Jiu Shen Chapter 51-60

Chapter 51: Light dark Five Elements Continent

Bang, bang and bang.

Has not waited for Ji Dong and Yang Bingtian talks about old days, the gate was sounded, Zhu Rong complexion sank, the gate actually opened at this time, saw only a dishevelled red hair Old Second Zhu to walk from outside.

Passing through the gate, he senseless said to Zhu Rong: "I know, you will lead him to come to here."

Zhu Rong cold expression said: "Do I in the guidance disciple, you do?"

Old Second Zhu chuckled, said: "I am and you greet, to my this Brother Ji Dong good. We have become sworn brothers, the junction of forgetting year. The Boss, this face you may probably give me."

Zhu Rong has gawked, nearby Yang Bingtian is dumbfounded, Ji Dong cannot feel the brains, Old Second Zhu and are Zhu Rong very ripe?

Old Second Zhu arrives at side Ji Dong, has patted his shoulder, "brothers, you know why I did call Old Second Zhu? Actually my name was called Zhu Yan. Zhu Rong is my Big Brother, he is Old Zhu is big, I naturally was Old Second Zhu. Other did not say, my this Big Brother in the Third Fire attainments, entire continent can with it side by side is also few. You and he are quite easy to learn. Has not thought really, he is willing to teach you unexpectedly personally." Ji Dong only thought that brains feels dizzy, has a look at Old Second Zhu, has a look at Zhu Rong and nearby delay Yang Bingtian again, speechless.

This rank was really too chaotic, from him and Old Second Zhu relations, Old Second Zhu was his swearing brotherhood elder brother, his Big Brother naturally should also be the Ji Dong Big Brother. But Yang Bingtian is Zhu Rong honorary disciple, instead lower one generation compared with Ji Dong.

But, must from Zhu Rong here, he probably make own Teacher, oneself with the Yang Bingtian person of the same generation, lowered one generation compared with Old Second Zhu.

However, if Yang Bingtian there that knows from oneself first, oneself should on the low two generations be more right than Zhu Rong and Brother Zhu Yan.

In other words, he from these three person different perspectives, unexpectedly the rank is separately different at present. This is really everything in disorder.

Zhu Rong brow tight wrinkle, ill-humored said to Old Second Zhu: "You exit to me, do not deliberately create trouble here. Any everything in disorder that makes. No matter I he is your anything brothers not brothers, starting today, he is my disciple. You later are all right little provoke him. I may tell you, he is Third and Fourth Two Fire departments, now cultivates the most important time, if you dare to entice him to go with you to study the magic power weapon casting, do not blame me to drive out from the school you."

Old Second Zhu acts like a madman before others, but is in front of Zhu Rong dingily is actually quite honest, chuckled, said: "Boss, you could rest assured that even if you asked me to make me teach him the magic power weapon casting, I will not do. I walked. Brother! You must try hard to cultivate!"

Then, Old Second Zhu fast slipping out. In the Zhu Rong eye reveals a thinking the ray, said to Yang Bingtian:
"Bingtian, you told this boy the Heavenly Stems School custom. I exit."

"Yes."Yang Bingtian respectfully complied. Zhu Rong pursued in Old Second Zhu behind left the room.

In the room only remaining Ji Dong and Yang Bingtian two people, Yang Bingtian relaxed obviously, in the face of pressure that Zhu Rong creates, his might as well Ji Dong is even calm, after all, Ji Dong does not know fierce of Zhu Rong, but regarding Yang Bingtian, many years of power and influenced acquired over a long period is actually not able to put behind.

"Ji Dong, has not thought really, you will obtain the Teacher clear to narrow the eyes. Later do not manage me to call Dean Yang. Called me a Senior Brother."

Ji Dong has gawked, "this is how good, I. "

Yang Bingtian rushes saying: "Teacher, although does not care with that Old Second Zhu senior's relations to you very much, but actually controls to the disciple very strictly. If you do not comply, but has harmed me. I am only honorary disciple, you called me a Senior Brother, I have been benefitted from association with you light."

Ji Dong somewhat helpless nodded, barely escapes death, he naturally could see that named Zhu Rong old man has the supreme status in the Yang Bingtian heart. Why not do oneself help somebody in doing good?

Yang Bingtian said: "Ji Dong, now you already by the Heavenly Stems School official enrollment, and has joined Yin-Yang School, many matters can also tell you. You know why Five Great Empires will collaborate to establish Heavenly Stems School, and among Five Great Empires has the war rarely?"

Ji Dong surprised looks at Yang Bingtian, these are the question in his heart, hastily said: "Asked the Senior Brother to teach me." Yang Bingtian said: "Reason that will have such situation , because Five Great Empires has the common enemy."

"Common enemy?"In the Ji Dong eye reveals a thinking the ray.

"Right, is the common enemy. Actually, in our world, not only has Five Elements Continent piece of continent, in addition, existence of also another piece of continent. Therefore, our Five Elements Continent true name should be called Light Five Elements Continent to be right. Still remembers you had asked question? Why we after releasing magic power and Yin-Yang Crown, around magic power will have a gold-edged. That is the bright symbol, our ten departments Mage that type, is having the similar situation, bright symbol."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "That said, had light to have the darkness? That another piece of should continent be called Dark Five Elements Continent?"

Yang Bingtian complexion dignified nodded, "you said right, besides our Light Five Elements Continent, is separated not far with us, is divided by the sea, also another piece of area slightly small continent, is called Dark Five Elements Continent. In there, has representative wood, fire, earth, metal, and water five elements Five Great Empires similarly. Just, their ten departments magic power are partial in dark."

Ji Dong said: "Is bright and dark, is completely opposite, that said, this Dark Five Elements Continent was the Light Five Elements Continent bitter enemy? But, before why , do I never listen to the person to mention in Li Fire City?"

Yang Bingtian said: "This is the continent secret, Five Great Empires headed by Central Earth Empire all strongly blocks off the flow of news, in order to avoid creates the panic to the public. This grade of secret, the ordinary common people not know to well, so long as Light Five Elements Continent were not invaded, does not have any relations with them. But such situation, has maintained for over a thousand years." Ji Dong was puzzled said: "I not am quite clear. Since two pieces of continent each other attribute is opposite, is hostile mutually, won't could it be launch the war? Once there is a war to occur, Empire People can not know?"

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Chapter 52: Is promoted

In the Ji Dong vision reveals look looking pensive, regarding the theory of Zhu Rong, he is interested very much, because, when he just started to cultivate, there are with Zhu Rong exactly the same idea, the attack is the best defense.

Around body one light, Ji Dong had the conscientious feeling once more. Zhu Rong coldly said: "Regardless of you do want, must listen my. I can tell you, I am the Heavenly Stems School all Fire department students' control, even if I write off from the school you, nobody can say anything certainly. You 14 years old of close 15 years old, to you, the time were not many. At present most important promotes your own magic power, meets the Yin-Yang School standard as soon as possible, before 16 years old, must promote Two-Crown. Therefore, from now on, you cannot leave this room, your diet I will make the person send. In this room has the institute of excretion. Besides these, all your time, must cultivation magic power. My every ten days inspect one time, if you cannot make me satisfy, then, I will make you taste the taste of purgatory."

"I did not mind that you hate me, so long as you have the skill to defeat me, making me manage you to call Teacher. However, present you, compared an ant in my eyes many. I do not need you to call me Teacher. But I make matter that you do you probably achieve. Otherwise, I will let your not have the will to live, unable to request death."

Spoke these words, the Zhu Rong stride goes out of the room, the entrance has heard the sonorous crossbow trigger sound, without a doubt, Ji Dong could not exit.

Looks the direction that Zhu Rong leaves, the Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals a light smile, "really direct, is this strongest Third Fire? I to a little liked this old man."

Although the Zhu Rong person walked, but the Ji Dong actually surprised discovery, in this room the Third Fire Element rich degree, at least is over ten times of outside, although could not have compared earth core lake that nearly substantive huge element energy. But has the greatest advantage regarding the Ji Dong cultivation absolutely. In Yin-Yang Vortex by chest, although is only Third Fire Element, sufficiently has actually been used to cultivate to Ji Dong. On the Zhu Rong mouth said is too rogue, actually absolutely can become in the practical action is good Teacher.

