Jiu Shen Chapter 431-440

Chapter 431: Iron armor Dragon King

Listens to Tuault's big to drink. Looks that their teams force up fast, the vision of heavenly stems disciples went to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shaking the head of gently, defers to such that Tuault said that withdraws backward several steps. He is good to Tuault these person of impressions, these ordinary earthworms were used to increase their actual combat experiences to be appropriate.

Sudden three everybody truly have dragon clan the bloodlines, body tall robust, each three meters high, the height also fully has seven meters. The whole body is covering iron grey scales, is most striking, is their pair of red blood pupil. It seems the ominous prestige to terrify person.

"This is the iron ankylosaurus, is three to gather the mountain range special product, other place little sees. Without any skill, but depends upon strong and strength of body attacks. The defensive power is quite good, is the apex in Rank 4 magic beast to exist."

What opens the mouth is Fu Rui, was reported to the partners these three seemed the ominous prestige illustrious earthworms, reminded Tuault that side person.

Tuault they are know obviously this iron ankylosaurus, dares to three to gather the mountain range, they have conducted certain research to the low status Land Dragon of surrounding.

Three iron ankylosaurus appearances, they overran toward Tuault immediately, when the ten departments five elements suppression bursts out, the speed has then slowed down. But actually as before flushed. This Rank 4 Land Dragon, wisdom is very low, the iron ankylosaurus is the carnivorous animal, regarding invading the enemy in oneself territory will launch the attack surely. So long as is not the pressure that genuine Land Dragon high-rank dragon clan creates, even if faces compared with their level high Land Dragon they is also without hesitation.

The coordination of Tuault these ten people are quite tacit, when facing the impacts of three iron ankylosauruses, besides just started is somewhat startled, drinks along with Tuault that greatly, quick calm. Two Earth department Mage also go forward, the brown color and gray ray simultaneously shine. Simplest two Earth department skill releases.

At the same time the sincere/heavy dirt wall has blocked the way of iron ankylosaurus, in the loud sound, three iron ankylosauruses have broken through the impediment of dirt wall loudly actually, but their speeds once more were also slow a racket, but, after they run out of the dirt wall, the under foot is actually one soft.

Sometimes, wears away the rock with water is the best choice, the iron ankylosaurus itself belongs to Seventh Metal department magic beast, has met soft Sixth Earth department, immediately suffered a loss.

Although they are Rank 4 magic beast, but appraisal of this Rank 4 mainly on their tyrannical human bodies. Therefore, when three iron ankylosauruses one step steps into the small bog of Sixth Earth department Mage release, before not only , the potential of flushing stops, fell one to fall flat on one's face greatly. The Tuault ten people of crises are also easily solved.

Although said that the Rank 4 magic beast strength is only equal to Three-Crown Mage, but this is all -round strength that refers, once by iron ankylosaurus physical body tyrannical top Rank 4 magic beast close combat, Tuault their this squads may probably meet with a disaster.

Tuault loudly shouted. "Wood lights a fire, fireball technique." At the same time was saying, he with the girl rapid traverse of another Second Wood department to two Fire department companions behind, the wooden lighting a fire effect produces instantaneously, one red one blue, two gigantic fireballs simultaneously erupt, directly soars that three iron ankylosauruses to go. However, is very obvious, their these two fireballs are unable to complete fuse mutually. Their controlling forces also by far insufficient.

But is this, absolutely is not good to withstand to that three iron ankylosauruses.

Red fireball and blue fireball, separately hit on an iron ankylosaurus. These two Fire department Mage are Three-Crown cultivation base, but Tuault and another Second Wood department Mage are actually Four- Crown, Four-Crown assists Three-Crown, made their striking power large scale promotion. In intense bellow, iron ankylosaurus, although defends well, but was only raised by Third Fire fireball bang in that flew a somersault, body iron armor exploded scatters in all directions to flutter about, but another is more miserable, the blue flame spreads over the whole body instantaneously, burns squeak squeak makes noise. The unceasing pain hiss is howling.

"Ice cone."Tuault loudly shouted, two Water department Mage welcomed again fast. But their forms of defensive action actually and two Fire department Mage were formerly different. These two Water department Mage four hands grasp in the same place, the thick black and purple ray simultaneously ascend, changes into three in a flash is one meter ice cone floats slowly in the midair, is mixing the black and purple dual-color brilliance ice cone makes the temperature in air drop obviously. Moreover these two Water department Mage cultivation base unexpectedly are also the Four-Crown ranks. Fused two people the ice cone of strength, let alone is that two by the iron ankylosaurus of fireball hit, even if another complete iron ankylosaurus also not necessarily can resist. This may be the attack of close Five-Crown rank Mage. Also can it be that Rank 4 can magic beast contend?

Clearly, Tuault this squad is not interested in three iron ankylosauruses at present, the plan such strikes to kill them, to gain crystal core. "Stop."Ji Dong shouted suddenly. The personal appearance flashes, he arrived in front of that two Water department Mage, has blocked the way of their ice cone.

The ice cone condensed the forming, at present suddenly presented Ji Dong, immediately made two Water department Mage eat greatly already, hurried four to rise, three originally aimed at to directly soar airborne to shoot in the ice cone of iron ankylosaurus, has carried off the big piece cold air.

"Do you do?"That Ninth Water department youth big angrily said: "You did not help, also to be how more of a hindrance than a help."

Other Tuault and his partners also fell the vision on Ji Dong, at this time had existence of bog technique, that three iron ankylosauruses have not been able to constitute anything to threaten to them.

Ji Dong lightly said: "If you want to live are going out of here, do not kill any Land Dragon easily. The dragon clan itself does not unite, but here is three gathers the mountain range, is dragon clan the inhabit region. Was needless to say true Giant Dragon, even if were the Land Dragon, chasing down of how many earthworms you did self-examine to escape? Tames the Land Dragon not to have issue, but if you kill the Land Dragon here, then, only if you have the absolute self-confidence to protect oneself. These three iron ankylosauruses have sent out the distress signal, does not walk, could not get away."

That Ninth Water department youth has gawked. "Why we believe what you said is real? Who knows that you want to pick up a bargain, after we leave kills these three iron ankylosauruses to capture crystal core."

"Prada, shut up." The Ninth Water department youth who Tuault loudly shouted, prevents named Prada continued.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, said: "Does not need you to believe my anything, the fact puts at present. Some you said that the free time of idle talk, we had been surrounded. At least over 30 earthworms from all directions are catching up to us." Prada gawked, vision went to Tuault, Tuault's complexion appeared somewhat ugly, fast turned out one is similar to the compass thing, after looking at two, complexion big change, doubts said to Ji Dong: "Brother Ji Dong, could it be said that we do not kill these three iron ankylosauruses, won't these earthworms attack us?"

Ji Dong said: "Attack will attack certainly, but will at least not chase down. Now breaks through in a direction also with enough time. Remember, do not kill any Land Dragon."

mysterious loudly shouted, leading his partners to recognize a direction immediately, flushes away fast.

Fu Rui arrives at side Ji Dong, said with a smile: "Little Junior Brother, you so were when bad. Although the Land Dragon will chase down, the Land Dragon that but is only restricted in the iron ankylosaurus consanguinity will chase down the enemy who kills their clansmen. It is not all earthworms will chase down."

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, goal that we come do not anger dragon clan, since they with us. The Land Dragon that they kill naturally also similarly calculates above us. I do not want to enrage dragon clan. Then does not have any advantage to us. Walks, we also with. The front Land Dragon is not good to cope. Perhaps they must not deal. I can affirm now, Tuault they come from same the school surely. The actual combat experience is too not rich, but obtains the extremely systematic instruction absolutely. After certain tempering, is quite good Mage. However, they were too self-confident, these three gather the mountain range is not so is good. I thought that the place of Armanz mountain that rank is more suitable they."

Fu Rui said with a smile: "Young bull does not fear the tiger, this can understand. Your first on Holy and Evil Battlefield time magic power how many levels? Has not taken to Dark Five Elements Continent one similarly in a big way surprised?"

At the same time was saying, the people followed, the heavenly stems disciples saw that Ji Dong must help Tuault these person, naturally is also glad to relax.

Really like Ji Dong said. Just the vanguard in the mountain forest is about hundred meters, Tuault they have met troublesome. This time, no longer was the sole Land Dragon race. Altogether seven earthworms have blocked their way.

Although these seven earthworms do not belong to a race, but clearly, they are one group. Is a build of Land Dragon is especially huge, the body best pupil has about five meters, the length of body adds completely, has been nine meters. Although could not have compared the genuine dragon clan, but could not differ many, in the Land Dragon, was jumbo general existence. But its body, is covering the sincere/heavy iron armor similarly. A Shuanglong pupil is sending out the dark-red ray.

Tuault here Seventh Metal department Mage is overjoyed, "Boss, this is iron armor Dragon King, Rank 6 magic beast, even if were the contract recognizes the hosts is the good choices. Can its tame words, my strength little speak that can enhance one time!"

Listens to this Seventh Metal department Mage words, the heavenly stems disciples of following on the heels to smile, worthily is the young people of academic, in tames the present Land Dragon that this kind of time first thought. These seven earthworms so are at present good to cope?

Tuault complexion is stern, "Gucci, you shuts up to me. First went through the present difficulty to say again. Brother Ji Dong, these seven earthworms fear us unable to cope completely, whether you can help to resist part?"

Ji Dong has not spoken, but at this time, under the leadership of that iron armor Dragon King, seven earthworms the collective they launched the attack to Tuault.

In Tuault heart criticizes one to make friends carelessly, he has not obtained the reply examination of Ji Dong to understand that Ji Dong they do not plan to get rid. From the start bites tightly, simultaneously releases respective magic power with the partners, five elements suppresses is going on stage once more.

Has saying that collects ten attribute five elements to suppress in the battlefield is extremely useful. Even if these earthworms, cultivation base of iron armor Dragon King above them, suppresses facing five elements at present particularly obviously time, speed actually also obvious sluggish. The striking power drops.

Two flame spit the breath simultaneously to raid, that is spouts by two place Fire Dragon. The spitting breath that they spout although cannot melt gold/metal Huatie like true Fire Dragon, but the attacks of these two Rank 5 Fire Dragon are actually quite good, the flash has promoted the surrounding temperature.

Under the Tuault two Earth department Mage low-quality cloths defended again does not have so to be formerly relaxed. The intense heat flow sweeps across to come, making their five elements suppress stagnates obviously. Iron armor Dragon King the starting to walk stride flushed.

The bog technique expires, the reason is very simple, because the bog technique of Sixth Earth department Mage magic power is insufficient, the depth is not enough to prevent the advance of iron armor Dragon King, can only be makes the iron armor Dragon King speed delay.

The upper body of iron ankylosaurus has bent down, at this time its lowering the head people of see, there is still one length approximately one foot in its top of the head, extremely sturdy alone corner/horn. Without a doubt, ran upon by it so huge body, result not.

Besides iron armor Dragon King and two place Fire Dragon, other four earthworms also respectively threw. Luckily, these four earthworms are also primarily the physical body to attack, speed strange Kuai swift and violent dragon, but is unable to attack with magic skill, otherwise, Tuault's their bitter experiences will be surely more pitiful.

In this critical time, Tuault's both eyes suddenly has shone, the azure light sends out from him, on the surrounding trees, the innumerable branches lengthen instantaneously, change into the big net that vine composes, has blocked the way of iron armor Dragon King and swift and violent dragon.

Sees here, Yao Qianshu somewhat surprised said: "First Wood Second Wood. Very good talent!"As First Wood Mage Tuault, with is actually similar to the skill that Second Wood Mage displays, this is not the change in true attribute, the strength of one control but manifests, only has to own attribute comprehension faculty greatly strengthened person can achieve this point. Yao Qianshu as the heavenly stems First Wood disciple, can approve same attribute Tuault this, has proven Tuault's talent on First Wood attribute.

Bang a dull thumping sound, wears away the rock with water, although the hit of iron armor Dragon King is fierce, but after vine pliable but hard to break melting, this first has not dashed unexpectedly, prevents way that it went forward. Another four swift and violent dragons are no exception, although their speed is fast, is actually not able to break through this including the barrier that the strength of iron armor Dragon King cannot one break through.

Tuault's complexion one becomes pale, the whole person is swaying the body, somewhat creakies, shouted reluctantly: "Quick, everybody withdraws. How long I cannot block, I bring up the rear."

At this moment, in his eyes reveals only some lamentation, but, regrets to be also useful? True facing crisis, he understands that these three gather the mountain range is how fearful.


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Chapter 432: First Wood unique, life combustion

The guess of Ji Dong is very right. Tuault their this team of ten people, are elite in Northern Water Empire famous high-grade Mage school. They the status in school, look like the Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School students are the same. When the school puts winter vacation, their this group of ten people decided that three gather the mountain range to explore.

Without a doubt, they in the school are extremely outstanding, everyone is the talent in Mage. Long-time talent appraisal adds on themselves truly good strength again, the innermost feelings has inflated unavoidably. They once had also seen many earthworms, mostly is existence of Rank 4 and Rank 5, but, any Land Dragon, will not be they ten people of matches.

Therefore, they planned, this time came three to gather the mountain range, everyone must tame an Land Dragon to take the mount temporarily. After later cultivation base promotes to Six-Crown, seeks for true Giant Dragon to come the contract again. They truly are not too high to oneself localization, the goal is only three gathers the Land Dragon of mountain range surrounding, will be time investigates for one of the future dragon valley exploration. The school just had a vacation, these young people cannot endure the temper, under Tuault's leadership, specially aimed at three to gather the mountain range situation to cultivate together for ten days, this ambitious arrived at three to gather in the mountain range. According to their tentative plans. Everyone at least must find a Rank 6 Land Dragon to treat as own mount. But in fact, if their ten people collaborate, copes with Rank 6 magic beast not too to be also difficult, after all, they are ten attributes are complete.

But, they have not thought, after entering three gather the mountain range, unexpectedly in this short time encounters the danger that was unable to contend with.

Right, their judgments are very correct, the Rank 6 Land Dragon cannot hit their ten people to collaborate. But, here is three gathers mountain range, the plateau climate and cold weather, will affect their condition. Let alone, who stipulated the Land Dragon is only one one attacked them? These met seven earthworms that iron armor Dragon King led, Tuault had realized was not wonderful.

Diomin is white, the ten people, are impossible to cope at present these seven magic beast, only an iron armor Dragon King was the major problem. Let alone also two excel at the long-distance attack place Fire Dragon and four speed strange Kuai swift and violent dragon. It is not good, everybody must be annihilated here.

At this time, Tuault has set firm resolve, the partners are bring, in any event, must protect them to evacuate safely. Therefore, he released First Wood of this Certain Kill Skill rank to transfer Second Wood magic skill a moment ago, temporarily resisted the attacks of seven earthworms.

"You walk quickly, I naturally have the means to withdraw."Tuault saw that the partners have not moved, in the heart greatly is anxious.

The young girl firm say/way of that Second Wood department: "Tuault. You do not walk me not to walk, I and you bring up the rear together. Let them retreat first."

