Jiu Shen Chapter 381-390

Chapter 381: The Saint king returns

"Bi Su, initially did you live? also who is also living?"Ji Dong asked.

Bi Su sighed. Said: "Is the luck is really good! Said that must thank Leng Yue this small girl. He, perhaps we also. "spoke of here with other
people, his look was low-spirited immediately, "ten thousand thunder broke into a jail the eruption time, Leng Yue was drawing me and Zhu Gui, Carl seeks for the magic beast egg together. That magic beast lair in underground deep place. Is the thick earth helps us isolate ten thousand thunder have broken into a jail the bombardment. After ten thousand thunder broke into a jail the conclusion, Holy and Evil Island is scorched earth, the camp did not have, living person, only then our four."

Listens to narration of Bi Su, the double fist of Ji Dong to grip tightly, he quite hates, is good to hate first time to see original these bright heavenly stems disciple degenerates time has not firmly decided to exterminate them thoroughly. If not their selfish, perhaps, the following all will not occur, Lie Yan (raging flames) died, Senior Sister Ye Xin also died, Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School elite also almost casualty completely.

Bi Su took a deep breath, erases the tears in eye, "did not say these, the Boss, your this hair was. "

Ji Dong shook the head. "Anything, we have not gone."

Bi Su nodded, the eyeground flashes through one to worry, turns around to lead the way in front. Ji Dong has wielded starting to own students, walks toward Heavenly Stems School with Bi Su. Flaminged the students of hot school to look silly, most people did not have yes what's the matter. Tyrants? Thunder Emperor? What is this? Enters the Mage world short date and time not to be naturally impossible to hear these by them. But they actually could see, relations between Teacher Ji Dong and this Heavenly Stems School are not ordinary. In many person hearts has a question, where as if their Teacher Ji Dong are very popular! Ji Dong mysterious gradually became in their hearts legendary.

Enters Heavenly Stems School, Bi Su and Ji Dong leads the way abreast in row, Ji Dong asked: "Bi Su, now Heavenly Stems School situation how?"

Bi Su solemnly said: "It is not quite good. The Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, the attack is most direct, was our Heavenly Stems School. 300 elite, almost the casualties completely, live including our four, only has several people. Senior Brother Fu Rui perishes because of the death of Senior Sister Ye Xin. Withdrew from Yin-Yang School, only retained the position of director, every day will close in the room, even nobody dares to go to approach him. Lan Bao'er also withdrew from Yin- Yang School, cultivates with other heavenly stems disciples together, the school opened a place to them specially. The Yin-Yang School reorganization, actually Leng Yue, Zhu Gui and Carl and I occupied new Yin-Yang School first four."

Listened to a Bi Su such saying, Ji Dong was surprised said: "Leng Yue that girl now was Yin-Yang School Chief."

Bi Su reveals a smile finally, "right. You in Yin-Yang School, actually several of us have not occupied the front position now. School after screening, has selected 46 students, reorganizes Yin-Yang School with us. Also begins to take shape to the present. Accumulated with the initial Yin- Yang School many years is unable to compare by far. Oh. Right, artillery Big Brother dragon also returned to the school, taught in the school. The Boss, you today is this?"

Ji Dong said: "Teacher Zhu Rong Southern Fire Empire established one to flaming the hot school again. Is survivor of disaster, I was flaminging the hot school to make Teacher. This time, is leading my student and Heavenly Stems School carries on the exchange. Some time ago, Teacher has sent a letter to give here, here also agreed with this exchange."

Bi Su said suddenly: "So that's how it is. Has not thought, Boss you now when also Teacher."

Ji Dong said: "The other people of secret and heavenly stems disciple where?"

Bi Su said: "I exited a moment ago, probably saw that they exited hurriedly, does not know does, Oh, also Crown Prince Ji Senior Yeshang of colleague."

The voice has not fallen, suddenly, the two sounds of incomparably resonant dragon recitations resound through the horizon, this long recited, not only made Ji Dong mind entirely Zhen, even has also shocked entire Central Plains City. In the sky, is sun-blocking gold/metal black dual-color.

The appearance of this gold/metal black dual-color, made all people change immediately the complexion, only then knows truly this was on anything's Chen Sixuan face throughout is maintaining the light smile. But her smiling face was being covered by the veil, nobody can see.

Students, including Bi Su, only thought that on at this time Ji Dong releases an unequalled strong atmospheric field suddenly, that is an indescribable powerful feeling. the next moment, he is face upwards long and loud cry, the howl of broad powerful, shoots up to the sky, hands over to echo with that two dragon cry.

dragon Yinsheng became more spirited, but Ji Dong could not repress finally, a tip of the toe place, his whole person skyrocketed, rips the sound of broken silks to get up, behind that magnificent and expensive white clothing split two big openings, a cream scales wing opened instantaneously, wielded to below suddenly, promoting the body of Ji Dong to be similar to the arrow common direct impact upper air. The students only thought that strong winds raid, dumbfounded looks that own Teacher Ji Dong soars to the heavens to go. Heavens! Will Teacher Ji Dong fly unexpectedly also?

Yes, was they came, was they come. Almost was only the next moment, in front of Ji Dong presented that familiar form, the black and white dual- color huge personal appearance that appeared in the midair, when with distinction compared, their bodies increased. The height has exceeded 15 meters, the sturdy body next nine claws brandish, the double headed is spirited, in the giant dragon pupil, is emitting the excited flame. The terrifying pressure forms a primal chaos graph in the sky indistinctly. This arrival also who can be? Ji Dong fifty Saint Fire Dragon!

With Ji Dong initially the congealment success of bead of chaos, fifty Saint Fire Dragon also evolved. Present it, has evolved in the true sense became Rank 9 magic beast, cultivation base is stable. Must know, it has Pinnacle Two Fires Rank 9 magic beast! Really by strength, in did not consider in the situation of sword of divine tool Fire God Ji Dong has, he will not be their matches.

In fifty Saint Fire Dragon majestic carrying on the back, is standing eight people, each of them's vision looks Ji Dong that soars has been full of different mood, excited, earnest and excited, worried, how but regardless of the vision in their eyes, gazed at the Ji Dong look to be full of the emotion. Yes, Ji Dong came back, one generation of Saint kings of bright heavenly stems disciple came back, their partners came back.

"Master."clouds the secret first opens the mouth, because he excited and excited body slightly was shivering, did not have in the ordinary day that calm appearance.

In the Yao Qianshu eye is glittering the firm and resolute appearance, the right fist that gets hold of before wields, seemed saying to Ji Dong that own chest makes an effort, the good brothers, you to come back finally.

The remote vision wants to be tranquiler relatively, in her beautiful pupil, brings to wipe the light anxiety, she seems worried about anything. When does not have initially Ji Dong first time saw her to be the powerful of demon pledge hegemon again.

Du Ming and Du Xin'er brother and sister look that the Ji Dong vision is earnest, except for the status of heavenly stems disciple, they is also the Ji Dong apprentice, although Ji Dong has not given them anything, but the status of this masters and disciples as before are actually placed there. In the absorption heavenly stems disciple Crystal Crown process, must be the pain that cultivation base lowest their two bear is biggest. But they actually clenched the teeth to insist. In this less than one year, these two brother and sister it can be said that are reborn, with beforehand entirely different. Du Ming seemed calmer, some types profound such as the feeling of sea, but the Du Xin'er vision turned from the original bracelet sharply, the whole person seemed sharp feelings.

Lan Bao'er looks that the Ji Dong vision has been full of the heart pain. Her look somewhat dull, falls above Ji Dong that white hair throughout. He must bear what kind of pain, a black hair will turn into so the deathly stillness white! Ji Dong, Ji Dong, you will always make why me grieved.

King's lips pursed, she stands in the forefront, is the place that the fifty Saint Fire Dragon Maotai and Wuliangye dragon Shou connect, her vision is looking steadily at Ji Dong, her heart in fierce is shivering, even is fiercer than Lan Bao'er. In the people, by cultivation base, she is strongest one. Itself had pinnacle Eighth Metal magic power her after absorbing Eighth Metal disciple Crystal Crown, on strength again heavy building. In addition the fight skill of her powerful. If Yao Qianshu does not have chrysanthemum Saint pig help, is not her match. Even if Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, she also fully has strength of the spelling. May at this moment, be such formidable bright Eighth Metal disciple, when looks at Ji Dong, her heart is unable to stabilize. Was unexpectedly same as Lan Bao'er, has flowed off two lines of beyond control tears.

Maotai and Wuliangye already saw Ji Dong, saw that he flies, has collected impatiently, two big ends one on the left and other on the right, stick to by the body of Ji Dong, is rubbing unceasingly, in the mouth and nose also sends out wu to swallow the groaning sound. Distinguished to be so long, they missing to Ji Dong not under anybody. Gold/Metal black dual- color in sky, the magic power fluctuation of also that terrifying also clears off in this time.

Both hands are stroking the big end of Maotai and Wuliangye separately, feels kindness that they are transmitting to come, looks up the present partners again, took a deep breath, the somewhat difficult opens the mouth said finally: "I came back."

Yao Qianshu is suppressing surging of innermost feelings reluctantly, said: "Welcome to come back."

Ji Yeshang somewhat helpless said: "Everybody gets down first, will then continue to flutter here, will perhaps cause the entire city to be scared. Perhaps the diamond regiment must send out."

Under originally some atmosphere of coagulation in this inserts funny dialog, immediately was relaxed several points, Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon drops from the clouds, falls returns to Heavenly Stems School.

Outside experiences so fierce magic power fluctuation. Can Heavenly Stems School not respond? While they drop from the clouds, one crowd of Heavenly Stems School Teacher has been crowding around several directors from the central Earth department classroom building. Is the person of head, is Heavenly Stems School Dean, now Central Earth Empire Emperor grandfather Eight-Crown Fifth Earth Heavenly Venerable Ji Mingxuan. His semblance seems as before is very young, cannot see the trace that the years stay behind, with initially Ji Dong had seen him the time does not have any difference.

Ji Mingxuan is leading a numerous school director and Teachers looks that Ji Dong and fifty Saint Fire Dragon drops from the clouds, on the face the look immediately changed. Although Ji Dong is a white hair, before personal appearance also, had not the small change, but his first eyes have recognized. This person, but has killed his great-great-grandson's chief criminal! But he cannot manifest suddenly. He, making the imperial family cut off the descendant, has to accept the matter of equal prince grandson adopting, although on Ji Dong was also flowing the bloodlines of the same clan, but Ji Mingxuan actually hated to the marrow of the bones to him. The Ji Dong floating body falls to the ground, a numerous heavenly stems disciple also carries on the back to jump down from fifty Saint Fire Dragon, First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu first flushed, has given directly a Ji Dong big hug.

"Brother, past passed, must proceed to look! We wait for you to come back."

Ji Dong nodded silently, the vision has swept from the partners face, the mood in the eye surging returns to normal gradually.

"Who can tell me, what's all this about?"Ji Mingxuan stands there light asking. Although the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune has had the huge attack to Heavenly Stems School, Yin-Yang School is almost annihilated. But Heavenly Stems School after all is the continent first school, by the Five Great Empires collective support, as the status that Dean he has venerates extremely.

Ji Dong has turned round, the flash when his vision and Ji Mingxuan from the sky contacts, airborne was similar four cold Dian each other to collide. Chill in the air won't Ji Dong of Ji Mingxuan eyeground be able to understand? But he actually does not care.

"Ji Dean hello/you good. I flaming hot school vice- Dean Ji Dong, this time leads us to flaming the students of hot school to come to exchange with your school. Soon before, our Zhu Rong Dean to your school sending a letter, your school agreed."

Ji Mingxuan lightly said: "Oh? Originally is the Zhu Rong brother blazing the hot school guest. You did not say, I have forgotten this matter actually. However, since you are exchange, that a moment ago what's the matter? Why causes trouble sky over my Heavenly Stems School."

Ji Dong cold say/way: "If Ji Mingxuan Dean you think certainly that we in causing trouble, I are also speechless. Are you what kind of?"In the proud ice-cold look, has several points to make the deathly stillness of Ji Mingxuan innermost feelings slightly tremor. He said like this, simply quite therefore was asking Ji Mingxuan, the father came to your here to cause trouble, can you I be what kind of?

"You......"Ji inscription xuan have not thought that Ji Dong so does not show due respect for the feelings unexpectedly, has gone against his words directly. Their vision from the sky collide once more, the Ji Dong slightest does not let, does not place in Ji Mingxuan the eye.

Ji Mingxuan coldly said: "Since Ji Dong vice- Dean this time comes to not to exchange, but causes trouble, then, please return. Does not receive."Saying, him was turning around to walk.

At the end of the month, asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 382: Powerful challenge

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Ji inscription xuan. I am disinclined rubbish with you, now I can tell you, this exchange, my matter in must be good. I invited equal Wang Ji yun to live your highness, crown prince Your Highness Ji Yeshang, under the part of great bear crown Ji Changxin, under the extraordinarily good luck crown Shangguan Yinkong, Mage Guild President Shiloh, vice-chairman and the others. Yu Ming ri attended the ceremony this war. If you reject the war of this exchange. I did not mind that looks for the Central Earth Empire imperial family, subscribes this exchange in the imperial palace. You believe that you can prevent I?"

Ji Dong was saying, nearby Yao Qianshu inserted said: "What's wrong? Didn't my Saint Sir king, you invite our these disciples to attend the ceremony? You cannot favor one and discriminate against the other!"

His is obvious backing up, or is the scarlet fruits threatened Ji Mingxuan. The heavenly stems disciple keeps in Heavenly Stems School to cultivate, very obviously is not the matter that Ji Mingxuan wants. But he is unable to reject. These heavenly stems disciples, are living from the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, each is having the great strength of pinnacle magic power. Moreover in them, also present age secret. Let alone is Heavenly Stems School, even if the Central Earth Empire imperial family does not dare to offend them. Therefore, at their requests, kept in Heavenly Stems School to cultivate. Ji Mingxuan also receives is not seeing with own eyes the heart not bothersome principle, opened a place to them specially, this nearly one year, the heavenly stems disciples have not looked for anything to trouble to him. If Heavenly Stems School also Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, Ji Mingxuan can cause him, he will not compromise easily. But, now how their do these big directors add to be able? Heavenly Stems School is not beforehand Heavenly Stems School, before Ji Dong , everyone who said that including the heavenly stems disciple, is not Heavenly Stems School now can offend.

Has turned round suddenly, Ji Mingxuan can only suppress the anger, "Ji Dong, your this is threatening me, threatened Heavenly Stems School? Do not forget, Heavenly Stems School is the Five Great Empires support. Has performed the innumerable merit for continent."

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Ji inscription xuan, you said right. Heavenly Stems School was continent has truly made the innumerable contributions. However, what goes all out to slaughter on Holy and Evil Island is you? It is not. These glory, are these outstanding students take oneself life to come as price receiving in exchange. You are just the spokesman of Central Earth Empire imperial family, what have you made? Perhaps you even link a genuine outstanding student not to teach. I and partners gather, you said that I am bustling streets. Good, today I make to you look."

On Ji Mingxuan face is glittering the cloudy clear uncertain look, said along with Ji Dong these words, the strong energetic pressure has released from him. Saw that Ji Dong that turns into the silver double pupil gradually, he is clear at this time, this boy so is why young at present can share the honor with Fu Rui, his strength. Truly great strength that wants to imagine.

