Jiu Shen Chapter 391-400

Chapter 391: The war of divine tool

Terrifying thunder light who thunder Yushen the axe leads. That that in addition on Fu Rui releases attracts the customer interest strangely, making Ji Dong fall into completely certainly. Two that he doing several things at the same time wrong shade step transforms do several things at the same time, was almost strangled to death by magic power of thunder Yushen axe terrifying in the flash shatter, the main body also appears.

This competition from start to the present, actually Ji Dong and Fu Rui true collision also only has twice, who has to think that their fellow apprentices two people of competions such quickly can reach so the climax, will seem will finish immediately?

The Heavenly Stems School students are without doubt excited, their idol Thunder Emperor Fu Rui must obtain eventually wins finally. But people on the scene, particularly diamond regiment, more is actually disappointed. Formerly they clearly felt that little main tyrant that if I can not do it , who can, the god kept off the tyrannical imposing manner of deicide, but at this time, was restricted unexpectedly hence, this was not they desired.

Including Fu Rui, felt oneself must win. The time of more than half a year , he although has been full of desperate and deathly stillness, but the dreariness of more than half a year, made him be able to calm down completely, besides paced back and forth in the pain of death of Ye Xin, whenever after he drank was dead drunk, thunder Yu the god axe in within the body can influence subtly was carrying on the fusion with him. After ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail baptism. It can be said that has pinnacle Yang Thunder attribute Thunder Emperor Fu Rui is maximum gain. This is not only on magic power level can manifest, the complete fusion of thunder Yushen axe, is equal to transforms his oneself for the divine tool gradually. The prestige of divine tool can also finally completely bloom. Present he, completely is brand-new Thunder Emperor. Then can in get the absolute winning side with comparing notes of Ji Dong in directly. And compels into the blind alley Ji Dong.

thunder Yushen axe the god armor, is having the energy of thunder extremely Yuan magnetism, uses magnetism that the human body own has, or repel, absorption. Because this situation appears in each other body, is magic power is unable to resist, even if the supreme powerhouse is also same. Fu Rui is thunder extremely Yuan magnetism control of this repel or absorption. Ji Dong suffered a loss under this thunder extremely Yuan magnetism.

But, did Ji Dong such lose really? If he so simple lost in the Fu Rui hand, what significance does this compete with also today? Dares to challenge own Senior Brother, he has naturally is not the superficial that simple strength.

Returns to the circle in thunder Yushen the axe, must pound the Ji Dong body shortly, Fu Rui terrifying pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power comprehensive eruption, forms giant thunder ball to limit his time comprehensively. Ji Dong erupted.

First is Ji Dong hides the double pupil under fierce mask, although has the impediment of that crystal flake, but Fu Rui or the earliest possible time saw that both eyes of Ji Dong changed.

Yes, both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the cream color in this moment completely, is this god hot Saint king Kai completely transforms for the cream color. Manic cruel Pinnacle Two Fires unexpectedly was formerly nothing left in this moment. Fu Rui feels, is a circle melts the temperate aura. Light white air current, erupts from Ji Dong, forms a guard shield around his body instantaneously. Also at this time, Fu Rui thunder element already comprehensive engagement body of Ji Dong.

Mysterious appeared. The cream ray that on that extremely powerful pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power and Ji Dong release contacts in together, has not erupted any striking power unexpectedly, but is similar to the snow and ice ablation general vanishes in the air fast, turned into the human and animals harmless light air current to scatter in all directions to fly upwards. Those who made Fu Rui surprised was, in this moment, he actually again could not feel Ji Dong magnetism. The effect of his thunder Yuan magnetism naturally is also extremely nothing left.

The right hand of Ji Dong, finds out in this moment, unexpectedly was grasping stiffly above the axe back of thunder Yushen axe.

In the observing eyes, this is stranger. The royal purple light ball that originally appeared does not have the thunder and lightning ray to fluctuate suddenly again, the next moment, the cream halo has proliferated light ball each corner, the royal purple is substituted by the cream color completely, then changes into the light air current to vanish without the trace. The body of Ji Dong and Fu Rui also appears in this moment, tyrant Ji Dong armor turned into the cream color completely, only then an exception, that is his right hand, completely by the hunting pink is covering the right hand.

"Buzz", strange buzz resounds, this sound not from between Ji Dong and Fu Rui, but from has covered the entire battlefield pinnacle double earth safety mask in that. This under safety mask by two big supreme powerhouse cloths, in this moment unexpectedly fierce shivers. Moreover presented illusory light shadow obviously, making observing some unable to see clearly internal situation, can only see that purple white two forms separated instantaneously.

The thick pinnacle magic power brilliance under Ji Changxin from the part of great bear crown, the extraordinarily good luck crown Shangguan recited on to erupt again empty-handed, the couple looked at each other one, saw in the shock color/look to grid. Must know, they are the supreme powerhouses, moreover surprise attack that most is good at defending. The couple collaborate, the Yin-Yang double earth combines and complements one another, this defensive power, even if were cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong brother and sister came, was not necessarily able to break through. The defense that but in a moment ago at this moment, they actually clear feeling, oneself released ties forcefully is broken unexpectedly nearly by the central tyrannical strength in the drastic fluctuation, if not they supplemented promptly perhaps magic power, could not block that mysterious strength.

Ji Chang believed took a deep breath, the sound said eight characters low and deep, "Chaos Fire, the war of divine tool."

Ji Mingxuan vision is somewhat numb, he can also certainly see clearly in the field the situation, Ji Changxin words are absolutely correct. But at this time his in the heart has actually been full of the pain. Engaged in in the education for a lifetime, he cannot train like at present the outstanding disciple. These two young people, are the Zhu Rong students. On cultivation base, he self-confident absolutely above Zhu Rong, are, on the student, he by far is actually not able compared with Zhu Rong. Thunder Emperor or tyrant, true battle efficiency, already not under him!

In the battlefield, two forms separate instantaneously. Fu Rui laughed, "good, Little Junior Brother. You can actually use Chaos Fire. Has not thought, this can make you run."

Although Ji Dong directly was nearly routed by Fu Rui, but he hides on the face under mask, is having the light smile, looks at Fu Rui that rough smiling face, he knows, oneself Senior Brother came back.

"Senior Brother, what did you attract a moment ago pull the strength of my body are?"Asking that Ji Dong does not evade. Naturally, sound that they exchange, only then each other can hear.

Fu Rui naturally cannot conceal, "that is the strength of thunder extremely Yuan magnetism thunder Yushen the axe supplements, after I can inspire thunder Yushen the axe to take possession the armor comprehends. The strength of thunder Yushen axe fused with my pinnacle Yang Thunder completely, Little Junior Brother, your progress, although is not small, perhaps the opportunity is not big! You look."At the same time was saying, in the Fu Rui hand thunder Yushen the axe holds up slowly, suddenly, above the axe blade, the dazzling thunder and lightning shines together instantaneously, this thunder and lightning revolves thunder Yushen the axe high and low rhythm to get up unexpectedly. This is not together ordinary thunder and lightning. But presents for cream thunder and lightning, the thunder and lightning core, is not big white thunder ball. Although its volume seems and common, when but Ji Dong sees its appearance, the pupil actually contracts. He truly has not thought, Fu Rui cultivation base evolved unexpectedly so the degree, not only fused the divine tool, broke into a jail through the fusions and ten thousand thunder of thunder Yushen axe takes to his clear(ly) to become aware, comprehended the thunder of chaos.

"Little Junior Brother, your Chaos Fire cultivation base must surpass the thunder of my chaos, what a pity. You have not been able to fuse the sword of Fire God, or the sword of your present Fire God is also not the complete condition. In addition the disparity on magic power, you, although has Pinnacle Two Fires, actually is also not my match."

Ji Dong has smiled, takes off the mask on face, looks at self-confident Fu Rui, "Senior Brother, you came back."

In the Fu Rui eye reveals to the emotion, "thank you, Little Junior Brother. Was you have awakened me. Right that you said that Ye Xin died, Lie Yan (raging flames) died. They cannot die in vain. Even if we must follow them to go, must injure their bastards to destroy these first thoroughly is good. The dark secret, weapon Li Yonghao, does not kill you finally, my can Fu Rui be resigned to perish? Little Junior Brother, do our competition also need to continue?"

Ji Dong nodded, "makes us strike to decide the victory and defeat finally. After I want to experience Senior Brother fuses completely thunder Yu the god axe very much, actually formidable to what kind of degree. Can't enough pressure, how oppress me to make the breakthrough again?"

At the same time was saying, his both hands lift from the body slowly, finally and grasps above the top of the head, straight that the both arms extend, chaos color also quietly vanishes in this moment, changed the dark- red. Meanwhile, that strange red appears above Ji Dong both hands again. One handle length four chi (0.33 m), the width half foot blood-color heavy sword, looks like from Ji Dong both hands and grasping places grows general.

With its appearance, the unequalled terrifying murderous aura fills the air instantaneously, that bewitching red, as if lives general, drags on the sword blade. Cruel and unwilling, bloodthirsty and crazy, all sorts of mood fill the air instantaneously. Is centered on it, the Ji Dong body surrounding ray became twists completely. But his both hands, has taken the Sun and Moon double splendor glove respectively. The left hand glitters strong black flame, the right hand is glittering the dazzling golden flame. The double fire combines and complements one another, pours into to that red long sword in comprehensively.

Yes, in order to and Senior Brother contends truly, Ji Dong released his sword of Fire God, only then so, he can have with the strength that Thunder Emperor put together truly. He naturally is not blind so. The deicides cultivate/repair Josse's threat not to disappear. However, present Ji Dong actually does not fear its wreaking havoc. The god who cultivates like this knows by the seal in the sword of Fire God, the speed of although by the Divine Sword being fused is very slow, but present Ji Dong, the strength of soul has been increased, coordinating the sword of Fire God to suppress him reluctantly, let alone, fights beyond the circle existence of also Chen Sixuan. This also why Ji Dong ponders over, finally decided makes Chen Sixuan join one of heavenly stems disciple important reasons.

The chairman's podium complexions under two supreme crown both become extremely dignified, in the magic power fluctuation to field, their feeling is most direct. Ji Changxin holds up Shangguan Yinkong hand, the couple simultaneously the fluttering body, does not draw support from any external force to fly into the midair, stays in that pair of earth safety mask above sky directly. The pinnacle double earth drops from the clouds, the safety mask instantaneously by a stratification is ten, comprehensive reinforcement. The rich Earth department ray also prevented most people's line of sight, they can see, only then in drill ground that red purple two groups of rays.

In the red and purple two groups of rays in the the next moment momentary contact, actually no one could see clearly had anything, when these two groups of fierce rays collided in together, entire Central Plains City as if fiercely shivered. The grating friction and breakage sound resound from the Earth department safety mask unceasingly. Everyone understands, if no protections of two Earth department supreme powerhouses, perhaps the tyrant and Thunder Emperor collision can take to a Heavenly Stems School disaster. Naturally, if has not protected, Ji Dong and Fu Rui will not fight fully.

Acme double earth safety mask vanishes gradually, Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong drops from the clouds. But location central Ji Dong and Fu Rui stand in one side respectively, two people of armor and weapons all vanished, seems besides the complexion somewhat pale, resembles anything not to occur unexpectedly.

What is shocking, side them, has Giant Dragon at this time respectively. The appearance that side the Fu Rui purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon is having a drowsy look, the uninformed at sea say/way had anything. When it sees the opposite to crawl in Ji Dong body side fifty Saint Fire Dragon, smartly spirit has fought a shiver.

Maotai and Wuliangye resemble rogue is gazing at fixedly the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon thunder, lowering the head of the thunder lacks prospects very much, will bury oneself chest front, that docile appearance, which also male tyrant world crazy dragon elegant demeanor.

"Thunder, how you so lose face."Fu Rui ill-humored has clapped a partner palm of the hand with the hand.

The thunder side is excessive, somewhat suffering from injustice visits him, seemed saying, although is pinnacle magic power, but others are two,
I. This how ratio!

Maotai and Wuliangye self-satisfied looking up, looks to Ji Dong, seems is taking undeserved credit to him.

The sword and the collision of thunder Yushen axe Fire God, cannot decide the victory and defeat eventually, after all is not the life and death wrestles, this war, Ji Dong and Fu Rui end by the tie. Naturally, is not the life and death wrestles, naturally cannot see their complete abilities.

Reason that fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon the appearance, may not be the summon of Ji Dong and Fu Rui, but under the collision of that divine tool level, the space tears voluntarily, two Divine Dragon in this case arrives. Sees each other, naturally does not have the meaning that slightest bit begins.

"Ji Dong, you take to me and your profound grandmother is not surprised and miracle, but is panic-stricken and miracle is right."

Early this month the monthly ticket competes quite fierce! Everybody seems going all out to resemble, but must trouble the book friends generous support. Continues splendidly, the following content will be more attractive.

Chapter 392: Three conditions

Praise that Ji Changxin does not evade this great-great-grandson. Ji Dong in his eyes, is perfect cannot be perfect. Today this aspect, seems blazing the hot school not to gain the victory of any competition, all that may in fact, Ji Dong obtain, by far compared with obtaining in the battlefield victory important many.

In this time, Chen Sixuan has been arriving at side Ji Dong silently, holds on his right hand on own initiative, the Ji Dong body slightly one stiffly, has not actually worked loose his hand. He understands, Chen Sixuan arrived at itself side at this time, not to be in front of people was expressing that was intimate with, but pure stemming from care. He does not know why in the heart will have this kind of affirmative idea, but he actually does not doubt this idea.

Thick Second Wood magic power injects into Ji Dong within the body, is moistening his body, but in fact, Ji Dong hangs the life nucleus on neck, is releasing the huge life aura similarly. What is more important, Chen Sixuan has completed the soul fusion with Ji Dong once more, that is outspoken to show in Ji Dong front mind window, making in his heart once more tremble. After two people fuse the strength of huge soul also in instantaneously the sword of deicide cultivates Josse's soul to suppress in thoroughly, making him unable to seize the chance to stir up trouble.

Ji Chang believed somewhat surprisedly looked at Chen Sixuan one, said with a smile: "Ji Dong, who this little miss is, you have not introduced to profound Zu. Your these young people, are really extraordinary!" Ji Dong said: "Profound ancestor, she called Chen Sixuan, was I am flaminging the student of hot school. The talent is extremely good, I prepare to recommend her become the heavenly stems Second Wood disciple."

Ji Chang believes nodded, said: "This is a good idea, I support you."Without a doubt, can complete the soul fusion with Ji Dong, has strength of that huge soul the help of girl's to Ji Dong can be imagined. Ji Changxin can certainly see in the Chen Sixuan eye that to be affectionately softhearted, he hopes that this covered the appearance girl to warm the heart of Ji Dong, asking him to leave thoroughly from the death of Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Hello, under part of great bear crown, extraordinarily good luck crown of respect."Chen Sixuan graceful salutes to two supreme powerhouses.

Ji Changxin said with a smile: "Good, good. The little misses are very good! Such small age broke through Six-Crown cultivation base, no wonder Ji Dong will elect you."

At this time, people in the chairman's podium, as well as numerous heavenly stems disciples walked, because two supreme powerhouses, other talented people have not said anything.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui look at each other one, the fellow apprentices two people smile, Fu Rui said: "Little Junior Brother, it seems like I really your match."

Ji Dong said: "Senior Brother, I have not won you!"

