Jiu Shen Chapter 451-460

Chapter 451: Thinks of the fine jade, to think

Diamond Dragon King Yilina proposed. We hope that in the heavenly stems disciple can have one person with own child signing contract, through the strength of contract, the attempt hatches the child who its many years cannot hatch.

Is awkward in Ji Dong, Yilina disappointed time, an interesting to listen to sound resounds, "I come and your child signing contract."

Hears this sound, the vision of people simultaneously behind looks to Ji Dong. Beyond his back three, casts off Chen Sixuan of veil to go forward several steps, arrives at side Ji Dong.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you are Second Wood department Mage, this how?"Ji Dong one startled, hurries to remind her to say. He does not hope Chen Sixuan to help oneself makes this decision. Even if in the heavenly stems disciple, the aptitude also has the high under division, but Chen Sixuan very obviously is one of the aptitude best several people. Ji Dong is very clear, if by talent, Chen Sixuan not and Senior Brother misses. But since continuously she is acting as in the fight behind for the auxiliary role, therefore everybody does not have too many understanding to her strength. Her future surely is the Second Wood department outstanding person, if such affected her future development because of the issue of magic beast partner, then, is not the Ji Dong desired situation.

Chen Sixuan has as if seen through the idea in Ji Dong heart, shows a faint smile. Said: "This is my decision, you have nothing to do with Teacher Ji Dong. Can fortunately with dragon the child signing contract of Huang and diamond Dragon King, be my being honored."

"Second Wood attribute?"Diamond Dragon King blinked, looks that Chen Sixuan that made the perfect appearance that she will have the envy feeling, it instead was hesitant. Ji Dong said right, establishment of both sides contract, is the same attribute is certainly best, can play the role that complements one another. Lets own child and a Second Wood department Mage signing contract, whether is correct?

Chen Sixuan does not have the timid feeling facing diamond Dragon King, said with a smile: "Yilina hello/you good, I am willing to help you. I believe that if in everybody, must discover one most to suit with your child signing contract, then, this person certainly is I. Although I and your child are not the same attributes. But first, we are Yin attribute, it is Yin Earth, I am Yin Wood. In five elements, wooden Croatia , Turkey, earth secondary wood. In the attribute, we coincide not the too big superiority. But a little, I can actually do is better than anybody. On me, there is a life goddess eternal armor. Has Teacher Ji Dong to borrow in the nucleus of my life temporarily. Your child cannot hatch, the main reason only then one, that is its vitality is not enough to break through the egg shell the degree of hardness. This no doubt is because the degree of hardness of your child egg shell is too high, but similarly also and vitality is closely related. I can provide the strength of contract, and continuous provision to its huge vitality as support. Perhaps suddenly is unable to help it break shell, but the time grew, I believe that certainly has the opportunity to be successful."

Listened to the Chen Sixuan words, drills lizard Wang Dawei to be surprised, "you said, you after my child signs the contract, continuously with the vitality will help it hatch? But, if it's going to be like this, will affect to your own cultivation."

Wood department Mage most needs is the vitality of nature, therefore, Wood department Mage is also in Mage most longevity. But if, releases massive vitalities to be separated from oneself, definitely will affect then the Wood department Mage cultivation speed, if serious, will also affect the Wood department Mage health. Chen Sixuan gives a calm smile, said: "I believe that I can process. Let alone, once can help your child hatching, it is also giant to my help."

Diamond Dragon King looks at Chen Sixuan that firm look, the pupil light is gradually gentle, "actually. Even if before my child has not hatched, can help you similarly."

At the same time was saying, diamond Dragon King lifts oneself left Qianzhao slowly, in airborne empty delimits a strange mark, immediately, the light gate quietly appears just like the wave rippled before her together.

Diamond Dragon King searches claw, when her claw comes out, were many glittering and translucent carving, plants the emerald dragon egg just like the ice.

This dragon egg seems very unusual, all over the body snow white insightful, looks like general that the emerald carves becomes, like the common egg is not the oval, but all over the body perfectly round, looks like enlarged sweet dumplings. The diameter has about one meter fully, grasps seems not big in the diamond Dragon King hand, may present in front of the heavenly stems disciples can see its hugeness.

On this dragon egg, even also sends out a light white halo, looks like the unusual brightness twinkle is ordinary. Any heavenly stems disciple can the clear feeling huge magic power that contains, also strong life aura.

Diamond Dragon King places in front of the dragon egg Chen Sixuan, with a finger gently is touching the egg body, "my treasure, mother is not willing to leave you, but, in order to lets you hatch, mother has to let you and human signing contract. Can you forgive mother?"

The diamond Dragon King voice just fell, that snow white dragon egg unexpectedly rapid rotation, is revolving at the same time, the bulge from the dragon egg together, has referred to the Chen Sixuan direction unexpectedly. Then refers to itself. Celestial stems disciples who this looks are dumbfounded, including as Lie Yan (raging flames) Chen Sixuan is surprised. Diamond Dragon King Yilina actually likely became accustomed, to dragon egg nodded, "treasure, is she, does this human partner you also satisfy?"

The dragon egg turning round revolution, rolled out unexpectedly, transferred for one week regarding Chen Sixuan, even causing stands in Chen Sixuan Ji Dong has to fall back on the one side, in order to avoid being hit by it.

Stranger appeared, revolving Chen Sixuan revolves for one week later, after dragon egg has contracted one slightly next, jumps unexpectedly baseless, sends out a series of cheerful whimpering sound, the egg shell surrounding that matter white light suddenly becomes powerful, strange appeared, originally diameter one meter dragon egg reduces unexpectedly fast, reduced in a flash, only then diameter about one foot, the next moment, then bangs into the Chen Sixuan bosom directly.

Held the snow white dragon egg, Chen Sixuan somewhat has also been tarrying, dragon egg unexpectedly also in she was plentiful ** on has rubbed rubbing. An extremely friendly mood transmits from the dragon egg, fast enters in the Chen Sixuan soul, seems to her was asking temperately seems.

Sees this, diamond Dragon King is overjoyed, "! The little misses, my treasure like you very much. Good, you have been able to sign the contract with it."

Nearby Du Ming dumbfounded thought aloud: "Heavens! even/including Longdan like to look good. Looked that thinks of the fine jade to be attractive, actually approved her."

Diamond Dragon King said: "This you have not to know race that our dragon clan, most can appreciate, most likes the beautiful thing. Beautiful thing that especially those can permanent spread. In outside world knows that we like the gleaming thing. Actually, what we like is the beautiful these two characters is right. beautiful of this little miss from our dragon clan perspective, is perfect. Must envy including me, my treasure therefore likes her being also very normal. This was really good."

Ji Dong opens the mouth to ask suddenly: "Yilina senior, your child, although has not hatched, but if I have not misread, it should already have oneself consciousness, even can change the egg shell the shape. What's all this about?"

Yilina sighed, said: "This was the variation. Its this egg shell is extremely tenacious, tenaciously does not have any means to me and dragon Huang. We cannot defeat it through attack forcefully. These many years later, my this treasure already had own consciousness, although it cannot break the shell, but can actually release own strength through the egg shell. Although I do not want to acknowledge, but, actually has to tell you, the egg shell of my this treasure to it, is an extremely good weapon, even if cannot say is the divine tool, could not miss to be too many. It can make the egg shell change any shape through oneself strength. The defensive power, resists primary and intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill not to have the issue certainly. If not because this egg shell is extremely hard to deal with, can't it hatch? Your majesty asked the ancestor of Land Dragon also to look, the Zu of Land Dragon said that only possibility that my this child hatched, was depends upon its strength to break through. If the external force imposes on it, will only injure it. Such words, does my how giving up make the treasure leave side me with your human signing contract?"

At the same time was saying, diamond Dragon King started to shed tears silently. Any race, the maternal love forever is most selfless.

The heavenly stems disciples look at Chen Sixuan, vision reveal the color/look of several points of admiration, although on her mouth said oneself help diamond Dragon King hatch dragon egg and Ji Dong has not related. But in world, won't have the Ji Dong factor? In the heavenly stems disciple some people help diamond Dragon King hatch the child of it and dragon sovereign, without a doubt, will make dragon clan to them friendlier. Other people obtain the mount dragon again time, selectable surely is strongest Giant Dragon. Chen Sixuan sacrificed itself to obtain a formidable Giant Dragon mount partner to help other people like this directly, the people not only naturally this sentiment on her, everyone could see, she such does is Ji Dong has the enormous relations. Also has solved the present difficult problem for Ji Dong. Also made the heavenly stems disciples obtain advantage. The people engage in introspection, perhaps will change them also possibly to do this, but will actually not be duty-bound not to turn back like Chen Sixuan, simply did not have the slightest bit to hesitate.

Ji Dong one step steps forward, arrives at side Chen Sixuan, holds her shoulder, "thinks of the fine jade, you may , to be clear."

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, is touching in bosom gently that snow white clear dragon egg, but that dragon egg as if also very much enjoys, the surface presents the slight creeping motion shape, "my thought was very clear. I think, I have the right to decide my magic beast partner is anything."

Looks at her gentle gentle vision, a string in Ji Dong heart as if ruthlessly is touched, under the palm Chen Sixuan that clear smooth flesh, although is away from the clothes, actually as before can take to his intense touch. Tightened to grasp in the hand of her shoulder, Ji Dong loosens the hand eventually.

Although he did not have says anything again, but, he knows, oneself has owed Chen Sixuan one time. In the heart sighed secretly, Chen Sixuan these cordialities do not know when can pay off.

Chen Sixuan are actually more, she who the heavenly stems disciples think decided that concludes the contract with this dragon egg, not only to help Ji Dong. When she sees vision of diamond Dragon King, she has remembered oneself life experience. Initial Lie Yan (raging flames) was born baseless, earth core Red Lotus that absorption world essence breeding became. The world is her parents. For these days, saw successively the gold/metal and Land Dragon grandfather of feminine appearance recognized, saw again dragon Huang, Fire Dragon king and fifty Saint Fire Dragon reunited, her heart also unceasing was touching. Without the mother without the father, therefore her feelings are most profound. Therefore, when saw the tears of diamond Dragon King a moment ago, she has made the decision. Must help this mother.

Naturally, her decision is not blind, nobody understands the magic power element compared with her the mystery. She at least over 60% assurances can in this little fellow with the aid of the strength of help bosom contract hatch. Meanwhile, she also has oneself selfishness, hatches the child of diamond Dragon King, is not matter in one single day. But everybody after coming dragon valley, everyone will have own mount. Only she does not have. In this case, where regardless of later goes, she can monopolize Ji Dong, rides fifty Saint Fire Dragon with Ji Dong. This time she is Ji Dong has solved the present difficult problem on own initiative, Ji Dong was whatever, was impossible to refuse her to ride again together.

"Does Yilina, your child name?"Chen Sixuan asked in a soft voice.

Yilina said: "Because the child had not hatched, therefore, we temporarily called it the fruit. Since you decide and it conclude contract, gives our children to give the name the authority, I gave you. Believes that your majesty will not oppose."

Let one generation of Dragon King give the name the authority to give others with the child who the dragon sovereign gives birth, this perhaps in the entire dragon clan first time. Let alone, once the dragonet in this egg hatches. Then, it is dragon Huang the lineal successor. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is only its reserve.

Chen Sixuan is stroking the dragon egg in hand gently, said with a smile: "I called to think of the fine jade, then, it called to think. We hope that it soon can truly break through the fetter, moves. Yilina, Ok?"

"Thinks? Good, called to think."Yilina likes the meaning in this name, she could also see, since Chen Sixuan complied, certainly whole-heartedly will help her hatch the child.

But this thinks of two characters, once again ruthlessly has actually hit the heart of Ji Dong, he is the heavenly stems disciples, who doesn't understand these two characters the meanings? Thinks, to think, misses Ji Dong.

Ji Dong closes both eyes, falling back on nearby silently, almost does utmost to suppress the impulsion of innermost feelings.

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Chapter 452: Main from contract

Chen Sixuan is stroking the dragon egg in hand gently. In the eye is revealing gentle ray, "thinks, we must start, are you willing to conclude the contract with me?"

The perfectly round pure white insightful dragon egg has as if understood the Chen Sixuan words, peaceful, passed the long time, gently in her hands shook shaking, looks like in nod.

The vision of all people coagulated above the dragon egg, particularly diamond Dragon King, most anxious was she. Although human and magic beast signing contract will not have any problem, but, what her desired is in the process that in this contract concludes can make own treasure have the opportunity of breakthrough egg shell.

Although diamond Dragon King has not stated clearly, but Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong understand, she leads the child to propose today such request, was actually has paid the reward. This reward in the Chen Sixuan lifetime, had Crown Prince dragon clan to aid. Naturally, must hit a quotation mark in this reward, because, must be able to hatch to be good this dragon clan crown princes.

Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals ice quiet light, the double fist grips gradually tightly. Concludes the contract process is anybody cannot disturb. Even if he wants with own soul and Chen Sixuan fuses to help her not. This can only be her matter.

Chen Sixuan as before gently is stroking the dragon egg in hand, since the body actually starts to turn one from the under foot piece by piece is similar to the leaf blade general mail-armor and helmet, gradually covers by below upwardly above her tender body, the mail-armor and helmet covered her wrist/skill place to stop finally, about one step has not covered her palm. Rich life aura releases from the eternal armor unceasingly, in entire dragon valley various plants received the relative induction, at the release of being quietly their vitalities, is complementing each other fresh splendor with the aura of eternal armor.

At this moment, the pupil of people have contracted, because of their clear seeing, the mail-armor and helmet of Chen Sixuan wrist lineage/vein place draws in suddenly inward, the blood has located six from her pair of wrist/skill lineage/vein, the bright red blood and dark green sparkled the clear brilliance mail-armor and helmet to form the striking contrast.

Almost is only the time of twice breath, flowed out the blood that from the Chen Sixuan wrist lineage/vein already incarnadine the dragon egg in her hand, but, she has not actually stopped bleeding for oneself, whatever as before the blood flowed. What strange is, dragon egg seems slurping her blood, the blood continues to flow, does not have a little bit to fall on the ground, had been absorbed by the dragon egg completely.

Sees here, why does not know, Ji Dong suddenly feels very uncomfortable, regardless of he how is not willing to acknowledge, he knows, this is the feeling of loving dearly. Because Chen Sixuan loses blood to be grieved. But this feeling. Made his heart tighten, turns very quiet, if did not tell him to prevent sanely, perhaps he has rushed at this time.

Human and magic beast conclude the contract, normal, only needed to take a drop of blood as to direct to start law to be enough. Even to be more difficult with magic beast egg signing contract, blood not over ten drops that needs. At this time Chen Sixuan such does, integrates in the dragon egg with the massive blood, for her, except for is closer with this magic beast partnership accidentally/surprisingly, does not have any advantage. But dragon egg after absorbing her massive blood, can actually obtain magic power and moistening of life that energy in her blood contains fully. Must know, self-torture magic power also has pinnacle magic power Mage, the blood with the average person is completely different, her blood is full of the energy purely, looks like flows the liquid of energy to be the same. And is containing the Chen Sixuan energetic will and human brand mark.

Ji Dong does not hope really Chen Sixuan to help oneself made the so huge sacrifice, but he clearly understands when Chen Sixuan such does at present looks like initially in hatching Maotai is the same with Wuliangye, was the opportunity is biggest, in the dragonet to dragon egg also most had the advantage.

