earth core world, has not buried this saying. The clansmen of dying will return to the bosom of Fire Element. The flame, is their final homes to return.

But the bodies of these hot owlets may not be unlucky, their corpses have filled rich Fire Element, became the food of ordinary hot crow.

The quantity of hot crow was really too many, lit the corpse of clansmen from the battlefield cleanup to hot crow king personally, only used the free time of half double-hour.

Over a thousand hot owlets, died crystal core after the hot owlet king. In is similar to hill that in front of Ji Dong piles up is ordinary. Ji Dong slightly scanned with the strength of soul, the discovery, crystal core does not lack, arrived here quantity to be exactly the same when with a hot owlet clan. Seeks after crystal core to have sole possession of without any hot crow quietly.

The hot crow king launches the pair of wings, arrived in front of Ji Dong to stop slowly, Ji Dong complexion sank, adopted the soul to say to it: "I do not mean, these crystal core is these ordinary clansmen, why don't you distribute?"

The hot crow king shook the head, respectful said to Ji Dong: "Great king, we have never thought one day can defeat the formidable hot owlet clan. Is your arrival, led us to create such miracle. These spoils of war we cannot want, naturally is belongs your."

"Fart, can you violate my order?"Ji Dong angrily said. The invisible pressure made hot crow Wang Dawei panic-stricken immediately. Looks at front hot crow king, was recalling ordinary hot crows heroic heroical appearance of dying, the Ji Dong vision becomes gentle, "I have said that this victory is a hot crow clan, these crystal core, my will not want."

The hot crow king was silent, after the moment, said to Ji Dong: "Great Lord, the corpse of hot owlet regarding our ordinary clansman, is the thing of big making up. Made some clansmen have the evolution sufficiently. But energy that these crystal core contain is extremely huge, is not our ordinary clansman can absorb. A great strength of race, must first have the formidable strength. We cannot always depend upon you. Therefore I think, these more than thousand crystal core in commanding by clan and feudal lords absorb. Made them also be able large scale the evolution like me, making our hot crow clan have a number of nuclei. As the matter stands, has today's situation again. We can also deal. How do you look?"

Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks at the fire crow king, in the heart mused, has not thought that not only this hot crow king cultivation base has evolved, as if linked the brains also to evolve. At that moment nodded, said: "Since the corpse of hot owlet can make the ordinary clansman evolve, pressed you saying that you with all commanded, feudal lords to absorb these crystal core. crystal core of hot owlet king is your. When I will see you next time again, hopes that your cultivation base can break through Rank 10, at least cannot compare that hot owlet that I strike to kill first to command the difference."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, the hot crow king is unhappy counter- startled, say/way of being panic-stricken: "Great Lord, you, do you want to leave us?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Does not leave you, temporarily leaves. You had forgotten Saint the agent founder who teaches to convene does select the grand ceremony? Should be participates. Naturally, we must obtain enough participation magnificent ceremony token to be good. Also evidently, can only study with the hot owlet clan, robs from other race hands." At the same time was saying, the Ji Dong wrist/skill turns, in palm were many two things, two both are the tokens. But one is the golden color, one is actually the dark-red. Is similar-sized, golden that is all over the body long and narrow, above portrays many strange designs and writing, is lending the light aura. Garnet that Fire Element is extremely rich, above even boiling hot. Brand mark two plain writing. Ji Dong did not know similarly is anything.

"This is the token that the token of hot owlet king core elder as well as attended the celebration." The hot crow king has given answer immediately.

Before these two tokens are, Ji Dong when strikes to kill the hot owlet king to obtain, after the hot crow king's introduction, that golden color, is the token that the elders attend the celebration. But that is having extremely rich Fire Element dark-red token. Then is the core elder's symbol.

"Hot crow king, can you tell me, what material quality does this core elder token with build?"Ji Dong asked to hot crow king. Because, he feels clearly, if can making this token material quality ore refines oneself that magic skill liquor. Let alone is Certain Kill Skill, perhaps is Ultra Certain Kill Skill can store up.

The hot crow king shook the head, said: "This is any ore I do not know. Should belong to deep layer earth core to produce. Since is used to make the core elder token, should be quite precious."

