Jiu Shen Chapter 511-520

Chapter 511: Fire fine clan

Runs in front and behind pursues. Should be the same races of earth core lifeform. Their height approximately about four chi (0.33 m), stature skinny and shriveled-up looking, seems also few two meat. But the head is big, is similar to normal human. The stature differs so much as to be beyond comparison obviously.

Except for the head big accident/surprise, these strange earth core lifeform also pair of specially big eyes, at least want big three times compared with human, moreover their eyes are the dull purple, under the surrounding spooky red light shines, seems looks like bunch of jack-o '- lanterns is ordinary, making one be awed at the sight.

Although these earth core living thing seem very small and weak, but the running speed can be similar to normal human, is very difficult rapidness that imagines their two bamboo pole common small short legs to operate likely. Except that the beforehand these characteristics accidents/surprises, the hair of these earth core living thing also very much have the characteristics, is not in the imagination the fire attribute red, but is the green, is the green green, in the big head is really scarce. Runs is momentarily must flutter likely.

Runs in forefront that earth core living thing at this time the distance people, only then less than kilometer, according to Ji Dong the analysis of soul survey to its life symptom, is very obvious, this earth core lifeform must only reach the limit, must be too tired to move any further shortly. But pursues its troop earth core living thing in behind, although appearance and it almost. But many wants vigorously and healthily. This way, perhaps before not being able to arrive at Ji Dong their bodies, front that must be overtaken.

Did not need the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Fu Rui to clash, he did not belong to the five elements Yin-Yang constituent, is far away from the people not to affect the five elements Yin-Yang combination, moreover can come back through calmly to cultivate to supplement magic power, was in the people idlest one, at this time naturally on own initiative attacked. Less than one kilometer distance regarding Fu Rui, is several steps steps forward. twice moves sideways, he arrived at front that was running in front of the earth core lifeform. Personal appearance one horizontal, one step bridged over, keeps off behind him.

Runs in front that earth core living thing only thought that a huge form passed over gently and swiftly from oneself suddenly, because the body has reached the limit, in addition sudden frightening, immediately under foot one soft, fell down on the ground. The earth core lifeform that then surface these pursue also stops the footsteps.

The Fu Rui height exceeds two meters, is incomparable vigorous and healthy. His that majestic body regarding at present the earth core lifeform of these skinny and shriveled-up looking, is jumbo general existence. These earth core living thing did not have his leg to be high, suddenly appeared by him blocks the way, although over a hundred, stopped fast.

These earth core living thing do not have what the ability of coordination obviously, scattered in disorder standing there, is several, to Fu Rui quack keeping calling, does not have one to dare to clash.

The heavenly stems disciples walked, the escaping earth core lifeform that formerly that tumbled just crawls from the ground. Has not waited for him to escape again, saw that ten color radiance twinkles five elements Yin- Yang, in the heart with amazement, immediately plop'ed, sits falls down, in the mouth was also quack called two.

The Fu Rui vision is similar to cold Dian took a fast look around generally at present this crowd of earth core living thing, through the investigation of Ji Dong, he instructed clearly, the fluctuation of energy that on these earth core living thing sent out was quite weak, before them, looked like ants general existence. The right hand wields, purple electric arc emits from the palm together, falls on the ground, sends out to rip a loud sound, the intense thunder and lightning aura made that crowd of earth core lifeform body paralyses immediately, these earth core living thing by frightening, are not dared to look at Fu Rui immediately enormously, although some over a hundred, was turns around runs.

Fu Rui laughed, this has turned around, looked that to sitting falls to the ground. earth core lifeform that the whole body shakes chaff.

In the Ji Dong eye the ray flashes, that earth core living thing only thought that in the mind corona, the next moment, the Ji Dong soul forcefully has completed the communication with him.

At the Ji Dong soul intensity, a communication such little fellow naturally is without question, moreover he also needs very carefully, otherwise, is not good, the strength of impact soul is oversized, can want the life of this small earth core living thing instantaneously.

Before entering the earth core world, people have very high estimate to the earth core lifeform, the earth core lifeform that but this first batch see is clearly smaller and weaker than ordinary human. This discovery also made their tight heartstrings relax several points obviously.

Among the communication through souls, has not needed the language, only needs the thought transmission, Ji Dong can understand at present the situation of this earth core living thing.

"Do you name? Your this is any race. You should be able to see, we come from outside world. The companions live in entrance formidable magic beast unable to prevent us. To kill you, simply is easy as pie. Answered my issue, if I discovered that you had deceive, then, you will turn into here mist and dust immediately."Ji Dong was conveying own meaning through the soul to it, but also while initially gold/metal will cut to kill the picture of confused demon smoke suckling pig to appear in the mind of this earth core living thing. When this earth core living thing in the thought saw the confused demon smoke suckling pig huge body was cut stiffly, cannot bear is also quack yells several, the body shivers was fiercer. Ji Dong can feel clearly, this fellow fearing death of extremely.

Really, this earth core living thing replied immediately question of Ji Dong, "formidable outcomer, please do not kill me. You asked my anything, I replied. I called Kuru, was the ordinary clansman of fire fine clan."

Fire fine clan? Ji Dong was asking the opposite party at the same time. Also relied on the strength of soul to transmit replying of both sides to own partners. At this time the heavenly stems disciples are understand that he comes to carry on the communication by the tyrannical psychic force with these earth core living thing unexpectedly, suddenly startled. Had Ji Dong this Saint level the strength of soul to enter all motions after earth core world regarding them simply is too advantageous. It can be said that maintains magic power of people, this each other communicates, is the advantage that the strength of Ji Dong this spirit brings! Had this communication skill, they large scale will naturally strengthen in the survival capability of earth core world.

Ji Dong continues to this hot essence asks: "Is your fire fine clan what kind of existence in the earth core world? Some how many clansmen? Why can these people pursue you a moment ago?"

This small flame essence is almost reply without hesitation: "Our fire fine clan is one of the earth core world lowest level races, because we are good at planting the fire fine fruit to acquire fame. We are not delicious, therefore these Sirs of high-grade level will not eat us. Makes us plant the fire fine fruit to be filial piety them. Our fire fine clan quantity is extremely numerous, in the earth core world, was considered as on is a largest clan, but also was a smallest and weakest clan. Even if can become the fire essence of soldier, by far is not these Sirs matches of high-grade level."

Looks at his timid appearance, in the Ji Dong heart cannot bear inwardly sighing, originally has bumped into existence of earth core world food chain lowest level, listening to this hot essence to describe itself with food at present, he feels somewhat sorrowfully. Law of the jungle in earth core world compared with world redder fruits. The strength is small and weak, can only become food or is enslaved.

That hot essence continues saying: "These pursued a moment ago my, is my clansman, they must catch me to go back to receive punishment. Because the daughter illicit intercourse of I and our small tribe chief, but the status is also base and low, after they grasp I go back, must kill me to make me make the manure of fire fine tree."

Because through the soul understood that the meaning of opposite party, this fire is skilled in the thought to transmit to the Ji Dong thoughts simply does not have the slightest bit to decorate. Simple and direct. Also made him understand immediately issue that this hot essence came across.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Such being the case, do you know where goes together the second layer entrance from this earth core world first layer?"

"second layer?"That fire obviously somewhat was astutely vacant, has thought for quite a while, was suddenly enlighted saying: "You said should be the place that our senior Sirs live. That place was too remote. I have not gone. I listened to the clansmen saying that wanting these high-grade level Sirs to live in the place that even if were we arrives dead is unable to arrive. Where I do not know specifically. I only know, our fire fine fruits ship to there go."

Listened to this fire fine words, Ji Dong to stop temporarily to his inquiry, changed the partners, said: Everybody who "it is said a moment ago heard. Evidently. This fire fine is not only the earth core world most preliminary lifeform, but, they are also responsible for providing to high- grade level earth core lifeform food. Also is that fire fine fruit. Although he said that goes to the next channel to be very remote, but possibly is not the place that he arrived at dead unable to go. This should be he exaggerates. Because, this fire fine fruit wants to ship, requires the time surely, if so is really far, to have delivered goes bad?" gold/metal said: "Ji Dong, you ask him again, asked that their tribe does have the person to know where goes together the next channel? also this first layer some any formidable earth core living thing."

Ji Dong nodded, asked that fire fine Kuru King's words. Kuru said: "Our chiefs will possibly know. The chief is the Sir is the fire essence. The strength is very formidable. Is our surrounding area in hundred miles the first powerhouse."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Leads us to look for him."

"No, no, I cannot go."Kuru frightens the whole body to shiver, stared wide-eyed looks at Ji Dong, its ultra-large eyes seems really makes person some unhappy.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, said: "This by you? Leads us to go, at least you do not need dead now. I promise you, if you said is the facts, I help your, making you replace your chiefs, becomes here most powerhouse. Otherwise, the next moment, you are part of here dust."

Fire fine Kuru stare blankly, "Sir, can you make me most powerhouse in clansman?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Your small and weak, because has not evolved. I am capable of enough helping you evolve."At the same time was saying, under his thought fine motion, the flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord never behind the distant place rock walked. Sees them, Kuru eyes stares was bigger, has half face to be so big fully.

"I believe that I believe that I must evolve. Asked the Sir to help me evolve. One day, I must become existence like great older generation. In our clan spreads, once, went out of two legends from our fire fine clan, they have overcome the innumerable difficulties. Finally became control of earth core world. Afterward does not know why vanished. When they rule the earth core world, our fire fine clan does not know that must feel better many." Ji Dong has gawked, although this Kuru is somewhat insufficiently detailed, but listens to its meaning, could it be initial Flame Sovereign King and did Dark Flames Demon King evolve from their hot essence? That may really somewhat be unthinkable. Must know, the fire solid was too small and weak. Their this frail bodies want to evolve to Two Great Sovereign Kings such Saint level level, has the possibility really?

Ji Dong many entanglements in this issue, have not hinted to Kuru, before letting his, guides.

Kuru stands up, just about to walks, body actually rocked, formerly becoming a fugitive made it exhaust the physical strength. In it, lest Ji Dong because it does not have the physical strength has killed it the time, a rich heat flow has poured into its within the body. Kuru only thought that whole body one light, has never felt the strength feeling spreads over the whole body immediately. That comfortable insight, is its this life does not have. When lowers the head looked, sees only own body unexpectedly obviously to inflate, originally only has four chi (0.33 m) high body, grew five chi (0.33 m) in a flash high about. Moreover, on the withered four limbs has the trace that the muscle sticks out obviously.

Evolution? I evolved. I have become the fire essence. Kuru excited quack was yelling. Actually, Ji Dong formerly was just in a flash.

In these days that he and Kuru talked, he also adopted oneself soul survey to investigate carefully this fire fine physical state, Ji Dong had discovered that although this hot essence the appearance and human were approximate, but the body structure was different from human. Is far from the body structure of human being so complex. Like a simple energy body, only has the brain in that big end not to be quite small, has human half to be big. Clearly, this is a wisdom is high, but body extremely frail race. Moreover, the energy that its body has is very weak. But the source is actually pure fire attribute. This Kuru fire attribute is Yang attribute. Therefore, Ji Dong pours into some Third Fire Element to its within the body, it evolves immediately. Can see through this point, fire fine clan itself almost not outside conversion of energy for the ability of own energy. Otherwise, this evolves continually, has tens of thousands of year of long processes, but may also really becomes a powerhouse. Claps a palm of the hand to give benefit procedure is very easy-to-use in any place again. Kuru does not need Ji Dong to tell, ran on own initiative in front starts to guide. Moreover throughout bends the waist, in that big eyes completely is the look that flatters, often turns head to have a look at Ji Dong.

Everybody should not be anxious, the climax will soon launch. earth core world, small three after careful design.

Chapter 512: News that the fire fine chief brings

Because Ji Dong involved in the fire fine Kuru soul forcefully. Can feel clearly it is thinking anything. The hot essence that this guided is thinking unexpectedly, now were the fire essence, finally can marry the chief daughter. If can become the slave of this Sir, simply was good.

This fellow also is really simpleminded! Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, it does not think own these people will let off it. However, as the low organism of earth core world, can be clear about to transmit the thing that oneself want to know gives itself, was enough.

The Kuru evolution was the fire essence, the speed of running was obviously quicker than before much. Can surpass the ordinary human speed. This is also and hot deluxe edition body heavy lightly has the direct relation. Fire fine body, is almost a direct energy cycle and release exists. The core in the position of chest, there another is similar to the energy storage general place, then in Fire Element through breathe air completes the circulation. Supplements the physical strength. Obviously, they do not need to eat any thing. But through breathing Fire Element supplemented that in own process, has not actually strengthened own means. This made Ji Dong feel strange. Obviously, is for this reason, this fire fine clan so is small and weak.

The time is not long, probably forward running several kilometers, after crossing a flake hill, the heavenly stems disciples saw one of the shock.

Stands in one on about hundred meters high hill, they look to the front, sees only presents at present. Unexpectedly is vast flame colors. Right, is vast fiery red. Takes a broad view to look, in the front of this hill, completely is the bush, these bushes about one meter high about, above is growing the fiery-red fruit of innumerable walnut size. This takes a quick look around, cannot look at the boundary unexpectedly, looks like the fiery- red sea is ordinary. Sways along with the hot blast of earth core world, swings piece by piece fiery-red mighty waves, extremely magnificent.

In this fiery-red sea, can see that innumerable hot essences is bustling about. The Fire Element rich degree that also here, Ji Dong feels at least was formerly one time.

"Is this fire fine fruit tree?" The idea of Ji Dong appears in the fire fine Kuru mind.

Fire fine Kuru hurries nodded, somewhat proud throwing out the chest dried meat of said: "Fire fine fruit tree, only then our fire fine clan can plant. Good fruit tree! The Sir you looks, this piece of fruit tree can continuously the spread downward, can extend is very very far. Also is our tribe.!"Just spoke of here, Kuru exclaimed, the personal appearance flashed suddenly, has hidden behind Ji Dong, the body was similar to shakes chaff to shiver generally.

Ji Dong can feel his thought that following Kuru felt that the frightened direction looks, sees only several hundred hot essences to walk toward here from a direction. Walks in forefront about several fire fine bodies want to be bigger, Kuru after with evolution is almost the same. Obviously was in its mouth the so-called fire essence. Is a fire fine stature is especially majestic, naturally, this majestic is only and their fire fine compares. The height is about six chi (0.33 m), whole body is lending a scalding hot aura. Head sends green also in several points compared with the ordinary fire concise cover, in the right hand is also grasping a big wooden hammer. This big wooden hammer length approximately three chi (0.33 m), the front section present the cone-shape. Especially thick, obviously was its weapon. Does not need to ask, this is fire fine tribe that invincible earthly branch growing up talented person is right.

