Jiu Shen Chapter 351-360

Chapter 351: Ultra must kill, bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice

Three full suns had the accurate overall judgment regarding Ji Dong. The soul of match grows stronger suddenly, and can produce the suppressed results to it, can it not be surprised? Although this is not enough to prevent it from continuing own skill, but is shocking, three full suns unavoidably will also present the moment to be out of sorts. Ji Dong fully erupted while this instantaneous free time.

cold proud the evil different black ascends instantaneously, around the Ji Dong body turned into the pure black in this flash completely, back Yin- Yang two fires condensation law only remaining Yin Fire condensation law, at the same time, altogether 12 black light burst out from his top of the head Yin-Yang Crown instantaneously, god hot Saint king Kai also completely turned into the black in this moment. With Ji Dong, in together Chen Sixuan can feel on Ji Dong to spread that suffocating Yin Fire ideal condition clearly. If not two people the soul has been in one friendly, Ji Dong magic power will not have the injury to her, perhaps at this time she could not bear.

The bead of chaos floating appears in the Ji Dong chest front, the Ji Dong look is very reverent, at this moment, his whole person entered in a special condition, under the function of bead of chaos, magic power of his within the body transformed into pinnacle Yin Fire completely.

12 black Teng Snake Totem hover sky over the Ji Dong top of the head, right, this is Ji Dong specially gives the big moves of three full sun preparations. When formerly he started magic power through a lasting law memory, has been making the preparation. Three full suns have pinnacle Yang Fire, in the magic power aspect. Ji Dong is very different from it, Ji Dong is very clear, if three full sun competion pinnacle Yang Fire, are impossible to profit. Only useful Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill or is pinnacle Yin Fire, has the possibility to contend with the opposite party.

Reason that he has not chosen Pinnacle Two Fires, foresees at present the occurrence of this situation, once three full sun antipodes went beyond the range that he has been able to affect to the Yang Fire control strength, then, his Pinnacle Two Fires combination skill very hard to bring about. Yin Fire and Yang Fire are the relations of promoting and constraining mutually. Let alone Chen Sixuan Second Wood magic power is Yin Wood, Yin Wood lives Yin Fire, to his auxiliary effect is best. Unified various factors, Ji Dong gives three full suns to prepare this big ritual. Just, the development of matter has not looked like him to judge is so smooth.

The plan of Ji Dong originally, is uses three full suns to own contempt, first gives it by the wound, then uses the time that three full suns are damaged to release own complete Yin Fire, give it to fatally to strike. However, the responses of three full suns were too quick, from breaking a wing, launches the counter-attack. Making Ji Dong has to defend oneself first, this made the plan of Ji Dong unable to continue to complete, was at a disadvantage completely. But at this time, three full suns have made the preparation of all-out attack, Ji Dong have been able to do, is not the defense, but is the attack. The Chen Sixuan words, have taken to his second opportunity. Also likely is the final opportunity. After two people soul perfect integration, he does not know as before the Chen Sixuan sales commission anything method helps him defend, but, he actually chose has entirely believed own this student.

Not only the fire in magma naturally Yang Fire, because three full suns with the aid of the strength comprehensive reassignment of Sun, made the surrounding all change into the golden color. When the Ji Dong chaos bead appears, fully when supports Yin Fire condensation law, also that 12 Teng Snake from the sky hover, originally this Yang Fire oppression Fourth Fire Element of chaotic dispersion immediately come in swarms. The rushing black, pushed to rise the apex in this moment immediately, strong and gloomy and cold black flame lift-off, although was not enough to meet as an equal with that golden color as before, but persevered a corner is actually without question.

The present is daytime, Sun, obviously is quite in the sky advantageous regarding the release of Yang Fire, but Ji Dong actually does not fear, the Yin Fire limit coagulates, along with huge black ray while he prepares condenses Dark Flames Demon King, a round jet black crescent moon appeared behind him.

This round crescent moon is quite giant, has ten meters high fully, faint. Coordinates with each other across a great distance with the airborne scorching sun unexpectedly each other leans.

Reason that Ji Dong can continuously defeat cultivation base to surpass own powerful enemy, relies on does not extinguish the god to strike or is Pinnacle Two Fires. But is five elements method, if no lasting law and his Yin-Yang Crown coordinates to last magic power, he is impossible to send out Ultra Certain Kill Skill, is more impossible to resist these eight, Nine- Crown matches. 12 Teng Snake magic power, quite condense in together, in addition his own magic power as well as Chen Sixuan Second Wood magic power be outspoken supports to him in two Ji Dong complete strengths, at this moment, Ji Dong overall magic power has been the extremely terrifying degree, approaches in Nine-Crown cultivation base infinitely.

Such condition he, magic power, although is unable as before compared with three full suns, but the disparity between two greatly reduced, three full suns impossible to have formed the suppression on magic power level to him.

Three full sun this time shock were in the degree in the extreme, although it formerly suffered a loss, but has actually believed in its heart that is not because the Ji Dong strength is too strong, because were too negligent, was ridden by the match, by its experience will unable to see that the Ji Dong extinguishing god does strike to display to play the might personal? It will again certainly not give Ji Dong such opportunity. But, until at this moment, it the clear feeling the strength of this human unexpectedly has achieved has challenged its degree close, opposite that condenses broadly, fills cold proud pinnacle Yin Fire, it is clear, is this strength that Six-Crown Mage can send out?

The shock takes to three full suns is not frightened, but is angry, a more powerful anger and tremble. Formidable Divine Beast like it, when feels own life may the threat, erupts similarly is also the complete potential.

The golden color in sky. Suddenly is similar to the snow and ice melts generally, is only the flash, the airborne black got the winning side, but that all golden color actually congeal into this moment the deep dark gold/metal, even somewhat becomes dark. The darkest before dawn, this obviously is qualitative leap.

The main bodies of three full suns appear once again, in stimulating own complete potential situation, it is not even able to maintain oneself human shape again, only then it of monoplane wing seems somewhat funny, but a Ji Dong actually point cannot smile. That all golden color congeal, unexpectedly is light ball, seems, only then diameter one meter, actually likely is the metal common light ball.

All is the Third Fire ray to be reserved, has a strange halo in this light ball surrounding, at that time the gentle white light, looked like this light ball flood the fluorescence was common. The wave circulation, is quite enchanting.

Ultra Certain Kill Skill, this inevitably is Ultra Certain Kill Skill, moreover is high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill, in the Ji Dong known supreme powerhouse, perhaps also only then under Victorious Light crown genitals morning sun and part of great bear crown Ji Changxin high-level Certain Kill Skill that may use. What is more terrifying, this is single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill. When it condenses that flash of forming, after Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan fuse , such huge psychic force completely was extruded unexpectedly also own main body.

Arrived high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill this level. simply cannot dodge, even if Ji Dong flashed to cultivate nine to dodge highest realm Teng Snake same unable to dodge. Otherwise that was not Ultra Certain Kill Skill.

While three pure gold black hair move, the Ji Dong whole person has also had the strange change. At this moment, he as if becomes especially big, facing the high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill suppression of three full sun that terrors, the Ji Dong complexion actually does not have the slightest bit to change. In this time, he cannot divert attention to think. Even if the regret, also after must wait till this war ended, can living time regretted again. The strengths of three full suns, have far exceeded his judgment, the Lie Yan (raging flames) death was too after all big to his stimulation, he lost the past calm. He hopes pressure that feels truly appeared. However actually big must oppress him lethal.

Behind the god hot Saint king Kai double pupil turned into the profound black completely, graceful, dies out, ice-cold, but also is mixing in the Ji Dong heart the endless sadness, at this moment, his own mood and magic power and soul have merged into one organic whole completely. With the soul help of Chen Sixuan, he had stronger controlling force regarding all magic power of outside. The essence of Dark Flames Demon King strength appeared in his complete intention finally.

The right hand lifts to the sky, the palm Zhang Kaicheng claw, as if must tear the sky, all black, like formerly the ablation golden color, in the dark middle of the month of behind him complementing condensed, but.

Jet black such as in hand of black ink, are many have wiped the evil different beat rich clear. That group of black, look like have the life to be ordinary, bracelet in the Ji Dong palm.

Dark golden light ball that three full suns condense, is by outside, but in sending out black, but on Ji Dong this group of beats clear is actually sending out from inside to outside the light golden fluorescence.

Flows the color general dark golden color to fill Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai each corner quietly, is exaggerating the refined gentle, clear favor halo. The fluorescence is billowing, the alcoholic luxurious reserved dark golden color, is sending out the noble halo, also nearly crazy arrogance. Ultra Certain Kill Skill, unexpectedly is also single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill. The pupils of three full suns contract instantaneously, be only the point size, in the next moment, its dark golden light ball directly soared Ji Dong to fly.

The positivity of sun, this is the sun positivity in the true sense, the life skills of three full suns. Will follow it to grow the Ultimate Skill energy of evolution.

Similarly is single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, the flash that but three full suns send out in the sun positive, in the blazing look has filled contemptuously. How even if you can send out Ultra Certain Kill Skill? Such magic power fluctuation, most is only primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, how possibly positive contending with my sun. Has destroyed your skill, my sun positive can swallow you as before easily, that woman who also you carry. Dares to provoke my dignity, only one dies, is your genuine home to return. Your Crystal Crown becomes I best tonic.

In the next instance that the sun sends out positive, Ji Dong also moved, his lifts up high in the head, the hand claw that the palm upturns. Holds in the palm is jumping the strange black, to behind brandishes, delimits a wonderful semicircle, before his right arm brandishes turns round, in palm that group jump black also already quietly.

Around Ji Dong body all turned into the dying out darkness, in soul that in he and Chen Sixuan fuse, Chen Sixuan felt his soul fluctuation.

"Bans, thousand and ten thousand, greatly quiet flame ice."

The Chen Sixuan vision was somewhat blurred, this skill, she is not first time sees certainly. In the past, when she challenged Dark Flames Demon King, is not when has encountered the enormous problem facing this skill? Ultra Certain Kill Skill that but uses from the Dark Flames Demon King hand, greatly quiet flame ice is top Ultra Certain Kill Skill. Is much stronger compared with the Ji Dong might. If were not comprehends ultimate Certain Kill Skill to extinguish the world Red Lotus deep meaning in that moment, perhaps died in front of greatly quiet flame ice. Compared with the terrifying attack of Flame Sovereign King, Dark Flames Demon King gloomy and cold dark once made her of Lie Yan (raging flames) time dread.

Greatly quiet flame ice reappears, although this is only primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, but Chen Sixuan actually as before knows that it is terrifying. In the abyss world, ices the there is still one appraisal to the Dark Flames Demon King big quiet flame, that is the technique of life end.

Both eyes of Ji Dong turned into the radiant silver in the flash that greatly quiet flame ice sent out unexpectedly completely, even if were the red crystal eye-shade on god hot Saint king Kai mask is unable to prevent sending out of this silver light. Chen Sixuan only thought that in mind dizziness, she can feel, the Ji Dong soul vortex unexpectedly presents the explosion eruption. She slightly was affected already so painfully.

Before outrageously to/clashes, the positivity of sun the compressed air, is unable to dodge, one is the black jump such as has the life permanent ancient arrogant big quiet flame ice.

Two single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, actually already each other missed in the next moment, in them, has not presented the focal point unexpectedly.

While Chen Sixuan feels dizzy, three full suns also had the similar situation, it thought that at present a flower, the next moment, the airborne aspect has sent out the huge change.

Yang of sun flies as before to Ji Dong, greatly quiet flame ice also as before flies to three full suns, but, in this moment, they each other has actually missed, flies to approach own goal respectively, but not like three full sun imagination each other collides.

The huge psychic force that after Ji Dong relies on the soul is fusing, has, in formerly that flash, suddenly reversed the aspect. He does, controls own Ultra Certain Kill Skill to be separated from locking of match high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill! Does this need the what kind of terrifying the psychic force to achieve? His that hides the face under god hot Saint king Kai mask, has bled profusely from the head. The soul vortex is nearly stave. Three full suns angry was howling, "you disliked yourself dead insufficient quick? You think, primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill, can kill me?! This, this is the Dark Flames Demon King big quiet flame ice, how you can. "

The sound, stops in this moment, because of their each other Ultra Certain Kill Skill, quietly has visited.

Did not think single open/start the chapter, here. Small three issued seriously Tang gate call-up, requested the support of all Tang disciples, the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, but complete bombardment.

Chapter 352: Town country divine tool! Eternal armor

The reaction rates of three full suns are that quick. Without the hesitation of slightest bit, its surplus left wing has protected before own, blasts out instantaneously, changes into the innumerable golden light, crack rushes the Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice that Ji Dong sends out loudly.

But another side, the sun positive also arrived in front of Ji Dong, Ji Dong simply has not tried to resist, because he is very clear, by at present own strength, even if wants to resist is impossible, the high-quality single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill lethality is terrifying, initially that intermediate single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill Fire God void cut the contrast to look from him. Ji Dong can do now, only then revolves within the body the sword of Fire God to the chest position, the bead of chaos goes all out is buying outside magic power. Including pinnacle Yang Fire that the sun on positive bursts out.

At this moment, the strange change appeared, the originally both legs coil around in Chen Sixuan of Ji Dong waist loosen the both legs, even grasps the arm of Ji Dong also to change to continually grasps in his both hands wrist/skill. The soul of fusion first transmits to a Ji Dong thought. the next moment, Ji Dong received own god hot Saint king Kai without hesitation. Surplus, only then the skin surface that matter clear white light phoenix dragon dance snake changes.

The aquamarine of bright desire drop sweeps across quietly, starts from the under foot, a nondescriptive huge life aura almost increases from the under foot in the flash upwardly, that is a creation -type life. Ji Dong clearly felt that in this life fluctuation, is flooding the chaos aura. Different with Chaos Fire that the bead of his chaos has, this unexpectedly is a aura of wood of chaos.

How possible, her pinnacle magic power has not had, why can have the ability of wood of chaos? could it be said......

Spreads over the Ji Dong whole body with that huge vitality pleasantly surprised instantaneously, even must surpass Ji Dong has been wearing before this moment that soft gentle life fluctuation the nucleus of life.

The aquamarine brilliance raises from the under foot, the next moment, Ji Dong only thought that a pleasantly warm body already fitting firmly behind oneself, warm brings several points of cool, also several points to tremble, Chen Sixuan has relieved unexpectedly also her armor to paste. Was full of the elastic touch to spread soft instantaneously, making their fusion souls shiver fiercely.

Similar fitting situation Ji Dong had also met, that was initially gold/metal to save him, lives in the Ji Dong body by own armor gable time. But that time was gold/metal before, he in behind. Moreover gold/metal also as far as possible is maintaining with him the distance. But present Chen Sixuan is different, her simply does not have least bit worry, own body and Ji Dong complete fitting in the same place, the tight fitting, does not have the slightest bit slit fitting.

The deep green wave light of bright desire drop, in these circumstances swept across two people bodies, Ji Dong only thought that all of outside this deep green were covered again instantaneously, besides deep green, he could not see anything again.

Similarly in the fusion innermost soul, this time is actually reverberating the Chen Sixuan sound: "Endless life, eternal armor."

A deep green armor leaf of maple leaf shape sweeps across from the under foot piece by piece on, Ji Dong and body complete coverage of Chen Sixuan close fitting in the same place. Chen Sixuan that originally Second Wood magic power instantaneous change, pinnacle Second Wood just like giving opportune help general. Floods into Ji Dong within the body, lights his to display magic power that greatly quiet flame postglacial deposits nearly dry up.

