Jiu Shen Chapter 491-500

Chapter 491: Extinguishes the god wall

It that huge body. At this time is a sculpture stands erect completely likely there, the radiant black crystal appears particularly strange under the sunlight illumination.

But also at this black crystal collision while the ancestor of Land Dragon, formerly that had presented the air distortion once again presented. But this time, then happen to have shut off the hauling of ancestor of Land Dragon, simultaneously before having blocked Ji Dong, body that to/clashes. Freely only then the free time of flash, but also sufficiently made Ji Dong have the time adjustment, was insufficient to hit, in turned into above the ancestor of body black Land Dragon.

"Maotai and Wuliangye."Ji Dong drinks one lowly, before the body , the air split, relies on the soul connected summon, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is appearing before his body directly, does not need exchange in any language, the carrying/sustaining the body of Ji Dong has been flying up at angle directly. When it flies, the Ji Dong whole person nearly lies down in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back.

"Huo'er."Ji Dong lies down in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, lifts own right hand reluctantly, on that Vermilion Bird bracelet the golden red brilliance projected together, bringing the beautiful slender tail feathers, Huo'er to emerge out of thin air in the sky. Meanwhile, Ji Dong has closed both eyes, silver gassed threads appear baseless, was similar to a big net covers on black crystal shape the ancestor of Land Dragon quietly. Regardless of how the ancestor of Land Dragon cannot think, merely three months. Ji Dong has launched this impact whole-heartedly. Ji Dong has retained to own strength, the ancestor of Land Dragon has known actually. Its judgment is keen, Ji Dong has an ample force naturally to know each time. But, it has not thought, Ji Dong in such a short time has the self- confidence of breaking through, suddenly under erupts, is makes it be caught off guard.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon does not have the slightest bit to stop, when Ji Dong is releasing the silver of domain illusion, swayed from side to side the body to fly up at angle rapidly. But Huo'er floats in the midair, body all black quietly retreat, is ordinary like three full suns that initially Ji Dong faced, the whole body blooms Cui Can golden brilliance. Incomparably rich pinnacle Yang Fire erupts on it. the next moment, in the Huo'er mouth has exuded sound of the extremely resonant phoenix cry.

The dazzling golden light passes the body, the golden phoenix that forms a complete energy shape, directly soars the ancestor of Land Dragon, when the position of chest hits. Phoenix dance colorful male cone.

Not long, this phoenix dance colorful male cone also needs Ji Dong and Huo'er joint effort, finally is used by Ji Dong. But now, Huo'er has completed this skill in flash. Moreover clearly, this phoenix dance colorful male cone under its acting whole-heartedly, has been the primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill level.

Huo'er is the Vermilion Bird child, although it now is Yin-Yang two Fire departments, but when it displays pinnacle Yang Fire magic skill, the reason of bloodlines will have certain addition. Therefore, Huo'er itself seems like balanced Yin-Yang, may actually when displays the skill, Yang Fire magic skill must. This intensity originates the approval of positive Fire Element in air to its Vermilion Bird bloodlines.

From the beginning jumps, but time, Ji Dong has been ready. His seems like the sudden action is the process thinks actually. The ancestor of attack Land Dragon, flies up at angle, this is the baits. But the ancestor of that command Land Dragon is surprised, and blocks distortion air that the ancestor of Land Dragon has attacked, the additional skill that after is he from extinguishing the god strikes to promote to sixth is heavy, obtains. Named extinguishes the god wall.

Extinguishes the effect of god wall to be very simple, prevents all energies instantaneously, the attack of any rank, in extinguishing the god strikes to prevent in the range, must have the stop of flash. Meanwhile, is cut off all spirits to fluctuate.

This extinguishes god wall original function, in having to extinguish the person who the god strikes to launch the attack, the enemy runs away does not let its close combat, to extinguish the god wall to prevent it, naturally had the close combat opportunity. But words that is used to defend, is blocking opposite party soul locking that Ji Dong formerly showed that enabling oneself to have the opportunity of dodging.

This extinguishes the god wall looks like like extinguishing the god directs the function to be so direct, but simulates after the unceasing fumble and after the heart of Ji Dong, he understands, this extinguishes the function of god wall actually also above extinguishing the god directs. Although its impediment can only be the flash. However, showed according to the awakening skill, this flash is absolute. In other words, even if runs into the Divine level powerhouse. Also can block the opposite party flash similarly. Those who made Ji Dong be wild with joy, extinguished the god wall there is still one extremely good characteristics, that was its usage-style. Extinguishes range that the god wall uses, radius around the Ji Dong body in 50 meters. Its usage-style is thought actuates. In other words, when Ji Dong wants uses to extinguish the god wall, so long as his thought moves, any place in radius 50 meters range can appear extinguishes the god wall at the same time. Naturally, only then one side. When this extinguishes the god wall after the attack of opposite party, but disappearance, cooling time that ten times breathe. Later can display once more.

The battle between experts, often victory and defeat decided that during this flash, can prevent the opposite party stay flash, or blocks the opposite party attack flash for oneself, this can save a life! Moreover, extinguishes the flash that the god wall prevents in view of strongly the Ji Dong enemy to say in cultivation base. If the opposite party strength is insufficient, that extinguished the time that the god wall continued is not the flash so is naturally simple. Longest can exist for three seconds. Does not have the shade invisible, completely is the pure change in air. Extinguishes principle Ji Dong that the god wall displays also to try to find out a general idea, instantaneously has the control using the Ji Dong psychic force to the air actually, making the air strike like the extinguishing god who he displayed is compressed the after-birth to give birth to side not to have the shade transparent barrier highly. Therefore, Ji Dong extremely attaches great importance to this skill. For does not make the ancestor of Land Dragon discover, he is quietly simulates the cultivation in the heart, today suddenly uses, is really similar to such that he expects, making the ancestor of Land Dragon be surprised.

Actually, Ji Dong do not know, this extinguishes the god to strike cultivates continually, actually must arrive at the sevenfold time, will have the production of next skill. Reason that Ji Dong can initiate this to extinguish the emergence of god wall , because of the strength of his soul. Extinguishes the appearance condition of god wall, not only need cultivation sixth to extinguish the god to strike again. Meanwhile, while being sixth heavy, but must have the strength of Saint level soul, can obtain this skill. Once extinguished the god to strike to break through sevenfold, even if were the strength of soul reaches the Saint level again, extinguished the god wall not to appear. After all, the use of this skill, more must depend upon in the control of strength of soul. Ji Dong is lucky, the advantage of this skill, has shown completely.

First takes to the ancestor of Land Dragon to be shocking, afterward helped Ji Dong be cut off temporarily ancestor's of Land Dragon the strength of hauling, in this computation, played the important role.

But Ji Dong formerly when flew, all that he made, at least was makes the ancestor of Land Dragon feel all that was actually the false appearances. In his primal chaos demon territory, he has used the silver of demon territory illusion. Made the ancestor of Land Dragon look like, he was stimulating to movement magic power to run away fully. But in fact, is relying on the function of silver of demon territory illusion, in a short time, Ji Dong even can shield the soul investigation of ancestor of Land Dragon, he all transforms all magic power for pinnacle Yin Fire, through cloudy Yang Fire condensation law as well as absorption of primal chaos demon territory in Fire Element to air. Promotes the pinnacle own strength forcefully. Displayed the Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice.

cultivation base breaks through Eight-Crown, Ji Dong uses this magic skill actually as before nearly to find time own magic power, this has drawn support from the strength and a five elements method effect of demon territory. However, he also finally relied on own strength to send out formidable this struck. Naturally not the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill level of dragon and phoenix jointly attacking, but has also met the standard of high- level Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

What is more intrepid, is relying on the fetter of strength of silver of domain formidable soul illusion, he actually this skill imprisonment in that crystal that in the ancestor of Land Dragon saw. Until the most critical moment, pushes out the skill, or is makes ancestor of Land Dragon grasp.

Although the ancestor of Land Dragon is powerful, but faces the bombardment of this pinnacle magic power high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is not easy to cope. Like Ji Dong judgment such, by smooth frozen.

Naturally, by ancestor of that Saint level peak Land Dragon, can oneself send out the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill strength, this greatly quiet flame ice naturally cannot surround it. But Ji Dong wants, is only this short time.

After the ancestor's of Land Dragon first second by frozen, Ji Dong was simultaneously summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix. The second second, on the ancestor of Land Dragon has exuded the clear fulmination sound, that black crystal started to reappear close fissures. But also at this time, already obtained the Ji Dong news to gather eclipse date phoenix Huo'er that the potential waits to send out its phoenix dance colorful male cone, directly soars the ancestor of Land Dragon, when the chest hits.

At this time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon flew rapidly, uses this second of free time, bringing Ji Dong to depart beyond hundred meters, simultaneously accelerated fully, toward own impact rapidly. The third second. In the shatter sound, on the ancestor of Land Dragon quiet flame ice explodes loudly completely, shatter, the pinnacle Yin Fire disintegrating slag scatters in all directions to flutter about, but also at this time, Huo'er phoenix dance colorful male cone.

Although the ancestor of Land Dragon has shaken off the fetter of greatly quiet flame ice forcefully, but that has concentrated Ji Dong completely magic power after all strikes, is high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill strikes, its within the body also poured into massive pinnacle Yin Fire, the body somewhat is suddenly stiff. But at this moment, phoenix dance colorful male cone not gaudy direct hit above its chest.

Opportunity that phoenix dance colorful male cone arrives at can be said as just right, happen to and shatter quiet flame ice fuses together. In an instant, in the sky, Sun and Moon with presently, the dazzling black and white dual-color radiance appears along with Huo'er primal chaos demon territory, circles is changing into a giant light beam, shelled directly on the ancestor of Land Dragon.

This has not calculated, pinnacle Yang Fire of phoenix dance colorful male cone had part also to drill into ancestor in within the body Land Dragon, in also not removed the pinnacle Yin Fire gathering with its body together, it can be said that in the diplomatic bang, completely displayed.

If normally, Huo'er launches the attack of phoenix dance colorful male cone level, to the ancestor of Land Dragon. Wants against is very difficult broken, let alone broke in within the body the pinnacle Yang Fire aura. But now is different, that was struck by the quiet flame ice, although does not have to corrode its body anything truly. But the defense of surface was actually big weakening. Then has created at present this.

The fierce pain caused that the ancestor of Land Dragon got angry. In that in the giant bellow of diplomatic bang. The ancestor of Land Dragon face upwards to roar. The huge body shakes crazily, the earth attribute comprehensive eruption of most source. originally on it that seems like with the rock same gray scale in this flash comprehensive disintegration, scatters in all directions to flutter about, looks like the scattering in all directions splash of mountain massif rupturing. Meanwhile, eye-catching gorgeous color light from erupts. Under shining of sunlight, releases the seven colors of the spectrum brilliance unexpectedly.

Thunders innumerably releases from it unceasingly, the terrifying Saint level pressure made the world change colors. Sun and Moon that simultaneously presents, almost baseless vanished in the next moment. The entire world as if turned into dark clouds one piece, looks like the ancestor's of Land Dragon mood is the same at this time.

In huge bellow, in air all dust and crushed stones, next flash already completely static. Meanwhile, in the air besides Earth Element, entire three gathers the mountain range, as well as three gather sky over the mountain range. Besides dragon valley, other places on only remaining Earth Element one type.

Right, only remaining Earth Element. The water, fire, wood and gold/metal, four types of elements baseless vanished.

If all elements vanish, on the contrary not easy surprising, with the aid of the strength of chaos, can achieve temporarily. However, to make in the so general scopes produce such results is extremely for is not easy. Let alone, in this broad world, but also surplus an element, wants to achieve this point, big of difficulty, dragon Huang self-examined that cannot achieve absolutely.

Demon territory, this belongs to the strength of demon territory. In the anger, the ancestor of Land Dragon used own demon territory unexpectedly.

The demon territory that dragon clan imperial family bloodlines inherit is dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory, fifty Saint Fire Dragon, because inherits is mother's fire attribute, has not inherited this demon territory. But at this time the ancestor of Land Dragon displays, obviously is not dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory. It by seal time here, the originally demon territory had been eliminated. Now it displays, is thousand and for ten thousand years realizes from experience the five elements element the homemade demon territory. Drills Tyrant Huangmo the territory to go beyond compared with the dragon. The name of this demon territory is called: Element peeling. So long as the ancestor of Land Dragon wants, it can in the range that oneself control, strips all not the element that needs or is to strip. It seems, this demon territory not specially seems to be formidable, itself does not have what attack and defense effect. However, do not forget, it stripped the entire four types of elements, but also retained one type. Range that also it covers big? That was includes entire three has gathered the mountain range!

Since the last ten days of the month, the monthly ticket has competed was also in the degree of superheating. Asked a monthly ticket diligently. Asked the book friends to support. We must spelling this month ruthlessly. Come, the voting, monthly ticket, recommends the ticket, hits to enjoy, small three need.

Chapter 492: Element peeling demon territory

Three gather the mountain range separately in three Great Empire. It can be imagined its area has length and breadth how. If there are tens of thousands of Mage to enter here, wants to be disadvantageous to the dragon clan. dragon Huangzhi needs to display this demon territory, sufficiently made them come but not return. Has stripped all magic power elements, making Mage is unable in the element with world to communicate, by their own that demon territories, perhaps displayed 1-2 skills to feel weak on the successor. Only can rely on the body fight. But did not have magic power Mage, perhaps might as well ordinary regular army. How many in these three do gather the Land Dragon in mountain range to have? Giant Dragon how many? dragon clan the tyrannical body, can display completely in this element peeling demon territory. Also because of so, said that the ancestor of Land Dragon is dragon clan the patron god wrong does not have.

