Jiu Shen Chapter 401-410

Chapter 401: My flame, will injure my Ji Dong?

Yes, nobody can prevent Ji Dong in this moment. All that in his heart constrains the complete explosion, he even no longer had scruples the deicide aura that may erupt anytime, overrunning of is duty-bound not to turn back.

Saw, his body must break in the Red Lotus day to be hot. At this moment, strange appeared, the body of Ji Dong from the sky stagnated suddenly, the whole person floated in the midair.

Fu Rui, remote and Song Ruilong mentioned that the heart of throat contracts immediately fiercely, Fu Rui cried out again, "Little Junior Brother, comes back quickly, cannot go."

Also at this time, altogether nine red rays suddenly has braved from Ji Dong within the body. Nine rays proliferate quietly, around the Ji Dong body regarding becoming a circle, the next moment, the diameter five meters red light covers has covered his body, but sluggish Ji Dong of moment, wallops at this moment, the body broke in the Red Lotus day fire directly.

The distant place, looks at this Chen Sixuan, crazy say/way: "My flame, how also to injure my Ji Dong?"

Song Ruilong dumbfounded. Fu Rui and remote has also tarried, in that Red Lotus day fire, the body of Ji Dong finally anchors, that meets a day of continually place the flame, is washing out his body unceasingly, but he stands there, the diameter five meters giant light cover is covering his body, opens the Red Lotus day fire with ease, this ultimate Certain Kill Skill flame, unexpectedly has not become any injury to other party.

This seems in any person eyes that inconceivable, but it actually like this presented before the people.

"Lie Yan (raging flames) and Lie Yan (raging flames)......"Ji Dong dull standing in Red Lotus day fire, has had tears streaming down the face. In this moment, he can the clear feeling, oneself as if return to the earth core world, is hugging his Lie Yan (raging flames). Is bathing the Red Lotus day fire, he feels only then warm, then opens nine red light that the light covers around his body, is not just Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his nine this life lotus seed?

Yes! This is the Lie Yan (raging flames) Red Lotus day fire, will it injure to Lie Yan (raging flames) Ji Dong?

The Red Lotus day hot warmth, as if in infiltrating the heart of Ji Dong, the tears uncontrolled is welling up crazily, the Ji Dong whole person stands in that Red Lotus day fire gently is shivering.

Song Ruilong, Fu Rui with remote stopped the footsteps, they do not dare to continue to approach again, was away from the Red Lotus day fire also kilometer, they can the clear feeling oneself complete magic power be suppressed, this time they, looked like the average person are the same. In this belongs to front of ultimate Certain Kill Skill of god. Their strengths appear that tiny.

Remote muttered: "It seems like our worries are unnecessary, Ji Dong is Pinnacle Two Fires Mage, is controlling Chaos Fire. This Red Lotus day fire is unable to become the injury to other party."

"No, is not this reason. I think, should be because this Red Lotus day fire came from Lie Yan (raging flames), therefore has not become the injury to other party."Fu Rui panting somewhat, looks at Ji Dong to break in the Red Lotus day fire slightly a moment ago, really scared this Thunder Emperor. If Little Junior Brother had an accident, he may have no way to confess. Until at this moment, Chen Sixuan arrives at side them, their vision fall on bathing on Red Lotus day hot Ji Dong, although he has not been injured by the Red Lotus day fire now, but they as before have actually been full of the worry.

But at this time, Ji Dong actually walked from the Red Lotus day fire, went out of the Red Lotus day fire step by step, toward direction line of people. After he leaves the Red Lotus day fire exceeds 30 meters, around body that red light covers also voluntarily vanishes, the life lotus seed of nine Lie Yan (raging flames) receive to Ji Dong within the body voluntarily vanish do not see.

Fu Rui grew the tone, Little Junior Brother came out finally, was all right well.

But, the next moment. Their hearts actually once more clutch tightly, when Ji Dong goes out is away from the Red Lotus day fire 100 meters, suddenly stopped the footsteps, changes the Red Lotus day hot direction once more. Standing that decides there, has not moved again.

"How Ji Dong was this?"Asking that Song Ruilong was perplexed.

Fu Rui sighed, "Big Brother, released this Red Lotus day hot master, was the Ji Dong lover. Also because of the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, his lover passed away. Therefore he so will be painful, his hair is therefore is also white. Sees this Red Lotus day fire, his lover keeps the trace in this world, how can he not be excited?"

Song Ruilong surprised opening mouth , he although knows indistinctly this Red Lotus day fire they were related with Ji Dong and Fu Rui, actually not clear this Red Lotus day hot releaser unexpectedly was the Ji Dong lover, can actually this lover formidable to how the degree?

At this moment, stands from the Red Lotus day fire, only then hundred meters far Ji Dong has opened the mouth slowly, he spoke toward the Red Lotus day fire. The Ji Dong vision is straight, at this moment, in his pair of pupil actually again does not have the pain of slightest bit, only then that endless affection, that lyrical sound, was pouring out toward the Red Lotus day fire, "Lie Yan (raging flames), I came. I know, you can certainly hear my words, is right? A moment ago at that moment, bathed in the Red Lotus day fire, I as if felt that you side me, I was hugging you. Is feeling your gentleness and warmth. Do you know, you drop out me to go like this, I am painful. I hope, at this moment can see you bath hot rebirth from this Red Lotus day fire. Your departure, made the life to me already not any significance, your departure, made me unable to see world again the color. I only want to look for you, regardless of you where, regardless of must pay what kind of price, I only want to look for you. But, you have actually given me ten years, every year holds a memorial service for you with one famous name wine that the famous name wine records, is this really your final wish?"

Here, Ji Dong stopped, his both eyes became blurred once more, body was shivering.

Although the Ji Dong sound is not loud, but Fu Rui and the others are one generation of powerhouses, can hear each character that he said as before clearly, both eyes of Chen Sixuan held completely the tears, subconscious on strategic place in the past. Was actually blocked by Fu Rui.

"Do not disturb him, at this time, no one must disturb him. You will not understand his pain. Big Brother Song, went a place with me. I must hold a memorial service for a person. You and I go, the garrison troops misunderstanding of province. Remote, you and think of the fine jade on here we."Saying, Fu Rui was going to the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon once more, the huge dragon body soars, goes in a direction. Song Ruilong felt obviously the Fu Rui mood was not right, hurried to follow.

Chen Sixuan bites the lower lip tightly, the remote complexion is also a paleness, looks direction that Fu Rui departs, she wants with going, but eventually actually gave up. He must hold a memorial service for her. At this kind of time, do not disturb him. Facing the Red Lotus day fire, Ji Dong has opened the mouth, his first few words made in the Chen Sixuan heart raise the dreadful wave.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), I know actually, you and I these ten years approximately for do not want to make me commit suicide together in the name of love for you. I know, I know."Ji Dong muttered is saying, "you were fear me dead, you hope that I was living well. But, did not have you, what was I living and died to distinguish? Ten years? could it be you believe, only takes ten years to dilute me to your love? You have made a mistake, I never change to your love, I will only miss you. Ten years? Perhaps, this is also you to my test. However, you could rest assured that so long as is you says, to is wrong, I will complete certainly. Ten years later, when I complete all these for you, I will go as before as you like, where regardless of you, I will look for you."

"One year, you left my one year, I also missed 365 days and nights, I am really good to think you, whenever I think of you, I grieved is unable to breathe, but such suffering I must withstand for ten years. Ten big famous name wines that Lie Yan (raging flames), you want, I had found six types, my this mixes the first good wine for you, ok? Uses we most familiar origin of life. If the time can flow backwards, I how want to live in seclusion with the woods monsters with you in Earth Spirit Mountain Range together!"

Shivering, crystal shaker is appearing in the Ji Dong hand, he takes out one bottle of origin of life, opens the bottle cap time. His hand unexpectedly uncontrolled some convulsion. However, he poured into shaker that bottle of origin of life did not omit eventually.

A little bit clear teardrops drop slowly in shaker, just started, the tears are transparent, but is quick, the color of this tears starts to have the transformation unexpectedly, was turned transparently pale red, by pale red was turned again red.

The origin of life is the light cyan, is green one, is red and green, this originally is extremely not the well distributed two colors, but at this time in that crystal shaker, actually appears that bright. That wipes the red, is similar to the ink generally in filling life aura the origin of life of blooms, under that Red Lotus day hot complementing.

Pū, a painstaking care seizes mouth, happen to spurted on shaker, in remote with that moment that Chen Sixuan called out in alarm in pairs, Ji Dong the crystal shaker cover for a jar has covered.

He leaps forward in the midair suddenly, shaker instantaneously in he holds changes into the infinite brilliance, that is bringing the origin of life with his liquid of painstaking care and tears of blood, is dancing in the air in shaker.

No, no, no, in the Chen Sixuan heart was crying out crazily, in this moment, she thinks insistence that oneself can withstand actually finally broke, she flushed fiercely, directly soared airborne Ji Dong to clash, she must tell him, she must tell him her is Lie Yan (raging flames), she was his Lie Yan (raging flames)! She continuously in his side. She is not willing to see he so painful appearance.

However, at this time, suddenly, from the day to the place, including the Red Lotus day fire, all unexpectedly suddenly has framed, Ji Dong is also maintaining a drink mixing posture, remote eye socket slightly red, cries with emotion, before Chen Sixuan is maintaining, posture that to/clashes, even also two lines of teardrops flutter in the air. All, as if stagnated in this flash.


The evil god takes back own big hand slowly, if can some people see his complexion, certainly will discover, this god king this time look is extremely ugly.

Black and white, two giant light beams are similar to Tienchu are supporting entire god as before generally, but here all actually also likely coagulated generally.

"could it be can I lose really? Does this so-called love, really have such strength? This boy isn't simply a normal person?"In the voice of evil god has filled unwillingly.

The good god graceful voice of along with it resounding, "your losing is inevitable, but, actually is also not now. Should not finish to their tests."

Evil god somewhat surprised said: "Good, I suddenly discovered, you are stingier than me sometimes. Wanted to let off them including me, you were still insisting that this gambling did make?"

The good god gives a calm smile, "evil, you know, if I win this gambling to make, will set what kind of request to you?"

In evil god heart shakes, "good, you. "

Good god lightly sighed, "the world to the god, has incomparable yearning, but, human knows, our god lonely and lonely? In our god, many gods hoped to find the successor, thus restored the body of freedom, even if were becomes an ordinary human, on the splendid life they have also wanted. Evil, we ruled this world for a long time too to be too long. If this time gambling made me to win, I will request, you and I unloaded the position of this god king together. Did you understand?"

The evil god is surprised, "you said that they "

Good god lightly said: "Therefore I will tell you, was far from the conclusion to their tests. After all, this test relations are too big. However just passed for one year, ten years of making of Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ji Dong, is their ten years tests, we must do, is promotes this test to continue. Can suffer hardships painstakingly, the side is a top dog. Being in love of ten years of tempering receiving in exchange eternal life, I think how we do not calculate brutally, not? After the bitter comes the sweet, is most beautiful."

The evil god has smiled, "evidently, you have confidence really very much. Do you that trust this boy? Is the heart of human, really so firm?"

The good god shows a faint smile, "looked that didn't know? To us, the other nine years in god also are just nine days. If you do not have to a oneself confidence, then you really lose now."

"Victory and loss is undecided, should not be too early to say."


Holy and Evil Island, before Red Lotus day fire.

All returned to normal, Ji Dong drink mixing is continuing, the remote tears continue to flow, they are impossible to discover that formerly any change, only had the body of Chen Sixuan to stop, the coagulation there, moved quietly cannot move.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), the gambling has about not been completed, you want to let his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, forever will the falling samsara, withstand the endless misery?" The evil god ice-cold evil different voice is reverberating in the Chen Sixuan soul.

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Chapter 402: Extinguishes the god to direct

"No, no, I do not want his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish. But I do not hope him so painful. I could not bear, evil god, asked you, let off Ji Dong."

"This does not let off him, lets off your issue. The gods do not have the joke. Since you agreed with us, opportunity that you have not regretted. If you must tell him now, I first will write off from this world you. He will continue the pain to get down similarly, but a you continually final opportunity does not have. Even cannot continue to visit him in the side. How to choose, only in you in an instant."

"I......" the impulsion in Chen Sixuan heart had been pressed by the evil god ice-cold voice of forcefully, she is very clear, the words of evil god do not crack a joke, can she have the choice that?

At this moment, how many minutes the words of evil god have instead relaxed, "Ji Dong bears such pain not to collapse, but you actually also know that he is living, and can with him in the same place, could it be you probably collapse first? Wants with him in the same place, to make him say that three characters to you not at any cost. One year passed by, your effort also by far insufficient. For your happiness, you yourself try hard."

The voice of evil god goes pale. Chen Sixuan also restored the ability of motion, but, her step is unable to step again.

The Ji Dong drink mixing movement stopped at this moment, in glittering and translucent carving crystal shaker, what presents is pot pink peerless good wine. The Ji Dong corners of the mouth also bloodstain, his vision coagulates completely in the liquor fluid in shaker.

took a deep breath, he turned on cover for a jar slowly, a strange wine, having several points of light bloody aura to wield in the air is dispersing.

"Asked you to miss blood, although, you were not the peak on my bartending skill, but was actually in the mood, only then Lie Yan (raging flames), had the taste your qualifications. Goes, my blood of missing, Lie Yan (raging flames), waits for me, also nine years."

The blood of that bottle of missing fly toward the Red Lotus day fire, when it melts in the day fire, entire Red Lotus day fire slight trembled, blood-color Red Lotus blooms in the day fire quietly, although it appears briefly, but that moment beautiful made people lifelong unforgettable.

Floating falls on the ground, Ji Dong infatuated after looking at a Red Lotus day fire again, has turned around, walked in Chen Sixuan and remote direction.

His complexion is very pale, but the tears actually throw off in the previous moment. On his pale face, is actually having the smiling face, seems is really the somewhat strange smiling face.

The Chen Sixuan complexion is more unattractive than Ji Dong, is gazing at him, anything had not said.

Looks at the smiling face on Ji Dong face remotely, in the heart raises an absolutely terrified feeling, cannot bear asking: "Ji Dong, what do you smile?"

Ji Dong smiled was looking at remote one, "distance and Lie Yan (raging flames) met, already near one year, why didn't I smile?"

Light a few words, made remote simultaneously the heart crazily to shake with Chen Sixuan, two girls looked at each other one, what in the remote eye revealed was pities, but the mood in Chen Sixuan eye actually wanted complex many. Replied that remote words, Ji Dong is sitting down directly same place, both hands place on the knee the static cultivation, as if his heart was already tranquil, but on his face residual that smiling face, actually that strange.

After a double-hour, Fu Rui came back. His complexion is quite similarly ugly, gloomy as if can drop the water leakage to come. Sighs with Song Ruilong who he comes back together, has patted his generous shoulder.

Looks at each other one with Chen Sixuan remotely once more, this time, they saw one from each other vision: Has heavy responsibilities.

Looks on two female face become somewhat splendid, the sudden tacit understanding, making them as if pull closer several points.

"Big Brother, making me try your god of thunder resistance again."Ji Dong rises with a spring from the ground, in both eyes restored the appearance, all that as if had a moment ago do not appear on him.

The god of thunder resistance, was Fu Rui initially several times shot and attracts the Ji Dong ability, came from his thunder Yu god axe, or was thunder Yushen the axe the armor of god of thunder.