Then, Ji Dong used day to find out has delivered the food time, later, besides delivering the time of food, he will transmit to the earth core lake cultivates. Where has will be more suitable than to enhance the Fire department Mage ability there?

In an instant, ten days passed by, but Ji Dong Crown Star, during these ten days, again mostly, two departments magic power have been the Level 15 degree. This grade of cultivation speed, is startled including him.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), my was magic power promoted?"Sits cross- legged to sit in the platform in earth core lake, Ji Dong somewhat pleasantly surprised feels the magic power fluctuation that within the body is sublimating once more. Source Yin-Yang Crown became clearer several points, Yin-Yang Vortex also increased little. Two Great Pinnacle Fire rays also became in his within the body more eye-catching.

Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "this does not have anything to be quite strange, the speed that if you cultivation is not fast, I am surprised. Although the dragon blood immersion mainly promotes your body intensity, but has certainly stimulation to your magic power. But later in this half a month time, you have practiced here diligently. Your cultivation base is higher, the effect that Pinnacle Two Fires can display is also better. As Supreme Yin Supreme Yang Fire, their it is the centers of all flame, enabling you have stronger summon strength in the process of absorption compared with general Fire department Mage to Fire Element. Fire Element of earth core lake almost takes drainless. Meanwhile, the extreme assiduousness that these days, you cultivation, consumes up magic power by magic skill, fast supplemented through the cultivation again. The process of this output and input , has good promotion function to your own magic power. So long as you can maintain this condition cultivation. Before Two-Crown , to promote the Level 1 issue not to be big every 20 days to one month. Again three months, you should be able to attack Second Crown."

Ji Dong just wants to say anything, the Lie Yan (raging flames) look beat suddenly, "you should go back, some people looked for you. That the person who called Zhu Rong was good. Also is considered as on the powerhouse in your human. He teaches you anything, you can feel relieved the study."

Red Lotus sweeps across, the next moment, Ji Dong returned to the room, at the same time, outside has transmitted mechanical clanging. The gate opens, was a red clothes, the hair combs meticulous Zhu Rong to walk from outside as before.

Just passing through the gate, the Zhu Rong complexion suddenly changed, "good young brat, you to dare to violate my order not to practice unexpectedly?"At the same time was saying, big hand, the feeling of that air setting produces once again, Zhu Rong stands there, the whole person is similar to Fire God arrives really general, pair of eyes blowout blazing anger.

Body one tight, the body of Ji Dong was pulled by this invisible great strength is approaching to Zhu Rong, this destiny is not Ji Dong most is not feeling well by the feeling that oneself control. angrily roared, released own Third and Fourth Two Fires magic power fully, Black and White Yin-Yang Crown condensed in the top of the head instantaneously. By pulling before , body that to/clashes stagnated immediately.

Pulls the ability of his body regarding Zhu Rong this type of control air forcefully, Ji Dong has inquired Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) told him, this was own magic power integrates in the air to air one control method. Mage of any department can achieve, naturally, the premise is magic power is formidable enough, moreover must have the greatly strengthened controlling force to magic power. Only then can control each Fire Element coagulation air precisely, can make the air own weapon. But Zhu Rong when displaying this ability does not even have the release including Yin-Yang Crown, obviously his cultivation base was deep.

"Also dares to revolt?"Zhu Rong angrily snorted, Ji Dong cultivation base and he differs is too big, has almost stopped, was pulled is flushing away once more forward. "Eh......", but, at this time, Zhu Rong also saw the Crown Star quantity on Ji Dong that Black and White Yin-Yang Crown. In eye anger immediately one slow.

At this moment, Ji Dong loudly shouted, gold and black, the two-color flame replaced red and blue Third and Fourth Two Fires to ascend loudly instantaneously suddenly, the element fluctuation in entire room had the qualitative change immediately. The Ji Dong body surrounding air ripples generally just like wave, originally had the mutation by the air of Zhu Rong Fire Element control immediately, dispersing of shrinking, breaks just like the solid air instantaneously, Ji Dong whole body one light, was conscientious.

Zhu Rong only thought Source Yin-Yang Crown in own chest shivered fiercely, by his formidable also exclaimed, "attribute suppression?"

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Chapter 53: Thunder Emperor challenge

Ji Dong static standing there, the vision is staring at Zhu Rong, the eye- catching flame takes his body median line as the division, the right is the dignified solemn and respectful golden color, the left for the profound mysterious black, two types of violent attribute flame is serving as contrast Ji Dong that special makings. Two Great Sovereign Kings proud fuses together with Wine God arrogant demeanor, tight pursing the lips, Ji Dong does flicker is looking steadily at Zhu Rong.

The vision of Zhu Rong originally powerful becomes somewhat dull, golden flame that the gaze that flickers on the Ji Dong right hand is ascending, say/way speak unhurriedly and clearly: "Third, Wu, Primordial, Yang, Holy, Fire?"

Ji Dong solemnly said: "You are my Teacher, cannot insult my dignity. You without the examination, why said that I don't have to cultivate diligently?"

Two Half-Crown Star on Yin-Yang Crown Crown Ring are the best explanations, although Old Second Zhu will not have had the Pinnacle Two Fires matter to tell Zhu Rong, but Ji Dong does not plan to hide again. Because he is not willing Two Great Sovereign King Fires to receive any humiliation because of oneself bearing patiently. The flame of this pinnacle, Sovereign King proud, he does not allow anybody to insult lightly. Even if he has the good impression to Zhu Rong, even if in heart he acknowledged the Teacher Zhu Rong status is also same. "Haha, Hahahaha."Zhu Rong has smiled suddenly, incomparably carefree laughs, the voice of rushing shakes the flame that on Ji Dong blooms unceasingly to drag. In the attribute, he truly can suppress any flame, but, magic power disparity between Ji Dong and Zhu Rong cannot the truth record, hearing the Zhu Rong sound, Ji Dong only to think the blood of own within the body as if must break the body, but, but he actually as before clenches teeth to insist, standing stubbornly in same place is not willing to retrocede one step.

"I understood. No wonder Old Second Zhu will recognize you to become brothers. On you actually has the so huge secret. Good, good. Old Ghost Shui, I thought how this time your Water department also struggles with me. water subdues fire? You restrain Supreme Yang Fire to show me. Hahahaha."

Looks at Zhu Rong carefree dripping laughing, Ji Dong knit the brows, Pinnacle Two Fires restraining, static standing did not say a word there.

The laughter stops, the Zhu Rong look becomes serious, "Ji Dong, why you knew a moment ago me, as soon as passed through the gate said that you haven't practiced?"

Ji Dong shook the head.

Zhu Rong said: "That is because, I pour into Third Fire Element in this room not to have the slightest to reduce. If you have practiced, ten days of time, at least should absorb over 60% Third Fire Element are right."

Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted, he has practiced in the earth core lake for serveral days, is naturally impossible to absorb Third Fire Element in this room, therefore Zhu Rong will have such response in passing through the gate.

The Zhu Rong stride arrives in front of Ji Dong, has patted his shoulder, nodded with satisfaction, said: "I do not know how your this Pinnacle Two Fires comes, does not plan to know. From you, I saw the Fire department future. My magic skill, is primarily manifest. Therefore, after you must cultivation Two-Crown, can start to study. From now on, I no longer restrict your freedom, you can cultivation voluntarily. Even if cannot achieve Two-Crown not to have anything before 16 years old, I same will not make you leave Yin-Yang School. I only have a request, that is you must be primarily in the process of cultivation is safe, can not any advance recklessly. also, your this Pinnacle Two Fires temporarily do not reveal before anybody. Your present strength, but also is unable to play their true might by far."

"Un."nodded, Ji Dong expressed oneself knew.