Reason that the ancestor of Land Dragon reckless used the element peeling demon territory, the reason was very simple, it was injured, it to be angry. In Ji Dong and Huo'er under collaborates to act, in the diplomatic bang. After the Pinnacle Two Fires Yin-Yang fuses, explosive force what kind of terrifying that has. Even if the ancestor of Land Dragon under unexpectedness, the rock of body surface completely was also corroded, shatter. It was also injured.

Actually, if only these magic skill shells, the ancestor of Land Dragon is relying on the powerful body and terrifying magic power, is not cannot keep off. But the issue is, while these magic skill erupt, it suddenly had lost in a flash to the ability of oneself body control. Ji Dong silver of demon territory illusion, can confuse the match, made the match's self- withering away in the demon territory. But clearly. If this demon territory such simple using on the ancestor of Land Dragon, will not play any effect. Ancestor's of Land Dragon the strength of soul was extremely formidable.

Therefore, Ji Dong must do is very simple, when silver of demon territory own illusion while the ancestor of Land Dragon by his big quiet flame ice blockade covers the whole body, drills into its within the body quietly, attaches on the ancestor of Land Dragon. In the most crucial time, shuts off the flash its ability of thought control body.

If no concealing of greatly quiet flame ice, Ji Dong is impossible to achieve this point. But without a doubt, his bold supposition is successful. The stagnation of that flash, making the ancestor of Land Dragon stimulate to movement the magic power process to be affected, thus was ridden by Pinnacle Two Fires . Under the diplomatic bang, injured its body.

Is injured this feeling not to know that regarding the ancestor of Land Dragon many years have not experienced. Suddenly is damaged, it many feelings are shocking. Is the anger. Unexpectedly such injured? could it be did become so small and weak? In the anger, it was said that anything was not willing to make Ji Dong such be separated from own control area. Therefore, the element peeling demon territory immediately has used.

Four big elements were stripped, feels from ancestor's of recent Huo'er Land Dragon clearly, not only its body surrounding Fire Element all vanishes to disappear. Its primal chaos demon territory also along with it disappearance, even magic power in joined bodies was stripped part. Vanished in the air. Huo'er only thought that the body suddenly becomes heavy, hurries to whip the wing to want in great surprise to fly away.

However, in the next moment, a tyrannical attracting customer interest has transmitted. If no element to strip, perhaps it can also contend with a while, but at this time, it just had released Ultra Certain Kill Skill. In within the body magic power mass consumptions also cannot obtain to supplement. Simply does not have anything to contend with the ability, had been grasped by the ancestor of Land Dragon in its huge dragon claw. This entire process, successively is six and seven seconds of free time. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon brought in the Ji Dong slanting thorn the rapid flight to exit, must shortly over three kilometers this category.

One second accelerates to run out of 200 meters, the second second fifty Saint Fire Dragon speed comprehensively has launched. In a flash, Ji Dong even felt the sonic boom sound in air. In this flash, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon speed broke through the sonic barrier unexpectedly. Then has the short six and seven seconds of free time to fly close three kilometers situation to appear.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon left claw grabs Huo'er, in the mouth exudes one to roar once more. Immediately, fifty Saint Fire Dragon body that is flying rapidly suddenly sluggish, around body were many a yellow halo.

Because the distance is too far, fifty Saint Fire Dragon flies is so quick, if relies on the magic power hauling, the ancestor of Land Dragon impossible to catch them. However, the ancestor of Land Dragon instantaneously was actually using an instantaneous skill to fall on fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

In the air does not have other attribute elements, remaining Earth Element, naturally are also only huge regarding the earth attribute magic skill amplification. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon was hit, is a earth attribute gravity increases the skill. Is very simple, but actually very practical skill.

Any skill, uses from ancestor's of such Saint level peak powerhouse hand Land Dragon, definitely is not ordinary may compare. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon only thinks whole body single layer, the speed falls instantaneously. Has been three kilometers to be away from shortly. But its speed is unable to be fast.

Was increased by the gravity exerts pressure, fifty Saint Fire Dragon naturally must output magic power to contend comprehensively. But, is unable in Fire Element with world to communicate. Made it unable to supplement magic power that oneself consumed. Puts together the consumption with the ancestor of Land Dragon, isn't this dream of a fool? Saw, although fifty Saint Fire Dragon rushed to three kilometers distance, but as before is actually not able to be separated from the ancestor's of Land Dragon control area.

Ji Dong in the heart is full of admiration at this time. In this successively short ten seconds of free time, he exhausted the whole body posture in martial arts a moment ago, including wisdom comprehensive display, it can be said that already all strength displays was incisive. But at this time looks like, as before is actually not necessarily able to break through the ancestor's of Land Dragon blockade range.

Moreover, these that made a moment ago, later is impossible again the reusable. Once the ancestor of Land Dragon had protection, let alone is the present three kilometers, perhaps was one kilometer cannot flush. The Saint level peak was really extremely formidable.

At this moment, fifty Saint Fire Dragon makes an all-out effort to erupt, the body in airborne turns suddenly, has whipped the air fiercely, their fights hand-to-hand the unique skill fifty hammer. The body and air friction, send out a fulmination. Its talent skill passed through to use.

Passes through the skill, even if in situation that in this gravity increases, brings fifty Saint Fire Dragon to clash about hundred meters as before once more. Then the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon in airborne turns suddenly, the big end moves, has flung the body of Ji Dong actually. On Ji Dong has not come under the influence of gravity amplification, moreover fifty Saint Fire Dragon this flings, is whole-heartedly, is almost the flash, flung about 200 meters Ji Dong.

At this time, Ji Dong had 3300 meters distance from the ancestor of Land Dragon fully. But fifty Saint Fire Dragon under the function that gravity increases, has to fall toward the ground, could not help him again.

In airborne, Ji Dong took a deep breath. Displays the element to strip the beforehand that several seconds in the ancestor of Land Dragon, magic power many of his within the body restored several points, although also less than 10%, but maintains the phoenix dragon dance snake is changing does not have any issue. Under the back pair of wings opens, makes an effort to whip , to continue diagonal to fly toward the upper air. "Young fellow." The anger in ancestor of eyes Land Dragon has subsided several points at this time, looks Ji Dong that flies up at angle, snorted. It has the means to rumble Ji Dong. However, over three kilometers distance, it at least must launch the high-level Certain Kill Skill above attack to be possible hit Ji Dong. But present Ji Dong, is obviously impossible unable to withstand such attack. In other words, the ancestor of Land Dragon has confidence the Ji Dong destruction now, actually not the means that he stresses.

"The Ji Dong boy, do not blame me not to warn you. My dozens integers, if your non- round trip flies. I have abandoned your this variation small phoenix. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is my descendant, I naturally cannot feel embarrassed. But this small phoenix is not my descendant. On it has the bloodlines of Vermilion Bird, may be Vermilion Bird came, ability my and?"

Ancestor of pupil light looking steadily Land Dragon firmly on Ji Dong, started to count, "one,. "

"Did not need to count. I admit defeat. Do not injure Huo'er." The Ji Dong worn out sound conveys from afar, he stopped continue the distant place flies, turns around the personal appearance. Slow glide toward the ancestor of Land Dragon.

The ancestor of Land Dragon does not display the skill to him again, looks that he toward himself slides, but. Thinks including it somewhat funnily, falls to the ground in this process to Ji Dong, it is paying attention to Ji Dong all trends extremely vigilantly, lest suffered a loss to be swindled again. Can attach great importance by oneself, this boy could be proud.

Ji Dong falls on the ground, face the color/look of being annoyed, looks up to the ancestor of Land Dragon, "lets loose Huo'er. My present magic power less than 10%, could not cause any pattern."

The ancestor of Land Dragon loosens dragon claw, flings to the sky Huo'er. Huo'er opens the pair of wings to hover. After sending out several angry phoenix cry one after another, some are not willingly some fearing has flown back to the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet. Ji Dong came back, fifty Saint Fire Dragon gravity increased also naturally vanished, the flight returned, coils around in Ji Dong behind, vigilant sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, lest the ancestor of Land Dragon became angry out of shame to Ji Dong is disadvantageous.

The ancestor of Land Dragon looks at Ji Dong, in eye the god light continually flashes, after long time, it has smiled suddenly, "brat, I know that now why dragon Huang can such teach you. Today I have not won, if you do not come back, could be separated from my control area. Has not thought, your boy such can endure, until played a moment ago all cards in a hand. Unexpectedly is double magic beast. also, told me, you blocked my soul locking with any method a moment ago."

Ji Dong sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, shows a faint smile, said:
"This is the secret. Cannot tell you."

"Didn't say really?"Ancestor of snorted Land Dragon. Ji Dong shakes the head, "did not say."
The ancestor of Land Dragon is suddenly low big end, looks at Ji Dong saying: "Like this was good, I and you exchange. How you told me you to block my soul locking, I taught you to select the thing."

"Teaches me?"In Ji Dong heart one happy, but in the surface actually as before maintains composure sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, "you can have something to teach me. Although you have three species, but if I have not remembered incorrectly, as if does not include fire attribute."

Ancestor of doesn't snorted Land Dragon, how "include fire attribute? could it be can't I teach you? The boys, you thought that the present air is comfortable?"

Ji Dong said: "Remaining Earth Element, how possibly are only comfortable. If I have not guessed that wrong, this should be your demon territory. Only Earth Element?" The ancestor of Land Dragon raises big end, say/way that disdains: "Only Earth Element is nothing. Father's demon territory is called element peeling. Which type of element wish makes exist, which type of element makes exist, which type of element wants to make vanish, which type makes vanish. Is fierce?"

Ji Dong sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, slightly god. But eventually nodded, earnest say/way: "Fierce. Very is truly fierce. Actually, if not I am opportunistic, today is impossible to escape from three kilometers range."

The ancestor of Land Dragon shook the head, said: "To me do not say words that anything is opportunistic. I you here, limit your freedom sleepily, to you is in itself unfair. You and I regardless of age or cultivation base, difference cannot the mileage idea, in this case, you, regardless of uses what method, can run out of over three kilometers in my control toward the sky, good enough to make one feel proud and proud. I dare saying that in the entire dragon clan, besides the dragon sovereign, nobody can achieve this point. Even if dragon Huang, wants to break away from my control, must pay the enormous price to be good surely. Therefore, all that the brat, you made a moment ago, can be said as on you a miracle."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "miracle these two characters were too many in the number of times on me presenting. The seniors, you spoke frankly. Must be used to receive in exchange for me that being cut off a moment ago your soul locking skill information. If the condition, can discuss."

Ancestor of snorted Land Dragon, "felt relieved, by father's status, how to occupy you to be cheap. Condition that I can say, naturally is you are unable to reject. Teaches you my this element peeling demon territory, what kind of?"

"?"Listened to ancestor of these words Land Dragon, Ji Dong even somewhat changed including the intonation, dull sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, suddenly could not speak. Can the demon territory also teach? This is issue that Ji Dong first thinks, but the next moment, his heart may not restrain is scalding hot. The element strips the powerful function of this demon territory can be imagined. Regarding oneself, can definitely help itself raise the ability

Chapter 493: Creates world Divine Skill

Ancestor of chuckled Land Dragon. Said: "What kind of? father said right. Do not lead that group of little fellows to the earth core world? Do not think, you a little ability has been able to go to the earth core world to act unruly now. I can affirm told you, by your present abilities, once after entering the earth core world. Penetrates into below ten. Perhaps then, in your these people, besides you, nobody can live coming back. Naturally, if you must learn my this element peeling demon territory that to be different. Although did not say able to move unhindered the earth core world, but protects oneself should not to have any issue. Quick, first before telling me you, what displayed was any ability."

Ji Dong sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, cannot bear asking: "Senior, can you teach the demon territory really? I have not heard, the demon territory can study."

Ancestor of snorted Land Dragon, said: "That is you are ignorant and inexperienced. Who stipulated that demon territory cannot study. My this element peeling demon territory, is in itself I homemade, but does not awaken. On that day my story you also heard. I am first dragon Huang, the demon territory nature and present dragon sovereign who my originally has are the same, is dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory. After I by seal here, you think that they will also leave behind this dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo territory to me? If so, can here be able to surround me? My demon territory here was already eliminated by the seal along with me. But this element peeling demon territory, is I undergoes thousands of year ponders and experiments. Gradually cultivates. Only if dragon sovereign can cultivation with my level, otherwise, even if it displays dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory, is unable to reverse my element peeling demon territory. Same must come under the element peeling influence of my this demon territory. What kind, does not study study, happy."

"Studies, I traded."Does not trade is the fool. Ji Dong without hesitation complied. He did not fear that the ancestor of Land Dragon deceives himself. By ancestor's of Land Dragon cultivation base and strength, does not need to do. If it wants to kill itself, is simply simple.

"That said. How before you achieved. You should understand, if no that to shut off the ability of my soul locking. Affected my mind, you are impossible to succeed."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "You said right. My then goal, for must with extinguishing the god wall affects your judgment. Let you have the curiosity, thus has relaxed to my reconnaissance survey. Even after the even/including, you process that uses magic power to tow me to go back, all my the movements of struggling are the attires. For makes you swallow the bait."

