Jiu Shen Chapter 411-420

Chapter 411: Does not need to keep the hand

Changes heavenly stems disciple from the skeleton face. The skeleton face guard leader Cao resolute complexion turned into another appearance immediately, is calm and firm and resolute, such makings should belong his. The sincere/heavy release of Fifth Earth department magic power without hesitation, coordinating other nine people of attributes to suppress, immediately made the surrounding air as if probably coagulate generally.

Cao resolute looks at Du Xin'er, solemnly said: "Little miss, I knows, you should also be some backgrounds. Can by so small age cultivation base on breakthrough Level 50, was extremely rare. However, you will not have any opportunity. Wants little to endure hardship, immediately is without a fight. Our young masters want the girl, the man to bleed off."

"Wanted your mother the head."Remote already somewhat could not bear, is listening to Cao resolute words, stands up suddenly, arrives at side Du Xin'er.

At this time, Ji Dong has opened the mouth, "remote, came back. Du Ming, you went, gives you and fragrant. Does not need to keep the hand."

"Yes, Teacher."Du Ming respectfully complied. Stood up the past. Turns head to look remotely to Ji Dong, in eye dispatches an inquiry the look.

Ji Dong to her nodded, passes on the sound said slightly: "Du Ming and fragrant quickly to Level 60, should make them many under the pressure informed and experienced informed and experienced, good soon to overtake everybody's step." Nods the head to Ji Dong remotely hints, this sat the sofa.

Du Ming and Du Xin'er stand shoulder to shoulder, the brother and sister look at each other one, the regard are interlinked. Du Ming personal appearance flashes, has kept off before the Du Xin'er body, but Du Xin'er is both hands lifts, according to Du Ming's shoulder, they are the brother and sister, for these years together has been practicing, is quite tacit.

Cao resolute coldly snorted, "evidently, you must propose a toast do not eat to be made to drink as a forfeit. That may not blame us not being impolite."Under his leadership, five elements that ten guards released suppresses strengthens instantaneously, making the air within suppressed range somewhat twist. Some chinawares that in the surrounding 30 meters in the hotel places do not exude the pa shatter sound, in the air the ten departments magic power circle melt the circulation, the huge magic power fluctuation is ascending unceasingly.

However, more promotes magic power, in Cao resolute and their these guard hearts are also more surprised, because they discovered with amazement, these sit the youth men and women on sofa, seems has not been serious them unexpectedly, that white hair youth who particularly opened the mouth a moment ago, sits is similar to there sits in contemplation general. Looked that does not look at their here one.

How many minutes Cao resolute heartbeat sped up suddenly, could it be, can these youth men and women back influences big to also surpass the young master? The royal family member in which country is really? How even if royal family members? An ice-cold murderous intention flashes through from Cao resolute eyeground, here is the place of silly rich business association, neat that so long as they make, these people massacre at present finally completely, who knows that is they do? Such matter, they were not first time do.

Until at this moment, Cao resolute and these guards have not thought that at present these people are not the status make them unable to stir up, but is the strength. Really is because Ji Dong they were too young, oldest Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, seems is also about 30 -year-old appearances. How many girls are the top are more outstandingly beautiful, Cao resolute they thinks, oneself does bump into unexpectedly is the bright heavenly stems disciple?

However, in the next moment, Cao resolute pupil instantaneously enlarges, an intense sense of crisis raises suddenly.

Du Ming and Du Xin'er brother and sister magic power also blooms, these time was not ordinary magic power has released, but was the release of being outspoken their pinnacle magic power.

Since Cui Can ice blue color and resplendent golden color, separately brave from Du Ming and Du Xin'er, Du Xin'er is pinnacle Seventh Metal. Du Ming is pinnacle Ninth Water, in five elements, gold/metal unboiled water, therefore, Du Xin'er in the Elder Brother behind, the magic power comprehensive promotion, uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements the principle, pours into magic power to Du Ming Within the body, helping him significantly promote magic power.

Before having, experience in that piece of woods, the brother and sister carry on the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power coordination to be it can be said that familiar and easy. Although two brother and sister Level 60 magic power, but, this adds on magic power to overlap through the mutual promotion of the five elements change again, Du Ming's this time magic power has promoted about Seven-Crown suddenly. This is pinnacle magic power Seven-Crown! Facing the five elements suppression of match, the pinnacle Ninth Water magic power counter- volume that Du Ming sends out, the intense attribute suppression was almost the flash has broken through the five elements suppressions of these people, outrageously before flushed, ten guards under headed by Cao Yiwei was caught off guard, was almost simultaneously groaned, retroceded backward half step. Is that skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile imitates on the contrary, if the safe is common, stands there as before, but the look on face also somewhat changed, indistinct, his body shows a light white light, is the Seventh Metal department white light.

Du Ming both hands lift, in both eyes glitters is being similar to the sea general sky-blue, ice blue halos send out from his both hands, the thermal drop in air, all before body have covered one lightly incorruptible. Sits Ji Dong secretly nodded on sofa, now Du Ming controls. It can be said that magic power of he and Du Xin'er two people, but can also control such degree, is not quite easy.

"Acme magic power? You, are actually you who?"Cao resolute surprised looks at Du Ming and Du Xin'er brother and sister, has not begun with the guards, in heart not calm time-variable intensely. Very obviously, stands in his present these two youth men and women is not in these people the strength is strongest at present, didn't this youth call that white hair youth a moment ago is Teacher? It seems like that this runs upon the sheet iron. At present these two pinnacle magic power owners he did not fear, after all their ten people, moreover Du Ming and Du Xin'er brother and sister's magic power has not broken through Six-Crown. But, in other these youth men and women, if presents two such pinnacle magic power owners again, but was hard to cope. A more essential issue is, why these young people can have pinnacle magic power.

"Cao resolute, you in what? Quickly begins, pinnacle magic power? Same kills. could it be my grandfather raises you are eats without working?"Clamoring of skeleton face not because of Du Ming brother and sister's pinnacle magic power, but has restrained, instead has the trend of getting stronger and stronger greatly.

Cao Yimeng clenches teeth, he knows, oneself is how regardless of cannot defy this young master's meaning. The whole families of other his guards, can be said as under the control of silly rich business association, even some generations for the meaning of slave. He can do, as far as possible meets young master's all requests.

"Gets rid fully."Cao resolute loudly shouted, in an instant. Ten guard looks led by him immediately become imposing, along with a series of sonorous sounds, on each of them shines one group of strong rays, a method magic power weapon whole body armor, covers separately on them, moreover in each individual hand also presented handle both hands heavy swords.

That is whole body armor! Even if Ji Dong their these heavenly stems disciples, is not everyone has such magic power equipment. Armor that puts on, in their hands holds the heavy sword, looks is not every. With themselves is the unified whole. After ten people put on the armor, immediately changed to the feeling of person an appearance. The oppression strength is similar to mountain enhancement. five elements attribute unexpectedly strong pressure Du Ming's pinnacle Ninth Water, this situation, only then an explanation, that was at present these people collaborates the erupted strength has dominated above Du Ming and Du Xin'er by far.

Ten people, put on the magic power whole body armor, grasps the magic power heavy sword. Such combination, if places in battlefield, is extraordinary existence. Initially Ji Dong they went to Holy and Evil Island time, an entire Heavenly Stems Regiment not such disposition. Thus it can be seen, silly rich business association , is not only filthy rich, is having incomparably strong strength backing. Mage that if they grasp has large quantities of so cultivation base, that may really be a not allow to neglect strength.

However, even if in facing the situation of such pressure, Du Ming and Du Xin'er do not have the meaning of slightest bit retreat, the brother and sister whole-heartedly, refute the opposite party pressure, Du Ming's magic power are outputting fully. Now although both sides no one first have begun, but knows to their this realm, which if cannot insist in the magic power resistance, the opposite party only needs the thunder to strike, can the instantaneous second kill the match.

Ten handle heavy swords have held up, tyrannical magic power fluctuation in air unceasing is blooming, on the cutting edge of each handle heavy sword, shone they respective attribute magic power brilliance, this was Cao resolute must lose concentration to pay attention to the sofa the sounds of other people, otherwise, Du Ming and Du Xin'er must unable to resist.

Du Ming brother and sister come from Bartenders Association. Two brother and sister did not have the magic power weapon, facing the match so formidable pressure, their both feets was retroceding slowly, the floor tile in ground disrupts. The sweat of big drop big drop started to appear on their foreheads and temples, difficulty that obviously resists. "Ji Dong, this is not perhaps good, was too dangerous."Yao Qianshu spoke to Ji Dong in a low voice.

Ji Dong shakes the head slightly, passes on the sound said: "Will not have the matter, I have the discretion. This is a simplest promotion own method, in the withstanding range, the pressure is bigger. Also is naturally bigger to the stimulation of potential."

Yao Qianshu somewhat helpless said: "In withstanding range? You perhaps face the pressure time, in few scopes."

"I come."In this time, the ice-cold sound is resounding, the golden form flushed together. She moves sideways, kept off in front of Du Ming and Du Xin'er, all pressures, almost attracted themselves on the flash completely.

In heavenly stems disciple, even if is better than Fu Rui and remote, will listen to the opinion of Ji Dong, other people respected to Ji Dong. Only the person is exception. That is gold/metal. This not actually because of origin, but is the disposition decides. gold/metal is beyond that type the cold internal heat person, cold proud, eccentricity, she recognizes the accurate matter, left initially Lie Yan (raging flames) to make her turn head beside, no one is able to change her decision.

The golden mail-armor and helmet is similar to the scale turns, covers King's body instantaneously, Du Ming and Du Xin'er only thought that whole body one light, the brother and sister retrocede fast several steps, slightly panting somewhat. The vision simultaneously looks to Ji Dong. Du Xin'er is better, Du Ming is an shame of face.

The Ji Dong sound simultaneously resounds in their ears, "attention looked how gold/metal does. Facing enemy magic power must strong in your times, must use own other superiority to face. Short, attacks long of enemy by oneself, the wise is not. Your could it be can rely on only then pinnacle magic power? Your five elements method? Forgot?"

Du Ming and Du Xin'er actual combat must be short after all, hears reminding of Ji Dong, the brother and sister lowered the head. Ji Dong is directing Du Ming brother and sister, another side gold/metal actually moved began. No matter how gold/metal you suppress, sees only behind her to raise round dazzling golden light, Cao resolute and the others has not even seen clearly in that golden light the complex trace, gold/metal flushed toward them, bears the brunt, is Cao resolute.

Intense golden light from gold/metal right hand bright, this time, is not she weapon that uses magic power to transform, six meters giant gold/metal scissors, the scissors have not opened baseless, but has pounded toward a Cao Yilou coping directly.

Does six meters weapon have multiple? In addition gold/metal that reaches as high as Seven-Crown pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power, the instantaneous explosive force made the air produce a tear fulmination.

King's speed was too fast, facing the five elements suppression of opposite party, her speed simply has not come under any influence, as quick as a flash before to/clashes, when her gold/metal scissors widow manufacturer arrives to Cao resolute top of the head, had outside Cao resolute, can lend a hand to help with enough time his, only then two people by. Three handle heavy swords, simultaneously moved forward to meet somebody toward King's widow manufacturer.

Cao resolute hides the complexion under helmet mask is very ugly, he knows, these time bumped into the enemy who cannot provoke, at present this female seems seems to be younger, but she released was not only pinnacle magic power, but also cultivation base reached as high as Seven- Crown. The Seven-Crown pinnacle magic power owner, is not he can cope.

The bang, the fierce gold/metal iron hands over the whining noise to resound, resists the Cao resolute three people of gold/metal scissors simultaneously the body shock, in the stuffy hum explodes draws back several steps, but gold/metal using instead shakes the strength that the widow manufacturer transmits to soar, does not have as before gaudily second has pounded directly, goal or Cao resolute, as if in her eyes only then this person. Was strong just like essence general murderous aura makes Cao resolute skin surface flood goosebumps. The intense fear uncontrolled erupts from the heart, although they have ten people, but Cao resolute actually feels, as if are facing this fearful female. The outstandingly beautiful appearance he does not have the slightest bit mood appreciation, he thinks that now, but how can go on living.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. To cut the skeleton face with the widow manufacturer, please cast the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Hehe.

Chapter 412: gold/metal, widow manufacturer

gold/metal this handle giant gold/metal scissors widow manufacturer's appearance enough shocked. Is five meters, cuts the blade length three meters five, is all over the body slender, behind scissors the circular arc by the hand achieves about half meter including the width, simply is both sides shield. Thick the hand, has traded the average person, perhaps grasps continually cannot grip, the gold/metal scissors' weight is scary, Ji Dong had estimated simply, although King's widow manufacturer is impossible to have among own Fire God to be so heavy, perhaps but must surpass the thousand gold (daughter). When gold/metal has chosen this handle gold/metal scissors, the first idea of Ji Dong is, she is really the violence female!

King's hand is not very big, naturally cannot grip the handle of scissors, but do not forget, she is pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power is having, widow manufacturer, strong golden magic power already is united as one body her hand and scissors, the inferior divine tool of thousand jin (0.5 kg) weight in her hands, is the straw writes with a free pen unexpectedly likely generally, has not had the burden slightly.

Reaches as high as the Seven-Crown match facing ten magic power. King's vision condensation is similar to a point, the intense murderous intention not only has locked Cao resolute completely, but also is makes other nine people tremble with fear. The sharp aura, really has faintly punctures the meaning that opposite party five elements suppresses. Moreover her reaches as high as Seven-Crown pinnacle magic power, the might in attribute suppression, is not Du Ming and Du Xin'er can compare. Terrifying suppressed strength, made the Cao resolute ten people are the complexion big change.

Has cushion that first has struck, gold/metal this second strikes arrives, the opposite party ten people were prepared, ten handle heavy swords almost also raise, besides Cao resolute, another four handle heavy swords assists him to keep off to King's widow manufacturer, but another five people of heavy swords, then directly soars King's body attack, but, attacks the enemy to rescue. The coordination of these ten people must say tacitly.

What a pity, they face is actually gold/metal who the actual combat capability excels by far the heavenly stems disciple.

Facing ten people of besieging, gold/metal has not received the meaning of hand unexpectedly slightly, the widow manufacturer stiffly has pounded, but her body, as if from the sky twisted in this moment, golden mail-armor and helmet ray puts greatly, the back transforms another five elements method.

The heavenly stems disciples look clearly, appear in King's back law at this time, is Yin Metal hovering law, gold/metal does not have the wing, she uses hovering law to not to assist magic beast flies, why is this?

Quick. They got the answer. Yin Metal hovering law, gold/metal shifts one meter in the airborne body unexpectedly instantaneously, the tender body twisted slightly, not only before , the speed of flushing promotes suddenly, was the complete shunt has attacked to her five handle heavy swords. Although opposite party Mage is the Seven-Crown powerhouse, but, under the attribute suppression function of pinnacle Yin Metal, they are not actually able to lock King's body. Therefore, so long as gold/metal dodges, their attacks naturally fell on vacating.

Hovering law can also such use? A big question mark appeared in the heavenly stems disciples most people mind. gold/metal does not depend upon hovering law to fly, but changes itself with the aid of its strength in the airborne position, transfers baseless. Must know, this is not a simple matter. In this both sides strength extremely tyrannical situation, even if the slight change, can bring the chain-reaction. Change of flatter golden body, not only the shunt the attack, before increased , the speed of flushing, making oneself this strike becomes more ominous severe, the direction that at the same time, she attacked also changed because of the change of body position, the command was headed by Cao Yiwei. Resists five people of mainly defensive powers that oneself attack unable to affect truly above the widow manufacturer.

