Jiu Shen Chapter 461-470

Chapter 461: This is my man

This god hot Saint king Kai to be fused the god technique to refine into within the body by Ji Dong. Although cannot say that became part of his body, but at least can be used by him at will. Looks at the Ji Dong appearance, Chen Sixuan clearly can feel, Ji Dong does not practice in oneself, instead pours into own Pinnacle Two Fires to god hot Saint king Kai , seems is refining this armor.

What's all this about? He suddenly thinks that refines the armor? Although Ji Dong has Pinnacle Two Fires, but does not have the special goods to join under again, even if were his Chaos Fire is also unlikely to make god hot Saint king Kaizai who achieved the inferior divine tool rank have the qualitative leap. He does this, completely is making a futile effort is right!

However, since Ji Dong in cultivating condition, Chen Sixuan cannot certainly disturb his anything, the delicate eyebrows slightly wrinkle, in the thinking, as if held a point anything, may not think clearly. She guessed, all that Ji Dong makes now are certainly related with her, the matter that even had with before was related. But she thinks that what is not clear, Ji Dong refines this god hot Saint king Kai to be able with these to have what kind of relation.

The difference of body made Chen Sixuan gradually fall asleep finally, but the cultivation of Ji Dong throughout was actually continuing.

The time of the sleep sobering, is next morning, Chen Sixuan opens both eyes. What sees is sits in the corner, the whole body is covering god hot Saint king Kai Ji Dong as before, is only this time he, the body did not have the magic power ray to flash before again. It seems all very normally, made her some not adapt normally.

After another late cultivation, the Wood department magic power treatment ability give full play to the function, at least this time Chen Sixuan, no longer had any obvious pain to feel. Naturally, from the girl to woman process, is affecting her eventually. A that crazy night forever and ever brand mark in her innermost soul, never may also dismiss from mind.

"Did you awake? We eat a thing."Ji Dong opens both eyes in this time exactly, said accurately, this late passed in the cultivation, simply has not rested.

Thinks of the fine jade cleverly from the bed, after the rest of over night, her mood has also stabilized, although wants to brush at present this good- for-nothing very much. But in her heart are actually more is happy. How regardless to say, as a girl, the most precious thing has given itself the most beloved man, she is very satisfied. Regardless of Ji Dong whether acknowledged that oneself truely has become his woman.

Combed the hair and wash the face, Chen Sixuan has changed the body clean clothes, but Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai also integrated within the body. But Chen Sixuan actually indistinctly discovered, under the Ji Dong clothing, the position of four limbs, indistinctly has left behind an armor, but there is a clothing to cover. If not the extremely familiar his person, is impossible to discover this point.

Why can he leave behind how many armor on the body? In the Chen Sixuan heart is very puzzled, but she does not have to inquire.

"Ji Dong, do you want also to take a bath?"Chen Sixuan is probing asking. Actually she also very much thinks that is savoring one time the taste of that hot spring, but really does not dare to provoke him again easily.

Ji Dong shook the head, has combed the hair and wash the face simply, what making Chen Sixuan very accidental/surprised was, he has held up her hand unexpectedly on own initiative, vision temperate smiled, "walked, we ate a thing, was good to return to the imperial palace together. From now on, I must enter into the spirit. We are the lovers, right."

"Un Un."Chen Sixuan stared in a big way beautiful pupil to visit him, while nervous nod constantly. This not real? could it be said, he has approved himself really?

However, at this time, she caught the brow of Ji Dong slightly slightly moved, gripped own hand as if also gently to shiver. But all these occur is very slight, if not be she is feeling the change of Ji Dong not to discover carefully.

"Ji Dong, you? All right."Chen Sixuan kind asking.

Ji Dong shook the head. Said: "I am very good. Complies with your matter certainly to achieve. We walk."

Two people have eaten something in the hotel, two days both properly have not eaten meal, this breakfast eats relative, particularly Ji Dong, as if he has not cared about the matter that late has, gives birth for the first time eats greatly, a breakfast ate average person four and five people of shares to stop.

Grows the tone, the Ji Dong smile looks at Chen Sixuan, said: "Eats real comfortable. These two naive puts in great inconvenience you, has not eaten meal."At the same time was saying, before setting out in remaining half bowl of milk but actually entrances.

Chen Sixuan wrinkles the delicate eyebrows to visit him, although Ji Dong performance is very natural and normal, but she thought that is not very right, lowers the sound, asked a few words on the quiet, "Ji Dong, you, you will not cut really "

"Pū" a Ji Dong milk has all spurted, he responded luckily quickly, spurts the one side, but was not on Chen Sixuan. One after another coughs greatly. Because the sound is too big, immediately causes in the dining room in other people of dining to throw to pay attention to the vision similarly. Chen Sixuan hurries to run up to side Ji Dong, helping him pat the back, Ji Dong was straightening out the air/Qi, raised the head ill-humoredly looked to her, "in your this small head, how that many dirty thought? The misunderstanding did not explain clearly. Cuts anything to cut."

Chen Sixuan charming face is red, is bringing the veil luckily, was covers up. Speaks haltingly saying: "I am fear you spur-of-the-moment really!"

Ji Dong takes up the paper goods on table to wipe the clean mouth, stared her one eyes, "walks."

The people walked out of the hotel, Chen Sixuan have gathered side Ji Dong, probed is bumping his hand with the hand, moving gently, took to the feeling of Ji Dong several points of numb itch immediately. Chen Sixuan that icy cold small hand touch is extremely good, particularly her appearance cautiously, is not in part of ones duty annoys the person to love tenderly.

The Ji Dong backhand grabs her hand, this time, he paid attention, the body trembles once more lightly, is another side arm, Chen Sixuan had not actually realized.

Yesterday evening, Ji Dong left the hotel, although only then the free time of most double-hour, but in this most double-hour, he has thought were more. He knows, oneself likes Chen Sixuan actually. Likes, but is not the love. This liking , because of Chen Sixuan this person, similarly because of her and Lie Yan (raging flames) same perfect. Continues like this again, he feared that oneself heart one day will betray Lie Yan (raging flames). He while thinking other matters, first gives itself to solve. Must have to the Chen Sixuan resistivity.

To the resistivity of beautiful woman, said easily, may do is really not that simple. Chen Sixuan was known as that now first under heaven beautiful woman, this title is not the casual fabrication. Let alone does she launch pursues but actually? Ji Dong regarding the resistivity of beautiful woman, is greatly strengthened, he is the heart has the subordinate. Even if this, as before nearly was also defeated just like the corrosion general offensive facing Chen Sixuan that. Obviously the Chen Sixuan attraction is big.

Therefore, Ji Dong has been pondering carefully, has thought of means. When god hot Saint king Kai in according to magic power stimulation of movement, will have the point to puncture the appearance, is used to attack the enemy. Since Ji Dong to fuse the god technique to integrate it own. When these sharp thorns send out, which position from sends out, completely by his own is controlled. Yesterday this late time, Ji Dong did, makes all sharp thorn reverses. When he and Chen Sixuan body contact, will stimulate to movement magic power similarly, the reassignment keeps sharp thorns on several armor, counter- thorn oneself.

Although the body of Ji Dong is tenacious, but that god hot Saint king Kai is also the Divine level magic power armor, the sharp thorn is extremely sharp. Under his control, really will certainly not injure itself, intense stabbing pain that but that brings instantaneously, can make him receive the enticement the heart to sober immediately.

Just he had tried twice, the fact had shown, the effect is quite good. This also makes Ji Dong relax secretly. He only wants quickly to complete now with the Chen Sixuan present agreement. After waiting, wholeheartedly will invest into the cultivation during, during expresses feelings is Lie Yan (raging flames) takes revenge.

Chen Sixuan naturally does not know, the tranquility of Ji Dong surface, resists her Charm in nearly the way of autonomy. Saw that Ji Dong as if returned to normal, moreover probably usually is more intimate than to oneself, in the heart also gradually felt relaxed. Gets hold of the big hand of Ji Dong, on charming face is revealing the well satisfied smile.

This is Ji Dong first time comes to the Eastern Wood city, naturally is guides by Chen Sixuan, similarly is the capital, the Eastern Wood city has its characteristics completely. After sees this city truly all, Ji Dong discovered, this unexpectedly is in the city that have been, most beautiful.

This is a green city, is a sea of flowers and plants. Simply speaking, stands in any place of this city, looks in any direction. Then, heaves in sight, at least also over ten types plants.

The Eastern Wood city like the capitals of other countries, the building is not big and luxurious, seems the imposing manner is threatening. Meaning of here plant heaven. The house few has over two, even if the broad over ten meters street, completely is the avenue. The big tree of path both sides cover covers the sunlight in sky. Although now the weather was quite cold. But this prosperous feeling made one from the heart like.

"Our is Eastern Wood Empire beautiful?"Chen Sixuan is smiling asking.

Ji Dong nodded. "Is very beautiful, this is I have seen the most beautiful city."

Chen Sixuan laughs, said: "Our Eastern Wood Empire is rich in various fruits and flowers and plants, exits these things to other countries, was we very big receiving. Later returns to the palace, I asked you to eat the delicious fruit."

Moving point is complying.

The Eastern Wood city is not big, is not only inferior to Central Plains City, even wants to be smaller than Jin Cheng. Quick, under the leadership of Chen Sixuan, before two people arrived at the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace.

Before the imperial palace, guards sternly, imperial city gate place at least is standing over a hundred soldiers, in the broad big wall also has the soldier to go on patrol. The general publics cannot arrive at an imperial palace hundred meters place close.

Chen Sixuan natural is holding the hand of Ji Dong before the imperial palace gate walks, has not waited for them to approach, 20 soldiers moved immediately, array fast, 20 lances have aimed at them. Is a soldier said loudly: "Halts, imperial palace heavy, can not approach. The offenders kill without the amnesty." "Is this palace comes back."Chen Sixuan was saying at the same time, has lagged behind the veil on charming face.

If the return imperial palace of other royal family member so simplified travel, the soldier who difficult insurance to guard a gate did not know, perhaps must examine carefully turns, puts out anything to show the status the evidence can enter in the imperial palace. But Chen Sixuan can it be that ordinary royal family members? Her perfect outstandingly beautiful tender face was the best identification.

Soldiers who the outstandingly beautiful glowing countenance looks at almost simultaneously delay, looked like changes into the vulture to be like.

The Chen Sixuan not strange these soldiers, turn head to look to Ji Dong, somewhat small self-satisfied to his blinked, seemed saying, look, Charm of this girl is not small.

In Ji Dong heart secret unstated criticism, if your Charm were small, I can also puncture god hot Saint king Kaijian refine but actually? Also wanted.

After delay moment, is the soldier leader of head responds finally, plop'ed kneel down, "welcomed the fine jade princess to return to the palace."

As this shouted loudly, other soldiers also one after another responded, has knelt a piece, actually again nobody dares to look at Chen Sixuan. In them, has seen Chen Sixuan are not many, after all, usually in Chen Sixuan in deep palace Imperial Palace. However, so long as has seen, naturally can make the extremely profound impression to this first under heaven beautiful woman. Who dares to look again? If were rude, that may be the confiscating family's property big crime.

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, "gets up. Quickly sends for informing the father sovereign, said that this palace came back. I returned to the resting palace first." At the same time was saying, she holds up the hand of Ji Dong to the imperial palace walk. That soldier team leader has stood, does not dare to look at Chen Sixuan, but actually lifted the hand to block their way, respectfully said: "Princess, is this mister?"

This soldier team leader is extremely shocking, must know, now Chen Sixuan is holding the hand of Ji Dong. Although the fine jade princess was more cunning more and unreasonable, but entire Eastern Wood Empire, her existence simply is a mark, even said that is the super idol. The Eastern Wood saintess, the first under heaven beautiful woman, can say, Chen Sixuan is Eastern Wood Empire proud! The saintesses in their heart draw a man to return to the imperial palace unexpectedly, moreover very obviously this man is not any in Eastern Wood imperial family 16 imperial prince. What's all this about?

Distinguishes Ji Dong is not the royal family members is very simple, his white hair was too special. In the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace may not have this kind of person.

Chen Sixuan snorted, "this is my man. What's wrong? Do you also want to stop?"

"?" The soldier teams leader and surrounding soldiers were shocked by Chen Sixuan these words. When they responded again the time, Chen Sixuan has drawn Ji Dong to enter in the imperial palace splendidly.

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Chapter 462: Eastern Wood imperial palace

Chen Sixuan: This is my man. Instantaneous shocking audience. This news has shocked simply, is not general shock, suddenly, soldiers standing there.

"Also silly is standing doing? Also not quickly in whereabouts report/give report? No, I go." The soldier team leader walked hurriedly.

Is broad on the imperial palace, when is Central Plains City is best in the continent five countries, but such as discussed full of vitality, that must be the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace. It is said that in the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, at least over 3000 plants, all pavilions, almost hides in these plants. Just likes the paradise is ordinary. Perhaps, the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace is not as good in the dignity, but is in Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires most makes people feel absolutely comfortable.

Ji Dong was drawn by Chen Sixuan has been walking into the imperial palace, his first feeling, is this radically is a botanical garden, looks, can see only then various plants, herb, woody plants, the also flowers and plants compete to be the most unusual. Over 80% Ji Dong cannot name the character. The fresh air made one be enchanted by sufficiently.

"Thinks of the fine jade, your father sovereign will certainly not fear that some people assassinate."Ji Dong said suddenly.

Chen Sixuan tilts the head looks to him. "Why?" Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "This imperial palace simply like labyrinth. So numerous plants, where cannot see the palace , but how also to assassinate?"

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "You also really said right. When our Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace constructs, there is a person of high skill to direct. Itself here is one Wood department big. Is called nine nine interlocking rings to confuse trace. When the idler comes, will transfer naturally has fainted, naturally easily will be caught. Do not think that here was attractive, by the protection degree of imperial palace, even if Central Plains City Central Earth Empire imperial palace no ratio."

Ji Dong said: "No wonder I felt that magic power fluctuation in this imperial palace wants intense many compared with the outside obviously. It seems like that this big also promotes the wood attribute element the effect. No wonder you so young can have such cultivation base. Has such a good place to cultivate, although might as well dragon valley, but was also almost the same."

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "Added me? Your is not old! How do you cultivation?"

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "I and you are different. I cultivation many that you are later. However, I have good Teacher."

Chen Sixuan has gawked, "good Teacher? You say Zhu Rong Dean?"

Ji Dong shook the head, "Teacher Zhu Rong are also many to my care, but if said that cultivates to help in a big way to me, is actually not he. Is Lie Yan (raging flames)."

The Chen Sixuan heart trembles, looks vision that in the Ji Dong eye is full to fondly remember, somewhat was suddenly crazy.

Ji Dong sighed lightly: "After I ten years old , starts to cultivate. Can have today's all, can say that is Lie Yan (raging flames) to me. If no her companion and directs, is impossible to have my today. She is my lover, is my Teacher. It can be said that was she has given me newborn. I always do not think that Lie Yan (raging flames) is my, because, I am her. Thinks of the fine jade, do you understand?"

Those who made Ji Dong dumbfounded was, Chen Sixuan listened to his words, the eye socket to start flood red gradually. Supple sound said: "Lie Yan (raging flames) is good to you. What is rarer is you so thinks of the former friendship. You could rest assured that later I will certainly replace Lie Yan (raging flames) to take care of you."

At the same time was saying, she also holds the hand of Ji Dong to oneself face on, has stroked gently stroking gently gently.

The body of Ji Dong shivers once more, he has to make itself draw support from the stabbing pain to work loose with the sharp thorn therapy from this moment ambiguity. Perhaps the gentleness of Chen Sixuan, was an obstinate iron must be melted.