Zhu Rong touches the head of Ji Dong, in heart carefree is not really able to conceal, on the face reveals the happy expression, "goes. In room oppressed these many days, exits to relax. Although Third Fire is the firm representative, but then just easy to break. Exchanges with other students, walks to city, relaxes the mind, has the advantage to you. If exits, remembers that is bringing your token, the Yin-Yang School token, is general in entire continent. Some people do not dare to provoke you. Goes."

The Zhu Rong vision is very as before scalding hot, but that scalding hot flavor/smell actually had the change, Ji Dong thought that this Teacher when looks at itself, looks like looked that a peerless treasure is common, the tone of originally chilling powerful was protected to substitute completely. Even had to plant including fears to melt in the mouth, held in the hand feared was falling feeling.

Should go out for a walk, must purchase some liquor to be good, gold coin also more than 400 that previous Yang Bingtian gives, enough insist a long time. The Lie Yan (raging flames) taste is been getting more and more tricky, although she who Ji Dong raises always did not say anything, but Ji Dong actually only wants best gives her.

Gazed after Ji Dong to go out of the room, Zhu Rong jumped unexpectedly fiercely, a person crazy laughed in the room, "inborn Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, Ji Dong Ji Dong, you have given me really a too big pleasant surprise. When you grow, later does Heavenly Stems School also turn to obtain Earth department to wield? I want quickly to notice that really Old Ghost Shui and Old Ghost Leng see your inborn Pinnacle Supreme Yang Fire appearance. Un, others cannot say, but I must quickly tell the stars. His that black flame should be Supreme Yin Fire is also right. Otherwise, ordinary can Fourth Fire with Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire symbiosis? Ten years, only take ten years, I must make Ji Dong this boy the control on Holy and Evil Battlefield."

Before Ji Dong, has practiced not the short time in the earth core lake, the belly was hungry. Except for the room, decides to eat a thing to cafeteria first, then asks the brothers who Carl and Bi Su these two ten days have not met to go to the city to go to to stroll together. Buys various types of good wines while convenient, supplements own goods in stock.

This little while is at noon, when Ji Dong arrives in the Yin-Yang School cafeteria, dozens people have dined here. As soon as he passes through the gate, feels many vision looks like. Without a doubt, previous Old Second Zhu asked his brothers to play very major role here. Was good is badly difficult to say.

Ji Dong took some food, was found an unmanned corner to sit down to eat as before, he had just eaten shortly, table opposite were many a person. Fifth Earth department Ji Yeshang.

"Ji Dong."Ji Yeshang lowered the sound to call one.

Ji Dong raised the head glanced at him, regarding Ji Yeshang, he does not have any good impression.

Ji Yeshang said in a low voice: "Ji Dong, Boss Fu Rui returned to school. Moreover he also knows guild that side matter. Is looking for you, you carefully. Heard that you and Old Second Zhu relate well, if possible, you best and he in the same place, the Boss Fu Rui anger also nobody can withstand in our students. Good, you eat first, I walked."Said these, he hurries to stand up, was avoided suspicion the half step walks likely.

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Chapter 54: Gambling stake

Except for Ji Dong, no one understands that Thunder Emperor Fu Rui just will enter why the new person challenge of Yin-Yang School toward one, this has appeared never in the past.

Ji Dong arrives in front of Fu Rui, he feels clearly, distance Yin-Yang School Chief is nearer, the pressure that oneself bear is also bigger. Moreover, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui imposing manner is not he intends to put, but is a strong aura from inside to outside.

After Fu Rui side, Ji Dong has not stayed, walks toward outside directly, Fu Rui also along with it following, two people one after the other left the cafeteria.

In the cafeteria, Long Tian and Shui Ruohan look at each other one, Shui Ruohan said: "I look for Old Second Zhu, hopes that can have time. Thunder Emperor today was this? He very long had not initiated to whom has challenged. I heard that his cultivation base approached Seven- Crown. Since Heavenly Stems School has established for 500 years, he is most hopeful breaks through Seven-Crown realm before 30 years old. Next Dean most advantageous competitor."

Long Tian solemnly said: "I and you go together. However, how I estimate Fu Rui not to Ji Dong. Do not forget, director Zhu Rong simultaneously is their teachers. Perhaps, today Thunder Emperor is gives Ji Dong to drum up support also perhaps."

Left the cafeteria, Ji Dong had not walked two steps, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui has surpassed in front of him, solemnly said: "Arrives at my room. My there equipment is quite complete."

Ji Dong glanced at him, nodded.

Side Reddy, he only has a feeling, looked like initially in Wind and Frost Mountain Range prominent peak, was the same facing the mountain peak of reaching to the sky. Admires. Actually is what kind of experience, can make a person the powerful hence, did the aura that reveals accidentally make person unable to breath?

Fu Rui brings Ji Dong to walk toward the Yin-Yang School deep place, through third layer, has entered Ji Dong had never entered fourth layer.

Yin-Yang School more downward, the area seems to be smaller. Arrived this fourth layer, the road obviously became narrow several points, but air actually as before unobstructed, Fu Rui has not stopped the footsteps , to continue downward, entered fifth layer following the steps of rock repair.

fifth layer and above four ring-like roads are entirely different, enters here, first heaves in sight, is a hall of oval-shape, the hall high approximately five meters, in the midpoint ground, ten departments Totem is lifelike. The surroundings have ten gateways, on each gateway, has the corresponding Totem style respectively.

Before Fu Rui brings Ji Dong to arrive the carving has the gateway of Fire Phoenix design, in hand were many a fiery-red token, looks at the quality of material, is almost the same as the Ji Dong token, is only the color must deeper several points. The hollow place of token brand mark in gate, the gate opens. When Thunder Emperor walked first.

Enters in the room with Fu Rui together, this is one has 300 square meters broad stone chamber fully, is much bigger than the room that Ji Dong assigns. Entered the room, Ji Dong immediately in left the giant bar attraction by the stone chamber.

The length surpasses 15 meters giant bar bar, has 1.5 meters highly fully, behind the bar, altogether ten wine chests, above is placing various dazzling good wines. In Ji Dong storage bracelet collects, is only in the market some ordinary good wines, but after the Fu Rui room on these wine chests actually at least over a hundred Ji Dong arrive at this world, has not seen.

In the stone chamber ripples light wine, on the bar is placing various wine glass also material quality style different shaker that the one by one style is varying. Sees these, Ji Dong sips has the lips, he of previous generation, doesn't have a similar room? That only belongs to his place. Various good wines that he collects, be more than Thunder Emperor Fu Rui.

Before subconscious arriving bar, the Ji Dong vision stays in a style plain beverage bottle, the beverage bottle is the yellowish brown color, could see that is the mineral crystal carves completely, only this beverage bottle, absolute value not poor. Ji Dong turns head to look to Fu Rui, "can I have a look at it?"

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui lightly said: "Can mix Yi Shoots the Nine Suns such cocktail, you have this qualifications."

Ji Dong nodded, cautiously that bottle of liquor in the hand, liquor fluid also in beverage bottle about 70%, he opens the bottle cap, immediately, a strongly fragrant wine vigorously.

Deep inspiration, Ji Dong is also fast bottle cap cover, "30 years of abundant tomb whisky. Nice wine."