A such detail, seems very simple, but is the actual combat experience of being repeatedly tempered is actually the result, in the match clearly does not have in the situation of flaw, comes to make a flaw by own strength for the match, this grade of ability, made heavenly stems disciples gasped. Even if were the remote look also slightly changed. She knows, even if rely on the stick of earth goddess to add on silver wing Haidong to be blue again, in certain distance, perhaps also not necessarily is King's match. Did not consider in the situation of magic power weaponry, perhaps by individual actual combat capability, including Fu Rui also not necessarily is King's match, only has by Pinnacle Two Fires and extinguishes the god to strike Ji Dong that as well as Teng Snake flashes, can restrain is occupied by her.

Is startled with Fu Rui remotely, Du Ming brother and sister can only exclaim in surprise, particularly Du Xin'er, she is also Metal department Mage, at this time saw that gold/metal such marvelous sharp, has filled the unprecedented aggression that Eighth Metal displays, the feelings of one 's blood bubbles up to the brim, she has decided that later must entangle gold/metal, with her quite easy to learn study. Oneself and disparity between gold/metal cannot the mileage idea! Has her help, oneself can certainly progress by leaps and bounds.

The bang, second strikes, numerous rumbling, what at bang is five handle heavy swords, the side, by gold/metal strength. That five Mage that shakes unexpectedly simultaneously fall to draw back, this is Eight-Crown adds on four Seven-Crown! Somewhat cannot resist a meaning of strength of gold/metal scissors unexpectedly.

King's body rebounds to return in the midair, the vigor of whole person increased instantaneously in peak condition, leading the widow manufacturer, the whole person from the sky to circle for one week, the third scissors have pounded, person in airborne, any has not taken a breath the opportunity of strength, but her this third scissors actually become compare the front two scissors to be fiercer.

Takes advantage of somebody's authority and borrows the strength, in the Ji Dong mind, simultaneously presented these two words. The King's this one after another three attacks, seem somewhat rash, ten actually chooses to meet the tough head-on with toughness by one pair. But, she in process of attack, actually unceasingly increases oneself imposing manner, draws support from the effect that the attribute suppresses to suppress the opposite party strength again. The strength of match shoots her body, was actually transformed into own strength by her in a special way, shells again to the match. The strength of match drops in the face of her fierce offensive and attribute suppression unceasingly, but under her strength rapidly is actually rising, is in inverse proportion, the enemy only will become more and more distressed.

This is what kind of actual combat experience can achieve! Ji Dong self- examined own present could not have achieved, his forms of defensive action, attack the match by the explosive force that own strength has instantaneously. Strikes to kill. On the explosive force, without doubt is extremely formidable. But King's explosive force is inferior to him, but the sharp air/Qi actually goes beyond, what is most terrifying, gold/metal by oneself strong actual combat capability, can actually pull opposite party nose to walk, lets the match completely among oneself attack rhythms, ten tenths strength five entirely succeed cannot display continually. Without a doubt, after officially becomes the bright Eighth Metal disciple, King's strength also had the considerable progress, if she can also have a genuine divine tool. In addition the words of mount. Ji Dong understands, she definitely has with the strength that as well as the Senior Brother meet as an equal.

The bang, the third scissors rumble, the intense gold/metal iron hands over the whining noise, in the entire silly rich hotel lobby that shakes is an echo resounds. That five people headed by Cao Yiwei, almost simultaneously disperse fall to draw back, under King's the prestige of three scissors, their five elements suppresses is unable to maintain again, stiffly was shocked. If gold/metal pursues at this time, can take one of them surely the life, even if Cao resolute, is very difficult to escape.

However, at this time, gold/metal has not actually pursued, the body with the aid of the strength of this third rebound, rises high, a tumbling in the midair, arrived at a roof, the tread of both feet on the roof, traded a breath, the body surrounding golden color ray has restrained suddenly, the giant widow manufacturer also finally opened in this moment.

Originally, by five Mage of gold/metal shunt first attack, second was struck also arrived, five rays interlock on, strangles to death to King's body, if before her, chooses to pursue, then, she no doubt can strike to kill opposite party one person, but own back also will certainly expose to give these five people. Takes advantage of somebody's authority to soar, in the big net that then strangles to death from this exactly alternates, once more when dive, the speed has promoted another degree.

Widow manufacturer scissors double knife-edge opens, sees only above that cutting edge, shines a golden wave common ray to ripple respectively, this is not King's magic power, but belongs to the great power of widow manufacturer inferior divine tool specially.

Flash when this scissors open. Not only place ten people with that skeleton face, Ji Dong here male are also whole body one send coldly, certain positions somewhat tingle with numbness.

This widow manufacturer, does not know that the shear many heart and kidney evil male plague spot, has a quite strange oppression strength to the man. Once the scissors open, this pressure naturally will show, it can be said that one alternative spiritual suppression, moreover is the spiritual suppression irresistibly, in some sense, including the soul impact of Ji Dong is unable with its comparison. Naturally, this suppression is useless to female, is also useless to the court eunuch......

Attacked attacks under this pressure to the King's five people stagnates suddenly, the magic power ray on heavy sword has also restrained several points, the next moment, that giant gold/metal scissors have dropped from the clouds. But the response that they make is the collective retrocedes unexpectedly. Collective retreat that does not dare to resist.

In the sonorous fulmination sound, five handle quality excellent magic power heavy swords, fold completely. Must know, although their these heavy swords have not been the Divine level degree, but also is the large sum of money the best quality goods magic power weapon that is difficult to buy! Also only then the silly rich business association can filthy rich takes to give them to provide completely. But is such thick heavy sword, was actually cut to break by King's widow manufacturer.

This does not mean King's magic power already powerfully to so the degree, but is the characteristics of widow manufacturer. Facing any sliver or is the circular cylinder, the destructive power strengthens 300%. In other words, so long as the thing that after is its these six meters growing up scissors open , to cut, must come under this 300% destructive power influences. The widow manufacturer himself is inferior divine tool, in addition this 300% amplifications, even if these heavy sword qualities are good, same is scissors breaks.

The skeleton face five handle heavy swords break in the clangour shortly, the complexion immediately becomes pale incomparable, subconscious withdraws backward several steps, at this time he did not think that gold/metal this elegantly beautiful beautiful woman was lovable. First time somewhat regrets own behavior. Are these people, do not provoke really?

Was sheared five people of weapon is the complexion big changes, in a panic retreat, although themselves had not been injured, but faces the danger to withdraw this is the natural disposition of person. Suddenly lost the weapon, everyone will have short being startled.

Started to shearing five handle heavy swords from the attack, gold/metal finally is conscientious. But her movement soldier therefore has not actually stopped, the both feet just contacted the ground, whole person already by formerly holds the breath to transfer has the breath of rhythm, simultaneously the body also to paste, before being similar to arrow general is rapid to/clashes, widow manufacturer also in this time second opening. The Ji Dong sound resounds in Du Ming and Du Xin'er ear, "saw clearly, this links up. When facing powerful enemy, heavy imposing manner, but the accumulation of imposing manner must depend upon the engagement. Only then attacks like the tide, the engagement does not have the slit, can make match not any opportunity of counterattack. Meanwhile, in the process of engagement, is not constantly outputs magic power completely, but must adjust itself in the attack process, for example gold/metal formerly drew support from the strength of body rebound, but time, also is now conscientious, in contacts before the enemy time, is the opportunities that is used to adjust. On the actual combat capability, gold/metal is in us is strongest."

Yes, this links up, when gold/metal pastes, the whole person even has one string of illusory images time, Ji Dong knows, this fight had ended, did not have any suspense again. What although she faces is entire attribute Seven- Crown above Mage, but, achieved gold/metal after Seven-Crown cultivation base similarly actually is really too fearful. Even if Ji Dong has not grasped, in does not use the sword and routs gold/metal whole body to draw back with the aid of magic beast partner the situation of Fire God. Surely is also injured.

The golden illusory image, is similar to the smoke cloud sweeps across, looks like golden rain clouds arrives suddenly in the hall in this silly rich hotel. The place visited is quietly, but that endless sharpness, actually all separates within dozens meters surrounding area.

Mage that five heavy swords are cut off, almost just saw clearly the appearance of that gold/metal scissors, already unprecedented ice-cold swallowed. They under King's powerful offensive one after another, the will were seized, the sharp metal thorn that braves suddenly including the under foot had not discovered. The sole was pierced instantaneously, making them lose the final resistance to dodge the opportunity. the next moment, the gold/metal scissors have come.

This time, what is cut off is their necks, five corpses, along with five tall Piao, but the head, scatters in all directions to flutter about. Cao resolute five people that formerly was shaken, but also flushed without enough time, the last goal of gold/metal that gold/metal scissors, has pointed to the skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile.

The skeleton face looks deathly pale, saw that giant gold/metal scissors, both hands will gather suddenly, since is a white ray braves from the body unexpectedly.

Finally came back from Qingdao, to the family/home, writing a book should be able relaxed.

Chapter 413: The divine tool of skeleton face

Shears five necks actually not to leave behind bloodstain gold/metal scissors facing that. The skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile body and mind shock, the fear spreads the whole body, releases a white light from the body fast, the white light transforms as the golden color instantaneously, is bringing the golden light halo of strange brilliance, releases from him, the light halo revolves, makes the wu wu sound.

gold/metal complexion suddenly changes, because she discovered that after this light halo appears, oneself vanished to the attribute suppression effect of enemy unexpectedly. gold/metal Jiandao in that golden halo hit, but closes up before instantaneously, then sweeps away, a loud sound that keeps off, gold/metal is the whole body shakes unexpectedly, nose oven.

Has sat quietly Ji Dong on sofa to set out suddenly, because he could see, reason that gold/metal shuts the alloy scissors first , because she feared that oneself widow manufacturer is damaged. But widow manufacturer inferior divine tool! Can make her make so the judgment, could it be......

While gold/metal was compelled the free time who draws back, the skeleton face to yell makes noise. "Cao is resolute, your this group of fools doing, quickly has not protected this young master, we walk."This fellow very much will also watch the meaningful glance, must suffer a loss shortly, immediately calls hand/subordinate must walk.

After airborne that golden halo shakes has drawn back gold/metal, immediately changes into wisp of golden light, returns to the skeleton face on, this fellow turns around the emaciated body immediately, turns around to run.

gold/metal coldly snorted, the body flashes, pursued like lightning. But at this time Cao resolute that another five people have caught up finally, although in the heart tramples, may block her way eventually.

At this moment, Ji Dong moved, how nobody sees clearly him to act, seemed only flash passed over gently and swiftly in the side, the next moment, he has kept off in front of the skeleton face. But Cao resolute that five people still to contend with gold/metal, but whole-heartedly, how possibly to catch up.

"Insulted my partner, wants to walk?"Ji Dong static standing in front of skeleton face, skeleton face receives the foot not to live, nearly hits on him. Looks at Ji Dong that white hair and profound double pupil, the skeleton face only thought that a chill in the air beyond description gushes out instantaneously from the bottom of the heart, although his strength is not much, but is quite sensitive, when Ji Dong keeps off before his body. He understands, at present this person, even uses the incorruptible beautiful woman of gold/metal scissors more terrifying than that.

"Makes way."Skeleton face outwardly fierce but inwardly faint-hearted big shouting.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, disdains visits him, a slippery step, the right hand finds out suddenly, has grasped toward the skeleton face.

The skeleton face bellows, the golden light that formerly that prevented gold/metal appeared again, golden halo floating, instantaneously toward the Ji Dong hit, but.

The flash that the golden halo presents, Ji Dong understands why formerly gold/metal will receive oneself gold/metal scissors not to bump with it hardly. This golden halo, is sending out one extremely special makings, is not the sharpness of metal attribute, but is the elegance of metal attribute, the aura of drifting from place to place, also that pure pinnacle Eighth Metal fluctuates, is unable to find out it to come from where to go from where. But that solid feeling beyond description, actually the solid command Ji Dong that formidable soul strength also vibrated. In this moment, Ji Dong has affirmed own judgment. However, hand that he grasps has not actually received.

Red light sparkle, on right hand of Ji Dong. Has shone eye-catching brilliance, incomparably blazing magic power flash elegant drawing of that golden halo, that golden halo the ray puts immediately greatly, wants to work loose from that red light, but can Ji Dong make it achieve wishes? The wrist/skill turns, illusory has glittered, accurate grasping above the golden halo, immediately, the golden halo turned into the red, the strength of collision completely vanished.

Skeleton face complexion big change, the originally pale skeleton face rises red, as if fully is struggling anything, golden halo that was fettered by the sword of strength Ji Dong Fire God also in going all out is struggling, beats unceasingly, wants to work loose from the Ji Dong hand. But, the right hand of Ji Dong, is actually rock-solid, copper pouring strong, simply has not vibrated.

Ji Dong coldly said: "Magical instrument must look that is who uses. I do not know how the gold/metal of your chaos comprehends. However, you do not match to have this divine tool."At the same time was saying, his left hand already light has patted, this palm, has filled noblly graceful, but the familiar Ji Dong people know, must be patted by this palm, perhaps the divine tool protects the body also injured. Let alone was the skeleton face such frail body.

"Shows mercy."At this moment, the fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao sound resounds suddenly. But at this time, another side gold/metal, the widow manufacturer once more has also opened. Blocks in her five people, remaining Cao resolute are still only barely managing to maintain a feeble existence.

Bang a loud sound, the Cao resolute closed up gold/metal scissors sweep away, flew by far, is in airborne is the blood spurts crazily, this is the result that gold/metal shows mercy, otherwise, he fell to the ground with his another nine partner same heads. But a palm of Ji Dong also changes pats to push, pū a light sound, the body of that skeleton face fell to draw back, happen to throws down in front of gold/metal. The widow manufacturer in gold/metal hand falls conveniently, seems very natural falls to the ground, but, does not know whether the coincidence, peak of scissors happen to even Pai in the skeleton face both legs, has sent out the dull thumping sound of pecking.

Skeleton face originally throws down averagely, by a widow manufacturer spike racket, the four limbs and likely was actually hung by any thing, completely to the airborne contraction, the whole person upper bend has become big sun-dried shelled shrimp, the mouth opens in a big way, makes the sound, called unable to call continually. eyes as if must stare, on the face did not have the slightest bit blood-color again. The whole body shivers such as shakes chaff, rolls the eyes suddenly, had fainted.

The position that the widow manufacturer strikes against, has as if flowed out anything egg white egg-yolk and so on thing, obviously, the certain functions of skeleton face already by thorough abandoning.

Fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao in the next moment arrived at side the skeleton face, looks at his appearance, has a look at the widow manufacturer in gold/metal hand again, smartly spirit has fought a shiver. He has not fought with gold/metal truly, at this time knows. This elegantly beautiful girl so is unexpectedly fierce, formerly combat process under his gaze, King's powerful actual combat capability really has made the extremely profound impression on him.

