Jiu Shen Chapter 421-430

Chapter 421: Defeating the enemy without fighting

Sun and Moon Yin-Yang that if Ji Dong sent out a moment ago arrives. Then, perhaps only then the Eight-Crown above powerhouse reluctantly can survive, but also inevitably experiences personally the heavy losses. The officers of gold/metal ghost regiment, they even lost the ability of ponder glassy-eyed. Establishes from the gold/metal ghost regiment now, they never have also encountered so palely. Even if facing the diamond regiment, they also self-examines strength of the spelling. May at this moment, they actually defeat, but defeats in a hand of person.

The Ji Dong vision is very tranquil, but this time he, formerly was better than in the gold/metal ghost regiment eye proud and big and tall.

"Also can continue?"Ji Dong asked to the Bai Mangcao direction lightly.

Bai Mangcao hides lips pursed under helmet, nobody is more complex than this time mood. As the gold/metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander, his body has too many glory. But at this time, he actually has to acknowledge oneself have defeated, collapses completely, even linked one time to get rid not to defeat. At present this young people, even made him defeat was speechless. We want others lives, but others actually show mercy, simply has not launched a true attack.

At this time, appeared in the Bai Mangcao heart only has a few words: Defeating the enemy without fighting. But Ji Dong perfectly deducts this point. gold/metal Shalong falls under the stimulation of movement of Bai Mangcao on the ground slowly, his right hand shakes, in the hand the long spear/gun departed. Inserts submerges about half in the ground, simultaneously has taken off own helmet. Discards the weapon, this is indicated that surrendered. Regarding gold/metal Sha the regiment, this is the unprecedented shame, but, others truly have shown mercy, he is not really clear, why this young people Seven-Crown strength can have the Pinnacle Two Fires strength at present merely, but can also display Ultra Certain Kill Skill directly, and can control that as wonderful as the summit, looks at his appearance, even has not needed to resemble fully.

On overall strength, a Ji Dong person impossible and these thousand remaining money ghost regiments elite compared with, but, he control to the strength and application, the control strength of also combat process was really too strong, was relying on the chaos deep meaning and a same reduction union, discarded Bai Mangcao actually directly all helped, then deterred by Ultra Certain Kill Skill, if were really highest realm of defeating the enemy without fighting. From beginning to end, his magic power has not had the substantive contact with any gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers, but he won.

Wang Daojun stands on the roll-call stage, the vision of cloudy vulture turned into the delay completely, as a result of narration of Zhou Xiaoxiao, he was very high to the estimate of Ji Dong, but he cannot make Ji Dong achieve wishes. First did not say own grandson died. How the key is on the grandson that divine tool he looks. Once makes Ji Dong the association president successor, that. Perhaps he must end. Loses a divine tool, although is insufficient the crime not to be possible, but the position of this speaker is how impossible to preserve. Therefore, he especially created obstacles, has found out this extremely difficult inspection. At present may this call the strength that the Ji Dong youth shows even to describe compared with Zhou Xiaoxiao must exaggerate. His clear awareness, even if Zhou Xiaoxiao comes facing the gold/metal ghost regiment these elite, in cannot offend somebody, in situation that cannot use the mount, is impossible so with ease. Does this boy only have Seven-Crown cultivation base really? The gold/metal ghost regiment retreats slowly, almost complexion of every gold/metal ghost regiment soldier is very ugly, they lowered the head, ride oneself metal dragon, in the heart have been being full of the shame and sorrowful feeling. More than thousand elite, gold/metal ghost regiment elite completely collections in this, the final result actually so cannot withstand. Since gold/metal ghost regiment birth, but also has never encountered so the rout.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao thick both legs in a top tread, the large body have been similar to a meatball shell break in suddenly generally airborne, in the Haha big laughter, stretched out the arms, gives a Ji Dong big bear to hug.

"Your boy is really abnormal, I know oneself have not misread the person. I look. Soon, I completely was not your match. Has you such startled certainly the colorful talent from now on to lead our silly rich business association, perhaps the standing erect millenniums, the business association will not have any issue again. Ji Dong, although is not enough to express my gratitude, but the brother must say one to you, thanks."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "fatty, when you became such womanishly fussy. This is the inspection first pass/test by, this inherits the business association presidents to be also too early to say."

They drop from the clouds, when will soon fall, Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai slowly submerges his within the body to disappear does not see.

The Wang Daojun complexion returned to this short time unexpectedly normal, even also slightly nods to Ji Dong, false smile say/way: "Congratulates Mr. Ji Dong through the first inspection. The strength of Mr. Ji Dong truly made us shocking! Mr. Ji Dong was laborious, please first rest, tomorrow we will tell the mister then the content of inspection. The following two inspections, will possibly consume Mr. Ji Dong some time, but also please excuse me."Spoke these words, he once more after Ji Dong nods the nod, leading an behind member of the house of representatives to turn around to depart. He cannot continue to stay here, because of him formerly clear seeing, oneself here congressman looks that the Ji Dong vision had the obvious change, he cannot let the opportunity that these congressmen and Ji Dong have exchange deeply.

The strength forever is the first essential factor in conquering process, Ji Dong has achieved without a doubt this point. The people of silly rich business association after all are the merchants, in business word business, which camp, they must first consider is own benefit. The Ji Dong strength has made the profound impression on them, the key is his young. So young can be such degree, the future prospect is limitless. From the innermost feelings, the congressmen of most silly rich business associations have approved to Ji Dong through this first inspection.

Looks the back that Wang Daojun leaves, Zhou Xiaoxiao cannot bear bah'ed, puts out thick phlegm. In his opinion, Wang Daojun was very possible is received Wang Xiao rock pile to pass on to lose the news of divine tool in every possible way to create obstacles, originally despised Wang Daojun is secretly is naturally angry for him of person.

"I must have a look at this old thing also to be able but actually to find out any pattern to come."

Ji Dong extended own body, in the mind had been recalling unceasingly process that formerly fought. Before he was in airborne, when cut the attack facing the opposite party Ultra Certain Kill Skill golden color cross, the first thought spelled with Ultra Certain Kill Skill hardly, meeting the tough head-on with toughness received the match to attack. However, he comes on the vigilance quickly, how regardless to say, here is not the place that he is familiar with, as the leader of heavenly stems disciple, he cannot be been oversized by oneself strength consumption, ability that if any matter, has not dealt with. Therefore, he released oneself chaos strength, planned that relieved the match through the chaos deep meaning to his locking, flashed through this Ultra Certain Kill Skill might calmly.

However, when he releases the strength of chaos, after adopting the strength of soul and its is connected. Cuts huge pressure facing the golden cross, suddenly has clearly to become aware, because he suddenly thinks when earliest comprehend the chaos source all that has, at that time, the strength of chaos easy sweeps away sky over city magic power instantaneously, although has continued very short time, but that actually throughout clear keeps in his mind.

But all that then has can also be said as an attempt of Ji Dong, his attempt is successful. Also had finally found another utilization method of strength of chaos. Who said that creativity can't apply in the actual combat? He uses, is not just the creativity of chaos deep meaning? Undergoes a same reduction hauling again, had such mysterious one.

Celestial stems disciples also to come up, the Du Xin'er racket oneself stand tall and erect **. "Teacher, you scared to death me a moment ago. That many people attack you, I think that you must unable to withstand."

King's words are quite direct, "how do you achieve?"She also similarly comprehended the chaos mystery, all that therefore a moment ago made to Ji Dong are more curious, in chaos application, she is Fu Rui, was unable to apply in the actual combat.

Ji Dong said: "Went back to say again. I feeling will tell you me at that time completely."

Zhou Xiaoxiao laughed, said: "What goes back? Walks, I asked you to drink the celebration, today the fatty I was really too happy. Can make Wang Daojun that old fogy admit defeat, is really is in a good mood. Ji Dong and Fu Rui, I know that you two boys are the drunkards, today the fatty asks you to drink a happiness."

The words of fatty made people speechless, Fu Rui said with a forced smile: "Is this in the morning, drinks?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a smile: "Who stipulated that in the morning can't drink? Ji Dong might experience the second inspection tomorrow, in the morning drinks just appropriately, drank up him also to go back to rest well. By facing the following inspection. Walks, everybody goes together."

Walked remotely suddenly, said: "I do not drink, your grown men drink and that's the end, our girls might as well go back rest a while, or strolls outside, has a look at this Jin Cheng's elegant demeanor. I first time comes Jin Cheng."

Du Xin'er claps to approve the person of same belief: Right that "remote elder sister said that our girls drink, I must window-shop. This Jin Cheng most suited me to window-shop. flatter Sister Jin, Bao'er, we go together."She is Seventh Metal department Mage, is naturally easier to buy here suits own thing, for example crystal core and so on.

gold/metal hesitant, is nodded, "good."Is Metal department, moreover she has a strange feeling to Jin Cheng, wants to have a look everywhere. Also had many years by Lie Yan (raging flames) resurrecting, gold/metal instructs clearly, before by frozen, likely belonged to this Western Metal Empire. Here is the capital of own motherland. She also wants to have a look.

Lan Bao'er nodded silently, had not opposed. Since saying goodbye Ji Dong, she became very silent, before had Lie Yan (raging flames), she knew own not any opportunity. But now she discovered, Lie Yan (raging flames) did not have the opportunity in oneself as before. So is passionately devoted to Ji Dong including the Chen Sixuan such perfect girl, cannot obtain the approval of Ji Dong, has traded itself , can only be is distressed one time. Therefore, she buries oneself emotion in the heart, the entire energy put into during the cultivation, at last mood instead turned for the better.

Chen Sixuan delicate eyebrows slightly wrinkle, window-shops also well, drinks, she has little interest, she wants with Ji Dong in the same place, but other four girls said that has not drunk, she must go in the request, some......

In this time, has been holding on the hand of Chen Sixuan remotely, said near her ear in a low voice: "Thinks of the fine jade, is too tight, must give them who the man cannot paste sometimes the free space."

Chen Sixuan has gawked, regarding the remote words, she somewhat appears to understand but not really understand, but finally nodded. Cracks into a chuckle remotely, draws Chen Sixuan saying: "We go to the room to chat."

Looks that the girls depart, the smiling face on fatty face suddenly became dreadful several points, said in a low voice: "They do not go also well, walks, we drink the celebration, the girl did not go, you must go. The cultivation does not miss this liquor the time."

Speaking of drinks, Ji Dong and Fu Rui some feeling, as of late they have drunk faintly were few, the complete mental effort used in the cultivation. But before after all, daily drinks that many, the alcohol addiction has, the liquor that the fatty looks for naturally cannot miss, they somewhat were also excited.

The people returned to Jin Cheng, Zhou Xiaoxiao find a place to change an ordinary cotton garment first, this led them to go toward silly rich business association that silly half city. In other place, unusual person knew that his attire, may in this Jin Cheng, know the person of his gown were too many, in addition his special build. Wants the calm and steady drinking liquor not to be easy, therefore specially has changed the clothes. As the matter stands, nobody knew, drank are also many on the convenience.

Entered the silly half city, Zhou Xiaoxiao leads them to arrive at the silly rich hotel in Jin Cheng directly. Although here does not have the Central Plains City silly rich hotel to be so big, but the scale was also quite astonishing, after all, Jin Cheng is the headquarters of silly rich business association. On the scale, this silly rich hotel is also next to Central Plains City that by.

After Zhou Xiaoxiao re-equips specially, the ordinary service personnel have not really recognized his identity, wanted one to reserve a room, the people sat.

"Fatty, we only have seven people, do you want such big reserving a room to do?"Entered the room, Fu Rui cannot bear asking.

Also no wonder he will ask, in Zhou Xiaoxiao has that they come to reserve a room, only that table, is the giant round table that holds 20 people of dining. Seven people eat meal to drink, is not quite obviously convenient with such big table.

In the Zhou Xiaoxiao eye reveals several points of dreadfulness, chuckled, said: "Light is the man drinks to have any meaning, I asked several little misses to come to give everybody the liquor, to clamp the dish but actually. This is good."

Listened to his these words, people can't help gawking, secret helpless shaking the head, but Ji Dong and Fu Rui complexion is a little not quick.

From the additional only bad 300 monthly tickets. Quickly votes. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 422: Who must pull out my face

The Zhou Xiaoxiao watching a person's every mood ability is so strong. Looks that Ji Dong and Fu Rui complexion is unattractive, hurries to add: "Relax, the little miss in our silly rich hotel is not such that you think, is the process specially trains. First, the guarantee is clean, absolutely is the maidens. Second, they are only simple adds the liquor, to clamp the dish for us, will not harass you. Everybody is a man, this small scene is anything, you are waiting, I urge to go faster come."Saying, was not waiting for the people to say the opposition words, immediately moves sideways to go.

The wolf divine intervention and Du Ming is a calm and composed appearance, obviously had experienced already this situation. The wolf divine intervention expensive is the diamond regiment future armed forces regimental commander, the Central Plains City silly rich business association he has not gone to twice, "few hosts, what President Zhou says is real, silly rich hotel the liquor Little Sisters but in are actually very well-mannered, is not that sells into servitude."

Listened to the wolf divine intervention to explain, the Ji Dong complexion was attractive several points. Comes but actually the liquor regarding whom, he simply does not have any many ideas. Thinks of the liquor, he will think of Lie Yan (raging flames).

The free time of a while, the fatty came back, "food and wine I arranged. Right, Ji Dong, aren't you Bartender? Doesn't show one's skill to us? Words that Fu Rui, I have not remembered incorrectly, you should Bartenders Association Central Plains City divide the association president. Your two brothers bartending ability are so strong, doesn't make us experience?"

Fu Rui shook the head, said: "Ok, here place was too small. I did not have the mood to go to drink mixing for a long time. On bartending ability, Little Junior Brother be much stronger than me."

Ji Dong somewhat apologetic looks to Zhou Xiaoxiao, "sorry, the fatty, I do not refute your face. However, I have sent pledge, this life this life, not for anybody drink mixing. When the wife who in holding a memorial service for my passed away will modulate by ten big famous name wines."

The Ji Dong sound is very light, but listened to his these words, the people have the feeling of having profound respect. Each of them knows that Ji Dong uses the sentiment to Lie Yan (raging flames) to the depth. This point can look from him and Chen Sixuan relations. It is not able to break the Ji Dong heart by Chen Sixuan such outstandingly beautiful looks, has traded their any, even if Fu Rui, does not dare to say oneself certainly can dominate, but Ji Dong actually achieved.

The free time of a while, walks seven young girls from outside, in each young girl hand carries a tray, in the tray is putting three bottles of liquor. Ji Dong and Fu Rui knew about the liquor. Sweeps one, can see that these liquor one bottles have not been the year are lower than 50 years.

After seven young girls walk, arrives at seven people of sides to salute separately slightly.

