Jiu Shen Chapter 481-490

Chapter 481: The Ji Dong second demon territory

Each releases Eight-Crown Mage of demon territory. In the eye is revealing the fierce ray, like their lord Tianlu crown prince, all that they made at this time also to reach the goal resorts to all means.

Ten Eight-Crown Mage demon territories also release, direction that they prepare to cover not only Ji Dong, simultaneously also their low level Mage subordinates. Only then in this case, can cover Ji Dong together.

Ten color light flow instantaneously, just like in the sky pink clouds drops from the clouds. The strength that Ji Dong shows was too terrifying, making in their hearts be full of the chill in the air, they understand, the population has limited the opposite party insufficiently, if this way, then, the final result were very again possible is they are annihilated. Even if not so, Ji Dong had guessed correctly their origin, was kept thinking about by such powerhouse on, can they have in the future?

Therefore, these Eight-Crown Mages after have been exchanging one simply next, without hesitation gets rid, offered a sacrifice to them once more specially is the Ji Dong preparation joint demon territory. This move, is they cultivates to be used in view of the trump card of supreme powerhouse specially. Since has been Tianlu crown prince many years the careful preparation, is he biggest card in a hand. To strangle Ji Dong in imperial palace. He will not get rid easily. Emperor Chen Xiaofeng does not know also so formidable a strength in oneself this sovereign younger brother hand. Feels that is similar to withstands great pressure the common pink clouds, Ji Dong is also the heart sinks, this ten attribute complete strength does not fear his pinnacle magic power. Let alone is ten species demon territories fuses. Must know, the cultivation difficulty of this joint demon territory above the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that he establishes, big of its might, effect, from amplification degree , not inferior and five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. To complete such joint demon territory not to be simple. First, wants these Mage to achieve Eight-Crown cultivation base, has the demon territory. Next, their demon territories must have certain general character, this has the possibility of fusion. Later does not know how long wants to cultivate together, can complete the process of this fusion.

This cultivation way in the demon world was to already exist, but, wanted to find these many Eight-Crown Mage to be easier said than done? Let alone made them in cultivation together for a long time. Eight-Crown Mage each in Mage world is the powerhouse who the status venerates, how to waste the time in this above, their goals are to attack Nine-Crown, achieves the supreme rank. Therefore, before such joint demon territory Ji Dong never had also seen.

Clearly, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is more suitable in the populace Mage cultivation, but this entire attribute union demon territory is actually the extremely young numerous, but also is the extremely overbearing tyrannical strength. Ten attributes are complete, made match unable to reply on any attribute strength, will be suppressed by this entire attribute. Sole pinnacle magic power is meeting entire attribute magic power also to suffer a loss. It can be said that this joint demon territory is Eight-Crown Mage copes with the supreme powerhouse only method. However, the expenditure massive time cultivation this entire attribute union demon territory, quite almost gave up in these Eight-Crown Mage became the ideas of supreme powerhouse.

These people insane? Doesn't they own subordinate let off? Must know. Although other black-clothed person cultivation base and he does not compare high, but also majority is five, Six-Crown Mage! Ordinary does Mage want to cultivate such degree what kind of difficulty? They do not hesitate to destroy these Mage unexpectedly together, his heart may execute.

However, Ji Dong will certainly not pity these people, not having the slightest bit to hesitate, Ji Dong has made the choice. The coverage scope of that joint demon territory was too big, is not he can run away. The formidable pressure made his speed sharp decline. These besiege his black clothes Mages one by one to rock, is unable to send out the nice attack that is similar to was drunk leans this way and that generally again. Only has these in slightly distant point place, did not discover that minority Mage that is good to run immediately outward, was separated from the range of this joint demon territory.

In this case, Ji Dong vanished in the field of vision of enemy once again. Acme Yin Fire irrigation under foot, the ground undercuts instantaneously, this time, Ji Dong directly led own body to drill into the underground ten meters depth. Under by his pinnacle Yin Fire cultivation base, acts fully, the soil and rock of under foot looked like the bean curd melt generally. The pressure in sky as if looks like nail him, smashed into under the ground directly.

The pitiful yell sound reverberates in the ground, like formerly by the palace of instantaneous destruction, everything all people in entire attribute union demon territory range, the next moment had been swept away, does not have remaining including the bone sediment. This joint demon territory. Cannot with magic skill describe that this was in itself one has been full of the ruinous domain. If under the unexpectedness, the supreme powerhouse body enters must suffer a loss.

Ji Dong has not spelled with it hardly is because he does not need to go to spell hardly, the match is not a person, but is ten people collaborates, in this case, he will go to spell rashly hardly will not have any advantage. He after all is also not supreme powerhouse, does not have huge magic power of Nine-Crown rank. Unites in facing ten together, merging into one organic whole Eight-Crown Mage, spells by magic power purely hardly, isn't he brain has the issue? Again lost the Ji Dong form, these Eight-Crown Mages also somewhat dull. If other enemy, the enemy always under their locking, until will be united the demon territory to destroy. But, by Ji Dong soul cultivation base, possibly locks to them? Therefore, their helplessly looks at Ji Dong to escape, united the demon territory actually to lose the goal of attack. Their strengths are strong, impossible the entire earth destruction.

At this moment, suddenly, these Eight-Crown Mages felt a strange aura as if spread from own under foot. They saw silver silk threads, is sparkling the silver light silver silk thread. These silk threads look like the spider web are alternating in air generally. Interweaves a gorgeous picture.

At this time what? The sudden change, making these Eight-Crown Mages be surprised, suddenly, the people hurry to unite the demon territory to assemble, tried as if not to have the silver gassed thread of any striking power to cancel these.

However, they were defeated. In order to unite the demon territory that tyrannical entire attribute strength, cannot have any influence to this silver gassed thread unexpectedly. As if this simply is the independence in this world exists.

Right, united the demon territory naturally unable to affect this silver gassed thread, because, this silver gassed thread simply was not any species magic power, but pure psychic force.

Ji Dong is in underground, nobody knows that he actually where, but this pure psychic force is he releases.

Interwines many that more and more silver gassed thread condenses in the air, the scared feeling started to appear in these Eight-Crown Mages hearts. The unknown thing often is most fearful. Let alone this unknown thing is released by that formidable enemy.

That each gassed thread seems is transparent, is blooming the light silver light, appears during this dark night is especially obvious. Suddenly, that ten collaborate to release the Eight-Crown Mage complexion big change of demon territory, they feel suddenly, all that clearly at present sees have not changed, but, each of them actually likely places in independent space. The relation was cut instantaneously, but the joint demon territory that they release disintegrates in this moment. Let alone is the union, their respective demon territories as if by torn to pieces of that silver ray cutting, cannot save in the air.

"Actually this and are this what?"Eight-Crown Mage scared big shouting. They clearly feel these clear silver ray itself striking power, but, broke them unexpectedly in together the self-torture many years, entire attribute union demon territory that some time ago just had. Before today, they even think own this demon territory is invincible. But in this moment. Their joint demon territory was actually broken.

What a pity, these Eight-Crown Mage the strength of soul are not and a Ji Dong level, they naturally could not feel why the demon territory will be broken. If a forest rock pile and forest clear husband and wife here. Then, they certainly will discover. Demon territory broken basic reason, lay in source magic power of strength of that inspiring world lost strength the contact of world, thus is unable to arouse its resonance. This demon territory naturally does not exist. But joint demon territory was broken , because these Eight-Crown Mage relations of ten getting rid shut off, can this demon territory also maintain?

However, all these had not finished, that silver clear gassed thread has the change again, surrounding all. Suddenly turned into a silver world, covers all remaining black clothes Mage completely, at least in everyone eyes, the surroundings turned into silver.

The sound, as if from all directions conveys, but regarding these black clothes Mages, actually likely came from the hell.

"Welcome enters silver of demon territory my illusion. You are the first batch enter the person in my this demon territory. Meanwhile, is the first batch will feel the person in double demon territory. What a pity, you will never leave here." During the people when are panic-stricken, will display surely oneself all strengths, tries to run out makes their scared places, the breakthrough tight encirclement escape. These black-clothed person are no exception, their one by one stimulates to movement complete magic power, going all out before the body the silver light launches the attack. Is tries to summon own magic beast mount.

All that but, they make are the futile efforts, the silver of demon territory Ji Dong this illusion, is a pure energetic demon territory, any magic power attacks, will not play any effect. These black clothes Mages psychic forces came under the influence of demon territory subtly, their one by one starts becomes demented, unceasing eruption strongest strength.

To summon magic beast? That simply is impossible matter, the reason is very simple, all the spiritual fluctuations of summon, had been cut by the silver of illusion completely.

Mage can only have a own demon territory, this already became the law in Mage world originally, the strength that but, Ji Dong displays at this time, actually completely broke through the shackles of this law.

When Ji Dong first time displays own primal chaos demon territory facing a forest rock pile, he also only then that demon territory, fifty Saint Fire Dragon eclipsed the primal chaos demon territory of date phoenix, because of this demon territory potential. The most major characteristics of primal chaos demon territory, are pure Pinnacle Two Fires, through the Pinnacle Two Fires mix, produces to be similar to the combination skill effect demon territory, can be said as the Pinnacle Two Fires fusion demon territory. The control through demon territory, can make in certain range turn into a hot world completely. Assists Ji Dong to promote limit, Fire Element between inspiring world to use for oneself magic power. This is the primal chaos demon territory. The group demon territory of most high-end.

However, after Ji Dong has felt a forest rock pile town soul demon territory, his whole person by greatly touching. He and ordinary Mage is different, is not only having two tyrannical pinnacle magic power, has is reaching as high as Saint level the strength of soul. Do not despise this reaches as high as Saint level the strength of soul, it not only one time has saved Ji Dong in the water and fire. If forest clear can have this level the strength of soul, she will not be daunted by the dragon sovereign mirror image, dragon sovereign mirror image that attack also at all impossible to repel her. She is because strength with other level the soul has not stimulated to movement itself to promote forcefully to magic power of Saint level, this suffered a loss, was hoodwinked by the dragon sovereign picture.

Ji Dong in formerly cultivation process, was recalling unceasingly and entire combat processes of two big supreme powerhouses. He discovered, to he touches in a big way is department of botany magic beast as well as a forest of rock pile these two supreme powerhouses town soul demon territory.

When he pondered carefully town soul demon territory, within the body as if had any thing to break generally, a brand-new strength awakened in his within the body. It looks like has Pinnacle Two Fires to be the same. He also similarly had his second demon territory, completely is demon territory in the spiritual level.

Body of Ji Dong, when the silver of demon territory illusion has the function, quietly has emerged as the times require, stands in not far away, is gazing at the present all.

"Ji Dong. You actually had the second demon territory." The Chen Sixuan sound resounded in the Ji Dong ear, puts on her of brand-new clothes to arrive at side Ji Dong quietly.

Actually she already came, has been feeling change of Ji Dong in fight. If Ji Dong has the danger, she can getting rid without hesitation. But clearly, these black-clothed person are not enough to threaten Ji Dong. Their that joint demon territory has the flaw, not only this flaw in underground. Chen Sixuan when the joint demon territory appears again wants to remind Ji Dong, who knows that the response of Ji Dong is so quick, oneself had also found another flaw. As the matter stands, naturally did not need her to say anything. At this time, in the Chen Sixuan heart is ascending the thick pride, man really became one generation of powerhouses.

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Chapter 482: Two offers a sacrifice to Lie Yan (raging flames)

Presents in Chen Sixuan at present. It is not silver white that these black clothes Mages see, Chen Sixuan saw that is a silver big net forms a giant cover to cover these black clothes Mages the appearance. These black clothes Mages are involved, looks like a fly has not proceeded along no particular course generally everywhere, starts unceasingly is attacking time and time again. But their attacks, actually can only be the bombardment in the vacancy or are on the companions.

Ji Dong turns head to look to Chen Sixuan, on face reveals a smile, "no wonder in the past Martial Ancestor taught the when knowledge of my demon territory had said that the energetic demon territory is in the demon territory is most fearful. Formidable element attribute demon territory meets has not explained the means the energetic demon territory also to die without doubt."

Chen Sixuan also similarly is with the smile, as if daytime was escaped the anger that matter brings to vanish by the Ji Dong stupor, "you obtain the inspiration from the town soul demon territory, thus initiates the own second demon territory to awaken."

Ji Dong somewhat surprisedly visits her, "thinks of the fine jade, you are very intelligent. Actually, besides cannot have two species, your talent above me."

Chen Sixuan light snort/hum, "is intelligently useful, in the end, but also has the person who the means and like in the same place? Nobody likes nobody loving." On Ji Dong face look one stiff, somewhat unnatural has turned head, these black-clothed person have not needed him to continue to begin completely again. They cannot escape from silver of demon territory this illusion, when exhausted of their magic power release, all finished. Under the stimulation of demon territory, they will momentarily feel the intense crisis, therefore, their attacks will not stop, such continuously continues. In this case, can they have well?

Here had such big sound, early has caused the warning in imperial palace, the massive soldiers and Mages have encircled, sees at present this strange one, look stands in nearby Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan again, no one dares to go forward. Regarding Ji Dong, they already worshipped. The saintesses in their heart, at this time do not stand side this youth, an appearance of timid young girl or child who inspires tenderness?

"Silver of demon territory my this illusion just comprehended, before these people are also , was scared by me, meets to be broken into their soul world by me. If they can be calmer, collaborates collectively, simultaneously releases the psychic force to contend. The effect of my this demon territory so will not be strong. Regarding this demon territory, I also require the time to improve."

Chen Sixuan ill-humored looks to attend to about his Ji Dong, approaches to him side, "gives you."At the same time was saying, in her hand were many a box.

Ji Dong turns head to look to her, Chen Sixuan purses the lips, somewhat discontented is gazing at fixedly him, anything had not said.

Finally the box in Chen Sixuan hand. Ji Dong both hands tightened, this naturally was the reward that Chen Sixuan granted. In ten big famous name wines the seventh bottle that he obtains.

When Ji Dong receives this bottle of liquor, in the field had some changes, these black-clothed person feel suddenly, from this silver world, transmits one thickly sad......

Two Heavenly Empress (day later). East China Sea. Mighty waves turbulent ocean waves, are whipping the shore unceasingly, not far away, in that sea, the enchanting Red Lotus day fire as before is cut off all relations of two pieces of continent. Red that blocks the sky , seems lighting the heart of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, stand in the seashore at this time, static looks at the sea. They were yesterday leave the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace. Eventually, Emperor Eastern Wood Chen Xiaofeng cannot make Ji Dong truly give him a confession. Chen Sixuan has not hoped that eventually Ji Dong said that three characters to him.

On that day attacked the Ji Dong black-clothed person, surplus Mages have not died majority , after their strength used up, was held completely. When Chen Xiaofeng rushes, was only a process of conclusion. Afterward, under Ji Dong and indication of Eastern Wood saintess fine jade princess, Tianlu crown prince was grasped in the palace. How to process as for Chen Xiaofeng, that was his matter. Ji Dong reminded Chen Xiaofeng one joint demon territory functions of these Eight-Crown Mage. He has not killed these people, like such that dragon Huang initially said. The limited strength should be used to resist foreign enemy. As for Chen Xiaofeng whether to surrender these Mage. Also was the matter of this emperor.

Ji Dong is always one fears the troublesome person, has rested for day, a magic power reply, he brought Chen Sixuan to walk. Made Chen Sixuan keep a letter to give Chen Xiaofeng. Shortly after they leave, Chen Xiaofeng shouted abuse in own resting palace. Actually is in every possible way helpless.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon crawls behind Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, looks like two people backgrounds is ordinary. Looks at the mammoth sea, as fire attribute magic beast they somewhat thinks otherwise. As incompatible as fire and water, fire attribute magic beast is how regardless of not to like the water.