Ji Dong, looked like the extreme hunger and thirst person drinks the fine wine to shine with the brilliance generally, magic power in within the body is recovering at the incomparably astonishing speed. Is involved, he cannot see the appearance of this eternal armor, but can actually see an aquamarine light cover, appears beside the armor, happen to have blocked the sun the positive attack.

"Eternal armor, eternal barrier."Strong aquamarine ray positive contact with sun instant, shivered fiercely. Soul that Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan fuse also along with it shivering. How that seems not the strong aquamarine, has blocked unexpectedly the sun the positive attack. Green misty light fog ascended from the armor.

Without a doubt, this eternal armor is a divine tool, like the stick of earth goddess the demon pledge hegemon has remotely. Is relying on nourishing of own vitality, can use the might of stick of earth goddess remotely, made own magic power change for pinnacle Sixth Earth. But Chen Sixuan does not moisten at present this eternal armor with the vitality obviously, can actually transfer the might of this armor completely. This can only show that a matter, the quality of this eternal armor must surmount the stick of earth goddess. Positive high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill is unable broken its bang including the sun like this, the prestige of eternal armor can even also probably surpass Ji Dong the sword of Fire God.

The guess of Ji Dong is correct, Chen Sixuan told the origin of this divine tool in the fusion soul.

The eternal armor Lord the Divine level divine tool, moreover is the god committee five big supreme life goddesses armor. Also is the Eastern Wood Empire town country divine tool.

Eastern Wood King really loved Chen Sixuan, made her bring this town country divine tool unexpectedly. No wonder. No wonder Chen Sixuan said that can help itself block the attack of sun, if not her magic power also by far insufficiently stimulates the complete might of this divine tool. For all this, magic power that in the divine tool stores up also already formidable to pinnacle. Brilliant ray of life goddess, whatever that sun is positive how formidable, cannot break through it unexpectedly.

The aquamarine ray is glittering unceasingly, through the soul investigation, Ji Dong can feel this aquamarine light to cover in the sun under positive wreaking havoc unceasingly shatter. After but whenever, it was shattered, immediately with life energy support of rushing once more rebirth, support of growing continually might of defense.

The clear shatter sound is recalling in the Ji Dong ear unceasingly, the single body high-level Ultra Certain Kill Skill might was too strong, Chen Sixuan magic power by far insufficiently supports this divine tool. Ji Dong can feel that eternal armor is sending out unwilling sighs. The feeling that clear shatter sound, seems it stores up the supernatural power that disintegrates gradually. At this moment clearly is only instantaneous, may regarding Ji Dong and Chen Sixuan actually likely be permanent ancient remote.

The days of three full suns do not feel better similarly, display the positivity of sun, pull out its magic power instantaneously spatially, fill the magma in this freely the place, it wants to restore magic power also to require the suitable time to be good. But, it faces, actually came from Dark Flames Demon King single body Ultra Certain Kill Skill, greatly quiet flame ice.

The wing was shattered, innumerable light rain eruption. Can this prevent greatly quiet flame ice? Answer negative. When three full sun wing shatter flash, strange has performed. Its that wing flood the light rain turned into the black in the flash unexpectedly completely, with the greatly quiet flame ice similar black, is similar to the ice dregs sprinks from the sky again generally, cannot play the effect that the slightest bit prevents. Like its sun positive is Ji Dong is unable to dodge, this greatly quiet flame ice is it is unable to dodge. The bang, the profound black flame changes into a giant light beam instantaneously, the bodies of three full suns turned into a black ice sculpture in the next moment completely.

Layer upon layer golden and green light fog. Sends out unceasingly from this huge black ice sculpture. This is the characteristics of greatly quiet flame ice, the peeling.

The characteristics of Certain Kill Skill quiet flame ice are to swallow and corrode, but greatly quiet flame ice compares it to be many, is this effect, the peeling.

That golden light fog, is three full sun sources magic power, but that green light fog is actually its vitality. Can clear seeing, in that black frozen, three full sun golden color feathers are turning into the grey unexpectedly gradually. Its vitality and magic power uncontrolled are stripping fiercely. But the pinnacle Yin Fire terrifying is also corroding and is swallowing its body.

By greatly quiet flame ice hit, even if the pure energy body, must be stripped the life similarly. Even if three full suns can work loose from greatly quiet flame ice, was hit this time, its vitality at least wants the sharp decline one-third. If this Ultra Certain Kill Skill were used personally by initial Dark Flames Demon King, achieved the top Ultra Certain Kill Skill effect. Definitely can the second kill three full sun such existences, its vitality thorough peeling. Must know, Flame Sovereign King or Dark Flames Demon King, initially are the Saint level peak, approaches existence in Divine level infinitely. Even if Lie Yan (raging flames), must defeat them one by one, but is unable also to face.

The Ji Dong first time in the true sense used one of the Two Great Sovereign Kings strongest skills. What a pity, he is also far from the degree that achieves Sovereign King to arrive at now. Otherwise is not two big ultra must kill to interlock, but was greatly quiet flame ice swallows gold sun.

The golden color removes from eternal armor surrounding finally, but. The entire eternal armor actually completely lost the color of that bright desire drop, even the surface is also exaggerating the golden high fever. Only can protect inside Chen Sixuan not to receive the attack of outside magma reluctantly.

The armor separates, the body of Ji Dong is similar to the shell common missile, wears Chen Sixuan of eternal armor actually softly to fall to the ground, she has exhausted all magic power that oneself complete magic power and in the eternal armor stored up. The eternal armor can only by the quality of material protects her. Her final strength promotes the body of Ji Dong.

Opportunity, this is the only opportunity. Also is the final opportunity. Greatly quiet flame ice and Ji Dong soul is connected, he knows certainly that this primary Ultra Certain Kill Skill is not enough to strike to kill three full suns as before.

Because in the air two big Ultra Certain Kill Skill become incomparably manic Fire Element goes all out to gather to his within the body in the process of Ji Dong flight. God hot Saint king Kai covers the whole body once more, stated differently, this time, the right hand of Ji Dong had not been covered by the armor again, but his right hand also completely turned into the red. bewitching red.

In such high temperature that the magma erupts. Suddenly presented a cold current, that is not the change in temperature, but is the dense murderous intention.

The strength of sword of Fire God had stimulated to movement above his right hand by Ji Dong. His own magic power was impossible to release six heavy incantations to kill again. However, he can actually pour into Fire Element that Chen Sixuan just the pinnacle Second Wood amplification and absorbs temporarily on completely controlling within the body the sword of Fire God.

Extinguishes the god to strike, directly and extinguishes the god to strike simply, is leading the sword and the deicide Fire God cultivates the extinguishing god who like this god knows to strike, that across the sky. The red flowing light, is similar to arrives in front of that black solid ice at top speed generally, pū a light sound, the right hand of Ji Dong, has inserted in that black solid ice ruthlessly.

All greatly quiet flame exaration leaves is defeated and dispersed by magic power and that the vitality loudly, that black solid ice also corrodes into three full sun within the body in the flash. Entire right palm of Ji Dong, already complete brand mark in its chest front sun on positive, the palm falls into, is the red light of sword of Fire God under the function that specially also in extinguishing the god strikes pricks ruthlessly.

"No, no......, This impossible......"three full sun delay looks at hand human, its body looked like coagulates had not moved generally. Is gazing at Ji Dong, its serious has filled unwilling and does not believe. It does not believe, oneself will perish unexpectedly in a Six-Crown human hand.

"You accompany me dead together."Three full suns crazy was roaring, the next moment, the unequalled dazzling golden light erupted once more from it. This time, eruption no longer is its magic power, it did not have magic power to erupt. Is the soul, the Divine Beast soul lights in this moment.

"Ji Dong, be careful." The Chen Sixuan sound nearly hysteria resounds. But, she actually anything does not do now. She no longer is a god, can only look at Ji Dong helplessly, in that dazzling golden light erupts, the whole person is similar to the rag doll soars generally, the body uncontrolled from the sky falls from the sky under.

Three full suns have chosen the fiercest result to oneself, hits in the extinguishing god who the sword of Fire God congeals, it chose the soul from exploding, gave Ji Dong to strike with the relationship of form and spirit entirely Miewei price finally. Its the soul of that explosion sweeps across the magic power numerous bombardments that in the air is surviving, in did not have slightest bit magic power to protect on Ji Dong of body.

The innumerable fragments from the sky disperse, that is god hot Saint king Kai the fragment, this instance Divine level armor like this blasts out in the air, scatters in all directions to flutter about.

Ji Dong can do, in this final time. Controls own body to make the Teng Snake strength technique most perfect response as far as possible. He can depend upon, only then within the body the sword and body's of Fire God defense capability.

Ji Dong is lucky, successively and mixes with the extinguishing god of sword of might Fire God to strike in the bang by the Ultra Certain Kill Skill greatly quiet flame ice, three full suns lost magic power, the might that its this strikes finally how is not powerful, if can be fatal truly, should be that explosion the strength of soul. What a pity, Ji Dong strongest is the strength of soul. Therefore, when Ji Dong numerous throwing down on volcano, body by magma washout at the same time, he knows, oneself could not die.

Has the bead of chaos to protect the body, the Pinnacle Two Fires approaching body, the magma for him and water does not have much difference. However, does not refuse stubbornly to represent will not be injured, Rank 10 Divine Beast at the point of death what backlashes to bring causes heavy losses to the stupor.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 353: Is survivor of disaster, cavern tender feeling

When the Ji Dong state of mind sobers gradually. He discovered, oneself is in a cavern, lies down there he, can see the injection skylight directly cave entrance.

Since he is lying down place to the cave entrance position, only then four and five meters far, cave entrance is slightly downward, as the matter stands, even if outside rains, will not have the current of water to enter in the hole.

The body slightly moves, Ji Dong makes noise on moan, the fierce ache spreads over the whole body instantaneously, made his body convulsion.

Since having the phoenix dragon dance snake changed, this can be said as Ji Dong is damaged most serious one time, in the past were most is magic power overdraws, but this time, is actually true being damaged. Within the body meridians disorder, the meridians of many place have damaged, is the vitality two empty. The bead of chaos helps him absorb magic power of outside, but, within the body meridians caused these magic power unable to revolve impeded. Excessively many magic power have instead brought the harm, making his meridians depressed, the injury of body wanted to restore. Must make a connection with all meridians is good.

Ji Dong has not transferred magic power of oneself within the body easily, he now is very weak, not only the body, the soul vortex is also unprecedented weak. Three full suns backlashed at the point of death, lit its strength of soul, even if the Ji Dong soul strength compared it to want on high many also by enormously the wound. Under body soft, even also some warm, does not lie down in the hole on directly hard the rock, but periphery he actually cannot feel any life aura to exist. Chen Sixuan? Certainly is she will get so far as here, such being the case, she should be all right is right. But, where did she go to?

Too was really weak, the restoration of soul does not depend upon the cultivation to achieve, needs to convalesce to contemplate, but the Ji Dong current condition, is unable to achieve including most basic contemplation.

Wearily and sweeps across weakly on, making him once more heavy has rested.

When Ji Dong wakes from the sleep once more, he suddenly discovered, oneself side seems pasting any soft thing, the cool feeling transmits from the side unceasingly, making him feel particularly comfortably. Moreover, he discovered when oneself previous time woke was also healthier, dry and clear clean, even was also bringing the light fragrance, clothes have traded one cleanly. That white cotton material has the clothing of silver embroidery, even has traded including the underpants.

Has turned head reluctantly. To looks pleasantly warmly, sees only the Chen Sixuan whole person snuggle, in own cherishes, clearly can see wearily from her perfect charming face.

She simply has not left herself, but has been taking care of me. She was third has taken care of my woman. Before only had Lan Bao'er and Lie Yan (raging flames) like this has taken care of me. May be they have not helped my so clean body change the clothes. A mood of difficult word spreads in the Ji Dong heart, he recalled when facing three full suns situation that two people soul melts.

Oneself do not know that is proud is too impulsive, knew perfectly well unexpectedly facing will be the Divine Beast also attack judgment, if not be because will have Chen Sixuan to follow in the side, will have the support of defense and soul fusion of her eternal armor, perhaps early died in three full suns pinnacle Yang Fire. Even if now, she also in assisting, she lies down in oneself side, Second Wood aura has the extremely good therapeutic action to oneself. This waking up, Ji Dong was healthier, at least the whole body no longer is that the ache.

Why she will be good to me so, Ji Dong is not really clear. If he also thinks Chen Sixuan from the beginning to himself any goal. Then, after the soul fuses, he can sincerely feel the love that in the Chen Sixuan heart that is outspoken, simply does not have slightest bit utilitarian, say nothing was any goal. But actually is this why?

Since Lie Yan (raging flames) dies, Ji Dong very long has not pondered calmly. Lost Lie Yan (raging flames), he simply did not have the beforehand calmness, otherwise this time will not face three full suns also to attack. In his subconscious, already had a tendency of destruction to oneself. Only then has destroyed him, he can accompany his Lie Yan (raging flames).

Although does not know why she will like herself, but Ji Dong has thought that only then like processing Lan Bao'er dealt with and relations between Chen Sixuan to own sentiment. At least, at present she and student and Teacher relations. Ji Dong had decided secretly, later must alienate her as far as possible, so perfect Chen Sixuan, is outspoken approaches itself to express her being in love. So long as is a normal man will move. Ji Dong does not want to make anybody affect him the love to Lie Yan (raging flames). Let alone falls in love with others, even if ponders other women, in his opinion is also to Lie Yan (raging flames) disloyal and injury.

When the state of mind compared with previous time wakes is much better, Ji Dong in regards with rapt attention, starts to control magic power in within the body, he cannot move oneself body now easily, depressed otherwise, within the body meridians possibly can change is more serious. Only then made a connection with the meridians to say first again.

This is a long and painful process, although Ji Dong body, because has received the transformation of Vermilion Bird, Teng Snake and dragon blood, but this time is injured very heavily, makes a connection process that the meridians have heavy responsibilities as before. Cannot be irritable, otherwise is not good, is the result of cultivation deviation. Perhaps is because felt that the change of Ji Dong within the body magic power, Chen Sixuan awakened from the sleep, "! Teacher Ji Dong, did you awake?"

Turns over/Stands up to sit up, Chen Sixuan grips the hand of Ji Dong, a pleasant surprise of face.

Ji Dong stops the thought of impact meridians temporarily, the look light say/way: "Where is our?"

Chen Sixuan said: "On that day three full suns after exploding. You were seriously injured, I also excessively and am unable to move because of the magic power consumption temporarily. Luckily has the protection of eternal armor, may in the crater of that eruption magma, I want to restore magic power to be too difficult, passed long time, reluctantly restored, to drag your body to descend the mountain. You are fire attribute, will restore the speed should around this volcano to be quicker, with great difficulty found this cavern, I drew coming to make you rest you. You already stupor five days. Here Fire Element is luckily abundant enough, otherwise, you fear a need longer time to restore. Since you awoke, again uses the method of that soul fusion, like this you can better control magic power attack the depressed meridians."

Ji Dong somewhat surprised said: "You know that my meridians are depressed?"

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, the Ji Dong eye that the appearance of causing the downfall of the nation beautiful woman shakes sees with a blur a while ago, "Teacher, do not forget, I am Second Wood department Mage Oh. The treatment is our Wood department specialty. Oh, do you want to drink a water? Spring water that I make, is very pure."

At the same time was saying, Chen Sixuan takes a small basin from side, takes out a small cup from own storage Magic Tool again, has scooped up half cup. Cautiously delivers to the Ji Dong mouth.

