Jiu Shen Chapter 371-380

Chapter 371: Vice- armed forces regimental commander wolf divine intervention

The Rank 4 crack Land Dragon huge body raises upwardly. The giant tail support tread, hind legs lift slightly fall again loudly, has stabilized lived in the body. In a knight horizontal hand that the dragon carries on the back the diamond regiment standard heavy hammer, by the helmet, them looks toward Ji Dong.

His looks, immediately made Ji Dong behind students tense. Here after all was not Southern Fire Empire, what front was 3000 rewiring cavalries, formerly that broad imposing manner deep shaking they, that is the Land Dragon knight of head looks at this time toward here, what brought was the pressure of entire army.

The vision of knight fell on the Ji Dong face directly, the next moment, he in the heavy hammer the hand has hung on bridle that rapidly, in the crack Land Dragon carried on the back, under turned over/stood up the dragon, the movement was very agile, in big strides walked toward Ji Dong.

Several steps arrive at the near, knight has taken off own helmet, has revealed golden hair and several handsome faces. However, the next moment he actually single knee knelt down before the Ji Dong horse, in the eye is sparkling the excited look, respectfully said: "Wolf divine intervention does obeisance the becoming fewer Lord."

When he takes off the helmet, Ji Dong has recognized his identity. At present this golden hair youth, is the Central Earth Empire diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander wolf evil son wolf divine intervention. Equal king lineage/vein direct descendant.

Initially first time saw wolf divine intervention time, he is Lan Bao'er in the same place, offended the artillery dragon rampantly domineeringly, was broken an arm by Ji Dong personally. Afterward Ji Dong thought of gratefully wolf for payout of equal king lineage/vein, has given the wolf the evil half bottle of origin of life, was used to restore the wolf divine intervention the arm. At this time looks like, his arm already was complete such as beginning. Can see the wolf divine intervention by the Ji Dong psychic force in more than one year time, the strength also had the obvious progress. It can be said on progressed by leaps and bounds.

Ji Dong recognizes the wolf divine intervention, but his back students one by one has actually opened the mouth. Clearly, at present this knight is that several thousand heavy cavalry's command, he will directly actually kneel down in front of Teacher Ji Dong, but also is called few hosts. Heavens! How our are Teacher Ji Dong status?

Ji Dong has not discontinued, lightly said: "Originally is you, gets up."

Divine intervention respectful standing up, before more than one year that rampantly is nothing left, what replaces it is a calm.

"Few hosts, how you here, I will hear that you attended the war of previous time Holy and Evil......, Your hair......"wolf divine intervention looks at Ji Dong that white hair, in the eye except for revealing not artificial respect also deep the shock. Previous time struck off an arm by Ji Dong, takes to him is the extremely serious attack. He is the descendant of wolf careful trained, the preparation the armed forces regimental commanders will replace the person as the diamond regiment in the future. The only 27- year-old time broke through Six-Crown. This point does not place the first ten disciple difference compared with Yin-Yang School. Even still have it. Therefore he also had the rampant qualification. But, that time has run into Thunder Emperor Fu Rui and tyrant Ji Dong, first pulled out by a Fu Rui palm of the hand flies, waste went to an arm by Ji Dong, not only this process on injury to his body. Is to the huge attack of his arrogant innermost feelings. Must know, Ji Dong seems compared with him also takes young several years old! Also is 20 over appearances.

When he returns to the home, was expecting the father and uncle can for he takes responsibility, after the father finds out the situation, has broken his another arm unexpectedly without hesitation. And told him, such as wants to maintain a livelihood on the honest obeying arrangement.

The wolf evil as diamond regiment armed forces regimental commander, although position high weight, but actually extremely loves to this only son. Let alone from infancy to maturity, hits, a harsh language has not said. But this time, he personally has actually broken this biological son's arm. When the wolf leads him to kneel down evilly in front of Ji Dong apologized, the wolf divine intervention is clear, oneself this so-called talent eventually was not topest existence, some people cannot offend. He quite regretted, to pursue a woman made the father also probably be implicated. Although he somewhat arrogant rampant, but the mental disposition is quite filial with the father sentiment is deepest. He wished one could one to kill at that time does not hope that the father received the humiliation, in any case he is a disabled person.

However, all that then Ji Dong makes actually eventually saved some faces for wolf, not only has not blamed the father, instead put out one bottle of mysterious origin of life to give the father. Afterward, has felt the origin of life mystery personally. The wolf divine intervention understands Ji Dong this favor delivers big. His arm not only continues completely such as beginning, the tenacious degree even won in the past, according to the father, had these half bottle of origin of life, he and uncle at least can prolong life for 20 years. In that moment, the wolf divine intervention turned into the admiration regarding the Ji Dong hatred. Deep admiration. Starting from that time, his disposition big change, the class in the arrogant hideaway of surface in the bone, the investment of total involvement to the cultivation during, in short more than one year of time, broke through repeatedly. magic power cultivation base approached Level 70. But this time he, but also is less than 30 years old. By magic power level, he even can only compared with initial Thunder Emperor. It can be said that that conflict with Ji Dong is the turning point of his life, but this transition is he remembers with eternal gratitude, feels grateful. At this time said goodbye Ji Dong, can not be respectful?

"Past passed. Why do you go? You not in diamond regiment?"Ji Dong to wolf divine intervention nodded, from his look, Ji Dong can the clear feeling this once some playboys the hugeness of fellow change.

Wolf divine intervention respectfully said: "Father makes under me exercise to the place army. Was divided in the empire 16 th rewiring knight group, is the assistant regimental commander. Recently the border cateran was rampant, my this time received the order to exterminate a biggest nest of thieves, while convenient training."

Ji Dong was puzzled said: "Exterminates the cateran to use the heavy cavalry? Isn't this as if very appropriate?"

The wolf divine intervention said: "Few hosts, our 16 th rewiring knight group is the empire trump card regiment, rides the war and ground warfare ability is very strong. Momentarily can turn into the rewiring infantry."

"So that's how it is. Is the place of cateran being stationed away from here to be far?"

The wolf divine intervention said: "Was not far, approximately also 30 miles. This group of caterans are extremely rampant, and has made a name, has 5000 people of numerous fully. Grabs the passing merchant, stops at no evil. Is border biggest one group of caterans. Moreover sly exceptionally, their villages are situated in us and Southern Fire Empire intersection points. Once we take an action, they will fall back on the Southern Fire Empire border. Made us unable to chase down, vice versa. Border not Ningxia that makes. This Our country Military consulted with Southern Fire Empire that side, dispatches troops by us, can enter in Southern Fire Empire, destroys this group of caterans."

Ji Dong nods said: "Cuts very kills the enemy, this is the good deed of being beneficial to the nation and to the people. The wolf brother, I am Southern Fire Empire flaming Teacher of hot school now, with my these is my student. We prepare Heavenly Stems School to carry on exchange. The actual combat experience of my this group of students limits on hunting and killing magic beast, I hope that they can see the blood in the battlefield truly. If convenient, whether to make us go together to bandit suppression?"

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, the wolf divine intervention immediately the great happiness, although he did not believe that group of caterans to have anything to prevent oneself strength, but can travel together with Ji Dong, many close, absolutely was a big good deed. The father does not dare to promote itself to enter the diamond regiment, one of the primary causes , because initially offended the too few Lord, is this not just dispels the misunderstanding the good opportunity? Let alone little main is more powerful, some little main, this military action will fall the loss without doubt lowly.

"This was really good, some little main travelled together with youth outstanding, our army must be able with irresistible force. Few hosts. The military situation is urgent, our set out. How do you sit my crack Land Dragon? Oh, was right, little Lord you to call me the divine intervention to be good. If makes the father hear you saying that my wolf brother, perhaps my two legs must be broken by him."

Ji Dong shakes the head, said: "I ride a horse well. Divine intervention, our set out."

The wolf divine intervention is not willing to make a privately waste Duke impression to Ji Dong, immediately also no longer talks too much, got up own crack Land Dragon, invited Ji Dong and an numerous Sun and Moon school disciple with him together forefront the team, along major road line.

As soon as the disciples in Sun and Moon school listen to the actual combat. Moreover exterminates cateran matter, one by one is ready to fight. The cultivation way that in three months of self-torture, they most like is the actual combat. Hunts and kills magic beast that sense of achievement usually aridly to cultivate unable to compare. But just as such that Ji Dong said that they never truly have also killed people. This time can have the opportunity to experience with the feeling that the person fights, can they not be unhappy?

Under hurries along fully, 30 miles are the free time of few half double- hour, not far away, a piece of mountain has heaved in sight, Ji Dong turned on the map to look, in the eye revealed disappointed. Branch of this piece of mountain Wind and Frost Mountain Range. He now also profound remembering, initially and Bi Su, Carl, when surmounts Wind and Frost Mountain Range to meet the experience that Snow and Ice Giant Dragon Wind and Frost barely escapes. That is Lie Yan (raging flames) first time and he meets in the world, with the help of Lie Yan (raging flames), he passes through the dragon blood immersion body of Wind and Frost, has built the extremely good foundation. Seizes from Wind and Frost there including Maotai and Wuliangye.

Before entering the mountain, the wolf divine intervention ordered in same place recuperation. At this time appears the elite place of this army, even if the rest, is the belt armor rest, even nobody takes off the helmet, but tucks in the mask on helmet to drink a water. The lineup is as before orderly, momentarily can strain.

"Few hosts, what do you have to instruct?" The wolf divine intervention asked to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong shakes the head, said: "Marches to go to war I am a layman, all hear of you direct. You regarded Mage that us in the army provided on the line."

The wolf divine intervention said: "Few hosts, in this piece of mountain the terrain is complex, my plan is this, here leaves behind the mount, and leaves behind 100 people of guards. First dispatches ten squads as reconnaissance, the army covers afterward kills, in order to avoid the enemy ambushes. After arriving in the village, exterminates the cateran by potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt again. That side Southern Fire Empire is responsible for processing the damage control measures."

Ji Dong said: "We such large-scale marching, these caterans early have perhaps discovered. Dispatches to scout to enter in the mountain, will lose surely."

Wolf divine intervention nodded, said: "Matter that this does not have the means that cannot the army be directly thorough, such was benefitted the establishment ambush by the cateran with the aid of the place accidentally, had the enormous danger."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "We must hurry to Central Plains City afterward. Rather loses the time, I help you investigate. You did not need the faction to scout."

"?"Wolf divine intervention surprised looks at Ji Dong. Since meeting Ji Dong, he has been observing this few Lord quietly, when with the previous meet compares, he wanted obviously solemnly, that white hair was extremely striking, in the look will occasionally reveal for several points to make the person palpitation deathly stillness.

Ji Dong has not explained anything to the wolf divine intervention, the eye Bank of China light flashes, in an instant, the wolf divine intervention only thought that a nondescriptive feeling spreads to oneself mind instantaneously.

He after all is Six-Crown Mage, is not easy to control like Ji Dong these students, the strength of own soul has had the revolt subconsciously. However, Ji Dong the strength of soul was too powerful. Direct pressing his soul.

The mind deep place simultaneously resounds the Ji Dong sound, "is I. You do not use anxiously."One in wolf divine intervention heart startled, relaxes vigilantly, Ji Dong the strength of soul comprehensively has launched instant, the next moment, the wolf divine intervention felt mysterious one immediately.

The vision has as if flown into airborne, thinks of the feeling to extend infinitely, the massive illusory pictures are gradually clear, present in his mind. The careful feeling, he discovered immediately, in own soul world, as if bird's eye view at least surrounding area kilometer mountain range . The soul institute, all are clear. Even including distance precise emergence during this investigation. This simply is the controlled map that can change at times.

The wolf divine intervention pondered how radically without enough time Ji Dong achieves, his soul had discovered given Ji Dong leaves the mountain to ambush. And several, benefit using the appearance of the mountain, the cateran has prepared massive rolling logs thunder stone, specifically aims at their this rewiring soldiers. Guards in some important places with large army. Just as such that Ji Dong said that these caterans had already been ready. Although their weapons and wear are very crude, but is deep the say/way of military tactics. Can gather to 5000 numbers, this group of caterans seem do not imagine like him are so good to cope. But is block the bone that is difficult to gnaw.

On the forehead looms cold sweat, at this time, all returned to normal, along with disappearance of Ji Dong eye Bank of China light, in the wolf divine intervention mind mysterious also finished.

"Later, I have assisted you to investigate with the psychic force investigation. If you do not have to be better to choose, I suggested the storm. I and my students am responsible for attacking a fortified position. Weren't the caterans deploy troops for defense? Then, we carefully attacks, breaks their defenses, breaks their psychological defense lines."

Finally came back from Singapore, the feeling of going home was really good, rode six hours of airplane, good tired quite tired, supported today's renewal to finish reluctantly, immediately slept. At the end of the month, small three continued brothers and sisters' monthly ticket support, we are away from third, is only the one pace. The skeleton brother on monthly ticket list is the new book, does not calculate is always placing, therefore we, so long as surpasses the mortal is third. Charge.

Chapter 372: The five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, the actual combat attacks a fortified position

Why does not know, the Ji Dong words made confidence instantaneously suddenly/violently to increase who the wolf divine intervention just vacillated the slightest bit. The mysterious command wolf divine intervention of Ji Dong that psychic force survey in the heart has been full of the awe at this time. Because he is very clear. The father who he has admired most adds on the father's younger brothers not to be impossible to have such huge psychic force. Must know, his father wolf has practiced Level 89 evilly, but is stopped up in the Level 90 checkpoint, only misses one step, can become the next supreme powerhouse.

"All obey little main arrangement."Wolf divine intervention respectfully said. Perhaps Ji Dong is not an expert regarding the series soldier, but, his imposing manner actually deep infection of this central penetration wolf divine intervention. Let alone also that mysterious spirit survey is conducted auxiliary.

The recuperation less than half double-hour, the wolf divine intervention has issued the order of set. The rewiring cavalry incarnation is the rewiring infantry, everyone grasps has 1.8 meters to be long fully, half foot wide heavy sword lines up in formation.

The wolf divine intervention orders 300 rewiring infantries to be responsible for leading the way in front, oneself and Ji Dong as well as the students in Sun and Moon school follow, the army, is very near to the mountain. A about two meters heavy sword was used to lead the way is really too overbearing, let alone was the thorn, even if not too thick trees were also swept to break, although wore the rewiring armor, but the speed of this Central Earth Empire elite advance was not slow.

Crossed the first mountain top, topography gradually became steep, the first mountain peak was happen to connected with the second mountain peak halfway up the mountainside, but wanted to enter this piece of mountain, arrived in the cateran military camp. Must cross this second mountain.

The divine intervention ordered to suspend marching, the vision looked to opposite Gao Feng, in the heart secretly sighed. These caterans are really unusual, if from at present this position, could not see that the front mountain peak has any difference. However, before Ji Dong helped he carried on the spiritual survey, he actually clear seeing, above this mountain peak, gathered the massive rolling stones and rolling logs, at least was stationed in 500 caterans, hid in the woods on mountain. Completely conceivable, if the army such attacks, can be serious by the loss that the enemy ambushes.

The armies stop marching forward, does not use the wolf divine intervention opens the mouth, Ji Dong already lightly said: "Attacking a fortified position gives me. Other are your matter. The Sun and Moon school is respective, five elements rotates, mutual promotion of the five elements circulation."