Ji Dong they saw hot essence that these come up, that was the fire fine chief of head naturally also saw them, when it saw appears in oneself at present unexpectedly is human, stare blankly, what making Ji Dong and the others not very awkward was, the next moment, this fire fine chief hand loosen, the wooden hammer in palm dropped unexpectedly on the ground, its body did not live shivered. plop'ed kneel down, quack was calling toward people. Saw that it knelt down, behind these hot essences also without a single exception kneel down, fierce is shivering.

Ji Dong sighed one secretly, a nationality formidable or not, has the enormous relations with its moral courage, although this fire fine clan was small and weak, but they clearly have compared with a magic beast stronger wisdom, if they can some moral courage, be able careful the countermeasure, was relying on the quantity. Perhaps they can definitely unify the entire earth core world like the human surface world again. What a pity, these fires solid were too timid.

Was expected that the trouble simply has not appeared, in the Ji Dong eye the ray flashes, like communicating Kuru such, has completed the communication with this fire fine chief. Immediately that fire fine chief body shivers was fiercer, from its thought that Ji Dong can feel that it is begging for mercy to oneself unceasingly.

"Stands answering."Ji Dong light saying. The fire fine chief obviously be more intelligent than fire fine Kuru, hurrying has stood, respectful lowers the head in front of Ji Dong, looks at its such, the dignity of where tribe chief, clearly is the appearance that a slave face bows.

"Do you such fear us?"Ji Dong cannot bear asking.

The fire fine chief said: "Can arrive at our human Sir, is the incomparably formidable powerhouses, how is our small flame essence can contend? Asked the Sir to forgive my formerly unreasonable. But has needed, although told, I act certainly accordingly."

Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, this arrives also simply, but, this fire fine timid also made him somewhat despise. But in a flash, he took easy, perhaps, this is the deep meaning of this race survival is. "Told me, in this earth core world first layer, had any quite formidable earth core lifeform, also, to second layer where the entrance, had any earth core lifeform to protect."

The fire fine chief said: "Sir, first layer of our earth core world, is almost our fire fine clan survival territory. Because only then first layer such environment suits the growth fire fine fruit. The fire fine fruit is the food of entire earth core world. Here besides our hot essence. Only then supervises us to plant the fire fine fruit two Sirs. They are the hot crow clans. Very formidable. Naturally, compares that to be possible with the Sirs on bad was far."

Finally has not forgotten to pat a flatter, made the wisdom of Ji Dong to this fire fine clan some brand-new understanding, thinks, said: "That said, this hot crow clan should be good at flying very? Is fire fine fruit that you plant brings to go to second layer from them?"

"Right, right. The Sir is really perceptive of the finest detail. The Sirs flying speed of hot crow clan is extremely fast, each Sirs of hot crow clan can bring two baskets of fire fine fruits to walk each time. They go to the means of relay. Once in a while ships. Two entrances that you asked a moment ago where I know. From here, continuously downward, after must march forward is about very far, leaves the orchard of our piece of fire fine fruit again to continue to forward. Has walked toward slanting, must walk approximately for a long time is very very long, when the ray becomes stronger and stronger, will draw near. In two there, has a powerhouse of hot giant clan to protect."Said that hot giant three characters, the body of this fire fine chief is almost uncontrolled shakes chaff. That small tooth because of shivering to make giggle the sound unceasingly, it can be imagined, how this hot giant existed in its eye.

Helpless shaking the head, Ji Dong knows, can ask from this fire fine clan mouth was also these. From behind has drawn Kuru, "this Kuru likes your daughter, how do you prepare to handle him?"

The fire fine chief has gawked, looks that Kuru has evolved unexpectedly into the fire fine appearance. Hurries respectfully said: "Sir please tell, how. The Sir if desired, villain is willing to give to you daughter. Many daughters are good."

Waving of Ji Dong detests, marries it with that daughter of Kuru illicit intercourse. Spoke these words, he interrupts among the communication with fire fine chiefs immediately, in the chest has been as if suppressing foul odor, angrily snorted, in the hand the ray flashes, from the Chen Sixuan chest place, the black and white dual-color ray flows, fifty Saint Fire Dragon appeared in front of this crowd of polygonum multiflorums outrageously.

Because a moment ago Ji Dong and goblin chief each other communicated. The polygonum multiflorums that crawled all crawl immediately in the place, that fire fine chief and Kuru are no exception, the face pastes on the ground, unceasingly flattered was top-notch. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon that huge body frightened some fire fine eyes unexpectedly to be many from the eye socket to fall. Therefore , sometimes, eyes too greatly also not necessarily is the good deed.

Ji Dong has not paid attention to these hot essences again, leading numerous heavenly stems disciples to jump, Fu Rui is having the secret, got up the back of fifty Saint Fire Dragon together.

How long god knows here must march forward to find the second layer entrance, since knew the first layer situation, does not need to delay again. Here does not suit their informed and experienced places.

Chen Sixuan this time did not stand on Wuliangye. Because everybody got up the back of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, she stands side Ji Dong.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon exceeds in 20 meters huge body to stand several people are not anything, will not affect the speed that it flies, the body flashes, broke in airborne, according to such that the fire fine chief said that directly soars front to fly fast.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon was in sharp contrast, in this red world already very rare, let alone, the heavenly stems disciples in order to supplement magic power continually, throughout is releasing five elements Yin-Yang of that ten color radiance. This leaps into airborne, what kind of striking suddenly.

Under, the massive hot essences see this, knocks down all, the whole body shivers is prostrating oneself, their quantities far more than tens of thousands , the strength of soul but Ji Dong spreads actually cannot feel the slightest bit revolt the aura.

"Ji Dong, you sadly?"Chen Sixuan stands behind Ji Dong asks a soft voice.

Ji Dong sighed, said: "You also saw, these fires fine as timid as what kind of degree. Actually, their wisdom are inferior to our human, could not differ to be too many. If they start oneself wisdom, even if itself cannot turn into the powerhouse, is relying on that huge quantity, will not have the right to speak in this earth core world. But present they are actually only other races slaves. Why is this? Because they did not have the thought of moral courage and revolt. Going on living that rather acts servilely, is not willing to resist. Their simply does not have the slightest bit fighting spirit. Saw them, I have thought of our human. If at holy war soon. Our Light Five Elements Continent was routed by Dark Five Elements Continent, the dark secret certainly will also turn into the human on our Light Five Elements Continent is similar to at present these fire fine general existences. Arrived that time, is the true sorrow."

The people are listening to the Ji Dong words, was silent, even in the heart had the frightened feeling, if naive turning said like Ji Dong......, They cannot want to get down, faint, in each individual heart seemed to be many any thing, the vision gradually becomes firm.

Ji Dong has turned around slowly, facing his partners, grips tightens own right fist in the chest front, "in any event, we cannot allow such situation to appear. Even if burns our lives, must rout the dark secret in the holy war. I do not want to enslave others, but does not want our clansmen to be enslaved by others."

Good that "said. For various human and clan living thing on our Light Five Elements Continent, after more than two years the holy wars, we must bloom the most intense flame."Fu Rui angrily roars to make noise, other person firm nodded. At this moment, they became united obviously, had the fighting spirit. In influencing subtly, they receive the direction of Ji Dong soul unceasingly, receives the infection of his fighting spirit unceasingly. Celestial stems disciple whole, continuously is fusing under the leadership of Ji Dong. Is fusing in the most perfect direction.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon flies fully rapidly, moreover simply does not have any concealing, this is just first layer of earth core world, what also needs to conceal?

Diagonal below flight, quick, confirms the words that the beforehand fire fine chief spoke, in first layer of this earth core world, is on the land of most length and breadth, the major part is living is the fire fine clansmen. Just passed over gently and swiftly a big fire fine orchard, quick will enter the next piece. So long as is almost relatively smooth place, is planting this plant everywhere. Ji Dong has tried a fire fine fruit. Really is the good thing. The juice of this fire fine fruit is very full, not only can be used to appease hunger, but also is containing rich substantive Fire Element. As fire attribute Mage food, absolutely is good. Other people have eaten, serves as to appease hunger also without question, but is unable advantage that implication Fire Element provides.

After careful analysis, Ji Dong affirmed, these fire fine fruits regarding Four-Crown following Fire department Mage, or are Rank 5 following Fire department magic beast, has the enormous advantage, definitely has to strengthen the function of cultivation base. But regarding his powerhouse of this level, many functions can only say that appeased hunger.

Has the fresh fruit to appease hunger, people naturally are not willing to eat these dry rations. Leads the way, quick, a double-hour on the past.

Early this month next day, saw that our monthly ticket ranks slide unceasingly, small three are very sad. Recently these chapters truly were the excessive chapters, a wave of climax with the next wave of high tides, must link up. Starting from tomorrow, the climax continues. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 513: Ten myriad fires crow

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon led heavenly stems disciples at least to fly several hundred kilometers. Then. They were penetrate in the earth core world truly.

With unceasing understanding earth core world, that the people formerly had anxious vanishes gradually. Instead thinks somewhat senselessly, at least until now, they have not met troublesome any.

The people sit in fifty Saint Fire Dragon simply carry on the back the cultivation, is relying on existence of five elements Yin-Yang, although periphery is Fire Element, but is unable to affect them to cultivate. Moreover, through five elements mutual promotion of the five elements way cultivation, the biggest advantage is the cultivation speed increases regarding most people.

In the people, is quickest by the magic power cultivation speed, is not Ji Dong, but is gold/metal. King's magic power has achieved Level 89, when absorbs magic power, naturally be more than other people. Although Ji Dong is dual attribute, but involves to the process that fuses to transform mutually, therefore , he when releases magic power outward, two attributes both can only be respective Level 82, but after is not the fusion, powerful that has, after all, he occupied second ten attribute. In the mutual promotion of the five elements process, the fusion can only affect in his within the body. In outside, his quite therefore two Fire department Mage.

The magic power condensation speed of gold/metal single body is fast, in the mutual promotion of the five elements process, transmits to magic power of partners is also naturally thick, mutual promotion of the five elements magic power naturally can strengthen, as the matter stands, is unable to obtain the advantage of mutual promotion of the five elements cultivation besides Fu Rui. Other people when cultivation, not only has the mutual promotion of the five elements amplification, but also cultivates the speed also average. magic power level is high, because there is a mutual promotion of the five elements magic power this cultivation way, will not affect their cultivation speed, but magic power level quite low Du Ming, Du Xin'er and Lan Bao'er, obtained the enormous advantage, now their cultivation speed was the same with Eight-Crown Mage, in addition the function of magic power each other mutual promotion of the five elements, even the ordinary Eight-Crown Mage cultivation is quicker.

Is feeling the cultivation advantage that the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is bringing in the people, suddenly, not far away several unidentified flying object are approaching toward them.

Although Ji Dong is during the cultivation, but he as five elements Yin- Yang and five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy the leadership , can definitely feel outside situation at any time.

The strength of soul scanned the past instantaneously, keeps abreast of the situation of that external living thing in the heart.

Altogether three, evidently, a little look like the crow, but feather all over the body is actually the dark-red, the mouth is bright red, the heights of these big crows approximately about one meter. The pair of wings launches, has three meters fully. The flying speed is extremely fast, the below the belly also two sharp claws, saw, and hawk in the world is similar. Even must be fiercer.

This is the hot crow clan. Ji Dong has made immediately the judgment, it seems like, soon arrived at the hot crow clan to receive to make a fire the time of fine fruit.

Ji Dong they had discovered these three hot crows, the hot crow similarly have also discovered them. With fire fine timid completely different, these three hot crows saw that the fifty Saint Fire Dragon such huge body and five elements Yin-Yang magnificent ray, welcomed as before . Moreover the speed of flying also obviously increases.

In an instant, three hot crows approached. In Ji Dong heart slightly happy, you wear out iron shoes on the hunting grounds, must come not to be all time-consuming, according to warming by the fire the fine chief said, these hot crows can enter earth core world second layer. Stresses one to guide, they also omit to seek troubled. The journey that before that fire fine chief said was ambiguous, but told them continuously under the syncline, this first layer world so length and breadth, wanted sought for one to go to the second layer channel troublesome, some people guided the nature on easy many.

Three hot crows approach shortly. Ji Dong has given the information to fifty Saint Fire Dragon, a fifty Saint Fire Dragon body moved to and fro, an acceleration, rushed to front of three hot crows.

Those who made Ji Dong surprised was, facing the fifty Saint Fire Dragon so huge male body, that three hot crow did not fear outrageously, simultaneously quack cried, from them, Ji Dong actually felt that a soul fluctuated. But this soul fluctuation flashes to pass. the next moment, three hot crows shook the wing suddenly, threw toward fifty Saint Fire Dragon. In each hot crow mouth, emits together the arm thick or thin column of flame. The column of flame length approximately five meters, cannot and far, but actually throughout is maintaining such degree. Obviously they must fire the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon through this flame.

This is a joke, fifty Saint Fire Dragon simply does not have to attack simply, whatever these three hot crows clash, the column of flame that in their mouth emits just contacted five elements Yin-Yang the ray, immediately vanishes does not see. Three rush of blood to the head crows in have hit stunned.

Does not need Ji Dong to begin, similarly fifty Saint Fire Dragon carried on the back moved in the flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord , the dazzling flame flashed to pass, the skill of Ji Dong meeting, was relying on the soul control, can display with them. Three hot crows, without any exception, was searched the hand to grasp by them, has pressed firmly between the fingers the neck.

Ji Dong branches out the strength of three soul, pours into to these three hot crow mind in separately. The hot crow only then height one meter, their heads compared with fire fine small many, but from performance. Also compared with fire fine aggressive many. Places outside, is equal existence in Rank 2 magic beast sufficiently. What a pity, before the flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord, they struggles is unable to achieve.

The brain of hot crow compared with fire fine small many, just a contact, Ji Dong can feel, by the wisdom, these hot crows cannot by far compared with the hot essence. However, when the strength of his soul fuses forcefully, has actually encountered the unexpected resistance. These hot crows feel Ji Dong to break in oneself brain the strength of soul, in the both sides disparity that huge situation, the meaning of unexpectedly slightly not having compromised, looks like likes a moth to the flame general, has hit toward the Ji Dong soul.

Compared with the fight desires and these hot essences of this hot crow, is a space underground, Ji Dong the strength of soul are attacked simply, but the subconscious enhancement has released a point, instantaneous, hot crow that small soul was routed. However, the soul of hot crow also along with it being defeated and dispersed, the bodies of three hot crows soft, although has not died, but did not have the fresh possibility again. With human the words of description. These three hot crows turned into the idiot.

Would rather die than surrender? Ji Dong stares slightly, muttered: "It seems like, a race enslaves another race, always has its truth. Although the wisdom of these hot crows are inferior to the hot essence, spirit that but their this would rather die than surrender actually honourable."

