Jiu Shen Chapter 41-50

Chapter 41: Fifth Earth Yeshang

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "I called Ji Dong, Senior forgot, you have also sought the sentiment for me, letting me to continue to be the auditor in Li Fire School."

Zhu Tian said suddenly: "Originally is you."Reads the letter of recommendation in Ji Dong hand, can't being somewhat surprised said: "could it be, you already "

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Condensed Yin-Yang Crown fortunately, obtains the recommendation of Dean Yang, comes with Carl and Bi Su together. From now on will also invite the Senior many directions."

Zhu Tian gawked had several seconds, the wake up came, at this time the impression in his mind has been clear, he clear remembering, the younger sister had also said to oneself, this Ji Dong was inborn waste material, balanced Yin-Yang. Can the balanced Yin-Yang physique also condense Yin-Yang Crown? That said, he should be Yin-Yang two fires, two departments?

In the eye flashed through bright brilliance, Zhu Tian has not said together anything again, eyes had a profound meaning nodded, said: "Hopes that you can through the admittance inspection, give us Third Fire department to inject fresh blood. Has filled out this form, letter of recommendation gives me. Is taking the form, you can go."

The form is very simple, above only needs to fill in the name, sex and respective Magic department, as well as magic power level was OK. Ji Dong has not hidden own magic power. Although he also knows, Lie Yan (raging flames) makes itself hide the strength as far as possible well for oneself. But he once as one generation of Wine God, challenged in front of Bartenders Association like yesterday, really somewhat disdains regarding the hideaway. Let alone his also Pinnacle Two Fires will not display easily. Therefore, he directly has filled in Level 14 this digit.

After Zhu Tian sees Ji Dong filling in level, the brow jumps slightly, stands up says with a smile: "Walks, student who happen to now anything has not entered a school, I deliver you to go."

Ji Dong and Zhu Tian look at each other one, happen to sees Zhu Tian gently to own nodded, he understands immediately, Zhu Tian must inspect before them has prompted. Everybody came from Li Fire School after all, in the Ji Dong heart slightly one warm, to his nodded.

In this time, a sound is conveying from side, "Brother Ji Dong, we met at just the right moment."Ji Dong and Carl stop the footsteps, another side also completed registration Bi Su also to frown, opening the mouth was not others, wore Yeshang of Fifth Earth department school uniform.

Zhu Tian somewhat surprised said: "Senior Yeshang, do you know my these Junior Brother?"

Student who that side Yeshang has not registered, he stands up to go forward, on the face is having the smile throughout, a point could not see that yesterday once suffered a loss in front of Ji Dong.

"Yesterday I just now have seen your Junior Brother, Zhu Tian! Your these Junior Brother are very good. Wished you to be admitted to Heavenly Stems School, later everybody was a schoolmate."

Looks at Yeshang that tranquil look, Carl and Bi Su has to plant by the poisonous snake is nipped feeling, such Yeshang was obviously more fearful than yesterday. Only then Ji Dong as before is such faint expression, as if a point does not care. Zhu Tian very polite say/way: "Senior Yeshang, I first delivered them to go to participate to inspect."

Yeshang has not said anything, but is smiling nodded, the vision keeps on the Ji Dong face finally, to his nodded, from the look, completely is unexpectedly well-meaning, a point could not see that once ate in front of Ji Dong owes oversized.

Zhu Tian then has the Ji Dong three people to walk toward Heavenly Stems School, a foot just stepped into the school, his complexion immediately somewhat changed, said in a low voice: "How will you know Ji Yeshang?"

Ji Dong somewhat surprised said: "He and my same surname?"

Zhu Tian nodded, said: "He is in the school the famous dangerous character. The Heavenly Stems School student is divided into three level studies and cultivation. And, lowest just entered the school, has not achieved the Two-Crown beforehand Scholar level student, calls Scholar Class. The medium level is above Two-Crown, Three-Crown following student. Also is the official student of school. Generally speaking, cultivates Level 30 in this level, after condensing Third Crown, can graduate from the school. Comes compared with the ordinary senior college, request of Heavenly Stems School entire high One-Crown. Can be admitted to here student also is the continent various countries elite. However, in Heavenly Stems School, there is still one special community. Also is the third level, that place is called Yin-Yang School. Only then before 16 years old, completes the student who Two-Crown unifies to be involved. Each is the elite in elite, startled certainly colorful talent. As for graduates, is not I can know."

In the Ji Dong heart moves, "said that Ji Yeshang was the member in Yin-Yang School?"

Zhu Tian complexion dignified nodded, said: "In Heavenly Stems School, the competition is extremely intense. Specifically displays among competition in various departments. Does not divide Yin-Yang attribute, like our Third Fire department and Fourth Fire department definitely is a camp, after all we are the fires. But in the school the strongest faction, without doubt is also in present Yin-Yang Mage a strongest department, Earth department. Ji Yeshang is the Fifth Earth department leader. Original today's this is responsible for new student registration the matter not needing him to act, does not know how he will come suddenly."

Carl and Bi Su look at each other one, does not need to ask, this Ji Yeshang comes to Ji Dong is right. Carl cannot bear asking: "Senior Zhu Tian, how many level Mage this is Ji Yeshang now?"

Zhu Tian solemnly said: "I can affirm that only, was he absolutely broke through Three-Crown. He is 15 years old enters Yin-Yang School, to the present already six years, this year 21 years old. In Yin-Yang School, is one of the outstanding people. In Heavenly Stems School student one of the ten big experts. I am an ordinary student, does not have the qualifications to enter Yin-Yang School, naturally does not know his concrete magic power level."

Listened to the Zhu Tian words, Carl and Bi Su sucked in a cold breath of air, in the heart the secretly thought, then may trouble. Not only offended the local bully, but also offended a formidable local bully.

Three-Crown? That was Li Fire School Teachers level. Like that Liu Jun that Ji Dong massacres, has not broken through to this level.

Ji Dong actually just likes the safe general thought aloud: "Has not thought that his drink mixing is not good, the magic power cultivation is actually not weak."Saying, he shot a look at Carl and Bi Su, "that is between I and him the matter, he must look for trouble, I accompany am. Now we must say through newborn inspection first again."

A Zhu Tian brow wrinkle, "Ji Dong, have you offended Ji Yeshang?"

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Senior does not need to be worried, is not offends, a little slightly misunderstands. The matter has been solved."

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Chapter 42: Newborn inspection

"Real?" The little girl hears the proposition of Ji Dong, pair of attractive big eyes has shone immediately, fierce standing up, holds on the right hand of Ji Dong, excited jumping for joy said: "Good, Big Brother, you are really a good person, I am willing with your one group."

This little girl's height also Ji Dong chest, but is long is very attractive, pair of nimble and resourceful big eyes has filled the childish purity, not the artificial excited color/look even also infected the heart of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "I called Ji Dong, did you name?"

The little girl hee hee said with a smile: "I called Leng Yue, can I call you Elder Brother Ji Dong?"

Ji Dong said: "Naturally. We walk."

Looks that Ji Dong leads the little girl to come, Bi Su and Carl are surprised, but in its newborn look are more takes pleasure in others' misfortunes. Can come here to participate in the newborn inspection, this is only about ten -year-old little girls without doubt is a talent, these official students will not even suspect, if she can be admitted to Heavenly Stems School the future becomes a Yin-Yang School member. However, she now is too after all young. Regarding Yin-Yang Mage, the physical condition similarly is also important. Not certain body and spirit, even if magic power enough cannot display magic skill of any powerful. With Leng Yue such small and weak companion coordination, wants not to have the least bit opportunity through the inspection of Two-Crown official student? This is also the important reason why formerly nobody chose and her matches.

What Ji Dong has not seen, before they come, this little miss who called Leng Yue once one by one pleaded the new student who participated in the inspection, hopes can some person and her one group, is after repeatedly rejected, squatted there, her grievance was also from this. How although Ji Dong does not calculate handsome, but at this time in the Leng Yue eye, this Big Brother is actually the best person. They come the registration time, Leng Yue is very arrogance chin pointed upward, looked that does not look at new student one eyes that these participate in the inspection.