Issues an order along with Ji Dong, besides Chen Sixuan, another 30 students lifts the respective left hand rapidly, under the guidance of Ji Dong, no matter, they can stand with own partner in the most suitable position, only needs to lift the hand, immediately can in complete the five elements circulation most in a short time. In order to achieves the absolute tacit understanding, near three months, Ji Dong orders them to eat and live completely in the same place, even goes to bathroom continually must go together. Common cultivation. Together diligently. Generally speaking, the tacit understanding is to require the time fosters, Ji Dong trains their is this point. The wolf divine intervention as Six-Crown close Seven-Crown Mage, how naturally can see the strengths of these students, besides bringing Chen Sixuan of veil he somewhat cannot be completely understanding, fluctuates he to see from these students magic power, this is just some universal two, Three-Crown Mage. Therefore he has not cared, has thought attacking a fortified position in Ji Dong mouth, but he must begin.

However, when these 30 students complete instantaneously six mutual promotions of the five elements circulate, the complexion of wolf divine intervention immediately changed, he feels clearly, copious huge magic power condenses the forming instantaneously, that clearly is 30 people, but felt at this time on actually likely is six wholes, six circles melt unable to feel any sole attribute whole pleasant. Six circulations present the light color light, ten magic power colors change in the rotation. magic power increases in the revolution unceasingly, as if among them magic power revolves every time for one week, will promote for several points. This feeling regarding the wolf divine intervention was really too strange. It is not the ordinary five elements suppression.

"Comes with me."Ji Dong drinks one lowly, before cross, walked. Chen Sixuan follows close on Ji Dong behind, six strategies that 30 students compose again in rear area, fast is close to the front mountain peak. Also at this time, both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the silver, each student besides Chen Sixuan felt that the spirit inspires, feeling once more being near body that they most long. Thinks of the feeling to spread infinitely, the present all become incomparably clear, the mountainside place of front mountain peak, the forms of massive enemy appeared in their thinking feelings, each position and precise distance of enemy continuously appear in the brain, does not need to calculate anything, can grasp accurately.

The Ji Dong spirit surveys the most intrepid place does not lie in his psychic force strong and weak, but lies in the linkage. He can unite with other people oneself psychic force, shares himself to survey and result of analysis. This is most fearful. Especially when massive Mage carry on group war, there is his such detectability, without doubt will make we's association strength how much multiple suddenly/violently to increase, the survival capability has been the shocking degree. Goes forward regarding Ji Dong their more than 30 people of squads, the cateran on mountain does not have what response, their goals are that 3000 rewiring infantries, in their opinion, Ji Dong these people are most scout the squad. Even does not have including the armor. How let them come up to be able? After they are close, again rapid its solution, but can also better luring the enemy in deep. Therefore, these rolling logs and rolling stone simply has not planned to be used to cope with Ji Dong they.

However, those who made the caterans accident/surprise was, this squad comprised of more than 30 people have not continued the mountaineering, in probably the also more than 300 meters positions stopped from the halfway up the mountainside.

"Six petal plum blossoms, five elements rotates, the Yin-Yang coincides. Six as one, Sun and Moon combine and complement one another."Ji Dong has not begun, but his sound actually in soul clear spreads to each student mind. the next moment, in these students inner worlds presented a bright red goal, this goal is each point on mountain peak, under the psychic force direction of Ji Dong, helped them complete locking directly. Has the so strong assistance, they can definitely use oneself attention on completely condensing magic power, but does not need any diverting attention.

Strong magic power in 30 student within the body circulations, this mutual promotion of the five elements circulates the most overbearing place lies , the circulation will increase every time for one week, magic power will promote several points, is unable to withstand till their bodies. Under such impact, in these three months their magic power standard significantly will promote.

15 Yang Crown and 15 Yin Crown almost also raise, the strong magic power fluctuation at the release that this moment is also outspoken. Mages of universal two, Three-Crown strengths unites six magic power fluctuations that releases at this time unexpectedly is that huge, what is most unusual, all of them release the magic power process to be unexpectedly exactly the same, the operating speed does not have any difference. This is not the result that students cultivation, but under the psychic force unification regulation of Ji Dong, has achieved the most perfect degree. When Sun and Moon school these students stop, in the mountain wicked heart on mountain started to present the doubts, what do they want to make? When the caterans saw that thick magic power ray shines, this has realized the issue. Also has Mage in the cateran. From about several hundred meters, they can also notice indistinctly more than 30 people are not old, formerly thought little. At this time feels that intense magic power fluctuation, immediately does not call out in alarm well. Then understands that the ambush of one's own side had been discovered by the opposite party, the leader issues an order, massive rolling logs thunder stone drops from the clouds immediately. Bang directly soars under the mountain to pound.

When the heavy cavalry regiment, these elite heavy cavalries in seeing the vice- armed forces regimental commanders meet heart of Ji Dong on the line big ritual in very unclear, where such can one group of young people fiercely to? Our vice- armed forces regimental commanders are honored as diamond regiment young one generation of eminents, in the future the successor of diamond armed forces regimental commander. Witnessed the soldiers of wolf divine intervention strength to him has been extremely admiring. Therefore, they have naturally filled regarding the Ji Dong status curiously. The military discipline nobody dares to discuss rigorously.

Before was marching actually suddenly stops, these young people who in the halfway ran into walked exited to make them unable to feel the brains. Until the magic power ray appears, they surprisedly understand, originally these young people are Mage. At this time saw rolling logs thunder stone who that drops from the clouds then understands is dangerous. Although they elite, the strength is extremely powerful, but wears the heavy armor, the approaching speed is eventually impossible to be too fast, once climbs up the halfway up the mountainside to meet this degree of ambush, will be attacked absolutely enormously. But the position that at this time, they are at climbs up the first mountain the summit place, happen to forms an included angle with Duimianshan, these rolling logs thunder stone are unable to cause the damage to them. However, making them more shocked also in behind.

Facing dropping from the clouds that massive rolling logs thunder stone, Ji Dong has not directed his meaning of student retreat slightly, but at this time, six groups of battlefield five elements rotations have been completed,

In a mind of student presented such an explicit character. Immediately, six strategies revolve instantaneously, moves, one revolution, Metal department Mages arrived at the front slightly, their left hand also held up, simultaneously to a direction. the next moment, the strong white and golden ray have shot up to the sky.

Six rays change into six greatly light rolls from out of the blue, almost in the next moment, these six groups of rays already perfect merging into one organic whole. Reason that is light group, but is not the light beam, because of the reason of distance. Although the magic power light beam can continue, actually may not and far, but light rolls absolutely does not have this issue.

Six light groups in the airborne instantaneous fusion, change into a huge dazzling platinum colored light ball, directly soars on the mountain to fly. The place visited, rolling logs thunder stone breaks in abundance, is unable to prevent its slightest bit. Saw, this group of platinum colored light balls went toward the point of mountainside place.

Saw this, wolf divine intervention smartly spirit has fought a shiver, the back had cold sweat, his vision even somewhat dull. Because in his judgment, this is should not appear at present. That is just a number of universal two, Three-Crown Mage! Do they possibly achieve these?

Bang. An epoch-making loud sound sound reverberated in the hills, sees only in halfway up the mountainside by bang seems like bombed generally, the stone scattered in all directions the splash, the innumerable pitiful yell sounds resounded along with many rolling logs thunder stone whereabouts. From the distant place can clear seeing, in that halfway up the mountainside, unexpectedly by bombardment stiffly a diameter dozens meters big hole.

This direct bombardment is not the lethality is strongest, what the lethality is strongest after is the mountain massif by the bang, crushed stone that blasts out. Scatters in all directions the splash, covers all-around, the massive pitiful yell sounds are therefore, authority that these directly hit cateran has not screamed.

"Earth defense." The Ji Dong light sound resounds once more, three yellow with three grey, condense a sincere/heavy earth yellow colored light cover, covers their complete 32 people completely. This time, has not needed Ji Dong to make any spirit to direct again.

These shatter rocks, drop from the clouds scattered in disorder rolling logs thunder stone after meeting the light cover either are shot to open, either has slid from side, since the light covers has not actually splashed including the halo the slightest bit, say nothing of produced any injures.

Through the unceasing practice, Ji Dong had discovered, the places of this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy also many other mysteries, one of them most is good at defending, but is not the attack. Because under the mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic action, magic power is unable to withstand the amplification to the students body stops. But in the defense, their magic power must consume unceasingly, the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation can continue. As the matter stands, their defense toughness can achieve the greatly strengthened effect, is not big to the consumption of own magic power. Only if the attack of enemy can exceed the limit degree of defense to break it at one fell swoop, otherwise, is not time that wanting magic power of complete rays of light these students to need.

Rumble, does not know that was which rewiring knight has swallowed saliva, this 3000 elite vision already complete delay. Has seen overbearingly, has not seen has been so overbearing. Direct bang mountain. Moreover at one fell swoop the merit becomes. The ambush of enemy in such short was broken instantaneously completely. First did not say their strengths strongly, only this direct effective procedure has conquered the rewiring knights.

Near quarter, the rolling stone and rolling logs on also dust smog mountain gradually stopped. The pitiful yell sound on summit has not actually reduced. "Acts on free will, runs into the enemy, whether or is not injured to kill without the amnesty." The Ji Dong ice-cold sound made the students in Sun and Moon school fight a shiver smartly spirit. Must say the shock, they not under enemies and rewiring knights. They have not thought, some day oneself strength can actually be so the degree. That is 300 meters distance! Attack 300 meters away, can produce the so terrifying results. This is we achieves really?

At the end of the month, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 373: Spat to be used to it

Carries out in the order of Ji Dong unconditionally. The students in Sun and Moon school have formed a conditioned reflex in nearly three months of hell trainings, 30 forms are divided into on six groups of making a pilgrimage to a famous mountain temple fast to climb to go, in the march process the slightest is not chaotic, is the foot treads doing several things at the same time wrong shade, brings afterimage, is transforming the position of personal appearance unceasingly. This can keep the enemy from locking.

Chen Sixuan brows slightly wrinkled, said to Ji Dong: "Is Teacher Ji Dong, such did too cruel. Does the could it be wounded also want to kill continually?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "Remember, this is the battlefield, does not have to say in the battlefield benevolently. Only the deceased person completely does not have threat. Let alone, only then makes them see the blood truly, true has slaughtered, can make them complete these days the sublimation of self-torture. Otherwise, you think why I will lead them to come here?"

Spoke these words, the Ji Dong tip of the toe lightly, the whole person the rising typhoon on, followed behind his students mountaineering goes.

Looks at the Ji Dong back, Chen Sixuan lightly sighed, she discovered, oneself before was not as if comprehensive to his understanding, beyond his affection. also many have not seen thing. Only this resolute, is not the average person can achieve.

"Attacks the mountain." The wolf divine intervention similarly has also issued the order, 3000 rewiring knights then responded, the ambush of cateran broke, now they need exterminates the opposite party.

Sun and Moon school six groups of students have mounted the place that mountainside place these caterans have ambushed at this time, when they just arrived here, was shocked by present one. First heaves in sight, is similar to the hell common scene. Everywhere is the traces that the blood splash stays behind, the shatter corpse, the stump residual limb breaks the arm, even the also internal organs and brain fluid, the pitiful yell sound from transmits unceasingly in all directions. Under 500 caterans, in formerly their exploded, died about hundred people, the injured party has two and 300 fully, only then some luck are specially good, the distance was bombed the central far cateran to escape by luck, at this time already ran. Six groups of students face, is the caterans who was injured unable to run away. Do these caterans also need to begin to slaughter? The female students already one by one looked deathly pale, so the scene they who isn't first time sees? At present this is not magic beast, but is the living person, with their same people!

"Has not begun." The Ji Dong ice-cold sound resounds at the right moment.

Fought a shiver smartly spirit, students one by one has bit the jaw looks like tightly to Ji Dong. Suddenly, Ji Dong in their eyes became blurred suddenly, the next moment, Ji Dong changed into the flowing light to appear behind them together, time when they have turned around. can't help gasping.

Before the Ji Dong body, dozens white lance stagnations slowly melts in the midair, but not far away, a thin and small body has been dropping down slowly, his head has disappeared.

Sneak attack, this is the sneak attack, does not adapt to the scene opportunity using the students, in the cateran leaves behind the ambush Mage to stick out suddenly the sneak attack at present suddenly. These white lances without doubt are the community forms of defensive action that Seventh Metal department Mage most excels. What if facing these attacks is Six-Crown above Mage, then, even if before , had not discovered, their own magic power will also feel the danger to form the barrier to defend. But, Sun and Moon school these students are just average two, Three-Crown Mage.

"You remember, here is battlefield, you face, is the enemy. Even if they injure again heavy, so long as the also one breath, possibly at the point of death will backlash, makes a false countercharge. If I do not get rid, now your 30 people are 30 corpses. To the enemy benevolently is to oneself cruel. Only the corpse is most reliable. What also needed me to say again? Begins."

Finally two characters, Ji Dong is explodes completely drinks to make noise, the spiritual shake of powerful is stimulating the nerve of Sun and Moon school students. the next moment, they finally started to start. Strong magic power rays, look like vent scatter in all directions generally the bombardment. The caterans almost do not have any opportunity of hitting back, several of being a rear survival to hide in the crowd planned the cateran who sneak attacks simply does not have any opportunity. The pitiful yell sound resounds along with that strong magic power ray sparkle unceasingly. Six groups of students, look like six handle god of death sickles are common, is harvesting their life unceasingly.

When the wolf divine intervention brings his rewiring knights are arriving at the summit, surprised opening mouth. He has seen the blood after many actual combat. May picture of this slaughtering actually first time see at present. Then just like the good luck thousand magic power rays, is harvesting one after another life of cateran crazily. When he arrives at the summit, happen to saw that the last cateran was swallowed by the strong red flame together.

The rewiring knights have not needed to begin completely, in this halfway up the mountainside, looked like by the heavy combat tank is ground had been same, was very difficult to find including a complete corpse. But that 30 return to Ji Dong side, students who one by one looks deathly pale unceasing panting. In them, but there are 15 female students! Each of them is such youth is young, even is bringing several points of immaturity. But is such 30 young people, has actually claimed several hundred lives. The wolf divine intervention swallowed saliva, in the heart had mused, actually this was how a team! could it be said, few hosts are training the killer to be inadequate?

This can be said as simplest one that rewiring knights face bandited suppression to fight, but was the mountain climbing, the opportunity of even not having begun. At this time, does not have a elite knight to dare to despise at present these young people again, particularly a that white hair, stands there look is called little main young people by the vice- armed forces regimental commanders solemnly. could it be is he a devil? Even if in the army the executioner of most bloodthirsty, perhaps cannot compare him. Without a doubt, slaughters cateran's order is he issues.

""hard Wu first has spat, slaughters the impact on the innermost feelings, the strong smell of blood with the stimulation of hell scene to physiology, making her unable to endure patiently again. But this spits. It looks like the blasting fuse is ordinary, 30 students bend the waist to spit all greatly.

A Ji Dong tip of the toe place, jumps, falls in the face of the wolf divine intervention slowly, "I think, here did not need the battlefield cleanup. Let your person rest again."

"Yes, few hosts. Few hosts, your students will not have the matter." The wolf divine intervention is probing asking. He understands now oneself initially offended Ji Dong time is lucky. If not lifts the reputation of diamond regiment, perhaps bone sediment not remaining.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Spat to be used. Doesn't go through the stormy times to see the rainbow? Has not seen the blood forever was unable to have become the genuine soldier."Throws down these words, he has arrived at the one side without consulting anybody, stands looks in a high stone having an audience with the emperor distant place.

