Jiu Shen Chapter 501-510

Chapter 501: set out, earth core world

Ji Dong one language of missing to Lie Yan (raging flames) said own aspiration completely. But was also heard by Chen Sixuan, all people believe, the next moment Chen Sixuan walks the violent, Ji Dong is no exception. But Chen Sixuan actually wiped off the tears on oneself face with the hand of Ji Dong, then said the simple three characters to him: You squat down.

Ji Dong for the meaning of other Chen Sixuan, has not squatted before her slowly.

In process that Ji Dong squats down, Chen Sixuan held on Ji Dong to clean the right hand of tears with own left hand for her, has pulled up the left hand of Ji Dong with own right hand. When he squats in oneself front, Chen Sixuan is drawing both hands encirclement of Ji Dong in own waist, then extremely natural draws close to several points forward, grasped his head gently, making his face paste on the smooth lower abdomen.

originally all was waiting for the dumbfoundedness of looking at intense scene heavenly stems disciples this moment is to look, particularly Yao Qianshu, Fu Rui and Du Ming their several male, nearly the chin fall from the mouth.

Is this also good? The deep love of expression to another woman can also obtain the hug of current girlfriend, does this trick change? In the people eyes, had already regarded as the Ji Dong actual girlfriend Chen Sixuan.

Has also tarried including Ji Dong, whatever Chen Sixuan holds in the arms itself like this, her lower abdomen is smooth and soft, the feeling and that familiar light delicate fragrance of warming up made the Ji Dong tight spirit somewhat blurry. In the ear has actually resounded the Chen Sixuan sound.

"Ji Dong, I know that you deeply are loving Lie Yan (raging flames). I also successively accompanied your twice to hold a memorial service for her. I understand completely the pain in your this time heart, wants to cry you to cry. You do not need to be worried about me. I for this matter, but blames you? I know, you are Lie Yan (raging flames), all your are Lie Yan (raging flames), I have not thought must rob you from her there, I am impossible to snatch. I love you very much, deeply is loving her like you. If you because of me, but broke faith to her, perhaps, I will not love you like the present. What I was already not expecting, what pressure you do not need because of me completely, she, me does not want to take care of you for her, if possible, please regard her substitute to be good me?"

The cool breeze sways, the plant of surroundings cover resounds a rustling sound, the light plant delicate fragrance is surrounding the heavenly stems disciples. But at this moment, in this cavern entrance, only then the rustling sound of this plant.

Except that was being held by Chen Sixuan outside Ji Dong, other heavenly stems disciples, including the cloud secret, look that the Chen Sixuan look had change essentially.

A girl loves a man, even does not hesitate to make a substitute, what did this also with again say other? Even if continuously because of Ji Dong, but is too not willing with Chen Sixuan close Lan Bao'er, to look at this time her vision has been full of the respect. She self-examined, all that Chen Sixuan achieves at this time are she cannot achieve completely. For Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan gave up really all, reckless loves Lie Yan (raging flames) such love like Ji Dong he. Now Lan Bao'er understood, why to Ji Dong professing love time cannot get any response. But Chen Sixuan is unable to affect love of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), actually wanted to approach his many. Is because do not have Chen Sixuan to be so reckless! Must say that who presents to understand Chen Sixuan such will do why, perhaps only then gold/metal. Only then she knows the Chen Sixuan true status, has been keeping this secret, even if had not said including own fathers. Since these days, she restored memory, when father there awakening dragon clan bloodlines, after she will also reactivate, all sorts that experienced fused with the former memory gradually, she had already affirmed she to Ji Dong that emotion, just as such that Chen Sixuan said that because of rigid of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames) that deep love, she will be liking on him, in gold/metal heart, the Ji Dong component even be heavier than own father. How regardless to say, the fathers is a universal love person, has that many females, but Ji Dong only has Lie Yan (raging flames) one from beginning to end. She already knew position in the heart, even if had not rescued her life for Lie Yan (raging flames), she will not make anything again, destroys them. The pain that they receive too many were too many, gold/metal only hopes that now they can soon the feeling emotion person finally become the family members. But she only in secret silently blessed for them.

Has turned around, gold/metal first walks toward the cavern, Fu Rui also sobered to come, waved to the people, leading the heavenly stems disciples to return to the cavern to go, leaves Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan two people here. Let them be able alone again together later.

Loosens hugs in the hand of Chen Sixuan waist, Ji Dong holds her both hands to stand up slowly, is staring at Chen Sixuan that tearful eyes dim double pupil, "thinks of the fine jade, has not thought really you so will understand unexpectedly me. May be this, I jump over am not willing to make you be wronged. Since knew that you one, you for all sorts of all that I make, I deep remembering. But whatever, I cannot accept your sentiment as before. Can you become a substitute? Then to you, is really unfair."

"I am willing to make a substitute!"Chen Sixuan reckless jumps into the Ji Dong bosom. A moment ago, she looks at Ji Dong in the Fu Rui front that pain appearance, was listening to vindicating of his affection, she only thought that oneself heart must break to pieces. She was even regretting, regretted own Lie Yan (raging flames) time not with him better in the same place, reckless with him in the same place. But again says anything now already late. Oneself are Chen Sixuan, no longer is Lie Yan (raging flames). Appearance that looks at Ji Dong that pain, her heart is really good to hurt sorely, she does not want to force him now again, but hopes him to be able joyful. Even if cannot finally with him in the same place, so long as he can be joyful, oneself also satisfied.

Was being hugged by Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong has not worked loose, he is not cruel enough, is not cruel enough. Even if his heart like iron stone. Also must be melted by Chen Sixuan the sentiment. But, before him to such that Fu Rui said that he will never betray Lie Yan (raging flames), Chen Sixuan is good, eventually is Chen Sixuan, but is not his Lie Yan (raging flames).

Whatever such Chen Sixuan is hugging, tears unconscious flows from the Ji Dong eye once more, is missing his Lie Yan (raging flames).

three days later, the heavenly stems disciples recuperation finished, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan mood as if tranquil, finally arrived at them to leave dragon valley the time. On the day of the choice leaves, the there is still one important reason, that is because Maotai and Wuliangye sobered from the deep sleep, returned side Ji Dong.

Obtained the help of ancestor of blood Land Dragon, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon height brokethrough 20 meters, first did not say they had many progress on magic power, but the terrifying of body intensity increased made their battle efficiencies be strengthened large scale.

Ji Dong saw the dragon Huang and Land Dragon ancestor of successively, yesterday evening, gold/metal kept ancestor of there entire one night Land Dragon, among their father and daughter talked any water unclear. But next day gold/metal comes back, eyes is bringing several points of inflammation.

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan stand on the dragon's head of Maotai and Wuliangye separately, since fifty Saint Fire Dragon first flies from the dragon valley, is the Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. gold/metal of mortal body flight, as well as numerous heavenly stems disciples are controlling oneself Giant Dragon respectively from out of the blue.

Even if the secret, there is a own magic beast partner, this secret lineage/vein, is extremely rare. The choice secret, is Rank 10 drills the lizard, is in the people magic beast partner only Rank 10. Moreover, this not from the arrangement of dragon sovereign, but since has been these days, result that they know. And had anything, only then secret knew.

11 people. Ten formidable magic beast also soar, even if in the dragon valley, this were also considered as on is daring. In the presence of everyone the person when under the carrying/sustaining of mount has flown the dragon valley place above finally, dragon Gunei Giant Dragon one after another appears, thousand dragon Qiwu magnificent picture once again presents before them.

dragon cry from the sky interweaves, deafening, resounds through the trim three to gather the mountain range. dragon Huangdai four Dragon King is floating in the dragon valley most place above, faced with Ji Dong and the others.

"Dragon sovereign, we must walk. When meets once more does not know to."Ji Dong has not called dragon Huangwei the senior again.

dragon Huang at this time is the human form, looks at Ji Dong, waved, ", since must walk, quickly walks, other mother-in-law mother **."

Moves nodded, "dragon sovereign, although you are the father who Maotai and Wuliangye also think, but, in my heart, does not treat as the elder you."

"Un?"dragon Huang has doubts looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "I, when you is a friend. Good, bye, friend of mine. We walk."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon somewhat reluctant to part looked at parental one eyes, the acceleration, goes toward the horizon of distant place suddenly like lightning, the Ji Dong sound conveys from afar, "dragon sovereign, you altogether are oppressive my many time I not to be unclear, when I broke through Nine-Crown, certainly will come to compare notes with you again."

The dragon sovereign originally somewhat gloomy eye pupil ray shines, on the face reveals a smile, "this brat. I am waiting for you."

Although the heavenly stems disciples fly toward the distant place with the help of mount, but their vision actually as before stay in the direction of dragon valley, here lived for nearly one year, regarding all of dragon valley, they have been full of the profound sentiment. Here, all of them had the mount partner. Here, they have also known that many Giant Dragon. With dragon clan, they already became the friends. At this time must leave, in each individual heart floods the mood of not abandoning.

Until the dragon valley also looks to disappear again, the vision of people slowly takes back, but their somewhat are sad.

In this time, a golden red ray from Ji Dong bright, attracted the attention of heavenly stems disciples, golden red ray accurate falling on the forehead of heavenly stems disciples everyone. Immediately, increase of their sensation how much multiple, the surroundings all as if became insightful. This feeling made the people heart inspire.

Numerous information spread to their mind from this connected golden ray, direction that the upper air stroke sways, the strength of wind, in air the density as well as real-time changes of various types of elements, detailed unmistakable appearance. All changes within diameter three kilometers range, completely presents. Most made them shock, was Ji Dong that vast such as sea the strength of huge soul, as if swept across each of them's body this moment.

"Leaves silly rich business association nearly one year, in this year, each of us has made the enormous effort, everyone also had the huge promotion. Let us tell each other, our present cultivation base have achieved what kind of rank." The Ji Dong low and deep sound as if brings magic power to resound through generally in the heavenly stems disciples ear. originally people because of leaving dragon valley, but some mood again his of losing gradually become in the spirited intonation gradually becomes excited.

"I, Ji Dong, heavenly stems double hot disciple, magic power, Level 82, mount, fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Rank 9."

Ji Dong was almost crying out said own level, is in the upper air, they do not need any taboo, his call, as if must the heart in all unhappy and depressed shouted.

Then according to the strength and status, should be gold/metal or Fu Rui who opens the mouth, but, they have not spoken, but fell the vision on Chen Sixuan. This is to Chen Sixuan oneself respect, three days ago, Chen Sixuan holds that words that Ji Dong was saying, has conquered all people. In the people heart, she with Ji Dong is a body.

Chen Sixuan has not declined, shows a faint smile, signals by nodding after the partners, said: "Chen Sixuan, the heavenly stems Second Wood disciple, magic power, magic power, Level 79, the magic beast partner, thinks, level is unclear."

At this time, thinks when the Chen Sixuan bosom, wriggled gently, only then Ji Dong knows this so-called level unclear thinking the powerful, initially faced forest clear and a forest rock pile husband and wife, thinks, perhaps he * fell. Moreover, thinks usually not to speak, but in fact, it can speak! At this time, listening to Chen Sixuan to mention it, wriggled in the Chen Sixuan bosom gently, was demonstrating its existence, Chen Sixuan gently is stroking it, on charming face smiled is richer.

After Chen Sixuan sent out own level, gold/metal and Fu Rui went to the opposite party the vision, the hand signal that gold/metal makes invitation, Fu Rui nodded, "Fu Rui, heavenly stems Yang Thunder disciple, magic power, Level 85, mount, purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon."

"gold/metal, the heavenly stems Eighth Metal disciple, magic power, Level 89, the mount does not have." "Yao Qianshu, heavenly stems First Wood disciple, magic power, Level 81, mount, Azure Dragon, Rank 9."

"Wolf divine intervention, the heavenly stems Fifth Earth disciple, magic power, Level 81, the mount, drills the lizard, Rank 9."

"Remote, the heavenly stems Sixth Earth disciple, magic power, Level 81, the mount, silver wing Haidong is blue, Rank 9."


The monthly ticket fought was in the degree of superheating, was final striving for success time, worked wholeheartedly to ask the monthly ticket.

Chapter 502: Finds a way another wondrous use


"Du Xin'er. Celestial stems Seventh Metal disciple, magic power, Level 72, mount, Gold Dragon, Rank 9."

"Du Ming, heavenly stems Ninth Water disciple, magic power, Level 74, mount, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon, Rank 9."

"Lan Bao'er, the heavenly stems Tenth Water disciple, magic power, Level 76, the mount, ices Giant Dragon coldly, Rank 9."

Last what opens the mouth is secret, "secret, the mount, drills the lizard.
Rank 10."

Sends out oneself present magic power level along with people one by one, the confidence and condition of everyone toward the peak adjustment, in their eyes all are sending out the proud color/look, can have now such strength, they rely on is own assiduous cultivation. Even if magic power lowest Du Xin'er, at this time cultivation base has also been the Level 72 degree, all heavenly stems disciples, are having the Rank 9 above magic beast partner. Such strength places any country, is extremely terrifying, let alone, each of them has is also pinnacle magic power, is ten attributes is more complete, but also left pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute. Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan and gold/metal and Fu Rui are having the divine tool. They have, is the supreme powerhouses must continually for the it frightened strength! The ability of bright heavenly stems disciple, starting from the present this moment, true shows. The Ji Dong vision passed over gently and swiftly from each partner, in eye pupil golden red ray greatly hold, bright sound said: "Good, this is our advantageous strengths, is we many years of crystallization diligently. Starting from this moment, we are the continent Savior, everyone is, this is not we boasted, but will offer own all because of us for this goal. The life of person only has dozens years, even if formidable Mage, most is also several hundred years of life. In this limited life, we want the live splendor. Must be bloomed the radiant ray that in the river of history by own life is unable to obliterate. Then, our goals are the earth core world, there, I hopes that our cultivation base can promote to Eight-Crown above, has own demon territory, then, is we truly for the Light Five Elements Continent safety takes the action the time."

The simple several words, he all transferred the mood of partners, because of the several points of leaving dragon valley having moved nothing left. An numerous magic beast mount collective accelerates, goes according to the direction rapid flight that Ji Dong directs. Their trip of goals, flaming the hot city southwest 600 kilometers Armanz mountain.

Reason that chooses the Armanz mountain, but is not Ji Dong Wind and Frost Mountain Range that knows from Lie Yan (raging flames) there, several reasons, first, the Armanz mountain is the entry place that the silly rich business association assigns, next, the Armanz mountain mountain range protected the earth core world entrance Divine Beast three full suns to be struck to kill by Ji Dong. To enter the earth core world nature on easy many. If they want to enter from Wind and Frost Mountain Range, must kill Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost this Rank 10 Divine Beast surely, said not actually kills it to be difficult, but initially Ji Dong after all had soaked own body with its blood, many have several points of favor. Moreover, these protect earth core world entrance Divine Beast to be possible, not only prevents the bystander to enter the earth core world to be so simple. Also prevents the lifeform in earth core world to come out similarly. Therefore, since had Divine Beast killed Armanz mountain Kexuan, does not need to open a channel again. If earth core world lifeform arrives at the world, can trouble? Therefore, after the careful ponder, Ji Dong chose the Armanz mountain to take their trip to enter the earth core world the entrance.