Where he knows, at this time in front is his Lie Yan (raging flames)! After the matter that the two days had, Ji Dong has thought clearly the lots. He was impossible intense the directness like before to reject Chen Sixuan. Chen Sixuan has paid that many for him, so is good to him, even has also rescued his life, he owes Chen Sixuan. Let alone, he has also discovered that the strong way regarding Chen Sixuan did not have any function, the Chen Sixuan immunity ability to go far beyond the imagination of Ji Dong, he has believed, has changed another girl, perhaps will again already not pay attention to itself. Therefore, Ji Dong prepares to copy Chen Sixuan to cope with own means that by the emotion person, moist thin silent such makes her give way before difficulties. But what tragedy is, the effect that he first time uses at present is not obviously good. Chen Sixuan not only does not have to be therefore low-spirited, instead is a sympathy and take pity on face, this, this. , Where he knows, he more is expresses himself in
front of Chen Sixuan and Lie Yan (raging flames) sentiment is deep, more is equal to vindicates in front of Chen Sixuan! She only will certainly have to be moved.

Is frustrating in the Ji Dong heart, does not know how should deal. Suddenly, his spirit moves slightly, vision looks in a direction. Ji Dong has discovered that Chen Sixuan naturally also discovered. Among them the soul fusion as if rose a level, Ji Dong, in had a liking for one after that direction, the next moment on whole face shocking shifted on the vision Chen Sixuan. The discovery that because he shocks, the Chen Sixuan soul with his soul already the fusion that resembled very much at will in one. These time is not he on own initiative accepts, but is withstands passively. In other words, the Chen Sixuan soul fuses, his soul simply does not have the slightest bit to revolt, naturally fused. What's all this about? Does she possibly fuse my soul as the leadership? Ji Dong could not even attend to just discovered that another side sound, in the heart shocked.

Ji Dong is not clear, but Chen Sixuan is actually clear very much, on charming face the non- forbidden band has a somewhat self-satisfied smile. Reason that her soul can so smooth and Ji Dong soul fuses in together, actually the reason is very simple. Can explain with two characters, that is the tacit understanding.

Their originally had high tacit understanding, the process of each soul fusion, will make them agree with. The soul fusion like the magic power fusion, the difficulty does not want high many, even if the supreme powerhouse is also not necessarily able to achieve. Because everyone will have the selfishness, in process of soul fusion, so long as a little selfishness causes trouble slightly. This fusion is impossible to succeed. Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, when initial soul fusion, Ji Dong, because losing heart of Lie Yan (raging flames) like the dying embers, naturally cannot have any many ideas, Chen Sixuan say nothing. She is more selfless to his love. Then had at first, is the most difficult that fusion. But each fusion, looks like they are same in the cultivation, will progress, this also initially Ji Dong felt that influences subtly oneself unable to leave the feeling of Chen Sixuan more and more.

The day before yesterday that night, it can be said that one eruption of their soul fusion. Fuses this aspect regarding the soul, let alone is Ji Dong, even if survived does not know that many years Lie Yan (raging flames) were not completely clear. Their each other souls melt, made Ji Dong, in the depth liked in the Lie Yan (raging flames) situation to the Chen Sixuan resistivity reducing as before gradually. Finally erupted in that special situation. If no existence of soul fusion, by the Ji Dong self-control, even if facing Chen Sixuan outstandingly beautiful is also not necessarily able to be so attacked.

But now their this optional fusion, that is because after the spirit meat unites , the effect of bringing , after is their soul melts , the quantitative change has the qualitative change a process. Discovery that if the ancestor of Land Dragon, can be startled at this time, their soul fusions arrived at very close oneself level.

The Ji Dong soul was unable to revolt against the Chen Sixuan soul to fuse again, even if fuses unilaterally is also so. Similarly is unable to revolt against his soul fusion like Chen Sixuan. Because their each other souls fully have approved the opposite party, understands completely in all circumstances, they each other mutually will not injure.

Looks at the smiling face on Chen Sixuan face, Ji Dong has to once more ruthlessly thought the hot Saint king Kai Shangjian thorn to grip oneself. Then shifts the vision under the stimulation of ache.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you come back. Ahead of time does not inform. The Big Brother good to meet you."Transmits along with the voice, a tall form in big strides passes through from the forests, walked toward Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong direction.

Sees this person, Ji Dong somewhat is surprised, by his cultivation base, naturally has the originality in view person. Appears at present, is one seems about 40 -year-old middle-aged people, is tall, under Ji Dong, does not seem the body is quite solid, walking dragon Hang is vigorous and mighty strides. The bearing is solemn. The head harness eight precious ingredients Purple Gold crown, wears the bright yellow boa robe. The whole person seems spiritual Yi Yi. Ji Dong has swept his one eyes simply, discovery this middle-aged person at least has Seven-Crown magic power cultivation base. If his age is really about 40 years old, can achieve Seven- Crown, is the quite great result. After all, abnormal existence like the heavenly stems disciple are few. Really worthily is the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, is actually the place of latent talent. Ji Dong saw this middle-aged person, the opposite party also similarly in taking a look at him, looks at Ji Dong to stand side Chen Sixuan, but also blatantly and hand of Chen Sixuan drew in the same place, the pupil of this middle-aged person has contracted obviously, but also only stopped in this, on the face the look has not had any obvious change.

"Big Brother."Chen Sixuan hee hee smiles.

Middle-aged person laughed, stretches out the arms, "quick, to Big Brother a hug. Such long has not seen you. The elder brothers may very much think you!"

"It is not dry/does." A Chen Sixuan personal appearance revolution, has hidden behind Ji Dong. If trades to make beforehand Chen Sixuan, naturally cannot oppose this hug. But now she is Lie Yan (raging flames)! Except for Ji Dong, she will not make others bump itself. Even if this body blood relative's family members is the same.

Chen Sixuan this hides, Ji Dong naturally was opposite with that middle- aged person. The middle-aged people take back the both arms, faces Ji Dong alone, his vision is obviously sharp, "has not consulted, is this little brother?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "this humble one Ji Dong, hello/you good, under Taizi Dian."From wear with the name of Chen Sixuan, stands in front of oneself that he naturally can distinguish the middle-aged person, is now Crown Prince Eastern Wood Empire.

The middle-aged person standing firm body, on the face is the look is as before invariable, "hello/you good, I called Chen Sheng."At the same time was saying, he extended oneself right hand to Ji Dong on own initiative.

Although Ji Dong felt obviously the opposite party has to probe own meaning, but under this Taizi Dian is holding his sister hand shortly, is in the situation of first meeting can also be so calm, has made the good impression to Ji Dong. Similarly lifts the right hand. At will and stability grasps with Chen Sheng. Their both hands grasp, Ji Dong felt immediately mellow First Wood department magic power full of vitality approaches own within the body racing wells up. Such that really such as he judges, at present this Chen Sixuan Big Brother cultivation base Seven-Crown 70 multistage appearances.

On the Ji Dong face the look is invariable, even gently is also shaking the hand of opposite party, seems like really same in the handshake. But the Chen Sheng complexion finally no longer so is tranquil, the look changes and shock, appear on his face one after another.

In the Eastern Wood Empire imperial family, the first talent without a doubt is Ji Dong behind Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan. The 20-year- old age broke through Seven-Crown, and became the heavenly stems Second Wood disciple. Even if in the heavenly stems disciple, calculates at the age, she is second to none. But is next to Chen Sixuan, was at present this Taizi Dian gets down.

Chen Sheng is Emperor Eastern Wood Empire the Chen Xiaofeng eldest son, from birth time, was set up as the crown prince. But for these years, the status of this crown prince has never vacillated, from not having the brothers has competed for the throne the meaning, among several brothers, the relations are exceptionally harmonious. This has saying that the ability and strength under this Taizi Dian were astonishing. Only own talent and cultivation base, he is also lower than Chen Sixuan. Naturally, believes in him, he be higher than Chen Sixuan cultivation base. After all, Chen Sixuan leaves the imperial palace nearly two years the cultivation base promotion degree they not to know, some people do not think Chen Sixuan cultivation base can achieve above Level 70, even initiated to Eight-Crown attacks.

Chen Sheng and Ji Dong handshake, the main goal naturally probes, sees Ji Dong the time, although his surface is tranquil, but in the innermost feelings is actually very shocking. He fully realized, oneself this Little Sister, not only in the ordinary day is the young succuba of ancient spirit demon, but also considers oneself as high, she also has the proud qualifications. May look at her a moment ago with Ji Dong in the together appearance, looks like a mild-mannered kitten is clearly same. He is not completely clear, at present this white hair youth is capable of anything subduing the Little Sister.

Regarding Ji Dong this white hair, he is also very curious, even in the heart also thinks, at present this person does look like his surface to be so young really?

After Chen Sheng magic power floods into Ji Dong within the body, this idea became clearer. He discovered with amazement, after own magic power enters Ji Dong within the body, is similar to the clay ox entering the sea generally vanishes does not see. Others grip own hand simply, as if anything has not occurred. magic power that but output actually disappears.

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Chapter 463: Crown prince's probe

Chen Sheng some do not believe in evil doctrines intensifies the magic power output effort. May not have the slightest bit to respond as before, the body of Ji Dong looks like the bottomless trench is common, swallows magic power that he outputs completely.

On the Chen Sheng forehead started to present the sweat stain, because he discovered, oneself present wants to let go was unable, although Ji Dong has not sent out any attack, all attacks that but he sends out are unable to produce the results. How this way can?

"Good, do you two grown men, shake hand also the time to do?"Chen Sixuan behind flashes from Ji Dong, has drawn the small arm of Ji Dong.

A Ji Dong loosen, this has let loose Chen Sheng, Chen Sheng is also big relaxing, forcing by oneself insufficiently rude, but the body could not bear rock several, was returns to normal.

"What attribute magic power may I ask the senior is?"Among the Chen Sheng looks was more respectful. The Mage status on Five Elements Continent is extremely high, even if various countries' imperial family is not willing to offend cultivation base profound Mage.

"Senior? Big Brother, do you have to make a mistake! He is my man, can you call his senior? He just 22 years old!"Chen Sixuan ill-humored saying.

"22 years old?"Chen Sheng dumbfounded looks at Ji Dong, a face does not believe. 22 years old can block itself reach as high as 73 magic power extremely, but also such appearance of acting as nothing had happened. This clearly is cultivation base of nearly supreme powerhouse! But the supreme powerhouse wants to conceal own age, as if cannot achieve. The Little Sister will not be deceived.

Thinks that Chen Sixuan may be by Ji Dong this is known the how old family/home plotted together to swindle somebody. The Chen Sheng complexion became somewhat ugly, on the face revealed the obvious hostility. Although in he feels, Ji Dong cultivation base is immeasurably deep, but here after all in the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace.

Change Chen Sixuan on Chen Sheng mood has naturally discovered that shows a faint smile, pulls up the right hand of Ji Dong to hand in front of Chen Sheng, "Big Brother, you yourself uses magic power to feel the skeleton of Ji Dong, naturally knew his real age. Will could it be also be deceived in this aspect your intelligent younger sister inadequately?"

Wood department Mage most excels at the medical service, First Wood department or Second Wood department are so, they have a method of observation skeletal age. Chen Sheng saw a Little Sister so saying, this slightly relaxed, but gripped the Ji Dong wrist lineage/vein, investigated the past by magic power.

Ji Dong stands there, as stable as Mount Tai, thinks little slightly, since complies to coordinate Chen Sixuan, naturally must develop.

With the investigation of magic power, the Chen Sheng complexion immediately becomes splendid, the hostility on face gradually vanishes, displaces, is the inconceivable shock.

"Are you only 22 years old really?" The skeletal age survey was unable to be very precise by his magic power, but investigates one probably is actually without question. How regardless of he examined, Ji Dong does not have over 30 years old definitely. No wonder, how his look is not handsome, can actually obtain younger sister's clear to narrow the eyes. This fellow, simply is the talent in talent! Does not know that actually his cultivation base has been any degree. Chen Sheng signaled with the eyes to Chen Sixuan. The Chen Sixuan associative compound, the brother and sister arrive at the one side. Those who make Ji Dong somewhat funny is, Chen Sixuan has not relieved with him the soul fusion, although one side they were arrive went, may say that anything can actually appear in the Ji Dong mind clearly.

"Little Sister, you yes what's the matter? You did not like Brother forest before very much? Exits for two years to have one, but also was shouting in the imperial palace entrance he is your man? Do you know, this will make the father sovereign very difficult to do."Just drew Chen Sixuan one side, Chen Sheng on impatient asking.

Chen Sixuan laughs, said: "Big Brother, my matter you leave alone. My this coming back, to handle this matter. Will not make the father sovereign feel embarrassed."

Chen Sheng solemnly said: "Little Sister, you must give me a reason. You and Brother forest play since childhood together in a big way. Among you sentimental Big Brother clear. Although you were usually cunning and unreasonable, but in sentimental is very earnest. How to suddenly turn about? That you have, who is also? You are young, should not be deceived."

On the Chen Sixuan face the smiling face has restrained several points, snorted, said: "I very clear are making anything. I and Ji Dong are the sincerity fall in love. How he possibly deceives me. He looks forward not to want me. You do not know, I pursue to him have am not easy."

"What? He who you pursue?"Chen Sheng dumbfounded looks own this Little Sister. In his heart, the Little Sister is the pride of Eastern Wood Empire, the Eastern Wood saintess. How she goes to pursue a look not outstanding man unexpectedly but actually. This point, Chen Sheng is unable to believe.

Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, "Big Brother, you believes that falls in love? I and Ji Dong are. You feel relieved. He is whose I am clear. Only then with him in the same place, I can obtain the true joy. Let alone we now already in together, even if he is not willing to want me, I will always also mount side him, even if can only see him every day, I was also very satisfied."

The Chen Sixuan words are completely from the heart, Ji Dong and her soul fusion, naturally can feel sincerely. Cannot, his god hot Saint king Kai start ruthlessly......

Chen Sheng by Chen Sixuan this series of words shocking could not speak. Only thought that two years do not see, the Little Sister as if changed. Or broke faith.

Does not wait for Chen Sheng to open the mouth again, Chen Sixuan asked: "Big Brother, did you see Big Brother forest recently?"

The Chen Sheng complexion becomes dignified, "Little Sister, the Big Brother told the facts with you. In two months, is you and Brother forest wedding date. As of late, father sovereign is starting various relationship networks of empire to look for you everywhere. Lin also extremely attaches great importance to this wedding, to fully the face, the Lin two ancestors as well as the Brother forest parents and Brother forest came. Lives in the imperial palace. Now the father sovereign has blocked off your flow of news to them, but said that you are an exception to study, will return recently. You do such one now, how making the father sovereign confess to Lin Jia!"

Chen Sixuan digs the small mouth, said: "Big Brother, could it be you hope that my marriage does become the political product?"

Chen Sheng said with a forced smile: "Drowns to your favoring by the father sovereign, originally will not have the political marriage to fall on you. But, initially was you yourself promised Brother forest! You such renege on a promise now, what to do do you let the father sovereign? What to do do you let Lin? You are clear. Lin's importance to our Eastern Wood Empire."

Listens to their brother and sister's dialogues, Ji Dong to understand that Chen Sixuan breaks an engagement this matter to involve in a big way. Without a doubt, that two ancestors in Chen Sheng mouth, naturally were that two supreme powerhouse who Chen Sixuan said. Has the families of two supreme powerhouses, the influence can be imagined huge.

Chen Sixuan impatient continued again with Chen Sheng, "I do not manage in any case, I did not marry."At the same time was saying, her personal appearance flashes, arrived at side Ji Dong, draws Ji Dong to walk in the forests.

"Thinks of the fine jade."Chen Sheng in behind called one, Chen Sixuan not to respond, draws walking that Ji Dong was not returning.

