Jiu Shen Chapter 441-450

Chapter 441: Thousand dragon Qiwu

gold/metal is gazing at ancestor of Griffing Land Dragon with the stubborn vision. Sobbed was saying: "Father, I did not have mother, could it be, can you make me not have the father really again? In this world, you were my only family member. If you died, I am an orphan, are you willing to make me really do not have the orphan of father non- mother? I am so difficult, see you after thousands of years. Our father and daughter can meet again, could it be you to mother ** likes not being able to apportion my some? I do not make you die."

At the same time was saying, she has again cried, before fierce rushing, grasps an ancestor of giant scale Land Dragon, said that anything is not willing to let loose.

Griffing originally incomparably firm death will gradually is melting in King's tears, yes! Thousands of years passed by, oneself did not have the lover, but, result in the daughter now, for the daughter, oneself must continue to go on living, with daughter in the same place.

"Good, good, the father does not die. My clever daughter, do not cry. Right that you said that father, although did not have your mother, but also you. For you, the father cannot die."

Huge dragon claw finds out quietly, picks up King's body to deliver to itself in front, King's clear seeing, in father's giant double pupil, the blood red is retreating gradually. Her heart, therefore relaxed finally, firm say/way: "Father, I will certainly seek for that demon soldier crazy long- tailed anchovy, helping you relieve the seal." Griffing's shaking the head of gently, said: "Child, you did not use. Because that was for me useless. Just by 1000 of seal within, if can find the blood of Rank 10 demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy, but can also help me relieve the seal. But, passed now thousands of years. Reason that I can also live , because my life and soul in three have gathered the mountain range to melt for a body, let alone the blood of that demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy has not affected to me. Even if useful, once my body with three gathered the mountain range to be separated, I also will immediately die then."

gold/metal looks at Griffing dull, "why can like this? Didn't could it be have other means?"

Griffing shows a faint smile, said: "Does not have other means. But the father can actually go on living to accompany you. However, you must comply with a father matter, making the father awaken for you were dragon clan the bloodlines. Only by doing so, ability that you can somewhat protect oneself. You are the member of this generation of heavenly stems disciples, that certainly will participate in the light and dark holy war, only then has the formidable strength you to protect oneself. Your magic beast partner, is your dragon soul."

gold/metal nodded, said: "So long as the father you promises me to go on living, my also anything can promise you."

Griffing said: "Awakening bloodlines need some time, father must help you fully. Relax, I will make the dragon sovereign inform your friends, you must separate with them temporarily, stays here and father closes up. Little several months, many one year, after you have awakened dragon clan the bloodlines, naturally can meet with them."


Listened to the explanation of Ji Dong, dragon Huang the mood is excellent immediately, grows the tone, ", so long as the great ancestor can not die, is the luck of my dragon clan, the child of human, thank you. I know that the goals of this coming, I will help you choose to suit my partner. Naturally. The premise is my clansman is certainly voluntary. Can obtain their approvals, must look at your abilities."

Listened to dragon Huang the words, on the heavenly stems disciples face also to reveal the smile. Their this times after entering three gather the mountain range, has not encountered too many problems. Only then ancestor of such Land Dragon ** bothersome. At present not only will trouble has completely solved, obtained dragon Huang the approval. The ancestor of Land Dragon takes to their tremendous pressure, for them is stimulates the cultivation the power, is squeezes the potential the source. Ji Dong simply has not taken out the Fire Dragon king to his faith token, the people can enter dragon valley to choose own magic beast partner successfully. The tour of this dragon valley can be said as extremely successful.

By the space flight with from the ground walks, in these three gather in the mountain range to feel that is entirely different, stands in carrying on the back of dragon sovereign, the people see, is the vast and rolling green. Entire three gathered the mountain range to be almost covered by plant. Many plants grew for a lot of years remote, some big trees, even over a hundred meters need ten people able to encircle by the place above fully highly.

Forward shortly after flight, the front extremely high mountain keeps off in the front, left beyond the green, on half of this mountain unexpectedly completely is the white, the fog winds around, sparkling fresh splendor of snowy peak under shining of sunlight, seems splendid sight.

The speed that dragon Huang flies increases suddenly, in a flash gate pulse before that snowy mountain, increases speed instantaneously, is almost only during people several breath, arrived at that snowy mountain peak to shoot.

""Flies over the snowy mountain in dragon sovereign the next moment, the heavenly stems disciples almost simultaneously calls out in alarm makes noise, the look that shocks appears on each face, all that they see at this time, was too shockingly also is extremely really mysterious. This is in the strange picture that other continent any places are unable to duplicate! Presents in them at present, is a giant mountain valley, mountain valley most deep place is away from the peak that they just surmounted. Perhaps wants over three kilometers, must know, this mountain valley in three gathers the mountain range the core position, in this place, actually has one so to undercut the thorough mountain valley, can its forming process be the what kind of mystery?

Those who made one shock, they just crossed, was the snow white snowy mountain, but in the other aspect of this snowy mountain, in that giant mountain valley, they heaved in sight was one piece reappears the green unexpectedly, right, was the green, extremely magnificent green.

This green has almost spread from the mountain valley interior summit, until the mountain valley bottom, just crossed the snowy mountain, the temperature in air also immediately markedly rises, originally only then in the Water Element quite active air, has filled the wood, fire, earth, metal, and water Yin-Yang dual attribute magic power element unexpectedly, the rich degree at least is over five times of outside. Regarding Mage, if can in this environment cultivation, be surely twice the result with half the effort.

This most has not shocked, what most shocks is. Takes a broad view to look, unexpectedly is a thousand dragon Qiwu magnificent picture. At least over a thousand Giant Dragon hover in the mountain valley, various color various species Giant Dragon have. Crosses the mountain valley in the dragon sovereign, appears in the mountain valley above flash, these Giant Dragon almost simultaneously stagnate in the sky, lifts their giant leading supine Tianchang to recite. Deafening dragon recited the sound to resound through the upper air immediately, bringing straight terrifying voice direct impact clouds to go, the might of this voice, can compare with Ultra Certain Kill Skill absolutely.

On the dragon sovereign presented a transparent ray of slightly distortion, covers the body of heavenly stems disciples, has isolated the might of this voice. Otherwise, perhaps the people must display five elements Yin-Yang to resist again.

This time dragon sovereign, above the top of the head imperial crown shape bulge golden light puts greatly, exceeds others in ability the dignity even dissemination of kind of King, is returning to normal the Giant Dragon mood.

Must know, at this time long recited makes noise, may be the genuine dragon clans, was having the dragon clan of purest dragon clan bloodlines. Also only then they, have qualifications of life in dragon valley. As ancestor of Griffing such ancestor Land Dragon, after being abolished dragon clan the ability, is unable to continue to keep in the dragon valley again. Obviously here great dragon blood series is pure. This is over a thousand Giant Dragon! Even if average cultivation base, perhaps must achieve above Rank 9. This kind of strength in any place, is absolutely terrifying existence. Appears outside, is led by dragon sovereign Saint level powerhouse, then, is one sweeps across the continent strength absolutely.

The Ji Dong very clear dragon clan is unable to control the continent reason again, because not only initial six big beginning Zulong fell from the sky successively, more importantly, actually dragon clan reproductive capacity. dragon clan at least will have six, Rank 7 strengths not to be fake when just the birth, the time that but, dragon clan hatches was really too long is too long. If hatched by the dragon clan voluntarily, hatches a descendant, at least will need 3000. If not so long years, initially the dragon egg of Fire Dragon king will be stolen away? Reason that dragon clan is willing to reach certain agreement with human, to let clansman better extension. Has human the strength of contract to be auxiliary, the time that dragon clan hatches can be shortened to 3000. In other words, dragon egg being born millenniums later, can complete to hatch this process with the help of human contract.

Thousand dragon Qiwu, this scene, although is magnificent, but Ji Dong actually deep understanding, this is also dragon clan the sorrow. Although dragon clan is formidable, but the strength of human does not allow to look down upon absolutely. Human died a group of powerhouses, dozens years, can be born again one batch. But dragon clan? At present these thousand Giant Dragon that will be died one to be few really one. Compared with the multiplication ability, dragon clan is really and human bad was too too far. For the inheritance of race, they have to keep in this dragon valley. Only then few Giant Dragon sign the contract in the outside and human. At present these over a thousand Giant Dragon, is dragon clan was complete.

A low and deep dragon recited from the dragon sovereign mouth sends out. Below Giant Dragon are peaceful immediately, flies respectively toward the mountain valley surrounding mountain wall, carefully looked, can discover, on this mountain valley surrounding mountain wall, has many caverns, each Giant Dragon can live with the parents before grown in the same cavern, only then after being grown, can have a own cavern.

But these cavern more to the direction of summit, the entrance of cavern are bigger, the Giant Dragon volume of entering are also bigger, is very obvious, high and low the place of residence in this dragon valley is their strength and authority's sorting. Does this is quite scientific. The dragon valley entrance only then one, that is the sky, most formidable Giant Dragon above, once there is an enemy to attack, they naturally can act to resist, protect the relatively small and weak clansman. Naturally, the possibility that this situation has approaches in zero infinitely. Even if the dark secret can lead the dark heavenly stems disciple and Dark Five Elements Continent really captures Light Five Elements Continent, arrives at this dragon valley, he must think over to dare to launch the attack. Here has existences of two mahatma level powerhouses.

Some huge Giant Dragon diverged in the low roar of dragon sovereign, but the airborne four Giant Dragon floats there, their body sizes must surpass Giant Dragon that formerly dispersed, is next to dragon Huang. In these four Giant Dragon, one is the Ji Dong understanding, is his magic beast partner in Martial Ancestor cloudy morning sun, has given the Fire Dragon king of his scale faith token.

Besides the Fire Dragon king, another three Giant Dragon separately are all over the body snow white, does not have slightest bit impurity Gold Dragon wang, the whole body is nearly transparent, but the build is smaller than dragon Huang also does not have diamond Dragon King of imperial crown as well as all over the body deep blue water Dragon King.

At present these four Giant Dragon, separately are representing four big dragon clans, when each dragon clan, only Dragon King, as for Yin-Yang attribute, that must look at they become Dragon King is any attribute, not necessarily is Yang attribute or is Yin attribute can become Dragon King, must look at own strength. dragon clan altogether has five big attribute races, the appearance of king and dragon sovereign of various clans is different. dragon Huang is the bloodlines inheritance comes, each generation only will have a dragon sovereign, is previous generation dragon Huang and descendant of drill lizard clan female dragon. But Dragon King of various clans are actually various clans voluntarily elect, by the competion of strength, the strength is strongest, is Dragon King. In choice of Dragon King, even if dragon Huang does not have the right to speak, is each dragon clan own matter. Besides the Azure Dragon king, other four Dragon King already completely all in this.

Fire Dragon king eyes looked that arrived in Ji Dong that the dragon sovereign carries on the back, in the eye reveals the extremely surprised look, suddenly even some god.

In diamond dragon Wangkou resounds the gently beautiful sound, "your majesty, did not know had an accident, causes the ancestor of great Land Dragon to be restless. The entire clan is shocking?"

dragon Huangdao: "Matter has subsided, is these young human, has brought the ancestor's of great Land Dragon daughter. Thus has caused fluctuation on his mood."After knowing the ancestor's of Land Dragon past, the dragon sovereign respected regarding oneself this ancestor.

Four Dragon King relaxed, water Dragon King supple sound said: "Is all right well. If he had problems, but is ** was tired. Concerns the destiny of our entire clan. These young people what's the matter? How can take them to come by your majesty you personally?"

dragon Huangdao: "This is the ancestor's of Land Dragon suggestion, I must carry out."

At this moment, Fire Dragon king recovers finally, said: "Other human does not matter, but the young people of this white hair, are connected dragon clan to be natural by your majesty personally, this should be greets by me." dragon Huangleng, other three Dragon King looks that the vision of Fire Dragon king also revealed the surprised color/look, they do not understand completely why the Fire Dragon king will say such words.

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Chapter 442: dragon Huang child

A Fire Dragon king language is astonishing. Made other dragon Huang and three Dragon King is startled. Must know, even if their these Dragon King and dragon Huang relate unusual, said such words in the dragon clan is also the action of defying superiors. dragon Huang in the dragon clan, has the supreme status, formerly that was beginning Zulong head the ancestor of Land Dragon, when saw that dragon Huang must salute respectfully.

"Fire Dragon king senior, we met."Ji Dong stands in the dragon sovereign carries on the back, salutes to Fire Dragon Wang Weiwei.

The Fire Dragon king to his nodded, in the dragon pupil is revealing the excited mood that is hard to conceal, "was good, you came finally. I have been waiting for you. morning sun told me your matter. Ji Dong, my child? My child where?"

"Child?"Hears here two characters, dragon Huang the whole body shock, "Wanisha, you said immediately, he is the named Ji Dong young people who that you raised, was our child's contract partners?"

Fire Dragon king Jidong nod, "right, is he, if not he and Empress Lie Yan help, perhaps our children do not know how must be insulted by Wind and Frost that rebel. He has saved our children, and has taken to it in the future!"

Another three Dragon King then suddenly understand. Ji Dong was actually shocked, he only knows that Maotai and Wuliangye are the Fire Dragon king children, at this time is clear, their fathers unexpectedly are the sovereigns of present dragon clan. This news really made one shock. "You arrive in my cave mansion."dragon Huang suppresses the excited mood, the pair of wings is whipping suddenly, directly soars the mountain valley most place above is also in a biggest cavern flies.

In dragon valley, this cavern is not only biggest, is authoritarian, is quite obvious on the mountain wall, the diameter of cave entrance has hundred meters fully, is extremely huge, the dragon sovereign that huge body flies also appears very relaxed.

Four Dragon King follows behind dragon sovereign, has flown into this cave mansion together.

In the cavern is broader, five Giant Dragon headed by dragon sovereign flies, does not appear crowded, naturally, they are around flies, is not abreast in row.

This dragon sovereign cave mansion can definitely describe with the luxurious two characters, although does not have human such decoration, but in the cave mansion is rays of light is dazzling. On the hole wall, is mounting all kinds of gold coins and gems everywhere, also manufactures the magic power weapon to the rare and precious material. These thing any place outside, absolutely is priceless. But here, they actually looked like by any strength are held back directly on the hole wall. This cavern diameter has hundred meters fully, the area of hole wall is huge, but on the hole wall has actually covered entirely these glittering things, only this wealth. Absolutely was the astronomical figures. In the Ji Dong heart is even thinking, Zhou Xiaoxiao their silly rich guild and dragon clan compare, actually which is richer? This also is really very difficult comparison!

The cavern is very deep, after dragon Huang fly has counted breaths, slowly descends in cavern most deep place.

Here is a world of sphere, the midheaven is perfectly round, is broader than the road place, compared with the resplendence in gold and jade green of road, here ray instead wanted dimly, on the hole wall only then two thing crustifications, one type, was provides the ray the legendary luminous pearl, another type, was dragon Huang the body same color diamond...... Celestial stems disciples after entering this cave mansion, some feelings eyes cannot take it all, when dragon Huang descends in the place, when them from carrying on the back to put, the people look at each other in blank dismay, has the feeling that concentrates to choke speechless greatly. Especially several girls, Chen Sixuan cannot bear in the eye reveal one to acclaim. Staying that Du Xin'er and Lan Bao'er and remote are looked. The woman is the same with the hobby of dragon, now looks like. Really so.

dragon Huang puts down the people, does not pay attention to four Dragon King, the strong halo releases from him, the body reduces along with the ray, in a flash, it turned into the appearance of human. Almost is one step steps forward, arrived in front of Ji Dong, at this moment, its deep feeling a moment ago ancestor's of Land Dragon mood, because it is even more excited than the ancestor of Land Dragon. The ancestor of Land Dragon has thousands of years after all precipitation, the state of mind was not initially so was already impulsive. But it as present age dragon Huang, is robbed with the dragon egg that the Fire Dragon king gives birth, this is in its life one of the most painful several matters.