Stands in Ji Dong young girl is most attractive, seems, only then 16-17 years old appearance, the figure is slim, the height at least has 1.7 meters five, the skin is fair, black sends directly simple throwing over after behind, continuously and buttocks, on charming face does not use the powder unexpectedly, the solid colored faces upwards. Clear is similar to fresh and beautiful general. The youth aura that lends subconsciously looked at her one eyes including Ji Dong. The young girls stand side Ji Dong respectfully, bends the waist to salute slightly, "can mister hello, at your service?"

Ji Dong nodded.

The young girls then sat in his side, just as such that the wolf divine intervention said that these young girls are very well-mannered, after sitting, is away from the Ji Dong body also probably half meter, does not have close meaning.

However, sits the clear young girl side Ji Dong feels to Ji Dong this white hair obviously very curious, could not bear looked at his two eyes.

"Mister hello. I called floatingly, very much happily at your service. Here has hundred years of selection whisky, the also hundred years of water of life and especially pure Vodka. What do you want to drink?"

Hears these three names that her revenge/report leaves, on the Ji Dong face also reveals the color/look of a trace of surprise, cannot bear look to Zhou Xiaoxiao, "fatty, you may really be a great writer!"Hundred years of water of life is an aging hundred years of brandy, this type of liquor and especially pure Vodka is the sky-high price. However, the one who most made Ji Dong surprised was that hundred years of selection whisky. Although did not speak the brand in the liquor of this world. But he is very clear this bottle of liquor the meaning is anything.

The so-called hundred years select, are in 100 years, the whisky of each year of brewing, altogether 100 types, fuse to mix according to the equal component together. This type of liquor most tastes, is different from the common whisky, its different year overlapped returns to the taste to make one forget to return sufficiently. Generally speaking, 20 years of selection was very rare. These hundred years of selections without a doubt are in the liquor of valuable non- city the best quality goods.

Fatty laughed, said: "Received cordially you naturally to use the best liquor. Your these two drink mixing Great Master taste these hundred years to select, is look the name will follow reality." Ji Dong to named floating young girl nodded, said: "That hundred years select."

Female respectfully complied, graceful opening bottle cap, is on Ji Dong but actually one cup. Then on static sitting in side.

Saw Ji Dong to make such choice, other people similarly have also chosen this type of liquor, understood Ji Dong bartending ability Du Ming like most familiar Ji Dong Yao Qianshu and Fu Rui also, to admiration of Ji Dong in drink mixing aspect even must above his strength.

Amber brown liquor fluid seems somewhat viscous, but is quite insightful attractively, strong, but actually not the colorful vulgar wine immediately floods in the room. At this time, had the service person to provide the partner liquor side dish, shortly after everybody finish breakfast time, at this time will not be obviously hungry. The arrangement of Zhou Xiaoxiao also therefore comes.

Ji Dong to Du bright way: "Concentrates some ice pieces to give everybody, everyone three, diameter one inch. Regardless of the whisky of any year, somewhat will be dry, the additional postglacial deposits, the flavor/smell will be sincerer, moreover can remove the smoke anger. When undermelting one-third, is the flavor/smell best time."

"Yes, Teacher."Du Ming right hand lifts, the light black ray in the airborne light volume, the air in room reduced slightly, the next moment, when that vanishes black light, in everyone wine glass were many three glittering and translucent carving ice pieces.

Sees this, the young girls who pours liquor reveal several points of surprised color/look, but good training made them not call out in alarm makes noise. Most curious if also Ji Dong side were called the floating girl, looked at the Ji Dong facial features, clearly was in the people smallest one, but has he become others Teacher?

Zhou Xiaoxiao carries the wine glass, "comes, I respect everybody one cup, welcome you to come Jin Cheng to sojourn. Today everybody must drink a happiness, the liquor control suffices." Ji Dong carries the wine glass. Rocked gently, because of the reason of ice piece, in crystal wine glass were many light thin Shuang, the amber brown liquor fluid seemed is also more charming.

After jogging wine glass, his superficial, the rich malt fragrant gas range that overlapping flavor/smell is flooding in the mouth immediately, the liquor fluid along the throat, immediately becomes fiery, tastes invades, truly is the good wine of hundred years of selection.

The people drink at the same time, Fu Rui asked to Zhou Xiaoxiao: "Fatty. You estimated that what the following two inspections can be? I really cannot find out, your business association also anything inspects to live in Little Junior Brother rarely. could it be said that will also make Little Junior Brother defeat you to be inadequate?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a forced smile: "According to the custom of business association, I cannot know the examination question ahead of time. Therefore I do not have the means. However, do not despise Wang Daojun this old fogy, he can certainly find out the means of any rarely seen (weirdo). Following inspection also certainly compared with today's difficult. Naturally, I have the absolute confidence to Ji Dong, regardless of what inspection believes that he can successfully pass."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Fatty, you have not flattered to me, I do everything possible am."

The people are speaking, suddenly, the reserving a room gate opened a slit, a person of wear silly rich hotel superintendent clothing stands outside reveals half face, side floating toward Ji Dong beckons.

Sits side Ji Dong floatingly, makes up liquor for him, said apologetically:
"Sorry, Sir, I exit first, comes back quickly."

Ji Dong nodded, she then stood up, walked.

Zhou Xiaoxiao brows slightly wrinkled, complexion obvious some were not happy, this called the floating young girl, although was also not perfect of Chen Sixuan that rank, but by look words, is Lan Bao'er and beautiful woman of Du Xin'er that level, was in the Jin Cheng sha rich hotel most attractive one, therefore he specially looked is the Ji Dong but actually liquor. Naturally, he has not revealed oneself status today, but relied on to want the high consumptions of these many bottle of top good wines to look for this beautifully * female. At this time was called, his many felt that somewhat does not have the face.

When raised the head looks to Ji Dong, Ji Dong is actually a self- possessed appearance, as if has not minded anything, the people are chatting, he also felt relaxed.

"This liquor is really good, outside buys cannot buy, turns head I to pack to carry off several bottles."Fu Rui is drinking while praised with a sigh.

Fatty said with a forced smile: "Fu Rui, does your boy have conscience!
Drank must also take. Do you feel all right?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "This has anything to be embarrassed, we may come to support to you. Your this local tyrant, does not butcher does not butcher white/in vain."

Recently people in self-torture, before particularly, when cultivated five elements method, can say that everyone all-out effort fully, racked brains when understanding and cultivating a five elements method deep meaning, since bright heavenly stems disciple all assembled, each of them's cultivation base had the speeding up of varying degrees, cultivated alone the situation has been better.

In this time, the reserving a room gate was opening quietly, walked from outside floatingly, because the people were chatting, nobody noted her, she arrived at side Ji Dong silently, sat cautiously.

The Ji Dong vision has swept her one eyes subconsciously, gives a regretful smile floatingly to Ji Dong, took up the beverage bottle to add a liquor for him. The Ji Dong power of observation is keen, clear seeing, on the floating face are many several to have wiped light blushing . Moreover the body is also bringing light liquor air/Qi. brows slightly wrinkled, the Ji Dong vision stayed on her face, ended the liquor floatingly but actually, happen to saw in the Ji Dong eye that just like the essence common god light, the tender body shook immediately, lowers the sound to explain in a soft voice: "Hotel came an important guest, the manager to make me respect several glasses of liquor, really sorry."

Listened to her explanation, Ji Dong not to say anything, the people still chatted while drink. The time is not long, the liquor has also gotten down about one-third, under the function of alcohol, the heavenly stems disciples felt that the spirit relaxed, chats naturally becomes is also more earnest. They chatted what were more was the cultivation attainment, the little miss of these but actually liquor what was in any case impossible to understand them to say was anything, everybody was practicing some five elements method issues to say.

Regarding a five elements method research, Ji Dong might as well Fu Rui is profound, Fu Rui takes the Big Brother, one by one is answering their question for the people.

In this time, the reserving a room gate was opening once more, that face also second appearance that formerly revealed that similarly, toward beckons floatingly.

Floating fragrant lip light sips, looked at Ji Dong secretly, sees Ji Dong pay attention to is listening to other people's speeches, no longer greeted simply, bent the waist, walked following the wall near quietly.

Although the Ji Dong vision has not looked at the past, but how he possibly does not know that exited floatingly, fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao dispatches a vision of inquiry to Ji Dong directly.

Ji Dong shook the head to Zhou Xiaoxiao, he and brothers are drink, does not want to stir up trouble, but look many in his eyes had several points to change.

The time of this time floatingly departing was longer, has drunk two- thirds until the liquor of people, in a hurry comes back. Blushing and liquor air/Qi on face were also stronger. In the beautiful pupil many also has several points to worry with the self-pity from.

Zhou Xiaoxiao dispatches the vision of inquiry to Ji Dong once more, Ji Dong is only glanced at him, shaking the head of gently. He does not want to ruin brothers' nature, let alone, the silly rich hotel is the silly rich business association, the Zhou Xiaoxiao face he must give. After all, before Zhou Xiaoxiao had not indicated the status here, everybody comes out to drink to happily, but to not cause trouble.

May also at this time, floatingly even link the buttocks not to hold on to your hat, the door opened a slit, formerly that person had revealed the face, somewhat anxious toward floating third beckoning.

On the floating face reveals a sincere helplessness, while she prepares third standing up time, on her shoulder presented big hand.

"Your where does not use." The Ji Dong light sound resounds, the people was stopping was talking jubilantly immediately, vision also centralized to him on.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Person is concerned about face, the tree wants skin, two, cannot again repeatedly over and over again four. I must have a look but actually, who must pull out my face."

Stares floatingly, why does not know, she feels suddenly, holds the big hand of oneself shoulder is that stable, merely is a hand, the uncomfortable feeling of actually taking to her intense security sense, the restlessness and anxiety of innermost feelings, also just drank the liquor that brings, as if quietly desalinates.

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Chapter 423: You do not give me a view, I give you a view

Although the Ji Dong words are very tranquil. The sound is not loud, but the people in room actually heard, that hotel manager who the entrance opens the door naturally also hears. In the heart greatly was immediately anxious, pushes the door to walk.

"Sorry, sorry, disturbing fellow gentlemen to drink. Is this, our hotel came a floating frequent guest, therefore made the floating past greet, but also asked fellow honored guests to excuse me. Later I propose a toast to apologize to everybody. Floating, you quickly have not come out."At the same time was saying, he also to signals with the eyes floatingly, hints her quickly to come out.

Floating awkward looks at Ji Dong, suddenly does not know that should be how good.

Ji Dong swept that hotel to be in charge of one desolately, the hotel manager only thought that a chill in the air nearly surged from the sole, spread over the whole body instantaneously, the smiling face on face immediately became reluctant.

"Get lost."Zhou Xiaoxiao is almost angrily roared, the right hand wields, a dark vigor has swept that manager directly goes out outside, and has taken the door.

Zhou Xiaoxiao is really very depressed, oneself are not thinks that idle, was not disturbed to drink the inferior liquor well. Finally had problems. Ji Dong light looks to Zhou Xiaoxiao: "Fatty, it seems like some of I and your this silly rich hotel suspects clash, arrives at the silly rich hotel each time, where, must have problems."

Standing up of Zhou Xiaoxiao face darken, "I process now, this matter will surely give you a confession."

Ji Dong shakes the head, "does not use, I process."Who he does not care is to himself but actually the liquor, even there is liquor a person of but actually not to matter, but if provokes he not to respond facing this one after another, he was also not Ji Dong. Just as such that he formerly said that matter three. Consecutively for third secondary will give he pours the liquor to shout floatingly, this has offended the Ji Dong bottom line.

The fat people have gawked, after took a deep breath, nodded, "how handles slowly as you like, even if has opened here, I do not have two words."He is really depressed, in the heart mused, what are these bastards in hotel thinking? Even if not know that own status, oneself this table can select such expensive liquor water, could it be can be an average person? Oneself make them look for most attractive entertainment Ji Dong specially, they unexpectedly also one after another called outward, not only has swept the Ji Dong face, was makes the fatty face not have up.

Ji Dong loosens grabs the floating hand, said to her: "Floating girl.
Brings place that I went to make you drink a moment ago."

The floating color/look in great surprise, element face reveals an entreaty outstandingly beautiful the look, "mister, asking you like this, I did not exit and that's the end. I, I. "
Ji Dong looks at her both eyes, repeatedly said: "Leads me to go." "I......"floating also want to say anything again, but her vision and Ji
Dong move when the same place, actually the sudden whole body shakes, the whole body such as was been common by the thunderbolt, slight trembled, at present pair of eyes as if mysterious magic power of this white hair youth, making her unable to say the rejection again, can only nod, bringing Ji Dong to walk outward. They go out to go, Fu Rui laughed, said: "Come, we then drink, does not want, for this minor matter affects the mood that everybody has drunk to heart's content."

Was listening to the Fu Rui words attractively, the Zhou Xiaoxiao complexion also along with it several points, he knows certainly that this was Fu Rui is breaking through for oneself. To his nodded, in the heart mused, it seems like, must make this boy walk with several bottles of nice wines.

Ji Dong brings to go out floatingly, formerly that is disappeared by the manager who Zhou Xiaoxiao rumbled, where did not know. Floating somewhat is obviously nervous, often looks to Ji Dong, but does she possibly see any clue from the Ji Dong face?

Went out of not the far, noisy sound forward has reserved a room to pass from one, "did waste, why want you to cause? Having a drink young ladies cannot call, is really the waste. Quickly goes to ask her to come to me, otherwise, do not blame me not being impolite. Let alone is your young manager, even if your managers also eats the crime."

"Yes, yes, your highness appeases anger, your highness appeases anger." This second sound was formerly that manager.

When Ji Dong arrives at this door under the floating leadership, the door happen to opens, was in charge of an appearance of bitter melon face to walk from inside. Clearly, this what your highness he cannot offend absolutely, but other one side, Zhou Xiaoxiao conveniently wielded to rumble him, has shown mercy very much obviously, but went again, will others also show mercy? In the morning to have experienced how like this bad luck matter.

He is just thinking, suddenly discovered in front of oneself were many two people, when he raised the head sees Ji Dong, the look on face can be said as must splendidly splendid. Has opened the mouth, looked like had just eaten two dead fly, the Adam's apple wriggled, is not knowing that should say anything was good. A dark vigor gushes out from Ji Dong, is in charge of the body one slantingly, fell the one side, made way the road. The Ji Dong cross previous step, crosses floatingly, pushed the door to enter directly, entered this reserving a room.

In charge in the heart to be greatly anxious, hurries to crawl to set out, holds floatingly, the running together of two syllables in rapid speech asked: "What's the matter? Did you bring to come to here the person? Do you know, this is must have the matter. You can pay the responsibility."

Floating suffering from injustice say/way: "I do not have the means that the guest must make me lead him to come! Why does not know, I have no way to defy his words. However, the manager, I thought that this matter is not we can process and withstand, you quickly ask the manager to come. Otherwise possibly really must have ** was tired."

nodded that the managers deeply to be so, said: "Good, you are waiting here, I look for the manager immediately. Does not know how really these outsiders think, even if their strength is good. But dares to cause trouble in our Jin Cheng's silly rich hotels, was really the brain enters the water. I hope now, they do not turn into the corpse to leave."