Fu Rui sits in Ji Dong opposite not far away, said with a forced smile: "First let alone the respect does not respect, perhaps we had troublesome."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "is ready to cope with anything, resists by whatever means available, has not troubled us to be depressed."Fu Rui saw that can also escape his soul investigation? At this time. From all directions, does not know many hot crows, fly in their this directions. Obviously, these hot crows feel formerly the soul aura of that three hot crow sending out, this was revenges.

What Rank 2 magic beast is not, but if 1000? Let alone Ji Dong they meet may not stop in 1000 by far.

Hot crow clan the terrifying of quantity, surpassed the imagination of heavenly stems disciples, distant place these hot crows gathered, was similar to blocks the sky general, looked like a piece by piece dark-red cloud, from approached in their this directions in all directions fast.

Ji Dong makes fifty Saint Fire Dragon stop in airborne, simultaneously awakened has been practicing the partners. Saw suddenly these many hot crows appear, heavenly stems disciples also can't help gasping.

Although the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon is huge, but faces tens of thousands of hot crows, appeared too tiny.

Quick, these hot crows gather, encircles fifty Saint Fire Dragon in central, watertight. Not only all around, is connected including the above, under is also same. Ji Dong through the soul scanning, has passed to the partners a terrifying digit.


In this short time, gathers at the heavenly stems disciples front hot crow quantity, has achieved terrifying 100,000 unexpectedly.

Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "Early should think that can ship that many fire fine fruits, the quantity of this hot crow will not be few. I x, 100,000, this what to do? could it be have we killed inadequately?"

gold/metal is that cool, coldly snorted, "likes a moth to the flame."

Ji Dong said: "Gets ready for action, five elements Yin-Yang takes back, maintains the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy."

"Why takes back five elements Yin-Yang? If these hot crows clash, has five elements Yin-Yang, they radically nearly body!"What this time has the question is Du Xin'er. In a numerous heavenly stems disciple, Du Ming and wolf divine intervention regarded Ji Dong for the Lord, Ji Dong said that any they made anything. Lan Bao'er is quite indifferent to fame or gain, will not say anything. In strength weak several people, only then disposition lively open Du Xin'er dares to question the Ji Dong words.

Ji Dong lightly said: "five elements Yin-Yang, although is formidable, but if they clash fully toward us. Then. Resists by five elements Yin-Yang, quite therefore hardly shouldered. How many magic power do we have to make them consume?"

"Ji Dong, with wide scope Ultra Certain Kill Skill."On Fu Rui has covered the armor, thunder Yushen the axe has emerged out of thin air. Although hot crow quantity reaches 100,000 much, but has not placed in his eyes. These small and weak magic beast cannot threaten the heavenly stems disciples by the quantity.

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, "here after all is the place that Lie Yan (raging flames) once ruled. If possible, we little do to kill the evil as far as possible. Before us, although is the earth core lifeform, but also is 100,000 lives."

Du Xin'er some say/way of thinking otherwise: "Did not say that the earth core lifeform is the descendant of devil? Killed to have anything......"her words not saying that saw the Ji Dong swift and fierce look, the latter half a word words were choked immediately. Also realized own speaking incorrectly words, were swept by the Ji Dong ice-cold ray, immediately frightens the small face to be pallid.

Luckily, the Ji Dong vision has not stayed on her too for a long time, lightly said: "fragrant, similar words I do not hope to hear the second time."

"Sorry, Teacher Ji Dong, I knew mistakenly." Ji Dong most does not hear is such words, initially, the deicide cultivated like this to kill the reason of Lie Yan (raging flames), wasn't so?

Fu Rui stared Du Xin'er one, signaled with the eyes to her, hints her do not say again, then said toward Ji Dong: The words that "cannot kill, want to clash from these many hot crow groups not to be perhaps easy. Moreover, the quantity of hot crow perhaps also incessantly is 100,000. Behind are also possibly more. If not open the buddhist commandment against taking life, difficult that we can change here. These hot crows fly in airborne, we walk radically do not escape."

Ji Dong thinks, said: "I try."

At the same time was saying, his tip of the toe carries on the back gently a point in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has soared, flies into that moment of midair in the body, god hot Saint king Kai complete coverage his body, incomparably intense golden red exclusive radiance has been outspoken blooms from Ji Dong. Pinnacle Two Fires of his within the body, pours into to this radiance in completely. Erupts extremely terrifying attribute suppression aura.

The Ji Dong goal is very simple, he must by the Pinnacle Two Fires tyrannical imposing manner, frighten these hot crows, making them not fight to burst.

Ji Dong now is Eight-Crown cultivation base, is dual attribute and exclusive radiance has. Whole, even if dragon Huang wants to strike to kill him now, is not the easy matter. Also must pay certain price surely. When he is outspoken releases completely own aura, imposing manner and exclusive radiance. Even if also secretly is flabbergasted as the heavenly stems disciples of allied force, in the Thunder Emperor Fu Rui even heart could not live the thoughts that and this Little Junior Brother vied for supremacy. Only has gold/metal and Chen Sixuan as well as the secret can maintain the vision is invariable.

Really, when Ji Dong exclusive radiance release at the same time, immediately has the effect. Hot crows that these originally approach unceasingly all stopped, no longer approaches. This time Ji Dong, looks like a round giant solar general float there, the tyrannical aura is similar to the mighty waves spreads generally unceasingly. Moreover, in this exclusive Guanghuali, but also is containing the soul fluctuation of his Saint level. By one pair 100,000, in imposing manner, crush unexpectedly completely.

Just as such that Fu Rui said that to kill these hot crows, is not difficult regarding Ji Dong, only needs a wide scope Ultra Certain Kill Skill, these ten myriad fires crows do not have one to go on living. However, thinks that they are the Lie Yan (raging flames) subjects, here, Ji Dong is not willing to slaughter. Therefore, he has chosen the way of use deterrent.

Through the aura of soul, Ji Dong has transmitted own thought that two characters: Dispersing.

Strange occurred, the disposition that stubborn hot crow, under the Ji Dong exclusive radiance as well as the soul release, after is only the short stagnation, diverged unexpectedly. Moreover is dispersing of rushing to be first, as if has met any terrifying matter. Suddenly, scatters in all directions to flutter about, is only the free time of a while, formerly the sky at daggers drawn returned to normal.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 514: Is Ji Dong equal to the hot crow king?

"Is this also good?" The heavenly stems disciples look at the hot crow that scatters in all directions to flutter about. Is suddenly dumbfounded. Ji Dong has not begun! Flies into airborne, releases his exclusive radiance, most adds on some soul suppressions and attribute suppressions again.

Although said that soul suppression and attribute suppress these effects to be extraordinary, what he faces is 100,000 matches, suppresses naturally must disperse massively, with suppresses one and two matches alone is not the same effect, so to get how quick results?

Said nothing is heavenly stems disciples, even if were Ji Dong, at this time was also greatly is the surprise. He truly is to deter these ten myriad fires crows, but he really has not put out the deterrent the trump card, this hot crow group dispersed unexpectedly. Looked like obeyed own order, direct dispersing. This is really makes Ji Dong somewhat unable to feel the brains.

In Ji Dong is surprisedly inexplicable, he discovered that was also not the complete hot crow has dispersed, also several stayed in airborne, and cautiously came to him close, meanwhile sent out the friendly soul information.

Several hot crows that this leaves behind are much bigger than the hot crow build that formerly diverged, each height has exceeded two meters, moreover feather is also having several points of golden brilliance, particularly a stature especially is huge, the body has three meters great fire crow considerable. Feather faintly presented the golden red gloss. The soul aura that lends also obviously compared with other hot crows many.

Feels the proximity of these hot crow good intentions, on the Ji Dong intense golden red ray is also restraining, the back pair of wings opens, the relaxed enjoyable control the surrounding air was being floated by oneself there, although he does not know that what's the matter, but also understands the threat that at present the hot crow brings disappeared thoroughly. The soul collects, changes into one to search toward that only biggest hot crow.

Made the matter of Ji Dong accident/surprise occur again, that was the fire crow of hot crow leader has not revolted obviously unexpectedly slightly, whatever the Ji Dong soul invaded in its soul, has formed the communication with it. This and formerly was held that several hot crow to explode the fierce and stubborn response to be entirely opposite.

"Great Lord, you returned among your subjects finally." The both sides soul just connected, Ji Dong feels the aura that transmits from the hot crow immediately, that filled lay prostrate in worship general respectful to make Ji Dong inexplicable, therefore.

"You have made a mistake, I am not any Lord who you said." The Ji Dong response said.

"Great Lord, didn't you want your subjects? Your subjects need you to lead! Without your command, we forever can only patrol in one and two, again also difficultly presently once magnificence."Information that fire crow gives became stranger.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "you can affirm that I am your hosts?
You have not seen, am I human?"

"Great Lord, you evolved to this finally, finally can the incarnation be human. I will not admit mistakes. Your aura was more formidable than before, but also as before was that real. The great Lord, we forever are your servant. Even if you make me die immediately, I am also willing. However, you have no alternative but to want your subjects surely!" Listened to the words of this fire crow, Ji Dong to feel memory in its soul carefully, because the soul of this fire crow did not garrison completely. All that it thinks, clear presents in the Ji Dong mind. Ji Dong from its memory, after seeing an image, finally understood.

In this hot crow mind, the memory most profound image, that is a big bird of all over the body resplendent gold/metal, sends out the formidable strength, also Sun is taking the background. Initially was not dying in the Ji Dong hand, and had been swallowed the crystal core three full suns by Ji Dong?

Ji Dong understands immediately, these hot crows fear is not own strength and suppression, but fears that to be the aura of three full suns! Oneself had once swallowed three full suns crystal core, released exclusive radiance a moment ago fully time, was the aura of three full suns naturally also to send out, therefore these hot crows manner big change, to oneself so respectful.

Has made clear the situation, some Ji Dong not very awkward feelings, but he naturally cannot correct these hot crows, this hot crow clan quantity such, had their approval, at least in earth core world one and two place, can take to them very big help.

Thinks of here. Ji Dong asked to the fire crow: "Now clansman also how many? Stays in one and two?"

That fire crow one hear of Ji Dong said that clansman two characters, thinks that Ji Dong has approved them, immediately pleasantly surprised, hurries to reply: "Yes, our clansmen mostly on one and two, ten million count. These that you saw a moment ago, is my subordinate. The great Lord, what do you have to tell?"

Ji Dong said: "This, I have evolved to can the incarnation now for the degree of person, to avoid the clansmen misunderstands, you follow me temporarily. Leads me and friends of mine goes to two, I must penetrate earth core, handles something." Fire crow one hear of Ji Dong must bring it, immediately pleasantly surprised, " was saying, it quack called several, behind these build also called several in it compared with the ordinary hot crow big hot crows. Ten myriad fires crows that the free time of a while, formerly just dispersed have gathered, is fifty Saint Fire Dragon side surrounding, but this time, from them, Ji Dong feels is actually the strong excited mood. Obviously, that fire crow must make these clansmen escort it to imagine the Lord to go to two together.

Ji Dong to fire crow transmission information, "does not need to lead these many clansmen immediately, you yourself accompanied us to go on the line. Why let them should also why to go."

The fire crow has gawked, but, has nodded, it also wants on three full sun aura with the aid of Ji Dong in front of the clansmen in other territories to show off well. Now seemed like unable to achieve.

Disbands the hot crow group. Before fire crow guides, straight flies to the front.

Celestial stems disciples who fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back have been obtaining the information of Ji Dong sharing, the people somewhat are funny.

When Ji Dong returns to fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back, cannot bear take to say with a smile remotely: "Has not thought! Our heavenly stems Saint king unexpectedly hot crow king. Can command so numerous hot crows, army who if this to our world, sweeping away all obstacles? The quantity of this hot crow simply with locust."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "If can command such an army, their strengths imagine you absolutely are stronger . The wisdom of hot crow, might as well formerly we see hot essence, moreover I believe that the fire fine quantity also be more than these hot crows. However, why can the hot crow enslave these hot essences? The ordinary hot crow, most is also equal to Rank 1 or Rank 2 magic beast. To the fire crow that we guide, most does not surpass Rank 4 magic beast cultivation base. They are not formidable. However, can see from the situation, these hot crows have the disposition of would rather die than surrender, and unites extremely. Can achieve one place is in difficulty and help came from all sides truly. Moreover completion that does not sell at a discount regarding commander's order. The individual is small and weak, but overall formidable. So long as does not have the wide scope kill capability, can display the Ultra Certain Kill Skill match. Meets them to face ** bothersome. Therefore, even if the earth core lifeform of ordinary Rank 7 and Rank 8, perhaps is not willing to provoke this hot crow clan. Commands them is not the misdemeanor, if can lead them to our world, driving them to help us cope with the earth core world, certainly can give a dark secret big pleasant surprise."

Remote was surprised said: "Ji Dong, you also really want to urge these hot crows!"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile. Said: "They, since recognizes me for Lord, why isn't good? The physical states and hot essences of these hot crows almost, although the brains were inferior, but wants to make them evolve really some, is not the difficult matter. So numerous quantities, do not use high, so long as can evolve Rank 3 magic beast, then found one type their strength fusion is one, looks like Five Great Empires trump card regiment such same attribute superimposes combination skill, then, this is a pivotal strength."

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "Key is they are willing to listen your. According to old book record. Before many powerhouses had also entered the earth core world, attempted to investigate the mystery in earth core world. But the major part through first layer, has not been because first layer has existence of hot crow clan. The ability of this hot crow clan individual is not strong, is actually considered as is the race that in the earth core world most unites. Ji Dong said right, even if the earth core lifeform of high-grade level, perhaps is not willing to provoke them easily. Since they have regarded the incarnations of three full suns you, but must use really well."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon with that fire crow to the forward flight, this has been equal to the Rank 4 magic beast fire crow, although other strengths are not good, but this flying speed is actually quite powerful, Ji Dong can feel, Fire Element of this hot crow in regarding the air has a special control ability, can let the energy that Fire Element becomes promotes it to go forward. At this time to guide to Ji Dong, this fire crow does not dare to retain, the acceleration, flies fully is rapid incomparable. Naturally, its speed in front of fifty Saint Fire Dragon is also not anything, following it to be easy.

Had this fire crow to guide, although on the road has also met some hot crow tribal groups, but these hot crow tribal groups obtained the news that they "great Lord"returned to from fire crow here, immediately pleasantly surprised. According to the order of Ji Dong, all hot crows command, is Rank 4, has become guiding of heavenly stems disciple. Hot crow that all the way, gathers commands more and more. Flew fully day of much time, when they arrive goes to the second layer entrance, flies in the front hot crow to command has been over 50, naturally, this is also only part. After all, hot crow clan, not only lives in first layer, also part in second layer. They are mainly responsible for shipping the fire fine fruit. Commanded to say according to the hot crow, by the strength of hot crow clan, because the channel place to third layer has the greatly strengthened request to the individual strength, was natural moat general existence. The overall strength of hot crow clan lives first five sufficiently in earth core 18 Layers. This is unites!