"also for half a month."Ji Dong muttered.

Chen Sixuan has not spoken, because she can feel Ji Dong this time mood to change profoundly. The corners of the mouth place reveals a bitterness and astringency, in the heart mused: Actually I should like and rejoice that now found such one to have the boyfriend. Should the pain he not accept present me?

Two years, also half a month time is the Lie Yan (raging flames) second gala. Chen Sixuan originally has believed, the time can dilute all, Ji Dong gradually will desalinate to the original own emotion with the lapse of time.

But, she actually discovered now, she made a mistake. In Ji Dong heart to the Lie Yan (raging flames) emotion not only has not reduced, instead likely was becomes more. Because of his psychological bearing capacity strengthen, can stand stably here. His that looks at the appearance of sea, that alone, he is not looking at the sea, he is looking at that Red Lotus day fire! Ji Dong, am I so really good? Once was Lie Yan (raging flames) I, even linked a genuine body not to have, was worth so treasuring really?

Chen Sixuan is not willing to break missing of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), she even somewhat gave up making Ji Dong say the idea of that three character in the heart to present. Even if the slip in speech is perhaps impossible! He is loving himself actually, wrong what does this have? How oneself can also suffer him again.

"Walks, on us Holy and Evil Island."Ji Dong light saying.

Chen Sixuan gently nodded, mild-mannered following side him. They mount the fifty Saint Fire Dragon generous back, when Giant Dragon jumps, light silver light has covered its body. The silver of second demon territory illusion Ji Dong awakens most newly.

And comprehends through the use. All sorts of characteristics of silver of demon territory this illusion gradually were also developed by Ji Dong, for example like, isolates all spiritual surveys at present the effect is an aspect of silver of demon territory unusual use illusion. Had this isolation, the air/Qi of fog in addition fifty Saint Fire Dragon oneself sends out. Even if before they arrive at the Red Lotus day fire, in the garrison troops by island will not be discovered that can avoid some unnecessary trouble. When fifty Saint Fire Dragon has flown is away from a Red Lotus day fire also kilometer distance of presses down the cloud top, floating falls above Holy and Evil Island. Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, since it carries on the back to jump down, feels the Red Lotus day hot aura, fifty Saint Fire Dragon obviously is being somewhat excited. This Divine level flame will only have the advantage to its cultivation. Naturally, the premise is because it arose at the historic moment with the magic power help of Lie Yan (raging flames). Has traded other fire attribute magic beast, once in close Red Lotus day fire hundred meters range, will change into the flying ash similarly, let alone obtained any advantage in the cultivation.

Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit down facing Red Lotus day hot direction, "thinks of the fine jade, thank you accompanies me to come to hold a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) once more. The following half a month, we here cultivation."Spoke these words, his closed both eyes, directly entered the cultivation condition slowly.

Chen Sixuan sat behind Ji Dong, is feeling that extremely familiar actually already the Red Lotus day fire that is unable to approach, she suddenly has mixed emotions. Looks at the Ji Dong generous shoulder, she strange thinking is very suddenly warm. This is my man, can only be , can only be my man. He will never betray me. Ji Dong, you may know. I quite love you.

Had this strange mood, Chen Sixuan also slowly to close both eyes, immersed into to be her cultivation condition.

In the following half a month, Ji Dong silently is absorbing Fire Element in air, does not eat and drink sitting that and watches to cultivate there, or feels is being the Lie Yan (raging flames) aura. A few words again have not said.

Chen Sixuan also that silently is accompanying him, static waiting the arrival of Lie Yan (raging flames) that second gala.

Finally, this day. In the morning the first wisp of sunlight shines , on Holy and Evil Island, Ji Dong has opened both eyes, his vision is blurred, is gazing at the present Red Lotus day fire blurredly. The right hand moves. During one bottle of good wines fell into him to grasp.

This bottle of liquor, are Ji Dong obtain from Zhou Xiaoxiao there, in ten big famous name wines, ranks ninth, named lonely such as moon/month.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I came."In the Ji Dong eye has been full of the emotion, is gazing at front Red Lotus day fire, looked like saw own lover.

He said this simple six characters, in his back Chen Sixuan is actually shivering that the body does not live , the despair, pain, without owner and deathly stillness Ji Dong that sound, making her unable to withstand. Hurried turning around constantly runs to the distant place. She does not dare to listen, does not dare to listen. She feared that she listens again, will unable to bear tell his status.

"Lonely such as moon/month. Is the name of this bottle of liquor, you expected finally tastes to these ten big famous name wines, this is the second bottle."Ji Dong opens the liquor bottle cap, immediately, same fills the lonely light fragrance with his heart from that beverage bottle floating.

Although is this time is in in the extremely painful emotion, Ji Dong actually as before could not bear shout one: "Nice wine."

"Lie Yan (raging flames), the second year passed, ten years passed by 20%. Why may actually likely pass in my heart for 200 years such remote. Is Lie Yan (raging flames), like this good. When my collection complete/even ten big famous name wines, has held a memorial service for you with them, tastes after to you. Makes me look for you. Do not wait again for ten years. I suffered falls insanely."

At the same time was saying, light Fire Element already, in Ji Dong grips in that hand of beverage bottle to concentrate. The liquor fragrance, unceasing transpiration, flutters in the Red Lotus day hot direction. The Ji Dong crazy gaze the Red Lotus day fire, "Lie Yan (raging flames), you were not speaking, when I you complied. You could rest assured that I as soon as possible will certainly find that final three bottles of liquor. After waiting to find that three bottles of liquor, we can meet again earlier. Good, you promised me not to use and other years. Finally can gather with you earlier "

Because Chen Sixuan ran off prematurely, has not heard Ji Dong these words, this time Ji Dong is the shape, if the crazy is ordinary. The whole person immersed in interweaving of missing and pain. He is indulging oneself heart, was venting own heart. That bottle lonely such as moon/month, in his hands such transpiration, the transpiration quietly vanished in the Red Lotus day fire. But he. Also is one bottle meets one bottle is filling the strong liquor, is lulling own heart. Puts on god hot Saint king Kai, inward is gripping own flesh with that sharp thorn, making the body share oneself this time pain.

Such suffering, has continued fully for day, is exhausted until him, the body and mind has achieved the extreme of withstanding, this fell down has rested.

Chen Sixuan continuously in distant looks at Ji Dong, until he has dropped down, this slowly arrives at side him. This time she, already had tears streaming down the face. Holds into to cherish from the ground the body of Ji Dong, holds in the arms his head, is choked with tears, "Ji Dong, you are quite silly, you so are why silly! Is Lie Yan (raging flames) worth loving really like this? Why must so suffer itself. If my Lie Yan (raging flames), I certainly will not make you such do. I will tell you, do not love me again. Ji Dong, Ji Dong. "

Ji Dong crazy one daytime, but Chen Sixuan such is actually holding his head, making him partly lie down on oneself, has cried for night. Until early morning, she blurry has rested.

"Thinks of the fine jade, thinks of the fine jade."Calls the sound lightly, awakens from the sleep Chen Sixuan. Opens both eyes, she somewhat blurred looks to awaken own Ji Dong. Suddenly thinks such as in the dream general. A late sob, has not left too many traces on her face, the pinnacle Second Wood magic power resilience already helped her cure inflamed both eyes of crying.

The Chen Sixuan surprised discovery, as if restored normal, yesterday's demented and pain in her front Ji Dong at this time as if vanished, even is also having a light smile on the face.

"Ji Dong, were you all right?"Chen Sixuan twittering asking.

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, "I have been all right. Thank you took care of me yesterday evening."

Chen Sixuan looks at his completely normal mood, relaxed slightly, "you were all right are good."

Ji Dong smile visits her, he is truly happy, all that because he said to "Lie Yan (raging flames)"yesterday made him find saw the Lie Yan (raging flames) shortcut earlier.

Finally had finished these two chapters of renewals, is really exhausted.

Chapter 483: Thinks of the fine jade, you grasp me

"Thinks of the fine jade, you come."Ji Dong beckons to Chen Sixuan.
Hints her to arrive at itself in front.

After Chen Sixuan has moved the somewhat stiff body, this arrives at the Ji Dong body first three places, some doubts visits him.

After Ji Dong slightly hesitant one next, said to her: "Thinks of the fine jade, you grasp me."At the same time was saying, he also stretches out the arms, makes the hug shape.

Chen Sixuan originally because also just awoke the somewhat blurry spirit by his these words exciting completely sobered instantaneously, stared in a big way the beautiful pupil to visit him, shook the head gently, such must lovably lovable, "Ji Dong, I have not misunderstood. What did you say?"Although left the imperial palace, but she said that anything is not willing to call Teacher Ji Dong again.

Ji Dong somewhat helpless said: "You have not misunderstood, I am make you grasp me. However, do not misunderstand, I want the test point thing. You could rest assured that I will protect you."

Chen Sixuan Bei Chiqing bites the lower lip, this again slowly goes forward, when she integrates during the Ji Dong bosom gently, before by own body agreement enters his body, two bodies of people on own initiative did not shiver. Is completely voluntary like. Hugs Chen Sixuan directly, since has been their two knows the first time. In this flash, the unequalled attraction that the Ji Dong profound feeling Chen Sixuan has brought. She integrates in his bosom, is not very stiff. But gently, supple, slowly contact. charming face buries in his hollow of the shoulder place, the both arms encirclement in his waist, all appears that harmonious nature.

Although Ji Dong mentality good that , because last night holding a memorial service adjusted, but his body unstoppable to have had the intense response.

Formerly movement was gentle, but after Chen Sixuan preserved Ji Dong, she actually hugged was so tight, as if for fear that he suddenly left.

A warm and happy smiling face appears on Chen Sixuan tender Yan Zhi, regardless of Ji Dong must make anything at this time, his agree was grasped by oneself this directly, is biggest satisfaction.

Chen Sixuan had not seen, Ji Dong is contorting one's face in agony at this time, originally he thinks oneself have been ready, will grasp Chen Sixuan not to have anything , when her woman body will integrate in the bosom truly, Ji Dong is clear, originally own willpower will live as before irresistibly in this incomparably formidable attraction.

The wrist/skill and god hot Saint king Kai of ankle place appears quietly, the intense acupuncture feeling takes to the Ji Dong fierce pain, this made him restrain the desire in within the body reluctantly.

Somewhat is hesitating, his both hands also slowly hold in the arms Chen Sixuan, deeply attracts two tones suddenly, is suppressing impulsive desire in the heart, solemnly said: "Thinks of the fine jade, protects the body with the armor of your eternal."

When Chen Sixuan completely immersed during warm and happy. Listened to the Ji Dong words, subconscious release own eternal only opens, deep green clear is similar to the emerald general mail-armor and helmet covers two people bodies. Ji Dong fused the Chen Sixuan soul with own soul on own initiative, god hot Saint king Kai manifest, covers outside the eternal armor again. Because the gable was occupied by them, is two mail-armor and helmets, they look like somewhat extremely fat. Chen Sixuan at present even is a darkness, was wrapped completely in the armor.

May be such airtight space, she actually felt that she more draws close to with Ji Dong, regardless of Ji Dong must make anything now, she will not oppose. Let alone, the change on Ji Dong body she can also the clear feeling, making her also feel what was somewhat funny, her first thought unexpectedly was: Un, this bastard really not from palace......

Ji Dong must know Chen Sixuan thinks unexpectedly is these, perhaps took a blood to spurt.

"Thinks of the fine jade, spunks up."Ji Dong shook through the soul, stimulated the Chen Sixuan soul, making her awaken from the atmosphere of ambiguity.

"Does?"Chen Sixuan asked through the soul.

Ji Dong said: "From now on, you want full play magic power to protect the body. I must try a matter, if successful. Then, has the enormous advantage regarding the future holy war. The preparation, I must start."

Does not need Ji Dong to explain anything, two people souls fuse in together, so long as Chen Sixuan specially induces to understand that at this time what Ji Dong must do is anything. She discovered with amazement, Ji Dong actually wants......

Strong Pinnacle Two Fires releases from Ji Dong along with primal chaos demon territory, the strength of demon territory ascends instantaneously, extremely rapid absorption Fire Element in air.

Side is the Red Lotus day fire, for these days Ji Dong cultivated by the primal chaos demon territory here, it can be said that the harvest is many. Although is impossible to be promoted once more, but also made itself stable in the standard of Level 80. After promoting to Eight-Crown , the adaptations of various abilities were also used. At this time, under his fully stimulation of movement, Pinnacle Two Fires and primal chaos demon territory perfect integration in together, around the Ji Dong body covered a black and white dual-color ray obviously, his god hot Saint king Kai seemed also has been full of such strange brilliance, black and white glittered alternately.

Clear golden red ray flutters from Ji Dong, start is one group, nine groups of red light pass the body successively, regarding revolved around his body quietly. Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his nine earth core Red Lotus this life lotus seed.

These nine lotus seed when Ji Dong cultivation base breaks through Eight-Crown can actually transfer, but he does not know that was Chen Sixuan quietly has completed the communication with her residual state of mind help Ji Dong with them, at this time Ji Dong released nine lotus seed, naturally felt their strength to be.

Completely is voluntarily different when with the first time holds a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) the feeling of lotus seed release. At this moment, Ji Dong can induce clearly, the lotus seed of Lie Yan (raging flames) this life Red Lotus just a appearance, immediately mutually echoes with the present Red Lotus day fire, although that Red Lotus day fire tranquil being stopped up there. But indistinct, Ji Dong had the type of these days fire to integrate the feelings in oneself these nine lotus seed. But nine lotus seed also voluntarily released a strange aura, towed and is echoing the Red Lotus day fire.

Ji Dong stands at this time being away from the Red Lotus day fire the place hundred meters away, he must do is very simple, that is, leaves own these nine earth core Red Lotus lotus seed by Lie Yan (raging flames), having the person to enter in the Red Lotus day fire.

This Red Lotus day fire blocks the sky, but previous time, when Ji Dong enters actually clear feeling, Red Lotus day hot thickness actually only then ten meters, so long as crossed these ten meters, can arrive at day hot another side, is the Dark Five Elements Continent range goes. Ji Dong relies on nine lotus seed to protect the body, previous time he can affirm oneself are can certainly pass. Now he wants to attempt is, by these nine lotus seed, can have the person to pass through the Red Lotus day fire. If possible, then, in the near future, before the Red Lotus day fire is out secretly, he can definitely lead the heavenly stems disciples to submerge Dark Five Elements Continent quietly, prepares for the holy war. In opposite party any situation of protection, cannot play the enormous role surely.

Ji Dong this time mood is also intense and disturbed, once these nine lotus seed can only protect him, but is unable to protect Chen Sixuan in bosom, that. His idea failed. If acts with undue haste, will possibly make Chen Sixuan lose the life. Therefore, he does not worry, step by step, extremely slow and solid walks in the Red Lotus day hot direction. Meanwhile, he also and soul relation between Chen Sixuan opened the maximum degree, once discovered that Chen Sixuan had any improper, he ceases oneself motion immediately.

After Chen Sixuan feels Ji Dong this regard, on charming face reveals a light smiling face. He really quite intelligent, this point has not thought including oneself. He has actually thought.

Nobody possibly compared with Chen Sixuan understood that the characteristics of Red Lotus day fire as well as that nine lotus seed, she knows certainly the result that Ji Dong does this can be anything.

Quick. Ji Dong approached to being away from the Red Lotus day fire, only then in 200 meters range, nine lotus seed have protected the body, he cannot even feel the oppression of slightest bit from that ultimate Certain Kill Skill.

