Jiu Shen Chapter 361-370

Chapter 361: Silly rich hotel

"Teacher Ji Dong, you look. That is silly rich."

Ji Dong under a student's leadership, arrived has flaminged in the hot city, looks following the direction that the purple morning star points at, immediately he saw a terrestrial reference construction.

This is a modeling unusual building, looking at it from the outside, to is his previous generation has seen the stadium, the whole assumes the circular design very much likely, from any angle, can only see the part of arcs of this building. The building was all over the body golden yellow, looks like has plated gold, shone under shining of sunlight sparklingly, had the feeling of nouveau riche very much.

The purple morning star said with a smile: "Teacher, this is the silly rich hotel, this architectural style is the consistent way of silly rich business association, it is said that the constructions of all silly rich business association, bird's eye view the words from the sky, can be the giant gold coin style of seeing. Silly rich business association never evades the rich this fact. Everywhere is showing the deep financial resource, but I thought that they may not be absolutely silly, otherwise cannot inherit these many years. Teacher, you may probably be mentally prepared Oh. Here expense is very expensive."

Ji Dong shows a faint smile, said: "Does not need me to disburse money in any case, this time went to the Armanz mountain to hunt and kill that many magic beast, crystal core some were, sold one also to suffice you to eat casually? After waiting, apportions you these crystal core again." Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, students stopped the footsteps, everyone surprisedly looks at Ji Dong, Hou hard say/way: "Didn't Teacher Ji Dong, say crystal core that in all smelting trials obtains to confiscate? Belongs to the school, your this is. "

Ji Dong has also gawked, "also stipulation?"

Chen Sixuan funny say/way: "My Teacher Ji Dong, doesn't the could it be school operation need money? That school expense that the only student pays suffices to do."

Ji Dong said: "Has not related, crystal core that this time we gain are many, turns head to turn to school part and that's the end. Other divided to each of you according to the attribute. You now are young, the cultivation just started to embark on the right track, is this contributing money time. The civil arts when poor and martial arts when rich, our Mage is needs the formidable financial resource to support in the back, the price of magic power weapon you should also hear, the also magic skill book, is the astronomical figures."

Listened to a Ji Dong such saying, students simultaneously cheered, must know, in this time their smelting trial obtained may be five, Rank 6 crystal core, each was priceless!

hard Wu gathers side Chen Sixuan, said with a smile lowly: "Thinks of the fine jade, were you have gone well? Is Teacher Ji Dong your person?"

Chen Sixuan charming face one red. Spat lightly: "Do not speak irresponsibly."At the same time was saying, she takes out together the veil from oneself storage thing Magic Tool, wore on oneself face. This comes out to eat meal to be possible with try to practice is different. On road that tries to practice, walks is the wilderness alleys, the person who sees are not many, but here is actually a town center, was too easy to cause to trouble by the outstandingly beautiful appearance of her first under heaven beautiful woman.

Looks that Chen Sixuan that outstandingly beautiful appearance was covered by fine gauze, Ji Dong presented absent-minded of moment, in this flash, he as if saw his Lie Yan (raging flames), similarly is that perfect, similarly covers own appearance with the veil. Thinks of Lie Yan (raging flames), in the Ji Dong heart immediately a severe pain.

"Teacher Ji Dong, your complexion is very ugly, are you all right?" The purple morning star stands side Ji Dong, first had discovered he is not right.

Ji Dong recovers, reluctantly restraining mind, "not anything, but some want to drink."

The purple morning star said with a smile, "did not have issue, tonight we accompany you to drink a happiness."

At the same time was saying. Before they arrived at silly rich hotel, to near, can feel that the noble air of this hotel is threatening. The altitude of circular hotel has 20 meters fully, at least also five, this in any place is extremely rare, even if are not many in continent first city Central Plains City.

At this time passes the time for the lunch is afternoon, but is standing before that resplendent in gold and jade green front door as before two rows of welcome girls, these young girls seem not over 20 years old, the figure is slim, the facial features are elegant. Saw that Ji Dong their group walks, immediately two welcome young girls walk up.

Although their appearances cannot compared with Chen Sixuan, even could not have compared hard Wu, gold/metal, but, five male students actually all looked at straight eyes.

The welcome young girls wear the golden one-piece dress, the height average in 1.7 meters about, the skirt does not have the sleeve, exposes the fair clear arm, the skirt is being placed above the knee a point, reveals the slender calf. The red long hair combs ponytail neat building after the brain. They are considered as absolutely are on the posture, what is most appealing, the welcome young girl look that these two walk is unexpectedly exactly the same. Unexpectedly is a twin. Luxurious place Ji Dong also has to see, stands like at least 20 welcome in situation he has also met, but, all welcome young girls are twin situation his actually first meeting. At present these 20 welcome young girls, impressively comprised of ten twins.

First did not say the issue of money, the twin easily did not look, then except male, but must choose the stature and beauty in the middle and upper level. Perhaps in blazing in hot city is very difficult to discover these many to come, but here. They are also responsible for welcoming guests, how can also not make one group of full of vigor male students look at straight eyes. This silly rich business association is really not common rich!

However, all these most also can only make in the Ji Dong eye flash through a trace of surprise.

"Snort, a man not good thing."gold/metal ill-humored snorted.

stretch/leisurely qian laughed, said: "Shasha, you did not envy. Which you had a liking for our class, this may have been jealous suspicion Oh."

The Chen Sixuan vision on Ji Dong, hears Yanwei said with a smile throughout: "Shasha, you cannot draw conclusions from a part."

At this time, two welcome young girls arrived in front of Ji Dong, left young girl respectfully said: "Sir, has something to help your?"

Ji Dong said: "Has to reserve a room? Our altogether 11 people."

The young girls smile to nod the head, "has, fellow distinguished guests please come with me."At the same time was saying, two young girls step forward to the both sides separately several steps, resigns the central path, is extending a hand respectively, eagerly anticipates the people to enter the silly rich hotel.

slow Li asked to the purple morning star in a low voice: "They did not fear that we don't have money to pay up? Our appearance are not the highly placed people." Purple morning star chuckled, "this you do not know. I have heard, silly rich hotel has a tradition, that is, regardless of what guest will not refuse to receive. Even if you is a beggar, so long as you come here. Also will make you go to dine absolutely."

slow Li stares, "that what to do, if doesn't have money to pay up?"

The purple morning star sneers, "everyone valuable. Does not have money to pay up has not related, even if clearly knows that you do not have money, will make you finish eating this to eat for free first. If you do not have money to pay up, will then have other people to continue to receive you. You spent many, must gain similar money to come to pay here, then can leave. Simple, brushes the bowl and wash basin, if this cannot complete continually. Others also definitely have the means. However, among the world dares such to do, only then silly rich."

Enters the silly rich hotel great hall, people had to plant are shaken to spend the feeling of eye. Said money to be uncouth, resplendent in gold and jade green insufficiently refined. But after, has been the certain extent resplendently in gold and jade green, similarly has the effect of extremely shocking.

In the hall all decoration are the same with outside, completely is the golden color. Proliferating that the huge magic crystal lamp like does not ask for money to resemble, in reaches above ten meters vault high. Magnificent light shining in all directions, what brings is intense dazzling and intoxicating.

In the big main hall, divides each region with some giant attenuators, most central is giant spacious places, the ten departments Totem design on the brand mark here, encircles a circle. These Totem designs are not the ordinary picture come up to be so simple. But pieces together with Rank 1 crystal core completely.

Although Rank 1 crystal core is unworthy any money, but this each must have four and five square meters big or small designs to need many Rank 1 crystal core to piece together. The complete ten designs add at least to need the values of several hundred thousand gold coins. But this is also only a decoration.

Even if Ji Dong, in heart secretly acclaimed, precipitated worthily four and 500 years of big business associations, can see many issues from this hotel. Formerly did not care about him who spent how much money, at this time also slightly in some hearts beat a drum. So the decoration brings, how to spend?

Under two twin welcome young girls' leadership, they entered one one to reserve a room. Enters the room, felt that actually suddenly changes, is not the feeling that formerly that magnificent and expensive making one is unable to look straight ahead, instead has filled warmly.

In the ground, spreads is reaching several cuns (2.5 cm) white growing hair rug thick, steps on softly comfortable, although the decoration in room is as before luxurious, the warm tone that but all colors choose, besides 15 people tables of dining, side also does not know that any material quality giant sofa, in the room each decoration is extremely elegant, greatly somewhat tall ancient elegant style.

The people take a seat, Ji Dong naturally sat on the seat of honor. Soft has the support feeling tall back big chair to sit very comfortably.

"Fellow distinguished guests please wait a bit."Two welcome young girls have drawn back. Walks a young girl from outside, her wear slightly had the difference with the former welcome young girl, the similar golden short skirt, on the chest has a big silver coin design, embroidered with the silver silk thread.

The young girls arrive at side Ji Dong, under people surprisedly gaze. Kneels side him unexpectedly directly, the filament thin crystal version carving with the menu that becomes hands in the Ji Dong hand the hand.

"Teacher Ji Dong, this is kneeling service, should not be surprised."
The Ji Dong ear resounds the Chen Sixuan sound. Ji Dong looked at her one eyes, received the menu that the service person young girl has handed over. This he, although has not come and gone out any luxurious situation, but on first actually almost lives in these situations. Also can not know kneeling service? The students discovered with amazement, after they enter here, has a feeling eyes cannot take it all. But their this Teacher Ji Dong after are actually entering this hotel looked like integrates the surrounding environment to be ordinary. Has not made anything desirably, but the manner is graceful, is joined to him and Chen Sixuan that white ** companion attire, obviously noble.

Ji Dong took a fast look around slightly started the crystal menu, saw has the prices of many zero. Has not stopped, returns the menu directly to the service person.

"Please help us arrange, is the young people, the dish can be more. On several bottles of your here have the characteristics strong liquor again. 30 years of brandy or whisky."

"Good." The service people received the menu, kneels is withdrawing backward two steps, this smiles to set out, respectfully said: "Can fellow distinguished guests have the dietary restriction?"

The people hurry to shake the head again and again, Ji Dong graceful waving , the service person has then drawn back, general's family gently takes.

"Teacher Ji Dong, you deceived people." The service people exit, rude and unreasonable hard Wu could not bear call out.

Ji Dong said: "How did I deceive people?"

hard Wu snorted, "you added that is first time comes to here. Does first time come to be so familiar? You ask everybody, which your such is first time arrived here likely, with going home is so comfortable."

Ji Dong helpless smiling, "we come to here enjoy the service, why isn't comfortable? Can could it be also restrict itself inadequately?" The thing that the previous generation leaves behind is impossible to throw completely actually, as one generation of Wine God, arrives at this situation for him truly and goes home anything not to distinguish.

The purple morning star sits another side of Ji Dong, lowers the sound saying: "Teacher Ji Dong, you make them arrange the cooked food of highest specification, can be too expensive?"

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "The upscale hotel, the meal price also has certain upper limit. The one who without the upper limit is the liquor. Controls the liquor the price, will not have any issue. At the worst I keep here to brush the tray you and that's the end." Could the words that before the purple morning star and slow Li spoke possibly hide the truth from his informer?

The time is not long, cooked food have delivered, without exception, is the delicacy delicacies. Let alone has eaten, vast majority of they see have not seen. In students, only then the Chen Sixuan look has not had any change. In her present heart cares, only then an issue, when that can make Ji Dong fall in love with present, as for eating anything, where, does not have any significance for her.

This food has eaten the evening from afternoon, was eats the lunch and dinner together. Under the control of Ji Dong, students drink are not many. The majority of strong liquor entered the Ji Dong mouth. 30 years of brandy mellow blazing, consoles his stabbing pain heart hot, the feeling of anaesthesia is making his vision gradually become blurred, this food eats, everybody is jubilant, but the Ji Dong words are few. More often, is a person silently is recalling.

"Pays up to us."

"Sir, do you pay up or use with the gold coin crystal core?"

The new chapter will soon launch, a more splendid content continues immediately. Brothers, monthly ticket crisis! At this time carving of critical life or death, is manifests our cohesive force time. Come, casts the monthly ticket to slightly three. Thanks.

Chapter 362: The spirit collides, fuses once more

The service people have handed over the bill. Asked that Ji Dong pays up with anything.

Ji Dong somewhat surprised said: "Your can here also pay up with crystal core directly? This was actually convenient."

Nearby Chen Sixuan stood up, received bill, "I paid up."

The service people said with a smile: "Altogether is 7300 gold coins. If uses crystal core, Rank 4 crystal core of any department."

"Is so expensive?"What speech is the purple morning star. Although they know that silly rich is very expensive, but has not thought that unexpectedly expensive to so degree, what concept more than 7000 gold coins are? Enough one normal family life 20 years had the extra, if also over ten people big families. Hears this price, people slightly feeling of being drunk somewhat woke.

Chen Sixuan has not put out crystal core, the wrist/skill turns, in palm were many a deep green insightful card. The card is carves by the emerald unexpectedly, above is carving a Azure Dragon design, azure bright.

Sees the card in Chen Sixuan hand, the service person complexion immediately changes, respectful both hands received the card, "unexpectedly is the Azure Dragon distinguished guest, was really sorry, was cold you." The Chen Sixuan smile shakes the head, "please help us pay up."

Service hurried.

This Azure Dragon VIP card naturally is the Chen Sixuan father sovereign gives, this level VIP card, only has five in the entire silly rich business association, has donated separately Emperor Five Great Empires. Has this card. Can enjoy the preferential benefits of two booklets, in other words, they only needed to pay more than 1000 gold coins to be OK.

Ji Dong naturally cannot go to be polite with Chen Sixuan, her there also massive crystal core. Any also sufficiently settled a debt.

The people go out of the passenger compartment, is about to leave the silly rich hotel, suddenly, several staff walked fast, has blocked their way.

"Distinguished guest please slightly wait a moment." After arriving is silly rich, the people first time see a male, looks at an appearance of his golden color formal clothes, at least is also a young head and so on. He led two young girl service people to block Ji Dong and the others.

"What matter has?"Ji Dong light asking.

The head polite say/way of: "I flaming a head in hot city silly rich hotel hall. Is this, will immediately have a distinguished guest to arrive at our silly rich hotel. In order to welcome this distinguished guest, could ask everybody to postpone to leave first. After our distinguished guests go upstairs, everybody can walk. We will offer the fruit tray and drink for everybody, only needs later, not over half double-hour."Politeness that although he said that but meaning actually expression clarity of , immediately must have a distinguished guest to come, if Ji Dong they walked at this time, will possibly affect others to enter the hotel. Therefore after making them and other distinguished guests go upstairs, walks again.

hard Wudao: "We  spend here,  wasn't could  it be the  distinguished guest? Aren't our time time?" Be responsible for on the face the smiling face not reducing, "really embarrassed, this distinguished guest to our hotel was really too important. Therefore, in any event asked everybody to keep a while."

hard Wu snorted, "we want to walk now, can you be what kind of?"Saying, her must walk to outside.

Head slightly one horizontal. Has blocked hard Wu way, the complexion sank slightly several points, "really embarrassed, in any event I cannot make everybody disturb the distinguished guest."At this moment, his words already obviously strong several points.