Fu Rui has gawked, before he chooses, leaves to hold a memorial service for Ye Xin, for is not willing to stay behind comes to see to the Ji Dong pain appearance. The main purpose of their this time coming, the gala of partners also because of Lie Yan (raging flames) and Ye Xin, as well as these died. Looks at the Ji Dong appearance, he as if restored to come, the haze on Fu Rui face also diverges several points. He naturally hopes, oneself this Little Junior Brother can soon walk from the pain.

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong lifts the right hand suddenly, light has patted in the Fu Rui direction. This seems like a soft and weak palm makes the Fu Rui look one tense. He who similarly has practiced this giving up study could certainly see Ji Dong this palm contains extinguishes the strength that the god strikes. When extinguishes cultivation base that the god strikes to be higher, gets rid seems does not have the smoke anger on more, Ji Dong this seems like a relaxed palm, actually implication is actually the extremely terrifying strength. But what made Fu Rui accidental/surprised was, although the palm of Ji Dong has clapped, but the body has not actually moved, but stood in same place, but at this time he was away from Fu Rui also ten meters remote.

In Fu Rui heart surprised. Suddenly, he feels clearly, strong suction erupts a certainly suddenly from the Ji Dong palm place, by his cultivation base, the body was attracted toward Ji Dong that pulls flushes away.

Is this? Fu Rui thinks without enough time, with thunder Yu the god axe of body fusion has reacted completely, the armor of god of thunder covers instantaneously, the god of thunder resistance also erupts.

In the air produces an intense fulmination obviously, can clear seeing, a dazzling electric light in airborne rub with light golden light fiercely, but before Fu Rui , the body that to/clashes stops, Ji Dong was also the upper body shook.

Fellow apprentices two people of four items of relative, in Fu Rui eye, what reveals is the extreme shock.

"Extinguishes the god to strike, fourth heavy?"Fu Rui almost subconscious asked these words.

Ji Dong nodded, yes, bathed before in the Red Lotus day fire, immersed , during that missed extremely, the Red Lotus day hot aura, lit finally extinguished the god to strike the deep meaning of breakthrough, succeeded from tertiary broke through heavily fourth.

"Really such as we expect, after extinguishing the god to strike to break through to fourth is heavy, increased an ability. Although is only auxiliary, but regarding extinguishing the god strikes, is actually extremely practical. Its name is, extinguishes god to direct."

"Extinguishes the god to direct?"Fu Rui duplicates the name that Ji Dong was saying, "as if there is wonder of equally good results from different methods with my god of thunder resistance." Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "Different, compared with the words of suction, should adsorb the god of thunder purely is stronger , the effect of but actually not having resisted. Only can be the pure suction, because it is coordinates to extinguish the god to strike completely to exist."

In the Fu Rui eye the none remaining puts greatly, ", but this was also enough, had this to extinguish the god to direct. If starts in the short distance, the opposite party only has with your short distance collides. Had this skill, my god of thunder resistance absorption has not affected to you. The young fellows, such quickly broke through unexpectedly. This extinguishes the god to strike is really wonderful with an improper method!"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "Senior Brother, this extinguishes the god to direct actually is also a double-edged sword, pulls forcefully the enemy own side, no doubt can destroy the rhythm of enemy, but both sides short distance contact, does not die inevitably the continuous aspect. I also need to practice, can achieve its effect."

Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "Does not need to pull is so far, don't you want to make me be the trainer to you? Does not have the issue, among our brothers also needs the smalltalk? At the worst you hit me disabled, later you supported me."

Ji Dong looks up to the space, "Zhou Xiaoxiao came, we should also walk, actually, my meaning do not make the Senior Brother play as the opponent in order to give others practice to me, could it be you did not think, this has the fatty of gold/metal of chaos, simultaneously is our trainers suitably?"

Fu Rui eyes shined, "this idea seems to be good. Arrives at western Western Metal Empire from the continent eastern seashore extremely, as if requires period of not short time. Happen to is we to the good opportunity that President Zhou asks for advice."

In the sky discovered that Ji Dong and Fu Rui one line, Zhou Xiaoxiao in this humble one falling process have fought a shiver suddenly smartly spirit, in the heart the secretly thought: Who such does not keep eyes open, dares to keep thinking about my fatty.

Stands with Chen Sixuan in the one side remotely sees at present these two brothers, they could certainly see, although the surfaces of their fellow apprentices are relaxed, may in fact, deliberately avoid oneself innermost feelings the grief, they in thinking each other to be infecting, making the opposite party soon walk from the sadness. Therefore Ji Dong when Fu Rui comes back proposes compares notes, but Fu Rui is also willing to be the trainer.

Said goodbye to Song Ruilong, the Ji Dong four people left Holy and Evil Island with Zhou Xiaoxiao directly, Ji Dong or Fu Rui, are not willing to keep a point in this sad place, because they feared the next moment. Oneself will unable to bear the beautiful woman who follows that pass go. If the body of Ji Dong cannot resist the Red Lotus day fire, then, he when just arrived here, could not control itself, perished directly.

"The Ji Dong boy, our goes to the secret city first?"Zhou Xiaoxiao asked.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I agreed with the partners, here matter went to meet with them. Moreover I must return to Central Plains City again. I have promised my students, must deliver them to return to flaming the hot school. Now must go to Western Metal Empire with you, must have a confession to them."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "This said that I helped you arrange and that's the end. The guarantee makes your student return to flaming the hot school in the most comfortable way."Since Ji Dong complies to return to Western Metal Empire with him, he does not care about the midway to delay some time anything.

Ji Dong said: "Does fatty, you hope me to be able very much through this inspection?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao small eyes winked winking, "boy, you such asked how I thought has any plot!" Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "plot cannot say. However, after I cultivation base promoted recently, had felt the actual combat is inexperienced, is unable compromises perfectly own magic power and various skills, needs some pressures. If convenient, this all the way rest time, how do you accompany me and Senior Brother compare notes?"

"It is not dry/does." The fatty large head of swings is similar to the divination rouses, "is not dry, your this group of boys, are one by one abnormal, has pinnacle magic power, you close, my fatty cannot bear! Perhaps has not arrived at Western Metal Empire, pressed out several jin (0.5 kg) perquisite by you, is my fat child long/grows meat easy?"

Ji Dong said: "Is only I and Senior Brother, will not have others to participate. I know that you are feared my five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, you may feel relieved greatly, this strategy we have not started to cultivate. Your comprehended the chaos mysterious solemn supreme powerhouse, could it be had also feared our two cultivation base both didn't arrive at Eight-Crown Mage? Moreover, words that my actual combat capability cannot promote, how through your business association that abnormal inspection?"

Fat people hesitant, has a look at Fu Rui and Ji Dong again, this reluctantly nodded, said: "If only then you two words, can consider actually. However, you cannot use the strength of mount."But he astute, Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, although is Rank 9 magic beast, but in range that also in he can accept, but Ji Dong fifty Saint Fire Dragon made him also be able to feel that the threat of powerful, the fatty will not do the doing business at a loss business.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Ok, we must exercise is also own actual combat capability."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Since this case, fatty accompanies you to move, but how may reach an agreement, the fatty will punch the person not to be impolite."He was saying these words time, suddenly discovered, Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, in two people of eyes revealed a strange smiling face, making fatty fat shiver. Reason that Zhou Xiaoxiao can find Ji Dong they, is actually because before , visited the secret city, after obtaining Ji Dong leaves the Central Plains City news, he immediately starts hand/subordinate fully seeks, finally had found the secret in the secret city, clouds that the secret has not concealed anything to him, where showed the path to wait for that to him Ji Dong appeared. By cloud secret foreknowledge ability, to Zhou Xiaoxiao this fatty, he anticipated.

Arrives at the secret city, the people meet, after these days recuperation, immersed the people in five elements method mystery also gradually restored the mind, without a doubt, the energy of mausoleum chamber buried treasure made their cultivation base again long heavy buildings, cultivation base weakest Du Ming and Du Xin'er has also been away from Six-Crown cultivation base to be getting more and more near.

Returns to Central Plains City, Ji Dong planned after handling some basic business, leaves, but is contrary to what expects, this remains, in Central Plains City is one month. Because really had too many matters to need to process.

After obtaining circular of Central Plains City issue, the speed of response ratios of continent four countries' were expected that is quick, when Ji Dong they return to Central Plains City, Southern Fire Empire, Western Metal Empire, Northern Water Empire and Eastern Wood Empire messengers were here ten days of time.

Yesterday afternoon, I was taking an afternoon nap the rest, suddenly heard the sobbing sound, ran to look, the wife was crying. Being perplexed. Why asked her. At the beginning her agree did not say. Afterward said with me, had the sugar sugar for one year, she has not rested a full night's sleep. She quite thinks that in the morning can rest to six points begins, because does not affect the symbol, after having the sugar sugar, we allocate housing to rest, I do not know. Listened to his words I is very uncomfortable. The wife usually never complained to me, actually in the back of my trying hard symbol, she has also paid many many. I have really been short to her care. But, I cannot throw my book friends similarly. I have decided that waits for this book to write, may have several days of vacation to oneself, accompanies her to go out to play to read the new book again. As for is several days, when the time comes informs everybody again. The heart has the feelings, grumbles, the book friends do not blame. More than six years of symbol profession, achievement small three present result, but I am my person, paid were more. But my regret, because of these six years, I have not known surely the book friend, you have also been accompanying me, is supporting me, not?

Chapter 403: Mage unites elder assembly

Ji Dong they return to Central Plains City ten days ago. Other four country messengers came, they watched have flaminged the mystery that the hot school Sun and Moon school students showed that and had held the close discussion several times.

Ji Dong underestimates the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that oneself have created regarding Mage world is as for the entire continent influence. Can't the strong support that Central Earth Empire and Mage association is outspoken also possibly gain attaching great importance to of other four Great Empire? Especially after they saw truly the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy made that 30 generally also the Three-Crown students display the great power that Six-Crown Mage was also very difficult to contend with, four Great Empire messengers immediately in an uproar.

Southern Fire Empire obtains the news is earliest, after Ji Dong brings person of set out, Zhu Rong looked for the Southern Fire Empire imperial family, told the imperial family the situation of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy simply. By the Zhu Rong status, directly has naturally brought to the attention of Southern Fire Empire, internally already emergency discussion. Therefore, envoy of this coming obtains the Southern Fire Empire imperial family plenary powers to be ordered, after they see with one's own eyes a five elements mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method strong effect, immediately expresses has fully supported the Mage association, became after Central Earth Empire, second is made the correct statement by the official. Almost is Southern Fire Empire expresses support for at the same time, was Eastern Wood Empire, Eastern Wood Empire obtained the news time, although did not have Southern Fire Empire to be so early, but absolutely was not late, the urgency that the news as well as this most being in favor princess who Chen Sixuan transmitted expressed that making Eastern Wood Empire has to attach great importance to comprehensively.

Moreover this time matter is also makes Emperor Eastern Wood Empire pleasantly surprised, reason that the young succuba this time unexpectedly has since always helped the empire achieve such a great accomplishment, Eastern Wood Empire is willing to cut off among the intercourse with silly rich business associations. And also has to flatter the Ji Dong reason. Do not forget, Eastern Wood Empire is recent from Holy and Evil Island, Chen Longao regarding the Ji Dong status is extremely familiar, after considering all the factors, Eastern Wood Empire decided that in view of the silly rich business association, obtains the Ji Dong friendship as far as possible. But looks like in Emperor Eastern Wood, all that Chen Sixuan makes, consider for the empire, but has not thought certainly because of any personal relationships, because in his cognition, oneself this daughter already the heart had the subordinate . Moreover the fetter of also engagement, but how he knows, present Chen Sixuan, already was not beforehand Chen Sixuan. She is not helping Eastern Wood Empire, but pure help/gang Ji Dong. From her perspective, for Ji Dong, even if gives up entire Eastern Wood Empire she not caring.

Western Metal Empire is third expresses support , the news that they obtain came from the silly rich business association. Silly rich business association can headquarters in placing Western Metal Empire, it among the relations with Western Metal Empire makes closer obviously. The association president of all previous silly rich business association, is Metal department. Before Western Metal Empire received the message from silly rich business association, on behalf of the Western Metal Empire envoy saw that with Zhou Xiaoxiao that Ji Dong came together, when obtained his benefit, last hesitant also immediately disintegrates, has chosen the support.

Only has the Northern Water Empire envoy, in waiting there for some time, after Ji Dong they returned one week. Finally determines. They and others, is the Water department two big supreme powerhouses' arrivals, the water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud. The messengers in other countries only know that under these two supreme powerhouses and part of great bear crowns under Ji Changxin, the extraordinarily good luck crown Shangguan Yinkong after were discussing together a double-hour, next day, Northern Water Empire expressed the support finally. Hence, Light Five Elements Continent Five Great Empires, accepts the condition that Ji Dong put forward completely, being outspoken support Mage Guild.

But before , what slightly has discrepancies, has elder assembly that controls all cultivates the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy Mage huge authority, carried on the detailed combination, elder assembly has controlled by 15 elders together. And, Mage Guild occupied four, after all, Mage Guild will certainly strive in a big way, controls Mage is also most. These four elders are headed by Shiloh. But Five Great Empires each country has two people respectively, occupies ten. These ten people, are Mage world one generation of powerhouses. The Central Earth Empire two elders, are Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong, Southern Fire Empire, naturally was cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister. The cloudy morning sun brother and sister before Ji Dong they arrive, with Zhu Rong arrived at Central Plains City. This time matter. It can be said that relates to the prosperity and decline entire continent, can they not come?

Northern Water Empire, is two big supreme, water bright moonlight and cold wind and cloud. Without a doubt, they are the Northern Water Empire back pillar/backbone. But Western Metal Empire, what making Ji Dong somewhat funny was, took the post of the elder was the first vice-chairman of fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao and his silly rich business association, the Eighth Metal department supreme powerhouse of this lofty one bamboo rain sword. Although his cultivation base just broke through shortly after Nine- Crown, but also is a supremeness of genuine. Ji Dong is also therefore knows, originally the silly rich business association unexpectedly is behind Western Metal Empire the maximum support capacity. This also why Western Metal Empire pursued the Central Earth Empire important reason in recently these year of overall strengths. Only has the Eastern Wood Empire two elders is Ji Dong did not know completely, but said according to the Eastern Wood Empire envoy, was two supreme powerhouses. Their this time has not come, but the position of this elder definitely will take the post by them.

Five Great Empires adds on Mage Guild, had 14 elders, but the 15 th elder, is Ji Dong. As the inventor of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, is one generation of Saint kings of commander bright heavenly stems disciple, he completely has this qualifications.

Everyone understands, this Mage unites the elder assembly tenable significance is anything, can say, this, is the entire Light Five Elements Continent major part Mage strength that unites elder assembly to control. Also is the future and in the Dark Five Elements Continent holy war, most important strength. Any independent country, impossible, in this unites in elder assembly to have the absolute right to speak.

After the following half a month consultation, Mage united elder assembly to work out numerous rules, included, before the holy war ended, if any country must withdraw unites the command of elder assembly, will receive the powerful sanction of other four country as well as Mage Guild. For the entire continent life or death. It can be said that Five Great Empires and Mage Guild went out important one step.

After detailed discussion, particularity of hesitant five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy instruction , under order to lets unite elder assembly to control Mage to have the cohesive force, the final five countries and Mage Guild add on Ji Dong this independent elder jointly to decide again, all Mage that six sides control, will arrive at Central Plains City to carry on the unified instruction. Naturally, this unification must carry on turn.