Fu Rui shook the head, "your Pinnacle Two Fires superiority has not shown completely. could it be you think that I will forget lasting law existence?"Similarly can use lasting law, but Fu Rui is only one is magic power, can last , can only be seven Thunder Dragon, but Ji Dong is actually double lasts, will Thunder Emperor forget this point? If the life and death wrestles, the opportunity that Ji Dong lives is older than him. Mage Guild President Shiloh could not bear at this time, gathers up to come, "my law enforcement elder, you hides the truth from my good pain! After here matter ended, you may probably follow me. also your students, I special approval them to join Mage Guild, does not need to inspect, gives the Four Stars title. Do you look what kind of?"

Shiloh and two people, already were both eyes got angry looked at Ji Dong generally quite a while. Regarding Ji Dong and a Fu Rui war, their not too many ideas. But, flaminged the strategy that hot school students use before, actually takes to them since birth biggest shock. They understand certainly that this strategy the significance is great. But today Ji Dong invites them naturally is not the strong momentum, obviously is very related with this strategy, Shiloh already could not repress.

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Mage Guild must go. However you must wait for me to process here matter to be good."

Shiloh hurries nodded, said: "Does not have the issue, we are waiting for you. When you processed, we returned to our Mage Guild together."But this association president astute very much, has been included within in Ji Dong own circle directly.

Heavenly Stems School directors look that the Ji Dong vision is similarly blazing, but they no one could speak. Others flaming vice- Dean of hot school! Was not initially in Yin-Yang School. At this time does not know how many people have to regret, but, regrets to be also useful?

At this moment, the Ji Dong vision suddenly changed behind the crowd, on desolate Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxuan. "Ji inscription xuan Dean, we whether to chat?"

Ji Mingxuan gawked, in the eye has revealed one to shame the angry meaning, in the heart mused, your goal has been achieved, can could it be also hit a person when he is down? Desolate say/way: "What do you want to discuss?"

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "this time we are come to exchange, not only the nature competes with that simply. Since is the exchange, naturally must discuss each other attainment mutually. Does not know that Ji Mingxuan Dean blazing the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy of hot school to us interested."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, Ji Mingxuan has gawked, "how was interested in being able? Does could it be flaming the hot school to give up this strategy comes out publicly?"Everyone can see Ji Dong that five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy the mystery, such strategy, is not one day two days can study obviously successfully, so the result, sufficiently made Ji Dong leave behind the dark ink serious wound in the demon world history. By this strategy, so long as takes time, blazing the hot school to surmount Heavenly Stems School is far from a difficult matter. Ji Mingxuan does not believe that Ji Dong will publicize such mysterious strategy, in his opinion, Ji Dong wants doing everything possible to shame him.

"Why can't publicize? This strategy is I studies, I not only need publicize it, but must teach to all Mage. The Holy and Evil Island great misfortune believes everybody also profound remembering. In the near future, we must face the common enemy. A poor thing but mine own can only be the fate of common destruction. I have created this strategy, for must be used in the bright and dark holy war. Before I have said that by this strategy, at least can make us increase 20% winning percentage, I think, this view has not exaggerated."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, the audience all was immediately startled. In the drill ground is standing that many people, unexpectedly becomes in this moment the complete silence, the vision of everyone centralized on Ji Dong, almost 99% are flooding inconceivable.

This time, Ji Mingxuan was a character could not say, looks that the Ji Dong vision has filled strangely.

Nearby Huang Lixin voice some say/way of shivering: "Ji Dong Dean, what you said is real? Are you willing to give us that strategy publicly Heavenly Stems School?" Ji Dong nodded, under being a focus of public attention, he actually as before unflustered, "the function of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, uses the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, making low level Mage also be able to display the great power law. If our Light Five Elements Continent Mage can have it, then, the strength of set entire continent Mage, we when the war that facing Dark Five Elements Continent provokes, had stronger battle efficiency. The exchange that my this time, proposed stems from this strategy. Today invites my profound ancestor and profound grandmother. Equal Your Highness king, under Taizi Dian, the Mage Guild two association presidents, are this goal. I hope, can in most in a short time, the command many Mage comprehensions study this strategy, currently just right everybody here, I have three conditions. Who can accept my condition, I teach the strategy."

"You said."Ji Changxin has opened the mouth, under this part of great bear crown the complexion sinks sees own great-great-grandson who concentrates. Considered from the selfish angle, he naturally most hopes Ji Dong the strategy only belongs to equal king lineage/vein. But he is very clear, Ji Dong said all that makes, for the Light Five Elements Continent consideration. Where does not have light to have the country, not having the country also what to discuss the family/home. Without a doubt, oneself this great-great-grandson has gone far beyond himself on mentality realm. The personal gain takes care of oneself, could handle for the good of the people and country four characters absolutely. In such a case, as the present age powerhouse, Ji Changxin has set firm resolve, in any event, must fully support oneself this great-great-grandson.

Ji Dong said: "First, all studies the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy Mage, must carry on the registration to compile a register in Mage Guild, and joins Mage Guild, carries on the unification supervision and direction by Mage Guild. Till the struggles of bright and dark two pieces of continent ended. After learning method, midway withdrawal, is recovered its ability by Mage Guild, serious, kills without the amnesty." Listened to the Ji Dong this first condition, Shiloh and beam with joy immediately, Mage Guild originally is the first under heaven guild, is the present only one super guild, is in itself controlling the huge Mage resources, had Ji Dong this condition, quite in that five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy control in the Mage Guild hand. Why not? Has this condition, on a Mage Guild authority absolutely again scale.

Ji Dong continued: "Second, after the holy war ended, Mage Guild cannot any reason continue to control these Mage. Does not hope staying behind, may be separated from Mage Guild voluntarily. Meanwhile, Five Great Empires dispatches one person to enter Mage Guild respectively, Mage Guild also leaves five people, forms ten people of elder groups. When to studying Mage of strategy mixes, by the elder group consults."

Proposed that this second condition, is the Ji Dong process thinks, if studies this strategy Mage by the continent five country respective controls, without doubt will disperse the strength, making the strength of strategy unable to display completely. However, by Mage Guild unified command, will cause the Mage Guild authority to be oversized. Therefore. Simultaneously is controlled this batch of Mage by Five Great Empires and Mage Guild, looks like in Ji Dong is the best choice.

After this second condition said that was lost in thought during with his concerned people, weighing the advantages and disadvantages quietly in heart.

Ji Dong said: "Third, all studies my this strategy Mage, must participate in the bright and dark holy war. Believes that everybody is clear, this strategy means anything to Mage world, if not because has the threat that Dark Five Elements Continent has, I will not publicize it. Since publicizes for the holy war, person, has studied its, naturally must process for the holy war. Resists the foreign enemy together. Before this is also me, had said lets reason that Mage Guild registers to compile a register."

"The Red Lotus day fire on Holy and Evil Island can also maintain more than four years of time. My this condition is not very perhaps complete, then, please everybody on the scene and several other Great Empire discuss together, if can put out one to make my satisfactory rule, I also similarly can teach the strategy. From the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune first anniversary also two months, two months later, I will go to Holy and Evil Island to hold a memorial service for a friend. Later rotates Central Plains City, to that time, I have hoped that you can give my answer. If various countries have not reached an agreement at the appointed time, I only will have selectively teaches. I must say these many."

The Ji Dong voice falls, surprisingly, first reacts unexpectedly is Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxuan, "these three conditions our Heavenly Stems School complied."

Ji Mingxuan does not have other choice, he knows, if Heavenly Stems School cannot study this strategy, then, soon, the reputation of this first under heaven school will certainly surrender something submissively.

"Later I will count in the student, everything dreads the participation jihadis, ahead of time will graduate, leaves Heavenly Stems School. Stays behind, Heavenly Stems School will unify to lead them to register to compile a register in the Mage school."

Ji Chang believes says with a smile: "The xuan younger brother, takes the bull by the horns, worthily is Heavenly Stems School Dean."At the same time was saying, his vision changed That side Ji cloud Sheng.

Ji cloud Shengzen can not understand that grandfather's meaning, nodded, said: "I under representative Central Earth Empire with Taizi Dian, is willing to accept these three conditions. However, we have a request."Ji Dong these three conditions, can say most advantageous was Central Earth Empire. Did not say other, only the Mage Guild association is located in Central Plains City, made them have the absolute superiority and advantage. Relations between equal king lineage/vein and Mage Guild are also good.

Ten elder responsibility systems that "Ji Dong Dean said a moment ago, I think that slightly has improper. Ten people, are the even numbers, what to do if has 5 : 5 aspects should? Therefore, we believe, should supplement an elder. As the matter stands, 11 people of numbers will not have the ambiguous situation in the important decision."

Ji Yeshang continued: "This five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is Ji Dong Dean creates, three conditions are also you propose. You are one generation of Saint kings of bright heavenly stems disciple, from any level, an elder who this comes out should hold the post by you. I think, regarding this point, some people will not have the opinion."

Who will have the opinion to be strange, has the opinion to mean that must offend Ji Dong. Let alone, on the scene is not Central Earth Empire is the Mage Guild person, relations between they and Ji Dong are close, how to have the opinion?

Beginning of the month monthly ticket competition is quite fierce! Small three also to mixing one, come, making us continue to attack forward.

Chapter 393: gold/metal: I do not agree with her for the disciple

Equal Wang Ji yun lives with the crown prince Ji Yeshang words. Was equal to pushes up onstage Ji Dong, Ji Dong just about to says anything, Ji Changxin first said: "Such being the case, such decided."

Ji cloud Shengwei said with a smile: "Our Central Earth Empire did not have any issue. We will convene other four countries as soon as possible, discusses this matter. However, Ji Dong Dean, whether to flaming the students of hot school to keep Mage Guild you temporarily, has them, to various countries can more convincing."

Ji Dong had pondered slightly, said: "Can make them stay behind. As for the seat issue of elder, is held discussions by five country heads and Mage Guild. In this regard, I do not participate in the opinion."

The foregone conclusion, the Ji Dong priority target was already completed, matter also that naturally, must process are many. He brings to flaming hot school these students, as well as a numerous heavenly stems disciple, follows two President Mage Guild to go to Mage Guild. Shiloh and naturally are regards the treasure to be common to these students, does not need Ji Dong to be worried about anything. Before various countries have not formed the unified opinion, he impossible to teach oneself five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. This strategy he, others does not want to steal the Masters unable to achieve.

Mage Guild big conference room. "The Ji Dong elder, you have taken to us today one hugely pleasantly surprised! You felt relieved freely. At this matter, guild will promote surely whole-heartedly. For the continent safety, you are willing so wonderful law public, I to represent Mage Guild, thank you."Speech naturally is Mage Guild President Shiloh, the voice falls, he stands up, bows to salute to Ji Dong unexpectedly.

Ji Dong hurries to return salute, "President Shiloh, you do not need so. We are trying hard for the continent future. Two months later, I will come back again, if all goes well, can start to teach the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy comprehensively. The earlier preparatory work must trouble you. Studies this strategy, needs the five elements attribute to be complete, the Yin-Yang separates. Every five people of one group, must establish them to be able for a long time in the same place, can start to study, otherwise, has been short of one person, strategy from broken. Moreover, each group of five people, best are magic power are as far as possible close, this is practicing to play the twice the result with half the effort effect."

Shiloh nods again and again, "these initial work give me. Regardless of other four countries how, our Mage Guild subordinates at least can guarantee 3000 Mage composition strategies. Before I also thought you to exaggerate, after experiencing this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, you said increased 20% odds of success perhaps to add being short that."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile. Changes Ji Changxin, said: "Profound ancestor, my this strategy cultivation, must have the help of supreme powerhouse or psychic force extremely formidable person, this aspect, but must trouble many your contacts."

Ji long channel: "At least our six old fogies do not have the issue. Turns head I to look for them, making them arrive at Central Plains City. As for other supreme powerhouses, I give a try. Should also be able to look for one, two people, this after all is the important matter that relates to the continent safety, believes that they will not look on." After Ji Dong carries on own some detail and Mage Guild of idea as well as organization overall cultivation strategy turned the exchange, this important matter is comes to the end.

"President Shiloh, can arrange a big point room to give us, cannot have anybody to disturb."

Shiloh said: "Does not have the issue. Our Mage Guild place, is safe you to feel relieved greatly. I arrange now."

The Ji Dong vision falls on Chen Sixuan and wolf divine intervention, before going to that has a five elements method underground treasure house, he must make them inherit the Second Wood disciple and Crystal Crown of Fifth Earth disciple first. In the true sense collects the ten heavenly stems disciple.

The free time of a while, the Mage Guild room has arranged, Ji Dong is leading the people believes the husband and wife to say goodbye to a Mage Guild numerous high level as well as Ji Chang, goes to the room that arranges.

Shiloh's arrangement naturally is extremely appropriate, this room is located in the Mage Guild top layer, is not only broad and secret. The surroundings arranged dozens Mage to carry on the security guard.

Enters the room. Turns off the door. Ji Dong many modesty, have not arrived at the seat of honor to sit without consulting anybody. Other people also in abundance take a seat.

In the room altogether is 11 people, besides ten heavenly stems disciples, also cloud secret.

"I want the goal of this room to believe that everybody can also guess correctly. Our bright heavenly stems disciple reorganizes, now lacks, only has the Second Wood disciple and Fifth Earth disciple two. I give everybody to introduce. The wolf divine intervention, the diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander wolf evil child, was less than 30 years old, magic power cultivation base broke through Level 70, Fifth Earth department, I hope that he took over the position of Fifth Earth disciple. Chen Sixuan, 19 years old, Second Wood department, from Eastern Wood Empire, has the life goddess eternal armor. Second Wood department divine tool. I hope that is taken over the Second Wood disciple by her. Does everybody has the opinion?"

Ji Dong brings the wolf divine intervention and Chen Sixuan, itself has been clear about this meaning, cloud Tianji arrives in front of Ji Dong, hands over in Second Wood and Fifth Earth two Crystal Crown the Ji Dong hand, "master, I support your arrangement."

Two Crystal Crown are sending out the radiant brilliance, in room thick pinnacle magic power fluctuation reverberation, under complementing of that ray, has added several points of magic color.

"I did not agree."In this time, an ice-cold sound is resounding, including Ji Dong, in the people eyes reveals the surprised look, looks in the direction that the sound sends out.

Said these words, was gold/metal. After entering the room, she sits in the corner. At this time face darken looks at Ji Dong, in the double pupil, performing is the ice-cold color/look.

Ji Dong has never thought some people will oppose his proposition, everybody is the closest partner and ally, extremely understood, he believes that everyone has the sufficient trust to him, his beforehand inquiry, are actually more regarding the respect of partners. Has not actually thought, really some people will even propose the opposing opinion, moreover this person or gold/metal.

"Why?"Ji Dong knits the brows to ask.

gold/metal raised the hand refers to sitting in Ji Dong Chen Sixuan, coldly said: "The Fifth Earth disciple I do not have the opinion, but, the Second Wood disciple is taken over by her, I did not agree. Ji Dong, the master just passed away is less than one year, you in addition seek the new joy, your doing right by master?" Such remarks, the people completely are in great surprise, gold/metal simply not slightly persuasive, extremely direct angrily rebuking Ji Dong. Her words, look like a handle sharp blade, straight thrust Ji Dong atrium.