Chen Sheng deep sigh, helpless shaking the head, this matter must quickly with the father sovereign discuss that is good. Little Sister tenacious and stubborn he is very clear, now she does not know why broke faith suddenly, must with that white hair youth Ji Dong in the same place, this perhaps probably initiate ** bothersome. Will Lin give up? Perhaps the Little Sister comes back, as well as that shouted in the imperial palace entrance, the Lin family knew.

Chen Sixuan resting palace not in imperial palace midpoint, but is the easterly position, what making Ji Dong surprised was, her resting palace was situated on an center of the lake island in imperial palace unexpectedly.

The green lake water is clear enough to see bottom, goes together the Chen Sixuan resting palace only has a corridor.

"Welcomed your highness to return to the palace."Has not arrived at the near. Had the massive maids to welcome, Bai crouches/submits in place. Princess's servants generally speaking are maidservants, little will have the court eunuch.

"Gets up. My instruction, no one must arrive in the resting palace, is waiting outside. Oh, was right, prepares one table of banquets, this palace was a little hungry."Chen Sixuan a series of instruction, while acts in a completely informal or uninhibited manner draws Ji Dong to enter in the resting palace. Under her instruction, naturally nobody dares to come to disturb, but. After they enter the resting palace, a maid is also dumbfounded looking at each other in blank dismay. Did the princess actually lead a stranger to return to the resting palace? Initial Young Master forest did not have this treatment! Must know, the body of princess marrying, how can't lead the man to enter own resting palace? This is the big taboo! Once passes on, definitely will cause the laughing in a big way *. Let alone, their this princess or Eastern Wood saintess, empire idol.

"Ji Dong, making you feel embarrassed."Passing through the gate, Chen Sixuan on pitiful looks at Ji Dong, both hands pesters in together, lowers the head, looks like little girl that made mistakes.

Ji Dong leaves immediately goes excessively, in heart ill-humored secretly thought, thinks of the fine jade to think of the fine jade, your could it be does not know oneself have big attraction, but also exhibits a such appearance. At the same time is thinking, has gripped oneself several ruthlessly.

"Thinks of the fine jade, how then do you plan to do?"Ji Dong asked. Chen Sixuan shook the head, blinked, "I do not know!"
"?"Ji Dong surprised visits her, "don't you know? How haven't you wanted to handle this matter?"

Chen Sixuan shakes the head once more, "depended on you."

Looks at her face hope the appearance, Ji Dong is once more speechless, it seems like, this matter also is really very troublesome.

Is thinking in him, a sound conveys from outside, "thinks of the fine jade younger sister, did you come back?"Hears this sound, Ji Dong somewhat is surprised. When this sound sends out, clearly also when near kilometer, but when the last character said that the person actually arrived at beyond hundred meters the entrance of center of the lake corridor to stop. Good quick speed. Chen Sixuan looks to Ji Dong, Ji Dong said indifferently: "Should come must always come. Walks, we exit together."From foot treads into the Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace the time, he knows that troublesome definitely will follow on somebody's heels.

Chen Sixuan pulls the arm of Ji Dong, even leans on half body on him, this talent and Ji Dong walk together outward. Ji Dong had not opposed that she this. Since is the decision comes back to break an engagement, simply directly, the loathsome trouble of province. In others crossed in the imperial palace, but also dares to have such idea, perhaps Ji Dong must be alone. Proud, must be based on strength, this is the lofty character clank, otherwise, is the fool.

The gate opens, Chen Sixuan pulled Ji Dong to go out of the resting palace. They just went out, Ji Dong felt immediately the opposite is similar two cold electricity to cut the expansive sky instantaneously, raids to oneself.

That obviously is not the weapon that anything sneak attacks, but is two vision. Vision concise hence, obviously this person of cultivation base uncommon place.

Stands in center of the lake corridor another end, male these two cold Dian sponsors who wears the white long unlined close-fitting gown. This person seems two 16-17 years old appearances, the height and Ji Dong are similar, but the shoulder does not have Ji Dong to be so broad. The figure is slim, to person a tall and straight feeling. It looks like in the forest these is never curving the straight growth the green bamboo.

A azure bright long hair hangs loose after behind, although this person is young, but actually gives people an scholarly profound bearing. Even if Ji Dong, after seeing him, in heart secretly praised. Really is handsome and intelligent, cultivation base is uncommon. Indistinct can feel, this two 16-17 years old youth, must surpass beforehand Chen Sixuan that Big Brother Chen Sheng on cultivation base. So the character, absolutely could become the talent two characters. What a pity, the present his complexion is actually very ugly, saw that Chen Sixuan pulls Ji Dong to walk, his vision congealed instantaneously really several points, as if pupil contraction. The release that the intense hostility not minces, the vision then falls when the Chen Sixuan body does not have the slightest bit gentle sign.

"Thinks of the fine jade, I need you to give me an explanation. What's all this about?" The white clothing sends male coldly said azure.

Chen Sixuan has not loosened holds in the arms the hand of Ji Dong, instead tightened tightly, "thousand feather elder brothers, sorry. I cannot be your wife. This coming back, to break an engagement to come."

Hears these words, was called the men of thousand feathers by Chen Sixuan, the double fist grips suddenly tightly, on the face also appears a cyanogen, although is away from dozens meters center of the lake corridor, but Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan can actually feel the strong magic power fluctuation that on him releases clearly.

Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, "I introduced to you. Ji Dong, this is the forest thousand feather Big Brothers, my childhood good friend. Also has looked after to me very much. Thousand feather elder brothers, this is. "

She just said here, the sound had been broken by the forest thousand feathers, "sufficed. I cannot know that who he is, I do not have the interest to this any cat flatter dog. Thinks of the fine jade, you told me honestly, actually what happened. I do not believe that your my sentiment will end so. Your had been forced, what hard thing to bring up there is? You told thousand feather elder brothers, all had me to take responsibility for you."

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Chapter 464: Love rivals

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Chen Sixuan shaking the head of gently. "Does not use, thousand feather elder brothers, are I are really voluntary. After I see Ji Dong, I discovered that before among us, but is the sentiment of brother and sister. I cannot violate my heart. I and Ji Dong fall in love. This sentiment also never changes. I know, this will injure you, but, I am not actually willing to deceive you. The person who I love is Ji Dong, thousand feather elder brothers, you is a good person, but, I cannot really with you in the same place."

The looks of forest thousand feathers gradually changed, the bearing of originally scholarly suddenly becomes ice-cold, on the whole person, is sending out strong azure light, is the effect of element body. Must know, he has not released oneself Yin-Yang Crown now, in these circumstances can display the ability of element body, obviously his strength was intrepid.

One step steps forward, forest thousand feathers have stepped onto the center of the lake corridor. Because the entire center of the lake corridor his these step enters into, but trembled slightly, sends out a low and deep dull thumping sound. Looked like buckles above the will of the people. Servants one by one beautiful face changing colors of not far away. Who they recognize certainly the forest thousand feathers are, naturally does not dare to come to prevent, but, another side is actually their princess!

Chen Sixuan somewhat helpless shaking the head, actually, in her innermost feelings, does not want to injure this forest thousand feathers, even to his also truly somewhat remorse. If were not beforehand Chen Sixuan were drowned, they will form the two trees grown into one. What a pity, present Chen Sixuan is Lie Yan (raging flames), besides Ji Dong, she possibly marries others?

Loosens to hold the hand of Ji Dong, the Chen Sixuan cross previous step, must keep off before the Ji Dong body, looks at the forest thousand feather present appearances, this matter cannot be friendly obviously.

At this moment, on the shoulder of Chen Sixuan are many big hand, the Ji Dong sound has resounded in her ear, "thinks of the fine jade, making me process, this is the matter between men." The voice falls, the body of Chen Sixuan was shifted behind him by this big hand.

The forest thousand feathers walk gradually toward here, every time treads the previous step, the imposing manner of his whole person will promote several points, what made Ji Dong secretly nodded was. With the promotion of imposing manner, the anger in forest thousand feather eyes gradually are actually reducing. Facing the love rival, has to seize the love rival who the wife hates, in the situation of soon entering the actual combat can also be calmed down by oneself. This point is not ordinary talent can achieve.

Ji Dong stands there as before, whatever the imposing manners of forest thousand feathers continually promote, among two people the distance also becomes more and more nearly. If the imposing manners of forest thousand feathers are the difficult situation, Ji Dong looks like prevents greatly this * the mountain generally is then palatial. Regardless of the strong winds rough seas are turbulent, to his body around also will extinguish in five elements, will not affect his behind Chen Sixuan.

"Why must rob my thinking fine jade." The vision of forest thousand feathers firmly is looking steadily at both eyes of Ji Dong, his spiritual aura with the imposing manner that oneself releases perfect links, is launching the impact on Ji Dong unceasingly.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Two sentiments like each other. Likes not being able to force." The forest thousand feathers have arrived at this time have been away from a Ji Dong five meters place, he also stopped the footsteps, this distance, regarding Mage is the best striking distance, "thinks of the fine jade grows up from small and me together, our friends from childhood, are the true two sentiments like each other. Your look is ordinary, does could it be close right up against this bewitching white hair to plunder to think of the fine jade to my sentiment?"

Ji Dong is staring at him, "love, is not decided by the time. The person of being predestined friends. Even if only first meeting, can fall in love, the person of missing, even if lived together for dozens years , can only be the ordinary friend eventually. Thought of the fine jade say a moment ago was very clear. She treats as the elder brother to regard you."

Forest thousand feather took a deep breath, at this moment, the surrounding plant as if likely was feels his breath rhythm to be common, follows this breath unexpectedly simultaneously the rhythm. Life aura that these plants release, is similar to heavy drinker absorbing water general inspiration within the body by him. Clearly, this is a special Wood department merit law. The magic power fluctuation that in a flash, on the forest thousand feathers releases is increasing several points immediately.

"Brother forest, hold on a minute to begin."In this time, is drinking to transmit greatly. A stream of the form side the arriving forest thousand feathers that flies also to resemble, held his shoulder.

Comes is not others, is now under the Eastern Wood Empire Taizi Dian, Chen Sixuan eldest brother, Chen Sheng.

The forest thousand feathers have not gone to visit him, "under Taizi Dian, do not prevent me. I must surely with this person of duel. He has robbed my thinking fine jade."

Chen Sheng said with a forced smile: "Thousand feathers, here after all is an imperial palace. First do not begin. The father sovereign knows that thinks matter that the fine jade comes back. Is making me lead her to have an audience with. Ai, this matter is decided by the elders. Thousand feathers, we pass together. You could rest assured that we will surely give you a confession."

The huge pressure that looked at Ji Dong that the forest thousand feathers coldly, the next flash, formerly he released was nothing left, without a trace of disappearance, angrily snorted, turns around to walk.

Saw that forest thousand feathers have not begun finally, Chen Sheng is also relaxed. Beckons to Chen Sixuan, "Little Sister, quickly passes with me. Ai, this time you have annoyed ** was tired. Oh, you also together come." The last few words were say to Ji Dong. However, under this Taizi Dian the younger sister to the brother-in-law who leads conflicts obviously very much.

Chen Sixuan grips the hand of Ji Dong, rocked gently, two people soul already docked.

Ji Dong said to her through the soul fusion: "Relax, matter that since were I promised you, certainly will help you process."

The free time of a while, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan arrived at situated in the imperial palace central First and Second palace under the leadership of Chen Sheng. This First and Second palace names because of Eastern First and Second Wood obviously. And, armor palace is the place that Emperor Eastern Wood Empire has an audience with the emperor now, but B palace is the institute of discussing official business, quite therefore the study room of emperor.

Chen Sheng is bringing Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan arrives, is in that B palace.

When regarding the luxurious palace, the thoughts of Ji Dong not too appreciation, the person walks into B palace in the presence of everyone, he discovered, here had many people.

Chen Sixuan wants to loosen the hand of Ji Dong, after all, must see her father sovereign, must restrain a point. But Ji Dong actually tight instead grips her, does not make her loosen. Simultaneously transmits to all her has my information.

Although B palace is not big like armor palace. But also sufficiently holds the emperor to discuss official business to have more than enough to spare with dozens officials. At this time, in B palace normal position place, wears the imperial robe, on embroiders a Azure Dragon 60-year- old man to sit well there. Emperor Eastern Wood Empire, Chen Xiaofeng. In his starting position, the left sits a near 50-year-old middle-aged husband and wife, also just Ji Dong had seen the forest thousand feathers, but another side sits two people, one is to wear the female of court lady style of dress, she likes Chen Xiaofeng sitting, can see from the attire. This was the Eastern Wood Empire empress'palace nation's mother. If discussed that armed forces country important matter, this empress'palace nation's mother is not obviously suitable to appear here, at this time but must process is actually daughter's wedding, her participation is also very reasonable.

Chen Sixuan and crown prince Chen Sheng, is this empress lives, Chen Xiaofeng invited the empress, naturally for in the process of discussion wedding, can make the daughter restrain some, was takes great pains.

First place under empress, but also sits one person, from the age, five ten- day periods about, the look and emperor has several phase splitting shapes, the bearing is solemn, the attire is magnificent and expensive, likely is the crown prince general role.

Sees this person, in the Ji Dong heart moves, remembers a person. Initially, he and Lie Yan (raging flames) saved an entire woods monster clan time, faced with it, but was Eastern Wood Empire that Tianlu crown prince. could it be, was this Tianlu crown prince of that control continent third business association golden eagle business association? To this person, Ji Dong does not have the slightest bit favorable impression.

"Son feudal official see father sovereign and queen mother."Chen Sheng and Chen Sixuan knee down together, salutes. Only some Ji Dong as before stand there, but loosened the hand of Chen Sixuan, actually do not kneel down the determination of seeing. Emperor husband's and wife's vision falls on daughter, the look appears some Ji Dong, near two years has not seen the daughter, can they not think of? This is their beloved daughters! It can be said that in the love degree, the entire Eastern Wood Empire also nobody can compared with Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan.

"Gets up."Sees the daughter mood, although Ji Dong, but Chen Xiaofeng actually has to control own mood, at present this terrible business must solve first were good.

At the same time was saying, his vision shifted on Ji Dong, looks at Ji Dong that white hair, the look changed several points slightly, "Your Excellency. Why comes together with my son, saw why I don't kneel?"

The rulers have the dignity and oppressive of emperor's clan, has changed the average person, although Chen Xiaofeng seems like the gentle question, actually can also make the person not dare to face up. But Ji Dong actually acts as nothing had happened general, bows slightly, "has seen your majesty and empress empress."Was has saluted.

Chen Xiaofeng fierce pats the table, "bold. Sees me, do you so salute?"

The Ji Dong double back of the hand after behind, gives a calm smile, "was so enough. Because, you are the parents who thinks of the fine jade."Simply put, if the present emperor and empress because of the relations of Chen Sixuan, he even this simple saluting will not do.

Good proud boy. Chen Xiaofeng outwardly fierce but inwardly faint- hearted racket table, to not feel embarrassed Ji Dong, but does to nearby person looks. At this time sees Ji Dong so standing proudly there, in his also heart somewhat beats a drum. Regarding daughter's eyes, Chen Xiaofeng very much believes that such strange white hair young people, moreover how many minutes seems even also wants to be proud, is actually what background? It seems like that this matter was unable the rough treatment, otherwise, very easy to bring really troublesome to the empire.

Chen Sixuan has stood up at this time, stands side Ji Dong, does not wait for Chen Xiaofeng to open the mouth again, already hastily said: "Father sovereign, he called Ji Dong, was I am flaminging Teacher of hot school, was the lover of son feudal official."

"Teacher? He how old? Also can make Teacher?"Sits in side, the five ten-day old man of that crown prince attire opened the mouth. Chen Sixuan melted rapidly through the soul makes to Ji Dong said that just as Ji Dong guess such, this person Tianlu crown prince.

The Chen Sixuan small mouth slightly honk, "is ambitious not to be high in the year. Ji Dong is flaminging the hot school is most splendid Teacher."