Goes to Southern Fire Empire from Western Metal Empire, naturally going to Eastern Wood Empire is nearer, but three gathered the mountain range in the Western Jin Dynasty empire northmost and Northern Water Empire and place of Central Earth Empire border. Therefore, went to Southern Fire Empire from here also nearby many.

magic beast that luckily, these load bearings the people are flying at least has Rank 9, in airborne accelerates fully, how that is one with lightning speed. In addition heavenly stems disciples can display hovering law in five elements method to accelerate for them, several days later, they entered in Southern Fire Empire.

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan once went to the country Armanz mountain, naturally cannot find fault, is fifty Saint Fire Dragon of head is almost the straight-line flight, directly soars the Armanz mountain to go.

, The Armanz mountain already was by far in sight, the big and lonely mountain peak towers proudly into the skies, because after the magma wreaked havoc to finish the time was not long, when here no longer initially Ji Dong their first time came appearance. More is the rock layers that the volcanic ash and post-dryout magma form.

The strength of Ji Dong soul full, people see only on him the golden red ray to be suddenly rich, rushing the strength of soul has assumed the sector scan in the direction of Armanz mountain the past.

Through the soul scanning, Ji Dong discovered that on Armanz mountain, also some magic beast, but was cultivation base high high rank magic beast. Moreover they can also see at this time, on the summit of Armanz mountain. Indistinct has the light smog to brave, is away from summit near place, the air twists because of the quantity of heat obviously. Obviously, after that volcanic eruption, had the new eruption. The scale should want small many. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon under the soul direction of Ji Dong, approaches in the direction of Armanz mountain summit gradually, other people also control oneself mount to disperse, like this everybody maintains certain distance, once there is any condition also to be able fully to display their ability.

Ten Rank 9 and Rank 10 formidable magic beast, moreover mostly is the dragon clan arrives sky over the Armanz mountain, the invisible pressure that forms made many magic beast atmosphere that on the Armanz mountain was a rear survival not dare to breathe heavily, one by one went into hiding, lest became the aimed at goal.

After the person approaches to the presence of everyone being away from a Armanz mountain summit 500 meters range, feels the temperature in air steadily to rise obviously. Fire Element changes beyond the score is also rich, other attribute magic power elements are more and more thin.

The float in airborne gold/metal arrives at side fifty Saint Fire Dragon, said: "Ji Dong, the master had said to me, the great strength of earth core world, because not only it has numerous tyrannical lifeform, what is more important, in the earth core world, the strength of earth core lifeform can the geometrical multiple promotion. In there, only has Fire Element is richest. Besides Fire Element, other species elements, want thin many, is inferior to outside world. This also threatens the biggest place. Everybody enters, must save magic power as far as possible."

gold/metal said these, the vision indistinct and Chen Sixuan has the exchange of flash, once was the control of earth core world, nobody compared with Chen Sixuan understood these that the earth core world, gold/metal said that was Chen Sixuan tells her. Has once and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the together experience, gold/metal is obviously appropriate as this megaphone. This point naturally is everyone will not suspect. It is not able to suspect.

Listened to her such saying, the complexion of people became dignified, although each of them has the good strength, moreover was the pinnacle magic power owners, had the formidable magic beast mount to be auxiliary. However, even if strong Mage, magic power that in the body can store up is also limited, if no magic power element in air to take the supplies, their magic power always have depletion time. But after entering the earth core world, they must be unceasingly thorough, according to this that gold/metal said that then, the more thorough earth core world, in the air other attribute magic power elements naturally also become thinner, as the matter stands, regardless of they are several crown cultivation base, naturally is the display does not come out. On the other hand, earth attribute Mage can be slightly good, after all the earth core world also has Earth Element to exist . Moreover the hot raw soil, they come under the influence to be relatively young. But other people may not be this, they receive, is the enormous influences, even is likely therefore to lose the combat capability.

Vision unconscious falling of people on Ji Dong, but they from the Ji Dong face, have not actually seen the slightest bit tense look, shows a faint smile, Ji Dong said: "This issue I have considered carefully. gold/metal said right, the more thorough earth core world, Fire Element will be richer, but other attribute elements will be naturally weaker. Arrived 18th Layer of most deep place, besides Fire Element, any other elements did not exist, there Fire Element viscous degree, even there is a feeling of pinnacle magic power."

Fu Rui depressed say/way: "Such being the case, how can you also smile?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Because the solution of this issue I already thought."

Fu Rui stares. The vision of other people also become surprised, "already thought? In the air does not have the magic power element, what to do can we? could it be by magic beast crystal core? That is also unable to withstand the load!"Other his people, cannot find out in the earth core world do not have the magic power element to supplement how this issue can be solved.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Naturally cannot use magic beast crystal core, first did not say crystal core that on us stores up does not have many, even if has enough crystal core, cannot make us frequently maintain the battle efficiencies, but also requires the time to absorb. My means that besides the Senior Brother you, other people are suitable. But the Senior Brother you have the divine tool thunder Yushen axe, by it, in addition our other people releases the help of five elements Yin-Yang, should also be able to restore magic power."

Fu Rui nodded, said: "So long as there is existence of five elements Yin- Yang, ten attribute magic power are complete, I naturally can help itself supplement magic power by thunder Yushen the axe. But, you had not said that lets method that other people solve the problem."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Actually this method I already taught you. Have you forgotten our five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy? This five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is not only can in the fight time use. Is equally useful in the cultivation time. Right, the earth core world besides Fire Element, other attribute elements is very thin. However, so long as there is Fire Element to be enough! After entering the earth core world, we immediately complete the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation to continue thoroughly, I can absorb Fire Element in air unceasingly, then transmits to you, produces the mutual promotion of the five elements results to you, throughout made your magic power maintain is in peak condition. So long as your magic power have not dried up, had the help of this mutual promotion of the five elements magic power, what outside element but also needs to absorb? In other words, is equal absorbs Fire Element to me, then transforms the magic power element that with the means of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements it your each one needs. Because of this, therefore before me, did not worry to make everybody cultivation the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, to the earth core world, has thought that does not need not to be good. Had these days experience, this strategy everybody can be skilled surely."

Listened to the explanation of Ji Dong, a people dumbfoundedness, looks that he is looking at monster likely. Originally this all he already planned, originally he had already provided for a rainy day.

Yao Qianshu puts out foul air, "no wonder the secret said that you are the Saint king, this means kill me unable to think. Originally this mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can also such use. Like this said that so long as there is a magic power element to exist, each of us does not need to be worried issue that magic power dries up. Your this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy simply is the miracle!"

Listened to the Yao Qianshu words, other people are deep nod that to be so, even if Chen Sixuan, before had not found out the means that can solve this problem. Also listened to Ji Dong these words to understand his idea. The people dignified look was substituted by relaxedness immediately. Remote say/way: "We also wait for anything, quickly enters the earth core world."

Ji Dong said: "It is not anxious, you are waiting first here, I am fire attribute, first got down to explore the way, found the entrance to say again. Moreover, we before, a also matter must do."At the same time was saying, fifty Saint Fire Dragon the personal appearance in a flash, flew in the direction of below Armanz mountain summit.

Chen Sixuan stands on Wuliangye, naturally is Ji Dong together gets down, she somewhat curious asking: "Ji Dong, you said that a also matter must do, is what?"

Ji Dong looked at her one eyes, since on that day, two people relations were also intimate with several points, although Ji Dong is maintaining at desirably and Chen Sixuan the distance, but Chen Sixuan can also feel, he does not have any resistivity to himself actually, because in his heart had already packed Lie Yan (raging flames), really cannot accommodate Chen Sixuan. Whenever she recalled that Ji Dong because of the appearance that Lie Yan (raging flames) is in deep sorrow, again did not have other to request, she only hopes that can this way, accompany throughout in his side she can also satisfy.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon lowers the personal appearance, a light Pinnacle Two Fires halo releases from its ginseng business, protects Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan as well as its body. Because they entered above volcano at this time that smog. Ji Dong barely escapes death, naturally understands that this smog is poisonous. Although does not care about this toxin by their cultivation base, but careful good.

At this moment, suddenly, the intense sense of crisis appears in the Ji Dong soul suddenly.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, hit to enjoy. 29 th, one month of effort, looked final several days.

Chapter 503: Confused demon smoke suckling pig

Sudden that extremely this sense of crisis presents. Ji Dong here mind moves, that side Chen Sixuan felt, without any exchange, Ji Dong has separated to rumble spatially a fist, but Chen Sixuan was the personal appearance flashes, jumped from Wuliangye to Maotai on, arrived at behind Ji Dong, both hands held the Ji Dong shoulder, pure pinnacle Second Wood magic power poured into to Ji Dong within the body in directly.

Actually Ji Dong knows, Chen Sixuan actual combat capability is not quite weak, but she does not want to fight obviously, but are more as the role of own auxiliary, but oneself also extremely adapted to this type to feel.

A Ji Dong fist rumbles, the dazzling golden light erupts suddenly, he do not resist the crisis, but for the scattering surrounding thick fog, can find the source of crisis to be.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Ji Dong regard is interlinked, while Ji Dong starts, its huge body also fiercely swayed from side to side, the entire body looked like has from the sky brushed the whip, magic power of embodiment erupted instantaneously. In addition its tyrannical physical body strength, in the air an engine knock, just like is the thunder thunders general.

But while fifty Saint Fire Dragon erupts the fifty tail hammer, the Ji Dong clear feeling, a huge body one plunders from the fifty Saint Fire Dragon side , because of the sudden burst of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, makes position that this huge body cannot lock them formerly to be, this interlocks. Wipes surprisedly flashes through from the Ji Dong eyeground, he is not surprised in the strength of sneak attack, but is surprised in the concealment ability of this sneak attack. Must know, the strength of his soul has been opening, but this sneak attack can make him have the sense of crisis touching to his side, only this point, sufficiently was shocking.

Under the intense pinnacle Yang Fire function, the dust in air was vaporized in abundance, that huge body passed over gently and swiftly, Ji Dong saw clearly its appearance indistinctly.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon height broke through 20 meters, in magic beast is quite huge, but compares with this fellow, feels dwarfed unexpectedly. That huge body felt that looks like a giant fish, is all over the body smooth, presents is a special color, some deep red purple of becoming gray, the skin surface any has not folded, radiance is tenacious, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon sudden movement, the fifty tail hammer swept a point in its ginseng business a moment ago. However, Ji Dong saw that is actually this fellow smooth skin of produces wave rippling, has not received any injury unexpectedly.

What thing is this? The doubts appear in the Ji Dong heart, but in his behind Chen Sixuan is actually subconscious shouting: "Is the confused demon smoke suckling pig."

During fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerated to run out of the volcano above smog at this time suddenly, floats in airborne, but that personal appearance giant fellow has not pursued.

Ji Dong stands in the Maotai top of the head, in the vision looking steadily fire mountain pass above smog firmly, thoughts revolve. At this time, other heavenly stems disciples have also encircled. The appearance of below smoke cloud scattering in all directions surges they also clearly saw a moment ago, fifty Saint Fire Dragon flushed, obviously had any condition.

"Ji Dong, what's the matter?"Fu Rui asked loud.

Ji Dong shook the head, asked to behind Chen Sixuan: "You said a moment ago confused demon smoke suckling pig, is what thing? How I have not heard this magic beast."

Chen Sixuan heart one tight, reason that she knows that this magic beast naturally is because she is Lie Yan (raging flames), this confused demon smoke suckling pig is also the earth core world unique. Has not made the ponder, immediately replies: "I in the palace, had seen this magic beast from an ancient book before. Although a moment ago was only the glance, but from its build, color as well as the characteristics, should be the confused demon smoke suckling pig."

The Chen Sixuan words have also caused the curiosity of other heavenly stems disciples. Asked remotely: "Thinks of the fine jade, is actually this confused demon smoke suckling pig what magic beast, could it be including you and Ji Dong collaborates not to have the means?"

Ji Dong said: "Does not have the means not actually, but under mixed the smog of volcanic ash massively, inside situation cannot see clearly . Moreover, thinks the confused demon smoke suckling pig that the fine jade said to be able extremely good hideaway own aura, gave to conceal the truth including my soul survey, perhaps my was worried, really to by this fellow be sneak attacked to go well."

Chen Sixuan said: "Confused demon smoke suckling pig belongs to earth core world unique magic beast, according to ancient book record that I look, it appears in the situation of ground world is extremely few , after was seen by the author of that book accidentally, has had the interest, has conducted the massive research. This is quite formidable magic beast, is in itself fire attribute, but is not pure fire attribute, it has a variation."

"Variation Fire department magic beast?"Fu Rui and Ji Dong look at each other one, remembered initially them only because of thunder Yushen the axe to have the variation in that on Holy and Evil Island met magic beast.

Chen Sixuan nods slightly, continued: "This confused demon smoke suckling pig is quite special, met the build and ability that from us a moment ago looks, should be the grown confused demon smoke suckling pig, belongs to Rank 10 magic beast. Its main body approximately between height three meters to five meters."

"wait a moment."Interruption of Ji Dong doubts the Chen Sixuan words, "have thought of the fine jade you saying that its height is only three to five meters? This is not right. I clearly felt a moment ago its volume is bigger than Maotai and Wuliangye."

Chen Sixuan shakes the head saying: "You felt that its volume is big right, but that is not its original appearance. Reason that this confused demon smoke suckling pig said that its ability is the variation , because it besides fire attribute, a also special attribute or is the ability, that is the air/Qi attribute."

"Air/Qi the attribute?"Hears this view, heavenly stems disciples are surprised.

Chen Sixuan said: "Confused demon smoke suckling pig most likes, is swallows and absorbs various types of noxious gas. It can filter these gas through the body. Obtains evolves the advantageous energy. Meanwhile, these gas can also become protect it, conceals its ability. The skin of confused demon smoke suckling pig is quite tenacious, the thickness has one foot fully, the ductility is greatly strengthened. After absorbing massive gas, the body will inflate like the balloon, in this case, it actually as before can maintain oneself flexibility."

Ji Dong said suddenly: "So that's how it is. No wonder I a moment ago felt that its body was so huge. What attack capability does that this confused demon smoke suckling pig have?"

Chen Sixuan said: "Body tenacious skin almost can resist all attribute attacks. Also is better than the scale of any living thing. Sufficiently various immunity species, even if the pinnacle attribute is no exception. Reason that this is also it can become the Rank 10 Divine Beast important reason. But its attack method wanted on the other hand few some. Three types, starts the impact by the sharp slender mouth with the aid of the speed and weight of body, this is its talent skill puncture. Once were stabbed by it, it rapidly will pour into the massive noxious gas to enemy within the body, made the match be killed violently instantaneously, formerly it attacked our methods to be this. The second type through toxic gas ** directly attacks, it can control the toxic gas to transform various shapes, these toxic gas were it save did not know many years, not only can corrode our bodies, even can corrode including the energy. Last an attack method came from in the soul. From some significance, the confused demon smoke suckling pig is also considered as on is the spirit is magic beast. It can send out a special soul fluctuation, harasses the thought and brain of enemy, has the confusion, thus loses the resistance. This point we to too do not need to be worried. Has the strength of your Saint level soul, its soul fluctuation naturally is useless."