In this time, the service person half step that formerly Ji Dong they reserved a room is walking, gathered a head ear to say several anything, listened to her words, the complexion of this head relaxed, the vision fell on Chen Sixuan, somewhat surprised said: "Originally is the Azure Dragon distinguished guest visits. Really embarrassed, this humble one was disrespectful. However, whether you could forgive us much, this, expense I exempt the list to everybody today. Only asked everybody to keep a while."

Listens to this head to say here, somewhat was surprised including Ji Dong, clearly, Chen Sixuan that what Azure Dragon VIP card is showing her princess status, at present this has not been responsible for the distinguished guest in population being important including Princess Eastern Wood Empire, he is really very curious, is actually who can be so important?

Chen Sixuan lightly said: "Here I cannot take responsibility. You must ask whether he agreed."Saying, her vision was falling on Ji Dong.

A vision of head changes Ji Dong immediately, has not waited for him to open the mouth, Ji Dong already coldly said: "Makes way."If before is he, perhaps will not have competed. However is multi- and other small little while. However, before his in the heart was just thinking Lie Yan (raging flames), in the angina pectoris, was blocked the way already not to bear. A aura of ice-cold deathly stillness has sent out from him. Head complexion changes, "this mister, I have done my best. Please do not make me difficult to do. Otherwise, I only then stayed here a while the numerous positions forcefully."

Ji Dong simply does not have again rubbish with him, walked directly. Head complexion sank, the right hand lifts like lightning, directly soars the Ji Dong chest front to grasp.

This man-year makes the forty years of age, the bearing sinks to congeal, the right hand grasps, although the speed is fast, but has an intense sincere/heavy feeling. Obviously is Fifth Earth department Mage. Moreover cultivation base is not absolutely weak.

Moves coldly snorted, a head only thought in own brain as if had any thing to blast out, at present immediately a piece of blanch, his right hand also nature slow.

How even if stands in Ji Dong students has not seen clearly him to act, only thought that the ray flashes, the body of that gold/metal clothes person has been similar to the shell generally flew.

In the screams of service people, gold/metal Yiren the body has collided and damaged several table dishes to stop, the body is one piece in confusion, the cotton material of clothes good also to be again out of control to collide like this, many places have torn to pieces.

But Ji Dong likely has actually done a simple matter, striding bravely forward leads a student to walk outward.

Purple morning star and the others looked at each other in blank dismay, they to full of admiration that this Teacher Ji Dong it can be said that admires. Dares to begin in silly rich hotel place, is really the real man. Must know, if silly rich business association has an action to perform, must be quite discrete including Five Great Empires.

gold/metal Yiren struggles to crawl from the ground, wa'ed, spouts a blood. The wound that he receives is not heavy, on the Ji Dong attack pure physical body gives his attack, has not used magic power. May be this, his rib also has at least folded one.

The strong yellow ray blooms from the gold/metal clothes person instantaneously, on White Yang Crown has Six-Crown impressively. However is a hotel head, unexpectedly is Six-Crown Mage. Sees this, purple morning star and the others can't help gasping. It seems like that today wants to go out silly this rich is not quite easy!

Ji Dong coldly horizontal that gold/metal clothes person eyes, ", if I am you, I will again not get rid. Let me get rid again, did not break a rib."

"You......" the gold/metal clothes person who prepares to launch the attack once more are stopping, because he can feel clearly Ji Dong takes to his formidable oppression strength. But, can he not begin really? Has stopped slightly, he already once more in big strides flushed toward Ji Dong.

After Lie Yan (raging flames) dies, the Ji Dong originally proud disposition were more several points of extremeness, this gold/metal clothes person two provocation, in his eyes murderous intention already presently. The ice-cold murderous intention just like tidal wells up crazily, stands felt that in Ji Dong behind students feels cold. Besides Chen Sixuan, other people fluster drawing back constantly to open.

"Teacher Ji Dong, do not kill people casually."Chen Sixuan reminded one near the Ji Dong ear in a low voice.

Ji Dong has not paid attention to the proposition of Chen Sixuan, if his anything has scruples, he was also not Ji Dong. Blazing golden ray blooms in an instant, the tyrannical attribute suppression just like the easily accomplished general eruption, is centered on Ji Dong in the position, temperature suddenly/violently to increase in air, the recent several tables even start to have the sign of melting instantaneously.

Like Xuanyuan Xin when facing Ji Dong, under this tyrannical attribute suppression releases suddenly, before that head , the potential of flushing stops. Although he dedicates to oneself responsibility, but no one will crack a joke with own life. Looks that the Ji Dong vision also instantaneously transfers with amazement.

"Eh......"light exclaim attracted the Ji Dong attention, making his originally prepare to lift to launch the attack the right hand to stop. the next moment, the Ji Dong complexion instantaneously becomes stern, he only thought that the landslide tsunami general huge psychic force comes comprehensively. What is most unusual, behind not far away students no one had responded in him, obviously has not felt.

Such psychic force Ji Dong first meeting, vast huge is not scattered, its vastness, but is stranded Ji Dong in central, but when it to Ji Dong launches the impact also is very sharp, seems like stranded Ji Dong in the basket, pricks from the basket slit with the lance again general.

The Ji Dong psychic force was extremely formidable, but this sudden psychic force is not weaker than him, even still wins several points, but from psychic force level, this vast such as the huge aura of sea even must over three full suns. Can the Ji Dong complexion not be stern?

Ji Dong naturally cannot, whatever the opposite party has the spirit to suppress to oneself, in the mind the soul vortex extreme twist, the huge spiritual fluctuation equally instantaneously blasts out to his fire attribute, has exploded the powder the psychic force that the enemy invades loudly completely, can only limit him from the surroundings, but wants to break through to his energetic domain in actually cannot.

Chen Sixuan stands side Ji Dong, clear saw that both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the intense silver, she is familiar with Ji Dong, has completed the soul fusion with Ji Dong, can feel him to withstand anything indistinctly at this time. Immediately arriving Ji Dong behind without hesitation, both eyes shut, releases own psychic force, drills into the Ji Dong mind directly.

At this kind of time, if Ji Dong has slightest bit evil intent, so long as controls slightly own psychic force, even cannot counter-attack, Chen Sixuan soul also instantaneous shatter, her soul intensity and Ji Dong compared the solid phase difference to be too far, let alone at this time in inner world, also that vast such as the huge match of sea in side. Ji Dong discovered that Chen Sixuan injects psychic force to be surprised to oneself immediately. At this time he repelled Chen Sixuan not actually. But is the worry. Must know, competion between souls even be more dangerous than to the bang magic skill, is not good, will very probably turn into the idiot. If Chen Sixuan does not release outside the body own soul, then, even if the opposite party thinks her to exert pressure, most can also produce the spiritual suppression results to her. But she like this releases the strength of oneself soul, the situation completely was different, leaves comes to be not necessarily able to go back.

Under being startled, Ji Dong has first made the response, cannot attend to goes to resist the spiritual suppression of match again fully, hurries to branch out a psychic force to cover the Chen Sixuan psychic force instantaneously, drags into it oneself mind. Protects her not to be affected by the opposite party.

As the matter stands, Ji Dong psychic force in the process that in resists with the match naturally weakened, the soul resistance does not have the slightest bit to be gaudy, under is in inverse proportion, opposite party that turbulent psychic force changes into immediately innumerably sharp breaks in the Ji Dong soul domain crazily, tries to suppress him.

But, what making the Ji Dong match unable to think, at this time, the Ji Dong soul and Chen Sixuan soul fused once more. Made the Ji Dong somewhat helpless fusion, as if several days ago he just decided that how regardless of cannot carry on the soul to fuse with her again. But at this time all are actually similar to logical general, simply does not have the scruple time, two people souls completely have merged into one organic whole. The strength of soul Chen Sixuan that does not garrison wanted to integrate the Ji Dong soul is really too easy, so long as Ji Dong has not resisted directly, was almost can complete instantaneously.

Just was invaded the psychic force of suppression by the match instantaneously presents geometrical shape suddenly/violently to increase, as before is the fire attribute general soul explosion, but this time, the might actually wanted the several fold in formerly. Psychic force between Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan not only achieved the Yin-Yang to be supplementary, characteristics that simultaneously also the wood was lighting a fire. Wonderful feeling that the soul fusion flash brings nearly made the Ji Dong mind fall to the enemy. Formerly the pain of innermost feelings as if also desalinated in this moment.

"Un?"That surprised sound resounds once more, formerly also the vast huge psychic force was similar to tidal retreats. However this controlling force, under Ji Dong, did not take and put away freely.

Ji Dong adopts the soul to say to Chen Sixuan: "Matter changes, you lead everybody to return to the school to go first, here has me."

"No, I do not walk. Returns to the school to be also useless. If you could not cope, even if were Zhu Rong Dean came uselessly."Chen Sixuan tenacious saying.

Ji Dong said: "Can the armor of could it be your eternal also use once more? Perhaps is impossible. Does not have long-term life magic power to supplement, it has abandoned."

In this time, along with a series of sounds of footsteps, is walking one group of people from the direction of front door. What is the head is a big fatty.

Asked the monthly ticket, recommended the ticket.

Chapter 363: Silliness rich, Zhou Xiaoxiao

When Ji Dong makes Chen Sixuan lead other people to leave first. Walked one group of people from the entrance place. This group of people have dozens fully, overwhelming majorities is a golden attire, what is the head is a fatty, on the face is revealing the surprised look, but follows in his behind person is actually an appearance in reverential awe.

The Ji Dong vision flash fell on is on a that big fatty, this fatty body best pupil had about two meters, the skin was white and tender, takes a quick look around, could not see his age unexpectedly, likely was over 30 years
old , likely was the si 、 wushi-year-old appearance. Others this statures, must describe with diameter are good, perhaps the thickest place, the diameter must surpass 1.5 meters, although two meters heights, but seems looks like a giant sphere is ordinary.

The big fatty is only one has not put on the person of golden clothing, a huge white long gown has covered his giant body. The position before this white clothes body, giant gold coin design of enough one meter diameter, on the gold coin actually uses ten color/look gem mountings the ten departments Totem appearance, is subtly careful and lifelike. What some comedies is, on the fatty sturdy neck is also having one thickly such as the baby arm common gold chain. Under the gold chain, hangs one to have the emerald of fist size to be brave fully, the brave meaning as if gathers money and only unable to enter. Left this seemed beyond the extremely uncouth decoration, on his right ring finger, but also was bringing a giant emerald ring, green light Yingying, unexpectedly was the emerald rank. From just the appearance, this big fatty simply is an appearance of big nouveau riche, walks fat to swing three to shake, in his behind other people, actually does not have one is to relax, partly bends/bow the body to follow.

The vision and Ji Dong of big fatty vision first collides in together, Ji Dong is calm imposing, but that big fatty is actually the surprised appearance.

"Eh, I also think that was which old thing runs up to silly my this came richly, how was actually a little fellow."Saying that the big fatty is astonished, but follows to see at present a piece of appearance in confusion in his behind several gold/metal clothes people, the complexion immediately becomes a paleness, that originally wanted to charge into Ji Dong is actually difficult to see the extreme by head complexion that the attribute suppressed does not dare to go forward, hurried to restrain own magic power, several steps went forward, bows 90 degrees to stand in one side, the body somewhat shivers unexpectedly slightly.

The big fatty looked continually has not looked at his one eyes, the starting to walk stride, walked in the Ji Dong direction, the strong sharp air/Qi rises dramatically instantaneously, every time treads the previous step. Takes to the Ji Dong oppression strength powerful several points. However, his pressure also limits in Ji Dong one person by, in Ji Dong behind students is actually vacant unconsciously.

The big fatty has arrived to be away from the Ji Dong also about ten meters position to stop the footsteps, Ji Dong actually does not draw back under his extremely sharp pressure, is only he is actually not able to be so calm like the fatty, the strong pinnacle Yang Fire ascension, the golden flame looks like by the strong winds is assailed fiercely generally to behind flutters to tremble.

All pressure again the next moment are nothing left, Ji Dong flame returned to instantaneously normal, the big fatty sharp vision of suddenly becomes gentle, at this time Ji Dong has the characteristics that the energy notes his facial features. Like the body, the face of fatty also is almost the sphere, particularly the two fat on cheeks, were extruding originally not big small eyes only remaining a slit. The fat people do not have the hair, greatly on bald even can see the meat the fold, the big earlobe wheel, the huge body looks like a meat mountain is common. At this time imposing manner restraining, on the face naturally has a genial smile, greatly appearance of somewhat friendly disposition leads to wealth.

"Does boy, why in silly begin richly?" The fat people are smiling asking, looks at the smiling face on his face, Ji Dong thought that back sends coldly. Looked like saw old fox.

Those who made all people unable to think, the reply of Ji Dong was extremely firm, "I began, can you be what kind of?"

Only has Chen Sixuan to understand slightly idea of Ji Dong, he with is always stronger, will not flinch facing the formidable enemy, in the chest this arrogance is the source power that his cultivation base grows, if lost this spirit, he was also not Ji Dong. When this times and facing three full suns also different. Three full suns are Ji Dong walk on own initiative, therefore he is somewhat rash. But this time appears troublesome voluntarily, Ji Dong will not flinch, even if the match again is also same.

Fatty chuckled, "said, you were provoking to me?"

Ji Dong coldly snorted, on the eyebrow selects, an item of band of light that coldly several points is despising and disdains, does not need to reply anything, already very good has indicated his manner.

"Good, is very good, very long has not run into such rampant boy."Appearance that the fat people as before are smiling, but, what making Ji Dong strange was, he once more has not actually begun, instead the responsible humanity to side bowing: "Matter leaves to have, because, you told me, what's all this about."

Listens to the fatty such to ask, complexion of head immediately became paler. Goes forward several steps, arrives at side the fatty, the sound somewhat shivered was saying several anything. The appearance that fatty originally smiles was cold immediately. "Limits the guest to be free, is very good you."In his behind people face whiten, has sweat streaming down the face all.

The small eyes cold light twinkle of fatty, after taking a fast look around people, falls on Ji Dong, "punishes hotel all administrative personnel three months of wages. The wages apportion the ordinary staff on average."

The administrative personnel in some silly rich hotels relaxed obviously.

The fat people said: "Knows why punishes such lightly? That is because your mistakes made me discover this young people. Do the boys, we chat what kind of?"

Ji Dong lightly said: "I do not think that among us has something to chat."

Fatty laughed, said: "But I actually do not think. If I have not guessed that wrong, your name should be called Ji Dong. You excel and pinnacle Yang Fire that not only you display now, should also pinnacle Yin Fire. Your Teacher blazing hot school Dean Zhu Rong, your Martial Ancestor is Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun, the teacher's wife is under the Supreme Unity crown Yin Zhaorong. I said is right?"

Listened to the words of fatty, Ji Dong to fill including the hostility look immediately becomes stunned, "how do you know?"

Fatty chuckled, said: "How I can not know. I just came back from your Martial Ancestor there. Your this year discipline also has pinnacle Yang Fire, cannot recognize to be strange."

A fatty such explanation, the Ji Dong complexion completely relaxes, the Martial Ancestor friend naturally cannot be an enemy, if were not the friend impossible so to be familiar to own situation.