"Has sufficed, your majesty. I think that does not need to carry on the entanglement at these matters. And thinks of the fine jade about thousand feathers the wedding, how did your majesty say?"Sat in the man to middle-aged husband and wife opens the mouth in Chen Xiaofeng left hand position that. His voice is not loud, but actually clear spreads to everyone ear, the vision took a fast look around Ji Dong one lightly, does not have what imposing manner to reveal, but this opens the mouth, naturally became the audience focal point.

Eastern Wood ruler Chen Xiaofeng brows slightly wrinkled, "my worthy brother is patient, this matter I will surely give you a confession. Thinks of the fine jade, you said. You with this young people who called Ji Dong, actually what's the matter?"At the same time was saying, but also quietly signaled with the eyes to the daughter.

But, Chen Sixuan likely had not actually seen that father's eyes are an excellent likeness, bows to salute to the husband and wife toward that slightly, "Uncle Lin, aunt, thought of the fine jade to salute upon meeting to you."

Then was called as aunt's woman coldly snorted by Chen Sixuan, "we by, Princess, talked clearly the matter first says again."

In the Ji Dong mind, has resounded immediately the Chen Sixuan sound, through the introduction of Chen Sixuan, he knows, this to the husband and wife, is the parents of forest thousand feathers, middle-aged man named Lin Baichuan, her wife named Lin Luan. Reason that the wife is also surnamed Lin, is the custom of Lin, marries into the female of neighbor, must change surname for the forest. If she marries the forest thousand feathers really is also same.

Gets refused to Chen Sixuan that does not have scruples from Lin Luan, can see that this Lin was formidable in the Eastern Wood Empire strength. This is in front of Emperor Eastern Wood Empire not to give the princess the face. Trades to be the average person, is confiscates family's property the calamity of extermination.

Chen Sixuan thinks little to the response of Lin Luan, the vision looks to own father sovereign, said: "Father sovereign and queen mother, after I initially arrived has flaminged the hot school, does obeisance into the Teacher Ji Dong disciple. When with Teacher Ji Dong first meeting, we fall in love. Therefore, I have launched the pursue to Teacher Ji Dong. Finally in some time ago, obtained agreeing of Teacher Ji Dong. We can true in the same place. This coming back, must explain this matter to the father sovereign and queen mother. I to thousand feather elder brothers, am the sentiment of brother and sister, we become the husband and wife are inappropriate. Uncle Lin, aunt, were really sorry."

A stone arouses thousand overlapping waves, Chen Sixuan these words, the startled people on the scene are dumbfounded. Although they knew faintly Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong personal relationships, may rest to think, this is Chen Sixuan pastes unexpectedly on own initiative, but also pursued others more than one year of time others to agree. Suddenly, emperor Chen Xiaofeng, the Lin Baichuan husband's and wife's complexion was difficult to see the extreme.

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Chapter 465: Breaks an engagement face to face

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"Is impossible. I do not believe."Forest thousand feather angrily said. "Thinks of the fine jade, you are the princess status, how possible to pursue the fellow of this white hair but actually. Certainly was he has used any method to you, you said that we took responsibility for you."

Chen Sixuan shaking the head of gently, "sorry, thousand feather elder brothers, I to were very a moment ago clear, I and Ji Dong who you said in the same place, were because I liked him loving him really very much very much, I only want with him in the same place, this to be my this live this world strongest wish. I know that you also like me, but, I also can only disappoint your sentiment."

"Shut up."Chen Xiaofeng could not bear finally, this emperor pounds the table, is looking angrily at the daughter, "thinks of the fine jade, do you know that what you were saying? From infancy to maturity, you and thousand feather friends from childhood. I and your Uncle Lin have then set this wedding for you. Saw that the wedding date will be near, you must break an engagement unexpectedly. I do not permit absolutely. The children wedding, is always takes responsibility by the parents. Let alone you are the sovereign female. Your anything was needless to say. The wedding is invariable. You must and also only be able to marry thousand feathers. Comes the person, treats the princess. The bang of this white hair imperial palace, Oh, no, expels the Eastern Wood city directly." Chen Xiaofeng cannot make the daughter say again, Lin is extremely really important regarding Eastern Wood Empire. Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan husband and wife was very obvious arrived at the eruption edge, once made them open the mouth again, this matter again did not have the moderate leeway. Arrived that time, perhaps is the disaster of entire empire. For country, even if were sacrificed daughter's happiness also to refuse to balk. Let alone, he does not think Ji Dong can take to the daughter to be happier than the forest thousand feathers. In his heart has been thinking, this certainly is a daughter is spur-of-the-moment, the judge is unclear. After she and forest thousand feathers marries truly, all slowly will naturally pass.

Lin Luan must open the mouth again, was actually pressed to stop by Lin Baichuan, Lin Baichuan is also restrains by force the anger, Chen Xiaofeng processes like this, best situation that has been able to achieve at present. Must make, not only Lin does not have the light, the relations with imperial family will definitely ossify, this also similarly is his undesired situation. His idea and Chen Xiaofeng are similar, the time can dilute all, so long as the wedding is invariable, today's matter reluctantly was also solved.

Listened to the Chen Xiaofeng words, the complexions of forest thousand feathers relaxed several points finally, shook a mother's hand, on the face is revealing the color/look of plea. He likes Chen Sixuan. So long as can marry Chen Sixuan. A many such interlude, he does not care.

Issues an order along with emperor Chen Xiaofeng, immediately flashes into more than ten forms from outside, four are the females, fast encirclement to Chen Sixuan side, another eight ages in the forty years of age above, obvious magic power cultivation base has enclosed Ji Dong in the Six-Crown above man.

"Father sovereign, you cannot such do." The Chen Sixuan anger sound said, "whom I like marrying anyone, you cannot force me."

Chen Xiaofeng is angry, fierce waving, "you also wait for anything, quickly the princess will bring."

"Yes, your majesty."Four females simultaneously go forward one step, draws close to Chen Sixuan, respectfully said: "Princess, please." Chen Sixuan coldly snorted, "depends on you, wants to take away me?"At the same time was saying, in her clear double pupil bluish green light passes, a formidable incomparable imposing manner erupts suddenly from her. Not only in her side four female Mage. Spheres that side Ji Dong eight male Mage is also simultaneously the look changes.

"Un?"Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan husband's and wife's vision simultaneously coagulates, fell on Chen Sixuan, in the eye has been full of the surprised color/look.

Chen Sixuan has not released own Yin-Yang Crown, she releases, is own magic power attribute: Acme Second Wood. The results of producing, the attribute that also pinnacle magic power has suppresses. Under so intense attribute suppression, her side these four female Mage are Six-Crown cultivation base, immediately on the face all changed the color, subconscious withdraws several steps, does not dare to begin.

Chen Xiaofeng also had a scare by this change, pinnacle attribute? Will the daughter have pinnacle attribute? Suddenly, along with the release of Chen Sixuan this pinnacle Second Wood magic power, the atmosphere in B palace immediately becomes strange.

Chen Sixuan loudly said: "Father sovereign, you do not let me and Ji Dong in the same place, is not feared that offends Lin? I am not a good daughter, at this matter, I cannot obey your instruction. If you are determined to make me marry thousand feather elder brothers, then, I can only go to faraway places with Ji Dong."

Ji Dong stands side Chen Sixuan, is listening to her words, why does not know, in his heart does not feel better. Chen Sixuan he knows certainly to his sentiment, usually in she, that the gentle person, never so loudly spoke. At this moment, to strive for this for her the love that is possible forever unable to complete, does not hesitate to have a falling out with the father unexpectedly. This friendship made the Ji Dong heart become heavy.

"You......, Counter-, instead. Taking. Takes to me them."Chen Xiaofeng also got angry. As the ruler, the authority repeatedly is challenged by daughter, particularly is also working as the person of Lin, the younger brother who also that can take pleasure in others' misfortunes obviously, his anger flaming has burnt.

Encircled 12 Mage side Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan simultaneously moved, although there is a Chen Sixuan attribute to suppress, but they cannot violate the emperor the order.

Chen Sixuan similarly is not happy at this time, is preparing to begin, during her small hand actually once more fell into Ji Dong to grasp. Ji Dong solemnly said: "I had said to you a moment ago, all have me. Since I came back as you like, then, this matter certainly will process for you appropriately."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong, cī to want under the gaze of crack in forest thousand feather gently, embraces into to cherish Chen Sixuan. Also at this time, that 12 Mage simultaneously flushed, Chen Sixuan was grasped, Ji Dong naturally became their only goals.

This is in B palace palace, these Mages do not dare to destroy here thing, therefore, they in getting rid, although has released own Yin-Yang Crown, but is actually the magic power embodiments. Does not dare to attack with the manifest magic power method.

A Ji Dong hand is hugging Chen Sixuan, flings backward gently, has sent out beyond her ten meters, falls beyond the circle, at this time is only then he came facing at present these 12 people of attacks.

One pair 12, are 12 the powerhouses of Six-Crown ranks, this boy was certainly insane. The people on the scene, in the heart presents this idea is almost each. However, the next moment their vision coagulated.

Ji Dong throws flies Chen Sixuan at the same time, before is one step treads, simultaneously a light palm lays out. Falls in upfront has attacked on the fist of oneself Mage.

Strange appeared, no one had noticed that on Ji Dong has any magic power ray to appear, but, the next moment, that fist with his Mage of palm collision, is actually continually snort/hum no snort/hum one, soft pouring on the ground.

Ji Dong strokes, body has not stopped, Teng Snake flashed to use in a small area, after body like lightning wrong, although the distance of retreat be only one meter, made him dodge another 11 people of besieging easily. The people only think at present a flower. Both hands of Ji Dong altogether have laid out 11 palms, each palm touches with Six-Crown Mage, his movement was too quick, let alone these Mages are the magic power embodiment launched the attack to him, by their cultivation base, even to dodge, is the impossible shunt.

11 people, before all step, that first Mage footsteps, the one by one body falls to the ground softly, in an instant, is the face whiten. What is more astonishing, they are also only softly fall to the ground, seems looks like unexpectedly has not received any injury. On the scene, is Wood department Mage, they naturally could feel that these 12 attack Ji Dong Mages, respective life characteristics not any change, with beforehand exactly the same.

Is this can be? All that at present has for them, even if the Lin Baichuan husband and wife, is extremely strange.

Lin Baichuan confessed, must rout these 12 to have dreaded Mage at one fell swoop, oneself can also achieve. But must defeat match like Ji Dong, and made the match lose to fight the ability not to injure them again, he could not achieve absolutely. This outcome what's the matter?

"Sorcery?"cultivation base of empress in the people are lowest one, is almost the earliest possible time calls out in alarm makes noise. But this called out in alarm obtained the approval of people obviously, except for sorcery. Why they really cannot find out Ji Dong this age to achieve this point.

The forest thousand feathers shout directly: "Thought of the fine jade also certainly to be charmed by his sorcery." snorted that Ji Dong disdains, "on your this experience, wants with thinking of the fine jade in the same place?"From beginning to end, he has not released oneself Yin-Yang Crown. Had initial Lie Yan (raging flames) to teach to his Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, he does not think that others saw oneself level, certainly will not make the person see. By his present cultivation base, what comes is the supreme powerhouse is no exception.

Formerly that 12 Mage, were Six-Crown cultivation base, compared with Ji Dong, they were really bad too many were too many. Reason that Ji Dong can achieve at present such situation , because he gets rid, a same reduction embodiment in five elements method in palm. Each palm pats, assimilated opposite party magic power. Made them lose magic power temporarily, naturally did not have the ability of attack. Naturally, this procedure can only use, in cultivation base is inferior on own match. Otherwise, is impossible to assimilate opposite party magic power.

Forest thousand feather angrily snorted, the personal appearance flashes, arrived in front of Ji Dong, the dazzling azure light erupts suddenly from him, above the top of the head, the white First Wood Yang Crown gathering formation, shows cultivation base reaches as high as the Seven-Crown strength, Seven-Crown Two Stars, Level 74.

Meanwhile, because Ji Dong got rid the shown tyrannical strength, Tianlu crown prince also set out, arrived at side oneself sovereign brother rapidly, the massive Imperial Palace guards were summoned to come, will stand in central Ji Dong has encircled watertight. Suddenly, the magic power fluctuation of rushing floods in the entire palace, various species also wreak havoc.

The love rival meets particularly is jealous, the forest thousand feathers may not have palace Mage such taboo, both hands in body previous, a resonant dragon recited has resounded, the strong First Wood magic power fluctuation erupted instantaneously, gathered a shape of dragon's head to directly soar the Ji Dong chest front to hit.

That azure light extremely congealing reality, the unusual brightness circulation, looks like the true entity is ordinary. The explosive magic power fluctuation that and floods even has several points of Fire department magic power characteristics.

Those who made the people astonished was, promoted the Certain Kill Skill level attack that facing forest thousand feather both hands, behind Ji Dong unexpectedly both hands, as if simply has not seen.

"Ji Dong, be careful."Chen Sixuan cannot bear exclaimed. But the next moment, that dragon's head shape azure light already seal ruthlessly in Ji Dong chest place.

Dazzling azure light, almost spread in the flash each corner of Ji Dong body. But Ji Dong actually fearlessly stands there, the body azure light is similar to wreaks havoc like lightning, he is the slightest is motionless. Even has not retroceded half step.

The forest thousand feathers saw that Ji Dong blocks own attack with the body unexpectedly, immediately is wicked to the guts lives, within the body magic power promotes the limit instantaneously, one after another two fists, bombardment ruthlessly above the Ji Dong chest.

Moves groaned, the footsteps moves slightly, transferred two talent coming to a stop personal appearance backward. Simultaneously in the mouth shouts: "Thinks of the fine jade, do not come."

Chen Sixuan ga that is preparing to clash however anchors the footsteps, only listens to Ji Dong light saying: "Forest thousand feathers, these three strike is thinks of the fine jade to the apology that you break an engagement. You get rid again, do not blame me not being impolite."

He withstands these three to attack for me. In a flash, Chen Sixuan is a piece of water glare is dim at present. At this moment, she as if returned to initially and Ji Dong in the same place, every day is passing these days of joyful life. Drinks good wine that he is modulating, visits him to cultivate silently, is feeling him to the profound love. Thinks, her person was crazy.

"Who uses you to let." The forest thousand feathers are angry. Before his attack, falls , on Ji Dong, he feels clearly, Ji Dong magic power is similar to the wave ripples generally, that clearly is fire attribute magic power, shows, actually likely is the water attribute magic power general gentle unloading strength. Own attack seems rumbles on him, may be able to pour into to his within the body actually actually less than 30%. Actually is this person what cultivation base? He meets the sorcery, otherwise, why doesn't he release Yin-Yang Crown? If he looks like the surface to be so young, also possibly has stronger magic power? more thinks, the forest thousand feathers more thought Ji Dong is not a normal person.

Dazzling azure brilliance erupts from the forest thousand feathers instantaneously, his whole person in same place gently in a flash, since brings a series of afterimage, the complexion also becomes dignified. Both hands lay out before the body alternately, actually does not pat to Ji Dong, but pats in the air before own.

Breaks an engagement, will arouse what kind of disturbance? Will Ji Dong face what kind of difficulty? This collection ended, please read last part.

Chapter 466: Does not die continuous

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Ji Dong clear feeling. Before the forest thousand feather bodies, his magic power along with a palm palm lays out fast in the air is completing the overlay, magic power in the promotion of geometrical multiple.

"This is the Chiba palm of Lin, one type single attribute multiple combines magic skill. Exterminates thousand people of thousand dragon combination skill of regiment in the improvement, has the shadow of this Chiba palm." The reminder of Chen Sixuan transmits in the Ji Dong ear promptly. At this time she just now is moved to sober from formerly that. Ji Dong to fighting the forest thousand feathers, she will not have any worry. Although the forest thousand feathers are the talents, moreover is talent that a neighbor hundred years of non- world leaves, but, he faces is actually Ji Dong. In the talent and on, must surpass his one generation of Saint kings diligently.