Enters second layer entrance altogether ten from first layer, that Ji Dong they arrive, was nearest. Can see from very far place, the topography rock of that entrance, presents for spiral-shaped. The maximum diameter must over three kilometers. The center is the swarthy profound cavern, cannot see clearly the appearance, obviously enters the second layer channel.

The third earth core living thing that in this spiral-shaped place, after presenting the heavenly stems disciples to enter earth core world, sees.

The hot crow command regarding the question of Ji Dong, that is the knowledge says and expresses oneself fully absolutely all. According to them, the earth core lifeform type are actually many in first layer is living, but the biggest two races were the fire fine clan and hot crow clan. And, the quantity of fire fine clan, is the entire earth core world are most, is the population first large clan, but also is a smallest and weakest clan. Their total population quantities must have over a hundred million. Fire fine fruit that they plant is in ten principal food of majority of earth core lifeform. But hot crow clan, is the earth core world population second large clan, total quantity close 20 million. But three full suns, are Totem Divine Beast of hot crow clan. It looks like heavenly stems Divine Beast of world is the same. Three full suns only then, because follows orders to guard the Armanz mountain earth core world entrance, a lot of years had not appeared in the earth core world. On Ji Dong has to be its rich aura, will let a hot crow clan not pleasantly surprised? Any race hopes that a formidable head of the clan can eagerly anticipate they better development, the hot crow clan naturally is no exception.

The fire fine clan is only the life in earth core world first layer, but hot crow clan, is the earth core world one and two control. This fire fine clan is their dependencies. In other words, grasped hot crow clan, quite in controlling outermost earth core world two. This discovery, making the Ji Dong this hot crow clan Totem status also really probably continue to do to be good. So boost, can only bring the enormous advantage in the earth core world to them.

Appeared is not the earth core lifeform of hot crow and fire fine this floor exists in an entrance earth core lifeform. By that giant entrance, Ji Dong saw that at least is the quantity surpasses the 1000 third earth core living thing.

The bodies of these earth core living thing are quite unusual, seem, is looked like pieces together by the rock, all the slit places of piecing together, are sending out the red flame, as if the flame is the bond of their body. Their appearances look like human some, but actually be huger than the body of human. Each height is at about four meters. The rock pieces together the body that becomes appears extremely majestic. Right, this guards an entrance, hot giant.

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Do not wait, quickly, casts the monthly ticket to give three slightly. Haha.

Chapter 515: Challenge! The hot giant commands

The hot giant, is equal to the earth core lifeform of Rank 6 magic beast. The hot crow commands to tell Ji Dong. This hot giant clan genuine habitat on eighth of earth core world. They in the earth core world, are the intermediate and senior earth core lifeform. earth core world first layer, each entrance has the entire 1000 hot giants to protect. Ten entrances, fully has 10,000 hot giants. But a total of entire hot giant clan, only has 200,000. Dispatches here, is young adults in hot giant clan elite.

These hot giants are minority do not eat one of the fire fine fruit races, their food are various of earth core world rock that has Fire Element.

Before saw the fire fine and hot crow, the heavenly stems disciples did not have the too big response, after all, although these two race quantities were numerous, but their own strengths were really not anything. But when, they see these hot giants, the idea in heart had the qualitative change.

Rank 6 magic beast, quite therefore Five-Crown Mage. First did not say an entire hot giant clan, only guards in these 10,000 hot giants, is this powerful army? Ji Dong still remembers that the ancestor of Land Dragon had said to him, the earth core world, is one compared with a Dark Five Elements Continent more dangerous place. If no fetter of powerful to exist, once they arrive at the ground world, human at all impossible to contend with them.

Now Ji Dong has understood the ancestor's of Land Dragon view. From entering the earth core world to the present, they can only be have a limited view, can be inferred. Can feel the earth core world to be so intrepid. Then, in the earth core world of deeper level, also formidable earth core lifeform? Even if no Saint level powerhouse to exist, only the quantity of this terrifying, has swept away the entire ground world sufficiently.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong associates to god regarding dreading of Lie Yan (raging flames), perhaps also because of the earth core world overall formidable.

"I, because evolves, solidified in the shape of human, can these hot giants allow us to enter second layer?"Ji Dong is only hot the crow to command to ask to that sees first. Because it is first sees Ji Dong, at this time somewhat an numerous hot crow commands the command greatly the flavor/smell.

"This......"hot crow commanded hesitant, said: "Perhaps is very difficult. If great Lord you to show the main body, they do not certainly dare to stop. But you also bring these many human, perhaps was quite troublesome. You also know, our earth core world each protector, the goal of protection does not make the outside lifeform enter deep layer, does not make in -depth earth core living thing come out. Because our hot crow clan is responsible for shipping the fire fine fruit, can back and forth come and go out 12, is in our earth core world quite exists uniquely. These hot giants are not good to speak. However, we do not fear them, although they are formidable, but the quantity by far is actually not able compared with us, so long as you issue an order, we dispatch several million clansmen immediately, breaks through their impediments forcefully is not anything."

These hot crows are the brains are quite obviously simple, listening to this to be the hot crow of head commands so indicated. Ji Dong speechless. By universal Rank 1 to the hot crows of two steps, attacks the defense that over a thousand Rank 6 hot giants compose. How many hot crows can this die to overrun? He denied at present the idea of this rush of blood to the head crow immediately, inquired: "Except for strikes to kill them completely, other also not means that even if must kill, had no need for you sacrificing." Listened to Ji Dong this saying, that hot crow commands feels grateful unexpectedly, have a strong sense of righteousness say/way: "Great Lord, you do not need to be worried for us, our existences, to serve about you. Makes us come."

The Ji Dong eyeground cold light flashes, "few idle talk, answered my issue first."

The hot crow commanded is shivered that he looked, this said: "Means have. The hot giant has commanding of hot giant. So long as can upfront challenge defeat hot giant to command, can enter next. In our earth core world, the strength is all."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, you pass, tell the hot giant to command, I must challenge it."

"Doesn't great Lord, you consider my suggestion really? Has your subject. Why must do you begin personally?" The hot crow commands also tries to convince Ji Dong.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, "aren't your lives the lives? Why can not sacrifice the matter that the clansman achieves to go to sacrifice in vain. In your brain is the starch? Few idle talk. Quickly goes. Un, leading your brothers to go together." The hot crow commands after all is only Rank 4 cultivation base, this line, the hot crow command respectful as well as the beforehand hot crow displays the disposition that would rather die than surrender, made Ji Dong have not the small favorable impression to them, is not willing to make them sacrifice in vain.

The hot crow commanded toward the companions quack called several, said according to Ji Dong, flew toward below two entrances.

Fu Rui moved has stretched a little bit, the whole body skeleton exuded made the person of tooth acid giggle the sound, chuckled, said: "Ji Dong, I come. After this enters the earth core world, has not met to stretch a little bit the match. Looked that these stone person physiques are not small. Perhaps can crisp." Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Senior Brother, this first layer, behind some are the opportunities. This time I come."

Fu Rui has gawked, "commands on a hot giant, but also has a need for you getting rid personally?"

Chen Sixuan said with a smile in side: "Ji Dong to subdue these hot crows."

Fu Rui is then suddenly enlighted, laughed, said: "It seems like, thinks of the fine jade to understand you! However, these hot crows have subdued, can bring to the world of our human really? Did not say, the earth core lifeform has the strict boundary, can't go to the surface?"

Ji Dong said: "At least at present we have not known that this cannot the limit that goes to the surface be anything. Very possibly came from these protections in entrance Rank 10 Divine Beast. The protection of also each entrance. Is also other anything seal is existing. The earth core lifeform of deeper level did not say. But if these hot crows want to bring are actually not the major problem. Moreover, now what I consider is lets them on one and two, our escape routes will be more. Subdues their total ratio to conquer their effect to be better. Many ally, whether or not can help, always compares many one batch of enemy good many."

The heavenly stems disciples nod in abundance. Regarding the decision of Ji Dong, they will oppose unusually.

Facts showed, the hot crow clan in some earth core world one and two very authorities, a nationality, uncertain each people are formidable, so long as unites, has enough right to speak.

The free time of a while, the hot crow commanded to fly, was the hot crow of head commands to tell Ji Dong, that side the hot giant complied. So long as Ji Dong can defeat the hot giant to command, they allow to pass, allowing them to enter second layer. This is the custom of earth core world. Powerhouses to revere. Each entrance has protector, can enter second layer not to represent to continue thoroughly. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon carrying/sustaining the people are dropping from the clouds, fell on a place of entrance edge slowly stopped. At least over a hundred hot giants waited here. Is completely different from the feeling of truly facing from the space bird's eye view. Over a hundred heights exceed four meters, all over the body comprised of the giant who also braves the flame to stand the stone there, the deterrent force is not general. Naturally, regarding heavenly stems disciples, is only the impact on vision.

The hot crow commanded toward these hot giants quack called several, an numerous hot crow commanded has fallen back on the one side, the sharp sharp claws grasped on the rock of ground, looks at Ji Dong with the vision of respect extremely, was waiting for their this great master big show invincible might.

The hot giant sees Ji Dong their this line , is also extremely surprised. The ray of five elements Yin-Yang, making these hot giants of both eyes torching obviously somewhat surprised uncertain. Although under the control of Ji Dong, five elements Yin-Yang was very reserved, but that immeasurably deep feeling sufficiently made any race shock.

Ten color ray restraining, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, jumped to leap from the Maotai top of the head, all alone walked toward an numerous hot giant. He has not released oneself god hot Saint king Kai, that tranquil walks, but an numerous hot giant actually does not dare to despise. Because the hot crow commanded has been clear told them unmistakably, Ji Dong was becomes the human form three full suns through the cultivation incarnation.

The hot giant is that type typically simpleminded, four limbs developed earth core lifeform, but they also know three full suns the great strength. Why this is they are also willing to agree that the hot crow command the reason that proposed. Otherwise. Although the hot crow has the dominant position on this first two, but with their these life compared with the eighth intermediate and senior earth core living thing, the status is missing. Refutes face not anything of hot crow clan, but if offends three full sun types to live in the 15 th super powerhouse, the hot giants did not have this courage. Bang bang two thunders, hot giant has struck neatly the rock of chest place, through their compared with the hot crow clan also wants the weak soul fluctuation, Ji Dong to feel, this is a courtesy of welcome. Ji Dong lifts the right fist, has knocked knocking on own chest. the next moment, golden red ray already without hesitation blooms from the body.

Tyrannical attribute suppression erupts instantaneously, what at this time he faces is only over a hundred hot giants, but before is not, that ten myriad fires crows, this attribute suppresses the centralized range naturally to want small many. Suddenly, about these average Rank 6 cultivation base hot giants retrocede immediately with amazement. The originally neat lineup appeared somewhat scattered in disorder.

Bang bang, is two thunders, the hot giants make way in abundance, walks a build especially giant hot giant from them.

The height of this hot giant has exceeded five meters, the body braves is not the red flame, but is the azure. The aura wants calm many obviously, the quantity of heat that the body flame sends out also is more intense. The azure flame in eye pupil glitters one after another.

The Ji Dong thought moves, has sent out the information through own soul, this is not the invading -type capturing opposite party soul, but expressed own meaning through the strength of oneself soul, "defeated you, can enter second layer?"

Hot giant who the body braves the azure flame commands nodded, was makes an effort to rap own chest, looks at Ji Dong golden red ray, the flame in its eye pupil has restrained several points obviously.

"That comes."Ji Dong spreads the soul to fluctuate once more, the next moment, his body floated baseless, float and hot giant vision parallel position.

Looks that Ji Dong baseless has not floated with the aid of any external force, the hot giants have not felt to be startled, after all, the Ji Dong present status is three full suns, will not fly is the strange event. The earth core lifeform many that human is more direct, without any idle talk. This hot giant commanded initiated the supplies to Ji Dong. Sees only him to bend the waist suddenly, thick both hands strike directly in the ground, sends out deafening thundering, a diameter had one meter rock to dig out from the ground by it fully. Regarding remarkably strengthens in its azure flame, instantaneously on gable in that azure stone. That shouted, directly soared Ji Dong to pound.

Really very direct forms of defensive action! The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals a smiling face, has the giant stone of dazzling flame facing that meaning that he simply has not dodged, but has made a simple movement, the right hand lifts.

The giant stone of coming is almost blinks, when it bumps into the right hand of Ji Dong, actually likely released the vigor to stop generally. The arm of Ji Dong unbends does not have the slightest bit to be curving, this giant stone had kept off by him. The dazzling golden light shines suddenly, thunders to resound, giant stone that the hot giant throws exploded scatters in all directions to flutter about.

Hot crow of observing command saw that Ji Dong melts the attack that the hot giant has commanded easily, immediately exudes a piece cheers quack the sound, looks at such, does not know that is excited.

Ji Dong slowly flew in the direction that the fire giant commanded, he flew was very slow, the both sides distance was about 30 meters, he by one meter speed flew per second slowly.

That hot giant commanded the giant stone that ejected shortly such easily to keep off by Ji Dong, the above azure flame has not played the least bit role. After having gawked slightly one next, immediately both hands strike against the ground once more, this time, was two giant stones is thrown by it. Coming.

Through the first attack that the hot giant commands, the Ji Dong clear feeling, the strength of this hot giant is quite tyrannical. Judges from the magic power fluctuation, at present this hot giant are most is equal to Rank 7 magic beast cultivation base, but, its this strength erupts, even if Rank 8 magic beast also not necessarily compares favorably with.

What a pity, what it meets is Ji Dong. This time, Ji Dong is simple, even does not lift the hand, in the hot crow command in screams, whatever that two giant stones pounded on oneself.

Two thunder to resound one after another, the smashing that two giant stones exploded, scatters in all directions to flutter about.

After entering second layer, the splendor must start to show. Everybody could rest assured that small three one layer upon layer will not write. After second layer, will leap forward the big plot directly, very splendid Oh. Disclosed slightly a point gives everybody, has in the earth core world with the beautiful woman who Lie Yan (raging flames) is very long looks like. Hehe.

Chapter 516: Ends oppressively! Entry in respect, second layer

But before Ji Dong actually as before is maintaining, floating stance. A moment ago that two giant stone bombardments on body, even cannot make his speed slow down temporarily. One meter forward flies per second.