The fat people said: "How do we chat? Your Martial Ancestor asked Southern Fire Empire to come me, can say 80% for you." The fat people move out cloudy morning sun, is beyond control Ji Dong not to obey, immediately, his nodded. They said to Chen Sixuan and purple morning star: "You go back first, I later again walk."

Purple morning star and the others naturally cannot defy the meaning of Ji Dong, but Chen Sixuan is actually an exception, ", Teacher Ji Dong, I do not remain to accompany you."Their soul fusions have not relieved, through the soul fusion, she was expressing the restlessness in heart to Ji Dong intensely, this fatty took to her very dangerous feeling. Can contend with Ji Dong in the psychic force, obviously his strength was intrepid. magic power is immeasurably deep.

Ji Dong slightly hesitant, eventually nodded. Although he has rejected the Chen Sixuan sentiment explicitly, but he also has to acknowledge that Chen Sixuan affects to own help in the fight. She with oneself soul fusion as well as the magic power mutual promotion of the five elements can greatly enhance the Ji Dong strength auxiliary. What is most important, a two people as if invisible tacit understanding, whenever Ji Dong most needs to help, the boost of Chen Sixuan can be in place at the right moment.

The purple morning star and other student went back first, has only left behind Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan two people. The fat people wielded have drawn back these hotel management personnel, was bringing Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan goes upstairs directly.

Not only the silly rich hotel is luxurious, is the giant, after fat innertube two people are on two buildings, following the corridor to, after seven has turned eight circle, once more goes downstairs, across a leaf of front door, arrived at outside. But is actually not outside the hotel.

At this time a stretch of broad spacious location, at least over a thousand square meters, the surroundings were planting various precious plants, the middle is a stretch of open area, the ground is spreading the sincere/heavy granite, the smooth ground gave people a water sleek/moist gloss.

At this time is in the evening, the setting sun in the western sky, the enchanting sunset glow faintly is also retreating, was substituted by dark. The fat people arrive at the location central position to stop the footsteps, has turned around. Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan also together stop.

The fat people look that two people show a faint smile, said: "Before I listened to cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother more to esteem also some to your boy not to believe that but before , made me have to believe with your psychic force competion. If I have not guessed that wrong, your two little fellows have scattered my spiritual attack in the way of soul fusion. Really is the good method! At soul collision, even if and cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother compares me not to confess inferior, has not actually thought that nearly suffered a loss in your hands. Let us know that I called Zhou Xiaoxiao, the silly rich business association was my industry."

Although Ji Dong had guessed correctly he is the big boss of silly rich business association, but says or has several points of strange feeling from his mouth. This silly rich business association is not general existence, the first under heaven business association, rich enemy. Has the pivotal status on entire Light Five Elements Continent. Before the purple morning star had added that the association presidents of silly rich business association is a Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse. Without a doubt, this fatty was telling Ji Dong their strength.

Zhou Xiaoxiao, this name gives the feeling of person somewhat to be really strange, so huge body. The name is actually called, contrast is really somewhat big.

"The Ji Dong boy, you knows why your Martial Ancestor does look for me?" The fat face of Zhou Xiaoxiao is having the smiling face as before, but his vision actually suddenly becomes sharp.

Ji Dong shook the head.

"Because, your Martial Ancestor hopes that I can fully support you. The matter that on Holy and Evil Island has I knew. Really is awful cannot be awful. It is said that was your woman sacrificed itself to give us Light Five Elements Continent to bring five years of setup times. Only from this point, I truly should support you. However, I always believe oneself saw that but was not others says. Therefore, wants to have my support, you must prove your strength to me."

Ji Dong cold say/way: "How do you want to make me prove?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "What although I most like is money, strength that but without a doubt, as Mage, relies on. Said honestly, although your psychic force made me be startled, but you actually caused trouble in hotel place, a little insufficient atmosphere, this point let me is not very satisfactory. Such good, you can use mount magic beast, so long as can support the time of burning a joss stick in my hand, I agreed that the suggestion of your Martial Ancestor, supports you unconditionally."

Moves simply does not have any hesitation, readily agrees. In this short time, he has thought that cloudy morning sun makes this fatty support itself, obviously, not only because of his strength, a supreme powerhouse is no doubt formidable, the role that but among the holy wars regarding two continent can play is not decisive. Cloudy morning sun hopes that Zhou Xiaoxiao can support own, is the silly rich business association huge financial resource is right. But Ji Dong also truly needs this financial resource now.

In returning to flaming on the road in hot city, when Ji Dong will think, to face Dark Five Elements Continent outlining to the future particularly, in his plan, truly needed a huge wealth to carry on the support in the back, otherwise he is unable to complete oneself tentative plan. originally in his plan, this financial resource must by carry on the investment in every way. By his relations, at least can transfer some Mage Guild financial resource as well as has certain support of Central Earth Empire. After all, his elder brother is now Crown Prince Central Earth Empire, the grandfather is the equal king. However, as the matter stands, he can definitely be able to imagine, oneself grandfather will bring up an old matter again surely, was taken over the equal king by oneself. This is Ji Dong cannot comply. Therefore, he somewhat has been contradictory. At this time, Zhou Xiaoxiao delivered. If can have the silly rich business association full support economically, own plan completes the possibility at least to increase 30%. Therefore, Ji Dong decided that in any event, must have at present this fatty's comprehensive support. "Happy, I like the happy person. The Ji Dong boy, you knows that the cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother saw my time to the first few words that I spoke is what? He said to me, young fatty, I received a disciple grandson for these years, his talent also above you. Now makes me have a look, your this has many skills compared with the boy of my also talent. Must know, when I was 56 years old, broke through Nine- Crown. In the Mage world history first."

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Chapter 364: Bans, hundred and thousand, extinguishes the kiss gloomily

56 years old broke through Nine-Crown. The Zhou Xiaoxiao words regardless to Ji Dong regarding Chen Sixuan, have extremely intense shock effect.

Ji Dong Teacher Zhu Rong, now how old? Still to break through Nine- Crown tries hard. Even if the cloudy morning sun such formidable supreme powerhouse, after breaking through Nine-Crown is also 80 -year-old matters. At present this fatty can on the breakthrough Nine-Crown rank, be called the talent to deserve at age 56 absolutely.

"Senior, whether to be able to ask, this year your 's your age?"Chen Sixuan opens the mouth to say suddenly.

Fatty chuckled, said: "Naturally, but, little miss you picked the veil. In my Zhou Xiaoxiao life only has two hobbies, one is money, another is a beautiful woman. Although I cannot see your appearance now, but reads the female many years of experiences by me, you have certainly the shocking appearance. Makes me appreciate quickly."

Chen Sixuan looked at Ji Dong, this has taken off the veil on oneself face. Took off the flash of veil in her, small eyes that Zhou Xiaoxiao originally smiled was straight immediately, opened the mouth, the whole person fell into the delay.

Looks that his some exaggerating appearance Ji Dong somewhat is funny, this is also a supreme powerhouse! Saw that the immunity of beautiful woman so is low, has not distinguished with sexual harasser anything simply. Meanwhile, in his heart also in secret vigilant. Although Zhou Xiaoxiao knows own Martial Ancestor, but he, if had a liking for Chen Sixuan, oneself want to take away here Chen Sixuan not to be easy safely.

"Why? Why?"Some Zhou Xiaoxiao suddenly crazy pulls taut own hair to face upward the deep sigh. "Father, if early lives for 50 years, said that anything also and Ji Dong boy you struggles. Perfect, this is true perfect! originally I also think that their words are exaggerating, I am thousand people cut the rank, sees the beautiful woman to be innumerable. May compare with you, even if again many ten times also is just the light of glow. You are Eastern Wood Empire that Eastern Wood saintess. Except for the Eastern Wood saintess, who I cannot find out also to have the so perfect appearance. Has owed, really owed in a big way, why I early lived for 50 years."

Looks at Zhou Xiaoxiao that on the appearance of uneven flow saliva, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan somewhat are speechless, can this break through the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse at age 56?

"Younger generation Chen Sixuan, the senior, you have not answered my issue."

Zhou Xiaoxiao puts on a long face, both hands made an effort to push the fat on oneself face, "I am 78 years old. Old Heavens! Why you must like this to me. Does not make me obtain, makes me see. Made me depressed. The Ji Dong boy, the fatty very much envies now, you must be careful, I will not show mercy."

At the same time was saying, his wrist/skill turns flings, a fragrance by far flew, near straight insertion location on a big tree. The fragrance lit in that flash, a wisp of cigarette curls to live.

While departs fragrant, Zhou Xiaoxiao imposing manner changes suddenly, the previous moment. He was a desire discontented fatty, the next moment has filled the power and influence world tyrannical aggressive. The terrifying magic power instantaneous ascension of blotting out the sky, the incomparably sharp aura entirely aims at Ji Dong to well up crazily, but. The actual combat experience of Ji Dong is rich, at the same time that the fragrance flies, he has also made the response, is different from the Zhou Xiaoxiao comprehensive release oppression strength, the Ji Dong body does not have the slightest bit magic power fluctuation release, the whole person had the movement immediately. But the response of Chen Sixuan is not slow, a personal appearance revolution, the left hand holds the shoulder of Ji Dong, tender body wonderful revolving, has pasted behind Ji Dong, the comprehensive output that Six-Crown Second Wood magic power is outspoken, injects into Ji Dong within the body. Simultaneously both hands hug on the Ji Dong neck, the slender thigh disturbs once more in his waist, as far as possible does not affect his movement with his body close union.

By the Chen Sixuan current strength, wants to help Ji Dong only be able to depend upon this method. The close fitting body, assists the dual amplifications by soul fusion and magic power, made Ji Dong own strength large scale promotion.

However, such contact regarding Chen Sixuan is extremely satisfied, may regarding Ji Dong actually be the greatest test. Every one time contacts with the body of Chen Sixuan like this. In addition wonderful pleasant sensation of soul fusion, will make his heart against reduce several points. This is also Ji Dong most feared matter that sees. May at present this situation, if no assistance of Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong has not grasped can hand/subordinate support in Zhou Xiaoxiao burns a joss stick.

From the level computation, Nine-Crown Mage should be similar to Rank 10 Divine Beast, may in fact, even if Totem Divine Beast, not too possible is the Nine-Crown Mage match. Can the wisdom of human, compare regarding magic power and magic skill application can it be that magic beast?

Formerly Chen Sixuan asked that the Zhou Xiaoxiao age was not aimless, 56 years old broke through Nine-Crown, this year 78 years old, 22 years, how many levels can he break through? From any perspective, at present the degree of hazard of this fatty above three full suns.

Ji Dong while the Chen Sixuan fitting body the diving posture, the both sides of giant pair of wings from the Chen Sixuan rib has opened, after absorbing three full suns crystal core, his pair of wings restored. God hot Saint king Kai wants to fuse also requires period of not short time, after all, at that time in three full suns at the point of death backlashes, god hot Saint king Kai damages was too fierce. Let alone present Ji Dong did not have fifty Saint Fire Dragon assisted.

Others' magic beast can summon through contract directly, but Ji Dong, because among sharing the same roots with fifty Saint Fire Dragon, has not worked out any contract with it, he never has also thought must limit fifty Saint Fire Dragon anything. Therefore, he restores after the spirit comes, cannot with fifty Saint Fire Dragon contact.

The personal appearance lightning flash, the magic power comprehensive promotion of Ji Dong, threw toward Zhou Xiaoxiao directly, above his top of the head, Six-Crown Black and White Yin-Yang Crown ray sparkle. Above both hands, shone pinnacle Yang Fire and pinnacle Yin Fire respectively.

Yes, is Six-Crown, what presents in the Zhou Xiaoxiao eye is Six-Crown Level 67 magic power Yin-Yang Crown, but is not Level 71. Facing the supreme powerhouse, how can not use some strategies. Relied on Divine Yin-Yang Lock Technique, Ji Dong is covering oneself magic power to break through to the Seven-Crown fact. Can defeat three full suns, no doubt because of the formidable boost of Chen Sixuan, when were not three full suns just from the beginning extremely underestimated Ji Dong one to cause heavy losses by him, perhaps the final result will not perish.

Saw that Ji Dong flushed to oneself, Zhou Xiaoxiao brows slightly wrinkled, although Pinnacle Two Fires gives him a brand-new feeling, but Ji Dong this time getting rid seems is actually average not wonderful, what flaw although has not shown, but the magic power disparity of both sides is so huge, what can this fair forms of defensive action have to affect?

At the same time is thinking, Zhou Xiaoxiao has gotten rid, the right hand lifts, in airborne one finger/refers, immediately, dazzling radiant golden light bloomed gently, condenses a handle three meters great sword in the midair, directly soared the body of Ji Dong to cut. But his left hand already very natural back after behind. In his opinion, only coped with Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan with a hand was enough.

At this moment, the attack outbreak of Ji Dong the change, has seen only his body in a flash, the speed has promoted one time, Ji Dong to turn into four slightly in an instant instantaneously, simultaneously fled in four different directions, has to directly soar Zhou Xiaoxiao, side has to charge into, also flies into airborne, four forms are similar to flowers showered on the earth below by a goddess of the sky disperse generally. Meanwhile. Strong Pinnacle Two Fires magic power fully erupted.

Mage disparity between Nine-Crown and Eight-Crown, not only the magic power total quantity, is the essence in attribute changes. Ji Dong Six- Crown time, his pinnacle magic power can produce the attribute suppression results to Eight-Crown Mage. Even but if, he has achieved Nine-Crown, impossible to produce the similar results to Nine-Crown Mage. Why? Is because Nine-Crown Mage itself had pinnacle magic power. Therefore, even if dozens Eight-Crown Mage besieges Nine-Crown Mage, is very difficult to win is this truth. Disparity between Eight-Crown and Nine-Crown can be said as the different.

The sudden change of Ji Dong attack made Zhou Xiaoxiao eyes shined, but as before was actually lifting the right hand, that chubby palm moved slightly, a revolution, in an instant, that handle three meters golden color great sword from the sky transformed myriad sword shades, the form that regardless of Ji Dong transformed through the doing several things at the same time wrong shade which direction from launched the attack, completely had been blocked, simply did not have any opportunity.

Attacks the enemy surely, is inferior to a broken enemy point. The response of Zhou Xiaoxiao is nothing less than quick, but he simply does not have a point to kill intent to Ji Dong, at this time is probing the Ji Dong strength by, therefore, his seems the attack skill, but in passive defensive by. But Ji Dong searches, is this opportunity.

Show the enemy to weakly, looks for opportunity, is the fire attribute Mage unique explosive force. This is also consistent procedure of Ji Dong when facing powerful enemy. Cannot under strikes has the decisive superiority, he likely will face then the result of failure.

The unequalled swift and fierce murderous intention instantaneously bursts out in this moment, both eyes of Ji Dong simultaneously turned into the dazzling silver, the electricity of substantive soul brilliance from the eye pupil shoots, the soul vortex instantaneously looked like turbo-charged generally, the operating speed promoted the limit. Must know, this was fused Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan two people huge soul strength.

Other three forms disappear instantaneously, surplus only then soars in airborne Ji Dong, at this time in the evening, in sky also time of Sun and Moon rotation. In this flash, behind Ji Dong simultaneously shone a round gold sun and one round dark moon/month, bloomed along with the strength of his soul comprehensively, the sky as if became his domain.