"What did you say?"Bang. The Ji Dong right palm chops to fall, table was reduced to ashes immediately, he also suddenly stands up. The crazy anger ascends instantaneously, because is angry and suffering from injustice, the Ji Dong whole person body uncontrolled shivers.

gold/metal sneers saying: "What did I say? could it be I said isn't right? You with this woman, wear the lover attire, appears under the big crowd of people hand in hand, didn't could it be seek the new joy in addition? Before, you seemed to the master are passionately devoted, the master died for you, you in such a short time also had other woman. Hello, you are very good. You make her take the post of the Second Wood disciple, I withdraw. Ji Dong, your simply is a hypocrite."

"gold/metal, sufficed."Fu Rui solemnly shouted.

gold/metal angrily said: "What suffices to suffice? I said that has the mistake? The situation you also saw. Also any heavenly stems Saint king, I."

"flatter Sister Jin."Lan Bao'er stands up, arrives at side gold/metal, draws her hand.

gold/metal looks to her, "Bao'er, didn't you speak? Weren't you feeling dejected a moment ago? I know that you also like Ji Dong this bastard, what good does he have? However is mean villain of being fickle."

Lan Bao'er one dull, in the eye water glare surges, lowers the head, bites the lower lip tightly. Could not say to persuade King's words again.

Other people do not know that should say anything is good, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan was intimate they also to see, regarding King's anger, they, although wants to persuade, may really not know how should urge. At this moment, the Ji Dong sudden stride walked toward gold/metal, sits hurries to stand up in not far away Yao Qianshu, tries to block him, "Ji Dong, do not impulse. gold/metal is also the righteous indignation for a while."

Ji Dong right arm one horizontal, parry Yao Qianshu, lips pursed, on the face did not have blood-color, walks facing him, the flatter gold thread does not fear, in the eye the anger does not have the slightest bit to be weaken, looks straight ahead Ji Dong, the slightest does not let.

Ji Dong has arrived from gold/metal only has one foot place, suddenly, his both hands point, ripped the sound of broken silks, the chest front front piece has made him tear, has revealed the broad and solid chest.

gold/metal one dull, if Ji Dong, because becomes angry out of shame to her begins. She may think very normal, but this tears the mind suddenly, exposes the chest, made her brain have the instantaneous short circuit. Although in the anger, charming face is not prohibited two to wipe to blush.

But the next moment, Ji Dong held King's right hand, lifts to own chest front, solemnly shouted: "Come, by your cultivation base, at least 1000 means can dig my chest, you yourself have a look with own eyes, whether my heart changed."

Ji Dong becomes incomparably ice-cold both eyes as if can make one coagulate general, is feeling the temperature of his chest muscles, gold/metal was formerly full is the anger face becomes somewhat pale.

Ji Dong exclaimed: "Come! Digs my chest, you yourself have a look. If you thought that my heart changed, you kill me for Lie Yan (raging flames). Come."He loves Lie Yan (raging flames), other anything, but he cannot tolerate itself the love to Lie Yan (raging flames) to be questioned. No one is good.

The heavenly stems disciples look at the violent to walk condition Ji Dong, no one has spoken, the air in room as if coagulated general heavy. They do not know how should persuade Ji Dong or is gold/metal. In this time, has been silent is gazing at all Chen Sixuan to open the mouth to say suddenly: "I think, this is a misunderstanding."Nobody to Lie Yan (raging flames) is more profound than her clearer love of Ji Dong, looks at the Ji Dong that slightly shivering some broad backs, the eye socket of Chen Sixuan slightly somewhat was red.

At the same time was saying, she has arrived at side gold/metal and Ji Dong, disregards in the Ji Dong violent anger double pupil, both hands lifts, holds Ji Dong and King's hand separately, separates them.

"gold/metal, I thinks that we should chat alone."Chen Sixuan looks to gold/metal, gold/metal also happen to looks to her, two people vision relative, the gold/metal sudden look changes, from the eye pupil of Chen Sixuan, she as if saw anything. But Chen Sixuan said at the same time, has been drawing her to walk outward. gold/metal extraordinary has not revolted, whatever that she pulled to walk.

Bang, door closure, Ji Dong stands there as before, panting somewhat, the mood of whole person is not very slightly right. The fierce pain, is firing his heart, he unceasing the loudness in the heart was summoning the Lie Yan (raging flames) name.

Out of the door, Chen Sixuan draws gold/metal to arrive at next, gold/metal as if awakens, waves suddenly, casts off the palm of Chen Sixuan.

"I and you had nothing to say."Woods cold sound flooded the intense murderous intention, the King's double fist was already gripping tightly, as if the next moment can eruption.

Regarding her movement, Chen Sixuan has not cared, in the mouth said one words that made gold/metal be terrified, "gold/metal, can I believe you?"

A gold/metal brow wrinkle, "your what meaning?"

Chen Sixuan looks to her, two people vision once more relative, this time, her look had the strange change. That is one type is honored and temperate, as if can contain all looks, is also bringing faint and is far away from faintly recognizable of this world. When gold/metal sees the change of Chen Sixuan look, suddenly, her whole body shakes, "you. "

"Isolates to tie with your pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power arrange/cloth under."Chen Sixuan light saying.

This time, gold/metal has not said any opposition words again, like the stars pale golden halo floating, instantaneously covers in which two people bodies radiantly. Under the isolation by this pinnacle magic power arrange/cloth ties, even if the supreme powerhouse stands in the side, is impossible to hear inside sound.

Chen Sixuan lags behind the veil on oneself face silently, presents in front of the perfect tender face gold/metal, "a semblance of person may change, but the look actually will not change. Because eyes is the window of soul. gold/metal, I do not have other choice, I can only believe you. If no your help, perhaps, I forever impossible with Ji Dong in the same place."

"Actually are you who?"Looks at both eyes of Chen Sixuan, in gold/metal eyes is revealing the surprised uncertain look.

"Is looking steadily at my eyes, do not put aside the look."Chen Sixuan said that also in this moment, a strange soul fluctuation, from her double pupil floating, connects above King's both eyes.

The King's present all started to have the change, she noticed that first when was wakes up the scene from frozen. The dark-red earth core world, beautiful busy red clothes young girl Lie Yan (raging flames) stands before that frozen her, she sobers slowly from frozen, the first few words that asked were: "Where this is, who am I?"

gold/metal whole body shock, because, this only belongs to her and Lie Yan (raging flames)...... Thinks attractive, votes. The monthly ticket and recommendation ticket are in danger. The brothers and sisters who small three need Tang gate fully support, thank you. How will Chen Sixuan convince gold/metal? Continues to look. Voting voting.

Chapter 394: Beginning Zulong blood

The left claw pricks in the right claw. Formidable destructive power shows on oneself, but the ancestor's of Land Dragon vision actually as before is that tranquil, as if it pricks at all is not own body.

A little bit golden red liquid flows from the wound place of ancestor of right claw Land Dragon slowly, drops from the sky, toward fettering the Ji Dong yellow light ball is falling. Strange saying that when this golden red blood drops on the light ball, will seep to enter naturally, the ancestor's of Land Dragon body is huge, but blood drops, made Ji Dong feel that had the liquid to fall on the body, that liquid was somewhat scalding hot, even was consoling hot, from the beginning flowed, has flowed following the body to own under foot.

What's all this about? Ji Dong is closing both eyes, cannot start the soul investigation, although in heart strange, but does not understand that actually to have anything, he does not worry, relaxes the body as before, static waiting.

A drop meets a drop of blood to drop from the ancestor of dragon claw place Land Dragon, covers Ji Dong that yellow light cover is looking like vessel. Unceasing carrying/sustaining that a little bit dragon blood.

dragon blood is infiltrating the body of Ji Dong, and starts to collect in his, gradually soaks his body completely. From the under foot to the calf, arrives at the waist again, has spread upwardly. This boiling hot liquid is any Ji Dong does not know, but he can actually feel clearly, steam permeate oneself within the body from this liquid unceasingly, even if the powerful body that phoenix dragon dance snake changes cannot have prevents the aura in this liquid slightly.

nose moves slightly, the Ji Dong sense of smell is sharp, he smells, is thick fragrance. This type of fragrance very strange, Ji Dong self-examined that is quite sensitive to various flavors/smells, so long as is hears passed/lived one time, will not forget, but he can actually affirm now, before the fragrance that at present smells absolutely is him, has never experienced.

The body of Ji Dong had been soaked by Rank 10 Giant Dragon incorruptible dragon blood. But, are incorruptible dragon clan bloodlines also possible and compared with the ancestor of Land Dragon? Its that blood completely is the salty rank aura. Although the ancestor of Land Dragon was not known many years by the seal here, but, its body is flowing, after all is the blood of dragon clan first ancestor, is the dragon clan purest bloodlines, emperor's clan bloodlines. It is soaking the body of Ji Dong with this blood.

That fragrance distinguishes carefully, seems a light fragrance, hears, the first feeling of Ji Dong is noble. Even if in the previous generation, he from not hearing to have been so were disclosing from the bone the fragrance of noble aura, this feeling is very wonderful. As if at this moment. He is standing in a magnificent luxurious hall, accepts the worship of being a focus of public attention to be ordinary.

Actually is the ancestor of Land Dragon making what? The doubts in Ji Dong heart were more intense, he does not understand what thing that completely the ancestor of Land Dragon is uses soaks own body, what relations does this have with the instruction demon territory? To come in him, teaches the demon territory to be the exchange between souls, the ancestor of Land Dragon will cultivate and method of use demon territory tells itself, unceasingly is practiced then by oneself, but has the element peeling demon territory to be right. But feels at this time, is actually not that a matter, how the ancestor of Land Dragon must do, he definitely is unable to grasp. Finally, that a little bit blood has inundated the neck of Ji Dong, soaks his body completely, he also because of the immersion of blood, but is unable to breathe again.

The left claw that the Land Dragon is content has pulled out from the right claw, last drop of dragon blood falls when that yellow light ball general it fills completely, moment of ancestor of right claw wound automatic cicatrization Land Dragon.

Foul air puts out from the ancestor of mouth Land Dragon, his look obviously becomes exhausted, muttered: "The Ji Dong boy, hopes that my this pains have not wasted. Daughter! Can grab the heart of this boy, can only look your. The father can only achieve to make him your protector, is actually not able to change his regard to make him your lover."

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon is gazing at the ancestor of Land Dragon as before. But at this time was a hostility did not have, instead was somewhat greedy looks at the golden red blood in airborne that golden light ball, climbing up before quietly, was gazing on the this humble one surface.

The ancestor of Land Dragon ridicules saying: "Your this little thing, variation quickly does not know the fathers. Relax, must have your advantage. How regardless to say, you are also my descendant."

Ji Dong could not hear the outside at this time completely the sound, now at this time, even if he wants to open eyes or could not achieve strength of manifest oneself soul completely.

Around the body completely is viscous liquid, he was unable to breathe, even if the body movement also becomes difficult, slightly when turn over, can feel periphery the feeling of that thick liquid to own body extrusion clearly. But formerly that hot consoled his body, making him feel that the extremely comfortable steam also started becomes is getting more and more scalding hot. In addition respirable, to transform for the pain comfortably gradually.

By Ji Dong cultivation base, half double-hour does not breathe does not have any issue, but, he is actually not in the normal condition now. The steaming steam that the body surrounding liquid emerges unceasingly, making him unable to focus on adjusting the issue that the body resisted unable to breathe brings. The free time of a while, he whole body swelled, the feeling of suffocating makes his as if body probably explode, the fierce pain, making his subconscious start struggle, wants to break through the present fetter.

But, can the ancestor of Land Dragon make him prevail? Golden halo flow from the ancestor of right claw Land Dragon unceasingly, floating falls above that golden light ball, is reinforcing its resistivity. How whatever Ji Dong struggles in, even is releases magic power to break through this golden light ball, is actually not able to achieve. Even including his extinguishing god to strike, when sends out the attack in view of this light ball also can only fly back without any results. The reason is very simple. Extinguishes strength that the god strikes by superficial attack essence, does the essence that this light ball only then, which comes give him to attack? His magic power can only divulge by the light ball outside.

The pain is getting more and more intense, struggling of Ji Dong becomes is also getting more and more fierce, from starting is only the body struggles, to starting to use magic power, arrives at the magic power comprehensive output again, the fierce pain seems tearing each cell of his body, he has been driven beyond the limits of forbearance. He only thought, oneself may explode the body to perish anytime. Most made Ji Dong uncomfortable, was his strong mahatma level the strength of soul unexpectedly is unable to have the slightest bit output. In that viscous liquid seems having one mysterious strength, prevents his strength of soul unable actually the overflow.

The ancestor's of exhausted vision Land Dragon consistently is paying attention to the light ball the Ji Dong trend, but it has also been reinforcing this light ball defensive power, has not relaxed. But struggles in light ball all sorts regarding Ji Dong, he looks but not see.

Struggling of Ji Dong has continued quarter, starts to weaken. This is not issue that magic power is insufficient, but in the unceasing struggling process, the intense sensation of asphyxia made him unable to continue again. He opens mouth to breathe subconsciously, his state of mind started fuzzily. Thick liquid in gulps pours into his abdomen directly. He only thought that oneself body is very heavy is very heavy, the surrounding all start to lose. As if entered another dark world , the sound was summoning him to resemble. All pain have been far away in this moment, as if only then that summoned his sound is that wonderful.

This feeling, Ji Dong had one time. That time, is when his previous generation drank the millennium beautiful drunk past. When he sobers, arrived at Five Elements Continent.

That hear the wonderful sound, came from the summon of death! The Ji Dong soul is formidable, at this kind of time, awakened instantaneously. No, I cannot die, I cannot such die. My also Lie Yan (raging flames) Uh last wish has not been completed, no

The ancestor of Land Dragon in paying attention to the light ball the change of Ji Dong, it is wanting, is the break then stand effect. It will certainly not make Ji Dong die, it has paid attention, when is Ji Dong is on the verge of death, soul soon with that flash of physical body peeling. That is the life and death alternate instance. When that flash arrives, is it the important moment that helps Ji Dong live. But the time of before continuing was longer, the Ji Dong distance died truly is nearer, the advantage that he obtained was also bigger.

Saw, Ji Dong must achieve that condition, the ancestor of Land Dragon unconscious is anxious. Procedure that this type helps others absorbed energy, perhaps also only then the ancestor of Land Dragon dares to do, must know, is not good, passing that the words that cannot rescue promptly, the opposite party must die. Only the ancestor of Land Dragon has confidence will not have the mistake.

However, when saw that Ji Dong has being on the verge of death condition, suddenly, the ancestor's of shocking discovery Land Dragon, stopped struggling Ji Dong moving in own blood unexpectedly. An unequalled enormous force erupts suddenly from his within the body, together dazzling red light to body, is nine red light also appears, strange and tyrannical magic power erupts from his within the body instantaneously. Puncture strength that especially that red light has, unexpectedly one on deep pricked the ancestor of Land Dragon to send out the yellow ray that.

dragon valley.

The body of Chen Sixuan whole person in fierce is shivering, she is sat cross-legged to sit there carries on the cultivation, but at this time, did not have the body of omen to shiver. Sits in her side remote is surprised with gold/metal immediately. Formerly very normal Chen Sixuan, how at this time on charming face blood-color did not have. could it be did she overstate?

Two females, just about to take an action in great surprise, Chen Sixuan actually already wa'ed, has spouted a blood, the body one softly, slowly but actually.

"Thinks of the fine jade, how thought of the fine jade you?"Remote grasped Chen Sixuan, gold/metal directly has pressed firmly between the fingers her wrist lineage/vein. Said that Chen Sixuan will cultivate to overstate, most does not believe is gold/metal, only then she knows that the Chen Sixuan original status is anything. Once for her of god, how possibly to overstate in the cultivation? This simply is fantasy story.