The forced smile appears on the fatty face, "I was not had said showed mercy."

gold/metal coldly shot a look at his one eyes, ", if you did not say, broken is his head."Then, the widow manufacturer lifts, on this divine tool has not contaminated any dirty thing, this is also one of the widow manufacturer characteristics, but when it lifts, numerous male, including Ji Dong and Fu Rui, was the heart suddenly has contracted, the deterrent force of this thing to the man was really the divine tool rank. gold/metal turns around to walk, Zhou Xiaoxiao is actually a helplessness of face, the squatting down body, has patted several palms under the skeleton face body one after another, has sealed up some important bloodlines, has saved his life.

Ji Dong also walked at this time, the Zhou Xiaoxiao vision falls in his hand immediately has been grasping still in the golden halo that struggles unceasingly, has swallowed saliva, cursed angrily: "He **, Wang Daojun this bastard, unexpectedly has given own grandson use business association one of the three big magical instruments. As discussing official business group speaker, openly violates the business association custom, I decide do not give up with him."

At the same time was saying, he lifted in the golden halo capture of hand to Ji Dong hand, the Ji Dong actually personal appearance flashes, avoids this has grasped.

Zhou Xiaoxiao has gawked, "does the Ji Dong boy, you do? This is the thing of our silly rich business association."

Ji Dong snorted, "you said that is you are your? Who can show that this is the thing of your silly rich business association? This is we snatches, naturally was our. Even if the thing of your business association, you called us to get rid to help you a moment ago teach this boy, this invites our reward."

Zhou Xiaoxiao one dull, "Ji Dong, you pester endlessly. The business association divine tool did not joke. Even if you passed the business association to inspect, most also lent you to use."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, wiped appears above his face evilly, "fatty, could it be said, invited our bright heavenly stems disciple one time, was a reward of divine tool very excessive? Moreover, who said that this divine tool does belong your? If I have not misread, this Eighth Metal department divine tool, should be one of the we heavenly stems disciple heavenly stems god attires. The genuine owner should be we. Let alone, you also said a moment ago, what speaker this divine tool was that has given this skeleton face secretly, even if threw the divine tool, what relations also had with you?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao brow tight wrinkle, "that is not good, I am the association president of silly rich business association. Ji Dong, this does not crack a joke. You snatch the thing of silly rich guild, has to think the consequence?"

"Consequence is, if the silly rich business association with us for the enemy, in the near future, it will be cancelled from this world."Speech is not Ji Dong, but is Fu Rui, ten heavenly stems disciples, walked at this time, encircles Zhou Xiaoxiao in the middle. The internal combustion engine appears intermittently, even if better than Zhou Xiaoxiao, felt that somewhat suffocates. This time, he may not have the help of chrysanthemum pig. In the final analysis, chrysanthemum pig is heavenly stems disciple.

Listened to the Fu Rui words, Zhou Xiaoxiao instead to calm down, because he suddenly thought, the Fu Rui words have not exaggerated. Perhaps, at present these ten young people, in addition the secret, altogether
11 people, their strength also far insufficient and silly rich business association contend. However, he has not actually forgotten the beforehand lesson. Central Earth Empire and Eastern Wood Empire are willing to wage a war for a Ji Dong person, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that now Ji Dong invents can be said as all Mage lives is also. Mage Guild can be outspoken fully supports him. In this case, if they want to destroy the entire silly rich business association, may pay not the small price, but the final result seems is not impossible to be completed. Moreover, spells, it is estimated that will have many people to wait to look at the joke of silly rich business association. After all, as the first under heaven business association, the time of silly richly having is too long was too long, inside story, such huge wealth, who can not the eye scarlet?

took a deep breath, Zhou Xiaoxiao is returning to normal reluctantly some moods of surging, he knows, oneself this time choice, will possibly relate to the silly rich business association next hundred years of destinies. The silent moment, Zhou Xiaoxiao raised the head finally, lightly said: "I have not come to here today, anything has not seen. Changes a place to live."

Looks that fatty that heart is unwilling, the appearance that sentiment does not hope, on the Ji Dong face reveals a smile, "looks like, wants to live in a time silly rich hotel, but also is not really easy! We walk."

Zhou Xiaoxiao after the careful ponder, decides all pressures finally on at present these young people. Naturally, how even if does he oppose to be able? Although as the Level 96 supreme powerhouse, words that but these young people collaborate at present, he will not have the opportunity. Magical instrument that in the Ji Dong hand grasps will not be taken as before carry back by him.

Zhou Xiaoxiao waves to a not far away middle-aged person, oneself also walked, was whispering anything with that middle-aged person. Obviously in the processing damage control measures, after they walked, this skeleton face cannot certainly die, otherwise is really not easy to do. But before he had not left the surface, the speaker is strong, is impossible to fall the matter above him forcefully, even if later recognizes Ji Dong they, what he can say? The responsibility that the divine tool loses is not Zhou Xiaoxiao.

Ji Dong bent the waist, the right hand wields, light white air current then leaves from the palm average, pours into to that skeleton face within the body. Buzz a light cry, a golden halo separates from skeleton face within the body, he has also relaxed the limit of strength of Fire God to that golden halo, the light shadow and halo superposes together, formerly struggling vanished naturally.

Ji Dong has not even looked at this golden halo one, has handed in front of it gold/metal, gold/metal also natural very receiving, a golden light flashes, the halo integrated her within the body to vanish does not see.

Skeleton face itself cultivation base is nothing to speak, but Four-Crown realm, but actually does not know that with any method, can actually inspire a strength of gold/metal of chaos, this fused this divine tool, but Ji Dong formerly can restrain him easily, one is because his strength is not enough to play the might of divine tool, another also because of medium baking temperature of gold/metal five elements, Ji Dong stimulates to movement the sword of Fire God by Pinnacle Two Fires, naturally restrained this ring-like Eighth Metal department divine tool. But gold/metal is the typical Eighth Metal disciple, grasped the mystery of gold/metal of chaos to be at similarly, fused this divine tool naturally to be a cinch, naturally, she wanted to control the might of this divine tool completely, needed to adapt to and fusion in the true sense some time.

Walked out of the silly rich hotel, Ji Dong has patted the shoulder of fatty, "this time, calculates that I owed you."

Regardless is where, small three have been thinking everybody, even if leads the wife and child to go out to play, every day in diligently symbol. But our monthly ticket ranks actually fell. Small three know, the book friends support my. I will try hard, makes everybody satisfy with a better content. Also invited the book friends in spite of being very busy, helping slightly three cast several monthly tickets. Thanks.

Chapter 414: The hereditary speaker of discussing official business group

Walked out of the silly rich hotel. Ji Dong has patted the shoulder of fatty, "this time, calculates that I owe you."

Zhou Xiaoxiao showed the whites of the eyes to him, "owes. So long as you can inspect through the business association discussing official business group, these are not the issues. The boy I already looks is not pleasing to the eyes, my status is too sensitive, this boy cannot kill, when also you do begin? Has not thought really, Wang Daojun that old fogy, has given unexpectedly this young brat hard Metal God. Abandoned has abandoned, this boy has done the misdemeanor, died 100 times not to be overrated. This time did not have the function of man, is a big good deed."

Cannot check into the silly rich hotel, the people naturally must look for a hotel to stay again, at the same time is walking in the city, Ji Dong asked: "Fatty, speaker what's the matter? It seems like you dreads him very much!"

Zhou Xiaoxiao complexion dignified nodded, said: "Simply speaking, silly rich business association, can say that is speaker lineage/vein creates. Although nominal all previous association presidents take the strength as first. But the position of speaker actually hereditary. This was also that boy status important reason why you faced a moment ago. He is in speaker lineage/vein young one generation the only adult male. Also is the candidate of next speaker, therefore he cannot die." "In silly rich business association. The discussing official business group is highest authority organization, from looked outwardly, the association president can grasp the discussing official business group two-thirds strengths basically, is the business association most has the right to speak. May in fact, be actually not true. Initially, the silly rich business association first speaker, is the first association president, took a long-range approach, established the silly rich business association, and grew strong it. Later, his deep understands the rich three generations of truth, therefore has stipulated the inheritance method of business association president. But he after all is also a person, has to consider for own descendant. Therefore, had the position of discussing official business group speaker to produce. This position is inherits by his direct line bloodlines adult male. Is the continuation, the surname of business association president is changing throughout, but this speaker is always surnamed Wang. 500 years of inheritance, it can be imagined, the Wang family has what kind of control strength to the business association. Although under the speaker name controls, only then one-third discussing official business group members, but this one-third are the absolute death is loyal, but other belongs to two-thirds that I control, has does not know that many momentarily could the treachery in the past. I have been these many year of association presidents, but feels, besides is the protectors of business association, more as before is a bystander. Therefore, I somewhat was already weary."

Ji Dong lightly said: "If one day, you completely stood with this speaker in the opposite, that. Anyone of you will earn the business association true support."

Zhou Xiaoxiao without the slightest hesitation said: "If related to the life and death, earns the complete support inevitably is he. That is 500 years of precipitation influence! It is not I manages in these years can change. Naturally, this situation in silly rich business association historical never has also appeared. How regardless to say, the business association has the graciousness to me, if no support of business association, does not have my today's strength, therefore, no matter, I with that speaker lineage/vein truly will not be an enemy." Here, his looked at Ji Dong, continued: "But, at some concrete matters, I very much has the right to speak. Speaker also undoable extremely. After all, I am an association president, some important decisions, must pass me. For example this your matter, has not affected anything to me actually, is not small to speaker Wang Daojun that side attack. Some neutral discussing official business group members chose have supported me. The business association relates to the interests of everyone, I and Wang Daojun in the final analysis are the merchant, the discussing official business group members are also, in the face of benefit. Influence thing is dregs. Therefore, so long as you can take to business association enough benefit, even if his Wang Daojun impossible about discussing official business group final decision."

Ji Dong looks at Zhou Xiaoxiao, "the places of some people have the struggle."

Zhou Xiaoxiao sighed, said: "Wang Xiao lei is the Wang Daojun only grandson, this time you abandoned him to make the ability of man, was not small to the attack of Wang Daojun, luckily, before Wang Xiao rock pile boy, gave back to Wang Daojun to keep a root, had that great- grandson, Wang Daojun should not manifest suddenly, threw the divine tool, he must conceal."

Ji Dong has not said anything again, but the eyeground has actually flashed through light cold glow, Zhou Xiaoxiao does not know, oneself formerly died 100 times not to be overrated, actually has judged Wang Xiao lei death penalty truly.

The people looked for a hotel to live, after having had the dinner simply, respectively went to the room to rest. Today everyone has different obtained, the best moment of realizing from experience.

Chen Sixuan closes the door, backs on gate, the complexion is somewhat desolate. She and Ji Dong matter do not have the too big progress as before, whenever she thinks about appearance of Ji Dong when holding a memorial service for oneself previous generation, the confidence that in the heart the inexplicable sharp pain, originally but actually will pursue gradually is also vanishing. She does not know how own present should do. If Ji Dong said that three characters to oneself, oneself certainly will be happy? In seeing with one's own eyes affection of Ji Dong after Lie Yan (raging flames), she even more treasured this type to feel. Luckily, oneself can keep side him, every day visits him also similarly is a happiness.

Ten years crossed its one. also nine years, nine years later, really what to do if Ji Dong can follow Lie Yan (raging flames) to go? Thinks of here, Chen Sixuan eyes has shone suddenly, the heart ties bewildered instantaneous untying, because she thinks, if nine years later have not been able to succeed obtains the heart of Ji Dong, then, he must go, oneself went along with him. Arrived another world, perhaps, oneself had the opportunity to be able as before with him in the same place, at least he is not relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. But then can these nine years time with him in the same place, this not be a happiness every day? Can visit him, feels him the love to Lie Yan (raging flames), is to own love! Besides is unable to obtain his warm hug again and makes the intimacy that one is enchanted by, hasn't own heart been able to satisfy? Can come again one time, arrives at his side again, what oneself shouldn't originally again many expectation, the process of soul fusion, similarly not be he in intimate? Lie Yan (raging flames) Lie Yan (raging flames), you cannot be greedy, now very good to be very good.

Thinks of here. A light smile appears gradually on Chen Sixuan tender Yan Zhi, in oneself heart has thought through, her spiritual also nature good, although this status cannot tell Ji Dong, but side him, can actually the total involvement helps him make all. As for whether to make him fall in love with present, along with reason, going as far as possible diligently, even if not good does not matter.

In the Chen Sixuan intention is open, suddenly, the back hears the knock. Familiar vibration way made her spirit inspire, somewhat surprised shunt body, looks at the door, did he come?

Opens the door, stands in is not just Ji Dong, she just opened the door, Ji Dong actually has been similar to the lightning generally flashed, and makes a hand signal of keeping silent to her. The Chen Sixuan heartbeat speeds up suddenly, did he come to the room to look for me? The this lofty one male widow, could it be said......

Ji Dong to looked, the strength of soul does not hinder and Chen Sixuan has completed the communication, "thinks of the fine jade, you come with me, I look for your a little matter."He does not certainly know that Chen Sixuan now in thinking anything, holds on the arm of Chen Sixuan, before arriving at the window quietly, opens the window.

"Uses taking advantage of me the nucleus of life."Ji Dong blends through the soul to Chen Sixuan said. Formerly after his recovered, has given Chen Sixuan the nucleus of life.

Light disappointed raises from heart, although Chen Sixuan had guessed correctly that Ji Dong possibly to not express the love to come to oneself, but also in her heart several points is hoping after all.

Ji Dong received the nucleus of life Chen Sixuan hands over, in the eye the white light flashes, Chen Sixuan can feel his soul to blend with the nucleus of life, seems transmitting any information. Then Ji Dong said to her: "You are opening the window here I, I urge to go faster return."

Spoke these words, the personal appearance flashes, Ji Dong floating departed from the window place, in an instant vanishes in the dim light of night, Chen Sixuan somewhat curiously looks at the direction that he leaves, he is clearly using the strength of soul to conceal itself, what is he covering?

Has not waited for her to make the ponder, the time that but several times breathe, Ji Dong came back, returns to the room, he wears the nucleus of life on the Chen Sixuan neck, while passes on the sound said through the soul to her: "Do not tell anybody me to come to your room."

Chen Sixuan nodded, anything had not asked.

Ji Dong sets the mind at this time, looks at her pair of attractive big eyes. cannot bear asking: "You do not want to know that what I did make a moment ago?" Chen Sixuan had just thought through itself and matter between Ji Dong, at this time is happy, on charming face is brimming with the light happiness, looks that the Ji Dong vision is full of the strong feelings that command Ji Dong has not dared to look straight ahead, the words that "you are willing to speak, naturally can tell me, you are not willing saying that cannot tell me. Regardless of you said anything, in my heart is right. Even if clearly knows is wrong, same is right. Except for your own safety. Teacher Ji Dong, the daytime matter sorry, was I am too impulsive."

Is listening to her words, the Ji Dong look obviously changed, why does not know, in the process of this soul each other exchange, listening to this extremely natural pouring out, Ji Dong suddenly to plant to rush to grasp her desire. This girl was really too perfect, Ji Dong could not find the slightest bit slight defect from her. He believes that if before , does not have Lie Yan (raging flames), perhaps already fell to the enemy in her gentleness. With is getting more and more long in the together time, although in his heart will not branch out the love to give Chen Sixuan, but he is unable to deny, oneself is getting more and more to her approval, even has had a dependence to her soul fusion, these Ji Dong know, but looks like drug dependency is the same, is unable to throw off. Now although he will not accept Chen Sixuan as before, but could not say these to reject her injures her words. Has seen through like Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong has also seen through, no matter how what you, I do not accept your sentiment and that's the end, nine years later, I must look for my Lie Yan (raging flames).