Saw this, in diamond Dragon King that pair of giant dragon pupil reveals the color/look of gratitude at present obviously. At this moment, she any had not worried. For Chen Sixuan her child pays the so huge price, can she not dare to move? As Wood department Mage, relies on is the life energy, but the blood outflow of Chen Sixuan, quite in large scale is consuming own life energy and vitality at this time. Even if there is help of eternal armor, she also surely meets the vitality to damage severely. If the excessive loss of blood, the eternal armor can save her life unable to affect the reduction of her life.

Actually Chen Sixuan thinks is very simple, regarding her, many lives simply does not have any significance. If after Lie Yan (raging flames) dies ten years, Ji Dong completed the wish suicide of Lie Yan (raging flames) to commit suicide together in the name of love, then, what significance this name brand was Lie Yan (raging flames) living also? Therefore, she is wish wholeheartedly helps the dragon egg in assistant at this moment. Leaves behind many vitality not too many significances in any case, if Ji Dong can say that three characters to oneself, considers these again.

This good intentions unceasingly were also being absorbed by the dragon egg along with her blood, in the meantime, this good intentions are also infecting everyone on the scene.

First Wood heavenly stems disciple Yao Qianshu cannot bear sighed in a low voice lightly: "Worthily is our Wood department Mage, thinks of the fine jade she to cherish the life, she to help Ji Dong not completely, simultaneously she also to let this small life can survive truly. This goodness, has had no qualms in the title of Second Wood disciple." Although Fu Rui has not said anything, actually nodded one side silently, again has a look at extremely anxious Ji Dong, inwardly sighed in the heart, Little Junior Brother, thinks of the fine jade is really a good girl, it seems like, I, if wants the means to help her be good. If you can have her for wife. Later you can joyful many.

Instead is Ji Dong anything has not thought at this time, because of his brain some blanks, occasionally flashes through some images from the mind, appears unexpectedly was Lie Yan (raging flames) initially for him, but with this assigned the lotus seed of Red Lotus.

Ji Dong eyes started to be somewhat moist, looks the Chen Sixuan wrist/skill was flowing unceasingly the blood, he knows, although oneself cannot accept her sentiment, but, perhaps is unable to say such rejection words to injure her to her again today. This kind of good girl, he to be cruel enough to injure others again?

The blood is flowing as before unceasingly, Chen Sixuan charming face became more and more pale, but her flowed out the blood to hold dragon egg the hand unceasingly firmly actually as before.

Diamond Dragon King bites the jaw tightly, is looking steadily at the dragon egg in Chen Sixuan hand, she more than once wants to open the mouth to prevent Chen Sixuan again from continuing. But for own child, she is unable to open the mouth to say.

The white ray that dragon egg oneself releases started becomes more and more intense, that white ray also gradually started to transform the color, by pure white gradually was turned light yellow, again by light yellow transformation for light golden color.

Chen Sixuan at present starts becomes blurred, but, smile on her perfect tender face is preserving as before, in the people eyes, this completely can be said as in the world the most beautiful smiling face. The weak feeling is attacking her brain unceasingly, but she as before has not actually stopped, she can feel in mesosaurus egg that small heart beat was becoming more and more powerful. This showed. Own blood is useful. The eternal armor with the help of nucleus of life, the vitality that contains restored, may it be a divine tool, is impossible to defy the Chen Sixuan will, it can do, unceasingly injects into Chen Sixuan within the body the vitality, is maintaining her life, and stimulates her body hemapoiecsis as far as possible, produces more blood. Regardless of but how to say, its help cannot stand up to Chen Sixuan such spending freely.

It is not good, cannot continue again. Ji Dong one step treads. Even if breaks the contract, making Chen Sixuan fall short he also to refuse to balk. This way, even if Chen Sixuan does not die, will leave behind the wound that is unable to recall surely.

At this time, suddenly, the light golden light that sent out from the dragon egg instantaneously transforms as the intense golden light, two golden light simultaneously projected from the dragon egg, the accurate hit in the position of Chen Sixuan eternal armor wrist lineage/vein, sealed up the wound that her has broken, making the blood no longer flow. But originally covers the blood on dragon egg also fast to be absorbed to enter. However, when the dragon egg once more presents before the people, it no longer is the originally white, but is the bright golden color, in the Chen Sixuan bosom, seems like holding greatly gold/metal Qiusi.

Was dragon egg helps Chen Sixuan seal up the wound. The golden light that also at this time, sent out from the dragon egg from the sky put together a partly visible mark, floating flew in front of Chen Sixuan, directly soared her forehead to go.

Chen Sixuan has gawked, because she has not released the contract to this time, how dragon does egg instead release one to be similar to the mark of contract comes toward oneself? Is needs both sides jointly to establish with Equal Contract that magic beast signs! What is its this must make?

Chen Sixuan is not clear, actually does not represent diamond Dragon King unclear, diamond Dragon King is almost surprised shouting: "May not, the child, how you be able to use main from the contract."

However, its calling out in alarm after all late one step. Among the contract marks differs originally to be very slight, suddenly has not seen clearly including Chen Sixuan that Lie Yan (raging flames) is reincarnated, let alone diamond Dragon King. When she calls out in alarm makes noise, that golden light already accurate injection to the Chen Sixuan forehead . The strong golden light, looks like bridge is together common, separately connection in dragon egg and Chen Sixuan forehead.

The look fierce fluctuation in diamond Dragon King vision, mood obvious some are unstable. But she also knows, did not do in this time anything. After the contract starts, cannot break, particularly such Lord from contract. Once breaks, will be Chen Sixuan of main side will not have anything, but from a dragon egg of side actually likely by heavy losses, will die a violent death directly.

Reason that only needs unilaterally the contract, because of this Lord from contract.

Main is different from Equal Contract from the contract. Both sides of Equal Contract signing is a cooperation, the partnership. But Lord from the contract, although is not harsh like the master and servant contract. But also has main from it division. The masters can definitely by the strength of contract orders from a side. In other words, leading power in the Chen Sixuan hand, her the dragon clan crown prince in match will set any request completely in the future, it is irrecusable.

Chen Sixuan does not hesitate the life completely release blood, most affected possibly is not the heavenly stems disciple, but is the litigant. dragon clan is also high wisdom race, their emotion rich degrees are not inferior to human. dragon egg has absorbed Chen Sixuan that many blood, how can also not dare to move. It does, was changed to by the equality the contract main from, process that the opportunity that Chen Sixuan has not even opposed, the contract started to complete.

In the Chen Sixuan eye is revealing the gentle pupil light, muttered the said/tunnel: "Young fool, you why so? Isn't our equality better?"

Transmits from the dragon egg for her, is the cheerful and excited mood. Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, has closed both eyes, that say/way thick golden light is communicating them unceasingly each other.

dragon egg in the Chen Sixuan hand starts unceasingly trembles, suddenly, a bubble appears above the dragon egg, as if the strategic place exits to resemble. However, that golden dragon egg egg shell actually that tenacious. These attacks, although violent, but as before stiffly was actually blocked.

Mood of diamond Dragon King restabilizes gradually, secret sigh one, something are the divine intervention, already was doomed. Today lead the child to come, is in itself profits, who can think that the final result is this? For this perfect girl own child has paid these many, own treasure does not wait for it to repay this favor, but was oneself repays through the contract.

Crown Prince dragon clan this flushed a moment ago, although has not broken through the egg shell, the vitality that but diamond Dragon King can actually the obvious feeling, the child have compared with before least several times, it definitely has been able to affirm, even if the child is unable to hatch in the future as before from the egg shell, this time through the huge vitality that Chen Sixuan the strength of as well as in the Chen Sixuan blood contract contained, own child never will also die in the egg shell, its life will not compare ordinary dragon Zushao.

Regardless of said, this is the huge good deed, what oneself can also request more things? Now should hope some day the child really can drill to be right from the egg shell.

Has thought through these, diamond Dragon King gradually has also felt relaxed from the contract regarding the Lord, is used to pay attention to the life fluctuation of oneself child the entire energy.

The golden color, on the contract mark through Chen Sixuan forehead spreads over her whole body gradually, covers in which her body, making her whole person seem becomes is the same with the hand mesosaurus egg, became the pure golden color. This time they, look like a strange vulture are like. The contract started to complete, at this time is carrying on, between person and magic beast the exchange of exchange as well as memory of emotion. In human life, be only such one time concludes the contract the opportunity. The strength of this contract can carry on certain connection a person with a magic beast soul.

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Chapter 453: Ji Dong heart pain

The strength of contract can make person and magic beast soul is connected. And makes them be able to communicate smoothly, magic power that it can be imagined it contains was huge.

This strength regarding human, will not change anything, but regarding most magic beast, has the enormous advantage, this advantage lies, through the strength of contract, magic beast can grow in a short time rapidly, becomes more formidable. Also the advantage that because the contract brings, makes magic beast be willing with Mage to unify. Naturally, this must look whether both sides can have a liking for the opposite party to be good. The more formidable magic beast request is also harsher. After the contract concludes completes, the magic beast future strength and own human partner are closely linked. But magic beast strength that human signs how, is deciding him the overall strength in fight. Therefore, since continuously, so long as is cultivation base can achieve Six-Crown Mage, with magic beast signing is in their entire cultivation process the most important matter.

Ji Dong static standing in being away from Chen Sixuan, only then ten meters place, the psychic force releases quietly, forms a soul force field around the Chen Sixuan body, frequently is feeling her the change in soul, in the event of any issue, he meddles immediately. Rescues Chen Sixuan.

Ji Dong this worry is not aimless, if in the normal situation, human and magic beast will sign the contract not to have any danger, but the present situation is not the normal range obviously. Chen Sixuan loses blood massively, the whole person fell into the extremely weak degree. But when signing contract, she and dragon egg can bear the huge contract energy impact. Whether her present physical condition could bear this energy impact is very difficult to say. Although in contract process, but both sides, if the side stupor, another side had has swallowed opposite party all abilities instantaneously. Although Ji Dong believes that Crown Prince dragon such will not do, but also has to guard. Let alone, fell into stupor at this kind of time, the injury to Chen Sixuan will be big. The impact of that magic power, likely causes the enormous damage to her. The strength of contract is psychic force category, the eternal armor could not help her at this time.

The Chen Sixuan situation is not very truly good, although no longer lost blood, the blood that but formerly lost are too many, the intense weak feeling made her, when the contract signing ceremony just started, the whole person has been at half comatose condition, might fall into the true stupor anytime.

At this time, demonstrated great strength that the Lie Yan (raging flames) god knew, the god knows with the soul is the concept of complete two level, freely in the Chen Sixuan soul, residual, only then the consciousness of Lie Yan (raging flames), the god knowledge is only that slight one by. But is this god knowledge, made Chen Sixuan the sea of soul quite firm. Although the weak feeling is intense, but is unable to make her true stupor. Although the impact of strength of contract made her headache want to crack, but she actually eventually withstood.

, The golden light starts gradually gradually spreads from Chen Sixuan and dragon egg. Forms a golden halo regarding their bodies, but their each one also gradually returns to original state into the original appearance. Chen Sixuan also as if that perfect Chen Sixuan, dragon egg also changed the glittering and translucent carving white, but under the ray complemented can see that indistinctly dragon Dannei as if had any thing in activity. If before dragon egg, compares to have any difference, then, this different place lies , the ray that its originally releases with the body same is the white, after the contract signs, this ray actually turned into the pale golden color. Moreover the people can feel clearly, the vitality that dragon Dannei contains has been the extremely terrifying degree, in dragon egg interior range, huge of its vitality, even must surpass dragon Huang. This did not mean that the vitality of Crown Prince dragon can exceed its father, but after because had egg shell fetter, the huge vitality that it contains can only compress unable to release in the egg shell, the density naturally was quite huge. As dragon clan, its vitality originally did not know formidable many compared with human. After absorbing the blood of Chen Sixuan, stimulates its vitality is being the geometrical multiple rises suddenly. At this time this is sending out the light golden light, seems not very big perfectly round dragon Dannei, the terrifying of life energy, including as Yao Qianshu of First Wood disciple is flabbergasted. That was approached the terrifying vitality of nucleus of density Ji Dong that life.

Regarding turns into a golden mark to vanish in Chen Sixuan and dragon egg surrounding golden color halo finally finally quietly. the next moment, Chen Sixuan has held dragon Danruan to fall to the ground, finally fell into the stupor. May be this, she closely is also holding dragon egg, has not relaxed slightly, the body falls when the ground softly, will protect dragon egg not to tumble the ground with the body as before.

A Ji Dong arrow step goes forward, has held from the ground Chen Sixuan. His anything had not said that but that grieved feeling unceasingly is actually wreaking havoc in his heart. Looks at Chen Sixuan palely such as paper charming face, his heart was being hit time and time again ruthlessly.

"Diamond Dragon King senior, I must look after to think of the fine jade first. Your child just signed contract, remains to think of side the fine jade to be quite good first."This time, Ji Dong has not called the name of diamond Dragon King again, the tone is somewhat chilling. He is restraining by force the anger of innermost feelings.

Diamond Dragon King gently nodded, "sorry, Ji Dong, brought to trouble to you. I walked first."Now said that anything is useless, it must do, is the repayment. Launched the pair of wings, diamond Dragon King looks finally is closely hugged child one in bosom by Chen Sixuan, flew out of the cavern to go. She already not any regret. Regardless of child whether can hatch, can obtain the contract help of this kind of human partner, to its child is the best result. Remote just wants to go to the hole to have a look at Chen Sixuan, had actually been blocked by Fu Rui, "do not disturb them, has Ji Dong not to have the matter, lets them alone in the same place, thinks of the fine jade is a good girl, is really hopes that she can have a good result with Little Junior Brother."

Remote ruthlessly white his eyes. "Right, thinks of the fine jade is a good girl, this young lady is a female demon, good."Spoke these words, not flushes away toward the hole outside.

Fu Rui is gawked by remote this, nearby Yao Qianshu that pillages to say pū said with a smile: "Boss Fu Rui, before a woman, to your interesting woman in front of commended particularly another woman is incorrect."

Fu Rui coldly snorted, "to is not right. Walks, accompanies me to practice actual combat."

Yao Qianshu said with a forced smile: "Does not use each time this."

Ji Dong holds Chen Sixuan to arrive in Neidong, asked a smooth dry and clear place to put down her, to let her can comfortable, helping her relieve eternal armor.

In Chen Sixuan both hands wrist/skill, but also was keeping formerly that two shocking scar, that grieved feeling immediately became in the Ji Dong heart more intense, took a deep breath, his taking down cautiously hung the life nucleus on Chen Sixu neck. Incautiously, the finger on the flesh with her neck has contacted, that creamy smooth feeling made the Ji Dong heart tremble immediately, vision subconscious following the nape of the neck fell, in Chen Sixuan that even if were above the peaks and ridges that lay low also similarly stands tall and erect, present he, is the full of vigor age, if in the heart did not have the impulsion. That radically is not normal.

Ji Dong has almost pulled out oneself immediately backhandedly, shifts the vision to both hands of Chen Sixuan above forcefully, stimulates to movement magic power to pour into the nucleus of life. The light green light supplements the huge life energy to release from the nucleus of life, actually, even if Ji Dong not this specially stimulates to movement it, has the nucleus of life to hang on the Chen Sixuan neck, the injury in wrist/skill can also return to a short time normal.

The light green light pours into to the wound place of Chen Sixuan wrist/skill, before that was sealed up the wound of bloodlines to start to heal at the naked eye variable speed by the dragon egg immediately. Although the Chen Sixuan complexion is pale, because in dragon egg crown prince thought to seal up the bloodlines on her wrist lineage/vein promptly, the losing blood degree control in certain range, will not have caused the extremely serious damage to the body of Chen Sixuan eventually.