Tuault looks to that Second Wood department young girl, the affection of not mincing matter innermost feelings, has gripped the hand of young girl subconsciously, lips pursed. The adversity sees the true feelings, the fear in his heart unexpectedly is at this moment nothing left, consumption magic power completely as if also restored for several points. "Boss, we do not walk, we are not the soft eggs. Even if dies, we must die together."Tuault's partners enough loyalty, the fast accumulation side Tuault, everyone raises to gather their magic power, the firm look, making on them obviously many air/Qi of several points of withering, in this moment, they as if grew up has resembled.

First gets rid, as before was formerly that two Water department Mage.
Besides Tuault, is in these ten people they are strongest.

This time, condenses the ice cone that becomes is four, similarly is the dark purple. But magic power before copes with that three iron ankylosauruses the time is stronger . After four ice cone condensation are completed, their complexions became were also similar to Tuault, obviously has done utmost.

Tuault has not said anything again, he understands profoundly, indecisive is annihilated absolutely unavoidable. Only one spelled.

"Shoots the right leg of that four swift and violent dragon."Tuault loudly shouted.

Four ice cone electricity shoot, even brings four light frost fog in the air. The swift and violent dragon is Rank 4 magic beast, similarly grows perceptibly by the physical body attack, before their two , the claw is quite slender, has the sharp claw, big mouth that in addition that is good at tearing and biting, the striking power is also good. However, strength that they most take advantage of is actually the speed.

Without the swift and violent dragon of speed, has not distinguished with pheasant anything. This is historically formidable Mage has spoken the words. Tuault's dispatching to partners made Ji Dong nod slowly. Just as such of Director Tuault, these four swift and violent dragons, are actually to they biggest threat.

Although iron armor Dragon King is strong, but the itself speed is not fast, the huge body the speed that is doomed he to turn around is slow. But the swift and violent dragon is actually the speed wonderful quick incomparable, when they facing powerful enemy, often can escape calmly. Under the survival principle of nature, this is the ability that they seek livehood.

Therefore, if lets these four strengths is not very strong swift and violent dragon entangles, then, the Tuault ten people are true was more unfortunate than fortunate. Only had has solved these four swift and violent dragons first, then coped with iron armor Dragon King and that two place Fire Dragon can be easier.

Locking of Four-Crown Mage is not Rank 4 magic beast can dodge. Four ice cones accurate passes through from the vine slit, pierced the right leg of four swift and violent dragons respectively.

If strikes to kill these four swift and violent dragons, may the relations that because murderous aura made them respond ahead of time ran off instantaneously, but attacked their right leg, in locking will not have murderous aura to exist, even if were this type by the Land Dragon that the speed grew perceptibly also finally the say/way.

Four blood fog from the sky swing. In four swift and violent dragon pitiful yell sounds falls down, although is not fatal, but wants to run fast that is impossible. But also at this time, Tuault's defense vine broke.

Two place Fire Dragon flame fell on the vine finally, the restraint of flame to vine, in addition the iron armor Dragon King powerful strength, one has broken through the blockade. Iron armor Dragon King that huge body is directly soaring Tuault's direction hit, but. Injuries of four swift and violent dragons, have enraged its this Boss.

At this time, Tuault instead calmed down, "gave up five elements suppressing, everybody dispersed. The double fire, the double earth and double gold/metal, your six people have tidied up that two place Fire Dragon. This everybody gave me."Nye is his Second Wood department Mage. At this time double water Mage magic power has consumed completely, could not count on temporarily.

At the same time was saying, Tuault pulls to turn around to run. Does not run to opposite direction, but runs toward the side. At the same time is running, but also cannot bear lose to a Ji Dong angry look. May be this, he has not coursed Ji Dong iron armor Dragon King their direction.

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "These little fellows were also considered as are mental disposition pure and good-hearted. Ji Dong, haven't we gotten rid?"

Ji Dong shook the head, "waits again. Is crisis-charged, the talent that the potential stimulates will be bigger."

Yao Qianshu somewhat helpless said: "I started somewhat to be worried about the tour of our dragon valley now. The pressure is bigger, opportunity of collapse similarly is also bigger!"

Branches out six people to cope with two place Fire Dragon, is Tuault undergoes the careful computation. That two place Fire Dragon are Rank 5 magic beast, has his four companions to cope with the issue is not very big. So long as he can hang iron armor Dragon King. After two place Fire Dragon were tidied up, again centralized everybody's strength, and has possibly to win.

The actual situation in battlefield also defers to Tuault's judgment to develop, under besieging of his six partner, two place Fire Dragon retreats in defeat again and again, the body scar are getting more and more. Although will not be a short time fatal, but threatened also became getting smaller. But that two Four-Crown Water department Mage is using crystal core to reply own magic power fast.

Diomin is white, now and partners need is the time, he has decided that so long as can go through the present difficulty, immediately leads the partners to withdraw from three to gather the mountain range. This place. Truly is not they of present stage should come. At least wants , after Six- Crown cultivation base, arrived here to have the strength of maintaining life.

Tuault's magic power consumed was very fierce, at this time does not have the time to restore, although the speed of iron armor Dragon King does not have the swift and violent dragon to be so fast, but has it of huge body, every step takes to be able the advance enormous distance. Pursues in Tuault and behind, they are surrounded by perils.

Without the support of magic power, although Tuault's physical condition splendid is also felt that is getting more and more weary, if not and he can release some magic skill in together unceasingly, the vine in use woods prevents iron armor Dragon King, perhaps they were overtaken. May be this, iron armor Dragon King has also been away from them to enter more and more, Tuault even can feel iron armor Dragon King that stench, but the boiling hot breath is swaying his back unceasingly.

It is not good. Could not escape. Tuault took a deep breath, in this moment, his heart became calmer, within the body as if had any thing to break generally. The strong azure light ascends from him suddenly.

the next moment, he flings suddenly, has thrown to the front, but oneself , then accelerate several steps, treads again on a tree trunk of front not far away big tree, takes advantage of somebody's authority the rebound, directly soars behind iron armor Dragon King to throw.

This throws, in Tuault eyes has filled renouncing, he was summoning at heart, parted forever. You must go on living!

Dazzling azure ray, is similar to flame is ascending on Tuault, even if iron armor Dragon King that threatens saw that this secret footsteps have postponed several points, in the eye reveals one to hesitate.

Yao Qianshu of distant place cannot bear loudly shouted, "Wood department unique, life combustion."

Yes, Wood department Mage, can control the huge life aura, when their strengths are the certain extent, can control own vitality to fuse with own magic power, burns own life flame. In the process of this combustion, their own strengths meet the geometrical multiple promotion. However. Once the life flame is put out, their lives in light of this will also go. This is the going all out unique skill that First Wood Mage and enemy perish together! Is burning Tuault of life flame, looks like a azure light group, hit ruthlessly in iron armor Dragon King chest front, in this moment his rapidness of speed, in also imposing manner decidedly, actually made the response of iron armor Dragon King slow a racket.

The iron armor Dragon King that huge body, by flying upside down that his these hits, departs more than ten meters numerous falling on the ground. But Tuault's body, drops from the clouds.

Black purple two rays almost simultaneously fell on Tuault. Two Water department Mage finally restored some magic power, but they are actually not attack the enemy, but fell in torrents that Water department magic power in Tuault's body.

The aquatic wood, Ninth Water Mage moistens Tuault's body with his magic power, but Tenth Water Mage instantaneously puts off the life flame that Tuault has burnt with her Yin Water. Finally in this does not allow to send, saved Tuault's life. Naturally, they had not seen, the distant place has lifted Ji Dong of hand, has put the hand gently.

Iron armor Dragon King swayed back and forth in the ground, when stands again, formerly the fierce imposing manner is nothing left. angrily roared, fierce overran toward besieged two place Fire Dragon. Tuault's that six partners have to the fast shunt. Iron armor Dragon King holds in the mouth two swift and violent dragons, two place Fire Dragon hold in the mouth one respectively, dingy running.

Rank 6 above magic beast had certain wisdom, this iron ankylosaurus suffered a loss in Tuault hand, the little brothers situation is not very also wonderful, immediately chooses the sole to rub the oil.

Tuault's partners cannot attend to pursuing, encirclement fast to Tuault side, particularly that girl who called, was nearly crazy running over . The tears from the sky fly to swing, cries loudly.

"Tuault, your this fool, how can you burn the fire of your life?"Ninth Water department Mage Prada was the anger is painful calling out. Tuault lies down on the ground, although he has not died, but at this moment the whole person actually appears very old, as if in flash old dozens years old. Strength of life combustion is strong, the price similarly is also huge. Although had been prevented by the partners promptly. But Tuault also knows, oneself this life ended. Not is only unable to use magic power again, can only barely manage to maintain a feeble existence. As for can live for several years, he does not know.

Tuault looks at that has tears streaming down the face, on the face squeezes a smile reluctantly, ", does not cry. I did not regret. Did not regret. So long as you are all right, everybody is all right, I have felt relieved, let alone, isn't my this living? Prada, from now on, I the position of team leader will pass to you. Leads everybody to leave three to gather the mountain range immediately. Beforehand we, were really too arrogant, here did not suit us to carry on the smelting trial. Luckily, everybody is also all right. Otherwise, I hundred thought not redeem. Walks quickly, now walks. Prada, leading everybody to leave here to depend on you. I believe that your certain line."

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Chapter 433: Friendly because of good results

Prada looks at Tuault. solemnly said: "I cannot you promise that certainly can lead everybody to leave here. However, I can guarantee, if some people of second dying, then, this person certainly is I."

In front of Tuault lifts own right hand, Prada extends the right hand to grasp with him similarly. Tuault forces to next, Prada to stare slightly, will lower. His body has tunnelled the vision of other people, clear seeing, Tuault lip buzz moves, was saying anything to oneself, but does not have the sound, only then mouth. He was saying, looked after for me.

In this time, suddenly, a series of low roars are resounding, the members of Tuault Squad raised the head. When they see the surrounding situation, including Tuault and Prada, on each face revealed the desperate look.

At least over 20 earthworms slowly have encircled. Slowly approaches to them.

The Tuault Squad biggest mistake, is to three gathers the Land Dragon in mountain range to underestimate. The Land Dragon here, lives in groups the life completely. And the density is enormous. Although here is also only three gathers mountain range the surrounding, but Giant Dragon quantity of Rank 4 to Rank 6 is actually quite huge. Their successively twice and Land Dragon fight, the angry roaring sound and bloody flavor/smell of Land Dragon, bring in the reasons of other earthworms. At this moment, they truly knew anything is desperate. Tuault muttered: "Can be buried really here? Is I, is I am unfair to everybody. I should not lead you to come to here."

Prada angrily said: "When, you still have been rebuking oneself. This matter is everybody unanimously agreed that how can blame you alone. Dies dies. At the worst the next generation is the brothers again. Even if dies, I must draw in several pad backs. The bastard earthworms, you come."

While Prada angrily roars, a light sound resounds in their ears, "foolhardiness, with Tuault, your truly also disparity. Is the Land Dragon a bastard? What do our these enter the human of Land Dragon territory are? Was we disturbs their tranquil life to be right."

Prada has gawked, turns head to look with other partners, shortly after sees only these just knew, in that asks the Ji Dong white hair youth to lead the next 11 people happen to arrive at side them.

Regarding heavenly stems disciples, Tuault is also good, is Tuault's partner, extremely hates. From beginning to end, when they facing the Land Dragon, Ji Dong they simply have not gotten rid. In their opinion, if deals with time Ji Dong these people of Land Dragon to extend the aid from the beginning, perhaps now they broke through encircle tightly.

Prada to Ji Dong angrily said: "You are also a bastard, your these people are. Tuault was blind, how to invite you to travel together. Except for speaking wind discouraging talk, will you also do? Good! This everybody dies together here. I saw how the hell you also spoke the wind discouraging talk."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile. "Although crude a point, but you are also a real personality man. Du Ming, divine intervention and fragrant, these earthworms gave you. Remember, cannot kill one. Any Rank 6 Land Dragon, each species leaves behind one."

Du Ming and Du Xin'er are his disciple, at least in name is so, the wolf divine intervention came from equal king lineage/vein, Ji Dong uses this imperative mood tone not to have what improper to them. Regarding other people, Ji Dong naturally can exchange with other ways.

"Yes, Teacher." "Yes, few hosts."

When three people simultaneously complied, is ready to make trouble in surroundings these Land Dragon that will soon throw, three people simultaneously moved.

They kick out in the different directions, magic power of three people also bloom in this moment.

Milky Way flows swiftly to fall general pinnacle Ninth Water, radiant cold light pinnacle Seventh Metal, in addition sincere/heavy such as gold/metal pinnacle Fifth Earth, three great pinnacle magic power burst out instantaneously.

The attribute suppression of pinnacle magic power almost spreads in the flash each corner in 100 meters in diameter range. Tuault and his partners complexion also change, the look delay on each face. Although they do not know magic power that at present Du Ming three people of displaying is anything, but that pinnacle magic power effect actually was really too terrifying. Even if thoughts of revolt is unable to produce. Looks at that three color radiance, Tuault's mentality also has the change.

Ji Dong simply has not gone to look at the Du Ming three people of motions, but arrived in front of Tuault to squat. Takes out one bottle of origin of life from the Vermilion Bird bracelet, said with a smile: "Although this time led the partner to come three Heshan pulses to move. But can not be on the point of death chaotic, mobilizes the strength of partners as far as possible, and when encountering the danger took sacrificing oneself received exchange for the safety of partners as the price. You are an outstanding leader. The pressure similarly is also the power, this time, you have not dropped down in the face of the pressure, you is a victor. We hope that after this lesson, later you when handle anything to be more discrete, is maturer." The surface, Tuault is actually older than Ji Dong, but Ji Dong barely escapes death, the true age has surpassed 50 years old, like this taught him to say was logical.

Opens the bottle cap, drop of deep green liquid drops in Tuault mouth, the rich life aura is almost the eruption bursts out in Tuault within the body generally.

The originally of origin of life regarding Wood department Mage is the most precious object, the fire of life let alone Tuault just burnt. At this time the body obtains the huge life source to supplement immediately. Not can only recover, after this time being saved from death, his cultivation base also will even go a step further.

The clear feeling Tuault's life aura rapidly is restoring, that called young girl unexpectedly plop'ed, has knelt to Ji Dong, sobbed unable to speak.

Chen Sixuan goes forward to help up, shows a faint smile to her, said: "Treasures this sentiment well. Can find one lover, for are willing to pay with the life, is in your life the biggest luck."Although her words were saying, but the vision actually throughout fell on Ji Dong.

Another side, the Du Ming three people began.

The attribute suppresses the Land Dragon that daunted these to be ready to make trouble directly, was, the earthworms were motionless, does not mean that the Du Ming three people were motionless. Three people. Three different attributes, is three different forms of combat, almost also shows.