Ancestor of some say/way of becoming angry out of shame Land Dragon: "Said the key point. What thing does this extinguish the god wall is?"

At that moment, Ji Dong has not concealed, how extinguished god strikes, as well as the cultivation extinguished the process that the god struck to say. After having spoken of itself to extinguish the god to strike to promote to sixth is heavy, has extinguished the god wall as well as extinguishes the function of god wall.

Listened to the Ji Dong words, the ancestor of Land Dragon to fall into during the ponder, long time has not spoken. Long time, it slowly to say/way of Ji Dong sigh: "Boy, you are really advantageous! If I have not guessed that wrong, that you study extinguishes the god to strike, should belong to create the world Divine Skill category." "Creates world Divine Skill? What is that?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

Ancestor of chuckled Land Dragon, said: "You were ask to the person. In this world, perhaps also only then I know that anything creates world Divine Skill."

"So-called creates world Divine Skill. It is not the skill of god. But is used to limit the skill of god. The gods have in this world truly. Only if just, is in the extremely special situation, the god in god does not allow to arrive at the world of human beings."

The Ji Dong complexion sank, nodded silently. These he who the Zu of Land Dragon said knows certainly. Does the Lie Yan (raging flames) not arrived deicide cultivate/repair like this to harm?

The ancestor of Land Dragon somewhat surprisedly visits him, said:
"Evidently, you as if know existence of god?"

Ji Dong said: "Matter that gold/metal has not mentioned me with you?"

The ancestor of Land Dragon swings looks at Ji Dong that the big end has been interested very much, said: "Girl, so long as mentioned you, on attending to about he, simply is not willing to tell me. But I could see, she likes you very much. Otherwise, why I must keep your boy. Such cheap you."

Ji Dong is immersing during recollection that at this time , in cultivating like this that fights to Lie Yan (raging flames), has not paid attention to the meaning in Zu of words Land Dragon, muttered: "Initially, my Lie Yan (raging flames) died in the god hand,. "

Under the ancestor of surprised gaze of Land Dragon, Ji Dong started to mention from initially the Holy and Evil Island war, how to have saved entire Light Five Elements Continent Lie Yan (raging flames), actually cultivated like this kills, as well as the seal cultivated Josse's process to say simply. The recollection of this process for him was really too painful. Therefore, in process of entire description. He has not said is too detailed. May for all this, is the ancestor of Land Dragon listens to is quite as before shocking, "Empress Lie Yan cultivates the degree that the Level 2 god has slandered unexpectedly. This earth core world, is really advantageous existence! What a pity, cannot see her with own eyes, if can each other compare notes with her, perhaps, I have the opportunity to shake off the present fetter. Ai, all were too late. God these nonsense gods, are in the brain have the water simply. Sends for striking to kill Empress Lie Yan does not distinguish between right and wrong. However, god this stipulation itself in view in the earth core world, does not aim at Empress Lie Yan actually your majesty."

Knew after Lie Yan (raging flames) once cultivated Divine level. Used the polite expression including the ancestors of Land Dragon to her.

"In view of the earth core world? Why?"Ji Dong looks that the Zu of Land Dragon asked.

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "Reason is very simple, the earth core world was extremely advantageous. Your human has good that words said that is called the concentration is the essence. But you also personally arrived at the earth core world to go. Naturally understands that Fire Element of that place is rich. In this case, the earth core lifeform is practicing, contrasts any other living thing to have the advantageous condition, so long as presents several innately gifted talents, really may attack Divine level. Like initial Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, had the opportunity. But they cannot succeed throughout. Finally instead was Empress Lie Yan successfully broke through Divine level, has killed their two. Because the condition of earth core world was extremely advantageous, in the event of the powerhouse of this going against heaven's will, very much may the disaster that brings unable to recall to the ground world. Even threatens the rule of god. Empress Lie Yan your majesty is an example, she is not the ordinary god, but can carry on the Level 2 god who contends with slander with the god chaser. If not present your this matters, gives her enough time, how god knows she can cultivation the rank."

Ji Dong said low-spirited: "Did not say these, senior. You continued created the world Divine Skill matter." The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "When the world first took shape, had our world. Comes from where specifically, clarity that nobody can say, even if the god in space is also same. After our world appear, gradually had each race, at that time, the world spiritual energy was very abundant, each race of initial birth gradually improve is improving our world in this day breeding. Our dragon clan does not have at first, but in world breeding, has the race that some time. But in the initial these races, some advantageous powerhouses, after the unceasing cultivation, can rise to another level, this was the so-called god. I had seen the vestige that a god leaves behind, according to him, god is dominates another level above our world, not only there has the god who our world rise into, other also world. But was created in each world, and after starting to be bright, may have to create world Divine Skill to appear. The strength of god was too strong, therefore they can only in the god life, you face the god truly, should understand. If a strength of god uses in the world, that will be the what kind of terrifying matter. This creates world Divine Skill limits the skill of god. It is said is when the world first took shape naturally produces. In the legend, god has five in a big way supreme, is governing entire god, reason that they can make ten thousand gods submit, is because these five big supreme each have at least one to create world Divine Skill."

Ji Dong surprised sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, "do not tell me, my extinguishing god strikes is the skill that such god supremely can have. "

Ancestor of nodded Land Dragon, said: "According to the vestige that god leaves behind, your this extinguishes the god to strike should creates world Divine Skill. That god said in staying behind vestige, creates the world Divine Skill most major characteristics. Continues the awakening skill in the skill itself. You think, besides extinguishing the god strikes, other can your also what skills the awakening skill? I lived in any case for thousand and ten thousand years, such situation first meeting."

Listens to an ancestor of such reminder Land Dragon, Ji Dong to recall, truly such as he said that besides extinguishing the god strikes, can awaken to evolve the further skill without any skill like it. Ancestor of continued Land Dragon: "But, this so-called creation world Divine Skill whether exists, I did not affirm, after all, this is only the words that so-called god stays behind, you do not need to care. After all, your this extinguished the god to strike to cultivate sixth to be heavy now, most also had to injure to the strength of Saint level powerhouse, but was also not enough to decide the victory and defeat. When you cultivation ninth heavily, you naturally understand that this creates world Divine Skill whether existed. Now thinks many, instead will restrict your future development, do you understand my meaning? The skill dies, but person lives. You in the process of fight, very sober, moreover often can create the strange tactic that the brains can maintain, this point most makes me have a headache. Extinguishes the god to strike to be used as your trump card to use, but other skills similarly are also important. Extinguishes the god to strike, although good, but the promotion of your own magic power is more important. I dare saying that even if you will extinguish the god to strike to cultivate nine heavily, if you do not have the magic power support of Divine level, is as before impossible to extinguish the god truly."

Listens to ancestor's of Land Dragon words, Ji Dong to nod unceasingly, looks that its vision were more for several points to respect, the Zu of Land Dragon said right, if extremely attached great importance to extinguishing the god to strike, thinks really this so-called creation world Divine Skill can be vertically and horizontally invincible, oneself sooner or later will therefore destroy. Extinguishes the god to strike again strongly, it also has own limit, wants to display completely it. Then, first needs formidable other enough strengths as well as skills coordinates to be good.

Ancestor of laughed Land Dragon, ", since creates the function of world Divine Skill, then ran by your boy has also calculated that does not treat unjustly. Good, you told me me to know, now, should be I teach your demon territory the time. Ji Dong, your standing body, closes both eyes, in the soul defends, can not have emits slightly."

Ji Dong looked up ancestor of one eyes Land Dragon, then deferred to doing that it is said. Regarding the ancestor of Land Dragon, Ji Dong not any guarding necessity, if the ancestor of Land Dragon wants to kill him, that is simply easy. It can be said that this is a somewhat strange trust.

Looks at Ji Dong before body, in ancestor of that bright yellow big eyes Land Dragon, reveals several points of disappointed color/look, the right claw lifts slowly, empty has pressed in the Ji Dong direction.

Immediately, the air fierce distortion, Ji Dong only thinks the whole body one tight, as if already by any thing tight package. This strength is extremely strong, fetters his body to make him unable to carry on all forms of energy manifest again. the next moment, his body under this formidable fetter strength leads, floated slowly.

Ji Dong has not moved, teaches demon territory, let alone has seen, continually listens not to listen, naturally does not know how the ancestor of Land Dragon must do. He completely defers, is closing both eyes that the ancestor of Land Dragon said that relaxes the body and restraining soul, static waiting.

At this moment, suddenly, Ji Dong felt whole body one cool, a strange strength has stroked from own body surface, he felt immediately oneself clothes changed into the flying ash to vanish do not see. Whole person body completely uncovered.

Un? Can the instruction demon territory also take off clothes? Ji Dong was somewhat surprised.

The ancestor of Land Dragon has removed in a flash Ji Dong clothes, in its bright yellow big eyes also starts becomes dignified. Standing up that not far away fifty Saint Fire Dragon at this time been vigilant, is gazing here sound there. However, even if it wants to make anything unable to achieve, it of formidable power and influence oppression on the ancestor of Land Dragon releases is unable to approach here.

The tyrannical magic power fluctuation already bloomed in the next moment, a Huang Mengmeng's brilliance is similar to the light ball is common, encircled the body of Ji Dong. Ancestor of another dragon claw Land Dragon also lifted, it suddenly 

Chapter 495: Ji Dong evolution

After discovering the Ji Dong life is critical. Chen Sixuan wants to communicate with him, helping his soul fusion save the life. Meanwhile, she does not hesitate at all costs stimulates to movement oneself that god knowledge, awakens nine of Ji Dong within the body this to assign the Red Lotus lotus seed forcefully.

Ji Dong formerly was suffocating, had forgotten this assigns the Red Lotus matter, when he falls into being on the verge of death condition, wanted to summon not to relate again.

Ancestor's of Land Dragon magic power is formidable, his to Ji Dong isolation, not only on magic power, is in the soul. Although Chen Sixuan has a god knowledge, is higher than the ancestor of Land Dragon in the level, may from the actual strength, not be formidable. When her god knows to break into ancestor's of Land Dragon fetter to the Ji Dong forcefully, awakens nine lotus seed protect the body time, her god knew breaks. Although the shatter god knows self-recovery within the body, but has not actually been able to become the soul leadership. Did not have the god to know the source, her soul naturally is unable to fetter. In addition soul fusion completely was prevented outside, has hit ruthlessly, has at present this situation occurrence. If not gold/metal and deals remotely appropriately, she was really dying. In order to rescue Ji Dong, she does not hesitate at all costs absolutely.

Ji Dong turns extremely wild from being on the verge of death condition, is the help of Chen Sixuan. Also is the function of his intense seeking livehood ability. Nine this assign Red Lotus to protect body, the formidable strength made his oxygen deficit excessive body radiate the vigor, in the meantime, the sword of Fire God had also been released by him, in the flash, has achieved unexpectedly forcefully in peak condition, a sword punctured, must break through the fetter.

"This boy."Ancestor of somewhat speechless groaned Land Dragon, the right claw receives, the light ball fell into its dragon claw. The element peeling demon territory instantaneous strongly blooms, is stripping Fire Element in light ball forcefully. Immediately, formerly also extremely strong Ji Dong magic power suddenly released, this punctures, although as before is the divine tool, but the might wanted small many.

Pū, the sword of Fire God puts on the yellow light cover successfully, but the body of Ji Dong actually cannot clash. Ancestor of coldly snorted Land Dragon, left claw lifts, in airborne even/including Dan, immediately, crowded rays attacks unceasingly in the yellow light ball surface, stiffly fettered Ji Dong. But the golden red blood in this light ball also likely seethed with excitement generally, flooded into his within the body from the Ji Dong whole body pore place unceasingly.

The being on the verge of death condition crossed, absorption already perfect cannot be perfect, the ancestor of Land Dragon naturally does not need to make him feel one again time formerly that pain.

The Ji Dong whole body shakes, only thought that the 3.6 million pores of body open under some strange and mysterious strength functions comprehensively, is absorbing around the body greedily these viscous liquids. But own body, likely is a giant vortex, is swallowing these strange strengths unceasingly. Formerly painful scalding hot also that intense sensation of asphyxia in this case disappearance slowly, more and more happy feeling made the Ji Dong tight nerve relax gradually. Weary let his lethargic sleep extremely in the past.

Brilliance that in ancestor of eyes Land Dragon is revealing acclaiming, "worthily is the boy who my daughter settles on, somewhat way. Also can counter-attack in being on the verge of death condition unexpectedly forcefully. Only this seeking livehood ability including my dragon clan also little to have. Good, these has not wasted." At the same time was saying, he wields conveniently, wraps the Ji Dong yellow light ball floating to fall, falls a rock hollow place near his foot. The light yellow ray is glittering unceasingly, Ji Dong in the form is partly visible.

"wu wu"at this time, two somewhat flattered the sound resounds, the ancestor of Land Dragon turns head, immediately saw the fifty Saint Fire Dragon two main items both are lifting, hopeful looks at itself. Immediately ill-humored say/way: "I have not thought that this boy can actually absorb the complete essence in my blood. This thinks that he can stay behind to you."

"wu wu"Maotai and Wuliangye as before is a pitiful look, was calling toward the ancestor of Land Dragon in a soft voice.

Ancestor of somewhat helpless said Land Dragon: "Good, good, was cheap you two."left claw injured place light shell before right claw, immediately, is two viscous golden red blood departs, fell in the big mouth of Maotai and Wuliangye respectively.