If the beforehand Ji Dong such flying speed has not brought to the attention that the hot giant commands, then, this continued the flight at this time in the past, actually took to the hot giant to command the huge pressure. This is oppression on an imposing manner. Ji Dong has not launched attack from beginning to end, but the hot giant commanded the flame in eye actually to burn the pinnacle.

The roar, the hot giant commanded has thrashed own chest that made an effort, it jumped suddenly, leapt forward in the midair. Its this jumps, jumped had 30 meters. The huge body rolls up in the midair in the same place, turned into a giant fireball, drops from the clouds, pounds just like the meteor directly to Ji Dong.

This is hot giant clan most effective forms of defensive action, is their adept Certain Kill Skill. When the hot giant commands the body in midair, Ji Dong felt immediately oneself was locked by it. Naturally, by his soul cultivation base, in locking that to command from this hot giant extricates to be easy. But Ji Dong has not actually done, as before is whatever that hot giant commands to drop from the clouds to pound to approach itself.

The right hand lifts, does to hold a day of shape. The hot giant commands falls loudly, happen to fell on the right hand of Ji Dong. Strange appeared. The hot giant commands that to roll up in stopping of first rock the same place huge body looks like it ejects, stops above the palm of Ji Dong. Made an numerous hot giant look what dumbfounded was, the next moment, the Ji Dong back raised a circular strange design. Almost at the same time, the hot giant commands azure flame to be nothing left. The cleanness of disappearance, on Ji Dong, seems holding giant rock.

The wrist/skill shakes, the body that the hot giant commands had been flung by Ji Dong, falls 20 meters away to fall down loudly. Then, azure flame springs from the Ji Dong fingertip, pours into commands the body to the hot giant, the flame that formerly vanished then burns.

"Our hot crow clan does not hope and a torch person clan to become an enemy. If you also want to continue to go on living, this challenge stops." The soul fluctuation of Ji Dong followed that azure flame simultaneously to return to the hot giant to command the body.

Hot giant commanding stands there, sends stare blankly slightly, the next moment, toward nodded that Ji Dong makes an effort. Simultaneously thrashed own chest, single knee knelt down, has made a somewhat strange bowing movement toward Ji Dong.

The hot giant commanded has done this, its clansmen also knelt down with the order for samples knee, are making exactly the same movement. The respect of their soul transmitting not slightly artificial. The Ji Dong strength and keeps the hand, obtained the approvals and respect of these hot giants fully. The hot giant commands very clearly, if Ji Dong wants to kill it, even if were ten it also died. It entirely believes now, at present this powerhouse of human appearance is three full suns.

When Ji Dong commands the hot giant by Yang Fire same reduction combustion the azure flame recruits completely, the hot giant commands to think oneself ended. They are different from other race. Flame of combustion is their life source, quite in the blood and vitality human. Once the flame has been put out, was announcing their life has come to the end. But after Ji Dong ejects it. Its life flame has bordered on to exterminate, moreover is he is irreversible. At this moment, Ji Dong its flame , the flame has actually burnt, under the hot giant commands to be saved from death, how can not feel grateful Ji Dong? The powerful strength that let alone Ji Dong shows from beginning to end made it unable to live the meaning of slightest bit contending again.

The hot crow commanded to fly in this moment, soared composes a ring shape the design to hover above the Ji Dong top of the head unceasingly. How long does not know the time, their hot crow clan has not felt proud and elated like the present. Ji Dong lifts a heavy weight as if light, easily defeated the hot giant to command, making in their hearts fill the admiration and excitement.

"We walk."Ji Dong greeted to fifty Saint Fire Dragon, walks in the directions of earth core world two entrances in big strides. An numerous hot giant separates voluntarily, resigns a channel. When fifty Saint Fire Dragon passes through from them, the unintentional release aura, is makes these hot giants keep silent the Ruohan cicada.

Ji Dong returns the Maotai top of the head, Fu Rui says with a smile: Right that "Little Junior Brother, you said that subdues these earth core lifeform ratios to massacre them to be better. You have the means really!"

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, said: "I know that this is quite troublesome. However, thinks that these earth core living thing are the Lie Yan (raging flames) beforehand subordinate, I am very difficult to have the murderous intention to them, if unnecessary. Little makes to kill the evil in the earth core world as far as possible well. Moreover, these earth core living thing compared to our human, want purely were too many. Currently speaking, these three races that we contact, have the enormous respect to the strength, even is the worship. Therefore, so long as we show enough strength , to continue to go forward is not a problem. We hope that the earth core lifeform that behind meets is so is also good."

The hot crow command to arrange one triangle array, is valiant and spirited, the neat soaring in front of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, one by one holds up the head high, a moment ago what looked like defeated the hot giant to command was they resembles.

Two entrances, are one have a diameter hundred meters giant cavern fully, arrives at the near, why when the people see clearly from the sky bird's eye view here seems is a dark piece.

In this giant cavern, has the strong black gray mist and dust, only uses the eyesight the words, the vision to look that ten meters were quite good.

Ji Dong and hot crow command soul communication, knows that the mystery of this channel is. Originally, 18 Layers of earth core world, each connected channel, the bans, this first layer to the ban of second layer, is this black grey mist and dust. The mist and dust is poisonous, but the toxicity is not very intense. Can withstand regarding the hot crow clan, but regarding is frailer the fire fine clan to be fatal. Why this is also fire fine clan is only the life in one of the earth core world first layer reasons.

five elements Yin-Yang opens, all mist and dust were cut off completely outside, the mist and dust that any approaches, will be strangled to death in the five elements Yin-Yang tyrannical magic power fluctuation. In the hot crow command under leadership, fifty Saint Fire Dragon directly soars second layer to go.

The jet black channel is diagonal , after entering the channel, flew fully over ten kilometers, the front suddenly sees the light.

As before is the red world, but the person enters this earth core world second layer in the presence of everyone time, actually clearly felt that several points have constrained, the temperature in air also markedly rose several points. Fire Element became richer, but other attribute elements were thinner.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon float in airborne, temporarily stopped the advance, the front hot crow commanded changed the triangle lineup, in front respectful was waiting.

The heavenly stems disciples are observing the surrounding environment, this second layer and first layer seem the difference are not big, is only of the ray be better than first layer, the rock of below ground and on distant place, implication Fire Element as if also strengthens several points. Naturally, compares the there is still one maximum difference with first layer, that did not have existence of fire fine fruit in this second layer. "Great Lord, here is our hot crow clan main survival place. In this second layer, our hot crow clan is the absolute control. Also other races, but lives in two quite remote places, the request shields in us."

The Ji Dong soul with is the hot crow of head commands to establish the communication, immediately obtained its explanation. Through these days contact. Ji Dong discovered, the beforehand three full sun should to oneself these adorer anything favorable impressions, not contact with the hot crow clan, otherwise these hot crows commanded will not approach themselves to explain these clearly.

"Great Lord, whether to ask you to see our kings. king Yiding hopes that can see you." The hot crow commands the sincere say/way.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "First rests, then you guide."Just entered second layer, they must adapt to and observe the surrounding situation, moreover before these hot crows commanded, flew to be very long, passed through passed through among poisonous smoke clouds with two, needs to adjust.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon falls in the ground. Maotai and Wuliangye four giant dragon pupils have filled excitedly, flew such a long time, they not only not weary, instead was more and more energetic. This fills the Fire Element place, has the enormous advantage regarding their such Fire department magic beast.

Flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord who Ji Dong summoned at first, the body also as if increased several points, when their it was summoned by Ji Dong was quite formidable, in earth core world one and two this Fire Element density, but also was not enough to make them accelerate to evolve.

Ji Dong said to the partners: "Later we see that hot crow king."

The wolf divine intervention said: "Few hosts, can hot crow king look through your status?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Should unable. Initially I struck to kill three full suns, and has swallowed its crystal core. The body is the aura of three full suns not to be false. Moreover, even if that hot crow king has a vigilance, by the wisdom of hot crow, it will respond surely immediately, I will not make it have to remind the clansman opportunity. Situation in as a last resort, slaughtered cannot attend. So long as hot crow at the scene will massacre, other hot crows cannot completely understand our status as before. As the matter stands, we also impossible to control the strength of this entire clan. Whatever, we only slightly stop in this second layer, goes to third layer."

Has rested about half double-hour, the people eat and drink something, in the hot crow command under the leadership starts once more.

Commanded according to the hot crow said, the second layer space be smaller than first layer, but small were also too many. This flies, is entire day. Each differs from next entry position, not in each central position, if purely searches, like earth core first layer and place of second layer this topography length and breadth, not having long-term seeking is very difficult to succeed.

The hot crow command tells Ji Dong, place that the hot crow clan head of the clan hot crow king is, entrances to third layer. As the matter stands, was the time-saving. After seeing the going too far crow king, regardless has anything, they will go to third layer directly.

On this day flies, the people had discovered some differences between second layer and first layer, first is the topography. The first layer majority of places are smooth, planted to fill the fire fine fruit, but this second layer terrain relatively wanted more complex, everywhere was the gully, quarry stone and hill, occasionally can also see that some were the special plant of earth core world specially. In addition over 40 degrees high temperature, this is not one suits the life the place.

The earth core world has one with the ground world maximum difference, here does not have the water, all earth core living thing do not need to drink water, like hot crow, they, only then the pure food fire fine fruit, can supplement all needs. Like hot giant that type, is eats the food to have the rich Fire Element rock, can supplement oneself. In the different world, the lifestyles of different lifeform really have very big difference. But these discoveries also made Ji Dong relax slightly, from the present situation, the earth core world truly does not need to go to the surface, these earth core living thing of because, their seen did not suit in the surface similarly survive. Has not gone to the motive of surface naturally is best, at least can guarantee that the surface world will not be encroached upon by the earth core world easily.

Quack, the hot crow commanded to Ji Dong called several, hinted him to arrive.

Not far away, is a fiery-red mountain, can clear seeing, in this mountain midpoint, have a diameter to surpass hundred meters giant cavern, in the cavern, has the red light to flash before faintly, just arrived here, Ji Dong felt immediately the surrounding temperature also has the obvious rise.

But in this mountain smooth such as on the dike of mirror, also many holes, in some caverns will be flying getting angry crow, some fly into, what without any exception is, hot crow that here sees, at least is the hot crow commands this rank, even also is bigger.

This all the way, Ji Dong getting a light from another light crow clan also some not small understanding, even also had some understanding to the level division of earth core lifeform.

The earth core lifeform of each race, has the different ranks. Generally is divided into the ordinary clansman and high-grade clansman, to command, feudal lord and king. Like social class of human. For example hot crow clan, is the ordinary hot crow, the fire crow, the hot crow commands, hot crow feudal lord and most formidable hot crow king.

Brings these that Ji Dong comes, is the hot crow commands, they also told Ji Dong, again in earth core lifeform of high-grade level, also some different divisions, for example Sovereign King of also anything high-grade level and so on. Naturally, commanding and feudal lord of these titles different race, the strength is also completely different.

Tang three wicked said: "Quickly casts the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Does not vote, will be careful tomorrow on face the long whelk. What? Did you cross the age? Snort, can't the second spring? Quickly votes, otherwise, the elder brother leads 30 million Tang disciples to ask you to eat meal."

Chapter 517: The Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches

Facing the present third layer entrance. The Ji Dong soul has swept, he discovered, in that giant cavern, has an unusual Fire Element fluctuation. Even if the soul of this Saint level, as if has also met a natural strength shield, is unable to peep at inside situation truly.

Clearly, presents on heavenly stems disciples present mountain dike, life is the most formidable hot crow clan clansman, hot crow king also here. Fire Element that on the mountain massif of this mountain sends out be richer than other earth core world second layer places, obviously is more suitable the hot crow evolution. Chose here to be also indisputable.

Just when arrived here, the hot crows have commanded to fly to notify, under surrounding and protecting that fifty Saint Fire Dragon in other hot crows commanded floated there. Ji Dong transmits through the soul to a partners signal, if own status were seen through by the hot crow king. Then, begins on the potential of according to as powerful as a thunderbolt. Also does not need many killing, third layer entrance at present, so long as to/clashes, was enough. In any case after them, leaves this earth core world also through unlimited positional transmission method to carry on. Also did not fear that has any sequela.

The hot crow commands the imagination in wanting is quicker, it has flown into directly to the earth core third layer entrance above, other caverns on compared to the dike wants in the big cavern, after going, almost flew in the next moment. Quick, returned to front of heavenly stems disciples. "Perhaps great Lord, must trouble you slightly for wait a moment, has the envoy who the Saint teaches to come, was discussing any matter with our king, I just went, by envoy Sir"guard rumbled. At the same time was saying, some mood also indignant meanings that this hot crow commands.

"Does Saint teach? What is the Saint teaches?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

The hot crow commands visits him surprisedly, said: "Great Lord, what's wrong? Does your Saint teach not to know?"

Ji Dong thoughts revolve, said immediately: "Since I in earth core too for a long time, many years have not been in the self-torture, perhaps this Saint teaches not to exist too for a long time."He in the gambling, bets this Saint to teach to establish the time not to calculate is too long, at least did not have the earth core world to exist, behind also thinks that one pile of excuses, wanted to cheat these simpleminded hot crows, was not difficult.

The hot crow commands said suddenly: "Right! The great Lord, you left such a long time, does not know that the Saint teaches to be also natural. Actually, our Saint taught to establish also has not the short time. Since the god of our earth core changed players, established. The great Lie Yan (raging flames) big god for the peace of earth core world, after having annihilated beforehand Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King two big gods, establishes the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint that can participate by each race head of the clan to teach, the Lie Yan (raging flames) big god Ren Shengjiao founder, unifies the earth core world personally, when our earth core world has any important decision, the Lie Yan (raging flames) big god will order various clan head of the clan to go to discuss. Although our hot crow clan is very small and weak in the earth core world. But is the same with the fire fine clan, has the huge population base, therefore, our head of the clan hot crow king also has the qualifications to participate in the Saint teaching, becomes the Saint teaches one. Since the Saint teaches to be established, our earth core world unity were many, if among various clans produces any dispute, is taught the uniform-process by the Saint, after the Lie Yan (raging flames) big god takes a seat, our earth core unprecedented unity, does not think that the beforehand such parties stand in great numbers, the dispute was unceasing, the earth core world life that made spreads the coal."

The Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, when Ji Dong hears these four characters, the whole person somewhat was crazy, without a doubt, the hot crow commanded the said Lie Yan (raging flames) big god, was own Lie Yan (raging flames)! She also has established unexpectedly own sect in the earth core world. Only the name of this sect, made Ji Dong feel incomparably intimate.

Chen Sixuan stands side Ji Dong, bumped his gently, Ji Dong has then recovered. Commands to ask to the hot crow: "That said, each race joins the Saint to teach only to have head of the clan person, that Saint teaches is not very formidable!"