The rich cold air in that Milky Way flows swiftly falls in pinnacle Ninth Water magic power to burst out, Du Ming is carries out regarding Ji Dong order that absolutely, magic power that therefore, he sends out, assumes ring-like sending out directly. By his present Five-Crown close Six-Crown pinnacle Ninth Water magic power cultivation base, only if meets Rank 9 magic beast, otherwise, Rank 9 following magic beast must come under the influence that his attribute suppresses. Here is just three gathers mountain range surrounding, magic beast that these encircle is in the majority by Rank 4 and Rank 5, Rank 6 is unusual. How also possibly is his match. Ji Dong sends out them, the goal must quickly end at present this fight.

Extremely cold pinnacle Ninth Water magic power is sticks to the tread to send out, almost shortly, seven and eight Land Dragon under feet had been frozen. Their panic-stricken is struggling, but, can they discard oneself lower limb? The comprehensive limit, defeats again one by one. Fair that Du Ming displays.

The Du Xin'er forms of combat were another appearance, does not know that received King's infection, launched the attack, unexpectedly what she completely walked was the violence route.

The dazzling golden light from the sky sparkles unceasingly, is similar to punctures like lightning, her magic power consumption obviously be older than Du Ming. However, is almost only the time that several times breathe, all earthworms of this direction, the thigh had been passed through by pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power. In the pitiful yell sound, one by one falls down, lost the ability of motion. Her forms of defensive action, a little simulate the ice cone that formerly Prada and Tenth Water companion used. Just, her attack method and intensity, by far are not Prada they can compare.

The attack of wolf divine intervention most has characteristics, he has not used the wide scope the forms of defensive action, but is direct close combat. Under Tuault's partner gaze. Wolf divine intervention first looks. Is a Rank 6 iron armor Dragon King.

A fist rumbles, center iron armor Dragon King hardest head. Iron armor Dragon King calls out in grief, body unexpectedly shaken submerging ground one meter. The body of wolf divine intervention from the sky turned over for one week, arrived at behind it, holds the iron armor Dragon King back scale, to behind flings. The iron armor Dragon King that huge body soars immediately, numerous falling fall are being away from Ji Dong and the others not the far place.

After becoming the heavenly stems Fifth Earth disciple, magic power of wolf divine intervention also broke through Seven-Crown, in addition the depuration of pinnacle Fifth Earth magic power, as well as the inheritance is skillful in reality battle skill of diamond regiment lineage/vein, his strength compared with Du Ming brother and sister high more than one scale. When the body from the sky goes through many places organizes, earthworms simply do not have the strength of slightest bit revolt. The Land Dragon that any Rank 6 rank, directly was thrown in front of the people, does not arrive at Rank 6, then has thrown by far, falls seven meat eight elements. Without consuming many magic power, the fight had ended.

Land Dragon that twenty head sizes come up, almost in several breath, complete solution. Altogether four Rank 6 earthworms were also thrown in front of the people, moreover lost the revolt ability.

Prada and the others have grown up the mouth, Tuault along with the restoration of vitality, saw the latter half range of this process. He and his partners vision already delay. It seems, everybody age is similar, the Ji Dong average ages slightly are also older than them. But, these earthworms in others hands, simply likely are common that the paper sticks.

At this time Tuault is clear, formerly others did not get rid, is not not willing to help them, but disdains facing these earthworms in radically getting rid.

Seven-Crown, two Five-Crown, moreover uses made them feel the inconceivable magic power attribute. Actually Ji Dong are they who? Moreover, these people of three getting rid obey the Ji Dong order obviously. Then, this named Ji Dong, has a youth of white hair also to have what kind of strength.

In Tuault and the others under inconceivable gaze, the Du Ming three people have rotated, they looked like handle a simplest matter to be the same. Returns to Ji Dong behind. These Rank 4 to Rank 6 magic beast, truly are hard to pose any threat to them. Even if the quantity again many is also useless.

Ji Dong reaches out Tuault, has drawn from ground him, "your will recover gradually, after leaving here, seeks as soon as possible cultivates. Should also grow. This time enters three to gather the mountain range, to you are a lesson. These four Rank 6 earthworms give to you. I believe you, since dares to come, naturally has to tame their abilities. Four Rank 6 earthworms, is not considered as that white to come one. To help you collect ten heads, our time are limited, cannot compensate you again. Your this brings the Land Dragon to leave."

At the same time was saying, both eyes of Ji Dong have shone suddenly, Tuault discovered with amazement, the double pupil of Ji Dong, is sparkling unexpectedly separately the golden color and black ray. Sees only his both hands to wield, a gold/metal one black, two groups of rays simultaneously shine, falls in his body both sides grounds. As if rises suddenly against the wind general, two ray explosives, condense the human form unexpectedly in a short time, three meters, in the top of the head are also bringing highly royal crown respectively faintly. The threatening Pinnacle Two Fires aura leaps, making Tuault and the others retrocede subconsciously several steps.

This black gold/metal, two with the physique that magic power congeals, is the Ji Dong inheritance in the magic skill Saint Fire Element body and demon of flame element body Two Great Sovereign Kings. The ultimate deep meanings of these two skills, summon the element body of monarchy rank. Naturally, Ji Dong distance that rank also not small disparity. The flame that but he summoned commanded with the demon flame commands is also quite formidable. Before the magic power consumption completely, at least can also be equal to two Seven-Crown Mage cultivation base. Ji Dong is impossible to escort Tuault and the others personally, had these two big element bodies is not the issue. By of force control two element bodies his strong soul is relaxed pleasant.

"Flame commands with the demon flame commands will escort you to leave three to gather the mountain range. After leaving here, if you want, can go to the Central Plains City Mage association, studies five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, said goodbye."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong be with smile on the face waved to Tuault and the others, the heavenly stems disciples add on the bright secret, 11 people simultaneously jump, in an instant vanished without the trace. Tuault and his partners look direction that Ji Dong they leave, if no existences of two big element bodies, they must suspect really oneself were just was having a dream.

In this time, a white hair from airborne floating is falling, falls in Tuault hand, that white hair both sides, are the golden color and black, Diomin are separately white, this is Ji Dong leaves his faith token.

"Thank you, Ji Dong. Although I do not know that who you are. However, runs into you, is our time biggest luck. I only want to say now, living the feeling is really good. In the future if there is opportunity, the graciousness of today, Tuault must have the repayment. We walk."At that moment, he leads the partners to bow in the direction that the heavenly stems disciple departs together a ritual.

The new week, asking monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy, the splendid plot must launch immediately.

Chapter 434: The ancestor of Land Dragon

Said goodbye to Tuault and the others. The speed of heavenly stems disciples promotes immediately. On the Ji Dong face, is having a light smile throughout. Just entered three to gather the mountain range to meet such one crowd of brave actually loving youth Mage, making him happy. In the near future, Tuault and his partners have very big opportunity to become outstanding. The disposition has often decided realm of person. Ji Dong deeply believed, in these youth, at least Tuault definitely has the opportunity becomes the supreme powerhouse.

Three gather the mountain range to stretch across three countries, obviously its area was vast. Under the full acceleration of heavenly stems disciples, they also gradually entered the mountain range.

In the advance process does not stay, meets the low rank Land Dragon, the heavenly stems disciples only needs to release that pinnacle magic power aura, the earthworms by far will naturally avoid, the rank does not represent lowly is a fool, regarding the judgment of strong and weak they are very sensitive. Any living thing treasures to own life.

In the vanguard, the function of Ji Dong demonstrated that although he also knows that three gather the mountain range surrounding not to take to the people any danger, but he strength and the partners oneself soul linked. As the matter stands, he thinks of all that feeling can feel by the soul, simultaneously appeared in the partners mind.

Ji Dong will not have thought of the feeling to expand to is too far, only then diameter one kilometer range, but, all subtle points in this kilometer range. Without a single exception presents in front of his partners. As the matter stands, the people even can shut eyes to accelerate to lead the way fully, does not need itself to nose carefully anything.

Naturally, Ji Dong also understands, if continuously for a long time hence, surely will make the partners rely on to oneself, but, he must make the partners be familiar with this feeling, making everybody become more tacit. Until at this moment, him has not led the people to cultivate the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy together , because he needs the partners and is more tacit, trusts itself. After all, heavenly stems disciples are having pinnacle magic power, several people of also chaos embryonic form, Ji Dong the strength of soul, although is strong, is impossible to suppress the psychic force of partners to connect completely in the people together, he needs cannot make a mistake in the situation the people to trust him completely, looks like him to open the heart completely. Only by doing so, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can form.

The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that Ji Dong creates is no doubt mysterious, but, cultivates this strategy Mage cultivation base to be higher, is more difficult. The reason lies in the process that this circulation has. Once the supreme powerhouse or is Ji Dong is unable to help it form the circulation, was then impossible to complete. Therefore, generally speaking, Seven-Crown above Mage is very difficult to cultivate this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy.

The air is getting more and more cold, but heavenly stems disciples actually immerse during a like a fish in water comfortable feeling. Has the connection of strength of Ji Dong soul. Even if in this dragon clan inhabit region, their advances also as before is that smooth. All the way, they have to meet quantity over a hundred huge Land Dragon communities. But without a single exception ahead of time was discovered by Ji Dong, leading them to circle with ease. But few earthworms, are basic cannot constitute anything to threaten to them.

Ji Dong the strength of soul, looks like a subtlest radar, and will scan all information that obtains to transmit to each person of heavenly stems disciple. This wonderful feeling, made them be infatuated with sufficiently. Although 11 people have not maintained any lineups, may have the relation of Ji Dong, they are the close wholes.

As enters three to gather the mountain range to be getting deeper and deeper, the temperature also started becomes more and more low. The plant on mountain is gradually scarce, has, is primarily the coniferous forest. Majority bring the snow or is being the glazed frosts. More thorough three gather the mountain range, the quantity of Land Dragon instead was fewer and fewer. But the risk actually almost every time goes forward one step to increase. The quantity has been short, but quality actually in unceasing promotion.

Can live in the Land Dragon of so thorough mountain range, without exception, is the powerhouses in Land Dragon, at least must hang king character, naturally, is not iron armor Dragon King that type of fish intestinal fat. The Rank 8 Land Dragon is very rare outside world, may be here common. Even also was similar to initially Ji Dong and Fu Rui on Holy and Evil Island has met that variation attribute Land Dragon. These earthworms are Rank 8 cultivation base must strong in the ordinary Rank 8 Land Dragon. Say nothing of existence of also Rank 9. The Land Dragon of this rank, meets a head, meeting 100 first five, Rank 6 Land Dragon risks is higher.

In leading the way process, suddenly, Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, transmits to the information that partners stops temporarily.

People very under footsteps, somewhat surprised looks at Ji Dong, because in Ji Dong maintains to the investigation that in they transmit, any danger has not appeared. They do not understand why will make them stop in this time Ji Dong.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Everybody was careful, possibly has situation. Although my soul investigation has not felt existence of enemy directly, but has the police trillion that the danger presents."

Listened to his words, people are vigilant immediately, the rapid convergence lineup, encircles the secret in the center. Can let the police trillion that Ji Dong the strength of soul cannot investigate, that is not ordinary magic beast can bring. However, they also only stop in vigilantly, anything had not worried. The heavenly stems disciple gathers, although their present strengths have not reached the peak of heavenly stems disciple, but must say that has any magic beast to threaten their safety , is not extremely easy.

Some Ji Dong do not only think that his feeling is most direct, this dangerous police trillion does not appear in a direction, but came from in all directions. Such situation, naturally possibly in all directions does not present the enemy who made him unable to realize, if so, was too fearful. Even but if, is dragon clan, is impossible to have these many tyrannical existences. Therefore, the police trillion that this type transmits in all directions can only prove an issue. That is the great strength of future, has had the regional oppression strength to own aura formidable. If this is magic beast, Ji Dong can affirm, its strength must in initially nearly kill above own three full sun absolutely.

"Young human, your soul made me also feel formidable surprised, looked, in your this has not injured in my descendant share all the way, you can walk now." A low and deep sound remembers suddenly, looks like the risk that Ji Dong formerly felt is the same, the emergence of this sound also from all directions transmits, is actually unable to distinguish it where.

This time, Fu Rui and the others the vigilance also greatly enhanced, they can feel in the dignity in this sound having.

The eye pupil of Ji Dong gradually changed the color, on the partners also one after another presented the magic power mail-armor and helmet, naturally, Du Ming, Du Xin'er their magic power armor quality was not as good, cannot with Fu Rui, remote, gold/metal and Chen Sixuan compared with them.

Light silver light from Ji Dong eyeground release, the strength of soul closer with the partners links, and forms a small energetic barrier, happen to and body of partners covers, to prevent the spiritual impact of opposite party to appear. "Dragon clan senior of respect, hello. Since we arrived here, must enter dragon valley to have a look, is tries one's luck. I think. Since once some people can enter dragon valley to obtain the approval of dragon clan, we also similarly."Ji Dong neither arrogant nor servile saying.

Actually, he can definitely take out the scale of Fire Dragon king, but he does not have this doing, the master of that low and deep sound, without a doubt is extremely formidable Giant Dragon, this making he also felt that the pressure feeling of not in part of ones duty oppression makes the bloodlines of Ji Dong as if seethe with excitement general. Now he most hopes obtains this feeling, the feeling that let alone, he can also be clear about, the master of that low and deep sound does not have what evil intention to them.

At this time, the heavenly stems disciples admired to Ji Dong. Ji Dong this makes them not probably kill any Land Dragon all the way. Then obtained that low and deep sound benign treatment, otherwise, the situation may very be difficult to say.

"Young bull did not fear that the tiger is good, but, lost the life to be the fool absurdly. Good that the young people, you said that some human luck are very good, finally enters dragon valley, and obtains the magic beast partner who they wanted. Our dragon clan also has this custom, so long as human can walk into dragon valley by own strength, he has with Giant Dragon signs the Equal Contract opportunity. So long as there is Giant Dragon to choose him, contract can establish. What what a pity is, your luck are not good. So long as after any human enters three gather mountain range, bumps into me, but can also enter in the dragon valley to obtain the approval of Giant Dragon from nobody again."

Listens to his words, in the Ji Dong heart to move, said: "Does senior, around the dragon valley, could it be it is carry on the protection by the different dragon clans? But you are that protection most?"

That low and deep sound laughed, said: "You said that but actually not wrong, around the dragon valley, will have 12 Giant Dragon to inspect every day. Every day changes shifts, luck good human, has met strength weak Giant Dragon, can enter dragon valley. But I, am that 13 th protector. After your human enters three gather the mountain range, bumps into my probability not over 1/10. Because my most time are sleeping. What a pity, your today's luck are not really good, I cannot violate my pledge, since has run into you, must prevent you from advancing. Looked in your little fellows have in the charitable disposition situation, I said these many with you. Good, does not want self to harm, quickly leaves here. old dragon my three days later must enter the deep sleep probably, when the time comes you enter three to gather the mountain range to try one's luck again."

Very obviously, the master of this low and deep sound is really they very much has the favorable impression to Ji Dong, even also disclosed the time of oneself deep sleep.