Fu Rui somewhat surprisedly visits him, "such simple heard that you can judge the year?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, ", if including this unable to achieve, why I do challenge your Bartenders Association? The abundant tomb whisky has the different years, but the end product on general market mainly has three years, 12 years, 17 years, 21 years. Your this bottle of 30 years of abundant tomb whisky are very rare. 12 years of abundant tomb has the rich cream sweet taste, light easy entrance \; 30 years of abundant tomb is vicious, the smoking taste and hard Lawei are stronger, the water fruit- flavor and flower fragrance are also quieter noblly. But the color of liquor also along with the growth of year, but is getting more and more full, from 12 years of honey soy-and-sugar sauces to 17 years of golden yellow, again to 21 years yellowish red until 30 years of attractive pure gold/metal. The liquor fluid also more and more prolonged hangs cup, these are called in the liquor drop that on the cup wall is not willing to coast " the tears of angel". The whisky, looks at the color first, then smells the fragrance, after the liquor entrance , the tip of tongue distinguishes the honey carefully, the vanilla, the fruit, the smoking, pungent, salty ,
The unique wadding slippery taste of abundant tomb originates from four natural ingredients that the Northern Water Empire Gland province is in sole possession of: First, has the light smoking taste to taste to have the faint trace sweet taste barley \; Second, Gland village peat coal. If lights with the fire, will smell nice-smelling smoke. Third, flows in limpid the spring water in Gland province Gland mountain ranges. Fourth, the village pure air is also accomplishes the remarkable quality not the substitutable special ingredient of whisky. These elements have supported the outstanding status of abundant tomb whisky on continent. "

Arrived at this world, the drink mixing four years, Ji Dong also fully absorbs was various wines knowledge of this world, at the experience of union previous generation, summarized own one set of theory. Except that cultivates Mage, he not much spare times on liquor.

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui static is listening to the Ji Dong words, throughout has not interrupted, until he said, lightly said: "To/Clashes the cognition to abundant tomb, you have the qualifications to taste my this bottle of 30 years of abundant tombs."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, puts back the 30 years of abundant tomb whisky in hand, shaking the head of gently, ", but, it has not matched to make the way that I use to taste appreciate. If 50 years of abundant tomb, perhaps has this qualifications."

In the Thunder Emperor eye the ray flashes, in this peaceful room, as if two cold Dianhua, "you had said that my abundant tomb 30 years don't match?"

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Chapter 55: Thunder and lightning drink mixing, electricity dragon Xizhu

Thunder Emperor is thinking anything, Ji Dong naturally understands, sees things in others'shoes, if changed him to be in Fu Rui this situation, did not have any reason of rejection. The enticement of top drink mixing technique was really too big.

"Good, I and you bet."Thunder Emperor decides suddenly, the sinking sound said.

The Ji Dong complexion also becomes serious, this fights also similarly is for him important, the opposite party after knowing oneself Yi Shoots the Nine Suns drink mixing technique has dared to challenge as before, obviously it must have the forte, in addition looked at the collection of Thunder Emperor, Ji Dong has understood, after arriving at this world, the drink mixing aspect, ran into the match who has been possible to endure fights finally.

At this moment, bang bang pounding gate sound has made a sound suddenly.

"Fu Rui, your mixes boy, opens the door to me."Nearly roared the angry roaring sound made in the room one shiver, must know, here wall thickness must be more inferior than with the city wall in the city gate.

Fu Rui has gawked, this sound he was too familiar, several steps arrive at the entrance place, opened the front door. The gate opens, two forms sweep across to enter just like the hurricane generally, when a person shoves open Fu Rui first, walks to the room, by the Fu Rui powerful, has not revolted unexpectedly.

This person Ji Dong Teacher, Zhu Rong. Follows in Zhu Rong behind Old Second Zhu or the same as usual. But the anxious colors on this two brothers faces are actually without change.

Zhu Rong saw Ji Dong, Ji Dong only thought that the red light flashes, Zhu Rong arrived at oneself near, a hand according to own shoulder, rushes, but scalding hot Third Fire Element sweeps across the whole body instantaneously, making his body one give off heat.

As if relaxed, the Zhu Rong look relaxes slightly, "I come luckily quickly."Actually, their brothers two people should come again quickly, but formerly Ji Dong in the cafeteria said that goes to his room, making Brother Zhu Rong run, evening that this came several points.

Looks at his anxious appearance, although Ji Dong knows that is because oneself Pinnacle Two Fires Brother Zhu Rong two people so take seriously themselves, but in his heart is actually a warmth. The feeling of cared is always happy.

Zhu Rong here gets the physical exam of Ji Dong, another side Old Second Zhu acted crazy, a hand is pointing at Fu Rui nose, stamps one's foot angrily rebukes saying: "Fu Rui, did your boy act against heaven? Dares to make including my brothers. How old are you? Challenges a 14- year-old child. I blush for you, I told you, if Ji Dong has been short of a hair. You wait for me to toss about dead your Yalong. Later do not want to obtain any magic power weapon from here."

Thunder Emperor Fu Rui scolded somewhat cannot feel the brains, but in this entire Heavenly Stems School he most cannot offend does not dare to offend, only then at present this Zhu Rong and Brother Zhu Yan. By his powerful, accompanies to say with a smile: "Teacher's younger brother, you calm down first. You must tell me first what's the matter! Is Ji Dong your brothers?" Old Second Zhu snorted, "right, Ji Dong is the little brother who I recognize newly."Him has not given up, another side, Zhu Rong filled to gaze at fixedly including the anger vision, "Fu Rui, you were really the prospect! Bullying the weak, relies on bullies the weak, object own Little Junior Brother that bullies. Very good, you are very good."

This, Fu Rui was really depressed, hurries to go forward several, said with a forced smile: "Teacher, I then just came back. Is Ji Dong my Little Junior Brother? You, did you accept the disciple?"

"Snort."Zhu Rong coldly snorted, a hand is hugging the shoulder of Ji Dong, does not respond Fu Rui.

Looks at this, Ji Dong understands immediately, originally Zhu Rong and Yang Bingtian had said that Senior Brother, unexpectedly is Yin-Yang School Chief, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. This discovery, not only made his strength to oneself this Teacher probably estimate, some not very awkward feelings.

Ji Dong looks to Thunder Emperor, Thunder Emperor also happen to looks to him, among this pair of fellow apprentices looks reveals several points of funniness. Ji Dong said: "Teacher, I think that you misunderstood. The Senior Brother to is not the fight that I challenge."

Zhu Rong has gawked, doubts looks to Ji Dong. Another side Fu Rui already impatient saying: "! Teacher, even if I lack prospects again, will not bully a young child. Moreover, truly is wronged should be I. My this Little Junior Brother visited to hit my face. That side the Central Plains City branch raised a rumpus. I then come back to look for the gathering place."

"Wait/Etc., what is visits to hit the face?"Nearby Old Second Zhu cannot bear asking.

Fu Rui looked at Ji Dong, angrily snorted, "my this Little Junior Brother in some time ago, has set out a table to my Bartenders Association Central Plains City branch entrance, visits to challenge. By a Yi Shoots the Nine Suns drink mixing technique, causes branch unparalleled. He has also written a scroll, above writes: Can Bartenders Association dare to fight? After having won, swaggers away, but also stays behind the words, said oneself are registers for Heavenly Stems School, wants to look for the gathering place, makes President Du Sikang come the school to look for him. Teacher, you said often I am rampant, my this Little Junior Brother is not worse than me. Chen Xiao told me saying that my Little Junior Brother added anything, had the strength you also to be able like this. You said, this hasn't visited to hit the face? If I do not recover the gathering place, later I did not need to mix in Bartenders Association."

Zhu Rong has a look at two people, "said, you get so far as your here Ji Dong, competes with drink mixing for and him?"

Fu Rui nodded, said: "Right. Our has not started, didn't you and teacher's younger brother catch up?"

Zhu Rong doubts looks to Ji Dong, "is really this?" The Fu Rui drink mixing ability he is knows that this , when Teacher little has not obtained being filial piety of Fu Rui. In the five elements attribute, fire attribute and water attribute person most likes drinking. Therefore, in Fu Rui takes in Bartenders Association branch association president this point, even made Zhu Rong proud as the Yin-Yang School Chief disciple compared with him. Water department that two directors naturally also greatly envy. Ji Dong is also less than 15 years old, bartending ability can make Central Plains City Bartender branch unparalleled unexpectedly, this really keeps Zhu Rong some from understanding.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Is this. Just right that Teacher, you and Big Brothers Zhu Yan come. Makes a testimony for us. I and Senior Brother made a bet."At that moment, his simple bet to say both sides.

Has Zhu Rong and Zhu Yan two brothers is a guarantor, so long as he has won today, these liquor of Fu Rui collection may unable to be inescapable. Naturally, Ji Dong could also see, will not act shamelessly by the Fu Rui disposition.