Actually, Chen Sixuan does not know, oneself to Ji Dong but actually pursues is very successful, even if Ji Dong did not acknowledge, the Chen Sixuan form also pushed in his heart, when this form appears in the Ji Dong mind, he must stronger to endure suffering misses Lie Yan (raging flames) painstakingly, can not ponder the Chen Sixuan matter. By affection of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), Chen Sixuan can achieve this point, is close pinnacle.

"I walked."Ji Dong had not replied that the Chen Sixuan words, or he does not know how should face, is almost fleeing to the wilderness departures of some quietly. Looks at his hurried back, the Chen Sixuan delay the moment, is he resisting? What he resists is what? ......

Major road. A carriage speeds away from west dike city, after running several miles, stopped.

"Young master, you are enduring, my this leads you to return to the business association. So long as sees speaker Sir, he can certainly help you reply."

The carriage curtain screen lifts, Cao Yibao the skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile was leaping up from inside, after having sent the cart driver, the right hand wields, together ray of distortion before the body bright, one group of huge yellow forms drilled from that distortion ray. That is a gigantic Land Dragon, does not have the wing, the brown color, the height exceeds eight meters all over the body, does not have it of flying ability, the four limbs are extremely sturdy, the head has three siliques, two forward, upward, the whole body has covered entirely the sincere/heavy scale, tail also extraordinary long, really fully has ten meters, but must over eight meters huge body. The tail peak, is one group is similar to the iron ball common thing, above covers entirely the sharp thorn that the cold light has sparkled.

This is heterogeneous in Earth department Land Dragon, named triangle destruction dragon. In the Earth department Land Dragon, destructive power strongest one, level, although only has Rank 7, but is general Rank 8 magic beast is unable to break through the defense of its powerful, but pales by comparison facing its powerful attack.

Wang Xiao rock pile this time face whiten like the paper, originally is a skeleton he, at this time is the eye socket gets sucked, body also unceasing is shivering, muttered was talking over, "can I also be good? Can I also dally with the woman?"

Cao Yibao Wang Xiao rock pile is jumping, fell has carried on the back on his triangle destruction dragon, "young master, you should not be worried, our round trip caught up, at the maximum speed went back, certainly can cure. Speaker Sir is all-resourceful, will not have the issue." Wang Xiao lei absent-minded both eyes left several points of brilliance finally, looks to Cao resolute, the say/way that in the eye is full of the hatred: "I went back, must make the grandfather kill these people, male complete putting to death by dismemberment, after the female young master plays, sends to the ji institute, making thousand people ride, ten thousand people to rest."

Cao Yian sighed one, in the heart the secretly thought, this time can preserve the life to be very good, at that time probably had people to drink one to show mercy, this kept a life, that sound sounded also familiar- soundingly some.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. In the recent several days, small three strive to erupt one time.

Chapter 415: Eliminating evil thoroughly

Originally, after the silly rich hotel caused heavy losses. When they wake, Ji Dong and the others already departed, the strength that Wang Xiao rock pile even continually gets angry does not have, with the medical care personnel help of hotel, reluctantly first has preserved the life. Cao resolute fully realized that the fearfulness of Ji Dong these people, do not dare to stay for a long time, in addition to go back to treat Wang Xiao lei earlier "severe wound". Therefore they at the same night started off.

Wang Xiao lei looked at mount under the Cao resolute body, this triangle destruction dragon attack and defense is good, the issue, that is the speed is slow, although rushes to the line to want the speeding horse as before quickly, but also merely is quick the speeding horse. Caused that his originally hot tempered mood is one is angry, "on your this broken mount, does not know when can return to the business association. You quickly have not tried to find other solution. This speed goes back, my treasure again cannot restore."

In Cao Yixin a depression, works as a bold slave so to be difficult, "young master, you are enduring patiently, I as far as possible quickly. Really now does not have the place to look for the flight mount, the brothers dies."

Was in this time, suddenly. The triangle destruction dragon huge body trembled suddenly, racing Hang the footsteps also stopped, looks up toward airborne. Cao resolute is interlinked with own mount regard, immediately felt several points are not wonderful, similarly look up to the sky. The sky as before is a darkness, he has not seen anything, but, he actually suddenly feels, the air as if became dignified.

"Bastard, how doesn't your this nonsense mount run?"Although Wang Xiao rock pile does not have any physical strength, but before cursing at people actually, that rampant appearance. After this time matter he not only has not drawn the lesson, in heart instead only then deeper hatred.

Cao resolute complexion became uglier, this time, his extraordinary has not paid attention to Wang Xiao lei, but unceasing was whipping the back of triangle destruction dragon with the hand, tried to comfort own mount partner. But, the body of this triangle destruction dragon actually likely is uncontrolled general, unceasing shaking chaff. Always for Rank 7 magic beast that is famous crudely, at this time so dreads unexpectedly, Cao resolute knows, perhaps met itself at all not the enemy who was possible to contend with.

In the sky, the fog disperses suddenly, a strange living thing suddenly appears in the midair, low and deep dragon recited the sound along with it resounding, but that triangle destruction dragon also while this dragon recited the sound to draw out the sturdy four limbs one soft, fierce knocked down, linked a resistance the thought not to resemble unexpectedly.

What thing is this? Cao resolute stared in a big way both eyes. Looks in the sky that black and white dual-color, has the giant beasts of two giant heads, the terrifying oppression strength, making his panting become difficult, going all out stimulated to movement oneself magic power, but in the chests and bellies was actually a severe pain transmits, the wound of daytime receiving has not restored now.

Without a doubt, this suddenly appears in front of Cao resolute and Wang Xiao rock pile, is Ji Dong fifty Saint Fire Dragon. Before this is also him, looks for the Chen Sixuan goal to be.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon circles in airborne, looks at Cao resolute and Wang Xiao lei, in the dragon pupil has filled despising. Wang Xiao lei when sees it, the body also starts to shiver, originally ache below was to shiver becomes more painful, as if the wound has cracked once more.

"Cao resolute, saves me, saves me! So long as you can save me, goes back me to let the grandfather to you divine tool, surely gives you divine tool."Since birth, Wang Xiao rock pile first time felt the aura of death, although he playboy, but was actually not the fool. Naturally can see fifty Saint Fire Dragon for them.

Maotai and Wuliangye are raising the soaring head, is black and gold/metal, two-color spits the breath to emit from their giant dragon separately, two huge surprise attacks from the sky blend in the same place, changes into giant light ball, drops from the clouds again.

Resistance? Let alone Cao resolute now the injury is not good, his injury was good, resists one to have Pinnacle Two Fires Rank 9 super magic beast with what? Let alone is he, even if traded Thunder Emperor Fu Rui not to be good. Ji Dong and Fu Rui are one-to-one, the strength is almost the same, but if adds on the mount, Fu Rui must defeat without doubt. After fifty Saint Fire Dragon enters Rank 9, itself cultivation base the extremely close ordinary Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse, why this is Ji Dong did not reply on its strength the reason, it is extremely formidable, draws support from the strength of this Maotai and Wuliangye frequently, does not have what advantage to Ji Dong own cultivation.

After spouting respectively spits the breath, Maotai and Wuliangye do not even have again to below to have a liking for one, the huge body in a flash, has drilled into slightly vanishes in the clouds does not see. But they leave the ground, actually writes off.

In west dike city any corner, can hear that fierce thundering, let alone is the trace, even has not stayed behind including the sediment, Cao resolute and his mount, also that skeleton face Wang Xiao lei, been quietly under this Pinnacle Two Fires bombardment, forever vanished.

Sits well Ji Dong on bed opens both eyes slowly, sound of vision the direction that outside toward the city transmits looked at one. Light raises four characters in the heart: Eliminating evil thoroughly.

Regarding the Zhou Xiaoxiao words, he does not approve. Because this skeleton face Wang Xiao rock pile is the grandson of silly rich business association speaker can after violating that many evils is also living? Without the ability of man, does not mean after him, will not do evil, the polarity, regarding this person, he may be instead intense. In any event, this kind of degenerate and sediment, in the Ji Dong heart, the reason of not having gone on living. Therefore, he carries Zhou Xiaoxiao, has sent out fifty Saint Fire Dragon. He does not want to make Zhou Xiaoxiao difficult to do, will not let off Wang Xiao rock pile.

In another room, Zhou Xiaoxiao was also thundered to awaken by this, his first response, releases the strength of own soul, is feeling the situation of heavenly stems disciples, when he feels the people after the respective room cultivates silently, this relaxed. In his opinion, Wang Xiao rock pile also Eight-Crown cultivation base Cao resolute in side, so long as does not run into heavenly stems disciple these people, the self-preservation without question, naturally not a about mental association to anything.

Chen Sixuan in the room also similarly looks that thunders the direction that transmits, at this time her in the heart understood Ji Dong arrived at the goal of oneself room a moment ago. The corners of the mouth place reveals a smile, Ji Dong works she to support unconditionally, the disposition that let alone Ji Dong this hates the wicked as if they were personal enemies is she liked.


Western Metal Empire capital Jin Cheng somewhere.

Is sitting on the bed looks that the account book the old person sudden whole body shakes greatly, the originally ruddy face sudden blood-color completely sheds, has stood from the bed suddenly, looks out the East, the whole body is shivering, "dawn rock pile, you, how you can......, Why the grandfather gave the life seed aura that on you left behind to disappear. It is not good. Understood the rock pile certainly to have an accident." "Comes the person, coming person"old person's complexion to become ferociously is instantaneously severe, is roaring loud.


"Chrysanthemum pig, to my room, I have the matter and you discussed."Ji Dong stands out the Du Xin'er room, said one to inside. Chrysanthemum pig dreadful fellow, was glues on Du Xin'er, must live with her in one, Du Xin'er is also glad to be intimate with this lovable young pig.

"Does?"Chrysanthemum pig ill-humored leapt up from the room, the heart unwilling sentiment does not hope looks at Ji Dong. The body prances, arrived on the shoulder of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said: "I must chat with you alone, to my room."

Chrysanthemum pig snorted, to had not opposed. Today Ji Dong that strikes nearly ends the full page the big quiet flame ice, has cast some shadows.

Ji Dong brings the chrysanthemum pig to arrive in oneself room, closes the door, the chrysanthemum pig jumped the Ji Dong wound directly, has turned around to lie there, pair of small eyes winked looks at Ji Dong that winked.

"Asked me to do?"

Ji Dong said: "Chrysanthemum pig, properly speaking, I should say that your senior, after all, you are one of the Holy and Evil Island five mahatma beasts, does not know that lived the how glorious years, has the strength of Saint level. However, I actually do not want such to call you. Since seeing you, you and Yao Qianshu work out the contract, we continuously you, when the friend regards. Therefore, we have called you chrysanthemum pig."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, chrysanthemum pig that sluggish look to restrain several points, it has not thought obviously, Ji Dong must unexpectedly with it so serious speech. "Ji Dong, I also when continuously you are the friends. You said that these doing anything? Everybody has a tacit understanding and that's the end."Chrysanthemum pig very natural saying.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, in my opinion is not this. You as if truly have not regarded the friend to regard us."

The chrysanthemum pig stares first, is angry, "talks nonsense. In Holy and Evil Island, hasn't could it be this Saint pig protected you fully? How not you, when the friend did regard?"

Ji Dong said: "Our other people fortunately said. But. Does the chrysanthemum pig, you think the feeling of being modest book? Since you and he have worked out contract, can you once together oppose the enemy with him? Can once become the genuine partner with him? Even if we in the same place, you are also only and fragrant in the same place. I know, between you and modest books are Equal Contract, no one can restrain the opposite party. However, you do this now, to the modest book is unfair. Right, sounds, he has your such Saint beast to take the magic beast partner, is other people are unable to compare by far, possibly has not surmounted. But, like this to the modest book is really the good deed? You all do not have in the same place the single cent that he eats except for and him, to the situation of begging for food, suffers outside him quickly unceasingly, what have you done for him? Since everybody is a partner, must help mutually."

Chrysanthemum pig snorted, the anger in eye has dispersed gradually, mumbled: "Didn't I eat him to select the thing?"

Ji Dong solemnly said: Is that "you eat? I you knew that the modest book must be early more, is very clear he is what kind of person. As First Wood department Mage, when I know him, he is the doctor in secret city. At that time he had set the record of the quite good reputation, was called the medicine medicine to the dying sickness, money cross being predestined friends person, this Yao Qianshu name was jokingly called by me for the money tree. Obviously he is a how avaricious person. But, after you work out the contract, he is willing to squander all savings for you, right, I acknowledged, this is the hope obtains your help, the person but who, like him regards as important to money, can all spend for you own money, is could it be also not enough to prove him to your sincerity? What you work out is Equal Contract, he cannot request your anything, when we you is a friend, does not want to force your anything. He did not have money Laigong now your food and lodging, doesn't Zhou Xiaoxiao that fatty comply with guaranteeing to make you be satiated with food and wine? Then, asked you to put being modest book. I know, you have certainly ability and he relieve the contract. Beforehand any we do not want to say again, if, you are willing to become our friends we welcome, otherwise everybody takes various groups respectively, is irregular."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, the chrysanthemum pig somewhat dumbfounded, it has not thought that was of Saint beast, will be driven away unexpectedly. Since he had thought oneself have the extremely aloof status, no one can compare, after all, besides Lie Yan (raging flames), in this world also who compares its equivalent to be higher? The life in it of Holy and Evil Island Mt. Oseong naturally is extremely, all were self- centered, initially and Yao Qianshu work out the contract, was the pure hope takes away Holy and Evil Island using Yao Qianshu oneself, played to outside. Several years are together, such that just like Ji Dong said that is Yao Qianshu as far as possible is satisfying its terrifying the appetite, it always has not been Yao Qianshu has actually made anything.

Daytime a war, making chrysanthemum pig understand it was not invincible in this world, but at this time the Ji Dong words were not severe, but during the words also that resisted person and the facial expression outside thousand li (500 km) unexpectedly in explicit told him, making him leave, the heavenly stems disciple was not willing to have any relations with it again. The chrysanthemum pig really does not understand that like this, could it be they won't hope why to have Wood department of oneself this Saint level auxiliary in the side?

Looks at the chrysanthemum pig delay the expression, Ji Dong continued: "Thank you reminds my Lie Yan (raging flames) matter today, perhaps but my sentiment to the Lie Yan (raging flames) is not you can imagine. The chrysanthemum pig, our heavenly stems disciple is a body, the modest book is my brother, I cannot look again he is so painful. Soon, I will lead partners to search the appropriate mount partner together. Therefore, I hope that you let off him, do you know? Even if ordinary Rank 6 magic beast, is older than you to the help of modest book. What we need is the partner, the partner who can not garrison truly the back that entrusts oneself that mutually, but is not use. Even if you are the Saint level, to us does not have any significance."

Looks at Ji Dong, the look of chrysanthemum pig became gloomy, "Yao Qianshu why didn't ask me to say?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "After all works out contract, he is reads the former friendship person actually very much."

Chrysanthemum pig solemnly said: "Didn't you want my this partner really?"