Fu Rui arrives at side Ji Dong. Dispatches a vision of inquiry to him. However, does not need Ji Dong to reply, he has felt the meaning of Ji Dong. In Ji Dong connects in the strength of their soul, ascends to fight intent suddenly intensely, causes everyone the feelings of one's blood bubbles up to the brim, as if in this moment, in their innermost feelings the fight desire of most source was lit causing.

Side Chen Sixuan arriving Ji Dong silently, held on his hand on own initiative, Ji Dong has not rejected, strength of instantaneous water invisible soul ** friendly. The heavenly stems disciples only thought that light silver glow from Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan painful, as if has any thing to break in the upper air, and bursts out the formidable shake.

The soul blends, the Ji Dong eye Bank of China glow suddenly becomes powerful, in carries on the soul fusion after Chen Sixuan, he has been the unprecedented degree to surroundings all controls. the next moment, his vision coagulated in a direction. The goal that formerly is unable to investigate, was locked on by him finally.

"Eh, the strength of very powerful soul. No wonder can so relaxed arrived here. The young people, you are not evidently willingly!"

The cream pair of wings launches behind Ji Dong slowly, the giant wing raises high, his vision brilliant looks steadily at to focus on that "asked the senior to direct."

"Makes me direct, pays possibly is the life price. Since you act willfully, that old dragon I must move."

Buzz, the people simultaneously felt that under foot vibrated fiercely, the entire mountain range as if shivers. The heavenly stems disciples hurrying strength transports both legs, the both feet is similar to takes root sews in the ground generally, the secret , the heavenly stems disciple ten people sets up in an array, magic power, simultaneously ascends on them.

loud bang, beyond several hundred meters, a hill moved suddenly. Yes, is a hill, formerly also quiet unexpectedly moved there hill. Moreover is stretches.

The heavenly stems disciples, including Ji Dong, are almost the pupil also contract, Du Xin'er and Lan Bao'er cannot bear sucked in a cold breath of air.

Is the hill that several hundred meters away, after stretching, unexpectedly is a huge body, big of its body, has exceeded the people's understanding to magic beast.

After that huge body stretches, has exceeded 150 meters highly, like mountain peak has turned around slowly.

This reaches as high as 150 meters terrifying body turns around slowly, Ji Dong cannot bear saying: "Land Dragon?" The Giant Dragon characteristics have the wing, can hover in the vast clear skies. But at present the master of this incomparably huge body, simply does not have the wing.

Similar to the hill dragon's head cracks into a smile, reveals in the exit|to speak three rows of sword teeth, Giant Dragon of this terrifying nods to Ji Dong slowly, "right, old dragon I am the ancestor of Land Dragon. In these three gather the mountain range, even is all earthworms on entire Light Five Elements Continent, must call me an ancestor. Therefore I said, the luck of your little fellows are really not good." Buzz, two diameters have over three meters great big dragon pupil to shine fully suddenly, sends out the bright yellow brilliance.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 435: dragon clan the first powerhouse

dragon valley. In a giant cavern.

All over the body transparent. Has Giant Dragon languid lying down of diamond cutting line common scale there. Its body was too huge, is crawling the appearance is unable to judge to be actually huge. It most major characteristics, are above the top of the head have a golden bulge, that is not dragon corner/horn, but is similar to imperial crown general existence.

Only then really understood the person who dragon clan mystery knows, this golden imperial crown general bulge, is the characteristics of dragon Huang bloodlines. Yes, at present this Giant Dragon, is dragon clan the head of the clan, this generation of dragon sovereigns.

originally in it of deep sleep, has been opening eyes suddenly, the vision is somewhat vacant, the huge head lifts slowly, looks in a direction. muttered: "Did the ancestor of Land Dragon get rid? His will could it be run into the match to be inadequate? Really strange."

At the same time was saying, it sends out a long dragon to recite toward hole outside, dragon Gunei Giant Dragon hear this dragon cry, stopped own motion, simultaneously looks like toward the position of this dragon valley core.

...... The ancestor of Land Dragon, these four characters, are similar to four handle steelyard weights are ordinary, ruthlessly pounds such as in the heavenly stems disciples eyes. Other people are but actually better. The secret is actually the complexion big change. solemnly shouted: "Everybody was careful, the ancestor of Land Dragon is in dragon clan the genuine first powerhouse, cultivation base still above the dragon sovereign. In this world does not know that survived the how permanent remote years. In addition dragon Huang changes one time every ten thousand years, but since dragon clan has existed, the ancestor of Land Dragon always only has one. In the legend, the ancestor of Land Dragon is dragon clan the first dragon Huang elder brother, because has fallen in love with a Non- dragon clan female, thus receives dragon clan to punish, was destroyed the ability of flight. However, because of so, in its blooms under a loose leaf, had today's numerous type earthworms."

Is listening to the secret words, the complexion of everyone changed, Ji Dong had very high estimate to the present enemy, but he actually discovered at this time, oneself computation lowered. The ancestor of Land Dragon, is this simple four characters, can explain the lots to them. Let alone the explanation of also secret, dragon clan is the first powerhouse, what these six characters representative? The strength still the powerhouse above dragon sovereign, the flight, is not the powerhouse must have.

Chen Sixuan lowers the head slightly, her vision has also shone, Ji Dong at this time and her soul melts, naturally can feel the change of her mentality. He discovered with amazement, oneself since have known Chen Sixuan, first time feels the desire of fight from Chen Sixuan. Meanwhile. Has also resounded the Chen Sixuan sound in his heart: Below Divine level, the first powerhouse.

Without a doubt, these eight characters described the ancestor of Land Dragon. Below Divine level is the first powerhouse, what representative? On behalf of the ancestor of present Land Dragon is being existence of Saint level peak. Ji Dong does not know how the appraisal of Chen Sixuan comes, but actually believes in firmly in his innermost feelings.

Ji Dong does not certainly know, the fight desire in the Chen Sixuan heart having, is the Lie Yan (raging flames) fight desire! Can make Lie Yan (raging flames) have this feeling, obviously the ancestor of this Land Dragon was how formidable.

After the illustration of secret, the heavenly stems disciples was clear, before the Zu of Land Dragon said that puts them to depart these words, is really not the arrogant word. Was dragon clan the first powerhouse, who also in these three gathers in the mountain range some qualifications to speak that words compared with him?

The ancestor of Land Dragon seems with ordinary Giant Dragon somewhat resembles, but does not have the dragon wing, the body also compared with ordinary Giant Dragon sturdy many. Especially that two are similar to the Tienchu common thighs, the diameter achieves terrifying about five meters. Giant Dragon's Tail flings in the back, how long does not know. Reaches as high as on 150 meters male body, is covering the scale likely is the granite is common, cannot see the thickness. After a pair of bright yellow dragon pupil shines, as if entire three will gather the mountain range to light generally. In the air various species magic power elements swarm to go, unceasing was swallowed to enter by its body.

"Your these little fellows made me very surprised, actually the also person knew my existence. You said right. I am in your mouth the alternative of that dragon clan. However. You make me be interested very much, now wants to walk, I will not make you depart easily. Accompanied me to move."

At the same time was saying, the ancestor of that extremely sturdy thigh Land Dragon lifts one, gently treads on the mountain peak under body.


The heavenly stems disciples only thought that since a not resistible huge strength explodes from the body suddenly, without any exception, including the secret, 11 the bodies of people in that innumerable promotion of crushed stone and under huge energy, broke in the midair directly.

Earth department magic power of good terrifying, this simple, at least the bang has broken to pieces the diameter 30 square meters full circle spherical granite mountain massif.

"It is earth attribute."Wolf divine intervention loudly shouted.

In ancestor's of bright yellow dragon pupil Land Dragon flashes through one to tease, "that you are having a look, I now am any attribute."At the same time was saying, he has blown the tone toward the heavenly stems disciples gently, immediately, the thermal drop in air, the moisture turned into the one by one small ice particles. The extraordinarily cold air, making on heavenly stems disciples the arrange/cloth get down incorruptible immediately, and this was blown, swept across into the upper air once more, but has not tenesmused.

"five elements Yin-Yang."Ji Dong loudly shouted, dazzling Pinnacle Two Fires almost simultaneously bursts out from him, the gold and black dual-color flame just presented at the same time, a cream ray from his chest place release, became this dual-color flame core.

Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire and Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire coil around the entanglement, rapidly formed a Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish design behind Ji Dong, the originally extraordinarily cold temperature is overhung a stretch of world by him actually, from the sky produced to congeal the solid magic power fluctuation.

The heavenly stems disciples are one generation of powerhouses, pinnacle magic power in abundance bloom. The ten departments pinnacle fuses together instantaneously, changes into a giant light cover to open, prevents the cold current of that terrifying outside, is five elements Yin- Yang.

Meanwhile, Fu Rui loudly shouted, has grasped thunder Yushen the axe in the hand, this Yang Thunder divine tool in airborne one stroke, the dark cloud of big piece condenses above the top of the head immediately, at the same time, airborne splits a slit, recited along with a resonant dragon, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon dropped from the clouds , to continue the body of Fu Rui. Has not used the mount facing the ancestor of Land Dragon, that courted death. In the present time, their anybody cannot have the slightest bit to retain.

"Yo, pinnacle magic power, a little meaning. Your these little fellows so were no wonder self-confident." The ancestor's of Land Dragon big mouth, seemed is smiling, from beginning to end, its huge body has not moved, but was relying on the control to magic power, made the heavenly stems disciples fall into the strategic place.

In bright yellow both eyes, electricity projects two golden yellow rays suddenly. The accurate bombardment in Ji Dong their by the ten heavenly stems disciple arrange/cloth, has not let slip above five elements Yin-Yang.

metal attribute? In heavenly stems disciples mind had the similar thought. the next moment, the five elements Yin-Yang defense of their powerful unexpectedly loudly shatter, changes into ten color light to scatter in all directions to flutter about in the sky. But under the arrange/cloth nine people of five elements Yin-Yang also the body shock, from the sky scatters in all directions to flutter about.

In this moment, in heavenly stems disciples each individual heart had a dilutedness, is unable with the dilutedness that the enemy contended with. The ancestor of present Land Dragon was really too formidable. Formidable to region that they are unable to imagine.

Earth department, Water department and Metal department, it actually simultaneously is having three departments magic power. The control to magic power, has been the incomparable terrifying degree. As if on this day between magic power element originally belongs his. Ji Dong their ancestor of attribute suppression to the Land Dragon is completely invalid. Instead when is they want to transfer magic power, compared with ordinary difficult minimum one time.

Saw that the partners scatter in all directions to separate, the brain of Ji Dong is revolving high-speed. Although he can feel the ancestor of Land Dragon to their not any evil intention. But if, such does not have the strength to hit back that others hit, will cast the indelible shadow in their innermost feelings surely. Must counter-attack.

The Ji Dong tooth fastens to nip, back pair of wings opens suddenly, resists itself to fly upside down fully the momentum in process. His right hand also each other grasps with Chen Sixuan, is maintaining the soul fusion. After opening the pair of wings, simultaneously body deflection, blocks the body of Chen Sixuan with own body.

Under huge momentum effect, two people bodies collide unavoidably in together, but Ji Dong also only then by doing so, can avoid the Chen Sixuan pulled injury danger.

"I help you." The Chen Sixuan sound resounds in the Ji Dong mind. the next moment, another hand of Chen Sixuan has climbed up the neck of Ji Dong, the right leg has lifted, the waist of reverse cling Ji Dong, the tender body in airborne that revolves for one week, the next moment, her whole person has twined completely on Ji Dong, the both legs tie down the Ji Dong waist, both hands hold in the arms the neck of Ji Dong, the whole person complete fitting behind Ji Dong.

Rich pinnacle Second Wood magic power bursts out instantaneously, along with the eternal magic power of armor and life nucleus, pours into from Ji Dong each pore to his within the body. But the release that Ji Dong the strength of soul also after obtaining Chen Sixuan is outspoken promotes once more.

Chen Sixuan is such taking the bull by the horns, simply did not have the hesitation of slightest bit to complete all these. If were not affected in this time Ji Dong, that was impossible. Chen Sixuan does, not only but helps him be so simple. She simply has not left behind magic power to protect oneself, the strength of soul also similarly is so. Once Ji Dong presents danger in the attacks and defenses, then, first bad luck will be Chen Sixuan. The body collapse or the soul collapse, will cause the damage that must die to her.

A girl, can not have ponder to make all these, what explained? Explained that she simply does not have the heart of slightest bit guarding to Ji Dong, explained her to Ji Dong being in love wholeheartedly.

At this time, the time that Ji Dong has not pondered, the whole person from the sky revolves for one week, finally contained brunting. The personal appearance turns around, in the eye emits three chi (0.33 m) silver light. Both hands close up above the top of the head. The dazzling red light bursts out suddenly, the dense murderous intention, has been similar to bursting out of explosion, points to the ancestor of Land Dragon. He relies on the deicide in sword of Fire God to kill intent to lock the ancestor of Land Dragon unexpectedly.

Ancestor of originally Land Dragon teased prepares to send at present these young people with several small magic skill again, but the airborne sudden dense murderous intention made its vision also move.

This murderous aura is not the large surface area sends out, but is congeals a straight line, the both sides of straight line separately both eyes in Ji Dong Fire God the sword and Land Dragon top of the head between ancestor.

Huge murderous aura, Pinnacle Two Fires condenses transforms as the strength of Fire God instantaneously, burst out the unprecedented terrifying strength, Ji Dong only thought at this time oneself integrated in the air completely, integrated between this day and place. The back Primal Chaos Yin-Yang Fish design vanished. But in the sky, the sunny day and dark moon/month also appeared.

"Really interesting, strength very strong divine tool! Unexpectedly really bright aura. The boys, the strength of your not only soul is good, so is also strong including magic power. The wood lights a fire to add on the divine tool. Although magic power is not much, but also was commendable."

In murderous aura locking of sword of Fire God facing the Ji Dong hand, the ancestor of Land Dragon in the process of speech as before is that unflustered. But Ji Dong actually with amazement discovered that after the comprehensive release and Chen Sixuan fuse under locking of strength of soul. It is not able to lock the ancestor of that huge body Land Dragon unexpectedly completely.

Its male body as if momentarily is rocking, own locking can only contact it reluctantly. This is not the ancestor of Land Dragon is certainly moving, but came from strength of disturbance its soul. Since can carry on soul fusion after Chen Sixuan, this is Ji Dong first time felt that is unable to contend with the match in the soul level. Even if before is, facing the chrysanthemum pig or is Zhou Xiaoxiao such supreme powerhouse, he does not have this feeling. Is the ancestor of this Land Dragon, really under Divine level the first powerhouse? If is really this, then, if can, when two pieces of continent holy wars asked its old person to become an official, but also needs to fear the dark secret? Because in the heart had this idea, the Ji Dong innermost feelings instead are gentle, his condensed itself and on Chen Sixuan completely magic power the sword of Fire God, only then formidable murderous aura, actually soldier not true killing intent, what instead are more is an excitement.

Although Ji Dong is unable to lock the ancestor of Land Dragon completely, but his motion played enough role, as a result to his attaching great importance , the ancestor of Land Dragon naturally will not go to other control people, Fu Rui and seizes the chance to summon the mount remotely, met to get down toward the ground to fall other heavenly stems disciples separately.