"Thinks of the fine jade, what do you feel?"Although Ji Dong can feel Chen Sixuan not any change, but cannot bear ask that after all, this is the important matter that relates to the life and death, he cannot have the slightest bit risk.

"I do not have the issue."Chen Sixuan has given the Ji Dong affirmative answer.

Ji Dong then lifts the foot to continue stand forth, then these 200 meters, for him, are slower than 200 kilometers, each cross goes a step further, he will stop, body change of careful feeling Chen Sixuan, in determining her does not have in the situation of any issue to continue. Although Chen Sixuan knows, even if traded other person of Ji Dong also such to do, but such care also Ji Dong that warm bosom, made her very satisfied. Those who make Ji Dong somewhat speechless is, Chen Sixuan depends unexpectedly, in own cherished falls asleep. Although magic power of her within the body revolves as before voluntarily is protecting the body, may look at her appearance, clearly does not have the slightest bit to be worried.

Finally, this short 300 meters, Ji Dong altogether walked a about double- hour, arrived in front of the Red Lotus day fire, the tentacle may and place.

Nine lotus seed unceasing is moving around the body of Ji Dong, is away from the Red Lotus day fire to be nearer, the golden red ray that their above releases also becomes more intense. Although is only nine lotus seed, the ray that but on them sends out at this time actually as if formed invisible light to cover general. Ji Dong every step forwards, this invisible guard shield naturally compels for several points the Red Lotus day fire, but cannot close combat.

The body of Chen Sixuan does not have any change as before, at this time has been away from the Red Lotus day fire to be so near. Ji Dong can definitely affirm, nine this assign the lotus seed of Red Lotus, has extremely high shielding effect to the Red Lotus day fire, now he must do, is examines, in entering Red Lotus day hot range, integrates truly, whether these nine lotus seed can also play such major role.

Stimulates to movement the maximum degree own magic power. Ji Dong clenches teeth, finally has entered into the Red Lotus day fire.

Really, like such that he expects, when he one step strides in the Red Lotus day hot range, felt that became entirely different, formerly also likely normally walked, but was actually bearing the huge pressure at this time. Although this pressure underwent the filtration of nine lotus seed to be smaller, but that Red Lotus day hot heavenly prestige was shocking the Ji Dong soul. Were more , the chance coincidence when his cultivation base previous time arrives here stronger adds on the assiduous cultivation, his succeeded entered the Eight-Crown level. But also because of so, him instead previous time enters the feelings in Red Lotus day fire more profound, Ji Dong can definitely affirm, if no that nine lotus seed to protect the body, so long as perhaps enter to this Red Lotus day hot range , will immediately vanishes in a puff of smoke. If not this, the Red Lotus day fire was impossible to stop Dark Five Elements Continent all powerhouses.

Chen Sixuan in this constriction, sobered, her without hesitation immediately gives Ji Dong one not to have the soul exchange of issue. Let him continue to feel relieved to forward.

The support of Chen Sixuan made the Ji Dong confidence increase, once more starting to walk footsteps, toward Red Lotus day fire in thorough. Every time goes forward a half step, the pressure will increase several points, Ji Dong fortunately, he after all is pinnacle double fire attribute Mage, is the owners of nine Lie Yan (raging flames) this life lotus seed, although his magic power is also consuming, but the spending rate is not too fast. However, he can actually feel clearly, Lie Yan (raging flames) magic power is consuming at the extremely quick speed. Obviously came under the Red Lotus day hot influence.

Thought of fine jade transmission without hesitation to the Ji Dong second information.

Ji Dong can feel, Chen Sixuan opened the maximum degree own magic power, but the oppressed eternal armor also from dispelling sends out a green misty gloss, is protecting the body of Chen Sixuan. At least currently speaking, she bears the Red Lotus day hot pressure without question.

Clenches teeth fiercely, Ji Dong has made the decision, the body accelerated suddenly, before instantaneous, to/clashes.

This acceleration, Ji Dong has discovered the issue, he discovered, in this Red Lotus day fire, any skill is unable to use, flashes including his Teng Snake, was shielded completely. He in this instantaneous accelerating process, can only be the step of advance changes quick, to overrun all of a sudden, is actually absolutely impossible. Ji Dong started somewhat to regret, he regretted that oneself has not passed through one time to feel this Red Lotus day hot change first. At this time actually somewhat wanted to stop but cannot. Because they arrived at the Red Lotus day hot central place. If continues to forward, the pressure increases the integral again, the opportunity of perhaps not having turned head.

"Quick , to continue to forward. On this day since the fire has the thickness, then, without a doubt, the position of center is its might strongest place. Crossed the center, the pressure has naturally been able to weaken." The Chen Sixuan sound appears in the Ji Dong heart promptly.

Yes! How I have not thought that such that if eternal truth she said that then, passes through the Red Lotus day fire is not the difficult matter. Ji Dong heard her voice, immediately is overjoyed, finally no longer hesitant , to continue to take a step forward.

eyes was somewhat blurred, looked that the thing somewhat blurred. The day before yesterday the wife cold, aggravates today suddenly, quickly led her to go to the hospital to see a doctor. As a result of the house price issue, we live in the suburbs of the distance of Beijing, the nearby really does not have the reasonable hospital, drives to take 40 kilometers to arrive at a A- grade hospital. Tossed about already 9 : 00 pm. Rests to start to write a book slightly, handles to the night. Really quite tired. I little complained these with everybody, today was really too tired, small three wanted to tell the book friends, I was also an average person, the side will have a lot to process. But even if this, I never have also forgotten everybody. Today brings on road that the wife sees a doctor, my routine subconsciousness thinks that had forgotten the belt notebook, if the wife infuses, I take the computer also to write the little while. Every so often, when trivial matters are encumbered, I am find the time to write a book, either sacrificed the sack time. Six -and-a-half years insist, I thought I am the will incomparably firm person, like Ji Dong. Because this insisted that has formed custom, because I think frequently, the also billion book friends are waiting for my renewal, my laziness will take to that many person pain, I must insist.

I have to say one, the book friends, Tang gate brothers and sisters, you throw to the small three each recommendation ticket and each chapter of monthly ticket, each hits to enjoy, is worth absolutely. You are centers of gravity that I live.

Could not shoulder, immediately fell down the lethargic sleep on the bed goes. Also prayed, tomorrow the wife can be good. Otherwise, I must look that child, prepares food......

Chapter 484: Pass through! Arrives in the dark world

Chen Sixuan told Ji Dong possibly was wrong? This Red Lotus day fire simply is ultimate Certain Kill Skill that she releases. Such that just like she said. After Ji Dong one step bridges over the Red Lotus day hot core median line, the pressure started to be weaken immediately. The Ji Dong starting to walk stride, the surplus these five meters distances, only the time that uses formerly one-third not to be.

Broadminded within, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan feel around the body the pressure one light, two people have been separated from that Red Lotus day fire. The surrounding all become from the red are also clear. The skill restores, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, several twinkles about several hundred meters, the pressure decreased, he then takes back the armor, has put Chen Sixuan.

The surroundings are one piece quiet, passed through the Red Lotus day hot light screen, is above Holy and Evil Island as before, but the feeling of Ji Dong completely is different at this time. Perhaps is the psychological change. Now, they have visited , was above the Dark Five Elements Continent range. Most formidable enemy who they must face in the future on continuing road forward. So long as left Holy and Evil Island, can visit that not to know that truly many years not by the world that Light Five Elements Continent visited.

However, Ji Dong has not gone to the many observation environment, but was falls the vision on Chen Sixuan directly, although the mail-armor and helmet has relieved, but she closely is hugging him, all simply that as if before had and she did not have any relations.

This feeling made Ji Dong think very marvelous. A girl, such optional paid in the life a male person hand, it can be imagined she trusted him.

Shaking the head of effort, casts off the feeling that moves, Ji Dong said in a low voice: "Was good, thinks of the fine jade, we succeeded. Gets up."

Chen Sixuan looks up to him, from her vision, Ji Dong clearly saw several points of enmity and does not hope. He really hard does not have feelings to tear her, can only to her shaking the head of gently.

Chen Sixuan loosened both hands, the standing body, on the face the look also returned to this moment normal, only then the small mouth dug slightly, looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong compels the Chen Sixuan vision, does not need to look with eyes, the strength of his formidable soul scanned the surrounding environment. Like Light Five Elements Continent, at least is away from a Red Lotus day fire two kilometers range not to be stationed in any army. After all, this Red Lotus day hot influence is too big, even if Fire department Mage cannot withstand nearby it for a long time.

"Thinks of the fine jade, your magic power also several tenths?"Ji Dong asked.

Chen Sixuan said: "also about 50%. Although oppression strength was strong, but had the protection of your lotus seed after all, I also had pinnacle magic power and divine tool protect the body. Only then some pressures, even has not felt the ignition feeling."

The ignition feeling that she said is different from the scalding hot feeling, once within the body has the feeling of ignition, will prove her by the Red Lotus day burn. Ji Dong somewhat apologetic say/way: "Beforehand has not discussed with you, making you take risk."

Chen Sixuan unable to help laughing, said: "With me said that these do do. You so were careful. What also needs to discuss? Let alone, you know that at this matter, how regardless of you decided, I am your faithful supporter."

Ji Dong cannot bear look again to her sees on her face that natural appearance, he has also smiled, "that you felt, if our heavenly stems disciple, not having the divine tool to be auxiliary, whether to bring to come?"At this matter, he must inquire the feeling of Chen Sixuan, because he is the owners of nine lotus seed, the Red Lotus day fire will not injure how him, but Chen Sixuan is he brings, only then her feeling is most real.

The Chen Sixuan hesitation moment said: "Should the issue not be big. Your that nine lotus seed when around your body revolve, formed a protection to tie general existence, resisted the Red Lotus day hot might by this knot. So long as in this protection ties within, the pressure that bears will not be big. You discover not to have, has the protection of your lotus seed to tie the protection, what we withstand is only the pressure. Does not have the attribute, i.e. So long as in this protection ties, I all am lost badly also by move magic power that the pressure suppresses, actually cannot the casualty. So long as there are you to bring, certainly can pass through."

Listened to a Chen Sixuan such saying, Ji Dong fierce clapping, "was really the onlooker is clear-headed, has not thought such profound that you felt. Listened to your such saying, I also felt, right, was this. Has Lie Yan (raging flames) to leave my lotus seed protection, we most also bear the pressure, but will not be burnt by the Red Lotus day fire. If so, that was too good."

Chen Sixuan charming face one red, her where has felt carefully, say nothing of felt profoundly. This Red Lotus day fire and this life lotus seed are her, she knows certainly that will have what kind of situation. Looks at the Ji Dong that somewhat excited appearance, she also suddenly understands, "Ji Dong, do not come the powerhouse belt on Light Five Elements Continent in this method, then places on the battlefield Dark Five Elements Continent. If so, extremely the futile attempt, you one time can only lead a person . Moreover, only if cultivation base high or has the divine tool protection compared with me, the person who otherwise, you lead will fall into a time weak. Once were discovered by the enemy, perhaps. "

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Who said that I must lead many people to come. The people are not many. The key is the strength is enough, I have not thought must on other people continent make. Thinks of the fine jade, you think, if our heavenly stems disciples arrive on Dark Five Elements Continent, what can make?"

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, Chen Sixuan really to understand, was surprised said: "Do you want to sneak attack Dark Five Elements Continent by the strength of our heavenly stems disciple?"

Ji Dong sneers, said: "It is not the sneak attack, attacks independently. Rather in our hands contaminates some blood, made this holy war be able sooner after start to finish. For our Light Five Elements Continent or the Dark Five Elements Continent people, in the war lopsided situation, can be the best result. Therefore, what I must start is the Decapitation Strike."

"What is the Decapitation Strike?"Although Chen Sixuan knows that Ji Dong can pass through the Red Lotus day fire by lotus seed, but has not thought are too many. At this time she knows, Ji Dong passes through, really already had the plan.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "So-called Decapitation Strike, is striking as far as possible kills the opposite party powerhouse. During let Dark Five Elements Continent fall into to be scared. Simultaneously the overall strength drops. Which piece of continent, people are innocent, therefore, our goals in view in the army, do not aim in the people. But aims on Dark Five Elements Continent Mage on that so-called dark chancel also all Dark Five Elements Continent. By our strengths, so long as does not run into dark heavenly stems disciple all or is the dark secret, that. Will certainly sweep away all obstacles. Even if encounters the danger, so long as gives our enough time to run away here, by the Red Lotus day fire, we can also the whole body draw back. Red Lotus day hot extinguishes the also three years, my plan is, uses again for two years as far as possible the strengthening our oneself, the last year, we will live then above at present this piece of continent."At the same time was saying, he lifts hand to refer to the Dark Five Elements Continent direction.

Chen Sixuan took a deep breath, in eye extraordinary splendor again and again. "This truly is a great idea, attacked to the Dark Five Elements Continent implementation sufficiently. However, once was discovered by the dark secret, he also will certainly lead the dark heavenly stems disciple to encircle to us kills. If we want to obtain to affect the trim continent result sufficiently, must penetrate Dark Five Elements Continent. Here, we no doubt can act independently, but, we do not have the reinforcements."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I understand, therefore I will say, must again with two years strengthens everybody. We hope that in the next two years, can make cultivation base of all people promote to Eight-Crown above. Arrived that time, we by five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, even if meets the dark secret also to resist one, the whole body draws back is not the dream. Is relying on the Giant Dragon flying speed, we play the harassment role sufficiently. Your worry reasonable, the dark secret has achieved Saint level peak cultivation base, his psychic force must above me, but, a little you actually have forgotten, so long as there are me, is not meeting face-to-face. He was impossible to rely on spiritual search to find us."

The Chen Sixuan beautiful pupil is greatly bright, "you said that silver of demon territory your illusion?"

The Ji Dong smile nods, "is relying on the energetic demon territory, I shield all spiritual explorations sufficiently, therefore, so long as we, strike carefully draw back, then, Dark Five Elements Continent waits to bear this disaster."

Chen Sixuan took a deep breath, shaking the head of gently, "Ji Dong, you know that I first time feel now, you are sufficiently and strength of dark secret resistance." Ji Dong has gawked, "why said? You should know. I and he differ is very far."

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "I said that not only the strength on magic power, is all -round strength. Believes that everybody will approve of your this plan. However, we must come is not ten people, but is 11, must also bring the secret. You forgot, not only dark secret had the strength of Saint level, predictive ability that the also secret had. Perhaps, only then our secrets are influential to the skill that he forecasts."

Ji Dong said suddenly: "You said right. What I am more was only has thought magic power of dark secret that peak Saint level, poured to forget his originally status."

Chen Sixuan looks at the Dark Five Elements Continent direction, "Ji Dong, do we want to investigate first?"

Ji Dong shook the head, ", I did not fear that I will unable to bear get rid. Now is also not the time, we cannot reveal any clues. Otherwise, they were prepared to the dark secret, our plans must go bankrupt. You restore magic power first, then we go back."

The Chen Sixuan nod complies, silently sits down to start to cultivate. Actually, in her innermost feelings, hopes that very can investigate to Dark Five Elements Continent on with Ji Dong turns. Arrived to not investigate anything, but is the hope can be many time that some and Ji Dong is together alone.

Chen Sixuan enters the cultivation condition, Ji Dong has not been idling, closes both eyes, the strength of his soul has released quietly, the thinking feeling of psychic force goes toward the distant place investigation.

Ji Dong own psychic force hideaway good of , is pastes the tread to investigate, only if runs into the Saint level powerhouse, otherwise, even if Nine-Crown Mage is impossible to discover the survey of this psychic force. It is not used to attack, but the words that is used to survey, Ji Dong the strength of soul can release the extremely far distance. Silver of demon territory his illusion itself does not strengthen the psychic force, but, after having this demon territory, Ji Dong has actually been another level in the control of psychic force. After half a month's fumble and cultivation, he was getting more and more familiar with this demon territory. Even he did not have the time to feel the mystery of oneself that primal chaos demon territory carefully.