". , Carl, Third Fire department, Bi Su, Fourth Fire department, one
group. You will face the Ninth Water department official student who the attribute repels one another to inspect."

The official student who "Ji Dong, Third Fire department, Leng Yue, Tenth Water department, Uh......"is responsible for registering looks up to Leng Yue that Ji Dong and excited does not reduce, the look immediately becomes strange.

Listened to his words, Ji Dong also cannot bear smiling bitterly, during five elements repels one another, water subdues fire, this is without a doubt. water attribute Mage and do fire attribute Mage coordinate? If Ji Dong Yin- Yang two fires links can display to add is bigger than two combination skill effects. If then, he with Leng Yue Tenth Water department, is the Yin Water department skill coordination, perhaps will add one is smaller than one, it seems like, this inspection can only depend upon own strength.

"Do you no longer consider? Also can wait for some new students to match again. The water and fire matching, this I first time see. The official student who perhaps......"is responsible for registering is very sincere, looks at Ji Dong reminded.

Ji Dong lowers the head to Leng Yue looks, immediately saw in Leng Yue that pair of big eyes has been full of the disappointed color/look, two small hands intertwine before the body, the eye socket was also red. Raised the head, Ji Dong said: "Did not need to wait, I coordinated with Leng Yue. I think, my magic power possibly stronger, to us how also arranges Water department Senior?"

The official student who that is responsible for registering shows a faint smile, said: "Your actually good intention, but, I must remind you, the opportunity of inspection only has one time."

His voice has not fallen, Leng Yue angry raising the head, is brandishing own small fist suddenly, said: "I will not be a drag on Elder Brother Ji Dong. You are really bad, why can prevent Elder Brother Ji Dong and my one group?"

"This......"that official student scratched the head, somewhat helpless said: "Since this, that your one group. Assigns a Ninth Water department official student to inspect to you."
Ten new students, pair in a group, stands in five locations separately. Leng Yue stands side Ji Dong, looks up him saying: "Elder Brother Ji
Dong, you believe me, Leng Yue will not be a drag on your."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, touches her head, said: "Elder Brother Ji Dong certainly believes you. Like this, after the inspection starts, you wait for the opportunity to act in behind, I block the attack of examination official in front."

Leng Yue blinked, "good."

A 18-19 years old youth arrives in front of them, a black vigor attire, the chest front has a circular design, above draws a personal appearance to be graceful unexpectedly, the surroundings have the female who the innumerable waves ripple. Cannot see clearly the appearance, but actually gives people a feeling of blurred wave.

Leng Yue sees the Ji Dong vision to fall in that youth chest front design, said in a low voice: "Elder Brother Ji Dong, that is Ninth Water department Totem Heavenly Empress (day later). Our Tenth Water department Totem is Black Tortoise."

That Ninth Water department official student to Ji Dong and Leng Yue nodded, "I called Luo Qingfeng, did you prepare?"

Ji Dong goes forward one step, keeps off in front of Leng Yue, said to Luo Qingfeng: "Please advise."

The student who behind is responsible for recording ignites burns a joss stick, the Ninth Water department official student Luo Qingfeng look instantaneously becomes sharp, a black ray is similar to the ripple ripples from him, rushing magic power condenses above the top of the head instantaneously, changes into White Yang Crown to appear in the place above baseless conjecture.

In the Yang Crown whole of Ninth Water department does not have much difference with Third Fire department, but the design on Crown Peak is the water-drop shape, the star on Crown Ring is the black. The Luo Qingfeng Yang Crown two peaks have the water-drop brand mark impressively, is Two-Crown Yang Crown, simultaneously two -and-a-half Black Crown Star horizontally above Crown Ring. Impressively is Level 25 Ninth Water Master.

While Luo Qingfeng releases own Yang Crown, Ji Dong has not been idling, the red light twinkle, is White Yang Crown condenses above the top of the head similarly, under the control of his Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, only demonstrated own one magic power. One-Crown Two Stars, Level 14 Third Fire Scholar.

Behind Ji Dong, the gentle magic power fluctuation also appears, Black Yin Crown quietly appeared in the Leng Yue top of the head, what she releases is belongs to Tenth Water department purple magic power specially, One-Crown Half-Star, Level 11 Tenth Water Scholar.

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Chapter 43: Five-Crown Great Grandmaster combination magic skill

Facts showed, all people underestimated Leng Yue this small girl, the magic skill that she sends out, in the magic power condensation degree, feels ashamed of one's inferiority including Luo Qingfeng of Two-Crown rank. If only the ordinary attack, by the both sides magic power disparity, but the flash he can melt is right, may he actually suffer a loss in fact, by the Leng Yue Tenth Water magic power direct intrusive mass.

chi, the dreary and serene blue fire, in the Luo Qingfeng chest front that Heavenly Empress Totem design acclivity to sliding, having made on his whole person catch a purple intent, is resisting Tenth Water magic power Luo Qingfeng only to think own body concentrates, within the body blood as if coagulated generally, magic power is the instantaneous stagnation. Then was counter-balanced most Tenth Water magic power to cause trouble once more, fast infiltrates toward his within the body.

Luo Qingfeng is surprised, Ji Dong can break through his wide scope magic power to suppress already is he cannot think, that is his Direct Hit Skill, is not ordinary Standard Skill. Moreover Ji Dong this claw upper body, seems the flame is not intense, may in fact, his hand claw, when contacts own body, that is full of the chill in the air Fourth Fire suddenly to erupt, was one has blocked own magic power revolution likely.

That purple crystal glow that formerly Leng Yue sent out he has been able to affirm, is Direct Hit Skill, therefore so will be hard to resist, the skill that if Ji Dong sent out was only the attack, he most has damaged, first melted Tenth Water magic power in within the body forcefully, then directly resisted with Ji Dong, his magic power must be higher than above Ji Dong Level 10 after all, under the counter-attack Ji Dong wanted to contend is not easy.

But, Ji Dong this type Dark Moon Claw is not that pure attack so is simple, spreads except for rushing Fourth Fire magic power to his whole body instantaneously, sends out beyond the intense corrosion to his Ninth Water magic power, but also has produced that second of results paralysis. This second, is almost fatal regarding Luo Qingfeng. Because this second has interrupted his resistance to within the body Tenth Water magic power, made Dark Moon Claw Fourth Fire magic power attack.

This is the formidable place of technique of Two Great Sovereign Kings, although Dark Moon Claw is only the skill of Dark Flames Demon King most foundation, but uses as before the might to be astonishing.

The Ji Dong movement in light of this will certainly not stop, he does not know that Luo Qingfeng is still resisting Leng Yue Tenth Water magic power at this time, but feels because of own Dark Moon Claw hit match easily somewhat surprisedly. But this actually cannot hinder his next step movement. Standard Skill engagement of being repeatedly tempered follows closely on, changes into the fiery-red right fist instantaneously, bombardment ruthlessly in Luo Qingfeng chest similar position.

The bang, on the Luo Qingfeng face first is fiery red, the red and purple two-color flame of rushing erupts suddenly from his within the body, in the pitiful yell sound, the blood spurts crazily, the whole person has not flown to fall, Scorching Sun Bite that because the Ji Dong right fist wields has to absorb the ability of match, unexpectedly that under the right fist absorption of Ji Dong slowly soft.

Ji Dong connected Dark Moon Claw that uses to wield once more, saw that Luo Qingfeng spurts the blood to be soft but actually, his hand stagnates immediately in the midair, was shocked.