Ji Dong nodded, "looks like, can only look for the answer to a earth core world deeper level."

The hot crow king looks at Ji Dong reluctant to part, said: "Does great Lord, when you prepare to walk?"

Ji Dong said: "A recuperation day, tomorrow set out. Cannot again the delaying time. You remember, after I walk, absorbs these hot owlet crystal core with your clansmen as soon as possible. After the hot owlet corpse was eaten, cannot stay behind the trace, in order to avoid being taught to discover by the Saint. If some people asked, you said had not seen a going too far owlet clan appears. Then, you must before with these elite, teaches me who I cultivation to your hot crow big passes to the ordinary clansman. If this all hot crows can use like this big, our losses so will not be serious."

"Yes, obeys your order tightly." The hot crow king lowered the head, has done obeisance toward Ji Dong slowly.

Ji Dong looks up to the airborne hot crows, in the eye has been full of the emotion, lightly sighed, said: "Do not tell the matter that everybody I leaves, after we walked, said again. I do not want to experience the scene of leaving. Do you understand?"

Hot crow king gently nodded.

A most difficult war that regarding the heavenly stems disciple, this war, after can be they form a team, to face. It seems, the final result ends the victory, may in fact, everybody understand that the victory of this fight is having several points actually luckily.

If no existence of hot crow clan, is only by heavenly stems disciple surface getting a light from another light owlet clan over a thousand elite, final results likely is the people breaks through, whether the whole body can return to know. Because rigid of hot crow clan, involved the hot owlet clan massive energy. When that hot owlet king Ji Dong displayed the Dark Flames Demon King skill is daunted, this can such quick solution fight. Do not forget. Here is the earth core world, but is not the outside. When fights finished completely, the heavenly stems disciples one by one sat fall to the ground, immediately entered in the cultivation condition. Their magic power had been found time basically. So long as hot owlet king before and fight of Ji Dong continued a while again much, perhaps the heavenly stems disciples have been defeated without outside magic power support.

Naturally, heavenly stems disciples in calm with the coordination that in the continuing combat force as well as the actual combat of this earth core world display, and these days self-torture cannot separate. But the performance of Ji Dong is more obvious, he can such quick defeats the hot owlet king, and does not drop the wind in the beforehand resistance, has the extremely direct relations with the enhancement of his Saint level soul controlling force. If not the strength of his soul own studies achieves mastery through a comprehensive study and has at one's command completely, the powerhouse who wants to defeat hot owlet king rank is far from an easy matter.

Ji Dong sits down in the partners side, lights five elements Yin-Yang with the aid of entire attribute condensation law, cultivates the restoration with the partners together. At the same time is practicing, his innermost feelings are not calm. Today after and hot owlet clan elite war, although has wiped out the enemy, but in his heart is not relaxed.

The hot owlet clan, ranks 18 th in the earth core world several hundred races, seems, they were quite formidable, can defeat them, obviously the heavenly stems disciples rapidness of strength progress speed.

But, the rank of this hot owlet clan also after all is only 18 th . Moreover, these that just presented that possibly is not the entire hot owlet clan complete clansman. Before hot owlet clan, also 17 formidable earth core races. With the hot owlet king same level, the also 35 Lie Yan (raging flames) Saints teach the core elder. Has that three mysterious remote antiquity supreme elders. From the strength of hot owlet king, Ji Dong can calculate that that three remote antiquity supreme elder fearful strengths, perhaps, they were not necessarily able to be inferior in initially by Dark Flames Demon King and Flame Sovereign King that Lie Yan (raging flames) struck to kill. If so, the risk of travel of this earth core world considerably will increase then.

However, has arrived this step, Ji Dong will not flinch. The Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches the grand ceremony that selects to act the founder him to participate. Teaches these four characters on the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint only, has the infinite attraction to him. Also is even holding the lucky idea in his innermost feelings, perhaps, what means can that three remote antiquity supreme elders have to help him resurrect Lie Yan (raging flames)? After all, existence that on him also Lie Yan (raging flames) in nine earth core Red Lotus lotus seed leaves behind. Even if this opportunity that uncertain, Ji Dong must try, otherwise, he will not be resigned.