The strength of soul probably releases about two kilometers, Ji Dong felt the enemy trace, because the Holy and Evil Island topography mostly was the rolling hill or is the mountain peak, although broke into a jail after ten thousand thunder baptism, all plant lives cleared off, but under the function of topography, the position that was at from them cannot see too far. When his psychic force survey in the past, saw situation that the enemy is stationed.

The neat gray tent is almost stopped up to be continuous about dozens miles, in that rows of tent, heard the massive soldier sound of voices and noise during the training. Moreover, when Ji Dong the strength of soul just searched into the tent, immediately felt that had existence of Mage, the quantity, is above his imagination.

In this piece is stationed in the Holy and Evil Island military camp, Dark Five Elements Continent Mage really has over a thousand people. Right, is over a thousand people. Must know, in Light Five Elements Continent, even if Central Earth Empire, wants to put out 1000 Mage to come, is not an easy matter. Moreover, these Dark Five Elements Continent Mage, cultivation base generally in Four-Crown above. Is this what kind of terrifying digit? Those who most make Ji Dong surprised is, these Mage are stationed, is ten people of one group, every ten people in a big tent. Tent that Mage is stationed , the color is different from the ordinary tent, is the black. Even if under the sunlight shines meets the heat absorption, they have also chosen such tent.

Must know, the Mage status venerates extremely, Light Five Elements Continent, even if launches the war the time, Mage everyone also inevitably has own dwelling. But Dark Five Elements Continent makes ten people stay together, moreover that tent is not too big. First did not say its goal is anything, only the dark secret fully showed many issues regarding these Mage control strength. If no strong control strength, he possibly does restrain these many Mage to live in such place? As for letting these Mage stays together goal, is very simple, because, each group stays together Mage is the different ten attributes.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 485: Grasped me not to let go

Ji Dong more is the heart is startled with the situation of strength of investigation dark side soul. 1000 are stationed in Mage on Holy and Evil Island. Moreover is ten people of one group, altogether 100 tents. These Mage each groups are ten attributes are complete, does not need to ask that Ji Dong can also guess correctly. They can display that five elements that initially met to tie inevitably.

If 1000 Mage uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to unify to launch the attack, attacks five elements that opposite party 1000 Mage compose to tie can be what kind of situation? This five elements ties is not good in the attack, cannot like the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy changeable, but, if only by defensive power, is not easy to break through.

five elements mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method joint strike, must play the foray the effect to be able the wound opposite party of maximum degree. But, seems, a Dark Five Elements Continent here preparation point are also many.

In the Ji Dong heart mused, at this time see, should be only the corner/horn of Dark Five Elements Continent overall strength, so was shocking. It seems like that regarding a five years later war, Dark Five Elements Continent exerts its utmost. Own plan must be implemented, perhaps otherwise, dark really must destroy brightly.

Besides that Mage of 1000 being stationed, Ji Dong also discovered, in the Dark Five Elements Continent army that on Holy and Evil Island is stationed at least over 500,000. But to his knowledge, Light Five Elements Continent here only has 200,000. Did not mean that this contrast has any significance. But by slightly is seen in a big way, it can be imagined, the Dark Five Elements Continent all-round strength must surpass the bright side surely.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong unstoppable to have thought of Lie Yan (raging flames), if not the Lie Yan (raging flames) Red Lotus day fire takes to them the entire five years of setup times, perhaps, after that time ten thousand thunder broke into a jail swept across Holy and Evil Island, then Light Five Elements Continent must receive the baptism of death. Moreover surely is the lopsided aspect. Dark Five Elements Continent for that war, has prepared the minimum several hundred years, even is over a thousand years. Compared with them, Light Five Elements Continent was were too many, simply did not have too many crisis awareness that the peaceful day passed. Even if now, as before is so!

A strength of person is eventually limited, Ji Dong does not know actually oneself can make many for this holy war. But he will certainly do everything possible, because, this is he decides to oneself at the society last war. He must in most magnificent the flame oneself life keep in this war, is not any regret to oneself.

Naturally, he will not tell anybody the war these four characters last, thinks of here, in his heart is not sorrowful, but is excited and joyful. Looks back to have a look at back Red Lotus day fire, his heart unconscious becomes must be scalding hot. Lie Yan (raging flames), is waiting for me, when I complete this holy war as far as possible, all contributes in this war, after is continent makes the final contribution, I look for you. Arrived that time. I again do not have the slightest bit to worry, where regardless of you go, I must pursue side you.

Is being practiced in the Chen Sixuan soul to move slightly, indistinct, she as if felt a warm aura, this was knows by her god. The god knowledge felt Ji Dong to the Lie Yan (raging flames) profound love, has transmitted this feeling. But, Chen Sixuan does not know as before, the choice of Ji Dong was ahead of time unexpectedly. Two people who deeply falls in love with, in the front, each other are actually unable to recognize each other, actually compares, Ji Dong is better, in his heart, Lie Yan (raging flames) died. His some to Lie Yan (raging flames) endless missing, may regarding Chen Sixuan, actually be the extremely contradictory pain. She not only one time wanted to tell Ji Dong the status, even when spoke the body really to say to him. However, after that time, she also fell into the deep fear, she does not know. If Ji Dong had believed itself at that time, or still remembers that the evil empathize will not let his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish . If relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, then, Ji Dong forever will not exist in this world. Therefore, she does not dare, regardless in the heart is impulsive, does not dare to have the least bit to say oneself true status idea. Meanwhile, she also knows, even if told Ji Dong, Ji Dong was not necessarily able to believe.

The time is not long, Chen Sixuan magic power basically restored, although here wood attribute magic power element is not rich, but relies on the pinnacle magic power characteristics, wants to restore not to be difficult. This is the differences of pinnacle magic power and these Nine- Crown Mage pinnacle magic power of their heavenly stems disciple. Nine- Crown Mage pinnacle magic power through many years of self-torture , to promote to Nine-Crown after finally, own magic power superimposes, is caused the qualitative change that by the quantitative change. But their these heavenly stems disciples had pinnacle magic power, even if later superimposes, overlay is also pinnacle magic power. Therefore, pinnacle magic power that they have seems with Nine-Crown Mage is the same, but in fact has the difference. On the resilience, is not ordinary Mage can compare only. Once cultivation base of heavenly stems disciple can promote Nine-Crown, that is really the qualitative leap. Ordinary Nine- Crown Mage simply does not have too many resistivities before them. Only has the Saint level powerhouse, can press their one steadily.

Inevitable, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan hug reason that once again, Ji Dong must hug her before the body, but does not carry her after behind , because before the body can better protects her with the lotus seed protection strength, in the event of any accident/surprise. Also reacts easily immediately. Although in the the previous moment Ji Dong heart has also been full of the Lie Yan (raging flames) form, but when he grasps Chen Sixuan, he actually as before very aware first thought hot Saint king Kai to launch the acupuncture to oneself, resistivity issue, he has handed over the arms completely, did not report to oneself hopes. The fact had shown repeatedly, in front of Chen Sixuan, all so-called resistivities does not have any significance.

Luckily, Red Lotus day hot pressure made Ji Dong have to the total involvement deal, has not thought were too many. When two people bodies return on Light Five Elements Continent across the Red Lotus day fire, Ji Dong has first relieved the armor, hints Chen Sixuan to leave own bosom.

However, this Chen Sixuan becomes some are not normal. Her originally hugged in the both hands of Ji Dong waist loosened, when Ji Dong meant that she must leave oneself embraced, her arm has actually entangled on the Ji Dong neck, then closed both eyes, the whole person pours in the Ji Dong bosom.

"Ji Dong, I am uncomfortable. Is good to faint, is very uncomfortable."Chen Sixuan muttered, her sound sounds somewhat to be even weak.

In Ji Dong heart one startled, "thinks of the fine jade, you how?"

Chen Sixuan said in a soft voice: "I do not know what's the matter. The wound of perhaps when being the Red Lotus day fire initiated me to display to create world Liuhe in the soul receives on that day. Do not move, making my x a while perhaps good."

Ji Dong really does not dare to move. Although he felt that several points were not right, but do not dare to take risk eventually. To investigate the Chen Sixuan situation, beyond expectation was actually defeated. The strength of his soul cannot integrate Chen Sixuan the strength of soul, but was resisted in out of the door directly. This, Ji Dong somewhat worried. He is holding Chen Sixuan fast is separated from the Red Lotus day hot pressure range, about 500 meters away stopped, holds in the arms her body to sit, making her sit on own thigh, can more comfortable by, in own cherishes.

Also no wonder Ji Dong will worry, he and Chen Sixuan soul fusion is not twice, in the situation that both sides in oneself do not garrison completely is capable of integrating in the soul of opposite party on own initiative. Why this was also Ji Dong once repeatedly helpless by reason that Chen Sixuan integrated the soul. But. At this time the situation obviously is not right, the Chen Sixuan soul is unexpectedly close, Ji Dong even can also feel her soul in slight is shivering, oneself are unable to fuse. Like this, her soul had problems.

Creates world Liuhe regarding that the Ji Dong memory is very profound. That creates world Liuhe, although the itself ability is the weak, but, displays to create the skill of world Liuhe actually it can be said that to seize the world good fortune, together with is the Second Wood department Level 98 powerhouse to/clashes under the crown forest clear to self- examine unable to achieve, moreover after is she forcefully promotes magic power to the Saint level, similarly thinks unable to achieve. It can be imagined, this created world Liuhe to display to be difficult. Moreover, after displaying, then Chen Sixuan also truly fell into the stupor, there are feeling that the obvious soul is damaged. At this time she said that own old wound was initiated, Ji Dong is not accidental/surprised. In the heart greatly is suddenly anxious. Is he voluntarily requests Chen Sixuan and passes through the Red Lotus day fire, at this time has initiated the old wound in Chen Sixuan soul, can he not rebuke oneself?

The soul is different from the body, the body has the self-recovery ability, but the mystery of soul, even if in god, nobody dares to say completely clearly. In the event of issue, let alone dies a violent death directly, even if spiritually has any problem, will be the enormous trouble.

"Thinks of the fine jade, are you what kind of?"Ji Dong now anything is undoable, the soul cannot investigate, as for magic power, he is Fire department, Chen Sixuan is Wood department, he with Chaos Fire, only will play the reaction to Chen Sixuan. Naturally cannot use easily. In this case, he is the helplessness of all kinds, can only place hopes in Chen Sixuan to recover consciousness. Chen Sixuan both eyes shut tightly, the body is slightly motionless, charming face even also some pale. On the forehead seeps out close sweat, did not say a word.

Ji Dong said in a low voice: "Thinks of the fine jade, can you open your soul. Let me fuse. Perhaps, can I help the place that you patch to damage? Certainly is your soul after displaying to create world Liuhe to have the fissure, had the problem after the Red Lotus day hot pressure."

"Does not use. I could not control."Chen Sixuan aura weak saying: "Ji Dong, I only want to rest well. Leads me to return to Eastern Wood Empire. Finds a place to make me sleep, perhaps was good. The soul can only raise."

Ji Dong nodded, this is also means that regarding the average person, restores to consume the strength of excessive soul, the best means sleep.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong summons fifty Saint Fire Dragon immediately, the silver of demon territory illusion opens, goes toward Eastern Wood Empire fast.

Chen Sixuan static nest in the Ji Dong bosom, regardless of the complexion is much ugly, that hugged both hands on Ji Dong neck saying that anything is not willing to relax. Actually, in her heart this time blossomed happily. Right, after she and Ji Dong puncture the soul fusion, can fuse mutually. But a little Ji Dong does not know, Chen Sixuan itself has the god knowledge that Lie Yan (raging flames) remains, she wants to seal up oneself soul nature. Therefore, she can unilateral integration Ji Dong, but wants to reject time, Ji Dong actually cannot integrate in her soul.

This means that Chen Sixuan is also when Ji Dong passed through the Red Lotus day fire a moment ago thinks. Not for other, but in order to are many, in he cherishes later, she satisfied.

Facts showed, Ji Dong very much cares her, in her body not good situation, he does not dare to make anything, naturally, at present this also means only then a Chen Sixuan person can use. To hide the truth from Ji Dong to be easier said than done? If no existence that god knows, she is impossible to succeed.

Returns to Eastern Wood Empire, Ji Dong to control fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly directly to the recent city, has not stayed outside the city, controls fifty Saint Fire Dragon to drop from the clouds directly. Falls toward the city.

This is also he dares such to do, from the city internal sky also hundred meters, Ji Dong has taken back fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is relying on the silver of demon territory illusion, the visions of distortion following common people, held Chen Sixuan to fall above the street in city forcefully quietly, this has taken back own demon territory.

At this time, he embraces Chen Sixuan, actually could not attend to anything enticing, had found a hotel hurriedly, flushed.

"Sir, is your this does do?" A service person saw Ji Dong such impulsive flushed. Hurried to block.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Quick, opens your here best room to me. My friend got sick, needs to rest."

The service people have gawked, has a look at Ji Dong, has a look at him to cherish again Chen Sixuan, "that your slightly wait a moment."

Chen Sixuan in the Ji Dong bosom, Ji Dong formerly when entered the city, has taken the veil to her, her super outstandingly beautiful looks, in Eastern Wood Empire were really too famous, if were seen, trouble are many.

The service person turns around to arrive at behind a counter of building hall, said to an attire relatively magnificent middle-aged person several anything, the middle-aged person practices to knit the brows, looks at Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, the complexion is not obviously attractive.

Ji Dong cannot attend , the stride goes forward, arrives in front of the counter, "you, my friend needs to rest quickly." Middle-aged person somewhat mystifying said to Ji Dong: "Sorry, Sir, here does not receive your such guest. Please other find the place."

Today saw that frog fellow garnering votes chapter said that his monthly ticket chrysanthemum does not want to be done, must maintain the English daisy. Laughed at me. Looks at this not being feeling well, today makes us kill him. At least first broke him one time to say again, was inferior, but also dares to say oneself were a maiden. Does not kill his natural justice to be intolerable! Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Meanwhile, here thanked each to care that small three book friends, today mother -in-law is invited the help temporarily, the wife has rested for day, was good to select finally. Thank you.

Chapter 486: Is strange bedfellows once more

Looks look that middle-aged person detests. Ji Dong angrily said: "Why?
Feared that I don't have money to give?"

The middle-aged people shook the head, said: "This is not the issue of money. We open the door to do business, cannot look for trouble for oneself. Under the broad daylight, the Your Excellency behavior seems not very good. If you walk now, when I have not seen you. Otherwise, I must notify a government office."

Ji Dong has gawked, this realized, in broad daylight, oneself is hugging a girl, as if the stupor past girl broke in a hotel, was truly easy to make the person misunderstand. The tone has relaxed several points, "this boss, my friend truly had the acute disease, needs to rest. Please be accommodating."

Middle-aged person snorted, said: "What you said is not really good.
What to do if your this friend does die here? Later I must do business."

What temperament is Ji Dong? The title of his tyrant is not white call. Was refused by the present middle-aged person, immediately in the heart the anger upwells, a hand is holding Chen Sixuan, simultaneously sets aside a hand, patted directly on front counter, ", if you do not want dead, quickly opened a room to me."

Does not have the least bit to thunder or is the sound sends out. Middle- aged person and formerly service person dumbfounded looks that front counter turned into the black suddenly, was similar to melts vanished before them generally. Suddenly immediately frightens the face whiten, the middle-aged person does not live shivers, the rampant appearance was formerly nothing left.