Careful sets level the body of Chen Sixuan. Ji Dong inwardly sighed in the heart, it seems like, oneself were doomed with this girl to have more and more deep dispute. Thinks of the fine jade to think of the fine jade, you may know, among us is impossible. I will never betray my Lie Yan (raging flames). You to me so, how making me report back are good?

Looks at Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong on sitting silently side her, but both hands of Chen Sixuan, because broke off to treat the wound by Ji Dong, had not grasped that dragon egg tightly. But what some are funny, dragon egg is also thinking of Crown Prince dragon moves, that egg shell is similar to the sucker is unexpectedly common, adsorbed on Chen Sixuan, at this time stayed during she embraced. The pale golden halo is partly visible.

Ji Dong by in back stone wall, in does not look at Chen Sixuan, because he does not dare to look are too many. Chen Sixuan is such perfect, he feared oneself look were many, makes the matter that anything made itself regret. Ji Dong also can definitely affirm, if initially met is not Lie Yan (raging flames), but is Chen Sixuan, perhaps same dutifully will also fall in love with her. Said accurately, what man also there are able to refuse to fall in love truly at present perfect * female? No, Ji Dong can on under decide the judgment like this.


Six months later. Pū, Ji Dong spouts extravasated blood, panting by sitting in the cavern entrance that the heavenly stems disciples occupy, the look on face is somewhat strange. Has the indignation, has the funniness, even also some are joyful and helpless.

Only listens to his muttered: "Dragon sovereign fellow, this is the scarlet luo bare retaliation. Starts to be so ruthless each time. It is not first fighting time made it suffer a loss, such retaliated me. Really a point as the self-control of ruler does not have."

Six months passed, the heavenly stems disciples fruitfully had own mount. In discussed after dragon Huang and Dragon King. Finally the heavenly stems disciples choose is Rank 8 or is Rank 9 Giant Dragon. cultivation base has achieved the Seven-Crown above choice is Rank 9, but Lan Bao'er, Du Xin'er and Du Ming, choice is Rank 8. They such do have certainly an intention. Because, jumps over high-grade Giant Dragon, own ability also finalizes on more, wants to change on difficulty even more. If lets them and Rank 10 Giant Dragon signing contract directly, no doubt Giant Dragon under suppression of Dragon King will comply, but will also make Giant Dragon discontented because of the strength disparity of both sides. Also can coordinate with the heavenly stems disciples perfectly? After magic beast and human conclude the contract, most needs is the process that a same place grows. Only then after undergoing this process, true tacit understanding, and establishes the deep emotion. This needs space of growth to exist. Therefore, heavenly stems disciples have not chosen Rank 10 Giant Dragon. But chose most had potential Rank 9 and Rank 8. Now in all heavenly stems disciples, besides as in the gold/metal situation of ancestor of that side awakening bloodlines Land Dragon unclear, had own mount, naturally, these also include thinking that Chen Sixuan has.

What thinks to conclude with Chen Sixuan is Lord from the contract, sticks her extremely, no matter, throughout pastes on Chen Sixuan, Chen Sixuan that makes has to hold it. In the bosom is holding the dragon egg throughout, appearance many are somewhat strange. However, with the lapse of time, Chen Sixuan gradually had actually discovered strong capability that this thinks of egg-shaped. She is not an average person, she was once is Lie Yan (raging flames) that the Level 2 god slandered! Through situation that the thorough examination thinks, even knows with that god scans. The conclusion that Chen Sixuan reaches is, in the near future, will think , not only can hatch, even if before has not hatched it, in coordination oneself, can have the formidable boost similarly. As for this boost is anything, she has not told other people. She must keep in the future fight this secret , helping her beloved man with this boost.

For the six months, heavenly stems disciples are almost carrying on training of watching, because has lacked gold/metal, Ji Dong can only narrate the mystery of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy to everybody, and method of using also teaches. Has previous time Ji Dong when crisis-charged with the strength of soul has run throughout the heavenly stems disciples to produce temporarily circulates that most essential step completion, so long as gold/metal came back, their this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy will establish not to take time.

Self-torture magic power, unceasing carries on the actual combat, in this regard, dragon clan coordinates extremely. Coordinates the Ji Dong trainer object is dragon Huang.

dragon Huang mentioned by name is a Ji Dong person of trainer, but four Dragon King added on some Rank 10 Giant Dragon to bring the nightmare to other heavenly stems disciples.

Facing this strength stronger trainer, can the originally innately gifted heavenly stems disciples not be stimulated the respective potential? Naturally, must withstand anything in process of this stimulation, that was their own issues. This is a pain is being absolutely joyful, moreover is this joyful is they cannot feel now......

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Chapter 454: A half year of promotion

Most painful without doubt Ji Dong. He when first day arrives at dragon valley, gave dragon Huang to take away the injury. Since dragon Huang in half year, that accompanies his actual combat wholeheartedly! Although dragon Huang starts very much to have the discretion, but that is also dragon Huang the strength, moreover dragon Huang for well "help"Ji Dong, but also expressed specially every day can accompany Ji Dong to carry on two actual combat.

The results of two actual combat, have created, now Chen Sixuan has given back to Ji Dong the nucleus of life, but Ji Dong has also used up in half year time entire one bottle of millennium origin of life. Must know, origin of life thing, a drop can save others the life!

Naturally, while bearing great suffering, in the half year, the Ji Dong actual combat capability also similarly progresses by leaps and bounds. Facing Saint level powerhouse's training, only then magic power Seven- Crown he, it can be said that by squeezing as far as possible all potential. In process of entire cultivation, although Ji Dong is bearing the huge pain. But, each actual combat gets down, he will harvest.

Just started with dragon Huang to war, so long as dragon Huang displayed his abnormal dragon to drill Tyrant Huangmo the territory, Ji Dong does not have any means immediately was handled. After being beaten violently, throws the dragon sovereign cave mansion. Arrived the present. dragon Huang the dragon drills Tyrant Huangmo the territory, although can take to the Ji Dong enormous trouble similarly, but was not enough to affect his combat process completely. Six months, actual combat capability is unable with the data to describe that but Ji Dong also in half year time, magic power progresses by leaps and bounds, to the present, has promoted the Level 79 degree. Although just entered Level 79, but from the Level 80 Eight-Crown level, is only the one pace by. Ji Dong is Yin-Yang two fires with cultivating, once allows him to enter to Eight-Crown cultivation base, pinnacle magic power and Yin-Yang two fires that combination skill, he has, in the true sense can contend with Nine-Crown Mage. Even be more formidable than general Nine-Crown Mage. At least Ji Dong have self-confidently after having the demon territory one-to-one challenges fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao.

The side that not only magic power level enhances is quick, what making Ji Dong most pleasantly surprised extinguishes the promotion that the god struck, extinguished the god to strike from fourth to promote fifth heavy realm again. This is also very natural matter, is really because in the fight of dragon sovereign, left extinguished the god to strike outside, Ji Dong simply did not have other to the dragon sovereign to create the method of threat. Every day unceasing the application in the actual combat extinguishes the god to strike, does his extinguishing god strike possibly does not promote?

Fu Rui also finally became in the heavenly stems disciple first breaks through the Eight-Crown person, but, his situation also explicit told Ji Dong, after magic power breaks through Eight-Crown, wants to go forward one step extremely to be difficult again. At the beginning of a half year of cultivation, Fu Rui has promoted the Eight-Crown degree. Every day he also in continuously carries on the actual combat to compare notes with Dragon King, in day and night training. But to the present, his magic power also just just Level 81, even from Level 82 also certain disparity. In other words. Ji Dong magic power soon overtook Fu Rui.

In dragon valley the rich magic power element helped the heavenly stems disciples is really too big. Every day the unceasing actual combat, natural need cultivates to supplement that unceasingly magic power coordinates. Promotion most obvious is Du Ming and Du Xin'er brother and sister, now their magic power successfully broke through Seven-Crown, Lan Bao'er compared with their earlier one step. All heavenly stems disciples after half year self-torture, have achieved above Seven-Crown. But magic power close Eight-Crown not only also a Ji Dong person, remote, Yao Qianshu and cultivation base of wolf divine intervention also arrived at the Level 78 appearance. Before their magic power were not less than Ji Dong, these days was also keeping the self-torture, but magic power was actually surmounted by Ji Dong. This had proven every day what Ji Dong was devastated by the dragon sovereign in half year is how fierce.

wu wu, the sudden sound made Ji Dong recover, did not need to look, he also knows is who came. Appearance that fifty Saint Fire Dragon looks around side Ji Dong, Maotai and Wuliangye two big ends collect, is rubbing his arm by the Ji Dong body separately, is extremely affectionate.

After returning to the dragon valley, they again intranuclear had not treated in the life, in the half year, they played insanely. Every day unceasing stirring up trouble everywhere in dragon valley. Right, stirs up trouble. These two little fellows are extremely militant. Before the majority of time lived, when life intranuclear patched them to be congenitally deficient was not obvious. This returns to dragon valley, here that but makes is in chaotic situation.

Ordinary dragon clan is but actually better, Maotai and Wuliangye are insufficient to look for them. But these Rank 10 Giant Dragon had bad luck. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon the most joyful matter is challenges them every day.

dragon Huang to all clansmen announced its status in the first day that fifty Saint Fire Dragon came back, before thinking not to have hatched. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is most likely becomes next dragon Huang. Who dares truly offends it? Even if several Dragon King must be inferior in the status of dragon clan in it now. Therefore, when fifty Saint Fire Dragon challenges these Rank 10 Giant Dragon, these Rank 10 Giant Dragon simply do not dare to reject.

In the beginning, these Rank 10 Giant Dragon have not dared to do everything possible, lest is unable to confess the wound to fifty Saint Fire Dragon. However, is quick they to discover, even if but fully is, facing fifty Saint Fire Dragon time must suffer a loss. cultivation base only has Rank 9, but Maotai looks like with Wuliangye battle of Ji Dong in Mage is the same, jumps the ranks challenge ability showing without doubt. Moreover when this fellow starts like its father dragon Huang copes with Ji Dong, keeps the hand, although also has, but remains are not many.

For the six months, in almost all dragon valley Rank 10 Giant Dragon have eaten its owing, if now saw the scale to be short on Rank 10 Giant Dragon, or has the trace of burn, cannot be anxious, clearly, this pitiful Giant Dragon was just has challenged by their dragon clan crown prince female Maotai and Wuliangye.

Four Dragon King does not know that the suits of how many Rank 10 Giant Dragon has received, but had also been repressed by them, dragon Huang child jumps for joy with great difficulty, moreover also the so strong talent, will they be restraining?

Luckily, a fifty Saint Fire Dragon also point made these Rank 10 Giant Dragon be able to relax, that was evening's time they never presented the challenge.

Returns to dragon valley first day, Maotai and Wuliangye forced to live in an evening with the parents, to the next day time, they impatiently returned to side Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan.

Right, is Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, this point makes Ji Dong is extremely helpless. Does not know that is because formerly was Chen Sixuan has been bringing the nucleus of life. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is not only attached to Ji Dong, to Chen Sixuan is also so. Did not return to the nucleus of life in any case, the request that it set was, in the evening slept, the side must have Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan is good.

Actually this said fortunately, after all everybody cultivates in this same cavern, at the worst is Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan in the evening cultivated the time distance about, fifty Saint Fire Dragon has over 15 meters body, separates without question them. But what made Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan funny was, fifty Saint Fire Dragon and thought of this Third Sister younger sister unexpectedly because also Chen Sixuan ate the vinegar. Diamond Dragon King told Chen Sixuan, thought is also the girl, was the same with the fifty Saint Fire Dragon two sisters. This thinks to hug in the Chen Sixuan bosom. When fifty Saint Fire Dragon first comes back in the evening, when tries to approach Chen Sixuan, actually meets the powerful of having thought to rebound.

Although thinks not to hatch successfully, but actually changes into at the same time the giant shield own body, kept off between fifty Saint Fire Dragon and Chen Sixuan voluntarily, said that anything did not let Maotai and Wuliangye comes close.

Temperament originally of Maotai and Wuliangye is not good, no matter they this is own elder sister, suddenly, competes immediately. Also is that time, Ji Dong saw the strength that this thinks is powerful.

Thought of the birth compared with fifty Saint Fire Dragon must early, therefore was the elder sister. Although it has not hatched. But after Chen Sixuan concludes the contract, its ever changing ability becomes more formidable. Is relying on own unceasing change. In entire time's battle, has not let Maotai and Wuliangye actually approaches Chen Sixuan. Arrived finally, Maotai and Wuliangye even launched the attack under the anger, actually also thought to meet.

Naturally, among them shares the same roots after all, Maotai and Wuliangye are impossible to launch the most formidable fatal attack, may be this, but thinking of dragon egg condition has also displayed it quite tyrannical ability. Ji Dong first time feels, Chen Sixuan signs with this dragon clan Crown Prince Chief the female is not the mistake.

Arrived finally, both sides has compromised eventually, thinks to permit fifty Saint Fire Dragon close Chen Sixuan. But cannot move the body of Chen Sixuan, but the fifty Saint Fire Dragon that hot tempered temperament, eventually endured finally. How and thinks to carry on the exchange as for them, Ji Dong does not know, Chen Sixuan does not know. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon transmits to the Ji Dong information only has one, this is the secrets between their sisters. "Aiyu, you lightly." The Ji Dong pain shouted one, the injured place has bumped into by Maotai and Wuliangye, making his body slightly twitch. Changes by his phoenix dragon dance snake injured, the ache naturally be injured the average person is more intense.

Maotai and Wuliangye almost also raise the head, looks toward the dragon valley sky over, look that in dragon eye reveals the indignation, obviously was blaming their fathers to get rid to be too ruthless.

Ji Dong is touching their big end, shows a faint smile, said: "Dragon sovereign senior requests the strict point to me is also not the misdemeanor. Since least, has been my cultivation base grows in the half year quickest some time. When I broke through Eight-Crown , after having own demon territory, thinks that so will not be distressed."

"wu wu."Maotai and Wuliangye have simultaneously groaned two.

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "That is not good, that is your fathers, how can you begin with the father?"Fifty Saint Fire Dragon this was indicating to him a moment ago, next time must face the dragon sovereign with Ji Dong, participated in the actual combat.

A light smiling face appears from the Ji Dong face, in the heart mused, after also broke through Eight-Crown, if there is coordination of Maotai and Wuliangye. Although is as before impossible to defeat dragon Huang, but it wants to send the non- wound punches himself again, but was not that easy.

Since the Ji Dong extinguishing god strikes to break through to fifth is heavy, even if dragon Huang, is not willing to be bumped into by him easily below. Extinguishes overbearing that the god strikes, is becoming along with the promotion of cultivation base more and more obviously. Ji Dong has the obvious feeling, waits for own extinguishing god to strike to break through to sixth heavily, perhaps can also learn one to belong to extinguish the skill that the god strikes specially, looked like initially extinguished the god to direct to be the same. Perhaps to that time, dragon sovereigns must be apprehensive to oneself. However, after breaking through fifth was heavy, he had not actually felt that oneself extinguishing god strikes to progress. What this skill need accumulates and realizing from experience in unceasing actual combat.

Luckily. He currently has dragon sovereign nearly perfectly playing as the opponent in order to give others practice partner. Ji Dong has even thought that after King's dragon clan bloodlines awaken, oneself should also ask the ancestor of Land Dragon to compare notes. Feels the great pressure from peak Saint level powerhouse. By doing so, definitely has the advantage to him. Also is good the oppression strength of dark secret that level will adapt to a next future definitely to face.