"Ji Dong little brother, my children? They where?"

Called, dragon Huang turned into the little brother to Ji Dong from young human, it could not attend to himself as dragon Huang the deportment.

Has not waited for Ji Dong to open the mouth to want, Chen Sixuan has handed in the nucleus of life his hand, Ji Dong looked at Chen Sixuan one, the feeling in heart is very strange. Although his unceasing resists the attack of Chen Sixuan that sentiment through various methods, but he actually discovered, is longer in the together time with Chen Sixuan, that comfortable feeling even more is also intense. Especially like at present the tacit understanding, even if he and Chen Sixuan have not carried on the soul to melt, Chen Sixuan as if can also see through in his heart to think that anything resembles, matter that he wants to handle, she can always help him immediately. This moist thin silent feeling the effect to Ji Dong is actually most obvious.

If Chen Sixuan is starts to Ji Dong is similar to Yang attribute magic power general warm such as the attack of fire, Ji Dong is actually very easy to reject, but this Yin attribute infiltration and corrosion general invasion slowly. Already slowly in spike the Ji Dong heart, this is Ji Dong most fears. But he does not know how to do to make this feeling vanish. Others have already not been entangling him, what also has not said that but following silently side him, like other heavenly stems disciple, he can also do? Ji Dong more and more regrets the Chen Sixuan introduction heavenly stems disciple in now.

Received the nucleus of life, feels above was also remaining the temperature of Chen Sixuan body, in the Ji Dong heart begins several points of mighty waves. The strength of soul pours into, has issued the summon to own partner.

The black and white dual-color ray brings that extremely special dragon prestige to sweep across, two clear dragon recited almost also resounds, the next moment, the Pinnacle Two Fires aura has gushed out, was black and white, became the main tone of dragon sovereign cave mansion.

Does not know that had many years not to have the dragon clan to dare to release own dragon prestige in the dragon sovereign cave mansion even is magic power. May at this moment, facing this Pinnacle Two Fires aura, dragon Huang actually only then excited and anticipation.

The Fire Dragon king also similarly is so, in other three Dragon King eyes, is revealing the gentle and temperate ray.

The body of Maotai and Wuliangye is very huge, but in front of four Dragon King and dragon sovereigns, its personal appearance was not anything. They just came, immediately is shocked by the surrounding diamond and legendary luminous pearl. dragon clan thing that likes being able to shine, the history is long-standing, even if Maotai and Wuliangye are existence of variation are no exception. Two big ends look at the treasure of surrounding illumination unceasingly. Is glittering a star light, somewhat swallows the saliva greatly the meaning.

"This, is this our children?"dragon Huang excited saying. Its vision also fell on the Fire Dragon king. The Fire Dragon king also similarly looks to it, vision relative, dragon Huang the aura erupts suddenly, swept across to airborne fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

At this moment, Ji Dong understands completely why the aura of Maotai and Wuliangye can make these earthworms, even was ordinary Giant Dragon has submitted, its attribute no doubt inherited mother's fire attribute, and passed through the help, transformation and variation Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames). But, their dragon prestige. Actually came from the father, at present this dragon clan ruler. dragon Huang aura, can it be that the ordinary dragon clan can contend.

The dragon sovereign huge aura of sweeps across on, immediately to illuminant has directed Maotai and interest of Wuliangye. They almost simultaneously angrily roared, Maotai white light, on Wuliangye black light bursts out instantaneously. Because Yang Fire condensation law first takes shape, even if Ji Dong, in releasing a five elements method speed, is unable absolutely compared with them. The black and white two-color ray from the sky concentrates not to be loose, gathers into the primal chaos shape, the magic power fluctuation of Pinnacle Two Fires perfect mixing spreads instantaneously, is dispelling in the air forcefully other attribute magic power elements. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon primal chaos demon territory.

However, the next moment their vision become dignified, because they discovered, the primal chaos demon territory is unable to proliferate unexpectedly, scatters the surrounding other attribute magic power elements. That suppresses their aura unexpectedly is being that formidable, making their panting become difficult.

Since evolving Rank 9, this was fifty Saint Fire Dragon first time encounters such situation. Immediately, they erupted.

Two Shuanglong pupils have almost simultaneously shone, the body swung fiercely, the black and white dual-color body from the sky is similar to whip generally clever pulling out strikes, pulls out directly in the air.

Must know, body of Maotai and Wuliangye, although was inferior that Dragon King are so huge, but also over 15 meters lengths, dragon clan also has the skeleton, must imagine them to control own body like this in airborne so clever moving, completes at present such movement instantaneously. Even if dragon Huang also self-examines unable to achieve.

Strange Uh appeared, only listens to a loud sound, in the air to have the intense engine knock loudly suddenly, in the heavenly stems disciple, only has to feel with Maotai and Wuliangye soul connected Ji Dong. dragon Huang by of Maotai and Wuliangye body pulls out to strike to rumble actually fully a slit to aura that they blocked. the next moment, the body of Maotai and Wuliangye instantaneously becomes illusory.

During the ray twinkles, several Dragon King can only see clearly the route that they fly reluctantly, but that speed, is not the flight can explain. They do not certainly know, this is one of the fifty Saint Fire Dragon talent skills, passes through.

They that stiffly broke through dragon Huang the blockade. Appeared behind the dragon sovereign. After two angry dragon recited also follows is separated from the suppression, resounded. Intense murderous aura and dragon prestige erupt instantaneously, the primal chaos demon territory because of being separated from the suppression disperses, instead condensed one 20 meters in diameter around their bodies, just can cover their bodies the black and white light ball. Everyone can feel, the extremely terrifying strength is condensing in their within the body.

The biangular central place golden light on Maotai top of the head condenses, changes into the cone-shape. But in biangular of Wuliangye is actually quiet cold black.

"I x, is colorful male cone and quiet flame ice."Fu Rui cannot bear surprised growled. He was too familiar with the Ji Dong skill, Maotai and Wuliangye this just released magic power, he responds immediately.

The heavenly stems disciples like are looked that the monster looks at Ji Dong, fifty Saint Fire Dragon is formidable they not to be accidental, even if broke through dragon Huang the aura suppression, will not make them so shocked. What they shock is the fifty Saint Fire Dragon learning capability. They, are at present dragon clan these five peak powerhouses, never had heard has magic beast to study oneself human partner skill. At this time but, fifty Saint Fire Dragon shows, is not just Ji Dong that came from the Two Great Sovereign Kings skill?

In dragon Huangyan ray one bright, the right hand lifts, Huang Mengmeng's gloss releases from its hand together, that clearly is Earth department magic power, but does not have the slightest bit attribute aura to send out, even could not feel that the magic power fluctuation is intense.

"Roar"Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously angry roar to make noise, Can's golden colorful male cone, the pitch-black transparent quiet flame ice also departs, what is stranger, after these two big Certain Kill Skill depart, does not directly soar dragon Huang to go, but is directly fuses between Maotai and Wuliangye two big main items together. Immediately, protects are massive in their body surrounding primal chaos demon territory ray, that black and white light ball as if instantaneously had been found time generally, together the black and white dual-color mix light beam instantaneous ** however leaves.

This time, has shocked including Ji Dong, Maotai and Wuliangye can use his some skills, he is knows that may this not only be uses his skill to be so simple at present, they clearly have carried on the improvement according to oneself body and ability characteristics to the skill.

The colorful male cone and quiet flame ice from the sky congeal in together, Yin-Yang two fires must kill to combine and complement one another, should attack Ultra Certain Kill Skill Sun and Moon universe that releases all-around. Sun and Moon universe that but is sent out by fifty Saint Fire Dragon at this time, actually from all -around attack, changed to the straight-line attack. Without a doubt, such attack might will be stronger. Directly is the single body attack intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill attack effect. Moreover is completes on the condensation in such a short time, obviously fifty Saint Fire Dragon this time strength was tyrannical.

Pulls out from the body strikes and passes through, finally arrives at emanation of improvement version Sun and Moon universe, the entire process is similar to the passing clouds and flowing water is generally smooth. Let alone is ordinary Rank 9 magic beast, even if general Rank 10 magic beast is impossible to compare it to do is better.

Buzz a light sound, the heavenly stems disciples only thought that the body surrounding air as if becomes insightful, the air as if transformed the innumerable mirror surface common cross sections, at present can see, was the endless radiant rays, all that everyone saw as if have become by the style hundred and thousand.

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Chapter 443: The fifty Saint Fire Dragon second talent, the Yan and Huang duplicate

Sun and Moon universe of fifty Saint Fire Dragon improvement version shells dragon Huang directly. dragon Huang has made immediately response, the dragon pupil glistens at the same time, the air as if receives the infection to be common, turned has the innumerable cross section common mirror surfaces to feel, even was also sending out the light golden light. All as if instantaneously had been divided, Ji Dong the strength of soul investigation is no exception. In this moment, he cannot catch the dragon sovereign to be at again. This is the dragon sovereign true strength of!

Naturally, Ji Dong was not worried that dragon Huang will injure to Maotai and Wuliangye, that is its child! He maintains also without enough time, will injure?

The dragon sovereign also somewhat is actually helpless, although fifty Saint Fire Dragon this single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill attack might is strong, but also is mixing the Yin-Yang two fires dual pinnacle attributes, may want to injure its this Saint level powerhouse, naturally is impossible. Traded other dragon clan to dare so to attack itself, dragon Huang will make its destruction surely. May at present this be own child, it first thinks how not to resist, but must resist unable to injure is good to them. Therefore, it directly released, even if facing several Dragon King the life demon territory that compared notes easily not to use, was dragon Huang an lineage/vein dragon to drill Tyrant Huangmo the territory specially. Straight-line attack Sun and Moon universe, in the dragon drills in Tyrant Huangmo the territory, was cut the innumerable fragment instantaneously. In reality, they actually connected. But, in the demon territory of dragon sovereign, the dragon sovereign can actually divide to deal them separately.

Decomposes 1000 an attack, when withstands the attack contends separately. The attack might significantly will reduce surely. But this is the deep meaning of dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo territory is also.

The yellow air current that formerly in dragon Huang the hand sent out taking this opportunity swept across on, is welcoming Sun and Moon universe that Maotai and Wuliangye sent out to decompose and melt the strength like lightning. Then powerful intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, in a flash was destroyed.

Must know, dragon sovereign demon territory, runs into the strength and disparity oversized match, even can in the diamond cutting line using demon territory the body of enemy decompose instantaneously, is now one of the world most formidable demon territories. But, is such top demon territory, has not actually blocked the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

Sun and Moon universe by the dragon drills Tyrant Huangmo the territory seal at the same time, Maotai and Wuliangye have made the response fast, their judgment is a notch above everybody else similarly, saw that own attack is invalid. Without the slightest bit attachment, each other spouts one to spit the breath toward the opposite party, forcefully has shut unexpectedly off oneself among the relations with Sun and Moon universe, dragon sovereign that dealing cautiously immediately has become the unnecessary action. Even if Sun and Moon universe were been broken by its direct bang, will not affect fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

After cutting off the relation, primal chaos demon territory again releases from Maotai and Wuliangye, is happen to covers their bodies as before. At this time, dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory swept across, but, actually can only block the surrounding air, is actually not able to invade in the primal chaos demon territory directly. balanced Yin-Yang and primal chaos demon territory, balanced, not only the strength of Yin-Yang two fires, is the world Yin-Yang two air/Qi. And is containing the chaos deep meaning. Maotai and Wuliangye have, originally is the demon territory that Ji Dong can use in the future. Even if dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory is formidable, is unable to affect the primal chaos demon territory unexpectedly. Because the magic power disparity of both sides is too big, is unable with it meeting as an equal.

"Roar"angry roaring of Maotai and Wuliangye resounds once more, this time, in their dragon eye vision completely becomes dignified.

the next moment, strange appeared. The originally snow white Maotai, was exaggerated all over the body unexpectedly likely generally, from it with the Wuliangye connected position, the black sweeps across on, in an instant turned unexpectedly with Wuliangye exactly the same black. Their two dragon's head originally are the same, at this time the color becomes is also same, whom cannot branch out is. Only has their body surrounding primal chaos demon territory black and white dual-color light ball appearance.

"Hū"Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously took a deep breath, was drilled the air that Tyrant Huangmo the territory covers also to present many wailing sounds by the dragon unexpectedly. The dragon sovereign can feel clearly, in the sky outside own cave mansion, already completely was dark, one round purple black dark moon/month appears quietly in the sky.

On Maotai and Wuliangye, were many light purple light, the ice-cold purple light, sees this, somewhat was shocked including the Fire Dragon kings. Actually do these two little fellows want to do?

Fire Dragon king knows certainly that dragon Huang limits the fifty Saint Fire Dragon reason. It must through the probe of strength, making fifty Saint Fire Dragon lend own aura in the attack and defense, thus judges them whether is really own child. This is not dragon Huang does not trust the Fire Dragon king, after all, as dragon Huang the child, this status was too sensitive in the dragon clan. Dragon sovereign this is must do to several other Dragon King looks. But, they no one have actually thought that fifty Saint Fire Dragon so is unexpectedly staunch. Is slightest does not let facing the dragon sovereign aura, simply had not been affected by dragon prestige of dragon sovereign, but also started this one after another powerful attack.

Actually, only when they have not received dragon sovereign dragon prestige affects, several Dragon King has approved their status, even if the powerhouses of their these Dragon King ranks, will come under the dragon Huangwei strict influence similarly. Only has dragon Huang the blood relative bloodlines, is the exception. But dragon Huang on the aura that feeling fifty Saint Fire Dragon is releasing, has approved the fifty Saint Fire Dragon status. Although on fifty Saint Fire Dragon, besides it and Fire Dragon king, existence of also another bloodlines.

Without a doubt, fifty Saint Fire Dragon can have at present such strength, naturally is received dragon Huang and influence of Fire Dragon king bloodlines. However, dragon sovereign actually discovered through the present fight, the third bloodlines of fifty Saint Fire Dragon within the body similarly are unexpectedly profound to its influence. Not in the least under own ruler bloodlines influence. It yes, could it be did not say completely, this third bloodlines oneself bloodlines are unexpectedly noble? Therefore, it must have a look, Maotai and Wuliangye can also take to it any surprised. Takes the defensive completely, is waiting for their attack.

Although the present all were divided the innumerable equal parts, but Ji Dong was saw Maotai and Wuliangye this time achievement clearly, the reason was very simple, he and their soul and sharing the same roots. What also won't be able to feel them to make?

These two little fellows. They must use oneself another skill unexpectedly. Did they link this to learn unexpectedly?

The purple black solid ice from primal chaos demon territory, is separated from the flash of primal chaos demon territory in it quietly, the primal chaos demon territory also likely withered the general instantaneous contraction. Body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon also in airborne slight is rocking, in Maotai and Wuliangye eye revealed the exhausted look obviously, the body of Maotai were also restoring the white. The purple solid ice, first with the present primal chaos demon territory contact in one, a light sound that bit, spread over the entire dragon sovereign cave mansion. Made dragon Huang and four Dragon King must appear for one that it shocked.