Central Earth Empire will open a place to study for these Mages outside Central Plains City specially. But is responsible for teaching, naturally was the elder who united elder assembly these supreme powerhouse ranks. After Mage unites elder assembly is founded, Ji Dong the method of principle as well as assistance cultivation of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, teaches to excluding vice-chairman other seven supreme powerhouses who Eastern Wood Empire as well as silly rich business association that has not come. But stays here to be responsible for teaching Mages, actually only has six people. Zhou Xiaoxiao as silly rich business association president, the matter that needs to handle are too many, obviously is impossible to stay behind, but Ji Dong, has a lot to process, simultaneously their these bright heavenly stems disciples must be used in cultivating the majority of time on, naturally cannot stay plays the Teacher role here, their goals, but that had the Ten Great Divine Tools dark heavenly stems disciple as well as that has absorbed four mahatma beast strengths dark secrets.

Ji Dong students who from flaminging the hot school brings also on logical remained, as person who earliest cultivates the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, their experiences regarding then need to accept the inheritance Mages to be quite important.

Leaves the Light Five Elements Continent time also entire four years, although conforms with continent Mage to carry on this strategy to cultivate also many difficult problems, how for example to carry on the Mage combination. How to guarantee that these Mage obey the verbal command, how to let complete the combination Mages to live together, this is the issue of urgently needed processing. But these obviously are not Ji Dong must care. He can do has done, is Mage Guild and Five Great Empires matter.

Entire one month later, Mage unites elder assembly here matter is comes to the end finally, Ji Dong is leading numerous heavenly stems disciples, in addition Zhou Xiaoxiao, directly soars Western Metal Empire to go.

"Fatty does not do. This way, the fatty does not die must delaminate the skin, does not bring you two this. Is endless devastation fatty, you cruel enough?" The voice of speech has been full of the miserable, suffering from injustice and sad feeling. If hears this sound. That moves people to tears absolutely, how thinks the fatty in this words to put in great inconvenience. But if, the person who hears this saying knows, the person of this speech is the present age have several the powerhouse, cultivation base reaches as high as Level 96, and comprehended the silly rich business association president of chaos deep meaning, then he does think? Right, speech Zhou Xiaoxiao, this fatty is standing there at this time, both hands fork waist, a face aggrieved looks at Ji Dong and Fu Rui this fellow apprentices two people, wishes one could to go all out to resemble with them.

Their group left Central Plains City to have about thousand kilometers, this stopped in this small woods rests, Ji Dong and Fu Rui directly proposed that must continue to complete their comparing notes great undertaking with the fatty. Other people depend to sit on nearby tree, quite interesting looks that at present this has duplicated, not only a time farce.

"Fatty, the speech may probably keep a promise, but initially you promised us, must be the trainer to us. Isn't our strength, great advantage to you?"Fu Rui chuckled, said. Since these days, he and Ji Dong and Zhou Xiaoxiao has mixed was ripe, although this fatty cultivation base is extremely high, age also near eighty years of age. But the manner is actually very amiable, makes them call the fatty directly. With fiery that numerous heavenly stems disciples hit.

However, regarding fatty, is actually the sad happy twofold day of withstanding, no doubt was these young heavenly stems disciples mixes ripe, but he has also paid the deeply grieved price.

Do not think that Ji Dong in Central Plains City has wasted for one month, polarity, this month, his cultivation achievement even adds to be also better compared with the beforehand several months. Mage unites the one by one conference of elder assembly, had the extremely necessary accident/surprise, he almost will not attend, own that ticket has given the Martial Ancestor cloudy morning sun agent. But he and Fu Rui specially looked for Zhou Xiaoxiao this fatty. Every day must at least entangle him to compare notes one time.

Zhou Xiaoxiao cultivation base is truly formidable, just started, Ji Dong and Fu Rui coordinate not to be the tacit understanding, although two people are talented, but faces Zhou Xiaoxiao Level 96 magic power to add on the gold/metal of deep meaning chaos. Frequently tidied up black and blue. However, who Ji Dong and are Fu Rui? That is the present age most outstanding heavenly stems disciple, two people are the eminent characters in heavenly stems disciple. After the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe added on Ji Dong to comprehend extinguished the god directed the extinguishing god to strike, in the tacit coordination, gave the fatty to bring the huge trouble gradually.

Came on by thunder Yushen the axe, was extinguished the god to strike to pat two palms by Ji Dong, suffices fatty meat pain one, but along with comparing notes continuation, the fatty was hit the number of times also gradually to increase. Although both sides kept the hand in the magic power output. But Fu Rui that fills explosive pinnacle Yang Thunder and Ji Dong that breaks in within the body to erupt, and is the extinguishing gods of four times of condensation strikes Pinnacle Two Fires, was too uncomfortable. Ji Dong and Fu Rui attribute itself to Zhou Xiaoxiao pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power has also restrained.

Most made the fatty depressed was also not these, how regardless to say, by Ji Dong and Fu Rui cultivation base, although the strength was abnormal, but everybody compared notes after all, was not the life and death wrestles. Their two are also not enough to pose the threat to the fatty truly, the fatty came under attack, naturally can also double gives back to them. But, Ji Dong or Fu Rui, have a greatly strengthened resistance to hit the ability. Moreover, compared notes each time, the fatty can only depressed try hard to compel within the body residual heterogeneous magic power, if has been injured, wanted therapy. But others two brothers are booing, after going back, Yao Qianshu this medicine medicine must die the pinnacle First Wood owner who gets sick with ease is Fu Rui therapy, but that side Ji Dong is makes Zhou Xiaoxiao extremely resentful, Ji Dong had been punched by him each time, goes back later to greet Ji Dong, is Chen Sixuan that fills the kind vision as well as the rich pinnacle Second Wood magic power treatment. Has the eternal armor and life nucleus is the backing, in addition the Ji Dong itself phoenix dragon dance snake changes the abnormal reply ability, radically having more than enough second day, will be bursting with energy.

Others have the backing, oneself anything does not have, but also wants the depressed governing wound, tired pain extremely. The fat people naturally do not do. However, how regardless of he grumbles, secretly admires to Ji Dong and Fu Rui this fellow apprentices.

Words that the previous chapter end spoke do not have other meaning. Today the mood is a little strange, does not garner votes. Any ticket does not draw.

Chapter 404: Chrysanthemum pig: I gave Totem Divine Beast to meet

How regardless of Zhou Xiaoxiao grumbles. Also secretly admire to Ji Dong and Fu Rui this fellow apprentices, these two boys just started with he fights, Zhou Xiaoxiao has only used 60% strengths, in the coordination the mystery of gold/metal of chaos, can melt their various attacks with ease. But, to the present, when facing collaboration of Ji Dong and Fu Rui, the fatty actually has to deal whole-heartedly extremely carefully, is not good, if makes their these two brothers seize the opportunity, the fatty will experience time violent storm of being in deep sorrow. Besieges by Thunder Emperor and tyrant, that is not a happy matter.

Is listening to the Fu Rui wind discouraging talk, the fatty is angry: "Fu Rui, your boy has skill with father single Tiao. Your over the face peach blossom that the father does not punch blooms, you do not know that the flower like this is why red."

Extremely Fu Rui despises looked at fatty one eyes, "this saying did you also feel all right to say? If I with your same age, absolutely with your single Tiao, but also lets your hand. The fat people, you did not need in front of us to install again. You think that we do not know, your body does put on a Seventh Metal department divine tool? You install is so miserable, wants to seek us to sympathize is impossible. Man real man. Must mean what he says, before arriving at Western Metal Empire, you may comply to accompany us to cultivate."

Zhou Xiaoxiao saw that Fu Rui do not want to obtain anything to sympathize, pitiful changes nearby Ji Dong the vision, "the Ji Dong boy, the fatty I am good to you. Your anything has not complied with my time, that four bottles of liquor I gave you. Fatty like this good moral behavior, but hit the lantern unable to find. You must speak words for the fatty."

Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, said: "I only know, as a merchant, the most important matter is the prestige. But silly rich business association the first under heaven business association, as Sir Zhou Xiaoxiao of association president will not fail to keep one's word."

"! Do you have the human nature!" The face upwarding deep sigh of Zhou Xiaoxiao pain.

"Fatty , do we come to select only what kind of?"At this time, sat in nearby remote said to the fatty with the extremely gentle sound suddenly.

Fatty small eyes immediately one bright, nods again and again, said: "Good! Good! I like comparing notes with the attractive little miss, even if got several by you, the fatty will not blame your."

Cracks into a chuckle remotely, said: "Fatty, you have not ravelled probably my meaning. I meant, our one crowd, selects your one only. Actually in my opinion, our ten heavenly stems disciples have not practiced have collaborated to jointly attack the technique, just the need well trains turns. Does your supreme powerhouse, under one generation of crowns, happen to direct us like this? Since you thought that their two compares notes with Ji Dong and Fu Rui was somewhat worried. Was inferior that we come together. Others also very much want to compare notes with you."

A fatty face pain looks remotely. "Girl, cultivates the behavior to have conscience!"

Remote big eyes blinked, "I have the conscience very much, relax, we will start to be light. You do not have the divine tool to protect body."She is the typical succuba, the demon pledge hegemon.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao vision suddenly becomes cut-throat, "Ji Dong, Fu Rui, you two boys come. The fat people must teach you today well, does not put out a real skill, when you also the fatty is the surface pinches."

The Du Xin'er sound conveys, "fatty is not the meat does?"

At this moment, a strange sound from the sky resounds suddenly, "fatty, you were really white Chang this fat, was degrading our fatty lineage/vein the reputation, letting them on together to be what kind. Come, this Saint pig helps your helping hand."Transmits along with the sound, in the air ripples together the aquamarine ripple, the next moment, under that green light complements. Be only the ruler odd/surplus Chang small fat pig already one step stepped forward, appears before the people.

"Chrysanthemum pig, you also knows!"Sees this young pig, first responded is Yao Qianshu, he jumped directly, overruns toward the chrysanthemum Saint pig, its hugging ruthlessly in bosom.

After the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune ended, chrysanthemum pig disappeared, without a doubt, when knew that own magic beast partner is a Saint beast, Yao Qianshu how excited, but, is quick he to discover, has the Saint beast to be the partner is not any fine deeds. The chrysanthemum pig will not listen to his order, all like to do according to oneself.

The chrysanthemum pig this is missing, is entire one year, Yao Qianshu also once tried to contact with him, may not communicate. As if the chrysanthemum pig completely disappeared from this world, this makes Yao Qianshu feel sad! No one has thought, chrysanthemum pig will appear at this time unexpectedly.

"Young pig that Eh, can speak, Rank 10 Divine Beast?"Sees the appearance of chrysanthemum pig, fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao is also curious. He knows certainly magic beast that can speak means anything, may in his impression, actually not such one type Rank 10 Divine Beast that seems very small and weak build such as the pig.

Very the chrysanthemum pig with look glanced at him that despises, "thanks to you also and this Saint pig equally long is so fat, white Chang is fat, in could it be your brain the perquisite? Divine Beast is nothing, gives the father to pull on shoes does not match. Ahem. Aiyu. My sister- in-law/little aunt paternal grandmother, do not clutch the ear of this Saint pig!"

Chrysanthemum pig complacent is showing off to Zhou Xiaoxiao, its ear had actually been seized by Du Xin'er, regarding Du Xin'er, the chrysanthemum pig ratio is even good to Yao Qianshu this master.

"Did dead fat pig, in this year where you run up to? Do you know that others think you very much, is worried about you very much?"Du Xin'er ruthlessly was clutching the ear of chrysanthemum pig red, the eye socket actually already.

Looked that Du Xin'er must cry, the chrysanthemum pig did not have the temperament immediately, submissive say/way: "I have made a mistake, did I make a mistake was not good? I was also manage the proper business! I gave these Totem Divine Beast to meet."

Meets to Totem Divine Beast? Listened to chrysanthemum pig these words, does not know whether to laugh or cry besides Zhou Xiaoxiao, other people have gawked.

Zhou Xiaoxiao thinks certainly the chrysanthemum pig in boasting the boast, but heavenly stems disciples besides remaining silent wolf divine intervention, other people may know that this chrysanthemum pig is the Saint beast of genuine, that the Holy and Evil Island five mahatma beasts is a rear survival.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "! Totem Divine Beast because of protecting continent exists? Why the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune haven't they appeared?"

Chrysanthemum pig said with a forced smile: "Totem Divine Beast also just compared with general Rank 10 Divine Beast fiercely, let alone they, even if I, at that time wasn't arrives late one? Ten thousand thunder break into a jail the eruption was too sudden, they rush, all had finished. Afterward, I felt existence of their aura. Goes to meet with them, meets to them." Ji Dong continues to ask: "That ten mahatma beasts now where? Once two pieces of continent make war, whether they will participate?"

The chrysanthemum pig said: "Participation is the affirmation, but, be not thinking they can help. Totem Divine Beast is not the patent of Light Five Elements Continent. Dark Five Elements Continent also similarly has their Totem Divine Beast. Once Red Lotus day fire impediments between two pieces of continent relieve, between two pieces of continent, truly will launch the life and death duel. Arrived that time, Totem Divine Beast has met appears in the Totem form on respective continent respectively, frightens continent. In other words, has their existences. In Mage of we continent fight, the strength will have an addition. Only has Holy and Evil Island this place is an exception. Therefore, which one side, after the holy war starts, will be will censure defends easily. These heavenly stems Divine Beast have limited, they cannot enter another piece of continent. Now they returned to oneself territory respectively, starts with the process of continent assimilation. I was help them complete to assimilate. Therefore walks is one year."

Listened to a chrysanthemum pig such saying, in the Ji Dong heart one startled, "if so, heavenly stems Divine Beast wanted......"in heavenly stems Divine Beast, Vermilion Bird and Teng Snake related with him closely, he does not hope these two big Divine Beast had an accident.

Chrysanthemum pig white Ji Dong, "this did not need you to be worried. Celestial stems is Divine Beast so easy dead? The assimilation has assimilated, but when the holy war ended, after all settle down, they will restore. Naturally, if some piece of continent was captured completely, Totem Divine Beast the mark was cancelled, they really died. Therefore, if you want to conquer Dark Five Elements Continent thoroughly, must storm into that side, found the dark Totem Divine Beast brand mark to be, and its destruction. This is true conquering. Did not have the Totem Divine Beast brand mark, magic power that Dark Five Elements Continent Mage can control large scale to drop."

In the Ji Dong eye the none remaining flashes, "that said that if we can destroy the Totem brand mark of opposite party, can perhaps win by default?" The chrysanthemum pig said: "Can say. Naturally, the there is still one premise, that is, you must defeat the heavenly stems disciple of opposite party, destroyed that to swallow my four brothers' dark secrets to be good thoroughly. That fellow, but existence of extremely close god. But regarding Dark Five Elements Continent, they want to seize Light Five Elements Continent thoroughly, also another shortcut, that holds me, integrates that dark secret within the body me, after five mahatma beasts are complete. He truly became a god. But human to become God, god will not intervene. So long as he in god one year, is the world 365 years in rises to be enthralled. If such, you are waiting for life apply carbon. Dark secret that fellow, is not the Buddhism believers."

Is listening to the conversation of chrysanthemum pig and Ji Dong, Zhou Xiaoxiao cannot bear asks to Fu Rui in a low voice: "Is this young pig really the Saint beast?"

Fu Rui explained in a low voice the origins of several chrysanthemum pigs, Zhou Xiaoxiao then understands, in the eye the ray greatly puts, looks at the chrysanthemum pig, looked like saw any precious rare treasure was the same.