Naturally, these are something to be talked about later, in has not broken through before Eight-Crown, Ji Dong will not look for this type to oneself troublesome. Although he has the self-confidence, but will not be arrogant.

Was considering in Ji Dong the next actual combat must with any method comes facing the dragon sovereign the time, the back hears the sound of footsteps.

Who the familiar footsteps are, Ji Dong cannot turn head to judge.
Graceful and quiet, who besides Chen Sixuan can also?

"Thinks of the fine jade, has the matter?"Ji Dong has not turned head, light asking.

Chen Sixuan looks at the Ji Dong generous back, the corners of the mouth place reveals a light smile. Facts showed, Ji Dong after all is not the cold-blooded animal, since she and thinks concludes the contract, Ji Dong to her manner obviously had some transformations. Although cannot say that accepted her, but at least does not have saying that rejection words again explicitly. To her manner also no longer was that chilling.

Chen Sixuan did not fear that Ji Dong is not good to her manner, what she most fears is regardless of make anything, Ji Dong had not responded. All that at least currently speaking, oneself make are not invalid. Although wish makes Ji Dong reverse from Lie Yan (raging flames) the sentiment to oneself on has heavy responsibilities as before, but at least currently speaking, has the opportunity very much. "Teacher Ji Dong, but also remembers that matter that you had promised me six months ago? Perhaps we wanted set out."Chen Sixuan smiles was saying.

Ji Dong has gawked, in the half year, he completely immerses in the cultivation and actual combat, truly six months matter will have forgotten. At this time recalls to mind Chen Sixuan that engagement after the reminder of Chen Sixuan the matter. Why does not know, thinks that Chen Sixuan is others' fiancee, in his heart has to plant not too comfortable feeling.

The eruption pledged: If our monthly tickets can attack fourth today, breaks through 1000, the small three guarantees, certainly will erupt then 12,000 tomorrow. Also ensure in three days see to overthrow. Including today's Oh, in other words, following two days, according to plot trend, hehe, did not need me to say. Likes Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, hopes to see the eruption. Please crazily cast your monthly tickets. The small three speeches always kept a promise.

Chapter 455: Temporary separation dragon valley

"Un, if you thought this set out. We can set out. However, do not forget that you comply with my bottle of liquor."Ji Dong light saying.

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "Will not forget. When do we walk?"

Ji Dong has calculated next time probably, said: "This walks. Also does not need to wait for anything. I go to greet to the dragon sovereign, we go to Eastern Wood Empire. However, you also know, distance held a memorial service for the Lie Yan (raging flames) time already soon, I after accompanying you have gone to Eastern Wood Empire, but must walk to Holy and Evil Island."

Hears these words, in the Chen Sixuan heart somewhat shivers slightly, bites the lower lip lightly, said: "I accompany you to go. I must ride Maotai and Wuliangye with you in any case come back. Where also same can cultivation."

Ji Dong stands up, looks at Chen Sixuan, nods slightly, "such being the case, you simply prepare, I went to say one to the dragon sovereign."

During the speeches, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes has launched, the back pair of wings pats, stimulates to movement the body of Ji Dong has been being similar to arrow raises generally, but fifty Saint Fire Dragon also follows side him. Flies together upwardly regarding Ji Dong.

Giant Dragon that fifty Saint Fire Dragon this launching, in dragon valley circles, is almost first drills toward own cavern, lest had a liking for by it, brings in a painful fight. Rank 10 Giant Dragon is been unique by fifty Saint Fire Dragon has punched. Several strengths suppress its Dragon King to escape by luck steadily. However, besides the Fire Dragon king, other three Dragon King scales has also fallen under the sharp claws of fifty Saint Fire Dragon some. As for the second condition that Ji Dong and silly rich business association agrees, had already completed.

dragon clan in the process of growth, will occasionally exchange a purchase the scale, but the dragon scale that these exchange a purchase they can collect generally. Dragon sovereign a few words, sufficiently must come the scales of five Dragon King, is not no exception in the Azure Dragon king of dragon valley. The present range completes the three conditions of silly rich business association, Ji Dong also goes to the earth core world on only remaining finally that. But this duty, Ji Dong preparation one year later, is three years that later the Red Lotus day fire forms starts again. In his heart, already to own these five years the motion had the accurate computation. His goal is very simple. Before going to the earth core world, must make cultivation base of all heavenly stems disciples break through Eight-Crown. At that time, they had enough have protected oneself ability, in the coordination mount Giant Dragon, even if were the danger such as the place of earth core world, will not create to them too in a big way threatens.

In an instant, Ji Dong has flown the dragon valley entrance place, the personal appearance has launched, has floating flown into the dragon sovereign cave mansion. He is here patron, naturally cannot have Giant Dragon to prevent anything.

"The Ji Dong boy, did you come? Such quickly recuperated injures?"Dragon sovereign some sounds of teasing resound. Although Ji Dong the will is calm, is one clenches jaws. For the six months daily was punched by the same match. This is not any wonderful recollection.

"Little spoke the wind discouraging talk. My this time comes not to look for your actual combat."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong brought fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fly the dragon valley. The dragon sovereign huge body of occupies there, languid raising the head, looks to Ji Dong. The initial depression, already swept away. For the six months, daily has flesh sandbag to walk to it, dragon Huang is crisp serious. 10,000 since at least years, it not such frank. Usually, it cannot go to challenge like oneself child fifty Saint Fire Dragon everywhere. It after all is dragon clan the ruler. As for the ancestor of Land Dragon, it does not dare to provoke. This chapter, the human boy who coming one to ban to hit extremely, daily accompanied its actual combat, every day played two Ji Dong pain, became dragon Huang the most joyful matter.

Sees the scar on Ji Dong face, dragon Huang smiles is very happy, "isn't the actual combat you do? In the half year undergoes my training, you also had the considerable progress, could it be said, you did come to express gratitude to this sovereign?"

"You......"Ji Dong look angrily at dragon Huang, "expressed gratitude. Your having something makes me thank. You punch my time each time, if that face dreadful appearance makes your clansmen see. Does not know that will despise you. You look for pleasant sensation from me daily, but also wants to make me thank you? Daydreams simply."

Dragon sovereign laughed, said: "What isn't the expression of gratitude is? You led my daughter to come, could it be said, can collaborate to compare notes with me with my daughters together inadequately?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "I come to say goodbye to you."

Listened to these words, dragon Huang the languid appearance was formerly nothing left immediately, sets out suddenly, approaches to Ji Dong in front, was surprised said: "Do you want to walk? Why? So to be how sudden? could it be said, my dragon clan does entertain inconsiderately? Or, I will punch your time next time light."

One hear of Ji Dong must walk, dragon Huang was really anxious, it did not hate to make Ji Dong such walk. First did not say does not hate the daughter to leave, where only a such good flesh sandbag may make it go to look! Ji Dong snorted, said: "What's wrong? Punches being used to it that I punch? It is not we walks, only then I and think of the fine jade temporarily to leave. Most three months, will come back. My other partners also keep in the dragon valley."

Dragon sovereign was puzzled asked: "Do you have the urgent matter?"

Ji Dong snorted said: "This did not need you to worry, I was only inform you one, was difficult to be inadequate you also to restrict our freedoms?"

Dragon sovereign brows slightly wrinkled, said: "You do not walk anything, I am certainly not blocking, but, you two walk, but must both take away my two children. Can I not inquire clearly? Do you want to go to do?"

Looks in dragon Huangyan the kind vision, Ji Dong is not good to mump with him again, "thinks of the fine jade is Princess Eastern Wood Empire, her originally has a marriage, this going back. Must solve the marriage. Another side a little strength that because is betrothed with her, therefore I accompany her to go back. Felt relieved. By our strengths, regardless of meeting anything, can the whole body draw back."

The dragon sovereign nods slightly, said: "You early go morning to return. The treasure, comes, to father here."Facing fifty Saint Fire Dragon time, it immediately became benign.

In front of gathering dragon sovereign who Maotai and some Wuliangye heart unwilling sentiments do not hope, in big eyes is revealing the dissatisfaction, obviously is because dragon Huang punches Ji Dong to have the resentment. But dragon Huang is their fathers, they are do not manifest suddenly.

dragon Huang ill-humored say/way: "You two girls, are really female student extroversions. Such turns toward Ji Dong this brat? Although he was hit by me daily, but your could it be had not seen how many it did have to progress in half year time? Regarding the human of this rank, can punch him to punch person just right every day, absolutely is a huge happiness. Because he has saved you, making me punch me to be also disinclined to punch him."

Listened to dragon sovereign pompous words, in the Ji Dong heart to move. Although dragon Huang said that also a little roars two children's meanings, but a little it is said right, like the powerhouse of Ji Dong this rank, wants to look for one to punch him by the strength, will not injure his person not to be absolutely easy truly. Takes to him the enough tremendous pressure, stimulates the promotion of his cultivation base. Seven-Crown Mage a half year promotes Level 5 magic power. This perhaps again Mage cultivation historical is the unprecedented situations. Looks at dragon Huang lightly, the Ji Dong originally anger vision gradually.

However. At this moment, his actually suddenly stared wide-eyed, in the eye reveals the look that is not daring to believe.

Ji Dong saw that was dragon sovereign has taken off that golden helmet from the head, slightly hesitant, stayed on all over the body snow white Maotai.

Immediately, golden light spreads over Maotai and Wuliangye whole body instantaneously, but that gold crown also likely was long on Maotai general.

How possible? Is the dragon sovereign it doing? It dragon clan ruler's symbol, was the dragon clan most important divine tool has given Maotai? Must know, Maotai and Wuliangye may not inherit its throne!

While Ji Dong extremely shocking, dragon Huang muttered the incantation that talks over Ji Dong that unable to understand. Complex marks pour into to fifty Saint Fire Dragon within the body. Saw, the imperial crown on its top of the head quietly submerged Maotai top of the head to vanish to disappear unexpectedly. But in dragon sovereign top of the head was actually the golden light flashes before, reappears an imperial crown, seemed as if no with before what difference. However, by Ji Dong soul cultivation base, can actually feel clearly, the imperial crown on dragon sovereign top of the head changed. Was not formerly divine tool. But on magic power has the earth-shaking change with fifty Saint Fire Dragon that share the same roots, as if in body were many lot.

"Is dragon sovereign senior, what you making? How you can. "Ji
Dong just speak of here, was actually made a hand signal of keeping silent to break by the dragon sovereign.

The dragon sovereign somewhat mystically visits him, the ill-humored pulling down sound said: "Do you dare again loudly? Lest don't others know? You both have taken all of a sudden away my two children, don't I select the protection to be good to them? You said you to be able is well to be able is well! After coming back, the imperial crown must give back my. You felt relieved, I used dragon Zumi, hid the imperial crown in Maotai within the body. Only if needs extremely time, it will not make the bystander see the crown of this dragon clan ruler. Good, you quickly walk, although ordinary clansman feeling anything, but my several wife can actually feel Maotai and Wuliangye change."

Ji Dong hesitant, "didn't need to say goodbye to Fire Dragon king Senior?"

dragon Huanghui has wielded the claw, said: "I told her to be good. You meet Chen Sixuan to come up. Let Maotai and Wuliangye here you."

Ji Dong looks at dragon Huang, suppresses not to be revealed the grateful facial expression by oneself reluctantly, turns around to walk.

"wait a moment."dragon Huang stopped by calling out Ji Dong. Ji Dong turns head to look to him, "also what matter?"
dragon Huangdao: "Ji Dong, I have wanted to tell your boy, your boy gives the name that I two daughters give to be really coarse." Ji Dong stared its one ill-humoredly, formerly that gratitude is nothing left, "I walk."Saying, was jumping, in an instant vanished in another end of dragon sovereign cave mansion. Looks the back that he departs, dragon Huang Haha laughs, the temperament of this brat also is really strange, but, suits my appetite actually very much.

Over six months being together, dragon Huang help to the Ji Dong is actually enormous, this no doubt is because Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan have helped its two children, but also similarly is because the Ji Dong talent and temperament mental disposition are deep the reason that dragon Huang approves. Otherwise. dragon is Huang possibly almost starts the strength of entire clan to help the heavenly stems disciples cultivation?

Quick, Ji Dong returns to bottom of the dragon valley, "walks, thinks of the fine jade, I lead you to come up. Maotai and Wuliangye in dragon sovereign cave mansion we."

These words just said that Ji Dong somewhat regretted, because he thinks suddenly, oneself brings Chen Sixuan to come up, can two people have the body to contact? Should look for Giant Dragon to deliver them to come up to be good.

However, the words have exported, to the opportunity that he changed a statement, Chen Sixuan had not arrived at the near, but as before, she never will make to let Ji Dong very awkward matter, this time was also same, she put out a hand, has gripped a hand of Ji Dong by. When Ji Dong is regretting, the strength of Chen Sixuan that completely open soul integrated quietly. Even including him not to think, the strength of his soul already in the Chen Sixuan water ** friendly, fuses in together.

The pleasant sensation of this soul fusion will become addicted absolutely, Ji Dong is almost the pain is being joyful. Feels the Chen Sixuan soul to take to own comfort, also that soul thinks of the feeling infinite spread the pleasant sensation. Does not dare to look at Chen Sixuan again, within the body magic power surges, stimulates to movement his body to soar, such draws Chen Sixuan to go toward the dragon valley above. By their magic power, so long as there are this both hands to be connected, sufficiently brought Chen Sixuan to come up. When they will soon arrive in valley top/withstand, two clear dragon recited the sound also to resound, just started Giant Dragon that restored to fly to clash own cavern in the dragon valley once again, the next moment, they appeared from the cavern, actually saw that made the black and white body shadow band that their mind trembled two human accelerate instantaneously, directly soars in the upper air to drill.

Did the small evil star walk? Giant Dragon have gawked first, then blinked, finally is cheering of collective.

dragon Huang listens to that carefree dragon to recite in own mansion, helpless shaking the head, it can not be clear, Maotai and Wuliangye are not suitable to inherit its throne? First did not say they do not drill a direct line emperor's clan of lizard department, only this combative and hot tempered temperament, is not an appropriate ruler. We hope that thinks to be able soon to break shell. This was dragon sovereign only hopes. Otherwise, he also can only make fifty Saint Fire Dragon really oneself successor. After all, how regardless to say, dragon Huang the position also can only inherit by the dragon sovereign bloodlines, otherwise, the crown of that dragon sovereign had no way to use.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 456: Dies looks to you

Departs dragon valley, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is swinging excitedly their bodies. Tyrannical flexibility. In addition that special accelerating ability. Their bodies almost swing one time, can accelerate instantaneously, runs out of beyond the kilometer like lightning. In the half year, fifty Saint Fire Dragon constantly challenges Rank 10 dragon clan, and is obtaining the direction of parents, their progress similarly are also huge. Although has not gone up steps, but compared with six months, their combat capabilities even can make several Dragon King have a headache.

Chen Sixuan sits on the neck of Wuliangye, looks the Maotai top of the head is standing Ji Dong. How regardless of fifty Saint Fire Dragon accelerates, how to move, Ji Dong looked like sticks was ordinary in the Maotai top of the head.

The white hair white clothing, stands there, the Ji Dong profound vision is gazing at the front throughout, even if connected with his soul, this time Chen Sixuan does not know that he is thinking anything.