"Gives you."When does not know, Chen Sixuan arrived at side Ji Dong, has handed in front of one bottle of strong liquor him.

Ji Dong is impolite, a palm arranges the bottle mouth, face upwards to fill the strong liquor, when ignition that in feeling the strong liquor is bringing, in his faint look will present several points of blazing brilliance.

Chen Sixuan stands in the one side calmly looks at the Ji Dong profile, suddenly, she said to him: "Teacher Ji Dong, I want to kiss your one."

"Pū"Ji Dong strong liquor has spurted fiercely, the liquor chokes the trachea, immediately fierce cough. Chen Sixuan hurries to go forward, at the same time is patting the back for him. At the same time smiles lowly. In Ji Dong eye faint was shamed immediately replaces angry, glared at him ruthlessly, because coughs unable to speak fiercely.

His first discovery, this Chen Sixuan psychological quality so is unexpectedly powerful, must know, only here bloody taste is not the average person can withstand. He cannot think that she in this case will say such a few words to oneself, immediately was choked.

"Teacher Ji Dong, how you such loudly responded. could it be are you same as my idea?"Chen Sixuan winked attractive big eyes to Ji Dong, the slender eyelash of upward curl like can cancel the person soul to be common.

"Few nonsense."Ji Dong was sideways to pat Chen Sixuan to pat the hand of back for oneself, the beverage bottle in hand also conveniently lost.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do you make me kiss?"Chen Sixuan low voice asking.

Ji Dong angrily said: "Does not let. Here is the battlefield. Does not give you ** place. Your non- limelight, returns to the school to go."

Chen Sixuan lowered the head, mumbled one, "man real man will also be shy, kisses/close not few meat. Really mean-spirited."

The Ji Dong upper body in a flash, nearly plants slightly from the stone, has not waited for him to manifest suddenly, Chen Sixuan distant running off, has comforted these to be said by Ji Dong was spits on the students of custom. Before, his was not truly happy, at present this slaughters the picture, when making him not remember initially Holy and Evil Island over ten thousand thunder had broken into a jail erupt the scene on own initiative, has remembered naturally his Lie Yan (raging flames). May be such interrupted by Chen Sixuan, his mood instead was much better, the thoughts of continually drinking did not have. He really does not understand why Chen Sixuan so crazily entangles to oneself. Initially although Lan Bao'er also liked him, may be far from Chen Sixuan being so direct. Facing this not mincing matter but actually pursues, he does not have any means that others have not done any excessive matter, he will not fall in love with others, but he has no way to prevent others to like him! Likes a person wrong not.

Until spits not to be possible to spit, the students in Sun and Moon school gradually stopped, occasionally also retches one.

Chen Sixuan took some clear water to give people, making them rinse mouth. The purple morning star collects, lowers sound saying: "Thinks of the fine jade, how are you all right?"

Chen Sixuan said: Right that "Teacher Ji Dong said that here is the battlefield. If not the enemy bleeds, likely is we bleeds. Appearance that does not want to turn into these caterans, is resolute in opposing the enemy. Although I also think that the Teacher Ji Dong procedure is somewhat extreme, but I support him. Everybody quickly rest a while. The fight just started."

She is comforting the students here, another side, the wolf divine intervention arrives at side Ji Dong, "few hosts, I have a suggestion. Might as well let my soldiers and your students chats. We also walk from this situation. The my first murder time, could not have withstood compared with your students. My hand/subordinate these were senior worthless soldiers, making them enlighten your student effect to be perhaps better."

Ji Dong somewhat surprised looks at wolf divine intervention, "this is good means that that troubled you." Quick. The wolf divine intervention specially hand/subordinate has picked up 30 from his soldier glibly, ran to enlighten a student. Ji Dong listened to several with rapt attention, somewhat does not know whether to laugh or cry, but he has to acknowledge, this enlightening very much has the effect. What he wants is the students adapts to the fight, but certainly had not actually planned that gives in their hearts to cast the shadow.

"Brother, crisp not being feeling well that spits, this does not have anything, worked as the clear stomach." A veteran said to a student.

Student angrily said: "Are you laugh my?"

The veterans said: "Naturally is not. I am express admiringly."

The students get angry: "Did you satirize me?"

The veterans said: "Not. I am very admiring you. Initially, our these veterans have also gone to the battlefield. At that time, let alone is the murder, saw that the enemies were lenient the foot to be soft, when nearby the enemy rushed, only dares to wave the weapon in hand carelessly, that time veteran help, I already died."

The complexion of student tranquil several points, was attracted by the words of veteran.

Veteran continued: "Afterward, I first time has killed people finally, that time, I have spat fully for three days, in the evening closes one's eyes to kill the appearance of that person the dream to me. For half a month has not recovered consciousness. Compared with me at that time, you strong were too many. Everyone killed on average had about ten caterans. To/Clashes this, I must raise up the thumb to you, said great."

At the same time was saying, the veteran shot a look at not far away another veteran one eyes secretly, lowers the sound saying: "Sees that fellow? He initially might as well I. I most am also spit, it is said that this boy after battlefield, the whole body is the smelly taste, unexpectedly feces and urine incontinence. Therefore, I have believed that the first murder, so long as the urination pants have not been great. The little brother, you understands that now why I will say admired you."

"You are are not coaxing me."Saying of student somewhat doubts.

The veteran racket strikes one's chest, said: "Naturally is not, familiar my brothers called me an Third Uncle, you can inquire when my Third Uncle has spoken the lie."

The paleness on student face was more moderate, with veteran also warm feelings, "Third Uncle, your stature really tall and strong!"

The veteran back-hand pats the chest of student, favorite say/way: "You are Mage, I am not certainly better than magic power, must say the stature, we are in the regiment arrange at first several absolutely. Eh, the little brother, your chest muscles is very developed! Cannot look."

The students are staring at Third Uncle's hand wickedly, "I am a female student."

Veterans: "Uh......, I walked first, I also spit. "

At the end of the month final several days, everybody refuels, asked the monthly ticket intensely, making us rush third.

Chapter 374: Fifth Earth disciple and Second Wood disciple

In the army the veterans comfort the method of recruit are the process are repeatedly tempered absolutely. In Sun and Moon school these students has more than ten youth young girls. The veterans even more went all out. Under their enlightening, the complexion of students obviously becomes attractive, ripe has also wound with the veterans.

Saw that the students have been all right, the army sets out. Has the spiritual survey of Ji Dong, this bandited suppression turned into the pure unilateral slaughter. However, Ji Dong has not allowed his students to participate to slaughter again, but after relying on the mutual promotion of the five elements to combine magic power attacks a fortified position, by the subordinates of wolf divine intervention launches the attack. The truth of going too far is as bad as not far enough he is very clear. The students need to experience the baptism of blood, but is not one casts the too profound shadow to them. Quite a while the time, the army has broken through the cateran military camp, runs away besides a small number of caterans, overwhelming majorities exterminate completely.

The wolf divine intervention does not have the plan to lead the captive similarly, the goal that he comes is to exterminate the enemy, after breaking through the village, besides the old and young women and children, all kills without the amnesty, even does not give the opportunity that these caterans surrender. In material that in the wolf divine intervention obtains, the cateran who these stop at no evil sinned in are too many. Each has to take the say/way. The fight ended, when the army withdraws from hills, is at dusk. The night falls, under the great kindness of wolf divine intervention detains. Ji Dong led his students to eat a military compound meal, decided that rests one late again to continue to hurry along in the military camp that the army was stationed. Veteran who these and students are familiar with hopes to enlighten their evening very much again, particularly enlightens that several of female student. However, under the gaze of Ji Dong ice-cold vision, these senior worthless soldiers quietly slid.

The night falls, has the dinner, Ji Dong has been called the wolf the divine intervention and Chen Sixuan, goes out of the military camp.

In sky with a bright moon and few stars, the motion that this wolf divine intervention bandits suppression can be said as extremely successful, under Ji Dong and help of Sun and Moon school students, the rewiring knight rolls in front of the formidable group operational capacity, cateran these motley crew simply do not have the what strength of resistance. Even if there are such several Mage, cannot be popular any storm in front of wolf divine intervention near Seven-Crown cultivation base. Mentioned Mage, that was sneak attacking Three-Crown Mage of Sun and Moon school students from the beginning is in the cateran strongest, was Mage, how many there are willing to work as the cateran?

Why the wolf divine intervention and Chen Sixuan not too clear Ji Dong called them, particularly Chen Sixuan, her Teacher Ji Dong never had such on own initiative to invite her. If did not have that wolf divine intervention to be better.

"Divine intervention, what will you have to plan from now on?"Ji Dong raises head to look at the day, looks at light of light asking airborne star moon/month.

The wolf divine intervention stares slightly, restrains the heart shintoism: "Possibly will also continue manifest some time, increases the story. Then returns to the diamond regiment to go."Although the establishment of diamond regiment is only a regiment, but it in entire Central Earth Empire, even is the status on Light Five Elements Continent is actually irreplaceable. By the wolf divine intervention present strength, the duty that returning to the diamond regiment at least also to be a chief.

Ji Dong turns around to look to the wolf divine intervention, "before me, has wanted to ask you, by your present strength. Why rides is actually the Rank 4 crack Land Dragon, if I have not misread, mount that you should not sign the contract."He once invaded the wolf divine intervention in the soul, has this feeling. Let alone he does not think that the wolf divine intervention will limit in Rank 4 magic beast.

The wolf divine intervention said: "Few hosts, this crack Land Dragon from I ten -year-old time with me, is my mount, I can trade to ride Rank 6 crack Dragon King, but I already and this crack Land Dragon had the sentiment, fortunately did not trade. The Mage strength must look at itself, extremely in depending upon the mount is not the good deed. Moreover the family stipulated that only then achieves Eight-Crown to sign to drill the lizard. Therefore, I have ridden this Rank 4 crack Land Dragon. After waiting for later signing to drill the lizard, provides for again this crack Land Dragon, even if no contract, it is also my good partner."

Ji Dong nodded with applause, suddenly, his vision suddenly changes, the wolf divine intervention only thinks the ray that in Ji Dong both eyes projects to be very swift and fierce, he of oppression retroceded half step.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "Divine intervention, if after I let you, with me, gives up all of diamond regiment. Do you want."

In wolf divine intervention heart one startled, some being perplexed looks at Ji Dong. Although he does not know why Ji Dong will say, but the flash he feels, regarding oneself, this should be an opportunity, once in a thousand years opportunity. From Ji Dong, he saw too many mysteries, let alone Ji Dong is one of two people equal king one lineage/vein generation only saves, his blood elder brother is Central Earth Empire now the crown prince. But, by his current cultivation base, will be very likely to become father's replacing person in the near future, many years later wields the diamond regiment. The diamond armed forces regimental commander, is that the what kind of glory? At once, in his heart hesitates. The Ji Dong vision changes Chen Sixuan from the wolf divine intervention, "you are also, whether you are willing to follow me, gives up the princess status, is my partner. You leave think so me, what I said is the partner is not the companion, before I said with you were very clear."Chen Sixuan that gentle such as the swift and fierce complete melting of vision of water in his eyes, avoidance instead was Ji Dong.

Those who stem from Ji Dong to be unexpected, she continually hesitant does not even have hesitant, immediately nodded, said: "I want."

She so simply replied that immediately made nearby wolf divine intervention look askance, Princess? Few hosts actually said the girl who this has worn a mask is Venerable/revering of princess?

Ji Dong knits the brows: "Chen Sixuan, do not reply me blindly. You do not even know that is my partner to do."

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, ", regardless of does me to want, you will not always sell me. So long as can with you in the same place, even if faces the big danger, many difficulties. I will not flinch. Teacher Ji Dong, I am willing to become your partner. Forever."Her heartbeat was accelerating, waits to be so long, the opportunity came finally. The wolf divine intervention does not understand that meaning of Ji Dong, can she not be clear?

On the Ji Dong face reveals a forced smile, "said honestly, I do not know really invited your joining is to or wrong. The fine jade princess, I said again seriously one time, among us is impossible. If you regard friend to regard me, I think, we are together will be very good."

Chen Sixuan said with a smile: "You can not like me, but you cannot refuse me to like you. You are not good to me, am I good to you am not good? Teacher Ji Dong, I when you complied with Oh."

Ji Dong speechless turning head, looks to the wolf divine intervention,
"you?" The wolf divine intervention clenches teeth fiercely, "few hosts, I are willing to follow you."Makes this decision to be for him difficult, but the wolf divine intervention fully realized that chance thing is often written in water, he chose has believed oneself intuition.

Ji Dong solemnly said: "With me, you will face the enormous danger, even is the bad risk. Therefore gives up inheriting the diamond regiment in the future, you thought."

Wolf divine intervention firm nodded. "Since had decided I will not regret. Few hosts, I also nearly 30 years old, my matter I can take responsibility this year, I believe that the father will not oppose. Regardless of there is any danger, I am willing to serve few hosts to undertake together."

On Ji Dong face rare reveals a smiling face, "good, such being the case, later do not call me little to advocate, we are only partner's relations. You called my name to be OK directly. Early tomorrow morning, you lead the army to return to the military compound to connect with directly, then arrives at Heavenly Stems School to look for me."

"Yes. Few hosts. Oh, no, Ji Dong." The wolf divine intervention does not know own today's decision is correct, in the near future, when he follows Ji Dong to stand in the continent peak recalled all that tonight has, also some suddenly such as the feeling of dream.

Ji Dong choice wolf divine intervention and Chen Sixuan obviously are because bright heavenly stems disciple, although he has not known that cloud Tianji has made certain arrangement, but he is very clear in the bright heavenly stems disciple to lack anything. The wolf divine intervention talent is extremely good, was less than 30 years old, cultivation base has been the Level 69 degree, can break through Level 70 shortly. This time said goodbye him, his disposition was obviously mature, did not have before again rampant domineering. Also came from the diamond regiment, equal king direct descendant, the life experience naturally does not have any issue, Ji Dong to choose him, is makes him succeed the position of Fifth Earth disciple. As for Chen Sixuan, naturally was the Second Wood disciple. Ji Dong has to acknowledge that Chen Sixuan and between the tacit coordination, has her, own strength can the geometrical multiple promotion, be able to spell to spell facing the supreme powerhouses. Although her princess's status is somewhat troublesome, but, this status made her have eternal armor Second Wood department divine tool. Considered from the angle of bright heavenly stems disciple, has her to join, without doubt will increase dramatically the strength of disciple. Moreover is relying on eternal armor divine tool, she will absorb Crystal Crown of Second Wood disciple not to have any danger to exist. Meanwhile, Chen Sixuan can carry on the soul fusion of essence with him, did not consider that the emotional problem the words, who Ji Dong really cannot find out also compared with her more suitable bright Second Wood disciple position.

This time returns to Central Plains City, the matter that Ji Dong must face are many, all that he makes, will prepare for the future holy war.

Next morning, Ji Dong is leading the students and rewiring knight group separates from each other, on point of departure , the students and mixed the ripe veterans somewhat to be reluctant to part greatly.

Over the next few days, Ji Dong leads the students to hurry along fully, in five days later. Finally arrived at Central Plains City.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do we go to Heavenly Stems School directly?" The purple morning star follows to ask side Ji Dong.