However. The matter such occurred, under gold/metal investigates, the shocking discovery, the Chen Sixuan life symptom is passing fast, what is most fearful, her soul as if likely must dissipate, becomes chaotic disorderly.

How can like this? gold/metal shouted severely: "Du Ming, Bao'er, come quickly."

Practices in the Yonggok-dong hole, everybody is away from is not far, suddenly hears gold/metal to summon loudly, Lan Bao'er and Du Ming for a while gate pulse. When they saw when Chen Sixuan appearance also had a scare.

gold/metal anxious sound said: "Quick, lights her within the body vitality with your magic power, I protect her soul. Why does not know, thinks of the fine jade suddenly to plant to disperse the merit soul broken sign. Remote, you asked dragon sovereign to come with Dragon King."

The vast hurrying diving posture went, the sound that at this time, hears gold/metal, the other people of heavenly stems disciples have also gathered, sees Chen Sixuan that pale complexion, their one by one is anxious. Because not only Chen Sixuan is the member of heavenly stems disciple, in the meantime, each of them has also regarded as the Ji Dong woman her. Ji Dong is not, if Chen Sixuan had an accident, after he comes back, how the people confess!

King's choice without doubt is very correct, in five elements, aquatic wood, moreover Water department also said with Wood department, one of five elements attributes most is good at treating. Although is inferior to Wood department, but also differs not many.

Acme Ninth Water and pinnacle Tenth Water magic power pours into to Chen Sixuan within the body slowly, immediately inspires magic power of her within the body to revolve, an aquamarine halo appears from her within the body gradually, draws in the vitality that her must diverge slowly. The eternal armor started to occur to affect. The pinnacle double water that the outside enters just lit the eternal armor. Along with injection of pinnacle double water magic power, has held on Chen Sixuan this life temporarily, was insufficient to drain.

gold/metal complexion sits cross-legged to sit behind Chen Sixuan dignifiedly, places on her head oneself leg, both hands transform start unceasingly, in the head of Chen Sixuan. The strength of tyrannical soul directly involves in the Chen Sixuan soul, fetters the soul that her must nearly diverge forcefully, does not make him leave the Chen Sixuan main body. Once the soul overflows from within the body, dissipates in the air, that may be the deity is difficult to rescue.

Although gold/metal does not know that what happened, but at present in this case, she must first do first preserves the Chen Sixuan life. Here is dragon valley, the dragon clan powerhouses is numerous, would the means. Reason that Chen Sixuan will have such situation, it can be said that completely because of Ji Dong.

Ji Dong falls into being on the verge of death condition, first felt is not the ancestor of Land Dragon, but is Chen Sixuan. She is Lie Yan (raging flames)! What problem Ji Dong has, can she not induce? Let alone she also fuses with the Ji Dong multiple soul, among two people has the extremely close relationship. Suddenly discovered Ji Dong does not have the omen must fall into being on the verge of death condition. Chen Sixuan greatly is immediately anxious, being outspoken is releasing the strength of own soul.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 395: The disciples are complete

Dark green magic power that Chen Sixuan sends out had the change gradually. Is started by the originally vital dark green becomes somewhat transparent, magic power also no longer is the pure ray, but is similar to the substantive mist generally dense ascension, unusual brightness twinkle.

This unusual brightness, not only the magic power brilliance, sends out from the Chen Sixuan skin, that feeling is very marvelous, the veil on her face is unable to cover the sparkle of ray, indistinct, the people can see her perfect tender face, the dim aesthetic sense, actually desire made people have one to peep.

Buzz a light sound, rich pinnacle Second Wood magic power lit from Second Wood disciple Crystal Crown in Chen Sixuan hand at this moment, a rich smoky quartz color/look light beam ascends from her double palm, the instantaneous expansion, forms diameter one meter light beam, covers the body of Chen Sixuan completely, the clear radiant ray is common just like the emerald, the rich life aura made in the room everyone have a completely relaxed feeling.

The shocking look, appears in besides everyone outside Ji Dong on. Ji Dong this is first time sees to absorb the Crystal Crown process, in the heart naturally does not have what concept, but other people were actually not first time see. Before several people of endoergic processes they also came clearly into view. Although everyone succeeded. But in the process of absorption, it can be said that experiences the untold hardships, the comprehensive promotion of strength, the magic power evolution is the pinnacle, is not that easy. Supports is one generation of powerhouses, cannot support dead. Du Ming, Du Xin'er they, although has succeeded, but does not die must peel several skins.

In the beforehand several people, the absorption most relaxed nature is gold/metal, she is having pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power, therefore, that Crystal Crown directly was attracted income within the body by her, does not have other slightest bit repels and peculiar circumstance emergence, but three days of free time has completed the absorption.

Next is remote, remote, although itself does not have pinnacle magic power, but is relying on the stick of earth goddess, she had felt the pinnacle magic power mystery repeatedly, and had used this magic power, therefore, many when sensibility pinnacle Sixth Earth magic power, be easier than to accept other people. Has used seven days of time, has completed the process of entire absorption. Lan Bao'er is next to remote, her talent is extremely good, came from Yin-Yang School her, the foundation was the extremely stable, strong will makes her use ten days to complete the entire process, but Du Ming and Du Xin'er, have actually used for more than ten days. Several times barely escaped, reluctantly succeeded with Protector and help of other people.

May the Chen Sixuan situation, actually surpass the experience of people at present. Even if gold/metal, when absorption pinnacle Eighth Metal Crystal Crown, has used the free time of entire double-hour, has completed own magic power and communication of pinnacle Eighth Metal Crystal Crown. But in their front Chen Sixuan, has used unexpectedly only less than the time of quarter, has awakened in the hand unexpectedly Crystal Crown, how this is powerful!

If before , her reaction rate everybody can also accept, saw that at this time her body was covered by the pinnacle Second Wood magic power light beam, Crystal Crown has completed the communication with her oneself, and when starts to fuse, the vision of everyone likely was looking that the monster visits her generally. Must know, she may not be different from gold/metal, is in itself only ordinary Second Wood magic power. They do not certainly know, Chen Sixuan regarding the experience of magic power control, must calculate with for ten thousand years, now what although she has is Wood department magic power, but was not initial Fire department. However, five elements magic power, reaches the same goal or conclusion from different approaches. The experience of previous generation Lie Yan (raging flames), belongs to Chen Sixuan now. Residual a god in her soul knew helps her soul complete of the communication with Crystal Crown easily, to be most quickly most direct the simple way to complete communication between own magic power and Crystal Crown, in addition the assistance of nucleus and eternal armor life, regarding others was the Crystal Crown absorption of life and death test regarding her, was actually only such process.

Chen Sixuan completed the process of entire absorption to use for five days, she like gold/metal, itself did not have pinnacle magic power after all, although in the endoergic process did not have any delay, but pinnacle magic power and body fused actually need a process, therefore used for five days. When Second Wood Crystal Crown final magic power completes the fusion with her, her magic power instantaneously is also breaking through the fetter, broke through the Seven-Crown checkpoint directly, the unexpectedly integral lifting Level 7, magic power cultivation base has achieved Level 71.

In people, cultivation base highest without doubt is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, Level 78 magic power, next is King's Level 77, remote Level 75, once more was Ji Dong Level 72. Yao Qianshu also just Level 71 magic power. Chen Sixuan breaks through Seven-Crown smoothly, without a doubt, entered the first group on magic power level. Naturally, after wolf divine intervention completes the absorption, at the magic power level also surely meeting arrives at Seven-Crown, his age wanted on big many compared with Ji Dong and the others eventually.

Lan Bao'er magic power has achieved Level 66, was away from Level 70 to be also getting more and more near, only then Du Ming and Du Xin'er brother and sister also struggled below Level 60.

Different with Chen Sixuan, the wolf divine intervention absorbed disciple Crystal Crown not to be smooth, it can be said that after difficult. If not Ji Dong Protector and assists comprehensively, perhaps he wants to complete the endoergic process is very difficult.

Worry of Ji Dong reasonable, when the wolf divine intervention starts to absorb Crystal Crown magic power, first faces breaks through the tremendous problem of bottleneck. The Seven-Crown bottleneck has prevented his own magic power promotion and transforms, but the great suffering of transformation also made his spirit unable to concentrate to break through the bottleneck, huge magic power nearly broke open his body.

Ji Dong gets rid luckily promptly, involves his endoergic process by the strength and chaos strength of own formidable soul forcefully, helping him restrain the mind, the strength of auxiliary soul, this is out of danger, exceeds Seven-Crown. Medium baking temperature of raw soil five elements, Ji Dong absorbs the Crystal Crown golden opportunity by own Pinnacle Two Fires magic power with the aid of this , helping the wolf divine intervention magic power cultivation base large scale promotion, rushed to Level 74 at one fell swoop, in addition the magic power evolution is the pinnacle, becomes he after bright Fifth Earth disciple, the strength had the earth-shaking change.

"Teacher Ji Dong, didn't you teach us?"Purple morning star somewhat anxious asking, has this question the students who not only he, Ji Dong from flaminging the hot school brings are full of staring of hope Ji Dong.

Looks student who these lead, on Ji Dong face rare appears a smile, "can I not want you? Because the Teacher a little private affair must process, must leave some time. Waited for the matter to end, naturally will meet you. The Mage association, is the place that all Mage yearn. These days, you must multi- absorption aspect knowledge various as far as possible, I be able Changgou to pass with Shiloh, President Shiloh as far as possible help you. Meanwhile, your five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is to also convince each empire accepts the important guarantee of my several condition. This to you are disciplining, when you return to blazing the hot school the time again, the reputation of Sun and Moon school, will not be inferior in Yin-Yang School." Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, students relaxed obviously. In these days that Mage would, they obtained the extremely high courteous reception, they understand, this is the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy takes to them, is Ji Dong takes to them. By they such small and weak magic power, if not because has Teacher Ji Dong to teach to their strategies, who will regard as important them? They also understand, oneself this lifetime destiny changed because of Teacher Ji Dong. Therefore, each of them has been full of a mood of feeling grateful to Ji Dong, although they know, not possibly takes own strength at all to make anything as their Teacher Ji Dong, but they are also willing more time to keep side Teacher Ji Dong.

"After I walk, your cultivation cannot delay. Besides necessary treating with courtesy, your cultivation must continue every day. five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is not only an attack and defense body, more important lies in it to the auxiliary ability of cultivation. Only then relentless practices, own magic power level true enhancement, can make you soon include the forest of powerhouse."

Ten students comply, after to passing through innumerable has confirmed the present with one voice, they always do as one is told to Ji Dong absolutely.

Urged to flaming the students of hot school, Ji Dong and partners started off, crossed the secret city, directly soared the mausoleum chamber buried treasure to go.

In Ji Dong just left shortly after Central Plains City, Mage Guild welcomed a special guest.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao huge body broke in the Mage Guild association hall hurriedly, passing through the gate, magic power revolves, Nine-Crown Yang Crown appears above the top of the head impressively, although has not released the suppression the strength, but that tyrannical magic power fluctuation floods in the entire hall instantaneously, became the audience focus. Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse! Most Mage in this world is for a lifetime impossible to see one time, he so rapid to/clashes, first released own Yin-Yang Crown, immediately shocked the audience. To the first feelings of all people, is this is smashes the gathering place.

The Mage association since merges after the magic skill association, the prestige at the height of power, the back has the forms of six big supreme powerhouses, wrecked the event in this time people?

"Your association presidents? Asked your association presidents to see me." The Zhou Xiaoxiao loud and clear sound reverberates in the hall, Mages in hall dreads looks at Nine-Crown Yang Crown on his top of the head. one by one keeps silent the Ruohan cicada, immediately some people inform Shiloh.

Has the supreme powerhouse to arrive, Shiloh and naturally do not dare to neglect, first rushes to the hall, sees Zhou Xiaoxiao, two people were also startled. Regarding Zhou Xiaoxiao, they do not have what concept, does not have such so formidable Mage to exist in the memory. Nine-Crown Yang Crown impressively presents the Level 96 tyrannical strength, even if and compared with Ji Changxin, goes beyond, sees this grade of strong person, moreover directly breaks in the guild, can they not be surprised?

Also no wonder they do not know Zhou Xiaoxiao, Zhou Xiaoxiao as the first under heaven business association president, naturally cannot say that Mage Guild inspects anything, with Mage Guild is not online.

"Under the transmission crown of respect, hello, I am Mage Guild President Shiloh, does not know that what matter you do have to our Mage Guild?"Although the heart is startled in the opposite party strength, but Shiloh is also but actually sporty, the stride moved forward to meet somebody to ask.

Zhou Xiaoxiao did not beat around the bush, "Ji Dong? He in your guild. Called quickly this boy, I asked him to have the urgent matter."

One hear of this saying, in Shiloh heart suddenly, "originally you look for the law enforcement elder. But, he walked some time." "Walked?"Listened to a Shiloh such saying, in the Zhou Xiaoxiao heart greatly was anxious, "when walked? Where went?"

Shiloh said: "Two days ago walked, where as for going, me did not know."

Zhou Xiaoxiao deeply frowned, "don't you know really? I ask him to have important important matter."

Shiloh complexion sinks, "under transmission crown, here is the Mage association, is not your intelligence service. Moreover we truly do not know the whereabouts of law enforcement elder."

The Zhou Xiaoxiao complexion became uglier, he also knows oneself came was very hasty, but he really worried now, "that Big Brother Ji Changxin? He in?"

Listened to Zhou Xiaoxiao to call Ji Chang to believe is the Big Brother, Shiloh's look has relaxed several points immediately, "under transmission crown, please later, my this go to invite."Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong assume personal command in the Mage association, is he has the energy most important reason.

"Did not need to invite, this fatty made such big move, how don't we possibly know?"Resounds along with the sound, Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong accompanied, but, from building.

Feels Zhou Xiaoxiao to reach the magic power fluctuation of Nine- Crown, Ji Chang believed the couple first to walk. After all, the supreme powerhouse, the Seventh Metal department supreme powerhouse on continent may particularly few.

"Big Brother Ji, the little brother comes rashly, but also asked the Big Brother to forgive." The Zhou Xiaoxiao stride goes forward, arrives at Ji Chang to believe in front of the couple, deeply executes a ritual. By his cultivation base and status, so as is gives Ji Chang to believe the husband and wife face fully. This fellow is first under heaven business association president, melts by the circle of personhood, naturally is other supreme powerhouses is unable to compare. Not only on him does not have the arrogance of supreme powerhouse that keeping aloof, instead somewhat the rich noble air of businessman, even is ** air/Qi.

"Fatty, you such on a grand scale what comes Mage Guild to make?
Looks at your like this, to must open here likely."

Zhou Xiaoxiao sees Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong, in the heart must depend on the full courtesy again anxiously, although Ji Changxin words are somewhat discontented, what in the look are more has several points to tease. After all, before them, Zhou Xiaoxiao looks like small dd is the same, this and cultivation base has nothing to do.

Actually, Ji Chang believes the husband and wife to notice that Zhou Xiaoxiao is also surprised, although some years had not seen, but this fatty also less than 80 years old! cultivation base has been the Level 96 degree unexpectedly, even must surpass Ji Changxin.