At this time, flaminged the students of hot school to understand fully why their Teacher Ji Dong told them is smashes the gathering place three months ago to Heavenly Stems School. What doesn't this smash the gathering place is? Came to do with others Dean. Described that the moods of these students used a character to be good, crisp.

Was in this time, nearby director Sixth Earth department hastily said: "Ji Dong vice- Dean, you are exchange, do not impulse. The school each other exchanges this matter, is favorable for us. In Heavenly Stems School, this matter is under the charge to me. Dean, this is your is not right, you cannot snatch my division of labor!" Before these directors Sixth Earth department, Ji Dong has not paid attention, is a slight old man, in the eye the none remaining is sparkling. Since Heavenly Stems School, the Earth department representative has been Ji Mingxuan, therefore few people note him, at this time this opens the mouth, in the Ji Dong heart moves slightly. It seems like that can become the Heavenly Stems School director, is not the average person. His these words disappearing belt hits continually, excludes Ji Mingxuan, all very natural cancelling that also before is, Ji Mingxuan.

Ji Mingxuan angrily snorted. Fierce wields the sleeves, "good, I do not snatch your division of labor am."Throws down such a few words, he does not have the face again dull here, turns around to walk. Although his soldier explicit expression anything, may not in fact, he leave behind such a few words also to leave, admitted defeat. After all, if Ji Dong goes to the Central Earth Empire imperial palace directly, the request carries on this exchange. Then, among exchange with schools completely was two concepts. Do not think that now Central Earth Empire Emperor Ji cloud wealth is his blood relative grandson, can prevent Ji Dong. Present Central Earth Empire, after Ji Yeshang succeeds the position of crown prince, a powerful of equal king lineage/vein has dominated above the imperial family completely. The one who most made the Ji cloud wealth have no alternative, the Central Earth Empire patron, under two supreme crowns was others equal king lineage/vein person. What can he also make? When the emperor works as to this degree, is suffices bad luck.

originally Ji cloud Shenghai respects this emperor very much. But strikes after Ji Dong has killed former crown prince, he understands, both sides' relations were impossible to relax, fortunately powerful, true grasped Central Earth Empire gradually in own hand. Only waits for the Ji cloud wealth dead, this Central Earth Empire completely belonged to equal king lineage/vein. Therefore, regarding Ji inscription xuan this lineage/vein, can do also only then accepts. Now Ji Mingxuan basically already, no matter the foreign affairs, fully the cultivation, magic power reaches as high as Level 89 he, with many are same in the person who this rank spends one's last years, is attacking the Nine-Crown bottleneck diligently. Many years, he has been doing this same matter. "Ji Dong vice- Dean. Really is embarrassed. Our Ji Mingxuan Dean attacks Nine-Crown to be unsuccessful as of late, is not quite happy. Neglected you to excuse me. I am school director, is in charge of Huang Lixin who Sixth Earth department and school exchange. Welcome your arrivals."

Can suppress Heavenly Stems School to so degree, Ji Dong is not good to make again, how regardless to say, here can calculate on is the place that his dream starts. To Huang Lixin nodded, said: "That troubled director yellow."

"Ji Dong vice- Dean, in requests personally."Other Huang Lixin and complexion ugly directors Heavenly Stems School were directing Ji Dong and his person entered the central Earth department classroom building. Arrives directly holds over a hundred people of big conference rooms sufficiently. clouds meaning that the secret and a numerous heavenly stems disciple obviously do not leave, Huang Lixin naturally does not dare to catch up with them. Naturally together entered in this big conference room.

The people divide the guests and hosts to take a seat, Huang Lixin directly soars the subject, asked to Ji Dong: "Ji Dong vice- Dean, we, although received your school Zhu Rong Dean exchange letter, but in the letter had not explained how must carry on this exchange. What do you have to suggest?"He is not willing to pester with this evil star, this boy dares to kill including the crown princes, is also what cannot do? Quickly ended this exchange to make him leave is the correct principle.

Ji Dong said: "This time exchanges me to hope to carry on two aspects, first, is the resistance between students. I altogether have brought 30 students. Also asked Heavenly Stems School to send out 30 students, tomorrow same carries on the exchange group war. I hope that Heavenly Stems School sends out, is Yin-Yang School ranks the first 30 students."

"?"Huang Lixin is surprised, "Ji Dong vice- Dean, could it be do you also want to participate in this exchange?"Listened to the Ji Dong words, this is he first thinks. On the scene is the powerhouses, first did not say the heavenly stems disciples. Fellow director Heavenly Stems School is also the Eight-Crown powerhouse, they naturally can see these students who Ji Dong brings are any cultivation base, this is students of a number of two, Three-Crown ranks, the Heavenly Stems School student in their this ages, at least must have three, Four-Crown cultivation base. Do not say the Yin- Yang School disciples. Although present Yin-Yang School has been not as before, but ranks first 30 student overall cultivation base also in Four- Crown above, the rank most broke through Five-Crown before several.

Even if did not say magic power level, only the actual combat experience, the Heavenly Stems School student is not the general college can compare, the Yin-Yang School disciples, can study various formidable skills from the school free. Almost every Yin-Yang School student at least grasps one to two Certain Kill Skill. Short less than one year, present new Yin-Yang School has begun to take shape.

Ji Dong proposed that by flaminging the hot school is challenged Yin- Yang School, moreover is the equal amount, Huang Lixin naturally meets first to think that he will enter the stage. Regarding the Ji Dong strength, they understand are also quite many. If there are him to join this competition. Yin-Yang School wanted to win is very difficult.

Let alone is the Heavenly Stems School person, blazing hot school here students one by one is also look at each other in blank dismay, dumbfoundedly. Three months ago, Teacher Ji Dong said may challenge ten Yin-Yang School to place 30 students, how such in an instant, to turn into 30 coordinated quantities? How this does! Can this being victorious others?

Ji Dong said indifferently: "I am only Teacher, will only be responsible for directing my student, in the resistance of student and student, I will not get rid directly."

Other Huang Lixin and school directors each other look at each other, in the heart has not ravelled the meaning of Ji Dong, in their opinion, this simply is not a resistance of level, if fights, that unilaterally slaughters.

"Ji Dong, haven't you made a mistake?"Yao Qianshu asked in a low voice. Ji Dong said: "My innate discretion. Director yellow, you looks arranges like this whether?"

Huang Lixin somewhat awkward say/way: "This, can we take the too big advantage? After all the Yin-Yang School students are elite that the continent each region accumulation comes. One-to-one resistance, perhaps. "

Ji Dong beckoned with the hand, said: "It is not one-to-one, is 30 pairs
30. Expensive my both sides can send out two Teacher to be responsible for fighting respectively the dispatch instruction. We looked like the Heavenly Stems School study. Does not experience in Heavenly Stems School the strongest student, these students who I bring cannot realize that anything is the genuine powerhouse. Moreover, they flaming the hot school in me are also elite of first grade, is named as: Sun and Moon school. Exchanges with Yin-Yang School, is more appropriate."

Sun and Moon school? Hasn't this clarified the provocation? Although Huang Lixin dreads the Ji Dong status and back influence, but in his heart also similarly has that to be the arrogance of Heavenly Stems School, immediately also no longer declines, nodded, said: "Good, since Ji Dong vice- Dean insists on so, that pressed you to say."He already secretly decided, this not only need win, but must clearly to see Yin-Yang School is any strength. How doesn't understand the meaning of this Ji Dong? All by strength speech. could it be our Yin-Yang School had also feared the student who these low status schools come out is inadequate?

Ji Dong then said: "This is the first exchange. As for second, I as flaminging Teacher of hot school, hope that can also carry on an exchange to resist with expensive institute Teacher."

Was playing? In Huang Lixin heart imposing. This perhaps is his goal. Aims at routing my Heavenly Stems School Teacher. This boy went to battle for the Mage school, has routed the magic skill school top players. Also can release Ultra Certain Kill Skill, in the role that on Holy and Evil Island plays is next to Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. He such says, clearly is truncates the Heavenly Stems School face. No wonder he will invite that many people to observe. His clearly was retaliates fled the matter of Heavenly Stems School in the past!

This cannot calculate Huang Lixin by villain's heart gentleman's abdomen, because besides this reason, he really could not find out another possibility.

took a deep breath, Huang Lixin somewhat gloomy gaze Ji Dong, was saying: "Which Teacher that Ji Dong vice- does Dean want to challenge our Heavenly Stems School? Can have the goal?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "I must challenge, is the expensive institute director, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui."

"What?"Ji Dong such remarks, everybody present is all startled, most shocking was the numerous heavenly stems disciple, remote was fierce has stood from own position, angrily said: "Ji Dong, were you insane? How can you challenge Fu Rui?"

Ji Dong has swept her one eyes lightly, "sits down."

"You......"look angrily at Ji Dong remotely, completely disregards in side to Yao Qianshu and Du Xin'er that she signals with the eyes, the say/way of ablazing with anger: "Do you know that what situation Fu Rui now is? Ye Xin died, he is similar to good-for-nothing is common, room. The pain that he bears can you know? Since Holy and Evil Island comes back, he seals up himself in the room, has sealed up own heart, at this time, you can also challenge him unexpectedly? Isn't this aggravates the situation? He is your Senior Brother! Our common partners, can you like this? You must challenge, I accompany you am."

Looks at agitated Ye Xin, Ji Dong somewhat is surprised, but, his complexion has not had any change, "Heavenly Stems School, being worth me challenging, has the ability and I compares notes, only has Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Remote, you were excited, this is only one compares notes to exchange." "You......"remote must say anything again, actually pulled out by standing up Yao Qianshu and Du Xin'er.

Early this month first day, asked monthly ticket.

Chapter 383: Sending greetings of fine jade princess

The remote impulsion angrily rebukes Ji Dong. Takes to Heavenly Stems School directors, is the feeling of taking pleasure in others' misfortunes. When Ji Dong proposed the person who he must challenge unexpectedly is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, in these person of eyes floods is inconceivable. originally in their opinion, Ji Dong must challenge, will choose surely one of their these directors. Even is Dean Ji Mingxuan. Then has his truth, they are not willing to accept the challenge of Ji Dong. First did not say what to do lost, even if has won, on their faces can add the brilliance? Ji Dong is big, most is also 22 and three years old. Fights with him, to be how disadvantageous to their these directors. Let alone, numerous director on the scene, even if before is, walked Ji inscription xuan, nobody dares to say oneself can win Ji Dong steadily. The anomaly of this boy is became famous, had not looked that others hair did practice white?

Ji Dong proposed that must challenge Fu Rui, it can be said that is exactly as one wishes, they do not understand as before Ji Dong such does is any meaning, may want not to challenge itself on the line. Moreover, Ji Dong challenges Fu Rui, whoever will win whom defeated/carrying not to have any influence to Heavenly Stems School, others this will be comparing notes between fellow apprentices, will not close two student anything. Let alone. The Fu Rui strength is obvious to all, in a Heavenly Stems School director, no one dares to say oneself compared with him. Fu Rui has, but pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power, the also divine tool thunder Yushen axe and entered step Rank 9, toward the purple thunder shining Heavenly Dragon that Rank 10 makes great strides forward. These directors even somewhat anticipated that this fought. Ji Dong challenges Fu Rui, it can be said that is young wars of one generation of most powerhouse.

Lest Huang Lixin the matter changes, without the slightest hesitation said: "Since Ji Dong vice- Dean wants to challenge our director Fu Rui, this matter I complied. Whether director Fu Rui accepts a challenge I unable to guarantee, the remote young lady had said a moment ago, the situation of director Fu Rui is not quite at present good, but must ask Ji Dong vice- Dean to go with him to consult personally."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Such being the case, that side Yin-Yang School, asked you to prepare. Tomorrow morning, is expensive my both sides to exchange together."At the same time was saying, he has stood. The matter has gotten through, necessity that has not left behind again. These directors are not willing to do with him, he looks that these people similarly are also bored.

Huang Lixin relaxed slightly, leading a director quickly to walk, in Ji Mingxuan surface does not participate in this exchange, in fact he is eases up the atmosphere very much obviously, now the matter had the result, wants first whereabouts Ji Mingxuan to repay is good.

Huang Lixing and numerous directors Heavenly Stems School walk, Ji Dong instead sat. Did not worry to leave. He knows, some partners many questions wait for him to explain.

At this time, flushed from outside remotely, passing through the gate. Her that pair of beautiful pupil stared at Ji Dong, "Ji Dong, what do you mean? could it be didn't you read brotherly love? Why must disturb Fu Rui."

Ji Dong visits her lightly, "remote, I only asked your one. This nearly one year, anyone of you have not gone to disturb the Senior Brother, can he once good?"

These words asked remote and other people gawked, Ji Dong said again: "You said that I did not understand pain that Senior Brother bears. You made a mistake. Should say, nobody compared with me understood all that he withstands now. Because, the same matter, I am also withstanding. Senior Sister Ye Xin died, my Lie Yan (raging flames) also died. Our fellow apprentices same lives are connected, in this case, you think that I will hit a person when he is down to Senior Brother Fu Rui?"

By being dumbfounded that Ji Dong asked that the state of mind also instantaneous soberly comes remotely, feels the partners to gaze at own brilliant vision, somewhat was immediately poverty-stricken. Formerly powerful vanished without the trace, charming face are many for several points to blush, lowered the head saying: "Ji Dong, sorry, was I am too impulsive.. The Fu Rui present situation is truly less optimistic. I was too impatient."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Everybody is a partner, each other cared that should also be. The care is chaotic, I understand."At the same time was saying, his eyes had a profound meaning looked at remote one, remote does not dare with his look looking at each other, hurries not to go excessively, has been implicated.

"Boss, will the exchange between students want us to receive tomorrow? Now Yin-Yang School in our hands grasps. You could rest assured that we will not feel embarrassed these Junior Brother and Junior Sister."What speech is Bi Su, he also together came with the people before. Now he is the student who Yin-Yang School is listed fourth, the status was already different from before. Is the hero of being survivor of disaster. He said wrong does not have, to place first four Leng Yue, Zhu Gui and Carl and he, can say that and Ji Dong relates closely, so long as Ji Dong a few words, making them turn on the water are not impossible.

The Ji Dong look concentrates, serious say/way: "Bi Su, you go back to tell Leng Yue, Zhu Gui and Carl they. Tomorrow's exchange, you not only cannot turn on the water, but must whole-heartedly. Do not blame me not to remind you, if you have laxly, can perhaps lose is very ugly. To tomorrow's this war, I have over 80% assurances. You may probably prepare well, do not disappoint me."

"? The Boss, do you come really?"Bi Su surprised looks at Ji Dong, he has thought Ji Dong this time walks a form. Said accurately, people on the scene, real objectives and all methods that perhaps only then Chen Sixuan can look at clear Ji Dong this exchange. Other people are confused. Naturally, if not this. These Heavenly Stems School directors will not be perplexed.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "You looked that I am cracking a joke likely? This time exchanges important, Bi Su, your Yin-Yang School must whole- heartedly. The tomorrow's war, I will not make my these students show mercy."

Bi Su scratched the head, said: "Boss, did not say these first. You come back with great difficulty, I look for Leng Yue now they, they also certainly very much want to see you."Saying, him was saying goodbye after the people turned around to depart first.

Ji Dong stands up, facing students who oneself bring, lightly said: "You are very certainly strange, why before me, challenge ten Yin-Yang School that said ranked the first 30 students actually to turn into 30 now, the quantity coordinated situation."

Blazing students subconscious nod of hot school Sun and Moon school, this truly is in their present hearts the biggest question. Each of them beats a drum in the heart, quantity coordinated facing Yin-Yang School, do they have the possibility of achievement? That may at all not in a resistance of rank! What strength is others that?