Entire has calmly repaired day, not only the heavenly stems disciples restored magic power , before , during that fights various sensibility that displays to bring to engrave on one's memory, what is encouraging, Lan Bao'er, Du Ming, Du Xin'er, magic power progressed one after another, is away from Eight-Crown to be also near.

The earth core world day and night, can only by judge to the memory of time, after all person magic power restore, Ji Dong calls everybody in the same place. Yesterday when talked with hot crow king, Ji Dong the similar sound will have passed to the partners. Is this departure time.

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Chapter 530: 15 th, three big strong clans

Arrives at the entrance to earth core world third layer. The Ji Dong vision looks all around a partner, everybody transmits for his is the firm vision. A performance of hot crow clan, has the enormous stimulation to the heavenly stems disciple. even/including Naxie small and weak earth core magic beast can unite, erupts that formidable cohesive force, could it be are they might as well hot the crow? The actual combat experience that yesterday a war, obtained and sensed to next, what was more important, this war made the fighting spirit of heavenly stems disciples promote the unprecedented degree. Because, has thought after their hearts soon after two pieces of continent holy wars start the scene, they do not hope oneself partner takes the barrier like the ordinary hot crow by the life. It is not willing to see that the common people and soldiers on Light Five Elements Continent were slaughtered the enemy. Only has the strengthen, only has becomes stronger, they can use oneself strength to protect that one by one colorful life.

Under fifty Saint Fire Dragon crawls the body, the heavenly stems disciples floating on, the dark flame feudal lord and flame feudal lord follow close on Ji Dong, stands in him behind, but first flies is actually not fifty Saint Fire Dragon. With a resonant phoenix cry, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er has shot up to the sky, when goes toward three entrances first.

Ji Dong has not taken back the Vermilion Bird bracelet Huo'er again , because must coordinate with own soul investigation with the aid of the eye of its reality. The danger of earth core world time and time again presents before the people, cannot have slightly negligently. The Huo'er phoenix cry sound awakened the massive hot crows, when they saw when form that fifty Saint Fire Dragon leaps. the next moment, Ji Dong has led the heavenly stems disciple to vanish in the third layer entrance.

Sounding of innumerable hot crow resound through entire earth core world second layer, such long cry, continued three talents to stand still gradually. Ji Dong takes to them, not only strength, is the dignity. This great Lord, touched in each hot crow heart.

Is relying on the Huo'er real eye and blazing phoenix Pinnacle Two Fires, once any toxic gas approaches, was melted by Lie Yan (raging flames) completely, second time passes through the earth core world the channel, first time is quicker.

Compared with second layer, the third layer ray of this earth core world also wants to be brighter, when Ji Dong they pass through, but, has not met any obstruction.

Channel between first layer and second layer, is protects by the hot giant. But channel between second layer and third layer, is hot crow king Dailing completely the hot crow elite protection. Although from the strength, the initial hot crow king Hehuo crow elite was inferior to the hot giant, but, they can actually transfer the thousands hot crow. The overall strength must surpass hot giant.

The surrounding temperature markedly rose several points, takes a broad view to look, the earth red also became brighter several points. Ji Dong stands in the Maotai top of the head, gets hold of the double fist slowly, solemnly said: "We in the earth core world informed and experienced true start from the present. The time of our there is still one half a month, snatches the token that the critical mass attended the celebration, and arrives in earth core world 15 th, is our goals."

Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, do you want to capture that agent founder?" After Ji Dong silent moment, said: "Does everything possible. We also make one unlimited positional transmission method first here."

Fu Rui has gawked. "Didn't have one outside?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Currently speaking, the great strength of earth core world has far exceeded our anticipation. Although unlimited positional transmission can transmit in any place. However, when distance farther transmission the need setup time is also longer. From now on, when our each thorough, establishment such law, strives to encounter the danger can transmit at the maximum speed leaves." Here, Ji Dong has stopped, the vision brilliant looked to the partners, "everybody, when I was the head of heavenly stems disciple, heavenly stems Saint king?"