"Senior, was careful."Ji Dong loudly shouted, the back pair of wings whips suddenly, cloudy Yang Fire hovering law simultaneously appears in the back, at the same time, Chen Sixuan also released Second Wood condensation law, originally was close to the limit magic power to promote once more, the next moment, the body of Ji Dong has been similar to directly soars the ancestor of overhead Land Dragon to fly at top speed generally, his both eyes turned into the red in that flash completely.

At the end of the month final several days, eruption, brothers and sisters. Small three need everybody's support. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 436: Ancestor's of Land Dragon demon territory

Ji Dong at the back of Chen Sixuan. The body sword unites, two people magic power erupts fully, pours into the sword of Fire God to drop from the clouds, directly soars the ancestor of Land Dragon to flush away. At this moment, the Ji Dong mind completely immersed in the sword of Fire God. The deicide in sword of Fire God cultivates the strength of like this state of mind is unable to cause trouble in front of him and Chen Sixuan fusion soul. This sword, is his true peak strength, does not have the slightest bit magic power leak, complete condensation in being four chi (0.33 m) densely completely on magic power the sword of Fire God.

Ji Dong is very clear, if have any skill to the ancestor of Land Dragon to create troublesome, that only then extinguished the god to strike. Although he also extinguishes the god to direct to draw to attack the enemy again, but does not need to try him also to know, will extinguish the god to direct to the ancestor of Land Dragon not to be useful. Only the ancestor of that huge body Land Dragon, is not he can with extinguishing the god directs to involve. Therefore, he can only make the potential of staking everything on a single throw of the dice, launched attack whole-heartedly to the ancestor of Land Dragon.

The body in the midair, acceleration, surrounding scenery retrocedes suddenly instantaneously, Teng Snake flashed to display. Teng Snake flashes him only to use as before five times, has not entered realm that sixth flashes. At this moment, Ji Dong flashed to display these five Teng Snake completely, moreover did not have the slightest bit corner. Is the straight line accelerates, looks to airborne from the ground, can see, is ancestor of top of the head a red ray straightly shoots Land Dragon. Five acceleration, the Ji Dong speed and imposing manner, have promoted the unprecedented peak.

The ancestor's of Land Dragon big mouth, opened mouth, has blown the tone toward dropping from the clouds Ji Dong gently. Immediately, light yellow mist emit from its mouth, is bringing the radiant yellow luminous spot, moving forward to meet somebody of being quietly.

Ji Dong Teng Snake flashes, as if simply has not played disrupts the ancestor of rhythm Land Dragon goal, when he must arrive to the ancestor of top of the head Land Dragon above shortly, that light yellow mist appeared before him.

The mist condenses instantaneously, originally covers dozens square meters light fog to contract sufficiently instantaneously, turned into a diameter half meter light shield unexpectedly, but position that this light shield presents , the sharp place of sword of Ji Dong that Fire God.

A light sound that ding, before Ji Dong that rapidly to/clashes stops, he only thought oneself as if hit on a mountain, both hands shock, the fingers/tiger mouth also cracked, the blood burst out.

Is a grating cracking resounds, the yellow light shield of that condensation is loudly stave, changes into yellow light dispersing to go. The sword of Fire God is under wields as before, what a pity. The momentum of Ji Dong body stopped, can only brings a red light blade, cut to the ancestor of top of the head Land Dragon.

Bang a dull thumping sound, the ancestor's of huge body gearing Land Dragon has not even moved, the light blade that the sword belt of Fire God has, but splashes dust above his top of the head. But Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan again have actually encountered the strength of huge counter- shaking, body flying upside down. If not he grips sword hilt fully, perhaps the sword of Fire God has let go to depart. At this time in the Ji Dong heart only has a thought that similarly is the Saint beast, how ancestor's of this Land Dragon cultivation base and is the chrysanthemum pig disparity so big? The ancestor of Land Dragon has turned neck, huge eyes winked, "a little meaning."

In this time, royal purple ray has been soaring from the ground together, flies in line with the direction of ancestor of giant Land Dragon, along with, also resounding dragon recited the sound. Purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon.

Stands in only has two people who the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, is Fu Rui and gold/metal. They also besides Ji Dong, in heavenly stems disciple strongest two people.

Ji Dong was shaken flies at the same time, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon long recited to leap into airborne, the goal must attract the attention of ancestor of Land Dragon, in order to avoid he continues to attack Ji Dong again.

The ancestor's of Land Dragon vision looks like toward here from Ji Dong. When its bright yellow eye pupil falls on the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, strange appeared.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon thunder seemed like seized throat suddenly, dragon Yinsheng stopped, both eyes turned, the pair of wings immediately changed soft, originally overshooting the potential of flight, turned into falling directly, came a freely falling body toward the ground.

Fu Rui is surprised, he does not understand that the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon had an accident, but felt that this moment and its relation shut off unexpectedly forcefully.

The ancestor of Land Dragon, these four characters may, not only said. Even if dragon Huang is also polite before the ancestors of this dragon clan, let alone was the ordinary dragon clan. Although the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is variation Giant Dragon, but its cultivation base only has Rank 9 after all, even if arrived at Rank 10, before the ancestor of Land Dragon, it is also only a kid. Ancestor of that eyes Land Dragon, have filled the high-rank dragon clan formidable dragon prestige, has sealed instantaneously up the dragon knowledge of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon. The ancestor of this Land Dragon in dragon clan, has the name of Dinghai god needle, any dragon clan before him share that only then admits defeat.

The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon tenesmuss, Fu Rui naturally cannot look on, otherwise, what to do if the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon did plunge to death? But gold/metal no matter actually this set, in her heart is only Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan safety. In the flash that the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon tenesmuss, she both feet has caught up, on the body flees, directly soars the ancestor's of Land Dragon direction to flush away. The court eunuch manufacturer releases against the wind, the body covers to have the perfect streamline golden mail-armor and helmet. It looks like a shell, hit to the ancestor of Land Dragon.

Ancestor of laughed Land Dragon, in the eye the ray flashes, immediately is electricity of two yellow rays from the dragon pupil shoots, directly soars King's body to hit. Saw that yellow light will soon collide to gold/metal body instant, a golden halo releases instantaneously from the flatter golden body. That golden halo is extremely as if sharp, by attack that ancestor of such strength Land Dragon sends out, was separated unexpectedly instantaneously. That two vision go following gold/metal body both sides circulation, had been cut open stiffly, but gold/metal actually as before directly soars the ancestor of top of the head Land Dragon to clash. Both hands turn around the court eunuch manufacturer, that golden halo has spread from the wrist/skill to court eunuch manufacturer Jianfeng, directly soars the ancestor's of Land Dragon right eye to grip.

"Eh?" The ancestor of Land Dragon has made the surprised sound once more, this time, its big end moved finally, King's locking was similarly useless to it, has avoided the peak of court eunuch manufacturer, collided with the top of the head above.

The dull thumping sound of clang, gold/metal similarly is the whole body shock, the court eunuch manufacturer lets go to depart, the whole person also from the sky flies upside down, the blood sways from the wrist/skill place of her both hands, the fingers/tiger mouth similarly was also shattered.

However, her attack actually that powerful. Unexpectedly has left behind a spoken parts mark in the ancestor of top of the head Land Dragon. Broken against is impossible, but can stay behind such together the trace, gold/metal also good enough to make one feel proud.

Waist one tight, King's body stopped the tumbling, when turns head to look, happen to saw the face of Ji Dong, after Ji Dong is shaken flew , the high speed control own body, happen to with enough time caught gold/metal, leading her to drop from the clouds together.

But another side, the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe has also divided in the ground, with the aid of the strength of rebound. Slowed down itself and potential of purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon falling, then falls in the ground, has a loudly loud sound.

Ji Dong carries Chen Sixuan, in the hand is taking gold/metal, falls from the sky rapidly, the other people of heavenly stems disciples also immediately gather to Fu Rui, since everyone raises gathers oneself magic power to prepare the strain completely at any time.

Strength that the ancestor of Land Dragon displays was really too terrifying, this was they have never encountered the tyrannical strength, Ji Dong and gold/metal such supplements all -out attack of divine tool unable to cause any damage. The heavenly stems disciples know, now only then concentrates everybody's strength, like the possibility of previous time coping with chrysanthemum pig such achievement. Although seems the ancestor of Land Dragon does not have what evil intention, but it is so formidable, must kill the people, simply was an easy matter.

However, those who made their somewhat surprised was, an ancestor about attack Land Dragon, has not been leading Chen Sixuan and gold/metal until Ji Dong falls after the ground, has not launched the attack as before. When the people raise the head to it looks, discovered its pair of bright yellow big eyes unexpectedly complete delay, was gazing at the front, the nose place unceasingly was shrugging, as if in earnest was hearing any thing. The huge body is slight is shivering, every time shivers, will have some dust to expose from the body.

Was its this? Ji Dong doubts looks to gold/metal.

gold/metal naturally understands that his meaning, firm shaking the head, "my attack cannot broken guard, its defense was too strong. Only if we concentrates the strengths of all people to extinguish the law of god striking to puncture through the sword of your Fire God again, perhaps a also opportunity. The secret said right, it should be under really Divine level the first person, true Saint level peak. Does not know , if that dark secret to it, who is fiercer."

In free time who gold/metal spoke, suddenly, the ancestor of Land Dragon raised the head suddenly, formerly has been closing the big mouth opened suddenly, that super big mouth as if can swallow the world to be ordinary, dragon, incomparably shocked recited the sound to release suddenly from its mouth.


Giant voice. Makes entire three gather the mountain range fiercely to shiver, was away from it very near heavenly stems disciples almost to cover own ear subconsciously, saw that terrifying the sound wave was destroying various plants of their side fast, the sound waves of distortions released from ancestor of top of the head Land Dragon unceasingly outward.

The Ji Dong complexion big change, becomes extremely ugly. In the people, naturally must be the strength of his soul is strongest. He can feel clearly, in ancestor of rock the earth angry roaring Land Dragon, contains the extremely complex mood to fluctuate, in other words, this super Saint beast is is extremely not now calm. Only the sound so was fearful, if it does launch the attack to be what kind of whole-heartedly?

The sky completely becomes dark, the white, golden color and blue color, three types separately were representing pinnacle Seventh Metal, pinnacle Fifth Earth and pinnacle Ninth Water color have formed a giant disc in the sky. In air, on the remaining these three species elements, other attributes unexpectedly completely had only been scattered.

The demon territory, these two characters simultaneously appear in the heavenly stems disciples mind. The ancestor of Land Dragon unexpectedly in supine Tianchang recited to release own demon territory, can actually it make what? Strength as if the next moment that it blooms at this time can entire three gather the mountain range also to destroy.

Three gather all earthworms within mountain range range, in this moment crawls all fiercely in the place, the whole body is shivering, ancestor's of Land Dragon dragon prestige, swept across entire three has gathered the mountain range, even continually most core dragon valley also.

Ji Dong took a deep breath, at this time, he knows that oneself was unable to hesitate. Otherwise, the ancestor of very possible Land Dragon to strike can make them be annihilated.

Tight grips the hand of Chen Sixuan, two people souls fuse about one coordinated in the same place, the next moment, the Ji Dong soul with the partners have communicated in together, including Fu Rui and secret. His thought also spread to the partners mind.

"Does not know that what happened, generated the ancestor of mood Land Dragon not to be steady. We now the road of only seeking livehood is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. Senior Brother, how regardless of then, must depend upon you and secret Protector for us, I must complete cyclic method with everybody. Everybody opens wide own soul world, do not have the slight contradiction."

The voice falls, Ji Dong the strength of soul has charged into the soul world of people without hesitation. At this time, he no longer went to think that the partners can the soul open insufficiently cause to backlash. He must succeed, otherwise, how can also be able to resist the ancestor of that tyrannical strength Land Dragon. White halos erupt unceasingly from Ji Dong, he hand of Chen Sixuan according to oneself left shoulder, at the same time, through the strength of soul, simultaneously transmitted the way of position to the partners.

The Ji Dong left, separately is Chen Sixuan, remote, gold/metal, Lan Bao'er, but his right is Yao Qianshu and wolf divine intervention, Du Xin'er and Du Ming.

The both sides have four people respectively, the left hand of Chen Sixuan build on the shoulder of Ji Dong, the left hand of Ji Dong builds on the remote shoulder, remote makes contact with gold/metal again forward, gold/metal makes contact with Lan Bao'er, finally in Chen Sixuan by the Lan Bao'er connection. Also another side, connects according to the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements similarly.

Ji Dong without a doubt became two circulations cores, nine people, have composed a dual cycle situation. Under Ji Dong strength of comprehensive stimulation of movement of soul, in addition the guidance of strength of chaos. The mutual promotion of the five elements circulation one attacks unexpectedly successfully, completes instantaneously.

Facts showed, the worry of Ji Dong is unnecessary, the heavenly stems disciples already do not need to his trust any worried, nine people, ten attribute dual cycles complete at the same time, five elements Yin-Yang appeared unexpectedly voluntarily again, the ray that ten color light cover formerly was at least more powerful than the several fold, and secret covers the heavenly stems disciples , the sound isolation of ancestor of that terrifying Land Dragon outside.

At this moment, a vigorous sound resounds: "Respect does the ancestor of Land Dragon, what matter lose one's temper?"

The demon territory that the ancestor of Land Dragon releases meets the day continually, where simply cannot feel the boundary of this demon territory , the terrifying pressure, making the mountain massif unceasingly make giggle the sound, as if had possibility avalanche under this oppression anytime. At this moment, along with that regards, the golden light has illuminated place of sky corner together suddenly, the diamond insightful form soars together, flies into following that golden light airborne, the pair of wings opens, presents a that he about 50 meters huge body.

Chapter 437: dragon Huang

The golden light has illuminated place of sky corner together suddenly. The diamond insightful form soars together, flies into following that golden light airborne, the pair of wings opens, presents a that he about 50 meters huge body.

This huge body nearly is all over the body transparent, the scale of whole body presents the diamond cutting line is common, above the top of the head, is sparkling the shining brilliance, seems like bringing certain imperial crown, formerly that golden light, in this imperial crown sends out, when it from the sky launches the pair of wings, anchorage personal appearance time. An invisible dignity spreads immediately, even if in ancestor of that terrifying demon territory Land Dragon, can rule in one corner of the kingdom as before.

Saint level, is a Saint level, in the sky this such as the diamond carves Giant Dragon that becomes to take to Ji Dong intense shock again. He can affirm, Giant Dragon of this soaring in midair also similarly is existence of Saint level. Although its strength does not have the ancestor of Land Dragon to be so terrifying, but its appearance, has with the feeling that the ancestor of Land Dragon meets as an equal faintly. Without the strength of Saint level, how possibly to fly into the face of the ancestor of so terrifying pressure Land Dragon airborne. Must know. At this time even if heavenly stems disciples in five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy , is supporting by strenuous efforts, then can resist the ancestor of terrifying residence dragon pressure through the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation of pinnacle magic power unceasingly. Saw the appearance of airborne this diamond Giant Dragon, the ancestor's of Land Dragon mood has as if stabilized several points, "Griffing see dragon sovereign."Originally, ancestor's of this Land Dragon name is Griffing. But that hovers in airborne another Saint level Giant Dragon unexpectedly is present age head of the clan dragon clan, one generation of dragon sovereigns.