"No, no, is not this meaning. The small possibility has not talked clearly. Is this, each living thing and each living thing of our entire earth core world, are the Saint teach the subordinate. But our head of the clan, is the Saint dean is old. earth core world altogether by 288 races, therefore, has 288 elders. All business some elders unify to decide, reported the Her Majesty the Empress authorization again. Some everyday concerns, the elders can decide. Naturally, the race is different, the right to speak of elder is different. The elders can appoint some appropriate candidates become the Saint teach the envoy, transmits the instruction of elder assembly."

Here, the hot crow commanded somewhat speaks haltingly was saying: "Our hot crow kings, in the Saint teaches, belonged most does not have the elder of right to speak."

The Ji Dong brow selects, lightly said: "If I do work as this elder?"

The hot crow series was in the lead has gawked, say/way that was overjoyed: "That is definitely different, you are so formidable, certainly can become the core elder, when the time comes, the status of our hot crow clan completely is different. However, according to the Saint dean old views, you are not our hot crow clan, is only Totem of our hot crow clan, belongs to the most honored single body race." Ji Dong has understood what is heard his meaning, this so-called single body race, perhaps said is the entire race only has one by. Yeah, three full suns only have one, own strength is also quite formidable , can only be the single body race. If it were not struck to kill by oneself , to continue to cultivate in the Armanz mountain summit, perhaps in less than too can become the Saint level powerhouse really for a long time.

Is speaking in them, in cavern that the hot crow king occupies, several forms flashed, simultaneously floats in the midair. When comes out first, is three earth core living thing, is one, the stature high approximately two meters, outside taking the form of person, but six arms, the head only has the alone item, not sends, two legs especially sturdy, a back also pair of bare wing. Whole body, red light passes faintly, the cavern that lives from the hot crow king comes out merely, because the surrounding air its appearance obviously became scalding hot several points.

Follows close on and it does not miss in its side two earth core lifeform appearances, but actually be only the both arms, the stature is also small 1st. Finally appearance. Is a height about four meters, the especially giant hot crow, the manner is the respectful delivering front three earth core living thing comes out.

What earth core living thing is this? In the Ji Dong heart has doubts, he did not fear that exposes own status, commanded to have the question to the hot crow directly. The reason that he gives is also very simple, for a long time did not have, the name of earth core lifeform forgot.

The hot crow commands the reply that does not doubt: "Great king, flies in front is the envoy Sir of this coming, is the feudal lord of hot owlet clan. The hot owlet king is the Saint teaches one of the 36 core elders. Has the pivotal status in our earth core world. A hot owlet clan life on earth core 13 th."

The name has the hot crow to command to tell Ji Dong, but the strength he can judge directly. That hot crow king feels, most is also equal to Rank 7 magic beast by. No wonder in the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint taught only to be not the most popular elder. But flies to make Ji Dong in the front hot owlet feudal lord be startled secretly, the appearance that looks at this fellow, distinct has been equal to Rank 10 magic beast cultivation base, although also just entered Rank 10 magic beast realm, but can also be considered as on is almost the same as some human Level 90 most supreme powerhouse strengths. Such powerhouse, in the earth core world unexpectedly is only an elder, moreover came from earth core world 13 th, but also is not there control. Regarding the overall strength of earth core world, Ji Dong felt oneself must judge is good.

A hot owlet feudal lord appearance, vision first fell on the float on not far away fifty Saint Fire Dragon, in alone flashed through startled glow, obviously by the fifty Saint Fire Dragon majestic a appearance of body and people class frightening. Turns head to look to the hot crow king, the alone item swept, has revealed the trace of inquiry. Ji Dong discovered, it is clearly using the soul and hot crow king Jinhang exchanges. It seems like that way of this soul exchange is not, in this earth core world that originally create, the race is numerous, the language naturally also has numerous number, only has the soul to exchange this way to use in common. Naturally, only then soul cultivation base achieved earth core lifeform after the certain extent to carry on the soul exchange of driving type. Otherwise, can only passive others invaded in oneself soul.

The hot crow king is also the doubts of whole face, quack called several, the vision to throw toward here, formerly and hot crow of Ji Dong speech commanded to hurry to flutter to fly, unceasing was top-notch, in the sound has been full of the anxious and excited sound.

Is listening to its words, hot crow king Xian stood there dull has gawked a while, the next moment, it already rapid flight, even did not give a thought to that Saint to teach the envoy the hot crow feudal lord's inquiry, an anxious acceleration, rushed to front of Ji Dong and the others. In the eye has been full of the shocking and intense pleasantly surprised color/look.

Any exchange might as well make the opposite party see the evidence to be solid, golden red exclusive smooth while hot crow king flying comes, bloomed from Ji Dong, the back pair of wings launches, compared with that hot owlet feudal lord does not know that wants enchanting many. The personal appearance flashes, Ji Dong floated in the midair, static waiting that hot crow king goes forward. The ray twinkle, in hot crow king Yan completely is the pleasantly surprised color/look, looks at Ji Dong, breathes becomes non-uniform. Has not made the discernment, it opens the maximum degree the pair of wings suddenly, nearly stretches completely straight, sagging to chest front, cry by originally quack the sound turned into the wu wu sound.

The soul intensity of hot crow king the hot crow commands strongly be more, it can send out the soul information on own initiative, attempts with the Ji Dong relation. Naturally, needing Ji Dong agree, soul fluctuation that can on the genuine connection it transmit.

The Ji Dong thought moves, received the soul information of hot crow king, only listens to that hot crow king Wubi anxious say/way: "Great Lord, you returned finally. Our hot crow clan, had finally saw the future ability. The great Lord, requested you, controlled our hot crow clan. You most reverent servant needs your direction!"

Is listens to the words of fire crow king, Ji Dong to understand many matters, clearly, this hot crow king not too careful identification own origin, but felt itself on to be the aura of three full suns immediately to approve. This can prove several issues. First, this hot crow king does not dare to blaspheme existences of three full suns, therefore does not dare extremely to investigate oneself situation carefully, next, was this hot crow clan was too long in the earth core world oppressed time, really needed a powerhouse to lead them, therefore the hot crow king Cai so impatient hope can own approval, even does not hesitate a destiny junction of entire hot crow clan to hold in own. This naturally is the Ji Dong most desired situation, the unity of hot crow clan made him appreciate. Although single hot crow wicked strength is not strong, but if can bring them to the surface world in the future, first did not say this strength can play the how huge role in the surface world, only their speed run abilities, at least can become Light Five Elements Continent eyes, completely grasps the motion of enemy. Is this point, regarding Light Five Elements Continent priceless.

After thinking through these, Ji Dong without hesitation to hot crow king nodded, solemnly said: "My this time comes back to have many matters to do. Since a hot crow clan is willing to submit to me, then, later you were my subjects. So long as there are me in a day, nobody can humiliate a hot crow clan. In the near future, my clan will certainly occupy place of corner in the earth core world."

"Big tone, the hot crow king, your courage is not small! Dares to make the bystander enter the earth core world, but also arrived at second layer. Can you know this to deserve what crime?" The cloudy narrow soul fluctuation has inserted Ji Dong and conversation between hot crow kings forcefully, this soul fluctuation does not certainly insert in the Ji Dong soul, but drills into the soul of hot crow king is actually without question, Ji Dong was speaking with hot crow king, it heard is also naturally logical.

The Ji Dong vision changes cold, toward flew near hot owlet feudal lord to look, lightly said: "I was speaking with my clansman, you were any thing, dared to interrupt."

The hot crow king had a scare by the Ji Dong words, hurries to insert said: "Great Lord, you do not misunderstand. This Sir is the envoy who the Saint sect comes, the Saint that invited I participated holds to teach the grand ceremony shortly after specially. Naturally, you came back, the grand ceremony nature is represented our hot crow clan to participate by you. Messenger Sir, after this, is King of our hot crow clan. Is attended the magnificent ceremony by him."

The hot owlet feudal lord has doubts looks at Ji Dong, solemnly said: "This clearly is a human, how the king of your hot crow clan. The matter does not talk clearly, today this matter, I must report the Saint to teach, if verifies your hot crow clan to collude with the bystander, ahem, shortly , the hot crow clan forever will erase from the earth core world."

The climax must launch. Looks crisp votes again. Hehe.

Chapter 518: Unyielding hot crow back

"You did not fear that the wind did dodge the tongue greatly?"Ji Dong coldly snorted. The vision to getting angry owlet feudal lord , the hot owlet feudal lord looked by his vision, immediately felt the alone item just like the acupuncture is ordinary, the subconscious revolutions puts aside the look, is in the heart secretly is startled.

It looks like in the hot crow king, although oneself this great Lord came back, but must , in the Saint teaches to gain a footing, can lead the hot crow clan true is formidable. In any earth core lifeform eye, the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches is absolutely supreme existence, what the hot owlet feudal lord represents is the Saint teaches, it does not certainly dare to offend. Hurries to fly in front of the hot owlet feudal lord, was explaining the Ji Dong origin fast.

The hot owlet feudal lord listened to the words of hot crow king, half believing and half doubting visits it, said: "You said, this person is three full sun cultivation? You are not knowing, some time ago, three full suns vanished. After the Saint dean old discussed that sending a confused demon smoke suckling pig feudal lord to go to the Armanz mountain entrance protection. You affirmed that this is three full suns? Its present appearance, clearly is human. Let alone it not necessarily is three full suns, even if it is really, is absent without authorization. Also must be punished by elder assembly."

At the same time was saying, in hot owlet feudal lord six arm find out suddenly, the palm increases against the wind, one held the neck of hot crow king, flings suddenly, has thrown it by far. In alone ominous glittering, looked toward Ji Dong once more. Follows on that two both arms hot owlets that it is arriving at together is also imposing manner greatly hold, is lending the intense aggressive aura.

The hot crow king was flung to have hundred meters fully, stabilizes lives in own personal appearance, in eyes of pair of red light twinkle, has been full of the anger immediately. Hot crow clan temperament originally is hot tempered and stubborn, it as a King of hot crow clan, actually so was insulted, but how can also endure to endure, "bastard, I am the Saint dean am also old, your envoy, dares so to me."Hot crow king angrily roared, incomparably sharp sounding resounds from its mouth. The intense sound wave spreads instantaneously, passed on by far.

The unity of hot crow clan, shows in Ji Dong and once more in front of the heavenly stems disciples, this time, is summons by hot crow king personally, is almost free time in a flash, has tens of thousands of hot crows to gather fast, lived these hot crow feudal lords on dike and hot crows to command also in abundance to fly. Gathers side the hot crow king.

The quantity of hot crow was really too huge, was almost only the free time who several times breathed, has blocked the sky, was ordinary just like the dark cloud, making the surrounding ray darker, the sound that their wings whipped, in airborne sent out wu wu unceasingly buzz the cry, formidable imposing manner Ji Dong also secretly was startled. In his heart thinks that eight characters, a hot crow anger, 1 million attack. Present hot crow, even if no over a million, at least also had several hundred thousand numerous. Moreover commands with the quantity of feudal lord is numerous, wants magnificent many in the situation that earth core world first layer encounters.

"Hot crow king, can you instead? I am the Saint teach the envoy. Also, depended on your ineffective and worthless troops, wants to pose the threat to this envoy?"

At the same time was saying, the hot owlet feudal lord six arms simultaneously wield, golden halos erupt from it unceasingly, in an instant, spread in the air. Just like such of Ji Dong judgment, it has been equal existence in Rank 10 magic beast. This clearly is pinnacle Yang Fire. Intense pinnacle Yang Fire gathers forming gradually, the look of hot owlet feudal lord also becomes dignified. Six arms also raise, huge golden light ball has presented gradually above its top of the head.

Curling the lip of Ji Dong disdains, this hot owlet feudal lord should just enter shortly after Rank 10, it makes this diameter to surpass in three meters huge golden light ball at this time, although is containing quite huge pinnacle Yang Fire, may in fact, actually unable to overthrow the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. Facing so numerous hot crows, must spell really hardly, a hot crow clan will no doubt lose seriously, but the final loser actually certainly is these six arm hot owlet feudal lords. Facing hundred myriad fires crows, even if Ji Dong, does not dare to say oneself can the whole body draw back, let alone was this just entered the Rank 10 hot owlet feudal lord?

Hot crow king angry exclaimed: "Is envoy also what kind of? Right, our hot crow clan is not formidable, is very small and weak, but we have own dignity. Although I in the Saint dean old strength am one of the smallest and weakest several, but I am also the status of elder, you without considering the rights and wrongs dare to begin to me, even if considers in front of the core elders, I do not fear you. Today is jade entirely burn, this king must make you know, my hot crow clan cannot insult lightly."

Feeling fire crow king that fierce soul fluctuation, in the Ji Dong heart is very affected, this is a national proper moral courage! A nationality small and weak did not fear, feared, lost the moral courage like the fire fine clan, did not have the tall and straight back. Although the hot crow is small and weak, but they have the unyielding spirit, even if the enemy is formidable. Even if must pay the prices of innumerable blood, they do not allow oneself dignity to be damaged. This is also why Ji Dong so regards as important this hot crow clan, doing everything possible the important reason that they appropriate to oneself. Once they have approved themselves truly, this kind of nationality, will not appear betrays two characters. The so valuable sentiment, Ji Dong has not regarded magic beast to regard them, but regards as with the nationality of equality, has the nationality of pure soul and unyielding back. Ji Dong has not gotten rid directly, but has closed both eyes slowly, temporarily has interrupted itself and partners between soul relation. His that formidable Saint level soul looks like a big net shoots up to the sky, falls into the dark cloud that the hot crow has composed.

In an instant, the Ji Dong soul looked like eyes was steadily ordinary, first connected was the hot crow king, was these strength relatively formidable hot crow feudal lords and hot crows command. The hot crow king himself is Rank 7 magic beast, the hot crow feudal lords probably are about Rank 5, the hot crow commands is Rank 4. They in an entire hot crow clan, are considered as on are the quantity are scarce, but that actually refers to is in millions hot crows. At this time soars in airborne hot crow commands by getting angry crow, the total quantity has also been over thousand. Ji Dong Saint level soul full, completely covers them in own soul big net, is feeling each aura.

Hot crow consanguinity. magic power is the common origin, Ji Dong places in the core of oneself this soul big net the soul of hot crow king intentionally, and immediately, told it own direction. Hot crow king is almost without hesitation has given the complete support to the order of Ji Dong. Through Ji Dong this soul big net, commanded, feudal lords to send out own information to the hot crow completely.

Has so terrifying soul direction, the hot crow commands, the magic power of hot crow feudal lord as well as hot crow king, erupts instantaneously. Flame rays, emit from their mouths, the hot crow that only then the hot crow commands the above rank, can achieve the energy long- distance range release to attack. That red light, in sky completely toward a point **. Thousand tyrannical magic power fluctuations merge into one organic whole instantaneously. Immediately, in sky, originally, because hundred myriad fires crows present the formidable oppression strength that has become incomparably sincere/heavy. As if must have the magma from airborne to drop general.