Listened to the Chen Sixuan so detailed introduction, on the heavenly stems disciples face unconscious revealed the smiling face. By their strengths, after knowing the ability of match, if could not have coped, they did not match to call the heavenly stems disciple. Although this match is Rank 10 magic beast nothing.

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "The strength of knowledge is great, thinks of the fine jade to be learned luckily, knows this magic beast. Otherwise we cope rashly, perhaps cannot run away well."

Ji Dong said: "The originally protection in the Armanz mountain summit place, is three full suns. After three full suns were struck by me kills, the earth core world should discover, it is estimated that because of so. Sent this only magic beast to come to guard. It seems like that we do not tidy up it, could not go."

Fu Rui chuckled, said: "Makes me come. For a long time has not moved, hand itchy."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Did enter the earth core world, the fear did not have the place that the Big Brother displays? According to thinking of fine jade to the introduction of this only magic beast, the Big Brother is not suitable to cope with it. The body of this confused demon smoke suckling pig such being the case also has the ductility tenaciously, then, its skin certainly is the massive sol structures, in addition inhales the massive volcanic ash gas in within the body, should have not the small immunity ability regarding your thunder and lightning. Copes with this type with balloon magic beast, Metal department sharp is obviously more appropriate. Du Ming, Bao'er."

"Teacher."Du Ming hurries complied, Lan Bao'er also approaches Ji Dong nodded.

Ji Dong said: "You assist, gold/metal, you get rid. I bring up the rear for you."

gold/metal Diantou complies. the next moment, Du Ming, Lan Bao'er and gold/metal felt immediately oneself soul moves slightly, with the Ji Dong soul has linked, the sensation ability how much multiple rises.

Reason that Ji Dong makes gold/metal get rid also after the consideration, one is because King's attribute happen to restrains the defense capability of this confused demon smoke suckling pig. Another, he also wants to have a look, after own dragon clan bloodlines awaken, how King's strength has been the degree.

In five elements, fire gold/metal, pure gold/metal attacks, will obviously meet troublesome some, but there is Du Ming and Lan Bao'er help, naturally will not have the too major problem. water subdues fire, in the meantime, water also same to subdue|grams smoke.

Ji Dong has not spoken again, Chen Sixuan also loosened has grasped in the hand of his shoulder, but two people souls actually instantaneously fused in together, the strength of tyrannical soul just like blotting out the sky suppressed to go toward the crater above generally, the soul pressure of Saint level promoted the apex instantaneously.

Meanwhile, Lan Bao'er and Du Ming also obtained Ji Dong through the instruction that the soul transmits, two people look at each other one, the next moment went into action.

Snow and Ice Giant Dragon and ices Giant Dragon simultaneously to wave in the sky coldly, although nearby this Armanz mountain is Fire Element is quite strong. However, under two big Water department heavenly stems disciples coordinate their respective magic beast collaborates to act, Water Element in air immediately becomes strong. Around the Lan Bao'er body is sparkling the purple clear ray, side Du Ming is the thick black air current, Ninth Water and Tenth Water together assumes an awe-inspiring pose, in the sky, the fog of big piece starts to condense.

Other heavenly stems disciples by far have drawn back, is gazing at present this war. Regarding assigning of Ji Dong, they are feel a heartfelt admiration, only has in the situation of attribute restraint, can receive in exchange for the greatest victory at the minimum price.

The dark cloud of big piece gradually forms, adds on two Rank 9 Water department Giant Dragon to collaborate to start rainstorm by two Water department heavenly stems disciples, simply was the easy matter. Even if here air has filled Fire Element, even if the temperature of Armanz summit is extremely high is unable to obstruct their motions.

Dense dark cloud coping, strong Water Element has not made the air become cool, instead constraining.

Only listens to Lan Bao'er one to drink lightly, the next moment, the dark cloud in sky seethes immediately, can clear seeing, the color of this dark cloud not be the same, black dark cloud naturally from heavenly stems Ninth Water disciple Du Ming's ability, but the purple dark cloud naturally belonged to heavenly stems Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er. Their cultivation base broke through Seven-Crown, under acts fully, two types of different color dark clouds in airborne each other collide and rub.

Flashes through along with a series of electric lights, the next moment, the torrential downpour has dropped from the clouds.

This is not ordinary rain water, but mixed pinnacle Ninth Water and pinnacle Tenth Water magic power torrential rain. In each drop of rain water, is containing abundant pinnacle magic power, the temperature is extremely low. When this torrential rain arrives at the same time, above the Armanz mountain summit decreased temperature immediately large scale. The transpiration water vapor scatters in all directions to flutter about. The smoke cloud on summit has met such torrential downpour, immediately fast is vanishing, although the also massive mist exist, but that strong volcanic ash mist and dust actually rapidly weakens.

At this moment, an sharp sound from that smoke cloud resounds suddenly, a lot of dark-red air/Qi arrows in the mist and dust that from that will soon vanish the lasing, directly soars airborne Du Ming and Lan Bao'er concentrated fire, but.

Confused demon smoke suckling pig could not bear begin finally, the massive volcano mist and dust have not taken the barrier and supplies, its strength must drop large scale, therefore, it must solve Lan Bao'er and Du Ming's rainfall. The volcano mist and dust releases as before unceasingly from the crater, so long as has solved them, its barrier still will exist.

What a pity, what it faces is the heavenly stems disciple! When the confused demon smoke suckling pig attacked just one round, soul survey of Ji Dong already accurate grasped changed. First reminded Lan Bao'er and Du Ming.

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Chapter 504: Exterminates gold/metal Huan

Confused demon smoke suckling pig could not bear launch attacks finally.

These days self-tortures did not waste. Encounters the situation, two Water department disciples are unhurriedly, the strong magic power element erupts from them as well as their magic beast partner within the body, pinnacle Ninth Water and pinnacle Tenth Water fuses together instantaneously, changes into a huge purple black water ball, covers them.

Just as such that Ji Dong said that the difficult adversary of Water department magic power this confused demon smoke suckling pig, or is the difficult adversaries of all earth core living thing, particularly the fusion of this pinnacle double water, was not these condenses the violently poisonous air/Qi arrow to affect. Most also makes the water that around their bodies defends turn into the poisonous water.

Also at this moment, formerly also floated in fifty Saint Fire Dragon gold/metal moves. That moment when she moves, looks like the golden lightning erupts together instantaneously general, cannot see clearly her movement by the Ji Dong eyesight, only then relies on the Saint level the strength of soul to catch King's motion reluctantly.

The opportunity that gold/metal moves can be said as just right, is relying on Ji Dong with it connected soul survey, flash when that confused demon smoke suckling pig presents, gold/metal started. With arrival of torrential downpour, the volcano mist and dust was suppressed completely, the confused demon smoke suckling pig huge body cannot be concealed. Has revealed its some deep red purple bodies of becoming gray.

This time confused demon smoke suckling pig, the height has exceeded 30 meters, the incomparably huge body looks like in Ji Dong. It looks like a mini-submarine, the mouth section of this fellow is quite prominent, has 1.5 meters to be long fully, is quite incisive, presents for the deep purple, can look that above is containing violently poisonously, let alone it can also pour into the toxin to the opposite party within the body directly.

Without covering of smoke cloud, this fellow appears somewhat flustered, fusion front Ji Dong and soul suppression under Chen Sixuan, it the attack in soul was discarded completely, even must bear the pain that the soul is suppressing, even if as Rank 10 magic beast, at this time it also has the intense restlessness.

gold/metal that was similar to the personal appearance like lightning arrives at this time. In this moment, gold/metal whole person as if turns into general that the gold has cast, the body turns, arrived above the confused demon smoke suckling pig, the right arm directly soared its solid body to insert.

The one who made the people be startled, under this time gold/metal, the entire right arm turned into a handle long sword unexpectedly completely, the body sword has united punctures, the air exuded a grating tearing sound from her body both sides parries, as if this struck the sky also to cut continually.

That confused demon smoke suckling pig feels the intense crisis, originally huge contracts half to 30 meters body unexpectedly suddenly, made King's attack, in airborne slow one fell on it.

The heavenly stems disciples everyone could see powerful degree that gold/metal this strikes, but, gold/metal this sword punctures, pricked that confused demon smoke suckling pig body about half meter unexpectedly. The body after confused demon smoke suckling pig that contraction inflates once more, the huge tension not only shot King's sword, but also her whole person ball flew. But on body that the confused demon smoke suckling pig inflates, only has left behind a spoken parts mark. Formerly gold/metal this sword, unexpectedly simply cannot prick its body.

Must know, King's magic power now has reached as high as Level 89, in these circumstances cannot a sword be thorough unexpectedly, obviously the defensive power of this confused demon smoke suckling pig had was intrepid, worthily was Rank 10 magic beast.

Confused demon smoke suckling pig seemed enraged, saw that gold/metal was shot to fly, its plump body from the sky swung, the exquisite tail, the plump body accelerated unexpectedly suddenly, directly soars King's direction to hit, on its proboscis also sent out a purple black halo.

As a result of the soul suppression of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, as well as the day of pinnacle double water disciple has the magic power rainstorm, has limited another two total methods of confused demon smoke suckling pig, it can do now, only then this accelerates to attack.

Facts showed, any Rank 10 magic beast cannot underestimate. Suppressed fierce such, the confused demon smoke suckling pig erupted its powerful side as before, when it accelerated to charge into gold/metal, although the speed was quick, but in people opinion, by King's cultivation base, definitely had the time to dodge, but, in the next moment, the confused demon smoke suckling pig behind actually suddenly spouted all at once the body, the speed increased again, almost doubled, arrived at the flatter golden body , before suddenly.

Confused demon smoke suckling pig acceleration the rapidness of process, by the evening that the soul survey of Ji Dong caught one step, it can be imagined its motion was quick. Not only its air/Qi attribute can erupt to launch the attack, in the meantime, can become the auxiliary booster of body. Confused demon smoke suckling pig underage achieves Rank 10 cultivation base also similarly to fly, relies on is also the gas in within the body. But at present this Rank 10 confused demon smoke suckling pig, not

 only itself can fly, but can also give itself to accelerate by control free air/Qi attribute magic power.

These really comes was too sudden, gold/metal was startled. The one who made the heavenly stems disciples be startled was King's response. Facing the acceleration also that huge body of confused demon smoke suckling pig so degree, gold/metal has not tried to dodge . Moreover, she also used the most direct method to make the response.

Partly turns around, a fist rumbles, this is King's response, she must by the strength emulsion breakdown, touch the sharp mouth of confused demon smoke suckling pig unexpectedly hardly.

Celestial stems disciples is almost the flash is nervous, this is not the ordinary collision. Vigorously of Rank 10 magic beast strikes so is good to meet? gold/metal this is must be tenacious with the confused demon smoke suckling pig competion!

On King's body, deep golden light erupts instantaneously, that radiant golden light is also supplementing a glittering and translucent carving gloss, even if in this is cloudy in the situation that the day has the heavy rain, bursts out ten thousand rays of light as before, right fist that her wields, is this ray core is. Her fist covers a cream brilliance.

"The gold/metal of chaos."In heavenly stems disciples mouth secretly lowly shouted one.

The bang, is similar to sparks/Mars hits the Earth common collision to appear, in the sky, an invisible strength of distortion spreads instantaneously, kept off that torrential downpour in actually outside, and fast proliferation.

Strange from the sky appeared, gold/metal floats as in there, looks like anything has not occurred, but also likely coagulated in her opposite confused demon smoke suckling pig generally, but its is the sharp mouth of
1.5 meters actually stagnates in front of gold/metal fist, distortion resembles bread twist. Shocks, appears in each individual heart, even if Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan is no exception. When gold/metal uses the gold/metal of chaos, the heavenly stems disciples understand, at least she was self-preservation not any issue. However, no one has thought, finally can be this unexpectedly. This fist shells, after such acceleration, leads the confused demon smoke suckling pig attack of huge body. Will hit on the hard wall that unexpectedly likely, in was unable to overstep stops generally, twisted including that sharp sharp mouth.

As Rank 10 magic beast one of the three big attack methods, it can be imagined its this sharp mouth has been what kind of degree hardly. But the fact actually puts at present, that sharp mouth destroyed.

Ji Dong after short astonished, the look returned to normal, muttered:
"The strength of dragon clan."

Listens these five characters that he said that stands also suddenly comes in Ji Dong behind Chen Sixuan.

gold/metal already was not beforehand gold/metal, she now completely is the bodies of half -and-a-half people of dragon. dragon clan, without a doubt, stands existence in this world magic beast pyramid most peak. The strength and tenacity of dragon clan body, cannot say that is strongest magic beast. But was also similar. After King's dragon clan bloodlines awaken, she biggest promotion does not lie on magic power, but lies on the body. Saw that a gold/metal fist destroyed the sharp mouth of confused demon smoke suckling pig, Ji Dong understood. Present gold/metal, only by physical body intensity, not under oneself. The ancestor of Land Dragon can help oneself this bystander promote the body to the level of close Saint level, to own daughter it possibly parsimonious? King's body, entered the Saint level level to be right absolutely. This confused demon smoke suckling pig and she competes the body intensity, isn't this looks for trouble?

Including the heavenly stems disciples has not thought that will present such result, that confused demon smoke suckling pig naturally could not think, hits on the sheet iron, results in the distortion own sharp weapon proboscis hit so, that pain is indecipherable. What is more terrifying, the powerful strength of gold/metal this fist supplementary has shaken its brain completely to be at the dizzy condition, could not feel including the severe pain. Only thought that in the sky as if there is innumerable stars regarding oneself in the revolutions.

A golden yellow ray expands from King's wrist/skill place, follows her to flutter again instantaneously with the place of confused demon smoke suckling pig collision, that golden halo expanded to a diameter five meters degree in an instant, body set of confused demon smoke suckling pig. the next moment, tightens instantaneously.

Is relying on the tyrannical defensive power, just sobered several points of confused demon smoke suckling pigs to feel immediately from the dizzy condition a fierce pain simultaneously transmits from own body two places. One naturally is the nose position, another, then came from the body.

gold/metal simply does not have to look at its one again, the right leg lifts like lightning, makes the movement that under chops, fully showed her body strong flexibility, a foot divided on the proboscis of confused demon smoke suckling pig that distortion, flies the direction of directly soaring Armanz forest fire in the mountains mountain pass its huge body divided.

What gold/metal is Huan? Initially gold/metal the Eighth Metal department divine tool that obtained from skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile there, was one of three big magical instruments the silly rich business association had. No matter gold/metal this gold/metal link beforehand name called anything, she gave this gold/metal Huan giving a name character, was called: Exterminates gold/metal Huan. This exterminates gold/metal Huan , after is already the stick and the eternal armor thunder Yushen the axe, Fire God sword and the earth goddess, the fifth divine tool in heavenly stems disciple.