A half year of self-torture, in the strength of soul, Ji Dong progresses is not big, on the contrary is Chen Sixuan a god knowledge that because with his soul fusion as well as soul sea in preserves, enabling her to have the great strides in the soul level. Now is not contacting with the Ji Dong body, so long as in certain distance, two people can complete the soul to be connected as before. At this time seems they are only static sitting on fifty Saint Fire Dragon. May in fact their souls think of feeling at least to investigate in 10000 meters in diameter range. This regarding Mage of non- supreme powerhouse rank. Is completely unimaginable. Even if the supreme powerhouse, few can achieve this point. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon finds the fog faintly recognizable place to go through specially, the confusion of being similar to the cotton fiber white clouds twists, always enjoys.

"Thinks of the fine jade, said this time situation. You make me help you, must make me know that actually must how do." The Ji Dong sound resounds in Chen Sixuan innermost soul.

Chen Sixuan said: "To renounce the engagement not to be easy. The opposite party is very strong. Also is our Eastern Wood Empire pillar/backbone. Therefore, this matter cannot act by my father sovereign. Otherwise, will affect the entire empire. Therefore, can only be processes by us. My this time asked you to accompany me to go back, must make you my fiance's love rival. Competes with him. So long as you defeat him open and aboveboard, defeats him. Then, this matter must solve on easy many."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "fair competition? How competition law? could it be said, you can make me be in front of his to pursue you?"Although he it is expected that arrived at this matter is very troublesome, but somewhat underestimated after all.

Chen Sixuan laughed, said: "Teacher Ji Dong, you did not fear facing the mighty force. Let you pursue me so to be awkward? We act in a play. However you felt relieved, I will not make you pursue my. Only needed you to be my boyfriend to be OK. I lead you to go back, and announced that you are my boyfriend, then, cannot want you to act to make anything, I think, they naturally will walk. When the time comes, wanted you to come to deal comprehensively."

Ji Dong looks at Chen Sixuan that some appearances of giggle, "you did not fear that I did lose intentionally? Marries you well."

Chen Sixuan glanced at him, the character and style between eyebrows made the Ji Dong heartbeat significantly speed up several points, "Teacher Ji Dong. If you did really nothing. Because you will see my corpse quickly. You can not want me, but if I were forced to marry others, I die to you look." Ji Dong helpless looks at Chen Sixuan, what can he also say? In the heart starts to deliberately consider how this matter must be able to pass through smoothly. It is not that side pass/test, but is pass/test in the heart. He most fears was this time disguises the Chen Sixuan lover most afterward to have the opposite effect.

Ji Dong is a control wants very strong person, the previous generation this life, is so, he is used to control oneself matter completely in the range that oneself can control. But sentimental matter, is obviously most difficult to control. Is and Chen Sixuan in the same place, he more feared oneself cannot control the sentiment, in the event of anything, that was unfair to Lie Yan (raging flames)!

"Teacher Ji Dong, how don't you speak?"Chen Sixuan somewhat smart-alecky asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong did snorted, "what say?"

Chen Sixuan red lips pouted slightly, "could it be you hope really I do marry others? You conscientious!"

"?"Ji Dong surprised looks at Chen Sixuan, subconscious stared wide- eyed, since has known Chen Sixuan, Chen Sixuan to him that gentle, he first time hears Chen Sixuan to say this words.

Chen Sixuan somewhat are also surprised, she knows, can say this words. Does not belong to Lie Yan (raging flames), but is the influence of memory and soul of originally this body. In some sense, present Lie Yan (raging flames) , before is not, pure Lie Yan (raging flames). Her god knows, although formidable, because also transformation many of body will come under some influences.

Looks appearance that Ji Dong is dumb as a wooden chicken, Chen Sixuan laughed, "Teacher Ji Dong, your present appearance is quite silly."

Ji Dong then recovers, but actually does not look at Chen Sixuan, her smiling face made any man lose the immunity sufficiently. "Teacher Ji Dong, you have not answered my issue. You think really very much I do marry others?" The Chen Sixuan look becomes earnest.

Ji Dong said: "Your matter decided. You are willing to marry anyone, I cannot help you decide."

Chen Sixuan said: "But you can decide that I marry you."

Ji Dong at this time already some feelings of being dumbfounded, enough silent long time, opens the mouth saying: "Thinks of the fine jade, you is a good girl. If I do not have Lie Yan (raging flames), perhaps, will move for you. This point I did not deny. You have the formidable attraction to any men, for me is also no exception. But, in my heart already had actually packed Lie Yan (raging flames), even if she, my heart has not accommodated your place, I impossible to betray Lie Yan (raging flames) because of you."

Chen Sixuan looks at Ji Dong, ", what to do some day do you really fall in love with me?"

The Ji Dong complexion changes, "will not have such one day. If I discovered really oneself cannot control oneself time, certainly ahead of time will cut off this possibility by oneself. Even if has not completed the Lie Yan (raging flames) final expectation, I must look for her ahead of time."

"You.   "Chen Sixuan vision complex visits him, in heart unceasing was
cursing angrily. She scolded naturally was not Ji Dong, but was that god five big supreme evil gods. She has also understood the meanings of evil god these four characters finally. She and Ji Dong obviously in the same place. Actually cannot recognize each other, this each other suffering, how could it not be is the evil god creates?

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon was also peaceful at this time, does not know that because whether Maotai and Wuliangye felt emotion between Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan fluctuate. Naturally, the speed that they fly does not have the slightest bit to reduce speed. Goes to Eastern Wood Empire to be very easy, direction soaring that so long as raises toward Sun on line. The Chen Sixuan volt carries on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, for a very long time did not speak. Ji Dong is also glad quietly. Closed both eyes, sit in the Maotai top of the head cultivation with rapt attention. He has formed a habit now, whenever resistivity to the Chen Sixuan starts to reduce, misses Lie Yan (raging flames). Only has the Lie Yan (raging flames) form, can scatter any other distracting thoughts. Although this will take to the pain that he remembers with eternal gratitude, but, does not do this, he cannot affirm throughout really oneself can resist lives in Chen Sixuan that sentiment.

The cultivation base promotion, the speed of fifty Saint Fire Dragon flight has also achieved an extremely terrifying region, from three gathers the mountain range to fly to Eastern Wood Empire, to it, only required the several days time to be enough.

Ji Dong to Chen Sixuan manner, although no longer chilling, but also throughout is maintaining the distance, three days, passed in this somewhat faint atmosphere.

Chen Sixuan has not disturbed Ji Dong again, she knows, copes with Ji Dong. More is acts with undue haste will more play the counter-effect. Words altogether not over ten that in three days, two people later said. Ji Dong desirably maintains the distance with her, she also endured gladly. Has not arrived in the destination in any case, in the Chen Sixuan heart all plans must start from Eastern Wood Empire.

The darkness, fifty Saint Fire Dragon descended under the thought direction of Ji Dong in a forest.

Ji Dong jumped down from Maotai, has patted its big end, "tonight we here rest. You look for eating was good."

Maotai and Wuliangye nodded, the huge body soars, regarding them, only has magic beast crystal core of high-grade level is best food. Ji Dong these goods in stock little had to attract their.

Chen Sixuan looks up fifty Saint Fire Dragon flies away, embraces to think. Gradually arrives at side Ji Dong, suddenly, Chen Sixuan sets aside a hand fast, pulled the right arm of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong will certainly not have any protection to her, immediately was pulled own arm by her, has struggled, but Chen Sixuan actually hugs is very tight, what her the elasticity of tender body as well as flesh of that lubrication takes to Ji Dong is the intense stimulation. This feeling may, not only charming was so simple. Made the person crime sufficiently!

"Thinks of the fine jade, do you do?"Say/Way that the Ji Dong startled anger occurred simultaneously.

Chen Sixuan said that anything is not willing to let loose the arm of Ji Dong, snorted, said: "Doesn't do. For these days you did not manage me. Must arrive at our Eastern Wood Empire shortly, can you also this way? Do not forget, you come back to assume the guise my lover with me. Where has among the spouses to be so estranged, my this is trains in advance. Is pulling your arm, is not excessive?"

The request of Chen Sixuan is not certainly excessive, but the issue is, the strong attraction of this first under heaven beautiful woman can how many people resist?

Has not waited for the Ji Dong opens the mouth, Chen Sixuan to continue saying: "Teacher Ji Dong, I hire your. Your pushing someone take on a difficult job insists. I am the girls do not care, your grown man also cares about anything, making me contact not few meat. Of values ten big famous name wines must manifest. For dead Lie Yan (raging flames), you endured."

Listens to Chen Sixuan to mention Lie Yan (raging flames) on own initiative , said that what can Ji Dong also say? The brow is wrinkling as before, was being hugged the arm by Chen Sixuan like this, absolutely is intense suffering, makes intense suffering that the person nearly is unable to endure. Thinks the crime! Especially, Chen Sixuan as if simply does not know that she such held in the arms the arm of Ji Dong, standing tall and erect of body half had many positions to paste on the big arm of Ji Dong.

 "Thinks of the fine jade, didn't need to preview good? After having waited till your Eastern Wood Empire, I coordinate certainly you." The Ji Dong sound has filled reluctantly, he only wants quickly to cross this pass/test Caihao now.

Chen Sixuan tilts the head gathers in front of him to visit him, said: "Arrived Eastern Wood Empire, you will coordinate me really? Means what he says?"

Ji Dong hurries to nod, "kept a promise, certainly kept a promise."

Chen Sixuan laughed, said: "This also almost. Since we temporarily are the spouses. Not only then, when the time comes the body wants some intimate contacts . Moreover, you must change some to the tone that I spoke. Cannot look like usually that chilling, a point own enthusiasm does not have. In that case, had not been seen through by others one eyes. These people are not good to cheat."

Ji Dong clearly knows that Chen Sixuan such requested somewhat to surpass him to comply, but to pass this pass/test, he has to nod at present. The Chen Sixuan overall strength is inferior to him, cultivation base is also the heavenly stems disciple of Seven-Crown rank, only if Ji Dong wants to cause heavy losses to her, otherwise, she insists on such holding his arm, he is impossible to pull out. Ji Dong pledged secretly, cannot give Chen Sixuan to approach own opportunity again easily. Her doesn't could it be know such attraction in a big way? Even if barely escapes death, he this body may now the thorough virgin! The virgins were are too really easy to be sensitive.

Sees Ji Dong explicitly complied, Chen Sixuan then satisfaction loosened grasped the arm of Ji Dong, looks Ji Dong already red in the face heart laughed in one's heart.

Several days maintains the distance, Chen Sixuan anything has not expressed that all as if normally passed, at this time this launches an attack suddenly, really gave Ji Dong one to be caught off guard. Chen Sixuan discovered, oneself really had the strength of young succuba more and more. "Thinks of the fine jade, I find a place to go to the clean body first."Saying, Ji Dong is not daring excessively to stay, jumps, used the phoenix dragon dance snake to change directly, the whole person was similar to arrow flew generally, suddenly vanished does not see.

Looks the back that he departs, Chen Sixuan cannot bear smile finally, Little Ji Dong, did you finally start to wrap/sets of? Actually I do not want you to betray Lie Yan (raging flames)! So long as can find the opportunity to make you say that three characters to me, we can't in the same place? Your this young fool.


After Ji Dong leaves Chen Sixuan, the first strength of own soul full, had found rivers with the quickest speed, then the whole person has hit directly, falls into the river.

The cool river water soaks the whole body, made the flaming fire of desire in his heart weaken several points with the aid of that icy cold feelings. Contacts Chen Sixuan truly, understands that her attraction is terrifying.

Although had not rushed to 1000 tickets yesterday, has not rushed to the fourth position, but small three planned to erupt today. However, yesterday coughed aggravated, has to go to the hospital to have a look, to analyze and take an x-ray, blood test wait/etc., tossed about comes back to the evening, exhausted. Because the finger also the blood test has gripped, is very sore. Has to rest for several hours to start to write first again. Three chapters have not written eventually. Small three promised, regardless of our monthly ticket rushes to any position today, tomorrow will certainly erupt. Moreover, tomorrow should also be the plot that overthrows. Erupts in the essential climax, small three calculated sincerely. This month, small three are setting firm resolve monthly ticket must flush, written request friends generous support. Requested that the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, hit to enjoy. The small three present really needs you, Tang gate each brothers and sisters. Thank you.

Chapter 457: We live in a room

The Ji Dong one breath has soaked tea in the river water. Is relying on the tyrannical in breath and magic power, is insufficient to suffocate completely.

Crash-bang the water makes a sound, the drill from water raises one's head, panting in gulps, with the aid of the feeling that formerly that nearly suffocated, made his mood gradually tranquil.

A forced smile reveals from the corners of the mouth place, in the Ji Dong heart is rejoiced actually, rejoiced this time follows Chen Sixuan to come out, if other also partners, at present this is what kind of disgraced! But if, does not leave at that time immediately, he feared really oneself cannot control, overthrows Chen Sixuan directly.

Self-control thing, must be different from person to person, facing the ordinary girl, how many man will have certain self-control, is, facing Chen Sixuan such top outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman, is similar to fine porcelain general perfect, there is living how many people can resist?

Ji Dong in the man, is the self-control is absolutely greatly strengthened. But, do not forget, not only Chen Sixuan appears before him, launched pursued but actually, facing one so outstandingly beautiful, before him was thousand is willing ten thousand to be willing beautiful * female, in the heart to the Lie Yan (raging flames) rigid love, perhaps he already could not endure patiently. After all, his human, the person have the seven emotions and six sensory pleasures eventually. Jumps from the river water, falls on the shore, looks own this wet clothes, a Ji Dong helplessness. Extremely was a moment ago impatient, has not escaped to jump including the clothes, this distressed also got what one deserves.

Takes off wet clothes, exchanges one, has tidied up the mood, was restored by oneself to light in as far as possible. Even is used to miss Lie Yan (raging flames) the train of thought completely, his mentality then returned to normal. The Ji Dong biggest mistake is to the underestimate of Chen Sixuan body attraction. Facing Chen Sixuan, he also reluctantly can restrain, but adds on each other contact of body, the Ji Dong self-control nearly instantaneously collapses.

Some do not hope gradually to returning , the Ji Dong heart secret forced smile, a moment ago to withdraw, but also complied should not the matter of complying. Then these days, will be perhaps more unendurable. After entering Eastern Wood Empire, oneself must fulfill among the agreement with Chen Sixuan.

When Ji Dong returns to side Chen Sixuan. The surprised discovery, she as if also restored on tranquil, exquisite fair charming face was having an indifferent to fame or gain smile, is squatting there is manipulating the deadwood that picks from the surroundings, piles in the same place. And has put out some dry rations and fruits places side, looks at the front fuel/thin He's static waiting.

Looks at her tranquil appearance, the heart of Ji Dong shivered immediately once more, he hurries to restrain the mind, lowered the head does not dare to look again. Bites the tip of tongue lightly, makes own heart steadier with the aid of the stabbing pain. Now own self-control so is how bad.

Ji Dong is actually not clear, was not his hypotaxia, because position of Chen Sixuan in his heart was getting more and more important, influenced subtly, moist thin silent has invaded in his heart generally quietly. But his innermost feelings are more intense regarding the Lie Yan (raging flames) love, therefore he will not acknowledge oneself have anything to feel to Chen Sixuan. The people have the sentimental animal, the time is the sentimental foundation, these words not wrong. For a long time, must say that together Ji Dong is not Chen Sixuan moves, is that also possible?