As we all know, small three are will not be aimless absolutely, had said the words also certainly keep a promise. During a period of one week, small three will erupt absolutely. As for erupts, being ahead of time notice friends. As of late, in the family/home the matter is really too many, my wife and I lead the child, but also wants the symbol, is really very laborious, therefore had not erupted, asking everybody to forgive. The monthly ticket and recommendation ticket throw first, we and third, fourth disparity is not big. Let small three see everybody's support, small three again tired also will be dynamic. Come, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 416: The keepsake of chrysanthemum pig

Chrysanthemum pig solemnly said: "Didn't you want my this partner really?"

Ji Dong tranquil gaze it. "I only hope that you can give the modest book to be free. Meanwhile, I also hope you to understand, we do not depend upon your anything, has not thought the plan obtains many advantage from your here."

The chrysanthemum pig stands up suddenly, jumped down from the Ji Dong bed, "I will give you an answer."Then, it already walking of face darken.

Looks at the door, in the Ji Dong eye reveals several points of ray looking pensive, he already could see, Yao Qianshu and issue between chrysanthemum pigs, this matter, was acted to solve by him is appropriate. He also knows certainly that chrysanthemum pig natural disposition is good, was extremely self-, because it was the Saint beast, everyone was favoring it, has fostered its being arrogant and conceited self-centered problem. he called these words the chrysanthemum pig, not only for Yao Qianshu, for chrysanthemum pig.

Closes the door, Ji Dong sits cross-legged to achieve on bed, within the body magic power revolves, the soul and magic power blend mutually. Quick entered the sitting in meditation condition.

After magic power breaks through Seven-Crown, the strength and magic power his own soul fused in together, particularly the interconversion of Pinnacle Two Fires perfectly, has at one's command. Before the speed of cultivating although is impossible likely, is so quick, but is very solid, each cultivation can have some promotion, Ji Dong knows, own cultivation base entered a stabilization period, must carefully gradually promotes to be good. When the after the problem solve of matter and everybody mount of silly rich business association, he has thought, should lead everybody to close up some time. By the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, can make everybody's cultivation base quicker promotion surely. How to cope with Dark Five Elements Continent, this time leaves after Holy and Evil Island, in the Ji Dong heart had some ideas.

Next morning, the western dike city has spread, last night the day fell the meteor, outside the hit city the major road. Does not know that many people are lucky in the sigh, this meteor does not arrive in the city. Naturally, this by "meteor" the bombing ground, the heavenly stems disciples and Zhou Xiaoxiao has not seen, went out of town, they control magic beast to soar immediately, no longer delays, directly soars Western Metal Empire capital Jin Cheng to go.

The flight several days, finally arrive in Jin Cheng. Zhou Xiaoxiao does not have the slightest bit to delay, led the people to arrive at the silly rich business association to be at directly.

Has not come Jin Cheng's person, does not understand that the strength of silly rich business association is formidable. How will not understand the dependency of Western Metal Empire on silly rich business association the degree. Although Jin Cheng was inferior that Central Plains City is so big, but as capital, there are Central Plains City one-third sizes, after entering a city, Zhou Xiaoxiao is only a few words, made the people somewhat be in a daze.

"Sees the front square? That side was an imperial palace. The imperial palace is situated in Jin Cheng center, takes here as, west Jin Cheng, is our silly rich business association. Therefore, we here, is called the silly half city." The imperial palace people saw, without a doubt, that is a piece of rolling palatial construction. The issue is, west the imperial palace, they also saw is rolling, is not as good palatially, has actually continued to the western huge architectural complex. In front of this architectural complex, a also giant gate tower, is not worse than the imperial palace main entrance, the above three bronzed large characters write: Silliness rich.

Silliness rich, that is really not the general richness. This is the people at this time in the heart the only thought. Can occupy half area in a capital of country. The issue that can explain were many.

Has not waited for Zhou Xiaoxiao to arrive at the front door place, some people welcomed, all wears the silly rich business association standard golden color clothing, in front of respectful arriving Zhou Xiaoxiao. Some people at the back of specially-made box, after puts out hot towel respectful saluting gives the people.

Weary, brings the hot towel of light fragrance to wipe the face with this, that absolutely is the extremely comfortable matter. Moreover these business association people look but not see numerous female outstandingly beautiful, after meeting the towel, immediately falls back on the one side.

Zhou Xiaoxiao just like changed personally has resembled, the double back of the hand after behind, very drew out that gigantic belly, a fat face was really dignified, "gave the numerous a distinguished guest to arrange the dwelling, notice discussing official business to roll, said that I led the successor to come back. Early tomorrow morning, inspects."

"Yes, association president Sir."Orders, immediately some people arrange.

Enters the silly half city of silly rich business association, shocks to the feeling of person, all people as if know Zhou Xiaoxiao, so long as sees his person, one side falls back on all bows to salute, any store in silly half city completely is so. The dwelling arranged quickly, lived in the silly half city central zone, in a lecture hall. An everyone room, here seems not the how high floor, is only an one-story house, after may walk, actually is really different. Each lecture hall is quite elegant, the pair of twin young girl takes care as the maidservant specially. Inside and outside is divided into two, also leans. Side one is lives for the twin specially, the passing through the gate main room has over a hundred square meters, the extreme elegance of decoration, the heavenly stems disciples do not know that these decorations have used anything, but is different from the silly rich hotel, seems is not magnificent, actually gives people a refined profound feeling, inside each ornament has the origin to have the antique of year all. The inner room was the rest place, first heaved in sight was a super bed. This type of bed named step back bed. In other words, the bed needs to walk first. The solid wood builds all over the body, only this bed has been similar to small room, walks into the window, the two sides like respectively with alcove common the wooden pole and chair, again is the curtain and bed, only this step back bed, occupied inside room 50% area.

"Ji Dong, you rest first. I discussing official business group arranges the inspection the matter."Saying, the fatty must walk.

a golden light flashes, gold/metal blocked in front of Zhou Xiaoxiao, "wait a moment. Takes away these maidservants, we do not need the person to serve."

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "Do some people serve are not good?
Here maidservant may after special training."

gold/metal coldly snorted. Nearby remote also said: "Fatty, cannot have a bad effect on their these men, I do not want to hear in the evening should not the sound of hearing."

Fatty chuckled, said: "Good, good, I ask them to leave and that's the end. What a pity was a pity."At the same time was saying, he specially has also swept from Ji Dong, Fu Rui and other faces. Ji Dong and Fu Rui to not anything, but the wolf divine intervention and Du Ming lian were red, after all, they contacted the outside to be short. Somewhat is naturally awkward regarding Zhou Xiaoxiao this suggestion.

The twin maidservant withdrew eventually, has avoided awkwardly many. The people have not gone to the room to rest respectively. But gathers in the courtyard before lecture hall. In the courtyard has the pavilion, everybody sits. Extraordinary, the chrysanthemum pig has not treated in the Du Xin'er bosom, but is look gloomy squatting in the corner.

"Ji Dong, do you want to inherit the position of this silly rich business association president really?"First what opens the mouth is Fu Rui, he is the Ji Dong Senior Brother, has the considerable right to speak in the heavenly stems disciple.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "By the request of person, the matter of loyal person. Since I complied with Zhou Xiaoxiao, will not change the mind. Senior Brother, you know that several bottles of liquor are important to me. If not Zhou Xiaoxiao takes, perhaps I within ten years was very difficult to find. I cannot take risk, because I do not want to disappoint Lie Yan (raging flames)."

Fu Rui said: "But you should also know, although this silly rich business association is very rich, may also has the intriguing relations. It is not good, will fall into which you."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "this point I have considered, has discussed with the fatty. He promises me, so long as can through this inspection, be OK in the silly rich business association enrolling character. As for the later matter, who can know? Senior Brother, you should know me later the decisions nine years."

Listened to the Ji Dong last few words, in Fu Rui heart one cold, the vision changed, one side has a look to bring Chen Sixuan of veil again as before, sighed, no longer said anything.

Yao Qianshu said: "This silly rich business association inside story is rich, in Western Jin Dynasty empire influence such big, I thinks that Ji Dong can become the successor of this business association president is a good deed. Can save a lot of time for us."

The day said with a smile slight: "How regardless of the master decided, I support unconditionally. This inspection should be able some variables. Last night I observed the day, what can see was the opportunity in danger, although there is a danger, but actually and disaster of bloodless light. Believes that this time matter regarding heavenly stems disciple, can only be the good deed."

The secret status is always aloof in the heavenly stems disciple, all previous disciple all so, clouds that the secret little forecast. Words that but he spoke, the people quite believe. Let alone, in these people, how many also there are to question the decision of Ji Dong? Can affect the Ji Dong decision truly, perhaps also only had Fu Rui. Was convinced by Ji Dong including him, other people naturally cannot say anything.

Remote say/way: "Ji Dong, you, if became the successor of silly rich business association president, your elders can question?"

Ji Dong said: "I will explain to them. Succeeds the association president not to mean that I will make anything for the silly rich business association. The fat people regard as important, is my reputation."

Fu Rui said: "Such being the case, everybody earlier rests. This matter had decided that then we whole-heartedly help Ji Dong through this inspection. The inspection of this silly rich business association is difficult, can could it be also compared with resulting in the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao collaborates inadequately?"Formidable self-confident spreads from Thunder Emperor, is infecting everyone, just as this that he said that on Light Five Elements Continent, what issue also there is able to live rarely their?

"wait a moment."In this time, formerly the chrysanthemum pig of nest drawing a circle circle in the corner suddenly had been jumping, falls on the table in this pavilion, the vision is gazing at Yao Qianshu, "your other people walk, Yao Qianshu, you remain, I had the words to say to you."

Yao Qianshu has gawked, subconscious looks to Ji Dong, happen to sees Ji Dong to his nodded. Other people somewhat are mostly puzzled, only then a few people have guessed correctly anything indistinctly, Ji Dong gives a Yao Qianshu encouragement look, leading the people to return to the lecture hall to go respectively. After half double-hour, the Ji Dong door was sounded.

"Modest book, comes . The gate has not locked."

The gate opens, Yao Qianshu walked from outside, could see, on his face is having several points of happy expression, but also has several points of moved.

"Did chrysanthemum pig walk?"Ji Dong asked.

Yao Qianshu nodded, said: "It walked. Why does not know, I brought back the ability of oneself contract to be happy that obviously, was my actually point also happy. Although these years it in squeezing me, when it walked truly, I actually as if lost any most precious thing."

Ji Dong stands up, arrives in front of Yao Qianshu, the racket his shoulder, "do not think were too many. Actually chrysanthemum pig natural disposition is very good, was only extremely. We hope that this time takes to its attack to make it come to understand. Moreover, I expel it like this, also another meaning, later you will understand."

Yao Qianshu somewhat helpless said: "Ji Dong, I obviously am why older than you, but now and you in the same place always thought that you likely are my elder?"

Ji Dong gawked, the corners of the mouth place has revealed a smile, in the heart the secretly thought, I barely escaped death, by the true age, was your elder to be also enough.

Ji Dong said: "Since the contract has relieved, turns head truly to look for one to suit own magic beast partner."

Yao Qianshu nodded, said: "Ji Dong, before the chrysanthemum pig walks, spits from the mouth to me the same thing, said that will not owe me anything, then walked. You help me have a look at this are anything."At the same time was saying, he takes out a green bead from oneself storage Magic Tool, presents in front of Ji Dong. That is not any a green bead of magic power fluctuation, no wonder Yao Qianshu does not know that it is anything, above does not have slightest bit magic power to fluctuate, feels on, looks like ordinary beaded glass.

Ji Dong received the bead, the eye Bank of China light flashes, suddenly, on his face reveals the obvious surprised color/look, "this thing may be serious. Although I do not know that it is anything, but a little I can affirm, you want to use it truly, then, you must comprehend the mystery of wood of chaos to be good first. But needs the strength of chaos as the thing of guidance, did not need me saying that was what?"

Yao Qianshu meets the bead, the look on face actually became dim, "Ji Dong, you said that we to the chrysanthemum pig were. It left my such priceless treasure unexpectedly, I. "

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Was good, you do not need to think many, in the near future, it same will come back. Even if for us, it do not think of its brothers. But is not now."

In this time, the Zhou Xiaoxiao large body has been pushing from outside, with pushing this character is really because his huge body is somewhat grand regarding the gate of lecture hall.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 417: How to melt the thunder?

Zhou Xiaoxiao enters the Ji Dong room. At this time the complexion of fatty is not attractive, looks at Ji Dong, said: "Perhaps was a little troublesome, Wang Daojun that old fogy does not know that sends any insanity, sweeps my face unexpectedly blatantly. And starts the discussing official business group right to vote, had pushed through to your assessment methods, I do not know how they must do. However, I saw this old fogy a moment ago, his look some are not as if right, complexion extremely ugly. could it be said, he did know the matter of Wang Xiao rock pile that young brat? But he should not know that is we do! Wang Xiao lei a short time does not come back. Words that I have not remembered incorrectly, the mount of Cao resolute that boy is the Land Dragon, will not fly. The time of ten day and half a month have not been not to hurry back."

Ji Dong glanced at him, "your anxious anything, is ready to cope with anything, resists by whatever means available, manages him is anything inspects, I then and that's the end."

The fat people twist the mouth sidewise the big mouth to smile, said: "Like this I felt relieved. I have the absolute confidence to your boy. Regardless of the inspection is anything, must complete attractive, making Wang Daojun that old bastard unable to get out is good. Looks in him is speaker lineage/vein. Father already not bird he. Good, you rest earlier. I must handle something, the father is not good to cope. Although as the presenter, I cannot decide to inspect am anything, but looks for several fair appraisal committees without question." In the morning, after a late rest, bright heavenly stems disciples journey weary was already nothing left, when Ji Dong goes out of the lecture hall, discovered that the partners have tidied up readily in out of the door he. Breakfast everybody has used in the lecture hall, at this time the people simply do not have, because today's Ji Dong is going to have the slightest bit to be anxious faced with the inspection of silly rich business association. This is a confidence, to the Ji Dong absolute confidence.

Yao Qianshu especially full of energy, although departure of chrysanthemum pig made him somewhat moved, but most has puzzled since his issue to solve finally, the whole person relaxed, after a yesterday's late cultivation, he felt faintly own cultivation base as if also had the meaning of breakthrough.

"Ji Dong, after your this inspection had ended, teaches us the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. If we can cultivation successfully, even if these dark disciples all have the divine tool, same can contend."

Listened to Yao Qianshu these words, the people nod in abundance. Everybody all assembled also for sometime, although has been hurrying along recently, but Ji Dong had not actually practiced the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy with the people the meaning, they understand, this is not Ji Dong value the broom as one's own, definitely has any reason.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I had not made everybody start to cultivate this strategy. Mainly is because I also want to carry on some improvements. After all, although we are ten people, but magic power actually 11 departments. I had been considering how fellow apprentice's pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute will fuse in this strategy system. Now had some features. After this inspection had ended, should be able to start to attempt."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, the Fu Rui eyeground to flash through ripples, thick warm feeling filled in the hearts, although he has not said anything, but he has also seen with one's own eyes the might of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, but oneself actually must drift away outside, this feeling was not wonderful. After all, beforehand he, is the Heavenly Stems School absolute leader, after joining the heavenly stems disciple, instead is unable to play anything to affect, he somewhat will be naturally depressed. At this time listened to the Ji Dong words, he knows, Little Junior Brother had not neglected own issue, even, but has postponed the cultivation time of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy.

"Little Junior Brother, do not affect everybody because of me."Fu Rui saying without hesitation.