"Is gawking doing? Also not a bit faster."Ji Dong shouted angrily, the right foot has trod in the ground, immediately, the entire hotel follows a low and deep dull thumping sound, effort rocked.

" Was the middle-aged person does not dare to say anything, hurried to put out the key from behind cabinet, making the service person bring Ji Dong to go upstairs.

Really is the best room, this hotel altogether four, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan were brought in four innermost rooms.

Entered the room, Ji Dong has thrown to that service person ten gold coins, solemnly said: "Do not disturb us without my instruction. Understood?"

"Yes, yes, I understand."Service people in reverential awe is complying, although he has not seen the world, but can also see from Ji Dong formerly achievement, at present this, absolutely is that great person who cannot stir up. Mage, certainly is Mage!

This is a luxurious suite, in this ordinary hotel, is certainly impossible to have the extremely luxurious that residence, but also was good. Ji Dong held Chen Sixuan to arrive on the bed of inside room directly, cautiously placed on her the mattress. When he tries to pull open the hand of Chen Sixuan, making her go to sleep when the bed. Actually discovered that the hand of Chen Sixuan holds the neck to hug is very tight. Said that anything cannot pull open.

When Ji Dong just wants to pull open her hand with the strength, on Chen Sixuan that pale small face, reveals color/look of the pain immediately. Frightens Ji Dong to hurry to stop, does not dare to make an effort again. What to do can this? In Ji Dong heart speechless. But, he also can only go to bed first, lies down side Chen Sixuan, whatever she continues to hug itself, then head rest on own shoulder.

This is not good! The hands and feet of Ji Dong was punctured by god hot Saint king Kaijian grips was somewhat numb. Chen Sixuan what kind of attraction? His god hot Saint king Kaijian punctures own means unable long time to use.

In the Ji Dong mind flash of intuition, has drawn nearby quilt, the Chen Sixuan tender body volume in inside. As the matter stands, she only then both arms are hugging the neck of Ji Dong, rests the head in his shoulder, the body was actually not the direct contact. The attraction also naturally can with it reduction. The Ji Dong resistivity is in the man is also quite powerful, suddenly he also secretly relaxed, closes both eyes, does not dare to look at Chen Sixuan. In the heart was praying unceasingly, thought of the fine jade, you were a bit faster good.

Chen Sixuan now somewhat is also small depressed, she also planned enters the room after Ji Dong, helpless hugs are lying down, again pastes to tighten him, looked when he can endure patiently. Once in sober condition. What he initiative and have, hehe, can he also be able to be inescapable? Who thinks, oneself has not begun, Ji Dong already with the quilt the hard that oneself entangle, but also holds the quilt with a hand specially, she undoable is too obvious, suddenly does not have the means that can only such depend during he embraces.

Facts showed, the Mage dignity is anybody does not dare to offend easily. Between felt obviously Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan have the strangeness, the counter was also destroyed in the situation. That hotel boss actually as before does not dare to notify a government office truly, Mage who can stir up? Even if came the soldier, they do dare to grasp Mage? Even if seized has been able to be what kind of? So long as this Mage does not die, has not come back to retaliate itself!

Therefore, the shop owner under pondering over, can only pinch nose to endure finally, prayed an evening do not have an accident. For serveral days Ji Dong cultivated somewhat was also tired, was being such hugged by Chen Sixuan, he cannot move, even does not dare to cultivate, in order to avoid Pinnacle Two Fires in within the body affects Chen Sixuan. The time is long, two people also really fell asleep.

In the sleep, Ji Dong had a dream, he dreams, Lie Yan (raging flames) returned to itself side probably, just met, fierce threw to grasp itself. The response of body made him respond warmly, when he wanted to further make anything. Suddenly. He has as if thought of anything, smart spirit shivered, sobered from the sleep.

Matter that Ji Dong most is not willing to see occurred eventually. Formerly in the sleep held Lie Yan (raging flames) in bosom naturally is Chen Sixuan in bosom at present.

At this time that binds the Chen Sixuan cotton-wadded quilt early not to know where, but her clothes are also quite disorderly, was hugged by oneself in the bosom, own left hand also grasps on others that white and tender slender thighs, as to look for a beautiful and serene place exploration.

At this time, outside is in the morning, but the Chen Sixuan complexion seems somewhat red, compared with last night paleness, seemed much better.

Lifted the hand, has slapped a oneself face that Ji Dong made an effort, then released back god hot Saint king Kai, punctured oneself several with the sharp thorn ruthlessly.

The animal, Ji Dong, you are an animal. The discovery is not right, sobers forcefully, perhaps really must do the wrong thing. Do you do right by Lie Yan (raging flames)? Thinks of Lie Yan (raging flames), he could not bear has slapped a oneself face once more ruthlessly.

His each palm of the hand pulls out, the heart of Chen Sixuan twitches, she wants to open eyes to prevent him, serious that loves dearly. But she also knows, if so "at the right moment"waking. Will cause the suspicion of Ji Dong surely, moreover he will be also more awkward, instead will play the counter-effect. Therefore, she also can only endure.

All that Ji Dong then makes, made Chen Sixuan is aerobic, is also funny.

After Ji Dong maltreats again, lies down is not daring to move, what cautiously is Chen Sixuan regulator her scattered in disorder clothes. Bit by bit becomes the clothes normal. Those who made Chen Sixuan funny was, on oneself clothes the pleating place, this fellow has stimulated to movement unexpectedly with fire magic power on, when the iron use, ironed out the above fold actually. Chen Sixuan secret unstated criticism. He such uses fire magic power, perhaps the first time.

Ji Dong makes these, has used the free time of half double-hour, then the careful left looks, right looks, on looks, under looked, felt again after Chen Sixuan clothes and yesterday not any difference, this is relaxed, cautiously kicking one side cancels with the quilt of foot, covers her tender body, this grows the tone. Ji Dong discovered, on own forehead were unexpectedly many close sweat. Simply fighting one is more tired. Luckily, thinks of the fine jade not to wake in this process, otherwise, others discovered that was encroached by own dream, this really jumped to the river in cannot wash clean.

Thinking of Ji Dong wants to be tranquil is not that easy, the light body that the Chen Sixuan body sends out is fragrant, making him unable to be completely tranquil. Only can shut eyes to stand one's ground steadfastly.

Probably passed half double-hour, outside the skylight greatly was already bright, Chen Sixuan ying warned one, the body moves, wriggled several to the Ji Dong body side, then somewhat dimly has opened her pair of big eyes.

"Un?"Light snort/hum, Ji Dong that simply will again not have fallen asleep awakens.

", How I lie on the bed, Ji Dong, how do you lie down with me in the same place?"Chen Sixuan loosens suddenly holds in the arms the hand of Ji Dong neck, sits to set out. Ji Dong thinks really kills, the depression in heart not to mention, hurried also to sit sets out, "thinks of the fine jade, you listened to me to say."

Chen Sixuan turns head to look to him, being at a loss and shyness of face, lowered the head, muttered: "What let alone, my heart already is your, what even if you want to make, could it be I will also be blocking you? I and I comb the hair and wash the face first."Saying, turns over/stands up she to get out of bed. Broke in the washroom directly.

Ji Dong dull sitting on bed, in heart this depressed not to mention. Chen Sixuan that charming wants the appearance that resists also to welcome to make him probably depressed depressed. But his also anything could not say, he was unable to tell others really, yesterday evening anything had not done, in fact, he at least has traced others in the dream. This was really the explanation cannot explain.

Chen Sixuan backs on the gate of bathroom, on blushing charming face is having several points of cunning smiling face, in the heart the secretly thought: Ji Dong, your this bastard, this time also lets your uncomfortable. Ahem, making you know, this girl is not good to bully.

At the same time is thinking, her brain became more and more flexible, in the heart had haggling over.

Ji Dong stays in the bed forenoon, the gate of bathroom in his disturbed mood, a Chen Sixuan face that washed walked apologetically.

"Ji Dong, sorry. Was I misunderstood you a moment ago. After I washed the face, yesterday's matter also thought some. Is my soul had problems probably, thank you yesterday evening attendance."

Listened to a Chen Sixuan such saying, in the Ji Dong heart depressed melted immediately, was not quite finally bad, she thought eventually, kind asking: "All right, so long as you were good on the line. I have not looked after your anything. Yesterday evening, you grasped my neck not to let go, I feared that affected you to rest, therefore rested near you, but, I have wrapped up your body with the quilt." Chen Sixuan clever nodded, "thank you. But......"at the same time was saying, she also raised the head caresses oneself forehead lightly.

"What's wrong? Didn't you have?"In Ji Dong heart one startled, immediately asks.

The Chen Sixuan look somewhat was slightly low-spirited, "temporarily should be all right, but the fissure in soul still exists, does not know when can restore completely. Last night luckily had you, by you, making me feel very relieved, your words, have not known whether I could recover consciousness."

The Ji Dong thought moves, the soul has connected in the Chen Sixuan soul, is investigating cautiously, quick, he had discovered the fissure that Chen Sixuan said is, that fissure is quite obvious, although seems the fitting in the same place, the meaning that but her soul actually soldier do not heal, feels on, may again breakage anytime.

Since Chen Sixuan dares to make him investigate own soul, naturally is prepared, relies on that god to know the manufacture the false appearance, the souls of different level can investigate?

When the Ji Dong soul draws back from the Chen Sixuan soul, his complexion became very ugly.

Chen Sixuan smiles reluctantly, said: "Not anything, Ji Dong. Perhaps the time grew."

Ji Dong brow tight wrinkle, solemnly said: "Blames me, my strength is insufficient, will not make you use that to create world Liuhe, I, you not because the Red Lotus day hot pressure will cause the soul to burst. Thinks of the fine jade, I. "

Chen Sixuan goes forward one step, holds down his mouth, did not make him say again, gentle and firm say/way: "Ji Dong, do you know? For you, even if pays with my life, I also refuse to balk. Although the soul had a fissure, but not too major problem. Cannot die." The Ji Dong mood is very despondent, "does not know how can help you. The issue in soul, after going back, we look for the dragon Huang and Land Dragon ancestor have a look."

Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, "the strength of your soul is not weak in their anything, does not have the means including you, they were also not necessarily have any means. Ji Dong, I only have a small request, can you promise me?"

Ji Dong said: "You said that so long as I can achieve. However, thinks of the fine jade, I cannot love you, you understand."

In Chen Sixuan heart secret angry, wants to make him say that three characters to oneself taking this opportunity, who thinks of this fellow, even if regretted in the heart, deeply feels to be unfair to the heart of own time unexpectedly also such strong guard. But, must be draws back to ask next, "will I make you feel embarrassed? I hope, if the later soul fissure splits once more, you can also take care of me in my side. Has you, I can feel comfortably. A I such small request, Ok?"

No matter the result how, we exploded the chrysanthemum of frog to say first again, did not make him protect. Haha.

Chapter 487: Awakens, King's dragon clan bloodlines

In this case, does Ji Dong possibly again reject Chen Sixuan? He could not say not good two characters. In his opinion, the Chen Sixuan soul fissure is other party becomes, takes care of her naturally also should be. At that moment immediately nodded, has given a Chen Sixuan affirmative answer.

In the Chen Sixuan heart secretly rejoices, reason that she formerly helps Ji Dong relieve the present awkwardness, for can take care of your pennies and dollars will take care of themselves. When this soul fissure bursts, isn't that also she decides? Wish makes him hug in any case, bursts. Thinks of here, Chen Sixuan traces oneself that perfect appearance, lowered the head, in heart secretly thought: When I became such bad. However, she felt relaxed quickly. Even if went bad, was compelled by Ji Dong this fellow.

They do not have anything to be good to tidy up, Ji Dong simply has also combed the hair and wash the face, changes the body clothes, after having had the breakfast. Immediately starts, returns to the return dragon valley.

Two offer a sacrifice to Lie Yan (raging flames) to be completed, Ji Dong also had two big demon territories, he currently had the full confidence to lead the heavenly stems disciples to go to the earth core world.

Lie Yan (raging flames) passed away, earth core world a group of people without a leader, most powerhouse will not reach the Saint level. This is only understanding of Ji Dong to the earth core world. So long as is this, he has the full confidence. By heavenly stems disciples with joint forces, even if the general Saint level powerhouse, confidence that Ji Dong also one puts together. Should be goes to the earth core world to have a look.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon extreme velocity flies, after several days dates, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan returned to three to gather the mountain range.

Enters three to gather the mountain range range, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon speed slows down, the dragon clan prominent peak already was by far in sight, crosses the prominent peak, is dragon valley is.

In this time, suddenly, an incomparably clear dragon is reciting the sound to get up, the body that fifty Saint Fire Dragon led the way after hearing this dragon recited, the deceleration, the body from the sky stopped suddenly, the dragon pupil of Maotai and in Wuliangye, revealed the look of doubts.

Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan are also simultaneously one startled, before they lived some time in the dragon valley, regarding the understanding of dragon clan also many that before was more profound.

In the dragon clan, is the same with world, divides the social class. Most high-grade level, naturally is dragon Huang, under the dragon sovereign, is the kings of five big dragon clans, in five Dragon King, takes Azure Dragon king in heavenly stems Divine Beast by. Its status even must above diamond Dragon King. Once more, was Rank 10 Giant Dragon in these clans. Rank 10 Giant Dragon basis strength is different, status is different. Simply speaking, dragon clan is also a powerhouse to revere world, whose strength, the status in clan is also higher.

All legitimate dragon clans, is true Giant Dragon lives in the dragon valley. But the status is lowest, naturally is these life, in three gathered the Land Dragon in mountain range.

At this time, dragon who this remembers suddenly recited the sound, did not transmit from the dragon valley, but came from outside the dragon valley. This dragon recited is quite resonant, almost in entire three gathered in the mountain range to hear. Regardless of the power and influence, aura or the magic power blooming degree, is far from the Land Dragon can compare. But according to the custom of dragon clan, can not send out so dragon cry at will. Let alone beside dragon valley, in the territory of Land Dragon.

Stands and stands in Maotai head Ji Dong in Wuliangye head Chen Sixuan two people looks at each other one, is almost saying with one voice: "gold/metal."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Ji Dong regard is interlinked, the personal appearance moved once more, directly soars direction that sound conveys, was the ancestor's of Land Dragon habitat flew.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon just accelerated, suddenly, a huge golden ray from three has gathered in the mountain range to soar. In direct impact clouds.

Even if this light beam from three gathers outside the mountain range also to be able clear seeing, enters the upper air, has faintly with the meaning of solar comparing favorably, formidable dragon prestige expands instantaneously, through the soul investigation, Ji Dong discovered that under body this dragon prestige of Land Dragon in mountain range after feeling, crawling without a single exception in the place, cannot move.

This aura Ji Dong has only felt one time, that on dragon sovereign. Extremely pure imperial dignity aura. Feels this aura, the Ji Dong subconscious retreat two steps, because also similarly spreads a strong dragon prestige to fluctuate from the Maotai top of the head. Saw that top/withstood dragon Huang to give the dragon clan imperial crown of Maotai to appear temporarily, obviously was received the air the influence of dragon prestige to be the result.

Breaks in that golden light of upper air to desalinate gradually, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan saw that is golden Giant Dragon position that was at from formerly the light beam appears. Very obviously, this golden light as well as dragon prestige, send out from it.

Vanishes along with the golden light, that golden Giant Dragon pair of wings opens, the height surpasses 20 meters it, that baseless floats in the midair. Around the body, sends out a golden halo, complements her body is seeming that enchanting. The ray of Sun must be overshadowed in this moment.

Also is a resonant dragon recites from its mouth sends out, this compared with formerly that clearer, strong dragon prestige was also outspoken releases comprehensively.

