Jiu Shen Chapter 471-480

Chapter 471: The town soul demon territory and phoenix eye of

Murderous intention won't Ji Dong of forest rock pile be able to feel? The collision also made him have a more profound understanding to this merit Cao Mian under.

Garnet god hot Saint king Kai appears from within the body. Covered the body of Ji Dong, when that fierce mask covered his face, the unequalled slaughtering aura has not minced matter from his within the body release. That is the deicide to cultivate Josse's murderous aura. This deicide is in the sword of Fire God no doubt to affect the use of Ji Dong, but his ability similarly will have been borrowed by Ji Dong. Similar to essence general murderous aura, made the imposing manner extremely terrifying promotion of Ji Dong, fifty Saint Fire Dragon also received change on his aura, face upwarded the long and loud cry.

Chen Sixuan when anxious observing, eruption when Ji Dong murderous aura is outspoken, she understands, Ji Dong was earnest. Very possible this is one will not die the continuous fight. She knows, before own judgment is completely wrong, Lin for other face also reasons, not only Lin Baichuan this head of household began, a forest rock pile supreme powerhouse also non- care for reputation launched the attack to Ji Dong. The matter of today wanted already is very friendly difficult. However, Chen Sixuan too many worries, she has not had the absolute self-confidence to Ji Dong, let alone also she, by two people strengths, even if facing at present the situations of these two supreme powerhouses, also there is an ability that the whole body draws back. The change on Ji Dong makings also made a vision of forest rock pile become dignified, two swift and fierce vision welcomed strong murderous aura on Ji Dong having sent out. Meanwhile, a forest rock pile one step steps forward, the strong magic power fluctuation erupts, black air current sweeps across from him, that is the black is mixing the azure brilliance, when this ray appears on developing the martial stage, immediately the command developed the depression of martial stage becomes more intense.

That azure black ray looks like the thick mist general float in the midair, Ji Dong discovered with amazement, oneself originally output outside the body, felt surrounding all changes the strength of soul to be extruded within the body unexpectedly forcefully. This situation his first meeting, even if when facing the dragon sovereign and Land Dragon ancestor , the strength of opposite party soul has surpassed him, is unable to oppress the strength of his soul! Let alone from the beforehand fight, soul cultivation base might as well he of forest rock pile, why will have this situation?

Demon territory. In the Ji Dong heart flashes through these two characters instantaneously, simultaneously in heart vigilant also became deeper. Not only the soul was suppressed, periphery all also become no longer clear, as if entire world fell into leaning darkness.

A forest rock pile cold sound said: "Has not thought. Was the strength of your soul was unable to play affects? Told you also to might as well, this was my demon territory, spiritual level demon territory, named: Town soul. Can die in my town soul demon territory, was your glory. In my town soul demon territory, regardless of anybody, even if the Saint level powerhouses must be affected, all responses become slow, the psychic force is unable to survey the surrounding all, looked like loses six senses to be ordinary. You can hear my sound now. Is I makes you hear intentionally. You cannot feel my position, six senses are sealed up, in the demon territory of supreme powerhouse rank, my town soul is one of the strongest several. Can make me use demon territory, you should feel that proud is right."

Words of forest rock pile do not exaggerate, Ji Dong understands, the demon territory in this spiritual level is primarily magic power with these inspires the demon territory of strength of world to be completely different. This town soul demon territory itself does not have the striking power, but its function is to actually shield six senses of person, lost six senses, but how also to contend with the opposite party? Only if breaks through this demon territory immediately, otherwise, share that only then allows to be oppressed.

However, Ji Dong also judges, this town soul demon territory is the effect is truly astonishing, but must display this type of formidable demon territory forest rock pile also absolutely to pay certain price, otherwise, he rubbish with, already began to strike to kill.

What to do? Ji Dong self-confident somewhat vacillated finally, he does not fear the hard bridge hard horse to shaking, but lost all sensations only to be able the situation that like this, whatever the match butchered was actually not he can grasp. By forest rock pile cultivation base, so long as after he maintains the demon territory, launches the attack. His that Chiba palm sufficiently and fifty Saint Fire Dragon is damaged by oneself.

At this time, suddenly, was quite familiar and somewhat anxious aura invades in the Ji Dong heart, has not waited for him to react, suddenly, jet black all have shone at present. He sees, is a red ray.

Ji Dong does not think that this red light is attacks own, because this red light as if from him releases, but. Sees it, Ji Dong surprised. And words of forest rock pile he understands from his feeling a moment ago, in this town soul demon territory, all colors and rays completely was shielded, how to have the red light to raise suddenly? But place that this red light raises as if in own right hand wrist/skill.

Has not waited for Ji Dong to think, the red light that raises condensed the forming fast, unexpectedly is a red eye pupil, attractive big eyes is fiery, although it is condenses by the brilliance completely, but actually as before is that lifelike.

Mysterious appeared, from that red eye pupil, red electro-optic shoots, becomes the covering of fan shape spreads to the front. Formerly that familiar feeling had merged into one organic whole in Ji Dong, the feeling that he loses fully restores unexpectedly in the range of this red light illumination.

The huge red eye pupil floating, falls behind Ji Dong, as if became his background, the next moment, ten thousand red light lasings, have illuminated the dark world of this town soul demon territory completely.

"No, this is impossible."Ji Dong looked that arrived pinches the law to release the forest rock pile of being bewitched territory there hand definitely unceasingly, this fills shocking shouting also to send out from his mouth.

Ji Dong has not gone to pay attention to him. But lowered the head, looks the Vermilion Bird bracelet of that radiance sparkle to own right hand wrist/skill, was summoning lyrical, "was Huo'er, you?"

With the Ji Dong summon sound, a resonant phoenix cry resounds, the fiery-red form shoots up to the sky from the Vermilion Bird bracelet of Ji Dong wrist/skill place, but formerly in the Ji Dong back red eye pupil also along with it raising, the float behind it, rose along with its rise.

Pū a shatter sound gets up, all darkness in the next moment already completely shatter, changes into the azure black air current dissipation in the air, all returned to normal, but in sky, were many a strange big bird. The length of body of this big bird approximately five meters, the wingspan has ten meters fully, what is most mysterious is its request after behind, the total length surpasses 15 meters enchanting tail feathers.

It has chicken and swallow Han, snake neck, eagle claw, fish tail, turtle back and peacock feather, all over the body the feather presents the appearance that coal dual-color occurred simultaneously, the feather as well as the top of the head and tail feathers that carries on the back completely present for the golden color, but the feather of below the belly including wing under and claw, then presents for the black. It is in airborne. Looked bottom-up, can see mostly is the black, in process that only then hovers in it, can see several points of golden color indistinctly.

Yes, was Huo'er, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er. Huo'er in the Vermilion Bird bracelet already deep sleep was very long, its deep sleep primary cause because of the appearance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon. The great strength of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, stimulated the arrogance in Huo'er heart. Therefore, it no longer easily appears, has closed up the self-torture in the Vermilion Bird bracelet. Ji Dong and between it the relation are not less than fifty Saint Fire Dragon, along with the promotion of Ji Dong strength. Huo'er cultivation base also when production costs rise , prices rise too. At this time Ji Dong saw that its body became so huge and beautiful, even some do not dare to recognize. Judges from the magic power aura, Huo'er has also promoted the Rank 9 degree. If its mother is Fire Phoenix Vermilion Bird, then, Huo'er is the Yin-Yang two fires phoenix. These time it that departs from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, looks like the Nirvana rebirth is excessively ordinary, is unable to cover the brilliance that it releases including fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Resonant phoenix cry resounds from its mouth unceasingly, stands also refuses to admit being inferior in Ji Dong back fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the powerful nine claws tread the place suddenly, already roaming empty/sky on, revolves eclipse date phoenix Huo'er to circle together, presents the magnificent picture of a dragon and phoenix and cry.

That huge red eyes vanished from Huo'er gradually, Huo'er that pair of arrogant look looks at a following forest rock pile, even also has several points to disdain. The pacing back and forth of confusion and innermost feelings of Ji Dong made Huo'er from the deep sleep sober, that red light condensed one of the eye pupil Huo'er talent skills becoming, the eye of phoenix.

The eye of phoenix, calls the real eye, is a Vermilion Bird lineage/vein unique talent skill, can explain all hallucination spiritual attacks. Completely understands all camouflage. If a town soul demon territory of forest rock pile is the difficult adversary of Ji Dong that Saint level soul, then, without a doubt, Huo'er the eye of phoenix was a difficult adversary in forest rock pile town soul demon territory. This has been confirming those words, the inborn myriad things, promote and constrain mutually.

A forest rock pile looks also somewhat has tarried, long time recovers, looks that the Ji Dong vision had some changes, "double contract same attribute magic beast?"

When fifty Saint Fire Dragon appears, nobody suspected certainly it is not Ji Dong contract magic beast, first did not say tacit coordination between a person of two dragons, only their exactly the same attributes have proven their relations sufficiently. The Pinnacle Two Fires attribute person is rare, Pinnacle Two Fires attribute magic beast similarly is also rare. Can find such a same attribute magic beast partner by the Ji Dong special attribute, is place that a forest rock pile most dreads. God knows they grow to burst out what kind of strength to a higher level. Therefore, under he definitely stops the killer, must stay here this person of dragon.

But, presented magic beast from Ji Dong at this moment unexpectedly, moreover looked that its cultivation base was not unexpectedly inferior in formerly that double headed Giant Dragon, had can explain the real eye of oneself town soul demon territory. This is the phoenix. Variation phoenix, Heavens! Unexpectedly is one with his same attribute magic beast.

The audience complete silence, looks at dragon and phoenix that airborne circles, in each individual heart has the unbelievable feeling. Until at this moment, even if formerly faced a forest rock pile time, Ji Dong has not released his Yin-Yang Crown. But he has actually blocked an attack of forest rock pile, but also has so formidable two magic beast partners to coordinate.

Under merit Cao Mian a look of forest rock pile gradually changed, just started with Ji Dong fights the time, he has not regarded as Ji Dong with other Level 1 match. Is only thinking must solve this young people at the shortest time, is good to save the face of family. However, after eclipse date phoenix Huo'er appears, a forest rock pile is clear, at present this young people, had the match who same level contend with the ability. Huo'er the eye of phoenix, has restrained a forest rock pile town soul demon territory completely, this made his own strength be weakened obviously.

Town soul demon territory is in itself an extremely formidable demon territory, in supreme powerhouse circle, no one is willing to an demon territory of Shanglin rock pile , is very clear this demon territory fierce. However, this energetic attribute demon territory also has its shortcoming, needs to consume the strength and magic power forest rock pile massive soul can release complete, is much bigger than the consumption of ordinary Mage release demon territory time, another is, once this town soul demon territory runs into the difficult adversary, then, is really a might display does not come out.

Forest rock pile took a deep breath, both hands in airborne wield, drinks one lowly, "is protecting my life the gate of hell, opening."

In an instant, formerly when released the town soul demon territory has presented the azure black releases once more from him, but these time actually does not present the release of magic power shape, but exaggerated the azure black his body completely. In front of a forest rock pile, presented one to have a diameter ten meters huge graph fully. That graph seems very strange, above has an innumerable law mark, saw this huge strategy, Ji Dong even can find is a five elements method trace . Moreover, released magic power that from this strategy is extremely strange. Strange made him somewhat be also hard to distinguish.

In the next moment, the earth suddenly shivered, entire Eastern Wood city slight trembled, that diameter ten meters black law during the fierce fluctuation, drills a small seedling from the central position unexpectedly, this small seedling completely presents for the black, just emerged as the times require, immediately on the rapid growth, was almost in an instant, turns into one has reached as high as 30 meters towering great tree. This great tree all over the body black, only then the leaf is the azure, but the veins on that piece by piece leaf also similarly are the black. The strong magic power fluctuation, is mixing incredible fear fast sending out.

This strange greatness sets up the there is still one characteristics, that is its all branches specially is slender, sags from the towering great tree to the ground, even still spreads to the surroundings in ground.

Chapter 472: Plant class top magic beast, hell demon tree

What is this? Ji Dong vision somewhat dull. Even from Maotai, Wuliangye and in the Huo'er soul, he also felt one to tremble. could it be said, can also have unexpectedly watchfully to this strange big tree by their cultivation base?

Ji Dong understood suddenly, a moment ago a forest rock pile said is not the boast, if this great tree has to let fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix must for the it watchful strength, in addition his town soul demon territory, he was really capable of defeating the Ji Dong known any supreme powerhouse. Meanwhile he also understands, today must face, perhaps is in history the most difficult challenge.

A forest rock pile goes forward one step, jumps, the whole person floating fell above that black great tree, an especially sturdy branch quietly appears in his, picks up his body.

Saw this, Ji Dong understood suddenly, said with amazement: "Is this your magic beast? Department of botany magic beast?"

Forest rock pile lightly said: "In some sense, what you said is right. This is my partner, department of botany magic beast from hell, the hell demon tree, my town soul domain also in the strength that under its initiation can have. It is not only Rank 10, but also is wooden and dark dual attribute Rank 10. The supplementary has the hell Rank 10 dark aura. I call present age most formidable magic beast it. Should not miscalculate. What a pity, my strength was unable to make it grow completely, otherwise, it already broke through to the Saint level. The boys, I acknowledged, you are very strong, now I do not need to conceal anything. Today, I had not planned that makes you have to leave here opportunity again. Including your two magic beast is also so."

Ji Dong looks at a forest rock pile, vision coagulates gradually, "hell demon tree, is really mysterious magic beast, this is also I have seen first department of botany magic beast. Under merit Cao Mian, you truly are I have seen the most formidable supreme powerhouse. However, wants to kill me, you also surely must pay enough price to be good."

In the battlefield changes constantly, but to at present this degree, even if were emperor Chen Xiaofeng does not dare to open the mouth to prevent. Even if he, is first time saw that a forest rock pile displays the appearance of this hell demon tree, that terrifying aura, even made he close thoughts not have.

Lin several people respectful standing in the distant place, only has a wife of forest rock pile to clash under the crown forest returning to stand nearby at this time fighting the circle, from beginning to end, her vision had some slight changes in that moment that Huo'er presented that in addition, was that faint tranquilities. As if during the fight is not own husband.

God hot Saint king Kai takes possession, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes the release, the Ji Dong back pair of wings opens slowly. Two Great Sovereign Kings virtual image also along with his magic power blooms comprehensively appears behind him gradually, one black one white, two air currents are complicated the condensation above his top of the head, to this time, he no longer had any retains. Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown, finally first time presents in front at present Eastern Wood Empire these powerhouses.

"One-Crown, Two-Crown and Three-Crown......, Seven-Crown, eight, Eight-Crown?"Although most people have guessed correctly the Ji Dong strength, but, truly in his top of the head sees entire Eight-Crown, in each individual heart has filled intense shock. This young people are only twenty years old! Has been the Eight-Crown degree, is in itself having the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute, if gives him again two and 30 years, will he grow to what kind of degree? Nobody knows, nobody can answer this issue. Chen Xiaofeng understands now why a forest rock pile can not give a thought to the status has gotten rid, he must strangle this young people in the cradle, in order to avoid affects the prestige of Lin! What to do good can this make itself? could it be said, can withstand and four big supreme powerhouses from the anger of Central Earth Empire really in the near future?