The thirsty throat obtains the spring to moisten, pure running water along the throat , the happy feeling made Ji Dong inspire for it spirit. In the heart the inexplicable appearance several points has also been moved. Shortly after the Armanz mountain just erupted, the magma place visited, any river water is impossible to preserve. Chen Sixuan can make these springs, at least must run several hundred miles to have the possibility. Cleans the water of body for oneself, the water that also drinks at this time, does not know that was she makes many efforts to look. When previous come soberly has not seen her, perhaps she was seeking for the water.

Has drunk one cup of spring water, the Ji Dong spirit was also good several points, "I attacked blocking the meridians to be OK. You restore magic power through the cultivation first. Your present condition. Even to help me is also has a mind to be incapable."

Chen Sixuan is very exhausted, although the Armanz mountain is Ji Dong restores, but is is extremely not suitable regarding Wood department her. Ji Dong stupor five days, the attendance of her clothes puzzled belt his five days, because tired extremely, formerly rested to pour in the Ji Dong bosom.

gently nodded, corners of the mouth place reveals a happy smile, Chen Sixuan said: "Teacher Ji Dong, are you are caring about me?"

Ji Dong brows slightly wrinkled, "shouldn't Teacher care about the student?"

Chen Sixuan laughs, said: "Should, naturally should. I first rest a while, you continued to attack the meridians. However do not act with undue haste. When your recovered, I will give you pleasantly surprised one."

At the same time was saying, her no trace of politeness lay down oneself formerly position, but also stopped up own ear with both hands, obviously did not prepare to listen to the words that Ji Dong rejected. Such was really too lovable.

Ji Dong slightly one dull, has not said anything eventually, rejection that even if must be clear about she, when also two people recovered to say again. ......

Blazing the hot school.

"Did you say the fine jade princess and Ji Dong in the same place? Can you affirm?"Zhu Rong sits well after own desk, the sinking sound asked.

Xuanyuan Xin complexion heavy nodded, "Dean, is I coordinates ineffectively, has caused the so serious accident. Perhaps fine jade princess's matter, we have no way to confess to the Eastern Wood Empire imperial family!"

"What confesses? Has something to confess?"Zhu Rong shot a look at his one eyes, smiles was saying.

Xuanyuan Xin stares, from him formerly to the Zhu Rong report he is very strange, when Zhu Rong just listened to him to say when the fine jade princess is buried in the volcano is also extremely surprised, but heard him saying that Chen Sixuan was Ji Dong in the same place, the Zhu Rong look instead relaxes. As if did not care about that fine jade princess's life.

"Dean, fine jade princess daughter, but Eastern Wood King most loves, is the only daughter. This matter perhaps......"Xuanyuan Xin, although extremely repugnant Ji Dong, but has an accident regarding the fine jade princess, in his heart fills disturbedly. Facing volcanic eruption, over a hundred people of motions, only then two people are buried in the sea of fire, this should be is worth rejoicing that most people ran away after all. But the Chen Sixuan status actually was really too sensitive. Once Eastern Wood Empire must investigate. This matter not simple is the school internal accident issue. Must know, the fine jade princess comes time, but exterminates the war-god to bring an extermination regiment of hundred people of squad to escort. First did not say how Eastern Wood Empire responded, only this team exterminated the regiment, sufficiently the command flaminged the hot school to trouble.

Zhu Rong stands up after the desk slowly, arrives in front of Xuanyuan Xin, "Xuanyuan Teacher, this matter you did not need to manage, I will process. First did not say the fine jade princess died. Even if she had an accident, this is also only an accident/surprise. Here is Southern Fire Empire, but is not Eastern Wood Empire. Even if has any problem, there are me. This smelting trial generally speaking succeeds, volcanic eruption this matter belongs to the force majeure. You go back, summarizes the result of this smelting trial. We comply with the commendation of student also to carry on. The commendation rally and presentation ceremony convene in ten days later. Told the new students, the school will hold the special cocktail party for them, the prohibiting alcohol command will relieve on that day temporarily. The students need to drive."

"?"Xuanyuan Xin dull looks at Zhu Rong, in heart has the heartfelt admiration. Experiences such matter also to be able calm like the mountain, he self-examines cannot achieve absolutely.

Zhu Rong continued: "If there are other Teacher to ask, you told them, this matter school will deal with, other anything do not say. If the Eastern Wood Empire person comes the inquiry, you make them look for me directly. You go busily."

Affirmation that Zhu Rong said that Xuanyuan Xin relaxed finally, turns around to withdraw from the Zhu Rong office.

Gazes after Xuanyuan Xin to depart, the Zhu Rong corners of the mouth place reveals a smile, if other heavenly prestige, what the volcanic eruption will have to injure to Ji Dong that boy? He is Pinnacle Two Fires is having. Even if the body soaks in the magma will not have any issue. So long as that fine jade princess is he in the same place, did not fear that has any danger. Even if encounters the situation that is unable to face, hasn't been able to leave by flying ability could it be that the Ji Dong phoenix dragon dance snake changes?

A Chen Sixuan admittance has chosen Ji Dong, Ji Dong became matter Zhu Rong of class of teacher in charge is very certainly clear. He does not have, because this matter and Ji Dong have carried on any exchange, development that also allow nature to take its course. Because he thinks that this is a good deed. Because of the Lie Yan (raging flames) death, Ji Dong in sentiment by greatly wound. Outstandingly beautiful of this fine jade princess is not inferior to Lie Yan (raging flames). What is more solid is a human, is Princess Eastern Wood Empire. In his opinion, does not have Ji Dong to match cannot be joined to the Chen Sixuan issue, but was Chen Sixuan can be joined to his treasure apprentice. He is happy looks at Chen Sixuan in Ji Dong that class, is hopes that Ji Dong can go out of the pain because of the appearance of fine jade princess gradually.

From time of volcanic eruption, this past ten days, Xuanyuan Xin led the students to come back, how Ji Dong this brat did not have the news. It is estimated that he should also come back. On the Armanz mountain, Ji Dong agree makes that fine jade princess remain to help her, it seems like, among them the relations should progress were right. The brat, quickly restores. Needs your, is entire continent.

Asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket, to hit to enjoy.

Chapter 354: Did the rejection vindicate?

"Imploring"grows the tone. Ji Dong has opened both eyes slowly, his pair of black pupil has shone with the brilliance, even was profounder than before.

Seven days, have only used seven days of time, his fully recovered. Not only because this naturally his own body is the result intrepidly. What is more important is the help of Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan Second Wood magic power has produced enormous nourishing to his body, in addition two people soul fuses, making Ji Dong when breaking through meridians blocking controls magic power to be slighter exquisitely, made this recovery time be ahead of time greatly.

At this time, Ji Dong not only body and cultivation base completely duplicate, strives greatly. Great pressure that three full suns create, without doubt about one step stimulated his own potential, with the Chen Sixuan soul integration process, also makes the Ji Dong soul vortex increase sharply, magic power or the psychic force, in this short seven days of time, had the obvious promotion.

But the harvest of Chen Sixuan is not small, although her magic power the promotion are not many, the advantage that but in the soul obtains is bigger than Ji Dong. Although she is the Lie Yan (raging flames) rebirth, but the psychic force after rebirth actually can only limit to the originally fine jade princess has. The Ji Dong soul does not know that is more formidable than many her. After this fusion, Ji Dong no doubt is the soul receives the stimulation to promote, but the help that Chen Sixuan obtains was bigger. The strength of soul has almost promoted one time.

"Good. The meridians made a connection finally."Feels huge magic power that Ji Dong within the body is rushing to want, Chen Sixuan is even more excited than him.

"Thanks."Ji Dong sits cross-legged to sit there, Chen Sixuan behind helps one another by the soul and magic power in him. But he has not actually turned round at this time, instead has shut off itself and soul relation between Chen Sixuan.

"Teacher Ji Dong, you how?"Chen Sixuan stares slightly, the separation of soul relation, making in her heart be lost to fill immediately.

Ji Dong shook the head, said: "I do not have anything, Chen Sixuan, can you tell me, why you will like me. When you just saw me, is impossible to know that I have such cultivation base, that time I, but is a drunkard. But you are actually Princess Eastern Wood Empire, has the name of first under heaven beautiful woman. Was less than 20 years old, magic power broke through Level 60, even was more splendid than me. I am not clear, why such you will like my such person."

Chen Sixuan shows a faint smile, before arriving at the Ji Dong body on own initiative, sits in him opposite, pair of dark green big eyes is looking steadily at the double pupil of Ji Dong, the gentle brilliance in revealing that the eyeground does not conceal. At this moment, what thinks in her heart is Ji Dong passing all sorts. She how wants to tell him, I am your Lie Yan (raging flames)! But, she cannot say, for does not let his relationship of form and spirit entirely to extinguish, she cannot say. But. That deep being in love does not have sending out that the slightest bit retains.

Ji Dong has closed both eyes subconsciously, this time he, some does not dare with Chen Sixuan looking at each other, he not to be really clear unexpectedly, why this fine jade princess will have the so profound emotion to oneself unexpectedly. This is right that should not present. "Teacher Ji Dong, you do not need to understand. Even if falls in love. Ok? Among the people have the fate. Perhaps, we had already had this reason in last, when I see you, on individually uncorrectable liking you. Even if you are regarded as me starry eyed do not matter. My this belonged to you in any case for a lifetime. Even if you do not want me, I will not let off you. Certainly throughout will follow side you."

When Ji Dong opens eyes, his vision changed cold several points, this indifferent is not he installs forcefully, but is true cold. That moment of because in him closing one's eyes, appears in his mind, before is Lie Yan (raging flames) at the point of death one. He the feeling that uses that heart pain unable to breathe all drove out from the edge of own inner world Chen Sixuan.

Sees the change of Ji Dong look, Chen Sixuan also slightly stares, she does not understand why before , good Ji Dong, had the change of such big fortunately at this moment unexpectedly.

Ji Dong has opened the mouth, his sound is very tranquil, but is this tranquil makes a Chen Sixuan heart contraction.

"When Chen Sixuan, I thanked you to be at very much this time facing three full suns to my help. You is a very outstanding girl. The first under heaven beautiful woman does not have unearned reputation, you not only have the splendid appearance and outstanding talent, has a good heart. This all can attract most men. However, I must tell you, I am an exception. We are is absolutely impossible. Without the slightest bit possibility. I think, you when melt with my soul should also feel. In my heart, already had a woman. Except for her, in my heart cannot install anybody again. I love her, she is only in my heart, even if she died, in my innermost feelings, does not have anybody to substitute for her. Before did not have, later will not have. My this entire life and future generation after generations, only will forever and ever be her, are unswerving in loyalty. Do not waste time on me, will not have any result. If you do not want injured, took advantage now to cancel the thought in your heart. In this case, perhaps we can also be the friend." The heart and body of Chen Sixuan are shivering, is not because is disappointed and pain, because that ascends to being in love of pinnacle. How Ji Dong knows, when he in the rejection this fine jade princess, was actually vindicating at present to her actually. His Lie Yan (raging flames), simply before him! His categorical chilling rejection, is not only impossible to cancel Chen Sixuan to his being in love, instead made this like lighting the pinnacle.

The Chen Sixuan sound is shivering the say/way: "Since she died, why you cannot to me an opportunity, gives you yourself an opportunity? If she can see your present appearance, certainly is not willing to make you bear these many pain. She definitely hopes that has a person to replace her to take care of you, to accompany you. Help you live the joyful and happy life."

Ji Dong has smiled, that is one proudly and loving smile, right that "you said. If my Lie Yan (raging flames) can see present me, her certain meeting thinks. But, how her idea cannot represent my procedure. She naturally hopes that I will be joyful, is, only then with her in the same place, I true joy. She died, I am also living, why do you know?"

Chen Sixuan has not spoken, but is gazing at Ji Dong silently.

The Ji Dong mood becomes surges suddenly, the sound also clearly enhances, "wish that because I must for her end. After her wish finished. I will look eventually her. Regardless of her where, I will look for her. Is accompanying her."

"But, she died." The tears, were similar to the pearl of line were common, fell from the Chen Sixuan face unceasingly. She saw in the Ji Dong eye once again that endless moved and aloneness, saw him to oneself the affection and missing. She good to jump into him to cherish really!

"After dying, is the ghost, I change into the ghost to seek her." The Ji Dong sound restrains suddenly, look also becomes light. This light a few words actually likely is a handle heavy hammer, knocking ruthlessly on the Chen Sixuan heart. Ji Dong, Ji Dong, I......, I......

Chen Sixuan bends down suddenly on the ground, has choked with sobs. She does not know own present is what kind of one mood. Also until at this moment. She in the true sense understands that the evil god and oneself gambling are approximately difficult.

"You this time to my help, I will find the opportunity to give back your.
Words my said was very clear. Please, do not disturb me again."

At the same time was saying, Ji Dong went out of the cavern, stands outside the cavern, looks at present because of the volcanic eruption, but sores all over the eye mountain massif. He does not want to injure Chen Sixuan, but, the long pain is inferior to the short pain. In his opinion, this rejects her directly is good to her absolutely. How he knows, reason that Chen Sixuan is not choked with tears because of the pain, but is moved.

The Chen Sixuan weeping sound was even more big, as if must the heart in all sad releases to resemble in this moment completely. In the Ji Dong eye flashes through one lightly does not endure. But he has not actually turned round to console her, wants to come in him, this time wants thoroughly problem solve, later of province is also troublesome. Looks out restored the normal sky, he in heart unceasing was talking over the Lie Yan (raging flames) name.

Along with passing of time, the weeping sound in cavern was gradually pale, until completely vanishes. Ji Dong stands in cave entrance as before, he came out and other Chen Sixuan.

Finally, Chen Sixuan walked from the cavern, the eye socket is red, on the white and tender cheek is also even bringing several drops of clear teardrops, seems is annoys the person to love tenderly. Behind her arriving Ji Dong silently, sees his lonely lonely form, the vision somewhat was crazy. Ji Dong, regardless of pays what kind of price, I will make certainly you fall in love with present me. I must again with you in the same place.

"Our chapter of schools."Ji Dong tranquil saying. "No, now was unable to go back. Teacher Ji Dong, have you forgotten this time facing three full suns goals?"Ji Dong stares slightly, has turned round slowly, saw that Chen Sixuan that pear flower belt rain annoys the appearance that the person loves tenderly, he slightly puts aside the vision. He must acknowledge, at present this Eastern Wood saintess fine jade princess regarding his attraction is extremely giant, and because, not only she also has the perfect appearance, most made Ji Dong unable to resist, after was two people soul melted the feeling. Water ** melts general soul contact, if not because the Ji Dong willpower is formidable enough, perhaps he already may not extricate oneself.

"Three full suns from exploding to perish, how do we have the goal to be able?"

Chen Sixuan shook the head, points at the springing, the little dark-red ray projects from her hand unceasingly, falls in front of Ji Dong, that is dark-red metals, they were lost vitality likely, static falling exuded the sonorous sound on the ground, looking awful that each metal broke, but they still likely were actually sending out air/Qi proudly. Ji Dong god hot Saint king Kai fragment.

"Did you pick them?"Ji Dong surprised looks at Chen Sixuan.

Chen Sixuan nodded silently, "I altogether had found 352 fragments. Search that then studies by oneself four and five. Did not have any other to discover again. Should not be short. Teacher Ji Dong, your this armor cannot be melted by the magma, these fragments you should be useful."

Shocks, at this time in the Ji Dong heart floods, the feeling of only then shocking. Wood department Mage, seeks for the metal fragment in crater after the volcanic eruption, is this what kind of difficulty? Is her under 20- year-old girl, what kind of strength supports her to complete all these? The eternal armor are most only to protect her body to be insufficient by the magma to be invaded reluctantly blazingly, but can have the enormous influence to her as before. Even if Ji Dong, not necessarily has the confidence to retrieve each god hot Saint king Kai fragment, but she actually achieved. But her expression, looked like oneself has made not worthy of mentioning minor matter. Heart fierce clutching of Ji Dong tightened, in his heart, is hard the production that resists an intense heart pain, this girl has made that many for oneself, but just actually also had injured him, the condemnation of innermost feelings made Ji Dong silent.