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Senior Brother. This is not because you affect everybody, you are our heavenly stems disciple essential part. On the strength, you are strongest, also your thunder Yushen axe. If such powerful strength cannot join to my this strategy system, to waste? Only then integrates your strength, can make us stronger, can restrain that dark heavenly stems disciple. It can be said that you are our Assassin's maces. At present my idea is, must be centered on me, takes you as sharply. In other words, I am the brain of strategy, but you are the weapon of strategy. Naturally, this also needs to experiment and coordination repeatedly cultivates, may realize. I can create the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, naturally can also change it."

Yao Qianshu said with a smile: "You are the miracle inventor, we believe certainly you."

"What miracle created?"Zhou Xiaoxiao walked from outside, he that magnificent attire, the person has not passed through the gate, plump belly already first.

"Can walk?"Ji Dong asked to the fatty.

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, somewhat depressed say/way: "Arrived the present I do not know that the inspection the content is anything. This group of bastards, keep secret to me unexpectedly. However, it is said this inspection must be divided into three, must through be completely good, today first carries on, is the first inspection. The inspection place is south the Jin Cheng big school ground. The carriage has prepared, our walks."

"Are three inspections, so troublesome?"Ji Dong knitting the brows head.

Zhou Xiaoxiao helpless say/way: "After all, if you through inspection, will have the silly rich business association comprehensive support. Also can transfer the business association three magical instruments. They do not create obstacles for you to be strange. Especially, Wang Daojun that old fogy already a divine tool secretly will have given own grandson. This time I must have a look but actually, after you adopted the inspection, puts out the link of Naxin Metal God destruction."

Hears link of several characters destruction, the vision of people fell on the flatter golden body, now this divine tool in her there. King's destructive power originally sufficed, in addition such a divine tool of named destruction, that can only describe with the terrifying.

Outside carriage already prepared, those who stem from the people to anticipate, this carriage unexpectedly only then, gigantic incomparable, needs with the carriage that eight big tall horses draw.

The carriage length has seven meters fully, the width three meters, six giant wheel and carriage intersection is installed with the thick spring. Although the wheel does not have the rubber of Ji Dong that world, but above actually wraps is not knowing that animal skin of any magic beast, seems extremely sincere/heavy.

The carriage golden color, above has wrapped a gold foil all over the body unexpectedly likely, the symbol of silly rich business association is quite obvious in the both sides compartment. By carriage, but also 20 guards, these guards also ride respectively on the big tall horse. Naturally can see by cultivation base of heavenly stems disciples, these guards at least are Four-Crown above cultivation base. This is the inside story! All sorts, them who manifests from the silly rich business association not only the rich enemy, this strength will not be inferior in any country. Does not know that they do have the genuine army. Boards the carriage, the people first feel is comfortable. The carriage uses the white skin completely the gable, the vehicle roof and car(riage) wall or the chair and under foot, are only so. The soft fur/superficial knowledge has three cuns (2.5 cm) fully, steps on softly, is particularly comfortable. An inside even also sliver of table, the table is the jade carves, tall and pleasing to the eye, above is placing some fruits, desserts and drink.

Before boarding, must take off shoes first, boards, Du Xin'er on cannot bear saying: "Luxurious. This simply was too luxurious. However this infant is quite comfortable!"At the same time was saying, she already satisfactory by in the one side, is liking in the compartment very much obviously extremely comfortable.

Although is counted the cloud secret and Zhou Xiaoxiao, they altogether by 12 people, but sits in this spacious carriage does not have the crowded feeling.

Boarded the carriage, Ji Dong has closed both eyes, in the luxury regarding this carriage, he did not have what the meaning of appreciation, sat in repose with eyes closed, was the best degree by own condition. This did not mean that he has to inspection attaches great importance, but maintains by oneself best can at any time a better strain.

Chen Sixuan sitting silently side Ji Dong, this position not some person and she competes. Since the King's manner after Chen Sixuan has the transformation, nobody will question her and Ji Dong relations. Everyone can see her cordiality to the Ji Dong, may at this matter, actually be everyone has no way to persuade Ji Dong anything.

As Zhou Xiaoxiao issues an order, the carriage moved, goes in the city south direction, the carriage very steady vanguard, cannot feel anything to jolt unexpectedly . Moreover the speed rapidness, obviously, that eight steeds are also the process are also selective. Moreover in this carriage sound-insulated is very good, almost of outside sound filtration, the comfortable environment is very easy to make the person mind immerse.

Jin Cheng is not after all big like Central Plains City, about after half double-hour, the carriage stopped. Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Arrived."Saying, him was leading people to get out one after another. Ji Dong is last walks, when he ended the sitting in repose with eyes closed condition, opens the flash of both eyes, in carriage minute bright, that is the brilliance from Ji Dong both eyes, although presented the flash, but made the people look askance.

Has gotten down the carriage, presents before people, is a stretch of giant open area, the ordinary land actually gives people a feeling of withering, obviously. This was the city south school ground.

By the place that the carriage stops, is a big roll-call stage, on the roll-call stage, sits dozens individuals. The surrounding also several hundred guards protect sternly.

Ji Dong looks up the stage on to that vision first fell on has sat well an old man in central location. This old man seems near 60-year-old, in the foreheads and that skeleton face Wang Xiao lei have several phase splitting shapes, similarly is a thin long face, but does not have the Wang Xiao rock pile that thin exaggeration. The look cloudy vulture, indistinct cold Dian glitters, the vision falls on Ji Dong and the others.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao sound resounds in the Ji Dong ear, "that was Wang Daojun that old fogy. Above sits is the discussing official business group members."

He was saying, the above person has stood, welcomed to here, naturally, they will not be will greet Ji Dong and the others, before has not become the business association president successor, in their eyes Ji Dong and average person will have no intention. But actually cannot be disrespectful to Zhou Xiaoxiao this association president, even if Wang Daojun is not good.

Wang Daojun walks in the forefront, other people obviously have been divided into two camps, part walks in Wang Daojun behind, another part is the dispersion steps onto, follows closely in Wang Daojun behind, is a slight middle-aged person. But can see from the vision of his vicissitudes, the age of this person so will not be young like his surface. On the fat face of Zhou Xiaoxiao stacks smiling face, looks like in Ji Dong, that is somewhat false, "Speaker king. I brought the person. How to inspect looks your. Come, Ji Dong, I give you to introduce. This is Wang Daojun Speaker king of our silly rich business association discussing official business group."

The vision of Wang Daojun cloudy vulture falls on Ji Dong, to his nodded, in mouth desolate saying: "Association president, how to carry on the inspection to your successor is not my opinion, but is the collective suggestion of entire discussing official business group."

Zhou Xiaoxiao had as if already been used to his like this speech way, on the fat face the smiling face does not reduce, "whose opinion, has nothing to do with me. I play the suggestion power."

Wang Daojun then said to Ji Dong: "Young people, hoping you to be able through this inspection."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "does everything possible."

Side Wang Daojun that slight middle-aged person also walked at this time, smiles to nod the head to Ji Dong, obviously the manner must be intimate with were many, "already heard Mr. Ji Dong the given name, today sees, unexpectedly is so young. Really the hero has the youngster! this humble one this lofty one bamboo rain sword."

The Ji Dong look moves slightly, the smiling face on face was more real, "hello, under this lofty one bamboo crown."Originally this person is the silly rich business association vice-chairman, Western Metal Empire joins Mage to unite another elder of elder assembly. Very obviously, he is Zhou Xiaoxiao this online. Eighth Metal department supreme powerhouse. Although cultivation base is inferior to the fatty, but the powerhouse of supreme powerhouse rank, currently speaking, in the one-to-one situation Ji Dong and the others are also very difficult to contend.

This lofty one bamboo rain swordsmanship: "I believe the vision of President Zhou, Mr. Ji Dong , if not mind, called my name to be good directly." "Does not dare, thanks."Ji Dong to this lofty one bamboo rain sword slight nod.

Wang Daojun stands in the one side, as before is a dead face, cannot see change on any mood.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Speaker king, can make me know that what now the inspection the content was? I cannot change anything."

Wang Daojun nodded, said: "Naturally. The first inspection that today must carry on immediately starts. The content of inspection is very simple, can summarize with two characters, that is: Survival."

"Survival?"Zhou Xiaoxiao has gawked.

Wang Daojun lifts the hand to refer to the distant place, the people have turned round, looks in the direction that he points. This school ground is the soldier who is used for a soldier and usually guards Jin Cheng is training, the topography is quite open, and area is broad. At this time looks toward the distant place, can see an army is fast toward here.

Chapter 418: Gold/Metal ghost regiment

Along with the direction of Wang Daojun finger. An army is approaching toward the school ground, this team of soldiers about thousand people, the lineup is about orderly, although the distance is very far, but indistinct, actually gives people an imposing manner threatening feeling.

Sees this army, Ji Dong both eyes narrows the eyes, has the point common brilliance to flash through faintly. His six senses had striven to excel the average man, let alone now the strength of soul is that powerful. When other people have not seen clearly, he first saw clearly.

That is thousand people of armies, arranges to become Hengzhen to lead the way, this is not an ordinary army so is simple. Because each soldier cross below mount is the dragon. In Land Dragon attack and defense ability most balanced one, metal dragon.

From the grade, the metal dragon is less inferior than the crack Land Dragon of diamond regiment. Perhaps on the defense capability, they might as well the cracking Land Dragon, but the striking power actually still wins. Ordinary metal dragon is Rank 5 magic beast, the height approximately in five meters function, the height three meters, has the alloy common iron grey hard scale all over the body. They not only speed strange Kuai, but also the disposition endures, breaks through enemy lines. Often tears into shreds the match by the sharp lackey. They will not fly, but can actually send out the metal to puncture the attack enemy by own magic power, the close combat attacks is also extremely balanced. These more than thousand people of armies, everyone cross under is a such metal dragon, composes the orderly lineup to give the feeling nature of person to be different. Moreover, in them, every ten people have a build especially giant metal dragon in the forefront, this has evolved a time Rank 6 metal dragon. Before every hundred people, has a reminder to be huger, the height exceeds eight meters, the scale assumes silver metal Dragon King all over the body. But metal Dragon King Rank 8 magic beast. The strength is extremely intrepid. The mount so, sat well above soldier strength can be imagined. Forefront these thousand people of armies, is one length of body 15 meters, has the pair of wings, all over the body resplendent gold/metal Giant Dragon.

Land Dragon entered the step high is also Rank 8, the Rank 8 Land Dragon, was the king of Land Dragon, only then few variation earthworms can break through Rank 9, like Ji Dong and Fu Rui they initially in that thunder fire two departments Land Dragon that on Holy and Evil Island met.

But is built on the Giant Dragon of team front line arrogantly, is not the Land Dragon, it is one is having true Giant Dragon of noble blood relationship, metal strength control, gold/metal Shalong.

Without a doubt, this gold/metal Shalong, is Metal department Giant Dragon representative dragon clan, 15 meters height, was demonstrating it is grown Giant Dragon. Although cultivation base has not broken through to Rank 10 Divine Beast realm, but has also reached the Rank 9 peak, has the possibility of breakthrough anytime.

This by the army that the gold/metal ghost dragon leads, altogether is 1111 people. Soldiers mail-armor and helmet, under the metal dragon scale colors with their body is the same. Is riding the soldier of iron gray metal dragon, is the iron color/look armor, rides the Rank 6 evolution metal dragon the soldier is also same. But that ten soldier of 70% metal Dragon King, the body mail-armor and helmet naturally was the silver. The forefront rides in the gold/metal ghost dragon carries on the back, impressively is a gold/metal helmet golden armor, seems cannot say noble proudly. "Gold/Metal ghost regiment? Speaker king, your what meaning?"Zhou Xiaoxiao somewhat surprised looks to Wang Daojun. By his Nine-Crown cultivation base, who naturally can see the future is.

Wang Daojun lightly said: "After the previous association president comes back, the appraisal to Mr. Ji Dong is, had has been able to contend with some time strength with you. Can have the gold/metal of chaos with you like this, magic power reaches as high as the Level 96 supreme powerhouse contends, the strength of Mr. Ji Dong can be imagined. In our business association may not have cultivation base high compared with the association president again. Therefore, I invited the thousand people teams of gold/metal ghost regiment. The first inspection, tests is the survival capability of Mr. Ji Dong, is very simple, so long as Mr. Ji Dong can survive half double-hour under besieging of these more than thousand gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers, even if the inspection passed. In this period. Do not reply on the strength of mount, can not kill any gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers or is their mount."

"Wang Daojun, do not go too far."Listened to the words of this Speaker king, Zhou Xiaoxiao to fly into a rage.

Wang Daojun coldly has swept his one eyes, "association president, please pay attention to your words and deeds. According to stipulation that our ancestors hand down from generation to generation. Suggested that the candidate is recommended by the association president, but this evaluation mode truly is decided by the discussing official business group. This is we jointly decided. If the association president thinks that Mr. Ji Dong does not have this strength, can not inspect."

"You talk nonsense."Zhou Xiaoxiao angrily said: "Are you an ordinary gold/metal ghost regiment brigade? Ordinary brigade, but is led by a gold/metal ghost war-god, ten gold/metal ghost combat generals. But your this brigade, has actually concentrated gold/metal ghost regiment all elite. 1000 ordinary gold/metal ghost soldiers, add over a hundred gold/metal ghost combat generals again, ten gold/metal ghost war-god and gold/metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander gold/metal Shawang Bai Mangcao, even if I comes up, is not necessarily able to block. Are you inspection? Also half double-hour? Moreover does not let the use mount, clearly intentionally makes things hard for somebody."

Facing the question of Zhou Xiaoxiao, Wang Daojun no longer spoke simply, the double back of the hand after behind, looked up the school ground direction, paid no attention to Zhou Xiaoxiao continually.

"I accept."At this time, the Ji Dong sound actually has made a sound.
Simple, direct.

"Ji Dong, this inspection also. "stands in Ji Dong Yao Qianshu said in
a low voice.

Ji Dong shook the head, lightly said: "On the path of cultivation, only has unceasingly challenges own limit, is the best way of breakthrough. Thousand people, what Zudao? Speaker king, you can start to time."At the same time said that was jumping. Fell in the school ground direction directly.

On the Wang Daojun face also reveals the color/look of a trace of surprise, although he has thought the person who Zhou Xiaoxiao brings will not be easy to admit defeat, but cannot think Ji Dong complies so will be unexpectedly happy, is almost without hesitation inspection that should this not be nearly impossible to complete.

Looks that Ji Dong directly soars the school ground to go, Zhou Xiaoxiao angrily said: "Wang Daojun, I want to know very much, your latter two inspections are anything."Initially he accepted the inspection time, although is also extremely difficult, but the complete three inspections added that was also equal to Ji Dong this inspection. Although he had guessed correctly Wang Daojun decides however will arrange, may not think that this creates obstacles unexpectedly difficultly to this degree. It can be imagined, the later two inspections will not compare today this simplicity.

Wang Daojun solemnly said: "Association president, please control your mood, do not forget, this inspection was deciding the business association next hundred years of destiny, was deciding three big magical instruments that the business association has whether borrow. The discussing official business group has to carefully treat, does not have the absolute strength and will, why does he also obtain the business association fully to support and assistance of divine tool?"