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Chapter 56: Nine days of female celestial VS gods of thunder are born

Looks at the Fu Rui movement, Zhu Rong nodded with satisfaction, "is very good, your controlling force also has progressive, has not wasted an energy."

On the Thunder Emperor Fu Rui resolute face reveals a smiling face rarely, in the top of the head Six-Crown Yang Crown passed quietly, returned to normal, the surface was not red, the air/Qi did not breathe heavily, as if anything has not done.

Thunder and lightning drink mixing, electricity dragon Xizhu. All that Thunder Emperor Fu Rui achieves have given the Ji Dong too big shock. He has never thought that drink mixing actually can also like this. At this moment, he really understands, this after all is first different world of one on with. Here, magic power is all control, affects on drink mixing is also same. Technique and drink mixing skill that oneself are proud, under premise that in magic power does not have. Fu Rui in gorgeous that in drink mixing brings, also that makes the cocktail flavor/smell that he is unable to judge, during made him be lost in thought.

Fu Rui has not opened shaker eagerly, on that shaker also as before is the electric light surrounds, presents the surpassing the teacher purple, he to the hand signal that Ji Dong makes invitation, "Little Junior Brother, was one's turn you." Raised the head slowly, a firm ray appears in the Ji Dong eye pupil, the right hand wields, nine bottles of good wines appear on the table one after another. He knows, if not show own special skill, was impossible to defeat Fu Rui by the good wine that the strength of huge thunder and lightning mixed. Although Yi Shoots the Nine Suns is strong, but was unable to achieve Fu Rui that degree after all, electricity dragon Xizhu, meteorology that only brings when drink mixing, already above own Yi Shoots the Nine Suns. He will be no wonder confident.

However, once as one generation of Wine God Ji Dong, so will admit defeat? Even if he just realized several points of magic power drink mixing mystery, not thorough, but, he 30 years of inside story is not easy to defeat.

Saw Ji Dong to take out nine bottles of good wines, Fu Rui has also gawked. As top Bartender, he is clear, matches the quantity of cooking wine more, the drink mixing difficulty is also bigger. The proportion, is the proportions of mixture and matching among various ingredients, along with matching the increase difficulty how much multiple promotion of cooking wine quantity. Ji Dong took out nine types to match the cooking wine all of a sudden, this was he self-examined that was also very difficult to complete. In his memory, had only seen relies on oneself to succeed a time to Water Element exquisite control Du Sikang. could it be said that oneself this Little Junior Brother unexpectedly also?

Ji Dong had proven with the practical action the guess of Fu Rui, nine types of ingredients, according to certain proportion, fall in crystal shaker successively, the light ray twinkle, nine types match the cooking wine to mix in shaker, form the muddy color. Fu Rui judges immediately, nine that Ji Dong uses match the cooking wine color to be different. Only the mint- julep has two types, separately is the blue color and green. Although other seven types are in market the common liquor, but also is the color varies.

The cover cover for a jar, Ji Dong retrocedes slightly one step, he closed first both eyes, both hands has naturally sagged by the body, ten fingers were shivering by certain rhythm rhythm gently.

Zhu Rong and Zhu Yan two brothers are also first time see Ji Dong drink mixing, from formerly the Fu Rui procedure, they understood attaching great importance to of Fu Rui Ji Dong. Electricity dragon Xizhu, is the Fu Rui unique skill. He also relied on this drink mixing technique to obtain the qualifications of Nine Stars big Bartender. Can let he so match whole- heartedly, how also to be ordinary?

In the free time who they thought deeply about, Ji Dong has taken the action, saw only him to open both eyes suddenly, an incomparable proud air/Qi erupted instantaneously, in the limpid eye pupil produced an inverted image in shaker the chaos color, the whole person seemed entering in special realm. Left hand extremely slow searches to shaker, by the back of the hand post to shaker, the both feet draws up, the body under squats slightly. The right hand launches in the body side, the vigor of whole person fuses together instantaneously.

, The Ji Dong left hand back of the hand depends, that shaker was flying horizontally, sees only a he spin body fast, the right hand holds to select in the shaker bottle bottom, entire shaker already in airborne rapid revolving.

Nine types of color liquor fluids in crystal shaker starts immediately fiercely surge, both hands of Ji Dong just like putting on the variegated butterfly from the sky dance in the air generally. That shaker as if lives general, in airborne continuously presents all kinds of modeling. Changes into the solar common disc suddenly, changes into star light appear and disappear from time to time suddenly, occasionally also in airborne will have a round bright moonlight brilliance, both hands of Ji Dong are common just like the illusory image, in the situation of frequently to violating the normal person body rule moves shaker. This time he, to the Zhu Rong three people of feelings, likely is the endless nighttime sky and vast universe is unexpectedly common. day, moon/month and star sparkle unceasingly, sometimes also will change into is similar to the meteor common dazzling brilliance.

Ji Dong has no longer stood behind table, the body walks along with the pot, whole person in this broad room the drink mixing limit perfect shows.

Zhu Rong and facial expression of Zhu Yan two brothers is shocking, they have never seen so complicated strange drink mixing technique, the Ji Dong both hands movement was too quick, they have a feeling eyes cannot take it all. That day, moon/month and star, clearly are shaker in the visual illusion that the different angle different revolving ways have. But in this entire process on Ji Dong has not released slightest bit magic power.

Most shocks, must be Ji Dong this time match Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Since he becomes splendid Bartender, he has believed, the magic power intensity, is the bartending ability strong and weak important indicator. Although his thunder attribute magic power on drink mixing is not big like Water department effect of magic power, but can also play the mysterious effect. Like Ji Dong, the only technique shows so mysterious one, that reach a high degree of proficiency technique, he actually first time sees. He understands profoundly, even if President Bartenders Association Du Sikang, cannot achieve all that Ji Dong shows at this time absolutely. That does not have any gaudiness, without any is opportunistic with the magic power auxiliary pure skill!

Ji Dong each movement, has inspiration beyond description to him, each transformation of Ji Dong personal appearance is making Fu Rui unable to bear the feeling of praising to the heavens. Although he does not think as before oneself will lose, but he did not have the heart of slightest bit contempt to Ji Dong again, polarity, regarding this Little Junior Brother, he already from the approval of heart.

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Chapter 57: magic power weapon, Sun and Moon double splendor

However, three cups of gods of thunder that Fu Rui pours arrive, only then Ji Dong is tasting one cup, Fu Rui also Brother Zhu Rong, priority selection is under nine days of female celestial that he mixes this world.

Ji Dong light sips royal purple liquor fluid, immediately, the feeling paralysis spreads the root of the tongue from the tip of tongue, spreads to body each again instantaneously, that felt the explosive exciting feeling to make his whole body fine hair hole as if open, this humble one one second, the rich wine had been delivered to his within the body each corner by magic power of this thunder and lightning, during the breath, as if the seven orifices had the wine to spout general. Ji Dong cannot bear acclaimed, "nice wine."

This is mixing the magic power good wine, the Ji Dong first taste, each gets down, the whole body likely had been washed one by the wine, the rich fragrance fills the air around all senses, this is unequalled enjoyment. The name of god of thunder birth deserves. Regarding Ji Dong, what is more important is existence of this drink mixing technique. If also integrate in Pinnacle Two Fires drink mixing, that will have what kind of flavor/smell? For a long time has not appeared has studied the drink mixing thoughts to appear in the Ji Dong innermost feelings again. Even also intense anticipation feeling.

Ji Dong was acclaiming the unique delicacy that the god of thunder was born, another side, Fu Rui and Brother Zhu Rong actually in dull several anything, every time drank good wine, they muttered talked over several. Quick, liquor fluids in three people of cup drank up, the Old Second Zhu first opens the mouth, "57 types, Heavens! One glass of liquor really have 57 flavors/smells."

Zhu Rong knits the brows to shake the head, said: "It is not right, what I count is 64 types. You counted to be short."