The body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon shivered fiercely. Then immediately rolls up in the same place, coils around is closing both eyes same place. They are not willing to waste the slightest. Ji Dong does not know is anything, they are clear very! The instinct of body makes them be full of the hope to the ancestor's of Land Dragon blood. This is dragon Huang not the good thing that is possible to obtain. Also wants heavenly material earthly treasure compared with heavenly material earthly treasure, let alone they are dragon clan.

The ancestor of Land Dragon grows the tone, thought aloud: "Died of exhaustion the father. This boy makes me be injured, I also like this help him, thinks really not to be at heart balanced. For daughter, snort/hum, I certainly well am also oppressive his for several days to vent anger like dragon Huang."

Ji Dong naturally does not know that ancestor's of this time mood Land Dragon, he completely fell into the deep sleep now, moreover is the breathing like a fetus condition deep sleep. The whole person infiltrates in dragon blood in that golden light ball, looked like returns the parent body to be ordinary. Each pore, unceasingly is absorbing the energy in these blood containing.

Formerly that crazily attracted swallows again in addition, in this light ball had one-third blood to be absorbed by him, surplus two-thirds also by the process that in he absorbed unceasingly.

Layer upon layer light air current unceasingly releases from Ji Dong, the colors of these air currents are very light, but also reluctantly can distinguish.

Although the ancestor of Land Dragon is weary, but as before is actually gazing at the body of Ji Dong, is feeling the change of his body silently.

"Un, in human, such physique was very good. Before what bubble is any dragon blood, probably is the water attribute dragon. However, as if one strange strengths have compromised the attribute in that dragon blood, not only has not played the reaction, instead complements each other. Really strange, in this boy body also Vermilion Bird lineage/vein blood and Teng Snake lineage/vein blood. No wonder his resistance hit the ability to be so strong. This time has absorbed my blood, later some people want to kill this boy, was very difficult. Hehe, this is father's work. Before that several helped his not to calculate."

Ancestor of saying Land Dragon is not exaggerating, Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost, is Teng Snake and Vermilion Bird, although their blood are very precious, is having extremely huge magic power, but , compared with the ancestor of beginning Zulong Land Dragon blood, that differs was too too far.

The ancestor of Land Dragon nearly presents the formidable lifeform of having along with this world, for thousands of years, it throughout in these three gather in the mountain range to absorb the world spiritual energy to moisten oneself, removes within the body impurity. It can be said that its each blood, is this world most precious thing. Let alone is used to take a bath the absorption, even if drinks that little, changes the physique of average person sufficiently, the life increases three times to be minimum. But Ji Dong this soaks the comprehensive absorption at this time completely in ancestor of dragon blood Land Dragon, is not Vermilion Bird, Teng Snake and Wind and Frost can compare to the advantage that he brings. Therefore the Zu of Land Dragon said that Ji Dong is its work, not wrong.

All impurities that world day-by-day past, Ji Dong within the body secreted unceasingly, even in impurity slightly including magic power, changed into the air current to dissipate quietly, his body became more and more pure, soaked in that golden red blood. The skin is sending out similar brilliance.

What strangest is, that originally was used the fusion god technique to integrate the god hot Saint king Kai partly visible appearance in within the body by him, the originally dark-red gloss also completely will turn frequently into the golden red. It fuses together with Ji Dong, advantage that Ji Dong obtains, it naturally also obtained. God hot Saint king Kai became the inferior divine tool has for a long time, breeds in Chaos Fire of Ji Dong within the body, at this time, after the infiltration of ancestor of blood Land Dragon. This god hot Saint king Kai has achieved a special saturated condition. In other words, only misses one, it can break through to the Divine level level, becomes a genuine divine tool. Magical instrument that is refined by Ji Dong within the body.

When the people are grow quickly, without a doubt, in parent body. From a simple cell, turns is several jin (0.5 kg) baby, how many times has the body grown up? How many times has the body improved?

At this time, the ancestor of Land Dragon to the Ji Dong manufacture is one is similar to the environment of parent body, most made the ancestor of Land Dragon be satisfied was, Ji Dong under the oppression of suffocation, own potential big eruption, entered the breathing like a fetus condition unexpectedly. As the matter stands, without doubt can play the twice the result with half the effort effect. This is why the ancestor of Land Dragon will also say, Ji Dong will not leave behind anything's reason to fifty Saint Fire Dragon. The guarantees of some breathing like a fetuses, will the body of Ji Dong let off any nutrient? In an instant, is ten days passed, the ancestor of blood yellow light ball inside Land Dragon are getting fewer and fewer, the ancestor of Land Dragon has not increased the blood again. Absorbs dragon blood also one, did not say that Ji Dong cannot absorb again. But if continues to absorb again, he very probably will turn then into the dragon by the person. Instead is disadvantageous to his future cultivation. From the perspective of cultivation, the talent of any race cannot compared with human.

Finally, to 18 th day time, the light ball ancestor of blood in Land Dragon completely vanished, but Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai completely has also revealed, this armor with his body links really perfectly . Moreover, these time under the function of ancestor of blood Land Dragon, changes the good union with the Ji Dong phoenix dragon dance snake. From now on, so long as Ji Dong uses the phoenix dragon dance snake to change, god hot Saint king Kai also meets natural reappearing.

On the surface, before god hot Saint king Kai, compared not the small change, this change mainly centralized in the surface of armor. The originally armor, each is very distinct, the shoulder armor is the shoulder armor and breastplate is a breastplate. But now actually one type links, melting was a feeling of furnace. Moreover, becomes golden red armor surface is no longer smooth. But turned into the shape of scale, seemed turned into the scales by board armor. But the appearance of this scale looks like the diminished version dragon sovereign scale is same. That golden red ray sparkling fresh splendor.

The ancestor of Land Dragon is not fire attribute, obviously this was god hot Saint king Kai and Ji Dong after absorbing its blood, unified after own Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, the color of transforming, was unique, was the Ji Dong color specially.

Sits well there, the fierce mask on Ji Dong face also had the strange change, originally is similar to the fierce mask of solar ray emission style, now above were many a brand mark design. This design dragon Shouzhuang, dignified dragon head. Like the fifty Saint Fire Dragon appearance. Also is the dragon first design of Yan and Huang Divine Dragon. The back pair of wings becomes congealing reality, only then the pair of wings and mask are not the appearances that the scale covers. On the pair of wings, is a piece by piece golden red feather sagging, the shape of this feather, just and Vermilion Bird wing is exactly the same. Initially, this came from wing originally in allocation of Vermilion Bird.

It seems, Ji Dong this god hot Saint king Kai as if formidable Divine Beast has the relation, but is actually not the complete imitation, as if a little weird creature. However, this all conforms after together, actually appears extremely coordinated. Is even emitting a yellowish red misty gloss from Ji Dong.

The ancestor of Land Dragon paid attention to Ji Dong this golden red ray already several days, this ray appeared after him starts to appear in god hot Saint king Kai completely, to the present already entire three days.

After the careful investigation, as well as feels Ji Dong change, the ancestor of Land Dragon can affirm, this ray does not send by that god hot Saint king Kai armor on, but sends out by him on. But, why on him will present this golden red ray? The ancestor of this command Land Dragon is very puzzled.

could it be it is because of the sword of that divine tool Fire God? But, the sword of Fire God is red, the ray that if because of this divine tool, on him sends out should also be the red is right. Does this golden color from where come?

Suddenly, the ancestor of Land Dragon remembered that nine golden red lotus seed that on beforehand Ji Dong has sent out, could it be said, this was the effect of that nine lotus seed? If there is not misread, that very possible is Empress Lie Yan stays behind. Was, I said how this boy will produce oneself to be in sole possession of radiance. The change that so that's how it is, that should be his oneself fuses was in sole possession of ray has after Empress Lie Yan.

The ancestor of Land Dragon judges basic correct, but a little he actually does not know that nine lotus seed Ji Dong have not absorbed, because, by his present strength, but also is not enough to absorb that nine this to assign the Red Lotus lotus seed. Lie Yan (raging flames) before, pours into Ji Dong within the body these nine lotus seed at the point of death, and has left behind mark law on them, after needing Ji Dong truly achieve to trigger the strength that the functions of these nine lotus seed truly will show. But this time, obviously is not now. Ji Dong has evolved, his whole person has evolved together with god hot Saint king Kai together, and had own exclusive radiance.

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Chapter 496: Bright and dark

Exclusive radiance in some sense. Was not the Mage category. This color is symbolizing a trend. Completely is the characteristics of Saint level. After cultivating the Saint level, any lifeform, will have a own color, this is so-called exclusive radiance. Exclusive radiance that even if two Saint level powerhouses have is the golden red, surely will have in this period also certain difference, will not be completely same. The golden red, became the Ji Dong exclusive radiance.

When the ancestor of Land Dragon from him saw when this exclusive radiance appears, how not to be startled, this was it already expected. The reason is very simple, the Ji Dong strength of soul is the Saint level level, this time, it forcefully transforms the body of Ji Dong with oneself blood, helping Ji Dong merge into one organic whole with his oneself the several strengths in within the body completely. Will not branch out the strength and Vermilion Bird strength of any Teng Snake or is the strength of dragon. From now on will have the Ji Dong strength. In some sense, the Ji Dong body intensity, had been promoted the edge of close Saint level. Therefore had the production of exclusive radiance.

This exclusive radiance, symbolized Mage to have been able to become the potential of Saint level absolutely, generally presented time, soon will march the Saint level the time. The opportunity that Ji Dong this has could be said as extremely the rarely seen (weirdo).

"Hū"long air/Qi emits from the Ji Dong mouth, in the entire yellow light ball, was filled with by that golden red ray instantaneously. Even has covered including the body of Ji Dong, is unable to see clearly. "What's all this about. What had?"When Ji Dong opens both eyes slowly, when looks at the surrounding flake gold red ray, cannot bear shouts one lowly.

When he restrains own magic power subconsciously, the surrounding golden red is similar to all rivers run into the sea integrates within the body immediately generally, an unprecedented formidable feeling spreads over the whole body instantaneously. That comfort, making each cell comfortable moan of his within the body get up. Ji Dong could not bear extended the body suddenly, face upwarded to cry loud and long.

The clear shatter sound regarding resounds around his body, that gable he entire 18 days of yellow light balls were quietly stave, the surrounding scenery reappears in Ji Dong at present, all returned to normal.

Ji Dong saw the ancestor of front stature incomparably big Land Dragon. He is lowering the head to gaze at itself. His subconscious looks down again to oneself. Immediately was shocked by the god hot Saint king Kai change.

Present god hot Saint king Kai, is sending out that golden red halo, reflection that in addition the scale style covers, beforehand enchanting too many are too more.

This, is this my god hot Saint king Kai? Light warming up is breeding in the armor surface, huge magic power that the full wants, spreads to oneself body through the armor unceasingly, Ji Dong can feel clearly, strength that in this armor contains, may break through that matter fetter anytime, enters level of divine tool truly.

All that before had, recalled gradually in his mind, Ji Dong was intelligent, this all processes in he pondered fast has formed a general idea. Looks at god hot Saint king Kai above and dragon Huang the same scale. His body shivered suddenly, looks up to the ancestor of Land Dragon, plop'ed, kneels down before the ancestor of Land Dragon, has done obeisance. "Many thanks the senior helps." Ancestor of snorted Land Dragon, "I have not helped your anything, I such do have the condition. Before I complied your, but taught the demon territory to you, had not said that must help you improve the body. Now, your body was transformed by me, did not know many compared with before. The reward that I demanded you must pay."

In the Ji Dong originally heart has been full of gratitude, listened to an ancestor of such saying Land Dragon, left several points of helplessness. This is buys and sells by using compulsion simply! Moreover became the fact, wanting returned goods to be inadequate.

"What reward does senior want? I do not have the thing that anything can give you to help probably. So long as is I can achieve, Ji Dong does not decline. Naturally, the matter in sentimental is an exception."

Ancestor of snorted Land Dragon, "felt relieved, the father will not make you marry my daughter forcefully. Such my daughter will be unhappy. My request is very simple. You took the advantage from here, the strength have further promoted. It can be said that from now henceforth, below Saint level, at least nobody can kill dies you. My request is very simple. From now henceforth, you must replace me to protect my daughter well. I cannot leave here, I can give daughter's all already to her. I am not a qualified father, I help you become more formidable. Must let you a better protection she. Can you achieve?"

Listens to the Zu of Land Dragon to propose that this kind of request, Ji Dong somewhat is in a daze, before he also thinks how harsh condition the ancestor of Land Dragon will put forward.

"Senior, even if you did not say, I am also same will do this, not only gold/metal your daughter, is my partner. Since you asked me, I promised you, in my lifetime, will certainly try to protect gold/metal to be complete. If runs into the enemy who was unable to contend with, I also certainly will die then in front of her."

Ji Dong added on specially one lifetime, the ancestor of Land Dragon could not understand. Although Ji Dong knows, oneself this time received the ancestor of obligation Land Dragon, but is unable therefore to affect him to look for the determination of Lie Yan (raging flames).

Ancestor of nodded Land Dragon, said: "In your this group of young people, your potential is biggest one, therefore I have chosen you. In the near future, you will face, is the Dark Five Elements Continent powerhouse. In these days that you cultivation, I and dragon Huang discussed that has secret about dragon clan to tell you. When may to you in the future facing the Dark Five Elements Continent enemy all help."