The monthly ticket competition is really fierce, this month attacks first three diligently, this is the small three goals. Small three believe, we have this strength, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 396: Zhou Xiaoxiao and silly rich chamber of commerce of tragedy

The arrival of Zhou Xiaoxiao made Ji Chang believe the couple to be somewhat surprised. One is because Zhou Xiaoxiao reaches as high as the Level 96 strength, another was curious in his trip of goals. By the Zhou Xiaoxiao status, arrives in the Mage association first to release own Yin- Yang Crown unexpectedly, the appearance that in addition his irritable cuts, clearly, this is such does for the time-saving. But, what matter has to make his such powerhouses and first under heaven rich and powerful people so urgent? Looks for Mage Guild.

Nearby Shiloh and had relaxed at this time, two supreme powerhouses act, naturally did not have their anything matter. This was the issues of their these supreme powerhouses. Before Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong originally, had planned that left Mage to would, because Ji Dong has brought the strategy of that nearly miracle suddenly, two big supreme powerhouses both chose to remain, to study Ji Dong brought the strategy the mystery, another also because of the request of Ji Dong. Is Ji Dong asks them to stay here.

"Big Brother Ji, this time you may probably help the little brother! Otherwise the little brother may be miserable. One. several hundred thousand seconds!" A Zhou Xiaoxiao face pitiful appearance looks at Ji Changxin, the determination of which a little supreme powerhouse.

Ji Changxin ridicules saying: "Was good, your this big rich and powerful people, but also runs here to poor-mouth? Is short comes this set with me, any matter, said directly. You such worry, is could it be looks our? I do not remember that has any business communication with you."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a forced smile: "My this time truly comes for the matter in business, is looks for your good great-great-grandson Ji Dong. This boy. Ai, does not make me have a headache really generally!"

One hear of Zhou Xiaoxiao mentioned Ji Dong, Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong look immediately became discrete. In their hearts, this great-great-grandson is their most precious objects. Equal king lineage/vein except for like this peerless talent, even is future continent is possibly highest supremely, can they not attach great importance to? Zhou Xiaoxiao as silly rich business association president, it can be said that is another level person, if he and Ji Dong celebrates a holiday, is not the matter of easy processing.

"Fatty, what business can make you run over personally, what relations also has with Ji Dong? I may warn you, if you dare to move a Ji Dong fine hair, not only I could not forgive you, that side the morning sun brother, you were also careful."Ji Changxin knows that this fatty and cloudy morning sun relations are close, initially when he also has not become the silly rich business association presidents, cloudy morning sun had rescued his life, the fatty it can be said that always follows to cloudy morning sun.

An appearance of Zhou Xiaoxiao face pain, the fat on face is crowding around, making pair of small eyes somewhat unable to see, "Big Brother Ji, I have no alternative but to come! Our silly rich business association, kept them out by two Great Empire suddenly, such big matter can I not come? I said that one. several hundred thousand seconds truly somewhat have exaggerated, but if said that is one minute several hundred thousand, that is without question."

Ji Changxin was surprised said: "What did you say? Two do Great Empire keep them out you? Also will have this matter? Which empire will offend your silly rich business association, has any relations with Ji Dong."At this time he has also realized the gravity of issue. Silly rich business association operates for 500 years in continent. Deep of inside story, even is any country is unable to compare. Official must let their several points, sudden two Great Empire keep them out it, looks like in the Ji long letter, this opportunity is unable to imagine.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Also isn't your Central Earth Empire and Eastern Wood Empire? If only Eastern Wood Empire, but also is easier to do, spoke the sentence boast, if our business association exerts pressure fully, his Eastern Wood Empire cannot withstand. The issue is, the also your this continent first powerful nation! Central Earth Empire also announced that cuts off all cooperation with our business association, and requests our business association to withdraw from Central Earth Empire in half a month. This loses us to be possible unable to withstand. The business with the standard dou-measure, I am not only a businessman. This is not, quickly ran over?"

Ji Changxin knits the brows: "Fatty, you do not seek with me happily. You must say that other country is also possible, why our can Central Earth Empire cut off the intercourse with your business association? How haven't I heard?"Must know, now the Central Earth Empire political situation, in fact grasps in an equal king lineage/vein hand, Ji cloud Sheng, Ji Yeshang this master grandson now your majesty Ji cloud wealth is already built on stilts. Such serious matter, without their agreeing, is impossible to complete.

Zhou Xiaoxiao sighed, said: "This matter also blames our business association. The matter is such. "

Originally, on that day after Ji Dong brought students were leaving the silly rich hotel, Chen Sixuan lets exterminate war-god Chen Longao to feed in the Eastern Wood Empire words to have an effect, perhaps was her threat extremely powerful, Eastern Wood Empire in a short time, announced the rejection and silly rich business association all trade, and forbade the silly rich business association to do business in Eastern Wood Empire.

This news passed to the silly rich business association headquarters quickly, has created the huge stir, the silly rich business association is founded for 500 years, has gone through the stormy times and tribulation are also many, but kept them out actually the first time by a country like. No one understands that had anything.

But at this moment, passed from the news of Central Plains City silly rich hotel, Ji Dong the matter that kept them out by hotel that general manager also arrived at the headquarters.

At the beginning, but also nobody these two matters linked, was the business association president, Zhou Xiaoxiao first obtained these two news, immediately was furious greatly, immediately issues the order, has relieved the duty of that general manager, recalled the headquarters to stand trial directly. Associates from Ji Dong in him to with Ji Dong, when together Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan. Central Earth Empire transmitted made the silly rich business association shocking news, Central Earth Empire also similarly announce, cut off with silly rich business association all trade, simultaneously ordered silly rich business association respective all, including the property, must all withdraw Central Earth Empire within half a month, otherwise all confiscated. This move can say that is more ruthless than Eastern Wood Empire. Eastern Wood Empire many also left several points of room, Central Earth Empire has not actually stayed behind including the slightest bit leeway.

Zhou Xiaoxiao naturally could not sit still, loudly quarrelled with the business association discussing official business group, after he related again these three matters together. In the discussing official business group weak question sound subsides instantaneously, in the heart obloquies that hotel general manager all. For the benefit of business association, to recall Ji Dong this nearly perfect successor, Zhou Xiaoxiao prepares to leave immediately set out, goes to Central Plains City to coordinate this matter. Also at this time, another had the news of shock to transmit, flaminged hot school vice- Dean Ji Dong, leading 30 to flaming the hot school on average is less than the Three-Crown student, in the competition exchange of Heavenly Stems School, defeated Yin-Yang School to place the first 30 students, in a mysterious strategy, shocked Mage world. The Mage Guild association and Central Earth Empire jointly issue statement......

Obtained this news, Zhou Xiaoxiao has the heart of crack to have that general manager continually, his originally favored Ji Dong extremely, but has not thought that this boy can actually bring such many miracles. Does not have the means that he only then runs Central Plains City to solve this matter from the Western Metal Empire capital at the maximum speed. First looks naturally is Mage Guild, wants to come in him, Ji Dong that just the prestige broadcast, decides however stays here. What a pity, he came late one step.

Listened to narration of Zhou Xiaoxiao, Ji Chang believed the surface to sink the water, "line! Did the fat people, undermine a wall to dig to our equal king lineage/vein come? Undermined a wall. Your person hand/subordinate also dares to strike my family Ji Dong unexpectedly, you strove for fortunately. Recited spatially, we walked."Then, Ji Changxin turns around to walk, does not give the fatty to save face.

"Big Brother and sister-in-law, you do not walk!" Before Zhou Xiaoxiao hurries to rush, blocks two people, a fat face quickly turned into the bitter melon, "did I make a mistake was not good? Let alone, this matter I do not know really! Is the subordinate is innocent. I go back certainly to punish. Moreover, two Great Empire cut off with our guild communicates this matter, it is estimated that is not the idea of Ji Dong. This was also considered as is the unexpected misfortune. The Ji Dong that side I will certainly explain. However, made Central Earth Empire restore first with the trade of our business association? Otherwise to us lost is really too big."

Ji Changxin flings the sleeves, lightly said: "Fatty, I am only an idle cloud wild crane, the Central Earth Empire matter I cannot take responsibility. You should look for now your majesty are. Let alone, makes the mistake to shoulder the responsibility, is no one can be struck casually. I do not know why Ji Dong will comply to inherit the position of your this business association president, but, I will not agree. If wants to make our Central Earth Empire restore the trade with you, you should look for Ji Dong, opens the mouth without him, I believe, Central Earth Empire this time will not give silly rich business association face."

Listened to the narration of Zhou Xiaoxiao, he already yes what's all this about, without a doubt, this is Ji cloud Sheng and Ji Yeshang this master grandson does, must give the Ji Dong air vent. But as the profound ancestor, is to him who Ji Dong incomparably regards as important, naturally cannot oppose, in the heart instead extremely supports. Ji Dong now is the something for one's own exclusive use in their heart, this may, not only simple point of honor.

"Big Brother, I also want to look for this boy, but you must tell me, he now where!"Zhou Xiaoxiao wailed. He is really depressed, all, turned well suddenly ** bothersome, letting him not to be painful? Actually, loses a wealth, but actually not in his eyes. Silly rich business association inside story rich ruthless, moreover this time makes the huge mistake is in the discussing official business group the opposition faction, without a doubt, attacks after this, opposition faction originally not strong strength by fatally destroying. What he is worried is Ji Dong this successor, makes others promise into the business association successors with great difficulty, because if this time matter Ji Dong does not pay attention to him, he also wants the pain serves for dozens years for the business association? Let alone he also knows, oneself was impossible to find one to choose compared with Ji Dong again well.

Ji Changxin ill-humored say/way: "I do not know where this small gas range his partners were going. Your that silly rich business association is known as the first under heaven. Did the news network surpass any country sufficiently, could it be you could not find him?"

"I......, But, we are being driven away by Central Earth Empire now, how this makes me look! If could not find in a short time, this loss may be serious. Or, how Big Brother Ji you looks at this, the little brother has admired Mage Guild, since this time came, prepares to donate some Mage Guild wealth, 1 million gold coins, I do not make the Big Brother feel embarrassed, so long as allowed our guild not to withdraw Central Earth Empire on the line."

Temporarily closes down business some time, will lose will not be after all big, but if must withdraw, complete confiscation that will not withdraw, then to silly rich guild, but was the extremely massive loss, was impossible to withdraw like silly rich hotel fixed asset. After Ji Changxin hesitation moment, nodded, said: "Good, this matter I help your one time. However, you should better as soon as possible find Ji Dong, the time grew, perhaps my words not necessarily were also effective."

Zhou Xiaoxiao then relaxed, inwardly sighed in the heart, Ji Dong Ji Dong, your this brat, brings such big trouble to me unexpectedly, initially really had underestimated to you, has not thought, your manner can actually affect two Great Empire.

"Big Brother, I heard that which students Ji Dong brings to have a very good strategy, you looked, can make me visit?"

Ji long channel: "If you are the preparation go back to convince the Western Metal Empire imperial family, naturally."

In Zhou Xiaoxiao, for the silly rich business association rushes about, and starts the business association compensation seeks for Ji Dong at the same time, Ji Dong has led the partners second time to enter in the mausoleum chamber through the dense fog bog.

This nature wants smoothly were many, besides Fu Rui and Ji Dong, other people can obtain the approval of that mysterious strategy by own magic power, was introduced directly, as for Ji Dong and Fu Rui, present age can perplex their matters not to be absolutely many. Ji Dong starts the strength of chaos directly, once again has emptied that law strength, bringing Fu Rui to rush to enter.

Enters the mausoleum chamber, Ji Dong assigns the people to respectively belonging to their palaces, oneself and Fu Rui entered the Fire department palace to start to cultivate.

This their time are not much, the main purpose is to let each partner remembers in the heart five elements method, and can comprehend some. cultivation base of people compared with initially Ji Dong and Yao Qianshu come the time wants high many, has this month, comprehends several most fundamental law obviously without question. "Ji Dong, your extinguishes the deep meaning that god strikes to say to me again. Why does not know, after practicing to extinguish the god struck the single layer, my again difficult little advance. But the function of this skill is enormous, if applies appropriately, even if Nine-Crown Mage is unable to withstand our strength of one attack." The extinguishing god of Fu Rui to Ji Dong strikes very much has been interested, although this skill can only the close combat use, seem some weaks, but its might was too big.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 397: The self-torture extinguishes the god to strike

Ji Dong said with a smile: "Senior Brother. Extinguishes the god to strike me not to hide contraband! Good, we compare notes."

At that moment, Ji Dong will extinguish the deep meaning that god strikes is Fu Rui explained that after listening to his narration, Fu Rui asked: "That said, this did extinguish the progress that the god struck mainly in practice as well as to magic power in the control? Although the strength of my soul cannot compare you, but will differ will not be big, moreover I self-examined that to comprehension that extinguishing the god will strike, but why will not know, magic power after that condensation can only maintain compresses throughout a time of situation. How regardless of me diligently, is unable to strengthen again."

Ji Dong thinks, said: "could it be it is because of the reason of strength of chaos? I when control magic power, there is a strength of factor chaos. Extinguishes the god to strike from the single layer evolves to double, in the feeling is successful. Reduces one time to reducing two times, I had not felt that any difficulty, broke through directly. From double to tertiary is also so. After three times of compressions, the magic power explosive can also change is stronger. This almost as well as extinguishes the god to strike use progress naturally along with my magic power progress speed. After entering tertiary, I obviously felt that extinguished the god to strike the cultivation to be somewhat difficult, from tertiary say/way fourth heavy, seemed a bottleneck. If can break through this bottleneck, extinguishes the strength that the god strikes should also to sublimate." Fu Rui helpless say/way: "Good. I again try, Little Junior Brother, I must remind you, this extinguishes the function that the god strikes to be absolutely huge regarding you, do not think that it must close combat be able to achieve the effect to neglect it. In my opinion, this extinguishes the god to strike the real strength is its this name appears absolutely. First did not say it cultivates behind to have the special change, but carries on nine times to reduce the effect of this going against heaven's will to appear to magic power, this strikes, by the Nine-Crown Mage display, perhaps the might must pursue ultimate Certain Kill Skill. Said that extinguishes the god also not necessarily to exaggerate. Therefore, you must try hard to cultivate. A also point, I must tell you, in comes back after Holy and Evil Island, I also started to comprehend the chaos the deep meaning, although did not have you to be profound, but can also transfer some, therefore, this extinguishes the god to strike unable to continue to cultivate with the chaos has nothing to do."

At the same time was saying, Fu Rui lifts right hand, in the eye the royal purple ray flashes, the next moment, the partly visible cream electric light beat together regarding his palm. Immediately, magic power fluctuation in air becomes strange, making Ji Dong surprised. He only knows, Fu Rui when competes with also hid the strength of thunder of this chaos unexpectedly. Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, no doubt made Ji Dong and Fu Rui fell into the pinnacle pain. But what without a doubt is, this huge attack also made on two people cultivation base again heavy buildings, made the brand-new breakthrough.

During looks at Ji Dong to be lost in thought that Fu Rui said: "I had guessed correctly a possibility, the mystery of jade of day, does not have the chaos to be so simple, it can the brand mark skill, can the energetic will of brand mark that skill original master, if I have not guessed wrong, reason that I am unable to comprehend to extinguish the god to strike a deeper deep meaning , because has been short of existence of this will, perhaps besides you, nobody can genuine to learn this extinguish the god to strike again, only if some day you cultivation ninth heavily, comprehended its complete deep meaning truly, can teach to others again." Listened to a Fu Rui such saying, Ji Dong immediately the feelings of some suddenly seeing the light, truly, initially when absorbed the jade of that day, oneself clearly felt that this skill complete brand mark in own innermost soul, but he taught Fu Rui. Also impossible to go to the brand mark with own soul, soul thing is illusory, is wonderful with an improper method, nobody dares to say the true comprehension its mystery.