Although Zhou Xiaoxiao is angry-looking, but he also has to acknowledge truth that a little Wang Daojun said that after all, Ji Dong is only he introduced a bystander, besides oneself to Ji Dong familiar, can say that business association people nobody knows him. Wish makes the business association hold nothing back to support him. And taking advantage of the divine tool to him, then, must make him show the formidable strength in front of the business association discussing official business group, using own strength to show. Why this also the business association discussing official business group finally approves the bill that Wang Daojun proposed, to Ji Dong implementation so difficult inspection, even if were supports Zhou Xiaoxiao these business association discussing official business group members also to agree, the association president successor related significantly, will relate to the silly rich business association next hundred years to develop, related to the benefit of business association each member, they can not be discrete?

"Starts to time."Wang Daojun sees Zhou Xiaoxiao not to speak, ordered to the subordinate. Immediately some people put out zhu to be thick. Its ignition, above has the mark of half double-hour. Meanwhile, the color light rises into the upper air from roll-call stage together, explodes in the midair, changes into an enchanting magnificence. This is ordering to gold/metal ghost regiment, they can start to attack.

Zhou Xiaoxiao looks to other heavenly stems disciples, the surprised discovery, these heavenly stems disciples actually do not worry, as if will soon face the powerful enemy is not their partner.

Zhou Xiaoxiao doubts asked to Fu Rui: "How you do not worry. Must know, Ji Dong faces, but elite of gold/metal ghost regiment, absolutely elite. But the gold/metal ghost regiment the entire Western Metal Empire first regiment, shares the honor with the Central Earth Empire diamond regiment, is next to by the actual battle efficiency the diamond regiment by. He only has a person, cannot use the mount, cannot injure to the gold/metal ghost regiment member, these half double-hour is could it be good to insist?"

Fu Rui laughed, said: "Small scene by. If this scene Ji Dong cannot pass, let alone your business association discussing official business rolls, including my this is the Senior Brother cannot forgive him. Oh, was right, the fatty you have not possibly known, several years ago, Ji Dong faced Eastern Wood Empire to exterminate a regiment brigade by a person of strength, you know that what the final result is? At that time Ji Dong cultivation base had not arrived at Six-Crown probably. I am unclear."

Zhou Xiaoxiao has gawked, "result how?"

Fu Rui said: "I listened to Ji Dong saying that at that time he exterminated a regiment war for a woods monster clan with that the final result, has almost destroyed that brigade thoroughly, thus has rescued woods monster lineage/vein. Present Ji Dong, can it be that at that time can compare. I have absolute confidence to him."

Zhou Xiaoxiao somewhat helpless said: "Good, including your this becomes the Senior Brother to him is confident, I did not have the reason not to have the confidence."

Fu Rui said: "What I am very curious, you is a business association, why can transfer this Western Metal Empire first regiment, moreover was assigns these absolutely elite?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said proudly: "Gold/Metal ghost regiment is, without our economic support that our silly rich business association supports, Western Metal Empire wants to support such a formidable Land Dragon regiment you to think easily? Not only Western Metal Empire. Has enough economy to support the diamond regiment besides Central Earth Empire, behind the first regiments of another three empires the shadows of some business associations. Spoke the sentence disrespecting words, our silly rich business association in the Western Metal Empire status, not compared with equal palace in Central Earth Empire status difference many." In the free time who they spoke, Ji Dong has fallen into during the tight encirclement. When Ji Dong falls in the location, at the same time that the roll-call stage fireworks shines, the gold/metal ghost regiment initiated the charge in the Ji Dong direction.

That gold/metal ghost regiment regimental commander Bai Mangcao has not moved, sits well as before with own gold/metal ghost dragon carries on the back, but other gold/metal Shalong members, was is similar to two steel mighty currents passed over gently and swiftly from his side generally, directly soared the Ji Dong impact in enter the venue.

The lineup launches, immediately demonstrates powerful of gold/metal ghost regiment. Under metal dragon colossus in the gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers stimulate to movement, actually does not have the least bit to be scattered in disorder, the two sides take five gold/metal ghost war- gods as peak respectively, metal Dragon King dash about wildly, silver sharp thorns protrude from their heads slowly, point to Ji Dong.

These two steel mighty currents are not the straight line charge into Ji Dong, but each one captures the half-turn first outward, circles a huge arc, then toward the Ji Dong charge. As if must, in that interlocks Ji Dong smashing that rips.

Because Zhou Xiaoxiao does not know beforehand inspection the content is anything, therefore, he has not passed with the gold/metal ghost regiment ditch. Does not know that today Wang Daojun is extinguishes to the order of gold/metal ghost regiment kills, but does not defeat. The surface seems tranquil Wang Daojun, because in fact felt grandson's death, early already nearly crazy.

Works as two steel mighty currents to start toward oneself charge, both eyes of Ji Dong slightly have narrowed the eyes, the light silver light glistens in the eyeground, in an instant, the strength of his soul bloomed comprehensively, charge of gold/metal ghost regiment as powerful as a thunderbolt in others eyes under the strength of feeling of his soul, actually that slow. Both hands lift by the body slowly, the people of observing can clear seeing, a cream ray appear from Ji Dong, a pair of wing launches from him suddenly, the gigantic pair of wings has one special makings to make clearly to seem incomparable weak Ji Dong really faintly has with the feeling that the gold/metal ghost regiment confronts.

In this cream color, shows light red light, that seems brilliance the next moment of desalination grows stronger suddenly, changes into the strong red light to shoot up to the sky, a dark-red mail-armor and helmet appears under the leadership of that fierce mask, covers the body of Ji Dong instantaneously, is god hot Saint king Kai.

The Ji Dong vision has not even gone to the gold/metal ghost regiment soldier who looks at these to clash, instead looks up to the sky, under his fierce dark-red mask shines in morning sun is glittering the strange gloss. In both hands that his lifts, almost in the flash, the gold and black two-color ray respectively raised, leaps ten meters altitude, enters the upper air. Strong Pinnacle Two Fires attribute magic power blooms instantaneously, is centered on the body of Ji Dong, the air within diameter hundred meters range becomes twists completely.

Then charges into the Ji Dong gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers by the unprecedented potential, including their mount metal dragon, clearly felt a feeling of suffocation, the originally charge tendency immediately became slow, even the even/including breathed also becomes heavy.

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Chapter 419: Fights thousand armed forces

By the Ji Dong present strength. So long as faces does not have the pinnacle magic power Nine-Crown powerhouse similarly, his attribute suppression establishes absolutely. Especially, in this attribute suppression, but also contained the tyrannical soul suppression, effect that the dual attributes suppress not because of the quantity of enemy, but has weakened, therefore, flash when this pinnacle flame shows, the dual suppressions of powerful burst out in the air, and completely presents in the suppressed effect. Even if in gold/metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander Bai Mangcao of rearmost position, felt the formidable pressure to head on similarly.

Must know, Ji Dong only then a person, is such a person, unexpectedly when does not have the slightest bit to be timid facing the mighty force, instead provokes on own initiative, initiated the suppression to this Western Metal Empire strongest regiment. This is the what kind of strength, is what kind of proud.

Stands sees this can't bear secretly nodding in the congressmen of silly rich business association discussing official business group on roll-call stage observes, worthily is the choice of association president, perhaps initially association president, when accepts the inspection also to be far from his such strength. This named Ji Dong youth is so young, in the future will be really limitless.

Zhou Xiaoxiao horizontal Wang Daojun, seems is thinking aloud actually the especially loud say/way: "Sees not to have, this is Pinnacle Two Fires. Ji Dong is the Pinnacle Two Fires owner. Bright heavenly stems disciple generation of Saint kings. Let others be the association president of our business association, is we seeks friendships. I look, in less than 20 years, he can become strongest Nine-Crown is present age supreme, even there is a possibility of impact Saint level. The Saint level, that is the direction that all previous disciples must attack."

The heavenly stems disciple regarding general Mage is the secret, may regarding the high level of silly rich business association actually not be anything, they naturally know that existence of heavenly stems disciple , before Zhou Xiaoxiao to the discussing official business group reported the Ji Dong strength already had been saying the Ji Dong strength.

At this time, Ji Dong separated, in body two both hands started to close up above oneself top of the head, but at this time gold/metal ghost regiment two steel mighty currents after the speed slowed down, was away from him already less than 500 meters.

Dazzling golden flame and black flame merge into one organic whole above the Ji Dong top of the head, behind him, cloudy Yang Fire condensation law also glistens, people clear seeing, that gold/metal black dual-color ray enlarges in the Ji Dong top of the head instantaneously, changes into a giant sphere, presents is the primal chaos shape, in which golden ray turned into the white ray gradually. Black and white dual-color fierce revolving, Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai as well as raises in Yin- Yang Crown of top of the head also continually has the color mutation that magic power fluctuates to cause, seems is also bringing several points of strangeness in the mystery.

The vision of all people centralized above this light ball, nobody knows that Ji Dong must do, but the gold/metal ghost regiment charge therefore has not actually stopped, to the forefront suddenly gold/metal ghost war- gods, shone the eye-catching metallic luster, although under the dual attribute suppression of Ji Dong, these blood and iron soldiers also similarly as far as possible was releasing own strength. Two steel mighty currents look like two handle great edges are common, directly soars Ji Dong to cut. "Killing"ten gold/metal ghost war-gods simultaneously angry roar to make noise, their back steel mighty currents disperse suddenly, by metal Longtouding above condenses innumerably, but the metal punctures the electricity to shoot, directly soars the Ji Dong direction concentrated fire to come, goal only then he. Do not forget, not only metal dragon the close combat expert, the long-distance fight similarly is not weak.

Also at this time, Ji Dong that drew in both hands above top of the head to wield outrageously, surprisingly, this both hands wielded, as if not toward that two metal mighty current charges that was formed by the gold/metal ghost regiment, but has aimed at the earth.

The position that both hands close up presents a pivot, extends to the both sides, constitutes a triangle common halo, all black-and-white rays condense in this triangle. Wields along with Ji Dong both hands, this strong Pinnacle Two Fires already outrageously.

Right, goal earth of Ji Dong attack.

The bang, all people see, two huge black and white dual-color columns of flame already loudly. Shelled directly above the ground, in Ji Dong body both sides respectively 20 meters away crack, the black and white dual- color mix flame soared, changed into two pieces unexpectedly has reached as high as ten meters giant firewall.

These metal that is sent out by the metal dragon punctures also arrived when this time, when they prick Ji Dong firewall, actually including sparks/Mars not to splash, even if the metal that metal Dragon King sends out punctures is also same, is quietly vanished in that dual-color firewall.

Pinnacle Two Fires mixes magic skill, can it be that can the Land Dragon long-distance attack of these high Rank 8 break?

Is facing the giant firewall, that two steel mighty current that is led by the gold/metal ghost war-god stops, has not rushed to Ji Dong to turn around the direction unexpectedly. This was not gold/metal ghost regiment was timid, only then faced Ji Dong this Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill truly time, can feel its terrifying. Ten gold/metal ghost war-gods clearly feel, if such has rushed, the time life that then, perhaps they stop also vanished. They saw certainly above Ji Dong top of the head Seven-Crown Yin-Yang Crown, but each of them's cultivation base has achieved Eight-Crown, but why does not know, in their hearts raised such feeling, directed the back subordinates to change the direction as if by prior agreement, can only pass over gently and swiftly from that two walls with flues for heating, even does not dare to approach to hundred meters.

The air of distortion, blazing temperature blooms unceasingly from that both sides firewall, how the soldiers of these gold/metal ghost regiments know, Ji Dong this both sides walls with flues for heating, are comprehend from Lie Yan (raging flames) that Red Lotus day fire.

Behind Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai by the pair of wings that covers is launched slowly, to the next racket, his body toward airborne raised gently slowly. When he elevates to from the ground about 20 meters local time, disregards in extremely close own that thousand gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers unexpectedly completely, the vision looks at gold/metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander Bai Mangcao of distant place, lifts the right hand slowly, the right hand index finger aims at Bai Mangcao, the provocation has cancelled the finger to him.

Ji Dong the movement too has really provoked, facing the opposite party mighty force, actually as before proudly free, he that proud, that is Sovereign King proud, Sovereign King makings showing of keeping aloof without doubt.

Bai Mangcao hides pupil under mask light suddenly concentrates, also that many gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers above this parade ground, may at this moment, Bai Mangcao actually as if feel freely this is between Ji Dong the one-to-one fight.

This originally is a unfair fight, Ji Dong cannot use own mount, was unable to offend somebody, without a doubt, this to his battle efficiency is the enormous limit, but is in such a case, he has not actually withdrawn, but chose the upfront to shake hardly, in time that in these half double-hour just started, directly initiated the challenge to opposite party strongest armed forces regimental commander Bai Mangcao.

Bai Mangcao has patted cross under gold/metal Shalong. Immediately, this cultivation base reached as high as Rank 9 peak Metal department Giant Dragon has lifted its huge head, an acoustic shock Tianchang recited resounds, the pair of wings launched, the sturdy hind leg leapt suddenly, was promoting its 15 meters in length huge body lift-off, the Bai Mangcao right hand extended, has taken off a handle from the dragon saddle thickly such as the arm is seven meters giant dragon spear/gun, along with gold/metal ghost dragon body to airborne increasing, that giant dragon spear/gun sharp actually throughout pointed to Ji Dong.

"Killed, kills and kills" the soldiers of gold/metal ghost regiment to get angry, Ji Dong regarding their disregarding. Stimulated the anger of their innermost feelings thoroughly. In angry angry roaring sound, is the ten gold/metal ghost war-god high raising hand mesosaurus spears/guns of head, immediately, metal clangour spreads over the audience, each soldiers of gold/metal ghost regiment have raised in their hands the long spear/gun, the dazzling metallic luster sends out suddenly from them, the instantaneous connection, condensed two steel mighty currents truly, these two filled the golden light of metal aura to shoot up to the sky, has scattered several points the Ji Dong attributes and soul dual suppressions unexpectedly.

Similarly was the same attribute multiple overlay, the gold/metal ghost regiment that Ji Dong faced at this time the initial extermination regiment wanted formidable were without doubt more, after all, gathered the entire gold/metal ghost regiment absolute elite main force here. The strength that only ten gold/metal ghost war-gods unite was quite terrifying.

These two golden light, almost increased instantaneously the Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, order that they received the Ji Dong thorough destruction, faced the Ji Dong proud provocation, how to show mercy?

The Bai Mangcao corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer, in the heart the secretly thought, wants to challenge me, you withstood thousand heavy combination skill of our gold/metal ghost regiment to say first again. Even if I, impossible to contend with this combination skill.

Two steel mighty currents from the sky condense the formation, changed into the appearances of two handle metal long blades unexpectedly, ten gold/metal ghost war-gods simultaneously in the angry roaring sound, these two handle metal long blades across the sky, directly soared Ji Dong in midair to cut. The place visited, has left behind the big piece golden light screen.

On the roll-call stage, the complexion of heavenly stems disciples became somewhat ugly, not because of the battle efficiency of gold/metal ghost regiment, because of that intense murderous intention. Compares notes and kills the enemy, completely is two concepts, these have experienced the gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers who the iron and blood whet truly, once had the murderous intention, can conceal lives in their strong killing intent?

Fu Rui coldly said to Zhou Xiaoxiao: "I want to know very much, your this is inspects or murders?"