"This Saint pig, you said a moment ago must compare notes with these little fellows with the fatty together, but also didn't keep a promise?"Some Zhou Xiaoxiao flattering looks at chrysanthemum pig, on the fat face completely is the dreadful meaning.

The chrysanthemum pig shot a look at his one eyes, "naturally kept a promise, I do not want to be swallowed. Therefore, strengthens the strengths of these little fellows is the urgent matter. Although your this fatty was dreadful, but also reluctantly had the qualifications and this Saint pig coordinates."

Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, two people saw in the happy expression to grid, the strength of chrysanthemum pig they have not felt truly. But they are very clear, although the chrysanthemum pig cannot attack, but as it of Saint beast, magic power, is actually equal to the human Level 99 supreme powerhouse. It adds on Level 96 Zhou Xiaoxiao, without a doubt, will certainly take to the people the huge pressure. Under such pressure, everybody's actual combat and cultivation base will certainly a quicker promotion.

Issue Ji Dong that formerly said remotely considered certainly, shortly after the bright heavenly stems disciple just combined, too defective coordination. However, by their present strengths, even if the Zhou Xiaoxiao supreme powerhouse impossible to have the suppression to them like this, wanted to find appropriate comparing notes naturally is difficult. The return of chrysanthemum pig, it can be said that just right.

Thinks of here, Ji Dong nodded, said: "Such being the case, that did not say first other. We got one to say first again. The fat people, you and chrysanthemum pig discussed the strategy. We must discuss." The people are the first all coordination, first has exchanged to carry on to compare notes to be able again to manifest the best effect.

The chrysanthemum pig jumps from the Yao Qianshu bosom, falls on Zhou Xiaoxiao, one big is small, nearby two dreadful fatty running up to in high spirits. But the heavenly stems disciples and cloud secret gathered side Ji Dong together. In everyone eyes, is revealing the excited ray.

As the heavenly stems disciple, they have, not only pinnacle magic power, has compared with an ordinary Mage heavier responsibility, every day is practicing assiduously, finally had has shown own strength, was examines own strength the opportunity, can they not be excited?

Fu Rui said: "Ji Dong, can we use magic beast?"Asked these words he also after the consideration. Zhou Xiaoxiao, has needed in him and Ji Dong these ten big disciples strongest two people deals fully, but also is not necessarily able to win. Now has joined cultivation base far ultra Zhou Xiaoxiao, the chrysanthemum pig that reaches the Saint level, coped to be naturally more difficult.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, cannot use magic beast. Although such will possibly make our strengths increase, but, our ten people do not have magic beast now. It is difficult to achieve the tacit understanding, regarding collaborating to battle does not have what advantage. Would rather gives it all, this is only compares notes after all, we are familiar, is the ability, increases the tacit degree."

Remote say/way: "Your five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy? Can we use?"

Ji Dong said: "Procrastination is impossible. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy we have not practiced, now was familiar with some without enough time. Moreover, facing the chrysanthemum pig, the effect that perhaps my five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy can play will not be big."

Asked the monthly ticket recommendation ticket.

Chapter 405: The chrysanthemum pig adds the powerful combination of fatty

Fu Rui asked: "Ji Dong. You thought how we should cope with them?"

Ji Dong thinks, said: "You should remember, when breaks into a jail the bombardment facing ten thousand thunder, the chrysanthemum pig once haunched a light cover, temporarily resists ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail the prestige energy. Its the strength of that defense is not we use the long-distance energy attack to break through. Therefore, our only opportunities, are the close combat attacks. Moreover the target that we attack can only be Zhou Xiaoxiao. Although the chrysanthemum pig is strong, but its actually not any attack and defense ability, therefore, it must carry on auxiliary and defense for the fatty surely. Therefore, we only then close combat attack fatty, defeated the fatty, the chrysanthemum pig insufficient to fear. Naturally, under the amplification of chrysanthemum pig, we want to rout the opportunity of fatty to approach in zero infinitely. However, I hope everybody to be able whole-heartedly, only then unceasing release in the face of such huge pressure, can a better promotion we."

The excited spark beats in everyone eyes, they do not think oneself completely did not have the opportunity, even if were the Saint beast, the strength also same had the limit. It is not invincible.

Ji Dong here ten people were discussing the countermeasure, another side fatty and chrysanthemum pig similarly were also talking in whispers, but looked at their backs, can feel that this person of pig has filled with the dreadful aura. "Did the Ji Dong boy, you prepare?"Fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao walked valiant spirited, a self-satisfaction of face, the chrysanthemum pig stands on his plump shoulder, languid looks at Ji Dong they, the look in small eyes is even bringing several points of contemptuous. Obviously, he they have not looked at Ji Dong in the eye.

"Come."Is headed by Ji Dong and Fu Rui, ten people walked in Zhou Xiaoxiao two people directions, in everyone eyes is revealing the intense magic power fluctuation.

"Array, five elements Yin-Yang."Issues an order along with Ji Dong, bright heavenly stems disciples disperse instantaneously, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui retrocedes, falls back on rear all people, other nine people are headed by Ji Dong, arranges -and-a-half arcs, faintly presents to Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig the suppression of half surrounding. Meanwhile, on nine people, pinnacle magic power also blooms.

Nine people of position defer to order, separately is heavenly stems First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu, heavenly stems Second Wood disciple Chen Sixuan, heavenly stems double hot disciple Ji Dong, the heavenly stems Fifth Earth disciple wolf divine intervention and heavenly stems Sixth Earth disciple is from left to right remote, heavenly stems Seventh Metal disciple Du Xin'er. Celestial stems Eighth Metal disciple gold/metal, heavenly stems Ninth Water disciple Du Ming and heavenly stems Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er.

Issues an order along with Ji Dong, the dazzling and radiant pinnacle magic power brilliance simultaneously blooms from these nine person within the body, at the same time, condensation law in five elements method also simultaneously blooms from nine people in this moment, along with the appearance of Yin-Yang Crown, the intense magic power fluctuation from the sky blooms, is headed by Ji Dong, each of them's magic power forms a dense light fog ascension around the body, from the sky congealed in a flash, the enchanting ray covers the range not to calculate too in a big way, but actually sufficiently controlled to live in Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig. This is collaborated to act by nine big disciples, is five elements Yin- Yang.

Initially, the five elements Yin-Yang first time , on Holy and Evil Island appeared, once had brought the huge shock effect. Although Pinnacle Two Fires was replaces by eclipse date phoenix Huo'er, the strength that but manifested at that time continually also made that variation Rank 9 thunder fire two departments magic beast struggle possibly did not have.

five elements Yin-Yang is not the ten departments entire attribute that Dark Five Elements Continent these ordinary Mages display ties. This five elements Yin-Yang in the true sense, must collaborate to display to be able by ten pinnacle magic power owners to release.

If ten supreme powerhouses here, can release this rank similarly five elements Yin-Yang, but, they display and heavenly stems disciple has distinguished. The heavenly stems disciple is advantageous existence, pinnacle magic power that they have is the purest pinnacle. Even if pinnacle magic power of Nine-Crown powerhouse and compared with them, must have a disparity in the pure nature. Therefore, five elements Yin-Yang that Ji Dong they display at this time, is the present age purest entire attribute ties without a doubt one. In attribute on purely, only if dark disciple complete/even arrive, otherwise is unmatched.

Initially, these broke into a jail the bright heavenly stems disciples of destruction by ten thousand thunder, although has also displayed one time, but their cultivation base may unable at that time by far compared with the present Ji Dong nine people. In the Ji Dong nine people, is weak besides Du Ming, Du Xin'er brother and sister strength, Lan Bao'er is Level 66, other people are the Seven-Crown strengths. Although Ji Dong concurs two duties, but his cultivation base actually sufficiently supports two departments. At this time shows in Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig front five elements Yin-Yang, does not know that compared with initially on five elements Yin-Yang strong many on Holy and Evil Island presenting.

Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals ice quiet light, both hands closes up in the chest front, in the eye ray each change, the air can coagulate several points. At this moment, facing Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig such powerful combination, he does not have the slightest bit to be timid, although before , in his mouth was saying the possibility of victory approaches in zero infinitely, but that did not express he will not vie for supremacy, the polarity however, front the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao such combination, the pressure that the innermost feelings have transformed as the surge power, is erupting fully.

The sudden appearance of five elements Yin-Yang, the powerful suppresses appears on Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig immediately, the chrysanthemum pig fortunately, Zhou Xiaoxiao is actually the complexion big change. He feels clearly, during the suppression of this five elements Yin-Yang, oneself graces becomes incomparably difficult. The speed in within the body magic power revolution at least reduced one time, the sense also became sluggish, the formidable oppression strength as if must push this obese body thoroughly broken general. Even if when facing the demon territories of other supreme powerhouses, he never has also had such feeling, the fatty knows at this time, after these young people collaborate at present, can actually show the so powerful strength.

Surprised in chrysanthemum pig heart is not smaller than the fatty, although he just returned, but naturally can see by the vision of its Saint level, Ji Dong their these heavenly stems disciples are the temporary compositions, did not have what tacit understanding, five elements Yin- Yang to say simply, but wanted to display also to need cultivation base of each heavenly stems disciple be perfect, can release the biggest effect. But, Ji Dong they simply do not have the process of this adjustment, the chrysanthemum pig unable to feel, five elements Yin-Yang that they release, directly is the strongest effect?

Winked small eyes, the chrysanthemum pig looked again the Ji Dong look became serious several points, it seems like, this compared notes to imagine wanted more difficult.

The chrysanthemum pig naturally does not know. The strength of Ji Dong that tyrannical soul became the most effective bridge, all connected the souls of their ten people in one, completely presented in the investigation of strength of his formidable soul everyone brain, and unification issued the order.  Although they have  not practiced the  five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, but can become the heavenly stems disciple, each of them is the talent in talent, after the unification conformity of Ji Dong, the strength naturally can the display of maximum degree. This five elements Yin-Yang is also from this perfectly presents.

"Isn't five elements Yin-Yang? Also can rare but actually this Saint pig?"At the same time was saying proud, chrysanthemum pig that pair of small eyes suddenly becomes is similar to the emerald generally insightful deep green, it with the Zhou Xiaoxiao body is the center, one presents the ray of distortion spreads instantaneously.

A ray emergence of this distortion. Zhou Xiaoxiao felt immediately whole body one light, formerly limited the terrifying pressure of body unexpectedly is being nothing left. But ray of this distortion directly hit to Ji Dong their five elements Yin-Yang.

The chrysanthemum pig combat capability had not expressed that directly it is small and weak, the polarity, in five mahatma beasts, as only one by the Saint beast that assisting to present, besides not having the direct attack skill, in other aspects, it to be strongest. Air of that distortion is not attack, but came from the spiritual impact of Saint beast rank. Can make own psychic force produce the air distortion results in outside the body, nearly substantive presents, obviously the psychic force of chrysanthemum pig was tyrannical. Initially on Holy and Evil Island, it truly has not displayed own strength, afterward faced ten thousand thunder that had no alternative to break into a jail, but it after all is the true Saint beast level powerhouse, even if Totem Divine Beast saw that it must bow the head to profess allegiance.

Saw that the chrysanthemum pig releases the psychic force, must break five elements Yin-Yang by its tyrannical soul energy unexpectedly stiffly, the Ji Dong look immediately changes. Chrysanthemum pig this clearly must break through their knot by the strength of oneself overwhelming superiority! Must know, attacks magic power and psychic force fusion knot with pure psychic force, itself has certain risk, moreover is the comparison suffers a loss. The chrysanthemum pig is thinks obviously its psychic force exceeds the people too many are too many, simply broken in the according to strength.

Ji Dong the strength of soul truly has upgraded the level of Saint level, but, even if same is the Saint level also has many differences. It looks like disparity between primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill and top Ultra Certain Kill Skill is the same. Chrysanthemum pig the strength of soul in five mahatma beasts is strongest one, had already reached the peak of Saint level, but Ji Dong the strength of soul actually just just stepped into the Saint level by, compared with fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao many. If the one-to-one upfront touches hardly, Ji Dong facing the spiritual impact of chrysanthemum pig, simply does not have an opportunity, so long as the chrysanthemum pig wants, can let his soul collapse instantaneously. Naturally, this is in does not consider to fuse in the magic power situation.

But this time situation is different, Ji Dong is relying on the strength and the partners own soul fuses together, has five elements Yin-Yang as the backing, his psychic force amplification is much bigger. Let alone, he is not a person is fighting.

Sees that distortion ray, the right hand of Ji Dong is gripped by a pleasantly warm small hand, the wonderful soul fusion was already completed in the next moment. Similarly is a ray of distortion from Ji Dong floating, welcomed the attack of chrysanthemum pig directly. Distortion ray that them sends out is ten colors is complete.

The bang, in the air a fierce engine knock production, Ji Dong, nine people simultaneously retrocede one step, five elements Yin-Yang fiercely is dragging, as if must break.

But another side chrysanthemum pig actually wants pitifully were many, is flown by this spiritual impact unexpectedly directly, the fatty who shook from the fatty shoulder was luckily quick of eye and hand, has copied it, this has not fallen on the ground. For all this, chrysanthemum pig also shaken dizziness vertigo.

"You lost."Ji Dong shows a faint smile, looks at the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao, even if with his calm, reveals several points of self- satisfaction at this time.

"Loses, was only the Saint pig is negligent."Chrysanthemum pig ill- humored shouting, its formerly some look also scattered in disorder small eyes returned to this short time normal.

Ji Dong said indifferently: "In the battlefield, you also said with the enemy? Who lets your having a low opinion of the enemy general idea? You were routed by our spiritual impacts a moment ago temporarily, in that several seconds is impossible to help the fatty. But by our ten people with joint forces, has that several seconds, can cause heavy losses to the fatty surely. Remaining your this do not only have the Saint beast of striking power, how hasn't wanted to devastate how to devastate?"

The complexion of chrysanthemum pig somewhat is immediately ugly, "good, this Saint pig was negligent, may so, you same not have any opportunity. Do not forget, this Saint pig is anything attribute. I am the Wood department Saint beast, treatment am I most excel. Although this fatty was unable compared with this Saint pig, but he calculates that comprehended several points of chaos mystery. In the several seconds time, you want to strike to kill him are impossible, but wants his also one breath, this Saint pig can return to normal him in graces. Finally loses you."

Ji Dong has gawked, he has to acknowledge, the chrysanthemum pig said by several points of truth, by his treatment ability and defense capability, so long as one's own side cannot the second kill Zhou Xiaoxiao, then the full assistance of chrysanthemum pig surely will fall then on Zhou Xiaoxiao. By its defense capability, can definitely insist that Zhou Xiaoxiao restores to come. If so, the victory and defeat of both sides has not divided.

In free time of Ji Dong thinking, chrysanthemum pig actually cannot bear asking: "Ji Dong, when did the psychic force of your boy become such strong? Although I remember that your soul cultivation base is good, may not be this degree. Then attacked a moment ago, although also had a disparity with the soul energy of this Saint pig, but also difference is not far. It seems like that this Saint pig also really underestimated you." Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "that makes our comparing notes start truly. This time, you will again not always have a low opinion of the enemy."

If faces the enemy, before he already led the partners to launch the attack of as powerful as a thunderbolt, but this compares notes after all, only then lets the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao releases the most formidable oppression strength, can stimulate their potential thoroughly.