The airborne pink clouds vanished. The sky unexpectedly presents the half bright half dark strange picture. A stream of the black moonlight and golden sunlight also drops from the clouds together, shines on Ji Dong instantaneously, the next moment, his whole person whirlwind has shot. It looks like together coal dual-color like lightning from the airborne dive under.

Did not call already, amazed the world with a single brilliant feat, motionless already, moved the startled day. In an instant, above Ji Dong top of the head Yin-Yang Crown returned to Seven-Crown, seven dragons and seven snakes, huge magic power of altogether 14 Certain Kill Skill ranks soars from the royal crown, runs upon sword that the fatty transformed ruthlessly.

At the beginning of beginning, Ji Dong simply has not thought must insist time that anything one burns a joss stick, as Mage, particularly this inherited Two Great Sovereign Kings proud Pinnacle Two Fires to have, if he is thinking how must support the time of attack of opposite party, then, he must defeat without doubt. In the Ji Dong heart, only then an idea, that defeats the match, wins. Regardless of the match is what kind of strength, this point never will also change. In both eyes of Ji Dong, has been full of the bloodthirsty ray, the dragon snake strength and Zhou Xiaoxiao sword collision while lasting law, the body of his whole person changed into a darkness.

The comprehension of greatly quiet flame ice, making him have a about step understanding to the Dark Flames Demon King skill, at this moment, he looked like graceful and bloodthirsty cold ice arrow, drilled into thundering of that huge magic power instantaneously.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao complexion changed, he truly violated with three full sun same mistakes, underestimated Ji Dong, when strength of numerous hits that seven dragon seven snakes when his golden great sword in sword, he also has to raise comprehensively gathers magic power to contend. magic power of Ji Dong this storage, quite therefore two his strengths, that is Pinnacle Two Fires, moreover also Yin-Yang combination function. The striking power that erupts instantaneously absolutely is extremely astonishing. Even if Zhou Xiaoxiao cannot treat lightly.

In fierce thundering, the entire open area has been full of the manic magic power fluctuation, but the next moment, a dense chill in the air arrived on Zhou Xiaoxiao.

Ji Dong is coming up to erupt own card in a hand, the goal only then one, that is rips open the defense of Zhou Xiaoxiao and diverts his strength.

Without a doubt, the Ji Dong goal has been achieved, his attack opportunity this humble one flash has visited.

gold sun in sky completely vanishes, surplus only then one round dark moon/month, but the body of Ji Dong, in that profound black, were unexpectedly many have wiped light purple intent, noble purple intent. Above his both hands, is burning the black flame is also bringing that noble purple, the next moment, his whole person has bullied nearly to Zhou Xiaoxiao in front . The right claw wields, directly soars Zhou Xiaoxiao, when the chest grasps.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao right hand wrist/skill turns, sets up the palm to keep off, the next moment, he saw Ji Dong that bloodthirsty double pupil. Two cold electricity common silver light ruthlessly prick in his eye pupil, he only thought that in the mind sinks, in hand movement naturally stiff several points. But at this time, the attack of blotting out the sky outrageously erupted.

"Bans, hundred and thousand, extinguishes the kiss gloomily."

Yes, this is Dark Flames Demon King another Certain Kill Skill, excessively ultra must kill in the Ji Dong use, greatly after quiet flame ice, formidable skill that comprehends. Top Certain Kill Skill. Same is single body attack, but extinguishes the attack that kisses to have 360 heaviness gloomily fully, is equal to eruptions of 360 Dark Moon Claw.

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Chapter 365: Bans, hundred and thousand, Sovereign King bites

Bans, hundred and thousand, extinguishes the kiss gloomily. Sounds to be only Certain Kill Skill by, but Ji Dong chooses it to take own attack reasonable naturally.

Extinguishes the kiss gloomily is 360 ten Dark Moon Claw double hit, its characteristics lie, regardless of you can resist my many claws, so long as in my processes of these 360 claw attacks, you have a claw not to block, the following all claws will strike to will certainly, because the Dark Moon Claw effect paralysis will all arrive on you. Especially displayed banned, hundred and thousand, after extinguishing gloomily kissed, the Dark Moon Claw effect paralysis will strengthen one time. Corrodes the effect to strengthen three times. In this case, extinguished kissed the striking power to be the extremely terrifying degree gloomily. This is the close combat attack skill attack effect addition.

However, do not forget, Ji Dong also an extremely overbearing skill, that is being extinguishes the god to strike. Extinguishes to kiss to use gloomily alone, if can entire, the might must certainly above the quiet flame ice, how be possible not to compare the Ultra Certain Kill Skill big quiet flame ice. But if, Ji Dong this extinguishes to kiss by extinguishing the god gloomily strikes with? 360 ten Dark Moon Claw quite extinguish the god to strike in 360, such attack superimposes truly. Once entire, perhaps that is single body intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill is unable to compare, but to Ji Dong own magic power consumption actually compared with single body intermediate Ultra Certain Kill Skill few many. This is the reason that Ji Dong chooses extinguishes gloomily kisses. Zhou Xiaoxiao powerful right. But his body is so huge, relatively speaking may be short in the flexibility, attacks by the so rapid attack to him, at least can also make him be thrown into confusion. But attack of Ji Dong this comprehensive eruption, just started. He currently uses, already was not the pure Two Great Sovereign Kings primitive skill, but has itself to create.

Was swindled.

When the Ji Dong body is close, Zhou Xiaoxiao discovered oneself were swindled, arrives at his near Ji Dong with formerly seemed like the legitimate attack the time acts like a different person. Tyrannical attack that flash erupts including him also to shock.

Facts showed, the supreme powerhouses are not existence of having unearned reputation, the Zhou Xiaoxiao speed simply are restricted by the body, the polarity, his seems the obese body is extremely flexible, the supple tenacity of each joint even can with cultivating Ji Dong of Teng Snake strength technique has compared. A right hand high and low flutters, tall Jiedi keeps off, has blocked Ji Dong actually bans 1100, extinguishes the kiss gloomily. But what made his depressed was, although he has blocked the attack of Ji Dong, had the feeling that powerful nowhere caused.

Extinguished the speed of kissing too to be really quick gloomily, each claw attacked moistens walks. Also as before can resist at the Zhou Xiaoxiao reaction rate, is actually not able to eat the match by oneself ultra Ji Dong magic power hardly. But in Ji Dong extinguishes gloomily kisses sends out in the form that extinguishing the god strikes, every strikes extremely condenses, magic power after invading Zhou Xiaoxiao within the body will erupt.

Fierce thundering the core place that collides from two people erupt unceasingly, in bystander opinion, seems the situation of sharing half and half. May in fact, Zhou Xiaoxiao actually suffer a loss. Place that because this magic power explodes in his palm. Extinguishes the god to strike the powerful the penetrability to drill into his magic power to erupt. Strikes, two to strike is also not anything, but after 360 to strike to follow on somebody's heels. Somewhat could not endure including him.

The right hand palm was being corroded by pinnacle Yin Fire intensely, in addition extinguishes the unceasing eruption that the god strikes, the right hand of Zhou Xiaoxiao has lulled gradually. When he resists to 200 strike, has to receiving in the back left hand also to use, this will blocks.

As top Certain Kill Skill, extinguishes the characteristics that kisses gloomily is, so long as first fired, this 360 will strike will form a coherent whole. Moreover in process that will not attack again was counter-attacked directly by the match. Even if your strength is strong, so long as with extinguished the kiss to bump into gloomily, after only then resisted the residence had 360 to strike, has to launch the counter-attack the possibility.

The 360 th claw wielded finally finally, according to extinguished gloomily kisses the originally characteristics, this claw should holds last opposite party chest, pulled closer the match, had a specific use again hits the match ruthlessly, formerly saved, overlay pinnacle Yin Fire to erupt completely.

However, such premise is match cannot resist the complete 360 attacks to use. Although Zhou Xiaoxiao is passive, was deceived by Ji Dong, but he relied on own tyrannical strength to block eventually.

Therefore, Ji Dong this struck finally had the change, did not capture the match again. But is even Pai, in an instant, his originally burnt the right hand of black flame to turn into the red suddenly, was quite striking, is flooding the infinite murderous intention red.

"I x, good ruthless boy."Zhou Xiaoxiao is surprised, but his reaction rate is actually extremely quick, both hands make a fist, simultaneously at bang right hand of Ji Dong.

In the loud sound, the body of Ji Dong is bringing the Chen Sixuan backward nose oven loudly, but at this moment, ten logs actually from them behind continually become a row of hit, but, happen to top/withstood behind Chen Sixuan, ten logs also blasted open, has actually gone against two people brunting. In this crucial time, Chen Sixuan and Ji Dong tacit coordination shows once more. She by the trees by oneself Second Wood magic power hauling location melts brunts. Making originally should be rumbled to fly Ji Dong dozens meters away is only the nose oven leaves three meters to stop.

Zhou Xiaoxiao does not feel better, the Ji Dong that palm, is containing the might of sword of Fire God last, although cannot truly achieve the sword of effect Fire God, but that mixes with the deicide to cultivate his vitality that the like this formidable murderous intention and palm of strength of Fire God real fire pats to turn wells up, has to raise gathers magic power to deal.

But the attack of Ji Dong in light of this has not actually stopped, Chen Sixuan head Six-Crown Yin Crown greatly is instantaneously bright, the ray dim eternal armor sweeps across on, second time her and Ji Dong body protection. Although this divine tool lost its originally brilliance, but the divine tool after all is a divine tool, even if when 3 rd full sun strikes fully cannot make it damage. This time Chen Sixuan, must draw support is not the strength of divine tool, but is the conversion of eternal armor. Her Second Wood magic power flash transforms as pinnacle Second Wood. Has had the qualitative change to the assistance of Ji Dong immediately.

The impact of Nine-Crown magic power was too strong, Ji Dong originally should be the one breath is unable to raise to gather. Needs to retrocede condenses magic power, but, this pinnacle Second Wood magic power just like new force joining, his pinnacle Yang Fire was lit immediately again. Second Wood lives Fourth Fire, is Yin Wood lives Yin Fire, in an instant, the right hand of Ji Dong turned into the black once more.

"Will remember me on moon, bans, hundred and thousand, quiet flame ice."Explodes drinks in the sound, the black solid ice that graceful, dies out has pasted, the air instantaneously becomes gloomy and cold, but behind the Ji Dong dark moon/month ray actually becomes especially bright.

Facts showed that Zhou Xiaoxiao underestimates, not only Ji Dong, simultaneously he also has underestimated Chen Sixuan. Formerly reason that he thinks that the Ji Dong strength was not splendid, with was related to the misjudgment of Chen Sixuan. In his opinion, although in five elements the wood lights a fire, but ordinary Second Wood magic power is really limited regarding the help of Pinnacle Two Fires, Ji Dong is bringing Chen Sixuan, instead to own will have impeded. It is not good, instead will affect own display. The huge psychic force that pure soul fusion has is also not enough to produce the spiritual suppression results to him. Until at this moment, Zhou Xiaoxiao understands oneself wrong is odd, the assistance of Chen Sixuan to Ji Dong is not only the soul level is so simple. The assistance of Second Wood to Pinnacle Two Fires in his opinion is not anything, but when this Second Wood trades after pinnacle Second Wood. Finally completely was different.

As Zhou Xiaoxiao of supreme powerhouse, in receiving the Ji Dong comprehensive eruption bans 1100, after extinguishing gloomily kisses, at this time also requires the short turnaround time, most only takes 12 seconds, his having confidence instantaneous counter-attack, routs Ji Dong. But, is these 12 seconds , the quiet flame ice came.

Only can keep off hardly, facing pasting, but to the quiet flame ice, the Zhou Xiaoxiao but left leg lifts. Steps on directly to it, own pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power cannot attend to restoring once more to output.

As Dark Flames Demon King Certain Kill Skill, the characteristics of quiet flame ice are attach, swallow and corrode. Although the Zhou Xiaoxiao strength is strong, when he magic power cannot transfer at this time comprehensively, has the effect of loss in Jingzhou, the whole person was exaggerated by black immediately, congeals successfully the ice sculpture. Naturally, the Ji Dong quiet flame ice can seal up his time not association president. But, regarding Ji Dong such powerhouse, even if only the flash, can transform the victory and defeat!

Ji Dong took a deep breath, the black of whole body cuts the golden color instantaneously, is relying on the tyrannical transformation ability of bead of chaos, this inspiration, has raised to gather oneself complete magic power. Before one step treads, the body flushes away to Zhou Xiaoxiao rapidly, simultaneously the right fist wields, the whole person changed into the dazzling golden color. In his chest front and behind, respectively round golden solar brilliance eruption.

"Bans, hundred and thousand, Sovereign King bites."

If extinguishes the kiss gloomily is endless Dark Moon Claw, Sovereign King bit is endless Scorching Sun Bite. Almost with extinguishes the forms of defensive action of kissing to be exactly the same gloomily, but this Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill actually changed into 360 to strike Scorching Sun Bite. Ji Dong that changes into golden fist completely, is having the endless illusory image, directly soared the Seventh Metal department supreme powerhouse to pass on under Song Mian Zhou Xiaoxiao to go.

This is not pure Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill so is simple, even is not because has to extinguish the god to strike the effect the Ji Dong complete striking power condensation. What is most important, present Zhou Xiaoxiao, the body was stranded in the quiet flame ice.

The colorful male cone adds the quiet flame ice, once made Ji Dong have first Ultra Certain Kill Skill, Sun and Moon universe. Then, the colorful male cone changed into Sovereign King to bite, similarly was Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill, pinnacle Yin-Yang two fires combines the might that Certain Kill Skill had not to compare the Sun and Moon universe difference. In addition extinguishes effect that the god strikes. Must hit really completely on Zhou Xiaoxiao, even if he is the supreme powerhouse, cannot withstand absolutely. This is the Ji Dong final trump card. Eruption whole-heartedly.

Sends out this to strike finally, Ji Dong immediately whole body happy feeling, although he has not overcome the enemy now. But magic power rotates, sends out three big Certain Kill Skill one after another, this frank feeling is unprecedented. Under normal circumstances, wants to complete these three Certain Kill Skill at his present magic power intensity not to be difficult. But, affected in the actual combat is another situation. Match can it be that commonplace that is worth him so getting rid of? How possible, whatever he sends out such formidable attack capability. Therefore, Chen Sixuan played the important role. Among two people the soul fusion, making the strength of soul Ji Dong can control also probably above Zhou Xiaoxiao, this made him be able not to come under the influence of opposite party to be able the change of subtler assurance each point of magic power. Made itself in opportunity choice of attack, the magic power allocated proportion, was the extremely precise degree.

In beginning, at the beginning Chen Sixuan is Ji Dong carries on with her Second Wood magic power auxiliary, although can also have certain amplification function to Ji Dong, but like such of Zhou Xiaoxiao imagination, her Second Wood magic power amplification regarding Pinnacle Two Fires, is not enough to play the decisive effect.

But, to the critical moment, Chen Sixuan has not needed the direction of Ji Dong, can, when is most appropriate gets rid. Stops two people being shaken the potential of flying, wins the time to Ji Dong as far as possible, simultaneously transforms Second Wood magic power as pinnacle Second Wood injects into Ji Dong within the body, amplification effect suddenly/violently to increase. Not only supports Ji Dong to be able quicker sends out formidable Certain Kill Skill, takes to Zhou Xiaoxiao huge surprised, thus becomes the variable of this fight, instantaneous change war.