Fu Rui said: "Teacher, you have been probably also short, I have distinguished carefully, altogether is 72 flavors/smells is right. Is hard to imagine, nine good wine hybrid modulations, not only does not have any confusion flavor/smell, instead respective flavor/smell better sending out, but can also each other unify, forms a more unique delicacy. This is one cup of deserving king of cocktail. Little Junior Brother, I count is right?"

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, "9981, should be 81 flavors/smells is right. Senior Brother, you count was also short."

Old Second Zhu has patted the shoulder of Zhu Rong, "Boss, I thought that the most correct two matters that your this whole life does, accepted two good apprentices. Later we may have the luck of having good things to eat. Haha."

The Zhu Rong ill-humored racket his hand, "is not we, is I. You go back to build your magic power weapon well."

Say/Way that a Old Second Zhu face flattered: "Boss, we are the blood brother! Your isn't my?"

Zhu Rong snorted, "does a bit less this set, you good thing that takes away from here to be few? Can the apprentices also snatch with me?"

Old Second Zhu angrily said: "Zhu Rong, do you have the human nature! I thing that takes from your there is many, you could it be that takes away from my there are few?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Teacher's younger brother, Teacher and you crack a joke, did you also take seriously? We for your two drink mixing, should filial piety completely." Old Second Zhu very much fears Zhu Rong obviously, some stair had not insisted, has groaned two on beaming with joy gathering Ji Dong side, traces on the body, pulls out the different thing to hand in the Ji Dong hand, "brothers, complying with your thing I to do well to you. You have a look."

Ji Dong subconscious receiving, that is a pair of glove, is sending out the dark gold/metal luster all over the body, starts very lightly, does not know that is any material quality, other side crossed, his surprised seeing, Old Second Zhu once that two reaches as high as Rank 7 high-grade Crystal Crown to he has looked, crustification in the position of glove palm. Moreover does not have a trace of connection, unusual conditions.

Sees this glove, Fu Rui eyes somewhat straightens, "teacher's younger brother, your this may the bias."

Zhu Rong snort/hum the sound, said: "Ok, Old Second, pressed the bottom the thing to pull out continually. You give up actually."

Old Second Zhu ill-humored say/way: "Don't I have the name? Do not call me Old Second, was coarse. I like certain people, did not receive the apprentice or the stingy person and porcelain quail, does not lift a finger to help. My this becomes the Big Brother, naturally must give my brother the best thing. Ji Dong, let me tell you, this glove mixes bluish green Xuezhu the sovereign spinning to add on the silk as well as the Rank 3 of Crystal Crown powder refinement scarlet phoenix silkworm with the black gold thread again. Itself has the characteristics that five elements does not invade, is extremely tenacious. After you take it, when releases magic power, because glove itself five elements does not invade, magic power voluntarily centralized above Rank 7 Crystal Crown, can, when releases magic skill to reduce the magic power consumption, can strengthen your magic skill might. Cultivation time, can absorb magic power through them , to promote the magic power condensation effect. This time I used the best material, this glove reaches as high as 30% in the effect that these aspects promoted. Said that is the brother I presses the bottom the thing not to have any wrong." Is listening to the Old Second Zhu words, nearby Fu Rui eyes was straight, in the Zhu Rong look reveals several points of surprised.

Ji Dong looks at this glove, said: "Brother, this was too precious, I cannot want."

Old Second Zhu laughed, said: "Do not be impolite with me, already said that must give to you. The thing that gives I will not take back. Let alone, you also know, my this is for a better use you. Isn't the more rapidness of your cultivation base promotion, is also more advantageous to me? Takes quickly. Later it was your. Besides you, nobody can simultaneously use this pair to have the glove of Yin-Yang two fires characteristics."

Urged by Old Second Zhu repeatedly, Ji Dong has put on the palm the glove finally. This glove elasticity is extremely good, light , if no thing, that two Crystal Crown do not affect Ji Dong to grasp to hold to become fist, does not affect the flexibility of finger. The glove has spread to the wrist/skill place contracts, because of Crystal Crown in palm position, therefore, so long as Ji Dong does not turn out the palm, seems a point is common. Takes them, Ji Dong felt obviously two heat flows from the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark place inflow within the body of palm, merge into one organic whole with Source Yin-Yang Crown, even if he has not stimulated to movement magic power desirably, Third and Fourth Two Fire Elements of outside will also follow two Crystal Crown to flow in his within the body slowly, promoting Source Yin-Yang Crown to revolve voluntarily. Without a doubt, takes them, has the too big advantage regarding the future cultivation. This magic power weapon, can become the best quality goods two characters absolutely.

Zhu Rong said to Ji Dong: "Although Zhu Yan this fellow looks like acts like a madman sometimes, but the thing of his casting will not be definitely wrong. In continent extant magic power weapon Blacksmith, he also calculates the row on number. This magic power weapon customizes for you, you accept."

Old Second Zhu laughed, said: "Brother! This glove did not have the name, you are their masters, on giving a name character." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Chapter 58: Is promoted Two-Crown

First time is having the Sun and Moon double splendor, when the earth core lake cultivates, Ji Dong had nearly been harassed Yin-Yang Vortex in within the body by sudden rushing magic power. After several days of time, adapted to the magic power condensation that this has injected fast.

At this time, besides Yin-Yang Crown on top of the head, Source Yin- Yang Crown in Ji Dong chest is also the ray greatly puts, but that Yin-Yang Vortex actually proliferated, at this time the gold/metal and black dual-color flame of his outside the body, are actually the Yin-Yang Vortex manifest situations.

After having achieved One-Crown Level 20, in the Ji Dong chest had been filled by rushing magic power, the Source Yin-Yang Crown size has not changed, but the magic power vortex of that gold/metal black dual-color mix has not actually been able to increase the slightest bit. Breakthrough also in this moment. Breaks through Two-Crown from One-Crown, theoretically is actually very simple. First, must release outside the body magic power of own within the body completely, then in the process of condensation, by oneself the control to magic power, and so on compresses gaseous state magic power by Source Yin-Yang Crown again. Compresses a little bit liquid magic power it, integrates in Source Yin-Yang Crown, completes to break through the Two-Crown process.

Regarding ordinary Mage, this process, although similar difficulty, the difficulty that but is unable to complete, therefore from One-Crown to Two- Crown, the cultivation, is not the checkpoint that is unable to cross. However, broke through Two-Crown on Ji Dong is not that simple. He is not solely transforms gaseous state magic power as liquid is so simple. As dual attribute Fire department Mage, he must simultaneously carry on two transformations of magic power, and makes magic power after transformation revolve Source Yin-Yang Crown to form brand-new Yin- Yang Vortex once more. The process wants complicated over ten times.

Usually when uses Pinnacle Two Fires, through the adjustment of Yin- Yang Vortex, Ji Dong could have at one's command transforms willfully. But at this time attacks Two-Crown, Yin-Yang Vortex overflow outside the body, already function of transformation, moreover he must be two magic power compresses together, can help own magic power complete this qualitative change.

Everything is difficult to do at very beginning, most difficult is the first drop of liquid magic power coacervation, at this time, Ji Dong is in this most difficult moment. Within the body magic power was released outside the body by him as far as possible, in the chest, only then the Source Yin- Yang Crown ray puts greatly. Without the help of magic power, he more can only rely on oneself thought to stimulate to movement. Cautiously inhales in Source Yin-Yang Crown to start to compress some outside the body magic power.

Process of magic power separation is very smooth, Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire were condensed by him respectively in the Source Yin-Yang Crown both sides, but, the compression just from the beginning, that huge oppression strength made his Source Yin-Yang Crown erupt the huge fluctuation of energy, his nearly blood of stimulation spurts. Speed of heart beat compared with usually has promoted at least three times, within the body blood also fast passes in the way of several fold. The whole person fell into a pinnacle pain. However, he actually cannot stop. In one vigorous effort, fades again, three use up, if the first impact is not successful, second time will come more difficult again.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is visiting me. Thinks of this point, the Ji Dong willpower becomes incomparably firm, even the pain was also continually weaken for several points. The complete willpower is completely centralized in the chest above Source Yin-Yang Crown, saw that two magic power start the volume under the extrusion of Source Yin-Yang Crown changes smaller.