"Teacher Ji Dong, you come back. Ignition. We roasted hotly eating the dry rations." The Chen Sixuan interesting to listen to sound resounds, she has not welcomed. But has adjusted women's clothing. Sat there has gotten down and other Ji Dong in the past. From her perspective, does not want to force Ji Dong excessively, in order to avoid causes his powerful rebound, when the time comes is not willing to return to Eastern Wood Empire with her, to outsmart oneself? May as the matter stands, has four character essences on the depth about the relaxation. This tranquil indifferent to fame or gain the heart impact on Ji Dong is instead bigger.

Ji Dong sat in the Chen Sixuan opposite, points at the springing, front fuel/thin He has burnt.

This late regarding Ji Dong is quite unendurable, luckily, he can also express feelings during the cultivation. One in the evening, even did not have again and Chen Sixuan has spoken a few words. Or one he does not dare in the evening again and Chen Sixuan speech.

This late cultivation, is for the six months his first cultivation effect not good time, because not only left dragon valley, what is more important is because he more mental efforts will use in the tranquil innermost feelings.

Next morning, fifty Saint Fire Dragon came back, two people start off once more. The time is not long, in the middle of when day, they entered in Eastern Wood Empire finally. Directly soars the Eastern Wood Empire capital Eastern Wood city to go.

When time to evening, the Eastern Wood city has been in sight by far, Ji Dong then makes fifty Saint Fire Dragon in descend from Eastern Wood city 20 kms away. They cannot such fly. In the Eastern Wood Empire capital certainly will not lack the powerhouse, naturally, by Chen Sixuan in the Eastern Wood Empire status, even if they flies not to have too ** bothersome. Maotai and Wuliangye heart unwilling sentiment does not hope returned to the nucleus of life. Ji Dong looks out into the distance, sees completely is greens, Eastern Wood Empire is well-known with the wooden character worthily, by the environmental protection, absolutely is the head of Five Great Empires.

"Teacher Ji Dong."Chen Sixuan calls one lightly. Ji Dong turns head to look to her, "does?"
Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile. Said: "From now on, I cannot call you Teacher again. Will call your name directly . Moreover, we should like this."At the same time was saying, she has held on the hand of Ji Dong on own initiative. The creamy small hand integrates in the Ji Dong generous slender fingers and palm, an enrichment comfortable feeling transmits immediately. Especially the Ji Dong soul does not have any strength of resistance regarding the Chen Sixuan soul. Is one is fused simply.

Grasps the big hand of Ji Dong, on Chen Sixuan charming face is revealing a happiness, looked up Ji Dong has seemed like the tranquil chilling face, said with a smile lowly: "Ji Dong, don't you such put on a serious face tired? Smiles are good? We must enter the Eastern Wood city. From now on, you are my lover, must happy."

Ji Dong squeezes a smiling face reluctantly, had adjustment of this day, his heart was tranquiler, at this time shakes hand, but does not have a about step contact, he can also live in oneself mood reluctantly tranquilly.

"We walk."Chen Sixuan some saying of jumping for joy. This time she, is common like a joyful Elf, is holding the hand of Ji Dong, walks in the direction of Eastern Wood city. She does not worry, has not stimulated to movement the magic power acceleration. 20 kilometers distance, but such leisurely and carefree is walking.

Ji Dong had not opposed, he needs to adjust oneself mentality similarly, since complied with Chen Sixuan. Must help her handle this matter. He told himself in the heart, from now on, oneself temporarily were the Chen Sixuan boyfriend. Before leaving the Eastern Wood city is so. But this was only to help Chen Sixuan went through the difficulty, very affected heavenly stems disciple collective, also to give Lie Yan (raging flames) attains the seventh bottle of liquor. But does not have other thoughts.

Chen Sixuan in enjoying in the warmth that under this setting sun afterglow slows pace, but Ji Dong was saying to oneself that kept at heart: I disguise as, I disguise as......

The time does not wait for the person, when Ji Dong they arrive at the Eastern Wood city, the day had gotten dark completely. The city gate has even closed.

"We can only turn the wall to go."Chen Sixuan somewhat helpless saying. However she is very happy, since rebirth to this body, never like the present happy. The hand of Ji Dong is slowing pace under the setting sun afterglow. This feeling was really too wonderful. If drinks the pure strong wine to be moving.

Ji Dong nodded, grips her hand to make an effort slightly, the back pair of wings opens, for him, surmounted city wall fact to be simple.

Almost after is only several breath, they walked on the street in Eastern Wood city.

At this time beginning decorated lantern on, nightlife just started. The Eastern Wood city as the Eastern Wood Empire capital, not the deficient evening entertainment, on the street even must be livelier than the daytime. Laboriously has worked day of people the recreational activity that starts to seek for is making itself joyful, relax.

"Thinks of the fine jade, where do we go to now? Returns to the imperial palace directly?"Ji Dong asked.

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "Such late first did not go back. Waits for me to lead you to go back early tomorrow morning again. Tonight we looked for a hotel to stay first said again." Ji Dong nodded, said: "Also good, that first lives in an evening. Where is occupied by you to guide."

Chen Sixuan laughed, said: "Did not live in silly rich hotel in any case on the line."

Listened to her such saying, on the Ji Dong face also to reappear a smile, arrives at the silly rich hotel to meet each time troublesome, truly cannot live!

Those who made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was, Chen Sixuan has not led him to look for any luxury hotel, but only looked for one to be quite small, but the hotel in one-story house lived.

This hotel from outside shop front looked that the area is not big, but enters, pours different. Rows of one-story houses were a little silly like initially them the lecture hall that the rich business association headquarters live, but does not have there luxurious. Indistinct, Ji Dong as if smelled a light sulfur flavor/smell, knit the brows. In this hotel, how to have the sulfur taste?

Chen Sixuan takes is operating the key of room, bringing Ji Dong to find belonged to their rooms, entered room Ji Dong to be silly. Because only has one. His originally thinks, Chen Sixuan like before they in other place, will take an suite, there are two room that types. But here not only does not have two rooms, even the living room and bedroom do not divide, only has one about 30 square meters houses. The one side of house is makeshift bed on the ground bed. In the room other places are the simple ornaments. Place that if may take only, that was clean.

Ji Dong surprised at the same time, his vision fell in a room gate, this relaxed, originally following different, should be a also room. Loosened to grip the hand of Chen Sixuan to walk. Shoves open inside that leafed door.

Chen Sixuan has not stopped him, because her charming face is also one blushes at this time, heartbeat in unceasing is speeding up. Checks into this hotel she obviously is early deliberate. Also is the shelled peanuts that and remote initially discussed boils one of the cooked rice steps, will be the first attempt. She does not know whether she can succeed. Does everything possible by.

Ji Dong opens inside door, complexion immediately once more becomes ugly. After inside this gate, is not the room, but is a small courtyard. The courtyard is not big, only has about 20 square meters. Moreover in these 20 square meters, also one side has about ten square meters pool, does not know why to use. Raised the head can see night starry sky, obviously is not the sleeping place.

"Thinks of the fine jade, did you open a room? Deliberately creates trouble simply."Ji Dong goes back to the room, the slightly anger said.

Chen Sixuan said: "Ji Dong, we now are lovers, can't separate again? Otherwise, how can they prove us like father sovereign already in the same place? To look up me to return to my father sovereign and that side person of whereabouts after Eastern Wood city regarding is not difficult. Therefore, we must live in a room. Teacher Ji Dong, my girls did not fear, what you do fear?"

Ji Dong feared really, lives in a room, only thinks that he has the feeling that the heartbeat speeds up. Under the look twinkle, Ji Dong said decisively: "It is not good, this is not absolutely good. I disguise your boyfriend, not real. You live with me in a room like this, later do you also get married? I cannot go bad your clear reputation."

Chen Sixuan lowered the head, light saying: "Ji Dong, you think before me , is cracking a joke to the words that you spoke? Good, I now serious duplicates to you. Besides you, this life I will not remarry to anybody. What relations does the clear reputation have with me?"

Ji Dong is listening to the Chen Sixuan words, the somewhat dumbfounded feeling, suddenly could not speak.

Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, "Ji Dong, I will never make you feel embarrassed. You live in the room, I live in the small courtyard, was always OK. We also had to live outdoors."At the same time was saying, she walked. Ji Dong hurried to follow, "thought of the fine jade, lived in the courtyard should also be I. You arrive in the room."

In the Chen Sixuan heart the secretly thought, I live in the room, does the plan also implement? Looks at Ji Dong, lightly said: "Ji Dong, now only then two roads elect to you, either, I live outside, you live in inside, either, I and you live in inside together. I such select the request, don't you comply? I do not have am so vulnerable."

Facing the Chen Sixuan sudden strength, Ji Dong somewhat is in a daze, the brain revolves rapidly, under careful weighing the advantages and disadvantages, he has to return to the room. Let her live outside, always compares two people to live is much better together. Makes her girl live in the courtyard, in the Ji Dong heart some do not endure.

Opens the window curtains, how Ji Dong wants to have a look at Chen Sixuan to live in the courtyard. In he imagines, Chen Sixuan are most is also sit cross-legged, cultivates an evening in the courtyard.

Means what he says, today three erupt. Overthrows, hehe. 7 : 00 pm, Tang gate yy activity, everybody do not forget to participate. Not too small three possibly could not participate. The cough aggravates. Yesterday went to the hospital to look, said that possibly was the cough changeability asthma. Takes in the bitter medicine depressed. Extremely was sorry. Everybody plays happy. You are happy, small three were happy.

Chapter 458: Hot spring enticement

The Ji Dong itself thinks that Chen Sixuan cultivates in courtyard. After opening the window curtains, surprised seeing, Chen Sixuan is actually squatting, in that has near ten square meters pool fully, as if opened anything, along with the underwater/splashing sound, has the steaming steam to surge.

Is she doing?

Ji Dong goes out of the back door once more, the probe head to Chen Sixuan was puzzled asked: "Thinks of the fine jade, do you do there?"

Say/Way that Chen Sixuan does not return to: "Turns on the water! I choose this hotel, because of its this characteristics. Here hot spring is in Eastern Wood city hotel is best. The froth is very comfortable."

At the same time was saying, she stands up, took off own coat conveniently, has revealed inside Chinese-style clothing, luckily the present is late autumn, their clothes are not too eventually few. But saw that Chen Sixuan this takes off clothes, Ji Dong had a scare immediately, "thinks of the fine jade, do you want to take a bath in the courtyard?"

Chen Sixuan turns head to look to him, on face reveals a strange look, "I am hospitalized child , can't the warm artificial pond in the courtyard, why take a bath? Ji Dong. Or do you also together come? Now you are my lover, words that you must come together, I did not oppose."At the same time was saying, her charming face slightly red, but is having a light smile, both hands were starting to take off oneself Chinese-style clothing. Ji Dong was almost flees to the wilderness has closed the door generally, and has drawn in all window blinds with the quickest speed. In the process of pulling window curtains, he even used oneself Teng Snake to dodge the unique skill, it can be imagined his present mood was flustered.

Chen Sixuan looks at the door place, laughed, said intentionally:
"Coward."Her sound is not small, Ji Dong can hear absolutely.

At the same time was saying, she has taken off oneself clothes seriously, looks at front steaming hot pool of water, Chen Sixuan raises head to look at the day, in the heart was praying secretly: Evil god, if you want to make me complete really to your commitment, then, on heavy rain under waiting a minute.

Praying, the Chen Sixuan silver tooth bites lightly, finally received final cover, slender jade leg light cross, marches into the pool of water. Sends out a series of water sounds.

Ji Dong dull standing in room, back to the window direction, window that side window curtains is being the tint, although after drawing, cannot see outside real picture, but under shining of moonlight. Saw that some shadows do not have the issue.

Effort swallowed saliva, Ji Dong told itself do not think diligently, was, now at this time, he completely could not control oneself train of thought.

Only has separation of window! Chen Sixuan takes a bath outside, but he stands in the room. Near his ear, even starts to recall words that beforehand Chen Sixuan spoke. Ji Dong, you also together come! Such simple a few words, have the tyrannical impact absolutely.

Ji Dong only thought the blood of own within the body is seething with excitement unceasingly, water sound that particularly outside that transmits unceasingly, his brain, even the uncontrolled start has been imagining the actual appearance of Chen Sixuan that moving naked body.

How can like this? The forced smile on Ji Dong face was even more rich. Does this evening, need to withstand bigger suffering compared with yesterday? He hopes now, Chen Sixuan this bath can wash quickly, again quickly.

Sits fast falls to the ground, Ji Dong is meditating in the heart unceasingly: Salutes Amitabha......, All things of visible form and substance are empty, spatial is the color/look......

Facts showed that speed that the girl takes a bath too will never be fast, let alone Chen Sixuan brings Ji Dong to live here to have the goal. Specially to entice his.

originally Chen Sixuan is a confidence does not have regarding this point, but this confidence instead is Ji Dong takes to him. Yesterday saw the appearance that Ji Dong fled to the wilderness, she knows. Oneself and have the attraction regarding Ji Dong. Had this premise, today her the confidence was naturally more sufficient.

Soaks in the warm spring water, the scalding hot hot spring is infiltrating the body slightly, making the Chen Sixuan originally tight mood relax gradually, the froth hot spring, was really very wonderful enjoyment. Especially this type of open-air hot spring, looks at the star moon/month in sky, is beautiful enjoyment.

It seems like that chooses this place also really right. From the Lie Yan (raging flames) perspective, she is first time comes to here actually, but in the memory of this body, to here recollection is very good. Now looks like, this truly is a correct choice. The feeling of scalding hot hot spring immersion body as if made the skeleton and muscle of whole body relax slightly has gotten down. The spirit also relaxed several points, Chen Sixuan no longer so was also anxious.

Although Chen Sixuan does not know that Ji Dong repeated Amitabha in room painstakingly, but saw the movement of Ji Dong that fast window curtains, she knows, oneself plan had the effect.

With great difficulty, Ji Dong caught the belief of previous generation to make own mood return to normal slightly several points, near the ear has actually broadcast the Chen Sixuan sound. "Does Ji Dong, trouble you to throw the big towel in room to me is good? I washed quickly."

The Ji Dong upper body in a flash, nearly a blood spurts, does not bring this......, Wants the deceased person, could it be don't you know your attraction in a big way?

Has facing such one is definitely energetic, cannot hit, cannot scold, outstandingly beautiful that even cannot evade, the Ji Dong present feeling can only with being in deep sorrow to describe. He started to consider, gives up that bottle of liquor, quickly fled from here to say again.

Fierce panting several. Ji Dong then stands up, before arriving at one side to work the big towel arrives at the gate, the goalkeeper pulls open a slit, was relying on formerly memory, washed one's hands to throw the big towel.

"Thanks." The Chen Sixuan interesting to listen to sound resounds, is a water sound, making in the Ji Dong mind immediately associate to a beautiful woman left the bath chart.

"Ji Dong, don't you come the froth really? Good comfortable Oh. This pool is very big, holds two person issues both not to have. Or, I enclose the towel bubble, will not make you see that should not see the thing."

Pū, two lines of nosebleeds uncontrolled spurt to scatter from the Ji Dong nose finally.

Chen Sixuan is standing to look at door here direction from the pool at this time, suddenly sees the blood **, is surprised immediately. Almost was the earliest possible time flushed.

"Ji Dong, you how?"In the anxious screams, Chen Sixuan rushed to the door near.