Ji Dong lightly said: "I have not deceived you, change that also does not conceive a plan temporarily. But a little you possibly have not clarified, three months ago, I said to you, ten Yin-Yang School that must face rank the first 30 students, what refers to is in Holy and Evil Island great misfortune beforehand Yin-Yang School. But is not the present. Bi Su, was my good brothers, he before the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune. In Yin-Yang School rank, in addition is about 30, now ranks fourth. Present Yin-Yang School, already cannot with initially compare, only has to challenge the first 30 complete students, can serve my anticipated purpose. The tomorrow's war, I will direct you personally, this time, I will make you see, three months whether the self-torture wastes, makes all people have a look, are we flaming the hot school a low level school." Listened to a Ji Dong such saying. The students in Sun and Moon school besides suddenly, what are more is with amazement. They cannot think, before challenge Yin-Yang School unexpectedly Holy and Evil Island great misfortune that Teacher Ji Dong formerly said.

"Chen Sixuan."Ji Dong called out.

"In. Teacher Ji Dong."Chen Sixuan stands up, when regardless of her perfect stature can become the focal point of people, although is covered with the veil, when a vision of numerous heavenly stems disciple falls when her body, reveals the surprised color/look as before.

"You lead everybody to return to the hotel first, I at a here also matter, later return. Tomorrow must exchange, goes back consolidated cultivation base, cannot act with undue haste. Tomorrow I must see your best condition."

Ten Sun and Moon school disciple uniform standing up, simultaneously salute to Ji Dong the reply. Now they also think through. Does Teacher Ji Dong take to their miracle to be few? Had that many miracles, did not care comes one time again. Let alone the tomorrow's war is directs by Teacher Ji Dong personally, others do not understand that this director two characters meanings, can they not be clear? Teacher Ji Dong that mysterious psychic force, can display without doubt their respective strength maximum degrees. Teacher Ji Dong so is confident, their also anything may be worried.

Chen Sixuan looked at Ji Dong, this restrains own pupil light, stood up is walking with a student first. At this time, in conference room, remaining cloud Tianji, Ji Yeshang and numerous heavenly stems disciples.

Ji Yeshang also stands up, said: "Ji Dong, I should also go back, tomorrow morning, I and grandfather will be punctual."Saying, him in a hurry was also departing.

Ji Dong sits own position, at this moment, in this room, the atmosphere started appears somewhat depressing. gold/metal took a deep breath, looks to Ji Dong, "how does master die?"At the same time was saying, she arrives in front of Ji Dong, after having taken off in the neck nucleus of as well as the wrist/skill on life that evolution, turns into the cream color to have the Vermilion Bird bracelet of Jinfeng trace, in front of static place Ji Dong.

The muscle on Ji Dong face has affected, he knows, wants to ask this question, not only a gold/metal person. Ji Yeshang had told them, is only the superficial situation. Regarding oneself partners, he cannot have any concealment. Simultaneously also increases the matters of two heavenly stems disciples.

Sad and empty, has substituted for strong and proud in Ji Dong eye gradually, "the day, I and Lie Yan (raging flames) returned to the earth core world. "

Outside the Heavenly Stems School classroom building, the Ji Yeshang stride overtook brought to flaming Chen Sixuan that the hot school students walked outward, "did this girl, what matter you ask me to come out to have?"Originally, his departure is not because really has the matter, but formerly Chen Sixuan once took advantage other people do not pay attention to time passes message to him quietly, tells him to have the important matter about Ji Dong to consult, making him do not reveal. Therefore Ji Yeshang said goodbye to people to pursue at this time.

"We walks while said."Chen Sixuan light saying, was saying, she while walks outward, the gently beautiful sound adds on the perfect personal appearance, Ji Yeshang that looks at one dull, hurried to follow, walked side Chen Sixuan.

"Under Taizi Dian, I called Chen Sixuan, from Eastern Wood Empire, you can hear?"Chen Sixuan said.

In the Ji Yeshang eye is revealing ray looking pensive, "from Eastern Wood Empire? As if somewhat familiar-sounding, making me think."

At this moment, Chen Sixuan has lagged behind the veil on oneself face quietly, "present whether can help under Taizi Dian think?" When she opened the flash of veil, immediately, as if the space underground all glowing countenances instantaneously condense general, the Ji Yeshang whole body shock, the vision is unable to transfer again from her face, passing Heavenly Stems School Teacher and students, likely were executed the immobilization by witchcraft to be common, are gazing at Chen Sixuan that perfect appearance stared wide-eyed.

The veil covered, prevents the vision of everyone, the immobilization by witchcraft as if had also finished, but shocked and sighs the meaning that the wan vision has not actually vanished innumerably. Ji Yeshang blurted out, "Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan? Are you that fine jade princess?"

The title of Eastern Wood saintess first under heaven beautiful woman he had already heard, the also busybody once placed on a par with this Eastern Wood saintess him, regarding the title of first under heaven beautiful woman, Ji Yeshang has had the reservation, he does not think that has any first under heaven situation emergence, in his opinion, each girls have own characteristics to be right.

But, when today he sees Chen Sixuan, he knows, the beforehand judgment is completely wrong. Like this shocking, in his memory is the second appearance, but the first time, initially at the school dance party Ji Dong in Lie Yan (raging flames) that brought. Also only then that Empress Lie Yan, but he after knowing the Empress Lie Yan life experience has believed, such perfect looks, are human are impossible to have. May at present perfect of this Eastern Wood saintess, actually the living appearance before him, only this shock, made him dumbfounded. Originally, human can also be so perfect unexpectedly.

"I now am the Teacher Ji Dong teaching assistant, blazing the student of hot school." The Chen Sixuan words pulled back the mind of Ji Yeshang delay.

"! The fine jade princess, you asked me to come out to ask for "Ji
Yeshang. Chen Sixuan said: "If I have not guessed that wrong, under Taizi Dian should lead the numerous heavenly stems disciples to go to the silly rich hotel a moment ago to look for Teacher Ji Dong. Actually came up empty- handed. Under the could it be Taizi Dian does not want to know why we will move from the silly rich hotel?"

In the Ji Yeshang heart moves, "because of what?"

In Chen Sixuan eye cold light twinkle, ", because the silly rich hotel insulted Teacher Ji Dong. By the Teacher Ji Dong arrogance, how is also willing to stay there again?"

Early this month first day, asked monthly ticket.

Chapter 384: Awakens Thunder Emperor

Chen Sixuan detailed all that will have yesterday evening narrated to Ji Yeshang. Listened to her words, the look on Ji Yeshang face immediately becomes ugly.

"Under Taizi Dian, the silly rich business association is the first under heaven business association, has the inside story of several hundred years of saving. However, it after all is also only a business association. I cannot tolerate them to insult Teacher Ji Dong this matter, therefore, I have informed my father sovereign, regarding this matter, our Eastern Wood Empire will respond surely. Teacher Ji Dong is your blood younger brother, this matter should you have a view? Naturally, if you have scruples the influence of silly rich hotel, when my these words have not said. But our Eastern Wood Empire standpoint will not change."

Ji Yeshang both eyes narrow the eyes, nodded, "fine jade princess, this matter I knew. You could rest assured that I will process. Thank you are all that Ji Dong makes."

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "If Teacher Ji Dong wants, my person is his. Does not need to thank anything. Good, under Taizi Dian, said goodbye."

Ji Yeshang somewhat dull is gazing after Chen Sixuan and numerous blazing the students of hot school to depart, some envy thought aloud: "Ji Dong. Actually your this brat has what magic power, why perfect does the so girl use the sentiment to you unexpectedly to the depth? However, this truly is a good deed, could be joined to you by this fine jade princess's status and appearance. Perhaps, only then she can help you sadness of Empress Lie Yan dying walk. Silly rich business association, good silly rich business association. could it be our Central Earth Empire is good to bully?"

Several waited for accompanying of Ji Yeshang to follow at this time, a trusted subordinate asked in a low voice: "Under Taizi Dian, where do we go to?"

Ji Yeshang solemnly said: "Goes to the equal palace." "Yes."
Ji Yeshang went to the equal palace, since the Heavenly Stems School big conference room, Ji Dong has also narrated these days bitter experience, his both eyes turned into the red, he has not cried, but everyone can feel his pinnacle pain.

King's silent lowering the head, in eye was glittering the clear tears, Lan Bao'er and Du Xin'er already choked with sobs. Lowers the head remotely, said to Ji Dong: "Sorry, Ji Dong, was I was not good a moment ago."

Ji Dong shook the head, in the eye the red removes gradually, "Lie Yan (raging flames) has not died in my heart. After waiting for all matters to end, I naturally will accompany her. The matter I said. Believes why you are also very strange this time I to bring to flaming the students of hot school to exchange. If I explained to you now, you are very difficult a direct-viewing understanding. When will exchange after tomorrow the war ended, you will understand."

cloud Tianji said: "Master, after this return, won't you walk again?"

The look on Ji Dong face became gentle several points, "secret, I have not meant. Do not call my master, calling me the name to be good. After the war of here exchange ended, I will go to Holy and Evil Island. Lie Yan (raging flames) passed away quick one year, I must go to there to hold a memorial service for her, will lead my this group of students to go together while convenient, making them have a look at the Holy and Evil Island appearance. Later I will possibly return flaming the hot school , to continue to treat some time there, you also go with me. The secret, the heavenly stems Second Wood disciple and heavenly stems Fifth Earth disciple do you have the candidate?"

cloud Tianji shook the head, said: "These two disciple candidates are waiting for you to come back to decide."

Ji Dong said: "Good, that these two candidates are decided by me."

Yao Qianshu said: "Ji Dong, if these two candidates can be decided, I think we should go to a mausoleum chamber as soon as possible. You are not, everybody did not have to cultivate five elements method. This is we must grasp as soon as possible."

Ji Dong said suddenly: "This is also good. From the Lie Yan (raging flames) gala there is still one many months, in time also with enough time. We after here matter, first went to the mausoleum chamber, remembered five elements method, common cultivation. Then is going to Holy and Evil Island and that's the end."

The people nod in abundance, such arrangement obviously is most reasonable.

Ji Dong stands up, said: "Leads me to see the Senior Brother. He is also the member of our heavenly stems disciple, I must awaken him."

"I lead you to go."Saying that volunteers remotely.

Ji Dong nodded. The people leave the conference room, went to a Yin- Yang School entrance place directly, in them because of not having the token does not know how should enter, Bi Su was bringing Leng Yue, Zhu Gui and Carl comes.

"Elder Brother Ji Dong, how was your hair white?"Leng Yue has grown into the big girl now, although not like Chen Sixuan perfect, but also is the outstandingly beautiful beautiful woman of Lan Bao'er that rank. Zhu Gui looks at the Ji Dong white hair, although has not asked anything, but the eyebrow also obviously beat several.

"Nothing. Leng Yue, leading us to enter Yin-Yang School first. I must see the Senior Brother."

The moon/month now is Yin-Yang School Chief, in Yin-Yang School, has the enormous authority, turns on the channel, the people files. Had arrived at Fu Rui situated in the underground five dwellings.

The door shuts tightly, from outside could not feel that slightest bit inside sound, all are the deathly stillness. The look of everyone is low-spirited, not long, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, that absolutely is the Heavenly Stems School symbolic character. Since many years, he has been Yin-Yang School Chief, but this position never had also been shaken. Is leading Yin-Yang School disciple four on Holy and Evil Island, the success is magnificent. It can be said that the idols in all Heavenly Stems School students hearts. But present he, will actually close in this small room.

Stands in front of Fu Rui room, Ji Dong solemnly said: "You make way.
Later no one must with."

"Ji Dong."Shouted him remotely.

Ji Dong turns head to look to her, "also what matter?"

Remote somewhat worried said: "Do not be extreme, take your time."

Ji Dong rare reveals a smile, "wants me to tell the Senior Brother, do you like him?"

"?"Is surprised remotely, red of charming face seasonal delicacies, "Ji Dong. What did you speak irresponsibly?"

Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, "I will certainly not speak irresponsibly, you ask everybody, also who does not know that you did like the Senior Brother? This is not the misdemeanor. I support you." Vast charming face red lowering the head, does not dare to look at others, but had not been denying. Holy and Evil Island great misfortune time, she liked Fu Rui. Sometimes, a person likes another person, does not need any too many reasons. Remote also clear remembering, in the presence of everyone the person when under the chrysanthemum pig help restores the ability to act, Fu Rui first keeps off before her body scene. His that generous shoulder, freely in ten thousand thunder break into a jail above the ice day, actually as before takes to her intense security sense.

Afterward, Ye Xin died of ten thousand thunder breaks into a jail, Fu Rui pain nearly crazy, remote has tried to persuade him, accompanied side him. But, Fu Rui fell into that pinnacle pain completely, this nearly one year, comes to see the Fu Rui number of times many are remote. She almost will come every day. Delivers some food and liquor to Fu Rui. She does not know why will like Fu Rui, because of the relations of Fu Rui, she had not returned to the demon pledge, has all given the elder processing the demon pledge business. She is not clear. Whether oneself was waiting for this sentiment can have a result.

"Later do not come, I must chat with the Senior Brother alone."At the same time was saying, before Ji Dong arrived at Fu Rui that sincere/heavy door.

Has not knocked on a door, Ji Dong lifts right hand directly according to above stone door, in an instant, rich pinnacle Yin Fire blooms instantaneously, the black flame almost submerged the entire stone door range in the flash, has not actually affected periphery the wall. Only this controlling force made the people on the scene reveal the admiring vision, clearly, in this less than one year in Ji Dong strength progressed, moreover progressive scope relative big.

Sincere/Heavy stone door quietly melts under Ji Dong this tyrannical magic power. Has not sent out the least bit sound to vanish. Flash when stone door vanishes, strong liquor air/Qi headed from the room, making the black flame that Ji Dong released ascend obviously once more, the next moment, the liquor air/Qi is swept across by this pinnacle flame. Although Ji Dong had preparation, when but he sees the scene in Fu Rui room, in the eye the look was fluctuated fiercely, in the room was not messy and dirty, but the big room was almost actually submerged by the beverage bottle. Looks, he could not even find the Fu Rui form.

Both hands wield, two air waves raise from Ji Dong, along with a series of beverage bottle collision sound, in room by Ji Dong stiffly swept a path, but the Fu Rui form also appeared in the end of this path.

His clothing does not know how long has not cleaned, the personal appearance as before is that big, but this time he, some back camels, back to the front door direction, dull sitting there, originally were similar to the steel needle firm and resolute short hair turned into the dishevelled long hair unexpectedly at this time. Moreover this long hair is unexpectedly pessimistic. Ji Dong said right, nobody compared with the pain that his clearer Fu Rui bears. Looks at the Fu Rui back, he stands there enough several minutes has not moved.

Although outside people have not come in according to the instruction of Ji Dong, but their vision also fall in the room, one by one somewhat is nervous.

"Senior Brother." The Ji Dong low and deep sound reverberates in the room, this is not a simple summon, but mixed with the shake of strength of soul.

Stays fiercely there Fu Rui body shakes, as if had been awakened by Ji Dong this summon generally, but his body actually somewhat stiff rotation.

Fu Rui was old, should mature he, seem gives people unexpectedly an old feeling. Looks at his empty double pupil, Ji Dong like seeing beforehand.