Ji Dong enters to reserve a room, the vision has swept, reserves a room the person to be many, fully twenty people, including six are but actually the young girls of liquor, the also six men sit there, in addition, the also more than ten people stand in six men who that sits behind, looks is the guard and so on.

Sits on the seat of honor. Is one seems probably about 30 -year-old men, the head harness Purple Gold crown, wears the Chinese dress, side on embroiders the white tiger design, the gold thread cancels, is extremely magnificent. Other five people are the age are various, but on the male age compared with this seat of honor be bigger.

Saw that Ji Dong walks from outside, they have gawked, Ji Dong this white hair was really too striking. "Who are you? Who makes you come in?" The man on seat of honor drinks one severely, immediately two tall guards walked from side, simultaneously searches the hand to grasp to Ji Dong. These guards obviously after special preparation, step calm speed strange Kuai, are almost in one step, has blocked the road that Ji Dong all has been able to go forward from the both sides, and protects to sit six people by table faintly, letting Ji Dong is unable to pose the threat to them directly.

The hands of two guards grasp to the Ji Dong shoulder position, Ji Dong has not dodged, whatever they grasp, will soon move own body when until their hands, the shoulder gently in a flash, this seems like the dexterous movement, actually gives people one type the feeling of being full of the explosive force. Initially Teng Snake taught to his Teng Snake strength technique, completely changed his physique, was reborn, regardless of the veins, skeleton, flexibility and explosive, were the peak degree that the human body could be, this may , was not only used to maintain life is so simple. Reason that Ji Dong can use Teng Snake Teng Snake to dodge absolute technique, is because has practiced the reason of Teng Snake strength technique, obviously his body intensity was much high.

These two guard simply have not bumped into the opportunity of his shoulder, in his shoulders dither, the tremendous strength, two guards simultaneously is turbulently stuffy snort/hum makes noise, body flying upside down, collision ruthlessly on room wall. But until at this moment, both hands of Ji Dong also carries after behind, the vision is light, looks like anything has not done.

Sits the man on seat of honor obviously to oneself these guards is very confident. Saw Ji Dong unexpectedly so easily routs two people, immediately is surprised, with several other people together, has stood from the table suddenly. The young girls who pours the liquor are send out one to call out in alarm.

"Who are you?"Other guards have not flushed again to Ji Dong, but fast protected that six people after behind, simultaneously releases own magic power. Suddenly, even if this reserves a room is quite broad, but has also been full of the rich magic power fluctuation. These more than ten guards unexpectedly are the Six-Crown above powerhouse, stood two people in distance that seat of honor man recent place is cultivation base has achieved Seven-Crown.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Who I am unimportant. More importantly, you three times make the person be called a girl to my there successively. If you cannot to me a view, I give you a view."

The seat of honor youth is then suddenly enlighted, originally is the issue that causes floatingly, floating absolutely is the rare beautiful woman, the key is her clarity, making this youth move . The evening that but they come one step, has arranged to reserve a room floatingly first to Ji Dong their, the letting manager who this is unforgiving several times called to be floating to propose a toast successively. Floating is only a delicate girl, can be what kind of?

"Boy, you knows that who I am?" The youth get angry shout.

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth have cast aside casting aside, bright status? Whenever some people must show oneself status time, explained that they somewhat have feared outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Who you are do not have any significance to me, so long as I you give me a view. Otherwise, your do not want to walk from here."

"Young people, work should not be too rampant, here is Jin Cheng."What this speech was formerly sat side the seat of honor youth started a old man. It seems the bearing is solemn, somewhat is quite dignified.

Ji Dong tilts the head to visit him, "I was rampant, how?"

"Begins." The seat of honor youth could not endure patiently again, the magic power imposing manner that loudly shouted, on ten guards sent out almost simultaneously came in swarms toward Ji Dong.

Begins with not to be completely different outside in the indoor, in the narrow and small space these many people release magic power, making this reserve a room the magic power fluctuation becomes extremely strong.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, the right hand wields backward, the door opened, his both hands one one volume, in the screams, six are responsible for the young girl of liquor being swept across but actually. Door two closure. Although he is finds fault, but will not injure and innocent.

When Ji Dong makes these movements, these guards have also encircled, they saw Ji Dong is not simple, but actually is actually not able to investigate Ji Dong is what kind of strength. Two Six-Crown Mage simultaneously lowly drink one, both hands lifts, the strong magic power ray condenses in the palm, pats directly toward Ji Dong. Here after all is the silly rich hotel, the silly rich business association is important regarding Western Metal Empire, they do not want to destroy here.

Ji Dong goes forward one step, both hands also lifts, lifts both hands similarly, pats to that two guard Six-Crown. But his simply has not released own Yin-Yang Crown, even above both hands including a magic power ray not to have the belt. As if only an average person, has laid out the ordinary two palms by.

Has not made the slightest bit sound, when the double palm of Ji Dong contacts with that two Six-Crown Mage together, strange appeared, the body of that two Six-Crown Mage is one stiff, magic power in hand as if vanished generally, that quiet ablation, but their bodies also stand there are motionless, even continually the expression on face also and formerly was without change, looked like turns into the sculpture to be ordinary suddenly.

Fighting of both sides instantaneously is completing by, no one has look yes what's the matter, in the room is too after all narrow and small, the guards have scruples here are the silly rich business associations, has no way to close , can only come up two people, wants to draw formerly came back to two people who Ji Dong begins.

However, when they bump into the body of companion, on the face the look actually changed into with amazement. Formerly with the two guards of Ji Dong to palm, in the seven orifices simultaneously braved a air/Qi light azure smoke, was bringing the burnt flavor/smell azure smoke, their this conveniently, these two people already soft but actually, did not have the life aura again.

If Ji Dong defeats two Six-Crown Mage by magic power and magic skill, even is strikes to kill, these guard Mages will not feel that so shocks.

That is two Six-Crown Mage! In Mage world, cultivation base can break through Six-Crown, entered another level, it can be said that high-grade level Mage, but is two such powerhouses, when this white hair, the facial features as if only has about 20 -year-old young people to contact at present slightly collapsed. This has exceeded their cognition range, they at all not yes.

After Ji Dong has not gone to look, two Mage that comes up, his not bloodthirsty, so long as the opposite party does not begin to him, he is not willing to get rid to these obviously hired guard. Once he gets rid, that will not have any retention.

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Chapter 424: Mysterious both hands

Went forward one step, before Ji Dong arrived at the round table. This round table is very similarly big. Both hands of Ji Dong press above gently.

Strange appeared, or was makes one that in the room other people are unable to understand appear, formerly they was still eating the table that the thing drank, that solid wood table, together with the above all things, quietly appeared in the next moment has wiped the black, the next moment, they completely static disappearance. Right, baseless vanished, only then the slight ashes fall gently slowly. In the entire process, has not sent out any sound.

The people in room looked have tarried, what strength was this? most Yin most Supple, that instantaneous corrosion can be the degree that this gives up affectation unexpectedly, what is more fearful, has not released his Yin-Yang Crown Ji Dong to the present, in this case, in any person heart will perhaps produce frightened. Ji Dong that white hair had a liking to pass away to fill strangely in them.

"This, is this sorcery?"That is the man of head surprised is gazing at fixedly Ji Dong. Without the impediment of table, the space in room was also much bigger. The surplus guards do not dare to clash again, one by one fills is gazing at Ji Dong vigilantly. Does not dare to get rid on own initiative, formerly got rid the result of that two guard they to see, they understands from the result of this table at present, perhaps that two guards instantaneously had been routed the internal organs by the Ji Dong this most Yin most Supple strength, the surface seems body not any damage, may in fact, the internal organs in within the body actually change into the azure smoke. That is two Six-Crown Mage! Before at present this white hair youth, unexpectedly likely is general that the paper sticks, graces, strikes to kill it. He can kill two people, naturally can also kill other people, nobody does not fear death, these guards naturally are no exception. Those who made them somewhat rejoice, Ji Dong after destroying the table had not continued to launch the attack again, but stopped the footsteps.

Ji Dong looks at the man of opposite party that named head, has referred to oneself front ground, "kneels down, to I apologize, let off you."Was called for the girl of oneself liquor but actually three times, what wound is the Ji Dong face, he wants also similarly is the opposite party face, therefore, he has not slaughtered, but showed one's skill, frightens the opposite party.

"Bastard, you knows that who I am?"Perhaps is pressure that because Ji Dong creates is too big, some men's hysterias. "I am the Western Metal Empire two imperial princes, even if you have killed me, I will not submit. My adoptive father is the silly rich business association discussing official business group speaker, each present is our Western Metal Empire high- ranking court official, even if your strength is strong, only then a person, you do not want to live to walk today from here."

Emperor Western Metal Empire is old, this two imperial princes are one of the throne powerful contender, today asks side these to support his minister to discuss the countermeasure to the silly rich hotel, saw floating clear somewhat is for a while capricious, but how he thinks, because own for a while was lascivious to bring such fatal major problem.

Listened to his words, Ji Dong truly somewhat surprised, although he had guessed correctly at present the status of this male emperor's relatives by these people's conversations in a moment ago, but has not thought of status unexpectedly such high of this person. Not only relates to the Western Metal Empire imperial family, relates to the silly rich business association. But, what do these have regarding Ji Dong?

"Who regardless of you are, I said have not taken back. You said a moment ago, even if dies will not submit. Good, you have the strength of spirit very much. We hope that you can such have strength of spirit."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong the starting to walk step, walked toward him.

bang'ed. The strong gold/metal black dual-color flame is almost simultaneously raises from Ji Dong, in this, although broad, but actually in the airtight room, the temperature hurriedly rises, almost in a flash, became is similar to a giant furnace is ordinary. These guard Mages simultaneously the complexion big change, one by one backward does not live to fall to draw back, the attribute suppresses along with the soul suppression of Ji Dong, is attacking their bodies by the strongest situation, these guards of oppression are very difficult including the breath, their strength originally cannot contend with Ji Dong, under like this intense suppression, in their eyes is unable to conceal with amazement again, unceasing retreat that one by one is panic-stricken. That two imperial princes and support his ministers also in abundance to retrocede, has pasted on the wall in room in a flash.

Ji Dong stands in same place motionless, dual-color flame transforms for the pure black suddenly, suddenly, his left hand toward direction one move of one guard, strange appeared, any magic power ray sparkle, that guard only had not thought that an irreversible huge suction appeared suddenly, attracts pulls his body to arrive in front of Ji Dong instantaneously. Startled, he can only all -out effort double fist go toward the Ji Dong chest front bang fully.

Ji Dong hides radically does not hide, while the opposite party double fist bang to own chest, his left hand has also grasped, directly soars the opposite party throat position to go, Mingyang hunts, but he uses is not Third Wu Primordial Yang Holy Fire, but is Fourth Si Nether Yin Spirit Fire by. Two Great Sovereign Kings skill originally is the intercommunication, by the Ji Dong controlling force. This at all is not anything.

Saw that Ji Dong does not dodge, during the guard great happiness, own magic power comprehensive output, is more anxious, although uses any magic skill without enough time, but as Six-Crown Mage, the authority output of magic power is also quite terrifying. However, Ji Dong chest when his double fist bang instant, his complexion suddenly changed, becomes looks like the dying embers to be generally ugly. Because he suddenly discovered, the chest of Ji Dong as if becomes extremely soft as, was having a special rhythm slight dither, magic power that he rumbled was melted 50% unexpectedly, what was more fearful, the attribute in his magic power in that flash by the Pinnacle Two Fires counter-balance of Ji Dong. But magic power of other half actually as if broke in a strange vortex, can absorb the world common vortex. In the dull thumping sound sound, the body gearing of Ji Dong has not even moved, but body of this Mage actually already baseless conjecture in midair. Was pinched the neck to lift by the Ji Dong left hand there.

That shocks strangely appeared, the black flame ascends, has not thundered, but the next moment, presents before two imperial princes and the others, is actually a skeleton skull. That was pressed firmly between the fingers the guard of neck by Ji Dong, from neck above. The entire head turned into skeleton skull completely, did not have the hair and flesh and blood, but the bone is actually the slightest does not damage, the lower part also as before is the original design, even is still struggling.

This was really extremely strange, Ji Dong from beginning to end, use only then his both hands , this double mysterious hand, actually made to wait for the terrifying picture like this, can not be shocking?

At first gets rid, Ji Dong uses extinguishes the god to strike. Breaks the attack of that two guard instantaneously, has destroyed their internal organs by pinnacle Yin Fire directly. But at this time he directly has used oneself pinnacle Yin Fire. Holds after the wrist, does not kill people difficultly. The rarity is he after striking to kill this guard, but has burnt down his head, and has not involved the skeleton, controlling force of this to magic power is absolutely shocking. At present these two emperor's sons' people are also experienced, may also never see the controlling force of this level!

Ji Dong flung conveniently, discarded the corpse in hand. He chooses the murder also to have sense of purpose, his six senses originally far supernormal person, after particularly strength of cultivation base soul to certain extent, six senses also became more sensitive. Three guards who he kills, is in these guards bloody taste is thickest. Has his Lord to have his servant, these people as two emperor's sons' guards, by these two emperor's sons' rampant behaviors, these guards surely are the accomplices, deserves to be damned.

The right hand of Ji Dong replaces the left hand to lift, this time, his palm points to two imperial prince directions, although does not have any magic power fluctuation to emit, the terrifying when formerly he struck to kill that guard in the hand sends out to attract customer interest everyone to feel, was covered distantly by his right hand, the huge pressure made two emperor's sons' complexions become pale, the sweat of big drop big drop followed the temple to fall unceasingly. Although his side also many famous guards, but he is actually not have the slightest bit security sense. He only thought that death aura unprecedented proximity, he does not want to become next turns into the person of skeleton.

Ji Dong as before unemotionally, but this time he, takes to the pressures of these people able be imagined at present, they do not even dare to breathe heavily the atmosphere, one by one keep silent the Ruohan cicada, is the perspiration wet weight lapel, they do not dare to imagine, if the Ji Dong goal will be what kind.

Ji Dong refers to front ground once more, "kneels down the apology, I will not say third."

Wish rejection that "I......"two imperial princes am from the heart, but, after he opens mouth, he actually discovered. Oneself are unable saying that rejection words unexpectedly.

"Your highness, the real man is adaptable to the situation, first passed this tribulation to say again."Stands old minister anxious saying of side two imperial prince. They hang a grasshopper in string with this two imperial princes, once two imperial princes have an accident, even if Ji Dong does not kill them, their later days will not feel better. Meaning that at this time two imperial prince also resist shortly, how can also in the non- heart be greatly anxious, hurries to remind him.