Right, Ji Dong cultivation base has promoted Eight-Crown, this point. Was he occurred simultaneously in that night thunderstorms will discover from now on. That evening , he although has guessed correctly, but he rather was actually believed the explanation of Chen Sixuan by himself. However, that night, making him break through the Seven-Crown bottleneck smoothly, entered in Eighth Crown realm.

Ji Dong is different from other Mage cultivation, in the cultivation early, he bears the pain that almost all Mage have not been able to imagine, after he embarks on the right track, breaks through any bottleneck again time, compared with other Mage easy many. Pinnacle Two Fires attribute great strength, continuously in the promotion of geometrical multiple. Ji Dong has the energy facing the supreme powerhouse, because his cultivation base finally broke through Eight-Crown.

Breaks through Eight-Crown to mean many matters regarding him, had own demon territory, has stronger magic power, in the meantime, made him have really suppressed the deicide to cultivate like this soul to backlash in a short time, can use the ability of sword of deicide temporarily. In so the situation, Ji Dong deeply believed, own cultivation base is not inferior in any supreme powerhouse.

Under surface merit Cao Mian a murderous intention of forest rock pile, Ji Dong not only not timid, instead has filled with self-confident and anticipation, this war, after is he enters Eight-Crown realm , a true bitter experience difficult position war, like initially with three full sun wartime such, but also only then such fight, can squeeze his own each point of potential. Ji Dong longs for a more formidable strength, because he must face in the future, is the top powerhouse on that dark continent. By his present cultivation base. Is far from enough. Therefore, he longs for stiffening, must constantly challenge the powerhouse. Before, he did not have to think oneself when here meet so troublesome, knows after own cultivation base entered Eight-Crown, he set the goal on the dragon sovereign, although will not beat as before, but after he longs for going back, experience on dragon sovereign to a stronger strength. Long that at least should be able to support.

At this time under a forest rock pile facing merit Cao Mian, a Chiba palm and town soul of demon territory forest rock pile is the present hell demon tree, made his ability to the Mage have a brand-new understanding. Facing such match, will only have the advantage to his cultivation base promotion. The hell demon tree is not only unable to reduce his confidence, instead made in the Ji Dong heart fight intent is the unprecedented ascension, hid the double pupil after god hot Saint king Kai mask is the ray twinkle, has been full of the intense fight desire.

The strong magic power fluctuation lingers in within the body, the Ji Dong whole person entered an absorbed condition, in his eyes, only has the enemy. The strength of Saint level soul releases completely, invisible covering match, even if the slight rhythm of that hell demon tree each branch, is unable to escape from his reconnaissance control.

"Teacher Ji Dong, is certainly careful, perhaps this hell demon tree has extremely formidable corrosion ability. You must cope with it to be good with Yang Fire as far as possible. Because in pinnacle Yang Fire will supplement some bright aura, gets angry again to the wood has certain restraint function." The Chen Sixuan sound remembers in the Ji Dong heart. Her sound is very stable, instead did not have the slightest bit anxious feeling at this kind of time, because she cannot make oneself mood affect Ji Dong. At this time, she in confident is also looking at Ji Dong, Ji Dong breaks through to Eight-Crown she is knows certainly that that moment of because in this fellow breaking through, they do not know many time climbs up the peak time. Also is the Chen Sixuan physical strength overdraws the fiercest time, if not with oneself pure pinnacle Second Wood magic power that she is outspoken at the right moment for him supplements the physical strength , to promote the magic power change, he wants to get it done in one action to break through Eight-Crown simply not to be impossible. Also because of so, after that night. He is as before bursting with energy, but since she is weary. Fully has not restored to the present.

Jet black branches moved suddenly, is bringing that azure black leaf blade, sticks out suddenly instantaneously, sweeps across, looks like the innumerable say/way black shadows scatters in all directions to flutter about, seems like the disorder, but actually blocks the route that Ji Dong all has been able to dodge, circled in Ji Dong behind fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix has not let off. This paper true length seems unable to estimate, when they project, resembled not to have the spread of end unexpectedly in the past.

The rich dark aura, to person one mood low and deep influence, that is not the spiritual strength, but the dark attribute affects the will of the people purely is also becoming dark. The intense magic power fluctuation transforms in the air unceasingly, comes up, the hell demon tree launched all -around attack.

But while the hell demon tree launches the attack, formerly also stood under merit Cao Mian of branch a forest rock pile actually vanished, looked like integrated tree trunk, did not see completely. Ji Dong even including his aura not to search.

Retreat, this is the first choice of Ji Dong, the back pair of wings whips suddenly, the body is similar to arrow shoots but actually, but fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix actually fully erupted under the reminder of Ji Dong.

Wuliangye shuts up, Maotai outputs fully, with Huo'er together, emits from the mouth the big piece gold/metal flame. Golden flame of blotting out the sky looks like a rushing eruption of wall, in an instant spread each corner before them. Has blocked the hell demon tree advance direction.

the next moment, Ji Dong they experienced the powerful degree of hell demon tree, the pinnacle Yang Fire temperature was so high, but, after the hell demon tree injected this big piece pinnacle Yang Fire, slightly somewhat shivered unexpectedly, actually as before went toward fifty Saint Fire Dragon and body winding of eclipse date phoenix. What is stranger, Ji Dong that explodes the personal appearance that draws back unable to draw back into the pinnacle Yang Fire wall, was stopped by its branch. Similar to covers the world big net, tightens toward the body of Ji Dong instantaneously.

Those who most made Ji Dong with amazement was, while this big net tightened. A forest rock pile appeared, place that he presents, unexpectedly is in front of Ji Dong, a palm directly toward Ji Dong, when the chest prints. Radiant azure light instantaneously erupts, he unexpectedly before this palm lays out, has utilized the Chiba palm.

This is among the electric light flint occurred, the brain of Ji Dong high- speed operation understands immediately, this hell demon tree not only has the extremely formidable strength, but also fuses after with a forest rock pile itself together, has the greatly strengthened amplification function to a forest rock pile, this can make him send out Chiba palm such attack in a short time. But reason that he can suddenly appear in front of himself, then, only then an explanation, he fused before really in this hell demon tree together, only some so explained, can explain why his aura can be concealed completely.

At this time, around the Ji Dong body is the branch of hell demon tree, has limited his all the routes of dodging completely, that rich dark aura is affecting him comprehensively, takes to him various negative mood. This hell demon tree looks like unexpectedly has the high-grade wisdom, what because Ji Dong has is Pinnacle Two Fires, it has not released oneself wood attribute unexpectedly, but affects Ji Dong with the dark attribute completely. With a forest rock pile coordination can be said as wonderful as summit.

"Snort"cold snort/hum sends out from the Ji Dong mouth, the body of Ji Dong was similar to illusory flashed in this narrow and small range generally.

Before making a forest rock pile, helpless a time situation had appeared again, one of the Ji Dong this small range flashed, happen to have evaded this palm imposing manner most powerful peak, although was as before impossible to dodge, but at least also makes his attack might therefore weaken 10%, even were more.

the next moment, the right hand of Ji Dong welcomed directly, without any gaudy welcomed, but also in this moment, a forest rock pile sees, is a red fist. Fills the blazing red fist.

Meanwhile, the Ji Dong back pair of wings simultaneously manifest, each feather on pair of wings stand erect, during whips suddenly, a cream halo wields to swing from his pair of wings.

Strange appeared, these approach to Ji Dong behind, and hell demon tree branch that was moved by his pair of wings, actually does not have the combustion of omen, the fierce combustion even made their pain was shivering, dispersing fast, cannot contact the body of Ji Dong.

But also at this moment, the right fist of Ji Dong a Chiba palm of in forest rock pile collided.

Intense thundering, actually has not been similar to the heat steel suddenly in Sras sound by cold water pouring, Ji Dong groaned, the whole person flies upside down, his magic power is more inferior.

However, a forest rock pile does not feel better, the complexion instantaneously became pale, the right hand that sent out recycled like lightning, in his palm, already were many a heat brand mark, entire arm in fierce was shivering, within the body magic power comprehensive output, even must transfer magic power of hell demon tree, can resist that to erupt reluctantly suddenly, moreover extremely terrifying invasion magic power. For all this, his entire right arm temporarily passed out.

What strength is this? This boy......, A forest rock pile fills panic- strickenly. originally he thinks, after oneself coordinate on the hell demon tree, the flash can solve Ji Dong. But, after these encounters, he actually discovered that suffering a loss unexpectedly is oneself. Is this possible? The chaos, he blocked the hell demon tree a moment ago seems the strength of chaos. In the climax asked the monthly ticket, to ask the book friends to stimulate 31 intensely slightly. Thanks.

Chapter 473: Ji Dong, Eighth Crown, demon territory

While Ji Dong has solved the problem. Hell demon tree also already once more fierce shivers, this time, is its huge 30 meters branch is shivering.

In the sky, the dragon and phoenix and cry sound of resound through, the entire sky, turned into one piece at this time black with the world that coils around white/in vain. Primal chaos demon territory, but, these time is actually not the primal chaos demon territory of fifty Saint Fire Dragon release, but Huo'er is released by them together.

dragon and phoenix and cry, the release of primal chaos demon territory, is not limits the match, but has formed attack skill. Terrifying Yin-Yang two fires, has the strength of unprecedented formidable strangling to death in this primal chaos demon territory. The hell demon tree is truly formidable, when its paper entered to fusion demon territory of under this date phoenix arrange/cloth after fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse, each tenacious branch shortly will change into the powder powder.

The body of Ji Dong in airborne explodes draws back several hundred meters, stabilizes lives in the personal appearance, he does not feel better at this time, has the Teng Snake strength technique to protect the body, this struck Chiba to hold him to a moment ago be seriously battered.

A fist that without a doubt, that moved forward to meet somebody a moment ago. What supplements is the effect of sword of Fire God, by the penetrating power of sword of Fire God, extinguishes the god to strike in the explosive force of opposite party within the body, in a forest rock pile did not understand in the situation of his ability, discarded a right arm of forest rock pile directly. At least in today's this war, a forest rock pile do not want to use this arm again. Ji Dong most likes, isn't the close combat fight?

What what a pity is, at that time when attacked this fist, for Ji Dong did not make the branch of hell demon tree fall on oneself, cannot pour into the pair of wings with Chaos Fire, retreated in fear the branch of hell demon tree, thus cannot use above that fist whole-heartedly, the wound of otherwise, under merit Cao Mian receiving will be surely bigger. Cultivated the fifth heavy realm extinguishing god to strike can it be that so is also easy to resist.

In both eyes of Ji Dong, bursts out dreadful war intent, this struck the collision a moment ago, made his war intent, kill intent to light completely.

The strong black and white dual-color ray simultaneously ascends from him, overlaps in Two Great Sovereign Kings illusory shadow that behind him presented suddenly in one. A black and white dual-color ray is outspoken releases from his within the body, from outside, could not see her body again.

This group of black and white dual-color rays in the next moment integrated the primal chaos demon territory of dragon and phoenix and in cry completely. Right, is the demon territory trio, completely same three demon territory fusions in one, this are also Ji Dong in history first time display to belong to his demon territory, was fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix fuses completely in one. Space underground, as if only then this simple black and white.

The voice of dragon and phoenix and cry became more resonant, attack that the hell demon tree all tried to launch. Was prevented completely in these three as one primal chaos demon territory outside, even if it is dual attribute department of botany magic beast, from the hell, may definitely not be at this moment able to contend with this so formidable aura at present.

Complexion of forest rock pile becomes extremely ugly, he can only keep fuses own strength and hell demon tree together. On hell demon tree each leaf has shone, bursts out the intense azure ray. He knows, the collision that then this strikes cannot be relaxed. Very possibly was Ji Dong fights a victory and defeat the key.

Hell demon tree huge body unceasing rocks, a layer upon layer black aura continuously from its ginseng business release, becomes with that the azure bright leaf fuses in together, buzz a light sound, all leaves sweep across completely, from the sky gathers one, rubs the overlay, condenses a handle emerald long sword shape, black ray that then releases from its within the body that with this handle deep green long sword fusion in one. It looks like black ray that on the long sword releases.

Made one feel what strange was, this handle sword was reducing unexpectedly unceasingly, but complexion of forest rock pile also became more and more dignified. This seems a common sword, not only has concentrated him and hell demon tree complete magic power, has carried on the powerful compression in the way of Chiba palm. In this case, facing any match, in his heart has the absolute confidence! He must accomplish the whole task at one stroke. Extinguishes Ji Dong completely kills.

In the sky, the Ji Dong form appeared finally again, when he appears again, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix circled, in the same place coagulates in the midair, has composed a perfect primal chaos chart, looks like Ji Dong behind background is the same, that strong black and white dual-color ray pours into to Ji Dong within the body comprehensively. All amplifications, promoted the apex in this moment.

But the body of Ji Dong, actually no longer is the black-and-white, but is the blood red, unprecedented gorgeous red, both hands and grasp above the top of the head, a handle length approximately four chi (0.33 m) blood red long sword, that appears during his grasps. Does not have magic power to fluctuate from him to release, has, is only that limitless murderous aura, even also the intense resentment was reading.

This is the sword of Fire God, moreover suppressed the deicide to cultivate the sword of Josse's later Fire God, the genuine divine tool, was the divine tool of Pinnacle Two Fires owner. A originally confident forest rock pile, is seeing that moment of sword of Fire God, his complexion changed, his confidence simultaneously was also vacillating. His first time feels, the result that this fights may be defeats.

"Magical instrument."Stands in the battlefield edge, throughout tranquil gaze battlefield to/clashes under the crown forest clear finally after arriving here the first opens the mouth, with the affirmative tone, said these two characters.

The divine tool, naturally is a divine tool, divine tool that the true Level 1 god slanders.

Red and green. These two contrast extremely intense colors, that from the sky collided. The Ji Dong form, sends out the black ray aquamarine long sword to collide with that together.

the next moment, entire world as if gloomy, what is strange, does not have slightest bit magic power from the central point overflow of that collision, but affects periphery.

Only the genuine powerhouse understands that this on behalf of anything, this on behalf, in both sides to war both are not willing to waste slightest bit magic power. But affected these magic power during the fight completely. Only has this, can give the match fully.


World dim vanishes in the next moment, quick that all these come, but vanishes similarly is also fast. As if ascends the sky with the world cracked a joke, suddenly has fluttered one dark cloud.

The body coagulation of Ji Dong in the sky, looks like the crustification resembles there, when his body also maintains formerly was attacking the movement, under both hands chops, but, his hand sword of Fire God actually vanished at this moment. Whole body, is filling a azure black ray, is fluctuating unceasingly. Not only he, he behind not far away fifty Saint Fire Dragon and body of eclipse date phoenix Huo'er has also stopped, body similarly by azure black ray gable. No one knows that Ji Dong situation how, but his match, under merit Cao Mian a forest rock pile present appearance actually wanted frigid many.

The hell demon tree had the half to vanish fully. Changed into the flying ash completely. That many branches and vines, vanished two-thirds, on the jet black tree trunk, everywhere is the shatter lateral sections, on each has the trace of ignition, even is also releasing the light red light.

A body of forest rock pile squats in the peak of hell demon tree. Before his right arm was discarded by Ji Dong temporarily, but this time, his left arm actually completely vanished, the chest place, left behind one to glitter the trace of light red light.