When the Fu Rui vision falls on the Ji Dong body, his empty both eyes revealed an appearance finally, the lip buzz moved, with hoarse sound difficult say/way that being hard to imagine: "Little Junior Brother." At this moment, Ji Dong goes forward in big strides, was almost several steps arrived in front of Fu Rui, bent the waist to put out a hand. Holds the front of Fu Rui clothes, made an effort to pull him, then tight held in the arms his big big and tall body.

Not a consolation, but Ji Dong takes to Fu Rui, truly shock in soul, the body of Fu Rui starts not on own initiative shivers, his empty both eyes gradually change red, "Ye Xin died, Ye Xin died. Little Junior Brother, you know that my Ye Xin died." A such majestic man, wept bitterly at this time unexpectedly loudly, but his both hands have held eventually instead in the arms the body of Ji Dong.

Is hearing the Fu Rui sound, stands in people, can reluctantly maintain besides flatter Metal God color/look tranquil outside, other people shed tears all. Thunder Emperor or the tyrant, they under the formidable semblance, have one to the love rigid heart, otherwise, they will not be painful like the present.

Ji Dong has not spoken, is holding the body of Fu Rui, the light white light flashes from him quietly, such as the silk pours into like the wisp to Fu Rui within the body, is the strength of chaos. Removed the attribute, purest chaos strength.

In killing three full suns and fought after fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao, relied on the formidable soul vortex, Ji Dong is finally starting to control own chaos.

Receives moistening of chaos, the Fu Rui stiff body starts slowly to restore, magic power in within the body bit by bit was also awakened with the help of this chaos.

Long time, stops until the Fu Rui weeping sound gradually, after the muscle and skeleton restore the strength, Ji Dong slowly loosens both hands, holds the shoulder of Fu Rui, shoves open to be away from oneself one foot position him, both hands has not loosened, vision brilliant looked steadily at Fu Rui that to fill painful both eyes.

"Senior Brother, Lie Yan (raging flames) also died." "What did you say?"Fu Rui shakes suddenly, reason that he hears the Ji Dong summon sound to be able from the self- seal to wake temporarily, really because of him with this Little Junior Brother deep affection. But Ji Dong this time these words, look like a handle sharp long sword, breaks his close heart instantaneously.

Until this time, both eyes of Fu Rui can see clearly the present all, he sees, is white hair Little Junior Brother, that once the heroic bearing thrived, at this time is having deathly stillness ice-cold look Little Junior Brother.

"You said that Empress Lie Yan she. "Fu Rui dull looks at Ji Dong.

Ji Dong both hands make an effort, grasp the Fu Rui shoulder, even can hear the Fu Rui shoulders to make squeak squeak the sound, "Senior Brother, our spouses died. Nobody can understand your present feelings compared with me. Because, once I now am also just the same as you, but, some day I suddenly thought through. We perish like this, does right by our spouses? Do we perish like this are also useful? Did could it be our spouses such die in vain? Lie Yan (raging flames) before, has left behind a wish at the point of death, this wish, I need to complete with for ten years, in the meantime, in these ten years, I must use own strength to go for the her revenge/report enmity. This goal, making me from perishing awakens."

In July next day, small three need you, my dear Tang gate brothers and sisters, continue to attack the monthly ticket.

Chapter 385: Before the exchange,

Listened to the Ji Dong words, the Fu Rui look to have some slight changes gradually.

The Ji Dong sound becomes surges suddenly. His voice soaring say/way: "I have been ready, when ten years later, I have revenged for Lie Yan (raging flames), I will go along with him. Senior Brother, I know you to be in deep sorrow, if you want dead, I am not blocking. However, likely a man who if you want dead, after dying, in another world saw that Senior Sister Ye Xin can have a confession to her. Then, has revenged for her dies again. Has not destroyed these bastards thoroughly, qualifications that we have not died, do you understand?"

Outside people listened to Ji Dong nearly are being the call sound, the one by one delay, did he, he actually urge Thunder Emperor dead? Hears here to go on the strategic place remotely, had actually held on by Yao Qianshu, shook the head to her.

Fu Rui looks at Ji Dong, he just wants to say anything, was actually lifted the hand to prevent by Ji Dong, "Senior Brother, you anything is needless to say now. I give you time of day of consideration. This time, I led Teacher to organize the students of school to come Heavenly Stems School to exchange, if you are willing to become my ally, will stand in the battlefield tomorrow, making our fellow apprentices compare notes well one time. If you choose to continue to perish, then, in the future I after Lie Yan (raging flames) and Senior Sister Ye Xin will revenge, will spurn you. Thunder Emperor to the tyrant, making us give Heavenly Stems School previous class well, I am waiting for you." At the same time was saying, on Ji Dong the ray flashes, in the Vermilion Bird bracelet, has released one bottle of millennium origin of life, squeezes in the Fu Rui hand. Has not stopped, he turned around to walk.

Goes out of the room, Ji Dong first saw that is the look that remote that as if can kill people, shook the head, the Ji Dong racket her shoulder, said: "Do not disturb him. The care is chaotic, do not make the emotion hoodwink the spirit wisdom."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, remote has gawked first, she is not a stupid person, in a flash, she as to understand anything, looked in the gate that still to stand there Fu Rui one. Clenches teeth, with other people together, followed Ji Dong.

Ji Dong has not continued to keep Heavenly Stems School, after going out of the Earth department classroom building, he said goodbye to the partners temporarily, returns to the hotel to go. Before he returns to the hotel gate, saw that say/way slender form unexpectedly, she stood in the yesterday evening same place as before, static standing there, was waiting for silently. Until sees Ji Dong to walk, on her tranquil face blooms the satisfied smile, at this moment, Ji Dong has to acknowledge, in own heart lake, flood ripples.

Emotion thing, does not need the how touching matter sometimes, some slight places are instead easier affectingly.

"Later do not wait for me again."Ji Dong has not said anything, like has not seen Chen Sixuan, directly soars in the hotel to walk, Chen Sixuan is not angry, as before is following of whole face smile side him. On charming face is having satisfied smiling face, just had not been slightly a scapegoat feeling.

In the Ji Dong heart is actually very strange, this girl's nerve so is why tenacious, oneself not only one time have rejected her explicitly, even attacks her, but she to oneself manner instead was more and more intimate.

Actually, where he knows, actually Chen Sixuan has thought clearly, since by the Lie Yan (raging flames) rebirth after fine jade princess, she continuously and Ji Dong in the same place, can say, she saw other Ji Dong side. The present day she crosses is very satisfied, being content often/common Le, this was Chen Sixuan recently to the mentality that oneself summarized. She told herself, now such life also what dissatisfied? Ji Dong rejects her, showed that he is loving Lie Yan (raging flames), is deep is loving itself, but after rebirth can with him in the same place, see him every day, can add on his busy in the fight. This way, present even compare beforehand Lie Yan (raging flames) and he is more intimate. She after inquiring many girls, summarizes the pursuing road of but actually oneself must take, that in the course of time will excite the emotions, moist thin silent. It is not rigid at a success and failure of city place, uses the gentle love, goes to dissolve slowly his heart. What in any case time also is, at the worst consumes with him for a lifetime. If he love to Lie Yan (raging flames) can continue really for a lifetime, are this but actually has pursued is also worth, has this kind of man to love itself. Own also what dissatisfied? Therefore, she to god king Duyue looked was pale, so long as can every day visit him, with him in the same place, letting him also to see itself, this was enough.

Therefore, with the powerful mentality support, the Chen Sixuan bearing capacity also wants powerful many compared with the Ji Dong imagination in like this. Naturally, this tenacious aims in Ji Dong one person.

"Teacher Ji Dong, that vice- armed forces regimental commander came."Chen Sixuan smiling saying. When spoke with Ji Dong, but also tucked in own veil intentionally, presented her perfect appearance to Ji Dong one person looks.

Looks at her winning smile sweet appearance, Ji Dong this time mood is helpless. Puts out a hand not to hit the smiling face person, he truly has no way to refuse others to like him. Moreover Chen Sixuan has not looked for anything to trouble to him, now will not even like him saying, but silently is defending him. Even if in the egg selects the person of bone, looks that she also can only say impeccable. Ji Dong the deep regret, why will make her be the heavenly stems Second Wood disciple now, as the matter stands, can she grow in the time with together? Wants not to see with own eyes that the heart is not bothersome is not good. Lan Bao'er and gold/metal have the favorable impression to oneself, Ji Dong is also knows that but he is actually not worried about anything. How to say again, so long as his explicit rejection. Lan Bao'er will not be entangling him, gold/metal say nothing . A arrogance point in gold/metal bone does not need he to be few. But acting with constraint of Lan Bao'er that young girl and shy naturally impossible in the situation, in oneself not having been approved makes anything.

But Chen Sixuan completely is different, the perfect appearance that her sufficiently and Lie Yan (raging flames) compares favorably with was needless saying that moreover, she to pursue oneself but actually, has put down acting with constraint and shyness of girl, even was the dignity . Moreover, was Second Wood department she, truly has the enormous help to oneself, in magic power or soul. Although had not had the feeling of dependence by oneself, but there are her, Ji Dong can actually feel many relief. It can be said that gold/metal adds on the Lan Bao'er lethality not to compare Chen Sixuan. But, what can Ji Dong make? He does not have the means.

"Did wolf divine intervention come? Quickly."Ji Dong looks after Chen Sixuan short absent-minded, said subconsciously.

The absent-minded feeling of Chen Sixuan to Ji Dong is very satisfied, her feeling is similarly keen, naturally can the clear discovery, Ji Dong as if reduce to own resistivity, although this process is quite slow, so long as there is this process to be enough.

"Your complying lets others with you, if I he, the speed will be perhaps faster. He in hotel room you. I lead you to go."

Chen Sixuan brings Ji Dong to arrive at situated in a Ji Dong same floor newly-opened room , the wolf divine intervention waited here.

"Few hosts, Oh, no, Ji Dong. I came." The wolf divine intervention looks at Ji Dong, the vision obviously becomes blazing. He has not even made connection in the army, but after asking for leave, at the maximum speed has run back the home, said to the father and uncle the matter. He has never seen the father that pleasantly surprised look, at that moment, father because even jumped excitedly. In the mouth was shouting, over wolf wanted finally. Then, wolf evilly extremely serious and serious and wolf divine intervention chatted an evening, all that says, how regarding letting him to assist the Ji Dong issue. Has issued the dead order, regardless of Ji Dong told anything, was the irrefutable orders. Obtained the father to support powerfully, he naturally again did not have the slightest bit scruples, by the authority of diamond regiment, wants to find the person in Central Plains City is really too easy, the goal of Ji Dong their group so was also obvious, therefore, he directly walks in today.

"In family/home confessed?"Ji Dong is smiling asking.

Wolf divine intervention nodded, said: "Father said, making all my obey your instruction."

The Ji Dong smile shakes the head, "I have said. From now on we are only the partners. Good, you go home first, reunites the reunion with the family member, when I process after the Central Plains City matter, you must leave here with me."

Divine intervention excited farewell Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, left the hotel.

Chen Sixuan looks at Ji Dong, asked: "Teacher Ji Dong, do you prepare to make our students go really to place the first 30 students facing Yin- Yang School?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: Weren't the words that "I said when? This matter also wants you to help. Your this, according to the attribute, issues each of them Rank 6 crystal core. Tomorrow you must direct them with me with the psychic force together."

Thinks in the fine jade eye to reveal a color/look suddenly, understood to the Ji Dong procedure several points, "I go now."Then, she turned around also to walk.

Looks at the Chen Sixuan back, Ji Dong is in a daze, this girl was too intelligent, does not need many explanations, she can comprehend oneself meaning, if no Lie Yan (raging flames), perhaps......, What a pity, does not have perhaps.

In the morning, blazing 30 student one by one valiant spirited standing of hot school to be ready and waiting in the hotel entrance. Today's they, did not seem like before simple. Everyone has changed the agile vigor attire, what is most important, on them has put on the school specially for the magic power armor that they provide. Although is only the light armor, the unusual brightness that but on the magic power armor sends out faintly makes the person of passing by the road look askance.

Even if never contacts the common people of Mage this profession to know that magic power armor type of thing absolutely is the sky-high price in sky-high price. These light armor each can say the value large sum of money, but does not exaggerate, had them, attack and defense both sides abilities at least can promote 20% to 30%.

Puts on this magic power armor, anybody knows that they are true Mage, even if their age again young is also so. Naturally, these magic power armor are not the school give in vain to them, Zhu Rong is unnatural. Even if the student is willing to disburse money, will flaming the hot school not to sell. Any magic power weapon is valuably does not have the city. The Zhu Rong procedure is very simple, after this batch of graduates, is willing to keep the school to continue to pursue advanced studies, the armor can continue to put on, serves for ten years for the school, this armor can belong to their all.

This procedure looks like very harsh, but Sun and Moon school these students do not have an opposition, all has signed the agreement with the school. Naturally, this is not completely because of the reason of magic power armor, other also many reasons, the most important point, naturally is their Teacher Ji Dong. After they have signed such agreement, Zhu Rong has remitted next all school expenses for them directly. To flaming hot school Sun and Moon school builds, he can also say to take great pains.

At this moment, these students one by one are very excited, each of them's left hand is bringing a glove, takes the reason of glove naturally to not to protect the hand, but to live in inside that crystal core fixedly, reaches as high as Rank 6 crystal core! When they have not thought that oneself can actually use Rank 6 crystal core. Had the help of this glove, their left hand not only can complete to find a way a relation, can restore magic power through this crystal core. After all, the attack and defense are not their weakness, their weakness lie in own magic power weak trend.

Naturally, did not mean that crystal core their magic power, crystal core is good, requires the time to supplement that consumption magic power, but again many of supplement, most are impossible to surpass the magic power owner's most high-grade level. Otherwise, does not have these limits, in does not consider the crystal core value under the premise, so long as each Mage did take high-grade crystal core to turn into the expert together?

These restrict Ji Dong not to know, but he as before has actually issued everyone Rank 6 crystal core, he naturally has his idea.

Ji Dong has put on Chen Sixuan as before to his white Chinese dress, appears in front of the students, those who made his somewhat surprised was, today's Chen Sixuan has not worn yesterday the long skirt again, but has changed and he extremely similar that lover attire, although she still wore a mask, but two people stood, in the makings actually extremely matched.

Feels Ji Dong somewhat question look, Chen Sixuan is smiling, "you said yesterday that various both sides faction two Teacher, instruct we student. Then, I naturally another of our school besides your opinion, what that with same did not have you did put on today? The body does not fear the shadow to be crooked, could it be you also feared that others do misunderstand inadequately?"

Her this saying saying, Ji Dong was feared that others misunderstood have no way to refute, knit the brows, solemnly said: "set out."

When they arrive at Heavenly Stems School again, or close Heavenly Stems School time, was completely different from yesterday's situation, was also startled including Ji Dong. Has fully occupied the person under the fence before Heavenly Stems School gate.

Early this month next day, asked the monthly ticket.  

@Chapter 386: Drums up support, the wolf leads the way evilly

Stands under Heavenly Stems School and both sides fences is not the average person. Majestic crack Land Dragon is sending out the threatening imposing manner, before each crack Land Dragon body, is standing a big and tall diamond regiment soldier, fully-armed. The surroundings at least three streets had been limited to pass through, the air/Qi of withering is very easy to give the huge pressure.