On two imperial prince faces the blood-color completely draws back, did not have to be formerly haughty again the rampant appearance, was the imperial prince, will he be resigned dead in light of this? But, is in front of these many ministers, if such has submitted, after him, how to raise the head.

The Ji Dong patience is always not that good, two imperial princes still in the hesitant, huge suction, again appeared from his hand shortly.

When hauling of this suction no trace of politeness two emperor's sons' bodies, he was almost screaming the call makes noise, "I kneel, I kneel. "

But the suction infection, is such short flickers the bureau, two imperial prince clothes had been soaked by the sweat, knees one soft, plop'ed kneels down in front of Ji Dong. The tooth fastens to nip, this time, he does not dare to hesitate, "I made a mistake."

Ji Dong light coldly snorted, "before me, you are any thing."Spoke these words, he turns around to go proudly. Has left behind a silentness of room.

Two imperial princes fierce jumps from the ground, when he must issue chases down the order of Ji Dong, is away from his recent two old ministers suddenly to throw, held his arm separately, "your highness, calm, is certainly calm."

"You let loose me, how calm do you make me?"Two imperial prince both eyes red is roaring.

"Your highness, since this person clearly is knowing in the situation of your status also dares such to do unexpectedly, has surely rely on, first clarified says again."

Two imperial prince panting in gulps, the frightened, intense fear is attacking his heart unceasingly, why this is also the reason of his so hysteria, usually in he, is very calm. At this time the mood returns to normal gradually, left beyond the fierce shame, also intense fear. He can affirm, if formerly at that moment he did not submit, that white hair youth will kill him. Yes! Actually is he who? First did not say his origin, if his physical age and semblance seem are consistent, that was too fearful. A such young powerhouse, is extremely certainly famous on continent, these officials said right, now is not losing one's temper time, loses one's temper also no helps.

Ji Dong goes out of the room, happen to looked arrives before the gate silly rich hotel staff who floatingly and walks hurriedly.

Saw Ji Dong from inside is well walks, floating has also gawked, on the face reveals color/look of the feeling relaxed, anxious said in a low voice: "Sir, you quickly walk. Inside that person is an imperial prince, although I do not know how you process, perhaps will have troublesome!"

Ji Dong somewhat surprisedly saw this clear girl, this reminder also told Ji Dong, this girl's heart and her semblance are equally clear. On tranquil face rare reveals a smile, to floating nodded, said: "Thank you. This matter I will process."

The free time who two people spoke, the administrative personnel in silly rich hotel arrived at the near, altogether more than ten people, were one person very obviously are the Boss in this hotel, a Chinese dress, once "reminder" the Ji Dong hotel manager was just the same as initially that. His originally is a face embarrassed look, when his eyes see Ji Dong, on the face the look actually becomes splendid extremely.

The step of hurriedly leading the way stops, look ordinary he, on the face filled was startled and shocked with inconceivable. Considers everything, he has not thought that will see this person here.

Reason that this manager does not have first to catch up , because he just came back from the big school ground! He is also one of the silly rich business association discussing official business group members, before soon, just witnessed Ji Dong to rout more than thousand gold/metal ghost regiment elite magnificent feats by a person of strength. Here sees Ji Dong, can he not be surprised? In his opinion, under this youth likely really becomes an association president!

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Chapter 425: What is the shelled peanuts cooks the cooked rice?

The hotel manager was noticing that Ji Dong first has recognized his identity. Really is because Ji Dong this white hair was too striking. Ji Dong also the look from his face saw him to recognize itself.

Before that once arrived to reserve a room to be called the floating manager not to go forward quickly, surprised said to Ji Dong: "Are you all right?"

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "should I have the matter?"

In charge of the complexion changes, Ji Dong said indifferently: "Runs into the customer to conflict, do you such process? Will only find the person to above, has scruples because of the status of customer, even/including Yisheng persuaded not to have. Does the silly rich hotel use your such person?"

In charge of stare blankly, that general manager actually sobered from the shock, goes forward quickly, arrives in front of Ji Dong to bow to salute, "Mr. Ji Dong, was really sorry, being late of I come."

Saw that the general manager so is unexpectedly respectful to this white hair youth at present, all people were startled, floating opened attractive big eyes, looks in the Ji Dong eye to fill inconceivable. Regarding the woman, handsome look and big body naturally are the attractions. Ji Dong only then the latter, the former has actually lacked. However, regarding the woman fatal attraction is actually the strength. The competent person will have the self-confidence, but the strength is also the guarantee of survival, like floating this woman. Naturally regarding having the youth talent of powerful strength will have the favorable impression. What in her very clear side room is, Ji Dong can safe walks from inside, certificate many issues, let alone her boss so is politer to others at present. Can she not produce the curious heart to Ji Dong?

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Matter I have processed, you do not use awkwardly. Zhou Xiaoxiao and I in a passenger compartment, you have any issue to look for him directly. After this floating girl must trouble you, looks, I do not hope that has any person because of today's matter, but is disadvantageous to her."Then, he turned around to go.

Hears Zhou Xiaoxiao these three characters, had that general manager already to guess correctly beside, other person can't help gasping. In other country, in this Western Metal Empire capital Jin Cheng, who didn't know Zhou Xiaoxiao this name? Even if not know that the empire emperors called anything, will know Zhou Xiaoxiao these three characters the meanings. That is the association president of silly rich business association, behind entire Western Metal Empire gold/metal Lord! Is the Western Metal Empire patron god, one generation of supreme powerhouses. Let alone is an imperial prince, even if Emperor Western Metal Empire sees Zhou Xiaoxiao, must call under a crown respectfully.

Was in charge to open the mouth unable to speak, but the floating vision the complete delay, the brain high-speed was also revolving, in her memory, but knows that silly rich business association president Zhou Xiaoxiao was a fatty, but Ji Dong their reserved a room, the only fatty her memory was naturally profound, she even still remembers, fatty clearly to at present this white hair youngster very some meanings of begging. Is he Zhou Xiaoxiao? Association president Zhou Xiaoxiao of solemn silly rich business association? What status that at present is this youth? She really cannot find out, the also anything person in this world can make the silly rich business association presidents also probably flatter.

In the floating train of thought that Ji Dong left. That hotel general manager helpless shaking the head of. This matter for him, now was very good to process, since has experienced the Ji Dong strength after today, this originally was on the side of the speaker camp general manager, the innermost feelings somewhat vacillates. However, he is actually knows two that Ji Dong then must face close the inspection to be difficult, that is really nearly the impossible mission. Perhaps is the association president personally goes into action not to be impossible to complete, let alone was that young people. Regardless of but how to say, the Ji Dong strength is placed there, that young, is completely conceivable, in the near future, continent most powerhouse that level will definitely have the small space of this young people.

Also two inspections that because behind speaker Wang Daojun proposed were extremely abnormal, currently in the Wang Daojun camp, some congressmen obviously had was discontented. Either feels indignant but not daring to speak out, either was thinks of gratefully the Wang Daojun older generation to establish the silly rich business association, finally reluctantly passed having made up mind. Tomorrow, these two inspections will soon announce, this is also association president Zhou Xiaoxiao and second gambling of speaker Wang Daojun. This congressman general manager has thought clearly, regardless has anything, he watches changes quietly. Not full supports Wang Daojun. Any matter must stand in a principle. Let alone, a moment ago the Saint king in this young people this generation of bright heavenly stems disciples.

"I go to handle here matter, floating, later you did not need to be but actually the liquor Little Sister. Starting today, you are my full-time secretary, is responsible for handling various hotel business with me."

"?"Looks at the general manager floatingly surprisedly, in her eyes, silly rich hotel general manager is the extraordinary great person, this is her first time face-to-face speaks with him. She has not thought, was a moment ago a few words of that youth, unexpectedly changed own destiny. Although she knows that she has the good appearance, is, in the silly rich hotel, the beautiful woman was really too many. She is lucky, why does not know, remembers Ji Dong that white hair, in her heart actually somewhat moved feeling.

The silver tooth bites lightly, "general manager, I wants to go to complete today's work first, tomorrow will be being your secretary, Ok?" The general manager somewhat surprisedly looked at her one eyes, in the heart had mused, this was really an intelligent girl, it seems like, own decision was correct.

"Un, you go. Must take care of Mr. Ji Dong, he is our silly rich hotel absolute distinguished guest."


Just walked floatingly, the gate that two imperial princes reserves a room opened, two imperial prince complexions tranquil walks from inside. It seems, does not have what difference. The general manager sees him, hurries to go forward several steps, said with a smile: "Your highness, I heard that you had a condition, comes to have a look specially."

Two imperial prince lightly said: "Oh, is Pei Zong, I only want to know, what origin entered me to reserve a room a moment ago the white hair youth is, can you tell me?"

General manager nodded, gathers near two imperial prince ears, said in a low voice several anything, almost in the next moment, with great difficulty restored the tranquil two imperial princes are the complexion big changes, lost one's voice to call out in alarm said: "What did you say? He has routed more than 1000 gold/metal ghost regiments elite, is he under that silly rich business association the candidate of association president?"

The general manager hurries to give the hand signal of keeping silent to him, but on two imperial prince and his back officials face did not have blood-color.

Two imperial princes are very clear, if no support of silly rich business association, oneself are impossible to sit the throne. The speaker can only handle the internal affairs, foreign affairs also wants the association president to take responsibility. Since Ji Dong is the successor who Zhou Xiaoxiao chooses, obviously he and Zhou Xiaoxiao relations were close.

took a deep breath, two imperial princes manifested him finally as the determinations of throne contender, "Pei Zong. Troubles you to lead me to reserving a room of Mr. Ji Dong one."

Pei Zongleng, "two your highness, did you want?"

The breath of two imperial prince big mouths, "I must visit to apologize."

On the general manager face reveals a applause the look, said in a low voice: "Perhaps, this is a best choice, your highness illustrious name."


When Ji Dong they help the man in the silly rich hotel drinks, the girls in heavenly stems disciple also in having their matters.

gold/metal and Lan Bao'er were drawn by Du Xin'er are window- shopping. Du Xin'er also wants to call Chen Sixuan, but Chen Sixuan remotely had actually been pulled back the room, moreover she does not have the thoughts that anything window-shops, Ji Dong not in side. Is any her not to be happy.

"Remote elder sister, what matter do you draw me to come back to have?"Two females sit in the remote housing lecture hall living room, some Chen Sixuan was puzzled asked.

Said with a smile remotely: "Naturally had the matter, moreover was very important matter. Relates to we two future happy issues. Thinks of the fine jade, could see, you are passionately devoted to Ji Dong. I am also open about the facts you, I like Fu Rui. The situation that we must face is similar, stubborn simply that these two do not straighten out holds is installing clearly muddled. Today I pull back you, wants to discuss with you, we should form an alliance, show no external differences, strive soon to conquer them. A person counts short, two people count to be long, we also well need further consideration."

Chen Sixuan surprised looks remotely, she truly has not thought that remote pulls back oneself unexpectedly for this, suddenly joyful: "Yes! I any means did not have, remote elder sister, you, if has any good means to teach me. I do not have other request, so long as he said me to love your three characters to me, I satisfied."

Has gawked remotely, unable to help laughing, said: "Silly thing, Ji Dong , if willing to say these three characters to you, your matters definitely have become, you will certainly satisfy. Who could it be couldn't you have seen Ji Dong are? He is an extremely heavy friendship, person of heavy commitment. Once he is willing to say these three characters to you, that proved he wholeheartedly loved you. Ai, said, I did not have the means. You, at least now Ji Dong are not hiding you fortunately, but is not willing to accept you by. But Fu Rui this fellow, all day long is actually hiding me, simply does not give the opportunity that I and he spoke. Always as far as possible and others in same place, I are about to irritate. He is actually very clear my meaning. Do I join the heavenly stems disciple, what continent could it be really for must save? The old ladies are not great. I join do the disciple on this day, because of him! I do not believe this fellow not to know."

Chen Sixuan helpless say/way: "What to do should we? Now looks like, making Ji Dong fall in love with me is almost impossible. He really loved Lie Yan (raging flames), besides Lie Yan (raging flames). In his heart cannot accommodate the second woman."At the same time was saying, on her face has shown the meaning smile, even a also several points of pride, has such a loyal lover, in her heart is actually very satisfied.

Remote ill-humored say/way: "He cannot install you, do you also smile? Your silly thing."

Chen Sixuan bites the red lip lightly, "then proves him to the sentiment dedicated! He such single-minded words, I did not like him. could it be will you like one quickly on the man of breaking faith?"

Remote snorted, said: "But their these two fellows in suffering oneself are also suffering us, this way is not the means. Perhaps ten years and eight years of they will not accept us. It seems like that now only then under potent drug."

"?"Chen Sixuan visits her surprisedly, "under what potent drug?" Remote charming face one red, gathers near the Chen Sixuan ear, said in a low voice: "Have you heard those words, shelled peanuts have cooked the cooked rice."

Chen Sixuan somewhat ignorant to shook the head remotely, "what is the shelled peanuts cooks the cooked rice, the remote elder sister, were you hungry?"

Remote stared wide-eyed visits her, "do shelled peanuts cook the cooked rice you not to know? Is the man and woman does that matter!"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, she smatters to matter of originally men and women, initially Lie Yan (raging flames) time and Ji Dong in the same place, Ji Dong also hug her, to cherish one's relatives she, lest blasphemed her.

Looks at Chen Sixuan that puzzled appearance remotely, "was really is defeated by you. Your this princess works as, actually doesn't the matter of men and women know? This is the person of big desire, heard that is very exciting. Good, making the elder sister come to attend class to you."Is remotely different from Chen Sixuan, since childhood lives in demon pledge big dye vat, although she is intact, from infancy to maturity but the matters of this men and women listen.

At that moment, she gathers near the Chen Sixuan ear, said a while to her in a low voice.

Is listening to the remote words, Chen Sixuan charming face immediately becomes more and more red, like one thoroughly ripe the red apple is common remotely, nearly cannot bear kiss an impulsion that looks.

"Thinks of the fine jade, you are really beautiful."Remote praised with a sigh: "Does not know how really Ji Dong that boy thinks, is putting your such big beautiful woman , can also be aloof unexpectedly. Then you understood my meaning."

Chen Sixuan charming face red nodding the head gently, "remote elder sister, but, he is not willing to accept my sentiment, how to the matter of my this men and women?"

Remote chuckled, said: "This was the potent drug that I said. Turns head we to find an opportunity, comes shelled peanuts to cook the cooked rice with them, by their sense of responsibility, even if has not been willing to accept us, the mentality will have the earth-shaking change, following matter is easier."

"? Is this also good?" The beautiful pupil of Chen Sixuan stares in a big way.

Remote splendid say/way: "This has any incorrect. You are also love in any case his, devotes you do not want to him? You thought that you did suffer a loss?"

"It is not, is not. I thought that this little is probably inappropriate!"Chen Sixuan somewhat hesitant saying.