Fu Rui racket shoulder of Ji Dong, ", although I cannot practice, the person but who can practice luckily is you. Diligently, other skills are well more are only the skills, but extinguishes the god to strike actually absolutely is the ability that needs to accumulate. Did not say other, other skills are most because of your magic power promotion, but the corresponding promotion might, extinguishes the god to strike actually absolutely is not, I estimated that waits for you to break through to the fourth heavy time, certainly some pleasantly surprised discoveries, to that time, perhaps I also are really not your match."

On magic power, Fu Rui not necessarily above Ji Dong, relies on a two departments lasting law function, Ji Dong is being absolutely possible to surpass Fu Rui magic power in the section time, facing Fu Rui, he biggest disparity on the divine tool, Fu Rui can apply his thunder Yushen axe perfectly, but the control of Ji Dong sword to Fire God is limited, this is why he is unable to defeat the Fu Rui real cause.

Ji Dong understands, if extinguishes the god to strike to make the breakthrough again, then, is joined to own six heavy incantation to kill, even if not the additional any other skills, itself also sufficiently compared favorably with single body primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

At the experience of cultivation, Fu Rui must surpass obviously own. His words were equal to are Ji Dong opened a leaf of brand-new front door, he had decided in this moment, then in mausoleum chamber one month, he will give up to a five elements method many understanding, is used to cultivate to extinguish the god completely to strike, strives soon to break through to fourth heavily, actually also after having a look at this to extinguish the god struck fourth to be heavy, to have how strange change. One month passed in the cultivation is quick, especially most people are comprehending five elements method, this time passes by flew. Fu Rui and Ji Dong cultivation in the Fire department palace together, Fu Rui continues to comprehend five elements method, but the practice of Ji Dong total involvement extinguishes the god to strike. Regarding him, the extinguishing god who after most anticipates strikes the breakthrough effect naturally is the breakthrough, can it apply in the long-distance attack, if so, then, extinguished the god to strike absolutely is a going against heaven's will skill. Ji Dong completely has the confidence to challenge the Nine- Crown powerhouse by it.

What a pity, extinguishes cultivation that the god strikes is not that smooth, one month of assiduous effort, Ji Dong is almost the cultivation of watching, but to will soon leave actually as before cannot complete the breakthrough, he can feel clearly oneself extinguishing god struck to cultivate the tertiary peak, but is unable to break through the hindrance of that final level. Indistinct, Ji Dong felt that this has the skill of combat significance, must be able to break through in the actual combat.

Left the mausoleum chamber buried treasure. First time contacts some five elements method several people of brand-new feelings, even if gold/metal is also so.

Fu Rui looked at people one by one appearance in rags, unable to help laughing, said: "We may really likely not be the heavenly stems disciples now. Like this, everybody looks for place recuperation first, then goes to Holy and Evil Island."

Regarding the Fu Rui words, most people do not have anything to respond, naturally is not because they do not respect Fu Rui, is really five elements method takes to their shock to be too big, although left the mausoleum chamber through transmission law, but their one by one was unable to sober. But this immersion feeling regarding comprehending five elements method is also extremely important.

Ji Dong hesitates saying: "I look at this. Everybody these days was also very weary, moreover arrived at the critical moment regarding a five elements method comprehension. Did not need to go to Holy and Evil Island. In time also already some without enough time. Senior Brother, might as well our two together go, they went to the secret city we to be good."

Fu Rui nodded, said: "This is also good, the secret in the secret city we, making them converge first. After we go to Holy and Evil Island, comes back, will not lose how much time."

"Teacher Ji Dong, lets me and you goes to Holy and Evil Island together."In this time, not far away Chen Sixuan is opening the mouth suddenly. Her pupil light pure brightness, as if because has not affected the state of mind to a five elements method comprehension as before.

"You? Do you go to Holy and Evil Island to do?"Ji Dong solemnly said: "You just joined in heavenly stems disciple, needs to spend the time to comprehend five elements method, you did not use."

"But my comprehended was very good. Holy and Evil Island is also considered as is sacred place, I have not gone, just wants to experience."Chen Sixuan somewhat tenacious saying.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "comprehension was very good? five elements method altogether nine, how many can you comprehend? So long as you comprehend over four, this time I lead you to go."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, Chen Sixuan to smile, if were others, naturally is unable in this short one month in comprehended four five elements method, but who was she? Her previous generation is Empress Lie Yan! Regarding the sensations and controls of various types of magic elements, change of magic power, it can be said that consciousness of Divine level. In this case, she comprehended five elements method naturally also compared with other person of easy many.

Smiles, Chen Sixuan both hands already lifted, the ray twinkle, a green band of light has coiled around the circle before her body, marvelous cream lotus flower blooms, is development of pinnacle Second Wood magic power, when this lotus flower is in full bloom completely at the same time, a familiar five elements method aura quietly presented during Ji Dong induced.

"Second Wood condensation law."Ji Dong secretly acclaimed, this Chen Sixuan absolutely was a talent, initially just from mausoleum chamber, perhaps to condensing law a comprehension was inferior that she was so profound. Looked that she uses not to have jerky feeling, obviously was comprehended this condensation law deep meaning truly.

With a Second Wood condensation law emergence, the vision of other people also fell on Chen Sixuan, after all. Since these many days, they have practiced is five elements method.

At this moment, the ray flashes, magic power had the change again, Second Wood condensation law has rotated quietly, floats to Chen Sixuan behind, two pieces of giant flower petal light shadow stretched, made the shape of hovering.

"Second Wood hovering law?"This Ji Dong may really be surprised, must know, Chen Sixuan itself does not have the flying ability, but relies on her eternal armor to fly. In five elements method, this hovering law should be final comprehension one of the several, only then after cultivation base broke through Nine-Crown, Mage can not be flown by the element disturbance from out of the blue, has the different kind that the phoenix dragon dance snake changes like Ji Dong naturally is few. But Chen Sixuan can actually comprehend this law, seems is deep the essence, this made Ji Dong have to be startled.

Chen Sixuan will certainly not fly, is impossible to have such quick comprehension by the eternal armor, when her previous generation or Lie Yan (raging flames) can hover willfully, comprehends this law nature to be a cinch.

Chen Sixuan Second Wood method has the change again, lasts from the hovering revolutions, again by lasting to be transferred the assimilation, finally frames above transmission law, the form flashes one presently, obviously after is returns to the mausoleum chamber, has transmitted. Five, she comprehended five law unexpectedly, besides gold/metal, other people looks at Chen Sixuan with the shocking vision, must know, present Ji Dong also comprehended five law, these five of Chen Sixuan comprehension, with five exactly the same of Ji Dong comprehension. Naturally, this is also because Ji Dong more can time will not have used in a five elements method cultivation, how long then? Enters the mausoleum chamber is about one month, in a law comprehension, Chen Sixuan overtook Ji Dong unexpectedly, her magic power similarly has also achieved Seven-Crown, she is only 19 years old! In people, youngest. If the beforehand also person questioned that she is whether appropriate Second Wood disciple position, then, again nobody will say anything now. If not Ji Dong is in itself the owner of Pinnacle Two Fires department, the talent that Chen Sixuan manifests must above him.

"Teacher, I can go with you now together."Chen Sixuan animated asking.

Visits her, Ji Dong is really somewhat helpless, how regardless of reject, this perfect girl is bolder with each setback, had not said anything is extreme, has not played the trick that type cries two noisily three to hang oneself, is only following silently in own side, so long as let her, she never raises any requests excessively. Is to meticulous that oneself look. Such perfect girl can achieve so, even if were hundred refining up the fine steel also to change into circles refers to softening, must say that Ji Dong did not move, that was impossible, but he actually cannot move. He can feel faintly, Chen Sixuan this is initiative falls in love with her, without a doubt, this is the most intelligent procedure, most made the procedure that Ji Dong had no alternative. The Ji Dong somewhat strange discovery, oneself even somewhat feared that this girl, feared oneself have one naively will fall in love with her, thus betrays Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Good, you together go with us."Ji Dong nodded, in his heart had the idea, making her see itself to hold a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames), not necessarily is the misdemeanor. Let her understand that oneself has loves Lie Yan (raging flames), perhaps makes its good means of giving way before difficulties. "I must go."Raised the head remotely, the vision also gradually restored the pure brightness, she may not have to inquire that Ji Dong or is Fu Rui, others have the mount, looked that her firm vision has you not to lead me greatly, meaning that my oneself go.

In early July nearly passes, at present our monthly tickets maintain in the first six positions, the small three goals are to attack first three, everybody helps. Hehe. Many thanks. Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 398: For Teacher Ji Dong, all are worth

Ji Dong looked at Fu Rui one. Discovered in obviously the Fu Rui look presented the stiffness of moment slightly, in the heart cannot bear inwardly sighing, the Senior Brother is it seems like same as oneself, is facing the similar issue! However, although he insisted oneself must with Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place, actually absolutely hope that Fu Rui can forget the pain, remotely regarding Fu Rui, absolutely is a good choice. This perhaps is another contradiction in his heart.

Does not wait for the Fu Rui opens the mouth, Ji Dong already nodded, said: "Good, that together goes. The money tree, you lead other people to go to the secret city and secret convergence, little on the 5 th, many on the 10 th, we must return."

Modest book complied, when the people, he is comprehends five elements method earliest, initially and Ji Dong together has comprehended. He is different from Ji Dong, Ji Dong has the sword of divine tool Fire God, the soul brand mark that Two Great Sovereign Kings leaves behind gives up study, needs to cultivate and thing of combat exercise are too many, afterward had extinguished the god to strike and doing several things at the same time wrong shade these skills. But Yao Qianshu does not have these many ever changing strong skills like Ji Dong. But to own magic power and magic skill cultivation is quite solid. He even must surpass Fu Rui regarding a five elements method comprehension, comprehended seven law fully, is hoping to go a step further, naturally does not hope the multi- delaying time. Made Ji Dong originally some gold/metal of worry not even raise any objection, with the meaning that they went to together. Since gold/metal changed a statement to agree on that day after Chen Sixuan joins the heavenly stems disciple, Ji Dong has thought somewhat strangely. On coming the road in mausoleum chamber, gold/metal became more silent, the words were less than before, such change made some Ji Dong worries have no alternative, he does not know how gold/metal thinks, will not explain anything on own initiative.

Resonant dragon recited the sound to get up, Ji Dong and Fu Rui summoned fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon separately, Ji Dong said to Chen Sixuan: "Since remote also goes, you are her silver wing Haidong to be blue. My fifty ceremonial fire dragon nature standard is hot tempered, can perhaps injure to.  "his
words says here, eyes was straight.

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon that was just summoned, crawled unexpectedly in the place, the before big end of Wuliangye searched the Chen Sixuan body directly, even on her gently has still rubbed rubbing, saw that did not have the slightest bit disposition to explode the fierce meaning, instead was quite docile.

Chen Sixuan faint smile looks to Ji Dong, "Teacher Ji Dong, your fifty Saint Fire Dragon as if very much likes me. I take a seat your dragon."

Has not waited for Ji Dong to open the mouth to reject, Wuliangye nods unexpectedly again and again, does not give the Ji Dong face, lowered in front of the big end Chen Sixuan.

Such situation other Ji Dong people are first time saw, the complexion of everyone becomes strange. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon this can suppress similar Giant Dragon one generation of Saint dragons, so was when good to speak? could it be will they also cling to the beauty? But, their as if is in itself a female!

Looks at the Ji Dong dumbfounded appearance, Chen Sixuan puchi, jumped, falls on Wuliangye quietly. Ji Dong is very helpless, he does not know completely, after ponder of effort, he told himself, this should because of the relations of Chen Sixuan that pinnacle Second Wood magic power. Chen Sixuan magic power has filled with the huge life aura, is any living thing likes, the body has the eternal armor life goddess divine tool as well as lends her to restore eternal armor magic power the nucleus of life temporarily. Attraction fifty Saint Fire Dragon also has possibly.

Feels sorry for our one generation of Saint kings, judgment is not correct, Chen Sixuan attracts the reason of Maotai and Wuliangye only has one, that is because she is Lie Yan (raging flames).

dragon clan, is the keenest race, although Lie Yan (raging flames), only then a god knowledge remains, Maotai and Wuliangye can also the earliest possible time judge. They in the hatching, have used the blood of Ji Dong, but, Lie Yan (raging flames) pays actually compared with Ji Dong many many. Can they not be intimate regarding Lie Yan (raging flames)? It can be said that they can have now such strength, is Lie Yan (raging flames) entrusts with.

On Fu Rui own purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon, somewhat funny looks that the heart unwilling sentiment is not willing to mount Maotai back Ji Dong, in this time, side suddenly were being many a person, remote animated standing before him, "my silver wing Haidong azure was closing up the evolution recently, the Ji Dong fifty ceremonial fire dragon nature standard is cruel, I sit the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon with you."At the same time was saying, under the Fu Rui dumbfounded gaze, has turned around directly, sits before his body position, both hands held the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon to carry on the back dragon saddle, has the meaning that you catch up with my me not to get down greatly.

Fu Rui speechless, the previous moment also want to tease Little Junior Brother, who knows that the latter quarter own trouble also came. Is feeling person of some gazes of other teasing, the Fu Rui ill-humored say/way: "Thunder, walks." The purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon pair of wings whips, is similar to a huge purple lightning soars generally, another side, fifty Saint Fire Dragon body light moved to and fro, leaps into the midair. Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan stand above the dragon's head of Maotai and Wuliangye separately, soars along with that black and white dual-color Divine Dragon, two people has to plant if floating the aesthetic sense of immortal.

gold/metal stands in the ground, looks out the form that airborne is vanishing gradually, charming face did not have blood-color, the double fist grips subconsciously tightly. Why, why did you walk came back? Why I felt had the hope time hopes to cut off in light of this. Yes. You have rescued my life, but you also let my incomparable pain. Masters master, I actually this what kind of?

"flatter Sister Jin, you also likes Ji Dong, is right?"Lan Bao'er sound quietly resounds in the flatter golden earrings.

gold/metal whole body shakes, turns head to look to similar face whiten Lan Bao'er, outstretches the arm, has hugged her gently, "silly thing, do not think, we will not have the opportunity."

Lan Bao'er lowered the head, "why I do not understand, Empress Lie Yan is not I can compare, but, this Chen Sixuan just knew Ji Dong, why "

gold/metal shook the head, said: "You insufficiently knew about Ji Dong, he will not fall in love with you and I, will not fall in love with Chen Sixuan similarly, he loves, only has Lie Yan (raging flames), my master."In this moment, in her heart felt better suddenly some. Remembers Ji Dong that white hair, when remembers him to be dug the chest appearance by oneself, this time gold/metal, in heart surplus only then blessed. We hope that they can really in the same place. Also only then she, can match on him. The masters, Ji Dong, I will bless your.

From Notting forest dense fog bog to East China Sea seashore non- short distances, Ji Dong four people, in the full speed flights of two Rank 9 Giant Dragon match by a hovering law situation, also flew for two days two nights from afar to see East China Sea. Holy and Evil Island already did not have any camouflage, the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and fifty Saint Fire Dragon still in the upper air, the people saw that is stopped up the magnificent picture in in the sea.