"Senior please say." The Ji Dong respectful sound said.

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "World breeding myriad things, Dark Five Elements Continent in some sense, can be Light Five Elements Continent shines. Almost all and Light Five Elements Continent is almost the same, but they are more is the deviation is dark, mentality or magic power. Only with dark like daytime and dark night, has controlled the entire world. On that Dark Five Elements Continent. Also has dragon clan existence similarly, this point, you should also know. I must tell you am, the dragon sovereign of each generation of dragon clans, is not sole attribute, own hideaway attribute. Naturally, after I by seal here, my hideaway attribute vanished."

"Hides the attribute?"Ji Dong somewhat surprised sees the ancestor of Land Dragon.

The ancestor of big end Land Dragon selected, said: "Or on our Light Five Elements Continent, each race has such hideaway attribute. Can show this hideaway attribute, are few. This hideaway attribute is bright, our continent title. In other words, dragon sovereign besides earth attribute, but also is having special light attribute. Otherwise, the dragon sovereign on that Dark Five Elements Continent, has the dark attribute. Bright and dark, this is two strange attributes, when you meet dark attribute is certainly careful."

"This time, your body was soaked by my blood, also the appearance of this exclusive radiance, making me feel, light attribute that your own has will also awaken in the near future. This is you will defeat the darkness most advantageous weapon. Let this light perfect attachment above your Pinnacle Two Fires attribute. You can have destruction dark ability. Understood? Bright and dark restrains mutually."

The bright and dark attribute exists, this view Ji Dong first hearing, heard that the word nods said: "Senior, I will certainly not disappoint you. In my lifetime, forever is dragon clan the friends."

The ancestor of Land Dragon has wielded dragon claw to him, said: "You can walk. I can help your to do, in the future you can evolve to any degree, must look at your comprehension. Goes, to look your partners. Element peeling demon territory, I have injected into your within the body along with the blood, you must comprehend along with the fight unceasingly. You after all are not I. Therefore, when teaches to your this demon territory, I have two choices, one type, is passes to your demon territory also to be able like me to cover the huge area, but, might actually only then my 30%, another type, is the range that the greatly reduced your demon territory can cover, the might is invariable. After synthesizing your situation, I have chosen the latter for you. Therefore, when you can completely grasp the element peeling demon territory, range that you can strip in diameter one kilometer range. My descendant, is your partner dragon, has obtained my some advantage, in that side deep sleep absorption, waits for them to wake up, I naturally can make them seek you. Before you prepare to go to the earth core world, you come here to come again."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon coils around to be away from the Ji Dong not far place, Ji Dong sweeps one, felt that their bodies as if have grown up for several points. Obtains advantage from ancestor of here Land Dragon, that definitely will have the greatest help to them, this is also their chances.

Ji Dong from ancestor of that giant dragon pupil Land Dragon, clearly saw exhausted, he does not have to open the mouth again, but kneels down once more, toward has knocked three knocks that the ancestor of Land Dragon makes an effort. Then jumps, launches the back pair of wings, goes toward the dragon valley direction flight. The ancestor of Land Dragon has gazed after the Ji Dong form to disappear, giant dragon pupil slowly closed, in the mouth muttered talked to oneself: "Daughter, can capture the heart of this boy, looked your. I can only make him be your protector, the sentimental matter was helpless. This boy, is really good. If which little while he gave up his variation Vermilion Bird running, I said that anything not to his such opportunity, later will not permit you and he in the same place."

Jumps flies into airborne. Ji Dong only thought that the air current in air as if became solid, in the past he also had has felt carefully, but this feeling changed beyond the score was clear at this time, seemed own body becomes light, no longer the simple whipping wing promoted the air to fly, but was the air as if by the summon of oneself thought that promoted own body under own thought control.

Some this feeling, Ji Dong has probed is restraining the back pair of wings, under his thought stimulation of movement, not having the assistance of wing, the body actually as before to float in the air, similarly can fly forward. This clearly is the altitude that the supreme powerhouse can reach! Felt carefully own magic power, Ji Dong had discovered, magic power stayed in Level 82 realm as before, has not promoted again.

What's all this about? Own magic power has not clearly promoted, cultivation base has not promoted to the degree of supreme powerhouse, but, had can rely on the thought control air the ability.

In the Ji Dong heart has doubts, he very clear remembering, own Martial Ancestor cloudy morning sun had said that when Mage breaks through Nine-Crown, after entering realm of supreme powerhouse, can neutralize own attribute same element to carry on the perfect communication with the air, thus uses these elements to promote own body to fly in the air. But, own situation is different at present, oneself feel, is not Fire Element is promoting own body, but is all air is promoting. The speed of flight also completely defers to own thought to be strengthened.

At the same time is thinking, the Ji Dong thought moves, fully the control air promotes own body, immediately, his whole person looks like arrow toward airborne raises generally, the surroundings scenery passed over gently and swiftly like lightning, the rapidness of speed, already somewhat close initially speed of fifty Saint Fire Dragon flight. But Ji Dong magic power has not consumed with increase of speed. What consumption is the strength of his soul.

Suddenly, some Ji Dong clear(ly) have become aware, oneself can at present the free soaring in airborne, seems is the same with the supreme powerhouse, may in fact, be different. After having absorbed ancestor's of Land Dragon blood, made own body intensity and sensitivity has been another level, as the matter stands, can feel the air slight change, then communicated through the air of strength and surroundings soul, the goal to achieve flight. Said that is very simple, may in fact, want to achieve this step, even if cultivates Nine-Crown to be also not necessarily able to achieve. Ji Dong that Saint level the strength of soul, for him is a giant treasure house, but he has this treasure house spatially, truly what can apply is only extremely rare. This because of his own other aspect distance Saint level too far reasons. This time, the body intensity promotes, approached has even been the level of Saint level, this made him have the brand-new feeling. It seems magic power has not promoted, but Ji Dong is very clear, own strength had the qualitative leap. Even if meets like again to/clashes under the crown forest clear the powerhouse, he also had the confidence to spell to spell.

At this time high noon, the sunlight in sky especially is sufficient, when the Ji Dong body breaks in airborne, the sunlight shines on him, his golden red exclusive radiance blooms immediately ten thousand multi-colored sunlight, the radiant brilliance, making him seem looks like the deity arrives general. The golden red halo just like a Xiangyun, raises slowly.

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Chapter 497: Sudden enlightenment light

Has broken in several kilometers upper air. Ji Dong controls own speed to reduce speed. Although the strength of soul consumes along with his acceleration, the speed of but consuming is very slow. His that Saint level middle rank the strength of soul at least can guarantee his high-speed flight one day a night, but will not have the feeling of drying up.

The thought moves, after the Ji Dong body evolves god hot Saint king Kai to change into similar golden red radiance hidden to enter within the body, the Vermilion Bird bracelet spouts clothes under the thought control of Ji Dong directly, covers on him, seems, as if all returned to normal. Under Ji Dong restraining of desirably, his golden red ray retreats slowly, the healthy skin color reveals. However, making his surprised matter occur. His that originally white hair unexpectedly changed pitch-black, the line of body was more like by again the sculpture generally, was quite perfect.

Looks oneself change pitch-black hair, Ji Dong cannot bear inwardly sighing, if Lie Yan (raging flames) can also like the restoration of oneself this hair, that this good?

At the same time is thinking, Ji Dong fell baseless, hovers to directly soar the dragon valley to decline.

Will arrive shortly soon in sky over the dragon valley, an invisible pressure welcomed without hesitation, this pressure regarding Ji Dong was really too familiar, wasn't coming from the dragon sovereign? On the face reveals a smile, Ji Dong has not concealed own aura. The strength of Saint level middle rank soul releases comprehensively, has withstood that invisible pressure forcefully, even has made counter-attack directly.

"Eh?"dragon Huang the voice resounds, the next moment, radiant radiance flashes through together, the incarnation appeared for the dragon sovereign of human in front of Ji Dong. His skin surface looked like has mounted diamond, under the sunlight shone is particularly eye-catching.

Saw Ji Dong, dragon Huang has gawked, "unexpectedly was your boy.
How possible, why can your aura be so approximate with me?"

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "The ancestor of senior Land Dragon helps, has soaked my body by dragon blood, my many points of dragon prestige, isn't this very normal?"

Dragon sovereign then suddenly, but, his complexion quickly becomes serious, "thanks to you boy can also smile, do you know, your asked the Chen Sixuan friend to arrive at the life and death moment."

"What did you say?"On Ji Dong face smiling face one stiff, in the eye revealed the color/look of shock immediately. He just sobered from the cultivation, is not naturally clear regarding the matter of outside, at this time listened to a dragon sovereign such saying, the strength of soul to open, subconscious searched toward the dragon valley bottom, attempted in the relation Chen Sixuan.

However, he discovered quickly, oneself could not search the Chen Sixuan soul aura unexpectedly. Immediately has a big shock. "Dragon sovereign senior, what's the matter? What happened?"

Dragon sovereign solemnly said: "I do not know that the cause is anything. 18 days ago, the Chen Sixuan suddenly spitting blood faint, gold/metal elders and your partners relied on magic power to retain her life forcefully and ensure her soul was insufficient to be defeated and dispersed. After I pass, discovered that the Chen Sixuan soul as if collapsed, moreover is collapsed by the core place. In her soul, has one strange strength, does not have the means including me. I can only her temporary seal, the physical body and soul imprison in in Longzuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory, this temporarily has saved her life. I know that you and she can carry on the soul fusion, regarding her soul, only then you were clearest, therefore communicates with the ancestor, wants to ask you to come back, but the ancestor said, during you are in close up, does not come back. Quickly has a look."

Ji Dong hurried nodded, accelerates instantaneously, the body directly soars bottom of the dragon valley to shoot.

Saw that Ji Dong has not released the phoenix dragon dance snake changes such flew, dragon Huangcai realized that he had the ability of mortal body flight. The eyeground flashes through the color/look of a trace of surprise, even has several points to envy and envy. In the heart mused, the ancestor so regards as important Ji Dong unexpectedly, cannot obtain such advantage including me from ancestor there.

Under the acceleration, was almost only the time that several times breathed, Ji Dong arrived at bottom of the dragon valley fully, dragon Huang also together arrived with him. In this period, any Giant Dragon has not tried to prevent him, Ji Dong has not attended to feeling this change at this time. But in fact, on him that contains the aura of dragon clan emperor's clan bloodlines is being any Giant Dragon does not dare to offend easily.

Falls into the valley, Ji Dong one step steps forward, sneaked into the cavern that the partners have usually practiced like lightning. Marches into the cavern the next moment, his whole body shook, stopped the footsteps.

Was being practiced the heavenly stems disciples almost simultaneously to stop the cultivation, only listened to the secret to grow the tone, "Ji Dong, you may be come back. Today, is the final opportunity."

Presents in front of Ji Dong, is a giant diamond, right, is the diamond, in that reaches as high as in two meters diamond, face whiten Chen Sixuan looked like the lethargic sleep in the past the general static erectness. Similar appearance, Ji Dong is only when initially saved gold/metal has seen, but, that time gold/metal also does not seem that weak like present Chen Sixuan. Is away from this giant diamond, Ji Dong cannot feel the slightest bit Chen Sixuan soul aura and life fluctuates. He only thought that oneself heart had been passed through by the innumerable sharp blade likely ruthlessly generally, ache is unable to breathe.

Is the old wound recrudescence? Chen Sixuan soul fissure of Ji Dong also clear remembering coming back before the problem that gives rise. However, he denied this idea quickly. Because. After that time, he has inspected Chen Sixuan that soul fissure carefully, has confidence of completely without forcefully touched, that fissure at least will not manifest suddenly within one year.

18 days ago, 18 days ago......

Was that not just is just soaked into the time in ancestor of blood Land Dragon? The feeling of suffocating, once made itself come to the verge of death, in heart unwilling and a sudden strength made itself have the ability of struggling.

The brain is recalling fast, Ji Dong remembers all that time had finally, is a strange strength, the incomparably familiar and kind strength awakens the soul that oneself will soon die out, pulled back from that being on the verge of death condition forcefully. Later, oneself the essence in ancestor of dragon blood true start absorption Land Dragon.

Is she, certainly is she. Was she relies on the soul fusion to awaken my soul, the heart of Ji Dong started to shiver, he knows certainly, at that time, oneself were being fettered by the ancestor's of Land Dragon energy, ancestor of that formidable strength Land Dragon can have the strong impediment to the soul. But is in that case, she has awakened herself as before, what she must pay is what kind of price? Ji Dong does not dare to imagine, does not dare to imagine. However, he understood completely, reason that Chen Sixuan suddenly spitting blood faint 18 days ago. To rescue oneself completely! She is the crisis that felt itself to face, wanted to awaken itself not at any cost, will turn into present this appearance. Thinks of here, in the Ji Dong heart the pain such as the blade twists, the whole person stood there somewhat was crazy.

The heavenly stems disciples set out in abundance, look to look at dumbly there Ji Dong, they look at each other in blank dismay.

"Ji Dong, if you have means to rescue to think of the fine jade, quickly starts. I observe the celestial phenomenon, the world can rescue to think of the fine jade, only has your. You came back luckily promptly. Thinks of the fine jade certainly to be out of danger." The secret sound resounds in the Ji Dong ear.

Ji Dong awakens, he actually discovered that own at present is a fuzziness, the tears uncontrolled flows following own face under.