Remote also very much feels weak actually at heart, "this matter we need further consideration, allowing nature to take its course that must make, flawless, cannot make them look that is good. The old ladies do not believe not to handle them. Especially your Ji Dong obviously is a young virgin."

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Chapter 426: Underground city

"Yawn and yawn......"Ji Dong and Fu Rui have sneezed two one after another. Has rubbed nose, the Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "This is who kept thinking about us?"

Silly rich hotel liquor has drunk up finally, two imperial princes afterward went into their room to apologize make Ji Dong somewhat surprised, many looked at his one eyes high. When this two imperial prince your highness discovered when Zhou Xiaoxiao unexpectedly really in room, is respectful, as if before Ji Dong, that several people who kills do not have relations with him. So-called puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person, Ji Dong naturally cannot haggle over anything with him again. That two imperial princes also finally are relaxed, not only paid up for their this room, after is other people drank up, has delivered personally.

"That two imperial princes, were a deep one a moment ago!"Fu Rui said.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Was from the imperial family, was the man, city mansion deeply that has not blamed, only if to a throne not idea. Good, you go back to rest well, but, Ji Dong you must be mentally prepared, a moment ago old Pei in hotel and I spoke several words, although he does not have to disclose truly your following inspection is anything, the meaning of but from his words revealing looked, you then must face, will certainly be extremely difficult inspection content. You must be mentally prepared. If Wang Daojun this old boy dares to go too far. The father will not give up with him. However, the Ji Dong boy, this time you struggled very big face to me, your today's performance, making his side person start to be discontented to him, after all, you, if became my successor, later his person was definitely bad luck. If you can continue through the following two inspections, then, the influence of Wang Daojun this old fogy will certainly be weakened to the minimum degree."

At the same time was saying, the people returned to the lecture hall in silly half city, enters the courtyard in lecture hall, they noticed that remote is sitting with Chen Sixuan in the pavilion in courtyard is talking in whispers. Sees them to come back, is remotely better, one that Chen Sixuan charming face actually brushes becomes red, she has not brought the veil at this time, blushing charming face is the bright-colored not local products, a men vision that looks at simultaneously delay. Chen Sixuan is greatly bashful, remote just and she was saying that life cooks the cooked rice the detail, suddenly sees Ji Dong, can she not be shy? Immediately turns around to run, directly flushed in own spirit.

"How thought of fine jade this is?"Fu Rui was puzzled asked.

Ji Dong said with a forced smile: "How I know."He also is very strange, he has been used to Chen Sixuan to see oneself collect, this time actually likely flees to the wilderness, is really somewhat strange. Their vision falling as if by prior agreement in remote.

Remote very natural standing up, looked that does not look at their one eyes, turned around.

Yao Qianshu unable to help laughing, said: "It seems like must cloud over. Ji Dong, Boss Fu Rui, your prestige may probably not have! Haha."

Fu Rui snorted, said: "Money tree, I thought that your actual combat capability missed, might as well make Elder Brother direct you, was good to enhance your actual combat capability."

"Uh......"titter on Yao Qianshu face freezes immediately, on the face the muscle has twitched, "Boss Fu Rui, does not use."

A Fu Rui face healthy tendency say/way: "How to use? The strength promotion must by accumulate daily. Not only you, Du Ming, divine intervention, you two also together come. The fat people, walk, finds a place to us. This physique must move is good."

Zhou Xiaoxiao laughed, said: "So long as in do not pull I, am casual you, the fatty I have feared your little fellows now."

Fu Rui said to Ji Dong: "Little Junior Brother, might face any difficult inspection tomorrow, today well rests. I led them."

Ji Dong nodded, returned to own lecture hall without consulting anybody.

Today the liquor drinks are not many, naturally cannot get drunk under his control desirably. Most is bringing several points of drunk intent slightly by. Returns to own room, closes the door, Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit on the bed, in the mind starts to recall today in that in the school ground fights.

The application of chaos deep meaning, is only has the sudden enlightenment that the miraculous glow flashes before sometimes instantaneously, this is may come by with luck, but not by searching for it. Has not thought including him, today in that case will sense unexpectedly. Strength that the chaos creative also its all rivers run into the sea fusion strength, these characteristics itself can reply on!

Chaos, which species chaos, are most source strength, wants to refine this source strength from the ordinary five elements attribute element, element power that needs is extremely huge, why before this is also , the Ji Dong chaos present each time time, reason that will swallow the massive periphery magic power elements. Only if he sends out own chaos strength, otherwise, if he sends out a chaos source, definitely will cause the magic power element within certain range to be swept away by the crazy draw off.

Isn't today's situation this? Because gold/metal ghost regiment these Mages have sent out their magic power, when the Ji Dong chaos strength contacts in them together, through magic power that they release is the bridge, attracts to pull instantaneously their strengths. However, concentrated over a thousand gold/metal ghost regiment elite magic power strengths really extremely to be completely huge. Even if the Ji Dong chaos strength impossible to transform them completely, therefore, with a same reduction help, Ji Dong tows in the skill that their strength is integrating them to release completely. This entire process, what consumption is only the Ji Dong the energy and soul strength , the effect on magic power is actually minimal. In that moment, Ji Dong had understood Martial Ancestor to he has spoken those words. After cultivation base of certain level, the long-distance attack regarding them, did not have any significance.

If truly, meet one to be similar to cultivation base, comprehended the match of chaos deep meaning, both sides after the opposite party get rid melts by the chaos, what significance long-distance attacks also? Even was likely seized by the opposite party offensive. Actually what kind of forms of combat are more suitable oneself, can the compensation fuse in together?

Had this question, Ji Dong to enter the sitting in meditation condition slowly, the Pinnacle Two Fires magic power turnover, started his routine cultivation.

While Ji Dong sits in meditation the cultivation, Chen Sixuan is for a very long time is actually not able to be tranquil in own room, the remote words could be said as for her have cleared another close Ji Dong road, was she has never thought a road, such did, really? But, that also really felt ashamed. It is not good, is not at least good temporarily, I have not been ready. Ji Dong, your this bastard, because of you, makes others so awkward. Remotely was smiled.

Has no way not to laugh at her remotely. She simply is a white paper, similarly is intact, many many that but remote understand compared with her. But, more listened to say remotely, Chen Sixuan even more was also shy, when particularly she saw Ji Dong, remembered again was formerly remote conceals time that to lick the movement of finger to oneself, really has felt ashamed, her heartbeat sped up several times suddenly, truly fled to the wilderness. Until this moment mood was unable to return to normal.

Next day, Zhou Xiaoxiao was early morning comes as before. But heavenly stems disciples gather in the courtyard when today, on the faces of certain people are also having some scars. Most obvious was Yao Qianshu, the left eye had a big eye socket, likely was half panda. It is the enmity looks at Fu Rui, seemed was saying, the Boss, you started too to be also ruthless.

However, Fu Rui is only a few words, made Yao Qianshu restrain the vision instantaneously, what Fu Rui said: "What's wrong? Today also wants to continue?"

"Ji Dong, we walk."Under the leadership of Zhou Xiaoxiao, people left the lecture hall, these time did not need to go out of town again, but the silly half city, under the leadership of Zhou Xiaoxiao, they arrived at the silly rich business association headquarters.

What is accidental/surprised, this silly rich business association headquarters seem unexpectedly are only one piece and the common one- story house, moreover not in silly half city central position, but in quite remote corner, if not know that this line of destinations, no one thinks, this place is actually the first under heaven business association headquarters is.

However, enters this first under heaven business association headquarters truly, the people understand that here means anything.

Zhou Xiaoxiao led them to enter a room, in room empty, only then four Mage were protecting here, everyone was the bearing sinks to congeal, can see, was cultivation base Six-Crown Mage.

Besides these four people, unexpectedly also four Rank 6 magic beast, obviously are these four magic beast partners of people. This room altogether only has about 300 square meters, four people add four magic beast, where almost made here not have, moreover they separately stood in the four corners of room. Ji Dong they do not understand completely the silly rich business association arrangement here is any meaning.

Sees Zhou Xiaoxiao, four people simultaneously bow to salute, Zhou Xiaoxiao waved. Four people simultaneously have fished out a key from the bosom, arrives at the room central position to crowd together. Four keys unite, put together a cross star, then inserts in the ground. Immediately, rumble the sound resounds, ground split a slit unexpectedly, inside broadcasts a vigorous sound, "password."

"Wind.""Thunder.""Rain."In the middle the four people said a character separately.

The slit that splits then gradually increases, in Institution sound, reveals a road slowly, has the stone steps to extend downward, surprisingly, from this below slit, unexpectedly is the extremely fresh air that passes on.

The bright heavenly stems disciples are suddenly enlighted, they then understand, originally the headquarters of this silly rich business association unexpectedly in underground. No wonder here is only the one-story house by. Was this same as Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School?

However, when they saw the appearance of silly rich business association headquarters truly, they are clear, own cognition is completely wrong.

Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School, most can only be the large- scale underground secret room by, but, silly rich business association headquarters actually simply is an underground city, or is the underground insurance rampart.

From the entrance, the steps have spread downward 200 meters, in this period needs through six checkpoints, to enter to this underground city headquarters in truly.

Through the observation, Ji Dong discovered, in this downward 200 meters, fully 100 meters are the thick rock layers, moreover is the genuine granite. But actually decides the nonnatural, but is the artificial repair. In other words, on this underground city, has constructed a granite rock layer of over hundred meters thickness first. Can this need how huge project be completed? Even if without a doubt, shells outside Jin Cheng with Ultra Certain Kill Skill, even if high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is unable to capture to the silly rich business association genuine headquarters in absolutely. This is a genuine tortoiseshell! Moreover, Ji Dong also clearly thick reaches in hundred meters rock layer to feel that from this strong magic power element fluctuated, making him want the tyrannical magic power fluctuations of some palpitations.

Goes out of the channel, vanished dark unexpectedly, presents before the people, unexpectedly is one piece is similar to the daytime general world. On hundred meters high rock crown, is mounting numerous legendary luminous pearls crowded, what is most unusual, the white ray that they send out has been full of the sunlight flavor/smell unexpectedly.

The people looked somewhat stayed, presented before them, could not look in the silly rich headquarters in boundary, was planting unexpectedly also various plants. Everyone who here they see, the body floods magic power to fluctuate. The beforehand checkpoint is numerous, after may enter this underground city, truly actually could not see anything to defend.

"What kind of? Also good. This is our silly rich business association genuine foundation is."Zhou Xiaoxiao smiles was saying.

nodded that Ji Dong deep to be so, "this is really a vast project, fatty, to construct this underground headquarters, how long did you last?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "This underground headquarters first association president started to carry on to construct. May construct to complete is actually my previous association president. Has used 400 years of time, is constructs. I do not need to conceal to you, since here, gathered our business association 500 years the centralized most wealth, in the meantime, this is also a self-sufficient world, so long as we want, momentarily can seal up here outward. In that case, even if the supreme powerhouse is unable to clash through the excavation. We get down time you should feel, in the above rock layer, has numerous defense law, many defense law has been lost in continent. Only if there is deity to arrive to display the ultimate Certain Kill Skill that level terrifying power, otherwise, is nobody can break the rock layer to come here. Top/Withstand these sunlight beads through the hole, we even can plant the vegetables or the grain in this underground city, even can also herd, are many have not dared saying that survives dozens years of that is without question. Resolved any crisis sufficiently. Welcome you to arrive at the silly rich headquarters, even if the Western Metal Empire royal family member, will have been to here from the future."

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Chapter 427: Dragon King scale and earth core crystal rock

Underground city, in silly rich business association headquarters. Is ordinary like the small city that opens alone, can come here, at least must surpass three generations in the silly rich business association life and work, was shown loyally is absolutely good to the business association. Here and ordinary city seems not the too wide difference, there is the store, a restaurant and hotel and so on facility exists. But these are the silly rich business association core elites exchange places.

Center the underground city, meets the construction of day of continually place, looked like a Tienchu haunches this city, Zhou Xiaoxiao told the people, this was the discussing official business tower that the discussing official business group was. Here is also silly rich business association controls the internal affairs is at high.

The discussing official business group controls all internal affairs, but the association president has the right to decide the external affairs, only if important, relates to the business association life and death time, the discussing official business group has to question authority that the association president decides. Therefore, in silly rich business association, the most authoritarian two people naturally was the business association presidents and discussing official business group speakers.

Zhou Xiaoxiao leads the people to arrive at discussing official business tower, what making Ji Dong shocking was, in this reached as high as in hundred meters discussing official business tower, really had this is similar to his previous generation went straight up the ladder and so on elevation mechanism exists. But this elevation mechanism is auxiliary through the manpower counterweight block simple machinery constitution. Although is not the genuine elevator, but perhaps again on entire continent also only then the silly rich business association can achieve these.

Silly rich business association is quite mostly magnificent in various jobs of continent various countries, what strange is, in their this headquarters. Instead is very simple, not many magnificent decorations. Through inquiring the Zhou Xiaoxiao people knew, this is because the first- generation association president requested the business association elite high level to not forget once hard work and plain living frequently. Therefore, regardless of places outside in the how magnificent world, returns to here, they can actually realize the simple two characters, was thinks through a matter.

The big meeting hall of discussing official business tower top layer, is decides in the silly rich business association the place of most important matter. But today, the Ji Dong latter two inspection contents, here will announce.

The person goes to the big meeting hall in the presence of everyone time, inside has been filled with the person. On the seat of honor, speaker Wang Daojun already waited there, saw after Zhou Xiaoxiao, slowly sets out, to people nodded, has greeted. But other discussing official business group members naturally want polite many, sets out in abundance, gave regards to Zhou Xiaoxiao. Zhou Xiaoxiao is smiling the one by one reply. Let the person arrange Fu Rui and the others the seats, this brought Ji Dong to arrive on the guest of honor stage.

"Speaker Your Excellency, the person has arrived in full, our starts. Also good soon to make Ji Dong complete the following inspection."Zhou Xiaoxiao said to Wang Daojun. At the same time was saying, in his eyes also reveals the look of several points of teasing, in the heart was musing, Wang Daojun Wang Daojun, I to must have a look, you can also find out any means to press Ji Dong. even/including Jinsha the regiment was routed, in your hand also how many signs? In the silly rich business association, the supreme powerhouse also only has two people. Is he and this lofty one bamboo rain sword . Moreover the this lofty one bamboo rain sword is his here person, although the Wang Daojun hideaway strength are many, but wants to have a supreme powerhouse not to be easy. Let alone, his inspection possibly is not defeats supreme powerhouse content. Defeats the supreme powerhouse, means itself had the strength of supreme powerhouse, that does Ji Dong also need to inspect through what?