Under control of Ji Dong and Fu Rui. Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon stops slowly in the sky, Fu Rui, remote and look on Chen Sixuan face has the difference respectively, but in the Ji Dong vision, has actually filled scalding hot.

Even if they are away from at present shocks the also over ten kilometers, can clear sees that to meet a day of continually place the huge firewall. Rich Red Lotus day hot isolation even broke into a jail the initial ten thousand thunder is thorougher, regardless in the sea the storm were how giant, is unable to approach to that huge Red Lotus day fire , the radiant flame, was bringing brilliantly, has been cut off thoroughly relations between two continent.

Ji Dong lips pursed, clenched both fists, the chest front is fluctuating unceasingly, this present Red Lotus day fire has saved Light Five Elements Continent, but also because at present this Red Lotus day hot release, making him lose the lifetime love. It can be said that this limitless flame are the Lie Yan (raging flames) painstaking care send! If there is not released this kind of formidable Ultra Certain Kill Skill, perhaps Lie Yan (raging flames) when cultivates like this facing the deicide will not die. But this all for oneself.

"Lie Yan (raging flames), why initially you must leave my duty, why does not make me go as you like, you may know, I do live in world am painful?"Ji Dong muttered was sighing lightly, completely after did not note to listen to his these words, stands in Wuliangye top of the head Chen Sixuan tightened bites the lower lip.

In this time, distant place loud and clear drinks to resound greatly, "Ji Dong, your this brat came finally, quick anxious old man."Transmits along with the sound, here the golden light is together common just like the meteor, bringing Can's golden tail flame to directly soar. The huge Seventh Metal department aura command falls into the four people in recollection simultaneously one startled, the next moment, that group of golden light stopped in their not far away. Not is just silly rich guild association president Zhou Xiaoxiao.

"Is you?"Ji Dong looks at Zhou Xiaoxiao, the complexion sinks immediately. His appearance made Ji Dong remember itself immediately in the bitter experience of silly rich hotel. Can give him the good complexion to be strange.

"It is not I, Ji Dong, I look for the good pain that you look for!" The fat people are sad, the fat on face must accumulate in the same place.

"Do you ask me to do?"Ji Dong coldly said.

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "Naturally has apologized, thousand faults. Is the mistake of my fatty, your Sir are massive, is good to the opportunity?"

Looks at the fatty that somewhat dreadful smiling face, the Ji Dong complexion was more moderate, how regardless to say, Zhou Xiaoxiao was one has Level 96 formidable cultivation base also to comprehend the peerless powerhouse of gold/metal of chaos. This kind of person greets with a smile is acknowledging the mistake before you, the beforehand matter is not very big, the anger in Ji Dong heart was also disappears.

"You right, was not you offended me. However, I suspect you very much in the status of silly rich business association. A hotel general manager does not watch your words. Your this business association presidents work as also not much."Ji Dong light saying.

The fatty complexion immediately becomes somewhat awkward, "not to mention, I was about to irritate. You told that in the silly rich business association, according to the custom, forever is divided into two schools, a school under all previous association president controls, has probably the discussing official business group one-third members, another side is other two-thirds. This is to restrict existence of business association president. After all, this association president trains after the business association, has the formidable strength and strength, if not restrict, very easy command business association trend to perish. The general manager who in that hotel you run into, is one of the that two-thirds discussing official business group members. Naturally, this time he makes the huge mistake, had been removed from office. However I said that Ji Dong boy, this matter, although is our business association is not right, you do not need to wage a war. One I two-fifths business, you know that the fatty I do have love dearly?"

"Did I break your business?"Ji Dong doubts looks at the fatty, does not understand that he was saying anything.

Zhou Xiaoxiao looked at Ji Dong Chen Sixuan, "Eastern Wood Empire and Central Earth Empire cut off among the intercourse with our business associations successively, is not because you at the matter of silly rich hotel? Do the boys, you and I play the fool?"He has thought, these matters are Ji Dong incite.

Ji Dong also follows the Zhou Xiaoxiao vision to look to Chen Sixuan,
"this matter do you know?"

Chen Sixuan is clear about unmistakable nodded, "I know, is I makes Eastern Wood Empire cut off with the silly rich business association intercourse. One day is a Master, lifelong is the father. They insulted Teacher Ji Dong, insulted me. This matter I naturally must manage. Therefore I made the person inform the father sovereign."

Listened to Chen Sixuan these words, not only Ji Dong, Fu Rui and remote is also surprised. Silly rich business association they knows, this first under heaven business association's influence to continent they is also very clear, from the beforehand words, they listened, at present this fatty, clearly is the silly rich business association president, a Seventh Metal department supreme powerhouse.

They to the relations of Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan are not very clear, thinks two people are the lovers, may from the performance of Ji Dong be able to see that he has not been in love to young girl that this Eastern Wood Empire comes. Regarding the Chen Sixuan status, Ji Dong has not concealed anything, had already told them. But they cannot think, Chen Sixuan so is unexpectedly big regarding the Eastern Wood Empire influence.

Eastern Wood Empire or Central Earth Empire, cut off among the intercourse with silly rich business associations, no doubt will make the silly rich business association lose greatly, but, the losses of two Great Empire will not be similarly small. Let alone also anytime may face the comprehensive retaliation of silly rich business association. This has the enormous business association of 500 years of inside story is not being everyone dares to offend.

Ji Dong surprised also because of the Chen Sixuan influence, how regardless to say, Chen Sixuan is also only a princess, she can actually affect Eastern Wood Empire to make so decided, this is Ji Dong has not really thought.

"Nonsense. Your could it be does not know that does this will make Eastern Wood Empire have the big loss?"Ji Dong knits the brows to say.

Chen Sixuan smiles, seems was recounting simple matter, said indifferently: "I only know that my Teacher was bullied. A loss wealth is anything, so long as can vent anger for you, I think to be worth. What even if compensates entire Eastern Wood Empire is?"

Hehe, another big plot will soon launch, everybody looked slowly, behind will be getting more and more splendid. Oh, was right, here, small three must thank seriously hits to kindly give the Wine God fellow book friends. Thank you.

Chapter 399: Ten fourth largest famous name wine

"My sister-in-law/little aunt paternal grandmother. Your this tone left actually, but can I bear?"Speechless of fatty face, he has not thought, instigator actually simply of this matter does not know had anything.

Chen Sixuan snorted, said: "Your silly rich business association internal contradiction implicates Teacher Ji Dong, is not good. How regardless to say, you are also only a business association. If Five Great Empires must exterminate from continent you firmly, perhaps you are impossible to survive. However, since you apologized personally, calculates that you had the sincerity. Turns head I to write to the father sovereign, making him restore the business of your silly rich business association and that's the end."

Zhou Xiaoxiao really somewhat wants to cry but have no tears, even has bitter not being able saying that this small two months, the silly rich business association can be said as the loss is serious, although the business association inside story does not care about this money deeply, but the reputation attack of this matter to business association is actually unquantifiable. Especially other business associations, are clapping and cheering all in secret.
"Good, is Ji Dong, that Central Earth Empire, you also writes to me?" "Central Earth Empire?"Ji Dong doubts looks at the fatty, "here I do
not know similarly. I have not told anybody this matter." Zhou Xiaoxiao helpless say/way: "You did not say that did not represent others not to say. In any case that side Central Earth Empire now powerful, not only cut off our business, but must confiscate."

After Ji Dong ponders the moment slightly, nodded, said: "Good, I write to you."

On Zhou Xiaoxiao is bringing the written records, hurried to deliver, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan wrote a letter respectively, had finished this matter.

Received these two letters, fatty big relaxing of, how regardless to say, this matter has solved finally, to silly rich business association, although has lost, but did not have a fracture. Receives the letter, he said to Ji Dong: "The Ji Dong boy, has not thought that you are very good to speak. I think you will press me one."

Ji Dong knits the brows: "In your eyes am I mindless?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao hurries to compensate to say with a smile: "Naturally not. Otherwise will I elect you to be my replacing person? Right, this time I bring the thing that you wanted. Gave you......"to say at the same time, saw only his big hand to wield, under one group of rich golden light wrapped, but a brocade box from out of the blue.

Ji Dong lifts the hand received the brocade box, being perplexed looks to Zhou Xiaoxiao, "what is this?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "You opened have a look to know. Naturally is the thing that you want."

The brocade/bright box starts very heavily, Ji Dong lowers the head to the brocade box looks, this brocade box all over the body presents for the purple black, above is carving the extremely fine trace, can see indistinctly is the appearances of nine dragons, moreover is the completely different nine dragons, seems various species separately. eyes of nine dragons by different color gem mounting. In the brocade/bright box, a also light magic power fluctuation sends out, seems small law of one isolation air. Only this brocade box was priceless, what inside installs is what? The Ji Dong opening lid, has not imagined rich magic power to head on, presents serves as contrast in the brocade/bright box yellow satin, unexpectedly is four jars.

Each jar has the extremely plain style, is various. Separately presents for the blue color, red, white and yellow.

Sees these four jars, Ji Dong in the heart shakes immediately, looks up to Zhou Xiaoxiao, "is this that four bottles of liquor that you said?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, said: "Records the record according to Bartenders Association that famous name wine, the blue spirit fluid that these four bottles are listed respectively second, ranks the fifth nine revolutions of flame flame thick liquid, the gold/metal thin fine wine that is listed seventh and ranks ninth lonely such as moon/month."

Is looking in the hand four bottles of liquor in brocade box, although Ji Dong clearly knows that the fatty such does to obtain own favorable impression, making oneself unable to reject him, but he actually as before impossible in these four bottles of liquor the hand also to go back. Must know, Lie Yan (raging flames) leaves his wish altogether is ten bottles of liquor, had these four bottles of liquor, in the future these years time he can save many free time. Can be used in more time on various affairs to continent, as well as above two pieces of continent holy wars. Let alone, the famous name wine records ten big famous name wines that records, is rare Jane|treasure, he cannot affirm at present beyond these four bottles also not another.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao choice puts out these liquor opportunities to be without doubt extremely good, is Ji Dong has helped him solve the problem, he also has not set any request time. As the matter stands, not only the goal has been achieved, will not have made Ji Dong produce to him is discontented.

The famous name wine records ten big famous name wines that records, has the mystery that hands over to echo with ten departments magic power. Like is Second Wood department that the origin of life echoes, the desert fine wine is Ninth Water department, these four bottles of liquor that Zhou Xiaoxiao brings, separately what echoes is Fourth Fire, Third Fire, Seventh Metal and Fifth Earth. Ten big famous name wine Ji Dong had its six, in other words, in six years, he can confess to Lie Yan (raging flames).

Sees these four bottles of liquor, the Fu Rui look similarly is also fiery, as the Bartenders Association Central Plains City branch association president, he not only one time has also looked at the famous name wine record. Saw that Zhou Xiaoxiao brought four, can he not move? However, in his heart also lived the intense vigilance. The idle work by the wealth, others had not put out these priceless treasures, has the goal very much obviously.

"Doesn't thing have the issue?"Zhou Xiaoxiao looks at the Ji Dong look, knows that own goal has been achieved.

Ji Dong nodded silently, brocade box cover, income cautiously to own Vermilion Bird bracelet, sees him to receive these four bottles of liquor, the fat on Zhou Xiaoxiao face was relaxed truly, "Ji Dong. Now should we be able to chat well?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "You said."

The Zhou Xiaoxiao spirit inspires, said: "At the matter that Central Plains City has is only an accident/surprise, I can promise you, later will not have the same matter again. I hope that you can continue to fulfill the initial agreement, arrives at Western Metal Empire to go as soon as possible, accepts the business association discussing official business group to inspect. Naturally, if you do not want, that these four bottles of liquor, have treated as me to give your gift to be good. This thing, my fatty also takes to obtain."

Regarding the Zhou Xiaoxiao last few words, Ji Dong somewhat is surprised, originally he thinks that this fatty will persuade by this own, has not actually thought that he actually will say. Looks up to Zhou Xiaoxiao, what welcomed was his pair, although was very small, but actually very sincere eyes.

"Good, I promise you."Ji Dong not again and Zhou Xiaoxiao discussed any condition, complied directly. "Teacher Ji Dong, you want three to think!"Chen Sixuan reminded.

Also said in another side remotely: "Is, even if must comply, must chat the condition with him."

Ji Dong shook the head, "collects ten big famous name wines. Every year holds a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) by one bottle, this is I to the commitment of Lie Yan (raging flames), is the Lie Yan (raging flames) final wish. At this matter, I am not willing to give any discount."

Zhou Xiaoxiao looks that the Ji Dong vision immediately changed, he knows at this time, Ji Dong must collect ten big famous name wines the goals, to hold a memorial service for a person unexpectedly. Therefore, he is willing to make making concessions of such big unexpectedly. In fact, he already had also prepared Ji Dong lion big opens the mouth.

"Ji Dong, carries on the inspection somewhat to be perhaps troublesome to the silly rich business association."Zhou Xiaoxiao solemnly said. This time, on his face did not have any look of teasing again. Surplus, only then sincere. Ji Dong so magnanimous complies, he was not good to play any mind. Fortunately told the facts.

"What troubles?"Ji Dong tranquil asking.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "This two Great Empire cut off among the trade with business associations, making my pressure very big, made the business association high-level earthquake. Your influence obtained the approval of business association fully, your mysterious law also really made me be startled. However, as the matter stands, the discussing official business group dramatically will perhaps increase to your inspection difficulty. Concrete inspection content is any I do not know, but the discussing official business group actually flings the enticement that I have not been able to reject. If you can through this inspection, not only becomes my successor, making you have the support of entire business association. But is you after the inspection, regardless of you make anything, all will obtain the business association fully to support. In other words, the silly rich business association becomes your backyard, supports you unconditionally. A point that first can achieve, hands over three big magical instruments that the business association has by you controls."

"What?"This time, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, are Fu Rui and remote, is surprised all.

But Zhou Xiaoxiao took to their shock not to finish, ", not only that the business association will not have limited your any motion. So long as you acknowledged that you were the business association presidents is OK. In other words, you only need to hang the name of association president, can be fully supported."

"Why can like this? What advantage such does to your silly rich business association has?"Ji Dong surprised looks at Zhou Xiaoxiao.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a forced smile: "Said honestly, naturally does not have any advantage. Reason that has the so excellent condition , because their simply does not believe that you can complete this test, inspection content that they proposed, was extremely is extremely surely difficult. So excellent condition, their requests, only then one, that is I and discussing official business group of my this side can not participate in the inspection opinion. Because of this two Great Empire matter, I waged a war, have replaced many people, this was also their retaliation."

Chen Sixuan knits the brows: "could it be do they make Teacher Ji Dong pick the star of space we also to achieve? Your this excellent conditions are equal to radically not having."

Zhou Xiaoxiao shakes the head saying: "Naturally possibly definitely is unable to complete, the hope that definitely also will have completion exists. They dare to propose duty that really definitely is unable to complete, I will not give up with them. Ji Dong, this these four bottles of liquor are my accent take in his own name. You looked that this may be good, you accept their inspections, if inspects too difficultly or extremely dangerous, you gave up fortunately. I will not blame you." Chen Sixuan must say anything again. Was actually lifted the hand to stop by Ji Dong, slightly after thinking moment, he to Zhou Xiaoxiao nodded, said: "Good, I promise you. After our trip of Holy and Evil Island, goes to Western Metal Empire to walk."

Zhou Xiaoxiao hears the word great happiness, "that was too good, I help certainly all that you strive for possibly to strive. Since you concluded the tour of Holy and Evil Island to go back with me, I simply with you together. After the matter ended, we return to Western Metal Empire together."