This has not needed the coordination of language exchange regarding any Mage is extremely wonderful, this tacit understanding is Ji Dong has never thought. Although he from the heart repels Chen Sixuan, hopes that she can be far away from itself, do not fall into the sentimental vortex. May this tacit coordination during the fight make him very happy. Some this kind of partners coordinate, his strength was not only the amplification so is simple.

Without Chen Sixuan, Ji Dong cannot strike to kill three full suns, does not have Chen Sixuan, he impossible fully to complete oneself fight tentative plan at this time. Present Zhou Xiaoxiao imagines him is more formidable. Chen Sixuan that attaches in the feeling of behind him silently paying is most moving, although Ji Dong heart hard like iron, will appear some pleasantly warmly.

Vigorously to go to Ji Dong starts Sovereign King to bite, the preparation strikes subdues, the mutation suddenly lives. In a light sound that ding, originally covered under passing on Song Mian Zhou Xiaoxiao black crystal blasts open instantaneously, bit the previous moment that arrived at to break in Ji Dong Sovereign King. A stability the big hand and cream big hand appear, grasp to hold to become fist, a fist welcomed Ji Dong Sovereign King to bite.

Sovereign King bites 360 to strike unites instantaneously, the tyrannical overlay striking power erupts perfectly, compared with the corrosion of Dark Moon Claw, Scorching Sun Bite does not have any limit effect, but it has tyrannical that Dark Moon Claw is unable to compare. Compels submission by force completely. Let alone in also joined extinguished the effect that the god struck, its might, has reached the peak.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 366: The gold/metal of chaos

Even if Flame Sovereign King resurrecting. Only sends out this Certain Kill Skill Sovereign King to bite, impossible to do Ji Dong is better.

May be this, when Ji Dong that 360 strike Scorching Sun Bite to superimpose Sovereign King to bite shells completely on that cream big hand, is actually similar to the dragonfly shakes the stone column to be ordinary, without any effect.

Brings several points of metallic luster cream fist to withstand all attacks not to have the slightest bit to change, when Ji Dong attacks instant, it that completely finished has actually brought a broad vast gentle strength, sweeps across the body of Ji Dong to shake by far him.

Ji Dong only thought that in chest a magic power fierce fluctuation, the whole person while shocking, the chaos bead in chest beat fiercely, the strong chaos aura has swept across his body unexpectedly in a flash, although the gentle cream flame is not intense, but actually changes into a light membrane to reappear in the Chen Sixuan eternal armor outer layer.

Eternal armor slight trembled, as if in moan, but outside that is pushing the huge strength that Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan leave actually quietly to melt in the next moment, as if had any thing to be blocked.

Ji Dong when the airborne nose oven, the both feet falls to the ground, one after another retrocedes seven and eight talent reluctantly coming to a stop personal appearance. He and Chen Sixuan are almost shouting with one voice: "The gold/metal of chaos."

 Yes, when Ji Dong thinks that Zhou Xiaoxiao is not possible to keep off him to attack again, in him has been full of intense war intent, must overcome the enemy shortly. He was actually repelled. Formerly all diligently, including the Chen Sixuan excellent assistance, cannot play should have the effect. This all, stems from that cream big hand. It, routs Ji Dong to deliberately plan successively the successful hit Zhou Xiaoxiao quiet flame ice, has prevented the fusion of Yin-Yang two fires Certain Kill Skill. Also it, easily blocked Ji Dong Flame Sovereign King Certain Kill Skill Sovereign King to bite. That is only plump on the big hand cream color to have an explanation, that is the chaos. Changes the course of events at the most critical moment from the chaos strength.

Although Ji Dong had the bead of chaos, but is actually not skilled in regarding the chaos application at the actual combat, is not he cannot use the strength of bead of chaos, because the meaning of strength of chaos lies in the creation, but is not the destruction, applies the effect in attack is not good. Another reason was his Pinnacle Two Fires, was because of existence of bead of chaos, can make his Yin-Yang revolutions not have the gap mutually, did not have the magic power not balanced danger. Therefore, in more often, what the bead of chaos plays is the key role, is used to condense magic power, to transform magic power and transfers magic power.

At this time, under the stimulation of gold/metal of that chaos, Chaos Fire in pearl of chaos voluntarily appears, protects the body of Ji Dong, melted the bead of chaos impulse.

The offensive that Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan collaborate was melted finally, but the Zhou Xiaoxiao appearance is not relaxed. White long gown many turned into the corvinus, clearly, the material quality of this long gown is not ordinary, has not melted under the quiet flame ice that tyrannical corrosion. But his face obviously has by the trace that Yin Fire corrodes, on right hand that particularly gold/metal of magic power that chaos takes back. Was turned into black completely, under golden pinnacle Seventh Metal magic power attacked unceasingly, reluctantly will invade pinnacle Yin Fire to scatter gradually.

Zhou Xiaoxiao stared in a big way own pair of small eyes to look at Ji Dong, the right hand of Ji Dong has lifted slowly, the entire only hand turned into the rich red.

During formerly battle, Ji Dong has felt the great strength of Zhou Xiaoxiao strength fully, attack after whole-heartedly was melted, he has been in absolute leeward. Zhou Xiaoxiao now is his match, regardless of this fights whether probes, Ji Dong will not have a general idea. He has prepared for has released that the sword of Fire God makes an all-out effort to wrestle, is relying on him and Chen Sixuan soul fusion, suppresses the god who the deicide cultivates like this to know is not very difficult. He did not have the strength to hit back at this time.

"Does not hit, does not hit." A Zhou Xiaoxiao face depressed waves toward Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, magic power also quietly diverged.

"The Ji Dong boy, you were too sly. Unexpectedly cloudy I. Skill that the fatty I maintain life are many, perhaps this, did not die a moment ago must delaminate the skin. I have to acknowledge, you truly compared with my talent. In my 20-year-old time, absolutely does not have you now such strength. However, you have a good wife. She suddenly gets rid, you want to compel my gold/metal of chaos not to be easy."

In this fight. Zhou Xiaoxiao separately the strength miscalculation to Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan, this in the true fight is the enormous fault, if not because his strength are too more than two people, at this time already suffered a loss.

Listened to his words, Chen Sixuan charming face is red, increased several points to the favorable impression of this fatty immediately, Ji Dong had actually frowned, "she was not a wife, was my student."At the same time was saying, in his hand the energy of sword of Fire God also gradually restrains oneself, in the heart also secretly relaxed.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao strength imagines him is more tyrannical, in the opposite party despises in own situation unable to get the winning side as before truly. Moreover, do not forget, Zhou Xiaoxiao in this fights has not used any magic power weapon and mount. Moreover from the beginning is only exploratory getting rid. If he comes up whole-heartedly, perhaps, a oneself opportunity does not have. This is absolute strength disparity. Formerly he once clear seeing, Zhou Xiaoxiao head Seventh Metal Yang Crown was Nine-Crown Three Stars, was the Level 96 terrifying strength. In his known supreme powerhouse, only then own Martial Ancestor Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun can in comparison, even if under the profound ancestor part of great bear crown Ji Changxin, must miss this fatty to plan. The silly rich business association's status on continent so is no wonder stable, has that huge property also nobody to dare to have his idea easily. This fatty to the feeling of Ji Dong is immeasurably deep, he is unable to judge, if the strength of this fatty displays to be what kind of situation completely.

", Is the teachers and students love, this I like. It seems like that I must consider that opened a Mage school to be good." The complexion of fatty returned to normal, before pinnacle Yin Fire in intrusive mass had been compelled by his pinnacle Seventh Metal. Reason that he suffers a loss, there is still one reason that is the attribute repels one another. Medium baking temperature of gold/metal five elements. This fights, he has eaten invisible losses. However, just as Ji Dong imagination such, if the fatty displays completely own strength, that really terrifying. Do not forget that his another status, the first under heaven business association silly rich boss, has the so deep financial resource, can his magic power weapon be how powerful?

Ji Dong turned head to look at a not far away fragrance, "fragrance has burnt half. If you, I am unable to insist in your hand whole-heartedly the time of burning a joss stick. I lost."Although is not willing to acknowledge, but Ji Dong is actually not a person of acting shamelessly. Judges from the situation, he truly lost.

The fat people shook the head, said: "No, you have not lost. A point that I had not said a moment ago is, so long as you can single-handed under persist in burning a joss stick in me you to win. The boys, do not want not to be convinced, do not forget, I am the Nine-Crown powerhouse, wanted more inferior your pinnacle magic power to my might. Without the attribute suppression, you want to jump the ranks to challenge me are almost impossible. You do has been imagined me is better too many were too more. You have deducted the Fire department explosive force for me perfectly. Does not use many, I believe, gives you again ten years, you can make the world shocking absolutely. Arrived that time, perhaps on this piece of continent also again nobody is your match. Let alone, you had not summoned your magic beast partner a moment ago. I heard, you have one similarly to use the Pinnacle Two Fires strong big dragon beast, if adds on it again, you burn a joss stick in all my -out attack under-bracing are not impossible. Really disgraced! Not only has used both hands, pressed the bottom the chaos gold/metal to use continually. The boys, you just Seven-Crown, you had been good enough to make one feel proud, what loses face is I am right. My pitiful ice silk clothing, by your such fever. I at least must spend several thousand gold coins to patch, do you know, making the fatty I spend, is shearing my meat!"

Looks at fatty that face plaintive appearance, Ji Dong is very difficult to imagine at present this is in Mage world existence of top, has the powerhouse of strength of chaos. This appearance to fried pork pain, had the wonder of equally good results from different methods with initial Yao Qianshu.

"Senior, you are not a miser."Chen Sixuan very direct asking.

"Uh......"fatty flexure fat on the back of the head, "naturally is not, is I such natural person possibly a miser? Good, the Ji Dong boy, you adopted my exams for postgraduate schools, said that you do want to make me help you? The cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother said that hopes I help you, had not said that wants me to make anything. He said that all take responsibility by you. Your talent had fully demonstrated to me you have the qualifications that obtains me to help. Naturally, my help also has the condition, the fatty I am a merchant."

Ji Dong lightly said: "What is your condition?"

Fatty chuckled, said: "Boy, I liked you more and more, did not put forward the request to ask the condition first, showed that you were the person who will not act shamelessly. Evidently, you should with the cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother’s same effective and influential word. I spoke frankly, my request is very simple, is not difficult to you. Saw that on me this clothes do not have, to turn head I also to make to order several to you, when later regardless, you must put on it. This is my condition."

Chen Sixuan was surprised said: "So is simple?"In the beautiful pupil has filled inconceivable, she does not understand why completely the fatty will propose such seems simply does not have the condition of any significance.

The fat people said with a smile: "Simple. The fat people I am sincere the person. Naturally cannot feel embarrassed the Ji Dong boy."

Ji Dong gives a calm smile, ", but you are also an outstanding merchant. The goal that you must such make is very simple. Advertisement by. To make me constantly advertize for your silly rich business association, right."

"Advertisement? What is the advertisement?" The fat people have gawked.

Ji Dong said: "Advertisement is meaning of informing widely. I wear the clothes that your silly rich business association indicates, where arrives, others know that I and your silly rich business association has the relations. Especially, faces the Dark Five Elements Continent enemy again time, with me in the same place, is the present age powerhouses, they naturally can note my attire. I am the member of heavenly stems disciple, this advertisement effect will have the function to the silly rich business association without doubt very much. From now on my strength will be stronger, is bigger in the role that in two pieces of continent holy wars plays. The effect of this advertisement is also naturally better. But I only then have been living, tries hard for this holy war, can obtain you to help continuously. Thus what is better is the silly rich business association carries on the advertisement, I said right."

Listened to the Ji Dong words, this time, Zhou Xiaoxiao even suffered a loss on Ji Dong before is more surprised, suddenly, he one step steps forward, arrived in front of Ji Dong, cannot shunt his pair of large hand at the Ji Dong reaction rate unexpectedly, his right hand was held by Zhou Xiaoxiao. Naturally, this because of Zhou Xiaoxiao itself any meaning of attack, the Ji Dong soul has not searched to observe does not have any reason of response.

"Talented person!"Zhou Xiaoxiao makes an effort is rocking the hand of Ji Dong, "in numerous seeks his a lot of degrees, the evening however looks back, that person actually in lights waning place. The Ji Dong boy, I asked you to be very long. I can affirm, you are the person who I want to find. Good, this is really good. Has not thought your boy not only in the Mage cultivation is a talent, has such brains in the management business. When I as if see was young me, Oh, no, you were initially more outstanding than me. I have decided that from now on, I train you become my future replacing person. The heaven does not lose the person with high aspirations, I finally found you."

Withdrawing own hand that Ji Dong makes an effort, looks the fatty who some god gods talked on endlessly, "senior, you can normal. I started to suspect now, Martial Ancestor makes you ask me to be actually correct."

"Oh reclamation both hands embarrasedly, the plump palm each other rubs mutually, " boy, I very should not be like this normal, is normal. I now am very excited. Do you know, what found you to mean for me? Means the extrication! You think that I am willing to be the bosses of silly rich business association? This is very laborious, is extremely laborious. **, Thinks that now I am depressed extremely. Initially lost to that old ghost, I as for was surrounded these dozens years?"

Looks at the Ji Dong doubts the look, Zhou Xiaoxiao complexion one entire, immediately becomes serious, just imposing say/way: "Ji Dong, do you know why our silly rich business association can stand erect continent for 500 years not but actually, is saving more and more huge wealth, how many Great Empire even made probably be scared? This is not because we have any special place in the business model, is not because the business association left many great commercial talents, because of time."

Asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 367: Chamber of commerce successor

"Time? Why?"Chen Sixuan curious asking.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "On our Light Five Elements Continent. Besides our silly rich business association, the operation longest business association also just has more than 80 years of history by. But we have
500 years of accumulation. Even if our management are not most splendid. So long as the goal is correct, the modes of business operation too big mistake, 500 years, how many wealth we can't gather? But can guarantee commercial association the secret of destruction lie in the strength. Formidable strength."

"The first custom of silly rich business association is, the association president must be the supreme powerhouse. Only the supreme powerhouse, has into the qualifications of business association president. Moreover business association presidents are not hereditary systems. Silly rich business association is not any family. But jointly is decided all important matters by business association discussing official business group. And, the association president has the enormous decision-making power, but is actually not complete. Each association president, is nominated by the previous association president, after the discussing official business group inspects, decides. This enables the business association presidents throughout to maintain the outstanding tradition. Since many years, have been relying on such method, the silly rich business association can have existence at least one supreme powerhouse throughout, once has decided the reserve candidate of association president, then, the financial resource of entire business association for him, but assists fully. You think why I can break through Nine-Crown in 56 years old? That may, not only my talent, is because behind has the full support of silly rich business association. From talent, my even might as well cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother. But, he comprehends Chaos Fire has used for dozens years, I only have actually used for short five years. Because during these five years, I altogether used the entire ten jade of day to perceive through meditation the chaos. This point who can achieve?"