Wang Daojun as if has not seen look that in the Zhou Xiaoxiao eye teased, nodded, said: "Good, our starts. Yesterday, we witnessed the mystery that Mr. Ji Dong has brought with own eyes. I also deep was shocked by the strength of Mr. Ji Dong. Our silly rich business association, inheritance still had more than 500 years of history, successively holds the association president, including our current President Zhou, is startled certainly the colorful rare talent, has made the enormous effort for the development of business association, has contributed the lifetime painstaking care. Therefore, when each choice new association president, the discussing official business group needs the great care, left beyond the recommendation of current association president, we must synthesize to inspect the overall strength, will, age, experience, status candidate and other aspects. Therefore. Our inspections will be quite difficult, after all, once inspects successfully, means that will become the next association president by inspection, will lead the silly rich business association several million subordinates to go forward together, cannot have the slightest bit to be careless."

Zhou Xiaoxiao brows slightly wrinkled, said: "Speaker, directly soars the subject."

Wang Daojun shows a faint smile, said: "Association president temperament is that anxious. I said that these must tell Mr. Ji Dong, our inspection difficulties in view of his, are really not because the silly rich business association president this position will be important in the future, we have to carry on all-around considered. The yesterday's first inspection, what inspection is individual strength of Mr. Ji Dong. Without a doubt, Mr. Ji Dong successfully passes, and takes to us a big pleasant surprise, has overfulfilled the inspection. But today I must announce that the following two inspections are actually not completed today. And, the second inspection, what tests is the courage and scheme. It is well known, as the leader of business association, this different quality must obligato. Above our Light Five Elements Continent, the mysterious places, named dragon valley, there life, is not metal dragon Yalong of gold/metal ghost regiment universal use or is the Land Dragon. But is living true Giant Dragon. dragon valley was also called the continent first restricted area. They are genuine dragon clans. In dragon clan, besides some special existences, most Giant Dragon is the same with Mage of our human, carries on the classification according to five elements. Mainly is divided into five big dragon clans, separately is the wood attribute Azure Dragon clan, the fire attribute Fire Dragon clan. earth attribute drill lizard clan, metal attribute Gold Dragon zu and water attribute Water Dragon clan. These five big dragon clans have their head of the clan, was called five Dragon King. Is headed by Azure Dragon king, because the Azure Dragon king is also First Wood Divine Beast Azure Dragon in heavenly stems Divine Beast. The my this second inspection, is asks Mr. Ji Dong to go to dragon clan sacred place dragon valley, obtains on five Dragon King one pieces to invite the wrath of the emperor separately. Position that invites the wrath of the emperor, under the neck of Giant Dragon, the scale color can be not quite same as their other spots colors."

Listened to Wang Daojun these words, in the heavenly stems disciples heart to criticize me x. Even if already knew the congressmen of inspection content, the complexion appears somewhat ugly. The silly rich business association presidents inspect difficulty high are good, but also never high has been to this degree.

Obtains Dragon King scale, moreover Dragon King invites the wrath of the emperor, what does this mean? The dragon invites the wrath of the emperor, then touching violent anger. Let alone extracted downward. Reverse scale of dragon is their strategic points is, even if the magic beast partner who and human concludes the contract, not necessarily is willing to be moved by own master, let alone was the bystander. To obtain reverse scale of dragon, almost only then kills to complete Giant Dragon. Zhou Xiaoxiao dull looks at Wang Daojun, he discovered, oneself underestimated this old fogy, he has not thought, Wang Daojun lets the second inspection that Ji Dong completes is strikes to kill five Dragon King unexpectedly. Must know, five Dragon King is not only Rank 10 Divine Beast. cultivation base must above ordinary Rank 10 Divine Beast, Azure Dragon king of this point from them be First Wood Divine Beast can look. Let alone is Ji Dong, has changed Zhou Xiaoxiao, is brings death similarly by. However, at this time Zhou Xiaoxiao also understood why the first inspection had ended after yesterday , many discussing official business group members to the reason that oneself showed good will, Wang Daojun caused such difficult inspection because of the own selfish interests, has caused the discussing official business group member, even if were the members strong resentment of Wang Daojun that side.

Perhaps is because this second inspection was really extremely difficult, Zhou Xiaoxiao instead could not speak, the just comfortable will of the people, his vision looked to the discussing official business group members. As if was asking them, was this your decisions? Is this you are considering for the business association?

The Wang Daojun complexion changes, because he discovered, the discussing official business group members are avoiding the Zhou Xiaoxiao vision, but discussing official business group members who has supported Zhou Xiaoxiao that side, under the business association vice-chairmen with lead to stand up for the this lofty one bamboo rain sword of supreme powerhouse slowly. In their eyes has been full of the intense anger, without a doubt, Wang Daojun set such request, radically in the future of destruction business association. Can they tolerate?

Zhou Xiaoxiao somewhat contemptuously looked at Wang Daojun, the Wang Daojun complexion actually became more and more ugly, he has not thought, led by oneself discussing official business group, unexpectedly will always have such situation. Clearly, because own benefit is also good, because of the benefit of business association. This time discussing official business group members started hesitant. Let alone also Zhou Xiaoxiao here powerful. Actually, reason that has such situation, because mainly Ji Dong yesterday's performance has really shocked, his powerful performance, has conquered the hearts of all congressmen. Whose hope next association president does not have the formidable strength. Clearly, Ji Dong absolutely is such existence. Before the silly rich business association has not supported, he so was formidable. Then, later waited for him to have the business association in the back support help, can actually to any situation, everyone not talk clearly formidable. Must know, on Five Elements Continent, does not know had many years not to present the Saint level powerhouse. This year 20-year-old can Ji Dong become the next Saint level everyone does not talk clearly, but, do not forget that he as the status of heavenly stems Saint king. In the history of heavenly stems disciple, only then the first-generation disciple completely is the Saint level powerhouse, in afterward each generation of disciples, the most disciples are the supreme powerhouse by, but, each generation of Saint kings actually without a single exception is the Saint level. Several hundred years have not presented heavenly stems disciple, Ji Dong is the Saint king of this generation of bright heavenly stems disciples, if he can become the Saint level powerhouse, then, under his inherited from predicessors, at least in future several hundred years. Silly rich business association does not need to be worried about the survival issue.

Zhou Xiaoxiao chooses Ji Dong, was impeccable, in the face of the major issue of principle, congressmen of Wang Daojun side started to vacillate.

However, at this time, sat side Zhou Xiaoxiao, from beginning to end was complexion tranquil very Ji Dong opens the mouth.

"Speaker king, I wants to know, what my third inspection is?"Ji Dong light asking.

The this lofty one bamboo rain sword that leads the congressmen to stand up heard the Ji Dong sudden opens the mouth to stare, the opportunity that clearly, Ji Dong opens the mouth is very inappropriate, he has prepared to lead the congressmen to initiate to Wang Daojun questions. Ji Dong spoke at this time, without doubt has helped Wang Daojun. His vision looks to Zhou Xiaoxiao. Zhou Xiaoxiao similarly somewhat is also surprised, shook the head to the this lofty one bamboo rain sword, hints him to wait first.

Wang Daojun secret gasping for breath, on the face squeezes a smiling face reluctantly, he has to insist inspection that own this is nearly impossible to complete. The divine tool loses this responsibility for an offense, is he cannot withstand completely. But the Ji Dong strength is such anomaly, making him have to offer this bad plan. At this time although is in a dilemma, he does not have other means.

"Perhaps the third inspection compares second to be more difficult. Oh, I forgot to emphasize a moment ago. About the second inspection, does not want Mr. Ji Dong you alone to complete actually, you can also lead your companion to go together. But the third inspection, you can invite the friend to help as far as possible, so long as has ultimately completed, even if you pass."

Zhou Xiaoxiao and Ji Dong somewhat surprised, Zhou Xiaoxiao coldly snorted, "when was speaker so good to speak?"

The Wang Daojun complexion restored several points, said: Issue that "this isn't good to speak, as the speaker, what I must maintain is fair. If only Mr. Ji Dong a person gains five pieces to invite the wrath of the emperor, this truly was too difficult. But the association president has said that Mr. Ji Dong is the bright heavenly stems Saint king, has as the partner of heavenly stems disciples. As the matter stands, goes to the dragon valley should also to have the opportunity. As for the third inspection, difficulty is quite truly high, therefore, Mr. Ji Dong invited the friend to assist is also natural. This third inspection is, asking Mr. Ji Dong to go to the earth core world, in place bottom core recaption together at least one cubic meter earth core crystal rock. Had this earth core crystal rock, by the skilled craftsman of business association, can help Mr. Ji Dong about one step strengthen the protection strength and amplification ability of guard armor surely. At this time the matters of two advantage."

Wang Daojun such remarks, Zhou Xiaoxiao here congressmen immediately in an uproar. If dragon valley that is knows probably the position the place, then, the earth core world is the place of true devil. In legend, even if supreme powerhouse enters , being hard whole body draws back. Say nothing of goes to the bottom core. Nobody knows radically, has anything in that earth core world. What we definitely know is that strength that the earth core world has, not weakly in the ground world.

However, Zhou Xiaoxiao and expression of heavenly stems disciples actually becomes splendid, Wang Daojun this inspection regarding anybody, is without a doubt impossible to be completed, may regarding Ji Dong......

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Chapter 428: Ji Dong: I accepted

Three examinations checkup that Wang Daojun proposed in anybody. Is impossible to complete, may regarding Ji Dong actually by no means this. Lover who his died, is the earth core world genuine ruler!

Because of so, on the same day did disciples and Zhou Xiaoxiao hear this condition the time, the complexion becomes somewhat is strange, as if by prior agreement went to Ji Dong the vision. Complexion most splendid must be Chen Sixuan, she some not very awkward feelings, has not thought at this time, this third condition is to let Ji Dong unexpectedly goes to the earth core world to take any earth core crystal rock, the so-called earth core crystal rock, is around earth core lake these rocks, any together. Although Ji Dong was unable to transmit, is, in this world, also compared with the person who she does understand the earth core world? Has own help, in addition Ji Dong and strength of heavenly stems disciples, Lie Yan (raging flames) has the absolute assurance to eagerly anticipate Ji Dong to return to the earth core lake. Do not forget, Ji Dong inherits, is the Two Great Sovereign Kings strength and skill, the lives of earth core world, familiar with Two Great Sovereign Kings may also probably surpass familiar with Empress Lie Yan. After all. Two Great Sovereign Kings ruled their time is really too long.

The none remaining flashes through from the Ji Dong eyeground together, he stands up slowly, the vision passed over gently and swiftly from a members of the house of representatives face, finally returns to the Wang Daojun face, nodded, said: "Good, these two inspections, I accepted." Such remarks, the audience is immediately startled, the Ji Dong sound is not loud, but made them shock sufficiently, I accepted, this merely is four characters, may listen in these silly rich business association congressmen ears, is actually similar to thousand honored general. They will certainly not think the difficulties of Ji Dong not clear these two inspections. He complied, he complied unexpectedly. The congressmen know, if carried on to bargain back and forth in this time Ji Dong, certainly becomes by own inspection with ease, at least the difficulty will reduce, but he has not actually done, resolutely complied, was this what kind of self-confidence and courage? originally was deep he who the congressmen accept, these is to make congressmen secretly nodded.

Zhou Xiaoxiao solemnly said: "Ji Dong, you may , to be clear. Does not draw the turning head arrow."

Ji Dong said indifferently: "My thought was very clear, dragon valley and earth core world, originally is the place that I must go."

Wang Daojun at this time from shocking to awaken, suddenly in the heart is overjoyed. He has not thought that Ji Dong will comply unexpectedly on own initiative, hurries to strike while the iron is hot saying: "These two inspect Mr. Ji Dong not to need eagerly for a while, so long as can complete in five years, even if you through verifying. When the time comes, I think that will not have any congressman to question your right of inheritance. Mr. Ji Dong must be able to become one of the we silly rich business association in history most outstanding association presidents. Oh, was right, we will provide dragon valley the map for you, as well as the entry method of earth core world."

Ji Dong said: "Dragon valley where I know how as to enter the earth core world, to must consult."He has the leading the way scale that the Fire Dragon king leaves behind, naturally knows how the Fire Dragon valley walks. As for the earth core world, the only way that he knows in Wind and Frost Mountain Range there, is being protected by Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost. This Wind and Frost can be said as the big enmity of Fire Dragon king, how but regardless of saying that Maotai and Wuliangye is well, he had also soaked Wind and Frost dragon blood, if necessary, he does not want to strike to kill Wind and Frost to intrude the earth core world. Thinks that Wind and Frost does not dare to put him to go in directly. Let alone, he must lead the heavenly stems disciples to enter in the earth core world together.

Listened to the Ji Dong words, in the Wang Daojun heart suddenly some not good premonitions, this boy cannot complete these two non- human institutes really and inspection? However. This thought also flashes past in his heart, in heart secretly thought, if is really such, oneself is also sincerely convinced.

"Since Mr. Ji Dong knows that dragon valley is, that is good. As for the entrance of earth core world, according to what we know, has one in the Southern Fire Empire Armanz mountain summit. There has formidable Rank 10 magic beast three full sun protections."

This time, Ji Dong somewhat is also surprised, looks at Wang Daojun, in the heart mused, so will not be skillful.

Wang Daojun does intentionally the kind say/way: "Three full sun strengths are quite formidable, was called the child of Sun, pure pinnacle Yang Fire, Mr. Ji Dong when the time comes may probably add carefully."Only is familiar with his person, at this time can see in his look that to take pleasure in others' misfortunes. However, the next moment this took pleasure in others' misfortunes was nothing left.

"That three full sun was already killed by us. Since there is the entrance, it seems like I must overtake earlier, in order to avoid there is a lifeform of earth core world to clash to be good."

"What did you say? Were three full suns killed by you?"Wang Daojun dull looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said: "Naturally is not my strength, the help of also partner. Right that the speaker said that that three full sun is truly strong. Since Armanz mountain summit is one of the earth core world entrances, that was easier. I will complete these two inspections as soon as possible. If no other matter, I said goodbye."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong stands up, to members of the house of representatives nodded, the stride goes. The heavenly stems disciples follow behind together to depart in him.

The vacillation moment of vision of fatty up and down on Wang Daojun, forcibly nodded, "speaker, you also is really unselfish! The three big magical instruments of business association have one on me, another two in the highest treasure house. The speaker earlier prepares. Waits for Ji Dong they to come back, can not take to be good."Spoke these words, leaves in a huff.

Wang Daojun gazes at back that Zhou Xiaoxiao is departing, he knows, regardless of Ji Dong through this inspection, oneself the authorities in business association greatly to be whether able to be disappointed. But, he did not have the escape route. Now he can do, is prayed that Ji Dong dies in these two dragon valleys or is in the earth core world.

Returns to the lecture hall, Ji Dong and partners gather in the pavilion in courtyard.

cloud Tianji said: "Does master, you plan? Since that speaker said that you can find the person to help, we naturally are the common onset and retreat."