For domestic peace, for long-time serves for the book friends. The small three decisions do not watch World Cup tonight. Works by torchlight, the symbol, strives to write diligently for two days retains the draft. Takes the notebook again. Then tomorrow morning will lead the wife child to go out to play for two days. Let the wife also relax mood. Small three will try unceasingly, everybody feels relieved. Supports small three to bring the wife and sugar sugar exits to relax, please vote. The new week, has monthly ticket to be certainly best, not having the monthly ticket slightly to cast the recommendation ticket three also extremely to welcome.

Chapter 406: The limit control, changes the course of events

"That makes our comparing notes start truly. This time. You will again not always have a low opinion of the enemy."Ji Dong is smiling said to Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig. His complexion is very tranquil, seems like facing the most common match to be the same. But also such facial expression actually enraged the chrysanthemum pig. Ji Dong is clearly despising its existence.

"Good, Ji Dong, your this brat, I make you experience this Saint pig true strength."

At the same time was saying, chrysanthemum pig that pair of small eyes turned into the aquamarine once more, extremely tyrannical magic power fluctuation seems from its in not the big body bursts out suddenly, Zhou Xiaoxiao had a scare, he clearly feels, oneself seems in one to fill with the infinite vitality in the world, looked like went to a brand-new place, not only the pressure of five elements Yin-Yang could not feel, even the surrounding air became is continually different.

But Ji Dong and other people of feelings actually completely are another appearance, even if they are releasing five elements Yin-Yang at this time, but when the chrysanthemum pig releases oneself strength comprehensively, each of them felt that the body such as the great awl, had been hit ruthlessly. Nine stuffy snort/hum almost also resound, nine people of body uncontrolled retreat several steps that composes five elements Yin- Yang, reluctantly stabilizes lives in own body. five elements Yin-Yang fierce is dragging. Can clear seeing, in five elements Yin-Yang, present knot unexpectedly. Azure bright knot, haunches five elements Yin-Yang fully, although does not have directly to destroy, but the effect of five elements Yin-Yang was obviously nothing left.

The formidable pressure, making Ji Dong and other people feel that own body was being suppressed forcefully generally, each of them whole- heartedly released own magic power, can by five elements Yin-Yang balanced resisted this pressure reluctantly. However, in this case, they anything have not actually done. Not only five elements Yin-Yang is unable again to become the method of limiting the enemy, instead became their implications, although the chrysanthemum pig cannot directly attack, but actually relies on the strength that ties haunches to shake their five elements Yin-Yang hardly, ties with tying between the collision, without doubt all diverts magic power of nine heavenly stems disciples. Regardless of the Ji Dong soul strength is strong, directs these partners, under this tyrannical magic power impact, they also can only resist and be tired out by reluctantly dealing with absolutely.

Is this magic power of Saint level? In Ji Dong heart also for it with amazement, if the chrysanthemum pig is not a Saint beast focusing on auxiliary, but with the attack strength, then, he can affirm, in this moment, oneself and partners collapsed. Their five elements Yin-Yang contact surface to the chrysanthemum pig, simply does not have any function.

"Snort, depends on your boys, dares to be near with this Saint pig? Only if your cultivation base can achieve Nine-Crown, collaborates to display this five elements Yin-Yang again. Has to surround the possibility of this Saint pig. Has the Saint pig, we have been in an impregnable position. Are the fat people, you doing, did your mouth open that big could it be to eat this Saint pig to be inadequate? Such good opportunity, you quickly have not taught these little fellows."

The last few words of chrysanthemum pig were say to fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao obviously. It stiffly has withstood the five elements Yin-Yang huge pressure by strength of the, oneself diverted Ji Dong here nine people, command Zhou Xiaoxiao that like this good opportunity to present somewhat is caught off guard. The dazzling golden light erupts suddenly from Zhou Xiaoxiao, sees only his both hands to close up in the chest front, a handle huge golden color sharp sword floated baseless before his body.

This gold/metal Jian only has three chi (0.33 m), three cuns (2.5 cm) width, but if looked with the naked eye, could not see it is forms by the energy, is similar to the entity is clearly ordinary. The people on the scene, having Ji Dong can feel clearly, in the handle gold/metal sword that Zhou Xiaoxiao condenses, is mixing with the deep meaning of gold/metal of chaos unexpectedly. It seems like the simple attack, is containing extremely terrifying magic power.

Zhou Xiaoxiao is very depressed, formerly was the numerous bright heavenly stems disciple of head launches the five elements Yin-Yang suppression by Ji Dong, is situation that his for dozens years have not encountered, these young people stimulated his fighting spirit fully, therefore. He condenses this to strike at this time has not kept the meaning of hand slightly, but his goal also naturally is the heavenly stems disciple first tyrant Ji Dong.

The terrifying pressure just like the great hammer general oppression in the Ji Dong chest front, he can feel clearly, the handle gold/metal sword that Zhou Xiaoxiao condenses points to oneself chest front. Under this huge oppression, the heart beat speed significantly speeds up, within the body magic power was stimulated, in crazy is surging.

What to do? Now what Ji Dong faces is the choice. five elements Yin- Yang was withstood, the pressure that creates by the chrysanthemum pig forcefully to each of them, but the attack of Zhou Xiaoxiao comes facing him, in the face of this dual pressure, he continually changes the opportunity of incurring does not even have.

This is the powerful combination of supreme powerhouse and Saint beast! Not only in the Ji Dong heart does not have the fear, more instead is excited, he needs is such pressure, only then in front of the tremendous pressure, can stimulate his own potential. Before first, Ji Dong knows, the potential of person is nearly infinite, so long as stimulates appropriately, can erupt the strength that is hard to imagine. This Shicheng is Mage, he has proven oneself this conclusion repeatedly. Facing so huge pressure, only then extremely short ponder time, Ji Dong not only within the body magic power is revolving high-speed, brain also similarly so.

"I come."Endangers the moment in this, the Fu Rui sound resounds outrageously, the dazzling royal purple ray is almost the flash shines above five elements Yin-Yang and chrysanthemum pig that stratification.

five elements Yin-Yang is the Ji Dong nine people composes, as pinnacle Yang Thunder Mage, Fu Rui has not been involved, he is outside, the weapon in function quite therefore heavenly stems disciple. five elements Yin-Yang that Ji Dong they compose suppresses, he is responsible for attacking. This is tactic that Ji Dong arranges, at this time the situation changes, Fu Rui naturally does not pass on responsibilities.

The armor of god of thunder has not appeared on Fu Rui, even if thunder Yushen the axe at this time in his right hand unexpectedly also only then three chi (0.33 m), seems is only short weapons by. Fu Rui in airborne jumps high, has dashed, but.

five elements Yin-Yang is by outside, but, only has the pressure to the interior, does not have any influence to the outside, naturally will not affect the attack of Fu Rui. However, knot of chrysanthemum pig is actually the super defense, he wants to help Ji Dong resist the attack of Zhou Xiaoxiao, then, must first eradicate is the defense of chrysanthemum pig ties.

Also at this time, the golden long sword electricity before Zhou Xiaoxiao body shot, took the Ji Dong chest position.

True gambling finally started, both eyes of Fu Rui turned into the profound purple, both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the strange silver, the tyrant and Thunder Emperor whole-heartedly, but other people also promote the limit oneself magic power, enhancement five elements Yin- Yang pressure as far as possible. Under heavenly stems disciples suppression, the look in chrysanthemum pig that pair of small eyes also had some changes whole-heartedly. Fu Rui both hands are grasping thunder Yushen the axe, he such small that thunder Yushen the axe condenses. Also gave up the armor of god of thunder, the goal only then, that as far as possible condenses in the magic power concentration of thunder Yushen axe together, this was draws support extinguished the god to strike to condense the magic power skill.

But the opportunity of Fu Rui choice is also just right, happen to while the gold/metal sword projects raises removes mines the prison god axe, saw when gold/metal Jian will soon arrive at the Ji Dong front, his thunder Yu god axe also like lightning cuts.

five elements Yin-Yang and chrysanthemum pig release knot of each other contact, Fu Rui in order to keeps off this to strike for Ji Dong, time that his thunder Yushen axe cuts, should be happen to the gold/metal sword ties the contact through the chrysanthemum pig defense the five elements Yin-Yang flash, as the matter stands. The defense of chrysanthemum pig tied unable to affect the attack might of his thunder Yushen axe, might help Ji Dong melt this to strike thoroughly.

However, at this time, on the Zhou Xiaoxiao face actually revealed a strange smiling face. Saw when that has unprecedented imposing manner soon to dash to the gold/metal sword of Ji Dong body must arrive, suddenly, gold/metal Jian unexpectedly from the sky stagnated the flash.

Must know, after Zhou Xiaoxiao sends out gold/metal sword, this gold/metal Jian speed like the lightning, in this case unexpectedly can also the stop flash, how Zhou Xiaoxiao be the degree regarding the magic power controlling force quickly obviously. His changes incurs temporarily does not have any trace to follow, in other words, when he launches the attack, absolutely does not have one trace that wants to change incurs, is actually is whole-heartedly. Can achieve to let this gold/metal Jian stop flash, regarding his own, is the considerably large load. But Zhou Xiaoxiao must strive, is the opportunity of this flash.

Were many this flash, then, the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe will certainly cut to strike first, in the defense of chrysanthemum pig ties on, then his gold/metal sword hits. Under is in inverse proportion, what although Fu Rui use is the divine tool, Zhou Xiaoxiao also has confidence him routs instantaneously.

However, in the Zhou Xiaoxiao eye already reveals one happily, Fu Rui that again cuts, but below thunder Yu god axe unexpectedly is also stiffly from the sky stayed the flash, moreover this flash, but also be so little than the Zhou Xiaoxiao length.

Fu Rui is certainly impossible to have Zhou Xiaoxiao such to the magic power formidable control, does not have him such wonderfully to the control of summit. However, our Thunder Emperor are not a person is actually fighting. also before his body Ji Dong.

The flash of Fu Rui this stop , because tip of the toe on the shoulder of Ji Dong, stiffly raised one foot the body, thus time variation that strives to come. At this moment, chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao look finally great change.

The bang, the attack of both sides that terrifying hit finally in one, but, was different from the situation of Zhou Xiaoxiao estimate. The gold/metal sword that he sends out left knot of chrysanthemum pig, and hits above five elements Yin-Yang that first, in the heavenly stems disciples send out. Then was cut ruthlessly by the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe.

Is this tiny difference, making the aspect change.

The powerful defense of chrysanthemum pig, got the enormous winning side, but is this slight change at present, makes the heavenly stems disciples write off the superiority that the chrysanthemum pig brings actually completely.

Under fierce engine knock, chrysanthemum pig five elements Yin-Yang of knot heavenly stems disciples is the fierce shake, two big tie separates instantaneously.

Fu Rui is in airborne groaned, the huge impulse is leading his body flying upside down, two mend within, the electric light four shoot, thunder Yushen the axe is glistening is similar to transparent general. Zhou Xiaoxiao does not feel better similarly, his attack first is hit five elements Yin-Yang, was weakened part to add on five elements Yin-Yang again regarding the effect that any attribute magic power suppresses, made his attack might reduce. By the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe bang, gold/metal Jian already was broken then, the body of Zhou Xiaoxiao is also retrocedes two steps talent coming to a stop personal appearance, whole body paralysis.

It seems this is one time shares half and half, collision that no one has profited, but, this collision actually completely changed Ji Dong their inferiority.

Catches collision that this strikes, the heavenly stems disciples instantaneously change, although five elements Yin-Yang still exists, but actually did not present for a large area of covers. Nine person move like lightning, changes the lineup instantaneously, transformed from the formerly half arc battlefield for the triangle battlefield, but the suppression of five elements Yin-Yang also turned into a straight line from the area suppression.

Celestial stems disciple triangle array is very exquisite. Stands in the forefront, is the triangle array sharply is, is Ji Dong, Ji Dong both sides, then separately is bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu and bright Second Wood disciple Chen Sixuan. They extend a hand respectively, according to the shoulder of Ji Dong. Behind them, then separately is bright Ninth Water disciple Du Ming and bright Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er. they also similarly lift, according to shoulder of Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan. Again behind, naturally was bright Seventh Metal disciple Du Xin'er and bright Eighth Metal disciple gold/metal, what final was the bright Fifth Earth disciple wolf divine intervention and bright Sixth Earth disciple is remote.

Ten color pinnacle magic power erupt together, five elements Yin-Yang transfers a tyrannical suppression of straight line unexpectedly the defense of chrysanthemum pig tied forcing stiffly before him and Zhou Xiaoxiao body, can only reluctantly protect their bodies not by the effect influence that the attribute suppressed. But the next moment, in the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao eye revealed with amazement. The triangle battlefield sharp place that because, before them, the bright heavenly stems disciples composes, Ji Dong magic power has achieved the even/including they also to feel the frightened degree unexpectedly. Strong Pinnacle Two Fires, ascends hundred meters, is complementing the body of Ji Dong, the eternal truth demon god descends to earth general. This moment he, has exceeded the Zhou Xiaoxiao known all supreme powerhouses on magic power.

Left hand of Ji Dong slowly before own lifts, his body as if compared with formerly inflated in this moment, the solid muscle mark, the ballooning that clothes support, hundred meters high strong black flame, fiercely is burning above his left hand palm. In both eyes, the silver ray just like substantive emits the ruler, originally clear and bright sky again at this moment unexpectedly also already dark.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 407: Ends the full page, bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice

On the Ji Dong left hand, is ascending hundred meters high black flame. Sunny sky also along with it dark, did not have the dark cloud to appear has blocked from sunlight that dimness, but that direct was dark, Sun in sky along with it disappearance, displaced unexpectedly, was round paint black has near blue light strange moon.

Only has another golden flame that on Ji Dong ignites, is at this moment the space underground brightest color, is, in front of the black flame in his left hand, even if this golden color, must for the it dim several points.

How possible? In the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao heart simultaneously presented these four characters, but regardless of they are how amazed, fact on moved to and fro before them.

In fact, when both sides compete with start truly, Ji Dong entered marvelous realm, under Chen Sixuan the strength of fusion of soul, his soul energy has been the unprecedented terrifying degree, the brain is becomes extremely insightful. The clear feeling surrounding all magic power are changing, even if some slightest magic power Yuan Suthat can also grasp.

The defense of chrysanthemum pig ties, is not pure one wood attribute, but is the pinnacle double wooden fusion. Manifested tyrannical of Saint level magic power. That defense, is not heavenly stems disciple any person can break through, even magic power of their ten people add unable to eradicate similarly. Can by five elements Yin-Yang that magic power withstands their ten people of collaborations, it can be imagined magic power of chrysanthemum pig compared in them has what kind of superiority.

In this case, Zhou Xiaoxiao this magic power reaches as high as the Level 96 supreme powerhouse launches the attack to them, must win the potential. In this case Ji Dong can turn around the situation, relies on is not lucky.

Gambling between Fu Rui and Zhou Xiaoxiao seems simple, may actually underwent the Ji Dong extremely complex computation. The bright heavenly stems disciples who not only the Ji Dong psychic force with composes five elements Yin-Yang with him are connected, connects in the Fu Rui mind. Under the Fu Rui thunder Yu god axe cuts, reason that can be so precise, completely is the results of Ji Dong direction. After the high- speed and complex computation, as well as by the strength of tyrannical soul regarding the assurance that Zhou Xiaoxiao attacks, had the collision of such reverse war.