On the plain saw that the diamond regiment and see in the city, is clearly two feelings, in vast great plains, diamond regiment, although also gives to shock, but that is the impact that the community brings. But here, can actually feel clearly each diamond regiment soldiers are such great strength. Has the crack Land Dragon to take the background, also they hangs the war hammer in ground, the imposing manner of this continent first strengthening of the armed forces obtained the biggest release in this city narrow and small range.

From flaminging the students of hot school saw such scene, one by one kept silent immediately the Ruohan cicada, the vision as if by prior agreement has fallen on Ji Dong.

In this time, along with forceful sound of footsteps, three is wearing the diamond regiment of magic power armor to command arrived in front of Ji Dong in big strides, is the person of head, is the diamond regiment regimental commander, has the pivotal status wolf to be evil in the Central Earth Empire military. He leads the two subordinate arriving Ji Dong front 20 meters away in big strides to stop the footsteps, the cross previous step, the whole body mail-armor and helmet exudes low and deep clangour suddenly. single knee kneel down, "diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander wolf is evil, ginseng becoming fewer Lord."

With the wolf evil motion, at least 300 diamond regiment soldier as well as its uniform movement on the scene, are one step step forward, single knee kneels down, the knee collision in the ground, sends out a dull thumping sound, what most shocks, along with their kneeling down, their back crack earthworms also kneels down, the majestic angry roaring sound is such fearful heart and soul, "ginseng becoming fewer Lord."

Ji Dong behind students, had been shocked by present one, does this steel mighty army, have Giant Dragon is the steel mighty army of mount unexpectedly is also the Teacher Ji Dong person? Their this time moods, present a nondescriptive feeling, within the body as if special flame fiercely are burning.

"Wolf general, how did you come?"Ji Dong goes forward several steps, supports by the arm evilly wolf. This empire great general, grandfather most efficient helps to appear here, he is also quite surprised.

The wolf stands up evilly, said with a smile: "Little main today is creates the miracle, can the wolf not witness evilly? Today under equal Your Highness king and Taizi Dian came, our diamond regiment must shoulder the responsibility of protection."Actually, why must protects equal Crown Prince king and he personally to go into action. Even if the empire emperors go on an inspection tour, he also greatly can not act. Was protected by hand/subordinate the soldier is enough. Must know, he was one step has also entered into the present age strong person of supreme powerhouse rank.

Ji Dong said: "Wolf general, you were too polite. I am the younger generation, how dare work your honorable self."

Wolf evil lightly sighed, said: "Few hosts render good for evil, the wolf is deeply grateful evilly. Said honestly, I hope really very much few hosts can comply with the equal Your Highness king suggestion, takes over the next generation equal king, in that case, a magnificence of our equal king lineage/vein will certainly continue."

"The responsibility that Ji Dong shaking the head of silently, on me shoulders has sufficed many."

The wolf said with a smile evilly: "Did not say these, I lead the way for few hosts."Saying, the wolf evil big hand was wielding, the diamond regiment soldiers and their mounts also set out, neat made way to both sides, the instantaneous aligning lineup, happen to crowded around Ji Dong and his students in central, looked like their guards is ordinary, surrounded and protected more than 30 people to walk toward the Heavenly Stems School front door.

In the Ji Dong heart moves slightly, understood why the wolf is evil must such do, this is blazing the students of hot school to drum up support for oneself. As the diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander. He does not need such to do, the grandfather will not make him handle this senseless matter. This is his meaning, reasons for this include, only has one, that because of wolf divine intervention. By wolf evil understanding now situation, definitely had guessed correctly oneself lets the goal that the wolf divine intervention joins. Celestial stems disciple a value of quota is hard to weigh, wolf evil this was repays itself.

Shows the way by the diamond regiment armed forces regimental commanders, this is not the glorious issue, but is the honored status. In entire Central Earth Empire, can so, perhaps also only then equal king, even if the emperors is not good.

Enters Heavenly Stems School, by the broad path, every other 20 meters, respectively the diamond regiment soldier, the Ji Dong place visited, the soldiers single knee kneels down to salute, extends just like the great waves generally inward. Many Heavenly Stems School students and Teachers look here in not far away, their looks are vacant, wasn't the equal king came? Actually this is what great person, can unexpectedly so? Quick, the group arrive in the Heavenly Stems School big drill ground. Here had already been ready, around drill ground, has stood the Heavenly Stems School student, most inner loop naturally is the soldiers of diamond regiment, the north side, in the chairman's podium, sat many people.

Sits well three people in central location, is equal Wang Ji yun lives separately. Crown Prince Central Earth Empire Ji Yeshang as well as Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxuan. Similarly in this row, also Mage Guild President Shiloh, vice-chairman. Following one row is the Heavenly Stems School director and Mage Guild some elders.

Saw that the wolf evilly is Ji Dong leads the way personally, Ji Mingxuan complexion somewhat is obviously ugly. Reason that he can sit in the central position naturally not because of his Heavenly Stems School Dean status, because he is the equal king grand-uncle, now grandfather of Emperor Central Earth Empire.

The wolf Ji Dong has brought to the drill ground center, Ji Dong to hint itself no longer to lead the way evilly, the wolf then steps onto the chairman's podium evilly, after Ji cloud Sheng salutes, in the first row sat.

Another side of the drill ground, is led by Heavenly Stems School Sixth Earth department director Huang Lixin, the Yin-Yang School 30 students already prepared. In there, Ji Dong also saw person who oneself most want to see, Thunder Emperor Fu Rui.

The Fu Rui dishevelled hair has sheared, restored the appearance of steel needle short hair, his vision is no longer empty, but before compares, actually wanted profoundly. Sees Ji Dong, nodded that he makes an effort, two groups of fine glow erupt from the eye pupil, floods is fighting intent intensely.

Numerous heavenly stems disciples do not have on the chairman's podium, but is Fu Rui stands, Ji Dong clear seeing. Remote stands is being away from the Fu Rui recent place, the wolf divine intervention also with them stands. They are looking like in Ji Dong this direction. gold/metal and Lan Bao'er vision is almost the earliest possible time falls, in followed on Ji Dong Chen Sixuan. Looks at her and Ji Dong lover attire, two female vision unexpectedly as if by prior agreement is gloomy. Especially gold/metal, in the eye cold light flashes continually, even revealed a dense murderous intention.

King's killing intent Ji Dong naturally felt, by him understanding of gold/metal, if gold/metal wants to cope with Chen Sixuan, only if the Chen Sixuan eternal armor can restore completely magic power, otherwise must die without doubt. Subconscious knitting the brows.

Chen Sixuan seems like has not noted King's vision, is with smile on the face as before, followed silently side Ji Dong.

Huang Lixin half step arrives in front of Ji Dong. When he noticed that Ji Dong was led evilly by wolf, moreover diamond regiment member unexpectedly so respectful time, on the face the look also had some changes. This young people, but also really cannot provoke!

"Ji Dong vice- Dean, welcome you to flaming the hot school to arrive at Heavenly Stems School to exchange. Yesterday the exchange way deferred to us to agree carried on. Since the person came neat, we are the present start?"

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "wait a moment, waits for two people slightly again."

Huang Lixin has gawked, looked at a direction of chairman's podium, somewhat awkward say/way: "This is not quite good. You looked, under equal Your Highness king, Taizi Dian as well as the Mage Guild association president and vice-chairmen came. Waits again, I fear "

Ji Dong said indifferently: "They will understand. I said that on wait a moment."

Huang Lixin as director Heavenly Stems School, the Eight-Crown powerhouse, was pillaged like this can be said as many years has not met, but he cannot manifest suddenly, helpless nodded, said: "Then on."In the heart mused, this was you said that must wait, the equal king was your grandfather, others Mage Guild person won't could it be become impatient? Moreover, this doesn't Ji Dong pass to the equal king salutes?

At the same time is thinking, his vision falls, in Ji Dong behind numerous have flaminged on the hot school students, looks at these student light pack magic power armor, reveals one to disdain. How has the magic power armor? The magic power weapon is impossible to make up for the both sides magic power level disparity completely. Let alone, doesn't our Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School student have the armor equipment?

In the Yin-Yang School student, ranks the first ten students to have the magic power whole body armor, first ten beside also has armor with light packs. Equipment only above flaminging hot school, but will not fall behind.

Huang Lixin is very clear, in Ji Mingxuan Dean heart has suppressed a resentment, yesterday after Ji Dong walked, Ji Mingxuan called fellow directors, and called the Yin-Yang School complete students, has issued the dead order, today a war, permits Sheng cannot defeat., Does not dismiss Heavenly Stems School whole-heartedly directly. Director Tenth Water department Old Leng looked for Yin-Yang School Chief Leng Yue to talk specially was very long. Today this first exchange, Heavenly Stems School exerts its utmost. As for second Ji Dong to Fu Rui, that. Whoever wins whom to defeat, will not have the too tremendous influence to Heavenly Stems School. Fu Rui has defeated, loses also similarly is the Zhu Rong face. In any case their two are the Zhu Rong disciples.

Ji Dong does not worry, closed both eyes, are waiting for silently.

In chairman's podium, Ji Mingxuan somewhat discontented say/way: "What's the matter? He in what? Does could it be make our these many person also entire school teachers and students wait?"

Ji cloud Sheng somewhat helpless said: "Grand-uncle, again waits. I believe that Ji Dong such does has certainly his truth." Ji Mingxuan coldly snorted, "your good grandson, is proud very! Which a little old and young high and low? You know yesterday after he went to the school, was how to speak to me?"

Ji cloud Sheng gives a calm smile, said: "Grand-uncle, Ji Dong this child I do not have the means. He does not grow up in my side since childhood, received many pain. Also will not receive the restraint of equal palace. Let alone, the heart including me also to dread several points in his status, do not forget, he is the Saint king of this generation of heavenly stems disciples."

Ji Mingxuan look changes, will again say anything, suddenly, the Ji Dong both eyes in drill ground also open, looks in the airborne direction. Also at this moment, one group of yellow rays drop from the clouds. It seems, looks like giant yellow light ball. Its landing, that sincere/heavy feeling looks like a mountain drops from the clouds general.

Equal Wang Ji yun lived first to stand, although in his eyes was also revealing the surprised color/look, but more was actually the color/look of ridicule, said with a smile to Ji inscription xuan: "I think, Ji Dong came in and other person."

Saw that this group of huge yellow rays drop from the clouds, Ji Mingxuan complexion immediately became uglier, he possibly does not know that who this was?

The ray has not fallen in the chairman's podium, but fell before the Ji Dong body directly. Under the gazes of all people, the ray disperses, presents two forms. Under part of great bear crown under Ji Changxin and extraordinarily good luck crown Mr. and Mrs. Shangguan Yinkong. The aura of supreme powerhouse made entire Heavenly Stems School flood during a piece was sincere, all people in chairman's podium fast set out at this time, leave the chairman's podium to welcome toward here. Before the supreme powerhouse, who also dares to continue to sit?

"Profound ancestor."Ji Dong bows to salute.

Ji Changxin shows a faint smile, said: "We come is not late." The Ji Dong vision and Ji Chang believe relative, he knows certainly, this is the profound ancestor is also drumming up support for oneself, looks that Ji Chang believes encouragement in eye, his firm nodded, is clear unmistakably is showing own self-confidence to the Ji long letter.

Shangguan Yinkong said with a smile: "Good child, in any event, the profound grandmother to support your."

The Ji Dong ice-cold look was gentle, nodded silently.

"Pays a visit the old master." Be responsible for maintaining all diamond regiment soldiers of order, under the wolf evil leadership kneel down completely, these time did not receive Ji Dong single knee to kneel down like before, but was the knees kneels down. In each diamond regiment soldiers eyes, is revealing the blazing brilliance.

Anybody respects the powerhouse, let alone is the present powerhouse their old masters? Genuine supreme powerhouse. When under stands in one of the most peak a few people today, Central Earth Empire patron god.

"Gets up."Ji Changxin shows a faint smile, both hands make a movement of light request, immediately, a rich yellow ray is centered on his body is similar to the ripples spreads generally, the diamond regiment soldiers who will worship on bended knees all held, only this, sufficiently shocked the audience.

In this flash, Ji Dong understood suddenly a matter, the wolf leads the diamond regiment to come evilly, not only perhaps drums up support for oneself is so simple, must be shown the strength by oneself this equality king descendant in front of the diamond regiment, conquers the hearts of these formidable soldiers truly.

The climax arrived, the monthly ticket cannot wait again, comes together.

Chapter 387: Disparate disparity?

The wolf evil general may really think through a matter! The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals a light smile. Conquers the diamond regiment, oneself this equality king Shaozhu can perhaps true was acknowledged by equal king lineage/vein. Although do not care about these. However this obviously is not the misdemeanor. At least regarding the future holy war is so. Without a doubt, diamond regiment, exterminates the regiment like this formidable regiment, will become in the future the absolute main force of holy war.

"See under part of great bear crown, extraordinarily good luck crown."Under Ji cloud Sheng and Ji Mingxuan leadership, formerly sat well the people in chairman's podium arrived at the near, simultaneously bows to salute, their words, lit entire Heavenly Stems School without doubt.

Almost all students including flaming the hot school students who Ji Dong brings, after the short delay, the next moment also saluted.

Supreme powerhouse in their hearts, what are more is only the legend, how many people can also have to see the genuine supreme powerhouse? At this moment, in each student heart the feeling of only then being honored, in them at present, is true supreme! Moreover is two supreme powerhouses, only this point, has conquered their innermost feelings sufficiently.

But originally nobody thinks radically blazing the exchange that the hot school can win, gradually had the change in this moment in the observing people heart. Had not seen after two supreme powerhouses arrive, was the first goal to look to flaming the young vice- Dean of hot school? The well- informed Heavenly Stems School teachers and students know, others this vice- Dean, are Thunder Emperor Fu Rui shares the honor. Struck to kill one generation of tyrants of former empire crown prince personally.

At this time in the most person heart floods is the excited mood, can bring in so numerous great people, today this exchange competes with, without doubt will be splendid peerless. Can witness this kind of fight, particularly the later tyrant and Thunder Emperor contest, regarding them, absolutely is a big good fortune.

"Everybody does not need to be overly courteous. Since both sides came, that today's exchange match starts. We are only attend the ceremony."Ji Changxin smiles was saying.

Ji Mingxuan forcing seems by own complexion natural, to Ji long channel: "Big Brother, invited the seat of honor."

Ji Chang believes nodded, said to Ji Dong: "Looked your, believes that you will not disappoint me."

"Certain." The reply of Ji Dong is simple.

In the chairman's podium has been filled with person once more, naturally, these time sits in most center the seat of honor turned into under two big supreme crowns. Ji cloud Sheng and Ji Mingxuan can only accompany in the both sides.

Ji Mingxuan corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer, good! You give Ji Dong this boy to drum up support, I to must have a look, how he wins my Yin-Yang School today. Even if you have bribed the Yin-Yang School student, what significance that will have? Is the Heavenly Stems School status can it be that so also simple?

Huang Lixin's complexion continually changed several times, looks that the Ji Dong vision also gradually turned was unable to believe. Can invite two big supreme powerhouses, this is he has not thought absolutely. Even if were matter Ji Dong that crown prince Ji Yeshang is not perhaps able to achieve achieves unexpectedly. This made him have the change to the view of this young people again.

"Ji Dong vice- can Dean, start now?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Starts. We are directed by me and teaching assistant Chen Sixuan."

Huang Lixin said: "Good, that asked your students to enter the stadium. We have also prepared."Then, he then returns to we, in his heart some are even thinking, this first exchange competition should let flaming the hot school to lose attractively, after all. Ji Dong invited two big supreme powerhouses to observe, if one will flaming the hot school to rout, perhaps on two supreme powerhouse faces was unattractive.