In this time, Zhou Xiaoxiao was walking from outside, he is falls behind one by, "Ji Dong, your boy such anxiously is complying to do, could it be you could not see that so long as I intervene, your this inspection difficulty will also drop."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I know certainly. However, I want is this difficulty. The fat people, you think on continent, how many matters can also some to us have difficulty? These two matters are quite truly dangerous, the tour of dragon valley is better. You should know, the Fire Dragon king is my Martial Ancestor magic beast partner . Moreover, it is also mother of my magic beast partner Maotai and Wuliangye. I already with Fire Dragon king Yuehao, must arrive at dragon valley one line. What our heavenly stems disciple has the magic beast partner is only minority, this time, happen to goes to dragon valley to search to suit own Giant Dragon. After all, we did not have the time to look compared with Giant Dragon more suitable magic beast. Has the Fire Dragon king, I think, the difficulty of this second inspection will reduce surely. But the earth core world is place of the best smelting trial, I once true having been earth core. There is also my lover's place, I must go sooner or later. This time, I must lead the partners to enter in the earth core world, layer upon layer promotes our strengths through a smelting trial. Lie Yan (raging flames) walked, the earth core world did not have the ruler, but, I do not hope there violent *. For Lie Yan (raging flames), I must make the earth core world maintain tranquil. Before two pieces of continent holy wars start, this matter I must complete. Perhaps, the strength of earth core world also similarly can use on coping with Dark Five Elements Continent."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a forced smile: "Boy, you really has not given panting time!"

Ji Dong said: "It is not I not to oneself the panting time, cannot give. Dark heavenly stems disciple Ten Great Divine Tools is complete, the dark secret is having the strength of four mahatma beast fusions. Wants with it contending, by our present strengths also by far insufficient. Does not promote the strength as soon as possible, what will we also take to come facing the future crisis? Even if no your this inspections, the earth core world is also the goal that I must go, that is also I and partners second smelting trial place of the bottom. After the smelting trial of earth core world, my there is still one more dangerous place must go. Before that I must make the strength of partners promote as far as possible."

"Is more dangerous? also compared with a earth core world more dangerous place? How I do not know."Zhou Xiaoxiao surprised saying.

Ji Dong said: "Later you will know."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "How did you plan now?"

Ji Dong said: "To guarantee to enter the security after earth core world, I thought that should go to dragon valley first, if each of us can have own magic beast partner, then, after entering the earth core world, can safe many. At least the self-preservation cannot have the issue. Naturally, this is only my opinion, specifically how, but also wants everybody to decide together."

Secret nodded, said: "The opinion of master I approve. Previously I had forecast for this inspection, the forecasting result was shocking but not dangerous."

Chen Sixuan has not spoken, but standing silently behind Ji Dong, everyone knows, regardless of Ji Dong said anything, she will not oppose.

Fu Rui nods said: "The Little Junior Brother strategy is very correct, I also agreed."

gold/metal arrives at side Chen Sixuan directly, has indicated own meaning. Du Ming, Du Xin'er and wolf divine intervention three people of status in heavenly stems disciple is low, is Ji Dong relates closely, naturally will not oppose. But Yao Qianshu and Lan Bao'er and remote also expressed the support. Regarding the proposition of Ji Dong, unanimously passes.

Ji Dong said: "Good, since everybody does not have the opinion, our set out."Vanishes from the Red Lotus day fire, also four years. Four years seem are long, may regarding the cultivation of Mage, actually at all not be anything. Ji Dong does not dare to have slightest bit waste. The heavenly stems disciples want to cultivate Nine-Crown cultivation base that in this short four years obviously are impossible. Everyone obtains a divine tool extremely to be difficult. If only everybody closes up the cultivation together, truly can promote cultivation base to the certain extent, but, such fair can contend with Dark Five Elements Continent?

About this issue, Ji Dong had pondered carefully, the final decision, is the breakthrough limit cultivation law, but cultivation place also earth core 18 Layers that initially he thought. For him, earth core 18 Layers can be familiar, can be strange. Said familiar , because he had treated that long time in deepest 18th Layer, said strangely , because he besides in that 18th Layer, has not gone to the other places of earth core world. Once Two Great Sovereign Kings, was the Saint level powerhouse. But earth core protector also formidable Rank 10 magic beast like Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost, it can be imagined, in that earth core world, was containing what kind of danger. Is informed and experienced there, without doubt will take to him and partners huge pressure, has such pressure to supervise, their magic power promotion speed will not compare to close up the self-torture to be slow, can enhance the ability as well as the actual combat capability of everybody each other coordination as far as possible. This is most important.

Right, after the dark secret had the strengths of four mahatma beasts, is Light Five Elements Continent here five people can compare, but single body formidable never means the victory. Defeats a superior enemy like the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that he creates. His strategy is at the beginning of the creation, originally for dark secret preparation. Is collaborated to display by their ten heavenly stems disciple, overcomes the enemy. Ordinary Mage uses five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy and their heavenly stems disciple uses entirely different. They need continually the coordination to improve, after all, in this strategy, is not the simple five elements ten attributes, more Fu Rui this pinnacle Yang Thunder variable, as the leader, the matter how much multiple promotion that Ji Dong needs to make. Even if now, theoretically he also not a law improvement.

Makes the best use of all time to promote everybody's strength, is in the Ji Dong heart the matter of primary importance.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Ji Dong, in business association inspection, I am not able to help you. This time I cannot go with you together. However you could rest assured that in carrying out your five elements mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method process, I can whole- heartedly. Western Metal Empire will not have the issue. You feel relieved. I believe, this is impossible to complete the inspection that you actually to others certainly to achieve. I was waiting for you will soon bring back to the news. Arrived that time, a silly rich business association 500 years of savings also presented before you. I start to prepare now. Not only to assist you, for the continent safety. The holy war between light and darkness, anybody is impossible to evade, even if our business association has that underground city same unable."

Ji Dong extended own right hand to Zhou Xiaoxiao, Zhou Xiaoxiao has gawked, lifted the hand to grasp with him.

"Fatty, these days, thanked."

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Chapter 429: Water and fire thunder, three departments combination skill?

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong azure three big magic beast hovers in the sky. They are cultivation base reach as high as Rank 9 magic beast. Regarding general Mage, is extremely terrifying existence. Especially that fused fifty Saint Fire Dragon of Ji Dong Yan and Huang bloodlines, has the spirits of kings of ten thousand dragon.

Ten big heavenly stems disciples add on the secret, altogether 11 people, ride separately in these three formidable magic beast carry on the back. Ji Dong, Chen Sixuan, Du Ming and Du Xin'er rode his fifty Saint Fire Dragon, Fu Rui were bringing the secret, Yao Qianshu and wolf divine intervention. Lan Bao'er and gold/metal carry on the back in remote silver wing Haidong azure. This is also because silver wing Haidong azure wants the poor reason in the bearing capacity.

Through scale that the Fire Dragon king leaves behind, Ji Dong was very easy to know the position that dragon valley was, was called three to gather the mountain range in one place. Three gather the mountain range the origin to be very simple, because this piece of mountain range stretches across three countries, the area is vast. In Northern Water Empire, Western Metal Empire and Central Earth Empire intersection point. And, majority of area in Northern Water Empire, few parts separately in Western Metal Empire and Central Earth Empire. dragon valley in this piece of mountain range.

Three gather the mountain range there is still one title, was called the continent ridge, because this piece of mountain range is on entire Light Five Elements Continent highest. Before set out, Ji Dong obtained much from Zhou Xiaoxiao there about three has gathered the mountain range the news. Knows that this piece of mountain range is above the continent northwest plateau, elevation generally over four kilometers, although in the three- country intersection points, because of the reason of altitude, three gathers in the mountain range range the temperature to be extremely low, with north the place of bitter cold compares sufficiently extremely.

Without a doubt, three gather mountain range such environment. Is more suitable the Water department magic beast survival, here magic beast has many, but, the type is quite unitary. That is dragon clan.

As the Giant Dragon habitat, will the formidable dragon clan allow other magic beast to enter own territory range? Naturally, below Rank 4 ordinary magic beast in this row, after all, dragon clan does not need food. According to the view of Zhou Xiaoxiao, these three gather the mountain range to take one of the continent restricted areas, with Earth Spirit Mountain Range, even was initial Holy and Evil Island somewhat resembles, lived in the outermost, was the earthworms of some Asian Chinese people, more to inside, the strength of Land Dragon is stronger. However, only then in genuine dragon valley range, life is Giant Dragon in the true sense.

No person knows that dragon clan the quantity is many, because, little has human to enter extremely truly, everything can enter and is living, only has a possibility. That was he obtained an approval of Giant Dragon, each other became the partner.

Therefore, in the Mage world, always some people for this uncertain hope enters to the dragon valley, tries to have Giant Dragon to take own mount. But truly can succeed and how many people have? Without a doubt, has Giant Dragon becomes own mount. Is becomes the shortcut of powerhouse, once succeeds, the status, status and strength will have the tremendous changes, this also promotes the basic reason that Mages take risks. Therefore, dragon valley, although is mystical, but also is the heaven of adventurer. Even if no inspection that the silly rich business association proposed, this dragon valley heavenly stems disciples must come, fulfilled for Ji Dong to the promise of Fire Dragon king, was bringing Maotai and Wuliangye comes to see mother, another, was the hope through the Fire Dragon king's relations, to still not have the heavenly stems disciples of mount strove for several Giant Dragon to treat as the mount partner.

Giant Dragon perhaps is not in this world most formidable magic beast, but absolutely is pyramid sharp existence, top magic beast that is also easiest to seek, naturally is the heavenly stems disciples best choice.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong azure abreast flight, three big Rank 9 magic beast haunch an demon territory together, not only made under the body produce the big piece fog, making the person is unable to see from under. Has avoided also in the extreme velocity flight swaying of fresh breeze. Makes the heavenly stems disciples who carries on the back to talk with ease.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon comes, Ji Dong stands in the top of the head of Maotai, just and Thunder Emperor Fu Rui speaks.

"Little Junior Brother, you think that does not have. How let me join to your mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method in?"Fu Rui asked.

Ji Dong said: "Basically has thought. Senior Brother, I plan like this. In some sense, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, this is the heaven grants our magic. But your pinnacle Yang Thunder is very difficult to dope , will otherwise only play the counter-effect, instead destroyed the effect of mutual promotion of the five elements circulation. However, according to my computation, although you cannot become part of circulation, can actually become our law weapon."

"Weapon?"Fu Rui doubts looks at Ji Dong, indicated oneself are not quite clear he meaning.

Ji Dong said: "Forcefully the insertion mutual promotion of the five elements circulation is incorrect, but, I have the means to turn into a medium your strength, through this type of medium, comes to carry on the amplification to me, thus achieves to make magic power become a more formidable strength. Therefore, when our law completion, you are the dissociation beyond, actually with a law closely related weapon. If our five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is a whole, is a person, then, you are the sharp sword in this overall hand."

Fu Rui shook the head, depressed say/way: "I am not clear, I am the thunder, has become the medium? Also can carry on amplification to you? According to the five elements principle, can you carry on the amplification only have wood attribute to be right."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Any matter is not absolute. You of my idle talk vernacular truly easily do not understand, this, we perform an experiment and that's the end. Du Ming."

"Teacher. Disciples."Du Ming carried on the back in fifty Saint Fire Dragon, hears Ji Dong to call him, hurries to gather up to come. Although the Ji Dong age must be smaller than him, but regarding this Teacher, he is actually full of admiration that admires, not crabbed place that this Teacher said.

Ji Dong to Du bright way: "Come, you release a water ball. magic power must coagulate points as far as possible."

Du Ming complies according to the word, pinnacle Ninth Water magic power revolves, is similar to Milky Way flows swiftly to fall general, filled the silver brilliance water ball to condense above his palm. After having pinnacle Ninth Water magic power, although Du Ming's strength was unable compared with other heavenly stems disciples, but compared is also to have before the earth-shaking change. Did not know powerfully many in the control of magic power.

"Senior Brother, you prepare a lightning, I said starts, you with the lightning shell the water ball in Du Ming hand."Ji Dong greets to Fu Rui, while burns a golden fireball in own hand. The fireball size is exactly the same by and water ball that he controls, gold/metal silver, pours also complements each other fresh splendor. Although Fu Rui does not understand that Ji Dong must make anything, but he very admires to this Little Junior Brother, "Little Junior Brother, I prepared."

Ji Dong nodded, to Du bright way: "Makes your water ball flutter, then shuts off between you and it the relation."

Silver water ball under Du Ming's control. Carries on the back to hike up from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, but Ji Dong are also controlling his golden fireball float by this silver water ball.

As incompatible as fire and water, these two great pinnacle magic power separately are representing pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yang Water, can feel their repel clearly. After the water and fire twin raises Du Ming shuts off himself with the flash of that water ball contact, Ji Dong to Fu Rui loudly shouted, "starts."

Was Thunder Emperor, Fu Rui wants to transfer thunder and lightning the strength simply is too easy, saw only his right hand to raise, the purple electric light has flashed past together, extremely accurate bombardment above that silver water ball.

Pū a light sound, the water ball blasts open instantaneously. Was vaporized under that tyrannical thunder and lightning magic power instantaneously.

Also at this time, strange appeared, originally accompanying in water ball nearby fireball sudden ray greatly hold, originally flash that only then it of fist size, explodes at the water ball, volume sudden growth several fold, combustion had the head/number of people size. Moreover the magic power fluctuation obvious strengthen, three big magic beast collaborate in the demon territory under arrange/cloth, the temperature markedly rises.

Sees this, not only Fu Rui, the heavenly stems disciples were also shocked, because before them, clear feeling, when Du Ming shuts off with the relation between water ball, Ji Dong similarly has also shut off itself and relation between that fireballs. In other words, sudden enlargement of this fireball, is not Ji Dong injects the magic power result, but rises voluntarily in a big way. This has exceeded the range that they have understood.

"This is. "Fu Rui surprised looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Fact showed, my research is successful. Simply speaking, when the water meets the thunder and lightning, in vaporized process, will produce two types of gas, these two gas one types can burn fiercely, but another type can the intense assistance combustion. This is a process of electrolysis. Therefore, so long as applies appropriately, thunder can become the medium between water and fire. Said as incompatible as fire and water, actually, under the certain extent, can transform mutually."

In fact, the Ji Dong these words heavenly stems disciples could not understand, Ji Dong had not been expecting they can understand. After all, this is not the knowledge of this world. But is his previous generation. Ji Dong of previous generation, initially was very fond of the chemistry in going to school. In the chemistry, Water Element adds on an oxygen elemental composition by two hydrogen. Through the electrolysis, can return to original state the hydrogen the water and oxygen, is the hydrogen and oxygen. The hydrogen can burn, but oxygen auxiliary combustion. Has their existences. Even if small sparks/Mars may turn into a giant fireball. The fireball that Ji Dong raised a moment ago was enlarged instantaneously does not feel strange.

Naturally, Ji Dong will not go in detail explained these to the partners, so long as they understand the effect of doing this was enough.