Undeniably, the forest thousand feathers have the extremely important status in Lin Jia, even if were their Lin that two ancestors said, the talents of forest thousand feathers were also better than them in the past. However, if makes cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong appraise Ji Dong, they certainly will say then, the talent of this boy is not human, absolutely does not have the comparability with human.

Facing the Chiba palms of forest thousand feathers, the Ji Dong back moved after behind both hands finally, in the next moment, Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan husband's and wife's complexion also changes. They see. Is one is similar to puts on the variegated butterfly form, Ji Dong that moves, the whole person looks like together the enchanting lightning, how Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan have not seen clearly him to act, but the ray flashes. Forest thousand feather that were vanishing in the Chiba palm of rapid overlay.

Teng Snake flashes, makes the speed that Ji Dong has close shifts instantaneously, but Dark Moon Dance has the dodging ability that nearly passes through, works as both to link the prestige when brings can the nature be out of the ordinary.

Trades to make six months, Ji Dong like does not deal at present, but, was suffered a half year not to suffer by the dragon sovereign white/in vain. Every day takes a beating, making the Ji Dong actual combat capability progress by leaps and bounds. Under dragon sovereign that tyrannical pressure he, in addition can display the tyrannical strength, let alone when facing magic power cultivation base might as well own match?

Teng Snake flashes Dark Moon Dance to add Mingyang to hunt, three big skills form a coherent whole. The Ji Dong movement was too quick, magic power that the forest thousand feathers send out is unable to have the slightest bit influence to his motion, sees only during his personal appearance twinkles, arrived in front of the forest thousand feathers, the right hand finds out, directly soars the forest thousand feather throat places to grasp. But Chiba that at this time, the forest thousand feathers release holds magic power unexpectedly behind Ji Dong. In other words, Ji Dong relies on Teng Snake to dodge Dark Moon Dance, dodges actually Chiba has held magic power can gather, by own body the forest thousand feather main bodies with magic power that he released has been cut off, simultaneously the right hand put forth Mingyang to hunt, directly soars the forest thousand feather throat to go.

The forest thousand feathers worthily are Lin young one generation of most outstanding juniors, that without seeing clearly the Ji Dong movement, is unable to judge the Ji Dong strength. His body has made the response subconsciously. The thought cannot follow. The body actually voluntarily makes the circumvention. The whole person is similar to bends/bow the common upper body to go to swing back but actually, at the same time, gave up itself decisively to the output of Chiba palm. On both hands pulls up, the strong azure light gathers one group of azure light balls instantaneously, protects before own. Did not strive for active, cherished only the hope of avoiding mistakes.

What a pity, what he faces is Ji Dong, Mingyang hunts to take the Flame Sovereign King skill, its ability must in the fierce positive three double hit above any one strikes, so is can it be that easy to dodge?

The Ji Dong footsteps forward slip, the right hand turned into the golden color instantaneously, broke the forest thousand feathers to protect the shy light group before body stiffly, accurate grasping on his neck, has raised the body of his swing back as before directly, float in midair.

Strikes, right, only then strikes, the fight had ended. This did not mean that forest thousand feathers are small and weak, but is the Ji Dong forms of defensive action is so. Fights with him, often process decides in a flash. But so sets the victory and defeat, absolutely is huge to shock of other people.

Ji Dong that golden right hand magic power embodiment. But is holding the instances of forest thousand feathers, has sealed up his all meridians, making him struggle is unable to make. The right hand lifts his body to the ground, but the Ji Dong vision actually as before is that tranquil, as if this has handled a not worthy of mentioning matter.

These changes was too quick, even if the Lin Baichuan husband and wife wants to rescue the son also already without enough time, saw that the forest thousand feathers fall into the Ji Dong hand, they do not dare to act rashly. So long as the Ji Dong palm makes an effort slightly, forest thousand feather poor lives must confess here.

This time Ji Dong, became the focal point that in this B palace is a focus of public attention, surrounding palace Mages is releasing their pressure without hesitation, wants to have certain oppression to Ji Dong. But, by their cultivation base, what also possibly constitutes to threaten to Ji Dong?

Ji Dong throws conveniently, has thrown in front of the bodies of forest thousand feathers the Lin Baichuan husband and wife, has untied also to the seal of his within the body meridians. The Lin Baichuan right hand holds son's vest, puts side the forest thousand feathers. Also fast induced the bloodlines condition in forest thousand feather within the body, after determining the son has been all right, felt relieved.

"Sorcery, he uses certainly is the sorcery." When the forest thousand feathers are unable like just to see Ji Dong again can also reluctantly maintain calm. The whole person appears some hysteria excitements. Also no wonder he so. From infancy to maturity, he is the pride of family, the most splendid talent, this year is about 27 years old, actually became eminent in family young one generation, the strength pursues the person of father's generation, such attack, for him is extremely at present serious. Facing Ji Dong, gives his feeling simply not to have the slightest bit strength to hit back.

"Sufficed."Lin Baichuan drinks one lowly, backhands a palm of the hand to pull out on the forest thousand feather faces. Staggers one that he hits, the sound also stops.

The forest thousand feathers see father dull, from infancy to maturity, the father first time like this hits him. Suddenly, the huge dropping variance made his whole person be shocked. Stands cannot speak there.

Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan husband and wife goes forward gradually, arrives at the place standing firm body Ji Dong opposite ten meters away. In numerous palace Mage and Eastern Wood ruler Chen Xiaofeng as well as under gaze of Tianlu crown prince. Lin Baichuan bows to salute toward Ji Dong unexpectedly slightly, solemnly said: "Many thanks Your Excellency shows mercy."

The mentalities of forest thousand feathers are not normal, Lin Baichuan is actually an observer. He looks is very clear, although the Ji Dong strength takes to him similarly is the intense shock, but that actually absolutely will not be any sorcery. The strength, the disparity between sons and this people are without doubt huge, this completely is the disparity in strength. At present this young people have not released how huge magic power, but, in the Lin Baichuan heart has actually been full of the depressing feeling, looks at Ji Dong, he can feel the deep threat. This situation, he has not felt for a long time. As Lin present age head of household, although he has not broken through to the rank of supreme powerhouse, but besides the supreme powerhouse, this was his first time when facing the match has had this so depressing feeling.

"I and he do not have the enmity without the injustice, naturally cannot under the killer. However, if he pesters repeatedly, that do not blame me not being impolite."Ji Dong light saying. Chen Sixuan breaks an engagement because of oneself. Also has regarding forest thousand feather Ji Dong some guilty, therefore under he does not have the heavy hand, from beginning to end hardly has not bumped with magic power, is feared that injured the opposite party. Naturally, his tolerance has the limit, the tyrant is always not the good nature.

Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan couple leap to belong to First Wood and Second Wood magic power brilliance separately. Lin Baichuan solemnly said: "Your Excellency, although showed mercy to let off my son. However, the matter of today, relates to my prestige of Lin, is the Lin in history biggest shame. If cannot keep here Your Excellency, then, asked Your Excellency to take away our husband's and wife's lives. This shame. Only then or is our blood cleans with the blood of Your Excellency, in addition, does not have his law again."

Ji Dong coldly looks at Lin Baichuan, from his sound, what hears is renounces. Clearly, showed in the strength that from Ji Dong a moment ago, Lin Baichuan has not grasped facing him. Therefore will say such words.

"My worthy brother, may not so. This is in my Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace, naturally should solve by me."Chen Xiaofeng was saying at the same time walked, stands with the Lin Baichuan husband and wife shoulder to shoulder.

Lin Baichuan turns head to look to Chen Xiaofeng, what sees was in the Chen Xiaofeng eye the apology, the complexion relaxed several points slightly, lightly said: "Thousand feathers do not have the good fortune to marry to think of the fine jade, that is his Charm is insufficient, cannot complain about others. I and your majesty, as before are brothers. Their weddings cannot affect our brotherly love." Listened to a Lin Baichuan such saying, Chen Xiaofeng stood in Ji Dong behind not far away Chen Sixuan is big relaxing. Although this Lin Baichuan under being furious, can maintain the so sober mind as before, worthily for the status of head of household.

"But." A Lin Baichuan voice revolution, raised the hand refers to Ji Dong, "this person with thinking of the fine jade is in front of your majesty to visit to break an engagement together. Takes to me the great shame of family, is my Lin intolerable. Your majesty, if you also recognize my this brothers, then, this matter please do not meddle, making our Lin solve. Otherwise, Lin again did not have face to roost in Eastern Wood Empire."

"My worthy brother, you why so? I assign people to take him, is punished by my worthy brother again and that's the end."Chen Xiaofeng sighed. Regarding Lin Baichuan this time procedure, he admires heartfeltly, procedure that therefore also angrier Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan come back.

Lin Baichuan shook the head, said: "This young people strength I am not how good to judge, but I am very a little clear, here, only if our husbands and wives get rid, otherwise, your majesty person cannot grasp his. Let alone. He just showed mercy, rich/forgive my son life, in any event, I must give him an opportunity of fair duel."

At this moment, in the Eastern Wood ruler Chen Xiaofeng heart, only then a thought that that is how regardless of cannot make Lin Baichuan lose. Otherwise, will bring the giant disaster to Eastern Wood Empire surely.

However, while thinking of this point, Chen Xiaofeng also has to hold in high esteem to Ji Dong. The are young people who the daughter leads actually what status? Looks at his age 20 over, can actually defeat the forest thousand feathers easily, is makes the Lin Baichuan husband and wife attach great importance. High of the cultivation base, is unquantifiable. This kind of young people, the future development potential can be imagined. If have two daughters of Eastern Wood saintesses, marries his one also is really without question. This child has boundless prospects! However, at this time, he can only have a choice. Ji Dong obviously not by the object who he selects.

Lin Baichuan looks to Ji Dong, "here is an imperial palace, is unsuitable to begin. How do outside we arrive?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Entirely according to your convenience."

At the same time was saying, he turned around to walk outward, on him, as if the invisible pressure diffusion, these palace Mages actually does not dare to prevent his way.

Ji Dong arrives at side Chen Sixuan, a Chen Sixuan face kind visits him.
Ji Dong shows a faint smile, to her shaking the head of gently.

Chen Sixuan is understanding immediately, to his nodded. They have not spoken, but through the exchange of look, they understood each other meaning.

Therefore, Chen Sixuan has not followed to exit side Ji Dong together, but relaxes the hands to stand, static is waiting for the father sovereign and queen mother walks, follows in the side.

Chen Xiaofeng stared daughter one eyes ruthlessly, "you you, you made me say that your what was good?"

A mother sorer daughter, empress drags into Chen Sixuan the bosom, said in a low voice: "Your majesty, things have gotten to this point , can only walk one step to look at one. You blamed again think of the fine jade also to no help."

Looks that the Lin Baichuan husband and wife followed behind to walk in Ji Dong, Chen Xiaofeng then lowers the sound to ask to the daughter: "Thinks of the fine jade, you told father the sovereign, actually did you bring this Ji Dong are what status?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "Sorry, the father sovereign, I cannot say. If Ji Dong wants, he can say. He did not say, I cannot say, otherwise he can not be happy."

Looks at the daughter clever appearance, Chen Xiaofeng somewhat is suddenly vacant, muttered: "Female does not remain greatly, is really the female does not remain greatly! Boy does could it be have sorcery really? Makes our Eastern Wood young succubas so cleverly be obedient unexpectedly."
"Father sovereign!"Chen Sixuan is in a low voice charmingly angry. The Lin family is the patron in Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace,
regarding here naturally is familiar exceptionally, left B palace, the hand signal that Lin Baichuan makes invitation, with the wife together, bringing Ji Dong to go toward the imperial palace west side.

West the imperial palace, piece develops the martial stage, here gives the place that the imperial family the juniors cultivation specially. The occupying land area has one square kilometer fully, is in the imperial palace the biggest open area. Was used to compete with is appropriate.

Arrives to develop the martial stage, the Lin Baichuan husband and wife stops successively, Ji Dong also stands firm in their opposite. On this time forest thousand feather faces the blood-color completely sheds, looks at Ji Dong in the distant place, the double fist grips tight, unceasingly ray that in the eye reveals the hatred.

In an instant already the 32 nd volume. Wine God starts to enter the mid and late part. The time passes really quickly.

Chapter 467: Thousand demon territories

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"How does Your Excellency want to advise?"Ji Dong lightly said.

Lin Baichuan solemnly said: "I said a moment ago. The shame is you takes to Lin. This matter nature comes to solve with you by me. The luan younger sister, you draw back. Let me and this boy dies definitely his entire life."

"No, Baichuan, I come. Your my cultivation base differs not many. You are the Lin head of household, Lin Jia cannot do without you."Lin Luan anxious saying. Her words also obtained the Chen Xiaofeng affirmation of observing. What Chen Xiaofeng naturally hopes to get rid is Lin Luan, but is not Lin Baichuan. If Lin Luan had any accident/surprise, at least can also have Lin Baichuan , the imperial family and Lin's relations are insufficient to collapse completely. If Lin Baichuan had an accident, that may be big on the trouble.

Lin Baichuan shook the head, "luan younger sister, you do not understand, something are the man must do."

At this moment, that proud and chilly sound resounds in their ears, "you did not need to discuss, came together."

Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan also look back, look angrily at to Ji Dong, Lin Baichuan solemnly said: "Young people, you know that what you were saying?" Ji Dong lightly said: "Since you had recognized I take to Lin the shame, I said that what also what relates? Sees your husband and wife affectionate, did not need to discuss anything. On together. If you lost, I do not want you to use any blood to scrub. Even if thinking of the wedding of fine jade draws to a close period, later your Lin do not pester again and that's the end."

Ji Dong this optional words tone results in Lin Baichuan to glare angrily. Since becoming famous, his first time so was despised. On the age, they are five ten-day periods about, by the status, Lin Baichuan is the Lin head of household. Is requested by this 20-year-old young people by an enemy at present two, making in their hearts the anger unable to suppress.

Lin Luan shouted angrily, the personal appearance has launched, the body raised same place, both hands lifted by the body, the dark green ray changed into to congeal the solid giant light ball to cover her body, cream six petal white bloom emerged out of thin air in her behind. Change of Second Wood Totem Liuhe.

In the Lin Luan top of the head, Eight-Crown Level 86 Yin Crown is glittering the dark brilliance, this jumps, but the magic power release, the massive plants in entire imperial palace follow the rhythm to get up. Strong life aura is similar to the ocean waves condenses above her top of the head. Above the imperial palace, has covered a dark green brilliance immediately. Under this dark green light screen, although can also see Sun, but everyone looks like takes the sunglasses that the Ji Dong previous generation had to be the same, the ray of Sun had been covered most.

The full of vitality aura in entire develops in martial stage to fill the air, indistinct, Ji Dong as if felt that oneself arrived in another world, no longer is anything develops the martial stage, but is one piece the world that by growing thousands of year vine knitting has become.

"Demon territory."Ji Dong solemnly shouted. Regarding the Lin Baichuan husband and wife, he will not despise. Although this to the husbands and wives is Eight-Crown Mage, but is not the supreme powerhouse. However, Mage and ordinary Mage of this respected family are entirely different. They have hundred years, even is various secrets that the millenniums inherit. It is not ordinary Mage can compare. Similarly magic power of degree, releases from their hands. With ordinary Mage at all is not a concept. Before he fought with that forest thousand feathers seems like relaxed, but forest thousand feathers in the reaction capacity, was in the magic power condensation, gave Ji Dong to make the deep impression. If not he has the phoenix dragon dance snake changes protects the body as well as fusion with the god hot Saint king Kai, that three struck a moment ago sufficiently makes him cause heavy losses. Even if so, his present chest locates also to pain. Needs to depend upon the life aura of nucleus of life to heal that slight scars.