"A rock pile."forest Qingdi drinks one, the next moment. Her body appeared above the hell demon tree, grasped own husband, but another side, Chen Sixuan is also unwilling to fall behind, similarly jumps, from airborne holds in the arms the body of Ji Dong, flying upside down, fell by far.

Chen Sixuan can feel clearly, Ji Dong at this time comprehensive and such as the darkness and wooden dual attribute resistance in within the body. But his complexion is also pale like the paper.

The people on the scene, can understand completely that struck the collision a moment ago, only then Chen Sixuan and to/clashes under the crown the forest clear two people. When they discover, wants to prevent again actually already without enough time. Because, that is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill and a high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill collision between. Without any preparation, even if the Saint level powerhouse is impossible to insert easily.

Yes, Ji Dong has drawn support from fifty Saint Fire Dragon and strength of eclipse date phoenix, that strikes the sword of Fire God, he already complete explosion top Ultra Certain Kill Skill strength. Ended the full page compared with initially that the big quiet flame ice even better. The strength of divine tool, first time showed a corner from his hand. This war, was Ji Dong wins. Regarding retreated in Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon and on the eclipse date phoenix azure black ray gradually, wa'ed, Ji Dong spouted a big blood. That blood unexpectedly is also azure black, falls on the ground, the entire ground was corroded a large cave.

But fifty Saint Fire Dragon and appearance of eclipse date phoenix obviously was also weary. Regardless of but how to say, their this time appearances also compared with hell demon tree good many. At least is complete.

Ji Dong is a blood spouts, thus and such and such, spouts four and five blood one after another, spouts the blood that to turn into the red from his mouth. Under assisting of Chen Sixuan, slowly coming to a stop personal appearance. A complexion paleness, like his white hair.

This fights, although decided victory and defeat, but both sides are actually mutually wounded. The hell demon tree worthily is top Rank 10 magic beast, the Ji Dong clear feeling, it is compared with heavenly stems Divine Beast, is not inferior. Let alone must add on a Level 96 supreme powerhouse. If not own Pinnacle Two Fires complements one another, there is Maotai, a Wuliangye and Huo'er is auxiliary, in addition the amplification of sword of divine tool Fire God, that. He is regardless of not to be how impossible to defeat a forest rock pile.

Ji Dong is seriously battered deeply, but a forest rock pile actually wound is heavier, at this time, his body pours completely softly, in the wife cherishes, the blood flows from the corners of the mouth place unceasingly, the blood evaporates in the air directly, looked like lit generally. That red wound place from his chests and bellies, has the blood to spray unceasingly. The life aura is passing rapidly. What Ji Dong receives is the severe wound, but a forest rock pile withstands, actually fatal injuring.

"A rock pile, you must buoy up."Too under forest clear the complexion to the crown cannot again maintain tranquil finally. Clear pinnacle Second Wood magic power floods into husband within the body unceasingly, she can feel clearly, husband's five main internal organs (entrails) fiercely is burning, many places withstood the intense destruction. A forest rock pile at this time, already, only then air/Qi, but did not have being mad. forest clear the left hand in airborne empty delimits, before her palm, presented an illusory brilliance immediately, the next moment, she searches hand, took out command Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan very familiar small jar. Or is Xiaohulu.

Opens the bottle gourd lid, her without hesitation the complete azure liquid will plunge in a forest rock pile mouth, then holds his body to jump, falls before Mr. and Mrs. Lin Baichuan.

"Favors your grandfathers."forest clear light saying. She gives Lin Baichuan a body of forest rock pile.

After Lin Baichuan catches grandfather's body, completely understands that grandfather this time condition is bad, hangs the one breath completely, luckily was forest clear just to that entire bottle of origin of life that she drank, reluctantly hung his life, protected the internal organs no longer to be continued to attack.

The origin of life that what a pity, forest clear has is only most common that definitely is unable compared with the Ji Dong millennium origin of life. She also knows, wants to rescue husband's life, must find the millennium above origin of life to be good. However, now this time was also not makes these times. Has that bottle of origin of life, in addition husband's wood attribute magic power and own Second Wood magic power, at least can preserve for one year not dead. One year sought for the origin of life to be also enough. She must do now, revenges to the husband.

Has turned around, the forest clearing vision light coldly looks to Ji Dong, but develops the martial stage center, was destroyed 50% hell demon tree also to stay there, seems does not know whether died, therefore also as in there.

Coming to a stop personal appearance of Ji Dong reluctantly under supporting by the arm of Chen Sixuan, his present body is also extremely painful, but in this mutually wounded situation, saw that the body resistance hit the ability strong advantage. Relies on Teng Snake is changing, Vermilion Bird changes the phoenix dragon dance snake that the fusion becomes changes, his body solid degree is far from the average person can compare. Although was seriously injured as before, but the self- coordination ability and cicatrization ability of body made him sufficiently at this time as before the standing body. Meanwhile, the function in within the body fully is also removing remaining hostile magic power, particularly that fills corrosive dark magic power, each one second, his has also been able to recover a point.

Regarding Ji Dong, actually now the biggest problem or magic power consume oversized, not only he, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and magic power similar consumption of eclipse date phoenix was also huge. Sends out strength that top Ultra Certain Kill Skill this Saint level powerhouse can use, the price that he pays can be imagined. Within the body magic power surplus less than 20%, two big magic beast magic power surplus also only had about 30%.

Every day renews, never interrupted, gets sick is finally good. Happen to also enters the climax plot, probably, if I have not remembered incorrectly, was over the two days, is small three from a writing a book present six - and-a-half years of time, the ratio young three many people who wrote had, but was few, renewed like me every day, more than six years have never interrupted, I dare saying that unique. Thinks also very to have the sense of achievement. Monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, asked everybody to insist on the renewal like small three every day, throwing that insisted to me. Thanks. You only take one minute every day 0.1, small three will try hard for you every day from dawn to dusk. Thank you.

Chapter 474: Level 98 to/clashes under the crown

Perhaps Ji Dong can defeat a forest rock pile such all-round strength also to again the powerhouse above cloudy morning sun. He can only pay such small price is for is not extremely easy.

Looks that forest clear walks step by step in own direction, the heart of Ji Dong gradually changes cold, completely actually he cannot judge forest clear the strength how. However, when formerly he fought with a forest rock pile, can actually clearly feel, forest clear of standing border on the scene was posing the huge threat to him similarly.

Finally two people collide, by his top Ultra Certain Kill Skill striking power, originally can strike a forest rock pile strikes to kill, but at that time, burst out the strength that made him dread from forest clear, in the attack slightly had absent-minded, this cannot strike a sarin neurotoxin compound rock pile completely. Very possible, this flushed cultivation base under crown not to be inferior under formerly merit Cao Mian. But this time Ji Dong, is actually the spent force. He hopes now, forest clear also do not have that unusual magic beast partner and demon territory like a forest rock pile.

In within the body magic power rapid revolution, Ji Dong hangs in chest place the nucleus of life is releasing the huge life aura to help him treat the meridians that within the body is damaged. That several blood that formerly he spouted not only to dredge the depressed meridians, poured into magic power of his within the body to spurt a forest rock pile as far as possible, this felt better. Has the assistance of nucleus of life, Ji Dong calculates secretly, wants to cure the injury, most needs three double-hour. To restore magic power, most needs a double-hour again. In other words, so long as gives him four double-hour the time, he can restore to the optimum condition. However, at present this does clash under the crown to give him such opportunity?

Runs away? Ji Dong has to think, but, now fifty Saint Fire Dragon eclipsed the date phoenix, the condition was unsatisfactory. Their speeds are unable to be the degree that can run away from a supreme powerhouse, must know, the supreme powerhouse himself can fly. The long distance definitely is inferior to magic beast, but in short distance erupts on, the speed is actually not magic beast can compare. Only if were Ji Dong is willing to let fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix one of them cruel-heartedly remains to bring up the rear, but, can he such do?

In a short time, in his heart has made all sorts of judgments to the situation, Ji Dong had discovered, oneself almost does not have the possibility of any again winning. Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals a strong magic power fluctuation, at this kind of time, he can raise to gather as before own magic power is not quite easy. Should face must go to face. A moment ago he could be said as with a war of forest rock pile the harvest a great deal. Ji Dong is very clear, if not because have the help of two big magic beast, is unable to defeat a forest rock pile. He must do now, went through the present difficulty.

"Ji Dong, making me come."When Ji Dong stimulates to movement magic power reluctantly, that gentle sound quietly has actually resounded. A personal appearance revolution, Chen Sixuan has kept off in front of Ji Dong, her vision is tranquil and firm. In her left hand, but also is embracing that snow white dragon egg, thinks.

The light golden light from thinking to leave on to release, is complementing Chen Sixuan that outstandingly beautiful appearance, nobler moving.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you were insane." The forest thousand feathers cannot bear shout. He likes Chen Sixuan, at this time saw that Chen Sixuan must face own great grandmother, in the heart greatly is suddenly anxious. "Shut up." A Lin Baichuan palm of the hand has pulled out a somersault the son, grandfather and grandmothers already, for this matter has gotten rid, share that some where they spoke. Such heaviness that especially grandfather injured, grandmother's mood can be imagined, talked too much at this time, wasn't courts death? Lin and Ji Dong enmity arrived did not die the continuous degree, but Chen Sixuan has chosen him, naturally also stood in the opposite of Lin.

forest clear walks in the Ji Dong direction step by step, "? Do you also want to feel to challenge the feeling of supreme powerhouse?"forest clear light saying.

The Chen Sixuan vision tranquil gaze forest clear, "sorry, to/clashes under the crown. The matter of today, originally because of me. Is I must break an engagement. I have not thought such big that the disturbance that this breaks an engagement will make unexpectedly. Even also brought under two crowns to get rid for this matter. Lin, good Lin! It seems like. Too must continue this fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out to the crown under. I must tell you, Ji Dong is not a person, even if this is in the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, his side also also I. I know that you very much want to kill him now, but, before then, you must kill me to be good first."

"Thinks of the fine jade, you stop talking to me. Quickly has not come back."Chen Xiaofeng shouted angrily to make noise. In his present heart regretted extremely. Saw that Ji Dong has defeated a forest rock pile finally unexpectedly, he before oneself processes the method of this matter is really depressed extremely. Early knows that this young people so are unexpectedly formidable, oneself should not such treat. But, present situation, a Lin also strength complete to/clashes under the crown, but Ji Dong deeply has actually been seriously battered. This situation, this emperor does not know how should process. The fight of supreme powerhouse rank, is not official can control. He is the emperor is not good.

Chen Sixuan has not gone to see own father, because she can feel clearly front forest takes to himself clear the tremendous pressure, her vision is tranquil and calm, has not vacillated slightly. After arriving at this world, she did not have to fight in the true sense, it seems like, must make an exception today. Like such that she just said that so long as she is also living, will not allow anybody to injure Ji Dong.

Eventually, she has not responded to father's words, the aquamarine brilliance sweeps across from the under foot on, is similar to the leaf blade turn over is ordinary, in an instant has covered the whole body, is that B Wood God, eternal armor.

Similar to the wave general green light is rippling on the eternal armor. The present eternal armor not only fully restored the strength, because of initially the support and promotion of Chen Sixuan of cultivation base nucleus of life, can play a more formidable might.

Stood has not said anything in Chen Sixuan back Ji Dong, was only fast retreat several steps, sat in the battlefield edge, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix also fell side him, protected him in the center. Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit, within the body magic power revolved high-speed, treats the injury fully, while restores magic power. To help to think of the fine jade, passed at present this disaster, must reply the strength to be good as soon as possible. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon lifts dragon claw, rays glisten unceasingly from its dragon claw, unexpectedly is magic beast crystal core, is fire attribute, it are eating, while lost to eclipse date phoenix several. This is Maotai and Wuliangye in the spoils of war that in the dragon valley obtains, their fights white/in vain do not hit, any dragon clan has the extremely rich collection, although they cannot say that loots, but wins a good luck. Why this was also one of the Rank 10 Giant Dragon that depressed reasons. Has the help of these crystal core, their restoration speeds also want to be faster than Ji Dong.

Regarding all that Ji Dong makes at this time, forest clear looks is very clear. This to/clashes the expression under crown only to be able with the mask cold frost to describe, may so, have to acknowledge the Ji Dong splendid actual combat capability in her heart. It can be said that besides Chen Sixuan, he is isolated and cuts off from help. He such does at this time, does not want to waste time, restores own magic power as soon as possible. Meanwhile, he such does, showed the absolute trust Chen Sixuan as well as felt relieved absolutely. "Eternal armor, protects the life goddess the divine tool. Princess, you think. Relied on the divine tool you to block the old body?"forest clear light saying.

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, "whether to block, is not the senior decides. Perhaps before under merit Cao Mian has not thought will defeat in Ji Dong."Ji Dong is injured, her loving dearly degree is not inferior in Linqing a in of forest rock pile. The speech does not give the slightest bit face. originally in Ji Dong injured that moment is nothing left because of some meanings of feeling sorry breaking an engagement to have. The fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out that Lin this type is not concerned about face made Chen Sixuan despise extremely.

Second Wood to Second Wood, everybody attribute is the same, cannot talk about anything to promote and constrain mutually, that must look at the equipment, magic beast and own magic power cultivation base.

Too to looks at Chen Sixuan that under the crown forest coldly clear, she as if not worry to begin, does not care about Ji Dong magic power whether to restore. Looks at her look, the heart of Chen Sixuan somewhat sank gradually, because she discovered that in this to/clashes in the look under crown, has flavor/smell that she is familiar with. That controls all flavors/smells. This look, when she is Lie Yan (raging flames) will reveal frequently.

"How regardless to say, you and my great-grandson once had an engagement, is Princess Eastern Wood Empire, I do not want to kill you. Now leaves, I can not retaliate like you. This is your final opportunity."forest Qingzhan there, her ice-cold sound actually clear spreads presents in everyone ear.

"Does not use." The Chen Sixuan even even/including wants not to think, has made immediately the reply, "to/clashes under the crown, if, when under merit Cao Mian causes heavy losses some people must kill him. And makes you leave, will you leave? Ji Dong is my lover, I had said a moment ago, wants to kill him, first passes my this pass/test." The smiling face that forest Qingxiao, on her old face squeezed was not artistic, was gloomy and cold to the extreme. The surrounding air as if reduced many temperatures along with the smiling face that this revealed. Looks that the Chen Sixuan vision also as if became gentle, say/way gently: "Good, I help you."

The voice falls, flushed under crown forest Qingdong, the people of observing saw wipe the dark green ray slight twinkle, forest clear arrived in front of Chen Sixuan. Without any gaudy, her right hand, pats directly toward the Chen Sixuan top of the head.

At this time, the Chen Sixuan left hand hugs to think as before, only then a right hand can be used to revolt. forest clear the movement direct, simple and rapid . Moreover, after this palm lays out, in not having magic beast and demon territory auxiliary, her right hand turned into the dark green unexpectedly completely, that clearly is the effect of Chiba palm.

Does not need magic power to superimpose in outside the body, directly can release the Chiba palm? At this moment, Chen Sixuan confirmed own judgment. Because when forest gets rid clear, she also saw above forest clear top of the head Yin-Yang Crown.

On Black Yin Crown, Nine-Crown glistens, four dazzling complete stars present above Crown Ring. At this time, the rays of these four stars as if have covered that Nine-Crown. Four Crown Star representatives Level 8, Level 98, Heavens! She has been the Level 98 degree unexpectedly.