These fragments are certainly useful regarding Ji Dong, so long as there are them, in Chaos Fire the creativity by the pearl of chaos, how long does not need, Ji Dong can quenching the formation through the fusion god technique them in own within the body. Facing Chen Sixuan, he does not know oneself should say anything.

Integrates oneself within the body fragment in ground, fuses the god technique quickly to take back the god hot Saint king Kai fragment. Ji Dong lips pursed, he knows, oneself had to owe this girl many many. This sentiment he must, otherwise, even if he helped Lie Yan (raging flames) complete all wishes, impossible innermost feelings tranquil looked for her.

Chen Sixuan stands on one side, silently looks that Ji Dong receives to get back one's composure hot Saint king Kai, her look restored tranquilly, even on charming face is also having a light smile.

Ji Dong rebukes oneself to be apologetic, but in her heart, has actually been full of the endless love at this time. The rejection of Ji Dong, is actually to she best vindicating. She is Chen Sixuan, is Lie Yan (raging flames). Will she be mad at him?

Saw that Ji Dong took back all fragments of armor, the Chen Sixuan right hand has lifted, suddenly, Ji Dong only thought own side instantaneously became blazing, one group of eye-catching golden light have shone on the Chen Sixuan right hand.

When Ji Dong sees the golden color on Chen Sixuan, his vision coagulated immediately, that is a golden spheroid, the dazzling golden light condenses a golden light membrane around it, the intense quantity of heat made their temperatures rise hurriedly. The spirited golden light as if must work loose from the Chen Sixuan hand, but the high fever that it brings made on the Chen Sixuan face reveal the color/look of pain. "Is taking quickly, Teacher Ji Dong."Chen Sixuan has handed over the golden light ball in hand fast, Ji Dong subconscious outstretch both hands received it.

The breakthrough nears, come, asked the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 355: Three full sun gold sun crystal core

When both hands of Ji Dong move that golden light ball. Only thought that two blazing flood into oneself within the body just like flood dragon from the palm generally suddenly. The chaos bead in chest the ray greatly is immediately bright, the feeling that consoles hot made him very comfortable. But the solar ray in sky as if is also coordinating with each other across a great distance with this golden light ball.

What does not need Chen Sixuan to explain, Ji Dong also understands what in own hand this thing is, without a doubt, besides crystal core of three full suns, what thing also can have so pure pinnacle Yang Fire magic power, and with strength of communication Sun?

"The bodies of three full suns, although exploded, but this crystal core remained. This is it cultivates the millenniums magic power to be succinct. Although these time take risks extremely, but our goals were achieved. Teacher Ji Dong, your magic power had not restored before, I feared that you absorb its strength eagerly, has not taken, the present was the time absorbs it. This crystal core is enormous to your advantage, can communicate among the strength with Sun. Your fire attribute magic power can on again the stair, become surely purer."

The Ji Dong surprised discovery, Chen Sixuan as if not by the attack that oneself formerly rejected, was saying these words time, on charming face is also even revealing several points of excitement. This girl should not be this mindless disposition is right! "No, I cannot want."Ji Dong said decisively: "Three full suns are your I strike to kill together. If no you, I was impossible to kill it, at this time perhaps already was buried in the sea of fire. gold sun crystal core of this three full sun should be your I jointly has. Its value is immeasurable."

Ji Dong thought oneself had a deficit Chen Sixuan to be many, how is willing to receive her kindness again.

Chen Sixuan ill-humored showing the whites of the eyes. Even if this, her beautiful condition gives the feeling that the person one type is unable to resist as before. "Teacher Ji Dong, you thought that I do want this thing to be useful? To receive in it my storage Magic Tool, I must consume massive magic power to store up Magic Tool every day to achieve auxiliary. For me, it is just a hot sweet potato. You did not say that owes me to repay me? Since has owed, again owes nothing."

Ji Dong shakes the head saying: "It is not good. Before not the matter talks clearly, I will not accept this crystal core."

Chen Sixuan brows slightly wrinkled, thinks, suddenly eyes shined, said: "Had the means. Like this, Teacher Ji Dong, you comply to help me do a matter, even if gives my reward, was good? This matter is very difficult, has been puzzling me. Regarding me, compared with gold sun crystal core important many of three full suns."

Ji Dong doubts visits her, what "you said is real? What matter?"

Chen Sixuan mysterious smiles, said: "Naturally is very important matter, but is not the present needs to do. could it be you also feared that I do deceive you to be inadequate? The words that you fear, melt with my once more soul, naturally can know that I lay."

"Does not use."Ji Dong has rejected the proposition of Chen Sixuan without hesitation. If unnecessary, he not again and Chen Sixuan will carry on the soul to fuse. He does not know whether after oneself resistivity can also continue resists that soul to fuse , the water ** friendly pleasant sensation. He does not hope oneself therefore fall to the enemy. Looks at the Ji Dong somewhat distressed appearance, Chen Sixuan snorted, "does not have the guts ghost. Am I so fearful?"

Those who made the Chen Sixuan illness brought on by the obstruction of flow of vital energy was, Ji Dong unexpectedly nodded fast, in the eye also revealed the look that deep to be so.

"You......"Chen Sixuan are looking angrily at Ji Dong, this fellow was too simply hateful. How before not to have discovered.

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals one to smile. Although is rejecting Chen Sixuan in his heart throughout, but he also has to acknowledge, with Chen Sixuan in the same place, own heart will be more relaxed.

"Quickly integrates in it your magic power. I wait for you here."Chen Sixuan ill-humored saying.

Ji Dong no longer hesitates, nodded, jumps, the phoenix dragon dance snake changes launches, the back pair of wings whips void, the air looks like his auxiliary booster is common, pushes to rise his body to directly soar the Armanz mountain summit the direction to go. More approaches the place of Sun , helping his absorption to this gold sun crystal core on more. Let alone the Armanz mountain just erupted shortly afterward, on the summit has extremely rich Fire Element, suited him again.

Looks the form that Ji Dong departs, gripping that Chen Sixuan makes an effort tightens own small fist, compares in the front, wicked say/way: "Ji Dong, you to me, me will never be letting off your. Forever. You can only be my."

Sun positive in the Ji Dong hand unceasing is trembling, although it has not realized, but it after all is three full suns crystal core, three full sun souls from exploding to perish. Also subconscious keeps in this crystal core as before, is without a doubt regarding the Ji Dong hostility. But, three full suns also living time died in Ji Dong has been injured, what its can crystal core make? Stands in the summit, Ji Dong looks up to sky, the solar dazzling ray is unable to affect his vision, in this crystal core for the hand, he has nearly paid the life price, but is grasping this crystal core at this time, he knows, oneself payout is worth.

Sits cross-legged to sit down, on the Ji Dong face reveals the strong magic power fluctuation, both hands gold sun crystal core handful in the position of own chest, closes both eyes slowly.

Immediately, a gold/metal misty radiance shines through from Ji Dong, the strong golden light condenses the forming behind him, is Yang Fire condensation law. A Yang Fire condensation law ray again changes, on the Armanz mountain summit all Third Fire Element are similar to all rivers run into the sea comes toward the body gathering of Ji Dong generally, his back Yang Fire condensation law also gradually the transformation is the Flame Sovereign King form.

That is similar to substantive huge form stands behind Ji Dong, the ray of Sun shines on him, the body of Flame Sovereign King becomes is even more majestic.

Initially Lie Yan (raging flames) to Ji Dong, not only Flame Sovereign King and Dark Flames Demon King skill, had this Two Great Sovereign Kings soul brand mark. Is getting stronger and stronger along with the Ji Dong strength, the great strength of soul vortex, he can mobilize the Two Great Sovereign Kings true strength gradually, even feels them through their soul brand marks before death passing all sorts.

Two Great Sovereign Kings is the Saint level exists, on five mahatma beast same levels with Holy and Evil Island, more fuses with their soul brand marks. Ji Dong can feel their understanding to two pinnacle flame on more. Initially Lie Yan (raging flames) had given oneself their brand marks, most suited without a doubt own. Especially when he releases Sun and Moon Yin-Yang, the Two Great Sovereign Kings brand mark after the fusion of his within the body real sense, their soul brand marks also obtained the sublimation. The Ji Dong soul has merged into one organic whole with the Two Great Sovereign Kings soul brand mark, his oneself had also come under the influence of Two Great Sovereign Kings soul, same proud is he can obtain the key of Two Great Sovereign Kings approval to be.

This time Ji Dong, stands after there looks like magic power weakens Flame Sovereign King is ordinary, even is more fearful than Flame Sovereign King.

Opened both eyes suddenly, the double pupil of Ji Dong changed into the silver completely, the next moment, the bead of chaos passed the body from the position of his chest, not having the slightest bit to stop, during drilled into Ji Dong both hands to grasp gold sun crystal core directly.

All golden light as if already coagulated in this moment, two silver light emit from the Ji Dong double pupil suddenly, the air within Armanz mountain range looks like has twitched fiercely is produced a strange fulmination suddenly. All Fire Element have swept across in the next moment.

gold sun crystal core does not have the reduction or is breakage, instead is increasing fast, in an instant increased the diameter two meters, the next moment, the body of Ji Dong integrated in this gold sun completely, that rich golden color, is maintaining with Sun that in the sky hangs the ray twinkle of same level frequency. Has the source of Chaos Fire this myriad fires, gold sun crystal core is in itself fire attribute. Possibly how to prevent Ji Dong to its absorption?

Drills into the bead of chaos gold sun crystal core, is Ji Dong is most correct is also the most ingenious method, in gold sun crystal core of these three full suns, is containing Supreme Yang Fire, the mental disposition is fierce. But Ji Dong is not pure positive fire attribute, but is Yin-Yang two fires. If his pure absorbs magic power in gold sun crystal core naturally, but as the matter stands, actually easy to bring the sequela to him. Excessively many pinnacle Yang Fire, is not particularly good to transform the ablation with Supreme Yang Fire that the strength of Sun has contacted, is not good, causing his within the body Yin-Yang not to be balanced. Instead will be harmful to Ji Dong. However, he pours into by the bead of chaos to this gold sun crystal core in absorbs, does not need to fear that this situation appeared. Chaos Fire is the source of myriad fires, Ji Dong does, takes it as the bridge, transforms pinnacle Yang Fire magic power in gold sun crystal core as the fire of balanced Yin-Yang oneself can absorb. Does this without doubt is safest. In front of Chaos Fire, gold sun crystal core also does not have the controls of three full suns, basic does not have including the slightest bit resistivity. However, even if Ji Dong do not know, through the bead of chaos after gold sun crystal core absorbs, to oneself will have what kind of function.

Chen Sixuan static is waiting for in cavern there, she knew about Ji Dong, naturally understands he will have the assistance of bead of chaos to absorb gold sun crystal core not to have any problem. However, cares chaotically, before has not completed the absorption, her heart cannot be tranquil as before.

This first-grade, is seven days.

Seven Heavenly Empress (day later), in the morning.

Chen Sixuan sits in cave entrance, she somewhat could not endure patiently to reach the summit to have a look. She has been suppressing the thought in heart. Because she feared that oneself appearance can disturb Ji Dong, affects him to cultivate. Therefore she agonizingly has been waiting.

Seven days, already past seven days, by Ji Dong the function of bead of magic power and chaos, should absorb normally is right! Although in gold sun crystal core of three full suns has stored up many magic power, but that after all is also only crystal core, is not three full suns complete magic power, can be can only be part that Ji Dong uses.

In she indulges in flights of fancy, suddenly, the sound of thunder thundering in the sky resounds, when Chen Sixuan raised the head, immediately saw a strange picture.

Sees only in the sky, morning sun that the east side, just raised, but the bright moonlight of west side, originally vanished reappears unexpectedly. Sun and Moon Tongguang, unexpectedly so clear at the same time is hanging in the sky, this is a strange picture!

Made also in behind that she was shocked, indistinct. Saw only on that day airborne Sun and moon simultaneously shoots the next ray, the ray that Sun shot was the golden color, but moon shot was clear of misty white, the destinations of two rays were one, that was the summit of Armanz mountain.

Perhaps, these two rays are not real Sun and moon project, even if in the magic power change because of the air formed such virtual image sufficiently to be also astonishing.

In the Chen Sixuan heart realized the look that suddenly a matter, originally worries about turned completely pleasantly surprised. Broke through, Ji Dong broke through.

At this moment, clear and melodious such as dragon Yinban the long howl resounds from the Armanz mountain summit, when the light of that Sun and Moon connects at 1 : 00, the entire Armanz mountain has as if glistened.

the next moment, Chen Sixuan saw Ji Dong, being in high spirits Ji Dong. The giant pair of wings opens by the body, the whole person that floats in the sky, in his chest front, the bead of chaos floats, the cream halo seemed the shiny smooth, what was most important, the volume at least increased one time compared with before.

Ji Dong is pasting a strange brilliance, when he floats in airborne, as if he became part of world, Sun and moon in sky, became his background.

The celestial phenomenon returns to gradually normal, Ji Dong drops from the clouds, to near, Chen Sixuan clear seeing, above Ji Dong top of the head Yin-Yang Crown had the qualitative change.

Six-Crown turned into Seven-Crown, on Crown Ring, although only has half star to sparkle. But this has symbolized Ji Dong to enter the Seven- Crown level finally. Is he big this year? Also less than 22 years old! Smoothly broke through Seven-Crown, entered the Heavenly Master level by the Heavenly Scholar level. Let alone, he has absorbed three full suns gold sun crystal core, the advantage that itself gains, cannot be able to weigh with level. Chen Sixuan as if saw, before that high-spirited one generation of talents came back.

Chen Sixuan judgment right of , inspiring of celestial phenomenon because of Ji Dong own breakthrough as well as to gold sun crystal core the complete absorption. This Divine Beast crystal core, takes to Ji Dong importantly is not magic power leaps from Level 67 Level 71, breaks through the Level 70 bottleneck directly. What is more important, under the adjustment of bead of chaos, through three full sun characteristics that in gold sun crystal core contains, Ji Dong truly had with the ability that Sun and Moon communicates. Above this Armanz mountain summit, Ji Dong has completed an own leap. But, from his face, Chen Sixuan actually could not find the slightest bit smiling face.

Strength again how? Not deeply love Lie Yan (raging flames) in own side, these significances how many?

Is splendid is continuing, asks the monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 356: Father enough qualifications?

Floating body of Ji Dong from the sky falls. Arrives at side Chen Sixuan, looked at her one eyes, as if own breakthrough simply is not anything resembles, look extraordinary tranquility, "our chapter of schools. You are the Eastern Wood Empire princess, does not go back, perhaps the school will have the trouble."

Chen Sixuan somewhat discontented honk mouth, can't this manner change? Oneself have made these many, this fellow like stubborn. May be this, in her heart to the feeling of Ji Dong is contradictorier. He turns into this also similarly because of! Can she be angry because of the rejection of Ji Dong? This contradictory psychology unceasing is wreaking havoc in the Chen Sixuan heart, makes pain that she has to plant nearly goes crazy. But, these pain as before had actually been pressed by her, in any event, at least she now and he also in the same place. She side him, there is this point, other as if not so was also important. So long as can accompany him, even if he has not been willing to accept itself now, Chen Sixuan thought that was also very satisfied.