Ji Dong thinks, said: "Does not use, I arrange you to look for a hotel to stay first, recuperation two days go to Heavenly Stems School again, some of my also matters must process."

Enters Central Plains City, in the Ji Dong heart the somewhat moved feeling, when previous time arrived here, oneself are that high-spirited, returns once more, is actually widely experienced. Heavenly Stems School, my Ji Dong came back. Senior Brother, are you good? Has a look at itself to hang in the white hair of shoulder, the look unconscious fluctuation of Ji Dong. The hotel arrangement in Ji Dong mouth made all students shock, wants to come in them, always severe Teacher Ji Dong can arrange the stopping over place to be good to them. But they cannot think, the Ji Dong choice, is actually in entire Central Plains City the most expensive hotel, but the goal of choice this hotel, to economize unexpectedly.

Is situated in Central Plains City already the silly rich hotel in earth main road town center, it can be said that the flagship stores in all silly rich hotels, the outward appearance and blazing the appearance of hot city to be similar, but the whole actually also wants on big one time. Even if in the Western Jin Dynasty empire Jin Cheng's first silly rich hotel is unable in comparison. Who makes this Central Plains City be first under heaven city?

Before Ji Dong sees the hotel gate, that twin welcomes guests beautiful * female, in the heart an unstated criticism, Zhou Xiaoxiao this fatty, savors also is really unusual.

The welcome young girls noticed that Ji Dong this line of are also very strange, although they ride a horse, but the attire specially is not magnificent, seems is only the average person, only then Ji Dong that white hair and Chen Sixuan block from the perfect personal appearance that the face actually could not block from be somewhat special. These many people come to the silly rich hotel, how many wants to spend? Even if some big aristocrats, little over ten people come together the silly rich hotel time. Here expense is not general expensive. Flaminged the silly rich hotel in hot city to be very expensive, may compared with this flagship store, actually also probably miss on one time. But Ji Dong they have more than 30 people fully, even if only the expenditure of eating meal, regarding the average person was also the astronomical figures.

However, these regarding the welcome young girls are not the issues that they consider, walks pair of twin sisters as before, please enter the silly rich hotel the people.

Arrives in the great hall, a welcome young girl asked to Ji Dong: "Is everybody dines or stays?" At this time is in the evening, Ji Dong said: "First dines stays again.
Your does here have the suite that five people live together?"

The welcome young girl has gawked, "mister, probably only then the ruler suite of most high standard can be occupied by above five people. The luxurious suite also can only be occupied by four people."

Ji Dong wants not to think, said directly: "Opens eight ruler suites to me."

"? Sir, you are not and I crack a joke."Welcome young girl surprised looks at Ji Dong, looks like was looking that the neurosis is the same. Not only she, the students looks at their this mysterious Teacher is also a dumbfounded appearance. Not only came silly rich, but must live in the ruler suite, if this is real, but was too happy. Some many people have cheered in the heart. They may never see oneself this Teacher Ji Dong to speak the idle talk vernacular.

Ji Dong shot a look at welcome young girl one eyes, ", if you cannot take responsibility, asked the person who can take responsibility to see me."

The welcome young girl has hesitated, said: "Sir, our ruler suites are 88,888 gold coin evenings."

!!!, Asked the monthly ticket

Chapter 375: Under Taizi Dian

The welcome young girl has hesitated. Said: "Sir, our ruler suites are 88,888 gold coin evenings."Clearly, she is telling the room that Ji Dong he must reserve is expensive. Eight presidential suites, a day of expense reaches as high as 700,000 gold coins about, this regarding anybody perhaps is the astronomical figures, even if will be each Empire Imperial family so will not be luxurious. But in fact, even if at present this silly rich hotel is the flagship store, the presidential suite altogether also only has four.

Can move in silly rich hotel presidential suite, not only money is so simple, is the symbol of status, but each once had moved in the guest in silly rich hotel presidential suite, will become the distinguished guest of silly rich business association, the custom of silly rich hotel will be, will move in the guest in presidential suite, regardless of proposed that any request must satisfy as far as possible. Naturally, such as the value of guest demand is too high, will supplement the charge.

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, while he must open the mouth, suddenly, a pleasantly surprised sound resounds, "Ji Dong. Is you?"

A big form like lightning flushed at the speed, frightened two welcome young girls to jump, they only thought that at present a flower, before the body, were many individual.

Comes the person to wear the bright yellow long gown, hair neat combing after the brain, he just a appearance, immediately four attendants follows, separates two welcome young girls in the one side. Sees this person, the Ji Dong originally tranquil vision immediately the fierce fluctuation, "is you."

Yellow clothes person both hands hold the Ji Dong shoulder fiercely, a student heart that his movement looks at contracts, Teacher Ji Dong in their eyes, that is stranger not near extreme danger. Besides admiration, in their hearts also fear. But this yellow clothes person dares to hold the shoulder of their Teacher Ji Dong unexpectedly directly, can make them not surprised?

In yellow clothes person eyes is sparkling the Ji Dong ray, looks at Ji Dong that white hair, is the lip shivers unable to speak unexpectedly. "Younger brother, where you went to these days, how to do this appearance, exactly what happened, do you know, all people were worried about you."Because the mood surges, his voice is very loud, immediately attracted the attention of surrounding many people. A man of manager attire led several staff to hurry.

"Under Taizi Dian, what happened?"Manager respectful said to yellow clothes person.

Right, this wears the man of bright yellow long gown is not others. The Ji Dong Big Brother, adopts by equal king lineage/vein to Ji Yeshang of imperial family.

Ji Yeshang simply has not gone to pay attention to that manager, looks that Ji Dong that does not have the gloss white hair and that faint look, his heart is twitching intermittently. Although is not and this younger brother grows up together, but Ji Dong is actually the only family member of his peer, although Ji Dong has not complied, but their common grandfather equality Your Highness king already determined Ji Dong for the successor to the throne.

"Anything, had not passed."Ji Dong light replied. Own pain, does not need more to share, let alone others did not share. Here sees Ji Yeshang his truly also quite surprised.

Students this time of Sun and Moon school already stared wide-eyed, what's all this about? What crown prince is this person? Crown Prince Central Earth Empire? He also said that Teacher Ji Dong for the younger brother, could it be said......, Heavens! They are hard to imagine, own Teacher unexpectedly is the imperial family juniors. continent first powerful nation Central Earth Empire imperial family juniors.

Ji Yeshang took a deep breath, "younger brother, here is not the speech place, walks, we find a place."Was saying drew Ji Dong to walk, but this drew has not actually drawn.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "My also these students must arrange.
This is not others has not been willing to open the room to me."

One hear of this saying, in the Ji Yeshang eye the cold light puts immediately greatly. An invisible dignity has the intense oppression strength to erupt immediately from him, the vision looked collects the manager who immediately to side that "what's the matter? First did not say my younger brother's status how, you silly rich do not have the custom, does what guest want to receive?"

The Ji Yeshang words are not heavy, but that manager is actually sweat. Character who Ji Yeshang now Central Earth Empire wields great power with great arrogance now, he is now a crown prince, but currently Emperor Central Earth Empire has the serious illness, has not known how long can insist. Let alone, besides crown prince status, behind Ji Yeshang, but also is standing the huge equal prince clan. As equal king eldest grandson's he, will have the entire equal Wang Jia zu full support without a doubt. Once were succeeded Datong by Ji Yeshang, then, without a doubt, the Central Earth Empire all parties influence becomes the unprecedented unity. Let alone is the silly rich young manager, even if fatty Zhou Xiaoxiao here, will attach great importance to Ji Yeshang especially. After all, Central Earth Empire this colossus is in the dominant position on continent.

"Sorry, under Taizi Dian. You allow me to understand the situation first."At the same time was saying, the manager looks severely to usherette, "what's the matter? How can prevent the guest to check into our hotel, particularly so honored guest." As soon as the welcome young girl listens to Ji Dong is now the crown prince Ji Yeshang younger brother, some dizziness, hastily said: "Manager, is not I prevents this mister and his friend moves. Really is this gentleman's request we are unable to satisfy. He must open eight presidential suites."

"?" The manager listened to her such saying, immediately was also the surprised color/look.

Ji Yeshang doubts looks to Ji Dong, "younger brother, you must open eight presidential suites. Here altogether only has four. Said honestly, I have not given up. That is the house price of astronomical figures, it is said a day wants the small 100,000 gold coins, do you also take eight? could it be did you get rich? Even if got rich money is not such flower law."

Ji Dong shakes the head, said: "Originally here enough presidential suite, that had not opened four presidential suites, opens four low grade of rooms always to have again."At the same time was saying, throws a purple circular sign to that manager hand in conveniently. In such type is similar to the gold coin common sign, has a fat face design.

The manager receives the sign subconsciously, the next flash, he is the complexion big change, before facing Ji Yeshang is more terrified. "Old, old...... Board. "

Ji Dong waves, said: "Quickly arranges."

What does the principle also dare to say much? Respectful in round sign the hand hands over also arrives in the Ji Dong hand, turns around to walk, arranged personally. Ji Yeshang that this, looks is dumbfounded. The students in Sun and Moon school look at each other in blank dismay, on Teacher Ji Dong, actually how many secrets? Why his each status is that shocking.

"Younger brother, when have you become the silly rich boss? This not real."Ji Yeshang was puzzled asked. Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "I naturally am not the silly rich boss, but I know their bosses and that's the end. Did not say these, do not find a place to chat with me? That walks. Chen Sixuan, you stay here. Be responsible for arranging everybody to move , each group room, cultivates cannot break, your room, keeps a room again to me."This was he takes the goals of eight rooms.

Thinks of fine jade clever nodded.

Ji Yeshang brings Ji Dong to turn round toward the silly rich two buildings to walk, accompanies to hurry to go forward, said in a low voice: "Under Taizi Dian, the time of cabinet meeting drew near, are you looked. "

After Emperor Central Earth Empire serious illness, now the everyday concerns of empire are presided over by Ji Yeshang and his grandfather together.

Ji Yeshang snorted, said: "Makes them wait. You go to the equal palace now. Reports back to equal Your Highness king, said that my younger brother came back."

Is startled from the heart secretly, under this Taizi Dian is quite usually assiduous, has not had any late situation to appear in the official business, makes determined efforts, places at the complete mental effort the government national affairs. Like because of private affair, but the delaying official business first time, thus it can be seen, the status of this white hair young people was important. Has never heard under Taizi Dian a also younger brother! could it be it is cousin?

Ji Yeshang brings Ji Dong to arrive in a luxurious passenger compartment, told that in accompanies and service personnel all can not enter without the summon.

"Younger brother, now you can tell me to have anything."Ji Yeshang somewhat impatient asking. Ji Dong lightly said: "You are the empire crown prince, could it be have not known that what on Holy and Evil Island had?"

Ji Yeshang said: "This I know, but I did not know on you had anything, after Empress Lie Yan has released the Red Lotus day fire, has taken away you, how you such for a long time appeared, but also turned into this appearance."

"Because Lie Yan (raging flames) died." The simple six characters almost push from the gap between teeth from the Ji Dong mouth, the mood of his whole person instantaneously becomes excited. But hears his words, Ji Yeshang is also surprised.

"What? Did Empress Lie Yan die? Is this possible? And that terrifying ten thousand thunder break into a jail including the dark secret are unable to cause any damage to her, how she can. "

In the Ji Dong eye reveals the thick pain, "she to save me dies, she should not appear in the world. You think, she displays that formidable strength saves us the time, doesn't need to pay any price? earth core Empress, does not accommodate for god. After Lie Yan (raging flames) brings I return to the earth core world, has come across slaughtering of god lawman. Although that lawman similarly was also struck to kill by us, but, Lie Yan (raging flames) actually walked, forever walked, left me."

Looks at Ji Dong, feels his intense pain, Ji Yeshang long time cannot be speaking, he does not know how should console own younger brother, the Lie Yan (raging flames) death, making his hair turn did not have the vitality white, this did sad can also it be that say a word to comfort?

Ji Dong pounds on the table suddenly, "service person, on the liquor, wants the strong liquor."

The free time of a while. On the strong liquor the table, Ji Dong uses he most familiar way to resist the sorrow that the innermost feelings were making him nearly unable to breathe. Ji Yeshang has not prevented him, long time sighed, "was really the day of being jealous person with outstanding ability? Senior Brother Fu Rui so, you are also so. This is the envy of heaven!"

"Senior Brother he how?"Listens to Ji Yeshang to say Fu Rui, Ji Dong puts down the beverage bottle in hand to look to Ji Yeshang.

Ji Yeshang smiles bitterly, "ten thousand thunder break into a jail, you is a litigant, is clearer than me. Our here participates in the person of war of Holy and Evil, can live can have several?"

The Ji Dong heart contracts suddenly, "you said that Senior Sister Ye Xin she. "

Ji Yeshang nodded, said: "Senior Brother Fu Rui found her time, her body was changed into the hard coke the purple ice day demon flood dragon to cover the this humble one surface. However, ten thousand thunder break into a jail the might was too terrifying. Senior Sister Ye Xin cannot escape by luck as before. "

The Ji Dong vision coagulated instantaneously, "that Senior Brother Fu Rui he. "

Ji Yeshang said with a forced smile: "Perhaps you saw that now he does not know. After Senior Brother Fu Rui hugs the corpse of Senior Sister Ye Xin is returning to Heavenly Stems School, oneself closes in the room. But his wail sound has actually made a sound for seven days. Waits for the people of school to break into his room the time, discovered him already the stupor of whole face tears of blood. This rests is seven days. Senior Brother Fu Rui again wakes after the sadness, first has buried Senior Sister Ye Xin, then the whole person changed, becomes uncommunicative, every day excessive drinking. At all not Confucian school of idealist philosophy any business, nobody dares to approach him. Regarding anybody's words, does not pay attention. Your Martial Ancestor once personally came school, is as before helpless. As if, Senior Brother Fu Rui he was completely close oneself heart." Is listening to the description of Ji Yeshang, nobody can in the pain compared with Ji Dong clearer Fu Rui heart. He has not thought, the fellow apprentices two people unexpectedly are such having same problem.

"The time of more than half a year, continent various countries situation how?"Ji Dong fills the next liquor , to continue to ask.

Ji Yeshang said: "The situation of Holy and Evil Island war has spread over the continent various countries high level last, now various Great Empire in aggressively is carrying on the pre-war preparation. Assembles all resources training, to unify the Mage cultivation. Some hidden world many years of Mage families also started to make an appearance gradually. Five countries have consulted urgently one time, the decision together anti- enemy. Now had 1 million armies to be stationed on Holy and Evil Island directly, arranges the fortification. Following army layer upon layer deploys troops for defense in the East China Sea seashore. Assembles the strength of entire continent, momentarily the preparation of best strain. According to our judgments, from army, we not weakly in Dark Five Elements Continent. The key is the strength disparity on Mage. According to your is receiving work from Holy and Evil Island the person description, the Dark Five Elements Continent heavenly stems disciple not only has Ten Great Divine Tools, that dark secret had the strengths of four mahatma beasts. The also unification displays ten departments to combine the magic skill deep meaning. The situation is less optimistic. Younger brother, that side heavenly stems disciple, but also needs you to shoulder the summer beam. Now the secret has arranged disciple, they also inherited Crystal Crown of respective disciple."

"Oh? Did the secret arrange the disciple? Who is?"Ji Dong asked. Ji Yeshang said: "Is your acquaintance. "
Finally several days charge, asking monthly ticket to ask the monthly ticket. Do not remain, remained again was putrefying, threw to our Wine God.