Ji Dong said: "This is also good, on the road I must go to and partners first converge."

Fatty laughed, said: "Does not have the issue, does not miss this time, you go to Holy and Evil Island first, I find the person to deliver a letter, later arrives at Holy and Evil Island to converge with you."

Spoke these words, the fatty body meteor, vanishes in a flash does not see, walked well satisfied.

"Teacher Ji Dong, how you can promise him, including he such formidable supreme powerhouses said that is very difficult to complete, is the risk is definitely enormous."Chen Sixuan anxious saying.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "You do not understand. For Lie Yan (raging flames), regardless of being any me to want. That four bottles of liquor I win, this was I can be the final matter that Lie Yan (raging flames) did. Even if tremendous dangers and difficulties, I must rush, will not take something for free the thing of silly rich business association."

"Did Ji Dong say right, what situation can again difficultly difficultly to? Let alone also we, we help Ji Dong together, does not have anything not to be impossible to complete."

In the Fu Rui eye is glittering the confident ray, the direction that he and Ji Dong considers is slightly different, the condition that Zhou Xiaoxiao promised a moment ago was really too favorable, is unable to reject. If their ten big heavenly stems disciples can obtain three magical instruments as well as the silly rich business associations again fully support, the help regarding them was too then big. Therefore he supports Ji Dong to spell, because not only each of them has the formidable strength, is five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that because Ji Dong creates. Including these two, Three-Crown students can strategy application great strength of such, this strategy trade their these heavenly stems disciples to use, can be what kind of picture?

Fifty Saint Fire Dragon and purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon drops from the clouds, floating fell on one scorched earth Holy and Evil Island. Although passed for nearly one year, but here does not have any change as before. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail under bombardment, any plant impossible spreading like wildfire, the spring breeze to blow and live. All vitalities, were almost cancelled completely.

The distant place looks is a matter, the conscientiousness was a different matter. Returns to Holy and Evil Island, Fu Rui and Ji Dong complexion becomes sinks to congeal, remotely is also so, they are unable to forget all that catastrophe brings. At that time they whole-heartedly cannot prevent the dark secret to start the ceremony.

In the Ji Dong eye flashes through wipes the dense murderous intention, say/way bitterly: "If there is an opportunity of rebirth, then, I certainly when first time will arrive at Holy and Evil Island the initial bright heavenly stems disciple will utterly destroy."

Fu Rui has not said anything, but from his look, can see the deep hatred, but all occurred now, said anything again also late.

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Chapter 400: The Lie Yan (raging flames) first gala

Was in this time, suddenly. Four people discovered, they had been surrounded. Surroundings at least over a thousand soldiers, being quietly has encircled. Their motions are uniform, over a thousand people also move, the sound that makes are unexpectedly slight, is very difficult to make one discover.

Sees the attire of these soldiers, the Ji Dong vision goes to Chen Sixuan, because of these soldiers, he had faced the extermination regiment. Grasps dragon spear/gun, sits well carries on the back in the emerald lizard dragon, the formidable oppression strength simultaneously from all directions wells up.

Four people understand, this should be Five Great Empires is stationed in the manpower on Holy and Evil Island. Since Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, Five Great Empires dispatches elite to be stationed above Holy and Evil Island once more, monitors Red Lotus day hot defense. Five years later the inevitable holy war, no one has slightest bit leaving things to chance. Besides Holy and Evil Island, that side the East China Sea seashore has also been stationed in five country over a million armies. Ji Dong they fly from the space, although there is a fifty Saint Fire Dragon belt fog to cover up, but descends time was discovered.

Ji Dong they exterminate the regiment not to be threatening clearly, but fifty Saint Fire Dragon actually does not do, the body next nine claws haunch their majestic bodies, Maotai and in the Wuliangye dragon pupil the dignified proud ray is glittering unceasingly. Suddenly, they simultaneously supine Tianchang recited, the strong black and white dual-color ray simultaneously erupted from these two Giant Dragon.

If the bird's eye view from the upper air, can discover, the air current that Maotai and Wuliangye erupt has formed a huge primal chaos graph shape outward diffusion, is the primal chaos demon territory.

Also only then Rank 7 time, fifty Saint Fire Dragon once the command exterminated the group dragon of regiment to bow the head, let alone now it already Rank 9. Even if the Fu Rui Rank 9 purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon does not dare to offend them, let alone these lizard dragon.

In an instant, over a thousand place lizard dragons are similar to shear the wheat to crawl generally in the place, has made exactly the same movement, before pair of claws extends, the dragon's head buries in the chest front directly, the body is uncontrolled is shivering. Regarding them, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon aura that in primal chaos demon territory contained is really too fearful.

Shocks, except for these two characters, Fu Rui cannot find out other anything to describe that at present all these, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon dragon prestige has linked purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon under his body somewhat to tremble, this head length somewhat strange Giant Dragon was really too formidable. Only aura already so terrifying, perhaps now this fifty Saint Fire Dragon true strength must in oneself and above Ji Dong.

Ji Dong lifts the hand racket the dragon's head of Maotai, "was good, is not the enemy."

Maotai and Wuliangye then stop, no longer long recited, lowered the head to crawl in the place, put Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, looked at their docile appearances, as if all and they did not have slight relations.

But is also this dragon cry. Has actually shocked the entire Holy and Evil Island garrison troops. Can remain on Holy and Evil Island, without doubt is Five Great Empires elite elite. The Five Great Empires most formidable dragoon regiment has 3000 people stationed respectively here, fifty Saint Fire Dragon dragon cry, according to the distance distance, has had influence to a certain extent to these earthworms. Also alarmed on Holy and Evil Island to reach 200,000 garrison troops. Suddenly, various flight magic beast lift off in abundance, all toward here direction gathering, but.

The free time of a while, dozens flight magic beast gathered sky over their top of the head, majority are six, Rank 7 magic beast, but also several reach as high as Rank 8 and Rank 9.

Has magic beast to fly in own top of the head, the fifty Saint Fire Dragon temperament has come up, the suppression of Ji Dong, perhaps it certainly will stand to make an air disaster.

"Who arrives at Holy and Evil Island?" A vigorous sound from airborne conveys, the sound hands down from several hundred meters upper air, is very as before clear, fully demonstrates the speaker good strength.

Heard this sound, Fu Rui has smiled immediately, "Big Brother Song Ruilong, little brother Fu Rui in this."

"Oh? Originally is your boy. Frightens me to jump. Everybody dispersed."Lizard Song Ruilong rode own Rank 9 Giant Dragon to drop from the clouds, fell to the ground loudly, falls in front of Ji Dong and Fu Rui four people. What he rides is Rank 9 drills the lizard, but, drills the leeway that the lizard dragon prestige simply has not actually displayed, Maotai looked up its one, this drilled the arrogance of lizard to restrain immediately, the submissive appearance must flatter compared with initially the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon.

Song Ruilong seemed not the too big change, instead appeared younger, the look was mild, be with smile on the face, the body sent out a circle to melt the pleasant aura. Feels own mount partner's change, somewhat surprisedly looked at fifty Saint Fire Dragon under Ji Dong body. "Big Brother, did you break through?"Fu Rui pleasantly surprised say/way.

Song Ruilong slowly nodded, but on the face did not have the slightest bit happy expression, "breakthrough broke through, but paid, was actually initially the lives of all guard seashore soldiers. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail the pressure, making me obtain finally broke through to the Nine-Crown turning point, but, if there is a choice, I rather never will enter Nine-Crown."

Song Ruilong cultivation base Ji Dong naturally also looked, initial Song Ruilong is the Eight-Crown peak powerhouse, after ten thousand thunder broke into a jail pressure, broke through Nine-Crown unexpectedly. Level 89 and Level 90, although is only separation, but everyone knows the disparity between this Level 2 to be also huge. Central Earth Empire, worthily is the continent first powerful nation, its foundation was too solid. At least knows on Ji Dong, reaches the Eight-Crown peak in Central Earth Empire, may break through Nine-Crown has several people anytime.

Listened to Song Ruilong the words, the Fu Rui look is also dim. "Big Brother, this time we come back, must express respect for the brothers hero soul."

Song Ruilong nodded, said: "This does not have the issue. What a pity, the brothers of dying have not stayed behind including the corpse, only then tomb containing clothing without the body before Red Lotus day fire. Several of us saved the times by several supreme powerhouses pledged, five years later, when the Red Lotus day fire eliminates, decided to take own to take revenge as the brothers of dying. Walks, I lead you to go."

Drills the lizard to lift off, is having the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon and fifty Saint Fire Dragon flies toward the Holy and Evil Island deep place.

Flies in airborne, Fu Rui asked to Song Ruilong: "Big Brother, other how many elder brothers? Their situation how?" Song Ruilong said: "They are also all right, said, we are very lucky, happen to have met under several crowns, thus is saved. They separately are stationed in Holy and Evil Island all parties now, place that you descend, is my control area. Now various countries' army on Holy and Evil Island the unified command by me."

Fu Rui said: "Now Big Brother was also part of great bear crown gets down. Commands the army also should be."

Song Ruilong said with a forced smile: "I am under any crown, if some choices, initially I rather and partners went to hell together. This past year time, we passed in the suffering. Looks at you and Ji Dong appearance, thinks that does not feel better."

Fu Rui looks at Ji Dong that has lowered the head does not speak. "Did not say these, what now is most important was how revenges for the partners and family members of dying, how to guard our Light Five Elements Continent."

With flies forward, the people have been away from the Red Lotus day fire to be getting more and more near, to nearer, the feeling of shocking is also more intense, this is terrifying magic skill that the what kind of strength can support! Ultimate Certain Kill Skill, really worthily only belongs to ultimate Certain Kill Skill of god.

Under not any full speed flight of impediment, three after about double- hour, they finally arrived in the Holy and Evil Island center, can contact the Red Lotus day hot place truly.

From a Red Lotus day fire also several kilometers time. Song Ruilong has stimulated to movement to drill lizard to drop from the clouds, leading the people to fall on the ground. Did not need Song Ruilong saying that everybody also understands reason that ahead of time descended, that strange Red Lotus day hot surface looked like, although has not sent out any quantity of heat, but has a strange attraction, looked were many, to near, made one produce unable to bear to the thought that it overran. Light ray twinkle, on the Ji Dong face reveals a strange brilliance, is gazing at the Red Lotus day fire of that distant place. This red flame light screen also be older much than others regarding his attraction. When all people have not responded, Ji Dong jumps suddenly, directly soars that Red Lotus day hot direction to overrun.

"Ji Dong, do you do?"Fu Rui is surprised, time that if by any chance he responded, Ji Dong already about hundred meters.

Song Ruilong the look changes said: "Quick, prevents him. When was just stationed on Holy and Evil Island, some of some of our soldiers could not endure the Red Lotus day hot enticement, all was reduced to ashes. Therefore I could not order to have anybody to approach to a Red Lotus day fire ten kilometers range."

At the same time was saying free time, he and Fu Rui flushed. In the situation of acceleration, in the short distance their speed must surpass own mount fully.

Remote also rushed, even summoned the stick of own earth goddess, the Ji Dong strength they were very clear, if did not slow down his speed in the halfway, perhaps no one could prevent him.

Does not have only only has Chen Sixuan, she crazy looks at the Ji Dong back, jumps down the ground from the dragon's head of Wuliangye, leads the way slowly. In that flash that Ji Dong to/clashes, she only thought that own stingy ruthless clutching painful, she saw clearly in Ji Dong eye pupil reveals endless sad.

At this moment, before Chen Sixuan feels itself, understanding suddenly to Ji Dong unexpectedly also insufficient, he love to Lie Yan (raging flames), imagines wants strong many.

As of late, she felt obviously Ji Dong in manner to own change, particularly that some feelings of escape are make her chuckle to oneself, she thinks, oneself influence subtly approaches him, unceasing acquisition victory. However. In this time, she actually suddenly understands, in the Ji Dong heart does not have the slightest bit Chen Sixuan form as before, still completely is Lie Yan (raging flames).

Evil god, your this bastard. The Chen Sixuan incomparable hatred has that to propose that suddenly the god king of condition, at this moment, she really understands, the challenge that oneself must face is difficult. Although she in unceasing told itself, so long as can visit him every day, with him in the same place, oneself satisfied. Can in fact, she be able to satisfy really? It seems like that wants to retrieve the heart of Ji Dong, under the potent drug is not not good.

The full acceleration of Ji Dong is absolutely terrifying, Pinnacle Two Fires, behind looks like two flame in him ** is ordinary, a cloudy Yang Fire hovering law dual advancement, Teng Snake flashes the release that is outspoken, the free time who almost made him in several blinking, ran out of beyond the kilometer, Fu Rui and Song who Ruilong pursued can only by pulling was getting more and more far. Has achieved Nine-Crown formidable magic power by Song Ruilong, is unable to pull closer the distance unexpectedly.

Lie Yan (raging flames), Lie Yan (raging flames)......, In the Ji Dong heart, is issuing the heartrending summon unceasingly. From the morning to the present, his mood some were not right. The reason does not have him, last year today, is the day of Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, was the day that Lie Yan (raging flames) fell from the sky. Today, is the Lie Yan (raging flames) gala!

"What to do? Cannot overtake him."Song Ruilong somewhat startled saying. The Red Lotus day fire was too formidable, broke into a jail the initial ten thousand thunder is more dangerous. Ten thousand thunder break into a jail before has not erupted, but is the float in airborne, but this Red Lotus day fire actually actually exists in the ground, this can be cut off two pieces of continent ultimate Certain Kill Skill, can it be that can the person approach?

"I come."Remote loudly shouted that catches up from behind, the grey crystal color/look ray assumes the straight line to erupt suddenly, pursues the Ji Dong body to go. The light speed is unequalled, knows remotely, is impossible to make Ji Dong by own strength stop completely, she must do, but before slowing down Ji Dong , the speed of flushing, quite let Fu Rui and Song Ruilong pursues.

Saw that gray ray overtook Ji Dong, the strong halo covers directly in Ji Dong and his body surrounding ground, immediately, the formidable attracting customer interest spreads from the ground, under the remote full function, the earth turned into the bog, dozens mud are bringing pinnacle Sixth Earth the strength of magic power and divine tool runs out from the ground, twines to the body of Ji Dong. So long as he hit a target by mud, remote has confidence by following magic power slows down his speed, at least the short time supports without question, made Fu Rui they pursue sufficiently.

However, they underestimated Ji Dong to charge into the Red Lotus day hot determination, in feeling the body was slow, the surroundings mud burst out at the same time, the dazzling red light erupted from Ji Dong, the unequalled terrifying murderous aura instantaneously the smashing that the body surrounding mud twisted, the Ji Dong whole person looked like crazy generally, as before unprecedented overrunning . The strength of stick of earth goddess is unable to prevent him unexpectedly. At this moment, on him, is braving the intense ray of sword of Fire God, even is also having light cream color, Chaos Fire cream color. This is Ji Dong whole-heartedly, most fearful Ji Dong.

"No, Little Junior Brother, comes back quickly."Fu Rui was finally scared, angrily roars furiously. We hope that can stop by calling out Ji Dong, is, this time Ji Dong, at present already, only then that endless red.

That actually original this holds a memorial service for wants to write is moved, writes are many. But considered that the carrying capacity of book friends, small three thought Jane/simple, but the fine effect must better. This, small three wrote was really very long. We hope that everybody likes.
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