The Chen Sixuan disaffection vanished immediately, because of Ji Dong a few words.

"We must hurry back as soon as possible, I carry you."At the same time was saying, Ji Dong turns around body. Upper body slightly last ten days of the dog-day period.

Chen Sixuan cheers one, threw suddenly, even is somewhat wicked. Under two people white lovers install in sky restore normal morning sun to shine gradually the sparkling fresh splendor, when their form superpositions, as if became whole.

Ji Dong somewhat helpless lightly sighed, body, the pair of wings opens, toward flaminging the hot city direction goes. He is willing to fly at the back of Chen Sixuan, naturally is not because accepts her sentiment, but wants to hurry back as soon as possible. At the back of outstandingly beautiful of this incomparable enticement, for him, is not any wonderful matter. When anxiety in heart does not even compare to face three full suns few.


Blazing the hot school. First-grade assembly hall.

Ten class and grade altogether 99 student as well as nine teachers in charge excluding class have arrived in full. Today is the commendation rally of Armanz mountain smelting trial.

Removes the fine jade princess possibly to fall into beyond volcanic eruption, this smelting trial from the perspective of school is very successful. First did not say the entire smelting trial process, only after volcanic eruption, can carry over 99% students, is quite good. The opportunity that the Teachers reaction rate, withdraws from grasps unusual is good. As for that class of teacher in charge Teacher Ji Dong, besides a class of student, had been neglected by other people. They only on impression that Ji Dong makes only then discontented, you die die, but also drags the fine jade princess.

For these days the heart of Xuanyuan Xin had put gradually, at least the Eastern Wood Empire person has not come to look for trouble. On that day after volcanic eruption, they withdrew, once met Eastern Wood Empire to exterminate war-god Chen Longao in the halfway. Chen Longao heard that the fine jade princess has not left the Armanz mountain, immediately sought, later again had not appeared. Has the guarantee of Zhu Rong Dean, Xuanyuan Xin does not have thinks again. Even if has any problem, there is an school top/withstand, just as such that Zhu Rong said that here is Southern Fire Empire, is not Eastern Wood Empire. The fine jade princess died, is only an accident/surprise.

This time commendation rally is manages by Xuanyuan Xin, in the assembly hall the feast opens 11, Teachers sits one table, the students of ten classes and grades sit one table respectively.

Xuanyuan Xin stands up, said with a smile: "Today we hold the commendation rally of Armanz mountain smelting trial here. In this smelting trial, besides the individual class and grade except for the issue, most classes and grades displays is very outstanding. The commitment of school kept a promise absolutely. Below, I announced in this smelting trial, after various class and grade Teacher comprehensive evaluating, result best ten students."
"Tenth, five classes of Seventh Metal department student leaf heaven." "Ninth, six classes of Sixth Earth department student Yuan


"First, two classes of Seventh Metal department student horse Qun."

Xuanyuan Xin read a name every time, sends out one to cheer in the class and grade, in this first ten evaluations, it can be said that looked after other classes and grades excluding class. And. The horse group of two classes including being listed first, two are on the list, other eight quotas are three classes to ten classes separately, it can be said that the rain and dew moistens. Has lacked one class only.

According to the normal condition, a class of student sits the table that should be is away from Teacher this table recent is right, but in the assembly hall, class of students headed by purple morning star, actually sits in now by the front door recent position.

Listens to Xuanyuan Xin to announce that smelting trial result first ten lists, class of students, everyone gripped tightened the fist. The purple morning star once represented a class of student to respond to Xuanyuan Xin the progress in this smelting trial making, but, then Xuanyuan Xin even continually listened not to believe. The reply that coldly he, class of teacher in charge Ji Dong acts presumptuously, has not carried on the combined action with three classes, the result is invalid, does not need any report to answer.

Those who made class of students unable to endure, this time came back after the Armanz mountain, they have encountered the unprecedented cold reception, was became the laughingstocks of first-grade all classes and grades. Even attended class continually Teacher intentionally makes things hard for somebody they. When they argued when oneself once struck has killed Rank 6 magic beast, obtains is actually pū by the nose.

"Morning star, I could not bear. Xuanyuan Xin this nonsense department head is clearly disgusting we. It is not at while Teacher Ji Dong, suppresses this our one class."What speech is the Sixth Earth department Luo banyan tree, the little miss air/Qi results in charming face to become flushed.

Hou hard angrily said: "He is not because Teacher Ji Dong did snatch a position of his class of teacher in charge this? That Tang dependence Teacher and he is a husband and wife, naturally is looking like him. Must say violates a regulation, three classes with us in the same place, why their class cannot obtain the result, three classes of that students also rank second. Simply is the nonsense. Compared with us, what are they?"

"Stops talking." The purple morning star drank one lowly, the finger has knocked knocking on the table. In the vision is sending out the extremely ice-cold chill in the air.

At this time. Xuanyuan Xin continues saying: "To commend the success of this smelting trial, by the Zhu Rong Dean authorization, holds today's commendation rally especially. The student who obtains the position will receive an award to here tomorrow. Today the school relaxes a prohibition for you specially temporarily, you can happy playing a day. However you remember to me, no one must drink. Do not look like class of that drunkard. Lost including the life in the Armanz mountain." Xuanyuan Xin last has several points of teasing words to make other class of students yacket immediately, complexion of class of students immediately became uglier.

"You sit do not move."Purple morning star growled, has stood fiercely, one has grasped on the table one bottle of liquor, turns on the bottle cap, the drum thump thump fills to the brim front cup. This is one bottle of number of degree extremely high strong liquor. The purple morning star takes is installs the drink the cup, this cup comes out to have the less than half bottle but actually fully. This has not calculated, he also takes has sat in the side Hou Xin's drink cup, but actually big cup strong liquor. Face darken takes up two glasses of liquor, in big strides walks toward Teacher that table.

Class of students have stood subconsciously, they understand that the purple morning star must make anything, if just began school, class of these ten students also likely are loose sands. Since then, along with the smelting trial of Armanz mountain, as well as these days they are bearing the pressure from school all parties together, made them condense a whole truly. The oppression of Xuanyuan Xin made these young and impetuous class of students unable to endure patiently finally. The purple morning star can also maintain calm reluctantly, making other people do not move. But, under sharing a common hatred, other people will look on?

The banquet just opened. The purple morning star takes such action, immediately captured the attention of all people, in the assembly hall, each student surprisedly visits him, does not understand that this is must make anything.

The quick, purple morning star has arrived at the main table position that Teachers was at bravely, sits stares in Xuanyuan Xin Tang Yilian to him, "purple morning star, do you want to do?"

The purple morning star two trees grown into one has not paid attention to Tang to linger, vision brilliant looks at Xuanyuan Xin, hands in front of one glass of liquor in hand him. coldly said: "Thank Xuanyuan Teacher in this smelting trial to the attendance of our class of student. Respects your one glass of liquor especially."In considering two characters, he aggravated the tone specially. Xuanyuan Xin shot a look at his one eyes, lightly said: "Proposes a toast to me, you are unqualified. Returns to your seat."His voice is very loud, everyone in assembly hall can hear.

The laughter resounds immediately, even student also of other classes blow the whistling, "unqualified, get lost/rolls. "

The Xuanyuan Xin complexion becomes flushed instantaneously, suddenly, the right hand wine glass shakes, full cup strong liquor has sprinkled to Xuanyuan Xin.

Xuanyuan Xin as department head Seventh Metal department, has not thought that such a first-grade student unexpectedly dares to sprinkle itself with the liquor, immediately was sprinkled whole head, the laughter in assembly hall also along with it stopping.

"You court death."Xuanyuan Xin pounds the table, the dazzling white light burst out from him. When has he received such humiliation?

The purple morning star does not dread is gazing at fixedly him, class of students flushed. The atmosphere in assembly hall immediately just like coagulating generally.

Xuanyuan Xin that you made this table of other Teachers of also somewhat frown unqualified, but the behavior of purple morning star made them shock.

At this moment, cold sound resounds from the assembly hall entrance place, "stops."

More than hundred people of vision look to the assembly hall entrance, saw only a man and a woman simultaneously to walk, they wore the white clothing, silver embroidery lover appeared a match. Isn't the female, having Eastern Wood saintess Chen Sixuan of name of first under heaven beautiful woman? Side her, is shouted that stops two characters, is Ji Dong.

Sees their appearances, the vision of Xuanyuan Xin violent anger immediately became more intense, but vision of a class of students also became blazing.

They have not died, were they actually living? Teacher and students assembly hall in somewhat are in a daze.

The Ji Dong stride goes forward, arrives at Teacher this table, stands side the purple morning star, after has swept Xuanyuan Xin one lightly, has turned round fiercely, a palm of the hand pulls out on the purple morning star face, staggers one that he hits.

"Teacher Ji Dong, you......"class of students are surprised immediately, purple morning star puzzled is gazing at fixedly Ji Dong. He has not thought, they have been hoping return Teacher Ji Dong came back to make such matter unexpectedly.

Other Teachers have also gawked. The Xuanyuan Xin corners of the mouth place reveals one to sneer.

Ji Dong lightly said: "Purple morning star, apologized to Xuanyuan Teacher. You are the student of school, could it be do not know that what is honors the teacher and respects his teachings?"

"I not, I not wrong. He does not match to make Teacher. Teacher Ji Dong, you and think of the fine jade not to be, you may know how many grievance we did receive? The commendation evaluates all quotas to be we class of right. You may know that what he did say your?"eyes of purple morning star was somewhat red, the tears rotate in the eye socket. Class of other students look that the Ji Dong vision also started to have the change. Heroic Teacher in their heart are in front of all first-grade students to teach the purple morning star unexpectedly like this, their hearts gradually are changing cold.

"Has sufficed, I make you apologize, don't you understand what is heard?"At the same time was saying, Ji Dong snatches to win the wine glass in purple morning star another hand. Intense soul suppression drills into the purple morning star mind suddenly. The purple morning star retrocedes subconsciously one step, although he is such unwillingness, eventually stubborn the strength of Ji Dong formidable soul. Lowered the head slowly, "Xuanyuan Teacher, I apologized to you." The simple several characters, he actually likely exhausted the whole body strength to be common, even has broken by biting including own lip, a little bit blood dropped following the corners of the mouth.

"Chen Sixuan, leading them to return to seat."Ji Dong as if had not seen that the pain of purple morning star is ordinary, coldly said.

Chen Sixuan holds on the arm of purple morning star on own initiative, to other person of nodded, "will return to the seat with me, Teacher Ji Dong will process."

If the beforehand class of students are resentful, then, they somewhat despaired now. In their hearts respected Teacher unexpectedly so achievement, how not to make people cold-hearted.

Under the leadership of Chen Sixuan, numerous class of students are similar to the good-for-nothing return to the seat to go generally.

Good disciple who Xuanyuan Xin coldly snorted, "Teacher Ji Dong, you teach. This matter, I will certainly respond to the school, to purple morning star by severe punishment."

Ji Dong coldly has swept his one eyes, "how my student punishes, you said that has not calculated. I heard Xuanyuan Teacher you to say to the purple morning star a moment ago, he did propose a toast to you unqualified?"

"Good."Xuanyuan Xin throws out the chest proudly.

Ji Dong nodded, "that father enough qualifications?"

Since sees only in his hand the wine glass that snatches from purple morning star there to fling suddenly, pounds like lightning on the Xuanyuan Xin forehead, bang a loud sound, the Xuanyuan Xin that strong body non- stop flew, numerous falling that this palm of the hand pulls out in one side. The liquor fluid and blood, were incarnadine immediately his face.

Crisp crisp, a crisper plot comes immediately, looked that have not forgotten to vote.

Chapter 357: What thing are you?

A class of student who "Teacher Ji Dong......"to returning was all shocked. Chen Sixuan lowers the sound to say to the purple morning star: "Fool. Teacher Ji Dong hits you, is feared that you were punished by the school."

If formerly the purple morning star sprinkled with the liquor to Xuanyuan Xin, made all students be surprised, at this time a Ji Dong palm of the hand pulls out flies Xuanyuan Xin to bring to them shocked. They who can think, in their eyes seems like only a class of teacher in charge of drunkard, dares to begin to beat department head Seventh Metal department unexpectedly, then strong Xuanyuan Xin. Although this palm has not used magic power, but the strength can pull out the Xuanyuan Xin that strong body ruthlessly flies, obviously Ji Dong has used the big strength.

"Ji Dong, do you do?"Tang lingers at charges into Xuanyuan Xin, while angry is bellowing.

Ji Dong as before tranquil standing there, as if beforehand matter simply is not he does, coldly said: "Purple morning star has affronted Xuanyuan Teacher, I have made him apologize. Honors the teacher and respects his teachings, is a student should duty. I have slapped his, is mistake that punishes him to make. However, nobody can put in great inconvenience my student, Xuanyuan Xin, you are any thing, I paid no attention to you before , because you do not match. Since your power and prestige flaunted the head of my student. I replace Dean to teach you."

Various class of Teachers were shocked, sees has hidden shortcomings, has not seen such has hidden shortcomings. The students of own class and grade received a grievance, he begins unexpectedly directly, a palm of the hand pulls out the flying department head.

Class of students look here dull, Fifth Earth department slow Li muttered: "Crisp, too he ** was crisp. Teacher Ji Dong was too graceful."

In the vision of purple morning star also had the mood fluctuation, hates the sound said: "This palm of the hand suffers value. If Teacher Ji Dong slaps my to slap a that bastard face, I am casual he to hit."

stretch/leisurely Qianpu chi smiles, "do not act indifferent while actually getting a profitable deal. Does Teacher Ji Dong slap your to be the same with the fan Xuanyuan Xin strength? It is not good, I must fall in love with Teacher Ji Dong."

"Does not permit."Chen Sixuan stared her one eyes immediately, obtains enlightenment overbearingly: "Teacher Ji Dong is my."Her that nervous lovable appearance, caused immediately class of students laughs.

Since these many days, they have received suffering from injustice as if all expresses in this laughter, the feeling of feeling proud and elated makes them retrieve in the Armanz mountain able to move unhindered carefree in magic beast.

Xuanyuan Xin has stood under supporting by the arm that Tang lingered , the entire profile was numb, pū, put out seven and eight teeth from the mouth. Until now, his also some cannot believe that this is real. Formerly Ji Dong began, he has not even seen clearly the Ji Dong movement.

"You, you dare to hit me......"Xuanyuan Xin mouth some saying of leaking out.

Ji Dong has smiled suddenly, since he goes to the school, numerous position Teacher and students first time see his smiling face, but, the words of his mouth are not genial like the smiling face, "hits you, how can you?"

"Teacher Ji Dong. Do not go too far."Four classes of teachers in charge stand up suddenly, are looking angrily at Ji Dong. Other Teacher also stand up, looks that in the Ji Dong look has been full of the hostility. No matter what, Xuanyuan Xin is also school Teacher, particularly now is also in front of these many students, Ji Dong is actually saying such words.

Ji Dong lifts the hand to aim at Xuanyuan Xin to refer to finger/refers of outside again, "isn't convinced? I outside you. You must have the opinion, together. I together teach you."His sound is not rampant, words that but he spoke, actually rampantly rules by force the extreme.

The Xuanyuan Xin look became cloudier, what was extraordinary, he has not spoken again, instead held Tang who wanted to manifest suddenly to linger, walking outward silently. Can see from the look of his hatred, this time he, in the heart the anger has achieved the extreme. However, this is an assembly hall, obviously is not the outbreak place. Arrived outside, he took ten times and hundred times has retrieved Ji Dong to exert in his humiliation.

In the drill ground the sunlight is beautiful. This time is the time of noon midday rest, there are many other students of grade to move in the drill ground. Saw that the first grade walks one group of people, some students and passing by Teachers of moved looked to here.