"Do not come. "in the Ji Dong big shout, Chen Sixuan actually rushed
to front of him, shouted anything again already late. Chen Sixuan is standing in front of Ji Dong, clear saw that the Ji Dong tip of the nose is similar to two red small snakes flows generally, but the blood, hurries to help him scratch with the big towel that in oneself hand just received. Completely has actually neglected the awkwardness of oneself this time body completely uncovered. Cares about chaotic, this time her really has not enticed the idea of Ji Dong, because saw that Ji Dong nose spurts the blood, most direct response. But. Is such earliest possible time response takes to the Ji Dong impulse is biggest.

Thinks that does not look not good......, Chen Sixuan the time that the towel hands over, her perfect tender body completely presented in front of Ji Dong. The absolute ratio of middle to outside proportion, the proportion of leg length and body is 0.618, the waterfall dark green long hair hangs loose after behind, is unusual builds above chest front that snow white abundance. The white and tender flesh, looks like young and fresh-looking bean curd is common, above that a little bit is similar to the crystal water drop is tumbling unceasingly.

Any freshness and beauty, is used to describe that present fine jade princess that simply is an insult, the beauty of Chen Sixuan, is hard to describe in the spoken language. Ji Dong of previous generation. Has believed, the girl wears clothes to compare absolutely does not put on attractive many, because the good clothes and decoration can promote makings of person. But this thought uses on present Chen Sixuan is not suitable. Even if were initially and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place, Ji Dong had not seen Lie Yan (raging flames) has not put on the appearance of clothes completely. It can be said that Chen Sixuan is first before him acknowledged girl who meets. This stimulation, made the nosebleed completely unstoppable permanent eruption of Ji Dong.

"You......"Ji Dong closes eyes suddenly, simultaneously one braces forth, wants to push out from the entrance place Chen Sixuan.

However, he is in the absolute flurry at this time, these promoted naturally did not have the accurate aim. Happen to pushes on towel that in Chen Sixuan has handed over, then advances the position that on Chen Sixuan certain has protruded stands tall and erect. The tension is full, soft abundant, has not felt that to bring creamy of water drop luckily. May be this, Ji Dong also nearly completely loses control. The left hand directed, to extinguish the god to direct to use, after shoving open Chen Sixuan, door numerous closing. Ji Dong tight holding on door hand, lest Chen Sixuan to/clashes again. Even if in out of the door, Chen Sixuan can also hear his loud panting sound clearly.

"!"Until at this moment, Chen Sixuan calls out in alarm. Hurries to cover up own body with the towel, Ji Dong in room hears the plop'ed water sound, obviously was Chen Sixuan plunged into the hot spring basin.

Whom can this blame? Ji Dong is certainly clear, Chen Sixuan is because he spouts the nosebleed then to clash. Even but if, is this, he cannot bear! The beat speed of heart has at least promoted over three times. The speed in within the body blood circulation can feel clearly. The face of Ji Dong is feels hot completely, even became including eyes somewhat red.

panting in gulps, saluted the effect of Amitabha not to have any function.
He can only firmly hold door, stabilizes own mind.

pa'ed, Ji Dong has pulled out a oneself mouth ruthlessly. Ji Dong, you are indulging in flights of fancy anything. You already had Lie Yan (raging flames), how can have the so strong desire to another girl, you to Lie Yan (raging flames)? Does right by Lie Yan (raging flames) for all that you pay?

Ji Dong was almost unstoppable to resound initially in all that on Holy and Evil Island had, returned to the earth core world, Lie Yan (raging flames) before the last words that finally left behind just before parting, endlessly was duplicating in his mind. For by oneself calm, he has to most painful the innermost feelings transfer, the rending pain is similar to the ice water makes him be filled with wisdom generally. The blood that within the body seethes with excitement finally was tranquil several points.

Chen Sixuan panting sound is not weaker than Ji Dong, she also with great difficulty makes oneself mood tranquil. He saw, he saw certainly. Bei Chiqing bites the red lip, inwardly sighed in the heart, after calming down gradually, Chen Sixuan thinks, before were seen by Ji Dong, takes to him that intensely to stimulate, even flowed the nosebleed, this was actually not the good deed. She too understood Ji Dong, she knows, as the matter stands, will certainly make Ji Dong to her alert deeper. It seems like that today's plan was really impossible to succeed. Especially, the star moon/month of space is as before bright, where has the appearance that the slightest bit must rain.

The clean body that lightly sighed, Chen Sixuan starts the understanding, she does not want to stimulate Ji Dong, in order to avoid plays the counter- effect.

Sets out from the basin, Chen Sixuan takes the big towel to enclose the body, around helpless look, it seems like, must sit in meditation one to be late good in this courtyard tonight.

When she is somewhat depressed, suddenly, does not have the thunderclap of omen to remember suddenly, rumble the loud sound frightened her to jump.

When raised the head looks, the previous moment is in the extremely sunny sky, is collecting the dark cloud unexpectedly fast, has had immediately a constriction of dark cloud capping.

Did the could it be it is evil god hear own pray? Chen Sixuan dumbfounded looks at the dark cloud in sky.

This thunderclap, made Ji Dong smart spirit shivered in room similarly, wreaked havoc in the pain that to sober from the innermost feelings. At this time, he does not dare to drink, he feared, feared after own accidentally liquor disturbs the disposition, makes matter that does a disservice to Lie Yan (raging flames) what to do?

How to have the thunderclap?

Has not waited for Ji Dong to make the ponder, the thunderclap has resounded one after another, thunder thunder wreak havoc unceasingly, as if must destroy the entire world. Can rain? So depressed thunderclap, perhaps heavy rain? The Ji Dong brow wrinkles. If real raining, he can let others girl in the outside heavy rain? But he actually in room. He after all is a man!

In the Ji Dong heart culmination person battles, suddenly, a series of bang bang the sound almost resounds uninterruptedly.



"Violates a regulation, evil, you violated a regulation."Good god somewhat breathless shouting.

"Did I violate a regulation? I operate the celestial phenomenon by."Evil god languid saying.

Good god angrily said: "Do you operate the celestial phenomenon are also not violate a regulation? You help them indirectly in the same place. The women are formidable to man inborn attraction originally. Although Ji Dong somewhat could not control, but this is only in the desire. You such help Lie Yan (raging flames), is not hopes that what among them has?"

Evil god snorted, "you also said that this is indirect. The body does not fear the shadow to be crooked, if in Ji Dong that boy heart does not have an idea, ** what the vertical under celestial phenomenon can play to affect?"

The good god was angrier, "that you cannot like this! Lie Yan (raging flames) prayed rained, you actually made. the big hail to get down Does not bring such. "


Today three 12,000 eruptions, other did not say that erupts to make every effort the monthly ticket again, small three sincere. Without the book friend of monthly ticket, please recommend the ticket to support, making us also clash in the recommendation list.

Chapter 459: The real shelled peanuts cooked the cooked rice

Bang bang bang bang......, The crowded fulmination sound frightened Ji Dong to jump. He does not dare to open the back door, but pulls open the main entrance to look outward. This opens the door, immediately frightened him to jump. Has the hail of table tennis ball size to drop from the clouds fully, is striking outside all. Various plants in hotel courtyard got by the hail unceasing shatter. Thick cold air after he opens the door immediately heads on.

Closes the door, Ji Dong somewhat has actually tarried, because, falls to the hail from thundering, the backyard has not broadcast a Chen Sixuan sound throughout. She has not even summoned herself, request that do not come to avoid.

Why? She?

The Ji Dong half step arrives at the back door place, pulls open the back door, such big rain and hail, he could not attend to many.

After opens the door, he saw Chen Sixuan. When he sees her flash, Ji Dong only thought in own innermost feelings the softest place as if ruthlessly was touched.

Chen Sixuan stands under entrance nearby eaves. The eaves stretch out one foot from the house to extension by, in the situation of so big storm mixture hail, can this small eaves camouflage the wind and rain for her? She stands there, in hand tight is drawing that big towel, gathers round the body, the tender body also slightly somewhat is even shivering. Vision blurred is looking at front drizzle.

By her cultivation base, the hail is certainly impossible to crush and injure her. But, looks at the water drop that on her face tumbles unceasingly. Looks that on her by the big towel that the rain water soaks, Ji Dong was unable to withstand the blame of innermost feelings completely again.

Holds the Chen Sixuan shoulder, has dragged into her the room. When begins to draw her, only then Ji Dong know that he is how wants to drag into itself to cherish her in this moment directly, but does not drag into the room.

Bang, closes the door, isolates the wind and rain of outside completely. looks at unceasingly downward water drop Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong is almost the anger exclaims: "The next such heavy rain, how don't you come in?"

Chen Sixuan lowered the head slightly, pitiful say/way: "Sorry. I, I do not want to make you that sad......, Sorry, Ji Dong. I a moment ago was really not intentionally. I fear me to come, your nose bleeds again."

"You......"Ji Dong somewhat dull, she really quite beautiful, at this time that pretty appearance, makes Ji Dong body and mind entirely Chan, just calmed down the heart, once again seethes with excitement, even formerly also wanted more impulsive.

Bites the lower lip, Ji Dong is arriving at side, throws another dry and clear big towel to Chen Sixuan, then arrived in the corner of room to sit, back to her direction.

"Scratched rain water quickly cleanly. You also rest in the room. Your bed, I here sat in meditation on the line."

Chen Sixuan had not opposed, her anything had not said that places the one side the towel that the body soaks. Is cleaning own body with the dry/does towel, then drills into on the bunk in the dry and clear clean cotton-wadded quilt, is holding the quilt. But her body is very as before cold. She can certainly see Ji Dong this time pain. He has the desire to my this body, but hasn't fallen in love with me? In the Chen Sixuan heart is actually very clear, she understands, if do not have such a perfect body, will not have such strong attraction to Ji Dong. Actually, she is not clear, if not because in her soul world has a Lie Yan (raging flames) god knowledge, influencing subtly is affecting Ji Dong, even if she is so perfect, will not have the feeling of such attraction to Ji Dong. Ji Dong can reject Chen Sixuan, but did he refuse the Lie Yan (raging flames) god to know the attraction?

The heart of Ji Dong in the ebullition, at this time, his brain even was a blank, outside, was the world of disaster after disaster, in room warm was makes one have the feeling of ambiguity.

Did not have the means that only had anaesthesia, may feel better by oneself.

Ji Dong is almost subconscious takes out one bottle of strong liquor from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, even cannot attend to the twist-off closure. The direct palm cuts away the bottle mouth, raises head fills. Swallows that in gulps is being similar to burns down the common liquor fluid.

Really, that spread over the scalding hot feeling of whole body to have the intense conflict with the blood that his within the body seethed with excitement instantaneously, under the stimulation of strong liquor, forced the innermost feelings in finally that take pity on, desire and all sorts of he does not talk clearly, an unclear mood to suppress reluctantly.

Looked like held straw to grasp, after filling one bottle, he took out the second bottle of liquor. When like initially Lie Yan (raging flames) just passed away such, unceasing is anaesthetizing own body with the strong liquor. One bottle meets one bottle is drinking.

Ji Dong somewhat rejoiced, rejoiced oneself have been bringing that many strong liquor in the Vermilion Bird bracelet, played a certain role finally at this kind of time. His alcohol capacity is very good, may be also out of control bottles is drinking different strong liquor., His somewhat blurred gradually at present. The pleasant sensation of anaesthesia made the mood in his heart instead stabilize. Lie Yan (raging flames), I only have Lie Yan (raging flames), I only love Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Lie Yan (raging flames), you know that I quite think you."Ji Dong muttered was chanting in a low voice. His sound even somewhat sobbed. He has somewhat been drunk, in this case, formerly desire was nothing left, missing to Lie Yan (raging flames) is actually similar to the spring wells up general, floods in each corner of his soul world.

Chen Sixuan sits on the bed, looks at the painful Ji Dong, her heart originally is shivering. Looks Ji Dong bottles is drinking the strong liquor, the contradiction in her innermost feelings has promoted the apex.

A sudden summon, making Chen Sixuan sit the straight body suddenly, looks at Ji Dong, the eruption that in the eye cannot be restrained the feelings. All that outside climate change as well as had a moment ago, is not only affecting Ji Dong, is affecting also her.

More than one year, she returned to this world and Ji Dong in had more than one year of time together. For one year. The pain that she bears is actually not smaller than Ji Dong. The suffering in innermost feelings made her momentarily probably collapse. Ji Dong drinks, back to her, this summon similarly also deep pricked in the Chen Sixuan heart the softest place.

"Ji Dong."Chen Sixuan gently is calling. Her summon, not any control, the intonation or the mood, belong to Lie Yan (raging flames). Yes, at this moment, she as if returned to the original status, looks at front Ji Dong, she cannot suppress the innermost feelings again the mood.

Hears this summon, the body of Ji Dong suddenly one stiffly, his blood these time was lit, has turned round suddenly, looks to the bed, in his blurred vision, sees is not Chen Sixuan, but is his Lie Yan (raging flames). His long-awaited Lie Yan (raging flames)!

"Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames), you are Lie Yan (raging flames). You came back, you came back finally. Lie Yan (raging flames), you may know, I think the good pain that you think, you to know. Your departure for me, is the darkness of entire world. I quite think you, Lie Yan (raging flames), I quite think you. Asked you, making me arrive at another world with you together. I could not endure such suffering again."

The tears, uncontrolled flow following the face of Ji Dong , his sound as if weeping and complaining made the body of Chen Sixuan fierce was shivering.

This time Ji Dong, both eyes are red, after the whole person fell into one type was drunk the hallucination condition, Chen Sixuan has not drunk, but this time state of mind is not better than Ji Dong.

In Chen Sixuan heart. Starts to present from the evil god ice-cold reminder sound, is, at this time, this sound forcefully was neglected by her. In her eyes only has Ji Dong, only has Ji Dong. Stands up suddenly, even does not attend to body completely uncovered, she plunged Ji Dong fiercely.

"I came back, yes, Ji Dong, I came back. Your I know painstakingly. I also well think you, is good to think that thinks you. My similar life is also in deep sorrow, does not know many times, who I want to tell you me am, but I do not dare. However, I do not look again you are so painful. Even if wants relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, makes us walk into the hell together."

Suddenly, her look changed, turned into that blazing Lie Yan (raging flames), is burning Lie Yan (raging flames) of Ji Dong soul. Similar to the young swallow throws the bosom to be ordinary, dug during the bosom of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong closely grasps her, "Lie Yan (raging flames), my Lie Yan (raging flames) came back. My Lie Yan (raging flames) came back."He was almost crying out crazily. His sound, complements each other fresh splendor with outside thunder and lightning wind and rain. Tight is hugging the beautiful person in bosom, as if must merge into one organic whole with her body. This time they, the mood has been in one type indescribably, nearly in the condition of hysteria. In this case, they have dropped out innermost feelings all fetters. Since the innermost feelings have been constraining all pain are also similar to the volcanic eruptions in this moment ** however leaves.

In the Ji Dong eye, and is hugging, at all is not Chen Sixuan that sees, but is Lie Yan (raging flames), his perfectly and deeply is loving Lie Yan (raging flames). But Chen Sixuan similarly has also put behind the threat of evil god. In this moment, two people tight hugs, is constraining all burst out completely.

All in room were dark, surplus, only then intense panting sound. Two bodies, look like the heavenly thunder rouse the fire to be common. After that type constrains eruption, is absolutely terrifying.

The brain of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan even is the blank, they had been prepared by the instinct of body at this time completely. The pain of innermost feelings, despondent and other negative mood, in this moment unprecedented eruption. The contact of body, the perfect integration of soul, in addition the infinite release of inner world, making them melt for a whole again at this moment finally.

Chen Sixuan originally is body completely uncovered, but the Ji Dong clothes vanished in the next moment, directly by fire of combustion his desire completely.