At this moment, another fills dignified and low and deep dragon recites to resound to the dragon valley direction, the strong magic power fluctuation soars, sends out dragon prestige that to complement each other fresh splendor with here Gold Dragon on. Clearly, after this, dragon prestige that presents wants sincere/heavy many. But pure degree actually as if might as well this Gold Dragon releases.

The fifty Saint Fire Dragon float in the midair, Maotai and Wuliangye four items stays on that Gold Dragon throughout. The Gold Dragon giant pair of wings flaps gently, the delightful metal clangour reverberates in the trim mountain range. Its that pair of golden eye pupil also looked toward Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, is revealing the well-meaning and familiar aura obviously.

"Is gold/metal."Ji Dong blurted out, looks at this golden Giant Dragon, in the heart has been full of the strange feeling at present. Did gold/metal turn into Giant Dragon from human unexpectedly?

The distant place, the dragon valley direction, the huge form of blocking the sky appeared, is dragon Huang, in the dragon sovereign behind, the Fire Dragon king, diamond Dragon King and Gold Dragon king Heshui Dragon King also appears, four Dragon King protected the dragon dynasty here to fly.

Chen Sixuan muttered talked to oneself: "Has not thought exactly is the time, happens to present, gold/metal because of should be dragon clan the bloodlines awakens successfully."

dragon Huang also saw them obviously, but to their nodded, arrived in front of Gold Dragon, its look appears somewhat complex, looks at Gold Dragon dao: "Congratulates you, the emperor's clan bloodlines awaken successfully."

The golden light that on that build giant Gold Dragon sends out restrains suddenly, the back pair of wings turns back, in golden light restraining, the huge body changes into the human form unexpectedly in a flash, is not just gold/metal. Speed that her personal appearance transforms. Even when initially dragon Huanghua the person also wants to be quicker. Moreover, she who changes into the human form, actually as before floats in the sky, like these supreme powerhouse such, as if can fly baseless.

"Has seen the dragon sovereign."gold/metal salutes to the dragon sovereign slightly.

But dragon Huang is actually one side of the body, has not withstood this courtesy, lightly sighed, dragon Huangdao: "Looks from the age and status, you are the beginning Zulong descendant, the great older generation's daughter, I should revere your senior to be right. Cannot receive your courtesy."

Before gold/metal, cold intent on charming face was already nothing left. Shows a faint smile, said to the dragon sovereign: "Your majesty does not need so. gold/metal is not the pure dragon clan, said accurately, should be half -and-a-half people of dragons. Let alone, I frozen was not known many years, the actual physiological age cannot with the dragon sovereign compared with. With the help of father, my dragon clan bloodlines, although has awakened, but, similarly has 50% person clan bloodlines in my body, I do not think oneself are dragon clan, I cultivated the behavior the kind to be good. Moreover, my magic power attribute is to also inherit in mother's Eighth Metal department, but has not inherited father's attribute. If your majesty wants, I am willing to be head of the clan dragon to be old, asking your majesty to approve."

Listened to King's words, in dragon Huangyan reveals the color/look of a trace of surprise, said hesitant: "But, this was too suffering from injustice you." gold/metal shook the head, said: "No, I have been used to the life of human. I have my partner, dragon clan live do not suit me, this point your majesty should be very clear. Asked your majesty to help."

Dragon sovereign nodded, "such being the case, from now on you are my dragon clan first elder. Is equal to with five Dragon King status."

"Thanked your majesty."gold/metal salutes to the dragon sovereign once more, expressed the meaning of own respect.

Chen Sixuan through soul relation, some doubts asked to Ji Dong: "What is gold/metal this is making? Her words so are why strange, what head of the clan dragon but can also be old?"In the worldly wisdom, she majority of stayed in the initial Lie Yan (raging flames) condition eventually.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "This does not know that is the ancestor of Land Dragon confessed that gold/metal must such do. Her is reducing troublesome to oneself , is giving dragon clan to reduce troublesome. You forgot, she was the ancestor's of Land Dragon daughter. The ancestor of Land Dragon, is dragon clan first generation beginning Zulong, is dragon clan first generation dragon Huang. Without a doubt, its bloodlines, are the purest dragon sovereign bloodlines, the present dragon sovereign is also his descendant. Truly by rank. Perhaps gold/metal or Grandma dragon Huang Zu. Moreover, her emperor's clan bloodlines are so pure, is purer than the dragon sovereign. Once she returns to dragon clan officially, difficult insurance not to have the problem. She indicated a moment ago oneself are willing to become human, is telling dragon Huang, oneself not with the status that dragon Huang will compete for the dragon clan rulers. Wanted the position of that elder also so, lets the dragon sovereign to the dragon clan nephew privately owned confession. gold/metal such does, without doubt stabilizes for dragon clan considers."

Chen Sixuan is suddenly enlighted, said: "So that's how it is. After gold/metal remembers restores, with before compares really changed!"

Ji Dong said: "Perhaps, this is original she. She no longer that icy is very good?" Chen Sixuan nodded silently, steals a glance looks to Ji Dong, discovered that the Ji Dong facial color is usual, in heart then calm and steady several points, looks once more to gold/metal, in the heart the secretly thought, because initially were the reason of energy body, had suggested made gold/metal substitute itself, currently also only has gold/metal to know own real status. Does not know after her memory restores, how to think. Perhaps was thinks many, on so hurries to pursue Ji Dong, he had not responded, let alone was gold/metal.

"Maotai and Wuliangye, we pass."Ji Dong said to fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerates to lead the way immediately, this short distance is just their bodies sways from side to side two processes. In an instant, they arrived at.

"Dragon sovereign, Dragon King."Ji Dong stands on Maotai, salutes to numerous Giant Dragon, then changes gold/metal, "congratulated you, gold/metal."

gold/metal looks at Ji Dong, the vision has stagnated slightly, then returned to normal, looks again to Chen Sixuan, shows a faint smile to them, nodded.

dragon Huang said to Ji Dong: "Boy, this time exits you to harvest is not small! The strength has promoted a scale."

Ji Dong chuckled, said: "Does not promote good! Or was beaten cruelly frequently, is always not the means."

Dragon sovereign snorted, "you think that present you * won't be hit?"

Has turned head in dragon sovereign behind several Dragon King, is suppressing the happy expression, the matter that the first half of the year, Ji Dong and dragon Huang compare notes they know certainly, at this time looked dragon Huang and Ji Dong bicker, has smiled. Only has gold/metal somewhat to be confused. "Dragon sovereign, Griffing is invited."In this time, the ancestor's of old voice Land Dragon is conveying from, is reverberating in the air.

dragon Huang said to the side people: "Walks, we get down."

Numerous Giant Dragon falls ground in abundance, although is not first time saw, but when Ji Dong saw once more when ancestor of that Land Dragon reaches as high as hundred meters terrifying body, cannot bear as before shocks.

"Has seen the dragon sovereign."Griffing to dragon sovereign slight nod.

dragon Huang hurries to return salute saying: "Ancestor does not compare so. The younger generation cannot withstand."

Griffing said: "Regarding the dragon clan, I am only a criminal, already was not the ancestor. King's bloodlines awaken to complete finally, her strength growth also needs the date and time, hopes that your majesty can look looks after 12 in the share of same bloodlines. On the flatter golden body has the blood relationship of half human, therefore, she is not the genuine dragon clan, this point also asked your majesty to feel relieved."

Dragon sovereign nodded, said: "Dragon clan is respective, takes care of gold/metal surely fully."

Griffing shows a faint smile, "such words, I felt relieved. The Ji Dong little friend, my daughter now is a member in your heavenly stems disciple. But you are in the heavenly stems disciple this generation of Saint kings, does not know that what you then do want to make?"

In the Ji Dong heart moves, "senior, then I prepares to lead the partners to go to the earth core world, for informed and experienced, another also to explore."

Griffing nodded, said: "Your present strength also are short, particularly you, I believe, you also need to discipline. Therefore, looks in daughter's share, I want to help your, was inferior that you temporarily keep here, cultivates under my direction."

"Father."gold/metal somewhat anxiously called one.

The frog to protect the chrysanthemum, making out bill section Huju, we do not make him prevail daily, on difference dozens tickets. Has exploded him, hehe. Finally not to be how unimportant, more importantly must make frog fellow know, the monthly ticket chrysanthemum is not good to protect. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. The following content must be getting more and more splendid. Everybody guesses, the ancestor of Land Dragon leaves behind Ji Dong to do.

Chapter 488: My daughter likes you

Ancestor of lightly said Land Dragon: "gold/metal. You with this little girl the return dragon valley, Ji Dong are informed and experienced along with me first, can accelerate to grow surely. This also well commands your heavenly stems disciple to maintain Light Five Elements Continent."

From the ancestor's of Land Dragon tone, no one can listen to have any issue, but, he must leave behind Ji Dong to make one have doubts sufficiently. Does he to help Ji Dong really promote the strength to leave behind him? Perhaps regarding this point, anybody will have the doubts.

even/including Longhuang somewhat scruple sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, said: "Great ancestor, Ji Dong had saved my child, is my child's human partner. If he has anything to offend your place, but also asked you to excuse me."

Listened to dragon sovereign these words, Ji Dong to stare, when turned head to look to it, in the eye revealed several points of strange look, in the heart has been full of the light warm feeling. At this kind of time, dragon Huangken spoke for oneself, most at least he will treat as the friend. Ji Dong do not understand that completely the ancestor of Land Dragon must leave behind own meaning.

"Your majesty please feels relieved, I must leave behind his goal before you compares notes to be the same with him unceasingly, will not injure him truly." dragon Huang hesitant, nodded, said: "Good. Great ancestor. We first return dragon valley."

Ji Dong jumps down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, hints fifty Saint Fire Dragon to deliver Chen Sixuan to go back, but Chen Sixuan actually also jumped down, said to the dragon sovereign: "Your majesty, whether to ask which Dragon King to deliver me the return dragon valley?"

From one small clue one can see what is coming, although Chen Sixuan anything had not said to Ji Dong, all that but she makes made in the crowd of dragon hearts secretly nodded, gold/metal also understood after short surprised. She leaves behind fifty Saint Fire Dragon to give Ji Dong, can protect Ji Dong for fifty Saint Fire Dragon at crucial moments, in the meantime, has their this dragon Huang descendant, even if the ancestor of Land Dragon wants to be disadvantageous to Ji Dong, must think over. How regardless to say, the ancestors of Land Dragon are the dragon clan criminal, facing the descendant of dragon sovereign, he would dreading, at least it not true injures fifty Saint Fire Dragon. In this case, Ji Dong wants to escape is also not impossible, although the ancestor of Land Dragon is formidable, but it actually cannot leave the position that oneself are, its body three has gathered the mountain range to merge into one organic whole with this piece.

The dragon sovereign let the Fire Dragon king carrying/sustaining Chen Sixuan, took gold/metal, went in the dragon valley direction together, before leaving, gold/metal looked at Ji Dong, dispatched a look to him, but. Can Ji Dong understand the meaning in his look, was very difficult to say.

The group dragon returns to the return dragon valley to go, here, remaining Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon and that has been similar to the ancestor of huge statue common Land Dragon. Ancestor of that bright yellow big eyes Land Dragon is gazing at Ji Dong lightly, anything had not said, but Ji Dong also standing silently there, raises the head, with ancestor of four items of relative Land Dragon.

The thick pressure shines through from the ancestor's of Land Dragon look, the Ji Dong soul world feels a huge pressure immediately, but, competes magic power he is not the ancestor's of Land Dragon match, but the strength of competion soul, Ji Dong has strength of the spelling self- confidently. He does not have to touch directly hardly, after all, the ancestor of Land Dragon is the Saint level peak, can cultivation three species, its cultivation base already extremely close higher Divine level. Naturally, because with these three gathers the mountain range to fuse in together, he is forever impossible to cultivate the Divine level degree. Perhaps, it the biggest possibility, is will cultivate in the future with dark secret same four species. Differs one from Divine level.

In affirming opposite party the strength of soul must above oneself in the situation, Ji Dong has chosen defending, regardless of the ancestor of Land Dragon leaves behind his goal is anything, Ji Dong mood has not come under any influence, if the ancestor of Land Dragon must accompany him to cultivate, that naturally is the good deed. The ancestor of Land Dragon is different from dragon Huang, in cultivation base at the experience, its strength be more formidable than the dragon sovereign. What is more different, dragon sovereign can the incarnation fight with Ji Dong for human, or attacks Ji Dong by the huge and flexible body, but the ancestor of Land Dragon actually stands there stands one's ground steadfastly, its forms of combat definitely also meet are different. Obviously a more formidable pressure is Ji Dong anticipates. Moreover, he cannot find out the ancestor of Land Dragon to have anything to have the evil intention to himself completely.

The strength of soul recycles completely in brain, the comprehensive condensation, then resists the soul pressure that the ancestor of residence dragon brings, contracts the defense comprehensively, the strength of soul he consumes naturally compared with ancestor of small many of Land Dragon. The pressure that the ancestor of Land Dragon creates although is big, but Ji Dong stands there, back actually very straight, does not have the meaning of flinching.

After short collision, in the ancestor's of Land Dragon look reveals several points of surprised color/look, "good! The strength of your soul has progressed, moreover many of also progressing. No wonder my daughter will have a liking for you, you truly are one are good at creating the person of miracle." Ji Dong naturally knows that the strength of own soul progressed, but, in his consciousness, regarding the strength of large scale progress this soul , to promote from Saint level initial rank to the Saint level middle rank, sums up after own magic power promotes gains the advantage that that second demon territory brings to Eight-Crown. But in fact. His idea is completely wrong, the silver of demon territory illusion no doubt is the energetic demon territory, but draws support is also his originally psychic force , because he promotes in cultivation base before Eight-Crown has achieved the psychic force of Saint level, when had the demon territory to have the variation, thus made Ji Dong have this own second special demon territory. But it actually cannot help Ji Dong make the strength of soul promote once more. Saint level the strength of soul even must be hard to cultivate compared with Saint level magic power, because of its simply not appropriate cultivation method, what are more is must rely on the chance.

Like the present dragon sovereign, cultivation base has achieved the Saint level middle rank, but the strength of his soul actually as before stays in the Saint level initial rank degree does not have the little advance. As for the ancestor of Land Dragon, that does not know that many years accumulations, had strength of cultivation base present Saint level high rank soul, cannot reach the Saint level peak similarly the degree. This is why Ji Dong the strength of soul is also increased also to be surprised to the ancestor of Saint level middle rank Land Dragon continually, reason that and calls the miracle.

The reason of strength of promotion Ji Dong this soul lies in a night of that hot spring hotel, that night, he and Chen Sixuan spirit desire united, true linked. The Chen Sixuan innermost soul, has the god knowledge that Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves behind, when she and Ji Dong merge into one organic whole truly, two people soul also unprecedented each other blending, in this case, her god knows naturally also continuously is stimulating Ji Dong the strength of soul. Happen to catches up with Ji Dong magic power to break through Eight-Crown, the strength of soul presents the situation of blowout. Then made Ji Dong the strength of soul make the breakthrough again. Whole. Ji Dong the strength of soul impossible and compared with the ancestor of Land Dragon, but he in did not seek in the situation of active cherishing only the hope of avoiding mistakes, was relying on Saint level middle rank the strength of soul, the ancestor of Land Dragon wanted to suppress him comprehensively is not that easy. Reason that this is also that acclaiming.

If Chen Sixuan carried on the ancestor of soul fusion altogether anti- Land Dragon with Ji Dong at this time here, they even have the possibility to meet as an equal in the soul level with the ancestor of Land Dragon. Perhaps from the skill of soul operation, Ji Dong cannot compare the ancestor of Land Dragon, the age limit that but Lie Yan (raging flames) has in this world could not miss many compared with the ancestor of Land Dragon, once had achieved Divine level cultivation base, competed, who will be the winner also cannot know. In that case. Will the ancestor of Land Dragon only resist two people with the strength of soul?