"Respect the ancestor of Land Dragon, you do not need to be overly courteous. Could tell me to have an accident, can initiate your mood fluctuation to be so intense unexpectedly. Our entire dragon clan awakens because of your mood fluctuation."Although dragon Huang ancestor to the Land Dragon is very respectful, but can also be able to hear, his ancestor's this time behavior to Land Dragon somewhat blamed.

The ancestor's of huge body Land Dragon made an effort to shake, in bright yellow big eyes has been full of the excited look, "bloodlines, I smelled and flavor/smell of my same bloodlines. Right, with my same bloodlines. I will not feel wrong, the child, has not thought of my child also in the world."

dragon Huangleng, "respect the ancestor of Land Dragon, our dragon clan each clansman is your descendant!"

"No, I said is not this. What I said is my blood relative bloodlines. In this bloodlines, I also smelled my wife's flavor/smell. My daughter actually still in the world, she actually is also living."At the same time was saying, the ancestor of Land Dragon lowered the head suddenly, its just like the substantive ray, coagulated instantaneously on the flatter golden body.

Ji Dong dumbfounded, the heavenly stems disciples dumbfounded, gold/metal dumbfounded. dragon Huang, at this time also dumbfounded.

No wonder. The ancestor of Land Dragon so will be no wonder excited, dragon Huang already understood, all previous dragon sovereigns were very clear initially had had anything on the ancestor of Land Dragon. For the lover of its non- consanguinity, too many were too many, obviously he who the ancestor of Land Dragon paid had to his lover treasures. His Land Dragon descendant, is not he and lover gives birth, but after afterward the ancestor of disposition Land Dragon changed, with other dragon clan **, or forcefully ** descendant who inherits. Does not know that many remote past passed by, although the ancestor of Land Dragon already no longer like initially tyrannical, but he sentiment to lover actually never dismisses from mind. At this moment, it feels lover's the flavor/smell of flavor/smell as well as bloodlines suddenly, the deep sleep in three gathers the mountain range not to know it how many years can not be excited?

Biplane wing restraining, the dragon sovereign from airborne drops slowly, falls side the ancestor of Land Dragon. Its body originally has sufficed huge, is before the ancestor of Land Dragon, actually likely child.

"Respect the ancestor of Land Dragon, what you said is real? In these young human, really has your child to be inadequate?"dragon Huang surprised saying.

At this time dragon Huang being startled is most, first because of the ancestor's of Land Dragon excited mood, next is at present these living human.

It felt a moment ago had been to the ancestor of Land Dragon to get rid, but at present these human withstand the ancestor of Land Dragon to attack obviously. Are they actually also living? Moreover the five elements Yin- Yang might that they release at this time unexpectedly is so formidable. Not only completely is by the pinnacle magic power release, fuses together, balanced Yin-Yang, but also has the chaos creative aura. If cannot see Yin- Yang Crown level on their top of the head clearly, dragon Huangzhen must think that these young people were the supreme powerhouses in human.

Had many years not to have human to rush by the strength to here. In outside world, although the true Giant Dragon knight also has the certain amount, for example the Five Great Empires sharpest regiment armed forces regimental commander, they are the Giant Dragon knights. But that is not they intrudes here to obtain dragon clan to approve. Agreement that but long ago several Great Empire and dragon clans reached. Each after a period of time, dragon clan allows several people that they dispatch to know how things stand to come after the dragon clan to inspect, inspection passing can become the dragon knight. Like the father wolf of wolf divine intervention evilly initially was so. But at present Ji Dong they, actually rush to here by oneself strength, in addition their this all was pinnacle magic power five elements Yin-Yang, even/including Longhuang somewhat is curious.

dragon Huang the vision also fell on the flatter golden body, this time she, simultaneously was gazing by the ancestor and dragon sovereign these two mahatma level powerhouses Land Dragon, gold/metal did not feel better, had the impediment of five elements Yin-Yang luckily, even if were the pressure of Saint level powerhouse cannot the direct role on her.

"Young human powerhouse, can come here, you have been able to feel for yourselves fully proudly. However, you actually promoted respect the ancestor of sentiment of Land Dragon to fluctuate, in any event, you need to give an ancestor of confession Land Dragon. Otherwise, even if I, is unable to assure your securities."

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Hello, dragon sovereign. The mood fluctuation of ancestor of Land Dragon is extremely sudden. The meaning from its words I can understand, it was saying, gold/metal was its daughter? It is dragon clan, but gold/metal is human. Why it recognized that gold/metal is its daughter?"

The ancestor's of giant body Land Dragon moved slowly. The upper body last ten days of the dog-day period, approach to heavenly stems disciples in front, "depends on the bloodlines. Her within the body is flowing, is I and wife's bloodlines. Besides is my child, does not have the second possibility. Why as for my daughter is human, this issue is very good to reply. Because, my wife is a human. Also because of me and her union, has ended up to turn out present this fate."

The look of heavenly stems disciples becomes somewhat is strange, the ancestor's of Land Dragon body reaches as high as 150 meters, even if initially it did not have now to be so huge, but it is also dragon clan! Did not consider that human and dragon clan whether to have the sentiment. However build difference had also decided dragon clan and human are impossible to link, was more impossible to give birth to the descendant. Ancestor of somewhat anxious say/way Land Dragon: "Boys, I know that you are suspecting anything, dragon Huang, I could not achieve now. But you can actually show for me."In its mouth was saying, but the look actually consistently condenses on the flatter golden body, had not moved out of the way, gazed by that huge eye pupil, will feel absolutely not. In King's vision, has been short of several points of sharpness at this time, were many several points of vacant. Since was rescued after by Lie Yan (raging flames) awakes, she had already forgotten before , own all, gold/metal this name is Lie Yan (raging flames) takes for her. At this time suddenly braved a dragon saying that was own father. The mood in her heart can be imagined.

dragon Huang sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, the radiant ray that somewhat helpless shaking the head , the body sends out restrains suddenly, the pair of wings closes up in the back, the next moment, under the people surprised gaze, the dragon sovereign that huge body started to reduce unexpectedly.

Light white halo regarding the body of dragon sovereign, as if this white light in making his body change is unceasingly small, the free time of a while, unexpectedly reduction say/way two meters high about, when that has the white light of chaos fluctuation to vanish obviously. Presents before the people, turned into a handsome middle-aged man impressively.

Celestial stems disciples who this looks are dumbfounded, they cannot believe that simply own eyes, the dragon can actually turn into the person, this has overstepped their cognition range completely.

Dragon sovereign lightly said: "This is our dragon clan unique ability, changes the body. Only has cultivation base to break through to the dragon clan of Saint level can so. The ancestor of initial Land Dragon, drilled the lizard with my same Earth department, similarly is the Saint level, naturally can incarnation human and human female loves one another. Gives birth to descendant's probability, although is not big, is not impossible to complete."

The ancestor's of vigorous voice Land Dragon became somewhat shivered, the giant dragon pupil winked winking in front of gold/metal, "child, were you really my child? Can tell me, do you live the present? Your mother she where?"

gold/metal sees the ancestor of Land Dragon at a loss, unceasing shaking the head, "I do not know, I do not know. I do not have mother, does not have father, I do not know, my anything does not know." Here, she has turned around suddenly, turns head to run. She only thought that oneself brain as if must blast out generally, although anything cannot think, but in her heart is actually unprecedented flustered.

Chen Sixuan passes to a Ji Dong thought that then immediately turns around to pursue, other people also wanted to pursue the past time, was prevented by Ji Dong.

"Had to think of the fine jade to go to be good, gold/metal needs to be static."

The ancestor of Land Dragon is greatly anxious, but it is not willing to get rid to stop, "what to do? What to do. She is my daughter, she certainly is my daughter, I will not admit mistakes oneself bloodlines."

Ji Dong said: "Senior, your question I can help you explain. Because, gold/metal can be said as I brings."

"Un?" The ancestor's of Land Dragon vision shifts to Ji Dong on. Ji Dong said: "Holy and Evil Island this place, you should know."
Ancestor of nodded Land Dragon, said: "I know. The time that it has as if not calculate that is too long."

Listened to ancestor's of Land Dragon words, Ji Dong speechless. Did the time that Holy and Evil Island has also call not to be long? However, perhaps compared with the ancestor's of glorious life Land Dragon, Holy and Evil Island exists is not really long.

At that moment, how Ji Dong entered Holy and Evil Island to attend the war of initial Holy and Evil, as well as how to meet King's ice sculpture, and rescued Holy and Evil Island her. Later was melted her solid ice by Lie Yan (raging flames), and process that helps her resurrect said as far as possible in detail. Naturally, he does not know the Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrecting King's entire process.

"Loses recalled? Did she lose unexpectedly recalls?"Ancestor of muttered Land Dragon: "Was right, this was right. Initially that Holy and Evil Island formed time, welled up from the seabed. After my lover leaves, she knows how can rescue my. Is only correct the East China Sea seabed, searches the Rank 10 demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy, obtains its blood, can rescue me. She is Metal department Mage, our daughters inherited her Metal department magic power. Certainly to save me, she will arrive at the seabed. Finally by demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy freeze in seabed. And appears along with existence of Holy and Evil Island above the ground. Only has the ten thousand years cold thick ice of demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy, can such long-time maintains her life vigor. Yes, certainly is this."

It more said, the mood becomes even more Ji Dong gets up, huge body unceasing is shivering, ground a series of trembling that initiates, as if anytime may collapsing.

Listened to an ancestor of such saying Land Dragon, Ji Dong was also very surprised, originally gold/metal was not frozen unexpectedly on Holy and Evil Island, but before Holy and Evil Island formed does not know that many years had been frozen there. At that time dragon clan appeared not long! Such looks like, King's age may really be extremely terrifying.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "I also hope that your guess is correct, if so, I must congratulate your father and daughter to reunite."

Ancestor of somewhat stimulated say/way Land Dragon: "Boy, you lead quickly my daughter. Let me have a look at her appearance."

Before the people just came time, the ancestor's of Land Dragon attention on strength strongest Ji Dong, has not noted gold/metal, then fought time gold/metal to put on the mail-armor and helmet, the helmet covers the face. Therefore the ancestor of Land Dragon does not have what impression to her look.

Ji Dong nodded, does not need to move, pursued past Chen Sixuan to give an information through the soul fluctuation to not far away directly.

The ancestor's of Land Dragon voice is loud and clear, although gold/metal ran a distance, actually can also clear hearing. Feeling in her heart was more vacant. Is it, really my father?

Chen Sixuan drew gold/metal to walk, arrived in front of the ancestor of Land Dragon, gold/metal raised the head, looks at the ancestor of that somewhat fierce huge body Land Dragon, has taken off the helmet slowly.

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Chapter 438: Ancestor's of Land Dragon story ( Part 1 )

gold/metal takes off the helmet slowly. Has revealed iced cold her colorful, if the tender face of students. Looks at her face, the ancestor of Land Dragon tarries immediately. dragon Huang is also at present one bright, King's outstandingly beautiful appearance in the females of heavenly stems disciple , is next to Chen Sixuan by. At this time Chen Sixuan is covering own appearance with the veil as before, is she is naturally most beautiful. Let alone she now is the focus.

Ancestor of Griffing that pair of giant eyes pupil Land Dragon stubbornly is looking steadily at gold/metal, its huge body shivers was even more fierce, "resembles, looked like. Child, you with your mother same beautiful. How many years, how many years? If not see you, although your mother is in my heart to the love, but I also soon forgot her look. Has not thought really, some day my also opportunity sees you, the child, my child, right, you certainly are my Griffing's daughter."

The heavenly stems disciples were silent, is even known by Ji Dong in most of them gold/metal, say nothing of other that rescues from Holy and Evil Island. Who can think, gold/metal can be a Giant Dragon child unexpectedly, the body has dragon clan the blood relationship.

gold/metal at this time also already complete delay. Sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, her look is fluctuating unceasingly, at this moment, always the feelings of some chilly her unexpectedly feeling helpless, she rather fights with the ancestor of Land Dragon, is not willing so at a loss to lose presence of mind, does not know that should not know what to do. At this moment, Chen Sixuan arrives at side gold/metal, gripped her hand to tighten, gold/metal turned head to look to her, two female four items of relative, gold/metal saw from the Chen Sixuan eye has encouraged and ray of support, in the heart has stabilized several points immediately.

"Senior, you said that gold/metal is your daughter, this is only your understanding, but we actually cannot, because your word makes gold/metal recognize you for the father. gold/metal lost has recalled, we did not know her in the cold ice by the seal many years. Perhaps she really may be your daughter, but you whether the initial situation will be able to say to us listens."

Opening the mouth naturally is Ji Dong, the ancestor's of Land Dragon words confidence level is extremely high, after all, by his cultivation base, simply has not deceived the reason of one's own side. Was needless saying that had dragon Huang also in the side, only ancestor of Griffing this Land Dragon, had them at this time puts in the deathtrap the ability.

The Zu of Land Dragon heaved a deep sigh, immediately lifted giant air current, his huge body stood erect slowly, "good. For my daughter, what brought back initial recollection to be considered as?"

Dragon sovereign static standing in one side, the meaning of not having disturbed, it looks at the ancestor's of Land Dragon vision completely is not the artificial respect. Must know, not only the ancestor of Land Dragon the ancestor of Land Dragon, is their dragon Huang lineage/vein ancestor!

"The birth of dragon clan is very simple. Your human likes historic record very much, but, inherits today's history , how many are correct?" The ancestor of Land Dragon said slowly, in its giant eye pupil, is revealing the god of recollection light.

"Dragon clan is the same with numerous races, is born in the chaos, dragon clan has the formidable body and strength that the heaven grants, can say, our dragon clan is now, similarly is one of the most formidable races. Perhaps, you do not understand why I must add on one of the, that is because, the there is still one race is more formidable than our dragon clan." Du Xin'er curious asking: "The ancestor of senior Land Dragon, dragon clan was so formidable, can also what race be more formidable than you? What could it be you said is the race of earth core world?"

The ancestor of Land Dragon somewhat surprisedly looked at her one eyes. "Small girl also knows the earth core world, calculated well. However you said is not right. The integral force of earth core world truly be stronger than our dragon clan, particularly after Empress Lie Yan strikes has killed Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King, entire earth core world on an resembles sheet iron of fusion. It can be said that if they arrive at the world of ground, the hazardous nature will not compare Dark Five Elements Continent to be small. However, the earth core world is actually not a race, but another level comprised of many races. Can be said as the relations of two parallel lines with our ground world. But their any race, is unable compared with our dragon clan. Naturally, if in the earth core world that Empress Lie Yan acknowledged oneself is a race, I take back me."