"Teacher Ji Dong. You were really good. I also think a moment ago you must abandon us."hard Wu arrives at side Ji Dong vivaciously, hee hee said with a smile. Other class of students have also encircled, is similar to many things around a center gathers round heroic Teacher in their heart generally.

Ji Dong has swept their one eyes, "I not in these days, has the five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy practiced?"

The purple morning star honest say/way of: "Our male students has practiced, because the female student that side was short of Chen Sixuan unable to form the circulation, therefore has not practiced. However they have not wasted the time, every day in self-torture magic power." Ji Dong nodded, said to the purple morning star: "I hit you a moment ago , because you made the mistake. You remember, when you must go facing your enemy on own initiative, must have its one strikes to be killed violently the assurance that or the comprehensive suppression make him never turn over/stand up. Otherwise do not get rid easily. Impulsive will often bring the endless trouble to oneself."

"Yes, Teacher, I knew mistakenly." The purple morning star again does not have the slightest bit hostility to Ji Dong now, some heartfelt admiration.

Ji Dong racket his shoulder, the sound was unexpectedly temperate, "can being bold in stand, you have the courage very much. Is a man."

The purple morning star looks surprisedly to Ji Dong, in his impression, this Teacher Ji Dong has not commended anyone. The sense of pride arises spontaneously, the subconsciousness gets hold of the double fist.

At this time, the teachers and students of first grade arrived in the broad big drill ground. Several quite smart Teacher ran to look for Dean Zhu Rong to report. God knows here will develop what kind of situation.

Xuanyuan Xin spat blood froth, raised the hand has referred to Ji Dong,
"Ji Dong, I must with your duel. Regardless of life and death."

The Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals one to disdain, "you come together. Who is discontented with me, can on together."

Xuanyuan Xin hatred is looking steadily at Ji Dong, but he does not have first to launch the attack to Ji Dong, can sit to flaming hot school department head Seventh Metal department this position. He is some truly learned and genuinely talenteds. Even if in extreme anger, can retain the slightest bit to be calm.

took a deep breath, the bloody taste of mouth made his anger rise dramatically the pinnacle, the Xuanyuan Xin right hand has wiped in the waist, in his storage waistband, shone a white light immediately, the next moment, along with the clangour, one set of white mail-armor and helmet has dispersed before him. One step treads, body of Xuanyuan Xin in an instant by the magic power mail-armor and helmet gable. Presents a handle in his right hand has been two meters, a width half foot heavy sword. The dazzling white light promotes instantaneously.

The Xuanyuan Xin right hand grips the heavy sword in the body previous stroke, immediately, the dazzling ray shines together, sound that the air sends out broken Bo -like. In a low and deep angry roaring sound, drills one length five meters from that space crack, high about two meters huge form.

That is a leopard, all over the body snow white, above has the yellow money shape spot of one by one fist size. The tyrannical aura immediately causes students screams. The distant place was gazing here Teacher and students immediately is also attracted the attention.

Money snow leopard, Rank 7 magic beast.

Xuanyuan Xin grasps the heavy sword, jumps, cross sits in money snow leopard carries on the back, in an instant. The aura of his whole person has merged into one organic whole with money snow leopard, the pressure of incomparable powerful made the students nervous retreat of surrounding first grade constantly immediately, the free time but who several times breathed, has vacated an enormous region in the drill ground.

Teacher and students who complexion draws back by far changed, seems in their front Ji Dong 20 over, but Xuanyuan Xin actually over 40 years old, is in the school the famous expert. Is having formidable Rank 7 magic beast. He came up to put on oneself magic power armor unexpectedly, and summoned magic beast. This simply was one suppresses the stance that the Ji Dong life and death wrestled comprehensively.

However, nobody dares to come up the persuasion, no one hopes that the Xuanyuan Xin anger shifts to oneself on, this time he. Distinction already indignant angrily said pinnacle.

"Thinks of the fine jade, Teacher Ji Dong will not have the matter?"gold/metal somewhat anxious asked to Chen Sixuan. The Chen Sixuan smile shakes the head, "felt relieved that will not have the matter."Three full sun that formidable Divine Beast cannot kill him, let alone at present this ordinary Six-Crown Mage. Regarding the Ji Dong mentality, she can be said as most understands. After this time went to the Armanz mountain the smelting trial, Ji Dong already gradually from painful and sad, buried the heart that extremely sadly. Ji Dong of such condition, wants to do something, for Light Five Elements Continent also when to complete her is Lie Yan (raging flames) final wish. The choice conflicted in this time and Xuanyuan Xin, to not give class of students vented anger, to set up prestige. Present Ji Dong, really will regard as blazing Teacher of hot school. As for Xuanyuan Xin, can only be his stepping-stone. Is the moral behavior of this department head Seventh Metal department is not quite really good, otherwise, Ji Dong is also not necessarily able such to do.

In the drill ground is having nearly the atmosphere of coagulation, only has Ji Dong the complexion to be invariable throughout. Xuanyuan Xin moved, along with he somewhat fuzzy angry roaring, the cross under money snow leopard has been similar to charges into Ji Dong like lightning.

Money snow leopard magic beast, the attack capability is not too strong, but the speed is actually wonderful quick incomparable, coordinates with Mage, can definitely achieve the lightning onset and retreat general attack and defense. This money snow leopard is Xuanyuan Xin five years ago just broke through shortly after Six-Crown obtains, Jane|treasure over life, before volcanic eruption he has not hated to use oneself this only magic beast. At this time really hates the extreme to Ji Dong.

Seventh Metal magic power that shortly the huge money snow leopard carrying/sustaining the body of Xuanyuan Xin, on two meters heavy sword and money snow leopard burst out almost also erupts. Many people have closed eyes. In their opinion, Ji Dong strikes not getting down that is possible to meet radically.

The attack of Xuanyuan Xin has used fully, money snow leopard this throws, Seventh Metal magic power of his within the body has poured into to the heavy sword in completely, under brunting of magic beast with the aid of cross, has potential of as powerful as a thunderbolt greatly. Two meters heavy sword enough ** leaves three chi (0.33 m) sword glow, Six- Crown Yang Crown on Xuanyuan Xin top of the head burst out the intense brilliance, can see that behind indistinctly him has illusory shadow of Seventh Metal department Totem white tiger to appear. Seventh Metal department magic power destructiveness and penetrability completely obviously without doubt.

The actual combat experience of Ji Dong is rich, his eyes saw that Xuanyuan Xin has drawn support from magic power of money snow leopard, in addition his magic power and speed of money snow leopard, this strikes, the might is not inferior to Certain Kill Skill.

What a pity. What he meets is Ji Dong.

This time, Ji Dong has not planned to hide own strength again, when money snow leopard flies high, but throws to him, suddenly, the body of Ji Dong has shone, under gaze that in all people shock, the potential flash, the Ji Dong whole person looks like Sun is common, erupts the radiant golden light.

Strong pinnacle Yang Fire magic power bursts out instantaneously, what is different from Xuanyuan Xin, the imposing manner that the Ji Dong body bursts out, limits in him and Xuanyuan Xin range. Compared with the magic power control, Xuanyuan Xin and his disparity cannot the mileage idea.

Medium baking temperature of gold/metal five elements, Yang Fire to subdue|grams Yang Metal, Xuanyuan Xin with his magic beast is Seventh Metal attribute, the flash when that pinnacle Yang Fire presents, the tyrannical incomparable attribute suppression almost one made speed sharp decline one time of money snow leopard. In the Xuanyuan Xin hand the three chi (0.33 m) sword glow of heavy sword in an instant is also vanishing without the trace.

Even if facing the match of Eight-Crown rank, the attribute suppression of Ji Dong can also make opposite party cultivation base sell at a discount greatly, let alone is magic power level might as well his Xuanyuan Xin? Black and White Yin-Yang Crown appears quietly above the Ji Dong top of the head, Crown Star of seven black and white dual-color overlay sparkles proudly. The confidence of Xuanyuan Xin originally inflation had been replaced extremely at this time completely with amazement, the next moment, he only thought that at present a golden light flashes. The body shock, was similar to the copper pouring strong common big hand has locked his throat, within the body magic power was unable to transfer the slightest bit again, including breathing also stopped.

Xuanyuan Xin has not seen clearly Ji Dong to make anything, other people actually look very clear. The golden light bursts out, money snow leopard speed sharp decline, the next moment, Ji Dong has been similar to the golden flowing light jumps together, one step steps forward, the personal appearance in the airborne illusory twinkle, everybody saw that illusory shadow flashes, his tip of the toe has selected in the head of money snow leopard. That tyrannical Rank 7 magic beast even continually calls out in grief unable to send out, directly from airborne was stepped on by Ji Dong this foot, falls into the ground directly. But hand of Ji Dong, has locked in the throat of Xuanyuan Xin at this time. The dazzling golden light is similar to substantive flame general ascension, day after day airborne Sun as if also under this golden light complemented becomes brighter.

The body of Xuanyuan Xin by the Ji Dong direct lift-off money snow leopard, solemn Rank 7 magic beast, had been struggled in the Ji Dong under foot unexpectedly continually is unable to achieve.

All people have been shocked, even if in their hearts to this fights 10,000 guesses, will not have a result is this at present.

Crisp has voted. The monthly ticket and recommendation ticket are good.

Chapter 358: Hiding shortcomings hands down from generation to generation

Status of Xuanyuan Xin in school placed first ten. Being proud is always powerful, his strength also truly can arrange in Teacher at the front row, otherwise cannot become department head Seventh Metal department. Blazing the hot school after all is not Heavenly Stems School, Six-Crown Mage here is quite formidable.

But is such Six-Crown Mage, after using own magic power armor and magic beast mount, unexpectedly by that only then 20 over youth Teacher instantaneous uniforms, even has not made including the slightest bit revolt. It can be said that between two people simply not true attack and defense transformation.

In fact, although Xuanyuan Xin has the disparity with Ji Dong, but also is insufficient the disparity to be so big. Really is because the Ji Dong strength was extremely for him sudden.

Bursts out instantaneously, but pinnacle Yang Fire, suppressed Xuanyuan Xin magic power comprehensively, frightened his mind. Before his full , the anger is defeated and dispersed in front of the genuine pinnacle flame instantaneously. When he looks with amazement to Ji Dong, only thought that both eyes of Ji Dong as if also turned into golden color, distracted, turned into at present this appearance.

The complete suppression in soul, the complete suppression on magic power, making this department head Seventh Metal department basic not have including the opportunity of revolt. Fell into the Ji Dong hand. "Xuanyuan......"Tang dependence exclaimed, the diving posture flushed toward Ji Dong. Formerly when Xuanyuan Xin was riding money snow leopard to Ji Dong flushed away, her corners of the mouth place is also revealing sneering. A Ji Dong palm of the hand took away the Xuanyuan Xin half tooth, making her also hate the extreme, Xuanyuan Xin, if can cut to kill Ji Dong. She will not have the slightest bit to worry. The duel is the matters of two people, even if the school cannot prevent. Most is Xuanyuan Xin receives some punishments. Blazing the hot school, although in Southern Fire Empire is the best school, but also needs Xuanyuan Xin and she such outstanding Mage makes Teacher, she did not fear that will be scolded by the school. When Xuanyuan Xin begins, how in her heart in the ponder should even to the school confess issue that Ji Dong dies.

But, who can think, the final result will turn into this unexpectedly. The right hand of Ji Dong grabbed the neck of Xuanyuan Xin to raise him directly, the white hard magic power armor protected the neck to be grasped by the hand of Ji Dong unexpectedly completely, cannot play the least bit protection. Under the heart is greatly anxious, Tang Yilian had been at a loss.

When she breaks in the range of Ji Dong magic power release, she understands why oneself husband will defeat such miserably. The pinnacle Yang Fire terrifying pressure made Tang linger at to stagger, nearly did not stand steadily. The blazing magic power fluctuation is makes her not dare to go forward the slightest bit. Fire gold/metal, the to subdue|grams wood, her Second Wood magic power in front of Ji Dong pinnacle Yang Fire is only a joke.

"Words that I have not remembered incorrectly, Xuanyuan Teacher a moment ago what said is the life and death duel, right." The Ji Dong vision sweeps to the surrounding teachers and students.

Looks the intense golden light that on him sends out, has a look in his top of the head again that dazzling and special Seven-Crown Black and White Yin-Yang Crown, each student and Teacher turn very quiet. Especially formerly these had ridiculed a person of class of student, is looking ashen withdrawing of quietly. "Do not begin, Teacher Ji Dong, asking you to forgive Xuanyuan."Tang Yilian is eventually intelligent, when she intrudes the Ji Dong magic power range, after feeling the attribute suppression of that incomparable terrifying, first has made her this life most correct choice. Because she already clear sees the dense murderous intention from the Ji Dong eye. If Xuanyuan Xin kills Ji Dong somewhat to be troublesome, may be scolded by the school. Ji Dong must kill Xuanyuan Xin at this time is an issue does not have. The life and death duel is Xuanyuan Xin raises, his beforehand appearance is clearly must strike to be killed violently Ji Dong, some these many teachers and students testified. If Ji Dong wants to kill him, no one could say anything.

The Ji Dong vision changes Tang to linger, in the eye the murderous intention restrains several points slightly, Xuanyuan Xin in his hand is going all out to struggle, the feeling of suffocating made him as if see the summon of god of death. But regardless of, how he struggles, under the magic power comprehensive suppression of Ji Dong, possibly works loose? Does not need Ji Dong to begin again, so long as after a while Ji Dong has not let loose the hand again, he must suffocate to perish as before.

"Teacher Ji Dong, asked you. Actually Xuanyuan in view of you also for school, because before you, daily drinks, ignores a proper occupation. Did not teach the students well. Actually became a class of teacher in charge, we somewhat are unbearably angry. The Xuanyuan does was truly excessive, but also crime not until death. Please let off this time, we are willing to leave to flaming the hot school immediately, will not bring to you troublesome."

Tang Yilian sad sound entreated, in eye has been full of the fear.

Listens the words that Tang is lingering, in the Ji Dong eye the murderous intention to restrain gradually, one step stepped forward, left money snow leopard top of the head. Money snow leopard then struggled to lift from the soil head, was breathing in gulps, looks that in the Ji Dong look filled alarmed and afraid, dirty lying on the ground, the body was still even trembling. Ji Dong throws conveniently, throws the trash to fling Tang to linger at front the Xuanyuan Xin resembles generally, Xuanyuan Xin has first taken off own helmet, his face rose the purple red, is breathing in gulps. Tang Yilian hurries to support by the arm him, on the face the look relaxed several points finally.

At this time, presents all people to look that the Ji Dong vision has been full of the awe, who can want to obtain, this only has 20 -year-old over young people actually to have is achieving Seven-Crown terrifying magic power. Seven-Crown, that is the Heavenly Master level powerhouse! In entire blazing in the hot school, achieves such cultivation base also is just three and four people. But golden magic power that Ji Dong formerly released they do not know that is anything. Guessed correctly indistinctly that is the fire, but Third Fire is the red, Fourth Fire is the blue color, what flame is this golden color? Let alone is the students, who even if Teachers has seen pinnacle Yang Fire?

"What's the matter?" The Zhu Rong dignified sound remembers in this time, the crowd separates, Zhu Rong in department head Third Fire department under accompaniment of Yang Bingtian.

The students lower the head to Zhu Rong salute, Teachers also respectful and prudent standing in one side, status of Zhu Rong in school is without a doubt, respects to him including the Southern Fire Empire imperial family.