Oppression suddenly one from soul light, the ancestor of Land Dragon has taken back the complete oppression strength, Ji Dong also control naturally the strength of own soul, has not counter-attacked because of reclamation of ancestor of strength Land Dragon.

"Boy, I wants to chat with you." The ancestor of Land Dragon looks at Ji Dong, the sinking sound said.

Ji Dong is wanting to know that the ancestor of Land Dragon leaves behind own real cause, "senior please say."

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "I did not talk circuitously with you.
I feel to obtain, my daughter likes you, how did you say?"

"Does gold/metal like me?"Ji Dong stare blankly, looks to the ancestor of Land Dragon, suddenly could not speak.

Ancestor of snorted Land Dragon, said: "What's wrong? Couldn't my daughter have been joined to you? The boys, I told you, you are willing to be also good, did not want, I cannot see my daughter to feel sad in any case the sad appearance. Otherwise, the father sacrifices this life not to want, regardless of you run away to the ends of the earth, I am also same can kill you."

Ji Dong behind not the far fifty Saint Fire Dragon two main items also lift, look bad looks to the ancestor of Land Dragon, obviously to this ancestor not anything favorable impression. In their hearts, Ji Dong is most important.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Senior, this matter feared us unable to achieve consistently. I already had the lover, has never thought accepts the sentiments of other women again."

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "Was that girl a moment ago?"He refers to naturally is Chen Sixuan.

Ji Dong shook the head, ", is not she. Who my lover is, you should know."

"Did you say that Empress Lie Yan? Wasn't she died?"Ancestor of somewhat angry saying Land Dragon.

The ancestor of Ji Dong vision straightly shoots Land Dragon, facing this dragon clan first powerhouse, does not have the meaning of timid and fearing, asked back: "Senior, King's mother also died for many years, can you once forget her?"

"You......" the ancestor of Land Dragon listen to Ji Dong to mention your love elegant secret, suddenly, mood fluctuation immediately large scale shake.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Sentiment between I and Lie Yan (raging flames), is not the life and death can separate. If not her also last wish makes me complete, I already along with her. You must begin, begins freely. I am not your match. You have killed me, I should thank on the contrary am. After all, this is not I am willing dead, you deliver to side me Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames) should not blame me. Come." At the same time was saying, Ji Dong double back of the hand after behind, even does not have the meaning of least bit revolt, sticks out chest facing the ancestor of Land Dragon. Although ancestor of his stature and Land Dragon compares is that tiny, may not be at this moment weak in the imposing manner in the opposite party.

In ancestor of eyes Land Dragon god electro-optic shoots, before , the claw lifted. The strong magic power fluctuation just like the essence covers the body of Ji Dong generally, regardless of the body defense of Ji Dong were formidable, so long as at this time his claw patted, tyrannical magic power can rip the fragment Ji Dong that did not garrison instantaneously.

Ji Dong as before is a face confident appearance, how regardless of as if the ancestor of Land Dragon does, does not have any relations with him. In look, even reveals several to decompose escapes. All that he said that do not have the slightest bit lie actually, can see Lie Yan (raging flames) ahead of time, is matter that he looks forward.

The ancestor of Land Dragon opens big mouth suddenly, took a deep breath, immediately, airborne fog because its this deeply inspires, but fierce fluctuation. dragon claw that lifts also finally puts down, coldly snorted, said to Ji Dong: "Boy, do not think that I do not dare to kill you. I am feared that killed you to make my daughter sad. However, the capital crime may exempt, suffering is difficult to run away. To leave here, depends on your skill. When you can escape from me calmly, when you can leave."

Ji Dong sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, those who made the ancestor of illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy Land Dragon was, from this boy eyes, he saw the look that regretted unexpectedly, why Ji Dong seemed is blaming him not to begin to kill him to resemble.

When the ancestor of Land Dragon is depressed, suddenly, Ji Dong the nose oven of body any omen, has not shot like lightning backward, these turns over/stands up shoots but actually, the whole person is similar to the arrow of string is common, the free time who is almost blinking arrived at fifty Saint Fire Dragon to carry on the back. Maotai and Wuliangye and Ji Dong coordinate the what kind of tacit understanding, first started their talent skill: Crossing over.

The huge body just like shifts instantaneously general, in an instant appears beyond hundred meters, at this time, they brought Ji Dong to run out had a about 200 meters distance fully. This has not calculated, the Ji Dong personal appearance flashes, after fifty Saint Fire Dragon passes through the flash of stopping, before whole person already once more to/clashes, but Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously spit the breath blowout, promoting his body to accelerate once more, is ordinary before the lightning to/clashes. The rapidness of this speed, looks like the lasing shell is ordinary.

According to the judgment of Ji Dong, the ancestor of most tyrannical attack range Land Dragon, should in radius one kilometer range, so long as ran out of this kilometer range, wanted to get rid of his attack on easy many. Formerly he stood there and Zu of Land Dragon speaks, itself had about hundred meters from the ancestor of Land Dragon. At this time, such nose oven, drew support from fifty Saint Fire Dragon to pass through the skill, had 300 meters from the ancestor of Land Dragon. These time accelerates fully, comprehensive application that Teng Snake flashes, he is confident, before oneself need to take a breath runs out of this kilometer range. Promoted Eighth Crown along with cultivation base, his Teng Snake flashed has also been able occasionally to use sixth to dodge. What a pity, extinguishes the god to strike also stays in fifth heavy realm, even if after a forest rock pile and Mr. and Mrs. forest clear a war, extinguishes sign that the god strikes has not promoted as before once more.

Haha, has exploded the frog, I was very happy. Thank you.

Chapter 489: Best trainer

Without a doubt, the response of Ji Dong is extremely quick. The tactical employment is extremely also appropriate, after the look has confused the ancestor of Land Dragon has carried immediately on launch. When he launches finally Teng Snake six dodge accelerates fully, the entire process also passed for one second.

But, Ji Dong realized the ancestor's of Land Dragon terrifying place quickly. When his Teng Snake flashed just to display third to dodge, when the whole ran out of 500 meters range, suddenly, before him, did not have the emergence of omen a mountain.

Right, is the mountain, this mountain peak, highly over 500 meters, it existed, but, it actually should not appear on the path of Ji Dong advance. Looks even without eyes, relies on the soul judgment, Ji Dong will not be choosing the wrong escaping route. But, this mountain peak, is actually stopped up before him. This is not mistake of Ji Dong judgment, but was that mountain moves. Shifts 300 meters baseless, quietly appeared in front of Ji Dong, has blocked his way actually.

Accelerates to run out of 500 meters with shift compared with 300 meters a mountain peak fully. Which is simple which to be difficult to be clear. The ancestor of Land Dragon stands there, naturally cannot move, but in its this time eye has actually been full of the look of teasing.

The front is the mountain peak, Ji Dong now only then two choices, either, will not be less than 300 meters mountain peak to pass through from this diameter forcefully, another, changes the route, surmounts. However, which type regardless, without a doubt greatly will reduce his speed. At this time, the change of Ji Dong made the ancestor of Land Dragon be startled. His choice is not the former is not the latter. Prevents the mountain of oneself way facing this, his Teng Snake flashes not to display again, instead before is the double palm is void presses, magic power rushes, slows down speed that oneself have attacked, then has run upon that mountain peak.

Black and white two-color ray in this moment from Ji Dong both hands bright, when his body falls when the mountain peak, the double palm has simultaneously delimited, almost in using to display Teng Snake to dodge the speed of body transformation to inscribe anything on the mountain massif. Each, comprehensively pours into magic power, not having the slightest bit to retain.

"Un? Young fellows."Ancestor of laughed Land Dragon, making Ji Dong one with amazement appear again, the previous moment, but also before him, is inscribed the mountain peak of strange brand mark by him, the next flash sank unexpectedly suddenly. That is 500 meters high mountain peak! Submerges in the ground to vanish to disappear in a flash. The ground is smooth, even also big trees, but that mountain peak actually baseless vanished.

A tyrannical incomparable attracting customer interest from airborne transmits, although Ji Dong stimulates to movement magic power to contend fully, actually as before bit by bit was attracted retreat that backward pulls. Even if Teng Snake flashes is unable to prevent his potential of this retreat.

"Boy, you are very sly. Actually wants to leave here by transmission law. Others did not know that five elements method, could it be I haven't known? Oh, was right, you have not known. This five elements method, is I helped the elegant secret create. Although after her, should spend a lot of time to improve, making five elements method transform, but in the final analysis, its essence does not change. Possibly how to hide the truth from me."

Ji Dong inwardly sighed in the heart, had given up resistance, is attracted by the dragon claw strength that the ancestor of Land Dragon lifts pulls to return. When his body enters the ancestor of body range Land Dragon hundred meters, that attracted the customer interest also naturally to vanish.

"I chose mistakenly the direction, I should run away to the sky."Ji Dong somewhat annoying saying.

Ancestor of chuckled Land Dragon, "? You think that you run away to the sky, can't prevent your strength? I such told you. Only if you can run away to over three kilometers upper air, or escapes from three to gather the mountain range range in the ground. Otherwise. You run away difficultly my palm. Do not forget, I am earth, water and gold/metal, three departments coexist. Look."

At the same time was saying, ancestor of that bright yellow big eyes Land Dragon turned into the black suddenly, the next moment, Ji Dong is the complexion big change, because in their this scopes, a moment ago also the extremely sunny sky at this time unexpectedly became a darkness, that dark cloud, making in the person heart be full of the depressing feeling. Strong Water Element from the sky condenses, that huge degree and oppression strength, even must surpass the mountain that formerly that baseless shifted and undercut.

This is ascends the sky really roadless, enters does not have the gate. To flee impediment of ancestor of this Land Dragon, must rely on the strength to be good.

Ancestor of tone Land Dragon is very the temperate say/way: "Boy, after presumptuously thought I to fall asleep, do not find the opportunity to sneak off again. This not possibly. old dragon I either, can rest for thousand and ten thousand years, either, can sober for thousand and ten thousand years, wants to consume the time with me, your human life also by far insufficient. Only if you can cultivation the god, otherwise."At the same time was saying, it also lifts dragon claw, is very user-friendly stretched out dragon claw to shake shaking in front of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong snorted, anything no longer said simply, sits down before the ancestor of Land Dragon directly, the next moment fast entered in the cultivation condition. At this time, his aura is not very even even, can so quick entry cultivation condition, if makes ordinary Mage see, will praise to the heavens surely.

The ancestor of Land Dragon grinning. In the heart nods silently, this boy, is really innately gifted. Receives own spoken language stimulation, slightly has not actually affected his will. Really worthily is the leader of heavenly stems disciple. Had the father past elegant demeanor. However, this boy not like me in the past that universal love? The women, many several fear anything.

dragon valley.

dragon Huang at this time in valley, before the body, is standing a numerous heavenly stems disciple. It is closing both eyes, seems feeling anything to resemble. But the heavenly stems disciples including return gold/metal, on each face are revealing the anxious color/look.

Ji Dong was left behind by the ancestor of Land Dragon suddenly, no one understands that what is this, the ancestor of Land Dragon is so formidable, once is disadvantageous to Ji Dong, that may unable to contend easily.

"wu"dragon sovereign grows tone, a pair of giant dragon pupil opens slowly.

"What kind of?"gold/metal already impatient asking.

Dragon sovereign gently nodded, said: "You felt relieved that Ji Dong will not have the matter. Evidently, the ancestor must help he better promotion strength remain really him. And harmless."

Regarding the words of dragon sovereign, people believe that listened to its such saying, everybody relaxed. In dragon clan these days, although cultivates very aridly, but heavenly stems disciples everyone is actually maintaining the excited condition. The reason does not have him, here cultivates. Compared in outside quick many. Each of them in the unceasing progress, the promotion of each magic power level, becomes they will continue to cultivate the biggest power. Let alone, they also had oneself mount partner. Can cultivates in the dragon valley and mount dragon together, without a doubt is the best matter. As the matter stands, they can agree with oneself mount in a short time.

dragon Huangwei said with a smile: "You continue to cultivate. gold/metal elder, you come with me, I must announce the status of your elder in the entire clan."


Just the ancestor of Land Dragon stayed behind, Ji Dong is the surprise, surprised. Especially when the Zu of Land Dragon proposed that does not let he leaves easily, is makes in the Ji Dong chest ignite anger.

However, with the lapse of time. Ji Dong actually discovered, compared with dragon sovereign, the ancestor of Land Dragon is a more suitable trainer. It not only can take to itself a more tremendous pressure, even more desirably, it on own initiative will not lash out, when want to flee, it will get rid to stop. But oneself think it launches the attack time, it also resists, but does not counter-attack. Some such excellent trainers, although ancestor of here Land Dragon, the element rich degree is inferior to the dragon valley, but Ji Dong has the primal chaos demon territory, also too in a big way has not affected.

Every day, Ji Dong must at least twice attempt to break through the blockade of ancestor of Land Dragon, various moves emerge one after another incessantly, but, the ancestor's of Land Dragon strength truly was too formidable, Ji Dong before it, had to plant to admire the feeling throughout. How regardless of he does, the ancestors of Land Dragon can keep off him. But also in daily such full escaping process, Ji Dong will withstand the huge oppression strength. After impact failure, he enters the cultivation condition immediately, cultivates magic power, while seriously pondered oneself formerly were attacking the success and failure in process. This has formed a positive cycle, making his cultivation base progress in the unceasing self-torture continually.

Ji Dong also kept a subsequent hand, from initial to the present, he also uses the demon territory, may actually limit to the primal chaos demon territory, the silver of oneself that second demon territory illusion throughout has not actually used. Ji Dong now is very clear, oneself have not broken through the assurance that the ancestor of Land Dragon blocks, uses the silver of illusion, could escape certain distance, but as before is impossible to escape from the ancestor of control area Land Dragon, with its this, might as well waits for the opportunity, when the strength is enough continued to attack again.

Three months, in an instant on the past. Finally three months of self- torture, Ji Dong achieved wishes will extinguish the god to strike to cultivate sixth heavy realm. His magic power has also promoted Level 82.

With the unceasing promotion of realm, extinguishes pleasantly surprised the god strikes to take to Ji Dong also becomes more and more, in the future
, to promote , although is also more difficult, but, increases the single layer every time, this will extinguish the might that the god will strike becomes more terrifying, when breaking through tertiary, will enter fourth heavy realm, Ji Dong obtained extinguished the supplementary skill that the god struck to extinguish the god to direct. When breaks through fifth is heavy, not any change. However, after Ji Dong breaks through sixth was heavy, he obtains one to extinguish the god series the skill. This skill like extinguishing the god directs that directly, but if applies appropriately, is actually more wonderful. Now Ji Dong is anticipating, when extinguish the god strikes breaks through the single layer again the time, but can also have the new skill to obtain.

The ancestor of Land Dragon is similar to the statue stands erect as before generally there, so long as Ji Dong does not try to leave, it does not have any movement, looks like an independent mountain peak is the same, but once Ji Dong has any motion, it actually can respond immediately. Is relying on compared with the strength of Ji Dong more intrepid soul, can first one step in advance sentence the motion of Ji Dong. The Ji Dong present highest record, breaks through to being away from it 800 meters range. This record has continued not to produce a long time again changes.

Sits cross-legged to sit in ground Ji Dong opens both eyes suddenly, the next moment, his body has been similar to the shell has charged into the ancestor of Land Dragon generally. Now he already not pure wants to escape. Sometimes, when he thinks through some forms of combat or is the skill engagement words, will perform the experiment with the ancestor of Land Dragon. Match who is so impossible to be victorious facing one, is used, when target is appropriate.