Exterminates gold/metal Huan is the weapon, it has two functions, attacks guards, is its defense capability that initially, when skeleton face Wang Xiao lei resisted gold/metal uses with it. But at this time gold/metal uses. Then is its law of attack. Once were exterminated the gold/metal link to put on by this, then, under its full contraction cutting, only if the opposite party also has the divine tool defense, or was the body intensity has been the degree of god, otherwise, only had one finally......

Pū a light sound, the innumerable smog from the sky scatter in all directions to fly upwards. Confused demon smoke suckling pig that tenacious body, after was divided by a gold/metal foot next, in airborne succeeded in giving up two sections around the middle, the thick toxic smoke that within the body saves naturally is also scatters in all directions to soar. Has the torrential downpour that the heavenly stems double water disciple stimulates to movement luckily, this has not made this toxic smoke proliferate, creates the life apply carbon result.

The clear golden light flutters, wrapped above the wrist/skill of gold/metal right hand, the tender body turned, she returned side fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the expression was calm, looks like has made very simple matter. Must know, she just struck to kill, is true Rank 10 magic beast, is changeability Rank 10 magic beast!

gold/metal looks to Ji Dong, said: "Should also be able to kill it with the widow manufacturer, but requires the time relatively long, therefore I used to exterminate gold/metal Huan."

The Ji Dong smile nods, "looks like, I lowered to your estimate. Present I also not necessarily was your match."

gold/metal snorted, said: "If not add on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, I have 60% assurances to defeat you, after all, my magic power is higher than Level 7 you. Also is the body that the queue unites. Although you underwent the blood immersion of father, is inferior to my this direct line dragon sovereign bloodlines. But if adds on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, I do not have the opportunity to defeat you. In five elements originally is fire gold/metal, let alone you are Pinnacle Two Fires. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon besides not having strength of divine tool and you that formidable soul, almost can be said as quite in another you. Each other coordination, I do not have the opportunity."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Do you want to defeat me very much?" gold/metal has a look at him, has a look at his back Chen Sixuan again, shaking the head of silently, actually no longer opens the mouth.

The heavenly stems disciples have encircled, the strength that the flatter diamond show, made them praise to the heavens, even if were Fu Rui, in the eye also revealed the color/look of several points of admiration. He can affirm now, gold/metal without a doubt, was in a partner the first person under Ji Dong, cultivation base truly has surpassed himself.

"Protected magic beast to kill, walked, we had a look, sought for the earth core world the entrance."Ji Dong greeted partners one, fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerated, fell toward under.

Lan Bao'er takes back magic power, the present is only a Du Ming person controls is continue rain, suppresses the smog that in the crater erupts unceasingly outward. The people ride the mount to fall near crater. Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan carry on the back to jump down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Maotai and Wuliangye and Ji Dong regard is interlinked, during the personal appearance twinkles, had found formerly the corpse of that confused demon smoke suckling pig, grabs to throw with dragon claw before the people. Such that just like Chen Sixuan said that this formidable Rank 10 magic beast, the actual height is only more than four meters.

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Chapter 505: Re-enters blazing the hot school

Confused demon smoke suckling pig was exterminated the gold/metal link to shut off. Within the body toxic gas disperses, the source was extinguished, already was dying cannot die again. At this time, presents in front of the heavenly stems disciples length approximately four meters many a corpse, seems the broad bill swordfish somewhat resembles with the Ji Dong previous generation has seen, but the below the belly four claws, do not have the dorsal fin. The long sharp mouth completely twisted now, within the body magic power disperses completely.

Before fifty Saint Fire Dragon lifts , the claw has provoked two in its corpse, has discovered Rank 10 crystal core of confused demon smoke suckling pig. Has crystal core and ordinary Fire department of magic beast crystal core fist size fully is completely different, all over the body presents for the deep red purple, is sending out somewhat strange magic power fluctuation.

Ji Dong received crystal core that fifty Saint Fire Dragon hands over, somewhat helpless said: "This thing simply cannot be used by our Mage, inside magic power includes violently poisonously. It seems like that this confused demon smoke suckling pig was also considered as is most unpopular magic beast."

Generally speaking, Mage hunts and kills magic beast mainly for magic beast crystal core, but needs through hunting and killing magic beast gains crystal core to make money, is low-end Mage. Human Mage is few and these high rank magic beast has the enmity. After all, these high rank magic beast wisdom are astonishing, once cannot kill, that is the dead enmity. But high rank magic beast crystal core is also extremely attractive. If formidable Mage can have some high rank crystal core to be auxiliary, that. The combat capability large scale will be continually enhanced. Naturally, regarding the heavenly stems disciples, besides Rank 10 magic beast crystal core, ordinary crystal core does not have anything to affect, after all, what they need is pinnacle magic power. But at present crystal core of this confused demon smoke suckling pig is unable to absorb, represents is not having what value. Even manufactures the magic power weapon not to be good, who is willing to use one to send out the toxic gas not to injure the enemy to affect own magic power weapon voluntarily first?

"No, Ji Dong, you spoke incorrectly. Confused demon smoke suckling pig should be most valuable magic beast is right."Chen Sixuan smiles was saying.

"Oh?"Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks to her.

Chen Sixuan said: "You looked, the skin of confused demon smoke suckling pig reaches the ruler thick, it depends upon this tenacious skin to carry on the defenses and carrying/sustaining massive toxic gas. This skin itself not only has the strong defensive power and ductility, but also the itself also antagonism, meanwhile has the greatly strengthened resistance to any magic power attribute. In the manufacture armor rare treasure. In some such armor in body, only if meets King's such divine tool attack, otherwise is impossible to be killed by the second. The body of this kind of confused demon smoke suckling pig, if after the refinement, at least can make more than ten complete in armor."

Listened to a Chen Sixuan such saying, Ji Dong eyes immediately to shine, now the heavenly stems disciples even are also not everyone have the magic power mail-armor and helmet, to was not worried regarding this point Ji Dong, when they have completed the silly rich business association final task, naturally can have enough support from silly rich business association there. But Chen Sixuan said in armor to be different. In any magic power armor, can be said as the most precious object. Because in the manufacture request of armor is extremely high, must use the ductility very strong leather, but must have the attribute. This type of leather was too difficult to seek. Generally speaking. The high-grade magic beast body surface is the sincere/heavy cutin or the scale, in cannot be used to manufacture armor. But in the fur/superficial knowledge manufacture of low status magic beast armor effect is also too bad. Had the reminder of Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong was overjoyed immediately.

"Yes! Haven't I thought of this point? Maotai and Wuliangye, you clean up the body of this fellow, we carry off."In armor manufacture Master as for this, Ji Dong also thought that wish flame Old Zhu 2, absolutely was the optiman. Although the body of this confused demon smoke suckling pig is tenacious, but there is their heavenly stems disciple to be auxiliary, five big divine tool help, in the manufacture armor does not have the issue certainly.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "It seems like, we entered the earth core world the time to drag the latter point again."

Fu Rui said: "Ji Dong, we do not want in this armor not to be possible actually, first enters the earth core world, when here matter processed then said that was not late."

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "No, Senior Brother, I thought that in first manufactures armor more important. The earth core world true situation we did not understand, this confused demon smoke suckling pig is only one magic beast, can bring to trouble to us. magic beast like it has many in the earth core world, our simply is not clear. Moreover, enters in the earth core world. Although we can achieve everybody to supplement the magic power effect through the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. However, the high temperature and fire attribute in earth core world corrode, will have the influence to you surely. But this confused demon smoke suckling pig is in itself the earth core lifeform, its skin can have the resistance to any attribute. Without a doubt, resistivity highest is fire attribute. Had its this leather to do became in armor, we entered the earth core world again assuring become mostly. Safety first."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, people naturally cannot oppose again his decision, they believed regarding the judgment and strength of Ji Dong extremely.

Yao Qianshu said: "Does not know we will come here time next time again, can the earth core world dispatch magic beast to come to guard."

gold/metal lightly said: "Sends again, killed is."

Looks at a gold/metal that tranquil mood fluctuation the look, Yao Qianshu secretly has not fought a shiver. In his feeling, before gold/metal as if restores the memory, does not have what difference, is that indifferent and ice-cold.

Yao Qianshu does not certainly know, this is gold/metal to own protective color, specifically is used to cover oneself mood, she feared that she will reveal unknowingly to the Ji Dong sentiment.

Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, where do you know the teacher's younger brother?"He understands certainly that whom Ji Dong must ask to manufacture in this armor.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not know. However this is not the issue. Where the teacher's younger brother, we do not know, Martial Ancestor he definitely knows. We have not gone to pay a visit Martial Ancestor for a long time. The cultivation of Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife did not know to end, we looked for Martial Ancestor, then looked for the teacher's younger brother and that's the end."

600 miles of Armanz mountain southwest flaminging hot city, but cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister live in seclusion the cultivation place in flaminging near hot city south a mountain valley, it can be said that the distance is very near. After more than double-hour, Ji Dong has led the heavenly stems disciples to arrive in this piece of not well- known mountain valley.

This mountain valley and bare Armanz mountain is completely different, was almost covered by various vegetation, enters here, wood attribute Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan, water attribute Lan Bao'er and Du Ming. Feels the abundant respective attribute element obviously. The cloudy morning sun brother and sister the high point peak cultivation in this mountain valley, previous time saw that their time Lie Yan (raging flames) just died, Ji Dong most painful that time.

Saw, high point peak was near, what made Ji Dong be greatly disappointed, here simply did not have the trail of Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife. How whatever the strength of his soul scans, has not investigated the slightest bit information.

"Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife not here. Where will they go?"Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled.

"Ji Dong, I thought."Stands said in Chen Sixuan of Wuliangye top of the head suddenly.

"Un? Where do you know my Martial Ancestor and teacher's wife?"Ji Dong surprised looks to her.

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, said: "This answer also in five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy."

Obtained the reminder of Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong has been suddenly enlighted immediately, yes! Because of the reason of this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, Five Great Empires has two elders respectively, must have their formidable psychic force assistances, can help Mages cultivation this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. As the matter stands, the cloudy morning sun brother and sister naturally here do not practice, but went to flaming the hot city.

Pats the forehead, Ji Dong somewhat embarrassed saying with a smile: "Looks at my this memory. Said, Martial Ancestor they should flaming the hot city. Moreover, we estimate wrong words, but should also flaming the hot school to be right in us."

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "Has not thought that we exited to transfer, finally returned to the school."Stands against the wind, Ji Dong that breeze blow her front piece and long hair, look at somewhat is in a daze. Other male compatriots early leave go excessively. Lest looked a lot was unable to extricate oneself.

Remote helpless say/way: "Thinks of the fine jade, you cover the face."

Chen Sixuan nods slightly, takes out veil to cover the outstandingly beautiful appearance together, did not say others, even if Ji Dong, secret relaxing. He just had prepared to use oneself god hot Saint king Kai.

From this piece of mountain range again to flaminging hot city, that is near, for does not cause the common people to create a disturbance. The people flaminged a hot city ten miles place respectively to get down the mount to change to the walk in the distance.

When blazing the hot city and previous Ji Dong leave not any too big difference, all as before. Regarding Ji Dong and heavenly stems disciples, their time are very important every day, without any delay. Although one year has not entered city, they have not done to linger, arrived directly has flaminged the hot school.

"Vice- was Dean, you comes back? Your this hair?"Guarding a gate Mage sees Ji Dong, pleasantly surprised hurrying flushed, excited saying.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Restored normally. Under two supreme crowns can in the school?"

Mage was surprised said that guards a gate: "Vice- Dean is really fierce, such for a long time did not have, actually also knew under two supreme crowns in our school."

"Thanks." After the Ji Dong smile nods, the next moment, guarding a gate Mage only thought that at present a flower, Ji Dong as well as have been similar to with ten people that he came together the ghosts and demons vanish. Looks again to the distant place, they beyond hundred meters, the next moment, completely lost the trail unexpectedly.

"Amn't I will be having the daydream?"At the same time was saying, he ruthlessly has also pinched oneself thigh. cultivation base to heavenly stems disciples such realm, graces completely is different from the average person, in their opinion, one step steps forward, in magic power under promotes to move ahead dozens meters slightly is not anything, may in the average person, even in the low level Mages eye, this is nearly existence of miracle.

Quick, the people arrived have flaminged in the drill ground of hot school, at this time in the drill ground was quite lively, at least had 300 students here. Every ten person one groups, encircle a circle, 30 circles, are revolving fast, thick magic power element fluctuation that clear. Moreover, these Mage ages are irregular, old, even there are seems six, 70-year-old appearances, young, is only several years old, cultivation base is also various. But each group of Mage cultivation base are actually almost the same.

The Ji Dong these people of vision from the field shifts to another side of the drill ground stage, immediately is overjoyed, person who he must find. All here. Not only cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister, Zhu Rong and Zhu Yan two brothers, are also paying attention to the field the cultivation of these Mages. Without a doubt, these Mage are practicing the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy of Ji Dong creation under the direction of two big Fire department supreme powerhouses at present.

That side was also the top powerhouse, the Ji Dong 11 people of appearances immediately captured their attention, when they saw the person unexpectedly are the heavenly stems disciples, even if were on the temper face that cloudy morning sun lived simply also reveals the smiling face, other people could not conceal excitement in oneself eye.

The light shadow flashes, the body of Ji Dong stretched across the drill ground to arrive above the stage, Teng Snake flashes under his utilization, looks at the speed purely the words, was not inferior in Teng Snake itself. His body after the transformation of ancestor of that first ancestor dragon blood fluid Land Dragon, the tenacious degree must above Teng Snake.

"Disciple Ji Dong, pays a visit Martial Ancestor, master, teacher's wife and teacher's younger brother."Any status, how regardless of cultivation base, facing the Teacher, Ji Dong as before is their disciples, knees without hesitation kneel down, must do obeisance.

Yin Zhaorong goes forward one step, has drawn him directly, "dumb kid, kneels anything to kneel, me do not have this custom. Stood to me."

At the same time was saying, Yin Zhaorong draws him, careful looks at the face of Ji Dong, the happy expression on face was richer immediately, "good, good, previous time saw spirit were more, this hair also restored the color. It looks like, your boy restored."

Fu Rui was only slower than Ji Dong one step, has been on the stage, similarly has done obeisance, Yin Zhaorong attention actually on Ji Dong, Zhu Rong hint makes Fu Rui get up.

Fu Rui chuckled, gathers side Ji Dong to say to Yin Zhaorong:
"Teacher's wife, you cannot eccentric!"

Yin Zhaorong snorted, said: "Did your boy also restore? Remembered your two brothers at that time the appearance of that more dead than alive, I want to pull out you."Spoke these words, has also smiled including her, but Fu Rui and Ji Dong actually saw loving dearly from the teacher's wife eyes. Yin Zhaorong and Zhu Rong do not have the child, she completely treated as oneself biological son to regard Fu Rui and Ji Dong.