The dragon of that a lot of division drills Tyrant Huangmo the territory, from the purple solid ice that point of collision and breakage starts unexpectedly, the purple black ray, the instantaneous spread, was almost the flash spreads in front of the dragon sovereign, has swept across the entire dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo territory.

The stormy and sonorous shatter sound, eruption resounds, but that purple black ray swept across on the dragon sovereign directly, wanted also to swallow it resembled.

The dragon sovereign personal appearance of incarnation human form flashes, the one of the nihility brilliance from it flashes not to have together, the next moment, its body vanished baseless, appeared in front of Maotai and Wuliangye directly, has evaded that purple black swallowing actually.

"Passes through?"Calling out in alarm of Ji Dong blurted out. Right, dragon Huang uses. Before Maotai and Wuliangye, has used the talent skill passes through. He only knows, originally their skills inherit from the dragon sovereign on unexpectedly. But crossing over that dragon Huang displays, obviously compared with fifty Saint Fire Dragon fierce many, pass through unexpectedly directly entered the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill realm formidable skill completely. Ji Dong does not know, this passes through the skill regarding the dragon sovereign, is maintains life absolute technique. Like dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo the territory, will be dragon Huang lightly with, will not press the bottom the ability. Although dragon Huang is fears the wound to fifty Saint Fire Dragon, but fifty Saint Fire Dragon can force it to use these two skills to be good enough to make one feel proud. dragon Huang is the true Saint level powerhouse!

Appears in the dragon sovereign in Maotai and Wuliangye front flash, in it behind, all shatter sounds fused in together, changes into one to thunder. In the dragon sovereign cave mansion that was cut the innumerable air to return to normal. This situation can only indicate a matter. That is, dragon Huang the dragon drilled Tyrant Huangmo the territory to be broken.

Maotai transforms as instantaneously with the Wuliangye same black, that is because, its own pinnacle Yang Fire magic power transforms as the pinnacle Yin Fire magic power reason. Their magic power structures, almost and Ji Dong is exactly the same, not only this because of the reason of Ji Dong bloodlines, is the result that initially Lie Yan (raging flames) has pursued. Only has this, they can with the Ji Dong perfect coordination, become the important partners who Ji Dong is closest also most can protect the Ji Dong security. Therefore, this magic power mutually transforms them also to be able. But skill that they display, is not just Ji Dong that had used the single body attacks Ultra Certain Kill Skill, bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice?

Freely, Maotai and Wuliangye, when displays greatly quiet flame ice, impossible when facing the chrysanthemum pig displays to end the full page like Ji Dong with the aid of the heavenly stems disciples complete strength. But its magic power still above Ji Dong, in addition the assistance of primal chaos demon territory. This greatly quiet flame ice, released the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might completely. Even if in the dragon clan, can display high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill Giant Dragon, only has Dragon King. Naturally, five Dragon King after displaying high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, not like fifty Saint Fire Dragon exhausted, control also be better than it on many. However, do not forget, present fifty Saint Fire Dragon is not Rank 10 magic beast, but is Rank 9!

Saw that dragon Huang suddenly appears in front of oneself, just had released nearly completely the magic power Maotai and Wuliangye has not accepted fate in light of this, the body moves suddenly, two body same tails pull out to strike suddenly. Before broke attack that dragon Huangwei pressed to appear again.

This people saw clearly, the body of fifty Saint Fire Dragon looks like does not have in this moment bone, changed into a giant whip completely, Dragon's Tail has broken the air, having the rays of a series of distortion, Yin-Yang dual attribute also to release, this was Maotai and Wuliangye body union place, naturally was also their attribute fusion most perfect place, this pure physical body struck, was supplementing they two attributes absolutely. Let alone also that huge body strength as well as magic power embodiment.

In dragon Huangyan reveals a helplessness. The fifty Saint Fire Dragon attack desire was really too strong, they must know after oneself passed through, they possibly are not oneself match. But the attack as before has not actually stopped.

Light, dragon Huang a palm lays out, happen to have blocked the fifty Saint Fire Dragon Dragon's Tail, this time, the miracle has not continued to perform, dragon Huang the body fell just like the mountain, bringing fifty Saint Fire Dragon to fall in the ground directly. Although its incarnation for human, but, its strength actually dragon Huang.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon has not given up, the pliable but hard to break body turns around once more, Maotai and Wuliangye are opening the big mouth, bites directly toward the dragon sovereign on.

At this moment, in dragon Huangyan revealed several points of strange brilliance. During the halo release, the body of its human form changed into the height to surpass 50 meters dragon sovereign male body. However, regarding Maotai and Wuliangye the bites, it has not actually dodged, even has not used magic power to defend, whatever their bit above oneself nearly transparent drill lizard body.

The linking strength of Maotai and Wuliangye absolutely is extremely astonishing, without slightly the magic power defense and contracture of muscle, even if on the dragon sovereign that nearly transparent scale is unable to prevent completely. The scale was benefitted the tooth to pierce, Maotai and Wuliangye sharp tooth have nipped into dragon Huang a body point, in an instant, blood light collapse present.

"Your majesty."Four Dragon King simultaneously calls out in alarm makes noise, must throw.

"Do not move." The dragon Huangwei strict voice resounded, has prevented four Dragon King. But bit also tarries in its Maotai and Wuliangye. Because before , their tail was held by the hand of dragon sovereign, at this time dragon Huang recovers the original condition, was bringing them airborne, they were nipping place, happen to was the position of dragon Huang chest. Their that 15 meters body baseless conjectures there, seem somewhat funny.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon delay not because of the change of dragon Huang body size, because, dragon Huang the blood flows in their mouth, has made them feel that connected bloodlines.

Dragon sovereign vision kind and looks to hang on oneself they, lightly sighed, "my child, this, even if had not protected your penalty to the father in the past. These years, you suffered hardships."

The cough had one month, weather was really too hot. Today has bought instilling, eats for several days to have a look again, if were not good only to hang the water. This month had not erupted, small three were extremely sorry, is really because the matter are too many, the body is also ill. Tomorrow was on August 1, said that any tomorrow small three also erupt, since thank everybody continuously support. The last day of the month, the book friends of also monthly ticket please support. The tomorrow's renewal should put on after 12 : 00 o'clock at night. Thanked everybody's support again.

Chapter 444: dragon Huang: Ji Dong, I make your mount

On the dragon sovereign sends out mellow magic power. The body of cling Maotai and Wuliangye, seems like stroking them to resemble gently.

Maotai and Wuliangye also relent, dull raising the head, looks at dragon Huang. dragon clan after all is not human, their sentiments want direct many, looked like initially they when seeing the Fire Dragon king immediately recognizes each other was the same.

The low roar, unceasingly sends out from Maotai and Wuliangye mouth, but the hostility in their eye actually completely vanished. Formerly they were still having doubts, why when they met the attack Ji Dong has not gotten rid. At this time understood, at present this invincible powerhouse, unexpectedly is own father!

The Fire Dragon king swoops, opens the pair of wings suddenly, in airborne tight hugs into to cherish fifty Saint Fire Dragon, sobbed: "Child, my child, mother saw you finally. You went home finally, here is your families/home!"

dragon Huang stretches that pair of giant incomparable wing, covers in which Fire Dragon king and fifty Saint Fire Dragon completely, the family of three sobs extremely.

Sees this, headed by the Ji Dong heavenly stems disciples face on revealed the light smile. This warm scene, is infecting everyone similarly. Another three Dragon King actually completely are the different expressions. Water Dragon King squats there does not utter a word. The vision in eye is somewhat complex, not only has happily and has several points to envy. As incompatible as fire and water, is no exception in the dragon clan, relations between it and Fire Dragon kings are always poor.

The Gold Dragon kings are jumping for joy of face, in the eye full is envying look, in these four Dragon King, is its body must be slightly small, cultivation base is not as good as other three Dragon King. The age naturally was also smallest one.

But the vision of diamond Dragon King is dim, lowers the head, crawls there does not utter a word, resembles somewhat feels dejected.

Fu Rui whispered in the Ji Dong ear: "No wonder the thunder feared your Maotai and Wuliangye, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon strength was too powerful, facing the dragon sovereign such Saint level powerhouses of can on several moves. Their all-round strengths can definitely compare favorably with Rank 10 magic beast."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Senior Brother, you know that now why I had not made it attend in our smelting trial. On overall strength, Maotai and Wuliangye also above me. Their magic power are much more formidable than me, skill that any my meeting, their almost metropolis, only then the sword of Fire God and extinguishes the god to strike is the exception. However, they have the talent skill that I do not have. Their limits where, I are not good to judge."

The time is not long, the dragon sovereign loosens the pair of wings slowly closely, the Fire Dragon king actually as before is hugging fifty Saint Fire Dragon, the tears of big drop big drop tumble from her eyes unceasingly.

In dragon Huang dragon pupil, as if many anything, kindly and was substituted by the dignity gradually, solemnly said: "Ji Dong. I want to chat with you alone. Wanisha, you lead several other human friends to exit first." "Yes, your majesty."Four Dragon King besides Fire Dragon king Wanisha, other three Dragon King simultaneously respectful replying.

Fu Rui doubts looks to Ji Dong, Ji Dong to his nodded, looks at Ji Dong that confident appearance, Fu Rui then relaxed. But the brow of Chen Sixuan actually wrinkled, when other people outward depart with Dragon King, she has not actually moved.

dragon Huang the vision looks to her, in the eye reveals one not to be quick, but, Chen Sixuan first said: "I must stay behind. Maotai and Wuliangye housing the nucleus of life is my, does not have the nucleus of life, they cannot the healthy development like the present. If the dragon sovereign you must with the Ji Dong discussion about the matter of Maotai and Wuliangye, I have the reason of staying behind."At the same time was saying, she intentionally has also brought back the nucleus of life from the Ji Dong hand.

Did the nucleus of life turn her? Ji Dong stares slightly, but he understood quickly meaning of Chen Sixuan, this did not feel relieved oneself and dragon Huang face alone, finds an excuse to remain intentionally. Ji Dong has not refuted, Chen Sixuan remains also well, has her. In strength of magic power or the soul, is enormously supports to him. Actually, he had guessed correctly indistinctly the dragon sovereign must discuss anything with.

Dragon sovereign lightly said: "Such being the case, you also stay behind."

In this time, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon chanting in a low voice sound is getting up, Ji Dong turns head to look, sees only Maotai and Wuliangye is poking head from Fire Dragon king Jingce, looks to oneself.

Ji Dong transmits to a smile of their comfort, they then comfortable depends on into Fire Dragon king Huai, feels the kinship that mother is bringing to be warm.

Other heavenly stems disciples and four Dragon King departed. The halo circulation, in order to and a Ji Dong better speech, dragon Huang turned into the human form. With Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan relative and vertical.

"Ji Dong, I knows, this time you came dragon valley the goal are for still did not have the heavenly stems disciples of mount to seek for the suitable Giant Dragon signing contract. This matter I complied, I not only can make you choose, but also guarantees is the dragon clan most outstanding elites who you choose. Even can send the minimum Dragon King becomes of a magic beast partner your friends. Had our dragon clan to accompany, the strength of your heavenly stems disciple can also significantly be increased in a short time. With the fight of Dark Five Elements Continent , can also many self-preservation strengths. Meanwhile, in my dragon clan, but also stores up one to be the divine tool of your heavenly stems disciple, I can also take to give back to you, about one step strengthens your strengths. How do you look?"

Ji Dong deep looks at dragon Huang, on the face reveals a light smile, "thank you, the dragon sovereign, I represents the heavenly stems disciple to thank you heartfeltly to our support. Your meaning I understand, you want to let Maotai and Wuliangye stay behind, right."

When the tender feeling when dragon Huang the obeying the father feminine appearance gathers reveals the dignity, Ji Dong has guessed correctly the idea of this dragon sovereign. What putting oneself in another's place is the dragon sovereign considers. If traded is oneself, as a father, can similarly so. Therefore, in the Ji Dong heart has not been angry.

The Ji Dong straightforward command dragon sovereign stagnates slightly, originally wanted the exit|to speak the excuse instead somewhat unable to say.

Ji Dong sincere say/way: "Dragon sovereign senior, your mood I can definitely understand. Your request does not have the least bit to be excessive. Maotai and Wuliangye are you and child of Fire Dragon king senior. Keeps your side to serve you naturally should be. I can see, you are hope well makes up for them. Therefore, this matter I agreed. Moreover chooses the magic beast partner to have nothing to do with our heavenly stems disciple. So long as Maotai and Wuliangye are willing to remain, I do not stop." Is listening to the Ji Dong words, in dragon Huangyan reveals for several points to feel grateful, sighs, said: "Young people, thank you. However, you should understand, this matter did not say like you are so simple. On them is flowing me with Wanisha bloodlines right, but, the contour, is the body intensity and attribute, is different to us. This is the result of variation. Moreover, on them, but also were many another bloodlines, if I have not guessed that wrong, this bloodlines are related with you. Moreover, that talent skill duplication that they have, has the close relationship with you."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Initially we rescued Maotai and Wuliangye time, they is a dragon egg, since fire attribute many years by the cold attribute invasion of Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost, had the danger of death anytime. Therefore, Lie Yan (raging flames) brought the earth core world them, in the high temperature as well as pure Fire Element with earth core lake helped them restore. This process I did not understand very much, afterward, to let them can hatch successfully. I have used my blood, in addition other gem arrangement established law, this made them hatch successfully. Their present appearances should be also related with this. Because used my blood to hatch them, they will have me the skill of meeting, we not only shared the same roots, even the soul was connected, the chaos strength was the same."

Here, on the Ji Dong face appeared the light smile, he among the tacit understanding with fifty Saint Fire Dragon, cannot describe in the spoken language.

Is listening to the description of Ji Dong, dragon Huang sighed, "Ji Dong, my heartfelt thank you. You had paid at that time certainly the extremely numerous blood, otherwise, is impossible to make them have your bloodlines. Was you and Empress Lie Yan has saved my child. This benevolence I engrave on mind. But, their bodies are having your bloodlines, was doomed they not to be impossible to return to me and Wanisha side. Your bloodlines as well as between you soul is connected, will make them to you kinder, will not separate with you easily. Otherwise, previous time Wanisha after they recognize each other, brought them to come back." Listened to dragon sovereign these words, Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Dragon sovereign, what do you mean?"

Among dragon Huang the looks is somewhat apologetic, but he said that "I hope, you can help me, takes back you to keep on them that bloodlines. And erases between it and you all memories. Only by doing so, my child can return to side me truly."

"What?"Listened to dragon Huang the words, Ji Dong to be surprised, "can you let Maotai and Wuliangye have forgotten me? No, this is not good. Dragon sovereign senior, right, they are your child, but, I also already regarded as the family member to be the same them. If they have forgotten me, this pain is I am not able to withstand."

dragon Huang nodded silently. Said: "I know, my request is excessive. Matter that but I do not have the means. Some matters I was also open about the facts you. You should many also see a point, four Dragon King that you saw a moment ago, is actually my wife. In the dragon clan, dragon Huang has infinitely ** power, the wife actually can only be several Dragon King. Besides the Azure Dragon king is the male, other four large clan Dragon King can only be the females. Our dragon clan fertility can be said as in all races is worst, the multiplication ability, had decided we are impossible to rule continent again. I became dragon Huang already has over 5000, but since in these 5000, I have only had two children. And one, is Maotai and Wuliangye, they are I and Fire Dragon the king Wanisha child. Initially was stolen away by Wind and Frost that rebel. Another, is I with the child of diamond Dragon King birth, should be dragon Huang direct descendant replaces the person. But, it also similarly had the problem. Already entire in 4000, it has not hatched as before. Has had the variation."