When Ji Dong stretches the body forward, but flash, before ancestor's of Land Dragon right , the claw lifted oneself chest front, the Ji Dong conclusion cultivation time, it has discovered.

If dragon Huang noticed that this also certainly will be at present startled, to defend the attack of Ji Dong, the ancestor of Land Dragon must lift dragon claw unexpectedly first. This is the matter that general Rank 10 Giant Dragon is unable to achieve.

The ancestor of Land Dragon cannot, but for it, the reason is very simple, the attack of Ji Dong was too overbearing. At the powerful degree of its body, cannot continue to keep off the attack of Ji Dong hardly.

Extinguished the god to strike to promote to the sixth heavy that day, the ancestor of Land Dragon even ate slightly to owe on Ji Dong, escapes 800 meters record, on that day created. Extinguishes the god to strike to cultivate sixth heavily, the ancestor of Land Dragon impossible to have kept off the attack of Ji Dong with the body hardly, must release magic power to resist is good. In this case, can Ji Dong not be joyful?

Saw, the body of Ji Dong must rush to the ancestor of chest front Land Dragon position. Suddenly, his entire photograph in the airborne anchorage generally, formerly the tendency actually suddenly booklet of overshooting, from the sky formed a three horn tips peak operation route, directly soars under to pound. The right fist of Ji Dong directly soars the position of ancestor of lower abdomen Land Dragon to overrun.

The ancestor of Land Dragon is very depressed, although it is Saint level peak cultivation base, but the biggest problem cannot leave same place, therefore, its huge lower part naturally is unable to move. Ji Dong on use this point, in the attack, always specially looks for its lower part to get rid as of late. Ancestor of body Land Dragon is so huge, Ji Dong own body so is small. Is relying on own flexibility, but can also bring really troublesome some to the ancestor of Land Dragon. Before said that 800 meters that Ji Dong created escaped the distance record, under a premise, that did not have fifty Saint Fire Dragon to be auxiliary. When first time escapes outside, Ji Dong put the return dragon valley to go fifty Saint Fire Dragon, making it cultivation in the dragon valley voluntarily. In there, obviously promotion of more suitable fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Regarding departure of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the ancestor of Land Dragon naturally does not have any opinion, was short of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the pressure that Ji Dong must bear was naturally bigger, this was it is happy to see.

Just looked at one, with the disparities of previous monthly ticket also more than 200 votes, as if bad is not very far. Another monthly ticket congeals the chrysanthemum that becomes in us at present, is a little slightly far, so long as we are strong enough, has enough impulse, a bright small English daisy must bloom as before. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. Haha, thinks that has exploded frog, is very happy, this and position irrelevant, the key is I thinks that the protecting chrysanthemum manifesto of frog, I want to smile.

Chapter 490: Cloudy is you

Approaches regarding Ji Dong this airborne sudden booklet. As if violated the law of nature general forms of combat, in the ancestor of heart Land Dragon has appreciated extremely. This forms of combat dragon clan self-examines cannot achieve, really had confusing and element of surprise. The strength of its soul is higher than Ji Dong, can certainly make sentences in advance, this type of booklet to the way also really must bring not the small trouble.

Naturally, Ji Dong this airborne booklet also has certain limit to it law. He by extinguishing the god directs to achieve this point. But the direction that before extinguishing the god brings in changes oneself body to/clashes, must first have a fixed towing point. If this towing point intensity he uses to extinguish the god to direct the car wash motionless is good. As the matter stands, can pull to draw his body reverse in the past. The soil of ordinary rock and ground naturally cannot achieve easily. But the ancestor's of Land Dragon body is actually without question.

Ji Dong will extinguish having at one's command that the god directs to practice now, the body does not have the direction detection. Once fights, that is similar to the ghosts and demons personal appearance rapid unparalleled.

Naturally, did not mean that does not have ancestor of Ji Dong this Land Dragon to extinguish the god to transfer is not easy-to-use, extinguishes the god directed the effect the enemy drew before own, again with extinguishing the god wrecks to extinguish it. This change direction is the attached effect that Ji Dong develop. But the fifty Saint Fire Dragon that huge body is Ji Dong pulls not to draw obviously. Moreover Ji Dong can also inform it to stabilize the body to help itself through the soul exchange beforehand pull. Therefore, this extinguishes the god to direct the application appropriate words, it can be said that one of the Ji Dong Assassin's maces.

At this time, saw that Ji Dong flushes away toward own, under ancestor of dragon claw Land Dragon pats, simultaneously in within the body magic power high-speed operation, a thick earth lance drilled from the ground, directly soars the Ji Dong body bombardment to go.

Under the ancestor of Land Dragon dragon claw of racket in was too fearful. That is not only then in the dragon claw range has the striking power. At least 30 meters in diameter broad range, likely was pressed by a mountain has gotten down. magic power of Saint level peak does not display any skill. Also compared favorably with ordinary Ultra Certain Kill Skill sufficiently.

Facing such situation, Ji Dong is unhurriedly, three months of experience, already allowed him to understand the ancestor's of Land Dragon forms of combat gradually. Both hands palm eversion promotes, extinguishes god to direct to display the counter- hauling capacity. Since this is also Ji Dong in a new ability that these months have developed. From extinguishing the god directs the evolution.

He will extinguish the god to direct the way reverse revolution of operation, as the matter stands, when the palm promotes no longer has the suction, but sudden eruption thrust force. Again on auxiliary his own magic power, the strength that this pushes is quite huge.

Ancestor of that huge body Land Dragon naturally impossible to be promoted by Ji Dong, but under this pushes, with the aid of the reacting force, the body of Ji Dong has been similar to the shell flies generally horizontally.

From most starts to begin now, he changes including oneself phoenix dragon dance snake has not even used, the wing no doubt can make him have the ability of flight. But rapidly instead becomes the resistance during this motion. Ji Dong changes the direction once more, the lance of that earth naturally does not puncture the dragon claw eversion that he, ancestor of snorted Land Dragon, patted, the palm of its dragon claw and human did not have much difference, was the five fingers, at this time, the middle finger and thumb buckled in the same place, sprang instantaneously. In the air resounds an sharp fulmination immediately.

This time, was not Earth department magic power. That golden light filled the pinnacle sharp air/Qi, the body of Ji Dong is locked by the strength of ancestor's of tyrannical soul Land Dragon instantaneously. That golden light had the unequalled imposing manner to pursue behind him in an instant.

Facing locking of ancestor of Land Dragon, Ji Dong is actually unhurriedly, void, as if the air twisted slightly. Then, that golden light that from the sky stop moment that the ancestor of Land Dragon springs. The one who most made the ancestor of Land Dragon shocked was, oneself lost unexpectedly to locking of Ji Dong.

Is this possible? The ancestor of Land Dragon these time has shocked, keeps here to start Ji Dong from it, this situation never has also appeared. The strength of its soul is higher than a level compared with Ji Dong, according to the common sense, Ji Dong is possibly has not escaped it to lock. This is Ji Dong is unable to flee one of the here reasons. By soul locking, the ancestor of Land Dragon can grasp to his next motion clearly, naturally can also calmly deal, relies on far ultra opposite party magic power, Ji Dong is wanting to escape easier said than done from its here?

Loses locking, the metal attribute attack that springs naturally can only maintain the straight line, after has stopped one next, Ji Dong was only the body deviated a direction slightly, that golden light passed over gently and swiftly from his side.

Evades an own attack is not anything, but, evades own soul locking, this issue was big. The ancestor of Land Dragon is somewhat puzzled, is somewhat depressed. Ji Dong may, no matter this set, the body accelerates suddenly, the phoenix dragon dance snake that formerly had not released changes also completely releases at this time. The pair of wings whips, coordinating Teng Snake to dodge, before full speed to/clashes, in the slanting thorn directly soars the upper air to fly. Like this flies up at angle is Ji Dong after innumerable experiments, discovery is easiest to be separated from the way of ancestor of control area Land Dragon.

In the sky has the water, the ground has the earth, flying up at angle can the pull distance as far as possible. Without a doubt, the ancestor's of Land Dragon striking power and distance are in reverse proportion. From is farther, attacks the might also to be naturally smaller.

Among ancestor of such short surprised Land Dragon, Ji Dong leapt up about 300 meters. Cloudy Yang Fire hovering law raises in back comprehensively, the primal chaos demon territory opens to the maximum degree, does not break through the meaning of three kilometers vowing not to rest greatly.

The ancestor of Land Dragon responded at this time, coldly snorted, the right claw lifts, toward sky one finger/refers, simultaneously left claw finds out, makes to the Ji Dong direction empty stresses the shape.

Immediately, a tyrannical incomparable attracting customer interest appeared behind Ji Dong, speed flash that his increases comprehensively slow. Although also reluctantly can maintain the vanguard, but also can only be several meter/rice types just like every second the turtle crawls for him the general speed.

Ancestor's of Ji Dong and Land Dragon magic power disparity is too big, this separation suction pulls does not know that many time became the chief criminal who Ji Dong is unable to be separated from.

Let alone, in the sky is cloudy at this time, under this dark cloud is not the rain, under the ancestor's of Land Dragon control, the innumerable waterdrops congeals the ice cone shape, directly soared the Ji Dong direction to pound.

"To run, does not have is so easy." The ancestor of Land Dragon pair of claws is uneven, the sky attack behind tows in addition, so long as Ji Dong resists the airborne attack. Is naturally impossible vigorously to block the strength of own hauling, will be pulled back surely. It wants to make now as soon as possible this boy, then ascertained a moment ago what's the matter. It cannot think through to the present, why own attack sluggish, but Ji Dong at that time will also be separated from locking, without a doubt, this surely is the Ji Dong noisy ghost.

At this time the face of Ji Dong is outward, the ancestor of Land Dragon cannot see the look on his face, if it can see, perhaps somewhat will be vigilant.

The Ji Dong complexion ten segregate heavily, the knees tune, the both arms also draw in the chest front, as far as possible changes by own body small, the force of traction that like this withstands also will change will be naturally small. The ice cone in sky fell outrageously. This clearly is one all-around attacks Water department Ultra Certain Kill Skill. But the ancestor of Land Dragon does not want to injure him obviously truly, when uses this magic skill to launch the attack for him, will not lock on him, but is only the attack in the surrounding, exerts pressure to him, making him inescapable.

Ji Dong took a deep breath, his draws in both hands before body suddenly and grasps in the same place, at this time turned into jet black such as the color in black ink completely, in his both eyes, as if also has the black turnover to be uncertain. Back cloudy Yang Fire hovering law transforms as cloudy Yang Fire condensation law. Meanwhile. The primal chaos demon territory is revolving rapidly. Black and white dual-color forms giant light ball around his body. Has the shield of primal chaos demon territory, the change in five elements method has not brought to the attention of ancestor of Land Dragon.

Ice cone big, suddenly, Ji Dong back pair of wings restraining, all has resisted the back hauling the strength to take back completely, after the whole person is similar to the shell is common flies immediately, goes in the ancestor's of Land Dragon direction.

The ancestor of this situation Land Dragon is not first time meets. Without a doubt, Ji Dong such does is the wisest choice, has avoided with upfront Ultra Certain Kill Skill touches hardly. The Ji Dong body this was pulled back, the ancestor of Land Dragon very natural relaxed several points, on dragon claw has attracted the customer interest to strengthen continually. The tendency of so long as returning to presents, before Ji Dong wants to restore again, to/clashes is almost impossible. Meanwhile his another dragon claw wields, the dark cloud in sky looked like by a giant broom is swept, vanished with that ice cone big without the trace.

Here is three gathers the mountain range, but three gather the mountain range in some sense, can be part of ancestor of body Land Dragon. Was shelled by super Certain Kill Skill, that is not the wonderful matter, at least must have the massive plant deaths, is not the ancestor of Land Dragon is willing to see. Therefore, after the goal is achieved, it rather consumes some magic power, cancels range Ultra Certain Kill Skill that oneself formerly displayed. This procedure, even if dragon Huang does not dare to simulate easily, cancels Ultra Certain Kill Skill that oneself release, not good to be the consequence of backlash.

The body of Ji Dong in airborne as if also tries to open the pair of wings, to stabilize the body not to be involved, but such behavior can only bring in the look that the ancestor of Land Dragon disdains. To be cut off my magic power hauling, is that easy? Even if a mountain, that was also said that towed to tow.

Really, body of Ji Dong after trying to struggle to be unsuccessful, has chosen giving up, the body is similar to the shell flies generally in the ancestor's of Land Dragon direction.

According to the past situation, the next moment, ancestor's of Land Dragon dragon claw will hold the body of Ji Dong, then throws him to the ground, thus announced that these time escapes the failure. This Ji Dong altogether including 400 meters not to run away. Only then that fixed isolation is the highlight. Saw that likely has acted with undue haste. Usually quite effective inescapable ability has not used.

Ancestor's of own strength Land Dragon was really too formidable, it does not think that in a short time Ji Dong had the possibility of oneself here escaping. Therefore, it has to Ji Dong many underestimates. To come in it, reason that Ji Dong has not used numerous skills to escape, a possibility is because that isolated the ability that oneself locked to have the massive consumptions to him, another possibility was he confessed that impossible to escape from own hand. Therefore, it is quite smooth to be stressed not too many suspicions to Ji Dong by oneself.

Saw, Ji Dong arrived in front of the ancestor of Land Dragon. At this time, suddenly, was in Ji Dong in midair to make a ancestor's of puzzled movement command Land Dragon. He does not have to try to escape again, but has turned around.

Flash when Ji Dong has turned around, the ancestor of Land Dragon was startled. But it wants to respond again, actually already without enough time. In the Ji Dong chest front, in his both hands of that contraction, is holding a diameter about half foot, presents is the black crystals of many rhombuses. That black crystal seems to be transparent, inside also deep purple halo circulation, what is most fearful, it actually does not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation to spread, that moment of until Ji Dong turning around, sees this huge black crystal, the ancestors of Land Dragon has not felt the slightest bit danger the aura.

The Ji Dong complexion is very pale, pale scary, looked like withstood greatly any overdrew general.

"Is this?" The ancestor of Land Dragon surprised just wants to say anything, both hands of Ji Dong loosened.

Does not need him to catch up on own initiative, the force of traction on ancestor of dragon claw Land Dragon attracted in that black crystal his hand. All these said slowly, may in fact actually complete in the electric light flint. In ancestor of mouth Land Dragon two characters put out, that black crystal has hit above its huge dragon claw.

Was planned, this is the ancestor's of Land Dragon first thought that but, even if it has realized also already late. In its heart this thought just produced time, an extremely gloomy and cold aura has been spreading over the whole body in an instant. Spread over the whole body by magic power, this regarding human, even regarding the ordinary dragon clan, is very normal matters, but, these four characters used on the ancestor of Land Dragon are actually tens of thousands of years have not had the matters.

After ordinary grown Giant Dragon cultivation base achieves Rank 10, generally the height between 20 meters to 30 meters, the height of Dragon King will break 30 meters this boundary, only has the emperor's clan, may grow to the height over 50 meters.

Must know, this body huge degree may, not only the difference of length, the length of body is bigger, the volume of body also with it enlargement. The ancestor of Land Dragon himself is a different number, its reaches as high as hundred meters body, the body weight is calculates by thousand tons, is huge? Can make it feel gloomy and cold to spread over the whole body instantaneously, needs how huge magic power to achieve?

Black, by the ancestor of Land Dragon with that black crystal collision rapidly spreads, during several breath, has transmitted each of ancestor of body Land Dragon.

The next chapter that immediately renews must appear extinguishes second that the god strikes to evolve, everybody guesses that is anything. Hehe.
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