Not only Chen Sixuan has shocked, all people who here observes, even if were the person of Lin is also shocked.

Even if the Lin Baichuan husband and wife, how also does not know this grandmother's strength. In their memories, most had also seen a grandfather forest rock pile gets rid, regarding the grandmother, they knows that the grandmother is also the supreme powerhouse, never had actually seen when she gets rid truly the appearance. At this time forest clear releases own Yin- Yang Crown, the people knows, her cultivation base has been the so terrifying degree unexpectedly, wants on high Level 2 compared with a forest rock pile. Level 98 and Level 96, seem only have the Level 2 disparity, but, the disparity between this Level 2 is actually the hard-to-pass gap! After breaking through to the supreme powerhouse, wants to promote any Level 1 quite to be difficult. Meanwhile, this Level 98 also means, forest clear only misses one step, can join the ranks of Saint level powerhouse. Level 99 is the Saint, Level 100 for the god, obviously this final level promotion is how difficult.

No wonder a beforehand forest rock pile had energy saying that they can face four supreme powerhouses, by forest clear cultivation base, they can achieve this point. Who can think, in the Five Great Empires back pillar/backbone, most formidable usually appears unexpectedly few, lowest- key Eastern Wood Empire two big supreme?

Chen Xiaofeng felt that own heart must unable to withstand such result, the major rises of life are so. The Ji Dong formidable strength, a Level 96 forest rock pile gets rid, Ji Dong defeats a forest rock pile, arrives at Level
98 forest to get rid again clear. This all, looks like throws his heart unceasingly airborne, falling ruthlessly is the same on the ground.

Level 98, unexpectedly is Level 98. Early knows that own country has the Level 98 supreme powerhouse, Eastern Wood Empire in the continent status perhaps is not this. Chen Xiaofeng pain has closed eyes, he has not wanted to look at this fight the result. How regardless to say, after this war ended, will not have any advantage to Eastern Wood Empire. Naturally, in his heart, has sentenced the death penalty to Ji Dong. As for oneself daughter, he has also been incapable of rescuing. He feared that sees the daughter dead in front situation. But if Lin has killed own daughter, even if also in empire, possibly again supports the empire, to support itself?

Stood on Chen Xiaofeng Tianlu crown prince face on the contrary is revealing several points of gloomy and cold smiling face, lost two big supreme powerhouses' support, the sovereign brother will certainly the imperial throne not be steady.

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Chapter 475: Creates world Liuhe

But oneself must do, as far as possible has these two supreme powerhouses' support is. He saw a moment ago very much clearly what forest clear drinks to a forest rock pile is anything. This type of ordinary version the origin of life of his also many goods in stock. Initially moved woods monster there to snatch. Used to flatter a forest rock pile husband and wife is not just appropriate?

In each individual heart has the different ideas, but at this time the fight in battlefield comprehensively has also launched.

The person saw in the presence of everyone when forest clear reaches as high as Level 98 magic power cultivation base, the empress exclaimed direct stupor in the past, nobody will even favor Chen Sixuan. Regarding Ji Dong, they can also anticipate the miracle in the situation of not finding out. But Chen Sixuan, although is the talent, is the Eastern Wood saintess, is, these people are all very clear to her cultivation base, in magic power does differ in Level 30 situation also possibly to have any opportunity?

But at this moment, they actually saw Chen Sixuan Yin Crown, Level 78 cultivation base, impressively presents above that Second Wood Yin Crown. Initially Chen Sixuan left the imperial palace time just crossed Level 60, the short two years, have practiced Level 78 unexpectedly. However, even if so, she and front to/clashes under the crown also as before to have the Level 20 disparity. could it be, does the real also second miracle perform inadequately?

Facing to/clashes under the crown forest clear that to be quite direct, was actually similar to a palm that withstood great pressure, Chen Sixuan moves. She first does, retrocedes.

The footsteps move lightly, the whole person is similar to smog retreats backward. The forest clear look moves slightly, because she discovered with amazement, in the previous moment also by Chen Sixuan that oneself lock, at this time has been separated from the range that oneself have locked unexpectedly. Or works loose.

forest clear a palm such patted in the vacancy. However, she control to magic power obviously is not a forest rock pile can compare, the palm as before is the clear insightful dark green, the point of tip of the toe gently in the ground, pursued Chen Sixuan to flutter, when the right hand lays out once more and formerly had the change.

As before is that clear insightful dark green, but these time actually no longer is the embodiment above the palm, the dark green ray passes the palm, the fast transformation in the air, rises in a big way, turned into diameter ten meters giant palm magic power unexpectedly. What is more fearful, the magic power intensity that this giant magic power palm sends out also increases with its volume gain unexpectedly.

"Chiba big hand imprint."In the Chen Sixuan mouth shouted one lowly, the vision became more prudent. The under foot is the lotus steps treads as before lightly, fast retreat backward. But, her movement is quick, was inferior that magic power is quick in the speed in the air flying. The formidable pressure that let alone also that Level 98 supreme powerhouse brings, is limiting her speed.

Fulmination of a low and deep dull thumping sound in air, the Chiba big hand imprint speed increases suddenly, arrived at Chen Sixuan that instantaneously has been similar to front of the smoke cloud common body.

But at this time, Chen Sixuan actually has made strange dealing.

Her body in same place float, whole person and ground parallel, both hands are similar to put on the variegated butterfly to be common, is transforming various hand signals above the top of the head unceasingly. The little dark green ray that condenses the forming above her top of the head. But her body also while the extreme twist of hand transformation, seems, seems like revolving shedding drill to the Chiba big hand imprint.

The grating fricative has resounded in the next moment. Both hands that Chen Sixuan waves already at Chiba big hand imprint collision in one. What is strange, the Chiba big hand imprint was blocked unexpectedly. Moreover, both hands of Chen Sixuan as if have powerful the penetrability of extremely, the palm position of Chiba big hand imprint must be bored through unexpectedly likely generally.

"Un?"brows slightly wrinkled, to/clashes under the crown in forest Qingyan the cold light to dodge, the Chiba big hand imprint that lays out closes up suddenly, grips toward the Chen Sixuan body. Once were held by it, finally can be imagined.

But at this time, the body of Chen Sixuan actually sent out a strange magic power fluctuation, the light white light appeared in the eternal armor surface. Strange law also appears in her behind, same reduction that Ji Dong excels. But Chen Sixuan uses, is Yin Wood same reduction.

Strange appeared, when that Chiba big hand imprint contacts Chen Sixuan white ray, was being digested by her the body of that rapid rotation unexpectedly fast, supports by hard and stubborn effort is unable to close up there. But in the next moment, along with pū a light sound, the body of Chen Sixuan broke through the Chiba big hand imprint, drilled from the position of palm. Directly soars to/clashes under the crown forest clear to go.

How possible? This idea almost flashes through in all person mind, yes, nobody thinks that this is the possible situation, who can think. Can Chen Sixuan also break through before the Level 98 supreme powerhouse unexpectedly calmly?

Receives shocks in a big way is forest clear. She can feel clearly, Chen Sixuan magic power is Level 78, might as well Ji Dong, moreover she also only has species. Differs with own cultivation base cannot simply the truth idea. But is in such a case, meets the Chiba big hand imprint that must suffer a loss facing that including oneself husband hardly, she has met unexpectedly, but also breaks through from own Chiba big hand imprint. How forest clear really cannot think through her to achieve.

forest clear does not certainly know, present Chen Sixuan already was not beforehand Chen Sixuan. Perhaps the Lie Yan (raging flames) that thousands of year experience cannot say completely is the actual combat experience, but actually absolutely can be said as to the experience of magic power control. Survived in underground world was so long, idled the safe the time does she do? She can only cultivation, feels the change of magic power element. Although at that time she was Fire department Mage, but present she is Wood department Mage. But five elements magic power, reaches the same goal or conclusion from different approaches, naturally has the things in common.

Entered this body also already had two years, after familiar with Wood department magic power, Chen Sixuan present actual combat capability, to the magic power control ability, even is unable to compare including Ji Dong. She is not simple Wood department Mage!

The white ray, without a doubt is the strength of chaos, when she absorbs heavenly stems disciple Second Wood Crystal Crown, has relied on own experience to comprehend. Over the past two years, besides pursues Ji Dong, she in the self-torture, when necessary has been able to add on Ji Dong. But Ji Dong after knowing her, she never truly has also fought. Therefore, even if Ji Dong does not know, in heavenly stems disciple, if must look for one to be able with the person who he as well as Fu Rui contends with, if Chen Sixuan. gold/metal is still awakening her dragon clan bloodlines. Perhaps, after she only then dragon clan the bloodlines awakens, can since this day do disciple most powerful the circle. Naturally, even if such, she cannot compare Lie Yan (raging flames) in the sensibility of magic power element as before. After all, Lie Yan (raging flames) once was a god, and has experienced from the simplest element evolution to the entire process of god, this experience was really too valuable.

Reason that Chen Sixuan can break through the Chiba big hand imprint, all that she makes are actually not difficult, are relying on to the sensibility of magic power, first had found in the Chiba big hand imprint the weakest place, and uses the same reduction and wood of chaos, using the both sides attribute same characteristics, will assimilate in the Chiba big hand imprint again. Regarding ordinary Mage, this has not distinguished with suicide anything, although is the similar attribute, so long as the magic power fluctuation is slightly different, will immediately be rumbled to kill the sediment. But Chen Sixuan or is Lie Yan (raging flames), does not need to be worried about this aspect. Her soul at this time just and Ji Dong soul is blending, although Ji Dong in the actual combat cannot help her, but can actually help her promote the strength of soul to the level of Saint level. Also must surpass the match. In the magic power fluctuation regarding Chiba big hand imprint, Chen Sixuan naturally can grasp easily, in addition her oneself understanding to element. Integrates unexpectedly, breaks through again. The entire process, can say that simply has not spelled with that Chiba big hand imprint hardly. Even also relied on same reduction to absorb magic power in part of Chiba big hand imprints, promoted the peak degree own magic power.

Chen Sixuan passed through the Chiba big hand imprint, the body from the sky had actually stagnated, a pair of deep green wing launched from the back, making her have the ability of flight. Without a doubt, this is came from the eternal armor.

With the aid of the strength of armor, the body of Chen Sixuan float in midair removes dozens palms fast, aquamarine brilliance flutters before her body a piece by piece, particularly in that aquamarine. Also is mixing with the white. These magic power from the sky flutter to sweep across, then fast condenses is gathering the formation together. Happen to is white belt azure flowers. Second Wood department Totem, Liuhe.

Liuhe in heavenly stems Divine Beast, compares one of the rarely seen (weirdo), like the beforehand hell demon tree, belongs to department of botany magic beast. But at this time Chen Sixuan relies on the singular control of own magic power to add on the aura of wood of chaos, has imitated Liuhe unexpectedly perfectly. This Liuhe just a appearance, all wood attribute elements in air immediately were similar to all rivers run into the sea generally gathered to go toward it. Just magic power in shatter Chiba big hand imprint, also flushed under the crown forest clear pinnacle Second Wood magic power to be no exception. This time, forest clear has been shocked, all that because, Chen Sixuan makes at this time, is she cannot achieve. Chen Sixuan does, did not summon Liuhe, but creates the Totem Liuhe.

The wood of chaos, forest clear also similarly comprehends, otherwise she is impossible to cultivate Level 98 such altitude. But she self-examined that does not have such ability to create certainly Liuhe. Moreover this creation body itself regarding the summon strength of wood attribute element must above the heavenly stems Divine Beast Liuhe main body. Does she achieve?

forest clear is certainly impossible to understand, actually, the Liuhe that was summoned by Chen Sixuan, actually was unable to say completely was Liuhe. The Lie Yan (raging flames) main body is earth core Red Lotus, in some sense, can be the plant, naturally, she cannot be induced in magic beast this type. But the ability that at this time, she uses, this assigns the composition of Red Lotus according to oneself, condensed by wood of supplementary pinnacle Second Wood magic power chaos has become flower of the chaos.

The surface seems, this is Liuhe, may in fact, the method Saint level powerhouse of this condensation be not necessarily able to achieve. The skill of, belongs to Divine level that level. This was once left her experience to be at for the god.

During is practicing Ji Dong, as if felt anything, but he has not opened eyes eventually. Is continuing his cultivation.

forest clear after short surprised, responds immediately, "you did want to destroy here? This at all is not the strength that you can control."

Chen Sixuan gives a calm smile, "is not I wants to destroy here, to/clashes under the crown to destroy us. However. Here, perhaps has you not to give up the destruction the thing. My this Liuhe does not know whether can make you satisfy?"

Right, after this strange Liuhe was created, is not Chen Sixuan can control, although she has the experience of previous generation Divine level, but did not have the Divine level strength after all. Creates this Liuhe, this Liuhe starts to absorb the wood attribute element in air endlessly, in they spoke, already formidable to the Chen Sixuan magic power also beyond control degree. Even including to/clashes under the crown forest clear, when facing this creative Liuhe, cannot rely on own strength to destroy it. Because, she is also Second Wood attribute.

Changes a supreme powerhouse, even if the weakest supreme powerhouse, can, when this Liuhe just appeared destroys it. But only forest clear cannot. Because she is also Second Wood attribute, so long as she outputs oneself Second Wood magic power, will immediately become the nutrient of this Liuhe, will only help it grow, but is unable to prevent. When once this Liuhe grows to the certain extent, it even can destroy the entire Eastern Wood city, even more general scopes. When that magic power becomes unstable, it will become the most terrifying strength. It can be said that this creative Liuhe may becomes ultimate Certain Kill Skill such exists.

Naturally, in imperial palace, although has many plants, may want to absorb ultimate Certain Kill Skill that level magic power, cannot achieve in a short time.

"Please. Too to crown under. I give this weak skill to name to be called to create world Liuhe, naturally, regarding you, it was not the weak so is simple. Presents, only then you have to melt its strength."Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, to hand signal that forest makes invitation clear.

forest Qingmeng clenches teeth, vision strange looked at Chen Sixuan one, the personal appearance flashed, arrived under that Liuhe, both hands lifted, the light white light released from her double palm, was the wood of chaos. Moreover, chaos wood magic power that she releases fast was also being absorbed by this Liuhe. Does not have the slightest bit to stay, forest clear held this Liuhe to jump, directly soars the upper air to fly.

To prevent this to create world Liuhe to continue to absorb, only then means that that is makes it be separated to have the wood attribute element place. wood attribute and earth attribute, are not in all air have, for example, in the upper air, these two species are quite scarce.

Guesses that forest clear magic beast is anything. Compared with her husband's returning rarely seen (weirdo). Hehe.

Has not thought really, the monthly ticket such quickly rushed to the fifth position, was you make me see the hope. Said honestly, in Wine God this book, the effort that I make, really fighting Luo are more. All had looked book friend who should feel, this book writes does not compare to fight the deviation. Therefore, I completely have self-confidently to shout that to everybody this asked the monthly ticket. Thanks the book friends' support.

Chapter 476: Loves the opium poppy certainly

In order to prevent to create world Liuhe to bloom the destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth strength. forest clear has to deliver upper air it, only has so, can preserve the Eastern Wood city as well as her family member.