"Variation?"Ji Dong looks at dragon Huang surprisedly.

Dragon sovereign nodded, said: "Is the variation. But what made us very helpless was, variation was not its body, but was carrying/sustaining its egg shell. Its egg shell becomes extremely hard, even can withstand the ordinary Ultra Certain Kill Skill bombardment. What is most fearful, after 4000, my child's body has even assimilated with its egg shell, and evolved some strange talent skills. Perhaps, it forever is unable to hatch from the egg shell. Cannot be Giant Dragon, can inherit my mantle? Entire in 3000 passed by, since 3000, I did not make any female dragon be pregnant again. Perhaps, my this life was impossible to have the descendant again. The dragon clan needs a successor. Without a doubt, currently speaking, Maotai and Wuliangye are most suitable. If they can enter Saint level in the future, perhaps then, the strength must surpass present me, pursues the beginning Zulong older generation."

Here, in dragon Huangyan revealed the obvious sadness, "sorry, Ji Dong, was because of so, I must let Maotai and Wuliangye remain. Inherits my dragon sovereign imperial crown. Becoming next generation the Lord of dragon clan."

Ji Dong knits the brows: "But, they are not earth attribute Giant Dragon, dragon Zumen will approve them?"

Dragon sovereign solemnly said: "Maotai and Wuliangye situation are special, but, in their bodies is flowing my bloodlines after all, although they do not drill the lizard clan, so long as after they inherited my imperial crown. The child who then, the next generation is born again, certainly will restore to drilling the bloodlines of lizard clan. I can tell you a secret of dragon clan, the imperial crown on my top of the head is not inborn, but is dragon clan a inheritance divine tool, is controlled by all previous dragon Huang. The function of this divine tool has two, one is the inheritance of condensation pure bloodlines, another can make his owner break through to Saint level cultivation base safely, naturally, the premise is inherits its dragon clan to have this emperor's clan bloodlines to be good. dragon Huang is drills the lizard clan to be certainly best, but when necessary, has the dragon clan of emperor's clan bloodlines to inherit by other attributes is not. In our dragon clan history, had had such situation. Therefore, if I have another choice, certainly will not propose request that so is ridiculous. But, I really do not have means. I must make the choice for extension of dragon Huang bloodlines. So long as you agreed that then, after I give them the dragon crown divine tool inheritance, I am willing to replace them to make your mount." The new month, asked the monthly ticket recommendation ticket. Three erupt to start, first.

Chapter 445: dragon Huang test

"I am willing to replace them to make your mount."

These words made a brain blank that Ji Dong shocked. The dragon sovereign in order to lets Maotai and Wuliangye unexpectedly is separated from oneself bloodlines to keep dragon Guwei the sovereign truly. Has given so formidable condition unexpectedly.

dragon Huangwei mount? This is any concept. Not only dragon Huang the Saint level powerhouse, is the heads of ten thousand dragon, the true Giant Dragon small and weak earthworms, before it, are only the officials. dragon Huangke is not chrysanthemum pig, its strength Ji Dong had witnessed a moment ago with own eyes. Although perhaps and ancestor of also disparity Land Dragon, but as dragon clan the ruler, who does it have what kind of secret skill to know completely? Let alone, by its status, surely is a promise that can be counted on, after becoming oneself mount partner, will help itself surely fully. This enticement regarding anybody, was too greatly is too big.

However, these words also similarly demonstrated that the dragon sovereign must leave behind the determination of Maotai and Wuliangye, it has taken himself as the price, does not permit the rejection.

What to do? In Ji Dong heart unprecedented contradiction. The perspective of letting dragon sovereign one reuniting, Maotai and Wuliangye should certainly stay behind. dragon Huang and Fire Dragon king will treat them like the beloved daughter surely generally. In entire dragon clan, they have the supreme status. But, since they have been born, except for after Lie Yan (raging flames) died beyond that year, almost all follows side Ji Dong. Ji Dong treats as the younger sister to regard with them. But is not magic beast. Shares the same roots, soul to be connected, he did not give up Maotai and Wuliangye really has forgotten himself in light of this.

dragon Huang saw Ji Dong to be silent, thinks that he is attracted by the condition that oneself gave, solemnly said: "So long as you agreed, I can take an oath with the safety of dragon clan, in your lifetime, throughout became your mount, accompanied side you. How?"

Ji Dong took a deep breath, bites the jaw tightly, as if had decided anything resembles, "I promise you."Said this simple four characters, actually as if exhausted the whole body strength to be ordinary. His complexion appears somewhat pale.

Stands in Ji Dong Chen Sixuan, the pupil contracts instantaneously, in the vision reveals several points of disappointment obviously. could it be beloved man, in the face of huge benefit, isn't able to dominate eventually?

In Chen Sixuan is utterly confused, Ji Dong continues saying: "Dragon sovereign senior, I promises you to let Maotai and Wuliangye remains, if not have the injury to them, I also agreed that takes back the bloodlines as well as is connected with their souls. However, I do not need you to make my mount, does not need to pledge. Reason that I give back to you them , because they are your child, will be dragon clan the future hope. If I make you my magic beast partner, to be using them to carry out the transaction? Regardless in the future they whether remembers me, I do not allow anybody to take them to make the transaction."

The vision that categorical that Ji Dong these words said that dragon sovereign originally relaxes tightens suddenly. Gazes at Ji Dong, appreciation of not mincing matter is arising spontaneously.

"It is not good, I did not agree."In this time, is standing in Ji Dong Chen Sixuan has opened the mouth suddenly, moreover this opens the mouth is makes Ji Dong and dragon sovereign also shocks. "Teacher Ji Dong, I did not agree that you give back to dragon clan Maotai and Wuliangye."Chen Sixuan somewhat is obviously excited, even if facing the dragon sovereign, her vision is the slightest does not let. Although she no longer is Empress Lie Yan, but Empress Lie Yan arrogant demeanor has not actually vanished. Even if when facing the god five big giants, she does not have the slightest bit to be timid, let alone faces the dragon sovereign.

Ji Dong visits her, the brow wrinkles. The time that although he ponders is not long, but, agreed that keeps Maotai and Wuliangye, this decision is can make for him difficultly! At this time Chen Sixuan prevents suddenly, without doubt will make his determination vacillate, let alone he does not think that Chen Sixuan has anything to prevent own reason.

Chen Sixuan said: "Teacher Ji Dong, if I have not remembered incorrectly, you had said that Maotai and Wuliangye are you and Empress Lie Yan hatch together. I want to ask you, in process of this hatching. Actually is many that you pay, many that Empress Lie Yan pays?"

Related to Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong does not have slightest bit to hesitate, immediately replies: "Naturally is many that Lie Yan (raging flames) pays. Lie Yan (raging flames) almost protects every day side Maotai and Wuliangye, moreover in resurrecting in their processes, has used own assigns the Red Lotus lotus seed. Is assists them to dispel the cold toxin with own magic power every day. Compares Lie Yan (raging flames), I pay is just minimal."

Chen Sixuan nodded, said loudly: "Such being the case, Empress Lie Yan in many that you who in the hatching fifty Saint Fire Dragon process pays are more. Then, what qualifications do you have to give back to dragon clan them? Have you solicited the agreement of Empress Lie Yan? You think not to have, why Empress Lie Yan so conscientiously hatches Maotai and Wuliangye. could it be said, what she does have to take advantage to dragon clan or is the favorable impression? Surely does not have, you have said that she is a god, will need help from dragon clan? Why does she want to do? The reason only has one, for you. You had not said do have loves her? In some sense, Maotai and Wuliangye can definitely be she give your big ritual. You such give your fifty Saint Fire Dragon to pass the return dragon Clan her, do you do right by Empress Lie Yan to your affection?"

The Chen Sixuan language is fast, moreover is excited, Ji Dong by being dumbfounded that her these words say, in the mind is almost reappeared immediately Lie Yan (raging flames) to own smiling face, is listening to the Chen Sixuan words, he as if saw Lie Yan (raging flames) to oneself blame. Suddenly, on the face the look had the change immediately.

Chen Sixuan panting slightly several, continued saying: "also, you think that Maotai and Wuliangye return to dragon Zucai are happiest, idea that but you yourself one-sided wish. Do you have to ask them, they most have hoped what life, follows side you? Keeps dragon valley?"

"Takes back the bloodlines? Simplicity that said. Does so to be really easy? dragon clan the life is so long, the life of human relatively speaking wants short too many were too many, why cannot wait for you hundred years later, lets the return that Maotai and Wuliangye are willing again? Why must take risk to take back the bloodlines also to eliminate their memories, is this fair to them?"

The Ji Dong vision returned to gradually normal, is gazing at Chen Sixuan, lightly said: "Many that you know probably."

Chen Sixuan also similarly in visiting him, the vision slightest does not let, in deeply regretting the affection twinkle, fifty Saint Fire Dragon, is she is Lie Yan (raging flames) time leaves Ji Dong. Now fifty Saint Fire Dragon gradually grows with great difficulty, had the ability of assuming sole responsibility for an important task, can protect Ji Dong , helping Ji Dong, now the dragon sovereign actually must want the return dragon Clan fifty Saint Fire Dragon, in the innermost feelings, she really did not accept. As for the dragon sovereign said that anything must become the Ji Dong magic beast partner, her simply has not thought anything, because she too understood Ji Dong, by Ji Dong and relations of fifty Saint Fire Dragon, he was impossible to take this as the terms of exchange. The match who Ji Dong must face in the future is formidable, Chen Sixuan is very clear, was the ancestor's of Land Dragon strength tyrannical enough? It also just can use the three departments strength. Is the result of many years of accumulation. Before the dark secret swallows four Saint beasts, the ancestor of Land Dragon truly is below Divine level the first person, even if were initially Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King of independent one earth core world is not its match. However, the dark secret has been completed to swallowing of four Saint beasts, itself had four big attributes, after this days absorption assimilation, its strength must above the ancestor of Land Dragon, that true moisten the god edge, forever is actually not able to step is enthralled the strength.

By the firmness of Ji Dong disposition, the dark secret it can be said that causes the chief criminal who Lie Yan (raging flames) died, he will face sooner or later. Although Ji Dong is having the Saint level talent, but his present strength distance Saint level is very remote. Wants less than four years, defeats the dark secret, is almost dream of a fool. Let alone, dark heavenly stems disciples Ten Great Divine Tools is complete, five years, their overall strengths also will certainly be increased to another level. The dark secret has ruled entire Dark Five Elements Continent completely, can mobilize the entire Dark Five Elements Continent strength, but Light Five Elements Continent, is actually divided into five countries, how regardless to see, after the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, Light Five Elements Continent will not have the slightest bit superiority to exist. In such a case, Ji Dong needed the help of fifty Saint Fire Dragon.

The painful look diverges from the Ji Dong eyeground gradually, his fist has tightened subconsciously, "thinks of the fine jade, right that you said that fifty Saint Fire Dragon is Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves my. But, in the near future, when I take revenge after Lie Yan (raging flames), I must look for Lie Yan (raging flames). At that time, Maotai and Wuliangye what to do? Before I leave this world, I must look for a good home to return to them. Let alone, dragon sovereign senior by discussing tone, actually, if it sets firm resolve to cut off me with the relations of Maotai and Wuliangye, by the strength of dragon sovereign senior Saint level, so long as strikes to kill me, relation between this bloodlines and soul naturally cut off. How as to eliminate the memory of Maotai and Wuliangye, I believe that the dragon sovereign senior also has the means. By my strength, believes how found a magic beast partner not to be difficult in the dragon valley. This is the means of satisfying both sides. You were needless to say again, my intent has decided."

Actually, Ji Dong is never willing to separate with fifty Saint Fire Dragon, by his disposition, if is only bringing Maotai and Wuliangye comes, can argue strongly based on reason with dragon Huang surely, at least must strive before oneself die throughout can with fifty Saint Fire Dragon in the same place. However, he now is not a person. He leads all heavenly stems disciples to come here, as the head, he must consider no longer is own matter. Once angers the dragon sovereign, let alone the heavenly stems disciples cannot obtain dragon clan as the magic beast partner again, whether to walk from here security is the issues. Therefore, after he understood dragon Huang meaning, under weighs the advantages and disadvantages. Has made the final choice. Barely escaping death Ji Dong, even if the disposition is impulsive, considered that the matter also be more profound than Chen Sixuan. Since Lie Yan (raging flames) died, before he already no longer resembles, was so impulsive. Besides occasionally will go crazy when the fight, more often, he when have definitely grasps starts.

pa pa pa, after Ji Dong spoke these words, the dragon sovereign is applauding to him suddenly, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan vision threw on it. Sees only on dragon Huang the face to have a light smile, said: "Worthily is this generation of heavenly stems Saint kings, the disposition and wisdom, is the top picks. How does not know the strength. You had said a moment ago, you can only live again for ten years, I am not can not in the ten years. However, two matters you must achieve, I allow you late ten years again to give back to dragon clan my child. First, is you must promise their securities me. Second, you must show to me, you have to protect its safe ability. If your strength might as well my child, you do not have the qualifications to be its partner. Do you understand? Ji Dong."

Ji Dong somewhat surprisedly looks at dragon Huang, he has not thought that will transform in this time dragon Huang manner suddenly, both eyes narrow the eyes, took a deep breath, said: "Dragon sovereign senior, gives me thank you an opportunity. Please grant instruction." The Chen Sixuan eyeground reveals a color/look suddenly, looked at dragon Huang, in the heart understood anything, has not opened the mouth again, instead has drawn back by far, left Ji Dong and dragon Huang the space. Nobody trusts Ji Dong and Ji Dong strength compared with her.

Buzz, the invisible strength spreads instantaneously, in the dragon sovereign cave mansion had the formidable gravity to attract immediately likely pulls the general, huge pressure just like the mountain to Ji Dong oppresses generally, but. But both eyes of Ji Dong also in same carve to glisten. Eye-catching silver light emits from eye pupil, god hot Saint king Kai changes along with the phoenix dragon dance snake from the skin appears quietly, covers the whole body instantaneously. Facing dragon sovereign, he how dare not whole-heartedly?

At this time, other heavenly stems disciples went to the dragon sovereign cave mansion entrance place under the leadership of four Dragon King. Suddenly feels the intense magic power fluctuation, responded quickest was fifty Saint Fire Dragon, although it also in the arms of mother, but actually first drilled from Fire Dragon king Huai. Maotai and Wuliangye four items simultaneously in the direction toward cavern look. Pressure that they can certainly feel at this time Ji Dong withstand.

The Fire Dragon king Juda wing builds on them, shows a faint smile, said: "Silly child, relax. This is your fathers is testing his ability. Human partner who wants into Queen dragon. Disposition, wisdom and strength, indispensable. Since began. That showed that front test Ji Dong passed. could it be haven't you believed him?"

Maotai and Wuliangye simultaneously chant in a low voice, in the look is quite discontented, the heavenly stems disciples also look at each other in blank dismay, suddenly somewhat frowned.

The new month, asked the monthly ticket recommendation ticket. Three erupt to start, first.

Chapter 446: Fights dragon Huang

The dragon sovereign must test Ji Dong. Also is what kind of test? The heavenly stems disciples stand in the dragon sovereign cave mansion entrance, the complexion somewhat is dignified.

The Fire Dragon king shows a faint smile, said: "You do not need to be worried. Although our dragon clan powerful, but is actually the nationality of being full of gratitude. Ji Dong has saved our children, has the enormous kindness to me and dragon Huang. Regardless of him through the dragon sovereign's test, not to be whether able to receive any injury."