"Is this also good? Little Junior Brother, you, not only the talent, simply is a wizard. How this thing do you think?" A Fu Rui face pleasantly surprised looks at Ji Dong. In his understanding, all that Ji Dong demonstrated a moment ago, is brand-new fusion magic skill. He understands like this wrong not. But Ji Dong this can make the water and fire through the thunder and lightning, but friendly procedure, without a doubt, has taken to heavenly stems disciples intense shock. Ji Dong said with a smile: "I also occasionally think. Senior Brother, now you understood my meaning. After our five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is completed, you drift away beyond the strategy, once or is Bao'er sends out the attack of Water department by Du Ming, you make a flank attack from side immediately, after making their the Water department magic power vaporization after everybody mutual promotion of the five elements amplification. Then I launch the Fire department attack again. As the matter stands, can make our attacks reach most peak inevitably the degree, but the consumption of magic power is not big. However, before has not attempted truly, I am unable definitely such attack to achieve how the might."

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Good, how regardless to make, directed by you on the line in any case. Then, the initial secret said you are the heavenly stems Saint king time, my many also are not convinced. Now I take. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy matches water and fire thunder three departments combination skill, this thing also you can think, too rarely seen (weirdo). Only the perception, I was worse than you am far."

Ji Dong has also smiled, "Senior Brother, we brothers, this dunce cap did not need to wear. Actually, only then you can coordinate us to send out this three departments combination skill. And in us most formidable magic power without your thunder Yu god axe, vaporization after all can only be few parts, the might was insufficient."

Fu Rui brow slightly pressed, said: "This actually issue. Although my magic power is strong, but magic power that after cannot compare your mutual promotion of the five elements circulates, produces! Completely what to do can't vaporize Water department magic power that they send out?"

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Senior Brother, do not forget, also my this Pinnacle Two Fires is the backing. Your magic power, so long as can vaporize part, for me was enough. Vaporizes that some assists my Pinnacle Two Fires fierce combustion, beforehand water not by complete electrolysis, in surpasses in front of its fire, it also can only become the fuel. The water and fire differ so much as to be beyond comparison completely, it can burn."

Du Ming surprised looks at Ji Dong, "Teacher, did you say the hydro- energy combustion?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "In five elements, although is water subdues fire. But anything is not absolute. When both sides' power balance differs in the enormous situation, the water similarly is the fuel."

Du Ming said with a forced smile: "Although I not am quite clear, but I believe your judgment."

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "This does not have nothing clearly, we try, didn't you know? You condensed such water ball to rise a moment ago into airborne. I use five times of big fireballs to collide. You see clearly the change of fireball carefully."

Du Ming complies according to the word. Really, after Ji Dong uses five times of big fireballs hit, the water ball that in an instant, pinnacle Ninth Water condenses vaporizes fast, but the fireball after the water ball vaporizes instead rose in a big way.

"Fire combustion water, although after not having the electrolysis, such auxiliary effect is good, but also similarly is an amplification. How as to use, must look at our control strength. In the dragon valley or the earth core world, this is the directions that we must cultivation."

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Chapter 430: Three gathers the mountain range, dragon clan inhabit region

Has flown to Northwest along with three big magic beast. Ji Dong is at the mystery of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, as well as regarding some views and application methods of fusion technique unceasing exchanges with the partners. Although this is not the true cultivation, but the heavenly stems disciples are having pinnacle magic power, the communication is very important. Through such communication, not only Ji Dong said own idea, each heavenly stems disciple also respectively had himself to the different understanding of magic skill and magic power. The secret will also suggest from side, under profits by opinions from various sources, although has not started to cultivate truly, but the people actually felt all the way the harvest is quite deep.

Arrived three gathers the mountain range not too to be far from Jin Cheng, three big Rank 9 magic beast after airborne probably flew three day, they entered the northwest plateau category gradually. The temperature also along with entering the north reduces gradually, at this time is late autumn, the cool air after entering the north gradually turned ice-cold.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and silver wing Haidong drops from the clouds azure, before will soon enter three gather mountain range within the boundaries, falls in the ground.

The people carry on the back to jump down from three big magic beast, Fu Rui and remote sends in the respective exclusive space their magic beast separately. But fifty Saint Fire Dragon naturally returns to intranuclear of life on the Chen Sixuan neck has hung. But they in departure, in vision somewhat is obviously discontented. As if not make them begin in strange Ji Dong.

Ji Dong also is actually very helpless, is really because the fifty Saint Fire Dragon present strength was too strong, he had tested quietly, in the situation of sword of impractical Fire God, he and fifty Saint Fire Dragon fights. Final result hit scared shitless. The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is also Rank 9, usually is powerful, once sees fifty Saint Fire Dragon, actually likely is the mouse sees cat. Let alone here is dragon valley, if makes them participate in the strength, that did not need to hit. Giant Dragon did not say first, three gather the Asian Chinese people in mountain range surrounding, once feels fifty Saint Fire Dragon dragon prestige to exist, perhaps linked a revolt the thought not to produce. This completely contradicted with the original intention of Ji Dong.

"Can Teacher, such do really?"Asking that Du Ming somewhat worries about.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "We, not only looks for the mount, comes informed and experienced. Before I had said that suited our heavenly stems disciple informed and experienced place to be few, found one with great difficulty, can not whole-heartedly? What's wrong? You feared that you isn't good?"

Du Ming scratches the head, said: "Is not actually good, but cannot kill these Yalong's words, will be quite painful."

The Ji Dong racket his shoulder, said with a smile: "This is to the exercise of controlling force. The wound does not die, seizes not to kill, this originally compared with slaughtering higher realm. Let alone, if you want to obtain one to suit your Giant Dragon to take the magic beast partner. Cannot open buddhist commandment against taking life easily here. If enters dragon valley, I might as well leave behind Maotai and Wuliangye angry roar two, didn't all handle?"

Du Ming said with a smile: "Teacher, I listen your. You said that to be how what kind." Originally, Ji Dong and partners count to decide, after arriving three gather the mountain range, must directly from most surrounding toward inside enter. Walks into dragon valley gradually. By doing so, not only expressed the respect to the dragon clan, is to an everybody very good experience. Although the Land Dragon is the Asian Chinese people, but also existences of many seven, Rank 8, in these three gather in the mountain range surely is the quantity is also numerous, was used to be appropriate informed and experienced. But the request that Ji Dong set was, after entering three gathered the mountain range, cannot open the buddhist commandment against taking life, cannot kill an Land Dragon. Only can its uniform. Then gradually penetrates, before entering genuine dragon valley, he will not put out the Fire Dragon king scale.

Naturally, Ji Dong also said that if the partners encounter the danger, even if no Fire Dragon king Linpian, only needed fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon they to come out to shake, the high-rank dragon clan dragon prestige sufficiently relieves troubles. Therefore, these three gather the mountain range regards as the best informed and experienced institutes by Ji Dong.

Remote say/way: "Ji Dong, should we practice the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Also is not the time. Remote, you think. By our present strengths, if uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy again. Also can control does not kill Yalong? Perhaps strikes, was a piece of corpse. We do things their own way, mainly discipline own actual combat capability to well. Oh, was right, cannot use the divine tool. Everybody mutual attention."

Say/Way that Yao Qianshu is eager to try: "We also wait for anything, this walks into the mountain."Without the fetters of chrysanthemum pig, he already impatiently sought for more suitable oneself magic beast. The Azure Dragon clan naturally is his goal.

The average elevation of northwest plateau over two kilometers, this is in has not entered three to gather under the premise within mountain range range, naturally, by cultivation base of heavenly stems disciples, the altitude sickness will be will not appear. People in leaving Jin Cheng qian, has prepared enough food and supplies in respective storage Magic Tool, again when therefore does not need to delay, directly soars three to gather the mountain range to go.

Leads the way, quick, they arrived at three to gather the mountain range the surrounding, when they will soon walk into the mountain, has actually run into one team of people.

Ji Dong their vanguard speed nature is quick, the secret, is also having by Ji Dong. clouds the secret, although does not have what combat capability, but as the secret, he has the skill that other people are unable to imagine. For example, any magic beast will not attack him, only this point, sufficiently made him in three gather in the mountain range to lead the way.

, The people noticed catches up with one team of people from afar from another side fast, altogether ten, the vanguard speed is not but actually slow, because three gather the mountain range topography to be precipitous. The mountain peak is numerous, but the entrance is actually few, obviously this team of people also wants the entrance that since they choose enters three to gather the mountain range.

"Are these must walk into the mountain to try one's luck?"Du Xin'er somewhat curious saying.

Fu Rui said with a smile: "Later asks that did not know."

In free time who they spoke, that ten people approached fast, making the heavenly stems disciples surprised, was young of these people. It seems, their average ages are most are also 20 over, wants to be smaller than the heavenly stems disciples. Five male five females, the body wear tightens while the agile vigor attire, on everyone is bringing the weapon. From the magic power fluctuation, pours is also considered as on is the high-quality goods.

These people naturally also noted Ji Dong their this line, did not evade has collected, stopped in front of the heavenly stems disciples. Is a young fellow goes forward several steps, to the people slight nod, said: "Everybody must enter three to gather the mountain range to tame dragon beast?"

This is the youth of head seems approximately about 25 years old, is tall, the look is handsome, in the foreheads the heroic spirit is full, pair of eyes is very nimble and resourceful, limpidly, is very easy to give the favorable impression. Moreover his vision one from the several beautiful women of heavenly stems disciples sweeps, not many stays, but stayed on the Ji Dong white hair slightly. This point lets Ji Dong and Fu Rui and the others the favorable impression increases. Must know, even if Chen Sixuan is bringing the veil. gold/metal, remote their these girls is the world is also outstandingly beautiful. Can not be puzzled by the beauty, the will of this youth is very good.

Ji Dong smiles to nod the head to him, said: "Is."

The youth said with a smile: "We are also. My name was Tuault, was our team leaders, First Wood department Mage. How did this brothers call?"

Ji Dong said: "I called Ji Dong, Fire department Mage."

Tuault said: "Looks at your appearances, goal should be the same with us. Was inferior that everybody accompanies the colleague. Also is good to take care. It is said three gather in the mountain range is very the dangers, the person many strengths are big, does not know that Brother Ji Dong does want."

Ji Dong somewhat surprisedly visits him, "do you such trust us?"

Tuault said with a smile: "Has something not to trust. Everybody age is similar, moreover does not have the conflicts of interest. I think. Your goals should be the same with us, everybody cultivation base does not arrive at Six-Crown, now is unable contract magic beast, but in three gathers the mountain range surrounding to seek for the appropriate Land Dragon to treat as the mount temporarily tamely. The risk is not too big, we help to be favorable for everybody mutually. Not?" This called Tuault's youth, although was only 25 years old, actually very somewhat leader makings.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Then on the same place."

Tuault said: "It seems like our each other luck are good, 20 people walk into the mountain, always compares ten people to be safer. Brother Ji Dong, I give you to introduce that my partners......"were saying at the same time, he simply introduced name and attribute of the side partners. Him five young girl looks are also good, another four youth also respectively have the characteristics. From their magic power fluctuations, in this age, was quite good.

Ji Dong also simply introduced partner, when he spoke of Fu Rui is thunder attribute, caused Tuault here partners one to look askance.

"We together walk into the mountain."Tuault said with a smile.

Ji Dong nodded, the both sides altogether 21 people, stepped into three to gather in the mountain range range together.

Fu Rui passes message to Ji Dong asks: "Little Junior Brother, do these young people have issue?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Not any issue. However, their courage may not be really small, average cultivation base does not arrive at Four- Crown, dares to enter three to gather the mountain range, was very bold. However looks at their appearances, should be comes well. The student of which renowned senior college very possible is."

Fu Rui said with a smile: "I also compare to have the favorable impression to them, since they are tame the mount, we helped one. These young people, are the continent Mages future hopes!"

Ji Dong unable to help laughing, said: "Senior Brother, your is not old!"

The people move together, the heavenly stems disciples saw uncommon locations of these young people, headed by Tuault, ten people were maintaining the neat formation, simply speaking, was two circles, five girls in inner loop, five youth in outer ring, regardless of vanguard speed how. Throughout is maintaining such formation, Tuault in the forefront. As the matter stands, they naturally can mutual attention. Once runs into the enemy, can release the five elements suppression immediately. Just like such of Ji Dong judgment, these young Mages enter three to gather the mountain range, although the courage was big, but they also truly have the uncommon inside story.

Three gather the mountain range, is the dragon clan inhabit region, no wonder they like this will be careful. Can can be called is bold yet cautious.

The heavenly stems disciples in the observation opposite party, Tuault and the others similarly are also observing them. Quick, Tuault frowned. Just saw Ji Dong and the others time, he thought that these person of makings were unusual, should have good cultivation base. Moreover he has the technique of inherited view person, can see Ji Dong and the others is a face healthy tendency, is not any cloudy evil person. Only has the secret is he could not completely understand that to person a fog faintly recognizable feeling. Because of so, Tuault decides and Ji Dong and the others travelled together, mutually is the main force, has produced the heart of becoming friends with.

But, everybody after three gathers at this time together the mountain range sets out, he is actually greatly disappointed. Ji Dong they altogether are 11 people, after walking into the mountain, simply does not have any formation to say, everybody scattered in disorder walks respectively various, that several look very beautiful girls are also even gathering chat. A point does not have the crisis awareness. Looks at their appearances, simply is Mage that the hooligan cultivates.

"Brother Ji Dong, three gather in the mountain range to meet the Land Dragon anytime, you must be careful."Tuault could not bear remind one.

The Ji Dong smile nods, said: "Thanks. We will pay attention."Does not suspend any lineup, really does not need, only if enters in the genuine dragon valley, perhaps or to the earth core world, the heavenly stems disciples will exhibit any lineup. Ordinary Land Dragon, what also possibly constitutes to threaten to them?

Listens words that Ji Dong seems perfunctory, Tuault secretly shakes the head, in the heart mused, it seems like, oneself this time were mistaken. However, since everybody comes in together, if encounters any danger, must take care of their, is really not good, urged them to leave earlier and that's the end.

He does not know, because he has the charitable disposition, had afterward harvest. Who as for is takes care of anyone, after that only then encounters the danger, knew.

Just had reminded Ji Dong the next moment in Tuault, suddenly, in the front mountain forest, a low roar resounded, has brought to the attention of people.

Three giant bodies fled from the front piece of needle bush suddenly. Three rock the earth angry roaring sounds, making Tuault and the others the complexion also change, release fast respective magic power, ten Yin-Yang Crown almost simultaneously raised above their top of the head.

Strong five elements suppresses really immediately to release, that three huge form of oppression stagnates slightly.

Tuault loudly shouted: "Maintains the lineup, everybody prepares the long-distance attack. Brother Ji Dong, you retrocede quickly."At the same time was saying, he led oneself partners to force up.

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