Celestial stems disciples at the same time nodded without any exception, only has secret brows slightly wrinkled looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong continued: "Such being the case, my words order. In the earth core world, if we will run into the enemy who was formidable is unable to be a worthy opponent in the future. Then, in me announced the earliest possible time of retreating, you want the heart not to get off one's main subject display transmission law to leave immediately, can not be loathsome. Brings up the rear by me."

"It is not good."Chen Sixuan almost blurted out.

The Ji Dong swift and fierce vision fell on her face instantaneously, "my intent has decided that I was in our heavenly stems disciple strength strongest one, has the Saint level body and spirit. Ancestor of senior Land Dragon had said that even if I wants dead is not easy. Once encounters the danger that is unable to contend with. Then, after only then you all evacuate, I can leave. You more make the best use of the time, I am safer. This point, no one want to fight with me, only if in you who has to defeat my ability. I without hesitation gives him this position. Is I leads everybody to arrive at the earth core world, then, I must be responsible for everybody's safety. The danger constantly exists, but, if in us some people died, I can be first." Is listening to the Ji Dong words, the heavenly stems disciples were silent, but were many in their vision anything. Because Fu Rui makes an effort to clench teeth, the muscle of both cheeks sticks out, from rationality, they know what Ji Dong said is right, but from the sentiment, who is willing to comply?

At this moment, little gold/metal of speech opens the mouth suddenly, with her unique ice-cold intonation lightly said: "Person keeps off the murder and god to keep off the deicide."

The simple eight characters, said the aspirations of all heavenly stems disciples, so long as they can be invincible and invincible, the will situation that Ji Dong said appear?


earth core world, 15 th.

earth core world first 14 have many inlet passages, even if when 14 th , there are two channels. But, from 14 th to 15 th start, the channel becomes only has one.

This 15 th, is a red crystal carves simply becomes the general world. The rock of ground. Completely is glittering and translucent carving red crystals, if carefully watches, even can discover, under that crystal, the also viscous liquid is flowing, is not just the hot magma?

In the earth core world, the majority of races live in fifth layer to tenth, in these five, fully over 200 races is surviving. But to 15 th here, life race quantity actually merely unnecessary first layer and second layer.

earth core world first layer main life fire fine clan, second layer is the hot crow clan. There race are few , because there Fire Element is not very active, so long as permits, is willing to live without any earth core race in that place. Only then in the Fire Element extremely abundant level, can better assistance earth core lifeform evolve. But this 15 th, is actually the place that 70% races are unable to survive, reaches as high as 80 degrees temperature, even made the situation that the air will frequently present the distortion. Can survive here, and is ruling this 15 th, without a doubt, is one of the earth core world most formidable races. On entire 15 th, altogether also only then three races exist. They separately are: Hot demon clan, fire spirit clan as well as Fire Lotus clan.

These three races, and are called the earth core world strongest race. As for 16 th and 17 th earth core world with 18th Layer. Actually is continually these three race also few people's clear world. Most earth core powerhouses know, initial Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King lived separately on 16 th and 17 th, Two Great Sovereign Kings the position that to compete for the survival was at launched the war unceasingly. Finally separately is struck to kill by Lie Yan (raging flames) that walks from 18th Layer, thus unified the entire earth core world. On that final three, is not the place that the ordinary earth core lifeform can survive, in the legend, only then the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches three big elders to go. Listens respectfully to the direction of Lie Yan (raging flames) big god.

The earth core 15 th area is not big, but here, has three giant castles. If there is a human to come here, discovery that can be startled, in this earth core world. Actually has compared with the world also Yao Hongwei's construction. Each castle, likely is small city, assumes the potential of corner on entire earth core world 15 th. But from 14 th to the 15 th exit|to speak, in the central places of these three castles, where as for leading to the 16 th channel, little had the earth core lifeform to know.

At this time, in that giant entrance place, 20 tall big and tall hot demons is inspecting. Their appearances not completely are the same, simply speaking, is divided into two shapes. And one type, is burning all over the body the golden yellow flame, the big and tall body was covered completely, can see that indistinctly they the body in flame are extremely vigorous and healthy, in top of the head also three siliques. But the appearance of another hot demon is almost same as this type, stated differently, their bodies are burning is actually the jet black quiet cold flame. Right, initially once was ruling Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King of earth core world came from a hot demon clan, that time hot demon clan it can be said that prevailed for a time. Surpasses any other earth core races. What a pity, Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King for battle, entire hot demon clan will be divided into two, each other engages in factional strife, leads other races to start the chaos caused by war unceasingly, the entire earth core world that disturbs can not be peaceful. During that time, the earth core world at least had over 30 races to exterminate the clan. Also because of so, had afterward Lie Yan (raging flames) to arise at the historic moment, unified earth core.