Chapter 376: Reached agreement to observe

"Oh? Did the secret arrange the disciple? Who is?"Ji Dong surprised asking. His pupil obviously has also contracted, the heavenly stems disciple is who is quite important regarding him. If not the previous generation bright heavenly stems disciple perhaps mean will not have the Holy and Evil Island great misfortune.

Ji Yeshang said: " Is your acquaintance, or is the person on one's own side.

Bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu, Bright Second Wood disciple vacancy,
Bright Yin-Yang two fires disciple Ji Dong, Bright Yang Thunder disciple Fu Rui,
Bright Fifth Earth disciple vacancy,

The bright Sixth Earth disciple is remote, Bright Seventh Metal disciple Du Xin'er, Bright Eighth Metal disciple gold/metal, Bright Ninth Water disciple Du Ming,
Bright Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er. " Listened to the Ji Yeshang words, Ji Dong to relax, on face rare revealed a smiling face, "was really the people on one's own side."

Ji Yeshang helpless say/way: "If not the status of this crown prince, I will not certainly pass on responsibilities, becomes the bright Fifth Earth disciple. What a pity, is in its, I actually cannot such do. Brother, do not blame me."

Ji Dong looks at Ji Yeshang, he discovered. Own this half blood Elder Brother were not only more than many dignity before, was obviously mature, does not have youth that type again shy and impulse, what are more is calm and profound.

"The Fifth Earth disciple and Second Wood disciple I had the plan. Now everybody in Heavenly Stems School?"Ji Dong asked. After all, these partners have various status respectively, like must control the demon pledge remotely, Du Ming, Du Xin'er brother and sister are the children of President Bartenders Association, will not necessarily stay here.

nodded that Ji Yeshang makes an effort, "they in Heavenly Stems School. Because they know, if you come back, certainly will look for them to Heavenly Stems School. Does not lack, they are waiting for you, waits for you to do the King return of Saint king on this day."

Ji Dong solemnly said: "I will go to Heavenly Stems School to see them tomorrow. Elder Brother, I have a matter to need your help, or is the help and support of Central Earth Empire."

Ji Yeshang said: "You said that so long as is I can achieve."

Ji Dong said: "I hope that you can come Heavenly Stems School to observe with the grandfather the day after tomorrow."

"Observes? Do you want to cope with Heavenly Stems School?"Listened to Ji Dong these words, Ji Yeshang to be surprised, in his eyes, oneself this younger brother, although was more impulsive sometimes, person but who cannot act unreasonably. Now date, should show no external differences, will he cope with Heavenly Stems School? Ji Dong said: "Does not cope with Heavenly Stems School, exchanges the study. Haven't you seen these people who I bring? That is I blazing the student of hot school. These days, I have remained flaming the hot school that Teacher establishes, when Teacher. This time leads to come, one is to handle some own matters, another carried on to compare notes with Heavenly Stems School."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, Ji Yeshang unconscious frowning. "Depends on your little guys? Is deceiving the girl of face besides that other person of universal cultivation base are also about Three-Crown. You bring these student and our Heavenly Stems School ordinary student carry on to compare notes as if not to have the too big significance. Younger brother, also many matters wait for you to be done. How you can go to work as ordinary Teacher. This used a talented person in an insignificant position simply."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, "elder brother, if I said that I must exchange is not the ordinary student, but is Yin-Yang School? Oh, can tell you, these students who I bring, is we blazing the disciple in hot school Sun and Moon school. The Sun and Moon school is wields by me."

"Sun and Moon school?"Ji Yeshang has gawked, somewhat funny say/way: "Are you are provoking to Yin-Yang School? Was, haven't you forgotten the initial matter?"

Ji Dong said: "These already no longer important, perhaps continuously some obstructions in my heart, but you believe that because I the initial that dirty matter did disregard the general situation in? I lead this group of students to compare notes, naturally has the goal. In your eyes, Yin-Yang School is perhaps supreme in school, but in my eyes is actually not this. This time I come, must lead my students to challenge Yin-Yang School to place the first 30 disciples."

Ji Yeshang stared wide-eyed looks at Ji Dong, "is this possible? Although your is powerful, but, only if you are willing to carry on the destruction. Otherwise, compares notes to exchange normally is impossible to win, you have also treated in Yin-Yang School, naturally knows that our Yin-Yang School is what kind of strength. A pair 30, even if you and Senior Brother Fu Rui perhaps also. "

Ji Dong shot a look at his one eyes, "who told you me to participate to compete with? I am Teacher. Compares notes to exchange is the matter of students."

"?"Ji Yeshang looks at Ji Dong, seems like looking at the monster to be ordinary, "you not? Can you make you bring these little fellow and Yin- Yang School upfront shake hardly? Younger brother, you. "

What Ji Dong naturally he must say, "I am very normal, otherwise, you think that I do want to invite you and grandfather observe? I must change now the world Mage world aspect."

His tone that light, but his each few words have actually raised the dreadful wave in the Ji Yeshang heart, must know, before present Ji Yeshang is not , a Yin-Yang School student. But is the Central Earth Empire successor, his idea, will decide in the future the Central Earth Empire aspect trend. Regarding Ji Dong this younger brother, he will naturally be outspoken the support, the blood relationship is placed there, is any benefit is unable to substitute, let alone this younger brother is Saint king of one generation of heavenly stems disciples. Perhaps in the folk, does not have many people to know him, is in various countries' high level, particularly the Central Earth Empire high level as well as Mage world, he has the extremely high prestige, faintly and is called the present age nova with Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Regardless of but how to say, the meaning that Ji Dong expressed at this time was extremely unthinkable. Once was Yin- Yang School ranked the first ten powerhouses, all -round strength of Ji Yeshang to Yin-Yang School was really too clear, Ji Dong must rank the first 30 disciples with his universal Three-Crown students facing Yin-Yang School. This is unable to imagine.

Ji Yeshang some do not even know at this time oneself should say anything, but looks at Ji Dong, hopes that he can give a reasonable explanation. "Does not rely on hearsay, seeings is believing, I cannot want you to believe me now. Asked the grandfather to observe. Will not disappoint you. I also will simultaneously ask the Mage Guild high level to come. This is also my this time arrives at one of the Central Plains City main goals."

Ji Yeshang took a deep breath, returns to normal the mood that reluctantly are surging, "younger brother, I was really cannot completely understand you more and more. Even if the miracle, I am unable to believe that this is the fact. This miracle was also too intense. I cannot find out, you have any successful opportunity. These little fellows. "

Ji Dong knits the brows: "Does not want the little fellow little fellow called my student, I also compared with them only greatly are 2-3 years old. magic power level is never the entirety of fight. In my eyes, does not have the miracle, only then strength."

Ji Yeshang said: "Good. Although I do not believe you can succeed, the request that but you set I will definitely satisfy, believes that the grandfather will not reject. Who lets us is a whole family? The day after tomorrow when?"

Ji Dong said: "In the morning."

Ji Yeshang nodded, said: "Good, that this matter such decided. Right, why that manager can manage you to call the boss a moment ago, what you and is the silly rich business association relates? Brother, you may be careful, the strength that the silly rich business association hides is quite formidable, is the objects who various Great Empire win over, but does not have a country to have its absolute support. The inside story of this business association made anybody shock sufficiently. His association president is the strength of supreme powerhouse rank."

Ji Dong said: "What you said is Zhou Xiaoxiao that fatty. That badge is he gives me. He has said. Can carry on the expense not to need to pay money in silly rich business association any industry with this thing. could it be you think, I do have that many money to come to spend freely really?" Ji Yeshang has gawked, "safe does everything to please, non- deceitful is the robber. could it be said that the silly rich business association does need help from you?"

Ji Dong said: "Is. This matter you leave alone, my innate discretion."He has not told Ji Yeshang to be possible is identified as the matter of silly rich business association successor. Very obviously, if this matter he said that certainly will bring many unnecessary trouble.

Ji Yeshang nodded, said: "Good, I believe that you can process. Younger brother, I must attend the cabinet meeting, this walked. If you have the time. Should better go home to have a look at the grandfather. After I enter the imperial palace, a grandfather person in the palace is really somewhat lonely."

Ji Dong hesitant, will open the mouth, suddenly, the low and deep dignified sound conveys from outside, "I have a look at him."

Resounds along with the sound, the gate opens, equal Wang Ji yun lives the big form to appear in the entrance. The gate opens, Ji Dong and Ji Yeshang also saw, the entrance has stood many people, seems the staff in silly rich hotel, includes that to receive to frighten not the young manager. Should be this hotel all high levels.

Ji Yeshang and Ji Dong almost also stand up, but Ji cloud Sheng passing through the gate, is the whole body greatly shakes, is gazing at white hair Ji Dong, hides both hands in sleeves unconscious shivers. Must know, at his age not yet white-haired, but this grandson in full flower unexpectedly ,
This must suffer the big attack becomes so! Sees Ji Dong, Ji cloud Shengjiu unstoppable remembering his father, in the innermost feelings immediately an intense sharp pain, originally, because Ji Dong returns to Central Plains City actually not to go to the palace unhappy nothing left, in the eye the ray also only remaining deeply regretted.

"Grandfather."Ji Dong salutes to Ji cloud Sheng. Ji Yeshang also similarly salutes in one side, but he has adopted to the imperial family, how this grandfather is in front of bystander is being cannot call. Ji cloud Sheng one step strides in room, the left hand wields, bang'ed, gate already by his numerous closing. Next step arrived in front of Ji Dong, "what's the matter? What had?"

Ji Dong sighed secretly, could it be own scabs must time and time again was opened? Luckily, side the Ji Yeshang extremely intelligent gathering equal king, the Ji Dong matter said near his ear at this time in a low voice simply. Listened to the Ji Yeshang words, Ji cloud Sheng layer on layer/heavily sighed, looks at Ji Dong, said: "You and your father look like. For a sentiment character."

Ji Dong said: "Did not say these. Grandfather, the day after tomorrow can you come?"Although the Ji Yeshang sound is small, but won't he be able to hear? The matter that this Elder Brother will observe a moment ago the day after tomorrow said to Ji cloud Sheng.

Ji cloud Sheng nodded. Said: "I will go. This is the family to your support. But do you have confidence really? The student who if you bring collapses at the first blow, comes under the attack, not only you alone."

The Ji Dong deep gaze Ji cloud Sheng both eyes, "I am being one like all person of controls in my. I do not want to explain anything again. But I can affirm told you, you will not be certainly disappointed."

Ji cloud Sheng Ji Yeshang wants resolute many, "good. If you have created this miracle, then, regardless of now on you make anything, the family unconditionally will support you. Now, goes home with me."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "No, Grandfather, I must with my students stay together."

Ji cloud Sheng angrily said: "could it be doesn't our equal palace have the place to live? Your mixes the boy, returned to Central Plains City not saying that first saw me."

Although the Ji cloud Sheng voice has filled the aggression of being insufferably arrogant, but Ji Dong can actually feel meaning of the warming profoundly, in heart one soft, said: "Grandfather, is not I am not willing to go back. But cannot go back now. Three days later, the student who I and I bring will be in the keenest struggle after all. I must face, is entire Mage world, I do not hope to involve on Central Earth Empire official all. Also will not indicate only the support to Central Earth Empire. All waited for three days later to say again, ok? I will give you a confession."

The Ji cloud Sheng brow wrinkled wrinkled again, endured patiently eventually, "good. Ji Dong, other I can, no matter, even can support you. However, a little you must promise me." Here, this Central Earth Empire most had the old person vision of power and influence suddenly becomes gentle, looks the grandson who blood relative said: "Protects itself good, should not be received any injury by oneself again. Your person is your heart. I lost the son, does not think that is losing the grandson."Spoke these words, Ji cloud Sheng layer on layer/heavily has patted the shoulder of Ji Dong, waved to Ji Yeshang, leading the eldest grandson to walk together. Has the cabinet meeting little resulted in this equal Your Highness king?

Looks direction that Ji cloud Sheng departs, the Ji Dong vision became gentle, the warmth that the family member brought, made the impulsion that he had to plant to cry. No matter, oneself are not a person!

"Boss."In this time, is standing in a outside silly rich hotel administrative personnel, simultaneously respectful salutes to Ji Dong. Is one person, is a near 60-year- old man, seems is in high spirits, in the eye the god light fills the air. In an numerous administrative personnel, only then in his eyes does not have that feeling in reverential awe.

The new week, asked monthly ticket and recommendation ticket. Finally several days, everybody's monthly ticket has thrown crazily

Chapter 377: Get angry! The arrogance of tyrant

Along with equal Crown Prince king and departure of Ji Yeshang. Ji Dong has also delivered to the entrance, a numerous administrative personnel salute to him collectively.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Does not use overly courteous, I am not your bosses."

Is the old man of head says with a smile: "Although you now are also not a boss, but after not representative, is not. Said honestly, I have hoped more and more you can become the successor of boss."

"Un?"Ji Dong looks at this old man, in eye reveals the color/look of a trace of surprise.

This is the first old man not like other people in reverential awe, on the face is revealing the genial smile, the whole person seems like the good guy. But Ji Dong does not think so. Because, he can feel on this old man clearly the vast magic power fluctuation. Can make him surprised, naturally possibly is not the small role. At present this, clearly is a Heavenly Venerable level powerhouse, is the Eight-Crown magic power owner.

"You go busily." The old men waved, dispatch to draw back an numerous administrative personnel, then approaches Ji Dong saying: "Mr. Ji Dong, hello. I am the general manager in Central Plains City silly rich hotel, I called to the war casualty. Also is business association discussing official business rolls one of the 128 members. Therefore, you do not need to be surprised I to know your matter. Anticipated very much can soon see you accept the inspection in the discussing official business group."

Ji Dong said indifferently: "Silly rich business association is the inside story is really deep, no wonder has the so aloof status. Each discussing official business group member owner your such Eight-Crown cultivation base?"

Shows a faint smile to the war casualty, a light arrogance flashes through from the eyeground, said: "That say/way is not, each has its strong points. Mr. Ji Dong. Your person hotel has arranged according to your instruction. If your also anything need, can at any time to inform me, the business association will meet your request as far as possible. Naturally, everything has the bottom line. I also can only do everything possible."

Was is reminding Ji Dong to the last few words of dying young do not go too far obviously, after all, he actually directly took eight presidential suites, this point to make to dying young before is somewhat discontented. But later Ji Dong can bring in Ji Yeshang and Ji cloud Sheng these two Central Earth Empire most influential characters, made him hold in high esteem. But he actually as before cannot help striking Ji Dong one, after all, in his eyes Ji Dong was too young. Ji Dong said his cultivation base to make him somewhat surprised a moment ago directly, to this young people, he really somewhat cannot completely understand. He had Seven-Crown cultivation base like the association president in the discussing official business group conference said really? Moreover can withstand an attack of association president burning a joss stick time, this seemed too inconceivable.

To idea of dying young no doubt yes right, but he has actually neglected a point, that is the Ji Dong temperament. Not only Ji Dong is arrogant, in the temperament has the staunchness that an average man is unable to hope to attain. Reason that he is willing to accept the request of Zhou Xiaoxiao, that completely because of the Lie Yan (raging flames) reason as well as to Zhou Xiaoxiao this person the approval. At present this hotel general manager clearly very looks down upon him to lead that many people to move , seemed he has occupied big small advantage, but also came to strike specially, by the Ji Dong temperament, easily will accept? "To dying young general manager, I currently have a matter to make you do. Please let the staff in hotel all call the person who before I brought."