Hears here, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan terrified change countenance, the ten jade of day, what concept is this? This perhaps is really the thing that the Five Great Empires imperial family puts together cannot put out. The jade of day was unable to weigh with the value. A person has absorbed the ten jade of day, at this time a luxurious matter. No wonder, Zhou Xiaoxiao in is in itself not in the situation of heavenly stems disciple, can actually have the Level 96 the powerful strength and chaos gold/metal in the 78- year-old age. However, Zhou Xiaoxiao took to their surprised also just to start.

Only listens to his continued: "Magical instrument is fierce. I could also see, on you have the divine tool. Eastern Wood saintess fine jade princess, your divine tool, should be your Eastern Wood Empire only, is a best divine tool that Five Great Empires has. The armor of life goddess, should be called the eternal armor. Right. Is any I do not know as for the Ji Dong boy divine tool. However had not released a moment ago it from you, you should completely not grasp its strength to be right. But our silly rich business association, is grasping enough three magical instruments. These three magical instruments, are controlled by all previous association president. Also only then successively holds the association president to have the right of use. I can tell you frankly. If the competion all-round strength, the cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother must be not as good as the slightest bit compared with me. Perhaps my strength could not win him, but I can actually subdue by the financial resource of behind silly rich business association. Therefore, in my opinion, money is multipurpose." Three magical instruments......, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan look at each other one, Ji Dong lightly said: "You and we were saying some, not only dazzles richly is so simple."

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "Naturally. Everybody is a smart person, I do not talk circuitously. I told you these goals to be very simple. All that I have, you also similarly can have. So long as you agreed. I can determine you for my replacing person immediately. When you through the inspection of elder assembly, then, the entire silly rich business association are your solid backing. From now on will support you by all financial resource. By your talent, ten years, can certainly break through Nine-Crown."

Chen Sixuan snorted, said: "You take advantage actually well. One generation of Saint Wang Cheng of heavenly stems disciple are the association presidents of silly rich business association. At least in the next hundred years, silly rich business association at the height of power."

Zhou Xiaoxiao very honest say/way: "Huge investment naturally must have the huge income. I am a merchant, is not philanthropist. I am this meaning. Naturally, Ji Dong you can also choose do not comply. Even if you do not comply, I will be also same in the back by the financial support you. However can use only then your propaganda strength. The bolster support nature and you become the business association successors are different. This you must consider clearly. I can tell you like this, so long as you agree to become the successor of silly rich business association, then, I can all that you want."

Both eyes of Ji Dong have shone suddenly, vision brilliant is looking steadily at Zhou Xiaoxiao, "can you give all that I want really?"

Zhou Xiaoxiao favorite say/way: "Naturally. In this world, can make the matter that I cannot accomplish really not many."

Chen Sixuan surprised looks at Ji Dong, "Teacher Ji Dong, really do not promise him? Behind the benefit, the responsibility similarly is also huge." Ji Dong has not paid attention to Chen Sixuan, but is looking steadily at Zhou Xiaoxiao, "that good. So long as you can help me complete a matter. Let alone is becomes the successor of your business association, even if makes me make the cow to make the horse I also to want."

Listened to his such saying, Zhou Xiaoxiao was instead nervous, he was very clear, can make Ji Dong say this words, he is been simple by the matter that oneself were. "Good, you mentioned listen."
Ji Dong solemnly said: "I want you to help me resurrect a god." "What?" A Zhou Xiaoxiao nearly blood spurts, "do you make me do?
Reactivates a god? The Ji Dong boy, doesn't your brain have issue?"

Ji Dong coldly said: "My spirit is very normal. Without any issue. Since you knew the matter that on Holy and Evil Island had, naturally also knows that now is anything is preventing the path of Dark Five Elements Continent advance. That Red Lotus day hot barrier, is my lover releases. She is the King of earth core world, earth core Empress. Her strength early has achieved Divine level that you have not been able to imagine. However, her existence was actually not accommodated by god. After the world has displayed own strength, was patted the lawman to kill by god. Will forever separate with my beauty. So long as you can help me resurrect she, making me make anything."

Chen Sixuan no longer spoke, at this moment, in her heart some are moved, is quietly, she has separated herself and soul fusion between Ji Dong. Because she feared that she cannot control the mood to make Ji Dong perceive anything.

He is a that arrogant person, can actually to resurrect oneself gives up all, is willing, but does the cow to make the horse for other people, Chen Sixuan only thought at this time, regardless of after have traded this status, had been worth by many grievance, silently falls back on Ji Dong behind, how regardless of he decided, she will not have any objection. She now the love of more and more clear human is what kind. She knows, if initially really died, is forever impossible to resurrect. Although then, Ji Dong is living, the pain that but he bears actually wants to be much bigger. Zhou Xiaoxiao dejected say/way: "This I cannot achieve. This is not the matter that our human category can achieve. Boys. You will put forward the condition really! Has simply?"

What Zhou Xiaoxiao is unexpected, Ji Dong unexpectedly affirmative nodded. "Silly rich business association, since existed for 500 years. Then, you should hear Bartenders Association has a famous name wine record. Records to record the present age ten big famous name wines in this famous name wine. In ten big famous name wines, I had two types, the desert fine wine and origin of life. If you can help me even up other eight big famous name wines, then, I also similarly can accept your condition. So long as I am also living, I can be your successor."

Zhou Xiaoxiao eyes shined, "this seems like some operationalities. Although I have not seen that famous name wine record. But in business association treasure house, has stored up various massive types of famous name wines. Even existence of also millennium aging. Turns head I to go to Bartenders Association to ask, these ten big famous name wines are anything. We such settled."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Ok, so long as you help me even up, I comply to be your successor. The famous name wine records in my hand, but has not brought now in the side. After I bring back, I will make your person pass on to you to the industry of silly rich business association."

Zhou Xiaoxiao nods again and again, say/way of beaming from ear to ear: "Good, we such settled. The headquarters of our business association in Western Metal Empire capital Jin Cheng, I generally in that side. If you must transfer the wealth that ten million counts, then you go to there to look for me. The ordinary wealth you yourself transferred on line."At the same time was saying, Zhou Xiaoxiao washes one's hands to throw a thing.

In the Ji Dong access hand, looks down, sees only that does not know is token that any material quality manufacture becomes. Token all over the body purple. The circular, carves the gold coin style, but above design is actually a fat big end, is the Zhou Xiaoxiao appearance. The engravers are extremely exquisite, Zhou Xiaoxiao lifelikeness of appearance carving. "This is beyond the day the meteoric iron builds. Nobody can pretend. So long as is the industry of silly rich, you can spend depending on it willfully. Needs to draw out the wealth. So long as the amount too do not have the issue greatly. Since saw you, my this returns to Jin Cheng, explained your matter to the discussing official business group. I believe, these fellows will be interested in you. Perhaps, soon after I will directly look for you. After you attain the famous name wine records, promptly informs the people of our business association to me to report on the line. Gives your token by me. Nobody dares to neglect."

Said goodbye to Zhou Xiaoxiao, Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan left the silly rich hotel. All the way, Ji Dong has been lowering the head to ponder, but Chen Sixuan has not spoken, similarly lowers the head is thinking own concern. She has been suppressing not to be cried by oneself, is controlling the mood diligently. Ji Dong proposed to Zhou Xiaoxiao two conditions, is related with her. Especially that second condition, Zhou Xiaoxiao does not understand what is heard, can she not be clear?

At that time what Ji Dong said that so long as I am living, keeps the promise. Chen Sixuan too understood him, his idea clearly was the continent matter, after having completed the Lie Yan (raging flames) wish, will follow Lie Yan (raging flames) to go! His love, that tenacious. But is this tenaciously makes the heart of Chen Sixuan shiver unceasingly. Her first time felt the urgency of time, in an instant, is more than half a year passed, but initially when Lie Yan (raging flames) gave the Ji Dong duty is ten years. Completes own wish with ten years. That to let his pain was diluted by the time. But now looks like, he love to Lie Yan (raging flames) has not changed along with the time slightly.

Returned to the school, Chen Sixuan to say the sound said goodbye, the running back dormitory fast. Although beforehand Ji Dong, in fights with Zhou Xiaoxiao consumes is not small, but he has complied with Zhu Rong, regardless of many late comes back to see him, naturally directly went to the Zhu Rong office.

The gate of Zhu Rong office is opening, Ji Dong just arrived at the entrance, sees Teacher that is pacing in the room. "Teacher, I came back."Ji Dong stands in entrance respectful saying.

"Brat, quickly comes. Such late comes back."Zhu Rong beckons to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong just entered the room, Zhu Rong somewhat impatient asking: "Ji Dong, today a that strategy of your class of student what's the matter? Said quickly with me."

Zhu Rong once was one of the Heavenly Stems School ten big directors, can say that the life devoted during the Mage the research of skill and cultivation. How huge influence he is clearer than the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy that today's class of these students use to have anybody regarding the demon world.

Ji Dong said: "Teacher, this strategy named five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy. Before the war of Holy and Evil Island starts, I had run into the demon pledge person. They had certain research regarding the ten departments five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, can display to be similar by ten departments Mage in the five elements Yin-Yang like this great power. However has the obvious shortcoming, that can only limit the match, in attack and defense both sides not too many practical significances. Afterward, in the war of Holy and Evil Island, we facing the Dark Five Elements Continent expert, they went a step further in this aspect. Can carry on to defend through the ten departments magic power fusion. Because is unable to coordinate ten departments to attack feels weak. Only can suppress and defend purely. These two strategies have the obvious flaw. Afterward, through my pondering over, as well as these days an experiment in class of student. Invents the strategy that you see today. Although my this strategy is not the ten departments fusion, but actually simultaneously can carry on the attack and defense. Perhaps is imperfect, but judging from the present situation, should be the future best development direction. Puts out Yang attribute five elements alone or is Yin attribute five elements, becomes when each other fusion easier. My this finds a way most at least not because the Yin-Yang magic power different influences will disrupt the mutual promotion of the five elements, to produce repel one another. Through the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements, forms the circulation five people of magic power, momentarily can launch the attack from any direction. The magic power mutual promotions of the five elements of after five people superimpose, can produce the huge amplification results."

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy. At the end of the month, must catch up.

Chapter 368: Kicks the commitment of gathering place

Is listening to the Ji Dong words, the Zhu Rong vision brilliant visits him.
"Ji Dong, you know the law that you invent what does mean?"

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Means independent Mage, even if Eight-Crown Mage was unable alone big. By my this method, five Six-Crown Mage collaborate, can rout Eight-Crown Mage."

Zhu Rong said: "Why is Eight-Crown, isn't Nine-Crown?"

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "The Nine-Crown powerhouse had pinnacle magic power, such promotion is not the simple five elements mutual promotion of the five elements can subdue. What even if composition law is five Eight-Crown Mage, wants to defeat a Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse is also not realistic. The strength to Nine-Crown, entered another realm. However, if my this strategy can widely apply in the demon world. Then, greatly will pull closer low level Mage and strength disparity between high-grade level Mage. Even if five Two- Crown Mage collaborates, in a short time can also display to be equal to a Five-Crown Mage strength. Therefore, the emergence of mutual promotion of the five elements five elements circulation strategy, sufficiently change at present Mage world pattern."

Zhu Rong solemnly said: "You know well. If this strategy alone only then I flaming the hot school to have. Then, we flaming the hot school even to be able in several years to surmount Heavenly Stems School. If this strategy were obtained by any country, then, this country can obtain the decisive great power on continent. How do you plan to process?" Ji Dong vision tranquil looks at Zhu Rong, "Teacher, I hope that you can support me. I want to teach this strategy to our Light Five Elements Continent all Mage."

Although has guessed correctly several points, but when these words said from the Ji Dong mouth. Zhu Rong subconsciously has gotten hold of the double fist.

"Were you really clear? You are clear, this strategy brings the wealth and prestige that you are unable to imagine to you sufficiently. So long as limits it based on this."

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "Teacher, now is not the selfish time, our enemies are Dark Five Elements Continent. Our time were not much. If cannot be ready, then, five years later, when the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, we will face is the ruinous attack. The dark secret has, surmounts the strength of Saint beast, four mahatma beast syntheses, made his strength approach in the god infinitely. But we are impossible to have another god to help again. We can depend upon, only then own strength."

Bang a big sound, the Zhu Rong fierce thump has struck table, "good, worthily is my Zhu Rong disciple. The station high, looks farther ahead, this is the general situation view. I had looked for your Martial Ancestor a moment ago, the meaning of your Martial Ancestor was the same with you. But this strategy is you invents after all, if you do not want, we will not force you. Since you agreed that then, we then must comprehensively carry out this strategy. Starting from tomorrow, first-grade class and two classes and three classes of these 30 students are unified by you instruct. I give you three months, must make them have an achievement, three months later, you lead them to go to Central Plains City. To carry out this strategy, we also need the support of Heavenly Stems School and Mage Guild."

"Yes. Teacher."Ji Dong nodded, said: "Teacher, gives one class to look for a Second Wood department student again. The Chen Sixuan other strengths and schools differ too, she in one class, is unable to display completely oneself strength. Let her cultivation temporarily first alone. When I found to suit her partner, carries on the strategy practice again."

Zhu Rong nodded, said: "This does not have the issue. I will arrange."

Next morning, flaminged hot school first grade two classes and three classes of students to receive the notice, starting today, they with a class of merge, will be taught by first-grade director Ji Dong unified. The merge is 30 people of kindergarten classes for six and seven year olds. Meanwhile, Chen Sixuan was been alone independent by the school, becomes the special student carries on by Ji Dong directs alone, adjusts a Three-Crown rank the Second Wood department female student who to supplement from the second grade to one class. For this special class and grade, the school opens one to use for them in the first-grade classroom building specially.

Class of students have naturally filled to school such decision proudly, this is obtain the result that the school approves. But when two classes and three classes of students arrive at this new class and grade was having the quite disturbed mood. After all, before were most with a class of conflict, was these two classes and grades that was taught by Xuanyuan Xin and Tang Yilian.

A Ji Dong cotton garment walks into the lecture hall, that and Chen Sixuan extremely similar white ** the companion installed to come back to be replaced by him. How the tall his look is not handsome, the attire is also very ordinary, without any decoration. The students linked one to store up Magic Tool from him unable to find. However, when he, as soon as foot treads initiation room, the entire classroom actually immediately keeps silent the Ruohan cicada. The vision of everyone concentrates on his.

Although Ji Dong is not handsome, attire is simple, but he has one type the special makings of making the person awe into submission submissive. In the students eyes, he seems is such powerful, arrogant such as Sovereign King general powerful. An invisible oppression strength naturally sends out from him, making each student look when him on own initiative was not restraining own vision. Although Chen Sixuan already not in class of ten people of systems, but actually as before is a class of student, Zhu Rong is very simple to her arrangement, as a result of Chen Sixuan strength, he assigned Ji Dong to her counsels alone. Regarding this point, morning time Ji Dong has proposed the vigorous opposition, but the Zhu Rong powerful is not he can deny, but can only accept temporarily.

The Zhu Rong story is rich, uploads to hear again various information, naturally the cordiality of very clear Chen Sixuan to Ji Dong. By the Chen Sixuan status and strength, in addition her is not inferior in the Lie Yan (raging flames) perfect appearance, Zhu Rong naturally hopes that she can blossom and bear fruit with Ji Dong. He too has understood this closing disciple, Ji Dong that tenacious disposition is just the same as him simply, recognizes the accurate matter easily not to change, only if makes him fall in love with a woman again, the sorrow that otherwise the dead space of Lie Yan (raging flames) comes never will vanish from his heart. Zhu Rong naturally does not hope to see such situation occurrence, therefore, this arrangement was also logical.