"Good, demon domain name thousand. The boys, the old body does not cut the obscure individual, said your origin."Lin Luan originally is the temperament irritable iron lady, at this time was so provoked by Ji Dong, she already could not endure patiently. But her actual combat experience is also extremely rich, knows that Ji Dong is not good to cope, therefore came up to release own demon territory.

Sees the wife to get rid, the Lin Baichuan calm face falls back on the one side. Static observation. Ji Dong made him produce threatens the biggest reason, is actually until now their husbands and wives cannot see cultivation base of this young people how.

"Told you also to might as well."Ji Dong stands in same place, has not had change on any mood because of the Lin Luan thousand demon territories. "Today I along with thinking of the fine jade come back, you believe certainly, I am a boy of not knowing the immensity of heaven and earth. Common people, why and Eastern Wood saintess in the same place. Your majesty is also so. In can take to the Eastern Wood Empire benefit, your majesty also certainly believes, I am unable to compare with Lin by far. But also guesses correctly some of my surely family backgrounds, therefore is also shows mercy, but makes people expel the Eastern Wood city me but does not capture directly. Until afterward, this Lin Baichuan senior must go all out with me, your majesty eagerly indicates the standpoint, making the person catch me. Right."

The Ji Dong words said is very tranquil, but each actually extremely sharp is stimulating the heart of Chen Xiaofeng. The Chen Xiaofeng complexion immediately becomes ugly, but he has to acknowledge, Ji Dong said is very right. Lin Luan some eagerly did not launch attacks. Regarding the origin of this white hair youth, they are very at present curious. Drills one baseless so young, the cultivation base so profound person, can they not be surprised?

Ji Dong continued: "I understand, even if my back influence can be the same with that forest thousand feather brothers, your majesty choice also similarly is not I. Because Lin and Eastern Wood Empire have related closely, is similar to supporting-heaven pillar general existence. Also is Eastern Wood Empire the basis of country. However, if I said, my back strength at least is one time of Lin, even is the several fold? Does not know how your majesty does think?"

Ji Dong such remarks, made Chen Xiaofeng and in the Lin Baichuan heart immediately simultaneously already, two people looked at each other one, saw in the shock to grid. Although they all will not believe the Ji Dong words, but, like Ji Dong young, has such strength, said that behind him will have the influence no one not to believe.

Ji Dong made behind routine both hands to act, looks up to Lin Luan in sky, "I said these, did not want to avoid this war, did not count on that your majesty transformed the thoughts. Must tell everybody. Thought of the fine jade to follow me, did not bring disgrace on the status of her Eastern Wood saintess. Then, makes this humble one detailed makes one to introduce oneself."

"I called Ji Dong, Ji this surname thinks that everybody should be very familiar."

In Chen Xiaofeng heart one startled, cannot bear saying: "Are you Central Earth Empire imperial family?"

Ji Dong nodded, "good, my grandfather, is Central Earth Empire equality Your Highness king. My elder brother, is now Crown Prince Central Earth Empire Ji Yeshang." Listens to him to speak of here, Chen Xiaofeng only thought in own mind as if has any thing to explode generally, him who in the loud sound exploded loudly at present a blank, could not speak completely. Lin Baichuan is also so, suddenly, void that complexion big change, formerly the color/look of that resolutely renouncing vanished.

"Tyrant, were you that established the tyrant of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy? Tyrant who Mage unites elder assembly Chief elder?"Tianlu crown prince lost one's voice to say.

Ji Dong nodded, lightly said: "Good. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is I creates. My paternal great- grandfather is under the part of great bear crown Ji Changxin, the great grandmother is under the extraordinarily good luck crown Shangguan Yinkong. My Martial Ancestor is Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, the teacher's wife is under the Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong. But I, is the Yin-Yang two fires disciple in present age heavenly stems disciple. Thinks of the fine jade after me, has joined in the heavenly stems disciple, presently for the heavenly stems Second Wood disciple."

At the same time was saying, the strong magic power fluctuation releases suddenly from Ji Dong. gold and black dual-color flame separately from his body both sides combustion. Must know, at this time he also places in thousand demon territories, but the Lin Luan thousand demon territories are do not have slight influence to him likely. Joke, Ji Dong in the half year, almost every day in the dragon of dragon sovereign drills in Tyrant Huangmo the territory to take a beating, can be said as to the domain resistivity the geometrical multiple increases. A Eight-Crown Mage demon territory for him, the threat also is really not very big. Until at this moment, Ji Dong Yin-Yang Crown has not released as before. But his strong Pinnacle Two Fires already in affirmative told Eastern Wood ruler Chen Xiaofeng own status.

As the emperor, naturally is the people of wisdom, otherwise was impossible to inherit the throne. But this time Eastern Wood ruler is a character cannot say, regarding the present aspect. Completely lost judgment. Tyrant Ji Dong, yes! Oneself early should think of this name. Since the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy spreads to start, tyrant these two characters have resounded through continent. Has gone far beyond the Thunder Emperor reputation. Just, most people only know that the tyrant two characters, instead did not know the Ji Dong given name. Therefore, before heard the Ji Dong name time, no one has thought anything. At this time relates to tyrant these two characters on, the Chen Xiaofeng thoughts immediately become incomparably complex.

He so young so is no wonder formidable, behind him, but is standing four supreme powerhouses! Said him, is the extremely great character. twice mounts Holy and Evil Island, arrived at the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune to live. Established the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, as the heavenly stems disciple's head. This each reputation enough shocks. If on continent must evaluate one below 50 years old most influential young people, then, without a doubt, nobody can compete with him. No wonder the daughter will have fallen in love to him, although the forest thousand feathers are splendid, but must compare at present with this tyrant, differs cannot the truth idea.

Why before , has not thought, in the Chen Xiaofeng heart regretted secretly, but a person dares with thinking of the fine jade returns to the palace, clearly knows that thinks of the fine jade here in fiance's situation. This courage is not average person has!

Chen Xiaofeng can think that Lin Baichuan naturally can also think. He knows, this Lin met to trouble. But this trouble is so tough, such lets off Ji Dong, to him and Chen Sixuan in the same place, Lin later also cultivates the behavior? But, how doesn't let off Ji Dong? First did not say can own husband and wife be able to retain him, only this boy back influence is the entire Lin cannot provoke. What to do? Made him ask extremely the difficult huge question mark raised in the Lin Baichuan heart.

"Who regardless of you are, you will snatch my daughter-in-law, the old lady will not have let off you."Lin Luan shouted angrily, the body has leapt once more, in the eye the ray lightning flash, both hands in the body previous stroke, immediately, the strong azure light flash, a giant messenger bird had appeared under her body together. Messenger bird height eight meters, the wingspan is ten meters, this appearance, is similar to obstructs the cloud to block out the sun immediately general. After carrying/sustaining body of Lin Luan, the pair of wings shock, the huge body has been similar to arrow shoots toward the Ji Dong electricity generally.

Listened to wife's words, in the Lin Baichuan heart instead to suddenly see the light, yes! How regardless to say, was this boy snatched own daughter-in-law, by the nature of things, one's own side did not suffer a loss. How regardless to say, first taught this boy one to say again. Thinks of here, in his heart has also felt relaxed several points, actually, he thinks these times, in the heart to the Ji Dong hostility clearly weakened, as Lin Jia lives, he is not willing to provoke one to exterminate the clan to Lin Jia ** bothersome.

While the messenger bird starts, the Lin Luan thousand demon territories also started. In dark green demon territory, dark green rays surge, looks like giant vines generally from all directions toward the direction winding of Ji Dong, but.

Regarding the demon territory, Ji Dong once received the detailed guidance of cloudy morning sun, reason that the demon territory can become the symbol of Eight-Crown Mage, can make the Eight-Crown Mage strength increase. The basic reason lies in the use of demon territory does not need Mage itself to release too many magic power to support. The so-called demon territory, is Eight-Crown Mages communicates through the own ability and world strength, produces certain resonance, in the true sense is used for the attack and defense with the aid of the strength of world one method. Is the area that the formidable demon territory covers is also bigger, controls to be also more difficult.

That sturdy dark green rays, draw support is in the Eastern Wood Empire air the rich wood attribute life aura. Without a doubt, in Eastern Wood Empire, Wood department Mage displays own strength compared in other national easy many. Lin Luan also hopeless oneself thousand demon territories can directly Ji Dong locking. So long as can affect his motion, making he formerly had displayed the speed unable to show to be enough. Saw that Ji Dong has not released Yin-Yang Crown at this moment, the Lin Luan corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer. Boys, even if you have pinnacle magic power, has the defeat not to win in the situation of so pulling rank.

Saw, before thousand demon territories have twined the body, at this moment, both eyes of Ji Dong have shone suddenly, Pinnacle Two Fires in behind condenses the forming in around his body is burning instantaneously
, because of a Yang Fire condensation law design. In an instant, the rich pinnacle magic power aura presents the violent of geometrical multiple increases, in developing the martial stage released the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute suppression comprehensively.

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Chapter 468: Fifty tail hammer

Intense attribute suppression simply has not come under the influence of Lin Luan that thousand demon territories. That giant messenger bird brings Lin Luan the plan to be struck to subdue by the opportunity that the demon territory is stranded while Ji Dong, thus formerly the gathering places of Ji Dong second of sarin neurotoxin compound thousand feathers will look.

From the Lin Luan innermost feelings, treats the understanding of Ji Dong also by far insufficiently, in her opinion, even if Ji Dong again is the talent, cultivation base is also only own son slightly better by. Formerly fight was only because Ji Dong excelled at the speed, hit son one to be caught off guard, this easily won.

At this time suddenly feels the great pressure that Ji Dong that Pinnacle Two Fires creates, the heart of Lin Luan tightens immediately, she then understands, at present this young people not like simplicity that oneself understand. Tyrannical attribute suppression gives her unexpectedly a feeling of not gasping for breath. Moreover is different from beforehand Chen Sixuan pinnacle Second Wood magic power, Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires has certain restraint to wood attribute itself, let alone he is existence of Yin-Yang dual attribute, this suppression, made Lin Luan have to branch out the minimum 30% magic power guards, in order to avoid coming under the attribute suppression influence caused own magic power disorder. Must really be such, this fought does not need to continue.

After withstanding the attribute suppression of Ji Dong, Lin Luan all strengths, opened the maximum degree including the demon territory strength completely, the potential of messenger bird dive not only has not been weaken, instead became more rapid. A layer upon layer dark green ray gushes out from Lin Luan. Covers on the messenger bird body surface, that is the slender and slender special vines, moreover these vines are the entities, sticks to the messenger bird, unexpectedly the attribute suppression isolation of Ji Dong outside.

The slender vine that Lin Luan uses is from named the seed of clever silk cane in one name. Only needs to stimulate to movement by Second Wood magic power, the seed of this type of clever silk cane can grow rapidly, changes into that slender and firm, if the vine of fine steel, this vine has characteristics, that is tenacious. Not only displays on the main body, but also displays in regarding the isolation of any attribute magic power. Skill that any attribute magic power starts, so long as falls on it, by large scale counter-balance. Only if the limit that striking power surpassed it to withstand. Otherwise this clever silk cane is an extremely good magic power weapon armor. Naturally, it is needs Second Wood magic power to maintain, once will lose magic power to maintain rapidly will wither.

To defeat Ji Dong as soon as possible, tries to rectify an embarrassing situation for Lin Jia, Lin Luan could be said as the initial capital, this clever silk cane seed was hard-won, she one time has used ten, under the magic power stimulation of movement messenger bird complete coverage. Had the protection of clever silk cane, the attribute suppression of Ji Dong was unable to pose the threat to the messenger bird immediately. Its that huge body dive, seems like must Ji Dong instantaneous destruction.

Eight-Crown Mage added on cultivation base to achieve Rank 9 magic beast, united in together striking power what kind of terrifying. People who the distant place observes, on the face also changed the meaningful glance. Complexion most splendid must be Emperor Eastern Wood Empire. Chen Xiaofeng not only hopes Lin Luan to win, and hopes Ji Dong therefore should not be injured. Suddenly mood complex also only then he understood.

The sudden acceleration of messenger bird has immediately caused the vigilance of Ji Dong, his vision is astonishing, clear saw that Lin Luan uses the clever silk cane to cover in messenger bird situation. Although he does not know that this clever silk cane is any thing, but guesses that can also guess obtains to resist oneself attribute suppression. The vision concentrates. Ji Dong prepares to get rid, does not get rid, making the opposite party imposing manner promote the apex, he must have troublesome. After all, what he faces is the aristocratic family family background Eight-Crown powerhouse, but also is riding Rank 9 magic beast.

But at this time, Ji Dong suddenly felt that own chest moves restlessly a while ago, two extremely excited mood transmit from chest place the nucleus of place of life.

Feels this mood to fluctuate, in Ji Dong heart immediately one warm, is Maotai and Wuliangye! They usually like this, today are not because were injured before, will also require the time to restore therefore on own initiative to request a combat assignment.

Ji Dong has not disappointed the fifty Saint Fire Dragon good intention, raises magic power that gathers to restrain, the thought and fifty Saint Fire Dragon links, caresses the nucleus of chest front life lightly, recited along with two resonant dragon resounds, black and white dual-color pestered in the together ray to shoot from his chest front electricity together. This ray rises suddenly against the wind, expanded to the length in a flash has exceeded 17 meters. dragon who huge body also that shocks extremely recited, makes to dive, but to the messenger bird had a scare. The speed of first flushing slowed down several points immediately.

When all people see clearly the fifty Saint Fire Dragon appearance all gasped, who has seen such unusual Giant Dragon? Other first did not say, only they can the wingless flight and long had two big ends sufficiently to make one shock.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon just a appearance. The double headed four items look about the fresh splendor, that proud appearance still above Ji Dong, a body moved to and fro, had even moved forward to meet somebody toward the messenger bird of airborne dive.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon does not know restraining like Ji Dong. Ji Dong from starting to begin now, whole-heartedly, the reason is not very throughout simple, here after all is others domains, keeps several force components to play the role at crucial moments. Cannot get to the bottom of by others easily.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon after all is not human, has not promoted to Rank 10 has is not inferior in the wisdom of human, facing the enemy, it must do, to most quickly the swiftest most and violent way rout the enemy.

17 meters in length huge body in the airborne moved to and fro, in the air presented an engine knock obviously. Is the strength of fifty Saint Fire Dragon swinging body strong? That facing the dragon sovereign fought to look in the dragon valley from them. Relies on the body shake to pull out strikes to coordinate to pass through the talent, the dragon of dragon sovereign drills Tyrant Huangmo the territory unable to detain them. Let alone is six months today, although as before will be Rank 9, but compared with six months, fifty Saint Fire Dragon was reborn. Several Dragon King is not willing to compare notes with them. The explosive force, under the cruel methods, cling to for dear life hit rottenly. These adjectives are dragon Zumen use on them.

The body accelerates instantaneously, fifty Saint Fire Dragon flashed to use Ji Dong Teng Snake directly, the original messenger bird was downward is diving, its this acceleration, arrived at side the messenger bird immediately.

The appearance of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, messenger bird saw certainly, but it cannot think the opposite party can come is so quick. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and messenger bird are magic beast, among magic beast each other induction naturally is more intense, the messenger bird naturally can feel the fifty Saint Fire Dragon terrifying. Although had a scare, but she carries on the back also oneself human partner. Suddenly the messenger bird has not dreaded anything, opens mouth, the azure light has shot toward fifty Saint Fire Dragon together. Meanwhile, the body from the sky stops. Perfect shows its Rank 9 magic beast strength, the body half revolution, the right half side giant wing rushed to fifty Saint Fire Dragon to pull out directly.

The wing of this messenger bird is different from a handle diameter five meters great axe, under its huge Wood department magic power irrigation, the wing is firm, if fine steel, even if front is a hill, perhaps must cut off by its this wing.