After is Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan fuse the strength of huge soul, made him grasp the magic power change in the flash that Zhou Xiaoxiao changed incurs forcefully, thus directed Fu Rui tip of the toe to retard the attack on his shoulder. Opportunity or position, speed and strength that Fu Rui this foot selects, is passes through Ji Dong in the flash extremely precise computation, and detailed spreads to the Fu Rui mind, had the perfect coordination.

Naturally, this trust Ji Dong is also inseparable with the Fu Rui itself powerful strength as well as, at that time, if he has the slightest bit to hesitate, then, is he and Ji Dong also causes heavy losses finally inevitably, five elements Yin-Yang was broken. The competition had ended.

Under the Ji Dong precise control, completely reversed the aspect, in this case, Ji Dong has carried on the second conformity.

After both sides collide flash of magic power repel. five elements Yin- Yang and chrysanthemum pig knot of will definitely appear separate short, Ji Dong by the control of strength of soul, told the position that each heavenly stems disciple they should change. Nine people of magic power output invariably, the under foot position actually instantaneously changes, the similarly precise position is also Ji Dong through calculating, seems like the simple several steps, actually needs the strength of Ji Dong soul not to have the computation of slight defect, can therefore in such a short time not only changes the lineup, has composed present this nearly perfect lineup.

The triangle array, is used to break through in the battlefield, with the military terminology in war, this is a typical boring a hole through lineup. The triangle battlefield leader, inevitably is the strongest sharpness, other constituents must provide enough support for this sharply. Without a doubt, heavenly stems disciples have achieved this point perfectly.

Right, the bright heavenly stems disciples have not practiced Ji Dong that five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, but also cannot achieve the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation and coordinates perfectly, Ji Dong the strength of soul is strong, impossible to make them have such strength in this extremely short time. However, is unable to form the circulation, actually does not represent cannot use the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements the strength.

The triangle battlefield that the Ji Dong control arrangement becomes although is unable to make everybody overall magic power continually promote through the circulation. Has formidable battle efficiency that moreover continues. However, explosive force in a short time actually be more terrifying than the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy.

Stands outputs the front light double gold/metal disciple within the body in the rear light double earth disciple magic power fully, at this time the locally born gold/metal, was the gold/metal unboiled water, was the aquatic wood, finally was the wood lights a fire, by Yao Qianshu and Chen Sixuan, huge magic power after mutual promotion of the five elements completely centralized on a Ji Dong person.

This is not magic power of simple centralism nine people, but after the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, not only has concentrated the strengths of nine people, is the complete transformation is Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power, but also the mutual promotion of the five elements amplification also completely manifests on him. Because of so, Ji Dong magic power can make the chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao such shock.

What does the heavenly stems disciple compare in the ordinary Mage biggest superiority is? Has pinnacle magic power them, body after the pinnacle magic power transformation, the tenacious degree goes far beyond ordinary Mage, because of so, under the mutual promotion of the five elements magic power amplification of this triangle battlefield comprehensive output, each point of disciple can bear that huge magic power impact. But finally collects on Ji Dong, Ji Dong own carrying capacity is in the people strongest one.

Teng Snake strength technique adds on the phoenix dragon dance snake changes, as well as dragon blood has transformed the body, made him withstand so huge magic power reluctantly temporarily. At this moment, his magic power, although has not entered to the Saint step, but far ultra Zhou Xiaoxiao, at least has also been equal to 97 or is Level 98 Mage cultivation base. Must know, after magic power breaks through Level 90, the magic power disparity between each level is huge. But to Level 99, that representative may be the Saint step exists.

Ji Dong muscle inflation , because this time his in the body has stored up too many magic power, if not output in a short time. Then, he will face at all times explodes the danger that the body perishes.

The so formidable strength, is controlled by a Ji Dong person completely, the pressure that he faces can be imagined, even if this triangle battlefield is also he to the temporary decision that under the comprehensive judgment of aspect makes at present. He only then uses the opportunity that Pinnacle Two Fires sends out respectively strikes. Because this triangle battlefield has found time the strengths of other people. But Fu Rui formerly with Zhou Xiaoxiao that strikes the collision , has almost consumed most magic power. If Ji Dong cannot succeed, this competition ended. Do not think that the fight time of top level is longer, just the opposite, if the both sides strength has been the extremely formidable degree, then, often a fault, or is the slight disparity, can make the fight finish instantaneously.

Hundred meters high dazzling black flame is ascending in the Ji Dong hand unceasingly, at this time, from the Ji Dong chest place, a cream bead seepage, baseless the float, forward transferred very short distance, happen to appears above the left hand palm of Ji Dong. Although that black flame reaches as high as hundred meters, works as the cream bead is appearing, it actually as before became these black flame centers.

The bead of chaos. Yes, Ji Dong used own chaos bead, was not he wants to display completely own chaos strength, because, if he did not catch the strength of bead of chaos, the strength of his soul was then enough, is unable to suppress reassignment so huge magic power to defer to itself absolutely to revolve. After all, his cultivation base is away from the Nine- Crown also enormous disparity. But the bead of chaos temporarily makes up for excellent existence of this disparity. This seizes world good fortune the strength of creation, although cannot be used in the attack directly, but this is condensed the chaos bead that becomes actually to control any Divine level following flame by Chaos Fire.

The dark moon/month in sky became more obvious and huge, while the bead of chaos presented. The jet black ray also instantaneously descends from that dark middle of the month together, shines above black flame that directly, in the Ji Dong left hand sends out, the ray suppresses , the black flame restrains unexpectedly instantaneously, finally condenses above the left hand of Ji Dong. Even bead of also gable chaos.

That is a black ice, results in gracefully does not bring a black ice of world smoke and fire aura, glittering and translucent carving, has the innumerable edges and corners, evil different proud has achieved the pinnacle again at this moment.

The body of Ji Dong inflated suddenly once more, this time, completely is the inflation of magic power, even if the golden flame in his right hand also quietly vanished again at this moment, surplus, only then that endless black. Black personal appearance instantaneously suddenly/violently to increase, in an instant has reached as high as hundred meters, has the blue light side black royal crown, wears in these hundred meters high by the giant top of the head that the black flame light wraps.

Although his body has hundred meters high, may seem is actually similar to the entity, without illusory of slightest bit, but that black ice, increases along with the inflation of his body, the black cold light beats above, clearly is fire attribute, but the surrounding air actually became extremely cold. Even if in Ji Dong behind, is maintaining the five elements Yin-Yang disciples as before, body unconscious trembles. But opposite Zhou Xiaoxiao has not been able to move the slightest, only has the chrysanthemum pig also forcefully to haunch the green to tie, is resisting this ice-cold aura, but he could not attend to protecting Zhou Xiaoxiao now, because it can feel clearly, this endless black entirely aims in it.

"earth core world, Dark Flames Demon King."These eight characters are chrysanthemum pig say, at this moment, already did not have the slightest bit to tease in its sound, some are only the endless heaviness.

Right, this is not that skill Dark Flames Demon King body of Ji Dong, but is true Dark Flames Demon King. Also is Ji Dong one day when can cultivation the Saint step. The strength of Dark Flames Demon King essence can display. Arrived that time, he is Dark Flames Demon King.

Now, Ji Dong catches the strength of partners, the strength of centralized bright heavenly stems disciple five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, unexpectedly interim release Dark Flames Demon King main body. This time release, looked like initially deicide cultivated like this to be the same when Asura god who facing Lie Yan (raging flames) summons temporarily arrives, even cultivating Josse's summon was thorougher. Even if the Dark Flames Demon King rebirth, the strength that has will not compare Dark Flames Demon King that Ji Dong this condenses in a short time to be stronger.

The next instance, that black ice in Dark Flames Demon King left hand palm from the sky slid, can clear seeing, together black dense has completed the Dark Flames Demon King left hand and connection between chrysanthemum pig bodies instantaneously. This is not the energy form, but strength of locking complete soul, Saint level strength of locking of soul shows the attribute brilliance unexpectedly, this is the Dark Flames Demon King true strength.

The earth core world, is another formidable world, has five mahatma beasts like the world, the initial earth core world was also having two king, Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King. They are existences of Saint step! If not Lie Yan (raging flames) of god step appears, perhaps the fight of Two Great Sovereign Kings will affect the ground world, incurs the heavy loss that is unable to recall to the ground world. Becoming another crisis outside holy war.

The Two Great Sovereign Kings battle efficiency, will not compare any Saint beast to be bad, they with for existence of Saint step peak, although will never have to visit the god step the possibility. But is not human supreme that level Mage can contend.

The dark moon/month in sky, arrived at behind Dark Flames Demon King at this time unexpectedly, although everyone knows that is only a light shadow, but under that huge dark moon/month complements, Dark Flames Demon King gives the feeling of person is actually such shock.

But the black the graceful ice follows that black dense channel floating to fall, arrives directly on the chrysanthemum pig. Without any possibility of dodging. The chrysanthemum pig can do, only then resists.

In the dignified Dark Flames Demon King mouth, spreads the Ji Dong sound, "bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice."Yes, is greatly quiet flame ice, but, this time is actually the big quiet flame ice of perfect version. Ending full page greatly quiet flame ice that is sent out by Dark Flames Demon King personally. Its level is single body top Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Below ultimate Certain Kill Skill strongest attack.

"Ji Dong, your boy must kill me!"Chrysanthemum pig breathless shouting, at the same time, its body also had the mysterious change. originally only then the ruler odd/surplus Chang body reduced half unexpectedly once more, at the same time, the body of chrysanthemum pig also turned into a more profound green. It looks like the glass plants the King green emerald to be ordinary, flood the strong deep green fluorescence, is extremely insightful. Knot that formerly it released has restrained oneself completely, the entire body pranced from Zhou Xiaoxiao, rolled up a spheroid shape in the midair, hit directly to airborne ending full page Dark Flames Demon King ultra must kill, bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice.

At this moment, a resounding that suddenly, ding spreads from that black ice......

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Chapter 408: Wins, the double fire sets up the prestige

Sends out the full page to ban, thousand and ten thousand in Dark Flames Demon King of Ji Dong incarnation. Greatly quiet flame ice will soon hit to soar when chrysanthemum pig that but hits, the airborne big quiet flame ice sends out a resounding that ding suddenly.

That giant black ice broke unexpectedly, bursts a lot of fragment, the next moment, gathers the body of chrysanthemum pig to hit together.

Spreads without any sound, chrysanthemum pig that deep green body, has frozen in the next moment, changes into has near the blue light black ice to drop from the clouds together, falls in the ground directly. When it with ground contact at the same time, can clear seeing, black extend the tread to spread instantaneously, the place visited, changed into a piece had been corroded the scorched earth completely.

five elements Yin-Yang also vanished in this moment, the Ji Dong back heavenly stems disciples almost do not divide sitting successively to fall to the ground, the one by one face whiten, is the pictures that magic power overdraws. But that huge Dark Flames Demon King also disintegrates in this moment, the body of Ji Dong shows.

However, the black flame vanished, surplus also golden color, dawn. The dark moon/month is not, but airborne Sun as if has actually increased, at the same time that the Ji Dong personal appearance appears, his right hand already lifted, hundred meters high golden flame points to the vault of heaven. But that formerly the chaos bead in left hand also shifted to the right hand palm. He looked at already standing of somewhat dull lightly there Zhou Xiaoxiao one, the right fist rumbles suddenly.

This fist, does not rumble to Zhou Xiaoxiao, but rumbles to the sky. In an instant, golden flame is similar to a golden long line soars generally, originally hundred meters high golden flame has extended in this moment to the kilometer, entire sky unexpectedly instantaneously not only turned into the golden color, but also in the vision institute and range, all ripple one water shape ripple, looks like the day is also ordinary in the combustion.

This fist, Ji Dong has not used any skill, but pure saves pinnacle Yang Fire that to rumble within the body by, has had the so terrifying picture. It can be imagined, formerly the pinnacle Yin Fire Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice of that completely congealment was the what kind of might, the Saint beast chrysanthemum pig cannot escape by luck was frozen.

Zhou Xiaoxiao understood at this time completely Ji Dong looks to oneself that meaning, he seemed was saying, this struck, you could not block.

Yes, this strikes, Zhou Xiaoxiao cannot block absolutely. If only the attack of this golden flame, perhaps he can also defend reluctantly, but also surely injured. But if is Ji Dong erupts a skill by this huge magic power, that. The Zhou Xiaoxiao result at least can also be the heavy losses. Even if he has Level 96 magic power not to help matters. gold/metal fire, Ji Dong this pinnacle Yang Fire magic power left this pinnacle Seventh Metal.

All magic power fluctuations completely all vanish, on the Ji Dong strong aura is also nothing left, his complexion becomes is paler than the partners, the body has swayed, wa'ed, spouts a blood. That blood emits in airborne, changes into the gold/metal black two color/look combustion unexpectedly immediately completely. The body rocked once more, he also falls in the place, has not carried directly on the cultivation to control one's breathing, but panting in gulps. Can clear seeing, from his seven orifices, flow out the blood, but on his skin, were many blood red, that is the blood threads that seeps out from the pore. Concentrated mutual promotion of the five elements magic power of nine heavenly stems disciples is really too formidable, the body of Ji Dong was extremely freely tenacious, in this case the body nearly could not withstand. Reason that a moment ago he has also sent out pinnacle Yang Fire , because he approached could not control, must output these magic power completely, otherwise his body must explode perishes fiercely.

Bead of static float chaos in the Ji Dong chest front. Integrates within the body slowly. Reason that he at this time does not have to recover through cultivation immediately, because of his meridians already by formerly wild magic power impact frailty of. At this time stimulates to movement magic power again, will possibly cause the damage that is unable to recall to own body. However, Ji Dong this time appearance seems, although frigid, may through two strike, as well as bears so huge magic power impact. The meridians of his within the body were expanded again forcefully. By the dragon blood immersion as well as phoenix dragon dance snake strengthen horizontal reply ability, once his recovers, then, his meridians not only will be more tenacious, magic power that can withstand surely dramatically will also increase, has the enormous advantage to his future magic power promotion.

At this time, Ji Dong must do comes slowly warm and nourish own body by the bead of chaos , helping the body gradually restore using the chaos creativity first, then goes slowly to restore magic power.

At this time, Ji Dong behind Chen Sixuan supported to stand, although she was also weak, but the Ji Dong situation made her grieved desire broken. Arrives at Ji Dong reluctantly behind, takes off the neck nucleus on life is Ji Dong takes. But Fu Rui also walked, initially gave his origin of life to fill half bottle to get down to Ji Dong Ji Dong directly.

Thick life aura erupts immediately, on the nucleus of life also sends out the deep green brilliance, spreads around the Ji Dong body, helping him restore. Now he needs was time. Has the most precious object assistance of this woods monster clan, after his recovers, will not have any sequela.

Chen Sixuan stands in front of Ji Dong, water glare flashes in the eyeground gradually, Ji Dong subconscious raising the head looks to her, although he now is weak, but under after drinking origin of life, is the spirit inspires.

"Your bastard."Suddenly. Chen Sixuan tears off on the face veil, toward his yelled.

Ji Dong by one that she scolded dull, since he has known Chen Sixuan, she gentle, accompanying silently in own side, leaves throughout will occasionally have revealed beyond the love, shows in front of Ji Dong, is perfect and docile. But this time she, actually likely is a gotten angry female tiger is common, originally pale charming face appears to wipe to blush because of angry, is the bright-colored not local products. However Ji Dong this delay , because of her manner, their teacher student relationships, all that Chen Sixuan displayed in the past, made his some unable to believe that this cursed angrily says from her mouth.