In an instant, forest clear has towed to create world Liuhe to disappear in the upper air, she at least must send in three kilometers upper air this Liuhe, even if has Level 98 magic power, in creating world Liuhe is absorbing in her own magic power situation unceasingly, this matter is not relaxed.

Chen Sixuan looks with smile on the face forest soars to go clear, the next moment, her body soft pouring on the ground, has supported not to lie down reluctantly by oneself, panting in gulps, the body magic power fluctuation is being extremely the unstable twinkle.

Her realm is enough, but, her cultivation base actually missed many. Condenses this to create world Liuhe, can say that has consumed her almost all strengths. Her magic power consumption degree even must surpass beforehand severely wounded Ji Dong.

However, regarding her, all these is worth. She like Ji Dong, does not have pinnacle dual attribute after all, and broke through Eight-Crown, also two formidable magic beast helpers. Facing is clear than a forest rock pile more tyrannical forest. She can achieve also only then these. Protracted time as far as possible, consumes forest clear magic power as far as possible, is the Ji Dong manufacture opportunity. At this moment, when the Chen Sixuan heart, continually has a weak feeling, she fondly remembers oneself Lie Yan (raging flames) really very much that formidable strength. Does Divine level, when did not know, or have the opportunity to restore again.

The intense weak feeling made the Chen Sixuan whole body worn out and aching, deeply attracted several tones continuously, adjustment within the body magic power fluctuates, this comfortable several points. However, all wood attribute magic power in air by clean of formerly creation world Liuhe absorption, she were wanted to restore magic power a short time unable to achieve. From storing up Magic Tool takes out together crystal core, is absorbing magic power, arrives at the Ji Dong side slowly. But at this time in the sky, completely lost flushed under the crown forest clear the form.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix naturally will not prevent Chen Sixuan, eclipse date phoenix Huo'er to tilt the head visits her, although the Chen Sixuan appearance it did not know, but that familiar and kind feeling will actually not vanish. Sensitivity of magic beast in this aspect exceeds others in ability the kind, particularly Huo'er also obtains the Lie Yan (raging flames) itself to assign the Red Lotus advantage.

Chen Sixuan has arrived at behind Ji Dong to stand firm, eternal armor relieves slowly, stands in Ji Dong back closed both eyes, is absorbing in the hand silently crystal core wood attribute magic power.

Regarding ordinary Mage, through absorbing magic beast crystal core restores magic power is very effective, but, Ji Dong they are actually not ordinary Mage. Only if Rank 10 magic beast crystal core, can derive pinnacle magic power directly. Otherwise, restored their pinnacle magic power with ordinary crystal core is the futile attempt. After these ordinary magic power inspiration within the body, compresses transforms into pinnacle magic power, are miserable, even if eight, Rank 9 crystal core is also same, is very limited to their functions.

At this moment, an unequalled intense magic power fluctuation erupts suddenly from the sky, everyone can feel remoteness that magic power fluctuation erupts, but also similarly can feel the might that this magic power erupts to have.

Stands in Ji Dong back Chen Sixuan, the corners of the mouth place reveals a light smile, looks down Ji Dong, in the heart the secretly thought: Ji Dong, I can do has done. If we are difficult to run away today this tribulation, together remained here is good.

As if feels the Chen Sixuan regard, has been at the cultivation condition Ji Dong to open both eyes slowly, and has stood from the ground.

"Ji Dong, we with joint forces." The Chen Sixuan gentle sound conveys from Ji Dong.

Ji Dong gently nodded, god hot Saint king Kai takes back within the body slowly, simultaneously stretches out the arms to the body.

Chen Sixuan goes forward quietly one step, sticking to that the tender body is outspoken behind Ji Dong, when she pastes on that flash, although the Ji Dong injury has not recovered at this time. Giant crisis that must face the life and death. May be the whole body cannot bear shiver as before.

The Chen Sixuan tender body was mild, looks like fills elastic warm/temperature Yutie to come up, she hugged was very tight, as if must integrate Ji Dong within the body to be ordinary own body, charming face stuck to the Ji Dong scruff place, the both arms hugged tightly in the Ji Dong waist.

The Chen Sixuan figure is slim, slightly is only smaller than Ji Dong 1st, at this time the fitting behind him, happen to be covered completely by his body.

The eternal armor sweeps across once more on, their body complete packages. It seems, the gable lived in two people divine tool has appeared somewhat is slightly extremely fat. However, this had not finished, after the eternal armor completes the gable, a dark-red ray has welled up from the interior, then leaves from the slit average of eternal armor, seems the liquid is likely ordinary, covers in the eternal armor surrounding, is Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai. But Ji Dong back pair of wings, launches from the Chen Sixuan shoulder, fuses together with the mail-armor and helmet of eternal armor.

The effect of fusion god technique by the incisiveness of Ji Dong display, this originally is only the weak skill uses mysteriously actually that after Ji Dong regarding Mage.

Chen Sixuan unnecessary magic power has not supported, but, the strength of her soul actually as before formidable, when the Ji Dong soul with her soul perfect integration, among two people the soul sublimation, why this is also Ji Dong can synchronize together the reason of reassignment eternal armor, uses two sets of armor with the fusion god technique temporarily. Not only made their defensive powers reach the brand-new altitude, in the meantime, the eternal armor strength and Ji Dong in divine tool magic power fused together. Big amplification his fire attribute magic power. magic power restores the speed, in the promotion of geometrical multiple.

Ji Dong both hands raised to the chest front, until at this moment, him has not thought must run away. Was chased down by the Level 98 Mage powerhouse, runs away usefully really? Might as well spells fully.

Ji Dong both hands palm relative, chest place, the cream ray surges slowly, condenses a cream bead, the complete fitting of body, made him and Chen Sixuan soul fusion has been the most perfect degree, this also made him in the magic power element induction to air promote the pinnacle, condensed the chaos bead function that became through this Chaos Fire again, Fire Element in air immediately was similar to all rivers run into the sea generally toward his direction gathering. Now could not attend to therapy, he can only depress the injury temporarily, first went through the present difficulty to say again.

Chen Sixuan does, not only directed to clash under the crown temporarily forest clear, gave him a longer time to restore magic power, in the meantime, that will create world Liuhe also large scale to recruit forest clear reaches as high as Level 98 magic power. Also made in the air not have Wood department magic power to support forest clear. It can be said that in enormous degree weakened the match. In this case, he and Chen Sixuan collaboration absolutely does not have the opportunity.

While Ji Dong is absorbing in the air Fire Element, in the sky, an angry long and loud cry resounds. The dark green ray flashes to fall, happen to falls, in has developed in the martial stage on the top of the tree of that hell demon tree.

forest clear the complexion appears very ugly, clothes even have many breakages, that silver-haired also no longer was that neat. Aura and formerly compared with, has been short of several points of distance.

Chen Sixuan that creates world Liuhe to take to her trouble to be bigger than the imagination, creates world Liuhe in the explosion, actually does not have the slightest bit omen, hit forest clear one to be caught off guard, if were not her cultivation base is too high, that sufficiently was fatal. Chen Sixuan enough magic power has not displayed to create world Liuhe, but her ingenious brand mark and thousands of year experiences made this clash under the crown to suffer a loss.

"Good. Very good."forest clear gets angry instead smiles extremely, "is really the female student extroversion, gives you again 20 years, this world perhaps is really your young people. Worthily is heavenly stems disciple, really such as such of historical record, each generation of heavenly stems disciples are in the person the dragon. She and I differs in that many situations in cultivation base, can actually make me be injured, and has consumed my 70% magic power. Even if these supreme powerhouses of present age is also not necessarily able to achieve. However, you think, surplus 30% magic power can't keep here you?"

A strange color appeared side forest clear, that was the light white, saw this white, the Ji Dong vision became coagulates immediately. Relies on is surmounting forest clear the strength of formidable soul, he in that moment that this white presents, can feel that this white is in itself not the strength of chaos. But another strange strength, he never has seen strength.

could it be it is demon territory? An demon territory of Level 98 supreme powerhouse tyrannical can be imagined to any degree. However, the next moment Ji Dong knows oneself made a mistake. That is not the demon territory.

The light white light is not used to attack, is not used to defend, but integrated in hell demon tree under forest clear the body slowly, the white light of that desalination, submerges in the hell demon tree to vanish in an instant does not see. Strange appeared, formerly barely alive hell demon tree after withstanding this white light, seemed like injected the stimulant to be ordinary, at the same time fierce was shivering, the destroyed body was the fast restoration. Rapid-growth under naked eye variable speed, in an instant, this hell demon tree restored formerly the shape of peak time unexpectedly.

In forest clear hand were many a branch, all over the body the azure bright branch, the length approximately four chi (0.33 m), above has nine white bloom. That is not the flower of Second Wood Totem Liuhe, under the Ji Dong careful gaze, in the heart thinks the name that suddenly plants flowers, cannot bear blurt out, "opium poppy. Is this poppy flower?"

This time, was one's turn forest clear to be surprised, "you recognized my opium poppy unexpectedly."

Ji Dong hides complexion under mask becomes ugly, because he feels clearly. In these nine poppy flowers has been full of the strange life color, in other words, these nine flowers are live, is the same with the hell demon tree, is magic beast. Moreover is extremely formidable magic beast. Such a simple branch, to/clashes under the crown forest clear the magic beast partner. Meanwhile, likely is also her weapon.

"This is my magic beast partner, loves the opium poppy certainly. You want to know that very much its function, it seems that gentle and charming, can treat as magic beast? It cannot defend, cannot help me attack, cannot lead me to fly. However, I can tell you, even if world most formidable magic beast sees it now, must tremble. Do not contaminate my opium poppy, any living thing was exaggerated by its ray, becomes its slave, is my slave."Looks at nine opium poppies on branch, in forest clear the look is even revealing the infatuated ray. This loves the ray sending out range on opium poppy not to be far certainly, each release range only then diameter about one foot. Formerly that injected in the ray to hell demon tree is its brilliance.

Loves the opium poppy certainly, this strange department of botany magic beast let alone is Ji Dong, even if Lie Yan (raging flames) has not heard. However, the opium poppy is any thing Ji Dong is very clear. It is the raw material of narcotics! Through the forest clear words, he understood several points, this loves the ray on opium poppy certainly, likely can make any living thing become addicted like the narcotics, was controlled then by her. Good poisonous plant magic beast. This flushed under the crown and under formerly merit Cao Mian actually respectively has so formidable magic beast. Have oneself this run into what kind of match?

forest clear as if not worry to begin, although in the air does not have rich wood attribute magic power, but she actually as if in feeling the hand is loving the aura of opium poppy certainly, "Oh, was right, a also point forgot to tell you. Everything submits to me loves any living thing under opium poppy certainly, can take in the section time overdrawing the life as the price, the promotion of own strength how much multiple. The hell demon tree is so, my old lady is also so, in the meantime, its function can also heal all grief, to time as a last resort, I even can recapture my husband's life with it, may, a rock pile only be able to live if so again for five years. It is my magic beast partner, I can unable to blossom for one year to take the price with it, own strength promotes to Saint level, although this promotion, only then short ten minutes. However, has these ten minutes, I am run over and dies you like being run over and dying two ants am so simple. I will not give you again any opportunity, will not make you have any luck again. Regardless of you chose to escape a moment ago, chooses now with me continues to fight, finally will not change. In my loves the opium poppy certainly auxiliary, all do not have any significance."

In she spoke, two wiped the unhealthy red to climb up forest clear the face quietly, Yin-Yang Crown on her top of the head also had the change.

originally jet black Yin Crown, Nine-Crown has simultaneously shone, on Crown Ring were impressively many that last Crown Star, with other four Crown Star same places, the gathering formation, changes into a ray to shoot up to the sky. On Nine-Crown also separately releases a ray. The complete ten dark green rays that condense the forming above the forest clear top of the head.

Recommends a book of friend, the book title: Blade god.

Chapter 477: Redemption of earth core Red Lotus

In this flash, entire developed the air of martial stage as if to be sealed up. The huge body that the hell demon tree restores also completely fell into during the stop. Ji Dong is also good, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix, at this moment, is unable to move own body. This piece of space, as if completely had been deadlocked by the rule of this world.

In the air, the strong magic power fluctuation is glittering unceasingly, colored rays in the airborne high and low fluttering, suddenly, clash under the crown above the forest clear top of the head ten dark green rays to condense are, transforms to the silver light drop from the clouds together, pours into to Yin-Yang Crown on her top of the head. That Black Yin Crown turned into the clear bright silver at this time completely, moreover turned into an extremely magnificent double-decked imperial crown. The silver double-decked imperial crown, the Saint level, was this human Mage cultivates the appearance of Saint level?

Ji Dong stared wide-eyed looks at present this, he understood suddenly, why forest clear cultivation base can reach as high as Level 98. Has such unusual magic beast, can rely on frequently is loving the strength of opium poppy certainly own magic power large scale promotion, feels a higher level magic power, forest clear can make itself after breaking through Nine- Crown with hundred years of time goes forward incessantly.

But in fact also so, before achieving Nine-Crown, forest clear a strength might as well forest rock pile. cultivation base must miss much compared with a forest rock pile. However, after she enters Nine-Crown realm compared with forest one rock pile late ten years, relies on certainly is loving the opium poppy not to bite the main characteristics, every year closes up one time, the feeling high level great strength, then closes up the cultivation unceasingly. Finally made her cultivation Level 98. However, forest clear is also very clear, because she has used this lifting scheme, she forever is unable to break through Level 99 from Level 98, true achieving Saint level degree. This also it can be said that had must lose.

War intent in Ji Dong eye pupil was gradually gloomy, even if he now is the normal state, he fully will also spell. He easily will not give up facing the Saint level powerhouse. However, present he, was seriously injured, magic power is also serious insufficient, how even if there is help of Chen Sixuan? How they possibly defeat a Saint level powerhouse. Finally has defeated, Ji Dong inwardly sighed in the heart, is transmitting own words to Chen Sixuan, "sorry, thinks of the fine jade, perhaps I could not help you. Extricates from me. I cannot protect you, you are Princess Eastern Wood Empire status, even if the engagement is inadequate, so long as you return to side your father sovereign, forest clear should also not kill your. Goes."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong wanted just to relieve while this space blockade at present, opportunity that forest clear immediately has not begun. Separates Chen Sixuan. A person died was enough, can he draw Chen Sixuan dead together?

Those who made Ji Dong accidental/surprised was, Chen Sixuan has not opened the mouth, at this time, suddenly, Ji Dong felt that a whole body heat, as if had any thing to separate from oneself. He saw nine points of golden red rays.

A that nine golden red ray emergence, directly flew in the forest clear direction.

forest clear just drew support to love the strength of opium poppy to upgrade the Saint level level own strength at this time certainly, all magic power that formerly consumed restore. She is this loves the opium poppy certainly the master, although such promotion must pay the price, in the later weak three months, will be, she at this moment, actually will be on this piece of continent absolute powerhouses in all Mage.

Perhaps supreme powerhouse and compared with the Saint level powerhouse, magic power only misses several levels, but the strength difference is actually the different, present forest is clear, even if simultaneously faces ten supreme powerhouses, she also has confidence the opposite party strikes to kill completely. Let alone was this time experienced personally severely wounded Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan.