Outside is the thunderclap is as before intermittent, hail passed, what replaces it is squally shower. On the window is projecting in the tree's shadow that in the strong winds drags to dance, but that two boiling hot body get lost/rolled to the bed.

This is the release of physical body and mind, as if all pain have arrived at the end. Jerky, even is immature, but is also very frantic, he and she, are releasing each other all, completely is opening the heart.

In the room raises cannot describe with the traces of spring, should say is blazing, is burning blazing of their all emotion and desire. This to lover, finally true links, moved toward the spirit with wanting perfect integration. The dark cloud in dark night diverges gradually, that moment when the wind and rain stops, east in the distant place horizon, fish-belly white already turned. The light gold thread appears in the horizon edge, rapidly is spreading.

Dawn, is new day. Can escape last night plants of disaster after disaster is a prosperous picture. A night such passed by.

The time of also in this dawn reappearing, that two talented people in room are peaceful.

They constrain for a long time is too too long, painful for a long time was too too long. In completely lost in sane situation, in a brain blank, their bodies also in as far as possible is divulging all.

Dawn, passed through last night storm, this is sunny a day, but in the room spreads is actually the even breathing. Body of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan tight pestered together, has been resting wearily.

Last night was crazy, in the room looked like by the typhoon baptism is been excessively ordinary. Chen Sixuan must early fall asleep compared with Ji Dong a double-hour, because in the beforehand process, she looks like a small boat in sea, is bearing the impact of violent storm unceasingly.

Ji Dong is absolutely weary, perhaps last night his crazy, changed anybody unable to withstand, only had to have Chen Sixuan of huge life energy reluctantly to continue. He was too weary, not only the weariness of body, is the weariness of mind. After full release all these, he fell into the deep sleep naturally.

dragon Dansi moved first time to leave the bosom of Chen Sixuan, static lying down in the corner of room, was glittering its pale golden ray. Does not know because of shy reason. Yesterday Chen Sixuan was used to bind the big towel of body to cover its body.

Day, passed in the deep sleep. originally planned to go to the matter of Eastern Wood Empire imperial palace to delay completely. When Chen Sixuan sobers from the lethargic sleep in the afternoon, opens both eyes slowly, she sees, is the near at hand Ji Dong face.

Ji Dong rests very ripe, looks like a big kid is ordinary, breathes among the turnovers, is releasing she most familiar flavor/smell. This time he, the corners of the mouth place is also having a satisfied smile, occasionally meets twittering on one: Lie Yan (raging flames).

The Chen Sixuan body moves, immediately wrinkled the brow, low moaned, she only thought that the whole body astigmatic aberration general, each was extremely sore. Especially the lower part, is transmits ache to want the feeling of crack.

The ache of body made her lightly beat Ji Dong, charming face already red like the apple, "this fellow, did not know to show tender affection. The others first time.! Quite is really sore!"

Chen Sixuan clenches teeth to endure suffering, stimulation of movement within the body Second Wood magic power silently passes, the thick life aura spreads over the whole body gradually, helping her recover. Has the stimulation of movement time of quarter, she thought that the body felt better. Forces to sit from the bed sets out.

Three erupt, asked monthly ticket. Said that overthrows overthrows. The crisp words that hehe, everybody looks, do not forget that the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, hit to enjoy support together. also, everybody can guess, after Ji Dong wakes, is anything responded, Haha. Very response Oh of rarely seen (weirdo). Tomorrow makes known for everybody. Asked the ticket to ask the ticket. All tickets.

Chapter 460: Ji Dong must from the palace

In this process, her vision has not left Ji Dong throughout.

He rests really ripe. If were in the past, the move that oneself make although is not big, but he also early should awaken. Last night although good pain, but, now at heart actually is really good comfortable quite comfortable. Finally has become his woman, this time, he cannot drop out me.

Just thought of here, suddenly, the Chen Sixuan complexion became a paleness, because she recalled suddenly, yesterday evening said the real status to Ji Dong probably.

The cold sweat, almost in appears in her temple place instantaneously, what to do? What to do? The evil god has said that if told the Ji Dong real status, must let his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish! No, does not want.

Chen Sixuan nearly cried out to make noise, a series of fierce panting, making the happy heart that in her heart originally felt nothing left. At this time comes soberly, sense of fear in her heart intense appearance. Finally became the Ji Dong woman, if at this time his actually relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, what to do oneself should?

This panic has continued some little time. Chen Sixuan gradually calms down. First she thinks that was yesterday evening Ji Dong has drunk many liquor, in the same place, his intelligence was not sober. Perhaps, hasn't he heard clearly oneself words? Did tell him is the phonism? At least, he did not have relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish now, the penalty of certificate evil god has not arrived. Own appearance belongs to Chen Sixuan after all, even if he wakes to press for an answer itself, oneself same did not acknowledge and that's the end.

Thinks of here, the Chen Sixuan mood was tranquil several points, was relying on the formidable treatment and resilience of Second Wood magic power, wound was gradually good, her getting out of bed cautiously. First has cleaned own body, then the back water cleaning towel, after blushing was Ji Dong has cleaned up the body. Then falls the vision in the devastated heavy room.

Helpless shaking the head, last night he was really too the violence. This good-for-nothing. Chen Sixuan turned head to look once more unstoppable to Ji Dong, the vision sees on the bed that to wipe bright red. This is finally became the proof of his woman! When he awoke, must receive this bed sheet to be good.

Thinks of here, Chen Sixuan charming face was redder, in the heart mused, the shelled peanuts that said remotely cook the cooked rice to be effective. Even if he wakes is not willing as before in the same place, so long as forced him saying that three characters to oneself on the line. When the time comes, oneself can acknowledge the status truly, forever with him in the same place. Thinks of these, in Chen Sixuan heart delicious.

After sweep trace room, she has changed a clean underwear, this again side Ji Dong. Gently pasted him to lie down. Since awoke, lets staying of her also such body completely uncovered side him, she is somewhat shy.

By entering in he generous and warm mind, draws his arm to build again on oneself, the both arms disturb his neck, in the Chen Sixuan heart completely satisfy. When is sober every morning, can like this with him in together this good. Is really good to anticipate that such day is quicker approaches!

West Sun started to fall, Ji Dong only thought that the whole body made him want moan to come out comfortably to resemble, all products of innermost feelings as if vanished into thin air strongly fragrant. also some murky, pain that at this time the hangover brought. But the comfort of this painful and compared with body, can definitely ignore.

Quite comfortable! His body moved subconsciously, suddenly, he felt has any thing closely is pasting itself. Is full of the elasticity soft, is warm and fragrance.

Immediately, his body stiff, opens both eyes suddenly.

He sees, is the Chen Sixuan perfect tender face, at this time she has been sleeping soundly relieved, slept soundly during his bosom. Looks down again to oneself, Ji Dong discovered immediately own body completely uncovered. Immediately, during his whole person fell into one type to be scared.

What's the matter? What had? Actually to have what?

He recalls all that last night was having diligently. Oneself drank probably, then, seemed Lie Yan (raging flames) came back, was hugging her, obtained her, has climbed up the extremely happy peak time and time again. could it be said......

Ji Dong sat to set out suddenly, sticks to his Chen Sixuan also to be brought, ying warned one, Chen Sixuan awakes to turn around from the deep sleep immediately gradually.

The star pupil opens the eyes, when she sees Ji Dong that delay the vision of expression and coagulation, this also some blurry mood sober immediately.

"Ji Dong......"Chen Sixuan still in the Ji Dong bosom, looks at this time following his vision, was falling on the bed that has wiped the moving dark red place. charming face blushes immediately, "is fool, what you looking at?"

Ji Dong dull say/way: "Yesterday evening, I and you. , We?" Thinks of the fine jade in a soft voice twittering, has given him an affirmative answer.

"Not"Ji Dong fierce crying, fast jumped down from the bed, falls on the ground. Looks at Chen Sixuan, in the eye has been full of the inconceivable look, and panting in gulps.

The liquor for the intermediary of color/look, oneself yesterday evening drank, unexpectedly thinking of the fine jade has regarded Lie Yan (raging flames). Just as such of Chen Sixuan judgment, Ji Dong truly recorded the matter that unclear last night had. He at that time to anaesthetize oneself, drank were too many, has not resisted the alcohol effect with magic power.

"I, I unexpectedly with you......, No. No, no, I betrayed Lie Yan (raging flames), I betrayed my Lie Yan (raging flames)."

Chen Sixuan has also tarried, although she thinks that Ji Dong will respond somewhat, but has not expected his response so to be intense, looks the appearance that his face grief and indignation, is in deep sorrow, the illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy, "I am inferior to your Lie Yan (raging flames)? You obtained my body, is share humiliation of could it be to you inadequate?"

Some Ji Dong crazy general shaking the head, "not, no, Lie Yan (raging flames), I am not intentionally. I really am not intentionally. I have regarded you her. I thought you, will have such illusion. No, how I can like this, how be have the relations with other woman."

Suddenly, Ji Dong eyes red, he lifts oneself right hand fiercely, immediately, the dazzling red light has emitted from his right hand together, changes into three chi (0.33 m) azure front, is the sword of Fire God.

At this time his anything has not put on. Lowered the head, the vision is falling in own person, looks at that worry root, "is you, was you betrayed Lie Yan (raging flames). I am pure, only then removes you, I am pure."At the same time was saying, he is almost right arm without hesitation has wielded, the hand sword of Fire God in the worry root toward own person wields cuts to go. "Do you do?"Chen Sixuan threw fiercely, grasped the arm of Ji Dong, does not allow to send in the middle prevented the sword of Fire God to cut the potential of falling. She has frightened charming face to be pale. How possibly is this. Because he had relations with, unexpectedly excited must from the palace.

"Lets loose me."Ji Dong roared, "it betrayed Lie Yan (raging flames), I must remove it, otherwise, did I later also look for Lie Yan (raging flames)? I want purely looks for my lover!"

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong stimulation of movement within the body magic power, struggles fully, Chen Sixuan with some of his also disparities, must unable to hold his arm eventually shortly.

"wait a moment, you listened to me to say. This is false."Chen Sixuan is frightening, yelled makes noise.

"Vacation?"Ji Dong that crazy vision coagulated, turns head to look to Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan deeply attracts several tones, chest front abundant is fluctuating unceasingly, looks at Ji Dong, the vision in eye becomes unprecedented complex, good long time, she somewhat difficult opens the mouth said: "Yes, all these are false, is bureau that I set up. I want to make you think that among us had the relations, quite lets you but therefore with me in the same place."

Listened to her words, how many minute of pure brightness the Ji Dong vision to restore, "was can be? You talk clearly the words."

Chen Sixuan visits him, at this time, she wished one could to punch his really ruthlessly, the most precious thing will have given obviously him, was unwarrantable, but also wanted......

"Yesterday evening, you have drunk many liquor. Then suddenly visits me to call Lie Yan (raging flames), then threw to grasp me, was summoning the Lie Yan (raging flames) name unceasingly. Later passed on the lethargic sleep." Ji Dong is recalling carefully, probably had impression to see Lie Yan (raging flames), then threw. The later all really record are unclear. As if felt that underwent a very happy process.

Chen Sixuan has rubbed doing a lot of talking , to continue saying: "Afterward, I have thought of this means. I listened to the person in palace saying that the woman first time will bleed. Therefore looked for the animal blood to wipe on the bed. Then helped you take off clothes, hugged you to rest. Is hopes that you misunderstand. I think as the matter stands. The shelled peanuts cook the cooked rice, you will again not reject me." Speaking of behind, her words were also smoother.

The Ji Dong complexion has relaxed several points finally, looks at the Chen Sixuan anger sound said: "Can you such do? You, you. "

Chen Sixuan lowered the head, if the look can kill people, Ji Dong by the dismemberment, naturally, she will not have been made Ji Dong see own such look, can only suffering from injustice saying: "Others also liked you. Don't be angry well? I knew mistakenly."

Ji Dong angrily snorted, turned around to open the door to clash. He requires the time tranquilly. A moment ago this flash, his mood fluctuation was really too big, by the strength of he that strong soul, the feeling that at this time some are unable to withstand. Moreover he always faintly felt that matter did not say like Chen Sixuan is so simple.

Runs out of the room, Ji Dong is walking, recalls all that the yesterday evening on the street flaneriing was having diligently. In his memory, only has existence of Lie Yan (raging flames). Could not remember itself and Chen Sixuan had anything.

Ji Dong this walks, Chen Sixuan has also tarried, she considers everything has not thought that the final result can be this unexpectedly. You said that makes her blame Ji Dong, Ji Dong because of the love to Lie Yan (raging flames), after had such matter, wants from the palace. But, you must say after this matter occurred , makes her not respond that is impossible! Has given others including the most precious body, actually instead must tell Ji Dong anything not to occur, all are only a bureau that she designs. The tooth that Chen Sixuan really hates now is itchy, has not known oneself should hate anyone. Regardless of but how to say, she cannot make Ji Dong cut her good pain actually very strange thing that last night has made.

Stays in the room, in the Chen Sixuan heart sighed secretly, it seems like, oneself also can only endure. Now can only hope that Ji Dong will not affect this time him to accompany itself to come back because of this matter to solve the engagement problem to be good.

At the same time is thinking, Chen Sixuan works on pillow, makes an effort to brush it, obviously has regarded somebody it. However, she did not have strength quickly, although there is an pinnacle Second Wood magic power adjustment body, but strong such as the violent bear common fellow had been devastated an evening by some, wanted to restore to come not to revolve magic power to achieve.

In Chen Sixuan lies down on bed drowsy, the gate opens, Ji Dong walked from outside. He comes back, Chen Sixuan sobers immediately. Sits up from the bed to him.

Those who made Chen Sixuan very surprised was, the Ji Dong facial expression returned to normal, looked like anything has not occurred, the whole person seemed is normal, the look also became ordinary.

"Ji Dong, you......"Chen Sixuan wanted to say anything, may really not know that at this time this and he said anything.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "You rest. I cultivation a while.
Tomorrow I will return to the imperial palace as you like."

Listened to his such saying, Chen Sixuan immediately secretly to relax, does not dare to pull up him again, should, drill into the quilt to lie down honestly.

Ji Dong arrived in the corner of room to sit, from exiting to coming back, has only used the free time of most double-hour, in this short time, in his mind has actually thought clearly many matters. Reason that his expression can return to normal, that is because he has thought one type can resist the Chen Sixuan Charm means that as for him to the matter that before has is what kind of idea, has believed whether entirely the explanation of Chen Sixuan, only then he was clear.

Sits cross-legged to sit, Ji Dong closes both eyes, magic power revolves in within the body, the gold and black two-color ray is partly visible, by his present cultivation base, wants to control magic power not to leak, is simply easy. However, the ray that his body sends out caused quickly has lain down the Chen Sixuan attention on bed.

Must say that most understood the Ji Dong strength, then, belongs to Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong from starts to cultivate at first, is following her, her instruction that accepts, each huge progress jump, almost cannot separate with her. At this time saw that on Ji Dong the ray change, Chen Sixuan actually feels strange, some are not quite clear he to make anything.

After the gold and black two-color ray glitters alternately, was substituted by the light cream color gradually, red light appears from the Ji Dong skin, in an instant covers the whole body, is his god hot Saint king Kai.

Haha, does everybody has to think of the response of Ji Dong? Definitely has not thought. From palace attempted. Thinks attractive, do not forget to vote! Monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. If possible, hits to enjoy again slightly three naturally is happier.
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