Lie Yan (raging flames) stands side Ji Dong, the static gaze he, suddenly, regarding was stopping revolving in Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires suddenly, concentrates behind him, changes into two by the human form of flame formation. Familiar dignified and overbearing instantaneous ascension, making the Lie Yan (raging flames) look also concentrate.

Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King. Lie Yan (raging flames) brows slightly wrinkled, falls into during the ponder. Generally speaking, human Mage after breaking through Three-Crown that difficult checkpoint, releases Yin-Yang Crown to initiate own Totem Mirage, to draw support the strength of world. But at this time Ji Dong attacks Two- Crown realm. Why can the Two Great Sovereign Kings illusion visualization? Existence of Two Great Sovereign Kings, is far ultra ordinary Totem. According to the normal condition, at least wants , after Ji Dong breaks through Five-Crown, they have the developing possibility. Even if the great strength of Lie Yan (raging flames), definitely is unable to understand the scene at this time on Ji Dong having.

If Ji Dong sees behind own this time, instead will have a consciousness. Reason that the Two Great Sovereign Kings illusion will appear in this time
\; first, because he attacks the Two-Crown difficulty ordinary Mage be much higher, quite therefore attacked one natural moat that was difficult to overstep, within the body magic power has had the geometrical multiple in the process of compression extremely the eruption effect. Another, is most important, was Ji Dong cultivates and during the fight before, his own arrogant demeanor and Two Great Sovereign Kings proud will has completed the fusion imperceptibly, although his strength was weak, but his energetic will obtained the approval of Two Great Sovereign Kings memory completely. Therefore in this crucial moment, the Two Great Sovereign Kings illusion can along with it appearance.

With the emergence of two big illusions, Ji Dong thought pain that suddenly Source Yin-Yang Crown brings one light, his thought as if how much multiple increased generally. The Pinnacle Two Fires magic power briquetting in Source Yin-Yang Crown, changes into gold/metal black two drops of liquids finally. In Source Yin-Yang Crown dexterous circles.

The will stimulation of movement, two drops of liquid Pinnacle Two Fires magic power show Source Yin-Yang Crown, regarding its slow circling, along with their departures, Source Yin-Yang Crown also starts to absorb magic power of Ji Dong outside the body voluntarily. Has process that first time reduced, the following all became simple, although the entire process was very as before slow, but transformed through Source Yin-Yang Crown this bridge along with Pinnacle Two Fires in outside the body gaseous state, magic power of liquid shape were getting more and more, Ji Dong passed One-Crown to evolve to the Two-Crown most difficult time.

Lie Yan (raging flames) clear seeing, Ji Dong top of the head five dual- color Crown Star in Black and White Yin-Yang Crown Crown Ring change into five Cluster light from the sky to condense a bunch of gold/metal black interaction the flame, floats sticks to the central second Crown Peak place slowly brand mark to Yin-Yang Crown left side on. The qualitative leap, is completed finally at this moment.

magic power transforms by the gaseous state as liquid, the biggest advantage was to save the huge space, in the Ji Dong chest around Source Yin-Yang Crown, only remaining gold/metal black dual-color mixed in the together small vortex, the liquid energy was similar to the water the vortex circles generally quietly, is contrasting Source Yin-Yang Crown. His within the body meridians of shining clearly present.

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Chapter 59: Compared notes to exchange date

This evolution, not only made Ji Dong magic power have the qualitative leap, made the attribute of his main body have the huge change. The muscle, skeleton and meridians, in the internal organs, by the Pinnacle Two Fires magic power full infiltration, had the growth of considerable degree. The stature also became big several points. Is close 15-year-old he, seems no longer had any naivete. He is a full of vigor and vitality youth. As if overnight, was maturer.

When Ji Dong opens that flash of both eyes, in his double pupil eyeground, flashes through together the golden color separately and together the black fine glow. The makings of whole person became sink to congeal obviously, although he also be only close 15-year-old age, may seem, had several to be divided into the appearance of person. Especially proud air/Qi between his foreheads, feeling of keeping aloof.

In influencing subtly of Pinnacle Two Fires, Wine God and Two Great Sovereign Kings makings have completed the process of fusion gradually, although Ji Dong seems is not handsome, but has special Charm.

However, how at this time Ji Dong do not have not to think, but felt discomfort of not being able to say the whole body mounts. A body even also ill-smelling flavor/smell, making him frown.

Lie Yan (raging flames) laughed, "do not knit the brows, this is the normal condition. Your magic power promotion, evolves to the Two- Crown degree, discharges one time the impurity of your within the body along with it, later every time promotes One-Crown, will have similar situation to appear. Has not thought including me, you can actually such quickly achieve such realm. It seems like that I must congratulate you."

Ji Dong laughed, said: "My all, is you takes to me. Lie Yan (raging flames), thank you."His that became profound many looks looked to Lie Yan (raging flames), in the eye pupil deep place, as if two bunches of flame fiercely was burning. However, he from the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye, actually only then in the tranquil, temperate happy expression of seeing any mood has not appeared.

"If you must thank me, mixes a better cocktail to drink to me. Little Ji Dong. Your this promotion can make your strength have a leap leap. Pinnacle Two Fires magic power is stronger, with leaves the ordinary magic power disparity to be also bigger with level. By your present Pinnacle Two Fires, even if faces Three-Crown ordinary magic power to be also not necessarily able to be inferior in the opposite party. After going back, you can also feel in the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark to take to your new magic skill. However, road also that you must walk is very long, cannot carry. The hand gives me."

Ji Dong lifts the right hand, making Lie Yan (raging flames) grip. Although will like each time with the needle grips the pain, so long as is feeling the gentleness of Lie Yan (raging flames) fingertip, what this pain was considered as? He had not asked why Lie Yan (raging flames) must this. This can be said as the somewhat blind trust, even is immerses utterly unjustified and completely love.

"Goes back to clean quickly own body. You will feel differently."Quick, Lie Yan (raging flames) has taken back own hand. Since these days, after each Ji Dong has come to cultivate, she will grip the hand of Ji Dong like this later.

Ji Dong nodded, he does not want to make Lie Yan (raging flames) smell oneself this time flavor/smell, when he prepares summoned Red Lotus to leave, as if suddenly has thought of anything, to Lin Yan said: "Lie Yan (raging flames), then I possibly for sometime cannot come to deliver the liquor to you. I listened to the Senior Brother saying that after achieving Two-Crown realm, must carry on initially tests. Also does not know that is where. Fellow apprentice's strength is more formidable than me, I feared that I will ask you to be discovered by him."

Lie Yan nodded, said: "In guaranteeing absolute safety situation again. You altogether owe me 100 years, I will help you postpone the time."Spoke these words, throws chi to smile including her.

Looks that Lie Yan (raging flames) that bloomed the common eye- catching dimple just like Red Lotus, Ji Dong says saying goodbye in the delay, Red Lotus has swept across, went quietly.

Until the cleaning body, changes one clean clothes, in the Ji Dong mind by the Lie Yan (raging flames) smiling face was fully occupied. Finally achieved Two-Crown, the distance can protect Lie Yan (raging flames) to be also near one step. Lie Yan (raging flames), you could rest assured that regardless of being difficult, experiences many to be arid and alone, I meet the total involvement diligently.

The strength promotes Two-Crown, the change is comprehensive, formerly took a bath, Ji Dong looked in a mirror, discovered not only one stature as if grew, change on also makings. The skin also became has the gloss. Under healthy bronze skin, as if there is light halo circulation. Regarding outside fire attribute magic power element the enhancement of sensation how much multiple. No longer needs to attract with own magic power with total concentration, so long as the thought moves, the fire attribute element voluntarily will close up to him.

Should exit, two months, except for eating meal, he has almost not left the room, even has not left Yin-Yang School.

Went out of the room, Ji Dong also went out of the Earth department classroom building, just went out, he discovered, today's Heavenly Stems School some seem to be different., He noticed from afar the giant drill ground gathered the massive students. Also often has the magic power fluctuation from spreads.