Looks at the Ji Dong tranquil vision to the war casualty, as if felt any improper, but the request of Ji Dong was not excessive, immediately beckons to ask the service personnel to tell that they did according to the Ji Dong words.

Ji Dong stands is freezing, to dying young also stands in his side is the smile does not speak throughout, has young people of white hair in secret observation this. But what made his somewhat surprised was, his anything could not look, aura unified whole of this young people whole body sending out, greatly since birth person not near feeling.

The free time of a while, the students in Sun and Moon school as well as Chen Sixuan fast gathered, in most person eyes is revealing the excitement that is hard to conceal. They are also first time live in such luxurious hotel, the lots, are they want not to think.

Sees the students to gather, Ji Dong said to Chen Sixuan: "With two Rank 7 crystal core to me."

Thinks of the fine jade to take out two Rank 7 crystal core to give Ji Dong from own storage Magic Tool, in the Ji Dong access hand, this changes to the war casualty, coldly said: "To the dying young general manager, first, I must tell you, you have not matched to remind me or teach me. My student just moved, all expenses, these two Rank 7 crystal core also sufficiently paid. Please pass on to Zhou Xiaoxiao, words that he spoke like to talk nonsense, after letting him, do not look for me again."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong throws that two Rank 7 crystal core for leaving the war casualty, simultaneously. Zhou Xiaoxiao gave his badge to arrive in his hand, in an instant, the dazzling golden flame instantaneous ascension, the tyrannical attribute suppression proliferated instantaneously, changed to the war casualty complexion, the subconscious stimulation of movement own magic power resisted, his clear seeing, top/withstand Black and White Yin-Yang Crown in that above the Ji Dong top of the head condensed.

Purple badge under the ignition of pinnacle Yang Fire, although turned into the red instantaneously, but has not melted unexpectedly, the Ji Dong eyeground flashes through a trace of surprise, but the next moment, another black flame also ascends in his palm. The gold/metal black dual-color flame pesters a strange flame whirlpool instantaneously. The Ji Dong powerful big hand gets hold of suddenly, pū a light sound, the purple badge changed into the liquid to vanish does not see.

To dying young calls out in alarm with amazement, "Pinnacle Two Fires."

"We walk."Ji Dong waves, turns around outward to walk.

Although students cannot feel brains, but no one will defy does not dare to defy the meaning of Ji Dong, the performance order already became their customs. Only then in the Chen Sixuan eye reveals a trace of surprise, because commitment between her clearest Ji Dong and Zhou Xiaoxiao. Although before has not seen with one's own eyes, has anything, but listened to a Ji Dong such saying, she was also indistinct can guess correctly that at present this so-called general manager has said anything to Ji Dong. In the eye gets angry the glittering immediately, she walks in last, complexion big change that in passing by that was suppressed by the Ji Dong Pinnacle Two Fires attribute when to dying young general manager, coldly said: "You are any thing, dares to teach Ji Dong."

To dying young cannot think that the matter will develop this appearance unexpectedly, at all is not anything's one gently strikes in own opinion, has provoked the so fierce response unexpectedly, the complexion immediately a paleness. He understands at this time. Zhou Xiaoxiao does not have slightest bit to exaggerate to the description of Ji Dong, even also several points is retaining. Has not said him is the Pinnacle Two Fires owner. Yes! Ordinary Seven-Crown Mage, possibly can resist an attack of association president burning a joss stick time? But has Pinnacle Two Fires, actually completely was another situation. Fully realized to the war casualty, oneself has made the unforgivable mistake, must know, the internal discipline of silly rich business association colossus is extremely severe, President even/including will receive very strong restriction.

"Mr. Ji Dong, invited wait a moment."Overtakes to the war casualty half step, "you have misunderstood, I am not that meaning."

Ji Dong has not even turned head to visit him, walking that outward strides bravely forward as before, that looked in students eyes to brave strings of small stars arrogantly. Especially the female students, have other ideas greatly.

Jumped to go forward to the war casualty, has blocked the Ji Dong way,
"Mr. Ji Dong, please listen to me to explain. I. "

Ji Dong stops the footsteps, lightly said: "What listens to you to explain? Explained why can strike me? Silly rich business association did not fear that I do profit? You can feel relieved greatly, later I will again never take the advantage of expensive business association. As for you, when your cultivation base broke through Nine-Crown, or you can break through the Nine-Crown words, comes to speak with me again."

At the same time was saying. He continues the stride to forward, saw that he will soon hit, to the war casualty has to the making way path, the flash of a moment ago that attribute suppressing, he understands, oneself is not at present the match of this young people. Although on magic power were many One-Crown, may in the situation that the attribute suppresses, how many strengths can oneself display? Let alone, oneself by Seventh Metal department Mage that Fire department repels one another.

"Mr. Ji Dong, please do not impulse, you this. Will regret."Follows to the war casualty side Ji Dong, anxious saying. In his heart at this time is also extremely angry, as one of the silly rich business association discussing official business group members, wields this flagship store, he in business association, on this pivotal status, when receives so has scolded?

"Regret? In my dictionary, has never had these two characters." The previous generation does not have, this life does not have. He can to taste a good wine pays with the life, after the rebirth, not have the slightest bit regret. At this time, he led students to go out of the silly rich hotel.

"Ji Dong, do you know, you do this are declaring war with the business association. You destroy the association president badge arbitrarily, but also so spouted rhetoric, the business association will not let off your."Said these words time, to dying young somewhat became angry out of shame.

May also after his these words said that Ji Dong moved. Illusory form, as powerful as a thunderbolt murderous aura along with the tyrant who turns round suddenly swiftly and fiercely, blots out the sky to leaving dead young to well up crazily, flashes before without any magic power ray, has, but Ji Dong that changes into the red fist, the speed like lightning, the wild attack, the flash arrived absolutely left the war casualty front.

Is surprised to the war casualty, he after all is Eight-Crown Mage, faced with the danger, first raises gathers own magic power, both hands keeps off in the chest front, dazzling white Seventh Metal magic power wells up crazily.

Loudly in loud sound, fist of Ji Dong with his double palm ruthlessly hits in together, is defeated and dispersed to white magic power that the war casualty releases instantaneously, the whole person is similar to the shell flies back to the silly rich hotel generally, cracks-up the front door, falls into the hall directly. In his ear, is reverberating the Ji Dong sound.

"To retaliate me, that comes."

Did not mean that has such huge disparity to the strength and Ji Dong of war casualty. He after all is Eight-Crown Mage, this is by the forms of combat decision of Ji Dong. Even if magic power level reaches as high as Level 96 Zhou Xiaoxiao, when erupts facing Ji Dong fully, must resist his offensive to be good first. The attack of Ji Dong, is always as powerful as a thunderbolt, in can decide the victory and defeat extremely in a short time, so long as resists his offensive, base originally has to defeat his possibility. But, can resist the Ji Dong attack truly and how many people have? Ji Dong this fist, mixed with the murderous intention and magic power of sword of divine tool Fire God, instantaneous bursting out that in addition the attribute suppresses, can it be that leaves the war casualty to resist. If not Ji Dong has not wanted to kill his meaning, so long as joins to extinguish the prestige energy that the god strikes in this fist, at least also wants the severe wound to the war casualty. Ji Dong of Seven-Crown rank, is not any ordinary Eight-Crown Mage can contend.

To dying young to crawl under supporting by the arm of hotel staff, the body completely dashes the crystal fragment that the front door brings, must know, the hotel front door carves with an entire mineral crystal. However, he could not attend to loving dearly the front door at this time. Ji Dong this fist, instead hit to awake him. First did not say silly rich business association can retaliate Ji Dong, at least his day will not feel better. As the business association Central Plains City head, he is duty-bound.

"General manager, what's all this about?"Obtains the news administrative personnel to come in swarms, looks the complexion was difficult to see the extreme to dying young surprisedly inexplicable. Especially is that shatter front door drops place eyeglasses, some could it be people dares to cause trouble to the silly rich business association?

To dying young murderous aura to force with great difficulty with the pinnacle flame aura tyrannical in intrusive mass, but his at heart actually be more painful than the body. If it is not dealt with properly perhaps this matter, will have the enormous influence to oneself in the status of business association. However, he has not realized a situation at this time completely the gravity, the faction that after all, he is was in the status of relative leadership in the silly rich business association. Even if association president Zhou Xiaoxiao must have scruples several points.

In any event, this matter must quickly report, how to process looks above. In any case before , has not said anything, at least leaves dies young oneself not to think oneself have any wrong, in his opinion, is only the Ji Dong response is excessively arrogant.

How Ji Dong naturally cannot go to the control to dying young thinks that leaves the silly rich hotel, in his heart thinks how can obtain silly rich business association that six bottles of liquor again. Really is not good, can only use force. Naturally, is not now.

Thinks of here, in the Ji Dong eye has revealed the dense cold light, light murderous aura passes in the eyeground.

Chen Sixuan followed silently side Ji Dong, she in the change to Ji Dong mood feels keenly, two people once the soul melted, she to him that familiar, immediately in heart one startled, when changes mind the ponder, had guessed correctly Ji Dong is thinking anything. A cordiality surges immediately from the bottom of the heart, for me, he is really anything dares to do!

The students have not lived in the silly rich hotel eventually, Ji Dong look for one also to calculate that casually the good hotel arranges everybody to stay, has had the dinner simply, made their respective Fang Xiulian. But he, then leaves quietly, recognizes the accurate Mage Guild direction to go. But these, were in his heart already planned.

The climax will soon arrive, asking the monthly ticket to ask the monthly ticket. Finally several days, final striving for success. Comes quickly.

Chapter 378: Fine jade princess's anger

The weather was completely black. But regarding the Central Plains City nightlife, this was only just started. As the continent first city, the Central Plains City entertainment industry is extremely developed, so long as is rich, then, only then you cannot think could not have achieved. For example in silly rich hotel presidential suite that former Ji Dong just got angry, each specially provided six young girls to serve, moreover was two pairs of extremely rare triplets beautiful women. Regardless of the guest wants to do, that is......

However, regarding Ji Dong, these debauchery does not have any significance, the previous generation as Wine God, these things he saw many were too many, this, he wanted obviously live was more splendid, but, stepped into itself not to be involved the sentimental world finally, fell into this eventually. However, he has not regretted, except for the pain, he has also understood many joys.

By far. Mage Guild was already in sight, Ji Dong is very clear, the Mage Guild high level is the direct housing here.

Arrived from the Mage Guild not far place, Ji Dong has stood in a corner, at this time the guild has closed, let alone knocking on a door can others open, he was also disinclined troublesome. The time early, earlier has not gotten through to go back to cultivate the matter. Since absorbing the sun was positive, the Ji Dong recent magic power progress speed dramatically increases, the advantage that sun brings positive had not been absorbed completely cleanly. Moreover when a moment ago Ji Dong melted the token that Zhou Xiaoxiao has given, fuses metal liquid inspiration within the body that the god technique will melt voluntarily, he actually felt that oneself that was picking up the restore speed in god hot Saint king Kai of slow restore instantaneously. Tonight goes back also carefully to have a look well. Had the help of armor, to his strength absolutely is even more powerful.

Closes both eyes slowly, thinks of the feeling rapidly to spread, the strength of huge soul ascends instantaneously, floating goes in the Mage Guild direction. In psychic force exploration range, all clear presents in the Ji Dong mind.


The imperial hotel is the Central Earth Empire official industry, is this Ji Dong the place that leads the Sun and Moon school students to move, although here was inferior that the silly rich hotel is so luxurious, was the good hotel that Central Plains City ranked among the best. In teaching Ji Dong, although is severe, may in the life, he not treat unjustly oneself disciples. Hides shortcomings this matter, to Ji Dong, simply is an instinct.

At this time, before imperial hotel gate, the slender form walked together, walked out of the hotel. She goes out several steps toward side, in the hand gesticulates a strange hand signal, a light dark green ray floating disperses. This official Chen Sixuan that walks from the hotel. Just, this time she, hid the beautiful appearance when veil may not have to look at the Ji Dong gentleness, instead was face cold frost.

The time is not long, appearance that the person's shadow is quietly together in front of Chen Sixuan, "your highness."Comes is not others, exterminates war-god Chen Longao officially.

Previous Ji Dong leads a student, when Armanz mountain smelting trial, Chen Longao is also protecting in not far away, has Ji Dong, he is not worried about the Chen Sixuan safety, therefore has not mounted the Armanz mountain. When the Armanz mountain erupts, when the magma hot rain arrives when he does not realize wonderfully, climbs mountains again, actually could not find Chen Sixuan. Afterward, in the sky, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan war three full suns, Chen Longao has discovered them. During by his strength, is actually not able to join to that fights. Until fought to finish finally. He the reluctant near, helping Chen Sixuan bring Ji Dong to the mountainside cavern. Otherwise, to the Chen Sixuan body condition want to rescue Ji Dong to get down at that time is not an easy matter.

Chen Sixuan to avoid the Ji Dong misunderstanding, has not told him these, in guaranteeing not to have in the dangerous situation to make Chen Longao depart. The spiritual survey of Ji Dong is extremely intrepid, therefore, Chen Longao, although is protecting Chen Sixuan in secret, actually does not dare to be close. Saw with one's own eyes Ji Dong to kill three full suns, his fear to this young people was also more intense. By him the understanding Chen Sixuan, naturally understands that the princess had a liking for Ji Dong, these are not he will interfere, by his love to Chen Sixuan, regardless of Chen Sixuan makes anything, he will support unconditionally.

Because can only the distance protection, therefore Chen Longao agreed at present this contact way with Chen Sixuan, attracts him to come through the fluctuation of magic power.

"Uncle Uncle Chen. I have a matter to want you to help me."Chen Sixuan coldly said.

Chen Longao is hearing her voice, immediately felt heart tightens, he was very long has not heard the Chen Sixuan so tone to speak, was very obvious, the princess has been in extremely in the anger. In his impression, a fine jade princess anger, even if the Eastern Wood Empire emperor must fear three points.

"Your highness, how? could it be it is that did Ji Dong bully you?"Also no wonder Chen Longao thinks, can make her be angry and seek the help by the Chen Sixuan strength, only had Ji Dong.

Chen Sixuan shook the head, said: "How can be Teacher Ji Dong. Teacher Ji Dong is very good to me. Uncle Chen, we came out from the silly rich hotel a moment ago, you saw." Chen Longao nodded, "I in quite far place. But felt the magic power fluctuation of Seventh Metal department."

Chen Sixuan said: "Uncle Chen, you go back to pass on to the father sovereign, said that the person in silly rich hotel insulted me, making him look at the office."

"?"Chen Longao is surprised, high and low careful looks at Chen Sixuan, "princess, you, you. "

Chen Sixuan charming face slightly red, "is not such that you think. You like this reply father sovereign in any case and that's the end."

Chen Longao is angry: "Good silly rich hotel, I to have the person to kill to visit now."

"No, Uncle Chen."Chen Sixuan said: "Here is not good. Here must unexpectedly be others Central Earth Empire capital, you bring to exterminate the regiment to cause trouble here, is very easy to cause the unnecessary misunderstanding. However, Eastern Wood Empire is our places. Silly rich business association bragged that first under heaven business association, this palace does not pay attention, but also shout insults, this matter father sovereign, if were concerned with, I do not go back. After more than one year the engagements, you make the father sovereign ask others to fulfill."