The Zhou Xiaoxiao angry vision changed nearby Wang Daojun instantaneously, "Wang Daojun, what do you mean? How you to the order that the gold/metal ghost regiment does issue?"

Wang Daojun looked at Zhou Xiaoxiao one, lightly said: "Not faced with the pressure that the life and death test creates, how can also demonstrate the potential of Mr. Ji Dong truly. Isn't the association president is very confident to Mr. Ji Dong? What's wrong? Now feared?"

"You......"Zhou Xiaoxiao air/Qi could not speak. If possible, he wishes one could to pinch this old fogy, but he really cannot such do.

At this moment, suddenly, Wang Daojun felt whole body one cold, the vision subconscious shift arrives in Heavenly Stems Regiment, that stature is leading on the young girl of veil slenderly, he sees, is one pair tranquil cannot the tranquil vision, be, from this pair of bright eyes, is actually an intense death threat that he felt. Chen Sixuan vision tranquil looks at Wang Daojun, she did not worry that Ji Dong safety, nobody understands the Ji Dong strength compared with her, but, she cannot tolerate some people to dare to threaten the Ji Dong life. At this moment, speaker Sir of this silly rich business association, already on the death list in Chen Sixuan heart.

Chen Sixuan or Lie Yan (raging flames) time also not bloodthirsty, but, once she recognizes the accurate matter, but also never some people can defy. That light, is actually full of firm killing intent, made Wang Daojun feel the biting cold chill in the air.

Two handle huge golden color light edges formed an overlapping cross to cut in the midair, has almost locked the body of Ji Dong instantaneously, although this was the linear attack, but of its striking power, increased completely the intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill degree, even also surmounted. This is earth-shaking strikes, is the gold/metal ghost regiment gives Ji Dong must kill strikes.

The body float in airborne Ji Dong, the goal is that obvious, then the huge golden light blade, in airborne actually has not had the slightest bit sound. The golden cross that alternately becomes cut, has filled with the frigid aura, as if must also completely tear into shreds the sky.

Even if bright heavenly stems disciples this time of familiar Ji Dong strength is anxious, Ultra Certain Kill Skill of this level, very much difficultly strongly actually has judged its striking power to any degree. To Ji Dong most confident is not Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, but is Chen Sixuan, because not only she is Lie Yan (raging flames), after because she and Ji Dong multiple soul fuses, to Ji Dong the strength of soul most understood.

Saw, the cross cut the overlapping central point to fall on Ji Dong, suddenly, his Pinnacle Two Fires rewound to return completely, was similar to the vortex emerges oneself generally, seemed like cut to compel forcefully general by that golden light. His that god hot Saint king Kai turned into the strange cream color suddenly, his eye pupil of that silver glittering is no exception, cloudy Yang Fire condensation law behind Ji Dong also changes, the transformation became cloudy Yang Fire same reduction. Assimilates the gold/metal with the fire? The bright heavenly stems disciples stared in a big way both eyes to look, they understand, Ji Dong will not be aimless, he such did has certainly his goal.

the next moment, Ji Dong has rumbled in the airborne fist, in an instant, the cream gloss bursts out above his right fist, has formed fist diameter only about one meter cream color halo, seems that frail, as if must tear the sky the golden light to cut compared with that is really bad was too too far.

Also, in this moment, presents all people, observing is in the gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers, actually felt that on this day, as if presented a giant vortex, fills endless is attracting the customer interest the giant vortex.

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Chapter 420: Perfect control, Sun and Moon universe

Ultra that collaborates to erupt must kill the cross to cut the time in Ji Dong facing the gold/metal ghost regiment thousand armed forces. His fist rumbles, only has one meter white halo also to appear along with same reduction. Also at this moment, in the world as if presented a giant vortex. The attracting customer interest of this vortex does not injure their bodies, but all people actually felt that own magic power was being extracted crazily generally.

But this has greatly is attracting the customer interest the vortex, came from airborne, came from that only then diameter one meter, seems is similar to the cheese frail white halo.

Also is this white halo, happen to covers the intersection of that two huge golden light edges, the fist of Ji Dong, happen to shelled above that overlapping core.

Buzz, strange buzz called spreads over the entire school ground in an instant, strange appeared, Ultra Certain Kill Skill that was collaborated to send out by more than thousand gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers, combat generals and war-gods, in airborne stopped unexpectedly completely, was that seems extremely frail cream ray as if has prevented its advance.

Sends out gold/metal ghost regiment all soldiers who this strikes, felt that in this moment the spirit inspires absent-minded, the body seemed found time generally, but on that day the airborne golden light blade increased unexpectedly once more, the originally Can's golden ray turned into the dark golden color completely, around the light blade, is the magic power ray distortion. Around the light blade, erupts the intermittent dull thumping sound unceasingly, black hole that the innumerable close air produce shatter densely covered around light blade, as if must destroy the entire world.

What's all this about? Most people stared wide-eyed with amazement, they completely are not clear, why after Ji Dong resists, the attack of gold/metal ghost regiment has instead stiffened, if the golden cross cut the might is also only intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, then, its might absolutely entered in the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill category now. Even if were initially Ji Dong in had not completed the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice of version after that the assistance of partners displayed if upfront facing on such attack, was not necessarily able to flatter.

Why will present this situation, the cream ray that Ji Dong sends out instead promotes the strength of match?

In the Zhou Xiaoxiao heart inspires suddenly, in the eye reveals color/look with amazement, he knows certainly, the strength of strength chaos Ji Dong sends out, has been full of the creative chaos strength, he also cultivates the strength of many years chaos, can carry on certain application, naturally knows all sorts of wondrous uses of strength of this chaos. Guessed correctly indistinctly Ji Dong must make anything at this time, this imaginative was the unequalled controlling force is shocked by Ji Dong.

Although in the bright heavenly stems disciple also several people comprehended the fur/superficial knowledge of chaos deep meaning, but their inductions also want to be smaller than Zhou Xiaoxiao, only has Chen Sixuan that to hide the perfect tender face corners of the mouth place after veil, actually reveals a light smile, in the heart the secretly thought: My Little Ji Dong, you had own true deep meaning finally, I take you as the honor.

What can Ji Dong make? Can he strength about promotion of match, this not be brings about own destruction? Answer naturally negative. Is he possibly aimless? Will not go to anything to bring about own destruction. Ji Dong is relying on, is these that the creativity and a Yin-Yang two fires same reduction institute of strength of chaos inspire to him gets rid, the compensations of all gold/metal ghost regiment powerhouses. Evolution that this golden cross cuts, is not the Ji Dong strength is the result, but belongs to their strengths.

Simply speaking, Ji Dong can has helped their, but this help for them is not wonderful. Under the chaos deep meaning and a same reduction function, the chaos creativity displays completely, attracted comprehensively pulls taut that golden cross to cut. By the Ji Dong present chaos strength as well as strength the understanding to chaos, is impossible to rely on the strength of chaos to melt this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. However, he can actually attract by oneself chaos deep meaning pulls the gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers to output many magic power, is their complete magic power.

Same attribute multiple combination skill is not easy to complete, the gold/metal ghost regiment can complete such attack, is through being repeatedly tempered, at least over ten years collaboration cultivation can achieve so tacitly. But completes the combination skill population more, the process is also more difficult. After Ultra Certain Kill Skill forms, so long as might has not released, is nobody can leave. Therefore, even if that ten war Divine level other gold/metal ghost regiment powerhouses, at this time also can only look helplessly own magic power came out by the complete draw off, during integrates the golden cross to cut completely.

This strikes. Might that no doubt cuts the golden cross promoted the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill level, but, their magic power completely had also been found time, these 1110 people of all strengths centralized above this has struck, in other words, in a short time, they and including their mounts, after sending out this struck, did not have again the strength of war.

High-level is Ultra Certain Kill Skill the what kind of strength? Even if Zhou Xiaoxiao such Level 96 supreme powerhouse, does not rely on the might of divine tool unable to send out this level Ultra Certain Kill Skill absolutely. Some huge Mage its life are finally impossible to see that this type destroys a strength of city sufficiently. However, regardless of strong strength, must attack its target to play the effect, can destroy the match. But this high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might is extremely at present intrepid, but when Ji Dong helps it promote to this might at the same time, it also lost the goal of locking. Soldiers distracted instance of gold/metal ghost regiment, is they loses the moment of locking.

Ji Dong is in the midair, the calm stretched body, under the pair of wings pats, floating, to an airborne promotion hundred meters altitude. Is relying on the chaos deep meaning, draws support again promotes the opposite party strength the short time, he has been separated from locking of match completely.

The dark golden ray, in airborne sparkles the time that about ten times have breathed gradually to be pale, obviously that is how huge magic power! Gold/Metal ghost regiment armed forces regimental commander Bai Mangcao does not dare to approach slightly. Attracting customer interest hauling that lest was supplemented by this high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill on the past. Only can look at the Ji Dong calm float helplessly in the midair, the body is glittering the chaos brilliance, had not been poured into the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill influences of 1110 gold/metal ghost regiment soldier completely magic power by that.

"Praised to the heavens! I am inferior to him."Zhou Xiaoxiao grows the tone, the look that in the eye is sparkling admiring, muttered said these words. But other people who the silly rich business association observes to present even also unclear before the eyes all these outcomes what's the matter. Regarding them, this was too difficult to understand.

Even if Ji Dong blocks this golden cross to cut hardly. Zhou Xiaoxiao will not admire him. Those who made him admire, Ji Dong can actually rely on the chaos deep meaning, at the minimum price, the price that even can ignore passed gold/metal ghost regiment this to record with ease ultra must kill. Moreover finds time gold/metal ghost regiment all strengths completely.

Understands in this moment Zhou Xiaoxiao, from now on the same attribute multiple combination skill of continent five big regiments to Ji Dong already not any significance. But this inspection for him, likely a joke, cannot produce to him any threatens.

Only remaining the gold/metal ghost regiments of polished rod commanders, but also possibly frustrates Ji Dong? Let alone is half double- hour, although Bai Mangcao cultivation base has Level 88 fully, but in the one-to-one situation, Zhou Xiaoxiao knows, he is not the Ji Dong match.

Simple and calm, completely grasps the war in own hand, with being shifty to describe all that Ji Dong achieved a moment ago are not overrated. Zhou Xiaoxiao at this time already completely clear, time from the beginning, Ji Dong had the overall scheme. But this plan should be only he wants to come out temporarily, in makes the decision extremely in a short time.

The Pinnacle Two Fires firewall, to Bai Mangcao is as for the provocation of entire gold/metal ghost regiment, all these to enrage the gold/metal ghost regiment sent out a moment ago this Ultra Certain Kill Skill struck. Then is calm to break it, making all gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers lose the battle efficiency, this all, absolutely during the control of Ji Dong.

Zhou Xiaoxiao believes, Ji Dong definitely has more than means to complete this inspection. What may without a doubt is, the way that Ji Dong uses at present is consumes to him is smallest, made one most shock.

The ray that the golden cross cuts vanished finally, Ji Dong as before static float in midair, but the rubber ball that gold/metal ghost regiment that more than thousand soldiers likely were discouraged is common, did not have formerly that broad vast charge ability again.

The cream ray removes from Ji Dong quietly, Pinnacle Two Fires burns once more from his both hands, back cloudy Yang Fire same reduction also transforms as cloudy Yang Fire condensation law.

His left hand lifts slowly, sky also became along with uphold of this left hand dark, a round purple full moon, during this was jet black appears quietly. . His right hand also lifted, just the dim sky really had half to shine, the golden sunlight as if became more radiant.

Celestial phenomenon that the sunny day and dark moon/month, this originally should not simultaneously present, unexpectedly simultaneously presented in the sky. But Ji Dong, bathes in such ray, the body is sending out the eye-catching brilliance.

Bai Mangcao loudly shouted, the hand mesosaurus spear/gun holds up slowly, on his Giant Dragon also bursts out the radiant ray. However, he actually discovered in this moment, how regardless of do, cannot the skill that unexpectedly prevents Ji Dong to display. The speed, releases the magic power speed, oneself have missed with him unexpectedly entire one second.

Regarding the powerhouses of their this rank, one second does not mean the failure, but actually means the attack and defense transposition. In other words, now Bai Mangcao can choose, only then defends, but is unable to attack absolutely. Only can, whatever Ji Dong completes his skill.

Displays the skill by Ji Dong the speed, leads Bai Mangcao is more than one second, now but he simultaneously sends out is actually two skills.

The jet black ice raises quietly, does not fly to the Bai Mangcao direction, Bai Mangcao not to feel Ji Dong slightly to his locking. This black ice, quietly hikes up sky over the Ji Dong top of the head. But the next moment, dazzling gold/metal flame changed into the great awl, shelled directly in that black ice.

The time, already coagulated in this moment. Gold/Metal ghost regiment that more than thousand soldiers can do, witnesses all these completions, they have not even been able to achieve including the breath. In all human eyes reveals is desperate.

Bans 1100, quiet flame ice.

Bans 1100, colorful male cone. Two Great Sovereign Kings Certain Kill Skill, in airborne fuses quietly. The sunny day and dark moon/month in sky become in this moment especially seem to be bright. But the form float of Ji Dong there, actually became the core between world.

Reaches as high as hundred meters Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King light shadow also appears, the right hand of Two Great Sovereign Kings each other grasps, the huge primal chaos image quietly appeared in them behind, the black and white two-color ray became between the world only two colors.

Bai Mangcao originally was ready to resist the attack the skill unable to send again, the gold/metal ghost dragon under his body also in slight was shivering.

Seven-Crown. Is he really only Seven-Crown Mage? This is Ultra Certain Kill Skill! Moreover is intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Strength that at this time Ji Dong displays is not unexpectedly inferior in the strength that formerly the gold/metal ghost regiment more than thousand powerhouses fused. The perfect colorful male cone adds on the perfect quiet flame ice, making Ji Dong this Sun and Moon universe Ultra Certain Kill Skill to primary evolve intermediate. Moreover is all-around a large area of intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill. The blooming magic power, even before must surpass formerly had not evolved the golden cross to cut.

If before Ji Dong, flashes through attack that the golden cross cuts, what relies on is the formidable control strength and understanding to the chaos deep meaning. At this moment then, he shows, is the absolute strength.

The brilliance of Sun and Moon universe, covered all people of gold/metal ghost regiment exactly, not having the slightest bit to waste, in front of this intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill, what by own strength isn't able to send out Ultra Certain Kill Skill Bai Mangcao also to make?

The black and white two-color ray in airborne has continued for 30 seconds, to anybody has not actually launched the attack, but from the sky is displaying its strength. Was covered in the gold/metal ghost regiment soldiers obviously, does not have one to receive a wee bit injuries. What is this? This is the perfect control! Moreover perfect control to Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Can this need how tyrannical psychic force achieve?

Ji Dong the several fusions of strength of soul through with Chen Sixuan, in addition as of late cultivation promotion, has promoted so the degree to the control of magic power, even if Fu Rui, looked somewhat dumbfounded.

The magic power fluctuation of Sun and Moon universe vanished slowly, airborne gold sun and dark moon/month have also been hidden along with departure of Two Great Sovereign Kings light shadow. All as if returned to normal. The soldiers of gold/metal ghost regiment and their mounts similarly in breath in gulps, but they look at the Ji Dong vision, actually completely changed the flavor/smell. They know certainly, if Ji Dong that will strike to arrive a moment ago, they early is a deceased person, will not stay behind the skeleton.

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