After Two Great Sovereign Kings Lie Yan (raging flames) kills, the hot demon clan instantaneously declines, is retaliated for the hatred that extension as well as for many years of race have made, the flame demon and dark flame demon merge for the hot demon clan, this stabilizes stays in a brothel overnight the surface. Camel of skinny is big, although the hot demon clan has encountered such serious attack, may to the present, they actually as before be one of the earth core world strongest three big races.

This 15 th exit|to speak, is protects by three big races in turn, every month takes turns a time, naturally, this is according to the approximate digit that the time of human calculates. The race of earth core world, naturally has the method that they calculate.

The fire spirit clan and hot demon clan are different, they most major characteristics do not have the physical body. This is an ancient race, they in the earth core world do not know that survived the how permanent remote past. The lifeform of most earth core world know, but also does not have the hot demon clan time, the fire spirit clan existed. In the earth core world, the fire spirit clan can be said as the most loved race, because their most repugnant war, peace-loving. Itself is also quite formidable. Initially reason that Lie Yan (raging flames) can strike to kill Two Great Sovereign Kings to unify the entire earth core world separately, could not separate with the help of fire spirit clan. Any race has the enormous respect regarding the fire spirit clan. Even if cannot get used to seeing their hot demon clans not to dare to provoke very much easily. After all, present hot demon clan is not initially can compare. In the last Fire Lotus clans as for three big race, personally are actually established by Empress Lie Yan. earth core Red Lotus not, only then, the Fire Lotus clan can be said as from earth core 18th Layer. When Lie Yan (raging flames) had the god knowledge, after regaining consciousness. Transplanted 15 th of this earth core world the entire Fire Lotus clan.

Facts showed that her procedure is correct, although the Fire Lotus clan is born in 18th Layer, but there environment was really too bad, only had Lie Yan (raging flames) one to be able from awakened. Arrived this earth core world 15 th, the Fire Lotus clan bloomed the exceptional superiority. Short 1000, awakens successively several hundred Fire Lotus clan powerhouses, without exception, they the strength after awakening have reached as high as Rank 10. Is intrepid compared with the dragon clan of surface world. In addition Lie Yan (raging flames) can be said as the head of the clan of Fire Lotus clan, nobody dares to obstruct the development of Fire Lotus clan. After long time, the present Fire Lotus clan grew into the formidable race that sufficiently and fire spirit clan and hot demon clan meet as an equal.

Has existence of Lie Yan (raging flames), three big races live in peace with each other throughout, but since lost the Lie Yan (raging flames) goddess aura, as of late, the earth core world three big races are seemingly agreed but actually at variance, started to present some small friction and disputes. Especially appears between the hot demon clans and Fire Lotus clans.

Hot demon clan prosperously can be said as by Lie Yan (raging flames) is suppressed, they naturally cannot have any favorable impression regarding the Fire Lotus clan, before had the suppression of Lie Yan (raging flames), the hot demon clan did not certainly dare to indicate. But confirmed along with the news that Lie Yan (raging flames) vanishes, hot demon clan actually again unwilling lonely. Especially, the hot demon clan recently the millenniums, presented one startled certainly the colorful talent. Under its command, the strength of hot demon clan is enhanced fast, had to dominate in the fire spirit the trend above clan and Fire Lotus clan faintly.

In order to makes the earth core world continue the steady development, the fire spirit clan head of the clan, fire spirit Wang Jue three big remote antiquity supreme elders initiate a Saint to teach the celebration surely, the goal is very simple, must select an agent founder to command the entire earth core world. It such decides also to have no recourse. The pressure that the hot demon clan creates is getting bigger and bigger, soon could not suppress. Does not try to find the solution, in the event of issue, beforehand tragedy may repeat.

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