When forest Qingdai that creates world Liuhe to lift off, in her heart had one extremely frightened mood. Because she feels suddenly, even if has Level 98 cultivation base, actually does not have the absolute confidence to strike to kill Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan. Her magic power, was created world Liuhe fast to consume. She understands, today crosses, so long as these two young people can run away, will face in the future once more time, is the calamity of Lin extermination of the clan.

They were too young, was really too young. Young command forest purified the mind has been full of the envy. originally only then Ji Dong, she can also accept reluctantly, after all behind Ji Dong is standing that many supreme powerhouses. However, when Chen Sixuan releases creates world Liuhe, she understands, Chen Sixuan talent not under Ji Dong. Let such two young people grow, Lin will again not have in the future.

Therefore, forest clear, when suffered a loss to drop from the clouds, has set firm resolve, must with the most formidable strength, regardless of pays what kind of price, must keep these two young people. Let them forever unable to leave this lands. Kills them, even if these supreme powerhouses retaliates, by her Level 98 cultivation base, she will fear?

Felt the formidable Saint level strength, forest clear both eyes was turning into the silver at this time completely, the strength of her soul was increased instantaneously with the Ji Dong same Saint level level. Also at this moment, her clear seeing, that nine golden red ray flies toward oneself.

At this time what thing? magic skill? Wipes the smiling face of disdaining to reveal from the forest clear face. Even if your skills are good, affects facing strength also what of my Saint level?

At the same time is thinking. forest clear the right hand has patted, silver misty brilliance mix inking green star light sweeps across, do not despise this seems like the simple strength. The Saint level powerhouse gets rid, so long as she wants, graces is the Ultra Certain Kill Skill intensity.

Saw, that belt inking green clear brilliance silver glow on volume in that nine golden red brilliance. The facial expression that on forest clear the face that keeps aloof suddenly changed in the flash of this two-color ray contact. And helplessly looks at that nine golden red rays, unexpectedly that the attack that sends out from oneself quietly breaks through. It looks like simply has not moved. Meanwhile, that nine golden red ray as if there is life generally floating on, cannot respond by cultivation base of her Saint level. the next moment, these nine golden reds floating fell, happen to respectively fell in that hand that lost gloss nine to love in the opium poppy certainly.

She then sees clearly, that nine golden red ray seems looks like nine seed, the golden red brilliance falls is loving above the opium poppy certainly, as if loved the opium poppy to be many nine stamens and pistils to be ordinary certainly. Really attractive. But, forest clear the heart actually instantaneously sank, originally plans to get rid to destroy Ji Dong immediately they, actually has to stop.

"What is this?"Too under forest clear to the crown discovered with amazement, has promoted cultivation base of Saint level at own this time, is actually unable to feel unexpectedly truly leaves these nine golden red rays is anything, and how formidable magic power is containing. magic power of own Saint level is unable to invade these nine seed in the thing.

forest clear with amazement, Ji Dong also similarly shocks, he knows certainly that these nine golden red rays are anything, that is Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his thing finally! Also the Lie Yan (raging flames) itself assigns the final nine lotus seed on Red Lotus. Is useless he to stimulate to movement. These nine lotus seed flew, moreover exactly right falls respectively, in nine loved in the opium poppy certainly.

the next moment, Ji Dong discovered that own soul can with these nine lotus seed link completely, can feel clearly in the strange strength that in these nine lotus seed contains.

That is not how formidable Divine level strength, but has filled with the Lie Yan (raging flames) aura, and is bringing the lotus seed of life fluctuation aura. Each lotus seed, as if has one group of small golden flame, pure incomparable golden flame. That is not pinnacle Yang Fire. But came from the Divine level flame.

That nine groups of flame and nine lotus seed completely is a body, so long as Ji Dong wants, the temperatures of these nine lotus seed can promote the apex instantaneously, they mount at this time completely, in loved above the opium poppy certainly. Without a doubt, loves opium poppy again rarely seen (weirdo) certainly, is impossible to resist the ignition of this Divine level flame. What a pity, strange Ji Dong of these nine lotus seed also none who does are not clear. It is not able to treat as the weapon with them.

Why will they fly? Ji Dong eyes one blurred, he was crying out in the innermost feelings crazily, "was Lie Yan (raging flames), you are protecting me?"

At this moment, Chen Sixuan from behind closely grasps him as before, but, in his heart does not have the thought of slightest bit ambiguity again. In the heart has filled to Lie Yan (raging flames) intense missing. He wants to cry out to make noise really crazily.

The Chen Sixuan volt behind Ji Dong, is feeling all sorts of changes in his soul silently, above charming face, is revealing a satisfied smile. Yes! Ji Dong, you said is very right, I continuously side you, but is not protecting you, but is loving you. When this thought flashes through after her mind, the next moment, she already stupor behind Ji Dong. Ji Dong is not certainly able to mobilize the strength of that nine lotus seed, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) this assigned Red Lotus leaves Ji Dong the time these nine, to let him achieves Nine-Crown after cultivation base uses again. By his present strength, is unable to mobilize the strength of this given name Red Lotus lotus seed. Only if were he has encountered the life danger truly, when like previous time broke in the Red Lotus day fire such, the lotus seed of this life Red Lotus will appear to protect his body. But they do not have the soul after all, facing a Saint level powerhouse, Chen Sixuan has not grasped these life Red Lotus lotus seed to protect the Ji Dong life completely promptly. Therefore, she transferred these lotus seed with a oneself that slight god knowledge, has released them. She deeply believed, by the Ji Dong wisdom, naturally knows how should do.

"What is this?"forest clear questioned Ji Dong awakens fierce from the mood of surging.

"You should be able to feel that what they are? Or they are anything are unimportant, but I can guarantee, if you act rashly, the next moment, your will love the opium poppy forever to vanish certainly."Ji Dong coldly said.

This assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed not to start, for the opportunity of catching to going on living, destroys the opposite party directly loves the opium poppy certainly. forest clear definitely will also destroy them. So long as forest clear treasures this magic beast partner, will not act rashly, so long as leaves here, or delays unable to continue to her Saint level strength to maintain. Ji Dong they naturally can avoid at present this disaster.

forest clear vision twinkle looks at Ji Dong, in the innermost feelings the beauty battles, loved the opium poppy to accompany certainly her many years, moreover opportunity that any Mage be only one time signed with magic beast, once lost loved the opium poppy certainly, her overall strength greatly will fall short. Perhaps, this is also only will kill at present the opportunity of this boy. By his present age and cultivation base, forest clear almost can affirm, in the future at present this young people can break through to the Saint level level surely. Ji Dong looks at forest clear silently, he does not worry, worried should be the opposite party, maintains the Saint level the strength, forest clear can only be ten minutes, once exceeds this time, she will promote to disappear to the strength of Saint level forcefully, then, only backlashes also makes her unable to pose any threat to oneself again. Therefore Ji Dong, static waiting.

Too under forest clearing vision light to the crown gazes at Ji Dong, in the eye is glittering the complex ray, in this moment, she formerly in the heart intensely killed intent instead to have some changes. It is not because loves opium poppy to be threatened by opposite party certainly, but raised several points of love heart. She has not thought that after oneself promote cultivation base to the Saint level forcefully, during the opposite party actually also means made themselves fall into to be troublesome. Accurate of choice, strange of method, making her be surprised.

In the Ji Dong eye, a forest rock pile and Mr. and Mrs. Lin Qing no doubt are the mysterious ability emerges one after another incessantly, not only magic power is extremely high, is having the strange demon territory and special department of botany magic beast. But, in a forest rock pile and in forest clear husband and wife eye, this white hair young people takes to their shock even also to want on high ten times at present.

He only has over 20 years old! Not only own strength is powerful, is unprecedented has two magic power attributes and exactly the same magic beast. forest clear and forest rock pile naturally very clear fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix Huo'er was formidable, the match who Ji Dong faced was too strong, only these two formidable magic beast were not the common supreme powerhouse can contend.

Whenever in the critical juncture, this Ji Dong can put out a more intrepid strength to deal, the calm and control that not only he, Chen Sixuan shows also similarly made forest Qingwei be shocked.

At this moment , to promote in oneself to Saint level cultivation base, occupied. on absolute winning side completely, this young people unexpectedly also means divert oneself Without a doubt, loves the opium poppy to take own department of botany magic beast certainly, regarding oneself is extremely important. Without it, from now on will be impossible to promote to Saint level cultivation base again. But Ji Dong gets rid, loves the opium poppy to release the strength exactly certainly, helping oneself promote the weak time after cultivation base, at one fell swoop success. forest clear does not certainly know, at this time the machine grasped belongs to Chen Sixuan actually.

Guesses how Ji Dong and did think of the fine jade to get through the difficult time? Hehe. Continues to try hard asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy to everybody with the best plot. Thanks. also ticket on generous support.

Chapter 478: The mirror image of dragon sovereign imperial crown

forest clear does not certainly know. At this time the machine grasped belongs to Chen Sixuan actually . Moreover, even if were her loves the opium poppy to be in top form certainly, can contend with the lotus seed of earth core Red Lotus? That is part of Lie Yan (raging flames) Divine level main body.

Gazes at Ji Dong, forest Qingzu is having one minute of not any sound. Ji Dong throughout the vision light is also looking at each other with her, the strength and the will competion soul are firm and resolute, Ji Dong is not inferior in anybody.

A deep sigh tasty and refreshing sends out from the forest, she lowered the head suddenly, lyrical looked to own hand loves the opium poppy certainly, light saying: "Young people, you have taken to me today too many shock. If changes a way to be together, perhaps, we at all will not become the enemies. In that case, I on behalf of Lin, does not hesitate at all costs will boss around you. What a pity, wrong to cast, in any event, I cannot leave behind the calamity of extermination of the clan to Lin. Therefore, I have to discard my old companion."

Suddenly, this to/clashes under crown to be on the rise once more, her vision became ice-cold is full of the deathly stillness. Quietly hand in loves the opium poppy to place the hell demon tree above certainly a branch, the dazzling silver green mix ray erupts suddenly. Made her whole person seem looks like giant light ball. The heart of Ji Dong, sank the valley in this moment, after one minute of beauty battles, forest clear has chosen finally and thinks of the fine jade to get rid to oneself. If truly, traded itself to stand in the forest clear position, perhaps also met such does similarly. The sacrifice loved the opium poppy certainly, strikes to kill two possibly to threaten the talent of entire family in the future, although forest clear the choice was difficult, but she chose eventually.

Ji Dong has not moved, he knows, at this time, any dealt with already not any significance. Own magic power less than 30%, itself has the wound. Even if two magical instruments on body, how many might can also play divine tool? The strength of Saint level powerhouse he has been realizing in it the first half of the year time, did not have the opportunity.

Is faint in the Ji Dong facial expression, in mind gave up the desire of fight, but is missing his Lie Yan (raging flames). He has not stimulated to movement the lotus seed of that nine earth core Red Lotus to destroy loves the opium poppy certainly. Because he does not hope that therefore made Lie Yan (raging flames) leave own thing to be damaged by the slightest bit finally. Was dying in any case, what significances makes these also again?

Chen Sixuan is in the stupor at this time as before, she does not know, in the next moment, she probably must really and Ji Dong forever leaves this world.

At this time, two huge forms respectively arrived in front of Ji Dong from the both sides, the Ji Dong heart inspires suddenly, from sobers to fondly remembering of Lie Yan (raging flames) , the running together of two syllables in rapid speech shouted loudly: "Maotai and Wuliangye, Huo'er. You walk quickly."

Yes, this suddenly appears in front of Ji Dong, blocks the life and death crisis for him, was fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix.

This dragon Yifeng, aura extraordinary tranquility. Great pressure that the Saint level powerhouse creates, was used the body to block by them directly. They transmit to the Ji Dong information unexpectedly and Ji Dong words are exactly the same, their this is must use own life to protect Ji Dong!

"Fool."Surges to be unable to restrain oneself in the Ji Dong mood, war intent that just vanished unprecedented the time of rising dramatically, suddenly, a white light projects from him, injects circles to the midair, the next moment, this white light appeared before the fifty Saint Fire Dragon body.

Sees only that group of white lights to distort suddenly, changed into at the same time the white shield in a flash, happen to have blocked a water jar thick or thin tyrannical silver green brilliance.

forest clear will again certainly not wait, when fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix kept off, she has gotten rid.

However, the appearance of that spoken parts light, is obviously quicker, keeps off Saint level magic power that actually before forest clear has output.

Must know, Saint level powerhouse. Graces is Ultra Certain Kill Skill cultivation base, but, that silver light beam actually stiffly was blocked together by this white shield.

Ji Dong jumps, fell above the Wuliangye top of the head, can he die for himself by oneself partner? Therefore, he also just right clearly saw at present this.

"Is thinks." The white light that the Ji Dong surprised discovery, that say/way changes into the shield shape, dragon Dansi moves, is dragon Huang the direct descendant successor.

forest clear attack restraining, stare blankly, this called the tyrant the Ji Dong young people, actually haven't also how many methods displayed? Has blocked unexpectedly own attack. Attack restraining, that spoken parts light also melted the egg, flying upside down returns, happen to fell in the top of the head of fifty Saint Fire Dragon Maotai.

"Fool, quickly has not released the imperial crown. Can court death really?"Formerly that shouted that the voice of fool appeared, this sound passed on unexpectedly from the dragon egg. In other words, thought to open the mouth.

Maotai as if as if awakening from a dream general, the next moment, together golden light already suddenly from its big head bright, the gentle golden ray spreads quietly, tyrannical magic power fluctuation and soul fluctuation winding.

Thinking of that dragon egg shape projects a white light, falls above the imperial crown directly, immediately, that dragon sovereign imperial crown exudes one intensely buzz cry. In fierce shivering, tyrannical golden light changes into up the cover, covered fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix as well as Ji Dong completely, happen to resisted forest clear the following second attack.

"This is......"forest looks at that imperial crown clear with amazement. Because, she feels clearly, from this golden imperial crown, is sending out is also wanting the tyrannical magic power fluctuation compared with her.

Thinks of cold sound to resound, "the three children of dragon sovereign here. Your big courage, dares to start to us. Did not fear that withstands the entire dragon clan anger?"

Thinks of the kinetic energy speech? At this time Ji Dong responded, suddenly pleasantly surprised. However he has not actually opened the mouth, at present this golden ray can insist how long he does not know, performance that but from thinking, favorable turn already.

"The child of dragon sovereign?"forest clear the body shakes suddenly, looks at the imperial crown on Maotai top of the head, said with amazement: "Is this could it be it is dragon Huang imperial crown inadequate?" "You said right. This is my imperial crown." The dignified sound resounds quietly, the golden light on Maotai top of the head suddenly becomes intense. The strong golden light gathers a huge cone-shape light beam above its top of the head, upwards emission blooms.

The radiant form slowly flashes in that golden light, this form seems is some nihilities, when it appears, the entire Eastern Wood city seemed suppressed by any thing, walks the common people on street to throw to all immediately in the place, is unable to have the slightest bit to move again.

The Saint level, this is the pressure of true Saint level, is not the forest clear that wall promotes to compare to the strength of Saint level by far. The strong golden light mixes the light silver to sparkle on dragon sovereign that huge body, is projecting. Its that dignified dragon pupil gazes at following forest to be clear. The right claw lifts slowly. A stream of gold and silver mix ray outrageously.

forest clear, hurries to mention both hands with amazement, the magic power comprehensive output.