What happened? Brings several points of curiosity, Ji Dong to arrive in the drill ground, sees only center the drill ground, the various departments student gathers together, cheers and sigh resounding continuously.

The Ji Dong vision is keen, particularly after magic power promotes, six senses also promotes, has swept several in the crowd, has discovered Carl and Bi Su form. Pushes to them side fast, Ji Dong holds two brothers' shoulders separately, "was this what happened? Such lively."

Carl and Bi Su also turn head, looks is Ji Dong, two people immediately pleasantly surprised, Carl said: Just right that "Boss, you come. Haha, you are also this year's new student, our Fire department had the opportunity of feeling proud and elated."

Ji Dong somewhat cannot feel the brains the say/way: "You must tell me what's the matter to be good first!"

Bi Su said: "Is this. Today was each month comparing notes exchange date. Our Heavenly Stems School will carry on one time to compare notes to exchange every month, according to Magic department attribute classification. Only differentiates according to five elements. Calculates a department like our Fourth Fire with Third Fire. five elements classroom building elementary class leaves five people respectively, the official student leaves five people. Compares notes. various departments will send out the strongest student representative. The circulation compares notes. By victory and defeat number decision final seating order. As the matter stands, not only can increase the various departments student each other exchange, increases the actual combat capability. Meanwhile, can promote the students to try hard to cultivate. Obtained in the same month two departments of champion, did not need to clean up in following one month. But other four attribute eight departments, defer to the rank of competition to be responsible for following one month of health. Rank before, cleans the time less, last must be responsible for entire ten days. The Boss, this may, not only cleans up to be so simple! Which attribute two departments represents, if has resulted in last, following one month is waiting bad luck. Teacher can go all out trains hard them. Moreover cannot raise the head in the student."

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Chapter 60: From especially 51 st challenge

"Ji Dong, does not see for a long time. Do you want to go to battle on behalf of Fire department?"Sees Ji Dong, Zhu Gui is somewhat surprised, although she knows that Ji Dong had also been admitted to Heavenly Stems School, but also entered Yin-Yang School directly, but this is actually her first time and he meets in Heavenly Stems School.

Ji Dong to her nodded, quick that "you progress. We hope that soon will see you in Yin-Yang School."

Say/Way that Zhu Gui snorted, some are not convinced: "Although you are earlier than me by two Fire departments enter Yin-Yang School one step, but I will certainly surpass in the rank your. Later do not lose face to Fire department."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, more than one year disappear, Zhu Gui or the past were so aggressive, what a pity, before oneself are not.

"Fact will prove all."

War of not too strict stipulation this daily five elements, does not have how rigorous referee measure, after all it promotes the student to try hard to cultivate, increases the actual combat capability to compare notes daily. Therefore, after Fire department and Water department both sides choose the candidate who attended the finals simply, immediately starts in formerly location. Ji Dong walks from Fire department, has not aroused the interests of too many person. Person who has seen his is few, knows he is a Yin-Yang School member were less. Moreover he seems young, looks like in five big attribute ten departments students of numerous observing, he is students of representative elementary class, in comparing notes to exchange in the competition, various departments Teacher sends out some new students is the normal matter, this can allow more students to participate in the actual combat. When compares notes to exchange the finals, both sides will send out the strength weak elementary class students to carry on exploratory comparing notes generally first. A student also already became accustomed.

Water department comes out, is one seems with the Ji Dong age similar youth, a black school uniform adds on chest front Heavenly Empress Totem to show his Ninth Water department family background.

"Ninth Water department Yan Ruohan, please advise."

Ji Dong returns salute slightly, his self introduction is simpler, "Fire department Ji Dong."

Yan Ruohan slightly appears somewhat anxious, after both sides registration, Teacher that is managing to compete issues an order, Yan Ruohan releases own Ninth Water department magic power immediately. Sees only one black light to flow from his within the body, congeals rapidly in the top of the head White Yang Crown. Ji Dong looked at one, One- Crown Level 17, in primary student, was the good strength. However, releases the Ninth Water department magic power process from him, compared with initially carried on the newborn inspection Luo Qingfeng to have not the small disparity.

Yan Ruohan still in releasing own Yang Crown condensed magic power, Ji Dong actually moved, his self-torture for a long time, in addition existence of Yin-Yang Vortex, transferred magic power to want compared with general Mage on quickly many. Let alone this match himself has the qualitative disparity with him at present. Two-Crown to One-Crown, but how also needs to prepare? Receives own Sun and Moon double splendor glove, Ji Dong both hands also lifts, the left hand red, the right hand blue color, Third and Fourth Two Fires blooms instantaneously, the strong flame along with the condensation of top of the head Yin-Yang Crown the respective stroke an arc, fused in the chest front instantaneously, both hands also promote. Immediately, the fireball that red and blue two-color occurred simultaneously galloped.

Teacher that Water department leads is a 40-year-old beautiful woman, sees the Ji Dong both hands two departments flame, immediately has stood from the seat, in the vision has been full of the color/look of shock.

Ninth Water department Yan Ruohan that and Ji Dong opposes the enemy also obviously the dual-color fireball had a scare by this has never seen, slightly flustered he, hurries oneself Ninth Water magic power fast condensation above both hands, the double fist also ejects, while ejecting, the fist has interlocked slightly, ripples black light immediately an vortex ripple. Obviously is Standard Skill.

The bang, Third and Fourth Fireball magic power bursts out suddenly, the tyrannical explosive force mixes the two departments Fire Element characteristics, the flash blasts out black light that Yan Ruohan has sent out, making his whole person fly upside down, has dislodged the competition range.

This is Ji Dong shows mercy, his Third and Fourth Fireball has only used 50% magic power.

Both hands take back by the body, top of the head above Black and White Yin-Yang Crown has not restrained, Ji Dong looked like has handled an extremely ordinary matter, lightly said: "Next."

Really the entire process from start to finishing, was too quick, both sides that occurred were only one time move, said accurately, was the contact of magic power, the victory and defeat has divided. Not only Water department here in an uproar. Fire department also resounds the big piece screams. Zhu Gui dull looks on Ji Dong top of the head that strange dual-color Yin-Yang Crown two bunches of flame distinction brand marks on Crown Peak, the complexion as if became paler.

Yang Bingtian cannot bear shouts one lowly, "young fellow, this several Heavens! Already Two-Crown. Such cultivation speed was also too astonishing. Inadequate that could it be it is Yin-Yang two departments is in sole possession of?"

Carl and Bi Su simultaneously cheer make noise, saw that the Ji Dong strength becomes more formidable, in their hearts only then excitement.

The female Teacher complexion that Water department leads appears somewhat sinks to congeal, in this time, is wearing the young girl of purple clothes to arrive at side her, said several anything in her ear.

The female Teacher complexion returned to normal slightly several points, nodded, waved to her.
The purple clothes young girl has turned around, marches into location. Although Ji Dong can see perfect Lie Yan (raging flames) every day,
when but this wears the girl of purple clothes to appear in the front, he has to plant at present a bright feeling.

She seems 15 and six -year-old appearances, the oval face, the figure is slim, on the oval face is inlaying pair of purple big eyes, but has a silver long hair to hang loose after the brain. In the light smile, can about clear seeing the double cheek have one respectively the dimple, has greatly sweetly like the liquor, feeling that the desire of view is drunk. Young, a beautiful face moon/month appearance that but become, the feeling that particularly that is in bud, has filled with the youth aura.

Arrives at beyond Ji Dong front ten meters to stop the footsteps, salutes to Ji Dong slightly, "Yin-Yang School 51 st, Tenth Water department Lan Bao'er, please advise especially." Hears the Yin-Yang School four characters, Ji Dong slightly stares, cannot bear asking: "Are you especially 51 st?"

Lan Bao'er shows a faint smile, the dimple place increases several points of character and style, "I know that you are Special No. 49, your token should be my. I am tally from elementary class result this year enter the Yin-Yang School disciple. Today a war, even if I challenges to the Senior Brother."

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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