The heaven, why you make me meet to think of the fine jade, made her like me! Ji Dong wants to roar to the day. Passing all, with Chen Sixuan knew that since has had, uncontrolled flow in his mind. From knowing her day, she always silently is paying for oneself, how regardless of reject her, she never therefore gets angry, gently instead sympathizes treats itself. When encounter the danger, she always reckless to/clashes, even if pays rescues itself that the life also refuses to balk. Thinks of the fine jade, you were really too silly, you clearly know, in my heart cannot accommodate you. What I love is Lie Yan (raging flames), I cannot apportion you heart again, I cannot betray Lie Yan (raging flames). Perhaps, I had a deficit you so, this life this life cannot pay off.

A strange clear(ly) became aware, raised from the Ji Dong heart in this moment, he as if saw the Chen Sixuan smiling face, saw the Lie Yan (raging flames) smiling face. The same gentleness, same goodness, their smiling faces are superposing in his soul.

He saw the light, saw the light. What is the bright source? They told him, the bright source is good, is selfless, is the risk.

Step by step, Ji Dong walks toward that giant diamond, the vision of heavenly stems disciples falls on the Ji Dong face, discovery that they are startled, Ji Dong as if changes is different from before, his originally mediocre look became especially seems to be handsome . Moreover, from him, release gradually golden red brilliance. In that halo, without any fluctuation of energy, but, is this golden red halo makes them not dare to look straight ahead, even cannot feel on Ji Dong any change again.

Finally, Ji Dong has arrived in front of that giant diamond seal, his right hand, being quietly according to above that diamond, the gentle golden red halo, has exaggerated from his body immediately, in an instant, in that giant diamond, released the similar brilliance. Has illuminated inside seal Chen Sixuan.

As if slight shakes send out from the Ji Dong palm, the next moment, that giant diamond has shone, originally by it that gold/metal misty radiance covers, blooms unexpectedly radiant golden red radiance, is in Chen Sixuan also completely to be exaggerated by this radiance, freely her complexion is such unhealthy paleness, is, when her outstandingly beautiful appearance exaggeration in this golden red, is actually releasing several points of moving chilly beautiful.

Not only the men look has tarried, is remote, Lan Bao'er they also similarly for it delay, this chilly beautiful, is infecting each of them's heart, in each individual heart, is rippling the different state of mind. But the body is blooming similarly Ji Dong of golden red radiance, in their eyes, looks like the prince who saves the deep sleep princess is ordinary, static standing there.

Tarrying dragon sovereign who not only the heavenly stems disciples, simultaneously also that together comes with Ji Dong, when that golden red ray sends out from Ji Dong, it has realized the lots.

The giant diamond started to melt, was melting in that golden red radiance. That is came from the seal of dragon sovereign dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo territory! Is actually quietly under the infiltration of Ji Dong this exclusive radiance.

From Ji Dong, a dignity, fills blooming that the bright aura has been outspoken vastly, greatly. In the entire cavern, as if has shone in this moment got up. All, received this to make everyone , regardless of being any attribute, can feel incomparably comfortable halo influence.

"This is......, Bright strength."Dragon sovereign already stared wide- eyed. If dragon clan several Dragon King here, they think certainly own vertigo, that dignity noble dragon prestige, the bright aura that only then dragon Huang has, sends out unexpectedly from a human. Also such aura, making dragon Huang the dragon drill Tyrant Huangmo the territory not to have melting of slightest bit resistance in that golden red.

The diamond seal vanished quietly, finally has revealed inside Chen Sixuan, but, disappearance of seal has not made Chen Sixuan therefore drop down, the heavenly stems disciples feel, in the air as if has flows all at once, regarding around the Chen Sixuan body, supports her body to be insufficient to get down but actually.

Flash when Chen Sixuan extricates from the diamond seal, the Ji Dong complexion immediately changed, did not have the fetter of seal, he can feel the condition that this time Chen Sixuan is in immediately.

Her soul is not weak, when the vitality also and normal does not have any difference, but, the flash when that diamond seal vanishes, Ji Dong felt immediately Chen Sixuan the strength of as well as her vitality soul, send out generally outward from within the body just like the eruption. Her body looks like a balloon, was broken a hole because of untying of seal by to bind, revealed completely the essence in within the body.

Why Ji Dong does not have the time to ponder like this, the flash when the Chen Sixuan soul presents, Ji Dong the strength of soul, on potential of racing wells up according to blotting out the sky on, covers her soul instantaneously, at the same time, Ji Dong one step goes forward, arrived in front of Chen Sixuan, the neck nucleus on life hung on her neck. Meanwhile, both hands of Ji Dong have not evaded pressed separately on her chest and forehead.

The golden red halo flows from Ji Dong unceasingly, exclusive radiance that after that is strength of his magic power and soul fuses completely, produces, covers him and Chen Sixuan body completely, looks like a great egg is ordinary.

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Chapter 498: Fusion, Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge

Chen Sixuan soul scattered in disorder shocking. Her vitality , because loses the phenomenon that the control of soul will have scattered in disorder passes voluntarily, therefore, helping her restore the soul is the key is.

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan is multiple soul has fused after all, his soul access, Chen Sixuan soul very natural fused, fuses around the Ji Dong soul, is insufficient again lax. Regarding the Ji Dong soul, her soul does not have the slightest bit vigilance.

On the side of Ji Dong with the strength of own soul forms the energy cover that strength of the soul composes to control in the outermost is not making a Chen Sixuan soul be separated, in the meantime, he according to hand in Chen Sixuan chest, stimulates the nucleus of life through own magic power, making the nucleus of life to the strength of his soul same, is restraining Chen Sixuan own vitality, and releases more vitalities to moisten the body of Chen Sixuan. Guarantees her body not any issue, only by doing so, after her soul restores, can recover directly.

After completing these, Ji Dong goes to feel the Chen Sixuan soul carefully. His that Saint level the strength of soul is huge, after speaking the Chen Sixuan soul absorbs completely, careful back to the Chen Sixuan mind. Meanwhile forms a barrier by own soul in the sea of her soul, restrains her soul completely in the originally position.

Regarding Ji Dong, how now the biggest trouble is the stable Chen Sixuan soul. Only then makes her soul consolidate in within the four seas of own soul, can say that has saved her. But, is this also easier said than done? Now her the soul was chaotic, sloppily and as if loses the core to be ordinary to the feeling of Ji Dong. Simply did not have to collect the strength. If continues this way, then, oneself also can only like former dragon Huang made, saved her life, is actually not able to make her true waking.

It is not good, this is not absolutely good, she is because I will turn into this. In any event, regardless of pays big price, I must save to be good her. Ji Dong sets firm resolve, under being at a loss, after he ponders the moment carefully, decided that looks for the opportunity from Chen Sixuan own soul.

Everyone most mysterious place, is the soul, the soul is in itself illusory existence, nobody knows how can true effective cultivates it, nobody can understand completely has anything. Ji Dong is not good, even if the god similarly is not good. However, the soul reaches the Saint level , before there are, a series of fortuitous encounters, making Ji Dong have the great strides to oneself soul control. Although he does not clarify reason that Chen Sixuan has problems, but can actually carry on the comprehensive scanning and investigation through the strength of own soul to her soul.

After living in the Chen Sixuan soul stably, Ji Dong started little scans her soul, attempts the problem that discovers in her soul to have. This is relates to the Chen Sixuan life and death the important matter. Therefore Ji Dong is quite careful with the reconnaissance of oneself soul, lest leaves out any clues.

Time every little bit passed, the heavenly stems disciples could not give a thought to the cultivation, static gaze at present this golden red light ball, they, although does not know that genuinely had anything, but through the forecast of secret, they also understands, Chen Sixuan this time situation and Ji Dong have the inseparable relations.

Ji Dong is seeking for the Chen Sixuan soul core to be, if can find her shatter soul core, finds the way to help her condense again, then, all can change is smooth. Seeking of unravelling, is a long and arid process, but Ji Dong has the patience extremely, the slight detail is not willing to let off.

Finally, has not known how long, Ji Dong has felt to wipe the extremely slight red in the Chen Sixuan soul. This wipes the red to be very scattered in disorder . Moreover the color also drifts from place to place. Those who made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was, felt the investigation of own soul, that wiped the red to collect unexpectedly quietly, not only has not been defeated and dispersed. Instead has a very kind feeling to the Ji Dong soul.

That extremely kind familiar feeling, making the soul of Ji Dong Saint level slight shivered. This feeling is very illusory, he wants to catch this feeling carefully, does not clarify.

Ji Dong does not think, this wipes the slight soul fluctuation, is the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge! Because resides temporarily after Chen Sixuan, this wiped the god to know is really too small and weak, made him unable to distinguish. But that warm feelings, Ji Dong also subjective considering came from Chen Sixuan. It can be said that he missed himself to recognize each other best opportunity with Lie Yan (raging flames).

Regarding a red soul that this absorbs, Ji Dong with own soul has encircled immediately, controls it, he knows, perhaps oneself was found the issue. This should be the core of Chen Sixuan soul. Since broke, that should continue this to be right.

Some this discovery, making the Ji Dong confidence increase , to continue to search, is almost rug seeks, does not let off any possibility.

The time does not lose the person with high aspirations, under his putting one's heart and soul seeks, finally searched a faint trace shatter red god knowledge from the Chen Sixuan shatter soul gradually, and gathered it in the same place. Ji Dong surprised feeling, oneself, although and Chen Sixuan is the soul fuses, but is actually not able to fuse with this red soul together. He is only the Saint level soul, possible to fuse the Divine level god knowledge? This point he naturally cannot think through. The weary feeling continuously appears, this clearly is, this situation Ji Dong first meeting that the soul overuse causes, obviously this time searches the Chen Sixuan soul to consume the big energy.

However, now arrived at the critical moment. He does not dare to relax, is feeling with total concentration changes, was confirming did not remain the red soul again outside. Then use own soul collects these red souls in the same place, observation change.

It looks like in Ji Dong, he draws in these scattered in disorder soul cores in the same place, these souls should be able to agglutinate, restores the core. Thus draws in the strength of soul.

But, is quick he to discover, own idea is completely wrong.

Ji Dong own soul also has core, that is similar to existence of bead of chaos, extremely congealing reality, looks like core silver heart such of Milky Way. But Chen Sixuan this soul core in his opinion, actually that tiny, not only chaotic, but also very small and weak. Besides by the soul fusion influence, was not compared with own soul, simply is the difference of heaven and earth, regarding such situation, are too many, after all he who Ji Dong has not thought is the Saint level soul, the Chen Sixuan soul is smaller and weaker than him is also very normal.

But, is this small and weak soul core, whatever he stimulates to movement the soul to have what kind of pressure. These red souls also as before impenetrably thickheaded is not willing to fuse mutually. It looks like does not have relations.

Ji Dong entirely has believed that now the secret the words, besides oneself, truly nobody can help her, is relying on the soul fusion, oneself can look for these soul cores, and gathers in the same place. All these establish under premise that in the Chen Sixuan soul has not repelled to his soul. But, is unable to fuse these soul cores, making them regain the core position, all effort that before made were in vain.

Can this be what to do good? Looked for these soul cores with great difficulty, is actually not able to make them fuse, doesn't this know what to do?

At a loss in Ji Dong. Suddenly, he felt that in own body was similar the strange strengths to be inspired. Immediately is surprised. His energy at this moment pours into above protecting the body and soul of Chen Sixuan, own body suddenly has the problem, he had a scare immediately. Hurries to branch out a soul to return to own investigation.

This investigation, Ji Dong discovered immediately, the issue stems from Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly leaves own that nine this to assign above the Red Lotus lotus seed. Does not know any reason, these nine lotus seed unexpectedly slight trembles, even is also sending out several points of excited aura.

Was their this? could it be said, they feel my soul exhausted, can help me?

This assigns Red Lotus lotus seed Ji Dong to use, not only one time, even this oneself produces exclusive radiance to be related with them continually, may regarding the actual functions of these nine lotus seed, Ji Dong not be clear. Felt, whenever encounter danger time, they promptly will appear. At this time feels their being ready to make trouble, he naturally subconscious considering because of strength of consumption oversized reason soul.

At that moment, he does not want to be too many, immediately with the wisp of soul close nine lotus seed that oneself branch out.

When the Ji Dong soul with the flash of these nine lotus seed contacts, suddenly, nine lotus seed simultaneously moved, the Ji Dong soul became the path and bridge that they operate, following the relation of this wisp of soul, has drilled into the Ji Dong soul world unexpectedly like lightning.

Such situation, frightened Ji Dong to jump immediately, the next moment, he actually immediately felt that the weak soul shook suddenly, the feeling that warming up moistened appeared in the innermost soul, and proliferation to each corner of own soul, formerly weary feeling was quietly nothing left immediately. When his consciousness re-enters the sea of soul, has actually been shocked, nine this assign the Red Lotus lotus seed, at this time revolves around Chen Sixuan these shatter soul cores, is releasing the light golden red ray, but formerly did not have any red soul of response under oneself whole-heartedly compression, unexpectedly under this golden red ray stimulated started the fusion slowly.

Is this also good? After Ji Dong short delay, immediately responds, worthily is part of Lie Yan (raging flames) body! The effects of these nine lotus seed can be so formidable unexpectedly. Warm and strange feelings are spreading in the Ji Dong heart, Lie Yan (raging flames), even if you already not. As before repeatedly has actually saved me, even has also saved the friend of mine.