In the Ji Dong eye the golden red ray flashes, the next moment, commands in magic power that feudal lord and hot crow king Men condense to dodge not to have from that going forward hot crow just like the essence common red light together. Buzz a light sound, the hot owlet feudal lord cries out strangely, almost leaves the position that formerly it floated instantaneously. Its that has prepared above the top of the head, looks like in it, gives the golden light ball that a hot crow clan brings the huge injury sufficiently, looks like the snow and ice ablation is ordinary, vanishes instantaneously, but that say/way dropping from the clouds substantive ray flashes not to have, not only has destroyed that golden light ball, has left behind one diameter only one meter in the ground, actually does not know that has the how profound profound black hole.

Although the red light flashes, but had not vanished, but, formerly red light place visited, surrounding air also because of that terrifying quantity of heat but is twisting fiercely. If not that hot owlet feudal lord responds extremely quickly, first shut off itself with releasing the contact between magic power, dodged. Then, it already the flesh and blood not saved at this time. Hot owlet feudal lord distant drawing back in one side. The complexion was difficult to see the extreme, its two both arms clansmen were the panic-stricken alone item upturn, being panic-stricken flew by far.

Shock not only naturally they, soared hundred myriad fires crows in sky at the same time to be also shocked, was that fluctuation of energy tyrannical a moment ago? That has gone beyond the range that they can understand completely, only some hot crow king Nenggou reluctantly understand that struck a moment ago, is the level that ultra must kill absolutely, right, is ultra must kill. That fuses in together strength instantaneously, during making the Ji Dong soul cover a moment ago again the hot crow powerhouses, faint had a clear(ly) to become aware, formerly their track of respective magic power output, clear brand mark in their soul world.

We, when did our hot crow clan also become so formidable? This is in each hot crow innermost feelings the clearest idea. Regardless of how they cannot think, some day can actually release so formidable offensive force. Not only ordinary hot crow, even if in hot crow king Yan. cultivation base is equal to the Rank 10 magic beast Saint teaches the envoy the hot owlet feudal lord to be also invincible. Even if can win, perhaps must pay with the thousands clansman life to have the possibility. But, the hot owlet feudal lord a moment ago that was struck to retreat in fear, moreover only misses is so little, this hot owlet feudal lord thoroughly was destroyed in the attack of that terrifying. All these, are their hot crow oneself strength, but the method of this release strength is not them.

Although the soul of hot crow powerhouses cannot compared with Ji Dong, but under Ji Dong control desirably, they actually be able to feel that by far that gives the formidable soul that they have controlled from where.

"Great Lord, was you make us have such strength."Two drops of red tears, fall from hot crow king Yan, drifts about from the sky under. Not long
, a hot crow clan has received the innumerable oppressions, particularly its this hot crow king, at the Saint dean old ceremony and congress, the authority that has not spoken, what are more is becomes the laughingstocks of other formidable race head of the clan. They, can only live in thinnest first layer of Fire Element in the earth core world with second layer, looks like the most industrious worker is the same, is serving for other formidable races.

The hot crow clan is not the fire fine clan, they have the intense self- respect, such situation, already made the hot crow king be in deep sorrow innumerable. But in a moment ago at this moment, after their great Lord returns, changed all these. Moreover, that is also not the great marriage go- from getting rid, but taught they defeat the method of powerful enemy. The hot crow powerhouses, only thought own back unprecedented is tall and straight, their eyes were moist. Although their tears are Fire Element congeal, may in this moment, they actually feel future existence. Yes, they have in the future, but this future, came from that floats the this humble one side, taught them, will certainly eagerly anticipate their hosts!

Affected, appears in each hot crow powerhouse mind, their vision, all centralized on Ji Dong, is headed by hot crow king, that reverent. In this moment, in their hearts, Ji Dong became supreme existence, regarding a hot crow clan, the Ji Dong status even must surpass the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach.

The Ji Dong back pair of wings moves gently, the body from the sky glided, went to that hot owlet feudal lord front 20 meters places. Has not opened the mouth, the next moment, its body has been similar to delimits like lightning, directly soared that hot owlet feudal lord to throw.

The hot owlet feudal lord just sobered from formerly shocking, it is unable to understand, how then a small and weak hot crow clan can display such strength, that clearly can destroy own strength! They , is so small and weak? In this time hot owlet feudal lord heart is with amazement. Since becomes the Saint teaches the envoy, after cultivation base breaks through Rank 10, this was its first time felt fearing. The hot crow that these fierce does not fear, the forms of defensive action of also their terrifying, have made the profound impression. But at this time, the attack of Ji Dong arrived.

On Ji Dong formerly had released the golden red ray has restrained completely, has not released own god hot Saint king Kai, that like lightning appeared before the hot owlet feudal lord, right palm light below patted, direct racket to bald of hot owlet feudal lord.

The hot owlet feudal lord cries out strangely, the most place above both arms make to raise hand to hold a day of type, keeps off to the palm of Ji Dong, the following four arms also make a fist, goes toward the position bombardment of Ji Dong chest. This is arm many superiority is.

Ji Dong as if has not seen under it that four arm, while the hot owlet feudal lord gets rid, his body the horizontal flight, the whole person maintained at with the ground balanced position, under hot owlet feudal lord four arm nature bombardments in vacancy.

Guesses that splendidly which the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint church brings. Early this month, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 519: Does not have the shade invisible to extinguish the god wall

Hot crow feudal lord's surprised discovery. By own cultivation base, is unable to lock at present this unexpectedly by the man who the hot crow king calls three full suns.

single palm who both hands and Ji Dong rackets that in the loud sound, the hot owlet commands loudly fall collided in one, its body is similar to the shell drops from the clouds immediately generally, the arm scrap that in fierce thundering, in its two holds, changes into the innumerable flesh and blood to scatter in all directions to flutter about loudly. This is its response is quick enough, has not let extinguish in the strength complete intrusive mass that the god strikes, ahead of time inspires, loses is only both hands.

But body of Ji Dong, double palm bombardment surfacing the boat of slightly was also held by its this on, but also slightly surfaces the boat by. The body that but the hot owlet commands actually generally drops from the clouds just like the shell, to it how whipping wing diligently, is unable to stop own castration, in the loud sound, falls in the ground loudly, the both legs complete/even knee submerges the ground. This strikes, it was at a disadvantage completely.

Ji Dong magic power only has Level 82, but magic power of hot owlet feudal lord was actually equal to Level 90, Ji Dong this struck a moment ago, has used pinnacle Yang Fire. magic power that the hot owlet commands is also pinnacle Yang Fire. Why can it actually eat has owed greatly? Ji Dong magic power clearly is inferior to it! The answer is very simple, because of strength, the strength of physical body.

Right, Ji Dong magic power was inferior that the hot owlet commands, but, he has the body that the fire owlet commands is unable to compare by far. Is relying on the strength of physical body, he has made up for himself the insufficiency completely on magic power, in addition extinguishes the powerful compression that the god strikes, this strikes, how is also the hot owlet to command to resist.

Explodes the opening fire owlet to command the both arms, extinguishes the strength that the god strikes, but hurls into the ground it, is Ji Dong that tyrannical incomparable, wants the terrifying compared with ordinary Giant Dragon the strength. Beginning Zulong strength.

The ancestor of Land Dragon, infiltrated the body of Ji Dong with own essence and blood, made in the bloodlines of Ji Dong, are many were its blood, these pain, Ji Dong did not withstand in vain. After that time, his body evolved in the true sense. Right, evolves. On the body intensity, in all heavenly stems disciples, only has oneself also to have first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein gold/metal to compare with him. However the tyrannical degree of physical body, Ji Dong has achieved extremely terrifying realm. Before his surface getting a light from another light giant, met the tough head-on with toughness completely, whatever even the enemy attacked itself, to examine own body to be actually tyrannical to what kind of realm. Facts showed, the attack of hot giant that degree, is just scratches an itch in the boot for him by. Even if this hot owlet feudal lord at present, Ji Dong makes it shell own body directly, is unable to cause any damage. This is the body and spirit of Saint level. Including Chen Sixuan also for it shocking Saint level body and spirit.

Naturally, Ji Dong did not have this to let off the plan of opposite party certainly, the body in airborne slightly has stopped, directly soared that hot owlet feudal lord to overrun. Regarding the rule of earth core world, he is more and more clear. This is a world of absolute law of the jungle, wants to have the right to speak, wants to earn others' respect, then, you must show to dominate the strength completely above other people. First conquers the match with the strength, then talked, many that must be effective absolutely. This point, has also confirmed on the hot giant.

The body enters the lightning, the hot owlet feudal lord body that formerly loudly fell to the ground was also in the pain in shock, Ji Dong has dropped from the clouds to pursue. Under is panic-stricken, it also showed oneself exclusive skill. For maintaining life, it could not attend to retaining. In alone the red light flashes, the strong purple black ray directly soars Ji Dong to shoot together. When the ray in this alone projects. The Ji Dong surprised discovery, this hot owlet feudal lord locked himself unexpectedly temporarily.

What is this light? Under Ji Dong hesitant, the left hand has lifted slightly presses, simultaneously stops the speed of under oneself throwing, has blocked that ray.

In the palm of Ji Dong, left a jet black ice, is his Certain Kill Skill, quiet flame ice.

During buzz called, that purple black ray fell in the Ji Dong left hand palm, immediately was frozen, but body of Ji Dong, in airborne coagulated slightly, he only thought that the needle-tip common aura infiltrated toward own within the body from the palm place together suddenly . Moreover, this acupuncture magic power was also having a tyrannical destructiveness, and was having both the intense toxicity. If changes another person, meets such attack, the needle-tip energy place visited, the meridians must wither. Once were captured in internal organs by this strength, that is must die without doubt.

Good evil and cruel exclusive skill. In the Ji Dong eye cold glow flashes, that needle-tip magic power after was just drilling into his palm, is remained by the slightest that Pinnacle Two Fires magic power strangles to death.

Beginning Zulong physique, can it be that the ordinary external force can invade, even if magic power that this envy coagulates is not good, after by the essence and blood infiltration of ancestor of Land Dragon, the body of Ji Dong already was hundred poisonously did not invade, this toxin at all was not anything, under strangling to death of Pinnacle Two Fires, surviving magic power vanished immediately. Naturally. The quiet flame ices itself, attacked magic power to freeze part this.

Although the exclusive skill of hot owlet feudal lord cannot bring the substantive injury to Ji Dong, but also truly brings the time of enough escaping to it, the other four arms simultaneously in a racket toward the ground, with the aid of the counter- tension, the body fly up at angle, directly soars to go to the third layer entrance place to fly. Of while flying, it passed by oneself that two clansmen, both hands extends, holds them separately, simultaneously has flung in the Ji Dong direction, magic power injects into these two clansman within the body, so long as is the attack of their body and Ji Dong contacts in together, then, will occur immediately intensely from exploding. Although is not enough to injure Ji Dong, but looks like in the hot crow feudal lord, prevents Ji Dong that does not have the issue some time certainly.

What a pity, this hot owlet feudal lord until also as before underestimated Ji Dong at this moment, saw that two hot owlet flies itself in front, Ji Dong the strength of soul has covered their bodies completely, is naturally clear regarding their this time situations. Both hands also find out, on the hot owlet that toward two been panic-stricken grasps, at the same time. Behind Ji Dong, Yang Fire same reduction raised.

Ji Dong steady held the arm of that two hot owlet, but, the hot owlet feudal lord was expected that the explosion has not appeared, it injects the tyrannical strengths of two hot owlet within the body, in flash by Ji Dong same reduction. On the control of fire attribute magic power, who can compared with on Ji Dong?

Ji Dong both hands fling, that two hot owlet flew toward the ground, but at this time, the hot owlet feudal lord uses the cushion that two clansmen bring, rushed to three entrance front. Ji Dong was away from it still hundred meters, looked like in it, even if the Ji Dong strength were strong, was impossible to prevent itself to enter to three channels. So long as can drill into the channel, the opposite party was impossible unable to find itself again. Reason that the hot owlet feudal lord the so impatient escape , because it felt that from Ji Dong the intense murderous intention, it also clearly felt, the three full suns in this hot crow Wangkou are unable to contend absolutely, particularly oppression in that soul, has been scared it, is unable to raise including the thought of fully putting together.

However, relaxed in hot owlet feudal lord, thinks oneself can escape ascends to heaven, suddenly, without any omen, bang, the body of its rapidly flight has run upon an invisible impediment. Then the quick speed hits, the hot owlet feudal lord who immediately hits is completely muddled, nearly a blood spurts. It clearly felt that invisible wall after preventing oneself one next vanished. The reacting force that but fiercely hits made the speed that it led the way nothing left, and stagnated that the flash.

Does not have the shade invisible to extinguish god wall.

The stagnation of flash, sometimes is eternal. The hot crows in sky, only saw that the golden lightning cuts the horizon together instantaneously, but that stopped the hot owlet feudal lord, the body flew unexpectedly backward, reflected from the dizziness until it when went all out to struggle, made own body no longer fly upside down. But, in the next moment, a big hand has been similar to the eagle catches the chicken to be the same, held its neck, hot owlet feudal lord simply that been scared cannot make any revolt again, lost all revolt strengths. When like it formerly held the hot crow king neck such, was pinched the neck to mention by the Ji Dong right hand in airborne.

The fight hence, had ended. Launches the attack from Ji Dong, to this final conclusion, was actually only matters between several breath. One that see actually incomparably shocks may in the hot crows eye. Then formidable hot owlet feudal lord, in front of Ji Dong. Even including a revolt ability not to have, has not given a thought to the clansman life and death, may it unable to escape Ji Dong finally grasps.

Saint level soul sending out, Ji Dong the information transmission that must say to airborne, making each float the hot crow in sky to feel, "hot owlet feudal lord gets rid to my clansman hot crow king arbitrarily, although it as the Saint teaches the envoy, but the following defies superiors, when its crime executes. A dignity of hot crow clan, does not allow any bystander to insult. Each witnesses, starting from the present this moment, I do not allow some people to affront my clan dignity again."

The dazzling golden red, having the exclusive halo of three full sun aura to release instantaneously, makes the Ji Dong of float in sky, looks like a golden red Sun is ordinary.

In the loud sound, was pinched the hot owlet feudal lord in hand even not to exude one by Ji Dong including the pitiful yell loudly, turned into one group of golden flame to unravel in that fulmination loudly. Thing that Rank 10 Yang Fire crystal core of fist size preserves only. Falls into the Ji Dong left hand.

Hot crow king Julie quack yelled that was full of the excited and excited big cry, that also just had at present, was shocking the innermost feelings of each hot crow.