What's the matter? Level 25 magic power Two-Crown does Ninth Water Master such hit? In the Ji Dong heart has doubts greatly, he may not use Pinnacle Fire! But is two Standard Skill changes into the combination skill hit on the match, produces such results, is he is unexpected absolutely. He formerly can squeeze through Luo Qingfeng wide scope magic power to suppress, not only because of the Scorching Sun Collapse might, is because he had been soaked by dragon blood body, far ultra average person in intensity, has the good resistance to any magic power attribute, moreover Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost is in itself water attribute, although water subdues fire, but to subdue|grams Ji Dong had been soaked actually by dragon blood skin. Therefore Ji Dong forces strength accumulation at 1 : 00, to expose surface, broke through Luo Qingfeng Mollia.

Luo Qingfeng magic power above him, the control to magic power was initially Liu Jun cannot compare, Ninth Water department to subdue|grams Third Fire department, water subdues fire, looked like in Ji Dong, even if were can complete three connections perfectly, added on again strikes Dark Moon Claw and strikes Scorching Sun Collapse to form three times combination skill to explode continually, was not necessarily able one time to rout Luo Qingfeng.

But, the fact actually puts at present, the appearance that Luo Qingfeng that blood spurts crazily does not disguise, at this time he is the surface such as the spirit money is more common, pours under the Ji Dong fist softly, fell into the stupor unexpectedly.

Five newborn inspections, them ended without doubt quickest, both sides slightly made the contact, the fight had finished, but the result of fight was actually anybody cannot imagine.

Official student who two are responsible for recording the gate pulse, has shoved open Ji Dong for a while, another is investigating the Luo Qingfeng injury fast.

Quick, is responsible for examining the student complexion big change of injury, said to another student in a low voice several anything, that student fast runs toward the drill ground outside. Side Leng Yue small face pale arriving Ji Dong, grabs a hand of Ji Dong, "Elder Brother Ji Dong, he had spat many blood a moment ago, good fearful Oh. You are really fierce, two struck down him."

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, said with a forced smile: "I do not know what's the matter."

Student who that is responsible for investigating the injury raised the head, has gazed at fixedly Ji Dong one ruthlessly, "you two cannot walk, waited for that school Teacher processes."

The Luo Qingfeng situation is not very optimistic, stupor in the past, in his mouth and nose actually as in gushing out blood, on the skin was the red, blue and purple tricolor ray transforms slowly desalinated several times.

The time is not long, suddenly, Ji Dong sees only the distant place two light shadow just like the cursory general sparkle, but, that two rays separately are together the azure, together the black, is First Wood department and Ninth Water department color. Almost was only he just saw that two-color ray, the next moment, before the body, were many two people.

Two both are the middle-aged men, seems the 30-40 years old appearance, the head has the Yin-Yang Crown ray to bloom, present Ji Dong initially just did not see when Yang Bingtian youngster who anything does not understand. Sees these two person head Yin-Yang Crown, his can't help gasping.

On these two people are White Yang Crown, the man who the body releases the azure light, on Yang Crown on five Crown Peak the brand mark the blue-green leaf design, on Crown Ring also four Azure Crown Star are sparkling impressively. But another is also five Crown Peak has the brand mark, but is the same with Luo Qingfeng, brand mark black waterdrop. On Crown Ring three Black Crown Star ray circulations.

In Ji Dong has seen in Yin-Yang Mage, only then Yang Bingtian can compare with two people at present, at present these two, separately are Five-Crown Level 58 First Wood Great Grandmaster, with Five-Crown Level 56 Ninth Water Great Grandmaster. Is the powerhouses of Five- Crown Great Grandmaster rank.

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Chapter 44: Heavy losses

Two Five-Crown Great Grandmaster after telling the official disciple send to the recreation Luo Qingfeng, the vision fell on Ji Dong and Leng Yue. Other four groups of examinees early stopped the inspection, at this time Ji Dong and Leng Yue have become the audience focus.

In the Ji Dong heart is also a helplessness, how he wants to obtain just came Heavenly Stems School to meet troublesome, does not know why caused heavy losses to one official student who is responsible for inspecting, looks at like this, let alone through the inspection, others prevent departure was not good.

That Ninth Water Great Grandmaster arrives in front of Ji Dong gradually, the calm face said: "Was you two caused heavy losses to Luo Qingfeng?"

Ji Dong said: "No, has not related with Leng Yue, here person saw, was I injures him."

Ninth Water Great Grandmaster shows a faint smile, "you do not use anxiously, meaning that I have not blamed. Injures the official student who is responsible for inspecting in the newborn inspection, you are not the first pair. Also is not last pair. magic skill does not have the eye, this I can understand. The school will not give you any punishment. I can affirm told you, you officially have been enrolled by the school now. The fishy of Luo Qingfeng wound, I hope that you can coordinate me then situation to clarify. I called Shui Ruohan, was Ninth Water department." Originally his full name called Shui Ruohan, at present this Ninth Water Great Grandmaster look is handsome, seems should be about 30 -year-old ages, the feeling of Ji Dong was extremely keen, truly, he has not felt an evil intention from this Ninth Water Great Grandmaster.

Back Leng Yue has drawn the Ji Dong clothes, "Elder Brother Ji Dong, I and you go together. Although Leng Yue is small, but also knows the loyalty two characters."

Nearby First Wood Great Grandmaster Long Tian laughed, "this small girl is really interesting, we walk. Quickly investigated clearly said again."

"Boss."Carl and Bi Su run over from the one side, somewhat anxious looks to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shook the head to them, has handed over a comfort look, "you diligently accept the inspection here. Relax, I will not have the matter."

Two Five-Crown Great Grandmaster take the lead, Ji Dong draws the Leng Yue small hand to follow on the heels, across the broad big drill ground, walks toward the following classroom building.

Enters Heavenly Stems School main teaching area, the feelings of some Ji Dong broadening the outlook, main classroom building altogether five, any is the extremely grand construction. Moreover their colors and styles vary. According to east, south, west, north, and center five orientations. But five direction also five elements positions.

The south fiery-red classroom building looked that is the Fire department student is respective, the whole appears the flame shape, the north side is the waterdrop shape black Water department classroom building, the east side is the green leaf shape Wood department classroom building, the west side is the Metal department classroom building of white sharp pyramidal. What assumes personal command most central is the circular yellow Earth department classroom building. Behind five big classroom buildings, is the various departments dormitory area. Two Five-Crown Great Grandmaster were bringing Ji Dong and Leng Yue arrived in the central Earth department classroom building directly, passing through the gate, was broad over 1000 square meters brown halls, at this time in the hall appeared very quiet. Two Great Grandmaster have not led them to go upstairs, but arrives at the hall central place, in a huge five colors ring-like symbol. A Ninth Water Great Grandmaster Shui Ruohan wrist/skill revolution, in the palm left a palm of the hand big token much, the token has been the black, the Ji Dong vision is quite sharp, sees indistinctly above has the special 62 characters.

Dense black light sends out from Shui Ruohan, immediately, the black in his five colors ring-like mark has shone, from underground raises unexpectedly a black platform. Shui Ruohan puts in which the token in hand.

First Wood Great Grandmaster Long Tian beckons to Ji Dong and Leng Yue, hints them to come, quack in the sound, their five colors rings are bringing their bodies immediately slowly to the surface break.

The good exquisite institution, the feelings of some Ji Dong praising to the heavens, the so ingenious thing he first time sees. Clearly, that token in this institution's related also and Shui Ruohan hand with five elements magic power is related, does not have the token, obviously is impossible to enter.

Actually is this where? Why two Great Grandmaster must and Leng Yue brings to come to here oneself. Does not want to injure itself, otherwise, graces by their strengths can send itself in the deathtrap.

Hugs is already coming secure mentality, although Ji Dong is surprised, but quick is tranquil. Actually Leng Yue somewhat excited looks to all around.

In the feeling, the under foot institution dropped dozens meters, stopped, that token appears in the Shui Ruohan hand, during the brand mark in front is hollow, in sound, splits together the gateway. Then led two people to walk. Enters, because has not been underground makes one feel oppressed, the air is very unobstructed. What they enter is a road, by the road is the various departments Totem design, the under foot is the appearance of five elements main body, the flame, waterdrop wait/etc..