Where Ji Dong knows, his nine this assign the Red Lotus lotus seed, felt the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge, this through his soul floating on, originally was the strength with root common origin, these nine lotus seed released the Lie Yan (raging flames) source strength, this helped her god know fuses.

Ji Dong now instead has become the observer, saw that the Chen Sixuan soul source restores gradually, he is also relaxed, the smart person is not forever so is also intelligent, isn't this time he a very obvious example?

Fuses along with the soul source, the consciousness of Lie Yan (raging flames) also finally gradually revives. After this god knows fuses, she immediately feels existences of surrounding nine lotus seed. This originally is part of her body! That urgent compatible is makes Lie Yan (raging flames) comfortable.

Where is this?! This is in the Ji Dong soul. After the thought restores to come, the god knows, in this assigns under the help of Red Lotus lotus seed to recover gradually, Lie Yan (raging flames) also gradually understood at present had anything.

When she to rescue the Ji Dong god knows shatter that moment, she thinks anything ended, her final thought that is hopes that Ji Dong can be rescued by oneself, does not have to think a day that own also wakes. This time, is not the strength of god, but is Ji Dong achieves. Knows the induction by her god, only needs to think simply, she understood the process of matter. The gods know the fine motion, with these scattered in disorder by the soul that Ji Dong collects is united outside in together, fast restoration.

Chen Sixuan here change Ji Dong also felt, discovered that the Chen Sixuan soul had the sign that restored, in the Ji Dong heart the great happiness, was stimulating to movement own soul guard cautiously outside, helping her collect all souls.

Knows a reply as the Lie Yan (raging flames) god of soul source, restrains the surrounding soul nature easily on were many, is only the free time of a while, all scattered in disorder Chen Sixuan souls, condensed in the together god knowledge to coil around regarding that seems looks like a cluster.

This is a soul of Ji Dong first time so close observation person, all that at present sees made him praise to the heavens, this feeling was really too wonderful, particularly this soul did not garrison for him completely.

Chen Sixuan can also feel clearly joyful and happy heart in Ji Dong soul, she is also big relaxing, Ji Dong can rescue itself, that showed that he is all right. Moreover, from the contact of soul the feeling, the Ji Dong soul was clearly stabler than before, moreover he is also as if calmer in the control pleasant. Clearly, his soul strength also had the obvious enhancement. Must know, they separate very short time, before Ji Dong has an accident, Chen Sixuan to his soul induction is also not this. Obviously is because before , the change that these in 18 days have made him have the progress.

Chen Sixuan has the help that god knew, feels keenly, along with the gradual restoration of soul, she has discovered quickly on Ji Dong these obvious changes. Formidable ruler dragon prestige who ancestor of that Land Dragon came from first ancestor dragon could not conceal.

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Chapter 499: Thinks of the fine jade recovery

Strength of Ji Dong to the light comprehended some fur/superficial knowledge also quickly to be discovered by Chen Sixuan. This discovery. Even compared with her discovered that on Ji Dong had ancestor's of Land Dragon dragon prestige also to make her pleasantly surprised.

All that from Ji Dong change, arrives at her soul is defeated and dispersed, feels at present before again, had a complete judgment regarding matter Chen Sixuan that on Ji Dong has. She does not understand why the ancestor of Land Dragon so clear will narrow the eyes to Ji Dong, even does not hesitate to make him soak with own dragon blood. But without a doubt, this regarding the growth of Ji Dong, has the irreplaceable tremendous assistance.

Do not think that the ancestor of body Land Dragon is huge, his blood will be many, in fact exactly opposite, Chen Sixuan knows, because the ancestor of Land Dragon survived too many years, the blood in within the body was substituted by the energy majority, surplus, perhaps the ordinary Giant Dragon 1/10 blood do not have continually. But since these blood, are the true essence that ancestor of thousand and ten thousand years Land Dragon have saved, do not look that Ji Dong magic power therefore has not promoted many, but, his body was promoted the Saint level level even directly to help him promote by dragon blood by the ancestor of Land Dragon forcefully to be bigger than to the Nine-Crown help magic power.

Becoming along with the soul fluctuation of Chen Sixuan more and more intense, is getting more and more independent, since the Ji Dong tight heart has been has put finally, unties itself gradually to the fetter of Chen Sixuan soul, own soul withdraws slowly. Returns the control of body to her. Naturally, has not stopped regarding injection of Chen Sixuan within the body vitality throughout.

Although in returning body control, but concern of Ji Dong over Chen Sixuan throughout has not actually relaxed, his exclusive radiance is also wrapping two people bodies, so long as on Chen Sixuan has any problem, he can make to deal immediately.

Finally, Ji Dong felt the Chen Sixuan soul to control the body, all in toward a good direction developed, relaxation of mood also made him feel a stronger weary feeling, but, he could not have attended to itself at this time, wanted, when Chen Sixuan stabilized him to relax the mind rest completely.

The speed that Chen Sixuan restores is faster than the Ji Dong imagination, along with the restoration of soul, she controlled own body successfully, the vitality no longer flowed out, was absorbing the life again the huge life aura of intranuclear breeding, her life symptom started becomes is completely normal.

"Ji Dong, I have been all right thank you, you quickly restore yourself." The mood fluctuation of Chen Sixuan spreads to the Ji Dong soul. This, he is relaxes completely.

The golden red ray in heavenly stems disciples eyes retreats gradually, gradually vanishes along with that enchanting exclusive radiance, has revealed inside Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan.

The Ji Dong complexion in Chen Sixuan like formerly seal, the pale fearfulness, the body slightly rocked, sits cross-legged to sit falls to the ground. But Chen Sixuan that perfect appearance at this time gradually became ruddy. Has not drained the life aura and soul again.

Sees this, the heavenly stems disciples tight nerve also finally is relaxes.
They understand, Ji Dong has succeeded. Chen Sixuan moved, she is closing as before both eyes, but slowly sat, sits in the Ji Dong opposite, similarly is closing both eyes, enters the cultivation condition.

"Eh, how did the hair of Teacher Ji Dong grow dark?"At this time the people note the change on Ji Dong hair color. Du Xin'er cannot bear shouts one lowly.

Lan Bao'er said in a soft voice: "Not only the hair grow darks is so simple, other places also had some changes probably, concrete is any I do not talk clearly, but he is different from before."At this time, her mood is very complex, moved toward Chen Sixuan that moment in Ji Dong a moment ago, she felt that anxious mood from Ji Dong once again, that was not the ordinary urgency, but was the feeling that one type incomparably cared about, previous time felt this feeling from Ji Dong the time, he was Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place.

Ji Dong to rescue Chen Sixuan, making oneself become so weak, had a look at Chen Sixuan that perfect tender face, in the Bao'er heart a final hope also gradually to remove again. She understands, perhaps were forever impossible to walk into the heart of Ji Dong. Does not know that Chen Sixuan has walked into many now.

King's vision straight gaze Ji Dong, although she restored the memory, perhaps has been used to past ice-cold, the surface seems gives people as before an elegantly beautiful feeling. In the people, except for dragon sovereign, her feeling is most profound. From Ji Dong, she clearly felt with oneself extremely approximate bloodlines aura. That is father's aura! Indistinct, regarding Ji Dong change, she also understood several points.

dragon Huang said in a low voice: "Do not disturb them. Let them cultivation should be able to recover some time. gold/metal elder, after waiting for Ji Dong to wake up, troubles you to tell him. I represent dragon clan, wants to ask him to become dragon clan the foreign elder."

Regarding the decision of dragon sovereign, the flatter gold thread does not feel outside, to dragon sovereign nodded, said: "He will agree." dragon Huang shows a faint smile, said: "Said honestly, I somewhat envied this boy. However, since he came back, it is estimated that is also you soon leaves."

gold/metal nodded, said: "If thinks of the fine jade to be all right, I think that we will also draw near must leave."

When they spoke, was in Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan in cultivation each other is also exchanging.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you fortunately?"Ji Dong relaxes the spirit, was restored by the strength of own soul voluntarily, while and Chen Sixuan soul fuses together. This time fusion, making in his heart have an intense feeling of satisfaction. As if before , the extremely precious thing that loses looked.

"I am very good, thank you Ji Dong, helping me restore. I think could not see you again." The Chen Sixuan soul is also exceptionally joyful. Can restore the soul. And is helped her restore by Ji Dong, this is a perfect result! Moreover, she can now profound feels his concern from Ji Dong, this feeling regarding her was really too precious.

"No, thinks of the fine jade, you left said like this. Should say the one who thanks is I. You to save me will turn into this. But I actually after had been so long knows. The dragon sovereign senior prompt seal lived in your body, perhaps was really unable to save the situation. You were really too silly. Will the ancestor of Land Dragon be disadvantageous to me? You......"spoke of here, Ji Dong somewhat could not be justified, he discovered that own heart unexpectedly in slightly was twitching. Such feeling, making him hurry to restrain the mind, in the heart is startled secretly, could it be, did I to her, have the sentiment really? No, I only will not love Lie Yan (raging flames), only loves a Lie Yan (raging flames) person.

Chen Sixuan silent after long time, spooky saying: "Possibly is cares chaotically. I feel the aura that you have been on the verge of death, at that time, I also possibly calm ponders? Therefore, I first overtook. I am very silly, but only will be also silly because of you." Is listening to her words. Ji Dong nearly cannot constrain own heart, hurries to shift the topic, said: "Thinks of the fine jade, your soul fused, also issue?"

Chen Sixuan said: "Soul is the human body most marvelous place, do I possibly know my soul also issue? But before the soul, broke, wants to fuse completely, perhaps also requires period of very long time. So long as, no longer uses the soul impact of powerful, should not have the too major problem."

Ji Dong said: "You could rest assured that has me side you, if your soul has the problem. I can also the earliest possible time respond, had today's experience, later reprocessing similar issue will be easier."
Chen Sixuan said in a soft voice: "Will you protect forever side me?" "I......"Ji Dong was silent, Chen Sixuan this kind of simple culture is he
is unasnwerable. They in this silent, immerses in the respective cultivation condition gradually.

Golden red earth core Red Lotus this life lotus seed one after another departs from Chen Sixuan forehead, returns on Ji Dong. Ji Dong naturally does not know, this is under Chen Sixuan forces forcefully, these nine lotus seed can come back. Otherwise, felt the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge, these nine lotus seed naturally must merge into one organic whole with Chen Sixuan. Even if attribute disagreement, as before can play the enormous help to Chen Sixuan, after all, nobody is more familiar than with these nine lotus seed her.

About after four double-hour, Ji Dong sobers from the cultivation condition, at his soul intensity, the peaceful rest can restore to consume in a short time. The strength of his soul was self-made, although does not know how should cultivation specifically. But rather the calm air/Qi sufficiently made this soul system revolve.

Opened both eyes, Ji Dong has felt the soul fluctuation of Chen Sixuan, she was very quiet, was in the cultivation condition as before, that perfect tender face does not know freely looked many times , when Ji Dong so short distance pays attention, actually as before could not bear the heart shiver.

The Chen Sixuan current condition is very good, at least from superficial feeling, her body already not any issue. This also lets Ji Dong big relaxing, muttered in heart: "Sorry, thinks of the fine jade. I am impossible forever to protect side you. However, I can actually promise you, in my lifetime, before I have not gone to seek for Lie Yan (raging flames), I will protect you as far as possible. You for all that I pay, perhaps I forever could not pay off, can only repay as far as possible. Do you know? I am not willing to bring to your to have a deficit really to look for Lie Yan (raging flames), I as far as possible will certainly repay to owe your sentiment."

The thought moves, the air held his body to stand, at this time, the heavenly stems disciples gather side them. Also is in the cultivation condition.

With setting out of Ji Dong, sits is being away from Fu Rui of his near position to open both eyes slowly, looks like to Ji Dong. Then has referred to outside, Ji Dong understanding nodded. Jumping that two people are quietly, light falling in the distant place, several steps took to arrive at outside the hole.

"Hū"Ji Dong stretches out the arms, deep breath in a dragon valley fresh air, only thought that all the limbs and bones were full of the explosive strength, the skin surface also follow his stretched belt naturally a light golden red gloss.

The Fu Rui sigh resounds in the Ji Dong ear, "Little Junior Brother, knows, after your this time comes back, making me feel that I and you had the disparity."

Ji Dong somewhat surprised turning head looks to Fu Rui, "will Senior Brother, why you say?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "This is only a feeling, perhaps is because among us was too familiar. I listened to think of the fine jade saying that you broke through Eight-Crown. But this coming back, that ray that your body sends out has gone beyond my understanding range, gold/metal does not talk clearly. Incessantly is you, King's cultivation base has also surpassed me."

"Oh?"Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks at Fu Rui, said: "King's cultivation base promotes me to obtain, but surpasses you actually not necessarily. Perhaps, because after is her dragon clan bloodlines awaken, makes you have such feeling, but, the Senior Brother do not forget, gold/metal does not have the mount, she is the queue unites, will give you to feel like this."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "You have made a mistake, gold/metal may have the mount. But is not willing to be fettered by the mount. You know that what degree King's cultivation base has been? Her magic power already Level 89. Without a doubt, she is in us first will break through the Nine- Crown person. Then, some of my envy!"Although on his mouth was saying envy, but the look on face obviously is very excited.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Senior Brother, how you likely are very happy as. could it be you hope was surmounted very much by us?"