Listened to a Fire Dragon king such saying, the complexion of people was relaxes. But the intense magic power fluctuation also spread from the cavern at this time.

On the dragon sovereign sends out, is such as mountain Ruyue the terrifying pressure, this time, Ji Dong is involved truly, why before understanding Maotai and Wuliangye, when displayed to pass through the skill to break open a slit to complete with the giving self up to technique first to pass through.

dragon Huang as Earth department topest Divine Beast, regarding the defense control that the earth attribute institute most excels at absolutely is as wonderful as the summit. Even if in pressure that in it releases, actually also contained the earth attribute omnipresent formidable defense capability. the invisible pressure covers the body of Ji Dong just like the egg shell generally. The huge pressure made Ji Dong have to release magic power to resist comprehensively. Yin-Yang Crown was almost the earliest possible time appeared, cloudy Yang Fire condensation law appeared behind Ji Dong afterward, the black and white double hot design on Seven-Crown Yin-Yang Crown released the intense ray. Center god hot Saint king Kai chest that Ji Dong wears position, appeared faintly the cream brilliance of bead of chaos. Then reluctantly resisted dragon Huang the pressure.

Ji Dong cultivation base or Seven-Crown, own demon territory, in the bearing capacity, has not had the essential difference with fifty Saint Fire Dragon. However, he also has all that he excels.

The body of Ji Dong starts to have the rhythm rhythm to get up, the movement is very slight. If carefully did not look, even is unable to distinguish. But is this slight rhythm, unexpectedly large scale melts the dragon sovereign to create the pressure that even to the person an absent- minded feeling, is unable to lock his body completely.

This slight rhythm, came from the Teng Snake strength technique. Ji Dong is relying on it at this time with strength of union own soul, coming the melting dragon sovereign as far as possible to bring the pressure that.

Under the so huge pressure, the dragon sovereign somewhat was surprised, is not the strength that surprised Ji Dong displays, from the pure strength, Ji Dong is inferior to Maotai and Wuliangye obviously. However, it actually noted the Ji Dong vision, hid behind the soul ray that in the eye pupil erupted, was fills to fight the look of intent. Is unyielding proud. Facing oneself such Saint level powerhouse, his unexpectedly also so fighting spirit, only this point, is not the average person can achieve.

The right arm of Ji Dong lifts slowly, his movement is very slow, like withstanding thousand armed forces heavy burdens is ordinary, the fist grasps tight, what strangest is, his fist seems unexpectedly likely is transparent common, inside has the black and white two-color ray indistinctly in the extreme twist process, if carefully looked again, even can see that this super revolving the black and white ray unexpectedly presents a swirl. Must know, this is in his fist internal situation. Clearly is the physical body element characteristics. On step, to fist. Ji Dong has made a simplest movement, a fist direct bombardment in air. The focal point that the position that he chooses, dragon Huangwei presses is.

On the strength, Ji Dong cannot certainly compared with the dragon sovereign of Saint level, but, he has an ability and between the disparity dragon Huang is youngest, that is the strength of soul. Ji Dong the strength of soul has also met the Saint level standard, perhaps he was unable to compare dragon Huang alone, but also is very close. Therefore, he does not have any difficulty when the core position that the judgment dragon Huangwei pressure and imposing manner are.

Pū a light sound, Ji Dong only thought that whole body one light, the pressure that dragon Huang releases although has not vanished, but actually obviously after this fist rumbles weakened. In Ji Dong fist front one foot place, low and deep thundering mixes the eruption of Yin-Yang two fires to blast out suddenly. As if was the air exploded suddenly generally, a black and white dual-color halo rapid expansion.

The pressure sharp decline on Ji Dong withstanding one-third, he also made a somewhat sound queer movement while this opportunity once more, the both legs has assumed the bow and arrow step, both hands leads the both arms simultaneously to wield to the direction of dragon sovereign, made a movement of pulling, must know. At this time he was away from dragon Huangshang to have about ten meters, this movement seemed appears somewhat laughable.

However, dragon Huang has not thought slightly laughable, because of its clear feeling, an extremely formidable suction releases suddenly from Ji Dong both hands, its strength source is similar to a fist of magic power extremely coagulation Ji Dong just rumbled.

That fist rumbles, uses naturally is extinguishes the god to strike, facing the dragon sovereign, Ji Dong does not think oneself display anything to attack the skill to be effective, that can only be looks like gives the dragon the sovereign titillation to be ordinary. Only has to extinguish the god to strike, is his opportunity. Relies on is extinguishing the strong force of compression that the god strikes, in addition Yin-Yang two fires, in own within the body mixes the eruption after compression, to expose the surface, Ji Dong takes to own pressure to weaken dragon Huang. Using this time, he displayed himself giving up study that after being disillusioned god struck fourth was heavy to comprehend suddenly, extinguished the god to direct.

Extinguishes the god to direct, the function attracts to pull the body of enemy, again with extinguishing the god strikes to attack it. But it is immediately apparent that dragon Huang, although the incarnation is human, but the body weight of its terrifying is not the Ji Dong extinguishing god directs to pull to draw. However, cannot draw dragon sovereign actually unable to draw itself on behalf of Ji Dong. Extinguishes the god to transfer resembles on the dragon sovereign one string set likely, dragon Huang has not moved, but Ji Dong actually draws support from the strength of this, oneself both legs caught up suddenly, display Teng Snake to dodge.

This, really can be said as quickly like the lightning, Teng Snake flashed originally to be extremely quick, in addition extinguished the god to direct this, even if under the pressure of dragon sovereign. Speed that Ji Dong shows at this time also with instantaneously shifted not different.

The so astonishing speed, even/including Longhuang had a scare. Almost a flower, the left hand of Ji Dong has grasped at present on its body.

Facts showed, any person who has not fought with Ji Dong, will despise him. Even if the present dragon sovereign is no exception. Perhaps, Ji Dong in continually combat capability or all-round strength, is inferior to fifty Saint Fire Dragon. However, must discuss instantaneous explosive force, in the heavenly stems disciple, is actually nobody can compare with him.

Few days ago, Zhou Xiaoxiao that cultivation base reached as high as the Level 96 supreme powerhouse, in the process that in compared notes with Ji Dong also complained constantly, is not willing to compare notes with him every day. Is because the Ji Dong forms of defensive action are completely different from ordinary Mage. Zhou Xiaoxiao regarding the attack of Ji Dong, gave four characters to appraise: As powerful as a thunderbolt.

Motionless already, moves like raging fire, as powerful as a thunderbolt, jade entirely burn. This is characteristics of Ji Dong attack. Once after entering the battle condition, either does not start, once starts, will not have any scruples, before routs the match thoroughly, he will not have the slightest bit to stop. This is the explosive force of tyrant.

Sees Ji Dong close combat, dragon Huang has not thought. Although the Ji Dong speed made its somewhat surprised, but it does not think the attack of Ji Dong can cause anything to injure to oneself. On the defensive power, dragon Huang is dragon clan ranks first two absolutely, is not as good in the ancestor of Land Dragon.

Ji Dong left hand Dark Moon Claw, such accurate grasping on dragon sovereign. This person of dragon almost was also startled.

Ji Dong is startled , because he discovered, oneself this claw grasps, does not grasp on the human body, but grasps on being similar to the scale general hard object. radiance is hard, also intense counter- tension. His struck contained magic power almost with the flash of its contact is refracted and melted half.

But dragon Huang surprised is because, it discovered. The attack of Ji Dong has invaded oneself within the body unexpectedly, but the next moment, erupted unexpectedly.

Ji Dong facing Dark Moon Claw that dragon sovereign displays naturally is not ordinary Dark Moon Claw, but extinguishes the god to strike the edition. After extinguishing the god to strike to evolve to fourth is heavy, the might of four times of compressions, make it are the Ji Dong genuine Assassin's maces. This strikes Dark Moon Claw seems like simple, but its attack might, above any ordinary Certain Kill Skill, approached the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level absolutely, must know, this may be only a simple and direct attack.

Dark Moon Claw supplements Yin Fire to extinguish the effect that the god strikes, although by the body of dragon sovereign is filtered half, but surplus half broke in dragon sovereign within the body.

dragon Huang magic power protects body voluntarily, has almost made immediately the response, wrapped Yin Fire to extinguish magic power that the god struck forcefully. This extinguishes the god to strike the place that the most terrifying place is it erupts in within the body of enemy. Even if dragon Huang, will not want in the body the energy to explode suddenly, moreover fills corrosive pinnacle Yin Fire.

dragon Huang the defensive power is truly formidable, not only displays in outside the body, within the body also similarly so. The Ji Dong extinguishing god strikes first time not to erupt after the hit match, that captured magic power of dragon sovereign within the body unexpectedly by the dragon sovereign own formidable magic power decomposition.

However, attack of Ji Dong, once launches, only will then strike?

Left hand hit at the same time, his right fist was almost the next flash fell on dragon Huang the chest. Scorching Sun Bite.

Ji Dong has not displayed the homemade six heavy incantations to kill. Because he does not have this opportunity, first strikes not to play the role, pinnacle Yin Fire cannot burn in the opposite party within the body, six heavy incantations kill that Yin-Yang dual attribute combination skill effect are the empty talk.

The dragon sovereign melts first strikes Dark Moon Claw the time, body many are somewhat sluggish, is only the extremely slight flash, in this flash, remembers that made Scorching Sun Bite to go to the place of his chest.

Does not have the least bit sound to send out, Scorching Sun Bite magic power similarly was also scattered half by the dragon sovereign body surface, but the Ji Dong movement actually forms a coherent whole. Fierce positive three double hit, not in the least the complete bombardment of gap in the position of dragon Huang chest. Scorching Sun Bite follows closely Scorching Sun Collapse, finally is fierce Yang explosion concludes. Fierce Yang explosion after the improvement of Ji Dong, turned into the Scorching Sun Bite enhancement version, the double fist is uneven.

dragon Huang the body powerful is not false, but, the Ji Dong this fourth heavy realm extinguishing god strikes cannot withstand easily. Under Ji Dong that sudden pinnacle speed function. The fierce positive three double hit were almost fall on the dragon sovereign like lightning. Three stack-up in addition, four heavy days extinguish the god to strike, even if are dragon Huang the defensive power do not feel better. It feels at this time, looked like Fire Dragon king Jiang pinnacle Yang Fire Certain Kill Skill pours into its within the body. The blazing feeling of chest even made it feel a crisis.

On dragon Huang the face relaxed expression has restrained several points finally, its dealing similarly simply, that retrocedes.

The Ji Dong fierce positive three double hit form a coherent whole, dragon Huang actually one after another retrocedes three steps, forms a coherent whole. A person of dragon, looked like has reached an agreement. Has completed the attack and defense in a flash.

In Ji Dong heart secret shock, dragon sovereign these three retreat can be said as just right, every step withdraws, it won the time of flash to melt Ji Dong to capture magic power in within the body for oneself, in the meantime, every step withdrew, as far as possible spread out among with Ji Dong. The adhesion effect that the fierce positive three double hit supplement, simply has not played any role to the dragon sovereign. When dragon Huang third step withdraws, the body has an engine knock. A golden anger rushes from its chest place, actually before Ji Dong , the body that to/clashes has kept off, cut off the path of Ji Dong advance, making his attack unable to follow on somebody's heels.

dragon Huang cannot like melting Dark Moon Claw eventually will be fierce the positive three double hit the attack to melt completely, in that bellow, extinguished the effect that the god struck to explode finally in dragon sovereign within the body. But also in the flash that explodes, completely had been forced with its tyrannical magic power by the dragon sovereign, instead changed into a firewall, by other say/way body, has also blocked the path of Ji Dong advance.

Ji Dong only thought that the aura stagnates, has to a tip of the toe place, the body draw back backward, but, he was actually inferior that dragon Huang is shocked. dragon Huang has not thought, this young people Seven- Crown actually has the skill of such powerful merely. Even if formerly faced fifty Saint Fire Dragon time, it has not retroceded one step, but this time faces Ji Dong, came up actually one after another to retrocede three steps, can melt the attack of Ji Dong in not the injured situation. This no doubt because of the element of surprise of Ji Dong attack, the result that in addition the speed and strength as well as the dragon sovereign has a low opinion of the enemy. However, even if has had a low opinion of the enemy, it is also dragon Huang! Ji Dong that highly enriched attack method has made the extremely profound impression on dragon Huang.

In dragon Huangxin is startled secretly, if this young people are having and with other level magic power, then, this a series of attack fell on oneself a moment ago, perhaps completely will be another result.

dragon Huang had world to have several thousand years, he has seen heavenly stems disciple, not only Ji Dong this batch, but like Ji Dong, a person occupied two big attribute heavenly stems disciples it is also first time sees, it has made at this moment the judgment immediately, Ji Dong was he has seen in the heavenly stems disciple, most potential.

Three erupt, asked monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 447: dragon was Huang injured?

Ji Dong sends out the fierce positive three double hit. dragon Huang retrocedes three, seems, this is only the process that an offense and defense deals with. But they, stands in the distant place has Chen Sixuan of Lie Yan (raging flames) state of mind actually to understand, dragon Huang suffered a loss. Also it can be said that lost one move.

dragon Huang is not completely clear, why Ji Dong can highly enriched become such degree own magic power, big of its might, simply should not belong to his such Seven-Crown Mage. Even if were the attack that the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse launched is also mediocre. Let alone also overlay effect, in addition element of surprise of attack. Causes dragon Huang, for not injured has to retrocede to deal. Most critically, the compression attack of Ji Dong first infiltrates match within the body to start again. It looks like installs a bomb in the match body, then starts, making the bomb blast out.

Entire fighting process quickly like lightning, if not the eyesight is astonishing, before Chen Sixuan is not even able to see clearly, had anything.

In the Ji Dong heart is joyful, this joyful is not because made dragon Huang withdraw, but in situation that because he formerly was bearing the tremendous pressure, developed one for oneself to the close combat actual combat very meaningful forms of combat. That is extinguishes the god to direct the utilization in actual combat. Extinguishes the god to direct, what if faces is ordinary human, likely will attract then to pull to extinguish the god opposite party to strike to kill it again. However, what if faces is dragon Huang such match? Then. Extinguishes the god to withdraw to be the acceleration and change direction of advance auxiliary ability. Simply speaking, if the Ji Dong body is flushing forward, he wants to be stopped by himself, the quickest means through extinguishing the god direct to attract pull taut other fixed motionless positions, changes the direction that oneself go forward forcefully.

The inertia is very difficult to change, is in airborne, even if dragon Huang such powerhouse once accelerates, wants to change the direction also to be able to carry on through the unceasing whipping wing, same is impossible to complete instantaneously. But Ji Dong has extinguished the god to transfer is different, so long as his body can withstand that flash huge pulling strength, he might through the direction that extinguishing the god brought in changes itself to go forward instantaneously, thus achieved to be separated from the inertia fetter the effect, gave the heavy losses in the match shock.

Under tremendous pressure that in the dragon sovereign creates, Ji Dong thus comprehended to extinguish the wondrous use that the god directed, can he not be pleasantly surprised? This is giving up study that can maintain life at crucial moments!

However, his joy also flashes to pass in the mind, after all, at this moment, he is continuing with the fight of dragon sovereign as before.

dragon Huang surprised, the joy of Ji Dong, almost at the same time vanishes. Ji Dong was compelled pinnacle Yang Fire in outside the body to prevent by the dragon sovereign, the personal appearance retrocedes. But under draws back, he rushed to a tip of the toe place once more flash, the entire dragon sovereign cave mansion as if fiercely shook, the tip of the toe of Ji Dong has trod out -and-a-half foot deep hollow in the ground. the next moment, his whole person had rushed toward the dragon sovereign once more. As before is quickly like the lightning. Teng Snake flashes without hesitation has used. Along with him unceasing practice in actual combat, now already flashed Teng Snake applies in the actual combat completely. Also comes? In dragon Huangxin laughs in one's heart, could it be said, I once more will also suffer a loss under the same forms of defensive action?