Dealing of messenger bird is without doubt extremely good, saw that none remaining arrived in front of fifty Saint Fire Dragon together, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon vision concentrates, the Wuliangye opens the mouth attracts, simultaneously the back strange black halo appears quietly. Strange appeared, Lin Luan discovered with amazement, the azure light of oneself that messenger bird blowout was swallowed into the abdomen by black dragon of this strange double headed dragon unexpectedly directly.

If fifty Saint Fire Dragon resists the attack of messenger bird, Lin Luan will not be accidental, but such gobbled up, this was really makes her dumbfounded.

Similarly is the same reduction, uses from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the effect even must above Ji Dong.

Wuliangye swallows the azure light, the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon also similarly from the sky was similar to the coagulation generally listened, all people clear heard in the air an intense fulmination, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon huge body reversed mechanics principle moving of suddenly completely, giant Dragon's Tail has pulled out directly. Welcoming of meeting the tough head-on with toughness has approached the wing of messenger bird.

On the body length, fifty Saint Fire Dragon almost must have two messenger birds to be so long, its giant Dragon's Tail flings not only might terrifying, but also the speed is extremely astonishing, latter sends first, numerous pulling out struck in the flank of messenger bird wing. The fulmination sound of that air is sound that from out of the blue Dragon's Tail vibrates instantaneously.

Fierce thundering from the sky reverberates along with the huge magic power fluctuation, the massive dark green rays from the sky release, Lin Luan when the discovery is not wonderful, has output magic power fully, pours into to messenger bird within the body, but. She underestimated the fifty Saint Fire Dragon strength. Right, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is also Rank 9 magic beast, but its this Rank 9 but pinnacle magic power Rank 9. Moreover they are the two-in-one bodies, even if Rank 10 Giant Dragon bumps into fifty Saint Fire Dragon to detour, let alone was this messenger bird.

The wing and fifty of Saint Fire Dragon messenger bird Dragon's Tail collides in together, looks like the dragonfly shakes the stone column to be ordinary, messenger bird that huge body just like the kite of line, pulled out to leap into the upper air that struck by fifty Saint Fire Dragon this tail directly, Lin Luan can do, only then firmly held the body of messenger bird, in order to avoid were fallen.

"Roar"Maotai and Wuliangye send out the proud length to recite, stands in the Ji Dong heart that the this humble one side raised the head to observe to move suddenly, when shouted well, again not to prevent secretly actually already without enough time.

In long recited in the sound, in Maotai and Wuliangye mouth emitted respectively one group of intense rays, directly soars the messenger bird that airborne pulled out flies to pursue.

"It is not good."Lin Baichuan saw that two groups of rays time had realized is not wonderful, but he is Ji Dong, at this time in the ground, wanted to prevent also already without enough time.

"Receives the hand."Ji Dong loudly shouted, the soul shake appears in Maotai and Wuliangye mind directly.

When fifty Saint Fire Dragon gawked, two groups of rays of blowout must overtake Lin Luan has drawn an arc shortly under their tyrannical controls, flew to higher airborne, then collided together.

Immediately, world entirely Chan, in the flash of that black and white two-color ray collision, thousand demon territories that Lin Luan formerly sent out is twisted the powder powder. In the sky the originally bright Sun has as if displaced the position, but another side, then raises for one round dark moon/month. The strong black and white dual-color ray from the sky pesters a primal chaos shape, circles in the midair. Made the person unable to breath oppression strength fall into the imperial palace fully, suddenly, the ordinary servants and guards crouches/submits inverted/fall in the place, Mages was also the one by one complexion big change, all -out effort fully releases magic power all, attempts huge pressure that resisted this to drop from the clouds.

But, their disparities were too after all big, strength that this can it be that they can resist? Although is only the pressure of dropping from the clouds, but Six-Crown following Mage all ghastly pale look weak is unable to contend in the place.

" Ultra must kill the Baichuan double fist to grip tightly. Saying speak unhurriedly and clearly. That black and white dual-color primal chaos design takes to him to be possible, not only shocks is so simple. Ultra Certain Kill Skill, merely is Ultra Certain Kill Skill that is displayed by magic beast. Moreover seemed this magic beast has just used very small strength by. No wonder, no wonder this young people were called the tyrant, was esteemed, has such one not under Rank 10 formidable magic beast, who will trade to do is also similarly will perhaps arouse the interest.

The dumbfoundedness that not only the shocking nature a Lin Baichuan person, Chen Xiaofeng is to look at this time, in his heart started to regret, before the regret, manner to Ji Dong. A person follows thinks of the fine jade to come back, the creative imperial palace, does not stem from arrogantly, but is self-confident! It seems like that regarding strength that this young people have, must estimate is good.

The messenger bird from the sky controls own body with great difficulty, but it floats there actually moves does not dare to move. Lin Luan goes all out to pour into messenger bird within the body own magic power, can make it continue to float in airborne. The messenger bird formerly with the right wing of fifty Saint Fire Dragon collision, at this time is the comminuted fracture, this is reason that because the have ghost silk cane covers, otherwise, but that strikes, not only will carry off the life of messenger bird, Lin Luan will not feel better. This ordinary Wood department Rank 9 will magic beast, look in the fifty Saint Fire Dragon eye? In the Eastern Wood city, common people this time looks up in the sky, that huge oppression strength made them not dare to breathe heavily the atmosphere, although that black-and-white halo in upper air, the strength of destroy the Heavens and exterminate the Earth but each of them can actually the clear feeling in this black and white halo supplement.

A moment ago without a doubt, fifty Saint Fire Dragon sent out studies from Ji Dong Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon universe. Maotai and Wuliangye emit respectively the colorful male cone and quiet flame ice, from the sky condenses Ultra Certain Kill Skill. With Ji Dong and unceasing promotion of fifty Saint Fire Dragon strength, their dual attribute abilities also gradually displayed. Own Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill might made them ultra same level. Let alone, fifty Saint Fire Dragon that was similar to Dragon's Tail that the heavy hammer shelled has swept away, following Ultra Certain Kill Skill hit, Lin Luan and messenger bird said goodbye......

Chapter 469: Under merit Cao Mian

In Lin Baichuan long howl. In body first ten meters high sky splits a slit, the huge azure form flashes together, in an instant has emerged out of thin air, in the loud sound sound, falls in front of Lin Baichuan loudly. Unexpectedly is build huge Azure Dragon. Before this is not, emerald lizard Dragon King that Chen Longao that Ji Dong sees rides, but is true Giant Dragon, the member of Azure Dragon clan.

Because the Azure Dragon king is one of the heavenly stems Divine Beast, therefore, Azure Dragon clan also along with it when production costs rise, prices rise too, so long as is the Yang attribute Azure Dragon clan, is a cut above other people in the dragon clan, faintly with drilling the lizard clan meets as an equal. Lin Baichuan can have Azure Dragon to take own mount, is because the status of his head of the clan Lin Jia is the result.

Lin Baichuan jumps, falls on the neck of Azure Dragon, the queue unites the imposing manner to increase immediately, Level 88 white First Wood Yang Crown appears above his top of the head, Azure Dragon is interlinked with his regard, soars, in an instant arrived in the sky. Azure rays send out from the Lin Baichuan hand, fall on the messenger bird, helping the wife stabilize the injury of messenger bird together. The treatment ability comprehensive display of Yin-Yang double wood attribute magic power maintained this messenger bird can hover to fall slowly toward the ground. But Lin Baichuan and Lin Luan could feel. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon that fifty tail hammer had injured the basis of messenger bird a moment ago, not only wing comminuted fracture, traces of some internal organs many breakages. Wanted to cure completely is not matter in one single day, even there is a possibility to be incurable and dead. Lin Baichuan vision somewhat complex looks to stand in developing Ji Dong in martial stage, at this time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon returned to side Ji Dong, the huge body circles behind Ji Dong, nine claws fall to the ground, black and white two big dragon raise high, has it to take the background, Ji Dong seemed no longer is that lonely.

"Your Excellency shows mercy once more, many thanks. However, among us this fights actually to continue."When said these words, on the Lin Baichuan face revealed several points of ashamed color/look, under had no recourse, he truly has prepared to with the wife collaborate to cope with Ji Dong. In front of Eastern Wood Empire imperial family, if they do not fight, does not retrieve the scene, how later does Lin base in Eastern Wood Empire? This was not simple because of Chen Sixuan and wedding issues of forest thousand feathers, involves their entire family. Therefore, even if knows perfectly well should not, he also has to so make a decision.

Lin Baichuan spoke to Ji Dong, Azure Dragon under his body naturally also saw fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

The Maotai white big end gazes at airborne is following the messenger bird to drop slowly, saw that Azure Dragon looks to oneself, Maotai growled, a special aura spread from it.

The Azure Dragon body trembles, its cultivation base also only then Rank 9 cannot start talking. But the next moment actually suddenly accelerates to fall in the ground in an instant. The huge body shakes, Lin Baichuan that will carry on the back shoots. And sends out a low and deep dragon to recite.

The sudden change made Lin Baichuan be startled, "dragon brother, you. "

"Roar"Azure Dragon sends out a low roar to him, others could not understand Azure Dragon in saying anything, Lin Baichuan had existence of contract naturally to understand that the meaning in this Azure Dragon words, lost the sound said immediately: "Did dragon brother, what you say? This is your dragon clan emperor's clan, can't you with it be an enemy?" Azure Dragon to Lin Baichuan somewhat apologetic nodded, then has then turned around, respectful to fifty Saint Fire Dragon nodded, the hind legs catches up suddenly, opens the pair of wings to soar, in an instant vanished does not see.

Lin Baichuan abandons one that the face raised to fight intent becomes with great difficulty along with departure of Azure Dragon nothing left, suddenly, on the face did not have the slightest bit blood-color again.

The messenger bird severe wound, Azure Dragon departs, only depends on them, can defeat at present this young people really? At this time, in his heart did not have the least bit confidence again, looks that the Ji Dong vision also starts becomes vacant.

"Can senior also probably fight again?"Ji Dong light asking. If were depending on his past temperament, at this time did not certainly make fifty Saint Fire Dragon get rid, oneself went by an enemy two. But the present situation is different, he helps Chen Sixuan come back to break an engagement, itself does not occupy the principle, he naturally hopes that this fight stops, do not continue again. Otherwise , to continue not to have the advantage to anyone. Under this is he did not have the reason of cruel methods.

The messenger bird fell to the ground, Lin Luan jumps to arrive at side the husband, is concerned looks at Lin Baichuan, she very long had not seen the husband's on the face blood-color like the appearance that completely sheds at present. She knows, in the husband heart is withstanding the fierce suffering.

"Baichuan, we. "Lin Luan were wanting to say anything, was actually
broken by Lin Baichuan.

"Does luan younger sister, you fear death?"Lin Baichuan gazes at the wife, in the eye is revealing the emotion ray.

Lin Luan is startled slightly, shook the head, ", if can with you die together, I did not fear." Lin Baichuan laughed, "good, my Lin Baichuan this life, results in the wife so, husband duplicate what request. If my this head of household cannot defend the glory of family, then, must die in battle for the family above this battlefield. In addition, does not have other swivel leeway again. Makes your my husband and wife collaborate, fights with this tyrant."

Looks at the Lin Baichuan appearance, Ji Dong slightly knits the brows, he will unable to see that this time Lin Baichuan has set the dead will? Such match. Can erupt oneself strongest strength without a doubt. But Ji Dong actually does not want to kill them.

Lin Luan lifts the hand and husband grasps, the couple each other look at each other, the look is instead tranquil, the smile faces. As if present aspect for them already no longer important. So long as can in the same place, be stronger than anything.

"Father, mother"forest thousand feathers flees from the slanting thorn, arrives at side the parents, suddenly has mixed emotions, "sorry, the father and mother, are because my matter lets the family faced with so the difficult position. Lets the son and you get rid together. Even if dies, our family can also die together."

Lin Baichuan laughed, has patted son's shoulder, "good, worthily is my Lin Baichuan son, we together get rid."

At the same time was saying, their family of three walked in the Ji Dong direction fearlessly.

Stands Chen Xiaofeng that observes in behind has not prevented, on the face instead reveals several points of strange look. The appearance that Lin three people of being unafraid of death is very seemingly touching, but, others only have a person! This is not a fair fight. Reason that the Lin Baichuan husband and wife can also unashamed getting rid, only be able to show that an issue, they have regarded as Ji Dong were higher than oneself match, what is higher than their this top Eight-Crown Mage to mean? Means supremely. This only has twenty -year-old young people. Had and supreme powerhouse same level general strength really? At this moment, in the sky transmits one suddenly just like the thunderclap sound, "has sufficed, do you also dislike insufficiently disgraced?"This sound from conveys likely in all directions, along with its resounding, as if entire Eastern Wood imperial palace along with it dither one.

The distant place, the azure light drops from the clouds together, happen to falls before the Lin Baichuan family of three body. Also was dark green ray fell together, fell side that azure light.

The Ji Dong tranquil vision has condensed suddenly, like formerly with ease was not optional.

The emergence of these two forms. In the heart tightens is not a Ji Dong person, Lin Baichuan one immediately kneel down, Lin Baichuan even somewhat shivers including the sound, "grandfather."

That said after azure light falls, presented a person, this person best pupil has about two meters, the four limbs are thick, a azure long hair seems dishevelled, like bird nest. At this time, he is facing the Ji Dong direction, looked that does not look at behind Lin Baichuan one, "I do not have you such disgraced grandson. Leads your wife and son get lost/rolled to. Starting today, you no longer were the head of household of Lin."

"Yes, Grandfather."Lin Baichuan even half a word explained that does not dare, both hands are drawing Lin Luan and forest thousand feathers separately, falls back on the one side quickly.

Stands in that azure sends side the old man, is an old woman, a dark green long hair wants neatly were many, if from behind looked, no one will see her age. What a pity, the years do not forgive the person, the fold on face is the trace that they stay behind.

"This is two ancestors of Lin, a forest rock pile and forest clear. Also is our Eastern Wood Empire pillar/backbone."

"Chen Xiaofeng has seen under two crowns."While Chen Sixuan to the Ji Dong illustration, Chen Xiaofeng had the respective half step to walk, salutes to a forest rock pile couple respectfully.

"Works as not to your majesty so big ritual. The matter I heard. Thinks of the wedding of fine jades and thousand feather that young brats stops. Our Lin will not force someone to do something against his will."

Words of forest rock pile clash very much, simply has not left slightest bit swivel room.

"Under crown, you......"in the Chen Xiaofeng heart are greatly anxious, but also wants to say anything, was actually lifted the hand to prevent by a forest rock pile. "Your majesty is not no need saying that all I the present matter will process to say first again."

At the same time was saying, his swift and fierce vision shifted on Ji Dong, as if must pierce Ji Dong just like two sharp swords generally.

"Snatches my wife of Lin, the boy, you are first."Forest rock pile coldly said.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "The matter on sentiment cannot force. If this point the senior does not understand, younger generation can teach you."He may not have any favorable impression to this obvious malicious talk opposite direction supreme powerhouse at present.

"Boy, you are very extremely arrogant, dare to provoke to the old man. Good, is very good. Today was the cloudy morning sun brother and sister and Ji Chang believes the husbands and wives to come. Could not save you." A sound of forest rock pile is getting more and more cold, the body surrounding ray unceasingly is even twisting, making one is unable to see clearly his original appearance.