Fu Rui said with a smile: "Naturally hope. You can exceed me, showed that the strength of our heavenly stems disciple became more formidable. In the near future, facing Li Yonghao their people, possibly is also bigger, can I who we win not be happy? Moreover, since, I have been in our generation cultivation base strongest one. Little Junior Brother, has unbearable chill in a high position! I cannot see my goal, I am very clear, so long as continues to cultivate, I can definitely break through Nine- Crown. This makes me not have a bigger power to cultivate. However, since there are you, saw that your magic power level approaches to me step by step, the actual combat capability is promotion rapidness of that I had the sense of crisis. If no your existence, my impossible breakthrough rapidness of such. My magic power now already Level 85. But I now am about 30 years old over, in Mage world historical, this also absolutely was an achievement of rarely seen (weirdo). Naturally, I believe that you will certainly exceed me." Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Senior Brother, has not thought that your mentality is so good, I also feared that your psychology is not balanced."

Fu Rui said: "This does not have any good psychology not to be balanced. A strength of person, decided that in own effort and luck, the luck is in itself also part of strength."

Actually, writes Ji Dong and thinks of fine jade the sentiment, I am also very puzzled, but must write according to the plan, otherwise the behind splendid plot is unable to continue to launch. If everybody anticipated that Ji Dong and thinks of fine jade to have a good result finally, please vote. Your each monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, are happily bless to them, their results are also decided by you. Hehe.

Chapter 500: Ji Dong, you squat down

Fu Rui asked to Ji Dong: "Little Junior Brother. What do you then have to arrange? Three that silly rich business association proposed inspected us is completes two now, Dragon King scale we already obtained, although was they when the scale that the evolution shed, but gave the silly rich business association to be enough. Let alone, you cultivated before dragon Huang also said, hopes you can become dragon clan the foreign elder."

Ji Dong stern say/way: "This foreign elder I must do, this time, I can have the promotion of such big, was lucky that the ancestor of Land Dragon bestows. If dragon clan will encounter any danger in the future, I am bounden. As for then must make anything, I had the plan. Should be goes to the earth core world time."

Fu Rui said with a smile: "Here cultivated was so long, everybody already could not endure lonely, these days, the promotion of everyone was very big, in they impatient wish actual combat examined own progressive degree again. Also should be leaves dragon valley the time."

Fu Rui said since right, these days, progressive class, not only Ji Dong and gold/metal. Each person of heavenly stems disciple, had the considerable progress in the strength. On the progress degree, some even must surpass Ji Dong and gold/metal they. After all, Ji Dong and gold/metal, Fu Rui, in the heavenly stems disciple are most formidable. Their base numbers were so high. To continue to progress compared with other person of difficult many. But like Du Ming, Du Xin'er brother and sister, Lan Bao'er and the others, their cultivation base is not high, before did not have the mount partner. But this time self-torture, not only made their magic power level have not the small promotion, had own mount partner. This made their strengths have the promotion of geometrical multiple. Although short less than one year, but the overall strength of heavenly stems disciple had the huge leap, Ji Dong is confident, perhaps on Light Five Elements Continent, any list one by one position Mage cannot defeat the prestige of their collaboration. Also only then in dragon clan the ancestor and dragon Huang such Saint level powerhouse Land Dragon, can with their collaborate to contend. Fu Rui said right, cultivates achievement to need to depend upon the actual combat to examine.

"Senior Brother, I listened to the ancestor of senior Land Dragon saying that the earth core world was an extremely dangerous place. So described including his such cultivation base. Obviously this earth core world is not simple. I had been to the 18th Layer Lie Yan (raging flames) housing before the place, did not understand other places. Our going, is certainly careful. However, before I listened to Lie Yan (raging flames) saying that earth core world 18 Layers, more downward was more dangerous, was living the earth core lifeform is also formidable. Therefore, I planned, we after entering the earth core world, should not be eagerly thorough, gradual adaptations layer by layer, starts to wear in everybody's fit capability. The tour of this earth core world, completes the silly rich business association to inspect actually secondary, what is most important is can make everybody's coordination more tacit, our five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can a better application in the actual combat."

Fu Rui nodded. Said with a smile: "I am also this meaning. The sentence arrogant words, on continent, can make our informed and experienced places really not many. The earth core world is a very good choice. Perhaps besides there, but also not being able to find let the place that we can cultivation to display. You do not know, recently dragon valley Dragon King had explicitly banned, cannot dragon clan and we fights."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Why?"

Fu Rui unable to help laughing, said: "Had not feared that we were used to it with their smelting trial, always looks for them. Does not need Dragon King to order, since Maotai and Wuliangye wreak havoc, these high-grade dragon clan hide us to walk. Moreover, everybody relates such well, in the actual combat will be impossible whole-heartedly, to keep the hand, such fight lost the significance, function also limited."

Ji Dong said suddenly: ", We were also disturbed others to be too long. However, besides the earth core world, my also better informed and experienced institute, but, must wait for us to come out after the earth core world said again."

"also better place?"Fu Rui scratched the head, how "I cannot find out.
Is where?"

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "Now keeps secret. Certainly makes in any case the Senior Brother satisfy when the time comes and that's the end."

Fu Rui ridicules saying: "Your this brat, keeps secret to me, ok, I was not many ask. Since you have planned, when thought of the fine jade to awake, we prepared to move. Oh, was right, thinks of the fine jade situation to be what kind, can with our together actual combat?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Should not have the issue. Her soul fused, although also some are not steady, so long as does not use the soul to attack on own initiative, will not be influential. I can carry on the soul to fuse with her, protect her soul not to have the issue."

Fu Rui nodded, smiling face restraining on face, the racket the shoulder of Ji Dong, "Little Junior Brother, thinks of the fine jade is a good girl. Lie Yan (raging flames) died for more than two years, the person cannot forever live during the sadness and recollection, must proceed to look, you do understand?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "Senior Brother, can you be able to forget Senior Sister Ye Xin?"

Fu Rui complexion one gloomy, Ji Dong then realized oneself spoke incorrectly freely spoken the words, hurries to say apologetically: "Sorry, Senior Brother, I did not mention your painful event intentionally." Fu Rui beckoned with the hand, "nothing. I know that you do not have the evil intention. Said honestly, I cannot forget Ye Xin. Cannot forget for a lifetime, but, I believe that if she in day having mystical powers, is not willing to look that I have perished. I will place always in her heart, in me, forever the high ground is belongs her, but this position also forever nobody can substitute. But I cannot perish again sadly in this, the matter that I must handle are many."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, "said, the Senior Brother you did accept the remote sentiment?"

Fu Rui shook the head, "does not have. I said no longer for the Ye Xin death and sadness, but makes me accept other women again is not that easy."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Did you also urge me?"

Fu Rui sighed, said: "Little Junior Brother, you are different from me. You also want rigid many compared with me, do not think that on your every day face is hanging the smiling face, I could not see your innermost feelings the idea. Your rigid to Lie Yan (raging flames), has gone far beyond me to Ye Xin. The pain of your innermost feelings also above me. From your look deep place, I can see that frequently you conceal as far as possible is alone and empty. You because of shoulder also too many shoulder poles, therefore as far as possible adjusts itself, but your heart is not joyful, or throughout grievous."

Ji Dong dull looks at Fu Rui, he has not thought. Now the fellow apprentices of few speech so knew about oneself unexpectedly.

"Little Junior Brother, I hope really you can let loose the mind. Except for Lie Yan (raging flames), your also my this Senior Brother, Master also, teacher's wife and Martial Ancestor their these cares about your person, your also our heavenly stems disciple these friends. Not? For us, you must buoy up. If Lie Yan (raging flames) sees your this, does not know that will love dearly." The smiling face on Ji Dong face is unable to maintain finally again, his expression is silent, right that "Senior Brother, you said that I am different from you. You and Senior Sister Ye Xin. Is relations that is in love with. She is your lover. However, Lie Yan (raging flames) to me, not only actually the lover is so simple. I can have today's achievement, all that as well as I have now, did not exaggerate said, was Lie Yan (raging flames) gives me. Lie Yan (raging flames) to me, is the lover, is Teacher, even likely is mother. Do you know? If no her, when enters Southern Fire Empire Li Fire School that primary Mage school, I must be eliminated in the first school year. My innate balanced Yin-Yang physique, is unable to carry on the cultivation. Days, I opened Dean Senior Brother Yang Bingtian accidentally a random transmission scroll on desk, has delivered to earth core world 18th Layer me, making me run into her. Since that day, my destiny had the change."

"I always am not the talent, all that I have, is Lie Yan (raging flames) entrusts with me. Without her help, even if I again diligently , can only be a waste. Say nothing of, ran into you, to run into Teacher, teacher's wife and Martial Ancestor. Was Lie Yan (raging flames) has given the splendor of my this life, is he makes me have the present all. It can be said that in my life, most important is not oneself, but is Lie Yan (raging flames). I love her, is the sentiment is also the kinship, in my heart, she was in too importantly the too important status. She dies because of me, do you let me to put aside this sentiment? With her in together that time, was in my life is most joyful, she walked, my heart had also carried off by her, I now am only person of the having no interest. The one who keeps world is only the body. Right that you said that on my shoulder is also bearing too many responsibility, the also Lie Yan (raging flames) wish, if not this, when Lie Yan (raging flames) departs, I went along with her. Will not wait till the present."

Here, on the Ji Dong face has covered entirely the tears. Body in unceasing is shivering. Since Lie Yan (raging flames) died, this is his first time pours out other people, in the innermost feelings missing and emotion to Lie Yan (raging flames) spews out just like the volcanic eruption generally. The wrist/skill turns, one bottle of strong liquor appeared during he grasps, thumb ball flying bottle cap, in gulps pours into the liquor fluid the throat, burns to console the severe pain heart with the liquor fluid of that ascension burning hot.

Fu Rui was silent, looks at Ji Dong, his a few words could not say again. When does not know, the heavenly stems disciples appeared outside cave entrance, silently looks at Ji Dong. In these people, has included Chen Sixuan that sobers from the cultivation condition.

Remote stands side Chen Sixuan, tight is hugging her, said in a low voice: "Thinks of the fine jade, you must buoy up, your wound is just now good. Since you liked on since his day, you should know that he was what kind of person."

Chen Sixuan stands there looks at Ji Dong, her both eyes already blurred, by the body that grasps remotely is the stiff fearfulness, frightens thinks remotely she must want the old wound recrudescence by the Ji Dong air/Qi.

Hand of Fu Rui in Ji Dong shoulder tightened according to, dispatched the look to hint to him. Ji Dong naturally can feel behind a partner's arrival, the uphold hand silently, has wiped on the face, throws off the tear stains, by his cultivation base, so long as the control air strips on the face, will not leave a trace.

The remote worry naturally also similarly exists his here, formerly by the Fu Rui inspiring concern, was said that words, when he feels Chen Sixuan in behind, in the mood he was unable to stop. At this time his in the heart is the regret, he does not want to injure Chen Sixuan, particularly in oneself have a deficit in Chen Sixuan that many situations.

Has turned around, the Ji Dong vision fell on the Chen Sixuan that delay face directly, looks that on her perfect charming face was having two lines of teardrops to tumble, in heart one tight, two steps took, arrived in front of her.

Is hugging Chen Sixuan is looking angrily at him remotely, "Ji Dong, was not I says you. You deeply love Lie Yan (raging flames), this point we know. But can you always do not say. Thought of the fine jade body just to restore, did you want to stimulate her intentionally? You such did also go too far. Even if you are not willing to accept her sentiment, cannot injure her like this. Thought of the fine jade to pay many us for you to look in the eye."

"Sorry, thinks of the fine jade."Ji Dong lowered the head slowly, looks at Chen Sixuan that is concerned, feels her mood to change, once in her soul presents anything not to be right, oneself also good immediately to rescue.

The face of Chen Sixuan delay had the mood fluctuation gradually, gently works loose from the remote bosom, goes forward slightly one step, approaches Ji Dong, arrives only has place of one foot distance with him.

The heavenly stems disciples are tense, they do not know that now Chen Sixuan must make anything. Remotely is looking like, if traded is she, definitely a palm of the hand pulled out then to turn around to run off.

Chen Sixuan is not remote, she will not do, extends both hands, pulls up the right hand of Ji Dong on to lift slowly, a tender small hand grips the palm of Ji Dong, another hand is pinching his index finger, wipes off the tear stains on oneself face gently. When Ji Dong feels she must make anything, already initiative like this has done, does not need her to continue to control. He does not understand that completely Chen Sixuan at this time in thinking anything, from her soul, he could not feel the slightest bit the anger or is angry, instead is the mood that he does not talk clearly is fluctuating fiercely.

Ji Dong is Chen Sixuan cleans the tear stains on face, Chen Sixuan is gaining ground, the tearful eyes dim eye pupil is gazing at his both eyes, said in a soft voice: "Ji Dong, you squat down."

Nearby remote secret unstated criticism in heart, thinks of the fine jade definitely is dislikes him to be tall, making him squat to pull out the convenience. This method is good, if next time Fu Rui will offend me, will make him squat down, the fellow will be higher. Is squatting pulling out, is just highly appropriate. Ji Dong has not disobeyed the meaning of Chen Sixuan, has squatted before her slowly, until now, nobody can see that Chen Sixuan is thinking anything, must make anything. Is this must do? The heavenly stems disciples are tense, is actually not able to prevent.

From the next chapter, enters this book later, probably the also less than one-third contents.
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