Opens mouth, one breath arrow emits from the dragon sovereign mouth, spits breath originally is the dragon clan special skill, this spits the breath blowout, in the airborne instantaneous congealment, looks like the insightful big diamond is together ordinary, directly soared Ji Dong to welcome, the rapidness of speed, was not inferior in Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes.

But that while the Ji Dong personal appearance leaps up, he has also made a somewhat strange movement, the left hand back after behind, the right hand lifts in the top of the head, the crown toward cave mansion makes empty stresses the shape. Saw that diamond must arrive at itself in front of the time. Before he that quick, actually does not have the instantaneous booklet of omen to approach to speed. Extinguishing god who he just comprehended directs the wondrous use. Using extinguishing the god directs to involving that the hole top/withstand, pulls own body change direction, completely has violated the inertia rule makes to dodge instantaneously.

That giant diamond magic power in airborne lost the target suddenly, unavoidably has stopped the flash, although it once more started in the next moment, pursues toward Ji Dong. But slow a racket, the body of Ji Dong appeared above the dragon sovereign top of the head eventually.

The body rolls up, assumes spherical, right hand found out once more like lightning, foot treads Dark Moon Dance, the body of Ji Dong in airborne has glittered actually instantaneously.

Do not despise this twinkle, under the strength and magic power perfect union function Ji Dong soul whole-heartedly. Even if dragon Huang such Saint level powerhouse, in the mind did not halt production to give birth to absent-minded of moment, is unable to grasp the position that Ji Dong was at unexpectedly. Only can be the subconscious right hand lifts, to airborne empty racket. A yellow light cover emerged out of thin air, protects the above position. However, the Ji Dong goal has actually been achieved, he is very clear, at the reaction rate of dragon sovereign, even if uses Teng Snake to dodge, is impossible to be separated his grasps. In airborne, originally does not borrow the place of strength, once were surrounded by magic power of dragon sovereign, oneself did not have any opportunity. Extinguishes the booklet that the god directs to making dragon Huang judges the fault, this Dark Moon Dance lets extending that the dragon sovereign makes a mistake, the goal is very simple, that before Ji Dong achieves his goal, does not make the dragon sovereign make the correct response.

The body twists in Dark Moon Dance, extinguishes the god to direct to use once more, this time goal, is in the dragon sovereign back ground. Extinguishes the god to direct Teng Snake to dodge the brought instantaneous shift effect, making Ji Dong achieve his goal finally, appeared behind the dragon sovereign successfully.

Has not turned around. Does not have unnecessary gathering strength movement, Ji Dong to strive, is that ratio blinks also wants the small ten times of instances. When his body appears in the dragon sovereign behind, his back has pasted directly on dragon Huang the back, but formerly had suspended in the back left hand, was such post has carried on the back in dragon Huang.

This, is among the electric light flint is completed completely, left hand of Ji Dong, successful seal on dragon sovereign, like formerly his Dark Moon Claw success hit. But this time, actually no longer was Dark Moon Claw.

If the dragon sovereign can see, he will discover, left hand of Ji Dong, when formerly carried to behind became jet black like black ink, is ordinary just like black solid ice. Quietly in his right hand seal Queen dragon carries instant, pinnacle gloomy and cold injected into dragon sovereign within the body instantaneously, at dragon sovereign that tyrannical body intensity, smartly spirit has fought a shiver. Whole body is stiff and paralysis.

Pū a light sound, on pore of a blood fog erupts from Ji Dong left hand, this is not dragon Huang takes to his injury, but is he takes own. In the fight, Ji Dong forever is such violence, not only this violence in view of match. Also aims at itself. In order to seizes the winning side, he does not even hesitate to take being injured as the price. His seems the left hand that prints simply, actually has actually paid the enormous price.

Bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice. Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill. This skill currently uses in Ji Dong, has at one's command general relaxed enjoyable. However, if to extinguish the way condensation that the god strikes to use again personal in the palm this quiet flame ice? Four times of compression pinnacle Yin Fire are very easy to achieve to Ji Dong, but four times compress Certain Kill Skill, is so tyrannical itself already extremely condensation Certain Kill Skill, the pressure that he bears was larger.

Right, Ji Dong to extinguish the way that the god strikes to compress the quiet flame ice forcefully in own left hand, making his left hand become jet black like black ink. When close combat to dragon sovereign back, this post gently, quiet flame ice nearly complete injection to dragon sovereign within the body.

Only this strikes, fully has achieved the Ultra Certain Kill Skill effect. Although was unable compared with greatly quiet flame ice, but do not forget, extinguishes place that the god strikes to start, in enemy within the body.

The black, almost spread in the flash each spot of dragon Huang body, dragon Huang the body, turned into the black crystal unexpectedly. But because the left hand of Ji Dong also withstood so terrifying compression magic power, the meridians are damaged, the blood then erupts from the pore. If not his Teng Snake strength technique already near accomplishment, only this, his entire only left hand, even is a left arm, by the smashing that magic power of that compression will explode highly. Even if there is help that the phoenix dragon dance snake changes, after this strikes lays out, the left hand of Ji Dong also temporarily lost the combat capability, soft has hung.

However, this was enough regarding him. A tip of the toe place, Dark Moon Dance appears again, but these time is to actually help Ji Dong is turning around.

Ji Dong is certainly clear, even if by extinguishing the god strikes the quiet flame ice pours into to dragon sovereign within the body, is impossible to surround dragon Huangtai for a long time, he needs to seize every second and minute similarly.

In the process of this revolving, the right hand of Ji Dong completely turned into the bright golden color, golden palm, racket of being quietly the position of dragon sovereign vest.

Pū a light sound, the right hand of Ji Dong, looked like iron same steady printing, strange buzz called resounds suddenly. Also is a blood fog blowout, this time is the right hand. Since Ji Dong can tyrannical compresses the quiet flame ice, then, he naturally can also compress the colorful male cone similarly.

Two palms, light two palms, Ji Dong discarded own both hands successively temporarily. However, he has also printed dragon sovereign within the body extinguishing god Certain Kill Skill of two first uses.

While in Ji Dong right hand seal Queen dragon carries. Chen Sixuan almost simultaneously made response, the body rolled up rapidly in the same place, the armor of eternal protection life goddess takes possession, simultaneously but actually leapt.

Buzz, bang

Is standing in four Dragon King as well as the heavenly stems disciples of cave entrance almost simultaneously the look changes. the next moment, an unequalled shock-wave flowed from the cavern.

Four Dragon King adds on fifty Saint Fire Dragon almost simultaneously fully to release magic power, reluctantly resists this terrifying shock-wave, but the they as well as heavenly stems disciples bodies of were actually actually hit to fly, has flown the dragon directly air-to-air. What is more terrifying, when their bodies fly dragon valley airborne at the same time, clear seeing, on the dragon Gushan peak, together black and white mixed the distortion ray light beam direct impact clouds. In the sky, the Sun and Moon transformation twinkle, seemed the judgment day arrived generally.

dragon Huang killer to Ji Dong? The first idea that four Dragon King or heavenly stems disciples, in the mind raise is so.

Fire Dragon king Jinjin grasps wants to fifty Saint Fire Dragon, other three Dragon King launch the pair of wings, has met the heavenly stems disciples, suddenly, their hearts somewhat sank.

"What happened?" The ancestor's of dignified voice Land Dragon passed on by far, in the sound is also having several points of anger.

In the dragon valley, is the group dragon vibrates, thousand dragon Qiwu magnificent picture appears again, if no four Dragon King to soar in the sky, perhaps had the Giant Dragon rise to find out.

"The respective homing, any matter has us to process."Diamond Dragon King drinks one lowly, huge dragon prestige releases from her, by the strength, she is next to the dragon Huang and Land Dragon ancestor.

"All right, all right. The dragon sovereign senior is comparing notes with me." The Ji Dong sound resounds at the right moment, then from the summit overshooting light beam, has revealed his personal appearance gradually, in the sky Sun and Moon, the strange picture of ray transformation also gradually vanished alternately.

Ji Dong seems somewhat distressed, his god hot Saint king Kai many places presented the fissure, both hands are soft hanging by the body, opens the pair of wings, reluctantly float in midair.

"Un, all right, I am only and Ji Dong little friend compare notes."dragon Huang the voice also resounds, his body appears under Ji Dong. On the surface goes, the dragon sovereign of incarnation human form many that Ji Dong is calmer , the double back of the hand after behind, the dignity is also having several points of scholarly. Most is familiar with his several Dragon King to discover, this time dragon sovereign, the look seems somewhat strange.

Sees Ji Dong to be all right, heavenly stems disciples big relaxing , the distressed point does not have anything, the person is all right well.

Ji Dong and dragon sovereigns fly in airborne, but in their, is actually a diameter achieves five meters large cave, this hole goes nonstop to the dragon sovereign cave mansion. Said accurately, was the dragon sovereign cave mansion upwards directly has blasted out such a hole. But the heavenly stems disciples and four Dragon King cannot see, behind the dragon sovereign, the hand imprint that also black and golden color occur simultaneously, is braving the steaming steam.

In the Ji Dong soul, is resounding dragon Huang the voice, "brat, starts to be so ruthless. Can't the matter that had a moment ago tell anybody? Hears?"

Ji Dong chuckled, replied: "Dragon sovereign senior, I am not intentionally. Who makes you so formidable? I have to whole-heartedly!"

Dragon sovereign angrily snorted, ", if makes my clansman know that you have injured this sovereign, do not want to live to walk. Your this brat was really too sly."

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Dragon sovereign senior, I only wants to know, after you examine, am I qualified for the partner of Maotai and Wuliangye."

Dragon sovereign snorted, "reluctantly."

Early this month next day, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 448: The dragon sovereign of thump wall

The dragon sovereign can call Ji Dong brat these three characters. It can be imagined it now is depressed. Ji Dong that extinguishes the god quiet flame ice to infiltrate its within the body, by is also 30%, the surplus 70% might that the tenacious degree of its body can melt, erupt completely in within the body. The quiet flame ice of compression is not the dragon sovereign flash can counter-balance highly. Then was sealed up by the quiet flame ice effect, cannot move. Naturally, quiet flame ice , to corrode the dragon sovereign that incomparably tenacious body unable to achieve.

But at this time, the Ji Dong extinguishing god colorful male cone came, the quiet flame ice of compression has bumped into highly the colorful male cone of compression highly, both unify mutually, that erupted ultra to kill Sun and Moon universe in dragon sovereign within the body. Those who most made the dragon sovereign speechless was, this ultra must kill after forming, absorption was not Ji Dong magic power, but was its magic power. Who makes this ultra probably kill forms in within the body.

The magic skill Yin-Yang that two quite in Chaobi has killed fuses in together, the actual might that this strikes has achieved the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill effect. Let alone erupts in dragon sovereign within the body. Therefore, even if was dragon Huang such body intensity somewhat cannot endure. dragon Huang by the strength of oneself Saint level with the aid of the strength of earth of chaos, guides with great difficulty from own within the body Ultra Certain Kill Skill magic power of this eruption, but it actually again cannot control, this caused the dragon sovereign cave mansion hole top/withstand blasts out a large cave, but the dragon sovereign himself therefore was also injured. Although the injury is not serious, but to it, is very inconceivable situation.

Naturally. This did not mean that Ji Dong had can injure to the strength of dragon sovereign. Reason that he can injure to dragon sovereign, because the main reason dragon Huang does not want to injure him, therefore dragon Huang continuously in passive withstanding attack, otherwise, dragon Huang releases his dragon Zuan Tyrant Huangmo territory to launch a counter attack, is not Ji Dong can contend.

But regardless of, how saying that Ji Dong was successfully passes in the dragon sovereign's test. In the computation, he goes a step further. Has not used the sword of Fire God, is the wisest choice. Chen Sixuan is unable to help him promote the strength of soul, by the strength of Ji Dong own soul, is unable to suppress by the seal is repaired like this god knowledge completely in the deicide of sword of Fire God. Once uses the sword of Fire God, not only will possibly backlash by the deicide god knowledge, but also surely has also stopped in the process of displaying, even if used, perhaps could not injure the dragon sovereign. Now the effect will not compare him to achieve is better.

Extinguished the god to direct and extinguish the application that the god struck, Ji Dong formerly in having the self-torture of five elements method buried treasure place has not wasted, he more and more can feel to extinguish formidable location that the god struck. Continues to cultivate like this, sooner or later, he can cultivation the world close combat invincible degree. But this extinguishes the god to strike, will be he will cope with the dark secrets as well as the dark disciples most advantageous weapon in the future. Naturally, the issue that Ji Dong must face now are also many. By body intensity that his phoenix dragon dance snake changes, when with extinguishing the god strikes compresses Certain Kill Skill will make own both hands withstand such big injury. Then, later extinguishes the god to strike to promote to a higher level, perhaps he cannot reduce the skill. This is also extinguishes the disease that the god strikes to be, because magic power highly enriched, but is unable with more skills to link.

Had had struck the experience of dryptosaurus sovereign a moment ago, making him to extinguishing the god strikes with the skill fuses longs. Only can continuously carry on to try to find out.

dragon Huang and Ji Dong fall returns to the dragon sovereign cave mansion the time, dragon sovereign back being in charge of vanished gradually. Conceals own injury it without question. This wound to it is not anything, what truly hurt is dragon Huang the self-confidence and innermost feelings is right.

"Many thanks the dragon sovereign senior advises."Ji Dong stands before the dragon sovereign, salutes respectfully.

Dragon sovereign snorted, said: "You also exit. Wanisha to the place that you arrange. You as this generation of heavenly stems Saint kings, Maotai and Wuliangye with you, does not calculate that brought disgrace on. Do not forget that I had said condition, must protect them."

Ji Dong serious say/way: "To injure them, must first overstep my corpse."

dragon Huang the look has relaxed several points, sighed, said: "They go home with great difficulty, makes our one reunite for several days. You also live in the dragon valley previous some time, choose the mount for your partners while convenient. These matter several Dragon King will arrange for you. Goes."

"Thanks the dragon sovereign senior."Ji Dong dispatches a look to not far away Chen Sixuan, two people smile, this together outward walks.

dragon Huang has gazed after them to depart, until judging them was impossible to hear the voice in cavern, it then fierce throwing arrived on nearby wall, thump of effort wall, "disgraced, lost face too. Is injured in a human boy hand unexpectedly. The great ancestor does not know how must ridicule me."

Dragon King possibly do not know that here had anything, but after the Zu of Land Dragon spoke, scanned with the strength of soul. Also possibly doesn't know? dragon Huang present can be imagined depressed. Because Ji Dong is the savior of Maotai and Wuliangye, it will not give up a moment ago easily. Little said that must punch Ji Dong.

dragon Huang beat the wall long time to stop, in the look was having several points of strange look, seemed is recalling anything, "this boy, that depended truly ingeniously. For unexpectedly does not give the time that I responded, the first left hand back after behind, him had the confidence to arrive at me smoothly behind?"Ji Dong that transition direction arrives at it behind to depend, a revolution, a bang, has made the extremely profound impression on dragon Huang. Only this magic power reassignment speed, dragon Huang self-examined before oneself reach the Saint level definitely is unable to achieve.