Listened to the Zu of Land Dragon to say Empress Lie Yan, the Ji Dong complexion immediately became somewhat complex, the pain and missing, had both at the same time proud and proudly. But the heavenly stems disciples also subconsciously looked at him.

"It is not the race of earth core world, which race is that?"Du Xin'er continues to ask.

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "This answer is very simple, is your human."

"Human?"Hears the ancestor's of Land Dragon answer, the heavenly stems disciples look at each other in blank dismay, besides Ji Dong, other people does not understand the ancestor's of Land Dragon words.

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "You are certainly thinking, the human that tiny strength can compare with our dragon clan, is right? However, I can tell you. If starts war between a dragon clan and human, then, final victory certainly is your human. Because, your human has the potential that any race is unable to compare, once stimulates own potential, that is any race is unable to resist. Therefore, your human became the control of world. Your potential and creativities are heaven grant the biggest gift, you are in our world in all races are also most balanced."

Du Xin'er was puzzled said: "I am not clear. The strength that even if we can cultivation is good. But, most human cannot compared with the dragon clan!"

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "I gave an example you to understand."Although he is speaking to Du Xin'er, but the vision actually throughout falls on the flatter golden body, is paying attention to King's look change. "In your human, what generally speaking strength is strongest is the supreme powerhouse, is Nine-Crown Mage, right. Naturally, long ago, your human had also presented the Saint level, even is existence of Divine level. These we did not consider temporarily. Said the supreme powerhouse. I asked you, how many times can a supreme powerhouse miss with an average person's relative strength?"

The heavenly stems disciples were silent, this answer no one is able to give, because this is imponderable.

The ancestor of Land Dragon continues saying: "Our dragon clan, true Giant Dragon just a birth, at least was Rank 6 magic beast. But the general end point is Rank 10 magic beast. From Rank 6 to Rank 10, did not say how long must first cultivation. Can the size of this strength disparity compared with your average person and a supreme powerhouses disparity between? In other words, the potential and creativity of your human, making you most have the promotion potential race."

The heavenly stems disciples then understand the meaning in Zu of words Land Dragon, but, such view, they are also first hearing.

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "Our dragon clan is born, defers to the five elements attribute emergence. At that time, has not divided Yin- Yang. Is balanced Yin-Yang melts the attribute. Like this boy." The boy in his mouth, refers to naturally is Ji Dong. "five elements, wood, fire, earth, metal, and water, should be five dragon clans that is born from chaos. May actually not so. Why drills the lizard clan to become the sovereign of dragon clan, throughout commander dragon clan lineage/vein? Your human at least has the guesses of several hundred editions. May in fact, drill the lizard clan to become a dragon clan emperor's clan lineage/vein reason is extremely simple. That is the dragon clan that because, was born at that time is not five that five elements corresponds. But is six. And, earth attribute drill lizard clan lineage/vein, there are two dragon clans. Because they were more than other attribute dragon clans, this became the dragon clan emperor's clan, thus developed into afterward to control entire dragon clan."

The heavenly stems disciples listen some not very awkward feelings. Originally drills the lizard clan to become the dragon clan emperor's clan, unexpectedly is only because initially when the dragon clan was born, Earth department Giant Dragon was two, were more than other attributes, this became the emperor's clan. This is really simple cannot be simple.

Ancestor of lightly said Land Dragon: "Drills two Giant Dragon that lizard clan is born, I am elder brother, at that time also after is six big Giant Dragon were born, genuine leader."

Shocks, intense shock swept across the heart of heavenly stems disciples again, dragon Huang static standing in the one side, the respectful color/look in eye had not abated throughout. Actually, since it succeeds dragon sovereign, true and at present the ancestor of this Land Dragon faces
, is just several opportunities, never like at present, listens respectfully the Zu of Land Dragon spoke these many times, say nothing of hears ancestor of Land Dragon to describe own life course.

Before the heavenly stems disciples heart had also felt the dilutedness, even if Ji Dong is no exception, after all, they had the quite good strength, when may before facing the ancestor of Land Dragon, nearly not have the strength of revolt, even if wrestled finally at risk of life, over 90% probabilities by at present this dragon clan ancestor destruction. At this time hears the Zu of Land Dragon to mention its origin, intense shock has substituted for formerly dilutedness. Loses to the dragon clan genuine ancestor, the dragon clan initial leader, this has something disgraced? In this world, in Light Five Elements Continent in history, how many people also there are able with the ancestor of this Land Dragon to contend at present? Perhaps only one generation of heavenly stems disciple such numerous Saint level powerhouses have the possibility.

"At that time, we together diligently, each other mutually **, founded dragon clan. Reason that I can become a leader, the there is still one reason, that is because, in our then six Giant Dragon, only had me is the male gender. Another five are the females. Therefore, in some sense, I, not only the ancestor of Land Dragon, can be the father of dragon clan. On all dragon clans, is flowing my bloodlines."

Ji Dong was surprised said: "Other five dragon clan older generations are the females, that said that they and you. "

The ancestor of Land Dragon smiles bitterly, said: "Right, you guessed right. They can say that is my wife. Also they, were born numerous dragon clan descendant, my bloodlines, or is dragon clan the bloodlines inherits. Strange saying that child who they are born, the attribute is the same with them, the child who only then with female diamond Dragon King of my consanguinity, is born is the same with my attribute. In many years, we are this gradually inherit dragon clan, my also first generation dragon sovereign. Let alone other races, even if in our dragon clan, nobody knew regarding these. Today for my daughter, I will not say. dragon Huang, this matter I hopes that do not spread."

"Yes, ancestor of respect."dragon Huang this time vision is similarly excited, originally, oneself unexpectedly are also the ancestor's of Land Dragon descendant. According to the historical record of dragon clan, only then the ancestor of Land Dragon is first-generation dragon clan, because afterward carried on with other races **, but was punished, turns into now this appearance. At this time but does not have these contents that the ancestor of Land Dragon said. dragon Huang knows, the ancestor of Land Dragon said that perhaps was then true situation. "Afterward, our children were getting more and more, dragon clan also in the continuous growth, gradually became the control on continent, any race appeared that tiny before us, but was dragon Huang I, was this all control. Genuine high-rank."

Here, the people can see in dragon Huangyan pride clearly, it also really had the proud qualification, not only it dragon clan the ancestor, had taken the entire Light Five Elements Continent ruler!

"Also at that time, your human also started to dig gradually. That time human was very tiny, does not have the present cultivation ability. And although also some talented, but compared with my dragon clan, is actually extremely small and weak. Human that tiny body, how also to look in our arrogant dragon clan eye. Ai, I really underestimated human at that time, the creativity and expansibility of human, fully had not manifested at that time, what is most important, I have underestimated the wisdom of human."

"One day, I pass through your human the world time, for a while emerges, on the incarnation manner, walks in your human. Also was at that time, I run into my deeply love wife, was the wife who I acknowledged only. Although in our six big beginning Zulong, other five can also be my wife, but between they and me, what are more is only to multiply the descendant, but purely ** however by. Is my the wife of human, making me understand anything is the love, making me feel the true joy, even compared with a strong big dragon clan more wonderful joy. I was also at that time, gradually fall to the enemy. That is also in my this life innumerable glorious years, experience that the most wonderful experience, forever is unable to dismiss from mind."Said here, in ancestor of eyes Land Dragon completely was the gentle color/look, as if recalled that once all sorts, look King's vision also became even more gentle.

Ai, shouted for two days, monthly ticket ninth. Tragedy tragedy. Good, I leave the unique skill, kills greatly. Hehe, the next chapter told you.

Chapter 439: Ancestor's of Land Dragon story ( Part 3 )

"Compared to human. Our dragon clan life was really too glorious, was first-generation dragon clan I am so. My spousal named elegant secret, she was at that time a princess in human biggest country."

Hears elegant secret these three characters, cloud Tianji whole body shock, in the eye revealed the inconceivable vision.

Ancestor of continued Land Dragon: "She that beautiful, is the human first beautiful woman. With her in the together day, I so is happy and joyful every day. In the company of her, we went all over the continent famed scenery, almost every inch land has left our trace. Such day, has continued for ten years, she always accompanies in me about, the gentle attendance my daily life, in that days, I had even been forgetting I am dragon clan, as if became the person is similar truly."

"Ten years, regarding your human, are very long years, may regarding our dragon clan actually not be anything. Finally, one day, I and her matter was discovered by dragon clan that five beginning Zulong. They are furious greatly, although my strength is in six big beginning Zulong is strongest. That time I, have reached the Saint level peak, I have known, if I continued to cultivate, one day will promote for the god. But their five, actually just just entered the Saint level by. Pure discussed by strength adding together, even if were their five puts together, was not my match. I was dragon clan at that time the genuine Dinghai god needle. However, the five elements strength is not a in addition one so is simple, formerly can use the mutual promotion of the five elements merit law to promote own strength like you. Their five five elements are complete, collaborated, has defeated me eventually, and grasped these three to gather the mountain range me, at that time here name was also called the dragon clan mountain range. The elegant secret similarly was also stressed by them. Because of me in the same place, cultivation base of elegant secret also has promoted the rank of supreme powerhouse your human said that was also at that time your human only supreme powerhouse, her magic power attribute was Eighth Metal department."

"Five beginning Zulong let me and elegant secret severs completely, so long as I am willing to kill her personally, I as before am the sovereign of dragon clan, they love me as before, supports me to continue to carry forward dragon clan to inherit. At that time elegant secret anything had not said, she silently visits me. Until that time, I know oneself have loves her. Actually, that five beginning Zulong are very silly, they do not need to do this, the life of human is about hundred years by, even if I. It is not able to reverse. Even if were elegant secret cultivation base has promoted the rank of supreme powerhouse, most was also only two and 300 years of lives by. Compared with our dragon clan, this was really the short time. They only need to wait , after the elegant secret died, I will naturally return to the dragon clan. They never have truly has loved, naturally is unable to understand that I the love to the elegant secret have been what kind of degree. I even not hesitant, has rejected immediately their proposition. I love the elegant secret, have I possibly personally killed her? At that time I am thinking, even if the status that made me give up dragon Huang, I must with her in the same place."

"They must kill the elegant secret, but, they do not dare eventually. If I go all out, even if they can kill me finally, by my strength can also the dragon clan mountain range destruction most. Finally, we have compromised mutually, they my seal here, discard the elegant secret magic power, but keeps her life, whatever she runs its own course."

Here, the Zu of Land Dragon heaved a deep sigh, in the sky the fog surged. The mood of people also because of its this deep sigh, but is fluctuating fiercely. "Elegant secret walked, I also fell into half crazy condition. Every day is not aware of fatigue and various races **, that time I, very painfully was very painful. How I do not know the elegant secret finally, but I actually perished in the dragon clan mountain range. Even including that five beginning Zulong died, I do not have the least bit to be sad. Although according to the count-down, elegant secret also already died, is, in my heart actually only then her shadow. When she departs, has been pregnant, on bosom my child, this point, even if another five beginning Zulong does not know."

"During short several hundred years, human expands rapidly. Also was at that time, human gradually became the control of this world. But our dragon clan, to maintain to my suppression, has wasted too many strengths, simply does not have the thoughts to go to and human vies for supremacy. But another five beginning Zulong, when injury as well as to my seal that because also left behind with my war at that time has paid the life energy, but died one after another. dragon clan the heyday goes from this. Resigned the position of continent control."

"Plot, this is a plot."dragon Huang agitated saying.

The ancestor of Land Dragon looked at its one, said with a forced smile: "You think that I do not know this is a plot? After the elegant secret departs, during several hundred years, I have wanted to understand. Also that several hundred years later, I am not struggling with the seal. Because I am dragon clan the criminal, dragon clan genuine criminal. By the seal here, is the penalty that I earn. Also because my then spousal elegant secret, I will say, human compared with our dragon clan more formidable race. Until now. I am unable to affirm, actually she to my love is really the vacation. But, is her strength, made our dragon clan six big beginning Zulong disintegrate, in a short time the destruction, is unable to lead dragon clan to rule entire continent successively again, but she also obtained numerous cultivation methods from here, human was henceforth formidable. But, you until? I do not hate her, has not hated her. Even if she for human, but approaches me, has not loved me truly, I do not hate her as before. That ten years, is the experience that I forever am unable to dismiss from mind. At least, I once had loved. I am dragon clan the criminal, deserves by the seal here, withstands devastation of years. I have not thought, I and her child, actually am also living. But this child, is you. Has the daughter of my bloodlines!"

Said that last, the ancestor's of Land Dragon vision staring firmly on the flatter golden body, two giant teardrops fell following his big eyes, pounds in King's front ground. Got wet her body.

Girls in heavenly stems disciple, in the eye had already flowed off the tears, all that although the ancestor of Land Dragon makes regarding the dragon clan are the ruinous disasters. But, his affection to elegant secret, actually deep infection these girls. Ji Dong they also completely change countenance. Especially Ji Dong, he similarly is such love Lie Yan (raging flames), most can understand the ancestor's of Land Dragon mood.

"Traded is I, same like you. Also similarly not regret."Ji Dong muttered is saying.

King's complexion is very pale, sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, her body in unceasing is shivering, in mind. Innumerable memory fragments in the ancestor of Land Dragon recounted that is fusing gradually, before permanent ancient is remote, all that has, are reappearing in her mind unceasingly. The ray in her pupil is no longer vacant, but transforms unceasingly, she is recalling the lots.

Suddenly, gold/metal plop'ed, knelt down before the ancestor of Land Dragon, the tears flood, Ji Dong can feel clearly, in King's soul world, as if opened a leaf of front door. Is the front door of spirit wisdom. This time gold/metal, as if completely turned into another person, ice-cold on charming face disappeared, displaces, is the extremely rich emotion fluctuates.

"Mother is loves your, she is loves your!"Said such a few words, gold/metal loudly has wept bitterly.

The ancestor of Land Dragon has tarried, he heard himself to ponder issue that thousand and for ten thousand years pondered, have puzzled its lifetime question. "Did you, what you say?" The ancestor of Land Dragon looks at gold/metal dull, its body crawls once more, the giant head, that average hanging in front of gold/metal, the tears of big drop big drop just like the rivers and streams releases to fall is flowing generally.

Saying that gold/metal sobbed: "Mother loves your. She will be only more profound than you to her love to your love. Right, mother initially approached you, has the goal. Besides own Eighth Metal attribute, mother studied since childhood, is antiquity divining that human invents. That time dragon clan, was really too formidable, does not know that many human died in the dragon clan hand. In the memory of human, dragon clan is the synonym of devil. In order to saves human, making human multiplication inherit. Mother ** Teacher after careful computation deduction, had found that only opportunity. Also is that opportunity, making mother know you, knew the control of your this dragon clan, six big beginning Zulong heads. To defeat dragon clan, making the human smooth multiplication live. Must make your six big beginning Zulong have the problem. Otherwise, as you of Saint level, has almost the infinite life, human will not have forever the date of turning over. The mother approaches you at first, truly is in order to destroys your dragon clan for human. But mother also knows, if there is sense of purpose to approach you, will certainly discover by your wisdom. Therefore, when mother runs into you, a point that first achieves, forgets to hate."