Because Chen Sixuan is angry, the chest is fluctuating fiercely, strong and full peaks and ridges quietly rhythm, too beautiful to behold.

"Do you know that such did to be dangerous a moment ago? If you cannot bear the impact of everybody magic power, you will die. This is only the competition compares notes by, is not the life and death wrestles, why can you have that strong effort? I do not believe that you do not know limit that own body withstands." The Chen Sixuan anger as if still in the unceasing promotion, upbraids Ji Dong.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, has not refuted. Because Chen Sixuan said right, if a moment ago his body bearing capacity were bad a point, or sent out within the body magic power is late a point, his body will be stave, got in the tomato that exploded like one.

"You, you......"Chen Sixuan angry could not speak. Nobody compared with the danger that she Ji Dong faced clearly a moment ago, because she and Ji Dong soul is connected, itself knew about Ji Dong, when Ji Dong releases the perfect version greatly quiet flame ice, other people shock, only has her. The heart soon jumped, because she was very clear, to that time, Ji Dong could not control, once greatly quiet flame ice cannot put successfully, then he decided however is difficult to run away dies, can see this point from that greatly quiet flame ice finally voluntarily shatter, he cannot grasp eventually is ending the full page greatly quiet flame ice the might.

Ji Dong stands up slowly, looks Chen Sixuan that air/Qi anger occurred simultaneously, lifts the hand, has patted her shoulder, was anything had not said as before.

In this time, the shatter sound that bit is getting up, the blue light soared to the heavens together, crossed such quite a while, the chrysanthemum pig has worked loose from greatly quiet flame ice finally. It after all is and Dark Flames Demon King with other level existence, even if the genuine big quiet flame ice hits it, it will not be struck to kill, most was selected the wound. Naturally, reason that this is not enough to affect the victory and defeat of this competition, Ji Dong uses greatly quiet flame ice to it, the goal is to restrain it by. So long as the initiative lived in it, then routs Zhou Xiaoxiao, this competed with them to win.

"I know why he must so vie for supremacy."Chrysanthemum pig look profound looks at Ji Dong. Although it has not been injured, has worked loose from greatly quiet flame ice, but also frightens. If Ji Dong joined a moment ago again strikes Flame Sovereign King ending full page Ultra Certain Kill Skill, then, even if it must be seriously battered deeply.

The vision of other Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan as well as people fell on the chrysanthemum pig.

The chrysanthemum pig looks at Ji Dong, solemnly said: "This little miss some few words said right. Ji Dong this boy, simply does not want to live. He in the heart had the dead will a moment ago, is in the situation of being unafraid of death, he can withstanding of excess load that huge magic power, be displayed the Dark Flames Demon King true strength by himself. If I have not guessed that wrong, the Lie Yan (raging flames) death, made him live not to have the love, his he wants to promote own strength as soon as possible, good soon is the Lie Yan (raging flames) revenge. Once he takes revenge successfully for Lie Yan (raging flames). And evens up that ten bottles of good wines, completes to the commitment of Lie Yan (raging flames), he certainly will follow then Lie Yan (raging flames) to go. If Lie Yan (raging flames) is also living, he will not have such choice a moment ago."

Listened to chrysanthemum pig these words, the Ji Dong look to have some changes slightly, the anger in Chen Sixuan eye was actually similar to the snow and ice ablation, stood there, dull looks at Ji Dong, suddenly, her body in a flash, already to the ground softly but actually. Her magic power originally has overdrawn, before besides Ji Dong, consumed in a big way must be with her of Ji Dong soul fusion. Formerly was such anger, at this time listened to the words of chrysanthemum pig, in the heart to have mixed emotions, has fainted unexpectedly.

Ji Dong subconscious finding out both hands, caught the body of Chen Sixuan, shaking the head of gently.

Fu Rui arrives at side Ji Dong, looked at him to cherish Chen Sixuan, lightly sighed, "Little Junior Brother, she was a good girl."

Ji Dong nodded, "I know, but, I had Lie Yan (raging flames)."

Fu Rui has not said anything again, he suddenly thinks somewhat ashamed, he has thought oneself were very deep to the Ye Xin sentiment, but he actually understands at this time, compared with this rigid Little Junior Brother, oneself missed.

Ji Dong is holding Chen Sixuan by a big tree, then sits side him, is feeling the body origin of life gradually restores silently in life the help of nucleus and under.

Zhou Xiaoxiao somewhat dejected sitting in one side, muttered: "It seems like, I was really old, later this world was your young people. This competition compared notes not to need to continue."

glared at him that the chrysanthemum pig despises, "is you weakly is good. If were Ji Dong and I coordinated a moment ago, you went to that side. We are also same will win. The strength of this Saint pig has not shown completely." Fu Rui funny say/way: "Chrysanthemum pig, you will pick up a bargain actually, Ji Dong is us the absolute core, only has under strength of direction his soul, our strengths can display completely. You draw him, haven't we become in a state of disunity? Even if were many fatty, cannot break through your defense. Such you as if truly were in an impregnable position."

Chrysanthemum pig snorted, "I and do Ji Dong cooperate also need to defend? He is Pinnacle Two Fires, I am pure Saint wood attribute. Has my assistance, do you believe that he can release a moment ago top Ultra Certain Kill Skill of such powerful similarly, moreover does not have any sequela. The wood lights a fire. Even if this fatty changes into fire attribute, you do not have the opportunity similarly. He is the gold/metal, I am wooden, isn't in tune completely, making this Saint pig assist for him? Loses to your little fellows unexpectedly, disgraced, is really the big shame, this Saint pig first time so loses face. Fat people, your not only not self-examination, unexpectedly also self- dispirited. Loses face than me."

Listened to the words of chrysanthemum pig, Zhou Xiaoxiao eyes to shine immediately, "right! Mainly because of me and your attribute disagreement. If trades a Water department Saint beast, I same can win. Why must change me."He is the person of disposition understanding, has thought through, formerly dejected naturally sweeps away. After all, before he faced, but this generation of bright heavenly stems disciples are complete. Lost did not lose face. Completely conceivable, in the future these young people can be the peerless powerhouses.

Side arriving Ji Dong that the chrysanthemum pig jumps sat, has bumped Ji Dong with the body, a rich blue light diffusion, covers the body of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan.

Immediately, the nucleus of ray Ji Dong life puts greatly, the restoration speed of meridians within the body damages quick several fold. On Chen Sixuan also presented a light green light.

"Ji Dong boy, what kind of? The Saint strength of this Saint pig is formidable. Your triangle battlefield was really a moment ago good! Although take risks very much, but completely has actually displayed the magic power characteristics of your disciples. What is more important is the strength of your soul. You add on this little miss who called Chen Sixuan, calculated on coordinated perfectly. Several words I have wanted to say with you, takes advantage now."

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Chapter 409: More intense

Ji Dong looked at chrysanthemum pig one. "What do you want to say with me?"Had the help of chrysanthemum pig, the meridians of his within the body were most half double-hour to restore again, the Wood department Saint strength of chrysanthemum pig, gave him an inexhaustible feeling, as if at this time around own body, condensed the life aura under entire day.

The chrysanthemum pig said: "I must with naturally be you and Empress Lie Yan matter that you said. I know, Empress Lie Yan died, attacks to you very in a big way. However, do you have to think, between you and Empress Lie Yan are impossible."

Listened to his such saying, the Ji Dong complexion immediately to sink, "I and Lie Yan (raging flames) each other fell in love, why was impossible?"

The chrysanthemum pig said: "Your this level naturally does not understand. Empress Lie Yan is a god, but you is a person. Even if god does not send the god lawman to cope with her, you were also few in the together time. Empress Lie Yan after releasing that Red Lotus day hot as if, cultivation base has been the degree that the Level 2 god has slandered. But the Level 2 god slanders this cultivation base, will fly upwards to be enthralled surely. Empress Lie Yan is not human, therefore, her situation is also different from your human. If your human can cultivation the degree that the Level 2 god slanders, then, but can also stay for several thousand years in the world. Even over ten thousand years, roam through willfully, waited for that the supernatural power and body unify completely, transforms the god body oneself, rises to be enthralled voluntarily. However, Empress Lie Yan is earth core Red Lotus, Lie Yan (raging flames) that you see, is only the energy body by. Although she main body into this energy body, but her oneself eventually is earth core Red Lotus by. After cultivating the Level 2 god has slandered, she requires the time to carry on the deep sleep fusion. Although earth core Red Lotus is the incomparable items plant, but the plant category, she also needs 10,000 years to rise eventually to be enthralled, but actually must be 10,000 years of deep sleep cultivation. Reason that she can with you in the same place, be she has been restraining the arrival of this deep sleep time. This for her, is extremely painful. But she has not told you by. The time that once she restrains is too long, will certainly cause the unredeemable damage to her. Her supernatural power will make the main body collapse gradually. Therefore, if she continuously with you in same place, let alone this energy body cannot have happy of human such fish water with you, even momentarily may die. That is true dies because of you. This also why I said you unable in the together reason."

Listened to the words of chrysanthemum pig, the Ji Dong whole person dumbfounded, he cannot think absolutely, Lie Yan (raging flames) and in the same place, actually also silently were withstanding these many.

Chrysanthemum pig continued: "The matter on Holy and Evil Island does not occur, I certainly will also persuade you to leave Empress Lie Yan to look as soon as possible, making her quickly go back the deep sleep. Although this time she dies because of the god lawman, but in my opinion, not necessarily is a misdemeanor. By my understanding god. God is not an indifferent heartlessly unreasonable world. Although Empress Lie Yan is not human, but, she actually never does has harmed other people's matter. The polarity, because of her appearance, has conformed with the entire earth core world, making the earth core war extinguish in invisible, avoided the world of human beings being affected. Therefore, although Empress Lie Yan died, but I believe, her god knows is gathered by god surely. Perhaps in god where cultivates silently, although you impossible in together, but she, if can live, becomes the genuine god, for her, to be meddlesome? I thought, Chen Sixuan is more suitable than Lie Yan (raging flames) you. Treasures at present the person well." "You, you said, Lie Yan (raging flames) hasn't died?" The Ji Dong sound somewhat shivered. The vitality of whole person as if completely has also glowed generally.

The chrysanthemum pig said: "I had not said that but this has the possibility very much. Just, your Lie Yan (raging flames) also no longer was Lie Yan (raging flames), she will be erased in the memory of world surely. Moreover may also have another body, you want to meet again, is completely impossible. Therefore, your originally does not have completely possibly in a together person of god, what do you also want painful? You should live well, for are living. Chen Sixuan is also human, moreover agrees with your attribute, Fu Rui that boy said right, this girl really good. Treasures well."

Then, the chrysanthemum pig walked vivaciously, but Ji Dong actually as before delay there.

Originally Lie Yan (raging flames) and I in the same place, actually withstood that many, she has been consuming oneself vitality unexpectedly with me in the same place. Lie Yan (raging flames), you really quite silly. Perhaps the chrysanthemum pig said right, your god knowledge may live in alternative forms in god. But, liked my Lie Yan (raging flames) dying after all, the god knowledge changed, the body changed, in you who in that god had is also not you. I must track down, is that loves my Lie Yan (raging flames)!

The chrysanthemum pig does not know, his these words not only cannot cancel love of Ji Dong to Lie Yan (raging flames), instead is similar to aggravates the situation general, making that be in love becomes blazing.

The people have rested here several double-hour, is gradually late until the weather, everybody magic power restores one after another, once more starts off.

Today and chrysanthemum pig and Zhou Xiaoxiao this war, to the help of people are quite giant, although Ji Dong has controlled the entire war, the pressure even distribution that but also similarly brings Zhou Xiaoxiao and chrysanthemum pig gives each partner. In the fight, told each of them through the direction of strength of soul own all computed results as well as the forms of combat and process completely. But top Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice that Ji Dong displays finally although not completely successful, but also sufficiently took to the people to inspire enormously. Later the cultivation of several double-hour restore the magic power process, is they realize from experience this to fight the experience obtained time similarly, can comprehend many, is individual perception issue.

The people start off time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon also extremely discontented called several to Ji Dong, does not make them go to battle regarding Ji Dong, Maotai and Wuliangye somewhat are resentful, Huo'er has been very actually quiet, although it has completed the evolution, so long as Ji Dong did not call her, she only static cultivation in the Vermilion Bird bracelet. Perhaps, this is also because it realizes himself and fifty Saint Fire Dragon disparity reason.

Yao Qianshu also sits in fifty Saint Fire Dragon carries on the back, in the people, there is a magic beast partner only has Fu Rui and Ji Dong, remote and Yao Qianshu four people. Counted on that the chrysanthemum pig led him to fly has not hope that therefore everybody also respectively sat in fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and on silver wing Haidong azure. Because silver wing Haidong azure the stature wanted slightly, therefore took a seat remotely with Lan Bao'er two people.

"Ji Dong, everybody's strength also has been OK now, all our -round strengths also sufficiently resist Rank 10 magic beast, you looked, should find a time to make everybody look for own magic beast partner together? This not only can about one step strengthen our strengths, did not need to depend upon you like the present."Yao Qianshu spoke to Ji Dong.

Listened to his words. Ji Dong nodded, said: "Should make everybody has the mount. The heavenly stems disciple can use the contract in Level 50, we have met this request. Oh, was right, initially Fire Dragon king once invited me to go to their inhabit regions, how you look at this, after our time went to the silly rich business association, the inspection that if they proposed was too difficult, we first went to dragon valley. dragon clan, without doubt is in magic beast the most formidable race, there. I believe that everybody should be able to find to suit own Giant Dragon."

Yao Qianshu nodded, somewhat helpless lightly sighed.

Ji Dong naturally knows that he in thinking anything, in the people, without a doubt, by the grade of magic beast partner, perhaps nobody can surpass Yao Qianshu, the chrysanthemum pig is the peak Saint level, initially frightened Holy and Evil Island one of the five mahatma beasts. Also, because of so, what they sign is Equal Contract, the chrysanthemum pig is extremely also strong, Yao Qianshu is unable to borrow its strength truly, can say, does not have what help to him. Yao Qianshu rather takes a strength to be smaller and weaker, but can with perfect coordination magic beast, is not willing to want this Saint to be beastly.

These years pass by, Yao Qianshu was also maturer, particularly is suffered several years later by the chrysanthemum pig.

The chrysanthemum pig is resting at this time in the Du Xin'er bosom, an extremely comfortable appearance, whenever sees its time, the Yao Qianshu vision will become extremely complex.

The Ji Dong racket the shoulder of Yao Qianshu, "this matter I help you try to find the solution. Perhaps, can make our Saint pigs relieve the contract to you on own initiative. It takes our overall backing and all assistances, obviously than accounting for your contract quota has been better."

Yao Qianshu shows a faint smile, said: "Does not need to be worried for me. Own strength is most important, this point I am very clear, therefore I will have tried hard to cultivate, will not be fallen by you are too far."

Nearby day said with a smile slight: "I was not always worried for you, if no master, I believe, you have the ability become one generation of Saint kings. The masters, everybody was very weary today, was inferior that we look for the place recuperation of stopping over one. Early tomorrow morning continues to hurry along again." Ji Dong nodded, said: "This is also good, today everybody to war can also ponder some in some comprehensions while this opportunity."

Sits well in Fu Rui laughed that the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon carries on the back, said: "Happen, we look for the family/home silly rich hotel. First eats, then sleeping well, tomorrow will continue to hurry along. Has the silly rich big boss, this treatment our some."