Outside dragon valley.

gold/metal is closing both eyes, sits cross-legged to sit before the ancestor of body Land Dragon, back to the Land Dragon ancestor's direction, can see indistinctly, on her is sending out the light golden light.

That is not the pinnacle Eighth Metal ray, but is a special brilliance.

Ancestor of laughed Land Dragon, said suddenly: "Good, dragon sovereign boy this time ate to owe stuffily. Really interesting. Has not thought, with that boy unexpectedly also this that you come together. Such attack, even if falls on me will not feel better. Does not know that this compresses the magic power method highly is anything."

gold/metal opens both eyes, has turned around, somewhat curious looks to the ancestor of Land Dragon, "father, what happened, making you so happy?"

The ancestor of Land Dragon said with a smile: "I am not happy, but thinks somewhat funnily. With that you come together boy who called Ji Dong, received the dragon sovereign's test a moment ago. How do you guess the result?"

gold/metal has gawked, she who restores the memory expression before own father already no longer that ice-cold. "Dragon sovereign senior is the Saint level powerhouse. How Ji Dong can be its match, why can it test Ji Dong?"

"Why must test me not to know. However, a little you must pay attention, this generation of dragon sovereigns to you are not the senior, but is the younger generation is right. On the physical age, it does not know that be smaller than on many years you."

gold/metal faintly scolded: "Father, your this did not say me was very old? Am I so old? How you have not said the result to be able. Looks at your expression, won't be Ji Dong will win? That is impossible! Although the Ji Dong actual combat capability is strong, there is sword of Pinnacle Two Fires and Fire God, but is impossible to defeat the Saint level powerhouse to be right."

The ancestor of Land Dragon sees front smile charmingly angry daughter, in the eye a warmth, its did not know tranquilly many years heartstrings, since saw after the daughter, frequently was affected.

"Silly thing, you also underestimated your companion. dragon Huang tests him naturally unable whole-heartedly, he by the skillful emulsion breakdown, I who how to achieve specifically has not actually seen. But result truly dragon Huang has been injured, this young people are really interesting. Eh, my daughter, your mood is a little not how right. could it be said, the boy is your lover? But, in you that Second Wood attribute girl also is very as if interesting to him."

In gold/metal heart one startled, looks up to the father, hurries to shake the head again and again. "No, I and he are only the ordinary friends."

The ancestor of Land Dragon shows a faint smile, "is really only the ordinary friend?"

gold/metal charming face slightly red, inwardly sighed in the heart, looks up to the ancestor of Land Dragon, said: "Father, you did not say that can help my awakening dragon clan bloodlines? I have prepared, this starts."

...... The heavenly stems disciples were arranged in a dragon valley cavern. dragon Gunei, the like spring all year round, is growing everywhere outside extremely the unusual plant that is difficult to see, moreover many plants have several thousand years. Even was over ten thousand years of lives. Everywhere is a full of vitality appearance.

Ji Dong defends strictly to dragon sovereign's commitment, not and dragon Huang fights the specific situation saying that the people like this temporarily stay in the dragon valley. Naturally, fifty Saint Fire Dragon was temporarily not with Ji Dong together, but was admitted to that to blast out in a hole dragon sovereign cave mansion splendidly, reunited with dragon Huang and Fire Dragon king.

dragon Zuzhu the place is not divided into the room like human after all, lives to the heavenly stems disciples, is an enormous cavern, although is unable compared with the dragon sovereign cave mansion, but regarding their ten people, was actually quite huge.

"Everybody gathers, my a little matter wants to discuss with everybody." The Ji Dong clear and resonant voice said.

The heavenly stems disciples gather, lived to have a while, Ji Dong formerly sat cross-legged to cultivate for quite a while, has drunk a small origin of life, everybody knows that he suffered a loss in the inspection of dragon sovereign surely. But, after Ji Dong since dragon sovereign tests, on the face throughout is having the smiling face. This situation they were very long have not seen.

Ji Dong has moved simply own both hands, felt that is more comfortable. In the heart mused, these millennium origin of life are really mysterious, the huge vitality of its implication restores to have the enormous advantage regarding any injury, formerly his both hands meridians were damaged seriously, if the normal condition, at least also takes more than ten days to restore. But this small origin of life drinks to add on the magic power guidance again, dredges the meridians, at this time felt. Although was unable to catch up, but can also move simply. Most two days can restore again as usual. Today fights with dragon Huang, the inspiration to Ji Dong is very big, he before cultivates the unblock meridians, has thought also the lots.

Regarding general Mage, in the process of cultivation surely is wholeheartedly, once diverts attention, will possibly overstate. But Ji Dong does not have the worry in this aspect, one is because he has the strength of chaos to be auxiliary, issue that is not worried about to overstate, another is also because the strength of his soul is formidable enough, even if the heart divides two with not to have any too tremendous influence.

Sees the people to gather. Ji Dong makes everybody sit down first, people encircle a circle, here is in any case impossible to have any household furniture and so on thing.

Ji Dong said: "That side Holy and Evil Island, Red Lotus day fire burnt to the present had probably more than one year of time, gave our surplus time less than four years. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy should start under the support of Mage Guild and Five Great Empires starts to teach to ordinary Mage, the future holy war, we have the guarantee of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy at least not to suffer a loss in this level. However, believes that everybody also understands, decides the holy war victory and defeat truly the key, but also lies in the collision between both sides powerhouses. Our Light Five Elements Continent has the minimum over ten supreme powerhouses, the Dark Five Elements Continent that side should similarly not be few. This part competes us to be counter- balances temporarily mutually. Then, we biggest trouble, from and grasped the dark heavenly stems disciples of ten magical instruments in the dark secret."

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, bright heavenly stems disciples nodded silently, Ji Dong said right, biggest problem that they must face in the future here.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Dark heavenly stems disciple ten magical instruments are complete, is practicing to be able together to play the twice the result with half the effort effect. Had that to swallow the dark secrets of four mahatma beasts to assist from side, five years, we are unable to judge them to grow to any degree. Regarding the enemy, we must as far as possible high estimated. If they can cultivation the Nine- Crown rank, how we do resist?"

Fu Rui solemnly said: "If no dark secret, I believe, we have strength of the spelling fully. Their strength is not weak, we are not the lamps of province oil. Although we cannot compare them on the divine tool, but we have your this Pinnacle Two Fires attribute Saint king and my this non- essential personnel. The dark heavenly stems disciple wants to profit in our hands is not easy. The key on the dark secret, by our current strengths, or is the strength that our Light Five Elements Continent can mobilize, is unable to carry on the resistance with him. Only if. "spoke
of here, the Fu Rui vision looked to the direction outside hole. After the dark secret swallows four mahatma beasts, is the absolute Saint level peak, the similar Saint level peak they formerly also met......

The new week, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket crazily.

Chapter 449: Chen Sixuan wedding

Ji Dong sighed, "Senior Brother. I understand your meaning. If who is most likely to defeat the dark secret, decides to belong to the ancestor of Land Dragon. But the ancestor of Land Dragon three gathers the mountain range to merge into one organic whole with this piece, wants to cope with the dark secret by it, must come to here the dark day machine- drawn. This is not an easy matter. Let alone, we are unable to make the correct judgment to the strength that Dark Five Elements Continent has now, who knows that their side dragon clans are what kind of situations? Therefore, I have an idea to want with everybody to discuss. How regardless of the future situation, to promote our strengths as far as possible is most important. Only then our own strengths are formidable enough, can in all circumstances the strain."

"Believes that everybody also felt, the magic power element rich degree in this dragon valley at least was the outside five to ten times. Here cultivates, can play the twice the result with half the effort role surely. Moreover, here has that many formidable Giant Dragon, clan between at present us and relations dragon, gold/metal and Land Dragon ancestor's of the sentiment of father and daughter, I thinks, we obtain the certain help of dragon clan not to be difficult. If can ask dragon clan to help us carry on the actual combat to cultivate, can further stimulate our own potential inevitably. Moreover, should in these days, everybody be able to choose to suit own magic beast partner in the dragon clan, this point I have reached an agreement with dragon Huang. Carries on wearing in the dragon valley with your respective magic beast partners. Also is essential. When we had own mount, here as far as possible long cultivation after some time. Our overall strengths will be increased to another level. Arrived that time, is we go to the earth core world the time."

"What I must tell everybody is, although Lie Yan (raging flames) is my wife, but, in the earth core 18 Layers world, I have been to 18th Layer that Lie Yan (raging flames) occupies. Did not understand earth core world me actually. Therefore, I cannot make everybody take risk. This time in the dragon valley, I thinks, we at least need to use for one year to two years of self-torture, these days, the heart not gets off one's main subject, practices to be our five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, achieves enough tacit understanding with the magic beast partner, in addition effort promotion of own magic power. Does everybody has the dissident views?"

In name, although Ji Dong is the heavenly stems Saint king, but he has not put oneself position at compared with a partners higher place, at the important matter, can consult with the people.

The Fu Rui first nod expressed support, right that "Ji Dong said that now we most need was the time, effort cultivation that must race against time. So long as dragon clan permits, this dragon valley most suits the place that we cultivation without a doubt."

Other people also one after another nod the head, expressed the support one after another. But at this time, all people thinks that is most impossible to propose the person of opposing opinion actually opened the mouth.

"Perhaps Teacher Ji Dong, I cannot here the dull last year or be two years."What speech is Chen Sixuan. Her pair of limpid big eyes is looking at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong has gawked, he has been used to Chen Sixuan to make all support regarding himself. Suddenly listened to her to say feeling that cannot here, suddenly somewhat unable to respond dull.

"Thinks of the fine jade, do you have matter to need to process?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked. He made to make the decision that the people stayed here to cultivate formerly the process think. gold/metal stays in ancestor of there Land Dragon to awaken own dragon clan bloodlines not to know how long needs to pass through, but if the partners can carry on the cultivation here, obviously is promotes the strength the shortcut. Through fights with dragon Huang, since he can comprehend the lots, he believes that oneself partners in carry on to compare notes with the dragon clan as well as carry on the coordination with the dragon clan partner of respective choice, can obtain many promotion.

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "My truly a little matter must process. Teacher Ji Dong, sorry, this matter is very for me important, is also very important to our Eastern Wood Empire. I must return to homeland."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, asked: "Probably when?"

Chen Sixuan thinks, said: "Six months later about."

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Thinks of the fine jade, you are clear, you now already, not only Princess Eastern Wood Empire status. Meanwhile you are also the member of heavenly stems disciple. Without you, our heavenly stems disciple will lack an attribute."

Chen Sixuan lowered the head, Ji Dong has not seen the cunning ray that in her eyes reveals, "Teacher Ji Dong, but this matter for me was really too important. If I do not go back. Then, our Eastern Wood Empire even has the destruction danger."

Listened to her such saying, people were startled, Fu Rui cannot bear saying: "Is so serious? You when the time comes go back one. When you have chosen the magic beast partner, has the Giant Dragon flying speed, believes that returns to Eastern Wood Empire also to have more than enough too for a long time."

Chen Sixuan nodded silently, lifts to look again secretly to Ji Dong, Ji Dong complexion some are not quite attractive, obviously is must return to the Eastern Wood Empire matter not to be a little unsatisfied to her.

Actually, what Ji Dong do not know, in his innermost feelings, somewhat could not leave Chen Sixuan. Since Chen Sixuan after his side, his all daily lives is Chen Sixuan is looking after completely. In the fight, Chen Sixuan can carry on the soul to fuse with him. Wood ratio Yao Qianshu that lights a fire is makes is also better. Suddenly heard Chen Sixuan to say must depart, the first response of Ji Dong did not want. Moreover, Chen Sixuan is he introduces in the heavenly stems disciple, if this walks does not come back, Ji Dong has no way to confess to the partners.

Arrives at side Chen Sixuan remotely, holds on her hand, said: "Thinks of the fine jade, we to deal together five years later the crises, our heavenly stems disciple is a whole. You must go back everybody not to stop, but can you tell us, do you go back to do? In this case, everybody many also has the point spectrum."

As of late, perhaps is the reason that because shares a common hatred, with is very remotely near, two women who Chen Sixuan walks were discussing frequently together how to cope with Ji Dong and Fu Rui these two brothers. Remote when spoke to Chen Sixuan carried to Ji Dong and Fu Rui, at the same time was saying. Also to Chen Sixuan blinked. Two female looks relative, revealed a smile of understanding.
Chen Sixuan said: "My this going back, must break an engagement." "Breaks an engagement?"These two character, the heavenly stems
disciples in an uproar, the people look at each other in blank dismay immediately, suddenly somewhat did not accept. In the heavenly stems disciples eyes, Chen Sixuan has followed close on Ji Dong, although Ji Dong had not indicated that has accepted her. May be has regarded the Ji Dong woman her who Lan Bao'er feels dejected. cold proud gold/metal in the people eyes as if also no longer opposes her and Ji Dong in the same place. But no one has thought, Chen Sixuan really already had the engagement in the body.

"Have you subscribed the wedding?"Fu Rui looks at Chen Sixuan, the complexion sank immediately. Chen Sixuan pursues Ji Dong but actually, he is very happy. He also most hopes one of people Chen Sixuan can succeed. Only then Ji Dong truly accepted her, can die in the sadness of bringing to restore from Lie Yan (raging flames). At this time one hear of Chen Sixuan have the engagement in the body, in the Fu Rui heart surges immediately an intense anger.

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "When I am very young, the father sovereign has set a marriage for me. Calculates the time, to this year finished time, should be fulfills the engagement the time. Big Brother Fu Rui, you should also know, as the royal family member, simply does not have the right to independence regarding own marriage. Let alone when the engagement works out, I am a little girl. However, what I like is Teacher Ji Dong, regardless of Teacher Ji Dong whether accepts my love. I will like only him. Therefore, I must return to Eastern Wood Empire, has solved this matter. Later also good wholeheartedly and everybody deals with the wars of dark and bright two pieces of continent together."

Listens vindicating that Chen Sixuan that is not concealing, Ji Dong unable to bear turn head, a little does not dare with her clear vision looking at each other. Secret raises up the thumb in the one side to Chen Sixuan remotely, not far away Lan Bao'er is stared wide-eyed. She also similarly likes Ji Dong, but if makes her work as these many people to say the love in oneself heart in so the situation of big crowd of people she is how regardless of unable to achieve. Let alone Chen Sixuan , said these words, throughout the vision was gazing at Ji Dong firmly. Everyone can feel her determination.

The Fu Rui complexion relaxes, said: "Such being the case, you as soon as possible handle this matter. However, listened to you to say a moment ago. If you do not go back to handle this matter, your Eastern Wood Empire will have the destruction danger. could it be said, the groom's family of this engagement so is unexpectedly strong? Is the prince in which country?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "It is not the prince. Must say that they are any status words, I thought that the recluse two characters described appropriately. Everybody should still remember, in Mage unites on elder assembly, our Eastern Wood Empire has also recommended two elders. That two elders, live in seclusion in our Eastern Wood Empire, it can be said that empire pillar/backbone. They are the supreme powerhouses, is my fiance's great-grandparents, my fiance, is the successor of this recluse family."

Listened to her such saying, the Fu Rui complexion appeared dignified several points, Ji Dong also cannot help but turned head. Two supreme powerhouses as backing, before no wonder Chen Sixuan, can say was so serious. Truly, regarding a country, has the recluse families of two supreme powerhouses to give the entire country to bring sufficiently ** bothersome.

Wrinkles remotely elegantly, said: "Then, your this breaks an engagement is not that easy! Are you first under heaven beautiful woman, the opposite party can agree to break an engagement? What to do if doesn't agree? Although you now are heavenly stems disciple, is princess's status. But others two supreme powerhouses, must catch you to get married surely, you do not have the means!"