Shui Ruohan and Long Tian bring to forward along road, stopped in road one side wall place, Shui Ruohan puts out that token, does not know where found hollow, falls into which the token, reveals the gateway.

Finally did not need to walk again, this was one about 30 square meters stone chamber. stone door voluntarily closed, in the room all around the wall has the lights illumination, the overall arrangement is flooding the Water Element aura.

The Shui Ruohan finger/refers nearby chair, "does not use politely, sits casually. This is the place that I live."

Arrives here, the Ji Dong slightly some uncomfortable feeling, that is, the fire attribute person who in the attribute repels one another to produce forever will not like the water attribute person is this truth. Leng Yue feels actually very fresh, no trace of politeness pulls a chair to sit down, curious looks around.

Long Tian said to Ji Dong: "Before you , when carried on the newborn inspection complete process to say. Oh, was right, first told us, you named."

Ji Dong and in the Leng Yue report the name, narrated that the process naturally does by old Ji Dong, his anything has not concealed, said the entire process that and Luo Qingfeng fight. At that time Luo Qingfeng is seen by situation Ji Dong that Leng Yue that Tenth Water crystal glow hit, at that time his vision was tunnelled by Luo Qingfeng Ninth Water magic power.

Shui Ruohan and Long Tian listen is very careful, listens to narration of Ji Dong, Long Tian cannot bear asking: "Are you Third and Fourth Two Fires attribute?" - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Chapter 45: Yin-Yang School

Shui Ruohan deep looked at Ji Dong and Leng Yue, nodded, hurried away.

Leng Yue to not having what, is the little girl is as before proper, during Ji Dong was actually lost in thought that three departments combination skill? Moreover repels one another attribute. Listened to the description of beforehand Leng Yue, Ji Dong to understand, formerly this small girl said that will not hold back is far from lies. Also can see from the performance of Shui Ruohan, that Northern Water Empire Leng Family is far from the common family. Was really getting more and more interesting, regarding ten departments Mage, through today's matter, his cognition increased several points without doubt.

"Teacher, you are also the Heavenly Stems School graduations?"Ji Dong asked.

Long Tian laughed, said: "Who told you me is Teacher?" "?"Ji Dong was startled, "aren't you Teacher?"
Long Tian shook the head, says with a smile: "Naturally is not. We are the same with you, is the student. But the qualifications are quite old."

Students? Five-Crown student? Ji Dong has thought immediately Yin- Yang School that formerly Zhu Tian mentioned.

Long Tian said: "Naturally, you must say that we are Teacher, does not have any wrong. Sometimes, we will also carry out some Teacher responsibility. In the school, we are the special one person."

Ji Dong said: "You belong to Yin-Yang School."

Long Tian has gawked, "do you also know Yin-Yang School?"

Ji Dong said: "Before registered time, listening to beforehand Senior to mention, he was also the Heavenly Stems School official student."

Long Tian shows a faint smile, "he knows is also only the fur/superficial knowledge. Good that however you said that we truly subordinate in Yin-Yang School. In the school, I rank fifth, Ruohan ranks sixth. Yin-Yang School of our school does not have the age limit. So long as is not willing to walk, the school thought that the potential of your also training, does not need to graduate eagerly. Moreover, in the school, our Yin-Yang School the control of student's is also loosest. Little Junior Brother, this your newborn inspection can be said as technique startled four! Perhaps will make an exception to enroll by the school. Must if that was true, you be possible to be level lowly enters the student in school."

Leng Yue does big eyes blinked, "what advantage join Yin-Yang School to have?"

Long Tian said with a smile: "That advantage may be many. However, the competition of Yin-Yang School is also very fierce, although we enjoy in the school the treatment of highest specification, danger that but must not face faced with the ordinary student. As for specific situation, only then you become in school can know truly."

Ji Dong said: "Senior, Yin-Yang School has student who called Ji Yeshang. Does he rank several?"From the Long Tian words he listened, the Yin-Yang School student carries on the rank. Moreover is listed fifth from Long Tian and Shui Ruohan respectively, six, this rank definitely is conducted according to the strength.

Long Tian was surprised said: "Do you know Ji Yeshang that boy? could it be are you also the Ji Family person? It is not right! Ji Family is Earth department, you are actually two Fire departments." Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "is only the understanding."

Long Tian said: "Ji Yeshang that boy truly was the past ten years most outstanding talent, the end of last year time, he advanced into the school first ten. Ranks tenth."
"That Yin-Yang School altogether how many students?"Ji Dong asked. Ji Dong asked was the immaterial issues, Long Tian has not concealed,
"Yin-Yang School currently has the student 48 people. If you can make an exception to enroll, happen to sufficiently collects 50 numbers. Several years did not have the new person to join."

The Shui Ruohan departure dwelling in a hurry, goes to the underground deeper place, successively through several checkpoints, before one reaches as high as five meters five colors great gate stopped. Respectful and prudent that in the hand has especially the hollow place of token crustifications of six inscriptions by front door.

"Ruohan, fellow directors are meeting, do not have what urgent matter, do not disturb." The gate opens, goes out of a stature to cultivate all the year round approximately 25 and six females from inside, a light purple long skirt contrasts her moving tender body to be mysterious, the purple short hair, the purple pupil, the whole person seems looks like the mysterious spokesman.

Shui Ruohan said in a low voice: "Third Sister, if were all right I not to disturb fellow director Sirs, was such......"immediately, he gathered near that female ear, said several anything in a low voice.

Wipes the surprised color/look to flash before on being called the female tender face of Third Sister, nodded, said: "You come in me."

Shui Ruohan follows the purple clothes female to enter the front door, across a broad road, arrived at one to have in 200 square meters room fully. On the wall of this room, has the strange five colors texture, can feel the huge magic power fluctuation of wall implication clearly. In the room, by the long table of oval-shape, altogether sits nine people, the appearance varies, age mostly about 50 years old. Only then sits in getting up one person of first place, seems is only 30 permits, but in his black eye pupil, has actually been full of the color/look of vicissitudes, somewhat is incompatible with the semblance.

Nine people sit on the special characteristics big chair, has the different colors respectively, in another end of round table, but also is emptying a blue chair. Each chair besides the color difference, the above respective hollowed-out work Totem, the material quality is varying. But can become treasure two characters absolutely.

As Five-Crown Ninth Water Great Grandmaster Shui Ruohan in entering this room has lowered the head, does not dare to breathe heavily unexpectedly the atmosphere, was brought to stand to side by the purple clothes female.

On middle-aged person brows slightly wrinkled of first place, in eye reveals the inquiry the ray. Purple clothes female half step arrives at side him, said several anything near his ear in a low voice.

"Oh? Has this grade of matter? Ruohan, you come to be everybody asking for leniency situation." The voice and his semblance difference of middle-aged person are louder, are old and low and deep, also one type magnetism that absorbs the person heart and soul.

"Yes."Shui Ruohan respectful goes forward several steps, arrives stops the footsteps from an oval long table also two meters position, bows to salute, said: "Has seen Sir Dean, has seen fellow directors. The matter is such......"immediately, he Ji Dong and matter of Leng Yue inspection, as well as he and Long Tian judgment, said in detail.

Listens to his narration, the people face on present reveals several points of surprised, sits well the red clothes old man on fiery-red big chair says with a smile: "Third and Fourth Two Fire departments, interesting, is really interesting. First did not say three departments combination skill how, this two Fire departments boy I have heard, to must have a look." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Chapter 46: red-haired eccentric

The gate opens, Shui Ruohan and purple clothes female Ye Xin walked together. Sees the appearance of Ye Xin, Long Tian hurries to stand up, said with a smile: "Third Sister. Did you come?"

Ye Xin shows a faint smile, said: "You has the big discovery, can I not come?"