This time gold/metal, which also original ice-cold, she looked like received the enormous suffering from injustice little miss, as if weeping and complaining was relating the sadness of innermost feelings.

"Only has to forget human and between the hatred dragon clan, mother can true approaches you. Her being outspoken opens the heart to love your. Father, by you at that time that invincible strength and wisdom, if mother does not fall in love with you, you possibly do fall in love with her? You in together that ten years, are in your life the most profound memory. But, do you know? That ten years, are in mother life have the brilliance ten years only!" "Mother and you in the same place, her anything has not done actually, but sincerity true meaning is loving you. Most is various abilities that learns from you to teach. And silently records these cultivation ways. That is all. All that then has, is the issues that your six big beginning Zulong have. This is also a mother ** Teacher deduces. You by seal, another five big beginning Zulong severe wounds. The mother was abolished magic power. After returning to the world, mother has used for one year, reorganizes the cultivation method that you teach, has given own Teacher. After she gives birth to me, has left a letter to me. Then, she walked, listening to Martial Ancestor saying that mother, the mouth was always reading at the point of death your name. She strongest wish, at that time can say goodbye your one time. However, she cannot, because she knows, all that you withstand because of her. The mother dies, the suffering that the innermost feelings withstand is other people are unable to imagine."

Here, gold/metal has choked with sobs. The ancestor's of huge body Land Dragon is vibrating unceasingly, in mouth muttered: "She is loves my, she is loves my! She loves really my. Why, ascends the sky you why to such suffer me. Because I did have the formidable strength? One year, only then one year of she to me. Do I wait for agonizingly for what?"

Chen Sixuan side gold/metal, gently is hugging her, is comforting her, King's weeping sound stops gradually, "mother ** Teacher was the first ancestor of antiquity divining. It has left behind the record this lineage/vein divining, with the cultivation way that mother leaves behind puts together, inherited. The name of this inheritance, names on according to mother, is called: Secret."

"Yes, I am the inheritance of secret. After elegant secret senior passed away did not know many years, the first-generation secret obtained that inheritance, thus established the heavenly stems disciple. The heavenly stems disciple arises at the historic moment with the help of secret, thus there is a myth of disciple. Although on Dark Five Elements Continent, has the dark secret and dark disciple similarly. What we definitely know is that their appearances and inheritance, with us are completely different."What speech is the cloud secret. When he hears elegant secret these three characters, has guessed correctly the lots. Initially, the previous generation secret inheritance gave him the time, told the story about elegant secret to him. It can be said that the ancestor's of Land Dragon spousal elegant secret, is secret lineage/vein, even is a heavenly stems disciple lineage/vein ancestor.

"Child, told me. What did your mother leave in your letter to say?" The ancestor of Land Dragon flutters to ask.

gold/metal muttered: "Mother leaves in my letter to have several words. She said, in her life the biggest happiness has run into you, biggest sorrowful has also run into you. Let me try hard to cultivate, after breakthrough supreme powerhouse realm, goes to the East China Sea seabed, searches the Rank 10 demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy, obtains its blood, helping you relieve the seal, even if therefore causes you to retaliate to human, her not regret. If I can achieve these, saves you, makes me tell you, she did not ask your forgiving, but she, forever was loving you."

My unique skill is, passes ** future plot to you. Plans according to the creation, about 15 days, will overthrow Chen Sixuan. Does not know that everybody is interested to pinch. Hehe. The being interested words, in the bill with hand told me. Monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Let the storm come is more violent.

Chapter 440: I can make the ancestor of Land Dragon not die

The bang, a strange energy explodes instantaneously. That is not magic power, but the strength of pure soul.

The heavenly stems disciples only thought that 3.6 million pores have opened in this moment completely, ancestor of that huge body looked upward Land Dragon, face upwards to open the big mouth suddenly, seems is roaring, but a sound has not actually sent out. Its body that unceasing is shivering, unceasing is rocking, the people mountain peak also therefore unceasing rocking, must stimulate to movement magic power, can reluctantly the coming to a stop personal appearance.

Ji Dong is gazing at the ancestor of Land Dragon silently, after listening to King's words, the ancestor's of Land Dragon soul as if ruptured generally, in the people, by him and dragon sovereign the level of ancestor's of strength of closest Land Dragon soul, the ancestor of this time Land Dragon they can feel, is during one strange mood fluctuation. That is the mix of extremely excited and broken-hearted, that excited, Ji Dong is unable to judge, but he can actually feel that sadness, died after initially Lie Yan (raging flames) when his three old age. Is bearing so fierce mood impact. It can be imagined, the soul fluctuation of ancestor of this time Land Dragon was fierce.

gold/metal sees the ancestor of Land Dragon, double fist tight is gripping, her mood fluctuation similarly is extremely also fierce, has Chen Sixuan luckily in the side , helping her calm down by the strength and soul strength of chaos. "Mother letter left Martial Ancestor, lets Martial Ancestor after my cultivation base breaks through to the supreme powerhouse, passes to me. However, Martial Ancestor not live is so long-time, when she will soon pass away, all that mother initially will experience told me, and has given me this letter. At that time, my cultivation base was also far from being able to achieve the rank of supreme powerhouse. But, after I knew mother and your experience , can bear? Therefore, I went to East China Sea, I finally had also found the whereabouts of Rank 10 demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy. But, it was really too formidable. My final memory, loses in a piece of cold current."

All have revealed the truth, gold/metal seeks for the place of demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy, afterward the first-generation heavenly stems disciples caused the Holy and Evil Island place. But Ji Dong when the cause coincidence, has saved from the thick ice gold/metal. Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrects her. Had gold/metal and Ji Dong they in all sorts that has.

It can be said that gold/metal is not pure human, but has half dragon half person of blood relationship. But her attribute also inherits in mother.

Let alone is heavenly stems disciples, dragon Huang at this time the delay, as dragon Huang, it should hate the ancestor of Land Dragon. Because the love between ancestors and the elegant secrets Land Dragon, making dragon clan lose the dominant position on Light Five Elements Continent. However, is it also possible to hate? The ancestor of Land Dragon, is its genuine ancestor! It can be said that does not have it without the ancestor of Land Dragon, does not have entire dragon clan.

Shivering of ancestor of body Land Dragon stopped gradually, its huge as if recovered normally, when it lowered the head, people surprised seeing, its pair of originally bright yellow big eyes turned unexpectedly made the blood red that one was alarmed. Its sound also becomes hoarse, "I need peaceful thinking, is my child, you willing to stay behind accompanies me?"

King's nod gently, tearful eyes dim sees at present this body incomparably huge father. "I will again certainly seek for the Rank 10 demon soldier crazy long-tailed anchovy, helping you relieve the seal."

Ancestor of Griffing's shaking the head Land Dragon silently, "does not use, all these regarding me, already not any significance. In that moment that your mother died, did not have the significance. I only want to take a look at you, visits you, I as if saw your mother. dragon Huang."

"Great ancestor. I."dragon Huang respectful saying.

Ancestor's of say/way Land Dragon silently: "My matter you knew. We hope that you can keep secret for me. The past matter, I do not hope that spread in the dragon clan."

"Yes, great ancestor, such as you hopes."dragon Huang serious to ancestor of nodded Land Dragon.

The ancestor of Land Dragon said: "These young human, can say that is the elegant secret later generation, has my daughter. I hope that you can permit them, chooses the partner in my dragon clan. Holy war of Dark Five Elements Continent among with our continent will soon launch. Who regardless of the control of continent is, here after all is our families/home. Helps them helps us. Any by the dragon that they select, I will grant them a chaos seed."

dragon Huang nodded silently, "heavenly stems disciple and our dragon clan cooperate had several thousand years. We do not know that they are the later generation of elegant secret senior. This cooperation will certainly continue. Your daughter whether "

The ancestor of Land Dragon shook the head, how many minute of proud rays in the eye reveals, "on my daughter is flowing my bloodlines, what magic beast partner also needs? So long as I helped her awaken own bloodlines am enough. You lead these young people to go. I want to be together with my daughter alone some time."

"Yes, great ancestor."Dragon sovereign respectfully complied, swings the body in a flash, changed own main body, the pair of wings opened, after Ji Dong and the others nodded, a gentle strength released from it, swept across Ji Dong and the others, bringing oneself to carry on the back.

Ji Dong somewhat worries looks to gold/metal. King's vision also subconsciously saw him, although has replied the beforehand memory, is the memory after resurrecting regarding her, is actually more profound. In the beforehand memory, had beside parents' matter, only then arid cultivation. But the memory after resurrecting is for her more splendid.

Look somewhat complex has a look at Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, gold/metal to their nodded, seems making them feel relieved.

Dragon sovereign deep looked at ancestor of one eyes Land Dragon, in the eye reveals a light sadness. Then jumps, how not to have struck an attitude, its huge body arrived in the sky. Toward three gather the mountain range deep place to fly.

"Dragon sovereign senior, I whether to ask your question?"Ji Dong said.

Dragon sovereign lightly said: "Any issue, you asked."Its sound is very desolate, clearly, is unfriendly regarding heavenly stems disciples it. But why understands it like this, only then Ji Dong, therefore he also and does not care about dragon Huang the manner.

"Dragon sovereign senior, I wants to know, Griffing senior actually by how seal."

Dragon sovereign lightly said: "Initially, the great ancestor by another five first ancestor Longji body seals, with these three was gathered the mountain range to melt its body for a body. Lost the beginning Zulong incarnation and flying ability, when you run into him, may once see that it has moved oneself both legs? Its hind legs both legs have merged into one organic whole with mountain, three gather any matter that the mountain range has unable to hide the truth from him. Actually, a little great ancestor said is not right. Another five beginning Zulong have the sentiment. Otherwise, they are absolutely possible to use some special ways to make Griffing ancestor unable to revolt to be killed. These passed, I do not want to say anything again. The young people, your arrivals, making dragon clan produce so the drastic change, you may know. What can we lose?"

Ji Dong said: "I know. Griffing senior formerly not at confession things to do after death? The lover died, guessed that many years of question had the answer finally. He is lives not to have love, but wants to be together with the daughter some time, commits suicide together in the name of love to follow the elegant secret senior to go, I said can be right?"

Listened to the Ji Dong words, other heavenly stems disciples are surprised, Chen Sixuan cannot bear saying: "Teacher Ji Dong, this not real. If so, why you did not remind gold/metal a moment ago. She lost mother, loses the father again, she will not certainly be able to bear."

dragon Huang also similarly has doubts. "How do you guess correctly?"

Ji Dong said: "Perhaps nobody compared with the mood of my clearer Griffing senior. Because, I am same as it, has similar experience. My lover also leaves me to go. For me, after matter that now most longs for is completes her wish, follows her to go. Therefore, I understand certainly that the mood of Green senior, in his soul, that lives not to be possible the love deathly stillness, I also similarly can feel. This point, believes that the dragon sovereign senior you also certainly discovered. Therefore you will speak a moment ago these words. Why did not tell gold/metal as for me, the reason was very simple, because, I had to let the method that Griffing senior did not die, moreover I told gold/metal through the soul communication a moment ago. If cannot make the dragon sovereign senior not die, why I must ask how you do relieve the seal of its old person?"

Listened to Ji Dong these words, dragon Huang the look changes immediately greatly, by its status, is the running together of two syllables in rapid speech asks as before: "What you said is real, do you have the means to make Griffing ancestor not die really? If you can achieve, my dragon Zuding can the generous recompense." Regarding dragon clan, ancestor of Griffing Land Dragon, not only their ancestors, are entire three gather the mountain range the Dinghai god needle. Has existence of this dragon clan first powerhouse, three gather the mountain range can be said as nobody can shake. Only if were initially five mahatma beast complete/even arrive on Holy and Evil Island, otherwise, who can contend with the ancestor of Land Dragon? Let alone, ancestor of Griffing's Land Dragon existence, is more important regarding the energetic significance of dragon clan. Especially after dragon sovereign knew its beginning Zulong status, was willing its old person such dead? It is actually not able to run counter to the ancestor's of Land Dragon wish, did not prevent. At this time listened to Ji Dong saying that had the means to make the ancestor of Land Dragon not die, it looked like grabs a straw to grasp to be ordinary.

Ji Dong earnest nodded, said: "Griffing senior is different from me, I am live not to have the love, left beyond the dead wife's final wish, any other have not hobbled. But Griffing senior actually also he and love of elegant secret senior crystallizes. I teach gold/metal, actually only has a few words, is very simple, I make her tell Griffing the senior "


Ancestor of Griffing Land Dragon gentle looks at front gold/metal. "Child, you look like your mother really very much, but, your mother compared with you must beautiful several points. Perhaps because of my inheritance, makes your appearance be not as good in her. Today I was too happy, can see you, listening to you to tell me your mother she is loves my, is I biggest happiness, any ratio this has not made I more satisfied matter. The child, come, making me awaken to be dragon clan that some bloodlines for you. Before you are having me the first ancestor dragon blood lineage/vein by seal, once awakens, you can belong to my some strengths."

Is listening to ancestor's of Land Dragon words, King's shaking the head of silently, "does not use, father."Although this is her first time sees own father, but, she does not have the slightest bit hatred to the father. Ancestor of Griffing and union of Nha secret Land Dragon, although is a mistake, but, they actually not wrong. Therefore, she very natural called this father. In Griffing's red both eyes flashes through a strong mood to fluctuate, this father, making its body unable to bear and shiver.

"Why? could it be don't you want to obtain the formidable strength?"

gold/metal lightly said: "Obtains the formidable strength to be also useful, after the person died, the strength cannot carry off."

"What did you say?"Griffing is surprised, "you said that you were dying? No, cannot! Your physical condition is very healthy, how dead."

gold/metal looks at Griffing, in the heart appears is actually the Ji Dong facial features, she made those words that she spoke say Ji Dong, "I did not have mother, if did not have the father again, what meaning I was living also? Since you must follow mother to go, then, makes me follow you to go. Arrived another world, our family has been able to reunite."

Right, this is Ji Dong teaches gold/metal, his ancestor Griffing's mentality to the Land Dragon grasps was too accurate. After the great happiness is greatly sad, the ancestor of this dragon clan, once beginning Zulong head truly is lives not to have the love. But, it after seeing own daughter, is the affection of the heart. It must help oneself daughter become as far as possible formidable, follows the spousal elegant secret to go again relieved. Ji Dong exactly right of it can be said that to these guesses. But he makes gold/metal say the goal of these words is for ancestor of Griffing's Land Dragon rigid transformation to the love for the kinship. Its also daughter, for the daughter, it also can only choose to live.

"Silly child, you......"Griffing is gazing at gold/metal dull, long time could not speak. From King's vision, what it sees is resolutely, it understands, if died, then, the present daughter certainly will follow herself to go. This is it is willing to see?

King's voice sobbed again, she understands from Griffing's look, the guess of Ji Dong is correct, if allow nature to take its course accepted the father for awakening of own dragon clan bloodlines, then, perhaps really must lose the father. "Father, I did not have mother, could it be, can you make me not have the father really again?"

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