In the Chen Sixuan eye is revealing the firm look, "in any event, this matter I will process certainly. If must marry, my this life only will marry a person."Saying, her vision was falling on Ji Dong, "must make me marry others' words, the worst result, is getting married, only then my corpse. Couldn't I defeat two supreme powerhouses, could it be could not have decided my life and death?"Ten points that this last few words, she said renounce.

Fu Rui said: "This is how good. You are the Second Wood heavenly stems disciple, even if the supreme powerhouse, cannot force you. This matter your Big Brother Fu Rui managed. Turns head you to go back, I and you go together. I must have a look but actually, who dares to force you."

"You manage! Name word is not suitable, what person you think of fine jade?"Is sideways remotely, arrives at side Fu Rui. On the mouth was saying at the same time, below finds out the small hand, has twisted on the Fu Rui thigh ruthlessly.

Fu Rui eats the pain, turns head to look remotely, sees only remotely ill- humored signaled with the eyes to oneself. The Fu Rui semblance is straightforward, but the thoughts are actually extremely meticulous, had the remote reminder, immediately awakens. Pats oneself forehead, said: "Also is, makes war without just cause is not good. To break an engagement, first wants justifiablily. Ai, can this be what to do good?"

Chen Sixuan smiles mournfully, said: "Anything, I will not have processed, everybody do not worry for my matter."

"Thinks of the fine jade, this is how good! We are a body, if you have the matter, we can sit by and do nothing? Big Brother Fu Rui is not truly positive, the word is not suitable. But my master can actually be justifiable!"What this opens the mouth is Du Xin'er, in the heavenly stems disciple, she most does not have mind one absolutely. Saw that Chen Sixuan that miserable appearance, cannot bear insert one immediately.

Chen Sixuan looks at Du Xin'er, has to rush to grasp her really to kiss an impulsion, fragrant these words were really too prompt.

Ji Dong coldly looked at Du Xin'er one, "was I how justifiable?"

Du Xin'er said: "Teacher, the one who thinks of the fine jade to like is you! You help to think of the fine jade to break an engagement, was naturally justifiable."

"Nonsense."Ji Dong slightly angrily said: "She likes me is her matter, I and she are only the teacher student relationships, the friend relates. Does not have the sentiment of men and women. Do I hold true by help her break an engagement?"

Du Xin'er stared wide-eyed, said: "Teacher, you are not such unfeeling. Thinks of the fine jade to be what kind to you, we may look is very clear. You said like this may be too affecting."

Remote one side backs up immediately again, said: "Is. Others think of the fine jade to be good to you so, even if you are not willing to want others, the critical moment helps always. Also, what thought of the fine jade to have not to be good? The first under heaven beautiful woman, I sees still pities, you simply are the wood/blockhead lump." "Sufficed."Ji Dong growled, ice-cold and deathly stillness aura releases from him suddenly, the people are smart spirit shuddered, immediately stops talking does not say.

On the vision following the crowd face of Ji Dong has swept, "I have said many times. My this life, will only love a Lie Yan (raging flames) person. The matter on sentiment is my matter. No one has the authority to help me decide."

Early this month third day, Tang gate call-up, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 450: Teacher Ji Dong, I must employ you to be my lover

"I have said many times. My this life. Will only love a Lie Yan (raging flames) person. The matter on sentiment is my matter. No one has the authority to help me decide. Thinks of the fine jade I naturally to know to my good, but, I cannot accept this sentiment. Thinks of the fine jade, if your fiance is very good to you, does not affect you to follow us to move together, I did not oppose that you accept this marriage."

"?"Covers to be quiet remotely, extremely speechless looks to Chen Sixuan. Chen Sixuan has engagement matter, before she is, knows. Today must sing a duet with Chen Sixuan, forces Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan returns to Eastern Wood Empire to solve this matter, pushes the boat while convenient conveniently. Perhaps among two people the relations can improve. But who once thinks, Ji Dong unexpectedly so chilling rejection. Is once more laying bare one's true feelings ruthlessly, rejects Chen Sixuan in the presence of everyone.

Those who made remote somewhat surprised was, listened to Ji Dong these words, Chen Sixuan was not a grief wants appearance certainly, she looks at Ji Dong as before tranquilly, the body at least, but the look was actually very strange.

Made an effort to rub own eyes remotely, in the heart the secretly thought: I have not misread. Ji Dong this bastard so straightforward rejects her in the presence of everyone, thinks of the fine jade to look that his vision love was instead deeper. The psychological quality of this girl was also too better. Where remotely and knows, if Ji Dong this rejection falls on other girls, perhaps no one can bear. But only Chen Sixuan is the exception. This rejection is rejecting her present status, may also be to her beforehand status vindicating! Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames) being unswerving in loyalty, although makes present Chen Sixuan unable with him in the same place, but, can Chen Sixuan is not moved by his this loyal and deep affection? Complex, perhaps also only then Chen Sixuan understood.

Spoke these words, Ji Dong also in gazing at Chen Sixuan, he was also compels to have no other choice but so saying that reminded him with the Du Xin'er words remotely, now in the partners eyes, he is one is clearly right with Chen Sixuan. He does not hope such feeling spreads to each individual heart. He also suddenly awakens, oneself more and more custom had Chen Sixuan in feeling. Said these words, was straightforward rejection Chen Sixuan, was also strengthening own heart.

The remote accident/surprise, Ji Dong is more accidental, looks that Chen Sixuan that has the love also to have several points of complex mood vision, suddenly he somewhat dumbfounded. This vision seems so is how familiar, as if, he felt that is Lie Yan (raging flames) is gazing at to resemble, Ji Dong planned said these words turn around to walk, but his footsteps cannot move. Feels seems the Lie Yan (raging flames) gaze feeling, does he give up?

The contradiction in Chen Sixuan innermost feelings is anybody is unable to imagine, when she is listening to Ji Dong that steadfast vindicating, looks when look that Ji Dong that renounces, she how wants to tell him, oneself are Lie Yan (raging flames)! However, she cannot, if she said. Only can harm him, not only two people cannot in the same place, instead make his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, always can not be reincarnated.

took a deep breath, Chen Sixuan is returning to normal diligently the impulsion of innermost feelings mood, "Teacher Ji Dong, I want to discuss a matter with you."

Ji Dong subconscious say/way: "What?" Chen Sixuan gently caresses has hung two wisps of beautiful hair before body, "I want to hire you."

"Employs me?"Ji Dong has awakened at this time, how to see again, at present is also Chen Sixuan, but is not his Lie Yan (raging flames), calmed down, somewhat curious say/way: "Do you want to employ me?"

Chen Sixuan nodded, said: "Teacher Ji Dong, although you are not willing to accept my sentiment. However, I hope that can employ you to help my this time. Please pretend to be my lover, returned to Eastern Wood Empire to handle engagement matter with me together. Breaks an engagement, the employment ended."

"It is not good."Ji Dong is almost saying without hesitation. He can feel that oneself continuously is reducing to the Chen Sixuan resistivity, otherwise did not have just so explicitly to reject. How he can be willing to continue with she deeper contact.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you can ask other people to help, but I am not good."Ji Dong has turned around. No longer looks at Chen Sixuan, he feared himself, because the Chen Sixuan hidden bitterness and gentle vision vacillate.

Chen Sixuan shaking the head of gently, said: "No, other people are not good. My father sovereign will unable to see the person who I to bringing does have the sentiment? Only then you can help me. Teacher Ji Dong, first do not reject me anxiously, first listens to the reward that I can give, ok?"

After Ji Dong has rejected Chen Sixuan explicitly, the heavenly stems disciples no one opens the mouth, after all, the sentiment is their matters.

"Teacher Ji Dong, if I have not remembered incorrectly. You have said that every year must hold a memorial service for your spousal Lie Yan (raging flames) with one bottle of present age famous name wines. List previous Zhou Xiaoxiao of that ten big famous name wine has looked to us. You had now seven bottles, separately is the blue spirit fluid that is listed second, the third desert fine wine, the fourth origin of life, ranks the fifth nine revolutions of flame flame thick liquid, the gold/metal thin fine wine that is listed seventh and ranks ninth lonely such as moon/month. And, you have held a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) with the origin of life. also five bottles. But also misses four types from collection complete/even ten big famous name wines. That four types produce in Dark Five Elements Continent."

Ji Dong lightly said: "You said that these doing anything. This is my matter."

Chen Sixuan said: "This is your matter, but if I said that reward that I give, is one of the another four famous name wines? Can hire you?"

One hear of this saying, Ji Dong turns round suddenly, looks to Chen Sixuan, "do you have one of the other four famous name wines? Is impossible, that four types produce in Dark Five Elements Continent."

Chen Sixuan took a deep breath, in heart secretly thought: Ji Dong Ji Dong, to pursue you but actually, may really make me take great pains. You may know, two matters that I most want to do now. One is to jump into you cherishes, feels you to take to my warmth. Another, wants to punch your ruthlessly.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do not forget, our Eastern Wood Empire is a Five Great Empires middle distance Dark Five Elements Continent recent country, borders on Holy and Evil Island. Initially, before the war of Holy and Evil has not existed. Two pieces of continent had had the holy war. In the collection of my Eastern Wood Empire imperial family, one bottle of liquor, remained from that time. Named: The nether world Chinese ilex, in ten big famous name wines that the famous name wine records, ranks eighth."

This time, Ji Dong changed countenance, can have sixth ten big famous name wine, is the luck makes it so absolutely, he is certainly clear, wanting Dark Five Elements Continent to seek for another four types again, is the extremely difficult matter. Complies with the employment of Chen Sixuan, most one month sufficiently completed her request. Obtains this bottle of liquor again. He is unable to affirm, on Dark Five Elements Continent whether also has this type of liquor preserves. Although ten big famous name wines have rank successively, is, is equally matched by the precious degree. Always found one bottle, completed the Lie Yan (raging flames) wish on distance near one step. Such opportunity he cannot let off in any event. Even if clearly knows that Chen Sixuan proposed such employment for better approaches him, he is unable to reject.

Deep looked at Chen Sixuan one. Ji Dong solemnly said: "When leaves?"

Chen Sixuan relaxed finally, lags behind the veil on face, shows a faint smile, the glowing countenance that on the fresh-faced perfect tender face reveals made the heavenly stems disciples not be divided the men and women to look somewhat was in a daze. "Does not worry, six months later we will go back again with enough time."

"Good. I accept your employment." The Ji Dong sinking sound said.
Spoke these words, he turns around to walk, goes to the hole.

Looks back that Ji Dong departs, gathers side remotely Chen Sixuan, said in a low voice: "Is this also good? This fellow obeyed finally. Thinks of the fine jade, you may probably refuel!"

On Chen Sixuan charming face reveals a smile, "actually. I already guessed correctly that plays the sentimental sign to be useless to him. Only useful this made the condition that he is unable to reject, he will walk with me."

Fu Rui said: "Must when the time comes I also together go with you.
After all what you must face is two supreme powerhouses."

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "Does not use, thank you, Big Brother Fu Rui. Although opposite party that family powerful, but we after all are an empire. Has Ji Dong to accompany me to go back to be enough. Actually, in my opinion, Ji Dong cultivation base has been enough to compare favorably with any supreme powerhouse. Let alone also I." Next morning, those who made heavenly stems disciples somewhat surprised was, the first guest who they welcomed, was not and Ji Dong relates the close Fire Dragon king, but was that dragon sovereign wife, drilled the king of lizard clan.

The diamond Dragon King build compared with dragon sovereign small many, but besides lacking the golden dragon sovereign imperial crown on top of the head, her body like dragon Huang glittering and translucent carving, noble graceful is also common just like the woman of quality.

At this time the day just dawn, the arrival of diamond Dragon King awakened from the cultivation the heavenly stems disciples.

"Sorry, disturbing you to rest. Guest from human."Sound of diamond Dragon King is supple, sounds to be quite comfortable. If only hears the sound, everyone not her and king of dragon clan the lineage/vein will link. Must know, at present this diamond Dragon King stands existence in Rank
10 magic beast most peak, even if were heavenly stems Divine Beast compares unable to differ anything.

Heard the sound, Ji Dong first welcomed, looked up to diamond Dragon King, "hello, the diamond Dragon King senior, you were so early, for?"

Diamond Dragon King lightly sighed, "hello/you good, Ji Dong little friend. You directly called my name, my name was Yilina. My this coming, something requested."

At the same time was saying, its huge body crawls slowly, reduces the dragon's head to Ji Dong in front, Ji Dong clear seeing, in the diamond Dragon King Yilina dragon pupil, as if has mist ascension. Her mood fluctuation is also very intense.

Ji Dong hastily said: "The Yilina senior, had any matter you to say. If I in one's power, certainly helps you."

When Yilina gently nodded, again opens the mouth in sound was actually having several points of weeping voice, "Ji Dong, yesterday the Heavenly Dragon sovereigns had said to you, it only then two children, separately give birth with me and Wanisha. Wanisha child lost in 3000, finally looked. But my child side us, was actually the variation. It is not able to hatch. Now only the means can attempt, could successfully."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, understood Yilina meaning, "you said that wants to let your child and in us a person signs the contract , helping your child hatch by the strength of contract?"

Yilina nods immediately, said: "Before we had also thought of this idea, but we cannot ask a person to sign the contract the child casually. Our children, are dragon Huang an lineage/vein lineal successor. Since you can Maotai and Wuliangye that helps Wanisha receive the cold air invasion hatch, I think, you also certainly can help me, is?"In her big eyes has filled with the anticipation, even had the teardrops to tumble.

Ji Dong stern say/way: "Yilina senior, if can add on you, my certain help/gang. However, I am unable you to promise that certainly will succeed."

Yilina sighed, two drops of clear big teardrops tumbled, "I know, the difficulty that this child wanted to hatch was big. Do not have means including me and your majesty. Hopes that can try. Does not know that your which is willing to sign the contract with my child?"

In the Ji Dong heart is actually very awkward, but this also similarly is gambling, if can succeed the child who really hatches dragon Huang, some contracts make the guarantee, then, is no different regarding the heavenly stems disciple even more powerful. That has the Saint level potential drill lizard clan. But if, hatching? Must know, any Mage contract life only has one time. He cannot force any partner to take risk.

"The Yilina senior, does not know that what attribute the child of you and dragon sovereign is? Yin Earth or Yang Earth?"

Yilina replies immediately: "Is Sixth Earth, is Yin Earth, is the same with my attribute." Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, but stands not far away the wolf divine intervention also slightly relaxed behind him, if diamond Dragon King and child of dragon sovereign is positive earth attribute, that without a doubt, he is most appropriate. Risk that Ji Dong knows, he also knows certainly. From own perspective, he is not willing to take risk. But if is really Yang Earth , can only be acts by him. He cannot make Ji Dong difficult to do.

Ji Dong said: "This somewhat has troubled, Yilina senior. You should also know, magic beast and human sign the contract, generally is the same attribute. But, in us, remote of Sixth Earth attribute has signed the contract, had own magic beast partner, is a silver wing Haidong is blue."

"In you other people?"Yilina impatient saying.

Ji Dong somewhat awkwardly visits her, he has decided finally, cannot make the partners take risk. Even if were offends dragon clan also again saying that did not hesitate.

Yilina looks at Ji Dong, in the eye reveals the disappointed color/look gradually, sighed, "sorry, I know that was my request goes too far."

At this moment, a perfect interesting to listen to sound resounds: "I come and your child signing contract."

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