Cloudy toward way of yang: "Ji Dong, how you will come. I am just about to look for you."

Ji Dong regarding cloudy morning sun, the awe are more, respectfully said: "What does Martial Ancestor have to tell?"Indistinct, he can feel that leaves look some of cloudy morning sun not to be right.

This month from the bottom next day, the monthly ticket again remains may become invalid, the brothers, looked your.

Chapter 506: Support under Victorious Light crown

The cloudy morning sun brow selects. Said: "I heard that did you go to Eastern Wood Empire? Also stirs the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace earth-shakingly, has this matter?"

Ji Dong face one red, said: "Disciple went to a Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace. Celestial stems Second Wood disciple Chen Sixuan in our heavenly stems disciple is Princess Eastern Wood Empire, she has the engagement in the body, in order to have been practicing anti- enemy with us together, therefore, the disciple accompanied her to go back to break an engagement."

Was exposed to the sun cloudy snorted, the temperature in air as if instantaneously dropped, the invisible pressure covered the body of Ji Dong directly, facing Martial Ancestor, Ji Dong naturally does not dare to revolt , can only , whatever the pressure of Martial Ancestor release were oppressing itself.

"Is others is voluntary, your this Saint king does force others?" The voice of cloudy morning sun sank obviously. Cloudy morning sun this spoke, other people no one dares to speak.

Ji Dong hastily said: "Is thinks of the fine jade to be voluntary."

Nearby Fu Rui hear of cloudy morning sun such asked that chuckled. The cloudy morning sun vision changes Fu Rui, "what do you smile?" Fu Rui said: "Martial Ancestor, you do not know, thinks of the fine jade is falls in love to Ji Dong that likes him loving seriously, how is willing to marry others? This Ji Dong accompanies her to go back to break an engagement. Also is she voluntarily requests."

"Oh?"Listened to Fu Rui these words, the complexion of cloudy morning sun immediately becomes strange. "Said, news that I hear. Ji Dong to seize the person loves, greatly noisy Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, under heavy losses merit Cao Mian a forest rock pile, runs away in fear to/clashes under the crown forest clear, you are really the good skill!"

Ji Dong lowers the head, had not argued for oneself.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy angrily said: "Do you know, are faced with an archenemy, our Light Five Elements Continent overall strength originally is inferior to Dark Five Elements Continent. You unexpectedly to be rivals for sexual favor have nearly killed under merit Cao Mian a forest rock pile, sets up this archenemy, in the future our how altogether anti- foreign enemy? On continent supreme powerhouse only then ten people, have actually been short of under the Wood department two supreme crowns, the strength that our originally is insufficient will drop. Moreover forest clear and a forest rock pile husband and wife, originally is in us is strongest. Only can defend continent depending on your heavenly stems disciple?"

"Yes, the disciple made a mistake."Facing reprimanding of cloudy morning sun, Ji Dong had not explained. Nearby Fu Rui is also the dumbfoundedness of listening. They know that Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan go back to break an engagement successfully, actually does not know the entire process, at this time listened to a cloudy morning sun such saying, was clear, originally that broke an engagement is not that simple.

"Under Victorious Light crown, whether to listen to my word."At this time, numerous heavenly stems disciples arrived above the stage, Chen Sixuan arrives at side Ji Dong, bowing northward morning sun salutes. The vision of cloudy morning sun falls on bringing the Chen Sixuan face of veil, heart slightly shakes, although Chen Sixuan is covering the facial features. But that perfect makings and stature, making him immediately associate to Empress Lie Yan.

"You said."Yin Zhaorong snatches in front of cloudy morning sun speaks. Her very clear Ji Dong disposition, facing reprimanding of Martial Ancestor, he will not explain for oneself.

Chen Sixuan said: "Under under the Victorious Light crown, the Supreme Unity crown, I am Chen Sixuan. Ji Dong and I go back to break an engagement, reluctantly complies under my entreaty. Right, I love him very much, this lives him not to marry. However, Ji Dong actually does not love me, when only I am a friend. What he loves is Empress Lie Yan. This time we go back, begins with forest clear, a forest rock pile husband and wife, is far from we hopes, is really they go too far, if not the Ji Dong strength is formidable enough, under two crowns again could not see him."

At that moment, the matter that after Chen Sixuan returns to Eastern Wood Empire, to have two people said in detail, not having the slightest bit to exaggerate, has not reduced. How to use fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out despicable method to attack the Ji Dong process Lin to say in detail.

Is listening to the Chen Sixuan words, numerous heavenly stems disciples were already filled with righteous indignation, Zhu Rong and Zhu Yan two brothers' complexions also become extremely ugly. Because has the master here, mouth is very difficult to do to fear that had already manifested suddenly.

Yin Zhaorong submits in person the water, in the eye has the cold light to flash through unceasingly, only has the cloudy morning sun look to be invariable, but formerly anger was also nothing left.

Fu Rui has hit Ji Dong with the shoulder gently, said in a low voice: "Nature, your boy, already competent supreme powerhouse, moreover one has killed two." Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "Has big luck ingredient. Competion strength, but to/clashes under the crown forest clear, I was very difficult to defeat."

After Chen Sixuan lecture entire process, has not said one again, even has not added on own commentary, but silently falls back on Ji Dong behind.

"Process is such? Ji Dong."Cloudy morning sun casts the vision once more on Ji Dong.

Ji Dong nodded, "is."

Is exposed to the sun cloudy solemnly said: "After that matter occurred, why your earliest possible time doesn't look for me and your teacher's wife?"

Ji Dong said: "Disciple thought that the matter has processed, does not want to trouble you and teacher's wife."

Is exposed to the sun cloudy lightly said: "Since mistakenly not in you, this matter."

"Ok? How can forget about it? forest is clear they to go too far. Tomorrow I will ask them to do accounts."Yin Zhaorong at this time is the violent anger.

Cloudy morning sun knit the brows to sweep her one eyes, said: "You calmly cultivated with me were so long, so to be how impulsive. This time matter wrong looked in Lin Jia, the forest clear husband and wife did not give a thought to the status to use the fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out to Ji Dong this younger generation. However, suffering a loss after all is they, was away from the holy war to be getting more and more near. You must understand the relative importance of matter. This matter we remember are. After all waited for the holy war to end, said again. Ji Dong your this time comes, since not because of this matter, that is for what?" Ji Dong saw that Martial Ancestor no longer blames itself, raised the head, said this line of goals of simply.

"What? Do you want to go to the earth core world?"Yin Zhaorong could not attend to being angry, surprised asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Teacher's wife, I think. There most suits our informed and experienced places. We had been fully prepared."

Cloudy toward way of yang: "The overall strength of your heavenly stems disciple how? Do you know, not only the danger of earth core world has the formidable earth core lifeform, the environment will be you biggest enemy."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "These issues I considered, this time wants to ask the teacher's younger brother to manufacture in the confused demon smoke suckling pig for us armor, to resist environment."He himself planned that carried on the supplies the matter to recount using the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy in detail. Also introduced the heavenly stems disciples present strengths.

Listens to the Ji Dong words, cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister look at each other one, even if cloudy morning sun, at this time is also difficult to cover the shock of innermost feelings, they cannot think, in several years, these young people grew to this degree unexpectedly. This is hard to imagine simply! Most of them are only over 20 years old is, may also be most of them, cultivation base broke through Eight-Crown realm unexpectedly, had own demon territory. Moreover, these young people are also pinnacle magic power is having, is having minimum Rank 9 cultivation base magic beast. This is what kind terrifying strength!

When knew that forest clear and a forest rock pile husband and wife was routed by Ji Dong, cloudy morning sun brother and sister biggest is shocking, they do not even believe that at this time a Ji Dong person did. In their opinion, perhaps is Ji Dong is leading all heavenly stems disciples, may complete such magnificent feat. However, just listened to Chen Sixuan to narrate a then process, clearly. Routs that two supreme powerhouse, is Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan they complete by. These young people really already formidable to so degree? The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that in addition Ji Dong creates, no wonder Ji Dong said that only then the earth core world suits makes the institutes of their smelting trial.

Is exposed to the sun cloudy took a deep breath, is returning to normal shock in the heart. In the heart mused, later this world is really these young people.

"Such being the case, the matter is not suitable late. In Zhu Yan, you make armor for them."

"Yes, Teacher."Zhu Yan complied, he had already been ready to fight in one side, devotes regarding this life forging top magic power weapon Blacksmith of magic power weapon, also what ratio obtains a best material more excited matter?

Ji Dong said: "Martial Ancestor. A disciple also matter must discuss with you."

"Un? You said."Cloudy morning sun looks that the Ji Dong vision restored temperately.

Ji Dong said: "After we go to the earth core world, if all goes well, the disciple there is still one plan must be completed. Perhaps cannot participate in Mage to unite elder assembly regarding the preparation of holy war. All, but also invited Martial Ancestor and fellow supreme powerhouses as well as Mage Guild is ready. Leads our Mage arrays above Holy and Evil Island."

"When do you come back?"Cloudy morning sun asked. Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not know."
"Doesn't know?"Is exposed to the sun cloudy brows slightly wrinkled, regarding Ji Dong this replied that he is very unsatisfied. This obviously is the irresponsible reply, the brow that but, the next moment he wrinkles turned astonished. This is his minimum 20 years have not had the biggest mood changes.

The Zhu Yan mind resounded the Ji Dong sound in cloudy morning sun, Yin Zhaorong, Zhu Rong and, Ji Dong said own plan simply several, they look that the Ji Dong look turned into one piece with amazement.

"It is not good, did this is too dangerous."Yin Zhaorong blurted out said.

Ji Dong said: "Teacher's wife, the disciple knows that you are worried about our safety. But this is the best choice. Only has this, can reverse our strength disparities as far as possible. When holy war really start, the pressure that our Light Five Elements Continent bears significantly will reduce, may achieve the final success. Therefore, this time we must go. We also completely have ability of self-preservation."

Some Zhu Rong said with a forced smile: "Ji Dong, your this plan was bold."

Ji Dong said: "Teacher, we cannot, but for it, this was also the superiority that we so far can only have. If the bad additional use, this holy war we are really the opportunity are not perhaps big, although we have the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, but Dark Five Elements Continent also similarly has certain research regarding the five elements ten departments fusion, only defeats the enemy by a surprise attack, can reverse each other fit and unfit quality."

Cloudy morning sun closes both eyes, is familiar with his person to know when this is he is at the ponder the appearance of custom.

Ji Dong is gazing at own Martial Ancestor, the static waiting his response, other people are also looking here, regarding these that Ji Dong said a moment ago, the heavenly stems disciples somewhat are mostly vacant, even if Fu Rui does not know the plan that he said is anything. the time it takes for half an incense stick to burn, cloudy morning sun opens both eyes, Ji Dong, because has visited him, therefore saw change between his looks immediately.

At this time, in the cloudy morning sun eye is glittering color/look resolutely, obviously had set firm resolve, "Ji Dong. You believe how you can achieve the degree?"

Ji Dong solemnly said: "I believe, we can certainly achieve the reverse war the degree."

Cloudy morning sun slowly nodded, "that good. Martial Ancestor supports you unconditionally. From now on, do not receive anything on continent to affect again. How about the series soldier, how to assign various countries' army, the centralized dispatcher deals with the matter of holy war, you do not need to participate again. You are leading your partners, wholeheartedly completes your plan. Other all, I can unite the numerous elders of elder assembly to do with Mage together. But you must keep firmly in mind, safety first, you are Fu Rui, your lives regarding us, are more important than the victory of holy war. Do you understand?"

Since the cloudy morning sun faint vision at this time actually has been the lyrical color, from his look, Ji Dong clearly can see the puzzled mood. His setting firm resolve makes Ji Dong go about something with a free hand, in innermost feelings also extremely struggles obviously.

"Big Brother."Yin Zhaorong could not bear call one.

Cloudy morning sun looked at younger sister one eyes, sighed lightly: "Besides this, you can also be able to find out better means? Right that Ji Dong said that goes forward or retreats depending upon circumstances, this was we at present the only superiority. But this superiority is Ji Dong makes. I believe that he can certainly be able to achieve."

Here, the vision of cloudy morning sun became sharp, turned head to look to wishing the flame, "wished the flame, in you bring Ji Dong they to go to refine armor immediately. Must complete in the shortest time, needs anything to assist, so long as we can achieve, you said freely. The following some time, is completely dominated by you, in the refinement armor, the quicker the better. Early a day is completed, Ji Dong their setup times can also many day."

Flame complied, in his eyes had already been full of the frantic color/look. Although Zhu Rong has not said anything, but actually arrives at side Ji Dong, effort has patted his shoulder, looks that his look also becomes extremely earnest. As if was saying, worthily is my Zhu Rong disciple.

The vision of cloudy morning sun changes in the drill ground, "you look at anything , to continue to practice." The appearance of heavenly stems disciples, attracted. the attention of Mages, subconsciously stopped cultivation

At the end of the month, last day, asked the monthly ticket intensely. The tomorrow's renewal will renew after 12 : 00 pm, moreover is erupts three 12,000.

Chapter 507: Unlimited positional transmission method

Under scolding of cloudy morning sun. Numerous Mages in drill ground then make a fresh start to practice their five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. In these people, flaminged the student of hot school many, sees the appearance of Ji Dong, their looks become earnest. Because they know, their Teacher Ji Dong, Ji Dong vice- Dean, is this founder of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy! Initially the Ji Dong first group of students, now as before stay in the Mage Guild headquarters, when as the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy cultivation model demonstration to regional Mage, was enjoying the extremely high treatment.

Obtained the approval and commitment of cloudy morning sun, Ji Dong big relaxing , during some guarantee of Martial Ancestor, in the following time, he has only needed to place the cultivation, informed and experienced own entire energy. The preparation was OK facing own plan finally. Does not need to consider all sorts of business on Light Five Elements Continent again. Handles these matters is not his strong point, only has according to oneself plans to handle affairs, can as well as the bright heavenly stems disciple's function displays fully oneself.

Then, heavenly stems disciples in flaminging the hot school stayed fully for one month, this month, they always and wished the flame in the same place, in assisting him to carry on the manufacture of armor. This month, the most happy camper also wished the flame. He never like the present, when manufacturing the magic power weapon is so handy. Has the Ji Dong primal chaos demon territory to be auxiliary, has the help of Pinnacle Two Fires, even also is condensed five elements Yin-Yang that becomes to refine various materials by pinnacle magic power completely, all processes of manufacture are twice the result with half the effort. When is cuts that confused demon smoke suckling pig tenacious thick skin and sews, has the help of several magical instruments, Ji Dong the sword of Fire God, King's extermination gold/metal Huan, the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe, became manufacture tool that wished the armor of flame when the refinement confused demon smoke suckling pig. In such a case, deals with the material unified, merely one month, in altogether 14 confused demon smoke suckling pigs armor refines to complete completely. Surplus some bits and pieces.