"five elements rotates, mutual promotion of the five elements circulation, array."Ji Dong loudly shouted, blazing the 30 students of hot school, eyes has simultaneously shone, 30 people are divided into six groups instantaneously, the under foot step rapid traverse, in an instant already body first ten meters under arrange/cloth lineup beyond Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan. Every five people of one group, opens just like six petal flowers, Yin-Yang supplementary lineup instantaneously arrange/cloth to become.

Sees their such lineups, powerhouses who in the chairman's podium observes somewhat is surprised, the Mage group fought them to be too familiar, according to the normal condition, rolled the first important matter of war is to display five elements suppresses, under permission of condition, certainly was the ten departments complete composition lineup. These students but who Ji Dong he brings such do not do obviously.

That side Yin-Yang School also had the movement, similarly is 30 people, but they arrange is actually three circle formations, is most normal basic three is the strategy. Leng Yue stands in central circle formation forefront. Smiles is looking at Ji Dong, "Elder Brother Ji Dong, since begins, Oh that I will not show mercy." Ji Dong shows a faint smile, "please with every effort act. Lost do not cry nose."

Leng Yue discontented pursing the lips, "Elder Brother Ji Dong you underestimate the person, but I now Yin-Yang School Chief."

Ji Dong looks to Yin-Yang School students behind Huang Lixin, said:

This competition, the fundamental requirement has the referee, that many people look, the number of victory and defeat is very easy to present.

Huang Lixin signals by nodding after Ji Dong, shouted loudly: "Starts, Yin-Yang Crown release, five elements suppression."

Strategy that the Yin-Yang School 30 students compose bursts out the intense magic power fluctuation instantaneously, by Leng Yue, Zhu Gui, Carl, Bi Su and other numerous talent Mage of artificial head, leading other people simultaneously to release their Yin-Yang Crown. The movement is uniform, is almost at the same time, 30 magic power rays ascended instantaneously, while this magic power ascension, ten color radiance bloom, strong five elements suppresses this humble one one to bloom instantaneously.

Yin-Yang School after all is Yin-Yang School, Heavenly Stems School elite elite, does not need any preparation, this ten departments fuses five elements to suppress presents the perfect potential erupts. completely covers the range of entire location instantaneously.

Meanwhile, on Yin-Yang School each student, head Yin-Yang Crown presented that even if cultivation base is lowest, already above Four-Crown.

After Yin-Yang School reconstruction, to guarantee the Yin-Yang School overall strength. Besides talent, in choosing the process of person, paid great attention to magic power level. After all, Yin-Yang School is the Heavenly Stems School advertisement! Leng Yue head appears, is Five-Crown Yin Crown, Level 55 magic power was demonstrating impressively very obviously when her talent, Ji Dong also clear remembering, initially first time saw Leng Yue now, she control to magic power made one broaden the outlook.

The universal Four-Crown above strength, the complete magic power armor equipment, the uniform nearly perfect coordination, the Yin-Yang School powerful strength flash has shown. Two supreme powerhouse as well as Mage Guild in chairman's podium people, can't bear secretly nodding. Really worthily is the first under heaven school, the student who trains truly is out of the ordinary. The Holy and Evil Island great misfortune that serious attack, this Heavenly Stems School can the so fast restoration, have saying that is a miracle.

While the Yin-Yang School students release Yin-Yang Crown, flaminged the hot school Sun and Moon school 30 students also similarly to release their respective Yin-Yang Crown, similarly was 30 Yin-Yang Crown, but when they released, almost all supported Ji Dong, anticipated that Ji Dong took to them again the person of miracle, frowned. At this time, gold/metal brought murderous aura the ice-cold vision even temporarily to put aside from Chen Sixuan intensely.

Similarly is 30 students. Blazing the hot school, even universal Three- Crown is unable to achieve continually, can achieve Three-Crown cultivation base, has only accounted for half, moreover overwhelming majorities also just just broke through Three-Crown, is the appearances that Level 30 raises one's head, but the other half also stays in Two-Crown cultivation base, worst, even magic power level only has Level 25.

Saw these to flaming magic power level of hot school students, Ji Mingxuan cannot even bear smile, filled smiling of ridicule. Depending on these trash. Also wants with our Yin-Yang School resistance? Was Ji Dong this boy the head has burnt out, no wonder he turned into a white hair. I must have a look but actually, how he ends.

Sees Ji Dong level of students, Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong also knits the brows, Ji Yeshang closed both eyes directly, the Ji cloud Sheng hand-held forehead, the corners of the mouth has been affecting. That side heavenly stems disciple, Yao Qianshu stared wide-eyed, Du Ming, Du Xin'er surprised has opened the mouth, gold/metal look is gloomy, Lan Bao'er is covering own mouth, lest calls out in alarm makes noise. In the Thunder Emperor Fu Rui eye is revealing several points of puzzled look. If there is one to support the Ji Dong look invariable person only, that must be the wolf divine intervention. Because, presents in all people, only then he experiences truly has flaminged the strengths of hot school Sun and Moon school these students. Also only then he really understands, this competition who will be the winner also cannot know.

Both sides Yin-Yang Crown also releases, proliferated five elements of audience to suppress tyrannicalally suppressed firmly has flaminged the students of hot school, their originally not strong magic power under the suppression of such powerful, head Yin-Yang Crown even in slight was shivering. Let alone begins, they whether in Yin-Yang School three five elements suppressed under big to continue the coming to a stop personal appearance somewhat to be as if difficult to say.

Leng Yue as here Yin-Yang School Chief, she had not even planned that must order to attack, because she thought, at present these matches are impossible to resist their here attack! After many years of research, Yin- Yang School this five elements suppresses big is not the ornaments, can definitely while maintaining five elements suppresses launches the attack to the match. Presents before all people, absolutely is the overwhelming superiority.

However, at this time, Ji Dong has made an incomprehensible movement, his right hand moved slightly, has held on the left hand of Chen Sixuan, stood in the location edge, this time they, looked like a pair of lover, natural was holding each other hand.

Ji Dong clearly can feel hand of Chen Sixuan slight shivered, the next moment, she already tight instead grips own hand. But their souls also merge into one organic whole in this instantaneous free time.

The double pupil of Ji Dong, distinct turned into the silver. Sits moves in the Ji long confidence of chairman's podium central location. Looks at each other one with wife, two people saw to the grid pupil in amazement. People on the scene, only then their these two supreme powerhouses can feel the psychic force that Ji Dong releases to be terrifying in this moment.

Before Ji Dong arrived at Mage Guild time, his psychic force believed the husband and wife to have an confrontation with Ji Chang, Ji Changxin felt that this great-great-grandson's the strength of soul must even dominate above him. But that time Ji Dong, the strength of soul, although is strong, in the Ji long letter can realize in realm that compared with the strength of soul impossible and their husbands and wives join up. However, at this moment, Ji Dong takes to their feeling actually completely is another level. When he draws in the hand of Chen Sixuan, when two people aura merge into one organic whole instantaneously, even if Ji Changxin, immediately feels a pressure of suffocation. Since enters Nine-Crown realm, after becoming the supreme powerhouse, this is the huge pressure that Ji Changxin second time feels this unable to control and resist. But the previous time, is when breaks into a jail faced with ten thousand thunder.

Indeed, after Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan unite , the energetic pressure that releases is also not enough to break into a jail with ten thousand thunder compared with, but that absolutely is not realm that the supreme powerhouse can arrive.

In this moment, Ji Changxin thinks oneself understood, in his opinion, Ji Dong leads these low level students to defeat Yin-Yang School, the only method, by strength of direct pressing Yin-Yang School oneself so tyrannical soul students, making them unable to revolt, the victory and defeat of this fight also has naturally come out, Yin-Yang School three big is absolutely impossible to prevent his terrifying psychic force. But, what significance makes and has like this? To make every effort to succeed with Heavenly Stems School?

Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxuan also felt that several points were not right, although he has not achieved the supreme powerhouse rank, feeling that is unable to be clear about Ji Dong that realm psychic force, but also indistinctly can feel Ji Dong this time difference. That special makings have gone beyond the range that he has imagined.

Suddenly, Ji Changxin vision coagulated, because he feels clearly, Ji Dong has not released the strength of his tyrannical soul, instead has restrained, such as the silk covers like the wisp on his students.

The strength of soul can only to suppress to match, is useful to the person on one's own side? Strengthens the fighting spirit? In the strength so disparate situation, what strengthens the fighting spirit to have to affect?

the next moment, Ji Dong has given the answer, only listens to his life to drink greatly, "five elements rotates, mutual promotion of the five elements circulation."

Blazing six small that the hot school 30 students compose to revolve rapidly, each student step seems to be same, moreover movement wonderful quick incomparable, in this free time of flash, as if the movements of all students becomes rapid, at present a flower, the people in chairman's podium as if saw six halo appear above the drill ground.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy crazily.

Chapter 388: The miracle happens, mysterious strategy

Right, is six halo. Corona that six separately comprised of all colors. Each blazing the hot school student author simplest matter. the previous moment, Ji Dong the strength of soul has passed through in their mind, instruction that all people can the most direct and clear feeling the Ji Dong transmission come already in entire drill ground each slightest change. The Ji Dong psychic force, in an instant completely became their eyes.

With the movement of footsteps, their movements that neat, under the direction of Ji Dong, they fused a whole completely. The wood lights a fire, the hot raw soil, locally born gold/metal, gold/metal unboiled water and aquatic wood, the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation completes instantaneously. Each other builds in the front person of left arm, is the origin that six halo form. The eye-catching brilliance and that circulates the magic power instantaneous reverse aspect that every time one week large scale increases sharply, the feeling of comprehensive suppressed unexpectedly became in several times the breath nothing left.

Stands in the opposite Leng Yue heart one startled, she feels suddenly, oneself present faces is not 30 people, but is six people. Does not have the six people of flaw. Everyone is having the cloudy or positive entire attribute. five elements that they release suppresses has not affected unexpectedly, is unable to lower the Level 10 above match to suppress compared with them to these universal magic power.

What's all this about? What strategy is this? The similar two questions, almost appear in everyone mind. Huang Lixin is responsible for only meeting Yin-Yang School, saw that the opposite party changes, he was also startled, hurries to shout to clear the way: "Attack, you also in anything."

The Yin-Yang School 30 students moved, three five elements big also move, about two five elements big separately by Zhu Gui and Bi Su lead. Disperses to the both sides fast, forms the potential of half surrounding to be fast with central Leng Yue five elements big. Each Yin-Yang School student rapidly assembles own magic power, rolls the drilling of war they not to know that has many times. In this case, they must do is the magic power output, although is impossible to achieve ten departments combination skill, but same attribute Yin-Yang two departments is actually without question. Each big, is five rays also outputs, altogether 15 Yin-Yang two departments combination skill long-distance attacks, directly soar to flaming one in hot school here six five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategies to shoot. Attacks the enemy to be inferior to a broken enemy point surely. In the Yin-Yang two departments combination skill situation, these 15 attacks are extremely sharp.

The huge oppression strength that sees only in the midair 15 mix color light to make in the air present 15 ripples, after magic power output, has even makes sky over the entire drill ground bring piece of ripples.

The Ji Dong eye Bank of China glittering, launches attacks the flash in the opposite party, blazing hot school here five elements rotation to complete. Six groups of students treadon doing several things at the same time wrong shade, revolving, the Earth department student arrived at the upfront, the next moment, three yellow three ashes, six deep brilliance simultaneously the electricity shoots, the goal does not attack the enemy, but is the defense.

After three yellow, three grey distinction respective fusions, collides at 1
: 00 again, diameter ten meters yellow grey dual-color light covers appears suddenly before being attacked that group of students bodies. the next moment, 15 color light already but loudly. Almost does not divide numerous bombardment successively above this defense. Ji inscription xuan in chairman's podium has smiled, this strikes, has decided the victory and defeat sufficiently. magic power differs so disparately, both sides have the magic power armor, the Yin-Yang School students offer a sacrifice to multiple two departments combination skill, absolutely did not have the slightest bit to turn on the water. Blazing getting down that hot school these students possibly keep off? Did not say all heavy losses. Also will lose the combat capability absolutely.

However, merely after is one second, Ji Mingxuan smiling face coagulated on the face, in the chairman's podium all people, including Ji Changxin, under Shangguan Yinkong these two supreme crowns, have almost simultaneously stood.

Fierce thundering resounds center the drill ground, in the loud sound, the drill ground center has been full of various attribute magic power turbulent flow loudly. Intense magic power fluctuation direct impact upper air. After scattering in all directions the shock-wave of splash weakens fast, is blocked with the body by the soldiers of diamond regiment.

With Ji Mingxuan has similar idea is not a person, but, the fight had not actually ended.

15 Yin-Yang two departments combination skill hits ruthlessly in that six have seemed like by six in the defense that is flaminged the hot school students to send out, had the astonishing change.

15 ripples simultaneously coat to ripple in that diameter ten meters yellowish gray dual-color light. The grey and yellow dual-color fierce sparkle and shivers, as if has possibility shatter as anytime. However, diverges until that 15 ripples completely, from the sky the magic power turbulent flow wields the powder, this dual-color light covered actually as before remaining light one.

Blocked? Blocked unexpectedly? Is this possible?

"How do they achieve?" After Ji Changxin stands up, almost said these words subconsciously. However, in chairman's podium actually nobody can answer him this issue. Mage Guild President Shiloh, vice-chairman, stared in a big way both eyes. They saw miracle in this moment, they know, today these absolutely does not have to be white. In their eyes has witnessed the miracle. In their opinion, blazing hot school these 30 students to be able by own magic power to block this to strike, has won, magic power of both sides that disparate, even if to resist this strikes them to use fully, that also sufficiently proved the strategy effect that they use at this time must go far beyond has flaminged hot school here five elements big.

Has blocked multiple two departments combination skill unexpectedly, who can want to obtain?

Actually, if no control of Ji Dong, this strikes to be cannot block, is at least impossible to block completely. However, Ji Dong the strength of control of soul, is in itself existence of going against heaven's will. He that six magic power outputs nearly perfect fuses in together, is the same time arrives in the same point. Do not despise this slight priority order. When fusion, even if only the slight speed disparity, the defense effect of produces will have a disparity. It can be said that Ji Dong has used with the most perfect way complete mutual promotion of the five elements magic power of these 30 students. Is relying on oneself after Chen Sixuan fuses the strength of soul, directs these 30 students without question.

Blocked the opposite party this to strike, Ji Dong also similarly relaxed, time block, means block that this fought.

"five elements rotates, Scorching Sun Bite."Ji Dong drinks greatly with his soul direction almost also arrives. The defense is completed, stops without the slightest bit, six groups of student the next moment are one step treads, in five elements, fire next to earth, therefore, six groups of students only need to step forward one step, Fire department student already forefront situated in team. But mutual promotion of the five elements magic power also similarly to Earth department turned into Fire department by the full support.

Six Fire department students, three male three females, three suns three cloudy. Simultaneously wielded their right fist, three red three blue, six rays from the sky erupted the dazzling brilliance. These six groups of rays condense instantaneously, change into a diameter to have three meters giant fireball fully, directly soars the direction bombardment of Leng Yue to go.

The people who in the chairman's podium stands up when this giant fireball appears, simultaneously has gotten hold of the double fist, in their mind, has had the same word, is quite quick.