Saw Ye Xin, the Ji Dong vision slightly has also stopped, did not have the slightest bit to yearn, although Ye Xin beautiful, but with Lie Yan (raging flames) compared perfectly is more inferior, let alone in his heart, already got angry Red Lotus to occupy by that could not accommodate the second female.

In the Ye Xin beautiful pupil is the purple light circulation, "these two little fellows?"

Shui Ruohan nodded, said: "Is they. This little miss is the same with you, is Tenth Water department. Your Tenth Water department may be also many a talent."

Ye Xin shows a faint smile, beckons to Leng Yue, said: "Little Junior Sister, come, making elder sister have a look."

Does not know whether because of the same attribute mutual attraction, Leng Yue has not feared, walks to go forward, animated looks up was higher than many Ye Xin her, said: "Big Sister, you are really attractive." Ye Xin laughed, "Little Junior Sister, you may really be sweetest! also this Junior Brother, you follow me. I represent Heavenly Stems School formally to inform you, you had been enrolled by the school, in the meantime, makes an exception to authorize to join Yin-Yang School. Now I lead you to go through the admission procedure, starting from tomorrow, you also will be a Yin-Yang School member."

At the same time was saying, Ye Xin is drawing the Leng Yue small hand, greeted to Shui Ruohan and Long Tian, outward walks.

Joined Yin-Yang School really? In the Ji Dong heart somewhat is pleasantly surprised, although he had not counted on that can learn anything in Yin-Yang School, but without a doubt, in this type the place that has the enormous competitive system, oneself will not lack the match who compares notes, can better supervises oneself strength to be progressive.

Ye Xin as if not care about existence of Ji Dong, but draws Leng Yue to take the lead, Leng Yue often turns head to have a look at Ji Dong actually, sends out a sweet smile to him.

The more thorough this underground world, Ji Dong is startled, the scale of this subsurface construction is quite great, seems a point of link extends inward, walks, just like walking the labyrinth is ordinary. Ye Xin leads them three to circle two to circle, after several gateways, arrived in a spacious room, before passing through the gate, Ji Dong sees around outside stone door, clearly inscribes a mark of ten departments Totem.

Enters the room, first is a heat wave of heading on, Leng Yue exclaimed, hurries to hide behind Ye Xin. Purple misty radiance releases from Ye Xin, covers in oneself and on Leng Yue, simultaneously turns head to look to Ji Dong.

The heat degree of earth core lake currently will not have anything to affect to Ji Dong, let alone was here. Ye Xin saw, Ji Dong is sizing up the situation in room, does not have the slightest bit ill feeling.

In this broad room, scatters the thing that various metals are building everywhere, some can distinguish is the armor and weapon, some are grotesque, cannot see is anything. The room has over five meters high fully, occupies a land area of 300 square meters big, in the entire room only has a person.

The body wears the tattered red long gown, a dishevelled red hair, sits in the room ground of corner/horn, the left hand is taking any metal thing, the right hand is taking a handle fiery-red little hammer, a while talked over several anything, a while overcharged several above with the little hammer.

Side him, there is a giant furnace, the high fever in this room is also from this.

Ye Xin gives a hand signal of keeping silent to Ji Dong and Leng Yue, hints two people do not speak, static waiting.

The time is not long, that red-haired eccentric fierce in that metal thing the hand throws one side, when falls to the ground sends out a fierce collision, the volume not big metal thing can actually distinguish the it quite good weight from the sound.

red-haired eccentric then raised the head, looks to the Ji Dong three people, "Little Ye Xin, what matter?"

His is on the rise, Ji Dong sees clearly, this red-haired eccentric look is rough, has big brandy nose, pair of small eyes narrows a seam, in the slit indistinctly is actually revealing an eye-catching none remaining.

Just passing through the gate time, Ji Dong also similarly felt the heat wave, but actually not from furnace, but came from this red-haired eccentric, Third Fire magic power, very powerful big Third Fire magic power. Looks at this odd person, the Ji Dong only feeling is gazing at the earth core lake. This red-haired eccentric actually has the magma general heat degree, it can be imagined his Third Fire magic power formidable to what kind of degree.

Although Ye Xin ranks third in the Yin-Yang School disciple, the strength must surpass Shui Ruohan and Long Tian, but faces this red-haired eccentric actually not to dare to neglect, respectfully said: "Old Zhu, is Sir Dean special approval, making these two Junior Brother and Junior Sister make an exception to enter the Yin-Yang School study. Troubles you to manufacture status token for them."

"Oh? Such small." The Old Zhu vision passed over gently and swiftly from Leng Yue, laughed, "originally is the Boss Leng junior, no wonder. Eh, this boy is that how I cannot see. This is how possible. The boys, come."

The Old Zhu vision in passed over gently and swiftly after Leng Yue, stays on Ji Dong, formerly narrowed seam small eyes to open suddenly, surprised looks at Ji Dong, the right hand to his one move, immediately, Ji Dong felt that rushing quantity of heat cling own body that does not have to resist, area, the surroundings scenery passed over gently and swiftly gently rapidly, that big brandy nose enlarges in him at present.

A Old Zhu skeleton prominent big hand took over the seal of office to the Ji Dong chest Source Yin-Yang Crown position, place of the most important energy condensation was attacked, Ji Dong subconscious both hands, treadonned Dark Moon Dance, because sudden pulling closer of distance, he was unable to use Scorching Sun Bite, body one horizontal, before the left shoulder top/withstood, in within the body magic power instantaneous transformation was Third Fire, Scorching Sun Collapse forced up.

This entire process looks like Ji Dong usually when the cultivation such, responded extremely quickly, was curled up to draw from him to Old Zhu in front, arrived at Dark Moon Dance to dodge the Old Zhu palm again, Scorching Sun Collapse erupts, entire process quickly like lightning.

In nearby Ye Xin eye flashes through one to be astonished, obviously has not thought that Ji Dong dares to counter-attack at this kind of time unexpectedly . Moreover the movement so is unexpectedly smooth.

Old Zhu laughed, big hand, holds the left shoulder that Ji Dong Scorching Sun Collapse has caught up directly, bang'ed, red flame erupted from the position of Ji Dong left shoulder. But he only thought that a blazing energy transmits from the left shoulder, whole body one soft, is unable to stimulate to movement own magic power again. "Very good Standard Skill!"Old Zhu is once more surprised, another hand according to the Ji Dong chest front. Is feeling magic power fluctuation in his Source Yin-Yang Crown.

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Chapter 47: magic power weapon

"Right, I am great magic power weapon Blacksmith."red-haired eccentric mentioned that own occupation, immediately appears self- satisfied, is extremely proud raising the head, the feeling that he shows at this time, pours a little looks like appearance of Ji Dong when drink mixing.

But who knows, listened to the red-haired eccentric words, the Ji Dong actually indifferent say/way: "What occupation you are, what relations has with me? I have not heard any magic power weapon Blacksmith."

What a person when self-satisfied Haha does laugh is thrown a mouth fly is felt? This time red-haired eccentric is this.

"What? Is your what magic power weapon Blacksmith does not know? Too ignorant and inexperienced. Said that suits own outstanding magic power weapon, makes Mage strength promote 10% sufficiently. One most formidable magic power weapon that I manufacture, even can promote 20% striking power. Then did you understand?"

Ji Dong nodded, "understood. However, what relations this and do I have?"

"You......" the red-haired eccentric one breath have not nearly breathed heavily, such living feeling stifled. He has not run into the student like Ji Dong, cannot bear saying: "Doesn't boy, you want to obtain one to suit own magic power weapon?" Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Does not think. First, in this world does not have the free lunch. You in vain will definitely not give me one. Second, my present cultivation base only started, the excessive dependence is disadvantageous to own strength promotion in the nonego. Therefore, I do not have to any magic power weapon interest that you said. If no other matter, I here first cultivation a while, waited for that Senior Sister meets me."

Saying, him same place was sitting, looked that also no longer looks at a that is dumbfounded red-haired eccentric.