When these 14 armor successes refine, wish the flame to have tears streaming down the face, looks that in these armor cries unexpectedly loudly, like child. Starting from this moment, he understands, oneself became the present age first magic power weapon makes Great Master truly. Except for him, who historically one time refined successfully the magic power weapon of 14 instance divine tool rank? He achieved. Achieved with the full help of heavenly stems disciples.

Looks at that each article filament thin narrow and small in armor, wish the flame mood nearly to lose control.

Ji Dong they are counted the secret also only then 11 people, took 11, other three gave completely wished the flame, in the Ji Dong words, even if treated as wishing the flame reward.

Wish the flame not to leave behind in these armor, if he hopes to obtain these things, long before can have many magic power weapons. He in armor the right to control these turned to cloudy morning sun.

Wish the manufacturer of flame as these in armor. He gives them the giving a name character, is called Saint flame armor, to show that in these armor is the heavenly stems disciple and he wishes the flame to refine together. After Saint flame armor manufactures is successful, including cloudy morning sun looks praised to the heavens. The confused demon smoke suckling pig that thick skin, in five elements Yin-Yang and Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires, as well as three big magical instruments and wished under flame the functions of some refinement mystiques, has used entire 15 days , the refinement became the filament thin Ruzhi general material quality. Then by wishing the flame is made successfully. The confused demon smoke suckling pig cover after refinement becomes more tenacious, wish the flame to join many special materials in the extractive process, concrete is any Ji Dong does not know.

The end product of Saint flame armor, all over the body presents for the deep red purple, can see under the illumination of glare above has a partly visible fluorescence. The size of each Saint flame armor is the same, if not put on , but places there, seems looks like the clothes of seven and eight - year-old children is ordinary. So long as but, one puts on toward the body, the situation becomes is different immediately, confused demon smoke suckling pig body that strong ductility exposes with nothing left, what stature, even if Thunder Emperor Fu Rui is so strong, can wrap/sets similarly. Moreover besides the head, wraps the whole body including the neck. It looks like leotard. What most comedy is. Wish the flame extremely user-friendly consideration the excretion issue, from the lower abdomen to behind, has made an installment of zip fastener specially, can not need to take off the clothes not to affect the excretion. Simply speaking, once pulls open, looks like split-seat pants of baby......

Puts on Saint flame armor, the first feeling is light , if no thing, moreover this Saint flame armor itself looks like can breath, the body cannot have the oppressed feeling. Frivolous and comfortable, although the defensive power has not confirmed that but could also be imagined from the confused demon smoke suckling pig initial defense capability. Such in armor, even is much higher than the inferior divine tool value of same rank. Wish the flame saying that this thing is he refines in all magic power weapons the value to be highest at present. If only he, even if there is a corpse of confused demon smoke suckling pig not to be impossible to refine successfully. Not even if day of delaying, after having attained in the confused demon smoke suckling pig armor, the heavenly stems disciples start immediately, return to the Armanz mountain.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon drops from the clouds, was like before, Chen Sixuan that its carrying/sustaining Ji Dong and bosom thought.

"Did Ji Dong, how fall here? Why doesn't fly the Armanz mountain directly?"Sound of Fu Rui doubts resounds, in the loud sound, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon also fell on the ground loudly, the mounts of other heavenly stems disciples descend one after another.

The position that they are at now, about ten miles from Armanz mountain also, seems, that mountain was near at hand.

Ji Dong said: "Before climbing mountains, our also matter must do."At the same time was saying, he had jumped down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon with Chen Sixuan.

Does not need to explain with the language, the next moment. The strength of Ji Dong tyrannical soul has communicated with each heavenly stems disciple is completed. The people felt his meaning and idea immediately. Suddenly, on everybody face revealed the surprised look.

"Ji Dong, can you establish one unlimited positional transmission method?"Remote always cannot keep the words, surprised looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Although we had the quite preparation, but the earth core world is our unknown places, once encounters the danger, we must have an escape route. Before, I entered earth core 18 Layers time, by the ability transmission of Lie Yan (raging flames) in the past. My first time enters to the earth core world, adopts random transmission method. So long as we can create one unlimited positional transmission method, then, we in the earth core world on several, so long as makes one isotopic system there again, can transmit to carry on the supplies and rest." Fu Rui knits the brows: "This unlimited positional transmission method it is said had appeared in the ancient times. Ji Dong, can we succeed?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Doesn't try to know? Each of us has learned transmission law in five elements method. When I initially used the random transmission method feeling still to remember now very clearly. If I had not felt that mistake, that random transmission method simply is transmission law in our five elements method. That scroll is in itself a work of failure. Which Mage when manufactures scroll to manufacture random transmission? His originally goal, must manufacture a directional positional transmission scroll surely, but failed finally, turns into random transmission. Our ten attributes are complete, but also were many fellow apprentice's pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute. If we collaborate unable to succeed, then, transmits law simply should not exist unlimitedly. Now we must do is very simple, folds to put together our five elements ten attribute transmission law, making it have enough induction force, regardless of we are where, so long as can induce to its existence, we can transmit. Also is equal to us makes a localization here."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, Chen Sixuan first to express support,
"theoretically, the Ji Dong procedure can be successful."

Yao Qianshu said: "Ji Dong. If we have succeeded, this unlimited transmission law can be induced by the Dark Five Elements Continent person. Especially dark secret. If were induced by them, arrives at our continent through this law, but wanted the life to spread the coal."

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, said: "At least now is impossible. Red Lotus day fire isolation, not only space, has isolated also two pieces of continent aura. Only if cultivation base of that dark secret can surpass Lie Yan (raging flames), otherwise, he is impossible to induce to all that on our Light Five Elements Continent has."

Fu Rui said: "Such being the case, we now on attempt."

magic beast of people flashes one side, these magic beast obviously headed by fifty Saint Fire Dragon, even if secret that Rank 10 drills the lizard, saw that Maotai and Wuliangye will obviously move aside one side. From own strength, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has definitely been able to contend with Rank 10 magic beast. Especially after eating ancestor's of Land Dragon blood, their physical body strengths are become tyrannical incomparable, on the body of black and white dual-color was disclosing faintly is flooding the bright aura golden gloss. The shape of King has shown completely.

The heavenly stems disciples sit in a circle, because is in itself not the five elements attribute, Fu Rui has not participated, stands with the secret in the slightly far place looks. Also is feeling changes.

Is headed by Ji Dong, pinnacle magic power releases slowly, immediately, ten colors filled the world good fortune color light to condense in the air circle, five elements Yin-Yang formed quietly.

Present five elements Yin-Yang and initially in Holy and Evil Island first time appeared entirely different. The heavenly stems disciples generally reach as high as seven, Eight-Crown cultivation base, can it be that at that time can compare. Ten colors circle, nearly substantive common ray forms a rule the light cover. Ji Dong is this five elements Yin-Yang complete leader, based on this can control its trend completely.

Has existence of this five elements Yin-Yang, even if meets again to/clashes under the crown forest clear, Ji Dong also has confidence with her, as soon as spells. Even if were she uses loved the opium poppy to be no exception certainly, after all, she was not the true Saint level powerhouse.

Ji Dong both hands raised to the chest front, both hands transform, immediately, Teng Snake and Vermilion Bird illusory shadow appeared before his body successively, the float in five elements Yin-Yang, then quietly fell slowly, the brand mark encircled a ground middle position in them. Yang Fire transmission law and Yin Fire transmission law, the appearance, falls one after another toward the ground similar position.

However. Makes the situation that Ji Dong knits the brows appear. Yang Fire condensation law falls to the ground first, does not have any issue actually, when Yin Fire condensation law wants the brand mark on it, the issue emerged. After condensing five elements method, Yin-Yang two fires that Ji Dong can always fuse calmly had the phenomenon of repel unexpectedly, said that anything cannot fuse in together, instead each other is consuming the magic power fluctuation of opposite party.

Is could it be own judgment incorrect? The Ji Dong brow wrinkles, heavenly stems disciples also frowned. Ji Dong is connected through the soul, is sharing this time condition completely, therefore the people can feel his present magic power change clearly.

Ji Dong has attempted successively several times, even released own primal chaos demon territory not to succeed. Quick, he has thought reason is.

This Yin-Yang two fires, can fuse in his within the body, that is because has the Chaos Fire well distributed reason, already adapted to the process of fusion in his within the body. However, when they transform after law, this situation has the change, five elements method alone existed, Ji Dong will release them in outside the body, law will have its unique ability function on Ji Dong. In other words, law becomes independent existence, for example looks like cloudy Yang Fire condensation law of Ji Dong frequently use, appears by the body respectively, absorbs Yin-Yang attribute Fire Element in air, making Ji Dong body surrounding Fire Element rich, is attracted income within the body by him again.

Because of so, after this cloudy Yang Fire transmission law appears, their independent existences make the fusion become trouble. Ji Dong does not have the means to make these two law each other compromise, is the degree of fusion. In addition same fire attribute so, if joined other attribute unable to complete again? This is reason that Ji Dong knits the brows. He can definitely make these two law fuse by Chaos Fire temporarily. But, is impossible to achieve the stable effect, he needs, is one cannot also be able to consolidate a lot of years of unlimited positional transmission method with the aid of the external force. Moreover must have the characteristics that he controls, who is not wants to use can use.

"Ji Dong, tries the means of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements." The Chen Sixuan sound resounds in the Ji Dong soul, Yin Wood transmission law fluttered from Chen Sixuan there, fluttered to Ji Dong Yin Fire transmission law.

A mysterious performance, wood lights a fire, that Yin Wood condensation law easy fusion above Yin Fire condensation law.

One month of effort, the rank of monthly ticket looked at today's sprint finally, small three pledged to everybody, after 12 : 00 pm, surely eruption.

Chapter 508: Thinks of the fine jade, Eight-Crown

Ji Dong dumbfounded looks at present this. Turns head to look again to Chen Sixuan, cannot bear say with a smile: "I affirmed once more, your talent is much higher than me."

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, "simple mutual promotion of the five elements principle, your five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can't could it be apply in the five elements strategy? A strategy set of strategy, naturally turned into big."

Chen Sixuan these words, looked like God's hand that opened out the dark cloud, the Ji Dong whole person fell into the delay instantaneously, but in his brain actually likely turned on a special window, making him see the more marvelous world.

Yes! Who stipulated that the strategy can't carry on the superposition to use with the strategy? The five elements strategy is also the strength of five elements, magic power can the mutual promotion of the five elements, based on various departments magic power why the five elements strategy can't the mutual promotion of the five elements? This may not only be the function in present transmission law, other strategies also similarly can use! Ji Dong wants to throw really grasped Chen Sixuan to kiss her one in the past ruthlessly. A language awakens the dreamboat, the Chen Sixuan words, making him see has coped with the dark continent true hope.

Chen Sixuan looks at Ji Dong appearance can't bear secretly nodding, she knows that Ji Dong has thought through, was Lie Yan (raging flames) she had entered Divine level that level, among the relations regarding elements naturally the Ji Dong cognition was more profound. She must do, is helps Ji Dong have the inspiration, but how does not teach him to make anything and to do. Only by doing so, can make Ji Dong true comprehends. Becoming own thing.

In the mind of heavenly stems disciples almost presented the Ji Dong soul information in the next moment, law appears in the midair one after another. The Yin-Yang separates completely in the both sides, defers to the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements the order to fuse respectively in together, in an instant, the five elements transmission strategy that two fuse respectively presented in the both sides. With completion of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements combination, they are sparkling respectively all colors gloss. But this time they, is the entire attributes.

The golden red ray ignites from Ji Dong suddenly, one group of gentle white lights emit from his mouth, happen to arrived at the center of Yin- Yang both sides. Chaos Fire.

Has completed both sides law of mutual promotion of the five elements fusion respectively, obtained the vector effect of Chaos Fire, looked like the magnet generally instantaneous absorption in one.

In an instant, heavenly stems disciples simultaneously are the body shock, they feel clearly, oneself lost the release method control. originally extremely stable five elements Yin-Yang unexpectedly instantaneous shatter, changes into ten color rays that the innumerable Daoist believers light integrated that just to fuse.

ten departments Totem, separately from ten directions, is in front of the heavenly stems disciples ascends, each Totem seems that lifelike. But the ten departments color light that in the sky fuses drops from the clouds, floating falls, light brand mark above ground. The dense ten colored light fog leap to play over a hundred meters altitude instantaneously, then slowly contracts, strange feeling, clear appearance in heavenly stems disciples everyone mind. This is their world, in this diameter ten meters range, completely is their world. The strange magic power fluctuation, as if has communicated the world highest good for them. Instantaneous clear(ly) became aware simultaneously appears in everyone mind.

Thought of the fine jade body to shiver fiercely, saw only that Liuhe Totem halo before her body floating to rewind, sweeps across her body, then pinnacle Yin Wood condensed the flower petal that became to extend piece by piece unceasingly outward from her body place, the thick magic power fluctuation burst out from Chen Sixuan within the body along with the comprehensive strong life aura suddenly. Her that eternal armor also voluntarily appeared, wraps her tender body.

Broke through. Right, she broke through. Fused that moment to communicate clear(ly) that the world highest good brings to become aware with the aid of these ten attribute transmission law a moment ago, Chen Sixuan was unexpectedly successful to break through Level 80 from Level 79, formally entered Eight-Crown realm.

Formerly Ji Dong said the Chen Sixuan talent he was better than the time, the heavenly stems disciples closed with a smile, at this time saw that the Chen Sixuan success broke through Eight-Crown, they are dumbfounded. Must know, the Chen Sixuan age comes compared with Ji Dong, but also takes on slightly several years old. But compared with her magic power and Ji Dong, after breaking through Eight-Crown achieves Level 80, differs Level 2.

Marches Eight-Crown along with Chen Sixuan, in heavenly stems disciple besides the secret, only remaining Lan Bao'er, Du Ming and Du Xin'er also remained at the Seven-Crown level.

A moment ago that Xiagou exceedingly high, others, although not like direct sudden enlightenment promotion of Chen Sixuan such exaggeration, but also each one has the different comprehensions. They feel clearly. Oneself as if became with this attribute magic power element more intimate. Chen Sixuan enters the sitting in meditation condition, after realizing from experience her cultivation base to promote all sorts of changes to Eight-Crown, but the vision of other people fall, in they have sat in a circle in this central ground.

The dense ray in transmission law restrains gradually, but in the ground actually turned into ten color heterochroses, the ten departments Totem design quietly brand mark around special law that in these ten color heterochroses have composed. This law seems extremely complex, that is not in them any person can understand. But that soul connected feeling makes them be able to feel fully existence of that part of strengths in this round.

"Did we succeed?"Du Xin'er somewhat vacant saying.

Ji Dong affirmative nodded, ", we succeeded. This should be unlimited positional transmission method."He has far ultra people the strength of soul, the feeling naturally is also most profound. That even compared with initially transmitted him to the magic power fluctuation that communicated with the world to Lie Yan (raging flames) Red Lotus that the earth core world went to huge also strange. The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements continuously, he can definitely affirm, this is hopes law that presents.