Just after having completed the defense of that intensity, can actually complete the attack in the next moment again, did not have the slightest bit time. What does this mean? All people almost understood. Especially is lived, the crown prince Ji Yeshang also Mage Guild person by equal Wang Ji yun who Ji Dong invited specially. Ji Dong must do, simply is not and a Heavenly Stems School simple exchange, is not humiliates Heavenly Stems School desirably, but must show this mysterious strategy to them the might. Because blazing the universal strengths of hot school these students to be small and weak, can show this strategy wonderful.

Looks that that giant fireball comes, Leng Yue charming face immediately changed the meaningful glance, may not resist with all one's strength absolutely, this is the first idea in her heart, under pressure that suffocates, she has first made the response.

"All dispersing, operate independently."30 Yin-Yang School students, disperse like lightning, is unable to maintain again they formerly that five elements big. Fast dispersion. But is not flurried, in an instant expanded a giant circle formation, distant will flaming the hot school 30 students to cover.

But that giant fireball actually recognized Leng Yue, pursued her to accelerate suddenly. In the Leng Yue with amazement look changes, director Tenth Water department in chairman's podium the Old Leng shock shouted loudly at the same time. This fireball actually suddenly stagnates, rises suddenly, enters hundred meters upper air loudly crack. Strong Fire Element, in airborne unequalled blooms, the explosive force of that terrifying, bringing the innumerable hot rain to drop from the clouds, the strength is slightly strong a point Mage to feel the might that this fireball explodes is terrifying. Compared favorably with Eight-Crown Mage to attack sufficiently whole-heartedly. Pure might. Is the standard of top Certain Kill Skill.

30 two, Three-Crown students collaborate, can send out such one to strike, said that who can believe? According to the normal understanding, Eight-Crown Mage is copes with over a hundred two, Three-Crown Mage is only similar to the bullying will be also ordinary. May at present look like, actually at all is not that a matter. Flaminged hot school these students to break free from this convention completely!

The Ji Dong sound spreads to everyone ear, ", if no my direction, this fireball is unable to lock the match, can only launch the directional attack, therefore, this strikes me not to be completed it."

The small face of Leng Yue frightens pallidly, she knows certainly, this struck a moment ago, if falls on oneself, even if not die must experience personally the heavy losses. Both sides reached an agreement have been able to direct by respective Teacher, Ji Dong this struck to complete, Heavenly Stems School could not say anything.

"Does things their own way, free attack."Huang Lixin has issued the order in panic-stricken as before. After all, here is Heavenly Stems School, he directs is the Heavenly Stems School most outstanding student.

Leng Yue is young, but she becomes Yin-Yang School Chief absolutely by the strength, from her one eyes saw that blazing the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy flaw of hot school lies in insufficiently can look flexible. After 30 Yin-Yang School students separate, immediately has launched the respective attack, completely is the long-distance attack, from the different directions, attacks the different targets. Various enchanting brilliance cut expansive sky, the concentrated fire, but. Without a doubt, this is copes to flaming hot school mysterious strategy best means.

What a pity, what now controls to flaming hot school six groups of students is Ji Dong. At this time, Ji Dong showed to all people, was the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy terrifying attack and defense speed.

Does not need to return to the strength, does not need to adjust, blazing the students of hot school to treadon the doing several things at the same time wrong shade, six circle formations disperse instantaneously, no longer centralized in the same place, does things their own way, is similar to six petal plum blossom general fast dispersing. Each circle formation charges into a direction, at the same time, student does not stop. Unceasing rapid traverse, right hand outside, under the control of Ji Dong association, when is most appropriate lifts.

Attacks, one after another bellow resounds from out of the blue unceasingly, what the Yin-Yang School students send out is Certain Kill Skill, five also has no alternative as huge magic power of one mutual promotion of the five elements circulation facing others. Because of so, inconceivable one appeared.

Blazing the fast movement of hot school six strategies in the drill ground, each attack rushes to front of them the time, the association was resisted by most appropriate attribute magic power by them. But their attacks will not lock the match, is the Yin-Yang School students is actually not able to resist directly. Therefore, under these six groups of battlefields batter, drives away the Yin-Yang School students unexpectedly is not being similar to the fly general chaotic revolutions on the scene. Only can keep off by respective splendid ability tall Jiedi, as far as possible dodges the attack of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, but is unable to contend directly.

Ji Dong also starts to have an effect to Rank 6 crystal core of each student, continuous magic power supports them to have two, Three-Crown magic power actually to drive away match of these individual strengths above them.

The silver light vanishes from the Ji Dong eye gradually, he has not needed to direct to flaming the students of hot school. This exchange true significance has manifested. Without fear, in extremely excited condition, ultra standard display blazing the hot school students to have the victory without the defeat.

Right, the strategy compares individual obviously is insufficiently flexible. However, when the strategy adds on the Ji Dong doing several things at the same time wrong shade step as well as that nearly abnormal attack speed again, insufficiently flexible disease already as far as possible was made up. But the Yin-Yang School students have not been the genuine powerhouse after all, not absolutely tyrannical Chief like initially Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, possibly broken has resulted in Ji Dong this mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy?

Even if Ji Mingxuan, could not attend to being angry at this time, can sit the chairman's podium, is the smart people. Who will be unclear before the eyes this strategy to represent what kind of meaning? This is not the miracle two characters can explain. With ** two characters are more appropriate. This mysterious strategy brings, will be entire Mage world **. Can complete including two, Three-Crown Mage, then, high level Mage?

Asked the monthly ticket to ask the monthly ticket. Does not know that this month the monthly ticket can arrive at several finally, small three certainly as far as possible writing, thank you.

Chapter 389: To bang! The tyrants fight Thunder Emperor

The competition exchanges is still continuing. However, after people in the chairman's podium sit oneself position, actually radically nobody again cares about the victory and defeat of this competition, their vision centralized on a body of Ji Dong person. Almost in the look of every person, is containing the blazing feeling. What Ji Dong brings is what? Yes
**! Affects the great transformation of entire Mage world sufficiently.

At this time, in the drill ground, the competition of both sides was in the degree of superheating, along with magic power gradually has weakened and been short of the psychic force of Ji Dong perfect direction, blazing the students of hot school to start to draw in the lineup, six groups of students collect in the same place, is turned into the Lord to defend by the main attack, slow adjustment own magic power, gradually restores.

Although the Yin-Yang School students therefore stood firm, but they want to break through this to flaming the matter that the defense of hot school students is impossible to achieve. During the scene fell into immediately has been at a stalemate.

The Yin-Yang School foundation is solid, does not have the full assistance of Ji Dong, blazing the hot school to achieve the final success extremely to be also difficult. After all, their magic power reserves are insufficient, only if from the beginning the magic power heyday on below killer, otherwise, gets strength back to the Yin-Yang School students, must fight really finally. Must lose. However, these did not matter, nobody will care about the victory and defeat of this competition again. Stands there Ji Dong of white hair and white clothing, is the audience focal point.

Most excited, was bright heavenly stems disciple these, because in their hearts, thought as if by prior agreement, similar strategy, if were used by their these pinnacle magic power owners, is what kind of scene?

"Good. Can stop."Under the part of great bear crown Ji Changxin voice resounds, the both sides students are almost subconscious stopped.

Nobody will question that overstepping one's authority of this supreme powerhouse, who will say what by his status?

A Leng Yue face depressed looks at Ji Dong, although she knows that Ji Dong has let flaming the students of hot school to show mercy, but she is some are not really willingly, the distinct strength compared with Fang Qiang's many, be possible throughout to be actually in passively. This situation talent young girl first meeting.

In all person eyes, although this competition has not decided the victory and defeat at present truly, but Heavenly Stems School has defeated. Then obvious magic power is disparate, the final result comprehensively was actually suppressed. If no Ji Changxin and Shangguan Yinkong, perhaps was Mage Guild President Shiloh of flushed to look for Ji Dong directly.

Blazing the students of hot school to fall back on side Ji Dong orderly, in their eyes is even holding the tears, they really really had and strength of Yin-Yang School competion, all these for them are not only real, that illusory. Three months ago, they who can think at present this occurrence. All that Teacher Ji Dong said became the reality, at this moment, Ji Dong in their eyes. simply is god general existence of!

Is a focus of public attention has not made the look on Ji Dong face have anything to change, all these, he already had expected at present. This is also his trip of Central Plains City biggest goals. Loosens grips the hand of Chen Sixuan, makes that exquisite smooth from own hold falls, gradually moves toward the drill ground center, but the Ji Dong vision has not actually looked to the chairman's podium, but looked to Thunder Emperor. The first exchange had ended, then, is he and a Fu Rui war. Proposed that this comparing notes, the Ji Dong goal only has one. Must awaken fellow apprentice's fighting spirit.

This war, he also anticipated to be very long similarly. In the past, he just arrived at Heavenly Stems School time, the Senior Brother is his goal, a long time, is. The great strength of Thunder Emperor, incessantly to other people are the idol rank, regarding Ji Dong also similarly so. Now, he had finally can with the opportunity of Senior Brother coordinated war.

Does not need to say anything, the look can each other exchange, Fu Rui starting to walk stride, from crowd. Majestic body. As if stretches the general, unequalled swift and fierce imposing manner in this moment erupts instantaneously.

Because formerly flaminged observing who the hot school students display to shock astonishingly, sobers in this swift and fierce imposing manner. Then realized, a war that they anticipate, the tyrant and Thunder Emperor showdown must start. Formerly group war, regarding them already extremely splendid, they have even forgotten also the second competion.

"Thunder Emperor must win."Does not know that is which Heavenly Stems School student shouted first, the similar sound has resounded continuously. After short ascension, voice direct impact clouds.

Yin-Yang School cannot win, but their also Thunder Emperor, one of the Heavenly Stems School symbols, is Thunder Emperor!

Fu Rui and Ji Dong as if have not heard surrounding slogan, at this moment, in their eyes only then each other.

They almost simultaneously move toward the opposite party, to each other relative. Ji Dong lifts own right hand, hands in front of Fu Rui, "comes back. Senior Brother." The Fu Rui deep gaze he, a light smile is starting to reappear on his resolute face, two groups of eye-catching none remaining erupt from the eye pupil instantaneously, suddenly, his right hand already tight grasps with Ji Dong, "Little Junior Brother, I will not show mercy."

The loud sound, the right hand palm that intersects from two people erupts loudly, the next moment, Ji Dong and Fu Rui have separated instantaneously, flies upside down respectively in the intense magic power shake about ten meters. Also in this moment, the unequalled tyrannical imposing manner instantaneously ascends. The tyrants and Thunder Emperor, simultaneously erupted.

In the chairman's podium, Ji Changxin Shangguan Yinkong hand has been standing, rich pinnacle Fifth Earth and pinnacle Sixth Earth magic power also blooms, a light yellow ray shoots up to the sky, spreads, changes into giant light to cover the drill ground covers.

Two supreme powerhouses simultaneously under getting rid arrange/cloth defend to tie, it can be imagined, their attaching great importance to at present these two young people.

Ji Dong and Fu Rui each other are staring at the opposite party, no one first has gotten rid.

Both eyes of Fu Rui turned into royal purple, stood erect such as the steel needle common short hair also to turn into the similar color together with head, indistinct, can see his forehead together royal purple ray turnover uncertain sparkle. The wild aura explodes from his within the body unceasingly.

In the clangour, a royal purple mail-armor and helmet appeared suddenly, the next moment, the body of Fu Rui completely was wrapped by this mail- armor and helmet. originally big big and tall he, seems is similar to the god of thunder descends to earth immediately general, thick such as the snake electricity of arm rushes the eruption regarding his body, the dazzling purple light, having the tyrannical attribute to suppress, blots out the sky to Ji Dong racing wells up, but. If no Earth department protections of two big supreme powerhouses to tie exists, the attribute that only on Thunder Emperor releases suppresses, on the scene does not know that has many people unable to withstand.

Stands in opposite Ji Dong. Under this wild pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power impact, white-haired flutters after the brain. But also at this time, all person clear seeing, his both eyes turned into the silver-white color.

Erupts with Fu Rui that instantaneously, covers the armor of body to be different again. On Ji Dong whole person, seemed to be many a white halo, this white halo slight rhythm, the imposing manner that regardless of the opposite throws is tyrannical, melts in its this slight fluctuation. With ripping one, a pair of huge white wing has stretched from him. Phoenix dragon dance snake changes.

. The dark-red armor, directly appears from him, is part of his body resembles like this armor itself, dark-red mail-armor and helmet, fierce sharp thorn, the flash of also that ferocious mask complete coverage Ji Dong body. The incomparably proud and cruel aura erupted from him.

Yes, god hot Saint king Kai restored, after moistening of these days Chaos Fire, god hot Saint king Kai takes shape, that token that particularly after Ji Dong gives that Zhou Xiaoxiao also integrates god hot Saint king Kainei, was similar to lights the god hot Saint king Kai intelligence to be ordinary. break then stand, the present god hot Saint king Kai quality as if also had the promotion, although is impossible to achieve the divine tool, but after Ji Dong puts on it, can actually feel clearly own strength is promoting fiercely, the chaos strength in within the body also becomes round melts. As if strength of the chaos distributes on this god hot Saint king Kai.

Thunder Emperor and tyrant, their Yin-Yang Crown almost simultaneously appear above the top of the head. Fu Rui Yang Thunder Yang Crown completely presents for the mysterious purple, above that purple Yang Crown, Seven-Crown Four Stars clear presents in the Ji Dong eye. Level 78, fellow apprentice's did magic power break through to Level 78 unexpectedly? The Ji Dong eyeground flashes through a trace of surprise. However, he takes to Fu Rui surprised obviously take to his big compared with Fu Rui.

Similarly is Seven-Crown, black and white dual-color Pinnacle Two Fires Yin-Yang Crown outrageously presents, Ji Dong has promoted impressively to present to Level 72 magic power the Fu Rui eye. Level 72, Little Junior Brother also broke through Seven-Crown unexpectedly.

Strong thunder and lightning brilliance, the surrounding area around the Fu Rui body in ten meters are sparkling unceasingly, but Ji Dong, his both hands open by the body slowly, is black and gold/metal, the two-color flame ray ascends quietly, the command wears around god hot Saint king Kai his body presents strange the brilliance of distortion.

Almost at the same time, Ji Dong and Fu Rui, tyrant and Thunder Emperor, have simultaneously gotten hold of their double fist, strange appeared, originally densely covered in Fu Rui thunder and lightning as well as sending out in Ji Dong body both sides Pinnacle Two Fires, completely restrains in the flash. the next moment, their bodies were common just like two shells. Each other hit goes.

Their right fists, simultaneously in instantaneously enlarge to the grid, this is each other spells to fight the most direct way, to bang.

Without any magic power ray sparkle, seems is only the physical body strength most direct collision, but, the Eight-Crown above Mage actually clear instruction on the scene, the fight of such form means anything. Compared with magic power manifest, without a doubt, so the fight is the bad risk. That is restrains compression magic power completely in within the body, only then after both sides collide will erupt completely to release. This is the forms of combat of supreme powerhouse level! Has not thought that came up Ji Dong and Fu Rui as if by prior agreement chooses has so resisted.

Covers the royal purple armor with covering the right fist of dark-red armor, almost at the same time collides in together, in an instant, Ji Dong and in the Fu Rui eye erupts the unprecedented dazzling crystal glow, even if away from the armor mask, the observing people can also feel the tyrannical strength that they erupt at this time.