"You......"red-haired eccentric Old Second Zhu somewhat breathless has drawn Ji Dong, "brat, you are short with my acting slippery head. Do not think me unable to see, your flame is the variation. Although I do not know that you used any method to conceal your variation flame, but I affirmative awareness, you were not only Third and Fourth Two Fires so are simple."

These time was one's turn Ji Dong to be startled, but his surprised also flashed to pass, quick was tranquil, "how? could it be Heavenly Stems School has the stipulation, doesn't gather the variation magic power student?"

Old Second Zhu has smiled suddenly, "Haha, I really guessed right. No matter what your deceitful as ghost, must drink the water for foot- washing of old man. My this was boasted, really revealed the secret. The variation flame, is really the variation flame. I really am a talent, bold guess, careful proof, Wahaha."

Looks at his Ji Dong speechless, although Old Second Zhu shape , if crazy, but old ginger is truly spicy, oneself were swindled.

"Boy, makes me have a look quickly, what is your variation flame? Many years have not seen the variation flame. I said that by balanced Yin-Yang physique, how also possibly to condense Yin-Yang Crown. Must have the fishy." Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Because of this, you judges me to have the variation flame?"

Old Second Zhu chuckled, said: "Naturally is not such simple. However, I will not tell you."

Ji Dong lightly said: "Makes you have a look at my variation flame not to have anything, takes your this secret to make the exchange. You said first, I make you look, otherwise break-up."

Old Second Zhu snorted, "good sly boy, told you nothing. You think where Heavenly Stems School is? Not only Fire department, other Magic department had also tried the cultivation of Yin-Yang attribute. Although the person of balanced Yin-Yang physique are few, but during several hundred years, Heavenly Stems School had also found at least dozens. Just, their cultivation attempts were defeated. Cannot train Yin-Yang two departments Mage by the Heavenly Stems School strong Great Master capital strength, is your success can it be that so also simple? I can think only then the possibility of variation flame. thunder attribute? The thunder separable Yin-Yang, Un, hides your own thunder attribute by Yin- Yang two fires, is really intelligent!"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Was a pity, you guessed mistakenly."In his heart also cannot bear inwardly sighing, is Heavenly Stems School, actually what kind of existence? Has experimented including balanced Yin-Yang dual attribute unexpectedly repeatedly. Not only this trained the student to be so simple, but also was supplementing the research. Has not thought really, oneself just arrived here, Pinnacle Two Fires will be discovered.

Old Second Zhu hastily said: "Makes me have a look at your variation attribute quickly, isn't the thunder? What can that be? I do not believe. You could rest assured that I will certainly keep the secret for you. Can guess correctly that you are the fire attribute variation person perhaps also only then my. What because initially was responsible for Yin-Yang dual attribute train student is my Teacher. His life devotes to training of dual attribute Mage, throughout is not willing to acknowledge that Yin- Yang dual attribute does not exist, the moment before until death has said to me, only if the variation attribute, otherwise very difficult Yin-Yang coexistence. This secret, similarly only then I know."

"Why do I believe you?" The speech way that Ji Dong pours cold water on is making Old Second Zhu not be feeling well very much, but he does not have the means. Especially may see own Teacher will research in thorough detail the barrier that the life cannot break through soon to open wide in front of oneself, that anxious and excitement has replaced all.

A brow wrinkle, Old Second Zhu raises right hand, solemnly said: "I, Zhu Yan, take an oath in the name of Fire God, today after having seen the little friend Ji Dong variation flame, not to divulge to an outsider, otherwise Fire God abandons, eliminates my completely magic power."

Strong red light erupts suddenly from his forehead, a flame ray blooms center his forehead, integrates in the skin again slowly.

"Contract has become. Now was OK."Old Second Zhu anxious looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong has also studied in Li Fire School, Mage will not work out the contract easily, particularly this type slanders the contract that takes an oath to this attribute god is serious.

Lifts both hands, in the Ji Dong eye ray flashes, suddenly, the makings of his whole person change immediately, just like must pass through the power and influence aggressive instantaneous release of world, looks like controls all monarchies to chin up and chest out. Above the top of the head, Black and White Yin-Yang Crown condenses instantaneously, this Yin-Yang Crown is having the change fast, originally is Red and Blue Crown Star, turned into gold and black instantaneously, in the meantime, in his both hands palm, braved one group to fill the special flame of endless pressure respectively.

Even if Old Second Zhu such formidable Fire department Mage, releases Pinnacle Two Fires that flash in Ji Dong, the pain of also immediately feeling own fire attribute comprehensively suppressed. Is instantaneously is dim in his behind furnace fire. Although Ji Dong stands in the corner of room, but the flame in his both hands palm actually became the core of entire room.

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Chapter 48: High-grade Crystal Crown 

Level 1 Crystal Crown and Level 7 Crystal Crown obviously are not a concept, Ji Dong also clear remembering, initially Teacher Xia Tian had said that that Level 1 does Crystal Crown on value over a thousand gold coins, this Level 7 value want the geometrical multiple to increase? Such big favor he will not receive. Shakes the head again and again, said: "It is not good, was too precious, I cannot want."

Old Second Zhu said: "Ji Dong, later we were the brothers, when elder brother's giving brothers gift was not excessive? Like this, you, if thought that was too precious, how considers me to pay your reward? So long as after you achieve Three-Crown, every week can provide three double- hour to me Pinnacle Two Fires, assisting me to carry on the casting, these two Level 7 Crystal Crown are you one year of reward."At the same time was saying, in his eyes even reveals the color/look of plea.

The Ji Dong heart vibrates secretly, looks at the Old Second Zhu look, probably pays two high-grade Crystal Crown him to profit, does Pinnacle Two Fires really have the so huge function? But at present this situation, without doubt is cooperation will benefit both sides, oneself just arrived at Heavenly Stems School, it can be said that is alone and friendless, the strength is also small and weak. Old Second Zhu truly can give itself very big help. What is more important, Ji Dong is very interested regarding Crystal Crown.

"Old Brother Zhu, can you tell me, where this Crystal Crown and magic beast does crystal core distinguish, why the effect compared with crystal core that many?"

Old Second Zhu one hear of Ji Dong changed name, immediately is overjoyed, "Crystal Crown is delivers the body not to be different from the biggest difference of crystal core. crystal core stems from magic beast, but Crystal Crown stems from......"speaks of here, his complexion slightly changes, has stopped, "brothers, are not I do not tell you, but this matter only then cultivation base breaks through Three-Crown the school disciple to know, now was unable to tell you. However you could rest assured that Crystal Crown will not have any side effect."

Old Second Zhu said: "Did not say these, these two Crystal Crown I had not hated to use, the energy that they contained was almost same, uses is just appropriate on you. However now was unable to you, I to help you manufacture the magic power weapon them, like this will have the advantage to you. Since has joined Yin-Yang School, you later also will live here, I will look for you. The token you received, that was you as the Yin-Yang School special words student's symbol, had it, you have been able freely to come and go out here. Naturally, core area is incorrect. The underground area is generally called Yin-Yang School, altogether is divided into six wide ranges, each ring is a region, by your rank, outer three rings can move freely, inner three rings is not good. How as to study, Ye Xin that girl naturally can tell you. Brother, you may probably try hard to cultivate, earlier achieves Three-Crown!"

Ji Dong nodded, does not need Old Second Zhu to urge him also to try hard to promote own strength. Arrives at this powerhouse such as Heavenly Stems School of forest, is not small to his stimulation. What is more important is he to the commitment of Lie Yan (raging flames), Ji Dong pledged in the heart secretly, one day, oneself will have to protect the Lie Yan (raging flames) strength. Arrived that time, oneself have also been able to express in the heart to Lie Yan (raging flames) the love.