Regarding the heavenly stems disciples, all that presents at present is considered as absolutely on is a miracle. Had this strategy, they do not have any extra worries again.

Static of Chen Sixuan cultivated to sit in meditation to continue the entire six double-hour, after six double-hour, the heavenly stems disciples returned above the Armanz mountain summit.

Facts showed, in a short time the earth core world cannot discover the guardian who Armanz mountain entrance * fell once again. But above this summit, has been filling the thick volcano mist and dust. Is showing the liveliness of Armanz mountain. Du Ming rains with the aid of pinnacle Ninth Water magic power once more, making the line of sight of heavenly stems disciples become clear. Stands in the summit crater position. The mood of heavenly stems disciples everyone is not only excited and is bringing several points of anxiety. Even if Chen Sixuan is no exception. Must go home, in the Chen Sixuan look is revealing the complex brilliance. The earth core world, has bred her earth core world, she came back finally, returns by another status.

"How do we go in?"Fu Rui and Ji Dong stand shoulder to shoulder, the fellow apprentices two people look at front crater.

This crater is not a large cave directly downward extends. It seems is blocked by the volcanic rock everywhere, the mist and dust that these erupt, braves from the slits of these volcanic rocks. But these places are not person can enter obviously.

Ji Dong said: "Very much since the silly rich business association has confidence told here is enters the earth core world the entrance. That should yes right. I investigate first, seeks for the entrance."

Did not need the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Chen Sixuan to arrive at side him, held on his hand on own initiative. Actually, at degree of two people soul fusion. Even if no body contact also to fuse calmly in together, but Chen Sixuan is not willing to discard this and Ji Dong intimate opportunity.

The soul completed the process of fusion instantaneously, Ji Dong that originally has achieved Saint level middle rank the strength of soul to sublimate once more, the sensation how much multiple was strengthened, under his control, directly soared internal investigation to go following the slits of these craters.

The strength of soul entered the crater, Ji Dong has discovered the change immediately. In the crater, the temperature is extremely high, in that rich magma aura gable, his soul sensitivity drops immediately large scale. The surroundings are dusky one piece, everywhere is the rock.

Continues the downward investigation, the surroundings black grey volcanic rock started to turn into the dark-red, the temperature also became higher and higher, probably after under searched hundred meters, Ji Dong has discovered the magma. The when temperatures of these magma already not like previous eruption was so high, but also is extremely terrifying. However, regarding these high-temperature magma, Ji Dong is simply familiar, the high temperature can only make the range that he investigates drop, must say the influence, that is actually impossible.

At present was blocked by the magma, the surrounding all as if were also the magma, in the Ji Dong heart have had the doubts. Is this really the earth core world natural entrance? Even if the earth core world is primarily Fire Element, impossible first layer is magma several thousand degrees high temperature. Let alone is the supreme powerhouse, even if the Saint level powerhouse has no way to survive here. Only if has Lie Yan (raging flames) such cultivation base, can in the magma able to move unhindered free.

"We continue the downward investigation. Perhaps this magma because of the impediment that the previous eruption does form?"Chen Sixuan has transmitted own idea to Ji Dong.

Moves complied, after controlling two people are fusing the soul to drill into the magma. This is also he dares such to do, exchanges a supreme powerhouse here, does not dare easily to enter the elemental concentration to be the viscous degree own soul absolutely, is in the magma of several thousand degrees high temperature. That was quite in Ziwo destroys.

Ji Dong takes advantage of own soul cultivation base to reach the Saint level, is in itself Fire Element, drills into the magma directly. However, he not rash hits. But wraps the Chen Sixuan soul with own soul first, this wormed one's way into.

The soul enters the magma, Ji Dong only thought that periphery turned into a dark-red world instantaneously, originally can carry on wide scope scanning the strength of soul almost to be collected only in the flash to investigate ten meters range, such that but, judged just as him, strength of magma to his soul can only play the restriction, but also has not been in the degree that can affect, continued to go forward directly downward. Probably drills into about hundred meters, suddenly, Ji Dong feels the pressure in soul as if to weaken in left, the thought moves, the strength of soul drilled. Soul one light, although above hundred meters thick zone of magma impediments, but when he drills, investigated the ability to restore several points.

This is a spacious world, reaches hundred meters tunnel broadly continuously downward, the surroundings are the dark-red, but the magma that formerly he passed through, flows above slanting. This completely is the tunnel that forms naturally to lead to shiny black, does not know that is profound.

Should be here. In Ji Dong heart one happy. He understands, this should be the earth core world entrance that seek. However, arrived here truly, he understands that the ancestor of Land Dragon so will be why high regarding the appraisal of earth core world.

In the air is thick Fire Element, although left the magma, but here temperature also fully has over 40 degrees, what is more fearful, here air is very thin, moreover in the air is also containing some he not clear toxin. Ordinary human is unable to live here. But here is also only the entrance of earth core world. Continues downward, has not known that will encounter what kind of situation.

"Ji Dong. Was here entrance that we must look for?"Chen Sixuan asked something already known.

Ji Dong said: "Should right. I can feel the profoundness of this tunnel, if not go together the earth core world, is very difficult to understand."

Chen Sixuan said: "Ji Dong, in our Eastern Wood Empire imperial book stacks has several books to record the earth core world. Although said is very superficial, but wants to come to you some functions. It is said that this earth core world is the continent most dangerous place, but same, is a biggest buried treasure. Here. Can find present age all fire attribute most precious objects. Some minerals that crystal core here of earth core lifeform produces, can become best quality goods material that manufactures the fire attribute magic power weapon or is the scroll. Since we came, besides experience, I thought that does not put travel of this trade to become Tanbao. Collects some fire attribute treasures, if can make the scroll them and so on assault weapon, then, after us, completes your plan to Dark Five Elements Continent, to be twice the result with half the effort?"

Listened to a Chen Sixuan such saying, Ji Dong was almost the earliest possible time has thought of own magic skill liquor. Since Lie Yan (raging flames) passed away, he again has not made the magic skill liquor. But the initial research was in the certain extent. The quality of magic skill liquor, with the jar is related with the liquor fluid that Ji Dong own magic power of injection as well as uses. In good wine aspect, if must manufacture the massive magic skill liquor, then, he can only look for some high brandy or is the whisky. But beverage bottle actually may not use the crystal bottle.

When magic skill liquor manufacture law carves in the jar, if the material quality of this jar can change into fills the Fire Element crystal, mixes on some fire attribute crystal core powder in the magic skill liquor again, how will the might of own magic skill liquor be the degree?

In September, has engaged in fierce battle eventually to finish in August, thank the book friends' support, other did not say that the new month, three chapters offer, 12,000 character eruptions.

Chapter 509: Has a good swim the earth core of entrance magma

Thinks of the magic skill liquor, Ji Dong even stopped the present investigation. Before. His cultivation base is insufficient, manufactures the magic skill liquor the time, the control is quite limited. But now is different, he not only cultivation base increases, but also also existences of two big demon territories, are having the Chen Sixuan wood to light a fire to assist and soul fusion. Then, had not tried before the method of manufacturing can attempt now. Chen Sixuan said is very right, if can make a number of might to be equal to the magic skill liquor of magic skill scroll astonishingly, then, in they sneak in the plan of Dark Five Elements Continent, without doubt can play the twice the result with half the effort role.

"Thinks of the fine jade, thank you reminded me once again."Ji Dong heartfelt saying, had discovered including him, as if more and more relied on to Chen Sixuan. She to him, the love that not only that is outspoken is so simple, can, when Ji Dong most needs helps him or proposes the valued suggestion, this point helps enormously regarding Ji Dong. Moreover, she will not have said are too many, always simply actually reminder just right. But these reminders are not inferior regarding the help of Ji Dong in Chen Sixuan, in the soul fusion or the wood light a fire magic power auxiliary under.

"Ji Dong, we now what to do?"Chen Sixuan asked.

Ji Dong thinks, said: "Although hundred meters deep zone of magma impediments. But wants to enter this channel is not impossible. What if initially chose is Wind and Frost Mountain Range there, it is estimated that will enter the earth core world to be simpler, the Armanz mountain just had erupted after all, otherwise, should not have these many magma impediments."

The thought moves, Ji Dong has taken back the soul investigation, the consciousness returned to the main body above, the situation of investigating told the people.

"Ji Dong, since there is a such thick magma level impediment, how we do enter?"What question is Yao Qianshu, he is Wood department Mage, has inborn fear regarding the magma.

The wolf divine intervention that usually little spoke said: "Few hosts, if we spill openings side the Armanz mountain, magma will discharge, whether can enter that entrance?"

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "Divine intervention means are good, theoretically can definitely establish."

"It is not good."Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does this, although, but, do you have to think Armanz mountain nearby situation. We are unable to affirm that now periphery has person to live, opens the mouth from the volcano, flows backwards the magma, once the surroundings have existence of lifeform, then surely is life apply carbon. But the Armanz mountain is active, but before after all, has erupted one time, later likely will tend to be tranquil, was not necessarily able to erupt once more. We cannot artificial creates the disaster."

Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, other your also means?"

Ji Dong nodded. Said: "Although troubles, but will at least not destroy the Armanz mountain current present situation. I must lead you to get down. Each of you are ready, I bring you get down the time, you stimulated to movement magic power to protect the body to be OK. Has Saint flame armor, I have 100% assurances, everybody does not need to be worried." Fu Rui was surprised said: "Can you lead us to pass through hundred meters magma directly?"How does the magma have whom unclear? Even if the supreme powerhouse does not dare to move! Ji Dong actually said that can lead them to pass through, this was really too the powerful.

Ji Dong had not said again, motion showed all are much better than the language. His eye pupil turned into the golden red in the next moment, god hot Saint king Kai after evolution appears slowly. That golden red mail- armor and helmet has been full of the enchanting brilliance, it just a appearance, around the Ji Dong body filled that to make the golden red ray that one wants to lie prostrate in worship.

Du Ming cannot bear said in a low voice: "Was too graceful, if not know, certainly thinks that Teacher is the deity descends to earth."

Fierce golden red mask covers the face of Ji Dong, making his whole person cover in the mail-armor and helmet, each heavenly stems disciple felt one special makings from him, they could not say this makings are anything, but faced Ji Dong, some of their actually feelings, oneself and he, already not in a level.

"I come first."Chen Sixuan arrived at side Ji Dong without hesitation. Since along with the vanguard, the eternal armor of foliated hematite lamellar turns from the under foot progressive, when she arrives at side Ji Dong, eternal armor already complete coverage her body.

Regardless of Ji Dong makes anything, she will support unconditionally, moreover is the earliest possible time supports.

Ji Dong has not said anything, nodded, the left hand holds on Chen Sixuan, waved to the partners, hints everybody to draw back, then the right hand lifts, empty presses toward the front ground.

Regarding turned into the black in the Ji Dong body surrounding that golden red ray instantaneously, presses along with his right hand , the front ground melted immediately strangely, then the hard volcanic rock is reduced to ashes under Ji Dong pinnacle Yin Fire, without any thunders the appearance, but a large cave melted quickly, can clear seeing, under this cavern, be the viscous dark-red magma.

Time color of these magma and eruption is obviously different, must deeply, obviously, just as such that Ji Dong said that the Armanz mountain gradually is becoming tranquil.

Ji Dong looked at Chen Sixuan one, golden red ray suddenly becomes intense, covers the body of Chen Sixuan, nine groups of golden red rays pass the body, moved around his body. Each group of golden red rays have the fist size. Regarding him and Chen Sixuan body, the light shadow flashes, he brought Chen Sixuan to jump.

The screams simultaneously appear in several girl spigots, that is the magma!

Fu Rui said with a smile: "My next. Everybody does not need to be worried, Ji Dong will not have grasped at this matter makes us do."

Actually, in the Ji Dong heart is also somewhat anxious, although he can affirm, the short time will not have any issue in the magma, but must leap forward the magma seriously, moreover is having in the Chen Sixuan situation, his many somewhat is also tight.

However, when their real right person enters the magma, Ji Dong actually discovered, this magma is unable to have any influence to them. This assigns aura sending out of Red Lotus lotus seed along with nine, the magma separates voluntarily, is unable to approach to this assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed near, their bodies naturally fall, crashes toward, looks like freely falling body.

The Ji Dong soul moves slightly, is controlling periphery the scalding hot air, making the speed that two people crash slow down, Chen Sixuan under his magic power protection, even the temperature in this air cannot feel continually. Hundred meters distance. In an instant, relies on the position that formerly was surveying to grasp, time that but several times breathe, two people have drilled the magma, fell surveyed the swarthy cavern entrance on formerly the soul. "Thinks of the fine jade, what do you feel?"Ji Dong asked to Chen Sixuan through the soul.

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "Anything felt that does not have. Has your magic power protection, what can I also feel?"

Ji Dong withdraws own magic power slowly, "here temperature has about 40 degrees, other attribute magic power are relatively thin, you wait here, I take other people to come. When enters the earth core world , after truly. Should a point. According to my estimation, this earth core world impossible to have such high temperature in first layer."

"Un, you go quickly. Do not let everybody and other worry."Chen Sixuan gazes after Ji Dong to drill into magma, returns to the ground to go. On charming face reveals a smile of understanding. Ji Dong, your this silly and foolish, has my assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed, let alone is here magma, even if you will have a good swim in 18 Layers that magma lake will not have any issue!

The heavenly stems disciples are waiting for above, has not waited for in their hearts to raise the anxious mood, a golden light flashes, Ji Dong returned side them.

"Does not have the issue. Next who comes?"Ji Dong makes a safe hand signal to the people.

Fu Rui laughed, said: "I come. Can feel one time to pass through the magma, is trip has not been made in vain."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, were not many said, had formerly experience, he now is confident, the personal appearance flashed, held the arm of Fu Rui, once more when twinkle, vanished in the magma.

Through the first experience, this Ji Dong even initiative acceleration downward flushes away, hundred meters distance is in a flash, has not waited for Fu Rui to observe the surrounding magma, arrived in the cavern side Chen Sixuan. "Is so quick?" Above Fu Rui fixes the eyes on watches the surroundings, Ji Dong once more returned. He with the aid of magma dark- red , can only see clearly the surrounding about ten meters scopes reluctantly. Has a look around Chen Sixuan, cannot bear say with a smile: "Thinks of the fine jade, it seems like, you must understand compared with me to Ji Dong! Has not thought that this boy can pass through including magma now calmly."

What third entry is Yao Qianshu. Ji Dong did not ask simply, according to the order of heavenly stems disciple, leads into the people the earth core world entrance one after another.

Other people arrive fortunately, when he holds on gold/metal and Lan Bao'er enter the earth core world respectively, clearly felt that two female mood some are unstable. Ji Dong is not a fool, already can feel regarding two female cordialities, what can he make? He has not accepted including Chen Sixuan, say nothing of others. Only some fakes does not know, like this everybody in instead is together comfortable.

"Here is quite black!"Du Xin'er enters the earth core world on cannot bear saying. Ji Dong helps all people come here, is the time of quarter.