Zhu Rong shot a look at a that to crawl in the money snow leopard of place, coldly snorted, "you were very good! In this continent critical time, here in fights unexpectedly. You have the skill very much! Ji Dong, is this matter you selects?"His vision coldly looks to Ji Dong, if the familiar Zhu Rong person. At this time could certainly see, in the Zhu Rong look simply does not have the slightest bit anger.

"Yes, Teacher."Ji Dong respectful salutes to Zhu Rong.

Teacher? This called one, surroundings people can't help gasping. Ji Dong is Zhu Rong special approval to enter the school, but no one knows his origin. At this time listened to Ji Dong to call Zhu Rong this Teacher, they understand that Ji Dong this cultivation base was not baseless. Others simply is the Dean disciple!

"Disrupts the school order blatantly, can you know wrong?"Zhu Rong severe reprimanding said.

Ji Dong nodded, has not spoken again. Only then Yang Bingtian saw the muscle on Zhu Rong face to affect slightly, was smiling unexpectedly likely.

Actually, Zhu Rong and Yang Bingtian before formerly Ji Dong and Xuanyuan Xin began came, but Zhu Rong has not come immediately, but was observing Ji Dong in the distant place. Even if Tang lingers at does not ask favor, he will not make Ji Dong kill Xuanyuan Xin, how regardless to say, Xuanyuan Xin is also Teacher of school, does not have the merit also efforts.

Through the observation, the Zhu Rong pleasantly surprised discovery, oneself that gifted pupil as if came back, at least in his eyes reappeared the vitality, no longer was the empty deathly stillness only knew to drink. The beginning to end of matter morning of the day before yesterday had other Teacher to think that first Zhu Rong has reported. Ji Dong is willing for own student over, to prove he already true will have led into Teacher this role.

Saw that the matter has been a foregone conclusion, Ji Dong controlled the plan of own mood under killer, Zhu Rong then had not brought Yang Bingtian to walk together came out to clean up the aftermath.

Looks at Ji Dong to resemble the clever appearance. A Zhu Rong funniness, this brat, finally no longer suspended a dead face to look to me.

"Was good, dispersed. This matter Teacher Ji Dong you must make written review. Meanwhile, Xuanyuan Xin Teacher all treatment costs are also borne by you. Later if you have the private war again, outside dozen to school. What appearance makes noisy resembles in the school?" Such ended? The ground fell to break to pieces a place chin, saw Zhu Rong to act as nothing had happened, both hands back turned around. Teacher and students look at each other in blank dismay. Finally found the root that Ji Dong hides shortcomings. Zhu Rong Dean always by temperament irritable and upright famous. Let alone was Teacher, even if were the student in the school everybody, punished mercilessly surely. The object but who this fights changed into Ji Dong. He actually that simple a few words brought.

The students of first grade are even thinking, reason that class of the Teacher Ji Dong hides shortcomings, with the Dean study? But, Zhu Rong so processes also really nobody to say anything. Fight between Ji Dong and Xuanyuan Xin truly is the private war, moreover life and death duel that Xuanyuan Xin proposed. Must investigate really, the Ji Dong mistake, before is lies, brushes a palm of the hand of Xuanyuan Xin in the assembly hall. But others Zhu Rong Dean just came, situation that simply has not seen that palm of the hand. But Ji Dong not killer to Xuanyuan Xin. Can this also what investigate? In the final analysis, in the Mage world, the strength is all source. After defrosting displays the absolute suppresive strength, who will also look for trouble?

Xuanyuan Xin and Tang dependence couple look at each other one, two people ashamed and resentful desire certainly, does not utter a word, turns head to walk. If not because in their school the power and influenced acquired over a long period is serious, perhaps already had the hiss to resound.

But the student and Teachers looked again before Ji Dong vision already, is completely different. Seven-Crown, what such young Seven-Crown does Mage mean? Without a doubt, this Teacher Ji Dong future is Zhu Rong Dean this rank cannot even block. Fell did not have disdaining on Ji Dong vision again, were more, changed into the awe.

Class of students, one by one stick out chest, feel proud and elated. Has encircled spontaneously, encircles Ji Dong in the middle. Chirp keeping saying, to their this Teacher is pouring out the humiliation that they received for serveral days. Mark that on the purple morning star face also Ji Dong that palm of the hand leaves behind, but he at this time actually extremely excited was shouting, "Teacher Ji Dong, makes me ask you to drink today. Later if I am violating muddily, you also pull out me."

His saying sounds somewhat to be as if laughable, at this time students but who hears these words, in vast majority of heart is willing to substitute for his position unexpectedly.

Ji Dong swept his one eyes, the complexion coldly, "drank, but, I invited."

A class of student cheers one, in vision that in other class and grade students admire, many things around a center and Ji Dong walked.

However, meeting of Ji Dong and students has postponed, just a drill ground. Yang Bingtian walked, "Ji Dong, Teacher looks for you."

Ji Dong nodded, said to the students: "You return to the class I, later I look for you. These days do not leave uncultivated , to continue to practice the circulation strategy."

Beside Chen Sixuan, other students uniform replying, in others opinion, hide shortcomings immediately possibly are not a good behavior, but is in students actually because of hiding shortcomings of Ji Dong but respected to him completely. Although Ji Dong compared with their are two years old, may in their eyes, Ji Dong be their division commanders at the worst, is their idols.

Ji Dong followed Yang Bingtian to come to the Zhu Rong office together, passing through the gate, Ji Dong has gawked, Xuanyuan Xin and Tang lingers at to be earlier than them, the Xuanyuan Xin profile swelled up high, seemed many somewhat is so funny. This time was Tang Yilian is saying anything to Zhu Rong, saw Ji Dong to come , the sound stopped immediately.

"Was good, do not grumble. Ji Dong I said. Ji Dong, why do you hit the person at commendation rally? You must give a Xuanyuan Teacher confession."Zhu Rong somewhat outwardly fierce but inwardly faint- hearted said to Ji Dong.

Ji Dong is intelligent, looks at the Teacher look, in his heart somewhat is funny, has could it be own hiding shortcomings looked like Teacher really? He did not believe Zhu Rong is just from the Xuanyuan Xin husband and wife mouth learned oneself pulled out at the commendation rally flew the Xuanyuan Xin news. Formerly was working as numerous student and Teacher surface, what Zhu Rong has not accused his, until arriving here, said that what didn't this hide shortcomings is? But the Xuanyuan Xin husband and wife also has bitter not being able to say.

"Teacher, hits the person is I am not right. However, Xuanyuan Teacher appraises unfairly to the student of this Armanz mountain smelting trial. And insulted my student. If I for the student over, how my this Teacher don't do?" The Ji Dong sound is very light, has not carried over any personal feeling, sounds to look like simple considering the matter and of itself.

Zhu Rong looked that lingers at to Xuanyuan Xin and Tang, "has such a matter?"

Tang dependence angrily said: "Naturally does not have, we appraisal to student are absolutely fair, qualifications that their class of student simply has not won an award."

Crisp, the crispness votes. Monthly ticket and recommendation ticket.

Chapter 359: The gambling fights, five pairs 20

Listens words that Tang is lingering. Ji Dong sneers, "please ask Tang Teacher, have you asked about inspection of our class of student? My student just told me, you even link to the time that they explained and recount do not have. You know that our class of student hasn't obtained the qualifications of commendation? Without a doubt, a class of student is in this first-grade student is most outstanding, otherwise they cannot enter one class, even if my this Teacher is bad, could it be they didn't have the ability?"

Tang lingers at to depend Zhu Rong on the scene, although in the heart dreads to Ji Dong, but that resentment actually stimulates her to get angry the sound said: "A your class just started is our three classes of same places moves, you even link low level magic beast not to snatch, has no recourse the go it alone. Right, just entered a school time, a class of student is most outstanding. However, after one month of guidance, they are also most outstanding must look at Teacher teaching standard."

Ji Dong coldly said: "That said, Tang Teacher is thinks my teaching standard was insufficient? I looked was like this good, facts speak louder than words, everybody was Mage, spoke with the strength is best. Tang Teacher guidance two classes of three classes of also Xuanyuan Teacher guidances are in this student are also very splendid. Was inferior how we do make a bet?"

"What do you want to bet?"Xuanyuan Xin enunciation unclear saying. He somewhat has feared to Ji Dong , the attribute suppresses the sense of fear that brings , is in person to understand truly. Ji Dong that just like the impact of as powerful as a thunderbolt, although has not killed him. But under a foot treads, Rank 7 magic beast does not have the strength of revolt, he even including time an opportunity of getting rid not to have, has assigned to hang his hand. This fear deep brand mark in his mind, has not forever been able to cancel.

Ji Dong said: "Simultaneously faces two classes and three classes of students by my class of student, a collective war. If our class has won, then, I want all rewards of this smelting trial commendation. If a class of student lost, how whatever I two Teacher do handle?"

"Ji Dong, does not want to provoke the incident."Zhu Rong shouted. He to oneself on this day disciple considers certainly stemming from the protection. Xuanyuan Xin and Tang linger, although was more domineering, but is quite actually an expert in teaching, otherwise was impossible to sit the position of department head in pairs. Zhu Rong not before Ji Dong comes detains them. These two people look for Zhu Rong one to complain, another is the resignation, Xuanyuan Xin is so shamed by Ji Dong, did not have the face to treat in the school.

Ji Dong said: "Teacher, please believe me, I confident."He knows certainly that Zhu Rong is worried about anything.

Tang Yilian sneers, "you are certainly confident, the fine jade princess himself is Six-Crown Mage, copes with our two classes generally is the Two-Crown students, can you not have the confidence? Solely is she, sufficiently defeated our these students. If before , she can come back, this reward definitely is must have her."

Ji Dong nodded, said: "Good, our class only has 50% students, gets rid by five male students, in them also only then two people are Three-Crown cultivation base. The surplus three people are Two-Crown cultivation base, to two classes and three classes of all 20 students. Then two can satisfy?"

Ji Dong such remarks, intense humiliation feeling made the Xuanyuan Xin complexion become flushed, "Ji Dong, should not be too rampant. Good, I and you bet. If you have won, no matter how what we also you handle."

Ji Dong bright sound said: "A gentleman word, cannot take back."

Zhu Rong knits the brows to look at Ji Dong, he has not prevented again, because he saw the absolute self-confidence from the Ji Dong eye. This self-confident ray he is not first time saw, every time saw before the Ji Dong eye presented such ray, this talent disciple takes to him is enormous pleasantly surprised even was the miracle. He also very wants to know, actually Ji Dong why can have like this self-confidently, defeats 20 same grade matches by five students. Must know, Ji Dong instruction ability, short one month, how many can also make the students promote?

Xuanyuan Xin and Tang Yilian look at each other one, Tang Yilian said: "Good, our calls the student, in the drill ground sees."Saying, her and Xuanyuan Xin said goodbye after Zhu Rong ablaze with anger walked. This was they gets back money the biggest opportunity. So long as can fight to humiliate Ji Dong in the student. The foul odor that before received can also leave on one. When you Teacher strength is strong, the teaching will not live also uselessly. Regarding oneself guidance ability they are very confident. Did not discuss their own disposition issues, only as Teacher, they was quite absolutely responsible for this class of student, gave everything one has to give. Also has very high prestige in the respective class and grade.

Saw that Xuanyuan Xin and Tang Yilian walked, Zhu Rong faint smile looks at Ji Dong, "brat, I thought how you end."

Looks ray that in the Zhu Rong eye shows loving concern, Ji Dong plop'ed kneel down suddenly, bang bang bang, has knocked three knocks to Zhu Rong.

Zhu Rong was shocked immediately, hastily said: "Do you do?"

After Ji Dong kowtows, stands up, "Teacher, sorry, since these days has made you be worried. You felt relieved that I will not have been deliberately bad again, right that you said that even if revenges and completes for Lie Yan (raging flames) her last wish, I must buoy up. Later competition, I will not make you lose face absolutely."

Looks that Ji Dong that restored the both eyes of appearance, in the Zhu Rong eye the god has put brilliantly, one step stepped forward, walked from the table, arrived in front of Ji Dong, looks at the height already and similar disciple, layer on layer/heavily has patted the shoulder of Ji Dong. His eyes, somewhat was clearly red.

After half double-hour, the challenge between first-grade students made entire flaming the hot school to cause a stir. In order to retaliate, in Tang lingers at and under benefit of Xuanyuan Xin. Two classes and three classes of students are going to carry on the news dispersion of competition to school each class and grade.

At this time, in the drill ground gathered several hundred various grade students and Teachers. And most people are curious, although each grade is a class of student is strongest, but must say that facing being next to class of two classes and three classes of complete 20 students no one believes by five people. Even if were has practiced five years of fifth-grade one class also to self-examine that was impossible to achieve. These first-grade students may merely cultivation the moon/month! Even if adds on the time of smelting trial, altogether is also less than two months.

First-grade class of five students stand side Ji Dong at this time, First Wood department, the Third Fire department purple morning star, Fifth Earth department slow Li, the Seventh Metal department Hou hard and Ninth Water department mirror rain, stands in front of Ji Dong at this time, five other female students headed by Chen Sixuan stands in the one side.

Five male students headed by purple morning star may not have the slightest bit intense feeling, occasionally shot a look at a not far away already two of gathering class and three classes of students, in the look has filled disdaining.

"Goes all out must whole-heartedly, can not be negligent."Ji Dong light saying. However he actually discovered, wants to make at present these boys tense very not to be easy. In the Armanz mountain smelting trial, they strike Rank 5 and Rank 6 that magic beast kills to have dozens fully. The price that however these magic beast crystal core can sell, has gone far beyond the school to give the reward of this inspection.

Has faced the Rank 6 magic beast that tyrannical match, then comes facing at present the students of these universal Two-Crown ranks again, no wonder they are unable to brace oneself.

Those who made Ji Dong somewhat pleasantly surprised was, in these five male students, magic power of purple morning star has promoted Level 34, mirror rain Level 32. originally Level 29 slow Li after returning to the school was stimulated by the smelting trial, broke through Three-Crown. Hou hard Tupo to Level 28. Who does not reveal the mountain non- dew also arrived at Level 29. Were many Three-Crown Mage. Their overall strengths will promote a scale without doubt.

"Was good, goes. This fights permits Sheng not to defeat. If you if makes me be able to defeat the match through the psychic force direction. You just wait."

Saw that chill in the air that Ji Dong corners of the mouth place reveals, five male students smart spirit shivered, formerly an appearance of face laughter was nothing left immediately, in the one by one combative trend field, looks like two classes and three classes of students has to kill the husband to seize the wife with them to hate. Cracks a joke, the Teacher Ji Dong anger who dares to withstand, looks for trouble?

Observing student Teachers is very strange, in their opinion, was two classes and three classes of students had the absolute superiority obviously, may look appearance which a little weak trend consciousness that class of these five students walked?

Saw that the Ji Dong five students walk. Under the instruction that another side 20 students also in Xuanyuan Xin and Tang linger at walks into the location. This class of teacher in charge admits defeat, their these are the student possibly feels better at heart? Five pairs 20, this war was makes in their hearts fill resentfully, particularly the students of these two classes and grades initially were entered one class with the Chen Sixuan same class most advantageous competitor, with class of these student originally was the potential with the water and fire. Why this is also other class of students to a class of student collective suppression. Itself has the ingredient of envy in inside.

Tang Yilian looks to Ji Dong, "who makes the referee?"

Ji Dong desolate say/way: "Casual."

"This unprecedented comparing notes, carries on the judgment by me." The old vigorous sound resounded, sees only Zhu Rong from the students separated road.