Under the hot crow king's leadership, the hot crow feudal lord and hot crow command also that hundred myriad fires crows, drops from the clouds, falls gently above the ground. Each hot crow falls to the ground, immediately crawls in the place, the pair of wings opens, the head closes proximity to the ground, from their souls, lends the aura that most respects. Potential of the hundred myriad fires crow worships.

Ji Dong drops from the clouds slowly, falls gently in ground, static looks at the front hot crow king, is feeling the soul fluctuations of hundred myriad fires crow respect, suddenly in the innermost feelings also had some changes.

"Great Lord, please eagerly anticipate us, making my clan more formidable." The hot crow king lyrical spoke to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong nods slowly, lightly said: "You make clansmen each one do your matter." Crow king extremely respectful setting out, Ji Dong own strength, also his can eagerly anticipate a hot crow clan becomes the strength of formidable tyrannical soul, has conquered this hot crow king completely. Although the hot crow king the soul is not strong, but it can actually feel clearly the good intentions of Ji Dong to their hot crow clan, to it, Ji Dong is the genuine three full suns was unimportant, more importantly, Ji Dong can lead their hot crow clan to become formidable. This was enough.

The hot crow king makes the clansmen go respectively busily, but has left behind these hot crow feudal lords and hot crows commands. Cannot want it to tell, powerhouses of these hot crow clans have crowded around that two hot owlet to arrive in front of Ji Dong.

Ordinary day time, if these hot owlets go to two this places, that one by one has keen eyesight in top/withstand absolutely, does not look at a hot crow clan in the eye. Although they strength cannot compared with the hot owlet feudal lord, but was not inferior in the hot crow king. But this time they, actually likely turn into the eggplant that the frost has hit to be common, lowers the head, in alone the sea glitters the surprised uncertain look, in the soul is releasing, performing is the fear.

The soul arbitrary directness of Ji Dong has invaded in the souls of these two hot owlets, completed with them has communicated forcefully, "situation you looked was very clear. If not I, you should know that your result is anything."

Two hot owlets raised the head, look at each other one, looks again to Ji Dong, from their alone, Ji Dong clearly saw the hatred look. This hatred in view of commanded in formerly that hot owlet obviously. They understand, what Ji Dong said is the fact, if a moment ago were not Ji Dong gets rid, then, they turned into the powder powder now, the corpse not remaining.

Two hot owlets simultaneously approach Ji Dong nodded.

Ji Dong said: "Such being the case, told me the goals of this coming, also, all that had a moment ago , after I believed you went back, should understand how to return to sage to teach." The left hot owlet said: "Respect three full sun Your Excellency, we know how should reply to above. Formerly matter, was the feudal lord Sir shoulders completely. He rashly hot crow king elder Your Excellency, thus initiates the popular anger, was killed by three full sun Your Excellency. Our certainly according to the facts report/give report."

Ji Dong nodded with satisfaction, the right hand wields, two groups of red light have flown in front of two hot owlets, two hot owlet subconscious receiving, fix the eyes on looked, immediately is overjoyed. Falls into their hands, each one is together Rank 8 magic beast crystal core.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 520: The agent founder selects the grand ceremony

"Small present inadequate respect. Was helps get over a shock to two. If utilizes appropriately, believes that they can help two give birth to a pair of arm respectively. We hope that next two can become a friend of my hot crow clan."Ji Dong this clearly was the scarlet luo bare bribe, the brain of hot owlet may probably be easier-to-use than the hot crow, two hot owlets almost did not have many hesitations, immediately nods to acknowledge.

They can see the great strength of Ji Dong, even/including Huoya feudal lord such existence of was just several free time of putting in an appearance is also destroyed in its hand, moreover others truly have also rescued their life, they naturally understand that this Ji Dong what is this. Some such formidable friends, always compare many so formidable enemies to be better. Let alone, formerly a hot crow race's eruption under Ji Dong soul direction they also looked in the eye, faint, they know, perhaps a hot crow clan must become is different from before.

"Many thanks three full sun Sir generous gifts."Two hot owlets also said.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Generous gifts are not, please two as soon as possible return to the Saint to teach the headquarters, asking the Saint to teach to send a envoy to come. From now on, I am a control of hot crow clan, the elder of hot crow clan, will be replaced by me."

"Yes. We understand."Two hot owlet complied, open the back bare wing, flew into the third layer channel to depart. "Great Lord. Asked them such to leave really? We killed the Saint to teach envoy after all, if they were missing together, the Saint taught not to blame our heads. After all, we continuously in the Saint teaches in the eye is that small and weak, some people will not suspect our."Hot crow king Youxie anxious said to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong listened to the words of hot crow king, on the face to reveal a smiling face. The hot crow king simpleminded, words that he spoke not any artificial, what it is said was we kills the Saint to teach the envoy, but did not say that a Ji Dong person killed the Saint to teach the envoy. Only from this simple a few words, Ji Dong is excellent to the impression of this hot crow king, shook the head to it, said: "Your vision short was too shallow. Is silences the witnesses this matter to consider as finished? The Saint teaches to look up, naturally knows that is any situation. One day will expose weaknesses. I believe that after these two hot owlets go back, does not dare to speak at a venture. Otherwise, they must continue, is my anger. I have left behind a soul on them respectively, they are also know that if they have made to my hot crow clan disadvantageous choice, then, which corner regardless of they run away to earth core world, I can also look to tear to shreds them."

Hot crow king Leng, it has not thought this matter can also such manage unexpectedly, in the eye were suddenly more color/look of several points of admiration, "great Lord, your servant will obey your instruction from now on completely."

Ji Dong said: "That hot owlet feudal lord this time comes to look for you, for what matter? What celebration does the Saint teach to hold?"

Listened to the question of Ji Dong, the look of hot crow king became strange several points. Said: "It does not have specifically speaking, I heard, probably is our Saint teaches the great Lie Yan (raging flames) founder to have problems. Very long had not seen. This celebration, should with separating by gravity the founder is related. The Saint has taught since being established, our earth core world unprecedented peace, each race, although also occasionally engages in factional strife, but can the peaceful coexistence, each race very be satisfied basically the present condition. All these are the great Lie Yan (raging flames) big god grant us. Now the Lie Yan (raging flames) big god disappeared, cannot a group of people without a leader, perhaps otherwise soon, the Saint teaches to have the turmoil. Therefore, three remote antiquity supreme elders after 36 core elders discussed the decision holds this celebration, for selects an agent founder. Before the Lie Yan (raging flames) big god has not returned, the host Saint teaches, carries on all final decision-makings."

Listens to mention Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong heart raises immediately gang of intense sad intent, Lie Yan (raging flames) Lie Yan (raging flames), originally you have made these many for the earth core world unexpectedly.

"Hot crow king, what person can participate to act the selection of founder?" The Ji Dong vision brilliant looking steadily fire crow king, asked.

Hot crow kingly way: "Since. The selection from three remote antiquity supreme elders and 36 core elders, as well as in our more than 200 ordinary elders selects. Finally acts the position of founder should is one of the three remote antiquity supreme elders."

Listened to its this explanation, heart of Ji Dong, unprecedented is scalding hot, "that attended this celebration, what certificate can that hot owlet feudal lord bring a moment ago?"

Hot crow king nodded, said: "Certificate has brought, but it has not given me."

Ji Dong has gawked, "why?"

Say/Way that the hot crow king is filled with righteous indignation: "This hot owlet feudal lord said that my strength is extremely small and weak, participates the celebration also to waste, does not give me the token. Said that must it experience with my elder token. This also why after seeing you, I said that you will represent the reason that our hot crow clan attended this celebration, for must come back from its there the token. Even if my strength is weak, is one of the elders, why to make it go. Now you came back, should attend the ceremony by you. However, now the token should not exist, perhaps in you under that intense flame, had been burnt a moment ago completely."

Ji Dong brow big wrinkle, "that present what to do? Did we have no way to attend this celebration?"

Hot crow king said with a forced smile: "If a moment ago that two hot owlet, if can say according to you reply, should send the envoy to come to deliver the token again to us. Otherwise, perhaps we could not attend this celebration."

Ji Dong ill-humored say/way: "How you early did not say."Early knows, did not make that two hot owlet walk.

The hot crow king looks at Ji Dong pitiful, said: "You have not asked me!"

"Wait/Etc.."In the Ji Dong mind flash of intuition, "you had said a moment ago, that hot owlet feudal lord wanted to hold your token to go to attend the celebration secretly. What's all this about. You are the solemn elder, it is not, does could it be have the token on the line?"

Hot crow king sighed, nodded. Said: "Yes, the celebration, the Saint teaches to send out the certain amount of token each time, gives us these elders. The guarantee token provides. However, when attended the celebration actually only recognizes the token not to recognize people. Even if were human entered our earth core world, so long as in the hand had the token, can attend the celebration. Each channel checkpoint must allow to pass. Therefore, robs the matter celebration of token to occur each time. But the matter that actually first time like today, the Saint teaches the envoy to occupy the token forcefully. Is because our hot crow clan was extremely small and weak! It also knows ability that we have not gone to complain."

Hot crow king positive/correct said is getting more and more angry, it suddenly surprised discovery, their hot crow clan great Lord unexpectedly is actually smiling, moreover smiles somewhat evil. "Does great Lord, what you smile?"Hot crow king Shitan asking.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "If so, that was easy to do. This celebration also how long does convene?"

Hot crow kingly way: "Three months later. From here to 15 th that the celebration convenes, at least also takes one month of traveling schedule."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "That was easy to do. Also does not need and other Saints to teach to send the envoy, since the token has sent now. We also snatch several to come back and that's the end. If you want to go, calculates your one."

"? We do snatch others?"Hot crow king dumbfounded looks at Ji Dong. This matter it has not thought. Has this celebration each time time, its token, the token of also fire fine clan that fire fine king, all robbed destiny. When is one's turn them to snatch others.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, said: "They, since can snatch our, why we can't snatch their?"

At this time. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon fell behind Ji Dong, because does not have the support of Ji Dong, five elements Yin-Yang of heavenly stems disciples has untied.

Numerous heavenly stems disciples carried on the back to jump down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, did not have the protection of five elements Yin-Yang, they were also the true contact here environment. In the surrounding temperature as well as the air rich Fire Element made the people too not adapt. Especially Water department Du Ming and Lan Bao'er as well as Metal department Du Xin'er feels obviously. Although gold/metal is also Metal department, but it has dragon clan the powerful body and spirit and Level 89 powerful strength, felt that is not very obvious.

Ji Dong when has solved hot owlet feudal lord, again has communicated with the partners with the soul on, must make the partners know that what happened. Fu Rui said with a smile: "Little Junior Brother, it seems like that this time we can directly to a depth of 15 places. Participates in that anything Saint to teach the celebration. This Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint teaches, since were the Lie Yan (raging flames) origination, that. The position of this agent founder, you may probably not pass on responsibilities are good. Turns head each of us to make a token, when the time comes everybody participates in the agent founder to select together, helps you share some pressures. Also was informed and experienced."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I think that but, the present range celebration starts also some time, we wait first on for one month. If in one month, the Saint teaches not to have the new envoy to come. We directly start to snatch the token, then goes to the Lie Yan (raging flames) Saint to teach the headquarters. If there is sent the token, we are also same must snatch, but can be slightly late to move."

Fu Rui has gawked, said: "One month later starts, does this month our do? Stays here? Enough has not oppressed the strength the actual combat, in this everywhere is the place cultivation of Fire Element, even if there is your five elements mutual promotion of the five elements and five elements Yin-Yang help, regarding everybody, the promotion will not be big."

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "Who said that here didn't have enough to oppress the strength the actual combat? Needs to exercise the actual combat, not only we, also my these subjects."

Chen Sixuan cannot bear laughed, said: "You also really must work as the hot crow king here! Thanks to you can think."In her eyes, her Ji Dong is noble, naturally cannot draw the equal with the hot crow.

Ji Dong stern say/way: "Do not despise these hot crows. They not only have the superiority of quantity, has the unity that human is unable to compare. Unites two characters, made them turn into one of the earth core world most formidable races sufficiently. Their strengths of spirit and unyielding backs make me feel proud. Became hot crow king is also I a moment ago made these true goals to be . The hot crows the situation that collaborated to strike you also saw a moment ago, in you, how many there are have confidence can block completely? You can become their touchstones, trains their team to jointly attack, but they, can take to everybody absolutely enough pressure, over a million hot crows, this strength, if everybody despised, quick, in actual combat you will eat to owe greatly."

Listened to the explanation of Ji Dong, the people slight nod, formerly hot crow king and these hot crow powerhouses the situation that collaborated to strike they looked was very clear. Joins up, the strengths of these hot crows absolutely are quite tyrannical. Do not forget, here is full of the Fire Element world, the abilities of their own supplies, compared with heavenly stems disciples easy many.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "From waiting a minute to start, I was a member in hot crow, you may probably try hard to deal are good. Comes. Oh, also, cannot injure to my these subjects. The hot crow very much bears a grudge."

Compares notes with the hot crow group, this regarding the heavenly stems disciples, feels very fresh. They regarding the judgment of Ji Dong naturally unconditionally believe that Ji Dong, since said these hot crows help them sufficiently informed and experienced, that certainly.

Ji Dong has turned around, looks to is bewildered, cannot understand hot crow king who they spoke, the wrist/skill shook, just struck to kill that Rank 10 crystal core that the hot owlet feudal lord obtained to arrive in front of the hot crow king.

"It was your. Remembers probably absorb slowly, eating bit by bit. One time eats, will make you explode the body to perish. Waited for you to be able it to absorb completely. Then, again nobody will despise you."

By the hot crow king present strength, if can absorb magic power in this Rank 10 fire attribute crystal core completely, in addition its cultivation as well as earth core world abundant Fire Element, it will directly likely promote to Rank 9 cultivation base. Naturally, this also needs a process. Like such that Ji Dong said that this thing it cannot one eat. Hot crow Wang Yong zui held Rank 10 crystal core that Ji Dong threw, in the eye has filled excitedly, these earth core living thing will not decline anything, but Jane|treasure heavy flew back to oneself cavern, received this treasure, when hot crow king appeared in front of Ji Dong again, look that completely is not balking at ten thousand deaths. But Ji Dong looks again to the look of partners, actually harbors evil intentions. Besides the secret, the heavenly stems disciples are the whole body that he looks feel cold all, in the heart raises several points of ominous premonition.

Facts showed, the premonition of heavenly stems disciples is absolutely correct, in following one month, Ji Dong lets the hot crow that hot crow king Jiang all commands the above rank, convened here completely.

Big plot everybody who I said saw. No rush, soon will show for everybody. Early this month, the small three need book friends' monthly ticket support, asked the monthly ticket.
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