The drill ground center, as if the body of Ji Dong and Fu Rui twisted completely, after the short illusion, is life fierce thundering. Luckily, the magic power guard shields of two Earth department supreme powerhouses, that sound is not that obvious.

Similarly is the right fist, verve collision that after two people meet the tough head-on with toughness like this, immediately under is high stands the difference. The body of Ji Dong, uncontrolled backing up, god hot Saint king Kai on his right fist, the armor unexpectedly cuns (2.5 cm) breakage of entire right forearm, is changing into fragments to fly to swing in the midair. He during this collision, was also rumbled about ten meters, reluctantly coming to a stop personal appearance. If carefully observes, or the vision is enough, can discover, the Ji Dong body in the process of retreat, maintains a strange frequency is vibrating throughout, in magic power erupts on, thunder attribute must dominate above fire attribute without a doubt, Fu Rui magic power Ji Dong is higher than on Level 6, the also that thunder Yushen axe the mail-armor and helmet amplification. This strikes, can get the winning side.

According to the normal condition, a fist bang draws back the match, following up a victory with hot pursuit that then Thunder Emperor can be outspoken, at all not to the opportunity that the opposite party will hit back. However, this time Fu Rui has not actually moved. The dazzling royal purple ray that formerly vanished appeared from him once again, moreover condensed to own right small arm above fast.

"Heh"Fu Rui loudly shouted, is one thunders, this time erupts from his right small arm, what is strange, from erupts, but is actually not his pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power, but is the strong golden light, is not just Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire?

This is the reason that Fu Rui does not pursue, Ji Dong, although suffered a loss in the situation of meeting the tough head-on with toughness, but Fu Rui does not feel better, Ji Dong that fist, contains is extinguishing the might that the god strikes, has captured Fu Rui within the body pinnacle Yang Fire of oneself condensation actually extremely, then erupts. Felt that is not right, Fu Rui first stopped, discharges outside the body this pinnacle Yang Fire whole-heartedly, for all this, his also vest sweats.

Fu Rui what kind of cultivation base, although dispirited the time of more than half a year, but he after all is Thunder Emperor! Has made Yin-Yang School that many years Chief, regarding the judgment of magic power magic skill, he has the strong ability. He is very clear, a moment ago what if faced Ji Dong is only ordinary Level 78 Mage, only this strikes had suffered a loss. Possibly has not discharged Ji Dong this to extinguish the attack that the god strikes. Said accurately, so long as magic power is not enough to suppress the Ji Dong person, was extinguished the god to strike in the positive/direct bang by this to eat to owe greatly. Luckily, oneself came up to put on thunder Yu the god armor that thunder Yushen the axe grew, thus when extinguished the god to strike into the body large scale to weaken it, this enabled oneself to withstand to injure slightly, relied on pinnacle Yang Thunder to compel immediately it, this has not been injured.

Asked the monthly ticket intensely.

Chapter 390: Terrifying Thunder Emperor

Seven-Crown later Ji Dong. The extinguishing god after also his evolution strikes, before is not, can compare, the Fu Rui complexion immediately becomes dignified, he understands, oneself this Little Junior Brother had the strength that and contended with truly.

"Senior Brother, good abundant magic power."Ji Dong cannot continue to attack similarly, Fu Rui that fist he withstands not to feel better. When previous time sees Fu Rui, he will also extinguish the application method that the god strikes to teach itself this Senior Brother. Although Fu Rui can only use to extinguish the single layer that the god strikes now, but his pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power is really the extremely overbearing, terrifying explosive force, making the Ji Dong entire right arm now numb. A moment ago their this seemed like simple struck, was actually not inferior to the collision of Certain Kill Skill level completely.

What Fu Rui relies on is thunder Yushen the axe melts the armor not to suffer a loss, Ji Dong after striking to kill three full suns, to extinguishing the god struck and having the brand-new comprehension, in addition his cultivation base promoted to Seven-Crown realm, now his extinguishing god struck to cultivate tertiary. Otherwise he does not have will possibly extinguish the might that the god strikes to infiltrate the divine tool level in the armor. Ji Dong deeply believed that if some day can extinguishing the god strikes to practice the peak, then, even if bumps into the deicide to cultivate like this again, so long as strikes the hit, can make the match instantaneous god extinguish the say/way inevitably to disappear. With deeper and deeper comprehension. This extinguishes the god to strike now became the Ji Dong biggest trump card.

The wave white halo in Ji Dong broke on the right forearm of armor to shine, that cream halo seemed that mysterious, originally scattered in all directions to break in the airborne armor fragment, as if felt the summon of this white light, was similar to all rivers run into the sea returns unexpectedly generally, attached in the originally position quietly, looked like the perfect puzzle is ordinary, in that cream ray dense, god hot Saint king Kai returned to the original condition unexpectedly, looked like simply not by destruction.

The Fu Rui pupil contracts instantaneously, "armor regeneration restore? Little Junior Brother, your god hot Saint king did Kai evolve to the divine tool rank?"Must know, the regeneration restore is divine tool the unique ability. Initially helped Ji Dong keep off three full suns after the eternal armor like Chen Sixuan to strike fully also has damaged, but can actually restore to be the same voluntarily. Looks that Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai really also had such ability, can Fu Rui not be surprised?

Ji Dong shook the head, "did not have. But had the ability of self- restore by."On the mouth was saying, the body of Ji Dong moved once more, kicks out as before like lightning, but this time, his body is almost actually parallel with the ground departs, the speed has at least promoted one time compared with before. His god hot Saint king Kai after by three full sun bang broken restores, really had the self- repair capability. But this restore must establish under the fusion god the function of technique as well as Chaos Fire of Ji Dong. Comprehended him of law of chaos use gradually, can make own god hot Saint king Kaizai not have the thorough shatter possibility.

Facing the Ji Dong direct impact, Fu Rui loudly shouted, "comes well."Two people of magic power also restrain, has formed the appearance of that magic power completely condensation once more, the terrifying magic power fluctuation from the sky surges. But this time, actually no longer directly collided. Facing body that Ji Dong marches forward high-speed, Fu Rui body ejection, the right leg lifts like lightning, falls again loudly, is ordinary like a handle great axe, cuts to fall toward the Ji Dong overhead.

But at this moment, Ji Dong changed has actually incurred, saw only his body to glitter to the left first instantaneously, looked like moves instantaneously general, shifted one meter, happen to have evaded the heavy leg of Fu Rui. The body is almost above the refraction common syncline shoots, the pair of wings restrains instantaneously, reduces oneself to break in the airborne resistance. The right hand five fingers open, directly soar the Fu Rui throat place to grasp.

Although Fu Rui has the defense of divine tool level armor, but the Ji Dong extinguishing god strikes actually is really extremely powerful, he does not dare to let oneself strategic point by the Ji Dong close combat contact. He also studies has extinguished the god to strike, naturally knows that extinguishes weakness that the god strikes, that does not contact the body of match, is unable to achieve the effect.

Ji Dong this is similar to the chairman's podium that speed like lightning looks at most people are the eyebrow beats. In their mind is pondering, if has traded itself, this does strike living that can resist? Especially Ji Mingxuan, his complexion became uglier. Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, made him have a headache greatly, this comes out cultivation base not to be weak in Fu Rui tyrant Ji Dong, but also has a bigger hostility to bring such mysterious law to oneself, the reputation of Heavenly Stems School this first under heaven school, does not know how long really can also preserve.

Fu Rui is not they, facing Ji Dong this quick such as lightning movement, he is not surprised. Teng Snake flashes is the Ji Dong most adept skill, when is displays the massive killers the main auxiliary method, is he so familiar with Ji Dong possibly does not know? This Teng Snake flashes is not everyone can study, must learn the Teng Snake strength technique to be good first. Completely is depends upon the flexibility and explosive force of body skeleton and muscle in the airborne instantaneous acceleration. Even and magic power has not much to do with. When the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, Ji Dong relies on fifth even/including of Teng Snake strength technique to dodge, breaks through the tight encirclement, first arrives in the dark altar. Saw that Ji Dong suddenly changes the direction to arrive at itself side, Fu Rui is not chaotic. When Ji Dong dodges his heavy leg, he has made the response.

Rich purple light erupts instantaneously, could not feel obviously any striking power, may tyrannical to the huge strength that is unable to resist, stiffly shoves open three chi (0.33 m) the body of Ji Dong. Made him even unable to continue including the connection that Teng Snake flashed to achieve. But in the next moment, double fist of Fu Rui about grasping in the same place, overhead bombardment, but.

From Fu Rui, has an extremely formidable attracting customer interest, is towing the body of Ji Dong, making him unable to make to dodge, the whole person was locked by Fu Rui completely.

But, Ji Dong can do only then touches hardly. But this time, seems ready, accepts battle in haste, before aspect and compares, immediately had the change. Luckily, Ji Dong is not pure Yang Fire department, his also most direct amplification way. Pinnacle Two Fires.

Both hands also draw in like Fu Rui, at this time, Ji Dong has to give up own extinguishing god striking, pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire unites instantaneously, can see indistinctly, presented black and white dual- color Yin-Yang Fish behind him, this welcomed the attack of Fu Rui.

Fu Rui this drops from the clouds pounds, rudely, the Ji Dong double fist refutes, what relies on is the ability of Yin-Yang two fires combination.

Thunders resounds once more, but, this Ji Dong suffers a loss beforehand meeting the tough head-on with toughness is bigger , the whole person had been pounded by Fu Rui flew. Until hits on the safety masks under two Earth department supreme cloths, the body rebounds to fall.

This time, god hot Saint king Kaijing on his both hands both arms is completely shatter, around the whole person body is also surging the thunder and lightning rays of innumerable distortion. The Heavenly Stems School students almost cheer with one voice. Formerly frustration because of Thunder Emperor was intrepid the rapid elevating temperatue. It is not Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai is frail, but was the attack of Fu Rui is extremely tyrannical. Although he will only extinguish the god to strike to cultivate the single layer. It is not able to storm into Ji Dong within the body to erupt facing Ji Dong tertiary realm. However, his tyrannical incomparable pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power explodes highly again instantaneously after the compression, has traded ordinary Eight-Crown Mage, early this was struck to rumble the severe wound. Let alone, the amplification of Fu Rui also that divine tool level mail-armor and helmet, Ji Dong had been disrupted the rhythm by his sudden shake, under this strikes, immediately suffered a loss.

However, the Ji Dong actual situation does not seem that frigid like the surface, relies on the phoenix dragon dance snake is changing with the Teng Snake strength technique, wants to cause heavy losses to him is not an easy matter.

However. Because this time did not have to extinguish impediment that god struck, Fu Rui will again not let up the opportunity, Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power can only make him in airborne stop slightly, the next moment, before his was covering the great body of royal purple god armor already outrageously flushed, directly soars Ji Dong that the rebound fell to flush away.

At this moment, the mutation lives suddenly, Fu Rui feels suddenly, a strong suppression appears in own innermost soul instantaneously, made his originally as powerful as a thunderbolt brunted instantaneous sluggish, in the mind was a dizziness. The Ji Dong soul suppressed. In the magic power attribute, Ji Dong is unable to suppress Fu Rui, but, in the soul level, Fu Rui has not the small disparity with him. Just, this suppression also can only continue the moment, the Thunder Emperor Fu Rui will is firm and resolute, after the soul suppresses, to his strength influence like ordinary Mage is not big.

The pair of wings opens, lives in own body stably, the white light twinkle, the god hot Saint king Kai fast reply at the same time, pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power also already by melting that Ji Dong was quietly. Compels his attack magic power to be different from Fu Rui. The way that Ji Dong this melts is more ingenious, passes the strength of chaos to melt directly quietly that pinnacle Yang Thunder magic power.

In in the midair, Ji Dong swings body in a flash, the doing several things at the same time wrong shade uses, the incarnation is three forms, Teng Snake flashes displays once more, three forms simultaneously have won toward Fu Rui. The avoidance is always not the Ji Dong forms of combat, the unceasing attack, in routs the match most in a short time is his choice.

"Comes well."Fu Rui loudly shouted, when Ji Dong that three forms will soon approach him, the distortion ray that formerly that is unable to resist already again appeared. The actual combat experience of Thunder Emperor is rich, after first strikes to fight he knows, if Ji Dong upfront shakes hardly, finally failure definitely is oneself, the Ji Dong extinguishing god struck is too overbearing. Cannot let his close combat. Therefore, he has used formerly secret skill once more, in Ji Dong close instance, already him three forms also spring.

First Ji Dong is caught off guard, his feeling is clearer. He discovered that when around the Fu Rui body has the feeling of that distortion, that irresistible strength does not appear on Fu Rui, but appears on oneself. In other words, after around the Fu Rui body has had this distortion, is not he Ji Dong shakes draws back, but was Ji Dong excludes oneself. What ability is this?

During shock, Ji Dong three forms had been compelled to draw back again, has not waited for him to respond, suddenly, the ray of Fu Rui body surrounding that distortion had the change again, formerly the formidable repelling force turned has attracted the customer interest, tows his body of that retreat to return stiffly. Such enters draws back, the Ji Dong rhythm was completely destroyed. The feeling of powerfully not being able to put forth adds on with the feeling of wrong strength makes him extremely uncomfortable.

thunder Yushen the axe, quietly appears in the Fu Rui hand, the dazzling royal purple ray flash expands to three meters, the battle axe wields horizontally, royal purple light screens have covered Ji Dong completely. Just as such that formerly Fu Rui said that this war, he does not have the slightest bit to be forgiving, must vie for supremacy fully. This is the Thunder Emperor true strength. By the Ji Dong that tyrannical explosive force, will unable to put forth before him powerfully, will be hard to resist. Is this what kind of powerful? Ji Dong clearly feels, the this Eldest Senior Brother overall strength has even been able to compare favorably with the supreme powerhouse.

The laymen watch the fun, the expert looks at the way, the changes of Ji Dong successively several bewildered fault as well as body direction, has caused in the chairman's podium fully a attention of powerhouse. They will certainly not cheer like ordinary observing, but sees tyrannical of Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, secretly inspires. One year ago when Mage Guild confronts the magic skill guild compares, clearly, the Fu Rui strength has upgraded a brand-new level.

However, although Fu Rui whole-heartedly, impossible true killing Ji Dong, time that therefore, his thunder Yushen axe wields, in the Ji Dong direction is the axe back, but is not the axe blade.

Flash when his thunder Yushen axe wields, even if makes the defense ties two big supreme powerhouses also to think that this competition ended in light of this. Fu Rui relied on one mysterious strength completely to break the Ji Dong attack and defense rhythm, can say, the Ji Dong strength has not displayed to defeat. However, they do not think Fu Rui this is opportunistic. Facing the result of this situation must die in the battlefield, the person died, you can also say that the match is opportunistic?

thunder Yushen axe, the terrifying explosive strength produces one group of giant thunder light instantaneously, Ji Dong transforms cover three form as well as Fu Rui that completely outside. Has shut off Ji Dong all escape routes.

At this moment, in the Ji Dong heart already clearly became aware, ability of that repel and absorption that Fu Rui formerly displayed surely from thunder Yushen the axe, without a doubt, oneself this Senior Brother, although dispirited close one year, but comes back after the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune, after feeling ten thousand thunder has broken into a jail Pang Dawei can, he has controlled thunder Yushen axe divine tool finally completely. Can release completely the might of divine tool.

Has the divine tool, does not represent formidable, must be able to release the strength of divine tool, that is most fearful, without a doubt, Fu Rui has achieved this point. Ji Dong also opportunity? Can he break through from the Fu Rui this terrifying strength? Please read the last part.

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