Sees the appearance of Zhu Rong Dean, 25 student eyes that both sides soon must encounter have shone, who doesn't know the Zhu Rong Dean prestige? Reason that they the choice flaminged the hot school to say reason that at least had the majority was because Zhu Rong blazing the creators of hot school! This compares notes to be able by Zhu Rong Dean to be the referee, it can be said that they demonstrated that own best stage, can they not be excited?

Is acted by Zhu Rong, everybody naturally will not have the opinion. Zhu Rong gives a calm smile, "did you prepare?"

"Prepared."25 students should drink with one voice.

Zhu Rong nodded, said: "This is only compares notes, to stops, starts."

Zhu Rong this starts, immediately has provoked the both sides students' different responses, two classes and three classes of 20 students are almost the earliest possible time disperse, simultaneously releases their Yin-Yang Crown, assumes the center, is four Earth department students, the left and right separately are four Fire department students and four Metal department students, altogether 12 students compose first deploying troops, behind them, is the Water department four student and Wood department four students. The lineup arrangement is quite orderly. Sees this lineup, including Zhu Rong can't bear secretly nodding, was teaching student, Xuanyuan Xin and Tang lingers at really has one set. The lineup that these 20 people compose without doubt is extremely exquisite. Earth department is front center, Lord defense. Striking power strongest Metal department and Fire department strongly launch the attack in about two wings, Water department and Wood department respectively are Fire department and Metal department amplification. The aquatic gold/metal, the wood lights a fire. Simultaneously this two departments also has both treatment ability, so the lineup, without doubt can the big enhancement each other coordinate.

However, when the Zhu Rong vision falls on class of five male students, in his both eyes sticks out suddenly two groups of fine glow. The reaction rates and lineup combinations of five people naturally be quicker than 20 people.

When two classes and three classes of students carry on deploying troops, class of five male students have lifted their respective left hand. When walks. They maintained the lineup of habitually using, this when the Armanz mountain smelting trial has formed the habit. Has to meet the dangerous possibility there anytime. Ji Dong to their requests is, even if eats meal, sleeps and goes to bathroom, five people also want together to maintain the lineup.

Therefore, when the opposite party array, their five people only need to lift the left hand according to the shoulder of front person, sufficiently completed the practice moon/month five elements mutual promotion of the five elements circulation strategy.

It is not the earliest possible time releases Yin-Yang Crown, but is the earliest possible time outputs magic power, the five colors ray has almost completed the circulation in the flash, the next moment, Yin-Yang Crown appeared above their top of the head, but at this time, opposite two class and three classes of students, just the aligning lineup started to release Yin- Yang Crown.

Condenses the key that the magic power speed often can become overcomes the enemy to be, this point any Mage knows, truly but can achieve and how many people have?

Purple morning star loudly shouted, "five elements rotates, wooden Croatia , Turkey."Five person personal appearance revolve rapidly, the magic power comprehensive output, strange appeared, the ray of originally five colors circulation condensed the First Wood department student position in the flash, the intense azure light shot up to the sky, himself was just a Level 29 student, intense magic power fluctuation can it be that Level 29 Mage that but on him erupted at this moment can release.

Does not have the slightest bit to be gaudy, when opposite party Mages Yin-Yang Crown just appeared, the right fist has rumbled, in goal opposite party lineup the four Earth department students in core position.

Thick such as the azure light beam of bucket shoots just like the essence common electricity, sees this together light beam the bang, presented all Teacher complexions changes.

Perhaps the students do not understand how many magic power contained, but as Teacher they possibly does not know?

Asked the monthly ticket, to ask the monthly ticket, immediately must since the last ten days of the month, making us realize transcendence on monthly ticket list.

Chapter 360: Director Ji Dong

Facing thick mayflower glorybower light that class of First Wood department student sends out suddenly. Two classes and three classes of four Earth department students have a big shock immediately, since their this months under the guidance that in Xuanyuan Xin and Tang linger at the actual combat capability also had certain enhancement, is, facing this suffocating huge magic power, moreover magic power that the attribute repels one another, can they not startled?

Anxious, four Earth department students only with enough time gather the respective magic power comprehensive output, without enough time uses including magic skill, can only direct emanation magic power like. But, by their on average Two-Crown magic power, even can only calculate with the ruler including the distance of magic power exsomatize, possibly completes to collaborate the anti- enemy?

Bombardment that huge azure light beam is outspoken but, saw the near, suddenly, the azure light diffusion, after turning into azure light screens, patted that four Earth department students.

Without any suspense, the Fifth Earth department yellow and Sixth Earth department grey was swallowed by that huge azure light instantaneously, two classes and three classes of four Earth department students directly shelled flew. If not this azure light instantaneously spreads, but comes up by the light beam shape bang, perhaps these four students already into thin air. For all this, they were invaded by Wood department magic power respectively, in a short time is unable to fight again. Regarding them, this competition had ended. Ji Dong of distant place nods slowly, thought aloud: "In controlling force somewhat is actually progressive."

snorted that disdains, "knows you unable to block, I have only used 50% strengths."

The purple morning star shouted: "Few idle talk, five elements rotates, Fifth Earth defense."

Five people of uniform at the same time steps forward two steps, five elements mutual promotion of the five elements magic power rotates once more, this dazzling azure light turned into the yellow light, magic power condensed also to transform on Fifth Earth department slow Li from.

Sincere/Heavy Fifth Earth department yellow magic power spreads instantaneously, the yellow ray condenses the diamond great shield to cover five people of bodies at the same time completely. Even waited for two seconds, two classes and attacks of three classes of students.

Purple morning star somewhat annoying thought aloud: "Was too discrete, early knows that they are so slow, directly solved to fight."

Not only five elements mutual promotion of the five elements cyclic method can sublimate instantaneously in the magic power overlay of five people through mutual promotion of the five elements magic power together, in the meantime, with a support of five bodies, so long as their magic power have not exhausted, time that does not require to condense. This point is most important. Has these two seconds of free time, made them make twice to attack sufficiently.

The attack that two classes and three classes of students launch separately is a big fireball and a golden color light blade. This is they lights a fire through aquatic gold/metal and wood the attack that respectively unified other 16 students to launch. The attack intensity sufficiently is also equal to Four-Crown Mage struck. Regardless of does the tacit degree of magic power condensation speed each other coordination have a class of student alone enjoys renown in before, who also for them will send out to cheer? The diamond great shield is similar to palatial mountain general, has swallowed two attacks easily, the purple morning star drinks once more greatly, "five elements rotates, Third Fire attacks."Finally to he has assumed an awe-inspiring pose, in strength strongest as five male students, he magic power the control to the magic power total quantity that as well as can control than other people be older. One step treads. The purple morning star shifted the front line, the right hand has lifted, two palms laid out one after another, under his showed off intentionally, two rich flames made the fight location change into a leaning sea of fire completely, was similar to startled big wave strikes the shore generally compels to two classes and three classes of students. But at this time, that 16 students just completed an attack, is unable to complete the magic power condensation once more.

The sea of fire three classes of student front one meters stopped in two classes and beyond, the purple morning star said proudly: "Also needs to continue again?"His sound is clear and melodious, has filled proud. May at this moment, actually nobody refute him, even if Zhu Rong cannot.

If Ji Dong routs Xuanyuan Xin and Tang Yilian is only his strength, the student and Teachers will only dread to him. All that then, class of these five male students make at this time cannot describe with the strength. Yin- Yang Crown clear demonstration on their top of the head their respective magic power intensities. But was such five two, Three-Crown students unexpectedly sends out the even/including to present the great power that Teacher has not grasped can resist.

Xuanyuan Xin and Tang lingered at already complete delay, at this time looked like, commendation list simply that they designed was a joke. By strength that a class of male student shows, they other result can it be that classes and grades that can obtain in the Armanz mountain smelting trial can compare?

The flame removes, has revealed ghastly pale look two and three classes of students gradually, the purple morning star clear and resonant voice said: "Reason that Armanz mountain smelting trial, we are last remove. Is because we place of smelting trial is not below the kilometer that department head Xuanyuan stipulates, not like other classes and grades about 500 meters altitude. The place of our smelting trial near 1500 meters. magic beast that we face is Five-Crown and Six-Crown rank. After volcanic eruption, on the mountain massive formidable magic beast run out from the summit, Teacher Ji Dong to protect us, making us remove first, he took a person of strength to block all pursuing troops as us. This is we withdraws the Armanz mountain finally the reason. Although I do not know that afterward had anything to make Teacher Ji Dong hurry back today, but I actually can definitely be able to imagine, how in facing that massive high rank magic beast situations he will face the crisis. We in the process that entire retreats, did not meet high rank magic beast again, safe evacuation. Our lives are Teacher Ji Dong rescue. I dare saying that Teacher Ji Dong not in any Teacher difference compared with school. We hunt and kill crystal core that magic beast gains in the Armanz mountain, all in the Chen Sixuan hand, because she stays behind on own initiative assists Teacher Ji Dong to resist magic beast, cannot take carry back promptly. But, Xuanyuan Teacher does not listen to our explanations. Our one class is strongest."

Being loud and clear that these words, the purple morning star said that his eye socket already, because excited was somewhat red, after arriving to flaming the hot school, his first time had again for the feeling of talent. Under this is a focus of public attention, has completed originally not the smelting trial that is possible to complete, at this time his in the heart has filled proudly.

The Ji Dong complexion as before is that tranquil, has not produced anything to change because of the words of purple morning star. But at this time the students look his vision no longer has dreaded, but has filled fiery. comparing notes, was Ji Dong takes the victory of Teacher completely! Who dares to say do oneself teach the ability of student to be stronger than Ji Dong? Even if Zhu Rong cannot. Which student also there is not to hope do oneself have the formidable strength?

Zhu Rong recovers, solemnly said: "A first-grade class of student told the result of our Armanz mountain smelting trial with their strengths. The beforehand all commendation evaluations become invalid. Takes responsibility by me, sends back the first grade to verify again. Meanwhile, starting today, first-grade class of teacher in charge Ji Dong is promoted for the first-grade director. The guidance work of arrangement first grade student. Because in the work has the big mistake, the special dispensation goes to Xuanyuan Xin Teacher department head Seventh Metal department. Department head Tang dependence Teacher Second Wood department. Still was two classes and three classes of teachers in charge."

Zhu Rong as before is such vigorous and resolute style, during several words, has solved all problems. Ji Dong is promoted will not have anybody to have the objection. But demotion that Xuanyuan Xin and Tang linger at not only will not make them hate, instead will feel grateful. Zhu Rong is Ji Dong Teacher, his such saying, has been equal to fulfills the gambling to make for Ji Dong. Must know, appointed, but before Xuanyuan Xin and Tang lingered at its handling that and Ji Dong bet. Can the demotion solve is without doubt good. Moreover Zhu Rong such decision also made two people propose very much difficultly again left the school.

Naturally, this time Xuanyuan Xin and Tang Yilian are also in the delay, ponders these without enough time.

Even if were struck to subdue by Ji Dong, might as well so be at present big to the attack of Xuanyuan Xin. He most self-confident is own teaching faculty. But, actually by class of five male student heartless trampling.

Simply does not have an opportunity, this is one ends the victory, in magic power level close situation, five pairs of 20 ending victories! What a pity, the loser is nobody will sympathize. Saw various grade Teacher and students this competition are not willing to depart for a very long time. In their mind, is reviewing all that formerly had.

Class of five male students charge into Ji Dong in cheers, does not fear Ji Dong to get angry, holds his arm and leg separately, has tossed into him directly airborne.

"Teacher Ji Dong, long live."

Chen Sixuan static standing in the one side, at this time, she suddenly discovered, reveals the smile that did not see for a long time on the face of Ji Dong. In an instant. Two water vapor emerge in the Chen Sixuan eye pupil instantaneously, tight sips lips.

He has smiled finally, although not because of me, but he smiled finally. Ji Dong, you may know, I hope saw smiling face that you are like this from the heart!

Zhu Rong waved, said: "Was good, everybody dispersed. Ji Dong, you come to my office."Said following a few words time, his tone somewhat is even anxious.

Ji Dong had been put by the students, but his soldier has not actually followed Zhu Rong. "Perhaps Teacher, I wanted the late point to look for you. I promised my students, must ask them to eat and drink the celebration."

Zhu Rong has gawked, in eye anxious was substituted by gratified gradually, the smile nods said: "Regardless of many late comes back, looks for me."

Moves bows to salute, gazes after Zhu Rong to depart. But class of students initiated cheering once more.

gold/metal in high spirits asking of Tenth Water department: "Teacher Ji Dong, what did you ask us to eat?"

Ji Dong has gawked, "this, you elect."Although he came to flaming hot city also to have the section not short time, may simply not have what understanding to this city.

Purple morning star chuckled, said: Good that such "we display, Teacher Ji Dong must let blood today greatly is good. I looked, goes silly rich."

"Silly rich, what is that?"Some Ji Dong was puzzled asked. What upscale hotel so uncouth name can could it be be?

Hears Ji Dong these words, instantaneous awkward silence. Besides Chen Sixuan wiping off corner of the eye bead tears quietly, other nine student stared wide-eyed look at Ji Dong, looks like was looking that the extraterrestrial guest is common.

"How? Why do you think so me?"Ji Dong strange say/way.

hard Wu blinked, "Teacher Ji Dong, your no way. Are you silly richly do not know?"

Ji Dong shakes the head, said: "Does not know, what such uncouth name is?"

"Heavens! Don't you silly rich know really?"Purple morning star inconceivable saying.

Ji Dong coldly snorted, "do I certainly need to know?"

Purple morning star said with a forced smile: "Good, I took you. Silliness rich generally speaking, should be a business association, on continent the biggest business association. It is said that the silly rich property can be equal to the entirety of continent Five Great Empires ten years of public revenues. This business association existed had four and 500 years. Stretches across the hotel, transportation, resources, casting, construction and other professions. So long as is almost the matter of making money they do. Those who most have legendary is, all previous silly rich boss, is the Nine-Crown supreme powerhouse. This is unique in the business circle. Also is silly can stand erect richly several hundred years of not but actually important reason."

Listens to a purple morning star such explanation, Ji Dong nodded looking pensive. Unexpectedly also this kind of business association, silly rich, listening to very uncouth name to stand erect unexpectedly continent for several hundred years, has the astronomical figures general wealth. Moreover the boss of also supreme powerhouse rank, these puts together, gave this business association to bring many mysterious colors.

"That goes to this silly rich. You said should be the hotel." The purple morning star said: "Is the hotel, we flaming the hot city biggest hotel. Silly rich business association in our Southern Fire Empire headquarters also in flaminging hot city. I heard that we flaming the hot school to have the support of silly rich business association."

Left has flaminged the hot school. Did not have many things around a center vision, ten students crowd around Ji Dong to flaminging the hot city center direction walk.

Ji Dong also never has carefully has a look at this city, walks on the street, looks the red and blue construction that stands in great numbers, in the heart has several points to sigh with emotion. When he just arrived at this world in Li Fire City of Southern Fire Empire Southwest, although scope of large cities and present blazing the hot city different, but the style of same country actually that approximate. Unknowingly arrived at this world to have more than ten years. All sorts that on first experiences already gradually put behind, but all deep brand mark of this in the innermost soul, that made oneself being lost in a reverie female particularly, even surmounted the good wine that oneself previous generation has most cherished. Not imposing falls in love, does not understand good and bad in life. Ji Dong does not want to return to oneself originally world, he wants, but can with her in the same place, in space, the underground world and clever legendary creature.

"Teacher Ji Dong, you look, that is silly rich."

The new chapter will soon launch, a more splendid content continues immediately. Brothers, monthly ticket crisis! At this time carving of critical life or death, is manifests our cohesive force time. Come, casts the monthly ticket to slightly three. Thanks.
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