How formerly regardless to say, although the Lin Baichuan husband and wife to the Ji Dong extreme unhappiness, at least did not have the malicious talk to quarrel, in the Ji Dong heart also had guilty, therefore repeatedly tolerated. At this time facing upbraiding of forest rock pile, in Ji Dong heart instead tranquil, he rather faces such match. Regardless of the opposite party strength is formidable, at least can get rid to wrestle fully. Ji Dong coldly said: "You did not fear that the wind did dodge the tongue greatly? If my Martial Ancestor and paternal great-grandfather they, you also do dare to say like this? Hit was small, old coming out, has hit old, older and came out. Excuse me, your also father and grandfather? If any, together said. The fight in which several persons take turns fighting one person so as to wear the opponent out and gangs up on does not have anything to distinguish. Bullying the weak looks like the traditions of Lin."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, forest rock pile violent anger, one step steps forward, entire developed the martial stage fiercely to shiver under his footsteps, the whole person directly soared Ji Dong like lightning. "Old man has bully thed weak, first executed the bad child that your this has not known the immensity of heaven and earth to say again."

Bad child two character, the Ji Dong complexion finally changed, cold frost invisible has covered, release that the strong murderous intention is outspoken.

The body that this, he inherits is an illegitimate child, an insult of forest rock pile made the anger ascension of Ji Dong immediately. Both eyes open the eyes suddenly greatly, the electricity of dazzling silver light from the eye pupil shoots. Facing had pinnacle magic power Nine-Crown Mage similarly, the attribute suppresses will not have played any effect, but Ji Dong also was not inferior in Shengji the powerhouse the spiritual suppression.

A forest rock pile and forest clear husband and wife already heard here sound actually, but, naturally cannot act by their status easily. Latter arrived has developed the martial stage, a forest rock pile husband and wife felt here change clearly, under this in the startled anger occurred simultaneously to catch up. Actually, a forest rock pile not like such hot tempered testy, him who in the surface displays does completely is intentionally. Just as such that Ji Dong said that feels embarrassed a junior by his status, obviously is extremely disgraced. He does intentionally the violent anger, is afterward good to have an impulsive explanation. Therefore, hears the ridicule of Ji Dong, he does not dare to give the time of Ji Dong speech again, launched the attack directly. Lin in the imperial palace by this great shame, nearly was persecuted to death including the heads of household, even if were offends that four supreme powerhouse he unable to attend to now, did not leave behind Ji Dong, later Lin did not have the place of taking shelter in Eastern Wood Empire again. The forest thousand feathers cannot marry Chen Sixuan, cannot make Ji Dong marry her. Therefore, in a forest rock pile chest was already destructive. Since he appears had decided, must strike to kill Ji Dong not at any cost.

Sudden spiritual suppression made a forest rock pile distracted, but he after all was the supreme powerhouse, immediately responded, own psychic force complete embodiment, the attack was insufficient, but the soul embodiment automorphy can actually fall to lowly the Ji Dong spiritual suppression effect.

Very powerful psychic force, in a forest rock pile heart secretly imposing, the psychic force suppresses, not only displays is affecting the match fighting spirit, in the meantime, immediately the trend that can also detect the match, a forest rock pile has had been seen through completely the feeling at this time.

The dazzling white light condenses the formation above a forest rock pile top of the head, what making Ji Dong be tempered with a sense of caution, on this forest rock pile Yin-Yang Crown demonstrated magic power that unexpectedly was also reaches as high as Level 96, was the same to fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao. This sufficiently made Ji Dong produce is vigilant.

Chapter 470: Genuine Chiba palm

Suddenly, the Ji Dong heart lives the induction. The body retrocedes like lightning, while he withdraws, giant azure light the position that occupies before him has shot up to the sky, just like a giant tree flies into airborne. Log that azure light condenses had not finished in light of this, in the airborne barrel, blasts out directly instantaneously, changes into a lot of black hair toward the Ji Dong concentrated fire, but.

Compels submission by force? In the Ji Dong heart resounded these four characters immediately, the opposite party must clearly rely on the magic power disparity to suppress itself, must know, a forest rock pile displayed was also pinnacle magic power, pinnacle First Wood.

In both sides with for the pinnacle magic power situation, opposite party magic power wants on the high several levels, the pressure that the Ji Dong body bears can be imagined. A forest rock pile lived over a hundred years old, the actual combat experience is extremely rich, saw the good and bad points in Ji Dong strength. Without a doubt, Ji Dong has dual attribute pinnacle magic power is being he biggest relying on, although but he has not released Yin-Yang Crown, a forest rock pile also can definitely guess correctly that Ji Dong cultivation base is impossible to be Nine-Crown that level.

Begins while a forest rock pile, Ji Dong had not responded, fifty Saint Fire Dragon actually does not do. The length of Maotai and Wuliangye recited sound also to resound, the next moment. Their that huge bodies have kept off in front of Ji Dong. The strong black and white ray erupt from their within the body respectively, a cloudy Yang Fire condensation law synchronization in five elements method appears. Although an attack of forest rock pile is quick, but when his attack will soon contact fifty Saint Fire Dragon, that black and white two-color ray already took shape, the two-color gloss from the sky pesters in together, all Fire Element between world move restlessly immediately. Before fifty Saint Fire Dragon body, as if presented a giant vortex, that such as the silk such as wisp of pinnacle First Wood magic power enters immediately the strangled to death slightest does not remain, cannot really fall on fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

"Demon territory."Several shouted lowly also resounds. Right, fifty Saint Fire Dragon displays, is its primal chaos demon territory.

A forest rock pile is melted regarding magic power that oneself send out as if does not care, sees only him to be in airborne, double palm already overlapping has patted. The beforehand forest thousand feathers want Lin Chiba palm that displays actually not to display.

Same magic skill is displayed by different people, the effect is entirely different. The Chiba palm that a forest rock pile displays is almost has completed in a flash, before his body, as if really had over a thousand leaves to fold puts together, turned into a film length approximately half meter leaf.

This emerald general leaf flutters baseless, as if not focus on resembling flies toward fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Although Ji Dong stands in fifty Saint Fire Dragon behind, but his psychic force is tyrannical, all that in the battlefield has naturally can catch clearly. After a forest rock pile this strikes the Chiba palm sends out, his complexion immediately somewhat changes. Because, even if by his psychic force, cannot catch this Chiba palm sends out the path after unexpectedly. It as if no any rule, but in airborne flutters baseless, in an instant before arrived at Maotai and Wuliangye body. Moves fast does not know where will fall.

"Passes through." The Ji Dong sound at the right moment remembers in Maotai and Wuliangye heart, although they do not understand why Ji Dong will make them such do, that piece flutters is similar to leaf general attack as if not many striking power. But they actually as before complied. This stems from their absolute trust the Ji Dong.

The personal appearance flashes, fifty Saint Fire Dragon vanished baseless, when appears again, has placed behind in forest a rock pile, the huge body moves instantaneously, the fifty tail hammer performs again. Sweeps off toward a forest rock pile around the middle.

What attack of hesitant fifty Saint Fire Dragon is that suddenly and swift and violent, makes the Chiba palm that a forest rock pile cannot continue to control his finally to send out again, the personal appearance flashes, does not have manifest any magic power, but is both hands directly toward the fifty Saint Fire Dragon attack, but to the giant tail has pressed.

First changes is that leaf that the Chiba palm sends out, lost a control of forest rock pile, it fell on the ground directly, immediately, low and deep thundering resounded quietly, the person in distant place did not think anything, but near at hand Ji Dong was actually gasped.

The how huge sound, has not been, the place of that leaf fall, in the ground presented a jet black gulf, the pit outward appearance and that leaf energy are exactly the same, but actually deeply does not see the bottom. The Ji Dong psychic force first inward searches. He discovered with amazement, its depth has been about 300 meters unexpectedly.

magic power of good condensation, the attack of good terrifying, this is the Chiba palm true might! Ji Dong knows, if whatever a moment ago this palm fell on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, although the defensive power of Maotai and Wuliangye was astonishing, but the impossible whole body to draw back, will be injured surely. The attack of this Chiba palm has struck the equally good results from different methods to be wonderful in own extinguishing god. But own extinguishing god strikes pours into magic power after the hit opposite party to the opposite party within the body, but this Chiba palm condenses the magic power overlay in outside the body sends out again. This small leaf blade magic power, has definitely been able quite therefore the Ultra Certain Kill Skill might. All that Ji Dong feels, he also immediately spread to the fifty Saint Fire Dragon mind, and reminded it to be certainly careful. The Level 96 supreme powerhouse is really not the generation of being easy.

At this moment, a double palm of forest rock pile according to above the fifty Saint Fire Dragon tail hammer, strange appeared, along with the fifty Saint Fire Dragon Dragon's Tail flings, a body of forest rock pile does not look like any weight, is similar to a light leaf flies to swing, in airborne floating goes, the fluttering direction is similar to the Chiba palm flight that he formerly sent out is indefinite, but the Ji Dong actually clear feeling, he locks is.

Borrows the strength on the fifty Saint Fire Dragon tail hammer unexpectedly, under this First Wood department supreme powerhouse merit Cao Mian a forest rock pile already own body and reach a high degree of proficiency of First Wood Element assimilation. Will this kind of person temperament so be hot tempered? In this flash, Ji Dong had thought through regarding a performance of forest rock pile a moment ago.

A body of forest rock pile from the sky flutters, accelerates with the aid of the strength of fifty Saint Fire Dragon that hammer suddenly, draws an elegant arc, a resonant dragon recited from him resounds, indistinct, Ji Dong saw seemed Azure Dragon flies to resemble to oneself. dragon Yinsheng is not in a forest rock pile mouth sends out, but is he in releasing the magic power process. In magic power and air form the resonance to produce.

A forest rock pile whole person is in airborne, both hands have completed before the movement that the body superimposes to flap, this Chiba palm most formidable place is also not the striking power, when displayed Sun and Moon universe like former fifty Saint Fire Dragon showed that use least magic power achieved the strongest effect. His Chiba palm, each palm lays out is equal to Standard Skill, how many magic power even if lays out 1000 palms to consume? However, the might when these thousand palm overlay and compressions have, sufficiently was the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level. Forest thousand feather that cultivation base, most can only superimpose hundred palms, but a forest rock pile can actually superimpose the strengths of thousand palms truly. Before he will soon fly the Ji Dong body, a Chiba palm of forest rock pile has also superimposed, this time, he has not let that magic power manifest, but pastes above own right palm, toward Ji Dong overhead seal under.

Ji Dong bright hot Saint king Kai, has the phoenix dragon dance snake changes. Even if so, he if were been solid by this palm overhead seal, the body instantaneously will also be blown to pieces.

The experts get rid to have on the knowledge, from this simple several change, Ji Dong can judge, at present under this merit Cao Mian cultivation base in oneself have seen perhaps in the supreme powerhouse only had own Martial Ancestor cloudy morning sun to be able in comparison. Is fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao faces by the divine tool. Worthily is the Eastern Wood Empire supporting-heaven pillar, strength is really quite astonishing.

Ji Dong cannot dodge. At this time, so long as he retrocedes half step, own imposing manner has released, fights facing the match of supreme powerhouse level. Once makes the opposite party take the lead, even if the side has the fifty Saint Fire Dragon help , a forest rock pile wants to strike to kill is only who Ji Dong needs to pay is injured. Therefore, Ji Dong cannot draw back, cannot draw back.

The bang'ed fulmination, around the Ji Dong body as if had any thing to explode suddenly, looked like has a halo from his within the body scrap, saw only his shoulders to shrug. The whole person changes to the cheetah general stance of being similar to is ready immediately, what strange is, both hands that his lifts turned into the golden color and black respectively.

the next moment, Ji Dong moved like lightning, welcomed under merit Cao Mian a forest rock pile to rush. He chooses shakes hardly.

Sees this, Emperor Eastern Wood Chen Xiaofeng only thought that oneself heart has tightened, this monster that actually has the young people of tyrant title where to come! Is only twenty -year-old age dares to choose with the Level 96 supreme powerhouse unexpectedly shakes hardly?

Ji Dong movement smooth like passing clouds and flowing water, seems is rushes unprecedented, may only some forest rock piles know, he does not fire into himself directly.

When the Ji Dong body sticks out suddenly starts, a forest rock pile had prepared to catch up, but he actually suddenly discovered that arrived at Ji Dong to retrocede instantaneously half foot, although half foot distance is not long, but regarding his such powerhouse, the ruler and few half foot, the effect of catching up absolutely is mostly different, the Chiba palm vigor that therefore he can only preparing to send out stops, but at this time, Ji Dong actually flushed, just right was he just received the vigor that flash, in a mysterious degree even/including forest rock pile heart that the opportunity grasped also can't help gasping. This needs the what kind of actual combat experience to be able in also to play such pattern facing the attack of oneself this Ultra Certain Kill Skill rank in!

A forest rock pile is very depressed, even if changes a supreme powerhouse to come, is impossible before him all that completed Ji Dong to make a moment ago, reason that Ji Dong can control willfully, inspired a forest rock pile the imposing manner to enable own attack by the speed the display of maximum degree, the basic reason lay in his psychic force must above a forest rock pile. Therefore, a forest rock pile is unable to lock him, but he can actually grasp to this merit Cao Mian under the magic power transformation clearly in attack and defense.

What Ji Dong starts is the left hand, jet black such as left hand of black ink, when right palm collision when his left hand and a forest rock pile promote, making the matters beside all people occur.

Fierce thundering has not appeared, their instance of double palm collision, produces unexpectedly is the fierce fricative, right, rubs.

A Chiba palm of forest rock pile, is combination skill that thousand palms unite, but Ji Dong uses. Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill extinguishes the kiss gloomily. From the level, extinguishes gloomily kisses definitely was inferior that Chiba palm, the Chiba palm is thousand palm overlay, but extinguishes gloomily kisses uninterruptedly sends out thousand times Dark Moon Claw, has the unceasing overlay attack effect on the opposite party. But, to extinguish gloomily kisses to deal with the Chiba palm, is actually the extremely good choice. Ji Dong surpasses the situation that the match can control the opposite party trend with the aid of own psychic force, comes up to occupy the situation through the movement of body, making his gloominess extinguish the kiss to fall above a forest rock pile palm immediately, but also is a forest rock pile has not caught up.

Thousand claws extinguish the kiss to form a coherent whole gloomily, each Dark Moon Claw, likely is stripping the Chiba palm overlay the might to cause, when that thousand claws flash through, magic power that a forest rock pile surprised discovery, oneself Chiba palm saves was broken unexpectedly few half. However, at this time his might of this palm also already complete explosion. Has Chiba palm huge magic power as the support, extinguishes the stiff effect that kisses to supplement unable to display gloomily. Saw that palm on seal.

But at this time, the right hand of Ji Dong moved, the left hand is the claw, the right hand is the fist, displays, extinguishes with Dark Flames Demon King gloomily kisses relative Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill Sovereign King to bite.

Thousand Scorching Sun Bite packs put together, is Sovereign King bites, bombardment that this time, truly meets the tough head-on with toughness.

The people who the distant place observes can notice that is one group of dazzling golden light simultaneously explodes with one group of dazzling emerald gloss, the terrifying magic power fluctuation shoots up to the sky, the next moment, the body of Ji Dong from the ray of this collision has flown upside down, fell on about dozens meters directly, retroceded one after several other steps talent coming to a stop personal appearance. However, a forest rock pile palm was blocked by him finally.

A forest rock pile is conscientious, looks that the Ji Dong vision is to become the murderous intention is dense, but at this moment, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has restrained the pair of wings to drop from the clouds, falls side Ji Dong. In a forest rock pile heart is extremely shocking, he has tried Ji Dong actual magic power was inferior oneself, but, he in the situation that actually in oneself use the Chiba palm has blocked own attack actually, in the control of magic power, in the application of that dual attribute magic power, actually had no alternative by oneself particularly. Oneself no doubt repel his palm, but, the soldier does not have the true wound to this boy, moreover he dealt with the attack that comes also to make itself have to a moment ago lose concentration to melt that pair of fire attribute magic power, but is unable to pursue. Although was unable saying that this child had the ability of challenge supreme powerhouse, but was not far, today does not kill him, met again is perhaps more formidabe.
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