Knew after this news, the Chen Sixuan natural great happiness, one late she had almost not rested yesterday, in the mind is pacing back and forth throughout the Ji Dong form, that pain is joyful the feeling is really takes to her to stimulate enormously.

Chen Sixuan sits the position center first row. Raised the head, happen to can the point blank range in the classroom looks at Ji Dong. In all 31 students, only then she looks that in the Ji Dong look has been full of the love, but is not the awe.

Ji Dong facial expression solemn standing after the platform, both hands according to the platform, the ice-cold faint vision have swept from the students face, "starting today, our one class is 31 students. Matter that in the past has, each of you should better forget. Since is a student of class and grade, then, you is a whole, why not harmonious sound if makes me listen to assume the post, then, I without hesitation kicks out from this class him." Although the Ji Dong sound is very tranquil, even does not have many mood to fluctuate, but nobody will actually suspect his determination. The originally also favorite very original class of students immediately keep silent the Ruohan cicada, has restrained several points including the vision. Very obviously, the Ji Dong words aim at their.

Ji Dong continued: "I think, you should know Heavenly Stems School this exists. First under heaven school. Has the continent most outstanding talented person there. But in Heavenly Stems School, has special community, they are the elites in elite, is the mainstay that in the war of past Holy and Evil the representative our Light Five Elements Continent went to battle with."

Purple morning star subconscious continued of: "Teacher, what you said is Yin-Yang School?"

Hears the Yin-Yang School four characters, in the most student eyes erupts the blazing brilliance. Yin-Yang School, these four character representatives is the glory and strength. Regarding at present these students, Yin-Yang School is the place that mysterious and formidable made them incomparably yearn.

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Right, is Yin-Yang School. I can also tell you honestly, once, I was a member in Yin-Yang School, has attended the war of twice Holy and Evil successively."

", Teacher Ji Dong is a hero."hard Wu excited calling out.

Ji Dong has not refuted hard Wu words, arrogant demeanor in vision has increased several points, if he is also not the hero. Perhaps on Light Five Elements Continent did not have heroic glossary. If not he and Fu Rui, remote and the others prevents the Dark Five Elements Continent ceremony, if not his spousal Lie Yan (raging flames) appears promptly, takes the Red Lotus day fire to win the time as Light Five Elements Continent, perhaps this time continent, was already covered by the reactionary reign of terror. Is listening to the Ji Dong words, original two classes and three classes of students immediately ashamed lowering the head. They have thought is only a class of teacher in charge of drunkard, has participated in the hero of war of Holy and Evil unexpectedly, stems from Yin-Yang School. Such background let alone is flaminging the hot school to make Teacher, in Heavenly Stems School, when Teacher also without question!

Since continuously, many students and Teachers think that Ji Dong enters blazing the hot school because of practicing favoritism of Zhu Rong Dean, really understands until them at this moment, Dean introduces Ji Dong, simply does not have the meaning that the slightest bit practices favoritism. The Ji Dong strength is they impossible to suspect. Individual strength or the teaching strength, were obvious to all yesterday. 20-year-old Seven- Crown Mage, who has heard?

Ji Dong said: "You think that Yin-Yang School is very formidable?"

Hou hard say/way: "Teacher, isn't Yin-Yang School formidable? You so are fierce."

Ji Dong said: "Yes, Yin-Yang School each student has the extremely formidable strength. They not only have the advantageous talent, uses the complete mental effort above the cultivation. It can be said that your talents are at all impossible to compare with them. Under normal circumstances, any Yin-Yang School ranks the first 30 disciples, can make you roll to extinguish easily."

"Teacher Ji Dong, is your this is damaging our confidence? Even if your not too high Yin-Yang School status, we are also very clear."Saying of original two classes of student some not indignation. Although they are ashamed, but does not hope that was evaluated the trash.

Ji Dong sneers, "? Isn't convinced? You should understand, what I said is the fact. I said these, do not go to too high Yin-Yang School to disparage you, but must make you know the disparity in strength. Not only on magic power, is at the fighting will and actual combat experience. The purple morning star, stands up." The morning stars has stood.

Ji Dong said: "You told everybody, how can promote the actual combat experience."

Purple morning star without the slightest hesitation said: "You have taught us, and leads us to practice personally. Only then in facing the situation of crisis, can stimulate own potential as far as possible, the promotion strength."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good. So. Therefore, I must tell you am, the talent cannot represent all. If you can pay compared with Yin-Yang School these talent many efforts. Not necessarily cannot have their such strengths. The fighting will and actual combat experience, are your development trend directions. From now on, you must be mentally prepared, my teaching is not will toe the line, my order does not have anybody to violate. Regardless of I make you make anything, even if makes you jump the cliff immediately, you must do. I can be, three months that later you guarantee, your here 31 people, at least can resist the attacks of Yin-Yang School ten disciples. In other words, in three months, I will make your actual combat capabilities enhance over ten times. Understood what is heard?"

Formerly that anti- sound two classes of student cannot bear saying: "Teacher Ji Dong, how you can like us show that we can resist with the Yin-Yang School disciple?"

Ji Dong said: "I hope that this is the last question that I hear. Your issue I can reply you now, three months later, I will lead your 31 people to go to Heavenly Stems School to exchange. Understanding that said that I lead you to smash the gathering place. Wants before the person high- ranking, after must mediate, preparation that suffers hardship."

The Ji Dong voice falls, the entire class is in an uproar, this time, in the Chen Sixuan eye revealed the unusual look. Goes to Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School to smash the gathering place, everyone thought that own ear as if had problems. Even if in flaminging hot school, they are also only the doolies, although beforehand Ji Dong said that a Yin-Yang School disciple can roll to extinguish them makes in these student hearts some not indignation, but they have to acknowledge what Ji Dong said is the fact. But he also said at this time, three months have must lead them these people to go to Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School to smash the gathering place at present, this looks like a heavy case bomb without doubt loudly crack.

"Did. Teacher Ji Dong, I mixed with you."Formerly proposed two classes of students of question fierce wielded the fist, in the eye is flooding the intense excited flame.

Must go back to smash the gathering place, hehe. Asked the monthly ticket.

Chapter 369: In March/three months training

Two classes of student said. Shouted the aspirations of all students. Joins to flaming the request of hot school, although is not strict like Heavenly Stems School, but can enter here, is the talent well is willing the young people who similarly tries hard to cultivate. Cultivation laborious everyone knows, pays many regarding them is not most important, what is most important is pays to have the repayment. Enough many repayments. Without a doubt, Ji Dong gives them is such opportunity.

Three months, the cultivation laboriously is not the support does not pass again, imagines, three months later can challenge the Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School powerhouse, each of them has been full of the fighting spirit.

All students on the scene, has not had the suspicion to the Ji Dong words, yesterday Ji Dong and a Xuanyuan Xin war, as well as a class of student's shocking performance, has proven the lots.

Looks at the students blazing look, Ji Dong nodded, "is very good. So long as you are willing to try hard, the near future you understand that your effort is worth. Now starts to group, does not defer to the originally class and grade, according to own attribute. Each group of three people, by the original class of student are the team leader, the Second Wood department four people. Chen Sixuan for team leader. The original class of student, you attainment in five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy teaches to the same attribute team member, this is your this morning study subjects. In the afternoon, I will help you complete the circulation separately."

The new teaching started, he who present Ji Dong and initially just started into a class of teacher in charge time clearly had many differently, at least his state of mind basically returned to normal, Zhu Rong arrangement Ji Dong thinks, although his five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy is good, but also needs many to experiment, only then examines with the practice, can show whether this strategy suits in Mage world promotes.

Facts showed, the experiment is very necessary, first day afternoon of teaching, Ji Dong has discovered a disease of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy cultivation.

Simply speaking, this disease to Ji Dong is not any issue, that is the casting as a whole of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation.

Ji Dong discovered, five Yang attribute students or are the Yin attribute students, oneself is very difficult to complete the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation. After all, their magic power level are not same, everyone has own magic power operational method, attempts repeatedly, two classes and three classes of students are unable to complete the circulation voluntarily, regardless of a class of student said own experience is thorough they unable to achieve.

After the simple thinking, Ji Dong understood the key of issue, this key is his psychic force. Initially a class of student completed the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy under his psychic force guidance, had in that guidance the memory route and way, class of ten students have completed the Yin-Yang two circulations. But does not have the student under his guidance unable to complete these. After this was the soul vortex strengthened the psychic force affects.

In order to confirm own idea. Ji Dong takes the psychic force to guide as the new two class and grade students once more, really such as he expects, with his psychic force guidance help, although their mutual promotion of the five elements circulations somewhat are as before jerky, but actually a success.

After finding the problem, Ji Dong first found Zhu Rong, told own Teacher this issue.

Listened to the Ji Dong words, Zhu Rong to deeply frown, "such looked like, wanted to carry out the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, must first face two issues. One, is, needs psychic force great strength who you just said to guide. After another is the guidance, five people who this completes the circulation always want to cultivate together, form a combination, once separates, was invalid. It seems like that existence of temporals is reasonable, behind the formidable strength, the disease is also essential. Combination resolution, had the member dead. The mutual promotion of the five elements strategy will destroy immediately. Ji Dong, can you tell me, what rank needs probably Mage, can guide the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation to complete with the psychic force?"

Ji Dong say/way without hesitation: "Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse."

Zhu Rong was surprised said: "Is supreme powerhouse good?"

Ji Dong nodded, affirmative say/way: "Only if has Mage of fortuitous encounter, otherwise, only then Mage of supreme powerhouse rank can have that huge psychic force. The soul direction is quite dangerous, not only guide has by the danger of backlash, by guide , if no enough psychic force to direct, the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation is also very difficult to be completed."

Zhu Rong said: "This truly is an issue. Therefore, this five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy also need many assistances can unify practice. You continue to teach these 30 students. The original plan was invariable, three months later you led them to go to Heavenly Stems School to exchange. When the time comes, Teacher and your teacher's wife should also pass." Three months later.

"Mutual promotion of the five elements circulation, grows continually. Sun and Moon rotates, doing several things at the same time wrong shade."Ji Dong stands in the broad drill ground, the ice-cold sound reverberates in the drill ground.

Chen Sixuan stands side Ji Dong, in the foreheads is bringing a light sadness. Since three months ago after Ji Dong starts to teach these 30 people of special classes and grades, can make a clear distinction between the boundary with her, although said that instructs her to cultivate alone, may in fact, two people simply not have any independent contact, every day is when other students cultivation the mutual promotion of the five elements circulation, Ji Dong carries on the simple direction to her. She can feel clearly Ji Dong that resists person and the indifference outside thousand li (500 km). She does not know really oneself are this happy or this pain. Time day-by-day past, between she and him slightly has not actually progressed, she hopes that can with him like before, the hope saw that he can be happy. But, these look like now are also only the expectations.

Although present Chen Sixuan had certain understanding to the human love, but, she is the Lie Yan (raging flames) reincarnation. Lie Yan (raging flames) time, she is a god. How also to understand how a girl should pursue the male student but actually? For this issue, she has even consulted the several girls of roommate, but they could not say a reason why. It looks like in these female students, their Teacher Ji Dong is a freak, extremely pursues facing Eastern Wood saintess fine jade princess's such beautiful woman but actually unexpectedly indifferently. Really is incredible.

In the drill ground, 30 students have composed six mutual promotion of the five elements strategies, arranges a hexagon, each neighboring two strategies are the Yin-Yang different attribute. Sun and Moon rotation that Ji Dong said that refers to is the Yin-Yang different strategies, making them go into action.

Ji Dong has kept own promise, not only class Xueyuan has learned his doing several things at the same time wrong shade, original two classes and three classes of students also treat impartially, has learned this mysterious skill. But also impossible to play the might of this skill by their present cultivation base. For all this, made their individual and strategy battle efficiency sufficiently significantly promotes.

Sees only that six strategies to move in drill ground fast, looks like a giant gear, is getting quicker and quicker along with the students step, the strategy that the entire 30 people compose has a series of illusory images. But six minutes of distances moderately are maintaining continuously, Yin- Yang supplementary mutual attention.

On the Ji Dong ice-cold face does not have any expression, but is familiar with his Chen Sixuan to be able from his eyes to see satisfaction. If some people of three months ago has seen these students, then saw at this time again certainly will be surprised. Each student was thin, however their looks actually three months ago was sharper. As if received the infection of their Teacher Ji Dong, the strategy revolves. The one by one bearing sinks to congeal, unexpectedly somewhat powerhouse style. But big that at this time these six minutes of compose, is the bearing is more solemn, implication magic power is getting more and more formidable, even if Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan such six, Seven-Crown powerhouses cannot treat lightly.

Short three months, if must describe to these 30 student one, then, is reborn these four characters to be appropriate. Even if were they not clear present strength has been what kind of degree, but knew in these three months, their respective abilities in geometrical multiple promotion. Only on magic power level, each student enhanced Level 2 on average. Before such cultivation speed is them, wants unable to think. Regarding Ji Dong. They already, not only believes is so simple, can only describe with the worship. In their hearts, Teacher Ji Dong is god same existence.

One month of most starting, in the Ji Dong hell -type training, the female students does not know that has cried many times, male students more than one cannot support. But, they want to withdraw from Ji Dong not to them the opportunity. Arrived the first month conclusion time, Ji Dong led them to carry on an actual combat smelting trial. Also this smelting trial made them boost the confidence. The result of this smelting trial was very simple, hunts and kills the income that magic beast yielded to make each of them have one set of own magic power armor, although can protect the important spot the light armor, but magic power armor type of thing could be imagined expensively. Even if some Six-Crown Mage is not necessarily have. Big that also at that smelting trial later, their 30 people composes without Ji Dong soul direction, has killed several Rank 7 magic beast. Such result it can be said that blazing hot school to be unprecedented. At that time they felt, resisted Yin-Yang School no longer to vainly hope.

Later two months, even does not need Ji Dong to force in the severe method again, they can cultivation on own initiative, completes each cultivation task under Ji Dong arrange/cloth diligently. Arrived the second month conclusion time, the doing several things at the same time wrong shade step became to their rewards. Similar reward also two skills. What male student study is Scorching Sun Bite, the female student is Dark Moon Claw. But has adjusted according to their respective different attributes. Moreover, has the difference that improves Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw also and Ji Dong display after Ji Dong greatly.

Ji Dong these two skills are the close combat technical combat capabilities, but instruction after these students, turned has attacked the skill. The Ji Dong goal, is gives them to be used to condense mutual promotion of the five elements magic power one way truly. The attack form maintained Scorching Sun Bite and Dark Moon Claw some characteristics. The skill name has not changed.

"Teacher Ji Dong, Dean is invited." A year makes the 40-year-old middle-aged Teacher to arrive at side Ji Dong to say.

"Thanks."cold intent on Ji Dong face restrains several points, to this Teacher nodded. Then approaches Chen Sixuan saying: "You continue the guide they to practice here. I urge to go faster return."

Thinks of fine jade nodded gently, the vision is with the smile to him.