Although here temperature has reached as high as about 40 degrees, but regarding Mages of heavenly stems disciple these universal Seven-Crown above strengths is also not anything. But the surrounding darkness is very easy to give the person to be restless.

"Immediately shone."Chen Sixuan smiles was saying. At this time, Ji Dong final Lan Bao'er will have led into the earth core world. Ji Dong golden red ray is greatly bright, immediately illuminates the surrounding environment. Looks at the profound cavern, in the heavenly stems disciples heart raises at present several points of excited feeling. Perhaps, this is the pleasant sensation that the exploration brings.

In the Ji Dong eye a golden light flashes, both hands also lift, here, originally has extremely rich Fire Element, this is by the magma. Sees only his both hands simultaneously to direct toward behind magma, immediately, two magma had been towed by him, falls condenses the forming on the front. The dazzling golden red ray has been divided into the golden light and black light instantaneously, covers above these two magma.

Although the heavenly stems disciples do not know that Ji Dong is doing, but also understands that he will not be aimless, static waiting and that's the end.

Really, that two magma under magic power that in Ji Dong releases consolidates gradually. Stretches unexpectedly, transforms the human form general appearance. The shining body and swarthy body, respectively reach as high as three meters greatness. The imposing manner is threatening. The thick magic power fluctuation, making one be awed at the sight.

This is the Saint Fire Element body and demon of flame element body Ji Dong, two big element bodies summoned with the aid of the magma, immediately was the degree that Ji Dong has usually not been able to be. Words that must appraise, these two element bodies, looked like initially Ji Dong still first when Li Fire School time inspired Dark Flames Demon King presented the appearance now, just that time Dark Flames Demon King was the virtual image, but at this time was actually the energy essence. Naturally, now these two element bodies could not have called Sovereign King, cannot achieve the Sovereign King strength by far. But also at least was the level of flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord. Under the soul connection of Ji Dong, they, in this is full in the Fire Element world, the strength is not inferior in ordinary Rank 7 magic beast. Moreover, do not forget, the element body that Ji Dong summoned, the biggest characteristics can grow. In outside world, this element body also needs to absorb Ji Dong own magic power to promote to grow, can say the comparison weak. But in this earth core world, completely was another situation. Let alone they do not need to absorb Ji Dong magic power again, even because Fire Element in surrounding air will be too rich, oneself cannot absorb completely, but must return nurturing to parents Ji Dong oneself. Ji Dong already thought that after entering the earth core world, uses this two fierce-looking gods to lead the way.

The intense golden light that on the flame feudal lord sends out, illuminates the surrounding hundred meters sufficiently, with dark flame feudal lord together, in the front leads the way. Ji Dong the strength of soul also in the the next moment connection on each partner, shares own soul investigation for them. Meanwhile, he walks on own initiative in forefront, shouted lowly: "five elements Yin-Yang."

Ten color rays shine, five elements Yin-Yang behind condenses the forming in two big feudal lords of opening, does not need to participate in Fu Rui and secret, was protected in five elements Yin-Yang.

Ji Dong as the sponsor of five elements Yin-Yang, the matter that he must handle is extremely numerous, controls five elements Yin-Yang to maintain internal balanced Yin-Yang as well as various attribute elements is balanced. Meanwhile, but must communicate the partners through magic power, forms a mutual promotion of the five elements to circulate in the five elements Yin-Yang interior. Saw that ten color magic power revolve in the clockwise direction. Just because the surrounding own magic power element was thin, but somewhat irritable heavenly stems disciples were comfortable immediately. Facts showed, the idea of Ji Dong is completely tenable, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements through the five elements Yin-Yang function, can definitely make the entire attribute magic power space that has theoretically eternal to them.


Chapter 510: Flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord

In five elements Yin-Yang. The heavenly stems disciples can feel to be the magic power element of oneself this department. Although cannot say richly, but is relying on the characteristics of magic power mutual promotion of the five elements, circulates in five elements Yin-Yang unceasingly, at least will not compare the outside various species elements to be weak. Can achieve this point, has guaranteed their continuing combat forces sufficiently.

Naturally, this is also relatively speaking, if they met really have fought continually, must the massive magic power outputs, then, be is very unceasingly easy to exhaust magic power. Regarding this point, Ji Dong has also considered. Therefore, in this earth core world, without a doubt, he is the core and main battle efficiency, his partners more appear as his boost. Especially in the magic beast aspect, besides fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix Huo'er, Ji Dong told the people, do not summon own magic beast. Because, five elements Yin-Yang can support, is only the people supplies. If also summoned magic beast, that. First did not say whether magic beast can adapt to the fight in earth core world. They subconsciously will also absorb element supplies oneself in five elements Yin-Yang, making the people easier to fall into the danger.

Naturally, regarding these dangers, the heavenly stems disciples does not care, has that unlimited positional transmission method existence, encounters not the wonderful situation, so long as they can withstand some time, naturally can draw back calmly. The flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord two big summon element bodies run the opening in front, the heavenly stems disciples follow behind them following this swarthy road fast downward movement. Is moving, but must maintain the five elements Yin-Yang condition, will go forward the speed definitely to be affected.

Luckily, in the Ji Dong soul connected, Ji Dong adopts own soul survey, under foot all pits uneven place detailed annotations in partners mind, even precise to each foothold. Besides him quite laborious, the heavenly stems disciples have not taken any effort actually, throughout can maintain at the optimum condition.

Most can add on Ji Dong, without a doubt, is Chen Sixuan, is relying on the support of soul fusion, making the strength of Ji Dong soul restore to be able to catch up with the consumption. Maintains sufficiently marches forward for a long time.

Just as such of Ji Dong judgment, after them the kilometer, surrounding temperature of ignition has dropped thoroughly probably, in the air besides Fire Element, other attribute magic power elements exists, but must relatively thin. Periphery is a darkness, needs to depend upon the magic power ray to shine to see clearly the journey. Starting from this moment. They penetrated in the earth core world.

At the same time is walking forward, gold/metal opens the mouth to say suddenly: "Ji Dong, in earth core, the master had said to me before, the earth core world, actually looks like enlarged Holy and Evil Island. But is not ring-like inward, but is the cone-shape downward."

"Cone-shape downward?"Some Ji Dong doubts looked at gold/metal one eyes.

gold/metal said: "Master said, each of earth core world, the area is not equal, the area is biggest, is first layer. Almost is equal two countries in our world is so big. Is living the earth core lifeform is most, is also smallest and weakest. More downward, the area is smaller. Moreover, each entrance, has the formidable earth core lifeform protection." "Oh? Why is this?"Because gold/metal said that these are Lie Yan (raging flames) tell her, Ji Dong extremely will naturally pay attention.

gold/metal said: "Reason is very simple, to avoid the earth core lifeform of floor enters above one. After all, more downward, the strength of earth core lifeform is stronger. But the earth core world also similarly is a place of law of the jungle, each entrance must have the formidable earth core lifeform protection. For must frighten the staying level the earth core lifeform, does not enable it to break on one, confuses on an ecological equilibrium. Otherwise. earth core world already chaos. Initially, Two Great Sovereign Kings war time, because reassigned these entrance protectors, has caused a earth core world confusion. The masters also therefore arise at the historic moment. After stilling Two Great Sovereign Kings, gradually restored the steady condition the earth core world. Therefore, the master said that if one day, we must enter the earth core world from outside, then, when through each entrance, cannot massacre these protectors. Otherwise, will cause the earth core world the confusion."

Listened to a gold/metal such saying, Ji Dong to frown, was not difficult through the entrance, but if said protector who cannot kill the entrance, this issues. If the protector likely confused demon smoke suckling pig of each entrance so is powerful, wants to defeat it to pass, not to its killing, although is not impossible. But what without a doubt is, such will do will also cause the entire earth core world the vigilance. Although the strength of Ji Dong to heavenly stems disciple is very confident. But absolutely does not have self-confidently to relying on them can with the degree that the entire earth core world contends with.

gold/metal said these, again has not continued. This is Chen Sixuan does not pay attention while Ji Dong, branches out the soul to tell her, making her rephrase in own words. Some matters, Chen Sixuan cannot, such be very easy to cause the suspicion of Ji Dong. But by gold/metal rephrased in own words that did not have the issue. After all, gold/metal once and Lie Yan (raging flames) in earth core world life after a period of time. After Ji Dong encountered the danger, arrived at side Ji Dong. Fu Rui said: Many that too "Ji Dong, you do not need to consider, we walk one step to look at one are. Encounters danger that is unable to contend with. Whether there is we limit positional transmission method to take the escape route, everybody's safety will not have the issue."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Now also can only so."

People continuously downward, is thinking in them, this earth core world is the dark time, the surrounding environment gradually has actually shone. Starts is also only the dark-red, gradually, turned into the red. Photo source from the surrounding stone wall, more downward thorough, the people are startled, they at present are not the people of same belief, but is an extremely broad space. Side top also distant place hole wall, presents the bright red. But Fire Element becomes even more is also rich.

Rich Fire Element, making Ji Dong feel not in part of ones duty comfortable, two big element bodies that he released were energetic, that reached as high as three meters body was obviously solid several points. Obviously is absorbs Fire Element in air to be the result. Ji Dong suspected very much, if has led into earth core 18 Layers these two fellows, making them live there, can really become new Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King? Naturally, this is also only his imagination. After all, these two element bodies itself do not have the soul, needs his control to move completely.

Through the careful feeling of soul survey, Ji Dong discovered. Red light that the hole wall brings , because is condensing some crystals on these hole walls, or is containing some crystal components. These crystals do not know that is how much year accumulates gradually, looks like a Fire Element crystallization of scrap scrap, after the rock fuses together, can send out this red ray. If must appraise their qualities, Ji Dong believes that if these crystals can the mass collection recompression, be able to be similar to the function of Rank 1 magic beast crystal core probably. Obviously, the crystal of this magic power density was unable to arouse his interest. But this is a good start. Just as such that Chen Sixuan formerly said that this earth core world is in itself a giant treasure house. Enters treasure mountain, how can come away empty? Has waited till the place of deeper level, certainly will have the new discovery. At this time, they penetrated the earth core world several kilometers, Ji Dong hints the people to slow the tempo, temporarily stops to rest. He also needs carefully to observe the surrounding situation to be good. He understands, now they are genuine entered in earth core world first layer.

In can cover the rock place of people body to sit the rest together, puts out to prepare the good water, everybody has drunk. Although there is Water department Mage, momentarily can through making Water Element relieves thirst. But for safety, before leaving to flaming the hot school, Ji Dong purchased the massive potable water and dry rations, to help supplying. Everybody has storage thing Magic Tool in any case, prepares some always right.

Sits together, five elements Yin-Yang throughout is maintaining, this maintains their magic power source. But is maintaining this five elements Yin-Yang , is quite at the cultivation condition in everyone. Formerly marched forward these several kilometers distances to be also not enough to give them to create magic power excessively consumed. But like this continues to maintain five elements Yin-Yang, to certain time, they must stop to cultivate one, supplements oneself using mutual promotion of the five elements magic power, this can long time maintain. In other words, after entering the earth core world, unless it is absolutely necessary, this five elements Yin-Yang is will not relieve absolutely.

Ji Dong drank water, said to the people: "We were enter earth core world first layer now, to here, we did not understand , not clear actually many dangers and opportunities in this world. Therefore, I hope that everybody can frequently maintain the vigilance. Since the earth core world has confused demon smoke suckling pig such to hide the truth from my soul survey magic beast, perhaps, we also will meet. Causes ten thousand years of ship carefully, does everybody understand?"

The people nod the head in abundance, while time of this rest, starts to cultivate a while silently, throughout maintains in peak condition by oneself.

Du Xin'er laughs. Said: "Teacher Ji Dong, haven't we met the earth core world to the present the lifeform? Does not know that this earth core living thing and our ground lifeform have any difference."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "I do not know. However you also heard a moment ago, gold/metal said, earth core world first layer, has our world two countries to be so big fully. But from the ground to earth core, altogether is not known by many us. What are several kilometers? Although we entered earth core world first layer, but distance true thorough earth core world also early. You do not need to worry. Then is minimum one year of we to stay here. It is estimated that was quick you to see the earth core lifeform."

Here, in the Ji Dong heart mused, the secure world of oneself previous generation life, the diameter of Earth was about 12,700 kilometers. If at present this star if similar to Earth. Enters to the earth core core place truly, must have 6000 kilometers distance! Is this what kind of terrifying digit? This does not fly 6000 kilometers to be so simple outside, can only achieve with several days of time. Wants the thorough earth core world 6000 kilometers, what kind of difficulty. No wonder that silly rich business association speakers will locate the final condition in the place of earth core world core. Did not say where obtains anything, only continues thorough earth core world these 6000 kilometers, has compared to ascend to heaven also difficultly.

In this time, suddenly, the Ji Dong soul is moving, his vision has also shone. In the mind of heavenly stems disciples also has the situation that Ji Dong induced.

The unclear living thing are dashing about wildly to come in their directions, the speed is too not fast, full speed runs when with ordinary human almost. But behind this living thing, also one crowd of life aura is differing not many lifeform with it in the chase of non- meeting. The quantity has over a hundred fully. Also is approaching in their this directions.

Du Ming said to the younger sister with a smile: "fragrant, don't you look for the earth core lifeform? It seems like that we must meet immediately."With the promotion of strength, Du Ming was more and more calm. But before Du Xin'er actually, does not have anything to distinguish. Fu Rui knits the brows: "Was a pity, I estimated the earth core world the language and our human are different, otherwise, stresses a earth core living thing to guide, we will seek for next entrance surely easy many."earth core world first layer, but also is unable to arouse the interests of their these heavenly stems disciples by far, seeks for the next entrance as soon as possible is the people most needs to do obviously now.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "This is not the issue. I have the means. Let us know that these friend who welcome us to enter the earth core world."

The Ji Dong thought moves, flame feudal lord and dark flame feudal lord received his order, the personal appearance flashed, hides that powerful and huge personal appearance behind the rock. Ji Dong does not think that frightens these earth core living thing.

Two big feudal lords just hid, the people saw the earth core lifeform that these run over from afar.

The secret stands side Ji Dong, said with a smile: "Master, but also remembers? Initially we met, probably was also such scene."

Ji Dong and secret look at each other one, from secret eye, what he sees is the gratitude, although passed these many years, regarding the initial benevolence, the secret actually never puts behind. Until now, although Ji Dong has stressed makes him call the name, but this master two characters will frequently hang in the secret mouth.

To near, the people saw clearly the appearance of earth core lifeform these ran. What made their surprised was, these earth core living thing unexpectedly and human ten phase splitting shapes. Most at least, this earth core living thing is also at present same as human, has, to have the four limbs, and is the erectness walks.

Third came. Three erupt, the big eruptions of 12,000 characters, small three had the qualifications shout monthly ticket. The new month, we must have a bigger goal, the sword refer to first three, lets us this that just started first day, is in an advantageous position. Strove for guaranteeing a minimum the monthly ticket intensely.
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