Thinks of Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong heart raises a warm current, the person lives must have the advance driving force, many people call the belief this power. But the belief of Ji Dong, is Lie Yan (raging flames). Time of double-hour quickly in the past, when Ye Xin arrived here, Leng Yue already not side her, once more after Old Zhu salutes, she brings Ji Dong to leave this strange magic power weapon manufacture room.

"What did Old Zhu say to you? Looks, he to you very interested."Ye Xin asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "has not said anything, inquires my two Fire departments attribute. After all, he is also Fire department."

Ye Xin eyes had a profound meaning looked at Ji Dong, gives him a sheepskin map, "truly, your two Fire departments sufficiently made the teachers of school feel shocking. Even must surpass Leng Yue that the small girl of talent. This is our Yin-Yang School map, usually do not wander about aimlessly. Oneself cultivation in the room, on map the red region cannot go, otherwise the consequence is proud. Every morning, must arrive at a school hall set. You join the school newly, quick will have the teacher to counsel you specially. Our Yin-Yang School disciple, everyone will have an exclusive teacher. Must respect the teacher, cultivates diligently. Remember, wants to stay in the school, you must at least achieve Two-Crown before 16 years old. Before has not been this degree, you could not be the official student in school, can only be preparatory student."

At the same time was saying, Ye Xin brings Ji Dong to arrive at Yin- Yang School most outer ring, here each ring is actually one, inward, wants downward thorough. Before Old Second Zhu was, was third ring is also third layer.

Ye Xin makes the token that Ji Dong will obtain just sneak together in the scoop channel of wall, and pours into Third Fire magic power, the door opens.

"You just arrived at the school, earlier rests. Also momentarily can take a walk to outside. Our Yin-Yang School disciple had the special cafeteria, on the map has marked the position. The token is you in the status symbol of school. The over-detailed formalities of our school anything opening ceremony, will not have recorded to obtain a hall set tomorrow morning." "Knew, thanks Senior Sister."

The confession of Ye Xin to Ji Dong is very simple, after all, as incompatible as fire and water exists between any Water department Mage and Fire department Mage.

Arrangement in room is simple, the size and Shui Ruohan room is similar, a bunk, a table, is stone steps/house, had again is one set of brand- new toilet articles and two school uniforms.

Ji Dong launched the school uniform to look, on red color school uniform not any mark, even if were compared with Li Fire School, wanted simple many. Looked from some level, Heavenly Stems School many that Li Fire School is more optional.

Finally stabilizes, but he was unable to rest, how Carl and Bi Su that side inspection does not know, was taking the map and token, Ji Dong left Yin- Yang School, returned in the drill ground.

The admittance test in drill ground is conducted as before, but has actually disappeared Carl and Bi Su form, sees Ji Dong to appear, Two- Crown official students who these are responsible for the newborn inspection, the vision appears somewhat strange, no wonder they can like this. A new student, inspection time has nearly killed an official student on the second, who can also treat him by the normal vision?

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Chapter 49: Certain Kill Skill attraction

Ji Dong felt indistinctly as if had any thing to prick in own middle finger, the intimately connected, the intense stabbing pain made him slightly knit the brows.

Lie Yan (raging flames) is shaking the hand of Ji Dong, the free time of a while, loosens slowly, before loosening, she has pinched Ji Dong specially formerly stabbing pain middle finger. Ji Dong looks to own finger, not any improper, does not have a scar.
Lie Yan shows a faint smile, "goes back. Later you will understand." "Good." The matter that Lie Yan (raging flames) was not willing saying
that Ji Dong will not ask. This is not only a tacit understanding, is the absolute trust. "Lie Yan (raging flames), bye."Red Lotus curls up, Ji Dong vanishes does not see. Looks the place that he vanishes, in the Lie Yan (raging flames) eye reveals a smile of understanding.

The rich magic power fluctuation stretches quietly, Lie Yan (raging flames) lifts a hand ball, Red Lotus Fire floating, Red Lotus from the sky enlarges falls to the earth core lake, the free time of a while, the earth core lake center, the magma rolling fluctuates, under that enlarges to diameter five meters Red Lotus Fire supports, a giant egg rose.

The egg shell surrounding, is wrapping gold and black rays of light, the interior is the ray intermittently is also glittering. The Lie Yan (raging flames) finger shoots again, a diameter and gold coin similar red blood bead floating, from the sky changes into the faint trace red glow, from integrates in the egg shell in all directions, on each blood threads red glow protection, relaxed plunges across the gold/metal black ray of egg shell surrounding.

Completes these, that huge Red Lotus also brings the great egg to submerge in the magma lake, Lie Yan muttered: "Blood slightly bridge, does not need any contract."

When Ji Dong returns to own room, is next morning, he this time has exceeded eight double-hour in the earth core lake cultivation. magic power that within the body is full has obvious progress. Has recalled a that night obtained, satisfied going out room slightly. Arrives in the drill ground, jogs.

The daybreak air is especially fresh, the vitality in within the body in jogging to return to normal gradually from the cultivation condition, is running, suddenly, Ji Dong as if felt that anything, turned head toward behind to look. Saw only the person's shadow to pursue together quickly, arrived at side him, led the way with him shoulder to shoulder.

"Has not thought really, you unexpectedly are my Junior Brother. I heard that did you enter Yin-Yang School?"Comes the person to smile was saying to Ji Dong.

This person yellow school uniform, the stature wants on high multi- half a head compared with Ji Dong, the look is handsome, in the foreheads is having several points of arrogance, lets not able to raise the head that Ji Dong suppresses in Bartenders Association, is in Yin-Yang School has Ji Yeshang of Special No. 10 token.

Ji Dong glanced at him, lightly said: "My also quite surprised, here can see you."

Ji Yeshang as if had not seen that Ji Dong that is aloof beside indifference, "yesterday I had looked for you, but has not knocked your door. To come you to cultivate, the place that I live is very near to you, as soon as you went out me to know. This is not by chance."

"What matter do you ask me to have? Retaliation?"Ji Dong has swept his one eyes. Ji Yeshang hurries to shake the head, "how can. Do not think that Heavenly Stems School manages loosely, actually, here rules and regulations want strict many compared with any other schools. Once offends, does not have any favor to say. The school does not oppose to challenge, but actually opposes the private war. Especially our these Yin- Yang School students are so. I look for you, for Yi Shoots the Nine Suns that day you mix. You do not know, on that day after you walked, our Central Plains City branch was earth-shaking, particularly after tasting that nine cups of Sun Falls From the Sky. Vice-chairman Chen Xiao has edited a book specially, escorts to the Northern Water Empire association. Although I am not willing to acknowledge, but actually has saying that you are top Bartender that made me unable to imagine. What I have not seen Sir Du Sikang drink mixing have been, but I thought, with the Wine God two characters described you do not have what improper."

Ji Dong as before is that faint expression, "did you ask me to say these to me?"

Ji Yeshang chuckled, said: "Naturally is not. I look on behalf of the guild your. By your ability, if willing to join us, at least is also the position of our branch vice-chairman. By your ability, amazes the world with a single brilliant feat in drink mixing world is without question. Brother, before was I am not right, I apologized to you, so long as you are willing to join the branch, even if made me kowtow to apologize does not have the issue."

Ji Dong stops the footsteps, faces up to Ji Yeshang, "first, I and you could not have talked about our two characters, next, you are not my brother. I will not join your Central Plains City branch. To make me join Bartenders Association is not impossible. The premise only then, some people can defeat me on drink mixing. Otherwise, later do not come to be tired of me."

Said these, he turns around to accelerate to run once more forward.

"Ji Dong, you wait/etc.."Hurrying that Ji Yeshang does not lose heart pursued, "you come Heavenly Stems School, to not study? Certain Kill Skill, what kind of? So long as you agreed, I give you Certain Kill Skill cultivation method now. Heard that you are Yin-Yang two Fire departments, Third Fire department or Fourth Fire department Certain Kill Skill, is casual you to elect."

Ji Dong horizontal his eyes, "does not need."