Ji Dong turns around to go, 30 students who middle-aged Teacher that comes to notify looked in a field cultivated, the eyeground reveals intense envying. Now the Ji Dong teaching faculty obtained the approval of entire school, not only various grade students extremely hope that can obtain his direction, Teachers wishes one could into the Ji Dong student. At yesterday's school congress, Zhu Rong announced that three days later, Ji Dong to flaming the hot school vice- Dean status, leading his 31 students to go to Heavenly Stems School to exchange. Regarding this vice- Dean position, even nobody raised the objection.

Comes to the Zhu Rong office, has not waited for Ji Dong to knock on a door, inside spread the Zhu Rong sound. "Ji Dong, comes."

Pushes the door to enter, saw the situation in office, Ji Dong has gawked immediately, in the Zhu Rong office, there is still one person besides Zhu Rong. Regarding Ji Dong, can be said as acquaintance.

"Hehe, the Ji Dong boy, has not thought."Comes is not others, is that silly rich business association president, the Seventh Metal department supreme powerhouse, passed on under Song Mian Zhou Xiaoxiao.

The Zhou Xiaoxiao stature was even more prosperous-looking, that huge body stands in the Zhu Rong office has a feeling of being indomitable spirit greatly.

"President Zhou, hello/you good. You my Teacher here? This time comes Southern Fire Empire is looks for my Martial Ancestor?"Ji Dong was puzzled asked. To this fatty, he is somewhat the favorable impression. He is not at least artificial, and powerful.

Zhou Xiaoxiao chuckled, said: "No, I am not look for the cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother, this time looks for you specially."

"Looks for me?"Ji Dong doubts looks to Zhu Rong, Zhu Rong does not know the goal that obviously the week fatty comes, shook the head slightly.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Is looks your. Matter that could it be previous time we reach an agreement did you forget? Your that ten big famous name wine, my many a little fell."

"?"Ji Dong is surprised, in the eye reveals the pleasantly surprised color/look rarely. Ten big famous name wines are the Lie Yan (raging flames) final wishes, can be said as in the Ji Dong heart the matter of primary importance. Reason that he has not gone to seek eagerly , because two types in his storage bracelet, so long as found gold/metal to take carry back. Therefore in two years he has not needed to worry. At this time heard Zhou Xiaoxiao saying that had the whereabouts, can he not be unhappy?

"But, I have not looked at the famous name wine record to you!"Ji Dong was puzzled said.

Zhou Xiaoxiao has patted the belly of oneself plump, ", if this skill does not have continually, my fatty also on white mixed. I made the person go to Bartenders Association."

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 370: Famous name wine whereabouts

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "I sent for Bartenders Association transcribing a famous name wine record. Then compared the above record to seek in the business association collection liquor storehouse. In ten big famous name wines, besides you already some origin of life and desert fine wines, my there had also found four types. Other four were quite troublesome. According to record that the famous name wine records, these ten big famous name wines our Light Five Elements Continent has six types, two on your hand added on me four happen to collect. But other four on Dark Five Elements Continent. Temporarily I am helpless. However, five years later the Red Lotus day fire vanishes, the holy war must be unavoidable, had been finding the way to go to Dark Five Elements Continent to look to you to me at that time."

"President Zhou, thanks."Saying that Ji Dong is from the heart, looks that the vision of fatty became was intimate with several points obviously. The fat people initially pledged, although orally, but he is extremely actually careful. Even also personally runs to flaming the hot school one to tell itself this news. However this favor, Ji Dong firm keeping firmly in mind head.

The fat people said: "Do not thank me, from the perspective of merchant, our is a transaction. Your situation I reported business association discussing official business to roll, after unification discussion. Over 80% discussing official business group members agreed with my proposition. So long as you can through the inspection of business association discussing official business group, determine you for the candidate of business association president. And will carry on all - around support to you."

"wait a moment. What business association president candidate, Ji Dong, what's all this about?"Zhu Rong was puzzled asked.

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "Zhu Rong, this matter I had told the cloudy being exposed to the sun Big Brother. The Big Brother said that takes responsibility by Ji Dong. Do not mix. Relax, I will not harm your this treasure apprentice. Actually, object who I inspected is mainly your another disciple Thunder Emperor Fu Rui. Afterward had discovered Ji Dong this boy, I temporarily changed the mind. The stipulation of our business association you also clear . The responsibility that although shoulders is more, but as the business association president, the major function is the deterrent force, the practical work is not a lot. Also can have the comprehensive support of business association, this is not the misdemeanor."

Zhu Rong brow tight wrinkle, although Zhou Xiaoxiao as the supreme powerhouse, but he will not fear anything, but Zhou Xiaoxiao lifted cloudy morning sun, made him be speechless. The matter of own Teacher decision he will not question.

On the Zhou Xiaoxiao face reveals a sly look, said to Ji Dong: "Boy, when you takes the liquor with me!"

Ji Dong without the slightest hesitation said: "Naturally is momentarily."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said: "That looks at your time. When you prepared, went to Jin Cheng to look for me. I there you. However, I must remind you. You took these four bottles of liquor, represented you to approve into my replacing person matter officially. But these four bottles of liquor are also rare Jane|treasure. You want to take away them to through the inspection of business association discussing official business group. Otherwise, even if I am an association president, has no right to see somebody off the business association treasure." Ji Dong said: "I understand. I will go. Perhaps was not recently good, I must go to Central Plains City first, will go then possibly to Holy and Evil Island. After these matters complete, goes to Jin Cheng to look for you."For the Lie Yan (raging flames) wish, how to test him to rush. Fourth ten big famous name wine! Although is not complete, but there are these four bottles of liquor, he can have more time to try hard for two pieces of continent holy wars in nearly five years. His thought is very clear, has given itself ten years, in completing Lie Yan (raging flames) wish these ten years, he must complete all matters. Performs to the maximum effort. Ten years later, when he completes the Lie Yan (raging flames) wish that moment. Is he looks for Lie Yan (raging flames) the time.

Zhou Xiaoxiao facial expression joyful say/way: "Matter has talked clearly, my this walked, other also matters must process. The Ji Dong boy, you must be mentally prepared, although your strength is good, but the inspection of business association discussing official business group is all sorts of strange and unusual, does not limit to the actual combat capability. Initially when I carried on the inspection, the whole person nearly delaminated the skin. This is because does not have another candidate, senior association president is not healthy, reluctantly stretches the rules to pass through."

Ji Dong lightly said: "Ten big famous name wines I exert its utmost."

Zhou Xiaoxiao said with a smile: "That is good. I go back you, waits for the business association to confirm you after my successor officially, I can be more relaxed. Does not need to be forced the cultivation by these old fogies every day. Has that time, I might as well accompany the beautiful women. Does not know that many beautiful women are anticipating my visit."

Looks at his appearance, Ji Dong speechless, could it be said, is being the association president of silly rich business association, can be greedy for money lasciviously?

Zhou Xiaoxiao walked, does not need Zhu Rong to ask, Ji Dong him knew that the Zhou Xiaoxiao process narrated. Listens to the Ji Dong words, Zhu Rong to sigh, "Ji Dong. The responsibility that on you bears has sufficed many."

Ji Dong said: "Sorry, Teacher, I must become the Zhou Xiaoxiao successor. Because ten big famous name wines I exert its utmost. Before this is the Lie Yan (raging flames) at the point of death, final wish. I want to hold a memorial service for her soul in heaven every year with a famous name wine."

The Zhu Rong whole body shakes, "you are willing to be that business association president, to hold a memorial service for Lie Yan (raging flames) unexpectedly?"Looks that Ji Dong that is having several points of faint look, a Zhu Rong heart sharp pain, this child withstands was too many are too really many. He uses sentiment unexpectedly such depth to Lie Yan (raging flames).

"Teacher, please do not prevent me. My intent has decided."

Zhu Rong sighed, "like such that your Martial Ancestor said that wants to make anything to do. Teacher believes you will judge. Goes back to prepare, the day after tomorrow you should lead the team to go to Central Plains City. This time you go, two duties must be accomplished, must make Heavenly Stems School know that we flaming the great strength of hot school. Another wishing the flame brings to me. How to operate as for the matter of five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy, looked your."

Regarding this time goes to the exchange of Heavenly Stems School, Zhu Rong attaches great importance to extremely. He initially left Heavenly Stems School, not only because of the Ji Dong reason, although status of Yin Zhaorong in ten big directors is aloof, but Zhu Rong is actually only the ordinary director. In there, he is unable completely to unfold the aspiration. Therefore has chosen departure, he must show to Heavenly Stems School, even if no various Great Empire comprehensive support, he is also same to establish high-grade school a like Heavenly Stems School.

Regarding Zhu Rong, in his life the most satisfactory matter has two good disciples, he naturally extremely hopes that this Ji Dong leads to flaming the students of hot school to go to Heavenly Stems School to carry on the exchange to show to flaming the elegant demeanor of hot school. At least must make Heavenly Stems School these directors know, blazing the hot school step by step close Heavenly Stems School strength.

Therefore, Zhu Rong is not only the student of Ji Dong that class and grade chooses the light armor personally, has provided 32 steeds to them specially, to prepare this journey. Otherwise, even if has enough crystal core, wants to even up 30 sets of magic power weapon light armor again in a short time is not an easy matter. Naturally. If can wishing the flame belt comes back, that situation was critically different. In Five Great Empires, Fire department Mage is Lord Southern Fire Empire originally most excels at the casting, wish the flame is the magic power weapon casting top character, has him to assume personal command, can say that will flaming the hot school to promote a scale directly. Although did not say that can meet as an equal with Heavenly Stems School, at least in all-round strength also large scale close.

Two Heavenly Empress (day later), in the morning, 32 rode leaves with lightning speed has flaminged the hot city, directly soared the Central Earth Empire direction to go. After long-separated nearly one year, Ji Dong must return to the area south of Yellow River finally.

Ji Dong rides a number of deep red big tall horses to run in the forefront, although sits on the horseback, his back supports as before straightly. Is studying his appearance, each student also vision imposing is maintaining such doing faction.

On the major road, besides clear hoofbeat, actually does not have any other sounds to appear, the students have not whispered slightly, the one by one facial features are solemn.

The effect of hell training absolutely is extremely powerful, when this point long ago in Ji Dong followed the Lie Yan (raging flames) cultivation once had proven. But regarding these students' trainings, Ji Dong was even severer than initial Lie Yan (raging flames). He even issues the order that seven days cannot speak. Little said that does to be more dedicated, this is the position of Ji Dong. The class and grade that now his hand/subordinate these 30 students compose was named as personally by Zhu Rong the Sun and Moon school, has with the meaning that Heavenly Stems School Yin-Yang School meets as an equal greatly.

In these 30 students, 12 people of cultivation base broke through Three- Crown. The also seven people will soon break through Three-Crown. level lowest also has achieved Level 27. According to the computation of Ji Dong, most three and four months, the overall strength of this group of students can be increased to Three-Crown above again.

Three-Crown in Mage world is not anything, the actual battle efficiency of individual also belongs to the weak level, but Ji Dong wants actually synthesizes the battle efficiency. He is very confident to oneself student.

Not only Heavenly Stems School in the Zhu Rong heart cannot put down, regarding Ji Dong, there also similarly has the special significance. Initially, he was compelled to leave Heavenly Stems School to be separated from Yin-Yang School. Although, he attended the war of twice Holy and Evil. May in fact, have resentful reading regarding Heavenly Stems School his heart in throughout. If Heavenly Stems School is really fair, he does not need to leave.

Naturally. Present Ji Dong, already was today we are no longer as we have been, even if his hitting back did not stand before Heavenly Stems School Dean Ji Mingxuan, Ji Mingxuan does not dare to move his fine hair.

The Ji Dong status is extremely numerous, moreover each sufficiently gives the person greatly to shock on continent. The Mage Guild law enforcement elder and equal king grandson and under Third and Fourth Two Fires disciple in disciple and bright heavenly stems disciple under Victorious Light crown and Supreme Unity crown even is the Saint king, blazing hot school vice- Dean, in addition silly rich business association president candidate. This big string reputation puts out one casually, has the pivotal status. Let alone, war of situation of various countries' high level on that last Holy and Evil regarding Holy and Evil Island had understood, everyone knows Ji Dong has made the great effort. Therefore, Zhu Rong sends Ji Dong to come Heavenly Stems School simply not to have the slightest bit to be worried.

Steed running quickly, goes forward at a daily rate of 400 km, if not fear the horse unable to endure, this speed will be faster. The rest of person has benefitted from horse.

The Sun and Moon school newly established, Ji Dong fully realizes attaching great importance to of Zhu Rong this first group of students, therefore, when carries on the guidance to this group of students, besides the strength, he also specially emphasized the training of will quality. Not perfect willpower, even if strength again also hard to bring about great talent. Even if Chen Sixuan, greatly appreciates regarding Ji Dong this way of teaching.

From flaminging the hot city wanted on far many to Central Plains City compared with initially Ji Dong from Li Fire City to Central Plains City, Li Fire City is very near from the two countries border, but blazing the hot city in the Southern Fire Empire center. Therefore, in the situation of rapidly marching forward, has used six days of time fully, the people arrived at the two countries border.

After simple supplies, the Ji Dong order no longer rapid march, reduces the approaching speed to continue to go forward to the daily 200 kilometers. He must adjust condition to the students, can never let their body and mind weary arrival Central Plains City.

32 ride on the major road is very striking, in situation that particularly this men and women are half and half. Just entered the Central Earth Empire time not to be long, suddenly, the front large military force has blocked the way of people faintly.

That is not the caravan, but is the army. Those who made Ji Dong surprised was, this army unexpectedly comprised of the heavy armored cavalry. In the order of battle of various countries, heavy armored cavalry, although has not been located in the branch of the services of peak, but also is one of the most expensive several branch of the services. Is next to provides Mage some branch of the services. A heavy armored cavalry regiment, but the logistics supply needs their two times of population. But at this time appears in the people at present this batch of armies. Through the range estimate, at least has 3000.

3000 heavy armored cavalries, gallop, is ordinary just like the earthquake, distant is rumble the loud sound. The army reassignment of this rank, was considered as to be large-scale sufficiently. What task could it be do they want to carry out?

Ji Dong waved, said: "Makes way the roadside."

The disciples in Sun and Moon school also mostly first time see the so huge army, the one by one vision reveal several points of excited color/look. Saw that steel mighty current brings the billowing earth fog to be fast, they felt a broad boundless imposing manner.

racing Hang in forefront rode, wears the sincere/heavy clear(ly) yellow whole body armor, cross under was not the vigorous and healthy big tall horse, but was a body huge whole body presents for the brown Land Dragon. Not is just the exclusive equipment crack Land Dragon of diamond regiment. The appearance of this person of wear appearance also diamond regiment. Is bringing the helmet, cannot see look.

Saw that giant crack Land Dragon arrived at the near, the knight who suddenly, the crack Land Dragon carries on the back draws the reins suddenly, loudly shouted, "stops"

Immediately, intermittent neighing also resounds along with the metal clangour, wants to make the rewiring knight roll this steel mighty current to stop, is not easy. Generally must have the process of deceleration, may these 3000 rewiring knights actually stiffly stop at present. Thus it can be seen, they are elite.

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