Zhou Xiaoxiao is flies, this is also his one cultivation way, hears word the ill-humored say/way: "I really am a tragedy, not only wants, when the sandbag makes you hit, but must invite your food and lodging. Do your little fellows have the human nature!"

"Is, do you have human nature! The fat people, leading me to go. I did not have the human nature, patronizes this Saint pig to your hotel, will let your you honor my humble home absolutely."Hears to eat this character, formerly also rested very much fragrant chrysanthemum pig to wake immediately, chuckled was saying to Zhou Xiaoxiao.

"You? I thought that your eat compared with their all a lot."Zhou Xiaoxiao despises shot a look at chrysanthemum pig one.

Chrysanthemum pig splendid say/way: "Can't capable work more you understand? The multi- work naturally must eat much, otherwise where has the strength? Won't you mean-spirited not giving up ask this Saint pig to eat meal?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a smile: "Please, naturally invite. Other does not dare saying that eats meal makes you eat to the full absolutely. Listened to Yao Qianshu saying that you liked eating magic beast. Does not have the issue, I make the person give you to prepare 100 heads first. Sufficed."

One hear of this saying, chrysanthemum pig eyes has shone immediately,
"good, is the fatty you are really kind. This Saint pig kindly accepted."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Front is not the western dike city, was the Central Earth Empire western strategic place, here had our business association quite big branch, in a short time transferred 100 magic beast not to have any issue. The chrysanthemum pig, I thought that you might as well join our silly rich business association then forget about it. Perhaps at your this capacity for food, Yao Qianshu cannot raise you! Only then our business association financial resource can meet your need."

Chrysanthemum pig snorted, said: "Does a bit less this set, haven't you listened to those words? The shredded meat was once valuable, the sliced meat price is higher, if for freedom, therefore, both all may throw. This Saint pig most repugnant restricts."

Zhou Xiaoxiao funny visits it, said: "This is your is not right, for me is this, the shredded meat was once valuable, the sliced meat price is higher, if there is a big flesh lump, both all may throw."

Listens to their dialogue, Ji Dong to discover obviously, oneself Yao Qianshu look was drearier several points, the look in Ji Dong eye also similarly had some changes. It seems like that must chat with chrysanthemum pig well.

The west dike city, is situated in Central Earth Empire is in the west, important trade city, main city. Although is impossible to look like Central Plains City to be so huge, but also was a quite good big city.

When Ji Dong they arrive here, entered the nightlife time, under the leadership of Zhou Xiaoxiao, familiar and easy arrived at the silly rich hotel situated in town center.

The style of silly rich hotel is almost same in any place, the disciples who only entrance these twin girls first time come on the command sufficiently shocked. However, these service people do not know Zhou Xiaoxiao, sees the people to come, hurries to welcome two service people, making the people enter the hotel lobby.

"Does need what serve?"Serves the young girl gentle voice to ask.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Arranges 13 commercial suites to us."Said that these words he also changes Ji Dong saying: "Silly rich hotel any not over five presidential suites, otherwise showed without Fa Xian its is honored. Although the commercial suite is slightly worse, but. How do you look?"He does not dare to offend Ji Dong now, lest this tyrant turned head and walks. Therefore asked the opinion of Ji Dong desirably.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "You arrange."

The service people listened to the Zhou Xiaoxiao words to have a scare, although the price of commercial suite was not expensive like the presidential suite, but to the average person also same was the astronomical figures, "did mister, you determine?"

A more splendid plot launches for everybody immediately. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 410: The beautiful women, open a price

"Sir, did you determine?"Listened to Zhou Xiaoxiao one to reserve that many rooms. The service people also had a scare by him.

"I determined certainly, quickly arranges to us. Then looks for one to reserve a room greatly to us, we must dine."

The service people said: "Sir, because is too big related to the amount, must trouble you to pay the deposit first, this is the custom of our hotel."Although Zhou Xiaoxiao is well-dressed, but she had not thought that at present this big fatty can be so rich, as for other people, the wear is very ordinary, likely was not the appearance of rich man.

Regarding the custom of own hotel, is very clear, fished out a card to give the service person from the body that Zhou Xiaoxiao naturally knows conveniently.

That is a golden card, the middle together cuts the prototype shape the diamond, not only above the section is radiant, carving also Zhou Xiaoxiao head picture.

"Is this?" The service people are looking at card stare blankly in hand, asked again.

Zhou Xiaoxiao pats the forehead, "looks at me, has forgotten such important matter unexpectedly, the service person of your this rank cannot see this type of card. You go, gives you floor manager it, he will understand. Then quickly arranges for us, we were very tired." "Good, that asked fellow distinguished guests to wait a minute." The service people regarding Zhou Xiaoxiao just in these words heart were somewhat discontented, that was not obvious despised itself? However, the request of silly rich hotel to staff is extremely high, she does not dare to say anything, hurried to look for the manager.

Zhou Xiaoxiao points by hall sofa saying: "Everybody sits the little while first, I process, quick good."In order to makes the people move in as soon as possible, he formerly service person direction went simply, this naturally can a quicker arrangement. He does not want to make here floor manager see in the hall when oneself brings to the attention of other people because of surprised.

Zhou Xiaoxiao handled to move, although other people magic power restored, but spiritually somewhat was truly exhausted, moved toward one side of the hall, supplied the guest specially when the sofa place that waiting rested.

In this time, is walking a group of people from outside, probably also about ten people, only listens a somewhat sharp sound said loudly: "Little Sister, quickly arranges the room for us, wants that luxurious suite, gave them to arrange the ordinary standard room on the line. Then asks a pair of twin younger sister to come to me. Our silly rich hotel is good, which has the twin."At the same time was saying, they stride moved toward heavenly stems disciples here sofa direction, but the heavenly stems disciples just sat down.

What speech is a youth, seems over 20 years old, their age is similar to Ji Dong, is slight. It seems whole body also few two meat, although is very high, but is actually monkey-like, on the face several have not been knowing that steadily is the whelk or the red package of other anything thing, just like a skeleton. Around eyes somewhat turns green obviously, sees is a wine and women excessive appearance, but, his both eyes are very bright, occasionally revealed a power and influence to be full of the chill in the air unexpectedly.

The service person complexion somewhat becomes flushed, awkward say/way: "Sorry, Sir, our twin service people do not provide the accident/surprise to serve. If you need the accident/surprise to serve, this hotel can help you look to the special place."

That skeleton youth eyes stares, "goes to the special place to ask me also to use you? The father must play is your here twin service people, the service person is clean, you are not understanding. Quickly arranges."

The service person complexion became uglier several points, took a deep breath, returned to normal reluctantly own mood, "mister, this matter I could not take responsibility, troubles your slightly wait a moment. I asked our managers to come."

Saying, her was not waiting for that youth to reply, hurried to turn around to walk. Can in the service people of silly rich hotel work after strict training, be able to make her so rude, obviously been mad heavy.

Fleeing to the wilderness of service person, making these people dry the hall to laugh, followed in the say/way that the skeleton the youth behind middle-aged person of also flattered: "Young master, this young girl estimate is young, or you add on him again, comes arrow three vultures? Hehe.  "one crowd of person sinister smiles make noise once more.

The skeleton youth snorted, said: "This beauty young master plays were many, an interest does not have. Only the twin can bring back this young master's interest."

"One flock of flies that which comes, is really annoying."What speech is Du Xin'er, she just sat to the sofa on saw a moment ago this, how the frank disposition possibly can repress.

The Du Xin'er sound is very loud, naturally made that crowd hear in the people of sinister smile, their vision also along with it falling, in sat on the heavenly stems disciples to sofa. First sees, is Du Xin'er, Lan Bao'er as well as gold/metal and remote outstandingly beautiful, naturally, also is bringing Chen Sixuan of veil, because at this time the body of Chen Sixuan formerly fainted, is somewhat weak, static sitting side Ji Dong, to lean on his body some slightly, Ji Dong reluctantly was also accepting. Although she is bringing the veil, the mystery that but the perfect stature and veil bring has similarly intensely is energetic.

Then youth one crowd of person vision with the skeleton fell on the sofa all tarries. The beautiful women they have to see, but likely at present Du Xin'er their these top beautiful women, moreover is one has these many situations, they actually first time see. The dumbfoundedness of suddenly looking. Especially that skeleton youth, even is stared wide-eyed, the whelk on face became redder.

"That anyone, Cao resolute, you goes, tells that service person, the twin I did not want a moment ago. Haha, my Wang Xiao lei luck also is really good, one has bumped into such many best quality goods unexpectedly here. The heaven waits me not to be thin!"

At the same time was saying, he arrived at the heavenly stems disciple in front of the people, vision first fell on the flatter golden body, left outside Chen Sixuan, another four females could be said as excel at winning the field respectively, but gold/metal this elegantly beautiful beautiful woman without doubt was most noticeable. Has a face skeleton Wang Xiao lei looks at gold/metal, chuckled, said: "Does beautiful woman, where come?"

gold/metal looked continually has not looked at his one eyes, static sitting there, looks like a beautiful woman statue is as before ordinary.

"Skeleton face, do you court death?"Du Xin'er may unable to bear, fierce has stood. But other people do not have anything to respond, is more like sees a play is looking at present these people.

Without a doubt, can lead these many people to check into the silly rich hotel. This skeleton face youth Wang Xiao lei surely some origins. But regardless of, he is any origin, does not have any significance regarding Ji Dong one line . Before Ji Dong has not become famous, to/clashes a crown anger is the young person, has killed Crown Prince Central Earth Empire, will care about at present these people? "Yo, the beautiful woman, the temper is very fierce! I like, the high- spirited horse rides to have the flavor/smell. The young master was also disinclined to say something to smooth things over with you, several beautiful women followed me, later must have your riches and honors. This silly rich hotel is young master my. The young master is very rich. So long as you served crisply, anything said. It seems like that tonight really must greatly with sleeping, Hahahaha."Skeleton face Wang Xiao lei as if somewhat let success go to the head, both eyes are frequently transforming the direction, wavers on the several beautiful women of heavenly stems disciple, such must disgustingly disgusting.

Du Xin'er angrily snorted, lifts hand suddenly, a white light bursts out, right in the face hits to that skeleton face.

At this moment, formerly that just went out of several steps to ask the service person by the middle-aged person who skeleton face was called Cao resolute to confess, at this time actually instantaneously returned to base, personal appearance one horizontal, has kept off before the skeleton face body, the right hand lifted, blocks the white light that Du Xin'er has sent out.

Bang a dull thumping sound, the heavenly stems disciples discovered with amazement, Du Xin'er this strikes flies back without any results unexpectedly, that asked Cao resolute middle-aged person to shake continually has not shaken.

Must know, Du Xin'er magic power has not achieved Level 60 freely, has not used pinnacle magic power, but wants to teach the skeleton face by, but this strikes is not ordinary Mage can keep off, does not have the Seven- Crown above strength, is impossible to resist so calm.

Seven-Crown? Did a villain who such flattered, really have Seven-Crown cultivation base? Moreover looks at his age, is unexpectedly less than 50 years old, in Mage world absolutely was the well-known character.

With getting rid of Du Xin'er, behind the skeleton face nine people go forward fast, encircles the skeleton face with Cao resolute together in central, a quite strong oppression strength, erupts immediately from these people.

These personal servants of skeleton face are the si 、 wushi-year-old middle-aged people, the one by one appearance was formerly frivolous, but when they the skeleton face encircles, the complexion actually suddenly changes, completely has become another appearance. Sinks the bearing of congealing, fully demonstrated they quite good strength. Although has not released Yin-Yang Crown. But by Ji Dong and the others the comprehension degrees to magic power, naturally can feel easily leaves this to follow the ten people of skeleton face actually separately to be five elements ten species at present, if each of them has that the strength that called Cao resolute such, then, this was one group of quite formidable Mage powerhouses. Can ten people, how follow such a skeleton face like this? Is the silliness rich their family/home?

Ji Dong and the others the complexions become strange, could it be said, at present this skeleton face is the son of Zhou Xiaoxiao that fatty is unexpectedly inadequate? If that was true, that may be interesting......

"Yo, has not thought that a young girl also strength, such small age magic power broke through Level 50 unexpectedly. Talent young girl! Your such talent young girl young master has not played, good, is very good."Skeleton face rampant not because of beginning of Du Xin'er, but has restrained, instead has the trend of getting stronger and stronger greatly. Very much has the confidence like Du Xin'er to her partners, he hand/subordinate is also confident to oneself this crowd, since many years have not had toward, but have fostered the too strong haughty air/Qi to him disadvantageously.

"Young master, this girl such small age cultivation base can be so the degree, is quite good! It is estimated that some origins, you look at.  "side Cao resolute gathering skeleton face, said in a low voice.

"What looks at to look? Looks at your face. The woman who the father must dally with, what background manages her, even if a princess, this young master couldn't play?" "Yes, yes, the young master wants to dally with any women is their being honored. You could rest assured that we help you handle."Cao resolute hurries saying in reverential awe.

Saying, him has been turning around, to we's other humanity: "These people dare to attack the young master, all catches them, after listening , the young master punishes."

Saw that these people must begin, Du Xin'er makes one to fear suddenly the appearance that "you, do not come, didn't could it be have the law of the land?"

Skeleton face self-satisfied snorted, "law of the land? The father is the law of the land. You and others what? Hasn't begun?"

Drinks along with skeleton face one greatly, his ten personal servant magic power full. They do not have, because Du Xin'er is young, but has neglected, Yin-Yang Crown of ten people almost also emit, respective is more separated is away from, becomes the surrounding form encircled Ji Dong and the others in the center. Obviously does not want to let escape one.

In this time, in the Ji Dong ear is broadcasting the Zhou Xiaoxiao sound suddenly, "teaches them ruthlessly, does not need to give me the face. This boy is the grandson of business association discussing official business group speaker, always hits his grandfather's reputation to pour to do evil, I am not good to act, you did not use politely, previous that insulted your fellow is that side speaker direct descendant."

Listened to the Zhou Xiaoxiao words, Ji Dong formerly on face strange to vanish, originally this boy was not the Zhou Xiaoxiao son, but was the grandson of that any speaker.

Ten master next this time of skeleton face is magic power full, one by one releases the tyrannical incomparable aura, the huge magic power aura somewhat is also surprised including Ji Dong, just as such that he formerly expected, at present these ten people, are the Seven-Crown above expert, particularly that middle-aged person who called Cao resolute, looked from Yin-Yang Crown, cultivation base has been the Eight-Crown intensity unexpectedly.

Sees Yin-Yang Crown of these ten people, Ji Dong secretly sighs one, the silly rich business association is really rich! Is such a grandson of speaker, the side follows unexpectedly is the universal seven, Eight-Crown powerhouses, moreover these people are not too old, they can cultivation this degree about 50 years old, without a doubt, this is not the talent can achieve, after all, the talent like heavenly stems disciple is extremely rare. Initially entire didn't Heavenly Stems School only have Thunder Emperor Fu Rui? Therefore, these people can have at present such cultivation base, obviously stems from the support of silly rich business association, moreover is not association president Zhou Xiaoxiao, is that speaker's support. They so were no wonder polite to this skeleton face.

Ten person magic power release, first produces is the dual attribute five elements suppression effect, what making the heavenly stems disciples funny was, the subordinates of this skeleton face were also the rarely seen (weirdo), ten person ten departments were complete, but was actually the men, female did not have. In other words, in ten people, pours five is sissy. Is Cao resolute of head is a Eight-Crown Fifth Earth department powerhouse.

To pull out the skeleton face, please cast the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Haha.
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