In the loud sound, forest clear the body by dragon sovereign right claw output flying upside down of magic power bombardment, had been pounded to about hundred meters ground in loudly directly, brings together the deep gully.

Ji Dong dumbfounded looks at the dragon sovereign in sky, suddenly ill- humored say/way: "Don't you earlier appear? Must look at that we * died quickly, runs?"

Dragon sovereign glared at him, somewhat embarrassed said: "I forgot to tell you, can summon my mirror image through this dragon sovereign imperial crown. Or, do I give you to do the imperial crown? Naturally. This only then has the child of my bloodlines to summon. Really impolite, I have not come late, did you die?"

Ji Dong snorted, has turned head, but on the face had a light happy expression. His also many matters have not completed, now has not arrived to die. In Maotai and Wuliangye mouth make the wu wu sound, looks at the dragon sovereign in sky, their vision are revealing the ray that the respect and envies.

The dragon sovereign somewhat is obviously small happily, its virtual image form falls baseless, resounds his sound in the Ji Dong soul, "dumb kid, do not think the divine tool to be able the bright strength. This is only my mirror image, not only every day can only summon one time, but , after summoning, can only send out strikes."

"?"In Ji Dong heart one startled, dragon Huang the voice has made a sound, "you think that I can't appear directly? Appears early, was not enough to help you get through the present difficult time. No wonder thought saying that you were fools. However, now the time is also up. It is estimated that Nine-Crown powerhouse does not dare to begin again. Has waited for her Saint level time, how then you want to do, looked your. She at least takes the weak several months, was inferior including the average people."

The dragon sovereign that huge body falls in developing the martial stage, even if this is only a mirror image, completely is the form that in lit the magic power mirror image by the dragon sovereign imperial crown comes forcefully, shock that can cause was also formidable enough.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and eclipse date phoenix very huge body, simply before the dragon sovereign had felt dwarfed, that hell demon tree is unable to compare. As if dragon Huang wants during waving, can here all complete destruction.

forest clear difficult crawls from the ground, although dragon Huang only has strength of one attack, but that is the solid dragon sovereign Saint level magic power attack, at this time she only thought that oneself magic power seemed struck to disperse, should the also several minutes of Saint level magic power time, be possible because obviously actually dragon sovereign tyrannical attack was reduced stiffly. Saw, she cannot maintain oneself Saint level again cultivation base. Surface such as dying embers looks at the opposite dragon sovereign, this to/clashes under the crown actually suddenly unable to speak.

"The powerhouse of human, you can cultivation Level 98 magic power. Has stood in the peak of human, just differs final one with my realm. Why do you want to feel embarrassed several children?" The dragon Huangwei strict voice resounds once more. Stands in its huge body following Ji Dong secret unstated criticism, must say affectedly virtuously, perhaps was this dragon sovereign. Disposition who its seeks revenge for the slightest grievance but have not suffered little hardships. Remembers for the six months by the process that the dragon sovereign beats cruelly daily, Ji Dong somewhat is helpless.

Sound that forest clear hears dragon Huang, was on the rise, dragon sovereign that huge body, the terrifying Saint level pressure, made the thought that she could not be popular to begin.

Dragon sovereign continued: "What deep-seated hatred you and do they have? How did they kill your family member are? As far as I know, Ji Dong brings Chen Sixuan to come back, but to break an engagement. For this minor matter, could it be you can let own entire family destruction? Dark Five Elements Continent will soon invade our bright world in the near future, you have such cultivation base, does not need to resist the foreign enemy, instead must kill the hope of continent. Your could it be does not know, Ji Dong is the leader heavenly stems Saint king of this generation of heavenly stems disciples? If you have killed him, then, you are the continent criminal. All has been said that I will not kill you, hopes that you can be clear. Ji Dong, how must handle the present matter, you yourself take responsibility."

At the same time was saying, dragon sovereign that huge body has contracted suddenly, in an instant turns into together the golden light, integrates in the Maotai top of the head dragon sovereign imperial crown.

Audience complete silence. This fought had eventually ended, finished in the form that anybody could not imagine. Ji Dong is built on above the fifty Saint Fire Dragon top of the head arrogantly, occupying a commanding position gazes at the body to rock, whole body silver light retreat to/clashes under the crown forest clear.

Ji Dong understands, dragon Huang a moment ago that words, was not only saying to forest clear, is also warning itself. Without what bitter hatred, should not be ruthless. In the future copes with Dark Five Elements Continent is most important. By a forest rock pile and forest clear husband's and wife's cultivation base, uses in the holy war, will play the unprecedented powerful role without a doubt.

took a deep breath, Ji Dong made the mood that oneself fluctuated successively several times slowly tranquil, looks forest who lost color was clear, lightly said: "The matter of today stops. Right that dragon Huang said that we have the common enemy. From now on, thinks of the fine jades and your Lin the engagements of relieves. I promised your Lin Jia here, from now on will not look for your troubles again. If you want, this hatred melts in light of this. If you do not want, momentarily awaits respectfully you to retaliate."

Spoke these words, the Ji Dong right hand shakes, the blue light shoots together clear toward forest. At this time forest clear magic power completely has not vanished, lifts the hand to receive. A azure bright Xiaohulu.

"In this is the millennium origin of life, had its nourishing, under merit Cao Mian rests for a half year to be able to restore the body and cultivation base."

forest clear looks in hand to be loaded with millennium origin of life Xiaohulu dull, suddenly in the heart has mixed emotions. Cannot say now in the heart including her is any idea. Lin does not have any face to say again, but, what can she also make? even/including Longhuang have acted, that true Saint level powerhouse can it be that can contend. Celestial stems Saint king, perhaps also only then these four characters, can explain at present on this young people shows all mysterious.

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Chapter 479: Do you love me? I fainted...

A light bitterness and astringency. Appears in forest clear corners of the mouth place. She raised the head, the vision looks to not far away Lin Baichuan husbands and wives as well as the forest thousand feathers.

"We walk."

Lin Baichuan wife Lin Luan jumps to go forward, supports forest clear, forest thousand feather also being absentminded walked, he does not have to look at Ji Dong again, presented that moment to dragon Huang, he is clear, oneself and disparity between Ji Dong how huge. That is gap that is unable to overstep.

Since nine golden red rays from love on the opium poppy to leap certainly, changes into nine enchanting flowing light to submerge Ji Dong within the body. When they drill into oneself within the body, Ji Dong as if felt that oneself has been holding the warmth of Lie Yan (raging flames), suddenly, his heart ruthlessly has affected.

Encircles makes way in Eastern Wood Empire Mage and guards who practicing martial arts outside encircles slowly a path, saw that the Lin people go desolately. That hell demon tree also disappearance of magic power along with forest clear gradually withered, changes into the light black to integrate the ground to vanish. Clearly, loves the opium poppy similarly to be also limited to its amplification time certainly, as for this strange plant magic beast is living whether, Ji Dong does not know. Saw that the Lin people left, the body of Ji Dong shook shaking, lifts the hand to assist the Wuliangye head dragon corner/horn, stabilizes lives in own body. Today this full war had eventually ended, can say. This is one time is saved from death, but also similarly is a time nearly perfect experience.

This type informed and experienced without a doubt to promoting strength has the huge advantage, but in this moment, Ji Dong actually decided, later cannot come to the being the extent that dangerous region informed and experienced. The reason is very simple, was dragon Huang formerly introduced when him that four characters that said. Celestial stems Saint king.

He now no longer is oneself, but is representing entire heavenly stems disciple collective, has too many matters to wait for him to do. Violates the danger easily, once he has an accident, comes under the influence is the complete heavenly stems disciple, even is the three years later holy wars.

Huo'er as if has liked cultivating in the Vermilion Bird bracelet silently, saw that all had finished, it jumps, changes into together the golden flowing light, in an instant integrated in the Ji Dong Vermilion Bird bracelet to vanish does not see.

dragon Dansi moved in the Maotai top of the head moved gently, with the aid of the egg shell counter- tension, drilled into the Ji Dong bosom, looked for a comfortable position, no longer spoke.

Gently strokes to think of the egg shell that on the Ji Dong face reveals a light smile, today has been lucky this little fellow. It promptly gets rid, perhaps trouble was big. He has not thought that the powerful degree of thinking of can actually block an attack of Saint level powerhouse, this is the extraordinary defensive power!

Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals a smile, looks that thinking in bosom moves. In the heart mused, thinks of the choice of fine jade perhaps is most correct. Thought of dragon egg so to be formidable, moreover can start talking. If then, it hatches, perhaps will directly be the Rank 10 magic beast intensity. God hot Saint king Kai relieves quietly, relies on the conjunction of soul fusion, Ji Dong is also controlling the eternal armor along with it relieving. Backhands, stupor, in oneself back Chen Sixuan holds into the bosom, this jumps, the back pair of wings opened, bringing Chen Sixuan to glide has been flying Emperor Eastern Wood Empire in front of Chen Xiaofeng.

Appears from the dragon sovereign, to to/clashes under the crown forest clear magic power consumption completely, Lin Jia to leave, again to the present, the audience throughout is the complete silence.

Watched all people of this entire combat process, looks that the Ji Dong vision became the delay. That with worshipping two characters can explain.

The stupor empress has not waked at this time, the Chen Xiaofeng complexion is ugly is similar to the spirit money is ordinary, in this life, but also has never experienced the major rises like today.

"Your majesty. The matter of today, this humble one can only to you say that the sound was sorry."Ji Dong is holding Chen Sixuan, salutes to Chen Xiaofeng slightly.

The Chen Xiaofeng Adam's apple has shrugged, has not said the words obstinately. Stands hurries to go forward several steps in his side personal bodyguard. Helps him pat back gently, this is suitable to be panting.

The Chen Xiaofeng vision becomes extremely complex, looks at Ji Dong, he does not know completely oneself should say anything. The appearance of this young people, it can be said that affected entire Eastern Wood Empire. Did not exaggerate said, affected the Eastern Wood Empire future.

"This matter cannot all blame you, I have very big responsibility."With great difficulty, Chen Xiaofeng squeezes out such a few words from the mouth.

The matter has developed such degree, perhaps that side Lin is unable to recall, as King, now he can do can only suppresses own all mood, is as far as possible infinite with this future at present, is the pivotal young people maintains the relations on entire continent.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, ", since your majesty is not strange, that was best. Eastern Wood Empire neighbors East China Sea, once the holy war starts, the East China Sea seashore will be the place that the holy war will start at first, will also ask your majesty early to prepare."

Chen Xiaofeng deeply attracts several tones one after another, finally was strokes along the heart in this tone, he after all was one generation of King, experienced, after having adjusted the mood, the expression became the nature were also many, "Ji Dong, did you also manage me to call your majesty?"

Ji Dong has gawked, "what didn't ask your majesty to call?"

Chen Xiaofeng listened to his these words nearly to show the whites of the eyes, the daughter made you rob, all alone went into the imperial palace to carry off a girl to be one's wife, now poured the stubborn. could it be does he minute manifest in the effective strength on this day?

"Called the father-in-law." The Chen Sixuan sound suddenly appears in the Ji Dong mind. When Ji Dong lowers the head looked, discovered that she has opened the star pupil slowly, but is a whole body soft weak appearance.

"Mountain and father-in-law......"Ji Dong muttered has duplicated words of Chen Sixuan in his soul.

"This was right."Chen Xiaofeng grew the tone, on the face has stacked the smiling face immediately, "Ji Dong, you were really have brought one to me today in a big way surprised!"

Ji Dong looks up to him, in heart speechless, he very much wants to tell at present this Emperor Eastern Wood Empire, oneself that father-in-law did not call a moment ago his, but is duplicates one. However thinks that the matter has been solved with great difficulty, can attain seventh bottle of liquor in ten big famous name wine shortly, he also endured. In his heart knows in any case, oneself is not calling his.

On the Chen Xiaofeng face squeezes several points of gentle smiling face, "was good, how regardless to say, now the wedding of Lin has drawn back. You are in front of our today, has shown you to think of the fine jade is willing to pay all loves, also enough strength. Then, you planned when and thinks of the fine jade to get married?"

"? Gets married?"Ji Dong stares, nearly loosens is holding the hand of Chen Sixuan, "too early, our grade was a little small."

"It is not small. I look like your such big age time, already several sons."Chen Xiaofeng rapid connection. Things have gotten to this point. Young people who wants the stable help this to have boundless prospects at present, naturally must boil the cooked rice the shelled peanuts earlier. Later Eastern Wood Empire also had the dependence.

A forced smile of Ji Dong face, looks down to Chen Sixuan, who knows, Chen Sixuan has actually closed eyes, Ji Dong clearly has been able to feel she does not have the again stupor.

"Your majesty, I first called you. This fact is too sudden, cannot act with undue haste. I have set firm resolve, in elimination foreign enemy, before ending the bright and dark holy war, will not get married."Ji Dong categorical saying.

Chen Xiaofeng knitting the brows head. Said: "Thought of the fine jade is the big girl, like this did not have did not have the share with you in the same place, to make the person gossip? Does not marry also good, at least must become engaged first."

Looks at Chen Xiaofeng that earnest look, in the Ji Dong heart speechless, for that seventh bottle of liquor, he already held Chen Sixuan to fly away.

The request of right hand on the Chen Sixuan waist, places the ground her, holds her to stand, in the soul said to Chen Sixuan: Quickly has solved the problem of your father sovereign. Took the liquor we to walk.

Chen Sixuan then has to open the double pupil, enmity looked at Ji Dong, said to Chen Xiaofeng: "Father sovereign, matter of engagement later again said. You felt relieved, had me and Ji Dong, nobody can be disadvantageous to our Eastern Wood Empire. I know that you are worried about anything. You felt relieved that the daughter has discretion. No matter, I am the Eastern Wood Empire princess!"

"But."Chen Xiaofeng said scruple.

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, looks up Ji Dong, in the eye tender feelings, "status to our heavenly stems disciple, is not that important. So long as Ji Dong loves me, I also liked him being enough. Ji Dong, you told the father sovereign, you loved me very much."

At the same time was saying, her vision extremely earnest looks at Ji Dong, but her heartbeat also obviously accelerated at this time.

This was Chen Sixuan already planned, she brought Ji Dong to come back to break an engagement, must find to be similar to the present opportunity, forced Ji Dong saying that three characters with the situation to her. So long as Ji Dong said that then, they can truly in the same place. This plan, Chen Sixuan absolutely is the premeditation for a long time. Although before , had that many twists and turns, but had been found this kind of opportunity by her eventually.

The vision of all people fall on the Ji Dong face, was waiting for he replied. Ji Dong looks snuggle in oneself Chen Sixuan, has a look at front Eastern Wood Empire Chen Xiaofeng again. Through soul transmission, to Chen Sixuan angrily said: You clearly know, I impossible to say those words to you. The person who I love only has Lie Yan (raging flames). Loves this character, I only will also say to her, why can make me feel embarrassed?

The Chen Sixuan complexion one becomes ugly, she wishes one could to throw to seize the neck of Ji Dong, hurries to say with the soul transmission: Makes you deceive my father sovereign one, passed at present this pass/test, I will not be depending on you. You spoke thoughtlessly wasn't good?

Ji Dong firm say/way: It is not absolutely good. Loves this character, can say casually?