Spoke these words, Chen Sixuan turns around to return to the hotel. She is truly angry, the person in silly rich hotel insulted Ji Dong, quite therefore insulted her. Even insulting her was more serious. She must make the silly rich business association therefore pay the price. The influence of business association is big, after all is also only the business association. But is not the official country. If she is only one princess who own country thinks, she naturally cannot such do. But she is Lie Yan (raging flames), only for Ji Dong, but rebirth Lie Yan (raging flames).

Chen Longao stood in same place has pondered the moment slightly, in the eye the angry light flashed continually, good silly rich business association, to dare to bully on the fine jade princess to come, decided does not give up with you. After thinking to be good the expression, Chen Longao then jumps, vanishes in the darkness.

Ji Dong naturally does not know that Chen Sixuan has made these, at this time, the strength of his soul entered Mage Guild quietly.

In Mage Guild quiet. It seems all is very tranquil, but anybody knows, perhaps here degree of hazard is not lower than the imperial palace.

Ji Dong has not concealed own soul fluctuation, enters Mage Guild, recklessly spreads own soul aura, told the Mage Guild person him to come in this method, obviously was most direct effective is also the most time- saving.

Really, at the same time that his soul fluctuation just sent out, two formidable soul fluctuation instantaneous ascension, are almost when the Ji Dong soul fluctuation just proliferated, has attacked, but. Has hit ruthlessly.

These two soul fluctuations filled have congealed the solid sincere/heavy aura, particularly vigorous an extremely soul fluctuation, was makes Ji Dong feel the formidable pressure.

"Did could it be President Shiloh enter the step is the supreme powerhouse? May be this, he should not have the strength of so huge soul!"

The goal reached, Ji Dong may not have with the plan that the opposite party puts together hardly, the strength of putting together power and influence these two souls must surpass his soul vortex. Spells hardly will not have the good end. In this moment, in his mind has remembered Chen Sixuan subconsciously, if there are her and carries on the soul to fuse, that does not need to be worried about anything.

The strength of soul is similar to tidal returns the main body, at this time, Mage Guild was also alarmed, a low and deep sound spreads from Mage Guild, "is which old friend came, Ji Changxin in this." Hears this sound, Ji Dong is suddenly enlighted immediately, no wonder has that formidable soul fluctuation, a moment ago these two strong souls, were own profound Zu Ji Changxin and profound grandmother Shangguan Yinkong. After ten thousand thunder break into a jail the great misfortune, they were actually return to Mage Guild to cultivate. Also is, here has existence of that chaos blue brick, cultivates regarding them has the advantage very much.

With the emergence of sound, the Mage Guild front door opens wide loudly, more than ten forms walked from inside, is one person, is under the part of great bear crown Ji Changxin, follows side him, naturally was under the extraordinarily good luck crown Shangguan Yinkong. Mage Guild President Shiloh. Original magic skill guild vice-chairman, current Mage Guild Vice-chairman and the others followed.

That strong soul fluctuation had alarmed all Eight-Crown above Mage a moment ago instantaneously, so flagrant release soul survey entered Mage Guild, does not know that had many years not to appear. How to make a powerhouse be surprised? Especially oppression strength of this soul survey, even made numerous Eight-Crown Mages panting difficult, under the situation of under the part of great bear crown and extraordinarily good luck crown collaborating compels to draw back the opposite party. Suddenly, these Mage Guild powerhouses naturally anxious. Can have so formidable soul fluctuation Mage in their impression, is also few on continent.

The personal appearance flashes, Ji Dong quietly appeared, he of white hair cotton garment captured the attention of all people immediately. Perhaps because of the relations of darkness, also his white hair, first, nobody recognizes his identity unexpectedly.

"Is Your Excellency?"Ji Chang believes was puzzled asked, in his heart has filled vigilantly, because he feels clearly, if fluctuates by the soul only, at present this person must surpass itself. In his impression, as if only then Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun has such strength.

Has not waited for Ji Chang to believe a few words to say completely, Ji Dong is single knee kneel down, "has seen the profound ancestor and profound grandmother."At this time, he has gained ground, with the aid of the moonlight, Mage Guild powerhouses saw clearly his appearance.

"Is Ji Dong, you?"Even if the Ji Changxin such calm Fifth Earth department supreme powerhouse, when seeing the present person is Ji Dong, is surprised. Not only because of that white hair, because of that tyrannical soul fluctuation. He has not thought, this made itself vigilantly think the powerful enemy invaded one's territory, unexpectedly was own great-great-grandson.

"Child, is quick." Before Shangguan Yinkong cross, has drawn from the ground Ji Dong, how many minutes full is in the affection vision has to be startled, "child, your this hair what's the matter? Sequela that the strength of cultivation soul brings?"Also no wonder she thinks, her being startled also above Ji long letter. Although experienced Ji Dong to defeat the Eight-Crown Mage powerful strength with own eyes, but this time felt his stronger soul fluctuation to make them have a more profound understanding to this great-great-grandson without doubt.

Ji Chang believed the look in eye also to relax, looks at Ji Dong, in the eye reveals the affection similarly, even also several points of pride. This child, really gives the old man long face! Is working as these many Mage Guild people, making them also know, the old man is no lack of successors to carry on. Has so formidable soul fluctuation, also that chaos source, he will break through Nine-Crown in the future surely is without question. A magnificence of equal king lineage/vein will certainly continue. Carries on the soul to survey the Mage Guild behavior regarding Ji Dong that rashly, under this part of great bear crown already very natural neglect......, He has neglected, other people who dares to say what? Let alone, Ji Dong is in itself the Mage Guild law enforcement elder.

"Was good, we went in said again."Ji Changxin leads the people to return to guild.

Comes to the guild conference room, Shangguan Yinkong the hand of Ji Dong, making him sit in own side, regarding oneself this great-great- grandson, how she to see how to like. The affection degree even must above Ji Yeshang, perhaps, this be the fate makes it so. "Ji Dong, your this white hair outcome what's the matter?"Ji Changxin asked.

Ji Dong said: "Changes because of the war of Holy and Evil Island. Now has been all right."Is working as these many Mage Guild people, he does not want to say itself again and Lie Yan (raging flames) matter, naturally, in the subconscious is also because he is not willing to recall again one time that painful time, today he had said one time.

Hears war of several characters Holy and Evil Island, people the complexion on the scene becomes dignified, particularly experiences ten thousand thunder to break into a jail terrifying Ji long to believe the couple, is the vision sinks to congeal.

Ji Changxin sighed, "child, we very much has been worried about you, afterward received the morning sun brother letter, knew you in Southern Fire Empire."

Finally two days, asked monthly ticket.

Chapter 379: Body fragrance

Ji Changxin sighed. Said to Ji Dong: "Child, we very much has been worried about you, afterward received the morning sun brother letter, knows you in Southern Fire Empire. Your matter morning sun brother told us, but has not thought that including your hair already "

He spoke of here, nearby Shangguan recited the spatial eye socket to be red, obviously, they were know matter that Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) had. Ji Dong vision tranquil lowering the head, lips pursed. He already knows, returns to Central Plains City facing passing all, will make him easier to remember Lie Yan (raging flames), but, regardless of he has been psychologically prepared what kind, faces such situation truly time, his heart actually as before is such rending pain. Why before this is also , he in one of reasons the silly rich hotel can manifest suddenly. If beforehand Ji Dong, perhaps will not haggle over anything with that hotel general manager.

"Pitiful child. You are really sincere feeling truehearted nature. This time returns to Central Plains City, went home, Grandma Zu does not ask you to leave. The child, you must remember, regardless of later what happened. Must go home, here has your family member, whatever, we will support you."

Shangguan Yinkong words have injected a warm current to the innermost feelings of Ji Dong pain, gently nodded, formerly the somewhat pale complexion finally was attractive several points.

Ji long channel: "Child, your this time returns to Central Plains City to have the matter." Ji Dong nodded, facing Ji long letter and Shangguan Yinkong, he naturally cannot the image plane such keep guessing to Ji Yeshang, "profound ancestor, the profound grandmother, my this time comes Central Plains City really to have the important matter to do. Must reorganize the bright heavenly stems disciple, the future holy war, resists the opposite party the dark heavenly stems disciple to need us. Another matter, must lead Southern Fire Empire to flaming the students and Heavenly Stems School of hot school carries on an exchange. I, invite President Shiloh and Vice-chairman as well as fellow guild elders today go to observe. In this time compares notes to exchange, I invented one widely to apply must present to the Mage world strategy everybody. I hope that can generally teach this strategy to all Mage, and forms the one by one combination. Once succeeds, we in facing the Dark Five Elements Continent holy war, at least wants many 20% assurances."

Listened to Ji Dong these words, the Mage Guild people to look at each other in blank dismay, believed the husband and wife including Ji Chang, their first feeling was Ji Dong is talking big.

20% assurances, sound not to be as if many. However, this must look at the base number is anything. These 20% assurances that Ji Dong said that but aims in two pieces of continent, holy war between light and darkness! A side are suddenly many 20% assurances. Basically is decisive superiority. Suddenly, in conference room peaceful.

If usually, or is others says these words, Ji Chang believes to affirm left in a huff, he most repugnant is the person of rodomontading. However, said this saying was actually the great-great-grandson who he most regarded as important, Ji Dong was because the war of Holy and Evil lost to liking causing white-haired. Even if he makes a more excessive matter, Ji Chang believe the husband and wife also certainly to treat by the tolerant stance. However, they are obviously impossible to approve the Ji Dong words, therefore, they have not spoken. Has these two supreme powerhouses, said this inconceivable matter was their great-great-grandsons is the guild law enforcement elder, other people naturally were also unsuitable to say anything. Looks that the Ji Dong vision becomes somewhat strange. Ji Dong lightly said: "I know that you do not believe. Here I was not many do to explain. Facts speak louder than words, makes us seeing is believing. President Shiloh and Vice-chairman, are you willing otherwise to walk the day after tomorrow?"

In the eye reveals the hesitant look obviously, he is measuring effect of this matter on Mage Guild, for two school each other comparing notes cause Mage Guild vice-chairman to go to attend the ceremony, this as if somewhat made a fuss over a trifling matter. Even if these two school one of them are Heavenly Stems School is also so. Since Mage Guild and magic skill guild merges, two big guild complementing of strong points, at this time became on continent the pivotal strength. After more than one year time, each region Mage Guild and magic skill guild has completed the conformity. The Mage quantity that now Mage Guild can transfer directly absolutely is extremely terrifying. Even Mage adding together of Five Great Empires positive governing is unable to compare. As the guild association presidents and vice-chairmen, Shiloh and status naturally is also when production costs rise, prices rise too. Must know, behind Mage Guild, but is standing four supreme powerhouses.

In hesitant, but Shiloh directly has actually opened the mouth, "good, the day after tomorrow we are certain."He has not even made the ponder, complied directly.

From the strength, Shiloh could not even have compared, in the specific work of guild, was inferior similarly is skilled. However, his a little superiority is unable to compare, this also why Shiloh sits the position not idea of this association president. This superiority is general situation view.

Ponders the matter, often from partial set out, but Shiloh pondered that anything can look over the general situation. After more than one year being together, felt a heartfelt admiration to him, before more than one year, who can think that this can actually become the best friend good friend to the old enemy now? Although argued to be unavoidable, but among two people the friendship actually be deeper than many years of good friend. Some people have said that the enemy often most understands own. These words apply on them are appropriate. Also because of this, after two people each other obstruction vanishes, can be together in a short time so harmoniously.

Shiloh readily agrees, was startled, cannot bear look to him, but Shiloh actually returns to a he very firm affirmative meaningful glance. Shiloh thinks is very simple, that is matter that so long as the Ji Dong decision must do, he will support unconditionally. This is not because initially Ji Dong had helped Mage Guild, because of him. Who is Ji Dong? Behind him , is not only standing four supreme powerhouses, simultaneously. His oneself has future infinite Pinnacle Two Fires, is only hearing his following words, actually neglected in front of him saying that that was the sufficient bright heavenly stems disciple. Without a doubt, Ji Dong is this generation of heavenly stems Saint kings. In continent historical, which generation of heavenly stems disciples don't have the decisive function on continent? Supports Ji Dong, maintains with him the close relation, regarding Mage Guild, can be called the century important matter absolutely. Today what even if Ji Dong says is boast, making Mage Guild say that Heavenly Stems School went disgraced, what did that have? In the face of absolute strength, face value how much money? The Mage Guild such abundant strength, who dares to tease?

Ji Changxin smiles was saying to Ji Dong: "When the time comes I and your profound grandmother together will also go."

Ji Dong stares, "profound ancestor, you......"he formerly clearly saw in this profound ancestor eyes does not believe that how such quickly he changed the mind.

Ji Chang believes laughed, said: "Is confident to you including Shiloh, I am your profound ancestor, possibly is inferior to him? Let alone, I remember previous Mage Guild and magic skill guild that war suddenly, these similar scroll effects beverage bottles that you when facing the match, eject, should also be your homemade invention. I believe that my great-great-grandson is a talent. If you said does not have the exaggeration, then, the day after tomorrow will be a time of testimony history, we naturally must." Listened to Ji Chang to believe these words, Shiloh and feelings of some suddenly seeing the light, yes! On this young people, are the miracle of testimony few? Even if he said is more exaggerating, at least his invention also absolutely is out of the ordinary.

But regarding Ji Dong, this without doubt is also a big good deed, Ji Changxin acts saying that with Ji gave birth to the surface is not a concept. Although Ji cloud Sheng is the present age equal king, but. His fame actually by far cannot compared with Ji Changxin, in some sense, Mr. and Mrs. Ji Changxin himself be the Central Earth Empire patron. Is the Mage world topest character, has their support, regardless of Ji Dong makes anything to want easy many again.

When Ji Dong leaves Mage Guild time, the weather was very late, original Mr. and Mrs. Ji Changxin wants to keep him to live in Mage Guild, but he is keeping thinking about these students, naturally cannot stay behind.

This time Central Plains City, was finally peaceful, walks on the street, the Ji Dong brain is revolving high-speed. Can please move Ji Changxin, before is him, simply has not thought. But had the participation of oneself this profound ancestor, was exchanging with Heavenly Stems School fights becomes more important. He must by oneself students the strength most perfect shows, achieves shocks the goal of audience sufficiently, can infect all people. It seems like that this time a blood is not good.

Turns back the hotel slowly, just out arrived, suddenly, Ji Dong raised the head instantaneously, in the eye just like projecting two cold electricity is ordinary, is thinking corner before hotel gate looks.

"Teacher Ji Dong, you come back." Very thin happy sound resounds, along with quiet fragrance, Chen Sixuan already animated standing in front of Ji Dong.

"How you do not rest, here does?"Ji Dong looks at Chen Sixuan of azure long skirt, somewhat is surprised. The night like the water, the bright moonlight shines in her coolly already not on any outstandingly beautiful tender face of blocking, Ji Dong looks somewhat stayed, wanted to tear own vision forcefully, the subconscious of body says anything not to be willing.

Chen Sixuan smiles, said: "Naturally in you. You do not come back, relief how I can rest?"Spoke these words, on her fair tender face is not prohibited two to wipe to blush, more bright-colored unparalleled.

"You and others I why......"Ji Dong just as refuting his several. Has not waited for him to say again, Chen Sixuan has rushed saying: "Teacher Ji Dong, since you came back, I went back to rest. Your spare clothes I placed on the bed of your room."Then, turns around to run.