"Isn't Certain Kill Skill good?"Ji Yeshang has gawked, "Ji Dong, you must know, joins our Bartenders Association, but the advantage is many. Does not need you to make anything, every month also rich reward. Like this, I have taken responsibility for the minute association president, two Certain Kill Skill, Third Fire department and Fourth Fire department respectively. Then was always OK. So long as after your cultivation base achieves Three-Crown, has the possibility of cultivation. Later in school you need anything to help, I as far as possible will also help you."

Ji Dong this time no longer pays attention to him simply, with has not heard , to continue to run forward.

The Ji Yeshang complexion finally changed, "Ji Dong, do not go too far, arrogant must have a discretion."

Ji Dong two times stop the footsteps, "my words will not change, wants to make me join Bartenders Association, Ok. Let Du Sikang defeat me. I join unconditionally. Otherwise, do not come to be tired of me. also, in Heavenly Stems School, I do not need you to help. The cultivation, must depend on own skill."

"You......"Ji Yeshang is in itself the extremely proud person, may present Ji Dong clearly also want on the proud several points compared with him. In the heart anger combustion, "Ji Dong, you will regret. Offended me, in school I do not have the means with you. However, I must remind you, our Yin-Yang School Chief, has Senior Fu Rui of Special No. 1 token, is the association president of Central Plains City branch. You visit to provoke, making guild face countenance not save, Big Brother Fu Rui will not let off your. Even if in the school, there are Big Brother Fu Rui of name of Thunder Emperor also to have the privilege that other students do not have." - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

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Chapter 50: combination skill, quartet 

"Zhu Rong?" The good aggressive name, Ji Dong also clear remembering, in the legend of previous generation, the Fire God name is Zhu Rong.

The Zhu Rong body is quite big, must be higher than about two compared with 14-year-old Ji Dong, the shoulder is broad, in the foreheads is flooding the manic aura, facial features awe-inspiring might. That white hair is showing he not young physical age. Although does not have any aura release, but before him, Ji Dong has the feeling of not gasping for breath.

"Hello, Teacher Zhu Rong."Ji Dong bows to salute.

Zhu Rong nodded, "and I study, only then a request, does not fear to endure hardship. Understood? Come, first makes me have a look at your two Fire departments magic power."At the same time was saying, he such lifted the right hand like yesterday's Old Second Zhu, has pressed down the chest of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong cannot bear smiling bitterly, could it be said isn't own Pinnacle Two Fires secret able to retain? The palm of Zhu Rong is very big, according to the chest place, Ji Dong only thought that warming up transmits from his palm.

"Now?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked.

Zhu Rong to his nodded, "is now. I am not familiar with others to question that my words, this point you must remember." The eyeground ray flashes, within the body magic power transfers instantaneously, this Ji Dong has studied clever, has not concealed own Yin- Yang Vortex by Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, but hides quietly the Pinnacle Two Fires attribute. Made Yin-Yang Vortex in chest turn into red and blue dual-color.

The red and blue two-color flame simultaneously ascends from his both hands, that unique Black and White Yin-Yang Crown condenses quietly.

The right hand stuck to the Ji Dong chest front, Zhu Rong eyes has shone immediately, loudly shouted, "good. Originally unexpectedly is this."

The Zhu Rong voice is enormous, a hall that shakes shivers, Ji Dong Third and Fourth Two Fires takes back directly, has brought also in the vision of all people. However, actually nobody's vision dares to stay on this old person.

"Was good, you follow me."Saying, Zhu Rong was taking back the right hand, turned head to walk toward the hall.

Ji Dong has gawked, but followed. Did this consider as finished in the process of hall set? Heavenly Stems School also is really a strange place.

Zhu Rong is tall, the stride width also is very naturally big, one old one few, in an instant left the hall. Until they walk, in the corner, Shui Ruohan said to Long Tian: "Old Fifth, heard that yesterday board of directors Old Zhu and Old Shui quarrelled."

Long Tian chuckled, "you had not looked that Old Zhu personally did come? Ji Dong that boy was taken away by him. Does not know that does."

Shui Ruohan lowers the sound, "will not be the Old Zhu plan will teach him personally. Since Boss Fu Rui, Old Zhu has not taught any background."

Long Tian said with a forced smile: "Anything is impossible. Yin-Yang two Fire departments, had you heard before? In two years, I planned to graduate. We can study also in school study was similar. Achieves school first ten, will again not have the Teacher direction, all independent cultivation. I do not hope to be hit again in the near future. Maintains the Yin-Yang School fifth position graduation, as if also good."

Shui Ruohan said with a smile: "Old Fifth, you do not need such to exaggerate, the boy Level 14 magic power, wants to overtake us also early."

Long Tian glared at him, said: "You do not know that what is provides for a rainy day? Boss Fu Rui walked many days, heard that was goes to Northern Water Empire, after did not know he came back, discovered oneself have Little Junior Brother to be what kind. You have remembered, later do not provoke Ji Dong that boy. I just heard, Old Second Zhu called him brothers in cafeteria. This rank, may be a little chaotic!"

Zhu Rong brings Ji Dong to walk toward Yin-Yang School, at the same time walks, he asked to Ji Dong: "Has Yang Bingtian taught you?"

Ji Dong shook the head. He can see, oneself this new Teacher is a very strong character, in the heart has the question not to ask.

Zhu Rong nodded, said: "Has not taught well, misleading the youth of province."

Listened to Zhu Rong these words, Ji Dong unable to bear, in his heart, Yang Bingtian to his help was irreplaceable, without Yang Bingtian, he was impossible to know Lie Yan (raging flames), is impossible to have today. "Dean Yang is position very good Teacher. Please do not insult him."

"Insult?"Zhu Rong laughed, "he has not matched to make me insult."

Ji Dong stops the footsteps, coldly looks at Zhu Rong, "I did not need you to make my Teacher."Then, turns around to walk. From some significance, Yang Bingtian can be considered as on is his benefactor. Although he for Yang Bingtian four years of drink mixing, was also this favor, but he actually did not allow anybody to insult Yang Bingtian. He is certainly clear, oneself possibly are not the Zhu Rong match, begins only to him to bring contempt upon oneself. Only then to reject as the revolt.

Ji Dong just trod two steps, suddenly, in front road, red light screen raised suddenly, has blocked his way. The Zhu Rong sound conveys from the back, "you said that doesn't need not to use? To be respected others' approval, must depend upon own strength. The defense intensity of this Third Fire light screen was equal to just broke through Three-Crown Great Master level Third Fire Mage to display. So long as you can break it, I took back a moment ago, and gave you an explanation."

Ji Dong turns round to look to Zhu Rong, what sees is the Zhu Rong faint look. In the chest surges immediately a arrogance, the ray of eyeground in this flash as if perfect combustion, that type was despised the humiliation that and strength suppresses to make the aura of his whole person have the change. The double fist grips suddenly tightly, Black and White Yin-Yang Crown along with the ascension of Third and Fourth Two Fires, appeared above his top of the head instantaneously.

In this moment, Ji Dong as if felt the Two Great Sovereign Kings dignity, like initially when facing Snow and Ice Giant Dragon, was having that imposing inviolable will proudly, he very own chest. Yin-Yang Vortex revolves at unprecedented speed given thought.

Initially, facing Snow and Ice Giant Dragon, the disparity of strength was too big, although Ji Dong has also achieved the present state of mind, but actually cannot launch an attack. At this moment, in Zhu Rong that is not as if inferior under the Snow and Ice Giant Dragon pressure, arrogant demeanor of his innermost feelings fuses together with the Two Great Sovereign Kings will once more.

Looks at his appearance, in the Zhu Rong eye flashes through one to be astonished and admire greatly, secretly nodded. Fire department Mage, most needs is the will of destroying the hardest defenses.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Tonight erupts, this is second, before 8 points, also third. 12 : 00 pm fourth. Four explode continually. In the evening 12 roll-calls hold the fine congress, welcome everybody to participate.
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