In his soul one side and Chen Sixuan is exchanging, in the surface is actually groaned, puts out a blood, then the whole person backward but actually goes directly, Chen Sixuan holds on him, her present also is very what a pity weak, the result is two people falls to the ground in pairs. Ji Dong eyes shuts, is "dusk" the past.

Chen Sixuan bitterly has beaten on the Ji Dong shoulder, this fellow escaped with the stupor unexpectedly, irritates. It seems like that oneself this time lead him to come back, all plans wasted as before. The people have given him, actually including such a few words not to deceive. The depression in Chen Sixuan heart can be imagined. However, she really will certainly not be mad Ji Dong, Ji Dong is also because will love her like this to Chen Sixuan, truly what she will hate was in that day proposes the evil god of condition to her. This fellow such abnormal condition, will oneself be in this pain?

Thinks a ball on Ji Dong, during returns Chen Sixuan to embrace, get lost/rolled in her chest front, seems is comforting her to resemble. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon of distant place also changed into together the flowing light, returns on the Ji Dong neck has been blowing in the nucleus of life, they also require the time to restore magic power.

The Chen Xiaofeng extremely speechless returning palace, this farce also eventually ended. Naturally some people escort Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan return to the palace together. Moreover Chen Xiaofeng also specially told, in strength strongest Mage by the palace escorts, in order to avoid Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan have an accident. Very possible not to have Lin's support, he cannot be short of the support of this tyrant Ji Dong again.

Ji Dong naturally cannot be delivered to the Chen Sixuan resting palace again, otherwise the face of imperial family where? He was delivered was away from Chen Sixuan resting palace not far away in a palace to rest. Chen Sixuan returned to own resting palace.

Until about the person and others drew back, Ji Dong then opens both eyes, was recalling before , all that has, secretly sighed, thought of the fine jade to think of the fine jade, regardless of you used any means that I cannot accept your love. Sorry.

Although in the heart is thinking like this, but recalled all sorts that and Chen Sixuan has, softest place in his heart, gently is touching.

Lifts the right hand, Ji Dong spreads out the palm, the light golden red ray twinkle, the lotus seed of earth core Red Lotus jump from his palm, floats in his front air.

Looks at these full and enchanting lotus seed, the Ji Dong vision somewhat was crazy, Lie Yan (raging flames), you have saved me today. Although you already no longer side me, but, you as before are actually protecting me. The day of such suffering, I must pass that many years, I am really good to think to look for you now. Sorry, Lie Yan (raging flames), I know that was I have made a mistake, although I cannot love Chen Sixuan, but I am not actually able to deny oneself were likes her. I have a deficit too many her was too many. All these, on I must look for your time give back to her again. I do not understand really oneself have any good, can make her such be dead set on unexpectedly. I and her soul fusion time, can feel clearly, she does not have the slightest bit evil intention to me. Even, her perfect can make me see to be your shadow faintly. Perhaps, is for this reason, I will be getting more and more low to her resistivity. However you could rest assured that I had found the means that my heart only will forever love your one.

This fought had finished finally, did everybody also satisfy? Hehe, asking the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 480: The dark night attacks

Before after this fought. At least Ji Dong can summon these nine lotus seed through the relation of soul at will, he has never thought must make anything with these nine lotus seed, ate them to cultivate with them, he will not do. This was Lie Yan (raging flames) left his final commemorates, was part of Lie Yan (raging flames) body. Can make them come out, looks that they miss Lie Yan (raging flames), at least can make his pain innermost feelings many somewhat console.

Takes back the lotus seed, Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit, starts therapy and restore magic power.

The curtain of night arrives quietly, bitter experience big change imperial palace also finally gradually peaceful, imperial palace before already foreign outgoing message, before the name , because has the supreme powerhouse to ally Eastern Wood Empire, shows the strength had formerly change, making the common people feel at ease.

Dim light of night depth gradually, in sky has been cloudy, fine rains fall from the sky quietly, are striking each corner of imperial palace. The appearance that the gloomy place, shadows are quietly around the resting palace that Ji Dong lives. Each of them's movement is very clever and facile, has not made the least bit sound wonderfully, the speed quick incomparable. In an instant, has surrounded the resting palace of Ji Dong housing.

The aura of deathly stillness release around this palace. The guard and palace maids quietly lost their life in these black. The sound of insect warbler calling also vanished in this moment. Dies general silent is corroding the entire palace silently.

Spheres the palace, over a hundred shadows, they each other have exchanged fully, compels slowly close into to the palace.

And, is more than ten people of head look at each other one mutually, after nodded, simultaneously jumps, in the air immediately presents a series of strange fluctuations. Ten color light condense a giant light cover, covers this palace completely.

That is not the hollow light cover, but is complete condenses by these ten color light. That shocks appeared, then palatial big palace, after was covered by these ten color light, changes into the flying ash instantaneously, even has not made the least bit sound.

Is this achieves? This is the strength of demon territory, moreover is ten people collaborates to release, but demon territory. If ten Eight-Crown Mage gather, collaborates to release their respective demon territories, forms ten attribute coexistent demon territories, complements one another, their this demon territories in some sense, had have been similar to the five elements Yin-Yang might, but magic power is not the pinnacle. Release that may so, ten Eight-Crown Mage collaborate, promotes this demon territory might to the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level sufficiently. The sneak attack of being quietly, even/including Zhengzuo Palace razes, looks like simply has not had this palace in this imperial palace. From writes off with ground flush position completely.

Ten Eight-Crown Mage that gets rid of saw that the palace completely vanished, slightly relaxed. Takes back the respective demon territory, one of them muttered: "Your highness was really too earnest, although the tyrant was strong, but was seriously injured after all, was collaborated by our ten people, really a little made a fuss over a trifling matter."

nodded that several other people deep to be also so.

"If I have not guessed that wrong, was Tianlu crown prince wants my life." The Ji Dong illusory sound from the sky reverberates. This sound, made the surrounding these more than hundred black-clothed person whole body shock immediately.

"Is the person is the ghost?"Formerly spoke that person to drink to make noise severely.

The Ji Dong sound resounds once more, "you are the ghosts, I naturally was a person."the next moment, the ray flashes, Ji Dong whole person already baseless and presently. Appeared in formerly the palace in the central position.

By the strength of Ji Dong that formidable soul, how possibly was touched to the dwelling outside has not known? When these person of preparations begin, Ji Dong felt troublesome. Stimulates to movement magic power, made own body fall into the underground three meters directly. The above palace was destroyed, this magic power has not actually seeped to the ground under. At this time he appears again, naturally cannot give the enemy to have the opportunity of collaboration again.

He then fell into the inspiration of ground to come from initially evaded the ultimate Certain Kill Skill ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail Zhu Gui, Bi Su, Carl and Leng Yue they. The strength of earth is inexhaustible, even if ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail such ultimate Certain Kill Skill, just can make the earth undercut the certain extent, will never destroy the earth. Formerly the might of that entire attribute demon territory fusion truly sufficiently caused the intense damage to Ji Dong, but. His stealth in ground below three meters, can it be that these Eight-Crown Mage can injure easily?

Does not have the slightest bit to stay, Teng Snake flashes to display, the body of Ji Dong looks like together the flowing light, before instantaneous, to/clashes. The rapidness of speed, is the person naked eye is unable to catch completely.

When these people just a appearance, Ji Dong felt, even if did not listen to their talks, Ji Dong can also guess correctly the origins of these people. Lin is impossible to get rid to cope with itself again, when the forest recovers to the Ji Dong that bottle of millennium origin of life, the look on face had the change of essence. Naturally, that is not only because the Ji Dong this bottle of origin of life can save her husband, because of the appearance of dragon sovereign, these words that as well as dragon Huang spoke. Has dragon Huang to shelter, how dare Lin moves Ji Dong easily again, let alone dragon Huang said also right, between both sides is not the intense and deep-seated hatred. After all, the forest thousand feathers and Chen Sixuan did not have the true union. But Tianlu crown prince is different, Ji Dong does not believe after oneself have indicated the status he has not known who oneself were, since he initially can send the person who Chen Longao killed the woods monster, naturally can also obtain own news and status from the Chen Longao mouth. Clearly, he also knows oneself to him are what kind of impression, therefore, is he most has the motive of getting rid, only then his person can sneak in the imperial palace quietly, and can compose the so formidable lineup, wants to strike to kill while the injured opportunity at one fell swoop.

The sudden appearance of Ji Dong, made that more than hundred black- clothed person be surprised immediately, magic power that just restrained hurried to stimulate to movement. But at this time, Ji Dong arrived in front of a black-clothed person, the direct palm has patted.

That black-clothed person formerly displayed one of the joint demon territory Eight-Crown powerhouses, Ji Dong comes is too quick, he wanted to display the demon territory once more already without enough time, in the heart mused, daytime when you consumed are seriously injured greatly, even if the strength intrepidly were also Eight-Crown, but can also be what kind of? So long as I block this, the brothers naturally can come up to besiege.

Is holding such mentality, this black-clothed person double fist is upward, stimulates to movement whole body magic power, resists Ji Dong that seems like light actually an unpredictable palm.

Tianlu crown prince was his these subordinates, has made a fatal mistake, that has underestimated the Ji Dong resilience.

Ji Dong is having Pinnacle Two Fires magic power, has the phoenix dragon dance snake changes, has nucleus of heavenly material earthly treasure as well as own tyrannical resilience life. With a five elements method help, several double-hour later present, his injury already convalesced, although magic power cannot say that fully restored to be in peak condition, but at least also restored 80-90%. So long as the tyrannical attack facing formerly such joint demon territory, these people can't be able to block him?

The fist palm intersection, the Ji Dong floating body walks. Simply does not have the slightest bit to stay, his palm even touches with the fist of opposite party, the whole person crosswise fluttered, has dodged behind several attacks. But that lifted the fist to prevent his Eight-Crown Mage likely is the immobilization by witchcraft was ordinary, standing was motionless there.

Has not waited for these black-clothed person to discover that his is not wonderful, the next moment, only listens to a loudly loud sound, the body of this Eight-Crown Mage is similar to the firecracker blasts out unexpectedly generally suddenly, the flesh and blood flying in all directions mixes the strong Pinnacle Two Fires aura to scatter in all directions to flutter about, was Ji Dong prevents the back pursuing troops.

All black-clothed person can't help gasping, that is Eight-Crown Mage! Although this Eight-Crown Mage just entered Eight-Crown realm. But that also truly is cultivation base of Eight-Crown rank, to be how possible, but moved gently, he had died a tragic death in the Ji Dong hand. Didn't the boy most flourishing condition, just enter Eight-Crown?

From their angles, is not certainly able to understand how Ji Dong achieves, may in fact, a Ji Dong that light palm not be simple, the flash of fist palm interlocking, that Eight-Crown Mage felt immediately the Pinnacle Two Fires tyrannical aura, Ji Dong has not released outside the body magic power, making him forget a matter, that was the pinnacle magic power attribute suppresses, when he discovered that the both sides fist palm has bumped into one, he raised magic power that gathered fully a contraction, the imposing manner releases immediately greatly, but also on at this time, he saw both eyes of Ji Dong, completely presented for silver both eyes, In the brain as if ruthlessly was punctured by a lot of silver needles, magic power in double fist is scattered in disorder immediately, this is came from the spiritual impact of Ji Dong.

magic power that in his double fist attacks as if hit in vacating, palm as if not in the least stress that Ji Dong laid out, shook gently, has downloaded him massively already scattered in disorder attack magic power, the next flash, the Pinnacle Two Fires aura quietly integrated his body, the fifth heavy extinguishing god struck.

It can be said that this entire process is the miniature of Ji Dong strength completely release, what a that light palm condenses is Ji Dong attack whole-heartedly. Then can strike the second to kill this Eight-Crown powerhouse. Regarding the heavenly stems disciple, same level magic power match simply has not resisted their possibilities, let alone Ji Dong also mixed with such many deep meaning skill in this palm.

Fierce thundering made the movements of all black-clothed person slow a racket, but at this time, Ji Dong broke in the black-clothed person tight encirclement of large number of people.

Even if an imperial family of empire, is impossible to have over a hundred Eight-Crown powerhouses. At present in these more than hundred Mage can have the experts of several Eight-Crown ranks, it can be said that Tianlu crown prince for dozens years collected, do not know that have spent much money and energy. Therefore, in black-clothed person camp that Ji Dong breaks, overwhelming majorities are Six-Crown, even also Six- Crown cultivation base Mage. Their this comes, what are more is responsible for the surrounding, but feared Ji Dong can break through accidentally, prevents him slightly one. At this time Ji Dong breaks in these low level Mage, looks like the bullying is simply ordinary.

During the dark night, the body of Ji Dong was similar to the ghosts and demons has glittered, his both hands have pressed down the heads of two low level Mage. This is Mingyang hunts for the skill the evolution edition, but at this time Ji Dong use is actually not pinnacle Yang Fire.

The personal appearance plunders, the next moment, the Ji Dong whole person appeared in them behind, from exploding Eight-Crown Mage was better than strange to appear formerly that. Presents before a black-clothed person, is two black ice sculptures.

Right, is black ice sculpture, the glittering and translucent carving black crystal gable lived in their bodies, the next moment, melting that this black crystal is quietly.

This, to black-clothed person attacked formerly the confidence of explosion of that powerful is bigger. This is the what kind of terrifying strength! Moves slightly, can make the person body melt unexpectedly, is this person?

These black-clothed person experience for a long time the training after all, the one by one itself strength is also quite powerful, while Ji Dong from that two black-clothed person passes through, but, more than ten black- clothed person have simultaneously encircled, tries to sphere Ji Dong.

Greets their, is that is similar to the golden ray of scale general sending out, Ji Dong is very long has not gotten rid of the dragon scale to dodge floating departs. magic power breaks through Eight-Crown, before this dragon Linshan might nature, is greatly different.

The appearance of pinnacle Yang Fire, the attribute suppression effect flashes before instantaneously, at the same time, these surrounded the Ji Dong black-clothed person to feel in the air as if fierce burst, making their brains fall into a blank temporarily. the next moment, the massive fierce bellows have resounded.

Through with a forest rock pile that war, realized that the tyrannical degree of town soul demon territory, making the use of Ji Dong strength to soul have the brand-new understanding. When formerly faced that Eight- Crown Mage energetic puncture, is this time soul burst, just coordinates his tyrannical skill to use together. The effect of playing imagines compared with him is also better. After all, in the strength of soul, Ji Dong cultivation base also above a forest rock pile.

More than ten black-clothed person under bombing that dragon scale flashes, only then the cultivation base highest three people escape death by a hair's breadth, the bodies of other people changed into one group of golden fireballs to scatter in all directions to flutter about completely, suddenly, in the air has filled the air/Qi of slaughtering.

Was that more than ten Eight-Crown Mage of head almost simultaneously anchors the footsteps, the Ji Dong terrifying has surpassed their judgment completely. Daytime time, most of them also saw Ji Dong and two big supreme that war. Has not been involved, they noticed that is Ji Dong supports by strenuous efforts, finally by lucky reluctantly lived. May begin with this young people truly, they are clear, the strength of this young people are formidable.

More than ten Eight-Crown Mage each other look at each other, is that person of head low snort/hum one, has given a strange hand signal. the next moment, the ten people in these more than ten Eight-Crown Mage have simultaneously lifted their right hands, has not pursued Ji Dong, but their demon territories actually simultaneously bloom.
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