Looks at her slender back, the Ji Dong look also gentle several points. If Chen Sixuan just contacted his time, he also thought that she has certain sense of purpose, he absolutely did not have this type to feel now. By the strength of his soul, won't be able to see an emotion sincerity true meaning of person? This comes, Chen Sixuan can be said as meticulous of attendance to him. Actually does not pester, how even if he wants to resist others again, could not find the slightest bit resistance the reason. Chen Sixuan does, simply is impeccable. A little Ji Dong have not felt, he more and more has been accustomed to the attendance of Chen Sixuan now. He has been telling himself, so long as do not accept her and that's the end.

Returns to the room, takes a bath, with the clothes that on getting out of bed changes and washes, Ji Dong has gawked. As of late, his wear is the simplest cotton garment, this is he tells Chen Sixuan specially. But Chen Sixuan brings today, is actually that white/in vain with the magnificent and expensive clothing that the silver composes, is that wrap/sets with her same lover attire.

Looks at this clothes, has not waited for Ji Dong to frown, he saw in the clothes is clamping a paper. Above writes one line of beautiful small characters, "Teacher Ji Dong, will go to Heavenly Stems School tomorrow, you represent, but we flaming the hot school, cannot be too poor, the person wants clothing Oh. You put on this to be most charming." Ji Dong helpless shaking the head, places the one side coat, changed that pure underwear. Has to acknowledge, this fine jade princess thinks also is really thorough. Is she really a princess? As the princess, does she possibly so condescend to fall the expensive attendance I?

On the pure clothes transmits light fragrance, being used to it that this fragrance Ji Dong heard, light elegant, even is also having the light milk taste. Comfortable that hears stand up could not say. Also does not know that is any spice.

He does not certainly know, flavor/smell simply on this clothes is not the spice, Chen Sixuan each time to the clothes that he prepares to change and wash, when can hug is sitting is in a daze there, is holding the spare clothes, she will think oneself as if hold Ji Dong to be the same. But that fragrance, simply is her body is fragrant!

Ji Dong before and Lie Yan (raging flames) in the same place, on Lie Yan (raging flames), only then the unusual flame fragrance, that is a very special flavor/smell, Lie Yan (raging flames) after all is not a person, her body also condenses with the energy, but present Chen Sixuan, has this human girl the unique flavor/smell, naturally is Ji Dong does not know.

Next morning, does not need Ji Dong to tell, all blazing the students of hot school to assemble outside the hotel. one by one is full of energy, in the eye is revealing the excitement that is hard to conceal. Finally must go to Heavenly Stems School, all Mage school pilgrimage places. Moreover, their this time by communicator, even is the status of Challenger goes.

Three months ago, when they listen to Ji Dong to say this exchange, more people will only think that this is fantasy story. But three months later today, the person of also this idea is actually unique. The confidence must depend on the strength, now each of them has such strong confidence. Not only to own, is to their this Teacher Ji Dong.

In June to final two days, the monthly ticket competition also arrived at the most arduous time, Tang gate brothers and sisters, how the Wine God result, depended on you. I can do, writing. Troubled everybody.

Chapter 380: Revisits the heavenly stems

Looks at the full of vigor students. Ji Dong nodded with satisfaction, "set out."When the school teaching, his words are always also few, the absolute pitying character such as the gold/metal is brief and to the point. May be this, each character students who he said that will keep firmly in mind. Three months of hell -type training passed, looks back to think, these students discovered unexpectedly, if comes one time again, oneself can also be the similar choice, mixes with Teacher Ji Dong, is definitely promising.

The one who made Ji Dong somewhat surprised was Chen Sixuan, today's she, has not worn that and Ji Dong similar lover attire, but has worn a dark green long skirt. The same color veil covered perfectly outstandingly beautiful, seemed only one of the ordinary students.

Sees her such attire, why does not know, Ji Dong how many minute of feelings spiritual appeared unexpectedly relaxed slightly, in the heart the class reveals a light forced smile, why I unexpectedly somewhat feared that now she did resemble?

The white hair white clothing, the chest front silver Yang Cixiu striking, elegant clothing puts in Ji Dong. Is joined to his extremely unique white hair, making the person look askance.

While Ji Dong leads the students to go to Heavenly Stems School, another side, before silly rich hotel gate, welcomed a group of unexpected visitors. Is one person, is under the Central Earth Empire Taizi Dian Ji Yeshang, follows the person who he comes is quite many. Bright secret cloud secret, bright First Wood disciple Yao Qianshu, the bright Sixth Earth disciple is remote, bright Seventh Metal disciple Du Xin'er, bright Eighth Metal disciple gold/metal, bright Ninth Water disciple Du Ming, bright Tenth Water disciple Lan Bao'er, has not arrived besides bright Yang Thunder disciple Thunder Emperor Fu Rui, other Ji Dong partners came with Ji Yeshang.

Originally, after Ji Yeshang held the cabinet meeting last night, night of sleepless, this morning on the running staying or going in numerous bright disciple there that in Heavenly Stems School cultivates, told them the matter that Ji Dong comes back. Heard that Ji Dong appeared, how everybody can bear, look immediately follows Ji Yeshang to come together. All the way, the people heard Ji Dong and Lie Yan (raging flames) bitter experience, thought the heart is heavy, particularly clouds the secret, he filled worried. The Light Five Elements Continent dawn is Lie Yan (raging flames) brings, can be said as Ji Dong brings. The forecast of his Teacher, is his forecast. Was one generation of bright Saint kings, Ji Dong can say that is the Light Five Elements Continent future. Affection people of Ji Dong on the scene to Lie Yan (raging flames) knows, Lie Yan (raging flames) died, can be imagined to his attack, the pain made his hair white, this nearly one year, how many pain did he bear?

King's complexion is that ice-cold, but everyone could see, her look like usually was not quiet. Actually has several points of uneasy. Often looks in the wrist/skill that Vermilion Bird bracelet, also hangs on own neck, sticks to the chest front the nucleus of life. At this time, actually she not too clear is a what kind of mentality. The Lie Yan (raging flames) death, she is also very sad, but why does not know, has also had a light hope in her heart.

Similarly presents the hope also Lan Bao'er, she to oneself mood control was inferior obviously gold/metal is so outstanding, in the beautiful pupil is revealing the anxious look obviously, wishes one could to see immediately Ji Dong is good.

Ji Yeshang naturally understands people anxious mood, therefore, steps into the front door of silly rich hotel, he has called a welcome young girl. Asking: "My younger brother person? Which room does he live in?"

Welcome young girl complexion one stiff, she naturally also, very much knew at present under this Taizi Dian yesterday, but, she actually does not know how should reply. At this moment, can appear at present yesterday's general manager in her breathless look, as well as that white hair youth is in luck the ice-cold vision.

"You to are the speech! Which room does my younger brother live in?"Asking that Ji Yeshang does not bear.

"Under Taizi Dian, your younger brother and has not lived here."Welcome young girl uneasy saying.

"Nonsense, I looked at him to move in yesterday with own eyes, can that have the mistake? How to have lived here? Said, was what bad thoughts your silly rich business association had? My younger brother?"Ji Yeshang was somewhat angry, he can feel clearly oneself brings about the changes of these six bright disciple vision.

The welcome young girl hurries the anxious say/way: "No, not. Is your younger brother walks. I do not know that what happened, shortly after you walk, your younger brother led the person who he was bringing to walk together. Where goes to me not to know."

"Asked your managers to answer."Ji Yeshang breathless say/way.

"Under Taizi Dian, do not feel embarrassed her."cloud Tianji arrives at side Ji Yeshang, ", regardless of last night had anything, now the master should go to Heavenly Stems School, our looked like runs a fruitless errand."

Ji Yeshang brow tight wrinkle, "in this has certainly the issue. Yesterday was fortunately good, why must change the hotel, normally, Central Plains City has not compared this silly rich hotel more luxurious place. Walks, we return to school to look for Ji Dong first. Here matter turned head to say again." Heavenly Stems School.

Is broad not to look in the broad fence of boundary, is actually carving ten style incomparably enchanting Totem. Every ten Totem are one group, uninterrupted extends to the both sides, the broad profound aura made each flaming in the students eye of hot school to be many several points of tight.

Looks at this familiar fence, the heart of Ji Dong also subconsciously shivered, came back. Oneself came back finally, but, oneself are also not the Heavenly Stems School student.

A prouder aura blooms from Ji Dong, Heavenly Stems School how? Present, were not Ji Dong that initially that being isolated and cutting off from help strength meanly has to run away to go.

Under the leadership of Ji Dong, before people arrive at the Heavenly Stems School gate, sees that 50 meters in width, when takes the granite for the main body and marble sets up the surface as outside, the gate tower of jade carving crustification decoration, behind Ji Dong remembers a pumping air sound. Obviously, they have shocked because of the Heavenly Stems School scale.

By the front door, is that familiar two words. The left is First, Third, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, Yang Daytime studies in the right way, the right is Second, Fourth, Sixth, Eighth, Tenth, the Yin Night cultivation is correct. Center gate tower place above, four shining large characters horizontally there, Heavenly Stems School.

Before Heavenly Stems School gate, is standing four students of taking turns on duty, the one by one actually back very straightly, but some vision actually dissociation. Saw that Ji Dong their such troop person appears, immediately the student welcomed.

"What matter do you have?"The student who coming is a youth, the figure is slim, look to also good. In the foreheads is revealing a feeling of keeping aloof. As the Heavenly Stems School student, psychologically naturally has the considerable superiority. Especially when sees the contemporaries. Ji Dong said: "I am Southern Fire Empire flaming Teacher of hot school, this time, is the preparation carries on the exchange with your school."

"Exchange?" The young student has gawked obviously, has not paid attention to Ji Dong, instead said with a smile toward the following three companions: "Blazing the hot school, have you heard?"

Another three people have also smiled, shook the head, say/way with one voice: "Has not heard."One of them said: "How any any cat flatter dog thinks that our Heavenly Stems School exchanges. Really overreaches oneself."

Ji Dong behind students no one have moved, because they do not dare to brave to enrage the Ji Dong danger, but in the eye is the anger is obvious.

The Ji Dong look is invariable. "Please report to the school, the matter of exchange, we had already informed your school."He is not good nature, the sound nature chilling.

Youth coldly snorted, "your this wishes with the aid of our Heavenly Stems School high-rank, were many, depended on your these people who I saw, wants to carry on to compare notes to exchange with our school, went back as early as possible. Disgraceful of province. You have informed our school, can our school carry on the exchange with you? If each not well-known small school comes our Heavenly Stems School to carry on the so-called exchange, how we also carry on the normal teaching. Quickly walks, be not keeping off our front door."

Ji Dong is disinclined to continue rubbish with him, the right hand wields, the youth felt immediately transmits vigorously, treads the tread tread to retrocede one after several other steps, has lightened the path.

"We walk."Ji Dong waves, walks toward inside.

"Good, you dare in our Heavenly Stems School hitting person."Formerly that youth immediately was angry, another three people also rapidly flushed, this time, is four people sets up in an array, has blocked Ji Dong once more.

Light cold intent, appears gradually from the Ji Dong eyeground, although he does not want to haggle over with these ordinary students, but he had resentful reading to Heavenly Stems School, was blocked in the heart the anger to ascend repeatedly.

In this time, an feminine|gentle and reserved sound is resounding from side, "what's the matter. How is the school entrance gathering these many people?"

Hears this sound, that four Heavenly Stems School young students look toward the sound whence, immediately is overjoyed, although they have blocked Ji Dong and the others the ways, but on Ji Dong that deathly stillness ice-cold made in their some hearts beat a drum, master who may see this feminine|gentle and reserved sound, immediately in heart Dading.

"Senior Brother, this person said that what he is blazing the small place of hot school, but must bring these person and our Heavenly Stems School exchanges. Teachers has not confessed that does not have the special instruction. Cannot allow the bystander easily to enter the school. We blocked them, but they began to hit the person unexpectedly."

Listened to this youth such saying, in that feminine|gentle and reserved sound were many immediately several points of anger, "I must have a look but actually, was who is so bold, dares to cause trouble to our Heavenly Stems School." Rear area this sound they leans from Ji Dong conveys, therefore, coming the person unable to see forefront Ji Dong.

"Is I."In the Ji Dong cold proud voice seems constraining anything, compared with formerly must increase several points of sound obviously, reverberates in front of Heavenly Stems School.

Is such simple two characters, made that feminine|gentle and reserved sound stop. Almost is only the blue light flashes, in front of Ji Dong were many individual. Comes the person to seem with the Ji Dong age is similar, a blue school uniform extremely synthesis, handsome face at this time actually in slightly is twitching, in the eye is revealing the extremely excited look, is gazing at front Ji Dong.

"Bi Su, you are also living." The Ji Dong sound similarly is also excited, the simple six characters, said many many. Appears before him the person, not from Li Fire School with him good brothers Bi Su that cultivates. Under that giant catastrophe, he actually is also living, has not perished, in ten thousand thunder break into a jail under.

"Boss."Bi Su excited above Ji Dong, he has opened the arm to throw suddenly, tight and Ji Dong hugs.

Tarrying that four Heavenly Stems School young student looked.

Ji Dong holds in the arms Bi Su backhandedly, has given him a powerful hug, grabs his shoulder to pull open him again, "Bi Su, your boy mother, cries anything."Although in his mouth was saying Bi Su, but own eye socket was also red. They can be said as the people of being survivor of disaster!

"Bi Su Senior, before you look......", that young student does not have the meaningful glance very much collects to ask.

"Looks at your head, gets the hell out. Do you know, my Big Brother in the past in Yin-Yang School, with one generation of tyrants who Thunder Emperor shared the honor. You are any things, dares to block my Big Brother’s road unexpectedly. Boils to me. Do not let me see you again, saw that time I pull out your one time."

The tyrants, simple two characters, made that four young student keep silent the Ruohan cicada, running up to one side fast.

Actually, Ji Dong is not truly long in the Heavenly Stems School time, but this actually did not indicate that he is young in the Heavenly Stems School reputation. Not is only not small, his reputation is not inferior in Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Strikes the second to kill the Yin-Yang School second place, former crown prince. Only this point, made him leave a good name in Heavenly Stems School sufficiently. What is most important, killed the crown prince actually anything matter not to have, two big supreme powerhouses for him over, initially cloudy morning sun and Yin Zhaorong collaborated visited the Central Earth Empire imperial palace the time, has shocked entire Heavenly Stems School, when they were anticipating Senior of this nickname tyrant can return, his soldier again has not actually returned to the school. Later, Ji Dong accompanies the Fu Rui same place, attended the war of twice Holy and Evil. In bystander opinion, perhaps the biggest hero is Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. But the Yin-Yang School elites bring is actually the real situation, particularly Ji Dong used Ultra Certain Kill Skill this matter, has caused the tremendous sensation once again. Since then, the tyrant and Thunder Emperor have shared the honor. Even if Heavenly Stems School students of new admittance, heard first, is the legend of Thunder Emperor and tyrant. That several youth are frighten at this time look ashen. This is with director Thunder Emperor the tyrant and name, do others do including the crown princes, what are their these small mixed fish? Therefore, these four youth not only does not bear a grudge giving scolding of Bi Su, instead is somewhat grateful. At least did not use facing the tyrant.

"Ok, we walk. Bi Su, how initially did you live?"

Last day, asked the monthly ticket.
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